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Title: 스케치 / Sketch
Genre: Action, Detective, Fantasy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2018-May-25 to 2018-July-14
Air time: Friday & Saturday 23:00


This drama revolves around an ace detective and a female detective who can sketch out the future as they try to capture a serial killer.


Main Cast

Rain as Kang Dong Soo
Lee Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin
Lee Sun Bin as Yoo Shi Hyun
Jung Jin Young as Jang Tae Joon

Butterfly Project Team

Kang Shin Il as Moon Jae Hyun
Im Hwa Young as Oh Young Shim
Song Ji Woo as Oh Young Shim (young)

People around Yoo Shi Hyun

Lee Seung Joo as Yoo Shi Joon
Son Jong Hak as Park Moon Ki

People around Kang Dong Soo

Yoo Da In as Min Ji Soo (Kang DongSoo Fiancee)
Lee Kyu Sung as Ahn Kyung Tae


Park Doo Shik as Jung Il Soo
Kim Seung Hoon as Seo Bo Hyun
Jang Seo Kyung as Lee Jin Young
Joo Min Kyung as Lee Soo Young (Kim Do Jin’s wife)
Kim Hyung Mook as Nam Seon Woo
Park Sung Geun as Oh Jin Woo
Kim Yong Hee as Jung Il Woo
Kang Ji Woo as Moon Yun Hee (Moon Jae Hyun’s daughter)
Lee Hae Young as Baek Woo Jin
Jung So Young as Kim Sun Mi
Kim Hee Jung as Shi Hyun’s mother
Ryu Tae Ho as Yoon Sung Soo
Jung Jae Sung as chief prosecutor Ahn Jung Yun
Kim Sa Kwon as Oh Young Shim’s collage senior
Kim Ho Jung as Jo Min Sook
Lee Seo Hwan as jacket man
Lee Joong Ok as Seo Sang Goo
Jun Jin Woo as Yoo Jin Kyu (Shi Hyun’s father)

Production Credits

Production Companies: Drama House, Neo Entertainment
Director: Im Tae Woo
ScriptWriter: Kang Hyun Sung


Hwang Jung Eum was first offered the lead female role, but declined.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2018-05-25 1 3.254 3.4
2018-05-26 2 3.682 3.3
2018-06-01 3 2.982 3.0
2018-06-02 4 3.196 3.3
2018-06-08 5 3.222 2.9
2018-06-09 6 3.405 3.0
2018-06-15 7 2.459 2.6
2018-06-16 8 2.448 2.6
2018-06-22 9 2.835 3.0
2018-06-23 10 2.559 2.7
2018-06-29 11 2.535 2.6
2018-06-30 12 2.590 2.8
2018-07-06 13 2.234 2.4
2018-07-07 14 2.487 2.6
2018-07-13 15 2.620 2.8
2018-07-14 16 2.324 2.5

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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Official Trailer
Trailer I
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Trailer III

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  1. 1 : OK OK OK Says:

    Wow, Rain is back. Detective drama – I will watch 😛

  2. 2 : su Says:

    OMG.. Rain……… welcome back rain

  3. 3 : Hadoosh_Hadoosh Says:

    Oppa Rain
    i miss you

  4. 4 : rana Says:

    ommmmggg yessssssssss Rain <3 <3

  5. 5 : alexia Says:

    looks very interesting

  6. 6 : mkl Says:

    rain is back

  7. 7 : เรื่องย่อซีรีส์ : Sketch (2018) Says:

    […] (1)(2)(3) Photo Credit […]

  8. 8 : Marjorie Says:

    Rain welcome back, looking forward to the new drama ! Fighting !

  9. 9 : irhyn Says:

    omg rain and lee sun bin, looking forward to watch this.. aja..

  10. 10 : Dianne Says:

    Love this drama, just couldn’t wait for the next episodes. Love Rain and his great acting plus all the actions, he did very well. Great story and plot, great actors. Sketch fighting !

  11. 11 : gmail account login Says:

    Wow! A drama of Rain and Lee Dong Gun!! I like the complicated crime case, gotta watch this drama.

  12. 12 : annmasae Says:

    Great cast and exciting script. Enjoying drama very much. Highly Recommended. Hope the Ratings Increase!!!

  13. 13 : Pepit0 Says:

    Yoo Da In – Min Ji Soo (Kang DongSoo Fiancee) ep 1 – 2


  14. 14 : Pepit0 Says:

    Park Doi Shik – Criminal ep 1-2


  15. 15 : Hyeongnam Says:

    The problem that I see with the concept of taking a life in order to prevent a future potentially more tragic event is that it is so wrong on several levels, one of which, is that one should not be arrogant to presume that he/she has the necessary wisdom to decide which fatal event is qualitatively more deserving.

  16. 16 : Hyeongnam Says:

    The so-called “Principal of Causality” which plays a significant role in the plot made the drama unwatchable for me because it is really DUMB!

  17. 17 : Marivi Says:

    It’s a fast paced drama and I enjoy watching each episode. I like the storyline, it keeps you in in suspense thus always looking forward for the episodes each week. I love all the cast especially Rain!

  18. 18 : Azalea Says:

    Awesome drama, good story line with lots of twists and turns. Very intriguing, Rain did a superb job in his acting and wonderful actions. Looking forward to each episode. Thumbs up and highly recommended drama.

  19. 19 : Sammi Says:

    Wow episode six is just awesome, couldn’t wait to watch the next one. Love this drama, full of suspense, fast paced and intriguing. Rain is brilliant, love his acting. Great casts and great plot, thumbs up ! Thoroughly enjoy this drama !

  20. 20 : annmasae Says:

    Loving this drama very much. Great acting by all the main characters.
    Am very surprised by the low ratings because this drama is so good.
    Hope more people start watching it.

  21. 21 : guess Says:

    Rain acts very well! Great drama!

  22. 22 : Julia Says:

    Such a great drama, good story and plot. Wonderful casts , Rain is superb in his role as detective Kang. Looking much forward to the next episode. Highly recommend this drama Sketch ! Fighting !

  23. 23 : marivi Says:

    this drama is superb! each episode always keeps you in suspense. love all the cast 🙂

  24. 24 : marivi Says:

    Episode 13 is so intense! every scene counts which makes your heart beats faster. Can’t wait to watch ep 14.

  25. 25 : Janice Says:

    So sad this drama is ending soon, wish it could go on. Episode 13 & 14 are so intense, love this drama and the great casts are superb. Couldn’t wait to watch the next episodes, bravo to Sketch and all the great casts. Brilliant !

  26. 26 : JLA Says:

    This is a good series!! If you did not see it… it is a binger. Very fast pace and a well written story!!

  27. 27 : Sketch Season 2 Says:

    I hope there is season2~

  28. 28 : Anna Says:

    What else to say?! All the comments are accurate about this drama! Watch and you will not regret.

  29. 29 : nur zatul iradah roslan Says:

    Yes please…i hope for season 2!!

  30. 30 : Kay Says:

    Always glad to see Rain in a new drama 🙂

  31. 31 : Tinners Says:

    I’m too late but this drama is gold for those who like thriller, mystery and action dramas like me. I’m still midway the episodes but their acting and action scenes are so flawless. This deserves more recognition. Would definitely watch season 2 if it’s a possibility. Love Lee Sun Bin❤️ Always have been a fan of Rain and Lee Dong Gun, and to see them in one drama is such a treat ✨

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