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Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Title: 닥치고 꽃미남밴드 / Shut Up Flower Boy Band
Chinese Title: 闭嘴! 花美男乐队
Previously known as: 꽃미남밴드: 안구정화 / Flower Boy Band: Eye Candy
Genre: Youth, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2012-January-30 to 2012-March-20
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 23:00
Related Series: Flower Boy Series


This is a story about a high school rock band and how they deal with friendship, love and their passion for music.


Eye Candy

Sung Joon as as Kwon Ji Hyuk
L (Kim Myung Soo) as Lee Hyun Soo
Lee Hyun Jae as Jang Do Il
Kim Min Suk as Seo Kyung Jong
Yoo Min Kyu as Kim Ha Jin
Lee Min Ki as Joo Byung Hee (cameo, ep 1-2)

Strawberry Fields

Jung Ui Chul as Yoo Seung Hoon
Kwak Jung Wook as Jung Maro
Kim Hyun Joon as Park Pyo Joo
Kim Hyo Seok (LED Apple) as Drummer (cameo)

Supporting Cast

Jo Bo Ah as Im Soo Ah
Kim Ye Rim as Kim Ye Rim
Kim Jung Min as Bang Woo Kyung
Jung Ji Ahn as Jo Deo Mi
Ma Dong Suk as Teacher
Dong Hyun Bae as “Shark” gang Leader
Yoo Joon Hong as “Shark” gang member
Kim C as Rock Kim
Yum Jung Ah as Ji Hyuk’s mom (cameo)
Kim In Seo as Yoo Hae Ri (Seung Hoon’s sister)
Woo Do Hwan

Production Credits

Prodution Company: CJ E&M Corporation
Producer: Oh Bo Yi (오보이)
Director: Lee Kwon (이권)
Screenwriter: Seo Yoon Hee (서윤희)


This Drama is the second project of tvN’s Oh! Boy Series. The previous drama in this series is Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2012-Jan-30 1 1.63
2012-Jan-31 2 2.20
2012-Feb-06 3 1.42
2012-Feb-07 4 1.72
2012-Feb-13 5 2.40
2012-Feb-14 6 2.70
2012-Feb-20 7 1.19
2012-Feb-21 8 2.13
2012-Feb-27 9 2.03
2012-Feb-28 10 2.39
2012-Mar-05 11 1.74
2012-Mar-06 12 1.29
2012-Mar-12 13 1.20
2012-Mar-13 14 -
2012-Mar-19 15 -
2012-Mar-20 16 -

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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Trailer I & Trailer II

Short Preview & Long Preview (10 minutes)

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  1. 1 : Kamp Says:

    Woo… This drama also broadcast in the same day with dream high 2

  2. 2 : mia Says:

    drama for feather-brained young girls …

  3. 3 : wynn demon Says:

    o~ have the details of this drama d~ (~o ~)
    im really exciting for the appear of this drama~ (^_ ^)
    n same day with dram high 2~ oh~ (0= 0)
    oh~ im really happy~ to watch this drama~ (~. ^)
    add on a drama of music~ i like it~ (>o <)
    cst i love music~ haha~ (~v ~)Y
    thanks so much~ (*v *)Y

  4. 4 : roxyalso Says:

    LOL mia

  5. 5 : Aska Amber Says:

    LOve U L a lottt …

  6. 6 : admin Says:

    Trailer II is available now.

  7. 7 : cindy Says:

    whos the lead actress?

  8. 8 : Marchioness Says:

    They do not need a lead actress anymore… they all think that they look exceedingly good already and no need for a lead actress. Hmmm, I’ll pass.

  9. 9 : Jennie Says:

    @Marchioness Haha now that you have mentioned it, there really is no mention of any female stars and I didn’t even noticed! Was so engrossed with who the flower boys were! Good one 😉

  10. 10 : Maya Says:

    lol +1 mia ^^

    +1 Marchi ! this is so gay……….. I’ll pass too…

  11. 11 : Munira Says:

    L~I love u so much….^^Inspirit,let’s watch this!

  12. 12 : Sarah Says:

    any goood? I lurv dream high and a fan site recomended this show!??

  13. 13 : KDaddict Says:

    #2, 4, 8, 10–
    LOL! It is okay to say this here. No one is protesting. If sb had said this on a thread like Heartstrings, a lot of ppl would be hopping mad! 😉

  14. 14 : Mic Says:

    Agreed with all of you! 🙂

  15. 15 : SHIELLA Says:

    11 days left before the broadcast day. Can’t wait for it. I hope it’s already airing. 🙂

  16. 16 : analyn Says:

    so beatifl an a korean nuvela

  17. 17 : kz109 Says:

    who’s the guy with long hair because he’s fckn cute :3

  18. 18 : Moi Says:


    This guy is Lee Hyun Jae


  19. 19 : Mrs Yoo Says:

    Can’t wait!!!!

    Lee Hyun Jae…
    Lee Hyun Jae..

  20. 20 : cindy Says:

    theres the girl…

  21. 21 : gewk Says:

    :).. cant wait

  22. 22 : Nui Tammy Says:

    I’ll watch it ^^

  23. 23 : chin Says:

    woooo can’t wait..!!! tsssk!!!

  24. 24 : NIKKI Says:


  25. 25 : Kdramafan89 Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this=D

  26. 26 : Pibbit Says:

    You guys! You gotta watch the 10-minutes extended trailer for this drama. It’s so fricking awesome! This show isn’t what I thought it would be. It’s so much more than just another brainless pretty boy drama with a shallow plotline, frivolous characters, and cheap pop-idol music. Just a 10-minute glimpse and already I can hardly contain my excitement. XD

  27. 27 : Zara Says:

    @Pibbit You’re right. The extended trailer was great and the drama looks awesome. Didn’t recognise the names at first but when I saw their faces..woweee, we have Sung Joon (from Lie To Me), Kim Myung Soo (oh my oh my, I love Infinite) and the surprise of all surprises, Lee Min Ki (love him in Dalja Spring!). Cannot wait to see this.

  28. 28 : Zara Says:

    Ohhhh, Lee Minki is super super hot and the drama is super duper. Not exactly the kind of idols we know but these are hot butt kicking street smart idols! Love them one and all. Kinda sad Lee Minki is only doing a cameo tho. Flower Boy Band..you guys rock!

  29. 29 : khaicy Says:

    um………… nt dat gud as i expected but anyway gud job

  30. 30 : Mystisith Says:

    After seeing 2 first eps of DH2 and Shut up ! :
    DH2 : 0
    Shut up ! : 3 ( Actors, filming and Music ).
    Nothing more to say.
    Well, i will add this is what you get when you want to do a sequel just for money, without a proper artistical vision…
    Star Wars second trilogy syndrome anyone ?

  31. 31 : Zara Says:

    @Mystisith Duh..are you on the right page? This isn’t DH2, my friend..different channel 😉

  32. 32 : Mystisith Says:

    @Zara : Maybe my comment wasn’t clear enough. I’m basically praising SUFBB here, and comparing it to DH2 because they are 2 musical dramas starting to be aired exactly at the same time. Using soccer and SW metaphors ( that, eventually could be qualified as out of topic ). So yes, i’m on the right thread.
    But i can also post the mirror comment on DH2 page if you wish. Or is there specific threads and rules that i’m unaware of on this site for comments mentioning 2 dramas at the same time ? I’m just giving my two cents for people who maybe don’t have enough time to watch both and who want an advice to make their choice.
    K dramas are loved by all kind of people because they know no boundaries and because they expend our minds and hearts. I’m glad to see that you like SUFBB, but i hope you’re also interested in what’s happening outside ( allegory’s of Plato’s cave here ).
    No offense my friend, and have a nice day 🙂

  33. 33 : Zara Says:

    @Mystisith A thousand apologies for my mistake. I was preparing to launch an attack on your comment for the tone and sarcasm but I realized that it was my mistake after all. I thought you meant What’s Up and was comparing it to DH2. No offense but I do feel hurt by the Plato’s cave remark 🙂

  34. 34 : Mystisith Says:

    @ Zara Apologies accepted. I may have sharp tongue ( well
    keyboard ) and i felt surprised at your first answer, but i don’ t bite.
    Let’s forget about my last remark : I do love dramas AND philosophy, and i don’t mind mixing both apparently. 🙂
    Going back to our topic, i can’t wait for the next episodes !
    Here’s a link to a good fan MV i found on YT, enjoy !

  35. 35 : Yelda Says:

    I jus watch ep 2 and i dont get it does byunghee really die becoz thats just wierd!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 36 : blah Says:

    omg i love lee minki in here. why only a cameo )):

  37. 37 : mimi Says:

    Lee Minki is the one who makes the difference in this drama so far! But his is only a cameo. Let’s see how the show goes without him…

  38. 38 : taylor Says:

    Wow! Lee MK is da man!

  39. 39 : Tani Says:

    I just love this show! 🙂
    It’s different from all korean high school dramas, which I’ve watched. funny and cool and sexy and at the same time… sad. great show. thanks!

  40. 40 : peak Says:

    Oh my, what an amazing start! Love, love, love this drama! It has the right balance of attitude, angst and cuteness. It has great, nope, should be superb, acting especially by the LMK and SJ. IWhat’s more amazing – it is ridiculous yet realistic! How did they achieve that? I’m floored!

  41. 41 : jangerr Says:

    Well, if I may sum up my thoughts of this drama so far, it’ll be:

    The first episode grabs you from the moment go,
    The second episode causes you to explode with emotions, and
    The third episode guts you to the very core…

    How did a seemingly innocuous high school drama manage to do so much in so little time? Watch and you’ll find out…

  42. 42 : Zara Says:

    @Mystisith Wow thx for the great vid. Really one for keeps for my ipod.
    @jangerr It’s a drama that catches your attention immediately, doesn’t it?

    Good that pay TV is coming out with dramas that has so much depths in more ways than one instead of churning out the same standard dramas. Love the play of reality tv by the pix man at times. As a KPop fan too, like the fact that music dramas are getting more attention and are generating more interest. What’s Up is another great surprise, which I love too. Reluctant to watch DH2 though because of not so good rating. Loved every minute of DH1 even though I was Suzy-Taekyeon shipper 😉

  43. 43 : jangerr Says:


    It certainly does. Thank goodness I decided to give it a try. I’m not a fan of high school dramas so have been steering clear of them. Always thought that they are fluff and have no depth but SUFBB has proven me wrong… Unfortunately DH2 is confirming my thoughts about such dramas… Anyway SUFBB is so good I’ll follow it and see…

  44. 44 : Jay Says:

    watching episode 3. glad i decided to give this a go after reading a review on a blog. i like the way it was shot… it sort of exudes a jdrama feel. i always feel korean dramas are too lengthy and long-winded. so it’s nice that this drama is about 45 mins per episode. i hope all the guys get some limelight, not just on jihyuk.

  45. 45 : kriss Says:

    This drama is SERIOUSLY good! I’m loving every minute of it!

  46. 46 : Vi Says:

    Wow. I cannot believe the ridiculousness of this so-called series. They call this indie rock? This drama is not about music. Nope, it’s about exploiting pretty boys to get ratings from fangirls. And because they play in a “band”, it’s “real” music right, hmm, NOTHING like those plastic kpop groups. Haha, Cher’s face is more real than these kids.

    Their instruments aren’t accessories, for god’s sake. I demand the precious time I spent to watch this piece of crap (excuse my french) back.

    Admittedly, I did know that it was likely to be stupid. But there has been a rise in good indie bands on the scene lately, thanks to artists like Jaurim and Im Jae Beom appearing on the survival show I am a Singer. So I thought that maybe, just maybe, it might be something worth watching.

    I was dead wrong.

    If you plan on watching this for the so-called “music”, don’t even bother. Because if you’re looking for good music, you sure won’t find it here.

  47. 47 : KDaddict Says:

    I’ve watched the first 3 eps n like the show as KD, not as a music video. Esp love the 1st 2 eps featuring Lee Min Ki. He is such fun to watch. Too bad it’s only a cameo.
    The lead Sung Joon I had come across b4 in LTM. He plays the younger bro, n wasn’t impressive there. But this char seems to suit him more. I hope it continues to kick ass.

  48. 48 : andi_c Says:

    already watched 4 episodes with good subtitles…for those who want to watch it…just visit dramacrazyy.net..

    so far…the boys are doing so good..

  49. 49 : Mystisith Says:

    This show is my new crack. Just what i need now than What’s up ? is finished.
    @ Vi : I respect your opinion, but sadly i think you’ll be in the minority. If this drama is not about music ( actually there is music in it and all the stakes are about music, so i suppose you watched only 10 mins of it ) then i don’t know what it’s about. I think the music rocks
    ( yeah, i said it ). Btw, can you give me the title of a good rock or music drama for you ? I’d be curious.
    Those actors must have gone under the knife ? Or not. I don’t care. I don’t read tabloids or trash net sites, i watch dramas. If you want to see a drama with “ugly” musicians in it, i’ve got nothing against it. In fact it could be fun. A parody someone ? What i want is a good story with good acting to touch my heart. Here they do the job.

  50. 50 : Zara Says:

    @Vi In case you haven’t noticed, this is a site for Kdramas. We like this mostly because of story, script and acting, not so much the music but if the music is good (which to most of us, it is), it’s a bonus. I would suggest you go to music videos instead of dramas for the Indie music that you like very much. Good Luck!

  51. 51 : KDaddict Says:

    Like I said, we like it as a KD; don’t judge it as a music video.
    Do you watch a show abt sb trying to become a chef to learn to cook? Or a show w a fashion designer protagonist for a take on the latest Paris fashion? You get my drift.

  52. 52 : KDaddict Says:

    The actress is a newbie, but is faring rather well.
    It’s really surprising How v much better Sung Joon is here than in LTM. He is able to disappear into his char Ji Hyuk!

  53. 53 : Missa Says:

    I’m curious to know how this drama is doing, but why are there no ratings listed anywhere? It’s been 4 episodes already. There is rating listing for Dream High 2, which aired on the same day, but none for this series. 0_0?

  54. 54 : misopiso Says:

    This drama was not what I expected. It was really good and I’ve only watched two episodes! There’s really no boring scene and the drama is very “real.” Love it! <3

  55. 55 : princess Says:

    can’t imagine Byung Hee died at eps 3!!!!!! i like this drama the story line is good,strong character, and of course all the member flower boy band is cutee hahahaha

    But i don’t like Im soo Ah….i found that girl disturbing the drama hahahha LOL!

  56. 56 : mimi Says:

    Thank goodness Sung Joon is stepping up in the episodes last week! I mean, Lee Minki is such a charismatic actor with a really overwhelming presence that I was afraid the show will stumble without him. I miss him, that’s for sure, but I can still enjoy and appreciate the show without him. That said, can’t wait to see Lee Minki in a drama as the lead soon!

  57. 57 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Admin nim

    Just watch ep 1. I want to enjoy this drama but the way the camera men shoot this drama makes it uncomfortable for me to watch. Shifting of the camera here and there too many times and too fast especially the close up shots… Too fast makes me giddy.
    It makes the show a bit messy and makes viewers lost concentration.

    Can you please help to convey the message to the cameramen. I will be watching 2nd ep soon and hope it is not like the 1st one how it shoots the show…. Kamsa Hamnida 🙂

  58. 58 : OK OK OK Says:

    Just finished ep 1 to 4 – really nice. Tks KDaddict for recommending 🙂

    Luckily the shifting of the camera is not as irritating as the 1st ep. Sung Choon is very charming in this drama. Singing in Ep4 also very impressive. His outlook & style is really diff from drama Lie To Me.
    Too bad I cannot tune the volume louder louder bc its now over 1 am. Others need to sleep. Will repeat again. 🙂

    Wow, I didn’t know Lee Min Ki also can play guitar and also sings well too. All the casts here very impressive..

  59. 59 : OK OK OK Says:

    Jung Ui Chul (Jeong Eui Cheol) reminds me of Kim Sang-kyung (Kim Sang-kyeong) from Calls of the Country.

    Younger one Jung Ui CHul is more handsome.. 🙂

  60. 60 : Ana Says:

    This drama is just… ❤!!! Waaaah a big one!!!
    I just watched all 4 episodes. They passed like 4 minutes! I can’t wait for subs for next episode. I really really really like it. It is so interesting, you will never be bored. I have great expectation of it.
    And now I’m like on pins and needles!!!! I can’t wait for more!

  61. 61 : OK OK OK Says:

    *** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***

    Don’t worry, I am enjoying every bits of it…..
    All are great here…. 🙂

  62. 62 : nengssss Says:

    sung joon!!!

  63. 63 : KDaddict Says:

    @OK OK OK-58,
    In ep 1, the camera shifted like mad bc the guys r doing a homemade vid to introduce members of the band. Once they stop doing that, regular filming resumes.

  64. 64 : fannylove Says:

    Love this drama! Great!!!

  65. 65 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 63 KDaddict

    Besides the homemade video, other parts also shaky. I think the camera men is new. His hand not steady…. other episodes also a little like that.


  66. 66 : KDaddict Says:

    I love love the name of their band: Eyeball Purification!! So cool!!
    But after 6 eps, I’m still just getting to differentiation all the band members fr each other.
    Ji Hyuk of course I know. The drummer looks Eurasian n is easy to id. He is Do Il. His family owns a pool hall. The one of guitar has an attitude; he also has a little sister that he needs to tend. When he botches the performance in ep 6, we’ll remember him for sure; he is Hyun Soo. The playboy is tall w curly hair. The other one is short n cute. These two I’ve yet to get to know better.
    The Rich Boy maybe good-looking, but his 2 bandmates r not. I think adolescent girls prefer rough looking rebels to clean cut rich boys any day of the week! Unless of course in that school they r trained to do otherwise??

  67. 67 : jangerr Says:

    @66 KDaddict

    Is that what their band name is? I thought it was Eye Candy! Of course Eye Candy is much better but your Eyeball Purification is so much more fun!!!

    Anyway, glad that each of the team mates have their own identity and story. And also love the fact that their relationship is not the goody-goody-no-problem-whatsoever kind but they have their internal strives and conflicts with each other. That makes if more realistic and gives more dimension as well as depth to their individual character and relationship with each other.

  68. 68 : KDaddict Says:

    Their band name is Eyeball Purification or Eyeball Cleansing, meaning looking at them will purify or cleanse your eyeballs!! Isn’t it the cutest coolest name?
    Dramabeans just decided to call them Eye Candy for short. it is not a literal translation but an indirect one for the gist of it. 🙂
    You not watching METS?
    Not too much else going on right now. Waiting for new shows w neck stretched out, way out! 12 men in a year, Rooftop Prince, please come quick quick!

  69. 69 : Charlie Says:

    I like this show too. Although the start was a little shaky, but it turned around pretty nicely I think it is the most interesting one on tv currently.
    The leading man, I didn’t like him in Lie To Me, seemed a little weak on the acting side, but he’s doing fantastic job here. He gives the character the depth to make him so unique.I love his performance here and all the others are coming along too. The leading girl is doing good job too, she’s so tinny, making big contrast comparing with the leading man, then again, it make her appear to be more vulnerable and needed to be protected.

  70. 70 : Charlie Says:

    Also I like the hard-rock music. It may sounds noisy to some ears, but I enjoy it. It is a rare treat.

  71. 71 : jangerr Says:


    Oooo! I like Eyeball Cleansing too!!!

    Anyway, I’ve not started watching METS. Not sure if I should as I’m not very fond of period dramas. And I’m not too fond of the female lead too… She’s really pretty but her acting skills leave much to be desired.

  72. 72 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Mic

    I Know you are on the way here bc read yr threads else where 🙂
    I am sure you will fall in love with the male lead Sung Joon bc I do. He is very STYLO & MANLY. As for the female lead, she is also a lovely lady. 🙂 Enjoy

  73. 73 : OK OK OK Says:

    Guys & Gals

    If someone of the opp sex shown interest in you and have told you so and if you are NOT interested – please tell him/her. Don’t just keep numb…. 🙂
    At least you don’t make them confuse or feel miserable for long ……….
    Ji Hyuk – please tell the salon girl ASAP if you are not interested in her — OK !!

  74. 74 : KDaddict Says:

    Looks like a bunch of us have migrated over here.
    I’m liking this a lot. In ep 1 n 2, I was just enjoying LeeMK. Of all the guys who wear eyeliner, I like his look the best! In ep 3, 4, I was suffering fr the death of his char., n nto altogether w it! Finally in ep 5,6, I’m really into Ji Hyuk n the guys. I like the girl fr day 1. Nice premiere!

    @OK OK OK-58,
    You r welcome. I’m glad u r enjoying this so much.
    That’s a good one! #73 makes me laugh! TQ.

  75. 75 : Charlie Says:

    @OK OK OK 73,
    Between feeling confused and miserable, and rejection and desperation, which will you choose? I think most people would choose earlier because it still make you feel there is a hope. 💔
    Yeah, I agree Sung Joon should tell that poor girl that he loves someone else because she has no hope but get out the misery.

  76. 76 : Charlie Says:

    Who would name a band Strawberry Field, only geeks. 😳😓😃

  77. 77 : Charlie Says:

    @KDaddict 74,
    Yes. I have migrated here. I couldn’t care less about TMES now. JIW is such waste and when I hear people who look the same age (the mom) or even younger (Jiw & KSH) calling Wol Ah Yi, it make me puke. JIW is such a waste in that show. I’m totally abandoning that show now.

  78. 78 : taylor Says:

    This is THE show at the moment!

  79. 79 : OK OK OK Says:

    @75 Charlie

    Ha ha, you mean more people will prefer confused and miserable ?
    Me the opposite. I prefer truth. Why waste time on someone who don’t love you. Move on — there are still many nice guys in this world – eg KSH, JIL, LDW, AJwook, Park Si Hoo, Lee Byung Hun, Bae Yong Jun, Jae Hee & many others I can’t think of right now ……. 🙂

  80. 80 : Charlie Says:

    @OK OK OK 79,
    The world is not just black and white. There are more parts being grey. And then the grey can turn into black or white. 😳
    Your other nice guy list can go on and on. 😍

  81. 81 : agave Says:

    I wasn’t going to watch this until after it ended, but I have seen so many good reviews that I decided to watch one or two episodes a few days ago. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up watching the first 4 episodes. Now I have to go back and pay more attention to the earlier episodes before I continue because when I first watched them, I didn’t realize I would enjoy them so much. I kept waiting to be disappointed and that didn’t happen.

    One thing I love is how each band member has a distinct personality, so I didn’t get the feeling that the supporting band members were just there to support the leading band members. I also like the lead female because she seems like a real teen – not to perfect and not too cool. I also enjoy the fact that the male and female rivals to the main romance have their own storylines, so they should not just be there to support the main romance.

    Regarding the band’s name, it’s interesting to see that there are other interpretations because DramaFever calls the band Eye Candy and I thought that was bit much – even though they are indeed eye candy.

  82. 82 : agave Says:

    For those who care about ratings, the show has received good ratings, so far.

    This drama airs on Pay-TV.

    A rating of 1.0 on Pay-TV is a hit show. This show has ratings well above that number.

  83. 83 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ agave 82

    I am happy that you like it. Enjoy….. Did you watch Lie to Me? This lead guy Sung Choon actually he is younger brother of Kang Ji Hwan in LTM. What a diff? Now he had transformed into a more rugged outlook with manly character 🙂

  84. 84 : OK OK OK Says:

    Oops sorry, I mean Sung Joon — not Sung Choon. 😉

  85. 85 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 80 Charlie

    The world is not just black and white – you are right.


  86. 86 : KDaddict Says:

    I understand how you feel abt METS, since u ONLY care for JIW in it, n he has a role that sucks! I don’t like what the script has done, but at least the show offers me a bunch of actors to love: KSH, JIW, KSM, the one who plays Hyung Su; I even think that the bad guys r doing a bang up job: Minister Yoon n Old Witch dowager–they make us want to tear their face up! That’s why I put up w that scripting!
    Isn’t it lovely that this show is pure enjoyment! Ah……Like a cup of good cappuccino after burning the midnite oil!
    If u read Dramabeans’ recap when she named the band, you’ll see her clearly saying: “I’ll just call them Eye Candy.” For short n for ease of use w ref to popular western parlance. That’s an interpretation. That’s where the name comes fr in various Subs. It’s shorthand for Eyeball Purification, which is a literal translation of the Korean name.

  87. 87 : KDaddict Says:

    In #86, I mean,
    By contrast, THIS show, Shut up FFB, is pure enjoyment! …It feels so relaxing after the frustration w METS!

  88. 88 : KDaddict Says:

    @OK OK OK-83,
    Yep! Sung Joon is in his element here! What a diff fr his turn in LTE as Kang JH’s baby bro! That was such a bland char! This one is a role that will take his career up a notch!

  89. 89 : jangerr Says:

    @ KDaddict

    Since many of us are now following SUFBB, any chance of you doing the recaps of this show? Love to read your recaps, especially you funny aside remarks!

  90. 90 : agave Says:

    @83 – OK OK OK

    No, I haven’t seen Lie to Me yet. I have to check that out to see this different version of the actor.

    @86 – KDaddict

    DramaFever calls the band Eye Candy in its English subs. I thought Dramabeans got that name from DF’s subs. I also see that Eye Candy is used on this site. I’m interested in finding an English subbed version that calls them Eye Purification. I love that name. 🙂

    This name difference reminds me of why I love to watch a variety of subs when I like a drama because there are often slight, but critical interpretation differences between each group’s subs. I know I had a field day with the different Return of Iljimae English subs. LOL!

    Just after I watched ep 4, Dramafever added ep 5 and now I see that it also has ep 6. YES!!!

  91. 91 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 90 Agave

    In Lie to Me – actually when the drama keep commenting Sung Joon is very handsome & other girls are wooing him, I keep asking, is he? How come I cannot see it? 🙂

    But now in SUFBB, he is very suave, he portray his character well …. I started to like him, his outlook & his manly character. I think he is handsome in his own ways …….. 🙂

    Btw, I enjoy ep 14 Moon Embraces the Suns — very much. nomu nomu huay ye yo !!! HGI – WOL regains her memory !!! 🙂

  92. 92 : OK OK OK Says:

    nomu nomu CHUA ye yo. TA !!!! 🙂

  93. 93 : KDaddict Says:

    안구=eyeball; 정화=purification. Therefore the band’s name 안구 정화 is Eyeball Purification, if u ask anyone who can read Hangul. I first mentioned it in #66 bc I thought it was so cool, so full of char. The band boys themselves also seem to make a big deal out of it as they often use it in their rally calls.
    I don’t use Eng subs for first run KDs, way too slow for my taste, so I’ve no idea what they r using out in the subbing-landscape. “Eye Candy” is not wrong; it is an interpretation of the term, an indirect translation that makes use of a term familiar to western viewers, but IMO, is a case of sth being lost in translation.
    BTW, what does “agave” mean? I’ve the impression that u hair fr the midwest, even upper midwest, ya?

  94. 94 : KDaddict Says:

    You “hail” fr the midwest? 1 letter makes all the diff.

  95. 95 : KDaddict Says:

    Thanks for liking my recaps. Rt now I’m nursing my wound fr the failed love affair w METS. Too soon for me to fall head over heels w another bunch of guys yet. But you know that if I really like a show, I can’t keep my mouth shut. So I’ll be weighing in on this one for sure, w or w/o recap.

    @OK OK OK-91, agave-90,
    I said the same thing abt Sung Joon 2 pages ago, that the rt role makes all the diff, soon as I started watching Shut Up FBB. But agave, don’t bother to watch LTM in its entirety. For as much as I like Kang JH n YoonEH, that show is a complete waste of time owing to a script that had no BD idea what it wanted to do or go. It certainly didn’t make good use of Sung Joon either. What a horrible, unforgivable waste of star power!

  96. 96 : agave Says:

    @77 -Charlie

    I understand about TMETS and agree that JIW is wasted on that show, but I just watched eps 13 and 14 and enjoyed them more than eps 9-12, so I plan to continue to watch until the end mainly for the JIW scenes.

    I think it helps that I never loved the show, so I never got as disappointed with it as some who used to love it.

    @91 – OK OK OK

    It’s interesting how the right role can make an actor hot, isn’t it? I’m really looking forward to seeing Sung Joon in Lie to Me.

    I also enjoyed TMETS’ ep 14 (and 13) and hope that momentum carries through for the rest of the series.

    @93 – KDaddict

    Agave is a plant that is native to Mexico that is used to make a popular sweetener, agave nectar. It was also so popular with the Aztecs that they considered it a gift from the gods. They used it to flavor their foods and also for medicinal purposes. I also recently found out that agave is used to make tequila.

    @95 – KDaddict

    Yeah, I heard that Lie to Me loses its focus before the end, so I am prepared. Unfortunately, that’s true for so many dramas. Since I have been warned, I may enjoy it more than if I had watched it while it was airing.

  97. 97 : KDaddict Says:

    I see. It’s a Mexican plant that gives nectar. How sweet!
    To see that LTM “loses its focus before the end” is putting it Way too mildly. 🙂 Its script is just not the same as so many dramas that does that. You’ve been warned.

  98. 98 : agave Says:

    @97 – KDaddict

    Thanks for the additional warning because although I remember reading that viewers were disappointed by the end of LTM, I don’t remember the details. The way you describe what happened to LTM sounds similar to the complaints I have read about what happened to My Fair Lady.

    Not even the end of Bad Guy generated as much criticism as MFL received because as disappointed as viewers were with the end of Bad Guy, they understood that it was caused by real world events.

    I think I may read the episode recaps of LTM before I watch the entire show. In the meantime, I’m going to look for clips of Sung Joon’s scenes because I want to see him in action in such a different character.

  99. 99 : jangerr Says:

    @ KDaddict

    Oh, you poor thing! Sorry to hear about your failed love affair… Hope you’ll pull out of it soon. Anyway nothing better than some eyeball purification to help ‘purified’ you from what you’ve seen, eh?

  100. 100 : min Says:

    This show is seriously good! Didn’t expect a show about a high school band to be so-oooo good. Storyline, pacing, characters, chemistry – all have exceeded my expectation. There’s just so much going for it!

  101. 101 : Charlie Says:

    @agave 96
    Yes. It is exactly what it is. I loved that show so much, that’s why I am so disappointed.
    Regarding Lie to Me, I didn’t like that show when it was first showing on tv. The story line was ridiculous to. UEH, who was so cute in Goong, also looked a little aged; so was the leading man. But I watched it second time when was really bored a few weeks ago, and I actually enjoyed it. I guess the second time, I knew the story, didn’t put in high hope, was just killing time, and it turned out I enjoyed some funny moments and found some parts were actually very sexy. Just start it without high hope, and then you’d enjoy it. Maybe this is true for viewing all dramas. I guess I have been spoiled by all the excellent dramas had been produced.

  102. 102 : Charlie Says:

    @KDaddict 86,
    Yes. I only care for JIW in that show. Although I watched a few shows KSH was in and admit he was pretty good in acting, but I haven’t been crazy for him, even he has grown up now. I don’t know why. You felt so hot for him, even got excited by his bathing scene. Me, on the other hand, I couldn’t careless what was under, unless that wasn’t the king but Prince YM 🙂
    So I guess this is not my cup of “cappuccino”. But no more complains, since there are so many people enjoying it, including you.

  103. 103 : Mystisith Says:

    This show is with Salaryman one of the best shows airing actually. Innovative, good script, good camera work, good acting. Plus the OST is a killer for this one : The song of Lee Min Ki blows me :
    The cute boys are bonus to top the cake.

  104. 104 : sara Says:

    excellent drama,acting and story line.it hit you from the very first episode.highly recommended

  105. 105 : KDaddict Says:

    @jangerr, Charlie,
    Hi there, I wasn’t really That hot for that bath scene in METS, hee! Maybe bc I know he was just a kid a yr ago in DHi. But if we r gonna enjoy a KD, then we better go w the flow, n maximize our reaction to the fan-service scenes!
    I’m mighty promiscuous when it comes to KD n K-actors. I’m in love w most male leads in shows that I love. I loved PSH in TPM, KJH in LTM, KSH in METS, Yoonie in My Fair Lady, etc. Either they do a good job or I’m good audience, i.e. willing sucker, hence the addiction.
    Ya, this show is mighty good antidote to the bitter taste in the mouth left by METS; so is Cha Tae Hyun in First Love of a Prince, which I’m currently watching. He is PURE joy! It is so good to watch these 2 shows that r NOT frustrating at all!

  106. 106 : KDaddict Says:

    It’s the shows that Could have Been excellent but turn out badly that get us so mad. Sure, LTM has some funny n sexy moments, but w KJW n YEH in front of the cameras, it could have been so much more. Just like Can’t Lose featuring Yoonie n my fav Choi JW. Both r cases of lousy scripting wasting perfectly good combinations of gt actors or at least actors w fantastic appeal. I’m convinced that there is an abundance of good actors in K-ent, perhaps owing to the hi rewards that attract the best to the ind, but a lack of good scriptwriters. If scripts were worth more money, then maybe better ppl would be attracted to the job!

  107. 107 : KDaddict Says:

    Cont. fr 106–MyFL is another case in pt. That was entirely a Yoonie vehicle. It was funny how He was running in every scene! It seemed that Running was 90% of what they required of him! And Poor YEH might as well not be there! They could have put a mannequin in her role! If ever a part was written to kill a career, that was it. Entirely unforgivable. Only her immense popularity fr Goong n her hugh following fr her band girl days saved her. While watching, I kept thinking, “No, come on, this can’t be it! They MUST give her sth to do in the next ep!” Lo n behold, Nothing! N then it ended! And u go incredulously, “What the Fxxk? That’s it?” The ending was bad, but no worse than the rest of the show! It did however prove that Yoonie was a hardworking n physical actor! Oh, n that he could sing!

  108. 108 : jangerr Says:

    @ agave, charlie, KDaddict

    Like most of you, I was caught in by MFL b’cos of the 2 biggies – YEH & Yoonie. But after a few episodes, I found that I can’t continue watching it without parking my brain somewhere else, far far away. I was totally disappointed with the story and also YEH’s acting which was terribly painful to watch. Like what KD has mentioned, she might as well be a mannequin!

    Then along came LTM. The warning bells sounded when I watched the 1st epi. But no, I ignored it as I was hoping against hope. It can’t be! They can’t do this to YEH again! Besides, we have a mega star here, KJH, right? So I continue to watch and watch… But by the 3rd epi, I realised that it was going nowhere and will be a waste of my time to continue, so I stopped. So glad that I did that!

    Anyway, back to SUFBB now before fellow fans of this show think they’ve entered the wrong thread. What this drama has shown me is that, yes, a dosage of star wattage is great (see how incredibly charismatic LMK is!). But it still need a confluence of factors, like good script, tight pacing, credible acting, believable chemistry, etc… So from now on, I’ll not be sucked in by mere star power! (or at least I’ll try, hehehe!)

  109. 109 : Duchess Says:

    Yep, this one and Salaryman are both tops currently plus the recently ended What”s Up. As #103 said, “Innovative, good script, good camera work, good acting” and a decent OST. Prove that you don’t need big names and big budget to sell a good drama.

  110. 110 : KDaddict Says:

    This is a response to your comment that “at least a deer is cute”. Oh, boy oh boy! I haven’t dared say what is Really on my mind abt HGI’s performance on the METS thread. You’ve no idea how hard I tried w my wording when it comes to talking abt her on that thread!

    Regarding #109,
    Actually, logically it should be:
    1. You don’t need big names n big budget to “Have” a good drama.
    2. But big names n big budget sure help to “sell” a drama.
    Having a good drama n selling one r 2 very diff matters.
    Or we can say:
    3. Having big names n big budget doesn’t guarantee a good drama.
    These r 3 conceptually different ideas.
    And, I never said Salaryman wasn’t good. I only said its Packaging wasn’t. Those two r conceptually diff ideas as well!

  111. 111 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s a wise decision: Not to be sucked in by star power. I think it is possible that when a production blows big bucks on megastars, they have less $ left for other things, like the script, OST, etc. N they might figure, oh, they’ll come see so-and-so no matter what. Less attn is taken all around. The shows we named, n My Princess r proof or r victims of that. But no matter what, good scripts r so rare in KD-land.
    Good shows w/o big names like this one n Salaryman have an indies feel to them. They may have to depend on word of mouth to find their audience. Or w Salaryman, it may becm a sleeper n be underrated.

  112. 112 : Duchess Says:

    There you go: You don’t really nid fantastic packaging like big star names and bright and colorful poster to attract viewers. The viewers will come eventually when you have a great script and good cast. That’s why to sell here meaning to attract viewers. Your point of big name and big budget help to sell a drama is not the issue here because viewers will go if script is no good, just as you say. I still stick to ‘you don’t need big……to sell a GOOD drama”. To me it’s a chicken and egg situation so thanks but no thanks for the English lesson.

  113. 113 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s the pt: It is not an English lesson, but a matter of Logic.
    But I tire of it. So, enough.

  114. 114 : JaEe Says:

    @Duchess I love Yoo Bang and company too and yesss, What’s Up is great too. I think I fell in love with Byung Gun’s voice. I hope the OST will come out soon. In this drama, I like all of them but I think my bias is Ji Hyuk. And Soo Ah is very pretty.

  115. 115 : Charlie Says:

    To me, although stars are not everything, other stuff have to come along as well; but with my favorite actors and actresses in it, it’s a good start, at least. If other stuff don’t come along, I may get disappointed, but at least, I got to see my favorite people.

  116. 116 : KDaddict Says:

    Shut Up FBB! Ep 7:
    I love a show that is smarter than its viewers. I love a show that can back up its chars to the wall, get us all worried, n then find ways of letting them out, that r smart, entertaining n feel natural. This show does that! And more!
    The following is a Spoiler if u haven’t seen Ep 7!
    They kissed! Next day she is all nervous n backs off. His pride is hurt but he still cares, enough to chase her down the lane when he sees her running off in a hurry. And then it goes on to touch n move us w the romance n the bromance.
    Shortie (sorry, the shortest of the guys) has plenty of heart. He not only chides the Playboy not to treat nice girls so poorly, he also chides them for leaving their guitarist to stew in his guilt. What a nice guy.
    They lost the song contest but won widespread internet popularity. I LOVE their tight camaraderie, which even a contract w an entertainment company can’t break! And it doesn’t feel artificial.

    With a script like this, which makes chars come alive, we’ll love those chars n the show a lot, much more so than shows like MFL, LTM, MyPrincess, etc. which turn perfectly charismatic actors into mannequins, n insult our intelligence in the process.

  117. 117 : ericka grace Says:

    The teaser was shown after I watched the Flower boy ramyun shop. It caught my attention,,. IM EXCITED TO WATCH IT..!

  118. 118 : OK OK OK Says:

    My guessing – I think Jang Do Il is interested in Bang Woo Kyung. 🙂
    BWK, don’t worry about Soo Ah. You are still a pretty girl in your own way..

  119. 119 : jangerr Says:

    @116 KDaddict

    Yay! Thanks for the mini recap! Really love how this show is able to use simple gestures – like the way JH linked his hands with SA before the kiss, the way the guys jumped onto HS at his home and tickled him – and make them so loaded with meanings and feelings!

    @118 OK OK OK

    Me think the same too. Do Il is definitely interested in WK. He always have this sad look on his face when he sees WK hitting on JH … And see how he always stick around to comfort her when her efforts with JH were in vain…

  120. 120 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 8:
    How cool is it that Ji Hyuk tears up the contract w/o even having to think abt it!
    How honest n decent is So Ah to return everything to Seung Hoon n tell him off!
    But I don’t understand the agent’s Qn: Consider carefully whether you need friends so you play music, or whether you play music becos u need friends! I considered carefully n have no BD idea what the diff is!?
    JK thinks nothing of refusing a contract that doesn’t include all his friends. Seung Hoon never considered for a moment to include his bandmates in a debut. That speaks volumes twds the diff betwn these 2 guys.
    Shortie (pls don’t take it as a derogatory term; I use it as a term of endearment n only cos he is the shortest of the guys) is so cute when he pouts. He has so much heart. He is the one to invite So Ah along for their party; he is the one to stick out an extra fist n say that one is Byung Hee’s. I really like him.
    It’s convenient that the restaurant where So Ah works has a long bench in front–just rt for the guys to sit on when they take turns waiting for her! Hee!
    The girl who has a crush on JH (I don’t consider it love since it is completely one-sided) is playing dirty by pulling “Byung Hee’s muse” on JH, to make him feel guilty abt loving SA. Come on girl, JH doesn’t love you! He never will! So let him be!
    I don’t remember what JH’s mother’s situation is, but she might be loaded, seeing that she sent her consent form via a lawyer.
    I really really JH as a person!

  121. 121 : KDaddict Says:

    Hmm…., Why doesn’t JH tell WK outright that he isn’t interested in her? I think:
    1. He believes that action speaks louder the words, n that she should get it acc to the way he’s been treating her.
    2. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. Always thinking of the group as a whole, he doesn’t want them to have to deal w the fallout.
    3. We can tell that Do Il is interested in WK, so maybe he knows too, n needs to tread gently around the matter. If he pisses off MK, it might piss off Do Il even more.
    On Do Il n WK:
    I tend Not to want to see DI n WK get together, for many reasons:
    1. DI is so attractive, so nice that I want a girl for him who Only has eyes for him, Not sb who “settles” for him after being spurned by sb else whom she has loved for many years.
    2. Friendship is such a central theme of the show; I’m more interested in seeing MK n DI become good friends; that should make it stand out among KDs, which r always into pairing up chars.
    3. MK has been kinda like “one of the guys” aside fr her crush on JH. It’d be nice to see her grow out of her one-sided desire for JH, n mature into a true friend, n be truly one of the guys.

  122. 122 : Charlie Says:

    I don’t know what to say. Not much excitement in the episode 7 and 8.

  123. 123 : jangerr Says:

    @ KDaddict

    Idk… I still prefer if JH can man up. I love everything about him – the way he stood up for SA & for his band when it matters, it shows that to him, people matters more than things or success; his voice, his guitar talent… But this is one thing that I don’t like – stringing WK along. As long as he does not tell her in so many words, he’s leading her on, giving her false hope. I mean, look at SA, a mere slip of a girl, yet she stood up and tell SH that he has no place in her heart… Whether the other party back off or persist, that’s another story. At least, it’s been made clear…

  124. 124 : KDaddict Says:

    @ Hi jangerr-123,
    I know what u mean. If the show had given JH 5 secs to tell WK in one sentence that he has no interest in her, like SA did to SH, n if WK still continues to behave this way, then we’d all see that it’s WK being too clingy. Don’t know why they didn’t do that. Those were the reasons I could think of. Let’s hope that this show, which has been so smart, will give us an answer somewhere down the road.
    I’m working on catching up w Salaryman, n enjoying it immensely. Have u seen it?

  125. 125 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Jangerr – 123

    Feast of the Gods by Sung Yu Ri & Joo Sang Wook – NICE 🙂 🙂

  126. 126 : Mystisith Says:

    This drama is all about interaction, and i love the fact that loyalty is a key when a character is about to make decisions ( for bad reasons even, like dismissing a clingy old groupie ). The chaos in the love life of everyone is normal : They are just young people, and even if they play tough, it’s a first for many of them so they don’t know how to deal with it. Plus raging hormones = explosive cocktail. Here is proven than hands can be hotter than lips, cuteness overload.
    At that point, i’m ready to bet than Strawberry fields and Shut up team will have to be allies at the end : Ok, that’s just my wish… Those wealthy arrogant kids have to learn and grow before that.
    About friends for music or music to have friends thing, it’s just a way to hand a mirror : If you have music in your veins, you would play music alone in the desert and the band is secondary. But if you go into music for the camaraderie, you’ll be able to give up on music one day to save your friendship. 2 visions of life.

  127. 127 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s very well put, all around! Proves that you haven’t been a serial watch for nothing! Hee hee hee.
    I need to go back to re-watch that Qn put forth by the agent. I don’t think she put it anywhere near that eloquently or even clearly.

  128. 128 : jangerr Says:


    Actually I was following Salaryman for a while but found that it has been rather uneven – sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not… So I’ve stopped watching it but I may give it another try when the show completes.

    @ OK OK OK

    Yup, I’m watching Feast of the Gods and I like it! Only snag is subbing is very slow for this drama… Only the first 2 episodes are subbed…. 🙁

  129. 129 : KDaddict Says:

    U’ve got to be one of the most level-headed viewers I know! 🙂

    Sung Yu Ri was gt in Prince’s First Love. Is she good in Feast of the Gods?

  130. 130 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 128 – jangerr

    So I guess you read english sub only. Chinese sub always update very fast.
    I like the scene when Sung Yu Ri realize that Joo Sang Wook got a gf.
    At 1st she thought that JSW is interested in her bc treating her very nice. ha ha 😛

  131. 131 : jangerr Says:

    @126 Myst

    I would love that to happen! That Strawberry Fields have to work together with Eye Candy in the end. But of course, we must have the wealthy arrogant kids eating some humble pie and doing some growing up before that.

    Love your explanation on friends for music or music for friends thing! Exactly what I thought except that I couldn’t have put it more eloquently!

    @129 KD

    Well, after having watched tons of kdramas plus now I have less time to watch, I have no choice but to be more selective…

    Anyway, if you like Sung Yu Ri, you should watch Hong Gil Dong too! She’s simply adorable there!

    @130 OK OK OK

    Actually I can reach Chinese subs too but unfortunately, tudou is not available in my country… Boo hoo hoo! Is there any other sites that I can watch with Chinese subs?

    Yup, I know the scene you were talking about. Poor Yu Ri, she looked so crestfallen!

  132. 132 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ jangerr – 131

    I hv tried sending in the link through here with diff methods 5 to 6 times alr and the msg won’t appear here. I don’t know why.

    it is tv dot meiku dot org and you just type in the title. After you got into the page, just look for green word – READ MORE.

    Mysoju has updated up to 4th ep on 23 Feb.

    So far, I hv watch SSFBB till ep 8 – still enjoying it.
    Another nice drama – comedy with excitement – LIGHTS & SHADOWS. do give it a try. 🙂

  133. 133 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Jangerr

    I mean look for GREEN WORD – READ MORE – click it and the show will start to load. You can load all parts, pause so that you can watch them later – bc all parts alr loads. Hope you know what i mean 🙂
    Finally the msg 132 gone through. I tried at least 1/2 hour. Phew !!!

  134. 134 : KDaddict Says:

    I watched Hong Gil Dong many years ago when it aired, but wasn’t too impressed. I remember both leads, that’s abt all.
    Am working on Salaryman, n Tamra the Island.

  135. 135 : fxxxfbb Says:

    huh !
    Shutup :Flower Boy Band is the worst drama I ever watched !

  136. 136 : Mystisith Says:

    @ 135 : You must feel lonely these days, all alone in your ” i hate SUFBB ” side… and i wonder how many dramas you actually watched. Are you a DH2 shipper maybe ?
    Don’t like, don’t watch. But don’t be insulting. Thanks.

  137. 137 : KDaddict Says:

    Sometimes there r lunatics on these threads!

  138. 138 : Mystisith Says:

    @ KDa : Thanks for the warning ! I know, i should ignore trolls and haters of any kind, but i can’t help it : I can’t stand gratuitous vulgarity. I wonder if they feel better after spitting their venom. I’d rather invest in boxing lessons or yoga if i were them, it’s better for health.
    For my part, i proclaim this show ROCKS. Can’t wait for next eps.

  139. 139 : fransiska s Says:


  140. 140 : KDaddict Says:

    I just finished 16 eps of Salaryman to be caught up. I find each ep to be funny, well scripted, fast-paced, intriguing, full of plot pts to mull over. There hasn’t been a slow ep for me. It is one of the best written, best acted n best directed dramas I’ve ever seen. I don’t find anything uneven abt it. 🙂
    I’m going to vote it the Best Drama of 2012 when the time comes.

  141. 141 : KDaddict Says:

    Usually I’m the one to shoo them off. When sb is way out on left field, I feel that someone should tell them. Good to have you the same way!

  142. 142 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 9:
    Love these boys for their solidarity! But it looks like that solidarity is going to be put to the test in the face of fame and fortune. Three of them don’t seem to care abt success more than their friendship, but one of them seems of the verge of defection given half a chance: Hyun Soo. He is the least loyal of the bunch, or most ambitious.
    A lot of the angst comes fr the animosity betwn them n Seung Hoon. Since he is a genius songwriter, he is in a good position to lure Hyun Soo away n break up the group.
    WooK is getting real tiresome!
    Are there many Korean fathers who run away by themselves n leave their pre-adult daughters to deal w their debtors? Dream Hi also features such a father. He not only left his teenage daughter, but also a much younger one to fend for themselves. I swear there is yet another drama that has such a father. Strange!

  143. 143 : Mystisith Says:

    @ 142 KDa : I’m infuriated too about those unworthy fathers. Same case in Mary Stayed Out. I find it very difficult to get attached to such characters. Aren’t they scared about their kids to be beaten or worst ? The logical and emotional choice would be to go abroad together to start a new life. And anyway, i don’t understand why loan sharks would harass high schoolers to get back their money : If they were financially comfortable they wouldn’t study in crappy schools nor live in rooftops homes. Just saying…
    I suppose we have to stretch our suspension of disbelief to the max to swallow such premises.

  144. 144 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 10:
    What? 안구정화 screws up Yet another performance? This is the 3rd one already! Can’t the writer let them finish ONE performance properly? Come on!

  145. 145 : Mystisith Says:

    @KDaddict : At that pace they should work their ass off for 6 months at the nearest convenience store then rent a recording studio for 1 hour in order to get their single. But of course, there would be no drama. 🙂
    Because when you think of it, today anyone can produce music at home with all the softwares and stuff. Music Majors are useful to musicians only for big scale promotion. Plus if they don’t like you as an indy they can shoot you down…

  146. 146 : aeennn Says:

    i really like this drama……..

  147. 147 : KDaddict Says:

    Talk abt suspending disbelief! We do that willingly all the time while watching dramas; just that at times they stretch it beyond the limit n rankles the audience!

  148. 148 : jangerr Says:

    Eek! I’m not sure I like the prettified versions of Eye Candy when they had the makeover for the photo shoot… I mean, they look good but somehow they lose the edginess and grunge. What do you guys think?

  149. 149 : Mystisith Says:

    @ jangerr. Don’t worry ! I’m sure the boys will escape the idol factory at the first occasion. 🙂
    It’s funny, because for Byung Hee the guyliner was like his second skin, but for the other members of the group it’s not their cup of tea.
    And oh my… Those variety shows they have to do : I would hate that since i’m not an outgoing person. I love that the drama shows how fake it is (standards answers, invented facts…).

  150. 150 : marie Says:

    I can’t believe that another performance has gone wrong for my boys seriously I had to rewind that part several times before it sunk in that it happened again!

    Why can’t we have one performance without any drama so we can listen to them perform the entire song is that too much to ask yeah I am talking to you writers of SUFBB.

    Also I wanted to magically go through my computer screen and knock out pyo-joo, seung hoon and everyone else there because attacking a girl and standing by while a girl is viciously attacked puts you in my bad books permanently.

    no one called for help or tried to stop it until the last moment which is still not an excuse for Seung Hoon even though you are ignoring her where are all those years of friendship? This is exactly why a girl will choose Ji Hyuk over you any day because of this attitude at least Ji hyuk wouldn’t do that.

    Okay that’s it with my complaints now onto the happy couple moments, awwww I just adore the romance with Ji Hyuk and Suah they are so adorable together.

    Yerim is one brave girl to try to catch iceberg Hyunsoo brrrr he is cold but fortunately she is not fazed by his comments which obviously throws him off his game. The scene where she tells him that she likes him the expression on his face is priceless definitely a kodak moment. You go girl! Yerim I support you 100% percent just stock up on lots of supplies because it’s going to be a long winter battle to scale the walls of Hyunsoo’s heart.

    I know my boys will face difficulties but they will come out stronger in the end! “fingers crossed”

    as you can tell I am really loving this show lol!

  151. 151 : Charlie Says:

    @KDaddict 140,
    Hey. It’s too early to vote for the best drama for 2012.
    You can vote for the best drama for the first two months of 2012 though. 😉

  152. 152 : jangerr Says:

    @132 OK OK OK

    Thanks for the link to meiku. I managed to get into the site but can’t seem to get to the show that I want… Where is the correct place for me to type the name of the show? Cos’ when I type it, I was brought to a random site!

  153. 153 : upekshya Says:

    Oh you guys are sooo coolll i love you alll hope you wil be another drama i miss byung hee so much¡¡¡

  154. 154 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 152 Jangerr

    Once u r in the site, look for the (SEARCH – 搜尋) on the right hand side of the page. Type in the titles and (episode if you want that particular ep)

    tv dot meiku dot org
    (pls do not type wrongly, if not you will go somewhere else.

    Hope this info helps 🙂

    Wow, u really missing in action for a week. I thought you are enjoying the dramas by now and no time to reply. hehehe 🙂

    If u watch Feast of the Gods, I rather talk to u on that page to bring the number up for Sung Yu Ri & Joo Sang Wook

  155. 155 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 9

    I enjoy it very much bc L (Kim Myung Soo) as Lee Hyun Soo sings solo in it and like his singing. The lady singing also very nice.

    IMO, L is the most handsome among all here. 🙂
    With looks, style & characters………
    Hope you can keep growing tall – at least 1.8m tall. Wish you all the best

    Aja aja fighting

  156. 156 : OK OK OK Says:

    @KDaddict – 144

    Ep 10
    Ha ha. The wire came off from the electric guitar – playing live on TV some more. I am not worried at all bc it will be talk of the town and they will become more popular after that — I guess.

    Lee Hyun Soo is jealous of Kim Ha Jin bc i think LHS is actually already attracted to the lady singer Kim Ye Rim 😉

  157. 157 : KDaddict Says:

    @OK OK OK-156,
    Worry or not, that issue aside, I’d just like to see them finish One concert properly, n listen to that WHOLE song. For the writer to interfere 3 times in a row is too repetitive. It gets tiresome.

  158. 158 : jangerr Says:

    @ OK OK OK

    Thanks once again! I managed to get to the show at meiku finally! Yup, will ‘see you’ at Feast of the Gods page.

    Anyway, like KD, I’m getting a bit tired with the same plot device they’re using in SUFBB… It has been moving along fine with new developments and potential conflicts. Why do they have to resort to the same old problem again? Is the writer having a mental block? Hello, knock, knock?

    Another thing or person who’s getting on my nerves is Woo Kyung. Aigoo, it’s time to back off, girl! Not only you’ll cause the guys less trouble but you also get to preserve your dignity…

  159. 159 : fizz2772 Says:

    I luv L!!! his the best outta all of them!! shut up flower boy band is Awesum!!!!

  160. 160 : annisa Says:

    i really really really love byung hee’s character…why he is gone so fast TT

  161. 161 : Jennie Says:

    What a surprise to see Kim C in Episode 8! Love some of his songs and perfect person to come into the scene at this point in time to help the guys out!! Two songs to share from Kim C/Hot Potato


  162. 162 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 11:
    So the show goes on w a little hitch, the hitch making it that much more interesting.
    Oh, they all get haircuts. But I like their hair much better b4 the cuts! All of them!
    JH finally gets a chance to tell WK that she has no chance w him, when she asks him pt blank abt it. He is just that kind of guy: I won’t hurt your feelings unless u back me into a wall! So now she knows, n if she still clings to him, then it’s all her fault. IMO, she should have backed off way earlier anyway.
    HyunS being more eager n more sociable, gets more engagements. Let’s see if that puts a rift betwn them.
    They’re either busy or locked up in the dorm. JH doesn’t have time to spend w his “gf”, n SeungH wants to move in on it. I guess u can either put your energy into a career or a love life. Difficult to have both.
    They now have to compose other songs if they don’t want to be put in the position of singing whatever is handed to them. They come thru OK, But SeungH is assigned to be their album producer. Yeeks! 2 rivals in love, in music career, approach to music n visions of life! Much build-in conflict rt there! Good premise.

  163. 163 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 12:
    The entertainmt business is all abt image. These neighborhood boys have a great deal to learn!
    I really like the actress who plays Soo Ah, but when have we seen a rich girl who is so gentle, so sensible, so patient, so well-adjusted? She has been a rich girl all her life, until her father ran away recently. Isn’t she supposed to be a little less mature, less understanding, less long-suffering?
    SeungH is petty n selfish. Don’t like him.

  164. 164 : jangerr Says:

    Oh yes! Love Soo Ah! Not only she’s all that KD says she is, but she’s no door mat either! Love the way she stood up to JH when he accused her of not being clear about their relationship. Love how she told him off and tell him that HE’s the one who needs to be clear cos’ does any of his friends know about their relationship?!!!

  165. 165 : KDaddict Says:

    If u want to abbreviate, how abt calling me KDa?

    I think that Soo Ah’s char is too perfect to be believable. I’d be happier if they had made her less of those things I mentioned. But I do love that she’s no door mat for pointing out the obvious to JH.

  166. 166 : torri Says:

    i just started this drama a few days ago but when the wako guy died i realy feelt bad i dont get why they killed his character right now am just disappionted i realy liked the guy well i plan on keep watch when i get over the fact that they killed him

  167. 167 : janice Says:

    THANK YOU JENNIE!!! I followed the links to Kim C and was blown away by his singing. I hope he is given a chance to showcase his talent on the show. I love the music from SUFBB.

  168. 168 : KDaddict Says:

    The actor who plays the guy who is killed at the end of ep 2 is a big star in Korea. His name is Lee Min Ki. He became famous after playing opposite Chae Rim in Da Ja’s Spring. Since then he has been making movies mostly. This is just a “cameo” for him. He did not sign on to appear in this whole series. We all love his char, Byung Hee. But the series continues to be good w/out him. We all miss him, but after a few more eps, the boys make u care abt them for themselves.

  169. 169 : Jennie Says:

    @janice You’re welcomed 😀 Great to know that you enjoyed the videos and I love the songs from the drama too 😀

  170. 170 : Nicole Says:

    what episode?when joo byung hee is hit by a truck??

  171. 171 : Nayani Says:

    Myung Soo oppa….!!!

  172. 172 : nina Says:

    just watched it.. and really love this drama!!! omg… maybe this is the best drama i ever watch in 2012…..

    love byung hee’s character… i feel so pity for him, and i wish he was there with his band mates…..

    and,, they are all handsome… love them!!!

  173. 173 : jangerr Says:

    My, episodes 13 & 14 are really intense! My wish now is for the band to get out of the clutches on the production company. I don’t want them to become successful because of the big budget and huge machinery of a huge production house, esp one which is only interested to manipulate and use the band to their advantage.

    Actually with their talents, I’m sure the band can make it on their own or with the help of a small production house which has a heart. One that will treat the band members as individuals, that they have a right to their life. This premise is definitely very possible, esp with the use of internet. And it will be infinitely more satisfying!

    @ KDaddict
    Noted your preference. 🙂

  174. 174 : Mystisith Says:

    Did anyone hear about a possible extension of 2 eps? Rumors, rumors, and anyway 2 eps to wrap everything seems very short. I hope it will be confirmed!
    @ jangerr: I agree with you. Small is beautiful. they don’t need to be exploited by that major, and they have talent. They should just go away from that hell. Now i’m fearing something for the end: The call of military duty for one of the boys. It would sign the end of the band, and the end of the “Happy Days”.

  175. 175 : Vegetablesoul Says:

    Where can I watch Episode 14 onwards??

  176. 176 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 13:
    AFter watching ep 13, it is impossible not to sympathize with celebrities, for their loss of privacy, owing to the all pervasive cell phone cam. Anyone, anything can be in a photo n uploaded in a matter of secs. No chance of explanation or a resemblance of normal life.
    It is esp hard on Kpop groups, their members so young, so full of energy, so curious abt life, yet unable to venture out n taste it like normal youngsters.
    And there r sacrifices that we only hear abt when one of their own commits suicide n leaves a shocking note.
    That fame n fortune really comes at a hi price!
    God bless them!

  177. 177 : KDaddict Says:

    You know, I don’t get the sense that SH’s sister owns that big a music production company. It has a studio, an office, some dorm apts, n cars, but it seems to be just a std well oiled machinery. I think that’s the way things r done in that business all around, big ent-co, med or small. Unless they go the indie route, with just their teacher as their manager, n Kim C as their guide. But these boys can’t seem to even afford the rent of a recording studio. Alas!

  178. 178 : KDaddict Says:

    Why is Hyuk Soo so mean to Ye Rim? She has been nothing but nice n helpful to them. Unless he is acting out of a sense of inferiority complex?
    Trust is the main thing among close friends, isn’t it? The boys all feel disappointed that JH didn’t trust them enough to share w them his love for SA.
    But that WK is really sth else. She has graduated fr an old groupie to being a thick skinned, inconsiderate pest!

  179. 179 : KDaddict Says:

    It is taking me forever to finish these 2 eps. I don’t have the heart to finish each 1 in one seating. It’s too sad. So I can only stomach 20mins at a time.

  180. 180 : jangerr Says:

    @ Mystisith: Ooo! Where did you hear the rumours of the extension? Will be great if someone can confirm it! Like you, I can’t see them resolving the situations without rushing things through or worse still and god forbids, resorting to a time gap!

    @ KDaddict: I still think Haeri’s company is a fairly big one. In epi 14, Teach went to persuade Haeri to help and he mentioned that with a large company like hers, they can do something to help the guys. But of course, a smallish company can also exploit them, so what I wish is for them to make it on their own, with Teach and Rock Kim as their mentors! That’ll show the big guys what they’ve missed!

  181. 181 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 14:
    This show is really good in depicting the pressures of growing up fr adolescents to young adults, the prs of balancing success w friendship, of living in a fish bowl of manufactured or perceived truths, of being in a band n making it together. It makes you feel for them.
    But I think it’s practically impossible to have both romance n success as an idol star.
    There r only 2 eps left. I believe they’ll miss making music together so much that they’ll reunite for their dream n their bromance. Looking fwd.

  182. 182 : sara Says:

    really,watching ep 13 n 14 is so hard.but i watched it coz i really love this drama.all the characters are growing up in their own way but ji hyuk the most.he is so different from the first eps.i love his characterization.but he burns byung hee’s guitar as if he is burning himself,his dreams for standing on a worldly stage.i don’t know how the two remaining eps would be.i just want a happy ending.

  183. 183 : Mystisith Says:

    @ jangerr 180: A comment of someone at DB, and the link associated:
    64 cg96 —March 14th, 2012 at 11:50 am

    ——-I just read somewhere that this series is scheduled to finish on March 27. I thought we only have 2 episodes left.
    Anyway heres the link: http://www.koreaboo.com/index.html/_/general/infinite-surprises-l-for-his-birthday-on-the-se-r13749——

    I’m not sure it’s accurate, but that would be awesome.

  184. 184 : sara Says:

    what’s with the rating?why the recent eps have lower rating?this drama is really the best drama of the year.well written,logical story line and great acting from newbies.sometimes i don’t get Koreans at all.

  185. 185 : KDaddict Says:

    This is indeed a well written, well-acted KD. As for the ratings, you’ve to take into acct its subject matter: A high school rock band. It is not material that appeals to the broad base of the population. Older adults may not care for it. It attracts a ltd audience. Plus it IS on Pay tv after all, in which case the ratings r respectable (except for ep 13).
    I left a reply for you on METS.

  186. 186 : sara Says:

    i know.but for me this drama is like a new breath.i love their wild free spirited life and even fiming style helps conveying this wildness.i just feel they are protesting and are not satisfied with anything but at the same time are so limited in the circle of their own ideas about friendship,love and loyalty.i really love this theme.something rare in k-dramas.the story of rebels without reason.

  187. 187 : Jennie Says:

    @sara I like your summary for the drama. You have great insights. I must admit that towards the end, when the band was breaking up, I was angry with everybody, most especially with Ji Hyuk as I blamed him for being inadequate as a leader. However after seeing Episode 15 when Rock Kim met up with Ji Hyuk and listening to what Kim C had to say plus the outburst Ji Hyuk had with the rest of the members of Eye Candy, I came to realise, what the heck, these boys are only 19 so they still have a long way to go. Yeah, so your “rebels without reason” is so apt and I can now say, yeah, this is a great script and a great drama, realistic, down to earth and deeeep 😀 Love it!

  188. 188 : KDaddict Says:

    The show’s subjt matter not attractive the mass populace does not at all negate its being a quality show. You could think of it as a boutique production: It is not mainstream, it is not formulaic, it does not try to be sth to everybody…, that is why it IS a breath of fresh air. The show is as free spirited as the boys it depicts. 19 is a mighty difficult age to be. It is thrilling, scary, confusing, promising….. all at once.

  189. 189 : KDaddict Says:

    I completely agree w your late comment on METS. Only I didn’t dare say it over there, in case some ppl get upset! 😉

  190. 190 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 18, Finale:
    I can’t tell you how much I love this! It brings out happy tears! I skipped lunch to watch, n it was worth it, TOTALLY!
    I’m so happy that they not only preserve their friendship, it grows stronger after the trying times. They remind me of the group of girls that I ran around w in Hi school. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!
    Ji Hyuk is really smart to call a pause, to let everyone figure out what they really want, to give himself time to find the music that is his!
    How often do we get a show that listens to us? We wanted them to ditch the big entertainment firm, to go the indie route w just Kim C n Teach, and they do exactly like we said!!! JH gets to be w Soo Ah, Do Il gets WK just as he wants, Hyun Soo warms to Miri… Do Il wants to go to college, n maybe Ha Jin n Shortie too. Ji Hyuk will surely find his own music, Hyun Soo and Ha Jin will also find their career. But the most impt this is that whatever happens, they have each other. Oh, I haven’t been sooo satisfied w an ending in a l-o-n-g time, since Secret Garden!
    Love it, love it, love it! To smithereens!

  191. 191 : KDaddict Says:

    I want to go back and kiss the tv screen! for bringing me such a wonderful n Totally satisfying show! I’ll be ecstatic all day to day!

  192. 192 : Blue Saint Kpop | Korean Drama | Says:

    […] of the above synopsis is extracted from koreandrama.org. Click here to see more photos and details pertaining to the drama]. Featured Graphics:- Glitter Silver Star […]

  193. 193 : jangerr Says:

    @ Mystisith:

    Alas, the rumour is not true! But I’m still mighty satisfied with the ending. This must be one of the most realistically yet promising endings I’ve seen!

    There’re no neat closure for each of the main characters but yet we can see that they’re heading in the right direction and the best is yet to come for each of them.

  194. 194 : jade Says:

    simply just.. LOVE THUS DRAMA!

  195. 195 : wearenotpoets Says:

    i love this drama. i think it’s my favourite so far and i wish there was an extension cause it’s just AMAZE. LOVED it. even more than boys over flowers, and i loved that. sigh. these guys are just so cool!!!!!!!!! and i love their skinny jeans! <3 it made me laugh and cry, and smile all the time! i hope they make more dramas like this, with boys in indie bands! i love that they were a rock band ^_^ love love love. i think i'm gonna watch it again. love k dramas!!

  196. 196 : sara Says:

    @Jennie.thank you.yeah they are just 19.they remind me of myself when i was 19.i thought everything would be possible only if i wanted.so i feel them with my whole heart.

    well said.i have nothing to add.perfect review.the finale was so satisfying conveying the message “we ‘ll be there for you,no matter where we are”.

  197. 197 : tc Says:

    This drama is awesome. Started this drama without any expectation and jumped in purely due to KDaddict’s recommendation. After the first 2 episodes, I was hooked and managed to watch all the episodes over a weekend!

    I was impressed with Sung Joon’s acting. Saw him in Lie to Me as second lead but I was not drawn to him at all. He was able to portray Ji Hyuk’s role so well and really felt his pain of losing the band and his girlfriend.

    What I like most in this drama is the bromance and friendship among the band members, more than the romance plot. Definitely better than Dream High in my view.

  198. 198 : tc Says:

    One more comment – good ending with realistic and neat closure for all the characters. Kudos to the writer for having deliver such a wonderful ending!

  199. 199 : Choden Says:

    Omg this drama damn nice…really like it

  200. 200 : Diana Says:

    is’t a good drama? how about the story?

  201. 201 : via Says:

    I love this drama when Byung hee was still around, but it seems now its a bit intense and dark and gloomy. I mean Byung hee character is spectacular, he was the light of this band. But Im not really sure about the rest because I only watch this drama until episode 4. Will watch again this weekend.

  202. 202 : via Says:

    I want to continue watching this drama again last weekend, but because I got distracted by Taiwan drama Skip beat, I ended up watching it till it finished. Skip Beat in Taiwan drama version is great especially with Si won and Dong hae in this drama. I wish Korean will also make this drama (Skip Beat is from Manga) in their version, and I hope with a lot satisfiying ending. Kyouko and Ren should be together! Finger crosed…

  203. 203 : Eyshanyx Says:

    Why isn’t it ending? already 20th march has left…. i want to watch soooooooo badly… =D

  204. 204 : Ban Says:

    I love this drama when Byung hee was still around, but it seems now its a bit intense and dark and gloom

  205. 205 : Ban Says:

    Love ittttt

  206. 206 : [K-Drama] Amizade, a incessável busca pelo sucesso e muito Rock’n’Roll: ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ | SarangInGayo - Amor à Música Coreana Says:

    […] AsianWiki | KoreanDrama | Shut Up Flower Boy Band […]

  207. 207 : joeyjoey Says:

    I love byunghee and cannot continue watching ep3….
    i love him so much Y.Y

  208. 208 : I'm a girl from Phil. Says:

    . . . I really watch this drama in our T.V so my mom got angry with me for watching tv for many hours so i started watching it on computer!!! Oh, My!!! I really love this drama! i wish they make another drama like this starring of the same characters!!! I know that I cant understand this drama but i really like the story. . .

  209. 209 : Gloomy Girl Says:

    I think this movie will be more interesting with Byung Hee. His character attracts the watchers. Almost every fans like Byung Hee… Now we can’t see him back in this movie. So sorry for his death in this movie… 🙁

  210. 210 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    just finished marathon watching this drama..
    love L character, lee hyun soo.. lirikan matanya bkin klepek2 ^_^
    i think SUFB is the best korean teenage drama..so far..

  211. 211 : adhe airashii Says:

    i love this draamaaa
    i love all actor this drama
    i love Kim Myung Soo oppa
    so cute
    the best drama musical :))

  212. 212 : antonette gallega Says:

    this is the best drama musical. i like the love triangle of Sung Joon, Jung Ui chul and Jo bo ah..

    I super love the story..

    saranghae kim myung soo. you’re so cool.

  213. 213 : Matt Says:

    Has anyone heard from tvN or any other source that they are going to make another drama in the Oh! Boy Series? They quickly released Shut Up Flower Boy Band, after Flower Boy Ramyun shop, but nothing since… @Admin, would you care to help? Thank you(:

  214. 214 : Rose Says:

    Lol Byung Hee was just a cameo calm down people

  215. 215 : limitzi Says:

    love the storyline .. friendship and love. made me smile a lot. loved all of them .. well done !

  216. 216 : Pinhead Says:

    I thought this show was going to be mindless fluff, a pretty package with nothing of substance. Shame on me for judging a series by its promotional pics, because this show is mind-blowingly awesome!!! I was hooked before I even knew what hit me. Why can’t all coming-of-age/teenage/high-school drama be this good or this well thought out? So rarely do we have shows that are great from start to finish. Usually, the beginning half is nice, but then the second half kinda drag on and the excitement fizzles out… This show, though, was amazing from beginning to end, every single episode was well written. And the ending was just… beautiful. So full of happiness and hope and love and possibilities.

    I give this 9/10
    (minus 1 tiny point for sub-par acting from some of the cast members)

  217. 217 : Vahdaneh Says:

    loved it from beginning Till the ending … Great Ending ; Though they did not stay together as an official band and every one chased for it own special thing , it was Great.
    I really Loved this drama;and my favorite members are Do Il and Kyung Jung They were the bests the most caring and lovely Ones <3 __ <3

  218. 218 : kim Says:

    i watched this drama. i’m a bit excited coz my friend told me that this one is good. then i started to watch… kinda cute at first coz the actors are young, then as the story goes i got bored idk why!…i’ve read the reviews and most of it are positive but idk what happened to me maybe not in mood to watch or i’d expect to much coz i really thought it has lots of music and songs on it…but their songs are also good.

  219. 219 : rissa Says:

    hmmm…this drama is very entertaining
    i really love their friendship. .make me jealous…
    LOVE. . Good drama ever! !

  220. 220 : rahil Says:

    kereeeeeeeeeeeeeen .

    karakter berkarisma yg hebat .
    peLengkap dari semua ciri .

  221. 221 : Hanako Says:

    This is a teenager drama, quite touching full of emotion and not bad for a teenage drama overall and better than whats up or Dream High in comparing.
    At least the meaning of this drama is good and the young people trying to acheive their dreams even if they failed. All the actors and actrecess did well in this movie and a great one and with some parts partially sad , but good ending

  222. 222 : achang newme Says:

    I really love this drama.the role which play by joo byung hee was very unique n lovely. when he die movie make very interesting.the concept was very good.i love all the songs i will love to see this movie once again.
    well done!!!!!!

  223. 223 : Shut Up Flower Boy Band | diary zahidah wahid Says:

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  224. 224 : Maggi Says:

    Good job!

  225. 225 : bernie Says:

    This drama is one of my fav dramas….and believe me ihl have watched a lot of dramas!! The story line is so amazing and clever!! The melancholic ending was not at all what i expected but somehow it worked and was much better than the ending i anticipated. I found myself glued to all of the characters and empathising with them. The love story between the main characters was so sweet and pure and all of the problems they faced as a band were so plausible!!! Definitely a must watch!!!! 100/10 :’)

  226. 226 : Jae Says:

    I liked it… and *WHAM* the best character gets killed. I’ll have to think about it before trying this series again. 🙁 Stupid girls always causing problems. I wish they killed her off instead!

  227. 227 : dinaz Says:

    I was watching ep2 and totaly fell for byung hee..he is a total hot bad boy.he was the best but them what the hell..why kill him..lee min ki is so good in portraying the bad guy..bad guys in korean dramas are always so hot..

  228. 228 : cute saranghe Says:

    …i finished watching this drama ..hmmmppp the story was interesting and i love all the boys in this drama..

  229. 229 : lyfi fyn Says:

    i love this drama!!!!!!:-) but i hate the ending..i wish their group stay 2gather till the end..my L oppa is the best!:-) i love his character..

  230. 230 : I’m listening to 새까맣게 (Pitch Black) by 박신혜 (Park Shin Hye) | Jessicha Daily Life Says:

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  231. 231 : choo Says:

    fell asleep @ 2nd ep… bored me 2 death!!!!

  232. 232 : Flower Boy Next Door (이웃집 꽃미남) | styrn Says:

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  233. 233 : Jae Says:

    I couldn’t finish this series. The best character was killed off. I tried to watch it to see how it would go on without him and it was just plain boring.
    The first in the Flower Boys series was pretty good and the third is good so far. This one just bombed out IMO. I’m hoping the fourth is good.

  234. 234 : Rose Says:

    I liked it but i wished they got back together in the end.

  235. 235 : Dating Agency: Cyrano / 연애조작단: 시라노 (2013) | My Little World Says:

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  236. 236 : madzline Says:

    I’m fallin in love with Lee Hyun Jae right now

  237. 237 : Janet Says:

    can you tell me where to watch it ? im new to this website because i havent used it. can you guys tell me ?

  238. 238 : Dating Agency Cyrano (연애조작단시라노) | styrn Says:

    […] This drama is 4th Series of tvN Successful Flower Boy Series after Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Shut Up Flower Boy Band & Flower Boy Next […]

  239. 239 : Nico Says:

    Just watched all of this drama in 3 days!! I think it is probably one of the best k-dramas (actually one of the best TV shows from any part of the world) I’ve ever watched.
    I loved the focus on the friendship of the band & felt like the writing was fantastic. I thought it was a really clever (& brave) decision on the writer’s part to put in that shocking twist at the end of episode 2 (won’t say exactly what as to not spoil it for new watchers). All of the emotional conflict felt real and I was really impressed with everyone, especially the actors who had never acted before this! This is such a raw, realistic portrayal of teenage life, not over the top or with too much crazy, unrealistic comedy like some dramas.
    Anyone who is thinking of giving it up after a couple of episodes you HAVE to keep going, because you will start to love it after a few more episodes, I’m sure :).

  240. 240 : coffeenlucia Says:

    My all time favorite drama.

    I adored all the BROMANCE in this. Their friendship is just great. And Lee Min Ki. Oh boy. I have never cried harder in a drama. Everything about this drama was just so… so real, so strongly felt by the heart. Definitely recommend it.

    Top 3:
    1. Shut up flower boy band
    2. The Princess’ Man
    3. Arang and the Magistrate
    –All because they touched my heart–

    If you liked this genre of drama, however, I’d recommend “You’re Beautiful” or “Reply 1997” as similar types 🙂

  241. 241 : Storm Says:

    Great bromance story but SERIOUSLY why the hell did they have to kill Byung Hee?! I was completely in love with him and then bam the writers crushed my heart.

  242. 242 : Shut Up Flower Boy Band 닥치고 꽃미남밴드 [2012] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] cast trailer viki dramafever netflix dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans recap outsideseoul review thefangirlverdict review 2400express review dramaqueenreview […]

  243. 243 : Hammad Says:

    I love this drama 😍😍
    And my language is Urdu
    So please #creat_drama_in_Urdu or #hindi please ☺☺

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