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That Winter, The Wind Blows

Title: 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 / That Winter, The Wind Blows
Chinese Title: 那年冬天,起風了
Also known as: Wind Blows in Winter
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Feb-13 to 2013-Apr-03
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


A melodrama about a man and a blind woman who don’t believe in love.

Oh Young (Song Hye Kyo) is a blind heiress to a large corporation who lost her parents in a tragic accident along with her sight. She lives in lonely.

Meanwhile, Oh Soo (Jo In Sung) is a gambler and playboy who lives in a meaningless life after being abandoned by his parents at an early age as well as his first love.

In order to repay the enormous amount of debt, Oh Soo approach Oh Young for money purpose but ends up falling in love with her….


Main Cast

Jo In Sung as Oh Soo
Lee Tae Woo as Oh Soo (child)
Song Hye Kyo as Oh Young
Lee Ye Sun as Oh Young (child)
Kim Bum as Park Jin Sung
Jung Eun Ji as Moon Hee Sun

Supporting Cast

Bae Jong Ok as Wang Hye Ji
Kim Tae Woo as Jo Moo Chul
Kim Gyu Chul as Jang Sung
Kim Young Hoon as Lee Myung Ho
Seo Hyo Rim as Jin So Ra
Im Se Mi as Son Mi Ra
Choi Seung Kyung as Shim Joong Tae
Han Jung Hyun (한정현) as Kim Jung Hyun
Kyung Soo Jin as Moon Hee Joo
Go In Bum as Park Jin Sung’s father
Lee Jae Woo as Oh Soo (Oh Young’s older brother)
Yoo Gun as Jung Woo (cameo)

Production Credits

Producers: Lee Dong Hoon, Lee Young Joon
Director: Kim Kyu Tae
Screenwriter: Noh Hee Kyung


2014 23rd Seoul Music Awards: OST Award (The One – winter Love)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: New Star – Jung Eun Ji (That Winter the Wind Blows)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars – Song Hye Gyo (That Winter The Wind Blows)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars – Jo In Sung (That Winter the Wind Blows)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Mini Series) – Song Hye Kyo (That Winter the Wind Blows)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Special Award – Jo In Sung (That Winter the Wind Blows)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Best OST: The One (Winter Love)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Best Performance Award: Jung Eun Ji (That Winter, The Wind Blows)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Daesang (Grand Prize): Song Hye Kyo
2013 19th Shanghai Television Festival (Silver Award for Best Foreign TV Series)
2013 49th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Director (Kim Kyu Tae)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-02-13 1 10.1 (17th) 12.2 (11th) 11.3 (14th) 13.0 (10th)
2013-02-13 2 12.0 (14th) 14.0 (6th) 12.8 (10th) 14.5 (4th)
2013-02-14 3 12.3 (15th) 14.4 (8th) 12.4 (12th) 13.8 (5th)
2013-02-20 4 12.5 (8th) 14.0 (5th) 13.4 (4th) 14.6 (4th)
2013-02-21 5 12.9 (9th) 15.3 (6th) 14.1 (4th) 15.5 (3rd)
2013-02-27 6 11.5 (14th) 12.8 (7th) 13.0 (5th) 13.9 (5th)
2013-02-28 7 11.8 (10th) 13.5 (6th) 13.9 (5th) 14.9 (5th)
2013-03-06 8 11.3 (9th) 13.9 (5th) 13.3 (6th) 14.8 (5th)
2013-03-07 9 13.5 (8th) 15.5 (6th) 14.4 (5th) 16.1 (4th)
2013-03-13 10 12.3 (6th) 14.7 (5th) 14.2 (6th) 16.1 (5th)
2013-03-14 11 12.1 (9th) 13.6 (6th) 14.9 (5th) 16.9 (4th)
2013-03-20 12 11.6 (9th) 13.6 (5th) 13.3 (6th) 14.4 (5th)
2013-03-21 13 13.6 (6th) 15.4 (5th) 15.3 (4th) 17.3 (4th)
2013-03-27 14 12.7 (7th) 15.1 (5th) 14.7 (5th) 16.2 (5th)
2013-03-28 15 13.6 (6th) 15.6 (5th) 15.1 (6th) 16.9 (5th)
2013-04-03 16 15.4 (5th) 19.1 (3rd) 15.8 (4th) 18.2 (3rd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


– This drama is based on the Japanese drama “I Don’t Need Love / 愛なんていらねぇよ、夏”. Korean Movie ‘Love Me Not’ starring Moon Geun Young also based on this Japanese Drama.

– This drama premiered with 2 back-to-back episodes on 13/Feb/2013.


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Trailer I
Trailer II & Trailer II (English Subtitle)
Trailer III & Trailer III (English Subtitle)

9 Minutes Preview

Press Conference

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  1. 1 : janjan Says:

    Sweet! So much anticipation for this drama. 16 days to go! TWTB fighting!

  2. 2 : KDaddict Says:

    Long time no see Jo IN Sung. Been many years since Bali n Spring Day. Happy to see him, BUT it’s Another melo!

  3. 3 : emerald Says:

    Sooo excited…. jo in sung ‘s come back in a drama after so many years

  4. 4 : emerald Says:

    Sooo excited…. jo in sung ‘s come back in a drama after so many year

  5. 5 : emerald Says:

    So romantic cause the season is winter… and tears will flood… haist can’t wait to watch…. cause both of them came back to drama after so many years… ur right janjan, so much anticipation for this drama… this is gonna be a good melodrama..

  6. 6 : luna Says:

    Jo in sung……kim bum…..i miss you……waaaahh…..i cant wait……

  7. 7 : KDaddict Says:

    Just saw the 2 trailers. They look great! Tho melo, it seems moving. Both leads r among the most beautiful specimens of the human race! Looking fwd. 2 more weeks!

  8. 8 : Verra Says:

    Can’t wait for this drama

  9. 9 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    After 5 long years, SHK is back! and after 8 years of hiatus JIS is also back. I love them both. SHK of Full House and JIS in What Happened in Bali. They display a good combination and are great actors too.

    One thing that is not so interesting is the PLOT where I can see similarities from Moon Geun Young’s movie Love Me Not with Kim Joo-hyuk and the K-drama Robber which starred Jang Hyuk and Lee Dae Ha. RIGHT?!

    And it’s quite amusing that this series is up to battle in TV ratings against 7th Grade Level Civil Servant which is now the no. 1 Wed-Thurs drama according to AGB, the anticipated IRIS 2 headlining the comeback as onscreen couple of Jang Hyuk and Lee Dae Ha which is expected to hit BIG due to IRIS 1 high popularity before. and now another potential good melo-drama is about to compete in this same sched. It totally gives me a headache! lols

    MBC- 7th Grade CivilServant
    KBS- IRIS 2
    SBS- The Winter That Blows

    Have you pick which is the best out of these 3 same-scheduled dramas?!

  10. 10 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Typo errors:

    MBC- 7th Grade Civil Servant
    KBS2- IRIS 2
    SBS- “The Winter The Wind Blows”

  11. 11 : kimmy Says:

    can’t wait for the drama!!!!
    jo in sung and song hye kyo..wow!!wonderful pair..hope this drama as good as they are..:)

  12. 12 : KDaddict Says:

    Just saw the 2 trailers. They look great! Tho melo, it seems moving. Both leads r among the most beautiful specimens of the human race! Looking fwd. 2 more weeks till it premieres!

  13. 13 : MoMo Says:

    Kim Beom & Eun JI~~~ fighting!

  14. 14 : irene Says:

    I can’t wait!!!!!! Song Hye Kyo again. I think they would play a good couple. Jo In Sung and Song Hye kyo!!!!!! 🙂

  15. 15 : @K_DramaIndo *min R* Says:

    i think This drama is not based from the Japanese drama “I Don’t Need Love” , but remake korea movie ”Love Me Not”.

    i love song hye gyo, after her acting chinees movie ”the Grandmaster”, her so very fantastic…
    n Jo In Sung welcome to serial again…
    Kimbum comeback stage..
    and last for Eun Ji, i hope u can have bigger popular…

    success for this drama…
    love from indonesia…

    (@K_DramaIndo *min R* from admin: This drama is based on the Japanese drama “I Don’t Need Love / 愛なんていらねぇよ、夏”. Korean Movie ‘Love Me Not’ starring Moon Geun Young also based on this Japanese Drama.)

  16. 16 : Harry-Potter Says:

    Just hearing the title… sounds like a lot of weeping is coming! SHK’s Autunm in My Heart is still vivid in my memories (although i’ve seen ages ago)… she is kinda expert in making people cry..

    Oh dear, another Melodrama, i really really hope i can handle this one too.


  17. 17 : amy Says:

    Cant wait for itttttt

  18. 18 : kireina Says:

    Long time no see SHG…
    Cant wait for this drama, azaa (ง’̀⌣’́)ง

  19. 19 : Mardianti89 Says:

    Song Hye Gyo n Jo In Sung…
    Can’t wait to see them…

    @K_DramaIndo. Glad to know tht there’s Indonesian join this page…
    Nice to see you…:-)

  20. 20 : dinaz Says:

    Woww..song hye kyo unni after so long..i m sure this drama will be a great one to watch..

  21. 21 : unknown unknown Says:

    Hi Kurayuzaki666 #9 & #10

    I like the title of your new drama – The Winter that Blows
    🙂 🙂

  22. 22 : @K_DramaIndo *Min R* Says:

    mardianti89: nice to meet you, we all support Kdrama n Movies for airing in indonesia… ^^

  23. 23 : popcek Says:

    Another anticipating melo-drama after i miss you. I will certainly watch this one. i dun curr getting used to this kind of genre lately lmfao. Keep an eye out guys!!!

  24. 24 : Fenny Febriany Says:

    Can’t wait for this drama..

  25. 25 : kikay77 Says:

    I’m excited to watch Song Hye Kyo!!! I started watching her from Autumn Tales..such a great actress…

  26. 26 : [email protected] Says:

    Jo In Sung is back, can’t wait. I hope it’s not sad ending melodrama…

  27. 27 : ajeng Says:

    great cast..great story..
    it’s another melodrama that worth to watch..cant wait!!!

  28. 28 : zashee Says:

    ohhhhh myyyyyy ggoooooddd
    i mist both of them so much
    really really themm

  29. 29 : Suzan Says:

    Ah! Song hye gyo is back, waitng for drama to come soon!

  30. 30 : Amethyst Says:

    Yes finally its here…. but I don’t like that poster…. is there a better one?

  31. 31 : zhao Says:



  32. 32 : usmuabuon Says:

    I haven’t watched Korean drama for a while, but will totally watch this one. i love SONG HYE KYO in Autumn Heart. And please, though this is a melodrama, producers and and script-writers you guys are better not having a tragic ending. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  33. 33 : Hmmm Says:

    This is basically the drama version of the movie Love Me Not by Moon Geun Young…The guy was a playboy but was in debt and he decided to approach the blind heiress who also her parents. Well, let’s just see how this turns out.

    (@Hmmm from admin: This drama is based on the Japanese drama “I Don’t Need Love / 愛なんていらねぇよ、夏”. Korean Movie ‘Love Me Not’ starring Moon Geun Young also based on this Japanese Drama.)

  34. 34 : bebe Says:

    Can’t wait….Can’t wait…! I love them both to be paired up. I don’t mind its another melodrama but I need a happy ending. Please make me happy!

  35. 35 : niko Says:

    Song Hye Kyo <3 <3 <3 yessssssssssssss

  36. 36 : OK OK OK Says:






  37. 37 : annie Says:

    Yess, Jo in sung is back..can’t wait to watch him and song hye kyo in this new drama…

  38. 38 : Momo Says:

    Another interesting drama to watch after “I missed you”. Also can’t wait for Jo In Sung new drama.

  39. 39 : sheena Says:

    wow the stars of what happen in bali, autumn tale, reply 1997 & boys before flowers, interesting..

  40. 40 : Bee Says:

    Wow I love both of them , thank you for back , kisssssssss

  41. 41 : Bee Says:

    Hi Jo I waiting for you a long time thank for coming back

  42. 42 : shinta Says:

    ow ow ow ow song hye kyo…can’t wait, you’re so stunning

  43. 43 : Rena Says:

    I agree with [email protected] and i’ve watched that “love Me Not” Movie.. and it has sad ending 🙁 with one of the main character died..
    I wonder of this drama has the same ending as that movie.. /:-(

  44. 44 : rociocalina Says:

    Baby Song Hye Kyo <333 I need to watch it~~

  45. 45 : Nee Agashi Says:

    Kyaaa…… great cast! i love both of them
    Jo In Sung & Song Hye Kyo

    Cant wait for watching this!!!! <3 <3 <3

  46. 46 : shynta Says:

    can’t waitttttttttttt… i miss them so muchh…

  47. 47 : Tin Says:

    Love Me Not is one of my favorite korean films and I got too ecstatic to know that there will be a drama version of it! It has a cool and touching story. The story is not a cliche, I am telling you. What makes it more exciting is the casting. Song Hye Kyo was terribly missed by all. I never doubt that this is going to be a big hit in Korea and across Asia as well. Come February 13!

  48. 48 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Song Hye Kyo is my first favorite actress then I can’t see her anymore from 2008. That’s why, I focused my attention to Yoon Eun Hye, as my favorite actress now. But, SHK came back. Oh my, I’m turning into two lovers. After I Miss You, maybe this will be my 2nd addictive Korean Drama. I’m excited and anticipating for not just best but excellence…

  49. 49 : devi Says:

    Must see this drama handsome n beauty wow its gonna be great drama
    And I also want to see another couple in won bin and yoon e hye

  50. 50 : KDaddict Says:

    Two more weeks!
    So glad to have this on the horizon. W/o it, I was thinking of diversifying over to J-dorama. There is no great KD at the moment.

  51. 51 : amy Says:

    After I miss you and cheongdamdong…and now flower boys next door..im not that exciting to watch another drama. .but this drama, tht winter d wind blows is a must watch drama for me. …

  52. 52 : tiffany echon Says:

    is this some kind of Love Me Not TV Remake?

  53. 53 : peny choi Says:

    I can’t wait this drama…….I miss jo in sung and song hye gyo..best actress

  54. 54 : cuity17 Says:

    oooohhh nooo…., if this same with the movie “love me not”, it should be sad ending…. coz the leading actor will die…. :(((

  55. 55 : cara_m Says:

    13.02.2013 ….D-day…21:55 ( 14:55 ora Romaniei )…Succes , Jo In sung!!!!

  56. 56 : Dewi Says:

    Is it sad ending? I haven’t watch “love me not”

  57. 57 : AyuSaputriPue Says:

    Oh God!! can’t wait to watch this drama… i miss Jo In Sung so much!!! will be a real melodrama i guess :'(

  58. 58 : asiandaddict Says:

    Oh MY!!! the long wait is over. So waiting for this… The ULTIMATE COME BACK of my original favorite Kstars. Go Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo…

  59. 59 : kimmy Says:

    it’s a must see drama…since the cast are great, the georgous jo in sung n song hye kyo..plus the cute kim bum..yummy..

    i will not regret if the story sad ending, coz already entertain with the great cast!!thank you producer..:)

  60. 60 : arsenia Says:

    wow,wow icannot wait this drama its been a long long time ive been waiting for song hye kyo drama … iam really excited for this

  61. 61 : adhe airashii Says:

    cant wait. .. so missing hye kyo eonni :*

  62. 62 : Ragil Sucipto Says:

    I can’t wait this drama!! Song Hye Kyo, i miss ur acting like in Full House Drama ^^

  63. 63 : jhing Says:

    its a sad story,i watch the movie love me not,.the guy die in front of the girl..good drama but sad ending..

  64. 64 : Ttuk Says:

    Oh I like the title of this drama — That Winter, The Wind Blows. It’s grammatically incorrect but who cares.

  65. 65 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    “That Winter, The Wind Blows…could be, The Wind Blows That Winter. But who cares…It could be that in that winter season, there’s a lot of crying. Because in I Miss You, they said that they are crying not because they are sad but because of the wind that blows. Maybe this will be another continual crying after I Miss You drama.

  66. 66 : Ttuk Says:

    #65 No doubt there will be buckets of tears…hehe. And thanks for that reference to ‘I Miss You’.

    You’re right of course, the title is a metaphor. May have been translated literally but it is still a stirring imagery that peaked my interest. I have yet to check out the writer’s history. 🙂

  67. 67 : Ttuk Says:

    It’s not just any winter and its not just any wind. So cool.

  68. 68 : KDaddict Says:

    The writer Noh Hee Kyung has a solid CV. Of her shows, I’ve watched:
    Did we Really Love featuring BaeYJ, whose char went blind AND died! The World we Lived In, starring Hyun Bin n SHG, but the drama was completely unable to capture viewer interest. And Padam Padam, w Jung Woo Sung; It started out so well, but didn’t end well. He died too!
    I can only hope that she learnt some things in her experience of writing all those melos, n will make this a really engaging story!

  69. 69 : Ttuk Says:

    #68 Thanks for the heads up KDaddict.

  70. 70 : Melissa Says:

    This drama kinda remind me of Innocent Man. Well, I’m still looking forward in watching drama, I have a huge crush on Kim Bum and I am a huge fan of Song Hye Kyo. Still hoping that it will be worth the wait.

  71. 71 : KDaddict Says:

    I share your interest in words. I replied to your posts on 2 other threads. See:
    #80 on 100 years Inheritance; n
    #22 on Incarnation of Money.

  72. 72 : janjan Says:

    I’m interested to see how the plot would go.. like how is Oh Young gonna fall for Oh Soo, if she thinks he is her bro..or more so, after knowing the fact that he deceived her for money…I don’t see a way to turn this around..to make things worst, she can’t see how handsome Oh Soo is..hehe..Could it be that from the very start she knows that he is not really her brother and just let things be the way they are coz she feels safe and warm around him?

    In other words, I can’t wait for Feb 13th! lol…

  73. 73 : Ttuk Says:

    #71 Thank you KDaddict. I responded to your 100 Yrs. Inheritance comment.

  74. 74 : Niezcholic Says:

    bahasa indonesia please….

  75. 75 : hny Says:

    Jo In Sung… finally can see you again n glad the partner are good actress too,I’m very happy althought must watch a melo Drama again.. as long can see u here.. I will enjoy this start Feb 13th 😀

  76. 76 : hollywood Says:

    I am looking forward to see this drama and may even shed bucket of tears. I have a hunch it will end tragically. Anyone would like to bet?
    The story-line is written and filmed, I presumed, unless the writer or director decide change it last minute. A challenge!
    Welcome back Jo In Sung. To Song Hye Kyo too, I still like you better in the original FULL House.

  77. 77 : HUng su YOO Says:


  78. 78 : park shing hee Says:

    Awaiting kdrama in valentines day. . shk is back. .we miss you. !

  79. 79 : tintin Says:

    The Heiress of Korean Drama is back!

  80. 80 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Yahoooooo 😀 can’t wait for this drama >~<

  81. 81 : ina Says:

    i ll wait this drama..its gonna be sad drama..

  82. 82 : Hannah Says:

    Jo In Sung make a comeback… can’t wait to watch this drama!

  83. 83 : park shing hee Says:

    kim bum yeah
    valentines drama

  84. 84 : usa-mary Says:

    @tintin-79: I totally agree with you! The Heiress of Korean Drama is BACK! Yeah!

    Welcome back Song Hye Kyo! I know I’ll see a great performance! I hope its not too much of a melodrama…please! lol

  85. 85 : ajeng Says:

    jo in sung and song hye kyo will be a perfect couple..this drama must be suberb..hope it’s not sad ending drama..

  86. 86 : kimmy Says:

    the god and the goddes of korean drama (at least for me^^) in one story..hope it will have a lot of romantic scene between them..im looking forward for this!!
    welcome back JIS and SHK,mmmmuah..

  87. 87 : wheeta Says:

    Welcome back Jo In Sung, you were a great actor.. Can’t wait watch this drama

  88. 88 : hunee Says:

    This drama looks interesting, I luv the main guy, shes alrite, shes a softeee
    I hope its worth watchin soon!

  89. 89 : hohohaha2006 Says:

    I love Jo In Sung so much since Spring Day so of course welcome back to small screen OPPA!

  90. 90 : Apple Says:

    Welcome back SHK! Am pretty sure you’ll show us more fashion tips again just like in FullHouse. Really looking forward to this and it starts at the eve of V-Day!
    Expecting dose:
    40% Romance
    50% Drama
    10% Comedy (yeah! put in some laughable scenes Mr. Director and Scriptwriter!

  91. 91 : jerq23 Says:

    Jo in sung is finally back!! and together with song hye kyo? This series is really gonna be great!

  92. 92 : Sina Says:

    I have been waiting for a drama with Song Hye Kyo in it. Thank you.

  93. 93 : Lia Says:

    I can’t wait TT-TT

  94. 94 : koji Says:

    Jo In Sung?? welcome back! looking forward to see his acting.

  95. 95 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    The poster looks promising! The story might be not that interesting since its adaptation and it has some similarities to Robbers. But hey thay are Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung! They are great actors and very beautiful people. Yikes.

    Teary eyes for sure. I only like melodramas I Miss You, Innocent Man. and surely this one will be included in my watched list for 2013!

  96. 96 : hot Says:

    if i understand the trailer… at the deal, she said that to the guy that you will have what you want if you will kill me…

    that new, normally, kdrama is deal, and we will be false couple…

    that hot

  97. 97 : Aika Says:

    Ждууууууууууу)))))))))) Сон, Ким Бом, Ин СоН лю вас жду сериал с нетерпением))

  98. 98 : Yvonne Says:


  99. 99 : aluna agassi Says:

    welcome back song hye gyo n jo in sung
    i’m wait for this drama….aza-aza fighting

  100. 100 : LOVEKOREANDRAMAS Says:

    Hope there won’t be tragic endings in this drama. CAN’T WAIT. 🙂

  101. 101 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Maybe, I’m not normal. I did not look for the drama itself but to the actors and actress, their acting ability and beautiful faces. I really like SHK for All In, Full House and Autumn Tale, except for The World That They Live In. For Jo In Sung, I only watched one of his, Frozen Flower. He’s good. I hope I will become addictive again to this drama. Hoping for the best!

  102. 102 : unik Says:

    I miss their acting in drama, i hope it’s will be a great drama… i Like shk in full house, n jo in sung in memory in bali…. coz im from indonesia nommmo chuuuaaee….

  103. 103 : Mhie Says:

    SHK.. I so excited to see him act..

  104. 104 : New Korean Dramas 2013 | Korean Dramas Recaps Says:

    […] 2:That Winter, The Wind Blows […]

  105. 105 : diana Says:

    OH MY GOD..


  106. 106 : bernadette Says:

    i’m excited to see ms song hye gyo again on the screen. hopefully, there’s any taker from the tv networks here in the philippines. it’s more understandable to watch when translated into filipino.
    anyways, good luck to the whole cast…

  107. 107 : Sina Says:

    Waiting patiently for this drama.

  108. 108 : hny Says:

    ahhhh masih lama tayang nya…. *-*

  109. 109 : ester Says:

    song hae kyo kereen habis.aktingnya so good.aku selalu menunggu film2nya.

  110. 110 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Because of SHK 😀 that make me soO addicting to korean drama up until now ^^ Millon of love for her in Fullhouse~~ hopefully this drama gonna make me crazy a gain Bahaaaaa @[email protected]

  111. 111 : Novita Says:

    I really waiting this drama. I think this drama become Awesome and Amazing.

  112. 112 : Diyana Says:

    I can’t wait to see this drama!

  113. 113 : Cyn Says:

    I’m so excited to see Kim Bum in a new drama where the plot actually interests me. Plus the main couple seems wonderful as well, love the trailers.

  114. 114 : el.S Says:

    I dont like SHK …i am gonna watch this for the sake of kim bum and Eun ji .
    by the way, I just adore Jo In Sung and i miss him so much .

  115. 115 : iya27 Says:

    Oh i hope this will be a good drama. I love both main lead and i watched kmovie love me not and i love it too, so i have a high expectation for this. Cant wait to see….

  116. 116 : Amethyst Says:

    3 days to go

  117. 117 : angelamiles Says:

    Wow at last after a long waiting jo in sung has a drama again, but when i read the synopsis im afraid at the ending he will die and he will give his sight to song hye kyo…i hope it will not…because almost his movies and drama he tragically died in the end…

  118. 118 : trilinq Says:

    i cant wait to watch this show !

  119. 119 : zazazazzzzzzz Says:

    just wanna see Kim Bum n Jung Eun Ji 🙂

  120. 120 : kimmy Says:

    i wanna see JIS and SHK got the chemistry..they already look perfect in picture..

    cant wait to air in indonesia!!

  121. 121 : unknown Says:

    don’t know why but i more excited to see kim bum and eun ji than jo in sung and song hye gyo kekeke.

  122. 122 : myeon Says:

    kim bum and jung eun ji !!!!!!

  123. 123 : yuli Says:

    Can’t wait this drama.. especially the ost the singers is yesung from super junior.. and I think this song is good.. and the actors is my favorite… daebak

  124. 124 : zashee Says:

    i ll definitely watch this drama
    joo iinn suunggg
    i miss you so much
    your acting was great in memories in Bali along with ha ji won
    now, you come back together with song hye kyo
    omooooo . . . cant wait >.<

  125. 125 : Sina Says:

    Waiting for one more day…….

  126. 126 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    At last…tonight is the night we’ve all waiting for. I hope for fast english subs…:)

  127. 127 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    TONIGHT is the REAL NIGHT! This is my 1st on the list for wed-thurs drama since, 7Th level civil servant bores me a bit. IRIS is on my 3rd list. Yay! SHK and JIS is a great onscreen couple to date!

  128. 128 : hyun bin Says:

    wooooowwww … really? Start?

    I Cant’s beleive …

    The Best Drama Of Year Abosolutly,,,

  129. 129 : rairamegumi Says:

    this is the first small screen for JIS and SHK after long hiatus…I hope this drama will be a big hit. I’ve liked JIS since memories in Bali…and more I like the OST singer, Yesung.

  130. 130 : ance Says:

    why is there already ratings for episode 2? i thought this drama airs at wednesday & thursday? i think i’m confused of what today is…isn’t just thursday today?

  131. 131 : ance Says:

    ahhh stupid me…it says back to back ep. 1 & 2…sorry… 🙁

  132. 132 : ance Says:

    at episode 1…now i know why they both accepted this drama as their comeback in the small screen…beautiful storyline…with 1 episode you’ll surely be hooked, i know i am…i don’t usually watch premier episodes coz i don’t want to wait weekly, so i decided to check out episode 1 coz i’ve been waiting for this drama since they announced the cast…now i don’t know what to do…i’m already drawn into the story…

  133. 133 : haruhi28 Says:

    wow! i just watched episode 1 and so many things have happened already…and they SHK and JIS really looked good together….can’t wait for the subs of episode 2…it’s also so nice to see kim bum and eun ji again…

  134. 134 : hny Says:

    this story n plot more interesting than love me not …. not regret wait this drama Ep 1 n 2 already take my attentions ..JIS ,HSK ,KB … I like all their scene !!

  135. 135 : Nethu Says:

    awesome 1… really loved the first 2 eps…

  136. 136 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    admin you might have some mistakes on the episode 2 ratings. AGB and TNS still did not release the ratings for thursday slot. 🙂

    (@Kurayuzaki666 from admin: Please see the note under episode ratings. SBS already aired episode 2 yesterday.)

  137. 137 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 1:
    Takes us right into the middle of the lives of these ppl:
    He is a gambler who has been set up by the woman who loves him too much–an actress who is afraid of leaving him at large in Seoul when she goes abroad to shoot a film. So she sets him up for embezzling 78 billion won from a gang boss of Cheongdamdong. Her purpose is for him to be put in jail for a year, such that he can’t go bedding other women. She plans to reunite w him in Switzerland in a year when she is done shooting her film n he is done w is jail term. Only he isn’t gonna to! 😀
    He is out of jail, but the gang boss is after him for repayment.
    He is friends (or roommates) w a guy who shares his name, Oh Soo. Only his “Soo” means “tree” cos his mother abandoned him under a tree, while his friend’s “Soo” means “to protect”–his only sister and family.

    The saddest poor rich girl of a chaebol heir is blind, n is missing an oppa. Their mother left home when the Chairman was having some hanky-panky w his secretary (Wang) n took the young boy along. The siblings were separated when she was only 6. The real Oh Soo has been writing her letters. The company lawyer (Jang) has ppl out looking for him. By the time they find Oh Soo, the real one is dead, hit by a car. (Why he had to run after his gambler friend who was being chased by police is a mystery to me.) The lawyer found the other one, the gambling gangster. And the charade begins!

    Jo In Sung’s acting is pretty intense. Kim Bum plays his sidekick, a small time crook who aspires to be like his hyung. Kim Boo’s char is a bit like his previous one in Padam Padam. Even his hair is styled the same way. Both guys r professional gamblers w/o morals or meaning in their lives, not exactly sympathetic heros at first. This is the journey of Oh Soo, “abandoned under a tree”, finding love n meaning in life, n becoming Oh Soo, “protecting” his friend’s little sister, the woman he comes to love more than he ever knew he is capable of loving!

  138. 138 : suppledexplorer Says:

    just finished watching ep 1 and 2…What Can I say?I love it!!!Its been awhile Song Hye Gyo ang Jo In Sung…Fighting!

  139. 139 : Ttuk Says:

    The con artists talk about their con in public with no regard for who might hear. How they’re still in the land of the living as grifters, the mind boggles. A degree of proficiency or familiarity with the craft might help the story a little. And Kim Bum ought to tone down the loud talk to give his character credibilty. You’d think there’s nothing dangerous about what they’re doing. Maybe the jails in Sth. K are like taking a kit-kat break.

  140. 140 : Ttuk Says:

    I like the main leads in this drama. As for Song Hye Kyo, this is my first seeing her do her stuff. I am impressed. What a mood she gets going.

    Jo In Sung is quite the looker too and a fine actor.

    I read somewhere this drama is based on the Korean movie Love Me Not (2006 — Moon Geum Young), which was based on a Japanese story or movie.

  141. 141 : amy Says:

    i watch all this movie version, japan and moon geun young version,,and always love this movie…
    but,,,the series, seems,,better 😉 because i fall in love with jo in sung…
    cant wat for the next episode 😉

  142. 142 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 2:
    He has 2 sidekicks:
    Kim Bum who plays a small time, low-class hustler, w no education n not much in the brains dept. He speaks out whenever he wants to, n is more hinderance than help.
    His ex-gf’s sister, who blames him for her sis’ death. She too is a bit hustler. She goes blabbering to Oh Soo’s nemesis that Oh Soo now has a rich sister, n repaying 78 billion won won’t be a problem, just becos she needs to talk back to him!
    With this kind of “assistants” by his side, how can the con go well?

  143. 143 : unknown unknown Says:

    What a great pairing of the two main leads! Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo look compatible visually and convincing as love interests. This is so important to draw the viewers into the story and make this an engaging and compelling drama to watch. In the first two episodes, Jo In Sung really showed us what is the meaning of effortless acting – such a good veteran actor he is. Song Hye Kyo is lovely as always.

    In one of the flashback scenes, was Oh Soo’s real mother Secretary Wang? I can’t exactly recognize the face.

  144. 144 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @admin Thanks 🙂

  145. 145 : ria Says:

    already fall in love with this drama!!
    and also the cast Song Hye Kyo, Jo In Sung, Kim Bum! fighting!! <3

  146. 146 : mml Says:

    Some viewers like to watch sad dramas, some viewers will watch as all as they are korean dramas , they don”t mind whether is it happy or sad ending?

    I ever watched fashion king this drama, very disappointed with the ending, ever since this bad experience, i became very fussy to choose and became very selective in picking the drama that i will want to watch, if is a good script with good ending then i will watch, i will wait for this drama to finish the 16 episodes if is a good ending that i will start watching otherwise it may waste my time……

    So far i watch the hundred year’s inheritance this drama is a nice to watch and good to watch family drama, next the 7th grade civil servant this drama is sometimes a funny drama and followed by the pretty boy next door this drama, there is a very talkative handsome boy Yoon Shi Yoon sometimes this drama nice to watch sometimes boring….. at least they are not sad dramas…..

    I WILL NOT SUPPORT to watch sad sad dramas or sad ending dramas….

  147. 147 : rne Says:

    Lil bit confuse here.. It’s aired on wednesday and thursday, started feb 13th, but why ep 3 is already out? So on wednesday, sbs aired 2 episodes?

  148. 148 : K_Viewer Says:

    I can’t believe these TV stations are pitting 2 beautiful couples against each other for ratings. IRIS 2 vs That Winter, action vs melodrama. This is not fair! Both couples deserve huge support in ratings!

  149. 149 : HDrama Says:

    Wow… esp 1,2 & 3 are good The chemistry between the 2 lead Song Hye Kyo, Jo In Sung are super! Beautiful and the story lines are great. Love it.. waiting for next week.

  150. 150 : hunee Says:

    Ooohh I hope shes not goin to be blind forever!!!! pleezz lshe gets her
    eyesite back. I’m sure she wasn blind since birth. Whats the story behind
    that. The main guy wowwww his a hotteeee. They make a really cute
    couple on screen for this drama. Enjoyin it very much. I hope its a cute

  151. 151 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 3:
    She and her oppa had an agreement when they parted: he’d bring her sth next time they meet. She’ll be able to tell if the guy is really her oppa depending on whether he can bring her the agreed upon item or not.
    He follows her into the room in the basement of the greenhouse. Looks like that was where the children played back then. He sees the old vids n is visibly moved. His mom abandoned him; her mom did the same to her. I think it strikes a cord w him.
    We aren’t shown the DNA test results in this ep. Even if it is positive, there r just too many ppl who know his true identity. The ruse can’t possibly last long. But she is so lonely, hurt n angry cooped up in that big house n in her darkness, that she welcomes sb close to her into her life. That’s the force that’ll keep him there.
    Good show.

  152. 152 : kimmy Says:

    thanks God @KDaddict is here..im so exciting with her resume per episode..thank you..

  153. 153 : ance Says:

    my view after watching 3 episodes…
    it was said that it’s based on a movie Love Me Not…and some spoiler said that the movie ended tragic…i hope that this drama will have a different ending coz most of the dramas i’ve seen that has different version (book, comics or movie) they have the power to choose the ending…i know that this drama has a beautiful story (though i haven’t seen the movie yet) and like what we always said that “it’s the journey that’s what important” and not the ending, i still feel that Oh Young shouldn’t be blind the whole drama. while they were worried if her tumor would relapse i sure hope that the writer/s will give a mind blowing twist that would take us all to the edge of our seats.

    i like all the characters here…
    Oh Young – blind but has spunk (but deep down she’s afraid)
    Oh Soo – a player and shows himself as a bad guy but i think deep down he’s also afraid (they are both afraid)
    Ji Sung – the sidekick that shows what loyalty is.
    Hee Sun – shes trying to make Oh Soo’s life miserable by reminding him everyday that her sister’s dead and he’s alive but she still supports him in his scams.

    again, since it’s a melodrama i will not expect a happy ending but as always i’m hoping that it will be. but i know that the whole drama will be epic so let’s buckle up and enjoy the ride! 🙂

  154. 154 : seetee Says:

    Finally, Jo In Sung is BACK! Have been waiting and wondering what’s happening to him! It’s really good to see him back in dramas. Has always love his acting. He has this intensity that is so mesmerising! Of course, his insanely good looks makes it even easier to want to watch him. Hehe!

  155. 155 : hny Says:

    @ ance
    in love me not.. the ending almost tragic but it’s still happy ending with a little rom scene n the women can see finally !!!…if I’m not wrong 😀 .

  156. 156 : Theresia_miho Says:

    whatch at http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxinki_that-winter-the-wind-blows-episode-3-part-2-eng-sub_shortfilms#.UR3IJ905HaA
    in dailymotion to whatch online..
    i am so exited for the third episode..

  157. 157 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Song Hye Kyo is soooo beautiful. Her crying is very convincing. Jo In Sung is hot. His good in action. I hope, the two of them will create an addictive chemistry just like Yoon Eun Hye and Park Yoochun in I Miss You. But sadly, as of now, I can’t see such chemistry. I just feel, there are just acting for the sake of acting. Not just like the chemistry Song Hye Kyo and Rain Bi have delivered in Full House. But, still I hoping for the best…

  158. 158 : Sina Says:

    I like all the actors in this drama. Hoping for a good ending.

  159. 159 : ance Says:


    ahh so it’s not so tragic after all…i’m not sure if i want to watch the movie, but since you said that it’s a happy ending, i guess i have to search it, hehehe thanks! 🙂

  160. 160 : saraSJS Says:

    I just watched ep 1. It was not as tragic as i thought it to be. The plot pace is quick and you can relate to characters. Hero’s motivation for disguising himself as his friend is more rational than Maru’s in NG or Haryu’s in QOA. At least in ep 1 he is not a sentimental character who ‘s ready to scarify himself for a useless woman. I’m looking forward to other episodes.

  161. 161 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 3:
    Secretary Wang is a bit of a puzzle here:
    Acc to Oh Young, the Chairman trusted her more than his daughter. She was his mistress, secretary, n OY’s caregiver. Yet the Chairman never married her; they have no children of their own. She has no access to his vast fortune, cos he left Everything to OY. The only hold she has is in being OY’s legal guardian n representative vis-a-vis the board of directors. That’s an impt position, bcos the board members know n trust her, but it is one that she can be easily fired from, if OY so desires! So after spending 21 yrs in this household, she is in a totally precarious situation, with no financial gain to show for it.
    She backs Manager Lee, OY’s fiance to be the next CEO, to the extent that she deliberately ignores the warning alarm fr the Chairman’s sick room. She let him die, so that Lee could ascend to the post sooner. So those two r a team. What has she got to gain w Lee on the throne?
    We see her telling Lawyer Jang in the Preview to ep 4, that as soon as she can be sure of Oppa Oh Soo’s identity and sincerity, she can leave this house, that she is here n meddling becos she wants to protect OY. Is she serious? Do we believe her?
    There is speculation that she may be Oh Soo’s (Jo In Sung) mother. If so, it begs the question: Why abandon your own baby son, in a plastic bag, under a tree, in a snowy landscape, to stay beside a rich Chairman who won’t marry you or mention you in his will? How does that make her feel??? Most women in those shoes would be resentful as hell.
    The other factor is Manager Lee:
    He is OY’s fiance by the Chairman’s “Appointment”. I use this word deliberately, bcos I get the feeling that it was an appointment he got much the same way he got his position as Manager. In 3 eps, I haven’t seen OY look at him sideways even once. OK, she is blind, but she hasn’t turned to face in his direction once. If she doesn’t hate him, at least she doesn’t trust him, or has zero interest in him. What does that make him?

    @Kimmy-152, Hi,
    Besides the leads being super hot n excellent in acting, this strikes me as an interesting show: It gives us some complexity n meaning to chew on. I LOVE it that Oh Soo is yearning for Meaning in life when he chances upon OY. Let’s hope the writing will continue to prove itself to be worthy of the cast n the cinematography! Cheers.

  162. 162 : sovi Says:

    This drama Much … Much ….. much better than “i miss u” cant wait for the next episode< and the actor n actress really amazing, luv it very much

  163. 163 : unknown unknown Says:

    Wow, very good show so far. Really liked the way Jo In Sung sat, stood and moved – such suaveness. Appearance wise, he is very convincing as a swindler and playboy. Really interesting to watch the two leads relating to each other.

  164. 164 : popcek Says:


  165. 165 : atkawa7 Says:

    Love this drama. Can’t wait for next ep

  166. 166 : dramafreak Says:

    just watched 2 episodes and i am hooked!!!! interesting story line and i love the casts…..going to support this drama…hope it gets better and better =D

  167. 167 : saraSJS Says:

    After watching ep2, i love this drama. But no need to compare it to IMY. That drama was a different story. It’s the first time i’m seeing JIS’s acting. He is doing great. I’m impressed with his eye acting. When his other parts of face are emotionless, his eyes are talking. A bit SJK style. The snowy locations help getting closer to the cold atmosphere of the story and Oh Soo and Young’s cold hearts. I’m looking forward to see more colorful locations as the story proceed.

  168. 168 : sangjhoon Says:

    i just finished the whole series today & my gosh it’s another addictive kdrama on my list that i’m following right now! song hye koo doesn’t seem to age, she’s gorgeous & her acting as blind person is very convincing; jo in seong has a good chem with her! luvng this drama already! i can’t wait for nxt epis!

  169. 169 : cara Says:

    This drama needs an amazing soundtrack……….

  170. 170 : hny Says:

    yap the drama is great I watch already 3 eps …twice .. JIS is ahhh .. wow !! SHK …klop bgt with JIS …the character they bring more touch me than the lead in LMN … based on LMN ppl around the girl (MGY ) look for her money but they stil show their love for that girl … so they character not so evil … here TWTWB maybe the writer will make a different

    now I have drama that I’ll wait for …since IMY …but this is more make me curious not to the story but with two lead in this drama ..they acting for me ..like real ..I feel like a witnes for what they do ..not a viewer outside the screen ;))))))) hehehee …JIS u so perfect !!


  171. 171 : hny Says:

    @cara 169
    agree ..amazing ost ..to keep JIS n HSk in my mind like I MY ost the moment of JW n SY and broken Vow to harry sadness 😀

  172. 172 : clairerosean Says:

    Ok, watching the first three episodes, first, I can say that the main actors were all.. eye candies specially JIS.. although i haven’t known that this is somehow based on that JDrama I don’t need Love & the KMovie Love Me Not until i actually saw it , then i started gripping myself to not expect any Happy Ending, i knew this is a Melo-D and i somehow don’t expect any comedic-cutie-sweet scenes (although the Carnival scene is quite funny), but knowing that OH is ‘actually sick’ aside from being blind.. I can’t help but remember her excruciating ‘dying’ scenes in Autumn Tale… i hope-i hope and i wish-i wish… no more of those very sad scenes…

    Anyway, so far i am still looking forward to the upcoming episodes and i am so anticipating to know how they will eventually fall for each other… two of Korea’s best looking actor + actress together = dreamy me so it is worth to watch afterall (since i don’t want to be foiled later on, i will just stick on to the casting aspect and not too much about the story)..

    Peace to All! 🙂

  173. 173 : zashee Says:

    in brief, they are awesome

  174. 174 : feedmysoul Says:

    I was pulled into the story right from the 1st episode and have raced through all 3 episodes! OY is already bringing out the protective instincts in OS – love the scene where he protected her from the crowd while watching the street performance.

    I’m wondering about something though…OY went to look for her brother in episode 1 and didn’t manage to meet him. Why is it that she didn’t try to contact him again? Yes, she could be waiting for him to look her up but knowing that Secretary Wang intercepted his letters to her, shouldn’t she try to look for her brother again in case Secretary Wang has been up to something again? Also, with her dad’s passing, wouldn’t she yearn more for kinship and want to have her brother by her side?

  175. 175 : popcek Says:

    its first released track was good.

  176. 176 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Another drama m looking forward to watch in 2013.The lead casts that did well in Full House and Something Happen in Bali……1-3 ep were great indeed!

  177. 177 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Wow. High ratings. I guess Koreans love it more than I Miss You…But for me IMY is better.

  178. 178 : smriti Says:

    omg this looks like drama version of korean movie love me not,it was really sad movie n the guy dies in the end ,hope this drama doesnot have sad ending

  179. 179 : noevita r mal Says:

    Love it this drama 😉 hope happy ending

  180. 180 : usmuabuon Says:

    OMG, i am in love with this. brain tumor <—– does this foreshadow a tragic ending? better not, i dont want another Autumn-Heart-alike tragedy. PLEASE, what's the point of her living life in hell that many years. i refuse to see such outcome. finger crossed.

  181. 181 : Jo Dev Says:

    Jo in sung and Kim bum wow great combination to watch hehehehehe

  182. 182 : Mystisith Says:

    @RonelaAGarcia: I have to disagree. IMY was written with the feet and the psychology of the characters was completely alien. This show was saved by its cast.
    TWTWB, on the other side, is tightly written, well filmed & well acted. You see than the writer & the actress did searches about blind people & siblings relationships. It’s the same writer who gave us Padam Padam, another very good melodrama.
    Saw the 3 first episodes, can’t wait for the 4th.

  183. 183 : KDaddict Says:

    “….written with the feet?” LOL.
    Abt IMY, a bunch of us on this site really loved IMY, becos we understood where the damaged chars were coming from. Over on DB they hated it. jb was fair in that she dropped recapping cos she felt she was manipulated into crying, unlike koala who kept ‘recapping’, more like ‘insulting’ thru her hatred of it.
    As for this one, it looks gt so far, but it’s early yet. Let’s hope it’ll pan out well thru 16 eps.

  184. 184 : clairerosean Says:

    @Mystisith: I somehow agree… My human brain failed to grasp the plot extremity of IMY drama… i watched it till EP. 5 i guess but afterwards, i just can’t continue any longer, i love the casting though, specially Harry, but of course people have various opinion and ideas definitely differ from each other so I cannot say that IMY isn’t good. I’d still respect those supporters who loved and followed it till the ending, but for me it is just not my type of drama is all.

    I hope though that TWTWB would be different, I am so hoping and wishing that the originally written J-Drama “I don’t Need Love” will for once, END happily unlike the other remake/s… well of course, it is just a wishful thinking…

    Peace to All!! 🙂

  185. 185 : KDaddict Says:

    It is always true that ppl have diff tastes n react differently to dramas. If the lead char’s behavior n emotions resonate w you, then it works for u; if not, then not.
    So, some ppl like Nice Guy, some hate it, even tho they love Song Joong Ki n Moon CW. Some love IMY, some can’t stand it, even when they love 1, 2 or all 3 leads. That’s water under the bridge now. Let’s not air out our dislike of old shows on an unrelated thread. It’s not fair to the old show, since it doesn’t get defended; n it’s not fair to followers of the new show, as they don’t care.
    We are here becos we love That Winter. Let’s talk abt this. Here’s hoping for a great ride! 😉

  186. 186 : hny Says:

    I’m free today… but doesn’t know what should I watch in my free time, try to buffer Incarnation of money but I stop it, too lazy watch w NO sub !!! looking for old drama/movie by JIS..can’t find it… why wednesday is still far away… !!!!

  187. 187 : hny Says:


    did in Love me not the guy really die..I watch that movie but coz it’s already long time ago I can’t remember well.. I thought after the guy dying then there’s a scene happen after several year.. she n that guy met on snow season under the tree and I think he a life n the girl can see.. is that only dream!!! oooh I can’t repeat the movie coz the CD already broken 😀

  188. 188 : arsenia Says:

    did not watch yet this drama as long its shk iam happy with it

  189. 189 : rory Says:

    IMY was written with the feet??That is very LOLOLOL!!!
    I came here to read comments because after IMY, I can’t find any good/interesting drama to watch, just feel wanna try this piece but when someone said IMY was written with the feet that is totally ridiculous! I know we have different taste but those words are really bad to accept!
    From what I see, most viewers dislike IMY because of YSH being villain..They can’t accept their bias being bad person in IMY..LOL!

    As KDaddict says, TWTWB looks gt so far, but it’s early yet..Yes,we can see, most of KDs good for 4-5 eps then turn to bad/weak storyline afterwards..
    I hope u guys just keep giving comments/thoughts about TWTWB, don’t bad mouth other dramas, that makes my interest gone to watch this drama then..

  190. 190 : niniana Says:

    i love this drama!

  191. 191 : kdbig Says:

    well made drama, JIS and SHG are still awesome as always.

  192. 192 : saraSJS Says:

    Agree with KDaddict. No need to talk about old shows here. Specially when there’s no relation in story or mood between this one and IMY. I believe a real great drama will have lasting effect whether hate or love. That’s why we still are talking about it. So let’s wait and see if this drama will have the same lasting effect of IMY and its characters. It’s too early to judge.

  193. 193 : amalia Says:

    @KDaddict 183
    i’m totally agree with u .. let’s talk abt the winter only ..

    @rory 189
    same with u after IMY i cant find interesting drama to watch, just wanna try to watch this drama ….:-)

  194. 194 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict @mystisith Hi, gals. I just have to share my thoughts. If the rest of the episodes of this drama are as good as the first three, my order of preference for these three dramas would be :

    1. That Winter
    2. Nice Guy
    3. IMY

    and this is coming from a big big fan of Micky and YEH. Honestly, my excitement for IMY died a slow death asa I realised that YEH and YSHs’ characters werent going anywhere. So much talk about the daring rape scene but nothing about how she rose from there. So it was disappointing from that aspect for me.
    I love That Winter and Nice Guy because of the fantastic top notch acting from both the leads (I just love their facial expressions), great dialogue and the cinematography too gorgeous. I’m not saying IMY doesnt have these but just that the first two are better. Just my personal preference, so dont start bashing me 😀

  195. 195 : clairerosean Says:

    I hope…. like really really really hope, post #195 will be the last thread that will have IMY & Nice Guy in it…

    I wish… like really really really wish that people here will maintain harmony and peace.. we are all here for the same reason, to get updates and be informed about our favorites dramas… if there is anyone, by any chance disagree with post #195 or any other posts of clairerosean, just please forgive her this once.

    I love this website a lot because it is making me happy for all the updates i am getting, in addition to the fact that I can somehow share some of my ideas (unsolicited or not) so i hope the SYNC that is supposed to be linking us all here will keep playing nice melody until the completion of this drama..

    As my parting words in every posts i made, Peace To All!!

    and now i am tired… 🙁

  196. 196 : Ella Says:

    just done watching episode 1. whoa, what an intense drama. i love it. so awesome. jo in sung and song hye kyo is so pleasing in the eye.

  197. 197 : Ella Says:

    more episodes please!!! 16 episodes will not be enough!!!

  198. 198 : Sina Says:

    Love the drama. So far Its great for me……

  199. 199 : hny Says:

    @Jennie ,… How are you !!

    this time I follow ur thought jennie abt the three Melodrama we watch 😀 for me three of them have place in my heart n mind especially IMS coz Harry !!.. but NG and TWTWB has the lead with Fantastic Top notch in acting also their facial expressions!! for JIS N HSK is in Top level.. I guess.. from other actor/actress I saw in KD lately. Maybe too fast say it when is just 3 eps..but I can see well TWTWB lead is TOP.. ohhh can’t wait to see next eps JIS n SHK act .. so we can prove it 😀

    BTW @Jennie do you ever make an invitation in g+ by Gmail for your wedding party ??… but if Not … I’m sorry !! maybe other jennie 😀

  200. 200 : janjan Says:

    TWTWB fighting!!!
    Based on the 3 eps, so far this drama is awesome and we’re not even getting the taste of the romance yet! Can’t wait for those episodes when they both start to really fall in love. 🙂

  201. 201 : Jennie Says:

    @hny Hi sweetie. I was ROFL regarding the wedding invites. No, it wasnt from me but I remember there was something like that from you to me as well but I took it as just spam.

    Yeah, it has been some time since we had a romance drama and I love this cos we have the added bonus of the gorgeous looking leads and supporting cast. I hope the rest of the episodes will not disappoint too. See you around 😀

  202. 202 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m not watching any of the Mon, Tues dramas, so I go back n re-watch ep 3.

    I’ve been thinking abt how Oh Young n Oh Soo’s father, a very rich man, would let his wife walk away with his son. In many Asian societies, incl. Korea, sons r more valued than daughters. Rich families in particular want a male heir. So it makes no sense that their mother was allowed to leave w the son, but left behind a daughter.
    Until….. Oh Soo brings out his overnight bag, n throws his belongings on the table to confront Sec Wang abt searching his room. Included in his things is a DNA report to prove father-son relationship w the Chairman. It means that Chairman was in doubt abt who fathered Oh Soo’s! That’s why his wife left, n that’s why he left his entire estate to Oh Young. The wife is too angry to come back to visit OY, or to show the report to her stupid husband!
    I bet Sec Wang fabricated ‘evidence’ to make the Chairman doubt his wife. I bet she gave up her own son to devote all her attn to the Chairman for a chance to marry him. Only the plan didn’t quite work out.
    In the last 10 mins. of ep 3, Oh Young drops a few bombs:
    “My blindness is due to a brain tumor? You think I believe that? My father died of natural causes? You think I believe that?”
    What is she accusing Sec Wang of? Of causing her blindness n blaming it on a non-existent brain tumor? Of causing her father’s early death?

    Like OS says: Thanks just got IN-teresting!!!

  203. 203 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Most of us drew the same conclusions or speculated what you have written at #202 in another site, most of which I believe the writer wants us to think. There’s another theory from another poster which I think is pretty entertaining and logical afte Ep 3. This person writes that the DNA which OY’s fiance got will prove that OS (the fake) is not the real OS. All is well however because the real OS is really not the son of the Chairman, hence his banishment from their household and the parents’ divorce, something which was probably manipulated by Sec Wang. This way we can all sit back and salivate on the romancing of these two beautiful people 😀 Before that I hope OS will quickly bring OY for a brain scan in the next episode to disprove that she has a brain tumour. I don’t want her to die in the end. Don’t you just love it when viewers come out with all these wonderful theories?

  204. 204 : Micc Says:

    I’m only half way through episode two, and I haven’t read any of the comments here. Just a little puzzled, it seems like to me that Oh Young knows this Oh Soo is not her brother. Am I hallucinating?

  205. 205 : Jennie Says:

    @Micc Nope, you’re not hallucinating 🙂 but she only suspects that it’s not her brother at this stage. She recognised OS’s (the con)’voice and remembered him as the same person who helped read her brother’s letter. 😀

  206. 206 : Ella Says:

    whoa really a good drama… just done watching episode 2… can’t wait to watch more… what’s up with the ratings anyway! This should be no.1 in rating because of the great story, great pictures, great acting and Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo are really pleasing in the eye… Both are beautiful creatures  and please more episodes 16 will not be enough… This could go on like forever 

  207. 207 : Micc Says:

    @Jennie Hi,

    Thanks. I’m not a quarter way through episode 3 and I saw it. Haha! I am just ahead of the curve… 😉

    What else are you watching? Seems we are both watching Seo Young and this one.

  208. 208 : Micc Says:

    I meant “now”, not “not”! 🙂

  209. 209 : KDaddict Says:

    Hm….. I don’t know what others r saying on other sites. But your/their theory that the real Oh Soo was not the Chairman’s son doesn’t ring true to me. I doubt that OS would have thrown a DNA report (which the real OS’s mother ordered) on the table IF it says the Chairman was NOT his father. So logically, the old DNA report should say Oh Soo (real or fake) was the Chairman’s son. The real Oh Soo also insisted to his friends over n over that he was the heir of PL Group.

    I believe the Chairman was duped by Sec Wang into wrongly banishing his wife n son, NOT that she actually committed adultery n forced sb else’s son on him. How that duping/framing could be possible is one mystery that I’d like to find out.

    I think that Oh Young half knows he is not her brother. And is partly happy abt it. She is a lonely girl in that big house n has no interest in her fiancé. Might she be hoping for some excitement, a new guy, a love interest in her life?

    Jin Sung said that all his hyung had to do was to take off his shirt, wet his hair and body, n the women would swoon. Here is one woman who can’t see his sexy-smexy body or face, is so miserable that she wants to die. That should be enough to bring out his protective instincts. That she is so gorgeous sweetens the deal!

  210. 210 : KDaddict Says:

    You don’t find the snowy wintery landscape Beautiful? That landscape is almost like a char in the first part of the show. Someone who loves symbolism as much as you would know for sure that it is like the landscape in OY’s heart: cold, lifeless, but waiting for some warmth to bring it to life. As they fall in love over his stipulated 3 month stay, they’ll come out of the depth of winter. We’ll see signs of spring, I’m sure.

    We’ve all been adrift after our beloved show ended. Nothing is all that interesting in KDland until this one comes along. It is a good melo, not as gut wrenching, offers some meaning n some puzzles, a death-defying romance, not to mention 2 winsome leads. I recommend it wholeheartedly. (I’m also waiting for Lee Seung Gi’s Gu Family Book.)

  211. 211 : Ella Says:

    just done watching episode 3…. can’t wait to watch episode 4! whoa, this drama is really so awesome! where in south korea are they anyway??

  212. 212 : Jennie Says:

    @Micc Happy to know that you are following this as well 😀 These are the only two dramas that I am following religiously atm and they take up practically all my free time! I started Yawang and FBND but becos of RL, I’m way behind now. I’m also itching to watch Iris2 n Eugene’s drama but…too little time!
    @KDaddict Kekeke, that theory came about because we just want more lovey dovey scenes from the leads. If OY really thinks OS is her brother, then she’ll probably be “restrained” and any form of skin ship would be limited:-D Anyway, I think it’s obvious that Sec Wang has a hand in whatever that caused the divorce and why OY doesn’t trust her, only question is what and why. I’m just happy that OY is not a helpless and brainless heiress. 😀

  213. 213 : KDaddict Says:

    No problem for OY n the romance we all want: She can think that OS is her real brother but still have skinship w this tall guy in her house becos she knows that’s not the real OS. Yah, it is real fortunate that we don’t have a pathetic blind teary heiress, but one who is smart enough to know a fake even when she doesn’t see him!

  214. 214 : mariz herrera Says:

    how can i watch the korean drama?

  215. 215 : rory Says:

    thanx dear..I dunno whether I can enjoy this show or not after reading the plot & all comments here or after watching the trailer..Melodrama is not my type especially if the story about people who suffering from sickness coz I saw a lot in KDs before & I’m really tired of it even though they’ve got perfect leads & perfect acting..
    BTW, I will try this since I have SBS ch but unfortunately must wait maybe another 2weeks more..

  216. 216 : hny Says:

    Good evening all my fren …
    wahhh … start to think yaaa and resolve the puzzle: D
    Maybe ur theory is right .. that Ms wang interference with what happen to OY mother and his brother ..if that so, it’s mean the writer has make big development with the story.

    BTW I start to curious abt JIS and want see his act more
    where I can watch all JIS drama or movie…!!!!! beside what happen in bali n classic.. HJW N JIS look hot together and JIS w Son Ye Jin very sweet in classic.

    there’s a MV that JIS and Shin Min Ah play together ” I love You.. ” but just find one part in YTB ..they look so cute there. I never know that they both ever play together..hope after TWTWB there’s a project for them again 😀

  217. 217 : sanaz Says:

    after long time finally I found the fantastic drama .. its in my type . I love full house and I watched it many times , Love to kill is my favorite as well, I couldn’t wait till next episode come , I love Jo In Sung , he is so handsome and Song Hye Kyo she is my favorite actress , in my opinion she is most beautiful actress in Korea , she is so cute. after FULL HOUSE I waited a lot for her new series, they match together and I love their height difference, its so cute exactly the same as my husband and I.
    I am soooooooooo happy

  218. 218 : KDaddict Says:

    Pls ignore #210. I wrote it in response to your post fr many days ago fr memory. Let me rewrite it thus:
    As u say, the winter landscape reflects the condition in their hearts. As their love blossoms, warmth will return n we’ll see spring colors. But I love the snowy wintery landscape in n of itself. It has a beauty, purity of its own. A lone tree standing in snow-covered land is also a symbol of strength in waiting, in adversity. I have a black n white photo of that exact same scene hanging above my computer screen. It is there to remind me of decay n renewal, perseverance n faith, n the verse in the Bible that says: To everything there is a season…..

    I also avoid melos like, if not the plague then, at least the flu! How then did we fall head over heels for that melo among melos?? 😉
    It leads me to think that it’s not All melos that I should avoid, only those w plot devices that I can’t stand, w char behavior that I can’t sympathize with.
    In case u do watch this one later, let us know how u like it. Cheers!

  219. 219 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    🙂 Peace to all. I’m so glad, someone reacted to my post. At least, I have a part. I didn’t post my post because I don’t like this drama. On the other hand, I really do like…So please don’t get me wrong.

  220. 220 : VIANA Says:

    i like this drama!thanks

  221. 221 : menapapa Says:

    I first think the movie I watched years ago stars moon geung young when I first spot this drama here and now I realize THIS is really IS IT!!! I so love that movie And I have it I cant wait to have this… great job….. That movie is a bettersweet story.

  222. 222 : janjan Says:

    9 hrs and 30 mins more to go!

  223. 223 : KDaddict Says:

    You know, almost all those melodramas we’ve seen have a revenge theme. IF Sec Wang is in this for revenge, then hers has to be the most successful revenge scheme of all.
    1. She breaks up a family of 4;
    2. She alienates father from his son n male heir;
    3. She causes a divorce;
    4. She probably caused blindness in OY who remains at home;
    5. She can then cultivate her helplessness n dependence;
    6. She must have had a hand in the Chairman’s early death.
    7. She is in cahoots w OY’s fiance, Manager Lee, I believe to take over the company between them.
    Can revenge be more thorough than this?

    I think she caused OY’s blindness becos I saw her fixing OY’s breakfast that morning when the little girl came to complain abt her eyes; She is also the one in charge of OY’s dinner when OY said she didn’t feel like eating. What is there that can be put in food to cause blindness? Many things.
    My Qns are:
    1. What is the relationship betwn Wang and Lee?
    2. What is it that she is seeking revenge for?
    3. Did she really put that baby under a tree? So that she could be freed fr motherly duties to stay by the Chairman to seek revenge?
    4. What did the Chairman do to her that she has to be so dedicated to her revenge scheme? Did he cause her husband’s death?
    I like this drama, a lot!

  224. 224 : eny Says:

    doesn’t watch this drama yet, may be after finish, still watch level 7 and yawang my next drama is incarnation of money,iris 2 and this drama. this month there’s so much interested drama. Last year just watch many drama

  225. 225 : hny Says:


    stil too longggggggggggggggggggggg 😀 😀 😀

  226. 226 : banjongl Says:

    i love this drama… congratulation….. saranghaee..

  227. 227 : Park jun hee Says:

    Hohoho. . . So l0ng im n0t online here. I miss u guys. I’m too busy prepare my national exam next month. Wish me luck and success guys 🙂

  228. 228 : KDaddict Says:

    Wish you luck and success with your national exam! You r a good gal for staying away at this time. We’ll see u again after the exam!

  229. 229 : Park jun hee Says:

    First, im not too interest with this one. Instead after watch the trailer, also n0t too catch my heart. But after the new poster has been released, OMG, jo in sung is so handsome there. Look, he is so gentle and cute. AaAaAaAaAaA. . .
    I’m started to download ep 1-3 last afternoon. I’ve check ep 1, damn! Jo in sung is too handsome 😀
    i’ve plan to watch lee tae baek, but its delayed becoz this one, THAT WINTER THE WIND BLOW!
    Love u

  230. 230 : unknown unknown Says:

    While waiting to comment on the next episode, here is just a trivial on our leading man in TWTWB…

    Jo In Sung, Hyun Bin, Lee Min Ho and Micky Park Yoochun – actors who will make any drama so watchable. 🙂 They have such screen presence, capture your imagination and natural & stylish acting. Who else do you think are in the same mould?

  231. 231 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 4 is really good. Even tho it is made by the same ppl who made Padam2, I feel that it is even better than Padam2, n I loved Padam2 during Most of its run.

    Ep 4 is fantastic cos it is full of good news for our leads:
    He passes the DNA test cos Ji Sung n Hee Sun manage to switch the razor after all. That is bad news to Manager Lee and Sec Wang.
    Hee Sun, being a florist, brings over tons of potted plants for OY’s green house. She gets her hint fr the photos on the wall in that basement room when she goes there to let OS out. They are the same plants that her mother used to love n plant, n it makes OY v happy. She is surprised that he remembers.
    She brings him shopping, only he turns it around to take Her shopping, n made up, n arranges a party for her to meet her old friends who were mean to her in their younger days, to heal old wounds. She balks at first, but listens to him who is likely her brother.
    He also figures out what it is that OY is expecting him to bring, by watching the video in the basement. So she is now sure he is her brother.
    AFter the party, he takes her to the place where the real Oh Soo’s ashes r scattered. He figures if that is a special place to OS, then it must be a special place to her too. Turns out that was where their mother took them one summer, when both children were the happiest. Only OY starts to recall the happy times, n begins to walk right into the river to kill herself. She wants to die where she was the happiest, just like her brother. It is hard not to tear up at that. When the ep ended, my heart was still inside the screen with them.

  232. 232 : Micc Says:

    How can they carry on this con? All the people who know Oh Soo are for some reason getting together. I guess that doesn’t matter, I think Oh Young knows he’s not the brother and she probably just want somebody to be there.

  233. 233 : ruzikie Says:

    First of all, i recently watched 7th Grade civil servant for a month for waiting That Winter The Wind Blows premiere.
    Jo In Sung is a gentleman and Song Hye Kyo, oh damn, she’s pretty goddess. Eun Ji and Kim Bum, wahahahahahahaha, i think they’ll end up together.
    I hope this drama won’t end with the tragic one. But if and As if they will, ouuuh dear, lose my mind !!!!

  234. 234 : usmuabuon Says:

    Ratings for the 4th episode increases, AWESOME. hope the wind keeps blowing until this drama reach number 1 spot and reside there til the end.

  235. 235 : KDaddict Says:

    Much of importance happened in the basement room.
    OS hides, n OY locks up. Hee Sun is summoned to let him out. While there, he finds out from the vids that:
    When OY got a brain tumor at the age of 6, Wang was supposed to take her to Japan for an operation; she took OY to Japan alright, just didn’t take her for the operation!
    OY said in the vid to she could actually see a little, but told the adults that she could in hope that they’d hurry treatment for her.
    OS also sees that the real OS had a burnt scar on his left front arm, whereas he had mistakenly faked a scar on his right arm. Therefore, OY knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a fake brother. No wonder she trembles when he leans in close, close enough to kiss her! So, that’s one worry solved for viewers who want to see a romance going between these 2, asap.
    Tho the DNA result checks out alright, the doctor has told Lee that sth strange is going on, bcos the toothbrush used for the testing has not been used in at least 10 months! So that leaves doubt in the minds of Lee n Wang. They still doubt OS.
    At dinner, OY asks lawyer Jang to draft a will for him, to state that when she dies, half of her estate will go to OS, with NO Questions Asked, n the other half will go to the charity organization. I was wondering why she didn’t tell this ahjussi to take her for the brain op. Next moment, she reveals that she know ahjussi is in love w Wang (all by himself)! So of course he is not to be trusted.
    The crazy actress who set OS up has been invited to be the model for PL group. She is in their office for negotiation. Looks like Lee has a crush on her, while an OL is in love w Lee. IN-teresting stuff! All of it!

  236. 236 : janjan Says:

    @KDaddict – I really love reading your recaps. They may be short and tidbits of scenes here and there but they never fail to amaze me. Thanks a lot and hope we will see you to the end of the drama. 🙂

  237. 237 : daa Says:

    @KDaddict thanks for recaps 🙂

  238. 238 : Sora Says:

    Im loving this drama sooooo much. It’s been a while

  239. 239 : Sora Says:

    It’s about time a drama this good came out. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a drama. Thank you God

  240. 240 : KDaddict Says:

    The writer of Padam2 is capable of subtlety in writing. We see lots of it here. I think this is much better than Padam2 becos this story is so much more layered, there r more chars, complexity, conflicting motivation, multiple possibilities, and so many diff angles, like:

    The fat guy cafe owner (who has borrowed money fr Sec Wang) grew up in the same neighborhood as OS n OY. He was the one who caused the burn on the real OS. He remembers that it was on the L arm, but our tall OS insists that it is on the R. He is now looking thru his photos for one that’ll prove his memory is accurate!
    Lee drops in during the party, to which OY says: “Ah, you must feel your position threatened bcos Oppa is here, such that u even take initiative to show up. As I recall, we didn’t even share a cup of tea after our engagement ceremony, nor have we ever been on a date.” Now we know he is only after her company n money.
    Hee Sun is a loose cannon. Like she says to OS: Am I friend or foe? One min. she is helping Oppa get credibility at the Oh household; But when she sees OS being attentive to OY, she acts up in jealousy! Is she just possessive bcos of her dead sis? Or does she want OS for herself? Take a no. n stand in line, kiddo!
    Then there is Moochul, who contacts the crazy actress to alert her to OS’s location. He obviously wants to use this woman to blackmail/control OS.
    When Lee comes knocking on his door to look for OS, he asks: Which OS do u want? The heir to PL Group or the one who is a con artist?
    So at the core, this is a love story, but w all these char connections n possible cross fire, it is much much more than what most KD romances offer us.

    Typo #235:
    OY said in the vid “THAT” she could actually see a little, but told the adults that she could “NOT” in hope that they’d hurry treatment for her.

    @janjan, @daa,
    You r welcome. I’m never sure how much detail to put in my comments.

  241. 241 : kdbig Says:

    great drama, wonderful cast, what more can i wish for.. jo in sung hadn’t lose it he played his character really well, his freakin good in memories of bali too..song hye kyo what a beautiful lady :).. lovelove the drama

  242. 242 : alamut Says:

    seriuosly i cant wait to finish off this drama..
    the most anticipating drama

  243. 243 : rairamegumi Says:

    so, this drama win the competition, beating IRIS 2 and 7th grade civil servant…great. I’ve watched till 3rd episode and can’t wait to watch subbed ep.4…

  244. 244 : kimmy Says:

    aaaarrggghhh..reading all the comments here, makes me want to watch this drama soon..cant wait the dvd to be publish!!

  245. 245 : hny Says:

    ep 4…. amazing….ep 5… would be more amazing .. the plot is fast and all the cast have smart brain, their action is fast when they think ‘is something wrong !!! I like it.. but I think this eps is more short than before.. can’t wait for eps 5
    TWTWB…. good job writer nim 😀

  246. 246 : feedmysoul Says:

    Episode 4 sounds so exciting and KDaddict, your recap makes me want to forget about all my other obligations and just rush home and watch it!

    After watching only Episodes 1 to 3, I feel that there is no way OY will mistake the fake OS as the real. Don’t the blind have a keener sense of hearing? The tone that OS uses with her doesn’t even sound brotherly to me so I don’t think a visually handicapped will miss that. Also his behaviour towards her doesn’t seem like how a oppa would treat his sister. With the revelations in episode 4, I hope it won’t be much longer before the 2 fall in love for real!

  247. 247 : Joe Says:

    I like the plot, but seeing Oh Soo and Young’s interactions kinda freak me out. I mean, they’re supposed to be “siblings” and coming from someone with a big family, I definitely do not let my brothers hug me from behind or talk to me that close to my face like they’re gonna kiss me, or eat cotton candy like that. I understand it’s a drama, but this makes me uncomfortable. But I really do like Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung, their acting skill are very great..

  248. 248 : park jun hee Says:

    @KDaddict haha…. okay sis….
    yeyeye i like this drama…… jo in sung is SOOOO HANDSOME!!!
    im glad cz i have push my sister to watch this drama with me. well she and i now is like this drama… jo in sung your acting is great.
    handsome, liar, and cute, although bad boy!

  249. 249 : syaren Says:

    this is the drama version of ‘love me not’ movie, right?

  250. 250 : syaren Says:

    if anyone has seen the movie (love me not) ? the girl played by moon geun young. the plot is exactly same with this drama. I like song hye kyo acting , but I prefer like moon geun young acting as a blind girl. in the end of that film (love me not) the brother got stabbed.

  251. 251 : hny Says:

    agree with @Joe … their interactions should not like that, if they want to portray as a ‘siblings’!!!
    … but i think since OY recognize OS’s voice and touched his arm .. she already knows OS is not his brother .. there is something OY want or expect from a fake OS, or it seems she wants to have someone she knew by himself, and she understands by himself with her capabilities as blind women to recognize people around him .. not the people who choose his father… and why she still keep that!!.. for other reason I guess.
    And it looks like OS knew it .. beside ‘money’ .. his motive to OY, I think OS is also experiencing the same turmoil in him about OY, … so I think they both understand they situations but they still both want to find out what will happen to them with their togetherness for 3 month … that’s why their interaction is very unusual for a ‘sibling’.. they heart was playing.. is like they on journey to know each other by touching ,holding maybe kissing wakakakka .. I’m wait that scene 😀
    I said this drama Amazing coz the lead cast play a multi character as a cheater, bad men, a lonely person , and a nice guy…..etc

  252. 252 : yndl Says:


  253. 253 : unknown unknown Says:

    Hi KDaddict #240

    You know why we like reading your recap? You always infuse your own humour into your recap – “Hee Sun…..Or does she want OS for herself? Take a no. n stand in line, kiddo!”. HA HA HA ROFL!!!!

  254. 254 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    On the previous episode, Park Jin Sung (Kim Bum) insisted that Oh Young can see because of the way she approaches the switch, as if she really can see. She knows which switch to tun on/off. I think she can see a little just like what she have said when she’s young. I think she knows Oh Soo is fake not just because she remembers his voice one year ago but because she is smart enought to sense the truth. Her reactions as “more than siblings” is an indication that she is now learning to trust a person. ‘I’m sure she is learning to love…

  255. 255 : Shantoo Says:

    @joe- I can see your point..the exchanges between OS and OY might be too intense than that between siblings..but i think what they want to show is that both have this strange kind of feeling of love when they are around each other, it is as if they know that they are just pretending to be siblings mutually but they are getting attracted to each other.OY is letting herself being fooled by OS because se has this sense of security around him.I was more excited about IRIS 2 because of its hype although i didn’t see the first part but this drama has really amazed me!!!

  256. 256 : unknown unknown Says:

    Episode 4 is simply FASCINATING! All the scenes involving OS & OY together made one breathless – and all the close ups of their faces – just too good this drama is so far.

  257. 257 : Micc Says:


    I think this is based on the movie. Talking about the movie, it’s such a confusing ending. Did they both die? Or did they both live? Or did the gal survive but the guy die??? I still couldn’t figure it out.

  258. 258 : SeriesDee.com Says:

    So Cool…. I can’t wait. Jo in sung ‘s come back in a drama after so many year.

  259. 259 : niniana Says:


  260. 260 : saraSJS Says:

    This drama is beautiful in true sense of the word. From the actors and shooting locations to filming style with frequently used beautiful close ups and everything else. The story is good. Plot pace is fast. But i don’t know why i haven’t got involved emotionally with the characters yet. I don’t care about their fate and who ends who. I just watch. It doesn’t flutter my heart. No swing, swing, although the wind blows.

  261. 261 : dramafreak Says:

    I DONT UNDERSTAND!!!! WHY THIS DRAMA IS SOOOOOO NICEEEEEEE! i am totally hooked! great plot…great actors and actress and also GOOD OST! so in love with it!

  262. 262 : syaren Says:

    i just cinfused why the director, producer and the writter did not explain that this drama based on that movie?

    yeah…it’s same with me. I am also confused by the end of the movie. but I assume, her brother died. the gal just imagine that her brother still alive and remained with her after her eyesight recovered.
    based on that ending, i am so curious about the ending of this drama. whether the ending would be exactly the same? or the writer will make a different ending.

  263. 263 : Micc Says:


    The train, the pill, the people, are all exactly the same as the movie. I doubt this will have a happy ending, although I do hope for one, a tragical ending seems to suit the drama better.

  264. 264 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 5:
    This is what I got from ep 5. I’m mesmeried. The rest of the ep matters little to me.

  265. 265 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 5 offers the backstory for the relationships among OS, Moo Chul and Hee Joo. It’s a triangle, w MC blaming OS for HJ’s death. Him, n Hee Sun wouldn’t give OS a moment’s peace; and it leaves me w a heavy heart.
    It also offers glimpses of Wang’s relationship w OY: Does she really have a complex, a psychological need to be OY’s mother? For real?
    As for OS n OY’s seemingly incestuous interactions, well, I see it as the unfolding of A man trying to con a woman by pretending to love her as her brother, but it becomes A man loving a woman by pretending to con her by pretending to lover her as her brother; ditto for her side.
    I love the song cos it says it all, so well.

  266. 266 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi, Glad u r here. You asked me to let you know when fan meeting comes up. Hyun Bin is having a pan-Asia tour of fan meets this spring, starting on 3/9 in Taipei, then 4/12 BKK, 4/20 HKG, 4/27 SIN, 4/30 Shanghai, ending on 5/4 in Guangzhou. I’m going, but am working on which one. Yeah!
    Love Binnie to distraction in SeGa, but couldn’t watch more than a few eps of The World they live in, nor Snow Queen. Love Song Joong Ki but not Nice Guy; Love Park Shi Hoo, but hated Alice in SDD; Love Cha Tae Hyun, but skipped Jeon Woo Ji; Love Lee Sang Woo, but couldn’t take most projects he picked; Kang Ji Hwan n Incarnation of Money; Kwan Sang Woo n Yawang; and So on. Yes, these guys have gt screen presence, but if the script doesn’t work For me, there goes the show For me.
    Some other names to add to your list in #230: Lee Byung Hyun, Gong Yoo, Jung Woo Sung, n my fav ahjussis: Cha Seung Won, Lee Bum Soo and Ryu Seung Ryong.
    On the other hand, if the script works, a good role in a good project can turn lesser known actors into shiny gems, like:
    Seo In Guk in Reply 1997, Lee Jong Suk n Kim Woo Bin in School 2013, Ji Hyun Woo in Queen IH’s Man, etc.

  267. 267 : jhing Says:

    u kn0w what the title of lee seung gi new drama?

  268. 268 : KDaddict Says:

    Lee Seung Gi’s Gu Family Book with Suzy and Lee Yeon Hee. Gu means Nine. Coming in April.

  269. 269 : Sandy Says:

    i really love this drama … wondering how the ending will be ?

  270. 270 : Ella Says:

    omg!!! i’m inlove  Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo looks so damn good together…

  271. 271 : jhing Says:

    thank u,.im waiting for gu family book..enjoy the show guys!

  272. 272 : Park jun hee Says:

    Aish! Yesterday eps 4 is quite funny. I think admin should add genre comedy in this page.
    Yay i’m still download ep 5 today

  273. 273 : Park jun hee Says:

    I’m glad always increase each week.
    Rating for wed-thurs drama
    1. That winter, wind blow
    2. 7th grade civil servant
    3. Iris 2

    it should be numb 1 in rating next week!

    I cant wait to watch kissing scene between oh soo and oh young!
    Should be hot and passionate kiss! 🙂

  274. 274 : fitri Says:

    koq aku punya bad feeling buat endingnya ya.
    kalo gak oh youngnya mati, oh soo nya yang mati.
    males deh kalo beneran akhirnya bakal bad ending.
    yang kebaca sih, oh soo nya mati trus matanya dikasi oh young.
    mudah2an sih salah..

    berharap bisa happy ending.

  275. 275 : saraSJS Says:

    Sorry for very late response. I also love the landscape, the snowy backgrounds, lone tree and everything in white which symbolize innocence and here coldness of our characters’ heart. As you said it’s like a character of the drama. So as the story processes and characters’heart get warm, the background has to change to a warmer one. Not because it’s not beautiful, but because it needs to be in harmony with the characters. As i said i don’t feel that “swing, swing” in my heart yet. But i totally enjoy and like this drama. The acting is superb and two leads interaction is sexy. The interesting point is Young character. She is mysterious. She makes me think she knows what’s happening around her and even knows OS is not her brother. I love this part of her character.

  276. 276 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Excellent ratings. Excellent actors and actresses. Excellent scripts and story. Excellent songs. Excellent acting. And yet I still cannot see the chemistry between the lead actor and actress. It still doesn’t affect my heart…

  277. 277 : hny Says:

    eps by eps …. woWWWW..!! eps 5.. not only them who have a great facial expressions… nado !!! especially when I watch bed scenes and their conversation in last scene… it’s so so.. I thought OS will not talk abt the pill..but OMG their talking abt it so naturally with ‘snowy expression’… uwahhh Daebak !!
    @sara SJS
    I guess their relationship is NOT THE TIME TO MAKE U Swing swing.. not yet dear 😀

  278. 278 : unknown unknown Says:

    Hi KDaddict #266

    I think the whole IMY Gang is here – Greetings to all!

    Fan Meets – what lucky K-drama fans we all are! I thought we talked about Micky Park Yoochun’s fan meet 🙂

    If by any chance you choose to come to Singapore for the Hyun Bin fan meet, I will take you out to lunch and dinner too – I am serious :-). It was always great watching all these wonderful Korean dramas but being able to read and share our feelings and camaraderie (in the case of dramas we all loved) in these pages are priceless.

    Just 5 episodes in and I am loving TWTWB so much. What powerful acting put forth by Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo to capture our hearts and imaginations so quickly. It is so great that this followed so closely to I Miss You where I enjoyed watching Park Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye together….

  279. 279 : hny Says:

    @unknown unknown, Hi… and all frend

    just read ur post to KDaddict .. make me hoping.. dreaming one day if there’s a time for KD fan esp IMY Gang … to met and watch together KD, reminisce with drama ever hits and we admire and comment it…. it would be wonderfull to met u all..

    Are there any of you who want to be a organizers IMY gang fan meeting : D: D.hik hik hikhik pasti seru deh !!

  280. 280 : rory Says:

    @unknown unknown
    r u from S’pore??I’m exciting reading all comments here even though I’m not starting yet watching this coz I’m patiently wait it’s airing in my country on this 13th March..got so many commitment this month..oh dear heart, pls be patient..hehe..

    I guess u’re from Indonesia rite?Actually PYC’s fans from Malaysia had organised a party for IMY drama..Coz we had HJW withdrawal syndrome so badly..So that’s why we gonna meet, talk & share about IMY together..I really hope I can join that party too..my busy schedules, pls go away…

    Really sorry for talking about IMY in this thread..TWTWB Fighting!!!

  281. 281 : KDaddict Says:

    Thank you so much for your generous offer. U can buy lunch, I can buy dinner. It’d be gt if we can break bread n talk KD together. I love grilled sting ray on Clarke Quay, chili crab at No Sign Board (Mo Cheo Bai), fresh durain that can’t be taken into hotels, etc. Haven’t been to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel yet. Want to check it out one of these days.
    @unknown, @rory, @hny,
    Wouldn’t it be nice if Micky would have an Asian Tour (of either fan meeting or concert)? Then we can congregate in one of those locations n attend together? Here’s hoping!
    Thx for that link u gave me, of JYJ’s Japan Concert. My husband walked by, n asked me: “W-H-A-T r you watching? Is that guy mastxxbxting on stage? I thought u were watching KD!!!” Me: “Urh……..”

  282. 282 : saraSJS Says:

    Maybe. Let’s wait and see when this drama makes my heart swing swing and this likening turns to a hot love. Like the one i felt for IMY. Speaking of that, i miss little prince YJG.

  283. 283 : hny Says:

    @rory ..Hi…rite I’m Indonesian …that is agood news ..malay is near ..would be nice if I can join that party too .but same with u .. I have a routine schedule ..hard to leave :)) when the party will be held in malay ?
    actually what I hope so much is the party for just ‘ us the IMY gang not big fan meeting ;))))

  284. 284 : hny Says:

    @saraSJS … yap yap ..!! hei do you will join if oneday we IMY gang plan to met … somewhere…someday ;))))))

  285. 285 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @Unknown Unknown…I will remember what you have said. I will contact you when I return to Singapore…I’m from the Philippines. You owe us a meal…

    To all I Miss You Gang, please include me to your reunion. I wonder to which country (place) we going to have a reunion?

    I just finished watching “Love Me Not”. Both the actor and Moon Geun Young did not die. It’s the opposite of what I’ve read in this trend that at the end, in the original movie, the lead actor will die. In the movie, there are lots of difference. The movie, Love Me Not, is also excellent. Moon Geun Young also acts excellent. The lead actor and actress were united after Jin (that’s the name of the lead actor not Oh Soo) gave his eye to Min (that’s the name of the Moon Geun Young in the movie not Oh Young). They fall in love and both of them confess to each other. In the end they met again under the tree in snow, and recognized each other. They embrace and express their love.

    You see guys…There’s no unhappy ending…No one ill die…
    Those who wrote that the lead actor will die creates anxiety to each and every one of us. I’m glad I’ve watch the original ones…

  286. 286 : desdus Says:

    many people said this drama is really good but unfortunately i havent watched this drama,, fiuuuhhhh, hope can watch this drama soon!!!!
    i cant watch both of viki and dramafever whereas really really want to watch!!

  287. 287 : rory Says:

    ROFL!!! U get caught sis!that bad boy micky is really! I’m sure JYJ will having a tour concert this year since they’re planning on their new album currently..Micky’s schedules are so tight this week..tomorrow he have “knitting class save for children campaign” then at the same day he will fly to China coz he will participate in “happy camp” variety show on Sunday..Then rushing back to SK for president event on Monday..

    It’s on 6th March..I’ll try to attend that IMY party, many activities there too..really hope I can make it coz we’re so happy talking about IMY on twitter before..Micky’s fans are really nice & funny that makes me really wanna meet them so badly..It would be the best moment if can gather together with IMY gang here too 😉

  288. 288 : KDaddict Says:

    Where is this IMY party taking place on 3/6? Just curious.

    To be precise, I believe @unknown offered to take Me out to lunch and dinner in that particular message. She hasn’t made that offer to everyone Yet. LOL. Tho when u put it that way, even as a joke, what can she say?

    The ending of the movie Love me Not is famously or infamously abstract and undefined. It can be seen 2 ways:
    1. They both died and met in heaven, no more sickness, no more problems.
    2. He recovered from his stab wounds; she got her operation n was healed.
    It’s one of those cop out endings. But Most ppl believe the former to be the true ending. So those who wrote abt their worry for a sad ending had their reason.

  289. 289 : rory Says:

    my bad..it’s on 2/3 actually @KL, Malaysia..For those who interested join this party can refer this link post

  290. 290 : KDaddict Says:

    Thx. It’s fun just to read the poster. I’m happy for those who get to participate! Hope u get to go! Have fun, take pics to share, if u go!
    Tmr, Micky has “Knitting class…” Hahahaha! I thought u were pulling my leg!

  291. 291 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    I’m glad, your the 3rd person who reacted to my post. I was so pleased!
    I’m beginning to be addicted not only to IMY & TWTWB but to the trends of these dramas. And also to each and every person who post their views, reactions, recaps, comments etc…

  292. 292 : rory Says:

    Kekeke..he will be the most adorable knitting teacher in SK..What else he will show to us next..Watch this if u haven’t..he’s just too adorable & witty..


    OMG, why we’re crazy spazzing about IMY & Micky here?Mianhe mianhe TWTWB fans..I will post my thoughts about TWTWB after watching it then 😉

  293. 293 : KDaddict Says:

    OMG! For real? It cracks me up. He is sooo CUTE! I have zero interest in knitting n I watched the whole vid wearing a big silly grin, Now I can feel my cheek muscles hurt. It is so cute when he pronounces “Save the Children” the Korean way, when we know that he lived years in the US.
    There is nothing to watch tonight. TQ for that!

    I’ll be happy to talk abt That Winter if it is brought up. 😉

  294. 294 : ria Says:

    i really really in love with this drama!!! and also the cast and the story! daebak!!!!!

  295. 295 : Park jun hee Says:

    wow, you SHOULD try to watch this drama as soon as possible. Look, good story, good rating, good actor, good actress, good OST, and its popular now!
    If u cant to watch on viki or dramafever, why dont u try to watch on dramacrazy.net its really fast. When its aired at night. It has uploaded in the morning, and completed by subtitle on afternoon.
    Or u can try visit EPDRAMA.
    Hurry up watch this one

  296. 296 : Park jun hee Says:

    wow, you SHOULD try to watch this drama as soon as possible. Look, good story, good rating, good actor, good actress, good OST, and its popular now!
    If u cant to watch on viki or dramafever, why dont u try to watch on dramacrazy.net its really fast. When its aired at night. It has uploaded in the morning, and completed by subtitle on afternoon.
    Or u can try visit EPDRAMA.
    Hurry up watch this one

    *is it copied? Im sorry, i think that my comment not sent yet, thats why i sent it twice*

  297. 297 : Park jun hee Says:

    OH MY GOSSHHH just finished watch ep 5. Aigoo i really love when they sleep together, when oh young hugs oh soo tightly. . .
    AAaAaAaAaA next episode they will kiss. Kiss scene! Cant wait. . . . I’m waiting this time so long!

    Amazing drama, i love jo in sung, i should change my username being “Park Jun Sung”

  298. 298 : Kim Says:

    Hvn’t watch yet. I just watch 7GSC. This drama is #1 now from the other 2 dramas ?

  299. 299 : jane Says:

    You can also try gooddrama.net, its really very fast. We could watched ep 5 in the next morning after aired in the night, and already with subtitle.
    Oh Soo is completely a jerk, no wonder moo chul hate him so bad.

  300. 300 : saraSJS Says:

    I wish i could. But i can’t. Sigh

  301. 301 : amy Says:

    hiyaa….im IMY fans…where is the party? when when?

  302. 302 : KDaddict Says:

    That pill gives me ill forebodings. It raises the potential of a Romeo and Juliet ending.

    At this pt, Our party is just a castle in the air. Details for the Malaysian one are on the previous page. 😉

  303. 303 : Dede Says:

    Don t usually watch dramas unless they are complete, since I refuse to watch those where the hero/heroine dies. But……I am watching this one and if either of the leads dies I’m giving up on Korean Dramas.

  304. 304 : Dede Says:

    Have never watched a drama with these actors in them, except Kim Bum who is always wonderful to watch. Fascinating his choices in dramas to ac in.

  305. 305 : hny Says:

    hahahahaha… @KDaddict rite, our party still in the air.. but @amy if the party come true.. of course we like u to join 😀

    BTW @KDaddict abt the pill.. I think one of them eat it (based LMN) but there’s nothing happen… so I’m curious too what the writer would make for this.

  306. 306 : callapoppie Says:

    Potassium chloride is the pill in the vial. We use this medication in the liquid form during open heart surgery , and it is injected directly into the heart muscle in the surgical setting. It effectively stops the heart allowing thoracic surgeons to repair the heart. This drug obviously is used under very controlled conditions by people who know what they are doing. In the wrong hands, it certainly causes death by stopping the heart.

    I,too wonder what is going to happen with this drama. I am hooked. Every movie or drama Zo In Sung has been in to date end with his death. He is like So Ji Seob. I have never seen a happy So Ji Seob movie. I am already upset thinking about that possible ending. Not fair at all.

  307. 307 : Dede Says:

    There is a Japanese actor I used to watch his movies and such until I realized he pretty much dies in all of them. That’s when I made the choice not to watch anything he is in anymore. It has got to be depressing for these actors to know everything they act in ends in death.

  308. 308 : hny Says:

    @callapoppie..Hi.. what a cute name u have 😀

    hmm so I guessing!! if OS who eat that pil … it would make Ms wang and Lee have a proof OS is fake. And if OY who take it … maybe the fact his eyes blind or his brain tumor could be detected more clearly.. can it be healed !! and what OS will do…

    nado.. feel upset.. I already find a few JIS drama and most of that.. end with death like so ji soeb.. I wonder why a guy like them like to play that role !!! maybe they a guy with type ‘ doesnt want a women to have them…argggg .. ;)))))
    this drama a kind tragic story too but I hoping so much that the writer will make ‘ last scene in LMN.. they met in snowy !!! come true ..not dream … plz plz 😀

  309. 309 : Micc Says:

    Zo In Sung in the movie Love Impossible lived!

  310. 310 : KDaddict Says:

    @Dede-303, 307,
    You are so funny! 😛
    In melodramas, esp. KD melos, sometimes ppl die. If you r going to let it affect u so much, as to give up on KD altogether, rom-coms may be a safer bet.
    Top actors know what they r doing when they choose their projects. A lead char who dies is remembered long n well by viewers. So Ji Sub may die in just abt everything he acts in, but look at the standing he has in the K-ent industry!
    When we start a melo, we’ve to be (at least) half prepared mentally for one or both of leads to die. That’s just the way melos r. Take it easy, n enjoy the ride.

  311. 311 : KDaddict Says:

    “maybe they a guy with type ‘ doesnt want a women to have them…”. Hahahaha……
    They always choose projects in which they die so that no woman can have them!! Great theory! ROFL!

  312. 312 : unknown unknown Says:

    I don’t mean to hijack this thread for the IMY Gang but since so many of us are here, please bear with us if we indulge ourselves a little bit, but not too much. 🙂

    @KDaddict: It’s a deal! Let me know when you come to sunny Singapore and I will bring you to eat some yummy local food…

    @Ronela: It will be great to see you too…I think there are a couple of us residing in Singapore.

    @hny & @rory: Count me in for IMY fan meet!

    Signing off before we get kicked off this TWTWB thread 🙂

  313. 313 : zashee Says:

    the sleeping pose was very amazing

  314. 314 : jangerr Says:

    What an incredibly gorgeous looking pair of leads we have here!!!

  315. 315 : rairamegumi Says:

    when they often talk about death in the last episode, I’m afraid that both main actor and actress will die in the end…I have to prepare my heart…sigh…I almost burst my tears in ep 4 & 5

  316. 316 : Myles Says:

    How I love SKH and ZIS as leads in this drama. They are lovely looking couple. I love those scenes while they were eating cotton candies and while they were sleeping. Everybody falls in love again.

    But I am thinking of the ending that they will both die. Yeah, I have watched What happened in Bali where Jo IN Sung died. It was so heart wrenching.

    I hope, even if the ending is tragic, they will meet in heaven as for us Christians believe. It is asking too much of the writers but it will make the viewers happy.

  317. 317 : ezra86 Says:

    SHK looks younger, she’s so pretty. Good drama, but it will be sad ending.. ;-(

  318. 318 : KDaddict Says:

    Re the ending:
    I’m at a stage in KD viewing where I tell myself that in melos they r going to die painful meaningless deaths! And if it doesn’t happen, I can feel like Santa comes early this year.
    But more immediate than that:
    Do you think she is behaving this way (touching him n hugging him) bcos she thinks he is really his brother? Or is she testing him, just like the times when she tries to kill herself in front of him? (i.e. if he is really her bro then he wouldn’t let her die or have skinship w her). Or is she acting on her hormones as there is a part of her that knows he is just not his brother? Or what?
    And why is she interested in finding the other OS at this particular juncture in time?

  319. 319 : ghostbuster Says:

    Off Topic:
    Holy Mackerel!
    Would put this in a Spoiler Tag if there was one!

    Acc to Seoul Metropolitan Police, Park Shi Hoo has been charged with rape. A 22 year old actress claimed that they had drinks together at his house. She blacked out. When she came to, she discovered that she had been raped. Park Shi Hoo pronounced his innocence, admitted they had sex, but said that it was based on mutual consent.
    I’m not at home w my computer. Can’t copy that link for you.

  320. 320 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @Unknown Unknown

  321. 321 : janjan Says:

    for some reason, i have this inkling that this drama will have a happy ending. lets all stay positive.

  322. 322 : dude Says:

    this is a adaptation for the film love me love me not and the story till now is the sama.in the end she can see and him not died

  323. 323 : saraSJS Says:

    I smell tragic ending for this drama. Young is ready to die in every possible situation and OS ‘s life is already in danger. I predict a romantic death below the lone tree OS was abandoned there. It doesn’t seem they can live together in this world. They both are two lonely suffering souls. Can we expect a NG ending? I hope so.

  324. 324 : loumy Says:

    i guess it’s the same story as the movie “love me not” starring moon geun young. blind girl with a playboy pretending to be her brother then falling for her, so you can guess the end ^^

  325. 325 : amy Says:

    in tht movie the end is happy ending, moon geun young can see again after surgery, and the playboy cured from his injured, he stabbed by debt collector…
    but since in the series, theres more role, such as his dead ex and her sis, and his celebrity ex, but i think the end of this drama would be different from the movie

  326. 326 : iejzoafief Says:

    Waiting episode 6 english sub thanks n i enjoyed Wacth this movie

  327. 327 : Dede Says:

    To a degree you are wrong. The beauty of modern technology is a gal can cheat and check out the ending. (Except of course a current running drama, which I usually stay away from until its over). Yeah, yeah, I know that doesn’t t work for a lot of folks, but it works for me. So….in keeping with the chin up and bare up under it or give up KD’S, With this methodology, I can still watch them as long as I censure them and pick and choose what suits me. As to top actors and their choices, you may be right, but I will be one of their fans not watching and supporting what they choose if its always painful to watch. As you can tell, I’m not into choosing pain especially when I know it can sneak in when I am not looking, whether it be dramas or real life.

  328. 328 : niniana Says:


  329. 329 : Dede Says:

    I watched that movie and was left with the impression that he died and then she went to the house and died. and then her spirit went to meet his spirit under the tree where he said he would wait and the ending was where they were finally together. Understand there is a lot of debate as to what the ending really meant, so unless the writers decide to actually clarify, it’s anybodies ending.

  330. 330 : KDaddict Says:

    What am I wrong abt, to a degree?
    You were talking abt this drama, which is a current drama. I responded, trying to calm your nerves. I didn’t tell you to bear the pain. I only said that in melos, it is likely that ppl die. A “Thank you” would suffice.

  331. 331 : hny Says:

    @ Dede.. Hi
    glad u visit this thread .. so after read your comments..hmm I just say enjoy your decision n methodology 😀 😀
    happy watching !!

  332. 332 : Park jun hee Says:

    @hny @kdaddict @dede
    hay guys, glad u assemble here. I miss talked with you. Lets rock this page 😀

    btw, come on guys why there is should be a cronic *?* here. . .
    Just enjoy this drama. As you kn0w, in the real life n0t all of love story has happy ending, like me 🙁

  333. 333 : hny Says:

    so @unknown’ @KDaddict.. if guys met don’t forget take a pic and share with us …. ocreeeeee 😀 😀

  334. 334 : Park jun hee Says:

    hey guys, do you kn0w what the title and who sang the ost of this drama? Its male voice. . .

  335. 335 : hny Says:

    @jun hee…hei hei… don’t be sad your lovin experience still need time for happy ending.. enjoy the life dear !! see u arround ;))))

  336. 336 : annira Says:

    the story’s same with korean movie “love me not”…true?

  337. 337 : annira Says:

    park jun : Yesung (Super Junior) – That Winter, The Wind Blows

  338. 338 : hny Says:

    @ Jun hee.. the one and there’s also gray paper by yesung

  339. 339 : hny Says:

    and there is an Vid created by fanmade .. I like it coz describe OS and OY romance 😀


    enjoyyy TWTWB fan !!

  340. 340 : Park jun hee Says:

    omg, thank you very much girl. . . *hugs*

    yesung super junior, rit? Waw, he has amazing voice. I like his song in CSS, it has to be you.

  341. 341 : songhakyung Says:

    waiting 🙁

  342. 342 : ezra Says:

    this drama is greatt….
    jo in sung n song hye kyo look so nice together…
    although it will be sad ending.. but I really like the story..

  343. 343 : Mira Says:

    I’m so in love with this drama

  344. 344 : Park jun hee Says:

    wait wait, in that drama the song i think sang by old men, upper 30 years old. Seem not like yesung voice

  345. 345 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Expecting for happy ending…
    Just to balance the imbalance of our lives…
    Expecting for really true love of our lives…
    Nothing more, nothing less.

  346. 346 : eve Says:

    i love ep 4&5 it show how Oh Soo develop his feeling for Oh young,my fav scene offcourse when they eat the cotton candy and when Oh Soo and Oh Young comes to a party,,,my heart trembling evertime Oh soo stare at Oh young,when Oh Soo touch Oh Young face when he explained what happen at the cafe OMG Oh Soo seems like he gona eat her hahahhahaha
    i cant wait to watch next ep

  347. 347 : vkchu Says:

    starting to love this drama, really miss jo in sung…. welcome back.

  348. 348 : sweppie Says:

    they are such a good couple! I hope they make i for real! since song hye kyo usually had romance with her past leading men! OXYGEN COUPLE

  349. 349 : that winter the wind blows episode 6 | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  350. 350 : that winter the wind blows eps5 | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  351. 351 : Jennie Says:

    @Park jun hee #344

    Hi there, sweetie, the song that you are looking for is Winter Love by The One. Link is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x2uN8D-7mk. Enjoy 😀

  352. 352 : mihmih Says:

    I love this show ever i just finish watching the first 5 episode and I already fell in love with it can’t wait to watch the whole episode of this Korean drama. and the thing that confuses me is they both have the same last name which is “Oh” so if they have the same last name then they’re great great great family is relatives and they can’t be together since they are relatives. So, if they got married in real life then their last name will not change at all since they have the same last name……..!!!*(^-^)*

  353. 353 : mihmih Says:

    and oh one of the song that has been played so far in the show is the one by Yesung from super junior “Gray Paper”.,.,.,.,.,.,.,*(^-^)*

  354. 354 : torri Says:

    i just saw ep 1 and 2 of this drama and i realise koreans have a movie like this already that i have watch already and if the drama is anything like the movie which from the first two ep it seems the same then the main lead dies in the movie except the writer here changes every thing later at the end , which will be nice

  355. 355 : ance Says:


    ohhh i also love that song…thanks for the link Jennie Eonnie!!! nice to see here…i’m loving this drama! SHK & JIS are great! episode 5 was really nice! 😉

  356. 356 : daa Says:

    why i cant download it on dailymotion???

  357. 357 : Joyce Says:


    haha!good to see you here^^ I’m loving this drama as well…they look good together…I love the cotton candy scene!I cant wait for ep6!

  358. 358 : honey cone Says:

    where can i watch it..? with eng subs..? cant find it on youtube..

  359. 359 : ance Says:


    hello! i like the part where they are touching…for me, it’s so sexy and romantic! 😉

  360. 360 : ance Says:

    @honey cone

    you’re on episode 1 right? here…enjoy!


  361. 361 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @ honey cone

    You can also watch this drama and other Korean drama on the following sites:
    1. http://www.dramacrazy.net
    2. http://www.KRDrama.org
    3. http://www.Dramafever.com
    4. http://www.Gooddrama.net
    5. http://www.guzzylady.com
    6. http://www.viki.com

    Enjoy watching and be addicted!

  362. 362 : zieda2002 Says:

    Song hye kyo so pretty. Jo in sung and Kim Bum…gorgeous…:-)

  363. 363 : RIANA Says:


  364. 364 : hny Says:

    todayyyyy !!!!!!!

  365. 365 : Jennie Says:

    @ance Hi there! Great to see you here too. Haha! This drama is attracting everybody’s attention – everyone is watching this. Super! Can’t wait for tonight’s episode. Like you, I love everything about this drama – the cast, the script, the acting, the OSTs, the cinematography etc.

  366. 366 : honey cone Says:

    i thought it could be downloaded..thank you guys.. i really love this.. mwah..

  367. 367 : Evy Says:

    I love this Drama!! I just hope it does not have the same ending as the movie did. :-/

  368. 368 : Micc Says:

    While I don’t mind the skinship and sexual tension between the two, it’s just creepy to think two grownup siblings would want to do what they are doing. The writer is in another dimension!

  369. 369 : Sina Says:

    I like the drama. Hope it has a happy ending.

  370. 370 : ogrenji Says:

    every scene crafted beautifully,love it 🙂 happy ending,sad ending,i don’t mind becoz it’s such an entertaining+time worthy drama :))

  371. 371 : dramafreak Says:

    this drama is so damnnnn gooodddd…..i am at Episode 6 already….and I am totally in love with this drama =D Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo are totally a match couple =D

  372. 372 : may Says:

    It’s good to see two beautiful actors paired in one beautiful love story. I hope that the ending for this drama would not be too disapponting.

  373. 373 : hny Says:

    ep .6

    it’s so excite …so touchy …when He Sun tell OY his brother is a con ..bad guy that met her just for her money ..all of them cry …ohh . and I think Lee have another women …ciahhh this will make the story ‘seru ‘..
    still wait next part coz …this time hard to watch streaming ….busy link .. a lot ppl watch ;)))

  374. 374 : hny Says:

    wahhh… this is interesting.. when OS try to stole OY money in safety box.. ms wang cought him wakakaka..and she said ‘ i know U need money and I will give that… ciahhh so.. what exactly Ms wang actually ?!! so curious..

    and OY got a kiss from Mr lee.. and that’s makes OS had ‘quake’ in his heart.. OMG.. it’s close to make him kiss her( next eps maybe *_*)

    the engagement meeting with MR Lee parents fail cuz OY hear what Lee parents think abt her.
    there’s so many touchy moments in this eps.. OS n OY in street scene it’s so stifling!! makes me can feel what they feel…they are good acting !!!!!! good… 😀

    if I can be’ wonder women’ for OS… I will tell to MooChul and Hae Sun… what someone already do.. althought the most BAD thing in the world.. as long God still give him a soul.. so .. he deserve get a second time to live happily… OK BRO !!!! hehhehe
    OS.. I want have ‘ Oppa ‘ like you… uuuuuuuuuuu 😀

  375. 375 : hny Says:

    BTW… where is people… what time is it… this thread is deserted !!!


  376. 376 : riyanti Says:

    can’t wait to watch the next episode…..love this drama^_^

  377. 377 : haruhi28 Says:

    what’s your reaction when oh young tells oh soo that they they should use the pill together?….omo omo omo..i hope not! i really want a happy ending :)…i think it’s too early for them to kiss but i was nervous watching that scene when oh soo almost kiss her lol…i enjoy every episode of this drama…superb acting! can’t wait to watch the next episode…

  378. 378 : Shantanu Says:

    Simply love this drama!!

  379. 379 : Park jun hee Says:

    hai sis, nice to meet u here. I forget when we have a conversation last time, so long. Thank u very much. I have download that song. Wow, i really like that song, its so great song. . .

  380. 380 : Park jun hee Says:

    Aigoo. . . Why its so something. Failed kiss scene. . . Grrrrzzh -.-”
    hmm, the storyline is so fast, n0t confused, to the point! I like it very much. Especially it has just 16 episode. Actually although its great drama i more enjoyed 16 eps drama than 20 ep drama, instead upper 20eps, so long!

    Seem like that next eps showed OS and OY love story. Cant wait

  381. 381 : That Winter The Wind Blows Episode 6Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  382. 382 : Ttuk Says:

    This drama is a bit strange for me. It lurks on the fringe of sibling love taboo yet calculatingly fobs off innuendos to that effect.

    Ms. Noh, you are a strange person. Get out in the sunshine more.

  383. 383 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    It’s not strange and it’s not incest because they are not blood related. From the start, Oh Soo knew that she is not his sister. That’s why it’s easy for him to fall in love with her. And in returned, Oh Young only reacted on the warmth he gives to her. The warmed of his love. That’s why she always smell his fragrance…

  384. 384 : torri Says:

    this drama is so much like the movie except for a few changes in the story line about the main lead having a past love who died in a bike accident , but please i hope the ending is not the same , because in the movie she gets to see but the guy dies hope the writer makes a nice twist at the end , well is just my wish

  385. 385 : hny Says:

    @RonelaAGarcia… so u mean if we feel the warm of love we can smell the fragrance of someone who gave the love/we love..right !!!.. hmmm I see now ;))

  386. 386 : KDaddict Says:

    Eps. 6, 7:
    The amt of scheming going on all around OY is astounding: Wang is a snake; Lee is a douche bag; Jang is wishy-washy; Mirae is cheaply bought; JS is a small time hustler eager for a quick buck; HS is too but on top of that she is jealous in a way that I find she has no right to be. Moo Chul and Sora are psychopaths. I know, you can’t have a melo w/o a resident psycho or two. They all disgust me.
    That leaves OS: In our eyes, he is the hero, but so many times in the show, we’ve been told that he is garbage. He has a noona who is a doctor. When even that noona calls him garbage, it should tell us sth. (We don’t know what kind of a noona she is, but I suspect it is one of the noonas from the orphanage who made good.) He is a gambler; he sold JS’s father’s cow, n gambled the money away. He is a playboy, who barters women’s affection for money. Here he is trying to con OY. We only like him bcos he is feeling conflicted abt it, n OY likes him. That he is played by JIS doesn’t hurt at all.
    OY is loaded, n has all these vultures circling her. She is all alone, w no one to trust. I get it, like 3 eps ago. Now I feel the show is beating me over my head w it. OY has retinitis pigmentosa. Her blindness doesn’t result fr her tumor. It is just a double wammy. She is blind, n her tumor may kill her. Voila! Qu’est-ce que c’est? C’est la vie?
    Despite my love for the show, Why do I find these 2 eps strangely unaffecting?

  387. 387 : MM Says:

    is this drama nice? the ratings of this drama are good. i was planning to watch this after my exam.

  388. 388 : RonelaAGarcia Says:


    What Oh Young experience or smell whenever Oh Soo is around is in reality 100% true. If it’s true love you can smell the one you loved or (vise versa) the one who gives that love to you.

    Talking to my true to life experience. I’ve experienced it. It’s no joke…

  389. 389 : hallyu lover Says:

    I feel this drama is very slow and draggy…I like Song Hye Gyo but I don’t really like Jo In Sung’s acting…both of them don’t look that matching to me…

  390. 390 : KDaddict Says:

    Body smells:
    They are called”pheromones”–secreted chemicals that work outside the body. Insects have them, pants have them, n humans have them. They play a big part in the reproductive process.

  391. 391 : janjan Says:

    episode 7 was daebak! all emotions in 1 package. some suspense, an overload of cuteness, bucketful of tears, litte bit of annoyance and a lot of love. now i’m anxiously waiting for episode 8. just love this drama.

  392. 392 : MM Says:

    watch until ep 5 and i have to say this drama is not bad!!!!! Jo in Sung is so handsome. their chemistry is like they are really a couple. i hope they are together in real lifeee.

  393. 393 : hny Says:

    @RonelaGarcia ….okay ..I’ll check that to my hubby ;))

    and today eps …hmmm like before never felt to makes me more curious … I like they vacation scene …so sweet .. 4 of them ..lovely couple …JIS n SHK is the couple who make me jealous ;))

  394. 394 : honey cone Says:

    i’ve watch the movie a year ago.. and this… i super love it… its something new and a refreshing drama.. one of a kind.. and the cast… perfect…

  395. 395 : RonelaAGarcia Says:


    So that is it…”pheromones”
    That’s nice. New word to learned.
    Thank you very much for the info!

  396. 396 : honey cone Says:

    kilig to the bones…!!!!

  397. 397 : honey cone Says:

    beautiful song hye kyo..

  398. 398 : honey cone Says:

    i’m on episode two… hahaha… am sooo busy.. love love love this drama…!!!!!!

  399. 399 : honey cone Says:

    i think i like the house in the movie… its more dramatic…hehehe

  400. 400 : missyremesil Says:

    (‘O’) i missed you so much, jo in sung! thank you for coming back! (“,)ran

  401. 401 : hny Says:

    ohh ya .. did OY already eat the pill … coz the bottle empty !!…..if yes …it’s seem nothing to be worry coz maybe Jin Sung has change it ..
    and abt OS noona …what for he look for her …maybe OS needs her help for OY ..hmmm hope so .
    I rewatch this eps again …coz so many scene makes me has a cute smile ;)) …. ♡♥

  402. 402 : Jennie Says:

    @hny Honey, she didn’t eat the pill, she just held it in her hand and went to sleep. She said this to OS just before they went on the ski trip 😀

  403. 403 : wee Says:

    Happy ending….let hope and her eyes would be cure totally…

  404. 404 : saraSJS Says:

    Ep 6 is good. The pace is fast. The acting is superb. Everything is perfect. No complicated character. The old story of good ones and evil ones with the same motivation. Even the evil ones are not completely dark. Everything is white in this drama. Just enjoy watching without feeling swing swing.

  405. 405 : hny Says:

    Good mo ‘ning …

    hey @Jennie thanks … yap I got it after watch again w eng sub 🙂

  406. 406 : Hashirama Says:

    Im so glad to see you again kim bum 🙂

    Cant wait more episode 🙁

  407. 407 : ance Says:

    my connection is so bad that i only get to watch it today, im so late…

    i thought so ra will help OS this time coz she owes him so much…and btw where’s that money? i thought she said that it’s hidden in a secret account and they will spend it abroad once OS got out of prison? if she returns the money (which i doubt) to mr. kim then…what? i guess nothing will change coz they would still hunt him coz they all want him dead…hehehe!

    i can’t wait when OY discovers that he’s not her real brother but the Oh Soo she’s so curious about…what will happen then? at times like this i’m really thinking maybe i should watch the movie, but i feel that it would spoil my anticipation and excitement…
    i like that scene where he kissed OY’s forehead, seems like an innocent victory kiss but it’s so sweet…
    JIS’s acting is so great i’m crying everytime he cries…

  408. 408 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @ ance

    Dear, you can watch the movie to give you a preview of the story. It’s also excellent. Moon Geun Young is also an excellent actress. And please after you watch, please post a feedback here regarding on what really happened at the end. Because for me, as I understood, the leading man did not die.

  409. 409 : Joyce Says:

    I am 100% sure this drama will end happily ^^ Fighting!

  410. 410 : Jennie Says:

    @ance If you want a happy ending, watch the J version. If you want an open-ended one, watch the K version. Both are great 😀

  411. 411 : Park jun hee Says:

    @joyce and @jennie
    aigo0, what truly happen at the end? Its happy or sad. . . I really want they end up together. Being a couple in family. Wife and husband that birth a cute son/daughter.
    Hope its happy ending God. . .

    Well, i hope next eps is n0t failed kiss scene again. I’m waiting for real passionate kiss

    hay girl, miss u in our arang’s page. . .

  412. 412 : Park jun hee Says:

    hey sis, i miss our conversation in rooftop prince page last year. How’s your day? Now is not too busy, rit? Cz recent months i seldom found u in the threads

  413. 413 : Jennie Says:

    My dear dongsaeng @Park jun hee Am fine here and TQ for asking. Hope you are the samw too. Yes I miss those friendly and happy exchanges in Rooftop Prince as well as Arang. Have been busy so although I am not active here, I still follow the latest dramas, but am watching a lot less these days. This is one of the dramas that I am very excited about, so I ‘d probably visit here more often. Hope to read more from you. C U and take care.

  414. 414 : saraSJS Says:

    There’s one thing in ep 7 that i don’t like at all and that’s when OS is running to go to Young. When you ‘re in hurry to go somewhere, you don’t run like a professional runner. You just run in any position you can. But OS runs as if he ‘s Usain Bolt. The scene is in slow motion and that makes it even weirder. It’s supposed to be romantic after all.

  415. 415 : Ella Says:

    just done watching episode 6! whoa these is getting more and more exciting because of the interesting characters, just wondering about that secretary there’s so much mistery about her… i think they should add more episode coz 16 wont be enough!

  416. 416 : usmuabuon Says:

    next episode will be awesome and dramatic. the highly anticipated kiss will happen as his feeling for her can no longer be restrained.

  417. 417 : Sina Says:

    So far its a good drama. Waiting for them to fall in love.

  418. 418 : Melia Says:

    It’s a good drama with lots of heartbreaking moments. This drama is full of beautiful people.

  419. 419 : MJ Says:

    This drama made me addict esp with Jo In Sung..the story is really fast the packaging of this drama is epic!!! Good actor n actress…me want 8 really bad n cant wait for kiss scene 🙂 anw song hye kyo is so gorgeous here esp when oh soo brought her to do make up..wowww i love this couple ♥♥♥

  420. 420 : unknown unknown Says:

    I can’t begin to say how much I liked this drama so far – I watched several scenes several times because I just couldn’t believe how enchanting they were. I am very impressed with Jo In Sung – all his facial expressions, body language and style – a very beautiful and talented actor. This is a very captivating drama that nobody should missed.

  421. 421 : zieda2002 Says:

    Song hye gyo so beautiful…. Jo in Sung ..what can I say.:-) full of emotions….:-)

  422. 422 : norlela Says:

    The Best drama for the starting of 2013.
    Thanks Drama Crew. Awesome drama.

  423. 423 : Drama Korean Says:

    […] That Winter, The Wind Blows […]

  424. 424 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Beautiful Song Hye Kyo and handsome Jo In Sung plus excellent acting equals addicting drama. 2days to go!!!

  425. 425 : honey cone Says:

    i hope it could be watch in philippines….

  426. 426 : hny Says:

    monday …get over soon..come Tuesday ….wednesday !! hurry Up ….;)))))

  427. 427 : honey cone Says:

    i’m going to have a heart attack…!!! thriller…!!!!!!
    i’m mean thrilling…!!!hahahaah
    why he has to be super duper handsome..?
    love the green house…
    super love the ep4…haist… cant bear their chemistry.. so perfect.. funtastic…!!!!!!!!
    watch it…………………………..

  428. 428 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @ honey cone

    Maybe, the Philippine channels (ABS-CBN or GMA) will show this drama after one year. Just like other dramas…Roof Top Prince, Big, Lie To Me, My girl Friend is a Gumihu, Playful kiss etc.

    We’re not like China, Taiwan, Malasia and Indonisia, that after 1 to two weeks, they are also airing the much awaited drama that has been shown in Korea.

    You see, we’re a little slow. Maybe because of the budget…

  429. 429 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @ honey cone

    It’s good we have an internet. We can watch everything the other countries are airing especially Korea.

    The Philippnes is the tex capital of the world. Maybe someday, it will become the internet or facebook capital of the world. Who knows?

  430. 430 : grrriio Says:

    oh.. the girl from reply to 1997 is also here… hmmm.. this should be on the list…. summer vacation, sembreak.. …. i’m waiting..

  431. 431 : Park jun hee Says:

    @honey cone
    its seem like that you have “that winter wind blow” fever. . . Hohoho same with me. Oh gosh, this drama sooooo quite and dark. I like dark situation. One of factor i watch this is bcoz there is Jo insung. Damn, he is so0o0o0o HANDSOME and cute! Baby faced men. . .

  432. 432 : Park jun hee Says:

    By the way, why today this thread is so quite. Where are you guys?

  433. 433 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @Park jun hee

    They will come back after tomorrow’s episode.
    So come back!

  434. 434 : Park jun hee Says:

    as u know that in my country (indonesia) has stopped airing korean drama recent months. I dont kn0w why, how can great tv show are stopped. Actually korean drama is much better than my local region drama, seriously. Well, i think u re lucky cz still could watch kdrama in ur country.
    Btw, what kdrama airing now in ur region?

  435. 435 : RIANA Says:


  436. 436 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @Park jun hee

    Thanks for the info.
    I guess, that gives me an appreciative heart.

    Now a last, I know someone from Indonesia. Maybe we will become friends. Do you have facebook? Please invite me…[email protected] I would like to.

    I thought your a Korean because of your name or it’s just a created name?

  437. 437 : siska Says:

    love this drama, really must see this drama, their acting is really good, jo in sung awesome, his eyes, they chemistry is good, song hye kyo good too.the story tell good and bad people who really happend in reality,i hope this story in happy ending.daebak jo in sung, his coming back to glass screen after this years is success.

  438. 438 : haera Says:

    Will the winter the wind blows have a happy ending? Im craving for this drama and that make me visit this page everyday. I really hope this drama have a happy ending bcs shg and jis are perfect. I heard the japanese drama have a happy ending, so pleasee make it a happy ending!!! 😄😄😄

  439. 439 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @ haera

    What is the Title of the Japanese version? Because I would like to watch it also. Please reply…

  440. 440 : arsenia Says:

    i cannot wait this drama iam avid fan of song hye kyo she still the best for me

  441. 441 : honey cone Says:

    i dont any korean dramas aired here in philippines… but i want this…!!!!

  442. 442 : honey cone Says:

    i dont want any korean dramas aired now here in philippines.. but i want this so much…

  443. 443 : kuchikuchi Says:

    i agree to you honey cone. im waiting for this too! hope it will be aired here soon.

  444. 444 : honey cone Says:

    yeah2.. i want this genre.. something new and not like the other who’s currently aired in phil..

  445. 445 : vodka Says:

    Where to watch real time telecast?

  446. 446 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 8:
    I love every minute of tonight’s ep!
    I sit there transfixed.
    He takes her to Emergency. When she comes to, Doc tells him she refuses to get examined for her brain tumor. He know she gets these attacks. She promises to seek treatment if it happens again.
    Their outing to the ski resort gives me strong Winter Sonata vibes, only their hair and clothes are updated.
    He piggybacks her up the hill, but first he puts ear-muffs on her. I thought it’s to protect her ears fr the cold, but no, he has another intention.
    The tiny icicles on tree branches that whistle in the wind make the snowy landscape come alive with magic. He brings her up here to listen to the ice that chime in the wind, just like her wind-chime. When he pulls off her ear-muffs, it lets her go from silence to hearing the chime perfectly!
    She plants a kiss on his cheeks. Then they hug.
    OK OK. I’m a goner. Be incestuous you two. I don’t object. Matter of fact, if I were her, I’d fall in love w him, even Knowing he’s my brother. As the BOGs say: Resistance is Futile. 😉
    They make a cake together in the kitchen, like newly-weds.
    Ah, we find out that Moo Chul has an illness and doesn’t have long to live. That’s convenient. That should make him happy, for he can go see his 1st love, no? Maybe he’ll turn magnanimous abt OS when he faces death?
    Crazy Sora and douche-bag Lee Boo Jang I don’t much care abt. But Fat Cafe owner calls Jang to tell him that OS is a (in)famous gambler in Cheongdamdong. So now Jang is onto him/OS.
    Youngie is in pain at the company party. She has to run home. OS runs after her, worried that she might take the Potassium Chloride pill. Last scene: Looks like she already has.

    When is OS going to tell Youngie the truth abt himself? Of does he plan on running out on her? Doesn’t look like he Can make himself leave, even if he wants to, and he doesn’t want to.

  447. 447 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Wow amazing storyline….even the end might be tragic i will watch this drama coz the leads did a great job playing their characters so well.

  448. 448 : haera Says:

    @ RonelaAGarcia
    it’s I don’t need love 🙂 for me it’s a nice drama ke-ke 🙂

  449. 449 : hny Says:

    wow http://Www…@KDaddict .. u come first … happy read ur recap 4 ep 8…. can’t wait to watch this morning !!!

  450. 450 : Sina Says:

    Still watching it. Like it very much and hoping for a good ending.

  451. 451 : Mary Says:

    “Ai nante irane yo,natsu ” is the Japanese one.

  452. 452 : Jennie Says:

    Great episode and what a relief to see in the Preview immediately after that that she did not take the pill after all. Maybe she did what she had done the last time: She held the pill to sleep becos it gave her comfort. I thought the last scene was going to be a cliffhanger – I wonder if that was a blooper by the editing team? 😀

  453. 453 : hny Says:

    ep 8…..
    ohhh jeoleos jeoleos …. they are so cute ..romantic .. the place is Daebak ….

    @park jun hee… my hubby said JIS is ‘Macho …. ;)) not like other korean actor that I ever watch in KD … beautiful like women … this is the first time he said that …. JIS manly buanget ;))

  454. 454 : Park jun hee Says:

    aAaAaAa totally agree with you onnie! Yeah jo in sung is so handsome, cool, gentle, and macho badai! His act in the drama gak lebay, gak di buat sok imut. Pngen muntah kalo liad cwo yg berlagak sok imut!
    And one point that make me fall in love is, he is so tall. . . Aigoo. . .
    He blowing my hearts. . . .
    That man, this hearts blows. . . 😀

  455. 455 : Park jun hee Says:

    onnie, did u watch it live stream? Where do u watch it live stream for free?

    Aigoo, this drama is better than “I Miss you” (my opinion). This melodrama is complete, not boring, and the story is so fast. I like it. . . Just hope that they will end up together as husband and wife. Plis dont let one of them die!

  456. 456 : that winter the wind blows episodes 5 eng subKorea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  457. 457 : janjan Says:

    I’m in heavens right now! Cant get enough of JiS and SHK’s lovey dovey scenes!!! This drama has the most beautiful and most touching conversations.

  458. 458 : unknown unknown Says:

    I loved this drama so much that I do not know how to begin writing. Every episode had been breathtaking and I was so captivated by all the scenes of Jo In Sung & Song Hye Kyo. The drama wonderfully showcased the beauty and talent of JIS – at this rate, he will be a most anticipated actor for many years to come.

    I found the pace of this drama most amazing considering that it is not the most interesting storyline to start with. All the scenes of JIS & SHK are slow, thoughtful and meandering – very intensed closed ups and also very beautiful backdrops – all calculated to take our breaths away. However, when it came to other characters in the show and for the plot to progress, everything is short, sharp and quick. No draggy subplots or conversations by the other actors and actresses. The director is to be commended in this sense.

    By the way, what foundation cosmetics are JIS & SHK using? The have such flawless complexion… 🙂

  459. 459 : Mi rae Says:

    anyong haseyo..yes yes..JIS is really handsome..tall and nice features

  460. 460 : Park jun sung Says:

    Hey guys, i?m park jun hee who turned into park jun sung. Over all its bcoz my new prince jo insung. He has change my world! Haha

  461. 461 : Park jun sung Says:

    Btw, have u heard guys that taeyeon SNSD will join the soundtrack for TWTWB? Ow ow ow, the title for this song is “And one”. Its will be played tonight for the first time. Happy listening. Wish her song as good as king2hearts OST. . .

  462. 462 : wee Says:

    Look like winter.sonata scene…i love the.snow….he is so romantic…..hope they have a good ending in show.and real.life as well…hyun bin…u lose a nice n.pretty lady….Jo In Sung go after her….

  463. 463 : wee Says:

    Anyone knows..what handphone brand are they using….seem like it.does.not.belong to.DSamsung

  464. 464 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @haera & @Mary
    Thank you for the reply.

    You are definitely right. Hyun Bin loose a nice and pretty lady. And I don’t like Ha Ji Won!

  465. 465 : KDaddict Says:

    How abt: She lost the coolest guy in Asia?

  466. 466 : iamee Says:

    great drama. awesome casting. just noticed that the house of song hye kyo is the same house used in full house 2

  467. 467 : hny Says:

    wakaka …. @Park Jun hee /jun sung …. udah bikin bubur merah putih belum ….hahaha … u so funny !! I Love JIS ..should I follow u change my name become hny Jo ….hahaha

    YAP ..YAP …JIS go after her or SHK go to ‘ macho n perfect man in korea , Hyu Bin can wait Laahh ;))

  468. 468 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Is he the coolest guy in Asia or a two timer guy?

    He still in a relationship with Song Hye Kyo and yet fall in love with Ha Ji Won because of that Secret Garden drama were they became closed.
    I think it’s better for Song Hye Kyo to loosed him!

  469. 469 : ria Says:

    really addicted with this dramaaaa! daebakkk

  470. 470 : Joyce Says:

    I’m still waiting for the HD copy of ep8 of this drama and so with Iris2 ep7&8 to download~Hehe!

    @Park Jun hee

    Hi lil sister!I missed our funny convo in Arang’s thread~I love this drama so much esp. Jo In Sung…he’s so gorgeous and I love his acting!


    good to see you here…it’s GKA here ^^

  471. 471 : ilana Says:

    Hello everyone
    First I’m a fan of HJW so I ask you not to mess if you do not have something good to say then do not say it!
    As for the love life of celebrities is their decision only and true fan should support and not to gossip!
    I really enjoyed the series although there are scenes do not fit between brothers, I know they are not brothers, but she thinks they do …
    Although I’d like to see the Bali couple together again
    and a very big YES JIS is really handsome!!!!

  472. 472 : lizabish Says:

    JIS realy manly.
    His acting always good in all his drama and film.

  473. 473 : erao Says:

    Just love it!!!!!!!!!!!! always excited waiting for the next episode… the best couple… just take my breath away…..

  474. 474 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    I’m not gossipping but telling the truth. Because the truth hurts.
    Who would like a person who steals other’s boyfriend or lover…For the Lord said, “Thou shalt not steal!” And may I paraphrase, “Thou shalt not steal other’s boyfriend or husband!”

    Would you like and be glad for the one who steals your lover away from you!

  475. 475 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Even the Lord our God condemns it. As He said, “Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife (husband), thou shalt not commit adultery…”Exodus 20

    Even the Lord God is against that act. How can other people respond also?

  476. 476 : Sina Says:

    Lots of people do things they are not suppose to do. Its a lust they can’t control. They need to pray for help.

  477. 477 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    As what 471Ilaya emplies on his/her post…

    This should be the reaction of God, Song Hye Kyo and the fans, like us…

    Yehey, Excellent job, well done, we’re so pleased, we’re so blessed, we’re so glad because Hyun Bin is a two timer and because Han Ji Won steal Song HYe Kyo’s sweet heart, lover or boyfriend. For HJW is a good person, she is not BAD. She’s just in love.

    And we,Song Hye Kyo and the fans are not HURT. So just continue to be crooked, and continue your sinful act. Because we are not hurt on the things you have done in private as well in public. Because you have no moral obligation on us. Because your not a good example to be copied by us.

    So be happy and burry our hurts!

  478. 478 : okray Says:


    Stop ruining this thread by gossiping such stupid issues!I love Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won.So please stop it dear.Do you think Song Hye Kyo is that great?go read some articles about her,many people been talking bad things about her.But I like her here with Jo In Sung.I’ve noticed you also love to ruin other dramas that compete with this one using different aliases.Get a life dear!

  479. 479 : KDaddict Says:

    Good grief! Where does that come from!

  480. 480 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    I’m sorry to all, if I ruin this thread.

    This is the first time I commented negative. Other’s are not me. I never uses aliases.

    So Ilaya, Okray, KDaddict, If you’re hurt, I’m really sorry…

    So next time I will not do it again. It’s just my opinion. If it hurts you then I should stop. Anybody has a liberty, and if that liberty hurts somebody, better stop.

    So I stop…

  481. 481 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    One thing is for sure. I did not gossip. I just read some news.

    I apologized…

  482. 482 : wee Says:


  483. 483 : Jennie Says:

    @Park jun sung aka Park jun hee (>‿♥) Yes, I live stream from http://www.justin.tv/chingzy. It’s a pretty good site to live stream from. Agree with you. I love this more than IMY. I especially love the subtle expressions from the two main leads – the slightest head and body movements say so much and JIS’s fantastic facial and eye expressions. His eyes really do say a lot. This drama is my current obsession and both JIS and SHK win best couple of the year for me, for sure (eventho I love LBY and LSY in MDSY too 😀 ).

    @Joyce Hi there sweetheart. Noticed you’ve been quiet these days too. Are you still suffering from A&TM hangover? 😀 So glad you are watching this too and that you love JIS as well. Let’s sing our praises of him here, shall we? kekeke are you as obsessed with JIS as much as with LJK?

  484. 484 : meutia Says:

    OMG … They don’t even care about what we think .. let’s just enjoy the drama… if you like them, watch them, but if you hate them, leave them… SIMPLE….

  485. 485 : unknown unknown Says:

    Just finished episode 9 – super exciting episode, everything was moving along quickly, short sharp scenes & conversations – wonderful directing and editing! Episode 8 was all sweet and romantic and episode 9 was just simply heartbreaking and painful for our wonderful actor, Jo In Sung. His range of facial expressions is so wide and his acting is so smart that his faces & postures are all distinctly different when separately dealing with Moo Chul, So Ra and Oh Young characters. Brilliant and extremely impressive acting, Mr. Jo In Sung!

    There was one scene in the beginning of episode 9, in particular, that was impactful for me: Oh Soo (JIS) was encountered outside Oh Young’s bedroom by Secretary Wang, Lee Myung Ho and Oh Young and all of them were nasty to him and he was helpless, not knowing why suddenly things have gone all wrong with Oh Young. It was liked he was being attacked on all sides and his plight was so intensed that I, as a viewer, could feel his lost and anxiety emitting from my TV!

  486. 486 : miiaauww Says:

    adegan gula-gula kapas.. i love it 🙂

  487. 487 : janjan Says:

    reply to #485 post- i know! they were ganging up on him! that got me so fired up! OY started it though. didnt really understand her today.

  488. 488 : hny Says:

    yes right @unknown unknown.. what u said is the same what I feel from this week eps. don’t know what to say again abt JIS .. all abt his acting more then excellent for me… and this is the drama that I can’t find a negative/bad impression for all the cast… they do a great job for their role…
    the last scene of eps 9.. what OS and OY feel .. I can feel it too … JIS expression ..what ever he do sad,happy or mad kept shaded in my mind.

    and the cute is while OS and OY scene is heartbreaking and painful.. there is a couple whose blowing Jin Sung and Hee sun.. Olala so sweet ;))

    ahhh it seem next eps OS will tell her that he love her … can’t wait for wednesday !!

  489. 489 : Park jun sung Says:

    hay sis, are u Girl Kick Ass that i kn0w? Is it u? Ow, u have change ur username n0w.
    Haha, of course i always remember our controversy on arang’s thread. “bitch” controversy. . LOL

    hehe, dont worry sis. Its okay, sometimes we have different opinion about something. Just enjoy the show. . . That drama, my heart blows. . LoL

  490. 490 : Park jun sung Says:

    oh, thank u uery much sis. Yeah, someday i will try to watch live stream there. Btw, is there eng subs available?

    haha, ini abiz tasyakuran. . . Ya serius deh, gw bnci bgt ama aktor yg sok di imut2kan aktingnya. Actually i’m a big fans of yoochun, but plis i d0nt like if he act like a cute man, like a girly. its act too much! Especially in i miss you. Euuch! Thats why i’m n0t too interest watch i miss you. Btw, in i miss yoochun act gentle and macho just from eps 1-7. After that, he act too much!

  491. 491 : Park jun sung Says:

    At last,
    wow, look, the rating climb again. I guess its will hit 20% at final eps.
    I currently dwnload ep 8-9 n0w.

  492. 492 : who killed the one he loved Says:

    isnt amaizing to see all od this pation from the actor when he stell halpless to say any thing 2 her i think thats the most amaizing thing ever

  493. 493 : hny Says:

    @Park jun sung… yap aku jg sih ..tapi tergantung juga.. ada actor yg bertindak so imut.. dilihatya ..enak.. ada juga yang jd malah lebayyy, nah actor y bgt bikin minus penilaian gw ky actor utm reincarnation of money.. pas adegan mandi/ perpindhn actor kecil ke besar.. die ngaca pake gaya yg mnrt gw lebayyy abz..nonton ga ? trz cara jln ya ..bencis banget ;))) padahal gw ngefans sm dia di lie to me.. but JIS is different.. he is so profesional .. bbrp drma n filmya ..bagus n actingnya walau ada y lebay tetap enak ditonton ..heheh

  494. 494 : GoSuperAngel Says:

    Yes, it’s good that Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung are paired in this drama… but what i don’t like about this drama is the originality of it knowing they based it on the korean movie Love Me Not. I already watch that movie so I already knew what this drama will look like. I may be more happy to see this two to have a fresh drama that never seen before. 🙂

  495. 495 : honey cone Says:

    @ park jun sung.. may i know where to download this eps..? thank you..

  496. 496 : viesa Says:

    Just finish watching ep.9. Loving this drama more. Jo Insung, SHK daebak!

  497. 497 : Guest Says:

    Why are people bringing Hyun bin and Ha Ji Won in this topic? I don’t care that Hyun Bin is dating Ha Ji Won or that they will get married this year. I care that Song Hye Kyo’s drama is doing well and she has achieved great recognition as an actress. It is her purpose solely.

    Song Hye Kyo has said that her personal life is not for people to speculate, but rather she wants to be noted as the character she is playing. If you are her fans, respect her wish and know her as of right now to be Oh Young.

  498. 498 : honey cone Says:

    yeah2.. come on guys..!!! lets just watch the drama huh…

  499. 499 : Park jun sung Says:

    did u mean kang ji hwan? Haha, yeah i kn0w that he is so handsome. Emm, im n0t interest watch rencarnation of m0ney, seem like bored drama. . . Huhu. . .
    Yapz u are right! N0t all korean actors suitable act like cute man. Sometimes its would chaos his image for audience. . .

  500. 500 : Park jun sung Says:

    @honey cone
    u can download it on,
    1. Doramax264.com
    2. 200small.blogspot.com
    (sorry, im forget the address page for this one, but u can search on google, the keywords is “200mbmini”. The address of website seem like what i have type above, just check, am i wrong or n0t. And suggested u to download the drama from this side. They upload it so fast)
    3. Or u also can download the drama in dramacrazy.net , but u should use software internetdownloadmanager.com (download from that site). Its so easy to use. U just download that software and install. After that, go to dramacrazy.net and search your drama. After u open the drama on episode “…”, in the page u would found “download this video” button. Click it, and its would download.

    If u have any question, contact me okay! I will online here

  501. 501 : honey cone Says:

    oh i think the man who sang secret garden’s ost is the same man who sings the twtwb ost.. both from sbs..

  502. 502 : kimmy Says:

    @park jun sung
    i thought ur korean or somewhere else coz ur english fluently..it’s glad to know that indonesian also exsist here..im from indonesian too n kdrama freak,hehehhee..
    salam kenal!! 🙂

  503. 503 : Jennie Says:

    @Park jun sung #490 I don’t know of any sites that carry live sub-titles. Sorry. There are some sites that have live recaps. Vingle has live recaps for this drama. Try it sometimes if you can’t wait for full subtitles 😀

  504. 504 : erao Says:

    excellent acting by both actors…. episode 9 brings a lot of emotion… i felt hurt, sad, excited… my hearts beats so fast while watching the episode…. superb acting…. can’t wait for the next episode… i love JIS sooooooooooooo much….

  505. 505 : lyn Says:

    i just watched upto episode 9 where can i get the rest online

  506. 506 : Micc Says:

    She walked from day to night, and that’s within walking distance?

  507. 507 : Park jun sung Says:

    haha, are u kidding? I spell english fluently? Thank you, hehe. . . Yeah, there are a lots of indonesian here. Its unexpected, LOL. People that u think foreign, in fact is indonesian too. Lets share our mind here, okay!

    oh, geurae. Well thank u for the information.. .

  508. 508 : Park jun sung Says:

    thats what im curious. In real life, its impossible for blind people walking around at the city ALONE. And kn0w exactly way to go home. Aigoo. . .

  509. 509 : rairamegumi Says:

    @park jun sung
    in real life, blind people indeed can find their way home and walk around town easily. they have the capability to do that. blind people are trained to survive in their own and yes, they can survive. I often find some blind people take public trans alone and yes they did it.

  510. 510 : sangjhoon Says:

    he may be a fake brod to her but oh boy, he’s awesome & really sincere in looking after her! he’s got his bad side when growing up & until the time bad guys asked him for the 78 milln? but he’s got a good heart in fairness to oh soo! i luv these actors they’re all delivering their goods in a very big way! can’t wait for epis 10

  511. 511 : park jun sung Says:

    really???? wow its amazing…. hmm

  512. 512 : honey cone Says:

    haist.. why internet can’t connect immediately..? i’m very excited to watch this…

  513. 513 : honey cone Says:

    episode 10…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  514. 514 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @Park jun sung


    Thank you very much for your understanding and consideration…

  515. 515 : yyee Says:


    I really really love this drama..
    Both actor and actress are so pretty and handsome..
    A very nice korean drama that make me fall in love after TK2H..
    and I made a video for this drama..

  516. 516 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @ 497 Guest

    You are right. She is a strong woman. She forgives and forgets. She already moved on. So, we as her fans can and should be able to move on also. Her focus now is not her past but her present and her future. Focusing mainly on her role right now in That Winter, The Wind Blow.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  517. 517 : beetle Says:

    oh people..when u loved that actor or that actress, just love them..no need to compare to other [email protected]’s really annoying n u may hurt others hearts..if u love JIS, why do u guys need to compare with Hyun Bin or Micky..they have different actings n personalities..for me, I love Hyun Bin n Micky so much especially Micky..I dun think he acts too cute n girly in IMY..what I love him n his actings becoz he always choose different characters in his dramas..so I am amazed by his talents so far..even the proper actors with acting class still can’t act so good like him..JIS n SHK of course they r great actors but I’m not surprise with their performances..u can see for how many dramas thet act already..u can praises ur favourites but it’s more nice if u respect others too..

  518. 518 : Sina Says:

    Waiting for the next episode. Love this drama.

  519. 519 : Ella Says:

    can’t wait for episode 10!!! wooo so exciting!!! i hope they’ll extend the episodeto 20!!!

  520. 520 : hny Says:

    so curious abt next eps … there’s a scene (next preview)when OY said want looks pretty for the last met with oppa!! and OS fight with MC… in love me not it’s happen near end eps… but here we still have 3 week to watch this.. meaning a lot thing will happen the story could have better ending and hope this drama would have story/scene OY n OS as a lover after she knows OS not his oppa , ahh so freaking!!

  521. 521 : Joyce Says:


    I love both of them(LJK&JIS)I have many fave actors and I love them all!haha!it’s just that I’m following LJk’s twitter that made him different from others cos I don’t follow other actors twitter accnt LOL!and beside I only saw few of Jo In Sung’s dramas this one,shooting star and what happened in bali and his movie The Classic which I love the most.But I am totally impressed with his acting in this drama than his previous works.But I can’t denied the fact how gorgeous he is!I love his facial expression,the way he stares sooo handsome!

    @Park jun sung

    Yes sis it’s me 🙂 Wow you got a new name..,nice one sis!But I can’t be here always as I’m quite busy downloading HD copy of KDs that are airing now and also the old ones in dramaheaven.ATM, I’m enjoying watching this drama,100yrs Inheritance and Iris…and I just saw the 1st ep of Lee Soon Shin is the best and I love it as well!

    Cya guys…enjoy watching!

  522. 522 : bubbly Says:

    i loveeeeeeeee this dramaa to the max!! can’t wait for next episodee :”””””)
    endurance and patiencee !!!

  523. 523 : razelrain Says:

    amazing stories…ever

  524. 524 : hanver Says:


  525. 525 : htayapril Says:

    I love this drama.

  526. 526 : Park jun sung Says:

    thats fine, girls 🙂

    wow, nice video, i like that. Actually, i also wanted to create a video, but unfortunately i dont have much time to do that 🙁

    yeah sis, i have found another new idol in my heart. Jo in sung did. Hahaha
    btw, i also want to watch IRIS 2, cz the main cast is so amazing. Lee da hae, jang hyuk, lee bum soo. Wow, its cool, seem like city hunter. But im a bit doubt cz the rating is drop each week, hmm. .

  527. 527 : Park jun sung Says:

    as u know that im one of a big fans of park yoochun until NOW. I dont say that i hate him, i just said that i dont like his role in IMY. Although he act a bit too much there, im still love him. Okay?
    Both in sungkyunkwan scandal, miss ripley, rooftop prince, i like his act and role, but for IMY im sorry..
    Then, i dont mean to unrespect you, i just share my mind.

    Lets forget this problem, i think its not important to be discussed

  528. 528 : MoMo Says:

    4 of them r so adorable…

  529. 529 : Park jun sung Says:

    [NEWS] omg guys! I’m very happy. Because one of TWTWB soundtrack, “winter love – the one” is rank in number 3 on billboard kpop chart! I know that, that, this song is so amazing and really good! 🙂

  530. 530 : wdr Says:

    cant wait eps 10! what will happen next?

  531. 531 : Cc Says:

    Very nice drama!!! Love it!!

  532. 532 : lilia Says:


  533. 533 : hny Says:

    @ jung sung …good news , I like the song too ..hope would be on top next .

  534. 534 : Park jun sung Says:

    yeah sis, and last morning i have check that, not only in billboard, but in another kpop chart website, song winter love also placed on number 3. Ye ye ye *fly in the sky*

  535. 535 : yyee Says:

    @ Park jun sung

    Oh~ thank you for liking it.. I’ll make more when I have time, and at the moment, i’m waiting for the new OST.. Looks amazing too.. I hope to c your video too if there is a chance..

    This drama really amazing.. Hope it will become a big hit not only in korea, but in the world as well.. Everything in this drama is so beautiful.. A Wonderful Production..

    Looking forward for the next episode.. Can’t Wait!!!

  536. 536 : yyee Says:

    @ Park jun sung

    Ah~~ I had another video, you can check it out here..

  537. 537 : RonelaAGarcia Says:


    Excellent job!
    Can I share it in facebook.
    You’re the one to be ecognized because it’s your job!
    Can I?
    I asked your permission…

  538. 538 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Recognized, I mean…

  539. 539 : yyee Says:

    @ronelaAGarcia of course can! Is my pleasure.. Thank you for liking it..

  540. 540 : Park jun sung Says:

    hehe, thank u for the link. Yeah i will watch it later, sis. Hehe, i feel i really want to create a love scene video now. Aish, i have plan a lots, what the scene that include in my video. I want to share with u too. But the problem is TIME. Aigoo. . .
    Btw, where do u stay in?

  541. 541 : yyee Says:

    @ Park jun sung

    I stay in Malaysia.. How bout you???

    Seriously, I totally fall in love with JIS.. He is such a wonderful Man..
    Hehe^^ fangirling now~~ 🙂

  542. 542 : Park jun sung Says:

    ow hay Malaysia, im ur neighboard Indonesia 🙂
    hmm, i like tv show from ur country, upin ipin. I watch it everyday in evening sis.
    Btw, yeah, its same with me. I also feel a love to JIS now. Ouch he is so handsome. Aaa his baby faced and his eyes + smile make me melt and die. . . Aish seriously, he is my new idol! 😛

  543. 543 : yyee Says:

    @ Park jun sung

    Oh~~ really??? nice to meet you..

    He is my new idol too..
    He is really a great actor.. Hope to meet him once in my life..

    every character in this drama really written well.. and the actors all are very good..

    Can’t get enough with 16eps..

    After this show end, sure will feel empty.. 🙁

  544. 544 : Park jun sung Says:

    hehe, hope they will extended the episode to 18 or 20eps. . .
    Dont worry, after drama horse doctor end (2 weeks later), its will replaced by new interesting drama that casted by lee seung gi and suzy miss A. Its historical drama. . . Romance comedy

  545. 545 : Xanne Says:

    I’m afraid this will have a tragic ending. I bet they won’t change anything because every episode is actually base on the original, so I guess they’ll stick to it till’ the end. But it’s worth the tears I’m gonna cry in the end.

  546. 546 : LB Says:

    Please… make Happy ending.
    JIS very manly, good acting in every his film.
    But don’t make film like frozen flower again, pleaseeeeee.

  547. 547 : raisa Says:

    omg !i love this drama!please,happy ending!

  548. 548 : hny Says:

    @LB… we hope an happy ending… if not.. still this is the best drama I watch this month.. BTW u too watch frozen flower…ahhahhaaaa it’s crazy act from JIS , right!! I never thought he can do that .. but stil ok..wakekekkek ;)) and did u watch spring day.. it’s also great.

  549. 549 : RonelaAGarcia Says:


    Thanks for the permission to post in facebook.
    I love it.
    My friends will surely will love it also.

  550. 550 : iejzoafief Says:

    So long iam waiting this drama ….i love it…

  551. 551 : hny Says:

    I love tonight ..especially tomorrow morning !! time to watch streaming ♡ TWTWB♥♥♥♥♡

  552. 552 : yyee Says:

    Yeah!! Is wednesday!!

    Today is a happy day for our TWTWB fans..
    We were waiting for a week..
    Today Taeyeon OSt was superb, isn’t it??

    here is my video with this wonderful OST and there is ENG Sub for it.. Enjoys.. 🙂

  553. 553 : Park jun sung Says:

    @hny and others
    i think its would be happy ending, or not too sad ending. Cz i have read a news that this drama is quite different with storyline both in korean movie or japannese one. In the news told that both in film there is no physical contact scene (hugs, kiss, sleep together with hug scene in bed room, etc). . . So its possibly has a different storyline. Director could change the story especially the ending.
    Aish damn, it has 2 failed kiss scene. Oh director, plis show they passionate kiss once. Just one kiss scene is enough for me, . . . 🙁

  554. 554 : Park jun sung Says:

    its good sis. Yeah i will watch your video soon. Btw, did u have video that contain winter love OST as backsound? Im really like that song.
    im also happy today. Its wednesday, finally its coming! 🙂

  555. 555 : yyee Says:

    @ Park jun sung

    Yea! I have tat ost vif video..
    you can go to my youtube channel and have a look.. 🙂

  556. 556 : aaaa Says:

    amazing.. melon chart :
    number one, five and eight all ost in that winter wind blows :
    1. taeyon
    5. gummy
    8. the one…..

  557. 557 : raisa Says:


  558. 558 : daa Says:

    Where i can download it?

  559. 559 : hny Says:

    @Park Jun sung… yes ,sis this drama already makes so many different according the lead scene from begin… there’s no kiss scene in LMN but here we can see there so many physical contact between them so we hope the final would be a kiss ;))

    @yyee, hi …. I really like the vid n song tq for share 😀

  560. 560 : Park jun sung Says:

    yes i hope so. . . 🙂
    dear writer pliiiis give us only one kisssss scene. Just one. . . Em i want to watch they kiss each other. Plis writer make my wish come true!

  561. 561 : Park jun sung Says:

    you can download many dramas here :
    1. Doramax264.com
    2. 200small.blogspot.com
    3. Dramacrazy.net (to download video at dramacrazy, use software internet download manager)

    happy download

  562. 562 : haruhi28 Says:

    so excited to see episode 11 tomorrow…finally, he will kiss her 🙂

  563. 563 : rara Says:

    i wanna see episode 11…:( i love this drama

  564. 564 : hny Says:

    ep 10..
    still curious abt ms wang .. and what exactly OY think abt her.. I’m still confuse abt OY personality !! I thought she mad to OS coz she a doubt os is his brother but she mad coz the pill ..and when OS said love her …. she still act as sibling .. confuse !!! she knew or pretend not know coz she don’t want OS leave ???!!! aaahhhh puzzle ;))

  565. 565 : anggi Says:

    OMG eps.11 they’ll kiss…waiting for streaming tomorrow with eng.sub

  566. 566 : erao Says:

    love love love this drama…..

  567. 567 : Park jun sung Says:

    Oh really tonight would be a kiss scene eps??! AAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaaa
    finally, most anticipated and excited scene!
    Nah, what i have told before that this drama has alots different storyline with the movie. Aigoo. . . It should be happy ending!

  568. 568 : Park jun sung Says:

    OMG, your video is so amazing sis. I really how do you edit the scene, the effect is amazing, the transition between one scene to other one is so softly. The light effect also great. How do u insert the subtitle that contain hangul in the video.
    May i know what software to edit that video? At last, may i know ur email address? Plis i want to ask some question about editing video. Becoz i think u are a profesional video editor. . .

    NB : i like love scenes that u put in the video, especially in winter love song vid. May i share it on facebook?

  569. 569 : yyee Says:

    @ Park jun sung

    Thanks for your praise sis.. I still have a lot to learn and actually i’m not a pro video editor, there r still lot of mistakes..

    this is my email.. [email protected]

    I will try my best to answer your question.. 🙂

  570. 570 : kure Says:

    I’m loving this drama so far! still stuck in episode 2! I can say that it’s a good drama!

  571. 571 : Park jun sung Says:

    ok, thnks for the email. I will send u message later. . .
    So, what software did u use to edit the video?

  572. 572 : yyee Says:

    @ park jun sung

    AVS video editor..

    and of course you can share my video on facebook…

  573. 573 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Oh my goodness. I’m so excited. Waiting for Eph. 11. Yesternight, it’s 11:07pm Philippines time (www.dramacrazy.net) Now, it’s 11:05….

  574. 574 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    But still waiting…

  575. 575 : Park jun sung Says:

    i just search translation of winter love, and after read the translation while watching ur MV winter love vid, its make me fall my tears. I dont know why, after read the translation, i think that both oh so and oh young are so pity 🙁
    i love them! I love O2 couple (oxygen couple ) haha

    i often see ur comment at dramacrazy at midnight. Did u watch it without subs? Can u enjoy it? Or u understand korean language?

  576. 576 : ance Says:


    we’re kababayans…i often wait for them to upload dramas around those times (11-12mn) too,hehehe!

    im still waiting for episode 12 with subs, probably around lunchtime here they’ll upload it…good to know you’re also Filipino! 🙂

  577. 577 : Mhie Says:

    I can’t wait this drama series aired in the philippine tv. I know lot’s of fan of song hye kyo will very much happy for her comeback series! I hope it will do. Ah I love it!

  578. 578 : Park jun sung Says:

    Woaww, im really curious what oh young responses after her brother oh soo, kiss her. Ahh. . . Im so exicted with ep 12.
    I love OXYGEN (O2) couple <3

  579. 579 : Sora Says:

    I love this drama!!!!

  580. 580 : hny Says:

    hard to watch streaming ….perlu perjuangannnnn…for my JIS ♡♥… can’t wait to watch !!

  581. 581 : hny Says:

    OMG ….. masih blum connect jugaaaaa ..gila ;((((( smua link hard to connect jugaaaaa ….uhh uhuuuuu

  582. 582 : Park jun sung Says:

    wkwkwk, emg u watch online ato watch live streaming seh? Kalo watch online, aku saranin ke dramacrazy.net or epdrama.com . Becoz dua web itu ringan mbukanya. Gak berat. . . Kyak viki.

  583. 583 : anggi Says:

    akhirnya ciuman juga..denger'” bakalan sad ending
    gak sabar nunggu eps. 12 mnggu depan

  584. 584 : haruhi28 Says:

    OMG! he kissed her….can’t wait to watch the next episode…

  585. 585 : keroro Says:

    wee~ cant wait 4 ep 12 she said ”can i love my brother?” of coz 😀 he’s not ur brother ^^ ahaha i need wednesday xD

  586. 586 : it's me!! Says:

    fighting oxygen (sooyoung) couple!!!i luv their chemistry aww they’re really cute together 😀

  587. 587 : that wind the winter blows ep6Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  588. 588 : Park jun sung Says:

    Oh young said : “can i love my brother?”

    aaaa. . . Im jealous, im melt. . . Of you should love him. If u dont love him, i will take him away from you, oh young. I will marry him, and you just cry at your bedroom!
    HAHAHAHAHAHA *devil laugh 😛 *

  589. 589 : anggi Says:

    @park jun sung: jahat bgt…hahaha

  590. 590 : munkibr Says:

    Best and faster eng subbed site.


    TWTWB so far the best drama of 2013.

  591. 591 : erao Says:

    goshhhhhh he kissed her…. cant wait for episode 12….

  592. 592 : Park jun sung Says:

    wkwkwkwk abiznya handsome man like jo in sung di biarin sih. . .

    100% agreeeeeee with you! 🙂

  593. 593 : amy Says:

    gosh this drama become hot and hotter….
    i feel like i want to eat oh soo….why he look so cute and tasty…
    cant wait for ep 12…i hope the end is happy ending…but even its sad ending…its fine…coz d story so beautiful

  594. 594 : estycanna0110 Says:

    haduuuuh koneksi inet hari ini emang bener-bener bikin muntah-muntah,, harusnya hari ini udah bisa ntn SooYeong couple ep 11, tp smp skrg saia masih belom dapat videonya –________–

  595. 595 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @Park jun sung

    I really love and enjoy this drama. I watch it in dramacrazy.net even if I don’t understand. And still cries a lot. Then, the next day, I will watch with English subs.

    To anyone: Where can I watch, “Ai nante irane yo, natsu”? (Japanese Version) Because I’ve already search in so many sites and I can’t find it. Please reply…

  596. 596 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @ ance

    Nice meeting you here. My kababayan!

  597. 597 : hny Says:

    uhuuuuu huuu …u guys already watch ep 11 … me, not yet ;(( link smart fren I error alias lemottttt ….they kisss ..pasti ciuman kesedihan deh ..can’t wait to see …cry me a river nh ;))

  598. 598 : anggi Says:

    iaa…niy film klo sad ending mati berdua aja..ujung’nya bkal happy ending kok yg penting mreka berdua sama

  599. 599 : htayapril Says:

    I love this drama. JIS and SHk act very very well,superb

  600. 600 : yoRoseberry Says:

    so pity.. very nice this drama..

  601. 601 : cara Says:

    TWTB…my latest Korean drama obsession ! So Ji Seob and Song Hye kyo…amazing couple !

  602. 602 : erao Says:

    episode 11 is totally heart breaking…. oh soo is prepared to die because he already find his real happiness with oh young…. and no cure for oh young… huhuhu.. it breaks my heart for both of them…. i’m prepared to be crying hard for the ending…. i think this drama is number one in my list as one of the best asian drama…..

  603. 603 : hny Says:

    finally… ep 11 was better …like I said before in this drama ppl arround her not soo evil , they character is simply like ordinary ppl in a real life . ..great drama !! fall in love with the story , main lead all thing in this .
    . this is best drama ever … and no doubt 4 vote TWTB to be the best drama this year …. fighting !!

  604. 604 : Sina Says:

    I am hoping for a happy ending and also prepared for a sad one. Fighting!!!

  605. 605 : Joyce Says:

    Omg!ep10&11 daebak!I cried alot…I really love the acting of JIS he truly moved me.I love Oh Soo’s character he knows how to control his feelings knowing how hard it is…and yes, I agree the villains here are not totally bad…I really hope no one will die 🙁 I’ve fallen in love with this drama!Oh Soo and Oh Young fighting!!!

  606. 606 : itsuka Says:

    i think..it will be sad ending 🙁

  607. 607 : KDaddict Says:

    OS should tell OY quickly that he’s not her brother. It’s better coming fr him than anyone else, esp. Sora! He should tell him that at 1st he came hoping to get money to repay the debt that Sora burdened him w, but he Never entertained any thought of killing her for it. But he has fallen in love w her soon after, n the rest as she has experienced, is his true concern for her well-being. And most imptly, that he can’t stand the idea of her marrying what’s his name douche-bag. I believe it’ll take her a little while to throw a tantrum, but she’ll welcome the news v much!

  608. 608 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 11:
    Wang has a light-bulb moment when she looks at OS’s orphanage file, i.e. his teenage photo. It seems like she recognizes him, maybe fr that brief playground encounter. It makes her think of the scar she has seen on his chest. Her baby probably has a scar. So she is his mother? But afterwards, she is still talking to Jang abt kicking OS out once OY has had her surgery?! That’s one ‘deep’ woman! I say in sneer.

    What doc would operate on a brain cancer that has less than a 10% chance of success? None. They value their own track record too much; they surely don’t want any trouble w the medical board; n they’d want the patient to have some quality time at the end of life.
    Who would want their loved one’s brain cancer operated on if the chance of success is less than 10%? Esp. if the doc says that even if she survives, she’ll spend the rest of her days in treatment? It’d be selfish n unkind to want to keep them here for your own sake, at the expense of their well-being. So, NO!

    If she is operated on n she survives, n he dies by MC or Kim’s hands, then it is a really really cruel fate to give her. She’ll only have pain n suffering n loneliness for the rest of her days.
    If Wang reunites w him, pays off his debt so he doesn’t die, but She dies, then that is too cruel a fate for him, given all that he has gone thru already.
    If Wang pays his debt n he is fine, she is operated on n she is fine, despite everything that the best brain surgeon in SK said, then the show is a batch of bologna! And we r back to 1999 in terms of story development n plot cliches! Then everything my friends ever say abt KD being for soft-brains would be true, n I should swear off KDs forever. Ah…stress…….

  609. 609 : hny Says:

    and there’s scene makes me lol…. OY u make a snowman as ur oppa …hahaha …with that nouse like pinokio… can’t stand watch OS expressions that time n what he think ..verry funny ;)) can’t wait 4 wednesday..

  610. 610 : kim Says:

    @KDaddict are u sure u will leave KDs forever…. but i agree if the ending is something like that will destroy the story itself i preffer to the both is die I think it will happy ending in my mind just for my mind 🙁

    sorry for my bad english

  611. 611 : hny Says:

    @KDaddict, Hi… ooh please don’t be stress n Off w KDs.. I like U here..just enjoy dear whatever the story make sense or not ;))

    just share my Guessing abt this story.. I think there’s still ‘something’ abt OY medical report that unknown.. as I know OY never finish to exam his body when get in to hospital n maybe what the doc see is the medical report from the doc before!!… so there’s still possibility to survive 4 her in MC noona hand !!!.
    and abt Ms wang ..I don’t think so she has a baby before and OS not related to her , here ‘ no family blood connection’ like other meloD ;))

    and abt OS who ‘will die ‘ in MC hand … I guess the writer will use ‘cliches reason/story’… ‘destiny’ !!! who know OS dead or survive after MC stab him w knife !! N how long MC will survive with his desease!! that what I guess 😀

  612. 612 : Park jun sung Says:

    owalah, thats why i seldom see u recent days. Hey sis, whats wrong with you? Whats going on? Did u have serious problem. If u are in stress, better u watch kdrama especially that winter wind blow. Cz its can entertain you. Isnt it?

  613. 613 : Park jun sung Says:

    yes sis, i think mrs. Wang is not evil. Im really curious about her. Seem like that there is a secret between her and oh young.
    Btw, what did u mean with MC? MC itu apa an seh?
    At last, andwaeee if oh soo really wang’s son that has she threw in child, its would be so chronicle. . .

  614. 614 : Park jun sung Says:

    ah forget, did in the film there is a character like mr.wang? Did she is oh soo mother. And by the way, both in drama or film, did they has same name?

    Plis its should be happy ending. If oh soo die, why he must die? Did he had accident car or something else? If oh young die, at the end oh soo with sora?

    Aigoo. . . I think i would vote this drama in koreandrama.org awards. Although its give us 3 drama to vote. This drama is one of them that i will vote!
    Love OXYGEN couple 🙂

  615. 615 : KDaddict Says:

    @Parkie, Hi, u r sweet! I’m fine. But in so many years of KD watching, this is the only time when there r so few shows that I love. I thought my KD watching days were coming to an end, then I cruise other websites, n read that many others r feeling the same way abt the current crop of shows, esp. on DB. But u n I would have v diff tastes, since u r v much younger. 😉
    I only say ‘stress’ in jest, cos the ending would either be really sad or it wouldn’t make sense.
    I can’t enjoy anything it doesn’t make sense, no matter who the stars r, n whatever else is gt abt a show. For instance, if they tell viewers sth in the show, then what happens later should follow from what was said earlier. If they make it so clear that OY’s chance of survival is less than 10%, then she shouldn’t get operated on, much less survive. It’s an insult to audience intelligence if that happens, unless they bring in the mystical, a clear miracle, work of God.
    @kim, hello,
    Are u the same as “kimmy”?
    I understand what u r saying. U r right, they could both die; I forgot abt that. My goodness, it’d be such a Romeo n Juliet ending that we’d all be crying buckets. If they both live, it’d make no sense, given what they’ve told us so far. Unless the writer has sth else up her sleeve. I hope so, for I sure don’t want to have to give up my KD addiction. But the current bunch of KDs isn’t really getting my attn.

  616. 616 : kim Says:

    but i think the both leaad actress died… y it’s impossible…maybe the chance for happy ending or sad ending is almost same

    i think if os died he w give the eye for oy bcs he think can see trough her eye bcs the eyes belong to oh so and os can die with happy..

    but if oy die …. i can’t say anything but what u think sis…….

  617. 617 : kim Says:

    ahho maybe most of drama must not have ending…..and then we don’t need meet cruel problem like this….so nobody will leave KDs right:-(

    maaf gak bisa b inggris

  618. 618 : KDaddict Says:

    Some of us have talked abt the diff betwn a Sad ending n a Bad ending. For some stories, a Sad ending fits. It can be meaningful and lingering. A Bad ending is one that makes no sense, given everything that has gone b4 in the story, whether it is happy or teary.
    Beautiful sunny Sat in Spring where I am. I’m getting out into the sun 2 enjoy some fresh air now. Cheers!

  619. 619 : Park jun sung Says:

    hm, u make me thought thousand times. Yeah you are right. Its possibly that oh soo would die becoz he donor his eyes. But the question is, what about with oh young brain tumor. I think she had stadium 4. The case that possibly happen at the end is,
    1. Oh soo die becoz he donor her eyes, and after oh young can see, she also die because her tumor is hazard. . .
    2. They end up together. Oh young got a donor and the operation is success. I want that mrs. Wang would donor her eyes, maybe she feel had a lots of mistake to oh young family, so she want to paid it by donor her eyes.

    NB: if it hasn”t an ending, jadi kyak sinetron indo d0nk gak tamat2

  620. 620 : kim Says:

    618 KDaddict
    y sorry just maybe……

    619 Park jun sung
    u right…. jangan sampai ada twtwb 5 😉

  621. 621 : kim Says:

    yeah sorry just maybe…..:-)

    Park jun sung
    u right jangan sampai ada twtwb 5 🙂

  622. 622 : Fannie Says:

    I watched the movie version again, love me not. Both characters died but there’sa scene after where they met afterlife. Maybe , the present version will have the same ending.it would lookmlike a happy ending for viewers. I am also hoping forna happy endingbthat would divert from the movie like sora paying for debt, which is originally hers and oh young having a successful operation, and knowing from the start the oh soo is not her brother and maybe sec. Wang being the mother who abandoned the young oh soo.ha ha wishful thinking. Anyway, i really like the drama. I wish everyday is wed and thurs.will just prepare for any surprise and see how the writers gonna turn each episode into a worthy and enjoyable episode to watch.

  623. 623 : honey cone Says:

    i miss this.. huhhu… jo in sung…!!!!!!!!

  624. 624 : honey cone Says:

    why i feel so hurt..? episode 10.. ur making me cry…huhu

  625. 625 : Park jun sung Says:

    wkwkwk yeah kim jangan sampai eps of twtwb diperpanjang ampe 500 eps

    oh the ending of ep 11, aish i need some breaths. . .
    Umpama di indonesia, ni drama cocok di maening dian sastro ama darius sinatria kyaknya

  626. 626 : wee Says:

    Yes…i did suspect that oh soo is wang secretary son….

  627. 627 : honey cone Says:

    extend..!!! til 20 eps…!!!! please please..?

  628. 628 : [email protected] Says:

    i hope this story will happy ending…….good drama

  629. 629 : honey cone Says:

    @ yani… i hoping too…

  630. 630 : honey cone Says:

    @ yani.. i’m hoping too… episode 12..!!!

  631. 631 : sangjhoon Says:

    this drama shld be no. 1 & i thought i read fr one site that it’s on top but seeing the rating chart here i’m now confused! i’m just loving this drama to the max! great JIS & Song in their roles!

  632. 632 : sangjhoon Says:

    @admin – are you going to provide the OST website later please? the OST in this drama are really awesome! thanks

    (@sangjhoon from admin: OST website is illegal website. we don’t like to get any trouble for our website. :))

  633. 633 : Park jun sung Says:

    number one in rating that have u read is mean for wednesday thursday drama. In wed-thurs drama there are that winter wind blow, iris 2, and 7th grade civil servant for the rating that they gain,
    1. That winter wind blow (SBS)
    2. Iris 2 (KBS2)
    3. 7th grade civil servant (MBC)

  634. 634 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Wish the ending should be Young and Oppa Oh Soo move to another country with new identity i.e. New Zealand start new l and forever in love.

  635. 635 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    reading all comments in here.. make me want to watch this drama more but I will wait this drama till end first..

    yes songs ost of this drama are beautiful, my favorite is Grey Paper by Yesung of Super Junior

  636. 636 : Charot Says:

    mmm… interesting… i will consider to watch this drama due to its high ratings and the comments i read on this site. i hope is good for me 🙂

  637. 637 : erao Says:

    this drama is worth watching for…. even though i’m from philippines i got hook with TWTWB… love jo in sung so much… excellent acting.

  638. 638 : kim Says:

    i can’t find other drama more intresting than this drama, i just watch other drama but can’t get meaningfull story …..i just watch and enjoy the other drama airing but can make me fill dugum2 or something like that 😉
    if i park shin hye i say otokachi2 😉

    i wish if twtwb end the replacement is good to

  639. 639 : BeautifulStructures Says:

    I fluttered a lot when they’re showing their love. Oh My Gosh ! Jo In Sung seriously daebak ! Song Hye Gyo is a goddess, she’s damn drop dead gorgeous. I just love how the story flows. My eyes swollen due to this drama hahah 😀

  640. 640 : hny Says:

    @jun sung … pke indon aja nh …di love me not ..crita y ga seditail dsni …nm mrka jg beda ..aktr utm nm jin ..n g ada hubgn sm asst rmh tgga / ms wang aplg dicrtkn sbg ankya ga ada sm skali …pokok y stlh rahasia msing diketahui n jin bkn abang y ..si cw buta 😉 membagi harta kpd smua trmsk jin sesuai pekerjaan y ..and mrk smua prg Dr rmh ..tgl itu cw sndr ..nah dstu bru dia mulai mbthkn jin y udh dicintai y sementara jin sdh brncn prg kluar negri dn jin mengemblikn uang y dksh cw itu mllui lawyer y …nh dstulah dia mnta lawyer y antrkn dia ktm jin …mrk pergi k klub tmp jin mangkal ktm sm si pnagh utang jin …nah dstu dh mushny buat si cw jd sandera biar jin dtg ..pdhl dia udh dibandara …hal hsl jin dtusuk didpn si cw …nah dsni crt agk g jlas buat gw …die mati or pingsn khbsn drh …truz si cw digambrkn sndr drmh y kosong ..tergelatk dlntai kmr …then mrk ktm d musim salju ..mimpi or not gw jg g jelasss … ;))))

  641. 641 : divan Says:

    oh young oh soo awesome i hope youngie see her oppa soon fighting

  642. 642 : dramafreak Says:

    I don’t understand….why is this drama so damn good!!!!!!! I super love it!!!! A MUST WATCH!

  643. 643 : silvia Says:

    this drama soo good!i very like oppa!!!!!!

  644. 644 : Park jun sung Says:

    wow, begetoo. . . Both in film and drama are different so far yah.
    Hmm, iya ya endingnya geje bgt. Aduh, endingnya kog kayak city hunter yah? Yg cwo city hunter itu sampe skrng ak gk tw mati ato gak di ending. Abiznya geje badai endingnya. Si city hunter pas ketembak itu mati apa kagak. . . Kog tiba2 kog di ending n0ng0l. . .
    Yah kalo gni jalannya, kyaknya si sutradara bisa aja bikin ending yg lebih jelas. Jngan sampe kyak city hunter. Tp di filmnya, yg cew bs liad lg kan?

  645. 645 : hny Says:

    @Jun sung …yap !! coz when they met at last scene she walk in snowy like normal person . btw ..u ntn city hunter y mn nh …klo lee min ho y main aku dah ntn ..tp ending y biasa deh :)) g mati .

  646. 646 : trans Says:

    If the story based on ‘love me not’, so it’ll happy ending and young can see again. LOL

  647. 647 : hny Says:

    and btw … iya juga nh … I read synopsis from other drama was /will airing …still not makes me interested to watch …hmmm kayaknya bakal krisis drama bagus niih..kalau TWTB finish ;(((

  648. 648 : Park jun sung Says:

    ya itu city hunter yg maen lee min ho. Perasaan di ending nya lo lee min ho mati. Trus yg di akhir itu cuma bayangan kim nana (yg cwe bner kn namanya?)

  649. 649 : Park jun sung Says:

    emg drama pengganti TWTWB apa an? Iya drama di musim ini lho jelek2, kcuali TWTWB yg jelas. 7GCS geje badai, flower box next door gk da yg ckep, trz lee soon shin episodenya jg kepanjangan. Sbenarnya aku pngen liad IRIS2 ama lee tae baek. Tp gk punya wktu e. Aku skrng lg UNAS. Hmm kyaknya IRIS2 keren ada si jang hyuk ama lee dae hae. . .

    By the way, i heard a news that there will be a new drama casted by suzy and lee seung gi, rit? Its saeguk drama, seem like interesting. But lee seung gi not to catch my heart. Im doubt to watch drama. Lee seung gi not too handsome to catch my attention. Still cant make me melting

  650. 650 : Park jun sung Says:

    This drama is beautiful

  651. 651 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    I’m hoping for happy ending to reverse my crying moments every time I watch this drama…

    Maybe the writer will us what we are expecting at the end.

  652. 652 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Maybe the writer will give us what we are expecting at the end. (Sory 4 the typo error)

    A HAPPY ENDING, please!

  653. 653 : angelamiles Says:

    RonelaAGarcia maybe we are asking for the impossible, this is what im expecting for, everytime i watch each episode i have teary eyed and i said to myself i least they give us a happy ending after so many tears we wasted…hehehe…but most of the show of jo in sung he died at the end…lets pray for the impossible…HAPPY ENDING PLEASE!

  654. 654 : vtgwu Says:

    please more ep and the sweetness of the main character i love it!

  655. 655 : Park jun sung Says:

    Both chance to happy or sad ending is same. 50% : 50%
    which one?

  656. 656 : hny Says:

    @park … ga mati deh ..soal y gw ga nangis wkt liat drama y ending ;)) ga tau jg deh ..lupa !! hi hi
    btw facebook u apa .. or wechat me in mizme_hanyta .. ok .

  657. 657 : Park jun sung Says:

    which one that have u watch, yg film korea ato versi jepangnya?
    Add my facebook on : [email protected]

  658. 658 : kilometric Says:

    Do anybody know the title of the music at the end of episode 10 @minutes 57:xx and episode 11 @minutes 01:02:xx something…
    That music really really touching indeed.
    Make the scene more precise and u can’t help to drop ur tears.
    Please anybody.. Thank you so much..

  659. 659 : Park jun sung Says:

    maybe the song that u mean is taeyeon-and one. Or may be winter love by the one 😉

    ow, brarti its 80% possibly has happy ending, rit? Oh soo wouldnt die. Hhh. . . Just hope its happen at the end.
    Btw, why that winter the wind blow isnt placed on 19.55 timeslot? Look i think TWTWB is much better than LSSITB. But that drama has hit 25% rating cz its placed on 19.55 time slot. Huft

  660. 660 : hny Says:

    @park ..ver Korea y cma mgkn aku y lupa lmh mati or ga ;))… mrt gw knp TWTWB tayang y lbh mlem …ya sm aja ky di indo …crt y agk buat org dewasa klo LSSITB kan lbh ke crt kluarga walau ada romence y . klo mlm y ntn jg paste y org dewasa kn .tq 4 fb y nti aku add

  661. 661 : kilometric Says:

    before the one ‘s song… it’s a humming sound…

  662. 662 : hny Says:

    @park .. I fail to invite u with my gmail.. don’t know why !! u aje deh add aku ,find me (Hanny Asmorojati) tq.

  663. 663 : Park jun sung Says:

    hmm, maybe its gummy song (im forget the title). Or possibly its yesung – gray paper.
    Sorry actually im n0t yet watch ep 11. My laptop so slowly :'( ngadat bgt deh, aduh jd ak gk tw lagu yg mana.

  664. 664 : Park jun sung Says:

    hmm. . . But why its airing so lately. . . 21.55 its time for everyone to sleep. . . Huft
    geurae? Oh okay, i will add yours later okay. . . 😀

  665. 665 : Adeline Says:

    Hi Kilometric

    I have the song, if you want it may email to me @[email protected]

  666. 666 : dima Says:

    i love this drama!!!!!

  667. 667 : norlela Says:

    Writer!!!! Give them a chance to live and cherish the LOVE please!

    Luv this strory very much. Thank’s to all the Crew, You Make my day Yawwlll!!

  668. 668 : kim Says:

    “That Winter, The Wind Blows” is beginning to
    resemble works like, “Scandal” and
    “Dangerous Relationships” where a playboy
    falls in love with a woman. Oh Soo falls in
    love with Oh Young and finally becomes a
    real man.

    oh man but the future do’nt look so bright comparing with another drama “Scandal” and
    “Dangerous Relationships” will make sad ending….

    but oppa fighting and make happy ending

  669. 669 : kim Says:

    oy unnie fighting to ……and make happy ending with os …. 🙂

  670. 670 : Park jun sung Says:

    What ever with the ending 🙁

  671. 671 : erao Says:

    i will just cherish every episodes whether happy or sad ending…

  672. 672 : tyarachunnie Says:

    cant wait for the next ep..

  673. 673 : mimilem Says:

    hi everyone, i am a moroccan fan of korean dramas and i would like to say that i can’t describe how i feel about this drama(that winter, the wind blows) it has gathered amazing actors, great story, nice plots, unforgetable story lines and good OST, what can i wish for more than that.(of course a happy ending would make things more than perfect hhh).
    i am currently watching it on dramacrazy.net , and my question is: in ep 11 part 4, does anyone have or know where can i get that violin music played at 5:00 ? if you know where i can haveit plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz email me at : [email protected].
    thnx 🙂

  674. 674 : kim Says:

    wah kayaknya bakalan pada galaw nih klo sad ending …….

  675. 675 : hny Says:

    this oxygen couples makes many song looks ‘gorgeous’ to be heard
    .. like this one

  676. 676 : fitri Says:

    @kim bukan galau lagi, tapi kepikiran sampe kebawa mimpi.. heuuu lebay banget gak sih.

    kalau 22nya mati mungkin better than salah satu yang harus mati.. klo both of them die in the end, kita bisa ambil kesimpulan mereka happy di dunia lain.

  677. 677 : muidawh Says:

    I love the actress and actor so much.

  678. 678 : Park jun sung Says:

    hahaha, betul b betul katamu. If its should be die. Its better if both of them die. They happy at heaven 🙂

  679. 679 : wdr Says:

    JO IN SUNG <3

  680. 680 : Park jun sung Says:

    oh my God! Im shocks guys. Hope it would be good ending. Its twice. Aigoo. If u curious what i mean. Look this future eps scene. . .


    aaaaaa love OXYGEN couple! 😀 🙂

  681. 681 : Carmen Says:

    I do not think this will have a happy ending…it will be so sad we all going to cry, so get the napkings ready….I do live the way he walks with those long jackets, and the music is really good..

  682. 682 : KD Says:

    The picture from Park jun sung is gorgeous *_*

  683. 683 : Sina Says:

    I will not give up until the end. Still hoping for a good one.

  684. 684 : amy Says:

    i prepare my self for the worst ending :(((
    and prepare napkins too :((

  685. 685 : colors Says:

    the ending better be a happy one! i hope she gains her sight back and meet with him where the wind blows the bells!!!!

  686. 686 : zonnie Says:

    teary….hoping for best ending

  687. 687 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh Dear! I don’t like Ep 12 that much bcos:
    1. It has too much of Wang. She is totally evil to let OY go blind in order to foster total independence. I want to slap her face till it swells up like a basket ball.
    2. JS gets beaten to a pulp, twice, tho he is fool-hardy to aggravate Kim by bringing up Sora n OS!
    3. There is definitely no hope for OY’s op! They said last week already!
    It’s unexpected that MC would stand up to his crime boss Kim to protect JS and OS. It’s kinda cool!
    My fav scenes in this ep r:
    1. When OS gives JS all his money and tells JS to take his family n go back to the country-side, let OS live like a human i.e. do the right thing for once. That’s the v definition of bromance.
    2. When OY tells HS abt her feelings abt her own bro. It is v decent of HS to go along w it. I love Jung Eun Ji’s expressions there.
    So, Wang isn’t his mom after all! What business is it of her if OS has kissed OY? Why does she have such a big reaction? And do they think that OY is deaf, so that they can have it out w each other at the top of their voices?
    Tonight should be heart-break city when OY wants a clean break fr OS. Sob sob….

  688. 688 : erao Says:

    wow… ep 12…. so many revelations… i can’t get enough with TWTWB… bravo bravo…. this i give standing ovation…. well done… ep 13 surely dramatic… need to prepare tissue paper and a tank of oxygen…

  689. 689 : haruhi28 Says:

    so glad to have read your comments @KDaddict before watching it now…. 🙂 laters! 🙂

  690. 690 : hny Says:

    Owww My God… the way it’s revealed almost look LMN…. but this is more miserable!!
    Ms wang love OY, I think.. but with strange way! she take care OY like diamonds and maybe she let OY blind, so she can keep OY by himself … of coz no one can tolerate a love like that !!.. like OS said ..she is crazy.
    OY should ask them leave from the house after she hear that ..but next eps preview seem different..hhhmmmm sad end 90% could happen but I think a least the romance between OY n OS not as sibling … start !!!!

  691. 691 : haruhi28 Says:


    just finished watching ep 12…Wang is such an evil woman…now i undertand why you want to slap her face til it swells lol…and JS getting beaten again and MC helping him…i hope we can see more of that later…i was also touched when OS gave all his assets to JS and told him to let him live like a human by letting him do the right thing…and it’s really a sad thing that there is no hope in OY brain surgery and even with hey eyes…i was hoping that in the end she can see but i hope it’s not at the expense of OS please…i also find JEJ a very good actress..i really loved her in reply 1997 and i was so happy to see her again here…i also thought that Wang is OS mom…can’t believe this drama is coming to an end very soon…can’t wait to watch ep 13 tom. :)…i thought you changed your name…i think i have read a comment from KD here 🙂

  692. 692 : honey cone Says:

    gonna watch this..!!! ep 13….!!!

  693. 693 : honey cone Says:

    gonna watch this..!!! ep 13….!!! jo in sung…!!!

  694. 694 : CHUUREAN ANGEL Says:


  695. 695 : honey cone Says:

    why korean dramas always breaks our hearts..? i

  696. 696 : honey cone Says:

    i’m hit..!!! hit from toe up to my head.. i truly love this…!!!!!!!!!!!!!! extend…!!!!!!!!!!

  697. 697 : KDaddict Says:

    Re the ending, my bet is this:
    In a few days after ep 12, OS will be killed, cos that’s how many days he has left w MC n Kim. He’ll give OY his eyes/cornea; so she can see the world, see the photo of her real brother, n see the OS who loves her so much. A month or 2 later, her brain tumor will catch up with her, n she dies, cos that’s how much time the docs say she has. Then they meet on the other side, free of their bodies, monies n debts, and all’ll will be well!
    KD is not me. Teenagers may like to change phones, phone nos., n monikers, not me. Also, I don’t gush like that-682. Plus I call Park jun sung, Parkie. 😉

    Wang doesn’t love OY. At the end of ep 12, she admits to OS to ruining OY’s eyesight, so that OY will depend on her, n she can then live well, off OY’s money! Evil woman in caregiver disguise!

  698. 698 : Park jun sung Says:

    @chuurean angel
    i’m glad read your happinesse respond! Totally agree 😀

  699. 699 : honey cone Says:

    i cant wait for episode 13.. i hope both of them will be happy in the end..
    and i was wondering who sangs in the last part of episode 12..? its more beautiful and very touching… i feel goosebumps…!!

  700. 700 : honey cone Says:

    that wicked evil witch secretary wang..!!!! but i love her character.. she makes twtwb more beautiful… do contrabidas makes the story more interesting..?

  701. 701 : sweppie Says:

    *_* please happy ending.

  702. 702 : donna Says:

    hi honey cone, are u a filipino? coz u mentioned the word “contrabida”.

  703. 703 : haruhi28 Says:


    you’re ending is fair enough and reasonable for me 🙂 i think it’s highly possible…but if that happens, why do JIS always die in his drama/movie like Memories of Bali and Frozen Flower? hmmm…oh well, am still hoping for a happy ending lol…maybe instead of OS giving his eyes/cornea to OY it could also be MC…like for example when they confront each other MC will be fatally injured instead of OS…wishful thinking 🙂

  704. 704 : amy Says:

    just finish watch ep 12…gosh…so great…
    cant wait for ep 13….

  705. 705 : vtgwu Says:

    i can’t wait the other ep pleaseeeeeeeeee more! its wonderful can believe it from ep1 till ep11 i did finished in one day hahahahahaha.thats what i’am.crazy fanatic in korean drama moreeeeeeeee..

  706. 706 : milena Says:

    i love this drama !from bulgaria

  707. 707 : Joyce Says:


    I was also thinking that OY can see again maybe when JMC is dying he’ll tell his sister to give his eyes to OY 🙂 after all he ain’t that bad.Tho it’s very impossible but they need miracles to make it happen…let’s ask the writer to find a way to give us a happy ending!Haha!

    But there’s only one thing I don’t like about this drama I find it so weird everytime they slept together hugging lol the writer’s idea is kinda weird….like OY can’t sleep without her bro sleeping beside her cos I have bro but I don’t experience sleeping with my bro and hug him intimately like they do..hehe!but anyway this is only a drama:)and still I’m loving this drama!wish this will end happily!

  708. 708 : Sina Says:

    I don’t know if my heart is up to this. I just finished watching 13 and the previews made my heart skip a beat. Gee! I am still hoping for a good ending. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. FIGHTING!!!

  709. 709 : saraSJS Says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve written here. I don’t want to be a mood spoiler really. After watching 12 eps, this drama hasn’t given me anything. You don’t have anything to say but “it’s visually beautiful”. The plot is not thick enough to fill 16 eps. The characters are not deep enough to be unforgettable. Even some of the lines don’t make sense to me at all. “is it all right to love your brother as a man?”. What? What’s this for the god’s sake? Yeah, she’s blind. but she’s been in contact with the outside world. Why she doesn’t know anything? She’s not retarded or mentally ill. Which brother kisses his sister’s lips? And she still thinks he’s her brother.
    I ‘m really shocked that most of the K-drama writers don’t bother to do some research before writing about tumors or so. How it’s possible that you have a big malignant tumor in your head, in a bad spot and you just have two months to live but the only symptom is romantic headaches? When the suicide rate is that high in Korea and cancer is the first cause of death, showing a pleasant, loving picture of death in a popular drama with pretty actors is just unacceptable and wrong. Use the power of your pen in a right way writernim. You can’t take media’s influence a joke.

  710. 710 : Sora Says:

    loving this drama!!!!!

  711. 711 : Sora Says:

    Great everything

  712. 712 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    I think Secretary Wang was envious and jealous to Oh Young’s mother, that’s why she did that to OY To replace her mother in her heart. And also because of MONEY! Remember, she killed OY’s dad.

  713. 713 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 13:
    OY uses all her might to appear alright, after she overhears Wang n OS’s fight. But she makes preparations like:
    Ask Wang to pick out a wedding dress for her, n take a photo in it together, their 1st;
    Step down as Chairman of the Board;
    Cancel her engagement w Lee;
    And then she goes on a trip w OS.
    It looks like she is deliberately trying to tired out OS:
    have him carry her up the hill, chop wood, n go back to buy food. What does she have in mind?
    JS thinks he is helping OS by borrowing money to start a gambling con, but he’ll get himself into trouble, n by extension OS too.
    They r saying that the op has been scheduled for this weekend, after the simulation has failed. Ask any friend of yours who is a doc, n they’ll tell u how absurd it is!
    I don’t find ep 13 that interesting. I almost fell asleep watching it!

    “…don’t take media’s influence as a joke”. Yours is an admirable position, unfortunately, they r less noble, n r more concerned w turning out a hit. And with the looks n acting skills of JIS n SHK, it’s not hard to do, esp. when they throw in a bit of ‘intrigue n romance’ in whatever guise.

    MC could give his cornea to OY, but it wouldn’t have the meaning of: ‘I love you so much that I give u sight, that which u value most” if it comes fr OS.
    MC is dying anyway, he could also save OS by taking responsibility for OS’s debt, but again it won’t have the meaning of OS showing OY that he loves her so much that he chooses Death over taking her money, as proof to her that his love for her is real.

  714. 714 : Jennie Says:

    @saraSJS I understand you may not like the drama and therefore have not paid much attention to the dialogue/details but to be fair to writer Noh, Oh Young behaving as such an “innocent” was explained by the writer. You may have skipped this scene, overlooked it or may not have understood the point of the conversation. Oh Soo once confronted SW very early on in the drama about OY’s naiveness when OY asked OS to stay/share the room with her. SW had been overly protective with OY and when confronted with her own brother, OS was upset because she still thought of her brother as she did when she was six. Of course, most of us are more than slightly disturbed about him kissing her but hey, this is a drama, anything is possible and this IS a love story as well, so romantics must have some kissing and skinship, no?
    As for the brain tumour part, it’s not like you say that nobody knows nothing about it. She had an operation and did many sessions of chemo, but my dear, she IS having a relapse. OY knows there’s a chance of a relapse and I’m sure you know the reasons why she didnt want to seek treatment if you had watch the episodes. So it’s really not as if it’s the first time they discover a brain tumour.

  715. 715 : Park jun sung Says:

    WowWwWw amazing. . . Episode 13 hit highest rating! It should be hit 1st in last ep with upper 20%

  716. 716 : hny Says:

    @Jennie.. yap bravo for the explanations…now I get it why she doesn’t want to do the med exam while OS ask to… yah she must feel terrible.

    some of drama sometimes doesn’t need a dialog to make viewer understand abt story or what happen in the scene .. is just enough by see the expression n body language from the cast.. of coz need a lot attentions from us to watch that.. so we will get what this drama tell us… example when ms wang admit to OS, that’s she who do OY eyes !! but if we take a look she expression to OS, the way she look OS.. (she said ‘ u don’t know anything , I do anything for OY !!)….. kind of that what his expression tell me..hheheheheh

    so I believe she love OY like his daughter with a wrong way of coz!! and I think OY can feel his love but she choose to hate her more coz ms wang is one of the reason his parents divorce and she separate with his brother… is kind of complicated feeling if I were OY to accept/admit a love from ppl like that(ms wang). for other reason like she want OY money or company I think is just natural like a bonus for her to take care OY since 20 years( but I think that Ms wang did not think so) … but of coz she must get punishment too.. make OY blind forever!! she is interesting character 😉

    eps 13… the last moments it’s so so.. the kiss is so pain!! so curious with the writer… what she will do 4 the ending.. sad or happy it’s still possible !!!

  717. 717 : KDaddict Says:

    If you like a show that takes social responsibility seriously, I recommend Downton Abbey, which stars Maggie Smith among a stellar cast. In the current KD lull, I’m watching it w relish! It got on the Guinness Book of Recodes for being the Most Critically Acclaimed show of 2011. Watch the original UK version, Not the cut n watered down version on PBS in the U.S. British TV did Brideshead Revisited many years ago. It still remains a classic today. Those shows stand for excellence. 😉

  718. 718 : hny Says:

    @RonelaAGarcia… u are the first ppl who watch in dramacrazy, rite! I saw ur comment… I think u like to sleep late 😉

    abt ms wang.. maybe u rite she jealous to Oh Young’s mother but I think it’s be’coz OY.. Ms wang seem likes to OY, since she saw OY n his mom play a piano… I think Ms wang obsess to have daughter like OY… it’s start everything.. I guess so!!

  719. 719 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Yep, I love Downtown Abbey and Brideshead Revisited. I even bought the original copy of the second one and I still watch it whenever the mood strikes me. Best ever!!

  720. 720 : Jennie Says:

    @hny Hi, up till now, I can’t decide if Sec Wang is pure evil or not but without a doubt, she has committed two terrible crimes ie letting the Chairman die and deliberately letting OY go blind. Her love is wrong and after the scene in the secret room, I think the only ending for her is that she will lose her mind, if she hasnt lost it already! 😀

  721. 721 : saraSJS Says:

    I don’t have any problem with him kissing or hugging his sister. Me and my younger brother are so close that we hug, kiss and are very comfortable with each other. My point was about her being too naive. Only if you’re locked in a room and don’t access to any media or grow up in church, you might be that naive. But she has gone to school for 12 years and university too. Wang hasn’t been present in her classroom. She must have studied something like sexology or so in the school. She even once was in love with her classmate. She must have known how’s between men and women. So how she doesn’t know she CAN’T love her brother as a man?

    As for the tumor, i was talking about the symptoms. Someone in her situation wouldn’t be able to read, eat, talk, sleep and etc. But if we don’t see those few headache scenes, is there any other thing that shows she’s sick?

    I have to find what you suggested. Then i’try watching it. Most of he melos try to picture death as a beautiful thing that makes you be free from all the pain and suffering. Even if the characters are very sick, they are still very beautiful. They don’t get thin, pale, ugly. At the most, we can see few drops of sweat on Young’s face. You can’t be that sick and still be this beautiful. Death, sickness, sadness and break up are bitter dark things that change your life forever. They make you shallow and empty of hope. So why? Why death is so pretty in their eyes? Yeah, this is drama. But sometimes you need to take the dramas more seriously.

  722. 722 : haruhi28 Says:

    am really happy with what’s going on right here, right now…we’re really talking about the drama this time 🙂 nice to see everyone’s opinion in different perspective :)….this thread should always be like this 🙂

    @KDaddict #713
    you’re propably right! there’s not much meaning if MC will be the one to give his eyes to OY but still the crazy me is hoping for a happy ending somehow haha 🙂

    @Jennie #714
    i also commend you for your explanation 🙂

    i also understand your point…sometimes some drama really doesn’t meet our standards as a viewer…but let’s just hope for the best for the remaining episodes 🙂

  723. 723 : Jyenie Says:

    The scenery is so beautiful, the actors are acting well but I found myself falling asleep most of the time from episode 3 onward.

  724. 724 : eny Says:

    sara SJS make me little doubt about this drama because her comment about brother n sister relationship. I don’t like Autumn tale because for me it’s impossible for people who live together as brother sister for 15 years after they know they don’t have blood relation then fall in love each other.
    I don’t know about the situation in this drama i’m not watch it yet

  725. 725 : hny Says:

    hmmm … about OY who has headache scenes!! did anyone can explain .. is that because his tumor relapse or eyes disease !?

  726. 726 : honey cone Says:

    critics or opinion are good as long it doesn’t hurt anyone.. this drama isn’t for those who doesn’t know how to appreciate the story or the character.. this is for us.. who deeply understand and feel within our hearts how the story goes on and on.. you can’t please everybody.. this story is not incest.. come on..!!! let’s be open minded.. just open you eyes and you’ll see how beautiful, the story is.. i watch it not because of the character but because of its genre.. this story is not like the other kdrama.. and this is something fresh, unique and new… whatever you say.. i’ll stick and continue to watch it until the end.. this kdrama.. pleases my eyes.. and i learn to value my life..

  727. 727 : honey cone Says:


  728. 728 : saraSJS Says:

    As i said i didn’t want to be a mood spoiler. And i don’t have any problem with how they portray their relationship. But OY is just too naive to be real.
    But my friend, this is just my personal opinion. As you can get from other comments, there are lots of people who deeply love this drama and believe the plot is deep enough for you to analyze it point by point. It’s your choice. You also like some others don’t care about what others say and watch this drama. Then you’ll see if you can love it or not. Maybe i don’t have enough understanding of this drama as somebody says in her comment.

  729. 729 : Jennie Says:

    @hny OY’s headaches are caused by the brain tumour happening again. 😀

    For those who love this drama, I’d like to recommend this blogger’s insights to this drama. I love her ideas and she also does live recaps during live streaming. Happy reading. Link : http://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/

  730. 730 : honey cone Says:

    opinions are all correct.. it’s your right.. and we should respect that.. this is a free country.. and i’m not just referring to just one person, its a general term.. if someone got hit.. i’m sorry.. hehehe.. it’s just my opinion.. i don’t mean to offend anyone else.. peace..!!!! yeah i love this drama.. but i’m not here to gain enemies.

  731. 731 : honey cone Says:

    and one more thing “word war” isn’t my game… feel free to comment.. i just love this drama so much..hehehe..

  732. 732 : eny Says:

    Yes i respect your opinion, I choose drama that I like even sometimes many people don’t like it such as Wild romance n Level 7 n sometimes I didn’t like drama that many people like such as Autumn Tale n The Moon embrace the sun.
    For this drama basicly i’m interested I just doesn’t want it become another autumn tale for me. I’ll check it because THE ACTOR/ACTRESS NOT BAD

  733. 733 : honey cone Says:

    try to watch it.. and then you’ll know if you’ll love this or not.. other opinions doesn’t really matter.. only yours.. after you watch it.. then your questions and doubts we’ll be answered.. enjoy..!!!

  734. 734 : erao Says:

    i love this drama…… sabay palakpak, giling, at talon….

  735. 735 : keke Says:

    I love this drama alot….

    I’m korean drama addict…but lately I feel so boring with the drama ….the theme…the main character…etc….when I watch all that drama…I can make guess what the next dialogue…the next scene about….
    But…this drama…even though not new theme but Mske me curiouse…whats d next…

    Love it

  736. 736 : Sina Says:

    Still hoping for a nice ending. I love SHG.

  737. 737 : That Winter, The Wind Blows (SBS)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  738. 738 : ruzikie Says:

    Oh my god, i can’t stop crying when i watched ep 13 T.T

  739. 739 : hyungjun Says:

    first of all the actor/actress are both good..so i only say the don’t to much emotional..
    it bring you guys to figth..
    just enjoy it..
    another tv will damage for this series

  740. 740 : hny Says:

    @Jennie , tq now I get it, coz the way the writer describe n develop this drama .. I really like it coz better than others but when our dear Sara comments in 709 abt the symptoms.. I kind doubt NOH ability.. 😉 but after I read abt brain tumor symptoms.. I think NOH already do that .. OY headaches is step one of the symptoms his BT relapse and I’m glad not have to see SHK get into next step symptm in this drama 😉
    bisa ada TWTWB session 2 dooonggggg!!!!
    Also tq for the blog info.. it represents my impressions about this drama, if my english good !! .. maybe I who write the recap TWTWB.. hihihikkk

  741. 741 : vinian Says:


  742. 742 : SIMON Says:

    beautiful actor!beautiful actres!drama is my favorite!

  743. 743 : honeyclaire05 Says:

    ang ganda! can’t wait for the next episodes… how come the last scenes in ep13 don’t have complete eng sub

  744. 744 : RonelaAGArcia Says:

    @718 hny

    I’m so addicted to this drama, that I didn’t sleep early every Wednesdays and Thursdays. My curiosity bothers me. And I like to be the first to watch it….That’s why yesterday morning, I was rushed in the hospital because my right eye’s veins bleeds. My doctor’s advice is not to wait for that drama on midnights. Instead, watch it on daytime. He said, I’m to fanatics and that’s not good for my health. So next week, you will not see my name 1st in dramacrazy.net.

  745. 745 : eny Says:

    just wached episode 1 n 2 but surprise. the story have some similarity with Lee da hae n jang hyuk drama “THE ROBBER” the different is the girl is blind but in robber lee da hae is single mom. The male lead approach the lady because of money.
    If only I never watch robber may be i would watch this drama. I really love The robber it’s suppose to be rom-com but it really touching, lee da hae daughter is really cute n funny n Jang hyuk is bad jerk n there’s part that i don’t like when jang hyuk get brain tumor, it’s done many time in korean drama. Seem like his drama gonna go there too (from the comment here). So I give up this drama

  746. 746 : Mui Says:

    I agree with what Jyenie says, the scenery is beautiful and actress is pretty but story is too slow.

  747. 747 : Park jun sung Says:

    wow, be careful dear. Yeah, i often found u in dramacrazy at midnight. . . Although u are so addicted with this drama. But u should take care your body, especially ur eyes. Okey?!
    Btw, its same as to me. Last night i watch this drama marathon. From 11pm until 4.am . . . Woah, my eyes is sick now. Huhuhu. . . Guess what, its make me come late go to school

    its good idea for season 2. But im afraid both of them will died at the end 🙁

  748. 748 : Park jun sung Says:

    Hmm, last night i watch marathon from ep 10 until 12. Oh my god its so amazing drama! I dont understand, i thought eps 12 is georgeous and fantastic, but why the rating drops? But i d0nt care, lo0k, the rating is climb unexpected at ep 13.
    Go0d drama, hope its aired in indonesia ASAP. Currently airing in singapore and Malaysia

  749. 749 : Park jun sung Says:

    In preview of episode 14. . .

    Oh soo : I love you
    Oh young : I love you too 😉

    my comment : AaAaAaAaAaAaAaA OH MY GOO0O0Osh!

  750. 750 : Koreannoona Says:

    Someone has to die in this series and most likely is the lead actor oh soong. Ahh typical korean drama u know XD .. But i have to say jo in sung playing really good acting here, especially when the camera showed his close up face expressions at some scene… Impressive!! Never watch his drama/ films before but his acting took my attention, that’s why i keep on watching this series. Future is bright for him! Thumbs up!

    And he’s very tall btw, and me likeee…kekeke…

  751. 751 : wee Says:

    Any extension??????…..please happy ending

  752. 752 : hny Says:

    @RonelaAGarcia … ohh dear u almost like me before ..if the drama make me so so … I can’t sleep to know the next .. I keep thinking abt it and I’m willing to watch even night till morning !!! make a panda eyes ;))
    but … Now …I think we must not do that …must take care our body !! wait until the sub ..I guess better we can more understand what is going on !! and YOU too @ Park jun sung .. don’t watch marathon if not in holiday .
    .. ur Jo In sung not going to anywhere ;))
    btw Jun sung .. I don’t want TWTWB have sess 2..it will more pain … I just want to see JIS next project soon 🙂
    anything abt TWTWB is great …I Love it ..fighting !!

  753. 753 : sara Says:

    i very like this drama!saraneo!

  754. 754 : Park jun sung Says:

    Wow, they kissing twice. And the last kiss scene is so hot! I like it!
    Btw, im still curious about the relation mrs. Wang and oh soo. Did she is his mother?

  755. 755 : Yujin Says:

    I’m sorry it is not about drama but can anyone explain me the system of episode raytings? seoul,natiowide…and does it depend on people voice? 😉

  756. 756 : hny Says:

    no …@Jun sung ;)))

  757. 757 : rairamegumi Says:

    @jun sung…r u indonesian?..if yes…u watch indonesia drama too much…that sort of story (wang is OS’s mother) can be only happened in indonesian drama…lololol

  758. 758 : Jyenie Says:

    Jo In Sung was so charming and cute in What happened in Bali, his character pulled at my heartstrings and I was totally captivated with this drama because of him. I wish I could say the same for TWTWB.

  759. 759 : honey cone Says:

    i’ve watch some local television show in my country.. and then it mentioned about retinitis pigmentosa.. and the first thing that comes in my mind was youngie.. they have the same case.. and it really could make a person to suffer from blindness.. that’s why i love this show.. they using facts and i think they had undergone a thorough research to make this story.. to the researcher, writer.. and to the cast.. you rock..!!!

  760. 760 : tc Says:

    Oh Young finally knew Oh Soo’s real identity – Phew, can’t believe the writer actually managed to drag through 13 episodes for the BIG secret to be revealed which only left 3 episodes for closure.

    I personally felt uncomfortable watching all the skinships between the OTP especially when Oh Young is treating Oh Soo as her real brother. I have two brothers whom I am close to but in my culture, no matter how close, certain boundaries in term of physical contact are established. Hence, I have a hard time feeling connected to their romance although both actors acted so well.

    I enjoyed the conversation between the OTP more than the kiss at the cabin. I feel that it was wrong for Oh Soo to forcefully hug and kiss Oh Young although Oh Young finally accepted the embrace. I can understand that Oh Soo must be desperate to show his love but to use his strength to force her into acceptance is not quite right though.

  761. 761 : Sina Says:

    I agree with tc. I am still hoping for a good ending.

  762. 762 : Park jun sung Says:

    for me. Its al right. Its just korean drama. Hehe. . . I like how oh soo forcefully kiss oh young, its so passionate 😛

    haha, yeah drama indo emg bnyak yg kyak gtu. But kdrama there is also story like that. The title is miss reply

  763. 763 : KDaddict Says:

    To me, there is a can of worms in Ep 13:
    All those eps, I was OK watching OY crave skinship w her bro bcos I thought she knew ON SOME LEVEL that the guy w the good smelling pheromones is Not her blood bro. She sure has been given plenty of hints to that effect. If she Never doubted him, even remotely, subconsciously, then she is just stupid, n this drama tells us that she isn’t. The most significant reason that she should know hasn’t even been brought up:
    As she said herself, visually-impared persons have acute hearing. Our OS had read her a letter a year ago. There’s just no way she didn’t recognize his voice!
    Now she acts so shocked in Ep 13. It doesn’t compute. If she never doubted OS to be an impostor, then all those intimate touches, hugs n kisses feel creepy, pervy.
    At any rate, Why is she be so upset that he is not her bro? She should slap him a few times for good measure, n then as they say in “Nine, 9 times time travel”, she should be glad that she can now go on a honeymoon him, n wouldn’t have to die a virgin ghost! 😉
    The forced kiss is a 2nd can of worms.

  764. 764 : Eva Says:

    Anyone know the meaning of the ‘black highlight word’ just beside the ‘star sign’ in this pic?


    ‘All about my romance’ drama will replace ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’ soon.

  765. 765 : KDaddict Says:

    It means: “Premiere”.

    @Parkie-762, my dear girl,
    When you go on dates, beware men who try to force kiss u like that. U may think it is passionate, in a drama, but b4 u know it, they can force sth else on u, no pun intended, that u may regret.

  766. 766 : saraSJS Says:

    Completely agree with you. At first i also thought she somehow would realize he was not her real brother. I’m so close to my brother and we have as much skinship as we want. But the feeling is different. The touch of a stranger man is not as innocent as your brother’s. Specially when OS acts naughty. You can’t ignore how a man’s body reacts when he touches certain parts of a girl he loves as a girl not as a sister. Can’t she feel it when he sleeps beside her? He’s not a man or they mean OY thinks a girl sleeps at night and when she wakes up, birds have brought her a little baby and she becomes a mother? She’s that innocent? That’s why it’s not rational that she’s shocked and hasn’t realized he’s not her brother to this point.

  767. 767 : Park jun sung Says:

    hehe, for me who never been kissed by a man, maybe it so something. I mean maybe its so nice if we are kissed by a man who we loved. I d0nt know is it bad or not. However, oh young still feel angry compared with love feeling. Emm its so awkward moment. .

  768. 768 : Park jun sung Says:

    Btw guys, do you know who is sang winter love song female version? I have browsing on google, but the result is zero 🙁

  769. 769 : ridhamn Says:

    nunggu dvd nya keluar nih 😀

  770. 770 : tc Says:

    @KDaddict & saraSJS

    I initially also thought OY knew that OS was not her brother based on her intelligence and sharp hearing sense. However, her irratic actions and behaviour towards OS confused me and most of the times, I was unsure whether she really believed that OS was her brother until ep 13. This uncertainty was the main reason why I could not totally engage in their romance.

    One more can of worms – how come OY look so healthy , fresh and alert when she was diagnosed with end stage brain tumor? At such late stage, brain tumor patients usually displayed acute symptoms such as uncontrollable shaking or seizure, speech slurring, acute vomiting apart from just mere fainting spells. I know this is just a Kdrama but the director should have make it more believable. I just could not feel her agony and pain of being a brain tumor patient when she did not show any severe suffering.

  771. 771 : Pim Says:

    I wish it’s happy ending!
    I don’t want to cry in the end.

    If O Su Oppa is dead, OY should die too,
    Pass away together like couple of happy butterflies,
    Don’t be seperate from each other.

    die togather will be better than only one die,the other is surviev (alive) with lonely and sorrow all of life,just listening a little bell from winter wind blow.

  772. 772 : saraSJS Says:

    Exactly. I said what you said in your comment in one of my previous comments. That’s why this story is just too unreal to relate to it. Another patient is MC. He has the last stage of stomach cancer. Still he is healthy and beats everyone and is powerful enough to threaten others.

    Another funny thing: When OY throws the water on OS in ep 13. How she can tell where is he sitting that exactly throws the water on his face? Yeah, she can smell him. But it was more believable if she threw it on his shoulder or chest. She is blind after all.

  773. 773 : Park jun sung Says:

    totally agree with you! 😀 if oh soo die, oh young should be die too. Its seem like autumn tale. Hehe

  774. 774 : mimilem Says:

    hi everyone, i would like you guys to help me out if you can. i am really desperate, i would like to find that sad violin music played in ep 7 when OH SO went to pick up OH young after she went to buy lawyer Kim a gift and got sick.
    i just can’t find that violin music played at those critic moments it’s going to drive me crazy because i adoooooooore it. so if you have or know from where i can get it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help 🙂

  775. 775 : KDaddict Says:

    There is a huge diff betwn a Kiss and a “Force kiss”. A man is always stronger than a woman n can force u into a kiss, which could lead to other things, if they decide to. A whole bunch of women got really upset at the Force kiss at the end of ep 13 over on Dramabeans, incl the recapper. That’s the only thing they talked abt for 120+ comments. As an older friend, may I suggest that you read up on them to give yourself that sex education. It’s v much related to Date-rape. Be careful.

    @tc, saraSJS,
    I think there is a great deal of inconsistency in the buildup of this character that is OY. We want to love her and go wherever she goes, but that is impossible if the writer doesn’t have a clear roadmap in her head. That’s why I haven’t felt invested in this drama, despite the beautiful stars, acting and cinematography. OS is much better written as a char.
    BTW, there is sb else who has a terminal brain tumor over at Nine. He too has no more than ‘romantic headaches’, to use sara’s term, to show for it. He and OY must have the same type, KD-brain tumor! My mother had a brain tumor: she had blurred sight, slurred speech, started losing balance–bumping into walls after a few months, then lost control of her one arm n one leg, until she couldn’t move 1 side of her body, which was when she finally couldn’t put it off any longer, n mustered up the courage to get an op. Hers was a brain tumor of a non-KD kind!

    Be patient a little bit. Wait till the Whole OST disc come out, incl the instrumentals. You’ll be able to find it then.

    Ditto for our Qn. Wait a little.

  776. 776 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @ hny
    @ Park jun sung

    Thank you very much for the concern. I cried not only because of the drama itself but also because of you people. Maybe this drama, brings a deeper bonding to us TWTWB gang…

  777. 777 : Park jun sung Says:

    hehe, d0nt worry sis, until now i havent a boyfriend. Since i broken my love with my ex in junior high school, i decided to enjoy my life, serious in my school, and of course catch my dream. Dont worry i growth in religious family 😀

    no problem sis

  778. 778 : saraSJS Says:

    Hope your mother is completely healthy now. Yeah, the character in Nine also has the same problem. You chose a good name. “KD-brain tumor”. So true.
    My sister works in OR. She always laughs when she sees K-dramas hospital scenes and says “that’s so funny”. Haha. You know what’s funnier? Have you watched Mig, Mig cartoon? The birds always runs and the fox or wolf? always gets hurt, burns, tears to pieces but gets up and keep chasing her. OS reminds of him. He’s been a boxing bag in this drama. His face is bloody and blue in one scene but beautiful and clean in the next scene. While the time interval between two scenes is just 1, 2 days or few hours. How you can get beaten that much and still be alive? Is he that fox/wolf?

  779. 779 : Korean Noona Says:

    what can you say? it’s only 16 episodes, they have so much story to tell.. If there’s more, let’s say 50 episodes – maybe they will show how the bloody beaten face is recovering each day 😀

    maybe they should make it longer about 30 episodes then it will be in detailed every single episode 😛 … but another complaint will arise from the viewers, they will say that the storyline too slow, lame whatsoever hahahha… aahh people…. 😛

    but, i have to agree with you when oh young threw the water on oh soo’s face, how come she knows precisely where to throw … what the??? hahaha… that’s the very first thing in my mind when i saw this scene 😛

    anyhoo, despite of everything it’s only a drama peeps!! especially kdrama, we only watch kdrama because of the people.. beautiful and handsome ones haha and most of their storyline are shallow (sorry to say), still cannot beat/compare with hongkong drama series in the 80’s or 90’s… it was soo great both storyline and acting too 😛

    But i had to say Jo In Sung is really great here, love his acting indeed…

  780. 780 : saraSJS Says:

    @Korean Noona
    No, i don’t want them to show every detail. But at least they can respect their viewers. And for me the only reason for watching any drama including K-dramas is not beautiful actors. There are lots of dramas which have great story line along side beauty. I prefer watching them and discuss the plot.

  781. 781 : KDaddict Says:

    Poor Kim Bum also gets beaten to a bloody pulp every other day. I don’t like to see him w broken lip n torn eyelid. If the main going-ons were more engaging, u probably wouldn’t have minded a bit of speed-up healing. 😉
    All the current dramas r lacking in various ways. They r curing me of my addiction. That’s good!
    But looking fwd to LSG’s Gu Fam Book. Hope it’ll let us be head over heels w it.

  782. 782 : Korean Noona Says:

    it’s only a drama lah.. we dont need respect lagh.. hahahah…

    if you talking about respect, did you watch all korean drama by free online or buy the original dvd of the series??

    if you watch online without pay, means you don’t respect their efforts, and hard work how their produce the drama ’til you can see it freely via internet

    BUT if do pay and buy their drama (the original one – without copying), that is what we called respect, you respect the team production and the actors/actress too.

    how about that? 🙂

  783. 783 : saraSJS Says:

    @Korean Noona
    You mean foreigners have to watch any cheap production and close their mouths just because they don’t pay for watching their dramas? I can’t accept your logic. Their target viewers are Korean people. I’m sure they want respect too. In addition, if foreigners were to wait for late DVD release, or had to pay, there weren’t any hallyu after all. Although we don’t pay for watching dramas, foreigners are spreading the hallyu wave and help them earn lots of money. They are working hard but once i read somewhere “99% is promoting and 1% work”. So foreigners deserved a bit of respect too, don’t you agree?

  784. 784 : saraSJS Says:

    If foreigners just watch k-dramas just because of handsome actors, they have a easier way to do that. Google the word pretty and you can have enough of beauty without paying anything. So it’s better for them to keep the quality high so hallyu can live on. It means they have to respect all of their viewers. I once read an article about this discussion too. Even Korea’s former culture minister was worried about where hallyu is going.

  785. 785 : Park jun sung Says:

    @korean noona
    hmm, unfortunately im agree with you. Sometimes i watch kdrama becoz their actor/actress. I d0nt know a lots of people is addicted with great drama like moon embrace the sun, nice guy, gentlemen dignity, etc. But its not with me. I dont interest watch that drama becoz there is no actor/actress who catch my heart. I know its bad, but its the reality.

    Well, i dont know watch online in internet is ilegal or not. If its ilegal, so how can the website which offer kdrama online able to upload kdrama that currently showing? If its ilegal, SBS/MBC/KBS would block the website like viki and dramacrazy, right? But in facts, its not like that. I think, maybe both korean drama system and website which offer watch online had an agreement about this problem. Maybe the website pay money to home production for each eps what they had upload on internet. . .

    Look a movie that uploaded in internet before its end showing on cinema are deleted by its home production whey they found its in internet. But why kdrama is not like that? No doubt, it has an agreement. . .

  786. 786 : Korean Noona Says:

    Hahaha…@sara, maybe you and i or we part of the wave, huh? hahaha..

    But i have no complain since i watch it for free, maybe one or two but not too detail hahaha ( it’s only drama mate, like i said before :p) and am happy with it and i hope you too.. Just take it easy darl 🙂

    Your complain doesnt make any different to ratings, look at those ratings are high means the korean likes it, they dont care about your or my complaints. sometimes i do see a lot, the kdrama that we love it so much but unfortunately in their country is a flopped drama.

    Dont use the word ‘RESPECT’, the word is kinda big and heavy to carry. If you want to be respected by others u gotta respect others first, that is how it should be my friend 😀

    Peace out 😀

  787. 787 : KDaddict Says:

    I get your pt:
    When the beatings r so frequent n severe, yet the chars r indestructible, it makes them seem as unreal as any cartoon char., n therefore it lessens/negates their power to tug at our heartstrings.
    The subsequent argument seems misdirected as it perverts your original intention.

  788. 788 : KDaddict Says:

    Some posts r simply not worth responding to.

  789. 789 : rory Says:

    I somehow agree with @saraSJS, tc & KDaddict…
    I really love the cinematography, they got beautiful scenery & casts for this drama that makes me feel wow but there’s something keeps bothering me while watching this…the plot is good, not so draggy but the storyline is quite unrealistic for me..just like saraSJS said in her comments before, I dun want to repeat that words but unfortunately I agree with her..And TBH I’m a lil’ bit tired seeing SHK’s char, she’s just too much playing a sickness roles before..Autumn, My girl & I and now in TWTWB…There’s nothing new in this drama..

    But I admit it’s really beautiful seeing their flawless faces, thumbs up for the great cinematography but sometimes I prefer natural faces with a less touch up..LOL! but still I will continue watching this..It’s just my thoughts about this drama..still enjoy watching it..thanx for the beautiful scenery & I love OY’s house so much..what a beautiful design 😀

  790. 790 : saraSJS Says:

    You’re so right. I know what you mean.

  791. 791 : lalalove Says:

    there maybe be some “unrealistic” scenes like what some of you pointed out on TWTWB but in reality generally all kdramas are not made into perfection there are some flaws that can be easily seen.NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS PERFECT. let us just watch this drama because this drama has a lot to offer because the writers, director, staff, crews and especially the actors JIS, SHK and others had poured their hearts and souls on this drama for us viewers.

  792. 792 : lalalove Says:

    and btw it doesnt matter if SHK or JIS characters will have a dramatic end on TWTWB like death on their past dramas because these actors have in depth acting and as a viewer,undeniably you could feel what they are trying to act, there is a massive effect that deeply saddens you also. these actors are great in connecting their viewers. i salute them for their works. i never get tired of their characters. Their dramas are worth watching though I shed tears.

  793. 793 : KDaddict Says:

    Let’s just watch in silence, or else sing the praises of their beauty, or say for the millionth time that we want a happy ending.

  794. 794 : [email protected] Says:

    there is no harm if you watch these dramas- good or bad, boring or enjoying , realistic frim unrealistic, happy or sad ending..or even if these dramas didnt reached your expections. dramas are dramas to watch either you’ll love or hate it. But whatever plot or outcomes of these dramas, i highly salute koreans for their dramas because there are all uniquely made, they nurture their culture and they are highly conservative. also they implore family values. these differs kdrmas from the other dramas

  795. 795 : hny Says:

    ooh yap @[email protected] ..that’s suppose to be we thingking while watch KD !! … actually it’s related abt the taste and which one of hallyu star switch w you and u want to know more by their act …support them . so whatever the dramas is ok or not ok ..if the star is yours flav … u will keep watching and enjoy it even they act bad!! and sometimes so easy to blame the writer ‘coz made the char bad ;))
    AND when the star isn’t yours …. also is not ur cup a tea …. normally will look abt failure .. me too sometimes !!!

  796. 796 : lalalove Says:

    @hny yeah. dramas are made for the viewers to watch. lets sit back, relax and watch kdramas :))) happy or sad endings, that’s the real essence of kdramas . for me it doesnt matter if the actors look beautiful on tv but what matters most how they connect to the audience as you could feel their joy and pain.

  797. 797 : Park jun sung Says:

    Now, i do n0t really care how the ending. If its happy ending, its good. If its sad ending, ok never mind. . .

    Btw guys, anybody know who is sang winter love song female version? It has a week running, is there dont know who is the singer?

  798. 798 : hny Says:

    @Jun sung .. there is 3 female who sang ost for this is gummy ,Taeyoon n Kim Boa …but I don’t know which one who sang winter love female version .. could be 1 of them 🙂

  799. 799 : TWTB Says:

    cant believe this drama will end soon..will miss this drama ><

  800. 800 : lalalove Says:

    the ost of this drama are so beautifully made. from yesung, the one, spica, taeyoon and gummy

  801. 801 : Park jun sung Says:

    did its spi2a who sang winter love female version?

    but they already has they own söng. Did they sing a song again?

  802. 802 : haruhi28 Says:

    wooooahaaa! so sorry but it feels like there’s so much drama in here…no offense meant! 🙂

  803. 803 : taylor Says:

    just goes to show how this drama evokes a lot of feelings!

  804. 804 : lalalove Says:

    @park jun sung- its taeyeon who sang the female version…spica sang “Tears Fallin” guitar version

  805. 805 : lalalove Says:

    for the OST of TWTWB with translation, here is the link. this a a very nice channel in youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/HanabiTomoLyrics

  806. 806 : saraSJS Says:

    Considering the atmosphere here, your suggestion is the best one. “SILENCE”. Coz not all of us are here just for praising.

  807. 807 : c0kigirl Says:

    All negative vibes go away :p That winter the wind blows d best drama 2013

  808. 808 : Park jun sung Says:

    hehe, thank you very much sis. . . 😀

    agree. . . 🙂

  809. 809 : sayuri Says:

    I love this drama !!!!!!! J

  810. 810 : chunnie Says:

    my favorite drama i like it very much

  811. 811 : KDaddict Says:

    That wasn’t a suggestion. It was sth else entirely. Also see 2nd half of comment.

    Remember u asked me if I stopped watching this, cos I had stopped commenting? Now u know why.
    It only takes a few v young and/or immature persons to beat a thread into Silence. Commenting is for fun. It is Not fun to exchange words w ppl one can’t reason w.

  812. 812 : KDaddict Says:

    Quote: #807
    All ‘positive’ vibes go away :p That winter the wind blows ‘Not’ d best drama 2013


  813. 813 : simone Says:

    I love this drama!J

  814. 814 : xntr Says:

    i love this drama!Jo Sung is a perfect man!

  815. 815 : Park jun sung Says:

    #812 @KDaddict
    haha. u r kidding or not , now?

  816. 816 : Park jun sung Says:

    Wait wait. Whats happen here. I think you all just talking about ‘easy’ things before. But its seem like that the situation is a bit “hot” . . . *?!*
    urg, is it important to debate about “grey” something here? Huft

  817. 817 : c0kigirl Says:

    @park jun sung youre right. some people here are rude and bitter., YOU GO ON SILENCE but you insult? wtf. what an attitude phew!

  818. 818 : KDaddict Says:

    You r rt: I was being goofy.
    If sb can say #807, then sb can say its opposite.
    If #807 is a valid position, then the opposite is also a valid position.
    Unless opposite opinions r not allowed to exist in the world.
    Get it?

  819. 819 : saraSJS Says:

    This thread is not just for few people who are in love with the drama. We all have our own opinions. We have the right to say what we think. No one can dictate what others should think or say. So even if some of the people are not happy with opposite comments, it’s better to keep the diversity of the thread. So no silence at all.

    Now that i read your comment again, i know what you mean.

  820. 820 : c0kigirl Says:

    @kaddict if so why spoil our love for this drama?? we are being positive but all you do is blah blah then you kept your silence as you say then you say something that ” all positive vibes go away” ?? if you have show humility in silence as you said SILENCE is the best, then you should have rather than tease the people here because the way you said it its not a tease at all but being sarcastic and rude. ,.

  821. 821 : Sina Says:

    Can’t wait till tomorrow for epi 24. I am still hoping for a good ending. FIGHTING!!!

  822. 822 : lalala Says:

    I dun think KDaddict is being sarcastic and rude but actually u just too sensitive with other comments about this drama..positive & negative is normal in KD..there’s nothing perfect in this world so it’s normal when there’s some bad side in this drama..I know that most of viewers here love this drama but pls don’t assume that all people will love this drama as much as u love it..we have our rights to say either we like it or not but of course with the good reasons one..

  823. 823 : c0kigirl Says:

    i know what you meant BUT @lalala if she hates the drama and she mentioned about “SILENCE” then she should do that because she mentions about it rather than commenting on my message directly at me in a sarcastic way with laugh HAHAHAHHA.?? It is insulting. Id be pleased if she commented her own way about her complains on the drama and reviews rather than attacking one’s comment coz it is showing that she is the one who is “SENSITIVE” and affected with my comments as well as others.!

  824. 824 : c0kigirl Says:

    This is a free country you know but it is not necessarily not right to insult my comment with a laugh. I am being positive and twtwb is the best drama 2013 FOR ME AS IN MY OPINION COZ EVERYBODY ELSE HAS THEIR OWN FAVORITES but here comes kaddict contradicting my comment word per word because she doesnt like the drama.!; and im not even talking to her. if you dont like the drama comment on your own opinion but you should not attack on anybody’s comment because it is your own perspective. do your hate comment on your own just dont drag anybody else’s butt. just swerve.

  825. 825 : Pleasedonthateme Says:

    @KDaddict – please show your dignity man! if you said go in SILENCE, and mean it!! dont just saying it hahaha… words without action is nonsense!!! 😀 just relax and enjoy the drama hahahhahah….if you dont like it just switched it off to something else (cooking show maybe) 😀 😀 😀

    i personally dont really like this drama, too much crying but still i enjoy it because i dont take it seriously… this is only for entertainment to entertain you and me 😀

    PS: i’m just kidding, you can comments as much as you want (negative or positive things) hahha… enjoy 😀

    nuff said!! 🙂

  826. 826 : Pleasedonthateme Says:

    BTW, i think song hye kyo using bottox on her lips.. so big and thick now like angelina jolie huahuauauah…

  827. 827 : c0kigirl Says:

    @park jun sung hello sis i hope it will be a happy ending..praying that the writer would have a change of heart. like in Missing You at the first part i thought Yoochun and Eun Hye characters will be killed because it was shown but then again the writer opted to a happy ending. *_* what are you going to watch after twtwb?

  828. 828 : allen Says:

    honestly,i’m fall asleep when i watch this drama. the story make me sleepy and bored. i’m so sorry beforely, i don’t meant it. it’s just my oppinion. have a nice watch…!!!^^

  829. 829 : swepipie Says:

    this drama is superbbbbbbbbb lahbets0much mwahmwah jo in sung & song hye kyo cutie couple pls make it real get married harhar next drama for them #

  830. 830 : KDaddict Says:

    So #818, #819, #822 together still wasn’t enough exposition!
    To cleanse the thread for the new eps starting tonite, I’ll put in a last exposition:
    Why so affected by a Simple negation of one’s own comment? Is it bcos the negation shows the fallacy of the original?
    I laughed at the absurdity of the Negation–
    “All positive vibes go away” is obviously not a possibility. Hahahahaha.
    Just as “All negative vibes go away” isn’t a possibility. Unless u start your own website and delete all opposite vibes, it ain’t happening.
    The expectation that Others watch in Silence n Humility also requires a serious Reality check.
    That too can use many “ha’s” at the end.
    “TWTWB is d best drama of 2013.” It is only March. Nine more months to go.
    It isn’t anyone’s butt I’m interested in, but the idea in #807.

    3 more eps. Happy viewing tonite!

  831. 831 : swepipie Says:

    @kaddict whatever. hahahaha your face. you just go in circles in your opinions. I wonder what is roaming around your head? you are just annoying coz it seems you wanted to start a fight for my one measly comment? IT IS MY OPINION AND YOUR OPINION ON MY OPINION IS NOT NEEDED UNLESS WE ARE ACQUAINTED. beforehand i am not talking to you but you just popped like a virus on my comment. if you want to gain respect from others, you should let my comment be my own personal opinion rather your attacking streak. you are so arrogant you think attacking one’s comment makes you hero of the day. lmao. You need cleansing as well as reality check.

  832. 832 : swepipie Says:

    @kaddict and to add up, i dont care if you count the 9 months for your search about hows the best korean drama for 2013 because that is my opinion and the site didnt mentioned that KADDICT will be the appointed chairperson to evaluate people’s comment because you dont have the authority to do so to correct my comment. You are here to share your thoughts on drama not to attack my comments and others as well

  833. 833 : Pleasedonthateme Says:

    shoosh….please stop guys! the show is going to start soon..be quiet please 😛

    c’mon don’t be such a kid guys, everyone has their own opinion to share ok… come, let’s shake hands and give a hug to each other please 😛


  834. 834 : hny Jo Says:

    ohhh tonightttt…still longggg to see JIS !! sabar sabar sabarrrrrrr ;))

  835. 835 : norlela Says:

    Cokigirl, thank you. Missing You is not the killing ending? Thank’s again. I can start watch that drama now. I hate sad ending, it’s can make i wasted so many time when the ending is DEATH.

    Tonight is the night for the That Winter, the Winds Blows. Thank’s again to crew for the best drama.

  836. 836 : swepipieC0kigirl Says:

    @pleasedonthateme thank you. i understand just want positive and happy things on dramas and im on that side. let my opinion be that and not be attacked. if someone hates the drama i love, i wont get angry as long as that someone respects my opinion. i respect all opinions good or bad but most of all i would like to make reply on people who have the same thoughts on being positive and neutral. as much as possible i stay away from negative comments coz i dont want to fight. I just read negative comments but do not contradict because i have respect for their opinions, tenchuuu mwah mwah

    @norlela yes sissy no death on protagonists. sorry for being spoiler but i hope it helps.

  837. 837 : swepipieC0kigirl Says:

    @hny me too T_T i am o2 shipper there’s no harm to imagine these two be lovers in real life *_* yay

  838. 838 : haruhi28 Says:


    now i get what you mean… 🙂

  839. 839 : sue h Says:

    u right cookigirl i too bashed bec of my opinion i need respect and no fight just only opinion if dont like drama do not fight ppl only comment drama not comment ppl

  840. 840 : saraSJS Says:

    Every drama has its flaws. If you really want to enjoy a drama, you should see both the dark and bright side. We’re talking about the dark side. There’s There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re just expressing your thoughts about the drama. Keep commenting. I’m also one of the dark siders.

  841. 841 : Park jun sung Says:

    Aigoo whats happen here since i have a school a day. Ok guys plis dont debate about “grey” things.
    Huft. . . I dont know but why people start to blame this drama? Whats going on?
    Aish! I confused zzZtt. . .

  842. 842 : Park jun sung Says:

    @cokygirls or sweepie *!?*
    hay sis, yeah, i also like TWTWB. This drama is dark and so silence. I like dark and silence situation. . .
    Emm, i dont know, i im still havent plan for next stop. Maybe if i have much time, i will try to watch Jang ok jung. . .
    Actually, jang ok jung, when man a love, or gu family book, they are not enough to catch my hearts. I dont maybe its becoz there is not actors/actress who i love. Im falling in love with JIS. Thats why im so addicted watch him here 😀

    sis, lu nonton nya masa’ langsung? Gk pake subtitle? Kan gak seru

  843. 843 : swepipiec0kigirl Says:

    @park jun sung :)) cokigirl and swepipie both names of my dogs :))) yay i will also look forward to new dramas you mentioned and see if they are beautifully made :))) yes ikr? JIS interests me recently and right now im watching What Happened in Bali because i havent still watch it. @ sarasjs yes its okay to comment dark side 🙂 i want to see the good and bad points :))) not all dramas are perfect.

  844. 844 : haruhi28 Says:


    i agree with @saraSJS that you should keep on commenting 🙂 anyways, it will just be 3 more episodes…

  845. 845 : Joyce Says:

    Oh, what’s going on here? I like this drama tho,but it’s not my best drama for 2013 🙁 but I’m still watching this drama… but I’m not gonna rewatch….So, far there’s no dramas this year that truly makes me go crazy….but looking forward for Gu Book Family,Jang Ok Jung and I try When A Mans Love….tho I’m already fed up watching melodrama but I’ll give a shot with When A Mans love since I like Song Seung Hun 🙂

    Let’s enjoy this drama till the end~just hope no one will die =) Fighting!

  846. 846 : Joyce Says:

    Opps typo *Gu Family Book*

  847. 847 : iheartmy Says:

    no 842 , 843 true jo in sung is my new oppa because of this melodrama i cried watching that winter the wind blows i love it so much the casts, the story, soundtracks i want happy ending………..

  848. 848 : Tintin Says:

    I thought this drama is numero uno in korea. Why the ratings here says otherwise? It’s highest rating here is #4. I don’t understand.

  849. 849 : KDaddict Says:

    Sorry u got so riled. Didn’t mean to pick on You as a person. But ppl do react to other’s posts all the time. #807 for opposing views to disappear, is not an uncommon desire. Just that it isn’t tenable.
    You can call off your dog “swepipie” now, n enjoy the show. Peace n Out.

    @saraSJS, @haruhi,
    I have no strong views on this show, n certainly have no harsh words for it. It is when even mild views like tc’s, yours, mine, n rory’s are met w antagonism, that I find the thread so ludicrous.

  850. 850 : swepipiec0kigirl Says:

    @kaddict peace out also. im
    chill. no harm. let us just respect each others opinions. 🙂 i would like to hear your opinions and suggestions on this drama i am also wiling to take it all. looking forward to your comments on the other side 🙂

  851. 851 : honey cone Says:

    omg..!!! what happened here..? sometimes, i really choose my words before i post my comments here… and now i’m afraid.. hahaha… i still want to watch this to the end… i’m a fan.. hahahah… and i want to know what will happen to the story… you go on with what you’re doings.. but i hope in the end, we could laugh out with what’s happening here…

    could somebody tell me why there’s no episode 14 in dramacrazy.net..?
    much much thanx guy..!!!! kaibigan.>!!!

  852. 852 : honey cone Says:

    i see.. i forgot its Wednesday @ 7:05pm..!! hehehe.. my fault.. i’m too excited… hahhaha… episode 14 will be aired around at 10pm.. whoosh…!!! i’m a mess…!!! hahahah…

  853. 853 : rory Says:

    It doesn’t mean that when u’re giving negative comments means u hate this show, friends..
    this is one of the reasons I avoid commenting while it’s still airing..some viewers can’t accept negative comments..Next time I should wait until it’s ended maybe..at that time all commentators moved on other threads so I can freely commenting..LOL!
    Just kidding 😀 I still love & will continue watching this drama till the last eps coz I love seeing those beautiful scenery..really can’t take my eyes out of it..hp watching..peace n out!

  854. 854 : Park jun sung Says:

    Okay, this time is being slow and softly now. . .
    Ye ye ye, now TWTWB is airing. . . But could be watch it on weekend 🙁

  855. 855 : Park jun sung Says:

    Ups typo error
    i mean “now this thread going slowly and softly”

  856. 856 : cara_m Says:

    Gray Paper by Yesung … amazing song but is so rarely played in this drama…

  857. 857 : unknown unknown Says:

    Dare I venture in to proclaim that I liked TWTWB so so much. This drama appeals to me in many ways – compatible leads who are good looking and acted well, compelling storyline, wonderful directing and sincerity from the whole cast & crew to churn out a great show (flawless make-up, wardrobe, cinematography and OSTs).

    I have watched each episode closely and earnestly and enjoyed them all tremendously. A simple tale about a disparate group of people, their lives and loves, linked together by a multifaceted male lead. There were plot flaws here and there but they did not affect the flow of the main story. This drama did not overtly push a message and did not involve any law enforcement agency/government/prosecutor/spies/revenge plots hence I, as a viewer, did not feel angsty even if there were some negative aspects of the show.

    I feel that this is a very beautiful drama that will be much loved by many viewers to come.

  858. 858 : Sina Says:

    Well I do. I love the actors too. Very nice drama so far.

  859. 859 : saraSJS Says:

    IMO, you never used any harsh word. I like how you logically analyze the scenes and your humor.

    For a while i didn’t want to come here and write. But you know, when the dark side is stronger, you can’t ignore it. For me, the dark side is stronger. I may use harsher words in my comments from now on.

  860. 860 : peyriteyl Says:

    I wish more kiss scenes since they are a cute couple! Ending better be different! Want happy ending!!!

  861. 861 : franzes Says:

    I wish it has a happy ending.. 2 more eps to go and its done..
    Hmmmm as i’ve watched episode 14… don’t get me wrong but it kinda too long for me but it only tackles the farewells and “da moments” they were together.. i hope the remaining two will not disappoint me rather marked my thoughts of a good drama that i’ve watched.. ^^

  862. 862 : honey cone Says:

    this world is full of enigmatic people.. we could not really force each other to have the same perception.. i guess i’m one of those.. sometimes i really watch every drama twice in a row just to know why so many people love it.. for example.. the secret garden, at first i really hate that show..but now.. i’m one of the thousand fans of hyun bin and ha jiwon.

    twtwb, i love it… i really don’t know why..hahahah.. wanna watch it till the end… 2 more episodes to go..

  863. 863 : hny Says:

    so sad …can watch this soon … my intrnt link still trouble ;(((

  864. 864 : msmelchidec Says:

    I love this drama song hye kyo, jo insung napaka o a ng arte nya.

  865. 865 : msmelchidec Says:

    I hate this drama,very common na ung story, jo insung will die, ay yung eyes nya mapupunta kay song hye kyo, dba may ganitong na movie, ung guy nmatay at yung eyes nya napunta sa girl, pati ung haus kung may nakapansin parehas lang pati ung ibang scene s movie winter din ang panahon.

  866. 866 : Nyte Says:

    This drama really touched my heart.

  867. 867 : honey cone Says:

    i don’t know if i still hope for happy ending.. episode 14 really makes my heart cry… i’m afraid to watch the ep15 and 16.. its so sad that it will end next week..

  868. 868 : eny Says:

    melodrama is the most genre drama that i enjoy but this year still there’s no drama that make me really addict,now i’m addicted with “my precious child”

  869. 869 : ihateyou Says:

    if you hate this show, why you’re still watching this..?! back off..!!!

  870. 870 : youwillhateme Says:

    back off spoilers…!!!

  871. 871 : honey cone Says:

    @eny was precious child a kdrama too..?

  872. 872 : Kewl Says:


    Aq din medyo di na aq excited sa ibang episodes kya ok lang sakin kahit di q pa mapanood ung remaining eps….di nman kc aq kinilig XD at tama k nga very common lang ang story.

  873. 873 : honey cone Says:

    we really never knows what will happen… hehehe… just 2 more eps to go.. jo in sung and song hye kyo..!!!

  874. 874 : peyriteyl Says:

    kapeeps basta ako maganda ko un palabas :)))))) iyak ako ng iyak kaiyak tlga kahit typical tragic ending at least taga sa puso huwaw!!!!! pra sa akin dbest ito sa ngayon 2013 opinyon ko po yun pra sa aking personal na pananaw at sana wala mga kontrabida dito. galing ni jo in sung at song hye kyo sana sila na in real life hahahahahhahahaahhahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  875. 875 : honey cone Says:

    me too.. i love them both.. big comeback for both of them….

  876. 876 : Park jun sung Says:

    I like this drama! I love this drama! I love the story! I love jo insung too.

    Never mind, i know not all people love this drama. There is a lots of them also hate TWTWB. But im sure, if koreandrama.org awards give me 3 chance to vote kdrama. TWTWB is one of 3 drama that i will choose.

  877. 877 : Park jun sung Says:

    I know some people not has feeling to love this drama as much as i did. Its okay, cz its generally happen in kdrama. . .
    Although im the only one who love this drama in this page. Its okay and im fine 😀
    If its sad ending, never mind, watch 16 eps with beautiful scene and can see jo insung, i think its enough 😀

    BTW, female version who sang winter love is not taeyeon. Huft i’ve looked it for on google but not found. Any body know 🙁

  878. 878 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- i also love this drama we both ride on same boat

  879. 879 : peyriteyl Says:

    i voted rooftop prince last year, this year i will vote for TWTWB

  880. 880 : Park jun sung Says:

    wow, we are same sis. . . Last year i also vote rooftop prince. This drama is one of 3 drama that i will vote in 2014 awards

  881. 881 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- yes i voted crazily for rooftop prince (“.) 2014 or 2013 for TWTWB? as of the moment between TWTWB and Missing You, I will choose TWTWB for 2013 best drama as my favorite. @[email protected] but will still look for the new dramas like Son Yeh Jin’s shark and Kim Hae Tee’s Jang Ok Jung then I will weigh in who will i vote

  882. 882 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- what do you think will happen in TWTWB? what do you have in mind? i believe in the end mo chul dies, oh young will have successful surgery and oh soo will be able to defend himself from evil president kim. president kim will rot to jail. sora still waiting for oh soo in italy hehehe; oh young and oh soo will be able to get married as well as ji sung and hee sun. *crossing fingers. secretary wang will be forgiven by oh young; secretary jang profess his love for secretary wang geh geh. oh by the way anyone who reads this I am not spoiler but its predictions please dont get mad okay but lets see what happens

  883. 883 : Park jun sung Says:

    haha, sorry sorry. Typo error. . . I mean for 2013. Hehe. . . 😛

    WOW, i like your mind/idea. Aigoo as what u said, seem like its soooo happy ending 😀
    Yeah, im sure that moo chul will die. And i know early that moo chul is not evil. He is kind and will help oh soo. Wow. . . I cant wait if its surely that oh soo and oh young get married! Fiuhhh 😀

    BTW, em i also have plan to watch jang ok jung. Seem like a bit interesting. But i m a bit doubt for the episode. 24 eps is too long 🙁

  884. 884 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- let us hope for good ending even though the 2 movies based by twtwb were somewhat tragic. its satisfying if the writers answer our plea *cross fingers. im doing research this drama was supposed to be won bin as the lead actor and kim hae tee for the lead actress?.? but won bin doesnt like the oh soo character and kim hae tee was like busy to other projects. but id really prefer the present leads they gave justice to the drama and they seem to look good together

  885. 885 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- i know jang ok jung is way long i hope not tiring and boring but I love the leads. I hope another feel good drama like rooftop prince *sob i still have in mind the wedding scene I cried for like 6 times repeating watching RP. Me want to see Yoochun and Song Hye Kyo then Jo In Sung and Han Ji Min as 2 pairs in different dramas * dreamy @[email protected]

  886. 886 : hny Jo Says:

    I found a new air in plot that writers make in order to back to core story, about destiny a blind woman who met the man of gambler, swindler handsome;) .. and faced a ‘journey of love’ in a way n situation that’s Super Zuper ‘Strange!!……. that’s makes me love.. love this drama.
    the scene when OS walk in the street when he try to solve his problem n forget smthg !! coz the bracelet .. aduhhhhh adegan ini mirip I banget dehhh… walau lagi happy ditempat yang ramai pun kalau ketemu sesuatu yang bikin ‘inget dia’… ketawa pun jadi tangis… kita memang mirip OS 😀 ;))
    BTW… it’s still 50-50 for ending..NOH sshi u smart to make I curious ..2 thumb ;))

  887. 887 : peyriteyl Says:

    source: on facebook page
    That Winter, The Wind Blows will not be extending its run

    Despite its popularity, ‘Wind Blows in Winter‘ will not be extended into a longer drama.

    Even though it has been enjoying high ratings for its entire run, the producers decided to keep the drama at 16 episodes, and have no plans for extra episodes.

    The producers discussed the possibility about extending the drama initially, but, the writer had completed the script to fit 16 episodes, and they ultimately decided that stretching the story over the course of more episodes will harm the pace and story line.

    It will air its final episode next week on April 3rd, and will then be followed by All About My Romance (내 연애의 모든 것).

  888. 888 : Park jun sung Says:

    hmm. . . For me yoo ah in (for jang ok jung) is ordinary. Not too handsome. But okay, i will try to watch jang ok jung. I like historical drama especially in romance genre. The story of jang ok jung similarity with dong yi, rit? Jang hee bin and king suk jong. But wait2, i think jang hee bin (jang ok jung) is antagonist/evil person in dong yi. . . What about there?

    Hmm, no matter, i think jo insung is much better than won bin. I m thanks to God that won bin refused this drama. He didnt know that this drama has strong storyline. He would be regret it! Huh. . .
    NB : kim hae tee? Did u mean kim tae hee?

    Btw, i think yoochun and song hye kyo is not match couple. Yoochun is too young for SHK. . .

  889. 889 : Park jun sung Says:

    ow ow ow yg lg galau neh –”
    humh, if u walking ön the road while falling ur tears. Its make me scary sis. Haha #pisss

    i’m agree if its not be extended. If its be extended 20eps its too long. And the story being bored and chaos. . . Chance for happy or sad ending is 50:50, as what @hny said 😛

  890. 890 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- its okay han ji min is same age as song hye kyo but they were also a perfect match in Rooftop Prince. yes sorry also error. erase. i misspelled its kim tae hee. i somewhat read it on a website that she was a first choice but she had some commitments thats why she wasnt able to. and yes thanked God its not won bin. Jo in Sung was meant for the part his acting was superb hands down. And another information last year Jo in Sung was supposed to be the lead actor in King 2 Hearts with Ha Ji Mon as their 2nd onscreen partner in a drama but he dropped the role because its said he was busy on a project movie i guess. After TWTWB i hope he will have another remarkable drama and not let us wait for years again. Same as Hye Kyo. These are great dramatic actors. This is their year with an exceptional over the top comeback.

  891. 891 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- i forgot there is cuteness between kim bum and eun ji i want to see them in their own drama. hehehehehe. yes yoo ah in..i like him in SScandal but he is ordinary true like you said.

  892. 892 : eny Says:

    my precious child is old korean family drama (long but it’s good)the actor is kim sung soo, there’s song jong ki too before he become popular.
    I watch this drama only one episode, it’s reminds me of the robber in some aspect.

  893. 893 : hny Jo Says:

    ooo ya…why after see Ms wang in this eps… makes me thinking that would somth bad happen to her ..like she get an accident!!,perhaps.. if that happen she would donate her eyes to OY.. the one the reason she still fight for life while his parents not accept her …. hehehe..just guessing for hap end ;))

  894. 894 : Sina Says:

    I am sitting here waiting for epi 15. Hope it comes soon.

  895. 895 : hny Jo Says:

    duh du du…@Park jun sung !!! Ik lg ga galau saat ini…. happy kok 🙂 .. itu maksudnya.. terkadang!!! hahhaha

    BTW guys.. u talk Won Bin.. wowww I miss himmm he also great actor 4 me.. if he refuse this one (TWTWB) hope he not refuse other scrip.. I’m waiting for his act againnn ! also our JIS new project too ..both are manly ;))

  896. 896 : peyriteyl Says:

    hny Jo- I got to notice him in AIMH it was first korean drama I watched. Its too been too long for his next big comeback. he just let go of a beautifully made drama @[email protected]

  897. 897 : Park jun sung Says:

    did ms wang got car accident?
    I dont know is won bin being old right now. Cz trakhir kali i saw him on samsung commercial. He look so oldly

  898. 898 : peyriteyl Says:

    There might be hope..o my….for a happy ending please let it be. doing research. here’s what I read on yahoo answer.


    “Love Me Not” Korean movie did he die or what exactly happened at the end of the movie?
    At the end of the movie “Love Me Not” (Korean Movie) it shows her finding a tree so obviously she now sees?
    AND then he approaches her??
    So what exactly happened at the end of the movie???

    Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

    The ending is confusing I know. You can take it in 2 ways.

    1. He died with all those stab wounds, she died during the operation, and they meet again in heaven, where everything is ok.

    2. They managed to save him, her operation to regain her sight was a success and they meet in her fave place, under the tree, where they can finally be together with no secrets between them.

    I like to go with the 2nd version, at least in there they can experience some kind of happiness.


    If so there were two versions in the movie as mentioned quite confusing, i hope the writer changes his mind for the sake of the viewers. So there might still hope for a happy ending for TWTWB *double cross fingers


  899. 899 : Park jun sung Says:

    i think in TWTWB version. They dont meet in under the tree. I think they will meet in mountain when they enjoy the wind blows with white tree garden (aish i forget what is the name of that place). But the point is, i really want see them get married and have a child. I know its imposible 🙁

  900. 900 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- yes on movie it was a tree but maybe on drama it will be on the mountain where they went with trees chiming the snows like bells as the wind blows and i could imagine that oh young regained eyesight after successful operation and see oh soo that he is so handsome then they will have a kiss at the end! hehehehe. just my imagination.*_______*

  901. 901 : Park jun sung Says:

    wow, kiss again? Thats what i expected. Its not hidden kiss or force kiss. Its truly passionate kiss between a couple of lover. . .

  902. 902 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- ehehehehe you got it right. a kiss no hesitations, force kiss and even stolen kiss ( ehem oh soo stole kiss from oh young). i want to ask if join sung gf is go hyun jung from spring days? i hope not! she’s too old for him. ughhhhh. i want in sung to be hye kyo’s 3rd bf hehhehehehehehehehe :/

  903. 903 : erida Says:

    I love unni song hye kyo & 오빠 jo in sung saranghae.

  904. 904 : Sina Says:

    Waiting for the subs for 15. I love this drama.

  905. 905 : jo Says:

    love this drama. it is so romantic.

  906. 906 : jo Says:

    love this drama. it is so romantic and touching.

  907. 907 : hny Jo Says:

    @Jun sung… No, Ms wang not get into accident…aku cm nebak aja.. soalnya di ep 14 after OY ask her to leave, dia tuh sedih banget aplg dia ky ga tau harus pergi kemana! krn Ortu nya mash blum nrima dia kembali..yah siapa tahu,, klo dia khawatir sama OY trz bikin dia ga konsen nyetir,,, dusssshhh nabrak deh ;))) wkwkwkwkwk

  908. 908 : honey cone Says:

    ahai.. there’s no sub yet..? i’m watching it without english subs..

  909. 909 : honey cone Says:

    episode 15 makes me cry.. huhu.. oh soo really love youngie..!!! such a man to love a women…

  910. 910 : honey cone Says:

    why she has to do that…? committing suicide..? haist… i feel so depress when i watch the last part of ep 15…

  911. 911 : hny Jo Says:


    AAAAWWWW… never thought that OY will dying first….by cut his wrist.. can OS save her !!!? loud screaming!!!!!!Daebakkkk menegangkannya….
    OMG….sabar sabar sampai minggu depan *_*

  912. 912 : Park jun sung Says:

    kalo gt mah jd kyak sinetrön indo. Wkwk
    but, bisa aja kyak gt

  913. 913 : hny Jo Says:

    @jun sung,noooo…beda lahhhh sam indooo..apa yg trjd brikutnya agk susah ditebak… tau ga dr sekian byk cwe korean JIS suka dgn siapa… Kim Yu-Na pemain skater.. waww die emang punya ..different taste!!

  914. 914 : CVL Says:

    Well, have to agree with saraSJS, KDaddict, Tc and rory: After dropping “BIG” and “Gent Dignity”, I have waited 10 long months for another good drama. I had such high hope waiting for it to air but another disappointing drama. I’ve stopped watching it after 2nd episode despite how much i like JIS; this kind of story line isn’t my cup of tea. See ya’all next year 🙂

  915. 915 : ababil Says:

    gimana cara down load film.a dimana…., bisa tolong kasih tw….. mkasih cz film seru bgt yua…,

  916. 916 : ababil Says:

    gimana cara download film.a dimana…., bisa tolong kasih tw….. mkasih cz film seru bgt yua…,

  917. 917 : leedaaaa Says:

    @ababil di dramacrazy atau gooddrama,tapi ada part2 gitu

  918. 918 : haruhi28 Says:

    saraSJS #859

    your comment made me laugh…i can’t wait til you do that 🙂 i also like how KDaddict analyze scenes…maybe that’s why we understand each other 🙂

  919. 919 : kdfan Says:

    @CVL same for me. SHG’s acting in this show is excellent. The story is not bad, the scenery is beautiful but melo is not my cup of tea. I fast fwded the scenes just wanting to know what happen next. There hasn’t been a good drama for a while since Reply except for MDSY.

  920. 920 : chiundeka Says:

    omo #sobbing I can’t for next one and only episode

  921. 921 : mems Says:


  922. 922 : peyriteyl Says:

    mga iha kanya kanya taste lang yan. ang dami pa complain kung yaw nyo wag nyo panoorin kesa dakdak kayo ng dakdak diyan. nakakatawa. daig nyo pa scriptwriter at director. basta ito sa 2013 pinakamaganda drama. hndi kayo magsisisi. kalurky lang mga froglets papansin sa mga comments nila

  923. 923 : peyriteyl Says:

    why youngie you need to do that suicide! omg! you’re wasting your life with oh soo!! :(((

  924. 924 : peyriteyl Says:

    oh young didnt die yet! it says on ohkpop website she is ” unconscious” my heart is beating fast @[email protected] for me this is the best melodrama, a real tearjerker, song hye kyo and jo in sung wow… im speechless on their acting prowess. they are the best hands down

  925. 925 : saraSJS Says:

    Haha. Yeah, i’m going to that. Even if it’s not on this thread. Although watching dramas is a hobby for most of us but sometimes we need to take it more serious, right?

    Ep 14 was such an shallow one and not enough emotional to make us feel those two are in love but are forced to break up. I still can’t relate to OY’s character and her actions, her fickle personality and harsh, bitter words.
    Wang wasn’t a serious character from the beginning. I never hated her. She wasn’t an evil. But why she let OY become blind? Out of obsessive love? Out of jealousy? Why she didn’t love real OS that much then? Why just OY?

    If i’m to talk about the acting, both of the actors are good. But there’s something about JIS that makes me think appearance wise he’s not suitable for OS’s role. He’s very handsome. It’s obvious. At first i loved his eye acting too. Because OS had to be harsh. But since he’s fallen in love with OY, i can’t see any emotional give and take between his eye acting, his lines and the overall feeling of the story. His eyes are too fierce to look at his lover with love. He smiles, says “my love for you was real”. But his eyes have the gaze of someone who wants to take revenge. I think he’s more fit to play an antagonist.

  926. 926 : peyriteyl Says:

    my favorite part in episode 15 was when oh soo was in taxi he stares at oh young on her car… that scene was so breathtaking i felt oh soo’s heartache and the need for him to be at oh young side…the Director of TWTWB shot it petfectly.

  927. 927 : saraSJS Says:

    Correction” Such a shallow
    i’m going to do that.
    Sorry i just wrote fast and didn’t notice the errors.

    Please admin add the edit button to the thread, if it’s possible. Thank you for your hard work.

  928. 928 : Park jun sung Says:

    meee toooo sis. . . 😀
    Wait2, i dont know exatcly scene what u mean. I just finish watch ep 14. And preview ep 15 is so good. Oh soo look oh young inside of the car. And its slow motion. Woahhh so beautiful scene. Preview of ep 15 is amazing. Cant wait to watch it. Currently still download ep 15 sis.

    yah sis. Seem like ms. Wang is so confuse and didnt know where to go. :(. So pity

  929. 929 : Park jun sung Says:

    After watch ep 14 and preview ep 15. Its seem like that there is not sign both oh soo or oh young will die at the end. . .
    I’m begging to director. I know that the crew has finish making this project last week. I’m really appreciate that u want hear our beg. Please, happy ending. . .

  930. 930 : Torri Says:

    I think the writer need to add up one ep so it gives a clear ending . Even if one of them has to die which is very clear that will happen anyways .ep 15 was too sad did not really like the sadness but was beautifully done

  931. 931 : Korean Noona Says:

    “….. I’m such a crazy son of a b*tch. I should have just conned her… I shouldn’t have made her love me…. I’m such a bastard. I should have just conned her…. Why did i make her love a jerk like me?….”

    Huuuaaaaa T.T in sung ah… You made me cry as well.. T.T am crying with you in sung ah T.T

    Rarely crying for just a drama unless it’s really touched me. Beautiful acting!! Well done in sung ah !! 😀

  932. 932 : wilda Says:

    my fav. korean drama ever….i love oh soo <3 <3 <3

  933. 933 : FHEY BAUTISTA Says:


  934. 934 : FHEY BAUTISTA Says:


  935. 935 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- hi dear how are you!!!? i am researching. i read a comment there saying “I suppose that the ends will be like the japanese drama; she don’t die after try to kill herself, get the surgery and will see again and look for Soo at the airport and they will be together forever. I hope for that final.” probably not on an airport but a different memorable place for them. ohhh please let there be a happy ending! both characters suffered a lot they deserved a happy ending T______T

  936. 936 : peyriteyl Says:

    That Winter, The Wind Blows 그 겨울, 바람이 분다
    Spoilers Emerge for That Winter, Rep, “The Ending will be filmed this weekend”

    Spoilers are emerging for the highly acclaimed SBS drama, That Winter, The Wind Blows (Script by Noh Hee Kyeung, Directed by Kim Kyu Tae), while they are expecting to film the ending this weekend.

    On March 26th, a representative for That Winter, The Wind Blows, spoke with Wstar news of Hankyung.com stating, “Will it be a happy ending or sad ending, as of now only the writer and director, and two leading actors, Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo know the conclusion.”

    “This upcoming weekend, or at the latest, the beginning of the upcoming week, is when we plan to film the ending.” The representative also urged, “We ask for you not to believe that the made up spoilers are real.”

    Spoilers for That Winter, The Wind Blows are creating a buzz on online communities and like places. One netizen wrote, “What am I going to do? I have come across a spoiler for That Winter, and “I heard Bae Jong Ok is really the person who had Oh Soo (Lee Jae Woo) killed.”

    While another netizen offered a different spoiler, “It is a happy ending. Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo will be together.”

    The drama representative also stated, “I think all of this [stems] from That Winter being popular. However, you cannot believe those types of spoilers; I ask for you to just watch the final broadcast.”

    Meanwhile, That Winter, The Wind Blows concludes this upcoming April 3rd. (Photo Credit: SBS)

    Source: Wstar News for Hankyung.com
    Translated by: Shanda @ Songhyegyo.net

  937. 937 : Park jun sung Says:

    @korean noona
    AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa [!]
    *i’m join scream with you* 😛

    oh hay sis. . We meet again at midnight (again).
    Thank you for the articles. Nice info. Its seem like that you are so addicted with this drama. . . Hehe me toooooo 😀
    BTW, if at the end oh soo and oh young meet in the airport or somewhere, its not enough. I think where ever they meet at the end, the point is director should add hugs and kissing scene to for the last time. Hahahahaha so the ending would be perfecto!
    Wait2, why oh young try to kill herself?

  938. 938 : Park jun sung Says:

    Huuuaaw i cant believe that next week its would be end. . . So fast. *sigh* -_-“

  939. 939 : htayapril Says:

    “….. I’m such a crazy son of a b*tch. I should have just conned her… I shouldn’t have made her love me…. I’m such a bastard. I should have just conned her…. Why did i make her love a jerk like me?….”
    Oh Soo made me crying.
    Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo Well Done

  940. 940 : Sina Says:

    It went so fast, and now only one more episode. I am also watching A Hundred Years Inheritance. That will keep me going when this is over.

  941. 941 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- i dont know. maybe probably she just felt so hopeless being alone going through an ordeal of heartache, with fear and being so hopeless with an unknown outcome of head surgery.

  942. 942 : Holla Says:

    This drama is the long version of K-Movie, “LOVE ME NOT”.

  943. 943 : kimchilove Says:

    no doubt its the best korean drama ive seen on my own eyes, prepare tissues for this! highly recommended

  944. 944 : Nicole Says:

    Jo In Sung made me cry in episode 15 🙁 🙁 Best drama I’ve watched ever.. And not only that, the main cast (Jo In Sung & Son Hye Kyo) are truly great actors :(( Very professional.. This drama really made me cry. I don’t want it to end yet <//3 Hopefully it will have a happy ending. 🙂

  945. 945 : franzes Says:

    What a cliffhanger episode.. (sigh) I do really hope no one will die again on the last episode..Happy ending please B)

  946. 946 : Park jun sung Says:

    Song hye gyo is really good actreess, compared with jo in sung who has excelent for acting. Really good drama. I want to cry becoz this drama is too good :’)

  947. 947 : peyriteyl Says:

    my tears are worth for this drama! beautifully made drama with superb acting from the leads. this will be an unforgetable drama to watch! even for the next years to come, i will still watch this repeatedly without a fail! love love love this drama!

  948. 948 : Park jun sung Says:

    Ok fine!
    This drama is a BIG RIDDLE for viewers! After watch ep 15. I gave it up! I really dont know how’s the ending! Arrgh!

  949. 949 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- sissy dont give up.! *___* only 1 more episode and let us pray for happy ending. i keep on thinking what will happen next week!

  950. 950 : blacknoona Says:

    “She said that she was happy, but she looked lonely.” – Oh Soo
    *The way he tries to hold back his tears is just amazing. T.T*

  951. 951 : Park jun sung Says:

    no sis. I dont mean to stop watch this drama. But i give up to guessing what truly happen at the end. I give the conclusion to director. We are here also hope for perfect ending. . . 😀

  952. 952 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- okay sissy i get your point *_* where thread are you also in koreandrama.org besides TWTWB?

  953. 953 : Park jun sung Says:

    emm not really sis. I’m commenting on a thread, the drama that airing in that time. Usually i went to thread of hottest & popular drama sis. One season, one page, one drama. This winter i come to TWTWB thread, cz u know that its most popular drama now. Maybe in next season (on spring) i have plan come to jang ok jung or gu family book page. U can found me there next time. . . 😀
    What about u?

  954. 954 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- whenever you go sissy. heheheh. yes i will be watching also jang ok jung and gu family book after twtwb. but i will still look forward to future dramas to be shown this yr i hope another drama like rooftop prince or twtwb

  955. 955 : Park jun sung Says:

    yeah sis. I d0nt know, i d0nt have a feel for the dramas that would be airing later. I’m not so addicted with JOJ or GFB. Huft, i’m still search another good drama like rooftop prince, Big, arang and the magistrate, and the latest is TWTWB. Should i skip this next season, hmm.

  956. 956 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- i look forward to joj and gfb but still i doubt if it will surpass my expecations. i still have twtwb hangover sissy! 😄😭

  957. 957 : achim Says:

    This beautiful couple is really making waves with the drama and they are really such an awesome couple. Best Actor Award for JIS and Best Actress Award for SHK; Best Drama; Best Cinematography; Best SCriptwriter (if the ending is happy :)), Best supporting cast. Best Director and Best Soundtrack! Clap! clap! clap!Happiest Fans of TWTWB if the ending is good! 🙂 Beautiful SHK and JIS – the most charismatic couple in the world! 🙂 Certified O2 couple shipper

  958. 958 : Sina Says:

    I am hoping for a good ending too.

  959. 959 : Park jun sung Says:

    Its weird. I dont how can be like this, last night i have a dream when i was sleep. In my dream, oh soo and oh young have a child. I know i’m crazy now. Fiuh. . .

  960. 960 : peyriteyl Says:

    i lovveee it park jun sung! that must a good finale!

  961. 961 : maldita Says:

    Haters gotta hate but majority of the viewers love this drama!!!!!!!! bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha!$$&&!!!!!!

  962. 962 : puccahani Says:

    Best Drama for 2013. 😀

  963. 963 : hyuk Says:


    Now, they are filming the last scene in “Jin-Hae“ under cherry-blossom snowflakes!

    reference) Korean fan site(DC gallery of twtwb)

  964. 964 : hyuk Says:

    The last filming (just now)

  965. 965 : Park jun sung Says:

    woah? Today they filming for last episode? Omooo. . .
    Its shoot with snowflakes? Wow, seem like both of them didnt die. . . Huhuhu

  966. 966 : Park jun sung Says:

    Why they filmed it 2 days before its airing? Is the time en0ugh?

  967. 967 : peyriteyl Says:

    hyuk- OMG good ending???? 😂😂😂
    park jun sung– what do you think good ending??????

  968. 968 : peyriteyl Says:

    hyuk- what website link can you post it here

  969. 969 : hyuk Says:

    Here is the link, Korean only though~


    No one cannot be sure whether it‘s happy or sad ending yet^^

  970. 970 : hyuk Says:

    Park jun sung- sorry, it‘s not snowflakes but cherryblossom flakes. It‘s already spring here in Korea!

  971. 971 : hyuk Says:

    Jin-Hae is the place which is very famous for its romantic annual Cherryblossom festival and now is that season, that‘s why they are filming today, and we can easily expect it would be happy ending^^ but no one knows!

  972. 972 : Park jun sung Says:

    @hyuk and @peyriteyl
    i have search on google about festival cherry blossom. Well its a festival that usually hold in korea every early springs. . . There are a lots of family or couple that enjoy the festival. They gathering on some place under cherry blossom tree. They can enjoy the festival with warm and lovely moments while enjoy the scenery. Emm, if u ever watch drama lie to me, when the sakura leaf fallen or in drama rooftop prince when lee gak and park ha take a walk in town, the situation maybe like that. So you can imagine how the ending, how the situation in last eps. . .
    Chance for the ending is 75% (happy) and 25% (sad). No one know

  973. 973 : Sina Says:

    Can’t wait till next week. I don’t know what is going to happen.

  974. 974 : hyuk Says:

    Btw, did u hear that the Japanese actress Sakaguchi Ryoko died 2days ago who acted as scrt Wang in Jap version?

  975. 975 : peyriteyl Says:

    hyukie why cant i view the link can you post it again? thank you so much for the info

  976. 976 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- wow that’s an amazing scenery there! i know the director will shot it beautifully and there’s a chance that it will be a happy ending where tey will meet again! this time youngie will be able to see oh soo! we will be celebrating in tears and awe when probably this will be shown!

  977. 977 : Park jun sung Says:

    ow, im sorry to heard that

  978. 978 : hyuk Says:


    sorry, above link was from my smartphone.

    below is the likn for PC.


  979. 979 : hyuk Says:

    Here is a newspaer article with some photos with cherryblossom scenes as below.


  980. 980 : Park jun sung Says:

    thank u 😀

  981. 981 : Park jun sung Says:

    wait2, the girl who wear white is oh young, right? And a man who bring bicycle is oh soo, right?
    I watch it on my phone. The image too small in my phone. I cant watch exactly who is that in the photo. Am i right?

  982. 982 : peyriteyl Says:

    hyuk- my friend thank you so much! 🙂
    park jun sung and hyuk— why are they in white attire? i hope they wont die but they will still meet so its kinda happy ending 😄😂 and in the pic it is the end o winter

  983. 983 : peyriteyl Says:

    hyuk and park jun sung- i dont know on hye kyo’s image but it seems she still holds the stick she is using for walking when she was blind.? i dont know if i saw it correctly. but im curious why they are both in white. whether they meet without anything bad happened to them; they meet on heaven if something bad happens to them or….they got married. ? wow i am excited

  984. 984 : hyuk Says:

    @park jun sung & peyritel

    Yes, they are JIS and SHK in the photos. But, as peritel pointed out, SHK is still holding the stick, which also made some arguments among the Korean fans whether SHK will be stll blind at the end or something else…:)

  985. 985 : peyriteyl Says:

    hyukie- so you also saw the stick? yes this could be a big question mark. but the most important thing is that they should stay alive for a happy ending 😄

  986. 986 : Park jun sung Says:

    if both OS and OY meet in heaven, never mind, although they die, but they still together in heaven 😀 Its better than one of them should be die. Wait, did u mean use white is their clothes color?

    oh hyuk, the website use hangul, unfortunately i dont understand. . . 🙁
    btw, i’m afraid, if oh young still bring stick (becoz still blind), i m afraid its not last scene before ending. I think its the middle scene of episode before oh young had a surgery. Cz both in korean film, or japannese version, the girl able to see again. At the end the girl should be normal, not blind. . . Its almost impossible if she still blind until last scene. . .

  987. 987 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung and hyuk- hye kyo holds the stick by herself but as for the other image which is the last one, that when hye kyo and in sung where together, hye kyo’s both hands were in position backwards and i dont see her holding the stick already. maybe the stick was use to divert the media’s attention not to spoil the ending so that people might taught that she might be still blind on the final shot . im totally clueless about this.

  988. 988 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- are both hye kyo and in sung single?

  989. 989 : Park jun sung Says:

    did u mean in real life? Emm, i dont know, but i think yes. They are single. As news that i have read, song hye gyo is admire to jo in sung in real life. During the shooting jo insung often teach SHK how to acting. Song hye gyo also ever said that she really want to see jo insung eyes, but she is cant becoz she should act as blind woman who is prohibited to had eye contact with her partner role (JIS). Its better that they being a couple in real life. I read it on TWTWB facebook page.

  990. 990 : hyuk Says:


    Those photos were taken by some paparazzi and the last photo could not be a real filming scene bc all the other staffs are talking with each other not looking at the leads. I think O2 couple is just chatting each other.

  991. 991 : Park jun sung Says:

    Good news guys.
    SBS variety show, RUNNING MAN on episode 139 make a parody episode for popular drama TWTWB. The title also be parodied. The title is “That Winter, The Typhoon Blows”.
    U can read the news here,

    i know this drama is so popular, thats why SBS make it parody in Running Man. . .

  992. 992 : hyuk Says:

    Oh, I‘m not sure they are acting or not in the last photo x(

  993. 993 : peyriteyl Says:

    hyuk and park jun sung- well let us just see but im excited for the last episode but sad as well bec it will be the last time for now for me to see 02 couple appear on tv drama( i hope not) but i want them to be together in real life 😄 hehehehe! nice parody in running man! 😄

  994. 994 : peyriteyl Says:

    for 02 shippers here is a nice thread http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/2014518/official-o2-oxygen-couple-jo-in-sung-song-hye-gyo-heart-warming-shippers/p2

  995. 995 : Park jun sung Says:

    @peyrityl & @hyuk
    u see the scenery in the photos? OMG, its so beautiful scene, especially for ending scene. . . Huhuhu

  996. 996 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- yes sissy ! 😄

  997. 997 : Park jun sung Says:

    sis, hurry up check TWTWB facebook pages. There is the latest news about ending. Yeah 90% its will happy ending. Look the photos that has been uploaded there, u will surprized. Its perfect superb for last scene.
    Thank u director u heard our wish 😀

  998. 998 : riana Says:


  999. 999 : MMM Says:


  1000. 1000 : VANILASKY Says:

    this is my drama!i like Jo and Song!

  1001. 1001 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- i have seen the pics! yes! its a happy ending and ehem….it looks like they are kissing without the staffs and crews nearby! hehehhehe! are they really kissing for real? 0m0….!

  1002. 1002 : tamagochi Says:

    This is the best among the best korean dramas. Unforgettable…

  1003. 1003 : Lian Says:

    Wow, hit 1000 comments 😀

  1004. 1004 : hny Says:

    dear @sara SJS … no, I don’t think so ..his eyes for me can tell everything suit with the role and the story … when he play antagonist ..his eyes will show a different gaze like when he play in WHIB .. his eyes looks fierce to his lover !!….. OWW NOOOO ;)))… his not ur type , rite dear ! but I think we in the same ship if talk abt Kim Jo Won ,rite ;)) His so cute 😀

  1005. 1005 : insunggirl Says:

    oppa in sung please marry me? lol

  1006. 1006 : pinkypink Says:

    winner! epic drama. H.E. pls writer noh?

  1007. 1007 : Korean Noona Says:

    Ohhh my gahhh… This is killing me!!! I can’t open my eyes!! Laughing so hard and badly as i typed this bahahaha…. >.<

    Link share: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=630214793670876&set=pb.529788107046879.-2207520000.1364818892&type=3&theater

  1008. 1008 : Korean Noona Says:

    But i still wuv you in sung ah ❤ ❤ ❤ 😘😍💋

  1009. 1009 : Park jun sung Says:

    no sis. They not kissing in real life. I think its one of the scene in last part. . . Hmm almost end. . .

  1010. 1010 : Park jun sung Says:

    I mean kising scene in last part

  1011. 1011 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- wahhhh! i hope they will be a couple!! :((((( but it looks so real to me. :))))) wait have you read that both of them were in tears once the final shot ended. omooo.. they will missed each other. but still youngie using the “stick” in the final shot is questionable…. hmmm. another thing i am thinking… do you think secretary wang is oh soo’s aunt since it was mentioned in episode 7 somewhat oh young said that secretary wang had a “sister” that comes and goes asking for money. and when secretary wang read oh soo’s file in orphange she had a different reaction.i dunno but i hope it will be revealed this last episode but if it will be revealed it will be late for the spontaneity of the drama.

  1012. 1012 : peyriteyl Says:

    my every week routine wouldnt be the same without twtwb. haist. more dramas pls for hye kyo and in sung! 😁😭

  1013. 1013 : Park jun sung Says:

    my question is, why youngie still blind. Cz in the original story, the girl being a normal at the end. Huft, what ever.

    Owh, aunt? I dont know about that. Instead, i thought that ms.wang is oh soo mom before. Huhu, but if its hit on ep 16, i think its too late. Usually kdrama give us sign about relation family for 3-4 last episode rit? Hmm, let us see what happen on wednesday

  1014. 1014 : Amethyst Says:

    Wow so many have replied to this drama. It sad that it will end soon but the experience and memory will stay forever.

  1015. 1015 : simona Says:


  1016. 1016 : Sina Says:

    I though that maybe Miss Wang would be Oh Soo’s mom also. At least I was hoping when she was trying to find out about him. Maybe it is Miss Wang’s sister. Can’t wait till Wednesday.

  1017. 1017 : kure Says:

    i really really really heart this drama. to think that I’m a former hater of song hye kyo, liking this is one step ahead of liking her acting more and more. I loved In Sung as always!

  1018. 1018 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung and sina- i just dont know but i have seen oh soo’s mom on his teen years remember when his mother gave him money and as oh soo found out, he ran toward his mother who rode on a car. his mother’s face is different from wang’s..but oh young mentioned about wang’s “sister”. yes sis park jun sung it will be very late but let’s see how will the writer will be able to interject oh soo’s mom on the finale. it will be one of the last revelations probably.

    wishing for another hye kyo and in sung tandem in a drama! their chemistry makes people interest in them. i want to be romantic comedy! hahaha! hye kyo had done full house and in sung had comedic sides on some of his lines in WHIB and TWTWB!

  1019. 1019 : iheartkdrama Says:

    Best drama in 2013. Best looking couple in TV! They need to marry for real!

  1020. 1020 : jejejejeje Says:

    epic kiss in finale!!!!!!yehey!!! happy ending??!!!

  1021. 1021 : moira Says:

    kim bum and eun ji! fighting!! cutie

  1022. 1022 : Torri Says:

    I was hoping they would make this 17 ep but it looks like that is not happening , really mr writer ? .cant you just add one more there so much going on I feel one ep won’t do justice to end

  1023. 1023 : r3ply987 Says:


  1024. 1024 : Park jun sung Says:

    JIS has done doing comedy in TWTWB although in a bit scene. Yeah, i would be so great if SHK and JIS role in a drama again with romantic comedy genre.

  1025. 1025 : hny Says:

    agreeee with all comments ….another drama for JIS n SHK …with comedy …will bue interesting coz I see JIS while make a joke in spring day ..makes me lol …I’ll b waiting ♡♥♡♥

    BTW @ jun sung n @sina … I don’t think so the writer will show us who is his mother ..I think is just like buried ,keep it that as OS history …like in real life sometime an orphan doesn’t have to know or find his real mom …just continue the life …and let it b history .so I think in this drama it’s make sense if the writer not show who is OS mother ..OS will forget his mom mistake coz the crime is smaller than killing !!like OY said when OS want leave the house .

  1026. 1026 : peyriteyl Says:

    i hope netizens twtwb fanatics could be able to make a petition for another SHK-JIS small screen tandeem since we want more of these two talented and good looking leads. Writers, producers an directors please hear our plea! a romantic comedy! we still have the o2 couple fever!

  1027. 1027 : iheartkdrama Says:

    finale will be tomorrow……
    im going to miss song hye kyo and jo in sung together on tv… T.T

  1028. 1028 : sayuri Says:

    That winter the wing blows was something! I just love it!!! So sad when Moo Chul was stabbed with a knife , and Youngi was trying to suicide…

  1029. 1029 : chaby Says:

    Yes Definitely Vote This For Koreadrama.org Best Drama 2013

  1030. 1030 : Park jun sung Says:

    I’m agree, . . .
    I’m definetly vote this drama in koreandrama.org awards 2013

  1031. 1031 : Park jun sung Says:

    yes sis, its good if they meet in romantic comedy drama like full house. . . Or lie to me. . .

  1032. 1032 : Noname Says:

    Im having LSS on this kdrama ost; nice

  1033. 1033 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung – hi sissy how are you? im sad because twtwb will be ending tomorrow… because ill miss hye kyo and in sung

  1034. 1034 : Jenny Says:

    How is the ending??? will it be a sad or happy ending ??? Can’t wait for it!!

  1035. 1035 : Park jun sung Says:

    i’m fine, hbu?
    See u in another nice drama sis. Tomorrow is bright day, good ending with beautiful scene (i hope)

    of course its happy ending. We have beg to director recent weeks #LOL 😀

  1036. 1036 : Park jun sung Says:

    In first time, i’m a bit feel weird with the title of this drama. The title is a bit long and seem like a sentences in dialog *?!*
    the first poster which released (when oh soo hugs oh young, u can look above) also make me feel weird.
    3rd, i look JIS and SHK at the first poster with old style seem like this drama about 80’s period drama such as love rain (adult version).

    But after watch the trailer, its a bit change my mind. The instrument effect in trailer is good and “horrible”. After watch ep 1-3, im start to like this drama especially JIS. He was so gentle. . . And after 15 episode aired, okay i’m crazy now 😛

  1037. 1037 : peyriteyl Says:

    patk jun sung- suggest me what to watch and i could go on your way for conversation 🙂 like what you mentioned JOJ this april 😄 today will be the day. however i might be watching it tomorrow since i will be out of the town.

    i had my love first sight on this drama from the casts, posters, trailers.. i thank the staffs and crews most especially to the director and screenwriter for making it possible that there is still such a classic love story that will always be carved in our hearts, a drama that was based on a sad movie but yet to manage to surpassed it with beautiful dialogues, eye catching facial expressions and acting given by the actors, memorable sceneries, romantic songs that were so powerful and the “feeling” that we felt during the drama feeling that Love Does Exists in This World unexpectedly even on the worst situations


  1038. 1038 : niens Says:

    love!love!this is my drama!

  1039. 1039 : qtie Says:

    indeed very best drama

  1040. 1040 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Last day. I wish there’s an extension.



  1041. 1041 : Park jun sung Says:

    i suggest u to watch JOJ or GFB. Seem like will be good and popular drama next season

  1042. 1042 : haruhi28 Says:

    tonight is the night….

  1043. 1043 : Park jun sung Says:

    1 hours again. . .

  1044. 1044 : suni Says:


  1045. 1045 : peyriteyl Says:

    :(((( waiting for the viewers responses about thr ending. i might be able to watch ep 16 tomorrow

  1046. 1046 : hyuk Says:

    (spoiler 🙂


    their kissing is so hot….

  1047. 1047 : Erxuank Says:

    Nice drama,Nice ending,Like it so much!! ><
    Looking foward to Jo Insung n Song Hyekyo next drama ^^

  1048. 1048 : anna Says:

    My gosh I have not seen it, is it happy ending or what ??

  1049. 1049 : Park jun sung Says:

    Bye all.
    I will leave this thread until tomorrow evening. . 😀
    I will comeback soon after i watch the last ep. Hehe

  1050. 1050 : htayapril Says:

    waiting for last ep. ??????

  1051. 1051 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Congrats Song Hye Gyo nominated for BEST ACTRESS in Baeksang Arts Awards 2013!

  1052. 1052 : emerald Says:

    its a happy ending guys… what a twist of a story…

  1053. 1053 : tera Says:

    finally got the see the last episode…one side satisfaction…another is sadness. I hope to see more of jo in sung in a brighter chharacter cause his smile….make me melt…

  1054. 1054 : Sina Says:

    I know. I am very happy with the ending even tho there are no subs yet.

  1055. 1055 : Pim Says:

    OH! It’s real kiss !
    love this drama also
    Happy ending Yeh!

  1056. 1056 : Carmen Says:

    ❤❤❤❤ a lot of LOVE

  1057. 1057 : Carmen Says:

    why is taking this as April 4th at 4am??? that is wrong here is 1:09pm on 4/3/2013

  1058. 1058 : niens Says:


  1059. 1059 : AAAAA Says:

    Oh Young said : secratary wang told me, you were here since 6 monts ago…..
    so… so did’nt die.
    but what was meant by the words jing sung??

  1060. 1060 : gaeg Says:

    wow!highest rating for finale!indeed great ending!

  1061. 1061 : hyuk Says:


    There’re some hypotheses why Jin-Sung said “We should give Oh-Soo the flowers” as below.

    1. This “Oh-Soo” means Oh-Young’s “REAL” brother because he’s dead.
    2. They will give the floweres to Oh-Soo’s Cafe as a gift.
    3. Jin-Sung pretended to have killed Oh-Soo to protect his family.
    4. Jin-Sung believed that Oh-Soo was dead.
    … …

  1062. 1062 : hyuk Says:

    SHK said :
    “Oh-young’s eye was not completely cured because the writer already knew that the results of this kind of operation have not been successful except 3 cases in the medical history, and she wanted not to give blind people absurd hopes.

    How reasonable and how thoughtful idea it is!!

  1063. 1063 : Micc Says:

    I think we need a “like” button here, admin. 🙂
    For there are times you have nothing in particular to comment but just feel content and happy. That’s how I feel now. 🙂

    (@Micc from admin: we already have ‘facebook like button’ on the left side of this page)

  1064. 1064 : ylpgrace Says:

    hyuk’s I like your hypotheses! I guess you are right.

  1065. 1065 : AAAAA Says:

    but I am sure it is not imagination, as if the imagination, as long as it is not possible.,,,,
    i’m believed it’s really happy endinggggggggggggg……. 😀

  1066. 1066 : AAAAA Says:

    happy endingggggggg….

  1067. 1067 : FineGuard Says:

    This is one good drama. Never thought Jo In Sung look so handsome, and he act so good. My two thumbs up for Song Hye Kyo too. Next in line, Kim Bum act, wow very alive. I hope Kim Bum will appear in many action based drama and later be given the chance to become lead actor. This drama is next to I Miss You that I really look forward to watch.

  1068. 1068 : dabee Says:

    Absolutley loved this drama and the happy ending was icing on the cake. YEAH!!!!

  1069. 1069 : Sina Says:

    Yeah!!! Love it.

  1070. 1070 : anna Says:

    @Hyuk, same with ylpgrace , I really like your hypotheses as well, and if Oh So is really dead by Jin Sung, why He Sun just sitting next to him , laughing, and teasing each other, instead of hate Jin Sung for killing Oh So (I guess the director wants to make audience think that Oh So is really dead before the ending scene). If I may choose, I think your first hypotheses, is the most suitable one..:)

    Some people also thought that it was Youngie’s imagination (me either before the sub came out), because the atmosphere when they met at the cafe was a bit blur, I thought it was probably in heaven (hahha..LOL). But then I realized that that was Young’s vision which still cannot see things surround her as clear as we are (even after surgery). Moreover, conversation at the café when Young’s telling So that she knew So for 20 days, Sec Wang told her that Oh So already there for six months, Oh So telling Sec Young not to tell Young about where he is, etc, they really indicated that it was real.

    One again after the sub, yeahhhh I was really satisfied and relieved with the ending of the drama…congrats TWTWB team…!! Superrrrrrr …

  1071. 1071 : Reivo Says:

    I Really Happy Watch Final episodes, Truth Happy Ending…
    I Cry but I’m happy.. I Can’t stop my tears..
    Nice ending..
    Sakura background make romantic scene…
    Congratz for all cast and team staff TWTWB ^^

  1072. 1072 : AAAAA Says:

    why TWTWB not listed in Most Shared Drama in KoreanDrama.org (Top 30)????

  1073. 1073 : hny Says:

    wawww …it sound good ending … still in my doughter school …cant wait to watch .;((

  1074. 1074 : Hadeso Says:

    Oh , i cant speak anymore ..
    its best drama in 2013 ..
    love you soo much Oh Soo

  1075. 1075 : haruhi28 Says:

    yey! happy ending 🙂

  1076. 1076 : lanie Says:

    i love oh soo & oh young they both best in acting…the writer is great they create a story that people will satisfy and happy indeed…hope to see them again…best in 2013…

  1077. 1077 : tigerb Says:

    am glad the ending was a happy one, for the sake of the romantic viewers. it’s a good drama to watch, and i didn’t get bored. cast and acting ware good, some background music was inappropriate for the scenes, ahhh, i thought i gave up commenting on the mishaps of production. i’d miss to watch the leading man sprint – he has the grace of a marathon man. i was real surprised with kim bum – first time i saw him was in BOF, he lost his baby fat, and he really acted well in this series! i should watch his in between works. this series is a remake, i wonder how the korean movie or the original japanese drama ended. i’d like to watch those, if i have the time. cheers!

  1078. 1078 : fitri Says:

    one of the best korean drama i’ve ever seen.
    the story, the character, the actress.

    it’s a WOW for the ending.
    i’m pleased seen those.

  1079. 1079 : Cc Says:

    Love this drama…. Very good and romantic ending…..

  1080. 1080 : Kyufan Says:

    I’m thankful that the writer decided to end this drama wonderfully.LOVE THIS DRAMA!!! I hope this will be shown in my country so that I can watch it on TV.I’m sure a lot of people would find this drama exceptional! =D

  1081. 1081 : popcek Says:


  1082. 1082 : hny Jo Says:

    HAPPYYYYY …HAPPPPY… thanks to NOH.. u are so confident by refuse to extend this drama ,glad u finish the story soo well , fast ending with all taste ..sad ,suspense, sweet ,friendly and happyness ALSO great KISS scene!! hahhahha Oh Soo nafsu juga ya sama bibir sexy itu ..hmmmm ;))

    THANKS 4 ALL who work in THis project, I’LL Vote for the best drama 2013… DAEBAK !!!

    JO IN SUNG man in RED… cool …SARANGHAE 😀

  1083. 1083 : fannie Says:

    i love the ending. am glad that the writers divert the ending into a happy one, not like the one in the movie.while i was watching it, i was so nervous coz i was already preparing myself with a sad ending.anyway, thanks to the production staff. i love SHG and Jo In Sung. they were great.they really portrayed their character so well.hope to see them again in another production.

  1084. 1084 : saibi Says:

    This Drama is Good to Our Heart and feeling….

    Good and so powerfull Characters….
    Congrats. i love This positive Ending…
    go jo in sung and song hye kyo… Love u All.

  1085. 1085 : mona Says:

    good rating and now it’s finish………..

  1086. 1086 : peyriteyl Says:

    sis park jung sung, are you still there? im watching now the episode 16! alas i have seen it is a good ending!

  1087. 1087 : ella Says:

    yay! happy ending :)) though it’s sad because it’s only 16 episode 🙁 i love seeing them together… i hope Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo will fell in love together ♥_♥

  1088. 1088 : Park jun sung Says:

    hay sis. Yeah im here now. And i have finish watch it one hours ago. . . 😀
    Enjoy the show, after finish it. Comeback here, let share our mind 😀

  1089. 1089 : Park jun sung Says:

    Oh damn. . . . . Aaaaa so perfect ending! Most happy ending drama! I’m glad they end up together without one of them should be die. Oh gosh! Its make me worried and scary when oh soo almost die! Really i want to cry saw that scene. I thought that its will be sad ending. And the scene on glossom i think just the imagination of oh young. Its more make me worried again when jin sung said that he will bring a flowers to oh soo. Aish that time i really want to cry. Well its make me really want to cry when oh young walking alone in the blossom street and someone who riding bicycle (oh soo) passed her, and he just leave oh young without say anything. Damn, i think that oh soo really die, and he’s just oh young imagination.
    Well, my hearts is blowing hard when finally oh young come to cafe and oh soo served her a tea. Haish, im relief that oh soo actually didnt die!
    Its SO PERFECT ENDING for me. The kissing with blossom scene as background! Best k drama in 2013!

    Aaaa i want to cry becoz this drama is SO AMAZING!
    Thank u very much director fulfill our begs. . . I appreciate your great jobs! You have make us cried a lots and smile at the end!

  1090. 1090 : Leelee-chan Says:

    Super awesome Love Story!!! 😀 They both suit each other!! 😀 watch it! Worth watching! 😀

  1091. 1091 : Park jun sung Says:

    @anna @hyuk
    yes sis, its also gave me a question. What does jin sung mean with gave oh soo flowers? Yeah i think he mean its refers to real oh soo. . .

    @hny jo
    sis janji ya vote this drama in koreandrama.org awards 2013.
    Im PROMISE I WILL DIFINETLY VOTE THIS DRAMA in koreandrama.org awards 2013!!! No doubt!

  1092. 1092 : Park jun sung Says:

    Ouch! I cant stop share my happinesse here! Wow, the rating is hit 3rd! Almost hit 20%. I think korean people agree that this drama is worth watching! Aish, i really hope that song hye gyo and jo insung will be real couple!!! Cz after filming ep 16, she said that she admire to jo insung. Come on, this drama contain 5 times of kiss scene between SHG and JIS. Is it not en0ugh to make them fall in love in real life!?
    And im really hope that both SHG and JIS will role in drama once again. With genre romantic drama such as lie to me or secret garden! Its would be great one and im sure i will watch it!

    hey girl, where are u? I’m curious what your happinesse expression after finish watch ep 16! 😀

  1093. 1093 : SHL Says:

    The best drama 😀 , i wish they will become a true couple .GREAT !

  1094. 1094 : rona Says:

    love it!! they are both good looking..nice couple indeed..

  1095. 1095 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    seem that everyone was happy about the ending… is it that good? I just start watching eps 1, I hope I’m not wasting my time by watching this…
    I love the ost Grey Paper by Yesung, I’m not SuJu fan but always love hearing his voice for drama ost..

  1096. 1096 : Park jun sung Says:

    yeah sis. Of course you SHOULD try to watch this drama. This drama is so good and worth watching. You will not dissapointed watch it, especially for the ending.
    Aduh bneran deh aku udh khabisan kata2, pkoknya drama ini bner2 bgus deh apalgi endingnya perfect bgt. . .

  1097. 1097 : Park jun sung Says:

    yeah sis. Of course you SHOULD try to watch this drama. This drama is so good and worth watching. You will not dissapointed watch it, especially for the ending.
    Aduh bneran deh aku udh khabisan kata2, pkoknya drama ini bner2 bgus deh apalgi endingnya perfect bgt. . .

  1098. 1098 : AAAAA Says:

    @Park jun sung: of course… this veryyyyyyyyyy good…. but why not listed in Most Shared Drama in KoreanDrama.org (Top 30)??

  1099. 1099 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung – sissy i feel asleep i wasnt able to comment. my analysis was that oh soo didnt die 🙂 the thought of him being dead and jin sung stab him was to divert president kim’s attention since he really wanted to kill them both. it was after 6 months after oh young’s operation ( spring time) that they met again. although at first it was thought as oh young’s imagination since the background was blurry, but it was the realistic side of the story that oh young’s sight has not totally recovered it’s still blurry. and when she saw his face gradually upon the brightness of light ( my heart is thumping) and recognition of the bell’s sound on oh soo’s bracelet, she had this bright face. they had this endless kisses under cherry blossoms that was shot beautifully 🙂

    sis this is best kdrama in 2013. no doubt sis. i will only vote for this. too perfect sis…this drama had touch my heart. miracles do happen 🙂 after all the trials and hardships, oh soo and oh young finally happy in bothe each others arms. though there is no weddingg i would love to see that 🙂 hope they date in real life! sissy, lets vote for them in baeksang awards since they are nominated

  1100. 1100 : Park jun sung Says:

    becoz in this drama there is not hallyu star. I mean, not all people know exatcly who is Jo insung, and song hye gyo.
    Its different with drama which had hallyu star such as love rain and missing you, also gu family book.

    Look, in love rain there is jang geun seuk, as we know that he had million fans here. Of course all his fans will support him by click like button without determined the story of their idol is good or not. And the latest is gu family book drama, look, its not aired yet, people dont know the story good or not, but it has hit more than 1,1 thousand like. Becoz there is lee seung gi and suzy who actually hallyu star and has thousands fans who already support their drama.

    Well, u can conclude, the fans of JIS&SHG is not as much as fans of JGS (love rain), yoochun (i miss u), LSG&suzy (GFB). So this drama got a bit likers.

  1101. 1101 : Park jun sung Says:

    really they has nominated? Where i can vote them? Give me the link

  1102. 1102 : Sina Says:

    Yeah!!! I like to vote too. Let me know when we can……

  1103. 1103 : Yuni Says:

    Can’t wait to see this drama…

  1104. 1104 : hny Jo Says:

    @Park jun sung…. of coz lahhh.. I will vote for this *-* walau sibuk ngurus anak tetap vote klo udah wkt y nanti ;))… this drama not include in Top 30 doesn’t matter 4 me.. andai aja I mash ABG ..JIS pasti jd top star nya ‘Hallyu star’ soalnya tampangnya ga pasaran ;))

    and abt JIn sung said abt flower I think it dedicated for real OS, remember when OS out from jail he n jin sung come to the place where OS been burried he brought a flower ,purple one look like one of baby’s breath kind from philiphine
    … they must thankfull to real OS , because of him.. bring them to OY and can change their destiny for normal life.
    SO jun sung ga nyesel kan ntn drama ini ,ga bikin hati kesal karna harus benci salah satu karakter.. smuanya karakter ok kan kaya manusia biasa aja yg kadang punya ambisi, salah and harus tau kapan berhenti and TAUBAT( ky wali bilang) ;))
    nonton drama apa lagi nh kita.. kayanya blum ada yang terlalu menarik nh.. smua jalan critanya udah ketebak.. istirahatn mata dulu kali ya!!!

  1105. 1105 : Park jun sung Says:

    @hny jo
    waduh mbk, bener2 deh pkiranmu sma bgt kyak pkiranku. Yapz, aku juga mikir karo drama2 yg mau tayang ini gak ada yang menarik. Gak ada sesuatu yang “wah” gtu lo. Dan especially, pemainnya gak ada yang bkin aku falling in luph. . .
    Sejauh 4 bulan d thn 2013, the best kdrama still in TWTWB for me!
    Of course, aku bener2 gak nyesel liad nih drama. Endingnya perfect bgt. I’m reallx love last 6 minutes before its end. Oh young walking alone in cherry blossom, trz si ohsoo passed her without say anything. Damn its so romantic. Apalagi waktu di cafe, aduh rasanya pengen teriak2 di jalan deh aku! Di akhiri dgn kiss, okay aku langsung meleleh. . .
    Aduh jo insung, rasanya gak bisa napas deh kalo liad dia. 😛

    I Promise i will vote this drama in awards 2013.

    Btw sis, katanya JIS ama SHK masuk n0minasi baeksang. Alamat votingnya dmana ya?

  1106. 1106 : Park jun sung Says:

    I’m agree with @hny. . . I think innocent man & that winter the wind blows is great and amazing drama with positive responds from viewers, and also hit high rating. ALTHOUGH its not on list 30 most shared drama. Come on, not all drama which had a lots of share are has good story too. Most of them also just has a lots fans. . .

  1107. 1107 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park Jun Sung
    if you loveJo In Sung/Kim Bum, please vote for them for popularity actor for drama category coz they had low voter sooooo left behind by Park Yoochun who is in #1 and Seo In Guk at #2.. I’m glad that Yoochun still in number one since I’m JYJ fan..
    cm syg g bs ngevote coz pk bhs Hangul en kyke khusus buat yg tggal d Korea aja..
    JIS ga masuk nominasi yg SHG masuk di kategori Best actress…

  1108. 1108 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @park jun sung
    for more details here the nominees of 49th Baeksang Art Awards 2013:

    best drama:
    -unexpected you
    -light and shadow
    -wife’s crudentials
    -the chaser
    -school 2013

    beat actor:
    -yoo joon sang
    -son hyun jo
    -uhm tae woong
    -lee sung min
    -lee sang yoon

    beat actress:
    -kim nam jo
    -kim hee ae
    -lee bo young
    -kim seong ryeong

  1109. 1109 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    oops sorry..
    I miss song hye gyo named in best actress category..

  1110. 1110 : hny Says:

    @ JUN SUNG …nah itu dia aku jg g tau …ga sempet cari ‘… klau pun ada ..ga ngerti bhs y ky @ tara Luv JJ said ….tp walau g msk artis popular mgkn krn usia y jg udh anktn akyu …tetep terkenal dslrh dunia tuh ..pasti tetap laris manizzzz ;))

  1111. 1111 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    sorry again you guys.. I write BEST with BEAT..
    haha sily me.. jd malu dah..

  1112. 1112 : Park jun sung Says:

    aduh, ak jg fansnya yoochun, but, fiuh yoochun won it 3 years. Huh, let other actors won it. . .
    Hah? Trz SHK msuk kategory yg mana?

  1113. 1113 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    yg masuk nominasi justru aktor senior smua tuh.. usianya lbh tua dr JIS 🙂

  1114. 1114 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @park jun sung
    selain best ada kategori popularity, cm syg Jo In Sung cm dpt 0.2% smntr Yoochun dah 22% msh mnding dibanding Jang Geun Suk ato Jang Dong Gun yg dpt 0% voter…

  1115. 1115 : hny Says:

    @ JUN SUNG …nah itu dia aku jg g tau …ga sempet cari ‘… klau pun ada ..ga ngerti bhs y ky @ tara Luv JJ said ….tp walau g msk artis popular mgkn krn usia y jg udh anktn akyu …tetep terkenal dslrh dunia tuh ..pasti tetap laris manizzzz ;))… tapi dia masuk tuh nominasi baeksang award 2013 cr di Google ..cm pas mau nvote..adehhhhh bhs y ga ngrti aku ;(( jd blum bisa ksh dukungn nihhh ..

  1116. 1116 : hny Says:

    @tara ….ya ga papa jg JIS ga kplh di baeksang award th ini …toh dia pernah dpt award di 40 n 41 th baeksang award Di jamn keemasanya ;))

  1117. 1117 : fitri Says:

    (c) click here to cast your votes http://isplus.joinsmsn.com/award/bs/2013/vote/v_sub1.html

    vote for SHK and JIS…

  1118. 1118 : fitri Says:

    link nominator 2013 Baeksang Awards:


  1119. 1119 : fitri Says:

    : @tara and hny..
    iya.. mau vote tapi bahasanya gak ngerti banget.. padahal pengennya liat mereka berdua menang di Baeksang 2013.

    @park jun sung..
    bener banget, setelah kelar ntn TWTWB, bingung mau ntn apalagi, gak ada yang menarik serialnya..

  1120. 1120 : anna Says:

    seru bgt obrolannya…aku ngikutin terus..walopun br skr komennya….

  1121. 1121 : hny Says:

    @fitri …udh tau link itu tp gmn vote y …wong flak klik sn sni g bisa ;(( … hadehhh sutralah toh klo g menang jg no problem .. toh talents mrk sdh terbukti !!
    klo aku buat gnti drama ini coba ntn film n drama lama JIS ky spring day or Madeleine and now I’m looking for dirty carnival film action y …ky keren bkn JIS dpt best actor award 2006…try ! if u like JIS acting ;))

    @anna hrs y nongol dr awal dong ..jd tambh seru comment y .

  1122. 1122 : Park jun sung Says:

    huhu thankz for the link.

    @hny @tara @ana
    aduh guys, bneran deh aku udah nyoba cek websitenya. Gila bahasanya bikin nyesek. Udah berulang kali aku translate page tapi kagak bisa. Aku copy teks nya juga gak bs ke copy. . .
    Dgn mengeluarkan smua jiwa dan ragaku untuk menerjemahkan skaligus membaca tulisan hangul nya, yah posisi
    1. Park yoochun IMY (22%)
    2. Lee sung gi K2H (17%)
    3. etc.

  1123. 1123 : Park jun sung Says:

    Plis deh, ya aku emang salah satu fansnya yoochun. Tapi come on, dia udah menang 3 tahun berturut2, gantian aktor lain donk! Bikin kesel aja lama2. . .

    Btw, okay nevermind although JIS & SHK dont get the baeksang. But i’m sure in SBS awards they will got a lots of awards, this drama too *balas dendam*

  1124. 1124 : nyte Says:

    Soo beautiful ending….. GREAT drama!!!

  1125. 1125 : suni Says:


  1126. 1126 : peyriteyl Says:

    hi sis park jun sung! what happened? i thought shk and jis were nominated in baeksang? i couldnt een vote on the site since goggle translation coyldnt translate the words in english! 🙁 if i will be able to understand as well as others we might be able to vote

  1127. 1127 : peyriteyl Says:

    best drama with best ending 😄

  1128. 1128 : gonehollywood Says:

    this is my favorite drama! and the leads! whatta kiss underneath the cherry blossoms so romantic!

  1129. 1129 : anna Says:

    well,guys…it really doesn’t matter if JIS and SHK not nominated in some awards…they’ve already won in my heart….

  1130. 1130 : null Says:

    anybody who watches this drama wont regret it! 10 stars :p

  1131. 1131 : RonelaAGArcia Says:

    Yes, I also want to vote but it was written in Korean letters, and I don’t understand it. Where can we find English translation or subs in voting? I do want to vote for Song Hye Kyo.

    To all TWTWB, what drama should we watch next? Please suggest!

  1132. 1132 : hny Says:

    @RonelaGARcia ….well dear me n some other here still doesn’t know ..which one new drama we want to see next coz not one in upcoming is So So .. myself just look to old drama of JIS n will cek .gu family book n also 9 times time travel …. ;))

  1133. 1133 : peyriteyl Says:

    hi ronelagarcia and hny.. yap too bad we cant vote even goggle tanslator couldnt translate the website into english. for sure a lot of twtwb want to vote too 🙁 i really consider jo in sung as the greatest korean actor. out of all drama’s ive watch, he is the actor who is really superb in acting. if he cries in a drama, viewers also cry. he has the aftermath effect of touching viewer’s hearts. ive watch him in what happens in bali, i was left speechless with his acting. i do hope there will be another follow up drama for him. best if he is paired with song hye kyo this time in romantic comedy coz hye kyo mentioned that probably she wants to act something like comedy if time comes she will have again another drama. they really deserved to be nominated in baeksang they have international fans rooting for them. im sure the drama, casts and crew are going to swipe all sbs awards! 😄 also im hoping hye kyo and in sung be real life sweethearts *crossing fingers they have this chemistry!

  1134. 1134 : kreza Says:

    I Miss This Drama Terribly. Why Not Include TWTWB Pic Above The Banner Since Its A Beautiful Drama? T,T And Also Most Shared Please Administrator

  1135. 1135 : peyriteyl Says:

    a quote from a recent interview of jo in sung “in the last scene,when i looked at song hye kyo’s eyes, my heart fluttered”
    kyaaaaaaaaaa o2 ship is shiping!!

  1136. 1136 : Park jun sung Says:

    really? AAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaA

  1137. 1137 : Park jun sung Says:

    @peyrityl and all here
    guys, there is not anyone who can read or understand hangul. . . ? Urg, its bad. Jo insung and Song hye gyo need our votes. 🙁
    *nyesek bgt deh*

    btw, as i know, @hyuk is korean. Where is she (or maybe him) ???

  1138. 1138 : hyuk Says:

    @Park jun sung

    Yes, I’m Korean. What can I do for you? Can you tell me the site to vote?

  1139. 1139 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun sung
    itu tndanya Yoochun emg super ngetop.. utk saat ini 🙂 mgk ini jg balas dendam fans JYJ di Korea yg ga bs ngeliat aktivitas grup Yoochun ini tv2 Korea en ga bs liat JYJ d acara2 award music so mrk dukungnya lwt award drama ajah… lagipula drama2 Yoochun bagus kan…

    iya smoga JIS and SHG bs mng d SBS Drama Awardbln desember nanti..

  1140. 1140 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    digging some of old JIS’s dramas? I hope is not What Happened in Bali aka Memories of Bali… nyesek bgt liatnya.. ato pilem Frozen Flower ajah … haduh.. haduh 🙂

  1141. 1141 : hny Says:

    ahaaaa @ hyuk is here …[email protected] jun sung where r u !!!

    @hyuk u can see the link in previous comments page 44/45 ..help us translate it or maybe u can gave vote to JIS n SHK for us ;)) sory can copy the link from my phone .

  1142. 1142 : honey cone Says:

    unfortunately i can’t watch it.. my network is soooooooo sloooowww…. can’t connect… huhuu… why..? i’m on the last episode…

  1143. 1143 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Beautiful ending..DAEBAK♡

  1144. 1144 : hyuk Says:

    @ hny

    OK, I’ll find it and vote for them.

  1145. 1145 : hny Says:

    @tara ..itu udh aku tonton ..skrg lg ntn dirty carnival … dsni dia jd gangster .ya hmpr mrp sm TWTWB …in bali emang mengharu biru bgt critanya ..tp gw suka ….micky n Jae jong gw suka jg tp dgn rasa y berbeda jk dbndg sm JIS ;))) kekkekekekk
    frozen flower …is A WoW acting from JIS ;)))) it’s a bonus wkwkwkwakaaa

  1146. 1146 : hny Says:

    @hyuk ….oooo thankyuuuuu nice to chat w korean ppl …

  1147. 1147 : hyuk Says:


    It’s my pleasure ^^

    I found the link and got to know that there are two ways to vote for them. One is by telephone calling, and the other is through a smartphone app.

    I don’t think both methods can not be available by international fans, though you can download the APP.

    Well, I downloaded the APP of “2013 하이원 백상예술대상 인기투표” (2013 Baeksang Arts Award) and bought 5 tickets (Yes! it’s not free!!). I voted with 2 tickets for JIS, 2 for SHK, and 1 for Kim Bum 🙂


  1148. 1148 : hyuk Says:

    I don’t think both methods can not be available by international fans,
    => I don’t think both methods can be available by international fans,

    because phonecalling needs your hearing ability of Korean language, and smarphone app needs a confirming process interactively.

  1149. 1149 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- sissy! yes i cant understand since im from the philippines. filipinos are known to be good voters when it comes to online… so sad we cant understand and even vote 🙁 if there are any methods so that we could could be able to boost votes of hye kyo and in sung since they deserved to have these precious awards

  1150. 1150 : Philippines Says:

    The entire staff of TWTWB together with the actors, director and writer will have a 5days vacation in Philippines~! Daebak!


  1151. 1151 : hny Says:

    @hyuk …ooo not free and not available for us …OMG ..so sad …but ur so kind for buy 5 ticket…and u only have one for kim bun …we are so tq ..I love kim bun too his act get better since BBF . BTW what ur fav drama actually ..actor n actress and what do u think abt TWTWB ..u stay in korea or ….gosh it seem so many thing I want to know ..forget it ;)))… thanks hyuk !!

  1152. 1152 : hyuk Says:


    Oh, really? I went to Cebu this year(on the First week of TWTWB aired) with my family friends, too.
    Yes, Cebu is one of the most popular tour spot among Koreans!

  1153. 1153 : hyuk Says:


    Yes, I live in Korea, and I’m a Korean.

    My favorite K-Drama is “Alone in Love” starred by Son Ye-Jin & Kam Woo-Sung aired in 2006. It’s very romantic and I liked their inner expression. And, the OST were very very great and heart-touching with meaningful lyrics.

    I want all of you to watch “Alone in Love” if you can.

  1154. 1154 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @hny and everyone
    beside drama category, Kim Bum also nominated for movie category..
    Rokie Movie Actor of the Year for his acting in movie “Psychometry”..

  1155. 1155 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    nice to meet you… you so lucky living in Korea. someday I wish I could visit your country..
    I know about Alone in Love but I never be able to watching it.. is it melodrama too?
    may I know what the most popular actor/actress in Korea right now? tq b4..

  1156. 1156 : rina Says:

    anyone know how I can get the music which being used when oh soo run to find young

  1157. 1157 : Let In Sung Wins Says:

    Hyuk, please vote for in sung more than 10x a day for us please… We are not koreans but we love in sung to win the award ‘cos he deserved it!!
    His acting is superb!!

    Be our respresentative, will ya 😀

    Thank you heaps dear 😀


  1158. 1158 : Let In Sung Wins Says:


  1159. 1159 : hny Says:

    @hyuk .. finally I met a real korean ;)) coz in this thread I though park jun sung who is korean b4 I know her … but where is she !!!
    hmmm I see the poster of alone in love ..I never know the lead cast ..the story seem interesting and I’ll watch this since there’s no upcoming drama catch my eyes .anyway tq 4 recomand the drama … night dear !
    @tara …wow that’s great …hope he can be the winner .. to bad we can’t gave vote for him but what I can do is just pray for him… to be the winner ;))

  1160. 1160 : hyuk Says:


    Yes, it’s a 100% melodrama, and you can check it in this site at http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=268

    The most popular actor and actress now in Korea? Well, there are so many actors/actresses, but the popularity differs among generations. So, I cannot say who is the most popular one, but I can definitely say that JIS and SHK are among the top class actors/actresses in Korea. 🙂

  1161. 1161 : hny Says:

    @Let In sung Win …wakakakaka 10 time a day to vote …ooh dear ..is not free to vote @hyuk must buy a ticket to vote …I dont know how much hyuk spent his money …

  1162. 1162 : peyriteyl Says:

    hyuk- i would love to watch the drama that recommended! im sure its a good drama also since the lead casts are really good in acting

  1163. 1163 : peyriteyl Says:

    i would like to vote for jo in sung ang song hye kyo. pls help me guys

  1164. 1164 : hyuk Says:

    @hny, peyriteyl and other fans of JIS

    I also recommend you to watch the move “The Classic” starred by JIS and Son Ye-Jin. This movie is one of my favorite ones made about 10 years ago.

    This movie made JIS a star when it was released because we became to know JIS by this movie and his acting was so natural.

    Yes, this movie “the Classic” is also a very very romantic movie 🙂

    You can watch this movie at YouTube, searched by the words “The classic korean movie”

  1165. 1165 : hny Jo Says:

    @peyriteyl .. did u read @hyuk post( page 46).. is not easy for international fan to vote but if u can n know korean language maybe u can try !! and is not free to give a vote u must buy a ticket.

  1166. 1166 : Park jun sung Says:

    hay hay, im here. . haish. . . . Wkakakaka aku juga ada darah2 korea juga kale sis. . . Ya lee min ho ama kim so hyun kerabat jauh ku. Hahaha

    @hyuk. .
    Oh my God. You are so kind. . . Thank you very much for your help. . .
    Hey sis, may i know, why in online page thread about kdrama i seldom watch korean people interaction? In facebook, in twitter, in koreandrama.org page, i seldom found korean people. Where did they usually discussed about that? Is there a website specially for korean? Or they never discussed it on internet?
    Or maybe they use “kakao talk” ?
    Hehe, sorry for spam question

  1167. 1167 : hny Jo Says:

    @hyuk .. I already watch classic .. and I love it.. JIS still look ‘shy’ 😉
    this thread so ‘life tonight.. to bad jun sung not here…guys did u not going out in saturday night ;))

  1168. 1168 : hny Jo Says:

    @ jun sung… wakakakaka… masa sihhh :)) kemana aja dari tadi..tidur ya

  1169. 1169 : Park jun sung Says:

    hay sis. Emm i also want to vote, but its so difficult to do that. By android app or calling there. . .

    wow, they go to philipina? Come to indonesia too plis 🙁

  1170. 1170 : hyuk Says:


    Oh, did you already watch “the classic”?

    Then, you’d know the lead actress Son Ye-Jin of “Alone in Love” because she also starred in “the Classic” with JIS!!

  1171. 1171 : Park jun sung Says:

    iya mbk, im rleep at afternoon, after that i should attend course. . . (ce ilee mau ngomöng les di bimbel aja pake sok ngomong “attend course”, gua. . . Haha)

  1172. 1172 : hyuk Says:

    @Park Jun Sung

    Koreans don’t speak English very well, and we usually discuss about dramas in so many sites only in Korean language though.

    I think the most popular discussing site of drama is the website of the broadcasting company. e.g) Many Koreans discuss about TWTWB at SBS drama page for TWTWB viewers.

    Besides, various Korean Websites like DC gallery (http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=baramibunda), or another hundres of fanpages exist according to the fans’ tastes or their ages.

    Some of the fan sites provide real-time news much earlier than internet news sites and some fan sites have many hard-core fans, and another sites have many critical fans…

    Of course, there are many J-drama fan sites and US-drama fan sites in Korea, too. 🙂

  1173. 1173 : hny Says:

    @hyuk …yes ….oh ya rite !! sorry I not see the poster clearly ;)) I know her but the lead actor stil not recognized him …

  1174. 1174 : Park jun sung Says:

    emm, like that?
    Btw, did korean people (especially for teenagers) also like watching and addicted with korean drama as much as foreign? International viewers (especially teenagers) really addicted with korean drama and kpop. It was hallyu around the world u know :D. Did korean also seem like that? Or only old people who like watching drama there?

  1175. 1175 : hyuk Says:

    @Park Jun Sung

    Korean teenagers (middle~high school stuents) don’t have much time to watch TV because most of them stay at school or go to hak-won(private group tutoring institute for students) after class, so they can come back home as late as 11:00 PM almost every day. Yes, the mood is too competitive for Korean students to go to better colleges and they are so pressured by their parents. Too pitiful of them~

    For dramas, mid-aged Korean women(25~45 yrs) are main viewers, which is reflected by the order of high-rating of drama. Many of them are naturally addicted to dramas and follow the popular actresses’s style (e.g. Recently, many Korean women follow SHK’s style like lipstick colors, or her way of make-up).

    Of course, teenagers watch dramas too, but they usually watch them in holidays with replying service or through download from internet sites, which cannot be counted as viewing-rate, that’s why popular dramas among teeangers sometimes show low-rating.

    For current K-pop songs, most of the fans are teenagers, while mid-aged people like old K-pop or old US or UK pop-songs.

    Well, can you guess my age and sex, then?

  1176. 1176 : hyuk Says:

    replying service -> replay service

  1177. 1177 : hny Says:

    [email protected] interesting civilizations … so let me guess ur age hmmm … more than 25 n u are namja ;)) hahaha , no?

  1178. 1178 : hyuk Says:


    You are a genius! 🙂

  1179. 1179 : hny Says:

    really ….ohhhj…namja ….surprise !

  1180. 1180 : hny Says:

    @jun sung ….where r u …sleeping trz nih ….sis ini bagian mu …;))

  1181. 1181 : Park jun sung Says:

    aduh sorry2, my handphone is lowbait. . .

    wow, they go home after study at 11pm? Omwo, its too late. I also go home from school in evening after that continue my study in course. Fiuh it seem like that korean teenagers are smart student. Come on, they study from morning until night. Its really make me being crazy if i were them.
    Aigoo, you are a namja? Aish, mianhae. . . I think that u are a female. Sorry oppa. . .
    Btw, did u has a twitter or facebook? May i know? 😛

  1182. 1182 : Park jun sung Says:

    eh sis, kog u tw seh klo dy itu cow? Kalimat yg mana nunjukkin klo dy cwo? Trz tw lg umurnya. . . *gk ngerti sma skali*

  1183. 1183 : hny Says:

    @jun sung … itulah kelebihan aku ..yahh pengalaman lahhhh ;)) nahhh hajar dehhh
    Saturday night nih …. u not dating !!

    @hyuk .
    thank 4 the info abt korean and hope can see u arround in other thread ..n is there any upcoming drama that u will watch so maybe we can discuss etc …

    AND sorry ppl who will visit this thread … we out of topic ..Sorry

  1184. 1184 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    wah, too many out of topic conversation here… buy I like it 😉

    @hny, sis you so genious guesting about hyuk.. mgk krn dy sk ntn drama jg ya? kan dy blg yg sk ntn umurnya skitar 25-45 🙂

    @hyuk, thank for your info.. when I watch God of Study & School 2013, I though only happen in drama but in reality it’s true that teenagers in Korea attending school from morning till night… my reaction just wow… how they get a life… I salute them! bcoz if I doing that maybe I will collapse at the end of school hehe…

  1185. 1185 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun sung
    have you seen School 2013? ktnya drama itu gmbrin realitas keadaan sma yg sebnrnya di Korea saat ini.. terutama mslh bullying..
    makanya drama ini masuk nominasi best drama di baeksang awards th ini ya..

  1186. 1186 : hyuk Says:

    @Park Jun-Sung
    My facebook ID is facebook.com/gahyuk

    I’m not sure yet with which drama I’ll be falling in love.

    I remember that when I was very young, our teachers and other adults have always told us that because Korea doesn’t have enough natural resources like wood, oil, or fruits like other countries and we have very long winter period, studying hard and becoming a more intelligent person would be the only way to survive. Maybe that ideas still exist in Korean parents’ mind, which still pushes their children to study more and harder. Just saying…thoug.

  1187. 1187 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    updated the result of Baeksang Art Awards 2013.. TV Drama Popularity Category..
    1.yoochun 29.9%
    2.lee seung gi 27.4%
    3.seo in guk 14.6%
    4.joo won 13.3%
    5.L (myungsoo)5%

    14.jo in sung 0.4%

    1.choi kang hee 32.5%
    2.yoona 30.5%
    3.yuri 19%
    4.yoo eun hye 3.6%
    5.IU 3.6%

    10.song hye kyo 1.2%

  1188. 1188 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    such a good lesson from your teachers.. studying hard in school is very important ya, i see some celebrities in Korea still go to college with their busy scedules even some kpop idol… I wonder how they manage their time..
    if you don’t mind, may i ask again why ppl in Korea love living in rooftop apartement? I know the weather in Korea so cold.. isn’t that cold living in the highest room of a builtding? why don’t they just living in ordinary apartement like in state…

  1189. 1189 : Park jun sung Says:

    wow. . . Its increasing. . .
    Last day jo in sung still in number 22. Now in number 12. Both SHK and JIS almost on top 10. Fiuh i really want to join the vote, seriously! They need our votes 🙁
    haish kalo gue bs sms bnyak, langsung gue bom sms deh pusatnya. . .

  1190. 1190 : Park jun sung Says:

    wah, ak blm liad e sis. Is it interesting. I dont watch it cz the main cast is not familiar with me. I just know that there are jang nara and choi daniel.

  1191. 1191 : hyuk Says:


    Yes, it’s true that Koreans prefer apartment house to separated house, and I also live in an apartment house at the 33rd floor highness. 

    Well, there can be several theories for this phenomenon.

    First, Koreans tend to like living together with other people. It is said that we’ve been accustomed to live that way since we were agricultural people in old times. Yes, it is very natural for farmers to live together and cooperate with others. So, we can feel easiness when we live together till now. That’s true because I also cannot imagine if I can live separated from my neighborhoods. I would feel depressed, maybe.

    Second, it’s very convenient to live in apartment house. We don’t have to worry about our safety because there are safe-guards in each apartment house and we don’t have to clean except our inner space, and we have our own town clubs in each apartment blocks. And usually, various public systems like transportation system(subway stations, bus stops), public institutions are very near from apartment house blocks because it has many residents at a limited area. Furthermore, young parents like apartment houses because their children can go schools very conveniently by walk.

    Just my thought.

  1192. 1192 : hyuk Says:


    Oh, I think I misunderstood your question. You asked me why we prefer “rooftop” apartment house to “ordinary” one.

    Well, usually highest apartment houses are built by BIG companies like SAMSUNG or HYUNDAI, etc…at a good place. Therefore, the scenery from rooftop is so great. That’s all I can suppose 🙂

  1193. 1193 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun sung
    bkn recomended drama sih.. but tertarik ntn krn crt e seputar dunia sekolah di Korea yg different compare what we have here in indo.. pemainnya familar semua selain jang nara and choi daniel yg jd guru ada kim wo bin yg dlu pernah jd sepupu suli yg ganteng di to the beautiful you.. trus ada lee jong suk yg jd pemusik di secret garden.. pemeran guru laen uhm hyo sop sering maen drama seperi queen soenduk, queen in hyun’s man, feast of god dan skg nine…
    agak boring sih cm bbrp scene prshbtan antara lee jong suk and kim wo bin bikin haru… its not about romance drama but about how to survive in high school life, giving someone else second chance, friendship and gmn crnya dpt nilai bagus biar bs naek kls..

    sorry if I’m out of topic…

  1194. 1194 : Park jun sung Says:

    ow, i see

  1195. 1195 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    oh I see that.. thank you for your explaination.. sorry for asking that question ya.. coz i see a lot movie from diff country but i only see Korean living in rooftop apartement… but i know too that Korean ppl alsi living in ordinary apartement and i think they rich ya…. 33rd floor? wow you must be rich then hehehe…

  1196. 1196 : hny Says:

    @hyuk ,tara n jun sung …good morning all
    the conversation still on …. seem my two sister here so curious abt korean ;)) … so @hyuk u r a uisa ?

  1197. 1197 : peyriteyl Says:

    hi hyuk, hny and park jun sung! sisters, is that so its difficult to vote! 🙁 yes i already watched The Classic.. i bawled in tears! 🙁 guys do you have soompi account maybe we could be friends and exchange conversations there also and share our thoughts for our common love in korean dramas

  1198. 1198 : peyriteyl Says:

    hi also to taraluvjj 🙂

  1199. 1199 : Park jun sung Says:

    hay sis. No , i d0nt have soompi account. As i know, soompi is news website, isnt it?

    halo jg mbk. Btw, apa an tuh uisa?

  1200. 1200 : hny Says:

    @ peyrityl… no I dont … I just use Facebook, Line n WhatsApp .
    @ jun sung … dokter …dia udh ksh tau ID fb nya …blum u cek ya ….adehhhh

  1201. 1201 : hny Says:

    trz @ jun sung udh add aku blum di fb …km mojang dr sukabumi bukan!!

  1202. 1202 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hi.. nice to meet you too 🙂 what unique name you have.. are you Philippino? I just join your guys’ conversation recently coz I don’t watched TWTWB from very beginning…

    hehehe yes I’m so interesting with Korean culture.. that’s why I love watching KDs so much but dunno why i dont like kpop I just listening to JYJ and KDs ost…

  1203. 1203 : Park jun sung Says:

    aduh mianhae, blm sempet ngeadd. Iya nanti y ak add kalo lg online fb. . . 😀
    Hah? Fb id? Comment yg mana? Gak ada

  1204. 1204 : hyuk Says:


    Yes, I am. I bet you could be an excellent doctor because you are such a good examiner 🙂

  1205. 1205 : Park jun sung Says:

    a namja doctor?? Wow excellent 😀

  1206. 1206 : honey cone Says:

    why the internet was against me..? i’m on episode 16 and the hell..!!! it keeps on loading and loading…

  1207. 1207 : kimmy Says:

    im just start watching this..n wow wow wow..he’s d*** georgous!!beautiful scenery also..luv this drama!!

  1208. 1208 : honey cone Says:

    the best korean drama of 2013..!!! the ending was so spectacular.. i guess those who didn’t expect this ending will be so shock..!!! i really love this drama.. gorgeous couple.. jo in sung and my God..!! look at song hye kyo.. very pretty..!!! for me, she’s the most beautiful korean female in this whole world.. can’t wait to see their new projects…

  1209. 1209 : peyriteyl Says:

    hny, park jun sung, taraluvsjj and hyuk- hello! whoa this thread leaves on. i need to backread all of your messages

  1210. 1210 : peyriteyl Says:

    for Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung o2 couple fanatics and shippers, here’s the link. come and join


  1211. 1211 : hny Says:

    @hyuk … hahahaha..not really ;))

  1212. 1212 : honey cone Says:

    @peyriteyl… thanx.. i’m a fan…

  1213. 1213 : peyriteyl Says:

    patk jun sung, hyuk, hny and taraluvsjj i want to know guys from where are you? im from the philippines. it seems you are students still studying. i maybe your noona

  1214. 1214 : peyriteyl Says:

    😄 where are we heading next? what drama? but still im goin to post here also ehehehe

  1215. 1215 : Park jun sung Says:

    yeah sis. Im still a student of senior high school last grade. And now i prepare to do national exam next week. What about u?
    Hey, i’m ur neighbor, indonesia 😀

  1216. 1216 : Park jun sung Says:

    btw, thank u for the link of soompi’s thread. Did u often online there?

  1217. 1217 : peyriteyl Says:

    hi sis park jun sung! yes im in soompi thread. my account is mariedette
    let me know if ever you make make an account so we could be friends! really! indonesia? great. aww. what’s national exam? for college?great. what course are you taking? im done with my studies and im already a nurse. im a kaddict also.

  1218. 1218 : hny Says:

    @ peyriteyl ….me too frm indonesia but maybe I’m older than u ..I’m a mother ;))

  1219. 1219 : hny Says:

    BTW ..guys our winter drama is done …this is unforgetable drama also unforgetable thread coz here I got many new fren …. so many upcoming drama this time…..hope we have same taste in a drama ..so we can met to discuss it again ;)) bye n see u arround !!

  1220. 1220 : Korean Noona Says:

    Jo In Sung such a legend!! He is acting, passion and how he interprets of oh soo characters was just so amazing and superb… He expresses each and every word and its meaning through his entire body with the entirety of his soul.

    Now, he is one of the korean actors that take my breath away everytime he does the acting (besides Park Shin Yang and Kim Nam Gil).

    We are looking at the beginning of a legendary actor here 😉

    Well done!!!

  1221. 1221 : Park jun sung Says:

    iya mbk sama2, nice to meet you too. Eh tp prasaan dari dlu ak juga udh sering liad u nongol di beberapa thread sih.

    hmm, this page being quite now 🙁
    hah? U are nurse? Hmm great. . .
    Btw, its not exam for college. College exam will be held 2 months later, still long. Next week i will do national exam, in indonesia every students of high school in last grade should join national exam to graduate from school. Its the most worried and stressed event every year. Btw in philippines doesnt exist national exam too??

  1222. 1222 : lovejdg Says:

    wow theres so many great comments here.. im watching it now and it super interesting!
    btw im soo curious, who’s the most famous actor in korea? is that true that jang dong gun is one of them. I read a lot about his articles n video

  1223. 1223 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hey… I’m from Indonesia too 🙂
    I just graduated from college last year, now I’m working in a public company…
    since I just begin to watch TWTWB, maybe I should finish this drama first.. but I have long list after this.. I wish I’ll be able to watch Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek, 7th Grade Civil Servant, Jang Ok Jung, Queen of Ambition… wah so many KDs I want to watch… hahaha I guess we’ll living in KDs world isn’t ^^

  1224. 1224 : peyriteyl Says:

    hi sisters park jun sung and taraluvjj- yes we have also national exam as far as i remember during high school. but i focused more on the university exams because its more difficult. during my high school national exam we also had reviews in our school. being a student is stressful but enjoying. i misse being a student. wow . my friends here are from
    indonesia… great! indonesians and filipinos almost look alike 😄

    like indonesians, filipinos are also korean addicts. 😄 on tv we have what we called “koreanovela” wherein the kdramas are translated into our language tagalog. sometimes kdramas are being done as remakes, portrayed by our local actos and actresses and they added some twists on the story. in our country, they already remake full house, autumn in my heart, winter sonata, etc but still even though they remake it into a new one with the same title, sama plot but with more different twists; the original kdramas are still the best! i wonder if our local channel will be able to buy TWTWB , show it on our tv or remake it. 😄

  1225. 1225 : Park jun sung Says:

    yes, i wish TWTWB as soon as possible airing in our country earlier. Then, viewers in indonesia/philippines can watch how great TWTWB. And the fans of O2 couple is increase. If the fans increase, voters for TWTWB in koreandrama.org awards 2013 can collect a lots of vote. We can push TWTWB on top 😀

    Btw, no no. . . I hope my country not remake TWTWB in indo version. They will destroy the original story, cz producers in my country a bit crazy. Haha #LOL 😛

  1226. 1226 : hyuk Says:


    I cannot define who’s the most popular actor here in Korea because every person has its own favorite type, but I can absolutely say that JDG can be included in the TOP 3 most influential actors in Korea. Yes, he is very handsome and talented in acting, and has very charming and kind heart.

  1227. 1227 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung! same here sis! hahahaha! if the remake kdrama its kinda weird, boring (no thrill since i already watched the orig version) additional plots twists that are based on the original one. hehehe. worst is that actors/actors werent enough convincing its like a copycat . are you usually posting also in jang ok jung? let me know so that it will be exciting to post and watch at the same time with friends who are also korean addict like me 😄

  1228. 1228 : Park jun sung Says:

    yes, in my country many directors determine to collect money than make viewer happy. Did u know kdrama “princess hours/Goong”? In original (korean version) it has complete story with 16 episode. But in indonesian version they remake it by extention up to 200 eps. You can imagine 200 eps and airing everydays! Aish its so suck, they crazy!
    Emm, maybe yes. I will come to jang ok jung thread. Let me watch episode 1-2. If that drama interesting. I will leave a message here, told that i’m starting post comment in jang ok jung page. Okay?

  1229. 1229 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- ok sissy i will also watch with you 😄 and comment there. aww! that sucks 200 episodes? for goong? that must be boring for 5 straight months i wonder how did they manage to shoot/ write to sceenplay for that since 16=200?

  1230. 1230 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @park jun sung & peyriteyl
    that’ s why I stopped watching drama television aka sinetron in my local tv ages ago.. they are suck!
    okay girls see you aound in another threads 🙂

  1231. 1231 : Park jun sung Says:

    @tara & @peyrityl
    okay, see u. But promise to vote TWTWB in koreandrama.org awards 2013 okay. . .

  1232. 1232 : lovejdg Says:

    @Hyuk :
    wow, im JDG BIGGEST fan. Btw may i know ur email? Or u can email me to [email protected] . I want to ask u a few thing if u dont mind. Im english teacher for korean people. I teach a lot of students and worker who live overseas in my country

  1233. 1233 : peyriteyl Says:

    taraluvjj, park jun sung, hyuk- hello sissies. yes lets see each others ok in other threads! oh..i have a news. read this

    im Beom, “I stared at Song Hye-kyo’s beauty”
    Source | 2013/04/07 |

    Even Kim Beom was amazed by Song Hye-kyo’s beauty.

    Kim Beom expressed that he wished he’s gotten to know her better through the drama “That Winter, the Wind Blows”.

    He appeared in the drama mostly with Jo In-Seong and Jung Eun-ji and didn’t have much chance to appear together with Song Hye-kyo. He said, “I feel like I’ve made a very good sister in this drama. Just looking at her made me feel good and the words, ‘she’s so pretty’ just slipped out from my mouth”.

    He continued, “We didn’t get a chance to work together much. We had a dinner party in the middle and I think we spoke about a lot of things then. Because of her role, she couldn’t look in her partner’s eyes when she acted. She was lonely and I understood what she meant. We are both shy of strangers but we had a good talk”.

    “I think there’s more for me to say. I think I will see, Jo In-Seong, Song Hye-kyo, writer Noh Hee-kyeong and the director once again in the future


    Hey guys, cheer up! Look at what Kim Boem says in his interview, the last sentence!!

  1234. 1234 : park jun sung Says:

    guys…. look this photo album…. jo in sung is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo handsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  1235. 1235 : park jun sung Says:

    look this one too

    they look lovely… hope in real couple


  1236. 1236 : park jun sung Says:

    end up and its happy ending… look they happinesse 🙂


  1237. 1237 : Mui Says:

    Like the ending scenery, is beautiful, Cherry blossom.

  1238. 1238 : Park jun sung Says:

    its seem like that jo insung, song hye gyo, and writer Noh, had a new project later. Hope its true 😀
    Please romantic comedy drama, writer! I beg to u

  1239. 1239 : cara_m Says:

    @lovejdg & hyuk…Who’s JDG ???!!!

  1240. 1240 : Park jun sung Says:

    jang dong goon

  1241. 1241 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- sis those were nice pics! 😄 i miss the o2 couple. and the drama. yes there is a possibility that director, writer, SHK and JIS will reunite! as kim beom said. 😄 im so happy. SHK mentioned she wants romantic comedy next. 😄

  1242. 1242 : peyriteyl Says:

    for That Winter The Wind Blows fanatics, you could visit this thread http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/2007176/drama-2013-that-winter-the-wind-blowswind-blows-in-winter-그-겨울-바람이-분다-ep-16-p-518#latest

  1243. 1243 : Sina Says:

    I love Song Hye Kyo. Ever since Full House. I have been a fan.

  1244. 1244 : bershkazara Says:

    my current addiction. on my top list drama now

  1245. 1245 : nuni Says:

    best korean drama 2013

  1246. 1246 : noname Says:

    pls writer noh another drama for jo in seong and song hye gyo i like

  1247. 1247 : iya27 Says:

    I watched this drama in just two days and i’ve become increasingly more in love with Jo in sung. I was so amazed when I saw him on memories in Bali, he gave me an AA+ acting and I found that this A class acting is so rare to find. When I heard his comeback, I thought that this would be a great drama and yes it’s a definitely one of unforgettable drama. Highly recommended and worth to watch especially to those who like a deep n black drama. Not a simple one. Just ready for the pain and a heart wrecking adventure. The script writer made the ending for us to decide whether it’s a happy one in a real world or a happy one in a dream world. Overall… This drama is worth to get a tons of award.

  1248. 1248 : dreams Says:

    BRILLIANT series !!!

  1249. 1249 : kang gary Says:

    Fantastic sad story.. Waiting for cast to come be guest on Running Man ^^

  1250. 1250 : ella Says:

    i miss Oh Soo and Oh Young 🙁 i hope Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo will fall in love for real :)) i super love them both ♥_♥

  1251. 1251 : ThatColdWindThatBlowsOnOhSooFace Says:

    I wish Jo In Sung falling in love with me .<

  1252. 1252 : ThatColdWindThatBlowsOnOhSooFace Says:

    I wish Jo In Sung falling in love with me >.<

    kyaaaaaaaa :D:D:D:D:D

  1253. 1253 : TheColdWindThatBlowsOnOhSooFace Says:

    and i hope (finger crossed) he falling in love with me deeply…

    kyaaaaaaaa :D:D:D:D

  1254. 1254 : noname Says:

    i also have crush on jo in seong. i miss this drama terribly! i miss jo in seong!

  1255. 1255 : Park jun sung Says:

    Haha, i know i know that Jo Insung is tall and soooøo handsome 🙂 😀 😛

  1256. 1256 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    good news for TWTWB lover who live in Indonesia this drama already broadcast in channel ONE every wed/thur in 19.55 wib 🙂

  1257. 1257 : Park jun sung Says:

    hah? Chanel apa an tuh? Pake parobala kah?

  1258. 1258 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- sis i havent watch jang ok…it seems the ratings are not good coz it suddenly drop… 😭i still miss TWTWB. i think i wont watch now coz the dramas shown are not quite interesting. after jang ok , ill wait for CAN WE LOVE to be shown in june! the lead stars will be the young casts in MISSING YOU. its worth to wait. 😄

  1259. 1259 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun sung
    iya tv kabel, lwt indovision, Cheongdamdong Alice jg mw tyg…

  1260. 1260 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hey we have the same taste.. I’m looking forward that drama too, I mean Can We Love,, bcoz I love Yoe Jin Goo since Moon/Sun and Kim So Hyun since Thorn Birds.. they really great job in Missing You…

  1261. 1261 : leilani Says:

    Jo In Sung’s acting is superb!

  1262. 1262 : hny Says:


  1263. 1263 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    kalo kalian kan dah sls ntn, aku bru mulai ntn ni mbak… jd gak slh ya kl msh sring visit di sni hehehehe.. bnr kt kalian ni drama keren, stlh Missing You, kyknya ni jd drama favoritku 🙂

  1264. 1264 : Park jun sung Says:

    @hny & @tara
    aduh, aku lebih betah di sini dari pada di thread kangchi or JOJ. In kangchi / JOJ page, i feel lonely. There is no anyone responds my comment warmly. They seem like has an own group! Aish it so suck. Not in here, in TWTWB page, i have many friends with kind hearts. Huhuhu. . . Miss u guys.

    yes sis, after i see the rating, i doubt to watch JOJ. Its seem like that the story is ordinary. But everythings is can be happen anytime, who know that later episode will be more attractive. . . This time seem like last year, war ratings between king2hearts and rooftop prince.
    Look in early episode, king2hearts has hit really good rating (almost hit 20%), i dont kn0w maybe its becoz there is ha ji won and LSG, in same time rooftop prince got bad ratings in early episode. But after time by time the condition is different at the end. Rating K2H is drop and rooftop prince climb in number one.
    Its seem like between kangchi and JOJ. I dont kn0w, its possibly that JOJ got higher rating than kangchi.
    Btw, actually i want to watch kangchi, but when i went to kangci page, people there is ‘something’, and bzzzztt (u know i mean)

  1265. 1265 : Park jun sung Says:

    yes sis, i know that this drama is really cool and great. Haish, u won’t regret watch it 😀
    Aigoo its aired in tv cable? Unfortunately i dont have tv cable. Huwaaa i want to cry 🙁

  1266. 1266 : jayne Says:

    I just finished my marathon for the series. My oh my…….16 episodes is not enough to enjoy especially JIS for me X_X
    Now, about the series. Storyline, nothing special. Not much of hidden surprises, no mind games. While for some watchers it’s draggy and boring, for me, it gives a lot of room for both leads to show their acting skills. And they sure did give out a lot. Especially JIS. The scenery is beautiful, the dialogues are beautiful, JIS is beautiful…oh crap, I just cant get enough of him…..
    The famous scene maybe the cotton candy, but I think I have become a bit of a pervert after watching this, so my favorite is when OH is practically begging OY to share a bed with her, after he secretly kissed her. I was, still is, so moved with their expressions. OY is confused with hwe feelings for her, OS is desperate to be closed to her after hearing the possibilty of the surgery.

  1267. 1267 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- yes i know. my comfortable zone is in this thread. i will not watch yet jang ok jung until i will see progress in the ratings then maybe the drama will be interesting. about kangchi… some commented suzy needs improvement in acting. if the actor/actress is good in acting like in case of LSG, it wont help if his/her partner lead lacks in acting. no offense but if that in case, the acting in both leads wont work. SHK and JIS bring each other their best that’s why their acting and chemistry onscreen worked.

  1268. 1268 : jayne Says:

    Dang, I accidently pushed submit button….darn tablet….
    What I mean is OY is confused with her feelings for him.
    Anyway, second favorite scene is when OS took OY out of the house, pushed her to admit that she wanted to live. OY tried to hug him but he kept swatting of her arms. Oh….it will take long for me to get over this drama…..

  1269. 1269 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- sissy i look forward to CAN WE LOVE in june since i love the young lead actors from The Moon That Embraces The Sun and Missing You. these youngsters have potential. it will be their 3rd reuniting onscreen and they have this undeniably chemistry. It will be probably my next addiction after TWTWB. Best if there will be another SHK and JIS drama. pls writer Noh make another one! I miss this two!

    Taraluvjj- sis same here! im waiting for this romantic mellow drama CAN WE LOVE. the leads will be the next SHK and JIS. i love their chemistry! 😄 even though im on my late 20s i love that young duo

  1270. 1270 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- if you will be able to watch kangchi, let me know if the drama is good ( i know we both have same taste, hehehe since we voted rooftop prince last year and we will probably vote on TWTWB as one of best dramas 2013). then hit me up a reply message here if you have time. i love being here on this page even though TWTWB ended

  1271. 1271 : TheColdWindThatBlowsOnOhSooFace Says:

    I miss In Sung sshi so much 🙁
    Ottokaco Jo In Sung sshi 🙁 😖😥😩😫

  1272. 1272 : TheColdWindThatBlowsOnOhSooFace Says:

    I am more missing you when i heard some melancholy korean songs, especially ‘snowflakes’ song by gummy…. It makes me want to cry 🙁
    ottokae… 🙁

    Saranghae so in sung sshi <3 💋💘💘💋

  1273. 1273 : Park jun sung Says:

    @thecoldwindthat blowonOhSoface
    your username is cool. I like it!

    which scene did u mean? In what eps? I’m still didnt know what scene u mean. . .

  1274. 1274 : Park jun sung Says:

    yes sis, i will leave a message for u if i have somethings news or plan, instead for vote TWTWB in koreandrama.org awards 2013 or watching an0ther drama such as kangchi / JOJ. . .

    Btw, . . What? Did u mean yeo jin g0o and kim sohyun? “CAN WE LOVE”??
    Who is the main adult cast? SHK & JIS? Im curious 😀

  1275. 1275 : TheColdWindThatBlowsOnOhSooFace Says:

    @park jun sung , thank you
    yes i am his cold wind and he is my winter huhuhuhuhu….

    Still missing in sung sshi 🙁

  1276. 1276 : Park jun sung Says:

    hmm. . . Have u heard winter love by the one? Aigoo that song is make me melting. I want to cry. . . Especially when its played at the ending. . . Howhowhow im cry happy

  1277. 1277 : Park jun sung Says:

    Ups i mean ” i cry in happiness”

  1278. 1278 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun sung
    yes I already hooked with this drama 🙂
    beside this I still visit I Miss You’s threads too although that drama was finished long time ago and I feel comfort too, I think I Miss You and TWTWB are my favorites drama in 2013…so far.. I say this bcoz it’s only April,, who knows there will be another drama come out that will make me hooked again…

    Yeo Ji Goo and Kim Sohyun are leading role in up coming drama Can We Love,, they’re not gonna play another younger version of somebody anymore.. I hope Lee Min Ho and Kim Yoo Jung will join the cast, its like their renion after Moon/Sun days, I think this funny coz 4 of them always changing partners:
    >4 of them together act in Moon/Sun
    >Lee Min Ho & Kim Sohyun in Thorn Birth
    >Lee Min Ho & Kim Yoo Jung in Gumiho:Tale of the fox’s Child
    >Kim Sohyun & Yeo Ji Goo in I Miss You

  1279. 1279 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    right now TWTWB OSTs on my top list..
    love all the songs in this drama but my fave Grey Paper by Yesung…

  1280. 1280 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    me too.. love these young actor/actress I think they’ll become BIG in the future..
    I really love their chemistry.. acting are good too…

  1281. 1281 : Park jun sung Says:

    owh gtu. Hmm. . . Although yeo jin goo and kim sohyun great cast. But YJG is not too handsome. . . How about if its replaced with seungri BIGBANG ? #LOL

  1282. 1282 : peyriteyl Says:

    good morning windblower friends
    this is such a happy thread we talk anything under the sun. and we miss TWTWB

    park jun sung- yes it’s them and excited for them. still no senior casts. it was announced first the two of them. this will be a sensation drama next after TWTWB. though they are young, they look so cute together. i wonder what if they had their onscreen kiss! 😄

    thecoldwindthatblowsonohsooface- i also have cruh on JIS. i miss oppa! waiting for his next drama
    taraluvjj- yes they will become big stars. SHK and JIS and the rest of the lead casts in dramas are not getting younger anymore. they will be the next ones. and they look so cute together. Kim So-hyeon-I look like so ye jin the girl from the movie THE CLASSIC, wherein she was paired with JIS

    here is the post in hancinema.net
    Kid actor and actress Yeo Jin-goo and Kim So-hyeon-I are reuniting again.

    They are starring in the SBS drama “Can We Love??” which comes after “Everything About My Relationship”.

    Yeo Jin-goo and Kim So-hyeon-I have worked together on the MBC drama “The Sun and the Moon” and “Missing You”.

    “Can We Love??” is a romantic mellow drama in which Kim and Yeo star as the lead roles.

    This drama will be aired in June.

  1283. 1283 : Park jun sung Says:

    hay n0ona. .
    I think YJG and KSH has kiss scene on i miss you. Did u passed it?
    Hmm, they have their own drama? Its seldom to found youth kdrama with very young age main cast, right?

  1284. 1284 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun sung
    hehehehe come on girl, why you always judging actor by their look… Seungri of BingBang??! apa dia bs akting? I think, I dunno,, YJG is more cuter than him 😉

  1285. 1285 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun sung
    I forget to say Good Morning too girls..
    I think there many KDs with young actors as leading role.. before I Miss You… Kim Sohyun acted in teen kdrama called Ma Boy as a leading female…have you seen that? its sooo hilirious…

  1286. 1286 : hny Says:

    @ jun sung…n others TWTWB lovers…

    Adehhh kalian bkn aku ga bs pergi dr sini… btw @ JUN SUNG..Yeo Jin Go. Emang ga trlalu blink blink tp utk ukuran kita itu termasuk manis loh ky afgan or mika X factor….and his acting improve better !
    @tara…so u blum finish ntn y…me too all ost from TWTWB is like my breakfast menu… I hear that every morning ;))
    Can we love.. is it talk abt romance in school or what ? Coz YJG is stil young for playing melo romance like we see in TWTWB or adult romance ;))

  1287. 1287 : Park jun sung Says:

    @tara @hny hay juga sis. . . Slam hangat terdahsyat uth windblowers around the world *?!*

    okay sis, aku akan mencoba sekuat tenaga bwt n0nt0n kdrama tanpa pandang bulu. . . Huhuhu

    btw, seungri bigbang (perna tau / perna liad kan?) maybe can act well if he learn it by role in some dramas. Look, yo0chun in his first appear as lead actor in SKKS is n0t too go0d for acting. . . After role in many drama as lead, his skill is improved, especially in RTP, rit?

  1288. 1288 : Park jun sung Says:

    @tara & @hny
    lho? So recent week you d0nt watch TWTWB? And just start to watch it recent days? Aigo0o. . . I think that u have watch it bef0re. . .

    Btw sis, kalian itu watch kdrama langsung online ato nunggu download dulu? Ato dri dvd?

  1289. 1289 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @hny & Park jun sung
    iya aku blm sls ntn.. biasnya ntn kl drama dah finish br ditonton scr marathon soale aku termasuk org yg ga sabar nunggu 🙂
    satu2 drama yg tonton online cm RP yg lain dload/dvd 😉

    @Park jun sung
    aku bkn penggemar big bang cm sk aja liat TOP pas di drama I’m Sam brg Park Min Young ans Lee Min Hoo BOF.. kl Seungri maniez jg but dunno lah..

    iya Can We love ctrnya ttg anak sekolahan…

  1290. 1290 : hny Jo Says:

    @ junsung… just a worth it drama and of coz equal with my taste that I watch online also I follow the thread.. just to share the ‘evoria’ from its drama… dan untuk drama yg biasa ga bgt urgent untuk ditonton.. ya bisa ditonton kapan aja bebas.. streaming or download is ok.. bedanya sm yg worth it..hmmm kudu/hrs segera ditonton ga lama setelah airing, mo ada subtitle or not ;)) hehehe

  1291. 1291 : hny Jo Says:


    I see… maybe it would like ittazura na kiss mix with school 2013 ya.. pasti menarik klo ceritanya dibikin kurang lebih seperti itu.tq

  1292. 1292 : hny Jo Says:

    BTW.. guys ALL windblower lovers…

    I’m so curious abt oppa In sung.. who mentioned abt married plan, is that true?.. is there any of u has watched the interview.. I mean .. can u share the link… I’m really curious to see that … plzzzzz ;))

  1293. 1293 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- i saw that kiss but not a passionate one. its looks like an accidental. hehehe. though they are still young. those kids make me younger ehehe.

    taraluvjj- i havent watch that but i will take it as a suggestion in my drama list soon to be watch. really it is hilarious? is it a love story

    hny jo- will try to send you the link sis.

    its 3pm in the philippines. good afternoon windblowers!

  1294. 1294 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @hny Jo
    jangan… jangan kyk School 2013 nanti crtnya cowo nakal tkg berkelahi, bolos and bullying.. and Playfull Kis? big NO!! ga bs byngin Kim Sohyun jd cewe centil naksir YJG 🙁 kyk Reply 1997 aja (dramanya Eun Ji pemeran Moon Hee Sun di TWTWB ini) bagus bgt tuh…

    I’m sorry coz I don’t have the link…maybe others will posting it you..

  1295. 1295 : peyriteyl Says:

    source: ohkpop.com

    Jo In Sung is one of the men of the moment. On the occasion of the conclusion of his successful comeback drama, “That Winter the Wind Blows,” the actor sat down with various media outfits for an interview, revealing some of his thoughts and feelings.

    In his interview with Dailian, the actor brought up the subject of marriage. “I have heard that I won’t marry until 40,” he said. “Men do not age mentally as fast, so even if he is physically old, usually his mind is not. He needs time to come of age, that is my thought about it.”

    He added, “Rather than being relied upon solely in the marriage, I would hope to find someone I can also rely on.”

    “That Winter the Wind Blows” aired its finale episode on April 3. To celebrate the success of the drama, the cast and crew are sent on vacation to the Philippines for five days.

  1296. 1296 : peyriteyl Says:

    hello windblowers, friends,

    for further knowledge on unnie hye kyo and oppa insung , i invite you to this forum, there are alot of contributions here especially if you are a shipper like me. hehehe. i pray hard that o2 couple will be for real!
    here is the link: http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/2014518/official-o2-oxygen-couple-jo-in-sung-song-hye-gyo-heart-warming-shippers/p1

  1297. 1297 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hi there.. its 2.30 pm in my place…
    if you know Cofee Prince/You Are Beautiful/To The Beautiful You,, Ma Boy is the opposite of those drama a boy who disguise as a girl 🙂 and not any drama Ma Boy only consist 3 eps..

  1298. 1298 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    aah.. I mean “.. not like any drama..”
    sorry for a error typing..

  1299. 1299 : peyriteyl Says:

    taraluvjj- really? only 3 episodes? hmmm. ok will watch that coz i like KSH. yes i already watch coffee prince, you are beautiful..but i havent watch yet to the beautiful you. by the way, park shin ye and lee min ho are also going to have new drama, the title is HEIR. i like park shin ye, but as for lee min ho…hmmm… i like kim beom more. hehehe. i hope kim beom will have new drama with eun ji.

  1300. 1300 : Park jun sung Says:

    What? He want to marry at 40 years old?! Aigoo! Hey why m0st korean actors like to get marry in old age? Ji jin hee also get married around 40. . . Huft. . .

    sis, i ever read an article told that JIS admire to someone. But i’m sorry, i really forget the name of that woman. . . Huhuhu. In article, its said that the woman (an actress) has characteristic which JIS want. . .

  1301. 1301 : Park jun sung Says:

    they had vacation to philipines? Wow, hope they come to indonesia too, its near from philipines. . .

    I think PSY and LMH new drama would become drama for youth. A lots fans, a lots comment, n0 story, and boring. . . Such as personal taste and flower boy next do0r. Huft

  1302. 1302 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- it was a rumor that jo in sung gf was his past leading lady in SPRING DAYS. i dont know if its true! i hope not

  1303. 1303 : peyriteyl Says:

    this is a ery long post by wanderlust in o2 couple forum:
    April 11
    Wanderlust said:

    I’ll take it as good news if there are no BTS. That means there is something to hide from the viewers? He tightly hugged Kim Bum and SHK? Well, Kim Bum wasn’t in the ending scenes? Whether the ending scene was the kiss under the cherry blossom, or the scene on the bench where they confessed their love; KB was in neither of those scenes. LOL! Just my trolling mind imagining things.

    The Hugged that JIS talking about was the one in the party that they all watch the last episode together. In there JIS, Ji Sun and Kim Bum sit together at the same table with no SHG, I think SHG came late. It so weird that they show us the picture JIS and Kim Bum hugged but not SHG and JIS hugged. SHG and Kim Bum also talk to each other at the party too.

    I just watch the interview of HB about he and SHG in the drama WW after the drama broadcast. OMG HB said the same thing what JIS said to the reporters right now. Here is what HB told the reporter:

    HB said “There were a lot of kiss scenes in the drama and I heard people around me telling me to stop.” He also said, “When I watch those scenes again, I think, ‘Ah! We really did have a lot.'”
    “At that time, there weren’t any special feelings toward Song Hye Kyo.”

    To the question of ‘what point of Song Hye Kyo’s do you like most?,’


    So now we just wait and see how JIS feels about SHG later……after awhile if he fall for SHG like HB did. If JIS can get by with all the goodies and excellent personality that SHG had easily then JIS really really good in control his heart. Not easy for him to fall for a woman even a wonderful woman like SHG hahaha.


  1304. 1304 : Park jun sung Says:

    News. . .
    That Winter, The Wind Blows 그 겨울, 바람이 분다Five Fun Facts About Song Hye KyoAfter her impressive performance as the blind heiress in “That Winter, The Wind Blows,” fans are eager to learn more about Song Hye Kyo. Here are a few facts that might make her seem even more impressive.. Read more : http://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=638579832834372&id=529788107046879&set=a.529791447046545.149948.529788107046879&refid=17

  1305. 1305 : Park jun sung Says:

    GUYS. . . Finally after i waiting for a long time. Come on guys. . . Help to vote JO INSUNG / SONG HYE GYO in top star. . .
    Current rank :
    11. Song hye Gyo
    27. Jo In Sung

    vote here. . . Cho0se, u want to vote JIS/SHK. Cz its just gave u 1 vote/days.

  1306. 1306 : hny Jo Says:

    @peyrityl… tq very much .. I’ll wait for the link. BTW the soompi forum it’s so hilarious with picture of won bin and jo won ..hhahahahhahah can’t stop lol when I read what was written there, very creative… cute.

    @tara… I mean not the negative part of school 2013.. tapi lebih ke crt persahabatanya digabung dgn crt romance itazura na kis yg versi jepang nya…bkn korea y :))

    BTW guys… I like JIS n SHG but I’m not hoping so much that they have to be a lover in a real life, I love JIS.. much.. much althought can not support him a lot.. but I care abt him and hope in real life he find a good women that he can rely on. could be SHG or the ice skating athlete Kim Yu na , she’s pretty and the girl from spring days.. sweet, she looks more immature than JIS..hmmm ok from some reason, but 2 of them is same … so shy!!… well whatever JIS choose ,she is the lucky one and I just curious who is she…

    @jun sung.. itu link nya sibuk trz x ya.. kok loading aja ;))

  1307. 1307 : Amethyst Says:

    Wow its heart warming to read the appreciation of fellow celebrities for this drama.

  1308. 1308 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- thanks for the link. ok i will vote for the o2 couple. who is current 1st place then. where are shk and jis fanatics? windblowers please vote for them.

    hny jo – yes there is no harm to imagine. whoever will be their future artners ill e happy for them. right now im happy for the 02 couple. 😄😄 soompi threads are very nice place to see news, pics etc

  1309. 1309 : Park jun sung Says:

    I think JIS and SHK is really match couple both in drama or real life. Aigooo i hope JIS has same feeling like what hyun bin feel after watch their kiss scene with SHK. Come on, i’m the m0st happy one if knew that they got relationship 😀

    thank u sis for join voting. Would u mind to invite ur friend in s0ompi thread to join vote JIS too?

  1310. 1310 : Park jun sung Says:

    Ni kalo di indonesia ibarat SHK kayak dian sastro deh. . . Yg JIS mirip siapa y? Darius? Hengky kurniawan?

  1311. 1311 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- sure i will send the link to them sissy
    i miss my wed-thurs guilty pleasures..i am watching TWTWB all over again. it is such a beautiful drama worth to watch again

  1312. 1312 : peyriteyl Says:

    repost from my sis park jun sung – calling all windblowers out there! o2 couple shippers! pls! pls! pls!

    GUYS. . . Finally after i waiting for a long time. Come on guys. . . Help to vote JO INSUNG / SONG HYE GYO in top star. . .
    Current rank :
    11. Song hye Gyo
    27. Jo In Sung

    vote here. . . Cho0se, u want to vote JIS/SHK. Cz its just gave u 1 vote/days.

    pls help our favorite tv couple! support them.

  1313. 1313 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @hny Jo
    oh I see that, you mean the friendship between the two lead,, ya bbrp scene diantara kim wo bin sm sp satunya lp nmnya bikin haru ya.. although I’m not that hooked with School 2013.. I think its good drama too..

    @Park jun sung
    darius? hengky? no way girl… JIS is waaaaay more hot than these two..

    I’m not that so interesting with JIS’s real love life but I think JIS is perfect for Han JI Won than SHK.. love their chemistry in What Happened in Bali, even HJW ever said once in her past interview that kiss scene with HJW in WHB is the best kiss scene she ever made 😉

  1314. 1314 : hny Says:

    Good morning windblower lovers….aigoooo I miss JIS oppa !!

    @ JUN SUNG… NO NO…GA ADA YANG MIRIP SAMA OPPA. DI INDO APALAGI ACTING NYA ..adeehhh …jauuuuuuhhhh Ħăª ˚⌣˚Ħăª ˚=D ˚ Ħăª ˚⌣˚Ħăª ˘•=)) ™

    @ tara… yoi ..wo bin n nam sun… their friendship so touche ..yap han ji won jg (^Ő^)/ ŐĶĂŶ…., buat oppa in sung tp klo sama 2 ng ToP kaya y krg pas buat jd psgn beneran.. pst byk godaan y ;))

  1315. 1315 : peyriteyl Says:

    hello good morning windblowers! park jun sung, hny, taraluvjj, and the rest..have you voted for JIS and SHK? im already done for today. i cant wait for the promotional of TWTWB in other asian countries! still have no idea where and when will it be.

    taraluvjj- yup
    i read that. JIS best kiss is HJW. its his memorable onscreen kiss. i want to ask.. anybody knows who was past:latest gf of JIS? and is SHK done with Hyun Bin? korean actors and actress are careful with their personal love life. its kinda news black out?

  1316. 1316 : hny Jo Says:

    @peyriteyl… as long as I know there’s no news of JIS past gf… he is to bussy I guess.. maybe u can ask @hyuk abt the rumors over korean celebrity ;))

  1317. 1317 : Park jun sung Says:

    SHK and HB is end long time ago. When JIS kiss HJW i read the news, HJW until alm0st broke her teeth. Wow it should be so force kiss

  1318. 1318 : Park jun sung Says:

    hey sis. I d0nt kn0w, yesterday i try to klik vote m0re than one, but its work you kn0w. Maybe its possibly vote many times a day. But i dont vote it every second. I vote it every hours. If u not busy. U can vote 5 or 6 vote everyday 😀

  1319. 1319 : peyriteyl Says:

    hny jo- oh..yes i think he is single but he is already ready for marriage. probably if he is going to have gf it will be his last.
    i have seen his latest pictures posted in soompi. he seemed sad. i hope for another drama for him

    hyuk- what’s the latest news on JIS and SHK. ? 😄

    park jun sung- hehehe that seemed funny. i watch memoirs in bali. the story was nice but i was disappointed in the ending. JIS shined in that drama. he is really a great actor. i thought kwon sang woo is the greatest korean actor ive seen on tv because of his acting, but JIS is better than him. micky yoochun is a rookie actor who had the potential to act in a drama. he will be on their feet one day. i want to ask, are you also fond of jang geun seuk? lately i havent heard anything about him. at first he seemed on fire because every year he had one of the best kdramas..but now it seemed he is on silent mode.

  1320. 1320 : Park jun sung Says:

    kwon sang wo0 is a bit handsome. . . I like him in cinderella man. Wow he is so handsome there. . .

  1321. 1321 : honey cone Says:

    i really love to vote but unfortunately i don’t and i can’t read hangul..

  1322. 1322 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @hny Jo, Park Jun Sung & Peyriteyl
    yes, its hard to findout who is Korean celebrity’s lover in real life not many open about this… sadly I don’t follow the latest news JIS and SHK, beside their appear in some Korean Fashion magazine,,, my favorite when both JIS and SHK covered High Cut Magazine on TWTWB special edition… love.. love seeing some picture of them 🙂

  1323. 1323 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    so like Micky Yoochun too…..??? me too 🙂
    I’m died hard fans of JYJ so I love Micky or Park Yoochun and JJ aka Kim Jaejoong, now you guys know why I put JJ on my id name 😉

    no wonder you haven’t heard any news of Jang Geun Suk in kdramaland bcoz right now he focussing his career on music, he already release some albums both in Korean and Jappanese. JGS just finished his tour accros Japan. and I heard he going to release his new album..

    I like Kwon Sang Woo, I’m planning to watch his latest drama Queen of Ambition after I finish TWTWB… beside them I like Bae So Bin, Song Jungki, So ji Sub, Kim Bum,,, arrgghh too many hot guys in kdramaland, isn’t…… 😀

  1324. 1324 : Viewer from Singapore Says:

    Watched this drama because of SHK, she has not been acting in the drama for sometime. Still don’t have any liking for the male role after finished watching the drama. More chemistry were shown when SHK + Rain in Full House.

  1325. 1325 : Emily Dnghf Says:

    I really love this drama. ♥♥♡♥ The Best

  1326. 1326 : hny Jo Says:

    good afternoon all my sisters @tara, peyrityl,jun sung…others TWTWB lovers…hi

    I miss oppa JIS.. this is the link I want to share..perhaps, cure our longing to him ;)).. JIS style very simple and he looks cool here…

  1327. 1327 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- yes KSW is handsome a a good actor. i havent watch yawang. have you?

    taraluvjj- JIS and SHK were quite playful in high cut. i am thinking… SHK isbeautiful…wasnt JIS had no special feelings that time heheheh. i also have a crush on micky yoochun! do you have a line app? thats a cool app. it seems jyj and yoochun text me a lot if their activities..i feel like im closer with them. there are really a lot of hot korean guys. my wandering eyehheheh

    good afternoon windblowers

  1328. 1328 : peyriteyl Says:

    hny jo- thanks for the video sis… i also miss him my ultimate crush JIS

  1329. 1329 : hny Jo Says:

    and this is too


    @peyriteyl… I love Kim Jae Jong too

  1330. 1330 : honey cone Says:

    after twtwb, i really don’t know what to watch next.. I’ve got no interest in korean dramas aired today.. how i wished twtwb is the last kdrama’s i should have watch this year.. coz for me.. this is the best korean drama this 2013.. i believe, save the best for last.. gonna miss them both..

  1331. 1331 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    yes I have line app.. bcoz of jyj I open line account.. they such a dorky rite when they sent us funny selca pics.. feel close to them too..

    so you like kim jaejoong too? he’s my ultimate crush now 🙂 I know his acting need more improved but his voice that the most I like.. beside his handsome face 😉

  1332. 1332 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    btw still on eps 4 of TWTB, I think I’m gonna do marathon tonight 🙂 since my date is out of places 🙁
    I think Eun Ji and Kim Bum coupling is more cuter than Eun Ji and Seo In Guk in Reply 1997

  1333. 1333 : peyriteyl Says:

    taraluvjj- really? you also have line? can we be friends there? i guess i can add you? im also having marathon in TWTWB. im at episode 11 now. i cried when oh soo cried asking help for moo chul in a gym.

    hny jo- thank you for the video. yes kim jae jong is such a cutie too. i watched time slip dr jin. at first i hated his character but he really like park min young character. i really liked the jyj. they had this big concert in japan 3 wks ago i guess. they are really popular and handsome me. i had a crush on micky yoochun also. he is so cute in RP.

    honey cone- me too. im kinda sad because i miss the o2 couple. and i wish they hae new drama

    park jun sung- sissy! imy! did you watch gu book?

    good evening windblowers! take care you all!

  1334. 1334 : hny Says:

    @tara n peyrityl
    .yap .. I’m in ♥ with his voice..serak’ gt… his acting stil so so but its (^Ő^)/ ŐĶĂŶ…., btw I do have line app…plz. αđđ me ( mizme_hnyta) [email protected] Baru smpe ep 4..adehhhh.met ntn deh..

  1335. 1335 : Park jun sung Says:

    @honey cone, @peyrityl @hny @tara
    sis, i have try to watch long preview of drama jang ok jung, kangchi, mandate of heaven, and when man falls in love. . .
    Aigoo i conclude that four drama in this season has bored story, especially kangchi. Very waste. I have try to watch ep 1, but its still didnt change my mind. Huft. . .
    For me, between those for drama the m0st “not bad” one is jang ok jung. . . I d0nt kn0w, just see what’s going on later. But i agree with honey cone, for the first time, there is n0t a go0d drama for a season (spring 2013) to watch since i start to active watch kdrama 2 yearz ago. . .

  1336. 1336 : Park jun sung Says:

    For me the g0od drama in each season from last year is :

    in 2012 :
    .winter= dream high 2, TMTES
    .Spring= rooftop prince, king2hearts
    .summer= Big, arang & magistrate
    .autumn = innocent man

    in 2013 :
    .winter= that winter wind blows
    .spring = seem like it doest exist
    .summer= waiting
    .autumn= waiting JIS & SHK new project

  1337. 1337 : peyriteyl Says:

    hny and tara- sissies! whoa we are jyj fanatics! i like micky yoochun the most. i am hoping they would also have a concert here in the philippines. i cant get over on this version of the song ” one last cry” in a concert…he is so dreamy. it seems they dont have recent posts in line. waiting another drama for yoochun and kim jae jong. fighting! hny, i already added you and message you as well my name is marie. by the way are the two of you also from indonesia like park jun sung?

    park jun sung- your brief review really help a lot. in that case i opted to skip also the dramas now. i will wait for CAN WE LOVE this june. and yes another drama for JIS and SHK. can we not make a petition that they have to air TWTWB special episode like PLAYFUL KISS? maybe aftermath of the cherry blossom kissing.. like somewhat they get married and have kids.

    anybody who is a JYJ fan and have a line account pls add me. id is marielozano
    i hope SHK and JIS also have line accounts.

  1338. 1338 : peyriteyl Says:

    windblower friends, i read in soompi that in CAN WE GET MARRIED, they imitated in sung and hye kyo. nice. hehehe

  1339. 1339 : Sina Says:

    Right now I am watching A HUNDRED YEARS INHERITANCE and am really enjoying it. Eugene and Song Hye Kyo started me on Korean dramas. It is nice to see them in new dramas.

  1340. 1340 : Park jun sung Says:

    who is the main lead actor in 1000 years legacy?

    sis, did u mean CAN WE GET MARRIED who casted by actress jung so mi (or maybe jung yo mi? Im forget her name haha). . . What point did it imitate?

  1341. 1341 : cuity17 Says:

    HHiiiiAaaahh… It’s end, I ‘ve spent 3 days in row to watch this drama… Awesome! The writer knows how to make us happy with the ending ;)) coz as I know it’s different with the movie version!! 🙂
    But anyway… Emmm okelaaahhh. Next… Waiting 100 year legacy !! I hope it’s good n worth to watch….

  1342. 1342 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @park jun sung
    sis, thx for reviewing those drama.. but I must admit I have different taste with you..
    I don’t think Dream High 2 is the good drama its sucked! it takes me soooooo loooong to finish that drama coz its boring for me.. but I still love the ost esp when their perfomanced dbsk song ‘baloon’, alexand sinae ong from we got married..

    beside all dramas you mention above..
    I think Ghost is one of best drama in 2012, its about cyber criminal police, no romance but make me so adddicted 🙂
    and don’t forget about Equator Man, the Chaser and a Gentlymen Digtiny.. like those drama…

    and so far in 2013, only I Miss You and TWTWB are touching my heart…

    its just my taste,, I dunno about you girls…

  1343. 1343 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hey girls..
    @hny Jo
    sissy nice chating with on line..

    I already adding you as my friend on line, I will sent you a massage but it is midnight.. I’m affraid you already sleep..
    omo, you are jyj fangirl too…??! glad knowing that sissy.. you meant Yoochun sang ‘one last cry’? I have the dvd its not jyj but back when jyj still on dbsk days.. DBSK Five in Black Concert in Japan 2007,,
    did you like I Miss You? you should try to watch the ost from that drama called Magic Castle with dbsk version.. its owesome make me goosebump…
    oh yes I’m indonesian like jun sung and hny Jo..

  1344. 1344 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @honey cone, hi there? 🙂

    @sina, a hundred years inheritance? is it this drama has 100+ eps? can’t stand KD with long eps 🙁

    @hny Jo, Park Jun Sung, Peyriteyl
    I already wached 2 eps of Gu Family Book/Kangchi, its quite good actually, soo tragic love story but I don’t know when lee seung gi appear somehow I lost interest..
    just seeing JOJ and When a Men Falls in Love trailer… its good.. I’m planning to watch but I wait till finish finish first..
    did you wached Incarnation of Money? I never interesting with this drama in first place but yesterday I watched the ost mv of IOM sang by IVY somehow I have interest to watch this drama.. esp scene when fat Hwang Jung Eum crying then from fat to thin so touching for me..

  1345. 1345 : Nihal Says:

    i just watched 4 episodes and i think the plot is the same as in the movie : “love me not” starring : Moon Geun-young and Kim Joo-hyuk

  1346. 1346 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- sissy i havent yet watched since my mobile internet not good in watching videos. will try to get the link and send it here. hny and taraluvjj have line account and we had a group winterlover. hope you could also joing us so we could exhange images, messages, etc

    taraluvjj- yup i already added you. good thing sis unnie added me in our group for our kdrama forum esp twtwb 😄 wow you are also pretty like unnie hanny. yeah i guess that is the dbsk concert. he seemed thin in that video. yoochun has a cool voice and he could belt it out with english fluency. i wonder does he had a gf? what i know he dated a dancer, big age gap difference on the girl coz she is older than him. exactly. the most anticipated ones MiSsing you and tWTWB are two of the front runners in koreandrama.org best drama for 2013. they har the stellar cast leads and the storylines are superb.
    gu buk? i thought LSK appeared from the very first episode? they made the wait longer i guess. among When a man fall in love, joj and gu buk…then one with the highest ratings is the first one mentioned. still nothing compare
    to twtwb. all the JOJ hype faded with sudden drop of ratings. i wonder what trigerred though but maybe KTH had been one of the numerous actress who played the role. and maybe people cant get enough the tWTWb hangover

    hny- unnie! just opened my line an got your mesage. thanks for adding me in winterlover. taraluvjj, you and I are going to have party. i hope park jun sung could also join us

    ••windblower friends good morning
    if you have line, facebook or any social media just post here so that we could add and be friends and share our common love for kdramas

  1347. 1347 : hny Says:

    @ park jun sung…good morning sis…
    When u will join to my fb or line app….adeeeh sibuk bgt yah ..smpe g bisa αđđ kita nh ;))
    But sis ..I already watch gu book… i try coz want see jin hyuk ..i like him since in panda n hedgehog..and 2 eps gu book is worth watching.. his deliver the guminho very well n the ♥ story is so touching,..but i dunno wil continue watched or not… the next preview not catch my eyes , LSK… I more enjoy if he took a role as rich man ..lmyan bs ngedukung kkrngan y ..klo dia tajir jd crt lmyn menarik.;))
    And abt others drama…I agree w u.except mandate of heaven.. I’m gonna cek this one !”

  1348. 1348 : hny Says:

    @ honey cone… ♥ ur name here…plz join us in fb or line app.tq

  1349. 1349 : Park jun sung Says:

    @hny @tara @peyrityl
    m0rning sis 😀
    Aduh mianhae, i dont have line apps. . . So i cant join with group 🙁
    and yes sis, recent months i quite so busy due to my national exam that would be hold tomorrow. Aigoo wish me luck . Huft. . .
    hehe, sorry sis, i’m a bit busy now. I seldom online in facebook. . . Later okay?

  1350. 1350 : Park jun sung Says:

    Emm. . . Well seem like i need take a rest for watching kdrama this season. . . When a man fall in love, the storyline a bit bored, but i really want to watch yun woo jin there. He is so superb and cool. Especially when he role in arang.

    did incarnation of m0ney told us about a fat woman being slim and the main actors being in love with her?
    Did kang ji hwan still had weird hair style there? In the poster of that drama, KJH hair is so something. .

  1351. 1351 : peyriteyl Says:

    good morning windblower friends
    let us not forget to vote for hye kyo and in sung

    i am missing the 02 couple! TWTWB still rules my heart
    watched the drama for the 2nd time. and im still loving it like the first time i watched it.

    still having LSS on the drama’s soundtrack
    yesung’s gray paper and the one’s winter love

  1352. 1352 : hny Says:

    @ jun sung…why u not download it 4 ur laptop.. download bluestuck app dulu…dstu nti ada line y juga…coba deh sis…biar seru ngobroly ;))

  1353. 1353 : Park jun sung Says:

    lho bisa di pake di laptop ta? Cranya gmana sis? Soalnya hp ku gak support ama app android. . . 🙁
    btw, bluestuck? Kyak pernah dnger. Eh prasaan dlu wkt aku mau install game android, fiuh susahnya minta ampun, ya pake bluestuck itu kalo gak slah

    sis did u kn0w who sang winter love female version? Until kn0w i dont kn0w who sang it. Cz i search in google the result is none

  1354. 1354 : Park jun sung Says:

    The m0st possibly drama that being candidate as winner in koreandrama.org awards is Missing you. Cz as we kn0w around the world especially kdrama land there is a lots of JYJ (especially yoochun) fans. . . Huhuhu i’m cry that TWTWB should war with IMY :(. TWTWB will lose 🙁
    in my eyes drama that possibly go to final rounde is Missing you, gu family book, That winter wind blows, and later drama.
    @tara and @peyrityl.
    For u as JYJ fans which drama did u cho0se in final rounde (that gave us just once chance to vote)? IMY or TWTWB?

  1355. 1355 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- sissy, even though im jyj fan, i will vote for the drama that touches my heart. definitely tWTWB. sis we miss you. hyuk, hny and taraluvjj we chatted this morning non stop. hope you could be with us

    hyuk, taraluvjj, unnie hny- take care guys! nice chatting with you. lets resume later hehehe. #winterlovers

  1356. 1356 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung- sissy definitely between missing you and twtwb. it will be neck to neck. predictions for 2013. we are almost halfway of the year.

    on my opinion– i like missing you but between the two i will cast my vote on twtwb as of the moment. missing you is a beautiful drama with 2 of my fave lead casts. however some scenes, i nearly overslept it. i religiously watched it till the end but my excitement and thrill on the next episodes where not that much. too much pain in eun hye’s eyes while crying.. her face was in bad shape bec of her tearful scenes and i pitied her. i was used to eun hye in a comedic roles. while yoochun, his acting was also exceptional. if asked if i will repeat it watching, although its a beautiful drama just what i mentioned, i wouldnt since the drama is simply like a one timer drama worth watching. however if drooling on yoochun’s appeal, well have it your way 😄

    while in twtwb, the thrill, action, drama was so right.. the writer did it the way viewers wanted it to be and the director’s skill beautifully made the drama as if we were on that place experiencing oh soo and oh young’s moments and whenever the lead casts cried, i cried too. definitely such a huge impact on me. when they cried, they still look good on tv as if it was effortless. the leads are two veterans in the field of dramas so everything they did fell into the right places. two thumbs up, 10 stars. i never have thought that my love to endless love series ( autumn in my heart, winter sonata, etc) would be surpassed by twtwb. if asked if worth watching it all over again.. well im done. next month i would love to watch ot again on my third time. never get tired of twtwb and o2 couple

  1357. 1357 : Park jun sung Says:

    Wow good statement. . .
    But actually 80% the result of awards is from how many fans that drama got. N0t only becoz that drama good. Look, i think in 2010 sungkyunkwan scandal is much better than mary stayed all night / playful kiss. But damn, mary stayed out all night won it due to its thousand fans . .

  1358. 1358 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @park jun sung
    I dunno sis, i just watch mv of incarnation of money ost.. sound touching but i dunno either.. we can say kd good or not till we watching it by ourself.. rite..

    ok… konsen aja ma ujian nasional ya..
    mg sukses!

  1359. 1359 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    sorry to say even I like TWTWB so much.. I will vote IMY to show my devoted love to Yoochun… JYJ.. coz they only appear in tv thru drama, although jyj win lawsuit vs sm they still banned by mbc, kbs and sbs so jyj can’t appear in music/variety progam 🙁

    don’t be mad at me ya…

    I dunno maybe I change my mind coz its just april,, there are a lot kdrama will come out… with good story line I hope.. and good casts too ^^

    I’m looking forward too with mon geun young and ji chang wook new drama “goodest of fire” .. love these two… I think jcw look like changmin of dbsk 😉

  1360. 1360 : hny Says:

    @ jun sung…really u already try bluestuck for pc..(^Ő^)/ ŐĶĂŶ…., lah klo mmg ga bs…too bad we just see in kd land ;(( And…rite ! What sis @ tara said…concern with ur national exam…abt who the best drama actor etc… just hang on !! TWTWB…unforgetable drama..JIS oppa is already the TOP actor in korean..also international..and SHK too… just support til end TWTWB as best drama 2013 by vote them everyday ;))

  1361. 1361 : Park jun sung Says:

    never mind if u votd IMY for this year. Everyone has their own taste. . .
    Okay bye sis, this week i will so busy with my final exam. Wish me luck. Seem like i seldom go to this page this/next week 😀
    See you then guys

  1362. 1362 : kdrama freak Says:

    Story line weak and illogical at times, watch because of the casting JIS and SHK.

  1363. 1363 : peyriteyl Says:

    parknjun sung- sissy i miss you.. i know you are reviewing now. you will do well on exams 🙂

  1364. 1364 : peyriteyl Says:

    sis tara, unnie hny and oppa hyuk- hello winterlovers! we always do chat! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

    winterblowers good evening!

  1365. 1365 : peyriteyl Says:

    love love love this drama

  1366. 1366 : janjao Says:

    Romantic and very beautiful drama, Jo in sung and Song hye kyo act very excellent. Highly recommended for watching.

  1367. 1367 : hO2st Says:

    @kdrama freak ….if everything always logic…your brain never use to think more !! and do not always see a heavy thing/story.. coz will damage ur brain ..keep the balance I suggest ;))

    happy watching :))

  1368. 1368 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    finaly I finish this drama 🙂
    love the storyline.. the casts….
    one of the best drama in 2013

  1369. 1369 : Park jun sung Says:

    finally, this is worth watching drama, right? I really love the ending scene. Winter love song played at the end. So beautiful song and scene 😀

    BTW, what about u @hny? Have u finish it?

  1370. 1370 : Park jun sung Says:

    Dont forget guys to vote Jo in sung as m0st popular korean actors. . . Here : http://kpopdrama.info/kstaren50

    addition : for u who has watching TWTWB and like it, plis help us support this drama by click “like” button guys. Or u also can tweet it on twitter, and share it on Google+. Let put this drama on most popular drama list 😀

  1371. 1371 : Park jun sung Says:

    I miss u guys. Its so tired to do my national exam, huft 🙁
    NB : okay look! Kangchi, has aired 4 episode. People still dont know the story is good or not, but it has placed on Most shared drama. Its so lucky for a drama which has hallyu star, right. Without determine has good story or not, it has blowing around the world. Oversea! Its en0ugh!

  1372. 1372 : Xoxoch Says:

    is this story end with happy ending?

  1373. 1373 : Park jun sung Says:

    yes, absolutely 😀

  1374. 1374 : dowhy17 Says:

    every episode = 1 box tisue

    I love this drama after nice guy,
    Ost, easie listening and make hearthbreak

    hikssss TT.TT

    Thank you for all cast, director, writing, and all,
    what’s next???

  1375. 1375 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun sung
    hey.. how’s ur exam..? miss u too girl..
    km g pny akun line ya… ayo dong buat bs chit-chat brg2… cz me, hyuk, hny n peyriteyl hmpir tiap hr ni chatz..

    iya sk bgt ma end twtwb, apalgi pas d tmn cherry blossom… ooh..

  1376. 1376 : Park jun sung Says:

    aduh mianhae onnie. . . My handphone is not support for android apps. @hny ever told me that line apps enable to install in laptop, but i dont know how to install it 🙁
    haha, yes i also luv cherry blossom scene. Tmbh so sweet lg ada adegan ciumannya sgala. . .

  1377. 1377 : Park jun sung Says:

    Aish, my national exam is soooo difficult. . . I want to cry 🙁 wish me got good score, so i can go to favorite college. . . (teknik informatika). . . Doa in ya mbk 😀
    BTW, km tuh umurnya brapa?

  1378. 1378 : janet Says:

    this drama got 1st rank in my korean drama list so far in 2013……really hope 1 can see them again in another drama..

  1379. 1379 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun sung
    gmn ujiannya? sukses kan?
    bs agak relax dong y smbil nunggu hasilnya..
    umurq? lbh tua dr km n lbh muda dr hny, peyriteyl and hyuk oppa hehe..

    last night I rewatch twtwb again, its seem I can’t let go this drama easily…

  1380. 1380 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun sung
    lp.. iya kudoa’in biar ketrima d tehnik informatika.. pengin nerusin d univ mn?

  1381. 1381 : eun gi Says:

    Good movie….bagusss buangettt..q suka crtanya.bkin nangis Dan sedih…..sumpah bags but Dan so sweet oppa Jo in sung cakep bgt

  1382. 1382 : Park jun sung Says:

    ke PENS – ITS mbk. . .

  1383. 1383 : wnn Says:

    I thought this forum was for discussing about drama, NOT for talking about your personal business. but what I found here…..
    I expected to get some user review bout this drama.
    please admin, just delete the comments which are not necessary.

  1384. 1384 : wnn Says:

    I thought this forum was for discussing about drama, NOT for talking about your personal business. but what I found here…..
    I expected to get some user review bout this drama.
    please admin, just delete the comments which are not necessary.

  1385. 1385 : xoxoch Says:

    thanks Park jun sung for the respons

  1386. 1386 : xoxoch Says:

    @ Park jun sung
    thanks for the respon

  1387. 1387 : peyriteyl Says:

    -well we are twtwb friends here. we developed friendship for our common love in twtwb. if you find this thread annoying, then leave this page

    -hows my sissy! i miss you! where have you been hanging around besides twtwb? what drama are you watching? unnie hny, sis tara and oppa hyuk we have been chatting. are you still busy preparing for exams? good luck and do your best! fighting!

    unnie hny, sis tara and oppa hyuk
    – see you around on Line. heheh! 🙂

  1388. 1388 : peyriteyl Says:

    Love Love Love Love Love This drama so much…cant get over it. Oh Soo and Oh Young I miss the )2 couple. Please make another drama

  1389. 1389 : peyriteyl Says:

    cmon Winterblowers, lets reach 2000 comments for TWTWB. hep! hep! Hurray!

  1390. 1390 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    thx you for your comment..
    so its annoying to 2 u, sorry then..

    @hny, peyriteyl, hyuk oppa
    let’s meet on LINE ya..

    @park jun sung
    buat akun LINE y biar bs chats..
    coz some ppl don’t like it if we talk abt personal stuff…

    for twtwb fans… sorry won’t leave personal stuff comments no more in this threads 🙂

  1391. 1391 : hny Says:

    @wnn ….read carefully ‘1,390… Responses….do you know the meaning of that word !!!!!
    is this told…only for resume / recap …aiigoooo….deleted !! dunno what to say the way u thinking ;))

  1392. 1392 : honey cone Says:

    i really love this drama.. just wondering why it wasn’t in the top 30 of the most popular korean drama…

  1393. 1393 : ria Says:

    love love love this…

  1394. 1394 : wnn Says:

    I mean, please guys, if u want to talk your personal stuff, please do not do it here..
    not every person here wants to know your daily activities. I’m so fed up. ok I’m leaving.. sorry for bothering people who really love to talk their life story here.

    last words about the drama, yeah no doubt about the lead actors’ acting skill. love joo moo chul’s voice omg that ahjussi has really cool voice. I’ve watched 8eps so far. geez this drama is really good. hope it has different ending with the moon geun young’s one.

  1395. 1395 : AAAAA Says:

    @honey cone Says
    i agree with you.. just wondering why it wasn’t in the top 30 of the most popular korean drama… why????
    even in his home country only recognized as a masterpiece…..
    and how to make this drama entry Most Shared Drama in KoreanDrama.org (Top 30)??

  1396. 1396 : jennifer Says:

    jo in sung…you made me cry again…

  1397. 1397 : Park jun sung Says:

    i’m sorry late respond. . . Sorry for annoying you. We (windblowers) have share our minds from episode 1-16 so far. We always discussed our minds about TWTWB every week recent m0nths. Look windblowers has discussed about TWTWB until it reach m0re than 1300 comments. I think its en0ugh if we should discussed again and again about this drama until hit 1500 comments or 2000 comments instead. The reason why we talking out of topic, becoz we have did talking about in “topic” much MUCH and much before. . . We just out of theme, everyone also need some fresh topic for discussing, rit?!
    Okay, i’m sorry again. . . I will stop talking personal life and will go away from here. . .

    as what i said before, my phone is n0t supported for android apps. I think we should separate from here. Just hope i could meet with you, @hny @peyrityl or @hyuk somewhere, in an0ther thread. . . Thanks for anything guys

  1398. 1398 : Park jun sung Says:

    @honeycone and @AAAA
    the answer is simple, becoz in this drama there is not ‘hottest or popular’ hallyu star such as yoochun, jang geun suk, suzy, yoon eun hye, lee seung gi, etc.
    Both JIS or SHK is good actor/actress, but they not so popular like them oversea. Look, drama kangchi who cast by suzy & lee seung gi has hit most shared drama list although it still aired 4 episode last week. Becoz it has hottest hallyu star. . . I also really want to make this drama on m0st shared drama list. If u want to vote this drama, plis invite all ur friends, to click “like” button in this page use their facebook, or invite them to tweet / share this in twitter and google everyday. . . Haha
    click like to facebook, tweet to twitter, and share to google everyday. . . So we will make this in most shared drama list.

  1399. 1399 : ayu edogawa Says:

    aiiigoooooo… jo in sung is so handsome.
    love to watched it very much. hope they can be real couple in real life..hihihi..
    OPPA! if you’re dating with anyone u can dating with me maybe… hahahaha…
    rumahnya dimana sih jo in sung. pengen nyulik deh! hahahaha

  1400. 1400 : tuty bharata Says:

    Love this drama……love the cast, song hye kyo & jo in sung…..this is so romantic story & beutiful scene…hoping it will be the best korean drama 🙂

  1401. 1401 : 拿大声 Says:

    Jo in sung is so handsome. aigooo. . . . Really HANDSOME. . . . Love him so much! Gentle and hot face. . . . Aaaaa come here, hugs me oppa! <3

  1402. 1402 : 拿大声 Says:

    Reason why this drama should win koreandrama.org 2013 awards as best kdrama :
    1. It has superb cast like song hye gyo and jo insung
    2. Not only good in acting, but both of them are so beautiful and handsome
    3. The story is superb. Not boring, complex, so fast, not confused.
    4. Best director, best writer
    5. Popular and hit high ratings.

    What else? Its complete and should be appreciated!

  1403. 1403 : Sonya Says:

    I didn’t feel a passionate connection between the two lead characters, even if they were good actors and good looking. They lacked chemistry as a couple. EG, Young failed to show a “loveable” personality worthy of Soo’s complete love. I so wanted the story to end. Plot Not convincing!!! Sorry. (I’m on my 12th episode).

  1404. 1404 : Bee Says:

    I really love Jo in song,he is great,song hye gyo also so beautiful,I like both of them, kisssssssssss

  1405. 1405 : Bee Says:

    Great,I love Jo in song, I really like his acting,he is number actor in Asia for me,love you my dear brother ,also I am waiting for your next drama

  1406. 1406 : justin56 Says:

    too bad.. just today, it was reported that Jo In Sung is dating Kim Min Hee..and they secretly dating for 4 months already..

  1407. 1407 : justin56 Says:

    to refresh your memory, Kim Min Hee’s drama was Love & Marriage, with actor Kim Ji Hoon.. her ex bf’s are Lee Jung Jae & Lee Soo Hyuk (Bestfriend of G-Dragon)..

  1408. 1408 : Park jun sung Says:

    Aigoo, oppa jo insung, are u blind or something else? Why u choose that ugly ahjumma? Song hye gyo is much better than her. . . . Aish i need some oxygen, i cried 🙁

    [NEWS] Zo In Sung and Kim Min Hee Both Acknowledge They are a CoupleSpring has claimed more top stars as Zo In Sung and Kim Min Hee have decided to go public with their relationship.Zo In Sung′s agency IOK Company officialized the reports regarding the actor′s relationship with Kim Min Hee through a press release on April 24., read more : http://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=644427122249643&id=529788107046879&set=a.614445625247793.164701.529788107046879&refid=17

  1409. 1409 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    TWTWB didn’t make list of Most Shared Drama in Koreandrama.org but in Hancinem TWTWB is #6…
    here more result of Hancinema’s Most Wanted Top 10 Movies/Dramas:
    1. I Miss You
    2. To the Beautiful You
    3. When a Man Fall in Love
    4. Iris 2
    5. Dongyi
    6. The Winter The Wind Blow
    7. Fashion King
    8. Everything About My Romance
    9. Queen In-Hyun’s Mab
    10. Crazy Love

    for Most Wanted Top 10 Actresses:
    #1 Kim Min Hee
    #3 Song Hye Kyo
    for Most Wated Top 10 Actors:
    #2 Jo In Sung

  1410. 1410 : Park jun sung Says:

    kim min hee number one? Damn. . .
    All people maybe curious who is her..

  1411. 1411 : honey cone Says:

    no offense meant to kim min hee but i think she’s too old compare to jo in sung.. haist.. i really love jo in sung and song hye kyo…

  1412. 1412 : Mooncaeki Says:

    The Best Couple 2013

  1413. 1413 : Septiana Says:

    Best Couple of The Year….^^

  1414. 1414 : Nihal Says:

    i just finished tha drama and i did not find it that impressive
    first of all the story is nothing new or special, i already saw it in : love me not (the movie)
    secondely, the main actress is very beautiful i admet it, but she did not convince me at all, i mean she looked cold and her face did not show that kindness of a blind and lonely person
    the story shows that Oh soo is a playboy, and i did not get the reason why he totally falled in love with young, coz she did not show that kindness and innocence that makes you want to protect her..
    I did not really get the caracter of her
    but the main actor was really good, and i believed him, his eyes were speaking in every scene, they are crying and laughing and make you just adore him
    also the chemistry between the 2 leads was not that good, like if something is missing
    but however, in general, it’s a good drama, the music is just amazing, the fashion styles of all the caracters are very beautiful

    Gomapseumnida to you all
    that winter.. the wind blows ^^ ( loove that title)

  1415. 1415 : deeAn Says:

    OMG so touching drama

  1416. 1416 : SALLY Says:

    this drama just blown my mind away..and the acting was OMG…

  1417. 1417 : Marie Saranghae Says:

    OMG, this actor is so hot!!! I must look for more dramas with him. Anyone can advise me pleeeeaaasssse.

  1418. 1418 : Park jun sung Says:

    u can watch
    “what happened in bali” and his controversial movie “frozen flower”

  1419. 1419 : paras Says:

    haha,, yes.. “frozen flower” my fren said as a hot korean movie.. But we think thats not true actress, they use another person for the acting. Even maybe Jo Ing Sun born from mama or papa western, hope he not really do that acting, haha.. mANY girls will be broken heart^^ Before wacth this drama, not interesting to see Jo Ing Sun becoz his face little bit like western guy. Now I know that with his nice body and how when he walking, also his voice..(he’s really a men) alahai.. his one of number one^^

  1420. 1420 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hahaha yes, if you guys madly in love with Jo In Sung in TWTWB, I suggested not to watch “Flower Flower”… I know in acting departement JIS was so great but its really hot even for korean movie… if you still watching it,,, it will ruined your image of Jo In Sung as our handsome and caring Oh Soo oppa ^___^ …. ups its just my oppinion…

    @jun sung
    Hancinema’s most wanted top 10 movies/dramas/actors/actresses changing is like every day… every hours.. last time I check yesterday Song Hye Kyo in #1 but now I dunno the latest updated

  1421. 1421 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    typo error..
    I mean “FROZEN FLOWER”

  1422. 1422 : vinoty Says:

    So touching……..
    Really love this drama……
    even from the beginning the story was so sad, it has a happy ending…..

    Love Song Hye Kyo & Jo In Sung, they looks fit each other..
    HOPE they will have another drama project together…..
    That Winter, The Winds Blow…. DAEBAK…..!!!!

  1423. 1423 : Camille Says:

    Say hello from denmark . . .
    Huwaaa beautiful love story. Oxgen couple is great. Love this couple. Im relief its has good ending 😀 . Best kdrama 2013

  1424. 1424 : Camille Says:

    Btw, most of writer Noh and director kim kyu tak dramas always appearing actors who had comeback stage after vacuum several years. Song hye gyo, jo insung, jung wong sung (lead in padam padam).
    Hmm, that winter the wind blows, and padam padam almost has same taste. . Hey i want to watch padam padam, the lead actor is catch my heart 😛
    OWWW jo in sung is so cute, handsome, and tall. Look his eyes, its make me melting., yes, first time i watch the poster i think that jo insung is western asian. Emm, seem like a philipinnese. Not asian but asian, not western but western. . . But what ever, he blowing my heart into the wind

  1425. 1425 : hny Jo Says:

    ohh my goodness..my favorite drama …catch so many viewer eyes, I follow the happiness of TWTWB team, bravoooo

  1426. 1426 : Cherry sweet Says:

    What a great drama..im so happy that i watched this drama.. What a great actor Jo Insung he is.. He’s acting is superb.. I thought it was a sad ending.. But it turned out to be a happy.. I wish i could see Jo Insung is new drama again.. Also song hye gyo.. I love them both.. Congrats to the who’ll cast and members who’ve been a part of this beautiful movie.. I’ll surely miss Oh Soo.. I already love him (^-^)

  1427. 1427 : AAAAA Says:

    I really wonder, why Korean dramas are not so good, but the famous actor, so many people look for it and have a good rating. but the drama that has exceptional flow and good actors and actresses acting contrary … example TWTB drama is extraordinary even recognized as a masterpiece but do not go in KoreanDrama.org Most Shared Drama (Top 30). uhhhhh,,,,,,,,,, and Jang Jong Ok better than kang ji ..

  1428. 1428 : Ina Says:

    Love this drama…… 🙂

  1429. 1429 : AAAAA Says:

    fortunately TWTWB drama has good ratings …. and believes that this drama will get a lot of awards this year

  1430. 1430 : AAAAA Says:

    @ina : me too….. I believe this is the best drama in 2013…

  1431. 1431 : rannemawanhaf Says:

    good drama but it did not exceed my expectations.

  1432. 1432 : AAAAA Says:

    @rannemawanhaf : people’s opinions may vary, but this drama has been recognized as a masterpiece and has been hailed even broke several records. try to check yourself about this drama.

  1433. 1433 : honey cone Says:

    everytime i visit this page, i always look at the top 30 if twtwb was included there.. but unfortunately i’m always wrong.. why..? i really don’t understand what ” most shared drama” means… haist… i really hope that one day, i don’t have to search this drama and automatically it was included in top 30… i’m very very disappointed…

  1434. 1434 : Park jun sung Says:

    @honey cone
    answer ur curiousity why TWTWB not hit top 30, becoz TWTWB had not enough collect total like, tweet, and share. Top 30 drama in most shared is dramas who had a lots of likers facebook, tweet on twitter, and share in google plus. Look 3 share button inside this page. . .
    1. Facebook (943 likes)
    2. Twitter (86 tweets)
    3. Google plus (40 shares)

    well from the data above, TWTWB just collect about almost 1069 total shares.
    Then, look in list most shared drama, for the last rank in top 30 which placed by drama Glory Jane.
    Share button in page glory jane is
    1. Facebook (1300+ likes)
    2. Twitter (21 tweets)
    3. Google plus (40 shares)

    from the data above glory jane (which rank 30 in most shared drama) collect 1361 Total shares.

    If TWTWB want to hit most shared drama, its should collect more than 1361 Total shares. To replace glory jane rank in top 30. The limit is 1361 share. TWTWB need about 293 share again among in facebook, tweet, or google plus. If u want collect a lots share for TWTWB. Only one way is by like fb button, tweet on twitter, and share on google plus everyday. . .

    Is it clear for u?

  1435. 1435 : hny Says:

    ooh I see Park jun sung ..so because we dunno to press that botton in fb etc ..so our great drama not include in top 30…. but it’s ok sis ..I think twtwb still interesting drama to watch over n over in 2013… n lot people will hunt to watch it ….since not much interested in up comming drama :))

  1436. 1436 : AAAAA Says:

    @park jun sung : thanks for the info, and so far this Korean drama that is being broadcast, the news has not been as good as TWTB drama. and so far this drama is still number one in this year, because of the various sites of popular Korean dramas this year, there has been no news as TWTB drama. even this drama is often discussed. hopefully in this week’s drama get in the top 30. fighting,,,,,,

  1437. 1437 : AAAAA Says:

    By the way, the 49th Baeksang Arts Awards 2013, to be aired next May 9. hopefully winning song hye kyo .. I think kim nam joo unnie rivals alone. and hope also noh hee kyung also won ….. if jo in sung oppa it seems hard, because if category of actor popular already could be guessed the winner “park youchun” ……

  1438. 1438 : Park jun sung Says:

    hehe, masih sempet2nya ngecek page ini. . Yes, never mind if TWTWB is not included in most shared drama. Its just becoz not all good drama has attractive fans who always ready support them anywhere, anytime. TWTWB is good, but fans of this one is not much. . . But guys, we have an important event end of the year. Lets put TWTWB into grand finalist awards 2013. If its possible let make TWTWB win the poll of koreandrama.org awards 2013. We have hard rival guys for this year. There is a lots of drama which had thousands fans who will ready support them. Missing you, kangchi, and when man in love is our biggest rival now 🙁

    huft, okay i know that yoochun is so handsome, i also one of his fans. But come on, he has won baeksang awards last year. . . He should give chance to others actors to win popular actor. Recent months i feel bored watch him. . . mmm
    btw, did u know how the rank both of SHK and jo insung in baeksang awards? Plis give me info of the position. . .

  1439. 1439 : Park jun sung Says:

    Guys, if u dont busy, u can help this drama hit most shared drama list by invite ur fans to like facebook button, tweet and share both on twitter or google plus once per days. . . Thank you.

  1440. 1440 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    its okay if JIS, SHK and the rest of TWTWB team didn’t win on Baeksang awards this year (although I’m rooting for SHK for Best Actress category)… there are still many awards ceremonies to come such as Seoul International Awards, MNet Drama Choice Awards and SBS Drama Awards by the end of the year… soo let’s hope TWTWB could win those award,,, TWTWB team FIGHTING!!!

    its okay if TWTWB didn’t make the list of most shared dramas in this koreadrama.org.. as far as I know, in Korea this drama is sooo populer until now, a lot Korean Comedian parodies “cottton candy” scene (one of them is Shindong from Super Junior) in many variety shows on Korea tv… its shows that TWTWB is also populer among Korean Celebrities, and of course JIS become the Hottest A-List star again,,,he just receiving many CF offer ^^

  1441. 1441 : AAAAA Says:

    @park jun sung :
    popular actor :
    1. Park youchun : 54,4%
    2. Lee Sung Gi : 30,5
    12. Jo in Sung : 0,2%,
    popular actress :
    9. Song hye gyo : 0,1%.

  1442. 1442 : AAAAA Says:

    @taraLuvJJ : agree, I believe in the Seoul International Awards, MNet Drama Awards SBS Drama Awards and by the end of the year drama TWTWB will win in several categories. My feeling, in seoul international award in the outstanding actor and acterss won by shk and jo in sung, as well as the best drama. and do not forget the ost of this drama, which will make the ost sung taeyon favorite.

  1443. 1443 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    yes.. love.. love.. love so much hearing all the song from TWTWB Ost.. till now I still listening all… my fave is “Grey Paper” composed by Kangta and sang by Yesung of Super Junior.. but speaking of winning the awards on Seoul International Drama Awards, i think Taeyeon of Girls Generation with “And One” more have chance,, since she won this category last year with her song “Missing You Like Crazy” from King2Heart ost… but actually all TWTWB ost are great songs!

  1444. 1444 : AAAAA Says:

    outstanding voting on the top hallyu star visit: http://kpopdrama.info/kstaren0, song hye kyo is the only top hallyu is getting the most votes TWTWB shortly after the drama aired until now. shk starting position initially in position 66 and is now in the position 45. Come voting shk and jo in sung once a day …..
    fighting …..

  1445. 1445 : AAAAA Says:

    @taraLuvJJ : agree, I also heard until now still TWTWB ost of the drama, the reason that SNSD taeyon win, not just because he won last year. because since ost “and one” of taeyon appeared, almost all music charts in korea put him in first position. besides the news about this ost in various sites stating how extraordinary it is that direct ost first position in various music charts in Korea shortly after raised.

  1446. 1446 : AAAAA Says:

    Come on, we support this drama to win in koreandrama.org award in 2013 …. just like you (park jun sung) toughest rival this drama is missing you and kang ji. but do not forget drama starring lee min hoo with park shin hye is “Heirs” will soon appear in this year. The drama can be the toughest rivals this year as well as broadcast. and also I do not know, why after watching the drama TWTWB mind me saying though is still a lot of drama has not aired in this year, but my feeling is that the best drama this year 😀

  1447. 1447 : Park jun sung Says:

    What? Lee min ho is comeback? With park shin hye? Aigoo i really hate this situation. I dont kn0w but i think the winner of koreandrama.org awards 2013 is missing you or heirs. Look, park yoochun, yoon eun hye, lee min ho, park shin hye, they are hallyu star n0w. Thousand fanatic fans, thousands vote, etc. . . . Arrrggh its seem like the polling for this year is like last year. Rooftop prince and faith are war for voting, while an0ther drama being a trash , . .

  1448. 1448 : Park jun sung Says:

    Wuuu wuuuw i think u misunderstand . . Taeyeon is a female. Not male singer. You called her with “he/him”. Just correction 😛
    Emm, yes in seoul international drama awards, TWTWB still has a chance to win something category. And in SBS drama awards, also it has same chance. Since the rival “missing you” aired in different broadcast network. . .
    I want this JIS and SHK win best couple. . , . Huhuhu 😀

    btw, hah? SHK placed in rank 45?? Wow, its climbing so fast. 3 weeks ago i check that website, SHK still rank 62 with 6500 total votes. Yesterday i check it again, she rank in 51 with 12000 total votes. Now she climb again in position 45. . . ? Go go go. . . The poll is closed july (isnt it?) , lets vote guys.

    Anyway, you can vote it every hours, i have try many times to vote it every hours, and its work u kn0w. Try it. . .

  1449. 1449 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park Jun Sung
    okay girls, and there’s another new drama come out this year too beside HEIRS (Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye, if you don’t know, HEIRS is written by script writer who brought mega hit drama, Secret Garden) its called THE SUN OF MASTER written by famous duo HONG SISTERS and directed by Jin Hyuk who also led City Hunter & Brilliant Legacy! I know Hong Sisters last year drama, BIG not so so but who doesn’t know their smash hits dramas such as YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, THE GREATEST LOVE, FANTASTIC COUPLE, SASSY GIRL CHUN YANG and MY GIRL???
    the cast of the Sun of Master are Gong Hyo Jin ( Pasta, the Greatest Love) & SO Ji SUB (Ghost, he also ever played rival of Jo In Sung in What Happened in Bali)
    both Heirs and TSOM will broadcast in SBS, the same tv whom airing TWTWB… TSOM will broadcast this summer and Heirs in October.. so I think both dramas are rival to TWTWB since we know how popular Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye are… and So Ji Sob & Gong Hyo Jin has received a lot awards from their previous dramas in last year SBS and MBC Drama Awards… to be honest, I’m so exited about these new dramas since came from good script writer, director and actors/actress ^__^
    but still not to loose hope to our TWTWB rite 🙂

  1450. 1450 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    wow… finally…!! SONG HYE KYO is #1 on Hancinema’s Most Wanted Top 10 Actress
    but JO IN SUNG still at #6 Hancinema’s Most Wanted Top 10 Actor
    and sadly TWTWB is out from Top Ten list 🙁

  1451. 1451 : AAAAA Says:

    @tara: so true your opinion, there are two sbs drama to be aired, and the two drama starring hallyu star lee min hoo and park shin hye and we know that So Ji Sob & Gong Hyo often awarded almost every drama that starred. but keep in mind guys, that the sbs drama awards pay tribute not only in terms of the artist or the actor has lots of fans but his acting and drama is the success rate at the time of broadcast. and we know, that drama TWTWB recognized as a masterpiece because it has a very complex storyline though rekame …. so I’m sure this drama will get the award, at the very least:
    1. top excelent acters: Song Hye Kyo
    2. top excelent actors: Jo In Sung
    3. best couple: O2

  1452. 1452 : AAAAA Says:

    @park jun sung : yeah, like last year, the drama starring park youchun and lee min hoo has the most votes. however rooftop prince is the best drama last year. but hopefully the audience can know that a decent Korean drama to win this year, not just look at who is starring in the drama, but of acting of the actors and actresses and the drama storyline. FIGHTING TWTWB ……..

  1453. 1453 : AAAAA Says:

    hay guys, you know that this drama is often in parody until now .. in “we got married” and most recently Kyuhyun “super junior”, is this not prove this drama is very popular and etched in the hearts of the viewers .., even a lot of korean artist admits that he really liked this drama. added convinced that this drama will get a lot of awards this year. it does not matter even if no further drama starring hallyu star of …. I’m sure this drama will compete ……

  1454. 1454 : Park jun sung Says:

    @tara @AAAA
    top excelent actor/actress? Wow, seem like O2 couple would won it.
    Btw, TSOM? Is it romantic c0medy drama? If its yes, urrrggh its would be so popular drama here. Easily hit most shared drama list. As we kn0w, hong sister is good script writer. But why it should be aired in SBS? Haissht

  1455. 1455 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    yes agree with you hope TWTWB could win those trophy on sbs drama awards this year… hey, I think you forget about one category which most of us really really like 😉 and Shin Mi Ah & Lee Jun Ki won last year from their drama ” Arang & the Magistre”… I’m talking about BEST KISS hehehe ^___^

    yup, many celebs parodies “cotton candy kiss”.. resently Go Joon Hee & Jung Jin Woon 2am from “We Got Married” new season share a cotton candy kiss, they said they were insipired after watching Jo In Sung & Song Hye Kyo in TWTWB

  1456. 1456 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park Jun Sung
    I forget what TSOM’s story is all about, as far as I remember its about a girl who can see a ghot than guy bodyguard her (ups sorry maybe I was wrong abt the story line coz there isn’t updates news abt this drama)
    I guess TSOM is romantic comedy, Hong Sisters dramas always has rom-com theme..

  1457. 1457 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    almost forget there is another new drama,, starring none other than our lovely and funny guy from TWTWB, PARK JIN SUNG ups I mean KIM BUM 😉 and her leading lady is Moon Geun Young…
    but I think it will not rival to TWTWB bcoz
    1. broadcast on mbc
    2. its saeguk drama

  1458. 1458 : AAAAA Says:

    I believe that the drama of the most awarded in sbs drama awards in 2013:
    1. TWTB
    2. Heirs
    3. TSOM

  1459. 1459 : AAAAA Says:

    Do not forget to watch the live broadcast Baeksang awards on 9 May 2013. who knew Song Hye Gyo won best actress category ….. if I do not know his official website … look for yourself … okey guys ….

  1460. 1460 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @AAAAA and all TWTWB lovers
    who want to see Baeksang Awards on May 9th, this event will be held at Kyung Hee University Peace Hall and you can live streaming on JTBC…
    here’s JTBC live streaming link :

  1461. 1461 : hny Jo Says:

    @ALL winter lover, hi…[email protected]… nice to read ur comments.

    @jun sung.. yap ! mash sering tengok this thread :)) bahkan aq rewatch the drama again.. and ada satu adegan Oh soo n O young yng bkin aku ngikik .. it’s when yongie made oppa ..’snowman’ …hahaha hidung kok panjang amat, sampai’ Oh soo dibuat nerv, ngebayangin [email protected]”!!.. expresi y lucuuu.

    last year I vote for faith coz for me LMH n Kim he sun chemistry more touchee than Yu chun and han ji min, I like RP coz sweet and funny.This year absolutely for TWTWB.. althought LMH will appear with Heirs..but I think he and Park shin ye just will show us ‘a cute couple’!! coz I recognized PSY character in acting.. always deliver same face (my opinion abt her).
    and I hoping so much O2 couple will makes a new project soon… coz I’m hunggry.. to watch a great drama in KD land :))

  1462. 1462 : AAAAA Says:

    @ hny Jo : thank you, i will also be giving my vote to play at koreandrama.org TWTWB this year, although there are still many Korean dramas that have not aired. but I do not know why this drama is so perfect in my eyes even possible for all Korean drama lovers who have seen this drama. hopefully this drama can get a lot of awards this year, seen from a variety of reports about the success of this drama, both in Korea and other countries.
    By the way, I also still watch this drama again.

  1463. 1463 : Park jun sung Says:

    @AAAA and @tara
    baeksang awards held in what time? Huft i dont put any expectation into baeksang awards. Never mind if TWTWB team n0t won awards.

    mwo? In SBS awards is the category for best kiss??
    Btw, i agree with u that drama that casted by kim bum and m0on geun y0ung is not a big rival for TWTWB. I think that drama has same level with cheongdamdong alice, rit?
    Anyway, if drama TSOM is a romantic drama its will so attractive and seem like that i will watch TSOM. Hong sister is go0d writer, the storyline that they wrote usually quite interesting. Try to watch it guys.. .

  1464. 1464 : Park jun sung Says:

    @hny jo
    hmm, the m0ment that i like most is when oh soo beg a love to oh young, when he beg to sleep together with oh young although oh young refuse it, when oh soo cry becoz oh young denied his love. Aigoo dont u kn0w that he was so sexy do that. . . AAaAaAaAa hope someday there is a guy like oh soo around my life. Huft i cant said anymore, jo insung is too handsome, too cute, too gentle and truly of a men! Haish marry me oppa!! 😀 kiss kiss muach!

  1465. 1465 : AAAAA Says:

    @park jun sung: never mind, in the category of best actress and best director alone is good. but I still hope song hye gyo won best actress category. as I said before, just kim nam jo course that rivals the toughest of song hye kyo. because we know that kim nam jo gets “Daesang” kbs drama awards in 2012…..

  1466. 1466 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @AAAAA, @Park Jun Sung
    oops I forget what time is baeksang awards airing…
    oops again.. I forget there is no best kiss on sbs awards just best couple I supposed and I was wrong best kiss is in mbc drama award last year winner lee jun ki & shin mi ah from arang..
    hey girls, what do you think about Jang ok Jung? is there any chance that yoo ah in and kim tae hee could beat jo in sung and song hye kyo? coz this drama also broadcast in sbs ya…

    @Jun Sung
    I guess kim bum & moon geun youn new drama is same level with gu book family since its saeguk drama and broadcast on mbc.. dunno just wait and see…

  1467. 1467 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @hny Jo
    hi.. msh sk merapat d sni ya.. pantes d LINE kok sepi skg ya hehehe
    agree with you sis, i guess Park Shin Hye acting capabilty just the same from YAB to Hearstrings from Cynaro Agency to Sorry I’m a Ghost.. sooo typical of her.. dunno abt Flower Boy Next Door since i havent wacth it.. she never won any award beside popularity category..

    speaking of TWTWB, that’s my favorite scene too.. when both of them made snowman.. kupikir wkt oh young bikin snowman dg hidung panjang, oh soo bkl blg “emg aku pinocio kok hidungnya panjang bgt” hehe tp ternyata tdk.. I guess pinocio not that so popular in korea 😉
    and love scene when the claming mountain together kemudian oh soo menyuruh oh young dgrin suara gerak ranting2 pohon yg beku yg saling bersentuhan sambil memeluknya dr blkg… that’s so romantic and the view of winter just sooo bautiful in my eyes

  1468. 1468 : hny Says:

    yahh @tara …me too think Abt pinokio…tp ky ya oh soo agk negativ thingking jg saat itu ..abz oh young bkn hidung kok panjang .ke atas bkn kdepan ;)) wakakaka

  1469. 1469 : Park jun sung Says:

    hey hey hey what do u mean with hidung panjang ke atas bkn ke depan? Ecieeee jngn mkir jorok 😛 Wkwkwkwk

    omwo? Best kiss? Arang? Where in result page of MBC awards there is not a list for best kiss. Just best couple. . . Btw is gu family book a popular one now? Hmm people said that its go0d drama. Unfortunately its n0t catch my hearts. Look, page nya gu family book agak sepi tuh kayaknya. Sebenarnya drama when man in love is quite ordinary, but its m0re popular than GFB. . .

  1470. 1470 : Park jun sung Says:

    Ah forget,, i d0nt kn0w why recent days JOJ being popular drama in 1st place, is the story become atractive and interesting.? Mmm i think n0t sis. JOJ didnt be a hard rival for O2 couple. .
    Huhuhu still waiting new drama of lee jun ki 🙂

  1471. 1471 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @jun sung
    me too.. don’t like gu book family..
    i tried watching queen of ambition but then I got bored.. now, I’m watching JOJ .. don’t care abt low the ranting cz sometimes drama which has high ranting isn’t my taste such as “my dougther soe young” which had almost 40% and “lee soon shin is the best” has 28% don’t like those kind of dramas for me the storyline of daily k.drama just like sinetron 🙁

  1472. 1472 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @jun sung
    dunno just love seeing diff side story of joseon era which has character name like Jang Ok Jung, Dong Yi, Queen In Hyun, King Sook Jong dll..dll.. in JOJ, I see the good side of JOJ bcoz in k.drama “Dong Yi” character Dayang Jang/JOJ is evil woman…

    and chemistry between KTH and YAI is a bonus by seeing JOJ ^___^

  1473. 1473 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @jun sung
    oops I forget.. yes I guess lee jung ki will appears soon on mbc drama “two weeks” from the writer who wrote “49 days” and “my daughter seo young ” ^^

  1474. 1474 : Park jun sung Says:

    oh my gosh. . . . . . Lee jun ki would come back? . . . . AAaAaAaAaAaAa is it romantic comedy drama?

  1475. 1475 : hny Says:

    aiihhh sis jun sung …hehehe ..ky nya itu y dpikirin oh soo saat itu ..wakekeke .

    lee jun ki …comeback with romcom …hmmm ..good ga yahh !!!

  1476. 1476 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    to all TWTWB lovers in Philiphines… happy for you bcoz TWTWB will aired on Philliphines’s largest tv network ABC-CBN

    @Park Jun sung, @ hny Jo
    yes Lee Jun Ki will return to kdrama land..
    tittle : Two Weeks
    written by : So hyun Kyung (49 Days, Presecutors Princess, My Daughter Soe Young)
    broadcast network : MBC
    broadcast time : premiere on August
    air time: wed-thur
    synopsis : TW portrays the story of a man who thinks he lives a meaningless life and is framed for murder wheb he suddenly finds out that he has a daughter whi has leukimia. the drama takes viewers on his journey to try to save his daughter in two weeks.

    kl ngeliat sinopsisnya drama serius ni.. I wonder who’ll be cast as his daughter???

  1477. 1477 : AAAAA Says:


  1478. 1478 : Park jun sung Says:

    wkwkwk oh soo wkt liad hidung tegak, bawaannya mikir mesum wkwk.
    Hmm hope drama of lee jun ki has go0d story. I’m waiting a long time since there is not a g0od drama recent week. But actually its will release on august. Still long. . .
    Aduh, baru tau and baru nyadar kalo romcom itu singkatan dr romantic c0medy. Tak kirain romcom itu smacam apa gt. . .
    Btw, i also hope lee jun ki cut hair is short. He m0re handsome with short hair

  1479. 1479 : Park jun sung Says:

    huft.. . . How lucky philipina. . . Bru tyang di korea udah n0ng0l di filipina. When TWTWB airing in indonesia. . ?? Its still long. Masi ada bnyak drama yg ngantri blm di tayangn 🙁
    anyway, omwo? He had a daughter? LJK role as a father? I’m curious who is main lead actress

  1480. 1480 : AAAAA Says:

    oh no…. song hye kyo lost ….. but won best director kim hyu te .. that winter the wind blows … congratulations ………

  1481. 1481 : AAAAA Says:

    woow .. the one and collaborate eun ji ost sang TWTWB “winter love” at the Baeksang awards outstanding performance……………

  1482. 1482 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    wow, I got goosebump watching the one and eun ji perfomanced..
    yes too bad tht SHK didn’t take the awards home with her 🙁
    but I’m still glad PYC won, luv him too in IMY.. three years in a row.. he make a history in Baeksang 🙂

  1483. 1483 : AAAAA Says:

    @tara : performance from the one and eun ji was remarkable, and sad also shk not win .. but ost. TWTWB course of the performance at the Baeksang awards, it was incredible .. this indicates this drama was incredible .. I’m sure at the Seoul International Drama Awards and jo in sung shk will get outstanding actor and actress … and also the best drama .. by the way kim hyu tae won the best director category. is none other than the director of TWTWB. congratulations ..
    and I also love the acting of PYC ….. dramas starring primarily rooftop prince and i miss you very amazing ..

  1484. 1484 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    in movie section category of 49th Baeksang Art Awards, the winner of best actress is Kim Min Her on her movie (Temperature of Love)

    is this the same Kim MIn Hee, the one whom Jo In Sung’ve been dating…?????

  1485. 1485 : AAAAA Says:

    it’s true, by the way how did kim min hee, look at the romantic scenes between jo in sung and song hye kyo during the one and ji eun sang
    ost TWTWB???

  1486. 1486 : AAAAA Says:

    hi guys,, No one knows, websites to watch broadcast Baeksang awards 2013 full?? please let me know ……

  1487. 1487 : AAAAA Says:

    you try to see, just airing drama TWTWB have got the award .. This year we wait, the drama will get a lot of awards .. we will see a list award of this drama hereinafter …. fighting TWTWB ..

  1488. 1488 : hny Jo Says:

    @tara,.,. just want share this link

  1489. 1489 : hny Jo Says:

    I watch eunji an the one performance at baeksang… that’s so amazing
    I think this the best song I ever hear from korea this year… :))

  1490. 1490 : Park jun sung Says:

    Omwo. . . . . Xes yes yes. . . . twtwb collect one awards. . . . . And its will increase soon. .. . . . Congratulation TWTWB has won best director in baeksaeng art awards.
    Guys actually best director category is cho0se by profesional judge, rit?? Thats mean that the judge kn0w that kim kyu tae work (TWTWB drama) should be appreciated. . . . .
    btw, is best director n0t added in awards list below? In this page?

  1491. 1491 : Park jun sung Says:

    here the source for director kim kyu taek (that winter the wind blow) won baeksang art awards 2013 as best director. Hope you add that awards into this page 😀


    (@Park jun sung from admin: we already added this awards before you request it. Please check.)

  1492. 1492 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @hny Jo
    thx u for the link sis.. now I knew it was her, i though it was another actress with similiar name 🙂
    haha some korean guys said tht KMH is sexy and cute.. maybe it was on JIS’s mind too when he saw KMH for very first time ^__^

  1493. 1493 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    JIS and SHK didn’t come to Baeksang ya.. coz i dont see any pics of them on red carpet..

  1494. 1494 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @jun sung
    yes, I guess all categories choose by profesional judge.. only popularity category vote by ordinary ppl/fans, and the voting close in may 7th so we all ready know the winner of popularity category.. the others categories announced at the ceremony awards….
    I guess its like Golden Globe Awards in USA coz it has movies and television dramas categories..

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  1500. 1500 : AAAAA Says:

    hi guys, seoul international drama awards in 2013 has released a drama that will compete for the awards there. the good news … Drama TWTWB participate … expect a lot of awards to be held the drama .. the source..

  1501. 1501 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    wow, I just gonna post the same news but your comment already here girl 🙂
    yes, beside TWTWB.. there Horse Healer & Golden Time from Korea.. I wish I Miss You and Innocent Man also included to list nominees coz I like those dramas too…

  1502. 1502 : AAAAA Says:

    woowwwww. amazing………… TWTWB most popular drama list and are eligible to enter the awards seoul international drama awards in 2013 read in soompi.com,… , if I can guess TWTWB drama will get a lot of awards in this event, including:
    1. outstanding actor: jo in sung
    2. outstanding actres: song hye gyo
    3. the best ost. drama: SNSD taeyon or the one
    4. grandprize: drama Winter Wind That Blows
    5. Best director: Kim kyu tee

  1503. 1503 : Park jun sung Says:

    wow, seem like that TWTWB will get a lots of awards this year. Well, we have chance to j0in the vote, rit? I will vote TWTWB until it be the winner. Guys, last year the voting is give us anytime, anywhere, and any drama to vote everyday. So, help vote this drama too beside ur an0ther favorite one. . . .
    Admin, sorry. I d0nt see it. Thx for your attention

  1504. 1504 : AAAAA Says:

    @tara and all fans TWTWB:I actually like both the drama, but the drama seems TWTWB recently aired so it becomes worth more, than that. since this drama appears alaur various sites talking about the story and the acting of the artists and the incredible actor. The drama even dianggp one of the most successful plays ever, judging from the few records that have been solved. seems to be difficult for the drama “i miss you” or “nice guy” beat this drama. even though I also like to watch the drama “i miss you”. hi friends, we have to be realistic in assessing the strength of a drama, and indeed so far no one can match the drama yet TWTWB both in terms of storyline and acting are perfect from the players.

  1505. 1505 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hehe yes but still love IMY and NG/IM too 😉
    like you said we have to be realistic,, there are still another dramas that make it to list of nominees,, Golden Time & Horse’ Healer even tough both dramas not that popular as our favorites but this already got some awards… from GT Lee Sung Min won producers’ choice actor of the year and from HH Cho Seung Woo won Daesang on MBC Drama Awards last December…
    sometimes saeguk drama has more to be counted by the judges, like last year dramas winner of Seoul Int Drama Awards, Princess’ Man and Tree Deep Rooted… so what I’m trying to say is Horse Healer has more change to take the awards home…my guess ..

    but let’s not loose hope to our TWTWB.. and may the cast of TWTWB could steal the awards 🙂

  1506. 1506 : AAAAA Says:

    exactly what you say, it plays saeguk more calculated but there is still hope for this drama win. ‘ve seen on the official website of the SDA? drama “i miss you” and “nice guy” was not nominated ….. The two also sad drama is actually good, and voting to include drama in the SDA was closed ….

  1507. 1507 : Park jun sung Says:

    Ouch reallly, IMY and NG n0t n0minated in SDA? Aish, its go0d news for me. So TWTWB has hit its big rival. Its will collect a lots of votes. Btw TWTWB is n0minated in SDA awards rit??

  1508. 1508 : Park jun sung Says:

    @tara and @AAAA
    sis, btw how the way for judging SDA? Is it judging bye profesional or its from international fans votes?

  1509. 1509 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    yes I look the official web of the SDA and found out tht IMY and NG didn’t nominated for this events.. I still guessing tht Horse Healer gonna win but yes agree with you there is a hope tht TWTWB casts will win…
    btw did u know the ost nominees beside Taeyeon’s song from TWTWB ost?
    I just watching last year SDA ceremonies, and Taeyeon won the ost category from her song Missing You Like Crazy from King2Heart Ost,, is there any chance she win again this year? as far as I know Baek Ji Young from Arang & the Magistre ost, Ali “Carry On” Faith ost, Ailee from Queen of Ambition ost also beautiful songs… I really love hearing these 4 songs esp BJY since she is my fave singer….

  1510. 1510 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @jun sung
    honestly, dunno the system for judging SDA.. as far as I know many dramas from around the world which make it to the nominees list… too bad there aren’t any sinetron of our country which enter to the nominees hahahaha….

  1511. 1511 : AAAAA Says:

    @park : I’ve read how assessment for SDA few years ago, 70% of fans and 30% of the professionals, but it is only for category:
    1. outstanding actor and actress
    2. outstanding drama
    3. people choice
    4. hallyu or best drama, for other categories selected by the success of the drama is the drama a success in the country and seen dri audiences from all over the world to see how much drama is searched on various websites.
    and the drama seems TWTWB most successful drama among about where in addition to well-known in his country as well-known in many other countries. it can be seen from various reports in the websites.

  1512. 1512 : AAAAA Says:

    and I’m sad but also happy, I’m sad because i miss you drama and nice guy is not nominated but I’m happy mean drama TWTWB not have rivals. You know, the nomination of the drama that goes selected by fans from various countries? I wonder why the drama i miss you not nominated, but we know park youchun has fans very much in different countries?

    if I can guess, the fans from all over the world seem to be more intelligent in picking the drama that was nominated in the SDA entitled, without selecting drama starring his favorite actress and actor. I actually also liked the acting of the park youchun but drama “i miss you” does not have a plot that is so good and does not fit with the character of the pyc ……… but also equally love the drama. but the drama TWTWB more I like. : D

  1513. 1513 : AAAAA Says:

    @tara : I also do not know, but I think taeyon or the one who will get the award for best drama ost, reason:
    1. since the release of the second ost, various music charts in Korea puts them in position first. in fact it just happened that all four ost of this drama topped the list of various music charts in Korea.
    2. I think baek ji young better known as the queen ost but were sung by taeyon and “the one” better. you can see it on the news on various sites ost. Here you are. and you must also have seen, only drama ost TWTWB sung: “the one” who appeared in the Baeksang awards 2013.
    I think this is why taeyon or the one who will receive the award.

  1514. 1514 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    thx u for ur explanation coz sometimes I’m too lazy to read all tht stuff on SDA official web ^__^

    yes I guess Taeyeon or The One gonna win ost category.. I still can’t get over of The One feat. Eun Ji when they perfomanced “Winter Love” on Baeksang Awards,, this song already beautiful to my ear but both these singer even make this song sounds mooooorreeeee beautiful 🙂
    I just wonder why Yesung “Grey Paper” not make to list of nominee coz its beautiful song too….

    actually last year don’t like Taeyeon at all coz she beat Baek Ji Young and Ali song from Rooftop Prince ost… also LYN from Moon That Embraces The Sun ost… but now Taeyeon “And Love” become my ringtone hehehehe ^^

    just wait for the awards cermony yeah… TWTWB crews HWAITING!!!

  1515. 1515 : Park jun sung Says:

    Wowww. . . . . sda is so profesional awards, isnt it? Its nominate dramas without determine its drama include hallyu star or n0t. . . . So profesional! I’m happy and very happy becoz TWTWB has n0t strong rival in SDA. I will vote it until the end 😀 !
    Btw, is PYC n0minated in outstanding category for SDA?

  1516. 1516 : Park jun sung Says:

    @AAAA and @tara
    yes sis. I agree, taeyeon and the one should win awards for their song. I really like TWTWB song. Especially for “winter love” song. I’m cry heard that song. And for prince “jo insung” also should win outstanding actor since PYC is n0t n0minated

  1517. 1517 : AAAAA Says:

    in fact, also sang yesung ost of this drama with superb but after the second ost of this drama appears that the one and taeyon, this ost immediately so famous even just a new release of the company topped music charts in korea even impressions of this drama I look at the melon out charts and other Korean music charts taeyon still in the top ten positions. but there is still a possibility that yesung also win …. but overall all the ost of this amazing drama. so if one of the ost win in the SDA is very enjoyable .. not you, sis?

  1518. 1518 : AAAAA Says:

    yes sis, SDA is a very professional event .. but you know that the SDA actually enter the fight plays in the event of voting the drama fans. if so why the drama “i miss you” was not nominated? whereas PYC and yon eun hye so famous??? whatever, the most important TWTWB nominated … yeah …. yeah ……….
    PYC does not seem to get in the outstanding actor, because no dramas nominated in the SDA. and time to incorporate drama in SDA was closed on 10 May. I am actually sad PYC not nominated but I also get bored because it’s been 2 years in a row PYC would win it. so this year to reward outstanding actors jo in sung.
    but you know sis, if drama “FAITH” was also nominated? I’m afraid lee min ho could snatch outstanding actor award, while PYC not nominated …

  1519. 1519 : AAAAA Says:

    @park :
    yes sis, SDA is a very professional event .. but you know that the SDA actually enter the fight plays in the event of voting the drama fans. if so why the drama “i miss you” was not nominated? whereas PYC and yon eun hye so famous??? whatever, the most important TWTWB nominated … yeah …. yeah ……….
    PYC does not seem to get in the outstanding actor, because no dramas nominated in the SDA. and time to incorporate drama in SDA was closed on 10 May. I am actually sad PYC not nominated but I also get bored because it’s been 2 years in a row PYC would win it. so this year to reward outstanding actors jo in sung.
    but you know sis, if drama “FAITH” was also nominated? I’m afraid lee min ho could snatch outstanding actor award, while PYC not nominated

  1520. 1520 : Park jun sung Says:

    are u indo?
    Faith.?? Aigoo, i really hate this situation. I dont like drama FAITH. . . Its n0t go0d drama. . . Btw, is category outstanding gave 100% from fans votes?

  1521. 1521 : AAAAA Says:

    @park :
    ya,,, i indo.. hehehehe.., if so I only speak Indonesian, benar drama faith sangat2222… tidak bagus..(berlebihan kali yah)..
    kategori outstanding 70% vote dan 30% dari lembaga profesional… itu beberapa tahun yang lalu sih…. mungkin udah berubah… tapi masih ada kemungkinan kok walaupun drama tersebut masuk tapi belum tentu aktor ataupun artis yang memerankan masuk nominasi outstanding.. hal itu tergantung dari jurinya…..
    so kalau jo in sung dan song hye gyo sih udah pasti masuk nominasi.. tapi drama faith ‘HATE””. apa sih bgsx. emang krn ada lee min ho udah brarti bgs tuh drama. hehehe sory penggemar lee min ho…. saya bicara tentang kualitas drama…. but I’m sure a lot of drama TWTWB definitely get an award at the SDA….. HWAITING.. TWTWB…

  1522. 1522 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hehehe ternyata Indo jg to 😉

    @AAAAA, @Park Jun Sung
    smpe skg aq blm ntn FAITH, uda direkomen sm byk org but still don’t interesting hehe
    okay we hv to be realistic ni.. Lee Min Ho fansnya luar biasa byk di luar Asia terutama di USA,,kalian tahu gak Lee Min Ho th ini mng best actor di Dramafever Awards ngalahin KSH, bhkan PYC tuh,, bahkan mng dikategori best couple lho…
    but again every awards has their own taste, quality and winner ya.. smoga JIS & SHK mng.. mnrutku rival terberat ya dr drama Horse Healer & Golden Time…

    huh, sedih jg Yoochun, Yoo Eun Hee, Moon Chae Won, Song Joongki gak masuk nominasi…
    eh So Ji Sob lwt drama Ghost masuk nominaai gak?kan aktingnya keren bgt tuh…

  1523. 1523 : Park jun sung Says:

    how do u kn0w that JIS and SHK also n0minated in SDA outstanding category?? Emg udah di publish siapa aja yg msuk n0mination?
    Aigo0. . . We have same thinking. Yeah, i d0nt kn0w, . twtwb is much better than faith. I d0nt kn0w how can FAITH was in voting war versus ro0ftop prince last year in koreandrama.org award. . .
    Plis, hope that lee min ho n0t n0minated in SDA. . .
    But sis, its possibly that JIS will win SDA. Cz look, JIS is win many awards as far as his career. In JIS profile he win baeksang many times, also win an0ther awards. Its mean that the skill of JIS is respected 😀

  1524. 1524 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park Jun Sung
    hehehe sis, I’m not a fan of Jo In Sung.. but I salut him for his exelent acting no wonder he already received many awards on his career hehehe..
    actually jo in sung, bae young jung, song seung sun, won bin, song hye kyo and choi ji woo was called the hallyu stars the first generation ^^

  1525. 1525 : Park jun sung Says:

    really they were hallyu 1st generation. Haha but, this new hallyu 2nd generation is a bit so suck. M0st of them just sell their face. The acting skill just so0o0o ordinary. . .
    Btw, did u mean “horse doctor” ???

  1526. 1526 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @jun sung
    yes Horse Healer alias Horse Doctor..
    like I said on my comment #1505 both Horse Doctor and Golden Time nominated in SDA this year…
    we all know Lee Sung Min (GG) won producer choice actor of the year and Cho Seung Woo even won Daesang on mbc drama awards…
    so my guees if these two also nominated in SDA, they will become big rival to JIS…

  1527. 1527 : AAAAA Says:

    same sis, I’m also not interested in the same drama “FAITH”, even from one of the sites that the drama is less attractive because of the end of the story is not clear, even fans of the drama was disappointed with the ending drama even very low rating ….. I know lee min ho won for best actor and best couple in “dramafever” is none other than USA site .. hate to see the drama nominations ….
    “horse healer” and “golden time” a tough rival for the actor won the “top excelent actor and” Daesang “….
    PYC’s also sad, YEH was not nominated, but did drama “i miss you” is not very interesting .. I’m a little bored with the story and PYC little excessive in acting in the drama .. sorry sis, I actually liked the drama, starring PYC but for this time TWTWB drama is the best drama for the time being.

  1528. 1528 : AAAAA Says:

    @tara :
    same sis, I’m also not interested in the same drama “FAITH”, even from one of the sites that the drama is less attractive because of the end of the story is not clear, even fans of the drama was disappointed with the ending drama even very low rating ….. I know lee min ho won for best actor and best couple in “dramafever” is none other than USA site .. hate to see the drama nominations ….
    “horse healer” and “golden time” a tough rival for the actor won the “top excelent actor and” Daesang “….
    PYC’s also sad, YEH was not nominated, but did drama “i miss you” is not very interesting .. I’m a little bored with the story and PYC little excessive in acting in the drama .. sorry sis, I actually liked the drama, starring PYC but for this time TWTWB drama is the best drama for the time being.

  1529. 1529 : AAAAA Says:

    @park :
    I was just thinking, if SHK and JIS nominated .. but I’m sure it’s true, as seen from the acting of both outstanding. I also hate why drama “FAITH” was also nominated in the SDA???
    true sis, I also not a fan of JIS, but I see from the quality of the acting of the actors … and JIS eligible for the award this year at the SDA.

  1530. 1530 : AAAAA Says:

    @park :
    true, the new hallyu 2nd, mostly selling facial acting alone but the quality is very ordinary ….. just a few of the new hallyu 2nd that has good acting. if the fans view of the quality of acting and drama, then I’m sure the drama is actually good and the acting of the players are good, will definitely get a lot of awards.
    I was annoyed to see the fans in Asia, especially in Korea, Japan and China are directly voting for her favorite actors and artists without looking at the quality of the acting and the drama … see Lee Sung GI drama, the ratings high but his play is not very interesting ….. wonder,,,,, wonder,,,,,,,

  1531. 1531 : Park jun sung Says:

    @tara and @AAAA
    AGREEEEE drama faith is n0t too interesting for me. Nice guy is better. As far as lee min ho career. I just like his role in BBF and city hunter. Just it. His an0ther drama are so so so ordinary.
    Never mind, dramafever awards just collect vote fr0m fans. Ya sejenis pesta rakyat gt lah. Dari rakyat oleh rakyat dan untuk rakyat. Haha

  1532. 1532 : Park jun sung Says:

    aduh sama. Serius deh ak ini slah satu fansX PYC. But aku bner2 gak trlalu addict sma drama IMY. The story a bit bored. I watch it just becoz there is PYC. Aduh di tmbh lg akting PYC sbgai detektif in IMY is n0t over full. Detektif seakan akan cm di jadi in gelar doank. Dlu pertama liad aku brharap kalo PYC can act as real detective such as detektif cakep yg ada di city hunter itu lho (lupa namanya). Eh bkn dtektif seh, jaksa ya?
    Ya pkoknya ak harapnya itu PYC akting bner2 action like a detective. But in fact , PYC has dissapointing me. His role n0t go0d. Aduh masa detective brkali kali mewek gara2 nyari2 his first luv? Aig0o

  1533. 1533 : Park jun sung Says:

    Upz forget. Taun lalu ak liad di grafik voting, vote trbnyak itu dri ind0nesia kan? Wew brarti org2 ind0nesia pda gila smua. Gila aktor, yg pnting aktornya menang, gk peduli drama nya bgus ap kgak. Tp untunglah yg menang RTP

  1534. 1534 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @AAAAA, @Jun Sung
    hahaha dramafever pesta rakyat utk rakyat 😀 setuju bgt lgpula voternya cm 500.000 n org amrik semua..
    abt LSG agree with u, I don’t see any progess in his acting from Brilliant Legacy, Gumiho, King2Hearts and now Kangchi but again he’s sooo popular in Korea no wonder his drama has high ranting…

    hehe so u guys don’t like PYC in IMY, but I find his acting more improved in tht drama even I like PYC in RTP more,, actually what I like abt IMY is all the cast did great job, like the chemistry between PYC and Song OK Sook, mrk kyk ibu&anak bnran aja.. Yoo Seung Ho-slh satu aktor muda berbakat saat ini syg jrg diakui aktingnya d acara awards2 pdhl akting dy d IMY, God of Study terutama d Warrior Baek Dong So keren bgt… and don’t forget abt Kim SoHyun & Yoe Ji Go-dua aktor remaja favoriteku nih chemistry nya dpt bgt d IMY.. but abt ost IMY emg klh kl TWTWB semua lagu2nya keren smntr IMY hanya 1 yg kusuka “Magic Castle” song by Melody Day but I like the original better song by DBSK, this song also make me goosebump eveytime I hear it… try watching this maybe u gonna like this song too:

  1535. 1535 : AAAAA Says:

    terlebih lagi lee min ho br aja dtng ke indonesia for fans meeting, duh.. menjengkelkan,,,,, iya dramafever.com itu yang voting cuman 500.000 orng aja dr sekian puluhan juta atau milyaran orang amerika. itupun yg mem vote belum tntu orng amerika beneran. and mngkin aja orng asia yg tinggal disana.. hehhehehe…jd emang cocoknya hanya untuk pesta rakyat hanya untuk nyenangin segelintir fans fanatik doang.
    iya akting PYC di “i miss you” nangisnya bahkan ngengalahin Yon eun hye loh… liat aja air mata PYC deras bnget…… sedikit lebay sih mnurut aku,,, but still really like acting PYC kok…. peace @tara…… tidak mau ngebandingin sih..
    but cries of “JIS” in drama TWTWB it’s really gentleman …. although a little tear but very touching …. men should be, just may be a lot of tears when certain .. like in episode 15 of this drama, soooo sad look “” JIS crying and timing suitable at that time ….

  1536. 1536 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    actually there’s nothing wrong with Lee Min Ho, he’s handsome and his acting its okay too.. en kl dy mw dtg k Indo seharusnya kita sng dong ada aktor Korea mw k neg kita coz jrg2 mostly kan kpop aja tuh…
    trus-terang hbs ntn BBF smpt ngefans berat but after watching City Hunter I lost interesting, mlh lbh sk yg jd Jaksa Kim hehehe…

    hahaha nangis nya Yoochun lebay ya.. but still like him (sebnrnya sih sbg fans berat JYJ, aku lbh sk Kim Jaejoong tp slalu sk jg liat akting PYC…love all JYJ member)…

    iya JIS emg aktor Korea yg kliatan manly d mataku biar adegan nangis ttp kliatan jantan hihi 😉 selain JIS mnurutku aktor korea yg “cowok bgt” So Ji Sub and Bae So Bin…

  1537. 1537 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Jun Sung-#1533
    iya fans d Indo sk ga peduli yg penting aktor fave nya mng.. kl aku sih liat2 dramanya jg sih.. I really love Kim Jaejoong but choosing Time Slip dr.Jin to be my fave drama? don’t think so..
    never like Lee Junki but I love his role on Arang & the Magistre… I like Moon Geun Young but agak kecewa sm peran dy d Cheongdamdong Alice…
    and yes when I saw What Happened in Bali, my eyes only for So Ji Sub, but after watching TWTWB,, I like Jo In Sung now hahahaha…

  1538. 1538 : Park jun sung Says:

    @tara @AAAAA
    well, if SDA awards voting start. D0nt forget to remind me okay. I definitely vote JIS, SHK, TWTWB.
    Btw, haish bner2 deh, knp indosiar mlah nayangin FAITH? Drama big ama arang aj blm. . .

  1539. 1539 : AAAAA Says:

    @park :
    certainly,,, iya knpa indosiar malah nanyangin FAITH sih…. tambah deh vote dari lee min ho…. bukannya nggak suka sama dia, cuman saya liat itu kualitas drama dan aktingnya di faith kurang bagus sih…

  1540. 1540 : AAAAA Says:

    but you know …. if “JIS” will come to singapore and malaysia for promotion TWTWB drama .. so there are other countries that support by giving voting to the drama ….. both countries it again “crazy-crazy” with the drama even singapore and malaysia already broadcast the drama at the time the play was broadcast in korea … Daebak …..
    and from the various sites I read, countries like thailand, vietnam, philippines love this drama ….. and probably many other Asian countries are like …

  1541. 1541 : Mhie Says:

    Super like the story and also the actor and actresses. Hope that another song hye gyo drama series to come soon. I miss the way she act. I her very much.

  1542. 1542 : AAAAA Says:

    oh no…….. “nice guy” was nominated ……. increased competition from TWTWB …. I wonder the same SDA, said the time to enter the drama ended on 10 May, until now there are still new drama entry in the list of nominations in the SDA. SDA inconsistent ……… soon “i miss you” definitely nominated … increasing again rivals TWTWB drama … not unhappy, but if “i miss you” was nominated. PYC and YEH has been ascertained to outstanding actors and people choice …
    bukannya tidak YC masuk nominasi…. tapi sepertinya untuk tahun ini berikan penghargaan tersebut kepada jo in sung dan song hye gyo, krn ia lebih layak untuk ngedapatinnya… jadi lemes deh….

  1543. 1543 : AAAAA Says:

    but there is still hope, the judges will choose from the many dramas that go on SDA, only a drama that will be included in the SDA, and it is seen how the drama influence both in their home country or other countries. and I’m sure the drama will TWTWB nominated because besides getting high appreciation in the country, it is also very interested in drama many countries .. it is evident from the many comments from several people in various countries who want this drama win at SDA. hope the jury can be wise to include a list of nominees in the SDA.

  1544. 1544 : Park jun sung Says:

    Wait2, actually TWTWB itu udh ad di daftar n0minasi SDA gk seh?? Trz liad daftar n0minasinya itu dmana?

  1545. 1545 : Emily Dnghf Says:

    I think, this drama will be the best korean drama of 2013. The most beautiful drama ever i seen. ♥♥♥ Jo In Sung & Song Hye Kyo = Best Couple. ♥♡

  1546. 1546 : Park jun sung Says:

    hffftt jadi ikutan lemes deh. Eh shouldnt give it up. Everything is possibly happen. As what happen last year. There is rooftop prince, city hunter, and princess man. Although RTP and CH got many votes, but at the end the princess man won the awards. Remember, judge voice also determined.
    Sbenarnya NG is n0t bad drama. Its has same genre with TWTWB rit? The story go0d, actor/actress also go0d. Bgitu jg dgn PYC and LMH. Sbenarnya mreka gak slah apa2 jg. Toh yg bkin mreka menang jg krena fansnya ribuan tersebar di seluruh dunia. Jd iri, andai aja JIS ama SHK pnya bnyk fans kyak mreka. Pasti bkal sering menang berbagai penghargaan. Sayang sekali mungkn smua ini gara2 JIS and SHK udh tua kale yah? Cm sdkit org yg ngefans artis berumur.
    Huft, we still have chance to win OST. Category, best drama category, also director category (eh ad gk ya category sutradara).
    Hope TWTWB can win one or two category in SDA.

  1547. 1547 : AAAAA Says:

    @park :
    but of all the drama that goes on the SDA will be chosen few who fought in the SDA drama later, nah.. nantinya akan keluar deh beberapa drama yang resmi masuk nominasi di SDA,
    from what I saw last year, the end of May or early in June SDA will show dramas and nominees list that goes on SDA. ini link nya :http://www.seouldrama.org/EN/., btw don’t forget sis, klik tnda hati sebnyk2x at drama trsbt.., don’t forget, klik list more pada bagian bawah pada tmpiln drma trsbt krn drma TWTWB letaknya agak dibwh…

  1548. 1548 : AAAAA Says:

    @Emily Dnghf:
    it’s true sis, hopefully this year, drama TWTWB get many awards …

  1549. 1549 : AAAAA Says:

    @park :
    certainly, if JIS and SHK still young… pasti bnyk deh penggemarx….. tapi masih punya harapan yg besar kok pada kesuksesan drama ini…. paling tdk two or three award yg bs di dpt pada SDA nntinya… ehh. btw “i miss you” blum msk list loh smpai skrng….

  1550. 1550 : Park jun sung Says:

    lho skrng udah mulai voting ta??
    Btw, taun lalu i also ever voting RTP in SDA. As i knew before n0t all drama listed in SDA rit? Last year i think just less than 10 kdrama that participate in SDA. And those drama i think bkn skedar drama remaja sjenis playful kiss, heartstring, dll gt. Yg msuk SDA kyaknya drama yg critanya agak berat dan serius kali ya?

  1551. 1551 : IAmNojustice Says:

    For god sake, what is going on here? This thread is for “That Winter, The Wind Blows” drama. Any other remarks pertaining to any other drama in depth, please make that comment in that drama thread or go to SDA forum/website for whatsoever comment.

  1552. 1552 : AAAAA Says:

    blum voting, goal heart clicking on our favorite drama is only an indicator of how much the audience favorite drama from around the world to the drama…. nah itu dia yg saya ktkan, SDA menampung seluruh aspirasi dari para penikmat drama tak terkecuali drama korea…. jadi SDA baru memasukkan drama-drama korea tersebut. dari sekian banyak itu, so
    jury will be selected decent drama nominated in SDA .. be a sign of heart on the drama does not specify that the drama was nominated in the SDA.
    and kykx sih.. drama2 yg hanya menampilkan kelucuan atau jalan cerita tidak menarik ujung2x tersisih deh…

  1553. 1553 : AAAAA Says:

    @IAmNojustice :
    i’am sory sis, did not mean it, we do not mean to compare one drama to another. and I am not fan of jo in sung or song hye kyo, but I see from the quality of the acting and the storyline of the drama was amazing. so let me just say this drama deserves a lot of awards this year thanks to the hard work in drama TWTWB. I do not mean to judge another drama …
    and I actually really like the acting of Park Youchun, especially drama sungkyukwan scandal and RTP …

  1554. 1554 : Alice Says:

    Yuhuuu this drama deserve got many awards. I luv this drama, i luv jo insung. @AAAA is rit, JIS is cute smile and gentle 😀 His smile is amazing

  1555. 1555 : menchie Says:

    amazing genre!!! i really enjoyed this korean drama…

  1556. 1556 : AAAAA Says:

    TWTWB lovers,, hopefully this drama gained many awards in this year, and the closest is in Seoul international drama awards ..

  1557. 1557 : Park jun sung Says:

    sis, when its would be held? I mean deadline voting? Is there any news update?

  1558. 1558 : Park jun sung Says:

    if u d0nt want people here talking ab0ut SDA, so what should we do? What topic should we discuss? Proud about this drama? Proud about the cast? Proud about the amazing story? We have done with its long time ago. And we talked about that much much much much times. Sampe ni jari pegel deh buat ngetik. Trz mw ng0m0ng ap lg cobak?
    But, if its ann0ying you. Some fans here maybe to0 addicted with this drama. We cant stop proud about this drama. Sorry again. If u mind, Let me and @AAAAA share important info here. . .

  1559. 1559 : AAAAA Says:

    @park :
    there has been no updates on voting? june seems to have displayed the nomination … same as last year … btw until now the drama “i miss you” yet entered in the SDA??… mwnya sih nggak msk dulu deh.. kalo msk udah di pastiin deh PYC dan YEH dpt awards.. bnyk fansx sih…
    I actually liked the acting of PYC same, but this time give to the actor and artist TWTWB drama. please …… kan PYC udah banyk tuh dapat awards,,, hihihi

  1560. 1560 : AAAAA Says:

    sis, I was too scared not to get offended because the fan favorite actors and actresses in bad-mouth,, sory @ imN0justice, we did not mean it like that, as it says @ the park, we’re just proud of the quality of the acting and the storyline of this drama, so we share the latest info about this drama …
    sebenarx me and @park bukan fans dari JIS dan SHK, but we love with acting and storyline with this drama,,,,,

  1561. 1561 : Park jun sung Says:

    i have read something news in soompi. Its said that heart/votes that gave by fans are not used to let it win. judge use it to see which drama that popular n0w in international. So lets put all wish into the God. Hehe. . .
    Sis, kyaknya makin bnyak aja fans PYC and LMH yg mulai tersinggung sma obrolan kita. Sudah cukup kyaknya kita ngomongn PYC or LMH.

    @tara and @rory
    sis, ak gk sngaja liad kalian di suatu thread in this website. Umm seem like that u mad with us, isnt it. I’m sorry sis. I dont kn0w that u have been offended with what we said. Okay i’m sorry, we will n0t banding2in PYC or LMH with JIS anymore. . . Sampaikan slam minta maaf kita bwt rory jg.

    emg nya imN0justice ngerti ya bhasa indo?

  1562. 1562 : risa Says:

    kayaknya byak orang indo di web ini !!!

  1563. 1563 : AAAAA Says:

    @park :
    it’s true,, sign indicates that the liver is only the drama has many fans, but the provisions of the plays nominated in SDA depending on the jury .. so let’s support TWTWB nominated drama …… btw perlu sy pertegas yah,, bukan mksd sy ngebandingin PYC, LMH and JIS, nmun sy hanya melihat kualitas akting dlm drama masterpiece ini bgmna JIS sngt amazing dlm berakting… and I really like the PYC, especially with the two dramas that “sungkyunkwan scandal” and rooftop prince”… and i’m sory @tara and @rory kami tidak bermksd dmikian….. nggak tau jg sih ap imN0justice ngerti bhs. indonesia or not???

  1564. 1564 : taraJJ Says:

    @Park Jun Sung
    so you read IMY threads too…

    @Jun Sung, @AAAAA
    its ok sis, I join your conv n kdg komenku sk kebablasan jg… but lain kali hati2 coz g smua org sk ato setuju dg apa yg kita tulis di boards ini…
    sebnrnya aku bkn fan Lee Min Ho ato Park Yoochun (aku fan JYJ, my bias is Kim Jaejoong alias JJ, cm kl soal drama sk banget liat akting Yoochun.. yah ngefans bgt deh sm semua member JYJ coz mrk itu bd dg grup kpop kebanyakan)… cm jgn tulis hal jelek ttg aktor yg g kita sk bs2 fansnya tersinggung… ok peace you’all..
    I love IMY and TWTWB so I hope these drama win but sadly IMY ga masuk list nominasi but liat daftar nominasi yg laen rata2 aku sk jg dramanya sperti TEN 2, the Chaser, Innocent Man, Bridal Mask, Nine, Golden Time, Horse Doctor… just the result ga pedulu sp pemenangnya coz all are my favorite dramas

  1565. 1565 : taraJJ Says:

    @jun sung, AAAAA
    I forget, Rory tuh dr Malaysia so she didn’t understand bahasa but its oke let’s stop here don’t make this matter big… just enjoy our favorite drama and review abt it rite

  1566. 1566 : Amethyst Says:

    Did they have overseas promotion for this drama?

  1567. 1567 : AAAAA Says:

    @taraJJ :
    ok sis, I apologize to you and all the fans who felt alluded to his favorite actor,, peace,,,: D, btw I also love looking at the acting of PYC, all the drama, starring PYC I have watched .. and the most memorable “Sungkyunkwan Scandal and rooftop prince” … i love it ……..
    and now we talk about this drama, you know sis, the play list is not certain all nominated in the SDA … of the jury will select a few to be nominated drama and other dramas will be marginalized by itself, because the jury will select only the famous drama to other countries ..

  1568. 1568 : AAAAA Says:

    Amethyst :
    yes, drama TWTWB the country of origin south korea said as a masterpiece because since this drama aired immediately attracted the attention of viewers and even this drama has a major influence on the entertainment industry there ..
    and singapore and malaysia is a country that is very interested in this drama, even singapore directly purchase the broadcasting rights of this drama when this drama was aired in its original state. and do not rule out the possibility of other countries like that, and now plays TWTWB being promotion in singapore and malaysia in the month of May.

  1569. 1569 : Park jun sung Says:

    as i kn0w that TWTWB will broadcast in filipina. Baca artikel dmana gt. Ak lupa. Hmmm when its airing in ind0nesia? Still long

  1570. 1570 : AAAAA Says:

    @park :
    yes sis, I’ve read the article, in the philippines is running drama TWTWB, because a lot of fans that want it there. that in Indonesia is still old sis,, another Korean drama is still on ngantri…….. patient aja kali yah.,,,, 😀

  1571. 1571 : Yozora Says:

    Still watching this drama, currently in eps. 6 right now.. so far so good.. 🙂 i will enjoy this becuz Jo In Sung in it.. :3 hihihihi..

  1572. 1572 : Park jun sung Says:

    Hmm. . . Barusan liad darius di tv. Kyaknya pas bgt kalo darius sama dian sastro main TWTWB versi indo

  1573. 1573 : AAAAA Says:

    haha….. kalo diperhatiin darius ama jo in sung mirip yah…… and dian sastro cntik and aktingnya bgs tuh,, recomended dehh…. buat versi indo dr drama TWTWB… hihihihihi..

  1574. 1574 : Park jun sung Says:

    yap, darius0 is handsome actor from indonesia. .

  1575. 1575 : L J Smith Says:

    This is a high quality drama!!! I am in the US and am impressed with this drama, the actors, and the whole production. I hope that these types of productions continue from Korea. I was simply browsing genres when this looked like it might possibly be interesting and I could not wait to see how this love story played out.

  1576. 1576 : Safa Says:

    Pake bahasa indonesia aj yg orang indo biar bahasa kita dilihat orang banyak disitus ini.. Sengaja Belum sama sekali lihat drama ini, tungguin indosiar aja nayangin.

  1577. 1577 : taraJJ Says:

    for TWTWB lover and fans in Singapore and Malaysia, you so lucky bcoz having a chance to meet Jo In Sung in person!!!
    JIS is leaving for Singapore and Malaysia on promotional TWTWB.
    JIS will leave for Malaysia first and have a fan meeting with local fans in shooping mall at the heart of Kuala Lumpur after an interview with the media.
    He will then fly over to Singapore for another media interview and fan meeting with locals there.

  1578. 1578 : AAAAA Says:

    @safa :
    oke deh…. nyesel loh nntinya, tau kan indosiar nggak tau kapn tayanginnya, drama lain aja pd ngantri….. pkokokx drama ini recomended bnget deh…
    @taraJJ :
    it’s true, I’ve read it too sis, Malaysia and Singapore are two countries that really enjoy this drama, which is why the promotion of the drama at the start of the two countries

  1579. 1579 : Park jun sung Says:

    @LJ Smith
    btw, is koreand drama also airing in USA tv channel??

    huft, i think its still l0o0o0o00ong TWTWB will broadcast in indo, atau bhkan ni drama gak bkal tayang. I have search on g0ogle and this is the list of korean drama coming soon in indosiar. .
    my question is, go0d drama like nice guy, arang, and big is n0t on the list? Oh damn

  1580. 1580 : Park jun sung Says:

    @tara and @AAAA
    as far as this, why indonesian k-lovers are n0t so attractive like other country in south east asian? Huft. . . Thailand, vietnam, singapura, malaysia, filipina, smua udh pernah di datangi bintang kdrama buat prom0. Tp knp indo gak ya?
    And knapa ya akhr2 ini fans kdrama indo agak sepi? Liad deh dlu tiap ada kdrama bru tyang di indo, pasti ntu drama bkal masuk popular list in this website kan? Knp skrng udh gak. Bhkan wkt RTP ama faith tayang aja sepi gni. . . . 🙁

  1581. 1581 : AAAAA Says:

    nggak kok coba liat aja, di fb resmi RTP, bgtu disiarin di indosiar, lngsung aja tuh para penggemar berbagi comment di fb itu…… and kmngkinan agak sepi krn pr penikmt kdrama udah nonton lngsung lwt internet gitu….. jd nggak trlalu antusias mngkin.. However, when “RTP” aired, my sis happy, even though they had but still enjoy watching this drama ..

  1582. 1582 : AAAAA Says:

    woow amazing,, note the number of viewers of drama ost TWTWB:
    1. Yesung: 904.129
    2. the one: 1.041.058
    3. Gummy: 774.068
    4. taeyon: 1.369.787
    hi sis, this is the original version, not counting that makes the translation of several languages ​​sis, and keep in mind is that the ost of this drama was 2 months ago .. woow … amazingggggg …….. This is why the drama TWTWB may have an influence on the music industry, you try to look at since the ost of this drama release, immediately topped the charts of several music charts in korea.

  1583. 1583 : Park jun sung Says:

    where did u get that data? Youtube or somewhere??
    Humm, the one & taeyeon have more chance to win SDA ost category

  1584. 1584 : AAAAA Says:

    @PARK :
    youtobe….. sis,,, ost of this drama but still a couple of months ago, and have already exceeded up to one million viewers …. Another drama ost just half a year even more than one year can break the one million viewers, and it’s only just baek ji young …. wooww …. Amazingg ..
    and yes sis, looks like the one and taeyon will compete for outstanding ost. drama in SDA …. but judging from the number of fans, it looks like a win taeyon, kan outstanding ost. drama juga votingnya dr para penggemar…..
    and we know, that “Taeyeon” personnel from SNSD, and SNSD is the most popular girlband in korea now,,, so sepertinya taeyon deh yg dapet awards di SDA…

  1585. 1585 : Park jun sung Says:

    although SNSD is most popular GB in korea, but they seldom win awards jika dibandingkan GB lain yg mskipun gak popular but they often got awards kyak GB sistar

  1586. 1586 : AAAAA Says:

    oww…. but sis, klu lwt voting, personel SNSD slalu paling tinggi vote nya, liat aja di ajang baeksang awards 2013 aja, yuri dan yoona aja slng kejar2ran polling tertinggi…. so,,,, seems to be difficult klo personel SNSD klh jika lwt voting pemilihan pemenang outstanding ost. drama di SDA deh..
    btw sis, I saw on CNN tv earlier, TWTWB turned out very well in countries like japan …. I saw this one of the interviewees was watching this drama …

  1587. 1587 : How annoying?!? Says:

    Hey you people!!!

    If you wanna talk in indos please create ur own blogs or website!! Please dont speak any other language beside english here!!


    Am an indo too btw!

  1588. 1588 : AAAAA Says:

    @How annoying?!?:
    it’s ok, thanks for the advice, then we will discuss with the English language, by the way, you’re also a fan of this drama?

  1589. 1589 : marj Says:

    Such a good drama… everyone did a good job. Congratulations…

  1590. 1590 : Chand Says:

    Great, finally i found someone who sang winter love female version. Its “2eyes – winter love”.
    Last night i watch ep 15. Humm, OMG, i really love the ost winter love. The soundtrack really good. Deserve won awards!! Good drama. . . Jo insung and Song hye gyo are match couple!

  1591. 1591 : Bikay Oinam Says:

    so interesting, i luv dis drama

  1592. 1592 : paras Says:

    wkwkwkwk,,, deabak,, so much Indo.. (buat malu aja__pizz:))
    Indo kita no have money for invite the actor or buy the all drama, hakhak…
    Except old drama bisalah di beli,, di LBS banjirrr..
    So many reason wyh young Indo still “sleepy” and minus interest.. Indo as we know have so much drama also with so many gud looking artis, so we still love to watch them with the such story^
    Indo also have gud music with gud singer, so we still love our music. And all Indo we know maniac for west music and movie, just young female like drama korea and the song, even not all young female of our Indo like it
    And for the fakta,, everything came from outside it be for while in Indo, whenever korea minus handsome actor and minus nice story..
    Cerita kerajaan Indo kurang interest, coz kita punya buanyak cerita kerjaan yg bagus with so many diffrent culture di Indo (biasa,, kita males baca sinopsis). Rooftop prince’s nice one, Faith not really like coz kurang masuk akal. Lihat sekilas iklannya masak LmH ngalah2in ilmunya keanu reeves di the matrix^^ , ilmunya jerry yan di meteor garden pun entah napa bs ada di dia^^
    Balik k that winter, the wind… Coz actress nyaTOP, drma pun jadi TOP.. Just wasting time if wait to watching in TV, just buy the DVD. Coz maybe Indosiar not buying this (expensiv). Imfossible Indosiar want to buy Cheongdamdom Alice, Incarnation of Money, Missing You, Nice Guy, Arang and The Magistrate, Love Rain, The Princess Man, ect… MAHARANI (mahall)… Maybe after one or two years.., it will be possible^^

  1593. 1593 : alie Says:

    drama is goooooooddddddddd… luv luv jo in sung muach 🙂

  1594. 1594 : alie Says:

    why its not include in most shared drama??? we need more like on facebook

  1595. 1595 : asasas Says:

    alie: it’s true, I have done it, but probably because the people who only see from actors and artists he likes, then he will not care about the other drama is good drama though. for example, TWTWB drama, this drama has been recognized as a masterpiece and the artist, actor, ost of this drama is highly praised for being so incredible. but because people are just fanatical about actors and artists they like, so they just liked the drama that played by their idol.

  1596. 1596 : Alie Says:

    Asasas :
    oh, i see. . .
    But this drama almost collect 1 thousand likes. Its mean that this drama should be determined.
    I like winter love song too.,,

  1597. 1597 : asasas Says:

    you’re right, but one thousand likes drama has not quite put it into the most shared drama, because drama that occupies most under the list of most shared drama more than 1 thousand likes. but we must not give up, keep the spirit …. Hwaiting …… By the way I also love winter song of love, but the whole ost of this drama are all good …

  1598. 1598 : Alie Says:

    Its shameful. Korea is fulll with fake artist. SNSD, Super junior, bla bla bla, a lots of them had plastic surgery. Most korean drama artist too. Mmm in my country (thai), most of artist has natural face. If he/she ugly, they will dumped as rush. If they pretty or handsome, they being so famous. There is not fake face like in korea. How shame is it. . . Fortunately, among jo insung, song hye kyo, han ga in, jang nara, song seung hoon, never had plastic surgery. From teens until adult they still has same face without PLASTIC SURGERY!
    The recent news about that is, almost all finalist in miss korea 2013 had plastic surgery. All face is same like twin. Haha its disgusting. You can read the news on google

  1599. 1599 : hanandev Says:

    Are u freaking kidding me!!! Korea is full of fake artists!!! are you serious ?? may be SNSD are fake cuz i don’t like them any way lol.. but Super Junior !!!! come on 😮 Siwon, Donghea, Yeasung, leeteuk, Henry, rewook, Sangmin … every single member is a real artist with beautiful voices and a lot of dance skills (as u can see im an ELF so…) i respect ur country and im a fan of it in fact my dream is visiting Korea, Japan and Thai 🙂 soo please don’t say Korea is full of fake artists it’s full of real artists, cuz in my opinion having a pretty face doesn’t help you to be a great actor or actress, but talent does, the face is superficial it can’t last forever my friend.
    i’m a huge fan of Korea as a country as a culture and i can’t live without K-drama and k-pop they make my life more interesting.
    My question is : the ending of this drama is it happy or sad ???

  1600. 1600 : Alie Says:

    okay i know that not all super junior member had plastic surgery. As u know that im one of siwon’s biggest fans. He is so gentle handsome and manly!
    The ending is happy. Oh soo comeback after 7 months (or maybe 3?), then he built an italian restorant. Man who you saw in last scene is oh soo. He is not dead

  1601. 1601 : hanandev Says:

    oh yeah Siwon is soo good to be true 🙂
    thx for ur answer i havn’t start watching it yet, but it’s on my list for this month annyong 🙂

  1602. 1602 : asasas Says:

    TWTWB lovers……………
    we come together to support this drama to win the competencies seoul international drama awards which will be held on the 5th of september, we can participate by giving voting. but the nomination list has not come out, so we wait with … hopefully SONG HYE KYO adan JO IN SUNG nominated .. but I’m sure they’ll both be nominated but to win them, we must come together to provide support by giving a vote to both .. waiting for further news from me … Let’s make this drama became one of the best dramas ever and be the best drama in 2013. FIGHTINGGGGGGG …………..

  1603. 1603 : asasas Says:

    The proof that this drama is very popular ..
    Indonesian people refer to this link :

  1604. 1604 : Park jun sung Says:

    Fiuh, alm0st 2 weeks i d0nt check this page .
    flower boy next door include in most shared list? Its treat me! Aish that drama is “urRrggh”, what ever!

  1605. 1605 : Park jun sung Says:

    great! Congratulation for JIS and jung eun ji. Winning m0st promising artist 2013. Unfortunately its n0t type here as awards. Not official awards, isnt it?
    Huft, when TWTWB airing in indonesia 🙁

  1606. 1606 : asasas Says:

    @park jun sung :
    Ya, you know SHK SHK is second favorite Korean artists in the month of May ….. I just read one of the sites based on the survey, SHK was second …
    indeed it is not an award, but hopefully in the SDA, 2013, TWTWB received several awards. I hope SHK, JIS and drama awards TWTWB get there, because we know that this drama is so popular .. and up if this drama does not get in most shared list, the play remains one of the best Korean drama ever and in 2013, the drama is still the best.

  1607. 1607 : kaka Says:

    amazing!…..This movie is so cool … soundtrack is also good for listening….song hye gyo and jo in sung is a romantic couple…

  1608. 1608 : Park jun sung Says:

    @hanandev , @AAAA or @asasas
    or anybody here especially for indo. Didnt u watch super show 5 concert on RCTI last night? Ommwoo some scene show them in open talk (wawancara). Here what the conversation

    host : hey guys if u have chance to go vacation around indo, where would u go?
    Super junior kangin : emm i like go to Bali.
    Host : why do you want to go there?
    Kangin : yeah becoz bali is beautiful place. And u kn0w that a korean drama ever take a place in bali.
    Host : did u mean memories in bali?
    Kangin : haha you are rit. Its one of popular drama in korea.
    Host : oh i see
    Suju shindong : hey did u fans of jo insung ahjussi?
    Host : haha, i fans of super junior
    shindong : hmm im fan of him.

    That mean guys that some member of super junior admirer to jo insung drama, instead of him too. . . . Huhu i ever read that shindong suju is so addict with jo insung oppa (why he called him ahjussi?). 😀

  1609. 1609 : Park jun sung Says:

    Jo insung oppa you are so great. And popular in korean, here too. Song hye gyo and jo insung is korean senior artist who have appreciated by korean ppl there for their skill and ability. Never mind although TWTWB, SHK, JIS didnt win the polling awards cz they lost from an0ther young artist, korean people has knew their skill without get awards for them. . .
    Jo insung you are so great. Wait ur next drama.

  1610. 1610 : asasas Says:

    @park Jung sung :
    to my knowledge, there was one member of the “Super Junior” who greatly admired SHK, so do not be surprised if he likes drama starring SHK. By the way are you really saying that the award does not always express the popularity of actor and artist. but we must not give up, I’m sure this year era of this drama, nor SHK and JIS. I’m sure this drama and they will get a lot of awards …

  1611. 1611 : asasas Says:

    amazing …………… amazing……………………. amazing ……….
    good news for lovers of drama TWTWB,,, this drama just got the silver award at the event in The 19th Shanghai Television Festival in china,,,,, outstanding ………. see the link here:
    I’m sure other awards will soon be available this drama………

  1612. 1612 : Park jun sung Says:

    wow! Congratulation for TWTWB win silver awards in 19th shanghai tv festival.
    Btw sis is the winner officialy announced by STVF? Cz i have look for the winner list but there is not news except in soompi,

  1613. 1613 : asasas Says:

    @park jun sung
    sis, STVF event will be held on 14 June, but the official website can be found here: http://ent.sina.com.cn/v/m/2013-06-05/18583936994.shtml, it has been revealed that the drama winner best tv that the winner was Homeland won gold and silver awards adalh Winter The Wind that Blows …… and again the good news, that the JIS will attend the awards … so we wait, whether this drama will represent JIS to accept the award or not??? congratulations to TWTWB drama, we believe there are many rewards that await this drama …

  1614. 1614 : asasas Says:

    sis, STVF event will be held on 14 June, but the official website can be found here: http://ent.sina.com.cn/v/m/2013-06-05/18583936994.shtml, it has been revealed that the drama winner best tv that the winner was Homeland won gold and silver awards are The Winter Wind that Blows …… and again the good news, that the JIS will attend the awards … so we wait, whether this drama will represent JIS to accept the award or not??? congratulations to TWTWB drama, we believe there are many rewards that await this drama …

  1615. 1615 : Park jun sung Says:

    @asasas :
    Oh, that so. Hope the ceremony will held as soon as possible and announced the winner list officialy in STVF website. Jadi admin bs masukin itu awards ke daftar list awards. Soalnya kalo blm ada official source, kyaknya admin didnt want input those awards here.

    Yes sis, i also have read that JIS will attend the ceremony. Huhuhu its mean we will got many latest pic and video of JIS.

  1616. 1616 : Park jun sung Says:

    sorry, would u mind to update awards list in this thread? I think u should input this awards. Its official awards.
    That winter the wind blows has got win
    “Silver Awards” in 19th Shanghai Television Festival 2013. U can see there is a lots of trusted source about this news include links source that have we gave above. . .

  1617. 1617 : asasas Says:


    Thank you, you have updated list of awards in this thread … looks like you will continue to update the list of reward, because we believe that this drama will get a lot of awards in this year ..

  1618. 1618 : abbbbb Says:

    I really miss with this drama, I do not know that the drama is over, not one drama after that interested. when I’ve tried to watch another drama, but only saw a few episodes after I stopped. OTOKE ……….

  1619. 1619 : Roro Says:

    The drama has a strong storyline, so it need actress and actors with strong character to play..and they made it !!

  1620. 1620 : lady mar Says:

    Great drama,dami q cry,

  1621. 1621 : Park jun sung Says:

    Apa masih ada orang disini. . . ??
    Just now i head winter love by the one. Guess what! Yeah i suddenly miss TWTWB so much. . Again. . 🙁

  1622. 1622 : Park jun sung Says:

    Ups i mean “heard”

  1623. 1623 : AAAAAAAA Says:

    Park jun sung :
    yes I was there, by the way I had long stopped here,, wow … incredible, this drama has just received an award in china … it seems there are many rewards waiting for this drama ..
    and I still hear the song of this drama … because imprint in my heart, sis ….

  1624. 1624 : ladymar Says:

    best drama for 2013, i thought sad ending but thanks to writer for a happy ending…..waiting for more drama like this one…JIS is better than Lee min ho,looks ang acting skills and he is taller than LMH,Hope that JIS will have more drama, comedy romance, or historical…looking forward for next drama JIS Fighting….

  1625. 1625 : mel Says:

    i loved the movie more starring geun young… i don’t know why… but still the two did a great job here. they’re perfect to look at.

  1626. 1626 : waaaaaa Says:

    since the drama is over, it feels like losing something. This drama is very perfect start of the story, the main character, cast boosters, ost, and others … This drama, unprecedented in this year .. The drama in my opinion the best in the year 2013 …. and I’m sure this drama will get a lot of awards. see, just finished this drama aired already won two prestigious awards, and the drama is the only drama in the year 2013 who received the award so far. keep in mind too, this drama is the only drama of the most widely discussed on various websites this year because of this drama is perfect and is recognized as a masterpiece.

  1627. 1627 : Park jun sung Says:

    Hey guys. . . Did u hungry of awards for this drama? Listen, i have heard that there is an awards in japan website. Its called “korean drama awards”. Its be held for celebrate 10 years hallyu wave in japan. I have check the website. Its use japan languagge. But dont worry its can be translated. And kalo gak slah TWTWB also n0minated in those awards. And the good news is we can vote many times a day. Please can anybody browse it on google? I have visit the web last m0rning, but i forget save the link 🙁

  1628. 1628 : Park jun sung Says:

    Sis, i d0nt kn0w did u have same think with me or not. But wow, finally i found good drama to watch after TWTWB. Jung yi goddess of fire. . . Omwooo the main actor is so handsome. . . . 😀
    AISH, i d0nt kn0w why recent times i addicted with adult actor like jo insung, and recent is lee sang yoon in jungyi. Try to check the trailer, he was so baby faced ahjusi. . .

  1629. 1629 : Park jun sung Says:

    Nah, here the link how to vote in the awards

    and this is the link of the poll. Vote many times okay! We should put the 3rd awards for TWTWB this year.

  1630. 1630 : Park jun sung Says:


  1631. 1631 : AAAAA Says:

    @park :
    oww … TWTWB survived, hopefully there can be another award .. btw sis, I’m confused how to provide voting, could provide a link in the translation of the English language?? and if TWTWB won the drama award has been won in 3 different countries in a short period of time …. wowwww. amazing,, hopefully this drama win ..
    btw,, yes, it seems interesting that you mentioned,, Mon Geun yung right female lead?? and actors look cool …. yes again waiting too .. but epsodenya too long ….. so it looks like I will be watching it after a few episodes passed, and look at whether the drama is good or not …

  1632. 1632 : AAAAA Says:

    woowww…. top korean drama 2013 (1st Quarter of the year), it’s number one TWTWB….. link youtobe:

  1633. 1633 : AAAAA Says:

    hi.. TWTWB lovers,, No more awards in the 20’s Choice, come give your support to SONG HYE KYO and JO IN SUNG …. by giving the vote …. come on …. SHK is now in second position and the third and JIS …. The first position is for artist Suzy and actor LSG ….. ehm ehm …… … Let TWTWB lovers give your support now …

  1634. 1634 : AAAAA Says:

    link :

    Come support the artists and actors of this drama to be a winner …

  1635. 1635 : Park jun sung Says:

    Seunggi suzy. . . ??! I hate that couple.
    Sis, is it official awards? If yes we can put it in TWTWB awards list. Haha 😀
    go go vote

  1636. 1636 : AAAAA Says:

    hahahahaha….. yes sis, I actually do not hate the couple, but I was very disappointed in the voters, because voters only saw them in terms of them are singers and girl groups regardless of the acting skills of both. bandingkkan with SHK and JIS very perfect in acting in drama TWTWB … so, I can realistically expect voters in choosing the artist and actor awards. btw sis, you already vote?? and differences in the percentage of SHK and Suzy are not too far away, so it’s still likely to win SHK … but if it seems difficult to pursue percentage JIS LSG .. so sad ……. and official awards :

  1637. 1637 : Park jun sung Says:

    we only have 2 days left. . . I have give my votes for JIS and SHK. Yes sis, if JIS can beat LSG, lets make SHK win it from suzy!!!
    I have plan to share the votes in youtube and facebook. As u kn0w that there is a lots of wind blowers both in youtube and facebook, right?!
    Kita benar2 gila! Haha

  1638. 1638 : Park jun sung Says:

    Huffft, its a bit difficult to vote. . . Aku agak kewalahan tadi pas nge vote. We should login first to join the voting, fortunately its allow us sign in via facebook or twitter.
    Yah, between suzy and song hye gyo are separate by m0re than 8.000 votes. Its a bit hard

  1639. 1639 : AAAAA Says:

    @park jun sung…
    ya sis, sy jg agak kwlhatan tadi, aplgi mesti ngevote 15 nominiex… really tiring .. but to support SHK and JIS, tired of having to be removed … yes sis, it seems rather difficult to pursue SHK percentage of Suzy, but there is still a possibility for SHK beat Suzy,,, so do not give up …… but what was left over two days give vote???

  1640. 1640 : Park jun sung Says:

    Yes, u kn0w from the website. There is countdown timer. 2 days left. I think its refers to time voting. . .

  1641. 1641 : taraJJ Says:

    @park jun sung, AAAAA
    wah, u girls still write in this threads??
    is mnet choice awards u guys talking about? I just saw mnet choice 2012 ceremony and suzy already win in movies category last year with her movie, architecture 101.. and she beat jo in sung’s girlfriend (I forget the name…)
    the thing I hate about the awards is held on swiming poll so most of female audience only wearing bikini…shhh
    may I know the nominees.. actors, actresses and the ost? tq b4…

  1642. 1642 : AAAAA Says:

    @taraJJ :
    hello sis, yes sis, we discuss the awards are nominated actor, artist or anything about this drama. Mnet choicre in 2013, Suzy was in the top spot with 42%, while SHK in second place with 31.1% was for the best actress category, while best actor LSG and JIS first position in third place .. ost is not nominated in these awards … Come support sis SHK and JIS win …

  1643. 1643 : damnun Says:

    Jo insung is beat by LSG too far.

  1644. 1644 : purplelab Says:

    d best kdrama ever. to be shown in the philippines this july 8

  1645. 1645 : purplelab Says:

    jis is hotter that LSg. shk is prettier than suzy! ive read that suzy had scandal! i just read that

  1646. 1646 : purplelab Says:

    but suzy addressed it was not her on scandal but the. again i like shk more

  1647. 1647 : AAAAA Says:

    I agree with you, I am jealous TWTWB drama broadcast in your country soon. if I’m from Indonesia, and there are no signs of the drama to be broadcast. so far, especially in the year 2013 is still the best drama TWTWB .. and SHK much better than Suzy. but I also do not know why more people give vote to Suzy in the arena “20mnet choice” than SHK .. but the difference in the percentage of both live about 8%, with 39.4%, while Suzy SHK 31% … so help SHK and JIS to win this award ..

  1648. 1648 : AAAAA Says:

    hi guys,,,, nominations for the seoul international drama awards 2013 event has been release,,, quickly give support to actors, artists and drama by giving the vote,,, here is the link:
    http://www.soompi.com/seoul-international-drama-awards-2013/ …..
    Hwaiting …………………

  1649. 1649 : Park jun sung Says:

    OH MY GOSH/!?!
    Its make me down and want to cry 🙁
    3 kdrama is participied in SDA. TWTWB, BIG, and. . . . . . Kangci. . .
    Category ost. Include taeyeon (TWTWB), junsu JYJ (nice guy), and baek ji young (kangci). Then in outstanding actor/actress there is gong yoo, lee min jung, jo insung, song hye gyo, and. . . . . . . . SUZY (??)
    damn! Come on, TWTWB harus brhadapan dgn kangci di 3 kategori? Aduh rasanya nyesek banget!

  1650. 1650 : Park jun sung Says:

    As u kn0w that recent week sung gi-suzy lovers are CRAZY voters. It so suck

  1651. 1651 : AAAAA Says:

    @park jun sung :
    I also became confused and very disappointed … sis, it seems very unfair way of vote … because the voters only see from the artists and actors who then choose their preferred … without comparing the quality of the acting from the drama of the story … I became very lazy to look of the system conducted by the awards event in korea … just look at america,, “academy awards” and other awards in the U.S. and European countries .. that most of determining the winner is determined by a jury which indicates that the quality of the acting of the artist, actor and drama is preferred regardless of how famous artists and actors in various countries …

  1652. 1652 : Park jun sung Says:

    Come on support TWTWB as outstanding koreandrama, outstanding actor (JIS), outstanding actress (SHK), best OST (taeyeon) in seoul international drama guys. Hfft, forget mnet 20’s choice awards 👿 just focus in SDA. Yeah maybe TWTWB and JIS is has less hope, but SHK still strong. And again, we should face suzy 😡 in voting. She’s number one, and SHK number 3.
    How to vote, u can visit soompi website. Lets put 3rd awards this time!

  1653. 1653 : Park jun sung Says:

    calm down sis. . . As u know TWTWB is a very good drama with less fans. Drama yg bagus dgn fans yg minim 😥 . Listen TWTWB always won awards that determine from jury votes, not fans votes, right? Look, baeksang, shanghai festival, is determined from profesional jury. So dont be upset rit now! There is SDA and SBS awards that choose by jury. We cant do nothing from fans voting except pray. Nevermind we loose. Its just awards from how much its collect fans, kyak hukum rimba, which drama had a lots fans, he win, while drama which had a bit fans will felt down to the river. .

  1654. 1654 : AAAAA Says:

    @Park jun sung :
    yes sis, but you know that 70% of the vote and 30% of the jury in determining the winner in the category of outstanding drama korea, artist and actor … so, if the vote difference too far, jury selection that only 30% will have no effect … so it is hard to win and actor drama category .. SHK remaining who was third category of Oustanding artist and second category people choice ….. so as much as possible to help SHK SDA award winning … I also forgot MNet Choice …. We apologize for suzy fans, I do not hate suzy but it did not seem fair that suzy who wins, because the quality of the acting is extraordinary SHK on TWTWB drama,,,,,, so please for the voters to choose objectively … ..

  1655. 1655 : Mail Says:

    Finished watching dis drama…n i like it….worth watching every1…:)

  1656. 1656 : AAAAA Says:

    especially the less of this drama??????? I read the latest news from ssalah one link in the philippines drama that has become “trending topic” on Twitter after the premiere in the country …. even in countries like Hongkong, Japan and even in Europe really admire this drama …. but it is very sad to see this drama lack of support in the event of an award like “SDA” and “choice Mnet ‘… I do not know too are the same fans who are fanatical about the artist and the actor who they support without looking at the quality of acting of the artist and the actor they like it ….. but even so this is still the best drama in years ……

  1657. 1657 : AAAAA Says:

    especially the less of this drama??????? The latest news I read from one of the links in the philippines drama that is to be “trending topic” on Twitter after the premiere in the country …. even in countries like Hongkong, Japan and even in Europe really admire this drama …. but it is very sad to see this drama lack of support in the event of an award like “SDA” and “choice Mnet ‘… I do not know too are the same fans who are fanatical about the artist and the actor who they support without looking at the quality of acting of the artist and the actor they like it ….. but even so this is still the best drama in years ……

  1658. 1658 : Park jun sung Says:

    becoz its kdramaland. . .
    Dramalovers always like new drama, great cast, good story. Very recent drama. If SDA and mnet choice hold early after TWTWB just finished, maybe its will collect more votes from fans. As u know many people said that “its the best drama that i’ve ever seen” after watch this. BUT after watch an0ther fresh drama with go0d cast and story (u know what drama i mean 😕 ) they change their mind AGAIN and AGAIN. They will said “its best drama i ever seen” in another drama. Huft. . . . . . . .
    Well, this year people will offer many “good drama i ever seen 👿 ” again, such as the heirs (lee min ho, park shin hye), 2 weeks (lee jun ki, park ha sun), can we love (yeo jin gu, kim so hyun), i love u, ahjusi (yoon sang hyun), pretty man (jang geun suk).
    As my predict The heirs and pretty man will spot a lots of attention in koreandrama.org awards 2013 becoz its aired end of year. And yeah, orang2 bkal bilang kalo drama2 itu adalah the best drama that they’ve seen LAGI 😡 . . . Orang2 gak konsisten yah!

  1659. 1659 : taraJJ Says:

    @AAAAAA & @ Park Jun Sung
    wah the conversation still continue yah..
    haha that’s why when I finish watching TWTWB and IMY, I always said my favorites/the best drama so far… not the best drama of the year coz there’s so much good dramas too come…
    1.Hong’s Sister drama called Master’s Sun the casts are So Ji Sub (I’ve been waiting this drama like ages bcoz I like most of all Hong Sister dramas)
    2.Good Doctor, the cast are Joo Won, Joo Sang Wook & Moon Chae Won ( love all the casts here)
    3.Heirs, never get interet with this drama but after Kim Woo bin & Choi Jin Hyuk joined the line up casts, I got exited about this drama
    4. Man from Another Star, the casts are Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun (the one from Moon that Embrace the Sun)

    I heard that Can Be Love is being cancelled, dunno about I love You, Ahjussi coz as far as I know rite now both Kim Soo Hyun (cewe) and Yoon Sang Hyun act on I Hear Your Voice…

    so beside TWTWB, which drama you going to watch this year? me all 4 of them coz I like waching kdrama soo much 🙂

  1660. 1660 : taraJJ Says:

    @AAAAA & @Park Jun Sung
    btw, did you guys know that Jo in Sung is going to act on changmuro called “Kwon Bob”??? the leading lady is Lee Yeon Hee (she played Lee Sung Gi’s mom on Go Book Family) finaly JIS has new movie 🙂

  1661. 1661 : Park jun sung Says:

    what master of the sun story abt? Romantic comedy?
    Yes, i know that JIS will role in new movie kwon bob. Hehe. . .
    Btw, this year i’m waiting drama
    2weeks (lee jun ki), kind words (ji jin hee ahjusi), and jung yi. . .

  1662. 1662 : taraJJ Says:

    @Park jun sung
    master of the sun is about a woman who can see ghosts and the man who protect her, written by hong sister.. all hong sister dramas are rom-com, you know my sassy girl chunyang, you’re beautiful, my girl, my gf is gumiho, the greatest love, big etc.. so I guess this drama also has rom-com theme too… can’t wait to see so ji sub’s acting bcoz this is the first time ever he play on rom-com drama…

    oh yeah there will another drama which has similiar storyline with master of the sun, the title is who are you on tvN…

  1663. 1663 : Amethyst Says:

    This drama is currently being shown in my country

  1664. 1664 : gloria rosario Says:

    I just finished watching this drama and all I can say is I do love korean dramas. I can’t help but fall in love with the actors somehow. Now Jo In Sung is added to the roaster of my favorite korean actors and actresses. I loved all the twists and turns of this drama. I hope I can watch more of Jo In sung in other Korean dramas.

  1665. 1665 : JurnalPhobia Says:

    hm.. i haven’t watched this movie. but the introduction story line reminds me the movie by Moon Geun Young, LOVE ME NOT.. it has similar plot. doesn’t anyone notice it like i did?

  1666. 1666 : taraJJ Says:

    yes you are right..btw, you can read Note above said that: This drama based on Japanese drama “I Don’t Need Love”. Korean movie “Love Me Not” starring Moon Geun Young” also based on this Japanese drama.”

    so I guess no wonder if That Winter The Wind Blows and Love Me Not has similiar plot.. watch this drama, you will blown by Jo In Sung & Song Hye Kyo’s acting… very recommended drama!

  1667. 1667 : koala Says:

    arghhhhhhh… keren. tadinya sy kira oh soo mninggal. tapi trnyata dia jadi koki. kerennn.

  1668. 1668 : Eva Says:

    one of the best korean dramas… I really love watching them together. I hope they will have another drama in the future… Good job!

  1669. 1669 : Kdramalover Says:

    I like this drama a lot!!! Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo both did a good job. I love Kim Bum’s acting because he’is really into his character. His emotions, body language, and humor were so good 🙂

  1670. 1670 : KBfan Says:

    This drama is really good and has so much suspense. I’m glad it has a happy ending because the last episode had a sad scene with Jo In Sung and Kim Bum. They did a great job 🙂 it was so emotional and brought tears to my eyes.

  1671. 1671 : KBfan Says:

    I am so proud of the three main actors…SHK, JIS, and Kim Bum. They work so well together and because of them, this drama is a big hit!!!

  1672. 1672 : Redgirl Says:

    MY BEST KDRAMA OF 2013,! I will vote for this everyday,,,,!,,,

  1673. 1673 : mercy coll Says:

    this is the most beautiful Korean drama i have ever watch!!!the scenes are intense!!! this is airing now in my country the PHILIPPINES…congratulations to the writers, directors and especially the actors, you did a very good job!!! more power and looking forward for the next project!!!!

  1674. 1674 : bora Says:

    sthis drama is saved by the beautiful cinematography, beautiful cast & beautiful OST but the storyline is quite lame & boring for me. nothing news & quite unlogical too. not that bad but okay if u love to see beautiful actors & actresses. u will enjoy it for sure but not for me. I don’t care if the main leads are not my favourite if the storyline is great & interesting to watch

  1675. 1675 : Jamie Says:

    I loved it. I was really hooked. This kdrama is tragically wonderful. MUST-SEE kdrama. One of the best kdramas I’ve ever watched 🙂

  1676. 1676 : shannie says Says:

    i love it and i was so happy because of all korean dramas,and artist,are my inspiration.. …………………… because i want to go in korea..:)

  1677. 1677 : Mary Dearie Says:

    I love this drama!!!

  1678. 1678 : AAAAA Says:

    I was very disappointed with the SDA, and will not believe the assessment system. This drama should have received many awards, but because of the selection of the winner is determined by the voters, be the K-pop idol who became the winner regardless of the quality of acting …

  1679. 1679 : Emily Dnghf Says:

    Best beautiful drama ever i seen !!!!! ♥♥♥♥ I miss this drama. 🙁

  1680. 1680 : Emily Dnghf Says:

    Great drama !!! ♥ i love Jo In Sung & Song Hye Kyo couple. ♡

  1681. 1681 : putri Says:

    I like the song very much…

  1682. 1682 : christine Says:

    I m totally in love with this drama! great acting great cinematography and undeniable chemistry between Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo. I wish they would be paired again in their next project.

  1683. 1683 : Park jun sung Says:

    hay sis. . . Aduh l0ng time not see. . . Ak lg sibuk bgt ospek 🙁
    btw, yes its a bit hurt me TWTWB lost far far away. . . 🙁 i have vote every day bhakan sampe use 5 account soompi to votes. I vote 5 times a day. But look the result. There is no hasil yang berarti. Arrrgghh. . . Its make me sick. Naik 1 percent aja nggak. Padahal udh vote berkali kali 🙁

  1684. 1684 : Park jun sung Says:

    TWTWB go go go! Hope it will got many awards in the end of the year 2013. Especially in SBS drama awards

  1685. 1685 : AAAA Says:

    @Park jun sung :
    Ya sis, Ok sis,, never mind… if I already do not care anymore with the SDA, as the election winner by voters reached 70% compared to the jury for this part … I hate it with a system of assessment,, clear SUZY win, in addition to girl group member, he is still young …. but still hope this drama was honored at the SDA ..

  1686. 1686 : Park jun sung Says:

    there is an0ther category to won except MOST POPULAR or PEOPLE CHOICE category, right?!
    Hmm i will definetly vote TWTWB and master sun in koreandrama.org awards! Absolutely!

  1687. 1687 : AAAA Says:

    @park jun sung :
    actually sis, SHK first order in daumpeople link for people choice actress category, but if the third soompi … Moon Chae Won far superior than the SHK in soompi .. whereas in daumpeople SHK only about 5% ahead .. so Mon Chae Won to win in that category … honest sis, malesssss bngettt deh… jadinya…….. hufh…hufhh…

  1688. 1688 : Yumi Says:

    hey i found this picture…. so cute picture…. SHK, JIS, Kimbum, enji, kim gyu tae, and noh hye kyung. wait next project!!!

  1689. 1689 : Yumi Says:

    admin, just correction the awards list above. the awards is..

    19th Shanghai Television Festival : Silver Award for Best Foreign TV Series (That winter the wind blows)

  1690. 1690 : feane Says:

    Great drama but I don’t get the ending at all.


    Why did president Kim still threat Oh Soo’s friend (Jin Soo?)? And there’s nothing said about whether his family had that car accident or not.

    And it’s not solved whether Secretary Wang is Oh Soo’s real mother… :/

  1691. 1691 : Redgirl Says:

    Beautiful drama with beautiful actors my vote is on this for best korean drama 2013

  1692. 1692 : Efvefvefvetvet Says:

    I swear this drama is just urghhhhhhh i cant even! Its quite weird but the bond and how soo oppa shows love for the girl really captures the love. Its very complicated yet its so pure. I really should give 100 thumbs up to soos acting and everyone did a great job in this too. Its quite weird and very complicated at times but this show would really get you hooked. What I really really really really love thou is the closeness and how they are comfortable withe ach other. Soo did a good job, amazing job. HES SO COOL WHEN HE HIT THE BAD GUY WITH THE BOTTLE, I CANT even take my eyes off him.

  1693. 1693 : E.K. Marla Says:

    Please explain to me… was Oh Soo alive at the end of the drama? Was this a ghost? I saw him stabbed and it looked like he was dead. Please, can someone answer this for me.

  1694. 1694 : mylo Says:

    jo in sung and song kye kyo R such nice couple. he’s good looking and hot. she’s very pretty…good match! But, Kim Bum’s too good for eunji. he’s so cute and hot. she’s not pretty. i know they got chemistry cuz of their baby faces, but still, Kim Bum deserves better.

  1695. 1695 : Park jun sung Says:

    Waaah, that winter the wind blow will airing in INDONESIA!!! Aw aw aw. Start november 6,2013

  1696. 1696 : Park jun sung Says:

    I miss this drama so much. I miss this thread so much. Long time no visit. . . Where are u my friends –> @AAAA

  1697. 1697 : AAAAA Says:

    @ park jun sung :
    Hi mate, how are you?? This drama is going to air on trans TV … but I do not like the artists who became dubbler ….. I’ve seen the teaser of this drama, a bit odd to hear it .. but I still enthusiastically awaiting this drama. even more incredibly this drama aired in indosiar but not in trans TV. is not this prove that this drama is amazing???? hopefully this high rating drama …. btw woww… drama ini sudah mencapai 1.1 K yang meng-like di fb…..

  1698. 1698 : Park jun sung Says:

    yeah, im a bit shock with the dubbers. Reza rahardian maybe its ok, but rianty cartwight?? Are u kidding me. . . . Aish SHK will dubbed by her. Its kind of big jokes.
    Apalagi, si jung eun ji is dubbeb by fitri tropica. Hadeeeh, ni mau bkin drama ini jd ngakak ato gmana cobak!!?

    But, i feel this drama will hit quite good rating in indo. Cz yg nayangin trans TV. Trans corp kan seenggaknya punya “brand” d mata pen0nton. Mau acranya bad worse or good if airing in trans corp, at least its will hit top 50. . . Apalgi if its aired in rcti. Behhh bisa bisa msuk 10 besar. Trash drama like tukang haji naik bubur which has alm0st 1thousand ep aja slalu masuk rating top 5, aplgi TWTWB.
    Hfft, im still a bit shock with dubbers

  1699. 1699 : Park jun sung Says:

    Btw sis, im a bit so worried abt the chance of TWTWB in koreandrama.org awards 2013. It has many big rival which has many fandom. . .
    Look, missing you (yoochun), kangci (LSG), i hear ur voice, master sun, and now, the heirs (LEE MIN HO). . .
    Aigoo0o0o 🙁 😥

  1700. 1700 : Park Hye Mi Says:

    This drama is very beautiful and romantic. I really love That winter the wind blows. <3 🙂

  1701. 1701 : AAAAA Says:

    @park jun sung
    whatever sis, TWTWB are hard to win here but keep voting for this drama alone …… there may be a miracle …… hihihihihihi

  1702. 1702 : Park jun sung Says:

    Aig0o how terrible the dubbing of TWTWB in indo. Better they d0nt dubbed it.

  1703. 1703 : kaka Says:

    saya setuju pernyataan park jun sung

  1704. 1704 : AAAAA Says:

    @park jun sung :
    sis, ad lg award yg diperbutkan for favourite drama this link : please vote yah,,,
    tdk tnggung2 loh sis, hanya five dramas yg msk kategori loh… dan saingan drma ini it’s so hard… any mster’s sun, i hear your voice, gu family book and school 2013..
    kbr baiknya lg cuman drama ini yg msk di 2 kategori di ajang ini drama ini jg msk OST drama favourite…. yng diwakili gummy,,,,,,,,, ehm…. sdngkan drama diatas tdk satu pun OSTx yg msk…
    sis, although my feeling this drama is hard to win, but the inclusion of this drama was nominated for various awards have proven this drama one of the phenomenal drama in this year …..

  1705. 1705 : AAAAA Says:

    sis, there is again another awards this link:
    https://apps.tradablebits.com/tb_app/350016, drama ini sementara hanya berada di urutan 18 but 50 more drama in the category for the best drama of the years…

  1706. 1706 : AAAAA Says:

    the selection of the best Korean drama this year has opened …. voting to give TWTWB drama, since only the top 8 drama that will go into the final round .. now this drama is at number 7 …..
    to all the fans of this drama please give a vote to this drama …..

  1707. 1707 : Park jun sung Says:

    Guys, ay0 donk, haduh, plis vote this drama. Make this drama has a ticket in final rounde. Just keep vote this drama. D0nt let TWTWB drop from top 8

  1708. 1708 : Park jun sung Says:

    Okay sis, lets berjuang together to make TWTWB into final round.
    And yes lets make TWTWB got awards in solove awards.
    I start to broadcast message, tell my friends both on fb, bbm, or twet to vote TWTWB

  1709. 1709 : AAAAA Says:

    ya… OK sis, kt sm2 just keep fighting… asal tdk kluar dr 8 besar this drama into final round….. and after that.. smua drama yg msuk 8 besar votingx akan kmbli ready from zero… so mulai deh kt mati2an cr dukungan seluruh orng2 yg kita kenal agar drama ini bs juara………..

  1710. 1710 : Redgirl Says:

    I voted for TWTWB best kdrama!!! Keep voting guys!!!!! Fighting!!!!! We have 20’days to go to finl round!!!

  1711. 1711 : AAAAA Says:

    I every day give voting for this drama …. we have to make this play a minimum of 8 top entry in order to fight to the final round .. because after entering the top 8 back then voting will start from zero …. after that we will desperately voting to give this drama in order to win,,,,,, ….. keep fighting guys ….

  1712. 1712 : RedLippy Says:

    guys! our strategy is that to urge fans on websites/fansites/ forums to vote for TWTWB. pls let us do whatever it takes for this drama to be the Best KDrama. pls motivate fans to do so. votes again today

  1713. 1713 : AAAAA Says:

    oh no……………….. TWTWB drama dropped to eighth …. come on guys,,, give your vote to this drama this drama not to go up not top 8 .. because only the top eight drama that can go into the final round …. please ……. give your vote ……..

  1714. 1714 : Cindy Says:

    I love this drama very much, that winter the wind blow is the best drama in 2013. I love Jo in Sung and Song Hye Kyo will be together again in any drama or movie in future. Thanks

  1715. 1715 : IlovemyREDLIPSTiCK Says:

    Yes im voting everyday! Im a loyal TWTWB

  1716. 1716 : park jun sung Says:

    damn…. TWTWB in harm position guyssss…. keepp otiing and share to ur friend. use 2 laptop is possibly right…… Flower boy next door, behind us 🙁

  1717. 1717 : park jun sung Says:

    we should put TWTWB into final rounde. i know windblower dont be give up early like this, rit? tell ur friend in facebook, twitter, or maybe blogger and forum

  1718. 1718 : AAAAA Says:

    ya sis,, keep spirit………………… TWTWB should into final round………………….. go…………………………..

  1719. 1719 : assh Says:

    i am browsing the comments here, looking for a clue about the series…instead i found pages, pages and pages…goes on till who knows how many, just comments- chat about stuff not really related to this series from mostly AA, Park something and some others about other stuff… looks like it turns to be a “social media” kind of forum, instead of… kind of disappointing…

  1720. 1720 : AAAAA Says:

    wowowoowowowwww…. amazing… amazing… awesome….. awesome… drama twtwb winners in apan awards 2013.. congratulations…

  1721. 1721 : park jun sung Says:

    i dont care about the poll anymore…. never mind TWTWB maybe not POPULAR drama like others, BUT TWTWB is QUALITY drama…

    2013 Apan Star Awards – Best OST: The One (Winter Love)
    2013 Apan Star Awards – Best Performance Award: Jung Eun Ji (That Winter, The Wind Blows)
    2013 Apan Star Awards – Daesang (Grand Prize): Song Hye Kyo
    2013 19th Shanghai Television Festival (Silver Award for Best Foreign TV Series)
    2013 49th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Director (Kim Kyu Tae)

    really good drama which got many awards in this year, instead next year…. without VOTING FANS!!!

  1722. 1722 : park jun sung Says:

    im sorry, i really sorry, i realize that i too much talk in this thread so make u dissapointed…. its because IM SO PROUD and ENTHUSIAS with this drama, iknow, u can call me Crazy if u want, i’m sorry i cant stop PROUD with this drama……
    this drama is really worth watching, u should watch it. u can look, this drama got many awards right…. hmm

  1723. 1723 : AAAAA Says:

    @park jun sung
    but we must continue to vote for this drama …. the difference with the drama “two weeks” is not too far away … I really hope that gives fans voted for this drama does not get bored and continue to vote ..

  1724. 1724 : park jun sung Says:

    oh my gosh its kidding me…. top 8 is so ‘something’ list…… and TWTWB is kicked from top 8.. grrrrrrr

  1725. 1725 : park jun sung Says:

    its kidding me

  1726. 1726 : hazel Says:

    OMG!!! How sad that TWTWB is not included on the top 8…:(

  1727. 1727 : winnie Says:

    I watched the dramas included in the top 8 except for the master’s sun and the secret (lined up already) and they are all good. But i still wished that winter the wind blows is included. i’m really touched by this drama. song hye kyo is the first female korean actress i got to like and she’s still number one in my favorite list along with Bi Rain after i watched full house. Now I started to look for old dramas that Jo In sung starred in inluding his movie the frozen flower. He is such a good actor

  1728. 1728 : mylo Says:

    how did jung eunji win best performance award? Is it because she sang the OST for the soundtrack of TWTWB? she’s a good singer but she’s not a good actress…especially compared to song hye kyo.

  1729. 1729 : rm018 Says:

    Currently watching this, and this is great. Makes me cry.
    Jo In Sung is ♥
    Song Hye Kyo is still pretty 🙂

  1730. 1730 : park jun sung Says:

    admin, dont forget, jung eun ji also get awards new star awards in SBS awards…. song hye gyo also get top 10 star awards in SBS awards….

  1731. 1731 : Nancy Says:

    This drama is a top notch drama. I hope to see more of Jo In sung. He is one of the best romantic leading man. This drama should be included in top 30 korean drama list. Great job everyone.

  1732. 1732 : DGS Says:

    Admin..please add this to the awards list: The One won OST Award (winter Love from That Winter The Wind Blows) at 23rd Seoul Music Awards on January, 23. http://www.allkpop.com/forums_post/allkpop/K-POP/winners-from-the-23rd-high1-seoul-music-awards

  1733. 1733 : ANA Says:

    good drama. i enjoyed watching it……..like the actor JO IN SUNG. look see him ina near future in another drama……..thanks……

  1734. 1734 : emil simanungkalit Says:

    I just finished the series. Love the ending. It’s so beautiful scene.
    No doubt at all, that song hye kyo’s skill in acting is brilliant. She is so talented.
    Like her so much since Autumn in my heart.

    This series is highly recommend. The cast was amazing. They do delivered the story really well. Specially for the two main cast. Their acting skill was amazing. And the story really beautiful. I cried in some episodes. Hehehe…

    I give the series 4 out of 5 stars.


  1735. 1735 : kdramamobile Says:

    Just finished watching “That Winter The Wind Blows ” drama,love it and I even got the same handphone used in this drama.anyone interested to own the same handphone can email [email protected] or Facebook Drama Mo

  1736. 1736 : Bangsa M. Says:

    It is not very often that I get to follow a really good
    Korean TV drama and ” That Winter T W B” was one such gem. To the producer and director a very hearty thanks for bringing to the fortunate viewers a very heart – warming tv fare. Special mention must also be made for a very commendable scriptwriting effort. 
    And of course to the two lead players: the very beautiful and talented Song Hye-Kyo and the powerful and handsome Jo In Sung without whom I’m sure the show could not get high marks. Both of them gave powerful yet tender performances, first as loving, albeit fake, siblings and subsequently as lovers. 
    This is one well done Korean drama that the host country should be proud of!
    (P.s. I may have written a similar comment somewhere under a different name and if so pease excuse this oversight. )

  1737. 1737 : engellyn Says:

    i love this korean drama, the lead actor and actress. i love also their loveteam. i hope there will be another that both of them will lead.

  1738. 1738 : mis Says:

    why this drama did not listed in top 8 poll closed in 2013? why 11th only in the all list in 2013? unfair

  1739. 1739 : nur Says:

    I watched this drama over and over again. Oh soo’s love for oh young will always make people jealous, i think. I crazily try to find jo in seong and aong hye gyo’s agency mail address just to say that i really want to see them being in one frame in another tv series in the summer seoson. Concerning that they were really compatible in this drama I really want to see both of them once again with a light love story.

  1740. 1740 : Wind Blown Dresses Above the Waist | Travel Guide and Cruise Information Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  1741. 1741 : minmin Says:

    This drama is so drag-ggggggggyyyyyyyy to the point of being boring. I have 2 more episodes to go and I kinda lost interest a few episodes back. The writer / story has no sense of reality. How can anyone who has lived a good 20-30 years impose to be someone else. You can fool Young, the people around her etc etc but what about the other people whom you have met and known over the past 20-30 years. It is just impossible unless you are in foreign land. Ridiculous storyline. And yes, Young misses her real brother Oh Soo… but brothers and sisters don’t sleep together in that kind of closeness / intimate way. There would be so much awkwardness especially having not seen a long lost brother for so long. Urgh.. bad taste!

  1742. 1742 : walpaper kyuhyun suju | Info Menarik Says:

    […] That winter, wind blows » korean drama […]

  1743. 1743 : Games Sejenis Hay Day | Bryankarl GamesBryankarl Games Says:

    […] That Winter, The Wind Blows » Korean Drama – » That Winter, The Wind Blows » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series […]

  1744. 1744 : Kdrama Terbaru Tayang Februari 2013 | Simpleaja.com Says:

    […] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 / That Winter, The Wind Blows / 那年冬天,起風了 Broadcast period: 2013-Feb-13 to 2013-Apr-04 Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 […]

  1745. 1745 : OK OK OK Says:

    nice drama with eye appealing actors actresses 🙂

  1746. 1746 : N Says:

    I’m only watching this now and all I can say is that this is such a beautiful love story. I can feel all the emotions throughout the episodes. Great cast and storyline. Highly recommended! ❤

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