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Surgeon Bong Dal Hee

Surgeon Bong Dal Hee.jpg

Title: 외과의사 봉달희 / Surgeon Bong Dal Hee
Chinese title : 外科医生奉达熙
Episodes: 18
Genre: Medical drama
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2007-Jan-17 to 2007-Mar-15
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Bong Dal Hee (Lee Yo Won) is a first year resident doctor who strives to become a surgeon despite her heart problem. She works under Dr. Ahn Jong Geun (Lee Bum Soo), a cardiac specialist, and even though they don’t get off to a good start, the two grow fond of each other as time goes by. Dr. Lee Geon Wook (Kim Min Joon) divorced his wife, Dr. Jo Moon Kyung (Oh Yoon Ah), after he found out that his 6-year-old son was actually fathered by another man before they married. He still has feelings for her, but feels betrayed and cheated. This medical drama portrays the lives of resident doctors, their ups and downs, depicting crisis in a hospital as well as politics among its management staff.


Lee Yo Won as Bong Dal Hee
Lee Bum Soo as Ahn Joong Geun
Oh Yoon Ah as Jo Moon Kyung
Kim Min Joon as Lee Geon Wook

Extended Cast

Choi Yeo Jin as Jo A-ra
Kim Hae Sook as Yang Eun Jah (Dal Hee’s mother)
Kim Jung Min as Bong Mi Hee (Dal Hee’s sister)
Kim In Kwon as Park Jae Bum
Song Jong Ho as Lee Min Woo
Baek Seung Hyun as Kim Hyun Bin
Jung Wook as Jang Ji Hyuk
Park Geun Hyung as Lee Hyun Taek
Lee Ki Yeol as Seo Jung Hwan (chief, thoracic surgery)
Kim Seung Wook as Professor Park
Kim Myung Jin as Professor Jung
Im Sung Min as Nurse Go
Lee Hyun as Instructor Baek
Jung Sung Woon
Oh Man Suk as Oh Jung Min (guest star, ep13&14)
Joo Min Soo

Production Credits

Producer: Kim Young Sup
Director: Kim Hyung Sik
Screenwriter: Lee Jung Sun


2007 43rd Baeksang Awards: Best New Producer Kim Hyung Sik

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2006-01-17 1 13.0(10th) 13.7 (9th)
2006-01-18 2 16.4 (7th) 17.3 (5th)
2007-01-24 3 16.2 (6th) 17.3 (5th)
2007-01-25 4 19.5 (5th) 21.0 (5th)
2007-01-31 5 18.5 (4th) 19.0 (4th)
2007-02-01 6 21.3 (5th) 22.6 (4th)
2007-02-07 7 21.7 (2nd) 22.0 (2nd)
2007-02-08 8 23.8 (2nd) 24.1 (2nd)
2007-02-14 9 22.6 (2nd) 23.3 (2nd)
2007-02-15 10 24.1 (2nd) 24.6 (4th)
2007-02-21 11 23.7 (3rd) 24.2 (3rd)
2007-02-22 12 25.2 (2nd) 25.5 (1st)
2007-02-28 13 23.9 (1st) 24.3 (1st)
2007-03-01 14 26.6 (1st) 27.1 (1st)
2007-03-07 15 25.5 (2nd) 26.9 (1st)
2007-03-08 16 27.5 (1st) 28.8 (1st)
2007-03-14 17 25.4 (2nd) 25.7 (2nd)
2007-03-15 18 29.3 (1st) 30.1 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : ji young Says:

    I like this movie like crazy ^o^

  2. 2 : SweetJJ Says:

    This drama is very good…I usually fast forward on a lot of scenes for typical Korean dramas where I can already predict what will happen next…but for this one…I loved watching every minute…the lead actors/actress had superb acting…they may not have the most handsome faces but they sure can act 🙂

  3. 3 : audioa Says:

    sound similar to a Japanese Hit Drama, 24 Hours… while it was a hit thus i think this will also..

  4. 4 : Henry Says:

    Great Movie.you have to watch it..

  5. 5 : Dr. Meridith Grey Says:

    is this korean version of Grey’s Anatomy? 🙂

  6. 6 : ji young Says:

    so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7 : Rowena Says:

    Yes, it’s good. This series is making me stay late at night. I am on episode 8 already and I just can’t wait to watch the next episodes.

  8. 8 : WallPaper Says:

    Wall Paper’s link

  9. 9 : Hollywood Says:

    Superb acting by the actors and actress, especially Lee Bum Soo.
    Good story too. Highly recommended to watch.

  10. 10 : bonitz Says:

    a very nice drama!!! a great mix of medical drama and romance. Highly recommended!

  11. 11 : jnara Says:

    one of the best drama ive ever seen!!!

  12. 12 : Xishu06 Says:

    yeah.. it’s like Grey’s Anatomy.. 🙂 Do they have korean version of House MD? just wondering LOL

    i like this kdrama but it’s so nakakabitin.. ugh! hmm.. sana may kasunod to… i wonder what will happen to the couple. will they have babies?

  13. 13 : dr. Lia Says:

    i like it very much, expecially the ER team

  14. 14 : petite Says:

    I agree with you guys.
    This is for sure one of the good series.
    I enjoyed it very much. The plot and the acting of its actors and
    actress is excellent.

  15. 15 : petite Says:

    I agree with you, guys.
    This is for sure one the good series.
    I enjoyed watching it every minute.
    The plot and acting of its actors are excellent.

  16. 16 : Drama Fan Says:

    Surgeon Bong Dal Hee is definitely the best drama in 2007!

    All actors and actresses had played their roles well, esp Lee Bum Soo. He portrayed the typical type of doctor I had met in most hospitals – aloof and unfriendly. Bong Dal Hee had played her roles very well too. In the drama, I was touched by her perseverance and determination to fulfill her dream despite of poor health.

    I like the passion in all the doctors, esp Dr Ahn Jong Geun. He had placed “life-and-death” before his romance. He was really a commited doctor who really cared for his patients, despite he was a fierce mentor towards the R-1 doctors which made him less popular in the hospital. I can forgive him for being so fierce because a sick patient is not a learning object…. it is a life!

    The eye-exchanges between Dr Bong and Dr Ahn made their faint love so interesting, as well as their conversations. I specially like the part he invited Dr Bong for a movie date. The way Dr Ahn put it was as if they were going for a offical meeting. And during the date, both of them were “distance”, probaby too shy. I also like their kissing scene on the eve of Dr Bong’s surgery.

    I really hope to see part 2 of this drama, and preferably with the same bunch of actors and actresses. Maybe it can add-in some education on good health and post-hospitalisation recovery.

  17. 17 : k k lee Says:

    great movie, esp lee boo soo act well. most of the korea movie is like romance, but this lee boon soo act like real man. . u think any man like this in he world?

  18. 18 : dream lady Says:

    lee bum soo even don,t have handsome face, but can show man like in this movie.good show!

  19. 19 : KFanJen Says:

    Great drama! Dint really look out for this drama until a friend told me is nice. The eye-exchanges between Dr Ahn and Dr Bong really made each other fall in love naturally.

    I like that part where Dr Ahn acted as if he was not concern about Dr Bong after he was rejected for first date. Indeed his was very concern about her and also felt sad being rejected.

    The conversation and the kissing scene in the last episode was really nice and sweet.

    All acotrs and actresses played their role well especially Lee Bum Soo. Really worth watch!

  20. 20 : JenS Says:

    The songs in this drama are great, especially the 2 theme songs- 小时候的记忆 and 无法忘记的爱清 by Korean group SS501 Highly recommended!

  21. 21 : lena Says:

    This has been by far the best korean drama series that I have seen without giving up after 1st disc. It’s only educative, informative and also very touching. Each episode keeps you going on for more. A very good cast. All played their role very well and to perfection. Beautiful acting of Lee Bum Soo and Lee Yo Won.
    Thumbs up for the director. Looking forward to the Pt 2 sequel of surgeon Bong dal hee with the same cast.

    A very good drama.

  22. 22 : HannyBae Says:

    Wow, high rating and good comments too, I can wait to watch this drama.

  23. 23 : tee Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA! does anybody know where to watch this with english subs other then mysoju.com….I would VERY MUCH APPRECIATE

  24. 24 : swee Says:

    SAME SAME will there be a series 2 ? omg

  25. 25 : Sookie Says:

    I really liked the cast, storyline and music. I hope that there will be sequel to this drama. Hope that Part 2 will have the same cast, especially the romance between Dr Bong and Dr Ahn.

  26. 26 : JovialPris Says:

    It is a really great drama with a good plot and storyline. Though the cast are not pretty or handsome faces like in some other drama, they have superb and excellent acting skills and talents. I love the storyline and music and fall in love with Dr Bong Dal Hee, Dr Lee Geon Wook & Dr Ahn Jong Geun.

    I just discovered that Kim Min Joon is really a great actor in here, portraying Dr Lee Geon Wook’s character so well and he is pretty cool in the whole drama.

  27. 27 : Janice Says:

    anyone can tell me where can i download OST of this drama…..i want it in MP3. Please please….

  28. 28 : aries Says:

    A wonderful drama with good producer, good actors and actresses, and good music, that i can’t help watching it again and again!

  29. 29 : [email protected] Says:

    I’ve watch this drama more than 10 times..I even buy the cd and watch it every night..it leaves a big impact in my life..now im studying hard to be a surgeon because of this drama…

  30. 30 : Librapc Says:

    I agreed with all of you. This show is really nice. Hope that there will be part 2 of Surgeon Bong dal hee with the same cast…

  31. 31 : Wendy Says:

    Great show that is worth watching. Lee Beom Soo made this show so special. Have seen such a great actor for a long while. He acted very well. I hope he will propel to popularity after this show. Great actor who don’t need to depend on looks. He shows us what a real man is (though I woner if we can have a man like Ahn Jung Guen in real life).

  32. 32 : bravo Says:

    hi every body…

    GOOD DRAMA….HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO WATCH..but sorry to say though the cast are not very pretty or handsome faces like in other dramas, BUT ALL ACTORS/ACTRESESS HAVE SUPERB AND EXCELLENT..
    i also keep watching again and again…

  33. 33 : yumseyo Says:

    does anyone have the two main songs in this drama they could give me? [email protected]

  34. 34 : NanaShigeru Says:

    do u all know Lee Bum Soo was the lead actor in My Wife is a Gangster 3? He acted so funny in that movie but so serious in this drama. Superb!

  35. 35 : Holly Says:

    Yes it’s sort of like a korean version of Grey’s anatomy. I hear that some people who watched this drama became inspired to become a good doctor. It was quite a nice drama although it had gruesome scenes it made me have an unhappy airy sort of feeling. But the ending was great.

  36. 36 : Surgeon B.D.H Says:

    Sorry I have input my comments a bit late because now is already 2008. I bought this drama for quite a while, however has no intention to start because the actor and actress does not attract me. Finally I start, I am being attrack by all the people acting in this drama, many of them are not familiar to me but I just like to watch them with very good acting skill, the emotion, the happiness, the sadness. It is a great show, must watch.

  37. 37 : addicted Says:

    I knew there’s a korean drama by the name of “Surgeon Bong Dal Hee” but never intended to watch it since all the actors and actresses are not attractive to me. Then one day, feel very boring, nothing to do, try watching the 1st episode, oh my…. i can’t believe i started to fall in love with this drama. The storyline and acting skills from all the actors/actresses are really great especially lee bum soo.
    Will there be any sequel to this series ? Hopefully SBS can consider the 2nd part since the popularity of this drama is so good.

  38. 38 : Poohs Says:

    what is the ending of this drama? Did was Dr Bong with Dr Anh?

  39. 39 : Poohs Says:

    wonder if there is any part II to this drama?

  40. 40 : Cindy Says:

    This drama is SO GOOD! I am left with 2 more episodes and I hate to see it end! I want to watch it forever! It’s so so good!

  41. 41 : fransly Says:


  42. 42 : fransly Says:

    hi,,, ang ganda ko talaga jejeje

  43. 43 : Jesslyn Says:

    I’ve watched this drama. It’s really fancinating especially this couple Dr Bong & Dr Ahn when they are going for a date. Must go for it & fully recommended !!! 🙂

  44. 44 : DrTeamint Says:

    I really love this drama. it had inspired me to become a great doctor.
    and i fall in love with ahn jung keun. Lee Bum Soo had played the character very well. I wonder if I can find a life partner like him….

  45. 45 : Love SBDH Says:

    I really love this drama so much, it really reliving my dream of being a doctor haha..At first i didn knw abt this drama but as i went thru at aznv.tv base on their rating so i decided to give it a chance n watch it and god im so addicted to it and it keep me wanting more and more tho i dun knw all the actor/actresses at first but I love all the actor/actresses they really are able to potray as a surgeon very well esp Dr Ahn and Dr Lee. I love Dr Ahn acting in here he didn catch my attention at first but as each ep goes he caught my attention with his charisma tho not good-looking ahh love to find a real man like him lol..I love the tandem btw Dr Ahn-Dal Hee they both are really cute couple. I am left with the last ep and like Cindy say i too really hate to see it end..I really love the overall of this drama..A highly recommended drama to watch trust me u wont regret it!

  46. 46 : Sal Says:

    Yes, it’s a great story and acting is excellent too with good story line. Would have been better if conclude with Dr. Bong and Dr. Anh married with children…hehehe…his statement to her was so touching “I will find a way to let you have children.” Is there going to be a part 2? that would be really great. This couple really have chemistry together!

  47. 47 : Puffins Says:

    Like many of you, i was hesitant to watch tis show but once i started,
    its like i never have enuf…hee

    great acting & storyline..i keep anticipating the next epsiode s i watch & did feel sad wen it ended : (

  48. 48 : alchocoholic Says:

    Really good series with very interesting medical cases and great characters. My only problem is with the ending… where was dr. lee??? If you’re gonna do the whole cliched 3 years later thingy, at least bring everyone back since he was only supposed to be away for a year!

  49. 49 : Goong Ju Says:

    Just finished watching this drama. It wasn’t as good as i expected. But i like the ending which everyone got their own suitable partner.

  50. 50 : Hee Soo Says:

    love this drama very much~~ *^_^*

  51. 51 : yu-rin Says:

    hi all… where can i see the whole series without any disturbance?
    currently few parts of few chapters are faulty.. can’t download at all..
    i like this series very much..very nice and touching..and although not handsome or pretty..but perfect series

  52. 52 : ami Says:

    i just bought this Drama DVD yesterday as i have no patient to watch it in the net which is always hang…hahahaha!!!…just love to see Dr. Ahn (LBS) Smile… so cute n sweet… eventhough he is not d handsome one…but he is the one who always catch my eyes and i have to do “active on call” in front of my TV yesterday to watch all the 18 episodes… hahahahaha!!! luvvvvvvvv to see u in “on air”

  53. 53 : maria Says:

    its really a good drama..eventhough i dont understand the medical term but this drama is worth to watch..all actor & actress play their character well..i thought the ending mabye a little bit dramatic but so far its really satisfied me..

  54. 54 : lia Says:

    this is a very good drama…i love it..,DR.AHN u soo cute in tv,i love seeing u and DR.BONG

  55. 55 : karen Says:

    truly a must see! it engages you from start to end!

  56. 56 : tatekshingo Says:

    A MUST WATCH DRAMA!! Though I agreed that the cast are not as attractive compared to those in other dramas, the STORYLINE and the acting skills makes it a SPLENDID show!

    Never a drama makes me so touched and motivated before. I felt that the world is full of HOPES every time after watching it…The drama also taught me how I should cherish myself, my life, my family and friends around me…

    Thinking back, I was really such a foolish person who only judge a show by the surface. Only drama with handsome/pretty casts used to catch my attention…and make me feel worth watching. Yet, I’ve never expected myself to change that subjective opinion of mine until I’ve watched-surgeon boon dal hee.

    I knew there’s a korean drama by the name of “Surgeon Bong Dal Hee” but never intended to watch it since all the actors and actresses do not seem attractive to me. That night, I was really bored and I just “on” the TV hoping to watch some nice drama. To my disappointment, there was no nice drama that caught my attention…and I even complained to my brother who would ever watch this kinda show…but I still tried watching it.

    AND I CAN’T BELIEVE that i addicted to this drama! I watch over and over again~I have watched it so many time that I can’t remember exact number of times I’ve watched it. I never have yet gotten sick of it…the storyline is what makes me watch it over and over again!!!

    This will always be the BEST korean drama in my heart…Always!

  57. 57 : angel Says:

    nice drama!!must watch it!!

  58. 58 : deathnote17 Says:

    great drama! one of the best i’ve seen so far! ITS A GREAT DRAMA!!! witch ma is also a MUST SEE!!! surgeon bong is so realistic and deals with all sorts of problems watch it!!

  59. 59 : Ray Says:

    I like Lee Yo Won’s pretty smile, tend to bring life and color to a boring day.

    With a bit of medical knowledge, i tend to buy dramas that is related to Medical and life. This is definitely a good one, its very realistic situations you might see in real life hospital, between patients and doctors.
    Comparing to other medical drama i had watched, this is definitely outstanding.

  60. 60 : deadlyooo Says:

    ya…tis is de best n outstanding medical korean drama i had ever watch….it’s full of medical…bt fill of loveship 2o….

  61. 61 : deadlyooo Says:

    lee bum soo must be having a terrible sore throat after his eveRy scenes!!!!

  62. 62 : zailendri wijaya Says:

    saya suka drama yang seperti ini.. ada yang tahu beli kasetnya yang asli ndak dan berapa harganya??? email saya ya..thanks

  63. 63 : xu Says:

    This drama is really good. I love it.

    But why did they only make 18 episodes? From what I have read on the Internet, this show was really successful in SK and its been dub in a bunch of different Asian languages.

    Hopefully they will make more episodes sometime in the next few years (perhaps with a slightly different cast to keep things interesting but keep the lead character….. she’s very, very cute and plays her well superbly).

  64. 64 : joanna narie goliat Says:

    ang ganda na korean nobela na 2, nalalman na iba na hindi pala ganun kadali ang buhay ng mga doctor…
    ang daming matutunan…

  65. 65 : leebumsoofan Says:

    it`s a great drama..i just saw this on Qtv here in the Philippines. me and my dad watched it until now..but as days passed i can`t wait to see the next ep. so i decided to watch in mysoju..and dang!!! i love it..really really love it..esp Dr. Ahn Joong Geun-Dr. Bong Dal Hee tandem..i just love to watch their story..and after watching this drama a took some photo of Lee Bum Soo and i put it on my phone and set as wallpaper..ahahaha..i just hope that there`s part 2 same cast..i wanna see them with kids..^______^

  66. 66 : joanna paula aquino Says:

    …hmpp.. grabe ang ganda tlaga ng drama ntoh.ang gling ng mga actors and actresses…..at may aral k rin n makukuha….

  67. 67 : ROCKHEAD Says:


  68. 68 : nawar Says:

    iloved this drama very much.it fulled myheart up with engoyment and happiness although ihave cried sometimes.Tolee bum soo ilike your performance so much you have a great gift.

  69. 69 : erick Says:

    I really love this korean medical drama!! It inspires me to pursue medicine!! No wonder why it becomes famous here in the Philippines and i won’t be surprised if it will also invade the other part of the world! Thank you for this show! Good cast! Good story! =)

  70. 70 : shujemel Says:

    HALLLoooouuu __DR.AHN, I LOVE U CHO CHO MUCH__i rely rely heavenly LOVE ur EYES,STRICT FACE AND UR GORGEOUS SMILE…….i agree..attractive faces really catches my attention to watch such drama…..since it’s kinda medical thing,I’m not that interested at first….way back, my very special someone,my first and last love…CHARR”””PERFECTLY LOOKS LIKE DR.AHN,n that catches not only my eyes BUT MY HEART”””””””I’m a Filipina but I’m a very great “FAN” of all Korean drama,movies,actresses,actors and almost everything that is a product of KOREA””””….and NOW i finally changed my mind not to just judge the faces of casts in such drama….mwaaaahhh_more and more projects to you DR.AHN and DR. BONG…sana kayo sa totoong buhay””””


  71. 71 : queen Says:

    i’ve been watching the series through a local tv station. at first i just thought of it as an ordinary korean drama. but when i search in the net i got interested and watch videos of every episode. i noticed there wet cuts in the tv show maybe because they think the OR maybe sensitive to some viewers. aside from the full thumbs up from the pa to the director for the entire work, i love the characterization of lee bum so, he justified his role so much. but i love his funny side too. especially when he admitted, (before dal hee’s surgery) he feels so uneasy when dal hee is around, and he felt being stripped naked whenever bong dal hee is around coz he felt she can read his mind, and finally he said, ” you didnt know that ? do you? ” oh so touching and then they kissed, am so kilig….

  72. 72 : may Says:

    excellente! this korean medical drama was the best among i’ve seen here in the philippines, so inspiring to the medical field like me lots of knowledge, skills and aspiring to have a competency in this drama…bong dalhee i was seen her in korean drama in cruel love b4 and she is a good actress…i love their tandem with lee bum soo he was a great actor it fit his role as a strict Dr. and he looks good specially when he fell to dalhee ”kilig”… hope they had a part 2 on it with the same cast…hope hope so!

  73. 73 : diana Says:

    i love lee bum soo (dr. jeung) ur a great actor. . .i love surgeon bong dal hee very much. . it inspires me to work hard in school to achieve my dreams. . .
    u know,,i was diagnosed also with ASD (atrial septal defect) ..kaya nakarelate talaga ako sa story. . .
    their scenes were so romantic. . .

  74. 74 : sATuRninE Says:

    i really love this korean drama too…
    i’m really hoping that there’ll be a part 2…
    this korean drama just keep me wanting more..
    and i love this because it also helps me in my course..
    educational and at the same time,it’s romantic…
    bong dal hee and dr. jeung is such a cute couple..

    i love lee bum soo..!!
    even though he’s not that handsome..
    but there’s something in him that’s so attratcive..
    plus that he’s a great actor…

  75. 75 : selfi Says:

    hiii, Lee Yo Won cakep bgt, tp masih muda….

  76. 76 : emerald Says:

    ka lee o won (bong dal hee) hebat meranin karakter bong dal hee
    ka lee yo won IS THE BEST

  77. 77 : emerald Says:

    ka lee yo won keren ka lee yo won bisa meranin karakter bong dal hee dengn baik ka lee yo won IS THE BEST

  78. 78 : mylene Says:

    is it really good? or just for the sake of review?

  79. 79 : raditya Says:

    sayang bngt c, udah mau abis eh…g d’tayangin lg, padahal lg seru” ny nth, pas bong dal hee lg jtuh sakit, eh….g d’tayangin lg, g tau knp,,,=( padahal kn nanggung, k’l mang pindh jam tayang jg g d’bilangin,

  80. 80 : lala Says:


    membawa agin segar bagi paRa koRean cHolic……

  81. 81 : whitha Says:

    huhhhhh… ini tu sru bangeetttt…
    tp syngnya sdh clesai……
    tyangin lg dund dri awallllll……

  82. 82 : rezzty Says:

    drama nya baguzzz banget n romantis

  83. 83 : joy Says:

    just love this drama & dr. bong….she’s amazing!!!

  84. 84 : mutiara Says:

    It’s a really great medical drama!

  85. 85 : mel Says:

    medical drama always make me interest…

  86. 86 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much,,

  87. 87 : sarah Says:

    it is really good! your the best bong dal hee…i like her character in this drama;also dr.ahn.

  88. 88 : kania Says:

    Wowww…I like this korean drama verry much…I like dr. Bong Dal Hee…I Like dr. Ahn very much…

  89. 89 : KdRama Lover Says:

    It’s really good good good good series.
    I love u Lee Yo Won,, youre the best actress here’ good luct 2 u !

  90. 90 : yuni Says:

    Although its old drama, but very interested drama, I just watched it, too late but I like it…he…he…:)

  91. 91 : ora Says:

    i just watch this drama..oh..i very like this drama…although the actor n actress not familiar and not pretty n handsome..but because their caracter..they look pretty n handsome :))
    Lee Yo Won is a very good actress..she can act a princess n queen in seondeok..and here she became a doctor..

  92. 92 : ora Says:

    I hope there will be continue in Surgeon Bong Dal Hee season 2..
    Pleaseeee make season 2………..i’ll waiting…:p

  93. 93 : pei Says:

    yeah i like bong dal hee. good job. hebat kau bong bisa meluluhkan hati Dr. Ahn n bisa trus semangat……i love u lee yo won

  94. 94 : toh quan ming Says:

    Lee Yo Won is the best actress for this korean drama.

  95. 95 : Fitri Says:

    saya suka film ini, penuh inspirasi dalam dunia kesehatan,,hmm

  96. 96 : hirmah Says:

    yup..i love this story

  97. 97 : Lovers Says:

    I Love this drama.
    I Love Lee Yo Won as Bong Dal Hee.
    I Love Lee Beum Soo as Ahn Joong Geun.
    This is a medical romantic comedy drama.
    I can learn much from this drama, ’cause I want to be a Doctor.
    Wish me luck.!

  98. 98 : amanda Says:

    I love this drama bad
    I have a spirit again in my life , in my study to be a doctor (b’cause I’m a medical student)after watching this
    So AWESOME !!!
    I’ll be waiting for season 2 🙂
    Love u dr.bong dal hee , dr.ahn joong geun , and dr.lee geon wook 😉

  99. 99 : amanda Says:

    I love this drama soo bad
    I have a spirit again in my life , in my study to be a doctor (b’cause I’m a medical student)after watching this
    So AWESOME !!!
    I’ll be waiting for season 2 🙂
    Love u dr.bong dal hee , dr.ahn joong geun , and dr.lee geon wook 😉

  100. 100 : amanda Says:

    I love this drama so bad
    I have a spirit again in my life , in my study to be a doctor (b’cause I’m a medical student)after watching this
    So AWESOME !!!
    I’ll be waiting for season 2 🙂
    Love u dr.bong dal hee , dr.ahn joong geun , and dr.lee geon wook 😉

  101. 101 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

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  103. 103 : cherly christy Says:

    saya menyukai film ini karna mempunyai manfaat yang bagus.kita bisa belajar tentang kedokteran dari cara mereka mengoperasi,merawat pasien dan melayani pasien.”sarange”

  104. 104 : tvxq addict Says:

    wowww,,,, daet ilmu ttg kedokteran nih… banyak istilah2 kedokteran yang ada di drama ini <3 it

  105. 105 : ayu Says:

    Love it…!
    Dr. Ahn n Dr. bong, hopely u’ll be happy n have so many children..
    Waiting for Surgeon Bong Dal Hee 2 ^^

  106. 106 : anonymous Says:

    super agree with the other comments ! maybe the casts are not that pretty and handsome like others but their acting are super awesome ! they have so much charisma while acting . .

  107. 107 : TMM Says:


  108. 108 : Geok Hwa Says:

    The best show…I luv Dr.Ahn & Dr Bong..love for their acting..Thumb Up

  109. 109 : linazh Says:

    I Love This Drama.. about friendship, family, love and work,, all casts acting Great..DAEBAK.. pokoknya gak bosen deh nontonya

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  111. 111 : adila Says:

    I like this movie.. When i was 13 years old until now almost 20 .. I like the actor lee bum soo very much..

  112. 112 : endah w Says:

    keren banget drama satu ini jd tahu banyak istilah kedokteran..kebayang beratnya pas syuting …all aktor n aktris jempollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  113. 113 : endah Says:

    aku berhrp dr bong te2p dg dr lee gun wook xi xi

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