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Title: 스타일 / Style
Chinese Title : 风格
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-Aug-01 to 2009-Sep-20
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45


Lee Seo Jung has recently joined a fashion magazine company called Style. Her boss, Editor Park, is loathed by her employees because of her bad temper. As Seo Jung is trying to climb the ranks of this company, she realizes that the fashion world is not a pretty place. Romance, backstabbing, competition, and lies all come along with the territory. However, she meets Seo Woo Jin who helps her during this tough time.


Ryu Shi Won as Seo Woo Jin
Lee Ji Ah as Lee Seo Jung
Kim Hye Soo as Park Ki Ja
Lee Yong Woo as Kim Min Joon

Extended Cast

Nah Young Hee as Son Myung Hee
Chae Gook Hee as Kim Ji Won
Shin Jung Geun as So Byung Suk
Han Chae Ah as Cha Ji Sun
Kim Ga Eun as Wang Mi Hye
Park Ji Il as Lee Suk Chang
Kim Shi Hyang as Hwang Bo Kap Joo
Kim Gyu Jin as Nam Bong Woo
Hong Ji Min as Oh Yoo Na
Han Seung Hoon as Kwak Jae Suk
Hwang Hyo Eun as Lee In Ja
Kim Hak Jin as Shim Gyun
Kim In Tae as (Myung Hee & Woo Jin’s father)
Park Soon Chun as (Seo Jung’s mother)
Kim Yong Rim as Lee Bang Ja
Bae Jin Sub
Sandara Park as herself (ep6)
Lee Jae Jin as himself (ep6)

Production Credits

Production Company: Yeh In Munhwa
Director: Oh Jong Rok
Screenwriter: In Eun Ah

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-08-01 1 17.6 (2nd) 17.4 (2nd)
2009-08-02 2 17.6 (4th) 17.7 (4th)
2009-08-08 3 19.5 (2nd) 20.4 (2nd)
2009-08-09 4 19.9 (4th) 20.2 (4th)
2009-08-15 5 16.9 (3rd) 16.9 (3rd)
2009-08-16 6 19.6 (5th) 19.6 (5th)
2009-08-22 7 17.5 (2nd) 17.3 (3rd)
2009-08-23 8 18.2 18.3 (4th)
2009-08-29 9 17.4 (3rd) 16.8 (4th)
2009-08-30 10 17.9 (6th) 17.4 (6th)
2009-09-05 11 15.8 (6th) 15.4 (6th)
2009-09-06 12 16.2 (6th) 15.9 (6th)
2009-09-12 13 13.9 (6th) 13.5 (6th)
2009-09-13 14 16.6 (6th) 16.3 (6th)
2009-09-19 15 14.2 (5th) 14.3 (6th)
2009-09-20 16 15.6 (7th) 15.0 (7th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : kysha Says:

    Looks interesting! I like Lee Ji Ah.

  2. 2 : jtt Says:

    finally,a drama from leejiah n rsw.hope it will be good.aza fighting

  3. 3 : Emilza Says:

    It’s been a long time since i watched Ryu Shi Won in Wedding..
    Looking forward to this drama..

  4. 4 : BooBooKitty Says:

    Looks like another “fashion” related drama, trying to cash in on the current trend (ala Cinderella Man). Wasen’t crazy about Cinderella Man, so not sure about this one, but they do have a couple good actors (Ryu Shi Won & Li Ji Ah).

  5. 5 : fred Says:

    Didn’t really like Lee Ji Ah’s performance in Beethoven’s Virus. But the subject of this drama sounds pretty interesting. You can find out more from this blog spot.


  6. 6 : Well Says:

    wow. finally, i have been waiting for this show to air. lee ji ah fighting.

  7. 7 : Sony Says:

    Lee ji ah’s so cute.

  8. 8 : Angela Says:

    Can’t wait to see this drama starring Ejiah! She’s a pretty and talented actress! Her 3rd drama ~~~
    Beethoven Virus is a good drama too,won some awards at the 2008 MBC Drama Awards

  9. 9 : jean ",) Says:

    plz show us the ratings later!



  10. 10 : Sony Says:

    Do you have another picture cover?
    Such at the big picture Ji Ah

  11. 11 : sarah Says:

    dear ryu si won
    be helthy & happy any where u are
    i like u very much.
    i wish i ll see u oneday

  12. 12 : Well Says:

    The trailer look quite boring.. but I will judge after watching it

  13. 13 : tsanglha Says:

    it seems interesting hope it will be a good drama
    aza aza

  14. 14 : jean ", Says:

    please show us the episode ratings…

    thank you!

  15. 15 : sam Says:

    anybody please post the link for the wallpaper.

  16. 16 : KIKAY AMALIA Says:

    .iWoW . . . . KeRReN beUdhh ..
    saLLuuuuuuT DweH ma DrAma KoReA …
    KIky suKKa bAnGeT . .

  17. 17 : shin Says:

    OH!! i want to see this!!! AHH! when would they sub it??

  18. 18 : Sony Says:

    Ah, the rate is not bad.
    I’m look forward for Ji Ah in this drama.

  19. 19 : mint0017 Says:

    You can take a look here,,, we have a team to put sub,,, anyway we also need s ubber to translate,, it is a fan s ub group not for sell


  20. 20 : jai Says:

    it’s boring for me sorry gals, have to ask miswhite, what do you think about this drama?

  21. 21 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    I really tried to get into this drama and was really looking forward to watching it. I’ll try again, yet from the episodes that I’ve already viewed…something is missing. Like the catch, the draw, the hook. That which will grab my attention and make me think that there’s no way that I’m going to miss watching this drama or any part of it. For me, there’s no anticipation to view it at this point. The writer(s) and director definitely needs to come together and rethink the script and its delivery by actors. Good actors, yet no sparks, no chemistry. Just let the actors act. There’s too much supression happening in the delivery of their lines. The Devil Wears Prada is a good example of chemistry, energy and sparks among the actors. Igniting the viewers, creating anticipation.

    In this kdrama, even the evil, female antagonists didn’t move me to anger, it’s too blase. Unlike the actress who portrayed Gu Joon Pyo’s mother in Boys Before Flowers or Merle Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. Those actresses sparked emotion in the viewers and did it with very little facial expressions. Their non-chalant, unmoveable, unshakeable, business demeanor revealed their character. We knew they were mean.

    If the actor is portraying a gay lifestyle. …be flambuoyant, expressive, snappy and funny. You’re already ‘out’ act like it. Don’t just dress the part and be boring. Work it (that role)…LOL!!! If you’re going to be arrogant, make us not want to stand to see you, yet gradually melt our hearts when that right person comes into your life, the one that makes you want to change your behavior, if that’s a part of the plot. WELL, JUST HAVING MY SAY!!! -American k/t/jdrama fan.

  22. 22 : ray Says:

    Hey anybody know where I can download the OST for this drama?

  23. 23 : Sony Says:

    The first episode is really excited.
    Ji Ah is beautiful and really funny.
    Yesh! Ji Ah Fighting!

  24. 24 : JH Says:

    i love this drama !!! i like Lee Ji Ah!!!!

  25. 25 : Sony Says:

    Ji Ah is good at acting in funny face as monkey like in The Legend.
    She is so funny.
    Really like her acting in Style

  26. 26 : Someone Says:

    Who will LeeJiAh end up with? I hope she will end up with Lee Yong Woo (Kim Min Joon). But it seem impossible.

  27. 27 : ehong Says:

    this is a fun drama, but i can’t say it’s the best out right now..
    and for the person who is looking for the ost, you can always try youtube.
    they always have it lols

  28. 28 : Patty Says:

    One of the most boring, disconnected kdrama ever seen. Absolutely no chemistry, boring acting, zzzzzzzzzz script zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  29. 29 : appleblahsums Says:

    one of the actresses i like here is kim hye sun from the days of Did We Really Love with Bae yoong joon, she was really good in that drama. I think she’s a demure actress & great in acting but i’m not sure if this drama is for me based from the postings i read here. I started watching but i dunno if i shld continue. I also liked Le ji ah? from Beethoven Virus but maybe this drama didn’t really meet all the viewers’ expectation, which is unfortunate.

  30. 30 : micaa Says:

    great drama!!! you should watch it!!! ep 1 might be wierd coz of all the screaming and shitty stuff!!! but if you keep watching it;ll get better and better!!! i love the romance between park gi ja and seo woo jin!!! love them!

  31. 31 : Wendy Says:

    I feel like it is a waste of time watching this drama, they been fighting, quarrelling, arguing, really boring, no point, especially the lady editor, I really don’t like her, in her eyes she only see herself, selfish, the most dissapointing thing is the 2 lead actors love her, I thought Le ji ah is the lead actress, but she didn’t get any love from anyone of them. I’ve stop watching it from episode 4. Please don’t watch, you will regret. I think they try to copy “The Devil Wears Prada”, but very dissapointing.

  32. 32 : kristian Says:

    “style” is good and wonderful. She is editor park because she feels stress her temper. She always goes to chef of restaurant and he dont want to see her again. she is good and kind because she is very patient. she looks hard work and she is designed of photo and clothes.

    I am not korean man and I am real canadian. I like to see on the english sutblitles

  33. 33 : jess Says:

    Does anyone know where i can download the soundtrack for this drama? especially the violin music piece of the theme song you & i

  34. 34 : Minoh Says:

    Although, everybody in the show did their best, in my opinion, the best one in this show is Hye-soo Kim, who starred as editor Park.
    Had it not been for her, the show would have been mess.
    She is the only one who fits in this show…

  35. 35 : kristian Says:

    You can add on the episode unit 16. I want to see the vlog…

  36. 36 : deanaz Says:

    to jess, you can download you & i song in http://koreandramamv.blogspot.com/2009/09/style.html

  37. 37 : dpcats Says:

    one of the most confusing drama I’ve ever watched!! the only thing I can clearly remember in watching this one is the word EDGE! and I think am not the only one with that kind of opinion as I read somewhere in one of the interviews of Ryu Shi Won, he’s also confused by the character he played! have yet to see the last 4eps of this one as am still awaiting for it to be fully subbed…..but still am just forcing my self to finish it as I don’t want my 12hours invested in watching this one gone to waste…..

  38. 38 : enny Says:

    Hey people! How are you doing? :p Well I have finished watch this drama. What I want to say is that This drama is worth watching! believe me. You should watch it! I watched it at mysoju.com There has english sub. 😉 I’m sorry for those who dont want me to tell you the end… For those who want to know… : In the end, Seo Woo Jin end with park ki ja. and kim min joon end with lee seo jung!! yay!!!! love the end! 😀

    I wrote this especially for Someone. It IS possible! keep watching! 😉

  39. 39 : deanaz Says:

    really such a boring drama. who is the lead actress here, LJA or KHS? in the end theres no one of lead actor loves seo jung? is park ki ja deserves to get love from two of lead actor….what on your mind screenwriter?

  40. 40 : Thinzar Says:

    I very very like the relationships between Soe Woo Jin and Park Ki Jar.
    Lee Ji a is a bad girl.I don’t like her.
    Kim Hae Soe fighting.
    Soe Woo Jin fighting.

  41. 41 : Rose Says:

    WTF! what wrongs with this movie???


  42. 42 : aichouss Says:

    this drama is really cool and soft!!

    i like it

  43. 43 : xiiaofen Says:

    NOOOO!!!!! TT-TT whyy? i wanted her to end up with Seo Woo Jin
    ahhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooo darn i have no reason to keep watching this drama now -__-“

  44. 44 : dramah Says:

    THIS IS SOO BORING ..dont bother watch it

  45. 45 : koreanfan Says:

    Dear viewers,
    I’ve just finished watching the drama. I really like it. Kim Hye Sun is the best and the others are great. Even though there are not many romantic scenes in the drama, their friendship is impressive.

  46. 46 : Changmi Says:

    A little bit boring with this drama.skip it

  47. 47 : bula Says:

    i’d watched it already and it’s the best drama ever. kim hye soo and ryu shi won are just too great anyway. can’t wait for STYLE II

  48. 48 : ripi Says:

    ryu shi won is so cute although he is 38. GREAT! He acted like a teenager in STYLE

  49. 49 : baby Says:

    the one who perfectly melt me is kim hye soo. she’s damn hot and lovely. YEAHH

  50. 50 : stupe Says:

    you who posted the worse things about this drama is totally stupid. this drama is worth watching especially the romance between park ki ja and xu yu zhen

  51. 51 : yuni imoet Says:

    aq sich lom nonton……..but sperti_a menarik
    STYLE seru abieeeeees. q tunggu tayangan_a
    di Indosiar………..

  52. 52 : KimJoo Says:

    Omo ths drma mke me fun…

  53. 53 : violina Says:

    hmm..its a cool film. Brand new series of korean drama. Eventhough its adapted from the devil wears prada, this film still entertain the viewer..keep moving..i really curious with the clashes in this film.

  54. 54 : [email protected] Says:

    film nie bgs abzzzz….love indosiar yg sll nayangin flm korea…

  55. 55 : sani Says:

    drama korea ini cukup menghibur,, soalnya ada Ryu Si Won

  56. 56 : elly fitasari Says:

    hahah …
    asik ni drama?
    ada ryu shi won shi?

  57. 57 : icecreammania Says:

    . .^^;
    I love korean drama so much, and I’m curious about this drama . .
    cause I’ve not seen this drama yet . .
    hahahaa . .

  58. 58 : diph Says:


  59. 59 : janee Says:

    it’s so unbelievable. hate the ending soooo badddd….. how come the screen writer wrote such a horrible story. still can’t believe that ive been wasting my time looking for this drama in the internet and get fooled with the nonsense ending. crapssss…. 🙁

    *sorry, i just don’t like it. eventho i do love the cast, the whole story dissapoint me.

  60. 60 : hanahyori Says:

    filmnya cukup menghibur,,bwat cmua orang penasaran tuk menantikan kelanjutannya……

    aktor n aktrisnya cuakep….cuakep bbuuuukkk………

  61. 61 : chacha g bgtu imut tp lmyan lahh... Says:

    film nya bguusss…. aq ska pmran cwe yang jedua aq g ska pmran cwe utama nya.. jelekk :p

  62. 62 : lia Says:

    tadinya q suka drama ini,,tp lama2 kok jd sebel sendiri.
    q pngenya wu jin m sujung aja.,.,.,tp wu jin malah suka ma gi ja.

  63. 63 : b Says:

    Like this beud..
    Tapi kok cuma 16 Episode.. Huhuhuhu..

  64. 64 : amama Says:

    gila ,,,,,,,
    yang meranin sunjung keren buangetzz

  65. 65 : nia Says:

    pemeran utama cew nya jelekkk…:(

    jd malest….

    sbetulnya ceritanya bagus tpi pemeran utama cew nya terlalu tuaaaaaaaaa…..


    ini film mantap banget dah, si lee ji ah bikin meriang hahaha…. banyak nih spesies kaya gini di binus….

    i’m using indonesian language, proud of it….

  67. 67 : sonia Says:

    i love this drama ..
    keren abissssss……..
    suka bingung ntar soe jung ma Seo Woo Jin pa Kim Min Joon
    gag sabar nunggu tiap sore ..
    bawaan nya pengen cepet pulang and nonton .

  68. 68 : kata orang aku manis Says:

    w suka bgd ma film style,,,tapi pemeran cowo utamanya (Ryu shi Won) ga bgt ckep,,mlah ckepan kim hye sho..sebenerny di cerita itu doi homoseksual gg sey?trus so jung nantinya ama siapa?
    harap dijawab!!

  69. 69 : Cinta Veyla Says:

    i love you style so much….
    gak tau kenapa gua tuh like banget ama style…..
    i love you style i like it……..

  70. 70 : Rikee Says:

    duh ,,,, film nya seru bgt !!!
    jangan smape deh ktinggalan ,
    tpi gw penasaran , ntr gmna endingnya yah ??

  71. 71 : yumi kano Says:

    Cerita dramanya seh bgus……
    Tp knp ea koq pemainnya jelek2 seh….., apalagi kebanyakan yang maen kyaknya ud gk muda gitu……
    Kurang bguus, masih bgus Brilliant legacvy yang unik n lucu….

  72. 72 : intan Says:

    q ska bgd ma gi ja,,cool abizzz…the best lah…

  73. 73 : tian Says:

    keren banget dramanyaa ..
    keren abiss

  74. 74 : hwan...aja Says:

    ki ja cool banget… keren abiz…
    tpi woo jin su kok suka ma ki ja y…
    lebih bgs ma seo jung….dh
    ngk sabar pengen liat filmy tiap sore…
    drama korea bagus2 bnget….. kapan indonesia
    bikin sinetron yg bagus..y slma ini sinetron yang ada
    berbelit2 dg episode yang banyak…. yang sangat membosankan…..

  75. 75 : defa Says:

    lumyn ko filmny…ckup lh bkn heboh 1 kos2n tiap sore….hehe eh mg j hbis ni di indosiar diputer serial drama “cinderela man” ya… sinopsisny j bgs bgt lho…..dah pd bc lum…pemainy kwon sang woo…itu…pemain di film “bad love” bwt indosiar plesss ya abs film stile dpter film cinderela man…ghamsahamnida….

  76. 76 : phijii ikut join Says:

    i’m a lover drama korean ..
    STYLE itu :
    > bgus
    > glamor bgd khdupan pemain d crita na
    > tp crita na ckup bingungin , woo jin ntu suka na am cpa c ?
    mngkn krna ne bru epsd awal” x iah , jd blm ktauan .
    > ryu shi won , slain maen d STYLE , maen d pelm korea apa agy iah ?
    alna qu ky prnh liat dy d pelm ap gto .
    Qu lupa .

  77. 77 : rifkah rosalia Says:

    style bagus banget pa lagi kokinya guanteng banget
    tolong dong stlye jam tayngnya di undur jam jadi jam 5 ja
    jadine kalo plang kerja isa liat filmnya..please,,,

  78. 78 : yulia Says:

    tolong dong film style ada dan bsditonton scr online

  79. 79 : winda jonas Says:

    STYLE okk bangettt gue sukaaa

    sujungnya cantikk tapi jadinya sama siapa?????????????

    kereennnnnnnnn gue suukkaaa

  80. 80 : kristina Says:

    cerita yang oke, ga kayak kebanyakan drama korea, agak bingungin sih di awal dan tengah critanya,
    karakter park ki ja unik juga kirain dia tokoh antagonis di crita ini, ryu siwon makin cute aja meski tambah umur hehe… ^^ btw ini lee ji ah yang maen jewel in the palace tu?? kok beda ya??? ^^

  81. 81 : glodya Says:

    liad mukanya ‘lee ji ah’ jadi inget ma ‘kim so eun’,
    sama-sama cantik dan natural….

    jadi kangen ma ‘kim so eun’

  82. 82 : kristina Says:

    each character has a power in this story and we could not figure out how to end because in this story of intrigue that could be expected as the other drama, love story and there is also the unique character of diverse ….
    hhmm …… I think this is the best drama:)
    because the road is not the story cinderella story like Korean dramas generally hahahaa …..
    but …. why only up to episode 16? : (
    may be better over the extended because there are some sections that do not understand like how Seo Woo Jin and Park Ki Do had never met, or the history of style?

    my favourite character is park ki ja, coz she is so cool, strong, sexy and hardworking, 😉

  83. 83 : dady Says:

    waow!!!!! drama kore style, seruh banget… pkokx bkalan aku ikutin sampai akhir!!!!

  84. 84 : nur wahyu Says:

    wah………… drama2 korea makin bagus ja hmmmmmmmm klw gini q jadi tambah suka ma drama korea i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  85. 85 : rani Says:

    STYLE is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love this Korean drama very much

  86. 86 : kampret Says:

    laguna donlot dmana

  87. 87 : jois Says:

    gw suka sama drama korea nie, critanya menarik, lucu & karakternya unik..
    cuma sayangnya woo jin akhirnya sama park ki ja, bukan sama seo jung, huhuu…
    tpi klo karakter park ki ja yg maen orang lain, mgkin gw sneng akhir critanya sama woo jin (maaf yah kim hye soo & para fansnya kim hye soo).
    ryu shi won tu klo ga salah yang maen wedding deh sama jang na ra…

  88. 88 : anchan Says:

    karakter ryu sama y dengan karakternx di wedding….

  89. 89 : kikie Says:

    aku suka banget ama drama korea ini ceritanya menarik banget, dari episode awal aja udah kelihatan menariknya ceritanya glamour dan kisah percintaannya juga ok abiez……..!!!!!!!
    I lover drama korean…..

  90. 90 : HSH Says:

    If my life like seo jung , i’ll be happy forever…..

    It’s good drama….

  91. 91 : Nada Says:

    jadi akhirnya sama park ki ja…
    g setuju!!! setujunya sama seo jung …

    q jadi malas liat style lagi …

    park ki ja jahat banget sih.. tapi kq woo jin suka ??
    g terima!!!!

  92. 92 : Anthye_fatyarazz Says:

    WeeitZ…StyLe kuEeren baaangedd..!tp ntaR Shujung ma sIapa??tp bRhrap sigg ma kOki caKep…byR Crtx makN Top…!

  93. 93 : glodya Says:

    ada yang taw seo jung nya nanati ma capa ?
    n koki itu nanti beneran ma park ki ja?

  94. 94 : ade Says:

    iyanih… bingung bgt…… habis mereka tuh bener2 cnta segi empat…. satu sm lain kayakj nya tuh suka 2 uorang sekligus.. bener gk ??????????/ bikin bingung…… tp aku dukung seo jung ma woo jin…. ih pengen nonton akhirnya gmn ??

  95. 95 : kristina Says:

    hahaha….kayaknya pada penasaran nih akhirnya gmn 🙂
    kejutan banget loh..di akhir ceritanya pasti nggak ada yang nyangka….
    tonton aja trus…soalnya aku dah nonton sampe akhir hehe,,,,^^

  96. 96 : kiky Says:

    kya..,kenapa sich seo woo jin akhirnya hrs sm park ki ja?mendingan ama lee seo jung..,!!tp,klo seandainya yg jd park ki ja or lain,pasti Aq dukung klo seo woo jin ama tu or…..!!

  97. 97 : dyren Says:

    awalx siy q ga trtarik pas liat iklanx,coz pemainx tua2(nona park am wu jin)
    tpi pas nntonx trnyata lucu…n lama2 seru…
    btw,su jungx ntar pasanganx am ming jun ya???

  98. 98 : dika Says:


  99. 99 : Bagusan Dorama Jepang Says:

    ryu shi won main di wedding ama jang nara.

  100. 100 : ori Says:

    I’ve been watch “Style” and I’m so impressed by Kim hye soo, she was my inspiration to change my outfit.
    I’m a tomboy girl. I always wearing jeans,shirt and sneakers as my outfit.
    But when I saw her character as park ki ja at this tv series, suddenly I was having a desire to be a feminine..
    In my opinion park ki ja is a cool, sexy, arrogant and a brilliant character. And She (Kim hye soo) did made the character was alive for me.
    And this is the first time I’ve got ins pirated by a movie to change my look.
    Thank you cause you really-really change my life, from a girl to a woman.
    Thank you so much. May God will always bless u in every step of your life.

  101. 101 : cici Says:

    sayang woo jin akhirnya ama nona park..arus nya kan ama seo jung…koq seo jung mesti ama si koki,,,wuehhh…kurang enaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkk….

  102. 102 : nikita Says:

    anyong haseyo…..
    aduh bagus banget film nya
    aqh bule mndta email ny park kija
    and cmwa nya dertch
    aqh jd pengen maen drama korea sama mereka

  103. 103 : kristina Says:

    strongly agree with the comments about this drama is interesting, although very unfortunate too short to only 16 episodes,
    very interested in the main character of the chief editor: D
    He is a smart woman and had a strong character, so this drama of life and more colorful
    in other words she sexy, smart, resourceful, a bit arrogant, of course, beautiful and interesting I thought this was why the two men were interested in the park ki ja;)
    so gorgeous kim hye soo,
    at first I could contribute a little confused as fierce and rather insulting and rude, but it did describe it as someone who works hard and wants all employees succeed and be the best, oh … so great

    love, style drama 😉

  104. 104 : nidi Says:


  105. 105 : Juju Says:

    Ending ceritanya PAYAH…kenapa ryu shi won gak sama Seo jung

  106. 106 : Lea Says:

    Park Ki Ja ketuaan, body juga gak bagus, gede gitu kayak tukang pukul, sigh kenapa akhirnya ryu shi won harus sama dia….jelek!!

  107. 107 : dede Says:

    hy ini dyra dr indonesia,coment aq :i love drama korea because is very interesting story……. 🙂

  108. 108 : defi Says:

    yup ending nya gak banget.katanya gi ja park sering operasi plastik wuih pantesan aja mulus tu body

  109. 109 : erna says Says:

    drama korea I LOVE YOU FULL keren abiez………!!!!!!

  110. 110 : luph min jung Says:

    hrusnya su jung sama min jung ! ukh . bt in

  111. 111 : Lee K Says:

    Ohoho, i love this so much. And i`m happy that Woo Jin get along together with Ki Ja. (^^)

  112. 112 : Fita Says:

    Fantastic Korean Drama is Style…….
    And it’s very Wonderfull…….

  113. 113 : fitri Says:

    Gk d kta yg laen slaen bGus bwt drama kore StyLe. PemLhan krakter na unik2. kyak nona park yg gLa m kerjaan,tempRamen, v dia pux bxk cra bwt nYelesain msLh, orgx baek n nLong org dgn crax dia. Syg dH kLo seandaix Style kHlgn org kyk gTu. Koki seo wO0 jin baek tpi terxta bs tGas jga n ngeBls org yg nyba nginjk dia. Cmn klo seo jungx yg mnrutq krakter yg biasa2 z tp dibTuhin dlm cRita kyk gni. dia tpe2 cRia kyk Naruto atau kyu. yg pLing surprise y si min jung ntu. terxta…udh ckep, co0l, mrah2an m seo wo0 jin gr2 nona park. v…hmoseks. SalutT bwt StYle.

  114. 114 : wkakaka Says:

    endingnya kok dah taw? mestinya woo jin sm min joon…pas adegan min joon minta dipilihin foto2nya, woo jin blg semua foto2 karya min joon bagus semua!!! tiba2 gi ja park datang n bingung liat min joon merangkul woo jin, tiba2 aja woo jin blg klo foto2nya min joon jelek semua…tuh apa maksudnya? dia takut klo ketauan jati dirinya klo dia jg biseksual kyk min joon…diubah donk endingnya biar mereka yg jadian aja…wkakaka

  115. 115 : kristina Says:

    hahahaa…..lucu jg kalo endingnya min joon dan woo jin jadian! wkwkwkwkkwkkwkw…..jarang2 bakal g pernah kayaknya korea bkin ending kayak gitu :p
    mungkin maksudnya, dalam rita itu si min joon lama2 ga tahan hasrat gay nya, karena si koki yang cakep dan keren ^^ mulanya benci lama2 suka, tapi dia msih suka park ki ja jg (hihihihi)
    nah pak ki ja curiga kok mesra amat perlakuan min joon ke si koki ga biasanya gitu, hohoho….^^

  116. 116 : Tun-Tea Says:

    This is the 3rd Korean Drama I watch, and I will have to say that very interesting & refreshing. STYLE……I like it! And I think Min Joon is much better than Woo Jin, so Seo Jung should be with Min Joon!

  117. 117 : aleen Says:

    aku blom monton filmny smp abis tapi mudah2 am beneran Seo Jung jadinya ma Ming jun… coz mereka berdua tuch cocok bgt…

  118. 118 : rentina Says:

    ghokiel… drama seru… w suka bnget ama jijapakkkk abz dy sadis orngnya!!!! tp seru lho….

  119. 119 : kristina Says:

    makin seru…!!!!

  120. 120 : venna Says:

    sayang tuh ki ja park koq jdeny ama woo jin

    agk g sru da jdiny
    pdhl dri awl nntn tu film, q uda brhrp woo jin jdiny ama soe jung

    agk lcu jga sech, wktu lydh si min joon ngerangkul woo jin

    ngakak” da lydh adgan yg itw

    i love korean drama so much..

  121. 121 : ririn masdaria Says:

    duchh aq seneng bngt nich drama korea style sumpah keren abis
    pa lagi ryu shi won jd nya ma kim hye soo..
    cocok bngt ……..
    pa lg gaya nya nona park ki ja eeemmmm elegan n feminim bngt tp keren bngett nih drama yng plng keren yng prng gw tonton ngk bosen n bikin penasaran…….

  122. 122 : avriel Says:

    wihhh..salut banget q ma style ini.park berperan sbgai wanita yg tegar,men memperjuangkan style..uhh hebat suka banget q

  123. 123 : Lucky MD_Loverz Says:

    .film na keyen bgd…
    .ampe kgak tega nalggalin TV..
    .gw ngefans bgd ma ki jia park…
    .sadis bgd..

  124. 124 : sasa Says:

    wew.. justru kalo woo jin jadinya sama seo jung ga seru mah.. seo jung nya terlalu kalem, terlalu nerimaan.. ga bisa ngimbangin woo jin nya.. kalo park kan setipe gt sama woo jin.. sama2 agak seenak nya sama2 arogran nya.. lebih greget jadinya hehehe ^^

  125. 125 : desi ferdiana Says:

    film nya bagus abiz apalagi taman kija dia berkarisma banget kenapa sih hanya 16 episode sih salam buat semua yang main di style

  126. 126 : desi ferdiana Says:

    tolong bilang ke indosiar lebih banyak film korea nya daripada sinetron nya cz film nya bagus bagus abis

  127. 127 : kristina Says:

    mungkinkah ada style 2?

  128. 128 : nopz Says:

    Kim Hye Soo! Sadeeeess! She’s soooo kewl!!!!
    Sukses banget ngebawain Park Ki Ja. Bikin idup banget, jadi kek beneran ada tuh tokohnya. Terus fotogenik banget. Pantes banget deh kepilih jadi korea’s most beautiful face! 😀
    umur aselina 40 taun, cing! begh, she is definitely what u want to look like when u’re 40!
    Hail, Kim Hye Soo!

  129. 129 : nopz Says:

    Style 2… please, please. Make it!
    i will kiss the soil if they really made it!!!!

  130. 130 : nathan Says:

    ga nyangka min jun itu gay >.

  131. 131 : Dvee Says:

    Besok episode trakhir…

  132. 132 : nia Says:

    T.T so sad.. hri ni episode terakhir.. park ki ja succes bgd bawain perannya.. bner2 kyk nyata..

    ceritanya min joon itu gay ya? aq bru taunya kmrn baca2 sinopsis.. gag nyangka bgd.. pdhl dy kliatan gorgeous.. huhu.. pantesan tnggl serumah ma su jung gak kneapa2.. hho.. berharap ada style 2…

  133. 133 : rara Says:

    lee yong woo sexy banget. biar deh perannya gay juga 🙂

  134. 134 : vale Says:

    episode style dikit bangett sich…!!!
    tapi cerita akhir yang menyenangkan..
    Perbanyak drama-drama korea en drama taiwannya yach….

  135. 135 : Anthaony Says:

    this is very fantastic korean drama.. no one can make a drama like thiss, and the artist is very very explore it’s role.. so I Think this film deserve 5 stars and i think,if made season 2, this film will witnessed by many people.. Good Luck STYLE ^_^

  136. 136 : paulla Says:

    berharap style 2 ada ….

  137. 137 : paulla Says:

    berharap style 2 ADA

  138. 138 : noct Says:

    gue udah nonton style eps terakhir semalam baguuuuuuuuuus banget ki ja park pakai baju pengantin terus dilamar sama woo jin seo>.

  139. 139 : iya27 Says:

    I Love the cute outfit n awesome boots and shoes which Lee Ji ah and Kim hye So wear. but definitiley I rank this only 2 star from 5… it’s BORING- sorry, I’m just saying

  140. 140 : rreee Says:

    emang film style amat bagus, tapi please ganti film style, mohon full house atu a love to kill d putarin lagi banyak yg nunggu lo……………… itung2 nambah rating indosiar………. jng drama kayak kerasakti itu……….. memuakan…… gak logisssssssssss please indosiar

  141. 141 : Fitria Ariyani Says:

    Wah… a Wonderfull Movies… Brilliant scenario
    I will wait Style 2
    Ki ja Park so sexy and sweet….

  142. 142 : Angelyunna Says:

    a Wonserfull Movie.. Ki ja park so sweet
    I will wait style 2…

  143. 143 : agung santosa Says:

    Kim hye soo,,,,,cute abis ya,,hi hi hi…………..mana menjiwai banget dengan karakternya,keren.

  144. 144 : yanti lestari Says:

    ko kera sakti sih gantinya???

    jangan itu donk….

    g rame.

    mending sad love song atw yang lainnya.

    please y indosiar….


  145. 145 : kristina Says:

    i want to, my sassy girl chun hyang ;P

  146. 146 : FANNy juNITa Says:

    style kok cpt buanggget habiznya?
    q kn sedih drama satu ini luar biazzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  147. 147 : d-a Says:

    Kim Hye-Soo,

    T.O.P B.G.T

  148. 148 : az Says:

    keren abizzzz. I love this movie 😀

  149. 149 : dian puspita Says:

    Putarkan lagi episode terakhir style donk..please..ato diputar lagi aja serial drama korea style..

  150. 150 : devika Says:

    …style keren bgt !!!

    tp ko’ d gnti sih…

    ki jah park !!!8)

  151. 151 : tyara Says:

    uapikk tenan

  152. 152 : shero Says:

    very nice pics…send me,ok…. ^_^

  153. 153 : kanza Says:

    this movie was played a few weeks ago in one of television channel in my country, but recently it didnt play again, i dont know why, but i’m very dissapointed, because i love this movie, i hope that TV channel will play this movie again..
    i love this movie, coz it showed me how the real condition in working world is, especially Fashion industry…
    love STYLE

  154. 154 : nor Says:

    I loved the end of this series was very happy and Give a lot of hope and was searching to achieve the goals and achievements and It`no sad
    Nor – Egypt

  155. 155 : Stephanie Says:

    Anybody knows the hp model that Lee Seo Jung used in the Style drama?

  156. 156 : yuni Says:

    boring drama and not interested ending…

  157. 157 : ROYALCHiQ Says:

    where can i watch this ?

  158. 158 : ardhan Says:

    I loved the end of this series was very happy

  159. 159 : mutiara Says:

    Park Gi Ja is my favorite!

  160. 160 : mel Says:

    i don’t like the end of this drama..

  161. 161 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much.. llove seo woo jin,,,

  162. 162 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  163. 163 : kim Says:

    well your movies were great and very fashionable to watch .i got a little idea about fashion throgh this movies

  164. 164 : koko Says:

    this drama is really great have a special taste than others ^^
    anyone who`s search for a love story this will not suite him
    because it`s talk about goals and achevments
    and love it`s only a spices … u know at the end it`s important in KDRAMA ^^

  165. 165 : via Says:

    this drama is disapointing for me.. I wish seo jung will be together with the chef, but I realized from the all comments here that finally park Ki ja will end up with the chef, so i decide not to watch this drama anymore.. I hate Park ki Ja, she resemble of my evil boss here, really really HATE HER!!!

  166. 166 : gucci outlet Says:

    this drama is disapointing for me.. I wish seo jung will be together with the chef, but I realized from the all comments here that finally park Ki ja will end up with the chef, so i decide not to watch this drama anymore.. I hate Park ki Ja, she resemble of my evil boss here, really really HATE HER!!!

  167. 167 : chichaloca Says:

    i just start to watch dis drama n now i reach episode 2..i like to see lee jiah character in this drama.she look cute.but after i read gucci outlet comment that park kija will end with the chef i just lost my interest to cont watching dis drama,,huhu:(

  168. 168 : liza Says:

    maybe they should make an extra episode like the chef break up with park ki ja cause she’s not the one he truly loved. lost interest after know the ending….

  169. 169 : k-ra Says:

    I don’t like the ending of ths drama……i don’t likeeeeeee!!!!!

  170. 170 : christina Says:

    what is the song for this movie (style)

  171. 171 : Ice Says:

    I really like this drama…it let me know more how a magazine play a role in the fashion industry. Firstly, i also thought the ending will be Lee Soo Jung and the chef, but after that i starting admire Park Gi Ja – her passion on doing her job made me impressed. ^^

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  173. 173 : ari Says:

    good saya suka dengan artisnya …ki jung park, yang satunya juga lucu

  174. 174 : riay Says:

    ada yang subtittlenya bahasa indonesia? atau yang soundnya bahasa indonesia?

  175. 175 : meath Says:

    I love park ki ja ,,,, she’s totaly in her job ,,, thanks finally she’s fine the one person who love her ,,, the chef ,,, ^_^

  176. 176 : dorie Says:

    I tried to stay up until the end to wait and see if how the writer redeems himself as somehow he strayed away to the main focus of the story that he was trying to build. Lee Seo Jeong’s character, her dream, her love, her passion, then at the end they focused the story with the other lady. Although she’s good, but I prefer Lee seo Jeong’s character to have been the main focal point of the story. Gija succeeded because of her persisternce and leadership, but without Leo Seo Jeong’s brilliant and unconventional ideas, she did not survive..so it would just be fair to have made Lee Seo Jeong the lead character, not the second lead character. I am a bit disappointed.

  177. 177 : comicsgilz Says:

    i agreed with what dorie say…i’m also anticipating the day Lee Seo Jung will be successful and happy in the end…but the story focus about Park Gi Ja at the end….i’m disappointed..really… >.<

  178. 178 : MyTien Dang Says:

    Each person will see a movie with the thought and feel different about this style drama. Sometimes you try to reflect view, a leader of a leading fashion magazine in a country with developed industry under pressure, they like, I think people were able and Park Ki Ja has succeeded in personality and inner character. But the Lee Seo Jun has won the hearts of the audience from the first episode, but more about the next episode of the audience emotionally editor for more Park. in the four main characters in the film, I’m not a fan of any character at all. But to be fair to say that. With time in the context and situations in the film, the film ends with a wedding between editor and chef Ja Park Ki Seo is perfectly reasonable. Can not always take the path her prince and Cinderella forever. The film begin to show over the episodes with viewers rating throught television channel reduced but not so that detract from what exists forever in the audience watching this film. Thank you very much Director.

  179. 179 : unyu Says:

    if lee seo jung is a main character, this drama will gone bored at the end. why bored? because this story just become cinderella story like other korean drama and for sure easy to guess. the character of park ki ja is so strong, this is appear the strong girl get the life she want. this drama aim to show that life need a brave and power, no kindess like a poor princess.

  180. 180 : Remi Says:

    Why do the directors keep using this actress Lee Ji Ah? I cannot stand her in any of the dramas so I will not be watching this one because of her.

  181. 181 : FARAH hazirah Says:

    I love this drama 🙂

  182. 182 : cathy Says:

    This is my favorite drama. I love the drama with a fashion in it, and I love Park Ki Ja character here. I’m not sure if Lee So Jung Character was needed in this drama.. What she can do just over reacted when she doing something, and that makes me sick while watching her act. Actually this drama will be better if Lee So Jung character wasn’t exist, and just focus with Park Ki Ja and 2 other handsome man. This drama focus on fashion, and this drama was famous as korean version of the devil wears prada. If we see Park Ki Ja sense of fashion, she is super gorgeous! But lee so jung? No sense of fashion at all and over reacted.. Not sure it is because Lee Ji Ah factor that she wasn’t act well as Lee so jung or Lee so jung character used to be so annoying. Park Ki Ja the best!!

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  184. 184 : Camila Says:

    Terrible drama, 🙁

  185. 185 : walpaper yg bgs | Berita Mancanegara Says:

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