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Take Care of Us, Captain

Title: 부탁해요 캡틴 / Take Care of Us, Captain
Chinese Title: 拜托了,机长
Previously Known as: Fly Again / Please Captain
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-04 to 2012-March-08
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


The drama began filming with location shoots in Australia and unfolds around the character growth, careers, and romances of those working at an airport.

Kim Yoon Sung is the talented pilot of a passenger airline who gets saddled with a new co-pilot , Han Da Jin in her attempts to become a pilot.

The pair gets caught in a love triangle with Kang Dong Soo who is an air traffic controller at Incheon International Airport with seven years of experience under his belt. He’s prickly and cool, but possesses a cute, playful side that sometimes crops up.


Main Cast

Koo Hye Sun as Han Da Jin
Ji Jin Hee as Kim Yoon Sung
Kim Jin Sung as Kim Yoon Sung (child)
Yang Ohn Yoo as as Kim Yoon Sung (young)
Lee Chun Hee as Kang Dong Soo
Yoo Sun as Choi Ji Won
Lee Sung Min as Hong Mi Joo
Kim Ji Young as Mi Joo (child)

Supporting Cast

Lim Seong Eon as Jang Min Ah
Joo Sung Min as Heo Jae Soo
Park Jae Rang (박재랑) as Jo Wan Joon
Ha Joo Hee as Lee Joo Ri
Kang Nam Gil as Choi Dal Ho
Kim Jin Geun as flight director
Sean Richard as James
Kim Chang Wan as Han Gyu Pil
Lee Hwi Hyang as Yang Mi Hye
Lee Saet Byul (이샛별) as Cha Geum Hee
Kal So Won as Han Da Yeon
Lee Ah Hyun as Yang Mal Ja
Jo Hyung Ki as Kang Pal Bong
Choi Il Hwa as Hong In Tae
Suh In Suk as Hong Myung Jin
Lee Tae Woo as Bo Ram
Baek Chang Min as Jin Soo
Jung Gyu Woon (cameo)
Son Hyun Joo (cameo)
Yoo Young (cameo)
Jang Yoon Seo
Choi Yoo Hwa as Jung Sa Rang

Production Credits

Director: Joo Dong Min
Screenwriter: Jung Na Myung

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2012-01-04 1 10.0 (16th) 10.9 (13th)
2012-01-05 2 10.1 (17th) 11.2 (13th)
2012-01-11 3 10.7 (12th) 12.1 (10th)
2012-01-12 4 10.6 (17th) 11.8 (13th)
2012-01-18 5 9.9 (13th) 11.4 (10th)
2012-01-19 6 10.3 (18th) 10.8 (17th)
2012-01-25 7 8.2 9.5 (13th)
2012-01-26 8 9.1 (19th) 9.9 (11th)
2012-02-01 9 7.1 8.2 (19th)
2012-02-02 10 7.7 9.9 (17th)
2012-02-08 11 8.8 10.0 (19th)
2012-02-09 12 7.6 9.1 (20th)
2012-02-15 13 7.5 9.9 (17th)
2012-02-16 14 8.4 9.4 (19th)
2012-02-22 15 5.9 7.5
2012-02-23 16 6.3 7.7
2012-02-29 cancel see note see note
2012-03-01 17 6.2 6.3
2012-03-07 18 8.6 (19th) 10.5 (12th)
2012-03-08 19 12.1 (10th) 13.9 (6th)
2012-03-08 20 9.8 11.8 (10th)

Source: TNmS Media Korea


Lee Ha Nui was originally cast as Hong Mi Joo, but dropped out of the show and replace by Lee Sung Min.

– This drama canceled its broadcast on 29/Feb/2012 due to the Live Broadcasting of FIFA World Cup Qualification of Asia Region. Therefore, there will be 2 Episodes Broadcast Consecutively either on 7 or 8/Mar/2012.


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  1. 1 : min gha Says:

    can’t wait to watch .. Please Captain hwaiting^^

  2. 2 : 1min Says:

    definitely gonna watch this… all the best PC!!! Wish U the best drama 2012!!!

  3. 3 : BANGBEN Says:


  4. 4 : GHSforever Says:

    Really cannot wait for this awesome drama.
    I think The Musical will be finished at that time and then we get another GHS drama<3
    This is just awesome:*

  5. 5 : Rena Says:

    can’t wait to watch..seems gonna be a good one,
    another Jin Ji Hee drama (^_^)

  6. 6 : surya Says:

    Liat trailernya aja keren, gimana dramanya ya? Pasti bakalan seru nih .. Sepertinya ini drama bakalan booming seperti BOF, bahkan mungkin lebih. Hwaiting PCAP^^

  7. 7 : dinaz Says:

    yipeeeeeeee!!finally this page is created..ah!just can’t wait 4 it to air..hye sun all the best….fly high dear!!

  8. 8 : titik Says:

    love GHS and JJH. Can’t wait for PCAP drama.

  9. 9 : jazz_10 Says:

    Jan 2012 is fast approaching and I’m so excited coz finally we will be able to watch the anticipating drama for the year 2012. Take Care of Us, Captain… FIGHTING !!!! 😀

  10. 10 : myonenonly Says:

    Yay! PCAP will soar high next year. GHS’s fans have been busy these past months & will continue til next year. Funfunfunfun…Can’t wait for this drama to air. Good casting.

  11. 11 : Surie_Riri Says:

    Can’t wait for PCAP,,,

  12. 12 : foreverghs Says:

    PCAP cant wait for this drama 🙂

  13. 13 : dar_dar Says:

    King Sukjong & Geum Jan Di ! ehehe. i’ll definitely watch this drama. ♥♥

  14. 14 : Tya Cutez Ynz Says:

    Goo Hye Sun Sarranghae
    Can’t wait Take Care Of Us Captain


  15. 15 : RaneeAgashi Says:

    HWAAAA…!!! The poster is out…!!! I’m very Histeric see another GHS film is gonna be aired. Fightiiiing…!!!!!

  16. 16 : minsun Says:

    Hwoooww .. I think this drama is great . Can’t wait .. Fighting PCAP

  17. 17 : jj Says:

    Definotely watching this anticipated and amazing drama! Fighting! =)

  18. 18 : susan shipe Says:

    i do like watch movie

  19. 19 : dymaldini Says:

    Can’t wait … I Love Ji Jin Hee ….

  20. 20 : suppledexplorer Says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to watch my ultimate crush Ji Jin Hee:)

  21. 21 : ShushKebab Says:

    This reminds of me of an old Hong Kong drama, Triumph in the Sky.

  22. 22 : dinaz Says:

    hoping n praying 4 the success of this drama..

  23. 23 : Ari Says:

    PCAP……. Hwaiting !

  24. 24 : DBEST Says:


  25. 25 : hershey Says:

    I love JI JIN HEE!!! he’s my favorite actor.I’m definitely going to watch take care of us CAPTAIN….

  26. 26 : yoojin Says:

    waiting for this drama to fly! fighting!! ^_^

  27. 27 : اسماعیل Says:

    عالی بود

  28. 28 : hulkthunder Says:

    I cant wait to c this series…….plssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  29. 29 : tori Says:

    i am looking forward to this drama too .but to be honest koo hye sun drive me nuts with her romantic scenes , she always looks numb in her romantic scenes is so hard to watch , i always fastforward her kissing scenes , i mean she does not even try with her kissing scene am not asking her to open her whole mouth but can she at least pretend to move her lips , well am not expecting anything diffrent from this drama as long as the story line is good then am fine i only hope there should be less numb kissing scenes

  30. 30 : Lydia Says:

    gyah…… Goo Hye Sun is back!!! >_<

  31. 31 : lolipop Says:

    OH SHIT…
    which one i’ll watch for wed-thurs dramas now??????
    the moon that embraces the sun, take care of us, captain! or wild romance!!!!?????
    the story of those dramas seem interesting and i do love all the cast. huhu

  32. 32 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 29 tori

    I agree with you. In The Musical – When Daniel Choi is kissing her esp last ep 15. I also feel that DC is like kissing “a block of wood” and her character in there is not so attractive because no “character” and “fickle” minded. 🙂

    Hope this time round, she got some ‘character’ in here.

  33. 33 : surya Says:

    can’t wait … i love you koo hye sun . fighting PCAP ^^

  34. 34 : KDaddict Says:

    @tori, ok ok ok , lolipop,
    You guys are so funny! Hehehe!
    U r right, some actresses r better at romantic scenes; she seems to be better at comedic ones.
    What a coincidence that all 3 shows r broadcasted at exactly the same Ds n hours, but unless u r watching them live on Korean tv, u can spread them out over diff Ds. One ep a day, that should keep us busy for 6 Ds a week. 😀
    Happy New Year!

  35. 35 : Yanna! Says:

    Ohhhhmyygosh, January 4 is fast approaching! Can’t wait for this!!

  36. 36 : foreverghs Says:

    cant wait for this drama 🙂

  37. 37 : torri Says:

    well am thinking i might just wait when the drama is complete then i will watch it, as much as i like koo hye , romantic dramas are not her thing so inorder for me not to loss interest with some of her numd ,cold romantic scene am just going to wait and watch the whole thing when its done . i learnt my lesson when watching the musical , she was driving me crazy and i almost lost any interest in the drama but keept watching because of daniel , i love him he is cute, and gentel

  38. 38 : dinaz Says:

    Just 3 days to go.o i m superexited to watch this..specially due to our lovely hye sun..loved the musical till the end.now i m just waiting for 4th jan.trailers and promos are very promising..jan 4th come fast!!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 all.have a wonderful year ahead..

  39. 39 : natalie Says:


  40. 40 : foreverghs Says:

    Happy New Year 🙂

  41. 41 : lili Says:

    i love her in bof and i hope she will lead the new deama well

  42. 42 : Angel L. Riguero Sr. Says:

    Miss Koo Hye Sun is a very talented actress, her acting in Boys after
    Flower was an outstanding.
    Am after Pure in heart and THe Musical but looks are not for sale yet
    since none of my Koean dramas/movies provider can’t get both dramas
    for me.
    Can anyone help on this ?

  43. 43 : KDaddict Says:

    Don’t know where you are, but Boys over flowers is such a big hit that it should available everywhere that sells KD disc. The Musical barely finished its run. You need to wait a while before that one comes out on the market. Check online DVD sellers for KD.

  44. 44 : dinaz Says:

    @Anjel L u can watch pure in heart and the musical online in mysoju.com

  45. 45 : shie Says:

    OMG ! ji jin hee is back ! after dong yi i cant wait to watch it i will support him so much ! he is handsome and his acting was so good ! sarange jin hee!

  46. 46 : Angel L. Riguero Sr. Says:

    TO: KDaddict and dinaz
    Thanks so much for the information you provided me.
    Am from Colorado, USA. Not too long ago I bought “Boys after Flower”
    thru Kimook.com of San Francisco, California USA. At this moment looks
    that this seller is not aware of this Korean dramas. I enjoy watching
    Korean dramas or movies and own many of them since these are of the
    best acting quality by actresses/actors from Korea. As I said in my earlier replay, Koo Hye Sun is a superb actress, a very talented young
    lady with a brilliant future ahead of her. My grandchildren love her.
    Wishing you both a healthy and prosperous 2012. THANKS AGAIN

  47. 47 : dinaz Says:

    Hi Angel L,ure most welcome.wish u happy new year too..its better to watch online coz the subtitles are correct.sometimes the dvds i buy has wrong subtitles..sometimes some dramas are uploaded on youtube.u can download them..

  48. 48 : Jennie Says:

    I laughed when I read the comments about the kissing scenes by KHS. Well, I have seen most of her dramas as well as JJH’s, I am not expecting any kissing scenes at all. Even if there is, we’ll probably see a peck or two, def. nothing like those we see Daniel Choi did with his other co stars in Musical and Baby Faced Beauty! I think she did her best in that one scene with Lee MH in BOF, when he found her in the snow and that’s that 😉

  49. 49 : bubblysunnie Says:

    Take Care of US, Captain is daebak!!!! Congratulations Ku Hye Sun, Ji Jin Hee and all the cast of PCAP most especially the DIrector!

  50. 50 : dinaz Says:

    anyone watched ep 1??how was it?

  51. 51 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi, Nice to meet you. Yesasia.com sells many KDs on DVD, albeit rather expensively. These days you can watch most KDs online, without having to wait till the DVDs come out. dramacrazy is available in the U.S. There are also sites that allow you to download for a small monthly fee. One such is dramaload. Just google them.
    All the best. See you around these parts.

  52. 52 : bubblysunnie Says:

    @dinaz I watched a part of it and although I just started on the middle part, I could say that EP1 was intense — acting wise!! Interesting story and great actors! They even shot on location in Australia. Ji Jin HEE is good!! Ku Hye Sun showed maturity in portraying her role as Han Da Jin! I love her!!

    Can’t wait for ep 2 tomorrow!

  53. 53 : dinaz Says:

    @bubblysunnie i m glad dat hye sun’s role is good.i read on soompi too that the 1st ep was intense..omg can’t wait to see hye sun unni again..hope the subbers won’t make us mad like last time during the musical.can’t wait to watch it.btw do u know what are the ratings??coz 2 more good dramas air on the same time..but i will go 4 this being a sunnie like u 🙂

  54. 54 : GHSforever Says:

    I have already seen the first episode and it was really good. Awesome characters and I think the plot is interesting too.I hope that it will get better ratings than the Musical. If somebody knows about the ratings it would be awesome if somebody could post it here;-)

  55. 55 : dinaz Says:

    Ratings are not that bad nor so good. 🙁 moon embraces the sun is leading.hope 2day ratings wil be better.. 🙂 thanx admin 4 posting the ratings so quick.. 🙂

  56. 56 : Mic Says:

    Only a few minutes into episode one, just a thought….they received no complaints from the airline industry?? I will never fly Korean Air! Haha!

  57. 57 : Mic Says:

    That woman had to be in her third trimester, actually she looked like she was going to pop, and she could still board a plane??? Not to mention those flirtatious stewardesses and imcompetent plane captains. How unreal is that! You must be kidding me!

  58. 58 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 1
    What a sad start. 1. Normally when a pregnant is due to deliver, they are not allow to board the plane at all. How come KHS’s mum can? 2. Which airline got such a wide aisle. 3 How can the staff eat in the airport radio control room. Its ridiculous that the radio system don’t hv any back up. Hundreds of lives are in your hands

    Anyway, this drama is quite entertaining. You will learn how the airline operates. Just like Air City by Choi Ji Woo & Lee Jung Jae – I enjoy that drama too. Learn how tight the airport security ………. 🙂

  59. 59 : KDaddict Says:

    @Mic, OKOKOK,
    Flirtatious stewardesses, incompetent pilots. Is it unreal? We certainly wish! Eating in the airport radio control room, etc. Is it dramatization or is it that we simply don’t know that’s the way they are? That’s why we wish sb a safe flight every time they fly! 😉

  60. 60 : Mic Says:

    @KDaddict, hi, have you watched episode one? Would like to know what you think. To me, maybe because I just had four long haul flights within two weeks, the portrayal here doesn’t seem convincing to me. The stewardesses having facial and foot massage soon after the flight took off? A woman in her third trimester boarding a plane? A plane captain let his vice captain handling take off casually? The control tower gave landing permission without firm confirmation that the runway was clear, took it back, gave it again, and then had to take it back and created an emergency situation? There are guidelines to follow in these professions, but in here, it’s like one big playground. I don’t even want to go to the part with the coffee spill and the captain who just let his wife die in mid air.
    I understand what kind of setting the PD was trying to create for the story, but I feel like I was served a big platter piled with food uncooked and not seasoned. Can’t take it in and can’t digest it.

  61. 61 : Angel L. Riguero Sr. Says:

    January-05 2010
    Thanks so much for the tips about the Korean dramas. Using your name
    I say am an addict to Korean dramas/movies, due to the decency of
    them, and the only way to watch dramas/movies with my grandchildren
    without falling in the trash that today we see all over.
    I do own a large number of Korean dramas/movies and planning to increase the number. So I will go after every drama by one of my
    favorites Korean actress……Koo Hye-Sun.
    Again, thanks.

  62. 62 : surya Says:

    take care of us, captain fightiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggg

  63. 63 : KDaddict Says:

    You are right that the decency depicted in KDs is rare among dramas today. Korea is relatively conservative in terms of moral values. Sometimes we long-time viewers will complain abt lack of passion on screen, but that doesn’t take away fr the beautiful eye-candies, scenery, fashion, stories, acting, etc. that they offer.
    Perhaps in time, you’ll diversify beyond GHS to other actresses. Do you have a favorite actor? Have you seen Secret Garden? Many of us love it, n it has been voted the best drama on this site. If you want to try a historical drama, The Princess Man is fantastic. Of the current patch, Padam Padam is really excellent.
    Happy Viewing!

  64. 64 : KDaddict Says:

    I’ve to let this one run a few more eps first.
    I had a real bad experience with FBRS, n am a bit gun-shy abt spanking new dramas right now, but Moon emSun is promsing. W all of u raving, I’m getting curious abt Brain. Plus, I’m doing the recap for Padam2. I’m already behind on FF n HiKick3. Not enough time!

  65. 65 : arian_summer Says:

    1st episode and 2nd episode is trully AWESOME. maybe some of the viewer will say , it nonsence about some scene in the airplane set but who knows maybe some of the Airplane crash had some of in that scene too, we never know but hopefully that tragedy won’t happened again in our present /future life.

    all the cast perfectly potraiying their caractere , esp Hye Sun , she mature in this drama, the numb when she lost her mom and following with her father death in a car crash really captivate me .

    and the scene between Da Jin and Da Yun is so touching and make me cry even they don’t have to tearing a tears but with word and their act it had influence me a lot .

    well the rating for 1st episode and 2nd episode is GREAT even in 2nd row after METS .
    all the best for this 3 drama in starting 2012 and the result is on the viewers and all the best for the Actresse & The Actors too ^^

  66. 66 : nisa Says:

    omg! i love this drama!!! gonna be the best in 2012 for me:)
    Koo Hye Sun saranghae 🙂
    fighting ^^

  67. 67 : Haniea Says:

    I think this film is rather good. Although it has a sad start. Love GHS from BOF. Hope she will success with this film. There are many sad and touching scene which make i wanna cry. Waiting for next eps.
    Wish the rating will be better :X

  68. 68 : Mic Says:

    @KDaddict64, that’s is one busy schedule! Hahaha!

  69. 69 : KDaddict Says:

    N I said my NY resolution is to watch less KD!
    What abt you? I think u r keeping busy too.

  70. 70 : Queen_Sonya Says:

    i love this drama!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Koo Hye Sun, Ji Jin Hee, Take care of Us captain,… FIGHTINGGGGGG!!!!!

  71. 71 : Mic Says:

    @KDaddict #69, you know, I just had my KD anniversary! I started watching in January 2010, after my friend posted some songs and clips of BOF on FB. I started searching for that drama and the rest is history. I really watched a lot over last year, started with some completed series and then moved on to current showings. Now I am watching
    Wild Romance
    The Moon That Embraces the Sun
    Take Care of Us, Captain
    Bachelor’s Vegetable Store
    Fermentation Family
    Color of Woman
    Special Affairs Team TEN
    Just You
    Hooray for Love
    So, yes, very busy! hahaha!

  72. 72 : KDaddict Says:

    Hahahaha! I take my hat off to you! I can watch 7 new shows a week, i.e. 2 eps per day comfortably. Eat in front of the computer 3 meals a day. But I’ve never done 10 at once! I should perhaps surrender my nickname to you! 😉
    SAT TEN, Just U, n Hooray for Love aren’t even on my radar. I’m curious abt B Veg Store. Is it good?
    There r still many “old” ones to catch up with then, huh?

  73. 73 : Mic Says:

    @KDaddict 72, hi,

    I d/l the shows, put them on my iPad and when I wait for my son’s extracurricular activities, I’ll indulge. And he has many activities!!! Hehehe!

    B Veg Store started very dark. I was looking forward to a light comedy much like PTB, but it started out really dark. I’m not going to spoil just in case you watch it later. The second and third episodes (when the main leads all grow up) were lighter and had some comedy feel. It’s hard to tell how good it is for now, but the two leads are nice and compatible with each other. I will let you know after I watch few more episodes.

    SAT TEN, however, is really good! I delayed watching for a while and finished all seven episodes in a roll. There are only 10 episodes in total. You can read from its forum, the stories were not predictable, you pretty much couldn’t tell which direction they were going until the end. And I think that’s a success in these detective/crime genre.

    Just U and Hooray for Love, not bad but you can do without, really. Just U is a typical family drama. Hooray For Love has its funny moments but it’s predictable.

    Have a nice weekend!

  74. 74 : OK OK OK Says:

    Wow, scary men. I HAVE, YOU HAVE – 2 captains fighting to fly the plane. ha ha. 😉

    Very touching. The little boy who lost his mum a year ago and wanted to open the airplane door to send her letters………..

  75. 75 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 71 Mic

    Please add another NICE & EXCITING drama to your list – LIGHTS & SHADOWS – acted by Ahn Jae Wook…. worth watching. 🙂

  76. 76 : dinaz Says:

    Anyone knows when will the subs be out??i m so eager to watch it with eng subs..hopefully by tomorrow or monday it will be out..

  77. 77 : Angel L. Riguero Sr. Says:

    KDaddict, # 63
    Am impressed about you knowledge of Korean dramas, and to such a point that if don’t mind, in the nearby future, I may consult you about
    the matter. I pay a lot of respect and admiration to everything Korean,
    to the level that all our cars in the family are Hyundays.
    About actresses and actors, I honestly tell you that my list of “favorities”
    is very large, so I can mention(here I go) Son ye-yin,Yoon eun-hye,
    Sung yu-ri, KIm tae-hee, Lee da-hae, Gim yu-jin, Kim Hyun-jo, KIm so-yeon, Song hye-kyo, Nam sang-mi, Yeon do-yeo, Jung so-min, Kong hyo-jin, Song ji-hyo, Koo hye-sun, Shin min-ah, Heo yi-jae.
    Good actors are seen in The grand chef, Iris, City Hunter, The thing,
    Swallow the sun, Happened in Bali, Shooting to the stars, etc.
    Keep up the good work.

  78. 78 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi, so you are not a newbie at this after all!
    I’ve been at this for 10 years now! I started with Winter Sonata, fell in love w KD, n never looked back!
    Sure, I love to talk abt KD w like-minded folks. You can find me on many threads. Currently I’m watching n recapping Padam Padam, n am also on Moon that Embraces the Sun. Look fwd to seeing you again.
    Happy New Year!

  79. 79 : KDaddict Says:

    Hmm…I’m real surprised that Bach B Veg S starts out dark. How can it be when it is based on a real life success story? I suppose he had a lousy childhood, but grew up to make sth of himself, like Baker King? Do keep me posted when you follow it for a few more eps.
    @OK OK OK,
    I need to catch up w Brain in the next few days, then I’ll start on L&S. Ahn is always a pleasure to watch.

  80. 80 : Mic Says:

    @KDaddict -79, He did have a difficult childhood, I guess, but it was implied and not actually played out in the drama. Let’s just say two people died at the first episode. As with Brain, you should watch it from the first episode, this one doesn’t have the boring beginning like some others. Enjoy!

  81. 81 : Mic Says:

    @OK OK OK-75, hi, I tried to watch L&S but didn’t finish the first episode, I didn’t remember why, thought I was busy at that time. I am planning to watch it when it’s completed since it has 50 episodes. Agreed with you AJW is a great actor!

  82. 82 : min gha Says:

    i really really really really really really really really really really like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like this drama ^^

  83. 83 : nini Says:

    Luv this film .. The content is rather strange and GHS really acts well. Support her!
    Fighting Take care of us!
    Figting GHS !

  84. 84 : roxyalso Says:

    Another newbie to the Korean Drama Scene. Korean actors are the best ambassadors S. Korea has. They are young, work hard and in most cases are multi-talented. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would enjoy them like I do. Watching different dramas from different Asia countries has broadened my horizons.

    My first adventure started with movies with a young lady called Yoon-Eun-Hye, her acting got me hooked. Then I realized how many other fine actors there are and stayed.

  85. 85 : Angel L. Riguero Sr. Says:

    Am interested in Korean dramas/movies since last year, so I can be
    labeled as “newbie”. Last year, one good day, while watching the TV
    news near 9:00 pm, I hit channel 12.3 (Colorado, USA) and came to my attention the kind of soap opera with English subtitles going on at that
    moment…It was “Alone in love” with the talented, outstanding actress
    Son Je-yin…well, since that moment on I became a great fan of all Korean dramas/movies. Long before, me and family liked everything
    Korean. Since I can’t spent much time (too busy) in front of a TV set
    my best way to enjoy the KD is just to buy them and watch them mainly
    on Saturdays, with my grandchildren around me.
    I thanks the LORD every day for the great opportunity to be in touch with
    the very respected Korean people, thru their dramas/movies.
    Talk to you later.
    Am in touch with my 3 suppliers in order to get “TAKE CARE OF US, CAPTAIN” with the incredible talented Koo Hye Sun.

  86. 86 : KDaddict Says:

    Welcome to KD-land, where the fun never stops!
    Saw your kind and considerate comment on WR. It’d be gt if more fans are level-headed like u. Hope to see more of you in future! Have fun.

  87. 87 : arian_summer Says:

    PCAP just a EXTREMLY GREAT DRAMA, The Emotion of all the cast all out and me as a viewers like involved in to them.
    i love the chemistry between han da jin and kang dong su if they met i’ll bet something funny will happen.hehehe

    i do love more da jin and da yun scene is just so Sweet and always make me crying when this two sister have their problem =_= , i love hye sun caractere here, she so WOW , i love her more and more

    live with regret is full of misery but if we always stay still without doing something than we’re going to doom , so i hope someday da jin will forgive ji won for her mother death , maybe it would make her life better ^^
    PCAP hwaiting ^^

  88. 88 : milon Says:

    i like to watching this drama very much ^__^

  89. 89 : dinaz Says:

    3 episodes are gone yet i can’t watch a single one till now..ah feels bad!!

  90. 90 : Mic Says:

    The little girl is very cute! Lee Jung Hee is funny too!

  91. 91 : tonet Says:

    This drama is soo great.. Love the cast!

  92. 92 : Kdramaxxxfan Says:

    there’s english subs available now at dramacrazy.net.. like the series!:)

  93. 93 : Lulu Says:

    PEOPLE, I tell you! It’s a very good drama! From episode1 down to episode 4, I was really captivated. Hats off for the cast!

  94. 94 : Janeee Says:

    i agree with all your comments about this drama! amazing!!..

  95. 95 : syazwanizr Says:

    i dont think this is a great drama. just watched the first episode and wonder, how can all the unprofessional people are in there? how can a stewardess ignore a pregnant woman over a guy she favor? how can a co-pilot insist on landing despite being told by the captain over and over again to also think of other 300 lives on board. even that was his frst flight im pretty sure the art of making a decision is being taught hen they’re on learning process. as a pilot, you’re obviously need to put aside your feeling of guilt or whatsoever in making a decision. very good captain indeed that he wasn’t risk a life of 300 passengers but how can he be so stupid on land to stop his car blocking the other way? and usually, for that kind of junction, it must be a straight road w/out a corner that makes me wonder, does that lorry didnt see the car blocking his way? even if they’re speeding, u still can see the car from far. its not like the car stopped out of blue. he pulled a brake. and even if its too sudden, then the captain was a fool. no. should i say, the director? -.-” if you’re saying there’s a corner before the junction, hell yeah. im a driver too and im sure u need to slow down at the corner unless u’re drifting. and for a lorry to drift? pffffttttt… then, how can she as the co pilot shout at the air instructor’s orders? she’s not thinking in making decision. as a pilot u always need to calm. aaargh. i just dont believe you’re showing off those unprofessional fellas. im truly disappointed. so sorry. :/ kdrama, please be more realistic -.-”

  96. 96 : syazwanizr Says:

    and yeah, not to mention the incident at the air control room also. that was a disaster. many of other planes will crash if that ever happen in a real life.

  97. 97 : Mic Says:

    @syazwanizr-95,96, I totally agreed with you! The opening of this drama was trying to create dramatic moments and it sucked at overdoing it…way over! Even in the later episodes, it’s still unreal when it comes to scenes in the air. I look forward to the storyline without the ‘man-made turbulence’ moments.
    And GHS really disappoints me (bearing the risk of getting hit by rocks from her fans), I don’t see much difference of her in this drama or The Musical. Maybe she is trying to show a certain type of personality with her laughter, but that is getting old (same as The Musical) and very annoying.

  98. 98 : Mic Says:

    I meant “and” The Musical….sorry!

  99. 99 : hye sun Says:

    Take care of us Captain, FIGHTING!!!!!!

    Incredible Drama,!!!!

    Goo Hye sun, FIGHTINGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. 100 : addictKdrama Says:

    @syazwanizr, it is not totally unrealistic…..I found it is a good drama. unprofessional are trained to be professional. people become more mature and gain more experience from their mistakes. In this drama, (4 eps so far) it has taught me that even you are a top student in school, when you go to work, you still slack off a lot (GHS) …. pilot also human…. sometimes you can’t control your emotion….Unpredicted and unwanted situation can happen all the time. However, when you can over it… you are a true pro!! I’m pretty sure this drama want us to know this…

  101. 101 : Angel L. Riguero Sr. Says:

    Excellent drama, and outstanding cast.
    What we watch in this drama is just what happens in reality, and well shown in the drama. In reality, problems are found in control towers,
    but lets keep in mind those controlers although human beings, can’t
    get away from “errors”.
    I honestly believe this drama reflects the human side of those dedicated
    Airline pilots,copilots, air traffic controlers and every person in the same
    line of work.
    Miss Koo Hye Sun, keep up the good work….you are one of the best
    Korean actresses ever.

  102. 102 : surya Says:

    sumpeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh keeeeeereeeeeeeeennn baaaaaannnnggggeeeettttt iniiiiiiiiiiiii drama ^^

  103. 103 : cute bear Says:

    Please Captain is a wonderfull korean drama!!!!

    i love the Cast…
    Captain Han Da Jin, Captain Kim yoon Sung FIGHTING!!!!!

  104. 104 : dinaz Says:

    so nice to see so many people saying nice things about this drama and my favourite goo hye soon.i was tired of seeing the negative ones..i m waiting for the soft subs coz i can’t view viki in my region..keep supporting this drama.. 🙂 🙂 its always nice to see the good comments when i can’t watch this drama..

  105. 105 : Yanna Says:

    For me, it’s a very great drama with a well-written script. One more thing, with an outstanding cast! No wonder why this drama gets double-digit ratings! I can’t wait for episode 5. It’s getting more interesting! Daebak!!

  106. 106 : Kuuu Says:

    Great drama~^^ HanDajin fighting~~!!

  107. 107 : iheartme Says:

    If you are too meticulous on K dramas you watch, if you’re tired from all the usual korean dramas we usually see, PCAP IS A MUST SEE!

    It’s the year’s most intelligent and elegant drama! Excellent script, big productions, superb acting from powerful cast!

    It will surely make you cry a bucket, laugh heartily! I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish of ep 1 and 2!

    This is a master piece! Even if you’re not into Kdramas, you’ll definetely enjoy PCAP!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

  108. 108 : iheartme Says:

    By the way, regarding one comment here that PCAP is unrealistic..First and foremost, Im working in an airline company for almost 8 years now, and most of my freinds are within the industry ..FAs, Cutumer Service Agent, Flight Operations, aircraft enginners/mechanics..

    the ‘argument’ between Pilots and the TOWER usually happens, as per our Flight Operations dept and Pilots..

    the scene wherein the CAPTAIN allowed the CO -pilot to handle the flight, fly the plane in short, also happens..otherwise they would never learn..

    And they really avoid clouds, bad weather specially if it’s zero visibility..And I experienced something like it, personally..on a 2 seater plane, after flying for minutes just to get an aerial view for a report during college days, me and my pilot freind (student that time) were allowed by the tower to fly back in the same route we had earlier despite of a bad weather that day..my pilot friend was actually considering on landing on a diff a/p just to avoid the clouds and heavy rains, and in fact, the tower could no longer hear us, though we could hear their instructions..I was panicking already and vomitting all over the aircraft, but my friend remained calm and composed..but then we sruvived (obviously) and as soon as we arrived, they did salute my pilot friend..it was like in a movie..if we didn’t survive, my friend told me that the tower might be held responsible, for alowing us to fly back (actually we were thinking of not to anymore)..(maybe the tower did find it ‘romantic’ fr me and my friend when he saw some fflowers inside the 2 seater plane)

    and even if a passenger is pregnant, she could still travel, as long as she is able to secure a clearance from her doctors..

    and regaridng all the crazyness of FAs during flight, IT DOES HAPPEN! EVERY FLIGHT..long travel time, flight after another flight..they could barely sleep at all..I have some FA friends, they sleep while eating..just to be able to do both! Imagine that!.. I have some FA friends who did accidentally pee on a toilet bowl cover because she was in a hurry..

    the one who ignored HAN DA JIN’s mom, being a newly hired FA, her first flight, was somehow too excited..and trust me, we received endless complains from passengers all the time! ALL CARRIERS DO..

    there you go..I hope it helps somehow:)


  109. 109 : dinaz Says:

    @iheartme wow thanx 4 the info about airlines..i got to know a lot 2day.hope i get to watch the drama soon 🙂 keep supporting PCAP it needs more love!

  110. 110 : OK OK OK Says:

    To those who are new in Korean Dramas should watch these hits :

    1 Winter Sonata
    2 All In
    3 Stairway to heaven
    4 All about Eve
    5 Autumn Love
    6 Summer Scent
    7 Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
    8 Witch Yoo Hee
    9 Successful Story of a bright girl
    10 Save your last dance for me & many more…. 🙂

  111. 111 : KDaddict Says:

    What is PCAP???

  112. 112 : 1min Says:

    Definitely love PCAP especially Han Sisters. Can’t wait Wed & Thurs to come to watch onlineTV of SBS’s PCAP.

  113. 113 : dinaz Says:

    @OK OK OK is summer scent good??i bought it 2yrs back but watched only till ep6 it was a little slow..is it good enough?
    @KDaddict PCAP means Please Captain..

  114. 114 : KDaddict Says:

    Thx for your reply. There is no mention anywhere of this drama being called Please Captain…

    Summer Scent is very good; one of the best from that era. It is a bit slow, I agree, but you get to see SongSH and SonYJ when they were young and fresh. I liked it too.

  115. 115 : bfran Says:

    this is a nice welcome for the new year – a good drama that have everything from comedy to reality. am looking forward to watching its entirety.

  116. 116 : dara Says:

    This film is deserved to be seen this year. So confused because i enjoy 2 film airing at the same time. hope to see GHS”s acting skill in next eps. She’s very cute and pure. looking foward to lovestory between her n JJH :X
    wish the rating will go up ….

  117. 117 : janine Says:

    the initial title of this drama is please captain…

  118. 118 : Heartyou Says:

    I love this drama! My new addiction! Goo HyeSun Aigoo~~^^

  119. 119 : dinaz Says:

    @KDaddict ure welcome!please captain,fly again and please take of us captain are names given to this drama..so summer scent is good?then i must try to give it another chance when i m done with the ones i m watching rite now..i like song seung hun now he looks very manly.son yeh jin was pretty then and now..

  120. 120 : dinaz Says:

    good news 4 those who couldn’t watch this drama due to viki not being available in your region..now u all can watch it in all the leading websites..happy watching..i will go n watch it too!

  121. 121 : beng Says:

    When I started watching this drama,I learned something new,it’s how pilots and stewardess worked inside the airline companies,thank you “Take care of us,Captain” for this great drama…and I love how Han Da Jin cuddle,kiss and take care of her cute sister..this drama makes you laugh,cry and other emotions are in here…love Koo Hye Sun,Ji Jin Hee……fighting!!!!!

  122. 122 : OK OK OK Says:

    @113 Dinaz

    Summer Scent is nice bc got Song Seung Hun & Son Ye Jin, & 2nd lead actor & actress also pleasant looking. The greenery scene is beautiful & most important it got good ending 🙂 But my fav drama is Winter Sonata, All In…

    @114 Kdaddict

    Thanks for answering. 😉

  123. 123 : dinaz Says:

    wow finally got to watch ep1..it was so sad i cried..i wish atleast han da jin’s father was alive.it was hard on her father’s part to take such a decision..han da jin’s happiest day turned into her saddest day..that scene of her graduation was really heartbreaking..
    its my 1st time watching ji jin hee he’s quite nice and manly too..

  124. 124 : dinaz Says:

    @OK OK OK now i got recommendations to watch summer scent from u n KDaddict i think i must give it a try soon..and now u tell me that it has a good ending too..now i think i must watch it soon..i run away from sad dramas..hehe!dats y i dint watch scent of a woman and a thousand day’s promise..

  125. 125 : KDaddict Says:

    MY fav for the longest time was Winter Sonata! All in! And Summer Scent! So we share many fav’s.
    The only one from that era that many ppl liked, which I don’t was Autumn Love. 😉 I didn’t fall in love w any other KD until last year, which gave me Secret Garden, The Princess Man, n now Padam Padam! Hooray!
    Bear in mind that I say it is “one of the best fr that era”. If you r looking for a classic to watch, yes! But if you compare it to today’s shows, you may find it slow or quaint. OKOKOK is right. The 2nd leads r also good: Han Ji Hye has grown to become a leading actress in her own right, n Ryu Jin is always a solid 2nd lead. A bit sad in the middle, but that’s typical of shows fr those days. Enjoy!

  126. 126 : dinaz Says:

    @KDaddict i like classics.i watchd til ep6 2yrs bak i gues i hv 2 start all over again.n secret garden is a damn good drama..i like it too.my top 3 fav ones are boys over flower(my 4evr no1),my girlfriend is a gumiho,what’s up fox among the ones i watched..

  127. 127 : Al.unni Says:

    Like. ^_^

  128. 128 : OK OK OK Says:

    @123 Dinaz
    1st X u watch Ji Jin Hee? That mean you didn’t watch the famous drama known over the world – Dae Jang Geum?
    The Scent of a woman no bad ending though it says lead actress got cancer.
    I watch a documentary about longevity tdy and this Jap man got brain tumour at age 50. You guess what, now he is 100 yrs old & still healthy. 🙂

  129. 129 : OK OK OK Says:

    @124 Dinaz & 125 -Kdaddict

    Actually i also don’t really like Summer Scent at 1st but my 4th sis says its nice if you watch it closely. 1 day, i repeat the whole show again when i m free and find its not bad.
    The above drama list i wrote is what i can remember but actually i have many many more fav drama. 🙂

    Autumn Love – I don’t actually like bc only the leading child actor n actress can act very well but when it turns to leads adult, their acting is not so good & most important – I don’t like sad movie – it always make me cry…….. 🙂

  130. 130 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s strange, cos you put it on your list of drama to watch. Why would you recommend sth that you don’t like? LOL
    I envy you your many sisters. And you all can watch KDs together. Haeng bok!

  131. 131 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 130 KDaddict

    We sisters watch KD at diff timing & in diff room. Its just that the most recent one like WR, i tag along later with my 5th sis bc I lost concentration when LSY starts to scream & yell & overact in 1st eps. ha ha 🙂

    I like Summer Scent after I repeat it and watch …………….. CLOSELY ha ha

  132. 132 : dinaz Says:

    @OK OK OK yup its my 1st time watching ji jin hee act..i can’t say i like him but he’s quite good as an actor..i bought scent of a woman 4 i love both the leads alot but got no guts to watch a sad drama.hehe!but maybe later on..ya miracles do happen..hope someday researchers invent good cure for cancer and aids coz they kill alot of people in this world..
    wow nice u have so many sisters..it must be fun with many siblings..
    autumn love-omg i was depressed for 2 whole days after watching it not counting how many times i cried..dats y i run away from sad dramas..

  133. 133 : KDaddict Says:

    In #129, u mentioned your 4th sis. I thought u have 4 sisters, n that is plenty reason to be envious. Now in #131, u mention your 5th one. I’m sooooo envious of anyone who has A sister, not to mention 5! And they all like KD. Can I have one of them? I’ve no sis at all. 🙂
    Ji Jin Hee is a good actor. Have u seen The man who can’t marry? He’s funny in it. So diff fr his serious role in Da Jang Gum. I also love his cameo in Choi Ji Woo’s A Star’s Lover. He was cheeky there! Still I understand how sometimes sb or sth may be good, but it is just not one’s cup of tea. 😀
    Autumn Love was horrible in more ways than one!

  134. 134 : dinaz Says:

    wow ep2 and 3 was so good i m really liking this drama..fluffy is so cute love the han sisters..they are adorable..i m not liking the other girl her stying makes her look too old she looked pretty in ‘terroir’ though..i don’t like the coats they wear in kd these days the ones cut from the hands they are really ugly.though i like most of korean fashion..loving every bit of the drama.dong soo is funny and cute too..i last saw him in ‘only you’ he looks and acts better now!
    @KDaddict no i haven’t watched them either there are many dramas i need to discover and watch.. 🙂 and yes ok ok ok is lucky to have sisters.. 🙂

  135. 135 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz First I haven’t started watching this as JJH is not on my list of fav actors, so I’ll wait a while more to see how the response to the drama is. Second, couldn’t resist butting in your discussion about classics. Out of the list that ok ok ok has made, my favs are WS, Autumn Love and All about Eve.Like ok ok ok, I didn’t like SC the first time watching it but when I watched a rerun on tv one day, it turned out to be better. If you like one with happy ending, why not try Queen of the Game? It’s my personal favorite and have you seen Goong and Full House? Guarantee you’ll have lots of fun with these two. Another great romantic saguek is Song of the Prince/Seodongyo but it has a sad ending tho not as terribly sad as Autumn Love. Hope that helps 😉

  136. 136 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz Oops sorry, SC should be SS (Summer Scent). I really must be having a brain freeze for sure now!

  137. 137 : KDaddict Says:

    SS was OKOKOK’s recommendation. Given half a chance, I’ll try to sell u on Biscuit Teacher Candy Star aka Hello my Teacher, n Jennie will try to sell you Ballad of Seodong! 😉
    You once gave me the link to watch BoS. I know I saved it, but can’t find it now. Would u pls give it to me again? I want to start it soon. Thx.

  138. 138 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict You can watch it at Mysoju. Most video shops should have a copy of this since it’s an old popular drama. My supplier told me that it was one of his best selling drama when it was first released! I’ll watch Biscuit Teacher once I finish watching Glory Jane.
    @dinaz Thought you might like to know that GHS also appeared in Seodongyo (aka Ballad of Seodong/Song of the Prince).

  139. 139 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie hi nice to see u once again..jennie try ep1 atleast u mite like it..i m lovin this drama and there is a little cutie pie fluffy u must check her out she’s a darling..i guess summer scent is not appealing at one go but the 2nd time its great i will retry 4 sure..watz WS?and queen of game?is it queen of reversals?i watched queen of reversals till ep12 and stopped..i m really an idiot dnt u think so??haha!i did that with some dramas..yup i watched full house and goong they were awesome..i m not fond of historical dramas so i havent watched any of them not even king and i where hye sun is there..
    do u rem the last scene of autumn love where she died on his back??omg i was weeping badly near my cousins..ah!how embarassing..hehe!
    @KDaddict u knw wat i bought hello my teacher and watched till ep 10 and stopped..hehe!is it good?i wouldn’t want to see gong yoo’s heart broken coz the teacher dosen’t seem to like him even a bit..
    i stopped some dramas in the middle so u all help me out if i should give it a 2nd chance:-
    queen of reversals,hello my teacher,mary stayed out all night,ss,princess lulu,beethovan virus,a star’s lover,i love you,..tell me girls arey they good?and how to meet a perfect lover and green rose i havent even given a try..i don’t know why i buy them also..haha!KDcraze..hehe!

  140. 140 : KDaddict Says:

    Biscuit teacher candy star is one of my all time favs. Gong Yoo gets the girl! It’s a sweet lovely show.
    I also like A Star’s lover. It’s a bit more grown up n intense than BTCS, but is good too.
    I find B virus as boring as watching grass grow. I like the music tho.
    Princess lulu is so-so.
    MSOAN is fr an objective viewpt not a good drama, but if you have its stars then it’s a diff matter. It is purely an idol show.
    I watched QoR becos of ParkSH. I like him but not its lead actress. So I’ve mixed feelings abt it. Qo Game is a diff show entirely.
    That’s just my personal opinion.

  141. 141 : KDaddict Says:

    No it doesn’t work on Mysoju. When I clicked it asks you to Buy Premium Now to watch blah blah blah. I liked the link u gave me last time. It worked, but I can’t find it right now. Can you?

  142. 142 : KDaddict Says:

    @dinaz-140: Typo:
    MSOAN: If you LOVE (Not “have”) its stars, then it’s a diff matter.

  143. 143 : dinaz Says:

    @KDaddict really really??gong yoo gets the gal!!!!!omg..stupid me i dint watch it coz i thought she will reject him.damn!i will watch it 4 sure now!for msoan i couldn’t bear mary any more it was eating my head..it was too irritating i watched it only 4 jgs but couldn’t continue after ep 12..ts funny i got 3 dvds of star’s lover one i bot,2 gifted..and i gifted them to others and kept a copy 4 myself.hehe!me too qor and beethovan virus were boring and and i couldn’t stand princess lulu..

  144. 144 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Website is Dailymotion n title is Ballad of Suh Dong.
    @dinaz Hmm..you are an impulsive buyer, aren’t you? Out of all the titles you mentioned, the only one that I like is Green Rose. It has lots of action scenes but I watched it mostly because of Go Soo and Lee DH, the two leads. Love them both and I like the OST. Story wise, it’s ok. Princess Lulu annoyed me much. BV and MSOAN were boring. QoR, like KDaddict, watched it becos of Park SH but couldn’t stand the leading lady. The drama itself was disappointing. I watched Autumn Love with my girls (who were really very young then, around 5 & 6 and the three of us sat in front of the tv and wept for two straight days! I still have this image of my youngest hiding behind her pillow to hide her tears..hahaha! Bad mum, right? Sadly, my two girls aren’t into KDs now!

  145. 145 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz WS is Winter Sonata and Queen of Reversals aka QoR is different from Queen of the Game. Maybe you should ditch some of the titles that you bought ( or donate them to welfare homes- that’s what I do) and just get Queen of the Game and Ballad of Seodongyo 😉 You’ll love them for sure!

  146. 146 : Pho Says:

    I like ka Dong Soo very much;) so funny=D

  147. 147 : KDaddict Says:

    Unfortunately, Dailymotion only has 3 eps uploaded anymore: Ep 27, 35 n 36. That’s all. Searched online. Tried various sites. None of them works. I’d buy the DVD if it’s available. But it is not at my usual suppliers.

  148. 148 : Kdrama_faann Says:

    Love this drama! <3333333333

  149. 149 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie aww..how sweet i can imagine two little girls watching a sad drama with their mummy and wiping tears with their little hands..hehe!so cute.. 🙂
    yup i just buy them without thinking much..such a crazy fan i m..hehe!so this year i m trying not to that..well i will try to watch the ones u all suggested me!thanx all of u!

  150. 150 : nicci Says:

    Just finished watching the 1st four episodes… I didnt expect it would be this good…

  151. 151 : OK OK OK Says:

    @147 KDaddict

    http://www.dramastyle.com/drama/Ballad-of-Suh-Dong/ 🙂

  152. 152 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Enjoy 🙂


  153. 153 : Nana Says:

    This drama is good. It exceeded my expectations. Love this. ♥

  154. 154 : dinaz Says:

    Ep 4:i loved it was so good.i got all teary when han da jin cried holding her sis,hard to let go her emotions.fluffy alz impresses me she is so cute n a good actress too.i dint expect dong soo to be a rich guy..i feel bad 4 this drama despite being so gud its ratings are falling due to tough competition.i wish it could air another time. 🙂 newaz i will support this drama till the end..i cant wait 4 ep5 n 6.eng subs plz plz..
    And i also wonder how does a live octopus taste like?Dong soo ate it so nicely..i doubt i will ever have guts to eat it.hehe!i heard its tasty though..

  155. 155 : min sun Says:

    I like this drama !

  156. 156 : Sunah_DongWook Says:

    I like this drama too. Full of emotions.

  157. 157 : janine Says:

    like this drama… like the character of han da jin.. like dong soo more than yoon sung… fighting pcap!!!

  158. 158 : KDaddict Says:

    @OK OK OK-151,
    Thanks for the link. I’ll save it n use it.
    Happy Year of the Dragon to you and your 5 sisters! 🙂

  159. 159 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ KDaddict 158

    Happy Lunar New Year to you too and all korean drama fans. 🙂

    Normally I will save the links I like under BOOKMARK – under the title bar.

    You know @ Enjoy for Lights & Shadow by Ahn Jae Wook is meant for everybody.

    If I don’t put attn to someone, the link wont go thru. Hope you like my recommendation for L&S. I believe majority viewers will like the story line & AJW & its a comedy with excitement 🙂

    Too bad, english sub very slow. I hv watched till the latest ep16 & looking fwd to it every week 🙂

  160. 160 : KDaddict Says:

    @OK OK OK-159,
    Yes, my bookmark bar is full of KDs I love, plus all things related to them! 😀

  161. 161 : tizsun Says:

    to mic n syazwanizr….did u see this drama pcap without subtitle..n are u working as a pilot or fa..this scenario can been happen…i think u need to c more

  162. 162 : Captain Am Says:

    oh Really, its incredible korean drama….

    I love, love love this drama..
    really confusing, this rating is not high and not low (~ ~”)
    but i dont care!!!!

    for me Rating is not important, but the good story and chemistry!!
    this drama Full emotion, make me cry, make me laugh, and make me smile especially when i see koo hye sun’s smile

    i really really love her ….

    Captain Han Da Jin Fighting!!!!
    Captain KIm Yoon Sung, you are my rival kekekekekekek FIGHTING!!!!

    Me and My Friends Love you KOO HYE SUN !!!!

  163. 163 : tizsun Says:

    i think if u see documentary how plane crush, u can know that scenario can happen….i suggest u all see that documentary…by the way this korea drama not hollywood drama, not high bugget

  164. 164 : Tasya Says:

    I love this Drama, soooooooooooo mucch!!!

    Incredible drama in 2012, beautiful story, Full emotional, and good chemistry between, Handajin and Captain Kim!

    for the first, i dont like Captain Kim coz he is angry man, but finally i know he wanna be a perfect because his false in the Past
    I love his act, and i love hye sun too

    Jandi and king Fighting, i will always support of you <3 <3 <3 <3 🙂


  165. 165 : surya Says:

    ep 6 engsub ^^ http://www.kimchidramas.net/2012/01/take-care-of-us-captain-episode-6.html

  166. 166 : Angel L. Riguero Sr. Says:

    Subject: Korean Drama ” Take care of us, captain”
    Does anyone knows when this drama will be out for sale ?
    (so, will be added to my growing collection of the best dramas
    An answer to my question will be highly appreciated.
    Good health to all of you.

  167. 167 : KDaddict Says:

    @Angel hi,
    Yes, good health to us! It is the most impt thing!
    Acc to their announcement, this drama will end on Mar 8, if there is no change in the no. of eps. Sometimes they add or minus # of eps., you know? As a rule, DVDs NEVER appear b4 the show ends. So this is way too early to be asking abt them. Give it AT LEAST a month or two after it finishes its broadcast before checking around, say April or May.

  168. 168 : Angel L. Riguero Sr. Says:


  169. 169 : Angel L. Riguero Sr. Says:

    KDaddict thanks so much for your prompt answer. Will take your advise
    and wait until the drama is out for sale.

  170. 170 : Minty Says:

    It’s a good drama but Goo hey sun annoys me a bit.
    She laughs on eveything in the drama.
    She laughs when she is sad, she laughs when she doesn’t know what to do…she laughs when it is not the bloody time for a laugh.
    I wonder if anyone feels the same….

  171. 171 : Me Says:

    @minty nope…i think she doesnt annoying..because she is my idol…heu…i really like her no matter what people said about her…but i respect ur opinion…

  172. 172 : janine Says:

    this drama has a good story… good character to play by goo hye sun…

  173. 173 : shen91 Says:

    Love this drama. so touching and nice 🙂

  174. 174 : LMHGHS Says:

    This drama is good! 😀

  175. 175 : Tania Liana Says:

    hwaaaw…!!! finally this page is created..ah!just can not wait for it to air..hye sun all the best….fly high dear!! 😀

  176. 176 : Han Da Jin Says:

    Great drama…gread actors…!!! PCAP daebak!

  177. 177 : Yunie Says:

    Please Captain is very interesting…
    I like this drama soooo much…
    I like Goo Hye Sun’s acting…
    I love Goo Hye Sun oennie
    I Hope PC’s rating will be high


  178. 178 : vhia Says:

    Captain………. Han Da jin,,,,,!! I love U I love U…

  179. 179 : maesy Says:

    unnie ku hye sun fighting…. love u more muachhh..:-*:-*
    gud luck

  180. 180 : Ilham Says:

    I always waiting drama from Goo Hye Sun
    I love her acting…
    I Love Goo Hye Sun sooo much….

    I hope its rating will be high…
    I believe this drama will booming….

  181. 181 : Yuli Says:

    Captain Han Da Jin fighting….
    Captain Kim Yoon Sung Fighting…


  182. 182 : Diana Says:

    Ji Jin Hee Fighting…
    I Love you Sooo Much…
    Please take care of me Oppa…


  183. 183 : Dedek Says:

    I Love Goo Hye Sun Oennie SO MUCH!!!!!


  184. 184 : YANI Says:

    Kil So Won very cuteeee
    I Hope my girl like you


  185. 185 : engga Says:

    @sonia & vhia buahahaha gua nyengir sendiri baca koment kalian, hebooh bo haha

    Take Care of Us, Captain fighting fighting ^^ *iklan galaxy superstar

  186. 186 : Meilan Says:


    Take care of me oennie Goo Hye Sun

  187. 187 : arian_summer Says:



  188. 188 : Han Da Jin Says:

    @engga,what do you say?^^

  189. 189 : OK OK OK Says:

    @170 Minty

    My sis & myself also feels her laughter annoying. Sounds very fake. 😉
    Me since The Musical. (my sis didn;t watch)

    I watched The Musical because I am a fan of Daniel Choi. 🙂

  190. 190 : ammar Says:

    whatever they said….

    Please take care of us captain, Daebak

    Koo hye sun fighting!!! You are a good actress for me and for sunniez….

    I love you, captain han !!!

  191. 191 : diana Says:

    this drama is sooo greatttt,
    Just say about drama, dont bash anyone…..
    No body perfect,…….

    Goo hye sun, fighting!!
    I know u’re a good actress oenni,…

    PlEase Captain, daebak !!!
    amazing drama… 🙂 🙂

  192. 192 : nutrisia Says:

    I always suport this drama, because the story keep my spirit to get my future. I like the story about strong woman that reach her dream. it just like I read ‘chicken soup of the soul’ that full of spiritual story 🙂

  193. 193 : Han Da Jin Says:

    Han Da Jin says : “Do you think flight attendants are your toys? I’d like to drop you off from the plane,but I won’t, because you would pollute the air”..hahaha..Han Da Jin,you’re so funny..go..go..girl !!

  194. 194 : vhia Says:

    hello,,, no bash about Hyesun, because I believe she has better…
    Yeah Captain Han da Jin Hwaitiiiiiiiing!!!! cheongmal saranghae

  195. 195 : anggi Says:


  196. 196 : putri Says:

    LIKE IT (Y) Goo hye sun keep spirit 😀

  197. 197 : milla Says:

    hye sun_sshi fighting!!!!

    Please captain is amazing dramaaa….

    Captain kim, han da jin fightingggggg !!!

  198. 198 : dinaz Says:

    wowwwww..suddenly so many comments!!fighting PCAP..

  199. 199 : cutez Says:

    Han sister so cute,,,,PCAP love

  200. 200 : sisicia Says:

    If I affraid of flight. I will remember the story of this drama to sure me that there is a captain that take care of us 🙂

  201. 201 : Mirantiminsun Says:


  202. 202 : Mirantiminsun Says:


  203. 203 : Aprilia (@Aprilia_dwi) Says:

    Don’t care about the rating and bad comment about ku hye sun’s acting…This drama is so great..amazing..full of tears yet sooo adorable with han da jin and han da yeon scene…i love them both..Kang dong soo is funny too…^^

  204. 204 : Princess Goo Says:

    Hye eonni,,,keep spirit
    All sunniez always sopporting you
    We Love you

  205. 205 : dinaz Says:

    ep5:nice to see the triangle developing..dong soo is cute in his own way but captain is hot too..both are good!!lets see who wins 🙂 now han da jin is impulsive and emotional coz she is new but i guess as she will mature to become a captain she would be more responsible and she will understand the situation 7 years ago like her father did..and i love fluffy she is so cute!
    and goo hye sun ure my favourite actress..i will alwaz support u!
    go go captain han da jin..

  206. 206 : andin sunniez Says:

    Onnie……,FIGHTING ALWAYS,,,,,,,OK,
    still smile n GOD will give you biggest happynes son,:) 😉
    Love YOU….,

  207. 207 : andin sunniez Says:

    Onnie……,FIGHTING ALWAYS,,,,,,,OK,
    still smile n GOD will give you biggest happynes soon,:) 😉
    Love YOU….,

  208. 208 : aa Says:

    amazing !!

  209. 209 : ShineOn Says:

    Minty and OKOKOK,
    I feel very strange about Ko Hye sun, I love her in Innocent 19(a family drama),I love and not just like her, in that drama she portrayed a lady from a country side.. and so her”laughter” is kind of cute and pure.Then I follow her thru Boys over Flower and then Take care of us Captain. She become so annoying to me, YES especially the sound of her laughter.I watched this bcos of Ji Jin Hee, I Totally felt the same , irrirating that I have to fast forward all her part.Sorry to fans, my opinion. I think that is the ways she laugh in real life.

  210. 210 : Han Da Jin Says:

    Honestly,GHS is one of the most versatile korean actresses that I’ve seen to grace kdramaland. She goes out of her comfort zone,she takes-beat characters and she makes them work. She’s not afraid to look patently..emm non-ulzzang-like,heck ok-nondescript but she gets away with it and she’s able to convey her emotions to the audience..(makes the audience cry with her).. I love PCAP because her.. PCAP faighting!!!

  211. 211 : Lily228 Says:

    I don’t agree that KHS is 1 of the most versatile Korean actress. To me, she got a pair of beautiful eyes which cannot express her emotion in the character of the show.

    Versatile actresses : Kim Sun Ah. Choi Jin Sil, Choi Ji Woo, Ko Hyun Jung (Mishil in Queen Seon Duk) etc 🙂

  212. 212 : Han Da Jin Says:

    That’s my opinion…!!

  213. 213 : Nyah Hall Says:

    Ku hye sun..fighting!! I love u so much!! PleaseCaptein faihting..!!!

  214. 214 : lusia Says:

    the story is inspiration for me to reach my dream, there is no imposible for that. I ever fell so bad when my mother died and I found my self must change her role for my teenager little brother. it is not eassy, friend. for that, I give my four tumb for this drama. The story about interaction between da jin and da yoen is so natural. the strong heart of han da jin to reach her dream to be pilot is high value for the story, she is so poor, no parents and must take care for her sister, but always get spirit for her purpose. it is the value that I can take from the story.

  215. 215 : roxyalso Says:

    I’d like this drama….It isn’t my favorite to date but I will keep watching. I would love to see YEH in a drama with the lead man.

  216. 216 : Nyah Hall Says:

    Yes,I’m agree with you lusia…this drama is great.. Ku hye sun and ji jin hed are good actors too..five thumb for this drama….

  217. 217 : WhiteBlack Says:

    Don’t care about bad comments, although i’m not a huge fan of Koo Hye Sun, but i like her acting, her smile and “laughter”. They can’t assess it properly.
    This drama is very great, amazing, i really liked the story. Hope the ratings go up soon.

  218. 218 : sweet Says:

    captain han da jin, fighting!!!

    I love this drama, daebakkkk !!!

  219. 219 : aii_d Says:

    i love dongsoo-dajin couple.they cute and funny ;))
    bad drama?? i heard bout PCAP booming in rusia,spanyol,etc ^^

  220. 220 : gjp Says:

    great drama..

  221. 221 : dinaz Says:

    ep6:this series is getting better with every episode..i like the captain he’s quite manly and cold..it will be interesting to see him falling for da jin coz he’s so cold and da jin so warm..i like the scenes between fluffy and penguin ahjusshi..its really cute..that scene was the funniest when dong soo took 2 suitcases with money i dint expect there would be coins there..haha!i wonder why dong soo’s father sells waste metal when he is so rich????can’t wait to see captain falling for da jin..

  222. 222 : KdramaLover~! Says:

    Lol. I can see so much hate comments here about Ku Hye Sun. I’m not really a big fan of KHS, but I beg to disagree that her laughter is annoying. It isn’t. It’s very contagious for me. Love this drama. The cast are great 🙂

  223. 223 : janine Says:

    there will be a kissing scene tom… can’t wait for it… i’m rooting for kang dong soo and han da jin… fighting goo hye sun!!!! ^_^

  224. 224 : dinaz Says:

    ep7&8:i dint expect mi joo to be captain’s sister..the old grandma’s story is really touching..hye sun has got such pretty eyes..i dint like that the captain held the other girl’s hand and dragged her out i wanted him and da jin..i m not sure if the captain likes dajin..still confusing.i guess he has feelings for his past lover..cnt wait for ep9&10 🙂

  225. 225 : janine Says:

    i think mi joo’s parents adopted captain kim yoon sung…

  226. 226 : minty Says:

    Hi guys,

    I didn’t mean that hye sun’s laughing was annoying….
    I have nothing against her.
    What I was trying to say was that she laughed TOO MUCH in this drama when it wasn’t the TIME for a laugh…
    If anyone knows what I mean???
    Sometimes I feel “what’ was that laugh for? Where was the funny part? Have I missed something?”.
    That’s what annoys me.
    She seemed to laugh before she said anything first…..
    I don’t know now because it annyos me so much I couldn’t continue watching….

  227. 227 : christine Says:

    though its the 1st time i am commenting but i have been following this drama from day 1….i think its an awesome drama and ku hye sun and ji jin hee are an awesome pair…….i hope they will end up together!

  228. 228 : janine Says:

    maybe it’s her way of brushing off awkwardness during embarassing moment. maybe it’s one way of showing optimism during difficult times.. every one has their own way of expressing themselves in different situations… ^_^

  229. 229 : janine Says:

    @christine i think ji jin hee is already married.. same with lee chun hee, he got married last year.

  230. 230 : christine Says:

    @janine yeah i know they are married…just this drama i hope ku hye sun n ji jin hee will end up together…lee chun hee more like a lovable playful big brother!!!

  231. 231 : Mic Says:

    I don’t understand, why does the vice president hate the captain that much? Did I miss something or they haven’t disclosed that yet?

  232. 232 : Jasmin Says:

    @Mic I think because the vice president’s wife left him and his daughter after the fire accident.

  233. 233 : janine Says:

    ost of this drama is good.. goo hye sun sang the third ost… very nice…

  234. 234 : KimSHStoleMyHeart Says:

    The ratings have gone down. Looks like viewers have fled to watch The Moon That Embraces The Sun 😉

  235. 235 : Yuniee Says:

    Why the rating be low***???
    What’s wrong…
    I hope PCap will be most ppular drama…

    I think Pcap’s rating be down cause pcap’s time same with saeguk drama…
    Korean people love the histrical story soo much…
    I believe PCap will booming in asia…
    I Love PCap soo much

    Goo Hye Sun dont hear what netizen said…
    The netizen just antis who jealous n envy with you…
    They cant do what you do…
    Goo Hye Sun must always happy…
    We support you forever…

    The netizen who critic Goo Hye Sun unfair…
    They just accuse Goo Hye sun, not see another reason…
    I hope Goo Hye Sun always spirit, not be down…

    Yes, that is unfair for Hye Sun
    Especially about Hye Sun’s expression
    I think her expression proper same cause her character n her face same too
    She have natural expression…

    I don’t care about rating n netizen’s comment…
    I love PCap…
    I love Goo Hye Sun’s acting…

  236. 236 : Yanna. Says:

    Hi everybody! Those negative articles are just too much for GHS. Her acting in Please Captain is much better than Hof19, BOF and TMU. Love this drama! So addicting!! 🙂

  237. 237 : dinaz Says:

    @yanna i agree with u i keep reading such negative articles about her.. being her fan it does feel bad but anti fans will be anti fans so don’t bother much and enjoy the show..
    she’s doing just too good for herself at this young age..i m proud being her fan.and i love pcap waiting for eng subs!and this week we get to see lee chun hee’s new sexy look..i m just eagerly waiting 4 eng subs to be out..
    and regarding her expressions i find it cute for a short haired girl she will definately behave that way when she gets angry..love hye sun..goodluck hyesun..as u can see u h

    as u can see u have many fans who loves u alot so dont bother about anti fans and negative remarks!!

  238. 238 : janine Says:

    Fighting goo hye sun… I liker her role here.. She’s more matured… And she is more aggressive… She knows what she wants….

  239. 239 : janine Says:

    fly high goo hye sun!!!

  240. 240 : dinaz Says:

    hello everyone pcap ep9 is out with eng subs..go check out! kimchidramas.com dramacrazy.com

  241. 241 : dinaz Says:

    ep 9 &10:love dong soo’s new look he looks cool and hot..i hated his curls before!i m confused if captain loves dajin coz he still has feelings for his ex..but dajin truly loves captain i m sure of that..i love fluffy and the way she explained the kiss to penguin ahjusshi..that was supercute!!and hye sun as alwaz i find her great i love her big innocent eyes!but manager is getting annoying..at first i had sympathy with her role but now i feel she is awful lady and mijoo too is annoying!love the scenes between captain and dajin..i like this couple!!

  242. 242 : janine Says:

    @dinaz i feel sorry for dong soo… i like him for han da jin… but she has already made her decision…. this is one character trait i like about han da jin, she is firm.

  243. 243 : christine Says:

    yeah gu hye sun..you have our support all the way. This is one of the best drama i have seen and gu hye sun’s acting is awesome and ji jin hee is a very good looking man especially at this age….. who cares about the ratings, i for one am not bother about the low ratings..this is a good drama…absoutely and recommend all to watch…

  244. 244 : dinaz Says:

    @janine i too feel bad 4 dong soo but i prefer captain more.but dong soo’s new look is totally hot..captain needs to be more open about his feelings i still dnt know whom he loves..

  245. 245 : janine Says:

    @dinaz am not so sure if he feels pity for han da jin…. Which is why i’m doubtful about han da jin-captain kim relationship. I like dong soo’s stlye of proposing his love toward han da jin…. Hehe…. I like his character also….. ^^

  246. 246 : ShineOn Says:

    totally understand and agreed, i have nothing personaly against her as well.
    I decide to give up this drama already, yes is basically due to her laughter.I used to like her a lot, what a pity. sorry

  247. 247 : Lee Says:

    Watched first episode n was totally amazed by d writers of the drama. If airlines had such flight attendants, i will never ever board a plane ever again…
    Too unrealistic, too irrational. Although these make up d juicy part of dramas n a drama will only work with such plot, but it vary too much from reality… to the extend that it’s annoying.

  248. 248 : ares Says:

    Watched episode 1.
    There’s nothing against d acting, the problem’s with the plot.
    No one simply stops in the middle of the cross road n texts his daughter without looking whether there are cars coming.
    Flight attendants do not freak out in front of passengers, they solve problems, not create more.

  249. 249 : katie Says:

    ares, you are totally correct. i gave up the first episode after she started laughing in the cockpit. if pilots are like that, i would be scared to fly. the story is also unrealistic.

  250. 250 : dinaz Says:

    @janine after seeing dong soo’s new look i m quite liking him hope i dont get confused like the musical liking both the leads till the end..hehe!hope captain will like dajin..it will be nice to see the jelousy in the triangle!! 🙂 and hope to see more of han sisters moments..i love them!

  251. 251 : janine Says:

    @dinaz yes, it is heart warming scene between the han sisters.. don’t worry, han da jin has a strong character compared to go eun bi (the musical). i look forward to episode 11 and 12. can’t believe this drama is already half way of it’s story.

  252. 252 : janine Says:

    @dinaz ku hye sun will be releasing a new song called “Marry me”, it is under the Documentary.. Have you heard her sing the 3rd ost of this drama? it is really good. Love her voice. All the ost in this drama is good.. highly recommended!!^_^ am looking forward to her taiwan drama Absolute Darling this april.. hope she gets more project. ^_^

  253. 253 : dinaz Says:

    @janine hi!yup its alrdy halfway.i m waiting 4 ep 11 n 12.i love this drama..i got to know so much about airlines and each episode shows a nice heartwarming story..i like fluffy alot too!
    ya i heard dat song its very nice.i like her voice!marry me is not the ost of pcap isn’t it.n like u i too m exited 4 absolute darling.jiro is cute..i guess ghs wil promote the drama aftr pcap ends..

  254. 254 : janine Says:

    @dinaz there will be a kissing scene between han da jin and captain kim… oh my!! i feel so sorry for dong soo…. after this drama, goo hye sun will also promote her “the peach tree”. will also go to russia (upon invitation for her “YOU” )

  255. 255 : Kim Nana Says:

    Love this drama! My new addiction for now! 🙂

  256. 256 : dinaz Says:

    @janine realy????omg cnt believe..wow now i m more exited to watch it.where did u see?any preview 4 ep11?plz send me site.i wud love to see the kiss between cold hearted captain n dajin.. 🙂
    Oh yes peach tree..i m so glad to be fan of supertalented hyesun..

  257. 257 : janine Says:

    @dinaz just saw the ep11 spoiler from korea.com

  258. 258 : roxyalso Says:

    Ignore the ratings and keep watching if you like it, I’m going to. I pretty much do what I want.

  259. 259 : janine Says:

    fighting Take Care of Us Captain!!!! ^^

  260. 260 : shoshlev Says:

    I enjoy every minute of watching this drama GOO HYE SUN does a great job as always and all the other players, the Main actor he’s manly and handsome.

  261. 261 : liana Says:

    OMG, the kissssss sooooo hottt lol

    PCap, Fighting!!!!

  262. 262 : Jasmin Says:

    That was a HOT KISS!!! I can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

  263. 263 : Ides Says:

    Not be patient to look PCap tonight…
    What will happen with captain Kim and HDJ ????

  264. 264 : christine Says:

    hi all! I have just finished watching episode 11 and its simply awesome………..the kissing scene between ha da jin and the captain was perfect…and ji jin hee is a very good kisser and i am sure ha da jin enjoyed it….hehehe i can’t wait for episode 12 and the rest of it…this drama is getting better and better and gu hye sun alias ha da jin is definitely a great actress……..cheers!

  265. 265 : janine Says:

    i agree this drama is getting better… pilot han da jin is getting better in being a pilot and their relationship with captain kim is getting better as well… hm… kang dong soo is getting more manly… i think han da jin is more comfortable with dong soo than captain kim, but it is captain kim who makes her heart warm… looking forward to more of this drama.. fighting PCap!!! ^^

  266. 266 : WhiteBlack Says:

    Really like like this drama. Finally capt.Kim kissed Han Da Jin, so sweet .. Don’t care about rating, i hope the rating will go up soon. Fighting PCAP

  267. 267 : dinaz Says:

    @janine the kiss u mentioned is becoming quite a ho topic now!!i cant wait to watch it!!but damn my internet giving problems again..hope it will get better by the time eng subs are out!
    good to see all positive responses for this drama!!

  268. 268 : rosalind Says:

    surprised at the low ratings because i actually enjoy watching it.. Intially it appears boring but after 30 mins of watching, i just wanted to carry on. Opps not to forget to mention its OST.. its just a nice sweet song.

  269. 269 : petty vie Says:

    Ups…wow,cant hardly wait these movie [email protected] do love mr.ji-jin-hee..the way his act..deeply great caracter.i do collect dvd movies korea drama,love u all

  270. 270 : engga Says:

    fighting Take Care of Us, Captain ^^

  271. 271 : Septi Says:

    Captain Kim is soo cool
    He not change to HDJ, eventhough he kissed her.

    I want to watch PCap as soon as posible….

  272. 272 : janine Says:

    i heart goes for kang dong soo… he is so nice to be hurt…. feel sorry for him….

  273. 273 : Septi Says:

    Kang Dong Soo is enjoyable man…
    But, it seem that HDJ more like captain Kim…

  274. 274 : Ides Says:

    How quiet in this page…
    Where is PCap’s fans???
    Lets take comment about HDJ if she know that Captain Kim related to her mom death…

  275. 275 : dinaz Says:

    @Ides here i m one of pcap fans 🙂 but i dint get to watch ep 11 n 12 its really bugging me..i really wanna see the kiss between han da jin and captain!!till ep 10 she dosen’t know anything about captain’s involvement in the accident..m waiting for dramacrazy to upload it!!

  276. 276 : Jen Says:

    @dinaz you could watch this drama with subtitles on viki.com. I love that website. 🙂

  277. 277 : janine Says:

    hm.. i think han da jin will take some time before she can finally realize that it is all an accident and captain kim (even choi ji won) had a hard time after that accident. they struggle to be best at their profession. time and experience will help han da jin forgive captain kim as well as choi ji won in her mom’s death. i just hope that fluffy will remain healthy despite her condition because it will be a very big blow to han da jin if something bad happens to her. during the hard time of han da jin (if she discover that captain kim is related to her mom’s death) I am sure that kang dong soo will be right beside her.. ^^

  278. 278 : sunny koo Says:

    i love this drama so much,,coz Ku Hye Sun and this story drama
    PCAP The Best Korean Drama of 2012
    Ku Hye Sun youre the best star

  279. 279 : Jen Says:

    @ sunny koo I totally agree with you. PCAP is the best drama of 2012!!

  280. 280 : dinaz Says:

    @jen i hate viki coz its disabled in my country..i m so irritated i realy wanna watch it.hope its uploaded by 2day!

  281. 281 : janine Says:

    Like this drama… Goo hye sun has grown up in this drama!

  282. 282 : lexis Says:

    This drama is so good that it’s sad it’s not doing better with the ratings. Such a superb cast. Koo Hye Sun has matured a lot in her style, no more over the top acting to appear cute. She’s subtle, understated and quietly effective. Ji Jin Hee is so yummy that he gives the other much younger leading actors a run for their money. And Yoo Sun, she is so good that I find myself wanting to punch her in the face with a gleeful smile on mine.

  283. 283 : janine Says:

    @Lexis i agree.. Goo hye sun acting here is really nice… Just sad that many don’t realize it…. I just hope she won’t be affected by those harsh criticisms… Keep it up and fly high goo hye sun….. ^^

  284. 284 : dinaz Says:

    ah finally i got to watch ep11 it was the most exiting episode..i loved captain and fluffy moments.it was supercute!!the shrimps looked so tasty now i want to eat shrimps too..hehe! fluffy’s smile and eyes are so cute..she’s really a cutie.. hope dajin will forgive ji won too coz she is badly mistreated..i feel bad 4 her too..omg the kiss was really good..glad to see such a kiss in hye sun drama.. 🙂
    @lexis and janine let us all support her.antifans will be antifans no matter how good she is..

  285. 285 : charsui Says:

    is Han Da Jin’s sister (Fluffy) , the little girl who kissed Kim Hyun Joong ?

  286. 286 : 442park Says:

    hmmmm…. i still watched cause there is ji jin hee ahjussi -_- if there is not. i dont want to watch…

  287. 287 : lexis Says:

    Episode 12! Fantastic. I never wanted it to end. Another week to endure until the subbed 13 and 14 come out. Waiting sucks.

  288. 288 : janine Says:

    finish watching ep13 (raw).. it has many light and funny moments… like it… ^^ waiting for the sub…. ^^

  289. 289 : janine Says:

    there is a sad part,dong soo is broken hearted……

  290. 290 : Jasmin Says:

    Last night was such a cute episode. Love it!

  291. 291 : janine Says:

    i finally get to see captain kim smiling in this episode. although deep in his mind he is worried about the future of their relationship, at least he was bold enough to admit/confess his true feelings to han da jin. kang dong soo is such a gentleman.. i like his character here. he is very caring towards han da jin.

  292. 292 : Mic Says:

    Now that’s one scene I don’t care if it’s close to reality or not….Don’t we girls all want a proposal like that? 😉

  293. 293 : dinaz Says:

    watched ep12 just now..aww my heart went out to kang dong soo..soooo sad 4 him.this is the first time i liked dong soo..i wish there was another girl in the drama too but all the girls seem to love the hot captain 🙂 it was nice to hear “minho ” from hyesun’s mouth..oh i still love minsun alot so the moment she said minho my heart skipped a beat..hehe! can’t wait 4 ep 13 n 14.although there are recaps everywhere i won’t read them i will wait to watch it myself..
    eng subs early plzz subbers!

  294. 294 : vallieya Says:

    superRRRRRR HOT!!!

  295. 295 : ViVi Says:

    I agree with Minty & OK OK OK on Koo Hye Sun’s laughter, not only it came out too often at non-appropriate time and sounded fake from the throat, her way of acting cool is just so not convincing. She reminds me of another actress Kim Sun Ah, whose voice sometimes get out of pitch and style can be unrefined at times that really turn people off. Simply a personal comment. Sorry.

  296. 296 : vallieya Says:

    you guysssssssssss….please help me what the best korean drama beside this drama… I’m really boring waiting the next episode for this drama.

  297. 297 : lexis Says:

    A bit frustrating that subbed episodes for this week from other dramas that are shown on the same slot as Take Care of Us have already been released, but this one which is a favorite – the episodes are still pending. It’s the weekend and I want to see the freaking “proposal” already!

  298. 298 : torri Says:

    i like the story line of this drama , i think the captain and the fight hostest have suffered enough already for some thing that happened 7 years ago , the guilt alone that the fight hostest feels can give her a heart illness, i mean it still eats her up for the mistake she did and i feel so bad for her when every one at the office fines out what she did in the past , but then again i cant help my self but blame her too if only she had taken the pregnant woman to bathroom instead of talking to a hot guy and if only she had said something soon enough when she found out the woman was bleeding, but i guess, that just to show us the little things we do can cause great harm , i realy want her to fine peace and forgiveness, i hope she gets it at the end , as for han da jin like always her kissing scenes just robe me the wrong way . first i realy dont see the on screne chemisty, the kiss between her and captain was a night mare , i mean the guy was ok he was at least moving his lips but han da jin like always is motionless, and cold in her kissing she never makes me wish i was in her place when it comes to kissing scene as a viewer, , i mean when we all watch romantice drama and kissing scenes or romantics scenes come up we all which we are the girl the guy is romancing , but this actress never in her romantic scene gives me that feeling , she is way tooo cold .she needs to expreience realy romance in real life so she can put some of that in her drama , am sorry to says this guys, but i think han dan jin , knows nothing about realy romance , well all the same , her acting here is not bad , but please writers keep han da ji from romantice scence, is just to sad to watch , i actualy forwarded, the part captain was kissing her , it was hard to watch she was just standing there motionless her lips did not move ,her hands did not move ,

  299. 299 : ViVi Says:

    Personally, I think Yoon Eun Hye fits best the role of Han Da Jin, remember her in Coffee Prince, not all actresses can play a cool boyish style so well like her, acceptable & likable 🙂 As for Koo Hye Sun, she was good only in the first half of Pure 19, after which even in Boys Before Flowers, couldn’t see any charm of her (except her big innocent eyes) that was powerful enough to attract the male leads (if you did notice her then short sturdy thighs).. Though, I do admire her talent in real life, that’s all about her.

  300. 300 : Venus Says:

    I Agree koo’s some of thing need improve but I see her is grown up, improve in this drama. May be she need change stylish, every drama look like the same so that make people confuse but it is not her fault. I always support Koo’s, don’t give up…Fighting ^_^

  301. 301 : Namja that make me confuse | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] Lagi yang buat aku confuse dua-dua rupanya berlakon dalam Dr. Champ. Now aku tahu dah. Jung Gyu Woon berlakon Romance Town, Sign, Salaryman, Take Care Of Us Captain. […]

  302. 302 : shoshlev Says:

    I really love this drama and I am looking forward to every episode and I recently quit refer to the Korean ratings but unfortunately it affects the players.

  303. 303 : Mystisith Says:

    Seen ep 13 : Now they are playing the card of the young guy
    ( flower boy ? ) who falls for his noona heroine. It’s cute, but it really feels artificial in the story. And now we have a love rectangle : Poor Dong Soo is here to decorate. Weird.
    They are really trying anything they can to curb the ratings, and it feels like a panic rewriting attempt.
    Quick, the end for this misery. And let everyone go to their next hopefully better projects.

  304. 304 : dinaz Says:

    watched ep13 it was really cute..finally captain confessed to dajin but poor dong soo he just cant seem to understand the situation..and that proposal omg it was so sweet..any girl would flattered.. 🙂 and fluffy is cute as always hope to see her in more dramas..

  305. 305 : armin Says:

    ost @ wallpaper Where?

  306. 306 : Sabrina Says:


  307. 307 : lexis Says:

    Wow, I think the subbers have all taken a (probably much needed) vacation. Episode 15 and 16 are about to come out and 14 is still currently “unsubbed”. Harsh.

  308. 308 : dinaz Says:

    @lexis agree with u.i m pissed too there is no ep14 to be found on any wesite whereas for the other 2 dramas it was out on the 3rd day itself..too mean.. 🙁

  309. 309 : janine Says:

    I agree… Same thing happened with The Musical….. Ep15 & 16 is the pesk of this drama… The story of the past will unfold…. I think goo hye sun is doing a good job in portraying han da jin…. Hope to see her challenge a more mature role in her next drama… Fly high goo hye sun.!!! Fly high Pcap!!!

  310. 310 : lexis Says:

    @dinaz, unless the subbers pull an all-nighter and release 14-16 within this week we are soooo going to be left behind on the story.

  311. 311 : lexis Says:

    Yeah. It’s going to be ending soon and I don’t want to READ all about han da jin’s reaction when she learned of the captain’s role in death of her mother!

  312. 312 : dinaz Says:

    @lexis ure so rite i m really mad about this..coz i see the other dramas getting subbed immediately..and i don’t like reading recaps too i like to watch it myself..dats y i m more annoyed..and something happens to fluffy too..ah these subbers are good in making us angry!

  313. 313 : janine Says:

    Belated happy birthday lee chun hee

  314. 314 : mandika Says:

    make it available @ INDONESIA please….

  315. 315 : hny Says:

    waiting for subs…bt ..bt(totaly boring)..!! why so long
    I loved Hye sun act in this drama …Gum Jan Di (BBF) you back!!..N Mr Ji Jin Hee you so so awsome…interesting ..you guys good job..

  316. 316 : janine Says:

    Really like han da jin…. her character is really nice…. Also kang dong soo, there is no single moment that he disappoint me…..

  317. 317 : Venus Says:

    Love the drama so much, I hope they don’t care the rating..They are all the best..love koo’s..

  318. 318 : nancy Says:


    나도 그 생각해! Totally agreed with you.

  319. 319 : any Says:

    best drama ever

  320. 320 : lexis Says:

    C’mon Subbers, play the heroes for us international followers of this drama. Don’t make us wait for more days than what’s expected. Put on those thinking caps, grab those Korean-English dictionaries and start translating please. Just a few more episodes left…

  321. 321 : julyana Says:

    the best korean drama 2012…
    beautiful story,!

    Please take care of Us captain, fighting!!!

  322. 322 : Puni Says:

    Its a great drama..
    And SUBBERS..please put on your GENIUS cap and help us..
    Im scared to see episode 17 but still cant wait to watch it…

  323. 323 : drmjs Says:

    Can somebody please confirm…there will be no episode shown on wed???

  324. 324 : Jackquiline B. Salvador Says:

    so much excited everytime ‘d episode come out..even there’s no sub in english i kinda relate wd ‘der action ha ha ha so much addicted wd ‘dis drama

  325. 325 : janine Says:

    Am afraid for ep17….

  326. 326 : zuhailie Says:

    where`s the best place to watch take care of us, captain drama, anyone?

  327. 327 : mun Says:

    zuhailie:i would suggest you dramacrazy.net and kimchidrama..they were subbing it fastly

  328. 328 : lexis Says:

    Finally, episode 14 and 15! Thank you so much for the Subbers, for providing such a valuable service for us regularly. One more episode pretty please then we will have caught up with our Korean-speaking fellow viewers. Thanks again. 😀

  329. 329 : tety Says:

    hi everyone.. can you tell me about this drama.. is this qiute good 4 watching? i still consider to buy dvd or not.. 😀 😀

  330. 330 : dinaz Says:

    ep14: finally subbers woke up to sub this ep..but it was so sweet its nice to see the captain all sweet and smiling in love..loved dajin’s speech as the teacher..as goo hye sun said this drama is so full of hope it actually is..it inspires me all the time.it tells us not to ever give lose hope even though there are mountains of troubles near u..i dont care about the ratings coz its really funny that the most terrible dramas in the past i have seen have done so well yet please captain is getting low ratings..love PCAP..goo hye sun keep up the good work and keep inspiring us with your work i will always support u!!

  331. 331 : dinaz Says:

    @tety if u go by ratings u will be misleading..buy the copy and u will know its a great drama..

  332. 332 : vbs Says:

    zero chemistry between the leads and he is to old for her,i like both actors but not together..

  333. 333 : Puni Says:

    Love to see Captain Kim smile when he was with Han Da Jin. Great chemistry. Hope there is no twist..

  334. 334 : tety Says:

    @dinaz; thanks , ive decide to buy it tomorrow…i luv Ji Jin hee alot 🙂

  335. 335 : lexis Says:

    To the Subbers, you really did it. Quite impressive.
    For episode 16, Thank You!

  336. 336 : dinaz Says:

    @tety ure welcome..but u need to wait for the drama to end so that they make the dvd copy..newaz when u get do enjoy it..ji jin hee is very manly i must say!!this is the 1st time i m watching his drama he’s quite good.

  337. 337 : shalimar Says:

    the great drama in 2012
    i love they chemistry, han da jin and captain Kim
    i Love scene of Han sister too

    i dont care about rating, really its incredible drama…
    Please take care of us Captain, fighting!!!!!

  338. 338 : www Says:

    love the drama..i wonder is there anything wrong with the rating..so far the best drama for 2012…

  339. 339 : hny Says:

    Hi guys…
    I can’t wait for eps 17..I realy like this drama n also the song.
    can anyone inform me about the title of the song from last eps 16..couse I can’t find it !!!

  340. 340 : kd-fan Says:

    Can’t wait for ep 17 – preview shows still some more sweet stuff going for the two of them. Am ignoring the ratings. I agree – there some dramas that are very high rated (more cos of the popular actor/ss) but the storyline just wierd. Agree with Dinaz – tho ji jin hee looks good smiling but i just love when he’s all serious looking – MANLY. Don’t u just love seeing walking proudly straight with that sad/serious face, in the last part???

  341. 341 : Ash shikin Says:

    love both of them….<3

  342. 342 : asti Says:

    loove this drama,and i hate i’ve just watch this drama online when my internet connection is like super slow.. -__- i’m sensing there’s going to be a twist,but hopefully the writers are good enough to give us happy ending huhuhu T____T really love da jin and seon young together ^^ *doong so and ji won move aside please* :p

  343. 343 : asti Says:

    ups typo i meant yoon sung and da jin -________-;;

  344. 344 : sam Says:

    only watched the first 2 epidsodes and can’t keep watching. no wonder why the ratings are so low for this drama. i love the main actor that’s why i wanted to watch this in the first place. but the script was just too much. i mean, if any airline or any country gives someone like the main actress the license to pilot a plane, i would definitely not even fly to that country. disaster waiting to happen. of course it’d be more dramatic to have a stupid, stubborn, and good for nothing pilot but the extremity they made her is just out of this world. and the thing with the radio not working due to the coffee spill at the airport control tower, that’s just insane. planes would be dropping like flies if that happens. even the crappiest airport would be better than that, let alone large international airport like incheon. if it’s that easy to ruin the circuit boards, probably strict policy would be enforced to bring any liquid into the control room. and none of these people who endanger the lives of hundreds or thousands of people are being fired or suspended. the scriptwriter should really go home and write stuff for her own enjoyment only. too simple minded unless she thinks the audience are all idiot like herself.

  345. 345 : Mystisith Says:

    @ sam 344 : Totally agree. They had the choice :
    1) Realistic approach, and then do this right. With the help of a counselor if you need one.
    2) Fantasy approach : And then don’t try to fool us with “i show you this, i swear it happens in real life !”
    My feeling is that this writer doesn’t know a thing about planes or airline companies or airport management. Then maybe she shouldn’t have chosen that professional background for her story. And the two leads are just so stiff in the cockpit scenes, like they don’t want to touch or break something or do a mistake : Basically they don’t know what they are doing. As a pilot myself, it makes me cringe. Add the very bad English of GHS when she talks to the Control Tower and we are done.
    I honestly keep on watching to make fun of the idiotic moments (i know, it’s sad and mean but i can resist) and because of some secondary characters : The little girl Fluffy that i could put in my pocket, and Dong Soo who’s the cutest guy on earth.

  346. 346 : dinaz Says:

    @mystisith its your wish 2 say whatever u feel about this drama.cz everyone has their own opinions..just 1 point lee chun hee’s english is more horrible than hye sun.but as usual goo hye sun is the only one noticed.there was another person who worked in airlines wrote wonderful things about this drama..i don’t know much about airlines but i love this drama..don’t mind my interference!!
    @hny i saw a song by j walk i guess thats the one ure searching for.
    @kd-fan me too like him more when he’s serious..

  347. 347 : Naughty Says:

    if you want ,you can to go kimchidrama,this is a good page for watch korean drama.

  348. 348 : janine Says:

    @dinaz i feel sorry for goo hye sun everytime i read negative comments about her…. but then, i am happy that she has fans that believe in her and in her talents!!!! I am proud to be one of them! I look forward to her upcoming projects and news about her…. Last feb26 i saw her picture with daniel choi…. I missed their chemistry in The Musical. Hope to see them together again…. ^^

  349. 349 : apt Says:

    @ sam it’s called artistic license.

    “Simply put, artistic license means an artist is accorded leeway in his or her interpretation of something, and is not held strictly accountable for accuracy. Writers of fiction are allowed to take all sorts of liberties with fact, in the interest of crafting a good story. It should go without saying that “fiction” is the operative word here.”

    What a viewer does is suspend their disbelief in the interest of finding out what story the writer wants to impart. Otherwise movies like Snakes on the plane, Air Force One, or even The Airport series wouldn’t have raked millions at the box office worldwide.

    @ Mystisith It’s not a person’s fault if the language she grew up in makes it difficult for her to properly pronounce other languages like French or German or Italian (why does it have to be just English?). Communication is the key. You give the proper information and that’s it. After all Goo Hye Sun is playing the role of a Korean pilot, not an American one.

  350. 350 : Carpenter's Daughter Says:

    @apt First of all, I confess that I only watch this drama on and off. Secondly, I was just browsing through the pages of this website and stumbled upon this. I am glad I did and I applaud your comments. I noticed that too many people try to dissect almost everything in a drama from a to z, sometimes up to a ridiculous level. I’m not saying they are wrong because they are what you call the critics. But reading through some of the comments in other pages as well, I think they become over enthusiastic and forget about this artistic license and that it is only fiction, a drama, an entertainment. Dramas are made to entertain and no drama is perfect in every way and not one drama can please everyone. Portrayals, settings etc should be relatively realistic but then again the level of acceptance differs from one person to another. I watch my dramas with a pinch of salt, so long as plot, acting and story is good, anything else is a bonus.

  351. 351 : hny Says:

    Thanks a lot for the info..love u!!!!

  352. 352 : dinaz Says:

    @hny ure welcome dear!
    @janine i feel bad too..criticisms are alwaz there be it her laugh,acting,kiss,english and many more..but this lady dosen’t bother at all..i admire this about her..newaz i will alwaz support her she is an inspiration to all and her drama inspires us too..i too saw that pic of daniel and her they look so cute together glad that they keep in touch..i love their chemistry!!
    @apt and carpenter’s daughter very well said!

  353. 353 : Mystisith Says:

    @apt, dinaz, Carpenter’s daughter : I perfectly understand what kind of story the writer is trying to sell us : A young woman who grows up professionally and emotionally, and who overcomes hardships in order to become someone. Problem is : i can’t connect to the characters because the setting is badly done. My point of view is that the drama should have started with Han Da Jin as a rookie taking her first flight lessons, or her first english lessons. It could even have been a way to introduce funny scenes (believe me, flight teachers have a lot of imagination when it comes to educate their students). We would have been more sympathetic to her journey, and we would have learnt things along with her. Here they are trying to make us swallow she is already a certified pilot (or copilot, but it’s the same aboard a plane : Only the paycheck differs). I’m not English native speaker, i’m french. But i had to check the subs to understand the Control Tower discussions. So the communication is failed. She’s supposed to fly on International lines ( Tokyo, England or Australia if i remember correctly ), not only Seoul-Jeju. In Europe she just wouldn’t even be allowed to fly a plane full of passengers with such a level of English.
    Strangely, the all part about stewardesses is much more convincing. The examples of incidents are spot on, and you can see that indeed it’s a tough job to deal with all those unreasonable / troublesome passengers. And no, that’s not the job of the pilot to do so.
    Try to see things from another point of view : Imagine a drama with a model who couldn’t walk correctly on a stage, or a story about a professional horse rider who would feel shy around horses. Or a cuisine Chef not handling properly a pan. Silly right ? That’s how i feel.
    On the other hand, Korea produces cop shows and you would swear guys have held a gun all their life. Idem for medical dramas : They learn how to do stitches for ex, the procedures of disinfection before entering the operating room and honestly they fool me. Why it’s not the case here ? Because the script is not adapted to the cast (or the other way around), and because the cast didn’t had the time to study their parts. It’s obvious. And here i blame the producers.
    It’s not a personal attack. It’s just that i can’t take the story seriously, because of my personal background, and because i have seen so many dramas by now that i have minimum standards. I had high expectations for this show and i’m disappointed, that’s all.
    As they say, for each his own. And if you enjoy the ride, then i’m glad for you.
    -End of transmission. Back to dramas !

  354. 354 : janine Says:

    @dinaz yes, i am glad that she is a strong lady despite of all the things thrown to her… keep your head high Goo hye sun!!!! Fighting!

  355. 355 : sam Says:

    @Mystisith: completely agree with what ur saying. very objective analysis. i think even for people with no background in airline etc like me, just base on common sense, a lot of the plot doesn’t make any sense.

    @apt, dinaz, Carpenter’s daughter: um… artistic license… well yes like in harry potter, the whole story is obviously based on an imagined world but you don’t see people saying this doesn’t make sense and that doesn’t make sense. why? not because it’s a hollywood production. because based on the assumption of an imagined world, the story is logical. however, this drama, even though based on a profession that we all have some contact with and have some common sense about, is totally illogical at many points. these are called PLOT HOLES rather than artistic license. the reason why art is universal is coz art is basically about human and human nature. we all experience it. there are many points in this drama where human nature is totally ignored–for example, after HDJ made the almost fatal mistake of the altitude of the flight which almost killed hundreds of people, with the exception of psychopaths, most of us would feel remorse more than anything. HDJ didn’t show any remorse and afraid for the lives of the passengers but only anger towards the person who supposedly caused her mom’s death. anyone with a conscience or on a job with responsibility like a pilot would have blamed themselves first for such a big incident. of course again it makes absolutely no sense that no disciplinary action was taken against and she had the guts to go all crazy and refuse to fly with the stewardess. just totally doesn’t make any sense unless the character is supposed to be a psychopath.

    i must confess i’m not a big fan of HS and her acting. but my comments really have nothing to do with that coz it’s about the script being garbage. even the best actors/actresses wouldn’t be able to do much about it.

  356. 356 : sabrina Says:

    whatever they say, I’m enjoying this drama …. kekekekek

    Yes, this is just drama …
    logical or illogical, while spectators enjoyed it. …
    I think it doesn’t matter, it is sometimes more hollywood movies does not make sense anymore
    However, the audience enjoyed …

    goo hye sun, fighting!!!
    English Kang Dong so more ugly in your trust, but you are becoming the main topic …
    they are really care to you,!
    congratulations, you’ve made it!

    Sorry if my english so bad ~~~ kekekekekeke

  357. 357 : apt Says:

    @ dinaz,

    Thanks for appreciating.

    @ Carpenter’s Daughter

    I had fun reading your take on dramas in general. I myself am fairly new in the “drama scene”. I was bored with the ones I regularly watched and was channel surfing when I stumbled upon a rerun of this old Korean drama titled Coffee Prince, I enjoyed it so much I had to find a dvd copy of the series. I followed it up with Winter Sonata and I was hooked. There’s something about Asian dramas that’s different from western ones. Its lightness, innocence, and sometimes even its predictability offer its own irresistible appeal. Not to mention watching all those beautiful, talented people and enjoying the theme songs that curiously, a person can find so moving even without understanding a single word of the lyrics.

    But as you have mentioned not one drama can please everyone. You have to choose wisely. The process of selecting shouldn’t be hard. If you like it, stick with it, if not then pick another one. Why invest your time, effort, and electricity on something that you loathe? Fortunately there a lot to choose from, and when you find the right drama – one that tickles your fancy, it’s a fun ride all the way.

  358. 358 : apt Says:

    @ sam

    It’s odd that of several examples of films involving airplanes that have been mentioned in my comment, and those were specifically chosen to display more outrageous plots that happened on planes which is basically the topic of discussion, like:

    -snakes being brought inside the plane and setting them loose to massacre the passengers

    -or the president of the US being held hostage in an airplane and had to be rescued by tying a cable on one plane to another – on air – and have the president together with the rest of the hostages Slide through that cable to get to the other plane. Need I point out how “illogical” this scenario is? Suffice it to say that the professional stuntman that that tried it almost died in the process.

    -or the incredible incidents of passengers on their travel from one country to the next in The Airport series. (Again I have to reiterate that all of these films grossed millions in the box office all over the world which means that at the very least millions of people paid to see the movies.)

    You however, picked one that has nothing to do at all with aviation. Unless maybe you’re thinking of Harry, Ron, and Hermione riding in broomsticks playing Quidditch.

    Artistic License applies to all the artists of the world. You can’t allow one to use it and deprive another just because you think his “plot is illogical”. That’s discrimination. It is there to encourage every artists to free themselves of the boundaries of logic, science, and rules made by man – to be as outrageous as they want to be just so they can amaze the world with the richness of their imagination. Just so they can, hopefully, show wonders the world has yet to see.

    Because all artists are special people – writers, sculptors, painters, inventors etc. They entertain, they inspire, they challenge, they make the world more colorful, more fun to live in. And you calling one of them an idiot together with all the audience that finds “enjoyment” in his or her work is totally unfounded.

  359. 359 : apt Says:

    @ sabrina

    We understand exactly what your sentiments are. So your English is not bad at all.

  360. 360 : dinaz Says:

    @janine let me cheer her with u..goo hye sun FIGHTING!!
    I am totally sick of pcap haters..i left visiting a popular website coz of hye sun haters there there is a limit to everything..but i just love this website alot coz this is the 1st website i encountered when i fell for korean dramas and lee min ho so i better ignore all these things orelse i will keep feeling bitter..and i love commenting on this website and i want to continue doing that.. 🙂
    @sabrina i dint mean to insult lee chun hee’s english he is korean and i love koreans alot..i was just comparing their english..it dosent matter whether your english is good or not..by the way its quite good.
    @apt agree with u asian dramas are really wonderful..there is definately a feel good factor about it..its innocence and sweetness incomparable 🙂

  361. 361 : sabrina Says:

    [email protected] I mean, in this drama a lot of players that their English is not too good but goo hye sun only which became the main topic

    I was a little surprised …
    Kang dong soo just the only example 🙂 hehehe

  362. 362 : janine Says:

    @apt hats off to you…. You just explained it very well…. This drama is being pin downed by many which i find unfair… Lots of us have our own choices, i think it is unnecessary to splash cold water on this drama when there are audience who are enjoying it… Am glad that you explain it explicitly that writers have their own free will as to how they write their stories while it is the option of the audience on how they digest the story… That’s all…

    @dinaz let us encourage goo hye sun with the word Fighting!!! ^^

  363. 363 : apt Says:

    @ janine

    Thanks for taking the time to read such a lengthy post. And I think you’ve summarized the point in one sentence…

  364. 364 : dinaz Says:

    ep 15:aww dong soo and fluffy scenes were so cute..Dr fluffy is supercute and Dr fluffy gives a candy too after a shot..hehe!aww i wish i had a little sister like her..lee chun he seems very good with kids since he is a daddy too..i loved those scenes the most.hye sun looks supercute like a little bunny in those big muffler..
    mijoo is scary wonder what she will do to da jin.i m hoping dajin will forgive ji won and captain..

  365. 365 : hny Says:

    ep 17….did you guys already watched!!!…couse at Dramacrazy.net stil Raw!!! BTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT…

  366. 366 : elviejo Says:

    I watched over 50 dramas of all types!
    some out there!!! are koreans really that intense
    and romantic?

    you can can say i am an addict. love these dramas.
    i a retired person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  367. 367 : marie Says:

    I agree with what janine says . . . . go go go Goo Hye Sun . . . your a multi talented person . . . the more they criticize you the more it shows that your a great person . . .

  368. 368 : dinaz Says:

    @hny ep17 is out..
    @elviejo u will enjoy watching korean dramas..start off with the good ones i m sure u will love them..

  369. 369 : KDaddict Says:

    Just reading the comments on this page, it is obvious that some ppl want what they watch to be logical, while others will love everything abt a drama in which their idol appears, n will vehemently disagree w ppl who watch w a critical eye. It is a dichotomy that appears often on these threads. These r two kinds of viewers. One train goes east; one train goes west, n never the trains shall meet.

  370. 370 : janine Says:

    most kdramas, now a days, are combination of ideal and real life situation(circumstances)… some are accepted by the audiences because it suits their taste while others dislike it because it does not suit them….

  371. 371 : janine Says:

    Hope to see goo hye sun in rom com series soon… ^^

  372. 372 : apt Says:

    @ KDaddict

    Couldn’t have agreed more. It would have been incredibly abnormal to have a thread where the comments posted were all praises and positive ravings. And for some perennial lurkers it would have been just another normal visit, reading people’s likes and dislikes. Were it not for the idea that a person can just hurl insults even to the people just having fun enjoying the show. Even to an occasional viewer of the said show, just staying mum and accepting the insult would have been lame. Nor would it have made any difference to just cry foul or comment on the insult being uncalled for.

  373. 373 : Xuan from Vietnam Says:

    Thank you so much for the info. Today and tomorrow I can watch 3 Ep of my favorite Korean drama in 2012.
    Thanks to this drama, I decide to learn Korean language for understanding myself the Korean drama. Maybe this drama doesn’t have a high level rating as The Moon embarrassed the Sun but it give me the deep passion.
    I will learn Korean language and come to visit Korea one day.
    Thank you so much

  374. 374 : toh quan ming Says:

    now it is showing on ONE channel under starhub channel 823 and i find that it is interesting and nice to watch, and the same time i will be learning korean language when i am watching this korean drama.

  375. 375 : Xuan from Vietnam Says:

    The drama has a very happy ending, thank you so much. A beautiful drama, I review this drama everyday and even I don’t know the Korean language, I learn by heart some simple conversation.
    Thank you Koo Hye Sun and Ji Jin Hee for the success of Han Da Jin and Kim Yoon Sung. I’m sure that your names in Korean language will be the firsts private Korean names I’m going to learn.
    Thank you for 10 weeks of waiting for each episode, I don’t forget the night of 29 Feb while the 17th Ep was canceled, I reached the info in every web I know and I was incapable to understand the note on Korean language…
    Thank you for all of you: Director, Screenwriter, Actors, Actress…and a beautiful drama in 2012. Fighting for the new one!

  376. 376 : christine Says:

    I have just finish watching the finale…infact I skipped episode 19 as I really wanted to know what happen to our beloved captain and Han Da Jin….I am so happy that the drama ended beautifully.

    Ku hye sun and Ji Jin Hee…I love your performance. Both of you are simply awesome…Fighting PCAP!!!

    Forget about the ratings, both of you and also the rest of the team did very well…BEST DRAMA so far…..

  377. 377 : han da jin Says:

    I have been watching the end of this drama …
    It’s the end of a truly satisfactory I think …
    where they finally forgiven and be happy…

    This drama is completely different, not only tells the main character
    but it also tells of the lives of others that make me touched

    at first captain kim really suffer when he realized handajin would never again turned to him
    but, in the end love trumps everything-sundry
    I love the end. …
    handajin to become a pilot in accordance with her dream, and live happily with the Captain and of course with Pposong ^ ^

    This drama is the best drama in 2012
    of course, the rating does not describe the play that’s good or bad
    to me, this drama is really amazing ….


  378. 378 : Go Hye Sun Says:

    OMG . . . . . .
    I like the Couple !!!!!!!!!!!
    Go hye sun and Ji Jin Hee ~ i’m your FANS !!!!!
    I like They, and they play together! >x<
    I think this is The Best drama 2012-2020 . . . . . HiHi~
    But, why only has 20 episodes ?? i want 50 or 60 episodes !!
    I will wait your Next Dramas, GHS and JJH !
    I love They So Much !!!!!!

  379. 379 : Hoang Tran Says:

    I love it, thank director!!! It make me fun and to help me to see clearly about responsibility of people who work in aviation. I want to fly….I am waiting next episode in Vietnam.

  380. 380 : marj Says:

    please upload the next episode of the “take care us captain” please… i want to watch the whole episode..

  381. 381 : peyutnduy Says:

    i don’t know why but i prefer da jin with dong soo and yoon sung with ji won. i was touched by dong soo’s generous and pure-hearted attention to da jin. too bad his was an unrequited love.

  382. 382 : kd-fan Says:

    Finally its the end (can’t wait for the eng sub) – glad it turned out well altho i honestly wish we could see more sweet moments. Seems everybody is happy; and all into one episode. Despite all the negative things said; looked like the ratings picked up in episode in episode 18 (from 6.3) and epi 19! Shows there are some who really wants to know DJ’s reaction etc.
    @peyutnduy : Hehe. Am opposite of you; I was worried in the beginning that DJ end up with D Soo. But by half way thru – it really look that Y Sung is her chosen one, i carried on watching. FYI, I didn’t continue watching Baby-Faced beauty when the heroine chose danial choi. I prefer my hero – the strong, silent, confident & manly (dinaz, wouldn’t u agree). Haha

    I admit that there are some illogical plots but these dramas are fictional and meant to entertain. If it doesn’t please u, then you move on. Rather than dampen other fans; keep your opinions to yourself (even if you watched for the sake of “entertainment” for the idiotic plot). But then again, u admitted that you were somehow entertained.

    I am also in the aviation industry (not a pilot tho); and definitely the officer/Mi Joo’s action to take away DJ’s notebook with the Jeppesen chart is definitely wrong – thats also endangering lives for some jealousy.
    Glad that DJ was able to use that on MJ in episode 19. And no one should “harass” a pilot before his flight as this may affect his performance. But as the writer chooses to make everyone happy – then so shall we fans accept as such. So sad, am going to miss ji jin hee (unless i re-run)

  383. 383 : mania Says:

    Actually in Korea , captain fans didn’t like ji jin hee love line. Because they didn’t good chemistry.
    So many people prefer dajin with dong soo.

  384. 384 : Puni Says:

    DJ & dong soo, is great only as a friend, not more than that. The romance between DA JIN & YOON SUNG is more lovely… Im sure a lot of fans out there like this couple…JI JIN HEE KU HYE SUN…romantic, cute couple

  385. 385 : ivy Says:

    best korean drama for 2012! 🙂 you’re the best ji jin hee!

  386. 386 : erafi Says:

    where can I get the song in mp3 ? thx..

  387. 387 : dinaz Says:

    after my holidays now i feel there are lots to catch up..i m so glad to see the ratings go up..even hye sun got good reviews atlast..i m happy.. 🙂
    @kd-fan i like the the type of men u described but i like daniel too..but compared to baby faced beauty he looked more manly in the musical.. 🙂 u should try once..

  388. 388 : ivy Says:

    love you ji jin hee!

  389. 389 : sheryl Says:

    i love Han Da Jin & Kim Yoon Sung.best korean drama ever!!!!!!! i really love it!

  390. 390 : reca aquarius Says:

    I love this drama.
    but why the soundtrack is not in here?
    I hope as soon as possible to download the song.

  391. 391 : Rifka Says:

    Keren banget nih Pilm…..

    kenapa sih kalau Film bagus pasti ga banyak episode nya? sebel banget,
    padahal harusnya kalau Film bagus bisa lebih banyak Episode nya.
    sangant di sayangkan.

    TOP Abizzzzzzzzz……!!!

  392. 392 : iwoney2k Says:

    Thanks !!! very good drama,storyline touches human emotions (love,hate, forgiveness, and faith in each other), good ending does not leave the viewer unsatisfied.

  393. 393 : mitch Says:

    i love ji jin hee .. ^_^

  394. 394 : aliara aiman Says:

    superb drama..love the chemistry of jinji and goo hyu sun..hope to see them in another drama

  395. 395 : toh quan ming Says:

    now it is still showing on ONE channel under starhub channel 823 because i want to learn korean while i am watching this korean drama.

  396. 396 : SL Says:

    How come HDJ did not select dang soo??? so sad….was really hoping she choosed Dong Soo instead. He is super good looking…gosh. I’m such a sucker for Korean love series……

  397. 397 : Caitlin Snowy La Says:

    Sean Richard in hott Love this drama Ji Jin Hee is in it !!Oh yes love it !!

  398. 398 : Aling Says:

    i love this drama so much ^^
    happy ending…Captain and his Co- Pilot kekekekekekekeke

  399. 399 : sehle Says:

    love this drama so much ….support…support …100% support

  400. 400 : Rose jack Says:

    at first, I was just idly watching this drama ….
    but, I just watched the first episode, I immediately burst into tears.
    This drama really made me thrilled.
    I love this drama, very entertaining ….
    the story is really interesting

    I love ji jin ku hye sun he
    they are very matching!

  401. 401 : lizzy Says:

    pleaseeeeeeee i need OST and instrumental music in this drama…
    where i can find it ????

  402. 402 : hesthisara Says:

    I really love this drama… may have been 3 times i watch this drama.. I Love koo hye sun… she is so adorable and cute… and ji jin he so cool

  403. 403 : zarima USA Says:

    reading the comments,, i might get a copy of it,, coz i prefer watching kdrama with a happy ending,,, yaaaaaaaaaaah go crazy to watch it,, hahahaha

  404. 404 : Matt Says:

    Hehe, this drama will be playing on VTV New Zealand (available in Auckland and Christchurch) starting Wednesday 11 April at 10:15PM. It will air Wednesday-Thursday at 10:15. Repeats on Sunday at 2:30PM-ish Sunday’s~!!! 😀

  405. 405 : pei Says:

    great…i like this drama. whatever with rating…..

  406. 406 : pei Says:

    i really like drama….whatever with rating

  407. 407 : lara Says:

    i really like drama

  408. 408 : noor Says:

    i like ji jin hee

  409. 409 : Fiona Says:

    I love this drama so much. The characters were all beautifully flawed and three dimensional. I wish there’d been more closure at the end though… ==” I would hope for a second series, but I know that it will probably never happen.

    …There are so little fans for this, as well, so I can’t even discuss it with anyone. 🙁 LOL, I’d love to befriend any fans of this~ ^^

  410. 410 : erik Says:

    i love this drama , so sad

  411. 411 : rik Says:

    so sad 🙁 but i love this drama so much ^_^

  412. 412 : tety Says:

    Are there somebody know where I could download the ost ?
    Thank you

  413. 413 : dinaz Says:

    @tety which song do you need??i got ‘its cold’ song from 4shared..

  414. 414 : Prita Says:

    i love this drama and the characters in it! I really adore ppo song (han da jin lil sister), she’s like a little angel and her acting was remarkable! I like the character of cabin manager Choi Ji Won, kind hearted and tough.
    One thing i love about this drama is so many life stories can learn in every episode, so it’s different with another dramas. Love Ji Jin Hee as well. CAPTAIN, YOU HAVE! 🙂

  415. 415 : ivy Says:

    i miss this drama already..waiting for ji jin hee’s next drama, the great seer.

  416. 416 : e_jun Says:

    Great drama… I like this drama….. Recommended kdrama…

  417. 417 : boby Says:

    best drama forever 😀

  418. 418 : mita Says:

    this drama make me crying :'(

  419. 419 : sandra Says:

    ppo song lucu bangeet 😀

  420. 420 : Hanako Says:

    One of the best movie I had watched after so many series. Consists of commitment, caring, romance, revenge, comedy. Quite sad but real god and love all the main characters. Make sure you watch all the 20 episodes and you wont regret as it is a real good and touching movie

  421. 421 : tia Says:

    good drama 😀 like this :3

  422. 422 : nelson Says:

    love dis drama its my favrte.

  423. 423 : piida Says:

    love this drama so much .. 😀
    nice plot .. every flight has own story
    so touched and I wanna cry .. :'(
    romance, comedy, funny, tension

    this is the best drama ever I watched
    never boring and regret when you watch this drama 😀

  424. 424 : lara Says:

    Saranghe captain kim

  425. 425 : skygazer Says:

    awesome drama, very cool! i dont care abt korean rating they definitely have different taste with mine

  426. 426 : dee Says:

    i dont like this drama,,oh no,,i waste my money bought cd for this drama and i did not feel happy…sad:(

  427. 427 : daisy opad bernardez Says:

    anyung….avid fan of yours…i really like it..love this drama,its so meaningful…i cried a lot because im a mother also..actually i gain a lot of knowledge in this drama esp. During thier evry flight there’s a story about it..to jin hee and ko hye sun..saranghe…keep it up guysss..waiting ur next drama again…mwuaa

  428. 428 : zarima USA Says:

    finished watching this kdrama and am satisfied with story not boring but entertaining… its 20 epi but i dont find it boring,, every epi was awesome… its worth watching….love it

  429. 429 : sweet Says:

    beautiful story,……
    very touching,

    i love PPosong with her Penguin Ahjushi…
    Han sister too 🙂

  430. 430 : Ririe Says:

    I finished watch this, very touching my heart
    poor han Da Jin and her sister ….

    I love this drama and why i didnt found OST ???
    pleaseeeeee I need OST :'(

    especially, Instrument music,…
    somebody help me …

  431. 431 : angel Says:

    I Realy like this drama…..

  432. 432 : maribel Says:

    like this drama …diffrent other drama…ordinary but nice

  433. 433 : lara Says:

    ji jin hee is always handsome and hot man.

  434. 434 : utami Says:

    I love this drama … full of character, very touching..Not sad, but makes me cry..and the end ” Happy Ending”
    I like Ppo Song, very cute , excellent, and beautiful.
    Humanisme, Love, Carrier..one package.
    Recommended drama 🙂
    I love love love this drama.

  435. 435 : winny Says:

    i love this drama….so memorable n so awesome with pilot lives, pinguin ajusshi….muachhhh

  436. 436 : kimberly bastistiana Says:

    i really like this movie and i like koo hye sun ang her handsome partner like it too… 🙂

  437. 437 : Ari Says:

    I really love this drama. GHS looks very cute and beautifull in her short hair and her bright smile. It doesn’t matter what others thinking about you…keep up your good work and live happilly. Saranghae… GHS.

  438. 438 : Blue Saint Kpop | Korean Drama | Says:

    […] above synopsis is extracted from koreandrama.org. Click here to see more photos and details pertaining to the […]

  439. 439 : Ari Says:

    Hi, my dear GHS. I’m from Malaysia. It’s so lovely having you and Ji Jin Hee together in a drama. Hope to see you both again in classical/historical drama next time. Please… Keep in touch. You’re always in my heart.

  440. 440 : Hw Says:

    Drama storyline is good. Actor JJH is good but actress GHS is horrible in acting. Got very annoyed by her stupid giggles. I don’t think she is pretty at all. There are many more actress who can act better and looks wayyyy better than chubby GHS. Overall rating should be less than 5- spoiled by her acting. Urgh!!!

  441. 441 : Hw Says:

    Hate GHS. Stupid n bad actress

  442. 442 : regina Says:

    [email protected] hmff hmff hmff
    dont bashing her if you dont like her….
    are you jealouse ????

    i just wanna laught when i read your comment
    i think she ‘s better better better than YOU!!!!


  443. 443 : ivy Says:

    gma7 please air this in your channel. we want to watch this in tagalog.

  444. 444 : emerald Says:

    this drama is excellent… every every episodes moves a heart to every body whos watching it… Bravo…..

  445. 445 : mary ying Says:

    where can we get the DVD?

  446. 446 : alanbaik Says:

    Love to watch it again and again. Feeling like a pilot in the cockpit. Hehehe

  447. 447 : jojo Says:

    i have watched d taiwan version before but yet this version can still make me acche for more!!! Loved it so much that i finished it in just 2 days (how i wish that i dont need to sleep)!!!!! Ji jin hee had made me to fall in love again!!! Very 1st tine i had to google out an actor after finishining a movie!!! But of coz, GHS n LCH had co act to make d show even better… Planning to give myself a short break…then…watch it all over again!!!!

  448. 448 : jojo Says:

    Oops… This one does not have a taiwan version…, my bad… But, JJH, u r still d man!!!!

  449. 449 : Rosemary Smart Chan Says:

    Not the girl from Boys over Flowers again! Why does she get any roles! I do not think that she is talented! Well, I wpn’t be watching this one either!!!

  450. 450 : Danny Says:

    The pilots and the stewardesses are the ugliest uniforms that I’ve seen in my life. The earth colours like brown, grey+beige=greige are not suitable for a crew of aircraft.

  451. 451 : Phill Says:

    great drama !!!
    good story and good acting!
    I love her acting very emotional,
    JJH very handsome with his uniform….

    believe me because im not blind lol

  452. 452 : bella Says:

    Though in Korea, this drama wasn’t highly rated, I truly find Take care of Us Captain superb and wonderful.. Both JJH and KHS acted well and I have begun to start loving JJH for his great acting and handsome face.. It’s a drama worth watching. In fact for this year 2012, this is the only drama I really fell in love with..
    Fighting Ji Jin Hee… Love u!!! Ooopss and not forgetting KHS. MMuuahhh..

  453. 453 : xiaohuey Says:

    This drama is story about coward man & arrogant stupid woman.
    Both has no string at all to play as couple mad in love.
    Can’t be compared to A Gentleman’s Dignity.

    Lee Chun Hee as Kang Dong Soo & Yoo Sun as Choi Ji Won acted much better than the 2 main role. They can build the story well, also the kid who act as Ppop Song. They are more real. The plot is also weak and unreasonable.

  454. 454 : ivy Says:

    a very romantic drama…i watch it over and over again…very inspiring!

  455. 455 : ivy Says:

    JJH and KHS in one more drama please….

  456. 456 : Like Ji Hee Says:

    Oh this is much better than it looks, it’s really unexpected. I love it and have been rewatching a few times.

  457. 457 : Samah Says:

    I realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy like it, belive me you will loooooooove it^^

  458. 458 : sachini akalanka,sri lanka Says:

    I really really love this drama veryyyyyyyyy much, It’s 100% cool drama
    and cast was amazing,ji jin hi and ku hye sun done a great job….. captain han da jin and captain kim yung sung I love yoy both very much.ppo song you are soooooo cute.. at last this is a one of best dramas in my korean drama list.this drama always giving nice feedback to me….”TAKE CARE OF US CAPTAIN” love you soooooooooooooooooooooo mush!

  459. 459 : gomawoyo Says:

    Watching this drama would make one doubt the safety of flying on any Korean airline. The main character, a pilot, is not only a loose cannon but seemingly incapable of ever becoming a person whom others might look up to in her chosen field. The control tower appears to lack the training for the job where hundreds of lives could perish by only a small margin of error — like spilling coffee on the communications panel.

    In the aftermath of the ferry disaster perhaps there is a smidgen of truth in the total lack of care for the safety of passengers depicted in this drama.

  460. 460 : gomawoyo Says:

    While looking for halmeoni’s son, after landing in Heathrow every Brit she spoke with had Australian accents and the landscape littered with gum trees. I was waiting to see what British koalas and roos look like. Lol.

    Still, I’ve decided I like this drama.

  461. 461 : Muri Says:

    Lee Chun Hee who plays the third wheel in the love triangle, also played a similar role in “Only You”. There is something about his person that makes him the perfect fit for the jealous type.

    What makes the roles so uncannily similar is in the character’s refusal to accept his fate and blamed everyone but himself for the hand he was dealt.

    His so-called love for Da Jin was tainted with obsession. It isn’t right to impose such a thing on anyone. But he could not see that, at least at episode 18.

    I know, I know, it’s just fiction.

  462. 462 : Kpop Mum Says:

    One of the best Korean movies I have ever watched.

  463. 463 : adivi Says:

    Excelent Excelent Drama………to all the actor congratulations…..buuuuttt
    for Ji Jin Hee extra extra congratsss!!!!!! you are the Best!!

  464. 464 : adi Says:

    Ji Jin Hee youuuuu areee the best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  465. 465 : MaxT Says:

    It’s a good drama and worth watching. 8/10

  466. 466 : Yes Captain Says:

    Yes Captain is a very very inspiring

  467. 467 : Korean Drama I Have Ever Watched | My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Take Care of Us, Captain Rating : 2 out of 5 […]

  468. 468 : Download MP3 Says:

    Nice One From You.

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