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Sweet Spy

Title: 달콤한스파이 / Talcoman Supai / Sweet Spy
Chinese Title : 甜蜜间谍
Genre: Police Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2005-Nov-07 to 2006-Jan-10
Air time: Monday & Tuesday at 21:55


Nam Sang-mi plays widowed police officer Lee Sun-ae who finds herself suddenly immersed into international espionage by Han Yoo-il (Dennis Oh), an undercover agent. Lee Joo-hyun plays Kang-Jun, who’s recently transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department. He opens an old case involving Sun-ae’s past that leads him to an entanglement between the current political/economic powers and their secrets. One of them, oddly enough, being Han Yoo-il. Who is this man? Why is he here?


Public Safety Station

Nam Sang Mi is Lee Soon Ae (Officer)
Jung Jong Joon as Sgt. Hong Kyung Jang

Police Station

Lee Joo Hyun is Kang Joon (new captain)
Yoo Sun is Park Eun Joo (Officer)
Kim Ha Kyoon as Lt. Jo Jung Hae
Kim Bo Sung as Detective Shim
Ahn Yeon Hong as Officer Oh Na Ra
Yoon Joo Sang as the commanding officer

Joong Ang Gymnasium

Choi Bool Am is Choi Bum Koo
Lee Ki Yeol as Wang Sa Bal (Big Bowl)
Kim Joon Ho as Kaori (Stingray)

Other people

Dennis Oh is Han Yoo Il (investor)
Ki Joo Bong as Yoo Il’s assistant
Sung Eun as Choi Ji Soo (actress)
Kim Il Woo as Song Hyun Chul (Jang’s Uncle, investor)
Kim Yong Hee as Park Sil Jang (politician)
Kim Min Jong
Jung Hwan
Park Jung Woo

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Choi Chang Wook
Director: Go Dong Sun
Screenwriter: Kim Ki Ho, Lee Sun Mi
Author: Kwon Mi Kyung

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  1. 1 : bie_162 Says:

    Quite interesting 2 see it at first becoz of the character to Han Yoo-il(Dennis Oh) who only noe 2 speak English & less korean words..I noe it quite hard 2 speak the korean language but I hate the ending of this drama & I hope that there will be a sequel 2 it.

  2. 2 : maro92 Says:

    i hope this drama will show at channel is not at astro coz if it showing at astro and that people that doesn’t have astro cannot watch it, this drama cannot attracting people coz they doesn’t now about this drama.i’m so lucky coz i have astro.i also asking about this drama to my friend but they doesn’t know about this drama coz they doen’t have an astro!!!

  3. 3 : mimi Says:

    oh i’ve finish watch this drama, cause i bought the cd. i cant wait what the ending in astro. the drama so sweet. a very handsome man falling in love with very ordinary police woman. but the ending like that, why they not show that lee sun ae and han you il, living hapily after.

  4. 4 : ena Says:

    oh,my sister and i had watched the movie but we dont know how the ending was it?Can anybody tell me.I like Dennis Oh because he was a handsome man,right.Thank Q ….

  5. 5 : shiela_mlz Says:

    i’ve watch this drama…a litle bit “tut..tut” but attractive me…but i’m very so dispointed about the ending…argh….
    Nam sang mi…is great…also Dennis oh…i admire him so much…

  6. 6 : limeizha Says:

    aiya…Dennis Oh…Hen shuai!!!Very handsome and sweet…But I prefer Kapt. Kang…He is more Original Korean…I saw DR. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukur(one of M’sian angkasawan to-be) in TV and newspaper…I can say that ”tamen liang zhang de zhen xiang”(they look alike)…BUT for a few seconds…if u see DR. Sheikh too long, then surely they’re different… CHAYO M’sian Angkasawan…

  7. 7 : sya Says:

    i really really like korean drama . han yoo ii was very very handsome and hot ….. i have han yoo ii personal details . so , if you want his personal details , you can email to me . aisyah_nur952yahoo.com.my .
    koala also very cute . i like koala and han yoo ii . but , i dint like the ending . i hope there will be sweet spy part 2 .

  8. 8 : aisyah Says:

    hello !! i like korean drama very much . I like sweet spy story but i dint like the ending . i hope there will be sweet spy part 2 . han yoo ii was very hot and handsome …… koala was very cute ….
    bye bye ! ! !

  9. 9 : limeizha Says:

    everybody seems dissatisfied with the ending…i think there should be the sequal coz there is a lot of probability of those people even though we can think the conclusion…
    Han Yoo-il-if he doesn’t die, then he is going to find his mother,could he find his mother himself? or he’ll be going with soon-ae?raccoon?
    song-hyul-is he failed in the business?…..etc

  10. 10 : mimi Says:

    ya, everybody look like want the sequel of this drama. but the most important is the mr. producer of this drama read all our comment? if not , “waaa” we just dreaming ma..very sad, we want “sweet spy 2,. Hello mr. producer, plzz make sweet spy 2, with the same casting. pllzzz…..we want “sweet spy 2, we want “sweet spy 2, we want “sweet spy 2, we want “sweet spy 2…………………

  11. 11 : gee Says:

    i like korean drama especially sweet spy cuz i fond dennis n sang mi…i dreaming all nites…but i didnt like the ending of the story. hope there will be sweet spy 2. n i can see dennis again n again n again..hahaha…n also this time the drama will be happy ending…

  12. 12 : glecy laurio Says:

    it was amazing! it’s a very modernized drama with a touch of action and comedy. it’s more on fantasy but not too far from reality. the love story between sun nae and han yoo il is one of a kind. i really wish that there will be a part for this…i’m quite intrigued. the story never really ended but it has left mind twisting scenes instead. please fill in the loop holes!

  13. 13 : auji Says:

    i really, really like this drama… i had watch it twice… untill i asked my sis to buy the cd’s for me… and i had watch it again… never bored to watch it. Dennis Oh and Nam Sang-Mi was a sweet couple in this drama… but i’m not satisfied with the ending.. they should showed that they live happily ever after… although i think han yoo ll is still alive but i want to see… them happy! hope there will be SWEET SPY 2..

  14. 14 : ani Says:

    a, everybody look like want the sequel of this drama. but the most important is the mr. producer of this drama read all our comment? if not , “waaa” we just dreaming ma..very sad, we want “sweet spy 2,. Hello mr. producer, plzz make sweet spy 2, with the same casting. pllzzz…..we want “sweet spy 2, we want “sweet spy 2, we want “sweet spy 2, we want “sweet spy 2…………………

    hye mimi…
    im agree with u…
    we want sweet spy 2..we want sweet spy 2……
    with the same cast……please make han yoo il met his mother….

  15. 15 : tracy lee Says:

    I love this movie. They’re all pretty actors and actress. I hope “sweet spy 2” (with the same casting) will be out soon. YOU must watch this movie…….AWESOME…….

  16. 16 : cob3lanhlung Says:

    I love this movie too, can anyone tell me is who end up with who at the end? Is Dennis gonna end up with the Nam?

  17. 17 : peanut Says:

    hey im from philippines and i had a great time watching the series. please, ive been addicted to the series and i cant stop thinking about the ending. darn!

    dennis oh is just lovely. wooooooh. please make a sequel. same casting, it will be very much appreciated! 🙂 🙂 thanks! we’l be waiting for this one.

  18. 18 : Starz Says:

    omg dennis…dennis…dennis…u r so good looking!!! love the drama!

  19. 19 : Tiffani Says:

    I hired this cd from my mum’s colleague here in Sydney and from the moment I laid my eyes on DENNIS OH it seems like I’ve been quite happy..I can’t stop thinking about him. He’s so handsome..His smile makes my day!! Hope he’s got a website to check out his photos. I wonder how old is he and his nationality..More power to Dennis Oh..Hope he’s got another series. I will search for him in all the vcd shops in here and ask my friends from Philippines to search for his another series.

  20. 20 : Bunk Says:

    Being an American, I painfully see how bad poor Dennis Oh’s acting really is. He’s beautiful and talented, no doubt. But he is no actor. Not in 2005, anyhow. (maybe he’s better now?) I cringed every time he was on screen. They must have just plucked him from some modeling agency and thrown a script and a translator at him. And a bad script at that. Don’t let non-English speakers write English scripts! All the finer nuances of language elude them, and it comes out horribly cliche.

    But if you’re not a native English speaker, then you won’t notice it.

    That being said – if you can really get over Dennis’ bad acting, and the even worse characterization of his character (the script writers butchered him – he really didn’t stand a chance!) I really liked this series! I couldn’t put it down. I love the main actress in it. She’s the same one that’s in Bad Family. She’s GREAT. I don’t know that Dennis Oh’s character merited her love, and his intentions always seemed dubious and confused and wtf, but her character makes it worth the watch.

    And despite the series setbacks, they must have done something right, because I couldn’t put it down. I do recommend it to my friends. The sexual tension was awesome, and the captain was a great character as well. And the storyline was very exciting!!

    Worth the watch. Definitely.

  21. 21 : PuRpLe Says:

    i already watched this drama.. i think it’s kinda nice… yeah, worth to watch.. hehe, i also hope there will be sweet spy 2.. coz i think the ending is kinda stuck… he’s alive!^^

  22. 22 : mi Says:

    i just watch Sweet spy , i like korea movie , and i have more korea movie , Do u know , Why drama Sweet spy , does not happing ending , Where is Denis 🙁 Who u knowwwwwwwwwww

  23. 23 : nyein nyein Says:

    i happened to watch sweet spy coz my favourite Lee Joo Hyeon’s in it. Some parts of the movie are really complicated. I don’t know what’s happening. Anyway, it’s a worth watching one. Wish my favourite actor would get more leading role. He’s a great actor.

  24. 24 : tasha klemen Says:

    definitely worth a watch…. mainly cos of dennis oh’ was droolin ol over lookin at him. he’s too cute!!! wud love to meet him… abrupt ending though… i really hope n pray that part2 comes out. lemme know if it’s coming out

  25. 25 : fina Says:

    i hate da ending.,
    it just luk stupid 2 me.,but it’s a quite interesting

  26. 26 : nikki Says:

    although dennis is a super hotty…but he does NOT know how to act. overall…the drama was so so.

  27. 27 : Thida Says:

    What the heck was with the final episode?! There *better* be a sequel! And Han Yoo-Il *better* be alive in that one! The surprises in the series made me stand on my toes. Once I got started, I couldn’t stopped watching!

  28. 28 : Thida Says:

    Omg, how cool would it be to play a spy?! Or even better, be a spy!!!! I just totally found my new career! 😉 Lol, anyways, I loved Sweet Spy.

  29. 29 : Thida Says:

    Gosh, didn’t you just hate Park Eun-joo? She was such a cynic. Talk about anger management! And could she be any more of a wanton? She was throwing herself on that idiot Section Chief. (Who might I add, was a bit of a jerk, and not NEARLY as handsome as Han Yoo-Il.) Well, I guess, that was her role. Yoo Sun played the part well. I loved when Yoo Sun and Lee Sun-ae got in a cat fight.

    Looking forward to a sequel!!!!!!

  30. 30 : Thida Says:

    I think my favorite episode was 12…

  31. 31 : Thida Says:

    ‘“Come here. Look down there. They have no idea that somebody is watching them, right now. Looking down from here, life seems so… worthless. Sometimes, I wonder why I do this job. Especially these days. I’ve been thinking about it a lot.” *laughs* “And then, I met you. Thinking about you… makes me appreciate being alive. You don’t know how happy you’ve made me feel these last few days.” *looks at her* “I want to trust you. I want to be with you. I want to share everything with you.”’ Episode. 12

    It was sooooo sweet!!!!!!!!!

  32. 32 : Thida Says:

    If you haven’t watched it, watch it. Otherwise, you’d be missing out. 😉

  33. 33 : Thida Says:

    Je veux être un espion…

  34. 34 : Thida Says:

    Je pense que je suis dans l’amour avec Dennis…? Mais il a vingt-six ans et j’ai quinze ans!!! O la la, q’est que je vais faire?

  35. 35 : ti nardar hlaing Says:

    hi everybody,
    I’m just finished sweet spy,i love this series.I’m request to everybody to be continue sweety spy series.Thank.

  36. 36 : inge Sigarlaki Says:

    Pls make sweet spy 2 ..
    oh .. please .. this is a very interesting story ..

    LK [이선미 (Lee Seon-Mi), 김기호 (Kim Gi-Ho)]

    Pls make this continuos story again .. pleaseeeeeeeeeeee ..

    thanks u very much



  37. 37 : wah Says:

    Did you have Sweety SPY2?
    I’m stay wait for sweety spy 2.Thank

  38. 38 : say Says:

    Hi everybody,
    I Love Sweety SPY series,
    I’m hope Sweety SPY 2.

  39. 39 : paw Says:

    It there sweet spy 2?

  40. 40 : jone Says:

    hello everybody,
    I Love sweety spy movie,
    I wanna to watch sweety spy 2,i hope

  41. 41 : ti nardar hlaing Says:

    I’m stay wait for SWEETY SPY 2.
    I’m required,,,,,,,,,thank

  42. 42 : san Says:

    hello everybody,
    I love sweety spy movie,
    I hope sweety spy 2.

  43. 43 : KYAW Says:

    Hi,,,,,Hi everybody,
    I’m stay waiting for SWEETY SPY 2..

  44. 44 : WIN Says:

    Hello everybody,
    we want SWEETY SPY 2.
    I’m required…….Thank

  45. 45 : Redbug Says:

    ANNYEONGHASEYO..from Brunei here..man.! i love the drama..love it! love it! but…is it untill 20th episodes only…coz the ending is still hanging…Koala was called by sumone but who..?..Han Yoo-il..? o the chief?, did Han Yoo-il meet his mother?…HOPE to see the SHIRI 2 (SWEE SPY 2)..KAMSAHAMNIDA..

  46. 46 : pandabear104 Says:

    hmmmmm….. what to say about this drama????? okey first off i really liked the beginning of the drama. the main girl and guy SEEMED to have a ton of chemistry. Unfortunetly it was not exactly what i expected. secondly the ending was way too out there and left me kinda like what the fudge. third near the end when she came back to the house and was in tears crying and remenicing i didn’t feel anything at all. it was kinda sad and all but sense i never understood their love for one another it was like i just thought of fastforwarding and just getting to the end. but i guess you can say that it was a deccent drama.

  47. 47 : Christine Says:

    Question: Anyone know what song/ where to download the opening song to Sweet Spy?
    I know they didnt release an OST for this drama, but still, i cant seem to find their opening song anywhere!
    email to: [email protected] thxs

  48. 48 : afjaklf Says:

    Hope to see sweet spy II

  49. 49 : vern107 Says:

    crazily waiting for Sweet Spy 2!!!

  50. 50 : ruth Says:

    guys…. I really..really love this drama. I like denis and Nam Sang Mi, I think they are nice couple… (don’t u think so???)
    love….love….like….like…. IoI

  51. 51 : krissyang Says:

    This is absolutely one of the best kdramas!!! I thoroughly enjoy it and would strongly recommend it as one of the must watch dramas.

    Granted, the acting of the lead guy, Dennis, really leaves much to be desired, but the overall storyline, the ost, the female lead and all the rest of the cast really made this show thoroughly enjoyable.

    Like all the rest who have watched this show, I hope there’ll be a Sweet Spy 2 and with the same cast, including Dennis. Btw, his acting has improved tremendously. Watch him in Witch Yoo Hee and you’ll see what I mean.

    So, Mr Producer, hope you hear us loud and clear…

  52. 52 : azira Says:

    Hi. Mr Producer

    I really enjoy with SWEET SPY.

    I hope there’ll be a Sweet Spy 2 and with the same actor and actress. Btw, i hope Dennis and Nam Sang Mi married in the last episode.

    So…i will waiting for Sweet Spy 2………..

    Azira ( Malaysia )

  53. 53 : lala Says:

    i just started watching sweet spy and i love dannis Oh. i also hope that dannis oh and Nam Sang Mi will be together at the end of the series. you know i first saw him in witch yoo hee his acting is briliant.

    wahat can i say i love dannis Oh and the drama is outstanding

  54. 54 : Mulan Says:

    I’ve just finished wathicng this drama and it’s really amusing. I like the scene when han and kang boxed in front of li. it’s great!!! The 2 male lead casts are very sexy and cool. watch this!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. 55 : Dolly Says:

    I’m very much delighted to this drama.

  56. 56 : santi Says:

    how handsome u are… dannis..
    so cool, it’s the first time i see u..
    nice film…
    hope can see u the next movie..

  57. 57 : prissy® Says:

    this is like a pocketbook…
    you just wanna read leaf after leaf.
    this is really exciting, drama, comedy, action and romance all in one package!
    hope to see more of dennis oh and nam sang mi, and hopefuly SWEET SPY (2?)

    good luck,

  58. 58 : joanna Says:

    I love this show. I have watched a few times. Hopefully there is a sweet spy 2 to close the loop.
    1. Han Yoo-il is alive ?
    2. Han Yoo-il is framed (should put Park Eun-joo and her brother into
    jail for plotting the death of Sun-ae husband – if they are the killer –
    plot can change)
    3. Which or What organization did Han Yoo-il belongs too?
    4. Where is his mum since she is alive?
    5. Justices. Death of Lee Sun-ae husband, no conclusion
    6. The confidential doc that is now in the watch – where will it end up to.
    CIA – Japanese – Korean or another new gang
    7. During his visit to Japan, his lady assistance when missing ?
    8. Overall justice is still hanging in the air.
    9. Han Joo II korean assistance (man) – since he look after him when Han Joo II was very young – he should have some feeling for him (like father and son) – but he disappear after the shooting.

    It really keeps me thinking and in suspense. NEED TO FILM SWEET SPY 2


  59. 59 : charmy Says:

    I love the drama!I hope there is going to be SWEET SPY 2.I will be waiting for it.

  60. 60 : charmy Says:

    I love the drama,I hope there is going to be Sweet Spy 2.I have been looking forward to it for more than one year…

  61. 61 : jie Says:

    i like sweet spy very much. love the songs especially the tango dance song. i really hope there will be sweet spy 2 and i want the same actor and actress in it.please…please make it become reality.i watch sweet spicy everyday and always get cry during last part when han yu yi get shoot.

  62. 62 : Honey Says:

    I like this series very much………….It’s very romance Dennis & nan san mi….. That great………..BYE

  63. 63 : Cynthia Says:

    i’m a fan of Dennis Joseph O’neil from Singapore after watched him in sweet spy dvd and witch yoo hee show by Singapore channel U tv.

    He is really good as a first timer in sweet spy……. the story of sweet spy also very good and i’ve been repeating it many times now. i really hope and look forward to see there’ll be sweet spy 2 or movie and it must has Dennis in it ya, without him the show will be different!

    please please, hope to see more of Dennis. hv him act in sweet spy 2, a movie or another drama with more appearance of him or as the leading role. Thank you!

  64. 64 : janN Says:

    hi i like your drama

    im abit confused at the end, did sweet spy end with Dennis calling that Nam sang mi?

    i hope there’s a sweet spy 2 with the same people 🙂

  65. 65 : violet Says:

    Love Dennis. He’s sooo handsome, and his acting seems improved a lot as compared to Witch Yu Hee series (not sure which was filmed first though). I think he suit the spy character very well. And Sang Mi was also outstanding in her role as the policewoman. Their chemistry are very strong irregardless of the language barrier. That makes their love unique in a way.
    Actually I’m just halfway watching the series. Still have another 10 episodes to go. So guess I can’t comment much at the moment. Looking forward to finish this interesting story..

  66. 66 : stellar Says:

    Watch this! You’ll want to watch it again & again…

  67. 67 : jangerr Says:

    Koala is so cute!!!

  68. 68 : mietha Says:

    Pliz Pliz Pliz makes the sequel For SweetY sPy ,. Becoz the last story still hanG up ,. and can’t wait To see Dennis OH as d handsoMe spY ,…

  69. 69 : citi Says:

    Really hope there’s Sweet Spy 2! Love the storyline, love the chemistry between Nam Sang Mi & Dennis…

  70. 70 : dennis Says:

    hey..just finished watching this very interesting story.. i really love it.. and i agree with others saying dennis is really attractive,handsame..he is.. really! can’t wait to see its sequel… the ending was not that much clear..nd i hope he’s alive.. can’t wait to see him again..hope we have someone like him in our real lives…

  71. 71 : dennis' girl Says:

    hey..just finished watching this very interesting story.. i really love it.. and i agree with others saying dennis is really attractive,handsome..he is.. really! can’t wait to see its sequel… the ending was not that much clear..nd i hope he’s alive.. can’t wait to see him again..hope we have someone like him in our real lives…

  72. 72 : Tinderella Says:

    I really really love the movie its so interesting and the main character Dennis is so HOT and Nam Sang Mi is so pretty. I cried at the end of the show cuase it was pretty sad and i was happy about the ending when Dennis rang Nam Sang Mi on her phone the one that Dennis gave her.



  73. 73 : Viendung Says:


  74. 74 : islandgurl Says:

    I loved this KOREAN drama.. It was soo funny tooo.
    [KOALA] haha I wished it ended better though..
    Dennis Oh is SOO hot :]

  75. 75 : Eka-Jkt Says:

    woww…this series was so great. Very recommended to watch. Dennis played very well. Bravo…hope there will be next season for this one.

  76. 76 : kell Says:

    Really love koala!!!

  77. 77 : Weng from Phil Says:

    Greetings to all the cast of sweet spy, the movie is really nice but i hope there’s part II of it since a lot of people like to see the thrill of the story ofcourse with same cast. Koala is very pretty and oh my goodness Dennis Oh is really gorgeous and hot sweet spy indeed.

    Kisses….to you…Dennis..mwaaaaaaaaa

  78. 78 : Junali Says:

    hi i was just wondering if that is all the episode of Sweet Spy…. i just want to know… contact me at [email protected].. thank you..

  79. 79 : moniec Says:

    whish 4 a sequel… same actors,same people ^___^

    cuz Dennis is a handsome talented actor
    the koreans are lucky to have such an actor!
    glad that they brought him in!!

  80. 80 : claire Says:

    …..is there a sweet spy 2? i reallly love this..

  81. 81 : JEZTER Says:

    nice story…. I hope that it will have a sequel because the ending is…. bitin!!!!!!!!!! he he he

  82. 82 : JEZTER Says:

    Koala reminds me of Maja Salvador, A Filipina actress and a gud dancer, bothe are pretty and a gud actress…. I hope there will be a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. 83 : JEZTER Says:


  84. 84 : cess Says:

    Is there any part 2 or movie 2? I soo love dennis! I am frustrated about the ending so is they any part 2|? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

  85. 85 : joanne Says:

    i hope there will be a part 2! i love dennis!!

  86. 86 : rainie Says:

    i really love sweet spy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dennis oh is soooooo hooooot!
    i want sweet spy 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. 87 : jenti Says:

    dennis oh-knight in shinning armour.wow he is the kind of man every girl dream of……..dennis oh to you really exist????sweet spy drama series is kind of a movie would love to watch again n again …….koala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! movie is interesting but somehow incomplete.starts with the ballpen issue but ends with the problem unsolved.kind of incomplete…….so can we xpect the sequel of ths movie with the same cast.would love to watch.expecting it…….dennis oh you rock.love you.mr.producer…………..hear us have pity on us dont make us so impatient to know what happen to the ballpen………….dennis oh…….would love to see you more in movies.

  88. 88 : avhie Says:

    wahhhh!!!! plz… we want sweet spy 2!!! i’m very frustrated with the ending! I hope to see more of Dennis O’neil and Nam Sang Mi…

  89. 89 : shang Says:

    I’ve just finish watching it… it confuses me and the ending it unsatisfactory… will han you il and shun ae meet again, is he still alive? what happen to the microchip, will shun ae know that its on her watch? what will happen to the case involving the document? will they capture the true culprit? and so on and so forth…

    hope there will be a part 2 to make us viewer feel satisfied with the drama you’ve been airing……….

  90. 90 : choi hyo in Says:

    im still on the 12th episode of this show & honestly i dont want to end it yet…
    i thought im the only one who likes dennis…
    but it seems i have so many rivals…
    well the korean drama are really nice to watch…
    i love watching them over & over again…& still i cant get enuf of them…^_^

  91. 91 : choi hyo in Says:

    to all the korean fans out there…
    kindly add me to ur friends list…
    [email protected]

  92. 92 : tanya Says:

    Ohmy God. I was so upset when I watched the ending! Was that really the ending? I hope they will make a sequel…please!

  93. 93 : scooby29 Says:

    i have already finish watching the korean drama but it was not clear that mr. dennis oh and kola meet again? just like other people who watch this kind of drama wishes to have a part 2 cause the ending must be clear…. hope that the request of the fans would be granted….

  94. 94 : scooby29 Says:

    to all the fans of the this drama please flood support for a request for a part2 cause this drama did not clear everything hope guys that you will do a request not only but also you fellow fans of sweet spy…in will try to post on my website regarding the request….please i need your support…please also past the message to every everyone….

  95. 95 : scooby29 Says:

    support this message:

    to all the fans of the this drama please flood support for a request for a part2 cause this drama did not clear everything hope guys that you will do a request not only but also you fellow fans of sweet spy…in will try to post on my website regarding the request….please i need your support…please also past the message to every everyone….

  96. 96 : jah-jha Says:

    i just watched the film 3 times…. dennis was so handsome and very attractive…. i can’t stop my mind to think about him… how i wish there would be a real dennis in my life….
    the end was not clear,,,,,, can you please have a sweet spy 2… ppppplllllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeeee!!!!!

  97. 97 : freedert17 Says:

    please….. we all want a part 2 of Sweet spy. it is very romantic although the ending is not clear….
    Dennis is very hot….
    love the story and the chemistry…

  98. 98 : freedert17 Says:

    please… we are desperately hoping for a sequel….. SWEET SPY 2
    Love you Dennis…. So Hot….

  99. 99 : Nuriza Says:

    HI!!! Dennis and Nam Sang Mi i really injoyed your drama its very romantic, funny, action and all.. I really love it
    Plzzzz Plzzzzz Plzzzzz and more make a sweet spy 2

  100. 100 : junko Says:

    OMG!!! sweet spy is very3x nice! as in! please make a sequel of it………………………………………. please5000000000000x……… the ending is very cmplicated…. ur support is mine! go sweet spy.. ^_____^

  101. 101 : nur Says:

    hi, i’, from malaysia………
    i really love sweet spy,i lreally really love dennis and koala…..great couples……..the chemistry between is very tough.i really enjory their action…………….i hope that there’ll be sweet spy 2………………please……………all fans support this…………go dennis go koala…………….

  102. 102 : faye Says:

    are they going to make a part two? Because the ending is a cliffhanger? yoo-il called sun-ae? is he alive?

  103. 103 : diana Says:

    hi!!!i really love sweet spy…wish you have a part two….

    dennis is so goodlooking…

    pls. keep watching sweet spy!!!!!

    it rocks here in the philippines!!!

    we love it!!!!!!!!

  104. 104 : diana Says:

    we love sweet spy!!!!

    it rocks here in the philippines!!!!!!

    dennis is so good looking!!!!

  105. 105 : Dannylyn Sadia Says:

    hi….. im danny…. i am one of the viewer’s of the korean drama sweet spy…… i like both of dennis nd nam sang mi……. i really2 like them…. i hove they’ll be a sweet couple in person…..

    tnx nd god bless……

    luv u offcer angie………

    nd i love u 2 dennis han

  106. 106 : jillian Says:

    will there be a part two???

  107. 107 : czarina Says:

    hai to sweet spy cast esp. to dennis oh and nam.. u look great together..
    i long to see u in a sweet spy part 2 teleseries..
    i rili hope that there wud b a part 2 cos we want more hre in da philippines!
    we love u..

  108. 108 : freedert17 Says:

    part 2 please

  109. 109 : mynheer Says:

    Terrific show until the cliffhanger…hope there is a second part…the cast did a great job.

  110. 110 : are-in Says:

    i dun know what i wanna to say ryte now…i really luv da muvie really2 much..and it’s also heal my pain bout luv..da muvie is my medicine…i luv both of them..koala and dennis..

  111. 111 : are-in Says:

    i dun know what i wanna to say…but i really luv dismuvie very muc..it’s heal my pain bout frustation in luv wif my ex..erm,chaiyok to both of koala and dennis..

  112. 112 : mel Says:

    I really like the story of this korean drama but it seems like something is missing at the end of the story..I’m eager to know what really happens to the characted of MR. DENNIS Oh…and also the mystery of the PEN which until the end is not yet solve…I quite don’t understand the english subtitles but i just understand it by heart…I hope that there will be another episode or SWEET SPY 2…with the same actors and actress…the mystery isn’t solve yet…I will wait for it,just like KOALA DID TO HIS ONLY LOVE…HAN YOURI…

  113. 113 : BlahBlah Says:

    dude!!! they Have to make a second one!!! it’s so sad!!!

  114. 114 : ct Says:

    Sweet Spy definitely need to have a sequel! Especially now that Dennis’ acting has improved so much…

  115. 115 : lalala Says:

    ommgg….DANIEL HENNEY IS SEXYY IS THIS DRAMMAA~~!! i love him in this drama with NAM SANG MI aka KOALA!! i hope there will be sweet spy 2 just like other pplz are hoppin for cuz this dramaa is JJJANNNG BABYYY

  116. 116 : like it Says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. i really like the story kakainis bitin ako sa ending sana may part 2 para masaya kasi hindi natin alam kung ano ang nangyari kay dennis? di ba ang ending ay tumawag si dennis kay officer lee…… ano ba talaga ang nangyari………. ano ba talaga ang relasyon nila? kinikilig talga……..

  117. 117 : maya Says:

    puro pinoy ah..

  118. 118 : yuZu26 Says:

    hi!! i wish there will be SWEET SPY 2,, nam sang mi and dennis oh really2 look good together they look like real lovers,,, their scenes together are d’best!!! ,,, i really hope that they will make the sequel of SWEET SPY,,, nam sang mi is very pretty and cute and dennis is cool and very handsome they’re d perfect pair… i hope d producer of sweet spy will make a sequel for this i really really wish…..



  119. 119 : Aleee Says:

    OMG Denis Oh is sooooo hot.
    I really reallly hope they do make the a part two to this.
    The ending was dissapointing cause Denis is just sooo Hot. lol.

  120. 120 : Diva Says:

    I watched this drama because DENNIS OH is sooo damn HOTTTT!!
    The ending is a little bit disappointing but watching koala received a phone call from his Hanyouri, well… I have to create an ending on my mind.. ^_^ I hope there’s an episode 21… hee heee

  121. 121 : nicole Says:

    what is HAN YOURI?

  122. 122 : julie nguyen Says:

    In Sweet Spy, the chemistry of Nam Sang-mi and Dennis Oh is a sure hit. However, there were so many questions left unanswered in the flick given its ending like:

    *What will happen now to the accomplices – the wicked policewoman and the womanizer politician?
    *Is Han Yoo Il still ACTUALLY alive? although he call her as his real name sam shik ee but is he alive in person n is he in critical condition?
    *IS Han’s assistant loyal to him or is he a traitor?
    *Who is the superior of Han and his assistant?
    *Will Lee Sun-Ae discover that the contents of the pen were transfered to the watch given to her as a Christmas present by Han?
    *Who will finally get hold of the information?
    *What is exactly inside that information?
    * Explanation of exactly how Eun Lee husband Kim got killed by the 2 relative Park?

    These are just some of the questions that should be answered. If the producer/s and scriptwriter/s have no plans of a part 2, then at least there should be a narrative in the series’ ending. That could have been better.

    In general, Sweet Spy is diffrent from the rest of Korean series I’ve watched where most of these have a character who is/has either dying, sick, suffering from amnesia, met an accident, or switched with another from birth.

    As Dennis Oh’s debut TV flick, his acting was good. Although it might been hard for him not to speak in Korean since he grew up in the States, still, he could make it far in acting.

  123. 123 : joanne Says:

    is it true that sweet spy already aired in the Philippines (GMA)?.. how come?.. i do not noticed that.. is it already finished?.. Hay,, sayang nmn..

  124. 124 : thi ha Says:


  125. 125 : aysegul Says:

    Aman tanrım bu kadar ağlayacağımı hiç tahmin etmemiştim. kesinlikle sweet spy ın 2. serisi olmalı. bu film böyle bitemez. yanıtlanmamış o kadar soru var ki. ve de en önemlisi Dennis Oh u tekrar görmek istiyorum. bir insan bu kadar mükemmel olabilir mi? ve bu kadar yakışıklı. soo charming ı love him so much…really really wanna see him in this series again.. hope film producers working on the 2. series of sweet spy. thank you so much….

  126. 126 : bLu301 Says:

    I love it!!!

    pLs. rELeAse a pArt 2

  127. 127 : mayra Says:

    bueno han quedado muchos cabos abieertos en la serie ¿como si trealmente a muerto o no ? bueno espero q haya segunda parte de Sweet Spy por fis esos eria xvre

  128. 128 : EUNICE KHANG Says:

    this show is really a totally hot show.I hope that there is two of it.
    i also agree with the persons who leave a comment here nam sang mi and dennis oh is really a great tandem
    love it………

  129. 129 : EUNICE KHANG Says:

    pls have a part two of sweet spy

  130. 130 : koala Says:

    oh my! i thought the last post was 2007.

    guys..if someone has the power to make the producers go for the 2nd part.many people needs you.

    i’m nearly giving up. it’s already 2009 and it was produced last 2005.
    maybe I should really accept the FACT!

    I’m still in the 13th episode and reading what you guys wrote makes me really disappointed.

    so discouraged. =(

  131. 131 : ess Says:

    wow!!!!Dennis is so Hoooooooooooottttt!!i neva thght the film would end dis way……………i reali hope there will be Part 2….reali reali hope.it jst can’t end dis way……dennis u’re so hot,i love u………..hope to see u in part 2

  132. 132 : ninz_OMG!!! Says:

    Many viewers of the Sweey Spy weren’t contented of its finale. I’m one of its avid viewers and when the finale was showed on air, I really don’t like it. At first i thought they’ll live happily ever after, but what’s that?
    Aren’t the staff cast happy about the finale of their drama series?
    I think they’re not. All of us are not contented.. In other words we are dissatisfied. WE WANT SWEET SPY 2…!!!! Well, I’ll be waiting for it!!..
    Thanks.. And I really love Nam Sang mi and Dennis Oh.. CHEMISTRY!!!

  133. 133 : ninz_OMG!!! Says:

    Oh!! Please grant us.. We want to know more about the details they left unanswered on the first part of Sweet Spy..!!! It’s just too bad. I’m discouraged by the fact that Dennis Oh died and Nam Sang Mi always had her lovers die. At first it was her husband killed by the Park tandem. Next her lover(Dennis Oh). I really don’t like its finale. Will you make another sequel? Oh please!!! We’ll wait for it.. Thanks.

  134. 134 : ninz_OMG!!! Says:

    i hope in the next Sweet Spy, or the Sweet Spy 2, I hope you’ll have to use the same characters.. Dennis Oh and Nam Sang Mi.. I love them!! Please.. We’ll wait for its sequel.. and use the same characters..!!!! thanks..

  135. 135 : ilovesweetspy Says:

    urg! so not satisfied with the ending.. and im hoping for a part two.
    heheeh.hope there would be. pls2x.. 😀 thanks. 😀 go koala.! 😀 and oh, dennis oh is oh so hot! hahah :p

  136. 136 : dina Says:

    hi l like very very much l love it l love that dance with kiss

  137. 137 : greenporcupine Says:

    hi everyone :] i am really hoping for a sweet spy 2 badly. :] i’ve been watching the series over and over again..i like the team up of dennis and nam sang mi.. keep it up guys.. i totally love SWEET SPY!!! :]

  138. 138 : sweetspyaddicted Says:

    hello. i am hoping for a sequel of this series.. 😀 please.. i am pleading the producers.. :]

  139. 139 : SWEETSPY2 Says:

    please..i am begging the producers to please make the second part of this series.. please..i know it’s still possible.. please make it possible..GO KOALA!!

  140. 140 : princess marie Says:

    ..eOw pOh..

    .., I rEly WaNt dA StOrY oF SWEET SPY..,

    -Plz mAkE a sEcOnD pArT oF dIs sToRY-

    ..dAt hAv a hApY eNdIng!!!..

    ….I LoVe “DENNIS O’ NEIL” aKa DenNiS Oh….

    ==ItZ a SweEt LuV sToRY & sAd==

  141. 141 : koalalovesdennis Says:

    please make a part 2 of this tv drama. i really like it so much.. producers please make it possible..please..

  142. 142 : pipay Says:

    pls release the part 2..

    i really love this tv series.
    Its my first time to watch korean drama that captures my interest.
    I like dennis Ohh. he’s so god good damn looking.

  143. 143 : diohanne Says:

    omg..i’ts really great….i even can’t stop watching it,i’ts like am addicted…yeah!!hoping 4 a part 2 of it(same characters-dennis oh and nam sang-mi)pls….dennis is HOT and koala is GORGEOUS…yeah,like it…hope 2 see them both in person…i would be happy 4 it…by the way i’m diohanne duaban fr philippines,proud to be a filipina…GO dennis,GO koala…cool,you rock….thanks….yeah!!!!!!1

  144. 144 : animesmi Says:

    like many, i too am hoping so much for sequel. no matter how many times i view, there definitely has to be a continuation. it can;t end like that, there are just too many questions left unanswered some which are mentioned by julie nguyen.
    like many, their pairing was great, at first, i thought sun ae wld be with kang jun but was real happy tht was not the case, yoo il was just too sweet and cute, jealous over little things lol tho expected.
    the remaining cast were wonderful as well. i’m gonna go on n on more in my blog later sighh i’m so not satisfied with ending like many. am really praying for a sequel that is on the way with the same cast.
    dear producers, if you ever do see this and actually listen to all our pleas, many thanks for making our dreams and wishes come true^_^

  145. 145 : fellia Says:

    i also want part 2….it can’t ending like that…coz i think yoo-il has not death yet…the ending should be happily ever after ..sunae together ith yoo-il….c’mon producer…sequel please….

  146. 146 : strawberry_cashews16 Says:

    IM not contented at da ending…..!!!
    I want a part 2….!!!
    Im really addicted!!!!!


  147. 147 : bRaTinELLa_19 Says:

    I already watched this drama series for several times and still there are many questions that are not shown in the ending! I love Dennis Oh…He’s so sweet to KOALA!haha!Even the ending is dissapointing, still i love it..Han youri call in the ending because it means that he is still alive!Yeah!

    ,.hOpE dEr wiLL bE a SeQUeL…
    ,.LOvE u bOth!

  148. 148 : miyabhie Says:

    oMg.. this was one of the best drama ive watch.
    shOw me yOur loVe hanyOuri..
    where’s the sweety spY2??
    i know it the info in the bOlpen is on the watcH..
    where are yOu hanyOuri??
    yOu make me crY when yOu die..

  149. 149 : diohanne Says:

    sweet spy is really great,i’ve never watched a korean drama that aroused me…i like it,dennis oh is good-looking and hot and koala is cute and pretty….it’s a terrific korean drama until the cliffhanger…hoping 4 a part 2 of it,i’ll be excited 4 it…but hoping 4 the same characters…pls…by the way i’m diohanne fr philippines….cool..go nam sang-mi,go dennis!

  150. 150 : diohanne Says:

    it’s the best korean drama that i had watched..ever!i know that the info of the ballpen is in the watch of koala…i cried 4 the last part…hoping 4 a part 2 of it


  151. 151 : nisa Says:

    waa… i like this story.. this is the sweetest story that i haver watch.. also… dennis oh….. u so cute… love you so much… hope to see u… koala… sarang heyo

  152. 152 : nisa Says:

    happy to see this story… but the ending is not so good… i hope that it has second story…. sweet spy 2…. koala…

  153. 153 : Koala Says:

    i just finnished watching this drama…. i just dont understand why this gender of this drama is comedy??? i really dont think so… it’s really sad and heavy film…. n my heart is so sick when Han Yo Il dead… it’s really not fair… n it’s just too bad….
    But anyway, i love this movie… Dennis’s smile is really kill my heart n i like the way he look deeply to Koala…. it’s so romantic… n im speachless to see this….

  154. 154 : ran Says:

    sarang hea dennis ….
    and u guys .. didn’t u understand that is the end he didn’t die ? (sam shik)?

  155. 155 : shaine Says:

    i wish theres a second part of that movie, i really inspire at that movie.. because dennis is very cute ..i like his smile .. i want to kiss his lips …..ooppps ! wait .who will be the man of koala !? please ,.make a second part of sweet spy ..

  156. 156 : Niñachleo Dianne Says:

    I definitely love this movie!,and i really go over the net just to search and leave a comment for this movie.we’re little bit dissapointed by the ending but still, it doesnt leave us with sad faces it is a best movie!..

  157. 157 : Niñachleo Dianne Says:

    it has a nice story!

  158. 158 : xkristinhx Says:

    I love sweet spy and I was hoping that there would be another episode ..
    Maby I’m making a mistake but I read there on this webside::
    Dalkomseu Love Story Season 2 Broadcast date January 13, 2006 Price 500 won / 50 minutes 41 seconds for one. Between the two men put on a koala combat 2. You, me being gone …….? 3 4. Sunae my love to …
    does that mean that there is ?
    or is this maby just another fan writing 🙂
    I do not understand korean but I used a dictionary to understand it.. ;]

  159. 159 : bona Says:

    Right now, I am watching this drama, the 13th episode. Oh Dennis Oh! Can’t get enough of you… He is truly an adonis…D didn’t even sleep watching him…And please don’t tell me he dies in the end :'(

  160. 160 : Patricia Lee Says:

    story narration is good but no ending. Only the last portion shoot in the keppel not too good. Giving us doubt what’s the ending.

  161. 161 : chen Says:

    mbc should produce the sweet spy 2 the ending its a cliffhanger i hope they reconsider it nam sang mi and dennis have a great chemistry together, same cast ofcourse and the old guy just keep rolling around makes me laugh espicially my aunt. And dennis i like the way he looks at sun ae.this drama always make me think about the real ending only in my mind.PLSSSSSSSSSSSS MBC WE WANT SWEET SPY 2

  162. 162 : pekky Says:

    plsssssssssss sweet spy part 2 it nice story but not the end
    pls pls pls part 2 part 2 love dennis o so much

  163. 163 : umoect Says:

    where can i donwload this drama songs…?
    is that true there is sweet spy 2?

  164. 164 : moji_mm Says:

    Sweet spy is the best story. I like it very much. I’m very crazy that the story really finish because I think it don’t finish. I want to see Sweet spy sery in part 2 very much. Pleaseeeee!!!Director will make part 2.

  165. 165 : moji_mm Says:

    Please !!!! Make part 2

    I’very crazy!!!!I want to know that how does this story go on ?

  166. 166 : Hugh Says:

    When producer want to continue Sweet Spy 2??? There are still a lots unsolved matter!! It should continue, Pls dont let all the supporters dissapointed!!

  167. 167 : melly Says:

    dennis oh very cute ^_^

  168. 168 : ECO Says:

    The movie is not yet done coz the mysteries in the part 1 was not yet answered! So Sweet spy should have a sweet spy 2! It’s a good movie so please continue what you started, people are looking and waiting for a happy ending and part 2 of this movie. Sweet spy 1 doesn’t have happy ending coz, the story should be continued and it should have a SWEET SPY 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. 169 : farez91 Says:

    i hope the director will make sweet spy 2,because this drama do not has a myteriuos on the last episode…han yu yi is alive or died….don’t tell me he dead…or he still alive..how call the shui ai in the last episode..i hope it are han yu yi..it a good drama and i begging the producer to make sweet spy 2….

  170. 170 : rea Says:

    plzzzzzzzz make sweet spy 2…

  171. 171 : zkai alia Says:

    yeah,, it’s true yoo-il didn’t die! because in the end, somebody called her on the phone and she answer it by saying the codename koala! isn’t it a happy ending? he did’nt die n i think yoo-il is there when she got the phone call~ ^^,

  172. 172 : diefan Says:

    ending OK not great but I admit there’s mystery to be solve. hahaha I myself wanted to see and find out if kowala (koala) that call in the ending part was it from mr hedgehoge himself or from her lover..?? oh well.. such a cliff hanger… This series should have a part 2. This series was made in 2005-2006 its been a while… at least they (two main lead stars)had a bed sense.. hehehe possible in part2 a baby spy??…hehe

    I liked it a lot.. the main plot has a very good story line. that mr kang (section chief) and the nothing good evil woman both were awesome characters…

  173. 173 : mutiara Says:

    I like this drama!!

  174. 174 : mel Says:

    sound like interesting…
    hmmm… i want to watch this drama…

  175. 175 : nining Says:

    i wanna watch it,, is it good?

  176. 176 : via Says:


  177. 177 : jing2 Says:

    i love this drama!

    It’s unique and has a hanging ending!

    I hope it has part 2! ツ

    (And I hope they would read our comments!!:))

  178. 178 : Beena Says:

    i like it in the first few episodes but regretted ever watching this drama! to make it even worse, i regretted ever bought this dvd ..

    it looks weird when one side is talking in Korean and the other side is speaking in English!

    the lead actress should end up with the policeman and not with the spy …
    but this is only my opinion.

  179. 179 : old friends slippers Says:

    Fantastic post, I really look forward to updates from you.

  180. 180 : areda Says:

    i want the sweet spy 2..

  181. 181 : victory Says:

    i really hope there is sweet spy 2….
    i think it will be success…
    sweet spy is an outstanding drama…
    so different with the other drama….
    so sweet…so good… the line story is original…

    i think it’s better if they make sweet spy 2….^_^
    very recommended….

    please make sweet spy 2….
    please……with the same main actor and actress and the story maybe about them as an agent……^_^

    I think I have talk too much…hehehehe… but i really hope they will make it….

  182. 182 : Msmaky Says:

    i really like sweety spy main actor and actress a

  183. 183 : Msmaky Says:

    im from kiribati (mellenium country) i have seen sweety spy and i really like it, i admire the main actor and main actress

  184. 184 : loving_it Says:

    i just finished watching sweet spy and would really like to see sweet spy 2. I love dennis oh. he is soooo cute! the ending is hanging too much. it’s has to have a part 2

  185. 185 : kg girl Says:

    YES ..please Sweet Spy 2..i really like it

  186. 186 : wilma Says:

    The spy story is great but it could have been more comedic or more romantic haha….

    Indeed it has to be a sweet spy 2….the ending is to much hanging…but its been 5 years or so…so its too long for the sequel hahhaha….

    I think the policewoman and the spy are great together,because half blood korean always doesnt end up with the leading woman so im so happy that they ended-up together thou its not that clear ……hahhaha

    all in all i like it…aja aja fighting♥

  187. 187 : kdrama_fan Says:

    What a dumb woman Lee Soon Ae is. The story line is not convincing at all. She is so stupid, not to find who this spy really is. She was so flip-flopping between two lead men.

  188. 188 : fuck the haters that dont like sweet spy Says:

    i lub sweet spy♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ there should be a second part…. hopefully it comes out around this year…..sweet spy was the best drama done….♥♥♥ !!! *^_^*

  189. 189 : sara Says:

    sweet drama is nice drama please sweet spy 2

  190. 190 : thiennu15 Says:

    I wish there will be a sequel. My aunt before she died really wanted the second season would come out, but she passed away. If there was a second season , I would watch it with her next to her grave. Please have a sequel!!!

  191. 191 : hajar Says:

    yes i agreeeeeee ,i to much cryyyyy ,plz sweet spy 2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  192. 192 : angel Says:

    is there season 2 or NOT !!!!!
    WE are dying HERE >>>>>>>>any body!!!!!

  193. 193 : amirah Says:

    I’m kinda upset with the ending . I hope the director will make the story of sweet spy 2 . hoping highly .

  194. 194 : amirah Says:

    can somebody tell the director to make sweet spy 2 ? because tere are a lot of people hoping for that . I’m sure this drama will get everybody attention . please make sweet spy 2 .

  195. 195 : suzanne Says:

    the ending too much hanging..i hope there a second season..but,its been a long time after this film shooting….

  196. 196 : suzanne Says:

    there so many question that no answer…
    1.who’s hurt Han you Il?
    2.Did Park Sil Jang been catch or not?
    3.Who is Han You Il?
    4.How about the document?
    5.what happen to ji-soo?
    6.what happen to the ball pen?
    There a lot question that make this story hanging…..

  197. 197 : deladelz Says:

    Who will be Soon Ae man??

  198. 198 : cencen Says:

    saya ingin lee sun-ae bersama dengan han yoo-il

  199. 199 : santy Says:

    is very good…..

    i like it

  200. 200 : keisha Says:

    i don’t like lee soen ae because she look stupid police woman. but dannies oh,”hmm..you’re so sexy”. please give the video with indonesian sub.

  201. 201 : melodie berongoy Says:

    sana may part 2 pa ito nakaka lung kut ang ending

  202. 202 : Ariny Arief Says:

    I like this drama….Denis Oh is very handsome…..

  203. 203 : Tudiah Says:

    I love denish oh,,,
    So cute,cute,cute
    denish,,you are the best

  204. 204 : Emmah fraite Says:

    I like this drama.but,why sad ending?i hope to be continue in the part 2.please make again part 2. . !

  205. 205 : yanthi Says:

    sweet spy season 2,,, please!!!

  206. 206 : wi2n Says:

    yups….sweet spy season 2, please …….

  207. 207 : Dhini Noy Says:

    Truthfully, I do really upset with the ending of this drama. Luckily,we have the nicest actor, Dennis Joseph O’Neil there :*
    Is it a big too late for making the next season for the almost six years after? I hope the crew would come up with a more attractive story for the next season 🙂 Thank You…

  208. 208 : honey Says:

    i want sweet spy 2 with same casts PLEASE !

  209. 209 : camille Says:

    Pls make sweet spy 2,with all cast present plssss,its been long overdue…

  210. 210 : Zoya Says:

    damn…this is one of the best Korean drama i have seen…Dennis Joseph O’Neil is awesome. He is sweet and charming…also the actress Nam sang mi is pretty and I love their chemistry…why didn’t they made part 2…anyways I love this drama a lot

  211. 211 : aneesa Says:

    really hope that they will make the season 2 of this drama, elaborate more on soon ae, kyung jang and yoo il, interesting drama….maybe it is 6 years after, but still love the series……………..same cast please…..

  212. 212 : bebang in thailand Says:


  213. 213 : marwa Says:

    I just finished watching this drama and you definitely have to come up with the sequel. The mystery is not solve yet and I can guarantee that you’ll be able to make the season 2 more interesting. And, the same casts please.

  214. 214 : chychy's Says:

    Sweet spy, it’s so so sweet, of story this drama!! I hope, i wishes, will be present sweet spy season 2, pleeeaaaseeeeee !!

  215. 215 : ziana Says:

    sweety spy part 2 plss. why so sad the ending.make part 2.thanks!!

  216. 216 : ziana Says:

    dont change the characters.

  217. 217 : irine Says:

    sweet spy 2.make this plss.dennis oh..

  218. 218 : esther Says:

    actually dis film is wondaful,,,but i would love to say,how will the true murderes of officer kim go scort free,,and i’m pretty sure dennis is still alive but just to be sure he’s alive i hope to watch the next season of this incredibly awesome film..so i plead that the season two be out and we watch it happily knowing that the wicked did not go unpunished…

  219. 219 : esther Says:

    actually dis film is wondaful,,,but i would love to say,how will the true murderes of officer kim go scort free,,and i think dennis is still alive but just to be sure he’s alive i hope to watch the next season of this incredibly awesome film..so i plead that the season two be out and we watch it happily knowing that the wicked did not go unpunished…

  220. 220 : NAEHJ Says:

    sana magkaroon ulit ng part 2!!!bitin kc gus2n ko ulit makita si dennis han..sana cla ang magkatuluyan….
    the best tlaga!

  221. 221 : Cassidy Skye Says:

    OH MY GOSH,.! This drama is really awesome! and the casts,! they are really good! Both my favorite actor(Dennis Oh) and actress(Nam Sang Mi) are in this film and they really made a great chemistry together,.! and they’re so sweet,.! Weee,., the ending though is not that satisfying and I do so agree with all the comments posted here,., you must come up with a sequel with the same characters, if not all then let Nam Sang Mi and Dennis Oh have the lead role,., Love this drama,.! (~.~)

  222. 222 : oluwaseun Says:

    i luv sweet spy,very funny nd emotional.best and swt actor nd actress,sun-ae-le and han.his evry cute and luv i luv it wen he winks.dou he’s a very gud playboy.lol!nyc film though,keep it up.but how i wish there could be a 3rd season.all of u have work very hard.guess that does ring a bell?lol!

  223. 223 : Debby Says:

    Hey, i love dis drama so much………….. Pls we need u to make season 3 cos we av to know what happen. If sun ae le & Dennis get 2gether, if d real killer of her husband are arrested n punished n so many question….. Pls

  224. 224 : Sheyiboi Says:

    Plz when is season 3 coming out i luv dis drama, its awesome

  225. 225 : vaness Says:

    yeah!i agree to all of the comments posted.the movie is so beautiful,funny,and emotional but not so satisfactory.dennis joseph o’neil is so awesome!!nam sang mi is so pretty and beautiful.i love this so much but ,,,,a part 2 pls..!!!!! i am waiting for it!tnx…..

  226. 226 : Jhaella Says:

    Denis joseph o’neil your so handsome..

  227. 227 : kpd Says:

    I really love this drama…I hope kim ki ho ahjussi and lee sun mi ahjussi wan’t to write the new sequel of sweet spy ^^ .. I miss to see dennis oh and nam sang mi couple…I think sweet spy season 2 can be a favorite drama in 2013…^^

  228. 228 : Vhira pc Says:

    그는 잘 생기고 귀여운 때문에 한국 드라마와 내가 드라마 달콤한 스파이 ‘데니스 오 “라는 이니 별을 사랑
    인사말 모든
    I love Korean dramas and stars I like the drama is titled SWEET SPY “Dennis Oh” because he is handsome and cute
    Greetings all

  229. 229 : Rahma Says:

    Saya sangat suka dengan sweet spy , hususnya nam sang me & dennis oh couple… Yg sangat menggemaskan…

    Kami sangat berharap adanya sweet spy 2, yg isinya pertanyaan2 di sweet spy 1, seperti ttg isi pena itu sebenernya, apakah han yoo il masih hidup, apakah lee son ae akan menikah dg han yoo il jika dia masih hidup, bagai mana dengan pacar han yoo il di jepang, sebenernya syp yg lebih di cintainya, lee son ae atau pacarnya di jepang itu…

    Pokoknya kami sll menunggu sweet spy 2, dg pemain2 yg sma…kami yakin film ini akan populer… Karna kami smwa penasaran..:-(

  230. 230 : Rini Says:

    Sweet spy 2 kpn α̇̇̇̊‎​ϑª Lά̲̣̣̣̥G̲̣̣̣̥ɪ̣̝̇ [email protected]̤̥̣̈̊̇ªªªª˚⌣˘ dgn pemain Чªπğ sama soalnya msh pnsran akhir crtanya apa denis msh hidup kejls ttg terukapnya isi bolpoin dan apakah kjsn hbg deniss tlg hadirkan Lά̲̣̣̣̥G̲̣̣̣̥ɪ̣̝̇ sweet spy 2..plesssss

  231. 231 : rahmatya Says:

    hai .. I’m rahmatia, I am a fan of the Korean drama “sweet spy”, especially dennis oh, please make sweet spy in season 2, because I was curious how the continuation of the relationship han yoo il and Lee soon ae,, thank you.

  232. 232 : nuvy diana Says:

    han yoo il,,
    love you,,
    sweet spy 2 adain atuh ,,, Please

  233. 233 : yessia Says:

    i really love Sweet Spy .. Dennis Oh.. i very love him so much.. i will support for Sweet Spy 2..
    and i waithing Dennis Oh Come back again ..♥♥♥

  234. 234 : ammi Says:

    sweet spy 2 please,,, I miss lee soon ae and han yo il ( sam sik ee).. ???

  235. 235 : timothy Says:

    sweet spy kenapa gag ada yang sesion 2 dari 2005 gua tungguin ampe ke 2012 kaga ada buat dong kalau gag ceritain ke lanjutannya apakah lee-soon ae jadi nikah dengan Han yoo il han yoo il masih hidup???????
    tolong kamu beritahu

  236. 236 : Dhonny Chandra Speranza Lixuihuajin Says:

    Sweet Spy,,, I Like the Story,, Lee Soon Ae is Good Woman Police..

    Kapan pemutaran Sweet Spy 2,,,

    di tunggu lhoo 😀

  237. 237 : putri Says:

    i’ll be waiting sweet spy 2..

  238. 238 : SYIFA Says:


  239. 239 : helen doloksaribu Says:

    I rally love this drama, especially the romantic moment between Han Yo Ill and Lee Soon Ae. How happy this policed widowed loved by two handsome men. I’m waiting for other ” Dennis Oh ” drama and film.Love U.

  240. 240 : suchii Says:

    hmhm ..
    정말 영화를 좋아 SWEET SPY
    플레이어는, 멋진 예쁘고 잘 생긴 때문에 …
    에 대한 그녀의 특별한 HAN YOO IL (Denis oh) & NAM SANG-MI (Lee son ea) 이는 완벽하게 일치 ..
    이 영화는 예기치 못한 로맨틱를 갖춘 작업에 적합합니다 ..

    제가 영화를 기다리고 있었다 SWEET SPY season 2 항상 아직도 많은 질문에 답이없는 영화 tersebut.karena 기다립니다 SWEET SPY seaso 1..



  241. 241 : Tessy Simon Says:

    I am a great fan of Korean drama ”sweet spy” , pls i need the season 2 oh ! I am curious as to what happened to han (Dennis Joseph o’neil) and who did lee sun ae got married to . Pls i need a reply when it will come out . Thanks

  242. 242 : coleen Says:

    when will you publish sweet spy season two?? can’t wait to watch it..i am really hooked with this show

  243. 243 : snofe Says:

    Ple am really waiting for d finishing of this film. I so much love korean movie. So pls don’t disappoint us.

  244. 244 : analieya Says:

    i really love this drama when will MBC will make the season 2… i really want to see it… i hope u will make the season 2…

  245. 245 : Adesola ayomide Says:

    Henceforth! I hereby declare SWEET SPY as my best film of the year.
    Nam Sang-mi, Dennis Oh, Lee Joo-hyun and others, you really worked hard. I will be leaving first.

  246. 246 : Yummy Says:

    Please Season 2. SW nim where’s the season 2?

  247. 247 : Ncxii Says:

    Ini dia kisah lanjutan last episode “Sweet SPY 2” yang kita tunggu2 dan penasaran :
    Orang yang menelpon sun ae last episode itu adalah han yoo-il. Han yoo-il belum mati karena han yoo-il memakai rompi anti peluru. Waktu dia terjatuh dalam laut, pakcik hodgedog (sekrestaris tuanya) yang menyelamatkan dia lalu pakcik hodgedog membawa dia pergi ke Beijing untuk menyelamatkan ibunya yg diculik disana.
    yoo-il call sun ae memberi tahu sun ae suruh berhati-hati .. Sedangkan Kang jun masih teruskan invastigation kematian kim min wook (suami sun ae). Dia curiga park eun ju terlibat dlm kasus ini .. Park eun ju dan chairman park merancang rancana akan membunuh sun ae, karena sun ae tau siapa orang yang membunuh suaminya dan sengaja menuduh han yoo-il pelakunya. Sun ae bisa tau karena dia eavesdropping handphone park eun ju. Dan sun ae memberi tau kang jun bahwa park eun ju mau membunuh dia dan dia dlm posisi dangerous (berbahaya). Lalu kang jun membuat sebuah rencana untuk menangkap park eun ju. Setelah misi han-yoo-il menyelamatkan ibunya yang diculik di bejing selesai… Dia berencana kembali ke korea tetapi pakcik hodgedog melarangnya karena dia masih dlm posisi berbahaya, semua orang masih mencarinya dan mau membunuhnya. Tetapi dia tetap bersikeras ingin balik ke korea, akhirnya dia balik ke korea juga, karena dia tau bahwa sun ae dalam bahaya. sesampainya han yoo-il di korea, yoo-il menelpon sun ae, dia menyuruh sun ae datang ke tempat pertama kali mereka betemu (di tepi jalan tempat yoo-il terkena razia) Yoo-il berpesan jangan memberi tahu orang kalau dia masih hidup.
    Han yoo-il juga memberi tau bahwa file dalam pulpen itu ada pada jam tangan yg dia berikan kepada sun , dia bercerita isi file dalam polpen itu adalah tentang informasi system pertahanan korea, maka dari itu dia tdk memberikan pada black dragon dan CIA.
    Han yoo-il berjanji akan membantu sun ae menangkap park eun ju dan mengungkap siapa pembunuh suaminya sun ae.
    Sun ae menyuruh yoo-il dan kang jun agar bekerja sama, tetapi yoo-il tdk mau karena alasanya mereka berbeda kubu dia seorang spy dan kang jun kepala polisi (*padahal , dia cemburu karena dia tau kang jun pun menyukai sun ae) tetapi karena sun ae membujuk yoo-il dan menjelaskan tentang perasaanya kpd kang jun, akhirnya yoo-il setuju.
    Malam itu mereka pergi ke rumah kang jun, kang jun terkejut melihat yoo-il masih hidup.
    Kang jun: U’RE alive ..?? ottokae ..??
    Yoo-il: I’m a spy, remember .. (Dengan gaya cool dan macho)

    Kang jun agak kecewa pada kedatangnya yoo-il , kang jun kecewa karena dia tdk dapat kesempatan untuk mendekati sun ae lagi. Tetapi karena dia nekat menuntaskan kasus itu dia setuju bekerja sama dengan han yoo-il dan sun ae untuk menangkap park eun ju, chairman park, sung hyun chul, n chairman jung.
    Sebenarnya mereka sudah mendapatkan bukti tetapi masalahnya bukti itu illegal di mata hukum karena tidak ada saksi, satu-satunya cara yang bisa dijadikan saksi adalah choi beum go (yg memiliki gym tinju) dan Ji-su (teman sun ae yg jadi artis) yang telah jadi selingkuhan Sir Po. Pada awalnya choi beum go tidak mau lantaran takut tapi setelah di bujuk oleh Ji-su anaknya akhirnya dia mau juga.

    Mereka merancang menyuruh ji-su menjebak chairman park dan member tau tentang informasi dalam polpen itu ada pada sun ae. Jadi nanti charmin park berbuat sesuatu pada sun ae dan dari situ mereka akan bekuk charirman park.

    Akhirnya park eun ju, chairman park, hyun chul, dan chairman jung dapat ditangkap.
    Endingnya yoo-il yg ganteng itu sama gue, eee salah sama sun ae (haha). Sun ae berhenti bekerja sebagai polisi taman kota dan ikut han han yoo-ill pergi menetap di amerika (karena han yoo-il kan berdarah korea-amerika) jadi dia putuskan untuk tinggal bersama sun ae di sana (so sweet).
    Kang jung pun kecewa dan patah hati, tetapi akhirnya dia jatuh cinta pada officer oh nara yang sudah lama suka padanya. Asisten han yo-ill hodgedog pergi liburan ke new Caledonia, sedangkan Officer shim plak akhirnya berpacaran dengan ji-su

    -The end-

    Refrensi: maaf yah sebelumnya, karena endingnya sangat menyakitkan hati saya, saya putuskan untuk melanjutkan endingnya sendiri. Jika kalian masih ada yg belum puas kalian bisa menambahkan versi jalan cerita kalian sendiri. Saya tunggu yah ^,^

  248. 248 : vica Says:

    Di mana b̲̅IS̤̈̊åª tau jln crita lanjutanya?? Apa judulnya apakah sweet spy 2?

  249. 249 : Cicis Says:

    Still waiting for sweet spy season 2 . Hope MBC can make it as a SWEET ending

  250. 250 : Cicis Says:


  251. 251 : Lyla stephanie Says:

    I love sweet spy. .tapi endingnya menyedihkan banget. . .han you il (dennis oh) dan lee son ae (nam sang mi) pasangan sejati. . .tolong buat sweet spy season 2 dong??

  252. 252 : Dayu Gek Says:

    tolong buat sweet spy season 2 dong!!!!!!!! biar endingnya gak menyedihkan lagi!!!!! I Love Sweet SPY ( Dennis Oh n Nam Sang Mi )

  253. 253 : asty Says:

    Abis ny nyangkut,bkin pnsasaran..
    Bkin sekuel nydunk..
    Dennis oh,luv u

  254. 254 : bundae nabila Says:

    krn semua org pnsran dg drama ini. seharusx MBC wajib n kudu buat sekuelx….

  255. 255 : sahel Says:

    please some one say did dennis oh die or not in this drama?

  256. 256 : aih Says:

    aq suka drama ini, tp kenapa endingnya banyak yg bikin penasaran.
    gimana klo buat lagi sweet spy 2, pasti banyak yg nonton deh… apalagi klo pemainnya te2p Dennis Oh and Nam Sang Mi. I like it.

  257. 257 : rini Says:

    aku suka bangat sama drama ini cuma andingnya kayak harus ada sambungannya dhe…bikin penasaran

  258. 258 : Tina Says:

    I don’t think DENNIS’ character died in this drama. First of all, the man that is always by his side was there and knew he fell into the water. He probably waited till the cops left to look for Han Yoo Il OR used his ninja skills to save him. Also, the ending… The name of the person who called Soon Ae was Yoo Il’s real korean name in the drama because it was told when all the government officials got together and wanted to capture him. Too lazy to confirm if it was the phone Yoo Il gave her, but if it is, I’m CERTAIN he’s alive. She wouldn’t have even had that caller ID name, unless he set it into the phone for her.

  259. 259 : bigeye46 Says:

    dennis oh have acting continue sweet spy 2 but too bad cut way finish now

  260. 260 : Caroline Says:

    Please bring out sweet spy season 2

  261. 261 : stephenie Says:

    i love the movie.but don’t u think it would be fair enough if u produce the remaining episodes,cos the way u ended it ain’t cool at all…nd guys(cast)keep up the good work…love u guys

  262. 262 : jeanie Says:

    I love this drama but there’s should be more to the ending that is precise, clear happy ending if there’s no part 2.I would like to see more drama of Dennis OH.I like his role and acting and he’s cute too..

  263. 263 : shabnam Says:

    Please bring out sweet spy season 2

  264. 264 : ellie Says:

    drama is great.ending is shit. there should be part 2.

  265. 265 : Yetty Says:

    Dennis smile I don’t knw how to qualify you,can I call u a solace? Honestly wen I finished watching the season 2 and I realised the 3rd season is not yet out,I was weeping not because it not yet out but because I felt d pain ,I was putting myself in Lee sun -ae shoe ,I really wish to feel dat kind of unconditional love someday,depite her incompetent,depite her weakness, depite her childish behavior,Dennis u Stil love and trust her. But Dennis are u that for real or it was just acting hun? If u are such for real,I wil work harder to meet u someday . Pls if truly you are caring, pls make the 3rd season posible .May God help you and your team amen
    Miss u Dennis and SunAe

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