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Title: 애정의 조건 / Ae-jung-ui Jo-geon / Terms of Endearment
Chinese title : 愛情的條件
Also known as: Conditions of Love
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 60
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2004-Mar-20 to 2004-Oct-10
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 19:50


This drama shows how devastating and hurtful it can be for a woman to live with a boyfriend before marriage and not end up tying a knot with him. Korea has the second highest divorce rate in the world as more and more families become ruined — mainly because one of the spouses cheats. To make things worse, the mass media continues to champion premarital cohabitation as a choice that unmarried couples are free to make. Terms of Endearment depicts today’s harsh reality and once again reminds us of the sacred meaning of marriage and the importance of family.


Chae Si Ra as Kang Geum Pah
Han Ga In as Kang Eun Pah
Ji Sung as Noh Yun Tek
Lee Jong Won as Jin Jung Han
Park Yong Woo as Jung Sung Ki
Jo Yuh Jung as Nah Ae Ri
Song Il Gook as Nah Jang Soo
Kim So Hee as Kang Jin Pah
Han Jin Hee as Kang Han Gul (Geum Pah’s father)
Oh Mi Yeon as Goo Ki Ra (Geum Pah’s mother)
Jang Yong as Nah Man Deuk (Ae Ri’s father)
Yoon Mi Ra as Lee Hyung Sil (Ae Ri’s mother)
Jung Han Yong as Noh Ma Jin (Yun Tek’s uncle)
Son Hyun Joo as Noh Gwang Tek (Yun Tek’s older brother)
Lee Bo Hee as Nah Jin Deuk (Man Deuk’s sister)
Ban Hyo Jung as Cho Bok Sil (Jung Han’s mother)
Jang Hyun Sung as Myung Soo
Lee Won Jae as Moh Bum Soo (Yun Tek’s business parter/friend)
Jang Eun Poong as Moh Bum Soo (Yun Tek’s business parter/friend)
Ryu Yong Jin as Kim In Hyuk
Kim Hye Sun as Geum Pah’s girlfriend
Nam Hyun Joo
Kim Yoon Hee

Production Credits

Director: Kim Jong Chang
Writer: Moon Young Nam

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95 Responses to “Terms of Endearment”

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  1. 51
    christine Says:

    Hi all fans of TEO!!! I have seen many comments here requesting those who have finished watching tell whether Jang-Soo and Eun-pah stay together in the end or not. After days of searching I found the final episodes (69-70) but the Chinese version without English subtitles. Though it’s very frustrating that I couldn’t understand what was said judging from what I could see they reunite. The ending is not very clear, but I guess it’s a happy ending for them and a very very touching one. I tried to purchase DVD but they don’t ship to Armenia. http://www.phim88.com/online/play-107-1772-30-52634.html this is the link for the chinese version, complete series. If anyone could summarize what was said I’d be very very grateful.

    And I completely agree that Song Il Gook made this drama a must-see!!!

  2. 52
    avocado Says:

    Dear All,
    I think this drama is one of my very favorite. First, because I like the household story, second because my two favorite actor SIG and Ji Sung were playing (especially SIG finally get the lady not like in the Emperor of the Sea .hiks..hikss), and the third because unlike the other korea drama, it has the happy ending. I finished it few month ago, but until this day i still love to rewatch the memorizable moment from this drama.
    I have finished this drama so I want to summarize the ending for Christine. For the other who do not want to know. please don’t read this. IT HAS SPOILER.
    The producer wrap the entire problem in the final episode. Geum Pah back with her husband, yun tek friend (i forget his name) get married with daughter of millioner, yun tek brother get married with Eun Pah sister and have three kid ( her mother still doesn’t like him because he lying that he is a lawyer but he just a driver), yun tek uncle still be friend with Jang soo aunt (they like each other but their pride is too high to say love), Yun tek and Ae Ri happy in America (it doesn’t tell the detail about them anymore), and the most important Jang Soo with Eun Pah get together (hurray!!!!).
    This is the resume of the last scene. I hope it will help you christine. But unfortunately i watch from chinese version too and the subtitle in my DVD is not too good, so maybe it has some error.
    Jang Soo goes to Eun Pah’s playing ground. They meet each other but just say hi, and the situation get awkward. They just ask whether the other has married or not. Jang Soo said that he would’t come back to Korea and they are shaking hand say goodbye. The audience will think this is it, this is the last moment between the two of them like the other korea dramas. But, when Jang Soo prepared to leave, suddenly there is a voice from third old girl call mommy to Eun Pah and hug her. Jang Soo turn back and look deeply to the child ( maybe he is think that her face is look like him, and is it possible that she is his dauhter????). Eun Pah look at him too and ask the girl to go to Jang Soo. Jang Soo hug her and ask her name. (This is the touching moment for me..hiks..hiks). She said her name is Eun Soo, Eun from Eun Pah and Soo from Jang Soo. But her mother called her To Ri (if you remember, it is the name the fake child that Jang Soo said to Eun Pah in the first time they met). Hearing that, Jang Soo cries and hug her tightly. She look to Eun Pah, eun Pah look at him and nooded her head, smile and cries too. Then she get closer into them. The scene was closed. And that is the end. The audience should resume it themselves. I assume that they will be together, because in the previous episode, Jang Soo told to his father that its okay that they separate at that time, because if they are made for each other they will be unite again one day and start the brand new dat. YUPPY……

  3. 53
    avocado Says:

    it is me again. I forget to add some comment in my previous. hehehe.It is sad that most of you can watch this drama because this is one of the nice old drama. I have to admit, that I watch it because it is one of the SIG drama. But the story is very nice, and you will love the other cast too.
    If you have sateliite TV, i have good news for you. You can watch it from KBS2 because now they play the encore. Now it is still in the 8th episode, still along way to go because the final episode is about 70. But it is worthed and I assure that you won’t be regret it, because the drama is very complete. You can smile and laugh, cry, see the sincere love, and respect the meaning of marriage.

  4. 54
    kimchilee Says:

    Dear Avocado

    Thanks a million for letting me know the ending! i was almost so scared to watch this.. I am watching it over YouTube as well as on KBS World which is currently screening its re-run over Sat and Sun 10pm-12am.. so I can now happily continue watching it. Thanks so much again!!

    I cannot stand Yun Tek who is so obsessed with Eun Pah.. still cannot stand him even in episode 12 now.. if I were Eun Pah.. i’d be so scard of such a man.. hope as the series progresses, he will become a better person.

  5. 55
    BooM Says:

    eun pa very poor in this drama.
    my heart close for her.

  6. 56
    kimchilee Says:

    I have just finished watching TOE over Mysoju website although very frustratingly, episodes 26 till 31 are broken. I missed most of their courtship episodes and how Jang Soo won over Eun Pah..

    Anyway.. the ending although I am so happy they got together, their reunion was too brief!! No hugs or kisses! no explanation given why she kept the child from Jang Soo.. so fast it just ended after all the dramas and long heartaches of breaking up..

    TOE is a very very nice drama that I’ve seen after a dry spell of not so nice dramas these days.. even though TOE is considered an old drama series, it is still captivating enough to be glued on the drama and wanting more of it… the dialogues are very interesting and very true of what women has to go through when men cheats on their wives and the consequences of it .. wonderful story.

    Can someone tell me where i can buy this drama with english subtitles? I have looked everywhere in all the shops. Please.. somebody.. Song Il Gook!! am buying the drama bec of you… please tell me where i can buy this with english subtitles!!! ppppleeaase…

  7. 57
    Tahmineh Says:

    of course, the story of TOE drama was very touching and affectionate. But I’m surprised by Korean traditions and family relations. In the new world and where there is several human laws about family, bride korean family is servant, it’s very painful. I think that there is’nt love without conditions at current world. Although I wish men and women love each other without conditions, deep and strong.
    I also think Song Il Gook make this drama very attractive. But I liked final episod of darama had better and effective process like start of love between Jung Soo and yun Pah.

  8. 58
    Purple Says:

    I strongly agree to what is commented on TOE. It’s really a very nice show not to be missed. The role played by Jang-Soo and Eun-pah is so hearthbreaking which makes every episode of them is full of suspense. With all my frustration, at least they end up together although it is very dissappointing that both did not even hug & kiss after all the years of separation. There isn’t any climax in the end.

    I may say that all the characters of TOE have done a good job in projecting their roles together with the producers and crew members.

  9. 59
    Purple Says:

    Congratulations to TOE for a beautiful show

  10. 60
    June Says:

    I must say..’Congratulation for all the producer and the team member for beautiful drama ‘Term of Endearment’ …that make me cries in the tears….Very Touching Drama…

  11. 61
    Nomiko Says:

    it was so nice drama. thank you very much all actors and crew. Especially i like Song il gook. You are handsome and nice man. I love you.
    good luck every one.

  12. 62
    Pratita De Mrangm Says:

    it’s really nice and i really loved the movie…..it is one of the best movie i have ever seen…i’m in the middle of the movie…i’m dying to know the story of the last episode…thanks…

  13. 63
    kimchilee Says:

    I am still looking for this drama with english subtitles.. can someone tell me where to buy it please.. ??? please?? been looking for it for months!!

  14. 64
    sweety girl Says:

    Hi everyone! After reading all comments I want to watch this drama so much! Song Il Gook is my favourite actor and I’d like to see all of his dramas

  15. 65
    June Says:

    Tears..n haertbreaking drama ..i wonder in real world how many men can accept their own wife after been chated….

  16. 66
    wella Says:

    Thanks everyone.. at least i know what happen to all character before i see the final episode.. i just watching this drama via KBSWorld.. thanks for KBS world because they keep airing an encore of their best drama.. hehehe honestly,i’m crying so much watching this drama..at least i’m releasing ny stress.. hehehe but i’m happy that Na Jang Soo and Kang Eun Pah is together again…Eun Pah stories is so touching!

  17. 67
    Yorie Says:

    Wow, this is a great film. Can anyone tell me how it ends? Can’t wait to see it …

  18. 68
    June Says:

    Yorie: it’s ended up like Avacado comment on no 52..i hope u enjoy it because this drama is so meaningful..

  19. 69
    KimchiLee Says:

    Hi everyone

    I’ve finished watching TOE in KBS World. The ending sucks coz the reunion of Eun Pah and Jang Soo is simply toooo brief!! but Jang Soo looked soooo gorgeous in the last scene with Eun Pah.

    HONESTLY, this story is a bit draggy. I dont get it why Eun Pah insisted on divorcing Jang Soo and lying to him about their baby.. why must she be so cruel? can you imagine if the child did not run up to her in the end, she would have let Jang Soo walked away without letting him know of his child?? I cannot stand her towards the end of the story.. she is so cruel to Jang Soo..

    Anyway, I have decided to order this show from the States from a video shop over the website called DIMSUM. Can someone tell me whether this shop is reliable? anybody ordered dvds from this website shop before? I have not received my dvd yet although it has been a week now from my order date.. i hope its reliable or its money down the drain.

  20. 70
    June Says:

    KimchiLee: i’m strongly agree with you about the last episod (i’m finished the last episod on 25/01/2010) in KBS WORLD….but then what to do it is just a drama…may be we need TEO 2…..

  21. 71
    Sab Says:

    I watched this drama till Eun Pah and Jang Soo finally divorced. And then KBS2 (from satellite) stopped or showing this drama and started airing King Dae Joo… did they switch air time? Does anyone know what episode was it when the divorce was final and Jang Soo left to America and Eun Pah failed to catch up with him? How many more episodes to go?

  22. 72
    June Says:

    Sab: all together is 60 episod i think u miss one episod only- eun pa in jun so meeting after 3 years….read avacado comment on 52 ..

  23. 73
    quinz Says:

    my mom i find term of enderment a very touching, true to life drama series,and whether your a single or a married person.you’ve find every questions in ever problems in a familly tru this drama series.to cut all this in short,am requesting to have a permission from KBS to featured again that drama”TERMS OF ENDERMENT”here in our country(Phils.).my mom and i didnt seen the last chapter?am hoping you would grant my request.and P.S. , pls. accmpany the drama w/ english interpretation.thank u very much!God Bless!—quinz

  24. 74
    lou8 Says:

    kbs did not cut the last episode they aired until 2am co’z i watch until 2am.

  25. 75
    kaveh yousefzadeh Says:

    My love park shin hye!

    How do you do? I miss you a lot! My dearest I have seen your very interesting series for several times.
    Your playing is so amazing! I extol your play so much.
    My sweetie! I have sent a lot of email to you so far. But you haven’t replied me yet? I have sent my message to your private email and other internet sites related to your fans,…
    I will be so glad if I know about in your privacies,interests,hates,…so much!
    Are you married like my dear lee young ae finally or not? Do you have fiance or boy friends?you are my dreamful girl!
    I wish I could marry with you or the girls similar your character, appearance,age,…especially when you played in heaven tree series!
    I eagerly watched this series for several times! It so eye-catching!
    I love you so much!
    I wish I could see you in Korea or other countries directly!
    I wish I could come your home and kiss you for billion times!
    I love two your series:
    Heaven tree
    Stairway to heaven
    Are you intending to play other series and films like two mention series?
    Some of your other series dvd have sold in Iran. However, it seems their theme isn’t like to 2 above mention series.
    I expect you play merely in series and films that their themes be similar 2 mention series.
    If you give you postal address and telephone numbers or if you give my email replies, we can have be romantic relationship forever!
    My dearest I have an imposed terrible condition. In the past letters, I said about me.
    Anyway, I will be so glad if I receive your reply as soon as possible. I will be so glad if I know about your private living, future plans, dreams,…
    I kiss you!
    Be successful!
    Your forever lover
    Kaveh yousefzadeh

  26. 76
    sana Says:

    Mr YousefZadeh, Have some patience!!! (dge in kara ro nadare ke…)

  27. 77
    mutiara Says:

    it’s a good mellow drama..

  28. 78
    mel Says:

    i really want to watch this for free. where can i find this movie?

  29. 79
    ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  30. 80
    Mealea Says:

    I love this drama, want to watch it again !

  31. 81
    melody Says:

    the best drama that I’ve ever watched. It was soooo nice. of course the end could be better! why SIG and HGI did not have any hug & kiss at the end after years?!!
    SIG & HGI are the best couple . I wishthey play together again.

  32. 82
    bma Says:

    It was g8. I love it.SIG and HDI are best couple

  33. 83
    shireen kong Says:

    where can i find this DVD

  34. 84
    sppk Says:

    i like chae si ra acting so much.She was good in emperor of the sea and this drama too.And also the Iron empress.Her drama are the best.

  35. 85
    eugene Says:

    I really love this drama. Ji Sung and Han Ga In are adorable.

  36. 86
    Kimchi Lady Says:

    I was happy to see that this series actually had a happy ending. Several times, I started to go to the last video, so I could see what happened. But each time, decided to wait, and hope. Although, the ending was predictable, it was still a great ending. I think I sat and watch the ending about 12 times in a row, when I finally saw it. If you have not seen this movie, then you must watch it. “Terms of Endearment” has everything …love, hate, passion, drama, comedy, happiness, and sadness. You will hate the lows, love the highs, and I guarantee you will laugh and cry. Mr. Song Il Gook, I thank you once again, for a genuinely realistic and heartfelt performance. :o)

  37. 87
    Kimchi Lady Says:

    In Addition: Please note that Mr. Song Il Gook is not in this series right from the beginniing. However, he is there throughout, and all the way to the very end. Even still, you will not want to skip the first few videos prior to his entry into the series. If you do, you will miss key relationships and important information concerning the main characters needed for better understanding throughout the series. So, do yourseld a favor, and don’t take any shortcuts with this film. Once you have watched in in it’s entirety, then you will understand why. :O)

  38. 88
    sal-malaysia Says:

    like d story

  39. 89
    oneSIGfan Says:

    the drama was sort of boring until SIG start to appear. it’s really unfair that the poster and the introduction do not include SIG but he actually plays the main character. happy and clearly defined ending unlike his other dramas where they only leave it to the viewers discretion to interprete the movie the way they want.

  40. 90

    I was imprest by the drama “Terms of Endearment”. This drama as Kimchi Lady wrote has everything …love, hate, passion, drama, comedy, happiness, and sadness. Mr. Song Il Gook, I thank you once again, for a genuinely realistic and heartfelt performance. Ji Sung and Han Ga In are adorable and chae si ra is remarcable acting. You made me love corean drama.
    You ,all .are talking about the ending end I could not open part 4 from the final episode 70. Please help me someone if you can, where can I find it?

  41. 91
    Yann Says:

    I missed some of the lasts episodes for this drama. I wish that KBS can once again air this drama. If someone knows where can I get the DVD for this drama (in Malaysia) do let me know. Thank you in advance!

  42. 92
    Suzie Wong Says:

    I think that it’s the guy’s fault in most cases since in Korea people in the family have to approve the spouse to be. I think it’s the most archaic retarded custom I have ever heard!!! Who cares if you father, mother or grandmother does not accept the other person? That is so darn stupid. I am so glad that I am not Korean!!!

  43. 93
    hninhmom Says:

    reallly good drama..

  44. 94
    Sinopsis Drama Korea Lbs Tv Sea Of AmbitionKorea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  45. 95
    SunshineAni Says:

    I loved this drama!! I was so happy that at the end he got to see his daughter… can someone please confirm to me that they got back together? Knowing Jang Soo’s character he will fight for his family.. especially knowing that he has a daughter with his beloved eun-pah..

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