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Title: 봄날 / Bom-nal / Spring Days
Chinese Title : 春日 / 春天
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2005-Jan-08 to 2005-Mar-13
Air time: Saturday & Sunday at 21:45


Miniseries about a woman who was given up for adoption as a child falling in love with 2 brothers during 2 different time periods.


Ko Hyun Jung as Suh Jung Eun
Jo In Sung as Go Eun Sup
Ji Jin Hee as Go Eun Ho
Lee So Yeon as Kim Kyung Ah
Han Go Eun as Kim Min Jung
Lee Hwi Hyang as Eun Sup’s mother
Jang Yong as Eun Sup’s and Eun Ho’s father
Lee Kyung Jin as Eun Ho’s mother (piano teacher)
Shin Choong Shik as Suh Dal Ho (Jung Eun’s grandfather, doctor)
Jang Ah Young as Kim Kyung Ah (barmaid)
Park Chul Min as Lee Jin Tae
Jo Eun Sook as a runaway mother
Oh Ji Hye
Lee Hyun Woo
Jung Jong Joon
Park Jung Woo

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Kim Kyu Wan
Producer: Kim Yang
Director: Kim Jong Hyuk, Lee Myung Woo (assistant)

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59 Responses to “Spring Day”

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  1. 51
    yoyo Says:

    @ilovekorea… you are so stupid… xxxx you

  2. 52
    ilovekhj Says:

    @ilovekorea………..she won in that pageant coz she’s simply irresistible,beautiful,have a great sense of humor, intelligent,great actress,one of a kind and she got everything as in everything that you don’t have.,.,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you don’t know that,,then you must be living under the rock!!! I LOVE YOU KO HYUN JUNG!!!! fighting.,.,, ^_^

  3. 53
    ednaluvsKoHyunJung Says:

    @ilovekorea…..what planet did you came from??? it seems that you don’t know what is beautiful and what is not….or better have your eye check…there must be something wrong with you huh…FYI she is CF model of Re-Nk, Lancome and many more….so if you don’t have something good to say about other people better not comment ok….GO CHECK YOURSELF FIRST IN THE MIRROR…
    —Ms Ko Hyun Jung is very popular and respectable and does not deserve any negative comment esp when it comes from someone like you—

    /▌ EDNA ♥ KHJ
    / \ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥…:)

  4. 54
    marismislang Says:

    better look yourself in the mirror..your so freak ass to act like you knew kohyunjung in personal to give those horrifying comments against her..how unfortunate you are, you didnt learned the good manner that all parents teach to their kids..you sucks..damn you @ilovekorea

    FYI she’s the highest paid korean female actress ..she win 3 daesang awards (the grand prize awards)

    she is more beautiful million times than you..!!!

  5. 55
    putri Says:

    what i like from watching korean drama is, the actresses & the actors perform totally, almost perfect. not only their act but also their supportings (the clothes, the make ups, etc) which can make us (the viewer) really feel the message/the story of it.

    may be, it’s the 1st time for her (@ilovekorea) watching korean drama. i don’t know why she said bad things about KHJ. she might not know what KHJ has achieved.

    so, if she gives bad comments against KHJ because of her performance in the drama, i think it’s unreasonable & unfair.

    i think it’s advisable that @ilovekorea ask forgiveness to KHJ and all her fans.

  6. 56
    dorie Says:

    For me this is an actress that I give my respect and admiration, anywhere in the world…Ko Hyun Jung, you’ve got it all. I admire your guts, your beauty, and most of all your caliber as an actress. I may have a hard time pronouncing your name, but I remember all your projects and your characters. Why? because you leave such impressions to your viewers everytime.

  7. 57
    Hate lead actress Says:

    Gooddrama.net you can watch all episodes with eng sub. In the begiinning i was very into this drama. In the end really hate this ending. How get soo easily change her feeling between 2 brothers. She deserves to mute whole life long.

  8. 58
    winnie Says:

    I’m still in ep 14 but from the comments i learned that she ended up with Jo in Sung. I’m really glad she chose him. i dont want to sound cruel because I feel it’s not wrong for her to change her heart especially if it’s going to Jo In sung. I’m kinda sad that his character died in Memories of Bali and he did not get the love of his life. It’s only fair that he ended up happy in this drama. I hope to see Jo In sung in a follow up drama, after that winter the wind blows. . you have a feeling of wanting to see more of him. Now, i’m re hushing that winter to get a glimpse of him again.
    Thank you Jo In sung for beautifully existing

  9. 59
    tigerb Says:

    i watched this series because of jo in sung and found other very good actors as well. if ‘what happened in bali’ had pathetic characters, so does this series, the difference is that this has a happy ending! it is sad that domineering and controlling parents cause heartaches for their children, all too common a plot in many korean dramas. what I dislike is depicting mothers to be very violent to physically hit the girls that their sons like, just because these girls are poor. i tend to think that korean mothers are lacking in GMRC, considering that they are supposedly rich and have good upbringing. anyway, jis has been consistent in being a good actor in the two older dramas and the two recent ones i’ve watched. looking forward to his future projects. cheers!

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