Title: 천사의 유혹 / Temptation of an Angel
Chinese Title : 天使的诱惑
Also known as: Angel’s Temptation
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 21
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-12 to 2009-Dec-22
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 20:55


After the death of her parents, Joo Ah Ran plots to ruin the family that destroyed hers. She seduces and marries the son of her enemy, Shin Hyun Woo, who discovers her plan belatedly. With a new face, courtesy of plastic surgery after meeting with accident, he decides to exact his own revenge upon her.


Han Sang Jin as Shin Hyun Woo (Before)
Bae Soo Bin as Shin Hyun Woo (after) / Ahn Jae Sung
Lee So Yeon as Joo Ah Ran
Kim Tae Hyun as Nam Joo Seung
Hong Soo Hyun as Yoon Jae Hee
Park Ha Young as Jae Hee (child)

Extended Cast

Han Jin Hee as Shin Woo Sub
Kim Dong Gun as Shin Hyun Min
Jin Ye Sol as Shin Hyun Ji
Cha Hwa Yun as Jo Kyung Hee
Kang Yoo Mi as Kim Yeon Jae
Lee Sung (이성) as Nam Bi Seo
Choi Ji Na as Jung Sang Ah / Julie Jung
Lee Jong Hyuk as Jung Sang Mo
Lee Mi Young as (Jae Hee’s aunt)
Jung Gyu Soo as (Jae Hee’s uncle)
Son Hyun Joo as pervert in sauna
Ahn Nae Sang as detective (eps.15-16)
Oh Dae Gyu as fake Shin Woo (ep15)
Oh Young Shil (cameo, ep16)
Choi Joon Yong (cameo, ep16)
Park Chul Min as Kyung Chal
Lee Jae Hwang
Sung Chang Hoon as Secretary Kang
Lee Sul Goo as money lender

Production Credits

Director: Son Jung Hyun (손정현)
Screenwriter: Kim Soon Ok


– This will be the “Male Version” of the successful daily drama of SBS, Temptation of Wife.
– This drama have the same blend with the female version, Temptation of Wife , this is making a revenge to a person.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-10-12 1 10.3 (12th) 10.9 (11th)
2009-10-13 2 11.0 (11th) 11.5 (11th)
2009-10-19 3 11.3 (12th) 11.6 (11th)
2009-10-26 4 12.1 (9th) 12.7 (9th)
2009-10-27 5 13.9 (6th) 14.2 (6th)
2009-11-02 6 15.9 (5th) 16.5 (5th)
2009-11-03 7 16.6 (5th) 17.2 (5th)
2009-11-09 8 16.4 (5th) 16.8 (5th)
2009-11-10 9 17.9 (6th) 17.4 (6th)
2009-11-16 10 19.6 (3rd) 20.0 (3rd)
2009-11-17 11 18.3 (4th) 19.0 (4th)
2009-11-23 12 18.6 (4th) 18.9 (4th)
2009-11-24 13 19.6 (3rd) 20.0 (3rd)
2009-11-30 14 19.8 (3rd) 20.3 (3rd)
2009-12-01 15 21.5 (3rd) 22.1 (3rd)
2009-12-07 16 21.8 (3rd) 22.8 (4th)
2009-12-08 17 23.2 (3rd) 23.7 (3rd)
2009-12-14 18 22.7 (3rd) 23.2 (4th)
2009-12-15 19 22.2 (3rd) 22.6 (4th)
2009-12-21 20 20.7 (4th) 21.4 (4th)
2009-12-22 21 22.9 (3rd) 23.6 (3rd)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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77 Responses to “Temptation of an Angel”

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  1. 76
    Jae Says:

    As for BSB, the overall package is kind of ruined for me because the first series I ever saw him in his character was a transgendered and it really had a slightly comical but strong impact. Every time I look at him I keep thinking of that one series!

  2. 77
    Jae Says:

    Just finished the series and all I have to say is “Ha! Take that b******!” lol.

    Well not completely.

    It sucks that the victim, JAR, ends up dying. I think it was a mistake and it would have been better and made more sense had she escaped/her body was never found. I mean, she is a good swimmer, there were no rocks at the bottom, and it wasn’t even that high. <_< On the upside, everyone else AKA the bad people (including her own sister) ended up suffering even more and being left alone. They got what they deserved.

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