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Title: 미안하다, 사랑한다 / Mianhada, Saranghanda / Sorry I Love You
Chinese Title : 对不起,我爱你
Also known as: MiSa / I’m Sorry, I Love You / Sorry I Love You / Sorry But I Love You (YesAsia)
Genre: Human drama, romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2004-Nov-09 to 2004-Dec-28
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Cha Moo Hyuk was adopted by an Australian family but was abused and left homeless at an early age. One day he comes across Song Eun Chae, the coordinator for Choi Yune, a famous singer in Korea, whom she is secretly in love with. Her fateful encounter with Moo Hyuk ends up affecting not only her life but that of her precious Yune as well.

Because of an accident involving his ex-girlfriend, Moo Hyuk is left with 3 months to live. This leads him to head back to Korea in search of his biological mother. The discoveries he makes, changes his heart from longing to revenge. Even with all this darkness surrounding him, he finds an unexpected source of happiness with someone he did not expect to love.


So Ji Sub as Cha Moo Hyuk
Im Soo Jung as Song Eun Chae
Jung Kyung Ho as Choi Yune
Seo Ji Young as Kang Min Joo
Choi Yeo Jin as Moon Ji Young
Lee Hye Young as Oh Deul Hee (Yune’s mother)
Jun Hye Jin as Yoon Seo Kyung
Lee Young Ha as Song Dae Chun (Eun Chae’s father)
Kim Hye Ok as Jang Hye Sook (Eun Chae’s mother)
Shin Goo as Min Hyun Suk
Ok Ji Young as Song Sook Chae (Eun Chae’s older sister)
Jung Hwa Young as Song Min Chae (Eun Chae’s younger sister)
Park Gun Tae as Kim Kal Ji (Seo Kyung’s son)
Kim Tae Young

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Lee Kyung Hee
Producer: Jung Sung Hyo
Director: Lee Hyung Min

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188 Responses to “Sorry I Love You”

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  1. 101
    ajusshi's love Says:

    this drama is really great!!! it’s the best korean drama i’ve ever watched!!! dunnno how many buckets of tears i shed watching MiSa… my oppa ji sub was excellent on how he portrayed the character of moo hyuk!! i hope i can see more of my ji sub in the future…

  2. 102
    honey b Says:

    I’ve already watching this drama for 5 times, and still, ….crying…
    very…very…scenario and casting Ji Sup Ssi played so good in here also Im Su Jung Ssi.

  3. 103
    koreancrazeee Says:

    OMG!!! I have watched so many korean dramas and only finally watched Sorry, i love you. It topped all!!! Its the best!!! I cried like there was no tomorrow but i really enjoyed it. Good storyline and touching.

    Just bought the soundtrack too.

  4. 104
    koreancrazeee Says:

    Sigh!! I just cannot get over this movie, especially the ending!! It is stuck in my head!!! Moo Hyuk had so much love to give in this movie.

    MiSa is sooooo good! Will i ever get to watch another korean drama better than MiSa? Im going to forever compare them with MiSa.

    Anyone knows a similar good korean drama which i can watch?? Care to share? Thnx

  5. 105
    Lumi Says:

    I liked this drama because is different. So Ji Sup gives an amazing performance, not so much Im Su Jung (what ever happened to her? I can’t find her in any other dramas). There’s a particular moving scene with Jung Kyun Ho an SJS. Eun Chae’s dad is also very good.

    Though slow, the drama starts to feel somewhat draggy towards the end, but it is still good and leaves you with something to think about, mainly how revenge can backfire.

    Bad Love is another good tearjerker, so is Love Letter, two of the best I’ve seen.

  6. 106
    sofia Says:

    This drama with the drama ” sad love story” are the best korean dramas i’ve ever seen, so touching, makes me cry and dream…love so ji sub!

  7. 107
    chen Says:

    i like this drama. it is touced. but i don’t want this kind of boyfriend who does not have a job and hanging around just like a gang member. this is a crazy love. if it is happened in the real life, the couple won’t have a long term love or marriage

  8. 108
    prani Says:

    i love this drama,the way they fall in love and the way they die……this drama make me fall in love with so ji sub…this is a perfect love story and really very heart touching

  9. 109
    Myy Says:

    Sorry I love You is really a touching story. Eventhough Moo-hyuk didn’t get the chance t be w her mum, but still, his love is so strong that he even sacrificed for all of it. This is how true love works, i guess. It is really a tear jerker drama. I hope there’s this kind of drama.

  10. 110
    `cda` Langkawi Says:

    Sorry………..I Love ‘U’ too

  11. 111
    fara sunarja Says:

    i really love this drama, so touchable.. i can’t find another k-drama who similar with this.. maybe you guys can give me option thanks

  12. 112
    Sonita Says:

    OMG…this is the saddest drama ever…made me cry a river T.T

  13. 113
    key Says:

    i like this drama after watched it in TV. the story is so sadness. i can know the meaning of life especially the true love, but it’s so sadness…

  14. 114
    teddygurl88 Says:

    please check out this my site “k.drama coffee house” if you want “I’m sorry I love you” synopsis,wallpapers and pictures.:p


  15. 115
    ajing Says:

    the best kdrama of all time and the saddest series & love story i’ve ever watched !!!! it made me cry in almost every episode!!!!! i’ve been watching it for the nth times! So ji sup & im soo jung are really remarkable in this drama!!! highly recommended!

  16. 116
    Merlin Says:

    great drama !!!

    This drama is great because it’s no fantacy, it occurs in everyday life.
    It is annoying that girl’s dad nor that adopted son who lives a better than average life never bothered to tell the truth…
    coward, selfish people…

    by the way, did the girl commit suicide in the end … ??

  17. 117
    Sara Says:

    O my God.It s just so sad.Made me cry each time i saw so ji sub ‘s eyes.There s sth in his eyes which i havent seen in any korean actor.The drama shows real life.A must-see.

  18. 118
    arezou Says:

    u r the bbbbbbeeeeeesssssssttttttttt
    CHA MOO-HYUK!!!!!

  19. 119
    arezou Says:

    & CHOI YUNE!u r very good too!

  20. 120
    arezou Says:

    heart touching!

  21. 121
    kawtar says Says:

    i am sorry i love you this drama

  22. 122
    gaitri Says:

    i just love this drama. and jung kyung ho i just love to watch you act. you look very cool in this drama

  23. 123
    chiklesa Says:

    so0o0o0o great drama…i love it so0o0o much….and wish something like that happend with me 😀

  24. 124
    chiklesa Says:


  25. 125
    amal Says:

    this film!”sory….i love you”, i like it very much.it’s the bes film i’d never see but i’s sad.muhyuk (soji sup) , unche, youne! i like them.But it’s very sad…….sory!!……..

  26. 126
    arezou Says:

    nice drama with so ji sup!

  27. 127
    yara Says:

    One of the best K-dramas of all times…..

  28. 128
    mumu Says:

    Very sad, touching, and much lesson that we can get from this drama..
    L.O.V.E this drama!hope can watch another drama like this..

  29. 129
    kate Says:

    Oh!!! God this drama really really sad :'(
    i ever watched it 3times but i still fall my tear even though i know the real situation actor&actress did’t die but i still cannot control myself… Y???

    “O” Maybe i get a strong emotion cos its not my only one korean drama saddest…it has many more 😀

    “O” oh,,one more if anyone wanna watch korean saddest movie dat similar to this drama hmm… u should try “More Than Blue” its not drama its jus movie, i think dat dis movie really really sad too cannot stop tear falling :'(

  30. 130
    roma Says:

    I love all charactors of this drama who acts very well. This drama is close to my heart.

  31. 131
    Rena Says:

    Sad Movie, But I love it though 🙂
    So Ji Sub really a cool one!!

  32. 132
    kali Says:

    dis is da most best series i have ever seen be4
    so ji sup he did fantastic work as well im su also dis awesome job
    dis drama touched mah heart so badly each single month i repeat to watch dis drama , so badly dis drama attacked mah brain unable stop carying in each episode i wish to watch more drama wit dis couple but wit happy ending
    all part of drama ig going well
    but i felt very depressed becoz of sad ending
    main part i like dis darma is fabulous dressing

  33. 133
    tiffa Says:

    its’ my fave korean drama .. so ji sub is so cool here, and woman is so pretty .. and the story is great ..touchy … plus the soundtrack i love it so much

  34. 134
    laxMee Says:

    oh this is one of the heart touching drama i have seen…a stone hearted girl like me, cried a lot when i watched it…
    good job!

  35. 135
    daone Says:

    Its really sad drama, but i like the story line. superb!!.. make me cry.huhu..highly recommended! must watch

  36. 136
    ziena Says:

    the best ever great actor u have to cry when he dies or when his mother gives him food not knowing this is her son it gives u the creeps

  37. 137
    Mia Andriyani, Indonesia Says:

    this drama korea which never forgotten in my life,, it always makes me cry if I am watching it… the best romantic drama.. god job for all actress n actors especially Im su jung n so ji sub Sarangeoooo

  38. 138
    Almira Says:

    This one is the only sad-ending Korean Drama that I love!!!!
    I use to like KD that had light, sweet, funny, happy-end, and cheering story line. the type of full house, coffee prince, shining inherintence, and so.
    never stand a sad-ending drama. but this one is really GOOD!
    MUST WATCH!! and the OST is incredibly awesome! match the drama in a perfect way.
    I cry, n I cry, n I cry… this is the first time I’m glad that a drama had a sad-ending. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this series!

  39. 139
    Is***e Ja****i Says:

    ahh this very sad story of love (like “sad love story”)

    And very good !! 😉

  40. 140
    puteq Says:

    this is my best korean dramaaaaa…….
    So Ji Subbb……………… ^o^
    you are the bestttttttttt

  41. 141
    elham Says:

    outstanding heartbreaking sad sad sad ,,,,,,,,,cry cry cry .from 1 episode to last .if you want to cry and feel better, this exactly what you need .good ,really good job.in my opinion even better than snow queen.i loved su ji sub and im su jung`s performance.she acted great.thanks everyone .

  42. 142
    sam Says:

    amazing.it is really difficult to find word which could explain this fantastic drama.i want to thank every one who made this drama in order to let us have this beautiful feeling .i have never been in love with any one but if i were ,i would definitly have loved her with whole my heart and keep her until the last breath that comes from my lungs. i wish i could be enough lucky to find right women to love her for death.

  43. 143
    PARNIAN Says:


  44. 144
    harman d Says:

    this is really heart touche story. Sad Ending,

    i love this.

  45. 145
    007 Says:

    amazing,heart breaking……great ending;
    evenwhen i was living he was lonely so i could not leave him alone like that .just this once time in my life i am thinking of myself and living for my self.
    i will accept any punishment that comes.heart breaking,,,sad sad sad.i am really greatful to watch this outstanding drama.

  46. 146
    mutiara Says:

    what a beautiful story,,
    i love this drama so much…

  47. 147
    mel Says:

    this movie make me crying… huaaa…
    but i love this movie so much…

  48. 148
    ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  49. 149
    noer asiah Says:

    i’v cried bfore the drama started

  50. 150
    santa Says:

    IN A WORD” AMAZING “….SAD SAD SAD….i am going to call my girl friend and tell her how much i love her. i want to keep her for ever…ever . i will not break her heart again…. .
    you….do the same … before it is too late .

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