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Title: 아내의 유혹 / Temptation of Wife
chinese title : 妻子的诱惑
Also known as: Wife’s Temptation / Wife’s Revenge / Cruel Temptation
Genre: Family, melodrama
Episodes: 129
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2008-Nov-03 to 2009-May-01
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:20


One night Goo Eun Jae got drunk and Jung Gyo Bin took this opportunity to take advantage of her. Eun Jae and Gyo Bin got married but their marriage is not a very blissful marriage. Eun Jae’s best friend, Shin Ae Ri, openly flirts with Gyo Bin in front of Eun Jae. Gyo Bin decided that he did not want to remain married to Eun Jae and tried to kill her. Eun Jae was presumed to have drown and died. Gyo Bin thought he was successful in killing Eun Jae and moved on with Ae Ri. Months later, Eun Jae is back for revenge but she presumes the identity of another woman, Min So Hee, who had killed herself. How will Gyo Bin react to a girl who looks exactly like his presumed dead wife, Eun Jae? Will he be tempted by So Hee?


Goo family

Jang Seo Hee as Goo Eun Jae (33)
Kim Yong Gun as Goo Young Soo (62, Eun Jae’s father)
Yoon Mi Ra as Yoon Mi Ja (59, Eun Jae’s mother)
Choi Joon Yong as Goo Jang Jae (35, Eun Jae’s older brother)

Jung family

Byun Woo Min as Jung Gyo Bin (35, Eun Jae’s husband)
Kim Dong Hyun as Jung Ha Jo (63, Gyo Bin’s father)
Geum Bo Ra as Baek Mi In (58, Gyo Bin’s mother)
Oh Young Shil as Jung Ha Neul (42, Gyo Bin’s aunt)
Song Hee Ah as Jung Soo Bin (31, Gyo Bin’s younger sister)

Min family

Lee Jae Hwang as Min Gun Woo (31)
Jung Ae Ri as Min Yeo Sa (62)
Chae Young In as Min So Hee (29)

other people

Kim Suh Hyung as Shin Ae Ri (33)
Jung Yoon Suk as Ni No (Ae Ri’s son)
Lee Kyung Hwa as Lee Kyung Hwa
Kim Hong Pyo
Ban Min Jung

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Kim Soon Ok (김순옥)
Director: Oh Se Kang


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219 Responses to “Temptation of Wife”

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  1. 201
    shasha Says:

    this is a nice drama. and sometimes i feel that this drama have two sides. the real one, and the fiction one. the real side is, nowadays, there’s so many people who had the same character like shin ae ri and jung gyo bin. shin ae ri was full of ambition, and can do anything bad just for reach anything she wants. and jung gyo bin is a rich playboy who can’t get enough just for one woman. i think its for real. anyway, if we see the rating of this drama, i’m sure this drama is very popular in korea and in another country too. i just want to recommended this drama. must watch!!

  2. 202
    Prince syaf Says:

    Wow,, great drama. All of the players good act in this drama. One of favorite drama

  3. 203
    mickey Says:

    Where can i watch this drama ??

  4. 204
    princess brigette Says:

    hay ang ganda talaga nyan

  5. 205
    princess brigette Says:

    i like this korean drama

  6. 206
    bea:0 Says:

    me too

  7. 207
    HAILA Says:

    i really like jang seo hee. she`s very admiring and inspiring actress.. i`m gonna search more movies of you. i like the story of the movie. very nice

  8. 208
    vince Says:

    i like this korean drama i like shi ae ri

  9. 209
    ella Says:

    i like this drama, i hope i can find a cd somewhere in bacolod city. i want to watch this again.

  10. 210
    chantal min Says:

    ganto nang yare sa buhay ko,,,super ganda…

  11. 211
    aina Says:

    teeemptation of wife it so good t show.

  12. 212
    Jessie_beee Says:

    I love dis drama. .

  13. 213
    angeline abby Says:

    pinaka magandang korean drama na napanood ko!!!! super like galing ng mga artista lalo na c angeline…. sarap ulit ulitin…… 🙂 di nakakasawa!!

  14. 214
    just me Says:

    i really love this drama and the OST so much as it reminds me of my ex. HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!!

  15. 215
    kemi Says:

    Good movie, just like yellow boots…on season 4, episode 40
    I just love watching Korean movie…good story…

  16. 216
    isabel sampaga Says:

    i really really love it..jang seo hee!

  17. 217
    akampurira racheal Says:

    its a nice movie bse its full of revenge

  18. 218
    Ronald Says:

    Gu Eun Jae
    Pretty & lovely
    Good acting
    I love her

  19. 219
    ajumagirl Says:

    this drama was good at first but in the middle it became ridiculous! sorry if it’s a spoiler but i can’t help but share this! i only watched bc of jang seo hee she’s a great actress! i stopped watching this after eun jae wanted to go back again to her ex husband who is cruel & stupid!

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