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Temptation 05

Title: 유혹 / Temptation
Chinese Title: 诱惑
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Family
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2014-July-14 to 2014-Sep-16
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


A melodrama about a married man, Cha Suk Hoon (Kwon Sang Woo) who receives a huge sum of money from a woman, Yoo Se Young (Choi Ji Woo) to repay the huge debt he owes. Complications arise when the woman demands total submission from him, jeopardizes his relationship with his wife.


Main Cast

Kwon Sang Woo as Cha Suk Hoon
Choi Ji Woo as Yoo Se Young
Lee Jung Jin as Kang Min Woo
Park Ha Sun as Na Hong Joo

People around Se Young

Chae So Young as Yoo Se Jin
Kim Sung Kyum as Yoo Dal Ho
Hong Yeo Jin as Jung Yoon Suk
Joo Jin Mo as Choi Suk Ki
Jo Mi Ryung as Myung Hwa

People around Suk Hoon

Kim Hyung Bum as Jo Young Chul

People around Hong Joo

Choi Il Hwa as Na Shi Chan
Lee Jung Shin as Na Hong Gyu (Hong Joo’s brother)
Ahn Se Ha as Park Han Soo

People around Min Woo

Jo Hwi Joon as Roy
Yoon Ah Jung as Han Ji Sun
Jung Hye Sun as Im Jung Soon
Kim Ji Young as Kang Yoon Ah
Heo Jung Eun as Kang Sung Ah
Choi Hyun as Kim Doo Hyun

Production Credits

Production Company: Lee Kim Production and Company (이김프로덕션)
Chief Producer: Han Jung Hwan
Director: Park Young Soo
Screenwriter: Han Ji Hoon


Actors Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo reunite 11 years after their first drama together, Stairway to Heaven.

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-07-14 1 9.6 (12th) 11.9 (8th) 7.6 (20th) 8.6 (15th)
2014-07-15 2 8.3 (17th) 10.3 (12th) 8.0 (18th) 9.1 (14th)
2014-07-21 3 8.2 (18th) 9.9 (13th) 9.0 (13th) 10.3 (8th)
2014-07-22 4 8.4 (16th) 10.8 (9th) 8.3 (16th) 9.3 (13th)
2014-07-28 5 8.8 (14th) 10.5 (10th) 9.0 (14th) 9.3 (13th)
2014-07-29 6 8.5 (15th) 10.4 (11th) 8.9 (13th) 9.6 (10th)
2014-08-04 7 6.9 8.7 (16th) 8.3 9.3 (16th)
2014-08-05 8 8.3 (18th) 10.3 (11th) 9.5 (12th) 10.7 (9th)
2014-08-11 9 7.2 9.5 (13th) 8.6 (13th) 9.2 (12th)
2014-08-12 10 7.4 9.6 (13th) 8.6 (13th) 9.3 (12th)
2014-08-18 11 7.9 9.6 (14th) 8.1 (19th) 9.0 (17th)
2014-08-19 12 8.3 10.7 (13th) 8.8 (14th) 9.3 (13th)
2014-08-25 13 (<8.1) 9.8 (13th) 9.6 (16th) 10.6 (9th)
2014-08-26 14 8.4 (17th) 10.9 (10th) 10.0 (12th) 10.7 (10th)
2014-09-01 15 9.3 (12th) 11.1 (9th) 11.3 (6th) 12.2 (6th)
2014-09-02 16 8.5 (18th) 11.0 (11th) 10.1 (12th) 11.4 (10th)
2014-09-08 17 6.7 (20th) 8.2 (19th) 6.6 (16th) 7.2 (13th)
2014-09-09 18 8.1 (20th) 9.8 (16th) 8.3 (17th) 8.9 (14th)
2014-09-15 19 7.7 (20th) 9.6 (14th) 8.8 (17th) 9.7 (14th)
2014-09-16 20 10.1 (11th) 12.6 (8th) 10.8 (11th) 11.7 (10th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Iris Says:

    I so look forward to seeing this. I pray that someone subs it

  2. 2 : ryeongbin Says:

    I ready for crying

  3. 3 : maknaee Says:

    park ha-sun 😀

  4. 4 : niczej Says:

    Park Ha-Sun! 🙂

  5. 5 : rheapagita Says:

    really2 ready for crying :”)

  6. 6 : kingtez64 Says:

    Wow…awesome drama for sure with lee jung jin oh my…i cant wait to see them in one drama..

  7. 7 : emerald Says:

    great cast…

  8. 8 : tigerb Says:

    very adult theme. will see how it plays.

  9. 9 : Trinh Says:

    wow,I looking foward to see this dramma,love Cjw& Ksw couple so much!

  10. 10 : Klover Says:

    Oh my gosh! Chollo and Jodi reunites again in another drama! Hahahaha if you’re a Stairway To Heaven fan from the Philippines you’ll probably understand me :”)

  11. 11 : Aga Says:

    I love choi ji woo. Hope this drama surprises us.

  12. 12 : Ana Says:

    So exciting !!! Can’t wait for Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo ‘s new drama! Fighting!!! I love Stairway to heaven

  13. 13 : Lary Says:

    Omggggg!!!finally they reunite!!I’m about to cry

  14. 14 : rairamegumi Says:

    it’s so sad when I watched Stairway To Heaven… I hope this drama end with happy ending not sad one…I really like the two lead acting, they’re so natural in their acting…looking forward to this one

    also waiting for another reunion Bi-Song Hye Kyo after Full House

  15. 15 : eny Says:

    this drama is for mature audience, the story is really interesting, prepare for crying

  16. 16 : hehe Says:

    nice couple

  17. 17 : LoveDRAAAMA Says:

    CANT WAIT!!!!

  18. 18 : KDCraze Says:

    I don’t think I will watched this. I still remember when I watched Stairway To Heaven, I cried all the time until my eyes puffy. The ending is just too sad for me and still remember for many days. I think it’s the saddest K-drama I watched beside Tree Of Heaven, What Happened In Bali and Autumn Tale. However I must admit both Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo is a good actor.

  19. 19 : kati Says:

    OMOOOOOOOO this couple

  20. 20 : gemma viniegas Says:

    Love them!!!!!!choi ji woo &kwon sang woo….

  21. 21 : terazhang Says:

    the first half year of 2014, there’s not many drama that catches my eyes….hope the second half of the year will be different…..

    i cannot wait to watch this drama…after so many fun, romance, comedy, legal type of drama, i’m looking forward to cry my eyes out……however hopefully this drama love line wouldn’t turn me off in the middle like ‘ a new leaf’ did…

  22. 22 : rifka Says:

    Woooow……..!!!!! Oppa and Oeni kalau meraka sudah main berdua….di jamin pasti bagus jalan ceritanya….. Pasti…!!!!

  23. 23 : Sandy 2 Says:

    I have no desire to see this drama. Seems like the theme lately has been married men going with other women. No thank you.

  24. 24 : Thonychan Says:

    Waiting this drama !!!!

  25. 25 : bitbit Says:

    exciting!!!!!!! i will wait for this….aigo…

  26. 26 : amoy Says:

    park ha sun again,,,fightingg ok ok

  27. 27 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    I hope this won’t turn out like Choi Ji Woo’s last…dark, impersonal and forgettable.

  28. 28 : LIGHT Says:

    How do we get the broadcasting network? Pls explain…..

  29. 29 : Adhe Talla Says:

    No matter what, I have to watch this drama. It’s my goddess CJW eonni, afterall.

  30. 30 : Hotta Ao Says:

    8 days more ^_^

  31. 31 : windsun33 Says:

    Just hoping that the series is better than the synopsis, which does sound all that great.

  32. 32 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Not much of a fan of the actress, sorry, and do not want to see another drama supporting a man cheating on his wife. Why do we women support dramas about men cheating on their wives? Nor do I want to support dramas that encourages women to go after other women husbands.

  33. 33 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Tonight is the night ^_^

  34. 34 : julia Says:

    its about cheating and im sure its gonna be a sad love story

  35. 35 : Oreanna Says:

    Oh well, that is entertainment for all of us. No matter how much we think about the unfairness of the given subject but on the other hand, it’s still happening in reality. Yes, it’s a mean world but, we women have to deal with these problems because we all know they exist. It’s just the idea of how we women can deal with fidelity and go on living. You only suffer because you allow it to happen. The best deal to me, when a man wrongs me, I just get up, pack my bags and say….”SEE ya loser!!. That’s what a storng woman would do. Yeah? Easy to say cos for some women, it’s like losing a life altogether then, that is how men get to control us through our weakest point, and we keep on being pathetic weak men worshipping idiotic fools keep making excuses for the BIGGER fools, MEEEEEEEEEEn.

  36. 36 : Always Says:

    I can’t Waite till all the episodes is out so I can watch non-stop. My favorite actor Kansang Woo n actress Choi Ji woo. They r the best couple!

  37. 37 : Torri Says:

    Ok so I just watched the first ep the drama has a similarity with the movie called “indecent proposal” with Demi Moore and Robert Redford the only difference so far is the lady here is asking for 4days and 4night hahhahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile in the movie Robert only wanted 1 night with Demi Moore hmmmmm!!!!!!chio ji woo y my lovely lady are greedy ,how can u ask for 4nights girl!!!.well I am not in support of y wanting to borrow another woman man for 4nights and I hope borrowing is all y want and not more lol this is going to be a fun drama to watch ,the more I think about it and just a few prediction that I have .she is going get pregnant and will want to have the baby knowing very well her health can not permit that and she will die in the cause of birth and the poor guy will raise the child with his wife that’s is if she is able to erase the 4nights from her memory .to the cheaters this is only a drama don’t take this as an excuse to make it a reality just my prediction .so far so good very mature kids should not watch this

  38. 38 : MC Says:

    I watched the first episode and not sure if this drama will hold my attention and interest. I am tired of cheating couples storylines and especially when a husband or wife leases out their body for money. Boring!!!! But I will probably watch another episode to see where the story takes some of the other characters. Great cast, but “same o same o” writings.

  39. 39 : terazhang Says:

    Spoiler alert!!
    well the first episode is not so bad. I like how the director squeeze all the important ‘past’ scenes in one episode, so they are not wasting too many episodes to build up the plot. it’s really fast pace to begin with but it will slow down from now on.


    I think Yoo Se Young intends to be with child. that’s why she request 4 days from that guy.

    She knew it well that might be her last ‘chance’ at getting a baby. She’s a women after all. She’s strong but sometime we want our blood kin in this life too. I think that’s why she’s going after the fastest alternative that she can find. And I think ‘Seok Hoon’ did appeal to her during their brief encounter in the past.
    That guy appeal even to me…hehe.

    I like how it’s going with the first episode but still melodrama usually mess up in the middle of the story. Hope the writer can keep it going.

    The story line really doesn’t attract many viewers but i don’t really think that it is about a cheating spouse. It’s more about how money can buy one life and dignity..
    Money leads to this mess up relationship and i like to see where this all will be leading to.

  40. 40 : terazhang Says:

    i’m curious about ‘indecent proposal’ movie so i search about it.
    The story line is almost similar. i don’t like the ending of the movie though.
    Hope ‘Temptation’ will gives a satisfactory ending. I don’t know how but i hope the writers won’t pile up too many disappointment throughout the whole drama.

  41. 41 : chen Says:

    really love the story, want to see choi ji woo in that kind of role. hope the rating will give justice to the casts who acted so well.

  42. 42 : mml Says:

    After watching episode 1, Se Young made a deal with Suk Hoon and I guess I will know the answer on why it’s a melodrama ? Suk Hoon’s marriage will be greatly affected as no woman will allow their husband to be shared with other women.

    I guess Se Young wanted to steal Hong Joo’s husband and wanted Suk Hoon to become her real husband instead. This happen in many other countries whereby woman steal other people’s husband and ended up the man divorce with their wife and after the divorce , they will marry the woman that mess up his marriage.

    Looked at episode 1, when Se Young was trying and wearing Hong Joo’s shoes, Se Young’s face showed a sign of wanting Suk Hoon to be her husband instead. Se Young maybe rich and capable, but, who knows, inside her love heart, maybe totally hollow and she felt insecure and the moment when she saw Hong Joo looked so loving and happy with Suk Hoon besides her. Se Young will change to a woman who wanted to love the man that she likes by using money as a bargaining power.

    I guess, Se Young will try all her ways to win the love heart from Suk Hoon and Suk Hoon may end up with a sad broken marriage with Hong Joo. I think Se Young will try to influence Suk Hoon in certain ways.

  43. 43 : Torri Says:

    Ok!ok!ok! I did not see that coming .the whole work thing for 4 days ,so I take back my prediction and to the writer I would say y are good ,y sure had us thinking it was going to be an indecent proposal of sex and adultery well!well!well!,it gets more interesting .i love how she gradually broke off all the rules she set up from the start ,now let see the amount of trust married couples have because this show sure is about to make us face some realities when it comes to trust in any relationship ,love the show,fighting!!!!!!!!

  44. 44 : mml Says:

    @43 Torri,
    the main motive of Se Young is not that simple by sleeping and having an affair with Suk Hoon for a few days. Se Young her main motive is to steal Hong Joo’s husband and Se Young was secretly in love with Suk Hoon.

    Maybe, Se Young will be successful in winning the love heart of Suk Hoon. Suk Hoon will love his wife Hong Joo very much, but, maybe, after a severe quarrel over a by force decision to make a deal with Se Young so that Suk Hoon can solve his debt problem , I think, Suk Hoon will soon realise that his wife Hong Joo no longer can be the wife that he loves deeply, cos, he’s given a chance to compare Se Young with Hong Joo. Se Young more willing to help him and Hong Joo reluctant to listen to understand his difficulty. The more quarrel coming in a marriage, the more hatred and hurt and this is a time whereby Se Young will stand a higher chance to keep and comfort Suk Hoon and during this obstacle process that Suk Hoon’s facing and who knows he will fall in love with Se Young. And don’t forget Se Young maybe older than Hong Joo, but, Se Young also as pretty as Hong Joo. Pretty, rich, caring all these can be part of qualities that Suk Hoon may soon want to choose and re-start his new loveline and his new love destiny.

  45. 45 : terazhang Says:

    the writer is the best…never see that coming. Se young has a deeper character than she first appeared.
    No matter how much i thought about it, i don’t understand why she made that offer.
    Is she really want to wreck Seok Hoon marriage?
    Or is she just want to spent a moment with the only man that ever catch her attention( how one can remember the meeting that occur 10 years ago, I don’t really understand-they recognized each other at first sight even though their previous association is less than 1 hour. Maybe the guy leave a strong impression on her)
    I don’t know. in those four days I’m sure something has change about Seok Hoon.
    Is Se young real motive is to help him and make him stronger?

    By the way its nice to see choi ji woo took this role. She’s the best.

  46. 46 : terazhang Says:

    by the way why i feel that the one who’s going to mess up the marriage is Na hong Joo…
    Whatever she’s doing by getting involved with Kang Min Woo?
    I don’t know but that guy seems like the ticking bomb in this 2 episodes. It’s nice to see that he’d man up and take care of roy. But sure the boy is going to have rough days coming with all the things that going on in his father’s life. Poor boy…..

    A husband who left his wife after she’s delivering is not a good husband. For whatever reason he has, he’s too selfish.

  47. 47 : torri Says:

    @terazhang Says:
    well i can see you and i seem to be the thinking alike when it comes to this drama so far ,for one the writer did surprise us with the whole 4 days thing , i feel the is more to the first encounter between Cha Suk Hoon and Yoo Se Young, i can see he did try to get hired in her company but what stand out during the interview for her that caught her attention , we are still to see that , and if we are been honest Cha Suk Hoon is kind of attracted to the Yoo Se from the elevator scene and she has self told him he is easy to read she see it in his eyes or let me say he is curious about her some how ,
    all the same i can tell his wife is about to make some wrong decisions and as for Kang Min Woo , i kind of like him for now i might not know the whole story about his family but he seems like a guy who is trying not to hurt his family and i like how he is try to be a good dad to his son at least for now
    well am hooked for now cant wait till next week to see what happens next see u guys then

  48. 48 : Lila Says:

    I really enjoy seeing together my fav korean actress Choi Ji Woo, which is now a splendid lady and Kwon Sang Woo, though he isn’t my fav korean actor, I like to watch him.
    Unfortunately, from the beginning, this drama is full of korean clichés, which I’ve seen many times in many dramas and it’s regretful because the actors try their best. I hope the scriptwriter won’t ruin the drama modifying the story line due to the level of ratings or netizens’ reaction (in fact hypocrisy and false moral). I’ve seen too many dramas ruined in this way. Will see if in the end even the title “Temptation” remains suited to the story :)) .
    Anyway, I’ll watch this drama to its end no matter what, mainly for the lead actors.

  49. 49 : mml Says:

    After watching episode 2, i have decided to love Se Young and after helping Suk Hoon, she has decided to set him free and gain back his freedom and who knows towards the end of episode 2, I have realised that both of them may have a friendly farewell in Hong Kong and maybe complications will come in, when , both of them went back to Korea.

    I guess Se Young and Suk Hoon will meet again when they came back to Korea. The one who changed her love heart , must likely will be Suk Hoon’s wife Hong Joo and something strikes my curiosity is, under what circumstances will Suk Hoon and Se Young will meet one another again ? Temptation of this drama will bring in viewers to be excited, wanted to know the answer, will Suk Hoon will fall in love with Se Young after knowing that his marriage with Hong Joo was a failure as lack of trust. It’s very sad to see Hong Joo refused to trust and believed in Suk Hoon and what happened to Suk Hoon after his failure marriage with Hong Joo ? Will Suk Hoon can finally manage to win back his wife Hong Joo ?

    And where to watch episode 3 preview and also episode 4 preview ???

  50. 50 : Adhe Talla Says:

    well, after reading several comments from all of you guys, i can draw the inferences that most of ur comments are positive about this show and of course the thing which makes me more excited is everyone is on Se young and suk hoon’s side. alright, I do agree with that. I hope both Se young and suk hoon will end up loving each other sincerely in positive way eventhough we already caught the negative impression at first. For Choi ji woo eonni, congratulations, once more u steal our interest because of ur brilliant acting. i hope all is well until the end of this show. aja… aja… hwaiting!

  51. 51 : maja Says:

    i love the actors here but i dont like the story line …. so i decided not to watch this and wait for a more light story drama for my fave actor lee jung jin

  52. 52 : kian Says:

    temptation drama arent that bad just give it try.dont be so judgement.

  53. 53 : Hyeko Says:

    This drama is really bad. I tried and I slept. Nowadays, Korean dramas are less interesting as they are in the past.

  54. 54 : mml Says:

    Although, I seldom like to watch melodrama, but, I will make it as an exception case to watch this drama. I don’t know what’s the arrangement by the writer for the romance of Se Young ? Anyway, from episode 1 to episode 3 , it’s already very sad for Suk Hoon to love his wife Hong Joo.

    And maybe in time to come, Suk Hoon will be grateful to Se Young for making him to realise that, Hong Joo does not trust him and he will work hard to save his company and overcome poverty stricken and who knows he can become a Rich Cinderella Man.

    I am looking forward to watch on how can Se Young to be able to influence Suk Hoon to brave and work hard to overcome poverty ??

  55. 55 : aim Says:

    in this marriage,between Cha Suk Hoon and wife,I don’t know who to blame for the problem in the marriage,but if I where to blame I will blame the wife,she was the one who cause the problem when she decided to kill herself without thinking about the husband what kind of life he will live if she has succeeded drowning herself in the water,she want her life insurance to go to the husband what make her think that her life insurance is enough to pay that huge sum of debt that they own,also the insurance company might even accuse the husband of killing his wife because of the debt they own.This is unbelievable her stupid thinking also her actions the kind of sadness it will bring to her father,her father will give up that house in a second to save his daughter life.
    now if she doesn’t want her husband again when he comes back my guess the rich lady should take him because she had already given up on her husband before,when she decided to kill herself, how can the man will be able go home with you or trust you again when you asked him to, already try to kill yourself ,and when both of you go home ,you go home with an empty hand who is going to help pay for the debt when all they asset is gone. it does not make any diffidence now if the marriage is gone at least both of them are alive to find any other partner,it will free the man from guilt of killing his wife indirectly,for me is better both of them go to their separate ways instead of nagging each other everyday or leaving with each other without trust.

  56. 56 : torri Says:

    OK SO I WATCH LAST NIGHT EP Yoo Se Young LIKES Cha Suk Hoon alot i was not very certain before , but last night ep showed me she does , she is so attracted to the guy and cant take her mind off him and if am looking closely Cha Suk Hoon did also think of her at one time when they went for a bike ride and i see his fighting his attraction by acting like he cant stand her attitude toward life and in business as well but there is something in the air between them and very soon it will explode. now about Suk Hoon wife i don’t know what she is trying to do but if i were her and i wanted to save my marriage, now will be a better time to keep my husband close to me am not married but i know problems in a relationship are not solved by moving out of the house or avoiding each other rather it creates more space between couples , they need to talk about the trip , get angry in front of her husband, scream out her voice from anger and frustration if she wants but she needs to do that at home with him, because her actions right now will only make things more hard for them and push them further apart, well let see how this play out to writer good job so far cant wait to see how y make this characters drift apart and together as well

  57. 57 : aim Says:

    well,the rich lady was more than kind to this husband and wife,she scene the stupidity of the Kwon Sang Woo wife how she can say she love her husband so much to wanting to kill herself. not to be able to see her father’s house been taken by debtors to kill herself,believe me I understand her deep pain seeing all that both her and her husband has work for been taken away by a friend that they trusted,it is more than pain,but her actions was not to solve the problem rather to increase the problem and more to her father and her husband,there is no way her husband could have lived if she where to end up dead,the man could have also kill himself or live a miserable life for the rest of his life.This is why she should not blame the man when he comes back home but embrace him and pretend that three days apart never happened.

    then again that bike ride Kwon Sang Woo should have not encourage himself to do that,because it add salt to the injury,taken that bike ride was a very bad ideal because that woman she took that bike ride with is already in pain,if she see any source of joy or hope given to her by somebody,she will take it and want more of it,because that is what she has been longing for a long time but did not allow herself to be disappointed by trusting anyone, she thought Kwon Sang Woo lesson not to trust anyone in business but to be firm and upfront with whatever he is doing,with this three days he needs it to wake him up because he was sleeping before not thinking how one can survive in business world.So far she has done nothing wrong but save life from destroying I hope at the end of this drama she will be bless with what she thought she will never have again off course a child.

  58. 58 : mml Says:

    Episode 4, again, another level of misunderstanding that, Hong Joo mistaken her husband Suk Hoon. It’s very sad to see this pair of couple refused to listen and trust one another. And the strange thing that I noticed in episode 4 was Suk Hoon was very caring towards Se Young, Suk Hoon was willing to apologise for his bad temper towards Se Young and episode 4 gave me a stronger feeling that Suk Hoon may gradually fall in love with Se Young.

    Actually, Suk Hoon is very nice and helpful person. It seems that, at this point of time, he’s willing to believe and worked together with Se Young as a perfect team at work. It’s very motivating to see him with high spirit at work and being helpful with his friend. Suk Hoon should deserve to get love from the right person and through hurt, that he will realise that there’s somebody better than Hong Joo. Of course, I will hope that Suk Hoon and Hong Joo will never divorce, but, with the existence of Min Woo, I think, things will change along the way.

    In the earlier episode, Se Young was the one who jeopardizes Suk Hoon’s relationships with his wife. And at present, it looks like Min Woo will be the one who jeopardizes Hong Joo’s relationships with her husband Suk Hoon.
    It seems to me that Se Young, Min Woo, Hong Joo and Suk Hoon, these four persons will become more and more complicated to form their LOVE TEMPTATIONS.

    And I’m looking forward to watch episode 5 and episode 6.

  59. 59 : mml Says:

    What is the true meaning of love ? With all the misunderstandings and hurt, do you think the marriage of Suk Hoon and Hong Joo will be reconciled ? This drama is not just temptation, i think is the love temptation, that is to test one’s marriage , whether can it be a blissful marriage with the obstacles and misunderstandings ahead ? I hope that Suk Hoon’s marriage can be reconciled, but, if, his marriage really cannot be reconciled, then I really hope that Suk Hoon can find the real meaning of true love. To be given a second chance and to find his real love from Se Young. The character of Se Young leads to some mystery into this drama, I suspected Se Young secretly fell in love with Suk Hoon many many years ago that she accidentally met Suk Hoon before he got married with Hong Joo.

    Its’ getting more and more complicated and more and more difficult for Suk Hoon to reconcile his marriage. And I hope that Suk Hoon will stay strong and be hopeful in life, as he’s a very talented kind hearted guy. Suk Hoon should be given a chance to impress viewers, that he’s brave to overcome all obstacles and find his real true love destiny and this love temptation will really tempt me to continue to watch this drama .

  60. 60 : Atitaya Says:

    It ‘s just another drama. Don’t be too tense ,people !! Relax and enjoy the show.

  61. 61 : terazhang Says:

    i know it’s bad to wreck people’s marriage but why do I keep rooting for se young-seok hoon couple?

    *sigh* Really!! Drama did damage society moral and mentality…..

  62. 62 : kfan Says:


  63. 63 : mml Says:

    @61 terazhang,
    drama did not damage society and mentality, it’s talking about some true facts and reality of one’s temptation. Temptation can maybe many types, for example and it’s a true happening in China, there was a famous actor who became a third party of a couple, this couple whereby the wife was working as a famous DJ in China, the couple actually have some relationships misunderstandings and quarrelled and this famous actor coincidentally knew this DJ lady through working reasons and the actor successfully made the DJ lady divorce and after the divorce for two years, the DJ lady re-married to this actor and now this actor happily with a wife that he actually stole somebody’s wife and until now ,at present this re-married lady got a blissful marriage with this current actor. They have found a new-born hope in marriage and most of the people knew this news as it’s very popular in China.
    I cannot reveal the name of this China actor, otherwise, i will get myself into trouble, but, anyway, he successfully stole someone’s wife and transform it to become his wife and anyway, this China actor really treasures the wife, that he loves and i guess, he has found the true meaning of love and it’s difficult for me to comment bad about him, because, he has found happiness and win over something that he’s hungry for because of his love temptation.

    Now, back to the topic of this drama, i wonder will Suk Hoon eventually divorce and successfully found a new born love, whereby, he will treasure this new born true love, with lots of love, lots of cheer, lots of respect and lots of understandings ? Or Suk Hoon will choose not to divorce and continue to suffer in silent ? I don’t want what’s the writer’s arrangements and therefore , i will continue to watch this drama and continue to discuss.

  64. 64 : mml Says:

    Sorry my typing word mistake @63 mml, actually it should be corrected as i don’t know what’s the writer’s arrangements and therefore, i will continue to watch this drama and continue to discuss.

  65. 65 : plain Says:

    @aim,I am with you,how can you be angry at your husband when you try to kill yourself for same reason money?I don’t understand her anger here,Kwon Sang Woo would have been out of his mind to leave with her without accepting that proposer,there was no hope for them or where they are going to get that huge amount of money from,this kind of situation could have drag the husband crazy,with that debt when he goes out he will be worried that his wife will die,she almost die in Hong Kong,who will guess she wouldn’t try it again when all the debtors surrounded them and her father house is taken away,she should be ashamed of herself that other woman is cleaning up her mess,giving hope,she is the one who gave up on her marriage not the man,for now both of them need time apart to re examining the marriage if they are really right for each other,to be honesty,the trust has already be broken when she decided to kill herself,there is no way he could have refused that offer made to him to go home with a wife who has already tried suicide because of debt, her been angry is unfounded.

    if I where the man I will leave now in peace before she try other thing.can you imagine if it where to be in real life?what people will say,that her husband drown his wife In Hong Kong for life insurance money,no one will ever believe that he is innocent,is a done deed,the police could have come and take him away charge him for murder,there is no way people could have ever believed his story,when there is huge debt like that to pay,her crazy thinking of saving her husband could have destroyed the poor man life.I hope he pack his bag now and leave for good before is too late.This is why some people are innocent they found them guilty .

    This drama is very interesting,I am looking forward to the next episode,I guess this one will replace hotel king for me,very nice story.

  66. 66 : Superduper Says:

    Not sure why some people think this drama is boring because I think it’s a very good drama! I love Choi Ji Woo and her acting as well as her character. I see that the writers are slowly but surely showing that Choi Ji Woo’s character has real feelings and she deserves to be loved by someone that feels true love for her. I will continue to watch this drama. Good story! Just hope there is happy ending!

  67. 67 : Superduper Says:

    To heck with ratings, this drama should be number 1!

  68. 68 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I agree with the last couple of comments. The wife is def. not the victim in all this – I feel the husband is more of a ‘victim’ if anyone is. He was basically forced to accept CJW offer after his wife tried to commit suicide. It’s true he could still have said no but then he’s left still in huge debts and with a wife who just tried to commit suicide because of that same debt. I understand the wife being angry and hurt that he accepted the offer after she told him not to but it all started when she jumped into the ocean. The wife accepting that babysitting job is even worse – now she lives out of the house 5 days a week in another man’s home while that same man is in all openness trying to seduce her. I feel the title somehow refer more to the wife than the husband right now. The wife was mad at him staying out 4 days and now she’s out 5 days a week which would be bad enough even if their marriage was in perfect shape but she’s doing it while they are in a crisis – it’s def. not how they ever improve their marriage. It’s pretty clear CJW character has fallen for the husband and if I have to be honest – based on the way the wife has been acting up the last two episodes – I’d be considering a divorce if I was the husband.
    The drama also somehow reminds me of ‘One Warm Word’. They both deals with married couples and the sister of CJW character falling in love with the brother of HJ is like the sister in ‘One Warm Word’ falling in love with the brother of the other lady.

    I have to say though that MW is the lowest of all the four leads. He had a child with another woman apart from his wife and now he’s trying to seduce the wife of another man using his child – how low can you get.

  69. 69 : aim Says:

    when Kwon Sang Woo wife said to her husband that they should spend that money left by her husband friend,it move me to tears,because i remember her walking home also seeing her husband in the office drag like that,I said she must have suffered a lot to think of spending that money for herself,at least to enjoy one day before facing any problem that is ahead or to come,I never thought she was planing suicide at all.Now before one try suicide one must have given up all hopes and dreams,she did that,she give up her marriage,her husband, her father and brother,that is why trying to reconcile what she has given up on before is a waste of time.first,does she really love her husband?apart from the insurance money,at least she should have think of what her death will do to her husband,the pain and agony he is going to go through then what is he going to say to his father in law?when her husband comes back home to see father in law ask where is my daughter? o father in law your daughter is dead she drown herself,tell me if that father in law will not wish that his son in law never come back home alive also,the only thing she has done so far that is good was to take up that job, both of them need time out to see if living together worth coming back to,because she is the one who call attention to her marriage,now attention is given,she doesn’t like it,I found it ridiculous that she is condemning money and yet she want to die because of money.

    @Superduper,yes this drama is very good,it make you think,it could have been number one but KOREAN viewers doesn’t like anything that is a meaningful story,I mean, they like something wicked without no punishment given all is forgiven,including bad mother in laws tormenting daughter laws,senseless abuse and writing,glorifying encouraging thing that is not good ridiculous story,you imagine where the writer come from,let me stop now before someone pick offense.

  70. 70 : terazhang Says:


    haha chill ok…..I’m just saying that it make me lost sensitivity towards the sanctity of marriage…..
    how’s one trying to steal others wife and so on is not related to me….
    I believe that everyone has ‘someone’ that are fated for him/her. How long that destiny last also depends on one’s efforts and destiny….I have nothing to say to that.

  71. 71 : plain Says:

    @aim I too think anything that has nothing to do with wicked mother in laws does not fly well with Korean viewers,I have so much to say about the viewership in Korean but I stop here because this writing is good so far.

    Park Ha Sun can’t handle stress the way I see it,and the best thing for her now is caring for Roy even though is not a good idea for a married woman like her to do but it will take her mind of things settle down also give her time to think if continue with this marriage is what she really want,I hate mother in laws interfering in their sons marriage but this is where I will be bad,I will not my son to continue a marriage with a woman who have tried suicide sorry I will not permit it because i do not believe that money can solve all the problems in life, this why I doubt her saying about money if she really trust or believed what she is saying?that money can’t be for everything in life why will she try to kill herself?

  72. 72 : icha Says:

    I like Choi Ji Woo’s character… she’s great as always. so curious of what kind of relationship they had in the past.

  73. 73 : aim Says:

    Kang Min Woo I love his smiling face,though those smile has something hidden underneath them,he is the only one smiling in this drama I love it even though he is flirting with other man’s wife,in fact none of this characters are truly innocent,all of them are running away from something,starting from Kang Min Woo wife who comes clean about her intention no longer want to be married, Hong Joo,who feel that her life is over,she even said it to her husband that if she where to have a child she couldn’t have decided to jump into that water,that means her husband is not enough to stay alive, she is trying not to been seen running away from her marriage, also doesn’t want to come clean that she want out of the marriage that is why she is looking for a reason to stay married the answer to her prayers is to have a child.

    Yoo Se Young, he is confused,he doesn’t know what he wants anymore,a fail business ,having trouble with the wife,been attracted to other woman as he keep denying his attraction, all because he want to be a good husband to prove to his wife that he is a good man but things keep falling apart.

    Cha Suk Hoon who have been a lone for a long time found herself been attracted to a married man,she is not denying it,but did not welcome the idea to be with a married man also open to any possibility if he decide to leave his marriage, he will be welcomed,she even said it to the doctor that her heart is where the trouble is,one hand she doesn’t want to destroyed a marriage,in other hand she want the man,in this case all of them in this drama are having trouble staying with their partners none is free from been guilty.

    the person that i really feel sorry for is Yoo Se Young,his wife keep calling attention to their marriage and the people who come in contact with them are paying attention, you can’t blame them because she called they answered, so they too are not happy anything that get their attention and it is interesting they will go after it,that is how it goes.

  74. 74 : ching Says:

    we love them both in stairway to heaven why in the first place you made a story that they were not meant for each other many of followers were dissappointed plese let them be the partner

  75. 75 : ching Says:

    you know how much we love them in stairway to heaven and im so happy both of them are now together again its amazing then let them be the love of their life in the story

  76. 76 : Superduper Says:

    I agree with ching, true love should be between characters of CJW and KSW..love already in their eyes, just don’t realize that yet, can’t wait to see the next episode!

  77. 77 : heho Says:

    What the hell happened to Choi Ji Woo? Plastic surgery made her uglier. Gone is the natural looking beauty, I didn’t even recognized her.

  78. 78 : jimha Says:

    Stupid background music in parts.

  79. 79 : Peacemind Says:

    I’ve been watching this drama and start addicting to it. I only like a couple Hong Joo and Min Woo, my heart beat fast and my mind went crazy when I see both of them together. I don’t know why I don’t like the main couple Suk Hoon and Se Young, maybe they’re little boring and nothing special. Is there anyone have the same opinion with me ???

  80. 80 : jin Says:

    yeah i agree with you Peacemind although the romance isnt recognize yet but the spark between HJ and MW already shows,and the main character i dont like them tooi just like them as cholo and jody in stairway in heaven.

  81. 81 : plain Says:

    I agree that Min Woo is the only one smiling in this drama,every time he appears on screen he brighten up the drama and refresh it.he is so good looking. the main character look too sad,let the husband and wife move on,there are things that can be rebuild also there are things that can’t be rebuild,I for one knows that the offer that Suk Hoon made was not bad at all,some may think her offer was not nice because of the way she offered it but somebody who went into the water with you to save your life is not a bad person if she is she could have not went into that water to save your life,including when she brought her out she still insist of going back before Suk Hoon hit her face,as @aim said Hong Joo was the one who let the husband down by telling everyone that they are having problems so if I where Suk Hoon I too will also be curious to know how come this person that I just saw cleaning her husband face a few moment ago now try to kill herself by leaving the husband with a broken heart?so let me make Suk Hoon see how important her husband is by buying him.

  82. 82 : mml Says:

    Episode 5 was indeed very sad that Suk Hoon had awakened his mind to leave his father in law’s house and went to temporarily stayed at his junior’s house. Suk Hoon with his courage, he went to work at Se Young’s company and this maybe will be Suk Hoon new chapter of love and new chapter of hope in his directions of life.

    Se Young seems to be secretly falling in love with Suk Hoon deeply and will Se Young feel hurt by being a sided love person ??

  83. 83 : aim Says:

    @plain,right on, that is if such money worth dying for,when a human dies no money can wake that person up,but human can regain also rebuild everything that was lost including, house and some other property that was lost,this is what Hong Joo did not think of when she decided to kill herself,if they should ask her father give up this house for your daughter life in a split of seconds he will chose his daughter,I know sometimes pain and hopelessness can drive one crazy,that is why she should have gone to see Se Young then ask her why she save her now she is trying to take her husband away from her,at least she could have try to hear from Se Young herself before leaving Hong Kong,both husband and wife did not ask they both assume it is all about bed,if it is else where even though she dies,her husband will never get that money,the insurance company will assume that husband kill the wife.as for me let them just move on with their life,what pains me in this drama is that the writer make Min Woo a married man with children,that make me sad.

    I hope Se Young doesn’t die in this drama I will hate this drama if she dies.

  84. 84 : kdramafan Says:

    I love all the actors and actresses on this drama. Nobody should die at the end, and if it does, I will be pissed.

  85. 85 : ching Says:

    in behalf of peacemind its may you dont like cwj and ksw thats why you dont believe in their acting ability but to be honest with you all of them when it comes comes in acting aility they are all good thanks anyway for your comments

  86. 86 : ching Says:

    im counting on the writer that the story has a good ending hoping for the best

  87. 87 : Greet Says:

    wow this drama is really interesting , cjw and ksw are my favorite k artists ans im waiting for them to act again for 10 yrs and here it is now. the story is different from stairway to heaven but i know this is a good one. Im excited for the next episode.

  88. 88 : mml Says:

    Episode 6 more interesting than episode 5, i am hoping that Suk Hoon will find the real meaning of love when he’s given such good opportunity to work with Se Young. I like the character of Se Young, she’s so gentle and calm in speech. Se Young has a very unique beauty of attraction.

    Am looking forward to watch episode 7 and episode 8.

  89. 89 : aim Says:

    @mml88,you said things I was about to say,I just keep coming back to this thread,I don’t know why,maybe because of the two male leads so hot,I wish I can get one of them,the two female leads are very lucky to work with them,they are gorgeous [email protected],I too wanted the romance part between Suk Hoon and Se Young to be quicken,I am loosening patience,please dear writer fasten it up,with a good kiss,not a baby kiss like most Korean dramas act, please this is grown up drama, give us grown up romance,this is a beautiful one unique story,at least not the same usual Korean story line,this one engages your interested and wanting more and more,I wish I can fasten the time clock for tomorrow to be Monday.I can’t wait.

    this is fact,there is no moral character in this drama,I also love the charisma between Min Woo and Hong Joo,every time they are together they look so much at peace with each other,their looks long for each other,while they deny it just for the guilty of been married,if not those two could have falling in bed a long time ago.While also the look on Suk Hoon and Se Young face seems as if they want to rip each other clothe,there is so much tensions between these four leads

    one thing that I am bother about is,there was no need for Min Woo wife character here in this drama,the writer could have just work with this four leads alone,Min Woo wife character could have been useful in other drama because she really knows what she wants,she does not whine like most female leads in Korean dramas,she keep things simple and take care of business the where it suppose to be,she throw things back to the mother in law,no nonsense woman,this kind of character suppose to be on Saturdays and Sundays drama not here.

  90. 90 : ching Says:

    i agree with your comments about the wife of min ho just the same act in empress ki or maybe i dont like her acting ability.but wow its manly move by ksw i love it it makes me kilig like a teenager but im 58 years old and i love this drama

  91. 91 : ching Says:

    cant wait for another week for the next episode so beautiful story hpoing for a beautiful ending

  92. 92 : Superduper Says:

    @heho, you’re absolutely wrong. Choi Ji Woo is one of those that has never had plastic surgery. And she is still beautiful! Her character requires a bit more make up to look the part. I also think music fits the drama well. We all are entitled to our opinion. I really like the chemistry between CJW and KSW characters and looking forward to next week!

  93. 93 : diana Says:

    me gustan los personajes principales aunque toda vía no se desarrolla el amor me gusta xq parecen con que fueran adolescentes cuando recién se enamoran así es la actriz principal los amo Choi Ji Woo y Kwon Sang

  94. 94 : fei fei Says:

    i am a kwon sw fans, l love this grown up drama so much..
    i like choi ji won too.. she is very pretty, both of them act
    so good. it really interesting drama. i like happy ending too,
    if not half way i will drop it..

  95. 95 : Piqueek Says:

    It doesn’t seem like hearts are moved, judging by the comments. I was weighing to watch or not.

  96. 96 : torri Says:

    well i am still waiting for the peak of this drama to start off but so far i love how Yoo Se Young speaks her mind , in ep 6 Na Hong Joo tried to blame Yoo Se Young for the indecent in Japan but i love how Yoo Se Young pointed out to her that she was the coward that wanted to run away by committing suicide and leave her husband behind with the debts and heart break , and even when Na Hong Joo said her husband was only working there to make a point to her that he wont be tempted , i love how Yoo Se Young responded that then it wont be problem since she has started having feeling for the guy lol love this girl , why ,1) she loves her family , her dad did not have a son to take over the family empire but she took the responsibility and i guess in trying to be thought in the businesses world the poor girl forgot she was a woman who had needs like love and affection and now She has met someone who is bring out all this feelings she never new she had and she is try so hard to push the feeling away and more so the guy is a married man , i feel sorry for her , the are tough woman like her with money and are completely bitchy but she is not, you can tell she is a warm person especial the way she treats her dad and sister, i hope the writer does not kill her at the end serious warning to the writer don’t mess this drama up with an ending of anyone getting killed so far so good see you next monday

  97. 97 : terazhang Says:

    I love se young very much!!! she’s very cool when she’s trying to justify her action towards seok hoon to hong joo. I love her expression. Sometimes she looks cute and innocent.

    i don’t know, i think hong joo is so stupid when she suggest that they separate for a while to consider their relationship. Couple who do that always end up divorcing each other. If she really love her husband, she shouldn’t let him out of her sight. She should hold on tight and strong so that the husband won’t stray. People always swaying no matter what the issue is. So, the others around them should always be firm to bring them back to the correct path. However, Hong Joo did the opposite.

    She should reflect herself first before blaming Se Young or anyone. She’s too weak and always thinking about herself first before putting the husband into consideration. Always blaming seok hoon while pushing him further and further.

    Not that I’m bias towards the other leads but that’s what i thought about Hong Joo..

    By the way Han Ji sun, Min Woo’s wife really caught my eyes. I don’t think that she’s wicked and materialistic. I feel that at first she actually love Min Woo but somehow the feeling got tempered down dealing with his womanizing ways and selfish mother in law.
    She’s trying to protect her position and her daughters right in the family. I’m not surprised if she’s having affairs with other man since i don’t feel that Min Woo appreciate her very much.

  98. 98 : Chloe Says:

    I totally agree with torri says.

  99. 99 : Chloe Says:

    But! I’m afraid that, the ending not going to be happy.

  100. 100 : ching Says:

    terangzhang you must remenber she said that she married just for money

  101. 101 : ching Says:

    im totally agree to torri i was amazed by you the way you think is cool
    your a man full of understanding and you give love for no reason thanks

  102. 102 : Honeybee Says:

    Im a little bit curious about this drama and Im still undecided if i will going to watch it. it seems that their are so many heartbreaking scenes in this drama. It is good or not?…….. Thanks hahaha

  103. 103 : zaza Says:

    Ohhh… I don’t like the storyline. I don’t have the courage to watch unfaithful husband and wife … I don’t like. Even i like Lee Jung jin bbbut i don’t want to watch this drama.

  104. 104 : fourgreenrose Says:

    This drama is quite interesting. It’s not about husband and wife, it’s about love and trust. It’s about dignity and self-respect. The writer put on the table a story about a few characters which have to face a crisis in their life. How they will go through the crisis? The screenwriter Han Ji Hoon present here 5 types of women and until know only three types of men.
    The oldest one is a grandma with three grand-daughters and one grand-son. She is a monster in all means.
    Her daughter in law is a smart woman, married for money. She try to take maximum financial advantages from this marriage. More or less she made a choice and she try to live with it.
    Next in line is married loving her husband and her family. She is nurse and she has a very sensible heart. She understands very well her husband soul. She made a big mistake, but she is strong enough to not make compromises with her love. When she sense that her husband is looking for other woman, she let him go. What means to be together without trust and pure love? Means hell.
    That’s all for today.

  105. 105 : greeen Says:

    Choi Ji Woo will die in this drama.

  106. 106 : mml Says:

    @105 green,
    I guess Se Young will not die in this drama, maybe, Hong Joo and Suk Hoon their love marriage will die because of too much misunderstandings and both of them have lost faith and trust between one another. A melodrama talking about a failure marriage of a couple, maybe, Se Young can continue to live on her normal life, her only problem is, she cannot give birth to a child. Cannot give birth, nevermind, can adopt a child.

  107. 107 : Sailormoon Says:

    I hope this drama don’t have a tragic ending. *Sigh.

  108. 108 : greeen Says:

    @106 mml,
    Cancer maybe? Hahaha. It’s just my early prediction.

  109. 109 : secreto Says:

    ano ba to hindi ko malaman kung ano roll nila ang gulo

  110. 110 : secreto Says:


  111. 111 : rroxan Says:

    I hate Hong Joo i dont like her to be partner of Suk Hoon

  112. 112 : eny Says:

    just watch first 2 episode, so far i like it, the story is complicated, but make the viewer wanna see what will happen, lately all drama i watch always didn’t attract me to finish it. I hope ths drama will be interesting till the end

  113. 113 : honey Says:

    I want to slapped hong joo she is selfish.

  114. 114 : mml Says:

    @108 green,
    Se Young got a sickness and from what I know, that kind of sickness is related to women’s sickness, whereby after surgery, she cannot give birth of any child and she can’t be pregnant anymore. But, this kind of sickness is, any woman can still have marriage sex life and the only problem is, the person can no longer have any child. Let’s hope that, she’s not having any cancer problem, as most of the cancer problem are usually cannot be cured. And it’s extremely suffering to the sick people and also bring suffering to the family.

    Let’s hope that, Suk Hoon can have a stronger direction in life. He can be a very good person to assist Se Young at work, so that Se Young can more time with the family, rather than to spend so much time at work and cannot find the real meaning of happiness. It’s good to have a good position at work and it will be even good, if, one can spend time to love and care about the family members. Look at Se Young’s father, he’s so old and he has to worry for the two daughters. And why not, the children should try to spare time with their father ? I wonder, if , Suk Hoon will move to Se Young’s father house to stay with them , in view of work matter and also can create some comedy effect, then we can have some interesting thing to watch.

  115. 115 : sam go Says:

    i love this drama,am cjw ksw follower since the successful stairway to heaven days,a tear jecker tv series.its a no no boring episode since ep 1,a must see tv series.temptation is also is a must see…

  116. 116 : sillygirl Says:

    I’m wondering if se young and suk hoon will be together in the end…

  117. 117 : Hannah Says:

    I wanna watch this drama, but I’m kinda sick of melodrama right now. I mean, I’ve watched a lot of this kind of genre lately. I’m in the mood for comedy. So this drama will be in my watch-list drama.

  118. 118 : aim Says:

    I hope the writer will not turn this drama to be a boring sad ending,this drama should be a family drama not a tragedy drama.

    I read a parable,about a master and with his five servants.When he was traveling he gave his five servants money to keep,each of them use their money to trade,but only one of them keep his own,when the master return back and asked of his money he had given to them,one by one gave back more than the actual amount of money that their master gave to them,and the master was very happy that they use their money to trade and bring back more to him, but when the last one of them came to give back his own, he said to the master I was afraid of you because you rip where you did not sole,so that is why i did not use your money to trade,and the master was very angry and send these servant away with empty hands.

    actually, what I am saying this parable apply to Hong Joo,because why she vow with her husband for better for worst,but when the worst came she ran away like a coward and gave her husband up,that is when you question her moral values and integrity,them going bankrupt was a test for their marriage and trust for each other also love, the money left behind by Suk Hoon friend was a blessing not a cause,even if she was to spend it for herself or use it for some thing else, they could have till make it and gain more,the shoe that Se young is wearing now symbolize what Hon Joo did to her own marriage,she lost her husband to other woman because of her crazy thinking,not trusting in their vows and the man she clam to love.if she had stood by her husband even if when Se Young made that offer Suk Hoon could have been able leave the offer and follow his wife home but the possibility of his wife killing herself still lingers in his mind to accepted that offer.so Se Young is like one of the good servants who trust in their master and did not condemn him because of who he is but trade with money also bring more back to their master, everything that has happened still now was Hong joo making not Se Young making,as a wife she could have stood by her husband give encouragement support to him not abandon him by trying suicide.

    life is mystery, one slightly mistake causes so many wrongs even if it was done unintentional.

  119. 119 : fffff Says:

    The one who should blame the problem of the marriage is the husband coz he was the one who accepted the offer. And the CEO what is her intention she love the guy or she just want to test the marriage of the couple??? Looking 4ward for the next episodes

  120. 120 : psych Says:

    The ending of this story just like stairway to heaven are same its sad ksw and and cjw will have a baby cjwoo will die. Park ha sun and kwon San woo will be the one who will going to take care the baby. This are just my thoughts. How about you?

  121. 121 : fourgreenrose Says:

    In the American movie with quite the same subject, in the end, the true love win. In that movie, the write just said: no matter how much money you have, you cannot buy love, truly love. In this drama SH is like a night butterfly, for a moment the shinning light SY attract him not exactly like a woman, like opportunity to do think he likes to do, but he will burn his wings, exactly like a night butterfly.
    SY rejected him three years ago because she realized he can become her weakness. Now she is ill (she has ovary cyst), she can afford to have a romance with him, she don’t care about the rest.
    No matter how much I like CJW, I cannot approve everything her character is doing. I am sorry for her.
    The parabola you mentioned has a different meaning, don’t take the Bible so lightly, dear @aim.

  122. 122 : aim Says:

    @ fourgreenrose,her ovary cyst cannot kill her,it can only make her not to have child for the rest of her life ,if she take care of it now,also the 3years you mention is suppose to be 10years,I understand what you are saying @ fourgreenrose for me not taking the bible so slightly,that is why I did not mention Bible to beginning with.what I am saying is the parable also apples to our way of thinking not trusting that when there is life there is hope,just as the servant was thinking that his master will punished him if he had use that money to trade, money is not more than life,that is why when money bought life Na Hong Joo should not cry she wanted to die in the first place because of money.

    I too did not approve all SY actions because her intention from the beginning did not really clear her motive of her offer,it % clear look like a bed services,why i told this parable is because Na Hong Joo attempt to die thinking that there is no way out of her problem,for that kill the sympathy I have for her marriage, her reaction to the whole situation as wife is normal but it is too late because she unintentionally give her husband to woman,her intention to save her husband by dying brings other woman in to save her and her husband with her money,SY bought her life and give the man hope to live on,so see,even though intentions can be cruel,but if it saves life I guess, the bible will be please with it,instead of losing life to what money cannot buy life,I truly believe NHJ destroyed her marriage by herself not by SY, this drama keep us talking because it shows human needs to life and believes to trust and love.

  123. 123 : Atitaya Says:

    It can not be sad ending or I kill you all….

  124. 124 : fourgreenrose Says:

    Too many words…. NHJ made a mistake, you are right. She put in line for her husband the only valuable thing she had: her life. She cannot compete with SY in anyway. She is just and ordinary woman which has only her love for her family. By the way, SH is not an object like SY treated him, but he lost his dignity like a man when he invited her to do things his wife written on the list. That was the moment for him.
    Regarding the parable you mentioned, you still don’t get it, so let it pass.

  125. 125 : kiddo Says:

    I love Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo tandem, BUT i don’t like this kind of drama. For sure this drama will have a sad ending *Too bad.

  126. 126 : bitbit Says:

    ay secreto may secreto ata ang story d mo malaman kung may gusto c csy kay ysy?

  127. 127 : bubblegum Says:

    The story is still unpredictable. I think ” SINGLE STATUS” WILL be the ending of each character.

  128. 128 : dontknowwhattodo Says:

    In the end, the CEO will suffer. She is not afraid playing with a married man.She just worsens the situation.

  129. 129 : Chloe Says:

    I hope CEO not going to have a sad ending. Cuz stairway to heaven she die, and now after 11 years reunited with KSW broken heart or die? why brought her back to reunite with KSW and at the end….??. I’m so afraid to continue watching this drama. So plsss no sad end for CJW. Thanks a million.

  130. 130 : dontknowhattodo Says:


    Im with you. I watched the first 2 episodes, and like you I’m hesitant if I will watch. The next episodes.. I hope the writer give us a happy ending. Cross finger.

  131. 131 : plain Says:

    this is just masterpieces good writing,although it has not ended,let not this writing drag SH and SY relationship too long please,I am dying to see them together as soon as possible,I agree with you @aim,that HJ has lost her chance to be with her husband,she did that when she decided to kill herself,now that other woman has save the day,dear writer let HJ move on,at least I love her taking care of ROY that little need someone who will keep him love so that he will grow up sad as a person but happy person,give back HJ back her son Roy,Roy has already loved HJ as mother,I don’t why the writer took that child away from HJ in the first place,please writer take him back to HJ because those little cute mean girls that Min Woo has will torment Roy until he leaves that house don’t let that little boy surfer anymore.

    I hate what the writer is trying to do to SH character,he is trying to show him as a good man please,that has past, you can’t be a good man when you think of other woman,you only going to cause more suffering, move on,also HJ father better stay out off his daughter relationship,she is a grown woman now, so that she can think for herself.

  132. 132 : terazhang Says:


    In drama, if it end like that I’ll say Na Hong Joo is stupid. Taking care of her husband child with other women whom I believe his husband love.
    But in real world, I’ll say it’s reality. Love alone cannot fed you and ensure happy marriage.

  133. 133 : Chloe Says:

    The wife are so…annoying ! As for KSW he piss me off. He can’t make up his mind I think.

  134. 134 : kimmy Says:

    The marriage of SH and Hj will fail and their will be a divorce

  135. 135 : cradrama Says:

    I just hate SY, who the hell will pay one million dollars if she doesn’t need him in bed, she is a slut who wanted other people’s husband period, can you blame HJ if you were her, I don’t, she tried to use money to buy SH and I don’t blame SH, it is so tempted but he tried to control himself. I really hate this kind of women who tried to steal other people’s husband. I pray to god please punish these kind of evil bad women, that help the society to be more suitable to live without those sluts. I am sure at the end this couple will be devoiced.

  136. 136 : dududut Says:

    Poor SY, she confess her feelings to SH but she just ignored. Money cant buy happiness LOL

  137. 137 : Torri Says:

    Okay!!!!!! Hong Joo is official about to ruine her ,marriage I can’t believe the woman ask to have sex with the guy , I mean her husband is in small local city fighting his feelings from a very hot classic woman I repeat very hot lady meanwhile she is at home busy cutting off pictures and has the nerves to take off her wedding ring . The fact that she even took her ring off means she does want to be binded in matrimony anymore, I mean her husband still wears his ring and she what? Takes hers off!!!!!!!the girl has lost her mine completely and I don’t feel sorry for her because she started the whole thing from her sucided attempted to her moving out to baby sitte ,then allowing her husband to move out of their home .it’s said when a man finds a woman he finds a good thing .same for woman too when u fine good husband keep it do u best and make it work it takes two to tangle and this girl is messing up her relationship for what?i mean last week she told se young that she trusted her husband and she even told her husband that she truted him too so why all the crazies and let’s say she can’t take it anymore him being by se you all she has to do is tell her husband to quite the damn job and get his behind back in to their home so they work on what the issues is. it’s pride that stoping her from asking her husband to come back home ?does she want her husband to beg to come home ? What extaxtly does she want or expect from her husband ? Because this girl is about to drive her husband in to the arms of se young .cant wait for tomorrow

  138. 138 : noname Says:

    Done watching ep 7 The purpose of SY is to cause a “misunderstanding” on the marriage of SH and HJ it seems that she succeeded perfectly. SH is falling into her trap, just like a moth caught in a spider web. im already looking forward to Hong-Gyu finding out that Se-Jin’s older sister is the woman who got in between his sister and brother-in-law. This is where it gets sticky because SY might think she’s just destroying one sand castle but there are so many people hurt by her game. Including her sister.

  139. 139 : Torri Says:

    I loved the fact that se young confessed her feeling and she got rejecting ,why? One , now she has nothing to hide .no more cat and mouse games she has told the guy she likes him and that she hates her self for liking him and even coming in between him and his wife .but she is honest and she was rejected ,from all indication she has accepted it and now she wants to work on how to suppress her feelings for the guy that’s why she act very professional in the office with him when they return and even told the guy if he was uncomfortable around her the he can quite if he wants at the end off their project . , one of you here called se young a slut please take a dictionary and look for the definition of a slut , because se young is not one .haven said that we all have are personal opinion on how to view her character ,.is it wrong for se young to have feelings for married ?(Yes )is it wrong to make her feeling know to the married man?(Yes,)is she one of the reason the married couples are having problems ?(yes )but that does make her a slut .why because as much as all this is going she is not taking off her cloths and offering her self to guy or better yet jumping all over the guy begging for his love or attention ,haven said that let’s enjoy the show and hopefully learn a thing or two from it

  140. 140 : Torri Says:

    And one more thing to all who keep blaming se young for how this couple marriage is going down am pretty sure in your personal relations or marriages u won’t handle the situation the young joo is. handling this issue those who know they have good husband or boyfriend would hold on to their partner is a better away ,we’ll see u guys tomorrow

  141. 141 : Lila Says:

    I simply don’t like Park Ha Sun acting. She “paints” her character in too thick touches. I don’t know if that’s the director’s vision, but she plays too theatrical and unconvincing as she would be an amateur actress, this role is too much for her acting skills.

  142. 142 : bgeee Says:

    I smell something fishy, HJ/ MW will goin force and will revenge to SY/SH.

    Another REVENGE!

  143. 143 : JJ Says:

    I get annoyed with the two leader, They’re seem falling in love without moral. Pretty and handsome don’t make the good human.

  144. 144 : Rose Says:

    The reality is that Hong Joo has a dirty mind and even if the truth would be served to her on a silver plate she would continue to doubt of her husband because that’s her level. She reduces him at the male condition and wants exclusivity on his pants because he is the wife. She doesn’t love and trust him because she doesn’t love and trust herself at all, so she has nothing to give him beside legal sex and sometimes this is not enough to make a couple to be true.

  145. 145 : bgeee Says:

    If Hj and mw will revenge Sy, What the ceo will do?

  146. 146 : terazhang Says:

    seems like NHJ and SH will divorced. Then SH will goes out with Se young. Then SY will get pregnant, she’ll have complication due to the tumours in the ovary that compressed her other organs…She’ll have a complicated surgery and die…..
    As for KMW and NJH, KMW will get divorced and marry her. Living happily ever after wth Roy..

    I don’t know…..*sigh*
    this is the first drama that make me feel anxious because i cannot see the direction of the story……

  147. 147 : mml Says:

    After finished watching episode 7, i have a feeling that Hong Joo and Suk Hoon marriage no longer can be reconciled. Looked at the way that Hong Joo tore the photograph, i guess this misunderstandings have gone to a stage whereby, there’s no cure to amend the hurt and to clarify all misunderstandings.

    I have refused to accept that Se Young will die, i only know that she can’t conceive any child and if, Se Young with the help of Suk Hoon to lighten up her stress at work. Her sickness will be curable. Based my understanding is, Se Young is suffering from a kind of mild depression and she got women’s sickness that’s her ovary problem that will affect her to be able to get pregnant. And the complication comes in when, Hong Joo tends to believe at what she thinks. I think the love revenge is coming out soon.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 8.

  148. 148 : bgeee Says:

    146 @terazhang I agree with you. I feel that their so many secrets that each of the characters must reveal. Is SY inlove with SH 10 Years ago? And what is the reason why she offered that 4days with him in hongkong? I wonder when did SH started to like SY?Was it during or after the trip? I hope the writer give some justice in this drama especially SY and SH.

  149. 149 : tania Says:

    episode 7 has entered into the story like? because I have not seen this drama, I was afraid of being disappointed because it has a sad ending talked about infidelity

  150. 150 : cradrama Says:

    Can someone explain to me why SY have to join SH in the trip out of town and confess her feeling to SH if you don’t call that seduction then what, may be I am so prejudice. Is honourable lady will confess her feeling to a married man when they are alone. I want to understand what other viewers point of view. I just hate adultery. The fact that SH and HJ loved each other but fall apart b/c of third person. @JJ like you said it is very immoral for the two of them enjoy and fall in love while he is still married. I don’t blame or condole HJ, If I am in her shoe, I don’t know what I will do.

  151. 151 : terazhang Says:

    @148 bgee
    that’s so true. The story line is nice but i think the writer cannot comes up with the best scenes. Many parts are incomplete and the writer struggle to put the two leads together that he end up making an awkward and weird scenes-for example when she ask SH to spend 4 days with her in Hong Kong just for work, and then the scene where NHJ ask KMW to drinks with her. And the hotel room scene (Is there no public toilet that she can go into around the hotel? Why they need to take a room. really??)
    She just know him only for a few weeks( as her employer at that!!) and they already behave like best friends forever.

    NHJ and SH character also seems ridiculous.SH is suppose to be the good guy that can’t help falling in love with other woman. But which good husband go on and work with the woman that he’s falling in love with. Holding her hands, splashing water together. He himself acted on his own whim. When he want to test himself, he ask to work with SY. When SY confessed, he want to quit. He’s really inconsistent. If he really want to be a good husband , he won’t leave NHJ alone.

    Na Hong Joo….*sigh* she’s abnormal.
    After all the problems that she encounter, her mental is suffering. She’s still recovering from the shock of her husband’s partner suicide and her own suicidal attempt when SY made her offer to SH. I think that make her blind to Sh effort. Lol…She’s like having orthello syndrome(well not really, becos SH really do like SY..haha)

    Whatever…but i really hope the writer can comes up which something more convincing. Maybe towards the end of the drama because the drama haven’t even reach the mid story yet…..

  152. 152 : mml Says:

    Towards the ending episode 8, Hong Joo gave the divorce document to Suk Hoon, that means there’s no hope that their marriage can be reconciled. Sad to see that Suk Hoon already bought a new pair of rings getting ready to reconcile their problem and wanted to give the ring, but, it was too late ,maybe, Suk Hoon will now understand the true colours of Hong Joo.

    And on the other hand, is there any hope for Se Young to love Suk Hoon ? And what happens to Se Young sickness, is it curable ?

  153. 153 : kdramasuck Says:

    @Tarazhang. I agreed with you 100% on all subject. The main problem started from SY the proposal she made had the hidden agenda, she did wanted to break their marriage and when she went on the trip with SH, she intentionally call SH so that his wife can hear her. That is the worst of all. if I were HJ, I would be mad too. wouldn’t you????? Basic instinct for every couple when that happen. SY had the classical method to seduce SH as a noble lady, she would not just grasp him or kiss him like trashy women but she showed him that she ready to go to bed with him, am I wrong???????????

  154. 154 : Hanover Says:

    ep 7. Is this how big business or take over is done? over soup. I wouldn’t trust this SH who keeps holding SY’s hand. How would his wife? She would be an idiot.

  155. 155 : Torri Says:

    Whoa!!!!!! Am speechless hong Joo whoa !!!!girl you are really lost ,what ?divorce !!!! whoa !!!!! Ok I really don’t get her anymore ,I mean is marriage that easy to break off without fighting for it to work ?is it that easy!no!no!no!.now she went to far .am beginning to see that there is more to marriage problem than the trip to japan .this girl has some serious insecurity issues and her mind is really really messed up .i never felt sorry for her in begging but I did not judge her as well ,I understood her point of anger and frustrating towards her husband staying back in Japan but after this last decision to end her marriage without fighting for it knowing very well her husband is making the effort well ,I would say she is really not worth the trouble .and if suk hoon was my brother I would tell him to let it go because in her head she will never believe or accept him again as her husband .her head is pretty messed up with doubt,insecurity.lack of trust and most especially she seems to to love him anymore

  156. 156 : bgeee Says:

    151 @terazhang I’m with you. I hope the writer has something else in mind that we don’t know. And im a little bit curious about SH, he doesnt even have a family member? (only a friend, who works for SY) About NHJ im not satisfied with her acting career. What if YEH (Yoon Eun Hye) accepted the offer, it would be totally different.

  157. 157 : Chloe Says:

    139 & 140 @Torri. I agree with you.

  158. 158 : terazhang Says:

    [email protected] Torri..
    That’s so true….Na Hong Joo..she’s lost it…..

    [email protected]
    If it is YEH, yeah the storyline might be different. I don’t know, but from all my experience of watching KDrama, the writer seems to favour the storyline towards the better actress….YEH, she’s on the different scale, though honestly her last few drama was a failure…..

  159. 159 : JJ Says:

    Nothing can guarantee about the story line, Yen and
    many actors and actress as well ever have left to die by weak scripts including Kwon Sang-woo from the last drama.

    Even if YEH take this role I still think she can not handle the weakness of HJ role and the story line would not change much.

    Seem they intend to focus on only the two leaders.(That’s boring for me)

    Poor Park ha sun, and Yeh is lucky.

    I like to two leader both actor and actress but it’s too much to shine on them and let’s the others in the dark.

    Quite be boring for me for this drama that they intend too much for build romantic sense to favour fans without balancing storyline.

  160. 160 : Lila Says:

    I think that Hong Joo put his husband on a pedestal. When he failed in his business, jeopardizing her family patrimony, he fell from the pedestal too, becoming in her eyes a poor kneeled man. He was no more her idol and from that moment she stopped love him and trust in his professional skills, so she started to behave fatalist as tomorrow never comes for them. I think she never loved him just as he is, but the image she had about him, that’s why she is so disappointed and thinks in such dirty terms as male prostitute about him. She is so mad jealous on Se Young because Se Young appraises and sees him in a light that she can’t see him anymore. Unfortunately, she hasn’t the capacity to figure out that she reaps what she sowed, starting with that foolish attempted suicide and so on. But, we already know that the ways of Korean morality are quite different, so maybe will see some brake-points which will surprise us, never know.

  161. 161 : plain Says:

    @Lila,thank you very much,some people side with this woman who knowingly jump into the ocean to kill herself,which man who knows what had driven his wife to almost kill herself will than see a way out of his problems and will not take,also what if he had followed her home without accepting the offer,Hong Joo father house will be taken away,he too will be taken to prison,how long will Hong Joo hold on before she finally kill herself,then he comes out of jail no wife to hold his hand again what will become of him,what kind of life will live again,knowing that his failure in business causes the death of his wife.what happen to that worlds FOR BETTER FOR WORTH FOR RICH AND FOR POOR,when going got tough you back away by wanting to punish him more than his business partner who had committed suicide,who in their right mind will continue to live happily with such a woman?
    if Suk Hoon does not see this divorce as away out of this horrible marriage he is with Hong Joo than he is real a big fool,this is the only good thing Hong Joo has done so in this drama by offering to let the husband go,that the best thing she has done so far till now,SH crying show he is still a weak man who has not learn anything yet,still take life for granted. him pushing Yoo Se Young that was so stupid of him,because when his wife decided to leave him before now she has already fed-off tired of their marriage SY is just an excuse for her not to feel guilty of her sins also she was no more in love with her husband,from episode1 the look on Hong Joo face when she saw her husband been drag by the debtors shows how much disappointment she has on him for failure in his business, she still look at him that way,nothing has change for her,no matter what SH promise, she will still look at him as a loser,he is just waiting his freaky time by doing this, he look so foolish trying to restore what has been broken.

  162. 162 : fourgreenrose Says:

    The take over of the another woman husband and the another owner hotel started in Hong Kong created a lot of passions in writing comments. Great!!! The writer did really well.

  163. 163 : torri Says:

    to @Lila Says: and plain Says:
    thank you guys
    i mean what are marriage vows for ? and like one of you said she had given up on her marriage from the moment she tried to committee suicide and also the whole idealism that her husband is perfect too was very stupid , and like one of y mention had her husband not taken that 4 days deal he would be in jail now , her dad will be homeless and perhaps the marriage would have ended already , so like i have been saying i have no pity what so ever for hoon joo the girl is crazy! crazy !crazy ! and to add more craziness to her way of handling the situation she asked for a divorce hahahha, well nice having this exchange with you guys lets keep watching see you next week

  164. 164 : plain Says:

    has anybody thought why Hong Joo quit her job as a nurse?remember what the nurse told her when she came back looking for a job,she told her I guess you quit and said you don’t need the job any more,my guess was, she thought her husband is going to be second bill gate,she never thought that business have 70% of failing especially when one does not have any means of back up, in business there are so many foes that always line up to swallow or ruin you,it might be business partners like SH friend who betrayed him,also it might be market that did not go well, in business it is all about buying, selling and competitors enemies that set out to ruin you.that is why SH could have had a back up savings that might help him when thing did not go well but all say and done I have see,heard about how large companies go broke and things go crazy,it is not just one person failure, there are many brilliant people ideals that went into business but did not make it out well.that is why I hate Hang Joo even been educated enough to know that business can fail, still went on decided to die when she know her death will be no benefit to her family especially her husband how it could have been more than double punishment for him. For me that is heartless more than wickedness thing to do to a person whom you called your husband and loved.

  165. 165 : plain Says:

    @torri,thank you,I am enjoying every comment and thought in this drama,as well as those who also have different opinions , it make this drama more entertaining and interesting for viewing.

  166. 166 : aim Says:

    this drama also can be title YOU DON”T KNOW WOMEN.

  167. 167 : bgeee Says:

    @158 terazhang True. KSW looks tired also in this drama. And his messy hair WTF. I. I find Min Woo hot LOL 🙂

  168. 168 : jo yee Says:

    i like this drama, and prefer happy ending. if not, half way I will drop it off. i love CJW in this drama, she act so lovely, her dressing so attractive…
    i don’t like the other woman PHS.. so stupid.. did’t she is a nurse in this show??? some part will get mislead..anyway please don’t let CJW died at the end will do…

  169. 169 : terazhang Says:

    @162 fourgreenrose

    hahaha…people can’t help but to comment on this drama. I myself can’t help to come to this page over and over again, reading comment and posting my opinion…..
    this is the only drama that has the honor to make me give constant comment before it even started….well, got to face it, the theme of the drama itself is sensational though the plot is just so-so…:>

  170. 170 : hana Says:

    Apa dorang semua merepek niii..just watch the drama laaa..masing2 nk jadi pemgkritik terhebat…konon.

  171. 171 : bitterwoman Says:

    I am one of woman whose husband got stolen by shameless woman like SY, if SY has a decent human conscious, she would not do that kind of indecent proposal, she already knew that the couple has financial difficulty and HJ tried to commit suicide, that must be very serious and she added the fuel to them tried to cause misunderstand, and some people tried to blame HJ and take SY side, It seem like they encourage adultery. If you watched EP 8
    SY confessed her love to SH, that is so disgusting, she is ready to jump to bed with him if he is ready. I don’t blame HJ if I am in her shoe (she thought that if she die, insurance money can help)she might do stupid thing that is what desperately people do, on the other hand SH is a coward who took the proposal for his easy way out, he made a mistake by trusting his friend and lost everything, he should take responsibility for his action, if you have to go to jail just be a man and face it instead of be prostituted yourself. For me if I have to lose my husband to someone else then I rather loose everything.

  172. 172 : Lila Says:

    @ plain and @ torri
    For me ep. 5 was relevant about Hong Joo’s personality. She said she knows her husband very well at the same time she think about him that he sold his body for money even if he told her that he didn’t do anything to be ashamed in front of her as husband and many times he said that wasn’t what she is thinking of (meaning sex, I guess). She qualifies him as attractive male at most, though not as much to worth one million. When your wife has such low opinion about you, what kind of love is that? Well, if till now we learned pretty much about Hong Joo it’s time to find out more about Suk Hoon, what kind of man he really is, will see in the next episodes.

  173. 173 : zussi Says:

    communication is the key to a successful relationship. And HJoo was not willing to communicate. It’s all her fault

  174. 174 : suti Says:

    @171 bitterwoman,
    I agree with u.
    HJ loves her husband so much that (she thought) she would sacrifice her life to save him… But it didn’t work.
    Then, here comes another woman, beautiful, very rich and successful, willing to pay $1mill. for 4days with her husband. This woman intentionally didn’t mention what kind of ‘service’ required for that 4days…
    Any woman would go crazy thinking about what kind of service her husband did to a WOMAN to get that huge payment??? Just for 4days? Not to mention that her husband really is attractive??
    And she knows her husband very well, she can see it in his eyes that her husband is tempted!
    It’s getting worse when her husband working (again) with THAT woman…
    Even worsen, when THAT woman confess that she falls for him… Oh noooo… HJ must feel insecure, intimidated and at the same time she’s very well aware that THAT woman is awaaaaaay up her league…
    HJ must be really broken heart… She asked MW to sleep with her not really asked but rather because of curiosity and crazy thought, again, what did my husband do for her to get that huge money????
    And even getting crazier when she called sunday night, she found out that her husband was with THAT woman… On sunday night? At this late hour? What they dooooooo?????
    Poor HJ… She lose her confidence and hell afraid that her husband is really going to THAT woman… And he really is spending more time with THAT woman rather than his wife….
    And, at the hospital, when THAT woman warn her about her husband, that is the end …
    HJ really lose everything… The only thing left is her pride, that’s why she asked for divorce… She has to do it before her husband’s …
    HJ still love her husband so much but she no longer have confidence and at the same time she broke into pieces… Every time she sees him, that crazy thought occurs… It must be hell…

  175. 175 : homeny Says:

    This Hong Joo’s character is pissing me off! Seriously, are you out of your mind? Your husband trying to work your relationship and you will just say ” I quit as your wife” WTF. You dont even listen to the explanation of your husband, and you accepted that babysitting to roy. and offering yourself to other man. Wth

  176. 176 : Mary Says:

    Totally agree with bitterwoman & suti..post 171 & 174! I’d slap that old maid home wrecker!

  177. 177 : bitterwoman Says:

    @Suti (174) & Mary (176)
    If you read all comments about this drama from other web site you will be surprised how many audiences had joined this drama (some of them are crazy about both male and female lead) everyone had difference views but most of them put the blame on HJ. People who never been betrayed never know how that feel until you face it yourself. The hot topic of this drama it’s about temptation, so who has the strong will either love or trust will achieve their goal. For most couples who lived together more than 10 years of marriage, all relationship and attraction for each other Is not as strong as like first couple years (not every couples) but trust and understanding is what more important. Some time in life every couple will encounter turbulent and challenge which occurred to test your will. if you strong you can fight it out but without the third person, problem would be easier to solve. This drama is about the third person that involved in their life with all temptations.

  178. 178 : Mary Says:

    @bitterwoman. Sadly we do live in a world where most only look after their own needs & wants. Although this is a fictitious drama, it does happen in reality all the time. SY intentionally goes after SH to test his marriage, purposely cause a misunderstanding. SH is stupid enough to fall for her scheme. If SY didn’t know SH was a married man then it would be different. There is no sympathy for SY. The saying, what goes around comes around goes her way. Karma is a b!tch. Hope the show ends with HJ living happily with a rich man who madly loves her

  179. 179 : bitterwoman Says:

    Mary, You are right I believe in Karma, just hope the writer will not let the villain win and trample the innocent victims and the saying YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW is always true.

  180. 180 : plain Says:

    @bitterwoman,sorry to say this,I do not think that your case and HJ is similar if so,you will not be here in this web site telling us your story,or be alive by now .did you went off try to kill yourself when your husband was in debt? that is why he left you for other woman?if so I then see why you and HJ have same faith.I am very sorry if I offend you,just that when you compare yourself to HJ story it looks like you both have same story,as for me I am not in support of any man who betrays or left his wife for other woman but in this case HJ was the one who gave up her right as a wife. there are many of us here who their husband left them for other woman not because this wife’s decide to kill themselves or any fault of their own but still did not side with HJ actions and her angers, who by the way was the one called attention to her marriage by trying to kill herself if not no one could have know not even SY could have been able to come in to their marriage life.most people forget how SY came into this relationship,SY did not push HJ to go and commit suicide,neither did she knows that this couple were having money problems not until JH almost killed herself.How can any of us justify a wife suicide attempt to enable her husband to pay debt with her own blood,which person in their right mind will accept such money from a wife killing herself for life insurance and be grateful in receiving that money from his wife death, also which father will be proud of his daughter for committing suicide because he might lose his house,will that father not rather lose that house than to lose his daughter?if anyone have a different solution or answer to this problem?what SH would have done differently not accepting SY offer to save his father in law house also pay off their debt please kindly explain what he could have done.

    Trees always have roots and that root connect to so many things,the root of betrayer in this marriage first comes from HJ,a wife who did not trust her husband ability to solve their debt problems.took matters into their her hands in her crazy way of thinking open door for other woman to come in into their life.
    I have not seen in any tradition where suicide is considered as a way out any problem or any tradition or society welcome suicide as a good thing,in my place where I come from people who commit suicide is considered as a cause upon themselves for one good reason when HJ decide to leave this world she has already sold her right as a wife to other woman to take care of her husband,This is how sin crawl,it crawls into different branches and no matter how cruel SY offer is ,she will still triumph into becoming the wife of SH.Because whatever you sow you reap also.

  181. 181 : dontknowhattodo Says:

    @plain. wow just wow. Very well said 🙂

  182. 182 : Lila Says:

    The Suk Hoon’s associate committed suicide and left some money. Not much, but enough to tempt Hong Joo spend them all without any thinking of that man’s family needs. All that useless things she bought and her husband trying to satisfy her cravings, including that pair of shoes he bought to her no matter what, but to make her happy.
    Hong Joo attempted suicide for left to her husband the benefits of her life insurance, meaning some money. How much? I think not so much to die for. She is a young woman and was nurse before marriage and then a housewife. How many years and how much she paid for her l.i.policy? I guess her husband paid for her too, but his business wasn’t quite profitable. What sort of life insurance policy had Hong Joo to be sure that his husband will receive the benefits regardless of how she died? I wonder what insurance company from SKorea (where suicides rate is quite high) would pay in full a life insurance policy if the cause of death is suicide?
    What is the difference between Hong Joo and her husband’s associate? If she would have died, none, but her husband would have been double stabbed and betrayed by the ones he trusted more.
    Is this a wife’s love sacrifice? No, this is a monumental selfishness.

  183. 183 : Sandy 2 Says:

    I find it so ridiculous that people are trying to fault HJ if her husband cheats on her. The fault IMO is with SH who is allowing SY into his marriage. He should be trying to work things out with her instead of inviting another woman in by agreeing to accept money to spend time with her—with no clear understanding of how that time will be spent. There is not one woman or man on this forum who wouldn’t be pissed at their husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other for pulling an SH stunt.

    The person who is selfish in this drama is SY who is trying to fulfill her own desires by inserting herself in their marriage. People who can side with SY have not been in a relationship where another woman or man has tried to take your mate. If you have, did you sit there and take the side of the other woman or man and try to understand their motives? Not likely. SH accepted the offer without details because I think a part of him wants to see what SY wants to offer in exchange. I hope HJ find her strength and ultimately becomes stronger in the end. Her husband basically sold his body to another woman.

  184. 184 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Bittersweet @ 179, agree with you completely!!

  185. 185 : bitterwoman Says:

    From my understand, people who sided with SY (1) never been cheated by their spout (2) Think very lightly about marriage’s vow (3) adultery is a joke (4) Just wanted to pair 2 leads KSW & CTW. I’ve been in HJ’s shoe so I understand her completely how much it hurt

  186. 186 : plain Says:

    some people are in denial,I base my judgment on what is going on not the actors or actress in the drama but how the story is.if anyone said that SH cheated so also the wife,you can’t fight fire with fire no,you fight fire with water.I am a mother with children I may not be correct in everything I say but most of them I know I am right,when comes to a women,men are like babies history has records of them,that is why some women should be careful for what they do so as their actions will not cause their husband go looking at other woman.

    SH has been faithful to his wife for good ten years,this same wife still did not have faith that both her and husband will pull though out of their problems,when is she going to trust him again or have faith in him?if HJ has died who does she think will care for her husband when she is gone? at least she wanted to give her husband life insurance money for him to enjoy himself does she think that for the man to fully enjoy himself he doesn’t need a woman?why is she angry now about her husband when has already given him up before.
    anyone who is suicide is a dangerous person,I will never advise any of my friends to live with someone who think nothing when they have problem but to kill themselves,not only themselves they can also kill anyone who live with them,this is why I feel so sorry for the poor guy SH hope he sign that divorce papers before he regret for the rest of his life.this wife in not mentally balance even, she has repeatedly disgrace her husband in the eyes other a woman who refused to hire her husband ten years ago,she also did it more in front of a man like her husband by telling him how much he was paid to sleep with SY,she made her husband a prostitute in front of other man,most you let your husband down like that all because you are angry,HJ is too much,I will regret watching this drama if the writer keep this husband and wife together for life.

  187. 187 : suti Says:

    @177 bitterwoman… agree with you again 🙂
    People who never been betrayed never know how much it hurts.
    I’m married, never really in that situation but I have close friends in that situation.
    A real gentleman, a good husband, when his wife trying to suicide in order to pay HIS DEBT, HE SHOULD FEEL GUILTY for the attempt, he should take responsibility, that is how real gentleman should be.
    He cannot blame his wife for the attempt, instead he should show more attention for her, and more effort to solve the problem.
    But NEVER let himself involve with other woman. He just add more fuel into fire.
    It was for the money at first… But then he actually, and he admit it, attracted to her… That’s the reason for second meeting.
    Of course HJ can see it clearly, she saw there’s another woman (pretty, rich, successful woman) IN her husband eyes… Why can’t she get angry over that?
    Anyway, reading comments and different opinions really is entertaining… I keep coming back to this site few times a day just to read comments 🙂

  188. 188 : Torri Says:

    Thanks dear for saying all that y said infact I have been reading most of the comments and I really wanted to hold off until next week but the more I read I realize that some things needed to be made clear to some fellow members here. May get some things clear
    1)so far SH and SH have NOT had any sexual relationship by that I mean they have not not slept together
    2)(definition of a prostitude )is when u offer sexual service in exchange for money and SH has not giving SY any sexual service for money so his wife and all of you here who say his prostituding him self either don’t know the meaning of the prostitude or are watching a different show and not this one
    3)HJ is a weak woman who runs away from her problems by taking the easy way out sucided am studying addiction in school now one this I know is only weak minded people who can’t handle their issues take up easy way sucided as their way out to end their pain
    4)to those of y who thing SY is the reason this couple are having issues y call all can say all u want about SY but fact is she is the one that save HJ life had she not been out that night for walk HJ would have died.period so hate her all u want blame her all u want but like some of u who say y been in HY shoes .the reason some of y here think she is not to be blamed for her failed relationship with her husband is because just like she runs away from her problems rather than look for solution and also how she shifts blame and responsibility for her mistake to others I guess u guys did the same and that’s why now her marriage is coming to an end
    By the way nothing personal like I said am loving this conversation and am hope we all learnable thing or two from this show see u guys soon

  189. 189 : nemo Says:

    What if sy didn’t meet sh in HK, but hj met mW instead? What possibly be happened? Hj might offered herself to mw just to get the money they needed like a desperate woman in HK.my point is why she can’t be a little understanding about her husband? Jesz.

  190. 190 : fallonle Says:

    i think the wife mess up.i mean wife and husband going through tough time she need to communicate with her husband and trusted him.he is trying to make up for his marriage.some that the wife love her husbsnd.but why she end their marriage.if she really loose her husband and regret it later it no one fault but her.i think she shouldn’t ask for divorce.don’t say oh i love my husband so much that i kill myself or divorce for my husband sake.that just BS.

  191. 191 : plain Says:

    @Torri ,Thank you my dear,the fact that somebody will compare themselves to HJ self victim, BS is unbelievable to me,yes in life somebody must have betrayed you,I myself have experienced betrayed so many time,if it is not your husband,it might be your best friend if not your best friend it might be your neighbor it on and on that is how life works as long as one live you will experience hurt and betrays,I will never compare HJ situation to be as betrayed,I think some who said SH betrayed his wife should think how betrays work,or is not watch same drama,what is the definition of betrayed,in all account HJ betrayed her husband first by leaving her husband who was sleeping by the way jumbling into that ocean,all this BS about SH who has work hard in his life only that things did not work out the way he thought wife abandon him and took the easy way out, wife left instead of standing by her husband to find a solution and the only solution she can think of to to kill herself for life insurance is totally BS,this is just a shame that somebody will compare themselves to this wife sorry if I offend anyone but this horrible wife who let go of her husband hand first yet they turn the blame to the man who is doing all he can to keep his wife by his side even as wife continue to disgrace him in front of others.
    no one sees that HJ is a gold digger, who took easy way out because husband fail to get rich,just look at the person she is befriending a married man by way all because he has money took HJ not time to offer herself to him,everything that has happened still now is her disappointment of expecting her husband to make big only to see that her expectations is ruined.

  192. 192 : Mary Says:

    SH betrayed HJ by thinking of another woman in his heart (SY). Cheating is not just physical contact. IMO I think HJ took the suicidal route to save her father’s house as they used the house for biz loan collateral. People are not in their right mind; they do crazy things when desperate for money. There is some truth that money is the root of all evil yet can’t buy happiness. SH & HJ marriage would’ve been easier to repair had SH not continued to see n work under SY..but that’s the dramas focal point. Team HJ! Just one viewers opinion..

  193. 193 : Mary Says:

    To clarify..HJ took suicidal route to save SH & her fathers house in which he worked so hard all his life for which shows family is everything to her. As for SY; yes, life is not black n white but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a MARRIED MAN. Leave him alone

  194. 194 : angelic Says:

    i became curious in this drama day by day but im pretty 200% that the ending is not happy.

  195. 195 : Sandy 2 Says:

    One of the things I think some of us forget, is that HJ doesn’t really know what her husband did with SY. She just knows that he spent 3 days with her with no contact with his phone off. He then asks her to trust him and she finds out later that he’s still in contact with SY. When she asks if he still misses SY, he can’t answer. She knows her husband has developed feelings for this woman who so brazenly told her in front of her husband that she want him. Yes, HJ thinks they slept together and this is exactly what SY wanted her to believe. As a matter of fact, SH also thought that was part of the deal–he was to sleep with SY and until she cleared that up for him–only after he accepted the proposal and couldn’t call his wife.

    To HJ who doesn’t have all the facts, then yes it would seem that her husband prostituted himself for money. And having SH with her for 3 days fulfilled SY’s desires to now she wants more. It may not have been sexual, but it was inappropriate for a married man. That inappropriate offer is now leading into deeper waters. It gives SY immense pleasure when she wears the same shoes that HJ had on–the writer and director made a point of showing her trying them on twice before wearing them to a meeting for HJ to see.

    Mary @ 193 agree 100%.

  196. 196 : Lila Says:

    The shoes were retained beforehand for Se Young. When Hong Soo saw them at hotel store, the seller girl said that weren’t for sell. Suk Hoon returned at store and said to seller girl a big lie such as his wife has an incurable illness and not much time to live so he implored the seller girl have mercy for his wife and that girl sold him the shoes. When Se Young saw the shoes, on the beach, she recognized them and then she looked to the water. I’m sure she had the curiosity to find out for what incurable person were buying. Why she should renounce of them for a lie? She just retrieved the shoes, which she would buy anyway.

  197. 197 : aim Says:

    @plain bless you my dear,some people refuses to yield to the truth ,what is the root and the cause of problem in SH and HJ marriage? who lead her husband into desperate mode to accept the indecent proposal ?no one else but HJ herself,once she tried that suicide attempt she had already broken the trust between her and her husband,what happen next is the consequences of the suicide attempt she simply lead the man into other woman’s hand that is why her whining does not make any sense at all,she was the one who first let go of the man’s arm’s that is why her marriage is broken now.Those of us who are Christan if one can remember EVE and ADAM story, how they were punish and how the punishment was given also that same punishment is what we who was not there are receiving still now,it does not matter what SH did now,he was lead into it,he can’t control everything that comes to him because he is human being,if the wife was so trusting after 10good year of marriage by now she could have know her husband and believe that they could pull through and make it alive also prosper in abundant because her husband was innocent betrayed by a friend but she never have faith in herself plus the husband she had lived with for good ten years so this is why she destroyed her marriage calming victim, those of us who are blaming SH,QUESTION can you do what HJ did by attempting suicide after 10 year of marriage?if you can i respect your distastefulness in SH falling in love with SY.

  198. 198 : nemo Says:

    DIVORCE is now official!

  199. 199 : torri Says:

    @Sandy 2
    looking for ward to ep 9
    hey dear lets catch up later after watching ep 9 what to hear your thoughts
    see u guys later

  200. 200 : mml Says:

    Episode 9, finally they divorce. From episode 1 to episode 8, the quarrelled between Hong Joo and Suk Hoon, both of them don’t bother to understand and resolve their problems. Actually, I don’t wish to see them divorce, in fact, am hoping that they can be together and looks liked their divorce will be a solution to viewers to understand that this couple did not treasure their marriage.

    And on the other hand, will Se Young being able to walk into the life of Suk Hoon and can they understand what is the real meaning of love to impress viewers ? I really hope that Suk Hoon after his divorce, he can understand that Se Young, it’s even better and more reasonable and more suitable for him.

    Okay, I will continue to watch episode 10.

  201. 201 : plain Says:

    @torri @mml,I agree with you guys,well we move on to the next chapter,I don’t hate any of the characters I love them all especially the guys,all of them is at fault,this story is very unique story well written,I hope HJ have a happy life with MW,she now never going to see her father house be taken away also she is at peace with herself that is good for her.

    Min Woo,I like you very much but I don’t want you to pretend or hide under the curtain as if you are not one of them who help to dismantle that marriage,only that his smile is killing me hope he continue to play fair,infarct I wish all of them happy ending I hate sad ending

    Min Woo,is he sure he is the father of all the girls because his wife boyfriend did not just show up yesterday,he has been there quite a long time,HJ is now going to take care of Roy,everybody knows why MW pay interest in his wife infidelity now all because of HJ,I know she will pretend as if she don’t know anything remember this is a man who did not want to divorce his wife before but now changes his mind.

  202. 202 : denise Says:

    guys .. let’s vote this drama this year to top 8 poll close

  203. 203 : azati Says:

    what is the rating for ep 9?

  204. 204 : azati Says:

    its really hard to judge who’s going to end up as a couple, or maybe there won’t be a couple at all. I don’t want this drama to disappoint me. But since this is a melodrama, expect the unexpected.

    P.S. Writer:
    Make SH/SY be happy in the end, they deserved it

  205. 205 : deexii Says:

    kenapa ratingna malah turun saat ada scene seok hoon n se young ?

  206. 206 : lite jazzy Says:

    this is a why men think cheating is ok because even if they cheated people seems to blame the wife using her emotional weakness as an excuse. We are living in a double standard world were men are free to have an affair as long as they apologies later, and pretty rich bitches became idols because they are powerful enough to trample a relationship whenever they want to. The wife’s pain and struggle is easily forgotten but instead being blamed for not holding on or not fighting for their husband. Well what’s wrong about the wife taking a stand? This drama is very realistic indeed and lots of people can relate, everybody is entitled to voice their own opinion, each opinion reflects the personality of the commentator as well….Let’s respect…

  207. 207 : niczej Says:

    is this worth watching?

  208. 208 : Mary Says:

    @lite jazzy, yes definitely! I couldn’t have said it any better. Not to spoil for anyone but first half of ep 9 was emotional for me..was weeping like a baby because I feel the wife’s pain.

  209. 209 : terazhang Says:


    Ok. They divorced in ep 9…..but why do i feel that things are still unresolved by Hong Joo side.

    Of course since she cannot trust seok Hoon anymore why bother maintaining the marriage. So, she chose to run away and end her suffering……However, her bitterness remains. I’m afraid this will affect her future relationship with the three lead especially with Kang Min Woo. People if when fill with bitterness, usually the bad things will win.

    @206 lite jazzy
    People are not blaming Hong Joo because of her emotional weakness!! She’s a woman. Of course, women is different. When they feel betrayed, nothing will stand to make it right. That’s why guy’s need to be careful in their every move right?
    Everybody will be sad when her husband submit to a rich girl bidding like what seok Hoon did in the first 2 ep. We do understand that.

    But like Seok Hoon said, what did she do to resolved their marriage problems? I did see Seok Hoon efforts although the way he did it make things worse but i cannot see Hong Joo’s effort.

    Most of the audiences are the fighters. The one that will fight with everything they have to get happiness. That’s why when we see Na Hong Joo like that, we feel difficult and confuse.

    So, it’s good that she take a stand. She decided to left Seok Hoon. Hopefully she’d left him without any lingering feeling, finding her own happiness.
    Well honestly I think actually the writer try to tone down the effects of the SY and SH couple issue-especially SY role in SH broken marriage- so, he has no choice but to focus on NHJ misery instead of focusing on a definite plot about NHJ broken trust and her believe that SH doesn’t love her anymore. That’s why she’d ask for divorced. But none of this are being portrayed, that why most viewers feel like what they did.
    They are not abhorring toward the rich and the beauty, but we feel what the drama want to make us feel.

    Like you said everyone has their own ways of perceiving thing and their own opinion. So, let’s respect that
    As for seok hoon, when he come back from Brazil, I hope he’s back a completely different man. A man who has a complete resolve if he want to commit in a new relationship. Before, I see him as a confuse guy, the one that are torn between his feeling towards his wife and towards a new woman.

  210. 210 : seabird Says:

    I can’t stand on the wife anymore. She’s cold, unforgiving and hypocrite.

  211. 211 : rory Says:

    I just watched the pilot eps of this drama at One HD..Wow, I like the plot..Interesting and different..I think I can start download now! So impatient to know what will happen next! Officially tempting! 😀

  212. 212 : silhoutte Says:

    Im rooting that MW would go for HJ as I think that this couple has a lot going for them. I cant blame MW for divorcing his wife not because of HJ but the wife is too materialistic and vengeful too…..she spied on him first altho he was willing to overlook it but his wife fell into his hands when she played him for a fool with her first love. Besides this of course hope that SH and SY would be together. That would be a good ending…..

  213. 213 : bitterwoman Says:

    @lite jazzy, I have the same opinion as yours, HJ tried to be strong and she still love her husband but she can’t trust him anymore, how can you live with a husband that has other woman in his mind, I couldn’t. It is a nightmare when you imagine they are together. I respect her decision. that is my POV. Whoever think that SY is innocent, not her fault, just enjoy your delusion.

  214. 214 : mml Says:

    After watching episode 10, i think it’s a right choice that Suk Hoon wanted to re-start his love with Se Young. Towards the end of episode 10, i personally felt that Hong Joo was a very unforgiving , revengeful and unreasonable woman. She wanted to embarrass Se Young by telling everyone about Se Young got this relationship with Suk Hoon and luckily Suk Hoon helped to defend and protected Se Young from getting further hurt and being humiliated. Being unreasonable will always cause a lot of trouble for oneself and also the surrounding people.

    I hope that Se Young and Suk Hoon will become a lovely couple and can overcome all obstacles along the way.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 11 and episode 12.

  215. 215 : Torri Says:

    OMG !!!!!!! Love ep 10 hahhahahahahah!!!!!!! Can’t stop screaming , I know get to see why SH left and went away for two months .the guy needed space and ,time to figure out what his really feeling was and get over the pain off his marriage ending .the way it did and now that he is back the guy has come back with no regrets ,nothing to be ashamed of and happy with himself and the changes that are happening in his life and for that I am loving him and have respect for him ,
    As for HJ that is another story all together I said it from the begging the girl has issues insecurity is one of them ,and to make her self look more stupid she stood so low as to bring up a non existing rumour just because she wanted to embarrass SY but hey it backed fired, why ?because as much as HJ wants to make SK and SY feel some kind of guilty or be ashamed to face her they don’t ,especially SK the guy feels zero guilty and not ashamed standing by SY why ?we all know hahahahah !!!!love him
    SY I felt a bit bad for her when HJ was trying to embarrass her I mean is not as if she even dating him now or sleeping with him they are still taking baby steps and I also now see why their love for each other will grow very strong and they will love madly and that’s why it will be sad when see how much they have come to love each other and then one of them dies at the end at least that what I think the writer will do ,lol!!!!!!’
    Anyways for the main time I thing MW has his hands full taking HJ by him side because the girl needs fixing .its funny how one minute she says she has no regret and resentment yet the next she making a fool of her self in
    Front of strangers like a jealous wife or girlfriend who was dumped by her husband forgetting she was the one who did the dumping . Did she think her ex husband will be single for ever or did she hope that he date some else other than SY we’ll sorry miss HJ that not happening because some big romance is about to blow our mines away hahahahhahah!!!!!!
    Writer fighting!!!!!!!!!!!! See u next week people loving the show

  216. 216 : Sandy 2 Says:

    It’s amazing how the number of people on this thread, just because they like the actors, are blaming the wife and praising the cheating couple. I find it really sad that people love this woman SY. I wonder if you would love her if it was your boyfriend or husband.

  217. 217 : azati Says:

    Na Hoong Jo, is a weird woman. She was the one who initiate the divorce and now blaming to SY and SH are you serious or out of your mind? She needs to get over it and move on…Why act like the victim all the time!

  218. 218 : Nadege Says:

    I feel bad for JH & hope along the way she finds happiness after she gets over the end of her marriage & find a nice person or her ex husband realizes in the end, he is meant to be with her & they can start over. I so want them to restart because their divorce was caused by an outside force which was compounded with personal issues (I.e debt) they had. They both did not take the right move to save the marriage. It is sad & realistic. Imagine if our life was a movie; many of our faux pax & bad decisions would probably be seen as the wrong path by the viewer since the viewer can see all involve as we able to do here.

    MW is a nice “jerk” who not only cheats on his wife but had a child outside of the marriage so I don’t understand how his entrapment of his wife infidelity will help him in the divorce & his infidelity (a child to prove it) will not gel her in their divorce. After finding out their marriage is an arrange one, I think those two need a divorce; they are not good for each other. Maybe MW can reform his cheating ways & end up with JH if she does not reconcile with her ex husband.

  219. 219 : NOIA Says:

    Sandy 2
    YESSSS !!!!!!

  220. 220 : Nadege Says:

    I take it back, I don’t want HJ to end with Min Woo after seeing how he treated his wife. I mean both of them were cheaters. He should have let her have custody of the girls especially with the type of mother he has. I would not wish such grandmother on anyone; even his son.
    No, HJ run from Min Woo; he is mean & vindictive & cruel-his sweet outside hide it.

  221. 221 : Nadege Says:

    I take it back, I don’t want HJ to end with Min Woo after seeing how he treated his wife. I mean both of them were cheaters. He should have let her have custody of the girls especially with the type of mother he has. I would not wish such grandmother on anyone; even his son.
    No, HJ run from Min Woo; he is mean, vindictive, & cruel-his sweet outside hide it.

  222. 222 : terazhang Says:

    I don’t like Kang Min Woo (I’m a fan of lee Jun Jin though, especially in drama One In 2 outs-he’s great) character too.
    I feel like he is so fake, hiding his intention behind the smile though really, his personality is out into the open.
    But I do feel that he is sincere towards Na Hong Joo. It seems like he’ll do anything for NHJ. He’s willing to destroy Yoo Se young if Na hong Joo demand it.
    i really hope that SH wait for a few years before starting and revealing his relationship with SY. 2 months old divorced is too soon. Seem like NHJ make a correct decision to divorced him because he seems happier and NHJ is correct that her’s husband heart is not with her anymore.(though i do make a point here that if HJ give chance to SH, and try to believe him, I’m sure their marriage will be a happy one once again)
    I hope they’ll let NHJ heals first. But a year or two will be too long isn’t it…It’s barely 2 months and NHJ is still hurting, so it’s not weird that she act as she did.

    Well whatever others are saying I hope SY and Sh will be happy as well as NHJ.

    Different people will have different opinion. Some of them see things from the right side instead of left and vice versa.
    Like when a couple divorce, they are going to say that their spouses are to blame instead of them. And people around them will took side depending on what they believe.

    I don’t see any act of cheating here especially not from SH when he’s still married to NHJ, but I do admit that SY trigger the divorce and initiate all the misunderstanding. Woman who confess and tried to snatch another women’s man is no good.
    But even SY is not there, I think the couple will still divorced though with all the issues surrounding their family. If you really want to see cheating try watching ‘one warm world’

    If there’s anyone to blame here, it’s the writer for making such a story. Don’t bash the people coz they have different opinion from you.

  223. 223 : dreamingstar Says:

    The storyline is very realistic. SH did what he thought would save them from the debts that they have, and yes it did helped them. He was forced to make the hard decision to accept SY proposal for $1M in exchange of 3 or 4 days with him due to his wife’s suicide attempt. Thanks to SY, HJ was saved from the suicied attempt.

    I understand the feeling of HJ that she doubt her husband because as the saying goes wife feels it when the husband is cheating. BUT is SH “really” cheating? I don’t think so. He is falling slowly for SY BUT he is suppressing it because he love HJ. SH wants to help SY in her company to repay the kindness he saw in her when they were in HongKong.

    But the thing that I don’t understand with HJ is when SHE is the one who decides to end the marriage, why is she still bitter towards SY? Because she still loves SH? If she really loves her husband, she should’ve fought for it till the end. Everybody saw SH’s effort to save his marriage. Even if he admitted as much that he likes SY but still he chose his wife. So why didn’t HJ fought for her marriage till the end? She keeps on saying that SH tried to save their marriage till the end, so why be bitter and revengeful to SY in ep10?

    On the other hand, MW is right when he divorced his wife who is materialistic. She accepted MW son in exchange of stocks. She even used MW’s money on her lover. So its just right for MW to divorce her. But what I don’t understand about MW is that he keeps on fighting with SY. Business yes, but he even said to SY that he wants to start the war because he wants to step on SH, that’s personal. Because he likes HJ? Fine, I don’t think there will be a prob since they’re both divorcée so they’re both single. But why wage war against SY? Hmmm

    And as for SY, I’m not saying she’s totally innocent but I also don’t think that she’s to blame for HJ and SH’s decision to divorce. After all its HJ and SH who will stamp the divorce paper. But I just wish that she’d loosen up a bit? Cause I find her too stiff. Yes she is the CEO of their company, yes the man that she’s in love with works for her, but why be “rude” “sarcastic” most of the time? Its not a crime to smile, to say yes when asked to eat lunch/dinner together since she admitted to SH already that she likes him. I just hope that SY will be more “alive” now that SH has returned.

    I hope every character in this story ends up learning something and ends up together with the person he/she loves and deserves. So that everybody happy. SY I hope hope you get treatment for your illness. 🙂

    Fighting team Temptation!!!! Can’t wait for the next episodes. 🙂

  224. 224 : terazhang Says:

    @ 221 Nadege…
    the second part of my comment above not refer to you….just to clarify..

  225. 225 : terazhang Says:

    @223 dreamingstar
    exactly what I’m thinking…:)

  226. 226 : terazhang Says:

    @202 denises

    yeah we should….though i think that not all who comment and watching this drama like it…..

  227. 227 : 1267 Says:

    Na hoong Jo sshhi before SY came to the scene, your marriage to Seok Hoon is already falling. Remember that suicide attempt? Its all started their. Dont be bitter

  228. 228 : plain Says:

    This thread is going so fast,like it,it show the writer went to a good school if not many people wouldn’t have been here,this drama is really touching something that I never thought Korean writer will ever think off good job writer,hope you wouldn’t disappoint us at the end,I hope your message is all about, trust,love and respect to each one other in marriage whose said for better for worst for rich or for poor.happy ending.hope

    many people have had a broken heart from both a man and a woman,but in this drama the person I feel so sorry for has always been Suk Hoon,why,because all he needed was a wife who will stay by his side,when he was betrayed by a good friend,a wife who will comfort him, stay by his side,give him strength to continue to live for other day,then again that wife chooses to run away,abandon him to inflict more pain in his heart.

    this is a wife who eat her cake and still want it back after it has been digested
    SY might had try to test the commitment between two people by that offered,maybe to see if only money can destroy love,again she never thought she herself will be experience love,which makes this drama so unique.sometime after you have given up on something,that thing you have given up can till come to you in a mystery way.

    MW,he looks like man who is jealous with all his power and money yet this woman he long for,he loved for so long happens to fall in love with ordinal man wish basically she paid to have him for 3days,he might be trying to offer SY help through getting her to sleep with him,poor man he didn’t know the whole truth about the whole story ,he will get nothing but disappointment,this is where I myself think the story is going,SY will will rather lose everything than to sleep with him,if this writer plan happy ending both SH and SY will discover the true meaning of love that wave can’t destroyed
    for those of us who support HJ,and compare their own life experience with her situation I would say you shouldn’t or else you abandon the man you claim to love when he so much needed you,when he survived you come to claim him back,how will he look at you then?

  229. 229 : teadybear Says:

    It was 56 days from you, but I felt like 560 days from me. Such a cheeeeeeesssy.

    Temptation fighting!! 🙂

  230. 230 : Lila Says:

    There is a say in my language very suited to Se Young (I hope translation keeps the meaning) “To whom not let die, doesn’t let you to live”.
    Hong Joo declares in front of Min Woo that she’ll blame Se Young till the day she’ll die and never forgive her. But she hides him the truth that isn’t her advantage such is: Se Young saved her life from a voluntary drowning and Se Young’s money saved Suk Hoon from jail and her family house. Ingratitude your name is Hong Joo. I read somewhere a little story: “An old wise man told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, ‘My son, the battle is between the two “wolves” that live inside us all. One is unhappiness. It is fear, worry, anger, jealousy, ingratitude, self-pity, resentment, and inferiority. The other is happiness. It is love, joy, hope, gratitude, serenity, kindness, generosity, truth, and compassion.’ The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, ‘which wolf wins?’ The old man simply replied, ‘The one you feed.’ ” It’s crystal clear which wolf won inside Suk Hoon and which wolf won inside Hong Joo. About Hong Joo’s behavior, what can I say, just shows her level.
    I don’t like Min Woo’s nature. He is dishonest and foxy. Also, I suppose that Min Woo has a thorn against Se Young coming from their past and he will do everything to destroy any relationship of Se Young with a man, that’s why he dislikes Suk Hoon. Will see if he will succeed.

  231. 231 : torri Says:

    @Lila Says

  232. 232 : dreamingstar Says:

    Why is it just twice a week? This series should be shown the whole week 🙂

    I’m from the Philippines but I’m watching it online so its like I’m in Korea as well since I have to wait for Tuesday and Wednesdays (since its being shown on the eve of a Monday and Tuesday in Korea) to be able to watch what’s going to happen next.

    The waiting is making me yes excited, making me anticipate more…but its also so hard to wait…like what SH said to SY the night he arrives from Brazil (ep10) “…its 56 days for you, but its like 560 days for me…”

    So,so,so love the series. The actors played their characters so well. And Kwon Sang Woo sshi and Choi Ji Woo sshi, still love their chemistry. It hasn’t changed even a bit since Stairway to Heaven. 🙂

    Fighting!!! Aja Temptation!!!! 🙂

  233. 233 : Juana love Says:

    Temptation fighting!!!!!!!😊👍

  234. 234 : aim Says:

    maybe it is just me,i want this drama to be 24 to 32 episode,I just feel that there are many story’s to tell with the characters also the writer could use to create more episodes,like JH ending up marrying MW,that mean mother in law deal with her with MW first daughter,and let me see who she is going to blame this time,also how her true nightmare will come true by discovering that her brother is in love with SY sister,also how SY was able to have a child the process love and trust SY and SH build for each other,I will love it if SBC decide to extend the episodes,this drama has not ended I could have called this drama one of the best for the whole year,I am so loving it.

  235. 235 : kdramasuck Says:

    @Sandy 2. there are a bunch of crazy people here that just blind by their favorite actors regarding of the truth. Like you said if it happen to them their husbands have attracted to other women, what would they feel. But I still believe SY had intention of steal her husband and the cause of their break-up. But remember Karma is for real. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

  236. 236 : kingarcher Says:

    Im intrigued by the character of MW. MW might have feelings for SY?
    Could it just be business rivalry? Or something else, along romantic interest going on?is it possible the one he loves will be SY and not HJ? he’s taken SH/ HJ marriage too personally. Instead of wanting to avenge HJ maybe he’s jealous that SH, whose financially broke and has nothing compared to him, was able to make SY fall for him. Maybe if not love, pride?

    This is are just some more past history the writers don’t tell us. And how HJ and SH met in hospital. Maybe we will find out soon.

    See you agaiiin on Monday 🙂

  237. 237 : terazhang Says:

    @236 kindergasher

    I don’t know….instead of love, it seems to me that Kang Min Woo do not really like Yoo Se young. I think it’s more like a matter of pride, in which in the business world, he see Yoo Se Young as a small rival that do not worth his attention, but at the same time this small fry always prick at his pride. Like Se Young said before that he want to show his superiority over Se Young because they are in different class, Ajin Group is the true chaebol while Dong Sung is just a small company.

    @235 kdramasuck

    Having a different opinion from you doesn’t make anyone crazy? Should i define craziness for you? Since I’m reading my psychiatric textbook on insanity here…..

  238. 238 : kingarcher Says:

    @terazhang 237

    I have this feeling that Dong sung company will experience bankrupt. And SH I am beginning to think he may have done some business on his own in Brazil and that it is just possible he has plans to use SY to make a coup. when SY gave SH the expensive watch That gift seemed premature to me, it almost had the unsavory smell of SH becoming a gigolo. I think he would not ordinarily take the gift, unless he had an ulterior motive. Perhaps SH has a plan. Maybe he is going to use SY for his own purposes, and to prove to himself and to HJ that he could win over SY and resist her, But the writers are definitely showing SY uncharacteristically vulnerable now that SH has responded to her passion. It may be he is setting her up for a fall.

  239. 239 : Lila Says:

    # 231 @Torri

    Dear Torri, you’re welcome. I’m happy you learned something for you soul in my comment. The message is such powerful that can change us for better if we are ready to receive it and I’m glad you are.

  240. 240 : mana Says:

    To all of you who support HJ who kept on saying that we do not understand how it is to feel betrayed, then im sure you guys dont understand how it feels when ur loved ones want to kill themselves because of u. u’ll feel desperate, guilty, horrible, all kinds of bad things, but most of all u FELT GUILTY n want to fix it as fast as u can. bcuz ure afraid that shell do it again. Hell, she seemed so happy b4 she went to kill herself, they even made love. can u imagine how shocked a person would feel if that ever happen to you? and believe me, suicide IS the ultimate betrayal. n one thing for sure, ppl dont get insurance when they kill themselvs. so if she was dead, it was all in vain.

    when ppl are in marriage (more so when its 10 years), its normal for the husband to feel a little fling for someone, men got to be men. if we’re comparing how women is emotional than we got to understand how men is. the main thing that a man needs is trust. so when this thing happen the thing u do, is not pushed him away, u try to fix it. u need to trust that he value ur relationship enough to not let it go for a mere woman he spent three days with. its not like he think about her 24 hours. u dont make him leave home, u try to stay together with him and try to fix things. like @plain said, men are like babies. bt i think HJ definitely is unable to do that, as the only thing she could think off to save her family is kill herself.

    HJ is insecure and suicidal. their marriage has faced a big obstacle and she just not smart enough to know the right way to go about it, and the problem just got worse. it got worse until the only thing u could is divorce. if I were SH I’ll help SY company during the negotiation. If I were the only person that can help a company from going bankcrupt and cause a lot of families to lose their job, then I will.

    One thing i see here, ppl are emotional and immature. I for one is a woman has faced betrayal, and I had to agree sometimes, its our fault. we are just too insecure that we shouldnt even be in a realtionship in the first place. this is not some kind of cheating husband who went around sleeping with ppl. he did try to explain what happened, believe me, i was going to blame him if he didnt and notice that he did.

    sorry for the rant. i know u like to compare ur life and all to a story. in other cases of cheating I would be mad, but i have to think rationally. n i have to say the relationship was just irreparable. HJ just couldnt trust SH anymore, and if she couldnt find it in her to trust him, then they would just suffer. it’s inevitable, its the story, SH has a onemillion debt, his wife wants to kill herself and these things happen.

  241. 241 : Gr-'/@95 Says:


  242. 242 : Provebs31 Says:

    I love all the comments on where everyone is taking this. This is the way i see it. I think for SH is actually revenge towards SY. Do you all remember in the beginning in the hotel in the lobby where they have an eye contact and HJ was asking if she knew SY and SH said it was a bad past and they show the reason why, well SH applied for the job and although he had all the qualification SY didn’t hire him. I think SH’s pride got really hurt and damage specially for a man and let a lone a woman that stepped all over him.
    SY can feel the love of SH and HJ and SY was jealous of it when she saw them together trying to save this guy at the hotel. If SY intention was not to break the two and knew that they are going thru a lot, she would have sat down with the both of them and offer the three day deal without any string attach. If SY intention is good then why give SH restriction not to call his wife on those three days, of course as a wife you expect the worse, even if SY and SH hadn’t slept together as a wife you can help but think of those things. Although divorce is sometimes hard to endure, I think that SH has to do what he has to do in order for his revenge to SY to be effective, SH wants SY to fully trust him and fall for him and knowing that SY is really falling for him. On Episode 10 you can feel the hurt and jealousy for SH and HJ that means they still love each other and SH even complimented HJ but did not compliment SY. At the end of 10 SH was jealous when HJ grab MW arms and to make HJ jealous he pretend to grab SY hand and protect her (to gain her trust). I remember on one of the episode SH asked SY again the reason why he didn’t hire him, i can’t remember her respond. I believe that SH and HJ will get back together again after she realize what her ex husband is up to. I just love this drama and how the title “temptation” is going, but i believe it is actually a revenge for SH. I mean SY is beautiful, elegant and rich, but i think she is too old for SH and money can’t buy love.

  243. 243 : terazhang Says:

    238 @ Kingarcher

    Well I also think that Dong sung group will face some difficulty with the business, but i don’t think that they will face bankruptcy. As for SH, 2 months in Brazil is too short of time to build any company, not to mention that the guy is so poor.
    I just like to think that he like SY sincerely.

    @242 proverb

    No, I don’t think that SH has anything left for HJ. Before their breakup, he gave her three chance to take back her request for divorced but HJ denied it.
    When HJ touch KMW, of course SH notice it. Afterall, HJ is the wife that he married for 6 years and it’s been only 2 months since their divorced. I think he just surprised with the budding of HJ and KMW relationship and maybe it feels weird to see your ex-wife starting new relations with a new man.
    I also think that SH really like SY. Even when, he came back from Hong Kong, there’s one scene where he think of SY-they are biking together- but then he restraint his thought and try to forget about it. But if you remember, whenever SY is in troubles at work, he’s the first person to run to her and gave hhelp. He even stood up his date with his wife and go to help SY.
    I don’t know. This is just my opinion.

  244. 244 : Nadege Says:

    @ provebs

    I think you are unto something about SH’s new feeling toward SY. Based on the way he reacted at the soirée ( it is all in his eye (great job by Sang Woo showing this—his uneasyness about HJ’s skin ship towards MW & his protectiveness of SY when HJ tries to embarrassed her) tells me this might be SH taking revenge on SY for contributing to his divorce while in the process hurting HJ for not trusting him or giving him the chance to redeem himself. I think at the end he would want HJ back.All the leads (DH SY MW HJ) are doing a very good job prostrating their character’s emotions, angs, love, hurt, etc…

    Lee Jung Jin is doing a wonderful job portraying MW this solidifies how versatile he is; he could have easily played SH’s character because he is so good in portraying a good, bad, not so good, or not do bad character. MW is a lion in a sheep cloth & a womanizer but I think his love for HJ could be sincere but I hate how he treated his wife despite her own faults since he was no angel either when it came to cheating in the marriage. I mean he produce a child outside their marriage for pert sake.

    I am rooting for SH & HJ to reunite & restart their marriage. However will not be disappointed if the writers choose bother direction since this drama is a nice ride either way.

    Btw, even thought I don’t root for them in this drama, loved kwon song woo & choi Ji woo character couples in Stsirway to heaven. It is a good melodrama, I recommend watching if you have not. I started watching it after I started watching temptation.

  245. 245 : kingarcher Says:

    Things we don’t know:

    Is MW first love is SY?

    Does SH still love HJ (it seemed to me he was annoyed to see her with MW at the party and when she took his wrist and called MW by his casual name, he looked angry. Is that also a reason he grabbed SY’s hand at the party?

    What was SH’s business history, did he have many failures?

    What was the history of SH and SY in the past ( their history together than the one job interview)

    What happened in Brazil? Does SH have a plan?

    If he has a plan (perhaps not to hurt SY) but to get HJ back?

    Does SH love SY but still love HJ too?

    Just what does SH want? What are his feelings?

  246. 246 : Plain Says:

    @Provebs31, SH will be a foolish man to take revenge on behave of a wife who abandon him when he hit rock bottom,when he needed a wife but all she can offer her husband was to commit suicide to pay for her father house not to be taken away,that is the only help she can offer him.SH will brain damage if his intention is to hurt SY who did nothing wrong to him but save his life from shame and disgrace,he could have face, plus wife who commit suicide because of debt that he owns,also to take revenge for a wife who called their marriage of ten good years a nightmare,if that is the case SY will not regret not having him as a life partner because she doesn’t need a man who is an idiot.

    some people forget to think of one thing with or without SY interference what will SH marriage will be like now,will same woman who have tried to kill herself still or able to watch her father’s house taken,debtors surrounded them asking to pay up,her husband jobless,no place to live after the only money they could have save,she already spend it on shopping spring.

    on the party,I want to remark one thing,about SH been surprise when HJ hold MW hand,he looked surprised because this is a man who have reputation of having an affair outside his marriage home,have four children,who couldn’t be surprise that after HJ divorces her husband on the ground that he is cheating on her and she still ending up dating MW or want to go out with him,where is the truth in her mouth again?

  247. 247 : Plain Says:

    other point I want to make is,a lot of Korean dramas has shown actress and actors getting down on their knees begging a person for help,so why SY made that indecent proposal,and SH told his wife all about it,why didn’t she went to SY room and beg her to help them out or ask for a loan and they will pay her back also use herself to ask SY since she save her why can’t she do it again without wanting to sleep with her husband?let me see how heartless will SY be to refuse HJ pleased and did not clarify her intention then?that is if she really care what her husband might do? but all she does was to command a man who is desperate because of his financials problem to come with her back home after she herself have tried to commit suicide because of money?well it is normal that all people don’t think same,so this is why I am not surprise.

  248. 248 : lee Says:

    i like Ji woo so much,pretty and good actress…

  249. 249 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Why are the women on this thread supporting the cheating couple and trying to blame the wife. I don’t get it.

  250. 250 : plain Says:

    Because some people in this thread don’t know how to define cheating,they think that one committing suicide is called love,HJ is lucky enough to see who save him,let them try to commit suicide let see if they will see anyone that will save them.

  251. 251 : plain Says:

    Because some people in this thread don’t know how to define cheating,they think that one committing suicide is called love,HJ is lucky enough to see who save her,let them try to commit suicide let see if they will see anyone that will save them.

  252. 252 : teadybear Says:


    Pls. Watched hj action and behavior.

  253. 253 : ki Says:

    i dont like park ha sun….

  254. 254 : m Says:

    low ratings

  255. 255 : torri Says:

    Provebs31 Says

  256. 256 : kdramasuck Says:

    Why people wanted to fight each other about who is right or wrong. My POV they’re all wrong, everybody make mistake, no body perfect, can we just enjoy the show and see what the writer show the audiences how lives are so complicated, it is human nature that people can be mean or passionate, lover and hate. Just remember one thing. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

  257. 257 : Provebs31 Says:

    my goodness hahaha,you guys are taking this too seriously, their is no need for shouting (CAPITAL LETTERS) we are basting this on each of our own opinion, the mind is a bautiful thing it gives different ideas to different people, this is how God created us :-). I would still say revenge because in the beginning of episode 2 when SH and HJ got back from SY room’s HJ ask SH who is that woman and he said your lifesaver and my foe (enemy). Remember the reason that SH went back to work for SY is to prove and pay her back the money that SY had given him. SH have this flashback why he didn’t get hired by her:

    SH – why didn’t i make it i did extremely well on the written test and report outstanding in the interview too.

    SY – who told you that you did well on the interview. Your statement is about investing on people and help them thrive was quite wise. It suites the image of our company. It’s ideal that will be receive by others too, but companies don’t always run ideally, they need solutions and practicallity to make a profit.

    SH – So you are saying that I am an idealist who doesnt know about the real world

    SY – you are, you are also passionate humanist. People like your can be hazaradous to a business

    SH – those are incorrect personal assumption

    SY – of course, i am the employer. It doesn’t matter what i think is personal or correct, i get to make the decision.

    During the time they were having a negotiation apparently the CEO of that other company have the same ideals of SH and SY acknowledge that those two were alike and approve the negotiation in the contract. Notice also that SH gave the information to MW to the company that SY was trying to obtain.

    Episode 10 – SH gave SY seeds of beans from Brazil, then SY gave SH a very expensive watch (suppose to be for her dad) SH made a comment and say i only gave you coffee beans and i guess i made a profit.

    All the characters are well played. But i think SH is trying to reestablish himself as a man to be able to get back to HJ. I do symphatize with HJ – women who have not been in her place does not know and feel to be betrayed. SH is a man, and HJ knew that once a man start lying and making excuses about where he is going his heart and mind is gone although it was better to let SH go it was for the best and SH needs to sort out his feelings.

  258. 258 : tiffy Says:

    No offense,but where on earth did you come up with such a ludicrous conclusion?If you were watching the drama properly you would realize that you are making a total different storyline to the show.There is no revenge for SY,we would get hints from the director,he wouldn’t leave us totally oblivious to the whole situation.I suggest you watch back the whole drama from ep 1-10 and you will realize that SH has no revenge for SY.And HJ is the one who end her marriage,if she loved him so much she would have fought for him and trust him,she just gave up so quickly.SH doesn’t deserve a weak wife who even offered to jump in the ocean to add stress to SH.She is too weak for him.Just my opinion.Maybe HJ and MW are the ones who in the future will get revenge on SH and SY.MW will do it to get back at SY and HJ,SH.That’s how i see it.Now that’s a more logical storyline.But no offense,everyone is entitled to their own opinion so * shrugs*.She has no trust for SH.If SH didn’t love her he wouldn’t ask her so many times if she was sure about the divorce and she said yes.So her husband had all the right to go to SY.He even rejected SY to show how much he loved HJ but what did she do?Offer herself to MW,the player,i hope she get played.He is divorced now so he can go to SY,it isn’t adultery.She shouldn’t be jealous cuz they ain’t married anymore.And btw what she brought up around the table at the end of ep 10 about SY stealing her husband was crude and uncalled for even MW realized that no matter how much of a jerk he is.That’s why i was so happy when SH held SY’s hand,she fell right back in her trap. 🙂 .

  259. 259 : cha sok hoon Says:

    Episode 11 preview please?
    Can anyone tell me a link?
    Thanks 😉

  260. 260 : Sandy 2 Says:

    This was part of an interview that the actors had talking about the show. For those who think SY isn’t the cause behind the problems in SH and HJ’s marriage or that she really wasn’t trying to seduce him but “help” the couple, notice how CJW describes her character SY in this drama:

    Reporter: Please tell us about the roles you play.
    Kwon Sang-woo (SH): Firstly, I’m Park Ha-seon’s husband.
    Kwon Sang-woo (SH): A very loving couple.
    Choi Ji-woo (SY): While meeting a man, my character starts to try to seduce him.
    Choi Ji-woo (SY): She steps in the way of the happily married couple.
    Park Ha-seon (HJ): Just like now. (CJW was sitting between PHS and KSW)
    Choi Ji-woo (SY): Like she’s between us now.
    Park Ha-seon (HJ): Because of one woman…
    Choi Ji-woo (SY): Causing troubles at home…
    Park Ha-seon (HJ): The role of shaking a husband’s devotion.
    Lee Jung-jin (MW): Why are you being like that?
    Park Ha-seon (HJ): Sparks fly.

    SY character is no sweet loving woman, she is a seducing and doesn’t care who it hurts. HJ’s character is described as a gentle, thought woman.

    Stop blaming the wife. This is about a husband who allowed himself to be seduced by another woman who paid for him with money and power.

  261. 261 : awesome Says:

    In the end….



    It is possible right?

    Its a win.win situation 🙂 🙂

  262. 262 : awesome Says:

    Fighting Yoo Se Young!!!!! 😉

  263. 263 : Sandy 2 Says:

    This drama just turns me off. SH sold himself to the highest bidder. SY showering him with gifts as if paying for him.

  264. 264 : ninjanet Says:

    I don’t know but i can’t feel sympathy for NHJ. She doesn’t know how to act like a lady. Her decisions are childish and so she is. Pls stop blaming the ex husband you the one who offered divorce. And now shes’s the one who get angry in the Party! She must put in her mind that she no longer has the right to interfere with her ex-husband’s life. If she can’t bear to see her ex-husband with other woman, she should have tried harder to make their relationship last. She chose to divorce him rather than to keep him so she should face the consequences of her decision. Why she’s acting all affected now? And she’s directing her anger to SY. SY has did a mistake once. She felt guilty and she admitted her mistake and tried to convince both SH and HJ to work out on their marriage issues. What else have she done wrong? It’s not her fault that SH has fallen for her. And it’s not her fault that HJ and SH ended up in divorce. It’s their decision. It’s their issue. Why she’s putting all the blame to SY? She must move on and be happy with mw or baby sit ROY.

    I just hope a happy ending for the beautiful CEO SY because she deserves it. This is her first true love so, She needs to at least experience the relationship in a great way. 🙂

  265. 265 : kdramasuck Says:

    @Sandy2 Do you believe that some of the viewers here admired SY, think she is innocent in love a saint and SH is a loveable husband who devoted to his wife and trashing HJ, I just can’t understand people anymore what they are thinking. Please god help me.

  266. 266 : Mary Says:

    Though I’ve watched countless/various types of dramas over the years, this is actually the first time I’ve engaged in a drama discussion as I feel so strongly about the story line.

    As expected, this drama would bring different viewers opinions as it deals with infidelity based upon one’s personal morals & values (or personal preference based on their favorite leading actor/actress? lol) There are many reasons why people cheat in relationships. There will be temptations throughout all relationships; it’s up to one to react to it.

    Now I may be repeating myself but I feel bad for HJ bc 1) a woman came into their lives with the INTENT of breaking her marriage 2) she can’t work it out & had to divorce SH becus she can no longer trust him..why? He continues to see SY, tending to her needs rather than hers ((coincidental)hospital scene & phone call while he was on the trip with SY) 3) she knows SH well enough to know his heart is already with that woman

    Some feel she needs to move on bc she’s the one that asked for the divorce. She still loves him, it’s only been 2 mos! Of course I would feel bitter towards the woman who wrecked my marriage; and seeing them together? I would react the same..if not worse. It just doesn’t make sense to me to think that some support SY’s “first love” sprouted from with a married man

    SH..he allowed another woman to come in between his wife; destroying his 10 yrs marriage they had built together. I really hope this is a fling with SY & in the end he realizes he lost the love of his life..moral of the story. I know not all dramas end with the main leads happily together

    Lastly. I can’t wait for HJ’s brother to find out that the person who caused his sisters divorce is none other than his soon to be love interest’s older sister. PEACE everyone!

  267. 267 : vonny Says:

    Why all judge sy because she love sh, remember sy is human being not angel .when sy a falling in love …she can do anything for her love. This is drama full sad,happy,hope..so enjoy watching this drama

  268. 268 : plain Says:

    @Mary266,I have a question for you,do you think HJ trust her husband to pull them out of that debt when she try to commit suicide?for those of us who say SH moved on so fast, do you also think when HJ offered herself to sleep with MW that she have any regards for MW wife as a woman like who is marriage to this man at least MW hasn’t yet divorces his wife when she made that offer but she was so comfortable asking other woman husband to pay her so to sleep with her, it takes two to accomplished a good thing,I believe that people who are blaming SH for seeing his wife never loved him are unjust to their judgment, HJ is all about me,me nobody else that matters,if HJ really loved her husband she wouldn’t have attempt suicide to leave her husband in more destructive way she will work with her husband to prove that friend of SH who betrayed them wrong not to prove SH friend right by trying to commit suicide too.
    HJ allowed temptation to come into marriage to take her husband away by not trusting her husband first,what is love without trust? all this anger about SH and SY relationship is for no good reason,HJ seeing SH and SY been angry is her own selfish way of thinking SH will not be able to move on after her called their of 10years a nightmare.

  269. 269 : plain Says:

    Then again if anyone call HJ actions love I wonder if that kind of love exist in planet earth.

  270. 270 : terazhang Says:

    @266 Mary…

    Hai, Mary. I really like reading your opinion although we do stand on the different side.
    It is not offensive as most and I didn’t feel insulted when I read it. And more importantly, you didn’t treat us like a bunch of idiots like some did in this thread. Keep it up. Peace

  271. 271 : Mary Says:

    @plain..have u ever been in a financial hardship where u feel no way out? I do not wish this feeling on anyone. Desperation calls for crazy thoughts which often lead to crazy actions (HJ’s attempted suicide). Yes I know ins does not pay out suicides. Then again this is a korean drama. Correct me if wrong but I’m getting the feeling that you’re implying just bc HJ tried to kill herself, gives SY the rights to pursue SH? Based on Sandy 2’s post about the actors interview, CJW’s role is to destroy the marriage so therefore I do not feel any guilt hating her. It takes two to tango; thus SH/SY affair started when he asked SY to spend 3 hrs together after his job was done. When HJ asked MW to sleep with her, it was more of a rhetorical question.

    @terazhang. Thanks. We’re all adults here (I think/hope) with some life experience, there’s no need for personal attacks or insult each other’s opinions.

  272. 272 : NOIA Says:

    if SH was old, fat, or something, she would not have made ​​the proposal. For SY was easy to buy a handsome man (and with 6 pack, lol)

  273. 273 : tiffy Says:

    @sandy2 and @kdramasucks
    Put yourself in SH’s position.What if you were bound to go to prison and someone offered you 1 million dollars,what would you do?Oh and not to mention you have a spouse who is bound to jump off in an ocean because you can’t clear your debt.Put yourself in his position,wouldn’t you take the money just for two little days with a person you won’t see again and in return spend the rest of your life-jail-free with your spouse.Oh come on let’s be practical! U KNOW YOU WOULD TAKE THE OFFER SO DON’T BE ALL GOOD ABOUT IT.HJ is not so innocent afterall since she offered herself to a MARRIED MAN,seems to me that she’s no different from SY afterall *shrugs*.Anyway,it’s your illogical opinion that doesn’t make much sense,but what can i say?You are entitled to it.But let me tell you guys this,HJ had no trust for her husband and didn’t even fought for him at all,she just gave up easily,PFFT,Nice drama anyway. 🙂

  274. 274 : plain Says:

    @tiffy indeed nice drama,i don’t care what the writer write next,this is two message I got from this drama,one degrade your husband because you guys are in difficult position or stick with your husband and found how you guys are going to survive,as for me HJ blame her husband for the fail of his business that is why she went off to die.

    this why MW wife is nice to me,she doesn’t pretend or blame her parents for the arrange marriage she has with her husband,she come clean with her intentions no hiding behind the curtain,but HJ even what she condemn and doesn’t want anymore still she doesn’t want anybody else to have it,greedy and selfish.

  275. 275 : Torri Says:

    Thank god this exchange of opinions is only done by writing I was just reading the different ideas or opinion each person here has as far as who is to be blamed and who is the victim and I was just wondering if we all had to seat face to face to make this argument am pretty sure it will get heated and some people might fly off their seat hahhhaahah so am glad we can only writing our opinion
    Well I realize no matter how I try to make my point as to who I thing is wrong and who is right not everyone here will agree and that because we have different ways of looking at life in general especially when it come to morals and up bring and since I notice some comments are been repeated over and over about who is wrong and why they are wrong
    I have decided to just enjoy this show and let the writer do their jobs at the end of the day it’s a JUST A DRAMA and am pretty sure if the writer was reading some the comments here the writer will be very please because what every MSG his try to pass on I thing he is doing a great job
    So enjoys guys , enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  276. 276 : tiffy Says:

    i know right.Anyone who thinks HJ is an angel is just…
    Anyway SY has a pretty straightforward attitude from the very beginin of the show which makes her character favourable.I guess these people ratherd her to be the sneeky type who beats around the bush.

  277. 277 : ching Says:

    i dont care for whatever reason they have one thing i ike the most sy and sh begin to express and show their love to one another im happy for it .hj decide to divorce his husband no need for explanation she doesnt love his husband.thanks for watching

  278. 278 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Mary @ 266 and 271, Bravo!!! I agree with you completely. Also, I’m so tired of hearing about the suicide attempt. I wish the writer had done a better job other than just throwing that in out of no where. If anyone should have felt suicidal, it should have been SH. The writer has some flaws with the character development and building up to the romance–which I absolutely do not see. It came out of no where.

    tiffy @ 273, please don’t judge me by your standards. I’ve faced financial difficulties, but I didn’t prostitute myself to pay the bills. It mean I had to downsize and work even harder. If SH was concerned about his wife, how was spending 3 days with another woman who was paying him a million dollars and he refused to take his wife calls supposed to make her feel better. Why wasn’t she suicidal then since she was devastated that hey sold himself to this woman? This is where the writer, in my opinion, wrote a script that has no logic at all.

    SH was temped by SY who made it her goal to break up this couple.

  279. 279 : tiffy Says:

    I don’t know your situation,however i am quite sure the situation did not warrant you jail time.A matter a fact,fix up your speech because FYI SH did not prostitute himself,maybe you should watch the drama with a bit more understanding and stop trying to find the slightest hints to prove your illogical perception of SY.And by the way my standards?Are you saying i would prostitute myself?Hold on,since you haven’t been in the position of someone giving you an offer wherein you have to trade yourself for your future,i bet you yourself wouldn’t know if you’d agree to it so judge yourself before you judge others.You have never experienced what SH did so therefore you cannot talk,ok?SY didn’t want to break up their marriage,oh c’mon who in this mean and selfish world would give someone 1 million dollars without getting anything in return?It is a give and take situation.And btw,maybe the reason why she told him not to contact his wife is because maybe:
    1. it was a business activity and she wanted it confidential.
    2.She probably knew if he contacted his wife,it would force him to leave the deal and SY didn’t want that as she probably doesn’t want SH to got to prison as well as she wanted assistance with her business.
    3.She probably wanted to test how strong their marriage was.
    At the end of the day the one who called it quits was HJ,remember that.So no matter what,SH tried.At the end he did ask her three times.I mean,think about it,it’s not like she litterally saw him commiting infidelity or caught them red-handed kissing or smt,why did she call off a ten-year marriage because of that?Pfft,marriage wasn’t strong to me.She didn’t love him enough to fight for him.I have seen in dramas where females fight for their guys,but she just gave up quickly,she was just passive.just saying,if you’ve been with someone for ten years it shouldn’t b so easy to end the marriage without a fight, especially when you did’t even caught the man doing anything.HJ is just a spoilt woman who has trust issues.her lack of support and attempted suicide has forced her king gentle husband away from her and should us the veiwers feel sorry for her?Psh,uh,no.And if you still feel like judging SH for taking the offer just remember this A PRIDE GOETH BEFORE A FALL,:)

  280. 280 : plain Says:

    @Sandy 2,you mentioned that you have also face financial difficulties,the good thing that you did was to stay strong and have faith and that enables you to pull out of that financial difficulties,this is opposite of what HJ did,she did not have faith nor trust in their marriage,as for me SY is a decent somebody that was there to help HJ from destroying [email protected] I agree everything you said,most of us doesn’t see how desperate SH was,especially when you know that someone so dear to you almost lost her because of your financial difficulties, as you said @tiffy in this selfish world that we all live in who will give you money like that just as SY gave SH,even if someone borrowed half of that money they will ask for a palm of flesh from you,all same they say how one see thing is how they live,also when there is life there is hope.

    My guess is HJ revenge has not ended yet,she will carry it to relationship with MW if not marrying him to still prove a point to SY,I just feel sorry for MW for what he is going to get himself into,I hope he still keep that smile going after marrying HJ.

  281. 281 : tiffy Says:

    You are right.She’s probably going to use MW for her stupid selfish revenge.Let’s see how far she gets with her vengeance.Poor SH,he married a witch and poor SY,she has to be crucified because she loves someone.I mean love is an emotion you can’t control,why does she have to be punished because of it?Notice this about SY?When SH rejected her she accepted it without attaching herself and being a pest,it shows she has class and respects his decision.And in addition if SH had any intention of cheating on his wife well he would have accepted her confession and they would probably be dating or smt but he made clear that he loved his wife and chose her over SY.

  282. 282 : awesome Says:

    Whaaaaaatt?? HJ marrying MW? That’s too fast. I think Sh will revenge to SY he will going to destroy SY castle which is the company.

  283. 283 : awesome Says:

    All I can say that NHJ is totally crazy. Why she marry MW. For revenge? She don’t even love MW.

  284. 284 : Torri Says:

    Hahahhah just finish watching ep 11 I suspected there might be a kissing scene today but damn writer I did not expect the kiss scene to be that passionate hahahah love it .one couple is having a very steamy kissing scene the other couple a very cold calculative kissing scene that said I knew HJ had issues from the begining but was not sure how far she will go but I see we are about to see a crazy ex wife create some major disaster at least I guess she believes she can do that by marrying MW good luck to HY it will be fun watching trying to destroy SY .
    SY baby steps girl u inviting the guy up stairs for coffee means u want to take step forward in your relationship but then again girl. after the steamy kiss u guys just had can’t blame y for waiting to get it out of you system so good luck lol!!! Am really loving the show
    HJ girl y need to really get u mine together I for see only pain for you with decisions u making

  285. 285 : tiffy Says:

    Idk if HJ will marry MW,just making a suggestion,*shrugs*.SH is not taking revenge on SY.

  286. 286 : tiffy Says:

    Oh,it seems that HJ is planning on marrying MW,gosh…wow…i’m speechless.
    Anyway 🙂
    Oh and there’s a kiss scene?Daebak!Can’t wait to watch it.I see only pain for HJ too.

  287. 287 : thc Says:

    Whats the point of this story? Temptation is the route for love? How fast the husband forget about the love of his life and start to date his boss. One day he rejects his boss proporsal but the next day he’s kissing and holding hands to provoke his exwife. How fast he forget his love!!!! You can not blame the wife because she noticed his husband’s interest for another woman even he was not having anything yet. Did you only betray your love by having sex? Can he betray his wife by thinking of another woman? His actions proved that he did not love enough his wife. Its too easy the way he behave like a boyfriend with his boss. Also, the way the boss speak to the wife is insulting and she is trying to hurt her feelings. How the husband will react if he knows the things that the boss tell his exwife? Is he still defend her like he did in the table? Its obvious that the exwife still loves her husband but I’m not convince about the husband love. Is it correct to fight for a love that begin as a temptation?

  288. 288 : thc Says:

    This story has no meaning if the husband does not show interest for his wife anymore. It is start to look like a romance between two people like any other drama. Now everyone is free to love someone without regrets. The wife is the only one that is suffering alone. She can start to rebuild her life with another man because her exhusband does care about her. He starts to love someone. Whats the point of the temptation in the following episodes? Its obvious that they will be together like any other couple.

    I watched Stairway to Heaven and I like both actors very much. But I understand that in these drama the female was the rival not the princess.
    She said that she meet him before the wife. But she decided at that moment not to pay attention to him. Why the wife has to pay for this? The boss wants a second chance for her love by hurting others lifes. Isn’t she selfish?

  289. 289 : thc Says:

    How can SH talk to HJ and does not notice she is suffering? One: He does not know his wife. Two; He does not care because he have interest in another woman.

    If the story does not change to his original idea, I’m going to start watch another drama. Its to obvious the ending. SY and Sh happy ever afeter and HJ with MW. Sellfishness defeats love.

  290. 290 : plain Says:

    @tiffy,the ugly truth is that HJ is about to make a big mistake again,people who are selfish and greedy never see their wrongs,when something didn’t go on their way,they hate it or condemn it,if she try to use MW to get back at her ex,because she thought SY money was why her husband was lure away, her forgetting after 10years of marriage she called her marriage nightmare,she still can not see why she lost to other woman or why SH lose interest in the first place was because she never trust him or worthy of a man and a good husband to strife and bring them out off their debt then again using other man to show off in his face there by degrading her own husband in front of other man,this is why her act will blow off in her face,one,even the man she want to use have opposition that is ex wife,Two MW first daughter she will come between HJ and MW,Three she does not love the man she is about marry to,four if MW saw that she is using him,he will pretend to be on HJ side meanwhile he is working against her,five, if she is not careful she will definitely end up alone poor and dishearten.her revenge is useless because she herself refuse to see her mistakes, she was the one who let go of the man supposedly love,she destroyed her marriage by herself,even though SY goes broke,she has her own money in the bank,she has shares in her daddy company so I don’t see any need for her to go begging for help plus her father need her for the survive of their company,so all goes to worst that is when I think SH will use his brain to bring shame to HJ and MW.

    secondly,in this process of SY leaving her position as a CEO she and SH can start developing new ideals to create other company,this two are compatible, they have brain to think positive and bring something to live,why HJ is all about revenge this time that she has a better chance of happiness with ROY a son that will love her unconditionally,she want to ruin it by her stupid revenge,Roy is like a gift from heaven to her,what a brainless woman. SY daddy is insane also,common,your daughter is a grown woman, this is the first time you hear that she might actually have a man,you did not give her time to explain,she has been working day in and night out for you,all because she did not bring other rich man who can co join company’s together, or whatever reason it might be,you become so angry to strip away her opposition,what is really wrong with her relationship that you as a father can not be patience or understand to see if she made a right choice or not.also what can he do without his daughter,what a pitiful old man he is.

  291. 291 : tiffy Says:

    You stated:”The boss wants a second chance for her love by hurting others lifes. Isn’t she selfish?”
    Oh c’mon, are we watching the same show?Yes,she confessed to him that she liked him but he rejected her confession and she accepted that.
    He should get over their love because he gave her three chances and she did not give him a chance and so what should he do?Not move on and be happy?Or continue begging her like a desperate man?What would you do?

  292. 292 : tiffy Says:

    I agree with everything you said.HJ ruined her own marriage.How sad.

  293. 293 : thc Says:

    At the middle of the drama, the woman that plant the doubt to destroy a couple is now a loving and cute lady that SH has to protect. Its incredible how you defend a lady that seems to be arrogant to HJ and at the same time try to llok like a fragile and comprehensive woman in front of SH. That’s pathetic.

  294. 294 : tiffy Says:

    First of all let me begin by saying if it hadn’t been for SY her ex husband would be in prison,so a thank you would be nice! 🙂
    Atleast SH is not the one who is jumping into marriage so quickly after being divorced and your’e saying SH moved on quickly when actually it’s HJ.

  295. 295 : 2146 Says:

    im afraid that next episode there are so many heartbreaking scenes and the CEO will hurt the most 🙁

  296. 296 : thc Says:

    Are you sure SY accepted SH rejection? I don’t think so. She insist in looking for him and trying to be near him. She never stopped calling him. Also, how SH proves NJ that he was not interested in SY? He keeps working and being near SY. What can NJ think about her husband when he is close to the woman that every time that saw her insist that is interesting in her husband?
    Thats the reason I agree with Sandy 2 278 “SH was temped by SY who made it her goal to break up this couple.”
    What remains in this drama is the temptation was already complete? Its obvious that SY and SH are a couple. SH is not thinking ay more in his exwife.

  297. 297 : tiffy Says:

    He proved it to his wife by trying to save his marriage.*Sighs*It’s like i’m repeating myself over and over.

  298. 298 : thc Says:

    NJ was wrong to marry MW. But what she can do? Are you not saying that SH has to move on and start loving SY after she shows her interest? NW treat her good and showed her respect. Why can not NJ try to move on with NW and do the same as SH? She only watched her man taking by another woman and she can not do anything about it. We know that NJ will be sorry for that. But is SH regret his decision of accepting SY temptation? Is he really loves NJ, he will regret his approaching to SY.

  299. 299 : thc Says:

    How he proved to his wife that he wants to save his marriage? Give examples.

  300. 300 : tiffy Says:

    @thc 298
    You stated:”But is SH regret his decision of accepting SY temptation?”
    He did not accept her ‘temptation'(according to you),he rejected her confession but then his wife divorced him so he moved on.If HJ didn’t divorce him,he would have not started a relationship with SY,but since she divorced him,he is free to move on without regrets.He isn’t a married man anymore,so he won’t be commiting adultery.HJ is not an innocent victim as you think she is because no matter how arrogant HJ is she would have never embarrassed her or brought up private matters around a table of executives,that’s how classy she is and lowly HJ is.Whatever conflict or disaggrement they three had,the executives did not have to know about it but she decided to go all public so that’s why she got humiliated publicly.LOL.

  301. 301 : tiffy Says:

    @thc 298
    You stated:”But is SH regret his decision of accepting SY temptation?”
    He did not accept her ‘temptation'(according to you),he rejected her confession but then his wife divorced him so he moved on.If HJ didn’t divorce him,he would have not started a relationship with SY,but since she divorced him,he is free to move on without regrets.He isn’t a married man anymore,so he won’t be commiting adultery.HJ is not an innocent victim as you think she is because no matter how arrogant SY is she would have never embarrassed her or brought up private matters around a table of executives,that’s how classy she is and lowly HJ is.Whatever conflict or disaggrement they three had,the executives did not have to know about it but she decided to go all public so that’s why she got humiliated publicly.LOL.

  302. 302 : thc Says:

    Did you remembered the first episodes? SH was more worried to save SY hotel contract than help his wife to fullfill her dream of maternity. Is this a prove of love?

  303. 303 : thc Says:

    @tiffy 300
    How will you react if the love of your life is in front of you with another woman that keep telling you that she is always interested in your husband?
    At least you have to say something. Don’t you think? Or maybe you are congratulates them because he is a free man without complaints.

    Do you really thinks that SY is a good person?

  304. 304 : thc Says:

    Did you really think that SY never embarrased HJ? Did you remembered all their conversations? SY only started to tell NJ not to divorced Sh after she knew she decided. Her intention was to pretend that she had nothing to be about it. Also she tried SH think she was sorry about it. How convenient was!!!!!! Only to show SH she cares about his marriage. Please.

  305. 305 : thc Says:

    Why do you defend a woman that acts as a bitch in front of the wife but pretend to be cute in front of the husband? Maybe you think that SY had all the rights to be like that because she rescue the man from jail. What type of ethics are that?

  306. 306 : thc Says:

    Now that we are in the middle of the drama, I suspect the writer will turn around all the characters. NJ will be the arrogant girl trying to revenge, SY will be the romantic and suffered girl, SH will be no more the idealistic guy who fight for love and MW will be no more the playboy who cheats his wife.

    What do you think?

  307. 307 : Nadege Says:

    This is a drama so it is not that serious but I do love the back and forth and different perspectives regardless of whether I agree or not.

    With that said, Oh wow I think I and some are watching two different dramas. I mean How can some have no pity for HJ & even go as far as to like her.

    Here us my perpective:
    1. SH and HJ were happily married. HJ so loved him that her father invested in SH’s business
    2. SH’s business went bust due to his partner
    3. HJ was distraught by this because her father would loose a house he worked all his life & her husband who she dearly love would go to prison. She foolishly tried to help her husband & father by attempting suicide For the insurance money which I don’t know if payable. Note, I am sure somewhere there is a suicide clause in insurance that pays, nothing is absolute.
    4. Thank God, her suicide by thwarted by a stand by who it turns out has an attraction for her husband
    5. SY Judy received a diagnosis that makes her rethink her existence when it comes to love although she does not want a child. However as a woman that particular diagnosis can take us out of sync.
    6. She goes to Hong Kong for business then see an old acquaintance who she is attracted to (I still don’t know if that attraction happened in HK or when he first interviewed with her, it is still not clear).
    7. She realizes her crush or attraction is in financial difficulties. Instead of loaning him the money which she could AFFORD to do, she instead make him a 3 day proposition knowing he was married!
    8. SH contemplate the offer. His wife does not agree with accepting the proposal; he disagrees & accept the proposal. Note marriage is made of two people not just one. A major decision has to be agree on by both people. If both people do not agree, then it should not come to fruiation. This is the first break down in TRUST between SH & HJ. He forgot his vows & her faith & trust in him & the marriage has been shaken.
    9. He comes home but that shake in their marriage is still there & needs repair in that he needed to pay more attention & HEAR her but that does not happen. In part because he was not listening ” meaning observing her & her feelings” to determine the steps to repair his marriage. He instead believed repaying the money was the priority but obviously that was not. He also made the mistake by working for the individual that extended the tear in the marriage. Remember the debt, the potential loss of her fathers house & her husband’s life were taking a huge emotional toll on her.
    10. HJ could not weather the stress & lack of trust so she believed a divorce was best. Now this may or may not have been a good decision but due all I have previously stated she is emotional & fragile. I don’t fault her for this because her husband did have feeling for another woman– not all of us can weather that. Also remember SY belatedly told her she wanted her husband; this is not a good addition to the recipy for a fragile & trouble woman such as HJ.
    11. HJ’s embarrassment at the end of episode 12 was in poor taste but understandable since she was blind sided. Here in her mind all her fear has been realized just two short month after her divorce. I could not watch this part because I felt embarrass for her & felt her pain.
    12. My view on this is logical as outline above. Now I am going on the emotional: If my husband had spent 3 days with another woman whether slept with her or not; I am likely to divorce him especially when I clearly voiced my disagreement as she did. Marriage to me is very secret I would never come between a man and wife regardless of whether their marriage is solid or not or i am attracted to the husband. The ironic thing is I am more like SJ when it comes to not dating & independence. I am in my 30s, have a BS & MBA with a good salary but I have never falling in love or lost myself in a man due to being picky & not wanting to date just to date. Unlike her I would have loan the money & would want the best for the him & his wife because I am in love with him. IMHO

  308. 308 : Nadege Says:

    Oops sorry for the long comment, I did not realized it was that long.

  309. 309 : morally Says:

    @Nadege.. Some time I wonder we are watching the same drama, how come there are so many difference opinion about the character in this show. I definitely agreed with you 100% on all your 12 comments, but why other viewers are so prejudice against HJ. I am really lost of word to say anything. I will just remember the saying WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND. I will just wait and see how the writer will solve this unethical love affair.

  310. 310 : van Says:

    Preview translation of episode 12

    SY dad: bring that dude here.

    SY : even if the whole world tells me to take my hand off him, no matter what father’s says, I would never give up on that person.

    SH : you will regret this marriage.

    HJ : abandon that woman and return to me.

    MW : Have you changed your mind.

    HJ : No, prepare the best wedding present for me.

    HW : Those two people will be sent to hell today.

    HJ : I miss you.

    SY : If I lost all I own and have nothing left, will you still love me then.

  311. 311 : terazhang Says:

    I think I understand Seok Heok character and why he act like he did now. He’s one who tried his best in everything and never take any set down as something that will held him back. He’s firm with his choice and never look back.
    Since what happen in the past cannot be change he decided just to look forward into life. He cannot change the mistake that he did to NHJ and since his marriage cannot be saved, he decide he’ll clean up his feeling and move into the future. The future where he see SY is the one with him…

    I excited to see the change in phase of the story…
    i think I get what the writer want to portray….
    In ep 12 there will be a major changes in the character position….
    NHJ will become the high and mighty chaebol by marrying KMW and YSY will become the fallen princess…..
    What will SH do then? Will he go back to his wife or persevere through thick and thin with SY? This situation will prove either SH is a worthy man or not….
    And the way YSY and SH tackle this problems will either strengthens their relationship of will destroyed it forever…

    I never like KMW for whatever reason….He love NHJ sincerely and I believe this. But he handled his person just like he handled his company. Giving condition, rewards and what not to ensure that people will stand at his side without realizing that he further damage the individuals. His behaviour is what will trigger the great changes in NHJ, of course not with the lack of SH and SY actions as well. I’m afraid he’d lost the good NHJ forever. NHJ that is beside him is not the same woman. This woman is the woman filled with vengeance.
    I really hope that KMW will wait until NHJ heal and treat her with sincerity first and prove his devotion before taking things like this, so that NHJ won’t go viral/crazy when the power is in her hand.
    I felt pity for NHJ. She’s too deep in grief over the fallen marriage. Even when it is her who suggest to divorce, her heart is not completely into it. I’m sure deep down, she’d hope that after coming back from Brazil, Seok Heon will come to her, try to win her heart back, and when the time where she’ll forget everything come, she’ll decide to started anew or not.
    However This did not happen and SH completely detach himself from his past and proudly move forward with other women. This is when, her hurt deepened and blinded her sight towards things around her.

    I hope the writer will take pity onto NHJ and do not change her character 180 degree. It’s good if she’d become more open and more forgiven towards others’ mistake, but it will be no good if she’d lost even the last ounce of love in her heart. Hope KMW children will help her past this.

  312. 312 : Brooke Says:

    I was enjoyed this drama from the start but I kind of dissapointed lately with the current story and I think I may drop this now. Also why this ratings of this drama was stuck in single digit! For those of you still supports it then enjoy it guys!!!

  313. 313 : Rose Says:

    If I would be MW I would think twice to make of HJ the mom of my children ‘cause they need a mom not a nurse. What kind of mom can be HJ and how can she helps children to grow beautifully if her heart is full of wicked feelings, her priority is a wretched revenge and she doesn’t love MW. I would never let such woman near my children.
    It’s strange how personal takes MW the revenge and how easy he promises HJ the total demolition of SY and SH? Is him that stupid and desperate just to make a nurse his wife no matter what or he has some occult motifs and wants to shoot two birds at once.
    What a lousy couple and pity of children.

  314. 314 : plain Says:

    @Rose,good post,just what I was thinking,and he will bring ruin to himself,because I think MW uses the media to publish something bad about SY that is why SY father was furious,MW I still doubt what his intention is or he love HJ,he is a man on a mission to get what he can’t have,the only thing his money can’t buy him is SY,this is why he and HJ is moving in the wrong direction,HJ is not a fool she knows MW have something against SY but the particular thing that was she has no idea,wait until she find out it might be love,all her world will come crashing down again,I pity HJ and MW because the two people they are out to have or destroyed will win,instead taking this time to start a new beginning and be happy both of them are out for revenge,my hope is at the end HJ and MW will be happy and realize that they both can be happy with each other and what they have now.also SH and SY will also be happy.

    MW and his mother wow,mother and son,I can say women why do we love our son so much that whatever they ask us to do for them we even do them before they ask,which is amaze sometime,how mothers is so focus on their sons more than their daughters.I can see the way MW mother is helping his son to get HJ,I hope MW really love HJ if not his mother will be disappointed my guess she thought MW really love HJ,and HJ will be good mother for Roy,well let wait and see,I am enjoying this drama so far, this is so entertaining.

  315. 315 : mml Says:

    Episode 11, a little disappointed towards the behaviour of Hong Joo and i don’t even want to bother about this crazy woman. Now, i am looking forward to watch episode 12 and hope that Suk Hoon will follow his correct sense of mind to be firmed with his love towards Se Young. I think Se Young will be the best and most suitable for Suk Hoon.

  316. 316 : JJ Says:

    @thc thumb up… for you.

    Good point.

  317. 317 : aim Says:

    hope HJ will not end up in psychiatric ward very soon,I so feel sorry for her revenge plan.

  318. 318 : awesome Says:

    MW wife talking to SY hmmmm. Interesting 🙂

  319. 319 : awesome Says:

    Ep 12 makes me crazyyy LOL 🙂 I don’t know why SH still keep that ring, is he still in love with hj? Pls writer don’t let SY die in the end.

  320. 320 : plain Says:

    @awesome,sorry to say,people keep things that they once treasure,when they get tried of it they equally throw it away,that is why I will not read any meaning into that ring,keep it as long as you want my dear SH,remind you belong to SY now,remember no going back.

    now my dear SY I guess is now time to make babies,since the writer decide what will happen next I will beg openly beg this writer to make twins,hope I am right,take a break my dear and feel happy,some people might have thought that you are a very lucky woman because you are a CEO,they don’t know the burden that comes with it,they thought that happiness and money can come to you at same time that is why one go other one comes,even though SY is not married to SH,my bet both of them will enjoy honeymoon with no string attach,because papa is insane now he can’t give his blessing or else he see the light from you and SH.Good luck the four couples,the person who is having fun most is MW, he keep me want to see him more on screen and after this drama.I am enjoying his smile and acting here.in fact all the four characters are doing amazing job.

    dear writer,please don’t become desperate like HJ by punishing SH,he has already too much of grieve,please find happiness for him at the end of this drama.

  321. 321 : terry Says:

    Please have a very happy ending, I am tired of sad ending!!!!!

  322. 322 : Provebs31 Says:

    wow, didn’t see a proposal was coming. I’m rooting for HJ and MW, at least HJ was courageous enough to tell MW that she doesn’t love him but only marrying him for his money and MW accepted it. Glad her brother found out and hopefully don’t date SY sister.

    I just finished Stairway To Heaven and what an incredible show, SH and SY both did an amazing job And i think because of their character in that drama and left SH all alone that some feels like they need to be together on this drama, to complete the void? maybe?

    But, loving how where this is going. During the previews SH will be back to where he started penniless if SY’s father fired her or kick her out from the company, then what. Can’t wait to watch Episode 12.

  323. 323 : fourgreenrose Says:

    Why are some people so aggressive with HNJ? They spend so much energy juts to blame her. Her name come up at each post a few times. Every single word she said is commented in hundred words by audience.
    Seams that the idols SY and SH are doing so great together, they don’t care about her, then why the audience is so angry?

  324. 324 : thc Says:

    I’m glad to read a balanced and well written analysis of the drama.
    I’m appreciate it.
    Do you think the writer will turn around the characters for the remaining episodes? I hope so because it’s kind of boring at this moment.

  325. 325 : aim Says:

    @plain,you know the information that HJ or SY formal assistant gave to MW about ex husband been paid for 3 day in hong Kong which I think nobody could know about that money apart from a crying wife or SY assistant is what MW use to out SY from her CEO position by licking the information to the public where other shareholders and SY father knows what her daughter did,which is very unfortunate because he played very dirty without knowing what brought that money into SH hand,I can’t wait to see how happy HJ will be in her new home.

  326. 326 : thc Says:

    Please. Can someone explain me why SH showed his affection to SY in public embarrasing his exwife (episode 11) but the next day he told HJ that she will regret her new marriage (episode 12) keeping the ring? Isn’t he too ambiguous?

    I agree that both women seem to be honest with themselves. Both are in love to the same man. The question is which one SH is going truly in love? He showed interest to SY since the beginning because he offered only three dollars to spent time with her. He had not have to do it. He wanted to spend more time with her. At that moment he forget he was married. Later, (when he was not helping SY with the company), he remembered he had a wife.

    I thought maybe he was too sure about HJ love. He did not try enough to save his marriage. He easily accepted HJ decision for divorce.

    The next episodes will be too predictable. SH will demonstrates more affection to SY and try to help her because he felt guilty about her problem.

    But is he truly in love or only feel guilty?
    I’m going to skip watch the next few episodes hoping changes for the last ones. Have fun.

  327. 327 : Nadege Says:

    Thanks thc 324, I have not yet seen 11 & 12 since my die & ride subscription site publishes the episode a day late, lol–I still love them though & continue to support DF financially because they were my first kdrama site. :(. However I hope they turn it around. I so don’t want a revenge plot from HJ because I don’t want to see embarrass herself; but I do want one from SH against SY. Even though he was no angel in the demise of his marriage. I want her to be strong & happy because if that were me I would move on & not debase myself as she did in episode 10 no matter how hurt I am not only is that sad but it is goving my personal power away & I refuse to do that or let anyone take me there!

    As for MW, I don’t want to like that character but I can’t help but love his mannerism. Now I sort of understand how some are attracted to jerks. I am team SH & JH

  328. 328 : plain Says:

    @aim,my dear,I am enjoying this drama too much,i have not watch ep12 yet but I can relate to your story about MW using a dirty trick to out SY from her CEO sit which I found so despicable of him to do,I thought he is a straight forward guy,I hope HJ doesn’t ruin him for me,because MW can not be successful if he has to do bad things to please HJ,that means,this marriage is doom from beginning,poor Roy I was so happy for him as I can say his dream of having HJ as a mother comes true,one thing that bother me is when SY assistant told MW to focus on his business in abroad,he became so furious with angry,that shows that he is after SY love or hate it must be one.this drama is too short for 20 episode.

  329. 329 : terry Says:

    I will kill the writers if they gave SY&SH a sad ending!!! I think they deserve to be happy. All these years, they tried to make them victim of something bad, such as cancer! Please, enough is enough, not this time!!

  330. 330 : fei fei Says:

    wow.. came to episodes 12 already so different..
    why the fellow MW listen to the low great lady HJ voice..
    both of them really sucked.. I want SY & SH happy ending.
    I like SY from the beginning. she is so lovely.

  331. 331 : reindeer song Says:

    How can you all root for an seductress who used money to entice a married man. Clear and simple HJ should feel cheated, that’s her husband. Tho she pushed him away she is still in love with him, she gave up to easily, but can you fight a ton of money over love? That is a korean thing. No matter how miserable they are at least you have money.
    Pride will not pay the rent , pride will not bring him back, at time you have to swallow that pride to get what you want. This is not a drama for KWS/CSJ, one will die and even thought she might not die, will not be able to have children. This drama shows the physic of soo many other people who gave up their life for money and ruin themselves for the Love of MONEY!

  332. 332 : awesome Says:

    I dont like this drama to have a tragic ending. Pls. I dont like one of the characters will die.

    I hope SH and HJ, will not back together. I don’t like SH to be reunited again with his Pathetic, psycho and selfish ex wife!!!!

  333. 333 : Juana love Says:

    I soooooo dnt like SH ex wife,omg she is mean

  334. 334 : Sam Says:

    I hate Min Woo and Hong Joo, they deserve each other. Despicable people. They are the worst in this love square. The irony is, Hong Joo is marrying for money and power –hypocrite.

  335. 335 : jolene Says:

    i hope SH and SY will be together…..

  336. 336 : torri Says:

    i knew many here will soon say they hate Hj well i did not like HER from the very start , well after watching ep 12 i really don’t get what she Hj wants out of all this revenge she is hoping to have towards SY , i cant seem to get Hj the girl is really well lets just say cant figure her out

  337. 337 : yeh Says:

    I really love happy ending with HJ and SH…MW and SK those are selfish person who ruined the happy couple HJ and SH….

  338. 338 : Rose Says:

    I hope this grotesque scenery that cross my mind after I saw 12th ep. won’t be the vision of screenwriter in a “good” tradition of Korean dramas, but never know isn’t so? Briefly: Suk Hoon and Se Young have a baby, Se Young dies of something and Suk Hoon and Hong Joo back together and rise the child as family. Brrrrrr….

  339. 339 : Sky Says:

    I don’t want SY to be dead, I do want happy ending for SH and SY. They deserve it. Please don’t kill her

  340. 340 : Sky Says:

    I was loving HJ in the beginning epi but I started to hate her that she has no brain and doing stupid things. I don’t want SH to go back to HJ for any reasons. I know this is just drama but I can’t help it. SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  341. 341 : morally Says:

    @Reindeer.. Your comment is just so true, I can’t understand either how people root for SY, I felt sorry for HJ b/c she loved her husband that she married for 10 years and suddenly someone snatched him away, the seductress is rich and gorgeous she think that there is no way she can compete with her. I don’t blame her for divorce, SH’s heart already gone to SY and everyone knew that after he came back from Brazil he went direct to her and people still blame HJ. Remember one thing she has never spill one single word about SH & SY to anyone but MW, she didn’t want her father to know b/c he loved SH so much. But when she met them at the party she just can’t control her anger. I would do the same thing. SH’s heart has been swayed since the 3 days in HK and when he came back he just couldn’t get it out of his head. We can’t blame him for loving SY, love can change. AT the end SY will suffer for her action but she won’t regret because she got what she wanted (THE LOVE OF HER LIFE)

  342. 342 : Mary Says:

    @morally & reindeer, exactly my thoughts. It makes me wonder if a good majority of society is that readily to accept the type of relationship SH&SY has. If the roles were played by lesser known actor/actress, will the audience still be this supportive? I am not ready to conclude that SY has SH’s love yet. Something just feels a little “off” between the two..in my opinion

  343. 343 : thc Says:

    Here a few ideas to make you react.

    I’m asking one question to all these SH & SY fans: How can a relationship that begin with the destrution of a 10 years love, can end happily ever after? All these time SY seems to not regret what she did. She only think about her happiness. Is it fair? Can you be happy knowing that your happiness is the product of another person suffering? Is it make you a good person?

    I hope the writer believes in the boomerang rule: you receive what you gave. But I’m afraid that the writer is trying to tell us that reaching a goal is good not matter the ways of reaching it.

    HJ is going into an autodestruction route. She only has two futures: one is regain her love or two forget about him.

    SH character is not very clear. It looks like he is trying to forget his wife with another woman but its very strange how fast he is trying to move with SY. It seems he is desperately trying to forget he was also the cause of his divorce.

    I’m going to wait your answers.

  344. 344 : Nadege Says:

    We are on episode 12, where are the writers taking this?

    I can’t stomach SH & SY’s relationship & courtship & how they being stage as “innocent”. Oh that scene where she tried to justify her relationship & SH to get father was sad & cannot believe her audacity & lack of sorrow for her contribution to the divorce. I neither dislike or like SY; I just don’t respect her due to her behavior & conplicitity in the divorce. I dislike and do not respect HW; I can’t believe how he bounce back quickly & jump in a relationship with someone who was clearly one of the reason your marriage went south. If he truly loved his wife & was in the road to destination his ex wife predicted, it would taken longer then 2 month to get with SY. He had no respect for his marriage (duh, he accept 3 night for money despite his wife disagreement & fragile state)

    I can’t stomach HJ’s revenge & can’t believe she actually married MW & how she is being stage as a pscho & not a grieving woman (yes she is grieving the lost of her marriage & lost); she needs to see a psychology or psychiatrist to help her go thru this not a yes-mam like MW.

    I can’t stomach MW helping HJ’s revenge instead of trying to help her heal emotionally & psychologically. His need to have her is potential destructive to get & him because he will do anything to keep her.

    Love the actors (SW & JW) characters in stairway to heaven but not their characters in Temptation!

  345. 345 : thc Says:

    Amen. I can not stand SY & SH’s “pure love” and “pink romance”. I’m glad to read that someone prefer well written drama and not only good looking artists.

  346. 346 : sam Says:

    I am enjoying this drama, this story of temptation. I think the writer is trying to tell us a story about marriage ,temptation, that is happening in ours or our surrounding,to the people we know or even ourself .What happened to the 4 main characters are just a protrait of how a betrayed wife feel, and how sy and sh now so in love .That is how things happened when a relationship crumbled and when a new fresh relation starts. In Asian culture we tends to go for moral compass,but in western culture , it can be as simple as i dont love you anymore ..,So i dont fault anyone in particular ,or rather i think everyone play a part in this .Everyone !

  347. 347 : Rose Says:

    Look at the posters. They seems not to reflect the storyline of drama at this moment, which means that what happens now is different from the started plot. I’ve seen many dramas changing like that in the second half.

    Ladies, this is a Korean drama and its made for Koreans so don’t be upset and frustrated that it doesn’t make justice to your own personal stories. You dislike to see Suk Hoon happy with Se Young so soon after divorce because you cannot bear the fact that your ex (husbands / boyfriends) could/ can do the same, having a nice life without you. It’s better for every one to move on free of resentments. A piece of paper and a ring, even the vows or children don’t guarantee a happy long life together. If you want to suffer endlessly and your life to be miserable go on, but is your choice, don’t blame others and don’t blame a Korean story for not being just like yours.

  348. 348 : yeh Says:

    THC say…really like your comment..

  349. 349 : tiffy Says:

    You guys are still sticking up for the pshych bi*tch that is taking revenge!Seriously?!HJ is a witch!Can’t you see this?Even if you like her in the begining can’t you see shes become a retared blinded-by-revenge fool?Didn’t you guys see how happy she was when she heard SY got dismissed and SH quitted his job,is that a sign of an angel?Or more like a fresh-born DEVIL? :).

  350. 350 : thc Says:

    You stated that “In Asian culture we tends to go for moral compass,but in western culture , it can be as simple as i dont love you anymore ..,” but this drama seems to show Korean culture at this moment? I think that SH is acting more like a westerner than a korean.

    @rose 347
    You stated that “It’s better for every one to move on free of resentments. A piece of paper and a ring, even the vows or children don’t guarantee a happy long life together. If you want to suffer endlessly and your life to be miserable go on, but is your choice, don’t blame others and don’t blame a Korean story.” Are you saying that Koreans think like that? For me it seems more like a western lifestyle.
    Its important to recall that a disagreement to the script doesn’t mean a reflect of our life. Remember, it just fiction.

    The case is not that we agree with HJ. It is that you do not blame SY.

  351. 351 : tiffy Says:

    @thc 350,
    Are you serious?You should join a debating team.Why would i blame SY when she didn’t even do anything wrong.HJ is the one doing the revenge here,stop trying to cover up HJ’s stupid selfish ways by highlighting illogical facts about SY.I would never blame SY,cuz she didn’t do anything wrong.Just admit it,HJ failed your expectations and disappointed you.Face the truth and move on with your life.God,it’s just a drama.In real life HJ and SY drink hot cups of coffee together and laugh like best of friends or co-workers and what are we doing here?Debating.LOL.Rediculous.Well, nothing is wrong with sharing veiws on a movie but don’t you think we are taking this drama a little too serious?

  352. 352 : thc Says:

    Does someone remembered SH told SY that he loves her? I can not remembered.

  353. 353 : thc Says:

    Poor girl. Are you angry? If you do not have more arguments to join the discussion, just relax and read them.
    Do not pressure yourself to react.
    Your statement about SY (“Why would i blame SY when she didn’t even do anything wrong”) shows you do not understand the main idea of the drama. The title of this drama is TEMPTATION.
    Here we are trying to predict the point of view of the writer concerning the title and analyze the characters changes. Do you get it?
    Or maybe you just see the drama to watch the artists.

  354. 354 : Sam Says:

    Fine, but if all the wives in the world are like HJ, who gives up during the hard and long haul, with no forgiveness in her heart, where the solution is always death or divorce what will the world come up to? sorry, but where i come from, we fight for our marriage. We learn to forgive and move on. 10 years???? She didn’t even give a damn about those 10 years. All she cares about is that she’s hurt PERIOD. Statistics of divorce in Korea is high especially during the juseok…hmmmmm maybe that’s it. They just simply give up

  355. 355 : Sam Says:

    My point is, each of the 4 characters are flawed. I am just basing my opinions on the lines/actions of the actors. There is just nobody there to root for actually! Perhaps we should just wait for the drama to end and try to understand what the writer is trying to say. I’ve watched many K dramas that deal with moral corruption. What’s annoying though, is that people get judged by their opinions here; when we are just trying to do some character analysis and weighing in on the evidences presented by the writer. Had my favorite bloggers made a recap of this drama, I wouldn’t even bother to be here.

  356. 356 : ching Says:

    asam what youre saying is true i absolutely agree with youre opinion. and also for a woman like hj you must not give up easily with your husband and dont let your anger to win over you, divorce ok why not but revenge thats stupidity action of you.

  357. 357 : angelic Says:

    Hoong Jo is selfish and has a child ish act

  358. 358 : yeh Says:

    angelic hj is selfish…what about sh and sy?

  359. 359 : tiffy Says:

    @thc 353,
    And i have watched too many dramas to not understand them and just watch them for the actresses and actors.And btw if HJ had fought for her marriage with everything she had and SY had continuously stood in her way then i would have been on her side.But she did none of that so i do not feel sorry for her.

  360. 360 : tiffy Says:

    Your comment was wonderful :).
    HJ is truly selfish,i agree with you 100%
    Hj truly didn’t fought for her marriage,so she got what she deserves i agree on that.

  361. 361 : thc Says:

    When you said “And btw if HJ had fought for her marriage with everything she had and SY had continuously stood in her way then i would have been on her side.But she did none of that so i do not feel sorry for her”, Jesus!!!!! It sounds more like a latin soap opera better than a Korean drama.

  362. 362 : tiffy Says:

    @thc 361,
    haha,that’s not funny.And females who fight for their love and has to undergo rivals who refuse to give up the same man is something you see everyday in korean dramaland until it has become a cliche.It seems as if you need to watch some more korean dramas to understand what i am talking about.The whole rivalry theme is so worn out because it appears in so many asian dramas:Thailand,Tiawnese,Japanese,Korean,Indian,Chinese,it’s every where in dramas.You don’t know this,but i understand your naiveness,since you are probably not use to dramas.
    You should take over this blog,i mean your’e on this everyday,give others a chance to comment.

  363. 363 : thc Says:


    About your comment that ” females who fight for their love and has to undergo rivals who refuse to give up the same man is something you see everyday in korean dramaland until it has become a cliche,” are you not boring to watch the same thing? The ratings proved that most of the people were getting tired of it except you.

    Are you giving yourself the advice (‘You should take over this blog,i mean your’e on this everyday,give others a chance to comment”)? It seems you have not any more comments to enrich the discussion of the drama.

    I’m going to wait your reply. Thank you for giving me your time.

  364. 364 : ldw Says:

    This drama – Temptation should have been a really good and a ” top” drama; however, the characters that the writer portrayed really have made this drama wandering around the ratings of being 13th places …..it is because the love, hatred, deduction, moral issues are not quite convincing to the viewers:
    1.Kwan only meets CJ in the last job interview, Hong Kong, and then will kind of love attraction …..even though his wife showed more affections in love ….during the trip……and he kept on saying his attraction to him……bad writing by the writer
    They even do not each other that long
    2. Both characters do not have much chemistry …..at all…..
    3. Park Ha-Sun is a good actress, however, she is playing a bad role ….once again , writer’s fault her….She is a normal beautiful house wife….but now the writer changed her to be ” deep love and revenge seeker”…… —-
    4. Once again, Park and Lee…..not even knew each long enough….the playboy with money and good normal housewife…..
    Once again….the writer wrote this drama….he twisted the character…because he has to make Kwan and CJ together….and Park and Lee together…..as the partner in this drama….

    However, only one character that the writer portrayed is really good and righteous is:

    HJ’s brother who is a very good righteous character…….the writer really kills all the rest of characters in this drama……Sorry for those actors and actresses….actually they are really good actors! That is what I can say about this drama which should have been a much better one to watch!! …..thanks …

  365. 365 : tiffy Says:

    @thc 363
    It is apparent to me that YOU have nothing constructive to bring to the discussion of this drama. remember you first started throwing stones with your comments about not judging you by my standards and your comment on prostitution. YOU need to lighten up and also even though females in drama has to fight for their love against rivals is something one sees everyday in drama land and is considered cliche it is what keeps us coming back for more, what keeps us entertain. Some times we the viewers take things too far and incorporate it into our every day life and forget its for entertainment purposes only. Every one sees things in their own perspective so lets agree to disagree and just enjoy the rest of the drama please, this back and forth “debating” is getting tedious. thanks and good luck.

  366. 366 : plain Says:

    Thank you HJ for sending SH and SY to honeymoon,their chemistry is so great that I can’t get enough of them,I replay their scenes often and on,I hope this writer will continue to show us their bed scenes,I want to see SH and SY babies,sweet writer please make this my prediction come true,next open coffee plus ice cream franchise and make a lot of money to make bring HJ and MW to shame.

    now my prediction for HJ and MW,MW ex will come for you,they say what goes around comes around,just as you are troubling my poor SY who jump into ocean drink salt water to save your life,which husband are you crying for? is it the man you abandon when he was sleeping to go and die?or the one you told that your marriage was a nightmare,I don’t understand,aren’t HJ suppose to be happy for getting out of a nightmare marriage,I know people who are in a nightmare relationship when they get out and they celebrate it,they don’t go taking a revenge,HJ no one is a nightmare than you,people like you change relationship as they change cloths,they never see any one who is right for them,they live in denial blaming others for their actions they never take responsibilities for what they have done,they live wishing others down fall,to justify their craziness,it is all about me me no one else,but me,they are controlling freaks,bitter people,never be happy because jealousy and range is always in their face,it is a shame that Hj has taken a weapon to fight against a person who went out off her way to save her life and her father’s house for what a husband that she never loved.

  367. 367 : plain Says:

    HJ before,I was so wishing for ROY to have a mother like you but now I hope you take your craziness far away from that poor boy,he doesn’t need a mother who is bitter resentful with revenge.He needs a mother who set good examples for him,

  368. 368 : thc Says:

    Dear Tiffy:
    When did I talked about prostitution? It seems that you are very confused about the discussion. I advice you to review all our comments before your reactions.
    Also, you only try to offend so I will prefer to wait until other peoples opinions for the next episodes. Maybe you can learn something about good critics.
    Remember that I said that the next episodes will be too predictable to watch. So I’m just going next week to wait for the comments to prove my point. I’m not going to watch the next few episodes. I have a life.

    I recomend you to watch other dramas to compare different stories. Maybe you can learn to recognize good dramas.

  369. 369 : tiffy Says:

    @thc 368,
    you are a bully and a trouble maker and it seems you suffer from memory loss as well so i am asking you to please forget me and just continue to “debate” the rest of the drama with some one else. You are a waste of my time. “I HAVE A LIFE” LOL. PLEASE. sighs Delusional much are we.

    To any one out there. WARNING !!!!! DO NOT GET IN TO A DISCUSSION WITH THIS PERSON. This person is a bully and trouble maker be warn.

    On a side note i am so enjoying temptation wish it had more than 20 episode.

  370. 370 : angelic Says:

    @Tiffy 🙂

    Trust and communication is the key to successful marriage. From the start, HJ has no trust to SH about the debt. That’s why she attempted to suicide. And now look at her, she’s doing some revenge. In the end she will be miserable. SH and SY admitted their mistakes, correct their faults and move on. While Hj she act an innocent victim at all! MW && HJ are same they put the blame to others.

  371. 371 : tiffy Says:

    @Angelic :),
    Thank you!Hj had a nasty mind from the very begining and that is why she though SY was buying SH.She is so rediculous.:).

  372. 372 : angelic Says:

    @Tiffy 🙂

    You are so true. I noticed SH face at ep 12 it seems that he’s so relax when talking to SY. He’s planning something maybe a revenge? Idk. or it just me. Lol

    SH-SY Fighting! 😉

  373. 373 : plain Says:

    @angelic,SH is not planing anything,what possible reasons he might have to seek revenge on SY?did SY force him or anybody to take her offer?she has the right to do whatever is in her mind with her money,and SH also has the right to refuse it,no one put a gun on his head to take it,if after 10years of marriage wife did not trust husband enough to handle their problems at hand no matter how difficult it must be, that is a shame then.This man have live with you for so long, yet you don’t still trust him,when are you going to trust him again? other 10years,people are posting this rumor to fit their hate desire toward SY because they see themselves been rejected by a man and feel that way about HJ situation which make whole argument so sad,many of us has been abandon by a man,broken heart worse than any thing one can ever imagine but still does not mean when I see the trust of the matter, I will use my own experience to compare to HJ ignorance of self victim,hell no, to see a husband who is so delegated to me for good ten years of marriage, never once I saw him in a compromising moment with any woman or any history of our marriage has he ever cheated on me,just because he lost his business I will abandon him to give him my life insurance money to pay for my father’s house,where is the love again if property means much more than my love for him to live and stay by his side and show him that i love him no matter where life take us to.

    I find it so funny that people say SY took SH away from HJ,how?this is a woman who wanted to die,question” how can a man goes home with an ignorance wife crazy whom he knows she almost die if somebody was not there to save her goes home face all the trouble that is coming as soon as they land in the airport?wouldn’t that be so foolish of him to still believe in that wife will still hold on to face all that coming on their way? even though SY ever wanted bed service?
    @angelic some people claim to have had a hardship I guess and I wander why they still blame SH for losing self respect to accept an offer to his own shame to save a wife from drowning again.

  374. 374 : Happy Says:

    Can someone tell me, what is wrong with Yoo Se Young (Choi Ji Woo) , I mean her health problem?
    What type of illness (sick) she have?
    Her doctor keep saying she need surgery, but Yoo Se Young, keep putting it off?
    Oh! this drama is just Great! luv it!
    Who is wrong, or right, only the writer will know till ending of this drama!
    As the say in KOREAN “FIGHTING”

  375. 375 : jangna Says:

    too boring!

  376. 376 : tiffy Says:

    @Angelic :),
    Good point! :),let’s watch to see if that’ll happen.
    I’m guessing Angelic menat revenge on the persons who allowed her to lose everything,not SY :).

  377. 377 : angelic Says:

    @Tiffy 🙂
    I’m just curious when sy asked sh if he would stay with her if she had nothing. SH respond ‘well have to wait and see when the time comes. Idk.maybe sh is not so sure about his feelings to sy. Hmmm.

    If writer makes HJ/SH reunite in the end I think many will viewers will be disappointed. Let’s all see what will happen for the next 8 episodes.

  378. 378 : terazhang Says:

    374 @ Happy

    Yoo Se young have an ovarian tumour, but it is not cancer. It’s just a benign. Surgery is required to remove the tumour to avoid further complication but Yoo Se Young keep putting it off because the surgery will cost her ovary and uterus. This means that she cannot get pregnant any longer after the surgery. I think Yoo Se young is quite hesitant to do that because deep down in her heart, she want to know how it would feel to be a mother. When she met SH, i think she’d been hoping to carry his child someday. However, I do admit that in reality, to be pregnant with tumour in your ovary is quite risky and sometimes it can suppress the uterus causes amniotic compression of the foetus and give rise to many complications during delivery. I wonder if the writer want to write the plot along this line. If the writer-nim did that, i doubt that the ending will be a happy one for SY and SH.

  379. 379 : reindeer song Says:

    Morally, she built her sandcastle, he wil watch it and protect it but it built not on the shoreline but in the smashing waves. There is no if an or buts, her husband has/is doing her wrong. As a woman I would react the same way, Kdrama money only last as long as the business is good and no one make a claim at the business. As I said before this is a bad drama CJW and KSW naturally everyone want to see them reunite so they wil close their eyes to her bad deeds. IT IS MORALLY WRONG!

  380. 380 : reindeer song Says:

    The double standards, in this drama astound me. someone says earlier up in the trails it a Korean Drama don’t get to caught up, yes it is but morally we westerners stil get frustrated a man tempted by money leave his wife without any explanation and take up with that rich person. On another drama trail I said only in Korea you can see these thing THE HUNGER & GREED for other people’s money. I was blasted but it goes on people, her in American too, but they are smaller so you see it vigilent. Anothe item he is with a woman for days and he created havoc with that cheating employer witgh the son. Double Standard the men cando whatever the woman not, you are call dirty, what century are we in?
    Sorry I digressed!!!

  381. 381 : aim Says:

    I just hope MW and SY after this drama they will be pair together to act in other drama,their charisma is much I just can’t shake off,in fact she great charisma with the two male leads.waiting for today’s episode.

  382. 382 : aim Says:

    if I can guess what is going to happen in today episode,MW wife is going to use the earlier photo taken by investigator showing HJ and MW together in the secret house with Roy and use it to blackmail MW to give her the custody of their children,well if my guess right as @plain said what goes around comes around,wow this is becoming more and more interesting.My guess HJ thought that she is immune from scandal too.

  383. 383 : lulu Says:

    I know its wrong but why I am rooting for the CEO Yoo and Cha Seok Hoon Ssshi. LOVE that bed scene!!! Im smiling when they are together. Hong Joo is such a naive and coward!!!!

  384. 384 : terazhang Says:

    I watch ep 13 raw…I get the gist although I don’t know what they are saying…..
    The writer really nail the plot….looking forward for ep 14….Cannot wait for tomorrow.

    Really want to know how it will end…..

    Poor Hong Joo.It’s not easy to live in a rich household if you come from a working class. So many expectations need to be fulfilled….Seems like KMW cannot change his womanizing ways. no wonder his ex-wife become so independent and sly like that. She need to survive. Hope Hong joo can survive as well.

  385. 385 : Happy Says:

    terazhang 378,
    Thx for your reply, now seems like this will be a sad ending!

    Both Actor Kwon Sang Woo and Actress, Choi Ji Woo are a great Actor and Actress.
    They both have soooooooooooooooooooo much chemistry when acting together it just woo our spirit especially both are Very GOOD LOOKING and they look so much natural in acting.

    Hope things work out for both, even if its a sad ending, they have everything going for them.

  386. 386 : plain Says:

    watching the scene between SY and MW in the hospital is like MW want SY to give up SH,also watching the scene between HJ and SH in the party same attitude,especially HJ the way she talk to SH shows that she never had any respect for him before even now worst,this two people married with each other but in love with other,and they are taking extreme measure to accomplish their desire even though their action will never get them what they want,which is so pitiful of HJ and MW.As I came to see MW is a man who never loved anything around him,the one thing he long for does not come to him,instead of trying to love other person to see if his heart can charge, he didn’t allow himself to do it,therefore making people around miserable just as he is,HJ is following his leads.There must be a relationship between SY and MW when they were younger,SY never look at MW as a man to be with and MW spoil her taste by becoming a womanizer,he didn’t try harder to gain what he wants,instead tend to destroy it,that means if I can’t have it no one else.

    This is why he went to SY father to destroy the remaining image of SH in the eyes of SY father.Also why he told SY he is going to destroy SH for what reason will you destroy a man like you when he didn’t do anything to you,even you can be thanking him for sighing the divorce papers for you to be able to marry this woman you are living with now.if one want to destroy somebody,he or she must have seen that person as an enemy which is not in the case of SH and MW they have never cross part or had a fight so why take revenge on SH even though your wife desire it,if you really cares for your wife why don’t you talk her out of it,and make her to love you even though you two marriage without her loving you.I want the writer to make it clear what is really the relationship between this two people,or what happen before now,at least we are heading to the end of the drama is about time to give us some details of what story you are trying to portray between SY and MW.

  387. 387 : plain Says:

    Poor old man,he almost die,he wonder how come princess daughter give a man 1 million$,his guess his daughter has lost her mind,don’t blame you anyone will be surprise without knowing how come about such money,good thing is that the old man is still alive.this show that this writer has a good conscience,unlike princess Aurora that goes for blood even dog was not spare in her killing spring,if SY father was in princess Aurora this old man couldn’t have made it out alive.

    Also who a hell is this photograph working for? he is everywhere, hope HJ make her marriage work,because Roy is a blessing for her,now MW ex should back up,I want the children,HJ should help give her back her children at least MW and HJ can pick up the kids for weekends,happy ending for all.

  388. 388 : Pam Says:

    I like this drama , especially HJ and MW . great chemistry ,
    I hope HJ will forget the past and find happiness with MW and get pregnant .

  389. 389 : torri Says:

    i just watched the raw version of ep 14 and i might not have understood most of it but honestly MW is really a piece of work , the flirts with his ex wife tries to destroy SY , almost getting the old man killed because of his cunning ways and now think his wife need to pay more attention to him , i cant wait to see that smirk he always has on his face been wipe off his his face one of this days, he has taken the whole revenge thing way too far when SY dad fell i think , the guy needs to work i mean rather than steal other peoples ideas to make him self rich , he needs to get some work in office done i mean the writer always shows SY HAVE BOARD Meeting COMING UP WITH IDEAS AND ALL THAT to make her company grow , but all we see is MW looking for easy ways to rip SY of her smart ideas,
    as for my love birds SY AND SH , well lets just say i cant wait for another intimate kiss scene ffrom you guys to cool off all this negative enegy SW AND HJ keep bring arountd

  390. 390 : plain Says:

    @torri, yeah, MW is a piece of work,My baby {SY]did not do any wrong to him,but he pretend to be destroying both SY and SH for HJ why he has his own agenda to so call revenge,despicable act to go to an old man whose health is fragile and deliberately provoke him by telling him about his daughter when he knows that how fragile the old man is,cause him to collapse,if that man had die what is he going to tell his daughter,what kind of game is he playing with human life that he has to do that,so disgusting and shameful of him.

    There are three things that will make HJ go crazy,ONE,if she learn that her brother is in love with SY sister,how is she going to take it?TWO,if she find out that SY is pregnant what is she going do?THREE if she find out that the two men in her life are in love with SY what will happen?this is all the reasons why she shouldn’t have married MW,she run her mouth by telling him that all she is marrying him for was for revenge,which make the man to lose hope,if the man wanted to threat her good,he will stop because HJ has already discourage him to make an effort to love her,this is what he is going to think all the time? why make an effort when she don’t even love me that is a waste of my time,men are not fools to treat them like babies,one has to be very careful when dealing with them,I hope she come to realize how important that child Roy loves her and not to make same mistake as before marriage by taking everything for granted,if she think that SH is going to return back to her a big mistake again, because she does not respect that man as a husband to her,all she did was to push him away into other woman arms,crying out loud SY take my husband away I want a revenge when she did not make any effort to save her marriage,this time I hope she doesn’t end up breaking ROY heart therefore losing everything she could have.

    hope this writer manage to bring MW to his senses for the sake of peace and act like a man, brings every body to forgive each other.

  391. 391 : tiffy Says:

    @angelic 377,
    maybe SH was just playing around,because i realize sarcastic jokes comes quite often in their relationship so perhaps he was just joking i guess.
    i for one would be disappointed if SH does not get SY 🙁 :).

  392. 392 : angelic Says:

    SH is a confusing man, Now that looked is so intriguing.

  393. 393 : angelic Says:

    @Plain if HJ knows that SY is pregnant definitely she will jump to the ocean. hihihi 🙂

  394. 394 : melly Says:

    hye guys, i really love this drama. so, in case anyone’s looking for a website to read the eng subs, its here. http://myasiantv.com/drama/temptation/episode-14/ i really need someone to discuss the latest episode with me. >< btw, what's up with ep 14. I so don't want a sad ending. please don't disappoint me mr. writer.

  395. 395 : thc Says:

    Ep 13 & 14 ratings did not improved. People are getting bore with the story. They are already lost interest for this drama. Maybe people were thinking the storyline seems to not go anywhere. Since episode 8 it was obvious SY will die and HJ/SH will never be together.

    Most of the people who began to watch a drama title “Temptation” expected other type of story. At this moment this drama did not have any difference from other “sweet loving pink romances”. The writer thinks that put one or two loving scenes of SH/SY without meaningwill increase the ratings.

    I hope Kwang Soo Woo & Cho Ji Woo’s next drama will be much better. I can not stand wasting more time just to sponsor good actors working in bad dramas. This script was a very bad choice. I’m sad because I expected something more challenging for this cast.

    After watching “Secret”, I expected this drama would be better. It ends like any other frivolous drama. It looks like “To the Beautiful You” or “Dream High”.

    After reading the drama synopsis (a melodrama about a married man, Cha Suk Hoon, who receives a huge sum of money from a woman, Yoo Se Young,to repay the huge debt he owes. Complications arise when the woman demands total submission from him, jeopardizes his relationship with his wife), I felt betrayed watching the episodes.

    I’m going to wait until their next project.

  396. 396 : melly Says:

    hurmmm, ratingss. well, ignoring that. I’m not really someone who’s really into plots anyway, but i hope it will still have a logical satisfying ending.

    from start until now, I think I totally fell in love with the story when the cinematography was great, the location settings, the actors were all very wonderful to me.

    for me, I think that until now all the things that had happened in the drama, is, in character, which would mean that if the story to run in real life on its own without a writer, i think the same things will happen.

    the way the characters reacts to things that they know and dont know with their personality, is perfectly logical, n i dont think anyone is a bad guy in here. n i dont think its fair at all to compare a someones past experience to a drama, especially when they did not face the same things as u n have a different personality than u do. n ppl do make always make terrible choices. haha

    it’s just nice to watch this drama. kudos to the actors, for an absolutely wonderful acting (i’m really picky about details) n i felt that the actors was able to portray what the writers want correctly ( i couldnt say accurately, because i dont really know what the writers want).

    my favourite character would ji sun (MW’s wife) i know its weird. but she seems sooo, strong for a lack of a better word.

    well, anyway, sorry for babbling about useless things. enjoy the show!

  397. 397 : Sam Says:

    For people who are disinterested in this drama, it sure took you way too long to drop this off your list.

    Ratings….hmmmm usually, those dramas that are hit in Korea receive lukewarm reception where I come from.

    There’s this weekend drama that I just couldn’t stand, even for the love of the lead actor…It’s just sooooo vicious and silly. Surprisingly, it has been consistently in the 30s ratings.

  398. 398 : terazhang Says:

    @396 Melly

    My favourite character is Ha Ji sun too….so, I don’t think it’s weird that you like her….
    She’s the embodiment of strong, independent women though her actions are not all goody. but she know how to survive. I can feel her feeling towards her children.
    For me she is what KMW mold her to be during their marriage together. Other women would go crazy, but Ha Ji Sun become more conniving, more creative in getting what she want.

    here we can compare HJS and NHJ character. They go through the same thing but their reactions was so different.

    I don’t know about the rating(never care about it), but I do think that ep 14 is epic. I love the plot and I love how the writer throws a perfectly, blissful picture of SH and SY relationships into disarrays. I love everything in ep 14.
    SH, SY and Ha Ji Sun moving steadily and clearly towards their goals while HJ still stuck in the confusion neither move to the right or to the left and finally KMW…he’s clearly nervous and annoyed with all the people coming onto him but still he acts nonchalant and arrogance. Thanks to his brain and confidence. Nobody would say he’s a lousy CEO with the way he manage Ajin Group.
    The actors did a great job portraying all these emotions and I agree with Melly the location and cinematography is good.
    Hope that the writers would end this plot neatly and nicely. I don’t know about others, but for me the drama is good so far.
    Seems like ep 13 and 14 has dampened the mood to debate about the wife(ex-wife) and the lover.

  399. 399 : Sam Says:

    @Melly 396 Let’s enjoy! I agree with you. MW’s ex-wife is a strong woman. I guess you have to, if you’re a mother. She was able to last through her husband’s philandering ways and her mother-in-law’s indifference and shabby regard of her as a baby machine. Heck, the mall the ex-wife asked for was rather paltry for a gargantuan company like Ajin group. I guess we’ll see more of her in the succeeding episodes:)

  400. 400 : sichi Says:

    My guts is telling me that SY and MW had a past relationship or there’s something that happened in the past. Maybe when SY and MW are younger they are classmates in grade schools. Then MW fall in love with SY but SY doesn’t like her back. Then that is the time that MW become a womanizer to prove to SY that it isn’t his loss if SY would not like him back. And also that is the time that they started rivals, MW would get everything that SY wants so that SY would come to him but until they grow up he didn’t win. And for SY to like much SH is an insult for MW that’s why he agrees to destroy SH.

  401. 401 : Sky Says:

    I agreed with you sichi! I also though SY and MW have past issued. but I don’t care what happened between them in the past. what I want the most is happy ending with SH and SY. failure to HJ & MW plans to destroy SH and SY future dream.

  402. 402 : Nuna Says:

    Its very nice drama. I like it so much. Kwon Sang Woo and Choy Ji Woo I like you

  403. 403 : Gordie Says:

    If you are a fans with the leading characters of course you like them to be togethere. But I’m their fans too I don’t like what they did to be honest and starting to hate this drama. Very dissapointed for both of them, for you guys who like their characters let see what are you going to say If it’s happen to you. I don’t believe I’m watching it and better stop now before I become disgusted to the writer. I love happy ending too but for my favorite actress not this kind of happy ending I wish for.

  404. 404 : Sam Says:

    People should really stop watching this drama if it hurts their moral sensibilities. Great literary works past and present like to deal with subjects on moral decay/decadence not that they want to encourage it, but on the contrary they would like to show man in the face of conflict, adversity, challenges etc. to yield universal truths of our humanity.
    Some of us will learn from it, some will allow it to open their minds to better understand human behavior, and of course some would simply love or just hate it for the pleasure of it — i am a classic example of the latter– i just want to be entertained…etc.

    Like many people who watch this show, I am just an observer. Where the writer will take this story, is certainly his business.

  405. 405 : nike Says:

    Seriously,i dont know why other people think that Na Hong Jo character is angel and innocent in this drama. Are we watching the same show? Can u please what did she in order to save their marriage?

  406. 406 : nike Says:

    tell me what did she did do

  407. 407 : seunglee Says:

    I very much like this drama. It so grown up, not like many other k-dramas. I don`t like those funny pinky nice dramas. And I don`t see any moral problems in “Temptation”. Its just the way life goes! Face it!
    Greetings from Switzerland.

  408. 408 : rairamegumi Says:

    from the first,it was HJ who didnt trust her husband and failed to save her marriage
    so,the drama gets more interesting
    if HJ trusted her husband,the drama will end in ep.2

  409. 409 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Rairamegumi @ 408, it’s not about HJ trusting her husband, it’s about SH not respecting his wife enough to know how she may be hurt by his actions. When he agreed to SY’s proposal, he thought it meant that he would have to sleep with her. HE ACCEPTED THE PROPOSAL UNDER THAT BELIEF. It was at that moment, that SH caused the failure in his marriage.

    Do a little research, and you will find that the #1 root cause/reason for a divorce is a lack of communication. The person who did not communicate was SH. Since SY is a smart woman, I’m sure she calculated her odds and wondered if their marriage would last if the wife thought her husband was sleeping with another woman for 3 days and this husband would not communicate with his wife at all during this time. SY did it on purpose and SH went alone with it.

    What is really sad is the number of people who are blaming the wife, when the problem is clearly SH and SY. When Kwon Sang Woo (SH) said that his character is “a bad guy” and that he “had a hard time portraying his character”, then even the actor is acknowledging that SH is wrong and he doesn’t agree with his actions. So when I find people blaming the wife, it makes me laugh and sad because in order to justify that SH and SY “love” they have to find fault with the wife.

    For me, SH is the most unlikable character next to SY. The fact that they are anger with MW for telling others about SY breaking up a married couple is hilarious. MW is not lying on them, it was the truth. Just as SY told MW’s wife about Roy, MW told her father about the $1M she paid for a married man.

    I stopped watching this drama because it disgusted me. I had no preconceived ideas about the lead actors when I begin watching this drama and I think that’s why I don’t by into the hypocrisy of it. This turned out to be a waste of my time. I only hope in the end, that the wife who has been tortured, abused, stepped on comes out on top and let the rest of them (SH, SY, JS, MW) wallow in their immorality.

  410. 410 : plain Says:

    @Sandy 2,sorry to say this ,you are not judging from what happen before HJ husband ACCEPTED THE INDECENT PROPOSAL,you just cute it from the middle,did SH just saw SY and proposal was made he accept it?who made her husband to go indecent ?just as HJ first marriage fail that is how the second one will fail too, this time they will reserve one room for her in psych ward.

    Who in their right mind will divorce a man claiming the husband cheated on her then marry other whom she clearly know that he is a cheater who will do that if that person is not mentally disturb or unstable, people like HJ need help,because they want to control everything around them,her controlling SH for so long has made her selfish to have a poor judgment about others,she will never see herself as the problem,this is why SH fall out of love for her. she is always doing things without thinking about the consequence of her actions.
    A wise person does not make mistake twice,they learn from the previous one and correct it,HJ even though you don’t love a man that does not mean you cannot try to make it work,MW throw away his wife for you yet you did not left up a finger to see where this marriage takes you to already wanting a divorce what a shame.Also HJ did not read what she signed for her mother in law,all her thinking is her ex who had moved on,what if that pre-nup said she will not divorce MW until so so years,and many other things that may be on it?.
    even in the party she did not dress her hair,she look like a crazy person, she is looking at other man in front of her husband noticing her behavior,this is very good for MW who started taking a revenge for a crazy woman who is mentally disturb,without knowing the full story.HJ think her marriage is a toy game where she can throw it away the way she like.Wait she will learn this time that rich are not toys.

  411. 411 : rairamegumi Says:

    if you enjoy the drama,watch it
    if you cant enjoy it,just leave it
    dont take it too seriously…
    I root SY and SH coz I like them
    and remember that this is only drama to entertain us
    if there are the goods,take it
    if there are the bads,just leave it

  412. 412 : Sam Says:

    let’s review episode 1:

    HJ was so hopeless, that she agreed to the suggestion of her husband’s dead business partner to go spend the $3,000, when SH says, let’s keep it for emergencies (remember they were way past their heads broke!)
    We have to agree that SH’s suggestion was reasonable considering their circumstances. But what did the wife assert? She says NO. LET’S GO SPEND IT . So they went shopping, ate in fancy restaurants etc. This is perhaps in her mind, to give SH a great memorable time with her because she’s going to kill herself next.
    Why would she want to kill herself??? To save her FATHER’S HOUSE! (source: insurance money)
    Everything is just about her!!!
    Poor SH. What would he do to spare his beautiful wife from desperation that is of course all his doing?
    As they say, desperate situations, require desperate solutions.
    Note that..
    SY’s perception of SH from years back is that of a humanist-an upright person(the reason he was not hired, remember). With a disposable 1M in her hands, she toyed with the idea of testing SH in the face of what she learned about the couple’s dire circumstances. I’m sure she was not 100% certain SH will take her up on her offer. But since he did, might as well use him. She is a business woman for goodness sake!

    The writer provided enough events to justify SH’s desperate action.

  413. 413 : Sam Says:

    What I wrote was a mess. My point is that HJ and SH actions were driven by their difficult circumstances. SY toyed on their situation and later on fell in love with SH. Bizarre actually. Complicated things are happening right now because some people stopped loving, and started hating instead.

  414. 414 : daile Says:

    Love the story!goodjob for all the cast and scriptwriter…looking forward to watch the next episode 😉

  415. 415 : jupiter Says:

    Like the fashion of Se Young loving it.

  416. 416 : plain Says:

    @Sam thank you,if only others can see the truth,and stop blaming the poor man who has done no wrong to his wife,but enjoy the drama as this talented writer is giving us a good message about those wife’s who can never see their fault in destroying their marriage but blame other for their misfortune in life.If one think HJ is a good example of how wife should honor her husband then follow HJ examples of life which I think will lead to nothing but despair and sadness in life.

  417. 417 : rroxan Says:

    happy ending please

  418. 418 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Plain @ 410 I will just ask you to think about one thing, has SH every stated to anyone who accused him of cheating on his wife, deny it? He has not and did not. Taking another woman on a date and going out of town with this woman was a form of cheating. Telling this woman that you like her while still married, is a form of cheating. He himself confirmed for HJ that he couldn’t stop thinking about SY since he left Hong Kong–that she had found a place in his heart. Accepting the proposal with the intentions of sleeping with another woman for $1M is a form of cheating–the bond at that point was broken. There are several forms of cheating. Most people only associate it with sexual when actually it’s the emotional cheating that does the most damage.

    It is extremely obvious that you have never been on the receiving end of having someone cheat on you. It is EMOTIONALLY AND MENTALLY taxing on a person because your heart is broken and you no longer know who to believe or trust. It doesn’t help that your husband stands you up for an appointment and he’s with the other woman when he should have been with you. Yet, HJ is supposed believe that nothing happened between SH and SY when he’s now acting different (snapping at her because he’s afraid she would see the text from SY) and then this woman in front of her husband flirt with him openly.

    This woman was willing to give her life to help her husband get out of the mess he was in, but she finds out that she really didn’t mean much to him. In 3 days he’s with another woman.

    However, I don’t care how this drama ends, probably SY and SH together. SY will always, always feel insecure with SH because she knows he can be bought for the right price and under the right circumstances. She will also never really trust him when he says “I love you”, because he claimed and appeared to show that many times with HJ in the first episode or two. But that switched in less that couple of weeks. More than that, she will always think he’s with her for the money–that’s what she keeps thinking now.

    Then the fact she wants revenge on someone for something she did that was shameful, is ludicrous. SY and MW are just alike–they are equals. MW gave her father some information and the news of knowing his daughter would do such a thing caused him to have a heart attack. SY did the same thing in the very beginning to a man and it caused him to have a heart attack. HJ save that man’s life–SY should have been grateful. SY also to MW’s wife about Roy. She is just like MW. While MW cheats with women, SY toys with men’s wives. That’s why JS thought something was going on with SY and MW in the past.

    I hate that the writer is not depicting HJ as a doormat. Most women would have slapped SY silly and told their husbands off. MW wouldn’t have had to slip the truth to the media, as the wife I would have done it first to give both of them a little payback. Would have gone through my grieving period and moved on with my life.

    Besides there being no moral conscience in this drama, the number one thing I hate is the writer blaming the wife and making her a doormat for everyone to step on and treat with disrespect; even her disloyal brother. The only likable character in this drama is Roy.

  419. 419 : Sandy 2 Says:

    One last point before I drop this thread, is this drama showed the audience what was really happening between SY and SH, a behind the scene that HJ doesn’t have. I keep hearing trust, trust, trust. You just don’t give trust. Trust is something that is earned. HJ doesn’t know what happened for those 3 days, but she does know her husband has changed–he’s thinking about another woman.

    The writer has done a disservice all women of have had a boyfriend or spouse cheat on them. He’s painted them as pathetic creatures when most women who have gone through that ordeal actually used it as a stepping stone to do greater things.

  420. 420 : Gee Says:

    HJ never said to anyone the reason why SH accepted the 1M offer, or their circumstances before the offer. I do not say that SH did the right thing, but she should have told her brother and even her father, too, how their financial problem was fixed. At least hear both side of the story from HJ and SH since they are family and not just letting people think that she was cheated by her husband upon the whim of a rich woman. I enjoy watching this drama and I’m very tempted to copy SY fashion style!

  421. 421 : jupiter Says:

    FYI: $andy 2 The psycho ex wife was not the who saved Mr. Jong its —– Cha Seok Hoon. Can you please watched it again on ep 1. All the characters have flaws. Stop defending HJ .

  422. 422 : plain Says:

    @Sandy 2,I guess you are watching a different drama,how incontinence for you list everything SH has done wrong,why HJ in your eyes is a victim of SY and SH love affairs,let me tell you,pray that a man tell you the truth about his feelings or himself than he lied to you that he loves you why he is playing you for a fool just as MW is playing HJ for a fool now.This is why I love how this writer portray SH character,beautiful, instead of SH denial that he has no feelings for other woman,why he is lying which is a betrayer,but he let the truth out to his wife, what does that shows?it shows that he care for her and love her,if a man is lying to you when you find out it might be too devastating and heartache for you save yourself or pick up anything you might left behind honesty and truth might be difficult for some people to hear or take but it save life and not destroyed it.
    SH telling his wife the truth was the best way to deal with things and any good woman will use the opportunity to draw her husband closer not to push him away further into other woman hand,by the way after watch EP 14,hearing MW talk about zero to SY shows he is totally in love with SY and SY knows it right very well what he want is her.
    The photographer is not on HJ side as a family friend he is still working on behalf of MW,so HJ is been used as a piece of trash in this marriage fiasco with MW, there is nobody MW wants rather than SY.HJ has no idea what is coming for her,why MW marry HJ is to make SH jealous so that he will come for HJ and SY will see that SH does not love her but her money, why he is wrong on his thinking not knowing what really happen between SH and SY money transaction and plan A is not working out well my guess he will go for plain B which I think will be very interesting to watch why he will do anything to get SY if my guess is right.

  423. 423 : Nagnag Says:

    SY & SH are the two main leads in this drama. So the script writer would not likely to let them portray bad characters in the plot. It’s a drama, not a film show & we are talking about two very popular Korean actress & actor here.

    Therefore , thru this drama , the writer does have some profound advice for married couples or anyone in a relationship . One of which is ; NEVER let your anger get the better of you ,even though you are the one being wronged.

    HJ is a naive as well as a bad-tempered person. She always let her anger get the better of her , which resulted in bad judgements & decisions by refusing to trust her husband when he made mistakes & forgive him when he seeked to reconcile ( though it seems that she still loves him ) . And eventually again, the anger in her, leads her to take revenge at all cost by marrying the playboy MW for that purpose .

    In EP 1, she told her husband that she might just hate him if ever her father’s house were being repossessed by the bank. And then, to avoid that, in HongKong, she tried to commit sucide thinking that she would be able to claim the insurance to help pay the bank ( no insurance company will compensate for suicide.) It was naive of her not to know that & also, not to trust her husband to solve the problem together.

  424. 424 : NagNag Says:

    Another advice is that to make a relationship work after a betrayal or any serious problem , you will have to build that trust again in your loved one. Love without trust cannot make a relationship last .

    SY is rich and arrogant but she is definitely not malicious . Apart from trying to help SH with his financial trouble or her own business agenda , her ‘offer ‘ to SH was simply an act of arrogance, to test the his marriage ( like the sand castle other kids build which she finds it a futile effort ) . She wasn’t trying to make him fall for her by that ‘offer ‘ . However , she started to like him when they were dining together on the night of the 2nd day of work in HongKong . You can tell from the way SY looked at SH when SH was relaxed and smiling…

  425. 425 : Rose Says:

    When HJ meet SJ at party restroom and being so rude, SY asked her that despite her hate should be well-mannered with someone who saved her life, HJ gave SJ this answer : “If I had died and gone to hell/ I wouldn’t have had to go through this living hell. / You will soon fall into that hell soon. “(ep.11)
    I wonder, what kind of living hell is her life that is less bearable than hell after death by suicide? I guess it’s the hell from her dirty mind, her own creation. All SJ’s doings, words and behavior are subordinate to her compulsory bad thinking about others. She pointed SH about wearing an expensive watch, but she wore an outfit that a man – MW gave her, maybe more expensive. She thinks about SH as male prostitute for money, but she is a woman who married MW in return for power and protection that she needs to destroy SY and SH lives, but that isn’t a sort of prostitution, is loveless matrimonial sex, sorry for confusion.
    In the end isn’t about who cheated first or who cheated on who. It’s about not cheat oneself, to be faithful to yourself and I believed SH is that kind of man. He was grateful to SY that she offered that huge sum of money without the need to cheat himself in return for it, on the contrary in those days she helped him to restore his self-esteem and professional confidence and gratitude opened his heart, that’s why he spent with her some time after their arranging expired. I think SH was aware of the living hell (legal/ social/ family) whereby SY saved him, giving him a chance. Also being faithful to himself, he tried to come together with HJ, but she wanted to divorce no matter what. After that SH did what he felt in his heart to be right and SJ did what she thought in her mind to be right.

  426. 426 : Rose Says:

    When HJ meet SY at party restroom and being so rude, SY asked her that despite her hate should be well-mannered with someone who saved her life, HJ gave SY this answer : “If I had died and gone to hell/ I wouldn’t have had to go through this living hell. / You will soon fall into that hell soon. “(ep.11)
    I wonder, what kind of living hell is her life that is less bearable than hell after death by suicide? I guess it’s the hell from her dirty mind, her own creation. All HJ’s doings, words and behavior are subordinate to her compulsory bad thinking about others. She pointed SH about wearing an expensive watch, but she wore an outfit that a man – MW gave her, maybe more expensive. She thinks about SH as male prostitute for money, but she is a woman who married MW in return for power and protection that she needs to destroy SY and SH lives, but that isn’t a sort of prostitution, is loveless matrimonial sex, sorry for confusion.
    In the end isn’t about who cheated first or who cheated on who. It’s about not cheat oneself, to be faithful to yourself and I believed SH is that kind of man. He was grateful to SY that she offered that huge sum of money without the need to cheat himself in return for it, on the contrary in those days she helped him to restore his self-esteem and professional confidence and gratitude opened his heart, that’s why he spent with her some time after their arranging expired. I think SH was aware of the living hell (legal/ social/ family) whereby SY saved him, giving him a chance. Also being faithful to himself, he tried to come together with HJ, but she wanted to divorce no matter what. After that SH did what he felt in his heart to be right and HJ did what she thought in her mind to be right.

  427. 427 : terazhang Says:

    @Sandy 2

    I’m sorry if I touch your nerve by saying this, but didn’t you view each of these characters too critically one sided? I think your judgement is being clouded by your own personal experience-you tell us before about it-
    HJ have to experienced cheating spouse( is SH really cheat her? I cannot see this actually. He accept the terms during the 4 days and NHJ knows this. Her husband is desperate beyond salvation. He is not in his correct mind. Shouldn’t she as a wife at the very least go and make a scene at SY hotel room?) like you.
    So, what you can see is only on HJ side. In your mind, a preconception have been created. All man who fall in love with other woman aside of his own wife is a cheater like in your situation. The wife is innocent. Why? Because, people who has experience this will remain stubborn that nothing happen was their fault because the one who’s cheating is the spouse. So, they do not realized that they are the one who push things that initiate their spouse action. This is what i learn when watching this drama. Of course not every couple who break up is like that. They have their own situation. But in this drama this is what i see.
    People who just judge things from their own situation cannot see this and will repeat their own mistakes.

    I’m not saying that SH and SY is correct in their action. SY pour oil into a household that is already on fire. She’s also selfishly confessing to a married man and hired him, although she know that this will damage the marriage further. She’s no angel and she’s selfish in her own ways.
    SH is the same. Did he really want to prove that he didn’t like SY and that’s why he go and be hired by that women. NO! It’s bullshit. What can I see really is that he’s trying to test himself. Testing his feeling towards SY. And when SY decide to confess, he retreat because he scared. He scared of his own feeling and also he still has the last ounce of respect towards HJ. He is not a man who did things half-heartedly. he didn’t want to fail his marriage and choose to patch things up with his wife. He decide to forget SY altogether. This is his determination. However the time did not coincide with HJ situation.
    HJ really lost faith towards his husband. Her husband stood her up and go to other woman. He agreed to that ridiculous 4 day contract and he even help that woman patch up things in the company. And Hong Joo really a stubborn woman in her own ways. She’s just see others fault and always trying to blame other. This is her fault. She give advice to KMW but why she didn’t comply her own advice. Her mind and actions is being blinded by her emotions. So, she asked for divorced. but she didn’t completely want to divorce. She actually want her husband to woo and beg her to patch things up between them. But this did not happen and she went crazy.
    SH on the other hand didn’t realized this and went having new relationship with other woman barely 2 months of their divorced. See…he’s a selfish man too.
    Nobody is an angel in this drama. They acts accordingly to what they believe. But the most troubling character that I can see is NHJ. She cannot let things go and find her own happiness. She’s not only destroying other people life, but she’s destroying her own life too. She put her life into KMW’s hand. That’s like digging oneself into one self own grave.
    The writer didn’t really make her character like a doormat. No, she isn’t. She’s filled with bitterness and she’s using herself to get what she want. And I see that you saw this as well. That’s why for you the only likeable character here is Roy, right?

    So, I won’t say who’s right and who’s wrong here. But I’m a selfish woman in my own ways. I like to be entertain and right at this moment it would make me happy if SY and SH will be together gain. Does this hurt my moral sensibility? No…because I respect myself enough to act and feel as my own believe if did this will ever happen to me which i believe and pray will not( I mean the whole 4 day situation, not about the cheating spouse)

  428. 428 : iwa Says:

    low rating…

  429. 429 : NagNag Says:

    Anything that tempts you, attracts you and makes you want it , even though it may be wrong or harmful is considered a TEMPTATION . It can be anything , any kind or just a feeling for something , & it’s every where in life.

    3rd advice which the script writer wants to tell us is that one should NOT blame the many temptations to which he or she is being exposed. It’s your own choice & decision to allow yourself be succumbed to it . HJ kept blaming SY for her marriage problems & not realizing that she needed to take responsibility for her own problems by being understanding & by having effective communication with SH.

    SH succumbed to the temptation put forth by SY due to his plight . Can’t really fault him when he was being thrown into such a distressing financial problem which also involved his father-in-law’s house being used as collateral for bank loan. The pressure was even greater for him when his wife HJ stressed that the house was her father’s whole life of hard work & that she might hate him if the house was being repossessed .

    SH was angry initially at SY for extending the ‘Offer’ which was seemed as indecent. But in EP 2, after he completed the contract & got paid for it, he was very much relaxed with SY during dinner & was beginning to find her a nice person. You can tell by his friendly mannerism when SY praised him for his hard work & he responded by praising & obliging her in return.

  430. 430 : NagNag Says:

    Advice 4 – Most if not all, men like to be admired besides the basic respect. It’s the ego thing . They are attracted to people who look up to them especially during difficult times. So treat your man with gentleness even when you get hurt, if you want to keep the relationship.

    It was not surprising that SH was attracted to SY eventually when he realized that the ‘offer ‘was not indecent and that SY showed admiration & trust in his work capability, when SY praised & appreciated him for his work performance by suggesting they ordered wine to celebrate during dinner in EP 2.

    This admiration , which happened to come from SY, is particularly important to SH as it came at the time when he needed it most , right after his failed business. Thus, it boosted his confidence & self-worth as a person tremendously . No wonder SH finds it hard to ignore SY or not to help her when the need arises. ( which made him stand HJ up on the medical appointment )

  431. 431 : NagNag Says:

    This drama is really not a straight-forward drama whereby the third party gets involved in a married couple & break up their marriage . Otherwise the script writer would have got the male & female leads to portray the roles of married couple whose marriage is on the rock and the wife is the victim etc. It would be too ordinary and usual , a story line.

    Also , we are talking about the two all time Hallyu Stars , Choi Ji Woo & Kwon Sang Woo, the ‘ Temptation ‘ & the Tempted , here in this drama to change the stigma and the common perception by telling a different story .

    It was definitely due to arrogance and not fond emotion that SY offered the contract as temptation to SH , although she became the ‘ Temptation ‘ to SH eventually . She was not trying to make SH fall for her with that offer. That was why she dared to mention about the story of sand castles , although she regretted her act later .

    Moreover , she is so workaholic that she is not even in touch with her own feelings. In EP 3 , the writer showed us that when SY’s assistant , the lawyer who was poached by MW and resigned, she told SH in her hand phone text saying that strangely she didn’t feel any sadness . However , she felt her tears rolling down her face as she sat there quietly .

  432. 432 : pola Says:

    Happy ending please for CEo yoo

  433. 433 : plain Says:

    One thing I think will be possible in this drama will be happy ending for all of them,maybe HJ stop her hate on SY and move on because her and SY have cross part and that part continues with her brother and SY sister,so the best is to forgive and forget if she think they wrong her,which myself don’t think so no one put a pen on her hand to sign the divorce papers.MW put his pant up as his mother warn him to do so that this is his second marriage and for his own image in the society,SY and SH find hope by having a bundle of babies.

  434. 434 : Sandy 2 Says:

    The logic on this thread in an effort to justify SH and SY is ridiculous. SH is the one to blame for the failure of his marriage. He was too busy putting himself first, that he didn’t look at the repercussion of his actions. He didn’t stand up for what was right and protect his marriage. HJ was too busy putting SH first in her life, that she didn’t realize he didn’t have her in the same place until later.

    He allowed a million little weeds to choke out the love he had for his wife from his heart. All marriages have tough moments. SH failed to understand and comprehend how HJ would have felt. She’s not stupid. No woman pays a person $1M without some other motive. She paid him more than a team of attorneys for 3 days work. SY after telling SH that he couldn’t talk to his wife, later informed him that he wouldn’t have to sleep with her. Although, he had every intention of doing just that when he accepted the offer. Why wouldn’t she let him call his wife to put her mind at ease? Because she wanted HJ to suffer and jump to the wrong conclusion because she wanted to break up this marriage. She is cruel.

    So when I read posts praising her character, I’m wondering if I’m talking to high schoolers. If you ever had a friend or family member to have someone cheat on them, I think you can then have a greater appreciate of the mental and emotional impact this has on a person. Being betrayed by your closest friend. The writer did a horrible job in my opinion of giving SH any likable qualities.

    I would have thought just the way they came together with her paying for him, that he would have rejected an expensive watch from her–giving him a tiny bit of a conscience. SH had none. It was like she’s paying for me and I’m going to take all I can get.

    If the writer wants us to believe that SH is capable of true love, he should have written this story differently. I don’t think the only thing he is in love with concerning SY, is her money and connections. He sees her as a means to an end.

    The funny thing about SY and SH’s relationship is it’s not built on trust or truth. They’re already lying to each other. It’s based on greed and wanting something that the other person possess. SY wanted SH from HJ. SH wants SY’s wealth and “status”. MW wants…..who knows what he wants, but we know it’s hard for him to remain content.

    The only person in this drama that is likable is Roy. The only person that has my pity is HJ.

    This drama has left me with absolutely no desire to see the two main leads in any future dramas. I’ve tried to watch them in a couple of dramas previously and I always ended up dropping them. This is no exception.

  435. 435 : Sandy 2 Says:

    I’m so thankful for the viewers in Korea who are posting messages to the writer of this drama on the station website with there disappointment in how this drama is developed. They have some very hard and though feelings for SH and SY’s character. They don’t like what they are seeing. It’s good to know that the people in Korea also see how flawed this type of love story is and the lack of morals.

    It’s like the writer started out with one story, then turned completely around and made this about SH and SY. I’m happy to hear that the South Korean public isn’t buying it and are complaining.

  436. 436 : NagNag Says:

    I salute the script writer for having the impossible task in trying to make the audience understand clearly each & every character in the plot .

    Firstly, you will probably have to be a business man or a person running your own business in order to realize how huge a financial plight SH was going thru’ & therefore, understand but may not necessarily accept , the reason why he did what he did desperately , in trying to get out of his plight…which is a whopping US$1M business debt suddenly. It’s REALLY not for the ordinary people to relate.

    Secondly, you will probably have to be filthy rich or a millionaire in order to be able to behave as arrogantly as SY , & understand but may not necessarily find it right , the sort of things which she could do with her great wealth . As the saying goes ” if you are as great as I am , it’s hard to be humble “…like it or not.

    Thirdly , in a typical marriage , if your are the typical wife like HJ , you would probably understand HJ’s behavior in her situation, the reason she thought was justified for her to divorce her husband SH , as well as all the blames she put on others except herself for her broken marriage. Sad to say this…

  437. 437 : plain Says:

    most people are blaming SY for destroying HJ marriage,well let take back the clock to when HJ said to her husband that she loves and trust him,again 3 thousand dollars SH said let keep this money for emergency purposes HJ said let spend this money as your friend directed us to do,SH response are you sure we should spend this money?HJ said yes let spend it.

    Question,suppose no one was there when HJ jump into that ocean?what do you guys think SH life will be by now?a good one or a bad one?take for instances,SH will call the Hong Kong police report that his wife is missing,the police will now start to search for her,it might take a couple of days before her body will wash up in the shore,then here comes investigation on why or how come she is dead?first police focus will be on SH,then maybe if he is lucky enough there will found him innocent,at this time he has no money no place to go why because the 3thousand left had been spent,next take his wife body home.

    insurance will also question how HJ end up dead all this is going on,debtor come take HJ father houses,her father will be devastated with pain of losing his daughter plus her brother,husband will be taken to jail for embezzlement.

    I want to point out that this writer made mistake by having SY saying she was the wave that come to destroy the sand castle ,big lie,she wasn’t the wave because HJ was the wave that came to destroy the sand castle that she and her husband had built by her suicide,she had already lost all trust and confident on her husband to be able to save her father house, she no longer believes in her husband ability to be able to pull them out of off their troubles,she doesn’t want to start all over again or stay around to see what is going to happen, the only option she has was to die.any good moral person will know SH and HJ marriage was in trouble before or ever SY appeared to save the day,she saves HJ from dying,she paid their debt,people say SY is a bad person prevent SH from calling his wife I will recommend them to rematch EP1 again maybe they did not see clearly,the first day that rule was made SH broke that rule by still called his wife HJ did not answer he then call HJ brother,SY notice he broke the rule and confronted him,he became angry with himself start parking up his stuff,SY then told him that third rule crap he can go on and call his wife.

    In this earth we all live in,I have seen mothers sent their children into a journey to go in search of a good life all because money not knowing what might happen to that children on his or her way.who will give you 1million dollars for free,or 1 billion won for free,who will be that good Samaritan to do that?we all talk about moral,is it moral for HJ to take her own life when she clearly see how her husband is suffering from his fail business and a lot of debt.I can say this people who see HJ as a victim are heartless people who only think of themselves not care what or who their actions hurt or destroyed.

  438. 438 : Pink247 Says:

    As I watched the ep 13 This is SY feelings for SH.
    “I always feel anxious when you’re next to me. It’s because your future will get dark because of me. My future will get dark if you fade away from me.I can’t even hold on to you. I am uneasy that you will leave me someday. Whenever I go through a difficult time you always say this to me … ‘You have no arms and legs so I will hold onto you.’ I know that you will leave me someday but I can’t let you go.”

    That’s what I like about SY, she’s true about her self. And she knows her mistakes. CEO Yoo Se Young Fighting! I hope she will have a happy ending and maybe someday she will find her one TRUE LOVE!

  439. 439 : Rose Says:

    @ 437 plain
    well said!
    Objectively speaking all those lives saved from death or disgrace by SY and her 1 million $ offer are more important and priceless then a marriage between two people who didn’t share the same vision about anything, anymore much before they and SY even meet each other.
    In HJ’s eyes SH was / is an eternal loser, good for nothing as she sarcastic told him:
    “I thought you will love her (SY) until the end of the world /
    Was this your best? /
    Did you break up for good? /
    You’ve lost everything now. /
    You’ve lost your love and ambition.”
    How hypocrisy from someone who asked MW to destroy SY and SH.
    I wonder what would be MW’s reaction if he would know the truth about what really happened between SY, SH and HJ, because now he knows only what HJ told him and put her in advantage as victim.

  440. 440 : plain Says:

    @Rose,thank you my dear,I agree with everything you said in your post.well after watching EP15raw,I think the women in this drama is getting tougher why the men are getting messy,HJ has woken up from her dream eventually,seeing in the preview slapping MW ex wife make me to say wow,is about time you wake up from your dream,as a wise woman how can you want revenge by openly telling the man that all you want from him is revenge and you don’t love him,now all he is giving you is revenge, is that not what you ask for HJ revenge?dear HJ when you want a revenge you can take that revenge on your own without involving your husband plus marrying a playboy you have the chance to make him promise you not to mess around and also
    remind him the reasons you broke up your marriage and you are not going to marry him or else he promise to be faithful to you,then it is left for him to decide weather he can promise you or not,now you see how true and really cheating is with MW,my guess you didn’t see this one coming when you were running your mouth about revenge.

    hopefully this writer divert your attention to protecting your marriage by fighting back instead of losing again.

    Now I don’t know why this writer keep having SY dreaming of SH and HJ,are you are trying to show us the different between the two women or you trying to destroy this couple,I hope you don’t have SH to misbehave by thinking he was the course of HJ problems,that will be hypocrisy of him to think like that because HJ is a grown up woman who was not born yesterday,she knows right from wrong and she know MW history before marrying him,she should learn to be independent as woman not whining all the time.please I don’t want insane writing,where everything is mess up without true meaningful message to the viewers.I will wait until ep15 is sub.

  441. 441 : angelic Says:

    SY saw that ring. Is the writer giving us hint that in the end it will be SH-HJ? And let’s see if SY trust SH.

  442. 442 : plain Says:

    then again when writer become desperate for rating they start messing up their writing which leaves your mouth tasteless and regret.I will hate this drama if it become stair ways to heaven two.

  443. 443 : Nne123 Says:

    I am sick and tired of divorce couples being brought back together in drama. If you give up on your marriage so easily like HJ did, then writers, keep her moving on. She divorced her husband so easily without any attempt to work on the marriage. All four main characters are flawed. It’s not always one person’s fault in a failed marriage (It takes two to tangle)

    However, mistakes have been made and HJ and SH are now in other relationships. In spite of how this relationships got to evolve, its a second chance to both of them so let it work out. Please writers do not bring back SH and HJ. That ship already sailed. Let SY have her man SH. HJ got her reward of revenge so she should find a cure for MW’s inability to keep his zippers up.

  444. 444 : Pink247 Says:

    This drama is messed up! I find it funny. The difference between SY and HJ in dealing with situations
    I love how SY keep her self calm and cool. Even though had bad situations coming she just thinks what possible solutions will be. While HJ, she just cry like a baby.

  445. 445 : Sam Says:

    Well, this drama is not about you (to whoever thinks it about their experiences and feelings). This drama is how the writer wrote it to be. It is sad that perhaps you have similar experiences, and it’s clouding your understanding of this drama. Translation of course can also play a big factor;most especially if like most of us, you can’t speak or understand Korean.
    To enjoy drama, is to be attentive to the script and acting. Relating it always to personal experiences will give you a lopsided understanding.
    We love horror movies not because we experienced horror events in our lives. It’s because of the creative people who breathe life into these and made things believable and logical, thus there is the suspension of disbelief and acceptance of its plausibility.

  446. 446 : Kim Says:

    HJ is very selfish. If she really, deeply loved her husband, she should have trusted him from the start. She did not give him a chance to reconcile Instead pushed him away. She is blinded by jealousy and only want revenge. There is no love in her heart for anyone except herself. SY is way better, she cares. She deserves to be happy.
    Happy ending for SY please!!!

  447. 447 : rairamegumi Says:

    I hope SY wont die like in StH,…died in the end i think is not a trend in K-drama today,lol

  448. 448 : NagNag Says:

    HJ is showing her true colors more & more…

    Besides making use of MW for the purpose of having her revenge , she hit back at SY whenever possible by verbally abusing & cursing her… as well as retaliated at MW’s ex-wife HanJiSan by slapping her back. She is reaally a revengeful person.

    Can a revengeful person be a kind person ?… or

    Will a TRULY kind person take revenge when being provoked or wronged ?

  449. 449 : Florie Says:

    @Sandy2, totally agree what you have elaborated. I love Ep.15. HJ got into everyone’s nerves on this episode. This episode went on reverse mode, everyone seemed to be going thru what HJ had gone thru from the start. HJ got the upper hand on this episode.

    Can’t believe SY is trying to use SH to get information from HJ in regards to see if MW do business deals while she was at that cottage, so conniving

    Go Na Hong Joo!!

  450. 450 : plain Says:

    I will first congratulate SH for wining the fight against MW,he truly own up his worlds that he will bring MW down, he did,you are a man SH.

    Now I will be ashamed if SY do something stupid by not believing SH for truly loving her.As for me if SH and HJ was to be in his apartment that could have been a different case but they were outside talking and two people who are not strangers can be excuse seeing them talking there is nothing bad for them not to talk, I also know the writer place that seen for SY to see it which I think it is unnecessary for that to happen,why will HJ be calling to apologize to SH? a man that she wish to sent to hell,and destroy only because her whole world come crashing down again by her stupid desire she is coming with apology to whom?she just got back to her father’s house while will she not wait for morning time before calling to apologize?which make no scene at all.And to be honest I was wishing to see a passionate hug or kiss and a happy news from SY health that she is pregnant but this writer is killing our hope for a happy SY and SH, This is why most dramas I have watched the ending leave me with sour taste in my mouth,which I do not watch the ending,I was seriously hoping this drama will prove me wrong to be the drama of the year for me,I will still wait for EP17 to finally decide if the ending worth my time or not.

  451. 451 : ayu Says:

    one thing why i love this drama because it was played by kwon sang woo and choi ji woo. it has nothin to do with the characters, i think they both lookin perfect as a couple on screen.

  452. 452 : rairamegumi Says:

    I think this drama tend to show the reaction of SY and HJ toward their love fate
    we already knew the reaction of HJ which untrust her husband and chose to take revenge
    then the drawa will show how SY now hold her love fate

  453. 453 : Nadege Says:

    I cannot stand SH (not the actor) and his arrogance. I meam MW did exactly to him & SY what they did to his ex-wife & now he feels aggrieved & going after MW.

    I am also disappointed with HJ & wish she stops with the vengeance & move on with her life! SH is not and was never worth it. He & SY & MW deserve each other. Each time I see HJ with the plotting, I get the sense she is out of her element & that is not her—the break up of her marriage was such a blow to her that I think she has become insane (I hope temporarily & she snaps out of it). MW, SH, & SY are cut from the same cloth. They are all immoral, unethical, & self center who covet what is not theirs & do not appreciate what they have or understand their actions lead to pain for others!

    The only people I like us Roy & his younger sister. Also despite her scheming, I like JS (MW’s ex wife). She is just trying to be part of her raughter’s life. MW was a terrible husband to her. I am rooting for her to he her kids back. She & HJ have more in common but due to their current situation? They can’t see that.

  454. 454 : Nadege Says:

    Oh the irony. From 14-15, SY is feeling what HJ felt & behaving like HJ when HJ was married to SH. She (SY) is afraid of losing him (SH) & even poses a similar question to him as HJ had that is who do you want to protect HJ or me. In essence she (SY) needs information from HJ on MW & thinks SH can get it from SJ.

    I am continuing to watch this in hope HJ wakes up & abandon he revenge plot & leaves MW, SY, SH behind to find happiness & love with someone else. I believe SH has passed the point of no return; HJ should never accept him back. At first I believed SH was with SY to avenge her involvement in the end of his marriage but now I am not so sure. He has fought more for his relationship with SY than he had for his marriage.

    After what SY did to get SH, I would think she would understand MW. I don’t get her outrage & feeling of being wronged. They both covet what is not their & play unjustly to obtain what is already spoken for. For her is going after SH & blantely informing his wife (HJ) of her intent & for MW it is going after businesses that SY is acquiring or working with & blantely informing her (SY) of his intentions. Like HJ who is vengeful against SY & SH, SY & SH are being vengeful towards MW.

    As HJ explain to MW, she left SH not because she did not love him but because his heart left her before his body. I just wish she did not turn back for revenge & kept going to find happiness with someone new. Althought the pain SH inflicted on her would have created in obstacle & made it hard for her to love/trust again.

    SJ, with a brother like hers who needs enemies. Do not like him either. Have no problem him dating the sister of the woman he thinks caused the breakage of his sister’s marriage or letting SH know his sister was responsible for everyone knowing his relationship with SY but have an issue not letting her sister know & letting her know he informed on her to her ex husband.

  455. 455 : Janice Says:

    yes. continue to watch the paragon of womanly virtue Na Hong Joo.

  456. 456 : Sam Says:

    Temptation did them all in and revenge dragged them deeper……

    In this interesting drama, I wish we could learn to fight for the person we love, to learn to let go, forgive and discover how to truly love.

    I remember what Ghandhi said: an eye for an eye will make the world blind. A person who doesn’t know how to love but chooses to be spiteful or revengeful will not help the world attain peace.

  457. 457 : Sam Says:

    Henry Powell Spring said it eloquently like this:
    The Spirit and Beings continue unselfishly to maintain life upon our planet, restoring us nightly, and forgiving us our wilful blindnesses far beyond our spiritual or bodily capacity of repayment. If the Spirit, Who is Life, exacted an eye for an eye, or a tooth for a tooth, this world would indeed be peopled with the blind and the toothless.

  458. 458 : SAd Says:

    #437 Plain and # 439!
    Total agree with both of U etc……………You said like it is! Great Job!
    Some of this comments, it is not worth reading.
    Some need to go back and retract from episode #1, how and why this SH & HJ came upon mis-judgement.

    Remember SY ask SH a questioned? His answer was I LOVE MY WIFE!
    And remember his wife HJ said to SY “QUOTE! “I TRUST MY HUSBAND”

    But Jealousy over took HJ and everything fell apart!

    It takes TWO to Tangle, not only one person get all the blame!

  459. 459 : NagNag Says:

    I think HJ is really a SICK person…and a no brainer .

    To MW , She did not love him at all, but for the sole purpose of her revenge , could actually MARRY him ( very unbecoming of a lady ) , and yet would be so bothered about his philandering behavior, to even tail him to the hotel room.

    To SH , she traumatized him in HongKong by trying to commit suicide for a stupid reason . And since returning from HongKong, instead of hearing him out, chose to dwell in her own suspicion . Then , willfully initiated the divorce when he tried to reconcile, yet ran to him for help when MW was angry at her.. in EP 16.

  460. 460 : SAd Says:

    #459 NagNag!
    You got it babe, U said it like it is!

    She married someone just to get revenge, “NO LOVE FOR MW! Period!
    So why she get Upset, when ex wife (JS) nibble her way back to ex-hubby (MW) for some pleasure.!
    MW and ex wife JS are match made in Heaven, they both cheat and had so much affair with others, they both live in heaven delight dream world. As for MW mother, heaven forbid!
    For SY, never was in LOVE, and in some ways SH capture her (SY) heart she was so breath taking by his every move.
    Altho’ knowing he was a married man, what can she do! Love do strange things!
    Who is to blame? I believe it is HJ, who gave up so fast and let SH go without a battle, as she claim she love and trust her husband.
    As SY was very much Available she had every instance to chase after SH!.
    Which SH try to revived his marriage but HJ said she wants to retire from him and gave him a divorce paper.
    For SY & Sh, they have soooooooooooo much Chemistry together, every drama the act together was so GREAT and POWERFUL, they are Match Made IN Heaven!
    Both are Good Actor and Actress!
    Hope ending will be Good, maybe Sad!

  461. 461 : plain Says:

    I am not happy at all with this writer,I was seriously hoping for SY to get pregnant with SH child,so that her father will ease up his dismay about her daughter relationship,even Sh could have been very happy,but what I am seeing this writer is throwing stupid tumor story into this unique relationship.For goodness sake why is this writer making MW EX pregnant again three children not enough,instead of giving SY a child you are giving MW EX child which make no scene,if SY were to be pregnant and her life is in danger will be understandable as we see how she and SH work through it and come out with happy ending.
    I don’t want to waste my time as I waste my time in watching NOBLE WOMAN’ which that writer turn it to be NOBLE IDIOT by sending a whole family into plane crash because she was desperate for rating and it comes back to back fire on her writing,and this one want to do stair ways two again why, why spoil a good story with tumor I hope this is misdiagnose,other doctor will take a good look at it and come out with a positive answer.
    any drama that end in tragedy I don’t watch it I always avoid it because it leaves one with bad memories anytime someone mention the name.

  462. 462 : Sam Says:

    @plain 461..sad thing is Korean drama, is overly spiced with these kind of tragic stuff:( They’re actually what Kdrama is made of: amnesia, accidents, cancer, revenge, dead becoming undead, contract marriages etc. etc.

  463. 463 : Lila Says:

    @ plain & @ Sam
    Unfortunately, I expected to be like this and even I wrote in my comment # 48. I really don’t know why a drama that could be great, they shrink it down to less in its second half, often with the turning points of the storyline which insult our intelligence, but they have great actors who always give their best and for that I make a bow towards the actors and I will watch till the end. Let’s be optimistic and hope for a reasonable ending or who knows maybe the scriptwriter will make us a big surprise in a good way in the last 4 eps.

  464. 464 : NagNag Says:

    #460 SAd
    Very well said !.. couldn’t have agreed with you more !

    It’s sad to see how distorted some other people’s perceptions of this drama & their mentality in differentiating the right from wrong.

    The fact that this drama is so called ‘ Temptation ‘ as it did tell a unique story from the commonly perceived ones. Otherwise the script writer would have named it ; ‘Seduction’ or ‘Secret Affair’ or ‘Sweet Admirer’ or perhaps even ‘ Indecent Proposal’ for that matter . So, do watch the first three to four episodes two times or more , as they are very crucial for the understanding of how the whole story evolved…& the script writer’s thoughts.

  465. 465 : NagNag Says:

    Can’t help but to feel the pain to see SY go thru her love sickness..

    The all-time Hallyu Star , CHOI JI WOO ‘s acting is truly AMAZING with her over-powering & superb expressions of each & every of her thoughts & immense emotions in portraying the role of SY.

    Her cheerfulness when happy is contagious & when feeling sad, her sorrows shown on her face is heart wrenching to even watch.

    She could cry full of tears uncontrollably or weep silently by shedding tear drops down her cheeks , especially coupled with those forlorn glances of hers ( in the drama being rejected by SH at the town house , at the airport bidding goodbye to SH , at the hospital compound calling off the relationship , etc ) . All these never cease to fill me with awe & love for her.

    Little wonder that this drama is tailor-made for her , as she does look as Elegant & behave as Arrogantly as a rich & successful Business Woman , with a serious & workaholic attitude, who has neither the time nor the experience for love before.

  466. 466 : Lynn Says:

    I just wish that everyone will learn to just let go. Its not just for a reason of forgiving but to be free, to realize that it just life, to take past as a learning experience. After all the things that have been done. I believed nobody deserve to be happy. They all hurt somebody, and that is inexcusable. But nobody is perfect.

    In this life, its just matter of how you understand yourself and what its means to you to be happy. And it is not just a matter of decision but also options.

    So for me, if there is next life. All the characters should not meet again coz i think that they don’t deserve each other.

  467. 467 : SAd Says:

    #465 NagNag

  468. 468 : SAd Says:

    #465 NagNag
    Well said of Cho Ji Woo!
    Very intelligent, elegant, superior, powerful in her acting, beautiful with her charisma and enthusiasm, is so breath taking.

    For Kwon Sang Woo, Handsome, determination, his character is capable of portraying as a personality with great qualities.

    SY and SH have so much Chemistry, and there acting just capture many hearts.

  469. 469 : NagNag Says:

    I think that those who CHERISH Love , deserve the love…& to love.

    For couples who only care about who’s right or wrong , instead of extend kindness when a mistake has been made , would likely to ruin the relationship.

    KINDNESS is knowing that when you are being wronged by your loved one , you make effort to forgive , when forgiveness is seeked & effort is put in to repent , coz you cherish your love , even though you may not forget the wrong.

    So, if you choose to ABANDON your love instead of cherishing it , you give up your right to love or be in that love . Hence, you have only YOURSELF to blame.

  470. 470 : Rose Says:

    I saw K Sang Woo and Lee Jung Jin in several of their drams as like both of them in their performances.

    I have never see Choi J Woo – her voice is different – somewhat deep or masculine and I don’t think she is that pretty.

  471. 471 : plain Says:

    @[email protected]@Sad,I love you guys insight and views in this drama,I hope this writer give us a satisfactory ending because I want to remember this drama be able to back re-watch it again.and recommend it for others to watch.

    I am a woman if my ex was half a man like SH,I will still be married to him by now,This is why I hate HJ character,if your husband has not cheated on you for part 10goods years, he has been faithful working hard to give you guys a better life only things did not work out for him the way he thought,you decide to chose your father’s house over your love for him in going to commit suicide,so where is the truth love you have for him again,things get hard you abandon him to face difficulty alone,and you want the man to wake up everyday beside you and say I love you my wife.That big pill to swallow,I myself don’t think that pill will pass the throat.
    So many argument about this drama,some who support HJ doesn’t want to know or talk about her suicide attempt mainly over her father’s house,and her selfish reason wanting to die leave her loving husband behind, father,and brother,how does HJ supporters define love or the writer?how is it that some don’t see this woman who ran away when things was hard and took the easy out to punish her husband more and a woman who saw what was thrown away pick it up and cherish it and also was graceful to have it.My guess this drama will not have a positive ending then,if the writer did not see the truth meaning of his message.

    to think of it, a wife who proclaim to loves her husband so much and was angry about her husband still in Hong Kong with other woman still have the time to think of a new hair due,it really shows how strong her love for her husband really is,and how angry she really was about her husband still in Hong Kong.
    I will really hate this drama if SY end up dead and did not have a child,this story will be baseless,meaningless to me.

  472. 472 : Sandy 2 Says:

    I personally am hoping that SY and SH receive a little of what they dished out. How stupid is it to take revenge on someone because they told the truth about what you did. If anything, take revenge on yourself for behaving in such a way that it brought a negative reaction on you. MW only did what HJ could have done herself–leaked the truth on the internet. Yeah, he told her father about the $1M part that wasn’t disclosed on the internet, but my goodness–did the man lie? Also, didn’t SY cause a man in the very beginning of this drama to have a heart attack and HJ, using her medical knowledge, saved him.

    I’m so tired of hearing about how good SY is, when she’s anything but good. I was happy with SH told her that he wouldn’t use HJ to get information about MW. However, he then turned around and hurt her by making MW believe that something was going on between him and her–punch MW like a jealous husband. Then when she comes to him because MW is suspecting her of providing information to SH, he tells her she needs to talk to her husband. No, you should clear up the misunderstanding SH because you caused it–a part of me think you did it on purpose. I do like SH, JS or SY.

    I will hate this drama even more, if the moral of it is “there are no boundaries, take what ever you want, no matter who it hurts. Money can buy you love.”

  473. 473 : Rose Says:

    Attention please!

    I’m Rose who wrote the previous comments, my last one was # 439 September 1st.
    I didn’t write the comment # 470, it’s just a coincidence of names.
    For more clarification, in my opinion, Choi Ji Woo is a genuine, refined, classy Korean beauty, her voice is very suited with her physique, a true lady and a great actress. I saw all her dramas.
    If I’ll write any comment will be strict about the drama and its characters as well as those already written. Thank you!

  474. 474 : reindeer song Says:

    Rose 473, good for you defend yourself. We should be speaking of the drama not personal attack. I stil do not think this is a good drama for both stars. I do not like the premise. You ruin a man good marriage for 1M dollars, did anyone expected they will continue as husband/wife? The trust has gone, did you not expect the wife to act that way? People who are writing are teenagers who has never been married. Look at the whole picture.

  475. 475 : AVOPIECE Says:

    I’m afraid to the ending of this drama, it looks like the movie Indecent Proposal where the original couple will be together in the end. If that happens, this is just a NONSENSE Drama.

  476. 476 : jo yee Says:

    Rose 473, i am agreed with u..
    I like Choi Ji Woo from the beginning, infect i had watched all her dramas.
    I like her dress up, her soft spoken..
    in this drama she is very elegant and intelligent.
    well done Ji Woo.
    Hope happy ending.

  477. 477 : Janice Says:

    Ahhhhh @Sandy2 you’re still here, and still watching this drama? Shouldn’t you avoid it like the plague?

  478. 478 : AVOPIECE Says:

    SEROUSLY after watching ep 17, I’m totally pissed to the writer. There are hints that SY will die. Its like Stairway to Heaven part 2. LOL SO i dropped this drama! You guys enjoy watching it!!!! 🙂

  479. 479 : NagNag Says:

    There is a saying ; ” Something has to happen , Will happen… & it happens for a Reason ”

    There are times when something happens to us which makes us wonder why it has to be US, and not other people. This saying will help us come to terms with it , & accept the responsibility for it ( though we have yet to figure out the reason ) , so as to get over the pain .

    Therefore, for those who still think that whatever happened to HJ was someone else’s fault , it would help to take a moment to reflect on the Saying .

  480. 480 : frances Says:

    aiyo..everyone asking to drop it off after watching ep 17, they must be reasons.
    so i will listen to u guys advise. just leave it. and stop watching.
    even though i like Choi Ji Woo.
    ratings so low..

  481. 481 : wallace woo Says:

    when does the eng subtitle appears ep 17 plays in the you tube on pacific time but not sub tittle appears

  482. 482 : SAd Says:

    This Writer, sure getting everyone UPROAR! She flinker with everyone emotion. This drama Story line in ways, getting all who watching drama Temptation so eager, depress and very Angry.

    No WONDER this drama rating so not that Great.

    She really Flip-Flop in writing this story


    This Drama could have had a very good rating, but alone the line you just got twisted in writing. Aigoo!

    We watching would really have enjoyed this drama! Aigoo

  483. 483 : AVOPIECE Says:


    If you are a CJW fan you must better to stopped watching this!! Im disappointed though. The first 10 episodes is so damn good, but they dragged it. 16 ep is enough. SY dying is not fit in the title.

  484. 484 : plain Says:

    I never thought that this writer will be foolish enough to listen to a few people who uses their life experience to compare to a woman who for no reason attempt suicide,and criticized the one who did everything good to help save a life.what a shame that this writer flip his mater piece into a garbage trash can for no apparent reason,he turn a happy ending drama into a tragedy sad memory,wow I can see this writer enjoying his big rating,a hand of applause for him hooray.

  485. 485 : Mary Says:

    Sheesh are most korean mother in laws this monstrous as they portray in dramas? Since when do ex-wives have more respect than the current wife?

    After ep 17, I just lost all respect for SH. (I’m still a fan of KSW). If he had fought for his marriage with HJ as he is now with SY, they’d still be married. By fight I don’t mean, “are u sure?” x3.

    There’s a reason why some completely cut ties with their ex. HJ needs to move on–away from MW & SH; she deserves better. I like her dad; he’s a good parent. He’s just about the only character I like left in this drama.

  486. 486 : Ally Says:

    Are you guys all leaving in lalaland? So what was HJ supposed to do? she was supposed to stay in Hong Kong while her stupid husband was spending all his time in some woman’s room? and then she was supposed to trust him and take him back after he told her that he liked the other woman and missed her? he was married to HJ. In 4 days he developed feelings for SY? then he is a total loser. the writer has portrayed a terrible character in SH. I have no respect for him. He never fought for his marriage the way he is fighting for his relationship with SY. he is not a good person. He doesn’t even deserve SY. I don’t like SY either. She ruined a marriage and she bluntly told the wife that she had feelings for her husband. Her relationship with SH is tainted too. HJ didn’t do anything wrong. Her husband had developed feelings for another woman in 4 miserable days. She deserves much better than SH.

  487. 487 : morally Says:

    @mary. You just said everything I wanted to say. If all people has a father like HJ has, this world will be a better place to live, humble not greedy very understanding, he taught his daughter well, unlike some monster like MW’s mother. I wish HJ can move on and be happy.

  488. 488 : aim Says:

    HJ wanted a revenge from MW,MW gave her revenge,she told the man for goodness sake I don’t love,excuses excuses all the time for HJ,she is a full grown woman who should make a good decision about her life base on pass experiences that is how we don’t make same mistake twice, not act like a child who was just born today and I don’t think if any man in right mind hear a woman said to him I don’t love you he will then take that relationship seriously or else he want to live a miserable life.no one hold a gun on her head to make decisions she has been making,I don’t pity HJ here,she brought all this to herself,I am very disappointed on this drama and the writer too,I wish I never lay my eyes on this drama,this writer really disappoint me for making SY so sick,I am so sick of all this dramas with good beginnings end up with no [email protected] I wouldn’t have said it better thank you for your insight view on this drama.

    I don’t know if there is any Korean drama I want to watch for now again after this big disappointment,I will hold off for now and wait after a drama ends I will then decide if the drama worthy watching.I hate desperate writers who always go for big rating and lost their mind and focus what their message really was,it is a shame that this writer has join one of the writers i will not watch their drama again.

  489. 489 : Nadege Says:

    @ Sandy 2, I agree!

    When I watch a drama, a play, or movie, it is about the characters & story not about the actors or how I like them. It is a disservice to the actor/actress & their talent or craft when the viewer cannot differentiate between the actor & the character which they portray. It means they are not doing a good job in embodying the character they play!!!!!!

  490. 490 : Sam Says:

    The rating plummeted at ep. 17. Everybody must be really disappointed in the drama. Just when its trying to pick up………..

  491. 491 : Ginger Says:

    Avopiece 475… I too am having the same thoughts. I hate to see the original couples getting back again. HJ don’t deserve a second chance with SH. She was the culprit who started the ball rolling….attempting suicide, pushing for a divorce and marrying MW to get revenge. I really hope SY n SH will end up together.

  492. 492 : dino Says:

    I think that both HJ and SH are at fault for their failed marriage… HJ for not wanting to work at saving the marriage and choose to ask for divorce so that she will not be the person to be dumped… SH for giving in to temptation just bec of the money dangled in front of him… the temptation of money then led to the temptation of adultery (though he did not commit physical adultery, emotional adultery is also adultery).

    However, i think so is worst concerning the plot is the twisted notion of the a couple who propagates emotional adultery later became the hero/heroine of the story (i.e. just because one is sick and is dying)

    These comments has nothing to do with whether i like the actor/actress or not but a pure commentary on the twisted values that is is propagating.

  493. 493 : Lynn Says:

    I don’t think that HJ didn’t try coz i think she did.. It just that she keep catching her husband together with this girl. You know, honest and faithful person when they got cheated it really hurt because you know that you did everything to be happy together. I bet it drove her crazy thinking all those scenes. So finally she “SNAPS”,get a divorce and have revenge to relieve for all the heartache or just to get even.

    And it was always the husband fault from the very beginning. He was selfish and didn’t even consider his wife when he made the decision. If he could treat his wife like that he should have divorce her before doing things like that. Leaving your partner hanging, insecure and full of doubt is unforgivable. And it doesn’t really matter if he was faithful for 10 years of their marriage, he was supposed to be faithful until he dies. Period.

    If i am the writer, I will let HJ be free from all the sadness. Forget this junk man. And learn to accept that there is nothing like forever in this world.

    All the actors are great in doing there jobs. They are so good that they get in to your skin. Its just that i hate that suppose to be bad people are the one’s that are happy at the end. For me that is totally unaccepted. Because if its gonna be like that in real life then people should realized that there is nothing you can get from being a good. The drama is freaking encouraging viewers to be a bad coz you will be rewarded from it at the end.


  494. 494 : NagNag Says:

    Some people really need to Wise up , know that one has to learn to take responsibilities of one’s mistakes & Reflect on one’s shortcomings , instead of blaming external factors & find excuses for HJ.

    For goodness sake , we are talking about a Marriage and not just a love relationship . It should be like what SH had said ,” a sand castle which could be built over & over again whenever it’s been hit by waves ” . He was willing to do so but not his wife HJ.

    If most wives handled their marriages the way HJ did, suspecting that their husbands had committed adultery or even Emotional adultery for that matter , & then going around blaming other females or whatever temptations that come their way , instead of taking the effort to reflect , to be more Understanding or more Forgiving , the World would have more Divorced couples than Married ones for sure.

  495. 495 : Ally Says:

    @NagNag.. are you serious? wives should accept the fact that the husband likes another woman and that he misses her? and they should be ok that he went back to work for her and stood her up when she needed to meet with her? and she should be ok that the other woman who offered her husband money declares her feelings openly? she should be ok and try to work on her marriage? are you oblivious to the fact that SH is trying so hard to make his relationship with SY work but he never tried as hard for his marriage? when it came to his marriage it was only words and no actions. come on. So you think the wife should be ok with emotional betrayal? wow.. that’s a chauvinistic view!!!!!

  496. 496 : Lynn Says:

    You know, people are different to each other. Some can forgive and forget and some cant…Can you blame them? Well, if you can i salute you but there are some other’s who can’t but i respect them. But the whole point of getting married is to be honest and faithful to each other until death do us part. So that was it…Well, except if you didn’t say those vow when you got married then you can excuse. But if you did, then what is the use of the vow and getting married at all.

    And if every guys will get married thinking that they can be forgiven when they cheated then may be they shouldn’t get married at all. We human are just good as our words….. When words that we are saying are empty means you are empty as a human too.

  497. 497 : Hamana Says:

    Thumb down.
    Lead actors act poorly regardless they were popular in the past. It seems that they were overrated.

  498. 498 : plain Says:

    @NagNag494,bless you my dear,sometime I wander if we all are watching same drama or some just uses our hurt to make a judgment by denying the truth,indeed if all women who are married on this earth are to be giving their husband’s a divorce paper the way it happen between SH and HJ case, were only emotional so call cheating was involves,every married couple will be divorce by now.

    In the really world we live in I have seen countless times were wife’s see husband sleeping with their best friend yet did nothing about,husbands posting their pictures in the internet,wife’s did nothing about,not because this wife’s were not hurt by their husbands action but chooses to see if they can work things out before deciding what next they could do,the writer tried to show the viewers the impulsive decision HJ made by marrying MW,which shows that were HJ is running to is not better than the one she left,a good example to all women like HJ is how HJ marry MW,she now see the different between the one she rejected and the one she marry to now.

    she did not experience any hurt from SH at all,she just let go like that,not until she marry to MW she know how a man really hurt a woman.In MW case,HJ did not know where to start from,she try to fight but her fight was useless because when she was going into this marry little did she know what is in store for her,she did not plan how she is going to combat MW infidelity,all what she is thinking off was her EX SH to make him pay so that he come running back to her. MW is a proud man,he was pampered by his mother,he never really learn how to respect a woman by keeping his pants up,also the first wife allow him to cheat on her,HJ thought she too could over come this kind of bad behavior she is not use to but the more she try to cover her bad marriage up pretending to be happy while she is not, the more MW flip it open to the world to see,and more miserable she becomes,this is how some woman who never learn from their first mistake lives their,this time she really did experience the things she could have done differently with SH only that it was too late.

  499. 499 : plain Says:

    other thing, the whole point of getting married is also for better for worse,for riches or for poor,not only honest and faithful,marriage works when everything comes together.

  500. 500 : Mary Says:

    @Ally 495. Well said!! Keep it up. Apparently some still can’t get past the downing part, thinks SY has done nothing wrong but a savior to HJ. I loved HJ’s response to SY, “you should’ve just let me die in hell than live in hell”

  501. 501 : SAd Says:

    #494 NagNag and #499


    Those against SH and SY!

    Don’t You others Forgive for mistake, error or what ever the situation calls for?

  502. 502 : Ally Says:

    @Mary. it is amazing how people just think that a wife should be ok with a husband cheating on her. How did SH exactly intend to work on his marriage if he had feelings for another woman and that too in 4 days. How can anyone get past that. You know your husband likes another woman but you just try to make your marriage work? how is that possible? emotional betrayal is as bad if not worse than physical cheating. So HJ should just forgive and move on? If SH was a good man he wouldn’t have started a relationship with SY. He knew that relationship was tainted. And SY cries her crocodile tears as soon as she finds out that they are getting a divorce but then at the same time tells him that she will wait for him? Morally SH shouldn’t have started this relationship out of respect for HJ and their 10 years of marriage because he knew that the cause of the break-up was SY and what she did. But now SH is so in love with SY that he has gone blind and he doesn’t care about anything. He hurt HJ and he continues hurting her. HJ is just retaliating because of her heartbreak. Come on. you don’t get married to be betrayed like that. Is it logical for her to just forgive and forget with all the pain she is suffering? it is much easier said that done. I really want to know if people who are rooting for SY and SH have ever been betrayed themselves and forgiven and moved on. Then they must be Saints.

  503. 503 : Lynn Says:

    Well, may be if in our marriage vow we will say that i promise that if you will cheat on me that i will forgive. I think then everyone will be thinking twice if they would want to get married or not.

    And i believe when you say that for better or worse doesn’t include the cheating thing. Because in your vow you said you will be faithful then it means you will not cheat. You can’t put those words together because they are contradicting to each other.

    And please stop making excuses like it is ok to cheat or your partner should forgive you when you cheat on them. It is your partner’s decision and they know that they have to live with it. So you know it is not easy. You can only say that when those things haven’t done to you yet. To be cheated is like somebody burn your house or may be more. You will feel lost and empty….Thinking may be you did something wrong to the point of blaming yourself. But actually you did really do anything wrong at all.

  504. 504 : tempted Says:

    @Mary & Ally. I am happy that at least some one like you point out the rule of marriage and showed your sincerely feeling to HJ. People who never been hurt don’t know how it feel. Morality is what keep the world going. Immoral
    relationship will not be conquered. Sinners will always by punished.

  505. 505 : Janice Says:

    Since we are always in the matter of cheating: lemme share my 5 cents worth: people should remain faithful with their marriage vows. yes. I fully support that. That men or women should not covet other people’s partner– i agree. However, point to me somebody who has never strayed in their action or in their thoughts?
    I understand cheating. The pain of cheating, etc.
    The happily married people we see around us went through challenges in their lives, its their love and COMMITMENT to love that keeps their marriage strong. The many scarred people in the world made them realize something- that their love for their partners is real and it is worth fighting for.
    Marriage is like this: When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

    For those who chose to stop because they feel that they only need to experience happiness all the time, you need to make a thorough evaluation of yourselves.
    If all married people in the world do not learn to forgive transgressions this world will be filled with divorced and jaded people. Where marriage, when it becomes burdensome- dissolution becomes the best course of action. Is that what we should teach our children?

    Maybe forgiveness, is not a concept for non Christians, but still, is it not arrogance to pretend to be 100% clean or faultless, and have this misplaced feeling of entitlement. And that when people do you wrong, you get back at them–and that they should not feel bad because they are bad people??? A tit for a tat! The world will be a better place without people like that!

  506. 506 : wallace woo Says:

    c.c is not on please turn on English c.c for ep 18

  507. 507 : Pam Says:

    i wish HJ having happiness with MW ,
    but HJ already left MW …. sigh

  508. 508 : Janice Says:

    @tempted yes, sinners will be punished, by God, but never by man. Remember that. The God of Christians is a loving and forgiving God. If you ask for forgiveness He will give it to you. Self righteousness is a sin.

  509. 509 : cherry Says:

    @tempted she’s already sick when she met SH.

  510. 510 : Lynn Says:

    If you think you cant be faithful then please don’t get married then. You will just hurt somebody or even ruin them. You should hold into your marriage like your life depend on it. Don’t just expect that your partner will understand or forgive you. Before you do something crazy like cheating don’t forget to place yourself in your partner shoes. Like my father said.. Don’t create a problem just to solve the problem.

    Point is: You forgive when you are ready to forgive. You should just be yourself so that you wouldn’t have regret in the future. And don’t do anything half heartedly. If you can forgive then its good but if you can’t then so be it. You have to remember that you cant please everybody. And in the end, what is important is are you happy or satisfied the way you live now. And about forgiving, you might do it now, tomorrow or whoever know when. But I think you should do that in your own term.

    And marriage is still being faithful and cheating should never be rewarded. That is why I think this drama suck.

  511. 511 : loulou Says:

    wow I can’t believe some people don’t condemn cheating…(emotional cheating is worse than physical cheating.) Plus the man fought harder to keep his gf than his own wife. a wife that was ready to give up her own life so he could repay his debt.

    @Janice: Are you trying to say that only Christians forgive ? What about the others? Beasts who only hate ? O_O And I beg your pardon but what kind of woman in her right mind would stay in an unhappy marriage? we’re in 2014, Christian or not, people all deserves to be happy in life. HJ should’ve tried better to save her marriage?? damn she even tried to forget everything by trying to have a kid with her husband but Mr preferred to run to his gf instead of meeting his wife.

    I just hope they get a new man for HJ, her ex stays with the older lady and KMW loses everything he, his mom and ex are pathetic.

  512. 512 : Ally Says:

    well said Loulou!!!! she tried to make it work with a man who liked another woman. It is not like SH came and told her that nothing happened and that he just wanted to forget those 4 days and move on and never see SY again. Instead he kept going back to her even when HJ was trying to have a child. SH is even fighting so hard to keep the gf. None of that happened with his wife. she said I want a divorce and he agreed. he never ran to her house the way he is running to SY’s house all the time. SY and SH are both at fault and I don’t see why HJ should have forgiven SH. He betrayed her emotionally in a huge way. SH and SY’s relationship is wrong and it should have never started. it just proved what kind of people they both are.

  513. 513 : Janice Says:

    People should not get married then because things are uncertain, there are no guarantees. The prince or princess you meet now, may become monsters down the road. Should one get remarried several times when things do not go their way?

  514. 514 : Janice Says:

    @loulou…you don’t like things because they are not progressing the way you like it. I bet you are single and its going to be very difficult to live with you. if you are married, you must be married to a very patient man.

  515. 515 : Janice Says:

    Sorry to get too personal in my comments. It’s just a drama for goodness sake! There is a writer and a director who spin this story around. It’s either you be patient and see it through the end or just stop watching! There are other dramas out there that will suit every taste.

  516. 516 : Lynn Says:

    If a person decides to stay in a relationship even if he or she is not happy is their choice. But I wont condemn them if they leave their partner too. Coz it is better to decide to let go than to stay while digging you own grave. Don’t wait for the time that you cant take it anymore that you want to ruin yourself or people around you. Don’t wait that you snap! If you really cant take it then just be honest and admit to yourself that you cannot go on like this. Just learn to let go and be free. You know your worth and you have the right to be happy. And don’t you feel guilty in whatever decisions that you make specially that you know that you deserve it.

    There are lots of cases in real life that a husband or wife will kill their partner because they are being cheated. That is why if you don’t love you partner anymore. You should just be honest and let them go. Don’t let other people jump into the picture or make other excuses. You know, you don’t want you partner to snap.

  517. 517 : Janice Says:

    Lynn, that would be in the real world. Of course we would not want to end up battered black and blue or miserable or fighting a losing battle.

    But the drama we are watching is different. Its all contrived, and what the writer decides to do is beyond our control. We could only second guess what he’s going to do next. The characters we root for do not necessarily represent who we are as people.

  518. 518 : NagNag Says:

    I can’t believe that some people are NOT questioning HJ’s character …

    1) A Selfish Spoilt brat –

    That she still had the audacity ( Shameless Boldness ) to suggest spending the US$3k just to have fun while in HongKong , when her husband SH was feeling distraught with his business failure. Obviously she was Not concerned that her husband would go to JAIL for that . She didn’t even care about him by being understanding to his feelings & plight back then . Also , she didn’t feel apologetic towards those people to whom SH owed their money due to the business failure . What kind of a ‘ Wife ‘ is that ? … more like just a female friend to me…

    2) A Highly Suspicious Person –

    Not willing to hear SH out & believe him when he showed sincerity to communicate & explain . She didn’t want to talk about , instead asked for space when SH came back from HongKong . She even refused to listen when SH went to the villa soaking wet trying to explain a 2nd time.
    (mind you , most men would find it bothersome to explain, even just for once)

    She also tailed MW to the hotel room…

    3) A Self-Centered Person –

    Willfully initiated the divorce instead of initiating meetings to trash things out with her husband SH before she made that decision . ( By the way , SH tried to call HJ from HongKong immediately the next day although he was not allowed to . And SY was gracious enough to disregard this rule )

    3) A Very Bad tempered & Revengeful Person –

    she did NOT feel that it was wrong to marry someone or take advantage of MW for that matter , just to carry out her revenge . By doing so, She had NO BASIC respect for a human being ( regardless that he is a playboy) . She even went around slapping HanJS twice when provoked . 1st time was for revenge again, but for the 2nd time ? She didn’t like what she heard . Thus, she turned violent easily when angered .

    4) A Very Insecure Person due to high inferiority complex –

    Being that made her think that it MUST be a sexual contact . She wasn’t glad even when SH called her to clarify things out on the 3rd night again from HongKong.

    The list could go on….So, HJ is REALLY an UNDESIRABLE person to love. I’m really not surprised that SH fell OUT of love with her after his ordeal…. even MW finds her suffocating in EP 17…he might leave her too if she didn’t reflect on her faults.

    I hope the writer does not advocate one to take Revenge whenever one thinks fit , & to retaliate or hit back whenever deemed necessary .

  519. 519 : Lynn Says:

    I don’t think that its just apply to the real world. Because the drama is really all about that. HJ just waited and waited patiently thinking that she could work it out. But then suddenly she SNAP and want some revenge when she keep catching her husband together with that bitch (for me she is a bitch for buying a person what’s their worth, freaking so insensitive and inhuman. She is not just helping or giving the money out of the kindness of her heart. She was using the money to get the things she wants even if she is being unreasonable. She was what you called original kind of brat). But can you even blame HJ from trying. Its just her scumbag husband is not man enough to tell her that he doesn’t love her and let her go. Now everyone is wondering why she is revengeful? I mean, duh…its wasn’t magic. It was logical. It wasn’t nice but it was possible. If she could have just let go of her husband sooner then may be she could be happy. Then she wouldn’t have to marry that guy for stupid reason like revenge.

    What’s really wrong thing that she did from the start is that she give her all to this guy. She didn’t leave anything for her self. I mean can you even imagine of doing like killing yourself so that your husband can get the insurance money then he could pay all his debt? And then you see him went to the other way? From then on she should have just let him go. Her husband did even take credit of what she could do or did for him and just chose the easy way. I mean he didn’t even sweat. LOL.

  520. 520 : Mary Says:

    Good to see everyone speaking up for what’s right.

    Those who blame HJ for the failed marriage must not understand the importance of trust in relationships. When that trust is gone, you begin to doubt everything they say. You can be in denial at first but you’ll eventually ruin yourself. The man’s heart is gone. It’s useless to fight for an empty shell. I don’t know about you all but I’ve just had enough of seeing SH & SY scenes together..although now it’s not so happy lovey-dovey scenes. It’s really not fair to rsee how much love he’s developed in such a short period of time & how hard he’s fighting for her when the relationship is so morally wrong to begin with.

  521. 521 : Lynn Says:

    For all those people saying that is was just a drama. Well of course, it was just a drama. But by the time people leaving comments here like I hope SY and SH will be happy together and have a baby. Because of what? Because they look good together. I doubt those people are really watching the drama. I bet they are just watching the faces of their favorite idol. Then maybe they need to watch it again to get the whole story to the series. We don’t like people to be happy together because they look good together. We want them to be happy because they deserve it. I cant believe how some people have a twisted mind. People should think what they say. Don’t they understand that there words describe who they are? People should not say it is ok not just because it looks good or feel good. It should be because it is the right thing to do.

  522. 522 : Ally Says:

    @NagNag.. can you please elaborate a little on SY and SH’s characters too? you seem to be an expert on HJ’s personality flaws but can you talk a little bit about SY and SH? or are they just Saints with no flaws??? Please humor me..

  523. 523 : Ally Says:

    @Mary.. I totally agree with you. it is really sickening watching the scenes between SY and SH and how SH has fallen so deeply in love and how hard he is fighting for this relationship but he never fought half as hard for his marriage of 10 years to his wife! and he started liking this woman in 4 days when he was “in love” with his wife? that’s what I call character flaw, not what HJ did!!!

  524. 524 : Ginger Says:

    Wow….. This is only a drama! Sit back and enjoy the story. Some of you are getting so worked up with the story line. Yes…. When a couple gets married, they should cherish it and try their best to make it work. I see that ppl are rallying their support behind HJ who is hiding behind her angelic look. IF she had not attempted suicide, SY would not have met SH. SH took up the ridiculous offer as he was trying to save HJ’s father’s house. They took a mortgage on the house in an attempt to save his business.

    Why is it ppl are pointing their fingers at SH for being unfaithful when it was HJ who insisted on a divorce and marrying MW to spite her ex-hushand. And using MW to seek revenge on SH n SY. I can’t help but feel happy when HJ gets hurt in the process.

  525. 525 : Ally Says:

    @Ginger you seem pretty worked up right now!!! you should sit back and relax since it is just a drama!! SH met SY long before Hong Kong.. and what does the suicide have to do with the offer???? SY offering money for someone’s husband is logical or even morally right? the couple is in the middle of crisis and she meddles in their business and offers money knowing how desperate SH is and how he will get tempted to take the money?? That is an evil act. they are dealing with financial crisis, suicide, etc and she plays this dangerous game with them? since she is SO BIG HEARTED she should have just lent them the money!!! it is sad how people are rooting for her. Is she a Saint???

  526. 526 : Lynn Says:

    @ Ginger. Can you honestly say that you are happy that HJ got hurt at the end if you are HJ?

    The divorce was the result of her after trying to damn hard to forgive her husband.

    Can you honestly stay with your husband in bed at night and do whatever tralala things together with him knowing his mind is somewhere else? I bet you will flip if you were her.

    If you were cheated before and wasn’t that affected at all. Then may be you didn’t really give it all. You should just say that words that you were saying after you do like HJ did for her husband.

  527. 527 : Ally Says:

    We all know where this drama is going. The writer is promoting the “ill-fated” love story between the two main characters which is pretty sad given all the circumstances. SH is too much “in love with SY and most probably she won’t die. So people rooting for SY and SH shouldn’t worry about the original couples reuniting because SH has lost his mind and fallen in love with the femme fatale. Very disappointing. and the most disgusting part is SH falling for someone other than his wife that he “loved” so much in just 4 days!!!!!

  528. 528 : Lynn Says:

    That’s why this drama SUCKS big time.

    Well, that’s drama for you. hehehe. If this is real life then that’s life. It is not always fair but hopefully people will keep their morality even sometimes things around them will get twisted.

    PEACE AND FREEDOM is the best!

  529. 529 : loulou Says:

    @ janice, wow you’re the one who takes things too personal. Who are you to say I am a difficult person?? How my marital status has anything to do with being against not forgiving cheaters? If you like being treated like crap by your partner then good for you. But other people deserve to be loved and respected by their partners, if not whats the point in being together??

    As for this drama, the most miserable character is HJ. She thought she was in a happy marriage next thing she knows her husband’s having feelings for somebody else. She can’s be blessed with children. She marries another cheater. She wants to get revenge against her ex but except for dissing the mistress in front of her friends she hasn’t done anything bad. whatever KMW did against YSY was for his own benefits. I don’t understand why some people see her as the bad one in all of this. But I guess some nunes here are against divorce so maybe thats why she’s evil lool

  530. 530 : loulou Says:

    oops : being against forgiving*** cheaters

  531. 531 : Happy Says:

    Everyone is Getting Uproar watching this drama!

    This is not SY, SH ,HJ ,and MW, fault they have to follow, what ever SCRIP giving to them, they have to read and ACT ACCORDING to what each SCRIP have for each them.
    No Actors or Actress is to be BLAME, it is what is providing for them to say, or Act etc………………..on their scrip. If anyone to be BLAME, consult the writer.

    This Actor and Actress, is one of the greatest, they were pick for this drama, they so much chemistry together, it just woo people to watch.

    Like SY, she is Beautiful, elegant, sophisticate great Actress…..etc…..

    Sh, Very Handsome, well mannered, great actor and both have so Much Chemistry working together.

    HJ, beautiful, not to aggressive, but good actress.

    MW, so, so.

    If this drama Suck big time for some of you, STOP watching, there is other drama you can watch and enjoy.

    Other wise just relaxed and see the ending.

  532. 532 : red Says:

    HS he’s really inlove to SY. Let them be happy writer to HJ she just move on and accept things.

  533. 533 : Lynn Says:

    I didn’t mean when I said that the drama is suck and then the actors and actresses are too. I like them all and they are the most of the reason why I chose to watch this. But what I mean to say is that the conclusion of the drama series is suck. Because for me… or may be for everybody else too…. I like justice… And I like them serve fresh and hot…..PEACE..

  534. 534 : Omg Says:

    #518 NagNag
    Great Comment!

    If JUSTICE PREVAIL Just watch how the Writer Conclude this drama.

    If its not to our liking or DRAMA not HAPPY ENDING !

    WELL Its the Writer who ENDs the drama!

    If all was perfect, hell! WE ALL BE SAINT!

  535. 535 : Lynn Says:

    Well, for sure I didn’t mean that when I said that is suck or I don’t like it that you don’t have to like it too. It was clear as the sun that I was just stating my opinion.

    If you like it then so be it, it is your choice…

  536. 536 : Sam Says:

    2 episodes to go and the stress over this drama will soon be over. Next time I will watch something that is already complete. Too much stress waiting for the coming episodes.

  537. 537 : meEN Says:

    sad isn’t? two lovebirds & 1 broken heart. Then caught up in the middle of other’s misery. If there wasn’t chaos shudn’t called it a drama right?
    I loved the storyline. in fact, i learned alot from my previous life. Oh.. it shud be this way. hehe…

    Don’t hold a grudge too long… find other love else it will turned into revenge. The most important thing everyone knows what they want to be happy. pity to HJ but she shudn’t let herself into living hell. Married KMW just dragged her into deep hell. to me it is interesting plot in this drama. A naive wife can be cold hearted in a sec. haha… I wish that KWM love HJ truthfully & it will end all the bad curse… KWM seem like hero in the drama… & i love it!! hehehe…

  538. 538 : Janice Says:

    @Loulou sorry for being mean. I was just sooo annoyed! So, how should the story start and end?

  539. 539 : plain Says:

    @Ally,your comments are very funny,if you are sympathizing with HJ suicide attempt,where is your sympathy for HJ father?who could have lost his daughter mainly for a house,I guess you and others are so worked up by your own bad experience not thinking straight what HJ suicide could have cause to those who loves her,like her own father,the sorrow,pain and shame that her own father could have went through if SY did not save her from drowning ,there is no marriage today world that is perfect or can survive without trials,temptations, pain and other things,no man is a saint,if you think your husband is a saint look closely in and out you will be surprise what you will find,you will either take what you see,if you can’t take it, then leave it,let it go without crying.

    If SH was such a horrible husband why does HJ wanting him back?because a person you totally hate,you will not want anything to do with him or her again.why was she longing him?that is to show SH was not a bad husband,you can’t long for what you despise.

    It is a shame that this writer is advocating suicide as self victim by punishing SY,you don’t advocate suicide especially a country like Korean”were suicide is very common,as intelligent writer who could have use his writing to correct wrongs not playing devils advocate by serving two maters at once,which by the way the writer is using his writing supporting some who believes that HJ is a victim of a rich woman,and those who support SY as a woman who pick up what was thrown away cherry and love.I don’t know why the writer is doing awful job now with his writing,when he suppose to use the remaining four episode to summarize everything he has written so far to give a clear message what his story is all about only to fall short of not knowing what next to write or how to conclude his story.when people go to doctors for treatment,doctors don’t start treating you without asking you when did you start experiencing your illness?before treatment,no doctor start treatment without knowing the root or cause of the sickness.the writer treating HJ with sympathy is like a doctor treating illness without knowing what causes it also goes to HJ supporters,the root of all this problems was cause no any other than HJ herself by her suicide attempt,sent own husband go desperate into leading him to fall in love with other woman.

    A good writer should and always focus on a clear message to the viewers.As for me,there are so many thing that disqualify HJ as a good wife.

  540. 540 : red Says:

    MW a spoiled brat, womanizer, mama’s boy, greedy deserves to die in this drama!

  541. 541 : Ginger Says:

    @ lyn. Hey…what’s biting you? This forum is THE place to voice one’s opinion on the story. OR were you caught in this situation before but made a wrong choice? You sounded so bitter.

    Chill it lady….it’s just a drama . DON’T watch if you see yourself as HJ

  542. 542 : Ally Says:

    @plain.. it just amazes me how you assume things about someone’s life based on their comments about a drama.. should I assume then that you are home wrecker who seduced a married man and who ruined someone’s marriage??? That should be the reason why you are rooting for SY. How do you even know I am married.. actually you are the one making funny and irrelevant comments here. I comment about the drama not the people who watch it.. do you even know why people commit suicide? go do some research please.. next thing you know you will assume that I committed suicide too.. lol!! you are really hilarious!

  543. 543 : loulou Says:

    @ Janice. This drama make no sense. HJ and her husband first seemed so much in love but it took only 4 days for CHS to fall for somebody else. Then after divorce CHS started being lovey dovey with YSY , while HJ married a man she barely knew.
    Even KMW character’s makes no sense who would leave his wife to make her a mistress?!!

    This drama started well but it’s as bad as When A Man Loves (Horrible drama).

  544. 544 : Janice Says:

    Hi Loulou, but many of these K-dramas are like that. Many do not make sense. As an outsider looking in, I can just say i see..ok, so that’s how it is–based on whatever the writers are churning out in each episode. Well, for me that is. All I cans say is that, Kdrama land is good at cooking up stories that are actually strange/ bizarre but prettily packaged.

  545. 545 : Sandy 2 Says:

    What I hate about this drama is it rewarded the cheaters and SH is not suffering at all for his faithless act. He’s the character I dislike the most. Next in line is SY. Everyone saying how sad that she has cancer, I feel not an ounce of pity for her. Instead of ignoring her doctor to pursue a married man, she should have been taking care of her body. She went after SH as if he was a single man, she put off the surgery. It appears she was going to have surgery sooner than later, but kept putting it off because she wanted to him. She could have had surgery the 2 months while he was gone, but I think it was because she didn’t want him to see her as less than a woman. She definitely didn’t want him to know she was going through menopause.

    HJ is the only character who has and depth of a moral core. Even in her marriage to MW, she never once lied to him about her feelings. Also, the revenge the writer gave her was STUPID. She could have done that revenge plot on her own. There is a level of immaturity in the writing style in my opinion. She couldn’t have leaked the terms of SY and SH relationship on the internet herself? She needed MW for that? Please, she could have created a Youtube video or gone to the media. She could have told the entire story at the dinner party. SY and SH would have been in complete ruin because of their actions.

    SY is still arrogant, and prideful. SH is still a useless man. This is the 3 drama in a row where I have not cared for his character. he needs to pick better roles and brush up on his acting skills. The rating for the drama this weak is pitiful.

  546. 546 : Nne123 Says:

    SUBJECTIVE FACTS OF THIS SHOW 1, SK lost a lot of money due to his business partner. 2, SK was facing jail term, Loss of his father in-law’s house and angry creditors. 3, HJ attempted suicide as a result . 4. SK accepted YSJ’s 3 nite offer inspite of his wife’s objections. 5.SK spent 3 nights with YSY working…No SEX, NO KISSING, NO PETTING and NO HAND HOLDING. 6. SK was tempted as a man. 7. SK did not succumb to the temptation. 8. SK went back to his wife. 9. SK was grateful to YSY who save him from going to jail and losing his in-law’s house. 10. Gratitude became admiration and fondness. 11. He kept touch with YSY even though it made HJ unhappy. 12. Threatened with divorce, he quit his job to work on his marriage. 13. HJ refused to work on the marriage and wanted out. 14. HJ asked MW for sex. 15. HJ continued to work for MW as baby sitter though SK asked her to quit kos of MW. 16. SK only got physical with YSY after his divorce.

  547. 547 : Nne123 Says:

    I have a feeling that the writer will kill SY’s character and SK will go to US(since some one has to go to US in every KD) and their will be a hint of him returning to start over with HJ.
    HJ divorced him because he had feelings for SY. I guess she will have him now after his body has been all over another woman…Ha ha ha…she should have just stayed put and at least try to work on the marriage. I wouldn’t despise her character so much if she had not given up so easily. Wasn’t the love she claimed to have worth fighting for?

  548. 548 : peyutnduy Says:

    hopefully the main couple’s fate won’t be as tragic as theirs in StH.

  549. 549 : plain Says:

    @Ally,if you’re not married then don’t condemn SH for doing what is best for him save his wife from commit suicide again,the man had no choice but to do whatever is necessary give his wife what she want her father’s house not to be taken away.And you cannot trust someone who had already try to kill her self not to do it again,that fear will always be there in his heart.If I am like SY I will never consider myself to be a home weaker,I will be so proud that I am able to save a drowning person from dying,also give help to those who was in need of it at that time,and I know that God will bless me for it not punish me,because God want everyone to cherish their life he has given to them,no matter how sad or heard things are for you,trusting in God is the most important thing, should always trust him to take good care of good us.First HJ did not trust either her God who sees her or her husband who had lived with her for good ten years,so if you are not married then just watch and don’t pass judgement on SH,and hopefully don’t pray to be in HJ situation because you might not see anyone to save you.

  550. 550 : Sam Says:

    I saw, The Housekeeper, CJW starred in last year. It had a surprisingly ok ending. it did not follow the original Japanese version. I hope there will be a sweet surprise of a satisfactory ending to this messy drama:)

  551. 551 : NagNag Says:

    To those whose understanding of this drama got twisted somehow, all I can suggest is that ; please watch each episode two times or more . I did that for every episode . In fact , I enjoyed the drama so much that I watched the first few episodes, 4-5 times in order not to miss out the little details & misconstrue the story .

    The little details are truly important, like the facial expressions , gestures , as well as the choice of words used , mattered a lot in your understanding of the script .

    Of coz I sympathize with HJ , that she was indeed being hurt by her ex-husband SH’s actions , but still , she has herself to blame for all her wrong decisions, be it out of ignorant or anger . In my opinion, decisions made out of anger are far more damaging.

    In EP 18, one can see that HJ had finally wised up & realized her faults and mistakes made in handling her relationship with SH , her divorce , as well as her marriage to MW . Hence , she decided to accept her faults & take responsibility for her mistakes by leaving MW , & thus ending her revenge.

    I’m glad to see that HJ has eventually come to terms with herself and no longer put the blames on others . To SH , she could wish him happiness , & to SY , a successful operation . She also unselfishly revealed SY’s whereabouts to SH , for him to go to SY.

    Although it’s sad to see where HJ mistakes & her wrong decisions had landed her , but that is really how life put forth to every one of us if we are not careful when making decisions in our own relationships. Therefore , my advice is ; just tame your anger & your will be alright .

  552. 552 : Lynn Says:

    Which she should have done a long time ago. HJ is pitiful… so feel bad for her… and don’t blame her. But girl that man that you loved for 10 yrs was long gone even before the divorce. She should have just see it clear and simple. Just forgive, forget and be free.You just wasted you time and energy with that man including the fact is you get married just for revenge. When the best thing that you could do for revenge is to leave him and go for your happiness. Don’t look back because those times were nothing but misery.

  553. 553 : Ally Says:

    @NagNag how come you never elaborate on SY and SH’s characters? since you have had the time to watch every episode a few times please talk a little bit about SY and SH and their personalities and what you think about them? or do you think that they are perfect with no flaws?

  554. 554 : Ally Says:

    @Plain.. you are hilarious!! instead of commenting about me and my life that you know nothing about just concentrate on the drama!! you don’t need to involve my personal life and experiences that you know nothing about! you will be proud if you were SY to offer money to a man and force him to spend 4 days with you?? ok then I have nothing else to say to you!

  555. 555 : NagNag Says:

    To Omg @ 534 – Thanks for sharing my sentiment.
    To Plain @ 539 – Some very good points . Well said !
    To Ally –

    Thanks for the opportunity . Will enlighten you in due cause.

    In the mean time, kindly read my thoughts on the drama: –

    @ 465 – you will know the reason why I enjoy watching it.
    @ 429 , 430 , 431 & 436 – you will appreciate the benefits of this drama better.
    @ 494 – you will see that it was what the script writer wrote in EP18, for the part of HJ . And I’m particular glad about this part as it gives a clear message to the viewers , regardless of their opinions , it does not advocate Revenge , as well as the consequences of bad decisions made out of ignorance or anger in any relationships .

    My advice is still the same ; Tame your anger , & you’ll be alright for sure.

  556. 556 : Ally Says:

    @NagNag I am started to think you are the writer disguised as NagNag!!!! You are very sure about what the writer thinks and what he/she writes and why and where it is going, etc!!!

  557. 557 : Omg Says:

    #546 Nne 123 Thanks for your well said comments for this Drama!

    #549 plain Pointing out how this drama reflects on each actors and actress
    well said.

    #551 NagNag
    Thanks for your well said comments for this Drama!

    If everything was perfect for each individual, we be living in heaven.

    Everyone is human, and every human have feeling, good, bad, intentionally.
    When anything beautiful, handsome or better looking then me or us, man or woman eyes would rover, wonder in looking at that person, and say WOW his handsome or she is really Beautiful , because we are all human and have feeling.

  558. 558 : Nadege Says:

    I have stopped watching this at episode 15. I will wait for the series to be complete before watching the remaining 5. I cannot stomach SH & hate that HJ went for revenge instead of becoming strong & moving forward with no chance of taking SH back. Hated the love story woven for HJ & SY with no regards to what they did. The arrogance of those two was too much!

    With the spoiler of the final episode at least I will have an idea how it ends while watching the 4 before last.

  559. 559 : kibby Says:

    Here are the possible ending for this messed drama:


    2. MW-HJ
    JS- will take care of the kids

    3. SY- die
    SH- live alone in brazil or NY
    MW- JS
    HJ- being happy with father and brother

    4. (worst case scenario)
    SY- die
    MW-JS (living in boston)

  560. 560 : Janice Says:

    Kibby….I am leaning towards your first mentioned ending: 1. SINGLE STATUS (HJ, MW, SY, SH, JS)

  561. 561 : NagNag Says:

    To Ally @ 556 – unfortunately NO. I’m not the script writer in disguise.

    I wish I were so that I will not make SY out to be so ill. Apart from her foolish arrogance & silly mistake , she has a kind soul.

    You just need to have an open mind when watching , in order not to have a preconceived mind to assume , so that you will be able to judge things better .
    That was how SH & HJ , and most people had assumed the ‘ Deal ‘ to be; a Sexual one. Why so ? And because of this assumption, people also assumed that SY , who offered the ‘ Deal ‘ , was coveting someone else’s husband right from day One .

    For goodness sake ! SY is a Successful , Young & Beautiful Lady , though rich . Do you really think that she would buy ‘ Sex ‘ or perhaps even buy her way into SH’s heart by using that method ? ( which really seemed vulgar for any lady ) . In my opinion , being a successful business lady , SY has too much pride to do that . This is definitely Not for a Proud & highly Successful Career Lady like her .

    That is the difference between a successful career lady & a successful man . An ordinary filthy rich woman or someone ‘s rich wife who happens to feel lonely might do so.

  562. 562 : kibby Says:

    The written preview for ep 19:세영 은 수술 후에도 쉽게 깨어나지 못하고, 곁에서 세영 을 보살 피던 석훈 영철 로부터 세영 은 이 남긴 편지 한통 을 받는다.
    한편, 민우 는 동성 그룹 의 부도 위기 소문 을 듣고 세영 과 석훈 을 무너 트릴 준비 를 하는데 …
    Google Translate:
    Seyoung will not wake up easily after surgery, from the side of the Bodhisattva impedance seyoung seokhun youngcheol get this letter call away seyoung is left.
    On the other hand, listening to a group of gay rumors bankruptcy Min Woo is preparing to trill down the seyoung and seokhun …

    SY will be in coma, Lawyer Choi will give a letter to SH left by SY. It will be SH vs MW. Whataa Roller Coaster drama!!!

  563. 563 : Lynn Says:

    As what I’ve said long time ago. Its just that there are some hypocrite people wouldn’t admit that there are some marriage that its worth saving for and there are some that are not (ex. if you husband or wife doesn’t love you anymore). So for those people saying that HJ shouldn’t have divorce her husband in the first place. EAT THAT UP!

    It is just as simple as like this.

    If HJ was just honest to herself or may be just have someone that she could talk to get a proper advice (counseling) then she would have been free sooner. Then this freaking roller coaster revenge wouldn’t have happen in the first place.

    And I still think this 4 main characters doesn’t deserve each other. You know why? Because

    HJ- devoted wife but lost a sight of that is important in life.
    SY- bought a person thinking that she could use money to get what she wants (inhuman)
    SH- cheated at his wife
    MW- biggest cheater of all

  564. 564 : Ally Says:

    @NagNag.. I honestly think that you are biased while watching this drama and I am sure you have your own reasons. I don’t think SY has a gentle soul. Being arrogant is different from being conniving.. She knew that HJ had just tried to commit suicide and if anyone even attempts suicide then he/she must be in a terrible state of mind. She saved HJ because that is what ANY normal human being would do while witnessing someone trying to take their own life. She knew that the couple as going through immense difficulties. If her intentions weren’t sexual then she should have just suggested that she would borrow them the money if SH would commit to work for her for a few days or whatever time it takes. She never mentioned work while making the indecent proposal to a married man. her intentions weren’t pure and only out of arrogance. you don’t make a vague proposal to a married man who is in the middle of crisis. Even if she didn’t want sex the way she portrayed it is what caused havoc in the marriage. I am not saying that HJ’s actions are justified but when you are looking at her character in a very biased way. She was going through very tough times and then this woman appears out of no way and created more trouble for her. SH shouldn’t have stood her up and gone to that woman’s room. And then when he came back she did try to make it work but SY was constantly in her face and she caught her husband many times with SY even if it was just for work. She was vulnerable and SH did nothing to help her out. Instead, he started liking another woman after 4 days and he kept running after her “trying to help her out”. He went out of town with her, he held her hand, etc. in my opinion, SH is the most flawed character in the drama. he is weak and shallow. He was in love with his wife and in 4 days he developed feelings for another woman. He shamelessly started a relationship with the culprit that had broken up his marriage. Actually, HJ deserves much better than SH. Even SY deserves better than him. And lets not forget that SY shamelessly talked about her feelings for SH in front of HJ and basically told her that she was going after her. SY is definitely not a gentle soul.

  565. 565 : Ally Says:

    sorry i meant to say she would lend them the money!

  566. 566 : Sorry Says:

    #561 NagNag
    Great Comments, can’t saying it any better! Let just and enjoy the last two episode.

    This drama is great, no matter what type of ugly or good comment all writing! SH and SY and the rest of the cast are just doing a GREAT ACTING.

    SH is a very Good Actor, who always act so sincere and with great pride, with enthusiasm very handsome with a smile on his face.

    SY one of the greatest actress in Korea most of her drama get to be recognized and is love by all of her great performance.She is elegant, sophisticate, glamorous, powerful in her acting and is sooooooooooooooooo Beautiful.
    The rest of the cast :
    HJ, beautiful, but not to aggressive but sweet in her acting.
    MW, handsome in many ways, a bit of show-off, but doing a great job in acting.

    Still LOVE this drama, not matter what you all have against it. Just watch and enjoy, and relaxed.
    I can’t do any better acting, that is provided to them (ACTORS & ACTRESS) and they are doing a great job!

    Some need to review Episode #1 and #2!

  567. 567 : Malian Says:

    If this drama doesn’t end up with all these asshats burning and Hong Joo walking away, wearing sun glasses and not looking back, then it can’t redeem itself in any shape or form as far as am concerned.

  568. 568 : NagNag Says:

    Well, everyone is titled to have their opinions & comments , no doubts.

    However , if you based on your mentality or own experiences or exposure in life to judge or form your opinions of the characters in this drama , instead of trying to look at it from each character’s standpoint , then I’m not surprised that your understanding of the script is so different from what the writer had intended it to be.

    Just as what MW has mentioned to SY in EP 8 , that their mentalities were different from both SH & HJ’s , since they were from different social class. Thus, your opinions of all these characters based on your mentality could indeed be flawed too.

    It’s understandable that most people find it hard to comprehend the ‘Deal’ SY suggested to test SH’s marriage, was due to her own perspective of relationships . She does not believe in marriages & reckon them to sand castles which collapse or topple easily by waves , thus a waste of time.

    This silly mistake made out of her foolish arrogance , unfortunately got her into trouble too , as she finds herself fall for SH , after his excellent work performance in Hong Kong.

  569. 569 : NagNag Says:

    My #568 was meant to address Ally @ #564 , of coz to those who find that they can’t relate to the writer as well.

  570. 570 : Sam Says:

    Me thinks this drama has something to do with the fragility of marriage.That if it’s made of sand, it would not withstand the waves and crumble easily.

  571. 571 : Rifgail Says:

    Recommended drama
    Worth to see

  572. 572 : NagNag Says:

    I feel the need to speak up for SH on his various decisions made in this drama .

    I’m pretty sure most females would hate man like SH who seemed to fall for SY easily & betrayed his wife of ten years.

    Yes . I don’t condone his behavior as well , but I could understand that it was not easy for him to think straight , after being thrown into his ordeal by his business partner suddenly.

    Again, most people will find it hard to comprehend his decision to accept the ‘ deal’ at that spur of a moment , which to me , was obviously out of desperation & despair , after being traumatized again, & this time by his wife HJ’s suicide attempt.

    Some people seemed to forget that at that juncture while in Hong Kong , SH was actually the ONE having the toughest time of his life , not only as a businessman with a big financial problem to solve , but also as a husband with a wife’s depression problem to handle. Can one imagine going thru things like that ?

    Hence , the Timing of every event that occurred , is important as well , in understanding SH’s decisions made for handling his problems .

    Therefore , you will realize that the role of a wife is particular crucial in keeping her marriage in tact , not the husband’s , especially during difficult times , as she is usually the Catalyst that causes a change in the marriage , either for better or for worse , without knowing it .

  573. 573 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    Agreed. I think everyone hates SH for making the decisions when he did have the hardest time of choosing whether to go to jail or be lucky enough to find a way out. SY was a little arrogant and played the game to see which path SH would take.

    But HJ is no where near innocent during that time in HK nor after HK. She only caused SH to think more desperately because now he would think that money is extremely important to save his wife’s life.

    I also find it funny how people say HJ was going through tough times but SH was going through a tougher time. Sure HJ might have problems with the condo really but then out of emotion, tries to commit suicide? And every time SH went to HJ to reconcile, she never really accepted him even though he never claimed(?) that his time in HK was not a physical relationship for 3 days. The only day it wasn’t for work was the last day, where I think SH wanted to blow off steam from all his troubles with his wife, but she wasn’t there so SY worked.

    I don’t hate HJ but she’s clearly not free of guilt and she isn’t the most innocent character. Her actions based on emotions have done nothing but harm. She kept doubting SH and while that’s justified to an extent, she took the divorce route out of impatience and anger, leading to a character walking down the bad path.

    I also find it funny how people say HJ was vulnerable but SH was vulnerable in HK and received no help besides an action that led him to taking the money. And her lack of accepting SH only made it worse for him. I think if HJ had just never thoughts of doubting her other like MW, the marriage would still be going and she’d be far happier.

  574. 574 : Ally Says:

    @NagNag.. I think you are actually looking at this drama in a very biased way and this is very contradictory to your own statement about watching it with an open mind. I haven’t seen you once put yourself in HJ’s shoes. You have always condemned her and you haven’t even once tried to understand her actions. You have all sorts of excuses for SH and SY’s behavior but none for HJ’s. Silly mistake? A silly mistake that ruined a marriage? Who is SY to give herself the right to test some strangers’ relationship. Seriously? does it even make sense to you? Because she doesn’t believe in marriage she decides to test someone else’s marriage?? is she God?? your rationalization of her actions is beyond comprehension. So because she is rich and has a different mentality she can choose to test some poor couple’s marriage???? Wow… that was not a silly mistake at all.. it was a deliberately evil act.. And how do you justify the fact that SH started having feelings for some woman in 4 days after 10 years of marriage? and he fell in love in a very short period of time after being married for 10 years? so he wasn’t supposed to be there for his wife who attempted suicide? she must have been very distraught to even try to take her own life. I like watching this drama but it doesn’t mean that I agree with the way things are happening. This has NOTHING to do with my personal life. And I don’t see how you could possibly know what the writer is thinking, etc.. you can’t because you are not him/her.. you are just making assumptions like we all are. And since SY seems to be your favorite character then you should remember her words in episode 17.. didn’t she say that now she understands how HJ felt because she wasn’t there to see if in those 4 days there was actually something sexual happening or not????

  575. 575 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    HJ chose to commit suicide by her own impatience and lack of judgement and lack of thinking through her actions, which are based upon anger and emotions. She was never there for her husband through his ordeal besides asking what are we going to do now about my father’s money I invested into the condo??? Let’s just spend the three days shopping and having fun then. Whatever!

    I don’t like SY either but HJ is as guilty there in HK as was SY. She only made matters worse and led SH to think more about SY’s arrogant deal. SY shouldn’t be allowed to test another’s marriage but I think HJ testing her husband’s “commitment” after losing a lot of money and his wife trying to commit suicide…..yeah that’s not going to end well.

    SH may have developed feelings but HJ saying she trusted her husband was all talk. While SY clearly made HJ doubt SY more, HJ never really accepted SY after HK. She’s not an innocent wife. HJ isn’t a huge victim because she only made matters worse also for everyone around.

  576. 576 : Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. I definitely don’t think that HJ is a Saint. Yes she made many mistakes too. But I don’t see how people can say that SY made a “silly” mistake. Silly? who is she to test someone else’s marriage. she is already flawed herself. Just because she is rich and elegant her evil intentions are justified? I haven’t seen any of her other work but I think people like her because of who she is in real life. I guess she is a big actress in Korea and SH is a big actor. But we are not talking about the actors and actresses here. we are talking about the characters they portray. SY is far far from being a gentle soul.

  577. 577 : Wow Says:

    #551 #561 #572 NagNag
    Well done in your comments! You said it like it is. I agree with You !00%
    on your comments.

    #573 #575 WoopDiDoo
    Well said !
    Can’t saying any better then both You and NagNag!
    If some would review the episode from 1-2-3, there is the area most misunderstand on SY, SH and HJ.

  578. 578 : Lila Says:

    SH and HJ are a fictional couple, but in real life what about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston? They were still married when Brad met Angelina Jolie and then later he decided to change his life choosing to be her partner and father for Maddox at that time. Brad wasn’t in SH’s awful financial situation and Jen wasn’t the HJ’s type of limited wife, they were brilliant together and they married being in love so what happened? Did Angelina Jolie tempt Brad during Mr&Mrs Smith filming? Who knows, but Brad disclosed “It was a conscious change. This was about a decade ago. It was an epiphany – a decision not to squander my opportunities,” he said in an interview this year, “It was a feeling of get up. Because otherwise, what’s the point?” Also Brad describes himself as “a guy who felt he grew up in something of a vacuum and wanted to see things, wanted to be inspired. I followed that other thing. I spent years f***ing off.”
    Jean Black – Brad Pitt’s make up artist declared that Angelina was able to “unleash” Brad’s full potential, “I think Brad was ready to soar when he met Angie,” she says.
    “This is not to say anything negative about Jennifer. I was part of that and I know that he and Jen are very good friends and he cared deeply for her.”
    And maybe is relevant to add what Angelina told Vogue in 2007 of how her and Brad’s romance started after filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith together: “We spent a lot of time contemplating and thinking and talking about what we both wanted in life and realized that we wanted very, very similar things. And then we just continued to take time. We remained very, very good friends—with this realization—for a long time. And then life developed in a way where we could be together, where it felt like something we would do, we should do.” (source:mirror.co.uk)
    It was fair for Jennifer? No, but this is life and could happen to all of us, so we have to accept and move on than being both miserable in a marriage that brings us down and ruins our self-esteem.
    I believe that SH made a conscious change too during his trip in Brasil.

  579. 579 : NagNag Says:

    It seems like someone has a long way to go in understanding how the world works .

    Firstly , there’s no fairness in this world , like it or not. Though we all expect it & to be treated so but look around you , & you’ll see that it is never the case. Someone who doesn’t work as hard as you but he gets the promotion. Why ? perhaps your boss doesn’t like you . Or in the drama, how many could be as wealthy as SY who owns hotels & wears a Jaeger-LeCoultre Celestial that costs more than sixty thousand US$ , & drives a Lexus LS which costs double. And how many could be as wealthy & influential as MW to have state prosecutors do his bidding & thus , make it possible for him to carry out HJ’s revenge.

    Secondly , it’s all about choices . The choices you have in life , which you make or choose that would BENEFIT you . And those choices which do not benefit, they are considered mistakes , for which you will have to take responsibility & bear the consequences , without exception.

    So , SH made his choice to have that ‘ deal ‘ hoping that it would solve all his problem . And instead of choosing to trust him , or at least to discuss the possible ways to solve their problem , his wife HJ made a mindless choice to help . And of coz , with her own business agenda & foolish pride , SY made that silly choice of dangling the ‘ deal ‘ in front of SH , instead of telling him outright or lending him the money .

    Therefore , it is really about choices . And of course , some people will have more choices in life than others , they are usually the rich & powerful .

  580. 580 : Ally Says:

    NagNag it still amazes me how you give yourself the right to make assumptions about people and you seem to really think that you know it all.. you know what the writer wants to relay.. you know how this world works.. you have it ALL figured out!!!!! All I have to say is GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!

  581. 581 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Ally @ 576, compared to the rest of them HJ is a saint. I don’t call what she did, her revenge, evil. I think it was stupid for the writer having her marry MW to exact her revenge. She could have done that herself with a post to the internet.

    SY in my opinion is cruel beyond words. She’s also think she’ God that she can play with people lives. I don’t know what she’s like in real life, however, I was shocked to read a South Korean articles of people making fun of her because she is or was dating an actor 6 years younger than her. They were calling her mother and him son.

  582. 582 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Ally, a agree with you 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  583. 583 : Ally Says:

    Just because life is unfair and some people have more money and they can meddle in other people’s lives and use their power and money we should just go with the flow and accept it???? I don’t get the point here. Life is definitely not always fair but not agreeing with circumstances doesn’t mean we don’t understand how the world works!! we are stating on viewpoints on the drama but what does that have anything to do with understand how the world works. Understanding and accepting it are two very different things.. out of curiosity, NagNag where are you from? Just wondering.

  584. 584 : Ally Says:

    @Sandy I don’t understand why people are condemning HJ but not SY.. I don’t even know what they mean when they say life is unfair, etc.. we all know some people have an exuberant amount of money and they use their power in evil ways.. some people call it a “silly mistake”.. maybe they don’t know what silly means.. but why are they ok with what she did? is it because she has money and she can? I don’t understand what they mean.. Yes HJ made mistakes too but she is way better than them.. What SY did is unethical.. who is she? maybe for some people because she has money she is God and she can decide to test other people’s marriage… People definitely have different mentalities and viewpoints..

  585. 585 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    I don’t know about “compared to the rest of them HJ is a saint.” To be honest, she’s far from innocent, and the most innocent one in my opinion, is SH. HJ, to me, is the one who really broke up the marriage. Yes, SH and SY had a big part to do with it, but HJ never accepted SH again. Yes she waited for SH at HK airport but her actions only screwed her marriage over.

    The suicide trial made SH think drastically. The lack of accepting SH only made matters worse even though he kept trying to reconcile. I think in some ways, SH could have done a little better but HJ kept doubting a man – in my opinions – who would’ve pushed SY immediately away had he gotten a firm acceptance from his wife.

    And to others, SY has no right to test others’ marriages or strengths. But I think the writers wanted a character like that. A woman with no relationship experience here to play the relationship like a game. But I feel like every rich female character is very good at manipulation in Korean dramas XD

  586. 586 : NagNag Says:

    Just as you are entitled to say your opinion or comment about things . You are also entitled to do what you like , with whatever resources you have , so long as you don’t break the Law .

    As for the moral or ethical thing , you need to answer to God & to people around or your loved ones , like your parents , husband or wife or siblings or friends etc.

    Nobody needs to give you the right , you are Entitled to it . Therefore, ALL you need to do is to Make Your Choice of what you like or Want to do , & be Responsible for it . If that choice is a Good one , you get to be benefited , if it turns out to be Bad , you make a Mistake in choosing that choice .

    Thus, depending on how serious is your mistake, you’ll get to be punished accordingly , by losing something somehow , like your freedom or money to pay fines if you choose to break the law, your marriage if you choose not to trust or care , your friends if you choose to be selfish , your respect from others if you choose to be ill-behaved , your integrity if you choose to be unscrupulous in your dealings , your business if you choose to take the risk to expend , your health if you choose not to take care or eat junk food etc. etc … & the list could go on .

  587. 587 : kibby Says:

    Hey Sandy 2

    I get it that you hate SY character, but please avoid personal attack on CJW. Think before yo click!!!!!!!!!

  588. 588 : senahensem Says:

    Temptation..temptation….go for SH n SY……

  589. 589 : NagNag Says:

    Sure. Everyone makes mistakes & perhaps for some , irreparable mistakes from the bad choices we make , as we are all no saint .

    And the severity of any mistakes will definitely cause hurt , heartache or suffering from having to lose the things we value or hold dear to our hearts .

    Therefore, the arrogant mistake which SY made cause her to suffer too , as she found herself get attracted to SH gradually , a married man who could not reciprocate her feeling.

    Subsequently, besides being in this messy relationship which caused much heartache & unpleasantness , SY also fell out with father who gave her an ultimatum to leave SH , & eventually ousted her from her CEO position in the company , for which she had worked hard & sacrificed much all her younger years .

  590. 590 : plain Says:

    @NagNag,thank you for all the beautiful comment about this drama,I wish @Ally will take your advise go back and re watch this drama again maybe we will not be rehashing same worlds time and time again,when the truth is starring at our face,I hate to tell somebody to stop watching a drama,I could have come out and say stop watching this drama if you don’t understand what you are [email protected] WoopDiDoo,great comments again.Thank you.

    If the writer has to do justices to his writing and story he couldn’t have had SY so sick at this time and will not be able to have a child for the rest of her life,this is were life is not fair to those who are kind and generous to others,the writer punish SY for no reason at all,this is the writer story he turn his writing upside down by one person who truly have a conscience to suffer misfortune in life,if SY was to be a rich arrogance person the way some thought she is,she will never enter that ocean to save HJ,that will be so stupid of her as intelligent person will rather call 911or Hong Kong police that someone is drowning in the ocean instead of going in to save her,and before then HJ has drown,and when she offer her money and comfort to SH,in this way SY could have truly been a hero without lifting a finger as some think to destroy HJ and SH marriage. her generous offered has turn to be misfortune and punishment to her, and as a sinner to some people,including the writer.

    I wish someone can re write this drama again.Which HJ life insurance will keep her father’s house,her father will be so happy living in it.SY will then bail out SH from his debt and comfort him,after two year we see SH offering flowers in HJ grave,and move on.this could have been a wonderful love story,there couldn’t have been any need for some people to see SY as a home wrecker.The writer could have rewarded SY with plenty of babies with SH.This is where some could have understand the true meaning of help and caring to someone you nearly know and a good way to get what you want.

  591. 591 : Ally Says:

    @Plain.. I don’t think you are in any position to tell someone what to do or not to do and what to think and not to think. At least NagNag is polite and he/she is talking about the drama. Please don’t get personal and don’t tell me what I should do or not to do and what I should think or not to think.. Right there, you are showing what kind of a person you are.. Please take your own advice and stop watching the drama until someone rewrites it the way you want it to be and please stop making rude comments to me. I am definitely not interested in them. Thank you.

  592. 592 : Rose Says:

    @ 581 Sandy 2
    Your remarks about Choi Ji Woo’s private life are disrespectful and immature.
    Let me tell you that your comment speaks volumes about your personality. Don’t be such judgmental without a cause.
    She only is doing her job and very well since you hate her character this much.

  593. 593 : WoopDiDoo Says:

    Am I the only one who keeps seeing the lack of acceptance HJ gives SH? Didn’t SH keep turning down SY episodes 5-6? Doesn’t accept business offer? Only works for SY to pay back his debt of owing SY? SH tries to reconcile but HJ says let’s have a divorce?

  594. 594 : Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. I am not sure if you are a man or a woman but if your husband had started liking and missing another woman but still wanted to work things out with you how would you have felt?

  595. 595 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    I don’t know if you are a man or a woman but if you were the husband where he could either go to jail and lose his woman to suicide or accept the 1 million dollars and prevent the marriage splitting apart and also going to jail, which would you have chosen? Jail and no wife or no jail and still a wife?

    And then after that, if your wife keeps saying no to acceptance and reconcile, do you want to keep that marriage? Well SH said yes to this question and then HJ said divorce, so who is guilty here? And don’t answer SY because HJ is clearly more than 50% of the problem.

  596. 596 : Ally Says:

    @WoomDiDoo.. I can see why SH would accept the offer.. But he developed feelings for another woman in 4 days.. and he had been married and in love with his wife for 10 years.. How can you reconcile with a man whose heart has started liking another woman.. who thinks about another woman and misses her but at the same time he wants to stay married.. How can a woman live with a man who has another woman in his heart. Forget about SY. in my opinion she is the worst character in the drama.. but I am just talking about SH and his feelings for another woman..

  597. 597 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    I don’t like to talk about SY since I hate all rich women in Korean dramas. So with that…

    I don’t think SH developed feelings for SY. Rather, he felt like he owed her a debt. She bailed him out of jail and also saved his wife, both big traumatic things in his life that would have changed his life forever.

    I don’t think SH denied heavily that he did nothing but use SY to pay back his debt so he could go back to his marriage to HJ. But HJ was the one who kept doubting SH. The only times I think he sort of developed a little feeling personally was the 4th day and also the trip to the country side. But what did you expect SH to be feeling? He’s missing his wife and has gotten no acceptance. He’s continued to try and reconcile but to no effect. He wants to have some fun in his life again now that he gets to start over.

  598. 598 : Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. Well developing feelings in 4 days is not a good sign.. he was supposed to love his wife and then he starts having feelings for SY after 4 days… Actually, I think he had feelings when he came back and he even told SY on that countryside trip that he liked her and missed her but he loved his wife.. it is VERY hard to be with a man who has started to like another woman.. I know SH tried to get back with HJ but as HJ said many times in the drama SH’s heart had already left her.. Even when SH was leaving for Brazil he made it obvious that he liked SY and told her that he would come back. In my opinion even if HJ had accepted him the fact that he had feelings for another woman would have ruined the marriage. Even SH said that he was a different man since he came back from Hong Kong!

  599. 599 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    Yes he did develop some feelings but he was ready to push SY immediately away after helping SY’s company into the talk for M Hotel. He went to a dinner with HJ to say it’s all done with and let’s on with my marriage again but he comes to a dinner with HJ saying it’s over.

    I’m guessing you are a woman but wives need to do things for their husbands too. And HJ was never there for SH, not in HK, not after HK. You can argue SH developed some feelings for SY while repaying his debt but some feelings doesn’t make SH more guilty when HJ was thinking of pushing SH away for good.

    SH’s heart never, ever left HJ until after she announced she wanted a divorce. At least SH is rational, HJ is a different story. And where’s the love from HJ to SH? Were there any? Besides texting back and forth? Because it’s very hard for a man to be with a woman who doubts him and doesn’t want him.

  600. 600 : plain Says:

    @Ally,it is not your fault for not understanding this drama,believe me it is the writer fault for wanting to kill two birds with one stone,that is why you totally looked confuse about the story,I was mainly trying to put it in your way of understanding of what it truly a kind and generous person is to your view,that is why I was presenting other alternative for you to see you if it had happen that way you might like it and not see SY as a home wrecker and arrogance person uses her money to destroy marriage, sorry if I trick you off by saying it is the writer’s fault for not clearly presenting the way intelligent person will understand his story.

    Also it is SY fault for going to save HJ,why she forgot how her father totally depends on her as a man and a woman to him,she let herself down by falling in love with a marry man and still end up saving same man wife she is in love,that shows how unintelligent she really is,@Ally don’t get me wrong,I want you to continue to watch this drama I was just hoping that you truly understand what the story is all about when casting your judgement and to be fair good with reasons in condemning SY who went out on her way to help while you see her help as someone who destroyed someone’s life and marriage, in fact,when this is a person who had giving up on life to live with both her husband, father,and brother by giving her life insurance as a way out to save her father’s house.

  601. 601 : Ally Says:

    @Plain.. how do you know what the writer wants to say? This is what confuses me.. how can some of you guys be so sure about what the writer wants to say, what the drama means, etc.. are you the writer? It is totally ok to state your opinion but telling someone that he/she is confused about the drama is a different story. it could definitely be the other way around.. Maybe you are confused and you don’t know what this drama is really about.. how can you be so sure and how can you give yourself the right to tell other people that they don’t understand the drama. The drama could be viewed in MANY different ways and people have many different opinions. Stating opinions and actually thinking that your view is the only view are VERY different things. How is it SY’s fault to save HJ’s life? if you see someone drowning what would your natural reaction be? would you start thinking that oh maybe she has a husband and I will fall in love with him and let my father down, etc?? of course not. of course your natural instinct would tell you to save the person’s life. But then getting involved in the couple’s life and offering money in exchange for the husband’s time is the evil part. She should have just left it at that. she saved her life and that was great. How did she go out of her way? any normal person would have tried to save someone from drowning. But what she did afterwards was wrong.. and it is totally ok if you see it differently.. if you call what she did afterwards generous then so be it. but telling me that I don’t understand the drama just shows your arrogance. Each of us views it in a different light and no one knows the true meaning. Unless you are actually the writer. are you??????

  602. 602 : plain Says:

    Sorry to bolt in,what does 10years of marriage means to HJ when she decide to kill herself?I keep hearing 4 days to fall in love with other woman,when for 10 good years means nothing to HJ to leave her husband with a broken heart,compare 4days to 10yearsI don’t know who truly fall out of love with each other,and who forget the good days,years of marriage here.

  603. 603 : Ally Says:

    HJ’s foolish act was out of desperation and she was thinking that she was saving SH from going to jail and she was also saving her father’s house. That was an act of desperation.

  604. 604 : Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. yes he did go to dinner but he still had feelings for SY. wanting to reconcile doesn’t mean the feelings for SY are gone.. and right after the divorce he actually started a relationship with the same person who had caused havoc in his marriage. he wanted to have fun and start over but why with that same woman.. he just proved to HJ that she was right to let him go. He actually went to the same woman who had caused all the problems in his marriage.
    I am not sure how HJ could have been there for him. I think in a very foolish way the suicide was an attempt to save SH from going to jail. Realistically no woman would have supported SH’s decision to spend 4 days with this rich woman in Hong Kong. No woman would have stayed in HK and supported that decision. And everything else that happened was a consequence of those 4 days and SY’s arrogance. Again I don’t think HJ is a Saint but compared to SY she definitely is. Imagine the hurt you feel when another woman tells you that she has feelings for your husband and you already know that your husband likes her too.. to trust under these circumstances is MUCH easier than done.

  605. 605 : plain Says:

    @Ally,even though,SY did not at first know who she was saving at least she could have thought of herself what if she end up drowning,plus she could have not offer any of her money after she find out about SH and HJ money problems,why could she offer her money when some say her money was to destroy a loving couple marriage,and she was jealous of them when she saw them in the lobby of the hotel saving a man’s life.in fact this could have present other alternative to see how SH and HJ marriage survive without SY money,some see her money as destroying not as a help,so let see HJ father house taken away,SH goes to jail,HJ will wait for husband to come out of jail to continue a loving marriage with him.How about that?

  606. 606 : plain Says:

    @Ally say, HJ’s foolish act was out of desperation and she was thinking that she was saving SH from going to jail and she was also saving her father’s house. That was an act of desperation.

    This is why you should go back and re watch episode ONE,HJ was not saving her husband going to jail,her suicide latter clearly stated her life insurance was mainly for her father’s house,clean and simple.

  607. 607 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    And no husband would have support their wife spending 4 days with a rich man. Everything happened because of HJ and SH’s situation, which was only made worse because of HJ trying to commit suicide. Yes she tried to save SH with insurance money by suiciding but it means SH goes back to Korea heart broken with no wife and no way to say I’m back to HJ’s father.

    I would have encouraged SH to let go of HJ. Why should he feel so down about a wife who doubts him and is always jealous and ready to make irrational decisions. She always misrepresents situations and HJ is the one with regret over breaking apart the marriage, not SH.

    HJ never provided kind words besides having fun with 3 thousand dollars without thinking about the future. She never tried to keep supporting her husband of ten years after HK.

    Also, SY wasn’t the one who caused havoc in the marriage. HJ was the start, by trying to commit suicide. It only made matters worse for SH who had to take drastic actions. That’s the point of what happened in HK. HJ started everything.

    SY tried to work with SH, but SH pushed her away until he was there to repay the debt. Debt done. SH tries to return to HJ and being honest, says he developed some feelings. But HJ being the irrational person she is, says divorce and now she gets to live with her great decisions of suicide and divorce and revenge.

    As much as I hate rich women in KDramas, SY was the angel from HK. She saved the marriage and jail situation.

  608. 608 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    Wow! I’m so happy someone else understands what happened in HK. Everyone thinks SY is the devil when she was the angel who saved HJ and SH. SH cheats on HJ? Well she wanted to commit suicide to save her father, not her husband.

    SH goes to another woman to save his own life and marriage? Well sorry, but you have to blame HJ too for setting up this drastic choice.

    HJ commits suicide, HJ’s father saves his money, SH goes back to Korea, he goes to jail. That doesn’t sound like a great situation to me.

  609. 609 : Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. But HJ wasn’t filthy rich like SY to save the husband from going to jail. So if they had come back to Hong Kong what would have they done? SH would have gone to jail and the father would have lost the house, right? so don’t you think that HJ was trying to somehow help her husband and father? What she did was foolish but do you think in her head there was another solution? how would they get 100 million dollars. I think that was the amount, right? she even said that she couldn’t imagine the husband going to jail. And she did say to SH that she loves him because of the good person that he is, etc.. Again HJ is not a Saint but SY is no angel at all.. She is filthy rich and that 100 million is NOTHING to her and she used it to buy a man’s time.. it was all a game to her.. she could have been generous in a more decent way but she wasn’t. She just played a dangerous game and I just hope that she can redeem herself at the end. I think HJ already redeemed herself by realizing how foolish she was to marry that other guy ( I always forget his name ) and by telling SH where SY was. but I don’t see SY ever regretting what she did.

  610. 610 : plain Says:

    @WoopDiDoo,Amen,you see,HJ did not even say I am sorry husband,nope,she said look behind our wedding album you will see my life insurance there,use it to save my father’s house,this what 10years means to HJ,and you call that a wife,BS,as for me SH did not quickly move on,what a shame some think HJ loving wife.

  611. 611 : Ally Says:

    Maybe the English translation is wrong but HJ did say sorry to her husband. Didn’t she say I am sorry that I didn’t have nice words for you after you lost your company? didn’t she say I am sorry.. please forgive me?? maybe you should watch it again and let me know if the translation is incorrect.

  612. 612 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    Um hm…SY bought SH as a slave or employee since SY lost lawyer Choi for 4 days. I don’t see how she used SH for a relationship and they made it clear they would never see each other after HK. Maybe she did it in a less innocent or powerful way but still.

    HJ never sat down with SH to think about what they should do back in Korea. She kept thinking about losing her father’s condo, much before SH going to jail. HJ not being filthy rich isn’t an excuse because she did nothing for SH in HK besides making matters worse and being jealous.

    I find it funny you’re telling SY to be more generous in a nice way but HJ should have been a better wife. SH had pressure because he promised HJ he would help her father keep the house. Was it a game to SY? Yes. Though, because of the game, did she actually save everything? Yes.

    You may find SY as arrogant and hate her for the arrogance, but I guess you are biased and just hate SY’s type of character. Because SY to me – as someone who hates rich women in KDramas – is only as guilty as HJ. SY never asked SH for a relationship. SH only repaid his debt and SY/SH only started a relationship because of HJ asking for a divorce.

    This feeling of love for each other, was also a bit affected by HJ.

  613. 613 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    She said that she didn’t try too hard, I’m guessing in her marriage or in HK? Not sure.

    But she did mention that please SH, use the life insurance card to protect my father’s house. And I remember that she only said sorry because she never comforted SH even though SH was the one in distress more. She said sorry because she did nothing for her husband of 10 years.

    So all her letter does is say, sorry but I did nothing for you in HK. But just save my father. Thanks! Bye!

  614. 614 : Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. but why do you hate rich women in Korean dramas. you are praising SY and initially you said that you didn’t like her at all.. But now you are calling her an angel..

  615. 615 : plain Says:

    @Ally,you should go back re watch EP ONE,I don’t know where you are getting your sorry stated from,it was never mention in her latter address to SH,your translation is wrong not the correct one,or maybe you read it in other language I think.

  616. 616 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    I hate rich women in KDramas because they’re all manipulative and evil in generally most dramas.

    Even with that bias, it’s just funny that most people misinterpret SY. Yes she was arrogant and played it like a game. People may hate her for that, like me for example, but you can’t deny that she was the angel who actually saved HJ’s life and saved SH’s marriage and saved HJ’s father’s house.

    Compare that to a wife who thought about her father only and not about her husband. And it was a wife in a 10 year old relationship. SY didn’t destroy the marriage. HJ did.

  617. 617 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    The sorry came later after she stated SH to save her father. She said sorry for not being there for her husband. And to forgive her.

    And possibly I remember she said she decided not to try. Not sure if this was in her marriage or in the money lost situation.

  618. 618 : plain Says:

    @WoopDiDoo,Thank you for your insight,I enjoy your comments,tomorrow we all will see what this writer is up to,before then have a nice day.

  619. 619 : NagNag Says:

    To [email protected], [email protected] – Thanks again.
    To Plain @471/590 -Thanks! Great thoughts ! It’s always good to be forgiving
    To Sorry @566 & All Like-Minded – Thanks ! Yes. Let’s just enjoy ourselves at watching this drama before it’s gone… & sadly , gone too soon.

    Also, rather sad to say this but the some people still can’t tell the good traits from the bad , even at EP 18…when HJ had already wised up & changed for the better…

    Anyway, I can’t seem to have enough of SY . Though she is no saint & makes mistakes just the same , but She is still a fine Lady with lots of Grace .

    Unfortunately , though rich & successful , she does not believe in relationships or marriages , which she finds a waste of time . And she is so adamant about her belief that she compares marriages to sand castles & would rather be married to her work instead. Not even her father could demand or convince her to settle down , considering the fact that it is very common in her society to have arranged marriages especially among rich families .

    As a result of her workaholic attitude & hard work , the company founded by her father has seen great success under her stewardship . Thus , having a proud , arrogant & cold-hearted disposition , is only natural of her .

    However, though proud & arrogant , SY has a kind soul .

    1) She actually got herself into the water without hesitation to save HJ by dragging HJ back to the shore , instead of running off to get help. ( Some people may think nothing of it but I find that admirable of her , as I would not expect any lady to so , especially a lady of her status , in the darkness of the night & out in the sea , which could be dangerous & scary … )

    2) In HongKong , after SH secretly made a call back home , SY could have insisted on imposing the rule or even called off the deal arrogantly , but instead , she acceded graciously to his protest . Thus making it possible for him to solve his financial woes.

    3) She has kept her promise to pay SH that huge sum of money for the 3-day deal promptly & without deceit , even though the business work was completed a day earlier .

    4) She showed kindness to Lawyer Choi even when he had chosen to work for her business rival MW , however she still continued to command the same respect from him.

    5) She extended courtesy & goodwill to HJ by trying to tell HJ about her husband SH’s resignation & his decision to work on his marriage before working out his career .

    ….. & the list goes on .

    ( Unlike SY , MW is evil. Not only is he a playboy & an unscrupulous Businessman , he is also despicable , mean & malicious as a ‘ human being ‘ , who directly manipulated HJ’s vulnerable state of mind during her difficult time, intentionally spread rumors & gossips , even to an elderly old family friend , as well as abused his influential business status by exploiting his beneficiaries & associates to do his bidding & attain his gain . I won’t be surprised if Lawyer Choi decided to help in bringing MW down in the last two episodes )

  620. 620 : plain Says:

    @NagNag Says, She actually got herself into the water without hesitation to save HJ by dragging HJ back to the shore , instead of running off to get help. ( Some people may think nothing of it but I find that admirable of her , as I would not expect any lady to so , especially a lady of her status , in the darkness of the night & out in the sea , which could be dangerous & scary … )thanks

    Rich and arrogant person will not do that,it is not a river,this is deep sea we are talking about,in that middle of night.

    SY , MW is evil. Not only is he a playboy & an unscrupulous Businessman , he is also despicable , mean & malicious as a ‘ human being ‘ , who directly manipulated HJ’s vulnerable state of mind during her difficult time, intentionally spread rumors & gossips , even to an elderly old family friend , as well as abused his influential business status by exploiting his beneficiaries & associates to do his bidding & attain his gain .

    some don’t see MW as arrogant evil, Not only is he a playboy also playing devil’s advocate between SH and HJ in the end instead of this writer punishing him so hard but keep on rewarding him for his wickedness,I don’t understand while some give MW totally pass on the way he mistreats women by using them as a piece of trash,at first I was loving his smile thinking his not like the way his character was describe but when watching the rest of the episode, I got to see how selfish he is and unworthy of a man he is.

  621. 621 : Ally Says:

    @Plain perhaps you should watch Ep 1 again because HJ definitely says sorry to SH in her letter.
    @WoopDiDoo If HJ ruined the marriage why did SH want to reconcile and why did he go after her..

    Anyhow, I think we all have very different viewpoints and each of us watches and understands the drama in a different way. We can’t force our viewpoints on each other and we can’t accuse each other of not understanding the drama if we don’t share the same opinion. I think that is pure arrogance. Only the writer knows what he/she was thinking when writing the drama. Let’s not go back and forth and let’s just enjoy the drama regardless of how we feel about the characters. Not sharing the same opinion has nothing to do with understanding the drama.

  622. 622 : plain Says:

    @Ally,even though we see this drama a different point of views,still I never mean to disrespect any of your comment,as you say regardless of how we feel about this characters,I think our different views contribute more interest in viewing this drama,I wouldn’t denial this,our agree or disagree on our point of views has made my day a warmed one,thank you for your insights on this drama have a wonderful day.

  623. 623 : Ally Says:

    @Plain.. I feel the same way.. I enjoy reading all the comments.. The drama must be very entertaining that we are spending so much time making comments 🙂 if you know of a good drama I can watch after this one please let me know and have a great day.

  624. 624 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    SH was the one wanting to reconcile because he wanted to keep the marriage together and HJ clearly wasn’t thinking highly of that, ever since HK happened. It happened with the suicide attempt and thinking about her father and not of SH. It happened with her forever doubting SH. But if you want me to go deeper. Okay.

    SY admits to SH that she loves him. SH says no, sorry, because he loves HJ. Happens in EP7. What happens since SY burns her hand, is that HJ rips off the picture of HJ and SH together. HJ takes off her ring. She asks MW to sleep with her and how much he would pay.

    SH resigns, now that he has paid off his debt and will now reconcile with HJ to continue marriage. MW stands there at the argument looking like the bad guy which is making matters worse. SY admits to HJ that she said she loves SH but SH said no. HJ doesn’t care. SH and HJ has dinner. HJ wants divorce.

    SH has always been the one chasing after HJ.

  625. 625 : plain Says:

    @ Ally,thank you,I surely will :):):)

  626. 626 : Lynn Says:

    I don’t really understand you people talking about who did what still. I mean just get over with it.

    The main thing is that, there is nobody here that is innocent. Every character in this drama did something evil or bad to hurt other person. I mean is there any different between a small lie and a big lie? Either way those actions was used as a bridge to get where they are now.

    So please stop saying that SY and SH are little nicer that HJ, because of what? Coz as far as you and all of us known, SH and SJ main reason why HJ want revenge. HJ’s character is a good devoted wife. Do you think she will just want some revenge for whatever tralala reason? Of course not, its because someone did something bad to her that she couldn’t pass.

    PLEASE, USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. And stop defending your idol.

  627. 627 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    No one is stating that SY and SH are nicer than HJ. Pretty sure everyone agrees that all are guilty.

    Funny, really laughable that you think HJ’s character is a good devoted wife, who was never there for her husband in need in HK or after HK. SY admits to HJ that SH rejected SY, and HJ didn’t care. HJ even admitted her lack of devotion to her husband in the letter in HK.
    I only see a little devotion as taking care of Roy. Her character is that of an emotional, easily jealous woman, who is now realizing and regretting all her decisions.

    But as far as I can see, SH is the least guilty and MW most guilty.

  628. 628 : kibby Says:

    How will now the writer wrap up the HK deal?

  629. 629 : janet Says:

    I can’t believe at the end of last 2 episodes, so many comment on HJ,
    anyway i am on SY and SH side.
    I am a buyer, tonite will be another flight..
    good ending..

  630. 630 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Since this writer gave her stage 2 or 3 cancer, I wonder if he’s going to add some bit of reality and show the true impact that cancer has on a person or just gloss over it like he’s done everything else in this drama. It’s amazing to me that SY’s sister still doesn’t know that SH and HJ were married. I think it’s stupid at how HJ’s brother is so loyal to SH, more than his own sister–that disappoints me more than any part of this drama. That her brother can be just as selfish as SH.

    I don’t feel pity at all for SY having cancer. Unfortunately, the writer gave her the disease, but he should have just given her a fibroid tumor and moved on.

  631. 631 : angelic Says:

    Sandy 2

    Don’t watch this drama. That’s it.

  632. 632 : Lynn Says:


    There you go again with your less and most guilty…That is what I mean… Please stop that.. The less and most that you are talking, ruin and hurt somebody. Those characters wasn’t innocent and did something bad to others. So please stop defending the character of your idol.

    Hope you get what I mean.

  633. 633 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    Character of what idol? Sorry to break it to you but I don’t follow idols or watch dramas depending on which idols are going to be filming, I watch because I’m interested in the stories, since I’m into novels and short story writing.

    I know all are guilty, and all are/were being punished, because they all did ruin and hurt somebody else. No one is arguing about how one character is innocent because like I clearly stated, in many times, all are guilty.
    I just found it laughable that you’re saying all are not innocent and then you call HJ a devoted wife.

    I don’t think anyone is arguing about how one is innocent but merely, some people clearly hate SY and are biased against her. I just find it funny since HJ is not as innocent as some make her out to be.

  634. 634 : LDK Says:

    The writer is definitely insane, She makes Hoong Jo the private nurse of Yoo Se Young. It will be Hong Jo and Sek Hoon in the end?? And Se young is still in pain

  635. 635 : Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. I was just thinking about the earlier episodes and HJ’s reaction to SH and SY. Do you remember how nice they were together and how happy? But then SY called SH and he sneaked behind HJ’s back and went and met with her? And do you remember when she was waiting for SH at the hospital and he came late because he was helping out SY and then SH and SY were talking and HJ saw them? do you remember how rude SY was and how she told HJ that she doesn’t know her husband and that SH is that great guy she wanted to meet? can you imagine how HJ would have felt after what happened in HK? SY is so arrogant and rude. I can’t stand her character. And SH was just standing there instead of defending his wife. He let SY make her rude comments. Imagine how HJ must have felt. And then she found out that he has been meeting with her behind her back. Come on now. How do you think HJ should have felt? she should have trusted SH who has been sneaking around and meeting SY? HJ was right. SH should have totally avoided SY after Hong Kong but he didn’t because he liked her. And SY was the one instigating the meetings between them. I don’t see how HJ should have trusted SH after all this? what do you think?

  636. 636 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    -Nice and happy together in earlier episodes because HJ wanted to spend the $3000 pretending they were living in Disneyland in a dream. Any couple can be happy like that.
    -HJ committed suicide -> SH has to think drastically.
    -SY was arrogant yes, like many have stated.

    -Can you imagine how SH would have felt in HK? Like you’re going to jail after HK. Your wife just never was there for you besides being happy she got 3k to spend. She got her shoes she wanted, they got to stay at a high end hotel. Your wife just failed to commit suicide and was saved by the person offering you to:
    1. save your marriage.
    2. save you from going to jail.

    And all this is after, HJ stating that she:
    1. didn’t try in her marriage, whether she tried in the marriage or in HK it’s debatable and unknown.
    2. didn’t try to comfort SH in HK
    3. Wants SH to save her father’s house instead of saving SH from going to jail

    I know you don’t like SY but you’re trying to defend HJ even though she’s the reason the marriage broke up, even after HK, when SY told HJ that SH rejected SY, HJ still wanted a divorce.

  637. 637 : Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. I am not talking about Hong Kong. I am talking about Korea.. if you watch the episodes after they came back there are many nice things together filled with emotions. And HJ didn’t want the shoes. do you remember? SH insisted that she gets them and he went and got the shoes for her. Can you please tell me what HJ was supposed to do? did she have the money? Yes she made all those mistakes but I am not talking about that now. How was she supposed to trust SH after Hong Kong? He was sneaking behind her back and meeting with SY when she was trying to have a child. so how do you justify what happened after Hong Kong? why was SH sneaking behind her back if he really wanted to make things work. actually I am not defending HJ. I am just talking about SY and her evil intentions and SH’s reactions to her actions. that’s all

  638. 638 : Ally Says:

    And did you see the scene at the hospital when SY told HJ that she doesn’t know her husband, blah blah and then when they had coffee and how rude she was and she told HJ that she lost her chance with SH 10 years ago and that she wasn’t going to make the same mistake again and that she was falling for SH? is that the way to talk to some married man’s wife? so you think SY was doing the right thing by going after a married man? this is what confuses me. they are all at fault.. HJ, SY and SH and SY is by no means an angel. she is evil and I hope that she redeems herself.

  639. 639 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    I think watching episodes 6-8 explains your questions.
    HJ says SH went to SY to repay his debt. HJ says she trusts SH completely and she shouldn’t misunderstand SH, he just wants to repay the debt.
    SY gets under HJ’s skin more, she gets the stains on the skirt and starts thinking more irrationally.
    SY tells HJ that SH rejected SY. SH resigns at Dong Sung after he helps SY with the M Hotel Project.

    So after all this, happy ending into happy marriage again? Nope.

    SH goes to dinner with HJ and HJ says divorce. do you get it? or…because as far as I can see….SH rejected SY twice after Hong Kong..

  640. 640 : Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo. I don’t think we will ever agree on this. We see it in different ways and its all good!!!

  641. 641 : Wow Says:

    Just finish watching episode #19.

    What a drama! SY wake’s up, Sh helps take care of her Company, MW still as evi,l his ex wife SJ still wants Hubby back, for HJ still in Limbo.

  642. 642 : Ally Says:

    @wow.. where did you watch it? what do you mean when you say HJ is in limbo?

  643. 643 : lara Says:

    This drama suck

  644. 644 : Lynn Says:

    Oh.. I totally forgot that what a person think is right is actually where side are you in.. I mean I think that is just nature or instinct.

    Still for me, If somebody will say and offer about the worth of my marriage and the worth of the people I love. I would still think that the person is arrogant and disrespectful. He or she is disrespecting my marriage and my worth as a human being. That person might think that he or she was just helping… But we all human have common sense… And that is a big NO NO for a decent person. That is full of cruelty and inhuman. I mean what would you think if somebody will say “Name your price and I will buy you”. Honestly, what would you think about a person that is like that? I think that kind of behavior is unforgivable.

    And I don’t really think that SY is so bad as a human for her entire life. But you can’t deny that she was one of the cruelties character at one point her life and did really ruin a marriage.

  645. 645 : Wow Says:

    HJ still don’t know what she wants. Guess she still in love with SH. As she watch SH and SY sitting in the wheel chair after waking up from her surgery.
    A driver went to pick up HJ, took her to this Beautiful place, while looking around, SY walk toward her, of course HJ was shock to see SY, so she told the driver to bring back her suit case, but driver did not move, so she went into the house to get her luggage, SY follow her and keep talking, but HJ ready to go out of the house, SY was so much in pain and was moaning, HJ turn and trying to help SY and got SY medicine. As You see SY may not survived this after Surgery she had. From what the doctor told SH, that there is more to it for SY.
    Seems like a SAD ending.
    Can’t say more.

  646. 646 : Lynn Says:


    I didn’t say that HJ is innocent. You should read my prior comment. I definitely said that she made some bad judgment. She should have let go of her coward husband sooner and not look back.

    And no one can argue that HJ was a good wife even after committing that suicide to safe her husband. It might be the worst and bad idea but it was unselfish. I mean what could you gain from killing yourself? Nothing, you will just die. The end!

    For husband who cheat on her, lied on her face and did nothing but went to the easy way when he accepted an offer in exchange of big bucks even without the consent of his wife (did not even blink his eyes). And I believed he did that to save his ass.

    And SY who took advantage of the couple’s problem. I mean just the word took advantage is bad enough. She definitely think that time that everything around her is just business including somebody’s marriage and life.

  647. 647 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    Seems like you’re mad but okay don’t hate SH for not even lying to his wife because he didn’t lie.

    I get that you take marriage serious and I respect that. SY taking advantage of the couple’s problem is 50% of the problem, where HJ didn’t care about the marriage enough to keep it together.

    Sorry but I hate all the women in this drama.

  648. 648 : Ally Says:

    @Wow.. what if SY survives and realizes what she has done and tries to redeem herself and lets HJ and SH be together like before. That would be a good ending. I am sure all SH and SY lovers will hate this ending..

  649. 649 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    I’m on SH’s side as he’s the only character I do like in the drama and that would be a crappy ending in my opinion.

    SH deserves a better wife than HJ, maybe now that HJ sees all the bad decisions now, she’s better but otherwise, SH deserves so much more. He deserves a wife that’s actually there for him and a wife that is actually willing to try in a marriage.

  650. 650 : Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. SHE wasn’t a good husband. He was sneaking behind HJ’s back to meet with SY. He started a relationship with SY knowing how Hj would feel. Basically he validated all HJ’s doubts by going after SY.

  651. 651 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    Did you even watch Episode 6 when HJ said she trusts SH because she knows SH is a man that needs to pay back his debt?

    Did you watch Episode 7 when SY tells HJ that SH rejects SY because SH still loves HJ?

    Or do you just skip over that and only think about the conclusion?

  652. 652 : Lynn Says:

    For me SH wasn’t really a good husband. I mean for me, if my husband would met somebody outside without my consent and doing some sneaky things. I bet no wife would celebrate for that. That is a big NO NO in marriage. Because I am sure before or after he did that, he would lie to you in your face. Then next time you will know he already cheated on you. Its a domino effect. He is sneaking coz he know he did something bad just like what SH did to HJ.. And the funny fact is she always caught them in the act.. I mean, what a coincidence?

    If you would ask me, if I am HJ would get mad? No… I wouldn’t just get mad they better run coz I will chase them to the end of the earth.

  653. 653 : plain Says:

    I started watching this drama,o boy,I thought I was doing the right thing to keep my stress level down but little did I know that this drama will add more stress to me than I ever thought,thanks to this crazy zigzag writing,so all the whole Korean only one place can employ HJ? even though only one hospital can, HJ have the right to know information about the client she is about to take care off,including his or her name,address and every little thing HJ need to know,this is where Korean writers take the viewers for a fool,if the writer want to write for reconciliation, there many ways to do it not pushing HJ to take care of SY,for goodness sake where is this writer brain?I just can’t breath for all this nonsense writing.

    reconciliation is a good thing,it free you from guilt,makes you happy,but there are other ways this writer could have introduce it,like SY having a private talk with SH,call HJ either at home or phone apologize,why sending her to be a nurse to SY, that is total out of line for this crazy writer,even then, HJ can still have the right to call her employer and ask for a change of client,I don’t how the law in Korean works,but as a nurse myself I know this for sure.

    the initial stage of this drama, writing was like Western like classic writing,matured,good acting,engages your interest,keep you at edge,wanting more,still there is this blood line that has always runs in Korean writers vine,stupid,naive,childish writing that makes one so angry when watching it.

    I will join you @lara643,to say indeed this drama suck,just like the rest of them that is airing now.

    guys,as for me, I think is about time to stop saying who is right or wrong,this drama doesn’t worth the time,but if you like it, continue don’t mind what I say.

  654. 654 : Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo yes I have watched all the episodes but I guess you haven’t watched the ones I am talking about!

  655. 655 : Lynn Says:

    Say,,, I told you long time ago people that this drama SUCKS big time. And then others keep saying that I am just stupid and just keep my opinion to myself… Its ok just keep believing that it is a good one then I wouldn’t say anything about it coz I know you are entitled to your opinion.

    Big laugh (HAHAHA).

  656. 656 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    HJ is sending SH to jail after HK ends if SY never existed. Also if SY never existed, HJ would be dead. So SH would be back in Korea in jail, no wife.

    I’m just going to stop posting about HJ vs SY now because I guess everyone just looks at SH for “cheating” and developing some feelings. And that everyone ignores how HJ was trusting SH actually in episode 6 and 7. Then end of episode 7 HJ wants a divorce.

    So much for a good wife. Never helping your husband. Sending your husband to jail. Trying to commit suicide to save father and not being dedicated to husband. Trusts husband and says SH is just repaying debt. Hears husband rejects SY and that husband still loves wife. Still wants divorce. Good wife indeed.

  657. 657 : WoopDiDoo Says:

    How many good Korean dramas have there been this year? The only sort of bearable one for me I could think of was It’s Okay That’s Love since I was interested in the psychology elements.

  658. 658 : ermie Says:

    SH to SY: Please wake up soon so that I can spend the rest of my life with you.

    Watttaaa chessssy! Hihihi 🙂

    SY Fighting! <3

  659. 659 : Lynn Says:

    @ woopdidoo

    That’s what is hard about it. Coz she did really try to trust her husband. Try to convince herself that his was and still doing the right things when in fact he was falling in love to somebody else same time. HJ definitely know in her heart that there is something going on but keep ignoring it, because she was a wife, that she just have to trust her husband as what you’ve said. But there is really is something going on. And its like they are taking her like a fool. So for her to snap is just the effect of what they did to her.

    Woopdidoo, if you are HJ. What will you do? I am really curious…..

  660. 660 : ermie Says:

    @WOW Why SY is upset in preview ep 20?

  661. 661 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    Probably see a marriage counselor.

    If asked me and it was episode 6, nothing. Because HJ had trust then. She knew SH and trusted SH. She knew he is a man who wants to repay his debt. The problem here is that she let SY get under her skin during the meeting.

    If asked me at episode 7, nothing as well? Because SY just admitted that SH just rejected SY. I might have blamed SH a bit for developing feelings for SY even though I knew SH wanted to repay the debt.

    I mean, she had a tough decision to make. I just didn’t expect it to be as drastic as divorce immediately. And this is what makes no sense.

    HJ had trust in E6. Gets told that SH rejected SY in E7. But immediately for some reason, she made the move for divorce in the end of E7?

    I mean…if she made the choice of divorce and SY had never admitted to HJ that SH rejected SY, this plot would make sense X_X

  662. 662 : Lynn Says:

    What I was thinking the whole time is they know, both of them husband and wife know that they have a problem. They are not facing it and just dragging it. They think they can handle it.

    For me, I don’t mind my husband falling out of love with me. But I hope that he would be decent enough or man enough to say that to my face. He have to admit and be honest to me, then we can end it peacefully like two mature person. Don’t lie to me or cheat on me and use those things for excuses. Don’t take me for a fool coz I will get something back at you. You know what goes around comes around. So don’t wonder why coz I will make sure that you will wish that you should have never meet me in the first place.

    Honest people are like that. They give there all but in there forehead there is unwritten saying like “Don’t **** with me.”

  663. 663 : Ally Says:

    @ermie.. did SH really say that? I haven’t watched it with subtitles yet. how pathetic. he used to call HJ my one and only love.. so much for that!!!!

  664. 664 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    The weirdest thing is that only sat down to talk about it and face the problem at the dinner. SH never told HJ that there was nothing going on between him and SY and that he only developed some feelings but he still loves HJ.

    HJ had the trust but then asks for the divorce.

    I just think Episodes 6-8 were pretty badly written. I mean the writers had it that they did handle it. In Episode 7, HJ still had trust for SH and believes SH was just repaying debt. SH rejects SY and says he still loves HJ. But then immediately, everything falls apart. Makes no sense whatsoever.

  665. 665 : Lynn Says:

    The writer have his way of twisting our mind and pulling out guts. Its so funny coz he is very good of doing it. It’s like every time he does that he keep reminding us that, this is just a drama series and this is not your life (people who are watching) and I can do what the hell I want to do with it coz this is my drama.

    Funny but annoying being!

  666. 666 : wallace woo Says:

    cc not active at pacific time in califorina on temptation ep 19

  667. 667 : NagNag Says:

    @Woopdidoo – Very well said ! Impressive analysis indeed .

    Though SH might feel a little offended , but I’m not surprised that he was attracted to SY for her graceful mannerism & hardworking attitude , as he was a smart & capable person himself . After all , he had his huge financial problem resolved easily , thanks to her .

    Moreover , SY was always poised ( calm , dignified , self-controlled ) & composed even when provoked . She was never harsh nor violent , though very eloquent with words .

    In EP 3 at the cafe of her hotel , when SH told SY off angrily & harshly , SY simply walked off , after asking him what answer would he expect to hear .

    And of cause , with all the money finally deposited into his bank account which made it possible for him to solve his financial woes , SH was definitely grateful to SY , which explained why he chose to help out with the hotel acquisition meeting after being told that SY passed out & was hospitalized , & it was the same initiative that they worked on in HongKong as well . Besides , his buddy who was taking charge , was feeling troubled & at a lost as to what to do with the meeting . Thus , it was only natural that he was willing to help .

  668. 668 : u Says:

    i dont like this drama. i like the ”temptation of wife” the original.

  669. 669 : Pristine Says:

    To Filipino Kdrama fans like me…mas maayos ang gawa ng Ang dalawang Mrs. Real kesa dito naman!

  670. 670 : morally Says:

    @Lynn. I liked your comment, it’s well said.

    @Plain. I have the same problem, this drama drive me nut. can’t believe the writer could come up with such stupid plot about the nurse for SY, don’t understand their motive, some one please explain.

  671. 671 : NagNag Says:

    Saying something is one thing but believing in it is another .

    That was how HJ behaved . She was never true to her belief in her marriage with SH.

    She said that she trusted her husband SH , but she was so quick to show her anger & displeasure at SY whenever she bumped into SY . And she was always Nasty with her words , even though SY would come forward to greet & to extend courtesy to her .

    And she said she understood her husband SH , but yet she didn’t know that SH could have felt grateful & appreciative towards SY when he chose to help with the M hotel acquisition meeting , thus he couldn’t meet her at the hospital .

    Also , she never tried to control her TEMPER , whenever her husband SH wished to explain & talk it out with her , at the hotel room in HongKong she stomped off to the airport , at their own apartment , at the hospital before she rushed off to villa , at the villa when SH came soaking wet … Except the time when she was ready to hand him the divorce paper .

    Therefore , you could see that how her temper got the better of her . If only she could tried to stop being angry at the slightest sight of seeing SH & SY , she would not end up making irrational decisions .

    So my last advice is still ; TAME your anger , & you will definitely be alright .

  672. 672 : Mary Says:

    @morally, it’s upsetting me too. Why would the writer make HJ a nurse for SY??! Just let her be free from all 3 of them already.

  673. 673 : NagNag Says:

    Ever wonder what makes HJ realized her mistakes & stopped the blame ?

    It was when she got angry & tried to slap HanJiSan , which caused HanJiSan to miscarriage .

  674. 674 : Ally Says:

    @NagNag..why do you dislike HJ so much? you haven’t once put yourself in her shoes. You are blaming her for everything. So when do you think SH and SY will realize their mistakes? Never? Maybe they never made any mistakes, right?

  675. 675 : ladyarcher Says:

    LJJ, PHS, KSW, AND CJW i salute them. BUT the writer and director are BOTH EPIC FAIL.

  676. 676 : Mary Says:

    @NagNag, I believe ally’s question post 674 has been asked a couple times. Let’s hear u analyze SH & SY characters

  677. 677 : ruffaru Says:

    My favorite conversation between MW- HJ.

    HJ-Can you end it here? Please don’t hurt anyone and don’t hurt yourself. Stop here.
    KMW-What a buzzkill. If you act like an ANGEL now, you’re putting me in an awkward situation.
    HJ- I’m sorry. I was wrong and I dragged you into this mess. I’ll be sorry for the rest of my life.
    KMW- So are you saying you’ve forgiven both of them?
    HJ-Truthfully, no one had the right to forgive anyone else from the very beginning. I’ve realized that too late.

    HJ is a BIG IDIOT

  678. 678 : Ally Says:

    The writer is crazy.. the first 11 episodes were great but since then the writer has gone crazy.. why is SY so evil? why would she ask for HJ ot be her nurse.. so she can witness the love between SY and SH? Wow!! she will never redeem herself.. she is evil and arrogant! She seduced her husband. Now she should leave her alone and let her be..

  679. 679 : aul Says:

    Agreee this very2 bad story….. I was just watch eps 1 n its soooo cruel story about married couple….. Thx god in the same time kbs have discovery of love….

  680. 680 : lulu Says:

    i think SY gonna die in the end. SH and HJ will reunite after a few years. At least the true couple end up being together again!

  681. 681 : WoopDiDoo Says:

    @Mary I’ll answer your question.

    In HK, SY buys SH, uses him for work since Lawyer Choi has been gone. No physical relationship besides on day 4 which is to blow off steam. Understand that on day 4, SH has been feeling on tilt for a few days, gets saved from jail, his marriage saved, plays with SY a little. Guilty here? Yes.

    After HK, SY asks SH to be part of her business. SH rejects SH. Guilty here? No.

    After rejection #1, SH asks SY to let him help her with the M Hotel. SY says okay. SH works hard, doesn’t talk with HJ for a few days. They travel to the country side and develop more feelings. Guilty here? Yes.
    However, this is coming after HJ says she trusts SH and knows he’s just paying back some debt.

    SH resigns. SY tells HJ that SH rejects SY. Guilty here? No. HJ breaks up with SH at the dinner, and SH realizes after all his reconciliation attempts, it’s over and he’s wasting his time chasing HJ.

    SH chases after SY. What did you expect? Your ex-wife doesn’t want you, she wants revenge, she doubts you. You developed some feelings and have been nothing but honest with HJ.

    At least SY and SH are rational enough to trust their own feelings and keep in control. HJ doesn’t even trust herself, as I quote. Nor can she even trust her own words.

  682. 682 : Lynn Says:

    HJ was rational for me when she got mad because it wasn’t an illusion. She was really cheated.

    To those people who question her sanity. May be you can tell me next time after you’ve been cheated like the way they did to her. After your husband cheated on you then maybe or no doubt you would have a different answer. Because I bet you never been in to that kind of situation before. So whatever you might say now I think is invalid, since you are not qualified and you don’t have an experience.

    You don’t really know how the character felt. You don’t know how suffocated she was and helpless.

  683. 683 : WoopDiDoo Says:

    To all that are saying put yourselves in HJ’s shoes, let me ask you a few questions:

    1. You state to your husband that since you didn’t decide to be truly dedicated, you have no regrets in the marriage. Interesting…much love?
    2. You state that you want your husband to save your father’s house.
    3. You state that you’re sorry you were never there for your husband. 🙁
    4. You tried to commit suicide to save your FATHER not husband, and you’re sending your husband to jail after HK ends.
    5. You say you trust your husband and you’ve known him for a long time. You know your husband is repaying the debt he owes to SY since SY saved your life, your marriage, your husband from going to jail. Yet you still continue to doubt. What do you really mean??
    6. You are told by the evil SY that your husband rejects SY. SY tells you that since your husband LOVES YOU, your husband rejects SY.
    7. You continue to push SH away because of your emotions. You believe that SH loves SY. Did you even read #6? Reconciliation? No thanks.
    8. You ask KMW for a 1 night stand. You get rejected. Heh.
    9. Your husband has been developing feelings for SY for a long time since HK. And your husband tells you that. Your husband is ready to push SY away from his life and wants to reconcile and continue the happy marriage.

    After going through all this, what do you think HJ deserves? I won’t keep going, since she only gets worse.

  684. 684 : Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. I think you are skipping too many small details when analyzing SY and SH but with HJ you are a lot more detailed only because in your mind she is guilty.

    Why are you forgetting the way SH was sneaking behind HJ’s back and meeting with SY???? How about when he stood her up again to go and help SY? how was SH being honest??? he didn’t tell HJ that he was meeting with SY and that he was helping her out. HJ found out on her own. Why are you forgetting all these details. why are you forgetting the fact that SY bluntly told HJ that she had feelings for her husband or the fact that when they went to the countryside she even declared her feelings to SH. was that right in your opinion? was it right for her to declare feelings to a married man? you only see the fact that she told HJ that he rejected her??? You are not seeing all the ways she tried to seduce him? What did you expect HJ to tell SY? she has pride, right? another woman is telling her that she has feelings for her husband and that she is going after him. And this is the same woman who stayed with her husband for 4 days whether sexual or not. and the same woman he has started to like. she is supposed to bow down and say oh I know my husband likes you? of course she will say that she trusts her husband. the rich woman is hurting her ego, pride and feelings with her arrogance. what did you expect HJ to say? you keep saying that she said she trusted him. what was she supposed to say? why was SH sneaking behind her back? I don’t understand something. Were HJ’s feelings and his marriage more important or paying his debt to some woman who was bluntly trying to seduce him? didn’t he pay his debt by working hard in HK? what debt? SH was just using it as an excuse to spend time with SY. he admitted MANY times that he liked SY and that he wanted to see her and get to know her. why are you not seeing any of this? again HJ is at fault but why are you minimizing the horrible things SY and SH did. and then after 56 days of being divorced he runs back to SY for what? to validate the fact that he had feelings for her? to prove to HJ that she was right to let go of a man who had developed feelings for another woman??? if SH was decent he wouldn’t go to the same woman in less than 2 months. and now he is head over heels in love with this arrogant woman.. he is pathetic and the way he acts around SY is even more pathetic.

  685. 685 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    Sorry but I guess HJ is guilty too since she asks KMW for a 1 night stand for money?

    HJ cheated on? Um why don’t you rewatch episode 6 where she says her husband is repaying the debt he owes for saving HJ’s life, their marriage, and him from going to jail?

    You get told by SY the seducer that your husband rejects SY and that your husband loves you. He wants to reconcile with you but you push him away.

    You’ve also never been a dedicated wife nor did you try hard. Her own words. You were also never there for your husband in his big time of distress and only wanted to save your father. Her own words.

    What did you expect from your husband? May I ask you guys that?

  686. 686 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    -SH always sneaking behind since HJ and SH fell apart. They weren’t living together and weren’t speaking about their problems. Does HJ try here to save her marriage? Nope. She still doesn’t care about the marriage.

    -SY tells her feelings to HJ after HJ states HJ trusts SH. HJ knows SH enough that SH is repaying the debt for saving their lives and marriage. HJ still gets annoyed and gets stains on her skirt.

    -SY tries to keep seducing SH but SH rejects SY TWICE. HJ doesn’t care and asks for divorce.

    -You ask KMW for a 1 night stand. Can you have an affair but not SH? Heh.

    -Sorry that the debt hurts you but you sent your husband to jail and never cared. You wanted to save your father instead of saving him and then hoping they can still save her father.

    What did you expect from SH? You never tried as a wife. Did you expect him to be on his knees?

  687. 687 : Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. So you are basing all of your assumptions on the letter she wrote? how about the 10 years they were together? she wasn’t devoted to him? She didn’t want to make it work? then why did she want to have a child with SH even though she had so many issues with pregnancy. do you remember how SH was sneaking behind her back and running after SY?? Again what was HJ supposed to say to that arrogant woman?? was she supposed to bow down and say oh I know why my husband came to work for you.. he likes you that’s why. SY was hurting her pride with her harsh words and HJ had to say that she trusted her husband. But then he takes off and goes to the countryside with that woman again. do you remember when he was talking to HJ and that whiny woman burned her hand? he had to hang up and run to her? do you understand that all these little things affected HJ? her husband was out of town with the same woman who was causing so much pain to her. oh my God.. I am pretty sure you are a man and you can’t understand what all these little details mean. if they didn’t mean anything then the writer wouldn’t have incorporated them in the story. there is a reason for all these small details that you are ignoring. if HJ was such a bad wife why did SH say that their marriage was a sweet dream and that he didn’t want to wake up from it. you remember every word HJ has said but nothing SH and SY said. SH said that he made many bad choices and he changed after Hong Kong and that change forced HJ to change too.. you don’t remember any of this?

  688. 688 : Lynn Says:

    You made me laugh… Reconciliation after he drove me nuts of thinking that I could trust him because he is my husband and I should just trust him. To hell with that kind of guy. You think I will just roll over in the mud after I know what been going on behind my back?

    I will trust whole heartedly one time and that’s it. After that no regret, no hi, no hello, you will never see me again. And you better run coz everytime I will see you I will drive the hell out of you.

  689. 689 : WoopDiDoo Says:

    @Lynn @Ally

    Sorry to see the both of you are just like HJ. I hope you don’t make irrational decisions like HJ does and regret them later. I also hope you’re there for your husband much more and actually more dedicated than HJ was to SH.

    Have a good day!

  690. 690 : Lynn Says:

    @ Ally

    Its now pretty sure. Its a 100% sure that woodidoo is man, has a heart like a man that wouldn’t understand the pain of a woman. This person can’t relate coz he or she will never be….EVER…

  691. 691 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    I am a man thank you. But I also am not biased since I also see how SH developed feelings and how HJ never tried as a wife.

    I am sorry you are victimizing your own gender and part of the relationship but at least try and debate the drama from an unbiased point of view? I’m not ignoring the pains of a woman, I’m just arguing based on what happened in the drama. It’s not my fault HJ never tried as a wife, because I’m not the writer.

  692. 692 : Lynn Says:

    Of course, I will not coz I will not stick my nose to a person who doesn’t love me in the first place. I will not waste my time figuring things out when it is already useless. And I will not be a fool and will never let myself interact with those people who will take me for a fool.

  693. 693 : Lynn Says:

    OMG! I have a feeling but still surprise when you admit that you are a man. So that is why…. HMMMM, no wonder why….. I admit that I was so stupid there for a moment to convince you when it was hopeless. I mean, you cant be a wife and you never will, EVER!

    There Ally, that’s solve the mystery…LOL… wonder why it took a long time.

  694. 694 : Lynn Says:

    You know Woodidoo…. this is for a fact..

    A man solve a relationship problem like a math. But a woman solve this kind of problem base in their emotions. So there you are……. men from mars, women from venus.

  695. 695 : Pam Says:

    I like MW and HJ get back together and she get pregnant .
    I don’t know why but i’m not interested in main lead love story .

  696. 696 : AVOPIECE Says:

    Sooooo SH true LOVE is SY!!!! 🙂 Daebakkkk!

  697. 697 : AVOPIECE Says:

    Im a little bit disappointed about the ending. But SH and SY are together in the end! Congratulations to CJW, KSW, LJJ, PHS. Staff and crew except the writer. lol

  698. 698 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    Okay that’s great.

    You talk about solving problems as a wife? But when did Hong Joo try to solve her marriage? Oh wait, she never tried or cared. :/

  699. 699 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    How you want to view the drama is up to you 🙂

    I’m just stating that I’m watching it from an unbiased point of view. And while I do see where every character is guilty, the writer did mess up badly from episodes 7-8 like I mentioned before.

  700. 700 : Lynn Says:

    Just stop this woodidoo….Coz now you are acting like a woman. You are a man and that is you point. I am a woman and this is mine. Then so be it and just stop coz we are going nowhere with this. We are just two different people with different views and we look certain problem or situation in different ways. So lets stop banging our heads on the wall coz it is useless.

  701. 701 : AVOPIECE Says:

    @WoopDiDooo Very well said to your comments! Keep it goin! 🙂

  702. 702 : NagNag Says:

    There is saying ; Birds of the SAME feathers flock together .

    SH was attracted to SY even after she offended him .

    HJ liked MW enough to befriend him ( Though MW has known SY since young , SY didn’t like him at all )

    If you get cheated , you would be better off reflecting on your own shortcomings in the way you handle or treat your husband , unless your husband happens to be a playboy or womanizer by nature like MW . Then perhaps you would be able to salvage the marriages .

    SH was not a playboy , & thus for him to be attracted & fall for another lady would be near impossible , unless his wife’s had a part to play . Little wonder that SH would fall for SY eventually .

  703. 703 : Ally Says:

    @NagNag.. I am pretty sure you are a man too.. You can’t see what SY and SH did wrong. This writer is relaying all the wrong messages but oh well!!!

  704. 704 : Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. SH wasn’t sneaking behind HJ’s back after he moved out.. he was doing it when they were still living together.. he moved out after she tried to have a kid and she caught him sneaking behind her back and seeing SY.. yes you are a man and you can’t see how little details affected HJ.. you only see what you think HJ should have done.. hence the difference between a man and a woman!!

  705. 705 : Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. your comment about us being like HJ is pretty rude… first there is nothing wrong with HJ and second you don’t know us at all.. so you must be like SH.. you think it is ok to cheat, lie, go behind your wife’s back and start liking another woman..a man needs to have some fun, right????

  706. 706 : wallace woo Says:

    attention c.c is still not turn on as of Tuesday why is subtitle still missing for temptation

  707. 707 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    Um maybe you just don’t have reading or watching comprehension.

    1. I did say SY and SH are guilty.
    2. I said HJ is guilty too?
    3. When did I say it is okay to cheat?
    4. A woman can have fun too. Like Hong Joo? Spending the 3000 in HK? Then committing suicide, sending SH to jail, saving her father?
    5. SH is guilty of cheating. Yes, I said it again.

    I’m sorry you think so much about SH cheating and nothing about other details.
    Like I’ve said, my problem is with HJ not being a good wife. And like I’ve said, SH cheated because he got nothing in return from his wife.

    And like I’ve said countless times, they’re all guilty. I’m not saying it to your liking but the writer relaying the wrong message is the point of the drama.

  708. 708 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    To explain further so you don’t misunderstand like all you have.

    My problem with HJ not being a good wife led to all the bad things happening. SH was wrong to cheat on his wife, and should have forgotten about trying to repay the debt after HK. HJ shouldn’t have tried to commit suicide and should have tried to talk with her husband, thinking about not sending him to jail, instead of just thinking of her father. SH is wrong to have thought of SY after HK. HJ is wrong to have neglected her husband. She should have tried to save the marriage and talk after HK ended, immediately after.

    The writer should have done a better job in episodes 6-8. Because they wrote it as HJ being trusty and then everything fell apart. I thought they should have either made SH cheat “harder” or have had more action. Or at least not let SY tell HJ that SH rejected SY. Writing it up like this where they led watchers to think things were going okay, then having it all break apart with divorce made no sense.

  709. 709 : Ally Says:

    @WoopDiDoo.. you are very rude and telling me that I don’t have reading or watching comprehension is way out of line. is it because I don’t agree with your point of view? well you don’t agree with mine so you definitely must have some sort of comprehension issue too.. according to you if someone doesn’t agree with you has comprehension issues..wow.. I think I am going to stop wasting my time on someone like you.. it says a lot about your character.

  710. 710 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    Um you’ve been asking questions to me and I’ve been answering at an unbiased point of view depending on what happens in the drama. Sorry if you find that as a problem.

    I just find your statements like, since you’re a man you can’t see what SH and SY did wrong. But I guess that’s your way of attacking others who don’t agree with the victimized HJ point of view?

    I mean like I’ve been saying SY/SH are guilty and you’ve been attacking me for still not siding with HJ? Sorry but I’m not with HJ?

  711. 711 : WoopDiDoo Says:

    You may think I’m attacking your point of view but sorry if I come across that way.

    I’m just surprised so many sided with HJ since she did a lot of things wrong I feel alongside SH. And I just feel that wasn’t ever a need to go down the path they went, since SH still loved HJ. I thought the writers could have added more action and cheating before the divorce.

  712. 712 : NagNag Says:

    @WoopDiDoo – Way to Go !

    Just finished EP 19 . SY, Fighting !

    Very happy for HJ as well . She had indeed learnt her lesson & mended her way . She was at peace with herself & was no longer feeling bitter or being irrational . She even persuaded MW to stop causing further harm to both SY & SH , as well as rejected MW’s love .

    SY requested for HJ’s nursing assistance to care for her after her surgery . Some people may find it funny but I guess SY meant to show her appreciation to HJ by getting close to HJ after knowing that HJ was the one telling SH about her surgery & as such , HJ had stopped blaming her .

    Moreover , SY had her sister Se Jin to worry about , as Se Jin was in love with HJ’s brother . So , although they may not become best of friends , but could at least be cordial to each other for the sake of both Se Jin & HG .

  713. 713 : Ally Says:

    @NagNag.. way to go justifying SY’s every single action!!!! this is totally hilarious.. She wants to get close to HJ? after seducing her husband? maybe she should just leave her alone and when and if they ever see each other again they can try to be cordial. She wants HJ to take care of her after everything she did? she wants HJ to witness her love story with her ex-husband? This is unreal. She should leave the poor girl alone. She has redeemed herself. Maybe SY should learn a lesson and redeem herself too!!!!

  714. 714 : Wow Says:

    Episode #20

    Everyone is nice and friendly with each other!

    Beautiful Ending!

    No one die!

  715. 715 : Ally Says:

    @wow. where did you watch it?

  716. 716 : Wow Says:



  717. 717 : plain Says:

    although I have not yet watch today’s episode,but I really thank God this writer did not kill my baby SY,making this drama stair way to heaven TWO,I could have travel to Korean and strangled him,happy ending makes my blood pressure come down a little bit.

    Nevertheless,I want temptation part2,where HJ will not come between my beautiful baby and my handsome SH again,this drama ends I just don’t see any other Korean drama out there that worth watching,matured drama with good line story.

    I hope the next project Choi Ji Woo will be in will also include the two male leads on it because,she has a great charisma with both of them.I take a glimpse of SY dress in this last episode,wow,she look absolutely beautiful elegant,wish you all the best in your career Choi Ji Woo.

  718. 718 : Mary Says:

    @woodidoo. When u say SH tries to reconcile with HJ, what were his efforts? I really hope you don’t mean he went out n bought the new set of rings. Did he ever stop seeing SY? No. If he really wanted to make his marriage work, he would’ve stopped seeing SY. If he was a good devoted husband, he would NOT confess his feelings to another woman no matter what circumstances. It only gives the other person hope. It’s like saying, my door is closed but window is open. And no, I didn’t see any scenes where SH chasing HJ but plenty SH chasing SY.

  719. 719 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    I mean that he finally was honest and told her that he developed feelings for HJ. He should have went further and told HJ that he rejected SY. But I guess the writers wanted SY to do that for him(?).

    He never stopped seeing SY because of what HJ said in episode 6, repaying the debt. The countryside trip only made it worse since it went away from debt into more feelings perhaps. I didn’t see any scenes where SH is chasing SY because he rejected her twice :O I see him chasing SY after the divorce.

    Either way, I’m just saying, that both HJ and SH are guilty since they both never reconciled or made an attempt to even discuss the problems. HJ wasn’t dedicated to SH. SH just felt further away into SY’s territory. HJ never dragged SH away from SY or made an attempt to.

    Like I’ve said, I just felt the writers should have done better E6-8.

  720. 720 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    err I mean developed feelings for SY. Either way, I just think both weren’t dedicated to one another enough after Hong Kong. They both just went their separate ways and never tried to solve problems.

    I mean, I never meant that SH was a devoted husband. Just saying HJ wasn’t a devoted wife. SH wasn’t a devoted husband either.

  721. 721 : Mary Says:

    @woodidoo. Have u ever wondered why HJ just gave up? She lost that trust in SH

  722. 722 : WoopDiDoo Says:


    Yes she lost that trust. She deserved it a bit too since she never tried to reconcile with SH herself. I mean yes, SH committed a guilt of cheating on his wife.

    I just hated the divorce happened abruptly. Still, I still think it’s not that HJ gave up. She never tried in the first place, whether it was HK or after.

    Both should have done more. Since SH had been with SY in HK I will give her that point, but HJ saying she wasn’t dedicated and never making an attempt to help SH during HK before SY made the deal was a sad part of her character in my opinion.

  723. 723 : loulou Says:

    What an awful drama….such a waste of time and talent

  724. 724 : Sandy 2 Says:

    @Woopdidoo, I’m so tired of hearing that HJ lost SH trust. In actuality, he lost her trust with his actions. Look how many times SY didn’t trust him SH nor confide in him. Not confiding in him on serious matters when he asked her to over and over again, is a form of not trusting. But HE kept pushing and pushing her to trust him. He never did this with HJ. I see SH as a man who wanted to be with a wealthy woman. She paid for him lock, stock and barrow.

    The writer didn’t kill her off in episode 20, but he gave her a death sentence. Her chemo was successful as it is with most, but it usually returns between 1 to 5 years. The message in this drama for all the single ladies is, if you see a married man go for it. Hit on him as hard as you can and just maybe you can take him from his wife.

    An awful message for a Korean drama.

  725. 725 : aul Says:

    Its the worst drama ever…. So happy not watch it…. Just want to know what people said about this drama……nobody wants to be cheat n divorce, ….

  726. 726 : Janice Says:

    What I got from the drama are:
    1. Learning the real meaning of trust. Depends on how you see it, analyze the parallelism between HJ trust for her husband, and SY’s trust in SH.
    2. It will hurt someone who you claim to trust, to learn that you do not have faith in him/her when you have know him/her so well.
    3. Listen.
    4. marriage should have a strong foundation.
    5.Marriage has its challenges, and women have great role to play. Unfortunate but true. It’s not business where the ROI is equivalent to your investment.
    6. Forgiveness.
    7. In this drama it says: if you’re not happy with your marriage or it turns rough, just quit! (and in many Korena dramas, where divorce seems to be so easy to process)

  727. 727 : Ally Says:

    @Sandy.. you are so right about this!! Wow.. what an awful message and what an awful writer! I haven’t watched ep 20 yet because I just can’t find it but I guess it is totally ok to cheat on your wife and sneak behind her back and it is ok for a wealthy woman to buy love and to break a marriage!!

  728. 728 : Ninutz Says:

    I really don’t like KWON SANG WOO character in this drama….
    Disappointed ….
    Hate the ending….

  729. 729 : AVOPIECE Says:

    SY: Our ill-fated it is over now?

    SH: Of course, the only fate is to stay FOREVER. 🙂

  730. 730 : Ally Says:

    It is too bad that Kwon Sang Woo played such a bad character in this drama.. So disappointing. He is pathetic. And SY is a sad sad person who snatched someone else’s husband and she never redeemed herself. Bad writing and terrible message to the audience. SH is totally pathetic. Hard to watch how he forgot about his one and only love and sold his soul to money! Very pathetic ending. wow!!! by far one of the worst Korean dramas I have watched.

  731. 731 : Nne123 Says:

    I’ve been married for 18 yrs to same man and will marry him again and again. Marriage is not a bed of roses…it takes a lot of hard work. People react differently to situations. We women always want to play the victim without trying to find out if and what if we contributed to the problem in the marriage. Something I didn’t like about HJ’s character is how easily she gave up.
    1. She told her husband that should her dad lose his house, she will hate him for it.
    2. She attempted suicide due to money issues.
    3. She refused to fight for the man she claimed she loved so much.
    4. She walked out of her second marriage as soon as things got bad(oh shoot that was no marriage at all. she did good there.)
    Yes I would have supported HJ if SH had actually slept with SY. But he didn’t. In spite of his attraction, he rejected SY and was willing to try to work on his marriage. If HJ had at least tried, it would have made sense to me. I guess in this day and age where divorce is so common, We can all walk away from our marriages so easily. She left SH for being attracted to another woman and married MinWoo for whatever reason….what a laugh…she did get to see the real definition of INFIDELITY.

    Now this is my opinion and I’m entitled to it. Do not comment on it and just write ur opinion of the drama. As for me. I LOVE THE ENDING. GREAT!!!!!!

  732. 732 : Ginger Says:

    #721. I totally agree with your sentiments and I love the ending. A salute for HJ as she became strong in the process.

    There is no right or wrong when a marriage fails. It could be due to a lack of trust for the other half, intrusion of a third party or one can just fall out of love.

    Great drama

  733. 733 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Nne123 @ 731 who has been married 18 years, you say HJ gave up, and SY didn’t. Look how many times thorough this drama that SH went chasing after SY. Over and over and over and over….he tried hard to make SH change who didn’t trust him to tell him anything, who wanted to give up many times. AND you the married woman find fault with HJ? When they have flashback of SH and SY relationship, they are flashback of him while he was married to HJ, and you say HJ was wrong. I suggest you and the others forget about Stairway to Heaven and watch this drama for what it truly showed: A evil woman seducing a married money greedy man.

  734. 734 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Ally at 730, I agree with you totally.

    Avopiece @ 729, the really sad part about their forever is the writer gave her ovarian cancer that has spread to other organs. Those organs will have to be cut out–part of her intestine (she may even have to have one of those little bags outside of the body for waste). Her life span is no more than 5 years. So he spared you fans her death, but her future is bleak.

  735. 735 : Sandy 2 Says:

    [email protected], every time I read that SY trusted SH I have to roll my eyes. Please watch the drama. When did SY ever trust SH with her problems or issues? How many times did he beg her to let him know when she’s facing issues? Over and over again. The difference in this “Trust” as you call it, is SH MADE AN EFFORT to get SY to trust him, something he NEVER did with HJ–never. He broke her trust when he accepted the offer thinking it meant he was going to be sleeping with this woman for money. That’s exactly what SY wanted HJ to think–that’s why she told SH he couldn’t have any contact with his wife. That was the first betrayal, letting another woman dictate how he interacts with his wife. The second part of his betrayal was taking her on a date–bike riding and later playing in the water. That’s when his cheating began. He then started seeing SY behind HJ’s back. When they think back to their moments of love in episode 20, they were during the time SH was married to HJ. So what is this crazy comment I keep hearing about trust? The writer handled this horribly.

    HJ left SH because he had already left her!!!!! This drama is if you see a married man and you want him, go after him even if he’s married. And try to tempt him anyway you can to get him. Even if it’s with money.

    It also says, if you need money, just sell your body.

    Please people—watch the drama and stop trying to make something beautiful that is really ugly. Two people who were really mean and hateful to HJ time and time again. The person who didn’t care about his marriage is SH and that’s why he could move on at the speed of light as if the 10 years never existed.

    I also suggest you read the bio for this drama and each character, you will also see that the writer changed these characters completely. HJ was the 1% that truly completed SH; however, the writer changed this completely. MW was supposed to be a faithful man to his responsibility and good–what?

    You would have to be blind not to see how the writer completely changed all the characters into different people in 1 episode. Just plain messy writing with no real moral value.


  736. 736 : Janice Says:

    Whatever Sandy 2. Be happy with your own life. The drama has ended. Enough said.

    I’m just so relieved it ended. My next stop, May Queen. I heard it’s an uplifting drama, you may want to see it, Ms. Sandy 2. Btw, I just finished, Fated to Love you. You may wanna see that. It’s saccharine sweet with cherries on top:)

  737. 737 : NagNag Says:


    GREAT DRAMA ! CHOI-JI-WOO ssi , gamsahamnida . Saranghaeyo !

  738. 738 : zugbugirl Says:

    liked the ending. love prevails.

  739. 739 : WoopDiDoo Says:

    Nice ending, I expected a little more to it I suppose.

    Choi Ji Woo didn’t do bad I suppose, though she continues to play that sick woman role like in Beautiful Days =_= always sick in the end.

  740. 740 : Jil Says:

    Ye hey Happy ending for CEO Yoo and Manager Cha!

  741. 741 : senahensem Says:


  742. 742 : Mary Says:

    @ally 730 & sandy 2. I agree with you girls. Awful message & worst ending. To those morally conscious, you will have a hard time watching this drama.

    If you guys want a good drama (and don’t mind the traditional wardrobe), I highly recommend The Princess’ Man.

  743. 743 : Ally Says:

    @Mary.. I had a hard time watching the drama too, especially the ending and SH’s pathetic behavior and how he fell so deeply in love with another woman and he forgot about his one and only love!! And how they glorified SY at the end. I guess it is totally ok to use your money to test people and to buy them out and to ruin another woman’s marriage!!! what an awful message but I guess some people are just mesmerized by the “chemistry” between SY and SH and that’s all that matters to them!! I disliked SH even more than SY.

  744. 744 : Proverbs31 Says:

    I agreee with HJ supporters, it was the worst ending it was a punch below the belt twice, i guess HJ paid SY for saving her life on the last episode cause HJ save SY too by taking care of her on that first day and didn’t leave her dying which she could have. Plus when SH drove her to the bus stop and told her not to see each other again cause it will not look good for SY sake i wish SY said the same thing to SH when they were seeing each other when they got back from HK. Now that is a true woman, who doesn’t want to create any more pain to someone. No matter what everyone say I give HJ a five star on her character. She is the winner of all the character on this drama. Good job HJ!! keep fighting!!

  745. 745 : Mary Says:

    @Ally. I must be the only blind one that can’t see that awesome chemistry between KSW & CJW? Lol. I’ve been a long time fan of KSW since Sad Love Song & Bad Love but his more recent projects are disappointing.

  746. 746 : Ally Says:

    @Mary.. I agree with you.. I don’t see any chemistry between them too.. I didn’t like KSW’s character in this drama at all. I hope he chooses to play a better character in his next project 🙂 I like him too.. I don’t know HJ’s real name but I like her too and I would like to see her and KSW together!

  747. 747 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Janice @ 736, If you next stop is at May Queen, enjoy. The only thing uplifting about that drama is the end. The bad guys all ways win up to the very last stupid episode. The men are crapola too. Oh, wait, I’m sorry. Yeah, on second thought you will love that drama if you thought this foolishness was good.

  748. 748 : lclarakl Says:

    This was written by another poster on Soompi. Poster I123 stated the following and I agreed with her so much that I had to share:

    This is the most disturbing drama I have ever seen. I have never been more revolted by fictional characters. SY/SH displayed arrogance, entitlement, greed, betrayal, and a selfish disregard for others until the very end. Where was the repentance and acknowledgement of wrongdoing? The couple owed themselves and those that they hurt recognition and an apology for their misdeeds. This included SY’s family and HJ’s dad. SY’s effort to apologize to HJ was centered around concerns for her own circumstances, her cancer and her inability to have children. She appeared haughty and condescending in her interactions with HJ. In contrast HJ apologized to those she felt she hurt with no personal regard for herself. She is the true heroine.

    SY was just a demon and the cutesy talk and tears made her even more unlikable. The anger and disgust while viewing this drama was overwhelming. Clearly the writer/director understood what they are exhibiting. Is this the message we leave with the viewers? Be manipulative, self absorbed, unrepentant and nasty and you shall get what you want to the exclusion of all else. SY/SH’s tears and concerns are for themselves and SH’s pursuit of bringing down MW was based on protecting SH/SY’s own misdeeds.

    For me the most unlikable character is SH. He is a delusional, self-righteous, self-serving, opportunist that viewed himself as a humanist and doing no wrong. He was more unethical and ruthless than MW. His spying on MW and accepting illegal tapes from the unethical Lawyer Choi was despicable. I found myself rooting for MW. SH did not take a second to self reflect, had absolutely no growth the entire series and appeared to have slipped into the gates of hell in his unending servitude and dogged devotion to the almighty SY. A love of 10 years vanished in moments for HJ and a coldness, meanness, condescension and dismissiveness remained. The sickening contrast of treatment of the two women was appalling.

    Something else in this drama was also unnerving, the demoralization of HJ. There was snobbery toward the non-rich, SH surveying HJ’s father’s apartment, HJ on her knees cleaning the floor and later trudging groceries into the apartment. SH giving her ugly nurses shoes because “he knew her legs would swell “. SY beckoning her to be her nurse and making sure she knew that she was in charge, (telling SH not to take HJ to Seoul and drop her off at the bus stop). What was the writer doing? CALL the woman a cab.

    The drama had so many obvious weaknesses.

    1. The direction and motivations of the characters. Absolutely no rhyme or reason at any point in time.

    2. Crazy events. (Stupid fight scene with MW throwing briefcase with valuable information on the ground) SY’s father in the dark regarding her illness.

    3. The underdevelopment of HG and Se Jin’s relationship as a storyline in relation to SY/SH/HJ and their families.

    4. SH as a failed small businessman, now dynamic white Knight Businessman allowed to be defacto CEO.

    5. Never knowing what HJ’s true interests were, since she chose nursing only because she wanted to help her family.

    6. Not showing love and intimate scenes with HJ/MW. He was clearly happy on the couples’ return from their honeymoon.

    7. HJ divorced 2 men, no alimony from either man? This made no sense. MW was type of man that would not let HJ go way with nothing whether there was an agreement or not. His Position as a CEO and his love for her would not let him do that.

    8. Gimmicky, repetitive love scenes of SH/SY and sappy annoying music

    9. Important Secrets, never revealed.

    I ask myself. What was this??? I like stories that are intriguing, thought provoking, inspiring, cutting edge, and different. Believe me this story had none of those qualities. It was disjointed and absurd most of the time. It started out as interesting and turned into pure crap and was an ugly message to send to impressionable young people. Falling out of love with your spouse and in love with someone else happens in life but arrogance, betrayal, greed, manipulation, cruelty and a selfish disregard for others are behaviors that should not be glorified.

  749. 749 : lclarakl Says:

    Mary @ 745 and Ally @ 746, you’re not alone. I didn’t see any chemistry in these characters. If you want to see chemistry between actors, then Fated to Love You (Korean) and It’s Okay, That’s Love. Those actors had smoking hot chemistry.

  750. 750 : mama Says:

    kenapalah perampas yang harus menang? bagus rating drama ini pun rendah…saya suka pelakon lelaki dan pelakon ppuan utama tu…tapi watak yang diberikan kepada mereka secara tidak langsung menghancurkan karier mereka. Saya amat tidak menyokong ending cerita ini……sebab saya mewakili isteri yang didustai…….sakitnya bagai dihempap bangunan. Tapi kenapalah dalam drama ini perampas pula yang menang???????????

  751. 751 : mama Says:

    yang jadi mangsa sebenarnya bekas isteri manager cha………………sangat tidak sesuai ditonton oleh isteri pertama………..

  752. 752 : Rose Says:

    I consider Cha Suk Hoon the most upright character of this drama; he never betrayed himself and constantly followed his heart after he returned from Brasil, being unwavering in his love, trust and support toward Se Young.

  753. 753 : mama Says:

    ally, i’m proud of you…..yes i don’t like this drama……….veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much, you know why??????????? i’m victim too……….

  754. 754 : lclarakl Says:

    Rose @ 752, does that really make sense? SH is upright because he never betrayed himself? It’s not upright to betray others. It makes him a man where his words doesn’t matter. Yes his heart is with SY now, how that love developed I will never know, but if she’s still alive in 10 years (doubtful), will he love her then. Based on what we’ve seen of his character, probably not. What makes a person have great character is not about themselves, but how they treat and deal with others.

    The only true outstanding person in this drama is HJ—the only one. SH, SY, MW, JS, HG, even the doctor friend, none of them have a moral core. Just because you heart wants it, doesn’t make it right to follow it. As the bible says, The heart is most deceitful, who can trust it?”

    His love for SY started with his love of money, power, and position. I have no respect for his character. I agree with the actor who played SH when he said, and I quote, “SH is a bad guy. It was difficult for me to portray him.”

    Even the actor himself could at least tell the truth about SH the character.

  755. 755 : Nadege Says:

    Glad I stop at episode 15. This drama again had no morality, ethic, responsibility to others, repentance, growth, sense of guilt, or understanding of ones actions. It was full of arrogance and self entitlements especially from SH and SY (Example, I can steal (ie SY seducind SH) but you can’t (I.e MW stealing companies or business deals from SY)).

    Four things about this drama was fundamentally wrong & made the drama especially the ending (base on comments I have read) problematic for me

    1. SH accepting the 1 million & the conditions when clearly his partner/wife/so call love (fragile one may I add due to the debts, miscarriages, and potential lost of her fathers home which he work all his life for) was against it (marriage is a union if two & he ignore her feeling)

    2. SH not fighting for his marriage when HJ ask for divorce. He gave up too easily for a so call man who wAnted to save his marriage by buying new rings. Instead of going to Brazil, he should have taken those two month to try to get his wife to change her mind about the divorce & stop associating with SY. Deep down I don’t think she wanted the divorce, she tempt him with divorce to see if he truly Love with her & will fight for her & prove her wrong. Instead he proved her right.

    3. After just a MERE two month he starts a relationship with the woman who was the final huge nail in the demise of his marriage. Really! That time frame was too short & it was a forgone conclusion he would date SY once he got back from Brazil a mere couple of days or weeks after his divorcee and prior to moving to Brazil. Also the hypocrisy of SY to show feeling of sorrow for the demise of his marriage without him calling her in it when tha was her end goal all alone.

    4. The comple arrogance SY display before and after she got her man & SH himself. Terrible husband & person!

    I would have better like it if the HJ character was wriiting intelligently. I mean I would have divorce him & never looked back & live happily with my father & found someone else to love & adopted and/or biological child with. Even use a serrogate. Or not married if man were afraid or judgemental of my divorce status & adopt or do invitro!!!

  756. 756 : Nadege Says:

    @ 748
    lclarakl. Thanks for that repost. I totally agree with that viewer’ assessment!

  757. 757 : kimnic Says:

    im totally dissapointed.

  758. 758 : tevfik demir Says:

    BU drama türkiyede çok tartışıldı ceo yoona çok kızıldı ama senarist insanları şaşırtan bir son hazırlamış…

  759. 759 : Janice Says:

    @Sandy 2. Really? You must have watched that crap too to be able to give that advice. How ironic–you.

  760. 760 : Janice Says:

    For those who like to bash the writer, please review definitions for melodrama. This is definitely not an art house production (what did you expect???). Rewrite your own version of the story and send it back to the people who made it. Who knows, your talent in writing might get discovered.

  761. 761 : Janice Says:

    oh and Sandy 2, have you seen Miracle in Cell No.7? Do let me know if it’s same old crappy thingy. I wouldn’t wanna waste my time over that too.

  762. 762 : icegirl Says:

    Hate, Hate, Hate this drama…wasted 20 hours of my life watching this! everything about this drama is just CRAP! from the script down to the self-concious and wooden acting of KSW and CJW…this is the only drama i have ever watched that i wasnt rooting for both the leads…i wanted to strangle them! in last episode when the doctor told YSY that the cancer has spread…i felt no sympathy for her…i was looking forward to see her die actually…*evil laugh*

  763. 763 : Diyan Says:

    Yesss… Happy eNd… ^^

  764. 764 : sadgrandma Says:

    I’m so sad cause this drama doesn’t shows the moral code of korean dramas which makes them different of the occidentals. I disagree of the ending of the trama. I wish that the rich women with cancer died after the apologies. How she can be so happy of her doings? Totally disappointed inviting to hurt people without analyzing consequences.

  765. 765 : NewKoreanDramFan Says:

    This is my take on this dram, which should have been more successful in its rating ( never higher than 6th or 8th….) due to the following factors:

    1. The writer told an unconvincing story about this temptation
    a. What kind of business judgement that Yoo Se Young would trust Cha Suk Hoon to help her out in huge business decision , even the fact that Cha Suk Hoon was failing in his business , even though he was deceived by his ex-partner. That could mean C S was lacking in business experiences
    2. Throughout the drama which just showed that CS made a few presentation and research…..not totally convincing that he is an ultra sharp business man…
    3. CS used his fist to fetch the documents from KM…..absolutely not convincing again ….!!
    4. Only After three days of encountering CS expressed in his liking towards SH…..totally unconvincing again here…..
    5. CS , who never told his wife what had happened during his 3 nights stand with SY, just asked his wife to trust him……very convincing again here…..
    6. It is very unconvincing for the fact that rumors can be spread so easily by using internet …….so as to damaging any company…..

    There are more unconvincing matters that , I believe, all the viewers should spot through these 16 episodes……

    In my opinion, I believe, the writer or director, due to the fact that they thought they could use those two reunion of two stars:

    Kwon Sang Woo

    Choi Ji Woo

    However, they failed in their attempt….because they made an unconvincing story that viewers will not believe…..

    Park Ha Seon is a good actress , however, I am sorry that her character was portrayed poorly by the writer.

  766. 766 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Janice @ 760, we expected the writer to at least follow his own character description. Also, if this is going to be a melodrama, then letting the evil B*&%@ SY die for her evil arrogant attitude. The writer wrote a horrible story. Then the writer took the ex-wife who husband was seduced by $1M and power, a woman who had not long before had a miscarriage, and a woman who has a sweet, gentle caring soul, and in episode 19 had SY push to make HJ her nurse. How cruel can you be? The writer wrote an awful mess. I will never watch another drama that is written or co written by one Han Ji Hoon. He is a terrible writer. Nor will I watch anything directed by Park Young Soo.

  767. 767 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Also, Janice @ 761, I haven’t seen Cell No. 7, but rest assured if I had, would provide you with my honest feedback.

  768. 768 : KDCraze Says:

    I’m glad I didn’t watch this drama after reading all the comments. My friend keeps telling me to watch it and now she ended up telling me how she hates this drama. The reason I didn’t watch it because I don’t like the drama about an affair or infedelity. Although Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo are good actor/actress in their previous drama but the story doesn’t attract me. Thank goodness I didn’t watch it otherwise is such a waste of time.

  769. 769 : aul Says:

    I hope one never repeat again this drama soooooo hate this drama……stupid drama ever…..and so many people agree what they do…..wow…

  770. 770 : lulu Says:

    Does’nt like the ending. This show is full of crap. No woman would like her husband taken away by a home wrecker slut like SY. There’s no morale. I would be glad if they gave justice to HJ. Better if she live a new life with MW, coz MW seems to love him already. Wish SY died in the end.

  771. 771 : Janice Says:

    Someone said this:

    Sep 02 2014 6:48 pm
    Thank you for such a thought provoking story! The characters are complex and there is something good in each that I totally want to support. You seem to say, Don’t be self righteous, because you never know what you might do given the circumstances.” It also seems clear that focusing on destroying others is toxic and self destructive. Am I reading too much into it? It’s a great story; I applaud your work so far and hope every episode will keep me on the edge of my seat as the one before it. Thank you! Thank you!

  772. 772 : crreese Says:

    heyy,, why so many comments about this drama. This is was a good drama. It had everyone talking. The writers did a good job. If you don’t like the ending dont watch it. Just move on guys. And watch other dramas there

  773. 773 : faye faye Says:

    good drama, happy ending..
    Choi Ji Woo, i looking forward to your next
    drama, and Kwon Sang Woo too.
    all the best.

  774. 774 : lclarakl Says:

    Janice @ 771 and Crreese @ 772 and Faye faye @ 773, I find that the only people who find no fault with this drama are the ones who liked the actors together and wanted a reunion of Stairway to Heaven. In my opinion, the reasons given by these fans for SH and SY to be together, had nothing to do with the facts presented in the drama, but more to do with they looked good together.

    I will read that SY really put her trust in SH. That is just a flat, outright untrue statement. She never did trust him. She didn’t trust him to tell him enough about the important things in her life or business. However, when he would find out, he ALWAYS came running and begging her to tell him. She never, ever did–even to the very end.

    Then it will talk about this deep love they have. In the very beginning of his drama you see a man who appears to deeply love his wife. She appeared to have a deep love for her husband. Enough that she was going to kill herself so that he could pay for her father’s house and SH wouldn’t have to go to jail. She loved him this much. Side note: the plotline from the writer was STUPID to me. I can understand her loving him that much–even the bible say that there is no greater love than to give your life for someone. However, if ANYONE should have been feeling desperate enough to commit suicide, it should have been SH, not HJ. That made no sense. Because when you look at everything the writer put HJ through afterwards in this drama and she had no thoughts of suicide, then this plotline in the beginning was just crappy writing and illogical. And the way the writer continued to dump on her was ridiculous. Even honest hearted SY/SH supporters had to acknowledged the writer was taking things to the extreme were HJ was concerned.

    This story started out as thought provoking in the firs 2 episodes, but the writer completely lost it. I would say, stop watching this drama for the actors and star watching it for the characters and their actions. For me, It’s unbelievable that people would support someone as cruel, mean, hateful, as SY and as selfish, weak, quick to sell himself, as SH. After SY gave him the million dollars and less than 2 months later he’s back from Brazil while he only thought of her, she buys him a watch and he accepts the expensive watch. Where was his man pride. This showed he had no conscience about taking money from her–it showed his greed. He gave over his rights as a husband and let SY dictate when he could and could not contact his wife.

    The writer didn’t develop any of these characters. The only person that had growth, was HJ. The writer avoided a lot of topics in this drama that he created because he didn’t know how to clear them up. How is it, no one still knows that SH and HJ were married (Dr. and SY’s sister)? How is it HJ didn’t tell her father the truth? Why did HJ marry MW when she could have told the whole truth about what SY did and it would have had a much bigger impact? The fact that SH never has seen the mean side that SY always showed HJ or MW. MW knows SH better than SH ever will.

    Lastly for all the married women who love this drama, I have to straight out laugh at you because this writer is making a mockery of marriage and it’s telling those of us that are single, hey go after those married men if you want them and just because they are married, don’t let that stop you. I go on business trips all the time with men who are married, but I have lines I don’t cross with them and they know it. I may be a little strict in that regard, but I do it out of respect for their wives. Nor do I have so much confidence that I think I couldn’t be tempted, so for me it’s just better to avoid the situation. I wonder how you married women would feel if all of us single ladies turned into an SY on your husbands since you loved her character so much.

    Again, this is the worse drama of all times. The male actor has only played in flops for me and I have desire to see him in anything else, nor the female lead. If you want to watch a thought provoking drama about a husband cheating, the watch the Taiwanese drama The Fierce Wife. She was married to a loser like SH. You go through her pain and betrayal, but you see before your eyes a woman who takes charge of her life. I kept hoping the writer would do the same for HJ and some of the women I know in real life who changed their life around after a cheating spouse. He didn’t. He just put women down saying if you’re not rich, you will lose your man to money. A mockery and awful writing that was all over the place.

  775. 775 : lclarakl Says:

    772 @ crreese, one other thing it wasn’t good because it has people talking, it was just that shocking and bad. It had no moral value. There was not one person in this drama that told SY she was wrong for going after a married man. Only her father, but he put that aside so that SH could save his company. SH–a man whose on business went belly up, allowed himself to be purchased by a woman for $1M, there is no Board of a company in this country or any other country would let someone like this take control of their company. This was just a plain stupid fantasy plot.

    People kept waiting for the writer to show that evil doesn’t pay, he never did. He showed that evil pays and that’s the way you should be. That is the problem with this drama and what people have an issue with.

    The actor truly has been picking crappy roles and is showing up his lack of acting; he was very wooden and expressionless most of the time. Maybe this had to do with him saying he had a hard time portraying this character because his character was a bad guy. Maybe he was having some inner conflict. My question to him would be, then why even play in this garbage. It has truly marked him off of my list of actors—because lately every thing he’s appeared in has been a flop or he’s been unlikable.

  776. 776 : Happy Says:



    YOUR MINE LOVE or ONLY MY LOVE( Namanui Dangshin) —– ENDLESS LOVE.

  777. 777 : Happy Says:

    If this drama Temptation Suck Big time :

    Watch this drama made in 2013. Had Couple names on this drama

    Tale Of Two Sister—- Sincerity is the Way of Heaven / Sweet Springs /
    and Sincerity Moves Heaven

  778. 778 : fourgreenrose Says:

    Min Woo told to Se Young:
    “Life is like a multiplication table. No matter what kind of man or love you have, if
    you’re a zero, then there will be no product at all.”

    Se Young told to Seok Hoon that she didn’t understand her fellow friends who built sandcastles and explained that it seemed pointless to build something that was going to eventually fall. Eventually her life is a sandcastle.

    Se Young said, “I wanted to become a conflict between you and Na
    Hong Joo. I wanted to test your trust, love, and connection to see how weak it is”.

    She had a good hunch, their love was very weak, collapsed at first crisis.

    Se Young told to Hong Joo Se “I don’t even expect you to forgive me. My life isn’t that pathetic for you to forgive.” Eventually her life became pathetic and she asked for forgiveness.

    Ji-Sun meets Hong Joo to sincerely thank her for taking good care of her girls. Eventually Ji Sun is more mother than wife and she recognize the warm and kind heart Hong Joo has.

  779. 779 : Ally Says:

    i just watched bad love. wow I love the character Kwon Sang Woo played in Bad love compared to the bad choice he made playing in Temptation. he is a great actor. Too bad he wasted his talent in Temptation!

  780. 780 : hopia Says:

    love the ending!!!!!

  781. 781 : Snow Says:

    What a waste of precious time. I knew I should have stopped at episode 9. Worse drama of the year for me. I thought worse drama ever was Crazy Love, but no. It’s Temptation with all the foolishness about sandcastles. The only thing that gave me joy is knowing they both will eventually suffer–although the writer is not showing it.

  782. 782 : Janice Says:

    I’ll say it again, all the characters are flawed! The script has some holes in it, I give you that. I am a married woman. There is not a single character that I would root for. They actually just made me appreciate what I have. If people could relate to the flimsiness of marriage as portrayed in this drama enough to spark disgust; then that must be the root of all the bitterness.
    I watch Kdrama for the alternative storytelling it provides, I pick up what good I can, or make contrasts to my reality so I can glean something from it. There are things that I do not understand–probably because it’s Korean culture based, etc. But at the end of the day, its just drama. Meant to provide entertainment. Entertainment doesn’t always mean TO ME, something that will make me feel good. I am looking at a different culture, I am just being open. In life, there are so many strange things happening, you don’t have to be influenced or affected by it, but you become aware that, aha, so there is something like that. Kdramaland is full of stories that are sooo RIDICULOUSLY unreal, I wonder where they get their crazy ideas, but that’s part of their appeal and charm TO ME. Anyways—LAST POST. Thanks.

  783. 783 : Snow Says:

    Janice @ 782, I think that’s why some of us have a problem with this drama, It DOES NOT reflect the Korean culture. I expect this type of craziness in the U.S. In a comedy. It was a downer to see these actors in this drama, such a waste.

    That’s why I started watching K-dramas. They can be a little ridiculous, but they for the most part had a message to learn from–here it’s zero.

  784. 784 : Michelle Says:

    The best review of this drama could be found on couch-kimchi….it was honest and refused to fall for the 12 year reunion…..


    I really didn’t have to watch the drama at all after reading the weekly recaps….she summed up the drama REALLY well….

  785. 785 : lclarakl Says:

    Michelle @ 784 agree with you 100%.

  786. 786 : Rose Says:

    @ Iclarakl & company

    Never hate something so much that you can’t let go of it otherwise you waste your life in limbo.

  787. 787 : ghost Says:

    @Rose, you spot on!

  788. 788 : iin Says:

    love hong joo n min woo. boring with cjw n kws

  789. 789 : lclarakl Says:

    Rose @ 786 – LOL!!!! Thank goodness my life isn’t in limbo over this stupid @$$ drama. I find it ironic that you’re even making that comment….goes both ways. You too ghost @ 787.

    [email protected] agree with you 100%. I loved HJ and MW together before the writer decided to change him completely.

  790. 790 : ghost Says:

    Iclarakl what’s your problem?

  791. 791 : iin Says:

    this drama only dedicate to kws n cjw. the writer please second season to mw n hj. their chemistry too deep. when i watch this drama where scene kws n cjw i remove my remote. boring with them. the writer please hj n mw.

  792. 792 : Rose Says:

    @ 789 Iclarakl

    Whatever you say, but your comments in Soompi Temptation’s page are quite relevant.

  793. 793 : lclarakl Says:

    Rose @ 792, Once again– The same goes for you.

    @iin, again agree 100%!

  794. 794 : faridah Says:

    Love this drama very much…superrbb…love the actor and actors as well

  795. 795 : Sandy Says:

    People, watch this drama for yourself and not for the actors just because you’re a fan. Even if you are a fan, what for the plot, characters, storyline, flow and how issues are addressed and handled.

    You will see if you don’t have blinders on that this drama is an absolute mess. These actors are so stiff, reminds me of old Shakespearian plays. The way the write developed this “love” story, it comes across as sordid and if you’re reach and mean and you find a weak puppy dog man, then you can buy love.

  796. 796 : lyla Says:

    The script writer is crazy! i hate this drama so much. it wasn’t fair for Na Hong Joo, she deserve to be happy. she should end up together happily with Kang Min Woo. well, tempation part 2 maybe only for NHJ and KMW in love love love each other.

  797. 797 : santie Says:

    Love this drama so much….able to accept by logic why they get divorce. Like kjw and cjw finally together

  798. 798 : Snow Says:

    Hated it with a passion. I think this is the worse drama I’ve seen in regards to a storyline that has absolutely no morals.

  799. 799 : Siok Says:

    After watching, I think this is really a terrible drama. It just prove that men cannot escape from being tempted by rich and beautiful woman, no matter how good and loving he can be toward his wife. If the ending show that SY died and both SH & HJ just remain friends would be good.

  800. 800 : Yam Says:

    I dont like this drama. Choi Ji Woo I dont like her roke too. Im in epi 10, dont know if ill continue watching or nit.

  801. 801 : Eliza Says:

    I really really like it..:))
    I’m so happy & contented with ending.
    Another drama & movie for choi ji woo & kwon sang woo.:))
    To the director & staff thanks so much

  802. 802 : Lilian Says:

    In my opinion, what divides so drastically the audience of “Temptation” it’s Hong Joo’s attempted suicide. Meanwhile a part of viewers considers it as a wife’s ultimate act of love, others consider as an unacceptable act of betrayal towards Suk Hoon and her family.

    Here it’s Hong Joo’s adios letter to her husband:

    “Suk Hoon ssi
    I’m at peace now. I decided that I won’t try so hard meaninglessly,
    That’s why I don’t have to hold on to any regrets or resentment.
    If you look beside our wedding album, you’ll find my insurance policy.
    I hope you can protect my dad’s place with it. That’s all I can do for him.
    I’m asking you kindly to do that for me, Suk Hoon.
    I know you went through a lot, I’m sorry I couldn’t comfort you and hurt you instead.
    Please forget everything and forgive me.
    I was a happy and blessed woman to be your wife.
    Thank you for our wonderful time together.
    You’ll be forever in my heart. Good bye Suk Hoon.”

    I think that having this letter before our eyes without any images; maybe will help some of us to understand better.

  803. 803 : uhahaha Says:

    Love the ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must watch

  804. 804 : Snow Says:

    @Lilian, I read it a number of times. This is the writer’s fault for having such an ambiguous letter. I took it that she felt she didn’t fulfill her duties as a wife by not being able to have a child with the number of miscarriages. I also take that she was saying her death would cause him pain and she’s apologizing for it. She’s also writing this with the mindset that he will read this letter after her death.

    You are right, this caused a divide between the groups. Her wanting to commit suicide made no sense to me and was a gimmick used by the writer. If it had been SH who had lost everything, including his business partner, would have made more sense than HJ.

    I truly think the greater majority wanted to find a reason to reunite the stars from Stairway to Heaven. This drama didn’t work for me.

    It tried to take something ugly and make it beautiful, but it just didn’t work. There are some beautiful dramas airing now, but Temptation wasn’t one of them.

  805. 805 : aline Says:

    Another third women winning, this is a bad situation , all those
    Begin with money ,and if you have powerful you can control everything.and woilaaa that third women winning .i feel sad and mad

  806. 806 : jhez Says:

    i don’t like the ending. its worse..the fact that the third party won. Hong Joo deserves to be happy because she offers the real love towards his husband but was being betrayed and hurt. So sad for her.

  807. 807 : Regie viernes Says:

    I really really love this drama especially with choi ji woo .I watched it on DVD and I spent 10 hours each night for 2 days to complete 20 episodes ….even up to now Out makes me laugh:-)I’m very thankful to SBS:-)LOVE YOUR DRAMA.hope they show here in the Philippines also:-)

  808. 808 : Regie viernes Says:

    My love from the stars is good:-) but Choi ji woo your the best for me I love temptation

  809. 809 : princessmyumi Says:

    AHHHHHHH….why don’t i watched it earlier…it’s my fault that i got affected by all the negatives reviews…about this drama…..where the TRUTH is this drama is a’ two thumbs up” for me……this drama can give us a lot of insights and lessons in life….

    1 million for three days….HAHAHAHAhahahahaha…….it made me laugh out loud…..its not what many people think…

    I liked the ideas and twist of the author….many of us think that it was cha suk hoon and yoo seo young is at fault ….but i think it was na hong joon who started it….she had a collapsed trust for her husband……



  810. 810 : zairena Says:

    I don’t like the ending

  811. 811 : Sandy Says:

    This drama was the worst bit of carpola that I’ve seen in a while. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything this horrible and mean before. Where evil wins and someone with a sweet heart and kind spirit is made to suffer to the bitter end. I hated the husband stealing mean/evil woman and the cheating weak husband. You have to be a fan to like this drama. On top of that, it ended with a lot of loose ends and no closure on a lot of things. HATED IT with a passion.

  812. 812 : Snow Says:

    Love it!! They didn’t make it even a little close in getting on the list for best couple. Because they were a terrible couple with no chemistry. I’m so happy they didn’t make it! Already knew they wouldn’t. This drama was just terrible in the message it contained.

  813. 813 : Lclarakl Says:

    Have to agree with you @Snow I was happy to see that this drama didn’t win any awards. It was terrible. Why the two main actors signed on for this drama is beyond me. Maybe if the writer had stuck to the original plotline it may have been okay, but when they tried to turn this into a love story; out of selfish greed, selling of one’s self for money, and just a mean cruel woman who demeaned a kind woman until the very end (not to mention bought her husband), this mess was truly a mess. Glad it received the award it should have—NOTHING.

  814. 814 : NagNag Says:

    I MUST applaud CHOI JI WOO ssi & KWAN SANG WOO ssi for both their decisions to take up the lead roles of this drama which had such controversial yet realistic story-line ; LOVE is lost if NOT treasured, same for Loved Ones. Get REAL !

    Their passions in acting & their willingness to try out different challenging roles without having being stereotyped , are truly COMMENDABLE . Both of them are indeed REMARKABLE as Actors , NOT superficial just going after popular awards .


  815. 815 : Thunderbane Says:

    Great drama I like it alot! And I have to admit that Choi Ji Woo is phenomenal. She gave us an amazing performance from minute 1 to the very end. Love it, and this drama is in my favorites list!

  816. 816 : Snow Says:

    I have to laugh at people who are fans that try to put a twist on how these two loved each other. They so blinded by being a fan, that they even call this realistic. The most unrealistic character in this drama was the wife. I don’t know any wife in real life would have tried to protect the cheating husband and the woman he cheated with by keeping silent. The fact that her husband sold himself for money with the belief when he took this job that he would have to sleep with this woman, painted him as weak. He was so fearful of possibly going to jail for 3 years or less that he was willing to sell himself. The question is, what would he do if faced with the same situation with SY 5 years from now–if she’s still alive?

    I love that the ACTOR, Kwan Sang Woo called his character a bad guy. A character he had a hard time portraying. I guess the actor like a lot of us saw that the wife was willing to give up her life for her husband to live in peace. He in turn, despite being extremely loving in the beginning, within two days gave up that love for money. The sad thing is it showed he was nothing but a gold digger and that is why he wanted to be with his sugar momma. I found it funny that after the actor forgot he was married and had that passionate kiss with Choi Ji Woo, they didn’t have another one after that. Oh, they may have kissed, but it was definitely your typical drama kiss after that.

    I love seeing behind the scene clips of the actors interacting together off screen. It was very easy to see who kept flirting with whom. I’m sure his wife in real life took note too.

  817. 817 : lgunasetiawan Says:

    Just don’t understand what the author wish to deliver when a single, rich and powerful woman stealing somebody husband and live happily ever after. I don’t think it is logic.

  818. 818 : Sweetpeaga Says:

    What a depressing drama. It appears the husband was nothing but a fake from the very beginning. I have to make sure I look up the writer’s name in the future, I definite want to avoid any of their future work. I hate this drama with a passion. ***spoiler***** The wife didn’t deserve this treatment. Not only that, it is very clear that the writer lost their way in this drama. Funny thing is, to punish the cheating woman, the writer gave her cancer that spread. End the end, the wife is the only one who could walk with her head held high.

    I am confused about something. In the drama bio, the writer stated that the wife made up the 1% that made her husband complete. However, in watching this hodgepodge drama, that point was never seen. I hated the husband more than all the characters.

  819. 819 : Gret Says:

    Wotta!! lols I enjoy reading all these and the show itself too. Fighting SY!! People should understand that wife should be a bit tolerant in order to keep the relationship together. She should have been forgiving in order to keep the marriage.

  820. 820 : Gretcaution Says:

    This drama taught me one thing about writing, that there’s limit for everything. I’m actually writing a story which has a dark story line but after reading all these comments I became hesitant to continue it further. Here’s the link https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/23505068-a-widowed-billionaire-english

  821. 821 : Lynn Says:

    Hong Joo was bad enough when she was just the bland, poor-me wife, but she’s starting to really grate on the nerves now that the writer’s decided to give her a vindictive, evil streak.

    There’s basically been no logical basis for the transformation either. Hello, you’re the one who pushed for the divorce and continued thinking the worst of your husband. Yes, he had a crush, but he never acted on it and was willing to fight it and make things work between you two. You, on the other hand, gave up before anything even happened, then blamed everything on Se Young before deciding to marry a rich man purely for the sake of taking revenge. Am I meant to feel sorry for you?

    -saw it soewhere and I got to agree!!

  822. 822 : rani Says:

    I like hong joo and min woo couple, but i hate yoo seo young and cha suk hoon

  823. 823 : Snow Says:

    This drama is a hot mess. The wife is the only person I felt sorry for in this drama. The husband came across as someone who was willing to sell himself for money. He automatically assumed that he was being paid a million dollars to sleep with the woman and he agreed to do it. By the 3rd day of their “business transaction” he took her on a date and fell in love with her. His wife had asked him not to do it, he did it anyway. People taking about this is a beautiful love story because the woman paid for a man to lure him away from his wife that showed them up both as awful creatures. The writer giving the cheating woman ovarian cancer that is spreading does nothing to appease my detest of both the husband and the woman he ended up with.

    People blaming the wife doesn’t make sense to me. He had no respect for his wife. He accepted the deal thinking he would have to have sex with this woman; nor did he listen to his wife. I hope I never see these two actors in a drama again. In looking at a few of the behind scenes, she, the actress, appeared pretty flirty with her real life married co-lead; I’m sure the wife had something to say about it because the way he kissed her in following episodes changed dramatically from the first kiss….lol!

    The writer made a mess of this drama and I will avoid future work.

  824. 824 : Snow Says:

    Rani @ 822, I agree with you. I liked Hong Joo and Min Woo couple too and hated that the writer had to try and make them worse than the cheating couple in order to glorify their romance. Sadly, the bought husband couple didn’t work for me at all. This drama also ended with a lot, and I do mean a lot of big giant gaps in the story that were left unanswered. It appears the writer gave up and realized they were writing crap.

  825. 825 : Salma Says:

    Good drama ,script, actors, writter
    The above comments want Perfect life but the life has Unexpected surprise

    I loved this drama, second time I love drama & characters have betrayal after “on the way to airport ”

    That means goog job from all the writter,

  826. 826 : Salma Says:

    Good drama
    I loved it

  827. 827 : Lclarakl Says:

    Salma @ 825, I don’t think the above drama want perfect life, they want realistic. Realistic life the wife wouldn’t have kept quite about the woman who offered her husband money for a weekend–nor would she have kept quiet about the weak, spineless, money chasing husband. Nor would the way the wife, who was kind and sweet, seek some stupid revenge plot.

    The writer, and it was very obvious, tried to make the cheating couple appear not so bad by trying to make others worse around them. I’m glad that the writer gave the cheating woman cancer that had spread because she was evil to go after another woman’s husband as a game–what goes around comes around.

    Glad you loved this drama with the wishy washy husband, but I thought it had a lot of unanswered questions and a plot that was stupid and made zero sense.

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