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Summer Scent

Title: 여름향기 / Summer Scent
Chinese Title : 夏日香气
Also known as: Summer Breeze / Endless Love 3
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2003-Jul-07 to 2003-Sep-09
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Related Series: Endless Love


Yoo Min Woo’s first love was So Eun Hye who gets into a car accident. Eun Hye dies, leaving him behind. Shim Hye Won has suffered from a terrible heart disease ever since childhood. Miraculously, she finds that she will be obtaining a heart from a donor, Soh Eun Hye.

Suffering from the pain of a heartache, Min-woo goes to Paris to study, the memories of Eun Hye still hunts his heart. When he returns to Korea, fate takes a turn and brings Hye Won and Min-woo together. When the two first meet, Hye Won’s heart (Eun Hye’s heart), oddly beats faster when she is around Min Woo.

Park Jung Jae is Hye Won’s boyfriend. Park Jung Ah is Jung Jae’s sister, she meets Min Woo in Italy and falls for him.


Song Seung Hun as Yoo Min Woo
Son Ye Jin as Shim Hye Won
Ryu Jin as Park Jung Jae
Han Ji Hye as Park Jung Ah
Shin Ae as So Eun Hye
Jo Eun Sook as Oh Jang Mi
Ahn Jung Hoon as Ji Dae Poong
Kim Hae Sook as Min Woo’s mother
Kang Ji Hwan as Jung Ah’s husband

Production Credits

Producer: Kim Chul Kyu
Director: Yoon Suk Ho
Screenwriter: Choi Ho Yun
Cinematography: Kim Yong Su
Lighting: Kim Gwang Su

Official Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : InDy MeLinda Says:

    I just can understand about the ending about this drama…

    So anyone can explain me?

    Did they are together or not?

  2. 2 : bless Says:

    The ending is pretty much up to the viewer’s conclusion. Eventhough Hye-won had another heart transplant (a man’s heart this time), her heart was still beating fast when she was near Min-woo and he said (in narration type) that this time it was not fate but love.

    I agree with other critics of this drama that it is the weakest story compared to the other season series. The flow of the story was a bit slow. All the casts were pretty good, did their parts well.

    I hope I have helped you with this.

    Bless (NT, Australia)

  3. 3 : Stacey Says:

    i’ve only seen part of it…where can i buy this drama??????????

  4. 4 : french asian Says:

    Song Seung Hun is so good mannnnn!!!!!!!! i love his filmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and in this film he’s a very good person!! it’s rigth about the ending !!the ending is not the ending !!for me !!! the peopol who wathed this film must try to created the ending in self in their heart!!!!!because it’s like a new storie who begin !!! so you anderstand !!!!!!bye kiss and in french i say : bise!!

  5. 5 : supple Says:

    well…this is also another good drama…What i love most is the setting…where they shoot this drama…I like the dresses of the characters..kkk…Abby and Carlo,Jeorge and Johanna…

  6. 6 : dyeth Says:

    I haven’t seen all the episodes yet. I have a pretty good idea where it’s gonna lead because all Korean dramas have bad endings. Somehow they just don’t know how to end a story. It’s not like a tragic hero story
    as in Greek philosophy.

  7. 7 : larend Says:

    so sweet ending….

  8. 8 : Dee Says:


    a Lot of Romantic scene..
    i Like d sound of heart beating,,
    i Think it’s very Touching..

  9. 9 : tzeng Says:

    the ending is the ending BUT you can continue the story. Hae Won did not marry Jang Jae. 3 years past since Hae Won’s artificial heart transplant her heart beats again when she got near Min Woo who still loves her. So, for a happy ending they have to be together. I really love this story. Unique OST and great location.

  10. 10 : tzeng Says:

    since SSh can really sing I hope he will make an album, a compilation of songs from his past tv shows and movies. I love his voice in two of the OST of Sad Love Song. I really love his acting.

  11. 11 : exen88 Says:

    The conclusion to this series was dissappointing. They didnt devote the last episode to Min-woo and Hye-won being together, rather they ended with a glimpse of them seeing eachother again. That kind of scene is only good for saying, “the second series is next,” but there is no sequel. Since it was the last episode (series finaly) why couldnt they show more of them together? Why did Hye-won stayed (not married) with Jung jae rathered than Min-woo.. that was an unrealistic choice.. she is too unaturally-selfless.. doesn’t make sense why they had to end it like that.. it wasn’t great.. Hye-won never found out that Jung-jae blackmailed Min-woo before the plegde ceromony.. kinda bad to not relapse that plot.. yet i felt this series was good and satisfying for the first 15 episodes until Min-woo and Hye-won seperated.. the conclusion/ending was just unsatisfying..

  12. 12 : Goong Ju Says:

    Storyline was slow. It just didn’t work out well despite the casts were all good

  13. 13 : lalaine Says:

    i really love this drama its romantic love story, seong seung heon he’s really sweet and handsome..

  14. 14 : Leo Says:

    I just want to comment on the technical aspect of the TV drama. The DP (director of photography) is horrible. All through the series, the outdoor images were all washed out (over-exposed). It’s such an amature problem that can be simply avoided by using auto-exposure.
    The problem is so distracting that I keep thinking the DP must be wearing a thick sun-glass while shooting.
    Also once in a while you can see the boom mic dipping into the picture from above. It happens since the audio guy gets tired holding the pole. But the director or DP needs to reshoot the take or crop the picture in post-production, rather than leave the problem be.
    Overall, the technical aspect of this drama is the worst I’ve ever seen in any movie or TV.

  15. 15 : Mhel Says:

    nice story!!
    very touching!!

  16. 16 : elma Says:

    I really like the story, it’s truly amazing, touching. The lead actor is so good and handsome. I think all the cast, the director and more the writer had excellently done all their best for the movie, it’s a unforgettable.

  17. 17 : evarose Says:

    Basically it’s up to the viewer to decide what happens to them in the end. I think the end suggests that they did meet again and that they will end up together.

    Or if you prefer to decided that they remain just friends.

  18. 18 : Rent_tea Says:

    I love this cinema…………..

  19. 19 : eira Says:

    i like the soundtrack in this drama..

  20. 20 : ZERRİN Says:

    I really really love tihs korean drama.

  21. 21 : ZERRİN Says:

    I love Korean and Korean

  22. 22 : linhtu Says:

    I love Summer Scent. For me it is neither slow nor is the ending ambiguous. Far from being ambiguous, the ending is so romantic given the uncertainties felt by both Minwoo and Hyewon whether their love for each other is true or not. At the beginning they were brought together through Eunhye’s heart inside of Hyewon: the feelings of familiarity that Hyewon has of places that she has never been to before or that Minwoo hearing his lost love calling out his name at the tea garden.
    The simplicity of the ending brings out what I as a viewer wishes to see. Yes the love Hyewon has for Minwoo expresses itself through her heart irratic beating but her feeling of connection to him originates from the deep of her soul ; her earlier heart may have quickened for Minwoo because it was still carrying Eunhye’s memories but the throbbings she feels on the stairs at the end comes from the depths of her own being.
    The set up of the last scene is simply superb: simple and superb. The little details are there if you care to notice. Hyewon is carrying a bouquet of yellow roses, Minwoo’s favorite; they were in a huge crowd in the rain making it nigh impossible for them to recognize each other. And then, the sea of open umbrellas keeping them apart just magically melted away leaving them breathlessly looking at each other while their hearts beat in unison to the whispering admission of Hyewon that she has absolutely no control over her heart whenever her true love is close.
    Although the story line denies them much physical intimacy and contact, one can feel the tenderness they share for each other: when she got on her toes to blow the dust speck in his eye, one can imagine they are kissing like Jungah did, but they are not. Or when they danced barefooted in the grass at night and she gently got on his toes. Physically it is not much contact but symbolically and metaphorically it speaks volume.
    Personally the two most romantic moments for me is when Hyewon shyly gave Minwoo a soft peck on the cheek on the beach. The expression of her thoughts as she kissed him are precious and the scene where her bare foot drew circles in the wet sand before she told him to close his eyes killed me. The indecision betrayed by the slow movements of her foot in the sand revealed she is coming to grasp with a nascent feeling of love buried deep inside her below layers of morality and obligations.
    The second moment is when Hyewon asked Minwoo how she can repay what he has done for her and he replied: “with your whole life”. The tender look on Hyewon’s face on hearing it tells me that she understands it is no demand but an explicit declaration and a promise on his part to love her for the rest of his life from this moment on.
    Both characters are burdened by the implications of their respective pasts: Hyewon feels guilty for all the things that Jungjae has done for her. She is confused between her feelings of familiarity overweighed by her sense of obligation toward her fiancé and her new uncontrollable feelings for a complete stranger. As the story unfold, this uncontrolled heart feeling becomes something much more deeply connected: when she lays sick in the hospital, his soothing words and his loving touch so completely healed her that even the doctor was surprised. Every fiber in her body already knows what is the true path for her even as her mind still burdened by her sense of obligation, refuses to recognize. Before “”The I think, there is the I am”.
    For his part, Minwoo has not completely let Eunhye go yet and is confused himself in the beginning about his feeling for Hyewon. Both parties are wracked and tortured by their own respective guilt feelings: one for the dead and the other for the living. The slow speed of their resolution and revelation of their true feelings for each other come about in my opinion due to a common aspect of their character : they are considerate people. Their irresolution reflects the behavior of kind people caught in a web of obligations while yearning and reaching for something seemingly unreachable. We all can imagine what not so considerate and unkind people would do in their place and quick too.
    The casting is excellent : SSH is handsome and Son Yejin is just simply lovely as in looking like Love itself : demure, pure and innocent.
    I realize I am in the minority who love Summer Scent but it does not bother me one bit. I know what my heart tells me: this is great romantic drama in the old fashion way of hopeless predestined love except that it is not so hopeless after all. Hyewon and Minwoo are meant for each other, their fates tied by that proverbial red string that no trial nor tribulation can ever render them apart.

  23. 23 : Luffy Says:

    Good movie

  24. 24 : Faye Says:


    I started watching Summer Scent last night and it;s the first time this drama is shown here on island (American Samoa) where I live. I am a fan of Korean Drama so, I just watch whatever is on. Well, I am a great fan of Mr. Song and I loved him on Baby Switch…….He’s more handsomer than ever I just love his eyes. Well, I have read a lot about this Drams and I think it’s going to be a great watch even though I reach so much about it even to the last episode but, I do not care I will watch it anyway. Boy, the scenery is just beautiful and I hope to enjoy this show like I am enjoying The Slingshot. Thank you so much for clean dramas. I completely quit watching Hollywood DRama and Movies and I am concentrating on Korean Shows at least they leave a lot to the imagination when it comes to the love scenes….way to go….love you all…

  25. 25 : lila ishak Says:

    hi… last nite is the 4th episode of SummerScent at my country, malaysia. i haven’t miss & do not want to miss a single episode of dis series also! though i’m a minority who juz love this drama – yet for me i like the way they unfold the love story between those two – minwoo & hyewon. no doubt SSH & Son Yejin has done a wonderful job and both of them are very lovely in their own ways. SSH is so good looking… i juz love the way he stared at hyewon. love the scenery very much, especially at the location where they first met… the mountain breeze… wow! it looks so damn romantic! does korea always look this greatttt? come what may… yet i am so addicted to korean drama – especially those of pure & naive love story like this!

  26. 26 : Pyrexia15 Says:

    Summer Scent is a great story..But,it’s kind of sad too..Can anyone tell me why KBS World just show it on tv in Malaysia now?

  27. 27 : noor Says:

    The show this time around is a repeat in M’sia….think I watched it last year but can’t remember on which station…unfortunately I didn’t watch the final episode due to some urgent matters..I tried to watch the 20th episode online but the video is always not available..

    Whatever it is..this show is grreeaatt…

  28. 28 : jlieza Says:

    i love this drama too….but the ending is very dissapointed..why don’t just leave hae won and min woo together…
    but overall,i love korean drama!!!

  29. 29 : jlieza Says:

    i love korean drama very much even if the ending was always dissapointed..

  30. 30 : Noelle Says:

    Thanks for Linhtu so detailed of the feelings of Hyewon & Minwoo in this drama of Summer Scent !!! So touching, romantic and pure LOVE. Unluckily most of the onlines for free watching are broken ^O^

  31. 31 : jass Says:

    I love the drama very much, in fact I have to think every now and then what will happen in the next episode. I really like the drama, the pure and romantic love touch my heart. The casts is really good especially Song Seung Hun and Son Yejin, they perform it very well. So I hope SSH and Son Yejin have another drama like this one. Thanks and God bless.

  32. 32 : clark Says:

    hi…just finished watching the whole episode of summer scent the best korean movie that i’ve ever watch so far…

    its really so touching…its make me cry, sad and admire the sacrifices that they have endured, especially in the last episode where Hyewon told Minwoo that she will have another surgery but you have to leave me… can you imagine how hard it was for both of them…

    more power to the makers of this movie…and especially the actors…i really admired Hyewon and Minwoo…they only act a simple action but its speak a millions of meaning…

  33. 33 : kate Says:

    Hi! InDy MeLinda
    i can tell u about the end of this drama, it mean both of them ll be together again and forever since the last time Shim Hye-won always think dat Min Woo don luv her who she is but Min Woo still luv his ex-girlfriend cos she got her heart and esp her heart always beating while she stayed with Min Woo she though its not her real heart, its jus Min woo ex-girlfriend’s heart so at the end she decided to change her heart again but her heart still beating when she meet Min Woo again. Thus, it mean Min Woo&Hye Won always luv each other not related to anyone heart…

  34. 34 : Arjun singh Says:

    Im impresed by the writter of this drama and the song that start with the heart beat.And again by those who act in the drama it is really hard to forget. I was even dreaming about the drama me taking the role of Min woo I was really shocked. I wish this kind of love will not happen in this warld it was even more shocking than Romeo and Julet.

  35. 35 : Aileen (Philippines) Says:

    among the 4 endless love stories – for me, this is my favorite.. lesser crying scenes but you could really feel the love through the heart beat! i really loved those scenes wherein Hye Won’s heart starts to beat faster when Min woo is around (especially at the airport). Its really magical!

    Since most of the scenes in the series are under the rain, it made me liked the rain for quite sometime, perfect timing coz’ the drama aired in the Phils. during rainy season! Yellow roses and Calla added romance to the story!

  36. 36 : Luk Says:

    Summer Scent was good. Nice music, secenaries, etc. I really like the ending too, though sometimes I do wish to see a little more than just Hae Won smiling at Min Woo because of her realization of her love for him being truely hers and not because of Eun Hye while Min Woo stares back at her, shocked that she is still alive.

  37. 37 : samar Says:

    i loved the happy end after all the drama
    I love you Song Seung Heon thanks for your good work

  38. 38 : fetty arisandy Says:

    song seung hun!! verry handsome!!

  39. 39 : Loveless Says:

    The best drama I’ve ever seen…
    So touching…
    I can feel their love.
    I can feel their emotion.
    It makes know how the feel of true love.
    Also i can feel their wound.
    Its make me amazed and confuse all at once.
    How hard to keep their feeling without want to hurting each other.
    About the ending its better that way.
    No need to tell with complicated story.
    Everyone must be know they will be together.

    Love hurt.. But sometimes it’s good hurt..

  40. 40 : AsianGirls Says:

    This drama very amazing lovely… so touching… actually i love the ending.. without words… love can say everything…. so speakless… i love this drama..

  41. 41 : mutiara Says:

    son yeh jin is very pretty here…

  42. 42 : mel Says:

    i like son yeh jin’s act especially in personal taste…

  43. 43 : Tantono Says:

    i love korean movie. so romantic

  44. 44 : Thonlay Says:

    I am the fan of Son ye jin
    i don’t want to miss every drama and movie she involved
    i love her cute face and the way she acts
    She is awesome
    Way to go sis

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  46. 46 : Belle Says:

    can someone tell me about the ending?will they actually be together or not?i think this is a sad drama, but i’d be glad if they were together in the end

  47. 47 : an Says:


  48. 48 : lili Says:

    great story and great actors. song seong heon is great her

  49. 49 : sun Says:

    the end was just ok for me. i was expecting for better ending. but i love this drama and the cast was the best.

  50. 50 : hirmah Says:

    i got this drama..but i only watch 2 epi..its so bored to me..i cant finish it..when i read comment here..i think i got problem with myself maybe coz i got many drama and everyday watching drama and watching with speed 4x thats why i already dont have feel..i dont know still i cant finish to watch this drama..

  51. 51 : yanet Says:

    es una novela muy chevere y muchas gracias x damos algunos partes de la novela de su historia ya chuu buena suerte

  52. 52 : Wahyuning Says:

    Sangat menyentuh, air mata di sana sini, soundtrack yang bagus, pemain handal dan menawan,…..I LOVE THIS SO MUCH……

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  54. 54 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    I love the song seung hun so sometimes because of him I can tolerate bad script.
    the script is not that bad, but the motif is repeated in almost every Korean drama and a little hard for me to see all the time how they make the man or woman victim to intrigue of interests and create an image of man almost stupid and blind.

  55. 55 : eva Says:

    Really like this drama .
    The best Romance drama I ever seen 🙂
    Hope this drama can play once again on tv indonesia .

  56. 56 : maple Says:

    can’t download ost. where to download?

  57. 57 : Autumn in My Heart (가을동화) « styrn Says:

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  58. 58 : jnt Says:

    SYJ is most beautiful here. just 20? she was the picture if love…

  59. 59 : caroline Says:

    SYJ’s acting very rigid. SSH looks fat in this show. Don’t like the story, very naive development.

  60. 60 : kimnic Says:

    like this drama but it seams like im not satisfied….cant happened in a real life…..is it true? that a person can change their heart twice?

  61. 61 : Steve Ansdel Says:

    That’s too bad they picked the wrong girl as the dead girlfrien SuEunae . I cannot relate to her at all. Her face is not even pretty there is no graciousness to her. Why would he even fall in love with her at all?

  62. 62 : NancyKwan Says:

    Another mushy film with the female lead being this sad self absorbed victim type who everyone loves and adores but who suffers because she is the victim and has to” do the right thing” even if it kills her. How boring!
    It is trecherpis watching thru this typical Korean drama. I swear, these Koreans really like to watch people suffering because of unrequited love. Look at the way these people kiss in the dramas. They have no passion!!!

  63. 63 : Llcool33 Says:

    Excuse me but SYJ is not even pretty. Toe she is plain. If you call that pretty then what is beautiful? I think that the sister is prettier than her, whatever her name is. When I saw her at the beginning of the movie she was more animated. Then as the show went pm, she was more and more one dimensional. No personality at all. Is it the acting or the character or both? Must be the stupid writing.

  64. 64 : Anna lamb Says:

    Jung Ah is such a self absorbed deluded little bitch. She thinks because she is in love with Min Woo that he should return the favor. Are all Korean women like this. Doesn’t she have any pride? That would never happen in the States.Korean women can be so emotional and cruel.

  65. 65 : putra Says:

    i love this drama

  66. 66 : dinda Says:

    i loved the story, but so sad i never saw the end of this drama 🙁

  67. 67 : shizaney Says:

    alguien me puede decir explicar el final por que la verdad no entendí y no mes gusto tanto drama y sufrir bien lo dice en el primer capitulo un amor trágico no puede ser ese un final dejan inconclusas algunos asuntos

  68. 68 : Dumb IT Says:


    “Scent of Summer” music video …

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