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Still You

Title: 그래도 당신 / Still You
Chinese Title: 依然是你
Also known as: So For You
Genre: Romance, Melodrama, Family
Episodes: 124
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-May-21 to 2012-Dec-03
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:20


A drama about a woman, Cha Soon Young (Shin Eun Gyung) who just want to make a fake divorce with her husband but turn out with the real divorce.


Main Cast

Shin Eun Gyung as Cha Soon Young
Kim Seung Soo as Na Han Joon
Wang Bit Na as Kang Chae Rin
Song Jae Hee as Kang Woo Jin

Soon Young’s Husband’s family

Jang Seo Won as Na Doo Joon
Kim Sung Eun as Shin Na Ra
Lee Se Na as Na Se Hee
Yoon Moon Sik as Na Yoo Seok
Lee Chae Mi as Na Mi So

Chae Rin’s family

Kim Sung Kyum as Kang Bum Suk
Park Jung Soo as Kim Yi Hyun
Lee Eun Jung as Kang Hee Jin


Lee Duk Hee as Seo Nam Joo
Yoon Hyun Min as Lee Jae Ha
Go Myung Hwan as Sung Dong Chul
Moon Seo Yun as Lee Kyung Joo
Nam Kyung Eup as Baek Hwa Soo
Jung Ye Ji as Jang Hyun Hee
Hwang Eun Soo

Production Credits

Director: Park Kyung Ryul
Screenwriter: Park Eon Hee, Lee Hyun Jung


2012 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress Awards (Weekend Series), Shin Eun Kyung (Still You)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards, Shin Eun Kyung (Still You)

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10 Minutes Preview

Watch Online with English, Chinese & Other Subtitle (Coming Soon)


  1. 1 : Wasabi Says:

    100+ episode… It’s too much for me…

  2. 2 : NutsSo Says:

    But i’m captivated by the title of the drama (haha how weird of me) plus the plot sounds interesting~

  3. 3 : Lyn Chow Says:

    100 episodes? Ha? It’s bad enough with 16 or 20. These writers stretch out a story for 20 and get into so much detail and repetition ( same theme, lovers can’t get together because of girlfriend, boyfriend or parents) so boring and the story line does not seem interesting so I am going to skip this one.

  4. 4 : MJ Says:

    Watch Online with English, Chinese & Other Subtitle:


    Episides are RAW. RAW – No English Subtitle.

  5. 5 : GHSforever Says:

    Like the story so far.
    The little daughter is really cute btw.

  6. 6 : Coleene Says:

    The plot sounds interesting but being a 100+ ep, it gets me bored.

  7. 7 : zarima USA Says:

    !100ep OH MY GOD… I CANT endure it this too much… i dont want to watch it….its too boring

  8. 8 : NutsSo Says:

    Seriously, i really wanna see Shin Eun Kyung in action, but its already 40+++ ep and the storyline is still dragging on the divorce arc!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting impatient!!!!!

  9. 9 : Fishnet Says:

    The plot sounds stupid. A woman who wants to have a fake divorce with her husband but ends up having a real one? Pfft. Big freaking deal. People divorce each other everyday. Why is this worth making into a 100-episode long drama?

  10. 10 : GHSforever Says:

    The plot is good so don’t judge a drama only because of the Synopsis.
    The woman has a divorce to help her husband but she gets tricked by Chae Rin who wants the husband for herself. That’s why the fake divorce turned out to be a real divorce.
    Kang Woo Jin will help the female lead during this difficult time.

  11. 11 : GHSforever Says:

    I really like this drama so far.
    I hope the female lead will end up with Kang Woo Jin rather than her “husband”.
    Kang Woo Jin is so lovely and caring towards her. They would make such a lovely couple.

    By the way Still You has new posters.
    Dramawiki uploaded them already maybe somebody could change it here too because it is much better than this one.
    Here the link:

  12. 12 : GHSforever Says:

    I sincerly apologize to Dramawiki that I posted the link without asking them That will never gonna happen again. Didn’t know that was not right.
    @Admin can you remove the link please?:)

    (@GHSforever from admin: We just removed the link, please take a look.)

  13. 13 : Annie Says:

    Is SEK’s character supposed to be older than Song Jae Hee’s? They look kind of ridiculous together but that’s just my opinion.

  14. 14 : Ruu Says:

    I wish in the Philippines. Aired this Korean Drama and Translate in Tagalog. any TV channels local in the Philippines.

  15. 15 : Micc Says:

    Ten more episodes. Wondering how’s it going to end. I actually want to see her reconcile with her husband. I know his is a real jerk, but I believe they still care for each other. Instead of marrying a guy whose mother hates you, it’s better for the family to get reunited.

  16. 16 : Michael J. Bacon Says:

    I absolutely LOVE, Wang Bit Na; WOW; a GREAT VILLAINESS!!!
    How can I translate this Drama: Still You, to English Subtitles.

  17. 17 : GHSforever Says:

    I hope she chooses Kang Woo Jin.
    Seriously that man was always there when she needed him. Mi So likes him too and both of them went through so much that they really deserves their happiness.
    The ex-husband did so much wrong that it would be unfair if he gets the girl at the end.
    He was a total jerk until episode 110 and seriously if the truth would not come out, he still would act as a jerk.
    The mom of Kang Woo Jin is evil too, but I think she will slowly accept her and if not I have no doubt that Kang Woo Jin would even abandon her for Cha Soon Young shi.

  18. 18 : Micc Says:


    I think you will have your way because the ex-husband is obviously sick with cancer. Not showing yet at episode 112, but with the way his stomach hurts all the time, I just assume. He has finally turned around, I won’t spoil it if you haven’t watched 112 yet. I really don’t like the mom of Kang Woo Jin, I don’t think she will ever be decent. Anyway, with the title “Still You”, I was hoping to see the family reunited, but either way, as long as it is a happy ending. 🙂

  19. 19 : GHSforever Says:

    I watch every episode live so don’t worry about spoiling me hahaxD
    Yeah I assumed him being sick, too.
    I am so excited to see how this drama will end. The ratings are really high too, so SK likes the drama too.

    I always assumed in the early episodes,that the mom of Kang Woo Jin would be a big problem in their relationship.
    Srsly the mom should go and live with Chae Rin forever. They so belong together.
    Yes, this drama needs a happy ending, there are so many dramas with crappy endings nowadays, that it would be so sad if this drama won’t have one.

  20. 20 : GHSforever Says:

    Watched today’s episode 114 and the preview of episode 115, and somehow I get the feeling that she will end up with the ex-husband. I am afraid that Woo Jin will let her go. I really hope I am wrong and Woo Jin and Soon Young will be together at the end. 6 episodes to go:)

  21. 21 : Micc Says:

    You never know, it could be just the writer playing with us. Still 6 more episodes to go, so they need to find something to write about.
    Regardless, I feel she loves her husband but she doesn’t love Woo Jin, she is grateful to him.

  22. 22 : GHSforever Says:

    Well, the husband has still pain in his stomach, so I am wondering what the writer will do about it.
    In the preview of 116 Woo Jin and Soon Young hold hands but I think Woo Jin will say he won’t go any further with their marriage plans and let her go. Maybe that’s why Soon Young cried in the park, because she wore the same clothes there

  23. 23 : Micc Says:

    I didn’t watch the preview, but my guess is they might make her go back to her husband for whatever time he has left, and then later an open ending with Woo Jin. Probably their relationship will be the focus in the next 5 episodes.

  24. 24 : Micc Says:

    Either way, it’s better for her to marry Woo Jin when his mom pass away! The mom is such a bxtch, there’s no way she can have happiness marrying into that family!

  25. 25 : GHSforever Says:

    Today’s episode broke my heart for Kang Woo Jin.
    As you saidbefore, I also think it will be an open ending.
    Anyway I just hope Song Jae Hee will take another drama soon, maybe as a lead actor. I just love him since TMTETS.

  26. 26 : Micc Says:

    I haven’t watched today’s episode yet. Awww…
    Yes, he is a good actor!

  27. 27 : Micc Says:

    GHSforever, you’re right, very sad for Woo Jin. But he’s a real gentleman!

  28. 28 : GHSforever Says:

    Oh that last scene and the tears were so heartbreaking. But what made me abit happy was the fact that they hold hands<3
    But I guess I can forget a kiss between those two. Unbelieveable that there was no kiss at all in a drama. But well it is a family drama so it is maybe inappropriate to show something like that.
    Btw which dramas are you currently watching besides Still You?
    It makes me a bit sad that international k-drama fans rarely watch daily dramas just because they have 100+ episodes.
    They have to consider that the episodes are only about 30 minutes long.

  29. 29 : Micc Says:


    I just finished “Can’t Live Without You”, but it’s not as good a drama as this one. It explored more about parents and children relationship. I am also watching “I Love You”, and this drama also has a marvelous female villain, much like Wang Bit Na in here. These are the few 100+ I am watching. I am also watching King of Dramas, Full House 2, My Daughter Seo Young, Madam Butterfly and Oh La La Couple. How about you?

    You are right, international viewers rarely watch long dramas, I think it’s more difficult for them to find subs in these dramas. Though a lot of them are quite entertaining.

  30. 30 : GHSforever Says:

    I just finished While you were sleeping. It was from the same writer who wrote this drama. It was good, and an emotional ride for me but compared to Still You, it lacks in some points.
    I just finished Nice Guy, too.
    I am not sure if I should start watching Childless Comfort. The drama has high ratings and I read somewhere that Lee Sang Woo is in the drama, but je is not listed in the actor list, so I am abit doubtful about that.
    I am also watching Horse Doctor and It was Love.

    Yeah, most of them are really funny and even if you do not understand Korean, you can imagine what they said.

  31. 31 : Лучшая Дорама 2012 Года — Корея | Мираленд Says:

    […] Mrs. Go Bong Shil (CSTV) Shut Up Flower Boy Band (tvN) Special Affairs Team TEN (OCN) Standby (MBC) Still You (SBS) Stroke of Luck (CSTV) Suspicious Family (MBN) Syndrome (jTBC) Take Care of Us, Captain (SBS) Tasty […]

  32. 32 : peter Says:

    Happy Life

  33. 33 : Micc Says:


    Have you finished watching Still You? I’m still waiting for the last episode.

  34. 34 : GHSforever Says:

    Yeah I am waiting, too. Seems like on Monday will be the last episode.

  35. 35 : Micc Says:


    Pretty tear driven….

    The next one – The Birth of a Family – seems interesting. I am going to check it out. How about you?

  36. 36 : GHSforever Says:

    Finally over, but tbh I expected something different at the end, but other than that it was awesome.
    The Birth of a Family is not my cup of the tea.
    I am currently watching it was Love which also has 100+ episodes so I think for the moment that is enough.

  37. 37 : Micc Says:

    I haven’t watched it yet. Busy all day. Will get to it tonight. Are you enjoying It Was Love? I think I tried a little bit of the first episode, pretty engaging but have too many dramas on my schedule and too little time so didn’t continue with it.

  38. 38 : GHSforever Says:

    Atm It was love is alot more melodrama than just a family/romance drama, and I could slap the villian million times for what she has done to the heroine and male lead. The story is very different compared to other dramas.
    Yes, it is really difficult for me, too. I do not have that much time aswell:)

  39. 39 : Micc Says:

    Watched the last episode. You’re right, I didn’t expect a die in her arms type of ending either. But otherwise satisfactory. So surprised to see the guy who played the husband here appeared on Cheongdamdong Alice looking good (not sick and all). 🙂

  40. 40 : GHSforever Says:

    Haha is he just doing a cameo or does he belong to the supporting cast?

  41. 41 : Micc Says:


    I think he’s more than a cameo, he plays Moon Geun Young’s high school rival’s husband, a rich man. Not a big supporting cast, but will appear more than a few episodes. Some familiar faces in Cheongdamdong Alice as supporting casts or cameos including Nam Goong Min (Can You Hear My Heart) and Park Hwang Hyun (Sweet Buns, Glowing She). Only two episodes so far, but seems interesting. Another one I really like is King of Dramas, never a bored moment. 🙂

  42. 42 : GHSforever Says:

    Okay thanks for the Info.
    Maybe I will check these dramas of I get more time.
    Btw, Hyun Bin is back in business:)
    Can’t wait to see him asap in a drama, maybe in a drama with Ha ji won? 🙂
    I would even want him to play in a melodrama hahaha

  43. 43 : lovelou Says:

    where can I watch a STILL YOU drama..? I hope you’ll reply, coz I really want to watch this drama.. thank you

  44. 44 : [email protected] Says:

    it will airing on philipine tv series on january 14 ok?

  45. 45 : [email protected] Says:

    abs-cbn network,ok?

  46. 46 : emi Says:

    Where can I watch this drama?! Somebody help!

  47. 47 : em manalastas Says:

    hi.., where did you watch the full episode of it? i want to watch this with English subs. please give me a copy whether DVD or online. thanks much! I appreciate it.. 🙂

  48. 48 : tope Says:

    where I can watch the full episode of still you Micc? any website suggested?

  49. 49 : elayne Says:

    what’s the ending? Anyone please?

  50. 50 : Aniar Says:

    A very interesting drama.. =)
    Worth watching..

  51. 51 : Kiyanknife Says:

    I really like this drama. I can say that of all the korean dramas here in the philippines this was my favorite. I love the story, it’s about the prolonging of the patience in Susan side, so touch. 🙁

  52. 52 : still you korean drama episodeKorea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  53. 53 : TeacherGyan3(kakaotalk id) Says:

    please give me a link where i can watch ” Still you” iv tried so hard but cant see one

  54. 54 : vhan Says:

    what site where i can watch this korean drama “still you”?? Thanks and god bless 🙂

  55. 55 : akirachan Says:

    i know a site where we can watch STILL YOU but the problem is it doesn’t have ENGLISH SUB TITILE its RAW


    so if you are interested then go to the given site (♥__♥)

  56. 56 : JOSEPHINE Says:


  57. 57 : jocelyn loreto lustina Says:

    hoping magkaroon na ng full episode para di ako malate sa work

  58. 58 : jocelyn loreto lustina Says:

    sana magkaroon na ng full episode para di ako malate sa work

  59. 59 : kit Says:

    i really really like this drama..where i can watch still you..full episode huh..

  60. 60 : angela Says:

    english sub pls

  61. 61 : hyunna23 Says:

    hey can someone please give me the soundtrack name of this movie? i had been searching for it for two days!

  62. 62 : jonnamax Says:

    Super like this movie, marami kang aral na matutunan. Mga asawa na mga iniiwan, deserves second chances 🙂

  63. 63 : zai Says:

    i super duper hooked on this movie. at first di ako nanunuod kc martir martiran lang ang peg ni susan. pero nung lumalaban na siya, di ko na pinalalagpas every episode. super duper ganda at nakakahooked ang story. sana naman may magbigay ng link where i can watch it ng dire diretcho. nakakabitin kc panuorin sa TV e.

  64. 64 : Siobe Says:

    People! I cannot watch this show everyday kasi sa work but I see to it na nakakahabol pa rin ako thru watching it online here’s the link:

    Just look for YOU’RE STILL THE ONE k-novela.

    Pa-register lang kayo for free.. And you can catch per episode anytime!
    I love this drama.. Sa kakabasa ko ng mga comments na-spoil ko na ang sarili ko. So, alam ko na ending ng koreanovela na ito… 😀

    Hope anka-help ako…

  65. 65 : khitzz Says:

    I want the full episode of youre still the one.eng sub.

  66. 66 : girlie villarosa Says:

    gusto ko sana mapanoud ng buo ung story na still the one, ang ganda ng kwento, talaga ung ang nangyayari ngaun na generation,ang galing talaga ng director,sana marami pakau maganda kwento na magagawa, thx po,

  67. 67 : aileen augusto Says:

    i hope i can watch the hall episode of still couse its very beatiful story….

  68. 68 : daisy Says:

    please anyone know where to watch full episode?been searching the net but unfortunately i cant find one…

  69. 69 : Maryjane plandes Says:

    Im number one fanatic of korean drama. I saw this drama with local channel in philippines. But im prefered to watch this in english sub, i found it more interesting than dubbed in tagalog:-) hope to watch it english sub very soon.
    Thank you

  70. 70 : Suzana Says:

    Hello!! I really want to watch this movie in Ebglish subtitles… Cn u plz and plz and plz give the link. Thanx ^^

  71. 71 : Mai lily Says:

    please tell me where can i hear the drama opening mp3 full

  72. 72 : amzar Says:

    good i like

  73. 73 : RISCHA Says:

    the end this story, what happen…? it’s cha soo young will be together with woo jin.. if yes, i really happy for them. instance, soo young with ex husband, han joon together back. pls answ me.. can’t wait it..
    please tell me form malaysia

  74. 74 : Bebe Says:

    Anyone knows where can I watch Still you online? I search everywhere but unable to load the videos.

  75. 75 : kim Says:

    Can somebody please let me know the ending of this show? couldn’t wait for it to air! Still a long way to go

  76. 76 : Francis Ng Says:

    ending is Cha Soon Young will back to Baek Hwa Soo his daughter after lose 30 year finally can together back

  77. 77 : pearl g Says:

    Its so Annoying and Stupid for the character of cha soon young to be deceived so many times and still she does not suspect her ex-husband and chae rin for all their actions. And also the character of kang woo jin who always tells na han joon whats their plan instead of keeping it quiet till its proven.The starting was promising but later its not ineresting as the storyline becomes really stupid as i mentioned in the character of cha soon yong.They should have shorten the storyline, as by extending..every episodes are about the same issue and cha s y and the rest will do the same actions over and over again to each other… in deceiving.The writer should have more thought to this storyline and make the characters wiser and not be so naive and also shorten the story as its not interesting anymore..as the viewers will feel its getting stupid and annoying.

  78. 78 : Luz Says:

    (Shin Eun Gyung) , is one of the main character on upcoming drama “SCANDAL” right?

  79. 79 : bl Says:

    l agree with pearl g coments. the story of you’re still are really naïve and stupid….

  80. 80 : Alie Says:

    Why this drama in popular list recent day? Anybody can explain it?

  81. 81 : Jean Says:

    Hahahaha i’m also wondering why all of a sudden this old drama pops up on the list of popular trend… Maybe someone promote it some where that’s why it’s getting more views…

    Shin Eun Gyung was being cast on upcoming drama “SCANDAL” so i guess it’s expected that those who anticipate the drama will try to track down her previous projects and check if she did well… 🙂

  82. 82 : Jean Says:

    oppssss… this is not really an old drama, just ended 6 months ago… 🙂

  83. 83 : kim Says:

    It is still showing in Malaysia. I think that’s why the sudden surge of interest. Anybody can brief us on the ending? Too lazy to watch further. This series is so long 124 episodes!

  84. 84 : elly Says:

    im sooo anoyed why didnt they learn their lesson (woo jin and soon y)

  85. 85 : bilis Says:

    do you know where I can download this eng subs?anyone…please

  86. 86 : rahmee Says:

    im still watching in S-One channel. i really like this drama because Shin EG n Song Jae Hee. even they have a gap age but still looks togehter cos Shin EG looks like younger than her age.
    one thing i dont like is Ending of the drama Cha SY back togehther with Na Hj n letting Kang WJ go…huhuhuhu

  87. 87 : tiara Says:

    It still showing in Indonesia.. I am watching in S One
    Agree with Kim, to long episode.. can’t wait the happy ending..

    Is true she lets woo.join go? Why?

  88. 88 : shamanje Says:

    Its e beat Korean drama u ever watch.. is there anyone who know whats e ending will be? Will soon young married woo jin or back w her bad ec husband?

  89. 89 : yana Says:

    Im quite sad that jae ha and se hee decided to be just friend. They are really cute couple and i like their scene.. Hope they both be paired in other drama as lead actor. Haha.

  90. 90 : Kang Su Says:

    na han joon dead…kang woo jin married cha so young …happy ending dont worry..

  91. 91 : mae Says:

    The last episode was very frustating @[email protected]

  92. 92 : andrea Says:

    Where can i watch this with eng sub. I can’t find the drama in any site. Tnx

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