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Surplus Princess

Surplus Princess 02

Title: 잉여공주 / Surplus Princess
Chinese Title: 剩余公主
Also Known as: The Mermaid / The Idle Mermaid
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Broadcast network: tvN
Episodes: 10
Broadcast period: 2014-Aug-07 to 2014-Oct-09
Air time: Thursday 23:00


Surplus Princess is a story about a mermaid who attempts to become a human being so that she can stay forever with the man she loves.

EiRin (Jo Bo Ah), the eighteenth princess of the mermaid world, dreams to becoming a human because of a love one. She drinks a bottle of the human potion, before she even realize the 100 day consequences to this potion. Before she reaches the 100th day of being a human, she has to find her perfect love one. Will she be able to find him in time?


Main Cast

Jo Bo Ah as Kim Ha Ni / EiRin
Ohn Joo Wan as Lee Hyun Myung
Song Jae Rim as Kwon Shi Kyung
Park Ji Soo as Yoon Jin Ah

People around Ha Ni

Ahn Kil Kang as Ahn Ma Nyu

Surplus house

Kim Seul Gi as Ahn Hye Young
Kim Min Kyo as Do Ji Yong
Nam Joo Hyuk as Dae Oh Jok Bik
Lee Sun Kyu as Lee Sun Kyu

JH Food Corporation

Jin Hee Kyung as Hong Myung Hee
Kim Jae Hwa as Kim Woo San
Han So Young as So Dae Li
Jei as Han Gook Ja
Kim Ha Rin as Park Geum Bi
Moon Hee Kyung as Jin Ah’s mother
Ra Mi Ran as Seblin (Ha Ni’s sister)
Moon Ji In as disappeared mermaid
Lee Ji Woo as An Ma Nyeo’s daughter
Kim San Ho


Jung Chan Woo as EiRin’s brother (ep7)
Crayon Pop as Crayon Pop (ep7)

Production Credits

Director: Baek Seung Ryong
Screenwriter: Ji Eun Yi, Park Ran, Kim Ji Soo


This drama has been cut from 16 episodes to 10 episodes due to the low rating.

Episode Ratings

Date Ep Title Nationwide
2014-08-07 1 개천에서 인어난다 0.84
2014-08-14 2 원수는 한강다리 밑에서 만난다 0.97
2014-08-21 3 아닌 밤중에 진정한 사랑 0.60
2014-08-28 4 잉여도 밟으면 꿈틀한다 0.98
2014-09-04 5 공든 자소설 무너지랴 0.743
2014-09-11 6 하늘이 무너져도 솟아날 구멍은 없다 0.602
2014-09-18 7 아니 땐 심장이 두근대랴 0.537
2014-09-25 8 실패는 잉여의 어머니 -
2014-10-02 9 오르지 못할 나무 쳐다볼 순 있다 -
2014-10-09 10 물거품 무서워 사랑 못하랴! 0.59

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


Surplus Princess Poster1 Surplus Princess Poster2

Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II & Trailer III & Trailer IV & Trailer V

4 Minutes Preview

Watch Online in Viki.com


  1. 1 : mml Says:

    I like to watch sweet romance drama and hopefully, this is a sweet romance drama whereby Ha Ni from The Mermaid she will become a human being being and Hyun Myung with sincere love towards Ha Ni under all circumstances.

    I will watch this drama and hopefully it is not a sleepy drama, as I hate to watch sleepy drama, melodrama and all day quarrel drama.

  2. 2 : emerald Says:

    Hahahaha… Dyesebel…

  3. 3 : Sharon Says:

    Is this like the Disney’s Little Mermaid. This has to be real interesting, how are they going to depict the underwater features. Will watch!

  4. 4 : KDCraze Says:

    Yeah, Little Mermaid “Ariel “Korean drama hahaha.

  5. 5 : Qian Says:

    That’s why I love tVN. The story lines are always unique, creative and attractive! Can’t wait for this drama~ =D Bo Ah unnie, hwaiting! ^^

  6. 6 : tintinRELOS Says:

    oo nga @emerald.. Dyesebel.

  7. 7 : tintinRELOS Says:

    the girl from SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND. I love that drama so I think I’m gonna watch this.

  8. 8 : bigeye46 Says:

    yes..dyesebal exect same title but different drama

  9. 9 : kimchilee Says:

    I can’t wait to watch Song Jae Rim… gosh.. he was so fantastic in Generation.. and of course, Moon Embraces the Son..

  10. 10 : Piqueek Says:

    Liked her role in “Horse Doctor”. Glad to see she landed the lead here.

  11. 11 : gulss Says:

    only 1 episode per week? =(

  12. 12 : June Says:

    CAN’T WAIT! *o*

  13. 13 : dinaz Says:

    I was always fascinated by mermaid stories i thought i will watch it after the series gets over since my drama cart is full..but omo omo just realised this drama has song jae rim,Kei from nail shop paris i totally loved him in that drama..now i have to watch this!i only hope this drama wont end up sad..
    Goodluck to Song jae rim 😉

  14. 14 : MadHatterCat Girl1 Says:

    Sounds Similar To That 80’s Movie Splash Mixed With Elements From The Disney Film!!!
    Never Seen A Tv Show About A Mermaid Hope It Rocks!!!!
    Can’t Wait!!!

  15. 15 : arkilhodz04 Says:

    Can’t wait this kind of fantasy drama…love it…Hope it will be a 20 episodes…:)

  16. 16 : roshanz Says:

    I can’t wait to see this dramaaaa!! n I think…. this will be hit in 2014….most famous . 2014 drama in Korea….!!

  17. 17 : firman Says:

    very long time to see again the fantasy drama like this. just wait end never forget to watch surplus prince. hahahahahahhahaah iam happy

  18. 18 : -Autumn- Says:

    Is Song Jae Rim the main male lead?? looking forward to this drama ^^

  19. 19 : Micc Says:

    Love it! Cute and different. tvN is definitely a trend setter, while OCN is all serious. Love them both. Okay, love tvN more. 🙂

  20. 20 : niczej Says:

    lol mermaid taking selfie haha.. 😀

  21. 21 : niczej Says:

    and her cell phone charger was.. haha 😀

  22. 22 : vodka Says:

    Where to watch?

  23. 23 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Dramacool.com 👍👍👍😂 best Kdrama site everrr 😄

  24. 24 : bigeye46 Says:

    thumb up so cute hahaha

  25. 25 : Gyeme Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA. dyesabel.!

  26. 26 : hny Jo Says:

    watch this too but…again..tvn !the screen lighting is bad quality..their face look bad in screen,comeOn fix it …so different when I see sbs n kbs drama ;))

  27. 27 : cupcake Says:

    not good drama…a bit boring,

  28. 28 : dramafreak Says:

    watched the first ep…looks interesting haha…will continue to watch it =)

  29. 29 : YoRoseberry Says:

    Under the sea…. Like

  30. 30 : Han Song Says:

    Everything in this drama so cute and funnny ….잉여공주 cast fighting -♡

  31. 31 : mml Says:

    Episode 1 ,not bad like fairy tale story. I think it’s an adult fairy tale story. Okay, I will continue to watch episode 2

  32. 32 : Riley Says:

    I think it’ll be good. But there’s like 3 characters that piss me off already, plus in the preview for episode 2 I’m pretty sure right where they stopped it is where he just keeps walking.. There’s no abrupt pause in his steps and it ends so quickly so :<
    Do you think there's something wrong with that potion? Why was the guy so reluctant to give it to her and nervous when she drank it? (Or is this just me being over-observant and misunderstanding stuff)

  33. 33 : dewicess Says:

    i really hope that hani will end with chef shi kyung <3

  34. 34 : maknaee Says:

    Song Jae-rim is freaking hot :3

    Dislike Jin-ah; you keep eyes on hottie chef while you’ve a boyfriend. Heoool

    Can’t wait for eps 2, Ha-ni and Si-kyung have sooo much chemistry. But I doubt that Si-kyung is a human ….

  35. 35 : sharifa Says:

    it’s a really good drama. i like it. can’t wait for episode 2.cast “fighting”

  36. 36 : dinaz Says:

    Episode 1 is super cute,woww a modern,high tech mermaid who loves smartphones keeps it wrapped in a plastic,surfs internet and drools at the sexy chef..hehe..its hilarious and we have Ban Ji yeon’s bestie(Witch’s Romance)here as the drunk unni mermaid,she is so funny even her hair clip are tiny alcohol bottles..Lol :))
    Omg Song jae rim looks so hot here,he changed alot from his nail shop paris days,he looked nasty and hot there here is sexy and hot 😛 😛 and we get to see a shower scene too,what a feast to the eyes..keke
    i never knew a butt could be compared to an apple LOL..
    and the underwater kiss was so beautiful with blue waters surrounding a beautiful mermaid and a hot guy..like a fairy tale..
    i love the comments on the background too..haha..super funny,they make fun of the story,its my first time seeing something like this..cant wait for next episode..
    @maknaee why is shi kyung not a human??i m curious 🙂
    @Riley i am sure it must have some after-effects for which the man hesitated to give the potion to her..

  37. 37 : vic Says:

    who is the male lead?? LHM or KSK?.. anyway, this drama started out well… it’s a new and unique plot for Kdramas,. a cute and refreshing one I think… gonna watch the upcoming episodes..

  38. 38 : maknaee Says:


    Take a look when he’s alone in the elevator (arround 32:40 – 33:00) , the way he see himself in the mirror is suspicious, even the background instrumental.

    Yeaaah, the kiss was beautiful and superb! *swooooning*

    Idk why, but I keep getting Ji-sung’s vibe from Ohn Joo-wan. Sometimes he looks alike Ji-sung. Err… hairstyle factor, maybe kkk

  39. 39 : dinaz Says:

    @maknaee hmm very insightful,omo if he is not a human how perfect it would be..what if he is a special aquatic creature??hehe..btw who is the lead here sjr or ojw? i m in sjr team 🙂 🙂

  40. 40 : Ratna Says:

    I want eileen with si kyung … i dont like man who as hyun myung

  41. 41 : Jana47 Says:

    When will they broadcast the 2 episode of Surplus Princess please tell me

  42. 42 : Jana47 Says:


  43. 43 : Jana47 Says:

    I’m really excited to watch the 2 episode

  44. 44 : Jana47 Says:


  45. 45 : bigeye46 Says:

    yes so cute but all actress and actor new to me and i dun know which is real rich Shi Kyung or Hyun Myung poor if mermiad choice decision?

  46. 46 : Hannah Says:

    I haven’t watched this drama, I guess I’m waiting for someone to tell me it’s super best then only I watch it because I’m not really into fairy tale.

    Btw just wanna help,
    @Jana47 you can already watch it at dramabay. So far, I think they’re the fastest one to sub dramas. But it’s soft sub.

  47. 47 : JAA Says:

    First time I saw this drama I feel like why (mermaid) she is such a pervert in men, but okay it’s just with chef that she thought she fall in love with him only.
    I kind of don’t like it at first I think the story is pretty weird.
    after I finished ep1, they keep me watching it cuz Kim Ha Ni ‘s so funny haha , you will enjoy a pervert+cute+funny act+innocent+silly act+mean girl in these princess mermaid.
    hilarious drama!

  48. 48 : Sandy 2 Says:

    This drama is just too cute. I just watched episode 1 and hate that it only airs once a week. Very cute and funny.

  49. 49 : Kristal Says:

    Be sure to leave brain cells and an open mind for ridiculous things such as mermaid being able to charge her smart phone and shop online under the ocean. Yet, I watch.

  50. 50 : mml Says:

    Episode 2, the members of the share house are a bit weird, one thing they are good in the sense that they are kind and helpful people. I wonder can Hyun Myung fall in love with Ha Ni ? Actually Ha Ni is pretty and naïve, she’s not a materialistic lady, maybe, Hyun Myung should consider Ha Ni after a hurtful breakoff relationships with his girlfriend.

    I hope that this fairytale story can bring to a sweet romantic happy ending rather than to follow the actual fairytale story whereby, it gives a sad ending. So sad to watch sad ending dramas. Better to have some happy comedy and lively dramas.

    I will continue to watch episode 3.

  51. 51 : dinaz Says:

    Ep 2 is funny just that certain scenes are quite bold which we usually wont see in a normal drama..my fav scene would be when ha ni tried to strip Hyun myung’s pants off LOL..haha..
    @maknaee #38 i started to notice Joo wan in this episode,u were right he does resemble Ji sung a lot from certain angles..and i find Ha Ni like Go Ara when she smiles..she is doing well as the crazy and naughty mermaid who only dreams of kissing shi kyung..hehe 🙂
    Seems like jae rim is the second lead??i really hope not 🙁 i started watching this just for him..
    @Hannah u can just give it a try,its not the best drama but its quite different and funny 🙂
    @mml me too hope this drama wont have a sad ending like the original story of mermaids..

  52. 52 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz…is this drama good? I noticed your comment to @Hannah, regarding it not being “the best drama but its quite different.”

    Well, I personally go for and seem to gravitate to the ‘quite different’ kdramas more often than the usual norm, because they seem to turn out being the ‘BEST’ ones to watch enjoyment wise, IMHO.

  53. 53 : dinaz Says:

    @usa_mary chingu i find this drama very different from the other normal dramas and its cute and funny too..for a mermaid story its quite fresh and certain scenes surprises me for its its boldness 😛 😛
    Do give it a try it will be nice to have u on this page too discussing the episodes 🙂 🙂

  54. 54 : amal Says:

    Serial beautiful and Guetash claimed descend episodes Belize 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 you 🙂 beautiful <3

  55. 55 : lilly Says:

    Song Jae Rim must be the lead i don’t want the other guy 🙁 i want Jae Rim <3

  56. 56 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz-53: Ya chingua! This drama in a way, reminds me of the American movie Splash, starring Daryl Hannah, Tom Hanks, and John Candy. Daryl Hannah was a mermaid that went thru a similar metamorphosis to meet Tom Hanks.

    Back to the drama. Little mermaid Ha Na is…well…on the R-rated side. LOL Girl, what can you do with fins?! LOL My…my…my, she held that guy’s tuch a little long as they kissed under water.

    The viki commenters had me LOL when they called her gangster Ariel, the Terminator, etc. She boldly wrestled with the warlock (male version of a witch) for that potion.

    The one character, so far, I thought was too funny was the unnie mermaid, Ha Na went to for guidance on where to go and who to see in order to become humanized. That was one drunken mermaid. Now, I see why the sailors in old American movies was leery about the siren call of a mermaid late at night and covered their ears while out to sea. The mermaid was calling out of booze, and they didn’t want to share it. LOL (Sailors have been known for their drunkenness and cussing.)

    Then, to top it off, unnie had little bottles of airplane size booze in her hair for decoration. LOL That red starfish also in her hair must be soaking up all the booze from her blood stream. Well, at least she knows what the good stuff tasted like and didn’t let that dribble down the side of her mouth, like she did with the cheap liquor. Hmmm…I wonder if they have an AMA..Alcoholics Mermaid Anonymous down below.

    It’s going to be interesting to find out what happens to Ha Na after she drank all the potion, not leaving any for later. I know there had to be a warning or caution to it. Well, we’ll find out.

  57. 57 : usa-mary Says:

    Ha Na is kind of wacked out. She’s rather rough around the edges. Must be from living in the Han River for so long!

    I like the rules of Surplus House…ROCK! This Is Not Your Mom’s House! LOL

    Looks like that bowl-hair cut guy is a willing candidate to help Ha Na find true love. I saw that gleam in his eyes.

  58. 58 : riz Says:

    i really like kdrama is there any web site so i can watch this the idle mermaid? i think its totally different from kdrama that i’ve watch…please help me…thanks

  59. 59 : me Says:

    there are many but if u want eng subs u will find them at drama fever or viki or drama cool just search for it and u will find.

  60. 60 : mml Says:

    Episode 3. the share house friends continued to be funny and interesting. I will continue to watch episode 4 to be expect more to laugh.

  61. 61 : usa-mary Says:

    The lone female of Surplus House (before Ha Ni arrived) who likes the ‘John Lennon’ looking owner of the house has a gig where she’s getting paid to eat food via the internet. I’m aware of the mild, normal looking ‘watch us eat and describe the food to you’ different websites, but the playboy bunny eared, porn sounding while you eat sites??? Now, that’s a horse of a different color. Maybe, the writers’ exaggerated that part. Hopefully, they did because that’s a forte for pervs. LOL Anyway, I like how the writers interwove that gig into this drama.

    Surplus Princess…fighting!

  62. 62 : LoveBerrish07 Says:

    Jo Bo Ah as Kim Ha Ni
    Ohn Joo Wan as Lee Hyun Myung
    Song Jae Rim as Kwon Shi Kyung

    Who do you think Hani will be end up with???

  63. 63 : tingkeobels Says:

    i hope Ha Ni will ended up with Kwon Shi Kyung. This drama really have a lot surprises. Too bad it’s only airing once a week. Can’t wait to watch 4th episode

  64. 64 : cuity17 Says:

    @62 loveberrish07…….. I hope kwon shi kyung.. It’s bcoz of Song Jae Rim…. 😀 lol

  65. 65 : vic Says:

    this drama is refreshingly funny… and I like hearing OST of other popular drama here…

  66. 66 : elle Says:

    @maknaee ha i thought i was the only one who thought that ojw looks like ji sung

  67. 67 : Lilo Says:

    I feel Jo Bo Ah looks like Han Ji Won when she is smile ^_^

  68. 68 : LoveBerrish07 Says:

    @63 tingkeobels.. @64 cuity17 : yup, i love their chemistry! I cant wait for ep.4 . I love Surplus Princess and also the other TVN kdrama.

  69. 69 : dinaz Says:

    Ep 3 is equally funny Lol..this mermaid is really naughty,even her dreams are equally naughty..hehe :))
    i really hope jae rim is the lead the ji sung duplicate is cute too but please jae rim is one of my main reasons for watching this drams..so he has this temporary blindness which makes him avoid people?
    poor him 🙁 i really hope he is the one for Ha ni.. 🙂
    Kim seul gi looks so pretty here cant believe she is the same girl from flower boy next door and sseuriki oppa’s cousin in reply1994,it was so damn funny when she said ‘eat it before i slap you’..LOL i never tasted chicken feet but my mouth started watering looking at them enjoying it.
    @usa-mary glad ure watching this drama and enjoying it too..i love your humourous descriptions lol specially ‘bowl cut haired guy’ lol he is cute right 😛 he is having a huge crush on ha ni and i love that drunk mermaid too she is so funny want to see more of her..
    her blue fins are really pretty 🙂

  70. 70 : usa-mary Says:

    This drama brings out the eccentricities that people usually have, but keep hidden. The graphics are too funny!

    @dinaz-69: I know! The larger chain of grocery stores where I live now sell chicken feet, whereas they didn’t before. They don’t look as meaty as a chicken wing, but with the right seasoning and sauce, it just may work.

    Girlfriend…rice bowl haircut guy is a cute youngin’ and a keeper. I like him. The only thing is that the crown of his head was styled and the rest was strait. Hilarious! It shows he made the effort. Bringing a water can filled with water for her to drink, wearing a suit. Ahhhh!

    HM is funny…saying the chef guy looks like a praying mantis! LOL

    I also like the tall guy, too. It was so cute when he sought advice from the ‘online food eating chick’ about what to where when he meets Suzy.

    What’s with this Suzy chick! Did that wench invite two guys to go on a date with her? It looks that way. Depending on who’s the most aggressive is the one she’ll date?

    Now, nothing personal against the actor who is Suzy’s ‘oppa’ the manager of ‘?’ who dissed a perfectly appropriately dressed young man because he’s a 4th year university student who doesn’t work. Why did she call ‘the long and tall of it’ guy out in the first place? Well, here in the US, I’m considered average height for a female. But, when shawty showed up, I wondered where the rest of him went. I’m into math, but like to keep fractions where it belongs, in the math books. I couldn’t believe that she chose shawty over the University student. Girl, if a the top of a man’s head comes to either my earlobe, elbow, or navel, forget it!!!!! I’ll take the long tall cutie over step stool guy any time! Little smart mouth runt! LOL

  71. 71 : usa-mary Says:

    Naughty is right!

    GOT ABs! Now, these writers, and the director knows what will get ‘us’ women’s attention. Shower scenes are nice, but throw in an oiled down, sweat dripping, muscle flexing fine man exercising and doing push ups. With abs and the V-shape…muscular toned WIDE shoulders, tapering down to a small waist doing… What can I say…ME LIKE VISUALS!

    I don’t know if the writers will have ‘online eating chick’ and Mr. Surplus ‘John Lennon’ look alike pair up. But, her hawt description of his arched back O_O!!! This girl (and the writers’) is too much! Now, we’re all adults here, right?! When I looked at his arched back as I replayed her response; I wondered how could that make her so hawt. Well, the hawtness of his arched spinal position had nothing to do with the upright posture position that I had in my mind. Actually, it brought out the ‘woof-woof’ in her! LOL Okay…I will behave! This drama made me do it!

  72. 72 : ceci Says:

    sub español en:

  73. 73 : Sopia3kjw3 Says:

    This drama is pretty cool.

  74. 74 : Nang Hseng Lyan Naung Says:

    Song Jae Rim to be the lead!!!!! Please!!!!!!

  75. 75 : TS Says:

    Am I the only one who think Ha Ni will end up with Huyn Myung? 🙁

  76. 76 : LoveBerrish07 Says:

    @75 TS …dnt worry we will never know whos HaNi gonna end up… if you notice from the start they did not reveal whos the lucky guy … and all the ship fandom begins. 🙂

  77. 77 : cassie Says:

    I ship her with the Chef or the housemate////I like both but I think the house mate is the one. Nice drama. Love the actors and their acting a bit exaggerated. Lovable characters.

  78. 78 : iammee Says:

    the female lead do have a strong appeal but i find the two leading man lacking on it

  79. 79 : mml Says:

    Episode 4 also not bad. Ha Ha, I think I have been laughing for some funny behaviour of them. And am looking forward to watch episode 5.

  80. 80 : jihane Says:

    I want her to end up with Hyun Myung *-*

  81. 81 : Pamela Says:

    I love this drama. But I’m really hoping that ha ni would end up with shi kyung. Jo Bo Ah and Song Jae Rim just have a great chemistry with each other. I don’t like if she’ll end up with hyun myung.

  82. 82 : Pamela Says:

    Song Jae Rim so handsome … Shi Kyung and Ha Ni!

  83. 83 : sseuncha Says:


  84. 84 : usa-mary Says:

    LOL…witch Ahn gets much respect when on the scene at Surplus House. (Actually, it should be warlock Ahn; which is a male version of a female witch. That is, unless that potion he drank did some other type of switcheroo on him). Must be hot wearing that hooded coat since its summer time.

    Already, its obvious who’s going to get with whom… Unless, the writers surprise us by having the second lead male get the first lead female. That would be an interesting change.

  85. 85 : JAA Says:

    The last Ep so hilariously!!!
    I really can’t stop laughing when Ha Ni saw Shi Kyung as apple butt lol and make her wanna bite it! lol

  86. 86 : vic Says:

    hmmm.. Base on the synopsis above.. it is more likely that hani will end up with Hyun Myung…

    “The pragmatic Hyun Myung is trying to find a good-paying job to provide him with a comfortable life. But will he be distracted by Ha Ni, who has just 100 days to make Hyun Myung fall in love with her so that she can permanently remain as a human being?”

  87. 87 : Verra92 Says:

    Shi Kyung and HaNi Fighting !!!

  88. 88 : DO Says:

    Anyone who ship Ha Ni with Hyun Myung? Im not the only one right?

  89. 89 : hyung Says:

    88 DO yes u r not alone.. i’m with u on this 1.. i reaaaaallyy hope that ha ni ends up with hyun myung too..

  90. 90 : Jana47 Says:

    When Will the 5 episode will be aired I can’t wait to see it ??

  91. 91 : J Says:

    Pick the hottie chef! Bite that tushie already! lmao!

  92. 92 : far 3k Says:

    i really like fantasy and i love mermaid story I,m excited to watch it!

  93. 93 : dramalove Says:

    Ha Ni and Hyun Myung Fighting!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  94. 94 : Sofia Says:

    WoooW i love it i am from north africa Ha Ni Faiting find your love 🙂

  95. 95 : Jana47 Says:

    The 5 episode didn’t aired yesterday 😭😭

  96. 96 : Annie Says:

    Who want to watch ep 5?😀😀

  97. 97 : Annie Says:

    Watch ep 5 here.
    Enjoy 😊😊

  98. 98 : nina Says:

    I want ha ni to end up with hyun myung tooo… His smile is just so great.. <3 I'm disappointed that people are being attracted to shi kyung's butt.. Yuck!!

  99. 99 : lily Says:

    I agree with you nina.. I mean how can ha ni look at shi kyung when a gorgeous guy like hyun myung’s just beside her?? :O Waaaaaa…..
    But i’m gona wait to see how she’s gona end up with hyun myung… 😛

  100. 100 : usa-mary Says:

    Two scenes just didn’t make good sense to me…

    The rice bowl hair-cut food commercial mimicking guy, who turned down the offer to become an office manager position (to make good money) at a law firm, and the altercation at witch Ahn’s food truck among the super heroes and….get this…Snow White. Especially, with the (picky) President of JH Foods who was there right at their disposal to impress!!!???

    On the other hand, I do like the sound effects, graphics, and food porn girl’s unique way of entertaining her viewers with costumes. All that, along with the acting, keeps this drama interesting.

  101. 101 : swimmergirl Says:

    This drama is one I get excited about every week. It is just something different and out of the ordinary. I love the humor and its quirkiness. 🙂 I can not wait to see what happens in episode 6 huge cliff hanger left after 5

  102. 102 : maknaee Says:

    waaah I’ve just catching this drama up. So busy in real life lol.
    I loveee this drama. The one that made me ROTFL was Do Ji-young’s GDragon-Crooked parody, huahahahahaahaha. Freakin’ funny!~

    One of the guy from the JH elite study team, Kim Yun-seong, looks like Ahn Jae-hyun. I wonder if he’s Ahn Jae-hyun’s brother in real life ._.

    And thaaaanks to this drama. Apple isn’t just apple anymore. It will remind me of Shi-kyung’s butt -____- lol

    Anyway, I ship Ha-ni with Shi-kyung. His smile… gosh, swoooooning. But if she gonna end up with Hyun-myung… it’s okay then. What to do? It’s already kdramas formula kkkk

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  103. 103 : Storm Says:

    This drama is fab! 😀 Highly enjoyable. I love the female lead sooooooo much I want to crawl though my screen and be her BFF. Edible apple bottom! Heeeheeeeee!

  104. 104 : niczej Says:

    Episode 6: Ahn Hye Young and Dae Oh Jok Bik. another love couple?? haha 🙂

  105. 105 : maknaee Says:

    Why… Why in the world must Shi-kyung protects Jin-ah? Poor Ha-ni -_-

    did you mean Park Dae-bak? Kkk I ship them~~

  106. 106 : neea Says:

    I am hoping Ha Ni ends up with Shi-Kyung. Shi-Kyung is so nice, didn’t even realise Jin-Ah using dirty tricks, poor thing. Hope Shi Kyung finds out very soon, like in the next episode …

    Ha Ni /Shi Kyung is soooooo very good together

  107. 107 : kimchilee Says:


    Haha! you are soooo right!! I can’t eat apples anymore without thinking of Shi Kyung’s butt!! omigosh.. Shi Kyung and Ha Ni.. Shi Kyung.. from bodyguard and Kung Fu man.. to such gorgeous man.. swwwooonn.. faint!

  108. 108 : tintinRELOS Says:

    I’m experiencing 2nd-lead-syndrome…

  109. 109 : via Says:

    I really ship shi kyung n ha ni…..can’t wait for the next episode

  110. 110 : Timeline Says:

    I really enjoy the show, but wait and hope to see more scene of Shi Kyung and Hani in the upcoming episode!!

  111. 111 : Yue Michiyo Says:

    I want so much to stay with Ha Ni Shi Kyung in the end I do not hate Myung but he has no chemistry with Ha Ni, I’m loving this drama, but I would be very sad if my favorite couple did not stay together, never I got so much expectation for a drama, I really like this drama and I want to stay with Ha Ni Shi Kyung head the two are cute together, I always get excited seeing the two together and how he can not even see the Ha Ni’s face it enchants for it, please do not ruin my dreams, There let the Ni and Shi Kyung together, please let the two officers together! And CHE HA NI SHI KYUNG BEST COUPLE I’ve ever seen I LOVE THEM TOGETHER, AND HA NI SHI KYUNG FOREVER!

  112. 112 : Yue Michiyo Says:

    DO Says:
    September 5th, 2014 at 1:09 am
    Anyone who ship Ha Ni with Hyun Myung? Im not the only one right?

  113. 113 : Yue Michiyo Says:

    I want so much to stay with Ha Ni Shi Kyung in the end I do not hate Myung but he has no chemistry with Ha Ni, I’m loving this drama, but I would be very sad if my favorite couple did not stay together, never I got so much expectation for a drama, I really like this drama and I want to stay with Ha Ni Shi Kyung head the two are cute together, I always get excited seeing the two together and how he can not even see the Ha Ni’s face it enchants for it, please do not ruin my dreams, There let the Ni and Shi Kyung together, please let the two officers together! And CHE HA NI SHI KYUNG BEST COUPLE I’ve ever seen I LOVE THEM TOGETHER, AND HA NI SHI KYUNG FOREVER! <333333333

  114. 114 : Yue Michiyo Says:


  115. 115 : Yue Michiyo Says:


  116. 116 : uee Says:

    Ha Ni/Shi Kyung pleez. Love the sparks between them

  117. 117 : Timeline Says:

    After watching Ep.8, I feel hopeless for HN&SK and even though the writers tried so hard to create story lines between HM&HN but i find it kind of boring, no any chemistry or bonding as a couple (for me) between them at all!!! More than that, I wonder it’s a story of mermaid or a jobless man since the plot devoted so much time to HM and not much progress about SK sickness at all. Besides, SK drove many hours (i guess) to catch up with Hani, but spend less than 5 mins. talking to her and drove back. Hmmm….speechless!!!!

    I saw the “up date” rating and hope for the best to the drama. However the rating sometimes may also reflect what the audiences want to see in there and the reason why they will continue to wait for next week eagerly and patiently or give up without a look back. And I’m the one whom almost been pushed to that point. Finally,I hope our feedbacks could be considered more or less. It’s my first time watching tvn and the first time also I broke my silence seriously.

  118. 118 : lovelonlys Says:

    Ha Ni & Hyun Myung!!! PERFECT COUPLE!!!!! 🙂

  119. 119 : Lara Says:

    News: It will be only 10 episodes (not 16).

  120. 120 : haidie Says:

    so sad.why will end very soon.?this drama is very exciting,funny and interesting.can’t wait to see the next ep.

  121. 121 : haidie Says:

    as you said.dont be surprised for the low rating bec .its pay tv channel.but this drama is good.im sure if you transfer to free channel .im sure the rating is very high.i love all the korean star.dont be sad.fighting!!!!

  122. 122 : bigeye46 Says:

    i also love all korea star but i still surprise only ep 10..what a pity now..dont be sad and not give up.fighting..smile

  123. 123 : swimmergirl Says:

    It makes me sad now that there is only two more episodes left. I do not know how they will be able to now tie everything up in that very short amount of time

  124. 124 : MissD Says:

    unique drama i guess ,but unfortunately they cut for 6 episode “(
    oh my gorgeous chef !!! >,<"

  125. 125 : MissD Says:

    short drama & short episode ,
    if they always cut the airing time , why they making this drama??

  126. 126 : JAA Says:

    Ha Ni Shi Kyung Ha Ni Shi Kyung Ha Ni Shi Kyung Ha Ni Shi Kyung pleaseeeeee

  127. 127 : zombie Says:

    big and hye young kiss…..aggghhhhhh….o(╯□╰)o
    why it’s must end very soon….T_T

  128. 128 : kanna Says:

    Surplus princess is so much fun ,I like too
    I’ve been waiting for this!
    I want Hani get off with Hyung
    10EP. really??????

  129. 129 : Kimchi Says:


  130. 130 : maknaee Says:

    I’ll forgive tvN for cutting this drama into 10 eps as long as Ha-ni ends up with Shi-kyung /.\ err… If they still want Ha-ni with Hyun-myung, don’t let Jin-ah ends up with Shi-kyung hahahaha

  131. 131 : OneRussianGirl Says:

    Oh… How awful! How tvN can do such a violent thing! With my lovely drama.. My oppa Ohn Joo Wan… It is the most faivourite masterpiece, which I have ever seen.. That drama MUST to be continued!

  132. 132 : Anastasia Says:

    EY! WHY IS SURPLUS PRINCESS NOW HAVING 10 EPISODES SO SUDDEN!!! There would be 16 at first.. Why are the producers doing this omg.. this drama is my favourite of the ones that are currently airing omg. They want to have us dead or something. YA!!!!!! Sorry to be rude but you’d be better make it again to 16 episodes

  133. 133 : Rebekah Says:

    This drama really is good. 10 episodes only?!!! If its aired on Thursday at 23 pm, no wonder the ratings are bad. Consider that there are many more paople abroad who enjoy this. Change it back to 16 episodes!!!

  134. 134 : lovedramakorean4ever Says:

    i like this drama so much i don’t know they cut off 6ep what happen please tell us about this, i can’t wait even a single episode release , and now they make us sad , unhappy , OMG i can’t handle my feeling right now ….. please don’t cut it please please please i hope u reconsider about it. Many people complain about it. Thank u a lot if u don’t cut it 😀

  135. 135 : Fio Says:

    oh myyyy,, I think this drama is better than High school love on..

  136. 136 : Lensa Says:

    I want Ha Ni to be with Shi Kyun like if he proposes for her before she fell in love with the Hyun Myung . If she end with Hyun Myung i think i will hate korean drama forever please dont this happen.

  137. 137 : Kim Says:

    How come it is low rated. This drama is very nice compare to other drama. Please make to 16 again. We love this drama here in the Philippines. And how can the author make it end next week for episode 10 in just 45 minutes of airing. I can’t imagine how the ending will be.

  138. 138 : bigeye46 Says:

    yup why 10 episode only?this drama is nice..what a pity

  139. 139 : dewi Says:

    Why 10 eps please more it’s good drama

  140. 140 : CoolBeans Says:

    To be honest, the storyline is dragging in the comedy. The actors and characters are good. But, the story has not moved much since they tried to get jobs in the company. Ha Ni and Si Kyung should have had at least one great date by now (3/4 thru the original 16 episodes)1 The writer have us waiting until after she gets hired, then they can see each other. Boring. He sees the gold digger everyday! Sucks! The roommates have been working on a presentation for several episodes. There are a few funny moments. A once a week drama needs to pack a lot in each week to keep viewers interested. I watched this to see hottie Song Jae Rim! Everyone else is cute, but, wont keep me watching if Song Jae RIm is killed off!

  141. 141 : Clara Says:

    Seriously, I know with just 1 episode left, its too rush for Hani to realize her love for Hyun Myung while she’s still idolizing Shi Kyung that much. BUT if Hyun Myung is not her true love, I may think of this drama as a how-the-male-lead-get-heartbroken-twice-just-in-100-days show. And dont tell me you dont think Hyun Myung is the male lead, his screentime screams that to me, that’s all.

  142. 142 : nina Says:

    I love this show please make it 16 episode. I can’t believe that one episode left

  143. 143 : Melody Rivera Says:

    pls. make it to the last episode..
    love to watch this movie

  144. 144 : Timeline Says:

    I won’t watch Ep.10 and TVN drama anymore if Hani will end up with Hyun Myung. I hope tvn won’t do that to us. The drama lost enough of the track already ,but I hope some of them can be fixed in the last episode.

  145. 145 : Nori Says:

    plz plz… Shi Kyung with Ha Ni… i will not recommend this drama to others if she ends up with Hyun Myung.. that would just be such a killjoy.. He looks so adorable when he is thinking about her.

  146. 146 : Dessy300 Says:

    Ik they say That there Will be 10 episodes then alot should happen in That episode. I think the episodes durage should atleast be 2 hours.

  147. 147 : ririnrere Says:

    Please TvN.. I hope that Ha Ni will be end up with Shin Kyung.. /.\ please make my dream come true. please please.. i really love this drama.. so don’t make me dissapointed.

  148. 148 : sung hyun seok Says:

    This can’t be happening… I love this drama so much .. the producers got to be kidding me… I m so waiting for the ending

  149. 149 : Rawan Ali Says:

    plz plz… Shi Kyung with Ha Ni

  150. 150 : Timeline Says:

    If what we saw in Ep.10 preview should be what we will see at the end, I’m happy not to watch it,never ever!! This is unbearable!!

  151. 151 : marvell Says:

    unbearable? why? please, bring it to original 16 eps.

  152. 152 : dhi kra Says:

    Song jae rim what a face what a smile u r my hero plz I want u in drama’s lead actor plzzzz

  153. 153 : MLIZ Says:

    another remarkable drama,its not dull its something energetic and bubbly, fairy tales stories really makes me younger…. loving this drama so much ! must watch

  154. 154 : Suin Says:

    Be prepared for the worst ending! I heard the ending is bad…

  155. 155 : ndy Says:

    how was the ending? is it really bad?

  156. 156 : hny Jo Says:

    waaahh….its end….the true love should not him….no chemistry at all…they r frento..hmmm

  157. 157 : bigeye46 Says:

    Director: Baek Seung Ryong
    Screenwriter: Ji Eun Yi, Park Ran, Kim Ji Soo
    all actress and actor..are good..i dun believe it still low rating..sigh..
    never mind next time better one fighting..

  158. 158 : KDCraze Says:

    This is one of the worst ending in K-drama. I can’t believe that after makes Ha Ni and Hyun Myung together then Ha Ni disappear. After 1 year then Ha Ni appear again and that’s the end. What kind of ending is that ? I’m disappointed with this drama ending. Such a waste of time watching this drama.

  159. 159 : Rawan Ali Says:

    Heck if Baraf Llano eventually Mint vassal of the foundation

  160. 160 : josie sigrid Says:

    I hate the ending.. I’m really sure they twist the story.. its supposedly Mr. Shi Kyung and the mermaid..

  161. 161 : josie sigrid Says:

    but it was written in the last episode that they will be back.. so I guess there’s a season 2 for this drama.. 😀 but i really hope that Mr. Shi kyung and Ms. Han will be the main lover..

  162. 162 : ladyarcher Says:

    Im disappointed about the ending. Ugh

  163. 163 : YoRoseberry Says:

    Yo- please continued part 2 …. Why the ending so weird?? So she is human or still a mermaid ?

  164. 164 : jenny Says:

    la fin est bâclée jamais vu un navet pareil –‘

  165. 165 : najma Says:

    So dissapointed with the ending. But not hate it all. At least I can see another side of song jae rim… if there is next season, i wish they switch the end with shi kyung and ha ni.

  166. 166 : maknaee Says:

    I found myself crying along Shi-kyung’s tears when he’s sending Ha-ni off to Hyun-myung T___T

    Shi-kyung said that he missed the timing, he was one step late… You’re like that because Ha-ni is your first, babeee. You’ve no experience with a girl before. Gyaaaaa T_T

    Ha-ni and Hyun-myung’s kiss just left me cold, even after her disappearance, I didn’t feel sad at all. Hahaha. Nothing can beats Ha-ni and Shi-kyung’s kiss~~

    Next time, I wish dramagod lets Shi-kyung and Song Jae-rim’s role in the future to get the girl!

    amen /.\

  167. 167 : Digi Says:

    Oh my god! I cant believe it?! Why oh why? I love this drama…. They are all good actors!

  168. 168 : Digi Says:

    Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu bring it back! Pleasseeeeeeeeeee…….. I’ve waited so long for this drama and thats it? Nooooooooooo…. Don’t do this to us… I love surplus princess so much!

  169. 169 : Jennifer Says:

    Please put it back on it is a great drama

  170. 170 : hny Jo Says:

    I’l be back..the word in ending scene hope come true….hoping for season 2 for this drama coz the story stil hanging in my mind mr writer nim n PD nim..plz;))

  171. 171 : JAA Says:

    I need S2 please!

  172. 172 : miss olive Says:

    Is it really going to be a season 2? I dont think they will want to have the same situation (low percentage). But I enjoyed watching the drama but the end was a knife straight in the heart! The end was a little disappointing.

  173. 173 : Bri Says:

    I really loved this drama but the ending….only 10 episodes I wanted to see what happened though. I hope they make a second season ! Other than the ending it was a really good drama !

  174. 174 : Nised Says:

    Sad!!! the ending is really bad. too Rushed. But was very nice drama! Why cut to only 10eps! i want more! its like the story not enough time to develop yet.

  175. 175 : Dong Says:

    disappointing finale

  176. 176 : love hani & shikyung Says:

    why is the end? it’s not truth. i think Shikyung has to be a real love for Hani.
    Please have a season 2 we want Hani & Shikyung!!!

  177. 177 : hani & shikyung Says:

    I hope you could re-do the story, it’s true that shikyung is the true love, and no offense to hyunmyung oppa there’s no chemistry between you and hani unlike shikyung and hani, so we hope if you ever decide to make a season 2 can you atleast make shikyung oppa to be the true love, JEBAL!! 🙁

  178. 178 : dustin Says:

    por favor hagan mas capitulo me encanto surplus princess

  179. 179 : shi kyung-shii Says:

    the ending was so suck. i want ha ni with shi kyung.. ahh.. bring the season 2 faster.

  180. 180 : shi kyung-shii Says:

    i would rather spend my gold time to watch this drama so please don’t making people frust. Arghh !! i mis ha ni a lot ><

  181. 181 : andy Says:

    Season 2 please!!!

  182. 182 : jema Says:

    yah!!!! Shi Kyung-ssi was supposed to be Ha Ni’s true love!!!!!
    and hyun myung was supposed to be runited with Jin AH…!!!!!!
    is there a sequel?

  183. 183 : choopatiu Says:

    can’t hardly wait for the next season,i just hope Song Jae Rim’s character will still be there,i love him too much.

  184. 184 : Florence Says:

    The drama was ok though it would have been great if she ended up with jae Rim

  185. 185 : ann Says:

    it’s suppose to be hani n shi kyung!!!bad ending!!!

  186. 186 : qiannn Says:

    Dont know why everybody ship Shikyung and Hani but I really happy that Hani and Hyunmyung are the couple at the end haha! They look cute tgt! I guess they are the pair from the beginning actually. And.. Hani she is such a talented and natural actress!!! Hope she will become more famous after this drama! Look forward to her new dramass! =D

  187. 187 : wilmalyn Says:

    I guess it woild have beem better if atleast one of them is a well knowned actors…so taht viewer will be drawn..but its a great concept thou

  188. 188 : Cindy Says:

    It was not nice! Hani should be with shikyung la!!

  189. 189 : Cindy Says:

    Hani should be with shikyung la!

  190. 190 : Korean Drama Review Surplus Princess | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Surplus princess (2014) 剩余公主 […]

  191. 191 : bella Says:

    hello! i’am bela! i think this drama has sad ending, right? coz, hani true love is shi kyung!! i need seoson 2 pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!
    kim ha ni♥kwon shi kyung
    *cinta sejatinya hani itu shi kyung bukan hyunmyung!! yg pertama disukain hani itu shi kyung not hyunmyung! i was crying when shi kyung talk with hani in episode 10! shi kyung♥hani

  192. 192 : bella Says:

    i have friend, her name is icha. she was crying for 2 nights when hani true love is not shi kyung. iam crying too!!!!!

  193. 193 : max max Says:

    i was so looking forward, then watched 3 ep, skipped and watch last 10mins of ending… stupid story

  194. 194 : dhane Says:

    I like this drama from manipur

  195. 195 : Be I Wolfie88 Says:

    Hani <3 Shikyung :*:*

  196. 196 : farah Says:

    Hani supposed to be with shikyung.please we want season 2.jebal😭

  197. 197 : farah Says:

    Please bring Suplus Princess Season 2 and make it more romantic.More than 10 episode as soon as possible.pleasee😔❤Kim Hani and Kwon Shikyung

  198. 198 : Rebecca Says:

    Why u guyz cut this such a good drama. I love this drama. Please continue.. The cast,effect,and the storie was perfect i love the mermaid thing😜im done watching this drama in 9hours and im waiting for the next episode!! And then i see the NOTE:OMG im so dissapointed.. Pls continue

  199. 199 : OK OK OK Says:

    I just finished watching Surplus Mermaid over the last 3 days.

    Impressed by Song Jae Rim transformation after The moon that embraces the sun the cool bodyguard though I like his role in MoonTEESun too.

    the other dramas he acted in i have not watch – i will watch since he acted in it 🙂

  200. 200 : OK OK OK Says:

    In Surplus Princess, Song Jae Rim ssi,
    you are so cool, handsome, upright (didn’t take advantage of the 2nd lead scheming girl who tried to seduce you).
    You even tell her you treat her as colleague only. Very Gentleman.

    I am impress too that you still like lead actress instead of afraid of her after knowing that she is a mermaid.

    I am fed up why such a good man still cannot win her heart??? 🙁

    If mermaid don’t want you. Please come to me – ha ha.
    I want you to be my life partner. 🙁

  201. 201 : OK OK OK Says:

    writer nim

    If there is 11 episodes onwards, Please consider my request. (pls also take note many comments above, 99% prefer Kim Ha Ni ends with Kwon Shi Kyung.

    1) Let Song Chae Rim as Kwon Shi Kyung ends up with lead actress Jo Bo Ah as Kim Ha Ni / EiRin.

    2) if you still want Ohn Joo Wan as Lee Hyun Myung to end up with Kim Ha Ni,

    Pls DO NOT make Song Chae Rim to end up with the scheming 2nd lead actress Park Ji Soo as Yoon Jin Ah even she has turn better.

    Better let Song Chae Rim be single or end up with another pretty kind lady.

    Thank you for your attention. 🙂

  202. 202 : dimples Says:

    Started off really funny,got a little bored but still managed, but the last episode was a joke, it seems like its rushed to finish, (heard its been cut short coz of the rating), but the ending was just odd in my opinion. And I too like main female lead with Si Kung (the chef) waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. so sad to see him cry 🙁

  203. 203 : Shellsbells Says:

    Such a fun drama liked it a lot. Well worth the watch and a fan of the entire cast kudo’s

  204. 204 : sue virgin We want to put a door between master bedroom and bathroom where there isn't one now...so we need door jam and door....the opening measures: 36"X 84".....the avalon style is similer to our other interior doors...would like an estimate. Says:

    Can I buy a Surplus Princess (The Mermaid) poster?

  205. 205 : Red Says:

    This was one of the funniest series I have seen in ages. I am disappointed that it ended early.

  206. 206 : passer Says:

    its a pity i only know of this drama in 2017
    just watched it via cable tv (paid)
    its a nice korean drama, not too draggy etc but i didnt know it ended at ep10! i am expecting a bit more of ‘after’ she returned
    google n realised its meant ot be 14 episodes but cut to 10.
    rating doesnt seem good too
    really a pity
    the actors/actresses can act but cant get high rating

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