Title: 고맙습니다 / Thank You
Chinese title : 谢谢
Also known as: 우리들이 있었다 / We Were There / There We Were
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-Mar-21 to 2007-May-10
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Dr. Min Ki Seo went to Blue Island to fulfill his deceased girlfriend’s last wish to find the single mother and her little girl who was infected by HIV and to apologize to them on her behalf as she had unknowingly given the girl tainted blood when she was being treated at the hospital. Lee Young Shin, the single mom, was having a hard time caring for her grandfather who has Alzeimer’s and keeping her daughter’s HIV condition a secret while teaching her how to live with it. Min Ki Seo was an arrogant person who looked down on people and in meeting Lee Young Shin who accepted her fate and tried to make the best of it despite all odds, he slowly changed for the better and became a warm and caring person.


Jang Hyuk as Min Ki Seo
Gong Hyo Jin as Lee Young Shin
Shin Sung Rok as Choi Suk Hyun
Kim Sung Eun as Suh Eun Hee

Extended Cast

Seo Shin Ae as Lee Bom / Sam Weol Ee (Young Shin’s daughter)
Shin Goo as Mr. Lee / Lee Byung Gook (Young Shin’s grandfather)
Ryu Seung Soo as Dr. Oh Jong Soo
Yoo Min Ho as Lee Young Woo
Kil Yong Woo as Min Jun Ho
Hong Yeo Jin as Kang Hye Jung
Choi Kang Hee as Cha Ji Min (cameo)
Yang Hyun Woo as Choi Young Joo
Jo Mi Ryung as Bak So Ran
Kim Soo Ro as Dr. Oh’s brother
Kang Boo Ja as Kang Gook Ja (Suk Hyun’s mother)
Kim Ha Kyoon as Park Taek Dong
Kim Ki Bang as Song Doo Sup
Jun Won Joo as Song Chang Ja (Doo Sup’s mother)
Jang Yong
Yoo Jung Suk
Choi Jung Yoon
Kim Jin Yang
Yoo Yeon Mi
Kim Seung Wook
Lee Han Na

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jae Dong
Screenwriter: Lee Kyung Hee

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2007-03-21 1 12.6 (10th) 13.2 (10th)
2007-03-22 2 14.6 (9th) 15.6 (7th)
2007-03-28 3 13.7 (10th) 14.9 (8th)
2007-03-29 4 15.3 (9th) 15.3 (8th)
2007-04-04 5 13.4 (10th) 14.1 (9th)
2007-04-05 6 15.4 (10th) 16.3 (8th)
2007-04-11 7 14.6 (8th) 15.8 (7th)
2007-04-12 8 16.2 (7th) 17.0 (6th)
2007-04-18 9 16.0 (7th) 17.3 (7th)
2007-04-19 10 17.2 (4th) 18.4 (3th)
2007-04-25 11 17.1 (5th) 17.7 (6th)
2007-04-26 12 16.8 (5th) 17.2 (4th)
2007-05-02 13 17.4 (5th) 18.3 (3rd)
2007-05-03 14 21.2 (2nd) 24.0 (2nd)
2007-05-09 15 18.5 (4th) 19.5 (4th)
2007-05-10 16 19.2 (3rd) 20.6 (3rd)

Source: TNS Media Korea


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337 Responses to “Thank You”

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  1. 326
    yeng Says:

    just finish watching this drama..it was so touching and sad..i’m glad that they both ended together..^^

  2. 327
    lita Says:

    love the love story in this drama. sooo beautiful

  3. 328
    nadz Says:

    Jang Hyuk! U’re just s0o0o g0od and s0o0o hot… ;-) u’re amazing!

    Via MebApp.com

  4. 329
    nini Says:

    I am a doctor, and I was very surprised that jang hyuk can act as if he is a real surgeon in “Thank You”. Two thumb up for him. In my opinion, we should learn from lee young shin character, very humble, and never tired to say thank you in every moment in her life, whether it is happy or sad moment. and she can change such an arrogant doctor. i have seen this drama three times and i collect the dvd correctly so that when i have time i will repeat for the fourth time and surely i will not bore to see this drama.

  5. 330
    nonka Says:

    i like it ^^

  6. 331
    dreamer Says:

    supa dupa lurve this series..very realistic yet refreshing story line..i cried alot while watching..huhu..another piece of art from jh + ghj + that kiddo..highly recommended to all!!!!

  7. 332
    [13] Thank You (Korean Drama) | Cinderellazty Says:

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  8. 333
    Thank You | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre las Novelas Coreanas en Español Says:

    […] (more…) […]

  9. 334
    Micc Says:

    I have watched a lot of kdramas. Every drama I watched, I thought to myself, ahhh this one is the best! But when the drama is over, nothing really stays. Now looking back at all the dramas, I really really think Thank You is truly the best of all. It had a perfect casts, all the actors/actresses were at their best. Jang Hyuk is no doubt a reputable actor but I always feel he has a tendency to overact; yet he is subdue and natural in this drama. I feel the same way for Gong Hyo Jin. The little girl, though might not be a beauty, was natural and fit the role perfectly! The story itself is very uplifting without the usual kdrama makjang. Adding a wonderful ost, this is one top quality, feel good drama. Not to be missed.

  10. 335
    Jill Says:

    This was so beautiful, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. I will never be able to look at Choco-pies the same ever again! lol

  11. 336
    miss leaf Says:

    I just start to watch this drama, and love it…

  12. 337
    tigerb Says:

    people change, and in this series they did for the better, the leading and supporting characters. i like that good manners are depicted, despite the odds, young shin, bom and the grandpa went through a lot, but young shin bore the brunt of it all, being the mother of an 8-year old innocent girl and being the granddaughter of a demented old man. it was difficult most times for her, she endured it all, but what i did not like is many times she did not assert and allowed herself to be pushed over and lose some of her dignity as a person, and thought it was okay as she had survived the past many years. if the arrogant doctor considered it a miracle to have met the 3-generation family for him to change, he was also a gift to that family who saved them from themselves. the birth father could have saved them too but like the doctor said the birth father was too late. i watched this series because of jang hyuk. this is a 2007 series and he proved to be a really good actor then, so his crazy laugh in his current and last series is just an act, some fans should not be bothered by it. i first watched gong hyo jin in TMS and i was not impressed in her role there, but she was excellent in TO,TL. i think she’s one of the finest female actors i’ve watched. the little girl was so natural, probably it took only a few takes for each scene with her. i should look for her other projects. it’s a very good watch, so ‘thank you’ to the production staff!

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