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Title: 성균관 스캔들 / Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Chinese Title : 成均馆绯闻
Genre: Period, romance, comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-30 to 2010-Nov-2
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Sungkyunkwan Scandal is set in Sungkyunkwan University in the late Joseon era during the reign of King Jeongjo, revolving around the exploits and love stories of four youths. When her younger brother’s illness worsens and their family is in danger of being evicted from their house for lack of money, Kim Yoon Hee enters the school under his name, disguised as a boy in her desperation to support him. There, she becomes friends with the intelligent and upright Lee Sun Joon, the playboy Goo Yong Ha and rebellious Moon Jae Shin.


Micky Yoochun as Lee Sun Joon
Park Min Young as Kim Yoon Hee
Bang Joon Seo as young Yoon Hee
Song Joong Ki as Goo Yong Ha
Yoo Ah In as Moon Jae Shin
Seo Hyo Rim as Ha Hyo Eun
Kim Min Seo as Cho Sun
Jun Tae Soo as Ha In Soo
Kang Sung Pil as Im Byung Choon
Kim Dong Yoon as Seol Go Bong
Chae Byung Chan as Kang Moo
Ahn Nae Sang as Jung Yak Yong
Park Geun Soo as Yoo Chang Ik
Kim Ha Kyoon as Choi Shin Mook
Kim Young Bae as Go Jang Bok
Im Young Pil as Ham Choon Ho
Kim Jung Kyoon as Ahn Do Hyun
Jang Se Hyun as Kim Woo Tak
Hwang Chan Woo as Bae Hae Won
Joo Ah Sung as Nam Myung Shik
Lee In as Park Dal Jae
Jo Sung Ha as King Jeongjo
Kim Gab Soo as Left State Minister Lee Jung Moo
Lee Jae Yong as Ha Woo Kyu (Minister of War)
Choi Dong Joon as Moon Geun Soo (Minister of Justice)
Kim Ik Tae as Prime Minister Chae Je Gong
Kim Mi Kyung as Ms. Jo (Yoon Hee’s mother)
Han Yun as Kim Yoon Shik (Yoon Hee’s brother)
Park Dong Bin as the Minister of War’s steward
Kim Kwang Gyu as Hwang Ga
Ryu Dam as Soon Dol
Sung Hyun Joo as Beo Deul
Im Yoon Jung as Aeng Aeng
Jung Hye Mi as Seom Seom
Nam Myung Ryul as Kim Seung Hun
Lee Min Ho as Bok Soo (petty thief)
Kim Dan Yool as Bok Dong (page boy)
Park Chul Min as Hanseongbu official Yoon Hyung Goo
Lee Dal Hyung as Goo Yong Ha’s father
Lee Won Jong as shaman Bak Soo (cameo, ep8)
Oh Na Mi as Hyo Eun’s friend (cameo, ep10)
Seol Ji Yoon as retired gisaeng (cameo)
Park Shi Jin
Jung Ha Yoon as Seom Seom

Production Credits

Production Company: Raemongraein
Production Manager: Lee Hyun Wook
Chief Producer: Kwak Ki Won
Producer: Yoo Gun Shik
Director: Kim Won Suk, Hwang In Hyuk
Original writer: Jung Eun Gwol, novels “The Lives of Sungkyunkwan Confucian Scholars 1 & 2
Screenwriter: Kim Tae Hee


– 2012 New York International TV & Film Festival: Bronze World Medal for Best Mini-Series
– 2011 38th Korea Broadcasting Prizes: Best Mid-length Drama
– 2011 4th Korea Drama Awards: Best Director (Kim Won Suk)
– 2011 6th Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Drama
– 2011 6th Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Actor (Micky Yoochun)
– 2011 6th Seoul International Drama Awards: People’s Choice Award (Micky Yoochun)
– 2011 47th Baeksang Arts Awards: New Director of the Year (Kim Won Suk)
– 2011 47th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Micky Yoochun)
– 2011 47th Baeksang Arts Awards: New Actor (Micky Yoochun)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Novella Drama – Actress (Park Min Young)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Newcomer Actor Award (Micky Yoochun)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Song Joong Ki)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Netizens’ Award (Park Min Young and Micky Yoochun)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Park Min Young and Micky Yoochun)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-08-30 1 7.7 (<8.6)
2010-08-31 2 7.2 (<8.2)
2010-09-06 3 8.0 (<8.1)
2010-09-07 4 7.6 (<8.0)
2010-09-13 5 7.8 (<8.1)
2010-09-14 6 8.0 (18th) (<7.8)
2010-09-20 7 9.7 (14th) 9.0 (19th)
2010-09-21 8 8.2 (<8.2)
2010-09-27 9 9.8 (19th) 9.2 (20th)
2010-09-28 10 10.1 (14th) 9.3 (18th)
2010-10-04 11 9.2 (13th) 8.8 (13th)
2010-10-05 12 9.9 (9th) 9.7 (12th)
2010-10-11 13 11.2 (8th) 11.1 (9th)
2010-10-12 14 10.3 (9th) 10.1 (9th)
2010-10-18 15 13.0 (6th) 13.0 (6th)
2010-10-19 16 13.7 (3rd) 13.7 (3rd)
2010-10-25 17 12.9 (5th) 13.1 (6th)
2010-10-26 18 12.0 (8th) 11.9 (7th)
2010-11-01 19 12.5 (7th) 12.2 (7th)
2010-11-02 20 13.3 (5th) 13.2 (4th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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775 Responses to “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”

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  1. 601
    Ilur Says:

    Wow… great movie!!
    The story will inspire every women to move on and educate their self such as Kim Yoon Hee. Though she is a woman, she can prove to another, even the King that she can doing somethhing as well as man. emansipating!
    I love Yoo Ah In, so cool!
    Well, don’t forget Go Young ah, so funny. And smart Lee seon Jun,,!

    Highly Recomended

  2. 602
    Drama Korea : Sungkyunkwan Scandal (SKK) - Drama Korea : Sungkyunkwan Scandal (SKK) - Drama Korea : Sungkyunkwan Scandal (SKK) - Drama Korea : Sungkyunkwan Scandal (SKK) | Asuhan Keperawatan Says:

    […] Korean Drama.org, Pelangi Drama [Ost+Lirik lagu] […]

  3. 603
    thexavviieerr Says:

    oh my gooddd… i fall in love with this dramaaa…. i like couple of lee seon joon and kim hyun sik… is there a kiss scene? i very hope there are..

  4. 604
    truly Says:

    this drama was playing in my country indonesia now. Thx indosiar. It’s already 5 episode, can’t wait the ending, this drama so awesome! BIG LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, for Yoo Ah In / Moon Jae Shin! Bye Ppyong!

  5. 605
    nisa Says:

    argghhh!! watched this drama again and again!!! This is The Best Drama I’ve ever seen!! This is A GREAT DRAMA!!!! SUNGKYUNKWAN SCANDAL!!! PARK YOO CHUN AND PARK MIN YOUNG ARE THE BEST COUPLE EVER HERE ;)))) haha

  6. 606
    ifada Says:

    it’s awesome!!! but I stil curious with the letter shown, is that a true quote?? why it didn’t translate to english, so we can learn it so.. over all, it’s GREAT!!! gomawo…

  7. 607
    anie Says:

    sungkyunkwan scandal……
    keren abis,,,,,

  8. 608
    mitch Says:

    … nice kdrama! funny and cute.. soo love it! especially geol oh, he’s soooo cute~ (“,)

  9. 609
    muhammad kohar Says:

    sungkyunkwan scandal……… it’s very good a film asian………..
    lee seon joon sma kim yoon hee cocok banget. walaupun haya sampai episode 20 aja tpi sangat berkesan buat saya………….


    dari muhammad kohar 208 jakarta timur…


  10. 610
    mitch Says:

    ..i like this kdrama because it was not boring, i mean the genre was traditional/historical/period but it was all in! comedy, romance, sensical and all the characters were great aside from their good looking appearance, their acting prowess was magnifico! love it! the ending was cool, although i like geol oh more! hehe.. their scenes and characters matches their personality.. great job prod team! 2 thumbs up!!!!
    keep it up!

  11. 611
    luna Says:

    I realy fall in love with this drama……,i’ve watched is several times bul i never enaugh…..,when i see this drama i feel enjoy,funny,cute and romance……i love so much……

  12. 612
    meilan Says:

    I love so much with this drama … So Funny, interesting, romantic and also have a good message. Other than that I really like the characters in this drama. Indeed I have been made to fall in love by them, sun lee joon, goo yong ha n Shin Jae Moon, i very love u all ^^ .. N yoon hee really cute girl … Finally,, its GREAATT!!!!! ^^

  13. 613
    see Says:

    When this story will appear at television??my country Malaysia….

  14. 614
    Jennie Says:

    @see This drama has alraedy been shown on your cable tv, Astro via KBS. If I am not mistaken, it was sometime last year, not long after its release in Korea, sometime in September 2010.

  15. 615
    Thesa Ferluci Fhuaa Says:

    film ini menyentuh HATI ^^

  16. 616
    dee Says:

    Wow.. good looking actors n actresses..
    Nice story.. Is it a part of Korean history?
    Can I download them freely? If it is so, how can I?
    Thx n GBU

  17. 617
    hasbi Says:

    i like sungkyunkwan scandal

  18. 618
    anne Says:

    i watched this drama more than 10x already…is it on the list for best korean drama of 2011? i like song joong ki among the 4 characters…i hope this will also air here in the philippines…it’s a beautiful drama for all ages!

  19. 619
    Aniita Diahh Says:

    this drama it’s so verry cool .
    hahaha,,lee seon joon and kim hyun siik are best couple .:)<3<3
    i love it .
    chukkaeyo .

  20. 620
    Kara Says:

    love all the casts!!
    esp joong ki..
    love the way he smile n wink..
    the story is also awesome..

  21. 621
    seer Says:

    looks like many like moon jae shin aka geol oh (yoo ah in), instead of lee sun joon, just like me. i think he is a more interesting and colorful character than the lead – lee sun joon, and maybe also physically, though this is of course completely a matter of taste and preference. yoo ah in looks better in his geol oh looks, with moustache, long hair and all..cause when he smiles with his “toothpaste ad” teeth…aw so cute! kim yoon shik character, knowing that she poses as a boy, acts too much of a girl, showing her girly, girly traits often and too obvious..(though maybe as scripted).
    the petty thief, bok soo – for a boy who is so poor that he had to steal, living in such condition also has a “toothpaste ad” teeth, which i think is a bit “unsuitable” – people with that kind of living condition would not have such gleaming white teeth.. 🙂 (though of course as actors who are well of they are required to have such teeth).

  22. 622
    ricky macasling Says:

    wow. totally awesome. made me laugh, cry and be excited all at the same time. this is one of the best Korean dramas that i have watched and I felt frustrated when i finished watching all the episodes. I want more. ahahah

  23. 623
    daryl Says:

    i love this drama………..

  24. 624
    anna Says:

    bantu aq donk cra download x gmna …?

  25. 625
    Mull Says:

    Sungkyunkwan scandal is the best i love sungkyunkwan scandal

  26. 626
    gsfgd Says:

    wayyyyyyy …………. drama korea keren yaaaaa apa lagi yg nama nya micky yoochun loh lebih ganteng dan imut llllllloooooooooooooo

  27. 627
    dani dairan Says:

    Kpan sinopsis tebaru drama korea…

  28. 628
    ayu aprillia Says:

    Sarange sungkyunkwan 🙂

  29. 629
    happyday Says:

    Yoo Ah In is so cool…..!!!!
    I love him so much

  30. 630
    smirky Says:

    I like the character Moon Jae Shin, especially when he smiles, or rather, smirks… oh how cute ! especially when he looks down, lowering his gaze, his eyes are half concealed by his disheveled long hair and made a small smile, or smirks is more like it…
    Jae shin, jae shin, jae shin…oh jae shin…
    Why do you always have to smirk…oh jae shin…?
    Why oh why.. do you always have to smirk that cute, cute smirk of yours…
    That enticing lips ..…
    Those pearly white teeth …
    That not-so-thick moustache but oh so appealing…
    Such intoxicating cuteness !
    No one but oh no one would not feel drawned to such charm…
    Smirk, smirk, smirk and you got me all smitten up !
    Free me Jae Shin, freeee meeee….. 🙂
    there ! i’ve said it, now i can sleep…. 🙂

  31. 631
    nelly Says:

    love very much this drama

  32. 632
    Echa Says:

    Sungkyukung kwan scandal…
    Bagus amat episode ke 16….
    Ap lge kim young sig cntik n imut

  33. 633
    fiza Says:

    pemeran goo yong ha…keren banget, selalu aja ngikutin kemana ge oh nya prgi….knapa gak nikah ja tuh mereka
    film nya seger banget

  34. 634
    LUSI Says:

    kpan ke indonesia ni pemainnya

  35. 635
    Hyo_Yoochun Says:

    Yoochun, ke Mall depok pas minggu donk… say…

  36. 636
    lie Says:

    nice movie….
    full laughing. lol

  37. 637
    The Moon That Embraces the Sun | K-Blog - k-pop Says:

    […] Sun) by Jung Eun Gwol (first published December 29, 2005), who is also the author of the novel that Sungkyunkwan Scandal was based on. – Actor Joo Won was originally cast as Prince Yang Myung, but dropped out of the show […]

  38. 638
    bblve Says:

    i love skks i miss at so much, cant wait for tagalog version

  39. 639
    foreverloveSKKS Says:

    SKKS is the best of the best korean drama I’ve ever watched 🙂 I’ve seen so many dramas but this one caught my eyes the most 🙂 Yoochun is so attractive that my heart melted whenever I saw his smile. I also love Ah In’s lip and Joong Ki’s cute wink 🙂 I love J4 😡

  40. 640
    Lexy Says:

    This Drama was really great and

  41. 641
    Lexy Says:

    -I really want to watch more like this. I cried a few times and the evil guy in the drama is very attractive and kinda reminds me of Yang Seung Ho of MBLQ. Also I thought Yeorim was a girl for a very long time until I heard him speak.

  42. 642
    Rani Says:

    unforgetable korean drama.It’s so great…..setting, costume, and also for actrees and actors, thats great coice.

  43. 643
    anna Says:

    verry funny and quite touching…. goo yong ha is the naughty boy among them…. so cute…. i love yoo chun…

  44. 644
    Pradeep,kathmandu,Nepal Says:

    As i’ve heard,i got same kinda of drama”Sungkyunkwan Scandal”…
    All of main four characters of this drama have acted so beautifully…but final episode of this drama is uncompleted…the drama need sequel for completion…Love U Park Min Young…Sarangeau…

  45. 645
    shawna Says:

    this is actually a good drama..loved all the characters

  46. 646
    takgu99 Says:


  47. 647
    asiandaddict Says:

    Its Moon Jae Shin and Go Yong Ha that keeps me from repeating this drama. I love them! They’re worth the best couple. I am so excited to watch them together in another drama. The BEST MALE couple ever!!!

    Good Luck to Yoo Ah In for the Fashion King!!! Hope that this can put you to stardom!

  48. 648
    margaretha Says:

    I’d love Park Yoochun’s brother or sister to come to Indonesia park min young

  49. 649
    Shirley lim Says:

    I love this drame

  50. 650
    Jae Says:

    Great series! I loved it. 11 out of 10! 🙂 I felt sad that she had to pick, but they did make a good couple. I’m glad it was a happy ending.

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