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Temptation 05

Title: 유혹 / Temptation
Chinese Title: 诱惑
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Family
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2014-July-14 to 2014-Sep-16
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


A melodrama about a married man, Cha Suk Hoon (Kwon Sang Woo) who receives a huge sum of money from a woman, Yoo Se Young (Choi Ji Woo) to repay the huge debt he owes. Complications arise when the woman demands total submission from him, jeopardizes his relationship with his wife.


Main Cast

Kwon Sang Woo as Cha Suk Hoon
Choi Ji Woo as Yoo Se Young
Lee Jung Jin as Kang Min Woo
Park Ha Sun as Na Hong Joo

People around Se Young

Chae So Young as Yoo Se Jin
Kim Sung Kyum as Yoo Dal Ho
Hong Yeo Jin as Jung Yoon Suk
Joo Jin Mo as Choi Suk Ki
Jo Mi Ryung as Myung Hwa

People around Suk Hoon

Kim Hyung Bum as Jo Young Chul

People around Hong Joo

Choi Il Hwa as Na Shi Chan
Lee Jung Shin as Na Hong Gyu (Hong Joo’s brother)
Ahn Se Ha as Park Han Soo

People around Min Woo

Jo Hwi Joon as Roy
Yoon Ah Jung as Han Ji Sun
Jung Hye Sun as Im Jung Soon
Kim Ji Young as Kang Yoon Ah
Heo Jung Eun as Kang Sung Ah
Choi Hyun as Kim Doo Hyun

Production Credits

Production Company: Lee Kim Production and Company (이김프로덕션)
Chief Producer: Han Jung Hwan
Director: Park Young Soo
Screenwriter: Han Ji Hoon


Actors Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo reunite 11 years after their first drama together, Stairway to Heaven.

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-07-14 1 9.6 (12th) 11.9 (8th) 7.6 (20th) 8.6 (15th)
2014-07-15 2 8.3 (17th) 10.3 (12th) 8.0 (18th) 9.1 (14th)
2014-07-21 3 8.2 (18th) 9.9 (13th) 9.0 (13th) 10.3 (8th)
2014-07-22 4 8.4 (16th) 10.8 (9th) 8.3 (16th) 9.3 (13th)
2014-07-28 5 8.8 (14th) 10.5 (10th) 9.0 (14th) 9.3 (13th)
2014-07-29 6 8.5 (15th) 10.4 (11th) 8.9 (13th) 9.6 (10th)
2014-08-04 7 6.9 8.7 (16th) 8.3 9.3 (16th)
2014-08-05 8 8.3 (18th) 10.3 (11th) 9.5 (12th) 10.7 (9th)
2014-08-11 9 7.2 9.5 (13th) 8.6 (13th) 9.2 (12th)
2014-08-12 10 7.4 9.6 (13th) 8.6 (13th) 9.3 (12th)
2014-08-18 11 7.9 9.6 (14th) 8.1 (19th) 9.0 (17th)
2014-08-19 12 8.3 10.7 (13th) 8.8 (14th) 9.3 (13th)
2014-08-25 13 (<8.1) 9.8 (13th) 9.6 (16th) 10.6 (9th)
2014-08-26 14 8.4 (17th) 10.9 (10th) 10.0 (12th) 10.7 (10th)
2014-09-01 15 9.3 (12th) 11.1 (9th) 11.3 (6th) 12.2 (6th)
2014-09-02 16 8.5 (18th) 11.0 (11th) 10.1 (12th) 11.4 (10th)
2014-09-08 17 6.7 (20th) 8.2 (19th) 6.6 (16th) 7.2 (13th)
2014-09-09 18 8.1 (20th) 9.8 (16th) 8.3 (17th) 8.9 (14th)
2014-09-15 19 7.7 (20th) 9.6 (14th) 8.8 (17th) 9.7 (14th)
2014-09-16 20 10.1 (11th) 12.6 (8th) 10.8 (11th) 11.7 (10th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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827 Responses to “Temptation”

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  1. 451
    ayu Says:

    one thing why i love this drama because it was played by kwon sang woo and choi ji woo. it has nothin to do with the characters, i think they both lookin perfect as a couple on screen.

  2. 452
    rairamegumi Says:

    I think this drama tend to show the reaction of SY and HJ toward their love fate
    we already knew the reaction of HJ which untrust her husband and chose to take revenge
    then the drawa will show how SY now hold her love fate

  3. 453
    Nadege Says:

    I cannot stand SH (not the actor) and his arrogance. I meam MW did exactly to him & SY what they did to his ex-wife & now he feels aggrieved & going after MW.

    I am also disappointed with HJ & wish she stops with the vengeance & move on with her life! SH is not and was never worth it. He & SY & MW deserve each other. Each time I see HJ with the plotting, I get the sense she is out of her element & that is not her—the break up of her marriage was such a blow to her that I think she has become insane (I hope temporarily & she snaps out of it). MW, SH, & SY are cut from the same cloth. They are all immoral, unethical, & self center who covet what is not theirs & do not appreciate what they have or understand their actions lead to pain for others!

    The only people I like us Roy & his younger sister. Also despite her scheming, I like JS (MW’s ex wife). She is just trying to be part of her raughter’s life. MW was a terrible husband to her. I am rooting for her to he her kids back. She & HJ have more in common but due to their current situation? They can’t see that.

  4. 454
    Nadege Says:

    Oh the irony. From 14-15, SY is feeling what HJ felt & behaving like HJ when HJ was married to SH. She (SY) is afraid of losing him (SH) & even poses a similar question to him as HJ had that is who do you want to protect HJ or me. In essence she (SY) needs information from HJ on MW & thinks SH can get it from SJ.

    I am continuing to watch this in hope HJ wakes up & abandon he revenge plot & leaves MW, SY, SH behind to find happiness & love with someone else. I believe SH has passed the point of no return; HJ should never accept him back. At first I believed SH was with SY to avenge her involvement in the end of his marriage but now I am not so sure. He has fought more for his relationship with SY than he had for his marriage.

    After what SY did to get SH, I would think she would understand MW. I don’t get her outrage & feeling of being wronged. They both covet what is not their & play unjustly to obtain what is already spoken for. For her is going after SH & blantely informing his wife (HJ) of her intent & for MW it is going after businesses that SY is acquiring or working with & blantely informing her (SY) of his intentions. Like HJ who is vengeful against SY & SH, SY & SH are being vengeful towards MW.

    As HJ explain to MW, she left SH not because she did not love him but because his heart left her before his body. I just wish she did not turn back for revenge & kept going to find happiness with someone new. Althought the pain SH inflicted on her would have created in obstacle & made it hard for her to love/trust again.

    SJ, with a brother like hers who needs enemies. Do not like him either. Have no problem him dating the sister of the woman he thinks caused the breakage of his sister’s marriage or letting SH know his sister was responsible for everyone knowing his relationship with SY but have an issue not letting her sister know & letting her know he informed on her to her ex husband.

  5. 455
    Janice Says:

    yes. continue to watch the paragon of womanly virtue Na Hong Joo.

  6. 456
    Sam Says:

    Temptation did them all in and revenge dragged them deeper……

    In this interesting drama, I wish we could learn to fight for the person we love, to learn to let go, forgive and discover how to truly love.

    I remember what Ghandhi said: an eye for an eye will make the world blind. A person who doesn’t know how to love but chooses to be spiteful or revengeful will not help the world attain peace.

  7. 457
    Sam Says:

    Henry Powell Spring said it eloquently like this:
    The Spirit and Beings continue unselfishly to maintain life upon our planet, restoring us nightly, and forgiving us our wilful blindnesses far beyond our spiritual or bodily capacity of repayment. If the Spirit, Who is Life, exacted an eye for an eye, or a tooth for a tooth, this world would indeed be peopled with the blind and the toothless.

  8. 458
    SAd Says:

    #437 Plain and # 439!
    Total agree with both of U etc……………You said like it is! Great Job!
    Some of this comments, it is not worth reading.
    Some need to go back and retract from episode #1, how and why this SH & HJ came upon mis-judgement.

    Remember SY ask SH a questioned? His answer was I LOVE MY WIFE!
    And remember his wife HJ said to SY “QUOTE! “I TRUST MY HUSBAND”

    But Jealousy over took HJ and everything fell apart!

    It takes TWO to Tangle, not only one person get all the blame!

  9. 459
    NagNag Says:

    I think HJ is really a SICK person…and a no brainer .

    To MW , She did not love him at all, but for the sole purpose of her revenge , could actually MARRY him ( very unbecoming of a lady ) , and yet would be so bothered about his philandering behavior, to even tail him to the hotel room.

    To SH , she traumatized him in HongKong by trying to commit suicide for a stupid reason . And since returning from HongKong, instead of hearing him out, chose to dwell in her own suspicion . Then , willfully initiated the divorce when he tried to reconcile, yet ran to him for help when MW was angry at her.. in EP 16.

  10. 460
    SAd Says:

    #459 NagNag!
    You got it babe, U said it like it is!

    She married someone just to get revenge, “NO LOVE FOR MW! Period!
    So why she get Upset, when ex wife (JS) nibble her way back to ex-hubby (MW) for some pleasure.!
    MW and ex wife JS are match made in Heaven, they both cheat and had so much affair with others, they both live in heaven delight dream world. As for MW mother, heaven forbid!
    For SY, never was in LOVE, and in some ways SH capture her (SY) heart she was so breath taking by his every move.
    Altho’ knowing he was a married man, what can she do! Love do strange things!
    Who is to blame? I believe it is HJ, who gave up so fast and let SH go without a battle, as she claim she love and trust her husband.
    As SY was very much Available she had every instance to chase after SH!.
    Which SH try to revived his marriage but HJ said she wants to retire from him and gave him a divorce paper.
    For SY & Sh, they have soooooooooooo much Chemistry together, every drama the act together was so GREAT and POWERFUL, they are Match Made IN Heaven!
    Both are Good Actor and Actress!
    Hope ending will be Good, maybe Sad!

  11. 461
    plain Says:

    I am not happy at all with this writer,I was seriously hoping for SY to get pregnant with SH child,so that her father will ease up his dismay about her daughter relationship,even Sh could have been very happy,but what I am seeing this writer is throwing stupid tumor story into this unique relationship.For goodness sake why is this writer making MW EX pregnant again three children not enough,instead of giving SY a child you are giving MW EX child which make no scene,if SY were to be pregnant and her life is in danger will be understandable as we see how she and SH work through it and come out with happy ending.
    I don’t want to waste my time as I waste my time in watching NOBLE WOMAN’ which that writer turn it to be NOBLE IDIOT by sending a whole family into plane crash because she was desperate for rating and it comes back to back fire on her writing,and this one want to do stair ways two again why, why spoil a good story with tumor I hope this is misdiagnose,other doctor will take a good look at it and come out with a positive answer.
    any drama that end in tragedy I don’t watch it I always avoid it because it leaves one with bad memories anytime someone mention the name.

  12. 462
    Sam Says:

    @plain 461..sad thing is Korean drama, is overly spiced with these kind of tragic stuff:( They’re actually what Kdrama is made of: amnesia, accidents, cancer, revenge, dead becoming undead, contract marriages etc. etc.

  13. 463
    Lila Says:

    @ plain & @ Sam
    Unfortunately, I expected to be like this and even I wrote in my comment # 48. I really don’t know why a drama that could be great, they shrink it down to less in its second half, often with the turning points of the storyline which insult our intelligence, but they have great actors who always give their best and for that I make a bow towards the actors and I will watch till the end. Let’s be optimistic and hope for a reasonable ending or who knows maybe the scriptwriter will make us a big surprise in a good way in the last 4 eps.

  14. 464
    NagNag Says:

    #460 SAd
    Very well said !.. couldn’t have agreed with you more !

    It’s sad to see how distorted some other people’s perceptions of this drama & their mentality in differentiating the right from wrong.

    The fact that this drama is so called ‘ Temptation ‘ as it did tell a unique story from the commonly perceived ones. Otherwise the script writer would have named it ; ‘Seduction’ or ‘Secret Affair’ or ‘Sweet Admirer’ or perhaps even ‘ Indecent Proposal’ for that matter . So, do watch the first three to four episodes two times or more , as they are very crucial for the understanding of how the whole story evolved…& the script writer’s thoughts.

  15. 465
    NagNag Says:

    Can’t help but to feel the pain to see SY go thru her love sickness..

    The all-time Hallyu Star , CHOI JI WOO ‘s acting is truly AMAZING with her over-powering & superb expressions of each & every of her thoughts & immense emotions in portraying the role of SY.

    Her cheerfulness when happy is contagious & when feeling sad, her sorrows shown on her face is heart wrenching to even watch.

    She could cry full of tears uncontrollably or weep silently by shedding tear drops down her cheeks , especially coupled with those forlorn glances of hers ( in the drama being rejected by SH at the town house , at the airport bidding goodbye to SH , at the hospital compound calling off the relationship , etc ) . All these never cease to fill me with awe & love for her.

    Little wonder that this drama is tailor-made for her , as she does look as Elegant & behave as Arrogantly as a rich & successful Business Woman , with a serious & workaholic attitude, who has neither the time nor the experience for love before.

  16. 466
    Lynn Says:

    I just wish that everyone will learn to just let go. Its not just for a reason of forgiving but to be free, to realize that it just life, to take past as a learning experience. After all the things that have been done. I believed nobody deserve to be happy. They all hurt somebody, and that is inexcusable. But nobody is perfect.

    In this life, its just matter of how you understand yourself and what its means to you to be happy. And it is not just a matter of decision but also options.

    So for me, if there is next life. All the characters should not meet again coz i think that they don’t deserve each other.

  17. 467
    SAd Says:

    #465 NagNag

  18. 468
    SAd Says:

    #465 NagNag
    Well said of Cho Ji Woo!
    Very intelligent, elegant, superior, powerful in her acting, beautiful with her charisma and enthusiasm, is so breath taking.

    For Kwon Sang Woo, Handsome, determination, his character is capable of portraying as a personality with great qualities.

    SY and SH have so much Chemistry, and there acting just capture many hearts.

  19. 469
    NagNag Says:

    I think that those who CHERISH Love , deserve the love…& to love.

    For couples who only care about who’s right or wrong , instead of extend kindness when a mistake has been made , would likely to ruin the relationship.

    KINDNESS is knowing that when you are being wronged by your loved one , you make effort to forgive , when forgiveness is seeked & effort is put in to repent , coz you cherish your love , even though you may not forget the wrong.

    So, if you choose to ABANDON your love instead of cherishing it , you give up your right to love or be in that love . Hence, you have only YOURSELF to blame.

  20. 470
    Rose Says:

    I saw K Sang Woo and Lee Jung Jin in several of their drams as like both of them in their performances.

    I have never see Choi J Woo – her voice is different – somewhat deep or masculine and I don’t think she is that pretty.

  21. 471
    plain Says:

    @Rose@NagNag@Sad,I love you guys insight and views in this drama,I hope this writer give us a satisfactory ending because I want to remember this drama be able to back re-watch it again.and recommend it for others to watch.

    I am a woman if my ex was half a man like SH,I will still be married to him by now,This is why I hate HJ character,if your husband has not cheated on you for part 10goods years, he has been faithful working hard to give you guys a better life only things did not work out for him the way he thought,you decide to chose your father’s house over your love for him in going to commit suicide,so where is the truth love you have for him again,things get hard you abandon him to face difficulty alone,and you want the man to wake up everyday beside you and say I love you my wife.That big pill to swallow,I myself don’t think that pill will pass the throat.
    So many argument about this drama,some who support HJ doesn’t want to know or talk about her suicide attempt mainly over her father’s house,and her selfish reason wanting to die leave her loving husband behind, father,and brother,how does HJ supporters define love or the writer?how is it that some don’t see this woman who ran away when things was hard and took the easy out to punish her husband more and a woman who saw what was thrown away pick it up and cherish it and also was graceful to have it.My guess this drama will not have a positive ending then,if the writer did not see the truth meaning of his message.

    to think of it, a wife who proclaim to loves her husband so much and was angry about her husband still in Hong Kong with other woman still have the time to think of a new hair due,it really shows how strong her love for her husband really is,and how angry she really was about her husband still in Hong Kong.
    I will really hate this drama if SY end up dead and did not have a child,this story will be baseless,meaningless to me.

  22. 472
    Sandy 2 Says:

    I personally am hoping that SY and SH receive a little of what they dished out. How stupid is it to take revenge on someone because they told the truth about what you did. If anything, take revenge on yourself for behaving in such a way that it brought a negative reaction on you. MW only did what HJ could have done herself–leaked the truth on the internet. Yeah, he told her father about the $1M part that wasn’t disclosed on the internet, but my goodness–did the man lie? Also, didn’t SY cause a man in the very beginning of this drama to have a heart attack and HJ, using her medical knowledge, saved him.

    I’m so tired of hearing about how good SY is, when she’s anything but good. I was happy with SH told her that he wouldn’t use HJ to get information about MW. However, he then turned around and hurt her by making MW believe that something was going on between him and her–punch MW like a jealous husband. Then when she comes to him because MW is suspecting her of providing information to SH, he tells her she needs to talk to her husband. No, you should clear up the misunderstanding SH because you caused it–a part of me think you did it on purpose. I do like SH, JS or SY.

    I will hate this drama even more, if the moral of it is “there are no boundaries, take what ever you want, no matter who it hurts. Money can buy you love.”

  23. 473
    Rose Says:

    Attention please!

    I’m Rose who wrote the previous comments, my last one was # 439 September 1st.
    I didn’t write the comment # 470, it’s just a coincidence of names.
    For more clarification, in my opinion, Choi Ji Woo is a genuine, refined, classy Korean beauty, her voice is very suited with her physique, a true lady and a great actress. I saw all her dramas.
    If I’ll write any comment will be strict about the drama and its characters as well as those already written. Thank you!

  24. 474
    reindeer song Says:

    Rose 473, good for you defend yourself. We should be speaking of the drama not personal attack. I stil do not think this is a good drama for both stars. I do not like the premise. You ruin a man good marriage for 1M dollars, did anyone expected they will continue as husband/wife? The trust has gone, did you not expect the wife to act that way? People who are writing are teenagers who has never been married. Look at the whole picture.

  25. 475
    AVOPIECE Says:

    I’m afraid to the ending of this drama, it looks like the movie Indecent Proposal where the original couple will be together in the end. If that happens, this is just a NONSENSE Drama.

  26. 476
    jo yee Says:

    Rose 473, i am agreed with u..
    I like Choi Ji Woo from the beginning, infect i had watched all her dramas.
    I like her dress up, her soft spoken..
    in this drama she is very elegant and intelligent.
    well done Ji Woo.
    Hope happy ending.

  27. 477
    Janice Says:

    Ahhhhh @Sandy2 you’re still here, and still watching this drama? Shouldn’t you avoid it like the plague?

  28. 478
    AVOPIECE Says:

    SEROUSLY after watching ep 17, I’m totally pissed to the writer. There are hints that SY will die. Its like Stairway to Heaven part 2. LOL SO i dropped this drama! You guys enjoy watching it!!!! 🙂

  29. 479
    NagNag Says:

    There is a saying ; ” Something has to happen , Will happen… & it happens for a Reason ”

    There are times when something happens to us which makes us wonder why it has to be US, and not other people. This saying will help us come to terms with it , & accept the responsibility for it ( though we have yet to figure out the reason ) , so as to get over the pain .

    Therefore, for those who still think that whatever happened to HJ was someone else’s fault , it would help to take a moment to reflect on the Saying .

  30. 480
    frances Says:

    aiyo..everyone asking to drop it off after watching ep 17, they must be reasons.
    so i will listen to u guys advise. just leave it. and stop watching.
    even though i like Choi Ji Woo.
    ratings so low..

  31. 481
    wallace woo Says:

    when does the eng subtitle appears ep 17 plays in the you tube on pacific time but not sub tittle appears

  32. 482
    SAd Says:

    This Writer, sure getting everyone UPROAR! She flinker with everyone emotion. This drama Story line in ways, getting all who watching drama Temptation so eager, depress and very Angry.

    No WONDER this drama rating so not that Great.

    She really Flip-Flop in writing this story


    This Drama could have had a very good rating, but alone the line you just got twisted in writing. Aigoo!

    We watching would really have enjoyed this drama! Aigoo

  33. 483
    AVOPIECE Says:


    If you are a CJW fan you must better to stopped watching this!! Im disappointed though. The first 10 episodes is so damn good, but they dragged it. 16 ep is enough. SY dying is not fit in the title.

  34. 484
    plain Says:

    I never thought that this writer will be foolish enough to listen to a few people who uses their life experience to compare to a woman who for no reason attempt suicide,and criticized the one who did everything good to help save a life.what a shame that this writer flip his mater piece into a garbage trash can for no apparent reason,he turn a happy ending drama into a tragedy sad memory,wow I can see this writer enjoying his big rating,a hand of applause for him hooray.

  35. 485
    Mary Says:

    Sheesh are most korean mother in laws this monstrous as they portray in dramas? Since when do ex-wives have more respect than the current wife?

    After ep 17, I just lost all respect for SH. (I’m still a fan of KSW). If he had fought for his marriage with HJ as he is now with SY, they’d still be married. By fight I don’t mean, “are u sure?” x3.

    There’s a reason why some completely cut ties with their ex. HJ needs to move on–away from MW & SH; she deserves better. I like her dad; he’s a good parent. He’s just about the only character I like left in this drama.

  36. 486
    Ally Says:

    Are you guys all leaving in lalaland? So what was HJ supposed to do? she was supposed to stay in Hong Kong while her stupid husband was spending all his time in some woman’s room? and then she was supposed to trust him and take him back after he told her that he liked the other woman and missed her? he was married to HJ. In 4 days he developed feelings for SY? then he is a total loser. the writer has portrayed a terrible character in SH. I have no respect for him. He never fought for his marriage the way he is fighting for his relationship with SY. he is not a good person. He doesn’t even deserve SY. I don’t like SY either. She ruined a marriage and she bluntly told the wife that she had feelings for her husband. Her relationship with SH is tainted too. HJ didn’t do anything wrong. Her husband had developed feelings for another woman in 4 miserable days. She deserves much better than SH.

  37. 487
    morally Says:

    @mary. You just said everything I wanted to say. If all people has a father like HJ has, this world will be a better place to live, humble not greedy very understanding, he taught his daughter well, unlike some monster like MW’s mother. I wish HJ can move on and be happy.

  38. 488
    aim Says:

    HJ wanted a revenge from MW,MW gave her revenge,she told the man for goodness sake I don’t love,excuses excuses all the time for HJ,she is a full grown woman who should make a good decision about her life base on pass experiences that is how we don’t make same mistake twice, not act like a child who was just born today and I don’t think if any man in right mind hear a woman said to him I don’t love you he will then take that relationship seriously or else he want to live a miserable life.no one hold a gun on her head to make decisions she has been making,I don’t pity HJ here,she brought all this to herself,I am very disappointed on this drama and the writer too,I wish I never lay my eyes on this drama,this writer really disappoint me for making SY so sick,I am so sick of all this dramas with good beginnings end up with no meaning.@plain I wouldn’t have said it better thank you for your insight view on this drama.

    I don’t know if there is any Korean drama I want to watch for now again after this big disappointment,I will hold off for now and wait after a drama ends I will then decide if the drama worthy watching.I hate desperate writers who always go for big rating and lost their mind and focus what their message really was,it is a shame that this writer has join one of the writers i will not watch their drama again.

  39. 489
    Nadege Says:

    @ Sandy 2, I agree!

    When I watch a drama, a play, or movie, it is about the characters & story not about the actors or how I like them. It is a disservice to the actor/actress & their talent or craft when the viewer cannot differentiate between the actor & the character which they portray. It means they are not doing a good job in embodying the character they play!!!!!!

  40. 490
    Sam Says:

    The rating plummeted at ep. 17. Everybody must be really disappointed in the drama. Just when its trying to pick up………..

  41. 491
    Ginger Says:

    Avopiece 475… I too am having the same thoughts. I hate to see the original couples getting back again. HJ don’t deserve a second chance with SH. She was the culprit who started the ball rolling….attempting suicide, pushing for a divorce and marrying MW to get revenge. I really hope SY n SH will end up together.

  42. 492
    dino Says:

    I think that both HJ and SH are at fault for their failed marriage… HJ for not wanting to work at saving the marriage and choose to ask for divorce so that she will not be the person to be dumped… SH for giving in to temptation just bec of the money dangled in front of him… the temptation of money then led to the temptation of adultery (though he did not commit physical adultery, emotional adultery is also adultery).

    However, i think so is worst concerning the plot is the twisted notion of the a couple who propagates emotional adultery later became the hero/heroine of the story (i.e. just because one is sick and is dying)

    These comments has nothing to do with whether i like the actor/actress or not but a pure commentary on the twisted values that is is propagating.

  43. 493
    Lynn Says:

    I don’t think that HJ didn’t try coz i think she did.. It just that she keep catching her husband together with this girl. You know, honest and faithful person when they got cheated it really hurt because you know that you did everything to be happy together. I bet it drove her crazy thinking all those scenes. So finally she “SNAPS”,get a divorce and have revenge to relieve for all the heartache or just to get even.

    And it was always the husband fault from the very beginning. He was selfish and didn’t even consider his wife when he made the decision. If he could treat his wife like that he should have divorce her before doing things like that. Leaving your partner hanging, insecure and full of doubt is unforgivable. And it doesn’t really matter if he was faithful for 10 years of their marriage, he was supposed to be faithful until he dies. Period.

    If i am the writer, I will let HJ be free from all the sadness. Forget this junk man. And learn to accept that there is nothing like forever in this world.

    All the actors are great in doing there jobs. They are so good that they get in to your skin. Its just that i hate that suppose to be bad people are the one’s that are happy at the end. For me that is totally unaccepted. Because if its gonna be like that in real life then people should realized that there is nothing you can get from being a good. The drama is freaking encouraging viewers to be a bad coz you will be rewarded from it at the end.


  44. 494
    NagNag Says:

    Some people really need to Wise up , know that one has to learn to take responsibilities of one’s mistakes & Reflect on one’s shortcomings , instead of blaming external factors & find excuses for HJ.

    For goodness sake , we are talking about a Marriage and not just a love relationship . It should be like what SH had said ,” a sand castle which could be built over & over again whenever it’s been hit by waves ” . He was willing to do so but not his wife HJ.

    If most wives handled their marriages the way HJ did, suspecting that their husbands had committed adultery or even Emotional adultery for that matter , & then going around blaming other females or whatever temptations that come their way , instead of taking the effort to reflect , to be more Understanding or more Forgiving , the World would have more Divorced couples than Married ones for sure.

  45. 495
    Ally Says:

    @NagNag.. are you serious? wives should accept the fact that the husband likes another woman and that he misses her? and they should be ok that he went back to work for her and stood her up when she needed to meet with her? and she should be ok that the other woman who offered her husband money declares her feelings openly? she should be ok and try to work on her marriage? are you oblivious to the fact that SH is trying so hard to make his relationship with SY work but he never tried as hard for his marriage? when it came to his marriage it was only words and no actions. come on. So you think the wife should be ok with emotional betrayal? wow.. that’s a chauvinistic view!!!!!

  46. 496
    Lynn Says:

    You know, people are different to each other. Some can forgive and forget and some cant…Can you blame them? Well, if you can i salute you but there are some other’s who can’t but i respect them. But the whole point of getting married is to be honest and faithful to each other until death do us part. So that was it…Well, except if you didn’t say those vow when you got married then you can excuse. But if you did, then what is the use of the vow and getting married at all.

    And if every guys will get married thinking that they can be forgiven when they cheated then may be they shouldn’t get married at all. We human are just good as our words….. When words that we are saying are empty means you are empty as a human too.

  47. 497
    Hamana Says:

    Thumb down.
    Lead actors act poorly regardless they were popular in the past. It seems that they were overrated.

  48. 498
    plain Says:

    @NagNag494,bless you my dear,sometime I wander if we all are watching same drama or some just uses our hurt to make a judgment by denying the truth,indeed if all women who are married on this earth are to be giving their husband’s a divorce paper the way it happen between SH and HJ case, were only emotional so call cheating was involves,every married couple will be divorce by now.

    In the really world we live in I have seen countless times were wife’s see husband sleeping with their best friend yet did nothing about,husbands posting their pictures in the internet,wife’s did nothing about,not because this wife’s were not hurt by their husbands action but chooses to see if they can work things out before deciding what next they could do,the writer tried to show the viewers the impulsive decision HJ made by marrying MW,which shows that were HJ is running to is not better than the one she left,a good example to all women like HJ is how HJ marry MW,she now see the different between the one she rejected and the one she marry to now.

    she did not experience any hurt from SH at all,she just let go like that,not until she marry to MW she know how a man really hurt a woman.In MW case,HJ did not know where to start from,she try to fight but her fight was useless because when she was going into this marry little did she know what is in store for her,she did not plan how she is going to combat MW infidelity,all what she is thinking off was her EX SH to make him pay so that he come running back to her. MW is a proud man,he was pampered by his mother,he never really learn how to respect a woman by keeping his pants up,also the first wife allow him to cheat on her,HJ thought she too could over come this kind of bad behavior she is not use to but the more she try to cover her bad marriage up pretending to be happy while she is not, the more MW flip it open to the world to see,and more miserable she becomes,this is how some woman who never learn from their first mistake lives their,this time she really did experience the things she could have done differently with SH only that it was too late.

  49. 499
    plain Says:

    other thing, the whole point of getting married is also for better for worse,for riches or for poor,not only honest and faithful,marriage works when everything comes together.

  50. 500
    Mary Says:

    @Ally 495. Well said!! Keep it up. Apparently some still can’t get past the downing part, thinks SY has done nothing wrong but a savior to HJ. I loved HJ’s response to SY, “you should’ve just let me die in hell than live in hell”

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