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Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Title: 성균관 스캔들 / Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Chinese Title : 成均馆绯闻
Genre: Period, romance, comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-30 to 2010-Nov-2
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Sungkyunkwan Scandal is set in Sungkyunkwan University in the late Joseon era during the reign of King Jeongjo, revolving around the exploits and love stories of four youths. When her younger brother’s illness worsens and their family is in danger of being evicted from their house for lack of money, Kim Yoon Hee enters the school under his name, disguised as a boy in her desperation to support him. There, she becomes friends with the intelligent and upright Lee Sun Joon, the playboy Goo Yong Ha and rebellious Moon Jae Shin.


Micky Yoochun as Lee Sun Joon
Park Min Young as Kim Yoon Hee
Bang Joon Seo as young Yoon Hee
Song Joong Ki as Goo Yong Ha
Yoo Ah In as Moon Jae Shin
Seo Hyo Rim as Ha Hyo Eun
Kim Min Seo as Cho Sun
Jun Tae Soo as Ha In Soo
Kang Sung Pil as Im Byung Choon
Kim Dong Yoon as Seol Go Bong
Chae Byung Chan as Kang Moo
Ahn Nae Sang as Jung Yak Yong
Park Geun Soo as Yoo Chang Ik
Kim Ha Kyoon as Choi Shin Mook
Kim Young Bae as Go Jang Bok
Im Young Pil as Ham Choon Ho
Kim Jung Kyoon as Ahn Do Hyun
Jang Se Hyun as Kim Woo Tak
Hwang Chan Woo as Bae Hae Won
Joo Ah Sung as Nam Myung Shik
Lee In as Park Dal Jae
Jo Sung Ha as King Jeongjo
Kim Gab Soo as Left State Minister Lee Jung Moo
Lee Jae Yong as Ha Woo Kyu (Minister of War)
Choi Dong Joon as Moon Geun Soo (Minister of Justice)
Kim Ik Tae as Prime Minister Chae Je Gong
Kim Mi Kyung as Ms. Jo (Yoon Hee’s mother)
Han Yun as Kim Yoon Shik (Yoon Hee’s brother)
Park Dong Bin as the Minister of War’s steward
Kim Kwang Gyu as Hwang Ga
Ryu Dam as Soon Dol
Sung Hyun Joo as Beo Deul
Im Yoon Jung as Aeng Aeng
Jung Hye Mi as Seom Seom
Nam Myung Ryul as Kim Seung Hun
Lee Min Ho as Bok Soo (petty thief)
Kim Dan Yool as Bok Dong (page boy)
Park Chul Min as Hanseongbu official Yoon Hyung Goo
Lee Dal Hyung as Goo Yong Ha’s father
Lee Won Jong as shaman Bak Soo (cameo, ep8)
Oh Na Mi as Hyo Eun’s friend (cameo, ep10)
Seol Ji Yoon as retired gisaeng (cameo)
Park Shi Jin
Jung Ha Yoon as Seom Seom

Production Credits

Production Company: Raemongraein
Production Manager: Lee Hyun Wook
Chief Producer: Kwak Ki Won
Producer: Yoo Gun Shik
Director: Kim Won Suk, Hwang In Hyuk
Original writer: Jung Eun Gwol, novels “The Lives of Sungkyunkwan Confucian Scholars 1 & 2
Screenwriter: Kim Tae Hee


– 2012 New York International TV & Film Festival: Bronze World Medal for Best Mini-Series
– 2011 38th Korea Broadcasting Prizes: Best Mid-length Drama
– 2011 4th Korea Drama Awards: Best Director (Kim Won Suk)
– 2011 6th Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Drama
– 2011 6th Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Actor (Micky Yoochun)
– 2011 6th Seoul International Drama Awards: People’s Choice Award (Micky Yoochun)
– 2011 47th Baeksang Arts Awards: New Director of the Year (Kim Won Suk)
– 2011 47th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Micky Yoochun)
– 2011 47th Baeksang Arts Awards: New Actor (Micky Yoochun)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Novella Drama – Actress (Park Min Young)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Newcomer Actor Award (Micky Yoochun)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Song Joong Ki)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Netizens’ Award (Park Min Young and Micky Yoochun)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Park Min Young and Micky Yoochun)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-08-30 1 7.7 (<8.6)
2010-08-31 2 7.2 (<8.2)
2010-09-06 3 8.0 (<8.1)
2010-09-07 4 7.6 (<8.0)
2010-09-13 5 7.8 (<8.1)
2010-09-14 6 8.0 (18th) (<7.8)
2010-09-20 7 9.7 (14th) 9.0 (19th)
2010-09-21 8 8.2 (<8.2)
2010-09-27 9 9.8 (19th) 9.2 (20th)
2010-09-28 10 10.1 (14th) 9.3 (18th)
2010-10-04 11 9.2 (13th) 8.8 (13th)
2010-10-05 12 9.9 (9th) 9.7 (12th)
2010-10-11 13 11.2 (8th) 11.1 (9th)
2010-10-12 14 10.3 (9th) 10.1 (9th)
2010-10-18 15 13.0 (6th) 13.0 (6th)
2010-10-19 16 13.7 (3rd) 13.7 (3rd)
2010-10-25 17 12.9 (5th) 13.1 (6th)
2010-10-26 18 12.0 (8th) 11.9 (7th)
2010-11-01 19 12.5 (7th) 12.2 (7th)
2010-11-02 20 13.3 (5th) 13.2 (4th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : jh Says:

    ahh.. this looks interesting.. i wanna watch!

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  4. 4 : becky Says:

    this drama sort of reminds me of Boys Over Flowers….gonna look forward to this show^^

  5. 5 : saa.. Says:

    Yeah.. Its reminds us with bbf Π its reminds me with ü’re beautiful too..

    Wow.. Ï ♥ korean drama much much much..

  6. 6 : PrettyLady Says:

    yep, they are the F4 of the Jeosun Dynasty… looks like they had “crabgrass” back then too. lol

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  9. 9 : KPOP7.com Says:

    This drama looks funny in its own unique way hhaha

    Download Korean Songs & Albums!

  10. 10 : becky Says:

    for: PrettyLady: Yeah!!!! totally agree with you…they’re the F4 of the Joseon Dynasty…look forward to PMY disguising as a guy:D

  11. 11 : wany Says:

    remind me of hanazakarino and hanakimi.going to watch this drama 🙂

  12. 12 : des Says:

    all of u are right this drama remind me coffe prince,queen seon deok,hanakimi,you’re so beautiful,meteor garden and boys over flower….. the lead girl star need to disguised as a boys…..

  13. 13 : eleonor Says:

    i lyk the story…i wanna buy a dvd of it already..!!!

  14. 14 : yuhna Says:

    wow i cant wait i want to watch it…park mi young onni anyo.

  15. 15 : nida Says:

    i really really wanna watch this drama, veri unic drama, i saw the trailer and looks interesting and will be a funny drama, of course the main lead is so so handsome and beautiful..

  16. 16 : wow Says:

    Bienvenue Gamesavor site

  17. 17 : chichaloca Says:

    i watched the teaser.it’s pretty cute.this drama going be an awesome drama 🙂

  18. 18 : da hae Says:

    definitely will be watching this series. It is comidic and light storyline.
    all actors are well cast for this series.

  19. 19 : jksky Says:


    成均馆绯闻(성균관스캔들) [更新第1集]

  20. 20 : Roma Says:

    i’ve watched this drama a while ago and i really went gaga over the handsome F3 of the Joseon era.They are all really talented and fresh and i knw a lot of teenagers are going to be addicted to this new series.The girl is pretty and cute too…with a lot of talented supporting casts…so lets give them a round of applause !!!!!
    I will recommend this to my friends who are also looking for new Kdramas to watch, bec definitely its going to give BAKER KING:KTG a good fight….but its ok bec they are on the same station. So just support each other guys.Good luck and God bless….

  21. 21 : korean drama fan Says:

    i wonder how many rating did they get last night..

    anyway, the soundtrack is so good..


  22. 22 : Cecelia Says:

    watched the 1st ep…not bad….and it looks like it is going to get more interesting!!!! looking forward too!!! hahahhha….this few months will be great….so many nice korean drama is out!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!! =)

  23. 23 : Tin Says:

    This is such an underrated drama. I am ‘personally’ liking this more than Playful Kiss. Most of the guys in drama are eye candy!! 😀

  24. 24 : nikkyp28 Says:

    @Tin >>> you’re right. I’m supposed to leave it for later to watch as I’m watching gumiho right now and I can only do one drama at a time to really get into the story but I guess I have to find time for this one. SKK Scandal has a very interesting storyline and fascinating characters and I like the first 2 episode compared to PK. So I guess, I have to skip PK as I already know the story and go for SKK Scandal because it may started as another gender-bender genre rom-com type drama, plot-wise it seems to be fresher and better. First they set it in a Jeseon era, on a famously historic school and they made the characters all very interesting to watch. But what made me like it, is for a change the heroine is not a dumb girl. She is intelligent and smart. Hopefully, the one playing her will really give justice to here role. Too early to tell. Her acting is not bad but I believe, the character needs more substance.

  25. 25 : Pamela Says:

    I’ve watched the first two episodes and the drama was awesome

    the first parts are not boring unlike the other dramas I hope until the end.

    I assume that this drama will be of great hit :))

  26. 26 : Rosette Peh Says:

    Wow, i’ve seen quite a number of cross dressing dramas and this drama is really standing out. Great job, i bet the rating for this drama will increase tremendously

  27. 27 : Felix Says:

    This drama is against 2 big drama Dong Yi and Giant. However I become addicted to this drama. More great than I watch Boys Before Flowers. This is very different and fresh drama. I really hope KBS did not have payment issue with the production company that produce this drama because They should understand about very tough competition time slot.

  28. 28 : champagnee Says:

    I started to love this rom com drama the moment i set my eyes on it. each move is captivating. Im watching 3 new dramas at the moment (my gf is a gumiho, Mischievous kiss and kiss) and I must say that that this is my favorite among the 3 right now (i am currently on episode 2). I hope it will continue to strive to be the best! fighting!!!

  29. 29 : kcomments Says:

    Great refreshing drama, beautifully written and directed! It’s the winner for this week among ‘My girlfriend is a Gumiho’ and ‘Playful Kiss’.

  30. 30 : Xiahjs at Cash Back Stores Says:

    I’m looking forward Yoonchun’s new performance. He seems to act better than sing. The rating is not bad

  31. 31 : Jennifer Says:

    Hello, How can I go download this novel. Not for distribution, just for me. Thanks

    Hola, como puedo ir descargando esta novela. No es para distribucion, solo para mi. Gracias

  32. 32 : beng Says:

    the moment i’d watched the first episode i’m already hooked! these young actors …they can act and are all cute…ha ha ha,you will not get bored of watching this drama and i can’t wait for the next episode to come out. there’s a lot of good dramas for this year that i’d watched,still watching and will watch!!!

  33. 33 : peneloxii Says:

    This drama is wonderful! It’s look like Hanakimi =D

  34. 34 : Suki Says:

    This is one of my favorite dramas. I LOVE, LOVE this drama. I love all the characters and even the bad guy. I can’t wait for next week Monday!

  35. 35 : Kokopuffs Says:

    ratings look kinda low, but this is a costume drama, so may be OK. aja fighting

  36. 36 : Patricia Says:

    THIS IS ONE OF THE ‘MUST WATCH’ DRAMA GUYS! It won’t dissapoint u, I’m really sure ’bout this….

  37. 37 : kyonen Says:

    who cares for the ratings. just watch it if you like it! but i hope it rises in the future!

  38. 38 : tanjunggirl, m'sia Says:

    A must see! You’ll regret if you don’t.

  39. 39 : tanjunggirl, m'sia Says:

    A must see!

  40. 40 : ms jgs Says:

    nice drama im currently watching this and looking forward for the next episode.

  41. 41 : hanna Says:

    Liked it so much… but really hard to find with eng sub… micky is so cool!!!

  42. 42 : Kimora Says:

    i like this drama 🙂 its really interesting. i watch it on viikii.

  43. 43 : chang Says:

    i really really like this show….the main guy character is really strong, even more so than the girl character.

    The supporting characters are all interesting, even down to the old guy that never graduated from the academy, and the interesting prof, just every one..

  44. 44 : shima Says:

    Oh my God
    You’re so talented in every thing micky
    Love you N DBSK forever
    I always support you
    Always keep the faith.
    Every Cassie please support our Yoo chun.

  45. 45 : aysegull Says:

    i love love love this drama and i hate waiting for the new episodes:S it is really underrated, when i look at the other websites kdrama channels, i cannot see SSK Scandal in the top ratings, and it makes me sad:( if they had known the real value of this drama, the translators would have been faster in translating, why why whyy!!

  46. 46 : neg Says:

    I have been following this drama and honestly, I am not all that impressed with the leading actor’s performance. On the contrary, I am totally addicted to the actor Song Joong Ki who played the role Goo Yong Ha. He’s funny and unpredictable which gives this drama the humor it so desperately needed. Frankly, I am shocked he wasn’t selected to play the main leading role with the female. Look wise, he’s incredibly sexy (his lips) and acting wise, he seems to have the most experience. I guess he ain’t as popular thus, wasn’t picked for the main role. I personally think it would’ve been a lot better if SJK played the lead with the girl.

    Popular guy playing the lead or not, the ratings are still relatively low. People aren’t stupid and shallow; just watch for the Micky guy .. at least I hope not.

  47. 47 : lalami2010 Says:

    Love this drama so much. It is very interesting from the first episode. Micky, you r talented and born to be a star. Min young is very very cute. I love to see them together. Their chemistry is so touching. And the two guys left, Joonki & Ah In, you guys make my day. ^-^

    PS. Hope rating will be upper and upper.

  48. 48 : mitra Says:

    i like this drama

  49. 49 : anonymous Says:

    This drama rocks! never thought its was so surprisingly good. Glad I gave it a try without any idea what is it all about.

  50. 50 : SKKS>lover Says:

    Loved this drama….I was so disappointed in Playful kiss that I have to drop it after episode 3. just bored me to death then my friend said to try this one and I’m hook since them….amazing cast, scenery, intriguing plot and storyline, adorable couple, mouth watering pretty boys, fantastic score and great novel adaptation. What can I say, this drama got it all. Not a great love of sageuk drama but this has taken cross-dressing female heroine and historical drama to a different level for me. And as the story progresses it just keeps on getting better.

  51. 51 : zashlein Says:

    I love this drama! Although the title seems odd but the story is really superb! The casts are great and they play their roles well. I can\’t wait to see the next episodes and its ending. To those who haven’t yet seen this drama, please watch it. You won’t regret it, I swear!

  52. 52 : aish Says:

    Fact becoming one of surprisingly TO WATCH DRAMA OF 2010! (mine atleast). Story-wise and cast-wise superb! it’s historical in a sense but very very watchable not only coz of the easy on the eye pretty boys but mainly because of its intricately woven and intriguing plot. And the Characters are so much fun to watch! they each have their own story to tell. This drama has taken a typical over-used cross-dressing heroine plot to a fresher and betterer (for a lack of word) story to tell. The fact that the heroine is smart and not dumb is a plus.

  53. 53 : SKKS>Lover Says:

    What can i say…another drama to watch. I’ve been sober a while since YAB wave last year. Watching this drama plunge me back into watching Kdrama with a fervor and my addiction reaching another new milestone 🙂 I’ve never even know a group called DBSK/TVXQ existed (what a shame) not before watching one of them here. SKKS drama rocks!!!! in all level!!!!

  54. 54 : anomymous Says:

    one of the best drama of 2010 !!!!!!

  55. 55 : Egram Says:

    Love this drama. The casts are okay but there’s still room for improvement. Each artists fits to their role to a tee especially Moon Jae Sin. Hope to see more of Yoo ah In in the future….

  56. 56 : katt Says:

    i love this drama, i cant wait for the next episode, the girl’s character are much much better than he’s beautiful ,love it very much

  57. 57 : val Says:

    sungkhyunkwan scandal is one of the BEST dramas ive ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. 58 : Ranie Says:

    Best drama.. I can’t wait until end…

  59. 59 : jas Says:

    love this drama!!!
    cant wait for the next episode to be subbed

  60. 60 : rae Says:

    another entertaining drama to watch, modern and fresh faces…and not to mention very good acting. hopefully subsequent episode will be as entertaining as previously aired and will continue to be so till the end. Currently watched until sixth episode and i can say that there are not many dull moment or scene shown. watch this drama if you’re looking for a good 2010 korean drama, i can say this is among the best!

  61. 61 : raz Says:

    O.M.G ep 7 is the best.this for sure my best drama for 2010.the cast and the plot are fantastic.I wish to thank the production team for bringing us
    this wonderful drama. also my sincere thanks to all of you who contribute to upload and to sub this exciting drama.GOD bless you all for your hard work and dedication. THNK YOU!!!!!!

  62. 62 : lyness_marklay Says:

    i love this drama…not so heavy staright forward easy to understanding not same such as kim tak goo,i love that drama but to heavy for my mind to watch..that drama well i really hope rate for sungkyun scandall will raise n raise..coz..this drama som simple n enjoy to watch with family drama….gogo..for micky..


  63. 63 : Ju Says:

    I strongly agreed that this is one of the best drama in 2010. Although the main casts may not be the popular ones but their acting skills are just superb. The main actor and actress’ acting are so natural and they blended in so well into their respective role. Great drama.

  64. 64 : lyness_marklay Says:

    ju say….i agreed with u vote this drama…go..go fighting plz dont vote based on rating this drama, watch first…………ok..

    micky n park min young u are good acting skill in this drama..fighting

  65. 65 : via Says:

    I think this drama has an interesting and unqiue setting/background, we have familiar this such storyline when a girl disquise as a man in a school for boys only such as “Nobuta wo produce” japanese version, but I think this drama is a bit different because of the setting of place and time, which make it more exciting to watch, love it so much!!!..

  66. 66 : neg Says:

    So far so good .. really, really like the role of Goo Yong Ha .. damn funny. He really lightens the storyline … the timing is great .. a balance between the action, warms, and comedy. Can’t get enough of him .. excellent editing .. so good that each and every times he appeared at the right moment; making it so worthwhile to continue watching.

  67. 67 : lyness_marklay Says:

    im really finish watching episode 8…..most enjoy n fun,im really excited to watch episode 9…this drama love..love….best for in the end of 2010….hope all..is good ending between le son jun ang kwan shik..aka daemul./..

  68. 68 : nikkyp28 Says:

    Fast becoming one of my all time fave drama…I hope it doesn’t disappoint as it is early in the series. One of the best out there this 2010….Episode 5 and 6 so far are my favorites but I just saw the spoiler for 9 and its realllyyyyy goooood…..the plots deepens and I heard Our Yoong Ha will be on the spotlight soon (finally his turn!) with a brewing fight/disagreement with In Soo, apparently In Soo will reveal some secrets about him… And At last the emotional roller-coaster ride for our Lee Sun Joon (for our Yoon Shik/Hee)…. I want to see hows he’s going to cope with his growing feelings for our supposed cross-dressing female heroine. Can YuChun pull it off? I am waiting in anticipation 🙂 SKKS Hwaiting!

  69. 69 : celine Says:

    this drama is very interesting,i love the acting specially yoo ah in.

  70. 70 : Lynn K Says:

    this drama is getting better and better… LOVE IT!!!! i love the playboy the most!!! hahahahah XD and also the hot Mun Jea Sin….and of course Micky and the female lead!! they are all awesome!XD

  71. 71 : yaya Says:

    love this drama ^^

  72. 72 : lovemusic Says:

    Here’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST played on piano 🙂

  73. 73 : lyness_marklay Says:

    besttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…………..im crazy to watch next episode 10…i really love this drama can wait………….episode 10……really nervous to watch this drama..that preview make me really n excited to know..what going to be happen ep 10…

    micky n park min young very excelent acting………….wow………………

  74. 74 : lyness_marklay Says:

    sungkyunkwan scandal best drama in the end of 2010….sure plz vote for that…………….

    enjoy…………watch..gogo..fighting thi drama……………

  75. 75 : sakura Says:

    the best drama that I ever watched every thing in this drama is very cool
    good work director ,artists , and every one works there
    thank you so much for this high drama

  76. 76 : indri Says:

    I like it !!!

  77. 77 : ghd uk Says:

    I want to directly grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates, but I cant find it, do you have one?

  78. 78 : yayaliza Says:

    you can see it in dramacrazy.com raw and with eng subs

  79. 79 : Sandy Says:

    This is truly a remarkable drama for year 2010 after You’re beautiful! Awesome story plot, cast and chemistry of the lead actors and actress. Can’t wait for every Monday and Tuesday now!

  80. 80 : lyness_marklay Says:

    yes of coz..can’t wait for this drama…but really still cannnot watch eng sub for episode 10…episode 10,so enjoy when lee seun joon.fell something like a love with kwan shik..argghhhhhhhhh really nervous to know what going happen..

    but seun joon fathe need he going enggage with daughter ministry …i really that for that girl..but its juz..drama ok…

    still now..rating this drama still below 8,why……..plz explain..this drama so good..straight..easy understaanding,fun.m,.enjoy n all the acting so good..

  81. 81 : glue Says:

    its really amazing drama. im not watching just because im a fan of micky, BUT the storyline itself. very fresh, straight, complete emotions and grab many aspects of human life, NOT only love. whatever the rating is, i will stay to the end. 😛

  82. 82 : oana Says:

    micky…….i missed you so much!!!!!!i didn’t start to watch this drama but i saw the comments and they say that this drama is really good…not just because micky has the lead role…….i belive that micky is doing his best in this drama….hoped that micky will become a great actor like his hyung….BI RAIN…….kiss you.

  83. 83 : adhocsales Says:

    Love this story. Love the actors and actress too. Fighting.

  84. 84 : beng Says:

    yehey!!!the long wait is over!!!!!for us international fans for ep 10,eng sub. thank you VIIKII and KBS negotiations went OK!!!my tears flow for this ep,sad but still i want to scream and say yes!!!!!!for both lee soon joon and kim yoon shik,ah skinship and how soon joon told about the lipstick and how she licked her lips,lovable…..have to wait again for the next ep…..eng subbers domo arigato gozaimashita!!!!

  85. 85 : beng Says:

    but wait!!am i just mistaken that viikii and kbs had agreed about the negotiations or license still pending?hoping that both will agree on something for the sake of us viewers who are eagerly wanting to watch the drama right away!!!aja aja fighting!!!!

  86. 86 : Ju Says:

    Great drama with superb casts. Credit should go to Micky Yoochun and Park minyoung for their great acting and chemistry. Remember to have a good ending for a great drama.

  87. 87 : chyin Says:

    This drama is going to be shown on cable tv this week in my country. Am looking forward to watching this based on the good responses on this page. The ratings however do not look good at all. Why?

  88. 88 : Patricia Says:

    Very good looking actors and actress coupled with good acting skills. Give it some, this film will be famous… just like “You’re Beautiful” – which did not receive very high response when it started.

    In terms of the story, it’s pretty simple though.. Light hearted yet enjoyable. This credit goes to the crew.

    All the best!

  89. 89 : wai wai Says:

    I’m addicted to SKKS ! Hoohed up with this drama ! Love it so….much. LSJ , Ah IN ….Argh…….. GYH & KHY good too. Joseon F4 Cool !

  90. 90 : wai wai Says:

    I love this drama SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH ! SKKS The Best Epic Drama ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. 91 : lyness_marklay Says:

    ep 11 and 12…………wow……………….so enjoy…………………………..can’t wait next episode …………

  92. 92 : spiker05 Says:

    where can i watch episode 11 and 12 with english subtitle? i really, really love this drama! can’t wait for the next episode.

  93. 93 : lyness_marklay Says:

    spiker05………im still wait eng sub for ep 11 and 12…in vikiii still not upload…i dont know what the pblem,in dramacrazy.net still no eng sub only raw episode.

    ep 11 and ep 12..wow really amazing most22222 n enjoy to watch…

    rating this episode still below 10..just let it go but rating…for syunkwan scandal must u guyz..watching…enjoy beuty park min young can wait lee son jonn see kwan shik in truthly like girl….beuty…..pure

  94. 94 : jojo Says:


    where can i found ep 11 with eng sub ??

  95. 95 : D-DDouWZ Says:

    would be nice if the main leads casts as good as second lead casts……over al SKKS is GOOD …….love SJK and YAI ; they’re outshine in this drama….;) 😉 😉

  96. 96 : champagnee Says:

    Of all the dramas that are currently being aired, this is the one that i love the most! More than anything else! I am always looking forward for mondays and tuesdays because of this. Yoo ah in and song joong ki are funny and good looking. Thanks for the sub, really appreciate it!

  97. 97 : Lemon Says:

    Why I can’t watch this in Kuwait. What is the meaning of License Pending? All other dramas from Vickii I can watch. Anyone has the explanation? I love this drama…waaaa

  98. 98 : anonymous Says:

    i watch the 4 episodes, and i realli liked it,, but the site bloked me!! now i can’t watch it anymore!! :((

  99. 99 : sheena Says:

    english subtitle make it fasssssttttt,omg i cant wait to watch ep 11 and 12…i cant wait to the guys specially yoo ah in.

  100. 100 : jo Says:

    quite interesting drama…. recomended to watch… the chemistry between the main lead actor n actress…

  101. 101 : yanni Says:

    i haven’t been this addicted to a series for a long time. i have to watch each episode 3 times the minute it’s posted!!! it’s like much better than any other series for these few years. many people watch it coz of the main actor being a member in a popular group. even though i’m not a fan, i still love this drama for its plots and everything. i wonder why the ratings are so bad in korea. what do they like there????

  102. 102 : feidudu Says:

    this drama is getting better and better…the casting is great and the storyline is getting interesting..hope the rating will improve along with it too..good luck..

  103. 103 : rumon Says:

    ,,, me too I am addicted to this series and I wonder about the ratings!!

  104. 104 : rumon Says:


    All of us wish the problem of the License Pending will get solve!!

  105. 105 : Spring Says:

    Micky and Park’s chemistry is great. They are so natural. I am really very impressed with Micky’s acting. It’s just like he is born to be an actor. The period costume suits him so well. Keep up the good work. Forget about the rating. It does not mean anything. Just remember that it is a great drama. I am only just worried about the last few episodes of this drama as Micky is away for his World Tour and the screenwriter might have to compromise his scenes with others. I want a good end to this great drama.

  106. 106 : Patricia Says:

    I like what Spring said. Forget about the ratings.. not worth it. This is definitely the best drama i have seen so far for the whole of 2010. How i wish all the episodes will be aired in one go.. What a pain to wait for 2 episodes each week!!

  107. 107 : CCC Says:

    Totally love this drama!

  108. 108 : jh Says:

    So nice!!!but whats with the ratings? weird….

  109. 109 : rose Says:

    so sad with the low rating but this is the number one drama for me now

  110. 110 : rumon Says:

    Just great drama!

  111. 111 : Makadoto Says:

    Just finished watching ep 13 in raw,can’t wait for the sub.omg…iam totally hooked with this drama.great drama great character with lots of eye candy. Skks aja aja hwaitingg

  112. 112 : eva Says:

    really really great drama and good actor,
    cant wait for ep14 🙂

  113. 113 : lyness_marklay Says:

    best2222 episode 13,,with raw..it’s ok juz watch …but its really enjoy when sun jon n kwan shik being togethr..its ok..juz falling with her…why sun jon..always do something rude..so tears for kwanshik..sadness falling love with sun jon…..

  114. 114 : L Says:

    I think it’s a great drama but i wonder the rating is low

  115. 115 : hyejung Says:

    i think the korean audience don’t like to watch love story…they prefer to watch revenge story…

  116. 116 : lyness_marklay Says:

    i;m agree with you people korean like to watch heavy drama…mybe some young n tennagers love story bcoz simple drama

    ep 13 n 14..wow best………………………..can;t wait ep 15…more touching…heart n tears between sun jon n kwan shik..is a real love …..

    stress..n fell bad about sun jon.didnt know anything kwanshik is girl…

    when….n when..sun jon will know about that juz waiting….

    rating..low..who care..we talk about this drama so good.



  117. 117 : lyness_marklay Says:

    guy’s…….are sure next episode preview at waterfall scene…sun jon will know kwan shik its a girl…………….if sure…sun jon……if like that……………….can’t wait next episode…………….

  118. 118 : Anonymous Says:

    […] […]

  119. 119 : neg Says:

    Damn .. I hope ya’ll saw the ep 13 & 14 .. the super exciting part is finally here and I believe the last 6 episodes will get more tense as it gets to the story’s climax.

    Imagine the discovery of the “Robin Hood” character, the cross-dressed gal, the king’s health, the secret scroll, the geisha who’s actually an assassin, the planned marriage, the demise of the class/school president, and lastly, SOONG JOON KI’s character (not simple one).

    I really look forward to see how all these unfold and hopefully, it won’t be a disappointing ending. This drama deserves higher ratings; it’s so much better than the Mischievious Kiss. Of course, I gotta admit, it’s Soong Joon Ki’s role that really kept me watching the entire time. He’s hilarious. I am guessing he’s an important character; how else, he was able to do so much .. all these connections without the “power” to back him up .. no way .. someone somewhere gotta have his back. He may even be the “hidden prince”.

    BUT yeah, the part where SJK and the Robin Hood guy parted .. teary and all .. kinda too gay for me; other than that, he’s freaking cool and funny. People should hop on board and watch this drama. I had doubt but now, it’s can’t be miss …

  120. 120 : feidudu Says:

    yeah..this drama is getting better and better..I hope they ill keep up with the good work…

  121. 121 : Mallie Says:

    Keep up the good work Micky! Awesome acting!

    Looooove it!

  122. 122 : chichaloca Says:

    love dis drama.mickey so handsome!

  123. 123 : stela Says:

    SS drama is so cute. I enjoy watching each episode. The music is nice too.

  124. 124 : vahdaneh Says:

    with all u r admiring about this i am getting crazy 4 it,
    i can say i’m more fortunate than people who r not watching it but i catch it up with kbs world and it just have broadcasted 2 episodes …
    oh but it was also already awesome .

    😀 i’m looking 4ward 4 u r catching drama keep going.

  125. 125 : glitzy Says:

    this series has some familiar combination of The Butterfly Lovers and Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. BTW, it’s a romantic and breathtaking story. The main characters and the other supporting characters are all very gorgeous and good looking. sigh. i’ve been allured by all the pretty faces! T_T

  126. 126 : Lio_Girl Says:

    …the first 2 episodes caught my interest. i particularly love stories of strong independent women in a place of male dominance… with the twist of ‘cinderella’ or ‘romeo-juliet’ concept… and plenty of ‘moe’ moments… SS has become one of my favorite k-drama.

  127. 127 : Kimchee_joy43 Says:

    Waaaaahhhh!!!!!… I REALLY LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH!!!… even I’m watching it @ KBS WORLD, I’m still reading its recaps @ dramabeans… I’M SO ADDICTED TO THIS DRAMA!!!…. I love how the story runs… SUNGKYUNKWAN SCANDAL FIGHTIN’!!!! 😀

  128. 128 : zherrie Says:

    i really feel sorry for lee sun joon…imagine how it feels like to be in love but can’t express it properly…and to keep thinking that it’s an impossible love :..( Lee Sun Joon Fighting!!!

  129. 129 : zierlein bularon Says:

    I’m so in love with this drama…. I have been trailing it since the first episode.. And I really love the casts. Hope they will be still together in their next projects…

  130. 130 : syrena Says:

    Loved every episode.

    Hats off to the 4 scholars!

    Does anybody know on where I could peep on the Ep15 preview? Can’t wait.

  131. 131 : ASDF Says:

    love loveeeeeee this drama! i dont understand the insanely low ratings!!! whats going on with people?! Can’t they appreciate a drama with depth and captivating characters? >=/

  132. 132 : becky Says:

    I love this drama…. you know, this drama sort of reminds me of Colorcloud Palace…Mr. Director, would you consider directing the adaptation of this anime in the future??

  133. 133 : Trixie Says:

    it this drama is worth it to watch??
    im try to find a drama to watch since im just done my girlfriend is gumiho.

  134. 134 : sveta Says:

    The BEST drama ever!

  135. 135 : igie Says:

    I’m sooooooooooooo addicted to this drama,!!
    I’m so sorry to all YAB & Coffe prince fans,. but SKKS is much much much better,.. can’t wait for the next episode..

  136. 136 : beng Says:

    you can read yogurutu.blogspot.com she has the big big heart to translate the novel of this drama…in fact she already had the recap of ep15 & 16. I always reread her novel and you will never get tired of reading this novel. A big big domo arigatou to you,yogurutu……SKK,banzai!!!!

  137. 137 : jathus Says:

    I am crazy about this drama!
    When will LSJ kiss KYS? He had been tempted by her seductive lips for quite a long time.

  138. 138 : rumon Says:

    I can’t enter viikii channel for Sungkyunkwan Scandal !! is it just me or what? please tell me

  139. 139 : rumon Says:

    Trixie ,,, watch it is really worth ….the best 2010 drama !!

  140. 140 : eunukkim Says:

    I’m addicted to this drama. I’m sometimes smiling thinking about this drama like a lunatic.

  141. 141 : ghazal Says:

    i watch this drama in kbs world i realy like it thanks so much

  142. 142 : sara Says:

    a very very nice drama.the actores are so good.i love it so much.every one should watch it

  143. 143 : lyness_marklay Says:

    finish already wath episode 15 raw…its oky dont undstand juz watch make me really exicited watching this drama best222222 for episode 15…..sun joon thruthly know kwan shik is agirl yahoooooo…….love between them…

    so sad for geol ah..mybe geol ah can couple with yeorim..like him……hahhahah

    so wait for tommorow episode 16…..

  144. 144 : Amy Says:

    Love Yoochun but i hate these types of dramas. These olden day dramas. I tried to watch it, but this type of drama is very unappealing. I hope this drama does well though.

  145. 145 : igie Says:

    @ rumon,
    try dramacrazy…

  146. 146 : sveta Says:

    Ep.15 SO COOL! Love it drama SO MUCHHHHH!!!)))
    BEST 2010 drama !!!!!
    BEST drama ever!!!!
    And yes… SKKS is much much much better Coffee Prince and did not think, that I shall tell such, but even MUCH better You’re Beautiful !!!


  147. 147 : sveta Says:

    Ratings Episode 15 is VERY good!!!)))
    TNS: 13.0% (6th)
    AGB : 13.1% (6th) Nationwide
    14.0% (6th) Seoul

    Already 6 seat in Top20!)))))

  148. 148 : sveta Says:

    Preview to a new episode it is simple SUPER!
    I cant wait an episode 16…

  149. 149 : sveta Says:

    As it is a pity, that only 20 episodes…(((((
    Only 5 episodes remains(((
    Ahhh… so sad…..

  150. 150 : syrena Says:

    Watched the raw version of Ep15.

    Although I can’t undertand Korean, I could more or less get an idea through their actions alone.

    I must have said this several times but I LOVE IT! All episodes of SKK! Never a dull moment.

    Micky as LSJ has played the part very well; and same with the other 3 leads. But how could one fault all the cast members, no matter how small the part, even the small boys ringing the wake up bell and distributing the arrows, etc, made watching SKK a joy.

    I’m saddened by the fact that SKK only has a few episodes left but all good things do come to an end at some point. I could always start watching all over again.

  151. 151 : Naga Says:

    It’s a cute and relaxing show. Love the show…

  152. 152 : rumon Says:

    igie, thank you ….^_^

  153. 153 : marzi Says:

    i like this drama joong ki acting is so cute and micky is good too but i think min yong role is not suitable for her it must be an actress whit looking like men and taller than her she is so feminine

  154. 154 : uk Says:

    u a in(moon jae sin),so cute and handsome,makes me smile whenever he smiles.

  155. 155 : kumi Says:

    @154: agreeee….!!! 😀

  156. 156 : lyness_marklay Says:

    already watch episode 16……………..best, cute scene..they kiss fopr the first kiss at the library scne..so naughty kwan shikk kiss sun joon oppa…hahahhhaha..

    nervous to knowing next episode…hope rating this drama go..go..fighthing..highest..rating..hope so…

    love really love this drama..i vote this drama best in the end for 2010…..

  157. 157 : neg Says:

    Wow .. four to go .. as much as i hate to see it ends .. longer will be draggy. so far so good .. it’s time to wrap it up. Those damn kids are so darn cute.

    Going back to the drama .. it’s funny that the military officer’s son also has the power to lead his men .. doesn’t make sense. The son is just another student and not even an appointed officer. He can use as self protection; not to capture criminals .. weird .. as if he’s all out to get them. The funniest thing is that the son seen to be MAD allllll the time .. lolllll

  158. 158 : L Says:

    mon and thurs night so amusing coz the drama. thanks………

  159. 159 : jasmine Says:

    i just reached episode 4 and it watch it tru kbs world.i’m quite confius can someone told me what is the diferent between noron and soron??i’m dying to know plz..i’m watched this drama with eng subtitle since my english is not too good maybe i can’t get it..plz someone told me and one more thing i want to ask did yong haa and jae shin already knoe that yoon hee is a girl..
    plz2 answer me asap!!

  160. 160 : jathus Says:

    Yes… finally, the couple had their first kiss in ep16, however the girl made the first move. LSJ, when will you ever kiss her back.
    By the way, I woke up at 3am just to catch up with the latest ep previews,
    I think I am getting crazy, am I?

  161. 161 : uk Says:

    to jasmine,it’s very complex to explain about noron and soron’s relationship. They are both ruling classes in Chosun Dynasty, but now noron is more powerful than soron. I recommend going to Wikipedia, and search ‘Sukjong of Joseon’. You will know about them in detail.

  162. 162 : SuM Says:

    i really love this k-drama for its interesting storyline, fast phasing and great cast… so addicted to it!!! but lately, why do i feel the hype for it has somehow decrease after the revelation? despite this notion, im still very much hopeful that the last few episodes will keep the viewers on the edge of their seat til the very end… Fighting!!! 🙂

  163. 163 : Trixie Says:

    My friend recommended me this drama so I start it yesterday. So far I like it, now on epi3. This drama is funny and entertainment too. To be honest this drama is better than playful kiss.

    I love Song Joong Ki Character in here, he so cute and his smile made me melt. LOL.. I can’t wait too see when they discover Kim Yoon Hee is a girl.

  164. 164 : yanni Says:

    jasmine, noron and soron are basically just 2 political parties at the time. noron was pretty much in control of the government. there were a couple of other smaller political parties too (like the one the main actress belong to ‘nam in’?) but noron and soron are the 2 main ones. nam in controlled the government years ago at the time of the great grand father of the king. and they did some really bad things (just like the noron is doing now) and then they were kicked out of the government by the king’s great-grand and grand father with the help of noron. since then, noron has been in control of the govt and they are doing the exact same thing the nam in once did. one thing to note is that political parties were basically inherited, not like current times where it’s what u believe in.

  165. 165 : lyness_marklay Says:

    TNS: 13.0% (6th) episode 15

    AGB: 13.1% (6th) episode 15

    14.3% nationwide. episode 16

    On the 20th, viewership rating agency AGB Nielsen Media Research reported the tally of 19th evening broadcast time drama where ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ recorded a rise on audience rating to 14.3% nationwide.

    In compare to the 15th episode that was aired on the 18th, this episode audience rating received a rise of 1.2 points, which is more than 1% rise. While to compare to the 14th episode, this would be a whooping 3.4 points rise from 10.9% rating.

    The main reason of this continuing rating increase on ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ seems due to the first launch of Lee Seon Jun (Park Yoochun) and Yeon Hee (Park Min Young) love line that is likely to give an even more interesting development to the story.

    In the recent ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ broadcast, Lee Seon Jun who had been away from the Sunkyunkwan for a while would finally reunite with Yeon Hee. In a drowning accident where Yeon Hee was saved by Lee Seon Jun, he was finally found out that she was a woman. Due to that, Lee Seon Jun asked Yeon Hee to leave the Sungkyunkwan University.

    In addition, this recent broadcast also revealed the first Seon Jun and Yeon Hee locking lips scene that caught the attention of audiences. At the drama online board, a lot of different opinions “This means a triangle love line is formed.” “Yeon Hee and Seon Jun finally had a kiss.” were expressed.

  166. 166 : lyness_marklay Says:

    go..go..figthing..i hope this drama..go high rating audience..for this drama..this drama make me..wait n wait till the end…

    kbs…dont worry about the rating…important thing this drama so good..all viewers…in other country love this drama..hope good ending and interesting ending..for this drama

    park min young, lee sun joon, hbs,yeorim….guys you do great acting…good job k..weldone..just wait till the end episode 20…mybe..it can be rise…a good rating…for this drama

    vote best drama..end 2010…

  167. 167 : kiraNshin Says:

    don’t kNow wHat haPpEn..
    i’m reAlly reaLly reaLly liKe
    this dRama…
    soo000 co_ol…

  168. 168 : Lio_Girl Says:

    this k-drama is unique and interesting for several reasons:

    1. everything is here… history, politics, all forms of friendships, love, heartbreak and controversy

    2. not your usual “damsel in distress” plot… a story of a strong independent woman in a place of male dominance

    3. balance… right distribution of characters’ scenes and flow of the story

    4. unpredictable events… there’s always something good to look forward in every episode.

    5. great cast… most of the actors/actresses are good looking and act well

    for those who havent seen… i highly recommended this… its worth your time… 😉

  169. 169 : lyness_marklay Says:

    best drama…..alwayz..see the comment for this drama thankz..all you guy’s support for this drama……………….fighthing

  170. 170 : rumon Says:

    lyness_marklay thank you i was wondering about the rating!!

  171. 171 : lyness_marklay Says:

    rumon…dont worry about the rating..we and all you guy’s just enjoy this drama…enjoy till the last episode..i alwayz..support this drama….after finish drama..i will continue follow bi rain drama..

    next month final exam university…wish luck for me…..orait…

  172. 172 : sveta Says:

    Rating SO GOOD! HAPPY!!!
    Best drama ever!!!!!

  173. 173 : sveta Says:

    I for a couple Yoon Hee & Jae Shin!
    Moon Jae Shin so cute!!!
    It is very insulting for it…(

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20PpXpVAKKg – Ahhh… so sad…(((

  174. 174 : jung Says:

    wow! the ratings have suddenly shot up!! CONGRATS! It’s the best drama I watch this year! I love Moon Jae Shin! Yoo Ah In has a small cute face !

  175. 175 : stela Says:

    Please tell me where can I watch ep14? I try to look for it everyday but have not been successful so far.

  176. 176 : Trixie Says:

    @stela: you can go to kimchidrama they put up the epi15 with eng sub as well. here the link http://kimchidrama.blogspot.com/2010/08/sungkyunkwan-scandal.html

    Gosh!! Im in love with Song Joong Ki character, at first i thought he was bad but he the one who help Moon Jae Shin.. I like Jae Shin more than Lee Sun Joon. Sorry Micky. 🙂

  177. 177 : syrena Says:

    WOW! They’re now rated 3rd! A big jump from when it started. I won’t be surprised if it takes the number 1 slot soon.

    I’ve started watching the drama from ep 8! would you believe, just to keep me occupied on a quiet sunday afternoon, and that’s when I started getting “obsessed” with it. I am now working my way up as from the 1st episode. The worst way of watching something, but there you go.

    I love the 4! They are very special in their own ways. But, I just adore Sun Joon!

  178. 178 : hallyu lover Says:

    this is a very nice drama!! I like Moon Jae Shin more than Lee Seon Joon becoz he’s always so worried and protective about jae shik~ I hope jae shik will develop feelings for jae shin too….i hope both of them can be tgt but it is very clear now that seon joon and jae shik will live happily ever after

  179. 179 : beng Says:

    there’s a fan made video at youtube of Geol-o’s monologue,it’s really really touching,you will have tears in your eyes..then go to yogurutu.blog for the caption……LOVE LOVE LOVE SUNGKYUNKWAN!!!!!!!!BANZAI!!!!!!!!!

  180. 180 : rumon Says:

    I wish if there will be more 5 ep .. I am afraid they will rash to finish in ep 20 and they will not give us enough details about the relation between the hero’s father and heroine’s father… !

  181. 181 : rumon Says:


    all of us support this drama

    wish you luck in your final exam.. ^_^

  182. 182 : jasmine Says:

    uk and yanni thanx ya for the info about noron and soron.now i can’t catch it a bit.at first i tot noron and soron mean noron=rich and soron=poor pep.just predict by myself.btw thanx.one more think i want to ask.did yong ha and jae shin already know that yoon hee is a girl but they pretend not to know.answer me plz.hehe.sory for asking to much

  183. 183 : Tralala Says:

    I so lalalove this drama! I hope they will air this here in Philippines. 🙂 I also hope that the DVDs that will be released here will be subbed in good grammar. Teehee. I’m really having a hard time understanding it you know. 😛

  184. 184 : lolo Says:

    I realy love this show.. it’s the best show ever 🙂

  185. 185 : ahcsjc Says:

    LOVE LOVE this drama one of the best ever!

  186. 186 : zashlein Says:

    Wow! Now they ranked at 3rd! They really deserve it and more so if they would top the ranks! I really love the four main characters! I do hope that they would still be together for their next projects… please, please KBS2….. The four of them really blend so well.. =) aja!!!

  187. 187 : lyness_marklay Says:

    rumon..thank u

    tonight episode 17..hhehehehe..must wake up 5 am tonight to watch raw episode hhehehehhe…

  188. 188 : sveta Says:

    Tonight episode 17!!!!!)))
    Love SS so much!!!^^

  189. 189 : syrena Says:

    Yippee! Ep 17 today (although I still have to get the English sub of Ep 16!)

    To those who’ll be able to watch this fantastic drama, please share tidbits from Ep 17.

  190. 190 : uk Says:

    Episode 17 so funny and cute because of Sun jun’s changed behavior toward Yun sik and his smiles ,but somehow heartbreaking because now Jae shin can’t do anything for Yun sik. poor Jae shin….
    also,so sad because not many episodes left.

  191. 191 : yanni Says:

    ep. 17. soooooo cute when sun jun was trying to hold her hands when reading the books. and the part of passing message in the library. omg. this has to be the best drama for the past few years. is it really going to end with ep20? only 3 ep left but so much of the story is still unveiling. can’t imagine how they can squeeze everything in such a short time…

  192. 192 : lyness_marklay Says:

    already finish episode 17..best…….interesting./.plot episode 17 more touching about love…n with pblem..between father..sun joon n kwanshik…so difficult to ndstd without sub..juz wait next week sub in dramacrazy..

    still searching rating episode 17…..anyone know………

  193. 193 : lyness_marklay Says:

    TNS RATING : EP.17 12.9 (5th) 13.1 (6th)
    AGB RATING : EP.17 13.0 (8th) 13.9 (8th)

    whatever about rating………..support this drama…………fighthing….

  194. 194 : kirara Says:

    For those of you who haven’t seen ep 17.. you are definitely missing out! it was such an exciting episode.. I was at the edge of my seat for every scene… totally loved it.. 😀

    Yoochun is such a charmer, romancer.. etc.. you name it… he probably made every girl watching drool!!! (including me!) During the entire time when I was watching tonight’s episode (ep17) I kept thinking.. he’s breaking so many girl’s hearts right now.. I can hear them shattering from many continents away.. (I’m in USA), I swear the lead actress is just super lucky… 🙂

    Interesting twist coming up! can’t wait to watch ep 18!!! 😛

  195. 195 : uk Says:

    maybe the official ratings for this wonderful drama are lower than you think, but the main three guys here made korean ajummas(married women) head over heels in love with them with their good looking and their excellent acting. And the songs and the actors’ words like ‘I am Ku Yongha’
    in the drama are so popular, you can’t even guess.

  196. 196 : Naga Says:

    This show is getting more interesting and exciting…

  197. 197 : beng Says:

    watched ep 17(raw)and i was giggling…all by myself…ha ha ha…i think what LSJ inserted in the book are love letter because the last one it says LOVE,it looks like japanese kanji ai (love)..i love how they hold hands and kissed but felt sad to MJS…hope that he will do a drama and this time with KYS as his partner…anyway love you LSJ…….ratings or not SKK international fans love your drama very much…HIGH FEVER!!!!!!!dai suki desu…..

  198. 198 : Zherrie Says:

    love this drama…can’t wait for the english sub of ep.17!!!

  199. 199 : syrena Says:

    Did anyone watch Ep 18?

    I’ve been watching ep 17 (rawa) over & over again.

    I can’t seem to get enough of LSJ.

    Any news / updates about the JYJ Asian Tour? I hope they’ll be in Seoul on December. I have a month to watch them or perhaps “stalk” may be a better word. If they’ll be in situ, that is. 🙂

  200. 200 : syrena Says:

    Someone has mentioned a twist.

    I can’t imagine MY Sun Joon not ending up with Yoon Hee.

  201. 201 : raz Says:

    Please tell me that my moon j.s. didn’t died I’ll cry like a river!!!
    this is without doubt my best drama for this year.I’m still hopping for a good ending for them all.

  202. 202 : yanni Says:

    ep 18 is the worst ep in the whole series. it ruins the so far perfect drama. totally doesn’t make sense. how is it possible that she left all the hints out in the open and everyone who comes upon with the first look will know where the kam dong ji sa is?? the scriptwriter must have been on vacation and had some idiot sub for him/her. and the director was also doing a bad job. how can moon js get stab without any response? at least he should be fighting someone and another person would stab him at the back or something like that. the director just doesn’t know how to manage action scene. the plot was so far good and actors were doing well. a little bit more thinking in writing and directing this ep would have solved all the illogicallity. they got a bit lazy. of course this drama is still my favorite for these few years by far. hope the ending is not made in haste.

  203. 203 : kirara Says:

    Okay… someone must’ve been psychic or already seen 18, but someone mentioned what possibly may have happened.

    But I have to disagree.. I know that it may have ruined the drama for a little bit but I felt this one was as good as 17.. maybe there’s not the lovey dovey scenes as much but it adds the depth to the character development and relationship between each other.. shows how strong the 4 of them’s bond as friends.. plus there’s more suspense and mystery to this episode which I also like. 🙂

    Now i’m really going to be sad that there’s only 2 episodes to wrap things up.. i wonder how everything is going to be … have to wait till next week… 🙁

    overall.. good episode! 🙂

  204. 204 : chichaloca Says:

    now i got all the soundtrack.love the ending song of this drama..lalala

  205. 205 : raz Says:

    @yanni you took the words from my mouth.
    I’m still hopping that I wouldn’t be disappointed from the ending!!!

  206. 206 : Naga Says:

    Nice show, worth watching.

  207. 207 : syrena Says:

    I still have to wait for the English subs but I am confident that Ep 18 would be equally as good as the previous ones.

    Awesome drama. Does it have to end so soon?

  208. 208 : raz Says:

    please please let there be an extension please let it never end.
    but if the’re gonna end it at least have season 2, cos the book has a sequel!!!

  209. 209 : nikky_p_28 Says:

    Arguably, the best kdrama I’ve seen in 2010. Sageuk at that! It’s just so well casted and storywise so well-crafted. Compared to another well received drama Coffee prince, where the story focuses mainly on the gender bender genre. SKKS on the other hand, the cross dressing of the lead actress is only one side to the multi dimensional story and the whys and hows is much more credibly told. Maybe its just me but, This drama just got me and no matter how its end next week. It’s going to be on my list as one of the best ever made romance with a mix of everything. LOVE IT!

  210. 210 : ghazal Says:

    i realy like this drama it is best

  211. 211 : chichaloca Says:

    i`m falling in love with the boys.lee son joon,jae shin and yong ha.u guys melt me..huhu.saranghae!!

  212. 212 : -Meeky Girl- Says:

    I never expected this drama to be this good in the first place. I love the cast, the storyline and the songs. All of them are doing a great job~!!! Love the chemistry between Sun Joon and Yoon Hee, it was so touching. The background song has accredited to the scene as well…~ Hope that the ending will be good.

  213. 213 : citra lili raya theresya Says:

    wah keren abissss nih drama korea ini cause what guys kim yoo hee menyamar jadi laki-laki wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kapan diputar di tv indonesia yahhhhhhh

  214. 214 : geez Says:

    Really in love with this drama…

  215. 215 : melody Says:

    should watch this drama? do not disappoint?please recommend to me. thank’s

  216. 216 : claribel Says:

    100% highly recommended!

  217. 217 : claribel Says:

    I love the boyz … they’re handsome in different ways!

  218. 218 : messi Says:

    i am currently watching this drama through kbs world and on 6th episode. it is pretty nice drama. the concept of drama is funny as well as emotional at the same time.

  219. 219 : beng Says:

    feeling sad right now because the ending is near…..cry…cry…cry…..
    I will miss jalgeum quartet but hoping (fingers crossed) that KBS is going to do a sequel because ep 20 is not enough!!!!!maybe after JYJ asian concert?Of all the Korean dramas that I saw,this is one of my favorite…..love you SKK team..

  220. 220 : indri Says:

    1st time i read the synopsis fm this drama,.. i thought,..it will be the same as Coffee prince or He’s beautiful , just not special for me. Then i went to soompi forums to check the details,.. and i started to watched fm ep 1 – 5..after that, i thought, OK,… little bit different fm those drama,.. and after ep 10 i thought………… GREAT !! I LOVE IT !!,.. ^__^
    those 4 main lead are special,.. they hv their own personality,..the chemistry between them also great,
    we found romance, loyalty, friendship, humor, politics, competition.
    I love YongHa characters so much,.. he knew everything and everyone secrets, he’s sooooooooo adorable.
    2 ep left…. hope we can see the wedding !!! or season 2 ???
    SKKS Fighting !

  221. 221 : Patricia Says:

    I want ep19 quick!

  222. 222 : rumon Says:

    melody ,,, watch it highly recommended ^_^

  223. 223 : yanni Says:

    first i must say that this is still my favorite series for these few years. but then again, something REALLY stupid happened in ep 19. I don’t know if it’s the scriptwriter or the director is still on vacation. kim dong ji sa is supposed to be the most important and confidential documents of the country. people were willing to kill to get their hands on the documents. and yet once again, she went to fetch it immediately after she figured out the clue without seeking help or protection from the partners and even worse is that she was reading them one by one in the most open area possible with all these passerbys. it’s like a hundred times more ridiculous than seeing somebody reading the schematics of a a nuclear warhead in the middle of Times Square in broad daylight.

  224. 224 : jklsd Says:


  225. 225 : kirara Says:

    AAAAh… I just finished watching ep 19… i really want to watch ep 20.. but I have to wait till tomorrow… boo.. not fun.. and they had to put the last thing on the last episode.. I can’t believe this is over soon.. this sucks!!

    will have to wait patiently till the finale comes!!! 😀

  226. 226 : Haneen Says:

    Can’t wait till the put all the esp’s to start watching this drama, I don’t like 2 watch any drama before the have all the ep’s on and eng sub, I have waiting for long time. finally in 2 days i’m ganna able to watch it 😀

  227. 227 : sveta Says:

    20 – last ep. NO!(((((
    So sad…..

  228. 228 : chiro Says:

    i love crazy horse…hansome man!!…………………..

  229. 229 : Naga Says:

    It’s a nice drama, 2 more episodes to go

  230. 230 : celine Says:

    looking forward to 2nd season,i love the 4 young characters specially YAI.

  231. 231 : Jeena Says:

    one of the best drama in 2010. i wish joong ki’s character has more substance and seriousness. too bad, he’s very good-looking but the character he plays does not evolve as much as i expect.
    yoo ah in looks super charming with that scruffy hair!

  232. 232 : Jeena Says:

    Is there a sequel to this series? anyone knows??

  233. 233 : raz Says:


  234. 234 : kirara Says:

    Yes.. agreed! great closing for the last episode.. so sad it ended though!!! 🙂

  235. 235 : zherrie Says:

    loved the ending!!!”.”

  236. 236 : lyness_marklay Says:

    finally……..love ending..wow…finish watch without its ok…just wait in friday with sub….love ending..sad,now looking new drama to watch….

    from now…started do note making for final exam this semester..so bored…

    really love this drama………………………..

  237. 237 : lyness_marklay Says:

    2010-11-01 19 12.5 (7th) 12.2 (7th)
    2010-11-02 20 13.3 (5th) 13.2 (4th)

  238. 238 : uk Says:

    enjoyed ep19.

  239. 239 : uk Says:

    just finished ep20. THE BEST!!

  240. 240 : ASDF Says:

    THE BEST show of 2010! i dont care what else are going to come out this year nothing will top this show ever! unless a SKKS second two, maybe. I am reluctant to watch the last two episodes because after that….there will solitude, darkness, empty void…life will have no meaning again =(. Its really rare to get such a good assemble of actors/actresses that actually can act and with such depth in the story, SKKS offer all that and more. The characters are all layered with so many emotional depth and the storyline depicted so many sensitive subjects in such a gently way i.e. homosexuality, social classes, feminism in the joseon era, the corrupted/corrupting world of now and then. Goodbye show you will be greatly missed.

  241. 241 : indri Says:

    the ending was really cute,.. sigh… it ended really fast,…
    it will be better if they made lot of romantic scene between SJ & Yhee in the last episode, but,…. Love it !!!! and now, I become a new fans of Micky!!!
    can’t wait for the dvd,

  242. 242 : Lyda Says:

    I just notice that Song Joong Ki /Goo Yong Ha is the MC in music bank with Seo Hyo Rim who also act in this drama! I really love his face anyway. Also I like crazy horse…they both look very very handsome!!!!

  243. 243 : rinie Says:

    I love the ending.. and one of the best drama for 2010!..

  244. 244 : beng Says:

    hello to all SKK fans,the production staff is thinking of doing the DIRECTOR’S CUT DVD if there will be a lot of fans who would like to buy one. For more information just go to http://scandaldvd.wordpress.com

  245. 245 : becky Says:

    omg omg!!! can somebody please tell me what happened in the end??? I’m only at ep8…..so slow!!!! why did the show ended so fast???? I love the Jalgeum quartet!!!!

  246. 246 : syrena Says:

    I’m so looking forward to watching EP 20.

    Where can I find the link? Not in mysoju yet.

  247. 247 : via Says:

    I love this drama!.. its the best!!!

  248. 248 : PANDEOU Says:

    I was recording this drama well not anymore is SUPER BORING

  249. 249 : via Says:

    The ending is Great!!! The couple finally be together and they having double life everyday.. during days, they still became the Sungkyunkwan Student and during nights they became married couple.. Such a romantic story.. love it a lot!!!

  250. 250 : jathus Says:

    Yes, finally this lovely drama is over. Though it was a happy ending, but it is not very well done, especially the last two episodes, they can do a better job than that.

  251. 251 : Pipi Says:

    THis show is great and worth watching. Lead actor/actresses have done a great job.
    I will love to buy the DVD once this is released!

  252. 252 : Pipi Says:

    All time favorite drama. Highly recommended to everyone:)

  253. 253 : Lynn Says:

    Nice show.. Recommended.

  254. 254 : ahl123 Says:

    Great drama…great cast. Love all 4 of them. Nice ending and very funny – can’t stop laughing at the ending. 🙂

  255. 255 : Lalala Says:

    @PANDEOU you sir, should go kill yourself. You must be blind and deaf to not able to see the quality goodness of this drama. I hope its a joke when you said its boring because its anything but.

  256. 256 : EkaY Says:

    where can I watch this drama online beside from mysjou.com? anyone suggest? thanks

  257. 257 : Ingrid Says:

    Very very nice drama! I’m so sad it ended. Anyway, thank you so much! To the subbers of KimchiDrama! More power!

  258. 258 : Patricia Says:

    The end of is not too bad! It’s a nice way of ending the serial actually. All in all a well plotted story.. light-hearted yet attractive. My cup of tea!

  259. 259 : ahl123 Says:

    Eka Y – you can go to dramacrazy site to watch this drama.

  260. 260 : lcc Says:

    This drama is the best one I have seen in 2009! Haven’t found anything that worth me watch at least twice ever since the “You are beautiful!” ended…. Glad that I watched this one… I have watched it twice already… haha 🙂

  261. 261 : lcc Says:

    Sorry, I meant in “2010”…. typo… haha

  262. 262 : lovejoo Says:

    my sister love this drama. i havnt seen it yet.

  263. 263 : via Says:

    yep.. love this drama a lot!!!!

  264. 264 : Naga Says:

    Nice drama, must watch

  265. 265 : zherrie Says:

    a very nice, worth watching drama…u can watch it in jacinda1st.com…=^_^=

  266. 266 : Saiyang Says:

    This is surely one of the best Korean dramas of the year. Love it so much. Great story, actors and music. Bring smile to my face. Thank you:)

  267. 267 : Pipi Says:

    Agreed. One of the best Korean dramas of the year. I like all the 4 lead actor/actress.

  268. 268 : celine Says:

    hayyst,i missed the hicups of moon jae shin.hope there is a sequel..i missed yoo ah in.

  269. 269 : Naga Says:

    I think the actors and actresses act well, very natural.

  270. 270 : maria Says:


  271. 271 : tanjunggirl, m'sia Says:

    For all those who really know how to appreciate a good drama (good casts, good storyline and good soundtrack), this is a must see! I rate it alongside my all time favourite “All about Eve” and “Winter Sonata”. The last episode (Ep.20) was kind of the icing on the cake coz’ it was really enjoyable and perfectly wrapped up with a good ending which is what most of us SKKS fans had hope for. “Sunny Greetings from Penang, Malaysia”

  272. 272 : tanjunggirl, m'sia Says:

    A really wonderful show!

  273. 273 : grace Says:

    kbs 2010 best drama…must watch…Micky, i’m waiting for your new drama..

  274. 274 : emellia Says:

    Lovemicky yoochun ‎​​•̃Šõ much ^^. î’m waiting for next drama series.
    Could you come in indonesia ?

  275. 275 : hanan Says:


  276. 276 : Tilney Says:

    I really love this series. Love all the characters Yoon Hee,Jae Shin and Seon Joon. It’s not that i don’t like Micky, but i truly love Yoon Hee-Jae Shin couple.

  277. 277 : Pipi Says:

    Yes. My entire family love this series. We would like to rewatch the entire show.

  278. 278 : yuchunism Says:

    really love this drama!!! best drama for 2010^^

  279. 279 : yuchunism Says:


  280. 280 : Pipi Says:

    Yes yes.. very very good drama.

  281. 281 : loveSKKS Says:

    An epic review of Sungkyunkwan Scandal (six reviewers; 20,700 words):


  282. 282 : ohayo Says:

    firstly i dont like this drama cos i think the story is not intersting and only show handsome guys, but my mind is changing after watching it, i very very like the story. actors are not only handsome but they can play naturally….i must praise this drama

  283. 283 : kitta Says:

    o really love this drama.. 10 tumbs up !!!

  284. 284 : Jen Says:

    I LOVED this drama….i think Yoo Ah In as Moon Jae Shin was my favorite….i like Micky but the Yoon Hee and Jae Shin couple was better.

  285. 285 : via Says:

    I miss this drama already, I love this drama, its show friendship in such a great way, I love when Sun Joon fall in love with yoon hee when she still disquised herself as yoon shik (her brother name). I can not stop laughing whenever I watch him can not stop thinking about her, the way he imagine yoon he lips as a man, he certainly think he was going crazy.. LOL.. Especially when She was trying to protect him when they are looking for the evidence to prove yoon he innocence, yoon he became a woman (which she is ..) but it really makes sun joon confuse and can not believe his eyes, he probably think: Why he has to be this beautifull as a man???.. LOL…
    And I also love how Jae shin finally discover yoon he true identity, he can not stop thinking about her too,but finally always trying to protect her. It such a great drama.. wanna watch it again for sure.. ;p

  286. 286 : senait Says:

    i love that drama. i love crazy horse and seon joon, they r cool. i wish they do more movies later on. i am from Eritrea.

  287. 287 : mayre Says:

    i really really like this drama,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hi

  288. 288 : kitta Says:

    wow !! i really like this drama.. very funny and such a big think !!

  289. 289 : moon jhae Says:

    one of the best drama, i mean, ever, forever. love this.

  290. 290 : EkAy Says:

    Good Drama i might say!! The chemistry between the two main character is awesome. All casts are outstanding! Two thumbs up! Congratz 🙂

  291. 291 : VIA Says:

    yes.. i love crazy horse too, he is very handsome in his own way, bad boy but not exactly, because he can not stand women, he always hiccup whenever he come accross women,hahaha so funny!!! LOL… and the evil head of the sunkyukwan is handsome too.. at the end he is finally help Chong Su, the woman he love over his father.

  292. 292 : GRACE Says:

    i really love love this drama…all the casts all best. their acting are so natural…must watch!!

  293. 293 : cinta Says:

    love this drama so much.. I watch this drama with my sister.. Both of us very like the story line. Cool n very entertaining,, good job for all the cast!!

  294. 294 : iya27 Says:

    MY FAVE IS SONG JOONG KI! Oh my, he really cute n eye catching, lol. Great Job for all the cast n ppl behind screen. I REALLY LOVE IT!

  295. 295 : nona Says:


  296. 296 : garw Says:

    really….. awesome… 🙂
    I like this drama
    i like Yoo Ah In acting.

  297. 297 : garw Says:

    better than PK

  298. 298 : dhita Says:

    i hope,this drama will come to indosiar,couse i can belive indonesian’s people will like this drama…..please,confirmation my comment….

  299. 299 : ynna Says:

    OMG it’s a period Korean Hana Kimi! ^_*

  300. 300 : Rebel Angel Says:

    I’m totally love this drama very much..it’s really cool I guess! two thumbs up!

  301. 301 : minami Says:

    i do really love this drama..
    i recommend to wacth this drama..
    i never boring to wacth again..and again !!
    i love it..
    i love goo yong ha..

  302. 302 : bebe Says:

    I think this is the best drama so far for 2010. 2nd winner up is Chuno and the 3d place is MGG.

  303. 303 : mikha Says:

    yes bebe, i agre with u..

  304. 304 : freakerpskie Says:

    cant wait monday to watch this again and again… i love to see kim yoon hee wearing ladies cloth… oh and Moon Jae Shin with his neat sungkyunkwan uniform so nice he looks so gorgeous!

  305. 305 : ynna Says:

    I luv this drama! I’m only in ep.6 but I can’t wait for the lead actress to be in girl’s clothes and the lead actor to see her in it.Let me rephrase my previous comment,this is a Korean period hana kimi and hana yori dango (boys before flowers) put together! That why it’s so good! ^_*

  306. 306 : anne Says:

    why they not reveal that she is a girl it look like gay…

  307. 307 : anne Says:

    like the drama but lee soon jun likes kim yoon hee before he knew that she is a girl its more gay things… dnt like it ..

  308. 308 : anne Says:

    first few episodes is good but then start to be disguisting…. really dissapointed :((

  309. 309 : anne Says:

    park min young not so good in acting..

  310. 310 : kimchee43 Says:

    I really love this drama!!!!.. I love how they made-up the story!!!…. I’m so addicted to it that everyday I always watch different MVs of them…. I already finished it at net but still In the KBS World it is still on episode 13 so i watched it every monday and tuesday!!!.. I really love it!!!!… You have made a job well done!!!.. 😀

  311. 311 : kimchee43 Says:

    btw, I love Jaeshin and Yoonhee love team!!!!.. it’s sad because they not end up together, but its okay…. 🙂 hope to see them both in a new drama!!!!… I’m also fan of Song Joongki and Hyeorim of Music Bank I always watch it because of them so I’m feeling sad because last friday was their last day :(….. But now I have move on so SUNGKYUNKWAN SCANDAL FIGHTING!! 😀

  312. 312 : hana Says:

    I like this drama so much..
    so sweet..OMG! 😉 love their love so much especially joong ki
    you look so cute in this drama
    5 star..their love like butterfly lovers..uhuhu
    행운을 빌어요 and 감사합니다..

  313. 313 : ptsh836 Says:

    i’m at epi 14 & yet not much action bet the 2 leads except for lee sun joon eyeing yoon he’s lips all the time n making each other jealous by pairing off with their respective partners….micky’s acting is becoming a tad too tiring to watch; expressionless most of the time (i hope this is only in portraying the upright scholar tt he is…otherwise…his side profile n handsome stature is too darn sexy!!) can’t wait for him to star in a modern drama n get back to being goofy n funny…n cast this uptight mask aside…

  314. 314 : angie Says:


  315. 315 : Naga Says:

    I enjoy watching this drama. It’s a nice drama

  316. 316 : via Says:

    @anne: its similar with coffee prince, the lead actor fall in love with the lead actress when she still disquised as a man. No wonder they really look upset to find the reality for liking the same gender, thats makes the show more interesting, because no matter how hard you try deny about your feelings, it didn’t work since the person already in your heart. All I can see is, Maybe he already feels that its ‘her’ not ‘him’ . In coffee prince he even have to go to psychologist to check whether he is crazy or not and even take a pills that the doctor gave.. LOL.. in this drama, sun joon have to avoid yoon hee and he actually want to get married because of his feeling for yoon he. It just such a nice show!!!

  317. 317 : nway Says:

    i very very like

  318. 318 : pont Says:

    i like mickey so cute

  319. 319 : nandar Says:

    i really really love park min young,she’s so pretty pretty girl. i very like park min young.

  320. 320 : rien cute Says:

    lucu….ngegemesin…. ok bner nie drma…..hohoho

  321. 321 : Naga Says:

    Interesting drama. I like this drama very much

  322. 322 : chow Says:

    the quartet?????AWESOME!!!!!!!

  323. 323 : t3nt3n Says:

    luv this drama
    so sad y the rating so low but that’s ok
    the quartet were awesome
    the romance was lovely to watch
    i really recommend this drama though its a sageuk drama it was fun to watch till the end

  324. 324 : kye Says:

    very good drama i like so much

  325. 325 : sweet Says:

    so good i really like this drama

  326. 326 : ashley azura Says:

    keep up the good work.,goodluck,..love this drama.,godbless

  327. 327 : Lydia Says:

    Love this drama!

  328. 328 : gombakria16 Says:



  329. 329 : donna Says:

    Really super ganda. Highly recommended. Better than Gumiho and Playfull kiss. Sobra lalim story. How I wish I know korean language for this matter. I dont know if it will be shown here in the Philippines. Im sure its going to be a big big hit. Congrats to the writer, director and of course sa mga characters. They were so young and so talented. Galing nilang umarte. Im going to watch and watch and watch it again.

  330. 330 : Naga Says:

    I agree. I enjoy watching this drama SO MUCH! It’s a nice drama on friendship, romance, etc.

  331. 331 : chyinje Says:

    Love love this drama. A 100 times better than Playful Kiss and My Girlfriend is Gumiho and the cast is simply adorable! Watched it three times already!

  332. 332 : angela ria Says:

    like this drama.. really enjoy watched this drama.. two thumbs up.. 😀

  333. 333 : loren-saranghae Says:

    Sungkyunkwan Scandal ga nyesel deh nonton drama ini
    Menurut saya drama ini masih lebih bagus di bandingkan playful kiss

  334. 334 : mikha Says:

    @ loren ::
    sepakat !!! this drama its really good !!!!
    MK sih lewat !!

  335. 335 : namira Says:

    yes… i agre with u guys !!!

    this drama really good !!!!
    better than playfull kiss…
    i love the story…

  336. 336 : namira Says:

    i have watch this for 5 time, and i cant bored.. this drama really good…
    we must put this drama in most commented drama !!
    i really recomend to watch thiss..

    i love goo young ha and moo jae shin….

    they both so cute , handsome, and briliant !!!!

  337. 337 : namira Says:

    @ mikha, donna, chyinje,loren ::
    ur are rigth !!! this drama more..more and more better than playfull kiss, and my girlfriend is gumiho..
    so sad it just 20 episod… huaaaaa…

  338. 338 : pricilla Says:

    heart this drama !! best drama in 2010 !!

  339. 339 : ranee Says:

    this drama…jjangida !!!!

  340. 340 : loren-saranghae Says:

    To all : setujuuu, best drama 2010…kapan yaa penghargaannya di umumkan…ost lagunya juga bagus kok, jangan lupa pada download, tapi agak susah nyari liriknya nihhh…. I love micky yoochun en Song Joong Ki ‎​♓έε‧‧♓έε‧‧♓έε‧‧

  341. 341 : Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  342. 342 : namira Says:

    guys !!! don’t forget to vote this drama… invite your all friends to vote this drama ! let’s make this drama as best drama in 2010!

    jangan lupa vote yaa !! ajak semua temennya buat vote disini.. hayoo.. kita bikin dia jadi drama terbaik di 2010 !!

  343. 343 : kdrama_fan Says:

    What a wonderful story this drama is telling! Park Min Young is lovable with her smile. Definitely, there is this loving chemistry between her and Yoochun. It was the time (King Jeongjo, 1752–1800) when Korea was in turmoil with political fights among factions, corruption, and new ideas from the West. We see in the drama their struggles for better world for everybody. The quartet was fun to watch.

  344. 344 : tio Says:

    2010 Best drama

  345. 345 : namira Says:

    yeeesssss !! the best drama in 2010… don’t forget to vote !!

  346. 346 : marrys26 Says:

    i like moon jae shin hes cute and wonderful acting…nice smile…

  347. 347 : lee Says:

    i luv luv luv this drama .<

  348. 348 : lee Says:

    i want more luv this drama

  349. 349 : eka Says:

    the story is good…

  350. 350 : capeque Says:

    luv dis drama damn much…~

  351. 351 : teta Says:

    even i haven’t finished it yet, but i love this drama. at the first i think it’s look like channing tatum movie she’s the man, but more i see this drama i can see the deference. good drama, i love Moon Jae Shin 😀

  352. 352 : Naga Says:

    I watch this drama 2nd time. It’s a meaning drama. I like MJS, LSJ and KYH…

  353. 353 : bblve07 Says:

    i love it so much..
    Its comedy and romance, its like the you’re beautiful, three man who fall in love with one woman, i like it..
    And the ost “Found you” so loveable meaning.. Fighting..all of you.!

  354. 354 : tj's Says:

    it’s drive me crazy.. can’t stop watching until finished.. OMG on 2 days i’m finished 20 eps of this drama without FF… i really enjoy this drama… love all (lee sun joon, kim yoon hee, moon jae shin, and goo yong ha) nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu chua.. hehehehehe

  355. 355 : milleth Says:

    i love this drama so much. i love the character of jung ki song as go yung ha and ah in yoo as moon jae shin or geol oh.. always waiting for their scenes… very promising actors fighting u two guys until ur in the main role ,with ur acting skill both of u will reach the top… fighting aza aza.. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH…

  356. 356 : Ta Says:

    Nice drama, must watch. Each actor and actress has their own character.

  357. 357 : yuni Says:

    Like this drama,very entertaining, funny and good story…top!

  358. 358 : loren-saranghae Says:

    To namira : udah nonton mary stayed out all night belum???masih berharap sungkyunkwan winner 2010, tapi vote ketinggalan jauh bgt,gimana donkkkk….tapi tetap semangattttt

  359. 359 : yuni Says:

    Love this drama so much, very entertaining, and good story…

  360. 360 : Maria Says:

    love this drama.. i watched it twices

  361. 361 : via Says:

    my best part is when jae shin realized that yoon hee is a woman when he watching her taking a bath, he is so shock about it,but then he is trying to protect her and at the same time he is trying to reduce his feeling for woman especially to yoon hee. And also the part when sun joon, jae shin trying to get yoon hee sleep beside them, its funny when they fight about it,LOL… but there are so many scene is very good and i don’t even want to skip it.. love this drama a lot!!!

  362. 362 : sari Says:

    i love micky yuuchun ..and i love drama so much ..

  363. 363 : sarah Says:

    already watch this drama until ep5..so sweet.love MJS & LSJ..such a cool guy!! :))

  364. 364 : KDrama Lover Says:

    yeaaaaaahh.. its really my best drama 2010

  365. 365 : chichaloca Says:

    this week is the final episode.going to miss all of them daemul,crazy horse,ladies man and garang.u guys are awesome 🙂

  366. 366 : chichaloca Says:

    i mean the final episode on kbs world

  367. 367 : namira Says:

    best drama !! keep vote and keep comment guys…

  368. 368 : minminnie Says:

    i just love the part when LSJ place a note in the book at every row at the library it is so cute…i love it!!! and the last word is saranghae…
    ahhh….and the ending also too cute….

  369. 369 : l Says:

    today is the last episod

  370. 370 : nona Says:

    Heyyyy wow this drama is off the hook, luv it luv it luv it. I’m not dunn
    yet, it so guuudddd, can u guys please vote vote vote on it. I think it
    such a gudddd drama, deserve to be #1, so please vote on it

  371. 371 : Korean Social Media Round-up | Nanoomi.net Says:

    […] Of no surprise to anyone, Kim Yu-na, American Idol clone Superstar K, Park Ji-sung and Girls’ Generation are all in there (as is Twitter!). For those unfamiliar with them, No 1 and No 2 are smash hit dramas Baker King, Kim Tak Goo and Sungkyungwan Scandal. […]

  372. 372 : bilzi Says:

    agohaeshimica choe yoromen blen emitai really like the all drama you show specially sunkugwan scandal but its too short thanks to you im obssessed with it ///// i love all the movie acters specially ,crazy horse. and lady man please try to skow up in every movie saranghe

  373. 373 : bilzi Says:

    again its me the best episod is when gagang know that big man is a girl wow oh saranghae gagang so cute i love u2 fm top of my hrt my ladies man when he move from some place he rotate 360 and that was hot i wish i was born in korean love you guys and kbs world

  374. 374 : liz Says:

    This is a great Korean drama. It’s very entertaining and it has a wonderful love story. I love it.

  375. 375 : nikita Says:

    i love this drama.. and i wanna vote for this drama…

  376. 376 : UChoNiiiii Says:

    i love Park Yu Chun. And i love this drama

  377. 377 : mj2010 Says:

    i love this drama very much, MY & SJK TOOO! CAYALAH

  378. 378 : KdramaLover Says:


  379. 379 : bilzi Says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! i lovvvvvvvve it please who is the writer i love garang every one should think like him in the romance part i would love it if big man fall for crazy horse omg he’s so cute hot ladies man love the most specially when he blink hes eyes oh you koreans areso cute and the boys are killing me so sooooooooooooooo HOT MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  380. 380 : bblvE Says:

    i really really love this drama so much..
    I always it every time, i love the scene when moon chae shin,found out that kim yoon shik is a girl, and every time they go to sleep its so funny, i laugh very much until i fall from the sofa. Ha ha ha..
    I love moon chae shin GARANG, at firs he so scary and then he became so funny.

  381. 381 : tricia Says:

    I am so very In love with this drama!!! Gu YONG HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!

  382. 382 : bblvE Says:

    i like this drama because it’s like you’re beautiful, surrounding 3 guy, and hanna kimi they only have one room but this is so much fun..
    i dont care if this drama would never win in the best pole, but you’re best in my heart.. Fighting everyone!
    Love you all specially ParkMinYOUNG!

  383. 383 : jena Says:

    i love this drama… love the story and love the actor and actres..

  384. 384 : Lia101 Says:

    This drama is one of the Best drama I’ve ever seen ^_^
    It is so FUNNY, COOL and have many Cute scenes.!
    so, I really recommend this drama!

  385. 385 : aoun Says:

    love the drama. Very beautiful picture. Though there are too many unanswer questions;)

  386. 386 : bblvE Says:

    best drama of all,
    I love parkminyoung & parkyuchun.
    I want to watch I’m Sam,running shirt,
    And other drama of parkminyoung!
    Fighting i love yooahin garang& s0ngjoongki.

  387. 387 : mymy Says:

    the must beautiful drama ever i reallu like it

  388. 388 : sarah Says:

    this is the best drama ever!!!! >__<

  389. 389 : Ta Says:

    One of the best drama for the year.

  390. 390 : nona Says:

    Heyyyy, this drama wuz soooo gudddd!!!! I enjoyed it very very much
    thanks to all the casts, producers, writers, directors, the whole crew!!! job well dunnnn!!! Epic drama is very unpredictable, but this one wuz very nice, short n sweet, It had all the main ingredients, luv watchin it on KBS, thanks KBS for showin it!!!!

  391. 391 : Barbara Baxter Says:

    I am not asian but I enjoy some of the korean soaps. At first I did not watch scandals because I thought it was just another korean horse opera. I was pleasantly surprised at how good this show was.
    I commend the director for the subtle use of body language and facial expresions in lieu of the usual screaming and crying. The photography was also excellent Nice job!!

  392. 392 : Irene Says:

    Im from Philippine and i love this drama… i’l watch it again..
    PleaseVote for 2010 best drama the Sungkyunkwan Scandal

  393. 393 : Sveta Says:

    Love Sungkyunkwan Scandal!!! So good drama!!!!!
    Love Moon Jae Shin so much^^
    Goo Yong Ha too so cute:)

  394. 394 : liana Says:

    I LOVE, HEART this drama. This drama suprised me! Love all actors, storyline, cute moments, all the scenes, nicely directed. Did not want it to end. I highly recommend this!

  395. 395 : tlan555 Says:


  396. 396 : tlan555 Says:

    Love Moon Jae Shin so much!!!!! Best!!!!!

  397. 397 : denger Says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Best korean drama ever!!!!!

  398. 398 : Lia101 Says:


  399. 399 : Oyabun Says:

    OK drama. Cute and fun to watch. Good general alchemy. Some draggy moments but overall, the 4 main characters are nice enough to keep the interest. I regret the main guy is the less good of the 4. He is not goodlooking with his globefish face and his acting is not very good. Most draggy moments come with him. Goo Yong Ha is the best. He is cheerful and enlight the drama together with the main girl and her pretty face. The ending scene is just too good. Good drama.

  400. 400 : gan3117 Says:

    No doubt that this series was named TV series of the Year by KBS. “Jalgeum Quartet” really has that lasting effect on viewers. I wish I will see this guys and gals in another series, Yoo Ah In. He had overcome his boyish image. Park Min Young surely outgrown her young roles in the past. Wish you GOODLUCK and lots of blessings to come on your way!

  401. 401 : diefan Says:

    I agree this is really good drama.. I loved it! How I wish there’s seasonII.

  402. 402 : diefan Says:

    Kudos to all! Happy New Year~!!
    Sungkyunkwan Scandal is an awesome kseries.. A Must Watch!

  403. 403 : skks fan Says:

    epi 2 not working in mysoju it says watching in ‘wat’ but wat is not working at all… waaaa need help, ‘hulu’ not working as well.. hu hu hu… going nuts to find links to watch.

  404. 404 : skks fan Says:

    read in soompi sunkyunkwan scandal is coming out in a director cut video in feb 2011.. ohhhh i want to get one… can’t hardly wait.

  405. 405 : namira Says:

    love this drama very much…
    and they win best couple award …
    song joong ki and yoo ah in..
    park yochun and park min young..

    cool !!!

  406. 406 : Mariz~~nhimuel~~ Says:

    .,I really love the petty thief.,.
    his really handsome!!!!
    I’m falling for him!!!

  407. 407 : liz Says:

    Another good historical Korean drama with great love story. I love it.

  408. 408 : takya Says:

    I love YAI’s Moon Jae Shin! He’s so adorable for words!

  409. 409 : wilma Says:

    Very nice period series once more……….
    Very lovely….
    Very Inspirational…that equal rights for all…..no discrimination….men,women,gays and all sorts……

    Good job to all the characters as well they all did a excellent job…..

    Aja aja fighting…….c:

  410. 410 : diefan Says:

    SungKyunKwan Scandal is worth watching it over and over except epi2 link on ‘wat’ not working.. stk stk…

  411. 411 : diefan Says:

    What is SungKyunKwan Scandal? up untill now Homosexuality is still a taboo topic? But in this story one woman challeged the law.
    A named Yoon-hee has a gift for this kind of literary work, but her talents are wasted because as a woman, she cannot pursue education. Instead she uses this skill to earn money for her family

  412. 412 : diefan Says:

    What is SungKyunKwan Scandal? up until now Homosexuality is still a taboo topic? But in this story one woman challeged the law in order to survived in this era.

  413. 413 : yongha Says:

    i love it so much……..

    song joong ki i like your character as goo yong ha.. it’s funny ^^

  414. 414 : thebestofdbest Says:

    Very nice drama… one of the best!

  415. 415 : bblvE Says:

    I love leeSeunJoon so much!
    His character is best!
    You can’t defeat him when you debate with him,
    Its so touching When he ask forgiveness with kimYoonHye..
    He is so admireable.

  416. 416 : bblvE7 Says:

    I hope LeeSeunJoon is really exist in this world,
    His love is great, he knee to his father to help and protect KimYoonHye
    Even he told his father that they are enemies,
    Love that episode too..

  417. 417 : bblvE7 Says:

    I really thought that GuYongHa known that KimYoonShik is A girl..
    But he didn’t, I’m a little disappointed.
    I like SongJoongki too..
    He did a lot of thing to help his friends specially for MoonJaeShin. Ha ha funny and congrates for best couple.

  418. 418 : bblvE7 Says:

    I never expect that I admire ParkYooChun,
    like the way i admire WuChun(Hannakimi),
    JangGeukSuk(YAB) LeeMinHo(BOF)..
    The Cutes and admireable asian actor.

  419. 419 : VIA Says:

    @Bblve.. Go Yong Ha already knew that yon hee is a girl but he pretend not to know it rather than make himself in such difficult situation, at first he just curious about yon hee real identity and want to expose her mask, but then he admire her and with his own way he also trying to protect her and all his friends as well. I think at first go yong ha just want to play save and thats why he was help the head class of the sungkyukwan to get sun joon in to trouble but with the time pass by he wants something more than that, he became more and more attached with jae shin, sun joon and yon hee, i think that is the time when he values friendship the most, and thats why he help them to get what they want to achieve and it will become his goal too.. its a very beautifull story with most great value of friendship..love it so much!!!

  420. 420 : marissa Says:

    the best drama ever!!!

    i loved the way they act..
    great cast…i love them all…
    great writer for this drama..thumbs up…
    wanna see more drama with this cast again
    love yah all

  421. 421 : Sasha Says:

    This drama turn to be my favorite drama ever, win over full house, goong, coffee prince, etc in my heart!! kkkkk
    i love how the way scripwriter describe their character so detailed and great!! not to forget how park yoochun, song joong ki, yoo ah in, and park min young great acting skills, just i love them!! i love jalgeum kuartet!! and i think it’s far better than boys before flower, not like i hate that drama, but skks are to great if we compared them!! it describe how we learn to grow up and yeah friendship are important beside love ^^
    and oh yeah, park yoochun turn to be my fav.member among dbsk and other kpop idol!! he stole my heart!!! kkkk ^^

  422. 422 : mirani Says:

    my favorite drama.. nice story..
    go young ha and moo jae shin…
    what a couple??hahahaha.. and the win as the best couple..
    i so fall in love with they both !!

  423. 423 : tresna Says:


  424. 424 : marnie Says:

    this is one of the best romantic kdramas yet! Usually these things drag and sometimes the girl is just such a wuss. This one has a great story line and really good acting. it doesn’t drag in the middle with the same story line of poor girl /rich guy and his family tries to keep them apart. At least this has a rapidly moving pace with different things happening to them. Maybe the writers have finally wised up and realized that .the audience can follow a complicated story line in a romance. the supporting actors were better than normal especially Song Joon Ki. That boy has some really acting talent. He brought a great deal of subleness to his character . hope they realize they have a winner and decide to do a part 2

  425. 425 : Rika Says:

    I loooooooove this drama!!!!
    Its different from the others korean drama I’ve watched, I can’t guess the storyline and it makes me can’t stop watching it even though my eyes are dying to sleep and exhausted.
    The love story’s so sweet, the romance scenes are to die for! ohhhh how I love Lee Sun Joon’s love to Yoon Hee, he made me melt ;))
    I also like the friendship between Lee Sun Joon, Kim Yoon Hee, Goo Yong Ha & Moon Jae Shin, at the end there’s no hurt feeling between them, each character’s very strong and unique, I can’t tell which one my fav is, I love them all.

  426. 426 : ladybug Says:

    one of the best,, its very addicting and exciting,, great cast!!, kim yoon shik and moon jae shin is my fav character,, i love the jalgeum quartet! Just like youre beautiful’s a.n.jell

  427. 427 : ladybug Says:

    cant stop watching once i get started,, but my tv need to get a rest with my player.

  428. 428 : serenity Says:

    this is 1 of may favorite. lots of talk of principles and values. I love micky yoochoon here sooo much!!!!! Mwah!mwah!

  429. 429 : Serena Says:

    I love this drama and I got fall in love with Joo Sun. Very cute. His voice is very charming and handsome. I’m keep waiting for your new series. I want to see your cute face in the tv serie again. 🙂 Loveee You.

  430. 430 : Irene Says:

    I love the 3 guys Micky Yoo Chun, Yoo Ah In and dong Joong Ki. they have good chemistry in this drama.. Hope you guys have movie together.. Good Luck

  431. 431 : Kath javier Says:

    I realy lyk kim yoon shik very beautiful,, moon jae shin tho he luks lyk he hasnt take a bath he stil very handsom, tall dark and handsom, bad boy looks so good, i love geol oh character

  432. 432 : Michelle Says:

    i love the jalgeum quartet!!! i hope there’s a sequel about kim yoon shik and lee sun joon having a baby..!!! love this!! made me laugh, made me cry and it made me sigh!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……. addicting!!!!

  433. 433 : Charot santos Says:

    This one of d best of 2010

  434. 434 : Felifake Says:

    Wow,, this drama isa fantastic,, i like park min young so beautiful

  435. 435 : Ladybug Says:

    kim yoon shik,,, beautiful like go mi nam

  436. 436 : Rika Says:

    can’t stop watching it over and over again!!!! aaaa I really love this drama, I wish there’ll be season 2 PLSSS 😉

  437. 437 : Javier kath Says:

    Let their be Season 2

  438. 438 : megan fox Says:

    im an addict!! Addict to this drama,, park min young is very gorgeous i think im inlove

  439. 439 : vania brazil Says:

    Adorei tudo!!! Melhor estória, melhor elenco…. Um filme inteligente, criativo e divertido.Obrigado aos diretores e produtores que me proporcionaram momentos de alegria e diversão!!!

  440. 440 : ladybug Says:

    Helo SKK scholars,, hey we have a brazilian here,, though i cant understand portugese,, i think ur comment is positive, thnk you for watchng SKK

  441. 441 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Guys just read an article that their will be full house season 2, And our beloved Song joong ki a.k.a gu yong ha or yeo rim will be in cast!

  442. 442 : mirani Says:

    even my brother likes this drama. story of bromance is extraordinary.

  443. 443 : jksLovers Says:

    one of the drama that makes me unable to sleep before finishing all the episodes. very cool!
    are it will be made season 2? It would be cool, I really like moo jae shin.
    he’s cool man..

  444. 444 : dee Says:

    waw … This drama is very nice ..
    let’s make this drama into the ranks of most comment drama.
    yeay !!

  445. 445 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @jkslovers thanks for the visit my friend:-D:-D

  446. 446 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @dee oh yeah this drama deserves on top,,, it will be soon

  447. 447 : dee Says:

    @sungkyunkwan scholar
    dee is me (jkslovers) I think I should use my real name here. because it has nothing to do with JKS. so it will better if i use my name 🙂
    anyway … u are welcome .. You also have visited page msoan:)
    My comment for you on page msoan still awaiting moderation. so I think I will reply in this page. but I honestly say that I really love this drama. I also chose SKK and baker king as best drama in 2010 in beside msoan 🙂

  448. 448 : timoria Says:

    love this drama..
    love Moon Jae Shin…

  449. 449 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @dee nice name too… Im having a hard time hanging out jgs page because my coments are waiting in mderation,, if had nmbrs of coment my frst coment disapeard :'( :'( … yb and msoan page is where i can hang out for jgs,, my coments can easily posted

  450. 450 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @dee baker king is curently airing in my country, we already hav baker king fever there,, unfortnatly cant watch because its airing is late,, il hav to buy dvd copy to watch it… Gues what msoan will be airing soon i hope the Tv network ABS will not destroy it just like yb full of cut scenes :'( :'( . The network GMA had not cnfirmed they acquire sungkyunkwan but i think they had… GMA is the network baker king is airing

  451. 451 : dee Says:

    now my comment is always waiting for moderation, I don’t know why. but while it is shown I will not problem with that.
    You can see JGS and YAI cf on youtube. they were very young at that cf. You also can see on the page YAI. my sister never posted there, she was really like YAI. by the way you come from? because in my country baker king also is on airing. are we in the same country?? hahaha

  452. 452 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Just read an article that sungkyunkwan is the nmber 1 people voted to have a sequel…. YES YES YES i want a sequel

  453. 453 : Comel Says:

    Very addictive. Loved every episode.

  454. 454 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @dee ill check it in youtube realy you filipino too?

  455. 455 : dee Says:

    @ sungkyunkwan scholar
    i’m from indonesia 🙂
    pleased to meet you my friend from filipino..
    and we love sungkyunkwan..hehehe
    do you have twitter??

  456. 456 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    I love the 1 of the theme song FOR YOU ITS SEPARATION FOR ME ITS WAITING sang by hero jaejong, this is my fav song in this drama, and one of my favorites now

  457. 457 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @dee you indonesian??hehe,, nice meeting you, and hey i saw a pic from kbs awards, park min young, micky and jgs are in stage together,,, nice seing those 3 together

  458. 458 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Yep i have twiter but im not frequently using it,, i just made one bcause holywood celebrties and k idols are active in twiter,,, im curently folowing hong star, ,,

  459. 459 : dee Says:

    Could I know your twitter? or if you hesitate, I could write my twitter here.so u can follow, and we can be friend:)
    by the way I heard the news that fans ungkyunkwan scandal makes petition for season 2? is it true? can anyone know that link. I want to join the petition. hahahaha! I like YAI.
    and have you’ve seen YAI and JGS cf? they were very young at that cf. still very cute.

  460. 460 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Yes fans had voted this as the most wanted to have a sequel,, but i recently read an article that the producers of skks are not planing for season 2,,

  461. 461 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    The drama that we seen was just a half of the novel,,, the producers said that if they do the season 2 the charactr lee sun jon and kim yoon hee may be ignored,, but they said they dont close the doors,, fans are realy disapointed like me,, and they will make a petition, well just have to wait,, i hope the prducers will chnge their mind

  462. 462 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @ i will folow you,, hehe who your folowing?? I have a hard time because i cant undrstand idols tweet,, their are fanpage in facebook they provide the translation…

  463. 463 : dee Says:

    @ sungkyunkwan scholar : of course I follow jang geun suk, yoo ah in, micky yochun and lovely park min young and many korean actor and actress 🙂
    if you already follow. send pm for me, for I know that was you 🙂
    I really hope this drama made sequel.
    mmm …. I might be honest I really want to see a love story song joong ki and yoo ah in. i hope they both have a girl in that drama. I think if producer made sequel love story about lee sun joon and Kim yoon sik no need to wasting, but their stories for make more sweetener this drama. i hope main players are now replaced by yoo ah in and song joong ki. they friendship are very inspiring.

  464. 464 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @ dee this is my username in twtr jod_ana20, i didnt know how to tweet 🙁 🙁 do u have fcebook

    i would also love seing moon jae shin and gu yong ha with their partners,, i hope in the scnd part geol oh and yeo rim will be the main cast,, but of course lee sun jon and kim yoon hee still in the story,, as supports,, i love the frendship of jalgeum quartets

  465. 465 : bblve luv skks Says:

    I hope there’s season 2.
    I want to see them again,
    I really really miss them..
    Love kimYoonHye,LeeSeonJun,GoYongHa,&specially MoonJaeShin.
    Hope MoonJaeShin tell kimYoonHye that he fall for her. But he didnt. Hu hu

  466. 466 : Jyjlove Says:

    I love this drama, i want season 2,

  467. 467 : imortal Says:

    I love the whole package of this drama,, jalgeum quartets somewhat similar to anjell, jalgeum quartets the scholars and anjell the pop idols,,, love this drama

  468. 468 : pinay Says:

    I like this drama,, best dramas have lots of awards like this

  469. 469 : lady Says:

    i love this dram..so cute..

  470. 470 : felifake ngozong Says:

    This drama is amazing,,

  471. 471 : katypery Says:

    I heard this drama is 1 of d best,, gud ratings, lot of awards,, and as ive seen some comments,all were positive, so far no negative,, i will watch this definetly..

  472. 472 : iin Says:

    this is amazing drama..i like..

  473. 473 : unwell Says:

    I love moon jae shin,, i love this drama my favorite,, fantastic

  474. 474 : chip Says:

    My favorite for 2010,, i love dis drama

  475. 475 : Sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Wow many visitors,,” just watched kbs awards best couple awarding, haha yoo ah in LOL,,,

  476. 476 : bella Says:

    I like it to the highest level,,, the cast can all act!! Many awards, good ratings,, WOW SKKS , love this drama 4ever

  477. 477 : Powers Says:

    I totaly fell in love with yoo ah in character moon jae shin,,, i love park min young,, i love everthing about this drama!

  478. 478 : gumiha Says:

    Haha lol a gumiho is mentioned in this drama,,, best drama of 2010 together with my gf is a gumiho

  479. 479 : Carmela Ociones Says:

    I love it! specially to Micky Yoochun… I got a crush on him…more!… more!…drama series.

  480. 480 : unnie Says:

    I love this drama so much, i want season 2,, lets keep our fingers croxd

  481. 481 : blast Says:

    .. it’s my fifth time watching this and it still thrills me.. love each character so much,, character were all well portrayed and distinct that you’ll truly love each of them even the ha in soo the villain drunkard.. hahaha..
    –just sad that it didn’t really transpired into ratings.. however viewers feedback proved its worth..
    .. entertaining and as i usually tell those that ask me about this–“indeed a breath of fresh air, light and enchanting..” also i feel in love with yoochun in this drama.. haha!

  482. 482 : john Says:

    what episode that girl caught for being a girl..
    by whom??first hero or someone else..and the first hero know HE is a girl..
    the story like you are beautiful,so i want to know befoe watching this drama..
    anyone can help me..??

  483. 483 : Sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @john the girl was caught by his guy1 in episode 16,,, but the guy1 falls for her even though he didnt know that hes a girl,,, guy2 caught the girl smewher in epsode 10-13 and he also falls for her after seing his other side as a girl, guy3 knows shes a girl from the very start,, at first he wanted to expose her identity, but later guy3 is protecting the girl from the bad ones,.. They are called jalgeum quartets the 4 popular scholars of sungkyunkwan,,, in youre beautiful its anjell 4 kpop idol

  484. 484 : Exploring Gache! at Racauan Manda Says:

    […] ini saya lagi nyicil2 nonton salah satu seri drama negeri ginseng, judulnya Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Moon “Geol-Oh” Jae Shiiin aku padamuuu – harus banget ngomong).  Kebetulan, […]

  485. 485 : Sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Hapi valentines pipz,, i heart moon jae shin

  486. 486 : boom Says:


  487. 487 : PAAAAK Says:

    what episode that girl caught for being a girl..
    by whom??first hero or someone else..and the first hero know HE is a girl..
    the story like you are beautiful,so i want to know befoe watching this drama..
    anyone can help me..??

  488. 488 : pik. Says:

    I love this drama so much, i want season 2,, lets keep our fingers croxd

  489. 489 : kaila Says:

    Pass this website to your favorite drama:)
    and this drama is one of the best:)


    Visit this website:)

  490. 490 : Sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @pik believe and it wil hapend

  491. 491 : Killbill Says:

    This is the best,, OMG!! This drama was sold in japan for 4.8 mil dolars?wow! Thats a lot of money, tv networks are fighting to who ever will broadcast this drama,, it was sold even if its not aired in korea,,, wat tah, WoW, best drama ever

  492. 492 : i luv skks Says:

    love it so much..
    Want to watch it again and again,
    LeeSeonJun,KimYoonHye,MoonJaeShin,&GoYongHa.. I love you all.. Hope to see you all in new dram!! I notice that a lot of kpop are appear in kdrama.
    TVXQ,SUPERJUNIOR,and etc..

  493. 493 : Megfox Says:

    This drama such amazing, the main cast can act, and proven it in wining awards! Wat? song jong ki and yoo ah in best couple?hahaha its because of their friendship! Best drama

  494. 494 : anne Says:

    this is the best koreanovela i’ve watched so far…from their dialogues, sequences and even ending plot of the story were surprisingly unpredicatable. this made sungkyunkwan a real hit for me! i am sure to watch this over and over again….i love the team of micky yoochun and park min young. hoping they would have another drama team-up soon!!!

  495. 495 : Gumiha Says:

    SKKS soaring high!

  496. 496 : iin Says:

    hahahaha….drama yang gokil bgt..

  497. 497 : Ragatnia Clara Says:

    it’s a pity when seeing the rating table. why this drama didn’t appear at least rank 2nd?

    it’s a good drama! while this drama can make me falling in love with Lee Son Joon and Geol Oh at the same time! 🙂

    highly recommended.

  498. 498 : Bee Says:

    Awesome drama.
    1 should watch even if you are not a fan of dbsk/jyj micky yoo chun.

  499. 499 : i luv skks Says:

    love all the cast,
    Want to watch their other drama!
    And I’m looking 4ward for their upcoming drama.
    The best drama of 2010 f0r me.
    I begun to like Parkyuchun.
    Jyj so cool

  500. 500 : Eva Says:

    Will be there 2-nd season?

  501. 501 : amira Says:

    i really really love this drama..
    love all the cast in the drama, especially park yu chun, park min young and hong jung gi..<3<3<3

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    […] […]

  503. 503 : azumi143 Says:

    @sungkyunkwan scholar: thanks for recommending this drama to me.. it’s so good and it’s worth my every second! the writer surely put his/her heart and mind in this drama 😉

  504. 504 : thebestofdbest Says:

    I highly recommend this drama..I’d watched it all over and over again.. so nice.. i’m waiting for the book 2 (same cast if possible).. 🙂 For me it’s the Best Korean Drama for 2010. 🙂

  505. 505 : bread Says:

    LOVE this dramaaaaaaa:)
    I RECOMMEND this!!!!

  506. 506 : via Says:

    i love this drama too..

  507. 507 : hikari Says:

    i really liked the series… i hope there would be a Part 2.. with the same Actors….. The same Cast … the Chemistry is Brilliant… =)

  508. 508 : bblvE07 Says:

    its true that parkyuchun,
    Had upcoming drama with leeDahae?
    I cant wait, hope its true!!
    Love parkyuchun,yo ahin,and song jongki.
    Wait for there drama too!

  509. 509 : bblvE07 Says:

    love this drama!!
    Very very much!!!

  510. 510 : kiran Says:

    Very very good,i like so much……..

  511. 511 : luna Says:

    I love this drama,very exellence … I hope can see anather drama with same actor,micky,ah in,song jung ki,i love so much. …..

  512. 512 : Lovely Says:

    I heard this drama will soon be aired at ABS CBN but no exact date yet. Sana ipalabas na nila. I cant wait for the Tagalog version. Mas feel mo yung mga dialog nila diba?

  513. 513 : vahn Says:

    for this time I have seen drama period about school. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST DRAMA IN 2010.. the ost in this drama is very nice to hear, LOVE TO SEEN DRAMA LIKE THIS, my two thumbs for this drama…

  514. 514 : OK OK OK Says:

    Micky Yoochun – I started to know him only from this drama – Sungkyunkwan Scandal which i finished watching yesterday 2 April 2011.
    He looks handsome and manly.

    He is even more handsome and manly – with his moustache in episode 20 ha ha 🙂

    Good luck and God bless. Singapore fans

  515. 515 : danica Says:

    oh i like it….when i see this cd in the store..i buy it coz i know its beautiful…….i love micky yoochun..

  516. 516 : bblvE07 Says:

    parkMINyoung to LeeMinHo &
    Parkyuchun to LeeDAhae,,
    Love it!!!
    Go for it!!
    But I hope PMY&PYC,
    Work together again.!!

    hope it will be aired on ABS-CBN
    The largest network in PHIL,
    Park min young so beautiful,pretty
    And cute! Cant wait for cityhunter.

    want to watch it again!!
    I miss the cast so much,
    Cant wait for their upcoming drama,
    Hope YAI & SJK have too!!

  517. 517 : via Says:

    I miss Sungkyukwan Schoolar.. I have to watch them tonight.

  518. 518 : sephi27 Says:

    this drama will be airing soon On ABS-CBN…… but sad to say Secret Garden will be aired on GMA7.. their dubbing is so terrible….

  519. 519 : via Says:

    I loveeee.. this drama so much.. I wish there will Sungkyunkwan Scandal 2.. Micky yoochun.. you look very handsome wearing hanbook.. (korean traditional outfit)

  520. 520 : honey Says:

    love it…

  521. 521 : jewel Says:

    micky yoochun fighting! jyj fighting! DBSK5 hwaiting!!!!

  522. 522 : jessielou bullecer Says:

    gosh! i really really love Sungkyunkwan Scandal.Ive seen it 4 times already..Geol Oh,Yeorim,Daemoul & Garang iluv them

  523. 523 : honey Says:

    go go sungkyunkwan…

  524. 524 : leann Says:


  525. 525 : arisa Says:

    I never like a story about kingdom…

  526. 526 : rona Says:

    hi! im on my 5th episode…! i love the story, specially the cast..i want to learn more korean language…plz helppp..:)

  527. 527 : myat mon Says:

    so charming… Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In

  528. 528 : lyn Says:

    love this drama

  529. 529 : mikha Says:

    what a drama.. i love namja couple.. such a good friend jongki and ah in..

  530. 530 : Vania Brasil Says:

    Gente adorei este drama, não sei como, não esta entre os dramas mais comentados. Eu recomendo!!!

  531. 531 : Sushi Says:

    The drama’s not bad. But I think Micky Yoochun is a little wired. It would be better for Song Joong Ki to take that main actor role. The good drama mustn’t damaged because of wired actor.
    It will be better to choose the actor well before planning to take the drama.

  532. 532 : J Says:

    Joong Ki oppa, you are the best in this drama. Fighting!!!!!!

  533. 533 : jewel Says:

    @ sushi

    how did micky yoochun became wired (or do you mean weird?) in this drama? he is definitely awesome playing the role. even won the new comer award for this one. are you in any way working for SoMEno?

  534. 534 : manatee Says:

    agreed with jewel #533

  535. 535 : ciasia Says:

    love this drama very much 🙂 yoo ah in, you’re so cool!!! XD song joong ki so cute!! XD

  536. 536 : veronica :) Says:

    this drama is so good… i thought historical dramas are kinda boring but this one is not… i love jalgeum quartet… all of them… i love them… all of them did a great job in this drama… everybody portrayed their characters well…

  537. 537 : jewel Says:

    fyi, micky yoochun of jyj, fighting! spread the love. keep the faith.

  538. 538 : KpopLover1986 Says:

    Love Yoochun’s character in this drama, already watched SKKS twice, can’t wait for his next drama ‘Miss Ripley’. Yoochun Fighting!!! JYJ Fighting!!! AKTF & AKTH!!! ^o^

  539. 539 : fossil Says:

    I like this drama.
    It shows friendship between friends such as help each other.
    Aja aja aja Sungkyunkwan fighting.

  540. 540 : spy Says:

    sungkyunkwan fighting ajaaja

  541. 541 : spy Says:

    Sungkyunkwan good drama.
    I like this very much.

  542. 542 : Deshinta Putri Says:

    Oh I love Song Joong Ki like a lot :*

  543. 543 : cherry Says:

    I like this drama.
    I like couple of Micky yoochun & Park minyoung.

  544. 544 : guiterstar Says:

    Sungkyunkwan good drama.
    Brother micky fighting

  545. 545 : honey Says:

    yesssssssss..!!!!!!!!SKK is on the top…!!!!!!!!!!!!great..!!!!

  546. 546 : jewel Says:

    *credit to a fan from jyj3.net*
    this post is for those who doubt micky portraying LSJ in SKKS…

    Hey you two girls! Why do I need to post when you two have said EXACTLY how I feel about YuChun? Except to add to the numbers game. I just love that guy to bits!

    @xxjenjaexx, the difference between us is that I remember why I disliked YuChun when I first saw him in SKK Scandal. I had no idea who he was and was angry that the director had picked someone ( I never knew DBSK existed) whom I felt couldn’t act to save his life. I was upset with him all the way till Episode 5 when his huge improvement in acting made me sit up and shut up.

    By Episode 6, I was catching all the repeats (at odd hours like 5 a.m) of each Episode just to watch him. By Episode 8, I had to google this “amazing nobody”(or so I thought). By Episode 10, he had completely won my heart. By Episode 15 , I had googled about JYJ and his sexy, smooth ,velvety voice took over my life. By then, I lost sleep, lost weight, lost my bearing….etc when all I lived for was to catch the next Episode of SKKS because YuChun made LeeSeonJoon come alive. It’s like , he identified so much with the SKKS character that I wanted to bump into LSJ at my neigbourhood grocery store !!

    It’s hard not to love a gifted guy like YuChun, wtih a handsome face and beautiful character to boot! And I love the fact he doesnt try to be sexy or try hard to please anyone. His popularity is due a lot to discerning fans who love him for who he is, deep inside.

    Happy Birthday,YuChun, be happy !

  547. 547 : cherry Says:

    I watched this drama many time.
    But I never got bore when I watched this.

  548. 548 : kmy5997 Says:

    I love Micky Yuchun forever!!!He’s the greatest

  549. 549 : BblvE07 Says:

    I really Love yuchun & parkminyoung .

  550. 550 : nicole Says:

    park minyoung looks beautiful coz she admitted that she got surgery when she was in junior high, double eyelid and nose job. :s

  551. 551 : phonelinn Says:

    I like couple of Micky yoochun & Park minyoung.

  552. 552 : takgu99 Says:

    i dont like this drama seriously…
    very bored…i dont have feel to watch it again..
    watch it 1 times it enough!!

  553. 553 : guiterstar Says:

    I like two couple of Micky yoochun & Park minyoung and Song joongki & Yoo ahin.

  554. 554 : Itsmeh_J_HI Says:

    this drama is really awesome… with mixed story of loved, friendship, romance, patriotism and everything… the characters give justice and the substance of plot is fantastic. with the confucius learnings and principles… congratzzz to all the casts who i believe give justice to the characters…I finished watching the whole episodes. This drama is really really GREAT. I want to give also praise to Moon Jae Shin the HERO…

  555. 555 : Riya Says:

    It’s a nice drama. Unlike some period dramas it is interesting with it’s star cast, songs and story line.

  556. 556 : erix Says:

    iM a korean,taiwan and even japanesse drama addict.,,.and all I can say s,..i like this drama,.,i like the acting of the casts,.,especially Micky Yoochun as Lee Sun Joon,.this s d 1st time dat i see him acting,.,i like him now,.,.!

  557. 557 : manatee Says:

    I love Foursome Quartet Foever!!

  558. 558 : manatee Says:

    I love micky Yoochun as Lee Sun Joon!!!

  559. 559 : nana8ton Says:

    just finish wathing the dvd awesome is one of word i can think of.i only wish that they can show more romantic smooch oh micky’s ripe red lip.i like thier colourful costume too.micky i wish u well fighting….joon ki ur so cuddly.min young i’m so jealous of u.ah ihn never loose that sexy body.n to the emperor long live the king.and to jong baksa u make us teacher look cool.

  560. 560 : vania brasil Says:

    Melhor drama coreano de 2010

  561. 561 : phonelinn Says:

    I like micky as lee sunjoon.
    His character is so straight & smart.

  562. 562 : aldrin Says:

    i love this movie series. I already finish watching this and i really enjoy it. Hopping for a next movie series like this with same actors and actresses..

  563. 563 : aiko Says:

    i really love the drama serries.i wish that yoo ah-in and park min young could have there own love story serries.i cant wait to watch it..i love you ah-in….and good luck to your carrer. gambate ne.

  564. 564 : blabla Says:

    i love micky yoochun and park min young :* i miss this drama C:

  565. 565 : car show Says:

    Micky yoochun & Park minyoung

  566. 566 : hny Says:

    sungkyunkwan scandal part2 please… moon jae shin…VV

  567. 567 : kkk Says:

    i love the two winner best couples~

  568. 568 : resti Says:

    i like Mickey Yoochun & Park Min Young… u all the best…

  569. 569 : lyness_marklay Says:

    best………………………………………..this drama hope micky min young will be couple again in other drama…………they are sweet togather…….

  570. 570 : lyness_marklay Says:

    miss………………..this drama

  571. 571 : theworstme Says:

    For me it’s the BEST drama for 2010.. despite of poor ratings , i really really love the cast especially the jalbeum quartet. Micky Yoochun, Park Minyoung, Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki RULES!!!!

  572. 572 : sahzzytree Says:

    Luv Jae shin (yoo ah In) much more.. Just wish he is the lead character .. arrrggghhhhh .. don’t like this drama kweng kweng kweng

  573. 573 : kkk Says:

    i really miss this drama -,-

  574. 574 : megfox Says:

    I miss this drama specialy Yoo ah in, i think he is the most popular quartet in this drama

  575. 575 : noonim Says:

    this drana remind me of coffee prince a little bit..

  576. 576 : GP2576 Says:

    I just love this series. It makes people think of what is wrong and what is right. It makes you think that what the majority thinks that what is right is not always right. This drama truly encourages me to be a better person. I really really hope something like this can happen in our present society. People now a days need to reestablish what moral fiber is. Kudos to the casts and to the people behind this drama!!!!

  577. 577 : tala Says:

    another drama to be added to my favorite list……. nice story, nice songs, feel good light love story on a classic period drama with modern songs. it was something new and its really really good! i love goo yong ha! he’s smart , witty & charming smile!! song joong ki is the best..

  578. 578 : fadli Says:

    i just finished watch this drama last week….i don’t really like this drama ..i don’t know why?…i think it was little bit boring. i skip many part of this drama.
    My Princes drama are really Romance and Comedy drama..much better than this drama.

  579. 579 : lily2petite Says:

    very nice and sweeeeet drama :)) loooveee this esp micky yoochun :*

  580. 580 : sachy Says:

    love this drama.. hope this drama will be airing in my country

  581. 581 : Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] selesai menonton drama Korea Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal. Sudah berapa hari menunggu untuk menghabiskan drama ini. Tetapi memang berbaloi menonton dan tidak […]

  582. 582 : frita Says:

    LOve u Oppa Yoochun

  583. 583 : mymoe Says:

    i like this drama..i like micky yoochun.i like this drama than missreplay.
    please micky! i want u to acted comedy drama.

  584. 584 : sweet Says:

    i highly recommend this drama, not only the actors are great but there is a lesson you can learn about how friends care about each other. micky is soo cool in here song joong ki is so funny…watch it!

  585. 585 : Lorem Says:

    Why would the female protagonist choose to masquerade as a male, knowing death for herself and her entire family awaits, should she be exposed? It is not clear if a more compelling reason exists.

  586. 586 : CHULee Says:


  587. 587 : somebody Says:


  588. 588 : tiff Says:

    this the good one drama i hae watched. i love it. but theres some part boring. but still i love this drama

  589. 589 : arabz8191 Says:

    Nice & lovely drama movie. Kepada M’sia berbaloi menontonnya.
    From Jeddah.

  590. 590 : sephi27 Says:

    just finished watching this kdrama…..

    i love the plot…….

    yooh ah in is my idol…..

  591. 591 : flower Says:

    the actor I like most is Yoo Ah In . He is so attractive and handsome. I really want to see him in the other film. hope to see such kind of nice film more.I don’t usually watch movie .but I can watch every korea movie however it is long.Good job.

  592. 592 : ericka Says:

    like this drama/!!highly recomended..

  593. 593 : Panda Says:

    I wanted to cry after watching the last episode of the drama.
    You could say that i highly enjoyed it, if not love.
    However, i was kind of ( note : only kind of) disappointed with the ending though (probably due to high expectation because the lead up to the finale was pretty good). Instead of being a draggy drama, a felt that the drama could be extended to fully grasp the concept of the drama , instead of concluding it out of thin air and a sudden change of heart. As for the epilogue i would have preferred it that the quartet stayed together and became the king’s secret undercover detective though. Oh well i was pretty happy with the ending how the left prime Minister changed and the Minister of War was captured. HEHEEHE.
    Overall, I LOVED THE DRAMA. It reinforced the privileges i have and the ability to go attend school freely

  594. 594 : Mr.KoreanDrama Says:

    I wish I could buy the novel of the live of sungkyunkwan confucion scholars.If I have a spare time ,I would be watch it again.Sungkyunkwan Scandal ,Love it!

  595. 595 : Vicky Says:

    I love Micky Yoochun!!!

  596. 596 : Boyd Eppert Says:

    This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the leisure here! Keep up the good work.

  597. 597 : rosie Says:

    love this drama congratulation to all the cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  598. 598 : jennie lyn0919 Says:

    so nice movie. . i just finished watching it..hehehe..love the kissing scenes…sooo sweet,,super=)

  599. 599 : ally Says:

    Never expect this is such a nice drama… sweet and interesting! Great acting & love the gang of 4! Keep it up!

  600. 600 : shinta Says:

    waw …..
    i really really really really really like it …..

    I love it so much ….

    Indosiar please …….
    Held in this drama…….!!!!!

  601. 601 : Ilur Says:

    Wow… great movie!!
    The story will inspire every women to move on and educate their self such as Kim Yoon Hee. Though she is a woman, she can prove to another, even the King that she can doing somethhing as well as man. emansipating!
    I love Yoo Ah In, so cool!
    Well, don’t forget Go Young ah, so funny. And smart Lee seon Jun,,!

    Highly Recomended

  602. 602 : Drama Korea : Sungkyunkwan Scandal (SKK) - Drama Korea : Sungkyunkwan Scandal (SKK) - Drama Korea : Sungkyunkwan Scandal (SKK) - Drama Korea : Sungkyunkwan Scandal (SKK) | Asuhan Keperawatan Says:

    […] Korean Drama.org, Pelangi Drama [Ost+Lirik lagu] […]

  603. 603 : thexavviieerr Says:

    oh my gooddd… i fall in love with this dramaaa…. i like couple of lee seon joon and kim hyun sik… is there a kiss scene? i very hope there are..

  604. 604 : truly Says:

    this drama was playing in my country indonesia now. Thx indosiar. It’s already 5 episode, can’t wait the ending, this drama so awesome! BIG LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, for Yoo Ah In / Moon Jae Shin! Bye Ppyong!

  605. 605 : nisa Says:

    argghhh!! watched this drama again and again!!! This is The Best Drama I’ve ever seen!! This is A GREAT DRAMA!!!! SUNGKYUNKWAN SCANDAL!!! PARK YOO CHUN AND PARK MIN YOUNG ARE THE BEST COUPLE EVER HERE ;)))) haha

  606. 606 : ifada Says:

    it’s awesome!!! but I stil curious with the letter shown, is that a true quote?? why it didn’t translate to english, so we can learn it so.. over all, it’s GREAT!!! gomawo…

  607. 607 : anie Says:

    sungkyunkwan scandal……
    keren abis,,,,,

  608. 608 : mitch Says:

    … nice kdrama! funny and cute.. soo love it! especially geol oh, he’s soooo cute~ (“,)

  609. 609 : muhammad kohar Says:

    sungkyunkwan scandal……… it’s very good a film asian………..
    lee seon joon sma kim yoon hee cocok banget. walaupun haya sampai episode 20 aja tpi sangat berkesan buat saya………….


    dari muhammad kohar 208 jakarta timur…


  610. 610 : mitch Says:

    ..i like this kdrama because it was not boring, i mean the genre was traditional/historical/period but it was all in! comedy, romance, sensical and all the characters were great aside from their good looking appearance, their acting prowess was magnifico! love it! the ending was cool, although i like geol oh more! hehe.. their scenes and characters matches their personality.. great job prod team! 2 thumbs up!!!!
    keep it up!

  611. 611 : luna Says:

    I realy fall in love with this drama……,i’ve watched is several times bul i never enaugh…..,when i see this drama i feel enjoy,funny,cute and romance……i love so much……

  612. 612 : meilan Says:

    I love so much with this drama … So Funny, interesting, romantic and also have a good message. Other than that I really like the characters in this drama. Indeed I have been made to fall in love by them, sun lee joon, goo yong ha n Shin Jae Moon, i very love u all ^^ .. N yoon hee really cute girl … Finally,, its GREAATT!!!!! ^^

  613. 613 : see Says:

    When this story will appear at television??my country Malaysia….

  614. 614 : Jennie Says:

    @see This drama has alraedy been shown on your cable tv, Astro via KBS. If I am not mistaken, it was sometime last year, not long after its release in Korea, sometime in September 2010.

  615. 615 : Thesa Ferluci Fhuaa Says:

    film ini menyentuh HATI ^^

  616. 616 : dee Says:

    Wow.. good looking actors n actresses..
    Nice story.. Is it a part of Korean history?
    Can I download them freely? If it is so, how can I?
    Thx n GBU

  617. 617 : hasbi Says:

    i like sungkyunkwan scandal

  618. 618 : anne Says:

    i watched this drama more than 10x already…is it on the list for best korean drama of 2011? i like song joong ki among the 4 characters…i hope this will also air here in the philippines…it’s a beautiful drama for all ages!

  619. 619 : Aniita Diahh Says:

    this drama it’s so verry cool .
    hahaha,,lee seon joon and kim hyun siik are best couple .:)<3<3
    i love it .
    chukkaeyo .

  620. 620 : Kara Says:

    love all the casts!!
    esp joong ki..
    love the way he smile n wink..
    the story is also awesome..

  621. 621 : seer Says:

    looks like many like moon jae shin aka geol oh (yoo ah in), instead of lee sun joon, just like me. i think he is a more interesting and colorful character than the lead – lee sun joon, and maybe also physically, though this is of course completely a matter of taste and preference. yoo ah in looks better in his geol oh looks, with moustache, long hair and all..cause when he smiles with his “toothpaste ad” teeth…aw so cute! kim yoon shik character, knowing that she poses as a boy, acts too much of a girl, showing her girly, girly traits often and too obvious..(though maybe as scripted).
    the petty thief, bok soo – for a boy who is so poor that he had to steal, living in such condition also has a “toothpaste ad” teeth, which i think is a bit “unsuitable” – people with that kind of living condition would not have such gleaming white teeth.. 🙂 (though of course as actors who are well of they are required to have such teeth).

  622. 622 : ricky macasling Says:

    wow. totally awesome. made me laugh, cry and be excited all at the same time. this is one of the best Korean dramas that i have watched and I felt frustrated when i finished watching all the episodes. I want more. ahahah

  623. 623 : daryl Says:

    i love this drama………..

  624. 624 : anna Says:

    bantu aq donk cra download x gmna …?

  625. 625 : Mull Says:

    Sungkyunkwan scandal is the best i love sungkyunkwan scandal

  626. 626 : gsfgd Says:

    wayyyyyyy …………. drama korea keren yaaaaa apa lagi yg nama nya micky yoochun loh lebih ganteng dan imut llllllloooooooooooooo

  627. 627 : dani dairan Says:

    Kpan sinopsis tebaru drama korea…

  628. 628 : ayu aprillia Says:

    Sarange sungkyunkwan 🙂

  629. 629 : happyday Says:

    Yoo Ah In is so cool…..!!!!
    I love him so much

  630. 630 : smirky Says:

    I like the character Moon Jae Shin, especially when he smiles, or rather, smirks… oh how cute ! especially when he looks down, lowering his gaze, his eyes are half concealed by his disheveled long hair and made a small smile, or smirks is more like it…
    Jae shin, jae shin, jae shin…oh jae shin…
    Why do you always have to smirk…oh jae shin…?
    Why oh why.. do you always have to smirk that cute, cute smirk of yours…
    That enticing lips ..…
    Those pearly white teeth …
    That not-so-thick moustache but oh so appealing…
    Such intoxicating cuteness !
    No one but oh no one would not feel drawned to such charm…
    Smirk, smirk, smirk and you got me all smitten up !
    Free me Jae Shin, freeee meeee….. 🙂
    there ! i’ve said it, now i can sleep…. 🙂

  631. 631 : nelly Says:

    love very much this drama

  632. 632 : Echa Says:

    Sungkyukung kwan scandal…
    Bagus amat episode ke 16….
    Ap lge kim young sig cntik n imut

  633. 633 : fiza Says:

    pemeran goo yong ha…keren banget, selalu aja ngikutin kemana ge oh nya prgi….knapa gak nikah ja tuh mereka
    film nya seger banget

  634. 634 : LUSI Says:

    kpan ke indonesia ni pemainnya

  635. 635 : Hyo_Yoochun Says:

    Yoochun, ke Mall depok pas minggu donk… say…

  636. 636 : lie Says:

    nice movie….
    full laughing. lol

  637. 637 : The Moon That Embraces the Sun | K-Blog - k-pop Says:

    […] Sun) by Jung Eun Gwol (first published December 29, 2005), who is also the author of the novel that Sungkyunkwan Scandal was based on. – Actor Joo Won was originally cast as Prince Yang Myung, but dropped out of the show […]

  638. 638 : bblve Says:

    i love skks i miss at so much, cant wait for tagalog version

  639. 639 : foreverloveSKKS Says:

    SKKS is the best of the best korean drama I’ve ever watched 🙂 I’ve seen so many dramas but this one caught my eyes the most 🙂 Yoochun is so attractive that my heart melted whenever I saw his smile. I also love Ah In’s lip and Joong Ki’s cute wink 🙂 I love J4 😡

  640. 640 : Lexy Says:

    This Drama was really great and

  641. 641 : Lexy Says:

    -I really want to watch more like this. I cried a few times and the evil guy in the drama is very attractive and kinda reminds me of Yang Seung Ho of MBLQ. Also I thought Yeorim was a girl for a very long time until I heard him speak.

  642. 642 : Rani Says:

    unforgetable korean drama.It’s so great…..setting, costume, and also for actrees and actors, thats great coice.

  643. 643 : anna Says:

    verry funny and quite touching…. goo yong ha is the naughty boy among them…. so cute…. i love yoo chun…

  644. 644 : Pradeep,kathmandu,Nepal Says:

    As i’ve heard,i got same kinda of drama”Sungkyunkwan Scandal”…
    All of main four characters of this drama have acted so beautifully…but final episode of this drama is uncompleted…the drama need sequel for completion…Love U Park Min Young…Sarangeau…

  645. 645 : shawna Says:

    this is actually a good drama..loved all the characters

  646. 646 : takgu99 Says:


  647. 647 : asiandaddict Says:

    Its Moon Jae Shin and Go Yong Ha that keeps me from repeating this drama. I love them! They’re worth the best couple. I am so excited to watch them together in another drama. The BEST MALE couple ever!!!

    Good Luck to Yoo Ah In for the Fashion King!!! Hope that this can put you to stardom!

  648. 648 : margaretha Says:

    I’d love Park Yoochun’s brother or sister to come to Indonesia park min young

  649. 649 : Shirley lim Says:

    I love this drame

  650. 650 : Jae Says:

    Great series! I loved it. 11 out of 10! 🙂 I felt sad that she had to pick, but they did make a good couple. I’m glad it was a happy ending.

  651. 651 : Sheny Roselle Says:

    I really love this drama. I enjoyed it so much. I love Yoo Ah In a.k.a. Wild Boar 😉 It’s worth watching…….

  652. 652 : fiona Says:

    i just finished watching the complete episodes in 2 days and i really love the story. I’m 41 years old, but evrytime i watch such a nice korean drama series i makes my heart feel younger. At first i thought it would be boring but i find myself hook into it. It has a moral values and it makes me realize that nothing is impossible if the desire and dedication and willingness of a person was there. Love really makes people happy and can endure everthing for the sake of their loveones. The characters of this series are really cute and it has done magnificent job on the role they portrayed. Highly recommended for people young at heart….

  653. 653 : The Moon Embracing The Sun (해를 품은 달) « styrn Says:

    […] Sun) by Jung Eun Gwol (first published December 29, 2005), who is also the author of the novel that Sungkyunkwan Scandal was based […]

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  656. 656 : daryl Says:

    i’m watching this drama for the 2nd time…. it’s sooooo good!!!!

  657. 657 : Pemeran the moon embracing the sun | Dunia seorang istri pelayar Says:

    […] Sun) by Jung Eun Gwol (first published December 29, 2005), who is also the author of the novel that Sungkyunkwan Scandal was based […]

  658. 658 : zeez Says:

    Hey… i am watching episode 4 right now.. kind of slow… when will this show starts getting exciting?

  659. 659 : kimchilee Says:

    I finish watching this drama in 2 days! Love Jong Soong Ki and Joo Ah In best esp JSK’s lively acting. Love all the characters there actually… wow!

  660. 660 : kimchilee Says:

    aah.. sorry! Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In.. misspelt their names.. 😛

  661. 661 : rayhana Says:

    love yoo ah in !!!!

  662. 662 : Deardealy Says:

    Super duper love it! I miss all of them…esp Lee sun Joon!

  663. 663 : bblve07 Says:

    i miss this so much…………..

  664. 664 : ance Says:

    its been two years and yet i still watch this drama over and over, i never get tired of this! one of my favorite drama of all time! jalguem quartet the best!!!

  665. 665 : lee hye ae Says:

    I LOOVEE THIS DRAMA SERIES!!! ^^ i also like the songs included in its OST. there was also great chemistry between Park yoochun and Park min young. song joong ki and yoo ah in are a hilarious pair, so funny to watch them. ^^ i strongly recommend you to watch this drama.

  666. 666 : chrisev_little Says:

    Too GOOD!
    I like the 3 Men (Lead cast)
    Park Min young is cute here also.

    I like this kind of story, MUST WATCHED!
    very relaxing and entertaining.

  667. 667 : jahaleel Says:

    i absolutely luv this drama! screw the low raings. believe me this is really really good one. it has actually went to one of my favorites and few dramas has made it to the list.

    watch this drama!

  668. 668 : bblve07 Says:

    I miss this drama so much, its my fist time 2 saw the leading casts but now I almost watched all of their drama, cityhunter, missripley, gloryjane, rooftopprince, now Im looking 4ward 4 timeslip, innocenceman, fashionking, cant wait….

  669. 669 : irene Says:

    I started watching this because of Park Min Young. Now I love all four of them. This drama is one of the most brilliant ones yet. there wasnt an episode that didnt make you laugh except for when gu yong ha was mistreated. Made me tear up ::( lol Love love love this drama and all the casts. Good and bad. Cho Sun should’ve choose Geo Ol !!!! Just saying. lol

  670. 670 : irene Says:

    People in Korea must not like humor. That is wayyyyyyy underated!!!!! And the awards proved that!

  671. 671 : Gisella Says:

    I love Yoo Ah In. Cant wait for your new drama…:)

  672. 672 : daren Says:

    my best KDrama ever!!! 🙂 i really love Sungkyunkwan Scandal!!!! i love the story, the characters, the mixture of different genres and the character’s appeal!!! 🙂

  673. 673 : AbigailDrew Says:

    I really loved it! Although I’ve watched it several times, it’s like a new whole experience! This is my favorite korean drama- comedy, romance- everything needed to be such a hit!

  674. 674 : lusy Says:

    This drama is one of my top ten k drama,i love it Yoo Ah In forever^^

  675. 675 : Norodin Ibrahim Says:

    I have just finished watching this Korean Drama… and I really liked it so much…!!! ^_^
    jalguem quartet…! LOVE u aLL…!

    The BESt ever…! <3 <3 <3

  676. 676 : adrianejhen Perez Says:

    well, enjoy so much watching this series drama……i love to watch again another teledrama in the future were the 4 will be the main cast character ….You Ah in and Park Min young; i am also fascinated by the winsome smile of Song Joony Ki….i like you Park Min young so beautiful ever like as KIM NANA in City Hunter, Sony Joony Ki, You Ah In and Micky Youchun you’re all good looking men….. requested that Park Min Young and You Ah In may have another Teledrama were they will be the partner in a love story………….

  677. 677 : sohaila batua-an Says:

    i request part 2 of sungkyung kwang scandal….. i love it promise. i love park min young and yu chun park

  678. 678 : melody Says:

    I love ur drama series its here now at philippines. i ‘ll always watch it.keep up the gud work..

  679. 679 : chunlee Says:

    just finished watching this series and i felt compelled to comment on this thread because this drama is so good and satisfying! it has all elements. the drama, romance, suspense, comedy and even some action stunts! quite a success! it even has some political elements which made the show more interesting…kudos to all of the SKKS team! i love all the four characters…

  680. 680 : Maria phil Says:

    Super like!
    This is just like “He’s beautiful”….
    I love the “kilig moments! ever”
    Keeps my heart pumping then i feel in love……

  681. 681 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    Wow!! Loved the series, all the fun moments, the Confusionisms, sage wisdom and advise. I loved all the characters, and suspenseful moments, which had me at the edge of my seat. But I’ll always wonder what became of Cho Sun. I think she could have a series all her own. Mickey deserves a best actor award, but Faith is still my favorite drama. I give this drama 4.7/5. It was awesome.

  682. 682 : Simone46 Says:

    Great drama. I give it a 4.8/5. Plus, it had the cutest ending I have ever witnessed in a Kdrama. I laughed my head off. I’m still laughing.

  683. 683 : Cha Says:

    GREATESTTTTT Drama ever!!!! I’ve been a long time Korean Drama fun but this time it gives me a blow! It was so nice that I cannot help smiling even in the middle of being mad!!! So engrossed with the four character that I even asked my hisband to watch the series not to mention that I have influenced my 10-year old daughter to stay late at night just to watch the series. Cannot succumb the feeling of being inspired. This drama really makes me live again! It gives me courage to dream and work hard for nothing is impossible. All you just need to do is to work hard to reach your goal. Like Kim yun shik, the SKKS is not for her but this doesn’t stop her to be there, by all means she was able to follow ones heart to find the true wealth and true destiny… I love the quartet team! Excellent, I am asking for part 2 and seeing them working together again!

  684. 684 : chesca Says:

    until now i can’t forget how beautiful they are ohh, like ah in yu i wish i could see you in personal…………….

  685. 685 : furrrygirl Says:

    where can i watch this drama?? i can’t find this at dramacrazy.. i need help guys.. because im a huge fan of Micky Yoochun..=)

  686. 686 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    [email protected]

    U can catch this drama a gooddrama.net or dramafever.com. Happy viewing. Very enjoyable.

  687. 687 : furrrygirl Says:

    thank you very much..
    a very big help
    now i have other website to watch my favorite dramas=))..

  688. 688 : minoo Says:

    i love gu young ha!

  689. 689 : Jinz. Says:

    best drama thumbs up you deserve your awards hehhhe

  690. 690 : jamie Says:

    i just finish watching this drama. I love gyh very much. Now i know why so many people love sjk in this drama. I love to watch again and again only gyh part because his eyes and eye brow showed so many expression.That why he can act as wolfboy really good without any script.

  691. 691 : eli Says:

    park yoochun is the best actor in this drama…i fall for him..

  692. 692 : aruna garg Says:

    i like this drama so much

  693. 693 : rory Says:

    even though this drama already passed for 3 years ago, I still love this drama to the bit..Sometimes I feel that among all PYC’s dramas, Lee Sun Joon’s char is the best coz SKKS is his 1st drama & compare to his real character, it’s really different..I really love his expressions, for a newbie at that time, his expressions are priceless..Indeed he’s born to be a great actor..Love PYC & PMY’s chemistry & of course our J4 as well 😀

  694. 694 : pauline lee Says:

    This drama series is juts being shown in Vietnam at KBS world. The actors are great and the story is very inspiring.

    My fist time seeing Yoo Chun and Ah In and their characters should proceed to Part 2 series. They are really charismatic.
    Soong Joon Kit is excellent. I saw him in Innocent Man, and he really has matured to a great actor.
    The female actress PSY is really good, portrays the male character very well.

    This drama series keeps me well entertained and I look forward to every episode daily. I hope there is a part 2.

  695. 695 : gege Says:

    yoo ah in ,your the best!!!!

  696. 696 : Deny Says:

    Is it worth to watch as You are beautiful?

  697. 697 : rory Says:

    Yes, it is..I love U’re Beautiful but I love the female lead in SKKS more..She’s so smart & not clumsy…And this drama got more action scenes, beautiful OST with a good acting+chemistry from J4..I’m so impressed with PYC & YAI’s acting here especially PYC coz this is his debut drama..try watching it 😉

  698. 698 : Deny Says:

    Thank you for ur advise, I will try watching it 🙂

  699. 699 : Deny Says:

    I just finish watching it…. It so touching my heart!!! Thank Rory for recommend me to watch it…. It is such a great drama worth watching! 🙂

  700. 700 : SamJane Says:

    SKKS is the best kdrama ever! The oozing charm of the Jalgeum Quartet makes me really hooked with it! Most especially the ever gorgeous Moon Jae Shin/Geol Oh/Yoo Ah In. I fell inlove with him from the beginning till the end! I’m a GeolOh-Daemul shipper, but it’s ok if they didn’t end up together as long as GeolOh has Yeorim on his side forever! LOL! Great story that has moral lessons & of course great casts makes it outstanding among other dramas! It is highly recommended!!! 😀

  701. 701 : ridhamn Says:

    di joseon ada joki juga nih wkwk. i love this story and main characters. yoochun, joong ki :–*

  702. 702 : tigerb Says:

    i really like this drama series, should have watched this long ago, thought this wasn’t worth my time, and i did because of sjk, then found that it is a very good series, not boring, the writing maybe a little modern for its time setting – a character role said, “wow”! huh! whatever, i like the cast, and sjk proved that he can be mischievously playful, and be playfully wicked for all the good reasons, until he was put in an uncomfortable spot. i thought that the leading lady played her role here better than she was in ‘city hunter’ and the leading man’s acting was the same as his role in ‘rooftop prince’ or in ‘miss ripley’. first time i’ve watched the ‘geol oh’ guy, i think he was very good too, maybe i should watch some more of his roles. if it were to happen to me during that time period, i’d like to be friends with that quartet! it’s a very good watch, the competing dramas when the series was first telecast must be pretty good that this one did not come out first. you should watch this!

  703. 703 : rory Says:

    admin, here is others missing awards for this drama:

    -2012 New York International TV & Film Festival: Bronze World Medal for Best Mini-Series
    -2011 38th Korea Broadcasting Prizes: Best Mid-length Drama
    -2011 4th Korea Drama Awards: Best Director (Kim Won Suk)
    -2011 6th Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Drama
    -2011 6th Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Actor (Micky Yoochun)
    -2011 6th Seoul International Drama Awards: People’s Choice Award (Micky Yoochun)
    -2011 47th Baeksang Arts Awards: New Director of the Year (Kim Won Suk)


  704. 704 : rory Says:

    admin, I’m sorry for posting double comments 😀

    this drama has became my favorite all the time even though it’s over than 3 years already..
    At 1st, I fall in love with geol oh’s char but later on going crazy for lee sun joon..LOL! for me, yoochun did a good job here since it’s his debut drama..as a newbie, choosing a saeguk drama was really brilliant & I dun ever know it his 1st drama though while watching it..
    I agree that PMY’s acting was better than her act in city hunter or even in Dr.jin + his chemistry with those boys was really good too..

    really recommended to all^^

  705. 705 : BRENDA Says:

    lovely……………i found it ………………

  706. 706 : tyarachunnie Says:

    i miss lee sun joon..^^ i have to watch this again and again…this drama is first time i know yoochun…and i luv jalgeum kwartet too..have a good chemistry..

  707. 707 : Bhebz Says:

    One of the best Kdrama ever! But I don’t understand why got so low rating! Tsk tsk.. Luckily it won many awards.. 🙂

  708. 708 : one Says:

    just started it cauz we cant aford it mare looks like a nice 1 wat happens hu ends with hu

  709. 709 : baone Says:

    I just love this drama,its touching, funny, romantic and a bit of adventure> its like the whole enchilada!i love it more especially with all those gorgeous guys.

  710. 710 : bblve07 Says:

    one of my best, unf0rgetable, and farovite drama ever, i miss the love team s0 much.. I miss sungkyunkwan scandal/secret love very much.. Mwa mwa love u all..

  711. 711 : bora Says:

    I love this drama soooooooo much!
    It’s complete! Love, hate, action, sad, happy, mystery. Love jalgeum quartet, what a sweet bromance and can’t help to fall in love with Lee Seon Joon/Park Yoochun. So much sweet, cute & funny romantic scenes makes me excited to watch more of LSJ & KYS couple. This is one of the best drama! Good job! I will surely watch this drama again and again

  712. 712 : saga Says:

    why can’t see ,,he just say video is currently unaivable in your country..

  713. 713 : rory Says:

    try watching here

  714. 714 : tabitha Says:

    best drama !!!! omg.. i rewatch over and over again…

  715. 715 : bigeye46 Says:

    thumb up

  716. 716 : dinithi Says:


  717. 717 : Birddybuddy Says:

    I’m falling with this drama all over again keekeekeee 👍👍👍👍😂😂😂😂😘😘😘😘😘💏

  718. 718 : Autumn Grace Says:

    This drama is one of my favorite KD of all time. I’ve watched this several times already and I didn’t get bored of it. 🙂

  719. 719 : Dev Says:

    these days this is going on tv channels in srilanka….I love it very much…I think it is a joyfull memory 4 u….it attracted my heart…..I wish those actors directors etc 2 win their own dreams…..& 2 make very beautiful….dramas like this………………………

  720. 720 : dzul Says:

    im like this drama

  721. 721 : indowat Says:

    goood .. thanks

  722. 722 : Ade .S Says:

    Good drama movie..

  723. 723 : ssfxw Says:

    makasih atas sharing nya , Drama koreaaa emang bikin panas dingin

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    Best drama movie i have ever seen great

  728. 728 : Jontor Says:

    The best movie drama.

  729. 729 : Diadia Says:

    Like this movie… lol

  730. 730 : seeshow Says:

    Micky yoochun daebak! Park yuchun fighting!

  731. 731 : perangsang wanita ampuh Says:

    This movie which often appears on television I like it

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  735. 735 : korea fan Says:

    Missing Lee sun joon, missing Yoochun today

  736. 736 : MIMI Says:

    one of my greatest dramas of Korea…. its amazing i loveee it,,,, its a movie which doesn’t bore you instead it excites you

  737. 737 : dzuel Says:

    i’m happy

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    Nice drama, i like drama korean

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    i like drama korean, thanks you

  745. 745 : In love with Chicago Typewriter OST | A Transient Wanderer Says:

    […] play a challenging character, meaningful if I may say. Just look at his previous work such as Sungkyungkwan Scandal, Fashion King, Jang Ok Jung. There is also Go Kyung Pyo (@kopular) which left good impression on […]

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