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That Fool

Title: 그바보 / That Fool
Chinese Title : 那个傻瓜
Also Known as : The Accidental Couple / While I Was Looking / That Dummy
Previously known as: 식스먼스 / Six Months
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-29 to 2009-June-18
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Goo Dong-baek is an honest and good-hearted postman. One day he encounters with Han Ji Soo, a top celebrity. However, an ordinary man gets no chance to show his feeling to this top actress who everyone loves. Six months period of time with her elapses like a midsummer night’s dream. But he cannot just end up his love like a “dream”. Shouting out love! His love has just begun.


Hwang Jung Min as Goo Dong Baek
Kim Ah Joong as Han Ji Soo
Joo Sang Wook as Kim Kang Mo (Ji Soo’s secret love)

Extended Cast

Lee Chung Ah as Goo Min Ji (Dong Baek’s younger sister)
Lee Soo Young as Jo Seung Eun (Min Ji’s best friend)
Baek Sung Hyun as Han Sang Chul (Ji Soo’s younger brother)
Jun Mi Sun as Cha Yun Kyung (Ji Soo’s manager)
Kim Kwang Gyu as Team Manager Go
Yun Mi Joo as Park Kyung Ae
Yoon Joo Sang as Director Yoon
Hong Ji Young as Jo Myung Jin (Baek Kyung Ae’s classmate)
Moon Jae Won as Yoon Seop (Dong Baek’s junior, post office employee)
Kang Hee Soo (강희수) as Tae Won (Dong Baek’s junior, post office employee)
Jung Dong Hwan as Kim Jung Wook (Kang Mo’s father)
Ryu Tae Ho as Assistant Kim (Kim Jung Wook’s secretary)
Lee Hae Young as Reporter Baek
Jo Sang Gun as President Choi (Kang Mo’s father-in-law)
Park Ha Sun as Choi Soo Yeon
Jang Hee Soo
Kim Hyung Kyu as Kim Suk Hyun

Production Credits

Director: Ki Min Soo
Screenwriter: Jung Jin Young & Kim Eui Chan (김의찬)

Official Site



  1. 1 : marites gerona Says:

    nice title for the drama — That Dummy… ha ha ha

  2. 2 : marites gerona Says:

    oh— the lead actress in this dram is the girl in 200 pounds beauty!but the lead actor here is old and not handsome—??

  3. 3 : marites gerona Says:

    oh my — the plot is like full house story but the here it is the actress while Rain is the actor in Full House and the same contract marraige..hmmhope this is good

  4. 4 : miracle Says:

    Welll… I am korean drama freak!! Can’t wait to see this drama… Sounds a good movie..

  5. 5 : ust111 Says:

    to marites gerona–

    You are right, she is the one who played in 200 pounds beauty, and about the actor– he is very famous actor in Korea,(not good looking, I know) mostly doing serious movies. He got very famous after a movied based on true story called “You are my Sunshine”, which makes you cry and cry. -.-;; If you want to know him, you can watch that movie, it is very very sad, but you will see how he acts!!

  6. 6 : cori Says:

    nice drama, just finished watching ep1-2… kim a joong look stunning like always

  7. 7 : Jennifer Chee Siew May Says:

    I luv tis drama a lot, bcoz funny haha~

  8. 8 : KK Says:

    Why there is so few supporting this drama?

    It is really good, highly recommending this drama for all to watch!

  9. 9 : kal Says:

    hello ?
    this drama is copy of full house .

  10. 10 : amy Says:

    i think most people arent support this drama because its pretty much exactly like full house . maybe different a lil but …. contract marraige ? , atress ? and a poor person .

  11. 11 : Drama Says:

    Not really sure how you can find this show any good. I’ve watched the first 4 episodes thus far. The title really is an apt description of the main character, and the lead female character is not one you can really support (nor can you really feel any pity for the main character). The description does come across as a rip-off of Full House, but while that show was actually funny and for the most part enjoyable to watch, this show is neither. Just my opinion, of course, but I don’t think this is worth watching – aside from gawking at the lead actress, that is (she is rather hot).

  12. 12 : ENRI Says:

    ha.ha.ha.ha. Soooo hilarious I enjoy watching that guy is soooo funny and cute! and actress is really beautiful! I’m only episode 1 but I really enjoying watching it!

  13. 13 : burberry Says:

    I’ve seen a preview in one of the entertainment shows. In fact the actors were interviewed.

    Looks good and I will be watching it.

  14. 14 : KK Says:

    I totally enjoy this show and it is very different from full house except the 6 months contract marriage with an actress. Besides that, it is a very delightful show on its own…

    For people who likes this show, enjoy!

  15. 15 : zelize Says:

    any site 2 download this drama with eng sub??? TQ

  16. 16 : Meeu Says:

    I really don’t see any reason nor justice comparing this one to Full house. As you go through the episodes , you’ll find out that there’s pretty much a big difference between this one and the latter. Though I like Full House, I’m actually beginning to think people are making it more overrated than it actually is. All I’m saying is, this one has its own appeal, and it’s quite good. . really.

  17. 17 : shahab Says:

    download thisdrama at

  18. 18 : lise Says:

    donno what everyone’s on about full house, that drama is like so 2000 and LATE! on the other hand this one is simply amazin, no rip off or whatever pple keep going on about, this is the real deal right here, Goo Dong Baek shi.. fighting!!!

  19. 19 : emily Says:

    fool house and that fool may have the same 6 months contract idea but the two dramas have DIFFERENT PLOT.

  20. 20 : emily Says:

    fool house and that fool may have the same 6 months contract idea but the two dramas have DIFFERENT PLOTs. i think this drama is great. i like the actor because he can act well unlike other actors who just shout all thru out the drama. he can make you believe the sincerity of his character. i do hope this drama will get more attention and be appreciated by the viewers

  21. 21 : Sami Says:

    I’ve watched full house and so far 11 episodes of this one and they are completely different! That fool is enjoyable because the guy is plain looking and the girl is beautiful, it’s like beauty and the beast with a marriage contract! LOL not to say that he isn’t cute in his own plain looking way….he’s adorable. the only thing in common That fool has with full house is a. marriage contract b. poor/rich people getting together that’s it. They’re both really good in there own way. I love it, I cry everytime I have to wait for another episode!!!!!!! wahha I want morrre!

  22. 22 : Mary Says:

    I ENJOY this drama. At first I thought this man is one of the biggest fools I’ve ever seen. What’s wrong with him. Yet, to me, actually the writer is portraying a man that’s a rare breed among men. The character Dong Baek may not have the ‘so called’ good looks like Kang Mo. Yet, he’s a keeper and protecter, and definitely not a push over (ep. 7). He has more guts and convictions than Kang Mo and is very handsome. -American fan of kdrama!

  23. 23 : lazycat Says:

    amazing drama, much better than full house

  24. 24 : Mary Says:

    Ep. 11 and 12 scenes are so funny, courageous and sweet! It really doesn’t matter if there are similarities to Full House, which crossed my mind in the beginning. Yet, after continuing to watch it, that thought dissipated very quickly. This kdrama’s concept has its own merits and its own individuality. It’s truly HILARIOUS! Chilvary is definitely not dead in this drama. Yet, narcissistic jack asses are a continual pain! LOL!!!

  25. 25 : zHeL Says:

    Yeah! GDB. I like you a lot with a very UNIQUE ACTING! that really make people laugh OUT LOUD! ha.ha.ha.ha.ha. your face expression when you sad geezzz that make me really cried the most even only a short time scene but mostly happy scene make me really NUTS! mORE DRAMA please!

  26. 26 : U.S.A. Says:

    This is one of the sweetest love stories that I’ve actually seen in a long time. As a kdrama fan, I do have my favorites. The actors are perfect for their roles, and I commend the writers who are excellent. I know this is a drama, yet in my opinion, Kang Mo and Jung Wook need to take a lo-o-o-ng trip somewhere and never come back! LOL

  27. 27 : U.S.A. Says:

    Ep. 13…my, my, my…it is so SWEET, FUNNY and made me teary eyed! I have laughed so hard in this episode until my stomach muscles hurt.

    My personal point of view: In many of the kdramas, usually, when a woman has stated that she will ‘leave first’ the man grabs her wrist in a ‘cave man’ grasp, which ISN’T AFFECTIONATE, AT ALL! Yet, Dong Baek isn’t like that (this character makes me smile). Writers ‘thank you’ for portraying how an emotionally, mature man treats a woman. Looking forward to next episode. Also, to the subber-great job, well done (especially about the slap). LOL!!!

  28. 28 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    I just sensed that the writers would throw a curb ball in ep. 14, because ep. 13 was going along too well. I don’t know if the writers peruse this site, yet if not, I’ll voice my opinion away.

    Emotional growth and maturity is a learning process and choice; either to be embrace or denied. But, with this character, Ji Soo, after 7 years of being deceived and finally achieving true happiness…will the writers haphazardly let her regress into stupidity, which also is a choice?!!!! Come on now! Will somebody PLEASE portray more emotionally mature, strong, young women protagonist, who actually exist in reality, and I know they can exist fictionally to teach characters like the jerk Kang Mo a lesson! Are you listening!!!

  29. 29 : Calif Says:

    I sooo addicted with this series its really really a GREAT ONE! I love this guy GDB!

  30. 30 : Juuu Says:

    Hey, guys I also enjoy this drama as much as all of you
    but the one thing i’m worried about,
    the story has already gone up to this point
    how are they going to end it in 2 eps, i have a feeling
    it’s gonna be a sloppy ending :\

  31. 31 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Ep. 15…don’t understand the logic behind getting a divorce. Comparing the dilemma of the two so called evils. 1) fake marriage-exposing the truth, yet fell in love with each other and apologize for deceiving the nation (the nation!!! They shouldn’t have that much clout!). Next, 2) Get a divorce-reason being?!! For having an affair?!! That’s worse and an even worse lie. To me, the truth always wins out…just weather the storm of controversy. That storm will fizzle out and people usually become more emphathetic over a short period of time. If not, move on, it’s their problem. That’s my opinion.

    All in all, ep. 15 is so funny! Sang Chul and Min Ji are really hilarious…the areas where Kang Mo touched made the house dirty….so very funny! Bio-cleaning attachment! Min Ji attacked Kyung Ae for trying to break up the marriage…so funny! What’s with Ji Soo’s manager?!! Very strange turn around.

  32. 32 : elise Says:

    an unforgettable drama…. great, great ending…. will truly leave you giddy and happy all over after watching it.
    hwang jung min as goo dong baek is simply amazing! a truly great actor…. you can’t help but smile with him, laugh with him and even cry with him. It will truly break your heart when he is hurting…. and be happy when he is….
    you will not waste your 16 hours watching this, highly recommended!

  33. 33 : bay Says:

    I am done with this drama, and it far exceeded my expectations. I dont watch a lot of romantic comedies, but this one was exceptionally funny with a very laid back and easy to follow plot. The main actor who played GDB, was brilliant and I think his acting skills really pulled this drama through, KAJ also was pritty good.

  34. 34 : Calif Says:

    GDB yOUR INCREDIBLE AMAZING ACTOR! wOw! you really are! make me laughed and cried! worth watching it only 16 ep. Wish you can make more drama in the future please….

  35. 35 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    I don’t know if HJM as Dong Baek actually sang ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ or not, yet if so, he has such a beautiful, 2nd tenor, singing voice. He is an excellent actor (I won’t even comment on his crying scenes, whew!). Also, he has the cutest ears (yes, I said it-cute ears). LOL! Being a new fan of any kind of dramatic acting series, k/tdramas specifically, I have to laugh at myself at times.

    P.S. Everyone in this drama can act; their abilities are off the charts.

  36. 36 : spore-fan Says:

    HJM is really a good actor. KAJ also very convincing….
    For all who haven’t finnished watching this drama…please watched it until the end. I started from the middle but still very satisfying and I have watched part 12 -16 for 3rd times….really good…excellent actors…storyline…writers…director…TWO THUMBS UP!!

  37. 37 : janine Says:

    for those who commented that that fool doesnt come close as a rip off to full house i certainly dont agree..full house started out strong and burned in the end it became redundant as if the writers ran out of idea on what to do with the characters anymore long yawn—while with that fool hmm ++smile++ jsut read the comments on viikii and youll see..

  38. 38 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Oh, Oh! I sense the ending is not going to be a good one (Kang Mo’s dad’s reaction to press conference). I hope the writers prove what I’m sensing to be incorrect. Kim Ah Joong is an excellent actress. Enjoy the chemistry among all the actors.

  39. 39 : pamela Says:

    MARIA song in 200 punds beauty was was her voice, kim and somwhere over the rainbow by HJM i read that he studied theatre so he can carry a tune and i watched on youtube too HJM performing sunset by big bang i say perform not just singing the song =)

  40. 40 : HalimawSaBanga Says:

    This drama is one of the best drama I’ve watched.. you must be wondering why? coz I enjoyed every episode.. no boring moments.. don’t compare this to full house coz their not the same.. before saying some negative stuff about the actor and the drama.. watch it first… just because the actor is not good looking, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad drama.

    Totally enjoyed it.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ^^,

  41. 41 : honey b Says:

    I’ll watch….

  42. 42 : Blackbeans Says:

    HJM SUperb and VErsatile one actor!

  43. 43 : kongaishang Says:

    well, so far so good…… i’m on episode 4 right now, and yes the plot does look like full house… but still it is good.

  44. 44 : Genius Says:

    I really like this drama!! I could say that this drama is the best drama i’ve ever watched… I thought Autumn in my heart is the best drama but after I watched this drama,I changed my mind..Both HJM n KAJ r really good..

  45. 45 : fave Says:

    Everybody, go watch City Hall! You’ll never regret it! If you’ve enjoyed this, you’ll enjoy City Hall just as much, if not more…

  46. 46 : one Says:

    i like this drama..funny, it make me always laugh when i watch this drama. and i like the actor..GDB..go go…

  47. 47 : pperu Says:

    Amazing drama! was a joy to watch and once you start you can’t stop! Very good ending well thought out with excellent leads and supporting cast. must watch!

  48. 48 : jeok Says:

    bet its gonna be a good drama

  49. 49 : amy Says:

    sang chul is so cutee!

    this drama is so funny 🙂

  50. 50 : Sony Says:

    It’s fun.

  51. 51 : deanaz Says:

    very enternaining drama. And i’ve been felt for GDB too…great actor and actrees and the storyline too…must watch drama..good job for the crew..hope make more kind of funny romance drama

  52. 52 : marites gerona Says:

    why GDB acts and look like mr bean…no originality there. the title is really for him — fool. its foolish to copycat mr bean and put his image in a drama — yikes…script bad too…

  53. 53 : marites gerona Says:

    Full House is better….by a thousand miles!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. 54 : vina Says:

    fantastic film. . .!!!!!

  55. 55 : arnie Says:


  56. 56 : Daisy Says:

    In my humble opinion, this is one of the best Korean drama series ever. Despite his mediocre looks, from the very beginning, Gu Dong Baek shi got me wishing for him and the lead actress, Han Ji Shoo to end up happily ever after. This film reminds us that it takes more than just good looks, fortune or fame to have someone love you. We all long for this kind of unconditional love …

  57. 57 : pillsburydo Says:

    Great drama! Really enjoyed it’s far different from the Korean sad dramas. I got so addicted to watching in the middle of the series! It tells a lot of morals and lessons through life, overall. And Jeong-min Hwang and Ah-jung Kim sang pretty good at “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Very funny series. Very well done, highly recommended.

  58. 58 : michelle Says:

    for viewers who want a clean entertaining drama, this is highly recommended. hwang jung min is great in making goo dong baek alive. kim ah-joong also breathes life to han ji soo. it has a lot of lessons as well as eliciting lots of laughs. some dramas bore you to death but i think this is not one of them. and the sound track is also good.

  59. 59 : 123Go!! Says:

    a great drama.. although goo dong baek not look good,, his act is so great!! i love ji soo’s act too.. her acting skill is getting better on this drama than on 200pounds beauty. the drma has a funny story, beside that it’s really touching.. two thumbs up for the drama!!

  60. 60 : imbestigador Says:

    A Must-watch series!

  61. 61 : emily Says:

    If u want to watch a feel good drama, this is it! Highly recommended. will make u smile for sure!

  62. 62 : Hearsy Says:

    i really love this romance….ill rate it 1st class among class!!!!
    its funny and yet it show that even a fool can be lucky…im touch about their story so much that i consecutively repeated to watch it many times…i hope that the crew can create another one like this….

    the CAST
    specially to
    HWang Jung Min

    im rating you the best among actresses..
    im your biggest FAN!!!!!

  63. 63 : jackieness Says:

    this series is very nice…i like the story and the scenes are very funny…it is very light and unlike other series that ive watched which is full of conflicts and the lead actress is always like a saint by having super duper nice character…hehehe

  64. 64 : Jamz Says:

    This is seriously a good drama. I have to rewatch it because I like it that much. Wow. I don’t know why people are comparing this to Full House, I stopped watching it midway through because I got bored. That Fool on the other hand kept me glued to the screen and I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode or watch the episode I just finished again! Truly great. All the actors were top notch and everything was awesome. This kdrama gets 5 stars from me!

  65. 65 : Evelyn Says:

    The series was superb. I usually dun watch Korean Dramas as much, but this one made me glued to my laptop everynite and finished it in 5 days. Likely to re-watch it. 金雅中 is so pretty and 黄正民 is soooo nerdly cute! Fun to watch. 🙂

  66. 66 : Neo Says:

    i give this 4.5/5 ^_^ very nice drama.

  67. 67 : N u C Says:

    I Give This Series A 5 Star! I Surely Will Watch It Again!!

    Also Hoping There Will Be A “That Fool 2” Coming Up. 🙂

    Highly Recommended For Everyone.

    Sarang He Kim Ah Joong

  68. 68 : Devina Says:

    WOWWW…. this drama is surprisingly goodddddddddd……!! ^^

    Actually, i didnt have any high expectation when i decided to watch this drama….. But it’s unbelievable this drama is soooo awesome!! i just cant understand why this drama has a low rate? just because the main actor is not handsome??? i think that’s really not a good reason….. although Gu Dong Park is not good looking, but he is really kind, so wise, has a pure mind, n he has a gold heart…. i think those character can absolutely cover the appearance of Gu Dong Park. N his smile, really show his pure n kind heart…. everytime he smiled, i just cant stand to smile too….. >.

  69. 69 : afifah Says:

    Agree with everyone here. best korean drama ever!

  70. 70 : zabe Says:

    kim ah joong is beautiful! and the male main character is ugly but as you watch the next episodes, he becomes cute and funny! really good drama! made me laugh a lot! kim ah joong also sings very well in this! she caught my attention in 200 lb beauty! you should watch that if you haven’t already! i hope to see her in more dramas!

  71. 71 : Innocentgurl Says:

    I just love this drama….I dont expect this drama is gud,buh when i start watching…I really cant stop smiling….love this drama

  72. 72 : U.S.A-Mary Says:

    This drama continues to be a DELIGHT! I’m watching it again and it’s even more hilarious, sweet, and entertaining the 2nd time around!

    I HIGHLY recommend it! I give it 5 STARS, too!

    If anyone enjoys a clean-cut, romantic, emotionally-challenging drama, this is the one to see! Just give it a chance, and I guarantee you will not regret having watched it!

  73. 73 : wan2step Says:

    this is the 5th time I watched this drama. by far out of the 6 other k-dramas i have seen, in my own opinion is the best.

    i don’t get tired from watching this movie. you laugh so hard at basically most of the movie & you also cry. even though i watched it 5 times already it still makes me cry at some of the parts.

    if u have 16hrs to spare . ..watch it ^____^ .. ..i promise you that you will never regret it. even got my mom & dad to watch it with my the 5th time around & they were having a blast watching it w/ me.

  74. 74 : U.S.A-Mary Says:


  75. 75 : Alan Says:

    Best korean drama I’ve watched. Must watch. The scenes between Hwang Jung Min and Kim Ah Joong are touching, and funny at the same time. I watched this whole drama in a total of 4 days and I can’t stop myself from watching this again. I can honestly say that this drama basically made all other dramas feel inferior. I was in the process of watching God of Study while watching this, and after I watched this, I basically lost all interest in God of Study.

  76. 76 : Joe Says:

    i dont usually watch drama or anykind.. i watch it 5 times arleady.. what do u think..?

  77. 77 : stroindes Says:


    I watched it 3 times already and still feel happy at the end of the series. They both are brilliant actor and actress. Goo Dong Baek might be just good but Han Ji Soo was superb in this drama. Highly recommended!!

  78. 78 : dy_ans Says:

    its a very good drama! entertaining…and like the actor and the actress so much!

  79. 79 : deena Says:

    i think i don’t like very much this movie..but still good to watch this, but i’dont recomennd u to watch this movie

  80. 80 : Michalle Wong Guillena Says:

    this is a unique and a good example movie… a learning not quite of the ordinary… good!

  81. 81 : ardhan Says:

    i dont usually watch drama or anykind

  82. 82 : mutiara Says:

    this drama is hilarious! seriously! lol!

  83. 83 : mel Says:

    comedy…. hmmm___
    make me interested to watch this movie,.,

  84. 84 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much.. it’s really fun to watch this,, hhaha

  85. 85 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  86. 86 : wilma Says:

    nice series…no complications just pure fun….so if u want something happy after all the dramas… this series is the answer….no dull moment
    two thumbs up…!

  87. 87 : Elvie Mendoza Says:

    This was on a daily T.V. show as “Accidental Couple” here in Canada. Later got hold of the DVD. Fantastic acting!

  88. 88 : ndut Says:

    soooo funny…. learn to be happy people!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. 89 : mahdieh Says:

    funy drama,i like it,kim ah toong is really beautiful,i like her

  90. 90 : Jeanette Says:

    Really like this… two thumbs up!!

  91. 91 : NeWiA Says:

    A MUST SEE DRAMA!!!!!!!
    Highly recommended to be on your watch list…
    Very entertaining…

    Kim Ah Joong (Han Ji Soo) and Hwang Jung Min (Goo Dong Baek) done an amazing job as the main character in this drama… Both of them are awesome!!!!! such a great actors and actress. Two thumbs up!!!

    Love this drama so much!!!

  92. 92 : Deshinta Says:

    aahh i love this drama. i love Baek Sung Hyun as Han Sang Chul (Ji Soo’s younger brother). he’s so cute, how handsome :3

  93. 93 : loren-saranghae Says:

    This Korean drama is very funny, so all Korean drama fans should watch this drama …

  94. 94 : nomadgamer Says:

    im quite picky with my drama, but this one simply just made almost everything right!


    If this is will be your first time watching korean drama, this is the first drama i recommend, will not let you down!

  95. 95 : Takashi Says:

    Haiz I like this Girl Kim Ah Joong

  96. 96 : SIr Jone Says:

    I love this drama.One of the best.It’s moving and teaches the masses to truly love a person.Yep,especially the main cast..Goo Dong Baek and Han Ji Soo..mmm….Im so envious…hahahah…Hope there will be more pairing from them…
    Cheers guys!!!

  97. 97 : mardi Says:

    where did i can download this movie?????

  98. 98 : Lyddie Says:

    This Drama is awesome! Ive never been one to watch Korean Dramas, but this one made me want to watch more of them!

    Its a great drama, with a great story line, great actors and actresses and best of all, its not long-winded. For those who want to try out what korean dramas are like, I recommend you start with this one!

  99. 99 : Trendytile Says:

    Really liked this one. The lead actress was okay but everyone else was just spectacular. I really liked the postmasters scenes, so funny! Didn’t know yoon joo sang sang could be that funny. Overall, I highly recommend this.

  100. 100 : parcann Says:


    If you are a hopeless romantic, then this drama if for you…
    A must watch drama. All i can say is that this drama is simply amazing…

  101. 101 : Kesmond Says:

    Where can i downLoad Full ep ?

  102. 102 : mallow Says:

    go to yellowcinema.com

  103. 103 : June Says:

    one of the best drama for me ;p i love kim ah joong!!!! hehehe

  104. 104 : Kiko Says:

    This drama is really good..really sweet love story..(^^)..

  105. 105 : wilma Says:

    love this movie..my happy pill….love it watch it 4 times hahhaha

  106. 106 : haqi Says:

    can anyone tell me where i can download all the episodes to this episode? thanks a bunch guys 🙂

  107. 107 : ilovekorea Says:

    i watched this long time ago on arirang it was really good 🙂 i loved all the characters, Kim Ah Joong is like a model, so perfect and flawless, Joo Sang Wook is FINE! ha cute story line, but the ending was almost too predictable lol but loved it!

  108. 108 : yung Says:

    i really want wacth this , but its aired in KBS when im in office

  109. 109 : lengskee Says:

    i watched the encore episodes in KBS last Saturday from 10 to 2AM, gosh. the title is very appropriate for the male lead character.

    Joo Sang Wook is very handsome. Im now on my 8th episode. Hooked now=)

  110. 110 : wilma Says:

    Love this drama..feel good drama….
    My happy pill….i miss watching it again….

    aja aja fighting c:

  111. 111 : kimchilee Says:

    I dont usually watch drama with actors who are not as famous but this one .. cant quite put a finger on it.. its nice.. predictable but well acted by all the casts! I can’t help but think Dong Baek’s acting reminded me of Mr Bean’s.. the walk .. the blank look.. quite an immitation.. but its the story line of this drama that has meaningful words which captivated my attention so much so that you felt nothing but empathy for the main actor whose simple life was boring until he met the heroine.

    He dont look as good as all those famous ones but he sure can act and captivate your heart with his happy go lucky attitude! Watch this drama when you can. Its worth it.

  112. 112 : eunice suwaldi Says:

    hwang jung min,,,best ,,,good luck 2 u…
    I love 2 watch this drama,,,hmmmmm….

  113. 113 : mommynajmi Says:


  114. 114 : sangjhoon Says:

    i think i’d like to see this cause of joo sang wook

  115. 115 : awesomegirlrawks Says:

    this show is freaking brilliant!! it’s as good as secret garden and my girl. after watching so many shows, i finally found another good show! I LOVE THIS SHOW!

  116. 116 : NextDoor Says:

    really good drama. i give this a 9/10. im fully satisfied with the story, actors… everything! there is nothing for me to get annoyed or criticize at all which is a rare occurence. watch this!!!

  117. 117 : alistaire Says:

    best korean drama ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. 118 : alistaire Says:

    Goo dong baek acts really great , despite of his physical appearance he is still one of the best actor in korea :)) , han ji soo also done well :), watta great story, it all made me teary, goo dong baek is sooooooo kind , he never let han ji soo suffer so much that he would catch all the pain and sufferings for han ji soo’s sake .. 😀
    THUMBS UP !!!!!!!!!!!
    hope there will be (that fool 2)
    HIghly recommended .. please watch .. you’ll never egret this one 😀

  119. 119 : s10wXopo4 Says:

    893217 869434Woh I like your articles , saved to fav! . 805094

  120. 120 : Sandy Says:

    This drama was a very nice surprise. I absolutely loved it. It’s added now to my list of favorites–dramas I could watch again, with a feel good storyline.

  121. 121 : zulkapli Says:

    This is the only drama from korea that super great.
    I give 5 STAR.

    It good actor and actress,super story line,good picture,very nice song and make me want to cry.

    Im is 38, have watch english,japan,india,malay,indonesia,thailand,philipine,china,taiwan,korea and others. (more 25 thousand movie and drama)

    Keep making drama that super great.

  122. 122 : Okaerin Says:

    So it’s 2016 and many dramas have been made as Korean production continues to evolve…
    yet amongst these countless dramas, however updated they are, this particular drama has immensely touched my heart. it is the only drama i have completed, and this is not to my regret having discovered it about 7 years late. it is the only drama where i think i will ever have actually smiled, laughed, and even cried to. Each character fits their actor and completes the story without a single one out of place. the male lead is the best male lead i have seen in the history of any story in all honesty… he makes the right mistakes when he makes any and his tolerance is unparallelled, making him extremely admirable and respectable.

    another reason i am happy to have discovered this drama is because it is as impactful as the drama “99 Days With The Superstar” (EXTREMELY RECOMMENDED. A MUST WATCH IF YOU LIKE THIS DRAMA OR FIND IT INTERESTING). this drama and that one are the only two dramas i ever bothered to watch beyond the sixth episode mark.

  123. 123 : Kdrama Fan Says:

    Maybe not my taste, been cheated by all this netrizens whose fancied their idol actress, Kim Ah Jong. Yes, she had a look and sexy body but in this drama, I really hate her dull and lifeless looks. She good acting in short movies but not in series drama. You will fed-up with her actings and looks. This storylines is illogical theories, hired a postman for 6 months as temporarily fiancé and husband to a superstar. Making him as fool, the superstar falls in love with him but she really had no expression, all sad and only the funny guy take all the actions in this drama.
    Don’t be cheated, watch it yourself and give comments.

  124. 124 : Park Eun Bin face abuz de putere pentru razbunare in “Nothing to Lose” - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] un actor din aceeasi generatie cu Park Eun-bin, pe care l-ati putut urmari in drame, precum: “The Accidental Couple” (KBS2, 2009), “Empire of Gold” (SBS, 2013), “3 Days” (SBS, 2014), “Glorious Day” (SBS, 2014), “My […]

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