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Sky Castle

Title: SKY 캐슬 / Sky Castle
Previously known as: 프린세스 메이커 / Princess Maker
Genre: Family, Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2018-Nov-23 to 2019-Feb-01
Air time: Friday & Saturday 23:00


The drama is set in a four-story apartment building in Seoul’s suburbs, which is inhabited by some professionals such as judges, prosecutors, doctors, professors and their wives.

It will depict their efforts to have their children admitted into good universities. Some grew up in families with many generations of doctors or lawyers. Thus, their ambitions will be shown with comedy and realism.


Han Seo Jin’s family

Yum Jung Ah as Han Seo Jin
Jung Joon Ho as Kang Joon Sang (Han Seo Jin’s husband)
Kim Hye Yoon as Kang Ye Seo (Han Seo Jin’s eldest daughter)
Lee Ji Won as Kang Ye Bin (Han Seo Jin’s second daughter)

Lee Soo Im’s family

Lee Tae Ran as Lee Soo Im
Choi Won Young as Hwang Chi Young (Lee Soo Im’s husband)
Kang Chan Hee as Hwang Woo Joo (Lee Soo Im’s son)

Noh Seung Hye’s family

Yoon Se Ah as Noh Seung Hye
Kim Byung Chul as Cha Min Hyuk (Noh Seung Hye’s husband)
Kim Dong Hee as Cha Seo Joon (Noh Seung Hye’s eldest twin)
Jo Byung Kyu as Cha Ki Joon (Noh Seung Hye’s younger twin)
Park Yoo Na as Cha Se Ri (Noh Seung Hye’s daughter)

Jin Jin Hee’s family

Oh Na Ra as Jin Jin Hee
Jo Jae Yoon as Woo Yang Woo (Jin jin Hee’s husband)
Lee Yoo Jin as Woo Soo Han (Jin Jin Hee’s son)

Entrance Examination Coordinator

Kim Seo Hyung as Kim Joo Young
Lee Hyun Jin as Mr. Jo (Kim Joo Young’s secretary)


Kim Bo Ra as Kim Hye Na (Kang Ye Seo’s rival)
Jung Ae Ri as Madam Yoon (Han Seo Jin’s mother-in-law)
Song Min Hyung as Choi In Ho
Kim Jung Nan as Lee Myung Joo
Yoo Sung Joo as Park Soo Chang (Lee Myung Joo’s husband)
Song Gun Hee as Park Young Jae (Lee Myung Joo’s son)
Lee Joo Yun (이주연) as Lee Ga Eul
Lee Chang Hoon as Detective Choi Dong Seok
Woo Ji Hyun as Jeon Jin Man
Kim Joo Ryung as Seung Hye’s sister
Woo Jung Won as Min Ja Young (ep.20)
Kwon Hwa Woon as Lee Choong Sun
Jo Mi Nyeo
Lee Seung Yeon as Lawyer Hong

Production Credits

Production Companies: HB Entertainment, DramaHouse
Director: Jo Hyun Tak
Scriptwriter: Yoo Hyun Mi


  • This drama is currently the highest-rated series in Korean cable television history, and by extension also JTBC’s highest-rated drama.

  • The drama was originally scheduled for 16 episodes, but extended to 20 episodes due to high ratings.


2019 55th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Director – Jo Hyun Tak (SKY Castle)
2019 55th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Actress – Yum Jung Ah (SKY Castle)
2019 55th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Supporting Actor – Kim Byung Chul (SKY Castle)
2019 55th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress – Kim Hye Yoon (SKY Castle)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2018-11-23 1 1.727 2.2
2018-11-24 2 4.373 4.4
2018-11-30 3 5.186 -
2018-12-01 4 7.496 -
2018-12-07 5 7.487 6.9
2018-12-08 6 8.934 9.0
2018-12-14 7 8.432 -
2018-12-15 8 9.539 -
2018-12-21 9 9.714 -
2018-12-22 10 11.298 10.1
2018-12-28 11 9.585 9.282
2018-12-29 12 12.305 11.721
2019-01-04 13 13.279 13.2
2019-01-05 14 15.780 15.5
2019-01-11 15 16.397 -
2019-01-12 16 19.243 18.6
2019-01-18 17 19.923 -
2019-01-19 18 22.316 -
2019-01-25 x AFC Cup
2019-01-26 19 23.216 -
2019-02-01 20 23.779 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : Thomas W Says:

    Watching because of Lee Tae-Ran.

  2. 2 : Windsun33 Says:

    Any of the legal sites carrying this drama? Viki says restricted access, non USA.

  3. 3 : kiki Says:

    try kissasian.sh

  4. 4 : Rika windiyani Says:

    The best drama,can’t wait next ep

  5. 5 : Sharon Williams Says:

    This drama is fantastic!! i love the characters, the scenery and the story. This story give a little glimpse of how wealth, power, education, influence how one see themselves in a society that’s pushes their children to the brink of insanity to accomplish their parents goal for themselves.
    A MUST WATCH!!!!

  6. 6 : Amy Says:

    This drama really awesome. I can’t believe that after episode 8 aired, I just realize the existence of this drama. This drama really a spectacular of work piece. I wish more people take their interest in this drama. Really great from casting, storylines, & the development of each characters. Hope you enjoy it the way I did.

  7. 7 : Lila Says:

    This drama is a masterpiece in every aspects. I hope will receive the recognition that it deserves. Kudos to everyone involved in this project.

  8. 8 : REZA Says:

    No wonder the ratings rise like a rocket. This drama is a masterpiece. Recommended!! Very recommended!!

  9. 9 : Kristi Says:

    This is worth watching!

  10. 10 : Nishamani Says:

    One of the best realistic dramas i watched….

  11. 11 : Jukbang Says:

    Forget Spain & Cuba .. this drama is a must watch

  12. 12 : Grace Antonio Says:

    I love the storyline of this drama the cast are excellent.. I’m watching this because Chani this boy is really cute.. But as I’ve watched it wow.. Good drama to watch, and it’s very educational for parents, and also for the kids.. Just watch it guys.. 😘

  13. 13 : D Says:

    Daebak!!! This drama super interesting! Can’t wait, what will happen??? omgosh

  14. 14 : Lila Says:

    OMG, the apocalypse of Sky castle arrived. Will Kang Joon Sang survive if he learns that Hye Na was his daughter ?

  15. 15 : Yura Says:

    No wonder the rating is high for a pay-tv channel….
    What a great korean drama…
    Make me so curious with next episode…

  16. 16 : Kim Lau Says:

    Great Korean drama !!!

  17. 17 : Goldpen Says:

    Just finished ep… LoL always thought the expression “rip your lips off” was a figure of speech. Obviously it is not. Keep watching it gets better.

  18. 18 : Grace Antonio Says:

    Wow..!! Rating is 19%, yeah.. True! All cast acting are all awesome, even the children and Chanee he’s good.. Storyline good ever. Love it. No dought the this drama will win as best drama of 2018 or 2019.. Goodluck guys 4 more episodes up to final.. 🤗😁😘🙏

  19. 19 : ma. theresa Says:

    Watching it because JHope of BTS recommended it.

  20. 20 : Lila Says:

    Wow, after 18th ep. I’m speechless literally. n x DAEBAK!!!!!!

  21. 21 : Lila Says:

    I hope from my heart this drama started to change mentalities for the sake of Korean children.

  22. 22 : Lila Says:

    I hope Ye-seo will save herself by not accepting the leaked subjects of exams and she’ll reveal the truth eventually, all the more so since she witnessed her father’s confrontation with her grandmother and his words to her mother which was a great lesson if you’re still teachable, I hope she is because her mother apparently isn’t, but maybe I’m wrong and Seo-jin’ll save her family after all.

  23. 23 : kurapika666 Says:

    Is it just me that I dislike Lee Soo Im doing? She really pisses me off! I like Han Seo Jin more, she portrays a very striving mom to provide her kids the best education they can have. And take note, she exceeds the effort for Yeseo since the latter wants to do her best while Seo Jin is not that strict to her younger daughter considering she’s not that dedicated to her study. I just hate Lee Tae Ran’s role her! She’s PAKIALAMERA in Filipino!

  24. 24 : kurapika666 Says:

    Epi 15 – Lee Soo Im’s husband was being a jerk now! grrrrrr

  25. 25 : Ah Ri Says:

    It has 20 eps… update properly.. i thinks this was upur first mistakr

  26. 26 : Mylene Vilar Says:

    One of the best dramas I’ve seen. Every episode is a good watch.

  27. 27 : DeeAn Says:

    SUPERB!!!!!!! Every episode full of surprise and life lesson in present life. Also, I think this drama is satire for hard education system in South Korean

  28. 28 : Yesuh😊hyena Says:

    Daebak drama. One of the most watch. Full of life lessons

  29. 29 : D Says:

    Thank you very much everyone, who made this masterpiece. It’s so unique. Great job everyone. Thank you very much again. I enjoyed a lot.

  30. 30 : Miranda Presley Says:

    JTBC, you rock!
    This is best drama 2018!!!
    No doubt that the ratings are going bigger day by day, because the storyline are superb!

  31. 31 : Mei Says:

    Just finished watching this drama.. now I understand why it’s the highest-rating cable drama. The storyline, cast, direction are all superb. Thanks to everyone involved in the production for giving us a memorable drama.

  32. 32 : Jun Says:

    I’m on episode 8 of this amazing drama. I now understand why it became the highest-rated Korean drama in 2018 based on peak ratings (https://www.kdramapal.com/top-korean-dramas-in-2018-in-terms-of-tv-ratings-absolute-ranking/)

  33. 33 : Kay Says:

    Beginning was quite slow for me, but each episode got better than the previous one, and it built into such an angsty and suspenseful story. Very interesting!

  34. 34 : Ling Says:

    Lee ji won really good as ye bin

  35. 35 : Ling Says:

    When Myung joo finds Young jae – the scene is poetry in motion. The way Song Gun Hee rises to the occasion, sparring effortlessly against veteran actress Kim Jung Nan, one all but forgets he is only 22.

    Kim Jung Nan as Lee Myung Joo, simply stunning performance and utterly convincing in that descent into hell, madness and tragedy.

  36. 36 : Ling Says:

    What a piece of work!
    Leaves one wondering what next and wanting more : )

  37. 37 : Ling Says:

    Se ri – another child in rebellion, was a little disappointing, and seemed a tad repetitive

  38. 38 : Ling Says:

    What a cop out?!
    Disappointing. After a blow out start, it all deteriorates into feely goody unbelievability. Seo jin, ye seo, young jae’s father, all totally

    Soo im’s beautiful magnanimous spirit was wondrous to behold. Taking kay into her care, just incredible.

    Seung hye’s reunion with her husband was lovely to watch, believable yet unbelievable. Yoon se ah pretty marvellous as noh Seung hye.

    Overall, the writing wasn’t very consistent which resulted in poor characterization.

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