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Strongest Chil Woo

Title: 최강칠우 / Choi Kang Chil Woo
Also known as: Strongest Chil Woo, The Mighty Chilwu
Chinese Title : 最強七迂
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2008-June-17 to 2008-Aug-19
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


Kang Chil Woo is a lowly officer during the Joseon era. Chil Woo is not a very smart and one of his life long goals is to become a midlevel officer. However when night falls, he is no longer that low level officer but instead a top assassin in an assassination organization. He gives out punishment to criminals and gives justice where needed. So Yoon and Chil Woo have a tragic love story. Yeon Doo is the daughter of a fallen yangban who owns a textile shop. She falls in love with Chil Woo after he rescues her from thugs who were harassing her.


Eric as Kang Chil Woo / Choi Chil Woo
Koo Hye Sun as Yoon So Yoon
Kim Byul as Yeon Doo
Yoo Ah In as Heuk San
Lee Un as Ja Ja
Jun Noh Min as Min Seung Kook

Extended Cast

Im Ha Ryong as Choi Nam Deuk (Chil Woo’s adoptive father)
Kim Young Ok as Mong Dung Ne (Chil Woo’s adoptive grandmother)
Choi Ran as Chung Ju Daek (Chil Woo’s adoptive mother)
Jang Joon Young as Chul Suk
Kang Jae as Jo Ahn Joong
Im Hyuk as Kim Ja Seon
Jung Jin as Sa Na Jang
Shin Seung Hwan as Leader Oh
Park Joon Suh as Leader Jung
Nam Myung Ryul as Do Sa
Jung Won Joong as law expert
Choi Jung Woo as King In Jo
Song Yong Tae as Do Jae Jo
Son Kwang Up as commander
Im Ho as Crown Prince So Hyun
Kang In Duk as the boss Eung Gi (cameo, ep7)
Han Ye In (cameo, ep3)
Oh Man Suk as Chil Woo’s biological father (cameo)
Kim Ji Suk (cameo)
Choi Soo Han as young Chil Woo
Lee Han Na as young So Yoon
Kim Hong Pyo
Park Hyo Bin
Seo Ji Yeon as Mok Hee
Yang So Min

Production Credits

Director: Park Man Young
Scriptwriter: Baek Yoon Chul
Producer: Park Man Young

Official Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : Sam Says:

    Look Great!!

  2. 2 : krissyang Says:

    Sounds kind of like Ijimae!!!

  3. 3 : kuyah Says:

    where can i watch this drama online?

  4. 4 : Jane Says:

    this drama will on show next week!!

  5. 5 : gfz Says:

    Similar to Iljimae, but Iljimae is about a thief, Strongest Chil Woo is an assassin.

    Assassin > Thief

  6. 6 : Am I DeAd? Says:

    hmmm….the description sound great………and Assassin isn’t thief -_- thief=steal assassin=kill

    i believe u play game too much….even tho game is thief change job to assassin doesn’t mean they’re same meaning lmfao -_-

  7. 7 : krissyang Says:

    Similar to Iljimae in the sense of the dual jobs that are really contradictory.

    In the day, both seem to hold small, insignificant jobs while at night, they are doing something great…

    Both of them probably live in societies where there are lots of unjusties, corruptions & partialities, etc, & therefore, they have to resort to doing good in the dark…

  8. 8 : HannyBae Says:

    Seems entertaining…since Eric is a leading actor

  9. 9 : crystal Says:

    you can watch on dabdate.com or download veoh TV at veoh.com
    and remeber its next week kk ^.^ ~.~ comment me thx

  10. 10 : Imuyachan Says:

    it’s eric.. n it’s his farewell drama before serving the military..i can’t wait 🙂

  11. 11 : mrs bariqikram Says:

    🙂 u looks great wif tis role!
    sucess!…. best of luck

  12. 12 : kfreeeeeeeeeeeeeak Says:

    ♥ ERIC! it’s gonna be awesome!

  13. 13 : joey Says:

    For a more detailed synopsis and cast overview, go to the following page:


    Hope this helps!

  14. 14 : pinay sa korea Says:

    i love this! erik mun looks so charming in this drama!

  15. 15 : Shereen Says:

    Where can i watch this drama with english sub? i love eric

  16. 16 : sonata Says:

    still a fan of eric! This is great

  17. 17 : 정현수 Says:

    오 미국사람들도 에릭 좋아하나봐요 ㅋㅋ 일지메도 아넹 ㅋㅋ 놀라움

  18. 18 : askwhat Says:

    i had watch this drama on tv and is totally cool..
    love the actress..so cute..

  19. 19 : shawn Says:

    I found there is English subtitled version ” Strongest Chil Woo “, available at http://www.kimook.com

  20. 20 : Da Says:

    Lee Un has died.sad.

  21. 21 : Somethingwesee Says:

    I find this show hilarious. So sad to hear about Lee EOn’s death. Truly so sad.

  22. 22 : meika wong Says:

    Wow! Eric oppa look so cute starred in historical style…… but so sad he will enlisted in military soon……..

  23. 23 : asdfafa Says:

    this drama was HORRIBLE. absolutly HORRIBLE.
    it was so cheezy and eric should stick with singing
    OR if like the ‘bad guy’ role in dramas. this historical
    role doesnt fit him at allllll

  24. 24 : WeSupportObama Says:

    I actually liked the cheesiness of it. I think they may have tried to do too much with the drama. It should have stayed campy from beginning to end because the dramatic plot just didn’t stick with me

  25. 25 : dyna Says:

    i have no idea,,,,,,,,,,,,
    am i so stupid????

  26. 26 : rosie Says:

    I love the fun & cheesiness of this fusion period drama.

    The plot & story line are quite interesting and consistent from the beginning to the very end. The 2nd lead girl is so cute I actually rooting more for her & Eric than the main female lead. And Yoo Ah-In, he’s another cool assassin!

    For sure you won’t be bore with this one plus the ending is very satisfying. I hate those unclear ending that keep you hanging.

    You won’t be disappointed watching this one.

  27. 27 : dbskshnhwayeah29 Says:

    I just finished watching this drama. I think they got great plot, cast, and production. The story had sense, it described real social issues and injustices people suffered before.. plus their hope for change despite of being helpless and powerless. It was bloody and brutal though. x_x

    What i luvd most about this period drama is that although you’ll be filled with tears and anxiety and pity for what was going on, starting from the first episode, there’s still that lighter stuff that goes around with some of the characters. So you gotta be crying and laughing at the same time!

    Talking bout the cast, Eric was so c0ooL! He had great acting skills in heavy drama and comedy. This also went well with his side kicks. And his sort of rival Yoo Ah-In made me love this drama even more! yeah i liked his mysterious-cold-good-lookin-great-assasin character, which suited well in his costume. haha. A must-watch!

  28. 28 : Eliza Says:

    I liked the cast a lot. Eric Mun has good comedic timing and shed quite a few tears, but his acting is still a bit lacking. Goo Hye Sun is very pretty here and looks tiny when Eric embraces her. Yoo Ah In is very pretty too and does a good job as a ruthless assassin.

    The production is a bit lacking. This a campy fusion drama and a bit cheesy, with too many repetitive flashbacks (I guess they wanted to stretch it to 20 episodes).

    Nevertheless, I saw it on a weekend and enjoyed it quite a bit even though I had decided to skip it. I thought it would be similar to Iljimae and Hong Gil Dong; and yes, there are some similarities but this one is about assassins who do not steal. HGD and Iljimae were about thieves. The plot is interesting, although there is something in common with HGD (I don’t want to mention a spoiler). This is not a serious historical drama, and you need to get through the first episodes before it starts to pick up.

  29. 29 : Well Says:

    totally agree. this show sound like iljimae =)

  30. 30 : charlyn Says:

    i enjoy watching this movie. please fix the broken episodes. i have been
    waiting for several months now.

  31. 31 : mutiara Says:

    this drama looks like iljimae…

  32. 32 : mel Says:

    i love korean drama… and i will watch this movie too..

  33. 33 : nining Says:

    is it really good?? i wanna watch it,,

  34. 34 : louis vuitton Says:

    i enjoy watching this movie. please fix the broken episodes. i have been
    waiting for several months now.

  35. 35 : Makadoto Says:

    Another Yooahin drama,i want to watch

  36. 36 : iperera30 Says:

    Hey! can anyone tell me when Yoo ah in’s character comes in? Which episode? I started to watch but as I couldn’t find yoo ah in I’m wondering whether to continue or stop……
    tnx a lot….

  37. 37 : Lorem Says:

    (spoiler warning!)
    The ending was vague but I’m going with; our three amigos/heroes, dies. And the baddies responsible for the death of many innocents, lived on. Haha… way to go forging that national pride/identity in korean youth.

    Watch this if you’re bedridden and recuperating from an illness. No, don’t watch this. Watch ‘Thank You’ or ‘The Story of the First King’s Four Gods’ instead, even if you’ve already seen those.

  38. 38 : Saul Shoemaker Says:

    Say, you got a nice blog post.Much thanks again. Want more.

  39. 39 : heidi Says:

    is this drama released in the philippines?

  40. 40 : Hanako Says:

    Though it had been a few years movie, I just watched the movie but it was real good, and love this action movie with all the skilled actors ( the 3 Korean musketeers ). Credit to the producer for this movie and even I had seen some of the korean action movie, I really love this movie and a real mysterious and exciting movie all the way. Those who have not watched, should watched , you won’t regret..excellent to me…

  41. 41 : bella Says:

    ERIC… you are awesome!!! I just love your acting

  42. 42 : Evelyn Says:

    Anyone knows where I can get the OSTs for this DRAMA? I’d really appreciate your help! I need the names.. Thank you!! xx

  43. 43 : MERI Says:

    Yoo Ah in!! Love to see his cool mysterious guy tough style outside but he is actually very fragile inside!!

  44. 44 : bella Says:

    Great and superb acting by Eric.. he’s just awesome. The drama is interesting and full of actions.. Love u Eric and soon I’m gonna watch ur Spy Myung Wol…

  45. 45 : nim Says:

    Love it

  46. 46 : Daraphone Says:

    love the dramma…but how come its just ended like that in the last episode…

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