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Title: 웃어라 동해야 / Useora Donghaeya / Smile, Dong Hae
Chinese Title : 笑吧东海
Also Known as: Smile Again
Genre: Family
Episodes: 159
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2010-Oct-04 to 2011-May-13
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25


Dong Hae was raised in America by his beautiful but unmarried and mentally deficient mother, Anna Laker, who was adopted there. He goes to Korea for a short-track skating competition and brings his mother along in secret, arranging for her to be picked up at the airport by his girlfriend, Yoon Sae Wa, an ambitious TV announcer who harbours a secret disdain for Anna’s disability. Dong Hae meets Bong Yi, a poor assistant chef, when Sae Wa prioritizes her job and sends her to meet Anna instead. After Sae Wa later betrays him, Dong Hae begins to search for his father, creating a new family and finding new romance along the way.


Ji Chang Wook as Dong Hae / Karl Laker
Kim Tae Joon as Dong Hae (young)
Do Ji Won as Anna Laker (Dong Hae’s mother)

Lee family

Im Chae Moo as Lee Kang Jae
Lee Bo Hee as Gye Sun Ok
Alex as Lee Tae Hoon
Oh Ji Eun as Lee Bong Yi
Kim Yoo Suk as Lee Pil Jae
Lee Joon Ha (이준하) as Lee Song Yi (Pil Jae’s daughter)

Kim family

Kang Suk Woo as Kim Joon
Jung Ae Ri as Hong Hye Sook
Lee Jang Woo as Kim Do Jin

Yoon family

Park Hae Mi as Byun Sool Nyeo
Park Jung Ah as Yoon Sae Wa
Lee Joo Yeon as Yoon Sae Young

Other people

Kim Sung Won as Jo Pil Yong (Anna’s birth father)
Jung Young Sook as Kim Mal Sun (Anna’s birth mother)
Choi Yoon So as Baek Yoo Jin
Lee Jung Ho as Lee Dae Sam
Kang Chul Sung as Home Shopping PD
Jung Eun Woo as Sun Woo
Ham Jin Sung as staff
Kim Sung Hoon as policeman
Kim Jin Soo as Bang Ki Nam
Shin Dong Yub (신동엽) as hotel restaurant kitchen assistant (cameo)
Yoon Jong Shin as hotel restaurant kitchen assistant (cameo)
Kim Yoon Tae
Jung Soo In
Oh Eun Ho
Yoo Pil Ran as maid

Production Credits

Producer: Moon Bo Hyun
Director: Kim Myung Wook, Mo Wan Il (모완일)
Screenwriter: Moon Eun Ah


2011 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Awards, Actor (Daily Drama), Actor: Ji Chang Wook
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Awards, Actress (Daily Drama), Actress: Do Ji Won
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Awards, Actress: Park Jung Ah

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134 Responses to “Smile, Dong Hae”

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  1. 101
    ptsh836 Says:

    its funny…to me anyways…how the chaebols in kdramaland no matter how wealthy they are…one thing for sure is their overzealous guard over their money, property, children, etc…they will leave no stones unturned to make sure there are no threats coming from poor relatives, friends or colleagues….n in this case…step children!! mrs kim does sound like a broken record when she keeps repeating how shes gonna do whatevers in her power to safeguard/protect her family from vultures like donghae!

    n to think that donghae n his mum gets thrown in the face the one-way airticket back to the US….rite from the first epi….coming from saewa first, then her mom, then mrs kim….all the while hoping to rid this pest from claiming his lawful rights!! this is just too much!! this act is most tediously repeated in many kdramas whereby the powerful n rich flexes their muscles against the weak/poor/helpless n it bewilders me how the writers still think this shameless act will work its magic??? who do they think they are?? what rights have they got except for a fat wallet to dictate who should stay n who should leave??

    after reaching epi 100…im beginning to suffer some serious head shaking syndrome from the torture anna laker is subjected to from all corners n she is not even 100% normal!!! this one-sided abuse inflicted by all the bad guys leaves me feeling exhausted n fed-up instead!! anna is very disadvantaged becuz of her condition n she is in no position to defend herself or her son! all she ever does is apologize over n over n over n over again….forever begging for forgiveness, shedding tons of tears over scums like mrs kim, saewa n her idiotic mum!!

    i truly admire pil jae, bong yi’s uncle for confronting mrs kim n warning her about her threats n schemes to drive anna n donghae out of their rented room!! well, after so long…somebody’s gotta do something to correct the imbalance!! the evil-doers are winning hands down till now n its about time the table is turned!!

  2. 102
    nikho Says:

    maganda bah un palabas nyo ha . . . . .????

  3. 103
    ptsh836 Says:

    epi 113 will see the eventual discovery of anna’s birth parents….n to think that the opportunist in saewa will grab at anything to secure her own happiness is laughable!! the quote ” there are no desperate situations, only desperate people” by Heinz Guderian best describes her ambitious plans to bargain with mrs kim for a part of her future with the kim household.

    so she goes about doing what she knows best ie withholding the truth n the identity of anna from the elder chairman n his wife n plotting n threatening to disclose the truth if her demands were not met…shes indeed past saving…shes rotten to the core n will not stop till her aims are achieved. even dojin is on the verge of giving up on her now since shes so despicable n dishonest n can never be trusted in whatever she does…its always about her own happiness…anybody else’s gets trampled along the way…shes making sure that donghae n anna will not learn of their inheritance n camelia hotel will belong to her only!!

  4. 104
    P. Quinones Says:

    Re: Dojin:
    I like a villian you can hate; but you gotta give his props because you respect him. Dojin the bully still pretends to be such a tough guy [although an idiot] in front of his Mommy and he makes me sick. INHO Bongi could probably whup his butt; and Saewa could floor him without raising a sweat. She may just do that in the end. I hope so.
    When he’s faced with somebody he can’t push around he reverts to his true character—a real coward. What happens when his big brother gets fed up with his crap and knocks him seven ways from Sunday? Does he run crying to Mommy?
    He keeps moaning “Daddykins don’t love me”; but he’s about the most un-loveable character on tv. I think he’s a lousy villian because you can’t respect him.

  5. 105
    P. Quinones Says:

    I’m beginning to re-think my opinion of Saewa. Basically, she’s a survivor. And she has a certain basic honesty. At some point she faced the fact that her relationship with dong Hae was not satisfying for her. She knew very well that she didn’t want to be a poor man’s wife; so when Dojin came along…When Dojin’s Mammy started her s***, she should have put a stop to it; but Dojin is such a turd on his Mammy’s shoes…
    I think Hyesuk doesn’t like Saewa because she reminds her of her own poor background and she wants so badly to rid herself of that image. Hyesuk obviously doesn’t understand the nature of greed. She will never have enough to be satisfied or feel safe. She still doesn’t realize that she is creating her own unhappiness.

  6. 106
    P. Quinones Says:

    Question: Are the laws against “Insider Trading” and embezzlement as strict in Korea as they are in the USA if you get caught? The “Kim” Mammy-Sonny-accomplice combo don’t seem to be TOO afraid of getting caught. Is it because the laws and their enforcement are pretty lax for white collar crime?

    After going through these comments, I have to admit that the acting is very good to elicit comments as though the characters were real people!
    As for the opinions of the piece, I don’t agree with the “Saewa”-haters. I want her to come out almost unscathed because she has had such a hard time with her husband-without-a-clue and her vicious mammy-in-law.
    Altho I absolutely DEPSISE “Dojin”. I am amazed to learn that he had the nerve to be upset that his new wife was not “pure” when they married? Give me a break! Like, he was a virgin when they married? RRRiiight! Ol’ Double Standard strikes again!

    And since I saw and heard “Dojin” deny that “Saewa”‘s preggers, Oh, Pul-eeze! Didn’t Mommy or Daddy tell him about the birds and the bees, or more to the point, the guys and the gals? My hands are positively ITCHING to slap “Donin’s” foolish face into the middle of next week!
    The acting is exceptionally good. “Hyesuk” can make her throat seem to close up when she’s “upset”. Makes her character very believeable [sp?].
    I can’t make up my mind whether to believe that she’s supposed to be getting some twinges of remorse now that the Chairman’s in this condition; or that it is the writers’ version of her fear of getting caught. Any road, that actress is getting it right on point!
    Just my opinions!

  7. 107
    P. Quinones Says:

    I enjoy this show. Usually, the translations into English are spot-on; but sometimes the words don’t match the meaning intended. An example:
    Dojin [speaking to donghae]: “You should disappear yourself!” NO CAN DO! I can ‘disappear’. I, myself, can ‘disappear’. I can ‘make myself disappear’. I can ‘make YOU disappear’. I cannot ‘disappear myself’ no matter how hard I try! Good for a chuckle, anyhow.
    BTW, What is the procedure the nurse described to Saewa as an “expediency”? I know it’s not an abortion, because she’s still pregnant.

  8. 108
    zarima USA Says:

    still watching this,, and am in episode seventy two,, haay still long to wait till the end,,, is anyone konows the ending? please give a comment,, hope that the ending is a happy one,, a donghae and bongi together,,, hope that they end up together

  9. 109
    ptsh836 Says:

    @P. Quinones #104: i super agree that dojin is one character who deserves no sympathy! not only does he not know humility n contentment…he’s super greedy for hoarding camelia hotel as if it rightfully should belong to him without regards to the simple fact that the Cho’s owned it and now donghae is the heir apparent! right!! dojin n his mum should be left with nothing for all the wicked schemings to fool the Cho’s and for resorting to crooked ways to wrest control of the hotel.

    dojin does not possess a tinge of remorse or regret for causing distress to the two elderlys thro his illegal share dealings and for not recognising donghae as his elder bro….he stupidly n stubbornly refuses to admit the fact that his dear dad had another love besides his mum…its not that hard to accept for anybody else but him!

    altho donghae goes out of his way to avoid direct confrontation with dojin…it is always dojin who refuses to keep his cool n always kicks up a fuss even when reality has become stale news…he still refuses to face up to the truth! my only wish is for him to just ‘grow up’!!

  10. 110
    ptsh836 Says:

    i don’t get why the writer is now trying to mellow down hyesuk n saewa’s characters….by making them seem as tho they do possess some kinda conscience deep within their evil hearts! i mean, if you’re bad….you don’t overnite turn into an angel after causing so much trouble to people around you! by making saewa pregnant n acting all motherly n tender it looks like saewa’s trying to redeem herself after getting thrown out from the thick of action by dojin who for once showed some kind of humanly emotions just thinking about becoming a father to his unborn child. he’s constantly blowing hot n cold n cant even decide whether to accept his child n ex-wife.

    all i can say is he is one spineless, greedy fellow who does not progress even a tiny bit throughout this long drama….at least his mum is regretting her bad decision n trying to correct what they both have done!

    like i said before…the characters that i admire is lee piljae who is very proactive maybe becuz he’s a cop by profession….at least he took the trouble to bring to book the crooks n not just sit n stare at the four walls! i also like the way he loves anna so much n is always trying to protect her from further harm….he’s truly a gentleman…while dojin is the complete opposite!

    i hate saewa’s mum cuz she’s selfish n forever encouraging saewa all for the wrong reasons! she acts like she’s the only mother who cares for her daughter n is simply too blinded by material gains instead of wholesome values which she fails to inculcate in her daughters!

    i think the only believable, true, sincere, naive character is saewa’s sister
    altho she’s constantly landing herself in trouble….at least she is not corrupt in her mind. another fake character goes to bongyi’s mum….i dislike her character very much cuz she’s always very bothered by the simplest things n often creates a mountain out of a molehill! on the other hand, bongyi’s dad is the perfect gentleman n he’s so lovable n kind!

    donghae himself was quite boring at the starting part cuz he was not assertive enough n only towards the end….one can see his capabilities in handling his business n dojin!

  11. 111
    Dramaholic Says:

    I’m on ep 131. T_T I can’t decide whether it’s good or bad because I want to keep watching it as well as finishing it up. So far love the drama! I HATE SAEWA & DOJIN THE MOST. (mostly Dojin who’s super childish) A bit draggy, but overall amazing characters and brilliant plot.

  12. 112
    Lyda Says:

    I like this drama very much! n u can watch it easily in youtube just type Smile DongHae 001-159 that’s all! Wish u happy when watching this seri!

  13. 113
    maria lao Says:

    It didn’t seem realistic anymore to the point that its more like an annoyance after watching till episode 70.How can anyone control a situation in all aspect and able to evade everytime truth is about to be revealed.Co incidences yes can happen but not all the time.I know that the writer is trying to lure the audience by suspending and dragging the story.But by golly,enough.The character portrayed by Anna is being manipulated by Saewa who seems to be able to control event and situation smoothly with no fail and lucky enough to hide the truth.No one in real life can be that lucky and why someone who is mentally challenge seems to very accessible for the manipulation of those people that she should beprotected from.I’m not going to continue to watch it due to my frustrations.

  14. 114
    cristina brooks Says:

    i like smile dong hae,family drama, it’s so exiting,

  15. 115
    Christine Says:

    I love the story. Very touching and will make you cry all over again. Complete package of romance,family drama,friends and dreams. I remember smile honey because of the same plot that revolves on family and love relationship. The actors were great and they did portrait the characters in a convincing manner. Very believable! No wonder this is the number one kdrama of 2011. You will definitely fall in love on this drama.

  16. 116
    Christine Says:

    I love this drama so much. I’m a Kpop and koreanovela fanatic and once I get hookd by the story I see to it that I finished what I’ve started. It’s 159 episodes are all worth watching. Sometimes there are scenes you will think as a parcel only and may not be included if possible but in the end, you will realize that it was needed in uncovering a lot of truths. I really enjoy watching these, I can’t stop whenever I started an episode. After watching it,I felt like having to find such kind of family and a pure love which dong hae and bong yi had.

  17. 117
    pearl Says:

    smile dong hae have a mixed flavors. smile dong hae makes me cry,laugh and smile…by the way park jung ah plays her character very good as a villain she makes me feel mad…

  18. 118
    kuchikuchi Says:

    such a nice drama to watch …very funny too……the intro song is so energizing …..kekeke makes you smile and watch it more. the ending is very nice.. im thinking of watching it again!!!!!!!!!!! and i noticed the clothes of actors and actresses. omg! aztec prints that donghae wears in the drama! hehe love it!!!!

  19. 119
    Teena Says:

    love this drama, i enjoyed a lot, i cried, laughed, everything….more power, congratulations, i like korean novela a lot. 😀

  20. 120
    jas05 Says:

    i super love this drama…. ji chang wook ur d best 🙂 hope there will be part 2. hehehe

  21. 121
    Monaliza Ramos Says:

    I love you dong hae ur so handsome and charming 🙂

  22. 122
    lynlyn Says:

    i watc it everyday.. super like. love it.

  23. 123
    walter Says:

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! nice drama

  24. 124
    kem Says:

    …this is one of the best korean drama ever’..so exciting and good story and best cast’..love it’..:D

  25. 125
    iamneris Says:

    This will be the cutest drama ever.. =D
    i love dong hae your so cute. .

  26. 126
    marissa Says:

    ji chang wook is not only handsome but awesome actor. i became his fan after watching him in smile donghae. can’t wait to see you in your new drama. ji chang wook fighting!

  27. 127
    Dhaynhielle Says:

    안녕하세요 !

    I really like the flow of the story and I really idolize the cast esp. Ji Chang Wook and Lee Jang Woo. They’re so handsome. OMG !

    Hope to see ya.
    행운을 빌어요 !

  28. 128
    genz Says:


  29. 129
    WooJung :) Says:

    I really love the finale.
    Lee Jang Woo did a great job. I really love him. =)

  30. 130
    coralou Says:

    I like this story and it’s sad that it has come to an end. I’m going to miss this show. 🙂

  31. 131
    Saranghae Says:

    i’m a big fan of korean drama, yet this drama is really bad… it’s certainly one of the worst korean drama i’ve watched this far. was thinking that the story must be very complicating, hence 159 episodes. but the fact is a simple story line can drag for so long. such story line can easily finish in no more than 30 episodes if it’s hk filming. the scriptwriter is really lousy. i wouldn’t be watching it if not bcos singapore is airing it and there’s no other nice drama being aired at the same time.

  32. 132
    Ed chan Says:

    Think the story line is kind of stupid. Why should the younger Jin get upset that Donghae is the son of his father. He’s just a spoiled brat and his mother, the director is to be blamed for indulging him. Donghae has got more to be angry for having his father, James abandoning them and marrying someone else..after all he knew them first…the best ending would be for the selfish, self opinionated younger Jin to disappear leaving Donghae to be reunited with his father…

  33. 133
    Anonymous Says:

    I cant see the vid :-/

  34. 134
    Dessy Says:

    Absolutely audience hate Yoon Sae wa so much on that drama. She’s really has no self-esteem at all. lee pil jae..he’s so annoying man. When Anna didnt want to look other man beside James, such as a looser…big looser. Not respect a man like him at all.

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