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Take My Hand

Take My Hand 04

Title: 내 손을 잡아 / Take My Hand
Chinese Title: 握住我的手
Genre: Romance, Family, Melodrama
Episodes: 130
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-Oct-07 to 2014-April-04
Air time: Monday to Friday 07:50


This drama is about a woman who is rid of everything she has and accused of killing her mother. She conflicts with the woman who made her like that for her own passion and desire.


Main Cast

Park Shi Eun as Han Yun Soo
Lee Jae Hwang as Min Joo Won
Jin Tae Hyun as Min Jung Hyun
Bae Geu Rin as Oh Shin Hee

Yun Soo’s family

Ahn Mi Na as Park Mi Jin
Geum Bo Ra as Kang Yang Soon
Kim Young Ran as Kang Ae Soon
Noh Young Hak as Joon Young
Seo Dong Hyun as Joon Young (child)
Jo Hwi Joon as Han Eun Sung

Jung Hyun’s family

Park Jung Soo as Na Geum Ja (Jung Hyun’s mother)
Choi Sang Hoon as Min Dong Hoon (Jung Hyun’s step father/Joo Won’s uncle)

Shin Hee’s family

Ahn Suk Hwan as Oh Jin Tae


Lee Chang Wook as Jung Hyun Soo
Kim Dong Gyoon as Kim Chul Jin
Oh Joo Eun as Wang Che Ri
Kim Hyo Sun as Go Eun Ha
Jung Hyun Nam (정현남) as Hong Mi Young
Shin Hoo as Assistant Manager Kang
Choi Hyo Sang (최효상) as Kim Sang Chul
Lee Joo Suk as Kim Sung Soo
Kim Min Jung as Haruka
Min Woo Ki as real estate client
Choi Jung Hwa as Team Leader Park

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Jae Dong
Director: Choi Eun Kyung, Lee Gye Joon
Screenwriter: Hong Seung Hee


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  1. 1 : Siti Says:

    I still Waiting for the Official Poster.

  2. 2 : mml Says:

    A wicked woman drama.

  3. 3 : truth Says:

    just like yellow boot,wow other revenge drama.

  4. 4 : mml Says:

    Episode 5 , is very interesting and touching. I am very curious about how the lawyer Lee Jae Hwang has the ability to help Han Yeon Su ?

    The romance for Min Jung Hyun and Yeon Su will be very sad as Min Jung Hyun’s parents dislike Yeon Su.

    Can the lawyer Lee Jae Hwang build and form his romance with Yeon Su in later part of subsequent episodes ?
    If yes, this will be a very interesting drama as Lee Jae Hwang
    is very very popular in this drama temptation of wife.

    I’m not sure whether does the lawyer Lee Jae Hwang will get hooked and fall in love with Yeon Su later on, as this is a 100+ episodes drama?

    The lawyer looks like he does not favour and like Yeon Su, but if he is in a triangle love with Yeon Su then it becomes an interesting drama.

    Now, Yeon Su is in jail and how to get rid of being accused of killing her mother and to be able find out the truth ?
    And who can really hold Yeon Su’s hands throughout the way during Yeon Su’s difficult and tough times ? Is it Min Jung Hyun ? Or Is it the lawyer Lee Jae Hwang?
    And will Yeon Su eventually fall in love with lawyer Lee Jae Hwang after some hardships they have gone through along the way ?
    Even , if Yeon Su loves Min Jung Hyun, her loveline maynot reach the winning distination as Min Hyun his parents strong objections?

    And also is a mystery to me at this moment that how can the lawyer can win the lawsuit for Yeon Su?

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 6 and some more subsequent episodes to see whether is it interesting.

  5. 5 : k drama lover Says:

    olala…………… why….why…… don’t have eng sub so good drama.
    hope that will have eng sub

  6. 6 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 6 and sad to understand that Yeon Su is being accused of killing her mother. The judgement arranged her to 15 years jail.

    Who is the leading actor ? Not sure is it Jin Tae Hyun as Min Jung Hyun or is it Lee Jae Hwang ?

    Anyway, i really hope that Lee Jae Hwang can help Yeon Su.
    But, episode 7 preview showed me that Yeon Su is going to give up and she admitted that she was the one who killed her mother.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 7 to find out more on this drama.

  7. 7 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 7 and Yeon Su’s brother was missing. What happened to the lawyer? Why is it the lawyer couldn’t find better ways to help Yeon Su ?

    I think the only person who can help Yeon Su is the lawyer.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 8.

  8. 8 : kim Says:

    I have tried to look for the website that air the drama but I had no luck so far. Can someone please tell me which’s website(s) air the show?

  9. 9 : mml Says:

    @8 kim,
    you can try China and Taiwan websites and so far i can only watch from these websites.
    Dramastyle this website, is only allowed only at United States, that’s why i cannot watch at dramastyle.

  10. 10 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 8, now, i understand better towards the relationships between Min Jung Hyun and Lee Jae Hwang. Min Jung Hyun’s father is uncle of Lee Jae Hwang. Even though, Min Jung Hyun will call Lee Jae Hwang as brother, but, they are not real brothers, in reality Lee Jae Hwang is the cousin of Min Jung Hyun.

    Yeon Su had listened to the lawyer’s advice and thus she was released from jail very much earlier than the previous judgement period.

    Ths sad thing about Yeon Su is, she did not get her relatives and brother to be able to forgive her. Maybe, she will not be allowed to stay in the same house with them ?

    Maybe, Yeon Su has no place to stay as shelter ?

    Maybe, Yeon Su will approach Lee Jae Hwang to help her for a place to stay or maybe nobody helps her ?

    Okay, i will watch episode 9 to find out what is happening.

  11. 11 : k drama lover Says:

    thx so much for your translate, just read from u so know already the story line of this drama.
    hope they will do the eng sub…………….
    really like this drama eventhough the actress and actor………… I don’t really like 🙂

  12. 12 : mml Says:

    Episode 9 was, Yeon Su went back to her house to stay after being humiliated by Min Jung Hyun’s mother.
    In view of family background ,Min Jung Hyun’s parents totally can’t accept Yeon Su and moreover Yeon Su had crime reccord.
    I am very curious on how Yeon Su can overcome all obstacles and breakthrough to find out the truth of being accused of killing her mother. ?>?>?>?

    I will continue to watch episode 10.

  13. 13 : Lully13 Says:

    Where can we watch this drama ?
    Thank You…

  14. 14 : mml Says:

    @13 Lully,
    you can watch at China websites, Taiwan websites and also dramastyle.

    China website e.g youku website
    Taiwan website e.g tudou website
    Dramastyle website is restricted only streaming at United States

  15. 15 : say Says:

    @mml, I like this drama especially the lead actress also the two lead actors, i will try to be tuning in so far i have watch up to 9episode,one thing I am glad though is that the writer did not drag the prison stuff too long like yellow boot,but quickly ended it. I am also looking forward to see how she will find out who really kill her mother and how she will succeed to go back to work and become fashion designer,my hope is that the writer don’t make her a dummy like the last drama she was in (MAYBE LOVE) where as she can not stand up for herself,playing too righteous allowing evil girl to get away with all her evil act,hope she play smart,full of energy.

    about the love line, I want a good love story not like child play where she keep refusing the right man or help from him.At least this is a mature drama please give a mature viewing. the beginning though have nice kissing seen i know that,even though they did not show all of it , unlike other Korean drama where the writer delay such good seen,well @mml keep doing your good recap i enjoyed reading the one you have posted so far,nice job.

  16. 16 : say Says:

    @mml did you watch ep10 yet,it is full of pain for Yeon Su,please writer no pregnancy story yet for Yeon Su, how can you throw a baby into this kind of mess she is already in,and be able to succeed with the right man,writer if you want to introduce a baby into this kind of drama let baby have the right parent to raise him or her,because both brothers are related living in same house how is the relationship with the lawyer going to work out if he is going to raise Min Jung Hyun child,dear writer don’t spoil the story by doing this.

  17. 17 : Gina Says:

    This drama plot is so similar to Yellow Boots. I wonder whether plagiarism is involved.

  18. 18 : k drama lover Says:

    hopefully the eng sub will be in like the yellow boat or the face mask……..
    or like crazy love………..
    wat such a nice story can we as eng speak cant enjoyyy

  19. 19 : mml Says:

    @16 say,
    Episode 10, will let viewers like me to understand that Min Jung Hyun current father is actually is Min Jung Hyun’s stepfather.

    Therefore, Lee Jae Hwang is not the real cousin of Min Jung Hyun but is the real nephew of Min Jung Hyun current stepfather.

    In view of Min Jung Hyun had planning on a revenge to his stepfather. Therefore, he had decided to breakoff with Yeon Su .
    In episode 10, we have already seen Lee Jae Hwang had not yet fallen in love with Yeon Su but the real interesting was Lee Jae Hwang had already shown compassion and care towards Yeon Su.
    Yeon Su was deeply hurt after the breakoff relationship with Min Jung Hyun and what happened to her towards a life that meets so much obstructions towards gaining happiness.
    And Min Jung Hyun obtuse decision and choose to marry with
    Oh Shin Hee will become a failure towards his revenge plot to his stepfather.

    Yeon Su had strong talent in her fashion job,if Lee Jae Hwang is going to groom her and explore her talent, this will be a very useful area for Lee Jae Hwang to protect and safeguard his uncle’s business.

    I will continue to watch episode 11 and to find out how Lee Jae Hwang can protect Yeon Su from all misfortune things to happen.

  20. 20 : mml Says:

    希望大家支持握住我的手一部好看的MBC 韩剧,

    握住我的手,一场刻骨铭心的浪漫爱情MBC 韩剧,李在皇和韓妍秀加油!加油!

  21. 21 : truth Says:

    in yellow boot what make that drama very bad is that the man that help the lead actress out of jail help proved her innocent the writer sent him empty handed,why the one that abandon him in jail and marry her step sister get rewarded by the writer hope this will not happen here too,or also try to take her(Yeon Su)son away from her as the writer did in other called drama maybe love,write a straight story Mr or Mrs writer,no ridiculous story line as it has already been for now,don’t make it more ridiculous.

  22. 22 : say Says:

    @mml why is Min Jung Hyun planning a revenge on his stepfather. He is not all that bad person,he even till try to take care of Yeon Su brother,I maybe wrong correct me.Thanks for the fill back.

  23. 23 : mml Says:

    @22 say,
    if you watch episode 11, you will understand that Min Jung Hyun had already found out that the person who destroyed to ruin and resulted his father to commit suicide was his current stepfather.

    More interesting thing coming on the way at episode 12.

    When i have finished watching episode 12, i will tell you in details.

  24. 24 : mml Says:

    Episode 12, Yeon Su had discovered that Oh Shin Hee married to Min Jung Hyun . This upset leading her to want to commit suicide but she suddenly took up the courage not to commit suicide as she had realised that she was pregnant.

    Min Jung Hyun met an accident in United States thus resulting to Shin Hee was unable to conceive any child. Years later, both of them came back to Korea. Shin Hee could not get along with her mother in law, her mother blamed her for not having any baby.

    One day, Shin Hee’s mother in law accidentally met Yeon Su in hospital and a big surprise to her that she had discovered that she had a hidden grandson.

    Over the years, Yeon Su had suffered a lot as a single mother to bring up her son. She remained calm and positive in life.

    Now, Min Jung Hyun’s mother is very stressed by Lee Jae Hwang as currently still want to remain single and has no intention to get married and staying together in same house stressed her to the extend that she is desperatel for a grandchild.

    Shin Hee’s marriage life is tough and very frequent she will quarrel with Min Jung Hyun for minor problem.

  25. 25 : mml Says:

    Episode 13, Shin Hee’s mother in law was too desperate to get back her hidden grandson. She had even tried her ways to meet and see Yeon Su’s son and she even discussed with her lawyer on how to win custody of the her grandson.

    On the other hand, Shin Hee had already found out that Yeon Su had a son. The anger made her to another level of revenge and making her worry even more about her position to hold on to her marriage without the ability to give birth any baby.

  26. 26 : say Says:

    @mml,thanks again,as me Shin Hee has not started paying for her sins,she kill Yeon Su mother she took all the blessings that was made for Yeon Su away from her,Yeon Su save someone,she took blessing and make hers,eg SH sins is too much I wish SH can start paying for her sins now till the end of the drama.

    Min Jung Hyun mother is other evil mother in law,she is greed like SH too,I don’t think Min Jung Hyun stepfather is responsible for Min Jung Hyun biological father death,you know one about most greed people they never think that what they are doing is wrong,instead they blame someone else for their evil deeds that is how life work with those people who have no conscience, she will ultimately destroyed her own son out off greed,who is in their mind will marry a man who is responsible for her husband death and live happily with that person like the way she is living right now that person must be a scary person with no conscience,she is doing all this because Min Jung Hyun stepfather want a grandson also the stepfather did not help in the beginning with his quest to have SH marry Min Jung Hyun.

  27. 27 : say Says:

    @mml,thanks again,as me for Shin Hee has not started paying for her sins,she kill Yeon Su mother she took all the blessings that was made for Yeon Su away from her,Yeon Su save someone,she took blessing and make hers,eg SH sins is too much I wish SH can start paying for her sins now till the end of the drama.

    Min Jung Hyun mother is other evil mother in law,she is greed like SH too,I don’t think Min Jung Hyun stepfather is responsible for Min Jung Hyun biological father death,you know one thing about most greed people they never think that what they are doing is wrong,instead they blame someone else for their evil deeds that is how life work with those people who have no conscience, she will ultimately destroyed her own son out off greed,who is in their mind will marry a man who is responsible for her husband death and live happily with that person like the way she is living right now that person must be a scary person with no conscience,she is doing all this because Min Jung Hyun stepfather want a grandson also the stepfather did not help in the beginning with his quest to have SH marry Min Jung Hyun.

  28. 28 : mal20 Says:

    why is this drama not subsed?????? it is a good drama

  29. 29 : mml Says:

    @27 say,
    episode 14, the complications came in when Shin Hee was trying to chase Yeon Su away and to leave Korea in order to get the matter solved amicably.
    But, Min Jung Hyun’s mother quickly informed this news to his son that Yeon Su had a son and she even produced a DNA report with concrete evidence that she had a hidden grandson.
    She was too greedy to want back her grandson and forced Min Jung Hyun to comply to her instructions making him stressed and upset.

    Min Jung Hyun went to the childcare and saw his son and Yeon Su, he was guilty of his decisions that resulted Yeon Su having a tough life.

    Yeon Su was being accused by her employer for being a thief and Min Jung Hyun helped her to solve this problem and he also had managed to find time to discuss with her about the child.
    Shin Hee quarrelled with her mother in law and nothing can be solved after a drastic quarrel as her mother in law had threatened her and stopped to interfere the matter.

    She was madly angry and went back to office to quarrel with her husband. Min Jung Hyun began to miss his son and wanted to meet up with Yeon Su.

    The wicked mad woman Shin Hee went to confront Yeon Su and blamed Yeon Su for all the sad things that had happened was Yeon Su’s fault and such a fatuous remarks makes viewers like me wonder more evil things will happen soon.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 15.

  30. 30 : say Says:

    @mml,the strangest thing in this world is the people who do wrong things and till think they are victims,that is one aspect of life i can’t understand,why does it happen that way? SH was the one that took everything away from Yeon Su all because she can’t have a child of her own, what now she is blaming YS for her misfortune what a heartless human being she is,but wait she has not started paying for her sins this is just the beginning.I wish in real life punishment is given to those who have done evil things to others,only few are punish the rest goes free,that is the way the world works now.

    @mml I just watch ep15,can I ask a question what did Yeon Su ask the lawyer? did she ask him to marry her to help protect her son? thanks for the fill back again.

  31. 31 : mml Says:

    @30 say,
    episode 15, Min Jung Hyun’s mother invited Yeon Su for an open discussion for the child’s upbringing. The lawyer also informed Yeon Su on how to win the lawsuit for custody of her child. And what are the disadvantages that caused her lawsuit to fail thus making Yeon Su worried alot.

    Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle was eager to become grandfather , he even asked his nephew to settle down and have a family. He began to wonder how to deal with it. Later on, he went to his room and re-look at some photographs and realised some symptoms of Yeon Su was being accused of killing her mother.

    Due to hactic work stress ,Yeon Su had fainted at her workplace. And during this time , her aunt began to decide on behalf of Yeon Su, the money which she had received from Min Jung Hyun’s mother which was for Yeon Su, she secretly kept it and used it to pay the downpayment for a shop instead of giving to Yeon Su.

    Min Jung Hyun regretted and apologised to Yeon Su for hurting her to suffer badly as a single mother. Hence, Yeon Su allowed her son to play with Min Jung Hyun who knows her mother took this opportunity to kidnap her grandson and brought him back to her house.

    Yeon Su and Min Jung Hyun was worrying at the police station and a called received to inform that the child was at Min Jung Hyun’s house. Yeon Su even rejected the request from Min Jung Hyun’s mother for allowing the child to stay into their house.

    While, Yeon Su was about to leave the house carrying her son, Shin Hee confronted and questioned her existence.
    On the hand, Min Jung Hyun was disappointed that his mother kidnapped the child in such an unreasonable way. Both of them began to reason out things but the decision is not yet final as both of them have their own differents views and objections.

    When Lee Jae Hwang reached home, he was shocked and surprise to see Yeon Su was on her way going home.
    Out of curiosity and courtesy manner, Lee Jae Hwang greeted Yeon Su. He wanted to send Yeon Su home but instead Yeon Su had requested him to spare time for her to consult more on legal matters, to discuss about her problem.

    Yeon Su told Lee Jae Hwang about the child belongs to Min Jung Hyun and how Min Jung Hyun’s mother kidnapped her son.
    Yeon Su also consulted him on how to win custody of her son.
    And fully explained that the man she was searching for that related to her to be in jail and wanted to find out the real murder who had killed her mother. Yeon Su was determined to continue the investigations until she can see the result.
    Lee Jae Hwang was very impressed by her courage and determinations towards the goal of winning the custody of her son and the upright of her character for being suffered inside the jail.

    @say, thanks for sharing your views about this drama and i will continue to discuss with you once i have finished watching episode 16.

  32. 32 : say Says:

    @mml thanks for the recaps,the way I see it for Yeon Su to be exonerated she must return back to work that is the only to prove her innocent and know how her designs was stolen by SH and also will remember that SH called her asking for her where about and her previous conversation with SH before the night of the murder,this will give her reasonable ideal who to link her mother murder to,but she will definitely lose the child custody,because she has no one to support her, and the aunt is suppose to be in jail because she is theft,in the beginning Min Jung Hyun gave her money she use for herself, now they gave her other one she is using it again for herself,she neglect Yeon Su and her son but keep enjoying benefit that comes from Yeon Su and her son.Yeon Su is been punish by everybody that is very sad,the aunt is heartless ,if it where some aunt no matter how greed they are, they will keep Yeon Su and her son with them,the aunt is other person that belong to jail even though she is taking care off Yeon Su brother she is not doing it for free,Yeon Su benefit also contribute to her taking care of him. so it is not going to be easy to prove her innocent or else she return back to work, and SH is also very dangerous,the mother in law does not who they are dealing with, in fact non of them know how dangerous sh is.

    the writer has to do something a like video showing how Yeon Su save the life of Min Jung Hyun step father that will weaken her ability to do more harm to Yeon Su and her son especially Yeon Su son that child is in danger from SH of course she has nothing to lose now that SH can’t have a child of her own,so watch out Yeon Su, your son is endangered.

  33. 33 : mml Says:

    @32 say,
    actually your views are right in certain ways. What interest me in this drama is how to make Lee Jae Hwang can come to a stage to believe Yeon Su is being plot by the same person who wants to destroy Yeon Su.
    When we watch episode 15, if viewers can watch carefully that Lee Jae Hwang he has no intention to get married, but, when he was inside his room, he began to suspect that Yeon Su didn’t kill her mother after looking at all those photographs.

    The most important person in Yeon Su’s life besides her mother, i think, maybe one more person will appear soon in her life that is Lee Jae Hwang.
    No doubt that, Lee Jae Hwang right now did not work as a lawyer but instead he is working at his uncle’s design and fashion company and the fact is that he was the one who handled Yeon Su’s murder case, he has the law knowledge to deal the matter, but the thing is Lee Jae Hwang is never keen to help Yeon Su .

    By watching episode 15, i think Yeon Su will get Lee Jae Hwang’s handphone number or find ways to continue keep in touch with him. Pitiful Yeon Su does not have a stable job and keep jumping to different employers to earn a living. As Lee Jae Hwang is holding a high position in his uncle’s company, if Yeon Su can beg and convince Lee Jae Hwang to employ her back to the design company, then, there is hope for Yeon Su to find a turning point in her life.

    One advantage of working under Lee Jae Hwang is, she can openly discussed with him about her ideals on fashion and her talent and ideals will be noticed by him at first priority and her ideals will not be stolen by Shin Hee.

    In Order To Find Out The Real Murder, Yeon Su will need to get money, resources to help her and a person who can believe her innocence. As Lee Jae Hwang is a person who doesn’t care about other people’s problem and his routine life is, after working from his uncle’s company, he will go home straight away and everyday like that and nothing new, a Boring Lonely Life.

    Now, Yeon Su is facing so much problem, most probably she will pester him, to sit in to help. And during the process of Yeon Su’s keep on pestering and Courage To Live On Life To Find Out The Truth may influence Lee Jae Hwang to show interest and to carry on their investigations.

    Now, Lee Jae Hwang is a very selfish in character ,living a life taken care by his uncle , he has nothing to worry about life, maynot keen to be interested to care and bother other people’s problems , but, wait until something that can interest him or somehow can connect to change his destiny of his life or to get one’s problems in perspective or Yeon Su and him can turn and can see miracle in life ,that is the Most Interesting Reason To Chase After This Drama.

  34. 34 : say Says:

    @mml you are right,my hope for now is who can help Yeon Su to keep her child away from that family or bring Yeon Su and her son into that house because wherever Yeon Su goes, sh will find a way take that child away from her ,therefore wish Lee Jae Hwang find her a place to stay and also a job.the only way to find out the truth is the designs of hers how it ends up in that company, designs who brought it there, the investigations cannot take any good root because who else will have motive to kill Yeon Su mother if not Yeon Su herself,if a theft did that, thefts don’t have the time to clean up crime scene so the actual truth can come from the video of Yeon Su saving the Min Jung Hyun step father which people now can start thinking that SH is not a good person after all the way they think,she is,this event can bring Yeon Su back to work,just hope that video will pop up some how.

  35. 35 : say Says:

    @mml,what I mean is, Lee Jae Hwang find a place for Yeon Su to hid with her son, so that the witch cannot get her hand on the innocent child.

  36. 36 : mml Says:

    @34,35 say,
    now in modern life, i seldom look at video, i think the video you are refering to is the CCTV.
    Now, the biggest problem is Yeon Su has a Criminal Record and the second problem is Yeon Su does not have a stable job.
    The only way is Lee Jae Hwang is willing to be Yeon Su’s referee and employ her.

    And there is also another way to work things out, that is Lee Jae Hwang is willing to be the godfather of the child whereby Yeon Su’s son will have a godfather that is Lee Jae Hwang to protect the child from being hurt further. But, the problem is Lee Jae Hwang doesn’t want to bother and interfere problem.
    If, Lee Jae Hwang will help Yeon Su to get a place to stay then what happen if she goes out to work and the kidnapper comes again and kidnap the child.

    If, Lee Jae Hwang can bring Yeon Su and the child to his uncle’s house to stay together, maybe more chances to discover Shin Hee’s evil motive.

    What if, the video or CCTV cannot be found to get evidence, perhaps the only way is Lee Jae Hwang and Yeon Su will team up to secretly investigate Shin Hee.

    But, how to convince Lee Jae Hwang to sincerely willing to help Yeon Su will be the most difficult task for Yeon Su to tackle on it before she can move on to finding the real murderer ?

  37. 37 : say Says:

    @mml,yes you are right about the CCTV,I am just saying just a struck of luck where someone might be looking at past video of CCTV and come across it than take it to show either Lee Jae Hwang uncle or Lee Jae Hwang himself where as they already know that SH claim that she was the one that save Lee Jae Hwang uncle,if not Yeon Su for now does not know who to suspect before one start to investigate you must have someone that you suspect if not you have no where to base your investigation to,that is why going back to the company is crucial but before going back you have to be accepted by Lee Jae Hwang uncle or Lee Jae Hwang himself has to have something in hand to present to the uncle to show that Yeon Su is someone that might be innocent of killing her mother,without this i am afraid that Lee Jae Hwang helping Yeon Su going back to the company is going to be a tough one but let see how the writer goes about it,so many stuff i am enjoying the drama so far looking forward for the next episode.

  38. 38 : say Says:

    @mml did you watch episode17 yet?I did,I change my mind about Yeon Su aunt,I love her now,she did a good job to bring back Yeon Su son to her,i cry my heart out when they took the child away from her,it look as if poor person doesn’t have justices in this world,I know Min Jung Hyun and his mother,his dirty wife will continue to pay the whole employer in Korean to fire Yeon Su so that she wouldn’t have a place to work or stay,I officially hate Min Jung Hyun I was thinking he till have some good part of him but i was wrong all he is all about is his step father money he doesn’t care about his son well fare in which at the end he will lose it all none will belong to him because he has chosen the wrong road to pursue money. his mother now i know she was the one that kill her husband to marry a rich man,that is how life works. some good women don’t see good men to marry also some good men don’t see good women to marry,it goes against everything in world when it happen to you, you stare at the window, the only hope one have is trusting in God,for a better day to come.I hope there will be help for Yeon Su and her son from now on,nice episode.

  39. 39 : mml Says:

    @38 say,
    thanks for sharing the same interest with me on this drama.
    Let me recap on episode 16 then when i have finished watching episode 17 then i will discuss with you.

    Episode 16, Lee Jae Hwang sent Yeon Su home. And he was impressed by Yeon Su who thank him with a sincere heart.
    Yeon Su was upset and angry when his son told her that he likes to stay at his grandma’s house. The stress she was facing thus making her to bit her son. And she also felt guilty after biting her child.

    Lee Jae Hwang began to discuss with Min Jung Hyun about Yeon Su and the witch Shin Hee was hiding at a corner to listen to their conversations. Later on, Shin Hee went to their room and argued with her husband and trying to prohibit Yeon Su’s child to come into their family.

    In view of jealousy and hatred, Shin Hee was sitting on her bed and her mind was thinking on how to deal with Yeon Su’s child problem. The next morning, Shin Hee had decided to change her mind and informed her mother in law that she’s willing to comply to her mother in law’s instructions. In return she had managed to win her mother in law to like and favour her.

    Min Jung Hyun’s stepfather made an announcement to the family, he’s willing to accept and adopt a grandchild. But, Min Hyuk hesitated to agree and making a hot topic to raise conflict on adopting a child and disagreements with his wife.
    Min Jung Hyun bypass Lee Jae Hwang’s room and discovered a secret, he heard his stepfather told Lee Jae Hwang about assigning his business to his nephew Lee Jae Hwang.
    Greed and jealous strike his mind, the moment he heard this news and making his hatred as fast as the earthquake.

    The child earnest promised to Yeon Su not to follow strangers making her very happy for the day. Shin Hee also continues to bribe the man who helped her to do dishonest things.
    Meanwhile, Yeon Su received a call from the childcare, a lodge of complaint concerning his son’s misbehave and inconvenience that brought to the childcare and eventually needed to go to another childcare. The child was upset and reluctant to apologise to Yeon Su, as Yeon Su had a criminal record making her son felt disgraced and ashamed.
    Min Jung Hyun a heartless man quarrelled with Yeon Su, Yeon Su was upset to realise his plot was to get back his son.

    Yeon Su changed another employer. Her employer was arrogant and nasty and chased her away again.
    The next problem came in, Min Jung Hyun discussed with her mother together with Shin Hee about getting back his son.
    And Shin Hee quickly went to inform his father in law that the child they wanted to adopt belongs to Min Jung Hyun and was actually Yeon Su’s son.
    She went to instigate her father in law, Min Jung Hyun’s stepfather became very angry and threw a family meeting to discuss this problem.
    Lee Jae Hwang accidentally heard his uncle, complaining and nag and finally agree to adopt the child. He was very disappointed with Min Jung Hyun.
    Not only that, Lee Jae Hwang had an extended mercy and kindness towards Yeon Su’s sufferings.
    He argued with Min Jung Hyun and began to wonder to plan to protect Yeon Su and also for the sake of finding the truth.

    After the quarrel Yeon Su’s aunt explained to her that the money which she was planning to purchase a shop came from Min Jung Hyun’s mother.
    She became extremely disappointed about her aunt for being so greedy on money and told her to return it back to Min Jung Hyun’s mother.

  40. 40 : say Says:

    @mml (Greed and jealous strike his mind, the moment he heard this news and making his hatred as fast as the earthquake.)

    I like that phrase,indeed Min Jung Hyun is a greed man who will stop at nothing to get what he want,I thought he is a change man since things did not work out well for him the way him and his mother plan,especially going back to the woman he abandon to marry other,to see that she is the only hope for him to have a child in his life,but he till remain stupid as ever,what a shame he is going to watch that child call Lee Jae Hwang father one day,i hope he and his dirty wife pay dearly for what they are doing to Yeon [email protected] thanks for the recap again.

    I am waiting for Yeon Su to grow stronger and don’t allow Lee Jae Hwang to bully her anymore,when Lee Jae Hwang throw one at her,she throw three back at Lee Jae Hwang.Especially those pictures she could have given it to the aunt to show Min Jung Hyun step father on how Lee Jae Hwang pay somebody to follow her around to take pictures of her and her son also pay employers to fire her from her jobs,at least that will give an eye opening on how Lee Jae Hwang can be ruthless as a dirty wife.

  41. 41 : mml Says:

    @40 say,
    i think, maybe you have got mixed up with the name of the two guys, Lee Jae Hwang is the guy who ever worked as a lawyer and assist Yeon Su’s lawsuit. And the guy who is a heartless man who brokeoff with Yeon Su and choose to marry Shin Hee, his name is Min Jung Hyun.

    Later, when i have finished watching episode 17, i will come back to you to recap episode 17 to continue to discuss with you about this drama.

    And may i ask you, which website you watch this drama ?
    I am watching this drama from Taiwan Tudou website, how about you ?

  42. 42 : say Says:

    @mml,I think I was feeling sleepy when i was typing,thanks for pointing out the mixed up names also correction,I guess @40 is canceled

    @mml (Greed and jealous strike his mind, the moment he heard this news and making his hatred as fast as the earthquake.)

    I like that phrase,indeed Min Jung Hyun is a greed man who will stop at nothing to get what he want,I thought he is a change man since things did not work out well for him the way him and his mother plan,especially going back to the woman he abandon to marry other,to see that she is the only hope for him to have a child in his life,but he till remain stupid as ever,what a shame he is going to watch that child call Lee Jae Hwang father one day,i hope he and his dirty wife pay dearly for what they are doing to Yeon [email protected] thanks for the recap again.

    I am waiting for Yeon Su to grow stronger and don’t allow Shin Hee to bully her anymore,when Shin Hee throw one at her,she throw three back at Shin Hee.Especially those pictures she could have given it to the aunt to show Min Jung Hyun step father on how Shin Hee pay somebody to follow her around to take pictures of her and her son also pay employers to fire her from her jobs,at least that will give an eye opening on how Shin Hee can be ruthless as a dirty wife.

  43. 43 : mml Says:

    @38 say,
    i have watched episode 17.
    Episode 17,
    Yeon Su was disappointed after hearing about her aunt’s explainations about the money and told her to return it back to Min Hyuk’s mother. Yeon Su’s brother did not dislike his nephew is just that he was frustrated with things happening within the family.

    With apprehension,Yeon Su seek help from her aunt and told her that she had suspected that her child was kidnap by Min Jung Hyun’s mother. With amazement, her aunt became very supportive towards her approached. But, her brother was angry with Yeon Su and blamed her for the cause of all unhappiness that brought to the child. And Yeon Su went to return the money and also warned Min Jung Hyun’s mother not to challenge with her to win back her child. And she’s determined to win the lawsuit and will definitely win the custody of her son.

    Shin Hee’s father went to her workplace to look for her daughter and discovered that she got married to Min Jung Hyun. By telling lies and full of cunning tricks in order to fullfill her plan to marry to Min Jung Hyun. Her father was extremely disappointed to have such an dishonest ungrateful daughter.
    Min Jung Hyun went to meet up with Yeon Su to discuss about the child and nothing can be solved. Yeon Su doesn’t agree to his suggestions and angrily left the place.

    Yeon Su accidentally saw a display model clothes and told her niece that it really looks like the one that she had ever design for DH company. It doesn’t make her suspected that it was her efforts and was designed by her.

    Shin Hee threatened Yeon Su and challenged her and even an abuse of power towards her, to frighten Yeon Su as she had a criminal record, therefore, she has no right to get her child.
    She was helpless and wondering ,while, on her way home, she suddenly witness the moment her son was being kidnapped by two men. And she did not manage to chase after the kidnapper. Next, the child dislikes to come into the family, he only wanted to see his mother. And Yeon Su knew suspected that the kidnapper was Min Jung Hyun’s mother and went to their house ,trying to get back his son.
    But , she was also frightened by the threatened words and therefore ,she was crying and helpless, sitting outside their gate.

    Yeon Su saw Lee Jae Hwang reaching home and plead him to spare time to discuss with her about her problem.
    Lee Jae Hwang had given her some hopeful advice and thus strengthened her hope and confidence. Meanwhile, the child missed her mother and made noise and wanted to go home. Shin Hee comfort the child and managed to calm down the problem.

    When Yeon Su was crying inside her room, her aunt began to sympathize her sufferings. For the sake of justice and being fair to Yeon Su ,Lee Jae Hwang went to confront Min Jung Hyun’s mother. And another interestong thing came in, Yeon Su’s niece and also her aunt both went to the house to get back the child. She quarrelled with Shin Hee and threw her temper and all these brought to Min Jung Hyun stepfather’s attention when he stepped into the house.

    @38 say, now, i come back to your question, Yeon Su’s aunt may hate Yeon Su for killing her mother. The good thing about her aunt is , her aunt is not a heartless person, she’s united to protect Yeon Su, if she’s bully by anyone, she will use her greatest ability to help and protect. Her aunt no doubt is a rowdy person but she’s kind to speak out and goes against everything, if, anyone hurts her family members.

  44. 44 : say Says:

    @mml.wow I like it,especially what you said about the aunt,indeed when I watch episode18 I like the way she went into that house and display her anger,I want to see more of Lee Jae Hwang and Yeon Su together.thanks again for the recap looking forward to the next episode.

  45. 45 : mml Says:

    @44 say,
    Episode 18,
    Yeon Su’s aunt quarrelled with Shin Hee and threw her temper and all these brought to Min Jung Hyun stepfather’s attention when he stepped into the house. An abrupt stop when the child woke up and greeted her aunt and willing to follow her home. Min Jung Hyun stepfather was angry with Min Jung Hyun that he does not have the capablilty to handle problem. He then demanded that if he can’t solve the problem leading to the media to discover this news, he reserves his right to withold Min Jung Hyun’s power and will end their relationships.

    Even though the child came back to the family, but, due to different opinions and therefore, there’s still conflict that cannot be avoided. Yeon Su cannot agree with Min Jung Hyun’s planning and therefore no point carry on their conversations. And on the other hand, Lee Jae Hwang’s
    assistant was worried and even panic about Lee Jae Hwang who doesn’t show concern about his uncle’s business.

    Shin Hee even demanded Yeon Su to hand over the child. Yeon Su became irrltated by her words.
    Meanwhile, the child was sick and while she was waiting for a taxi, she met Lee Jae Hwang. With his kind help, she was able to send his son to the hospital on time. Due to food poisoning, the child was admitted to hospital and put under observation.
    Yeon Su was indeed very grateful to Lee Jae Hwang for helping her when she needed help desperately.

    Yeon Su’s brother refused to accept the money given by Min Jung Hyun as a form of to bribe him. On the other hand , Shin Hee secretly plot a trap to let Yeon Su’s brother got caught for fighting and put to jail. Later on, Yeon Su was informed to go to the police station to visit her brother. Her aunt was angry as she doesn’t have the money to help. Yeon Su even took her savings account book and gave to her aunt. As she does not much savings, she became very upset and stressed by money. She even approached the heartless man to help, but was rejected by him.

    Her hatred will form a revenge towards this heartless man who always stress and threatens her.

    The next exciting scenes will appear at episode 19.

  46. 46 : say Says:

    @mml,I think the step father of Min Jung Hyun hate him,I wonder why but love Lee Jae Hwang,and also how did he end up with Min Jung Hyun mother that is other story that has not come to light for us viewers to know.I am also angry with Yeon Su brother,his anger is too much, he could have just walk away when that idiot provoke him than again this is drama.mml thanks

  47. 47 : mml Says:

    @46 say,
    Episode 19,
    Shin Hee accidentally met Yeon Su and was unhappy to see her. With mockery at Yeon Su’s brother got into trouble. After she left, she went to office to inform her husband about the news of Yeon Su’s brother.

    While, Yeon Su was worrying about money problem, her helpful niece even lent her the money. Yeon Su was relieved to be able to have the money to pull through her difficult period. Next, her helpful aunt came back with money to help Yeon Su.
    Her aunt told Yeon Su , by selling her married jewellery, therefore, she was able to have the money. She even explained to Yeon Su that she had received some money from Min Jung Hyun years ago and consequently she had managed to rent a house to stay. Meanwhile, Yeon Su was troubled by her brother’s problem and she went to ask her aunt’s opinion. As the compensation amount was a huge amount, her aunt
    disagreed and advised her not to compensate the amount. Yeon Su was getting worried day by day about her brother was in jail.

    Although, Lee Jae Hwang accidentally met Min Jung Hyun, but he did not suspect that Min Jung Hyun secretly behind him making plans for his revenge.

    When Yeon Su reached home, her niece suggested to her, to borrow money from Min Jung Hyun. Although, her aunt was unhappy about this ideal but it seems that she understands that Min Jung Hyun was a cunning and heartless person.
    While, Yeon Su was on her way to visit her brother, who knows Shin Hee with animosity went to harass and threatens her. When Yeon Su reached home, she was surprised to see Min Jung Hyun coming to force her to agree to giveup her child. Another warning and threatening to Yeon Su, this hardship made her disheartened to realise that this heartless man was very cruel to her. Even though , she was upset, she will remain looking brave and positive.

    The news brought to Min Jung Hyun stepfather’s attention. His stepfather got annoyed with his decision to adopt a child by informing the media to know about it. While, Yeon Su family members were having dinner, they were surprised to hear this news. Yeon Su even went to beg Min Jung Hyun not to get back her child. And who knows Lee Jae Hwang accidentally saw this terrible and hurtful quarrel.

    Knowing that Yeon Su was depressed about what had happened, he console her and advised her . But, Yeon Su lost her confidence in whatever she’s planning to do for her future.

    Yeon Su looked a bit strange on this day, she cooked delicious food for her son and she had even prepared a necklace with her handphone number on it for him to wear, so that her son can easily contact her. And Yeon Su had finally agreed to allow Min Jung Hyun to have her son and went to inform him and also Shin Hee. Some special request that Yeon Su had requested , especially, occasionally she can meet and see her son.

    Later on, Yeon Su disclosed to her aunt and niece that she had finally agreed to let them have the child and oneday she will have the ability to get back her child. After hearing, her niece was quite upset and her aunt began to miss the child. Since , they can’t help Yeon Su and therefore they have accepted and respected her decision. She even spent her whole night to list down what her child needs and hobby.
    And the next morning, she brought her son to Min Jung Hyun stepfather house to hand over her son.

    Okay, i will definitely continue to watch episode 20. To see is there hope for Yeon Su to re-start her life ?

  48. 48 : say Says:

    @mml,my dear,you can see how quiet I am,I am so upset that she gave up her child,I know that she doesn’t have much choice on how she can hold on to her child,especially when one has no money like her,but she could have try to ask Lee Jae Hwang for help to bail out his brother,sometime you can’t let your pride get on the way when you desperately need help,my whole body went cool when i watched episode19.my hope is that, the writer make Yeon Su stronger not a push over like the way it has been till now,at least let her try to connect to Lee Jae Hwang on the matter that not every time someone is making effort to help you,you are pushing that person away,it doesn’t make scene at all, because Lee Jae Hwang has already gone out of his way to involve himself in this matter that is none of his business, Yeon Su should give in to his help,sometimes something like this does not happen so often why not take advantage of it girl to gain back all the thing you have lost,@mml I don’t this drama to be Lee Jae Hwang always be the one begging to someone who needed help why it should have been the opposite, Yeon Su has to grow up as a mother,if by now she has not learn anything including how the man she once loved abandon her marry other and came back to take her only hope on hanging on to dear life away from her than when is she going to learn?mml thanks so much I really appreciate fill back good job.what do you think about ep19 was it OK or what do you think that will happen next? thanks again.

  49. 49 : mml Says:

    @48 say,
    what i think about episode 19 is, Yeon Su needs to endure this hardships and along the way, she must find a way to get a stable job as her life needs to carry on. She has found a helpful friend Lee Jae Hwang, right now, she may not see this miracle that Lee Jae Hwang can be, someone who has strong ability and power to understand and solve her problem.
    In view of Lee Jae Hwang’s charcter, he is not frighten of Min Jung Hyun’s mother, that means, he will not be controlled or bullied by Shin Hee. Especially, in time to come, if he finds out that Shin Hee married to the family was because of they came from a wealthy family. Most probably, he may want to safeguard and take good care of his uncle’s company.

    This may be a mystery, romance drama, so therefore, there will be a total of 120 episodes. The mystery can be in the subsequent episodes Lee Jae Hwang will secretly investigate Shin Hee, to find out what is her family background, by investigating, he will discover more.

    Just like us, by watching every episode of this drama, we become more and more curious to find out how to breakthrough to find out the real murderer. There should be justice to act on it, especially, the pitiful Yeon Su, for no reason, she was put to jail for so long and living with a life with mockery by others for murdering her mother.

  50. 50 : mml Says:

    @48 say,
    what i think about episode 19 is, Yeon Su needs to endure this hardships and along the way, she must find a way to get a stable job as her life needs to carry on. She has found a helpful friend Lee Jae Hwang, right now, she may not see this miracle that Lee Jae Hwang can be, someone who has strong ability and power to understand and solve her problem.
    In view of Lee Jae Hwang’s charcter, he is not frighten of Min Jung Hyun’s mother, that means, he will not be controlled or bullied by Shin Hee. Especially, in time to come, if he finds out that Shin Hee married to the family was because of they came from a wealthy family. Most probably, he may want to safeguard and take good care of his uncle’s company.

    This may be a mystery, romance drama, so therefore, there will be a total of 120 episodes. The mystery can be in the subsequent episodes Lee Jae Hwang will secretly investigate Shin Hee, to find out what is her family background, by investigating, he will discover more.

    Just like us, by watching every episode of this drama, we become more and more curious to find out how to breakthrough to find out the real murderer. There should be justice to act on it, especially, the pitiful Yeon Su, for no reason, she was put to jail for so long and living with a life with mockery by others for murdering her mother.

  51. 51 : say Says:

    @mml,i am starting to give up on this drama,i don’t think i can endure the bully Yeon Su, looking self pitied, stupid and weak. especially the way writer is taking it to,I watch ep20 already but I am still not impress where the story line is going,Yeon Su see a designed clothe in the store,start investigating if that is her design i find that out of reach of the reality,I just don’t want this drama to be like (YELLOW BOOT)where Lee Jae Hwang will be the one that get punish at the end,Yeon Su, will forgive Min Jung Hyun,that means insulting the audience who took their time to watch the drama,I don’t want writer to follow the usual Korean writing same story line no change at all,this is why i give up on Ruby Ring,I don’t want to be disappointed again.Thanks so much MML for the fill back.

  52. 52 : mml Says:

    @51 say,
    it’s alright if you want to give up in watching this drama. But, i strongly believe that this drama Can Still Attract Viewers Who Are Fans of Lee Jae Hwang. Fans of Park Shi Eun will also want to support this drama to expect that there will be on going interesting things to happen for the romance of Han Yeon Su and Lee Jae Hwang.

    All viewers reserves their rights to like and dislike any drama, if, it is not suitable to their interest.

    Anyway, i will definitely continue to watch this drama and also thanks to the past fews days watching this drama sharing your opinion with me.

  53. 53 : say Says:

    @mml,I have not given up yet,I am a fan of both Yeon Su and Lee Jae Hwang I cheering for their romance of course to start soon, i am just having some doubts but my thinking might be wrong Yeon Su character might lead to a stronger one till hope so,keep your good work by continue your recaps i am till very much interested in the recaps.Thanks :)mml is there any other interesting drama around ?share your thoughts if there is any you find interesting:).

  54. 54 : mml Says:

    @53 say,
    yes, there are also some other interesting dramas currently, i am still watching.
    Secret love , The Suspicious Housekeeper, King’s family, A little love that never hurts, Marry him if you dare, Two Womens Room, Your Neighbours Wife, Ugly Alert, Sincerity Moves Heaven and Potato Stars.

    Secret love is a nice drama, beginning episode 1 to 3 not very interesting but i continue to watch and from episode 4 onwards i became very interested to watch and now i’m waiting to watch episode 13.

    The Suspicious Housekeeper , i really like to watch the housekeeper and the man also his kids.
    King’s family and a little love that never hurts sometimes likes and sometimes not.
    Two Womens Room, i am waiting to watch episode 66, quite interesting to understand.
    Ugly Alert is a melodrama about the grown up of the 4 kids.
    Sincerity Moves Heaven is a silly woman who always get jealous, not really like this drama but i’m about to finish watching this drama.
    Potato stars don’t know what’s going on with this drama, but not yet give up in watching.
    Ruby Ring, i have watched up to episode 37 and have giveup in watching this drama.
    Princess Aurora, i have watched up to episode 82 and Temporary Stop Watching until further decision to be confirmed.
    Your Neighours Wife strike my curious and will continue to watch.
    As, i do not have all the time watching all dramas, so therefore, some dramas i will slow down in watching but will still continue watching.

  55. 55 : mml Says:

    @53 say,
    thanks that you like my recap of every episode.
    Episode 20,
    Yeon Su and her son arrived at Min Jung Hyun’s place. She explained to her son, why he needs to come in to their family and also wanted the child to acknowledge Min Jung Hyun as his father. Her son was reluctant to stay with them. But, eventually, Min Jung Hyun dragged his son to follow him.
    The child was unhappy to come into the family. Meanwhile,Lee Jae Hwang came out from his room and saw Yeon Su’s child. He was angry and felt that Yeon Su was being treated unfairly. He began to reason out problem with Min Jung Hyun and started the quarrel with him. Arrogant Min Jung Hyun doesn’t want to listen further and quickly walked away. Next, Shin Hee went to lecture Lee Jae Hwang and even warned him not to interfere their problem . She even told him that Yeon Su and her were not on friendship terms, thus he became disgusted and irritated with Shin Hee.

    Shin Hee was full of jealous at seeing the child can gain his grandma’s love and therefore, out of so much hatred she tore away a letter written by Yeon Su. As life needs to continue, Yeon Su will still continue her routine life and cooked food for the family. Meanwhile, Yeon Su was disintegrate ,emotionally unstable after seeing her son’s drawings and was very depressed as she missed her son badly. And she also regretted to abandon her child. By seeing the child was closer to her husband, Shin Hee hates the existing of the child leaving a irreconciable hatred towards the family.

    Yeon Su was surprised to see Shin Hee’s father. He felt guilty and aplogised to Yeon Su, but, he did not speak the truth.
    Yeon Su’s brother even hates to see Shin Hee’s father, as this will remind him of his passed away mother and also suddenly got missing and also did not attend the wake.

    While, Lee Jae Hwang was having his lunch, he saw this suspicious man trying to cheat for money and accused the restaurant for professional in negligence, having a mental needle inside the bowl of soup and demanded for medical fees. Yeon Su was unable to deal with the critical situation. Luckily, Lee Jae Hwang was alert and helped her to settle the matter .
    He was kind enough to give her an advise on her career path, encouraged her to have dreams for her future. But,Yeon Su was not keen to understand and appreciate his kindness. He left with disappointment and did not continue their conversations.

    Yeon Su met her niece at her workplace and discovered that someone copy and used her design that she had designed for competition. She was anxious and wanted to know who’s the person who had done this to her. She asked her niece to investigate to find out for her. While,Yeon Su was walking to another place, she accidentally met the suspicious man who caused her to be in jail, she chased away after him, but, did not manage to catch him.

    As the child was crying at an uncontrollable stage, Shin Hee suddenly recalled those useful guidelines that Yeon Su had written on that piece of paper. By using this method, she had managed to make the child fell asleep and stop crying.

    Yeon Su was ill, her aunt take care of her and gave her some moral support. She then received a phone call from her niece and her told niece told her that the blouse at display model was designed by Shin Hee…….

  56. 56 : say Says:

    @mml I want to see more seen with Lee Jae Hwang and Yeon Su together,that will make my day,but why did Yeon Su brother went to see that bad guy same person that Shin Hee is using for her dirty works?thanks once again for the recaps looking forward for ep21 see you than.

    I will try Marry him if you dare,that sounds interesting.

  57. 57 : mml Says:

    @56 say,
    the answer is Yeon Su’s brother is working part-time for that bad guy and by coincidence that bad guy also works for Shin Hee for her dirty works.

    I will tell you more interesting things along the way, episode 20, Yeon Su was not keen to listen to Lee Jae Hwang’s advise on her career path and episode 21 Yeon Su discovered that the Shin Hee stole her design for the competition and maybe this is how that changes her decision to listen to Lee Jae Hwang kind advise. At episode 20, Lee Jae Hwang not yet fall in love with Yeon Su and maybe when the later episodes , will tell viewers that he discovers that Yeon Su got great talent in her design that is the time he is impressed by her talent.

    I guess, episode 21 to episode 25 will not be so sad as Yeon Su has found a job and has a sense of direction in her life.

  58. 58 : say Says:

    @mml ep21 look promising,I hope Yeon Su brother will be ok,because if they should know and suspect him that he might be helping Yeon Su, they will definitely set him up again also he has hot tempered,so hope he will be smart enough to help his sister when he find out that his sister might be innocent.thanks so much

  59. 59 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 21,
    Yeon Su was shocked to know this when her niece called and her told that the blouse was designed by Shin Hee.
    As, Shin Hee’s mother in law insisted to transfer her grandson to another childcare, therefore, more argument came in over this small matter. Shine Hee always forced the child to do things reluctantly. She treated the child without kindness, who knows Lee Jae Hwang saw this, he became frustrated when seeing Shin Hee.

    Yeon Su met Shin Hee and asked her about her design as she suspected her without concrete evidence. Nevertheless, Shin Hee denial and refused to speak the truth and walked away.
    Yeon Su successfully caught the bad guy, but, the bad guy refused to let her harass and even hit her and escaped.

    As, Lee Jae Hwang needs to take precautions in certain things, hence, he had restricted Min Jung Hyun not to do things without his consent. Min Jung Hyun began to feel uneasy with his interference at his authority at work.
    Yeon Su’s brother got too much hatred, therefore, he doesn’t like to see Shin Hee’s father. He quarrelled with him.
    Yeon Su understood that Shin Hee’s father had not yet found a right place to stay and therefore, she encouraged him to stay with them. After a while of hesitation towards this matter, he had finally willing to stay with them.

    The child was trying to call Yeon Su, but, was unsuccessful as Shin Hee pretended to be helpful to help him, but, purposely called the wrong number. Consequently, the phone did not get through, the child was upset with disappointment. The child had even made an attempt to call again by himself, he tried
    calling again by himself as he missed his mother very much.
    Who knows, he accidentally broke the vase and making everyone wake up from their sleep. Min Jung Hyun’s stepfather was furious and angry that the child was a troublemaker boy.
    Luckily, with the kind help of Lee Jae Hwang, he lent his handphone to allow the child to call Yeon Su. Yeon Su became happy speaking to her son. The child was smart enough, he did let his father know that he has been using Lee Jae Hwang’s handphone to call his mother.

    Yeon Su was very stubborn, she refused to listen to her niece advise to re-join DH company. While, Yeon Su was working she began to analyse some suspicious area. After some prudent thought, she became confirmed that the blouse was designed by her and someone stole her design. She continued to search to find out what happened to her design.
    After meeting Shin Hee, Yeon Su expected a good explaination but who knows cunning Shin Hee continued to hide the truth.

  60. 60 : say Says:

    @mml,thanks so much for recap of 21ep,i just watch 21 to 23,in this episode as you recap,the best part that I like was Lee Jae Hwang giving his phone to Yeon Su little boy to his mother that was the best part,I almost went to Korean to slap Min Jung Hyun’s stepfather it was so irritating to see him angry at little child who broke so call treasure,he did not ask if the child was alright all he cares and think about is the stupid glass that broke and condemn a little child for that,he should be ashamed of himself,does he know that is because of him that child was taken from his mother by force to please him since he is asking for a grand child now he see the child he been heartless.

    as for Min Jung Hyun, the little boy is a means for him pleasing his stepfather to get his dirty hands on his stepfather wealth that is the only concern he has about that child,Min Jung Hyun and his greed wife are really compatible,they fit each other very well.As for the grandmother she is just good for nothing to that little boy, she does nothing but leave that child for a wicked woman like Shin Hee to take care off,I don’t know what she was thinking?does she think that Shin Hee will love and care for that child as her own,after objecting for them bringing that child into house?I feel so sorry for the child because the people who are taking care of him are a bunch of greed human [email protected] the only person that makes me feel so good watching this drama is Lee Jae Hwang and Yeon Su sister,any time Lee Jae Hwang appear on the screen I feel relief and happy.

  61. 61 : say Says:

    @mml,have you watch ep24 yet?I watch it already,wow it is full of suspends,I like it,I just can’t have enough of Lee Jae Hwang,he is very adorable,full of energy,I also hope Yeon Su will gather strength and courage to fight for what she wants,it is very hard sometime when you are innocent but you are painted black, accuse of what you did not do,you just too afraid to your face in public I really empathize with Yeon Su for what she is going through.I don’t have much of spoiler for you I don’t understand much,see you than.

  62. 62 : NewFan Says:

    Hi, does anyone know where to watch this drama in eng subs? So far I haven’t found any yet. 🙁

  63. 63 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 22,
    Shin Hee unpleasantness denied and challenged with Yeon Su. Yeon Su was even more determined to face this challenge and trying her best to get evidence. As she was unable to find evidence and left with disappointment, she met Min Jung Hyun and she began to find clue from him, but, again she can’t find the prove. Therefore, she requested to see his son. Min Jung Hyun with strong objection against Yeon Su to see the child and he left, Yeon Su was very disappointed.

    Yeon Su went to look for her niece and told her about her confusion in mind. Although, she suspected Shin Hee stole her design,,but,not yet found any prove. She became unsure to suspect her. Her niece was very kind towards Yeon Su, her continuous encouragement leading Yeon Su wanted to re-join DH company. As Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle very concerned on how to maintain his business always at a profit level,
    therefore, he had requested his nephew and also Min Jung Hyun to put in more efforts for upcoming events. Hence, Min Jung Hyun was worried that he may loose to Lee Jae Hwang, and began to continue his dishonest tricks and hoping that he can win.

    While,Yeon Su went to the police station trying to find out some informations regards to the bad guy. Unpredictable by Lee Jae Hwang his smart judgement, he had the ability to find out some background of Yeon Su from his assistant, making him curious and was able to reveal a secret. And he even realised that Yeon Su has a good talent to design clothings, but she was reluctant and had no intention to re-join DH company. Ultimately, he did not force her , he was even kind enough to listen to Yeon Su’s problems.
    Yeon Su told him about the bad guy and Lee Jae Hwang continued to give her very useful advise.

    While, he was inside his office carefully analysing some suspected photographs, his assistant came in and he told his assistant that his earlier judgement on Yeon Su killed her mother maybe was a wrong judgement. He then received a call, he even rushed to Min Jung Hyun’s office and questioned his authority. Unbelievable that Min Jung Hyun was trying to over right his power and authority, without his permission.
    Lee Jae Hwang was very angry with him. He demanded Min Jung Hyun to comply to his instructions.

    The bad guy came back and found out that his assistant was trying to break open his drawer. He became very mad about him and bitten him up badly. Yeon Su ‘s brother was reluctant to share his room with Shin Hee’s father. The family began to voice out and argued, with so much frustrations, he even ran out to pack his bag and eventually willing to share the room with him. Yeon Su felt embrassed and sorry to her aunt for creating inconvenience to the family.

    Shin Hee celebrated her wedding anniversary, but her husband does not have the sense of belonging. Half way through, he was interrupted by his son’s crying, Shin Hee was upset and angry. Yeon Su met Min Jung Hyun at her niece working place, very awkward to see him and also can’t run away, but, instead standing still at the same place. He came to stress her niece about the poor business of that section of the clothings and forced her to show some improvements. Her niece doesn’t like to see his presence anymore, but, no choice as she needs to earn a living.

    The child had no appetite to eat , Lee Jae Hwang told the family, that the child most probably missed his mother and resulted to poor appetite. Shin Hee decided to bring the child to visit Yeon Su and therefore the child began to feel happier.
    Shin Hee’s mother in law was unhappy that Shin Hee listened to Lee Jae Hwang’s suggestions. Min Jung Hyun was impatient and disagreed to this suggestions ,but, nevertheless, his wife had given him assurance to it.

    In order for the child to see Yeon Su, Shin Hee wanted the child to comply an added condition, that is to greet Shin Hee as his mother. At first, Yeon Su was very happy to see her son, but,when they were eating together, the child’s shirt accidentally stained by the food and Yeon Su heard her son calling Shin Hee as mother, a very disappointed and pessimistic look. Before Yeon Su goes home, she told her son, although, they are now separated and couldn’t stay together, but, oneday, both of them will reunion. And who knows her son wanted to follow Yeon Su and refused to stay with them. Yeon Su became even more upset to depart with her son.

    While, she was crying outside the house, Lee Jae Hwang saw her and understood her sadness. He even encouraged Yeon Su to restart her plans in her life, to plan for a future for herself and also for her son. Yeon Su was motivated by his encouragement.

    When Yeon Su was at home, she began to decide on how to plan a future that is beneficial for her son. Finally, she has decided to re-join DH company through a fashion competition. The next day, when she was on her way to submit her application form, she met Shin Hee, she doesn’t bother about how Shin Hee had treated her. Yeon Su’s goal is to get back his son and move onto a new life.

  64. 64 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 23,
    Yeon Su was not frightened of Shin Hee when she saw her. She has her goal to fullfill. Next, Lee Jae Hwang secretly investigated the bad guy with the help of his assistant. He discovered his background but was unable to know where does the bad guy stay.

    The bad guy told Shin Hee that Yeon Su saw him and he was facing financial difficulty, if, he hides himself and did not get an income. Therefore, Shin Hee agreed to compensate him
    during the lost of an income period, if, he agrees to hide himself at somewhere.

    Lee Jae Hwang suspected that Min Jung Hyun bribe his client, he confronted him, leading to the matter became worse and he angrily walked away after the quarrel. Shin Hee received a call from his father, she was frightened that her mother in law
    will find out and her father, her father signal to her and quickly made excuse and escaped.

    When she reached home, her mother in law scolded Shin Hee for not spending her time wisely with the child and did not make an effort to take care of the kid. She even treated the child very harsh and never pamper him with loving kindness.

    Next,Shin Hee’s father was almost speechless to talk further when Yeon Su praised him during the years when he was working as a police officer. As, Yeon Su missed her mother, she began pondering and suddenly she has an ideal on what dress she wanted to make for the competition.

    During breakfast, Yeon Su told her aunt that, she will be participating a design competition organised by DH company,
    At first, her aunt showed objections, but , when she realised that rewards will be given and is MONEY, she was surprised and happy and did not go further to go against it anymore.

    As the structure of business needs to change and to continue attract business, hence, Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle discussed with
    them and who knows he likes and accepted his nephew Lee Jae Hwang suggestions. And to select the person with talent to design the clothings instead of selecting their qualifications, making Min Jung Hyun and his wife felt jealous that , FAVOUR
    always given to Lee Jae Hwang.

    While, Yeon Su was happily drawing the design and sharing her interesting ideals with her niece, Shin Hee called her and wanted to meet up with her. She also forced her to give up the competition, but Yeon Su was a little curious why she wanted to force her and she remained firmed enough to understand her objective. Shin Hee then left wth disappointment. The next day, Yeon Su went to DH company to submit her competition form and she was brave enough not to be shaken by her decision ,even, when she saw Shin Hee and heard her nasty remarks.

    Shin Hee realised that Yeon Su had successfully passed her first round of competition. She began to panic and got worried.
    Yeon Su has completed making the dress , she happily showed her niece and aunt and a hope to win. While, she was on her way to DH company, someone robbed her bag with the dress.
    Yeon Su fell and hurt badly and meanwhile Lee Jae Hwang was driving and saw this robbery, he even helped to chase after the robbery. Eventually, he has successfully get back Yeon Su’s bag with that dress. He returned back the missing dress to Yeon Su. Yeon Su was very grateful towards his help.
    As a token of appreciation and to thank him, Yeon Su has promised to treat him a meal.

    The bad guy was angry for mission fail. He called Shin Hee and informed her about it. After hearing this disappointed news, Shin Hee was frightened by Mission Fail, she secretly went into the room and searched all the displayed clothings for the
    competition. After sometime of searching, she finally found Yeon Su’s design dress and wickedly tore to damage some areas of the dress.

    When Yeon Su realised that the dress was torn, she was quite disheartened and luckily, she did not give up her hope. Yeon Su began to re-make and amend the damaged areas. When
    Yeon Su was about to perform for the competition, she accidentally saw Lee Jae Hwang and approached him for further help. He gave his necktie to Yeon Su to re-design it as a belt for the dress.

    When she went into the room, with amazement,she saw Lee Jae Hwang as one of the judges , she became very hopeful and very confident in explaining her ideals on making this dress.

  65. 65 : say Says:

    @mml,thanks so much,one question,is there no camera in that room where those clothe was displayed?at least it is a competition were by the company could have had a camera in that room to make sure that nobody cheated,and it could have been the first down fall of Shin Hee as the camera shows how she destroyed Yeon Su designed clothing.So the writer want to keep punishing Yeon Su with all this missed opportunity,that is sad enough of the punishment dear writer so that the drama can start off with good expectation on the next episode.So far I just keep loving Lee Jae Hwang,his energy to help Yeon Su not wavering is what amaze me.More grace to his able,love him.

  66. 66 : mml Says:

    @60,61 & 65 say,
    actually you right to point out this opinion at episode 23, whereby,they should have a CCTV camera inside the room where they displayed those clothings for competition.
    Maybe, the writer will elaborate more details in later episodes that is a link up to Yeon Su being bullied and abused by Shin Hee when Yeon Su continues to work to establish her career in DH company.

    Looks like Shin Hee is forever very evil, MONEY IS THE FOUNDATION OF HER MARRIAGE.

    Yeon Su with her bright fashion design talent, maybe, is the foundation for her to attract Lee Jae Hwang’s attention.

    And Lee Jae Hwang, maybe, is the foundation of HOPE for Yeon Su, to keep thinking of positive ways to get back her child.

    I will re-cap episode 24 and episode 25 to discuss on this further.

  67. 67 : say Says:

    @mml,indeed so many missed opportunities,when is Shin Hee evil reign is going to come at end,at ep25 I just want to give a big hug to Lee Jae Hwang,he did what a man should do the way he uses his body to shade Yeon Su from the evil Shin Hee set up to disgrace Yeon Su is awesome,for that moment if Yeon Su has not yet love him,I don’t know if there will ever be a moment like this again in this drama,the writer got that part very well,that is awesome to see,I was thinking Yeon Su was going to run away not continue her way to work but a handsome good man is there to save the day.Next episode Yeon Su should not yield to Shin Hee bulling her around,giving her the job that is not meant for her,Yeon Su please grow backbone,I know is hard for you but you merit your way into that company so don’t feel ashamed also stop looking at Shin Hee as a person who have heart,no she don’t have heart at all,wait until you know all your suffering was her making,so please live stronger.

    @mml,I want to know why Lee Jae Hwang went to the river side to pray after Yeon Su win,and what the issue is all about that he almost cry when he was dining with Yeon Su in ep25? the good thing now for Yeon Su is that her brother now know something is going wrong, he will now try and find out who is behind it,also who paid his boss to do that to his sister,that is other good opportunity,@mml thanks once again.

  68. 68 : teresita ante Says:

    i really really like to watch this drama because of lee ji hwang but i cannot coz there’s still no english sub yet.please please please eng sub!!!

  69. 69 : say Says:

    @teresita ante,i don’t think there is an English sub yet,so just watch and follow @mml recaps you will still enjoy it.

  70. 70 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 24,
    Yeon Su not only innovative and creative, she has unbelievable strong fashion design talent and she has also the talent to impress all the judges. Very impressive by her presentation and convincing ability to convince the judge.
    When the competition ends, Lee Jae Hwang came out from the room and asked their opinion. After hearing their opinion, he felt irritated and walked away.

    After the competition, no doubt, Min Jung Hyun and Shin Hee, both of them still continues to have disagreement, but, they have no power to stop the matter. Shin Hee was extremely mad with the situation that she couldn’t handle to prevent Yeon Su from entering to DH company.

    While, Lee Jae Hwang was about to take the lift, he met Yeon Su at the same lift as him. He then brought her to his office,
    When both of them were having converations, Shin Hee secretly standing outside his room and heard their conversations. She discovered that Lee Jae Hwang was the one who sponsored the rewards for the competition and even invited Yeon Su to participate for this competition. Shin Hee went home and lodge a complaint to her husband. Three of them again having dispute on Yeon Su’s matter. Lee Jae Hwang was forced by both of them to speak out the reason of helping Yeon Su. Lee Jae Hwang told both of them that Yeon Su has talent in fashion design, he even valued and treasured her talent, therefore, encouraged her to participate. Shin Hee told him that Yeon Su had a criminal record, not advisable to work at the company. He even explained that he has only given her the competition form, but, what happened was Shin Hee began to threaten him, by saying that, what if, his uncle came to know about it ? He was very smart to handle this wicked woman, he told her that, even if, his uncle came to know about it, it will not affect this on-going plan and event.

    When they were eating sweet potato, they began to gossip about Shin Hee and this made Yeon Su being doubtful, about the character of Shin Hee. Yeon Su her niece was happily wearing the brooch and when her aunt asked her daughter who gave it to her. She then replied her mother that, Yeon Su gave it to her. And Yeon Su told both of them, that actually the brooch doesn’t belong to her. She found the brooch inside the box. Meanwhile, Shin Hee met Yeon Su’s niece, she even warned her , in future, do not to come into the house to create trouble. She became surprised when she saw her own brooch, now wearing by Yeon Su niece.

    Yeon Su had suspected that the robbery who robbed her dress , the culprit was Shin Hee. She questioned her, but,Shin Hee refused to admit ,but, instead scolded Yeon Su and then she left.

    Yeon Su told her niece, when she has finished her work,she will go to her brother’s working place to visit him. On the other hand, Shin Hee remembered that she had lost her brooch on the day when Yeon Su’s mother was being murdered by her. She became anxious that the brooch can be a form of evidence and hence she can’t get peace in her mind.

    Yeon Su found her brother and dislike his working environment, she wanted to reconcile her relationships with her brother, but, her brother was too stubborn to understand her kindness and even quarrelled with her. Yeon Su was too upset to see her brother turning to a rebellious person.

    Shin Hee reached home and she was not feeling well, but her mother in law demanded her to visit Childcare as they also plan charity event there, although, she was reluctant to go , but, after she got scolded she became,more obedient to follow instructions only surfacely. And behind the scene, she started throwing her temper.

    The news brought to Min Jung Hyun stepfather’s attention, his stepfather, not only smart and alert, he’s aware that the media news will be an added disadvantage to his company’s reputation. He demanded Min Jung Hyun to solve the problem amicably . Min Jung Hyun even panic to face the music.
    He was in a hurry to meet someone to solve this problem and have no time to listen to Shin Hee. Shin Hee was hateful to always face this kind of treatment.

    Yeon Su began writting diary, so that this can be a way to communciate with her son and her thoughts will be related in her mind.

    Someone committed suicide was a business partner with Min Jung Hyun and what happened was, Min Jung Hyun bribe this business partner . The business partner received this bribe money and invested into company SHARES, as the share prices dropped tremendously, consequently the company was facing a critical financial difficulty or even can lead to bankruptcy, therefore, the business partner committed suicide can be one of these reasons. This complicated issue in this case was, the business partner committed suicide and even passed down a WILL and the case can only be closed only
    upon, if, Min Jung Hyun will be empowered to take over his stepfather’s business.

    Her niece has received a call from DH company, the purpose of the call was to inform Yeon Su has been shortlisted as the first winner of the design fashion competition. Her niece informed Yeon Su and even congratulated her. Her aunt was also happy that Yeon Su can have the Money reward. Yeon Su also shared the good news to Shin Hee’s father. Yeon Su her brother did not feel the joy after knowing the good news.

    Shin Hee was furious when she realised that Yeon Su was the winner . She went to discuss with her husband on how to tackle the problem . As very soon , Yeon Su will be their re-joined colleague. While in the middle of this discussion, her mother in law called to remind her of being present at the childcare. She was forced to stop the discussion and needed to immediately go to the childcare.

    Shin Hee was not paying attention inside the childcare, what happened was, another parents’ child recognised her, as the daughter in law of DH company. She had no choice and began to be a great pretender, pretending to be a kind caring mother, making the child looked confused of her intention.

    Shin Hee scolded the child outside the house, she threatened the child and forced him to accept her. While, Shin Hee’s father finally found her residence. Out of kind intention, her father sent her tonic that can help her to conceive a baby, but, she has mistaken that her father as harass her.

    Her mother in law scolded Shin Hee for not caring enough, she then threw her temper to the child by removing his necklace.
    Next, the family celebrated Yeon Su’s birthday, the aunt also created some joy atmosphere.

    Shin Hee found out from her husband that her father in law will not be attending the winner awards for fashion design competition’s ceremony. As Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle will be going on business overseas trip, therefore, unable to attend. she became disappointed

    On the day of the ceremony, started with a thankful speech and followed by the announcement of the first winner of the fashion design competition making Lee Jae Hwang looks very proud and confident that Yeon Su will be his working colleague very soon……..

  71. 71 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 25,

    The ceremony turned out to be a smooth and grand one .Yeon Su had successfully won and received her prize. Although, Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle was quite unhappy to see Yeon Su claiming the prize. The happy thing was he still continues to present the prize to her and he can still contol his temper until the ceremony ended. Upon his questioning to his son Min Jung Hyun, he was doubtful that, since Yeon Su won the competition, therefore, there should be a contract given to Yeon Su and the contract will be, Yeon Su will be under their employment. During the on-going converation, his stepfather was interrupted by a call, hence he did not finish what he wanted to discuss.

    When Min Jung Hyun went back to office, Shin Hee wanted to know what was the conclusion in handling Yeon Su and to prevent her from working in DH company. But, Min Jung Hyun told her, that his stepfather was not a simple person. The situation was, it’s not so easy to speak and made suggestions to his stepfather at this point of time. Yeon Su went to visit and prayed her passed away mother, she informed the good news that she had won the competition and also she will definitely fullfill her promise.

    Meanwhile, his assistant told Lee Jae Hwang that his uncle was surprised and amazed to see Yeon Su was the winner of the fashion design competition. And Lee Jae Hwang answered his assistant that, Yeon Su’s talent made him even more amazed. In view of he has personal matter to attend,
    therefore, he has requested his assistant to change his schedule. His schedule for today’s activity will be postponed to tomorrow instead .

    Lee Jae Hwang went to a river and most probably was the place whereby his parents passed away, he prayed fervently to his passed away parents and even said to them, do not worry about him as he knows how to take care of himself.
    While, he was about to leave the place, he received a call from Yeon Su. The purpose of calling him was to fullfill her promise to treat him and to thank him and even rendered helped to her by lending her his necktie during the critical situation. Yeon Su returned the necktie which she borrowed from him and another necktie was Yeon Su personally spent her time to make one as a present for him. Even though, it’s not an expensive gift, is the heart that counts and Yeon Su hopes that he will like it and accept the gift. Although, by looking at the necktie, it seems that it’s not his style and at least, he was happy to appreciate it. During their conversations, Yeon Su realised that Lee Jae Hwang had gone through hardships when he was working as a lawyer.

    Their meet up was an enjoyable day, Lee Jae Hwang went home ,happily starring at the necktie. Yeon Su’s son went into his room and praised that the necktie looks good if he wears it and therefore he has decided to wear it to work. Next, the child wanted to borrow his handphone, but, suddenly he realised that his necklace was missing. Without the necklace, the child was unable to call his mother as Yeon Su’s handphone number was tagged at the necklace.

    While, the family was eating fruits, her aunt began to show interest in Yeon Su’s money, the money she will soon receive it as she won it from the competition. Her aunt wanted her to use the money to rent a place to stay, instead of lifetime staying at her house. Yeon Su began to feel upset seeing her aunt, so eager to see her move out from her house.

    Shin Hee’s mother in law came to know that Yeon Su was the winner of the fashion design competition. Shin Hee this wicked woman began to grab hold of this opportunity to instigate bad things about Lee Jae Hwang. She told her mother in law that Lee Jae Hwang was the culprit who assisted and helped Yeon Su to be successfully given this opportunity came back to DH company. Her mother in law began to comment bad remarks about Lee Jae Hwang, saying that Lee Jae Hwang did not show care and consideration towards Min Jung Hyun and making Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle felt irritated and frustrated by hearing their comments.

    Lee Jae Hwang accompanied the child to the living room and approached them by asking them whether did they see
    the missing necklace, but, nobody knows where’s the missing necklace. Shin Hee was the culprit who stole it, she was too frightened and pretended that she has no ideal where’s the missing necklace and quickly walked away. While, Shin Hee mother in law was trying to control Lee Jae Hwang, she demanded him not to allow Yeon Su to work at DH.
    With his capability to handle the situation, he told her that the final decision and authority will always be his uncle.
    This made Shin Hee’s mother in law was speechless after hearing his answer and would not dare to quarrel with him anymore.

    There was a meeting, debating on why Yeon Su was not allowed to work at DH. After the meeting, Min Jung Hyun still continues to emulate and quarrelled with Lee Jae Hwang,
    Questioning him on what’s the concrete reason for helping Yeon Su to work at DH ? By questioning Lee Jae Hwang in a silly matter, made Lee Jae Hwang got angry and questioned Min Jung Hyun back, regards to his integrity that he bribe his business partner and eventually his business partner committed suicide because of financial difficulty and even a written WILL that cannot be enforce at the moment.
    Min Jung Hyun went back to his office and began to recall, what Lee Jae Hwang had told him, he started to get worry as
    Lee Jae Hwang has excellent background knowledge in law, moreover, he ever works as a lawyer, is only a matter of time given, he will soon breakthrough and find all loophole, dishonesty , integrity of Min Jung Hyun.

    Yeon Su bought a toy for her son, Shin Hee was reluctant to help her to give the toy to her child, but, instead she chased Yeon Su away. Luckily, the child came back on time together with his grandma, her son was alert, he was able to recognise the back view of his mother. The child had mistaken that Yeon Su came to fetch him home, asking his mother some questions, although, but, when he found out that Yeon Su came not to bring him home, he did not become upset as he realised that his mother bought him a toy. Shin Hee’s mother in law scolded Yeon Su, questioning her, what’s her motive of coming to see her son and also questioned her on why she wants to work and re-join DH company ?
    She even scolded her for being thick skin to work at her company and forced her to consider to leave DH and do not appear in front of her anymore.

    Shin Hee went to Lee Jae Hwang’s room and requested him ,that she wants to participate for fashion design assessment. Since, Lee Jae Hwang is a smart person who can understands her having an evil motive, therfore, he had agreed her request, but as to how well can she score for her assessment will subject to a few judge to judge on it so that it will be a fair assessment. After hearing, she was furious and remain silent.

    The next day, Shin Hee came out a wicked plan , she demanded Yeon Su to make a dress for the assessment, who knows Shin Hee changed the sample displayed dress which earlier on demanded Yeon Su to make. When Yeon Su was in the room, she realised that the dress she made was being
    changed by Shin Hee to another sample dress compared to the one which she had completed, was totally different.
    This confusion leading to Yeon Su so frightened and nervous and was unable to respond. Min Jung Hyun gave this as an excuse to expel her not to qualify for the assessment. As, Lee Jae Hwang recognised their evil plot and quickly helped her by suggested to all the judge, to judge her dress making talent.
    All the judge checked her dress making skills and were convinced by Lee Jae Hwang, that his good reason to value Yeon Su capability leading to Shin Hee jealous, as she has no power to stop Lee Jae Hwang and neither does she have any authority to expel Yeon Su. Upon finishes the assessment, Yeon Su went to confront Shin Hee , but, Shin Hee denial and said it’s due to her careless, therfore, things happened in this manner. Yeon Su was angry with her explaination and suffered bullied by Shin Hee in silence.

    Shin Hee went to confront Lee Jae Hwang to challenge and argued with him. Lee Jae Hwang was smart , he has already kept the evidence in his handphone, a picture of the sample dress for the assessment, this will be a concrete evidence that
    she was the one who changed the sample displayed dress. With this evidence, Shin Hee was frightened and she had no right to dare to continue to argue with him further.

    As Lee Jae Hwang wanted to throw something to the dustbin, he accidentally discovered and found the child’s necklace was inside the dustbin, he began to wonder who was the culprit. While, the child was inside the room, the child wanted to call his mother, but, he had lost the necklace tagged with his mother’s handphone number, therefore, he was unable to call, the child was very upset ,plead Shin Hee to help him. Lee Jae Hwang bypass the place and heard their conversations.
    Lee Jae Hwang a straight forward person, with no fear of her, very daring, have guards to scold her and speak out the real fact and the role of a stepmother. After scolding her, he went to the child’s room and lent his handphone to him and also returned him the missing necklace. Making the child very glad to see him. While, Yeon Su was cleaning the floor, she received a call to inform her to start working tomorrow. She was very happy to share the good news to her niece too. Next, she received another call, this time was her son calling her. She told her son that she found a job and rejoin the company.

    Shin Hee called and hired the bad guy to punish Yeon Su.
    Yeon Su’s aunt bought a dress for Yeon Su so that she can wear it on her first day at work, She was so happy and even thank her aunt. The bad guy assigned his assistants to throw eggs to Yeon Su when she arrived at her work place. While, Yeon Su was about to step into DH company, someone kept on calling her and abused her, as she had a criminal record . And by attracting people’s mockery, Shin Hee was hiding behind with a wicked smile. Yeon Su followed by receiving continuous bullied, the bad guy threw rotten eggs to her
    Lee Jae Hwang suddenly appeared to be a wonderful hero , shaded her with his body and protected her………

  72. 72 : say Says:

    mml,thanks so much for the recaps,i will continue to come here and read your recaps for now after watching ep26 i don’t think i can swallow Yeon Su stupidity,and idiotic behavior, for goodness sake does this writer has to make Yeon Su stupid like this?how can Yeon Su will still be looking at Shin Hee as a good person,somebody who you think she is like family marry your boyfriend,was not remorse about it when you both met,took your son to punished you, has repeatedly show you hate,and you can not take care of yourself you want Lee Jae Hwang to always come to your rescue,you cannot take your work to Lee Jae Hwang who have your best interest in his heart, you are there showing Shin Hee that you are still stupid as ever has been,what are my seeing the man you left you, took your son away from you,and marry other obviously getting all the credit from you,no need to bother,I will pass for now.

  73. 73 : mml Says:

    @72 say,
    your opinion is, Yeon Su is stupid like this. I will tell you more about the 2 characters of these two women in this drama. Shin Hee is an angel of the devil and Yeon Su is an angel of the kind. Shin Hee understands that Yeon Su is a very kind person that’s why Shin Hee will take things granted. Lee Jae Hwang is a person who can see through Shin Hee’s wicked character , that means when Lee Jae Hwang has been given more opportunity to get along with Yeon Su, he may soon discover the difference between these two women.

    From episode 26 to episode 30, we will see more changes from Lee Jae Hwang and Yeon Su, this is what i have predicted. Do you know why ? The reason is when Yeon Su re-join DH company and alot of weird and suffering things happened to Yeon Su ? This can lead to Lee Jae Hwang to carry on his secret investigations with the help of his assistant. Yeon Su’s brother may soon discover more things about the bad guy.

    Is a mystery to me, at which episode will i see Lee Jae Hwang falling in love wholeheartedly towards Yeon Su.

    My re-cap is always slower, as i also watch other Korea dramas, but i will definitely continue to re-cap which episode, so that anyone who wants to read or wants to discuss about this drama ,they are always most welcome .

    Say, i really love very much as you like to watch this drama. So far, only you and me come to this website, the rest of them, i am not sure whether did they watch this drama ?

  74. 74 : say Says:

    @mml,I like your opinions,it make more scene and enjoyable than drama itself,at least by now Yeon Su could have understood herself not to trust anything around her,at ep26,the most annoying seen is the faxing machine incident,as an intelligent person Yeon Su should have said to Shin Hee to wait that she is doing somethings,even though Shin Hee will get offended for not answering her on time,it is ok,for now she should not be doing anything to please Shin Hee,because there is no need for her to carry on with the attitudes to please Shin Hee,no matter how saints a person may be,there is a tin line B/W foolishness and been righteous,someone you know as an enemy ask you to jump off the cliff and you do so when you know that jumping off the cliff will get you killed,that is what Yeon Su is doing right now in my opinion,the incidents that is happening around her,she could have by now learn not to take things for granted,what is there to gain by been all saint
    the person who owns the company hate her guts want her out of his company,and also knowing that Shin Hee doesn’t want her to be there too could have made her to wise up.Lee Jae Hwang is only the one fighting for her,and instead of her showing her wiseness,but keep displaying her foolishness,no, that is out of a character of a good person, you don’t add salt to the injury,you have to think of a better way to give support to the one who is getting out off his way to defend you. Yeon Su behavior right now is call stupidity,no wise person should be fooled more than twice,she have been fooled more than twice already, as for me, Yeon Su for now is let down,and the writer will make people to lose faith in this drama if he or she doesn’t write well.I fell pity for Lee Jae Hwang character,hope he is not going to fall in love with ungrateful person.

  75. 75 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 26,
    Lee Jae Hwang the hero guy, shaded and protected Yeon Su and he then shouted to the bad guy and questioned him,
    who assigned him to do such drastic actions to Yeon Su, without answering him he quickly left the place. Yeon Su her brother also saw the situation and looks like he had finally realised that someone was trying to harm and attack his sister. He then left together with the bad buy.

    While Yeon Su was in the washroom, Shin Hee went to tease and mock at her. Yeon Su was optimistic, although, she had received such unfair treatment , knowing that Shin Hee was a wicked woman, she needs to continue to be brave. Yeon Su was disheartened towards facing such an evil person and with a grateful heart towards her niece who has done the makeup
    for her and her aunt saved her hard earned money to buy clothing for her.

    Yeon Su wanted to get along well with her colleagues, but it seems that all colleagues don’t like her. The worst thing was, Shin Hee even announced to them that Yeon Su was just a three months temporary contract staff. Yeon Su wanted to know,why, she suddenly became under temporary employment.
    Shin Hee, very arrogant and bossy, using her position she’s holding, in the company to comand her, to comply and respect her.

    Lee Jae Hwang was trying to protect Yeon Su,upon, discovery of Yeon Su being converted to 3months temporary staff, but, Min Jung Hyun replied to him that, instruction was given by his stepfather to convert Yeon Su to temporary employment, as, Yeon Su had criminal record, this may lead to all colleagues’ gossip and public media’s attention. Lee Jae Hwang was indeed very sad to hear this answer, but, did not continue to argue with him anymore. When he was in his office, he began to recall some hurtful experience that he had gone through when he was a lawyer, he began to sympathize Yeon Su’s sad experience, signify that it was quite similar to his sufferings.

    Yeon Su called her senior and couldn’t meet her, but, when she saw her senior gathering with Shin Hee to go for lunch, she was quite disappointed. Later on, she met Lee Jae Hwang and apologised for the incident happened. Lee Jae Hwang had accepted her apology and asked her to treat him lunch.
    When having lunch with Lee Jae Hwang, she told him that whatever obstacles she will meet, she will continue to work hard and will be brave to overcome it and she will definitely want to win the custody of her child. Yeon Su also requested him to retrieve back those photographs that was related to the murder case, as she wanted to take a look and analyse it.
    And Lee Jae Hwang agreed to give those photographs to her on the following day. She then felt relieved after hearing his promise.

    Shin Hee reminded Yeon Su to fill in a material order form for materials needed to purchase for the factory. Yeon Su then quickly fill in the material order form for a total quantity needed was 4 thousand. While, Yeon Su was about to fax the material order form, Shin Hee demanded her to immediately collect the clothing and put it onto the display model for the purpose of assessment. The haven’t fax material order form was placed at the fax machine. Without further delay, Yeon Su quickly went to collect the display model and wicked Shin Hee grab hold of this opportunity, she quickly went to change the quantity needed on the material order form to 40 thousand , by adding one more zero behind the number.

    Yeon Su met Min Jung Hyun, already felt very exhausted by her tedious work, who works Min Jung Hyun continued his lecture and gave negative comments towards Yeon Su. Forced her to resign and he will find another better prospect job for her. Yeon Su was assertive and stubborn, she was reluctant to resign and Min Jung Hyun began to threaten her, if, she does not want to resign and reluctant to listen to his
    kind advise, in future, she will definitely will regret.

    Yeon Su went back to complete her work, she went to the fax machine to fax the material order form. Without doing a double check on the quantity, that she had written and she just fax the copy blindly.

    Out of helpful intention, Yeon Su’s aunt volunteer to help Shin Hee’s father to wash clothings, but, who knows it was his underwear, later on, she felt embrassed for being helpful.

    Some colleagues started to gossip about Yeon Su, when they saw Yeon Su was carrying heavy items, they bullied her and made her fell down. Lee Jae Hwang saw her in a pathetic situation and quickly helped her. She accidentally noticed that he was wearing the necktie and was quite surprised and happy. When she was carrying the heavy items and left, she was upset and angry as she knew that those nasty colleagues will always want to bully her.

    The factory called to inform that they have received an over ordered quantity of materials , her colleague told Shin Hee that
    most probably, was Yeon Su had written wrongly on the material order form. Shin Hee pretended to be ignorant about this happened. She instructed her assistant to quickly retrieve the written material order form and have a look. Yeon Su came back with the heavy items and suddenly heard Shin Hee shouting at her, bringing to everyone’s attention that Yeon Su
    was careless and making a big mistake in material order form and accused Yeon Su for making this mistake. With such a loud noise that brought Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle to notice the situation. When he knew that Yeon Su made this big careless mistake, he scolded Yeon Su and was extremely angry that Yeon Su was a troublemaker person. No doubt,Lee Jae Hwang in place his best efforts to help Yeon Su, but, his uncle was still very angry with her.

    The next problem came in again, Min Jung Hyun went to change the normal practice of dealing his business. The stepfather quickly discussed with Min Jung Hyun together with his nephew, as taking precaution on Min Jung Hyun, he still preferred to listen to his nephew’s ideals and useful suggestions. Later on, Lee Jae Hwang went to confront
    Min Jung Hyun, his revengful reactions leading to Lee Jae Hwang started to suspect something. As Lee Jae Hwang is
    a very smart person, he did not further his argument and hence he remained silent after a while.

    Yeon Su got mental tortured by Shin Hee, she endured all unfair treatments including doing a lot of extra work that was not in her job scope. Pitiful Yeon Su cannot go home, as work connected, she met her niece and even showed her ,her latest drawing design and after that she rushed back to office to continue her work.

    The bad guy went to look for Shin Hee, his objective was to get money from her. Even though, she was reluctant to give the money, but, the bad guy threatened her that, now, Yeon Su is working at DH, if she does not comply to his request, he will not hide and protect Shin Hee anymore. When their conversations almost going to end, Yeon Su’s brother saw both of them, but, did not suspect them.

    Yeon Su became panic after hearing the news, that the model was absent. As Lee Jae Hwang was about to leave his office.Therefore, he returned those photographs to her and she was happy and thankful to receive it. In view of the absent model, Yeon Su had difficulty to finish her work. She quickly approached him for help so that she can complete in making the jacket. Shin Hee came back to office. She then found those photos on the table. She stole it and put it inside the bag.

    Lee Jae Hwang was glad to help Yeon Su to complete her work. As different people have different expectations towards
    happiness. For Yeon Su, her expectation of getting and finding back happiness is, she has found a job with her greatest interest and she’s very happy. Getting along together for quite some time, both of them became with better friendship rather than just a colleague and happiler to share their opinions.

    Shin Hee saw the photographs inside her car. Looking furious with all those evidence photographs ,that she realised that
    Yeon Su was actually still investigating the murder case. She tore those photographs and hoping that no evidence can be found.

    When Yeon Su came out from the dress making room, she wanted to take back those photographs, but, all were missing.
    She was shocked and surprised and began to wonder who was the culprit who stole it.

    The grandma brought the child to the office. As Min Jung Hyun stepfather was quite busy, leaving the child sitting alone at a corner. The child felt boring at a corner, he quietly came out from the office and went to the marketing department. The child saw Yeon Su and called her as mother, too shocked and too sudden to see her son. She quickly went underneath the table and hide herself…………..

  76. 76 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 27,

    Yeon Su saw her son walking into the office, this surprised came in too sudden, she became panic, frightened until no place to hide, she quickly pretended that something dropped on the floor , just kneel down to pick and hide underneath the table. Meanwhile, Min Jung Hyun came in and saw the child and immediately divert the child’s attention. Consequently, no one discover that the child belongs to Yeon Su.

    Min Jung Hyun’s stepfather was quite stressed to see the child appearing in his company. As, he doesn’t like to hear rumours and the best way to avoid rumours is , do not bring the child to the company. Shin Hee blamed Yeon Su that her son came to the company, as no one can guarantee or perhaps there will be recurrence of such things will happen again. Therefore, Shin Hee forced her to resign and leave the company. Being unreasonable to Yeon Su, with strong endurance and doesn’t
    want to be distracted by her threatening and she continues to do her work.

    Yeon Su saw her son together with the grandma, Min Jung Hyun and Shin Hee. As, Yeon Su really missed her son very much, as, she can’t do anything but to accept this cruelty.
    While, the child was eating, he told his father that, just now, he saw his mother, Min Jung Hyun did not answer the child, but instead Min Jung Hyun’s mother continued her scolding and showed her hatred towards Yeon Su. Although, the child understands a little, being very obedient,he will still remain silent.

    Shin Hee’s father came to realise that Yeon Su, now,working at DH, the same department as Shin Hee. With an uneasy worried mind , he began to worry for both of them working together. Shin Hee’s mother in law discussed with Shin Hee about some good opportunity to do investment. Shin Hee became worried about how to get the money to do investment.

    Starring at her son’s lovely drawing, Yeon Su started to regret letting her son left her and went to Min Jung Hyun’s family.
    With a heavy heart and emotionally unstable , her kind niece comfort her and be a good listener.

    Yeon Su’s working dress code was too simple, therfore, her niece will buy one for her during her next payday. For the time being, her niece will put on a brooch at Yeon Su’s jacket to make it more decorative. Actually, this brooch belongs to Shin Hee, whom, she accidentally lost it on the day she mudered Yeon Su’s mother. And it seems that Yeon Su and her niece, both of them do not know and were ignorant about the problem. While, Yeon Su was doing her work, Shin Hee wanted her to submit the report. When she submitted the report to
    Shin Hee, Shin Hee saw the brooch, she was surprised and frightened. Later on, she called her father to confirm with him, did she lost anything besides her keychain? Her father, not very alert, did not really notice any other thing, besides her keychain, making her doubtful, could it be she accidentally lost the brooch ?

    When Shin Hee reached home, as the maid was on leave, her mother in law , therefore, requested her to cook for dinner meal for this day. As she doesn’t know how to cook, she will try to find ways to deal with the situation and avoid preparing the food. When she saw the child, she made use of the child to get her problem solved.

    To honour her word, Yeon Su gave the money to her aunt. The sum of money which she had received from her awards competition. Initially, her aunt was happy to receive the money,but, later on, she changed her mind. She even asked Yeon Su, why don’t she keep the money and rent a place to
    stay ? Yeon Su had a justifiable reason to stay with them, her good explainations made her aunt finally accepted the money.

    The child fell and hurt his leg as an excuse, to run away so that Shin Hee can escape to avoid doing cooking. Shin Hee lied to the family that she needs to bring the child to see doctor. At dinner time, the family was hungry and surprised to see that all the uncooked food was still on the table.

    Shin Hee met her father and lied to him that she had adopted a child. And she did not mention that the child was Yeon Su’s son. She told her father that she had lost her brooch. She saw Yeon Su and the niece ,both of them wore her missing brooch. The child wanted Shin Hee to bring him to visit Yeon Su, but, she lied to the child, that Yeon Su was busy and not free to meet them. Next time will bring him to visit again.
    The child saw Shin Hee’s father and to greeted him as grandpa, the child was confused to understand why he has so many grandpa.

    Her niece was happy to receive a nice new dress made by Yeon Su. When her brother saw them, he was rude and unkind, doesn’t like to mingle with the family.

    Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle wanted his nephew and Min Jung Hyun to be separated into 2 teams to compete for their fashion ideals and designs. And who can be the winner of the team will be assess by the judge.

    Lee Jae Hwang’s assistant had given some useful feedback to him. His difficulty to build up his team as the marketing department staffs all were under Min Jung Hyun ans Shin Hee’s team.

    After finished the discussion conducted by Min Jung Hyun, Yeon Su came in with a big box of materials. She showed initiative by putting interest in her work. Yeon Su wanted to do the design drawing, but was rejected by Shin Hee.
    Shin Hee began to throw some paper clothing materials for Yeon Su to do cut and paste work. Yeon Su was very sad to be tortured in this way and suffered in silence.

    Min Jung Hyun went home and discussed with his mother. Informed her mother, that there will be formation of 2 teams.
    Min Jung Hyun and Lee Jae Hwang, both of them will have their own team individually and will compete among these 2 teams. He even promised his mother that he can succeed and can fullfill his revenge against his stepfather.

    The next day at work, Shin Hee instructed Yeon Su to carry a heavy flower pot and place it near her sitting area. After reviewing the sales report prepared by Yeon Su, Shin Hee showed her dissatisfaction towards Yeon Su’s performance
    and shouted at her and even accussed Yeon Su for not following her instructions. Lee Jae Hwang witness this unwholesome treatment, he quickly rescued Yeon Su in a very professional manner without letting anyone realised that he’s trying to help Yeon Su. He shouted and demanded Yeon Su to follow him to his office to complete his work ,as,earlier on had already assigned to Yeon Su. With his help, Yeon Su escaped from further torture by Shin Hee. Lee Jae Hwang prepared many books for her to read. To strengthen her knowledge, as Lee Jae Hwang had already in mind that, there’s a vacancy for Yeon Su to replace it and Yeon Su will have new challenges to face . Her potential and better talent will yet to be discovered soon. Yeon Su was very hardworking to do all the reading.

    When she was on her way home, she saw Min Jung Hyun, whereby, he was about to cross the road and Yeon Su dropped her books and document file. While, Yeon Su was picking her things, she accidentally saw a motorist speedy and chasing after Min Jung Hyun………

  77. 77 : say Says:

    @mml,thanks so much for sharing your time for recaps,Lee Jae Hwang is the only hopeful person that can keep one coming back to watch this drama,as for Yeon Su character she just can’t think for herself,her stupidity is beyond me,if she want to remain dummy,while come back to work in that company,I was thinking the reason for her coming back to work in that company is to show how talented she is and also by chance to prove her innocent and show to Min Jung Hyun step father how thoughtless he was toward her,but the way the writer is taking it to making Yeon Su look so stupid more than ever before,with no purpose,or aim on how to succeed,the only common scene Yeon Su have is her sister advise or Lee Jae Hwang coming to the rescue,this is what some writer do they intend to kill the viewers excitement by making the leads characters so stupid and ridiculous,before the leads can have a scene of purpose the whole fun of it is wash away.

    still hope the writer can change this ridiculous writing for better viewing.

  78. 78 : mml Says:

    @77 Say,
    yes, you are precisely correct towards your own judgement.
    The writer is trying to make Yeon Su looks stupid. Her niece is smart and Lee Jae Hwang is smart, alert and also observant.

    The writer needs to change Yeon Su to be alert and smart soon. Otherwise, viewers will soon get bored with Yeon Su’s stupid and timid character.

    I will re-cap episode 28 to episode 30 when i have finished watching it. I will continue to discuss with you on how can Lee Jae Hwang can train Yeon Su to remove her stupid character and be a smart person and don’t be victimize by Shin Hee.

  79. 79 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 28,

    Yeon Su rescued Min Jung Hyun and she herself hurt her hand badly. The motorist ran away quickly and managed to escape.
    Shin Hee planned to organise sponsorship clothings to a famous actress, using her popularity to improve and achieved better reputation for DH. Those sponsorship clothings were designed by Shin Hee, the main objective of having such sponsorship event was to increase sales and to have a better profit for DH and also must achieve products satisfactions.
    After her meeting, Shin Hee was looking for Yeon Su, her assistant told her that she had arranged Yeon Su to assist and helped for the promotion event . Another assistant came to inform Shin Hee that Min Jung Hyun met an accident, the injuried person was Yeon Su instead of Min Jung Hyun, Shin Hee was extremely surprised after hearing this news.

    While, Min Jung Hyun was inside the hospital, he called someone to quickly do an investigation and it must be found before the police discovers it. Yeon Su was admitted to hospital, although, it was a mild injury, but due to sudden shock, Yeon Su will need a lot of rest so that she can recover well soon. When she woke up and found herself admitted to hospital, she was quite stressed to see Min Jung Hyun, very uneasy when facing him, she became reluctant to stay at the hospital. Without further delay, she insisted to leave the hospital.

    Lee Jae Hwang’s assistant came in and informed Lee Jae Hwang that Yeon Su met an accident. On the other hand, Shin Hee went to nag her husband, before she can even finish what she wanted to say, an incoming call interrupted their conversations. Her husband answered the phone and later on, in a hurry to meet someone. The committed suicide case leading to his business partner’s son to harass and questioned Min Jung Hyun. As, Min Jung Hyun was trying his way to defend for himself, the guy was unsure, frightened without concrete evidence, he was unable to let the police to arrest Min Jung Hyun. The guy became a loser at this moment, as no power and weak and even a disadvantage to challenge with
    Min Jung Hyun.

    Staying together in the same house, Yeon Su’s aunt out of her curiosity about the livestyle of Shin Hee’s father. By talking to him, she was trying to know more about her daughter,but, Shin Hee’s father did not disclose to her, that he was actually the father of Shin Hee. She also did not suspect him.

    Her niece noticed that Yeon Su got hand injury, being caring towards her, she asked her about her injury, but, Yeon Su was upset to talk about her injury. Yeon Su shared a happy news to her. She told her niece that Lee Jae Hwang no longer works as a lawyer, he joined DH and now is her superior. And also helped her to take up the courage to participate the fashion design competition. After hearing this, her niece was glad that Yeon Su met a nice handsome , intelligent and kind hearted person. Her niece began showing interest to join her to work at the same department too.

    Shin Hee’s father missed her daughter, when Yeon Su’s brother stepped into the room, he quickly hide the magazine.
    He was trying his best to get along with Yeon Su’s brother, trying to teach him moral values and be an upright person.
    Yeon Su’s brother was a naughty and stubborn child, not only refused to listen and also disrespectful to him.

    During their converations, Min Jung Hyun’s mother heard that the person who rescued her son was Yeon Su. Min Jung Hyun’s stepfather asked his son, who rescued him ? He told his father that Yeon Su was the one who rescued him. His stepfather was glad that Yeon Su was helpful . An be thankful to her for being helpful. His stepfather even discovered someone plots to attack Min Jung Hyun. And Min Jung Hyun even denied to admit it. His stepfather told him, always respects to everyone, do not harm anyone for the sake of one’s selfishness reason . He behaved obedient and comply to what he said to him.

    Shin Hee was trying to influence Min Jung Hyun, to change his mindset and even lecture him. Min Jung Hyun got angry and frustrated and came out from his room. Meanwhile, Lee Jae Hwang just reached home and saw his angry face. Being concern about Min Jung Hyun, he asked him about the accident he met and Yeon Su rescued him. Min Jung Hyun with an ungrateful heart, he even told Lee Jae Hwang that he did not ask or force Yeon Su to rescue him, is she herself wanted to do so. After hearing all these ungrateful words, Lee Jae Hwang became angry and disappointed towards him.

    Shin Hee was jealous to see her husband loves and likes the child. A very evil mind reflected on her face.

    Lee Jae Hwang received a call, the caller informed him that Yeon Su had already been discharged from hospital. He was doubtful to call Yeon Su, as, it was getting late at night, eventually, he didn’t call her. As Yeon Su couldn’t sleep well, she woke up and continued her reading. The next day, when she was at work, Shin Hee approached her and accused her motive of being helpful to rescue Min Jung Hyun. To pinpoint
    her weak areas trying to disgrace her and hurt her dignity, this is also a form of mental torture towards Yeon Su.
    After finishing all her nasty words, she demanded her to tidy the meeting room and to collect the materials and she angrily walked away. Lee Jae Hwang heard and understood her difficulty, he came out from his room, advised and encouraged her to love and treasure herself more. Do not giveup her hope and with her great talent. The company needs talented staffs to excel and her great talent will soon be discovered.

    Consumers not so interested in the simple clothings selling at the depatmental store. And when they saw Yeon Su’s niece was wearing a trendy clothing, they wanted to buy it. But, Yeon Su’s niece lied to them, that the trendy clothing which
    she was wearing was a sample clothing , the actual clothing will be selling at the store soon.

    Lee Jae Hwang discussed with his assistant on how to allow Yeon Su to join their team and works as a qualified fashion designer ? His assistant answered him, due to Yeon Su had a criminal record, this can also lead disagreements from all colleagues. His negative feedback made Lee Jae Hwang got disappointed about it. Therefore, he had requested to meet up
    with another designer to discuss further on this issue. Seeking opinion from the appointed designer, she was reluctant to work together with Yeon Su. Although, Yeon Su was the winner for the fashion design competition, but, Yeon Su was lack of working experience and her qualification was not outstanding enough. She does not have confidence to work will Yeon Su and she even had a criminal record. And moreover, more add on rumours, this can also effect the
    rest of the colleagues in accepting her presence. After hearing this, Lee Jae Hwang politely asked the designer to leave his office.

    His assistant advised him to give up the ideal and hope of letting Yeon Su to work at their team. Troubled and worried by his negative feedback , he began to think of , is there any other alternative to help Yeon Su and at the sametime can also solved his problem ?

    Looking at the displayed model, the actress doesn’t like the displayed dress that looks very simple and the design not attractive and not impressive at all. Shin Hee was trying to persuade her to accept their sponshipship . But, the actress was determined in her descision and rejected DH sponsorship. Yeon Su was smart, she had managed to convince the actress
    by drawing a design with excellent explaination to impress her and eventually she had accepted DH sponsorship.

    Later on, Shin Hee was furious that Yeon Su’s talent outshine her. She started scolding her and even threatened her. When Yeon Su reached home, her niece chit chat with her and also praised her about the dress she made for her. Yeon Su also told her niece that she was glad that the famous actress accepted DH sponsorship.

    The next day, Shin Hee called her assistant and demanded her to complete the dress for actress Wong Chai Ling without
    further excuses. Later on, Yeon Su approached and informed that she will be going to material sample distribution room.
    Shin Hee questioned her, what’s her purpose of going there ? Yeon Su replied her that actress Wong Chai Ling wanted her
    submit the dress. Although, she had already spent the whole night to do the work,but, there were incomplete areas needed to be finished. After hearing it, Shin Hee was angry that she went to make the dress and did not follow her instructions accordingly. And even accused Yeon Su for attitude problem to abuse her. Yeon Su told her, she did not abuse her and due to time constraint, she needs to complete the dress within the timing given, therefore, she must rush to material sample distribution room to complete her work.After finished what she wanted to say, she immediately went to the room and to do machine sewing for the dress.

    Lee Jae Hwang continued dis discussion with his assistant, an under study on what type of materials to be used to make DH clothings.and better understandings on what consumers will like best in order to purchase DH clothings and also shoes.
    All materials are ready and have already been stored at the materials distribution store room. After hearing this, Lee Jae Hwang told his assistant that he will going to random check the materials at the materials distribution room. His assistant agreed to his answer and wanted to accompany him to that room. While, they were ready to go to the materials distribution store room, suddenly, an an incoming call came in, his assistant received a call, that the caller informed his assistant, that they have found the bad guy inside the Casino.
    His assistant asked Lee Jae Hwang’s opinion, Lee Jae Hwang was surprised and curious about the situation. He asked his assistant to go to the Casino immediately to catch the bad guy.

    Yeon Su managed to complete the dress, after a hectic and exhausted day, she began to fall sick. With a sense of responsibility, she went to put on the complete dress to the displayed model and carried back to the marketing department.When Shin Hee was about to leave the office to meet actress Wong Chai Ling, she saw Yeon Su carrying the nice complete dress. As, Shin Hee was a cunning wicked woman, in order to stop Yeon Su from meeting the actress, she demanded Yeon Su to go to the store to verify and checked all items. To honour her word ,she must meet actress Wong Chai Ling and upon after meeting her and finished her work she will go to the store room to complete the rest of the work. Shin Hee then forced Yeon Su to comply her instructions. Shin Hee lied to her, meanwhile she will meet the actress first, when Yeon Su has finished the work, she’s allowed to meet the actress , she will also give Yeon So one hour to cpmplete her work at store room. Naive Yeon Su, really believed her words and went to the store room. While, she was in the store room, checking the materials, suddenly the door was automatically closed and locked. She wanted to open the door and realised that it was locked. She was frightened and nervous and suddenly Lee Jae Hwang was behind her to help her……….

  80. 80 : say Says:

    @mml,you don’t want to watch ep30 it is the most annoying episode,the writer is out of touch of reality, basically he or she is equally calling the viewers stupid too,how can model world that we live in there is no CCTV in that giant building,is she or he disgracing Korean society? I think that is how the writer is portraying picture,the sympathy the writer is trying to portray in Yeon Su character is not working at all,it make the whole drama boring and disgusting to watch,even someone who was born and has no ability to think for itself can’t act that way Yeon Su character is portray. And I wonder even though the writer wrote this but there are producers who also contributor to the airing of this kind of stupidity drama,where they also born without no brain to think or differentiate B/W stupidity and sympathy?they just put this on air without thinking how the viewers is going to react about what they are showing,well i watched so many Korean dramas this is not too surprising to me.

  81. 81 : say Says:

    I jump to episode30 thinking maybe the writer has gotten his or her act together only to be disappointed at what saw.

  82. 82 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 29,
    Yeon Su was frightened and nervous being locked in the room and suddenly Lee Jae Hwang was behind her to help her.
    Shin Hee made a phone call to actress Wong and confirmed the appointment and even lied to her that due to unforseen
    circumstances, Yeon Su was unable to be present for the appointment. As the door was locked, Yeon Su couldn’t open the door, Lee Jae Hwang decided to call his assistant,who
    knows his assistant did not answer his call. As his handphone battery low, he can’t continue to call, therefore, he wanted
    to borrow Yeon Su’s phone to call. But, Yeon Su left her phone in the office, but of them were trapped inside the room
    ,waiting for someone to rescue them.

    Actress Wong Chai Ling tried the dress, being angry and disappointed with Yeon Su that she did not honour her word.
    Shin Hee a hypocrite and cunning woman, pretended, she apologised on behalf of Yeon Su to Actress Wong, Actress Wong accepted the apology . Although, she doesn’t like the dress, but it’s slightly better than the previous made and
    eventually, she had accepted the dress.

    As, both of them were locked in the room, they can’t do anything, just to pray and hope that someone can rescue them as soon as possible. A closer friendship they can build up at this time, they began to chit chat to pass time. Yeon Su told Lee Jae Hwang that she had promised actress Wong Chai Ling to submit the dress. Actress Wong was impressed by her
    design and had decided to give her a chance and also a form of opportunity. Yeon Su also mentioned that she had
    accidentally lost those photographs which he had given her. She had placed those photographs on her table,but,
    surprised that it was missing. She even asked all her colleagues about the photographs, but, no one has ever seen it. Lee Jae Hwang was shocked and surprised to realise that those photographs were missing in such a ridiculous way.
    Yeon Su sincerely aplogised to him and he was very understanding towards her situation. Lee Jae Hwang, an observant guy,even realised that Yeon Su was sick, but, Yeon Su, refused to admit it.

    His two assistants did not manage to catch the bad guy from the Casino. They then left with disappointment.Yeon Su and Lee Jae Hwang, both of them were trying to open the door, but, no one notice them. Yeon Su was having fever, Lee Jae Hwang was very caring towards her.

    As Yeon Su’s health condition was getting worst, Lee Jae Hwang was worried and sympathize her very much. He
    even tried to open the door, but, can’t open it. After such a long waiting time, finally his assistants came to rescue them. Yeon Su refused to go the hospital,but, instead, she wanted to meet actress Wong Chai Ling. And Lee Jae Hwang guessed correctly that she wanted to meet actress Wong. Yeon Su told him that she must fullfill her promise. Without further delay, he wanted to send her to the meeting place. But, Yeon Su rejected his kind help.

    Yeon Su had managed to find actress Wong. She aplogised to her and explained to her that due to unforseen circumstances, therefore, she missed their appointment and plead her forgiveness. Lee Jae Hwang secretly followed Yeon Su to find out more about the situation. As actress Wong was
    angry and disappointed with Yeon Su, therefore, actress Wong expel Yeon Su fo be qualified to participate the
    design clothing for DH sponsorship. As Yeon Su had already made the dress, therefore, she had decided to give it to
    actress Wong as a gift. Yeon Su managed to convince and impressed actress Wong with a good reason to let
    actress Wong to like and willingly accept the gift. Yeon Su told actress Wong Chai Ling that, if, oneday, she ever wears the dress,she’s actually wearing, someone will a dream and hope to succeed to be a famous fashion designer.
    Meanwhile, Lee Jae Hwang was behind them, he even witness and heard their conversations.

    After giving the dress to actress Wong, Yeon Su stumble walked to the exit entrance.While, she was almost fainting, Lee Jae Hwang was behind her to help her. When Yeon Su woke up,she found herself admitted to the hospital. Lee Jae Hwang told Yeon Su that her health condition did not fully recover after the accident she met, he looked very worried about her.Yeon Su apologised to him all for her inconvenience caused and asked him to go home.While, Lee Jae Hwang was about to leave the hospital, Yeon Su’s niece came to visit Yeon Su. Her niece was happy and also very excited to see him with such a handsome appearance. Lee Jae Hwang then left with a shy facial expression, after hearing the comment.

    Lee Jae Hwang reached home quite late. His uncle began to ask him, why he came home late ?He then replied to his uncle that he was being locked inside the materials distribution store room.Shin Hee was shocked and frightened to hear this news. Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle was angry with the security guard,
    who did not carry out their work professionally. His uncle followed him to his room and was very caring and loving towards him.As Min Jung Hyun wanted to give a glass of water to his cousin, he was standing outside his room and when he opened the door, he accidentally heard his stepfather’s conversations.Min Jung Hyun discovered that his stepfather all these while, never acknowledged him as his son.His hatred towards them was getting worse than expected.

    The next day, When Shin Hee was about to go to work, her mother in law forced her to collect the medicine for her father in law.Her mother in law began to chase her, to contact her father for the investment plan. Shin Hee lied to her mother in law by telling her,that her father was too busy to answer her phone call. Her mother in law began to suspect with her ridiculous reason.

    Back to the office, Shin Hee accused Yeon Su for not fullfilling her promise with actress Wong.Shin Hee was angry that Yeon Su had given the dress to actress Wong and did not comply her instructions.Lee Jae Hwang’s assistant then came out to inform Yeon Su that her superior Lee Jae Hwang wanted to see her.When Yeon Su went in , Lee Jae Hwang was kind and caring and this made Yeon Su even more thankful for all his help. With an upcoming project, to provide a new branding for a new launch of designer’s clothing.The competition will be split into two teams. One team is under Min Jung Hyun and the other team will lead by him.Presentation and design work will be judged by fashion design judge. Only the winner of the team can launch their fashion clothing. With immediate effect,Yeon Su will be assigned to join his team to assist this project.Yeon Su was surprised and glad to be given
    this opportunity to join his team. After the discussion, Yeon Su went back to continue her routine work.

    As the meeting conducted by his uncle, his uncle found out that someone locked his nephew in the room. His uncle was
    uncomfortable with the office security. His nephew with a forgiving heart and was willing to close the case for the
    incident that had happened to him. His uncle respected and accepted his decision. Meanwhile,Min Jung Hyun was jealous
    that his stepfather always favour his nephew. Next, he even discovered that Yeon Su was also locked in the same room.
    His nephew explained to his uncle that this thing happened coincidentally. After hearing his answer, his uncle was very understanding towards him.

    In view of his stepfather was excited about the upcoming project. He, therefore, allowed both of them to speak out, what’s their objective and how to succeed their plan,both of them have their own method and ideals to move on to their planning.

    After the meeting, Lee Jae Hwang went to inform Min Jung Hyun that Yeon Su will be transferred under his team to assist him as his fashion designer.Min Jung Hyun was angry that Yeon Su will be transferred to join and assist Lee Jae Hwang. As Lee Jae Hwang’s explainations deems fit the purpose of
    transferring Yeon Su to his team, therefore, Min Jung Hyun has no right to stop his arrangement.After he left, Shin Hee came in. Her husband told Shin Hee that Yeon Su will be transferred to Lee Jae Hwang’s team. Shin Hee’s comment was no use, as their decision was already final. Yeon Su will definitely join Lee Jae Hwang’s team.

    Yeon Su submitted her design drawing to Shin Hee. Being unappreciative to Yeon Su’s kind effort and even abuse Yeon Su’s talent.Shin Hee’s staffs discovered that there’s a How website, which shown a fashion clothing model was DH staff. With great curosity,they all gathered to look at this website, Yeon Su even discovered that this DH staff was actually her niece.

    Shin Hee with strong objection and disagreed to her husband to acknowledge Yeon Su with great talent leading to a terrible dispute.Eventually, Shin Hee needs to comply to Min Jung Hyun instructions. Later on, she went to announce to Yeon Su,
    that her design drawing was approved and accepted . Yeon Su was happy to hear this news.Her colleagues started to gossip about Yeon Su’s capability and Yeon Su did not even notice about it. While,Yeon Su happily on her way to another department,she met Min Jung Hyun, very reluctant to answer his questions.

    Shin Hee went to collect her father in law’s medicine. And also requested the doctor to prescribe another medicine.
    All colleagues were curious about who made the dress for actress Wong Chai Ling. Shin Lee was angry when she saw
    actress Wong’s photo was at the website wearing the dress which was designed by Yeon Su.On the other hand, with great satisfaction,Lee Jae Hwang was pleased to see actress Wong’s photo found at the website wearing the dress designed by Yeon Su.

    Sales profit improved with the help of Shin Hee, but a call interrupted their conversations, actress Wong called to inform Shin Hee that she had insisted to accept Yeon Su to design for her clothing leading to Shin Hee with disappointment.

    Yeon Su received a call from a police inspector, Shin Hee heard her conversations and started to worry.
    Yeon Su went to meet her niece and found some useful evidence.She then left with much query in her mind. Later on, Yeon Su met the bad guy…………

  83. 83 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 30,
    Yeon Su accidentally met those bad guys, secretly following them, who knows they discovered that Yeon Su was behind
    them. They ran to hide and managed to escape. Shin Hee called Yeon Su,checking on her schedule and where has she
    she gone to ? Yeon Su was disappointed and rushed back to office. A narrow escape from those bad guys. There were always frightened to see Yeon Su.

    Over the phone conversations, Shin Hee refused to allow actress Wong Chai Ling to choose Yeon Su as her designer.
    While, complaining and gossip about the bad things that concerned Yeon Su, Yeon Su just came back to the office.
    Yeon Su was thinking,about those bad guys that bullied her,therefore, did not pay attention to Shin Hee’s conversations wirh actress Wong Chai Ling. Shin Hee began to questioned Yeon Su, why did she come back late after her lunch and even accused her,on friendship terms with Lee Jae Hwang to threaten her. Shin Hee also forced Yeon Su to comply to her instructions.

    Lee Jae Hwang’s secretary informed Yeon Su,to attend the meeting. During the meeting, Yeon Su realised that she will
    need to endure hardship and must willing to workhard as she was lack of working experience, if compared with other designers.

    Min Jung Hyun told Shin Hee, since it’s designer’s clothings, therefore, they need to choose the right and good materials
    carefully,in order to enhance their quality of workmanship. Shin Hee also voiced out,that due to budget constraint, they
    will need to find other workable alternatives.

    One of the colleagues lost her brooch, searching high and low for her brooch. While, searching for it, she accidentally made
    Yeon Su’s bag fell from the table. Those photographs fell out from Yeon Su’s bag, Yeon Su was frightened that her
    colleagues will see those photos. She quickly put back to her bag. Shin Hee saw those photos and continued to worry.
    Shin Hee called the bad guy, the bad guy told her what had happened. After hearing, Shin Hee couldn’t get peace in her

    Shin Hee’s father came home early, as he was unwell. He was restless and went back to his room.Yeon Su’s aunt cooked delicious dinner for the family and Yeon Su came home just on time.Yeon Su went to invite Shin Hee’s father to join them for diinner. But, he was unwell and moody for the day,
    therefore, no appetite to eat and did not join them for dinner.

    While, happily eating their dinner, they began to gossip about Shin Hee’s father.After the dinner, Yeon Su approached her brother for help. Yeon Su asked her brother ,did he eat
    any kiwi fruit on the day their mother was being murdered ? Her brother was furious that she mentioned about this past sad incident that had happened. He even told Yeon Su that he did not eat any kiwi fruit on that day and angrily walked out from his room.

    Yeon Su suspected and wanted to find out, who killed her mother. Spending the whole night inside her room and analysed who was the real murderer.

    While, Yeon Su’s brother was about to leave the house to go to work. Her aunt wanted find out how’s his health condition ? As he was a heartless person , he can’t be bothered about
    anything that will happen. He even received scolding from his aunt, before he leaves the house to go to work. His aunt takes care of him and even cooked porridge for him.

    Min Jung Hyun received a complaint, discovered that actress Wong Chai Ling specially selected and choosen Yeon Su to be her designer,instead of Shin Hee. Unhappy with this lodge of complaint and scolded Shin Hee. An excuse given by Shin Hee was, Yeon Su was only a temporary contract staff, she’s not qualified to handle such important task. Min Jung Hyun was even more angry to hear her silly excuse. He told Shin Hee that actress Wong Chai Ling scolded his staffs and demanded to cancel and rejected their sponsorship. After hearing this, Shin Hee was frightened and wouldn’t dare to continue to argue.

    Min Jung Hyun came out from his office and informed Yeon Su, that she has been appointed to deisgn clothes for
    actress Wong Chai Ling. Yeon Su was surprised to hear this. He highlighted to Yeon Su that this is an opportunity to prove her talent. Yeon Su was also very happy to carry out this appointed task. She quickly called her niece to inform this good news. Meanwhile, Shin Hee continued to torture Yeon Su. And even mock at her, that she’s only given 3 months time to perform as a temporary staff.

    The bad guy was frightened to go out to buy food as he’s afraid of meeting Yeon Su. Therefore,Yeon Su’s brother will help to buy noodle for them.

    Her colleague came back with 3 bags of returned items. She demanded Yeon Su to help to return those items to advertising department. Inside the bag, contains an expensive necklace, she needs to handle with care and do not loose it. Yeon Su carried those bags and went to take lift.

    Yeon Su met Min Jung Hyun inside the lift, as the lift was over crowded, she lost the necklace in the lift.Min Jung Hyun found the necklace and returned back to Yeon Su. Yeon Su thank him for his help and began to ask about her son. Shin Hee accidentally saw them and hide at a corner to listen to their
    conversations. Yeon Su was pleased to hear that her son was taken good care by them.Shin Hee with much agony and hatred to see them being together and chat.

    The person in charge of returned jewelry items was not in the office. And Yeon Su brought back the necklace to her office. She will return the necklace on the next available timing.

    Jealous and hate Yeon Su,for finding chance to meet her husband, Shin Hee began to think of some wicked ways to torture Yeon Su. She realised that Yeon Su had not yet returned back the necklace,therefore, she demanded Yeon Su to submit the report to another department. While, Yeon Su
    went out, she stole the necklace. Yeon Su did not notice that the necklace was missing. She even continued her work as usual.

    Yeon Su’s son was unhappy to stay with his grandma. His grandma was angry to see him, restless and not active. She called the childcare to find out what had happened ? Showing great concern to the child and tricked him to speak out what had happened at childcare. He told his grandma that
    Shin Hee was his aunt ,a fake mother. Why did Shin Hee forced him to call her as mother ? His grandma was upset that the child doesn’t like and can’t accept Shin Hee.

    When Shin Hee reached home, her mother in law began to punish her. She scolded Shin Hee for not contributing her best to perform well as a role of a mother. Shin Hee was angry with the kid.She secretly went to confront the child. She even warned the child, if, he ever fights again at childcare, he will never be able to see his mother. Shin Hee a very black hearted evil woman,she forced the child to acknowledge her as mother.

    Shin Hee stole the necklace and hide it at home. She hides the necklace inside the drawer, not sure, whether did Min Jung Hyun see the necklace. The next day at office, a colleague received a call from advertising department that Yeon Su did not return the necklace. Her colleague questioned Yeon Su and scolded her that the necklace was missing.Shin Hee pretended, her assistant complaint to her that Yeon Su did not return the necklace.

    Min Jung Hyun was angry that someone stole the necklace and accused Yeon Su as the thief. Shin Hee was trying to terminate Yeon Su,but, Min Jung Hyun suspected that someone plot this to hurt Yeon Su.

    Yeon Su was crying inside the washroom, she was extremely upset that her colleagues mistaken her as the thief.

    Shin Hee’s mother in law instructed her to bring the child for injection. She was angry to listen to her instructions as she was too busy at work. While, the child was happily playing, the ball went into the room. Being curious,he entered her room, and opened her drawer and took the necklace.
    And when Shin Hee reached home and saw him opening her
    drawer, she scolded the child and made him cried badly. Her mother in law witness this incident and was extremely angry
    with her.

    Yeon Su was searching for the necklace. She began to panic after spending so much time, but fail to find it.
    Shin Hee was again scolded by her mother in law. Realised that Shin Hee was fool of lies and also a hypocrite ,cunning person,she began to quarrel with Shin Hee. Although, she deosn’t like Yeon Su, but,someting that impressed her deeply
    was her unconditional love towards the child. Willing to
    sacrifice all things for the sake of her son.And tried her best to
    nuture her son. Very disappointed with Shin Hee, she even warned her, if, she ever dare to treat the child in this way
    again, she will receive more punishment from her.

    Lee Jae Hwang saw Yeon Su still working at late hours. Being concerned to her, she finally willing to speak and discuss with the problem she encountered. She told him that,she lost
    the necklace, and did not steal the necklace. Shocked to hear this, Lee Jae Hwang began to investigate this case. And he even discovered that Shin Hee was the only one left in the office. Both of them began to suspect this suspicious person
    was Shin Hee.

    As Shin Hee was starring at the necklace, full of grievance and hatred, she decided to workout another way to destroy
    Yeon Su……………

  84. 84 : mml Says:

    @80 and 81 say,
    now, i’m back to your question, this drama, viewers usually cannot skip any episode, by watching episode 30, you will understand that Lee Jae Hwang had already started to suspect Shin Hee was the thief and when you continue watching episode 31, you will understand that Lee Jae Hwang
    has already built up All His Trust In Yeon Su.

    Episode 31 to 35 will have some changes , Lee Jae Hwang started to suspect Shin Hee and a guarantee trust in Yeon Su.

    Fans Viewers of this drama like me will notice that Yeon Su’s niece is actually also sweet and pretty. Lee Jae Hwang has an assistant, i think is his secretary also quite good looking.

    To continue to attract viewers to like this drama, maybe, Yeon Su’s niece should join Lee Jae Hwang’s team to assist his project and maybe his secretary will find his romance with Yeon Su’s niece.

    This drama with 120 episodes so in between the writer should pair up Lee Jae Hwang’s secretary to find his romance with Yeon Su’s niece, so that i can also watch some interesting things going on with this drama.

    The writer has already paired up some comedy romance for Shin Hee’s father with Yeon Su’s aunt. Why not also add one more romance couple, that is Lee Jae Hwang’s secretary will fall in love with Yeon Su’s niece. And Lee Jae Hwang will fall in love with Yeon Su. So that i don’t get bored with Shin Hee’s evil face…….

  85. 85 : Sarah Says:

    @mml . plrease continue to make summary. and many thanks for you.

  86. 86 : say Says:

    @mml,well done for the recaps,actuall, you are right,about Yeon Su’s niece she is just too adorable,hope the writer pair her with Jae Hwang has an assistant that will be perfect,also talk scene into Yeon Su, so that she can understands how evil Shin Hee is.however the writer is still disapionting me with Yeon Su character,hope the writer will do somethng about it.the review of ep34 shows yeon su in the car with Min Jung Hyun

  87. 87 : say Says:

    @mml,well done for the recaps,actually, you are right,about Yeon Su’s niece she is just too adorable,hope the writer pair her with Jae Hwang has an assistant that will be perfect,also talk scene into Yeon Su, so that she can understands how evil Shin Hee is.however the writer is still disappointing me with Yeon Su character,hope the writer will do something about it.the review of ep34 shows yeon su in the car with Min Jung Hyun, can i say what she doing in the car with him,i just don’t this writer to continue copy catting YELLOW BOOT”that is so sad because I hate YELLOW BOOT THE DRAMA” especially this writer still want Yeon Su to have some reserve feelings for Min Jung Hyun,that will be too damaging because no wise human being will choose somebody who abandon you and marry other for his own selfish reasons and when things did not work out for him,he start coming back and you foolishly welcome him back and leave the one that fight for you with all his heart without thinking about the consequence in putting his trust in you.hope the writer will make a change about that stupid reserve feelings that Yeon Su might have.

  88. 88 : Sarah Says:

    when Yeon Su released from prison? I’m still in the second episode heheheh

    I found this drama just now, I’m happy because the broadcast is still at Episode 33

    here torrent for this drama its stil a live, if anyone need it!

  89. 89 : say Says:

    @Sarah thanks for joining us,I hope you will continue to share your thought on this drama,the drama itself is a nice one,my hope is the writer brighten or polish up Yeon Su character,but i have already falling in love with Lee Jae Hwang character,he is my main focus on this drama,looking forward the love development B/W him and Yeon [email protected] also feel free to agree or disagree on any opinion you found and share your thoughts that is how the drama will keep us entertain.

  90. 90 : mml Says:

    @88 sarah and 89 say,
    very happy that both of you will watch this drama, i will continue to recap episode 31 to episode 35. As i watch this drama from China website and sometimes from Taiwan website and therefore, i maybe a little slow than Say.

    Say, actually i agree with you, that i like Lee Jae Hwang, he is indeed very popular in China. Every since he acted Temptation Of Wife this drama. And every since this drama, i become to like his romance drama.

    I will continue to discuss with you when i have finished watching episodes 31 to 35.

  91. 91 : say Says:

    @mml,you are welcome,we will continue to discuss about the characters and story line,@mml i appreciate the time you give in recapping the episodes you are doing a fine job thanks again.

  92. 92 : Sarah Says:

    @mml For this comment in Episode 10. We know from the first episode that he stepfather!

    Episode 10, will let viewers like me to understand that Min Jung Hyun current father is actually is Min Jung Hyun’s stepfather.

    so what is new ??

  93. 93 : mml Says:

    @92 Sarah,
    so what is new ?? Is because you have to continue watching the drama, then you will understand that Min Jung Hyun’s stepfather is the one, who causes Min Jung Hyun his real father to commit suicide and his stepfather took over his real father’s company.

    I will recap episode 31 to episode 35 soon, if, you are in doubt, you are most welcome to ask me.

  94. 94 : Sarah Says:

    @mml Thank you, I’ve watched it in Episode 10, I’ve got it now. when he was crying at the grave of his father.

    I am now watching Episode 12 ^_^

  95. 95 : Sarah Says:

    @mml I do not understand what happened to Leon, she lost hope and admitted that she had killed her mother, although she did not do so. well what is the punishment issued for she ?

    It is inconceivable that the law was released so!!!
    Is it obligatory social service to atone for her sin or what??

  96. 96 : Sarah Says:

    Im sorry, I mean (Yeon ssi) *misprint

    also anyone know who is this actor play role of Yeon‘s brother after 5 years ago ?

  97. 97 : mml Says:

    @95 and 96 Sarah,
    thanks for your interest in this drama,as this drama is 120 episodes, you need to continue watching in order to break through the mystery of how Yeon Su can finally found all Shin Hee’s concrete evidence that Shin Hee was the real murderer.

    As, Lee Jae Hwang had already suspected Shin Hee in much later episodes, by staying together in the same house, most probably, the writer will arrange a CCTV at home to plot and check Shin Hee soon or maybe Lee Jae Hwang will find a way to detect Shin Hee her on-going schedule. Is an interesting mystery drama………..

  98. 98 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 31,
    Yeon Su with with her detailed explaination, that she’s not the thief and Lee Jae Hwang clearly understood what had happened on the day, why the necklace was missing? Lee Jae Hwang was alert and suspected that Shin Hee was the suspicious person. While,Shin Hee hates her mother in law, her mind is always full of hatred. Her hatred will bring more misery to herself and she will become even more evil.

    Yeon Su began to suspect Shin Hee was the thief. But, she was confused about her suspect, is it correct or wrong ?
    Yeon Su even approached Shin Hee and asked her, did she happen to see the missing necklace ? Shin Hee denied and was
    very offensive towards Yeon Su. She also warned Yeon Su to bear the consequence of losing the necklace.

    Lee Jae Hwang a very caring person towards the child. With the ability to communicate with the child and therefore, the child was willing to talk to him. The child told him that he likes to play with his toys. And also lodge a complaint to him that he had received punishment from Shin Hee. This complaint had brought to his attention, that Shin Hee was a suspicious person. When Shin Hee came back, Lee Jae Hwang discussed with her ,regards to the missing necklace. As Lee Jae Hwang
    politely asked Shin Hee, did she happen to see the missing necklace ? She denied and even argued with him. Min Jung Hyun came home and found out that Shin Hee was suspected thief. Surfacely, he will still protect Shin Hee and Lee Jae Hwang was disappointed with both of them, but, did not stir up any quarrel.

    Min Jung Hyun and Shin Hee went back to their room and Shin Hee continued to nag, very frustrated with her. Luckily,he
    managed to control his temper and walked away to go shower. Yeon Su told her niece of her pathetic situation of losing the necklace. Very worried and stressed by the consequences she needed to face it. The next day, during the meeting, Yeon Su was not paying attention and she got scolded by Lee Jae Hwang. His uncle called him and wanted to see him immediately. Lee Jae Hwang went to his uncle’s office and received scolding. His uncle was angry about the missing necklace, as this will affect the reputation of his company. Shin Hee accused Yeon Su was the thief. Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle was extremely angry that Yeon Su was the thief and decided to terninate Yeon Su. Wicked Shin Hee was very happy to hear that the management will terminate Yeon Su.

    Shin Hee wanted to terminate Yeon Su with immediate effect, but, Min Jung Hyun was against her actions. Due to lack of concrete evidence that can prove that Yeon Su was the thief, no one is allowed to terminate Yeon Su. Shin Hee quarrelled with him and then left with hatred.

    While, Shin Hee was in the office, she began to analyse and found out that this is the greatest opportunity to terminate Yeon Su. If, Yeon Su can leave the company, then she can find peace and happiness. Yeon Su showed great diligence in making the dress for actress Wong. After doing her practical clothing, she’s back to the office. Shin Hee immediately, informed Yeon Su, that the company decided to terminate her,Yeon Su was very depressed and she went to Min Jung Hyun’s office to inform him that she’s terminated with immediate effect. Reluctant to help Yeon Su and even encouraged her to leave the company.

    Yeon Su was very upset and went to the office roof top balcony,ponderously on what to do and how to solve her problem. Lee Jae Hwang saw her and began to sympathize her sufferings.

    The child was good at drawing, he enjoyed what he drew and even happily telling his grandma that he’s actually
    drawing a picture of his mother. Later on, his grandma received a call from the hospital, the doctor informed
    her that Shin Hee had already collected the medicine. But, Shin Hee had requested an additional medicine without doctor’s perscription.

    Yeon Su’s aunt went to the compound area of security guard house and visited Shin Hee’s father, she began to chat with him. As a gesture of goodwill, she also given him a packet of milk . After the chating, she went home . Next, Shin Hee
    went to visit her father and brought the toxic medicine for him. With a glumly face, reluctant to talk to her father.
    After a short chat, Shin Hee hurried to go home.

    The bad guy was facing financial difficulty, worrying his rental payment ,trying to solve his critical situation.And Yeon Su’s brother came back to report to him. Very moody as he met an accident, his motobike was severely damaged. The bad guy was angry with him and objected to spend money for repair costs and started to scold Yeon Su’s brother.

    Shin Hee reached home, her mother in law asked her about the medicine whereby she purchased from the doctor without doctor’s perscription. Her mother in law suspected her telling lies to fool her,but, Shin Hee still continue to lie to her. She was furious and angry with Shin Hee.

    Yeon Su’s brother came home and saw Shin Hee’s father and unhappy to see him staying in their house.Shin Hee was trying to chase Yeon Su out from the company. A gesture of defiance, Shin Hee’s evil behaviour leading Yeon Su to great embarrassment. Yeon Su was shocked and frightened. Although, Min Jung Hyun witness the situation, but, he was speechless and puzzle and went back to his office.

    Yeon Su packed her things and left the company. While, Yeon Su was about to step out from the office, her colleague received a call from the director. The director informed them that the necklace was found. When Yeon Su heard this news, she was extremely happy. And Shin Hee was amazed by this informed. Shin Hee called the advertising department to confirm the found necklace. After hearing the message, she was blur and confused.

    Shin Hee went to approach Min Jung Hyun to check the status of the missing necklace and realised that her husband was not the person who returned the necklace. Very curious, to the
    guy who returned the necklace ?

    Lee Jae Hwang’s secretary was doubtful that why his superior wanted to help Yeon Su ? Lee Jae Hwang began to explain to him, that there were some suspected loophole, that
    resulted him to trust Yeon Su .

    By sharing a good news to her niece that the necklace was found. A blessing that Yeon Su can continue to work at DH. And unknown and name not to be revealed person,
    returned the necklace, anyway, Yeon Su was thankful that this person returned the necklace and proved her innocence.

    Yeon Su’s aunt happily prepared delicious meal for dinner. Her daughter and Yeon Su were surprised and amazed by her behaviour.

    By questioning Lee Jae Hwang, was he the one who returned the necklace ? He was confident enough to answer Shin Hee’s question with disinterested and very tactfully. Through Shin Hee’s speech, she accidentally blurt out suspected loophole, Lee Jae Hwang was able to identify the loophole and managed to query her back. He also realised that Shin Hee was trying to hide her motive of stealing the necklace.

    Shin Hee went back to her room, blur, bluntness and began to worry that Lee Jae Hwang had already found evidence making her unpeaceful in her mind.

    The next day, some colleagues began to gossip about the photograph of actress Wong Chai Ling shown at the website. Wearing a dress designed by Yeon Su, leading to centre of attraction. Followed by a phone call that Yeon Su received , actress Wong Chai Ling called Yeon Su and informed her that she has accepted DH sponsorship for all clothings for the upcoming drama. Yeon Su happily shared this good news, but Shin Hee was angry to hear this news.

    Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle was proud and glad to hear that Yeon Su has done a good job in making actress Wong to accept their sponsorship and also can improve the reputation of his company. He started to realise that Yeon Su has talent in fashion design. In view of Yeon Su’s capability,
    therefore, he wanted to forgive all misunderstandings towards Yeon Su and finally agreed and not to terminate Yeon Su.

    During the discussion among colleagues, Yeon Su accidentally discovered that Shin Hee likes to eat kiwi fruit. Yeon Su began to suspect Shin Hee was the one who caused her mother to be
    dead, She then pulled Shin Hee to the staircase and asked her about the murdered case……………….

  99. 99 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 32,

    Yeon Su told Shin Hee, she had already seen those photographs, being observant enough, she understood that
    her mother was allergy with Kiwi fruit and therefore her mother does not eat Kiwi. Her mother prepared the kiwi fruit
    to be served for visitor. Yeon Su suspected Shin Hee was the visitor, but, Shin Hee refused to admit it.

    Although, Shin Hee was trying to hide the truth, it doesn’t affect Yeon Su’s determination to find out the real
    murderer. She’s confident that it will be a matter of time to solve this tedious task for her. Shin Hee drastic actions and behaviour towards her made her upset and disappointed, but, nevertheless,Yeon Su suspected Shin Hee will be the most suspicious person.

    Shin Hee went back to her office, she began to worry that Yeon Su still continue to investigate who’s the real murderer. Lee Jae Hwang called Yeon Su to come and see him. He informed Yeon Su good news, in view of her good work performance, and also the necklace had been found,therefore, the management has decided not to terminate her. Yeon Su was very happy and continued to discuss on how to choose
    good materials at reasonable price. While, discussing half way, Yeon Su suddenly recalled Shin Hee wanted to challenged and bullied her and she suspected Shin Hee was the murderer. Being furious about Shin Hee, she had requested Lee Jae Hwang to help her to find out whose the person who helped
    to safeguard all clothings made for the purpose of participating for the fashion design competition. As years ago, she had participated DH fashion design competition and the person in charge of this event lost the clothing that she made.

    The next series of argument that Shin Hee had with her husband. The quarrel was, strong objection to allow Yeon Su to continue to work at DH. In order to help the company to continue to prosper with profits,Yeon Su with amazing talent to convince actress Wong and wonderful design skills, the management reserves the right not to terminate her. After hearing this conclusion, Shin Hee was very angry and
    stepped out from his office.

    Yeon Su and her niece happily reached home with a happily news that Yeon Su can continue to work at DH. Who knows her aunt informed both of them that the money that Yeon Su gave her were missing. Her aunt hide the money inside her drawer. They searched the room, but, can’t find back
    the money,therefore, they began to discuss on who’s the suspected thief. Her aunt began to suspect that Yeon Su, her brother stole the money for his repair cost for his motorbike.
    Yeon Su was facing great pressure and difficulty to face her aunt and looks like the suspected thief, was most probably her brother. Shin Hee’s father came home and was amazed to hear
    that the suspected thief was Yeon Su’s brother.

    When Yeon Su’s brother reached home, he began to question him on the outcome of the missing money. He finally admitted that he stole the money. Shin Hee’s father wanted to help him to hide the truth, therfore, he told all of them that he took the money from the drawer for emergency reason.
    Yeon Su’s aunt was extremely angry, although, the money was retrieved back, her anger couldn’t stop her for a very long nagging and eventually chased Shin Hee’s father to get out and leave the place soon.

    Later on, Yeon Su personally told her niece that she can’t believe that he’s the thief. Doubtful, that the thief was another person.

    When the family were eating dinner, the child requested to his father, that he wanted to eat some more meat, his grandma was surprised and happy that her grandson with better appetite and more sociable. When his grandma asked the child, what makes him likes to eat meat ? He answered his grandma that his mother also same as him ,likes to eat too. Shin Hee looked envious with a glumly face.And Lee Jae Hwang was alert to understand her wicked nature.
    As the following day will the child’s birthday, his grandma instructed Shin Hee to prepare food to celebrate for his birthday. Shin Hee doesn’t know how to cook and wanted to arrange Chef to prepare. And was rejected by her mother in law. She wanted Shin Hee to cook it personally to show her sincerity and kindness towards the child.

    While eating, Yeon Su’s aunt continued to gossip about the thief and eventually,Yeon Su’s brother admitted that he was the real thief. With amazement, his aunt started to hit him severely and he ran out of the house to avoid them.

    Yeon Su went to inform Lee Jae Hwang regards to the process of work, he was impressed by her dilgence and positive attitude. Next, Shin Hee’s father apologised for some inconvenience caused.And Yeon Su’s aunt felt guilty to mistaken him as the thief and willing to accept his apology.

    Shin Hee tortured and scolded Yeon Su. And when she has finished her scolding, she proudly shared to everyone that she will be celebrating her son’s birthday on the following day, Therefore, will need time to make preparation. She bought some ingredients including vegetables to trick her mother in law. All these ingredients brought home and looked liked going to do cooking for the family.

    With a continuous of telling lies, she became desperate to find chef to get ready those dishes.She even hired the bad guy to do this special work for her. Next, Yeon Su thanked Shin Hee’s
    father for helping her brother. And honestly returned the money to him.Then Yeon Su went to her room to do her design. Her niece went in, and saw her working and even chat about the child.

    Shin Hee woke up earlier than expected, she quietly slippped out from the house to collect those prepared food from the bad guy. And on the other hand, Yeon Su prepared seaweed soup for the family, suddenly she missed her son and looking quite depressed.

    The family happily eating the food. No one discovered that Shin Hee was too cunning, she hired the bad guy to buy the food and requested a list of receipes. She memorized all methods on how to cook those dishes and when her mother in law asked her on how to cook the delicious fish, she
    was able to explain and tricked everyone. And she also pretended to act like a kind mother towards the child and Lee Jae Hwang was irritated by her shallow behaviour.

    Min Jung Hyun wanted to buy a toy for his son as a birthday present. But, his son doesn’t want any expensive toy car or robot as present. His mother will be his greatest gift as his birthday present. Shin Hee got jealous to see the child closer with Min Jung Hyun than expected.

    Yeon Su made a suit of clothing for her son. By conveying her message to Shin Hee and even plead her to give the present to her son. Shin Hee was reluctant to help,but, she will agree
    surfacely only. She threw it underneath her table and when Shin Hee has gone, Yeon Su accidentally saw the paper bag with the child’s clothing. She was very upset about it.
    When Min Jung Hyun was about to leave the office, Yeon Su decideed to seek him to help, to give the present to her son. He obediently accepted the paper bag.

    Yeon Su’s brother went back to his room, idle time he began to read magazine. Meanwhile, Shin Hee’s father went into the room and when he saw him, his frustrations began to make him
    wanted to quarrel again.

    Yeon Su missed her child, but, no one can help and understand her. And Min Jung Hyun reached home with the present for his son. His son tried the jacket and Shin Hee saw him with the jacket, she was hiding standing outside the door, looking evil and planning to punish the child.

    Lee Jae Hwang managed to help Yeon Su to find out the person in charge of safeguarding those competition clothings. Yeon Su was glad that he helped her , Lee Jae Hwang
    was curious to know why Yeon Su wanted to find this person. Yeon Su then replied to him, that once this person can be found, will be a strong possibility of finding, something she
    suspected and doubtful ……………….

  100. 100 : Sarah Says:

    I am now watching Episode 20 $_$ this drama is great one of 2013\2014! I love it , and I love Jae Hwang ^_* , but I don’t like this problem of Yeon ssi child! its same alot of korean dramas! there nothing new! 🙁

    but still I love this drama !

  101. 101 : mal20 Says:

    wahhh i wonder why is there no eng subs for this drama???? it is good dr

  102. 102 : say Says:

    in episode35,Min Jung Hyun was surprise that his wife stole the jewelry,he forgot he too is a thief that is stealing his step father company,i don’t believe what his mother told him,for goodness sake how can a true wife marry a man who she believed that kill the father of her son,and lived happily with him,there are two sides of story,given the dirty attitude of Min Jung Hyun can equally show what his father was than,when you want too much you lose the one you have,just like the way he married Shin Hee to make himself look better in the eyes of his step father,so he will learn later that the woman he marry will make him look bad at the end,and lose everything.

  103. 103 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 33,
    Yeon Su went to look for the guy who’s in charge to safeguard those clothings prepared for the fashion design competition. As it was past too long, the guy could’t recall much about the incident occurred. But, nevertheless, he was very helpful and promised to help Yeon Su to find out.
    Yeon Su left her handphone number for easy to contact her in case, he may want to call her. Although, Yeon Su was glad and indeed hopeful that the suspected person will be found soon.

    Now, back to her office. Yeon Su received scolding from Shin Hee. Shin Hee was trying to find fault on her, accused her of not respecting her as superior, and even did not report her job activity. Yeon Su explained to her that she went to search for useful evidence. Shin Hee’s mind boggle and continued to argue with Yeon Su. As no one was in the office, except both of them,they continued to debate over their unhappiness and even warned Yeon Su not to make use of her son as an excuse and to plan and re-unite her relationship with Min Jung Hyun.

    Due to time constraint for the project, Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle told both of them, to work extra harder and to put in additional efforts. Although, he’s aware that Yeon Su had already been transferred to his nephew’s team, worried that Yeon Su will create trouble or problem for him, he specially highlighted some disadvantages of allowing Yeon Su to join his team. Lee Jae Hwang was very confident that Yeon Su can continue to perform well.

    After their meeting, Min Jung Hyun confronted Lee Jae Hwang towards his motive of wanting to keep Yeon Su in his team. Lee Jae Hwang was annoyed by such harass and angrily walked away.

    Shin Hee’s mother in law was surprised to know that those ingredients that Shin Hee bought to prepare dishes were all used up. She estimated that there should be some balance uncooked ingredients inside the refrigerator. But, her maid told her that no more uncook ingredients inside the refrigerator. She began to suspect and curiious, where did those uncook left over balance ingredients gone to ?

    Shin Hee’s father was happily drinking the medicine toxic that his daughter had given to him. He almost got choked for drinking too fast. While Yeon Su’s aunt enjoying chatting with him. Later on, Yeon Su’s brother reached home and saw both of them chatting , frustrations and anger came back again.

    While,Shin Hee’s mother in law was sitting at the living room, boring and nothing to do. She began to curious and tore open the statement of account letter. She was astonished to discover that Shin Hee was a spendthrift woman. She was angry of her bad spendthrift habit and lectured her and even gave her warning. Shin Hee started to give a lot of nonsense excuse with a reason on why she needed to spend so much money. Her mother was frustrated and upset after hearing
    her explaination.

    Min Jung Hyun’s mother went to lodge a complaint to her son that her daughter in law was a spendthrift person. A further complaint about the investment plan that she wanted her father to invest. After waited for such a long time, no response from her. Her son doesn’t like to rely on anyone,
    therefore, he preferred to work and solve his problem independently.

    As Min Jung Hyun was unhappy that his wife ignored his mother’s instructions. Therefore, he went back to his room and spoke to Shin Hee. After chatting to her and was disappointed with her excuse, he angrily walked out from his room and discontinued their conversations. And Shin Hee
    was panic on how to overcome her problem, to handle her mother in law amicably.

    Yeon Su told her niece that she’s waiting for a call, once the guy can find the suspected person, he will contact her. Her niece was hopeful that it’s a matter of time that her problem can be solved. Her niece also showed her a nice bag using re-cycle leather clothings to make and the bag she got it from her friend. Yeon Su was glad that she had received an ideal of using re-cycle materials.

    The next day, when she attended a meeting with Lee Jae Hwang, she decided to share this ideal on how to fully utilize the benefits of using re-cycle materials. Lee Jae Hwang did not penalize this ideal, his thinking was, this ideal maybe will be very useful in time to come.

    On the other hand, Min Jung Hyun was having a meeting with his staffs. Their designs did not meet his standards and expectations. Eventually, he threw his temper to all of them and demanded them to re-do a fresh design. After the meeting, Shin Hee went back to her office room. Meanwhile, Yeon Su had received a call and Yeon Su wanted to go to another department to see someone and Shin Hee heard her conversations. She was curious and frightened.

    Yeon Su met the team leader and during her conversations, this kind lady had given her some methods to find
    the person who took or received her design clothing. Yeon Su was thankful that she’s willing to help her. Shin Hee was hiding at a place, the moment that Yeon Su walked away, Shin Hee cunning behaviour came back again, she greeted the team leader and found out from her the detailed informations.

    Yeon Su had gone to the HR department to look for the evidence, but, unfortunately, the information that Yeon Su
    wanted were diminished and were already shred by the shred machine. She was upset and very disappointed. As Yeon Su was late for her meeting, therefore, she explained on what causes her to be late. After hearing her explaination, Lee Jae Hwang began to suspect the suspicious person.

    While, the child was playing the toy car and it accidentally went underneath the bed. He began to search for the toy, curious and happy that he had found a box with a nice necklace. As his grandma will be attending an invitation, therefore, she had informed the maid to look after her grandson. Running down from the stairs, he happily asked his grandma, where’s she going ? His grandma answered his question, and noticed the necklace. The child told his grandma that he had found it inside his dad’s room. Looking at the nice expensive necklace, she tried wearing it and found it also
    looked nice on her. Therefore, she wore it to attend her invitation.

    Lee Jae Hwang a very intelligent person, secretly investigated the case. He even informed his secretary to check with HR department whether those receipts were all shred or partially destroyed. Based on his experience and knowledge, those receipts were approved to be shred only the following year.

    Shin Hee accidentally saw the secretary walking towards HR department, she was anxious and worried. Shin Hee secretly followed him to the department, hiding behind the door to listen to his request. The secretary went back to feedback the outcome to Yeon Su. After hearing his helpful approached,
    Yeon Su was happy and thankful. Shin Hee stepped into the office with puzzle face when she saw both of them.

    Min Jung Hyun’s mother reached home happily starring at the necklace, she wanted to keep the necklace inside her bag and was interrupted by a call from her friend, and eventually placed it on her dressing table.

    While, Yeon Su wanted to go to another place using her lunch hour, who knows Shin Hee demanded her to collect the necklace for actress Wong. As it was already lunch time, all colleagues have gone for lunch, Min Jung Hyun wanted to discuss something with Shin Hee, but, she’s rushing to go to HR department to steal the receipts acknowlegement form.

    As Yeon Su had inadvertently left her wallet on her table, therefore, she went back to office. While, Yeon Su went to take her wallet, an incoming call informed her to collect something. On the other hand, Shin Hee searching the whole place at HR, finally she found the receipt acknowledgement file. She was desperate flipping the pages and managed to find the copy. She tore away the copy and cunningly stole the copy and kept it inside her pocket. Next, Yeon Su called her, to inform her that she came back to office and will collect the necklace at a later timing. Desperate and frightened by this sudden call and she realised that Yeon Su was approaching the HR department. Began to panic and quickly hide underneath the table.

    Yeon Su managed to borrow the file, when she was about to check the file, Lee Jae Hwang called her thus she was interrupted by his request and hurried to go back to office and did not discover that Shin Hee was hiding underneath the table. After receiving a call, the HR manager went out and finally no one at HR department, Shin Hee managed to escape from the place. Yeon Su went to the jewelry place and also accidentally heard a feedback regards to the returned missing necklace. Yeon Su was surprised, curious and also suspected something.

    Yeon Su went back to office and checked the file. She began to discover ,one missing page,and to seek help and advise from Lee Jae Hwang, Yeon Su quickly notify him, while discussing this, Shin Hee presented some detailed informations about actress Wong Chai Ling’s drama. Shin Hee saw the file on the table and pretended that nothing had happened.
    Yeon Su began to suspect the suspicious person was Shin Hee.

    Yeon Su requested to discuss with Shin Hee, by showing her the missing page of the file. Query her with concrete evidence leading Shin Hee was shocked with amazement by her powerful

  104. 104 : say Says:

    this is below elementary school writing,this writer keep writing nonsense ,he or she keep Yeon Su empty-headed,mindless in every episode even now the writer is adding Yeon Su brother to be stupid and ignorant like his sister,this is the only Korean drama I was a little bit interested in but now the poor writing is so disgusting that Lee Jae Hwang for now can’t save this drama because the person he is helping is a foolish person and he too if he really want to help someone so foolish as Yeon Su, by now he could have had someone to spy on Shin Hee activities and take recording videos since there is no CCTV in that whole building,you just can’t help someone so foolish like Yeon Su who keep aiding her enemies and showing them how to destroy her,the writer has turn this drama beyond ridiculous.

  105. 105 : mml Says:

    104 say,
    the character of Shin Hee was too wicked and cunning. Now, is too early to say judge Yeon Su as stupid. Maybe, in the later part of subsequent episodes will show viewers that Lee Jae Hwang and Yeon Su will team up together to investigate
    the suspected person. Or the best is, both of them gang up to form a plot for Shin Hee to fall into the trap.

  106. 106 : say Says:

    @mml,did you watch ep37,if you haven’t than watch it and tell me if really Yeon Su is not a stupid character,with common scene which person will leave her cell phone on the table and leave the office which she knows that many things have happening to her,plus the jewelry which was stolen,her been lock in the store room to die,only her not killing her mother is enough for a person like her to stop and think how she can [email protected] you have been watching this drama, so do you think the writer is doing a good job with Yeon Su character and now the stupid father of her son has joined his evil wife to scheme against in removing her from that job,also she just sign her total right to son to give Min Jung Hyun everything.this drama is simple plain stupid writing,horrible there are many story to write about in this drama but the writer has turn his or she writing to kindergarten ideals.

  107. 107 : mml Says:

    @106 say,
    i haven’t watch episode 37 yet, i have slow down the process of watching this drama mainly due to Saturday and Sunday, i’m watching 3 dramas, they are King’s family, The little love that never hurts and also another drama called Golden Rainbow.

    During weekday i got other thing to work and also Taiwan drama to watch.

  108. 108 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 34,
    As Yeon Su assumed that her evidence was powerful to question Shin Hee, no doubt, Shin Hee may looked shocked and amazed, the fact was, Shin Hee had already torn the evidence. She stole the prove copy, therefore, no more evidence can be found, that’s why Shin Hee dared to quarrel
    and argued with Yeon Su.

    After the quarrel, Shin Hee went to her office, happily smiling that Yeon Su will never be able to find the evidence.

    While, Yeon Su’s aunt was chatting with Shin Hee’s father, she realised the button was almost dropping, she was helpful enough to help him to do sew back the button.

    Yeon Su was dreaming at work, she was engrossed in thinking of the suspected person and Shin Hee quickly walked into Min Jung Hyun’s office to submit another designer’s design for his
    approval. Shin Hee wanted to go home together with her husband, but her husband was busy and did not agree to go home together. Therefore, Shin Hee went to buy packet food for dinner.

    Yeon Su her nose was bleeding and Min Jung Hyun was quite caring towards her health. While, Min Jung Hyun was driving on his way home, he saw Yeon Su was walking home.
    He even forced Yeon Su to allow him to send her home. When Shin Hee was walking back to office, she accidentally saw Yeon Su sitting her husband’s car. Shin Hee was extremely
    angry, she even took a taxi to follow both of them.

    Inside the car, Min Jung Hyun hint to her, to resign and leave DH. Very irritated by his suggestions, and uneasy to sit his car. When Yeon Su reached home, he also continued to chat with Yeon Su. Meanwhile, Shin Hee followed both of them and heard their conversations. Yeon Su doesn’t like to talk to Min Jung Hyun as she’s stressed in every aspect.

    Shin Hee wanted to punish Yeon Su and followed her all the way to her home. Who knows, her father came out and Shin Hee was surprised to meet her dad. Furious to see her dad staying with Yeon Su family members. Shin Hee forced her dad to move out and stay elsewhere. After a serious quarrel, Shin Hee went home with hatred and disappointment.

    When she reached home and checked his schedule after office hours. Min Jung Hyun did not tell the truth, although, she was unhappy, but, at least, managed to control her temper.

    The next day at work, Lee Jae Hwang’s secretary informed Yeon Su to attend meeting. Yeon Su was excited and happy to get ready for the meeting. As this was an instruction
    from Lee Jae Hwang, therefore, Shin Hee reluctantly allowed Yeon Su to attend the the meeting. Some colleagues began to gossip about Yeon Su having an unusual friendship with her superior and Shin Hee quietly listening to their gossip.

    Later on, when no one was in the office, Shin Hee went to Yeon Su’s table and reviewed her assignment and noticed that Yeon Su had prepared some sample clothing materials.

    Next, Lee Jae Hwang was happily chatting with Yeon Su after their meeting. He was extremely impressed by Yeon Su to be able to convince actress Wong Chai Ling. Meanwhile, outside the building, a promoter was promoting some products. Curious by those games, they went to play to try their luck. Yeon Su was lucky to win an electric cooker. The electric cooker was left inside his car to avoid colleagues to gossip.

    Yeon Su went back to office and discovered that her assignment handwork was missing. She left it on her table and wicked bitch Shin Hee stole it and threw it to rubbish compound area. Yeon Su became panic, searching high and low still did not find it.

    His secretary was curious about Lee Jae Hwang. He suspected Lee Jae Hwang may favour Yeon Su. While, he was teasing him, Yeon Su came in with a worried face, reporting to both of them that her handwork assignment was missing. Due to time constraint, they left half an hour before the presentation starts, Yeon Su began to think of a second alternative to
    work things efficiently. While, Lee Jae Hwang was even more worried, without the artwork on how to present it during the presentation.

    Min Jung Hyun began his presentation, while Lee Jae Hwang and his secretary were worried that Yeon Su was missing in action. Actually, Yeon Su went to gather some useful material samples for the presentation and meanwhile Lee Jae Hwang
    continued his presentation without the artwork to support his speech. Yeon Su, a very responsible person, she quickly rushed back to office to assist the presentation.

    Lee Jae Hwang’s main objective of having this presentation was to use re-cycle materials to make clothings , but, without the artwork, he couldn’t prove the sample work effectively. Luckily, Yeon Su came in on time to prove their artwork and managed to convince everyone.

    After the presentation, Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle was very impressed by Yeon Su. Yeon Su has the ability to handle her work at critical situation. After hearing this compliment, Lee Jae Hwang was very happy, but, Shin Hee was upset with

    Yeon Su and Lee Jae Hwang began to discuss about the missing artwork. Suddenly, was interrupted by a call, Yeon Su then comply to caller’s request,actually, the caller was Min Jung Hyun’s mother. As Lee Jae Hwang was curious about the call and wanted to know about it, but, Yeon Su was too upset to talk about her personal matter.

    The purpose of meeting Yeon Su was, Min Jung Hyun’s mother wanted her grandson to change back his surname and to follow the dad’s surname. Yeon Su was speechless after hearing her request, but, was very depressed.

    Shin Hee’s mother in law reached home and continued to grumble and nag at Shin Hee. Not satisfied and against the child to change his surname, therefore, Shin Hee lodge a complaint to her husband, surprisingly, her husband wanted the child to change the surname.

    Yeon Su told her niece that the child needs to change his surname, very disheartened and upset. Her kind niece even console her.

    Yeon Su left the house without any appetite to eat her meal. She went to Min Jung Hyun’s house to submit a form. As Shin Hee’s mother in law instructed Shin Hee to send the child to childcare, very reluctant to send him. Meanwhile, Yeon Su was waiting outside the house, when she saw Shin Hee and the kid and quickly hide and even witness her cruelty
    treated the child. Yeon Su beared this hatred with grievance and eventually changed her mind to allow her son to change his surname………….

  109. 109 : Sarah Says:

    @mml . in ep 41 , (Shin Hee) With whom she talking on the phone? also who is this employee who was talking with her on the roof of the company?
    for what? and about what? . we witaing for you

  110. 110 : say Says:

    @mml,I didn’t know that you were busy with weekend dramas that is why you are behind recapping the episodes, this drama is now in ep43 and your last now is ep34,well happy viewing in other dramas and thanks for all your efforts.

  111. 111 : mml Says:

    @110 say,
    i’m glad that you like this drama, in fact, every recap episode,is the episode that i have just watched. I haven’t watch episode 35 to 43, and i will try to watch it, once, i have finished watching it , i will re-cap the episode.

    In fact, i’m catching the preview of episode 137 for princess aurora and realised that Aurora married Seo Ha Jun, may consider to continue to come back and watch this drama.

    Now, am catching Ugly Alert this drama, i have to finish in watching episode 127 to episode 133,then is consider that i have finished watching the whole drama.

    My main purpose of re-cap every episode that i have watched Take My Hand this drama is, i’m hoping to have more viewers to like this drama, but, something that i really don’t to see is, Shin Hee is too cunning and wicked. Her character is as terrible as sincerity moves heaven , the actress who acted as Yerin and also the wicked woman in Crazy Love , who acted as Han Na Young, all wicked bad woman.

  112. 112 : say Says:

    @mml, i understand and it is not easy for one to recaps drama,i couldn’t give up this drama because of Lee Jae Hwang and hoping he find happiness with Yeon Su,every time i watch this drama I only watch where he is shown and i love most of his seens,even though now that Yeon Su partially knows that Shin Hee must have been the one that kill her mother,her lack of courage to expose Shin Hee for who she is not there, she seem every wick to do anything also the way she keep acting carelessly I for one don’t know if anyone will live like that and survived other day,@mml nothing in hurry just keep enjoying your viewings in other dramas,i hope the writer will do something with Yeon Su character as a lead in this drama and stop been stupid as always as she has been.

    As for princess aurora drama, i will take it as fiction drama with no meaningful value to life or respect to marriage,it is all nonsense, in respect to those who like the drama sorry @mml,I know you like the drama,It is just the way I see it ”princess aurora ” again happy viewing.

  113. 113 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 35,

    Yeon Su realised that Shin Hee did not treat her son with care and love. She became furious and was extremely angry. Later on, she went to confront Shin Hee at the carpark area with regards to her child. As Shin Hee did not honour her word, to treat the child with unconditional love. Shin Hee even
    breach the trust and consequently, Yeon Su not only angry and disappointed, she even revealed to her, that she witness the incident outside her house on how cruel Shin Hee had treated the child. But, cunning Shin Hee accused Yeon Su
    for not teaching the child with well behaved manners. Shin Hee even forced her to quickly sign the agreement letter, to allow the child to change his surname. With her drastic approach, Yeon Su began to change her mind and reluctant
    to comply. After finished her talking, Yeon Su quickly went back to office.

    Yeon Su missed her son badly, when Lee Jae Hwang came out from his office, he was observant to understand Yeon Su’s sadness, but, unable to help Yeon Su. On the other hand, Min Jung Hyun met someone who can help him to cover up his
    dishonesty and the bribery case.

    Lee Jae Hwang’s secretary had arranged a delicious lunch for Yeon Su, Yeon Su was tricked by the secretary, she thought, she can see the food and therefore, happily sitting inside Lee Jae Hwang’s office to eat her lunch. While, Yeon Su was enjoying eating the rice cake, Lee Jae Hwang came back,
    very surprised and angry to see Yeon Su eating his food. Yeon Su was frightened to see him with an angry face and quickly apologised and explained to him, that his secretary had arranged and allowed her to eat the food. After hearing her apology, Lee Jae Hwang forgave her and was quite friendly to her and began their chatting. He even volunteer to help Yeon Su to bring back the electric cooker and Yeon Su happily agreed.

    Shin Hee reached home and informed her mother in law, that with Yeon Su disagreement to allow the child to change his surname. Her mother in law began to suspect Shin Hee,
    may have offended Yeon Su and she was curious, why Yeon Su was fickle minded, she can changed her mind easily ? Her mother in law wanted to meet Yeon Su to discuss with her,
    but, Min Jung Hyun had stopped his mother from seeing Yeon Su and even insisted that he will meet Yeon Su and have a face to face talk to deal with this critical problem. Shin Hee was worried that her husband’s motive of meeting Yeon Su and quickly persuaded him not to meet her ,but, was rejected and refused to listen to Shin Hee. He then angrily walked back to his room. Next, Shin Hee’s mother in law continued to lecture her and also abused Shin Hee’s intelligence. As Shin Hee was frightened of her mother in law, she wouldn’t dare to argue and became speechless after hearing her sharp comment.

    Upon reaching Yeon Su’s home, Lee Jae Hwang was very helpful and happily carrying the electric cooker for Yeon Su, before he leave the place, Yeon Su wanted to give the
    spoon for the rice cooker for him. As he doesn’t need it, therefore, he did not accept the gift. And in view of his concern, he even asked, what’s the main reason that Min Jung Hyun’s mother wanted to meet her ? Yeon Su told him that their main concern was related to the child that needed to change his surname. While, chatting about this problem,
    Min Jung Hyun saw both of them and even heard their conversations. Envious to see both of them and even questioned Lee Jae Hwang’s presence,as Lee Jae Hwang doesn’t want any misunderstanding, he even politely answered his question and quickly went home. As Min Jung Hyun disliked Lee Jae Hwang , therefore, he also questioned Yeon Su,
    why Lee Jae Hwang sent her home ? Yeon Su was very to smart to answer him, it’s very normal for any superior to volunteer to send their subordinate,if, it’s on their way home.
    In return, Yeon Su also questioned him back, what’s his motive of coming to see her ? Min Jung Hyun began to answer , since, you already knew what’s the reason then
    why is it, you still need to ask me this question ? He even asked Yeon Su, what’s her reason of hesitating and disagreed to allow her son to change his surname ? After that, Yeon Su started to throw out all her unhappiness and lodge a complaint to him, that she saw Shin Hee tortured the child badly outside the house and this invited her worry and leading her to be confused with her decision.

    Yeon Su’s brother went into his room and saw Shin Hee’s photo, with curosity, he began to chat with Shin Hee’s father when he realised that his daughter was defiant and ungrateful, Yeon Su’s brother became not keen to continue their chatting.

    Min Jung Hyun reached home with a heavy heart, when he went upstairs, he witness his wife, ill-treating the child. He became annoyed and very frustrated on her behaviour. Back to their room, Min Jung Hyun quarrelled with Shin Hee and angrily went out.

    While, having their dinner, Yeon Su’s aunt began to show a little concern about the child and comment about her decision, as Yeon Su was not sure about her decision, she was inconclusive to reveal anything to her aunt.

    While, doing her tidy up, Shin Hee discovered that the box with necklace hidden underneath the bed was missing. She began panic and anxious, she even rushed to the child’s room wanted to question the child,but, not convenient to question the child when her husband was around. Very stressed by the mssing necklace, she went to kitchen to look for her mother in law. At first, she wanted to ask her mother in law, but,looking at her expression, she was frightened to ask about it.

    Yeon Su’s niece helping her mother to do the laundry work, and started to gossip and when Shin Hee’s father came home, being curious, he continued to ask the gossip topic. Yeon Su’s
    aunt doesn’t want him to know about it and was reluctant to mention about the gossip.

    Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle , very caring towards his nephew. But, his wife was disrespectful towards his thinking, made him very angry and scolded her. During their conversations after meal time, Shin Hee’s mother in law noticed that Shin Hee was not paying attention. After a while, Shin Hee began to suggest to her, that she will be doing housekeeping work for a day to tidy the rooms and eventually permission was approved.

    Shin Hee quickly went to her mother in law’s room and managed to find the necklace which was placed on the dressing table. When her mother in law went into the room, Shin Hee began to ask her about the necklace, her mother in law admitted that she borrowed the necklace and wore it for
    an invitation and forgot to return her. Her mother in law was extremely curious that such an expensive necklace, how did she manage to buy or own it ? Believing that it was not Min Jung Hyun who bought it and scolded her for being spendthrift and furthermore, to worry that she will not return the
    necklace. Very unhappy to see Shin Hee, her mother in law quickly stepped out from her room.

    Shin Hee was frightened that her husband will discover it, with a suspicious and worried face, she hide the necklace on her right hand and wanted to go upstairs, and who knows her mother in law teased her for not doing a proper follow up for the housekeeping work, she denied and quickly went upstairs. Troubled by the necklace, she hide it inside the wardrobe.

    Lee Jae Hwang was surprised to see Yeon Su working on Sunday. While, talking to Yeon Su, he realised that an agreement form was placed on her table. With Yeon Su’s undecisive thinking, Lee Jae Hwang quickly given her some useful hint and helped her to enlighten her wisdom.
    First, Yeon Su needs to work hard and strengthen her capability so that it will easier for her to work out a way and understand how to tackle and solve her son’s problem. And he even promised Yeon Su, if, oneday , in the event that due to unforseen circumstances that she ever needs a lawyer to win her lawsuit case for the custody of her son, he will be responsible and available to help Yeon Su at all times. And by all means, all legal fees will be charged accordingly.
    An also a surcharge fee for winning the lawsuit. After finishing what he wanted to say, Lee Jae Hwang happily smiling and then walked back to his room. After hearing these,Yeon Su became more stable and more confident towards her plan.

    Min Jung Hyun brought his son to his room and wanted to give him a present. Shin Hee was frightened to see him opening the wardrobe and wanted to prevent him from opening, but, he
    still open the wardrobe and took the present, who knows the child accidentally saw the necklace and told his father. Min Jung Hyun took out the necklace and even recalled the
    missing necklace incident. Suspecting that Shin Hee was the thief, he began to query Shin Hee. And Shin Hee quickly took back the necklace and lied to him that it’s dinner time, his mother wanted him to go and eat his dinner. With a suspicious face, Shin Hee quickly put the necklace inside the drawer.

    While, eating their dinner, Shin Hee’s mother in law started to ask her, when can she start doing the housekeeping work ? Shin Hee decided to change her mind by finding another excuse to escape from her promise.

    Yeon Su reached home with a happy mood and even trying to comfort and to cheer her aunt. Meanwhile, her aunt also persuaded Yeon Su to allow the child to change his surname. As, Yeon Su wanted to win the custody of the child, therefore, did not respond to her aunt about her decision.

    Min Jung Hyun took the necklace from the drawer, starring at the necklace, he began to suspect the real thief, he hurried to go to the jewelry shop. Shin Hee was surprised to see him going out. As she was worried that her husband suspected her, she quickly went to check the necklace, but, discovered that her husband took it. And did not manage to chase after him.

    Min Jung Hyun brought the necklace to the jewelry shop and confirmed with the staff that it was an original piece of necklace made from their shop. With a detailed explaination, he finally understood, and very uncommon that his wife was the real thief. He angrily drove his car and went home.

    When he reached home and saw Shin Hee standing outside the house , waiting for him, he was extremely disappointed to see this thief. Wanting Shin Hee to explain what’s the reason
    of stealing the necklace. While, Shin Hee was hesitating to tell the truth, Min Jung Hyun started to lose his patience to listen to her explainations, he was madly angry and started
    his shouting and screaming towards her to quickly tell the truth,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  114. 114 : val1969 Says:

    thanks so much for the re-cap of this drama I find it better than womans room. I visit this site everyday for any updates. Iv’e searching to any type of summary or re-cap, here is the only place i could find

    once again thanks

  115. 115 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 36,
    Min Jung Hyun started to lose his patience to listen to her explainations, very mad, and undeniable fact was, his wife was the thief. His shouting and screaming towards her
    and forced Shin Hee to speak the truth. Shin Hee continued to lie and told him, it was her negligence, that she accidentally put the necklace into the bag. And forgot about the matter and went home. Hearing such a stupid ridiculous excuse, Min Jung Hyun got even more angry with his wife. The missing necklace had already caused so much gossip and problem to the company and how can Shin Hee explained it, as her neglience and furthermore, how can she forgot such
    an expensive necklace which was already inside her bag and brought it home ? Min Jung Hyun totally refused to accept this ridiculous excuse and it’s very obvious to understand that his wife’s actual motive. Awakening by all thoughts and
    realised that why Lee Jae Hwang was so confident that Shin Hee had stolen the necklace. With embarrassment and felt ashamed having a thief wife, Min Jung Hyun was extremely disappointed and breach the trust in Shin Hee.
    Although, Shin Hee apologised to her husband,but, the fact was, her evil plot to chase and terminate Yeon Su was her main objective that causes her to become a thief and eventually Min Jung Hyun threw the necklace on the floor
    and angrily walked away.

    Min Jung Hyun reached home feeling moody, he then brought his son to the park, while he was about to go out and Shin Hee came home just on time. She wanted to follow them to the park, but, Min Jung Hyun refused to talk to her. Min Jung Hyun’s mother began to suspect Shin Hee for creating trouble,
    and even disliked to talk to her.

    At the park, Shin Hee was trying to convince her husband and plead his forgiveness, as her evil behaviour made her husband too upset to forgive her, therefore, with apology, it doesn’t help to solve the problem. Next, the child felt thirsty and his dad went to buy drinks for him. Whie,Shin Hee was
    upset crying over her own problem, the child wanted to console her, but, unappreciative towards the child. The child felt boring and began to play the ball and suddenly a cyclist passby and almost hit the child. Shin Hee pretended and also rescued the child, while, Min Jung Hyun was walking
    back to the park, he saw both of them met an accident.

    Both of them were admitted to hospital and Min Jung Hyun even telephone his mother, to inform her of the outcome. Cunning Shin Hee started to seek her husband to forgive her, as she got hand injury , her husband,although, reluctant to talk to her, but, knowing that she had rescued his son,therefore, became more tolerant towards her. Shin Hee’s mother in law visited her, quite surprised to realise that Shin Hee rescued the child. After this incident, her mother in law began to change her mindset, she’s more willing to accept
    Shin Hee. And also some kind advise given to her son Min Jung Hyun, to forgive his wife and to treat Shin Hee better. Min Jung Hyun was at difficult stage to answer his mother’s request and became silent to comply.

    Back to his office, Min Jung Hyun told his staffs that Shin Hee was hospitalize and therefore, he will continue to conduct the meeting.

    Min Jung Hyun’s stepfather was kind enough to allow and extended the completion ,grace period for the project and presentation . Knowing that, Shin Hee was hospitalize, sufficient time should be given. Lee Jae Hwang was also understanding to agree his suggestions, but,
    Min Jung Hyun was stubborn and refused accept their kindness.

    After the meeting, Lee Jae Hwang went to Min Jung Hyun’s office, he wanted to help him to lighten his stress as Shin Hee was hospitalize. Who knows, during their conversations, Min Jung Hyun twist and turned words and even scolded him with regards to the missing necklace. Unappreciative towards
    Lee Jae Hwang’s kindness , Lee Jae Hwang was quite disheartened to realise that Min Jung Hyun beared all his grievance and only when a quarrel arises, he will speak out all his unhappiness. Later on, he went back to his office.

    Yeon Su came to Lee Jae Hwang’s office, submitting a few designs, designed by her, as Lee Jae Hwang was restless to discuss further, he then replied to Yeon Su, he will submit her designs to other judge to review before the next meeting. Showing concern towards Shin Hee, she even asked him
    about Shin Hee’s condition.

    After her work, Yeon Su went to visit Shin Hee. Arrogant and aggressive Shin Hee, did not appreciate Yeon Su for spending her time to visit her. She scolded Yeon Su and drastically chased Yeon Su away. Although, Yeon Su thank her to rescue her son, but, nevertheless, she did not agree to allow her son to follow the dad’s surname and hurriedly went home.
    Shin Hee’s motive of protecting the child was to secure her position in the family, therefore, being helpful, all are fake one, they are all her cunning tactic.

    Yeon Su, accidentally met Min Jung Hyun’s mother, she brought Yeon Su to a place for chatting and even tried to persuade her to give up the custody of the child, so that the child will be legally recognised within their family.
    And chased Yeon Su to quickly changed and allowed the child to follow his dad’s surname. After hearing what she said, Yeon Su became doubtful and silent to answer her request instantly.

    When Yeon Su was at home, she chat with her niece about her problem. After a while, Yeon Su’s aunt came back, curious to find out what they chat. While,Yeon Su’s niece wanted to tell her mother and when Shin Hee’s father reached home, they quickly stopped their conversations.

    Yeon Su went to her room, sitting and considering to hide and not to let Shin Hee’s father to know that his daughter was hospitalized, otherwise, he may become upset .

    Yeon Su finally submitted the agreement form to allow the child to follow did dad. By telling Min Jung Hyun that she’s willing to trust him and Shin Hee to take good care of her son. After saying what’s her expectation, she was quite sad and then she came out from his office.

    Yeon Su sitting at her seat and was praying inside her heart that, oneday, she will definitely, win and get back her son. Followed by a lot of efforts that Yeon Su spent to understudy all different types of materials together with the presence of
    Lee Jae Hwang.

    Shin Hee’s father helped to repair the television, after finishing the repair, Yeon Su’s aunt wanted to chat with him, but, he was moody and restless to continue to chat.

    Yeon Su went to return the dress to Lee Jae Hwang, but, he was not inside his office and Yeon Su helped to answer an incoming call, after finishing the conversations, she discovered a jewelry warranty card and checked with his secretary, he began to speak the truth and Yeon Su was shocked,
    that Lee Jae Hwang helped her and meanwhile Lee Jae Hwang came in with a surprised face.

    Both of them , went to the office roof top balcony and talked about the missing necklace, Lee Jae Hwang patiently figure out problems and mentioned that, if, money can buy back certain things, then there should be of no worry to buy it, but, something maybe worst than that, if, money
    cannot buy back. With a justifiable reason for helping Yeon Su, Yeon Su remained silent and with a grateful heart.

    Meanwhile, their colleague by chance happened to see them talking as, if, they looked like loving couple, surprised to see them together and quickly ran back to office. On the other hand, Lee Jae Hwang told Yeon Su ,one good reason of helping Yeon Su was, he wanted Yeon Su to assist him in his project work, the importance of keeping Yeon Su to work at DH. Without Yeon Su, he will be troubled and worried by lack of a talented designer. Having high expectations on Yeon Su, he hopes that Yeon Su will be successful and even can
    help him to win the project. His trust towards Yeon Su, believing that she did not steal the necklace, Yeon Su was indeed very thankful for helping her and accepted his kindness. Lee Jae Hwang began to joke with her, if she can’t afford to return the money which he spent for the necklace,
    Yeon Su can be given a special option plan, to pay by instalment with no interest charged. After finishing what he wanted to say, he happily walked away.

    The colleagues began to gossip about an unusual relationships that Yeon Su and Lee Jae Hwang were having. Meanwhile, Shin Hee came back to office, they quickly stopped their gossip. Next, Yeon Su was caring towards Shin Hee’s injury, but Shin Hee was unappreciative and bossy towards Yeon Su.

    At night, Yeon Su was thinking about all kind touching words spoken by Lee Jae Hwang and became hopeful in life. The next day, Yeon Su wore the brooch to work and was praised by her niece for a nice formal attire and Yeon Su happily went to work. Before she leaves the house, she met Shin Hee’s
    father and he was extremely surprised to see the brooch.
    Yeon Su then replied him that she found the brooch inside her luggage. Shocked to see the brooch, he suddenly became silent.

    While, Min Jung Hyun and Shin Hee was about to leave the house to go to work, his mother had spoken some encouraging words and Lee Jae Hwang joke to her. In return, she was
    force to speak to encourage him. This is an important day for them as their designs for the project will be assessed by
    the fashion design judge.

    While, Shin Hee was waiting for the lift, she met Yeon Su. She was shocked to see her wearing the brooch. When , Yeon Su was in the office, she removed her scarf which the brooch was tag on it and Yeon Su went to another department. And the rest of the colleagues will go out for outdoor work. And nobody was in the office, except Shin Hee. Shin Hee wanted to steal the brooch, she quickly went to Yeon Su’s
    seat to steal the brooch and who knows Yeon Su came back and caught her stealing…………………….

  116. 116 : val1969 Says:

    thanks for the Re-cap,

    I just luv this drama

  117. 117 : say Says:

    @mml thanks for the recaps again,ep45 was very interesting,loved every minute of it,thanks goodness that this insane writer did not make Yeon Su brother dumb like his sister,he did good by defending his sister in face of evil husband and wife what there did to Yeon Su,and again Yeon Su still can’t stand up for herself when Shin Hee confronted her,even defend her brother is so hard her,what is there simple tell Shin Hee that your brother is right for pouring water her, stole everything from you yet you keep apologizing for what,watch out Shin Hee will do what she has done before again and again because this insane writer makes Yeon Su not to know what is good for her.

    Lee Jae Hwang is a man any woman will pray to have,what a decent person he is not to shy away from telling the truth and defending what he believes in,the way he defend Yeon Su in the party was wonderful I love it, hope this writer keep him and Yeon Su in love together soon.

  118. 118 : mml Says:

    @116 val1969 and 117 say,
    thanks for being supportive and showing interest in this drama.

    @116 val1969,
    in fact, i like this drama more than two women’s room, i have temporary stop watching the drama and i have watched up to episode 66 .

    @117 say,
    i’m glad that you have updated me some informations for episode 45, in fact, i’m slower than you, as,am also
    watching other drama. Well, the person i hate most in this drama is Shin Hee, do you know why ? Shin Hee likes to steal things. In Sincerity Moves Heaven, the wicked Yerin also always likes to steal things and two women’s room, the wicked woman also likes to steal things. Why, in Korea drama, the writer likes to form wicked women as thief ?

    In this drama, the writer made Yeon Su like a stupid dumb dumb lady. I hope this stupid dumb dumb character must quickly change, otherwise, i may feel bored with her character.

  119. 119 : val1969 Says:

    It’s to early for her dumb dumb character to change. I just hope the revenge plot in this drama is better then woman’s room even if there is a revenge plot. once again thanks

  120. 120 : mml Says:

    @119 val1969,
    maybe, this drama can be better than two women’s room.
    So far, this drama from episode 1 to 36 , i did not fall asleep. But, two women’s room this drama , i ever fell asleep in certain
    episodes,due to the wicked woman’s mother, her makeup looks like a clown and also too much repeated scenes for the clown woman.

    You can continue to watch this drama and also read my re-cap, whenever, i have finished updating it. The re-cap may not be that well written like the writer, but, sometimes, it may be fun to read it and share our views at this website and
    exchange ideals and suggestions.

  121. 121 : say Says:

    @mml because you are watching other dramas i don’t want to hasten you by telling you watch ep45,but if you are not too happy with any other drama just try and lighten up your mold by watching ep45,it bring back interest in this drama,at least Yeon Su brother is not dumb like her,again i am too scared for him working for that man if they should find who he is,the wicked Shin Hee will use him to get Yeon Su just as they use him to take the baby away from her.

    @ val1969, I understand what you mean but sometime one put themselves in place of others,than you have the answer you are looking for, this writer have made Yeon Su repeated made same mistake time and time again, which make me to say does this writer ever think that people that are watching this drama not dolls but really human beings,at least when you are not fighting alone you have to give support to the one who is equally helping you out.it has always been Lee Jae Hwang helping Yeon Su,she has not made any effort to fight for herself but constantly continue to give Shin Hee access to get what she want,like this ep45 she was even begging Shin Hee father to stay when all he has been there for his daughter only interest nothing more pretending to be remorseful, how can you be remorseful when you are accessory to a crime frame innocent girl for murder she did not commit,and he continue to feel sorry toward Shin Hee,that means he continue to encourage her to carry out more of her evils.this writer should please wake up Yeon Su because for now she is still sleeping,as a lead you suppose to be strong not weak or pretending to be ok with what is happening to you when you are dying that is not how a lead actress should be,if not Lee Jae Hwang,Shin Hee would have successfully kick Yeon Su out of that company,this writer is doing a bad work the only good job this writer is done,is with Lee Jae Hwang character,he is decent,good, compassionate,and strong,he does not shy away from problems but always try to solve the problems that is how a lead should be, not been a coward like the way Yeon Su is acting.

  122. 122 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 37,
    Although, Yeon Su caught Shin Hee stealing the brooch, but, the fact was, the brooch was dropped on the floor and Shin Hee was too cunning to deny. Due to lack of concrete evidence, to prove that Shin Hee was trying to steal
    and Yeon Su tried to believe her reason and also frightened of Shin Hee, therefore, Yeon Su did not continue to query and put a stop to this problem.

    Lee Jae Hwang appointed Yeon Su to assist the PT design project, given lots of encouragement to support Yeon Su, Yeon Su was motivated to try her best to perform well. Yeon Su was happy to take in more responsibility.

    Min Jung Hyun also informed his wife to do well and succeed for the PT design project. Cunning Shin Hee had promised her husband that she will win the project.

    After their discussion, the two teams of them came out and were on their way to the presentation room and happened to bypass each other, Min Jung Hyun and Lee Jae Hwang starring at each other with a furious and hatred look and the rest of them with a gloomy face.

    During the presentation, both teams were equally well in speech, but, towards a more innovative and creative standards, Yeon Su will be at better rating, as Yeon Su has the ability to capture consumers preference, while, Shin Hee’s
    ideals will be less realistic and less attractive to attract consumers to buy. Lee Jae Hwang was indeed impressed by Yeon Su’s talent with satisfaction in her presentation.

    Meanwhile, Yeon Su’s aunt was upset working as a casual labour worker, doing the housekeeping work and yet receiving unfair treatment by her employer, stressed by her work and began to grumble,nag and complaint her unhappiness to Shin Hee’s father. As she had received little education and therefore, she was forced to do this job, but, her bully boss made her very angry. Shin Hee’s father began console her and even managed to cool her temper down.

    After the presentation, it’s time to assess who can be the winner of the team ? The team that received the highest voting rate, will be the wiiner. At first, Shin Hee won for her speech presentaion, winning for her ability to market a good Korea branding and good Korea clothing materials in making
    DH fashion clothing. A further announcement made by the director, Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle add on to his announcement, for the final confirmed winner of the team will count the votes based on consumers voting. He highlighted an important fact, that designers made clothings not suitable for their own
    preference, it should follow and bring satisfactions according to consumer’s expectations. His assistant continued the speech and informed everyone that DH company had already setup a voting plan for the consumers. The designs
    by the two teams will be re-assessed and voted by consumers. In consideration to this reason, therefore, the final result will be announced at a later timing.

    Next, due to unforseen circumstances, the maid of Min Jung Hyun’s family needed to resign, in view of her family commitment. Min Jung Hyun’s mother had no choice, but, to accept her resignation and welcome her back to work when she has solved her family problem. Stressed by short of
    manpower to do the housekeeping work, she desperately telephone someone who can help to hunt for a replacement maid.

    On the other hand, the total number of voters have been finalised. A combination of group 1 and group 2 voters will total up the total voters from consumers. An annoucement for the winner of the team voted by consumers. Lee Jae Hwang’s team was the winner.

    The director then continued his speech, he praised Shin Hee’s team, winning for marketing well for local branding and clothing materials. But, the final confirmed winner from Lee Jae Hwang’s team will be different in the sense that , it was assessed and voted based on consumers’ interest
    and preference. And also an impressive intention, rewards for the winning team, will donate the rewards’ money to environmental foundation. He even praised Yeon Su for her outstanding design. Yeon Su was even more motivated and
    glad to hear this.

    Followed by another meeting, Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle wanted his nephew’s team to design another few more designs. For beginners, the target for production line will set at a slightly lower volume. All clothings will be at sales department, selling it and seek some response from consumers. His ideals made Lee Jae Hwang also happily agreed to his suggestions.
    And surprisingly, Yeon Su was even more outstanding than expected. Praised his nephew for being smart and far sighted to choose Yeon Su to work at his team. With motivating words to encourage the losing team to work hard and achieve better performance, but, Min Jung Hyun and Shin Hee with agony and envious by Lee Jae Hwang’s success.

    Next, Lee Jae Hwang was at his office praising Yeon Su for doing a good job and Yeon Su happily congratulating the success of teamwork efforts. The production line will start soon for their designs at a lower volume, selling it and to find out, how well is the response from consumers. After the discussion, Yeon Su with his permission granted to go home
    early and happily thank him.

    Meanwhile, Shin Hee started to grumble to her husband about the assessment for the winning team and also instigated about favouritism going on with his stepfather towards his nephew. As, Min Jung Hyun was already in bad mood, therefore, after hearing all these negative feedback, it makes his temper even worst. He angrily chased Shin Hee out from his office so that to prevent and stop her complaining.
    And followed by, he bang and threw his frustrations inside his office.

    Inside the washroom, two colleagues were behind gossiping about Yeon Su and Lee Jae Hwang. And Shin Hee accidentally heard their gossip, and with an evil look starring at them. With sarcasm scolded them, they quickly ran back to work.

    Shin Hee went to look for the bad guy to hire him to do bad things again. When she came out from his company, Yeon Su’s brother accidentally met her bypass him. Very angry to see Shin Hee, suddenly he became bad temper towards his colleague.

    Min Jung Hyun’s mother was busy with the housekeeping work, stressed by all these tedious work, she became impatient to wait for the new maid. She tried calling the maid agency’ staff to quickly outsource a replacement maid for her. And after that, her grandson was hungry, she brought him to the
    kitchen to get food for him. Surpised by the kitchen without cook food, the child then requested his grandmother to cook pork chop for him. His grandmother couldn’t find any frozen pork inside the refrigerator, therefore, the child changed his appetite and wanted to eat rice cake instead. The worst
    thing was, no more uncook rice cake in the refrigerator.

    Family members of Yeon Su were glad that Yeon Su together with the team won PT design project except, her brother. Her niece was so excited and joyful upon receiving this news. Shin Hee’s father also congratulated her and Yeon Su was polite enough to thank him. While, her niece was curious that
    her mother idle at home, Yeon Su’s brother began to comment, being a homemaker will only make his aunt to become more grumpy and always nag. And Yeon Su also wished that her aunt can spend time to find a shop to
    settle down with a small business with more freedom and happiness.

    Her aunt chat with her about the agreement form to allow the child to change his surname and started their gossip about Shin Hee. Yeon Su’s brother became more observant and understood better, after hearing the gossip .

    The next day at work, Yeon Su was busy assisting to fax documents. And suddenly, her colleague came back and reported the news, that Yeon Su’s design was copyright by someone and selling those clothings at Dongdamong. Yeon Su was shocked to hear this news.

    Yeon Su’s aunt felt boring staying at home and who knows an incoming call, informed her to start work.

    On the other hand, Lee Jae Hwang became furious upon hearing someone copyright their design. Suspected areas, resulted him to appoint his secretary to help him to investigate. Followed by an urgent meeting, Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle was quick temper and scolded his nephew for this
    ridiculous thing happened in his company. It doesn’t make sense to accept apologize words,as this design won the highest voting votes from consumers and had already been approved for production line. He even suspected Yeon Su
    was the culprit to copyright the design from Dongdamong. Yeon Su came in with a heavy heart to explain this serious thing can happen at DH. Yeon Su was frightened and nervous. But, she doesn’t know that Shin Hee set traps for her . Cunning Shin Hee made some suggestions to the director on how to prevent further occurance for copyright problem, disguise herself and made them to believe her sincerity of helping to find the culprit. Lee Jae Hwang was very angry to hear her suggestions and suspected that she plot this
    to happen.

    Colleagues gossip about the integrity of Yeon Su and therefore, Shin Hee pretended and shown her shallow concern , and even trying to challenge Yeon Su’s ability to catch the culprit. Pitiful Yeon Su suffered in silent and
    comply to her suggestions.

    Shin Hee went to Min Jung Hyun’s office to tease him, mock at Yeon Su’s misfortunate things that happened to her. And comparing herself with Yeon Su, the weight of trust will it be the same or fairly treated if this happened to be her problem ? A great pretender, pretending to care and trust Yeon Su, but, inside her heart was very evil.

    Yeon Su’s aunt came to Min Jung Hyun’s house to work as temporary casual labour. Although, Min Jung Hyun’s mother was reluctant to open the door, but, she had no choice. In order to earn a living, Yeon Su’s aunt was also forced to be thick skin to insist to work at her house and tolerated
    a small dispute and continued her work. She went to look for the child, the child welcome her and loved her very much.

    His secretary quickly informed Lee Jae Hwang that he had managed to source the culprit. After hearing this, he began to review the suspected reasons that this happened and quite stressed to get some solutions to resolve the matter.

    As, Yeon Su was nervous and panic, her mind was totally blank in the office, troubled by how to find the culprit ,whereby, it seems that no one can help to solve her problem.

    Yeon Su’s aunt happily reached home and chat with her daughter about her new meaningful job. Meanwhile, Yeon Su came home with a restless look and looked very depressed. Pondering inside her room and trying to solve her problem.

    The next day at work, Yeon Su was confronted by the director. The false evidence plot by cunning Shin Hee. Shin Hee used Yeon Su’s phone to take picture of the design and sent it to a retailer located at Dongdamong to reproduce her copyright design and sell it. Furious by the integrity of
    Yeon Su, a severe punishment to her was, she was demanded to leave the company. Shin Hee had underestimated the mentality of Lee Jae Hwang, Lee Jae Hwang has strong law background and he secretly continued his investigations. Surfacely, Yeon Su was terminated by DH, but, if evidence
    can prove her innocence, there may be a possibilty for her to re-instate her position and come back to work.

    Followed by the secretary’s greatest efforts to find the retailer of Dongdamong. He came to see Lee Jae Hwang and explained to him, that he was ignorant to commit an offence to copyright designer’s design. As, someone mislead him and telephone him to follow according to the picture sent through iphone to manufacture the design clothing. He doesn’t know who’s the person, who had given him some money to sponsor
    his copyright design. And Lee Jae Hwang with his professionalism tactic, instructed him to provide the contact number of the caller. Later on, he came out and informed Yeon Su about this on-going investigation and requested Yeon Su to telephone this suspected person, and what happened was, when Yeon Su managed to call this given number, surprisingly, the person who received the call from Yeon Su was her brother ………………

  123. 123 : Sarah Says:

    Thanks @mml . I stopped viewing at the 38, I’ll wait for your recap, then I will continue with you.

  124. 124 : mml Says:

    @121 say,
    i have listened, accepted and followed your advise to find out what’s happening with ep45. You are precsiely correct, the writer, made Yeon Su sleeping with her timid,sentimental, weak character. The day that Shin Hee will be remorseful, will be the day that she’s sentence to jail. With her remorseless character, she will never regret, all cruelty that she has done to hurt Yeon Su.

    Something, that the writer has done right, making Yeon Su’s brother, although, a rebellious character, but,at least , he got the wisdom to recognise Shin Hee’s evil. Moving on to this drama, Lee Jae Hwang did not relinquish his duties to protect his staffs in a reasonable upright manner. As the chinese saying, to bit a dog, also must see who’s the owner of the dog ? In the party at ep45, the lady, that accused Yeon Su as a thief, his anger and frustrations, not just because of Yeon Su received mockery for having a criminal record. Being abused and humiliated by the lady had already caused great embarrassment in the party. Yeon Su had been specially invited to the party, to be his partner and she’s also the employee of DH. The reputation of DH may be affected, if, he did not bang his anger to punish the lady. Lee Jae Hwang, requested the lady to apologize to Yeon Su, but, the lady did not comply, therefore, it’s right for him to show his true colours of his anger to the lady.

    Now, i will come back to Shin Hee’s topic. She likes to bully Yeon Su, while, at home, she also likes to challenge Lee Jae Hwang, she will get into great trouble, once, Lee Jae Hwang source out the real culprit. Although, Lee Jae Hwang, a quiet and soft spoken person, but, if, anyone bullies him or goes beyond the line, he will become a lion king. Sooner or later, his uncle will be influenced by his nephew, only when, Lee Jae Hwang can prove to him that Shin Hee’s evil plot. As, Lee Jae Hwang, a resourceful person, resourcefully can tackle all problems and who knows, he may discover Min Jung Hyun’s bribery case ?? I hope, it won’t be too long, before, i fall asleep with this drama .

    @123 Sarah,
    my re-cap is not that good than the writer and thank you very much that you enjoy reading it. Honestly speaking, sometimes, it’s not that easy to finish a re-cap, especially from Korean language and put to English writing. I’m not a Korean, i’m a chinese. Korean speaking, Chinese speaking and English speaking all are very different when we want to construct into English sentence.

    I will continue to re-cap episode 38, when am ready and am happy that you appreciate my re-cap in regardless of good or not so good in writing.

  125. 125 : val1969 Says:


    I enjoyed your timely respond, I also watch the weekend dramas love golden rainbow. first born etc. Your re-caps are just fine, thanks for updating eps. 36/37 I understand re-caps are time consuming; There’s no need to rush. currently watching ep 45

    thanks so much

    have a great weekend

  126. 126 : say Says:

    @mml thank you for the feedback I really appreciate your kind effort in recapping this drama. a lot of people are paying interest on this drama at time goes by i hope it will become more interesting,thanks again.

  127. 127 : say Says:

    if this insane writer is going to drag this child into the relationship of Yeon Su I think I better stop watching now before my feelings get hurt more than ever before,this is just a patten of insane Korean writers, they intend to create unnecessary relationship by giving a child to the person who doesn’t deserve it,i know this child will course a problem where by Yeon Su will till be thinking back of a man who is selfish and self centered,the most annoying thing is Yeon Su, she does not want to move on,the slap Shin Hee gave her in the office even though i don’t like Shin Hee,Yeon Su deserve it,what if Lee Jae Hwang had walked in the room and see her lying dawn on that bed with the ex lying beside her?that will a big blow to Lee Jae Hwang who has been relentlessly trying to rescue her from herself,why did Yeon Su not simple ask the stupid ex for her to take the child home with her for a day or call Lee Jae Hwang to come with her in the house,for goodness sake this is other BS writing.I will come back when is 100 episode if this week nothing good happen.

  128. 128 : mml Says:

    @127 say,
    if,you are angry with the writer, i suggest you better stop watching this drama, rather than wait until is 100 episode then you will come back.

    I have stop watching Ruby Ring at epsiode 37 and princess aurora, i have decided to stop watching the drama and the stupid thing i made was, i watched up to episode 82, then i gave up in watching. It’s better to give up in watching, rather than wasted all your precious time into it, then you start to regret.

    Something that catch me into this drama, maybe, the person is Lee Jae Hwang, he’s the lawyer, maybe, he can influence or change Yeon Su. Currently, at the moment, i will still watch this drama and subject to changes, depending on how the writer’s arrangements, on how well can he or she attract viewers’ interest ????

  129. 129 : mml Says:

    Recap Episode 38,
    Yeon Su’s brother quickly hang up the phone and thus Yeon Su did not manage to get through the line. While, Lee Jae Hwang was even more determined to catch the culprit.
    The bad guy came back and found out that DH staffs were investigating him, furious by this, he went to disconnect the phone line.

    At home, Shin Hee gossip about Yeon Su and who knows her mother in law was angry with her son, showing favouritism towards Yeon Su. With mockery on Yeon Su’s upbringing and disliked her,making Min Jung Hyun kept in silence and star blankly.

    Lee Jae Hwang’s uncle confronted his nephew on the outcome of getting evidence. Although, he’s trying to help and defend for Yeon Su, but, nevertheless, his arrogant uncle was too angry to listen to his explaination. His uncle instructed Min Jung Hyun to use the design that he made for PT design project to arrange production for the clothing. Followed by the next meeting conducted Min Jung Hyun to inform his staffs,
    a reason for a change of design to be sent for production line. His design will supercede Lee Jae Hwang’s team. With sarcasm from Shin Hee, Yeon Su needs to tolerate her, as this was her tactic , to force her to leave DH .

    After his meeting, Min Jung Hyun was moody in his office. His wife went to harass and made him angry again and he was controlling his temper as he needed his wife to assist his work.

    Three men from Commercial Affairs Department ,with confrontation of the integrity of Yeon Su, understanding her family background and financial status and in view of
    her financial difficulty, the possibility of being greedy to copyright her design from Dongdamong retailer, seems to be higher, therefore a sign of her dishonesty will be the most suspected person. While, Yeon Su argued and defend for herself that she did not commit any crime of dishonesty and neither did she receive any money from someone to do this dishonest act. Hence, the three men dictated what Yeon Su said. And wrote a report to submit for further investigations.

    Yeon Su went back to work with a very restless look ,after, a long drastic query by the three men . With sarcasm, Shin Hee continued to mock at her, laughing at her design to be superceded by Shin Hee’s team. And instructions from the director, that Yeon Su will also be changed to another team or department, as at when if required. Her colleagues also with mockery after hearing ,sarcasm from Shin Hee. While, Yeon Su
    was overwhelmed by sorrow and became speechless.

    His secretary was discussing with Lee Jae Hwang about the outcome of their investigations. And after a while, Yeon Su came in and Lee Jae Hwang with a staidness look and even told her that the suspected culprit disconnected his phone line. And Yeon Su informed them that her resign was also rejected by management. A little lost in her sense of directions. Feeling regret for the inconvenience caused, she sincerely apologized to him. Angry due to, Yeon Su’s sentimental character, he even scolded her with kind advise. After the scolding, she looked very blur and left his office to continue her routine work. And Lee Jae Hwang was also stressed by Yeon Su weak character.

    Yeon Su continued her outdoor work and at the same time, she’s trying to investigate the culprit who framed her into trouble. Worried that she can’t find evidence, she became extremely upset and disappointed.

    The bad guy was worried that Yeon Su’s brother will be discovered by DH staffs that he was the one who framed Yeon Su into trouble. Being prudent, he even checked and
    confirmed with Yeon Su’s brother so that everything will be fine.

    An interesting thing came in, when Yeon Su’s aunt working for Min Jung Hyun’s mother. Disliked her and even chased the maid agency’s staff to quickly get a maid for her. Yeon Su’s aunt was smart enough to inform and team up with the child to chase away the maid so that she can continue to work . The child reacted weird when he saw the new maid. The child co-operated well with Yeon Su’s aunt ,so that, they can have more chances and freedom to meet each other. While, Min Jung Hyun’s mother facing with difficulty to find a maid, therefore, for the time being, she will need to allow Yeon Su’s
    aunt to continue to work for her. Not satisfied with her cooking, but, must tolerate her until the new maid comes in.

    Min Jung Hyun saw Yeon Su doing those tedious hactic work, instead of giving her moral support, he went the opposite way, tease her, scolded her stubborn stupidity, and even threaten her to resign. Yeon Su also ignore his words and quickly walked away.

    Yeon Su reported to Lee Jae Hwang about the investigations, she went to Dongdamong to find the suspected person, but it was useless and wasted her time going there. Yeon Su was not sure of the appearance of the suspected person and Lee Jae Hwang even replied her, with the help of the police, still unable to find the suspected person. But, nevertheless, Yeon Su was determined to find the suspected person, if,only ample
    time given. And her work schedule for the project,may be affected as she needed time to carry out the investigations. With a brainless ideal and lack of sense of responsibility.
    Her suggestions and opinions couldn’t align with Lee Jae Hwang and consequently, he became frustrated and angry. But, Yeon Su insisted that she’s a responsible person
    and therefore, she will leave the company, if, nothing can be found to prove her innocence. After their conversations, with apology,Yeon Su then walked out from his office with

    Yeon Su’s aunt bypass the guard house and met Shin Hee’s father. With frustrations, she lodge a complaint and grumble to him that her ex-employer deducted her one month
    salary. Understanding that her upset, he began to switch topic and chat about her new employer. With satisfaction to her current job, although the job was tedious, at least,
    it’s fun working with her job. In order to earn a living, she’s not given a choice to choose the job that she likes. They continued chatting, but, Shin Hee’s father with a lousy joke,
    that made her angry with his joke, she quickly ran away.

    Shin Hee gossip with her mother in law and at the same time, she realised a temporary replacement maid came into their family. Talking about the temporary maid, her mother
    in law,suddenly became bad mood and became irritated to continue to chat.

    On the other hand, Yeon Su’s niece chat with her mother, curious about the new lifestyle of the child. Who knows Shin Hee’s father came home and accidentally heard their conversations and even discovered that the child he met was Yeon Su’s son.

    To clarify his doubt, he went back to his room and quickly telephone his daughter. The meeting place was outside DH building. Min Jung Hyun was curious to see him and
    cunning Shin Hee lied to her husband when they both met.

    Shin Hee and her father went to a café and discussed about their problem. Discovered her secret and realised that Yeon Su had a son and was distracted by her father, to keep on
    asking about Yeon Su’s son. Angered by his curosity, Shin Hee scolded her father and then left hurriedly.

    Back to office, Shin Hee instructed Yeon Su to go to Dongdamong to buy clothing materials and accessories and after that she can go home. Starring at the way how
    Shin Hee treated Yeon Su, her colleagues mock at her with sarcasm about office security. Overwhelmed by sorrow, she quickly went out for outdoor work.

    While, Yeon Su was dreaming, standing outside, starring at the building, Lee Jae Hwang met him and approached her. Politely, she told him that she will be going for outdoor
    work. Lee Jae Hwang was spontaneous and offer of help and wanted to accompany her to the place. Sometimes, Lee Jae Hwang will go to Dongdamdong, when he is too stressed up by life, or it can be a place for him to de-stress, he then happily answered Yeon Su.

    Inside the shop, both of them were engrossed by all different types of clothing materials, and wonderful lovely nice buttons. After choosing what Yeon Su needed to buy, she even bargain and asked for discount. Impressed by her thrifty habit, Lee Jae Hwang even volunteer to help her to carry heavy items.

    They went to a place to chat, Lee Jae Hwang even joke to her that he’s helping her for almost a day for all delivery works and therefore, a charge of a day’s salary will add on,
    to the money, which she owed him for buying the necklace. While, chatting with Yeon Su, he will talk about some useful guidelines, to take note about office politics,that one should be wised enough to tackle all these problems when encountered. It’s very unhealthy for anyone who fears and hide their emotions and it’s very normal for anyone to show their temper, instead of hiding their feelings inside their heart.
    Happily chatting with Yeon Su, he started to feel hungry, but Yeon Su had no appetite. With his ability to convince, Yeon Su finally agreed to follow him for dinner.

    While, Shin Hee’s father was working, he was also busy thinking about the child. Thinking about Yeon Su’s son, who’s the dad of this child ? And after his work, he secretly went to Yeon Su’s room and even looked at the child’s drawings. Meanwhile, Yeon Su was already on her way home. But, Shin Hee’s father was still inside her room, trying to find out the secret and who knows he saw the photograph of the child. Starring at the photo , he suddenly recalled the child he met together with his daughter. With amazement to find out the truth, he rushed to look for his daughter. And Yeon Su came
    home and surprised to see the photo frame fell on the floor.

    When Shin Hee was having her dinner, suddenly she received a call from her father. Frightened by the call, she quickly disconnected her phone line. Her father couldn’t speak to her daughter, as the phone was not contactable.

    Her father was impatient and angry and went to visit her daughter. Someone pressed their door bell, Shin Hee suspected that her father will come to visit her and cunningly
    volunteer to open the door, the smart child quickly followed her and who knows looking at the screen, the child can recognise him and surprisingly Min Jung Hyun’s mother
    was behind both of them ………………..

  130. 130 : say Says:

    @mml thanks for the recaps,I understand what you mean,but my reasons wishing to come later is because of Lee Jae Hwang,he is the one that got my attention and interest in this drama also, want to see him happy,I pity him,already in love and yet has not realize it,i just hope he wouldn’t be hurt,because of the foolish Yeon Su,if by now she doesn’t know who cares for her and want to bring her out of shame that she lives in everywhere she goes, that will be my biggest regret for watching this drama.where i pity her most was when she tearfully begged Min Jung Hyun not to take that child away from her, Min Jung Hyun did not pity her but still take the child away from her.even though one forgives can you ever forget?who held out his hands when you are in distress and abandon?

    I wander what this writer thinks about love,and how does he or she defines love,and appreciation obviously if the writer is telling a story of a man who chooses money and revenge over love,till let same person gain back the love he abandon so what is the story again the whole thing is pointless and useless,this is what happen in ”YELLOW BOOT” where the man marries the lead step sister in the name to save his father company and abandon love in jail at the end same insane writer justifies his or her pointless writing by giving all the credit the man who abandon love using the child,he also gain back love for doing nothing for love.at the rate this drama is going,it is going to be one hell of disappointment again.

    @mml I love to read your recaps,if by 50ep,no progress i will continue to come once in a while to read your recaps,you are doing a nice job keep it up i will also give my thoughts.Thank again

  131. 131 : Joomla Says:

    Hoho I like it…I had watched on Boomi TV Streaming http://www.boomitv.net/2013/11/mbc-hd-korea-streaming.html

  132. 132 : val1969 Says:

    Thanks for the re=cap of ep 38

  133. 133 : val1969 Says:

    I like to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year

  134. 134 : [email protected] Says:

    I don’t understand some of the writers because as I have said before, they put the characters too out there. Normal people wouldn’t act like the writers have these people acting, Yeon Su is just ding dong, she is a good designer so why not get a job someplace else.Min Jung still want Yeon or atleast he doesn’t want Lee Jae to date her. Maybe the writers are getting 2 or 3 dramas mixed up because they can’t seem to keep the thoughts straight.I am finished for a while, I am on 50 and I will revisit about 75.

  135. 135 : truth Says:

    this writer need to go back to school again,he or she is just out of touch with reality,the writer is just too dummy that he or she make Yeon Su dummy too,please dear MBC cancel this drama for the sake of the viewers,my advise to MBC please whenever you are hiring a writer check very well if he or she really went to school,because this writer is brainless,has nothing to offer to the viewers but bunch of nonsense and idiotic characters.

  136. 136 : mml Says:

    @135 truth,
    i agree with your opinion, i have watched up to episode 38 and temporary stop watching this drama as i am sick of Shin Hee’s character and tired to see Shin Hee’s father a great pretender and still got the cheek to be thick skin to stay with Yeon Su’s family.

    I have switched my attention in watching other drama.

  137. 137 : say Says:

    why in this world a woman will see a man who loved her unconditionally and refuses to follow her true love, keep her eyes on a man who forsake her and help to take everything that she loved away from her.people are complain about this writer inability to create true meaning of love,Min Jung abandon this woman and marry other to please her evil mother and he than thought that he has the right to tell a woman he abandon who she shouldn’t be with,and Yeon Su stay back and allow this to happen and did not slap Min Jung,to shut up his dirty mouth,A true woman will be first to propose to Lee Jae Hwang and go ahead and marry him.I can’t believe that a woman is the writer this drama.

  138. 138 : rose am Says:

    thanks mml for the recaps!

  139. 139 : agasshiseben Says:

    does this drama comes with eng subs? can’t seems to find it anywhere ;(

  140. 140 : HEN Says:

    To the writer of this drama: Please stop making your heroine so STUPID!
    Why does she constantly speak of her plans and findings in front of the one person she suspects of being her enemy–and having stole from her before. Also, in a competition, she leaves what should b top secret…but she leaves her samples out for “anyone” to see and of course “steal”. THEN she is completely DUMB-founded when things come up missing. Your villain has it too easy. [The records from five years ago were not even in a drawer or box–they were out in the open.] The villain should have to work to find out what the Heroine is up to, but your Heroine is stupid enough to talk about her evidence and leave her work where the villain just “pick it up”.

  141. 141 : fantaflorida Says:

    @mml Firstly thank you so much for the recaps of this drama…I am very very happy !!!!! …and grateful to see that …nice people like you… take their time to do recaps of this drama…..

    otherwise I would like to know if you know a site …where to find srt Chinese or any language (with google translation so I could understand)

    as I watched the first 14 episodes …. and I miss a lot of significant information (relationship between cousins, the relationship between sister and brother …. ect …) to understand this drama

  142. 142 : mauricia Says:

    To HEN # 140

    Thank you for saying that, I was thinking the same thing….the heroines are ALWAYS like that, even in other dramas.

    Also, (Lee Jae Hwang) the, cousin is in another drama called ” You Are My Favorite” (or I Love You as listed above) has the EXACT same role as this one. Champion to the underdog with a child and at odds with the family because of it. Feelings have already been confessed to and it’s just a matter of time til they get together.

    I think the writers for both dramas is the same person and they figured no one would notice that the scripts are almost identical. If I miss an episode of one I can watch the other one and not miss a thing.

  143. 143 : truth Says:

    why i hate some lead actress the way the some writer portray them, they give in easy to the person who doesn’t love them and give a very hard time to the person love them,you can’t imagine if such Cinderella really exist in this earth we live in.Yeon Su almost make me throw up on my computer screen,when she asked Lee Jae Hwang to marry that obsess girl that is following Lee Jae Hwang everywhere he goes,Yeon SU is such ungrateful idiot who forget that if not Lee Jae Hwang she will be nowhere or any form able to take revenge on SH,Yeon Su actually disgust me more than SH.This writer has made this drama more than ridiculous.

  144. 144 : [email protected] Says:

    I am back and the drama hasn’t gotten any better. Yeon Su knows who was hired to steal and manipulate things but the police still aren’t called and when they are a cop on the take comes across and gets the evidence. I don’t think this writer has ever been in the real world. the actors and actresses are all good but the way they are portrayed in this drama, I don’t know if I will watch another one soon. I don’t care how poor a woman is she will fight for her child because that child is truly the only possession she can call her own. LJH is a lawyer but I think somewhere in the story line the writer forgot that. It could have made a more exciting drama.

  145. 145 : reindeer song Says:

    Rushie, when no police is involve you know how the story will end, everyone is forgiven they kiss and make up and each find their life partner. That is not reality, those writer want to cram these lousy endings at you because of their sponsors and the older folks who watches these dramas.

  146. 146 : say Says:

    even though someone is an angle will him or her forgive SH,on top of all the evil things she has done,she even go about telling people that YS kill her own mother,making sure that YS will not have a job or home to live in,that is an evil that you can’t imagine forgiving someone who want you out of the face of earth.As for JH I hope he rot in hell with his mother.

  147. 147 : jay Says:

    This is like the Princess Aurora where the story did not make sense. The writer extended the episodes in order to make more money. And what made more insane is the network that sponsored or is sponsoring these type of show allowed it. I hope the network executives should be more prudent when airing shows. They make their viewers look stupid for showing these shows. In these type of show you are better off watching the first and the last episodes. In between episodes do not matter. It is best to watch shows that consist of 16 or 20 episodes. Will never watch any shows written by this screenwriter Hong Seung Hee

  148. 148 : reindeer song Says:

    Jay I agree with you, The writing SUCKS! In American theatre/Dramas the actors can make rewirties or suggestion if they veers off coast, say what is incorrect or this is contradictory, seemingly Korean artist can give critique on there dramas. Seeing, Korean are quite spineless and has a problem with critique and oonstructive criticizen. The shouls read SOOMPI and listen.

  149. 149 : reindeer song Says:

    Jay I agree with you, The writing SUCKS! In American theatre/Dramas the actors can make rewrite or make suggestion if they veers off coast. If something does not work give an opinion that it does not work, or it’s contradictory, seemingly Korean artist cannot give critique on there dramas. Korean are quite spineless and has a problem with critique and oonstructive criticizen. The shouls read SOOMPI and listen

  150. 150 : M Says:

    130 episodes….way to long and dragged out.

  151. 151 : reindeer song Says:

    Continuing on the police issue, some writer do not want to take the time to investigate the police angle, so they write no police scene too much technical terms, if it’s not a police story they stick with the forgiveness trail annoying the intelligent viewers. It sends a bad messadge but agin this is KDRAMA WORLD, we must not muddy it up with police, does not exist in our world. It’s all forgiveness and let live happily ever after, after all the insults, slapping, waterboarding, hair pulling, we must eat it all and have a clear conscience, with no regrets, no remorse, Okay done venting..anyone have anything to add?

  152. 152 : reindeer song Says:

    ******Continuing on the police issue, some writer do not want to take the time to investigate the police angle, so they write no police scene too much technical terms, if it’s not a police story they stick with the forgiveness trail annoying the intelligent viewers. It sends a bad messadge but agin this is KDRAMA WORLD, we must not muddy it up with police, does not exist in our world. It’s all forgiveness and let live happily ever after, after all the insults, slapping, waterboarding, hair pulling, we must eat it all and have a clear conscience, with no regrets, no remorse, Okay done venting..anyone have anything to add?

  153. 153 : reindeer song Says:

    Hey people no feed back?????!!!

  154. 154 : Jewles Says:

    If you believe this drama, the Korean policemen are the stupidest people in the world – including its judicial system.

    Please finish the show! No more episodes! It goes around, around, around, around…… I am so dizzy….

  155. 155 : reindeer song Says:

    Jewless so agree with you, this drama need to be put out of it mysery. The one character drama is now laughable. Same words different intervals, I won’t sry anymore, I will never forgive her, I will take back what mine, and on and on. It’s like “Catch Me If You Can” oh not! Wait it’s coming ahhh missed again. Oh Shi Hee antic are getting sooo tired, its no longer fun just bleeding sores.

  156. 156 : Cley Says:

    Would be nice if people in America could watch this drama with English subtitles

  157. 157 : pauline fantroy Says:

    you can if you have time warner cable. we have it in new York city.if you search the various channel, sbs,kbn,kbs, you can find which cable company carry them.

  158. 158 : M Says:

    DIRECT TV has a “Korean Package” that includes KBS. MBC, MBCE, SBS, & SBS Plus with English subtitles for all the dramas. All in all there are about 15 channels that come in this package…TvN, Arrirang, religion, education, 24 hour news, & radio ..etc, just to name a few.. Some of the other programming is a mix of English and Korean.

    Of course there is an additional charge for this programming, $29 per month in my area. Its worth it! (to me).

  159. 159 : HEN Says:

    M, I have ATT U Verse and it was just announced that ATT bought Direc TV.
    Maybe we will get that K Package in our area, too. I think it’s worth it, too.

    Oh Shin nee is another candidate for a facility for the criminally insane.
    Not only has she admitted her goal was to steal someone else’s life, and fight to live in a house with a family that does not want her.

    The police are portrayed as complete idiots. How could they not pick up her father for giving false testimony, at the same time they arrested her? Why can’t they find her partner in crime, everyone else can?

    Don’t they have reruns of Law and Order in Korea?

  160. 160 : T.M Says:

    i really wants to watch this drama but i can’t coz don’t have the subtitle .. hurmm so sad

  161. 161 : Kai Says:

    Anyone know where to watch this series online with English subs?
    I’ve checked pretty much every kdrama site there is and this is nowhere to be found. Please HELP

  162. 162 : boc nem Says:

    I watched the first episode of the film was shown, and it is attractive, circumstances or, very poor young girl but then everything will be good to her.

  163. 163 : Shami Says:

    Thanks all of you….. But what I want to know is that did Lawyer Lee marry Yansun

  164. 164 : Maggie Nancy Says:

    How can I watch this drama online with eng sub

  165. 165 : Chew Says:

    The writer isn’t developing the story to a higher level to make Yeon Soo stronger, smarter and wiser so that she can counter the evil plans and schemes of Shin Hee who should be broken down at every episode. This drama is probably rated between C and B.

  166. 166 : Bob Lim SC Says:

    Bob says : This is 2020 will anyone be interested the summary from the last written episode above . I am watching on paid channel with eng sub now episode 72

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