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Tale of the Nine Tailed

Title: 구미호뎐 / Tale of the Nine Tailed
Also known as: Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Action
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2020-Oct-07 to 2020-Nov-26
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:50


This is a drama about a kumiho who settles into the city and a producer who is after it.

Once the guardian of the Baekdu-daegan mountain range, Lee Yun (Lee Dong Wook) is a legendary nine-tailed fox, travelling back and forth between the mortal world and the afterlife killing demons. He takes human form and settles in the city, completely assimilating into human society. Meanwhile, Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah) is a TV producer who specializes in supernatural investigative TV programs. When she hears of a genuine nine-tailed fox living in the city, she is determined to get him as a guest on her TV show. Lee Rang, the step-brother of Lee Yun, is thought to be the most dangerous nine-tailed fox. Being half-human, he hates humans and uses his powers to take advantage of them.


Main Cast

Lee Dong Wook as Lee Yun
Jo Bo Ah as Nam Ji Ah
Park Da Yun as Nam Ji Ah (child)
Kim Bum as Lee Rang
Kim Yong Ji as Yoo Ri

Supporting Cast

Hwang Hee as Shin Joo
Kim Jung Nan as Pal Ui Pa
Ahn Kil Kang as Hyun Ui Woong
Kim Hee Jung as Nam Ji Ah’s mother
Song Young Kyu as Nam Ji Ah’s father
Jang Won Hyung as Baek Shi Woo
Jung Shi Yool as Kim Soo Oh
Kim Kang Min as Pyo Jae Hwan
Jung Yi Seo as Kim Sae Rom

Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio Dragon, HOW Pictures
Director: Kang Shin Hyo
Screenwriter: Han Woo Ri

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2020-10-07 1 5.804 -
2020-10-08 2 5.557 -
2020-10-14 3 5.588 -
2020-10-15 4 5.511 -
2020-10-21 5    
2020-10-22 6    
2020-10-28 7    
2020-10-29 8    
2020-11-04 9    
2020-11-05 10    
2020-11-11 11    
2020-11-12 12    
2020-11-18 13    
2020-11-19 14    
2020-11-25 15    
2020-11-26 16    

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : Dehlia Port Says:

    Ooooooooo!!! Now this is what I was waiting for. Fighting❤

  2. 2 : Rena Says:

    Lee dong wook-shi as Naruto 😁

  3. 3 : tomo andrie Says:

    naruto in kdramas _https://sundrama.com/tale-of-the-nine-tailed-2020/_

  4. 4 : lily Says:

    yes finally!!

  5. 5 : Lesley Ann Says:

    Is this going to be aired in tvn asia? In the Philippines to be exact. Thanks!

  6. 6 : happyghost Says:

    Its been announced on tvN here where I am, that this drama will be airing on 8 Oct.

    Looking forward to it. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it will not be cancelled at last minute.

    Not particularly familiar with the ML, Lee Dong Wook. But anyway, will give the drama a try. See how it goes.

  7. 7 : Sofy🌷 Says:

    I’m waiting 🥰

  8. 8 : happyghost Says:

    Its 4 October already.

    Few days more to 8 October. Drama’s airing time over here!!

  9. 9 : happyghost Says:

    #7 Sofy

    Hello Sofy,

    You too waiting… I got company!! ☺

    High five !!

  10. 10 : happyghost Says:

    Today is 6 Oct already… screening day drawing near…

  11. 11 : Sofy🌷 Says:

    Sofy says : Hi happy ghost, have a nice day 🤗

  12. 12 : happyghost Says:

    7 Octobbeeer ….

    Got an interesting piece of news… this particular Gumiho (shall I call him my Gumiho?) loves mint chocolates!!! Yeah, I got a new chocolate club member, the one with many tails.

    All set and ready for tomoro now. Done replenishing my chocs supply yesterday. Another fresh bottle. This time, mixed nuts chocs. Kopi-O mix ready. All set.

    I am ready now… one day ahead … !!

    (Please screen tomoro eh?) 🌞

  13. 13 : happyghost Says:

    #11 Sofy

    How are you doing? Hope your day had been bright and sunny…

    Have you watched this drama yet? How did you find it?

    Sceening started yesterday. At where I am, it’ll only be screened starting from tonight.

    I’m looking forward to watch it. Have been ready and waiting since yesterday…. haha.

  14. 14 : happyghost Says:

    1st and 2nd episodes have come and gone. Has to watch both episodes twice to register the story into my head. (Same old, same old brain needed recalibration to set on track with this “urban legend” stuff).

    For a start, this drama is much better than Goblin. Goblin was so boring.

    I’m impressed with how a basically supernatural/superstition story .. is turned into an action packed, thrilling, gory killings plus a dash of spirit/human romance into an ‘urban legend’ of its own. Plus first time, a nine tailed fox loves peppermint chocolates! This in itself is legend !

    Caught my interest.

    However, what I do not like is the constant physical fights between Lee Yun and his bro, Lee Rang. Lee Rang is depicted as a 600 yrs old fox without a brain. All he knows is to create trouble and fights with his elder bro whom he blames for abandoning him!! Oh gosh!! Similar to some human creatures we have in the real world, who too go about creating mischief here there and everywhere.

    Hope Lee Rang will start to grow a brain and use it to fight his brother in a sensible and constructive way.

    JiA is a spunky girl. Not an ordinary one. She seems to be gifted with some extraordinary sensory feels due to her DNA or maybe, which was bestowed on her by the Grandmom from the Afterlife Academy? Haha !! Best of all, she’s got the most extraordinary and powerful bodyguard, Lee Yun. ( Hehe, which girl wouldn’t want to be in her shoes, less out the fact that he’s gumiho. A gumiho who loves peppermint chocolates!) 😊

    What is interesting about this drama is that its a story about spirits and ghosts etc which the drama dishes out piece after piece at every opportunity to catch the facination of the audience. And it sure did. Humans have a natural curiosity about the supernaturals, in any form or size etc (until they get to experience a real life incident… thats when they will pray to heaven and hell for help).

    One thing I like about this drama is that the killings/bloody visuals are kind to the eyes. Their presentation are tastefully done. Not something that would scare us out of our pants, or which would occupay our thoughts thereafter.

    Will wait for more of the episodes to come….

    My wishful coffee and choco waits have not been in vain. 🐺

  15. 15 : happyghost Says:

    A prayer to help us ward off the supernaturals :

    Dear Lord

    Please give me a sense of humour
    Give me the grace to see a joke
    To get some humour out of life
    And pass on to the other folks

    Learn from yesterday, live for today, keep one hand on your wallet, and dont worry about tomorrow.

    Signed: Unknown Author

  16. 16 : Sofy🌷 Says:

    Dear , Happy ghost 👻

    I’m fine. What about you?
    Yes, I watched the Drama. I like ( Kim Bum ) veeeeery much. He is one of my favorites.

    This is my email, contact with me if you want.
    [email protected]

    Have a great day and enjoy your Kdrama ..

  17. 17 : happyghost Says:

    Hi Sofy

    Thanks for your email address. Appreciate your gesture. I have taken note of the address and will contact you as soon as I can.

    It’ll take a few days from my side here. Reason is that my email acct will need to be recalibrated first. It had been lying dormant for a long time.
    (Do not have other soc med accts either. My family’s policy, to keep low profile).

    Good nite. Sleep well !!

  18. 18 : happyghost Says:

    # Sofy

    So you like this drama too. Yeah, me too. At first I had thought that it wud be the standard type of gumiho drama. But it turned out to be better than I had expected.

    The producers are so cute. They even created a gumiho who loved peppermint chocolate. Very much unlike the usual korean taste buds. Haha!

    Waa…. you like Kim Bum eh? I see, you like handsome guy. As for me, I’ve not set my specific liking for anyone here yet. Maybe later in the drama.

    Looking forward coming episodes…

    Good nite.

  19. 19 : Sofy🌷 Says:

    Good morning 😃 Happy Ghost , I hope you a happy person in real life also 💞

    I liked the Drama. It was exciting.
    In fact, When I like an actor, I accept the character he’s playing, even if it’s a villain😈🤣🤣

    * By watching the drama, the ( Gumiho ) likes mint ice cream, not chocolate.

    U asked me if I have another soc med ?
    Yes, I have an account in Pinterest ( Lovelysofy ) .

    Have a nice day my friend 🙂 and keep smile 😃

  20. 20 : happyghost Says:

    #19 Sofy

    Your Quote : “Gumiho likes mint ice cream, not chocolate.” Unquote

    Thanks for the correction. 😊
    No, in real life, I am not always a happy virus. Wish I am. Sometimes, not often, I do feel off color too, but it does not last long. It’ll last like, for an hour or half an hour and its gone. And then I will bounce back fast. Anyway generally, my mood stays rather steady all days. But this does not mean that I do not get angry. I do. Sometimes. But it’ll need a lot to make me get angry. And when I do finally get angry, Happyghost herself would hate it most….

    Thanks for your other email address. I’m still fixing mine. Not ready yet. My bro helping me when I need tech help via long distance tutoring. He’s got his own home and I got mine.

    Regarding actors, generally, I accept them as they are as I watch them in the dramas. Its only after I have seen them a few more times in other projects that I become familiar with them. For me, I am not very particular about their looks or how well muscled they are. I dont know how to explain this… I think its not the visual. Its something else in the actor that gets me. Ayuuuuhh… I dont know-lah…. help !! Smartie where are you. Your love guru is lost here!! She needs more lessons…

    I had better stop now. Good nite.

    P/s Even if Fish is a flounder, without the 6-packs, I would be his nbr 1 fan. Hehehe !!

  21. 21 : Sofy🌷 Says:

    ~ Happy Ghost, Can you tell me where you are from?

  22. 22 : happyghost Says:

    #21 Sofy

    Answers to your question:

    1) Sorry, I can’t say where I am. Its due security reasons which my family take seriously. When there is an opportunity later, I’ll bear in mind to tell you where.

    2) My bro and I live in same country, but in different suburbs here. Due covid pandemic and control movement order here, I do not want to endanger his health. There’s why I prefer get tech tutoring over phone frm him. Otherwise, he wud come personally to help me.

    Hope this clarifies your confusion.

    Now, its my turn with questions.

    1) Who exactly are you? You would like to safely i.d. yourself?

    2) Why are you curious where I come from? What if I were to tell you that I come from Mars and that I eat humans? 👽 Hehehe !

    Have a lovely autumn evening!!

  23. 23 : Sofy🌷 Says:

    # Dea Happy Ghost or Whatever you are …

    If your family imposes strict control on you – take my advice – don’t talk to strangers ..

    ~ So, to prevent embarrassment don’t answer back ..

    💫 Live long and be happy ..

  24. 24 : happyghost Says:

    #23 Sofy 🌻🌞

    Is something the matter? Why are you in such a foul mood? Plse do not be. All is well every where…. Bright and breezy. 🌞

    No insults meant by me. None at all. Sorry, if it seemed tis way.

    Re security, I was only respecting elders wish, cuz their time here is limited… Make them happy a bit.

    Also, I believe you will agree with me that I was doing the right thing to authenticate the i.d. as we are on line communicating.

    How are you feeling now? Much better? Are we good?


  25. 25 : happyghost Says:

    Episode 3

    JiA’s and Lee Yun’s investigation of her parents disappearance took them to an island.

    It turned out that this island was no ordinary island with a regular fishing community, though its facade looked innocent enough.

    JiA and Lee Yun were to find out that the island was an evil place. Its inhabitants dabbled in the occult, performed black magic, cannibalism, murder, curses etc. Plus it was home to a demon snake who lived on human sacrifices. And this demon snake was the killer of Lee Yeon’s love in a previous past life.

    One by one, these evil practices was exposed by JiA and Lee Yun. We could see how evil killed each other off, one by one. Till there were no more evil persons left, except the unusual – the birth of a demon child which was smuggled off the island immediately thereafter.

    Its very likely that this demon child is a demon snake child. Might be after Lee Yun’s one day.

    Meanwhile, JiA got no closer to getting any clue to the actual reason for her visit in the island.

    And like a nightmare that will not go away, Lee Rang followed them to the island. As expected, he was a pain there, a nuisance to our investigating couple. Full of fluff and empty threats. I suspect, Lee Rang came to get his bro’s attention only. He actually loved his brother.

    However, it turned out that JiAs and Lee Yun’s visit to the island, could have resulted in them becoming closer. Thereby a romance was blosooming, especially for Lee Yun who by now could not care less whether JiA was the reincarnation of Aeum or not.

    Basically, apart from the super supernatural fest, this episode tells the story of the start of a romance between our fox spirit and a human.

    Very romantic. 💓

  26. 26 : happyghost Says:

    Episode 4

    This episode seems much tamer than episode 3. Not much introduction of un-usual supernaturals.

    JiA and Lee Yun are seen settling into the kind of companionship where they are getting to know each other better. Nothing much unusual. Normal everyday life.

    Except that when JiA attended a funeral wake, at a funeral home, she encountered the spirits of children who have passed away. And for some reasons these spirits are attracted to her. She lost her nerves. Was overhelmed with fright and fear. What happen to our spunky girl?

    JiA is like any one of us. When we have not really encountered and experienced a real life incident with the supernatural, we would not know the feeling of terror. Its only after having had an encounter, would even the most spunky supernatural investigator like JiA lose her bravado. She’s human afterall.

    This episode also see Lee Yun being punished for having killed a supposedly innocent human, the lady shaman from the island. Ahaa … even the afterlife have their own set of principals. Whilst serving his punishment in a cave on top of a cold mountain, thank goodness, he had not forgotten about JiA. When he sensed that JiA was in dire trouble, he managed to break out just in time to save JiA, who was falling to her death in trying to escape from the child spirits.

    Aha… viewers here who are fans of six packs or eight packs, will get to look at Lee Yun in his good looking glory. His muscles are not too over worked till they looked gross, or too puny.

  27. 27 : happyghost Says:

    Taking a lull this morning to reflect on events that happened during the last weeks…

    1) Since the Tale of the Nine Tails started screening two weeks ago, the rhythm and ambience of our life and atmosphere seemed to be running at a superfast speed. Blurrrrr… is the word.

    So many things had happened. One of which was, I was surprised at myself that I had even a new email pal !

    Its as if the mystic charms of the Nine Tails drama had cast a spell over us. What was happening? Was it me the only one who was feeling it in the air?

    2) Another unusual and hilarious occurrence during this fuzzy time, was that some silly story about me was being spread. Why pick me? I am just a plain nobody. Anyway, cannot say that I did not feel flattered, a bit though. Haha ! So what could I do about it? Well, just enjoy the silliness of it and had a good laugh. Pity that human creature whose disturbed mentality was responsible for giving me such an honoured notoriety.

    3) During this fuzzy time, Covid19 was spreading and killing fast. News regarding the pandemic was no good, globally. Virus was spreading superfast. Believed to be a mutated variant. Super infectious. Vast amounts of people world wide got infected. Global death tally estimated over a million plus, todate. Will this plague ever go away? Was this nature’s message to us to love our Earth and to care for it? Or was it Nine Tailed Fox teaching us a lesson?

    Hopefully, by the end of this weekend, tomorrow will start a new day free from the spell of the Nine Tail …

  28. 28 : happyghost Says:

    Have noted that a common gripe among commenters in the sites I visited was that :

    .. they are disappointed with JiA for having become a weak whining girl after her return from the evil island.

    I think JiA’s change in character was brought about by the real experiences she had with the superaturals on the evil island. There she learnt that she’s a much weaker, hopeless and helpless entity against evil. And that supernaturals are for real, not something in a magazine or tabloid news. She’s quickly become wiser and smarter to avoid a confrontation instead of showing a gungho attitude.

    Haha .. This naturally did not go down well with some drama audience, who must have grown up on the likes of Iron Man or Superman who stay forever super strong. So poor JiA is expected to stay the same too, spunky and gungho. But no way!

    Haha .. JiA is human, just like anyone of us.

    We are only at the early part of the drama. Many more episodes to go…. looking forward to watch them…

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