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Temptation of Wife


Title: 아내의 유혹 / Temptation of Wife
chinese title : 妻子的诱惑
Also known as: Wife’s Temptation / Wife’s Revenge / Cruel Temptation
Genre: Family, melodrama
Episodes: 129
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2008-Nov-03 to 2009-May-01
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:20


One night Goo Eun Jae got drunk and Jung Gyo Bin took this opportunity to take advantage of her. Eun Jae and Gyo Bin got married but their marriage is not a very blissful marriage. Eun Jae’s best friend, Shin Ae Ri, openly flirts with Gyo Bin in front of Eun Jae. Gyo Bin decided that he did not want to remain married to Eun Jae and tried to kill her. Eun Jae was presumed to have drown and died. Gyo Bin thought he was successful in killing Eun Jae and moved on with Ae Ri. Months later, Eun Jae is back for revenge but she presumes the identity of another woman, Min So Hee, who had killed herself. How will Gyo Bin react to a girl who looks exactly like his presumed dead wife, Eun Jae? Will he be tempted by So Hee?


Goo family

Jang Seo Hee as Goo Eun Jae (33)
Kim Yong Gun as Goo Young Soo (62, Eun Jae’s father)
Yoon Mi Ra as Yoon Mi Ja (59, Eun Jae’s mother)
Choi Joon Yong as Goo Jang Jae (35, Eun Jae’s older brother)

Jung family

Byun Woo Min as Jung Gyo Bin (35, Eun Jae’s husband)
Kim Dong Hyun as Jung Ha Jo (63, Gyo Bin’s father)
Geum Bo Ra as Baek Mi In (58, Gyo Bin’s mother)
Oh Young Shil as Jung Ha Neul (42, Gyo Bin’s aunt)
Song Hee Ah as Jung Soo Bin (31, Gyo Bin’s younger sister)

Min family

Lee Jae Hwang as Min Gun Woo (31)
Jung Ae Ri as Min Yeo Sa (62)
Chae Young In as Min So Hee (29)

other people

Kim Suh Hyung as Shin Ae Ri (33)
Jung Yoon Suk as Ni No (Ae Ri’s son)
Lee Kyung Hwa as Lee Kyung Hwa
Kim Hong Pyo
Ban Min Jung
Im Il Kyu as Detective Park

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Kim Soon Ok (김순옥)
Director: Oh Se Kang


Official Site


  1. 1 : HTA29 Says:

    so happy to watch again Jang Seo Hee. hope will be air here in the philippines…

  2. 2 : honey b Says:

    the title remains me of Temptation of Wolf

  3. 3 : marites gerona Says:

    nice and intersting plot. good to see JSH has new drama. shes a great actress but her partner is not handsome though. id like to see how the story unravels.

  4. 4 : dramaqueen Says:

    im gonna watch this soon

  5. 5 : alma Says:

    Hi! this drama is very beautiful..
    you have to try and watch it. Lee Jae Hwang is so handsome….
    hope that Eun Jae and Kang Woo will end up together…
    Aeri is so bad.. Im a wife and I really hate this woman’s guts. who stole her best friends husband… and to tell you having gyo bin as a husband really makes a wife so sad.. a man who can never stand on his own and be loyal to his wife..
    Destiny is really something..because there are many instances that Eunjae and Kang Woo family crossed their paths.. or it is really something that binds a soulmate and destiny that Eun Jae and KAng Woo have to deal with.. so romantic…

  6. 6 : Saya Says:

    it’s very interesting.

  7. 7 : grace Says:

    how many episodes is this drama? why there is no rating for this drama?

  8. 8 : doogii Says:

    hi everyone this is very nice movie i like it

  9. 9 : odnoo Says:

    ene kino unen tasartsan kino shu

  10. 10 : saku Says:

    i like temptation of wife. this movie is awsome
    everybody need this movie
    mongolian people are see every afternoon

  11. 11 : artim Says:

    nice nice

  12. 12 : solongo Says:

    mongolian’s very like this movie….

    i love jo kang woo…. ^_^

  13. 13 : MEDREL DOOGII Says:

    zailaarai yanhnuud mini ta nar l ene kinond durtai yum baigaa biz mongolchuud en ter geed gaihuulaad bh yum bhgui shu

  14. 14 : JIJY Says:

    No this movie is incredibly rediculously FAKE. So hate this movie fake fake n the screenwriter must have some kind of mental problem. So stupit and tiring and boring Fake drama of all time. If u watch this drama u r gonna have heartattack or u will have some kind of health problem. Because of the fakeness

  15. 15 : Zaza Says:

    No not all Mongolians watch this stupid drama. It is just waste of time and u will have sickness in ur stomach coz of the fakeness and ShinAri=s stupid angernesss……. I would highly recommend u to NOT TO watch this drama. You can rather watch Cain and Abel also Hateful but Once again. Boys before flower. And my all time favorite drama is: My GIRL. and Full house Bad love, Hello Miss all Lee da hae=s dramas. U guys definately will enjoy all those recommended dramas.
    Enjoy remember DO NOT watch Temptation of wife

  16. 16 : 최신영화드라마보기 Says:

    최신 드라마보기

    최신 영화보기



  17. 17 : narka Says:


  18. 18 : kirsten Says:

    this was good but becoming annoying this time what a heck going back to his husband again and getting married. ridiculous. i hope that eunjae and kang woo will be happy together a the end.

  19. 19 : hollywood Says:

    I did take a glimpse of a few episode randomly on this drama.
    This is a rather ridiculous story, so unrealistic. Written so badly, the
    writer must be out of his/her (not sure the name is male or female)
    mind. Come on, if you wanted to revenge, there are better ways of
    doing it by anyone with some common sense.
    Don’t waste time watching the entire drama.

  20. 20 : alkrjla Says:

    shut the fuck up you losers! this is the highest rated drama of 2009! this drama just kicked boys over flowers and the dramas that you;ve been mentioning through its ratings, parodies, fashion statements and GREAT AND REAL ACTING!!! this is meant to be unrealistic! people like you are just like aeri who cant accept existence of other devils in the world….

    Who cares about Lee Da Hae?! she’s fucked up..she doesnt know how to act…she doesnt have talent anyway….im so sick and tired of watching cutesy pathetic dramas about shitty love stories…

  21. 21 : arnie Says:

    i watched it from start to the end. cast are very good. heavy drama…

  22. 22 : stephanie Says:

    Well! Actually this movie was the biggest hit in Mongolia, you all know it! And almost every girl has Eun Jae’s hairsyle haha! anyway it is absolutely true that movie was huge hit in MONGOLIA

  23. 23 : Kaui Says:

    where ca i watch this drama online?

  24. 24 : Marianne Says:

    I have watched every episode of this drama, and I absolutely love it. It’s definitely different from other romantic dramas, because there is more drama. I have never gotten bored watching this.
    You can’t judge this drama just by watching a few episodes, you just need to watch and understand. You also can’t compare it to cutie dramas like boys over flowers, my girl, and full house, they don’t have as much drama, or feeling. Temptation of wife. You’ll never learn what a great drama is if you continue watching those, this always happens cutie dramas, with cute guys and loveable fights they have. This drama actually makes you feel what the main character feels, hatred for those who betrayed her, and satisfaction when Shin Ae Ri, and Gyo Bin get their just desserts. Plus, there ends up being a lot of surprises, so it’s worth watching.

  25. 25 : Debbie Says:

    My husband and I watch this drama every weekend, and we love it! Can’t wait to see how it ends. It’s a lot different than boys over flowers which we loved too. I’m starting to prefer the korean dramas over the american dramas! Keep up the good work!

  26. 26 : anna Says:

    thanks you for sharing the link… i love it …

  27. 27 : Naty Says:

    Hi everyone, I’m a big fan of this korean drama we watch it every weekend and we can’t wait to see the end of this story, I really admire the actors and actresses, they are really doing a great job. I don’t watch other soup operas but this one really loved it!!!

  28. 28 : dp Says:

    Asia soap opera’s have substance. There are too many trashy, shallow, insulting to the intellect morning drama to gag a morsel! Keep up the entertainment.
    P.s Asians, don’t repeat the same mistakes of hate other groups have enacted! I have always admired your individuality and resilient nature.

  29. 29 : sky Says:

    This drama started out well, then it drifted away from the main story. I agree it is very suspenful, but in a crazy way. The writer(s) just got carried away on this one. The actors were great though. But a so-so drama.

  30. 30 : cookie58 Says:

    Just started watching first two episode of this drama. Think it should be quite an entertaining one cos it case one of my favourite actor Lee Jae Hwang.

  31. 31 : nezy Says:

    wow, this is the drama of all drama and the best of all. i love and enjoy watching everyday. ….

  32. 32 : charlene Says:

    did the two main characters ended up together ?

  33. 33 : neg Says:

    no .. she killed him and buried his body in her backyard .. duh

  34. 34 : yako Says:

    ermm… did u knw tat this show is under repair in mysoju>

  35. 35 : Suzy Says:

    wat serious? she killed her exhusband and buried him?? what abt the her best friend…the one who snatched her husband away??

  36. 36 : heo so young Says:

    i love this drama so much !

    i love all the actor n actris .
    so cooooooollllllllll.

  37. 37 : ika Says:

    I like this drama, the story is diffrent from others drama korea. Very touching drama… Love the actress, JSH. Hope the ending is happy for JSH.

  38. 38 : Lynn Says:


    I am wondering when will ” Temptation of Wife” be repaired? I am anxious to continue watching this drama. 🙂

    Warmest Regards,

  39. 39 : Monique Says:

    How come videos need to be repaired? And when are the repairs going to finish? I missed an episode and am very troubled because I can’t watch it…

  40. 40 : akjhtak Says:

    I LOVE JANG SEO HEE (goo eun jae)…her acting skills here in this drama shined in the SBS DRAMA AWARDS! she got the highest award and temptation of wife got 6 awards!! they outshined other “cutesy” and shallow dramas..

  41. 41 : poipoip Says:

    you can watch temptation of wife with english subs in youtube!!!

  42. 42 : fan of Lee Jae Hwang Says:

    Why didn’t Lee Jae Hwang win any award in the SBS korean Drama awards 2009??? I thought he acted very very well and i like him alot…

  43. 43 : cassie Says:

    I’m so upset that Jae Hwang didn’t receive an award for his acting…I felt he really deserved one especially for his crying scenes, they were sooo natural and real 🙂

    did Jang seo hee thank Jae Hwang in her speech??:P

  44. 44 : nonik Says:

    i love this couple and this drama… JSH and LJH have a good chemistry and good acting,too!!

  45. 45 : fan of Lee Jae Hwang Says:

    totally agree… Lee Jae Hwang should have won the best actor award la… Haha… But i think those judges think he is still young so they gave the award to the older people (more experienced people).. Anyway.. Lee Jae Hwang is still the youngest lead actor compared to the other 3… So i believe there is plenty of opportunity for him to get an award in the years to come… Good luck to Lee Jae Hwang and i will support u all the way…

  46. 46 : park young ae Says:

    واحدة من روائع الدراما الكورية

  47. 47 : ziena Says:

    is this a joke or someting i mean they couldnt recognize her cause she changed the hair style waaaaaaaaa
    and the cast is simply horrible

  48. 48 : stardust Says:

    i am watching this in singapore and am really happy that the encai managed to take her revenge.

    the worst is aili. she is so thick skinned and always think that the family was hers to begin with. argh…

  49. 49 : mimi Says:

    i love it and i love its song !!!

    from SA

  50. 50 : babyblue Says:

    hi! i’m a big fan of korean drama every weekend i will watch this beautiful drama can’t wait to see the last episode don’t miss thiss drama at 7 every mon to fri

  51. 51 : Metto Says:

    head ache.. so tired to follow still got so much to see. but it’s the most excellent drama ever see. so many conflict. fighting all.

  52. 52 : hue Says:

    wow…great show,my very first korean drama series and its fantastic,kept my glued to my tv….great acting skills and good storyline…ending very touching and sad coz JSH very forgiving nature

  53. 53 : Erer Says:


  54. 54 : Nivetha Says:

    It brings me tears at the end of the story.
    Wishes to writer..

  55. 55 : Ziggy Says:

    I can’t believe it but I missed the last few minutes of the show because of recording error! Can anyone tell me what happened when Eun Jae met Min Gun Woo at the beach? What’s inside the little black package? Thanks in advance!

  56. 56 : jung Says:

    so long…….I’ll just watch the last episode…..

  57. 57 : Moo Says:

    the writer is sooo good. good story line. it make us hate Shin Ae Ri so so much for all the bad things she do. but at the ending part it make us feel that she is so poor thing and all our hate is gone and had forgive her for all she did. EXCELLENT!!!!!

  58. 58 : zayar linn Says:

    I like this great series very much . I watched this series in Myanmar . I like it and this drama Temptation of a wife is a best series in the world.

  59. 59 : mutiara Says:

    I don’t really like this drama… too many conflict,,but it’s rather good…

  60. 60 : mel Says:

    woow… 129 episodes? so long…

  61. 61 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  62. 62 : nining Says:

    it’s look not fun,, i’m not really interest,, hmm

  63. 63 : soumaya bouslah Says:

    i love korean drama

  64. 64 : soumaya bouslah Says:

    i loove korean drama

  65. 65 : Saruthovan Says:

    shin ae ri is the best charcter in this drama i think. she had done better than main actress.

  66. 66 : weng Says:

    it’s a nice story you surely don’t want to miss! specially for all the wife out there who experienced being cheated by their husband! IT’S PAYBACK TIME!

  67. 67 : Irelyn Says:

    I guess this is a very nice and inspiring story to whom boys and girls can get some lessons and to be aware of….

  68. 68 : santepheap Says:

    I really like this drama, because it’s have a lot of taste for perform actress in this drama too!

  69. 69 : Panget Says:

    Does one of you guys know where to download this 129 episodes of a full novel instead…? thank you very much in advance…

  70. 70 : Ash Says:

    FIVE STAR FOR THIS DRAMA! I like the ending sooooo much! One of the very few dramas I like.

  71. 71 : Nuna Says:

    The character played by Oh Young Shil is so successful. Ha Neul is so cute & adorable despite her age. Through her, we see the beautiful side of human nature – pure & harmless, which is heartwarming. I must say the characters of Min So Hee & Shin Ae Ri enhance the show very much in that both women played each their part very well in portraying possessive women scorned, especially thumbs-up to Chae Young In in her role as the immatured and manic depressive sister. Of course, all the other characters cannot be undermined or the show would not have been such a success.

  72. 72 : Nuna Says:

    Jung Ae Ri as Min Yeo Sa – 62 yrs old? How can it be? She certainly looks 20 yrs younger! Love this very cool and collected Min Yeo Sa in the drama. Credit must be given to Jang Seo Hee for her excellent transformation of Goo Eun Jae, a demure housewife to that of “Min So Hee”, a sophisticated lady in the series. The drama series does have a logically good ending with Shin Ae Ri who harboured so much extreme anger and hatred in her that it’s only natural for her to be inflicted with terminal cancer, and rightfully, both evil souls (Ae Ri & Gyo Bin) ultimately returned to the ocean when Karma hit. Good message about
    retribution comes knocking because sometimes people tend to lose their moral compass and go to the extreme to do evil.

  73. 73 : danver Says:

    garo kamo boto!!!chupaon daa ni dandan ang beda jan!!!!

  74. 74 : danver Says:

    time kna b.a 1 hour kna

  75. 75 : j3j3MoM Says:

    . . .Im rEAllY AddIctEd tO thIs drAmA. . .lOvE It A lOt. . .^_^V

  76. 76 : rio rose dumalo Says:

    i really love this drama it made me crazy! this is the first korean drama that i spend most of my time i do sleep til 3am then wke up 6am to watch again coz i can’t sleep am excitd what’s gonna happen next i love to see the two couple lee-jae hwang in seo-hee jang you made my day full of love and happy veryday! i hw i wish u end togethr in real life! i love the story and concept bravo! and all actors and actresses are great! am hoping to go to korea to see the acotrs and actresses! lee-jae hwang and seo-hee jang hope u cn visit here in the philippines! love u both! Godbless muahhhugss

  77. 77 : Tempted to Watch (PH) Says:

    [PH LANG.]
    Dz k0rean drama is so cool. , Goo Eun Jae, ang ganda m0, hehe, Jung Gyo Bin, haha idol, babae tlga ah,haha . . .Shin Ae Ri, i was c0nfused why u flirt w/ s0me0ne’s husband, den nung npan0od q nah my anak k pla ky Jung Gyo Bin, naawa din aq sy0, pr0 ndi tama na agawin / sirain m0 ung isang pamilya. + karma w/ u and Jung Gyo Bin. . Haha

  78. 78 : hichigatsu Says:

    I really love this show…it’s touching and i like the story itself especially while Eun Jae is doing her revenge and at the end, changed, to fulfill her dreams…Lee Jae Hwang and Jang Seo Hee had a nice team up they look so cute together

  79. 79 : cyndi Says:

    i really really love this show so much i hate mistress!

  80. 80 : ariane Says:

    why i can’t watch this in mysoju.com!! its unfair!!!!!!!!

  81. 81 : Altheza_Philippine Says:

    very exciting drama! it will make you high and increase your blood pressure.lol! but very touching at the end, cant help to be sad and cry! 🙁
    congratulations to all characters here! very good acting! really really really convincing!!!!!!!!!

  82. 82 : analyn belarmino Says:

    i really love watching a temptation of wife!!! keep up the gud work..

  83. 83 : analyn belarmino Says:

    i like watching a korean drama!

  84. 84 : tracy Says:


  85. 85 : jun Says:

    really great drama…keep up the good work

  86. 86 : yuki Says:

    where can I watch this drama?

  87. 87 : marielle Says:

    wow gnda tlga

  88. 88 : klein Says:

    this drama is the best,..

  89. 89 : saima sadic Says:

    temptation of wife full episode

  90. 90 : lovely Says:

    how can i watch this drama?i can’t load it..tnx

  91. 91 : jinebeth Says:

    NICE STORY… LOVE IT… but because i have class, i can’t see it anymore on television…

  92. 92 : kimpson Says:

    i lopve it, it becouse the wife is revenged to his husband..

  93. 93 : kimpson Says:

    i love the story, anyway i recall it and i have a knowleged for that situition

  94. 94 : liezl jane padrons Says:

    love this drama…i’m currently watching this in GMA …

  95. 95 : miles Says:

    a very nice and touching drama

  96. 96 : dialem55 Says:

    anybody can help me where can i watch the full episode of this drama?i tried at mysoju but they are not complete.the epi 37-40,56-59 are not available.i love this drama and i hope somebody can help me…thanks…

  97. 97 : hyperpanda Says:

    I don’t know either I’m getting addicted to…I wish they put the full movie on youtube.com cause I’m dying to see it to.. By the way I’m from Philippines.

  98. 98 : mary rose gonzales Says:

    i really love watching temptation of wife i was really pity to angeline all casts are excellent actors and actress….hopefuly i can meet u in person….love you guys,,,mary rose gonzales

  99. 99 : kenny Says:

    i am watching this drama right now..but this time some part are broken..especially in wat videos..it won’t play..
    nkakainis!!..khapon nga mag-play pa..what happened!? i don’t want to miss even 1 part of it.

  100. 100 : Albert Says:

    when will the episode 101-129 be release? LOL i’ve watch all episodes in 2days. Don’t have enough sleep as of now^^

  101. 101 : cherrymae Says:

    where can I watch this drama

  102. 102 : marrys26 Says:

    amazing story…

  103. 103 : anne Says:

    sobrang ganda nito .. super haha

  104. 104 : xaomai Says:

    its so nice……

  105. 105 : xaomai Says:

    nice this drama..

  106. 106 : Jona Caran Says:

    i like this series, where can i watch all of the episodes, or can anyone send me the whole full episodes. i have a hard time searching on enternet just to watch episodes of this series. pls..pls..thanks

  107. 107 : Jona Caran Says:

    can someone send me the whole full episode of this series…pls…thanks

  108. 108 : cris Says:

    one of the best koreandrama…

  109. 109 : shaine Says:

    ang sama ni marcel kung ako kay angeline pa pulis ku siya bat ganyanka angeline

  110. 110 : chechebureche Says:

    @shaine>> nangengealam ka pa sa director ng temptation of wife!

  111. 111 : lyn pacia Says:


  112. 112 : Patricia Castillo Says:

    Great actresses!!!! I really like Lady Min, she is perfect in her role. She is super fantastic…wish to see her….

  113. 113 : anna Says:

    ganda talaga ng movie n 2……ka2iyak!!!!

  114. 114 : christine Says:

    one great series. even though it is very long, every episode is a superb heartfelt scenes. i love the storyline and it is very touching and as the story goes, it became more and more interesting and exciting!

  115. 115 : kas Says:

    i admire BYU WOO-MIN..

  116. 116 : blare Says:

    ‘ am lookin’ forward to see you gyo bin..:)

  117. 117 : bonakiddo Says:


  118. 118 : maerra Says:

    si heidi maganda khit kontrabida

  119. 119 : cALVIN clemente Says:

    sa http://www.mysoju.com/temptation-of-wife/

  120. 120 : cynthia..(philippines) Says:

    nice story

  121. 121 : baby Says:

    the temptation of a wfe is a nice tv show to watch.. i know there are lots of people can able to relate to the said story… i hate the character of the other woman…now it is air in philippines which was dubbed in tagalog….. i really like to watch it everyday…

  122. 122 : kohei Says:

    bumabangon talaga ako ng maaga mapanood lang to..

    grabe,,!! i really luv this drama..!

  123. 123 : superbkapuso Says:

    yeahhh..agree ako jan..this story ever touch my life.hehhe kakaiyak nga..super.. nag overnigt pa ako para lang matapos ito..hhhhahahha

  124. 124 : superbkapuso Says:

    very nice melodrama series..superb

  125. 125 : mitch_11 Says:

    sobra…..super ganda na talaga n2…sana magkatuluyan talaga si angeline at nigel…!!!!!sorang gwapo niya…hahahahaha……tapos si auntie madel tska si leo….hahahahaha…..
    love na love ko talaga e2ng drama n 2….!!!
    go go go go!!!!….ANGELINE GOO and NIGEL MIN…..!!!!
    kapuso talaga ako….

  126. 126 : mitch_11 Says:

    sana ang maging husband to be ko ay kasing bait, tapat, maalaga at mapagmahal katulad ni NIGEL MIN!!!!…..
    love guys!!!!….keep up the good work!!!

  127. 127 : joh06 Says:

    grbe ka adik tlaga ang temptation of wife!!! lagi kong inaabangan.. hahaha.. natutuwa xe ako kna aunti madel… hahaha good job… !!! the best !!!!!

  128. 128 : ALIAS NIGEL Says:

    kaka addict tlga . . kahit d ako mahilig sa koreanovela. .this one hooked me. . SUPER GANDA tlga. . KAAABANGAN TLGA ANG ENDING

  129. 129 : mina Says:

    Hi, sobrang dameng m-kkrelate s istorya ni Angeline… Why? xeh ako dn meju-meja…. hahah! sna mkpg-hganti n si Angeline…

  130. 130 : mina Says:

    Humanda ka heidi, at marcel… this is what we called _THE WIFE’s REVENGE> you betrayed her! lagot ka… gumanti k sa kaapihan n gnawa nla seo. sana nga ke nigel mpunta c Angeline… n2ral ampon nman pla xia ni lady min. sobrang umiinit n ang story, anak pla ni Romeo, & lady MIN c Aunt madel… cia c BITUIN.. ~_~

  131. 131 : superbkapuso Says:

    ahahha … unexpected ko nga na si kang jae hee(leo) at si madel ang nagkatuloyan…ngekz!!! ..

    hindi ko na tuloy pwedeng husgahan si ae-ri(heide)
    … kahit ganun sya..meron pa rin syang tinatagong kbutihan… basta… nice2 superb nice nito…

    GUN WU(nigel) the best
    ang gwapo mo heheh..

    keep in touch the TEMPTATION OF WIFE..
    nakakaiyak at napaka ganda ng story ever!!!!!

  132. 132 : joan_22 Says:

    nice talaga ung story everyday ay exciting……..
    ganda ng mga character palaban eh he!!!!!!!
    lage ko pinpnuod s internet inaantay q ung mga scene!!

  133. 133 : inez Says:

    ending yang tragis………………bagus banget..sampe bikin siang hariku nangis…….

  134. 134 : emz Says:

    I love all the characters! Excellent. Temptation of Wife is currently the biggest hit here in the Philippines.

  135. 135 : ptsh836 Says:

    i hv to salute the casting director for choosing the most perfect cast for this drama…nearly every character (even nino, aeri’s son) has done exceptionally well in delivering a very believable n watchable drama.

    the starting of this drama had put me off slightly coz i cldnt comprehend n accept that there were such evil n calculating characters such as eun jae’s good friend, shin aeri n eun jae’s money-loving mother-in-law n equally hard to believe, docile n abused eun jae herself. i could not believe nor want to believe that such characters ever existed…but i stuck it out since i read that this drama is tops in the ratings war.

    now ive moved along nicely till ive reached epi 76 wherein much more indescribable n horrendous acts had been committed that warrants an all out revenge war undertaken by eun jae against the guilty parties…

    what made me stick to this drama was to see how eun jae goes abt exacting revenge; tho getting herself married once more to her hopeless ex-husband beats me…

    n another thing i learn here is never ever trust yr hubby with yr very good friend; worse still yr half-sister.

  136. 136 : ptsh836 Says:

    i learnt a new term today n that is “makjang plots” fr dramabeans… which explains the term as having storylines that careens towards the extreme n are provocative, exaggerated n unbelievable….n voila!! this brings to mind dramas like temptation of wife n temptations of an angel. both these dramas really taxes yr thinking mind n hv u end up with a shaking head syndrome!!

    anyways, this kind of dramas are all the rage n trend today in korea and the majority of the viewers happens to be ahjummas…the more dramatic n the more out of this world storylines the better!!

    as in this drama, u will witness the transformation of a perfectly normal human being (as in shin aeri) to one who is given to screech, rant n rave non-stop like a lunatic n equally unbelievable is the mother in law of eun jae who is crude, cruel n who has no qualms in bullying eun jae at every given opportunity.

    i shudder to think shld these characters exist in real life…

  137. 137 : roslie mendibel Says:

    grabe!!!!ang ganda tlaga………..ang gwapo ni nigel…bagay kayo ni angeline…………………love u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  138. 138 : wilma Says:

    Hi, Mr. Min. I really like your character as Min Gun Wu. You’re a great actor. I hope you can visit Philippines. You have lots of fans here. Good luck and more projects to come.

  139. 139 : kim_28 Says:

    HAY NKU…!!!
    NAMATAY KAU..!!!

    AYOS LNG..!!!

  140. 140 : Brandon Says:

    This is one complicated drama. But the exceptional cast, story and direction made this one of the most memorable dramas I have watched. This is not a drama for the typical happy love story or for the impatient viewer. The story is vast and it literally takes all 129 episodes to get the story across. I loved all the actors that played the different characters. This is one of the best acted dramas. As I was watching I was into the story and characters and why they think certain ways. I would recommend this drama to all. But be warned it is very long and be prepared to be angry, happy and sad.

  141. 141 : vanessa taruc Says:

    ang ganda ng temptation of wife…palaban c shantal ngyon..good job….

  142. 142 : analiza Says:

    …ganda talaga ng temptation of wife……bagay na bagay sila madel tsaka si leo………..nakakarma na si piniritong isda(hiedi)…..sweet nila marcel tsaka ni angelene…

  143. 143 : iana_22 Says:

    cant wait na next episode,,,haha..ayoko panoorin sa internet..haha..

  144. 144 : ricz Says:

    hmm..,grabe na talaga ang labanan ng temptation of wife…humanda talaga yang marcel at hyde na yan,..itong c marcel nman parang c ampatuan..

  145. 145 : claiza cantor Says:

    i owe this drama so much…
    i can’t believe that marcel cheated and attempt to kill her even if angeli/shantal min is pregnant ….

  146. 146 : claiza cantor Says:

    ive finished this drama and i cant stop watching more here in philippines..
    so nice finale that heidi/ae-ri and marcel/gyo bin ended with each life in the sea a true love reveals when heidi got stomach cancer marcel jung really matured more as he escape the police just for heidi’s sake and go to the beach for her precious days together…..
    but how about nino?/…..
    is it angiely’s son or heidi’s son who do you think?…..
    email me at facebook
    [email protected]

  147. 147 : vrn Says:

    Nino is Heidi’s son courtesy of the brother of Angielyn… Yeheey! I finished the whole drama and i love it so much. I am in love with Nigel Min…

  148. 148 : rambel Says:

    …sana ulitin kc ndi q na napa2nood kc my pasok aq huhuhuhuhuhu

  149. 149 : raldz navarro Says:

    piniritong isda humanda ka sa bagsik ni shantall……………………..ganda talaga ng temptation of wife, this is the only korean drama that i like most!!!!!good job…..!

  150. 150 : vinx_025 Says:

    patay ka na ngyon ms.shin hamanda ka ………………….

    go…..! shantall

  151. 151 : jukiss_08 Says:

    ang ganda talga ng tem. of wife xobra……..!

    i love u shontall

  152. 152 : corazon Says:

    nice movie

  153. 153 : rovelyn Says:

    i love to watch Temptation of wife……

    this is the best korenovela that i ever seen……….

    xuper galing ng cast………..

    and xuper crush ko si naijel………..:)

  154. 154 : abby Says:

    nice show….i like the whole story…

    ….lee jae hwang.. love u..”
    i want to see you in person..

  155. 155 : terre Says:

    CONGRATS..to the whole casts esp to kim suh hyung as shin ae ri, job well done!!! a very wonderful and nice drama

  156. 156 : kiki Says:

    Temptation of wife a.k.a cruel temptation (tayang di Indosiar gantinya Kim Tak Goo) ..what a looooonng tv series.. takutnya nanti di Indosiar bakalan kepotong di tengah jalan 🙁

  157. 157 : chelchel Says:

    nice drama sobrang ganda nkkarelate koya ko ..

  158. 158 : maryanne Says:

    hoping all mistresses realize the sense of this novela…nothing is temporary…even happiness…goodluck to all home-wreckers..

  159. 159 : karl Says:

    this show is popular and no 1 now in daytime timeslot overall in the philippines….quite sad that it surpassed our own made show entitle “koreana”…

  160. 160 : nezzz Says:

    knapa sich episodenya panjang banget nyampe 129….??
    tkutnya uda terlanjur seneng ntar d putus di tengah jalan . 🙁

  161. 161 : AgzqMrNeil Says:

    i will surely sick f i couldn’t watch one of those nice episodes…

    diz show is a kind of n8mare to all mistresses..

    i didn’t xpect dat sumbody can do dat kind of worse jzt to hav a family..

  162. 162 : stranger Says:

    am from indonesia, the series has started being aired here, but what a long, long series – 129 ! usually korean series being aired here are not that long, mostly about 30 or so. and one of the thing that make me like korean series is that the portrayal of the daily life is sort of closer to reality, i mean compared to the indonesian soaps or series, but from what i read on the comments here, this one is not – is more “out of the world” kind of story (a plot that i dont really enjoy), and if the lead lady is to assume identity from another person yet still having exactly the same of all her old attributes, now i dont think that would make much sense, in real life i mean, and to add to that – it’s a long one. a long story tends to shift towards the “unreasonable” plot because usually it is difficult to maintain conflict – a reasonable one – among the same characters for a long period. but perhaps a long story would be a good way to “exploit” – in a positive way – the actors, so they could be really “all out” in performing and win awards.

  163. 163 : f132 Says:

    bagus banget…
    critanya menarik…
    tapi endingnya bikin nangis…
    hiks..hiks… sedih banget…

  164. 164 : maldinie03 Says:

    I started watching this TV show here in Philippines. Whenever I got home… I am always waiting for the air time… My day is not complete without watching this… I’m damn addicted to it… Though the story is long enough… some would say it’s kind of boring or so… But this story really rocks!! There’s a lot of twist of emotions… I think I can’t bear it all… I just finished watching the episodes online… I cannot wait… I’m anxiously waiting for the end of the story… Since my work shift changed I can’t watched it in normal air time… What a nice story and cast… More powers to all of the people who’ve been part of this!! Hoping for more inspiring stories or shows to come!!

  165. 165 : mahal Says:

    i really love the drama..it surpassed all koreanovela’s that i ever watched..the cast portrayed well…i really dont wanna watch the whole episode online or buy pirated dvd coz i like the feeling that i get excited everyday to watch the day’s episode…hahah..

  166. 166 : agnes Says:

    i’m addicted to this korean tv-drama..i usually wake at 10.30-11am but because of temptation of wife, nagpapa alarm pko pra mkapanood lng..hahaha! nung nagduduty ako every morning shift, i try to go out and take snacks,hindi dahil gutom ako but i watch temptation of wife dun sa tindahan..hahaha

  167. 167 : anna Says:

    Long time ago there was an Australian tv drama “Return to Eden”. The plot is exactly the same as this korean drama. I used to think that I’m addicted to Korean drama because the stories are more realistic than Indonesian ones. But this one is so boring and unrealistic. Thre are only b

  168. 168 : SarasH Says:

    last year….there is ‘Kesetiaan Cinta’ (drama) in Indonesia, the plot is same….I think that drama adopted fr Temptation of Wife (and also reported in one site before)….both of drama so boring although i’m not watching Indonesian version (because too bad, so strange…) but occasionally i watched the reclame in tv accidentally when i watch something…and i also not finished watch korean version because to me so tired (just my opinion guys…)

  169. 169 : indah Says:


  170. 170 : viola Says:

    OMG…. its long story…..? What about the ending…..????? I hope happy ending…..

  171. 171 : franceel fernandez Says:

    ang ganda talaga ng temp. of wife

  172. 172 : sue Says:

    i dOn’t miss an episode of ‘temptation’. so interesting!

  173. 173 : arie Says:

    dear kiki.. 129 episode itu krna 1 episode nya cuma 34 menit, indosiar nayangin sehari itu 2 episode.. jadi cuma 65 episode, hampir sama kaya queen seon deok atau dae jang geum

  174. 174 : francez batu Says:

    temptation of wife is d best movie in korean drama,why?coz its have a good moral to all pilipinos whos not contented in their relationship..some pilipinos in are country is not contented and just wat i say unfaithfull.

  175. 175 : Myks Says:

    No. 1 Korean drama right now in the Philippines, the best korean drama so far.

  176. 176 : gerlie Says:

    LOVE it!!!!!!

  177. 177 : jeffrey Says:

    verry verry enteresting to watch full lenght

  178. 178 : maica Says:

    grabe ,,, ganda talaga ng palabas na to !!! super 🙂

  179. 179 : mae Says:

    ganda ng ending .. <3

  180. 180 : jay Says:

    I Very love this movie………

  181. 181 : charlotte Says:

    ..grr.. Grbe na ‘to!
    Rollerc0aster ride ang emotions
    ko sa kdrama na to.. Tsk.tsk.tsk
    hehehe.. Love it!

  182. 182 : [email protected] Says:

    one week po akong puyat dahil sa sobrang ganda ayaw ko na matulog gusto ko n taposin agad.. thank u sa movie ninyo

  183. 183 : Jeuui 29 Says:

    Annyeinghaseyo ! Good drama i’ve been watched :DD

  184. 184 : jeo neun dinda-eo Says:

    Anyeong haseyo……
    this drama is very good…and ful of emotion…good acting for Jang Seo Hee…
    Jang Seo Hee and Lee Jae Hwang is best couple..good actris and actor..
    naneun cruel temptation sarang….
    gamsahamnida for information…
    anyeonghi gyeseyo…
    Wassalamu\’alaikum… ^_^

  185. 185 : randall Says:

    ..this drama series is very beautiful and a lot filipino viewers are always standby to their television to watch this drama..and this drama has a lot of moral lessons to be learn..

  186. 186 : jessielou bullecer Says:

    my gooosh! the best drama ive watched!

  187. 187 : SarasH Says:

    LOL…my mom so addicted with this drama….in my country this drama airing monday to friday in the afternoon. even my mom always asked me whether this drama aired on the day Saturday and Sunday…LOL..This shows how my mother is so addicted to this drama.

    some point that made my mom enjoy to watch this drama:
    1. this drama dubbed into Indonesian
    2. the drama plot was similar with other telenovelas (latin drama ex. Mexico, that had dominated afternoon tv program in Indonesia several years ago
    3. the story plot was really liked almost all of mothers in my country

    i think the storyline was good but I’ve seen so many like this several years ago, that wasn’t surprised me.

  188. 188 : mimi Says:

    this korean novel
    i like because when i watch it this prome after
    i disguish that happening is truely
    related from our society.

  189. 189 : jovel jave Says:

    (“,I love to watch the “Temptation Of Wife”

  190. 190 : jovel jave Says:

    (“,I love to watch and it so crowd the life of the family of Angelene Goo

  191. 191 : kyrha Says:

    ang ganda po ng temtation of wife

  192. 192 : SiB Says:

    I haven’t seen a negative opinion on this drama so I guess I’m going to be the only one who hate it 🙁 but I still gotta say, I really pity those who think of this as “the best drama” they ever watched 🙁 they probably never had a chance to see much better dramas than this. My mother was watching this on TV so even though I don’t want to, the dialogues keep running into my ears. After reading a full summary of the drama on wikipedia, my mother decided to stop watching too XD cuz the happy ending sucks! I mean it! WHY THE HELL WOULD EUN JAE AND THAT BITCH AE RI BECOME FRIENDS AGAIN?! I’m soooo sick of stupidly nice characters, they’re so unreal, who could endure all the pain others caused them and then forget everything just by a mere apology? Come on, THERE’S NO REASON FOR EUN JAE TO FORGIVE AE RI TO BE “FRIENDS” AGAIN!
    And then Ae Ri and Gyo Bin die! WHAT PEACEFUL AND EASY DEATH FOR THEM AFTER WHAT THEY’VE DONE!!! That’s not happy ending at all I tell ya!! I want them to taste what Eun Jae had been through before going to hell O:

  193. 193 : Sydney R. Geli Says:

    yes i agree this is the best drama so far i’ve seen on tv. its really hard to forgive & forget especially if your baby is killed. in the end the main character realizes that to have peace of mind she needs to forgive.
    we love watching these drama, me & my wife.

  194. 194 : Umaya arimbi Says:

    cruel temptation = 2 thumbs….sukaaa bangeeettttttt…!

  195. 195 : Anonymous Says:

    my mum is so addicted to this series; I too watched a couple of episodes and its alright. very recommended to those who love drama. 🙂

  196. 196 : puzzled Says:

    in watching the scenes where ae ri is at the late phase of cancer, already metastasized with no cure- she showed so much energy still, is that really possible with cancer patients at that late phase, in real life? i have experiences with cancer patients and as far as i know during that very late phase (stadium), usually they are really weak, they would not be able to walk with energy for a bit longer time, they would require assistance, and she still put into action her vengeance towards Soo Hee, cancer patients are always advised not to get emotional for it would worsen their condition..? although film/movies are “make believe” ideally not too far in the “make” aspect…?

  197. 197 : u-nice Says:

    i love the ending! it tells us that forgiveness is better than anything . . if eun jae forgive ae ri faster, and try to live happier than her, it would be the best revenge to her and gyo bin . .

  198. 198 : mary joy Says:

    super nice show po ung temtion of ife you no.1 show

  199. 199 : Cruel wives | Badegar Says:

    […] Temptation of Wife » Korean DramaOct 28, 2008 … Title: 아내의 유혹 / Temptation of Wife chinese title : 妻子的诱惑. Also known as: Wife’s Temptation / Wife’s Revenge / Cruel Temptation … Get the RSS Feed June 20, 2011 at 7:12 am by admin | Category: Uncategorized | […]

  200. 200 : kuutie Says:

    this reminds me of the drama shining inheritance hehe~
    they thought the dad was dead but he was actually alive.. similar with this drama :))

  201. 201 : shasha Says:

    this is a nice drama. and sometimes i feel that this drama have two sides. the real one, and the fiction one. the real side is, nowadays, there’s so many people who had the same character like shin ae ri and jung gyo bin. shin ae ri was full of ambition, and can do anything bad just for reach anything she wants. and jung gyo bin is a rich playboy who can’t get enough just for one woman. i think its for real. anyway, if we see the rating of this drama, i’m sure this drama is very popular in korea and in another country too. i just want to recommended this drama. must watch!!

  202. 202 : Prince syaf Says:

    Wow,, great drama. All of the players good act in this drama. One of favorite drama

  203. 203 : mickey Says:

    Where can i watch this drama ??

  204. 204 : princess brigette Says:

    hay ang ganda talaga nyan

  205. 205 : princess brigette Says:

    i like this korean drama

  206. 206 : bea:0 Says:

    me too

  207. 207 : HAILA Says:

    i really like jang seo hee. she`s very admiring and inspiring actress.. i`m gonna search more movies of you. i like the story of the movie. very nice

  208. 208 : vince Says:

    i like this korean drama i like shi ae ri

  209. 209 : ella Says:

    i like this drama, i hope i can find a cd somewhere in bacolod city. i want to watch this again.

  210. 210 : chantal min Says:

    ganto nang yare sa buhay ko,,,super ganda…

  211. 211 : aina Says:

    teeemptation of wife it so good t show.

  212. 212 : Jessie_beee Says:

    I love dis drama. .

  213. 213 : angeline abby Says:

    pinaka magandang korean drama na napanood ko!!!! super like galing ng mga artista lalo na c angeline…. sarap ulit ulitin…… 🙂 di nakakasawa!!

  214. 214 : just me Says:

    i really love this drama and the OST so much as it reminds me of my ex. HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!!

  215. 215 : kemi Says:

    Good movie, just like yellow boots…on season 4, episode 40
    I just love watching Korean movie…good story…

  216. 216 : isabel sampaga Says:

    i really really love it..jang seo hee!

  217. 217 : akampurira racheal Says:

    its a nice movie bse its full of revenge

  218. 218 : Ronald Says:

    Gu Eun Jae
    Pretty & lovely
    Good acting
    I love her

  219. 219 : ajumagirl Says:

    this drama was good at first but in the middle it became ridiculous! sorry if it’s a spoiler but i can’t help but share this! i only watched bc of jang seo hee she’s a great actress! i stopped watching this after eun jae wanted to go back again to her ex husband who is cruel & stupid!

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