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Smile, You


Title: 그대, 웃어요 / Smile, You
Chinese Title : 你笑了
Also Known as : Smile / Smile Honey
Genre: Romance, comedy, family
Episodes: 45
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-Sep-26 to 2010-March-7
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45


Seo Jung In is the second daughter of a chaebol family, whose family suddenly meets financial ruin. She is dumped by her husband, Lee Han Se, after their wedding ceremony when his family finds out about her family’s financial problems. Her family is then forced to move in with their longtime chauffeur’s family. The once rich and spoiled daughter and her family must now learn how to adjust to life as commoners in the Kang household.


Seo family

Lee Min Jung as Seo Jung In
Lee Chun Hee as Sung Joon
Choi Jung Yoon as Seo Jung Kyung
Kang Suk Woo as Seo Jung Kil
Heo Yoon Jung as Gong Joo Hee

Kang family

Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Hyun Soo
Choi Bool Am as Kang Man Bok
Chun Ho Jin as Kang Sang Hoon
Song Ok Sook as Baek Geum Ja

Other people

Lee Kyu Han as Lee Han Se
Jun Hye Jin as Jung Ji Soo
Yoon Joo Sang as Lee Joon Bae
Choi Kwon as Park Kyung Soo
Park Joon Geum as Han Se’s mother
Jung So Nyu as So Nyu
Hong Il Kwon as Han Min Joon
Han Bo Bae as Han Yun Jae
Choi Song Hyun as Hong Sun Woo (Hyun Soo’s university alumni)
Jung Min Sung as Secretary Kim
Ji Yoo as BEAT member
Jo Yoon Hee as blind date (cameo)
Lee Ye Sun as Jung In’s daughter
Park Sin Woo as Chul Min

Production Credits

Director: Lee Tae Gon
Screenwriter: Moon Hee Jung


2009 SBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor – Special Planning Drama (Kang Suk Woo)
2009 SBS Drama Awards: PD Award (Jung Kyung Ho)
2009 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (Lee Min Jung)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-09-26 1 9.8 (13th) 9.5 (15th)
2009-09-27 2 10.9 (12th) 10.2 (16th)
2009-10-03 3 10.5 (9th) 10.7 (9th)
2009-10-04 4 12.8 (10th) 13.0 (9th)
2009-10-10 5 13.5 (9th) 14.3 (7th)
2009-10-11 6 13.5 (7th) 13.8 (7th)
2009-10-17 7 17.5 (3rd) 17.8 (3rd)
2009-10-18 8 16.4 (6th) 17.2 (6th)
2009-10-24 9 15.1 (7th) 15.3 (7th)
2009-10-25 10 16.3 (6th) 16.3 (7th)
2009-10-31 11 14.5 (6th) 14.4 (7th)
2009-11-01 12 16.8 (6th) 17.0 (6th)
2009-11-07 13 14.1 (6th) 14.1 (6th)
2009-11-08 14 17.1 (6th) 16.7 (7th)
2009-11-14 15 16.3 (6th) 16.0 (6th)
2009-11-15 16 18.1 (6th) 18.4 (6th)
2009-11-21 17 16.1 (6th) 15.8 (6th)
2009-11-22 18 18.7 (6th) 18.4 (6th)
2009-11-28 19 17.1 (5th) 17.1 (6th)
2009-11-29 20 17.2 (7th) 17.9 (7th)
2009-12-06 21 16.9 (7th) 17.3 (7th)
2009-12-12 22 16.6 (6th) 17.2 (6th)
2009-12-13 23 17.4 (7th) 17.7 (7th)
2009-12-19 24 17.1 (5th) 17.3 (5th)
2009-12-20 25 18.7 (6th) 19.6 (6th)
2009-12-26 26 14.1 (9th) 14.2 (9th)
2009-12-27 27 15.2 (8th) 15.2 (8th)
2010-01-02 28 14.5 (7th) 14.4 (8th)
2010-01-03 29 15.5 (7th) 15.5 (7th)
2010-01-09 30 17.1 (6th) 17.2 (6th)
2010-01-10 31 16.3 (7th) 16.4 (7th)
2010-01-16 32 16.2 (6th) 16.5 (6th)
2010-01-17 33 16.8 (7th) 17.3 (7th)
2010-01-23 34 17.1 (5th) 17.3 (6th)
2010-01-24 35 17.7 (7th) 18.4 (7th)
2010-01-30 36 18.3 (5th) 18.9 (5th)
2010-01-31 37 18.0 (6th) 18.0 (7th)
2010-02-06 38 18.1 (5th) 18.4 (5th)
2010-02-07 39 15.7 (7th) 16.1 (7th)
2010-02-13 40 13.9 (6th) 13.5 (6th)
2010-02-14 41 11.8 (8th) 11.7 (9th)
2010-02-20 42 16.1 (6th) 16.2 (6th)
2010-02-21 43 16.7 (7th) 17.0 (7th)
2010-03-06 44 16.9 (5th) 16.9 (5th)
2010-03-07 45 19.6 (4th) 19.7 (5th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : kysha Says:

    I’m definitely catching this drama!

  2. 2 : chanel Says:

    yay my favorite ‘Lee’ family! lol

  3. 3 : BRENDAkabaoLee Says:

    OMGAH! this movie sounds interesting!

  4. 4 : 123Go!! Says:

    i really loveminjung acts on bbf. it should be great…

  5. 5 : Well Says:

    Looking forward to it !!

  6. 6 : nunaaahi Says:

    it sound fun enough to watch!*

  7. 7 : Addy Says:

    you can watch later the episodes with english subtitle at
    the trailer is alreay subbed now ^^

  8. 8 : jean ", Says:

    please put the episode ratings!!
    thank you!

  9. 9 : doris p NgPinas Says:

    have recently watched the first 3eps of this series and I must say it is very entertaining….had a laugh in almost every episode….hope the fun continues till the end of of 50eps….

  10. 10 : GG Says:

    This is really good. I am still patiently waiting for episode 4…Lee Min Jung Fighting!

  11. 11 : lanlan Says:

    love the two leads. they re so funny and cute. their love-hate relationship cracked me up whenever they are together. hope that 50 episodes will last to the end.

  12. 12 : GG Says:

    Is it really 50 episodes coz it says 30 on some sites?
    I don’t care either way, Smile, You is my new favourite drama and I am really enjoying it. I love the main leads and I love how they interact with each other, cute, funny, annoying and endering.

  13. 13 : leetha Says:

    anyone know who sing the ending song? its called my beautiful love

  14. 14 : chiara Says:

    i don’t know the singer too…and most important think i can’t find this drama’s OST….does anyone of you know something about it ?????

  15. 15 : mable Says:

    i amwaiting for more episodes.I really enjoy watching every episode.

  16. 16 : chey Says:

    i’ve been watching dis drama and its very very funny, interesting and definitely worth to watch…. every actors are funny…

  17. 17 : GG Says:

    I want the songs too, no idea who sings them and what they are called. Can anyone help?

  18. 18 : tinkerbell Says:

    here is the theme song:
    link here

  19. 19 : Charm Says:

    Apart from the main theme song, another featured song is called Vis a Vis and i think Goodbye My Love is also 1 of this drama’s theme song too. Both songs are by Melon Breeze. You can find these 2 songs from 4shared.com

  20. 20 : Charm Says:

    …it’s Melo Breeze…sorry typo error

  21. 21 : chaste08 Says:

    nice pairing! the guy looked familiar to me only to discover that he’s the guy from MISA. yipppeeee…!!! this series is getting much better, well personally it’s just that his sort of goofy/dumb personality in the beginning wasn’t working for me…so it’s nice that his character sort of evolved when he was finally having feelings for Jung In…:D great acting for the both of them!:D can’t wait for ep15…!!!! wooohooo!!:D

  22. 22 : lei Says:

    super ganda ng drama I love it very much .To the highest level!

  23. 23 : lei Says:

    I lov it!

  24. 24 : aya-chan Says:

    i fell inlove with this drama.. a feel good drama..

  25. 25 : auro Says:

    I love watching this drama . The lead actress and actor can act very good . they both make me laugh and cry…I hope they will do more drama together in the future..

  26. 26 : monie Says:


  27. 27 : alita Says:

    my new favourite drama!

  28. 28 : drama addict Says:

    let me tell you this. THIS DRAMA IS AMAZING !WONDERFUL , BRILLIANT, AWESOME …etc seriously it’s the best drama this year. I laugh in every single episode, so cuuuuute and i love the male lead’s character and how it’s changing. Also the lead female is amazing, it’s not the typical type that would cry and watch people bully her. She has a strong personality and fights for what she wants. I love that about her because it’s realistic ! i hate to see those fake female leads pretending to be so innocent and letting people hurt them as if they are angels ” yeh right, this is real world !!”

    so if you haven’t watched this , please do you wont regret it. i’m looking forward to episode 17. I cant wait 🙁 🙁 omg

    all thx to http://www.viikii.com i got to watch it 😉 thx viikii volunteers once again

  29. 29 : aya-chan Says:

    i love this drama as well..

  30. 30 : thara Says:

    OMG!!! I am addicted to this drama.

    Smile, You is definitely one of the best dramas i have ever seen. The pairing of Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Min Jung is so sweet. They are the best couple. I wish they could fall in love in real life. 🙂

    At first, I was afraid of watching large episodes drama, but as I am Jung Kyung Ho’s fan, I started to watch it. Then, i am totally in love with that drama and can’t stop laughing it 😛

    Oh! I can’t wait for the next episode…. I am now waiting for the SAT & SUN to come 🙂

  31. 31 : mira ayu Says:

    Love this drama so much

  32. 32 : auro Says:

    So far this year, this is the best drama for me. I can’t wait until the DVD come out. Lee min Jung is so beautiful and she can act too. I told my son he has to married someone like LMJ =D..

  33. 33 : kent Says:

    any one know where i can get chinese .srt for this drama. I want to translate it to english by google translate

  34. 34 : maileen Says:

    This is a good one. Kudos to the writer for enticing me to keep watching because of the funny entertaining story and to the director for doing the film. Some may find the situations absurd and extreme and that no one does that these days but it is what gives the film fun. The actors are very good in delivering the characters. I am imagining that after they shoot a scene, the cast and crew burst out laughing. Conning the con? Thanks to the people who provide the English/Tagalog subs.

  35. 35 : chey Says:

    I definitely recommend dis drama so much… very funny, entertaining and definitely gud actors… it’s worth to watch evry episodes. Can”t afford to miss.. LOVE IT

  36. 36 : kirara Says:

    I thought Jung kyung ho was super hot in Jyamungo.. now he’s a super sweet and adorable guy and bf to the lead girl!!.

    Totally love it… cant wait to see more.. 🙂

  37. 37 : lanlan Says:


    It’s really annoying to read your writing.
    Write properly if you want people to know who you are.
    Do not write garbage words: “DIS’, ‘GUD’,…. really annoying!!

  38. 38 : cristina=) Says:

    i xoxo love this drama! the couple are absolutely cute and sweet..haha

  39. 39 : Lisa Says:

    What happend to 21 & 22? Someone please post. Tx.

  40. 40 : mai Says:

    Smile, You was only shown on Sunday. Which means that only Episode 21 was shown. Episode 22 & 23 will be this weekend (Dec. 12 & 13). Viikii didn’t post episode 21 on their site because they are having some problems. Anyone interested will have to find the raw on youtube. Hope this help! i love this drama.

  41. 41 : jennivie Says:





    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh….MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ……….amazing movie……. very…VEry FUN………

  42. 42 : tachin Says:

    Love Love this drama, its fun and has a great chemistry between the main leads…
    Props to the writer,PD, and all the staff for giving out their best to this drama….

  43. 43 : tinkerblair Says:

    BY FAR THE BEST DRAMA I HAVE EVER SEEN seriously other dramas dont even compare this drama is realistic and any and i do mean any can relate i love the storyline the directors choices in how a scene should be shot and i love love the acting this drama makes you feel like you’re apart of the chaos and fun and serious moments you truly feel apart of their whole ENITE family and i just say kudos to the director writers and actors for making a good good show and to be perfectly honest i try to stay away from shows with over 24 episodes cause it tends to drag alot BUT NOT THIS SHOW if u all want to see how a real drama should be and enjoy yourself while doing so then PLEASE PLEASE Watch this drama it is 1 in my book seriously

  44. 44 : jeanpyo",) Says:

    whoooooooa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of the best drama ever!!
    it’s really refreshing to watch every episode of this drama,,sooooooooooooooooooooooo entertaining,,,
    ilovehyunsu oppa! he is just so GREAT!
    and ilove jung-in as well, they really do have a chemistry!
    ajaaja fighting! team smile! keep up the good work :))))))))))

  45. 45 : kyunnie Says:

    i wanna watch thus drama T_______T
    but i must wait for march, right?? hwaaaaa~~~~`
    i wanna see it!! T__________________________T

  46. 46 : Hunny Says:

    the best k drama like EVER!!! can’t wait for ep 26,
    btw,where can i get a subbed preview the next episode,
    can’ find it anywhere ;(

  47. 47 : Hunny Says:

    does anyone know any dramas similar to smile YOU? 😉

  48. 48 : kdrama_fan Says:

    The story is getting more interesting at the end of Episode 26. Jung In (Lee Min Jung) is adorable. She is very sweet.

  49. 49 : cathy Says:

    Great drama , all casts are excellent , they are compatible to each others ,
    lead actress is very cute , good acting , as always lead actor is handsome ,
    good acting .
    As i always complaint , in K drama it is very hard to find good acting actresses compatible to K actors .There are so many good looking , good acting skill K actors .
    Storyline is interesting , touching family drama . It is worth to watch .

  50. 50 : gagadfds Says:

    Worst drama of the year. Not only does it have the worst looking main character ever. The story line is a hilarious fail. Lol the main character (the male dude) looks like he can be blown down by a gust of wind. he is so thin.

  51. 51 : yimnvs Says:


    Take it easy on the drugs.

  52. 52 : Redbean Says:

    This is one of the best Korean drama I ever watched. The chemistry between the main characters are magical. It really keeps me laughing throughout the drama.

  53. 53 : inlovewithsmileyou Says:

    OMG, i am like addicted to this drama right now. just love every second of it. the romance and the humor just keep me going. the chemistry between the couples are just perfect. LOVE IT!!!

  54. 54 : Jiigii Says:

    This drama is very good. It is more funny than romance. I enjoy this drama very much. The good of this drama allocates through all players, big applause to director, script writer, and all the teams. I lover all characters and enjoy the joke as well as dialogue. From ep1-ep33, I have not found any bored part.

  55. 55 : irae Says:

    i like this one. really really entertaining. such a funny and have a romantic side.GREAT great great….

  56. 56 : Unknown Says:

    Jung in won the new star award also.
    This drama is AMAZING!!!(: love it

  57. 57 : melissa Says:

    Is this good?A lot of people are saying how good it is but i dont want to wait for the episodes if i REALLY like it…is i tgood enough to wait?

  58. 58 : annmasae Says:

    love this drama. the leads make such a great couple. not sure why it’s only 7th in korea.

  59. 59 : Berlin23 Says:

    I love this show. The leads are amazing and I’m glad they keep up the comedy throughout the show. I’m completely enthralled with it all. So trust me and watch it ^^ lol.

  60. 60 : mbabyy Says:

    My favorite kdrama of all time. At first I didn’t want to keep up with it or watch it because of how many episodes there were, but once the the two main characters fell in love and it started progressing I could not stop. I started skipping through parts and ended up re-watching it without skipping. I love how everything comes together in this drama, it’s not only about love and life but about how there is good in everyone. I love how each character grows and matures throughout the drama and it becomes one happy family (: I def. recommend this drama

  61. 61 : iman Says:

    This drama is so great great GREAT. I started to watch it after reading the good comments about this drama here, and I’m glad that I did so. You will definitely fall in love with this drama. Every seconds of it. Every aspects of it. And you will definitely want more more and more of it. I spent my days watching this drama with laughs, smiles and tears. I love all the actors and actresses in this drama. Superb acting. Superb storyline. Superb OST. Many beautiful and sweet scenes of couples and family. Waaa I just hope that everyone will watch this drama and give it a high rating. Coz it’ll be such a waste for a marvelous drama like this to just get 7th in rating. It should be first for all episode. Try this guys! You will regret if you don’t.
    Hyun Soo and JUng In fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarangee

  62. 62 : kdrama_fan Says:

    Episode 35 was really sweet and touching. The whole episode is simply beautiful. I love the marriage proposal. What a good father and a good grandpa Hyun Soo has! The rating seems puzzling. But there were very positive reviews in Koran newpapers about this drama, saying that without casting high profile actors and actresses, the drama was telling a heartwarming family story unlike many sensational stories flooding Korean TVs nowadays.

    http://choen.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2010/01/06/2010010603558.html ( .. without relying on high profile casting, the drama is attracting viewers with its own scent. … 그렇다고 ‘훈남’, ‘훈녀’들이 등장하는 소위, ‘초호화’ 캐스팅도 아니다. 하지만 이토록 없는 게 많은 이 드라마는 뜻밖에도 자신만의 ‘향기’를 뿜어내며 시청자들을 매혹시키고 있다. …)

    http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2010/01/25/2010012500286.html?srchCol=news&srchUrl=news1 (about the marriage proposal)

    http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2010/01/18/2010011800320.html (praising for depicting father-son relationship well)

  63. 63 : aurora Says:

    I like to watch this drama because it is about true love and family. I can’t wait for the DVD to come out. I will buy it for collection. Thank for the director and writer you guys are wonderful. We need good drama like this one. I learn a lot from this drama how important family is and what is true love.

  64. 64 : thara Says:

    Smile, You is the best !!!
    Love HS & JI

  65. 65 : lisa Says:

    i like this drama. its so sweet, funny, touching

  66. 66 : Elvie Says:

    good series! good acting from all actors – they all make us laugh, cry, sad, etc. Looking at Seo Jung-in and Kang Hyun-soo makes you want to fall in love with them too. Chemistry between these two are so great!! I always look forward to watching each episode.

  67. 67 : KOreanDramaFan Says:

    I’ve never watched a 50-ep series before as i’ve thought its just too tiresome to go through ALL 50 eps of it.
    BUt u know what, this series totally change what i think…its so worth watching Smile You!!

    Initially i started to watch because of the cast as i love Lee Min Jung frm BBF & Jung Kyung Ho frm TBDW…but as i progress through, the storyline is really interesting and funny! its hilarious and teaches you moral values which i think its really good..

    Can’t wait for more of Smile You!! HIGHLY recommended :):)

  68. 68 : aurora Says:

    This is the best drama ever..wonderful writer and director along with all the best actors and actress in the drama. Thank you guys ..for making this drama so wonderful.

  69. 69 : aoun Says:

    Love the show! A very good combination of everything. The two young couples are super cute! If you love romantic comedy, this is a must-watch. It is as enjoyable as Coffee Prince. The only draw back is there are so many broken links in mysoju.com….sniff, sniff.

  70. 70 : nonik Says:

    i love this couple..have a good chemistry!!! make me addict ^^
    and of course, i love this film!!!!!!

  71. 71 : ehmjhay24 Says:

    waaaaaaa, i don’t want to end the story. i like the SooIn couple so much. This drama is a success and i truly love the flow of the storyline. Now im really addicted into this. TT_TT

  72. 72 : dpdc27 Says:

    SoongIn is the best couple I’ve ever watched so far.. And this is the first time that I’m addicted to korean couples^^… Hope they do another project together after this drama ends. (or they can make it 100 episodes rather than 50 eps^^)

  73. 73 : dpdc27 Says:

    oops sorry.. what I’m saying is SooIn, not SoongIn^^

  74. 74 : KOreanDramaFan Says:

    I’m watching till Ep 41 already…can’t wait! its so exciting!…a bit sad though that its gonna end soon already..heard the last ep will be Ep 47..ending early march..Jung Kyung Ho and Lee min jung have such great CHemistry!! seriously! u will think that they are really going out in real life..hahah

  75. 75 : KOreanDramaFan Says:

    COme on all Smile,you fans out there! let’s flood this page with more comments..THis show is really really (10000x) WORTH WATCHING!!

  76. 76 : ammy Says:

    i love this drama so much!!!! highly reccommed…

  77. 77 : thara(myanmar) Says:

    One of the best dramas in Korean …
    Really in love with the chemistry of SooIn Couple ♥♥♥ .. They are so cuteeeee together ………..

  78. 78 : indri Says:

    Sweet drama,.. very entertaining…nice couple.

  79. 79 : louie Says:

    why is vikii not working?

  80. 80 : B-Town Says:

    This is a good drama, simple but endearing.. And the main couple is way to natural..

  81. 81 : bebe Says:

    As many of you said, never watch a k-drama that is over 20ep. Because its too long and the story will drag. So i never watch any long drama. this is the fist one. i started to watch this drama, because I don’t have anything to watch and this drama got an award for SBS 2009. So i just try it out. i love the story line, it’s so sweet. I have enjoy it very much. something that is simple and sweet. you will feel it’s real life and more connection to yourself life.

  82. 82 : LP Says:

    Even though this is a long drama, it worth to watch. Full episodes with English subtitle @ http://www.dlaznmovies.com/2010/02/smile-you.html

  83. 83 : kdrama_fan Says:

    I love this heartwarming drama. The ending was good, even though the grandpa’s illness was overused. All the actors were very realistic. A very good job!

  84. 84 : KOreanDramaFan Says:

    I’ve finished watching till 45eps. Highly Recommended!!! Seriously!
    The family is just sooo bonded to one another…makes you feel that they are so close in real life too..and the Soo-In couple is so cute! Definitely one of the best couples on screen for Kdrama..

  85. 85 : Kia.S.Her Says:

    When does it come out on DVD? I can’t wait to buy it and watch it again!!!!

  86. 86 : deanaz Says:

    really can’t wait to watch this drama…..
    many recommended that this is worth to watch….
    buy the dvd soon

  87. 87 : hazel Says:

    the drama was very cute ……………

    i like both family………

    especially the beautiful couple…………..

    so just remain natural both of you………………..

    congrats for the awards/,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  88. 88 : anbyjie Says:




    ………i cant believe it almost end of the story……

    ,,,,,,,this drama is very signficant on me…………………………….

  89. 89 : Alan Says:

    Really nice couple, they have chemistry and I enjoyed to see their acting. Very funny and thouching all of my family heart

  90. 90 : ParisVanJava Says:

    Love this series, start it out of curiousity and hooked just from the start, like so many of u have said before, the main couple (Hyunsoo and Jungin), they are way too adorable together, best chemistry ever..
    The 3rd party wasnt that annoying like any other dramas had..

    Beside, the development of the family relation was so heartwarming, its like they are actually families in real life, so true and great acting by everyone..

    Never been once i watch K-Drama that i love every character i it, well except for the gold-digger ahjumma..

    Out of 10 pts ill give this drama a 9 pt.

  91. 91 : 아유 Says:

    i love this drama..
    you must watch..

  92. 92 : Dvee Says:

    This drama is definitely worth watching…i love the main actor and actress they looks good together..

  93. 93 : lheiry Says:

    ……love this drama……:)

  94. 94 : annabel a Says:

    Love this drama
    The best family story i ever watch for korean drama ….you cry and laugh!!!!
    Good story line !!!!
    Definitely to watch for will not waste your time at all!!!!!
    Awesome drama!!!
    aja aja fighting!!!!!

  95. 95 : Daniel Says:

    “Smile,You” is a masterpiece. You can never predict what will happen. Kudos to the writers. You will laugh, get angry, and cry. And you will definitely be in love. (Jung In and Hyun Soo have the best chemistry ever, LOVE them!). All of the characters’ individual roles were developed well, and played perfectly. Watch watch watch! 10/10

  96. 96 : trude Says:

    Super good drama…Acting was awesome..very entertaining…Each episode was well written..Kudos to the Writer…Very very good drama…Loved it!!!

  97. 97 : sansukin Says:

    I’m so hooked to this drama. Never a dull moment! I get normally tired with a 20+ episode drama, but with smile, you, I get truly excited with each episode. The best family drama ever. I love the relationship between Jung-in and Hyun-Soo. The actors have a great chemistry together. and there’s a lot of scenes that are really funny and really sweet. It also teaches a lot of values. So I hope there are more dramas like this. I would definitely watch it again even if it’s 45 episodes long.

  98. 98 : iya27 Says:

    Woow… really masterpiece. no wonder this drama got award. Congrats to all the cast, writer, and people behind the scene. I love this drama sooo much.

    smile u really can make me smile. it’s whole package drama. it can make me laugh, upset, angry, and cry. As long I’ve been watch drama, Only this drama can make me cry and smile at the same time. my pav cast in this drama is HARABUCHI. I love him sooo much. He really great actor.

    I love kdrama creating destiny, but I LOVE this MORE. it teaching us way to live with love n tenderly. This drama become my first rank beat the other kdrama I’ve ever seen. I rank this 10/10.

    I will keep up in this site, come on… lets we make this drama become one of most commented drama, ’cause this drama is really GREAT n WORTH to watch.

    HARABUCHI…. I LOVE U>>>>>>>>>>> SMILE U….. LOVE U>>>>>>>>>

  99. 99 : karol Says:

    ganda ganda talaga ng palabas na to..
    hahaha pogi ni arnold .. :))

    jasmine ganda mo !!
    medyo masungit lng hehe 😛

  100. 100 : Rosmi Says:

    Full support…the best ever. Highly recommended. Looking to buy the vcd (English Sub). Anyone know how to get one?

  101. 101 : Rosmi Says:

    Most funniest moment is the tub fall when Jung in pushes Hyunsoo in the Only bathroom.

  102. 102 : iya27 Says:

    @Rosmi ; funniest moment for me is when they spending their honeymoon in their home. they kissing and then enter the room and with unconsciously make some noises till everyone at home wake up. Hyunsoo open his clothes and then with accidentally throw it to harabuchi face which entered the room with mother, father and also jungin father. haha… i can’t stop laughing seeing that scene.

  103. 103 : jeirine Says:

    the best korean drama ever……!!!!!!sooo funny and entertaining!!!saranghae guys~~(“,

  104. 104 : ashley gomez Says:

    i love the cast specially arnold

  105. 105 : ashley gomez Says:

    i love the cast especially arnold

  106. 106 : ashley gomez Says:

    i love you arnold

  107. 107 : mememe Says:

    i love this series. super addicting in a good way. favorite! 🙂
    ♥ min jung and kyung ho together. love love love 🙂

  108. 108 : ferlie Says:

    i love korean drama like smile honey

  109. 109 : jennifer montealto Says:

    i luv sooin couple soooooo much

  110. 110 : jennifer montealto Says:

    are they dating in real life?

  111. 111 : jayzell Says:

    i love this series,,, especially arnold…hahaha

  112. 112 : iya27 Says:

    Sorry guys… But who’s arnold??

  113. 113 : aubrey Says:

    hi everyone!

    i really love this korean drama! as in!,… ^_^
    i always watch this in tv5.
    love it!

  114. 114 : Harrah Says:

    Hello everyone! I also love this drama. Really! Every scene is exciting. It is currently aired here in Philippines at the TV5 station. Teehee! Are the CDs out yet? I always check out our stores here if they have a CD on it already but unfortunately, they don’t have. Huhu! D: Please tell me where I can download this. Thankies! 😀

  115. 115 : crystel Says:

    ..i really love this show!!!!
    ..i love both of them seo jung in(jasmin) and kang hyun soo(arnold)..
    ..i already watched all the episodes..
    ..are they dating in real life..?
    ..they have kilig tandem..

  116. 116 : ina kagakit Says:

    This show is very funny and so amazing..I really love it..Can I ask,what is the ep. when Jung in pushes Hyun soo in the only bathroom??tnx..

  117. 117 : ina kagakit Says:

    This show is the best..I like it..Can I ask, what
    is the epi. when Jung in pushes Hyun soo in the only bathroom??tnx..

  118. 118 : meonly Says:

    I love it…love it..love it sooooo muchhhh
    It’s my number one list of my favourite k-drama
    You guys have to watch this drama… Maybe this is the longest k-drama I’ve ever watch, but I never regret it cos I’m so hooked with the story, with all the cast…
    It made me laugh and cry.. This is truly a masterpiece.. 45 episodes is worth watching…
    Highly recommended… Smile,you is the BEST 🙂

  119. 119 : insom girl Says:

    So sad that I never found any other k-drama as good as Smile,You…
    I am sooo out of words how to describe this drama…you better watch it your self, and you can understand
    Love this drama…and don’t want it to end.. Aaiisshh..how am I supposed to watch other drama..
    Smile,You has been made me smile… 😀

  120. 120 : kimhyunjoongluvers Says:

    This is the most cute couple ever!!!
    I’m enjoying the show I really am!
    Episode 20 right now..its just great.
    So funny & cute. 🙂
    I recommend this to others.
    pls watch it has a great story.
    its become one of my favorite. 🙂
    Now i have 4 favs: BOF, YB, CP, SY! ^_^

  121. 121 : Mier Says:

    two thumbs up….

  122. 122 : aubrey Says:

    can somebody tell me where can i buy the cds,.. so that i can watch it all(in advance) thnx,… im still reading the recaps of this korean series(in a website) but unfortunately it is only upto episode 35 or 36,… haix,..

  123. 123 : Loraine Says:

    OMG!! TV5 is airing this drama every afternoon here in Philippine
    and I’m totally hooked on it!!
    No dull moments and the leads are just out flowing with chemistry!!!!!!!

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to everyone!

  124. 124 : lady in red Says:

    Miss Aubrey,

    Please tell me what time it is air in TV. I really want to watch this drama.

  125. 125 : aubrey Says:

    at lady in red,..

    sorry for the late reply anyway, it is aired at tv5, monday to friday at 1:15pm and on saturdays around 1pm.

  126. 126 : stars Says:

    yeah! you can buy the cd at malkee, i got mine there. 🙂

  127. 127 : aubrey Says:


  128. 128 : mavi Says:

    is dvd available here in the philippines? where to buy it? tnx

  129. 129 : darkboy Says:

    i love this korean drama… actually i bought a cd here in the philippines and watching it to my house everyday.. i reach chapter 20 now.. this drama is so romantic and funny.. I LOVE SEO JUNG IN..

  130. 130 : karz000 Says:

    although the story line is simple, there are still deep morals in this drama and for me, this is in my top list. its so light and ROMANTIC and FUNNY. it’s worth the whole 45 ep.

    Ending this drama is the same thing as divorcing someone for me. I dont want this drama to end. But i highly recommend this. (:

  131. 131 : etzzz Says:

    darn it. i am so addicted to smile honey, i bought a dvd of this here in the philippines. but it’s only up to ep. 23. swear, i am obssessed w/ this. I KEPT ON DREAMING ABOUT HYUN SOO! 🙂 ♥ This is the best drama ever. swearrr! ME and MY FAMILY LOVE THIS DRAMA. we would sit together and eat popcorn while watching this. 🙂

    THE BEST 1,00000000X 🙂

  132. 132 : froggie. Says:

    i <3 smile you.! where can i buy the dvd? are there any in he phils.? waahh.

  133. 133 : GreenPixie Says:

    Nice Korean telenovela… funny and romantic.. although the last episodes have sad moments… 🙁

    I really like the couple Jung In and Hyun Soo coz they are so cute and sweet despite the obstacles they are facing in the family! ^_~

  134. 134 : jema Says:

    can i ask where did you buy a cd of this? i live also here in the Phil… can you tell me the exact place?

  135. 135 : yhen Says:

    i really love this show! i hope lee min jung and jung kyung ho have another korean novela. i really love you guys.! keep up the good work! i have my cds here in my house. even if i repeatedly watch it for several times! even replay at the tv! really adicted to you guys! muah! 🙂

  136. 136 : minda Says:

    well recommended drama, best drama esp for family. love it.

  137. 137 : jema Says:

    hey I BEG you all… please tell me where I can buy DVD of this so that I can watch it continuously… I BEG YOU….. hu hu.. I’m loving this drama! I want to finish watching it before the school starts… I must I must.. so anybody form the Phil can tell me where? I beg you… = (

  138. 138 : patricedee Says:

    LMH might come to the PHILIPPINES if this event reached 4000 coz the producers are still in doubt if LMH is a market here in the phil. PLS CLICK ATTEND IF YOU WANT TO COME. THANKS!


  139. 139 : sandy Says:

    it is a very inspirational show for the person who find their special one…

  140. 140 : Lidya Says:

    리 천의 희 리 민 정 당신이 미소 동영상을 재생에 적합한 …
    둘 다 다른 덩크 같이 게임을 할수있다면 당신은, 중독 NIH 필름을 시청 lanjutin의 덩크 동영상을 미소, 그리고 부탁 드릴게요. 당신이 이야기는 재미, 로맨틱하고 슬픈 모습을 미소. 당신이 미소 영화를 재생 가족과 함께한다면 그들은 둘 다 재생할 수 있습니다. 난 다른 영화와 계속 나올 때까지 기다리는 것이 좋다고 당신이 미소. 난 사람 같이 놀이처럼. 연주 영화 둘 다 필름을 판매 될 수

  141. 141 : Lidya Says:

    Lee chun hee and Lee Min Jung suited to play the movie you smile ..
    I beg you smile more advanced film, nih addicted to watching the movie, and if they can both play other equally again. you smile the way the story was funny, romantic and sad. if they could both play with the family that plays movies you smile. I wait for another movie and a continuation yes you smile. I like those who play together. if played movies will both be selling the film.

    yes they played again …

  142. 142 : dingdong Says:


  143. 143 : Anna Says:

    This tv series is a romantic comedy and family drama all in one…

    The story is very unique, amazing and inspiring…

    It will definitely catch your heart…

    To all cast, crew and staff of SMILE, YOU…

    JOB WELL DONE! Guys…

  144. 144 : alyana Says:

    there’s also a cd here in cavite.. its so nice! i wish more oh hyun soo and jung in.. oh my.. this is the best!!! i recommend this!!

  145. 145 : peter Says:

    love this drama, at first I thought the leading lady here is Yoon Eun Hye of Princess Hours and Coffee Prince because they kinda look-alike. I love the story, its not just the typical love story of two people, it includes people with different characters and the story was very light, recommended for people who wants to take out stress, almost all the episodes are funny. Love the chemistry of Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Hyun Soo, and Lee Min Jung as Seo Jung In.

  146. 146 : jean Says:

    @alyana : omg! where can u buy a cd of snile you? im from cavite too. can u pls tell me? i really love this drama. soo fun and enjoyable.

  147. 147 : eunice Says:

    i love this korean drama. 😀 🙂

  148. 148 : aloha Says:

    i really really love smile you.. i like the couple arnold and jazmin becouse they are perfect couple..we also watch everyday…

  149. 149 : shine Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii im youre fan in philipines ilove the sweet of jasmin and arnold w3w iwish u will add me in the facebook this is my acaunt [email protected] bye:)

  150. 150 : gene Says:

    well, the dvd is available at quiapo but be careful when you buy because not all the cd has 45 episode. the series is good the lead actor and lead actress has a good chemistry. as i watch the first episode to episode 23 was really interesting because you can really understand the flow of the story, but when you reach the episode 24 to 45 well there was a fast flow of the series it was a luck that there was a good ending.

  151. 151 : paula lopez Says:

    smile honey was the best korean drama i’ve watched..very romantic..it makes me crazy..i’m laughing then sometimes crying..it was great…i hope there’s part 2..PLEASE!!!they were ALL BEST actors and actresses!!when im watching it..i feel really really in love!!!lol…love you guys and part 2 please..

  152. 152 : MITCH Says:

    Smile You was the great korean tv series, so romantic, funny and touchy..
    Lee Min Jung and Jung Kyung So were the best tandem ever.

    Patricia Lopez- I agree with you, I hope also that will be have a Smile You part 2..

  153. 153 : MITCH Says:

    Smile You part 2 please..

  154. 154 : RVG Says:

    LOL EP 45 is SUCKS !!

    why ennded like that ? i want more !!

    like 30years ago the kids find there love just like arnold and jasmin

    but the ending is good but kinda lame when it ennded like that but really one of those episods made me cry 🙁

  155. 155 : RVG Says:

    Thats it !! I demand for MORE !! I wish for Part 2 like 30 years ago those kids will give them a problem hehe XD but alot more thrilling and sweet
    i dint like the endding party when they do morning duty andwhere one gatherend and granpa said i love u then thats all of it !! Pretty lame but i would Like to have part 2 of it but i gonna admit this was the best i ever watched Korean drama So Romantic So sweet ( nakakakilig) funny and alittle sad The autor was Genius this is the best Kroean drama i ever watch of actors and actress did a good job on actving if i rated iut 10-1 i gana rate 10 stars !!

    like i said i dint like the ending tho im waitng liek they gana panic of jasmin going to give birt but i did smile on the end when i saw those 2 cute kids they made of 🙂 haha ♥

    long live Lee Min Jung Jung Kyung Ho !~

  156. 156 : ardhan Says:

    very romantic,, four thumbs up 😀

  157. 157 : mutiara Says:

    this drama was so entertaining…

  158. 158 : midori Says:

    I love this series. It’s was so much fun. The lead couples are great together. Love them. My number one couple for the year.

  159. 159 : happy Says:

    i really like the story …and it has a good lesson you could get from it about family.the complicated love of jung in and hyun soo is very romantic and funny.this korean drama is wonderful and unforgettable. I hope there WILL BE part2 ,,,,,,,,,,,

  160. 160 : rain Says:

    its a very funny and romantic story between arnold and jasmine…im always longing to watch it everyday but i have a class…so,i watch its reply every saturday….

    pls… continue 2 watch ‘smile honey…only @ tv5″

    than u…. <——–

  161. 161 : rain Says:

    > pls….dont 4get 2 watch d most funny nd romantic koreanovela of all!! only @ tv5 …..

    🙂 <——- thankz….

  162. 162 : mel Says:

    this movie looks so fun.. i wanna wath this…

  163. 163 : nining Says:

    it’s very funny drama,, love it,,

  164. 164 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much..

  165. 165 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  166. 166 : jhaira Says:

    i love it

  167. 167 : mionette Says:

    hi!ang cute nina arnold at jasmine!!!
    its very romantic, and funny

  168. 168 : jessica Says:

    hi nakakakilig talaga silang dalawa ni arnold at jasmine lalo na kapag nagaaway sila. napatunayan nila na ”’ the more u hate the more u love’ love it!!!!!!

  169. 169 : mionette Says:

    hapy to have a new comment
    i just cant stop it…hahaha

  170. 170 : jessica Says:

    sana pumunta ng pilipinas silang cast ng smile honey,,,,,,

  171. 171 : jellon Says:

    ang ganda tlga nito sana mapanood ko ng maayos

  172. 172 : jerald Says:

    ganda ng smile honey sana

    ulitin ganda kc haha

  173. 173 : hiedz Says:

    i love smile honey! the best!haha

  174. 174 : jaCky Says:

    oH!!wow thZ is sO niCE>..i rEally liKe it…very very much!!! hMmmp..

  175. 175 : kira Says:

    I love Lee Min-Jung….nakakaiyak every episodes

  176. 176 : via Says:

    Love this serial so far, I have just watched till episode 16, I wish I can keep watching it till the final episode, but have to stop now because I have to work next day, I like the chemistry between Jung in and hyung so, and the story line is fabuolus. I want to watch the movie and know the ending..

  177. 177 : marjorie Says:

    oh my gosh ! smile honey is the best ! hope that LEE MIN JUNG and JUNG KYUNG HONG teamed up again in a drama and comedy series ! pls do reply to us .. O.o pls. ? hope that you teamed up again and i promise that i’ll watch it and never to skip an episode ! love you both !!! 😀

  178. 178 : mj gallen. Says:

    wooh!!smile honey is really fantastic.Even i’m a nursing student, im always watching’ its so fascinating to me, so what are you doing for?watch also.

  179. 179 : eloisa Says:

    nakakakilig talaga

  180. 180 : anne louise alcantara Says:

    ganda ng kwento 🙂

  181. 181 : jahjah Says:

    omo.! omo.! omo.!!

    this series really makes me gaga.

    i super love the story and the casts. i love how everyone act. they’re just so natural. 🙂

    and i really love how HYUN SOO and JUNG IN fell in love with each other.

    * wishing for a man like hyun soo. so sweeeet :”> *

    KANG HYUN SOO is such a cutie *saranghae hyun soo :)*
    and SEO JUNG IN is soo beautiful. i really love her 🙂

    this series is x10000 BEST! hihihh..


  182. 182 : via Says:

    I have finished watch this drama, its been so amazing drama, I can not believe it I can watch such a long drama like this (till 45episode, can you believe that?!) but I am so hook with each episodes, especially to see the relationship going between Hyun su and Jung in. They are so perfect for each other. I love the process when they fall in love and all the things that happend to keep their love to be together. well.. I hope I can watch any other drama like this..

  183. 183 : eloisa Says:

    Sheett! habang tumatagal lalong gumaganda!!!!! sana magkaroon na ng dvd nito!!

  184. 184 : justleene Says:

    graveh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love smile honey talaga gwapo ni arnold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1wooooooooooooooooo

  185. 185 : justleene Says:

    wew………sana ulitin ulet……….pagnatapos na para walng katapusan super ganda kc ehhhhhhhhhhh………………..love it

  186. 186 : just73 Says:

    eloisa, fan ka talaga hahahahahahah

  187. 187 : just73 Says:

    i love arnold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. 188 : just73 Says:


  189. 189 : just73 Says:

    d na q makapagintay na makita c jasmine with her wedding dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahaha

  190. 190 : eloisa Says:

    nakakaadik ito!

  191. 191 : just73 Says:

    arnold and jasmine talaga

  192. 192 : just73 Says:

    adik sayo

  193. 193 : just73 Says:

    love it talaga
    gwapo ni arnold at ang ganda ni jasmine

  194. 194 : just73 Says:

    grave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ang cute nla pagnagaaway cla!!!!!!!!!hahahaha

  195. 195 : eloisa Says:

    grabe! ang sweet talaga nila kapag nagaaway!!!!!

  196. 196 : just73 Says:

    ang tweet talaga nla graveh perfect couple talaga kainis lang ung family nila hadlang sa pagmamhalan nla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahaahahah

  197. 197 : kysha Says:

    loved JKH in this enjoyable drama

  198. 198 : Randz Says:

    Ang cute ni lyka…ehe

  199. 199 : gester Says:

    i love u arnold and i love jasmine so much

  200. 200 : kate Says:

    ang cute ng story . . addict ako jan . !

  201. 201 : TaTa Says:

    w0w TWINS ung baby nLa ni jasmine at arn0ld ]
    humab0l pa cLa joe at voltaire

  202. 202 : R4NI3 Says:

    wooww my fave drama always.. it’s been so nice as this drama don’t have opposite or bad girl and boy

  203. 203 : ggrmarielou Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA alot!!
    i’ve cried many times of this drama..
    i can relate on the story of this drama..
    i love the love story of Jungin and Hyunsoo..
    they are so cute and funny couple..
    their love story is the jjangest!!! DAEBAK!
    before, when i first saw this drama, i thought its not good, but when it aired on the phil. tv, i was able to see the nice parts of the drama and made me say “i’ll surely watch this drama online!”.
    and now i downloaded the drama so that i won’t get tired at waiting for the video to load.. 🙂

    to the creators of this drama, JOB WELL DONE!
    once again, I LOVE THIS DRAMA so much!!
    Thanks for producing and making this drama.. 🙂

  204. 204 : kiz Says:

    =) soooooo nice ang cute nila!!!! happy family forevah!

  205. 205 : Desperate Says:

    Hahahaha! I so love Kyan Hyunsoo! I hope all men were like him so everyone would be happy!

  206. 206 : beng Says:

    this is the first drama that i’d watch with longer episode but ……..you won’t get tired of watching this ,in fact i can’t wait for the next episode,one week of waiting is too long!!!! i’t will make you cry,laugh,hate,love,all in one..all the actors and actresses portrayed their parts very well!!!

  207. 207 : liechien Says:

    i’m also loved this drama so much…. it’s really a good family romantic drama i’ve ever watched…. really touching…….

  208. 208 : vievie helvie Says:

    Haiii.I am vievie from Indonesia…I love this drama very funny….

  209. 209 : samantha louise barcelon Says:

    i really really like this show…
    laloo na po si Choi Jung Yoon…

  210. 210 : nhu Says:

    Drama very good, actor and astess very cute

  211. 211 : nhu Says:

    I love Lee Min Jung and Jung kyung Ho so much, I hope see them again on drama future

  212. 212 : ruge Says:

    geudae useoyo is the best.. although it has 45 episodes, i haven’t failed to miss at least one, regards to the actors and staff.. good job..

  213. 213 : lee Says:

    tomorrow will be the last episode of Smile Honey in the Philippines! nice show..

  214. 214 : John Says:

    grabe super duper gnda ng palabas na2 at ngeun ntpos na ..

    shet mamimiss ko tlga 2 ,wla n next week :((

  215. 215 : via Says:

    Love this drama a lot!!! not too much sad here, which i love.. just fun and romantic but its funny part also even when the grandpa get sick..

  216. 216 : keguri Says:


  217. 217 : samantha jeorgia zabala Says:

    .+sArAnGhE jUnG kYuNg hO ……

  218. 218 : 72724sJ Says:

    LoVe Jung Kyung Ho…

  219. 219 : biechen Says:

    jung kyung ho & lee min jung are the sweetest of all…the’re the best love team ever for me…great chemistry!

  220. 220 : biechen Says:

    a very good & so funny….love this drama so much…

  221. 221 : i love lee min jung Says:

    this drama is the best!!!!! i have never watched a drama this exciting!!! jung-in is so beautiful and cute, i wish i could meet her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn!

  222. 222 : Juliet...the angels band Says:

    Hii…jung kyung your so cute…i like your smile so cute.. i hope that you have a tv series again with lee ming jung….sarsnghea mida..

  223. 223 : JUDZ Says:

    Fantastic piece! I love the characters as well as the story! it’s not that boring ….. Hope to see a new one from the Lee Min Jung and Jung Kyung Ho – good chemistry!

  224. 224 : Bryann Says:

    This is the best korean drama ive watched so far. It made me laugh, cry and hate villain in the love story. haha! Im a big fan of Lee Min Jung. Hope she visits here at the Philippines. So Beautiful.. 😀

  225. 225 : noah Says:

    how can i watch this movie in full? is there way or website to watch this? because i am one of the fun of this korean drama!. please consider my request… 🙁

  226. 226 : ainaz Says:

    love this drama forever
    awsome awsome
    sooin love FOREVER

  227. 227 : liz Says:

    This is a great movie. A bit loud at the start, but as the drama unfolds, you will love the characters as they change from “bad to good and from good to better” The love story between Seo Jung In and Kang Hyun Soo is very effective. Great chemistry.

  228. 228 : kdrama_fan Says:

    I love this drama. Very funny and entertaining story. What a beautiful marriage proposal scence by Hyun Soo to Jung In! Three greneration of Hyun Soo’s family particpated in that. That was a great scene I remember very fondly. Great OSTs, too.

  229. 229 : toh quan ming Says:

    i know this drama is 45 episodes. this dvd contains part 1 and 2 so i will rent part one first and then part 2 will be some other time when i am free.

  230. 230 : peneloxii Says:

    I really like this drama =]

  231. 231 : via Says:

    I have watched again this drama, I can say its a very addictive drama, since It seems I can’t get enough of watching the couple, Kang Hyun soo and Seo Jung in, they are so sweet and have a great chemistry.. I wish I can see them again together in another drama..

  232. 232 : dy_ans Says:

    Love this drama!! very entertaining, and the couple is sooooo romantic!!!

  233. 233 : beebusybuzzing Says:

    This drama is not bad.
    But i won’t say it’s good.
    But i really like sooin.
    The first drama couple i really really like.
    I keep on replaying their parts.
    After watching kdramas so many years,this is the first drama couple i consider myself a fan of.
    usually i like the couple because i like the drama and lead characters.

  234. 234 : via Says:

    this is the best family drama I have ever watched.. always watch the cute and funny part from the moment that they hated each other, till the moment they falling for one another.. its the Best!!!

  235. 235 : gly Says:

    hi via! you were right. this is one of the best drama i ever watched.. i love all the characters, they were so good in their acting and truly laughable!!!! hehehe!!!

  236. 236 : winnielyn jose Says:

    i love watching smile you or smile honey. actually i made this show as my inspiration i wish that lee min jung and jung kyung ho could have a successful 100 new shows or infinite!!!^^

  237. 237 : christine Says:

    i super love smile you! complete package for it tackles love, family and friends in a humorous way but still will trigger your eyes to burst in tears! super daming kilig moments! one of the best for it makes you laugh, cry, love, hate and fall in love all over again. all the characters will surely touches your heart and will leave intersting impressions. two thumbs up! kudos to the staff and the whole casts!

  238. 238 : Honey Says:

    Does anyone knows the name of the song?


  239. 239 : via Says:

    The tittle of the song called: Shinji Of koyote- I can’t even sleep.

  240. 240 : vT Says:

    hi everyone ^^
    i have a question. does anybody know the song in smile you which comes in the radio? for example in episode 35 in the restaurant. it’s the background music. Or in the bathhouse where Jung In were caught by hyun soo’s parents.

    btw. it’s one of my favorite k-dramas^^

  241. 241 : melay Says:

    hope they will have a series again together can’t help myself falling in love with both of them they look good together!!!

  242. 242 : Ellain Says:

    So I was wondering if the grandfather died. In the last part when he was saying “Sarang Hamnida” , my sister said that the family didn’t hear or anything like it and said that it was just a ghost. So just for clarification, did the grandfather die? Please Answer ;_;

  243. 243 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] […]

  244. 244 : Thara Says:

    I miss the chemistry of Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Min Jung. ♥♥♥
    Wanna watch another drama of them. Oh, I love them so much

  245. 245 : vvchin Says:

    anyone know the song from ep 44 that hyun soo oppa dancing for jung in? at 38 minutes?

  246. 246 : vvchin Says:

    can anyone tell me the song that they play at the ep 44 when the grandpa sick and think back about their wedding at min 55?

    if possible, can i have the song name at ep 09 when jung in bring baek geum ja to buy shirt at the expensive shop at min 43 song.

    thank u so much

  247. 247 : jessa Says:

    i dont careeeE
    the best!!!!

  248. 248 : jessa Says:

    i dont care e e e eeee.
    the best

  249. 249 : jessa Says:

    i dont cae e e e e e eeeeeeeeeeee……..
    the best!!!!

  250. 250 : ANGIE Says:

    the most entertaining korean drama love for me … never sorry to watched it even they have many episodes… LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it!!!

  251. 251 : Smile honey | Janelleandaj Says:

    […] Smile, You » Korean Dramahttp://www.dlaznmovies.com/2010/02/smile… … […]

  252. 252 : Chai Says:

    Have watched this drama for a year now and have adored it over so many dramas. I started watching this drama when I was in bad mood n it made me laugh. Haven’t watch a good drama like this n king of baker

  253. 253 : fennie Says:

    Hi, enjoyed watching this comedy/drama, the story is realistic and it does happen to many families forced to live together because of some circumstances. Thank You

  254. 254 : Rose Says:

    wow such a wonderful drama…

  255. 255 : Hong yi Says:

    I love small, you. I’ve watch it again n again. It always make me laugh. Everyone remember their lines very good. Love lee min Jung so much sorry I don’t remember the actor lead’s name but he’s a real laughter. His smile is amazin

  256. 256 : marjoree Says:

    i like kdrama.i already bought a cd.i will watch too.

  257. 257 : oak Says:

    This drama really make me smile “̮

  258. 258 : chiqui23 Says:

    Yah! That’s right..this drama was amazing, I really adored the casts specially jung kyung ho and lee min jung! Hoping for their new drama again together! See yah! ^_^

  259. 259 : chiqui23 Says:

    I’m really upset coz I can’t watch the episode 23 up to the last episode..Guyzz!!!! Help me..where can I watch it because the sites said it’s temporarily unavailable!!!! I’m dying!! huhuhuhuh

  260. 260 : angelicamae Says:

    i love it !!!!!!!! the best korean drama for me ..
    everyday i watch it ..
    i love the tandem of lee min jung and jung kyung ho . !!!!!! 🙂
    i wish i would see them .. specially jung kyung ho !!!!!!

  261. 261 : iyra Says:

    indian television channel ‘lifeok’ has copied the storyline of smile you for their show ‘zindagi kahe smile please’.

  262. 262 : iyra Says:


  263. 263 : khaicy Says:

    gud wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  264. 264 : Anne Guanlao Says:

    I learned a lot of virtues and values in this story. Patience, love, humility, perseverance, family values, respect, sincerity, obedience, persistence and a whole lot more. So touching yet scenes portrayed the ordinary life patterns and touched with wits and humours. Good characters played by very good actors and actresses. I admired the way the seniors respected and how the misbehaviors corrected as portrayed. Well thought of story in a peculiar asian lifestyle setting. Kudos to the whole staff, the directors, writers, behind the scenes staff and most especially the actors and actresses. Job well done and appreciated. By the way, I am a Filipina who happened to get interested in such this decent drama story. No much daring and bold scenes, but the essence of the play will tickle viewers interest.

  265. 265 : urrnchai Says:

    Smile, You is the only drama i will watch when i’m upset because it is funny. it’s the first korean drama that i thought it seems realy real to me. i love it and been watching for more than 7 times already.

  266. 266 : king of mestery Says:

    كاتب هذه الدراما شخص في منتها الذكاء وقد قدم الكثير من الأجوبةة لكثير من التساؤلات أتمنى أن أجتمع به في يوم من الايام
    وأنا متأكد من أني سأجتمع به
    ( لا أعتقد أن هناك دراما ستفوق هذه الدراما )

  267. 267 : king of mestery Says:

    who is write this drama is very smart i hopp in the futuer if i can see hem and i am sure from this
    ( i dont think there is drama will be better than this )

  268. 268 : Tess Marsil Says:

    dramatic 🙂

  269. 269 : Tess Marsil Says:

    hi..o enjoyed watching this show and i find it very interesting… 🙂

  270. 270 : daryl Says:

    i’ve watched this drama for almost a year now, but still i remember well the funny, sad and happy scenes. i love this drama!!!!

  271. 271 : kimnic Says:

    i bought the cd of this drama 2 yrs ago but i didnt watch it yet coz im not captivated on the frst ep.and now while reading all the comments i think it sounds good, well i’ll give it a try……actually my korean drama cd collection is almost 250 but i only watch more than a hundred coz im picky about the storyline and the character if i seen something that isnt my type then i stop watching it.so i decided to stop buying cd and just watch online.

  272. 272 : rue Says:

    Smile, you and Ojakgyo brothers, both dramas may be good, But if you have to choose between these two, which one will you prefer? Advice me, help me.

  273. 273 : Fotu123 Says:

    Of all the dramas that i watched based in the modern day, this is the one that I thought was kinda realistic and that it made my day everytime I watched it, Best Comedy Kdrama ever

  274. 274 : Thara Says:

    I miss watching Smile, You , one of the best Kdramas ever! Love the awesome chemistry between the leads, Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Min Jung! ^^

  275. 275 : city man Says:

    i hooked after watched the first episode. It enter my fav list.
    i love kang man bok especially when he mad.
    lee min jung cute.
    jung kyung ho with his blur and innocent and stupid face (LOL)
    i love jung kyvng ho and lee min jung. they are so cute
    hahaha. a must watch drama. many moral values ^^

  276. 276 : Paperless Says:

    Watch show till 3.00 am.
    One of very best show.
    My favourite is Lee Min Jung.
    Will watch 24 hours if possible.

    Love to you Lee Min Jung

  277. 277 : 2803 Says:

    who sang the song’ 无法入眠’ in this show?

  278. 278 : beb9525 Says:

    Just Finish watch this drama .26/5/15..
    After i watch falling for Innocent ,this 2nd drama I WATCH act by him (JKH).. very good drama.. Funny.sad,enjoy n happy ending.. good couple JKh n LMJ…so cute they together…. 3dr drama by JKh..just finish download – heartless city..hihih…

    Really,really,really enjoy … JKH(Hyun [email protected]) & LMJ (Jung in).10/10…they match together.


  279. 279 : beb9525 Says:

    Just Finish watch this drama .26/5/15..

    After i watch falling for Innocent ,this 2nd drama I WATCH act by him (JKH).. very good drama.. Funny.sad,enjoy n happy ending.. good couple JKh n LMJ…so cute they together…. 3dr drama by JKh..just finish download – heartless city..hihih…

    JKH(Hyun [email protected]) & LMJ (Jung in).10/10…they match together.


  280. 280 : jef Says:

    I LOVE this series!!!
    I enjoyed watching it!!

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