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Sincerity Moves Heaven

Sincerity Moves Heaven 03

Title: 지성이면 감천 / Sincerity Moves Heaven
Chinese Title: 至誠感天
Also Known as: Sincerity is the Way of Heaven / Sweet Springs / A Tale of Two Sisters
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 135
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2013-April-29 to 2013-Nov-01
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25


Choi Se Young (Park Se Young) was adopted when she was a young child. After she reunites with her birth mother, Kim Young Mi (Shim Hye Jin), she meets some problem between her adopted family and birth family. She works part-time for a broadcasting company and dreams of becoming an announcer.

Meanwhile, Han Jae Sung (Yoo Gun) is a producer at a broadcasting company. He is from a wealthy family and has a warm heart. They fall in love with each other after that.


Main Cast

Park Se Young as Choi Se Young
Lee Hae In as Lee Ye Rin
Yoo Gun as Han Jae Sung
Park Jae Jung as Ahn Jung Hyo

Choi Se Young’s family

Jung Hye Sun as Sim Ae Ki
Lee Ki Young as Choi Jin Sa
Im Ji Eun as Choi Il Young
Kim Chae Yun as Choi Yi Young
Lee Do Yun as Noh Ji Hyun

Lee Ye Rin’s family

Shim Hye Jin as Kim Joo Hee
Lee Jung Ho as Lee Min Gook
Oh Seung Eun as Oh Young Ah

Han Jae Sung’s family

Jun Moo Song as Han Ki Suk
Kil Yong Woo as Han Yong Duk
Yang Geum Suk as Lee Mi Sook
Lee Se Chang as Lee Sung Soo
Ha Yun Joo as Han Ki Eun

Other People

Hong Jin Hee as Jang Mi Hwa
Im Yoon Ho as Jang Dong wook
Lee Jung Hoon as Seo Dong Won
Im Hyuk Pil as Kye Goo Man
Yoon Chae Yi as Han Seol Hee
Im Soo Hyun as Kim Na Ri
Dok Go Young Jae as Ahn Tae Joon
Han Ji Woo as Na Hye Ri
Choi Chang Yeob as Wang Hyun Mo
Byun Gun Woo as interview guide
Hong Suk Chun as talk show guest (cameo, ep 1)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Hyung Il
Director: Kim Myung Wook
Scriptwriter: Kim Hyun Hee


Sincerity Moves Heaven Poster 1

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  1. 1 : mml Says:

    So good , i have one more romance drama to watch.

    Hope, can have some funny laughing effect.

  2. 2 : soso Says:

    I can’t wait !!!!!
    park se young is one of the actress i like very much.

  3. 3 : rana Says:

    ye hey finally park se young in her first lead role , been waiting for this since i saw park se young

  4. 4 : samanta Says:

    i can’t wait for this drama to come out i love park se young and yoo gun they are both amazing actors.

  5. 5 : mml Says:

    I have just finished watching episode 1, i’m happy that at least, it is not a sleepy drama.

    Although, some actors and actress their names, i’m not familar , anyway it takes time for me to remember.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 2.

  6. 6 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 2 to episode 5.

    Okay, good, at the moment , it is not a sleepy drama.

    I will continue to watch episode 6 to see find more about this drama.

  7. 7 : nassira Says:

    i have finished watching ep 4 but i don’t find the episode 5 please could you help me to find the episode 5 thanks you very much.

  8. 8 : cathy Says:

    Do u know where i can watch with eng sub???

  9. 9 : Lia Says:

    Can someone tell me were can you find the episodes at?? Are they on viki?

  10. 10 : mml Says:

    you can watch at drama crazy for the latest episode.

  11. 11 : Lia Says:

    Is it an app??

  12. 12 : mml Says:

    @11 Lia,
    sorry, i don’t know what is an app, i know you can go to drama crazy website or Taiwan website or China website to watch.

  13. 13 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 6 , is a little funny and cute.
    I’m happy to watch with comedy effect.
    Okay,i will continue to watch episode 7.

  14. 14 : Lia Says:

    Its ok(:.. Where are you from? If I could know

  15. 15 : mml Says:

    @14 Lia,
    all dramas will welcome all people from all countries, i’m a chinese , i’m from where, not really important, most important is, i like this cute drama…..

  16. 16 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 7, a warm family, some cute effect that can attract me to like to watch.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 8 to see, what goes next to the family members, hope some comedy comes in…..

  17. 17 : Julia Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this drama…. Love Park Se Young!

  18. 18 : loulou Says:

    @mml are you sure this drama’s on drama crazy? cuz I found the drama on that website however there are no videos 🙁

  19. 19 : Tesse Says:

    Does anybody know where I can watch this drama online with english subtitles?

  20. 20 : Ttuk aka Sweet Ttuk aka Ttuk Moves and Two Ttuks Says:

    @Tesse, when the subs are slow coming, it usually means there’s not a great deal of interest. Gu Am Heo Jun subs seem to come 24~48 hours now. I guess everyone’s into that.

  21. 21 : Ttuk Says:

    Ah… yet another case of multiple titling disorder (MTD – made up). The slovenly was unable to distil the ideas to its single cohesive state.

    Hey why don’t we name countries by the same method. Like: “France” aka “Land of Two French-fries” aka “Something Utterly Unrelated” aka “WFT”

  22. 22 : mml Says:

    @18 loulou,
    drama crazy has this drama , but, all episodes not yet uploaded.
    Dramastyle has this drama and is already episode 14, but, not sure whether are you able to watch, as some countries have restricted zone.
    Taiwan Tudou website sure can watch, if you are the same as me ,that is bilingual, Taiwan and China website sure can watch.

  23. 23 : garette Says:

    where i can watch eng sub pls…………..

  24. 24 : mml Says:

    @23 garette,
    You can watch at drama crazy, but, currently, no website that provides this drama with English Sub-title.

  25. 25 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    I really dislike Lee Hae In playing Lee Ye Rin. Her face suits the role. I am confused about her and her character. Hope she is not bad like her character. It is really absurd that a grownup is jealous about everything. What kind of character is this? Compared to Lee Hae In, Park Se Young emits a good girl image.

  26. 26 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    Park Jae Jung’s role is useless in this drama. I wonder why this character is needed in the drama. His character is annoying for unnecessary, dubious kindness to confuse everybody.

  27. 27 : mauricia Says:

    Couldn’t agree more Kdrama_fan (#25 & 26). The extremely jealous girl & the wishy washy spineless man is so typical of most dramas….soooo boring, soooo tiring.

  28. 28 : Dinnah Says:

    We don’t like Lee Hae In, the actress palying Lee Ye Rin. Did she undergo botox. she doesn’t have any expression. She can’t act.

  29. 29 : K Says:

    Jang Mi Hwa and Lee Ye Rin are a criminal mother-daughter tag team. Horrible to see how bad human beings can become. When are they going to be punished? It is difficult to see the suffering of the protagonist inflicted by these vicious people (after watching the first 45 episodes). I do not understand the writer’s reason, if any, about Ahn Jung Hyo character not revealing lies of the ugly mother and daughter. As an orphan himself, he should understand any orphan’s desire of finding parents. The plot is so absurd and frustrating.

    Nevertheless, I still watch and root for Choi Se Young and Han Jae Sung.

    I agree with @28 that Lee Hae In has poor (in fact, no) facial expressions in the drama.

  30. 30 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    Jang Mi Hwa and Lee Ye Rin are a criminal mother-daughter tag team. Horrible to see how bad human beings can become. When are they going to be punished? It is difficult to see the suffering of the protagonist inflicted by these vicious people (after watching the first 45 episodes). I do not understand the writer’s reason, if any, about Ahn Jung Hyo character not revealing lies of the ugly mother and daughter. As an orphan himself, he should understand any orphan’s desire of finding parents. The plot is so absurd and frustrating.
    Nevertheless, I still watch and root for Choi Se Young and Han Jae Sung.
    I agree with @28 that Lee Hae In has poor (in fact, no) facial expressions in the drama.

  31. 31 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    Lee Ye Rin’s criminal acts in every episode is really frustrating. Is this a daily morning drama showcasing such a vicious woman? I hate this Lee Hae In, simply mean and unfavorable.

  32. 32 : mml Says:

    I don’t like Lee Hae In, she has wasted a lot of my precious time to see her wicked plot.

    I hope, Shim Hye Jin better faster find out the truth that Park Se Young is her real daughter otherwise, it will waste my time in watching Lee Hae Jin, her evil intentions are almost at every episode.

    I have already finished watching from episode 1 to episode 45,
    i did not see Shim Hye Jin can have the ability to find her real daughter is getting more and more boring to this drama .

  33. 33 : shen Says:

    What ? Already into episode 45, and Yun Hui (Yerin’s adopted mum) has not yet found her daughter ? Oh…. this is dragging too much.

    I have not yet reached episode 45, but has watched enough episodes to notice that too much focus and glory are put on the evil mum and daughter pair. Why is the drama focusing on these two awful people so much ? How about the other characters in the story? There are so many interesting thing to tell about them, eg. Jaeseong’s mum, Jaeseong’s relationship with Sejeong, Dongkuk (the Bakery Boy), etc, etc.

    After a hard day’s work when we have just returned home, we surely would like to de-stress over a good, happy and pleasant TV drama?

    We do not need to watch and face such an unpleasantness as this evil mother and daughter pair in almost every episode we are watching do we ?

    The truth is, I am glad that I have not been spending too much time on this drama. Otherwise, like what @mml feel, I would also think that I might be wasting my time.

  34. 34 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    This rat-faced Lee Ye Rin is everywhere to eavesdrop and plot vicious things. How convenient her position is in the drama! Mi Wha is also vicious. How do people cannot recognize their prying others’ lives? Is Ahn Jung Hyo a nice person or a coward, not revealing any of this mother-daughter team’s evil secrets?

  35. 35 : kdrama Says:

    please somebody tell me in which episode seyeoun found about her mother or the other way round thanks in advance

  36. 36 : kdrama Says:

    in which episode is seyoung found out abt her mother or the other way round thanks in advance

  37. 37 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    @36 kdrama
    In Episode 55 aired on 7/12/2013, Se Young got a lead by seeing a picture in Joo Hee’s study.

  38. 38 : kdrama Says:

    Thank you Kdrama_fan

  39. 39 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    Finally, in Episode 58, Joo Hee and Se Young know that they are mother and daughter indeed. Now Ye Rin will do her evil stuff, even in greater scale. I am tired of the scriptwriter to allow Ye Rin in every opportune moments to eavesdrop and plot malicious things.

  40. 40 : beyond Says:

    Total120 episode.will it be too long?

  41. 41 : Indira Says:

    Where can I watch the episodes with English subtitles?

  42. 42 : Shen Says:

    You should see Jaeseong’s Grandpa and Dad. They belong to the pages of primitive history. They have so little respect for women folks.

    They and their big overblown male egos should be deflated and sent flying to be lost in dinosaur land and never return !

    Can’t imagine how can there be such outdated males still existing.

    Shudder errrrr……. Oh bless the lady folks !

  43. 43 : Shen Says:

    @Indira (41)

    I do not think there is any English subbed episodes online.

  44. 44 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    I enjoy this drama featuring Park Se Young and Yoo Gun. Bu

  45. 45 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    I enjoy this drama featuring Park Se Young and Yoo Gun. But I hate to see the evil mouse-faced Ye Rin, her super-evil-bio mom Mi Hwa, and useless Jung Hyo. Very frustrating to see these unwelcome people. I wonder sometimes how the scriptwriter comes up with such wicked characters.

  46. 46 : Kdrams_fanSL Says:

    I hate Ye Rin and her real mother. They are so annoying.I wish that they will dissapear sooooon.

  47. 47 : Kdrams_fanSL Says:

    I hate Ye Rin and her real mother. They are so annoying.I wish that they will disapear sooooon.

  48. 48 : Shen Says:

    I am truly very disappointed in Seyeong.

    First, she started off as a feisty positive person, full of jest and spunk. Now, she’s reduced to a jelly bean with no backbone of her own, and worst, she has become someone who can be easily swayed by other people’s words.

    What happen to her common sense? What happen to her capability for reasoning? What happen….

    She’s lost !

  49. 49 : kdrama_choa Says:

    How does she change? not able to see bc of exam can you update me alittle please

  50. 50 : sunmin Says:

    This Drama is dragging…….mother and daughter Yeri both evil! How a mother would do anything to protect or help a daughter knowing that she herself doing bad things, example of how bad mother(Miwa) she was and still is far beyond a human person!
    Jaeseong’s grandfather and father live in the days of make believe, can’t realize this is Atomic age! How can Jaeseongs Mom stand for that. Aigoo
    And for Choi Se Young (Park Se Young) so slow in acting can’t fight her own battle acting like a lost child, and there is Yeri trying every method to back stabbing Choi Se Young (Park Se Young.
    Come on WRITER (Kim Hyun Hee) you can do better writing then this slow moving drama. They should call this drama “Adopted Battle” or “Children Of Orphan”

  51. 51 : Shen Says:

    It must be the food or water which a bunch of the characters in this drama have consumed that have made them into clueless, dumb, mindless or spineless people…. what more can I say ?

    Or maybe Writer is having fun making viewers squirm at how humanly unreal, stooopid and clueless most of the characters are in time era?

    Has any viewers noticed this ? I am sure you have.

    In my opinion, so far, out of the many characters here who are not cartoons, are Jaeseong, Minguk, his wife, Donguk, Seyeong’s father, and Ilyeong who resemble real people. As for the rest, what are they? From which planet did they come from ?

    Watchamacallit ?

  52. 52 : sunmin Says:

    I agree with you! The writer is having dementia he is playing with us viewer that he lacks in so many ways that this drama is dragging so boring and the actors and actress are all in Hibernate till come what may!
    I can not Stand Yeri and her real whatever you call crazy stupidity Mother, always doing ever possible way to help her incompetent daughter who lacking qualities in every of her acting OMG both mother and daughter should be Punish! Seyeong also getting boring can’t even show some positive action like a little puppy.
    But! Seyeong’s father baker helper is cute!

  53. 53 : Shen Says:

    I am aware that this is just a drama, an unreal make-believe story with fictitious characters and fictitious situations , etc. But what irks is that, the Writer has taken this liberty too far.

    In real life, yes, sometimes we do come across very unpleasant people, some may even be as evil, unscrupulous, cunning and conniving such as in Yerin and her bio mother, maybe plus one or two other harmless but annoying ones as well. But they are few and far in between.

    But in this drama, there is a WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM gathered for good in one place (not as if in a whole village of people but in only 3 families). Is this possible ? Does this mean that these three families of educated and middle class families thrife in such an environment of negative forces that they congregate here? Not only a few and far in between ?

    I think the Writer has become unrealistic in the characterisation of his story, just to build some excitement in the story. This sadly, will make the drama look and sound like a cartoon show. Getting there !

    I believe Writer can do better than this. Don’t kill the drama, Writer.

    This is just my personal feel about this drama. No offence intended.

  54. 54 : Shen Says:

    @sunmin (52)

    ” Seyeong’s father baker helper is cute! ”

    Hahahaha….. yes, of course ! The good looking one. Who could miss him. Not when he’s got a suitor chasing after him, and a single mum attracted to him. If I were a character in the story, I might even join in the chase ! Hehehe….

  55. 55 : Page Says:

    The only straight mentally sound person is Jang Dong-Wook (baker Helper) who able to effect one action and just say it like it is. And his handsome so delicate in many ways with always a smile.
    The rest honky-donky just talk no Action, no Power only listen and do nothing about it for instance!
    Ahn Jung Hyo always give in to Yeri and believe her and her BIO mom, talk , talk no action on his side.
    This guy Han Jae Sung, supposedly love Seyoung, don’t even try to find truth who is behind all this evil things going on.
    Has for SeYoung, so Powerless can’t even talk straight to tell what is really happening to her.
    Her not real grandmother always bitch about SeYoung bringing bad luck to the family, then when SeYoung real mother come forward, grandmother is ready to kill over and start acting up crying such a cartoon lady!
    For Yeri and Her BIO mother Both evil people, they are match made in Heaven! What more can you say about the evil partner? BUT! WATCH?
    Batch you they both will get away with LOVE and TENDER BE FORGIVING from all! Aigooooo (as they say in my French)

  56. 56 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    @ 55 Page
    I agree with you.

    Rat face YeRin denies everything without a bit of remorse. What she and her bio porn mother did to Se Young are, in fact, criminal acts. Is Jung Hyo a bystander or accomplice? If the drama ends with a good will gesture of forgiving these three people, I will be very disappointed. I will scream Aigoo!

  57. 57 : nadzarb Says:

    where is this drama downloaded?

  58. 58 : Kdramaaa_28 Says:

    Ugh, KBS needs to upload them even faster, there is like moore than 67 eps, because KBS drama has them but not available for people overseas. So we are stuck waiting for eps to be uploaded, so as of right now, all I can say is Yerin’s mom will not find out Seyong is her real daughter for a loooooong timeee. *Siiiigh… -_- >_<

  59. 59 : Sky Says:

    I just watch episode 77 (RAW) makes my blood BOIL. Yeri gets away with every tricks she is capable OFF with her (BIO) mother Jang Mi HWA! OMG! can’t even believed how everyone just listen and understand. Even that stupid guy Ahn Jung Hyo, who know so much what both Yeri & mother doing, he just argue with them truth. But don’t say anything to anyone.They call that guy Panty ” NO BALLS” at all.
    For Choi Se Young, know some clue, but still act like GOODY GOOD PUPPY! She need to STAND UP FOR HER RIGHT and WISE UP, she letting YERI and so call BIO mother STEP ALL OVER HER! AS Korean Simple Word!!!!! FIGHTING!!!! AIGOO!
    For Choi Se Young grandmother, she in her prime of dementia, always looking down on Se Young and cutting her down. She believe what ever Yeri BIO mother tells her. For Grandmother I thought should be humble, sweet and tender. But this grandmother only think MONEY TALK!
    As for Se Young mother Kim Young Mi, she is sooooo SLOW in catching on what Yeri is doing…..
    Let put it this way! Yeri and bio mother Janj Mi HWA, YES they are MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN, SAME STYLE, SAME ATITUDE, SAME TASTE, BOTH LOOK ALIKE!

  60. 60 : Shen Says:

    Yeah, as I’ve lamented before, this drama is full of dumb bells, retards and fossils. Cannot understand why Writer wants to depict most of the characters in this drama this way.

    Writer, please tell a good entertaining and pleasant story. This drama has so many potentials for so many interesting and pleasant sub-plots to be told. But instead, you prefer to focus and glorify the mischief and evil Yerin and her bio mom are doing. Why ?

    What’s the deal here, Writer ?

  61. 61 : Sunmin Says:

    This people in charge Chief Producer: Kim Hyung Il / Director: Kim Myung Wook / Scriptwriter: Kim Hyun Hee, are delaying this drama slowly and as this drama is 120 episode!
    This people don’t realize how the viewer feelings are! It just Irks me so much!
    Drama that have many episode it’s a waste of time, because it gets Boring, dragging and consume so much of our delay life that we get fustrated, angry, and bitch so much that it take a lot of our health life!!
    Today I Just watch episode 78 (raw), Yeri left home and left a letter, ha! ha!, Wow all eyes are ready to Blow out!
    Will Se Young get blame? Will her so call adopted mother start hunting for her, and OMG, tho’ shell be FORGIVING.
    OMG!!!!! and there is 42 more episode to go! I’m freaking OUT! As I will use the TERM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” FIGHTING”

  62. 62 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    YeRin is terrible, showing no emotions. She is so stiff all the time without much facial expressions. I understand it is difficult to play a bad girl, but YeRin is so mean and ugly (with possible plastic surgery). At least her brain spins fast churning all the lies quickly. But the bird brain of her does not see immediate consequences. I blame the scriptwriter for her being a chronic liar. When her lies are exposed, she simply denies any of her lies and does not show any remorse with that ugly rat face. Such denial and no remorse boils my blood pressure to the highest and make me spit out foul language involuntarily. I am not sure how Lee Hae In got this role without much acting skill.

  63. 63 : Shen Says:

    (61) Sunmin

    ” Drama that have many episode it’s a waste of time, because it gets Boring, dragging and consume so much of our delay life that we get fustrated, angry, and bitch so much that it take a lot of our health life!! ”

    Not necessarily boring and dragging if the Writer does not have a one track mind.

    Where this drama is concerned, from what I see, it has a foundation of a good storyline and an interesting spread of characters, so 120 episodes would be fine, provided the Writer does not have a one track mind by focusing the whole drama on only one subject matter.

    Unfortunately, the Writer here does. He seems to concentrate the story (at least 90%) on the one subject of the evil and mischief Yerin and her bio mom are up to. This is toooo much ! Too much of a one thing can be a”killer” of enthusiasm. Has any one of us got fed up with one same dish everyday at dinner ? Yes of course. However, Writer is blind to this fact.

    Writer, fail to realise that instead of staying on one subject matter for a long120 episodes, he could move on to the sub-plots to tell the stories of some of the interesting characters in this drama. (There are rather a number of interesting characters here that deserve their stories to be expanded as well).

    The sub-plots in this drama would be good as fillers as well as to make a drama complete and not be boring or draggy.

    With such sub-plots viewers like us, get to know more about the other interesting characters. This is a good recipe for viewer satisfaction of a drama, where viewers are “involved” in the progress of the characters’ life because it makes viewers feel as it they are in the drama itself.

    The Writer could have made this drama much better if he had not buried his head in the drama too tightly, but instead took a look around the drama itself. Come on, these two characters do not make the whole drama, Writer ! Look around you !

    (Wonder whether I am making any sense in this post. Am I ?)

  64. 64 : Sunmin Says:

    Great Wording, saying all the Correction back ground of this Drama.
    You could teach a few lesson to this Writer. maybe if he reads all the comment providing on this drama, he probable will proceed and start pushing the gas peddle and up grade his ability to make this drama great to watch……
    That was a Great comment……Much Mahalo!

  65. 65 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    The rat face YeRin grabs all the attention in Episode 79. Is SeYoung so dumb? Why can SeYoung not explain what happened to her bio mother clearly when she argued with the malicious YeRin? Korean dramas always fuzzify when asked like in SeYoung’s situations. The plot is ridiculous. YeRin’s crocodile tears are not convincing at all. The writer thinks more seriously, not to fool the viewers. It is not fun to watch evil YeRin’s and her porn mother’s malicious acts. When are they going to be punished by the law?

  66. 66 : Sunmin Says:

    Just saw episode 80 (RAW)…….so devastated, as this guy Ahn Jung Hyo running into the water (look like a lake) thinking YERIN drown or killed herself. Police officer, Se Young and Ahn Jung Hyo yelling calling out Yeri. He was so panic and crazy thinking Yeri killed herself. As adopted mom at home thinking on Yeri, looking at Yeri child poster and bawling out crying! Omg! how crazy they all are! they could not find her or body, presume she is alive.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, then Yeri call Goody Good love Han Jae Sung he come’s to her rescue! Yeri telling him (Han Jae Sung) of her misfortune of life crying,(Han Jae Sung)hugging her with pamper treatment with tender love and care
    As this episode keep rolling, showing Han Jae Sung feeding Yeri and Yeri feeding him, both are warming up together, with love sweet emotion
    and looking at Se Young with slight smile! that BITCH!
    Poor little Miss Muff (Puppy) Se Yeoung just watching them with a dumbfolding site, JUST BEAT the SHITE out of LIFE!
    I hope Se Young just move ahead and go in with her career! Forget that Jerk, his sooooooooooooooooo Dumb, Stupid, arrogate JERK etc…. what more can I say!
    Shen were are you! I need help, my blood is boiling!

  67. 67 : Shen Says:

    Sunmin (66)

    Hahahahaha….. you are so funny ! I can imagine you tearing your hair out in frustration ! Hahahaha !

    I understand how you feel. I am sure many other viewers feel this way too. I too had felt the same way watching this drama.

    In order to avoid getting a heart attack and losing any more hair, I stopped watching this drama since two days ago. I cannot afford to die young – have not made my will yet and is still hoping to meet my idol crushes. Hehehehe ! (If only dreams can come true !)

    With 40 more episodes to go, probably, the Writer is having fun working up our emotions (to extreme frustration) now, before rewarding us with the pleasant feeling of seeing the Cruel Pair (Yerin and bio mom) fall hard from grace and other good things that might happen towards the last few episodes (as usual with k.dramas).

    I think the Writer is a sadist. Yeah !

    So meanwhile, have patience and wear a helmet when you watch this drama and pretend that you are a retard (which is what the Writer wants) and go with the flow of the story.

    Don’t allow this drama to make you go gaga. Fighting All Sane Viewers !

  68. 68 : Sunmin Says:

    Thanks Shen! OMG you made my day!
    Guess I will watch Wonderful Mama, it seems to be a great drama, some time look so serious, keep in suspense, other times there some comdian going makes you laugh!
    The actors and actress are just great. There some bitches, and leechies and monkey business going on…………..but not toooooo much evil ones, except for the second wife, (dammm forgot her name).

    Now I will go along with this drama and think of Yeri as skinning Pole (bio) mom as bullfrog!

  69. 69 : beyond Says:

    Agreed..this story drag too long n feel tired to watch.

  70. 70 : Jun Says:

    Agree all…. Hopefully idiot writer figures out that viewers are leaving in droves for stupid characters/story lines and ratings continue to drop. We can all record the final episode and then watch (“After Wonderful m
    Mama”) to see where all this finally leads to.

  71. 71 : pauline fantroy Says:

    I live in New York,why are Koreans so against orphansand working class people? Why do you have so many crooks in business.It seems all I hear is know your place,and aslap in the face. If this is for real it is very sad. I wish someone could explain it to me.

  72. 72 : Nahu Says:

    Ive bcome a korean series fan now. I luv this drama lot but sumtimes it gets too tense n last long. It wud b very disappointin if it ends like a fairy tale for yerin. N its stil no one found out abt seyong’s purse (which yerin took). I hope she n her porn mom gets husted n i hope drama ends with wat each cast deserves. Btw i luv watchin korean dramas..

  73. 73 : Sky Says:

    Rating for this drama is very low! Writer need to go back and Refresh is skill as a writer. Most Stupid, Ugly drama, and all the character’s are lack of energy, power no emotion or feeling. Only the bad and evil character are showing more feelings in their many stupid evil way, that they look more powerful, energetic and more power for them, referring to UGLY Yeri (bio) toad face mother Jang Mi Hwa ! As they are both Match Made Heaven.
    Baker Helper is the greatest guy so far more derterminate and speak his mind!

  74. 74 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    @ 73 Sky

    The rating of this drama is very very high for a daily drama, reaching above 20 % everyday. This is a money maker for KBS. People may watch for Se Young who is a good girl looking character, or for YeRin who is a rat face killer (since Episode 81) to be cursed by the people.

  75. 75 : Shen Says:

    Kdrama_fan (74)

    I don’t understand. How is this a money maker for KBS ? In what way ? How does it work ? I cannot figure this out.

    Would you care to elaborate?


  76. 76 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    Daily drama does not need any fancy filming outside the studio. The drama is aired daily and cannot afford to indulge outside filming much, primarily due to time constraint. So, it does not cost much compared to any weekend dramas. Because of that, the daily drama is produced relatively cheaply. If the drama rating is above 20 %, it is considered a money maker. There are fixed viewers locked to the KBS channel every weekday, and KBS can air commercials to the steady viewers, that is, what I read.

  77. 77 : Happy Says:

    Finish watching episode 85 (RAW)!
    Omg that tad-pole face Yeri is such a evil person, and no one is catching on to her many evil ways! What a character she play in this roll of drama. Yeri roll in this drama match her ugly skinny tad-pole face, a figure body form like the straight post, body form is out of shape nothing to hold or to cling on, even pop-eye wife look way better then her (Yeri) and her (bio) mother is a Toad face(Jang Mi Hwa)both from the same planet of Toads! Like some one said “Match made in Heaven”.
    As for Ha Yun Joo (Ha Yeon Ju) is so irritant chasing after baker helper (Jang Dong wook) feels like she is crawling in my body! So irritable! Can’t stand how she pursue baker helper and him acting sooooo innocence, unbelievable, he don’t know what to do! All sorts of Characters do have in this drama so funny!
    Yet I still enjoy this drama, it bring out so much Hate, laughter and sadness!
    WRITER please give Choi Se Young more power to fight for her Right, MAKE HER SPEAK UP or LET FAMILY KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING TO HER! PLEASE GIVE HER PUSH – POWER- ENERGY, Instead of getting STEP-over by the TOADS family! GAMSAHAMNIDA ……………………..

  78. 78 : Shen Says:

    Kdrama_fan (76)

    Yep, got it ! Now I see the picture. Thanks for the explanation.

  79. 79 : evague65 Says:

    I completely agree with Happy’s comment, thanks for expressing my feelings so well. I’ve only seen through ep. 84 raw and I realize there are so many more episodes to go but really, when are they going to expose Yerin and her evil ways. And I really, really, really hope Donguk doesn’t get together with the spoiled brat, how I hate for girls that act that way to get what they want. He’s much better off with the noona, I hope she gets confidence soon and goes for him. I have so much more to say, and I usually say it to the screen, so I think I’ll stop here. Love this drama though, and will watch it until the end.

  80. 80 : Pjferjack Says:

    Jaesung needs to man up for a change. I completely understand the respect your elders position, however he’s a grown ass man and he needs to speak up for himself. The mixed messages and mixed body language he sends between the two women are exhausting to watch. Exactly how stupid are these woman. As for Yerin, I can’t believe that everyone around her (at home and at work) are completely fooled by her manipulative ways. She puts a whole new spin on being two-faced. She’s so stupid that she doesn’t realize that she’s steadily burning the life line she depends on between her birth mother and long time friend from the orphanage to keep her secrets so that she can continue doing and/or hiding her dirty work.

  81. 81 : mml Says:

    I think Park Se Young should end up with Park Jae Jung as they are more suitable to a couple in this drama.

    In this drama, Lee Hae In is extremely wicked, she wanted to win the love from Yoo Gun, maybe, she may win and by then Park Se Young and Park Jae Jung becomes a loving couple, she becomes regret for realising that she actually loves Park Jae Jung more than Yoo Gun by then other interesting things to happen and her wicked behaviour will continue .

  82. 82 : Shen Says:

    Yerin is mad ! Literally, MAD, Mad, Mad !

    Emotionally and mentally unstable.

    Anyone in her right mind would not do what she’s been doing !

    And funnily, we, the viewers subconciously feel compelled to watch and be entertained by the entics of a mad person in this drama, despite all the frustrations and anger it arosed in us.

    Yerin, makes this Drama. But it sure is an unhealthy Drama ! It makes us feel exhausted and drained each time we watch it.

    Meanwhile, Writer is rubbing her hands with glee, the effects her drama has given ! Yeh hehe !

  83. 83 : Shen Says:

    Seyoung should reconsider her relationship with Jaeseong.

    How can Jaeseong not know where he is going and what he actually wants !

    He is trying to please everyone. Flip, Flop ! Flip, Flop !

    Kick him our of your life, Seyeong !

    Jung Hyo is so many times better. Though he is poorer, but at least he is a more steadfast and stable person. He knows where he’s going and what he wants. He makes firm decisons, and says what he means, and means what he says.

  84. 84 : Happy Says:

    Shen and mml I do agree with you both. Hope Seyoung change her mind about her love life. Hope her (bio) family tell the truth to the news reporter. This drama is creeping up life……. fun! fun! Angry! Angry!
    Hope the baker helper just stay cool and away from that bitch Ha Yun Joo, she just upset me! I no longer can deal with her, when it’s her turn in line, I fast forward, just not see her stupid play!
    This drama is great with all the characterized, turbulent and confusion going on!
    This drama need a Super Man to deal with all agony Seyoung going through!

  85. 85 : Shen Says:

    Happy (84)

    ” This drama need a Super Man to deal with all agony Seyoung going through! ”

    Can say that Seyoung is having a tough time, unrelectlessly. In a way she is a strong gal to be able to last till now, however, she herself is partly responsible for her own sufferings.

    Even up to this time, with the evidence she has, she could have put her foot down and hold the bull by the horn, (hauling Yerin up and put an end to her mischief) and wrestle control of her life back. But she did not. She could do it, and succeed I am sure. But instead, she would rather play the “sweet” victim.

    And because nobody did anything to stop Yerin, wouldn’t you think that this will only encourage Yerin to think that she’s the boss and go from bad to worse, thinking that nobody dares stop her ?

    As for wanting to know why everyone are such fools as to be so submissive and be passive about the ugly mess that is happening to them, this, I believe only happens in Kdramas, especially written by this particular Writer. Must be a reflection of her mentality.

    Writer of this drama is skewed in her thinking. She’s taking viewers and her fellow Korean people for fools. This is insulting.

    Writer could at least write a more sensible and intelligent piece of drama, but, what she’s produced are fools for her characters – loads of them in this drama. Example, Jaeseong, as a dense blockhead.

  86. 86 : Shen Says:

    As for Baker Dongkuk’s wild romance, it’s also something we can only see in a Kdrama.

    In Kdramas, either there is pride, dead plenty of it (heads chopped off, or hung up to dry), or none at all, as seen in the case with this wild romance.

    Gotta let Dongkuk’s wild romance slide, for it’s silly entertainment value.

  87. 87 : Happy Says:

    Thanks Shen for your wonderful comments!
    He is so Funny Baker helper (Jang Dong wook) sometime I feel he like that girl, cause can’t stop her doing all kind of crazy things to him. He act so innocence and like it is okay for her to do whatever!
    As for Seyoung! Yes! she just don’t tell anyone the truth and kept things to herself, always act sweet, innocence like everything is okay! That put Yeri the upper hand to do more evil things!
    Wow! who ever pick Yeri to have this Roll, they sure pick the right person, with her evil ugly looks and body form, they pick the Super girl for this roll of acting, even her match (bio) mother, what a display of characters!
    All in All I do enjoy this drama, altho’ it makes me Angry,fussy and rebel against the bad and the goods!

  88. 88 : Shen Says:

    Happy (87)

    I do like Baker Dongkuk for who he is. If he had not been a gentleman, Han KeEun would long ago have landed in the sewer for her silly and quirky behaviour. But he had been respectful of her.

    From what I see, Han KiEun is good for him. Because she’s “an action” girl (proactive), she will be a good motivator for him. She will lead him out of his comfort zone, to see a bigger world outside what he is seeing now. This is what he needs, in order to survive in this competitive world.

    I think she will lead him, and be his strength in life.

    I try to watch this drama whenever time permits. But do not watch the drama religiously as sometimes have to skip episodes due to other commitments.

  89. 89 : Happy Says:

    Thanks Shen! you always have good comments.
    But maybe baker Dongkuk should end up with Seyoung….Ha! Ha! just a Thought….imagination…..

  90. 90 : Shen Says:

    Happy (89)

    Don’t think Dongkuk would match Seyeoung. Both of them have nothing in common. They had not even had any exchange of a meaningful conversation or interaction. They are worlds apart.

    Would be a good laugh though, if Jaeseong were to marry Yerin. And then he and his family, fossil grandpa included, discover that Yerin is not the golden apple after all, and that for all their fuss, they had actually ended up picking a rotten apple and that her bio mom was a porn queen. Haha.

    I am sure that Yerin cannot hide her bio mom forever, or for that matter, bio matter wanted to be hidden.

    Yerin is currently at the peak of her “madness”, having done the ultimate evil, betraying her adopted mom of 20 years, resulting in her having to give up a career which she had worked hard to protect.

    Yerin does not have a grateful heart, and she loves nobody.

    She is gloating now thinking that she’s above anybody and is untouchable.

    But Yerin has a weak point. Her bio mom. As I see it, her ex porn bio mom will be the only nail that can seal Yerin’s downfall – unless Yerin decides to kill her off in order to solidify her position. Oh no !

    There’s got to be someone from the bunch of fools in this drama who will gather enough courage to take note of this, and use it to bring an end to Yerin !

    I hate Yerin !

  91. 91 : sunmin Says:

    Happy, Shen and the rest of you,
    Great comments! Keep up the spiritual of this drama going, maybe the writer will read how people feel and do something about his writing! As they say in French, Mabuhay! My term of speaking aha! FIGHTING!

  92. 92 : Advance Says:

    Happy your 8/24 toads family comments made me laugh so badly that my 10 toes have to give you another ten. That evil toad yeri is sucking up seyeung to bones….. But there are those terrible satanic women around like her..I feel sorry for seyeung so sweet and suffer so much still say nothing,, do not gossip

  93. 93 : Shen Says:

    This drama is exhausting. Works the brain and emotions too much, yes, too much ! Gotta shutdown and check out from it for a while. Need to recharge my batteries, phew.

    Holy Kimchi, have mercy on me !

    Bad, bad, psychotic drama !

  94. 94 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    Why does this stupid scriptwriter spend more time on this wicked Yerin? I am tired of this dumb Se Young too. How is Se Young so clueless on what Ye Rin has done to her over and over again? Does Se Young not learn any from numerous harrowing close calls caused by the plastic nose rat Ye Rin? Plastic nose job may explain why snob is coming out every time Ye Rin cries. Lee Hae In does not act at all. So stiff. The plot has evolved to focus on all malicious subplots of Ye Rin and her porn mother Mi Hwa. Simply stupid and frustrating to watch. The scriptwriter is pressured to stretch the drama till Episode 120. Come one, but the plot better tells on love lines of lead people, KJH and CJS, etc.

  95. 95 : Nahu Says:

    Yerin is the devil but everthin seems to b goin on her favour, while evry1 blamin themselves n keepin bottled their feelings inside. i thought movin saeyong wud make the drama more pleasin, but its the other way around, there’s no point in this drama, saeyong is like a refugee tryin to fit in wen her mom keep the word daughter in her own home, without lettin the kno abt her missin daughter. Its pointless to watch this. Ive wasted so much time for nothin

  96. 96 : ajouma Says:

    thats right @nahu. there is no point to watch even for nothing. it is very common for tv drama writers to disregard intelligence, either the actor’s or the audience’s. How else did he/she can do it easily. thinking about too many possibilities would only gave him/her harder job. Right?

  97. 97 : Shen Says:

    ajouma (96)

    ” It is very common for tv drama writers to disregard intelligence, either the actor’s or the audience’s. How else did he/she can do it easily. thinking about too many possibilities would only gave him/her harder job. ”

    Yep, the same conclusion and suspicion that I have had for a long time.

    Writer is too scared to “branch” out from the core issue of the drama to include substantial sub plots, for fear that she might have a tough time “reeling’ in of the sub plots when come wrapping up time and tapering off at the end of the drama.

    Why is this so ? It is because this would mean a harder job for her. Lazy and mediocre writer !

  98. 98 : Shen Says:

    While Writer keeps to this kind of writing attitude, she’s not going to find an appreciative admirer nor a viewer from me for any of her work from now on.

    Good bye, Writer !

  99. 99 : Page Says:

    Omg! this drama have gone beyond words! the writer Kim Hyun Hee, is going out of commission, her writing of this drama have failed in every episode!
    120 episode for this drama, they should just Kill it!
    The only person who are always in the “HOT SPOT” YERI! YERI! THE DEVIL OF ALL TIME!
    Jang Dong wook (BAKER HELPER) has lost his Innocence, the spider WIBE (Han Ki Eun) caught him with every triangle of her WEB
    Grumpy Grandpa pass away, too bad he did not find the true life of Yeri.
    Stupid writer had to kill him first before all truth came upon to hear the truth of the make believe world of YERI!

  100. 100 : Summer Says:

    I have watch this drama from Day one up to (Raw) episode 92!!!!!!!!!!!! So help me Lord, this DRAMA is ALL MESS UP!

    It is sooooooooooooooooo Unbelievable how this drama story line is!
    UNREAL how one CHARACTER is the Focus of this drama!
    I will stop watching and wait for the final episode!

  101. 101 : Khuncho Says:

    This drama stimulates my emotion. Yeri is an anger creator. I want to see if heaven really punish her at last or change her and her most wicked mother as saints and force the drama to be happy together.

  102. 102 : Nasrin Says:

    I agree with u summer#100.You described it very well

  103. 103 : enjoy! | Movies Says:

    […] 지성이면 감천 / Sincerity Moves Heaven / 至誠感天 Broadcast period: 2013-April-29 to 2013-Oct-11 Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25 […]

  104. 104 : jewles Says:

    When I went to visit their official site, the viewer comments were horrendous just like this one about the writer. My favorite one was “Something is seriously wrong with the writer’s head.” LOL.

  105. 105 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    This drama has become stupid and terrible. All lead actors are now dumb except the rat face Ye Rin. Ye Rin is getting smarter and smarter. She has a great timing sense to eavesdrop and appear to quell everybody. Se Young was vibrant and cute, but now is clueless. I wonder if Se Young has a bird brain. Se Young never questions all the bad things happened to her. Jung Hyo, this guy is flip-flopping, playing a useless role in the drama. He is an accomplice to the crime family of this evil Ye Rin and her bio porn mother. Laughable. Jae Sung, this gentle man has become brainless. Why? Focus is now on the evil Ye Rin, rather than on Se Young. Is it because of the rating of the drama? The scriptwriter is out of touch, probably a moron. Why does Ye Rin have snob (yuck) whenever she shed crocodile’s tears? Some wonder because her nose job was not done properly. Her evil deeds never end until the last episode, I am sure. And everybody forgives her in the end. If that is what the writer has in mind, the writer is fooling the viewers. Ye Rin’s bad acting cannot be forgiven, though.
    KBS, please end this drama now. I welcome that. This drama boils everybody’s blood pressure. The frustration of the viewers is universal among Korean drama viewers (at KBS drama site, demanding to end the drama sooner http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/movingheaven/netizen/bbs/) or international viewers (read Soompi comments http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/2015666/current-drama-2013-sincerity-moves-heaven-%EC%A7%80%EC%84%B1%EC%9D%B4%EB%A9%B4-%EA%B0%90%EC%B2%9C/p115). This drama has gone to extreme stupidity. Each episode ends with a stupid, nonsensical cliffhanger. The following episode clears the cliffhanger in a laughable way.

  106. 106 : Geo Says:

    If only Yoo Gun (actor playing Jae Seong) will visit this site, read viewers’ concerns and bring them up to KBS’s attention. Otherwise, viewers concerns here will definitely fall on deaf ears at KBS.

    Yoo Gun can read and write in English. He was born and bred in the US.

  107. 107 : chelo25 Says:

    reading some comments makes me feel the same way. I’m still watching this drama but then i really hate yerin as the other did. but how could she done those horrible things and mess up with seoyong without her knowing.. she always portray a clueless emotions. Cant she even tell her mom, now yerin is the one controlling the scene. that’s what happened if you wanted to prolonged the story but gone out of ideas.. just end this drama. better lack next time!

  108. 108 : jewles Says:

    It seems like if you are a good person, you are also stupid/dumb/clueless as a doorknob in K-drama.

    I wonder if someone will wake up and write more stories about a smart, witty and loveable heroin who doesn’t take sh$t from anyone in K-melodrama. Well, Samsoon (My name is Kim Sam Soon) and Ra Im (Secret Garden) were among them and those were very popular. Maybe a hint for the writers??

  109. 109 : BLUE Says:

    I watch this drama every now and then, I have read most of the comments and I do agree with all !!!!!!
    This writer is Kim Hyun Hee is not doing a good job, as this story line goes on, everyone who watches this drama is getting irritated, delusion, frustrated, angry,and disgusted that one character (Yeri) is running this drama.
    The worst part of it, by killing the grandfather, before the truth is reveal.
    It is so insane that most of Seyoung co-workers (or the area she work) still don’t know who is her real (bio) mother.
    People will always find out there is a skeleton hidden in a closet. 24-7 everywhere you work gossip travel.
    One reporter have been sneaking around knowing something, but yet the truth still under cover.
    This Writer, directer,and Producer have nothing better to do, but are wasting money, people time who are characters in this drama and it is time consume for all.
    They should END this drama, as it is wasting energy for all!

  110. 110 : mb Says:

    this drama is sooooooo terrible!!are people in korea behave in society like yerin and the other are just fool??!!this is ridicules..

  111. 111 : Surprised Says:

    I cant imagine Koreans directors are so bad that they have no skills. In godfather part 1 part 2 part 3, there is so many killing scene, but directors show no blood shed or any ugly scenes. There are so many ways for example to film people going to toilet but Koreans directors have no skills but to film people takes off the pants and sit on the toilet bowls.

  112. 112 : BLUE Says:

    You are right, either sitting down crying on the toilet sit, or when problem occur a slap on the head or mom, pop and grandparents hold on to their back of the head or neck and ready for a Attack or come what may!
    This is the worst drama I have encounter, there was several others, but this take the cake BIG TIME!
    I hope the Characters, Writer, Director and Producer of this drama READS everyone COMMENTS.
    The RATING for this drama I give them three for YERI EVIL ways of her acting.
    This drama is a DISGRACE, DISGUSTED, DISFUNCTION, MALFUNCTION, all need to go and HIBERNATE THEMSELF (Winter is just around the corner).

  113. 113 : Shen Says:

    Hahaha !

    Viewers, your comments here are hilarious. I can’t help but laugh when reading them.

    Never before have I come across such funny, frank, honest and unabashed expressions in an open and public site. Hahaha…. You people tells me that there is still hope for the world !!

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not being insulting but rather I enjoy reading your fun rants.

    Viewers, fighting !!

  114. 114 : celia Says:

    Me too, enjoy reading all the comments. To all concern including the TV station read the comments please.
    Open your eyes guys!!!
    Please put an end to all the nonsense….

  115. 115 : Nasrin Says:

    I agree with u #110 mb and also.I had this feeling when I watched Samsung.

  116. 116 : chelo25 Says:

    i think yerin is the writer. how could she know what will happened. she predict the next scene.

  117. 117 : mml Says:

    I agree with all of you. There is a drama call Kings family, all viewers, please try to watch Kings family this drama, it is so much better than Sincerity Moves Heaven, at least, it is a drama that, i can understand that Kings family is a drama quite straight forward in telling the reality of life.

  118. 118 : Sunny Says:

    I gave up watching this drama Period!
    Reading all your comments and I hope WITH ALL THE CHARACTER’S in this DRAMA realize how TERRIBLE THIS DRAMA………. ALSO>>>>>>>
    Chief Producer: Kim Hyung Il- Director: Kim Myung Wook – SCRIPTWRITER: KIM HYUN HEE
    Read all the comments written here!
    I Am Watching “GOOD DOCTOR” it is the BEST DRAMA for YEAR 2013.
    This drama is VERY GOOD- you CRY, you LAUGH, you bit ANGRY but GOOD Story line!

  119. 119 : Nudge Says:

    I’m getting (archiving) this drama to learn from it the “HOW NOT TO” in creating dramas. There has been several failures and the networks for some reason cannot or do not learn from them. They repeat the same mistakes. Why?

    Yes indeed why?

    There’s a disconnect between the heart and the head, between the creative vision and the production process. How hard is it to fix? It should not be too difficult for a country that pioneered molecular transistor research, surely.

  120. 120 : Syrena Says:

    This has been out of my radar for several weeks now. The story has become ridiculous. As for the acting? Don’t get me started coz I don’t have anything nice to say.

    If I have time, I do watch Thorn Birds and the Good Doctor. Those 2 are definitely of high quality.

  121. 121 : castle442 Says:

    Worst drama in this year so far!!! The evil still free doing her wrong things. Just stop watching this cause there is no sincerity and heaven but LIES and HELL!!

  122. 122 : mml Says:

    This drama only starts to better after watching episode 100 .
    That means the drama got 120 episodes, i have already watched up to episode 100 , now balance left 20 episodes .
    I hope, the writer will arrange Park Se Young will pair up with
    Park Jae Jung as a couple. At least, Park Se Young has found a nice with good character guy to love and protect her.

    Park Jae Jung has a father who is rich and holding high position . I hope, his father will hope that his son will marry Park Se Young to setup his family.

  123. 123 : kimchilee Says:

    I wonder how this drama could drag on for 100 episodes and 20 more to come! Everyone is dumber than dumb.. More so with that stupid Geun girl who is so obsessed with the baker boy!! If I were the boy, I’d shudder and report to the police that she is a stalker..

    The writer in this drama is making a fool out of the main actress and actor! good grief!! end this drama now! i did not even watch the beginning but just watched from episode 85 to 87 and it is enough to make me puked. Worst drama of the year!

  124. 124 : kimchilee Says:

    Correction! THE WORST DRAMA I have watched in YEARS!!

    I’ll not bother watching this again! good grief.. just watching 3 episodes is enough to make me sick.. cannot believe how i manage to watch all 3 episodes.. i feel stupid.. STOP THIS DRAMA … TANGCHANG!! aaaiieee…

  125. 125 : Shen Says:

    Syrena (120)

    Oh yes, Thorn Birds and Good Doctor are way, way better than Sincerity Moves Heaven (SMH). SMH does not even deserve to stand alongside these two dramas for comparison.

    SMH utterly belongs to the trash bin.

    I watched Thorn Birds when it was aired two or three years ago. It was such a good drama. Well written and directed too. A quality drama. I would think “sincerity moves heaven” is a more apt title for Thorn Birds because it’s heroine’s heartfelt sincerity as a person, had heaven, grant all her life’s simple wishes. Plus, there are so much real life love and compassion flowing around among the characters’ interaction with each other, UNLIKE, sickening SMH which spills only hatred and evil in every episode, leaving a black cloud over viewers’ heads every time.

    Would recommend Thorn Birds to viewers.

    Good Doctor is good too. Can’t comment much about it though as I find that the only unique part about the drama is Si On who is a savant genius doctor and his life’s journey to grow out of his savant tendencies. As for the rest of the drama, I find that basically, it is the usual standard hospital drama fare. But no doubt, this drama is well written and directed. A quality drama.

    Would recommend Good Doctor too. A breath of fresh air from SMH.

  126. 126 : Shen Says:

    Nudge (119)

    ” There has been several failures and the networks for some reason cannot or do not learn from them. They repeat the same mistakes. Why? ”

    WHY ? Good question. Your guesses are as good as mine.

    I am guessing that :

    1) Commercial/revenue consideration ??

    2) Corporate politics ??

    Apart from the above two guesses, I cannot possibly think of any other reasons. Do you have any ?

  127. 127 : Love Says:

    Shen and Nudge,
    This is because of Man Power verse the Man Power of Director, Producer and Hail to the Writer.
    Commercial / revenue consideration or Corporate Politics base on each person mistake and failure that they can’t recall or learn the error of what is right or wrong! That is were the Fault stand with errors, repeats itself.

  128. 128 : Agy Says:

    Can anybody ask them to end this drama

  129. 129 : Shen Says:


    If it could be done, I am sure it would have happened many, many episodes ago, since it was then that the drama took a turn for the worst and started heading for the trash dump.

    Anybody at the network who have even a pea sized brain or an ounce of industry experience, would have known or noticed this problem. But the problem was left to rot and putrefy. Why ? This is a good question.

    So this leaves open the conclusion or guess that perhaps the reasons (for the network to continue clinging onto to this drama) are compelling enough, for them to brave the displeasure of both local and international viewers.

    We viewers will never really know the network’s reasons. So it leaves us with the option to continue watching the drama and bear and grind our teeth with it, or just go watch something else. We have a choice.

  130. 130 : Yugina Says:


  131. 131 : castle442 Says:

    The genre of this crap is FAMILY DRAMA that should teach the viewers about positive act, NOT the opposite. The PD and writer already lost their mind by change the original script. Do they really want the viewers feel angry, frustrated, even swearing while watching their show?? Big dissapointed.

  132. 132 : Shen Says:

    This is the most unhealthy drama I have ever come across.

    How can such a destructive piece of work be allowed to be broadcasted at home and to the world ? I fail to understand this.

    This drama sends so many wrong messages to the public, such as :

    1) It glorifies and gives the impression that it is OK to be destructive and commit crime (attempted murder, DNA tampering, deceit by malicious lies, cheating, theft, etc ) time and time again, without having to answer to the law or be accountable for the criminal acts.

    2) The drama gives the impression to the world that this is what the people in SKorea are and it is their way of life.

    3) Giving the impression to the world that the people of SKorea are mainly cold and mindless, without warm human traits, without guiding rules and laws in their society ?

    4) Telling the world that their entertainment industry is crap, producing crap. What happen to the Korean Wave that was supposed to bring pride to the country ? Has it morphed to CRAP ?

    5) Psychologically, the drama attacks the mind and body of viewers in a negative and destructive way. An unwelcomed black cloud is left over viewers’ head, long after the end of each episode (as evidenced by the many complaints in forums and internet sites. One of which is this site).

    What happened to the entertainment and feel good values that the Korean Wave is supposed to promote ? Is not the Korean Wave supposed to promote S Korea too ? But sad to say, I think this drama is just doing the opposite.

    Damned Unhealthy Drama this is !

  133. 133 : Sad Says:

    To the NET WORK OF KBS1 and to:

    Chief Producer: Kim Hyung Il
    Director: Kim Myung Wook
    Scriptwriter: Kim Hyun Hee

    Please read all Comments by VIEWERS:

    This is such a Disgrace drama!

  134. 134 : lieza Says:

    please stop this drama.. it’s so annoyed to watch. i’m sure it’s not gonna be miss.

    full of crap

  135. 135 : Chi Says:

    KBS should just stop this drama! How can you be showing this kind of drama, the drama is not suitable for anyone to watch, the drama from the beginning was something where I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt that it would get better but it turned out so bad! This drama depicts so much bad things one person can do and no one seems to be stopping this … I like watching korean drama because from all the drama I have watch I can honestly say that majority of the drama is so pleasant and this drama is the WORST OF THE WORST DRAMA EVER WATCH…Too bad for all the actors but work is work no matter if we all consider this the worst Korean drama!

  136. 136 : Lok Kwee Kee Says:

    I agreed with everyone. I have stopped watching the drama after episode 55. My sisters grumbled and cursed everytime she watched the drama. This is a very unhealthy drama, it is sending message to the younger generation that for love you can do anything, even committing a murder and you can get away with it. Everybody in the drama is acting stupid except the evil and unethical yerin. The director must think the audience is stupid. This is a really stupid, unhealthy drama, it is sending all the wrong message out.

  137. 137 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 105, writer, kindly arrange
    Ahn Jung Hyo his father to put a stop to Lee Ye Rin for all her nonsense. This is a very unhealthy drama in view of Lee Ye Rin’s bad evil behaviour.
    The person who has the power to stop Lee Ye Rin’s for all her wicked plans is Ahn Jung Hyo’s father.
    The reason am watching this drama is, i’m hoping that Choi Se Young will have a happy romance with Ahn Jung Hyo .
    I think, by then the crazy wicked Lee Ye Rin will regret when she discovers that Ahn Jung Hyo has such a rich and power father.

  138. 138 : joy Says:

    Yerin is so thin (anorexic???) She is worst dresser ans she doesn’t look good in pants at all.

  139. 139 : jewles Says:

    Agreed, agreed, agreed.

    However, I think the creators of the show are thinking that they are clever.

    I think more complaints will translate in to viewer interests to these people.

    As usual, the writer will start wrapping up the show by slowly unraveling the the evil-doings of Yerin each show until all is revealed. Meantime, Se Young will remain as stupid as she is (being dumb is not being a good person) and the PD Ahn will be pursuing her even though he has covered up all Yerin’s evil doings. Ah, but don’t you know? the old lovers (both idiots) will reunite since they are truly in love with each other!

    Personally, I really don’t care now how this show end since I am so bored with the same plot for the last 100+ episodes.

    I think they will try to convey the message that ” Sincerity moves Heaven” by letting the “good” person suffer unnecessarily but eventually at the end the good defeats evil no matter how twisted way they are getting to that point. Then they are off the hook since good won in the end. Tada! don’t you see?

  140. 140 : chin Says:

    this sitcon shows is very low class because the right people get bully all the time and the wrong people always get the comfort. THis is the bad shows to guide the young generation to become bad!

  141. 141 : mml Says:

    I have finished watch episode 110, i hope, the writer will arrange Ahn Jung Hyo’s father to quickly recover from his injury. I hope Ahn Jung Hyo’s father will arrange his son to get married with Choi Se Young.
    Lee Ye Rin is a wicked and full of nonsense woman, i hope the writer can arrange her to get punishment and hope that she cannot stop and not able to destroy the strong love between Choi Se Young and Ahn Jung Hyo.
    This is a mad funny and full of nonsense drama.
    The little girl Ha Yun Joo as Han Ki Eun who runs away from her wedding day, i hope, she will finally end and pair up with
    Im Yoon Ho as .
    I hope Jang Dong wook will forgive Han Ki Eun for her childish behaviour. If, there is true love existing, i think they should be together .
    Han Ki Eun is a cute funny girl in this drama, is quite interesting to watch her in this drama. Although, this is not a healthy drama, but, in view of, it consists of romance, i will watch Choi Se Young and Han Ki Eun and see both of them can marry to Ahn Jung Hyo and Jang Dong wook and found their romance.

  142. 142 : texv Says:

    I agree that the drama is really frustrating. I have just watched the 98th episode, the episodes are a little bit late here in my country. when will the redeeming value be in this drama? I don’t like evil acts, this really do not teach good values to people. Stop the evil attitude of Yerin please!!!!

  143. 143 : umi Says:

    Sorry je pas aimee la serie

  144. 144 : daisy bernardez Says:

    Wahh …what happen to this drama..the previous episode 1-60 is ok vut now the endinf is approaching..I don’t like it .its just the same plot..I really like park se young..plsssss director,hope the ending is nice according to viewers like…

  145. 145 : castle442 Says:

    This drama just make global viewers think bad about Korean drama. I read so many negative comments ’bout this drama, but KBS still airing it, even they add 15 more episodes!! I stop watching it cause it just give me a headache. Watching EVIL MANIAC yerin is such a waste time.

  146. 146 : vareena Says:

    I watched Crazy Love and think that was bad but this is worse. I agreed with all negative comments and why KBS1, producer and director still let this stupid drama airing it, it is very bad for the Korean people have to be humiliated by this so call EVIL MANIAC PLOT. Please listen to all bad comments and do something about this drama before people fed up with Korean drama and send the writer to the mental hospital.

  147. 147 : mauricia Says:

    I can’t contain myself any longer…..This is probably the worst drama I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of ’em.

    Everyone associated with this drama should be “ashamed” and “embarrassed”….actors, writers, directors etc. And especially KBS!

    The stupidity & evilness of the script & characters is mind boggling, not to mention the horrible acting for most of the cast.

    All I can say at this point, is the characters deserve every bad thing that rat face Yerin has and is still dishing out. With characters this STUPID maybe they deserve to be stepped on!

  148. 148 : NASRIN Says:

    I agree with all these comments

  149. 149 : NASRIN Says:

    I agree with all these comments.

  150. 150 : joy Says:

    Yerin is anorexic with poor dress taste.Her role fits her bitchy look.

  151. 151 : castle442 Says:

    Please KBS, just end this torture drama.This drama teach so many bad things. Lies and stupitidy conquer all. Totally a mess!!

  152. 152 : Shen Says:


    Fellow Long Suffering Viewers

    I may be totally wrong / incorrect with what I am going to say below, as it is not substantiated as true. So please take it with a pinch of salt.

    The info I have most recently gathered is that the network knows that they have been “chewed”. However, in connection to which program I do not know because it was not mentioned.

    However, don’t we get a little satisfaction that the network knows that they have been “chewed” !

    And … today, a famous and popular Kdrama actor (not SMH cast member) very briefly appeared on tv (maybe 5 or 30 secs) with a short message saying, “A human has to have a warm heart” – something to this effect, cannot quote exact words, as message was so fast and brief.

    Could this particular message have something to do with viewers complaints about the evil that SMH is glorifying and promoting ?

    As a result, this brief appearance by the actor was broadcasted as a damage control by the network ?

    No sure. Have to watch it again to be sure what’s the purpose of this very brief appearance and message. But will this particular appearance come on tv again, I wonder ?

    Please, should I be wrong, I stand corrected, and would apologize in advance for the mistake.

  153. 153 : Love Says:

    Thank you, but us posted on the outcome.

  154. 154 : castle442 Says:

    What makes me soooo angry ’bout this drama is that they (KBS) called it a family drama. What kind of family drama that shows a person with evil behavior, rude, manipulated, a big liar, selfish take control and has so many scenes until 100 more episodes??!! It is crazy!!! Even I feel like want to throw something on my TV every time that evil girl appear on scene. Is that a kind of FAMILY DRAMA??? I’m sure, I’m not the only one here. KBS, I’m talking to you.

  155. 155 : joy Says:

    can you imagine Yerin gets to have all the glory even in the face of all the witnesses seeing how manipulative bitch she is ?Is this possible?How can one person go t this extent?Even in real life a bad person gets cornered and beaten black and blue.

  156. 156 : tikboy Says:

    I just go to the mall and have dinner with family or friends or watch the daily news even if its all the political scandals rocking our country.

  157. 157 : tikboy Says:

    or the latest basketball game

  158. 158 : mml Says:

    I think the final episode is Lee Ye Rin is dead after, all her nonsense throughout all episodes .

    Lee Ye Rin is dead will be a happy ending drama.

  159. 159 : toymaster Says:

    Hi, even though everyone is hating on this show, I still enjoy watching it with my wife everyday. I do hope we see an episode where Yerin will get a lot of punishment for her manipulative behavior and evil acts. I just did not understand why they added 15 more episodes when everyone else have stopped watching this show.
    I hope Dongguk does not marry the very trivial and shallow stalker girl.

  160. 160 : Shen Says:

    Nope, no luck. Until today, did not see that special brief appearance made by the Kdrama actor with that strange message again (refer Post 152).

    Could it be because I had work commitments and could not stay glued to the tv 24/7, and therefore had missed the repeat telecast, or that, there actually was no such telecast ? Woooo ! Weird

    Yerin’s evilness has even sipped into my life ! Help !

  161. 161 : mauricia Says:

    Post 159:
    15 more episodes added!?!?! . You gotta be kidding. Where did you read or see this?

  162. 162 : Love Says:

    Yes! 135 episode to be Cont:
    I went in to check thinking, it was the ending of this drama 120 episode, wanted to find out the out come!!! BUT! got BLOW AWAY, When I read they added more Episode.
    WHY? WHY?
    This drama is Dead Luck to Yeri Advantage and those who believed in her many Evil Ways!
    All the Cast in this drama are either STUPID, NAIVE, is Deficient in worldly wisdom or informed judgment in experimental situation on their Acting behavior.
    Now I will stop again! Aigoo!

  163. 163 : mml Says:

    @159 toymaster,
    you are wrong, i really hope the dong wook will marry the stalker girl . Although, the stalker girl is not mature in her thinking , but, she has some cute,funny and comedy effect.

    I like the little girl, this actress Ha Yun Joo who has the talent to act and create some happy effect for me to like watching her acting.

    Hope, to watch some more upcoming korea dramas that Ha Yun Joo is acting as romance and comedy dramas .

  164. 164 : Bhom Says:

    Hi, I was shocked to learn that they added 15 more episodes since I’ve quit watching and was only checking to see if there was a happy ending at Ep 120. I guess I will be checking in 3 weeks to see if Ep 135 will be a happy ending. I’ve been very disappointed with this drama because I was looking forward to it a lot!

  165. 165 : Myrna Mapa Says:

    This drama is so twisted… too much loop holes as if all characters around this drama are fools to have not noticed that non sense evil yerin character that was suppose to be castigated a long time ago. Lewdness overpowers wisdom and good moral lesson. Don’t be confused between kindness to stupidity. This drama would have been very nice except for excessive wickedness showcase. ENOUGH ALREADY!

  166. 166 : castle442 Says:

    Uncreative writer bring the same scenario over and over again. He or she rely on that horrible character, yerin. Her evil deeds has gone too far for the viewers (who think rational) to chew it. Enough for this kind of torture drama. Not good, not entertain. It is just mocking humanity. KBS teach the viewers many bad things through this stupid drama. They earn money from hopeless viewers (include my self) who still watching this only to see that evil get what she deserves in the end. Or maybe the crazy writer make the evil forgiven by the others without getting punisment at all..haishhhh…..

  167. 167 : angelamiles Says:

    Why in dramas only the bad people has brain they can immediately think of what they have to do next and the good people are so naive, brainless and even stupid…in our generation now everyone knows how to fight…i thought only tagalog dramas has this type of drama…hehehe…that is why if i watch tagalog dramas i skipped the middle part because i dont want to stress myself…

  168. 168 : Nasrin Says:

    I agree with u#167.It seemes that korea is going to be a modern country but watching some dramas like Samsung and this one showes that they don’t believe themselves and need some people to guid them.All the time they are drunk.They sleep with strangers.children miss parents ,parents miss children…….

  169. 169 : jewles Says:

    If you want to see what real Koreans are like, watch “Pure Love”, “Gentlemen’s dignity”, “Childless comfort” among others. They show day to day life of normal people in Korean society.

    Some others:

    – Wife’s credentials
    – Ojakyo Brothers
    – Happy Ending (Sad, though…)
    – more but can’t think of many just now..

    These don’t have revenge, fantasies, greed, evil, etc, etc. which makes your blood boil. Also they don’t really have Chabols trying to ruin other lives. They show everyday lives with some twist – have to make money for the station somehow :))

  170. 170 : Shen Says:

    Nasrin (168) and jewless (169)

    Like you, I prefer to watch dramas that tell stories of real Koreans and about their life, and where the stories are meaningful which we can relate to.

    What I really hate are stories about revenge, greed, evil, secrets, money, fantasies, rich arrogant inconsiderate and corrupted chaebols or animals, etc. Can’t stand them and hate them !

  171. 171 : Shen Says:

    Koreans, like anywhere else, are basically kind people, and are real like us. And like anywhere else though, sometimes we do come across a handful of despicable ones. But there are more good people than bad in this world, as we humans are basically and instinctively good.

    Don’t allow Yerin and her evil ways, and the depiction of the characters as idiots and clueless in this drama tell you differently. This particular drama is screwed. It does not represent SKorea and its people.

  172. 172 : chunky55 Says:

    the issue here is not about Korean people and if Yerin is represent them or not, it’s about the huge amount of lies and jealousy in all her actions, in spite of being a successful figure, having a lovable adopted mother,and a secure home.

    What I want is to understand, from the writers point of view, the reason for Yerin’s misbehaviour from ep.?? let’s say 1!!! before she met her birth mother, which gave us a hint to guess where her unstable character comes from.

    Now after +100 episodes and after she almost has it all, the success, boyfriend, mothers, she still feels inferior infront of soygne and we don’t know when all this is going to stop and who is the hero who will finally wakes and put an end to her mischievous behaviour, hoping that it won’t get any worse because we’re really worn out watching her manipulating the whole cast.

  173. 173 : Nasrin Says:

    Why none of the cractors of this drama is smart!!!!

  174. 174 : mauricia Says:

    Let’s just call this the Yerin (urine) Show with an EXTREMELY BAD & STUPID supporting cast, writers…etc.

    I’m at episode 90 something…and I can’t bear to watch it anymore. In the end, like most dramas, there’ll be forgiveness all around. I’ll save myself some time and catch the last episode (maybe).

    What a TRASH DRAMA…,.,,.shame on everyone involved with this production!…They need to “apologize” to the viewers:-(

  175. 175 : Shen Says:

    @mauricia (174)

    Urine (Yerin) show !!! Hahahaha….. True, true !!

    Yerin is psycho. She’s sick in the head !

  176. 176 : jeanyu Says:

    Dear Director and writer of this drama,

    I am writing this message to tell you about this “fed-up” drama. It is making me and my family hate to watch and are frustrated over why the story is not what you exactly see in the real life.

    Do you think all people around the world are foolish and stupid? Especially Seyeong? All those actors are clueless and have “no-brain” attitude. Looks like they did not investigate after the incident, just listening and believing Yerin with sympathy. Not only Seyeong, but all of them including her real mother, father, sisters, two guys and others are too sympathetic and absent-minded. Look into the real world and see for yourself how they react in their real situations. Director and writers, are you listening to us as audiences, or just daydreaming? I think both of you are not professional enough, just more of beginner or junior.

    There are now more than 100 episodes and the length of story is too long and always stretching on the sorrow acting scenes only. Please reduce it!

    I hope this show will come to an end with Yerin in either death/suicide or in jail for cheating. Please director and writer.

    Thank you.

  177. 177 : Angry Says:

    Chief Producer: Kim Hyung Il
    Director: Kim Myung Wook
    Scriptwriter: Kim Hyun Hee

    Why? Wae? – Why? Wae? extend more episode?
    We are drowning from watching this ridiculous, insane,hazardous,nauseous unpleasant, sick drama!
    You call this drama Family, Romance? Aigoo!

  178. 178 : meutia Says:

    are there some stupid and naive people like se yong??? this drama doesn’t make sense… but i still want to know the ending of those couples, who’s gonna marry who??

  179. 179 : Didi Says:

    My question is “do the producer view the comments” may be they are the same producers acting in the drama. Then we do not expect any thing better. Stop making us angry.

  180. 180 : oyun Says:

    It is very good drama. I like it. Good luck.

  181. 181 : vareena Says:

    Dear viewers

    Please put up with this a little more, may be the producer, director and stupid writer will consider our plea and end this drama real soon. Just remember their names and never ever support these idiot group so no body will hire them to produce such shameful drama, they insulted the viewers to the point that everybody can’t take it anymore.

  182. 182 : hawi Says:

    it is a great drama. I really love it. it’s also the thing that will happen in the real world. But I think it’s a bit exadurated especially seyong’s role, how come a person doesn’t learn anything from his /her past mistakes that had been done on them. and yerin is a devil. I would like seyong and jonghyo to be together. But the rest is fabulous I really enjoyed it and I will enjoy the rest of the episodes too. fighting ★★★★★

  183. 183 : christan Says:

    I fully agree with jeanyu. I wonder if the directors and script writers think that all viewers are dumb or simple minded people – it’s an insult to our intelligence!

    What started as a fairly interesting series now suffers from overuse of the same plot i.e. yerin plotting against seyong or doing something bad whether by accident or intentionally and always getting away with her lies.

    The rest of the cast are just there to provide some comic relief. I would definitely rate this series as one of the worst written Korean dramas I’ve watched.

    p/s I have nothing against the actors/actresses in this series – just can’t stand the poor and badly written script.

  184. 184 : wintersonata Says:

    please stop this drama. i want to wacth other new drama on kbs. please give training to the scriptwriter/producer/whatever after the drama end. make sure they read all our comment.. feel pity to the actor.

  185. 185 : Ahjumma Says:

    I used to like this drama. But it goes around and around like merry go round. It doesn’t make sense. All the character have no intelligent but they’re director/producer and all goes to college. This is just a bullshit crap of script. I just don’t have a clue with KBS for putting a drama such as this.

  186. 186 : Siok Says:

    I used to like KBS drama but this one really suck. The story line is the same as YOU ARE THE BEST which has far better storyline. In this story, I think nobody is as stupid as Seyong who had suffered through the story by that evil witch Yerin and somehow, she is still very forgiving. As for that mother of her, Kim Juhui, I think she doesn’t act like a good mother, always believe in what Yerin. She doesn’t seem to care for her own daughter. I hope the story will end faster and hoping it end well with Seyong with Jeongho and that Yerin and Jeasong will have no one. Hopefully Yerin will get what she had done to others.

  187. 187 : Bong Coo Says:

    I agree with all the comments above. All the characters except Yerin are stupid and too naive. And why allow a person like Yerin to get what she wants. I think the original storyline ends with Seyeong and Jeseong getting married. And i hope it ends that way so you can save your face.

  188. 188 : shakil Says:

    I think Scriptwriter watched some third class Indian drama serial which continues 500 to 1000 episode and uses same script again and again.

  189. 189 : Shen Says:

    shakil (188)

    Hahaha hehehe hohoho ….. can’t stop laughing at your comment ! It’s soooo funny.

    Utterly in agreement with all here. SMH IS A NO BRAINER ! 100% GARBAGE !!

  190. 190 : Belit Paik Says:

    I agree with all the comments here. What a stupid bunch and even more stupid script! I’d be ashamed to act in a drama such as this one, particularly Seyeong, who was given the part of a total moron, a doormat who gets stepped on again and again and takes it like a willing victim. I hate those martyr types, they do not inspire pity or empathy, only contempt! You end up hating Seyeong more than Yerin. I don’t know what the writers are thinking, that being good means being a total clueless and brainless moron?! It’s no fun watching a drama like that when everyone can predict what’s going to happen next! I am sure they’ll kill Yonghyo so that doormat Seyong can marry that pusillanimous Jaesong who should have been forced to marry Yerin so that he can pay for being so spineless!

  191. 191 : Siok Says:

    I just wonder who the script writer is or maybe this do happened. I do hope there is no such women in this world who could fall for a man who dump her becuase he is too obedient to the wishes of the eldest even to scarifice his future. As for the woman, she is just plain stupid to fall for such a useless man when there are plently of good men out there for her to grab especially the one that is just standing right infront of her. Her birth mother is just full of pride, thinking a poor man cannot be of good match to her daughter who she never raise for over 20 years. This drama really teach the people to be a great liar in order to achieve what they want and I hope they should show good Korean drama which can teach good value toward family harmony and true relationship in life.

  192. 192 : Nasrin Says:

    I wonder if the producer knows that most of the viewers of the Korean Dramas live in other countries and they judge about Korean people through these dramas.

  193. 193 : castle442 Says:

    This frustated drama deliver nothing but trash. I feel sorry for all the actors especially Shim Hye Jin. I prefer to see her role as a villain in that famous Princess Hours rather than see her being a stupid and useless mother for her own daughter.

  194. 194 : cathy Says:

    Donguk’s mother…i like her.Who is she?

  195. 195 : Love Says:

    Hip! Hip! Hooray………………..it ended etc………….
    altho’ it ended, it was okay!
    But as always Yeri was forgiving hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Don’t know whatever happen to her (BIO) mother? did not see her for a bit!

  196. 196 : Angry Says:

    I still HATE this drama, for what ever it takes.
    Love – Kisses – forgiveness – forget – Accept- be into the family phase –
    As Predicted she been overly love and be forgiving and have been accepted!
    There is a Limit to everything! God Forgive, but Yeri belong to the HELL with the DEVIL! Amen

  197. 197 : Ajuxmishi Says:

    Tell me all about. This drama made my blood pressure haywire. All i did ws bad mouth yerin through the 30 min interval of the drama. Glad it ended. But i did watch all of it.

  198. 198 : Nasrin Says:

    It’s clear that none of this drama’s staff read these comments.Maybe none of them can read English !:(

  199. 199 : Nudge Says:

    Maybe the production crew was making this drama while asleep. And then at episode 135 they all woke up and looked at each other saying: “I just had a nightmare!”; “Me too!”; “You too?”; “Oh wow, we all had a nightmare”.

    I’m convinced some idiot professor at some school of dramatic arts, devised a way of creating dramas that is based on South Korea’s industrial methods of manufacturing.

    They use templates. For example in scenes where the writer is asleep, still drunk from the week before, or has a mind melding experience with a Vulcan he/she hasn’t yet recovered from, they just dial-up the template selection and voile! The printer spits out the script.

    Hence the reason we get a horrible sense of deja-vu; “Haven’t I seen this very same plot before?”.

    Art of course is not an impersonal thing. It is life. It has to be living. You pooh-brains at KBS reading this? GOOD! Aissssh!!

  200. 200 : Love Says:

    199 Nudge ,
    You so funny! I just like your comment.

    KBS @ Writer @ Director @ and producer, guess they having fun reading all this comments.

    198 Nasrin Like Nasrin say guess they can’t read English etc…….
    But aren’t they supposedly be Educated? Omg they sure Rock Korean drama.

    Oh! Shen any comments?

  201. 201 : becky Says:

    can anyone tell me what happened in the end??? just the important bits… thank you very much!

  202. 202 : may170 Says:

    i want to know the ending too, what happen ?

  203. 203 : Love Says:

    As always Yeri is forgiving and accepted everything forgotten all in the past as far as this drama leads.
    Seyoung getting married, Yeri is the driver, then got into a accident , Seyoung out of the car with Yeri help, then Yeri ran back to car to get something, look down at the bouquet or Seyoung flower, and yell to Seyoung waving the flower to Seyoung as going back to give Seyoung the flower, a car racing down toward Yeri, hit her hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm she die. Adopted mother bald out crying for Yeri,!
    Seyoung father-in-law is sick (Ahn Jung Hyo father ) and need a transplant, so Yeri dead, transplant was giving to Ahn Jung Hyo father.

  204. 204 : may170 Says:

    Wowww such a lot of happen with a few episodes …….
    Thank you Love for your reply….

  205. 205 : imhel Says:

    I agree with most of the comments here, specially with comment #132 posted by Shen

    The problem with dramas that are over 50 episodes, the writers recycle the plot over and over again until the viewers emotions get tired. Instead of filling the drama with a lot of conflicts, since there are many characters anyway, they only have about 2-3 conflicts and they go over and over those stories. If they try to recycle the plot, then they could stretch the episodes to over 100.

    Yes, I believe the networks think that viewers are stupid and so they try to trick the viewers with useless stories.

    Yes, I hate this drama because it is full of evil and the main character is portrayed as dumb….Maybe they will defend it as being sincere (since that’s the title of the drama) but I think even if you are sincere after being bit by the snake too many times, you will learn your lesson and will not agree with the perpetrator to cover for them again and again just like what the character Seyeong did.

    Another characteristic of 100+ episodes that I hate most is the writers having to fill the drama with lies, deception, evil-plotting….It leads me to think that maybe this is how Koreans live, they try to deceive others to reach their goal and to plot evil even up to the point of causing harm or even death to eliminate their competition. Could this be how Koreans really live? Is this how these writers want to show to the world?

  206. 206 : Totally Disgusted Says:

    What the f*&^%k is this…The Perils of Pauline?? This is undoubtedly the WORST drama I’ve ever seen, all of the comments indicate the reasons why is SUCKS SO BAD!…

    I have been watching KBS dramas for years and they were my preferred network…,not so much anymore.

    But as of late, I’ve been watching MBC & SBS dramas more and more which are better written and better acted (more satisfying too!).

    Take heed KBS writers & producers, As they say ” a word to this wise is sufficient “, but then again, this CRAP doesn’t show that anyone affiliated with this drama is wise..

  207. 207 : mymy Says:

    Seyoung end up with Jeonghyo..i thought Jaesong and Seyoung will getting back together…its a bit

  208. 208 : sanjay Says:

    funny , lovely, sweet , overal its good movie

  209. 209 : zelize Says:

    vote this drama for worst drama award…sucks…both thumbs down…

  210. 210 : Mel Says:

    I can’t believe that the main character can be so dumb or so naive. Always trying to cover up for Yerin’s evilness. And the producers have the nerve to stretch this out to 135 episodes? The drama gets even more dilute! Although dramas lends itself as an escape for viewers, plot needs to be somewhat believable. The same thing over and over and over again – Yerin does evil, Seyeong forgives and gets burned over and over and over again. Got to be one of the worst dramas around.

  211. 211 : Carmela Says:

    This is absolutely the worst , horrible , drama i’ve ever seen!
    …… okay! can’t say it since i actually havent’ watched it all, but, for what i’ve watched, it really sucks! ahhaha xD seriously, i love the female lead! she’s the reason i started watching this drama in the first place, but ,after a while, it became really too much to stand! i really couldn’t watch it xD
    and i just read the end here and….. wow…. it sucks! ahahah
    wtf? xD i’m really glad i didn’t watch it till the end! 🙂

  212. 212 : aicy Says:

    i am just starting to watch this drama.i read almost all the comments abt it so that i would know whether to watch all through out or not.as i read them, almost all given comments were negative.suck,boring, worse etc.but i keep wondering why then the ratings since ep.1 up to the last are high.it got down to 4th just once ,the rest 2nd then from ep.98 to the last ,got the hightest rating.so with this ratings, i decided to continue watching and give my own comment after finishing it.if the negative comments were true, why is it then that people watched it thru the end.otherwise, the ratings could have gone down to the lowest.the synopsis got my attention,it could be that there were so many unnecessary added scenes which caused the stretching of the drama that it had reached 135 eps.

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