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Title: 눈꽃 / Snow Flower
Chinese title : 雪花
Episode : 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2006-Nov-20 to 2007-Jan-09
Air time: Monday and Tuesday 21:55


Kim Hee Ae (the mom): was a poor but smart woman, and when she was younger she met Lee Jae Ryong’s character and they fell in love. They got married and she had a daughter. She later finds out that her husband has a wife and two children back in Japan. So, she divorces him and has custody of her daughter. Later, she becomes a writer of a best seller novel and achieves a lot of fame and wealth. Because seh’s so busy, her mother takes care of her daughter, and the daughter feels closer to her grandmother rather than her own mother. The mom has a boyfriend who is a romantist, and though they’re going out, he doesn’t want to get married and she’s fine with that. Suddenly, her kind and obedient daughter turns against her and they begin to form a sort of rivalry/war.

Go Ah Ra (the daughter): She has lost all memory of her father, but one day, she all of a sudden gets a call from him. She’s shocked, and turns all of her anger towards her mother. She gives up college and for no reason, decides she’s going to become an actress. By chance, she’s casted in a movie that is based on her mother’s bestseller. To anger her mother, she goes out with her boss, Han In Chan (kibum’s half brother) and becomes the queen of scandals. When she goes to see her father, she is disappointed to see him so well off, unable to understand his reason for not being there as she was growing up.

Lee Jae Ryong (the dad): Married Kim Hee Ae and had a daughter, go ara. Got divorced once she found out he had another wife and children. Was unable to see Go Ara until she was older because the mother cut off all contact with him. Is shocked when Ara comes to Japan to see him wihtout notice.

In Chan (kibum’s half brother and ara’s boss): inherited his father’s movie busienss. A player. Uses Ara as revenge for some SooJin girl.

Kim Ki bum (Young Chan– ara’s sunbae): a photographer. Tough guy. Decided to follow his own path of life rather tahn follow the family business. Likes Ara, but when his confession to Ara turns awry, Ara begins to see Kibum as annoying. Ara thinks he only likse her due to the rivalry he has with his brother, so she does not like him. But even still, Kibum still sticks by her and loves her.


Main Cast

Go Ah Ra as Yoo Da Mi
Yoon Jung Eun as Da Mi (child)
Kim Ki Bum as Ha Yeong Chan
Kim Hee Ae as Lee Kang Ae
Lee Jae Ryong as Yoo Keon Hee
Lee Chan as Ha In Chan (Yeong Chan’s brother)

Supporting Cast

Kim Sung Joon as Park Dong Woo (Kang Ae’s boyfriend)
Ahn Jae Hwan as Min Ji Sup (Kang Ae’s doctor friend)
Kim Young Ok as Kang Ae’s mother
Kim Bo Yun as Choi Jung Sun (Lee Kang Ae’s business assistant)
Song Suk Ho as Lee Man Ho (Jung Sun’s husband)
Hwang Geum Hee as Lee Shin Ae (Jung Sun and Man Ho’s eldest daughter)
Lee Gun Joo as Lee Shin Beom (Jung Sun and Man Ho’s son)
Ha Ya Ma (하야마) as Sa Kae (Yoo Keon Hee’s Japanese wife)
Ho Shi No (후시노) as Yoo Ka (Yoo Keon Hee’s Japanese daughter)
Kim Min Chae (김민채) as Choi Jung Ja
Park Ji Mi as Da Mi’s friend
Kim Ha Yoon as Oh Hee Jin

Production Credits

Production Company: SanHwa
Director: Lee Jong Soo
Original writing: Kim Soo Hyun
Screenwriter: Park Jin Woo

Official Site


  1. 1 : pahoua Says:

    is kim ki bum the main character?

  2. 2 : noon Says:

    where can i download this movie

  3. 3 : Sally Says:

    Yeah Ki kibum is the main character, i want to watch this…
    i wonder where i can watch this drama as well….with eng subs…

  4. 4 : cinDy Says:

    WOWers!!..i wanna so see this moie..hen does it kom out or has it all ready came out for sale?..lol

  5. 5 : irene Says:

    i’ll buy this drama! but when this drama come to indonesia??
    i really really want to like this drama!!!!!
    coz i like kibum very much,,,,,,,

  6. 6 : TRangTokki Says:

    Kim Ki Bum …!?!?!?(in super junior ) handsome , lovely , but
    Choi Si Won oppa .numeber one..

  7. 7 : jeab Says:

    love kim ki bum

  8. 8 : jeab Says:

    love Kim Ki Bum na ja

  9. 9 : LuLiA Says:

    SnOw FloWeR iS An AwEsOmE DrAmA. iVe BeEn WatChinG ThE ePiSOdeS sINcE It StarTeD. i WanT tO bUy ThE DvD When It ComEs OuT. pLEasE tELL Me whEn i CaN bUy It!

  10. 10 : rainbowbeat Says:

    man, Ki Bum is the main role and Go Ah Ra is a very lucky girl..

  11. 11 : Luna Says:

    Check these website: yesasia.com, dsdvds.com, and kdramadrama.com, the last two have better prices.

  12. 12 : miki Says:

    i love ki bum too but i thought that the whole storyline didn’t really show off his good attributes and personality much… it was mostly just about the lead actress’s family and life as a rising actress….. does anyone know if ki bum has any other roles in dramas? big or small!

  13. 13 : audioa Says:

    …hmm.. sound quite soapy…

  14. 14 : Ir Says:

    hi, I live in indonesian and i could help you to find or to buy any korean dramas, if u want to buy any korean or chinese drama, u can contact me by email — > [email protected] I’ll help you to find the film and i will send it to your home, by give me your complete address. Thx.

  15. 15 : Ir Says:

    oh ya, the film wont be original but it will be in good quality, it costs aroud US$10 each disc, and get discount if you buy more than 3 films, thx.

  16. 16 : wink Says:

    ive watched this drama..it was interesting at first but towards the end it became boring and the relationship between ki bum and go ah ra was not really clear..ki bum was absolutely hot in this series!! am wishing to see more of him in korean dramas that would really show off his talent and undeniably good looks!!!

  17. 17 : Qian Says:

    is this good???

  18. 18 : adela Says:

    Go Ara is the main character. She’s only 15 or 16 at the time this drama was made. So her acting is very impressive. She debuted in the entertainment business at a very young age..something like 11 or 12 years old. She was stunningly beautiful even as a child.. same face then and now. Her trademark as a child star was her large light hazel eyes and milky white skin. (yes her eye color and eye shape is natural). This drama was supposed to be much longer, but Lee Chan (the actor who plays Ara’s boss and is Kibum’s half older brother) had a realy huge scandal in real life. He severely beat up his newly wed wife (a really beautiful actress) and caused her to miscarry and she was rushed to the hospital. He denied it at first saying his wife is lying about it but a bystander lady caught it on her cell phone video camera. The writer of the drama got so mad at the news she wanted to fire him but the drama had already progressed too deeply. So she quickly ended it as fast as she could. That’s why it seems so rushed and ended before it got to the really good parts. Check out Go Ara in her latest movie. She was the only Korean girl (non-japanese for that matter) who auditioned for the most coveted and lead female role of the most biggest budget Japanese movie in japanese movie history: Aoki Ookami (aka Blue Wolf). It is a movie about Ghengis Khan. Out of 40,000 contestants, Go Ara won first place and the lead role. She filmed the movie at only 15-16 years old. She had to start learning Japanese for that movie too. (since it’s filmed in japanese).
    some spoilers ahead.. in response to the review above:
    Also, the review in this is a little bit misleading here and there. Go Ara’s character in Snow Flower did not know her father was alive. Her mother let her assume that he died. When she found out he was alive, she misunderstood that it was her mother who drove him out (for no reason). Her mother, although it pained her, let her assume that rather than telling her the real reason… because she didn’t want to tarnish her daughter’s memory of her father. Also, Go Ara flips out when her grandmother dies unexpectantly and she couldn’t reach her mother for a long time. Ara was alone when her grandmother died. Her grandmother is the one that raised Ara. Later on she sees that her mom was vacationing away with her lover that’s why she couldn’t get in contact with her and gets super angry. Ara was lonely but never complained when her mom always worked rather than spend any time with her growing up bc she was happy with her grandmother’s love..but I suppose that was too much for her to her mom with her lover at that time in that state of mind. That is when Go Ara decides to quite the prospect of going to college permenantly at first but then decides temporarily later on. Partly to rebel against her mother and also to quickly become more independent and “find herself”. She doesn’t actually date her boss In Chan (the actor who beat up his wife), she chases after him a bit very briefly..but they never really date. Go Ara is upset after visiting her father in Japan (where he is living with his japanese wife and two kids- Ara’s two younger half siblings). She goes there at first in a very happy state of mind. She can’t wait to meet them. But once there she realizes why her mom had no choice but to divorce her father. The japanese wife and her father had sent away their kids because they didn’t want them to know about Ara and the “other” Korean ex wife. They both assumed Ara didn’t know japanese (Ara didn’t tell them she knew). But Ara’s half younger sister unexpectantly comes home while Ara’s visiting making the Japanese wife and father really nervous. They tell their daugher that Ara is just the father’s business colleague’s daughter here for a visit from Korea in front of Ara. They treat Ara like an outsider, polite but distant. Meanwhile Ara’s father and the japanese wife are very lovey dovey with each other. But Ara’s father keeps telling Ara and Ara’s mom that he only loves Ara’s mom and that he only married the Japanese wife because his father made him due to the future of their company (the japanese wife is the daughter of another huge company). The father said he had no choice and that he did it FOR Ara’s mom and Ara. (B.S. in my opinion). He said to Ara that after Ara’s mom found out, he would have left the japanese wife and gone to her if Ara’s mom allowed it. Ara believed that at first but after visiting her father, she realized that was a complete lie. She realized her mom knew that too at the time, that’s why she had NO choice but to divorce her dad.
    Go Ara doesn’t accept Kibum’s feelings at first, she is in a bad state of mind .. not really feeling worthy of kibum’s feelings and also, she doesn’t really know her own feelings yet. She thinks she is in love with her boss (but later realizes it wasn’t love at all..just a brief curiosity that was probably bc she saw him like a substitute father figure and bc she was having a difficult time). She later comes to realization she does love Kibum. But again the drama series was cut too short to really draw it out as it was supposed to be.

  19. 19 : rainbow Says:

    gosh i love dis movie

  20. 20 : rainbow Says:

    dis is a good movie

  21. 21 : Danielle Says:

    I love this drama and Kim Kibum

  22. 22 : KaRen Says:

    Wow..!! I want mto watch this series.. I like Ki Bum.. Oppa..!! he is so cute..!!! my Gosh..!!


  23. 23 : AKI Says:

    I lyke Kim Ki bum!!!!

  24. 24 : hosein Says:

    I Love you

  25. 25 : anna Says:

    I love Kibum but i really couldn’t stand watching this drama. I found myself fast forwarding it more often than actually watching it. The drama was ok, but its story line just wasn’t my cup of tea. Not to mention, Kibum was barely in it (depressing).

  26. 26 : ling ling Says:

    lol everyone watch tis show bcus of kim ki bum n d gal hu is d main character act wif him 4 d second time

  27. 27 : beng Says:

    Does any body knows where can a watch the sharp drama with english suns?? please reply me> [email protected]

  28. 28 : Ivy Says:

    you can watch it on the link as provided on the post

  29. 29 : drama queen Says:

    i kinda not like this drama, GO AH RA is really beautiful, the drama is trying to be dramatic, it didnt work… Ill give it ** out of perfect *****

  30. 30 : lulu Says:

    aw….. i love this movie with all of my heart! i even bought it with english subbs! good for me! yeah! man! curse that dude who plays ah ra’s boss and kibum’s half bro! *sigh* all his fault! i wanted to see more romance between kibum and ah ra! T_T i wanted to see them kiss! they make such a cute couple! love them! *sigh* I HOPE KIBUM AND AH RA DO ANOTHER MOVIE TOGETHER AND THIS TIME KISS! i know they’ve kiss in Sharp 2 but I want to buy a drama they do together that they kiss! THEY GOTTA DO ANOTHER ON TOGETHER! I LOVE THEM! KIBUM AND AH RA!

  31. 31 : Katy Rose Says:

    i watched this drama for go ah ra and kim ki bum. because i love them both to pieces. by the end of episode 1 i was mildly bored. by the end of episode 3 i was incredibly bored. but i FORCED myself to watch, waiting for ki bum to appear..and then he FINALLY did. but he didn’t get as much screen time in those first 6 episodes as i wish he did. so i fast forwarded to any part he was in during episodes 7 and 8. then i gave up during episode 8 because it was mind numbingly dull and i wasn’t even following the plot anyways. soo i skipped to the last episode. and was disappointed because ki bum was barely there at all. i remember seeing him once, for about 2 seconds. majorly disappointing.

  32. 32 : LaLa Says:

    this movie really good or not? is it there in indonesia?, maybe i never looking fot it before, so can u give me some information, how can i watch it online? i try mysoju, and the other one, i can’t remember.. but all wasn’t good, many skip and stop..wew.. THX be4

  33. 33 : sya Says:

    if u all want 2 watch tis movie,just visit]

  34. 34 : yuri Says:

    oh! go ah ra is there i must watch it

  35. 35 : m r Says:

    i not see movie,but very intresting to see go ah ra

  36. 36 : Je Sicaaca Says:

    The reason I bought this drama ‘Snow Flower’ is because of Kim KiBum.
    Since people say it isn’t… awesome, I didn’t anticipate much from it.
    HOWEVER I was kind of disappointed in a way.
    The first few episode was not as exciting. I didn’t even want to finish the first episode!
    But the only reason I continued, was that I wanted to see KiBum in the drama. Lame but true. HAHAHA!
    I haven’t finished yet but I wish it would get better.. at least to my expectations. (AND its not that much.. *COUGHH*)
    Well, the actors/actress was good…so that’s a good point~ (:
    HOWEVER… I still recommend watching it~ just to support the drama ! 😀

  37. 37 : Jarred Mattix Says:

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  38. 38 : PK Says:


    Does anyone have information on this 2000 “Snowflakes”??? Where I could make the purchase or online availability?

  39. 39 : mutiara Says:

    it seems a good drama…

  40. 40 : mel Says:

    sound like interesting…
    maybe i will watch this movie..

  41. 41 : nining Says:

    is it good story?

  42. 42 : louis vuitton Says:

    Excellent article, I’m a huge believer in leaving comments on blog to assist the blog editors know that they’ve added something of worth to the internet!

  43. 43 : Cloud9 Says:

    I’m only watching this drama for Kibum hehe 😀 i was majorly disappointed when he didn’t appear in the first ep…. and it’s not as exciting as i thought it would be when i read the summary…. haven’t finished it yet….. and i don’t think i will…. kibum doesn’t have as many scenes as i thought he would have and i’m not following the plot…. so there’s really no point in me finishing it…. It’s not bad it’s just not pulling me in i guess….

  44. 44 : Snowflower | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre las Novelas Coreanas en Español Says:

    […] lysi’s starred items in Google Reader Related Posts […]

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