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Thank You

Title: 고맙습니다 / Thank You
Chinese title : 谢谢
Also known as: 우리들이 있었다 / We Were There / There We Were
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-Mar-21 to 2007-May-10
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Dr. Min Ki Seo went to Blue Island to fulfill his deceased girlfriend’s last wish to find the single mother and her little girl who was infected by HIV and to apologize to them on her behalf as she had unknowingly given the girl tainted blood when she was being treated at the hospital. Lee Young Shin, the single mom, was having a hard time caring for her grandfather who has Alzeimer’s and keeping her daughter’s HIV condition a secret while teaching her how to live with it. Min Ki Seo was an arrogant person who looked down on people and in meeting Lee Young Shin who accepted her fate and tried to make the best of it despite all odds, he slowly changed for the better and became a warm and caring person.


Jang Hyuk as Min Ki Seo
Gong Hyo Jin as Lee Young Shin
Shin Sung Rok as Choi Suk Hyun
Kim Sung Eun as Suh Eun Hee

Extended Cast

Seo Shin Ae as Lee Bom / Sam Weol Ee (Young Shin’s daughter)
Shin Goo as Mr. Lee / Lee Byung Gook (Young Shin’s grandfather)
Ryu Seung Soo as Dr. Oh Jong Soo
Yoo Min Ho as Lee Young Woo
Kil Yong Woo as Min Jun Ho
Hong Yeo Jin as Kang Hye Jung
Choi Kang Hee as Cha Ji Min (cameo)
Yang Hyun Woo as Choi Young Joo
Jo Mi Ryung as Bak So Ran
Kim Soo Ro as Dr. Oh’s brother
Kang Boo Ja as Kang Gook Ja (Suk Hyun’s mother)
Kim Ha Kyoon as Park Taek Dong
Kim Ki Bang as Song Doo Sup
Jun Won Joo as Song Chang Ja (Doo Sup’s mother)
Jang Yong
Yoo Jung Suk
Choi Jung Yoon
Kim Jin Yang
Yoo Yeon Mi
Kim Seung Wook
Lee Han Na
Yoo Jung Suk

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jae Dong
Screenwriter: Lee Kyung Hee

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2007-03-21 1 12.6 (10th) 13.2 (10th)
2007-03-22 2 14.6 (9th) 15.6 (7th)
2007-03-28 3 13.7 (10th) 14.9 (8th)
2007-03-29 4 15.3 (9th) 15.3 (8th)
2007-04-04 5 13.4 (10th) 14.1 (9th)
2007-04-05 6 15.4 (10th) 16.3 (8th)
2007-04-11 7 14.6 (8th) 15.8 (7th)
2007-04-12 8 16.2 (7th) 17.0 (6th)
2007-04-18 9 16.0 (7th) 17.3 (7th)
2007-04-19 10 17.2 (4th) 18.4 (3th)
2007-04-25 11 17.1 (5th) 17.7 (6th)
2007-04-26 12 16.8 (5th) 17.2 (4th)
2007-05-02 13 17.4 (5th) 18.3 (3rd)
2007-05-03 14 21.2 (2nd) 24.0 (2nd)
2007-05-09 15 18.5 (4th) 19.5 (4th)
2007-05-10 16 19.2 (3rd) 20.6 (3rd)

Source: TNS Media Korea


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  1. 1 : Soo-Eun Says:

    sound interesting!

  2. 2 : Vee Says:

    aw, this looks cute. i’ll give it a go when it comes out.

  3. 3 : cissy Says:

    I find this the best korean drama now showing, you folks should give it a shot, sweet, touching and sometimes funny.

  4. 4 : soybean_6272 Says:

    looking forward to it…..I hope to watch it

  5. 5 : Lin Says:

    This drama is sweet, touching…it gets better every week!

  6. 6 : wink Says:

    am going to add this to mah to watch list!!!

  7. 7 : faithy Says:

    Gosh this is the best korean drama I have watched. strongly recommended. Great acting, great plot. A pity not many people seem to know about it.

  8. 8 : stella Says:

    my mom has been watched this film,, and she was interesting..
    but, in indonesia this film only serialized until episode 8,,
    she is very interested to watch the next episodes..
    when the next episode will serialized completely???
    i wonder to know this film more completely..
    anybody who knows about it..
    reply this comment as soon as you can…
    thx a lot…

  9. 9 : cissy Says:

    the ending was super touchy, not sad or bad tough. Tonnes of people I know cried buckets over it.

  10. 10 : chiqueeismyname Says:

    LUV it!
    i like BOM. ^__^
    i really really like it.
    i had cried a lot in this drama. (Really!)
    i recommend it to all who love sad stories.
    it’s really2x NICE! ^__^
    great JOB!

  11. 11 : seproast Says:

    this drama is really addicting. great cast! jang hyuk you’re the man. its my second time to watch gong hyo jin’s drama (other is hello my teacher) and i must say shes a really really the best actress.. lee bom’s so cute.. surely must watch this again and again.. i hope this will be shown in philippine television.

  12. 12 : WallPaper Says:

    Wall Paper’s

  13. 13 : Hollywood Says:

    Great writing, thumbs up for the writer and very well portray by the actors and actress. Good drama. Jang Hyuk and Hyo Jin are great and looking better than before. Good casting too.
    Highly recommended to watch.

  14. 14 : Hollywood Says:

    Another matter which I must commend an hope someone can read it.
    I notice that they are rather in humane towards animal. If they are unable to use trained animal in the show, please do not do it. They apparently kept the dog tide up all the time and I also see it in other dramas. Poor dog.

  15. 15 : Deska Says:

    “Thank You”, for me this is the best serial korean drama I ever seen.. highly recommended… love it so much.. all things than consist in our life, happiness, sadness, love, suffer are well-described by this serial… love it so much…
    the actresses and the actors played great, it looks very natural..
    super !

  16. 16 : chiqueeismyname Says:

    i agree to you seproast!
    i’m from philippines too. and i would be happy if they will show this to other filipinos.
    i am sure they will really LOVE it!
    it’s the best koreandrama i have ever seen.
    the main characters played really good.
    especially BOM and GRANDPA!
    i luv them! but sadly grandpa died!
    huhu. i hate to see that part. it really makes me cry!
    i can’t stop my tears when watching it!
    i really LOVE this drama!

  17. 17 : Rowena Says:

    Wow, just got a copy of this drama series. And from the views that I’ve read I think I am gonna start watching this right away. Thanks.

  18. 18 : podo Says:

    great drama! great acting by everyone, especially the girl who plays bom (daughter). she’s one of the best child actors i’ve seen in a kroean drama. she’s so adorable! and jang hyuk looks even better than before. i highly recommend watching this drama.

  19. 19 : purita Says:

    this is one of the best korean drama i’ve ever seen
    it’s a classic,
    the story is fresh and beautiful
    the actors are all superb and just perfect for the role
    and it doesn’t just repeat the same plot like every other k-drama
    i highly recommend this one for all k-drama lover and nonlover too..
    i wish they make more k-drama like this one ….

  20. 20 : sumudu Says:

    the best korean drama i have ever seen

  21. 21 : Rowena Says:

    Me too, I include this drama as one of the of the best I’ve watched so far. I am only on episode 10 but I can’t wait to see how it will end. Yes, great performers. The lead guy was Jang Nara’s leading man in one of her series (forgot already). And, the child actress, she’s terrific.

  22. 22 : xarah Says:

    i have just graduated from this series! wow! its an absolute masterpiece.. a complete combination of drama, comedy & action in some of the scenes.. its really a MUST-SEE!!! for those who haven’t started watching this series, u better prepare for a box of tissue! its not a tear-jerker but im telling u, ull cry a bucket over it! its good to be watched together with ur family coz since thats what the story is all about..

    more power to the casts! hope to see more shows from u soon! mr. lee & lee bom was really great! both adorable in their own ways!

  23. 23 : meaw Says:

    best story line….good acting……. best korean drama for year 2007…… love gong hyo jin….

  24. 24 : bonitz Says:

    This drama touches one’s heart without trying so hard to do so… it would make you think of your own family and how we much cherish every waking moment with them. This will definitely be listed as one of the greatest korean dramas of all time. Highly recommended!

  25. 25 : wadie Says:

    great casting and lovely story line… the three main actor and actresses were superp… cried a lot while watching this… highly recommended. this is the second best korean drama i’ve watched, after MISA.

  26. 26 : lovelovelove Says:

    love this drama!!!! really really good!!!

  27. 27 : May See Says:

    This is a great drama. Very good and powerful story line…this story is also very realistic compared to all the other dramas. Have a box of tissue ready!!!

  28. 28 : ShairaPhilippines Says:

    I have watched this movie twice and it feel so good after watching it. WhAT I like most is the little girl who has aids. She’s so cute. Im a certified Korean TV Series addict and this one is one of my favorites. Hope to see more Korean TV Series like this one.

    I watched it twice and it feel so good after watching it. What I like most is the little girl who has aids. She’s so cute. I hope to see more Korean Movie like this which make you feel wonderful. I’m a certified Korean Movie addict, it is definitely one of my favorite. Therefore, I recommended this one to those who have not yet watch this one.

  29. 29 : trip Says:

    Nice to see fellow Filipinos loving this series. Superb acting from the little girl to grandpa. One of the best Korean dramas in the last three years.

  30. 30 : rine Says:

    i really2 like this one!!
    min gi seo is very cute, gentle n soooo handsome..
    lee bom, too..
    and mr Lee.. i want his choco pie..

    for u all, who haven’t seen this drama.. u’d better go for it!! it’s only have 16 episodes..

  31. 31 : gemini Says:

    …am currently on the 7th episode…and could have finished it in one sitting if not for my regular 8 to 5 Mon to Fri office work and the whole sat for a short course i am presently taking up… have cut down on my vice of being a koreanovela watcher… at any rate, THANK YOU was not actually the next in line of the many koreanovelas i have scheduled to watch..in fact, i dismiss this one because the casting and the packaging was not at all appealing to me.. it impressed me as one of those B series. Finally, in one of my regular shopping for new series and without anything new to choose from, i was forced to buy it. Still, it did not interest me at all to watch it outright until it was mistakenly played (i was at that time watching another novela). The result? I was surprised to see JANG HYUK as the lead actor (actually I find it difficult to recall Korean names; just take note of the actors’ faces always and from where they starred in). He impressed me a lot in the series Bright Girl (opposite Jang Nara). And it was because of him that I continued to watch Thank YOu and since then and until now, have enjoyed it immensely.

    Indeed, the story, so far, has no similarity with the other i watched before. Simple, yet fresh and very interesting, full of values and interesting moments and make you appreciate life, relationships, love, family, ambitions, and hope.

    Actor Jang Hyuk is really perfect for his role here. I missed him since Bright Girl where he portrayed an almost similar role. He is one who easily pull off with being brutally frank, cold, “brusko”, insensitive, and yet has so much love and care to share and offer. I also enjoyed the characterization of the child actress for her role, sooooo lovable (sorry but can’t recall her screen name, but she will always be on my mind).

    Everynight I still manage to watch at least one episode… am so excited to finish it by this weekend, and hopefully not disappointed with the ending.

    To all koreanovela lovers, watch this one! It is worth your time. You will surely love it. Congratulations to the Director!

  32. 32 : gemini Says:

    .. just finished watching the 9th and 10th episodes, and they are one of the best episodes, so far… can’t wait to see the remaining ones.. am sure the more exciting and memorable scenes are coming… wish that the ending will leave a mark for THANK YOU to be well remembered… will surely submit another reply when i finally finish watching it. CIAO to all… ARIVEDERCI!

  33. 33 : Lyve Says:

    Good Korean Drama i’ve ever watched so far !!!!!!!….I’ve watched it couple of times, and still made me cry…..Touches my heart because the story is not like other dramas, about simple people with simple mind, down to earth.

  34. 34 : gemini Says:

    …finally, i was able to finish watching this drama and i must say that this is one of the best i’ve seen so far. I just loved the simplicity of the plot, the characterization and of course not to forget its cinematography. The performances of Jang Hyuk and Gong Hyo-Jin. I think the highlight of this story is the character of Lee Boom very well performed by Seo Shin Ae, without whom this drama could have been one of those typical lovestory/romance genre. Of course, Jang Hyuk was at his best as expected. Kudos to Director Lee Jae Dong for this very well made series resulting from the simple yet touching and heartwarming screenplay of Mr. Lee Kyung Hee. GOOD JOB!

  35. 35 : Min Shariff Says:

    One of the best korean dramas for this year. I love it and I am watching it again and again. Unlike other korean dramas, all the characters are lovable in their own way. Dr Min, Young Shim, Granpa (Mr Lee) and Bom are the BEST. A must watch. There are tears and laughters. It is worth every penny spent buying this DVD.

  36. 36 : PUPUT Says:

    this drama series , VErY VEry sadness!!!! you will cry with many tears

  37. 37 : oeban Says:

    my friends introduced this series to me.. at first i’m not too interested.. but after i watched it.. i feel touched.. it’s good ya know.. sometimes i imagine if i’m the one in Young Shim’s situation.. what can i do?? when i saw the movie, i feel my tears drop without even realized it.. maybe this film could change someone.. to the creator of this film i would like to say thank you.. you’ve done nice job.. it has a nice soundtrack too.. i wonder where can i get it.. if someone know please tell me

  38. 38 : Jennifer Says:

    I really want to wash it, but where can I buy the VCD or DVD?

  39. 39 : dovey Says:

    The description of the drama is rather inaccurate.
    They’re not a couple who hated the sight each other at the first sight but wasn’t able to come together and communicate [since they’re from very different background]. Hence, the miscommunications ,incidents and straightforwardness.
    & ”Min Ki Seo was orginally a doctor who always looked down on people and is very haughty”.
    Actually he doesn’t doesn’t looked down on people but rather his faith for humane is totally disguntled after a series of events. He became totally disheartened, cold and distant hence the projected ‘aloof’ image. HE’s one of the top-notch surgery doctor at youngest of age too. A genius 🙂


  40. 40 : dovey Says:

    Plain , simple yet struck your heart cord unknowingly and left you [email protected]

  41. 41 : dovey Says:

    Hey, It’s got the SCore Best Episode Ratings of 2nd (21.2% (2nd) nationwide.
    SO… the rating speaks for itself 🙂
    Enough said.
    It’s has a better rating then SNOW QUEEN. But behind Jumong.

  42. 42 : bigfan Says:

    This is the best MBC drama after all about eve, princess hour, my girl. MUST WATCHHHHHHH for all korean drama fans.
    This is not sad due to love but to kinship, love and friends…

  43. 43 : deh Says:

    This is the best Korea film I ever watch!!!!! Full of life values that are being conveyed geniously through so many medias, even through a choco pie. Very touching!
    Really a great film. Wishing there will be a sequel for this film….

  44. 44 : ria Says:

    cool drama.. i love it…

    annyong haseo Jang Hyuk … 🙂

  45. 45 : IDELLE Says:


  46. 46 : dianne Says:

    ii hope this will be shown in the phils in order to create awareness of aids (which the drama showed)

    superb acting from lee young shin, lee bom, dr. min, mr.lee ( i love the demented lolo, looks real. hehehe), the grand ma and many others.

    and oh a lot of cute kids in this drama esp. lee bom, my best korean child actor.

    touching story

  47. 47 : apple Says:

    hey i love this drama! if anyone wanna watch this drama go to this website http://bluerosestylish.proboards22.com

    they have a big collections of drama

  48. 48 : Jo H Says:

    This is by far the best Korean drama I’ve watched over the years. I am truly impressed. Impressed with the overall film including… story line, character development, cinematography acting and more importantly… “impressed” with the director’s ability to tell story with a single shot. We’ve heard about the saying that “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”, director’s Lee Jae Dong was able to convey these words through this film. “A shot of a clenched fist; pair of shoes, sleepers…” speaks volumes. Jang Hyuk portrayal of Min Ki Seo is outstanding. Actually, everyone did a superb job with the characters. I am pleasantly surprised and thankful that “THANK YOU” doesn’t have the typical “cutesy” characters which sometimes can be really annoying and boring. I have watched this 3x by now and have grown to appreciate each and every characters and the important message the drama conveys.

    Questions: I’d like to purchase the dvd set but find that most english translations are poor. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Also, I have to give kudos to the team of translators of this website. “YOU GUYS HAVE DONE an outstanding job translating this drama. There are a couple of things that didn’t quite made sense but overall by far the bessssst translation. FYI, It’s currently on AZN in United States translated by MBC and frankly the translations “STINKS”.

  49. 49 : smile Says:

    i love this drama so much. i would definitely watched it again and probably want to purchase this serie for myself (eng sub though). every episode is interesting. my boyfriend is even interested in it. yeah. this is a must watch drama. you have to see it. it’s really good.

  50. 50 : Debby Karmila Says:

    Good korean drama….Don’t forget to watch it!!!
    I love this drama specially the actor…hahaha….

  51. 51 : rosalie rivas Says:

    i really miss jang hyuk a lot, hes been away too long, and after wathcing THANK YOU my appreciation on his craft brings him closer to my heart. he deffinitely is a good actor! two thumbs up! i hope to see more of him around this year….please stay healthy Jang Hyuk! i love you!!!

    cogratulations to the whole casts and production of Thank You and i really wanna say thank you for such a good and heartwarming k drama, i wish that you’ll do a lot more stories that will help your viewers enjoy and appreciate daily life in a very simple yet unique way of interpretation.

    there was no boring moment ever in this k drama!!!

  52. 52 : yeri Says:

    I must admit this seri is damn good,in each episode I could stay still and enjoy every moment!

  53. 53 : yea eun Says:

    this drama brought me to tears several times! shin ae’s acting, as well as gong hyo jin and jang hyuk made it so special!! i recommend this drama whoever likes heart-touching dramas…

  54. 54 : sally Says:

    hi! far from ordinary k drama! super duper MAX!!! congratulations to the whole production and i hope to see more from jang hyuk, gong hyu-jin, and shin sung-rok. good luck and u made your characters alive from start to finish. really really like it

  55. 55 : Jo Says:

    I love it sooo much. My hearts is swelling with love for it Thank you for the greatest drama in the whole world! THANK YOU!

  56. 56 : Mee Says:

    “Thank You” is really a heart-touching drama. It’s one of my favorites! I really like the acting of the characters in the story specially the little girl played by Seo Shin Ae. Jang Hyuk as well as Gong Hyo Jin in the play also portray opposite attitudes with each other. Hope to see you all working again and more touching tv series to see.

  57. 57 : joyce18 Says:

    great series!!! I’ve been admiring Jang Hyuk ever since I saw “successful story of a bright girl” opposite Jang Nara. He is such a talented actor. I’m glad to see him again!!!! Cheers everybody!!!!

  58. 58 : sharon Says:

    A Fantastic Movie and good music. Worth Watching and a touching movie.

  59. 59 : Bobe Says:

    Very touching story… 7 THUMBS UP!!
    Like it’s says…

    세상이 얼마나 아름다운지 가르쳐줘서 고맙슴니다 !!

  60. 60 : sky Says:

    What a wonderful movie. Like the actor characters so much….
    Really enjoyed every series of the movie so much…and great music. A very touching story

  61. 61 : pandabear104 Says:

    One of the best Korean dramas i have ever watched. Amazing acting from the cast especially from Bom. It has a very unique story line and is not a typical Korean drama. No dragging involed whatsoever. A must watch. Probably one of the best of 2007.

  62. 62 : Eddd Says:

    definitely the best drama ive ever seen! the story is not too slow, and it’s really heart-warming and very nice as well. The casts are very good, too. Jang Hyuk has improved a lot ever since his last appearance: Windstruck, i suppose..
    Lee Bom is very very cute, and Gong Hyo Jin has done good job here! I’m really pleased to watch this series. I wouldn’t mind watching it the second time.. and probably the third time.. hahhaha

  63. 63 : Poohs Says:

    is the ending of this story good? Can someone tell me. Tks.

  64. 64 : pandabear104 Says:

    the ending was amazing. very fitting to the simpicity of the drama. it did not drag nor get boring and as you watch more you will understand what i mean by that. a must watch in my opinion.

  65. 65 : Poohs Says:

    did the little girl recover from AIDS? am watching this show now but want to know what will happen to the little girl. Can someone tell me. Thanks

  66. 66 : Titiek Says:

    great drama. I like it so much…

  67. 67 : pandabear104 Says:

    the ending to the drama…….all i can say is that aids can drag on for many years without death and no one in the drama ever ages…..hint hint…… really good ending

  68. 68 : HannyBae Says:

    After watching this drama hope what people think about Aids patient can change too. It’s good drama. I love the old people characters They’re so funny. Le bom of course cute, she’s very talented (I don’t know her real name). Jang Hyuk also good actor!

  69. 69 : myrie Says:

    Jang Hyuk .. different than in”succesful and bright girl’

    .. more man !!! 🙂

  70. 70 : koreafanboy Says:

    I really loved this series… It’s so heartbreaking at the very first episode you can feel the emotions of the story instantly. the cast were all great in portraying their roles. I love the countryside considering the way they lived their lives in simplicity and they get to know almost each and everyone with only having less than 50 families living in the area.

    It’s a good series since it promotes a certain cause. Considering the outlook of normal people regarding AIDS if you ever have one it really affects your whole life.

    Touching, and Heartbreaking series… I love…. Korean dramas are the best

  71. 71 : sylvia Says:

    i just looooove this drama. a good come back of jang hyuk….

  72. 72 : C_slim Says:

    i’ve never seen a series that is so touching as this that i could not help but cried the whole time i’m watching it…..i think all korean actors and actresses are great… i love Lee Bom and Jang Hyuk… Jang Hyuk look so handsome and cool in this series..

    Korean Series rock!!!!!!!!!

  73. 73 : AKIMEE Says:


  74. 74 : hayli Says:

    one of the best drama i have watch . never seen a lil girl who s so damn smart . good acting . and im so moved by jang hyuk , he seems so affectionate in this movie . a type of bf been dreaming of . arghhh lov lov lov

  75. 75 : HannyBae Says:

    Jang hyuk fighting!

  76. 76 : bigdipper Says:

    the best drama ever..it really touch deep into ur heart..really good.the best!u should watch it..hahas..terrific!=)

  77. 77 : Astria Says:

    After watching THANK YOU, i hope to see more of Korean series around with a good storyline like THANK YOU. Congratulations to the whole casts and production of THANK YOU. Your work and effort truly awesome. Keep it up a good job. Two thumbs up for all.

  78. 78 : Hurt Says:

    yeah.. really touching.. so sweet hat lil girl.. Bom.. ahhh.. keep dreaming of jang hyuk.. macho hah..

  79. 79 : pipi-* Says:

    Its a really nice show that everyone MUST watch it..its a MUST! watch it k? u wont regret ;D

  80. 80 : June Says:

    Unlike Jang hyuk’s old dramas .. touching yet not dragging.
    Indeed a good production to be recommended for 2007.

  81. 81 : Samantha Says:

    Agreed with everyone, a good drama, my favourite besides My lovely kim Sam Soon. The positivity and strength of the mother potrayed by Gong Hyo Jin, helps to lift up my spirit. Inspiring besides being entertaining.

  82. 82 : mnd Says:

    i haven finish watching this drama yet. from what i had watch, this drama is very intresting and gong hyo jin and jang hyuk acted very well.

  83. 83 : Garfield Says:

    Such an extra ordinary series! Can’t take my eyes off to finish off the movie & watch it again! This is definitely one show that’s worth it to see!

  84. 84 : Garfield Says:

    One of the BEST & WORTH watching show! Can’t stop watching & watching it again & again!

  85. 85 : 985 Says:

    this is one of the best korean drama i have ever watch

  86. 86 : Hati Says:

    ‘Thank You’ have given deep meaning of thankful. Thank you is a best drama, heartwarming and honest. I like very much. Thank You!

  87. 87 : Hye Ee Says:

    this story is so touching…. can’t bear to stop once you started.
    love the OST so much…..
    Jang Hyuk rox

  88. 88 : min Says:

    i love this drama alot. it is heart warming and the little child acted so well. i like gong hyo jin in her role in thank you. jang hyuk too acted well

  89. 89 : fiona Says:

    amazing! *****

  90. 90 : jotse Says:

    This is absolutely one of the best Korean drama so far, The acting by the main characters are absolutely fantastic. My father had Alzhmeier and I can certainly related to the trials faced. Mr Li’s antics sure bring back sad and painful but cherished memories of my departed father. I had watched this series 5 times already and still not tired of it. Way 2 go, Cast of THANK YOU…..I LOVE YOU.

  91. 91 : cambria Says:

    I am currently watching THANK YOU, up to ep. 12. Even though I heard of positive critics about the series, I hesitated a lot before I started watching it, mostly because I didn’t want another series with deadly diseases.

    I am impressed with the way such a sensitive subject, children’s Aids, is being dealt with. Thumbs up !!! Wonderful acting, especially “Lee Bom” character. Equally great acting from the whole cast, and very nice scenery, such a welcome change from Seoul.

  92. 92 : krissyang Says:

    This is a really a fantastic drama. To have 2 serious illnessness – AIDs and alzheimer’s disease, and some of the social and emotional implications in it is not easy. The issues were quite well potrayed but I wish there was more depth. I suppose there were not enough episodes? Anyway, kudos to the actors and actresses! They were really superb!!!

  93. 93 : zac Says:

    This is a really unique drama. The storyline is different & the cast is superb. I’m surprised there are not more comments…

  94. 94 : stellar Says:

    Jang Hyuk is such a hunk – manly, good looking & best of all, he can really act!!!

  95. 95 : jangerr Says:

    I like the little girl so much!!! She’s so cute & such a great actress for some one her age…

  96. 96 : anastassia Says:

    This sure is an amazing drama with a fresh storyline with a very excellent child actor and give the inspiration ti the veiwers, It is mt top favorite korean drama.

  97. 97 : Soh Geok Says:

    This is really a fantastic drama – heartwarming story, great acting and nice scenery. This is the first time I got so touch by K movies. Can’t stop myself from watching all the 16 episodes at one go.

  98. 98 : srinang Says:

    I love this drama. All the actors and actress, particularly Bom were so great in acting. You will easily fall in love with the story.

  99. 99 : Holly Says:

    It was enjoyable but I sort of didn’t like it because of the AIDs and alzheimer’s disease thing.. I don’t like korean dramas that have people diagnosed with goodness knows what diseases or conditions. Because it makes you feel sad and anxious to know what happens but anyway this drama was worth watching. It was sad that Jang Hyuk’s old gf died though.

  100. 100 : alberto Says:

    Kudos to the directors, producers and cast of this show… You’ve done a great job!

  101. 101 : p093 Says:

    one of the best drama i have ever watch and gong hyo jin wins top excellance award for her role in thank you.

  102. 102 : kicko_tee. Says:

    hmm im off to episode 1, this drama seems really great. ^_^

  103. 103 : Hongie Says:

    I love, love, love this series !
    The characters and all (:

  104. 104 : leee Says:

    the story plot of this drama is very unique, and gong hyo jin acted really well..

  105. 105 : sammi Says:

    very enjoyable and outstanding characters.Hope to see JH and GHJ together in more romantic dramas.

  106. 106 : Hollywood Says:

    This is indeed a good drama, eh! I re-watch it again.
    Not boring, every actors/actress in the drama contributed, played their role very well.
    Another one which I would like to recommend is
    In-Soon is Pretty or Pretty In-Soon.
    Very unique story and good.

  107. 107 : 0ps Says:

    very intesting

  108. 108 : Sal Says:

    Unique story and great acting!

  109. 109 : citi Says:

    This is quite a special show. Storyline is unique, characters are interesting. Certainly worth watching.

  110. 110 : emerald Says:

    One of the best recent kdramas! It may not boast the best or cutest looking leads but it has one of the best storylines and definitely the best acting!!!

  111. 111 : krissyang Says:

    A must-watch! Better than most of the dramas that came out about the same time. Jang Hyuk is at his best here! And when he is at his best, no other korean actor can come near him.

  112. 112 : stellar Says:

    I luv it!

  113. 113 : alberto Says:

    Very good drama – both in terms of storyline and acting.

  114. 114 : Mouse Says:

    Any idea where to buy the CD sound track for this drama?

  115. 115 : ann Says:

    oh my GOD!this drama is very touching…i finished up my box of tissue..very2 good..very2 sad..and worth watching!

  116. 116 : Ibuzz Says:

    SUPERB!! AWESOME Drama. To all korean drama lovers out there!
    This is a “MUST WATCH” drama.

    Sincerity clearly shown when:
    Mr. Lee (grandpa) saying goodbye before he died
    Dr. Min request Young Shin to include him in her family
    Bom hugs grandma in the bath tub…..and many more…so touching can
    definitely makes you cry!!
    TO ALL n especially to Dr. Min, Young Shin, Bom and Mr. Lee…
    THANK YOU!!!!

  117. 117 : bleuzelle Says:

    i dunt knw wats all the fuss about. yes, its a good drama, but its not that great. I like Gong Hyo Jin, the grandpa and the little girl but i still cant like Jang Hyuk…. he can only show his arrogant smug look everytimes!

  118. 118 : kicko_tee. Says:

    finished it! there’s no episode that i didn’t cry on. seriously!! i love dr min and young-shin. and of course, who wouldn’t love BOM?=] ahaha. and who doesn’t want choco pie from mr lee?=] gad i love this series!!

  119. 119 : kicko_tee. Says:

    this is tear-jerker!unique storyline!

  120. 120 : kicko_tee. Says:

    poor bom and young-shin, they are avoided by the people because bom has aids. ftw.

  121. 121 : kicko_tee. Says:

    this is a WORTH-WATCHING DRAMA. full of sincerity.

  122. 122 : kicko_tee. Says:

    you will not REGRET a single teardrop!=]

  123. 123 : Jenna Says:

    I do say that I am very particular about the acting of actors and actoresses. But Jang Hyuk and gong Hyo Jin acted sooo well. Credit to the little actoress, Seo Shin Ae, who really spices up the whole drama.
    Simple plot but yet so much are said in it. You can guess where the story will head towards to but the director did a great job holding the tension and emotions of the audience! I seldom give more than 3* for a drama… but this is really worth a 4*. GOOD!

  124. 124 : munichreynoso Says:

    One of the BEST drama i’ve ever seen. Love Jang hyuk’s and Gong hyo jin’s acting.

  125. 125 : abiboy Says:

    really really heart warming

  126. 126 : dewi Says:

    i love this drama, esp. mr. lee. love his act so much!!!!

  127. 127 : Less Says:

    worth my tears

  128. 128 : alchocoholic Says:

    Am currently watching this and i love it so far. Jang Hyuk is terrific but praise should go to the little girl playing Bom and the old man playing Mr. Lee… wonderful and very convincing in their roles. One of the best dramas in 2007!

  129. 129 : jangerr Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful drama!!!

  130. 130 : Eka-Jkt Says:

    This drama is so full of meaning. Its sad. I cried when Mr.Lee passed away. So saaad….but yet its so touchy and wonderful. Must seen drama. GREAT!!!

  131. 131 : KorPai Says:

    I do love Lee Bom!

  132. 132 : loveroftv Says:

    it’s not romance-comedy? … SNIFF* SNIFF*

  133. 133 : MULAN JAMEELA Says:


    wonderfull drama
    teach me, to speak -thank you- to everyone

    THANK YOU……….

  134. 134 : Lyn Says:

    Without Bom and Mr Lee, this drama is not complete
    The little girl should win the award, it’s terrific!!
    The best, I love it and love to see Bom again.

  135. 135 : jes Says:

    Wonderful show! hope they make more shows like ‘Thank You’
    Great acting by all main casts
    Big thanks to all who made this show so special and beautiful

  136. 136 : Hilda Says:

    One of the best storyline, love the actor and the little girl who stole the entire show. We need stories like this, very educational and touching. Well done!

  137. 137 : Funne Says:

    Bravo…bravo.. one of my favorite drama.. This drama teach so much for me… Good job for director and all actress/actor on this drama. Very inspirated drama…..
    love you Min ki Seo
    Love you Lee young shin
    love you Lee bom

  138. 138 : Goong Ju Says:

    One of my best korean drama. All the casts were so good.
    Good work!

  139. 139 : magsie Says:

    thank you thank you thank you ….. for making this wonderful movie.

  140. 140 : HannyBae Says:

    hi loveroftv, it’s a drama (not comedy) but it really very good show. You better watch and you’ll know why we so impress on Thank You.

  141. 141 : Mimi Says:

    BEST KDRAMA EVER. Luv Jang Hyuk and especially gong hyo jin. Hope to see JH & GHJ acting together again.

  142. 142 : Chris Hoe Says:

    Completed the whole serial of “Thank You” just an hour ago. What a great show… a show that touched my heart n a show that ‘teared’ my eyes till they so swollen esp from chapter 13 till end. That little girl acted so well n to say this the only drama that made me cried over n over; and made me think of my dearest dad n greatest bro-in-law who in their eternal paradise! Well done to the whole team…. for a show that so meaningful and touching. CONGRATULATIONS!

  143. 143 : Divi Says:

    My mom really enjoyed watching this drama.. and they got this cute girl who CAN act. It was heart warming story as well..

  144. 144 : angel Says:

    ah…i love this drama…really really nice one…
    i love mr. lee, lee bom, young shin and dr. min…
    really really great…
    i would love to have a copy of this drama…
    jang hyuk ang gong hyu jin, keep up the good work…

  145. 145 : maewmiew Says:

    I really love this drama and I watched it 3 times.
    All of them can act out naturally and made my heart becomed soften.
    impressive, i have never known all actors and actresses before, but now I love them all.
    This story has many lessons implying during the story. it doesn;t just fun.
    Lee Bom is really cute.
    I love u all. ^o^

  146. 146 : vi Says:

    i luv the movie but it need to be translated in vietnamese……..please………

  147. 147 : Esther Says:

    this drama is completely different from other dramas. other dramas tend to be a bit exaggerated. however this drama made it seem realistic. i cannot believe that the drama was rated 2nd or 3rd place. i believe it hould be rated in 1st place!! best drama ever!!!

  148. 148 : delphanium Says:

    i love this drama. Jang Hyuk and Gong Hyo Jin has done a good job. even not so much romance but we still can feel the hot air. she is not so pretty by first sight but the longer u watch the way she act, she is really nice and kind of soother. I like her. she really can act. she look sassy too. Jang Hyuk, if i wanted to marry a guy, i will try to look for someone like him, got style, rough, not a soft type but kind of cool. Jang Hyuk, i love you… delphanium from malaysia

  149. 149 : qiyan Says:

    I love this drama, it’s very touching

  150. 150 : aznblonde Says:

    Can anyone tell me if this has a good ending because if it doesn’t I don’t want to watch it? Please and thank you (:

  151. 151 : RJ Says:

    good drama worth to watch good story

  152. 152 : camellia Says:

    the storyline gets better and better…i love it,so touching…

  153. 153 : dramaaddict Says:

    OMG…. what a drama…. from storyline, to the cinematography to the actors and actressess…. IT’S THE BEST…. I’m wondering why its not as popular…. Very touching… every episode gets better and better…. It’s a must see drama… thanks

  154. 154 : ellena Says:

    the best tear-jerker korean story i’ve ever watched so far…..

  155. 155 : hurlpod Says:

    beyond cooooool……………………………………..

  156. 156 : Mewmew Says:

    The ost of the drama is damn nice!!! Can anybody tell mi the artist of the ost???

  157. 157 : Lacy Says:

    I must salute to the director….the movie is so addictive, i watch twice…there should be part 2

    Will there be part 2? to talk about Jang Hyuk wealthy family against him marrying Lee Young Shin due to her background…

    How little girl survived having aids?

    PLS>>>>>>We are waiting…and this is damn damn good movie one of the 3 best stairway to heaven and bad love

  158. 158 : EGLC Says:

    All and all the drama is very gud, addicted and super touching (I cried all the time watching it, I’m not usually emotional like that though XD) yet there were some funny moments. I recommend this to everyone out there who have some free time to kill.

    I luv Bom, I miss Grandpa and the Chocopie T__T *sob*

    I saw a lot of ppl begging to have part 2, part 3 etc. but plz Mr. Director DON’T!!!
    PLZ DO NOT!! because I find the ending is logical and suitable to the whole series, even though the story didn’t have a happy end *cry*

  159. 159 : Yuki-Artemis Says:

    Great storyline… Great acting… Great drama!

    Very touching… one of a kind! This is not a typical Korean drama. The storyline and character portrayal are very refreshing. Jang Hyuk genuinely touches your heart as Dr. Min Ki-Seo.

    I loved every minute of this! I hope this drama can bring you the hope and happiness as it has brought me on a rainy day! ^.^

  160. 160 : marsh Says:

    very heartwarming drama…the little girl is very cute. one of the best dramas ive seen.

  161. 161 : Kim_trendy Says:

    i have never watched a drama as good as this. incredibly addictive. the cast performed at their best

  162. 162 : marina Says:

    yeah very very nice drama really wonder why it wasnt had much publicity.the casts did very very well. the locations very very nice.the cinematography the story are great. yeah wants to have a part 2 of this story with the same casts.every episodes till the end are perfect.THE BEST STORY EVER MADE SO TOUCHING!

  163. 163 : SUGARPOP Says:

    I definitely will give this drama a thumbs up!!!! perfect. it will may you fall in love, cry, laugh and hate the characters (grandma). everytime somebody ask me if i can recommend a good kdrama, i’ll say this is one of the best i’ve ever watched.
    Good actors and actresses and we must also give credit to Bom (good acting).
    I’ve heard this was the comeback drama of jang hyuk after his military service. Good choice of work…. love it!!!!

    To the directors and writers of this drama, i salute you!!! Hope you’ll give us another drama with good story line.

  164. 164 : armijenlee Says:

    well done luv dis drama soooooo much….great storyline nd great performance frm da actors esp… llittle bom…..hope 2 more of dis…so far 1 of mi fav.k-drama collection…

  165. 165 : natalie Says:

    i love this drama!!!!
    i esprcially like gong hyo jin!!!

  166. 166 : Emily Says:

    At first I was curious about this drama because both Jang Hyuk and Gong Hyo Jin got the 2007 MBC great performance awards. Now I have the same questions like most of the ppl who comment here….

    WHY isn’t this drama popular???

    I got addicted watching it that I watched it twice in one week… so addictive that I even bought the OST and I listen to it almost everyday.

    Storyline: the best!! (having seen one so great for a while)
    Cast: All have acted the best out of them
    Theme: a very good theme that pretty much educates whoever watches the drama.
    In my opinion this is a 5 out of 5 drama…

  167. 167 : peyvand Says:

    THANK YOU,is the most beautiful drama that I’ve ever seen

  168. 168 : brax Says:

    the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
    one of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so sad it is not that popular but the ratings show that it is really one of the highest…
    great actors and very nice plot…
    nice setting…nice script…very dramatic BUT very funny also…
    so addictive…

  169. 169 : naira Says:

    I love this drama a lot!!! very touching. i falling in love with jang hyuk too…
    if u like korean movies, u must see this one..

  170. 170 : Ahmad Glu Says:

    I never thought a Korean drama could be this moving and impressive! The playing was absolutely fantastic…nice island! Thank You!

  171. 171 : zahra Says:

    It is wonderful. this film trys to show the culture of korea. the actores are so polite.

  172. 172 : doremi Says:

    Cool…one of the thumbs-up k-dramas i had watched so far. Not only heart-warming, it also leaves one thinking how forunate we are. One of the lead song, go mab seub ni da by Hun is still in my top list of favourite!

  173. 173 : Anahita Says:

    it’s wonderful . I fell in 4 korean culture. they are so polite & cute. this movie made me fell in 4 korea ,too. I really want to travel there some day. I konw some Korean People cause of my Taekwondo.they are such nice people.they are sooo kind . I looooove them.Forgot to say I love Jang Hyuk veryyyyy much . he is amazing 🙂 .

  174. 174 : mala Says:

    aigoo! this drama really the very good! great acting from everybody. i love grandpa bom ki-seo and everbody!

  175. 175 : ARMINGOD Says:


  176. 176 : adya Says:

    jhang hyuk i love u more and more when i see u as Dr. Min Ki Seo, the ost of this movies is very touching too, LOVE IT SO MUCH…

  177. 177 : lydia Says:

    this drama makes me cry a river…. so touching..! i love it..

  178. 178 : retere Says:

    Give applouse for the wonderfull story

  179. 179 : دردشة Says:

    Thank You

  180. 180 : giti Says:

    i love it,i wish u declare the sat frequency of the mbc channel and also the time of the program in GMT,i crave for watching it on the sattelite.is it on airiang tv anyway?

  181. 181 : Shahrzad Says:

    Happy New Year !!!!!!!!

    I love this drama…. and it’s song and musics. everyting in this drama is wonderful. It made me laugh and cry.

    I JUST want to say “THANK YOU” 4 your beautiful and great K-drama.

  182. 182 : shirin Says:

    i am shirin frm iran tehran.i love this movie.i am crying alot among this movei.i love u Dr. Min Ki Seo u are handsome man in korea i love bom.i want to travel to korea.my parents traveled befor.i am a girl 18 years old

  183. 183 : simon Says:

    THANK YOU, hmm..is the most beautiful drama that I’ve ever seen , Jang Hyuk has improved a lot ever since his last appearance: Windstruck, well hope he keep it on..i’ll be watch..

  184. 184 : la Says:

    this is damn good of a drama! totally love it manzxc! the little girl and grandpa are really good!!

  185. 185 : mahya Says:


  186. 186 : LEILA Says:

    I love it.

  187. 187 : hm5airy Says:

    i wanna thank you about this drama
    it is really great , especially the script , i haven’t felt any boring
    the personality of the characters is really tolerant
    thank you

  188. 188 : Yulia Says:

    Yes, this is a VERY GOOD DRAMA. Really worth watching it. In the scale one to ten, I grade this drama 9. It show all aspect of life.
    HAVE TO SEE drama Category.

  189. 189 : chang cho chi Says:

    very good much much good
    in inthe iran but my TV do sansoor filme thankyou

  190. 190 : farzane Says:

    thank you is the most beautiful drama that i have ever seen.i cry alot after thank you.i love JUNG HYUK very much.
    thank you

  191. 191 : Myy Says:

    A REALLY SAD DRAMA. I cried alot when Bom’s grandfater passed away and not only tt, he gave every single one Chocolate Pie before he died. How melancholy!

  192. 192 : sheila Says:

    I’m from Iran how I can purchase the DVD?

  193. 193 : sina Says:

    the korean movies can ATTAIN.the movies like this(thank you)really can be proof to travel to korea.you win!
    a boy of ELATE country (IRAN).

  194. 194 : Song Hu Jung Says:

    This is WONDERFUL drama series, one of the best Kdramas ever. I live in USA and watched it on Internet two weeks ago. Wow!!! I couldn’t stop watching…..hour after hour. The acting is really great. I loved that little girl so much. I cried, I laughed, I want to watch series all over again.

  195. 195 : Defrien Says:

    What an inspiring drama ever seen!!!! Hope there will Thank You 2. This film presented the accurate fact on HIV & AIDS and, the most important, urge all of the audiences to eliminate stigma & discrimination against HIV & AIDS. We need more drama like this to raise our awareness and encourage us to change our attitudes. BRAVO!!!!

  196. 196 : Kim_Trendy Says:

    I love all the “Thankyou” songs & tunes.
    Does anyone know where I can download the “Thankyou” songs and tunes off the net for free?
    If you do can you please email me at [email protected]

  197. 197 : sam Says:

    I enjoyed alot from “Thank you” . it is one of rare series that I love to watch. I ‘m from iran and I cant watch it from internet. does anybody know how can I download this series freely?!
    I am happy to see some iranian’s cooment here…:)
    Thanks alot friends

  198. 198 : sam Says:

    I have a request from you
    can any of you translate it’s song to english?!
    thank alot:)

  199. 199 : zizi Says:

    thanks a galaxy!
    it’s the best serie that i have seen,,,of course after LOST,,,
    how can we see other korean series,,,they seem excelent,,,
    i live in iran,,,
    which site we can download these series from???
    thanks a lot again,,,,ples answer my questin,,,it’s very important for me.

  200. 200 : maryam Says:

    wooooow. I’ve recently watched this wonderful drama. I love it. I really fell in love with korean people. they’re so nice, polite and kind. I wish I could go to korea some day. thanks for giving me such nice feeling about your country. I live in (IRAN)

  201. 201 : بلياردو Says:

    thank u

  202. 202 : العاب Says:


  203. 203 : elaine Says:

    it’s a very touching and heartwarming drama. the actors, actresses especially the kid who played bom, acted so well. watching this drama, the more i get to admire jang hyuk, he’s a great actor he can pull through with any kind of roles given to him. keep up the good work jang hyuk and more power.

  204. 204 : fakiha Says:

    i thing its tipical story not bad but something is mising

  205. 205 : nawar Says:

    thank you iliked this drama very much it is a touching story and i loved all the characters especially lee role iwouid like to thank every body who works on and in this drama it is worth to wathing

  206. 206 : العاب بنات Says:

    Thank you very much

    It’s good

  207. 207 : neda kaboodvand Says:

    it was the best film!!thank you…..I loved that sweet child in that film….she was the most vibrant child in the world:-*

  208. 208 : Serious Says:

    This is only my opinion… i don’t think & feel this is a good drama. Bom would probably don’t need the transfusion from an AIDS infected blood in the first place if her dad wasn’t a challenge idiot! If he really Loves LYS, he should follow his heart. Marry her and live a happy life! Then (probably!!) the accident would not have happened to Bom.
    There’s a scene where they were looking for a B blood type donation. To my little knowledge…B type does not have to receive B type too. B type could also receive from O type. If i’m right about this, then this film doesn’t make sense / has a flaw.

  209. 209 : AntiSerious Says:

    Just commenting on serious’s comment because I don’t think you watched very carefully since the whole drama was supposed to about a father’s commitment to his daughter or his own personal life, since he doesn’t seem to really love Young Shin but feels bad for what he’s done. Also, note that O blood is quite rare and there’s also the +/- protein part to it also which makes the blood transfusion thing ever so complicated***also they must not have gone to a very large hospital with adequate supply seeing how it was an emergency near the countryside, and the cancer girl seemed to prefer smaller hospitals/ clinics

  210. 210 : BrownEyedAngel Says:

    Wow! I don’t think I’ll be able to watch any other dramas out there after watching this! It was that good..and to think I almost missed out on this. Worth my time and my tears.

  211. 211 : Sheldon Says:

    This k-drama is so good, yet so sad! I really loved it!
    But to correct one thing: the girl is HIV+, not AIDS. AIDS
    is the sickness after a long period of living with HIV and usually
    results in hospitalization and eventual death. HIV is when you’re
    health, but have the virus in you.

    Loved the drama, regardless!

  212. 212 : Patty Says:

    Great drama, tight storyline, great actig, love love Jang He, brilliant actor

  213. 213 : meti Says:

    wow i like drama korea thankyou, very touching, good story, good setting, music, character i love it all. Great drama

  214. 214 : chahaya Says:

    very touching, good personality..i love this film forever..swear i comitted…

  215. 215 : العاب Says:

    visit the link that is given to play online game.

  216. 216 : 사랑해요 korean dramas Says:

    안녕하세요 annyong haseyo =)

    Gam-Sah Ham-Nee-Da – thank you for having such a great drama and luv the ost. \(^-^)/

    jang hyuk simply great acting skills…….luv it soooo much. all the best ya and 건강하세요 kongang haseyo =)

  217. 217 : kdrama_fan Says:

    I really loved the drama. My eye area was sore thanks to frequent weeping. But I felt good. What a story!

  218. 218 : roya Says:

    hi sorry i have this film music’s .plz send me this link

  219. 219 : wena Says:

    OHhHhH..such a good drama…i love this drama series…it makes my heart go pounding…a pinch of a melodrama,with a pretty love story,and a different kinds of comedy..oh..well…a great good actors and actresses…what a catch…JANG HYUK is great..he is a versatile actor..with a great looks..and a lean body…hmmpp….i wish i could see more of him…THANK YOU…

  220. 220 : aleen paul (man Says:

    i loved the drama..lincluding the fit hunks that made my weeping eyes gorge at the sight of jANG HYUK. he made me wet. i thought overall this was great but lacked enough death. i would have liked to see more people die…especialy jANG HYUK. i loved him and it ; )

  221. 221 : Alex Berbank Says:

    yeah i agree with aleen…jANG HYUK also made me really really really wet…so wet that i just wanted to lick his whole body 😉 overall the drama was good but more of jang hyuk’s body would be really nice!

    p.s. I AM GAY!!!


  222. 222 : IheartDrama Says:

    ?????????????????????? WHERE CAN I BUY KOREAN DRAMAS AT !!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU EMAIL ME !!! [email protected]

  223. 223 : elle Says:

    I love this drama. It touches my heart. And I love Min Ki Seo. =(^.^)=

  224. 224 : Mikael Kader (man) Says:

    I have huge eyes, so all the better to see Jang Hyuk’s body with! I like to imagine Jang Hyuk’s penis inside me on lonely nights… when i was getting divorced from my boyfriend Jang Hyuk’s body got me through the divorce. I agree with some people that Jang Hyuk should get more of his torso and generally his whole body out more often. 😉

    I am so gay for Jang Hyuk, I want him to be my husband…
    … for the love of Jang Hyuk, Mikael Kader (Man).

  225. 225 : Navid 'whitney' Masud Says:

    aww mikael, alex and aleen are so right. i get all wet and horny when i see jang hyuk. omg why arent there any nude scenes. pornography is hard to purchase and i need something to fulfill my needs. i think i would more interested if i could see jang hyuks MANLINESS.

    do u think jang hyuk has foreskin? 😉

    gaylord 4 lyf navid

  226. 226 : cyrus Says:

    I really love the story,the simple twists were great! Kudos to thew staff & crew! The story was so heart-warming! I love this series! 1 of my favorites for sure! I love the acting of the senior actors!

  227. 227 : Grandfield Says:

    Great video ! Thank you. We are all one family!

  228. 228 : العاب فلاش Says:

    The story is really great, worth watching.

  229. 229 : sekar Aroma dini Says:

    This Drama is very touch in my heart, I love this story, In always cry when I watch this Drama. THANK YOu, you are created a wonderful Korean Drama

  230. 230 : selviana seni Says:

    I love this drama.really really touching,,,,,,Hi “Bom” how are you?
    love your acting,,,Great.

  231. 231 : ade Says:

    by some episode, suddenlly, i love this drama. why dont young shin n suk hyun become unified? they loved each other, b4, didnt they?

  232. 232 : ayu Says:

    i love this drama ^^,

  233. 233 : dicta Says:

    Loveeee this drama .. good story, it’s been a while since i watched a very good story line. Two thumbs up .. ^.^

  234. 234 : Tyaz Says:

    Love this korean drama very much. Hope we all got the message which is always thanked every condition happened to us. Eventhouh i dont understand what LYS meant about it’s ok to be a single parent. Why do you choose to be a single parent if there are a good, loving and caring man ready to be your husband?

  235. 235 : vishnu Says:

    I really love this film.. nice actors and actresses.. especially jang hyuk and the kid who played bom.. she’s smart.. it made my eyes sore… I hope there would be similar stories to this.. that tacles family, parenthood, sacrifice and unconditional love.. 🙂

  236. 236 : iya27 Says:

    Very heart warming, touching, n ahh… I love all the cast especially bom! I wish someday I hv a daughter like her. Smart, kind, n cute! N jang hyuk? Wow, I’m so in love with him. Love his character who always protect that fam. He’s so manly, n….SEXY!

    Ovel all, I rank this drama 5/5. High recommended! I mean, it’s not like other IDOL drama, it’s really logic, n meaningful. N make us to praise our self, n how to deal a person who got aids wit love.

    Thank U for all the cast n people behind scene.

  237. 237 : iya27 Says:

    Ooh, n the soundtract is freaking awesome!

  238. 238 : iya27 Says:

    My Top 10 kdrama:
    1. City hall (heart warming, romantic, funny, n touching)
    2.Thank U (meaningful, heart warming, touching)
    3. Smile U (funny. *Great chemistry with the couple* n in other side I can cry with smile. So touching.)
    4. Full house (full of laugh)
    5. Sad sonata (tear-jecker drama)
    6. Autumn in my heart (cry like a river)
    7. Iris (the best action drama I ever watch)
    8. Goong (really worth to watch. Love joo ji hoon n yoo eun hye)
    9. Coffee prince (sweet romantic comedy)
    10. Jang geum (best historical drama, especially for woman. She’s my idol)

  239. 239 : Dree Says:

    is there anyone who will tell me, will it ended happily or sadly? didn’t they ended up together and become one family?

  240. 240 : mutiara Says:

    It’s a good mellow drama…

  241. 241 : mel Says:

    wanna watch this movie..

  242. 242 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much,,

  243. 243 : lenlaka Says:

    it’s a beatifull drama, i lov it

  244. 244 : Jaja Says:

    Just finished watching it last weekend. My eyes swollen that night. It was so touching. Really great acting. Salute to the production team.
    What a great drama. I love the way they called each other. The way Jang Hyuk called when Lee Bom’s father coming over to send her bag and burgers ” Lee Bom..you are lucky…your father has come to see you”
    This drama really make my day… Go mab sueb ni da..

  245. 245 : diefan Says:

    endearing drama.. with substance.

  246. 246 : iloveyou Says:

    you’ll love ‘I love You!.

    worth watching.. thumbs up!

  247. 247 : iloveyou Says:

    choco-pie…choco pie! I want some choco pies… lol! You’ll Love it!

  248. 248 : iloveyou Says:

    thank You.

  249. 249 : diefan Says:

    so sweet…so touching. its charming drama! go watch it! you’ll fall in love with all characters.. even grandma.

  250. 250 : diefan Says:

    a million thanks!
    ‘thank you’ ‘THANK YOU’
    kudos to all!

  251. 251 : sima Says:

    best korean serial

  252. 252 : NAVID MASUD Says:

    i loved it! as you may have seen on my previous comment, i love the male actors on thank you. they look great with their clothes off. i think the nudity makes this drama way better than city hall. some more would be nice but im not fussy. i can just rewind. unfortunately, it is difficult to find my penis so it takes me a while to masturbate. maybe if you could make the episodes longer. THANK YOU so much for this beauty.


  253. 253 : deos Says:

    i really love this drama. i love all characters,especially Lee Bom..she’s so smart and funny.

  254. 254 : alice Says:

    I love this drama, it is so touching and like the actor and actress’s performance.

  255. 255 : via Says:

    What a great drama ever!!! love it very much.. I cried a lot watching this drama, great couple Yung shin and Gi suh.. nice ending.. I wish there are more drama like this..

  256. 256 : lin Says:

    my ever favourites drama.nice story and happy ending..

  257. 257 : Julia Says:

    This is a very ambitious and compassionate drama. I love how they tackled Korean prejudice of AIDS, single motherhood, Alzheimer’s, and death without shying away. Bom and Mr. Lee were by far the stand-out performances, with props to Mrs. “Buddha” as well. Along with these difficult issues, they managed to sneak in emergency surgery drama every other episode and a love triangle as well.

    That said, there are some things that frustrated me about this series. Young Shin as a mother of a child with HIV ended up taking backseat to her role as a love interest, which is especially unfortunate since she lacked any chemistry with either of the two men pursuing her and she just seemed so awkward about it. There are so many dramas with love triangles in them that I really did not care so much about Young Shin’s romance problems so much as how she and her community handled these big issues.

    Almost all the characters lied to Bom about her condition, even after she tearfully researched AIDS on the internet and needed the adults in her life to be straight with her so she could trust them. It was disturbing how she consistently called them out (especially her mom) for lying to her and they still kept it up. It was so sad that her young friends were the ones to tell her she had HIV and what it is.

    I also thought it was strange that even after the truth inevitably leaked out, Young Shin seemed to have no backup plan besides to pretend nothing happened and let Bom run off to school and talk to neighbors on her own, even though she would suffer. Of course it was going to get ugly. She never actually asks Bom what she thinks and feels, only snapping at her when Bom tried to run away to spare her family. It would have been amazing if they modeled how to have a real conversation with a very sick child. Instead, Young Shin came off as rather spiteful and distant and played mind games with her kid instead.

    I love this series, which is why it affected me strongly, but these are really disturbing flaws since so few shows address these issues. I’m glad for what it is, but it could have been more effective.

  258. 258 : via Says:

    To Julia..

    I love this drama as well, at first I’ve been thinking the same way about Young shin (Bom Mom’s) character, why she had to handle it that way, but again I understand that Young shin is just a woman from a small village and we can say she is not a smart character, she just a kind hearted woman, she probably don’t know how to handle this situation, she only know that she have to take care of her daugther as much as she can and protect her and live together as long as they as they can live. Thats why she have to lie about her condition because she knew it will break Bom hearts, she even decided to leave the village to protect her feelings from the judgement of the people in village. Thats why I can understand now thats just her character, naive, not smart (if she smart she wouldn’t end up having a child with a man whose only done it because he bets with his friend if he can get laid with her) but have a good heart ( she always say thank you to other people even she is the one helping them, and she didn’t say anything but listening and say ‘Yes’ whenever “Bom’s Grandma” hurt her feelings for her rude words).

    About the love triangle, I think at first, she really loved Bom’s real father, she still love him and think about him, although he hurt her feelings and his mother make it even worst. And when the doctor arrived she finally can forget him but still she can not expecting anything from the doctor, because she aware with her condition and situation.

    Thats all I can think of for Young shin character and why she have to act that way, because if she is smart, she will take the Hospital and the doctor for making Bom infected by HIV to the court instead just accept the situation and be peacefull with that.
    I think she just try to live everyday of her life as well as she can get but with no purpose or a goal at all. Thats why she seems to accept everything that had happen to her and be peacefull with that no matter how bad it is and how it hurts her so much.

  259. 259 : calLypSoo Says:

    The drama is great! Characters are well portrayed. Love the character of Lee Bom.

    At first, I got confused with the story how Lee Bom got the AIDS. But later I understand. The character of Lee Bom is great. She is a happy, kind, and intellegent kid. She is a loving daughter to her mom and loving granddaughter to Mr. Lee. She is kind to her classmates and friendly. Despites of her condition she is a happy kid. Lee Bom live with a rules to follow. She follow the rules yet she doesn’t know what’s the rule for. Because she is smart kid, later she know that she had the condition. Despite of it all she learn to accept that she had that conditions. Thanks to her mom and to her grandpa which give her enough love and care. Thanks also to Min Ki-seo who provided her a paternal love. Lee Bow grew with no dad in her side.
    To Young-shin, she’s a good mom. Or let us say a wonder mom. She is a single mom with an eight year old daughter. She does everything for her child. She is living with her child and his grandpa. Young-shin is a naive and living in simple life. One character that I notice is that she never done anything to the doctor who caused the HIV contamination to Lee Bom. Instead, she just sit back and carry all the burden. I don’t understand why she never done anything? It is clear that it was the doctors fault. Dr. Min Ki-seo, he was the boyfriend who cause the HIV contamination to Lee Bom. Because of his girlfriends request, she went to the Blue Island to fulfill his gf’s request. At first, Min Ki seo feel resp0nsible to seek forgiveness for her girlfriend but later as they encounter every with Young-shin, he develop a special feeling to her. He stays on the side of Young-shin giving a emotional support and giving love to her and to her family.

  260. 260 : tanti Says:

    I miss this drama….. Very touching drama, the best korean drama I ever watching instead of Coffee Prince. I miss all the actor and actress’s performance. Hope there will be “Thank You Session 2” with the same characters and happy ending story.

  261. 261 : prahesti_h Says:

    best korean drama after endless love i’ve ever seen..
    I like all of characters in Thank You. I like actors and actresses too 😀
    It gave me a lot of things about life..It’s not about watching and enjoying the drama, but more than that. Thank You… ^^

  262. 262 : xaxa Says:

    this is a really really sad story…
    when the first time i saw this movie , i feel touched..especially when the doctor’s girlfriend die in the ferry boat..it really really touch me..i cried instantly.
    then when the peole in the village know that bom has an HIV and they kick them out from the pureun island…ohh!! i cried a lot in that scene…hiks hikss…
    i imagine , what if i become lee bom’s mother…i don’t know what to do!

  263. 263 : septyarin Says:

    can u tell me the lyric song with title clementine??

  264. 264 : mita Says:

    ini drama korea benr” mngras air mata…..
    so sweet ,,,

  265. 265 : jojo Says:

    i love this drama so much,,i try hard to find song who sang it by lee bom,,can someone tell me? thanks^^

  266. 266 : Nanahana Says:

    I think this is an inspiring drama,very well thought in almost all its element. I know that some people wonder why young shin and gi sok still lie to bom even though she’s found out bout her disease. I think the reason is that they dont want her to have a bad idea bout the people in the island even though those people try to kick them away and treat them cruelly because they want her to keep thinking that the world is beautiful n life is wonderful.well that’s what i think. Tell u what my fav part is; when young shin got back from the hospital,she n bom were in the house showing how much they miss n love each other,n they were laughing and all.and gi seok was sitting outside listening to them,then a happy smile came to his face n thinkin ‘this is my place,this is where i belong,this is home,it’s my happyness’ then he put his shoes beside bom’s and young shin’s n he was so happy of the thought. It’s just wonderful when you find out where you belong.

  267. 267 : nia Says:


  268. 268 : ann Says:

    This drama is so touching!!I love the actor and actress..

  269. 269 : Ridwan Says:

    I think it’s the best korean drama that i’ve ever watched.

    it is so inspiring. Many people in my country (Indonesia) really love this drama.

    I hope there will be “thank you session 2”. 🙂

    warmest regards,
    ridwan Sobirin, Indonesia.

  270. 270 : linda belle Says:

    I love this series! it’s truly inspiring, I already virusing my friend to watch this hehe…
    How I love Bom, even she sick but she still has a courage & happy in all the way.

  271. 271 : eva Says:

    drama ini adalah dram roman komedi yg patut di beri acungan jempol karna ceritanya yg menarik dan ada nuansa yg mengahrukan juga loucu dr si imoet bom…………………………

    pokoknya maju terus perfilman korea…………….


  272. 272 : Taerim~ Says:

    I love this story so much~~~~ so amazing and i so rarely can find story like that :DD

  273. 273 : vickz Says:

    I REALLY love this drama but there is one part that i hate, when lee bom is trying to get back to school after she got courage from dr. min but at that point she see from window nobody missed her, and when she go outside to meet dr. min, he was sleeping in the car … WHY IN THE WORLD HE HAS TO SLEEP AT THAT MOMENT? because of him young shin n lee bom almost move from that island. Well nevermind in the end people on that island can accept them to live there. Well that’s all my first post in this sorry if my english bad, I’m from indonesia. – thank you is one of the best drama i’ve ever watch – ^.^ –

  274. 274 : rini Says:

    I love this series. scenes, the dialogue is still ringing until now. One question. Shin-young lee chose whom? min or sukk hyun ??????????

  275. 275 : christian Says:

    I love Young Shin, Lee Bom and Grand Pa. Gong hyo jin is so sweet…. Love her. It’s great korean drama. Waiting for Thank You 2… Hopefully there will be a happy family : Min Ki Seo, Young Shin and Lee Bom.

  276. 276 : Mario Says:

    I love Young Shin very much… I love when she’s smiling…

  277. 277 : siska Says:

    beberapa kali nonton , ga bosen bosen .. apalagi liat jang hyuk .. keren abis…..

  278. 278 : ms5155y Says:

    it was the best drama i ever been watched..i <3 it

  279. 279 : izal Says:

    I am very happy with the plot. because the film is very touching and makes me cringe when viewing this film.
    to jangHyuk, I want to protect people like you that I love until the death.
    push forward “THANK YOU” I hope there is season 2 movie thank you

  280. 280 : izal Says:

    anyone know this song soundtrack?
    songs that melow.
    that is in episode 5. the scene at the house Shin-young.
    if you know please send it to my facebook “[email protected]

  281. 281 : chelly bunga Says:

    waooooow…..dr.min su gih nya cool bangeet….i like you so much…klu pak dokternya dia jadinya pengen sakiit teruzzzz….hehehehehe

  282. 282 : ringgi Says:

    ..”hey,where is the soundtrack..??”..

  283. 283 : niniek Says:

    i really2 love this drama coz simple, touching and good acting from actor n actress especially jang hyuk his character so gentle charming cute love u nd boom so funny….when thank you 2 comin….i’ll wait

  284. 284 : oldfriendslippers Says:

    Bookmarked, I love your blog! 🙂

  285. 285 : spa aja boye Says:

    a kecek ko ?

  286. 286 : violin427 Says:

    Very touching drama.

    I really liked this because it’s a bit different (at least thats what I thought) from the other very typical kdramas. I thought the acting and filming was very well done, and although very serious at times, the plot manages to include humor and cute moments. Loved the soundtrack.

    Seo Shin Ae (Bom/ Spring)’s acting is very believable and honest.

    If you want something that’ll make you cry but laugh – worth watching.

  287. 287 : aisyah Says:


  288. 288 : amy Says:

    i love youngshin…. hehehe….

  289. 289 : s0uL kings Says:

    i like bom mother ..

  290. 290 : natra Says:

    very touching and dramatic korean drama ever had…

  291. 291 : Zahra Says:

    The best drama that i’ve seen ! i also luv its songs ! awesome !

  292. 292 : nurfatin Says:

    this is the best among the best movie that i had ever seen….the story are very sad and young shin is the mother in the movie..i cry a lot when i watch this movie..

  293. 293 : adah Says:

    This drama is now being aired on TV3 (one of Malaysia TV station) As usual, at first I refused to watch it cause I thought its the same like other Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese dramas..but fortunately one day I stumbled on this (the episode where Young Shin washed her lips because Dr. Min kissed her the night before and he was watching it) I find it interesting and now I’m hooked on this drama.
    It’s very different from any other dramas that I’ve watched…love the chemistry of Dr. Min and Young shin (though not many asian way of … kissing scene which I don’t like watching ) still very romantic, how their love developed although Young Shin did not show/announce her love for Dr. Min openly…love the rship of Young Shin’s family. The drama has the elements of comedy, sadness, love, romantic which were well blended throughout. Love almost all the characters which were played well by the actor/actresses including Dr. Min, Young Shin, Lee Bom, Mr. Lee and not forgetting the grandma…
    The scene that I loved the most is when YS were home and talking to her daughter and Dr. Min was listening outside and smiling and then he arranged both the mother’s and daughter’s shoes and put his besides theirs cause he really felt that he belong/part of YS’s family…very romantic..
    I wonder why only now it is showing in my country…I mean it was released in 2007 and it is a great drama..only after 4 years we in Malaysia were able to enjoy such great drama…
    To the producer…any chance that there will be the sequel….I really hoped that there will be “Thank You 2″…you people were very creative and I’m sure you can create another great drama for the sequel…
    I “Thank You” to the people behind Thank You for this great drama…

  294. 294 : adah Says:

    Note to the producer…If there is really the sequel..please stick to the same actors/actresses…Thank You

  295. 295 : pinky Says:

    this is the bez korean movie that i ever see..its really touching..owez make me cry..huhu..congrats 2 the producer n other crew…i hope there is 2 season 4 this drama..the most character that i like is BOM,,..she really cute..congrates once again.

  296. 296 : remruata Says:

    best Korean drama i have ever watched.the serial caught me from da moment Doc took a shower a was laughing all by himself as he was dreaming of his ex gurlfrend….luvd da songs..and a hi 5 to young shin

  297. 297 : i luv korean drama Says:

    i love so much this drama and others korean drama. i hope tv3 can show more korean drama for korean drama fan.

  298. 298 : KOMAPSEUMNIDA,THANK YOU « colorgreenijo Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=393 #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } […]

  299. 299 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] […]

  300. 300 : timmie Says:

    I Love this drama.,,!!!

  301. 301 : jien ai Says:

    I’m waiting for The Greatest Love dvd, by the same actress. I re watched Thank You and still think is best, after Spring Waltz and Da Chang Jin

  302. 302 : maida Says:

    i wonder how shallow dramas with silly storyline have that much comments and fans while awesome drama like “thank you ” doesn’t have much popularity.
    this drama is awesome and passionate i enjoy it very much i hope it has happy ending.

  303. 303 : maida Says:

    i like it very much .
    would anyone tell me where can i download the ost with english subtitles
    thank you

  304. 304 : kd Says:

    Thank You is one of my favourate. Try City Hall, it is very good too! Another drama with more substance.

  305. 305 : Lorem Says:

    This was a fine piece of work. Thumbs up to the creators. Simply wonderful!

  306. 306 : Eka Says:

    I Repeat to watch this drama …this is my three times I watched it since 2 years ago…I never forget it,every time I watch the scenes which make me crying like a little kid…Thank you is the best drama I think..

  307. 307 : instinctive Says:

    i am fallin in love with all the character inside this drama

  308. 308 : Vahdaneh Says:

    One of The Bests of Bests EVER
    Love Love
    EAT. 😀

  309. 309 : Sadia & bayan Says:

    Hi.my sister and i have watched this series for4time.we are frome iran.this is only corean series that we could watch togather.(my sister liked yangom too).we can t watch another corean series.they arenot serious and beauty.but this one was beatiful enough so that we can watch it togather finally…

  310. 310 : Astrid Damayanti Says:

    two thumbs for this film….really luv it….

  311. 311 : maida Says:

    this my fourth time to watch this awesome drama.i wish i could speak korean to be able to sing its song, the music and its meaning is very compassionate. anyway i will keep say thank you to all who did that awesome drama

  312. 312 : aling Says:

    This drama is definitely one of the best K-Drama ever. Great cast, lovely plot. Learn lot of things through this drama. My mom asked me to play it again from the top after we’re finished it. Go mab su ni da ^^

  313. 313 : hani Says:

    It was great, it’s a touchy with such sense of common life reality, I just love it. Last but not least I’m crazy about Jang Hyuk’s act, he’s so real… Seo Shin Ae (Lee Bom)’s is also fantastic…Keep up the good work guys *^.^

  314. 314 : Rena Says:

    Really agree with you @Maida 302.. I watch this drama again and again and still think this drama really awesome.. .. compared to some other silly drama this “Thank You” one has so much thing we can learn from it’s story.
    all character played amazingly.. I really like Lee Bom and her grandmother character .. (^_^)

  315. 315 : secret Says:

    i things you more than beautiful here than ”pasta”

  316. 316 : keke Says:

    it’s a most touchful drama i’ve been watched from k-drama… love it!

  317. 317 : Habin Says:

    Shin Ae was very cute in this drama ! Luv it ^_^

  318. 318 : rifanti Says:

    I agree with you all, this drama very….very….very ….very….fantastic
    not only entertain but healty education, we get that’s drama. i luv…luv…luvvvvvv so much this drama.

  319. 319 : Rince Says:

    I have 100 times to watch this drama n i still love it so much….!!
    Jang Hyuk, Kong Hyo Jin n Seo Shin Ae they make this drama awesone, touching n funny. i wonder hwo this drama without them. But i still wonder why Lee Young Shin can drive a car?? is it she poor?…n why she motor cycle never she used?…But whatever i still say that Thank You is the #1 best drama korea.

  320. 320 : NewKDramaAddict Says:

    Watching it for the second time! I still cry at the heartrending moments! I loved Jan Hyuk in other dramas but this is by far the best. This is what made me a fan, And Shin Ae!? What a child actor!! This is on my must-buy list once its release for region 1 US. Love it! Love it! Love it!

  321. 321 : Arla Says:

    hi,, i want to ask.
    i want to ask, do you know how to dwonload song from this drama.
    cause, this song in this drama very-very good, and make me touch.
    hahaha, if you have or know this song, can u give me??
    pleaseee, because, i need this song.

    thank you before. 🙂

  322. 322 : Ivy Says:

    you can find it in the OST link on the top

  323. 323 : rr Says:

    can someone help me because i don’t like sad endings.. i’m interested to see this drama as long as its not too sad

  324. 324 : JOANNE Says:


  325. 325 : fannie Says:

    just finished the series. i love it. i cried a lot. it is so touching. i just wish that the father of the child and the mom end up with each other.it is enough that the doctor’s character change and learn to be human. i think the family deserves another chance to be together. anyway,it is still okay, whatever the end is.

  326. 326 : yeng Says:

    just finish watching this drama..it was so touching and sad..i’m glad that they both ended together..^^

  327. 327 : lita Says:

    love the love story in this drama. sooo beautiful

  328. 328 : nadz Says:

    Jang Hyuk! U’re just s0o0o g0od and s0o0o hot… 😉 u’re amazing!

    Via MebApp.com

  329. 329 : nini Says:

    I am a doctor, and I was very surprised that jang hyuk can act as if he is a real surgeon in “Thank You”. Two thumb up for him. In my opinion, we should learn from lee young shin character, very humble, and never tired to say thank you in every moment in her life, whether it is happy or sad moment. and she can change such an arrogant doctor. i have seen this drama three times and i collect the dvd correctly so that when i have time i will repeat for the fourth time and surely i will not bore to see this drama.

  330. 330 : nonka Says:

    i like it ^^

  331. 331 : dreamer Says:

    supa dupa lurve this series..very realistic yet refreshing story line..i cried alot while watching..huhu..another piece of art from jh + ghj + that kiddo..highly recommended to all!!!!

  332. 332 : [13] Thank You (Korean Drama) | Cinderellazty Says:

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  333. 333 : Thank You | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre las Novelas Coreanas en Español Says:

    […] (more…) […]

  334. 334 : Micc Says:

    I have watched a lot of kdramas. Every drama I watched, I thought to myself, ahhh this one is the best! But when the drama is over, nothing really stays. Now looking back at all the dramas, I really really think Thank You is truly the best of all. It had a perfect casts, all the actors/actresses were at their best. Jang Hyuk is no doubt a reputable actor but I always feel he has a tendency to overact; yet he is subdue and natural in this drama. I feel the same way for Gong Hyo Jin. The little girl, though might not be a beauty, was natural and fit the role perfectly! The story itself is very uplifting without the usual kdrama makjang. Adding a wonderful ost, this is one top quality, feel good drama. Not to be missed.

  335. 335 : Jill Says:

    This was so beautiful, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. I will never be able to look at Choco-pies the same ever again! lol

  336. 336 : miss leaf Says:

    I just start to watch this drama, and love it…

  337. 337 : tigerb Says:

    people change, and in this series they did for the better, the leading and supporting characters. i like that good manners are depicted, despite the odds, young shin, bom and the grandpa went through a lot, but young shin bore the brunt of it all, being the mother of an 8-year old innocent girl and being the granddaughter of a demented old man. it was difficult most times for her, she endured it all, but what i did not like is many times she did not assert and allowed herself to be pushed over and lose some of her dignity as a person, and thought it was okay as she had survived the past many years. if the arrogant doctor considered it a miracle to have met the 3-generation family for him to change, he was also a gift to that family who saved them from themselves. the birth father could have saved them too but like the doctor said the birth father was too late. i watched this series because of jang hyuk. this is a 2007 series and he proved to be a really good actor then, so his crazy laugh in his current and last series is just an act, some fans should not be bothered by it. i first watched gong hyo jin in TMS and i was not impressed in her role there, but she was excellent in TO,TL. i think she’s one of the finest female actors i’ve watched. the little girl was so natural, probably it took only a few takes for each scene with her. i should look for her other projects. it’s a very good watch, so ‘thank you’ to the production staff!

  338. 338 : Apriadi Says:

    Hei where do i can download high quality for this drama??

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