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Start Again

Start Again 02

Title: 다시 시작해 / Start Again
Chinese Title: 重新開始
Also known as: Begin Again / Let’s Start Again
Formerly known as: I Am Young Ja
Genre: Family, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 121
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2016-May-23 to 2016-Nov-18
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15


Na Young Ja (Park Min Ji) is the youngest daughter in the family with a bright and positive personality. One day, Her father suddenly get some problem and to support her family, Young Ja decided to get a job in a department store as a sales person. She then falls in love with Ha Sung Jae (Kim Jung Hoon) who is the head of planning & evaluation team there. Sung Jae stay alone after the death of his wife and daughter.


Main Cast

Park Min Ji as Na Young Ja
Kim Jung Hoon as Ha Sung Jae
Go Woo Ri as Lee Ye Ra
Park Sun Ho as Kang Ji Wook

Young Ja’s family

Kang Shin Il as Na Bong Il (Young Ja’s father)
Kim Hye Ok as Kim Ha Na (Young Ja’s mother)
Jung Soo Young as Na Young Jin (Young Ja’s oldest sister)
Jang Seo Won as Park Se Yoon (Young Ja’s husband)
Son Kyu Won (손규원) as Park Ho Joon (Young Jin and Se Yoon’s son)
Ha Eun Jin as Na Young In (Young Ja’s older sister)

Sung Jae’s family

Kim Chang Sook as Hwang Hyun Sook (Sung Jae’s mother)

People around Ji Wook

Yoon Joo Sang as Kang Byung Chul (Ji Wook’s grandfather)
Lee Hang Na as Song Ji Sook

Ye Ra’s family

Jun Noh Min as Lee Tae Sung (Ye Ra’s father)
Park Joon Geum as Jung Mi Ran (Ye Ra’s mother)
Yoon Jong Hoon as Lee Sun Ho (Ye Ra’s older brother)


Seo Seung Man as Ham Choon Suk
Lee Da Hae as Kang Eun Shil
Choi Moon Kyung (최문경) as Suk Eun Hee
Go Ga Eun (고가은) as Lee Kyung Joo
Won Jong Rye
Kim Kwang In
Min Jung Sup
Yang Jung Won (cameo)
Yoo Jang Young

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Seung Mo
Producer: Yoo Hyun Jong
Director: Park Jae Bum, Jang Joon Ho
Screenwriter: Won Young Ok


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  1. 1 : Ing Says:

    Long time no see kim jeong hoon.

  2. 2 : Aos Info Says:

    wow amazing 😀 :* I Love Korean Drama 🙂

  3. 3 : Saeed AcTioN Says:

    im saeed from Yemen ..
    Korean drama fan and im waiting for this drama even if it not subtitled in Arabic !!
    i will married a Korean sweetheart one day ^_^

  4. 4 : DSant Says:

    Wondering if anyone knows if this drama will have English sub soon? Seems like a good drama and would love to watch it.

  5. 5 : [email protected] Says:

    Good drama!

  6. 6 : Mike Says:

    DSant. Sorry but MBC cut English sub titles some time ago.

  7. 7 : millet Says:

    It is not a bad drama, but it give a headache, coz of hard headed daughters, and most of it denial an anger, it is a heavy hard headed children.

  8. 8 : Rose Says:

    I love Ji-Wook’s quirky and funny personality. He is cute.
    I hope he doesn’t get fooled by all the lies Ye-Ra and her manic father come up with.

    This is another drama with the same theme where 2 guys like the same girl.

  9. 9 : Rose Says:

    Young-Jin and Lee Tae-Sung should be married to each other. They could shout at each other to their death. Se-Yoon’s personality is more calmer.

  10. 10 : Andy Says:

    Psycho Ye-Ra – supposedly hurt her foot – can’t walk??? but can jump out of the car when Ji-Wook stops the car to give Na Young a ride home. Give me a break.

  11. 11 : Shari Says:

    Cute Ji-Wook is a little on the quirky side and has lived in a more calmer atmosphere compared to if he marries lying Ye-Ra. Her dad is a maniac and is disgusting. Ye-Ra and her father are making a fool out of Ji-Wook’s grandfather.

    Sung Jae is moving along some what fast with Na Young within a short time after his wife passed away.

    Na Young is more open with Sung Jae, and doesn’t communicate well with Ji-Wook. Ji-Wook is always looking for answers from her and she just doesn’t answer him.

    Ji-Wook always falls for Ye-Ra’s stupid lies and crying tricks. I hope he doesn’t end up marrying her.

  12. 12 : moonbeam Says:

    Same old story line — rich lying, conniving, pushy chick, and greedy, ignorant father – Lee Tae-Sung -.trying to take over some one’s company by making his daughter marry company owner’s grandson – Ji-Wook – with grandfather’s help.

    And Eun-Jin trying to marry Tae-Sung’s son, not knowing his father ruined her father.

    I like both Ji-Wook and Sung Jae. Ji-Wook likes Na-Young, but he won’t get the girl. Not the way the story is written. Always one person looses out when two people like the same person – general theme also.

  13. 13 : Jerry Says:

    I don’t understand this show —- I thought Ji-Wook told trouble maker Ye-Ra to pack her stuff and leave the company?? The next day she is at work —– and he doesn’t say anything to her. How silly is all this???

  14. 14 : liferca Says:

    sunjae character too bland for me. ji-wook with na-young suits me better..ye-ra…please..turns me off.

  15. 15 : LY Says:

    At the initial stage of the drama, I found Ye Ra’s mother to be such a hysterical and annoying person. However, as the drama progresses, I look forward to watching her as she is actually so funny in her own ‘exaggerated’ ways.

  16. 16 : Rose Says:

    Lee Tae Sung is one disgusting evil person. Why do they hit people in the head all the time??? That is so stupid and idiotic. How can his wife have any respect for a person like him much less love him??? Ick …. I would get out of that marriage, who cares about the money.

    Ye-Ra is an idiot. She has a hard time walking in those high heels she wears. Waiting for her to fall on her face soon.

  17. 17 : John debets Says:

    Did you guys not like my comment from yesterday it appears not to be posted tsk tsk!?…anyway I love Korea its people an culture an watch mostly Korean dramas,news and documentaries…but I have to say that ,”start again “is some reeeeaaaaaaal dumb scrappy stuff except for the very beautiful actress who keeps chasing that dumb dumb nitwit and the actor who plays her father he is also very good,seen him in period dramas very kool who writes this crap?????????

  18. 18 : Myla Hernandez Says:

    I really love this drama, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming episode with English subtitle. It’s nice to see you again Kim Jeong Hoon.

  19. 19 : Rose Says:

    The grandfather has to have surgery so Ji-Wook could feel guilty that it was his fault, and try to stop his feelings for Young-Ja.. Not that she reciprocated his feelings. The grandfather eventually may have had to have the surgery anyway.

    It appears Ji-Wook has been a dutiful grandson from what he has said, so you would think the grandfather would give in on who Ji-Wook would like to date/marry. With the parents/grandparents in these shows, it is their way or the high way.

  20. 20 : jeweles Says:

    Grandfather always thought the president was a hardworking and honest man who would protect and help grow his still young grandson in the business and his life.
    Now the grandfather is more and more aware of how wrong his perception was about the president, he has left it to his grandson to decide on the wedding issues. Soon he will tell the grandson that he was wrong and will stop the wedding talk altoghether – I have faith in him!!

  21. 21 : Rose Says:

    @jeweles —

    I agree with you about Ji-Wook’s grandfather. The light bulb is beginning to become brighter. I have seen him in about 7 dramas and I liked the type of character he played in all of them. It would be nice if Ji-Sook could

    I hope Ji-Sook kind of starts putting some doubts in the grandfather’s mind about Tae-Sung, but not be too obvious about it. She is on Ji-Wook’s side about not marrying Ye-Ra.

    I am not too keen on Young-Ja, she aggravates me at times. I don’t understand when Ji-Wook is asking her questions, why her character looks at the floor and doesn’t respond. She never engages in a “real” conversation with him. He tries so hard with her.

  22. 22 : Shari Says:

    Why does Ji-Wook’s grandfather not want him to like Young-Ja???? Anyone know???

    Cute Ji-Wook liked Young-Ja, Ye-Ra likes him, and it appears both are hateful Tae-Sung’s daughters. Ji-Wook needs to get away from both of the girls.

    I hope at the end, they don’t all end up one big happy family.

  23. 23 : Rose Says:

    Why doesn’t Ji-Wook just tell his grandfather that he doesn’t like Ye-Ra??? Doesn’t the grandfather get the picture since Ji-Wook has been stalling???

    I kind of thought the grandfather was going to let Ji-Wook make his own decision, especially with all the events the g-father has found out that Tae-Sung has been doing?? Now he is pushing the marriage again. Yikes!!!!

  24. 24 : Rose Says:

    Tae-Sung is one evil man. His daughter his a ditzy bird brain. The mother is funny and theatrical. Sung Ho is the only normal person in the dysfunctional family.

    Young-Ja – at the beginning I was hoping she and Ji-Wook would end up together, but not any more. I don’t care for her. I don’t know if it is the type of character she is playing in this drama, or what. Ji-Wook asking Young-Ja a question is like beating his head against a wall.

    I will be happy if Ji-Wook ends up with neither of the 2 girls.

    So what happened with the guy being transferred from one hospital to another??? Young-Ja and Sung Jae decided to forget about it!!!

    I hope soon Ji-Wook figures out that Ye=Ra and her disgusting father want to take over his grandfather’s company.

    Someone needs to tell Young-Ja that the baby she delievered is Sung-Jae’s and get it over with.

  25. 25 : gloria athill said Says:

    i have never seen a daughter and father so much alike like these two . they like to smack people when they cant get their way the father treats his son like crap while let yera get what she wants they are both crazy.

  26. 26 : Rose Says:

    @gloria athill —- I agree with you 100% about Ye-Ra and her father.

    Sun-Ho is the only normal person in their family.

  27. 27 : Rose Says:

    Geez…..that stupid idiotic Ye-Ra, who is just like her father, blames everyone except her father for all the trouble he has caused with his disgusting, filthy, despicable mouth. He treats everyone like they are dirt. I don’t know how those men that work for him put up with the crap????!!!!

    Ye Ra blames Young Ja for being born. How stupid is that? Her low class dad is the father, blame him.

    Dr, Na’s daughters, Young Ja and Young Jin barely listen to their parents, they do whatever they want to to do.

    Young Ja just happens to be at the right place at the right time and hears everything that Lee Tae Sung says, then she walks around with a spaced out look on her face. She never seems to change her expressions very much.

  28. 28 : David Says:

    How stupid is this??? After all the crap Tae Sung did to Ji-Wook’s grandfather and the company, embecile Ye-Ra asks Ji-Wook to help her dad. Give me a break!!! I hope Ji-Wook does not cave in and try to help her disgusting dad out.

    How stupid is Young-In to be so concerned about her Tae Sung when her own sister got beat up because of him. She worries more about Tae Sung’s family than her own family.

    Her parents have gone through alot of crap because of Tae Sung, and Young-In doesn’t care!!!! She got kicked out of his house, and all she worries is how to get back in. Stupid stubborn girls in this show.

  29. 29 : Shari Says:

    I guess did prevail in this show. Glad Tae Sung got some jail time, probably not long enough for all the aggravation and crap he did to people.

    Happy that Dr. Na got back in to the medical field.

    Jang Seo Won (Park Se Yoon) I don’t think I have seen him before. I thouht he did good in his role and was level headed.

    Ye-Ra — same old goof head — new job and still can’t handle the job. Idiot that she is.

    Young-Ja – don’t know what to say about her — bland face through out most of the show.

    Last show – no English subs, just like the show before this “Working Mom, Parenting Daddy.” Strange.

    Nice Christmas scenes on the sight- thanks for putting them up.

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