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South of the Sun

Title: 태양의 남쪽 / Tae-yang-ui Nam-jjok / South of the Sun
Chinese Title : 太陽南邊 / 蓝色的天边
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2003-Aug-30 to 2003-Oct-19
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 8:45 PM


South of the Sun is a love story between Kang Sung-jae (Choi Min Soo), who has been in prison despite his innocence and cut off from the world, and Jung Yeun-hee (Choi Myung Gil), who appears to be happy on the surface but is suffering from isolation.

They find each other through a letter by coincidence and madly falls in love after finding out the loneliness they share equally. But when ex-fiancé of Sun-jae, Min-joo, reappears in Sung-jae’s life, they face conflict.


Choi Min Soo as Kang Sung-jae
Choi Myung Gil as Jung Yeun-hee
Yoo Sun as Lee Min-joo
Myung Ro Jin as Kim Yong-tae
Yoon Chul Hyung as Cha Seung-wook
Kang Kyung Hun as Hong Se-young
Kim Joon Sung as Jung Yun-soo
Jo Yuh Jung as Noh Hye-in
Park Geun Hyung as Cha Hoe-jang
Park In Hwan as Noh Young-man
Sung Dong Il as Choi Tae-sik
Lee Mi Kyung as Moon Do-young
Yum Kwan Sup (염관섭) as Kwon-min
Park Young Ji as Chairman Oh
Yoon Young Joon as Chang-hee
Choi Jin Ho as Min Dae Ri

Production Credits

Director: Kim Soo Ryong
Screenwriter: Kim Eun Sook, Kang Eun Jung

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