Shining Romance 03

Title: 빛나는 로맨스 / Shining Romance
Chinese Title: 閃耀的浪漫
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 122
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-Dec-23 to 2014-June-20
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15


A drama about a family which the family member are not blood-related.

Jung Soon Ok (Lee Mi Sook) has two daughters. Her two daughters are not blood-related, but Soon Ok raised them like they were. Oh Bit Na (Lee Jin) is her first daughter. Bit Na was cheated by her husband and now divorced. In order to bring her daughter back, Bit Na struggles. Meanwhile, Oh Yoon Na (Kwak Ji Min) is Soon Ok’s second daughter. She matures due to her family’s situation. These three women live bravely, while trying to achieve their dreams and find love.


Main Cast

Lee Jin as Oh Bit Na
Park Yoon Jae as Kang Ha Joon
Jo An as Jang Chae Ri

Byun Tae Shik’s family

Heo Jung Eun as Yun Doo (Tae Shik and Bit Na’s daughter)
Yoon Hee Suk as Byun Tae Sik
Ji So Yun (지소연) as Emma Jung
Kim Soo Yun as Byun Tae Young
Yoon Mi Ra as Heo Mal Sook

Oh Bit Na’s family

Lee Mi Sook as Jung Soon Ok
Kwak Ji Min as Oh Yoon Na
Lee Kye In as Mr. Oh

Kang Ha Joon’s family

Kyun Mi Ri as Lee Tae Ri
Jung Han Yong as Kang Dae Poong
Yoo Min Kyu as Kang Ki Joon

Jang Chae Ri’s family

Hong Yo Seob as Jang Jae Ik
Lee Hwi Hyang as Kim Ae Sook
Jun Yang Ja as Yoon Bok Sim


Nam Kyung Eup as Nam Soo Chul
Kim Hak Rae (김학래) as neighbor uncle
Min Woo Ki as applicant
Kim Roe Ha as Na Bong Pal

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Kyung Hee
Director: Shin Hyun Chang, Jung Ji In
Screenwriter: Seo Hyun Joo


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  1. 276
    HEN Says:

    108-Gangster Dad knew he had a daughter. Today he announced that he knew ChaeRi was his daughter.
    ChaeRi continues to stalk her husband at his office. Even his secretary knows he’s not taking part in the marriage.
    ChearRi described herself as a “spoiled heiress” who is not use to “this kind of treatment”. She is constantly begging for his affection, even willing to feign death–but she insist that she still has her pride. THIS IS REALLY ENTERTAINING.

    DaePoong calls SoonOk’s name in his sleep.

  2. 277
    HEN Says:

    110-HaJoon to ChaeRi: “If you do this again (stalking him at the office) I will leave the country without a word….I an so sick of you..l”

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