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Title: 떼루아 / Terroir
chinese title : 泰勒瓦
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2008-Dec-01 to 2009-Feb-17
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


Lee Woo Joo meets Kang Tae Min, a man who was taught in the art of tasting wine. Tae Min inherited the wine production from his family and opens Woo Joo’s eyes to the world of wine. He has a steady relationship with his girlfriend, Ji Seon, but wavers when he meets the spunky Woo Joo. Joey Park has a deep, dark secret that has haunted him for most of his life. He accidentally set the fire that killed Tae Min’s parents. How will Tae Min feel when he learns that a friend caused his parents’ death?


Kim Joo Hyuk as Kang Tae Min
Han Hye Jin as Lee Woo Joo
Ki Tae Young as Jo Yi Bak / Joey Park
Yoo Sun as Ahn Ji Seon

Extended Cast

Lee Tae Sung as Park Dan Byul
Song Seung Hwan as Mr. Yang / Yang Seung Gul (Tae Min’s boss)
Jun Sung Hwan as Lee Moo Kang (Woo Joo’s grandfather)
Jung Ho Bin as Kang Jung Tae (Tae Min’s uncle)
Park Byung Ho as President Kang
Kim Byung Se as Andre Lim (Main Chef)
Yoo Hyun Soo as Kim Joon Soo (Chef’s assistant)
Ryu Hyun Kyung as Gook Yook Gong (Woo Joo’s best friend)
Jun Soo Kyung as Koh Ok Rim (Woo Joo’s “aunt”)
Park Tae Kyung as Hwang Gye Dong (kitchen helper)
Chae Young In as Jo Min Ji (wine expert, restaurant manager)
Kwon Hyuk Poong as Jun Sang Jin
Kim Jae Seung as Lee Jae Joo
Lee Ha Ni as Jin Ha Young (waitress)
Jang Hyo Jin as Shin Dae Ri
Park Gil Soo as Oh Choon Bae
Yoon Ki Won as blind date
Takagi Rina as Ms Takagi (Japanese wine expert)
Im Chae Hong

Production Credits

Director: Kim Young Min (김영민)
Screenwriter: Hwang Sung Goo (황성구)


– The setting of the drama takes place in Bordeaux, France.
– Filming began in September 2008 which coincided with the grape harvest and wine production in France.
– This is the first korean drama all about wine.
– The production cost is about $6 billion won ($6 million USD) and the drama has been prepared for over 2 years.

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  1. 1 : Esther Says:

    I am wanting to see this drama; looks quite interesting.

  2. 2 : honey b Says:

    I heard Bae Yong Joon will be join in drama about wine. Is it the same drama only the leading actor has been changed? From reading the notes, I think this drama will be interesting. Cant wait to watch it.

  3. 3 : jungwon Says:

    Yes, I been missing HYJ a lot and would be looking forward for this series!

  4. 4 : Maya Says:

    hi honey b..

    BYJ’s new drama will be start filming in mid 2009 if i’m not mistaken.
    So it’s a different wine story..
    Can’t wait to see his new drama..

  5. 5 : Terroir with English Subtitle Says:

    I uploaded this drama on ViiKii. Now we are translating them into English. 🙂
    Come and join us. 🙂

  6. 6 : babypudding Says:

    I loved the first 2 episodes!!

  7. 7 : meirav Says:

    thank u for uploading i love the 2 episodes

  8. 8 : citrone Says:

    Great series. If you enjoy a little bit of wine, this series worth it. At least the beginning of it..

  9. 9 : BoBbY Says:

    Another great new drama! Keep ’em coming Korea!

    If anybody wants another version of this synopsis, visit this link:

    Terrior Korean Drama Synopsis

  10. 10 : clarissa Says:

    i always like kim joo hyuk..so far so good..hope they don’t mess this up..coz the theme is great

  11. 11 : Yasmeen Says:

    i was wondering if any one knew the theme song at the end? like right before the episodes end and the previews come on, the one with the violins?

  12. 12 : jojo Says:

    its good but its so 답답해 cause the girl`s TOO clumsy and the guy`s TOO mean

  13. 13 : sera han Says:

    I am currently watching this series and it is pretty good. The storyline flows and kind of comical. It is not a boring series like some others I have seen.

  14. 14 : Blue2607 Says:

    Cant wait to watch this fantastic drama. I love Han Hye Jin from Jumong and perhaps she’s my fav. actress. cant wait for this drama to come to THailand

  15. 15 : totpu Says:

    hope to see this one in GMA7 Philippines…….i really like han hye jin……i’ve watched jumong and be strong geum soon…both are great …so i’ll surely watch this….

  16. 16 : mskincharge Says:

    I am enjoying this drama, also! I’ve already placed it on my to buy list, should its goodness continues.

  17. 17 : Madonna Says:

    Hi! can anyone please tell me where i can find the Raws videos for this drama, Thanks

  18. 18 : Wendy Says:

    Simply love this show! The main actress acted so well and she is a natural. Have watch till esp 8. Still waiting for the latest espisodes. Higly recommended drama!

  19. 19 : honey b Says:

    Thx maya. Yes, i can’t wait to see his new drama after the legend.

  20. 20 : EliseA Says:

    Terroir is a highly recommeded drama show. Solid storyline with good actors. Concept wise similar to previews drama Gourmet but Terroir has enough twist and turns to make you want to watch it more.

  21. 21 : sera han Says:

    this series is funny and serious drama. The plot storyline flows and interesting. I currently watching and hooked on it. fighting!

  22. 22 : Matsuko Says:

    enjoyed Terroir series very much. Not only main casts but also extended casts are great.

  23. 23 : matsuko Says:

    wish there will be Terroir 2

    ….that will create first Korean produced wine

  24. 24 : deanaz Says:

    highly recommended drama, one of the best korean drama i ever watch. a simple chick romance twist with a seriosly story about wine make this drama is worth to watch. great act mostly KJH and HH, good job guys. wish to see in another next drama.

  25. 25 : Cambria Says:

    Haven’t had the pleasure to watch such a well done drama in a long time. Except for the 1st few episodes where Han Hye Jin was supposed to play a hot tempered character, turned out to be mostly clumsy, the rest is simply great drama, with the right dose of romance and wine production in the background. Good plot, beautiful music, excellent acting skills (impressed with Kim Joo Huyk), very nice setting.

  26. 26 : Shelly Says:

    I began watching Korean drama’s about three months ago and fell in love. I have never been a fan of sopa opera’s but Terrior got me hooked. I wanted to know if any knew where I could purchase the Terrior show’s or a website that would allow be to purchase the dvd’s of this show? I didn’t catch the entire portion of the last show and the show before that and I can’t seem to watch the show’s from my computer. I would grately appreciate any feedback about this matter. Thank you.

  27. 27 : listy Says:

    i think this drama is very good and i like,even not to many romantis scence

  28. 28 : kirsten Says:

    this was a very good drama and i enjoyed watching it but i’m not satisfied with the ending coz. they did not get married. hope you continue with a nice ending or make an terrior 2. thanks.wish another terrior 2 with the same character.

  29. 29 : koreandramaAdiktus Says:

    Nice drama. Good story line. The actors are good, but its the story that would make you want to finish it.

    Han Hye Jin- Good acting. Uhm… She’s really good at this kind of role. (Saw her in Geum-soon).

    Kim Joo Hyuk. He is okay. There was this quiet command in him which the role demands and i think he did just fine. But somehow he lacks the emotions needed.

    Anyways, still recommendable

  30. 30 : sky's Says:

    If you like wine, then you should watch this movie. Nice movie and music soundtrack.

  31. 31 : Sal Says:

    Quite a disappointment to me as not a solid storyline. Won’t recommend for those who hasn’t bought the DVD…if you have, OK to watch if you have nothing better to do, but don’t expect too much. Not much of chemistry too. In fact, I prefer the supporting actor instead of the main. I give this drama a 5/10. Soundtrack and scenery good.

  32. 32 : jessie Says:

    omg. I very love this drama.. nice ending..
    I love kang tae min.. hahaha

  33. 33 : LEIgh Says:

    This k-drama reminds me of “Coffee Prince”.

  34. 34 : zaen Says:

    good to have a drama introducing wine with love story. Nice scenes as well as the ost..

  35. 35 : Chnchn Says:


  36. 36 : yuni wahyuningsih Says:

    it’s great drama and very interesting, happy ending also, so i recommended you to watch this drama…really good!

  37. 37 : anonymous Says:

    a very refreshing movie, and worth your time =) it’s not too heavy and not to empty. Love Kang tae min xP

  38. 38 : deena Says:

    if u like knowledge aboat wine, this is nice story to watch..but u may watch this movie but i’m not really sugesseted u to watch this movie.

  39. 39 : Ellena Says:

    The Best TV Movies produced in the Year 2008 & I’ve ever watched are as following :

    1) Terroir
    Kim Joo Hyuk
    Han Hye Jin are most attractive

    2) My Sweet Seoul ( City )

    3) Why did you come to my House ( Life )

    4) Who Are You ?

    5) Love Marriage

    6) The Kingdom of the Winds

    7) Beethoven Virus

    8) The World that they live in ( Worlds Within )
    Hyun Bin & Song Hye Gyo are most Gorgeous .

    9) The Painter of the Wind

    Do Not Miss them 🙂

    If so, you will regret it 🙂

    With Best Wishes 4 All .

  40. 40 : mutiara Says:

    Terrior was damn good… Try to watch this… I bet u’ll like it,,

  41. 41 : mel Says:

    i like this movie ending…

  42. 42 : nining Says:

    it’s really cool.. love korean drama much..

  43. 43 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

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  45. 45 : newsonlinecasinos Says:

    I do not like this movie. Maybe worth to inspect the film to end.

  46. 46 : best korean drama Says:

    I love this drama.

  47. 47 : Lion Says:

    I like terroir, its a great drama. Han hye jin was successfull.

  48. 48 : maryta Says:

    I like a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IT´S SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. 49 : Drama korean life ost wonderful Says:

    […] » Terroir » Korean Drama Terroir » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all » Terroir » Korean Drama […]

  50. 50 : Cyra Says:

    This drama is so boring and dragging. The reason I watched Terroir because of Han Hye Jin. She is very pretty and innocent. The main actor looks plain and old. His acting is mediocre and is not that great either. I would not recommend this drama at all. It’s just a C-…

  51. 51 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] […]

  52. 52 : hirmah Says:

    i got this drama still not yet watching….i buy this dvd coz someone sad this drama is top 40 but i dont know..maybe like Sal says if i have nothing to do watch it but dont expect too much…

  53. 53 : Maria Fe Says:

    I think this was a well written drama, I enjoyed watching this, well researched and informative but still entertaining. The casting was very good and attractive.

  54. 54 : Maria Fe Says:

    I enjoyed watching this drama and would highly recommend it. It was well written and researched and gives us a view of the wine business, other than just drinking. Interesting plot and a very beautiful casting.

  55. 55 : japs Says:

    this drama is so underrated but highly recommend it to watch … its a very good drama…

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