Title: 싱글파파는 열애중 / Single Dad in Love
Also known as: Single Papa in Love
Chinese title : 单身爸爸恋爱中
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2008-Feb-18 to 2008-April-08
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


The love story of a single dad, Kang Poong Ho, who raises his 7 year old son alone after being abandoned by his first love, Yoon So Yi. By day he works as a pest exterminator and by night he is a martial artist. Jeon Ha Ri, is a medical student from a wealthy family who falls for Poong Ho. She secretly teaches Poong Ho’s son, San, how to play the piano. Poong Ho’s first love is also his son’s mother who is a cold and proud woman who left her family to study abroad as a pianist. She was sponsored by Jeon Ki Suk who happens to be her fiancée and Ha Ri’s father.


Oh Ji Ho as Kang Poong Ho
Heo Yi Jae as Jeon Ha Ri
Kang Sung Yun as Yoon So Yi
Park Chan Hwan as Jeon Ki Suk (Ha Ri’s father / So Yi’s fiancée)
Im Joo Hwan as Min Hyun Ki

Extended Cast

Shin Dong Hee as Oh Chil Gu
Ahn Do Gyu as Kang San
Kim Ja Ok aw Jung Eun Jee
Kim Ha Eun as Ha Ri’s friend
Lee Doo Il as Kang Poong Ho’s boxing coach

Production Credits

Director: Moon Bo Hyun
Scriptwriter: Oh Sang Hee (오상희)

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87 Responses to “Single Dad in Love”

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  1. 76
    nining Says:

    great tory.. i love it..

  2. 77
    wilma Says:

    did he die in the end …im confused heheheh…?

  3. 78
    Cyra Says:

    This is a a very touching story line. Zio’s looks and acting skills are always marvellous. His little son Kang San is also cute and very good little actor. The only thing I am not happy about this drama is that the main actress Heo Yi Jae is not that great. There is no chemistry between OJH and herself. I don’t know why she was chosen as the lead actress in this drama. Her acting skills are very bad and childish. She is not that pretty either. I found it very annoying when she was trying to make Pung Ho laugh by sniffing her nose into the water bottle. There was nothing funny about it. This drama is definitely worthed more if OJH was paired with another better leading actress. I like him a lot when he was paired with LDH in Slave Hunters. That was the best!

  4. 79
    nellam Says:

    heo i jae is very good in single papa i lke her
    and cyra you wrong

  5. 80
    ejaelover Says:

    i lke heo i jae in single papa and goong s
    hwaiting unnie

  6. 81
    Anwar Says:

    Single Dady In Love is the second Korean drama I followed faithfully. Unfortunately, I got disapointed the way the drama ended. Mr Director, what a waste???

  7. 82
    rainy Says:

    i followed this drama eagerly but the ending is,,,,,,,?i assumed that pungho is doing his treatment but i need a not confusing ending

  8. 83
    blanca Says:

    i just finished watching this, made me cry, the bonding of father & son was just fantastic, but yeah i agree the ending seems kinda hanging in the air, i can only assume he didn’t make it? overall, i just was surprised that it’s a good drama, i didn’t watch it while airing but since i saw O Ji ho in chuno i wanted to see how this one with him as well! the child actor was so good, convincing in his acting & he made me cry a lot! OJH was also great in this drama, i like him more now!

  9. 84
    blanca Says:

    i meant to say also that the OST of this drama is really nice! i just wished they’ve extended this series showing OJH whether he made it or not! one thing with Kdramas sometimes the story gets you going but the ending spoils all the momentum! :(

  10. 85
    reny Says:

    very good movie not only the character but all the artist …i love this story..perfect … :D…

  11. 86
    Hanako Says:

    I never like sad endings so I only aim for all happy endings series LOL
    In life we go for and aim for happy endings..and I do not like crying for so many episodes cos the movies are sad like autumn in my heart and some others

  12. 87
    beto Says:

    where i can find episode 11 with English subtitle ?!!

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