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Snow in August

Title: 8월에 내리는 눈 / Snow in August
Chinese title : 八月下的雪
Also known as: Snow that Falls in August
Previously known as: Unacceptable Love
Genre: Romance
Episode : 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2007-Jun-15 to 2007-Aug-17
Air time: Fridays 20:55


Jo Dong Hyuk will be playing a 27 year old single with a six year old son who falls for Choo Sang Mi, a thirty-three year old divorcee. Her husband cheated on her and she suffers from the pain of losing their son in a car accident 3 years ago. This drama is about how the two meet and through a child they heal each other wounds.


Jo Dong Hyuk as Han Dong Woo
Choo Sang Mi as Oh Ban Suk
Park Tam Hee as Kang Mi Soo
Yoo Tae Joon as Oh Jong Hyuk (Ban Suk’s brother)

Extended Cast

Choi Joon Yong as Na Wang Bae (Ban Suk’s husband)
Lee Yeon Joo as Baek Hong Hee
Lee Young Hwa as Baek Hong Hwa
Lee Hyun Kyung as Oh Wan Sook (Ban Suk’s sister)
Lee Hyuk Jae as Dong Woo’s boss
Lee Do Il as Han Bo Ram (Dong Woo & Mi Soo’s son)
Kim Ji Young as Sun Goo Ja (Wang Bae’s mother)
Lee Hyo Jung as Kang Hak Soo (Mi Soo’s father)
Jung Yoon Suk as Na Da Bin (Ban Suk’s son)

Production Credits

Producer: Yoon Ryu Hae
Screenwriter: Ma Joo Hee

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  1. 1 : candle in the wind Says:

    wow…. new drama, i think this drama would be great..

  2. 2 : kitty Says:

    Jo Dong Hyuk is great in The Person I Love drama, I totally fall in love with this guy acting. So looking forward to this new drama, I am very sure that this new drama will be a great one. He is just awesome and very happy that he is the lead actor this time. All the best Jo Dong Hyuk.

  3. 3 : Elisabeth Says:

    Wow. This plotline sounds nice, very mature. And, he’s so hot.

  4. 4 : Hideko Says:

    Sounds, good!

  5. 5 : chiqueeismyname Says:

    this drama would be great.
    i hope it will come out soon!

  6. 6 : lin Says:

    Who will take up the subtittle?

  7. 7 : NARTO Says:


  8. 8 : Teddy Says:

    Although with a different premise, I feel that this drama is somewhat in the vein of SBS’ Alone in Love (2006). I am sure this is a nice thoughtful drama which builds around the relationships between the leads. Been looking around for a good thoughtful show since Alone in Love. Hope to see the drama “available” soon! 🙂

  9. 9 : oryza Says:

    or a lot off cry sence?

  10. 10 : michelle Says:

    this drama is soo good and is one of the best. there is a perfect balance of romance, sorror, and comedy. the main characters are amazing. their acting is good, the personalities of them make them extremely likeable, and their situation, even though it is very unfortunate for them, makes a great plot that is so deep and tangled with all the characters. jo dong hyuk is so sweet and hot in the drama, and choo sang mi is admirable almost. even though there are a few faults, this drama is addicting.

  11. 11 : Kamui6 Says:

    I don’t know how i could’ve let this drama slip under my radar. I found out that Jo Dong Hyuk had a new drama, so I had to check it out. I had to download all available eps, even the raws, watched 1-12 straight. I like how the female lead looks like a real person. Good plot… I am dying to see how this drama will end consider the plot and the way they brought the characters together. Kids are too cute… but damn sad. Love this drama, recommend it to others. Enjoy Watching as I have.

  12. 12 : wallpaper Says:

    wallpaper link

  13. 13 : Amy Filivaa Says:

    OMG!!!! I’ve been watching this drama for awhile now & it so cool. It’s so sad. I cried 3 times already & its only the 2nd episode. LOL. Any how I ‘dsuggest this movie to any woman who’s ever been cheated on or any woman who ever lost a child or just anyone. It’s a beautiful story.

  14. 14 : Amy Filivaa Says:

    OMG! I love this story. I’m only on the 2nd episode & I cried 3 times already. It’s a beautiful story & I’d recommend it to everyone.

  15. 15 : lezah Says:

    uhm, i hate to break this to you but….
    the ending is bad…
    so tragic…
    they almost had a happy ever after ending but…
    because of such circumstances, all of their lives had been affected by just an innocent mistake..

    but the actors and actresses on this film is so great…
    but sometimes, some parts of the story is unbelievable..
    on the part of the mother…
    she grieved for 5 years, which is so “lame”..

  16. 16 : Rowena Says:

    Actually, lezah, am not expecting much of a happy ending with this kind of plot. I am engrossed because everybody is so terrific in their performance. Grieving for 5 years is possible, especially if one went through with this kind of tragic incidents (losing your husband and at the same time your innocent child). The lead actress is very good. I am on eps 9 now.

  17. 17 : lezah Says:

    yap, i understand her grief but then people should move on.. my cousin and i didn’t continue with it after we watched the end part.. can’t their love for each other enough to forgive the “accident” that killed her son? the plot is so deep that it only concentrates on the death of her son.

  18. 18 : mayi Says:

    all i can say is… the best!!!

  19. 19 : heaven Says:

    sobrang ganda!!!i liked the story very much!!

  20. 20 : Rowena Says:

    It has the same plot with that of “Crazy For You” series. If anyone here happened to watch this drama it is about the lead guy causing the death of the lead female’s fiance in a car accident. After a while, they met and fell in love without each others knowing that they’re connected with said incident. Of course, the love was overcome by hatred, but eventually, ended up with each other also with a slight twist.

    However, this plot is deeper because it involves the death of an innocent child, cause not only by the accident, but by infidelity, selfishness and greed. Like what I said, this has a most likely tragic ending, but I really like what happened. I watched this with a very poor english sub, but I just want to believe that the lead female was able to overcome her sorrow, was able to forgive, cause if not, she won’t take the child to her care while the kid’s father (and the man she loved) was in prison.

    Simply fantastic. Just love it!!!!

  21. 21 : jamie Says:

    i saw this drama it’s sooo sad i cried…….but it’s good drama

  22. 22 : Nordelm Says:

    I saw this drama, but could not understand the ending, it seems incomplete. The leading lady probably forgave Jo Dong Hyuk character because the ending part she was walking with his son while it was snowing. Were they walking toward the prison where Dong Hyuk character was incarcerated to probably visit him or pick him up after his release, it’s quite unclear. Can anyone clear this up. Thank you. I noticed that most Korean dramas have unclear or incomplete ending that you have to have good imagination, unlike American dramas or movies more definite & clear endings. The casts did great acting. Jo Dong Hyuk is very handsome, tall, great body & good actor. This is the first time I saw him. I just added him to my list of favorite Korean actors. Choo Sang Mi (the leading lady) simple beauty & a great actress. I hope they both get awards for this drama. Maybe, they can make a sequel to this with a happier ending, ofcourse the same casts.

  23. 23 : Nathania Says:

    i got hooked onto the movie from the very beginning the kids start dancing. the drama revolves around complicated romance, but, the strong sense of love the characters bring forth was just awesome!

  24. 24 : Nordelm Says:

    I’m really confused by the ending part of this drama. One thing for sure I know that Oh Ban Suk (Choo Sang Mi) forgave Han Dong Woo (Jo Dong Hyuk) because she took care of his son while he’s in prison. If I’m not mistaken Oh Ban Suk & Baolan (Dong Woo’s son) were on their way to the prison to probably pick him up. I analyzed it carefully by looking at the ending scene & I saw a white prison bus that entered a gate which I presumed was the prison gate. That bus looked like the same type of bus Dong Woo took on his first trip there. Am I right or am I imagining this ending? I like to think I’m right because I hate sad ending after all he did not intend to kill her son.

  25. 25 : Amagdina Says:

    if i’am not mistaken, the ending is still sad .., because the pain is still there ., actually its true that Oh Ban Suk had forgiven Han Dong Woo, but she still really can’t let the pain off from her feeling since she was married to Han Dong Woo, the person (although he wasn’t intended to kill her son) who accidentally made her son died .. she has slept with him, loved him .., please concentrate to what Oh Ban Suk said at the end of the stories when she walked with Dong Woo’s child .. “i never love him from the beginning to the end .. because i’am is He ..”, they faced the pain together .., Oh Ban Suk looked herself as Dong Woo .., its actually not love .. but she denied it .. Dong Woo’s pain was similar to the pain she felt .., its not love .. Oh Ban Suk only want to try to cure her pain without understanding it that her pain was never actually relieved .. part of taking care of Dong Woo’s son because thats the only Oh Ban Suk wanted .. her son was changed by Dong Woo’s son ..

  26. 26 : Nordelm Says:

    I still could not believe that they did not have feeling s towards one another because in a previous episode where Dong Woo was first being held & her brother & some people walking with Dong Woo (handcuffed), Oh Ban Suk was crying hard & said to Dong Woo how could he did it & she also said how she loved her very much. Also, Dong Woo wrote her letter stating that he was sorry & that he really loved her several times.
    At the ending part, they also showed the same bus that took Dong Woo to prison & Oh Ban Suk & Dong Woo’s son walking toward the prison gate.
    Why will it end that way? I hate sad endings which Korean dramas mostly concentrate. I wish they do a sequel to this drama.

  27. 27 : gina Says:

    This drama is really kool, I was looking in Veoh but no one has it with english subs. Anyway thank you for uploading

  28. 28 : burgl Says:

    loved this drama and the excellent acting. but am confused with the ending. what does “from the beginning to the end, you were just…me” mean? can anyone clarify if this english translation means differently in korean? thank you.

  29. 29 : Nora from CA, USA Says:

    Burgi, try to click on this article by the wording “watch online with English subtitle”, somewhere before our comments. I hope it works. This is a great drama with a confusing ending. I wish & hope it ended better & clearer. So, in my mind I just thought that the leading lady & the little boy were on their way to meet the leading man getting out of prison. I think that’s more logical. Time heals pain. They should have a sequel to this drama with a happy ending. Life must go on.

  30. 30 : Hollywood Says:

    Amagdina, damn you are deep. I hate sad ending but did watch this drama. At first a little confused but did however after much thinking came to the same conclusion as you. Love, Life and death, these human feelings are experiences one goes through, each differently.
    Time actually do not heals the pain but ease it a little as it goes by.
    I don’t think that there will be a sequel.

  31. 31 : orihim Says:

    I don’t think it’s important whether Ban Suk has forgiven Dong Woo. I personally don’t think she will, at least not to the level of loving him again. I feel the ending message is Ban Suk has accepted her fate of loosing her son Da Bin, like a “Snow in August” miracle, fate has arranged for her to have Bo Ram to be her son. (Both Bo Ram’s birth mother and father has indicated they are happy for her to have Bo Ram). Ban Suk’s heart has come to peace and accepted that. Que Sera Sera…

  32. 32 : seung hee Says:

    hes hottttttttttttt!!

  33. 33 : Hukusan99 Says:

    Just finished watching the drama. Although the story is about the healing process people go through to erase the unfortnate events of their lives, however, in the end, I don’t think Ban Suk has forgiven Dong Woo for the accident. I think now she understand the circumstances that led to his misstake…the accident. Ban Suk wanted so much to bring Da Bin back and became consumed in punishing the person who took him away from her. Dong Woo wanted to punish the person who cause the breakup between he and Si Moo and left Bo Ram to his care. Dong Woo got his revenge but Ban Suk had to compromise. The last scene tells the audience that life has to go on and as Dong Woo has asked of Ban Suk, she is taking care of Bo Ram as she would Da Bin. The trip to the prison is for Bo Ram and not because she forgives him. When she says “I never loved you from the beginning to the end..you were just me”, I think she is saying that she never loved Dong Woo and it was just a one sided love. Her love only extended to Da Bin/Bo Ram. Very sad.

  34. 34 : agnes Says:

    i was really moved by this drama, tothe point that i kept going over it again & again. i like the way Dong Woo cared for Oh Ban Suk, it was almost a happy ending, but like other commentators, Korean drama usually has no clear endings. Why Ban Suk has to dwell over her pain when Dong Woo was all out to give up even his own son Bo Ram to ease up her pain of losing Da Bin. I’d like to believe that Oh Ban Suk and Bo Ram were on their way to visit Dong Woo. On the end part, Ban Suk said “I never really love you” because “I was always myself”, very poor and confusing translation. Can we ask the scriptwriter to clarify this? Hope so….

  35. 35 : Denise Says:

    Just watched Snow in August. I have a million questions. Why is Da Bin’s mom not feeling guilty? She left the child home alone! Who said she had to chase after a cheating hubby?. Her sister could have done it for her (or babysat!) Why is Bo Ram’s mom not in jail for leaving the scene of a crime KNOWINGLY? She saw a dying child and left!!!!!!And anyway, why is she handing over her child to Ban Suk? Why does Ban Suk need to raise Bo Ram to be healed? Instead of the stupid people (unbelievably) joining the honeymoon, why not have her get lovingly pregnant and then have his new child to raise to heal herself? Why does she DESERVE Bo Ram when she dropped him like a hot potato when she was upset at the dad? Scene where she drives off with him screaming was awfully sad.

  36. 36 : AnnoyedChica Says:

    This series annoyed me. I enjoyed the beginning, storyline was sad but I looked forward to the ending. OMG what a stupid ending, I hated how the main lady blamed everyone else for her sons death and when she found out that guy killed her son she didn”t forgive him It was a freak accident FFS she plays a part in his death. Goh and when she takes off in the car while that guys son crys out to her I wanted to punch her in the eye LoL…The main guy shouldn’t have gone to jail and given his son to that cow and what was up with her not loving him and she was being herself comment about WTF eh…I would not recommend this series…Need to rewrite the ending…Ah so Annoyed

  37. 37 : sang hee Says:

    i just started watching this & i got hooked already! based from some comments it seems like the ending is confusing again as usual with some kdramas i’ve seen.

  38. 38 : magsie Says:

    This series is very good because of its rich storyline and the actors acted very well. The ending is ok for me because the girl had finally forgiven the guy judging from the scene at the end where the girl and the guy’s son were walking toward the prison gate. If she had not forgiven him she would not be with the guy’s son. So it’s a happy ending i believe.

  39. 39 : Double Says:

    I think the director of this drama should have made more of an effort to give the audience a complete ending. I, like others here, was left so annoyed at the ending because the main guy was not given a chance to say anything. He got arrested after before he even said anything to the main lady’s brother. The directors elevated the main lady’s grief to a point where her son’s death became some sort of weapon against love. In the end, she turned into this unlikeable person who was using her dead son against everything. She had been given the happiness and love she deserved by the guy ( he even turned her into a celebrity, gave her stability), but how did she repay that? I started off empathizing with her but in the end, disliking her character. The director seemed to see life only from her point of view and totally side-lined the main guy and the mother who abandoned the child.

  40. 40 : Xiao Li Says:

    The story-line, generally speaking, was a story-line that was very eye opening and it drew the watcher in to the point that one could almost feel the constant strife of the mother Ban Suk and one could almost feel as though they were present in each and every ordeal introduced in this korean drama. The character’s personalities are different from characters one might have been exposed to in other dramas, which was in a way, a nice breath of change. The ending, however, left me in a perplexing state of confusion and sorrow because of the leading main actor Dong woo being present in jail. I originally watched the end of this k-drama on dvd and because of the subtitles did not fully grasp the meaning behind her somewhat hate filled words. Watching the ending a second time on the internet, I realized that the words were after-all different, but still left oneself in a state of confusion and frustration. What I understood, Ban suk’s words at the end were in fact intriguing. It was as if she couldn’t or didn’t love Dong woo for the simple fact that the two were a mirror image and their troubles did not differ in a sense. Or one could argue that all the time spent with Dong woo was a distraction and or entertainment source, simply to get her mind off of her son whom she dreamt of often. If only the ending were different, then possibly I could leave from my computer desk, sigh and say “hey, this drama was mind blowing!”. But instead, I probably won’t watch the end again..if I even watch the drama again at all.

  41. 41 : heenim Says:

    I really hated this ending! it was a good drama and very sad. i wanted them to be more clear on the ending. but it seemed to me to be the prison where dong woo was, and she was going to pick him up after he was released. i really liked when she said that “i never loved you, from beginning to end, you were me”. very touching. so i’m going to live in my fantasy world where everything ended up perfectly. anyone care to join me?

  42. 42 : King Says:

    Just watched this amazing drama,if i can say,this is a briliant drama because the plot,the casts and the director were total in this drama,it’s like the director made a beautiful painting that made everyone loved it so much n then bam..!! He destroyed it into pieces,but in the end people realized that,that is the true masterpiece and that masterpiece came after he destroyed his beautiful painting,two thumbs up for the director and the casts and everyone who did this “masterpiece”..!

  43. 43 : Jeane Says:

    We are angry at the end of this stupid drama. She left the child at home alone and is the only one who feels no guilt. There could be so much injustice in the end. Here in Brazil she was arrested for leaving the child alone.

  44. 44 : fajar Says:

    akhir ceritanya gak seru
    pdahal low lbh bgus mah dia tec di jemput udah bebas tech ni mah malah saya gak vcinta akh,,,,,,

  45. 45 : mutiara Says:

    I don’t like the ending… it’s too sad.. but good drama though…

  46. 46 : mel Says:

    this picture of movie is so romantic…

  47. 47 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much,,

  48. 48 : helia Says:

    it’s lovely drama

  49. 49 : louis vuitton outlet Says:

    akhir ceritanya gak seru
    pdahal low lbh bgus mah dia tec di jemput udah bebas tech ni mah malah saya gak vcinta akh,,,,,,

  50. 50 : August | Trends Pics Says:

    […] Snow in August koreandrama.org […]

  51. 51 : Blue Ocean Says:

    I went as far as ep 13 and just couldn’t take the tension/frustration of this wonderfully done drama, and I went straight to ep 20 second half. There are so much flaw in each of the character which made it way too unrealistic. I couldn’t believe after all the loving assistance, care, & those looks of Jo Dong Hyuk, that she were still frozen in soul for so long – that is beyond understanding. And the fuzzy ending…sure, i can imagine the 3 being a happy family finally, but I sure would like the writer to do that job to please us. I don’t know if i’ll have the heart to go back and watch the eps I skipped. It’s too painful.

  52. 52 : seyoorin Says:

    It was an awsome work for all the actors! I could feel the pain in them!
    I think that this drama, could be in 14 eps, it’s too long! I’m agree with all, that the end was terrible!
    I was hopping that could be a mistake in the hour or something. And I can’t understand that the drama was looking for justice but the husband, his mother, his mistress, Mi Soo finished ‘happy’ and the brother and Dong Woo that deserved to be happy finished so fatal!!!
    Dong Woo’s love sacrificed Bo Ram to ‘pay’ the lost of Da Bin to Ban Suk. I think she accepted Bo Ram to fill the absence of Da Bin, more that she forgave Dong Woo, maybe she wanted to make him feel the pain to lost your child, because he said that we would never see him again. But I think, that she was empty, how couldn’t fall in love of someone that makes everything that he do for her!!! I think her pain was excesive, even his photo in her honeymoon -.- . Life goes on!

  53. 53 : Devson Says:

    It was an awsome drama and all the actors did a very gud job and i could feel pain in them but the ending is not nice if it ends happily together it’ll b very nice

  54. 54 : Missy Says:

    Good drama , too long for my liking and wish the ending was written well. I was disspapointed .Watched up to E16 and couldnt wait so i skipped to 20 only to find out the end was BLAH !

  55. 55 : bmoore Says:

    So agree. Worst ending ever. All the more frustrating because the acting was good and the writing of the meat of the story were also good. But by midway through this I was totally sick of the female lead. Sick of her surliness, sick of her it is all about me and how I feel attitude. The ending sucked worse than just about any show I have ever seen. NOT because he was the one who hit the boy, but because of the totally unrealistic way the entire thing played out. Prosecutor Oh SAW how devastated our lead was on being told he was responsible, SHE spent months with a man who was loving and gentle and still never even CONSIDERED how devastated a man like that would be after finding out he did something like this? NO ONE even THINKS to consider his story? And the icing on the cake…that poisonous scene where she abandoned his child. That poor broken hearted baby laying on the garage floor crying out to her and she just drives off…done and done and over someone that cruel to a child. The writers in this totally sucked giving this such a horrendous and ridiculously implausible ending. SHE ends up raising that child…a child she so obviously NEVER loved but only regarded as a substitute for her own lost son. The most selfish self-centered character ever…her last words said it all…it was all about her and how she felt and there was nothing in her for the feelings or pain of anyone else. Hated this show with a passion. Will never forgive it…I just hope to forget it.

  56. 56 : Shosh Says:

    Thank heavens for this site! I was so mystified by the ending and am glad to see I have plenty of company. I’m happy others raised the issue of the lead’s bad parenting in leaving her child unattended to chase after her errant husband. Sadly, that wasn’t the sole instance…Bo Ram was also left on his own far too many times by both her and his father. She certainly doesn’t deserve to be given Bo Ram as ‘compensation’ or whatever. The other characters at least acknowledged their complicity in Da Bin’s death, but she never seems to have recognized the role she herself played. What an annoying, self-absorbed and clueless creature!

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