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Surplus Princess 02

Title: 잉여공주 / Surplus Princess
Chinese Title: 剩余公主
Also Known as: The Mermaid / The Idle Mermaid
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Broadcast network: tvN
Episodes: 10
Broadcast period: 2014-Aug-07 to 2014-Oct-09
Air time: Thursday 23:00


Surplus Princess is a story about a mermaid who attempts to become a human being so that she can stay forever with the man she loves.

EiRin (Jo Bo Ah), the eighteenth princess of the mermaid world, dreams to becoming a human because of a love one. She drinks a bottle of the human potion, before she even realize the 100 day consequences to this potion. Before she reaches the 100th day of being a human, she has to find her perfect love one. Will she be able to find him in time?


Main Cast

Jo Bo Ah as Kim Ha Ni / EiRin
Ohn Joo Wan as Lee Hyun Myung
Song Jae Rim as Kwon Shi Kyung
Park Ji Soo as Yoon Jin Ah

People around Ha Ni

Ahn Kil Kang as Ahn Ma Nyu

Surplus house

Kim Seul Gi as Ahn Hye Young
Kim Min Kyo as Do Ji Yong
Nam Joo Hyuk as Dae Oh Jok Bik
Lee Sun Kyu as Lee Sun Kyu

JH Food Corporation

Jin Hee Kyung as Hong Myung Hee
Kim Jae Hwa as Kim Woo San
Han So Young as So Dae Li
Jei as Han Gook Ja
Kim Ha Rin as Park Geum Bi
Moon Hee Kyung as Jin Ah’s mother
Ra Mi Ran as Seblin (Ha Ni’s sister)
Moon Ji In as disappeared mermaid
Lee Ji Woo as An Ma Nyeo’s daughter
Kim San Ho


Jung Chan Woo as EiRin’s brother (ep7)
Crayon Pop as Crayon Pop (ep7)

Production Credits

Director: Baek Seung Ryong
Screenwriter: Ji Eun Yi, Park Ran, Kim Ji Soo


This drama has been cut from 16 episodes to 10 episodes due to the low rating.

Episode Ratings

Date Ep Title Nationwide
2014-08-07 1 개천에서 인어난다 0.84
2014-08-14 2 원수는 한강다리 밑에서 만난다 0.97
2014-08-21 3 아닌 밤중에 진정한 사랑 0.60
2014-08-28 4 잉여도 밟으면 꿈틀한다 0.98
2014-09-04 5 공든 자소설 무너지랴 0.743
2014-09-11 6 하늘이 무너져도 솟아날 구멍은 없다 0.602
2014-09-18 7 아니 땐 심장이 두근대랴 0.537
2014-09-25 8 실패는 잉여의 어머니 -
2014-10-02 9 오르지 못할 나무 쳐다볼 순 있다 -
2014-10-09 10 물거품 무서워 사랑 못하랴! 0.59

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


Surplus Princess Poster1 Surplus Princess Poster2

Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II & Trailer III & Trailer IV & Trailer V

4 Minutes Preview

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206 Responses to “Surplus Princess”

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  1. 201
    OK OK OK Says:

    writer nim

    If there is 11 episodes onwards, Please consider my request. (pls also take note many comments above, 99% prefer Kim Ha Ni ends with Kwon Shi Kyung.

    1) Let Song Chae Rim as Kwon Shi Kyung ends up with lead actress Jo Bo Ah as Kim Ha Ni / EiRin.

    2) if you still want Ohn Joo Wan as Lee Hyun Myung to end up with Kim Ha Ni,

    Pls DO NOT make Song Chae Rim to end up with the scheming 2nd lead actress Park Ji Soo as Yoon Jin Ah even she has turn better.

    Better let Song Chae Rim be single or end up with another pretty kind lady.

    Thank you for your attention. 🙂

  2. 202
    dimples Says:

    Started off really funny,got a little bored but still managed, but the last episode was a joke, it seems like its rushed to finish, (heard its been cut short coz of the rating), but the ending was just odd in my opinion. And I too like main female lead with Si Kung (the chef) waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. so sad to see him cry 🙁

  3. 203
    Shellsbells Says:

    Such a fun drama liked it a lot. Well worth the watch and a fan of the entire cast kudo’s

  4. 204
    sue virgin We want to put a door between master bedroom and bathroom where there isn't one now...so we need door jam and door....the opening measures: 36"X 84".....the avalon style is similer to our other interior doors...would like an estimate. Says:

    Can I buy a Surplus Princess (The Mermaid) poster?

  5. 205
    Red Says:

    This was one of the funniest series I have seen in ages. I am disappointed that it ended early.

  6. 206
    passer Says:

    its a pity i only know of this drama in 2017
    just watched it via cable tv (paid)
    its a nice korean drama, not too draggy etc but i didnt know it ended at ep10! i am expecting a bit more of ‘after’ she returned
    google n realised its meant ot be 14 episodes but cut to 10.
    rating doesnt seem good too
    really a pity
    the actors/actresses can act but cant get high rating

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