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Sorry I Love You

Title: 미안하다, 사랑한다 / Mianhada, Saranghanda / Sorry I Love You
Chinese Title : 对不起,我爱你
Also known as: MiSa / I’m Sorry, I Love You / Sorry I Love You / Sorry But I Love You (YesAsia)
Genre: Human drama, romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2004-Nov-09 to 2004-Dec-28
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Cha Moo Hyuk was adopted by an Australian family but was abused and left homeless at an early age. One day he comes across Song Eun Chae, the coordinator for Choi Yune, a famous singer in Korea, whom she is secretly in love with. Her fateful encounter with Moo Hyuk ends up affecting not only her life but that of her precious Yune as well.

Because of an accident involving his ex-girlfriend, Moo Hyuk is left with 3 months to live. This leads him to head back to Korea in search of his biological mother. The discoveries he makes, changes his heart from longing to revenge. Even with all this darkness surrounding him, he finds an unexpected source of happiness with someone he did not expect to love.


So Ji Sub as Cha Moo Hyuk
Im Soo Jung as Song Eun Chae
Jung Kyung Ho as Choi Yune
Seo Ji Young as Kang Min Joo
Choi Yeo Jin as Moon Ji Young
Lee Hye Young as Oh Deul Hee (Yune’s mother)
Jun Hye Jin as Yoon Seo Kyung
Lee Young Ha as Song Dae Chun (Eun Chae’s father)
Kim Hye Ok as Jang Hye Sook (Eun Chae’s mother)
Shin Goo as Min Hyun Suk
Ok Ji Young as Song Sook Chae (Eun Chae’s older sister)
Jung Hwa Young as Song Min Chae (Eun Chae’s younger sister)
Park Gun Tae as Kim Kal Ji (Seo Kyung’s son)
Kim Tae Young

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Lee Kyung Hee
Producer: Jung Sung Hyo
Director: Lee Hyung Min

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  1. 1 : InDy MeLinda Says:

    I Cant Stop Crying When I watch This Drama….!!
    Really Touching…

    Hiks…hiks…hiks… T__T

    Whay they can’t find they happiness until end….!!

    Hiks…hiks…hiks… T__T

  2. 2 : whatchamakulit Says:

    love this drama. A Must see! acting is excellent. good story.
    highly recommend!

  3. 3 : paohoua yang Says:


  4. 4 : miki Says:

    this was a really sad/ messed up drama that deserves a good watch and a huge “what the hell? no way!” at the end. you should watch by the way

  5. 5 : kanoon Says:

    if, there is a trully love like their story…love would be never ending, until closed my eyes…ughhh..so sad…

  6. 6 : gemini Says:

    … another one of my favorites! So Ji Sup really made me cry a lot (Kwon Sang Wo of Stairway to Heaven was the first to me make me cry a lot… really a lot). So Ji Sup was fantastic in this drama. Kudos to the director who made use of So Ji Sup’s veeeeeery expressive eyes a lot that the emotions would pour even without any dialogues at all. Indeed, one of So Ji Sup’s best performance.

  7. 7 : Qian Says:

    I love this drama!!!!

  8. 8 : zulfa Says:

    meski udah 3 tahun yang lalu, aku tetap ingat sama kisah ini….

  9. 9 : Yuanita Says:

    Really sad movie drama. I cried a lot!!! However, it’s really touching.

  10. 10 : tomy_jelaseth Says:

    it’s really..really..really touching…so-ji-sub is really a good actor. keep up the good work.

  11. 11 : coollady Says:

    i loved this drama to the max….it was and is still one of my favorite dramas. So Ji Sup and Im Soo Jung are sooo amazing in here….their acting is extraordinary and convincing, and the chemistry they had with each other is sooo real. i loved it. everything about the drama was great. i’m usually not a bad fan of sad dramas, but this was sooo thought-provoking that i didn’t mind the sadness at all. the ending is tragic but it makes perfect sense. this is one of the few k-dramas that had a satisfying ending…watch it.

  12. 12 : tasya Says:

    so touching story…
    so sad ending..
    but its very intresting!!
    i like

  13. 13 : nhoang Says:

    ok if i commented it means its GOOD..sooo go watch it. Only if the girl wasnt so emotional and better looking the series wouldve been more enjoyable

  14. 14 : Killzone234 Says:

    One of my favorite drama i recommend this drama if u havent seen it yet i was so sad about the ending and i cant believe i was actually crying myself. The overall for this drama is good it will at least keep you watching till the end

  15. 15 : ShairaPhilippines Says:

    I wondered how many chewing gums had eaten by the actor. I really really like the actor. He’s so handsome, everything about him is good especially the eyes. Guwapo po nya. There’s no boring the scene are important.

  16. 16 : farahshar Says:

    tragic love story!! I fell in love with Cha Moo Hyuk character!!
    so cold and full of pain..

  17. 17 : farahshar Says:

    one of kind hearted kdrama..

  18. 18 : susan_indonesia Says:

    hanyong haseyo???
    i like this film cause can touch our heart and the soundtrack so excellent

  19. 19 : Ria Says:

    where can i watch these drama’s? please give me any website of korean dramas. i have watched Full House and Autumn Tale and they both very wonderful to watch. thanks

  20. 20 : annie Says:

    really love this drama ….!!!

  21. 21 : HannyBae Says:

    The sadest drama! But sooooooooooo romantic. Made me cry for a week. The story’s good, the casts’re also nice. Love it!

  22. 22 : disay Says:

    this is one of my favorite…i just love so ji sub and lim soo jung here

  23. 23 : Maggy Says:

    I really love SJS, after it, I watched all SJS´s tvdramas and movies. He´s so handsome. I will kill for him.

  24. 24 : miss apple Says:

    Ahjuhssi!!~haha~Its a nice touching and interesting drama hah even though it has a sad ending~ =D

  25. 25 : Dee Says:






    I watched this drama MORE THAN 3 Times,
    and i’m never get bored,

    i Think this is the best Korean drama that i ever seen!

    Must watch!!!

  26. 26 : Holly Says:

    Yup I agree all of the cast’s acting were really good. It was really dramatic though so it didn’t have a happy atmosphere..more like sadness in your heart. But, it was O.K.

  27. 27 : donna Says:

    awww… this series is really sad… why they have die?? so touching.. i love their team ups… though it was sad… i ended up crying after i watch this….

    you want to cry? i prefer that you must watch this…

  28. 28 : justinlee Says:



  29. 29 : KorPai Says:

    The one of my favorites korean drama.Can’t take my eye of them.
    [email protected]

  30. 30 : mulan Says:

    It’s tragedy but an awesome drama series. I cried a lot it’s very touching. Lead actor is very cool. Recommend to watch. It’s 7/10

  31. 31 : kie Says:

    so ji sup keren abis…
    i’ts great…

  32. 32 : kie Says:

    so ji sup keren abis…
    it’s great…

  33. 33 : shirley marie Says:

    he is hot hir..but der tandem is not dt gUd..i stil lyk ji sup wd ha ji won..

  34. 34 : melemzkie Says:

    Gosh! I can’t forget the feeling I have felt watching this drama! It’s so touching and as if you’re the one in it! So great that So Ji Sup’s handsome face with those expressive eyes still lingers in my mind! Hehe! I recommended this to my cousin and she ended telling me that her eyes swell a lot! Mine too! Hahaha! I LOVE IT!!! Hope to be at Korea one time!

  35. 35 : huwinny Says:

    best drama !!!!

  36. 36 : kdrama lover Says:

    waaaaaaaaahh….everytime that i watch this drama, i cry!
    sarangheeee So Ji Sub!!!

  37. 37 : crazy Says:

    may b too late to comment, but really it’s the BEST k drama i’ve ever watched… can’t keep my tears, just flowing… The casts felt all emotions deeply, the songs also really fill the atmosphere..

  38. 38 : edith Says:

    I am speechless…It was a very touching but awesome drama. It was beautifully written, beautifully acted and I am so touched by the sadness and tragedy of their love story. Although it’s a sad ending drama but I recommended it highly to watch…as it worth! The actor and actress are so good both in angel and devil’s role. I give 5 out of 5 stars….

  39. 39 : AishaKith Says:

    Very tearjerker.. I cried so much in this drama.. Oh! I love this.. So Ji Sup is so hot in here.. hehehe.. Im Su jung is so cute.. 🙂

  40. 40 : Sufia Says:

    it really made me cry so much.. My all time favorite drama 🙂

  41. 41 : ar Says:

    I love this drama.. 🙂

  42. 42 : kithkath Says:

    This is my most favorite drama ever! It made me cry so much.. I have watched it twicw and i cried again for a hundred times 🙂 Recommended! 🙂

  43. 43 : Nurjannah Says:

    It’s a very tearjerker drama, i cried so much in here.. I still can’t get over this drama.. I still cry every time i watch it.. Recommended for you to watch.. but make sure you are ready to cry a river for this drama.. hehehe 🙂

  44. 44 : rahim Says:

    watch this drama, you’ll love it.. 🙂

  45. 45 : july Says:

    Oh! Love this.. I like so ji sup and im su jung so much in this drama.. they look good together 🙂

  46. 46 : ydah Says:

    cried a million tears.. watch it, it is so damn good drama 🙂

  47. 47 : Ikith Says:

    Very touching. It made me cry so much. ending it up, the way the viewers want it? i guess, it would not be as good as it is 🙂

  48. 48 : ydah Says:

    just love it so much.. im su jung and so ji sup are great actors.. I love them 🙂 hope to watch them together again in a drama 🙂

  49. 49 : Aisha Says:



    Mianhada… Saranghanda!

    Huhuhuhu.. very tearjerker, very touching! watching it again, and crying again! Waaahhaaahhaaaahhaaa! Just love this drama so much 🙂

  50. 50 : jannah Says:

    “Looking back now I can say that it was a terrible life. If there was one thing I did right in my messed up life it was falling in love with that woman, Song Eun-Chae, and the most regrettable thing was not being able to forget her.”
    -Cha Moo-Hyuk

    Oh come on.. wanna cry again for this drama 🙁

  51. 51 : ryan Says:

    My wife is obsessed with this drama.. She loves watching this and every time i saw her cry, it’s because she just finished watching it again.. my opinion? it’s a great drama ever! thumbs up!

  52. 52 : shawn Says:

    i love this drama so much.. very touching and the ending is tragic.. 🙂 still great drama 🙂

  53. 53 : amy Says:

    best drama ever!

  54. 54 : sue Says:

    yah lo kok baru liat skrg se! gua udah liat 17 kali hehe! love so ji sup……………………..

  55. 55 : amy Says:

    nih mau liat lg…….. bantuin ngelap air mata dong sue hehe…..

  56. 56 : amy Says:

    love so ji sup

  57. 57 : amy Says:

    love im soo jung

  58. 58 : amy Says:

    ni drama bagus banget deh!!!!!! yg belum liat cepetan beli dvd nya…….. cuma $20……….. cepetan beli hehe!

  59. 59 : sue Says:

    wah promosi nih?! hehe! tp emang bener kok udah murah, dramanya buagus banget lg……… mmg best drama ever!!!!!!!!

  60. 60 : sue Says:

    yg bener? cuma $20? wah aq mau beli lg nih, buat kado utk tante ku…… next week birthday tante ku……. tante ku suka banget drama ini. selalu nebeng pinjam dvd ku hehe! thanx for ur info amy

  61. 61 : amy Says:

    met ultah tante cindy………. wah ketularan nyokap gw nih nyokap gw pun suka banget drama ini. dulu nyokap ngak suka liat drama tp setelah liat drama ini nyokap jd fans korean drama hehe

  62. 62 : amy Says:

    and bokap gw yg cuma doyan ama berita doang pun jd ikut nimbrung liat drama ini. bokap bilang so ji sup the best!

  63. 63 : sue Says:

    yap! gara2 drama ini tante gw jd ketagihan ke korea

  64. 64 : amy Says:

    me too

  65. 65 : amy Says:

    kami sekeluarga pun ketagihan ke korea….. and tentu saja jd doyan banget makan chilli rice cake hehe. setiap kali ke korea aq and my sis akan cari chilli rice cake. dari jauh aja udah kelihatan merah2 mmmmmmm pedes and menyelerakan. sambil makan and ambil foto hehe….

  66. 66 : sue Says:

    me too……. chilli rice cake and kimchi! disini ada dijual chilli rice cake tp kok nggak seenak yg di korea ya?

  67. 67 : sue Says:

    sorry i love you……. best drama ever!

  68. 68 : amy Says:

    tp kok yg buat cerita kok kejem banget sih? aq tau ini cuma cerita tp bener2 buat aq sakit hati! kalau aq ingat drama ini aq mesti nangis lagi. semoga aja ngak ada orang yg bernasib seperti cha moo hyuk

  69. 69 : amy Says:

    my sis bilang jgn terlalu di pikirin. cuma drama aja tp my sis pun akhirnya sakit hati juga haha.

  70. 70 : amy Says:

    emang masuk ke hati banget…….. yg nggak liat rugi deh! pokok nya best banget! 5 bintang!

  71. 71 : sue Says:

    walau pun endingnya sedih banget tp puas hati at least yune anak baik bisa jaga nyokapnya……..

  72. 72 : sue Says:

    kalau aq jadi moo hyuk pun aq akan buat hal yg sama… apa gunanya nyokap dia tau toh dia pun akan meninggal. at least dia udah ketemu nyokap and his sis…… and dia pun tau yune anak baik and pasti akan jaga nyokapnya baik2 and satu lg bonus aq pasti yune pun akan jg his sis and his nephew dengan baik…… so dia bisa pergi dengan tenang…….

  73. 73 : amy Says:

    me too…….. tp aq nggak setuju ama eun chae……. kenapa mesti ikut mati? kalau aq jd eun chae aq akan terus hidup…… ya aq akan nemenin his sis and kal chi. bukannya moo hyuk pun udah berpesan begitu ama eun chae? kenapa mesti ikut mati? kalau eun chae terus hidup at least eun chae bisa selalu berdoa untuk moo hyuk……..

  74. 74 : sue Says:

    yes! aku jg nggak setuju!

  75. 75 : sue Says:

    kal cil…….. elo kok cute banget sih…… anak siapa ya? nyokap bokapnya pasti bangga banget deh? dapat penghargaan lg……. piala……….. hehe

  76. 76 : sue Says:

    yune ok juga tp anak mami lah……….

  77. 77 : sue Says:

    cha moo hyuk……. i love you……..

  78. 78 : sue Says:

    song eun che…….. i love you

  79. 79 : sue Says:

    choi yune……… i love you……..

  80. 80 : sue Says:

    kal chi…….. i love you……….

  81. 81 : sue Says:

    sorry……….. i love this drama so much……….

  82. 82 : amy Says:

    aq juga……… sorry i love you………..

  83. 83 : amy Says:

    emang ngak ada kata lain selain best drama ever!

  84. 84 : amy Says:

    best dari yg ter best! hehe

  85. 85 : amy Says:

    yes! setuju banget! best drama ever!

  86. 86 : amy Says:

    habis liat entah yg keberapa kali nih………..

  87. 87 : amy Says:

    jalan ceritanya bagus…… pemainya semua bagus…….. 5 bintang!

  88. 88 : amy Says:

    udah berpuluh2 drama aq liat tp ini yg bener2 meninggalkan kesan dihati ku…….. yg belum liat drama ini, harus liat and rasakan sendiri hehe

  89. 89 : amy Says:

    habis liat pasti mau liat lg deh…………

  90. 90 : amy Says:

    kayak es krim……. sekali tak akan cukup……. pasti mau liat lg hehe

  91. 91 : amy Says:

    ya…… aq pun mau liat lg…… dan lg…….. dan lagi…… dan lagi…….

  92. 92 : karen Says:

    cried buckets…..really touching drama.

  93. 93 : venus Says:

    it’s a bit draggy in this drama,
    but u will never get bored watching this.
    seriously, it’s a really sad and best drama.
    after all, it’s worth seeing.
    it makes u cant get over it and fall in love with so ji sub’s acting!

  94. 94 : nawal Says:

    hi this drama played in dubai tv now at 12:00 GMT
    with arabic traduction very nice but why there are a sad fin

  95. 95 : hi Says:

    hi im watching this drama on dubai channel reached 7 epis im afraid that cha moo hyuk gonna be die at the end!!!!!! no plz dont tell me that !!!!

  96. 96 : hanan Says:

    the series is great avery very sad ending , but most of all so ji sub acting , and moreover his singing the snow flower song is realy good i believe its better than the original singer.

  97. 97 : suhail1887 Says:

    gw suka…..pi ending nya qo gthu siy..??

  98. 98 : eva5050 Says:

    Moo Hyuk u are so hot i love to death so ji sub ( i hope u will read it )

  99. 99 : Remah Says:

    english please and were can i watch this show online with english subtitals

  100. 100 : Uzma Says:

    This is really a great drama. But it is sooo sad ,the actors Sojisup and
    Im jeong look great together.
    Please make more of these type of dramas rather than usual nonsense.

  101. 101 : ajusshi's love Says:

    this drama is really great!!! it’s the best korean drama i’ve ever watched!!! dunnno how many buckets of tears i shed watching MiSa… my oppa ji sub was excellent on how he portrayed the character of moo hyuk!! i hope i can see more of my ji sub in the future…

  102. 102 : honey b Says:

    I’ve already watching this drama for 5 times, and still, ….crying…
    very…very…scenario and casting Ji Sup Ssi played so good in here also Im Su Jung Ssi.

  103. 103 : koreancrazeee Says:

    OMG!!! I have watched so many korean dramas and only finally watched Sorry, i love you. It topped all!!! Its the best!!! I cried like there was no tomorrow but i really enjoyed it. Good storyline and touching.

    Just bought the soundtrack too.

  104. 104 : koreancrazeee Says:

    Sigh!! I just cannot get over this movie, especially the ending!! It is stuck in my head!!! Moo Hyuk had so much love to give in this movie.

    MiSa is sooooo good! Will i ever get to watch another korean drama better than MiSa? Im going to forever compare them with MiSa.

    Anyone knows a similar good korean drama which i can watch?? Care to share? Thnx

  105. 105 : Lumi Says:

    I liked this drama because is different. So Ji Sup gives an amazing performance, not so much Im Su Jung (what ever happened to her? I can’t find her in any other dramas). There’s a particular moving scene with Jung Kyun Ho an SJS. Eun Chae’s dad is also very good.

    Though slow, the drama starts to feel somewhat draggy towards the end, but it is still good and leaves you with something to think about, mainly how revenge can backfire.

    Bad Love is another good tearjerker, so is Love Letter, two of the best I’ve seen.

  106. 106 : sofia Says:

    This drama with the drama ” sad love story” are the best korean dramas i’ve ever seen, so touching, makes me cry and dream…love so ji sub!

  107. 107 : chen Says:

    i like this drama. it is touced. but i don’t want this kind of boyfriend who does not have a job and hanging around just like a gang member. this is a crazy love. if it is happened in the real life, the couple won’t have a long term love or marriage

  108. 108 : prani Says:

    i love this drama,the way they fall in love and the way they die……this drama make me fall in love with so ji sub…this is a perfect love story and really very heart touching

  109. 109 : Myy Says:

    Sorry I love You is really a touching story. Eventhough Moo-hyuk didn’t get the chance t be w her mum, but still, his love is so strong that he even sacrificed for all of it. This is how true love works, i guess. It is really a tear jerker drama. I hope there’s this kind of drama.

  110. 110 : `cda` Langkawi Says:

    Sorry………..I Love ‘U’ too

  111. 111 : fara sunarja Says:

    i really love this drama, so touchable.. i can’t find another k-drama who similar with this.. maybe you guys can give me option thanks

  112. 112 : Sonita Says:

    OMG…this is the saddest drama ever…made me cry a river T.T

  113. 113 : key Says:

    i like this drama after watched it in TV. the story is so sadness. i can know the meaning of life especially the true love, but it’s so sadness…

  114. 114 : teddygurl88 Says:

    please check out this my site “k.drama coffee house” if you want “I’m sorry I love you” synopsis,wallpapers and pictures.:p


  115. 115 : ajing Says:

    the best kdrama of all time and the saddest series & love story i’ve ever watched !!!! it made me cry in almost every episode!!!!! i’ve been watching it for the nth times! So ji sup & im soo jung are really remarkable in this drama!!! highly recommended!

  116. 116 : Merlin Says:

    great drama !!!

    This drama is great because it’s no fantacy, it occurs in everyday life.
    It is annoying that girl’s dad nor that adopted son who lives a better than average life never bothered to tell the truth…
    coward, selfish people…

    by the way, did the girl commit suicide in the end … ??

  117. 117 : Sara Says:

    O my God.It s just so sad.Made me cry each time i saw so ji sub ‘s eyes.There s sth in his eyes which i havent seen in any korean actor.The drama shows real life.A must-see.

  118. 118 : arezou Says:

    u r the bbbbbbeeeeeesssssssttttttttt
    CHA MOO-HYUK!!!!!

  119. 119 : arezou Says:

    & CHOI YUNE!u r very good too!

  120. 120 : arezou Says:

    heart touching!

  121. 121 : kawtar says Says:

    i am sorry i love you this drama

  122. 122 : gaitri Says:

    i just love this drama. and jung kyung ho i just love to watch you act. you look very cool in this drama

  123. 123 : chiklesa Says:

    so0o0o0o great drama…i love it so0o0o much….and wish something like that happend with me 😀

  124. 124 : chiklesa Says:


  125. 125 : amal Says:

    this film!”sory….i love you”, i like it very much.it’s the bes film i’d never see but i’s sad.muhyuk (soji sup) , unche, youne! i like them.But it’s very sad…….sory!!……..

  126. 126 : arezou Says:

    nice drama with so ji sup!

  127. 127 : yara Says:

    One of the best K-dramas of all times…..

  128. 128 : mumu Says:

    Very sad, touching, and much lesson that we can get from this drama..
    L.O.V.E this drama!hope can watch another drama like this..

  129. 129 : kate Says:

    Oh!!! God this drama really really sad :'(
    i ever watched it 3times but i still fall my tear even though i know the real situation actor&actress did’t die but i still cannot control myself… Y???

    “O” Maybe i get a strong emotion cos its not my only one korean drama saddest…it has many more 😀

    “O” oh,,one more if anyone wanna watch korean saddest movie dat similar to this drama hmm… u should try “More Than Blue” its not drama its jus movie, i think dat dis movie really really sad too cannot stop tear falling :'(

  130. 130 : roma Says:

    I love all charactors of this drama who acts very well. This drama is close to my heart.

  131. 131 : Rena Says:

    Sad Movie, But I love it though 🙂
    So Ji Sub really a cool one!!

  132. 132 : kali Says:

    dis is da most best series i have ever seen be4
    so ji sup he did fantastic work as well im su also dis awesome job
    dis drama touched mah heart so badly each single month i repeat to watch dis drama , so badly dis drama attacked mah brain unable stop carying in each episode i wish to watch more drama wit dis couple but wit happy ending
    all part of drama ig going well
    but i felt very depressed becoz of sad ending
    main part i like dis darma is fabulous dressing

  133. 133 : tiffa Says:

    its’ my fave korean drama .. so ji sub is so cool here, and woman is so pretty .. and the story is great ..touchy … plus the soundtrack i love it so much

  134. 134 : laxMee Says:

    oh this is one of the heart touching drama i have seen…a stone hearted girl like me, cried a lot when i watched it…
    good job!

  135. 135 : daone Says:

    Its really sad drama, but i like the story line. superb!!.. make me cry.huhu..highly recommended! must watch

  136. 136 : ziena Says:

    the best ever great actor u have to cry when he dies or when his mother gives him food not knowing this is her son it gives u the creeps

  137. 137 : Mia Andriyani, Indonesia Says:

    this drama korea which never forgotten in my life,, it always makes me cry if I am watching it… the best romantic drama.. god job for all actress n actors especially Im su jung n so ji sub Sarangeoooo

  138. 138 : Almira Says:

    This one is the only sad-ending Korean Drama that I love!!!!
    I use to like KD that had light, sweet, funny, happy-end, and cheering story line. the type of full house, coffee prince, shining inherintence, and so.
    never stand a sad-ending drama. but this one is really GOOD!
    MUST WATCH!! and the OST is incredibly awesome! match the drama in a perfect way.
    I cry, n I cry, n I cry… this is the first time I’m glad that a drama had a sad-ending. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this series!

  139. 139 : Is***e Ja****i Says:

    ahh this very sad story of love (like “sad love story”)

    And very good !! 😉

  140. 140 : puteq Says:

    this is my best korean dramaaaaa…….
    So Ji Subbb……………… ^o^
    you are the bestttttttttt

  141. 141 : elham Says:

    outstanding heartbreaking sad sad sad ,,,,,,,,,cry cry cry .from 1 episode to last .if you want to cry and feel better, this exactly what you need .good ,really good job.in my opinion even better than snow queen.i loved su ji sub and im su jung`s performance.she acted great.thanks everyone .

  142. 142 : sam Says:

    amazing.it is really difficult to find word which could explain this fantastic drama.i want to thank every one who made this drama in order to let us have this beautiful feeling .i have never been in love with any one but if i were ,i would definitly have loved her with whole my heart and keep her until the last breath that comes from my lungs. i wish i could be enough lucky to find right women to love her for death.

  143. 143 : PARNIAN Says:


  144. 144 : harman d Says:

    this is really heart touche story. Sad Ending,

    i love this.

  145. 145 : 007 Says:

    amazing,heart breaking……great ending;
    evenwhen i was living he was lonely so i could not leave him alone like that .just this once time in my life i am thinking of myself and living for my self.
    i will accept any punishment that comes.heart breaking,,,sad sad sad.i am really greatful to watch this outstanding drama.

  146. 146 : mutiara Says:

    what a beautiful story,,
    i love this drama so much…

  147. 147 : mel Says:

    this movie make me crying… huaaa…
    but i love this movie so much…

  148. 148 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  149. 149 : noer asiah Says:

    i’v cried bfore the drama started

  150. 150 : santa Says:

    IN A WORD” AMAZING “….SAD SAD SAD….i am going to call my girl friend and tell her how much i love her. i want to keep her for ever…ever . i will not break her heart again…. .
    you….do the same … before it is too late .

  151. 151 : chris Says:

    i love this drama so much.touching

  152. 152 : abadi Says:

    very pathetic drama.

  153. 153 : wilma Says:

    It was one of the best stories of 2004……….

    Both charaters did a really excellent job …especial mention to Su ji Sub…..

    Although the last part i must say its pathethic and a bit selfish…….but in the real world theres actually cases the same as this….but then again…where in a more open world so lets just atleast taste a bit of sorrow and pain for once in a while…and not to dwell only on HAPPY ENDINGS….

    IT was a great LOve story…it could have been better if there where more fillers of different stories on it….

    Excellent…..aja aja fighting…..c:

  154. 154 : via Says:

    Maybe that is what its like when you deeply in love with someone, I can feel their emotion here, I can feel how eun chai feel when she imagine saw cha mo hyuk everywhere, hear his voice calling her, she must be lost her sanity at that point. And how Cha Mo hyuk refuse to let eun chai free, because at that point he can’t think of anything else but his love for eun chai and how he doesn’t want to loose her. Although he seems to realize that it will be very difficult for Eun chai when he’s gone and try to hide away form her. But I think it will be too late for them because they deeply in love with each other and nothing else matter anymore. All I can remember is Cha Mo hyuk said to Eun Chai: ” I will give my heart to Yune, Will you by my side?” And he is really mean that, I mean at the end I think Cha Mo Hyuk don’t want to let Eun chai go, and thats why Eun chai decide to be with him or maybe ” he is taking her to be with him?” a bit creepy i think..

  155. 155 : silka Says:

    If you want a classic kdrama, look no further this is the one that kdrama fan should not miss. I sincerely hope that dramafever can bring this drama here. The acting from So Ji Sub is out of this world.. you can not ask for a better acting to be the main character. So Ji Sub protrait a man who was so betrayed by love but deep down inside still believe in it. A man with rough outer shell because of his upbringing.. but with warm and sensitive heart. What make so Ji sub so good is how he can expressed his complex emotion through the way the character walked, act, and with his eyes and facial expression than used words.. in fact, the character is a man with very few words.. by looking at so ji sub, you can feel the intensive of his emotional. I hate the writer sometimes for making the male charactor so deeply torture by love and when he finally found his one truth love.. he could not accept it because of his tragic fate. I wanted so much that he got more physical interaction with the one he loved.. eg, when Im so jeung cried out ‘I love U’ a million time in front of so ji sub… all he did was standing there watching her.. he did not even drop a tears.. i wanted so much that he would just grab her and comfort her… but then again… he couldn’t showed how much he loved her even though by looking at him.. u know how much he cared and loved her…. it was so heartbroken.

    So Ji Sub was truly great in this but so as the rest of the casts. Im so jeung was excellent being the female lead… a woman so deeply in love and heartbroken.. you felt for her.. and Jung Kyung Ho did a good job being a mommy boy with his own pain for being a sub son for his adopted mom’s lost son.. I am watching him in Smile You now.. he has grown so much in turns of his acting. I can’t wait to see more of him. The rest of the casts are excellet.

    Sorry I love you has one of the best acting, great writing and directing… a true classic kdrama.. you expect to cried a lot.. feeling heartache along with the charactors… but it’s so satisfying… I love it.. oh did i mention that the OST is suberb as well… a drama that a kdrama fan should never missed.

  156. 156 : [email protected] Says:

    this drama is most sad sad drama i haved see..

  157. 157 : [email protected] Says:

    most sad drama..i cried..

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    […] […]

  159. 159 : ahar agusta Says:

    tolong putar lagi iyah .
    mohon sangat .

  160. 160 : milanesha Says:

    sad movei BUT very good..makes my hearbeating..wants to see all n’ never stop.. good ending

  161. 161 : Mnwnw Says:

    Hey where is the episode 1 part 1 m trying to search many tyms bt i cant find it plz healp me

  162. 162 : Finding Mr Destiny | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] aku selalu confuse dia dengan hero dalam cerita Sorry, I Love You. Dia berlakon dalam drama Cain and Abel […]

  163. 163 : redy Says:

    The score (music) rule this series…

  164. 164 : lei Says:

    I’m on its 3rd episode, really excited to watch So Ji Sub, love him a lot, love his grin and smile…such a great actor, I’m looking forward for Only You.

  165. 165 : shasha Says:

    this is the BEST drama i’ve ever watched!! i watch it for many times, but i still always cry!! i love all the cast, especially so ji sub, he’s so awsome, and i like the story!! the soundtrack is so nice too. if u wanna see the good drama and not bored when watching , you must watch this!! very recommended for all of u!!

  166. 166 : yoka Says:

    the best drama i watched in my live , iam waiting to watch it again

  167. 167 : maida Says:

    i don’t know what to say ? i not only enjoy but also i learn many lessons from this drama it was very emotional
    this drama is awesome the best of the best

  168. 168 : maida Says:

    i didn’t surprised when i found out that the one who wrote my “will it snow for christmas , thank you and sorry i love you” was the same person becouse all are Full of feelings of humanity
    what a sensitive writer i think she know much about human soul

  169. 169 : chR15 Says:

    i’m really crazy about this drama..superb tears..so i try to watch the animated version..what can i say,.animated version also make me cry..my tear still fall even that just anime..how can they make a drama and anime super sad like this..really great job!! I will love this drama forever…The best and only one..

  170. 170 : nomeames Says:

    the best story I have watched…… so move the heart….

  171. 171 : oktiaput Says:

    the most sad drama (╥﹏╥) , wanna see again

  172. 172 : HUong Says:

    Đây là bộ phim mà tôi rất yêu thích. Tôi đ4 xem đi ,xem lại ko biết bao nhiêu lần trong suốt 7 năm qua ,mà mỗi lần xem đều rơi nước mắt. thật là một bộ phim thú vị. Đặc biệt là soji sub va im soo jung, Họ diễn xuất hết sức ăn ý ,trên cả sự tuyệt vời. Tôi ước sao họ có thể gặp nhau trong một bộ phim nào đó nhỉ?

  173. 173 : Tâm Says:

    Đây là một bộ phim đã chạm đến tất cả trái tim khán giả khi xem. Ilove so ji sub and im soo jung so much. Tôi hope them becoming a coupble nice .

  174. 174 : KHEZAL ME Says:

    I like this drama . so pathetic.. at least he get to known by his mother.. i don’t know why he have to suffer so much pain.. same in BAD GUY lead actor suffer n die in the end. i don’t like this type of pathetic ending..

  175. 175 : althea pumaren Says:

    it made me cry… i watched it for five times…..
    love you cha moo hyuk………

  176. 176 : gagar rai Says:

    nice drama i like it:)

  177. 177 : ami Says:

    i’m sorry i love you, so ji sub..

  178. 178 : nisa Says:

    not bad but i still dont like it

  179. 179 : staca Says:

    Beautiful series, played at the highest level. So Ji Sup so clever, so the actor who sinks into the soul.

  180. 180 : a2a+13 Says:

    so ji sup is the best actor….this is very sad drama….and i fall in love deep in this drama….

  181. 181 : maemae Says:

    I was young when I watched this, but I still can’t forget it cuz it’s really sad, but awesome, I almost cried when I watched the ending..

  182. 182 : Hildegard Sojourner Says:

    I have to show my thanks to this writer just for rescuing me from such a setting. Right after exploring throughout the world wide web and meeting strategies which were not powerful, I assumed my life was gone. Living devoid of the approaches to the problems you have resolved all through your good short article is a crucial case, and ones which might have negatively damaged my career if I hadn’t come across your blog post. Your own personal competence and kindness in taking care of the whole thing was precious. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t encountered such a step like this. I can also at this time relish my future. Thank you so much for this impressive and sensible help. I will not hesitate to suggest your web site to anybody who needs care on this issue.

  183. 183 : pammy Says:

    Love this drama a lot !!!!
    never boring to watch this sojisub is very handsome <33

  184. 184 : zarima Says:

    i think this one is my best drama among the best of Kdrama,, their love story is very touching and i cried a lot with the story.. two thumbs up for the two main character and of course for the writer of the story and for the director… 😀

  185. 185 : sara Says:

    SJS are the best actor,
    ISJ are the best actress,
    and they are the best COUPLE for this drama

  186. 186 : gloria rosario Says:

    I cried a lot while watching this Kdrama… and I fell in love with Sojisub….
    Sojosub’s best drama ever for me… from then on I liked all kdramas….

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