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Temptation 05

Title: 유혹 / Temptation
Chinese Title: 诱惑
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Family
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2014-July-14 to 2014-Sep-16
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


A melodrama about a married man, Cha Suk Hoon (Kwon Sang Woo) who receives a huge sum of money from a woman, Yoo Se Young (Choi Ji Woo) to repay the huge debt he owes. Complications arise when the woman demands total submission from him, jeopardizes his relationship with his wife.


Main Cast

Kwon Sang Woo as Cha Suk Hoon
Choi Ji Woo as Yoo Se Young
Lee Jung Jin as Kang Min Woo
Park Ha Sun as Na Hong Joo

People around Se Young

Chae So Young as Yoo Se Jin
Kim Sung Kyum as Yoo Dal Ho
Hong Yeo Jin as Jung Yoon Suk
Joo Jin Mo as Choi Suk Ki
Jo Mi Ryung as Myung Hwa

People around Suk Hoon

Kim Hyung Bum as Jo Young Chul

People around Hong Joo

Choi Il Hwa as Na Shi Chan
Lee Jung Shin as Na Hong Gyu (Hong Joo’s brother)
Ahn Se Ha as Park Han Soo

People around Min Woo

Jo Hwi Joon as Roy
Yoon Ah Jung as Han Ji Sun
Jung Hye Sun as Im Jung Soon
Kim Ji Young as Kang Yoon Ah
Heo Jung Eun as Kang Sung Ah
Choi Hyun as Kim Doo Hyun

Production Credits

Production Company: Lee Kim Production and Company (이김프로덕션)
Chief Producer: Han Jung Hwan
Director: Park Young Soo
Screenwriter: Han Ji Hoon


Actors Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo reunite 11 years after their first drama together, Stairway to Heaven.

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-07-14 1 9.6 (12th) 11.9 (8th) 7.6 (20th) 8.6 (15th)
2014-07-15 2 8.3 (17th) 10.3 (12th) 8.0 (18th) 9.1 (14th)
2014-07-21 3 8.2 (18th) 9.9 (13th) 9.0 (13th) 10.3 (8th)
2014-07-22 4 8.4 (16th) 10.8 (9th) 8.3 (16th) 9.3 (13th)
2014-07-28 5 8.8 (14th) 10.5 (10th) 9.0 (14th) 9.3 (13th)
2014-07-29 6 8.5 (15th) 10.4 (11th) 8.9 (13th) 9.6 (10th)
2014-08-04 7 6.9 8.7 (16th) 8.3 9.3 (16th)
2014-08-05 8 8.3 (18th) 10.3 (11th) 9.5 (12th) 10.7 (9th)
2014-08-11 9 7.2 9.5 (13th) 8.6 (13th) 9.2 (12th)
2014-08-12 10 7.4 9.6 (13th) 8.6 (13th) 9.3 (12th)
2014-08-18 11 7.9 9.6 (14th) 8.1 (19th) 9.0 (17th)
2014-08-19 12 8.3 10.7 (13th) 8.8 (14th) 9.3 (13th)
2014-08-25 13 (<8.1) 9.8 (13th) 9.6 (16th) 10.6 (9th)
2014-08-26 14 8.4 (17th) 10.9 (10th) 10.0 (12th) 10.7 (10th)
2014-09-01 15 9.3 (12th) 11.1 (9th) 11.3 (6th) 12.2 (6th)
2014-09-02 16 8.5 (18th) 11.0 (11th) 10.1 (12th) 11.4 (10th)
2014-09-08 17 6.7 (20th) 8.2 (19th) 6.6 (16th) 7.2 (13th)
2014-09-09 18 8.1 (20th) 9.8 (16th) 8.3 (17th) 8.9 (14th)
2014-09-15 19 7.7 (20th) 9.6 (14th) 8.8 (17th) 9.7 (14th)
2014-09-16 20 10.1 (11th) 12.6 (8th) 10.8 (11th) 11.7 (10th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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827 Responses to “Temptation”

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  1. 551
    NagNag Says:

    To those whose understanding of this drama got twisted somehow, all I can suggest is that ; please watch each episode two times or more . I did that for every episode . In fact , I enjoyed the drama so much that I watched the first few episodes, 4-5 times in order not to miss out the little details & misconstrue the story .

    The little details are truly important, like the facial expressions , gestures , as well as the choice of words used , mattered a lot in your understanding of the script .

    Of coz I sympathize with HJ , that she was indeed being hurt by her ex-husband SH’s actions , but still , she has herself to blame for all her wrong decisions, be it out of ignorant or anger . In my opinion, decisions made out of anger are far more damaging.

    In EP 18, one can see that HJ had finally wised up & realized her faults and mistakes made in handling her relationship with SH , her divorce , as well as her marriage to MW . Hence , she decided to accept her faults & take responsibility for her mistakes by leaving MW , & thus ending her revenge.

    I’m glad to see that HJ has eventually come to terms with herself and no longer put the blames on others . To SH , she could wish him happiness , & to SY , a successful operation . She also unselfishly revealed SY’s whereabouts to SH , for him to go to SY.

    Although it’s sad to see where HJ mistakes & her wrong decisions had landed her , but that is really how life put forth to every one of us if we are not careful when making decisions in our own relationships. Therefore , my advice is ; just tame your anger & your will be alright .

  2. 552
    Lynn Says:

    Which she should have done a long time ago. HJ is pitiful… so feel bad for her… and don’t blame her. But girl that man that you loved for 10 yrs was long gone even before the divorce. She should have just see it clear and simple. Just forgive, forget and be free.You just wasted you time and energy with that man including the fact is you get married just for revenge. When the best thing that you could do for revenge is to leave him and go for your happiness. Don’t look back because those times were nothing but misery.

  3. 553
    Ally Says:

    @NagNag how come you never elaborate on SY and SH’s characters? since you have had the time to watch every episode a few times please talk a little bit about SY and SH and their personalities and what you think about them? or do you think that they are perfect with no flaws?

  4. 554
    Ally Says:

    @Plain.. you are hilarious!! instead of commenting about me and my life that you know nothing about just concentrate on the drama!! you don’t need to involve my personal life and experiences that you know nothing about! you will be proud if you were SY to offer money to a man and force him to spend 4 days with you?? ok then I have nothing else to say to you!

  5. 555
    NagNag Says:

    To Omg @ 534 – Thanks for sharing my sentiment.
    To Plain @ 539 – Some very good points . Well said !
    To Ally –

    Thanks for the opportunity . Will enlighten you in due cause.

    In the mean time, kindly read my thoughts on the drama: –

    @ 465 – you will know the reason why I enjoy watching it.
    @ 429 , 430 , 431 & 436 – you will appreciate the benefits of this drama better.
    @ 494 – you will see that it was what the script writer wrote in EP18, for the part of HJ . And I’m particular glad about this part as it gives a clear message to the viewers , regardless of their opinions , it does not advocate Revenge , as well as the consequences of bad decisions made out of ignorance or anger in any relationships .

    My advice is still the same ; Tame your anger , & you’ll be alright for sure.

  6. 556
    Ally Says:

    @NagNag I am started to think you are the writer disguised as NagNag!!!! You are very sure about what the writer thinks and what he/she writes and why and where it is going, etc!!!

  7. 557
    Omg Says:

    #546 Nne 123 Thanks for your well said comments for this Drama!

    #549 plain Pointing out how this drama reflects on each actors and actress
    well said.

    #551 NagNag
    Thanks for your well said comments for this Drama!

    If everything was perfect for each individual, we be living in heaven.

    Everyone is human, and every human have feeling, good, bad, intentionally.
    When anything beautiful, handsome or better looking then me or us, man or woman eyes would rover, wonder in looking at that person, and say WOW his handsome or she is really Beautiful , because we are all human and have feeling.

  8. 558
    Nadege Says:

    I have stopped watching this at episode 15. I will wait for the series to be complete before watching the remaining 5. I cannot stomach SH & hate that HJ went for revenge instead of becoming strong & moving forward with no chance of taking SH back. Hated the love story woven for HJ & SY with no regards to what they did. The arrogance of those two was too much!

    With the spoiler of the final episode at least I will have an idea how it ends while watching the 4 before last.

  9. 559
    kibby Says:

    Here are the possible ending for this messed drama:


    2. MW-HJ
    JS- will take care of the kids

    3. SY- die
    SH- live alone in brazil or NY
    MW- JS
    HJ- being happy with father and brother

    4. (worst case scenario)
    SY- die
    MW-JS (living in boston)

  10. 560
    Janice Says:

    Kibby….I am leaning towards your first mentioned ending: 1. SINGLE STATUS (HJ, MW, SY, SH, JS)

  11. 561
    NagNag Says:

    To Ally @ 556 – unfortunately NO. I’m not the script writer in disguise.

    I wish I were so that I will not make SY out to be so ill. Apart from her foolish arrogance & silly mistake , she has a kind soul.

    You just need to have an open mind when watching , in order not to have a preconceived mind to assume , so that you will be able to judge things better .
    That was how SH & HJ , and most people had assumed the ‘ Deal ‘ to be; a Sexual one. Why so ? And because of this assumption, people also assumed that SY , who offered the ‘ Deal ‘ , was coveting someone else’s husband right from day One .

    For goodness sake ! SY is a Successful , Young & Beautiful Lady , though rich . Do you really think that she would buy ‘ Sex ‘ or perhaps even buy her way into SH’s heart by using that method ? ( which really seemed vulgar for any lady ) . In my opinion , being a successful business lady , SY has too much pride to do that . This is definitely Not for a Proud & highly Successful Career Lady like her .

    That is the difference between a successful career lady & a successful man . An ordinary filthy rich woman or someone ‘s rich wife who happens to feel lonely might do so.

  12. 562
    kibby Says:

    The written preview for ep 19:세영 은 수술 후에도 쉽게 깨어나지 못하고, 곁에서 세영 을 보살 피던 석훈 영철 로부터 세영 은 이 남긴 편지 한통 을 받는다.
    한편, 민우 는 동성 그룹 의 부도 위기 소문 을 듣고 세영 과 석훈 을 무너 트릴 준비 를 하는데 …
    Google Translate:
    Seyoung will not wake up easily after surgery, from the side of the Bodhisattva impedance seyoung seokhun youngcheol get this letter call away seyoung is left.
    On the other hand, listening to a group of gay rumors bankruptcy Min Woo is preparing to trill down the seyoung and seokhun …

    SY will be in coma, Lawyer Choi will give a letter to SH left by SY. It will be SH vs MW. Whataa Roller Coaster drama!!!

  13. 563
    Lynn Says:

    As what I’ve said long time ago. Its just that there are some hypocrite people wouldn’t admit that there are some marriage that its worth saving for and there are some that are not (ex. if you husband or wife doesn’t love you anymore). So for those people saying that HJ shouldn’t have divorce her husband in the first place. EAT THAT UP!

    It is just as simple as like this.

    If HJ was just honest to herself or may be just have someone that she could talk to get a proper advice (counseling) then she would have been free sooner. Then this freaking roller coaster revenge wouldn’t have happen in the first place.

    And I still think this 4 main characters doesn’t deserve each other. You know why? Because

    HJ- devoted wife but lost a sight of that is important in life.
    SY- bought a person thinking that she could use money to get what she wants (inhuman)
    SH- cheated at his wife
    MW- biggest cheater of all

  14. 564
    Ally Says:

    @NagNag.. I honestly think that you are biased while watching this drama and I am sure you have your own reasons. I don’t think SY has a gentle soul. Being arrogant is different from being conniving.. She knew that HJ had just tried to commit suicide and if anyone even attempts suicide then he/she must be in a terrible state of mind. She saved HJ because that is what ANY normal human being would do while witnessing someone trying to take their own life. She knew that the couple as going through immense difficulties. If her intentions weren’t sexual then she should have just suggested that she would borrow them the money if SH would commit to work for her for a few days or whatever time it takes. She never mentioned work while making the indecent proposal to a married man. her intentions weren’t pure and only out of arrogance. you don’t make a vague proposal to a married man who is in the middle of crisis. Even if she didn’t want sex the way she portrayed it is what caused havoc in the marriage. I am not saying that HJ’s actions are justified but when you are looking at her character in a very biased way. She was going through very tough times and then this woman appears out of no way and created more trouble for her. SH shouldn’t have stood her up and gone to that woman’s room. And then when he came back she did try to make it work but SY was constantly in her face and she caught her husband many times with SY even if it was just for work. She was vulnerable and SH did nothing to help her out. Instead, he started liking another woman after 4 days and he kept running after her “trying to help her out”. He went out of town with her, he held her hand, etc. in my opinion, SH is the most flawed character in the drama. he is weak and shallow. He was in love with his wife and in 4 days he developed feelings for another woman. He shamelessly started a relationship with the culprit that had broken up his marriage. Actually, HJ deserves much better than SH. Even SY deserves better than him. And lets not forget that SY shamelessly talked about her feelings for SH in front of HJ and basically told her that she was going after her. SY is definitely not a gentle soul.

  15. 565
    Ally Says:

    sorry i meant to say she would lend them the money!

  16. 566
    Sorry Says:

    #561 NagNag
    Great Comments, can’t saying it any better! Let just and enjoy the last two episode.

    This drama is great, no matter what type of ugly or good comment all writing! SH and SY and the rest of the cast are just doing a GREAT ACTING.

    SH is a very Good Actor, who always act so sincere and with great pride, with enthusiasm very handsome with a smile on his face.

    SY one of the greatest actress in Korea most of her drama get to be recognized and is love by all of her great performance.She is elegant, sophisticate, glamorous, powerful in her acting and is sooooooooooooooooo Beautiful.
    The rest of the cast :
    HJ, beautiful, but not to aggressive but sweet in her acting.
    MW, handsome in many ways, a bit of show-off, but doing a great job in acting.

    Still LOVE this drama, not matter what you all have against it. Just watch and enjoy, and relaxed.
    I can’t do any better acting, that is provided to them (ACTORS & ACTRESS) and they are doing a great job!

    Some need to review Episode #1 and #2!

  17. 567
    Malian Says:

    If this drama doesn’t end up with all these asshats burning and Hong Joo walking away, wearing sun glasses and not looking back, then it can’t redeem itself in any shape or form as far as am concerned.

  18. 568
    NagNag Says:

    Well, everyone is titled to have their opinions & comments , no doubts.

    However , if you based on your mentality or own experiences or exposure in life to judge or form your opinions of the characters in this drama , instead of trying to look at it from each character’s standpoint , then I’m not surprised that your understanding of the script is so different from what the writer had intended it to be.

    Just as what MW has mentioned to SY in EP 8 , that their mentalities were different from both SH & HJ’s , since they were from different social class. Thus, your opinions of all these characters based on your mentality could indeed be flawed too.

    It’s understandable that most people find it hard to comprehend the ‘Deal’ SY suggested to test SH’s marriage, was due to her own perspective of relationships . She does not believe in marriages & reckon them to sand castles which collapse or topple easily by waves , thus a waste of time.

    This silly mistake made out of her foolish arrogance , unfortunately got her into trouble too , as she finds herself fall for SH , after his excellent work performance in Hong Kong.

  19. 569
    NagNag Says:

    My #568 was meant to address Ally @ #564 , of coz to those who find that they can’t relate to the writer as well.

  20. 570
    Sam Says:

    Me thinks this drama has something to do with the fragility of marriage.That if it’s made of sand, it would not withstand the waves and crumble easily.

  21. 571
    Rifgail Says:

    Recommended drama
    Worth to see

  22. 572
    NagNag Says:

    I feel the need to speak up for SH on his various decisions made in this drama .

    I’m pretty sure most females would hate man like SH who seemed to fall for SY easily & betrayed his wife of ten years.

    Yes . I don’t condone his behavior as well , but I could understand that it was not easy for him to think straight , after being thrown into his ordeal by his business partner suddenly.

    Again, most people will find it hard to comprehend his decision to accept the ‘ deal’ at that spur of a moment , which to me , was obviously out of desperation & despair , after being traumatized again, & this time by his wife HJ’s suicide attempt.

    Some people seemed to forget that at that juncture while in Hong Kong , SH was actually the ONE having the toughest time of his life , not only as a businessman with a big financial problem to solve , but also as a husband with a wife’s depression problem to handle. Can one imagine going thru things like that ?

    Hence , the Timing of every event that occurred , is important as well , in understanding SH’s decisions made for handling his problems .

    Therefore , you will realize that the role of a wife is particular crucial in keeping her marriage in tact , not the husband’s , especially during difficult times , as she is usually the Catalyst that causes a change in the marriage , either for better or for worse , without knowing it .

  23. 573
    WoopDiDoo Says:


    Agreed. I think everyone hates SH for making the decisions when he did have the hardest time of choosing whether to go to jail or be lucky enough to find a way out. SY was a little arrogant and played the game to see which path SH would take.

    But HJ is no where near innocent during that time in HK nor after HK. She only caused SH to think more desperately because now he would think that money is extremely important to save his wife’s life.

    I also find it funny how people say HJ was going through tough times but SH was going through a tougher time. Sure HJ might have problems with the condo really but then out of emotion, tries to commit suicide? And every time SH went to HJ to reconcile, she never really accepted him even though he never claimed(?) that his time in HK was not a physical relationship for 3 days. The only day it wasn’t for work was the last day, where I think SH wanted to blow off steam from all his troubles with his wife, but she wasn’t there so SY worked.

    I don’t hate HJ but she’s clearly not free of guilt and she isn’t the most innocent character. Her actions based on emotions have done nothing but harm. She kept doubting SH and while that’s justified to an extent, she took the divorce route out of impatience and anger, leading to a character walking down the bad path.

    I also find it funny how people say HJ was vulnerable but SH was vulnerable in HK and received no help besides an action that led him to taking the money. And her lack of accepting SH only made it worse for him. I think if HJ had just never thoughts of doubting her other like MW, the marriage would still be going and she’d be far happier.

  24. 574
    Ally Says:

    @NagNag.. I think you are actually looking at this drama in a very biased way and this is very contradictory to your own statement about watching it with an open mind. I haven’t seen you once put yourself in HJ’s shoes. You have always condemned her and you haven’t even once tried to understand her actions. You have all sorts of excuses for SH and SY’s behavior but none for HJ’s. Silly mistake? A silly mistake that ruined a marriage? Who is SY to give herself the right to test some strangers’ relationship. Seriously? does it even make sense to you? Because she doesn’t believe in marriage she decides to test someone else’s marriage?? is she God?? your rationalization of her actions is beyond comprehension. So because she is rich and has a different mentality she can choose to test some poor couple’s marriage???? Wow… that was not a silly mistake at all.. it was a deliberately evil act.. And how do you justify the fact that SH started having feelings for some woman in 4 days after 10 years of marriage? and he fell in love in a very short period of time after being married for 10 years? so he wasn’t supposed to be there for his wife who attempted suicide? she must have been very distraught to even try to take her own life. I like watching this drama but it doesn’t mean that I agree with the way things are happening. This has NOTHING to do with my personal life. And I don’t see how you could possibly know what the writer is thinking, etc.. you can’t because you are not him/her.. you are just making assumptions like we all are. And since SY seems to be your favorite character then you should remember her words in episode 17.. didn’t she say that now she understands how HJ felt because she wasn’t there to see if in those 4 days there was actually something sexual happening or not????

  25. 575
    WoopDiDoo Says:


    HJ chose to commit suicide by her own impatience and lack of judgement and lack of thinking through her actions, which are based upon anger and emotions. She was never there for her husband through his ordeal besides asking what are we going to do now about my father’s money I invested into the condo??? Let’s just spend the three days shopping and having fun then. Whatever!

    I don’t like SY either but HJ is as guilty there in HK as was SY. She only made matters worse and led SH to think more about SY’s arrogant deal. SY shouldn’t be allowed to test another’s marriage but I think HJ testing her husband’s “commitment” after losing a lot of money and his wife trying to commit suicide…..yeah that’s not going to end well.

    SH may have developed feelings but HJ saying she trusted her husband was all talk. While SY clearly made HJ doubt SY more, HJ never really accepted SY after HK. She’s not an innocent wife. HJ isn’t a huge victim because she only made matters worse also for everyone around.

  26. 576
    Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. I definitely don’t think that HJ is a Saint. Yes she made many mistakes too. But I don’t see how people can say that SY made a “silly” mistake. Silly? who is she to test someone else’s marriage. she is already flawed herself. Just because she is rich and elegant her evil intentions are justified? I haven’t seen any of her other work but I think people like her because of who she is in real life. I guess she is a big actress in Korea and SH is a big actor. But we are not talking about the actors and actresses here. we are talking about the characters they portray. SY is far far from being a gentle soul.

  27. 577
    Wow Says:

    #551 #561 #572 NagNag
    Well done in your comments! You said it like it is. I agree with You !00%
    on your comments.

    #573 #575 WoopDiDoo
    Well said !
    Can’t saying any better then both You and NagNag!
    If some would review the episode from 1-2-3, there is the area most misunderstand on SY, SH and HJ.

  28. 578
    Lila Says:

    SH and HJ are a fictional couple, but in real life what about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston? They were still married when Brad met Angelina Jolie and then later he decided to change his life choosing to be her partner and father for Maddox at that time. Brad wasn’t in SH’s awful financial situation and Jen wasn’t the HJ’s type of limited wife, they were brilliant together and they married being in love so what happened? Did Angelina Jolie tempt Brad during Mr&Mrs Smith filming? Who knows, but Brad disclosed “It was a conscious change. This was about a decade ago. It was an epiphany – a decision not to squander my opportunities,” he said in an interview this year, “It was a feeling of get up. Because otherwise, what’s the point?” Also Brad describes himself as “a guy who felt he grew up in something of a vacuum and wanted to see things, wanted to be inspired. I followed that other thing. I spent years f***ing off.”
    Jean Black – Brad Pitt’s make up artist declared that Angelina was able to “unleash” Brad’s full potential, “I think Brad was ready to soar when he met Angie,” she says.
    “This is not to say anything negative about Jennifer. I was part of that and I know that he and Jen are very good friends and he cared deeply for her.”
    And maybe is relevant to add what Angelina told Vogue in 2007 of how her and Brad’s romance started after filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith together: “We spent a lot of time contemplating and thinking and talking about what we both wanted in life and realized that we wanted very, very similar things. And then we just continued to take time. We remained very, very good friends—with this realization—for a long time. And then life developed in a way where we could be together, where it felt like something we would do, we should do.” (source:mirror.co.uk)
    It was fair for Jennifer? No, but this is life and could happen to all of us, so we have to accept and move on than being both miserable in a marriage that brings us down and ruins our self-esteem.
    I believe that SH made a conscious change too during his trip in Brasil.

  29. 579
    NagNag Says:

    It seems like someone has a long way to go in understanding how the world works .

    Firstly , there’s no fairness in this world , like it or not. Though we all expect it & to be treated so but look around you , & you’ll see that it is never the case. Someone who doesn’t work as hard as you but he gets the promotion. Why ? perhaps your boss doesn’t like you . Or in the drama, how many could be as wealthy as SY who owns hotels & wears a Jaeger-LeCoultre Celestial that costs more than sixty thousand US$ , & drives a Lexus LS which costs double. And how many could be as wealthy & influential as MW to have state prosecutors do his bidding & thus , make it possible for him to carry out HJ’s revenge.

    Secondly , it’s all about choices . The choices you have in life , which you make or choose that would BENEFIT you . And those choices which do not benefit, they are considered mistakes , for which you will have to take responsibility & bear the consequences , without exception.

    So , SH made his choice to have that ‘ deal ‘ hoping that it would solve all his problem . And instead of choosing to trust him , or at least to discuss the possible ways to solve their problem , his wife HJ made a mindless choice to help . And of coz , with her own business agenda & foolish pride , SY made that silly choice of dangling the ‘ deal ‘ in front of SH , instead of telling him outright or lending him the money .

    Therefore , it is really about choices . And of course , some people will have more choices in life than others , they are usually the rich & powerful .

  30. 580
    Ally Says:

    NagNag it still amazes me how you give yourself the right to make assumptions about people and you seem to really think that you know it all.. you know what the writer wants to relay.. you know how this world works.. you have it ALL figured out!!!!! All I have to say is GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!

  31. 581
    Sandy 2 Says:

    Ally @ 576, compared to the rest of them HJ is a saint. I don’t call what she did, her revenge, evil. I think it was stupid for the writer having her marry MW to exact her revenge. She could have done that herself with a post to the internet.

    SY in my opinion is cruel beyond words. She’s also think she’ God that she can play with people lives. I don’t know what she’s like in real life, however, I was shocked to read a South Korean articles of people making fun of her because she is or was dating an actor 6 years younger than her. They were calling her mother and him son.

  32. 582
    Sandy 2 Says:

    Ally, a agree with you 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 583
    Ally Says:

    Just because life is unfair and some people have more money and they can meddle in other people’s lives and use their power and money we should just go with the flow and accept it???? I don’t get the point here. Life is definitely not always fair but not agreeing with circumstances doesn’t mean we don’t understand how the world works!! we are stating on viewpoints on the drama but what does that have anything to do with understand how the world works. Understanding and accepting it are two very different things.. out of curiosity, NagNag where are you from? Just wondering.

  34. 584
    Ally Says:

    @Sandy I don’t understand why people are condemning HJ but not SY.. I don’t even know what they mean when they say life is unfair, etc.. we all know some people have an exuberant amount of money and they use their power in evil ways.. some people call it a “silly mistake”.. maybe they don’t know what silly means.. but why are they ok with what she did? is it because she has money and she can? I don’t understand what they mean.. Yes HJ made mistakes too but she is way better than them.. What SY did is unethical.. who is she? maybe for some people because she has money she is God and she can decide to test other people’s marriage… People definitely have different mentalities and viewpoints..

  35. 585
    WoopDiDoo Says:


    I don’t know about “compared to the rest of them HJ is a saint.” To be honest, she’s far from innocent, and the most innocent one in my opinion, is SH. HJ, to me, is the one who really broke up the marriage. Yes, SH and SY had a big part to do with it, but HJ never accepted SH again. Yes she waited for SH at HK airport but her actions only screwed her marriage over.

    The suicide trial made SH think drastically. The lack of accepting SH only made matters worse even though he kept trying to reconcile. I think in some ways, SH could have done a little better but HJ kept doubting a man – in my opinions – who would’ve pushed SY immediately away had he gotten a firm acceptance from his wife.

    And to others, SY has no right to test others’ marriages or strengths. But I think the writers wanted a character like that. A woman with no relationship experience here to play the relationship like a game. But I feel like every rich female character is very good at manipulation in Korean dramas XD

  36. 586
    NagNag Says:

    Just as you are entitled to say your opinion or comment about things . You are also entitled to do what you like , with whatever resources you have , so long as you don’t break the Law .

    As for the moral or ethical thing , you need to answer to God & to people around or your loved ones , like your parents , husband or wife or siblings or friends etc.

    Nobody needs to give you the right , you are Entitled to it . Therefore, ALL you need to do is to Make Your Choice of what you like or Want to do , & be Responsible for it . If that choice is a Good one , you get to be benefited , if it turns out to be Bad , you make a Mistake in choosing that choice .

    Thus, depending on how serious is your mistake, you’ll get to be punished accordingly , by losing something somehow , like your freedom or money to pay fines if you choose to break the law, your marriage if you choose not to trust or care , your friends if you choose to be selfish , your respect from others if you choose to be ill-behaved , your integrity if you choose to be unscrupulous in your dealings , your business if you choose to take the risk to expend , your health if you choose not to take care or eat junk food etc. etc … & the list could go on .

  37. 587
    kibby Says:

    Hey Sandy 2

    I get it that you hate SY character, but please avoid personal attack on CJW. Think before yo click!!!!!!!!!

  38. 588
    senahensem Says:

    Temptation..temptation….go for SH n SY……

  39. 589
    NagNag Says:

    Sure. Everyone makes mistakes & perhaps for some , irreparable mistakes from the bad choices we make , as we are all no saint .

    And the severity of any mistakes will definitely cause hurt , heartache or suffering from having to lose the things we value or hold dear to our hearts .

    Therefore, the arrogant mistake which SY made cause her to suffer too , as she found herself get attracted to SH gradually , a married man who could not reciprocate her feeling.

    Subsequently, besides being in this messy relationship which caused much heartache & unpleasantness , SY also fell out with father who gave her an ultimatum to leave SH , & eventually ousted her from her CEO position in the company , for which she had worked hard & sacrificed much all her younger years .

  40. 590
    plain Says:

    @NagNag,thank you for all the beautiful comment about this drama,I wish @Ally will take your advise go back and re watch this drama again maybe we will not be rehashing same worlds time and time again,when the truth is starring at our face,I hate to tell somebody to stop watching a drama,I could have come out and say stop watching this drama if you don’t understand what you are watching.@ WoopDiDoo,great comments again.Thank you.

    If the writer has to do justices to his writing and story he couldn’t have had SY so sick at this time and will not be able to have a child for the rest of her life,this is were life is not fair to those who are kind and generous to others,the writer punish SY for no reason at all,this is the writer story he turn his writing upside down by one person who truly have a conscience to suffer misfortune in life,if SY was to be a rich arrogance person the way some thought she is,she will never enter that ocean to save HJ,that will be so stupid of her as intelligent person will rather call 911or Hong Kong police that someone is drowning in the ocean instead of going in to save her,and before then HJ has drown,and when she offer her money and comfort to SH,in this way SY could have truly been a hero without lifting a finger as some think to destroy HJ and SH marriage. her generous offered has turn to be misfortune and punishment to her, and as a sinner to some people,including the writer.

    I wish someone can re write this drama again.Which HJ life insurance will keep her father’s house,her father will be so happy living in it.SY will then bail out SH from his debt and comfort him,after two year we see SH offering flowers in HJ grave,and move on.this could have been a wonderful love story,there couldn’t have been any need for some people to see SY as a home wrecker.The writer could have rewarded SY with plenty of babies with SH.This is where some could have understand the true meaning of help and caring to someone you nearly know and a good way to get what you want.

  41. 591
    Ally Says:

    @Plain.. I don’t think you are in any position to tell someone what to do or not to do and what to think and not to think. At least NagNag is polite and he/she is talking about the drama. Please don’t get personal and don’t tell me what I should do or not to do and what I should think or not to think.. Right there, you are showing what kind of a person you are.. Please take your own advice and stop watching the drama until someone rewrites it the way you want it to be and please stop making rude comments to me. I am definitely not interested in them. Thank you.

  42. 592
    Rose Says:

    @ 581 Sandy 2
    Your remarks about Choi Ji Woo’s private life are disrespectful and immature.
    Let me tell you that your comment speaks volumes about your personality. Don’t be such judgmental without a cause.
    She only is doing her job and very well since you hate her character this much.

  43. 593
    WoopDiDoo Says:

    Am I the only one who keeps seeing the lack of acceptance HJ gives SH? Didn’t SH keep turning down SY episodes 5-6? Doesn’t accept business offer? Only works for SY to pay back his debt of owing SY? SH tries to reconcile but HJ says let’s have a divorce?

  44. 594
    Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. I am not sure if you are a man or a woman but if your husband had started liking and missing another woman but still wanted to work things out with you how would you have felt?

  45. 595
    WoopDiDoo Says:


    I don’t know if you are a man or a woman but if you were the husband where he could either go to jail and lose his woman to suicide or accept the 1 million dollars and prevent the marriage splitting apart and also going to jail, which would you have chosen? Jail and no wife or no jail and still a wife?

    And then after that, if your wife keeps saying no to acceptance and reconcile, do you want to keep that marriage? Well SH said yes to this question and then HJ said divorce, so who is guilty here? And don’t answer SY because HJ is clearly more than 50% of the problem.

  46. 596
    Ally Says:

    @WoomDiDoo.. I can see why SH would accept the offer.. But he developed feelings for another woman in 4 days.. and he had been married and in love with his wife for 10 years.. How can you reconcile with a man whose heart has started liking another woman.. who thinks about another woman and misses her but at the same time he wants to stay married.. How can a woman live with a man who has another woman in his heart. Forget about SY. in my opinion she is the worst character in the drama.. but I am just talking about SH and his feelings for another woman..

  47. 597
    WoopDiDoo Says:


    I don’t like to talk about SY since I hate all rich women in Korean dramas. So with that…

    I don’t think SH developed feelings for SY. Rather, he felt like he owed her a debt. She bailed him out of jail and also saved his wife, both big traumatic things in his life that would have changed his life forever.

    I don’t think SH denied heavily that he did nothing but use SY to pay back his debt so he could go back to his marriage to HJ. But HJ was the one who kept doubting SH. The only times I think he sort of developed a little feeling personally was the 4th day and also the trip to the country side. But what did you expect SH to be feeling? He’s missing his wife and has gotten no acceptance. He’s continued to try and reconcile but to no effect. He wants to have some fun in his life again now that he gets to start over.

  48. 598
    Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. Well developing feelings in 4 days is not a good sign.. he was supposed to love his wife and then he starts having feelings for SY after 4 days… Actually, I think he had feelings when he came back and he even told SY on that countryside trip that he liked her and missed her but he loved his wife.. it is VERY hard to be with a man who has started to like another woman.. I know SH tried to get back with HJ but as HJ said many times in the drama SH’s heart had already left her.. Even when SH was leaving for Brazil he made it obvious that he liked SY and told her that he would come back. In my opinion even if HJ had accepted him the fact that he had feelings for another woman would have ruined the marriage. Even SH said that he was a different man since he came back from Hong Kong!

  49. 599
    WoopDiDoo Says:


    Yes he did develop some feelings but he was ready to push SY immediately away after helping SY’s company into the talk for M Hotel. He went to a dinner with HJ to say it’s all done with and let’s on with my marriage again but he comes to a dinner with HJ saying it’s over.

    I’m guessing you are a woman but wives need to do things for their husbands too. And HJ was never there for SH, not in HK, not after HK. You can argue SH developed some feelings for SY while repaying his debt but some feelings doesn’t make SH more guilty when HJ was thinking of pushing SH away for good.

    SH’s heart never, ever left HJ until after she announced she wanted a divorce. At least SH is rational, HJ is a different story. And where’s the love from HJ to SH? Were there any? Besides texting back and forth? Because it’s very hard for a man to be with a woman who doubts him and doesn’t want him.

  50. 600
    plain Says:

    @Ally,it is not your fault for not understanding this drama,believe me it is the writer fault for wanting to kill two birds with one stone,that is why you totally looked confuse about the story,I was mainly trying to put it in your way of understanding of what it truly a kind and generous person is to your view,that is why I was presenting other alternative for you to see you if it had happen that way you might like it and not see SY as a home wrecker and arrogance person uses her money to destroy marriage, sorry if I trick you off by saying it is the writer’s fault for not clearly presenting the way intelligent person will understand his story.

    Also it is SY fault for going to save HJ,why she forgot how her father totally depends on her as a man and a woman to him,she let herself down by falling in love with a marry man and still end up saving same man wife she is in love,that shows how unintelligent she really is,@Ally don’t get me wrong,I want you to continue to watch this drama I was just hoping that you truly understand what the story is all about when casting your judgement and to be fair good with reasons in condemning SY who went out on her way to help while you see her help as someone who destroyed someone’s life and marriage, in fact,when this is a person who had giving up on life to live with both her husband, father,and brother by giving her life insurance as a way out to save her father’s house.

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