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Shining Romance

Shining Romance 03

Title: 빛나는 로맨스 / Shining Romance
Chinese Title: 閃耀的浪漫
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 122
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-Dec-23 to 2014-June-20
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15


A drama about a family which the family member are not blood-related.

Jung Soon Ok (Lee Mi Sook) has two daughters. Her two daughters are not blood-related, but Soon Ok raised them like they were. Oh Bit Na (Lee Jin) is her first daughter. Bit Na was cheated by her husband and now divorced. In order to bring her daughter back, Bit Na struggles. Meanwhile, Oh Yoon Na (Kwak Ji Min) is Soon Ok’s second daughter. She matures due to her family’s situation. These three women live bravely, while trying to achieve their dreams and find love.


Main Cast

Lee Jin as Oh Bit Na
Park Yoon Jae as Kang Ha Joon
Jo An as Jang Chae Ri

Byun Tae Shik’s family

Heo Jung Eun as Yun Doo (Tae Shik and Bit Na’s daughter)
Yoon Hee Suk as Byun Tae Sik
Ji So Yun as Emma Jung
Kim Soo Yun as Byun Tae Young
Yoon Mi Ra as Heo Mal Sook

Oh Bit Na’s family

Lee Mi Sook as Jung Soon Ok
Kwak Ji Min as Oh Yoon Na
Lee Kye In as Mr. Oh

Kang Ha Joon’s family

Kyun Mi Ri as Lee Tae Ri
Jung Han Yong as Kang Dae Poong
Yoo Min Kyu as Kang Ki Joon

Jang Chae Ri’s family

Hong Yo Seob as Jang Jae Ik
Lee Hwi Hyang as Kim Ae Sook
Jun Yang Ja as Yoon Bok Sim


Nam Kyung Eup as Nam Soo Chul
Kim Hak Rae (김학래) as neighbor uncle
Lee Ah Rin as Sul Min Joo
Min Woo Ki as applicant
Kim Roe Ha as Na Bong Pal
Nam Jung Hee as fake Yoon Bok Shim
Kim Yool Ho as hit-and-run
Kim Kyung Nam

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Kyung Hee
Director: Shin Hyun Chang, Jung Ji In
Screenwriter: Seo Hyun Joo


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  1. 1 : maknaee Says:

    welcome for this new upcoming drama. I don’t think can watch this cause I’ve following too many airing series. So far the longest is ‘Golden Rain’ with 50 eps. This drama has 100+ eps? Aigoo…

  2. 2 : jessjg Says:

    it’s over 100 episodes because it’s a daily drama. Five episodes are shown every week and are normally 35-40 minutes each as opposed to shorter series that have 2 episodes per week and approximately 60 minutes each.

  3. 3 : arirangria Says:

    omo..what an interesting match up…i really love to see Lee jin pairing up with Park Yoonjae..it’s like dream come true….can’t wait to see them…although it maybe burdensome coz 100 ++ ep…but i’ll try to see if anyone upload it^^

  4. 4 : Bancai Says:

    Lee Jin !!! She has a role :O

  5. 5 : maknaee Says:

    @jessjg #2
    I know that it’s a daily drama, and ’cause very long eps i never try to watch them even once. Really? I’ve just found out that it’s just 35-40 minutes, ‘lil bit shorter right? Thanks for your information dear~~

  6. 6 : mml Says:

    I really hope that this drama can be better than Princess Aurora, as Princess Aurora this drama , i gave up in watching after watching up to episode 82.

    I will try watching the beginning of few episodes and see how it goes, if, it’s nice , i will continue, otherwise, i will switch to other dramas.

  7. 7 : dramaraw.com Says:

    Watch fast raw online: http://www.dramaraw.com/korean-drama-shining-romance-19.html

  8. 8 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 1 to episode 5 at Taiwan website, looks interesting in episode 5 when Kang Ha Joon remained faithful and honour his word upon remembering his childhood play mate Oh Bit Na.

    I’m curious and wanted to find out that, did Kang Ha Joon tell Bit Na about their childhood promise ? And does Bit Na can still remember Kang Ha Joon and also her word of promise to him ?

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 6 to find out more about this drama.

  9. 9 : korean-actress-picture.com Says:

    I also really hope that this drama can be better than Princess Aurora. although i like Princess Aurora.

  10. 10 : Nudge Says:

    I was expecting alternate titles like: “Brilliant Romance” or “Radiant Love” or something random like “My Shining Love from the friggin Potato Star”.. LoL!

  11. 11 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 6 to episode 10, Oh Bit Na did not marry Kang Ha Joon but instead married to the bad guy. How come the writer made Oh Bit Na married to the bad guy? I think the writer should make Oh Bit Na divorce and re-marry to Kang Ha Joon. But, i’m not sure after so many years, will Kang Ha Joon still love Oh Bit Na ?

    Maybe, Kang Ha Joon had forgotten about Oh Bit Na, since Oh Bit Na was already married, maybe, both of them have already forgotten about their childhood promise.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 11 to episode 15 to find out about the romance of Kang Ha Joon .

  12. 12 : lee hye ae Says:

    The poster was nice! ^^ it seems as though the drama will be as well.

  13. 13 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 16 to episode 20 , looks like Oh Bit Na will suffer after a wrong marriage. I think Oh Bit Na will have to be smart to understand that she’s having an evil mother in law. What’s Oh Bit Na love romance ?

    I’m getting very curious and will continue to watch episode 21 to episode 25 and to find out whether can Kang Ha Joon help Oh Bit Na to pull through her hard times ??

  14. 14 : jewles Says:

    KHJ was an idiot for not stopping BitNa from saying that she will marry that bozo husband of hers at the hospital when he tried to commit suicide. And still the idiot who has not told her that he is the long lost childhood friend/sweetheart.

    Hopefully the idiot will turn into a prince charming as the story unfold since I like the actor 🙂 But his mother’s past…… oh what will happen…… He can at least help BitNa to payback to her bozo husband and MIL.

  15. 15 : yen Says:

    the lead star is not pretty..I don”t like to watch this..

  16. 16 : lour Says:

    unlike the pink lipsticks…all the lead stars amazingly beautiful pairs…they click in the philippines…

  17. 17 : SH Says:


    I was wondering, where can i find english subtitles for “shining romance” drama?

    please let me know,


  18. 18 : htayapril Says:

    You can find english sub on http://www.epdrama.com

  19. 19 : SH Says:

    Thank you htayapril.

    Can I download Subtitles there? Do you have any idea?

  20. 20 : htayapril Says:

    I watch this drama with eng sub on epdrama until ep.6 only.The rest are “Raw sub soon”

  21. 21 : SH Says:

    thank you htayapril, please if you find some address for download English

    subtitles let me know.


  22. 22 : SH Says:


    try here htayapril.

  23. 23 : cafeluta333 Says:

    where I can watch from ep 10 up..translated ?

  24. 24 : Rose 2013 Says:

    Some Subbed episodes here:http://www.dramastyle.com/drama/Shining-Romance-Korean-Drama–2013/Shining-Romance-English-SUBBED-Episode-35/#.UvfKSv14jwI

  25. 25 : cafeluta333 Says:

    thank you ”Rose 2013 ” for your help…I appreciate…

  26. 26 : SH Says:

    Hi, “Rose 2013” thank you I also looked for “shining romance” English

    Subbed. I appreciate…

  27. 27 : htayapril Says:

    Thanks SH.
    i will try there.

  28. 28 : Duwayne Glasco Says:

    I am trying to find ” Melody of Love” and ” Shining Romance”,
    but i can not find any where they are bing shown. Please help!

  29. 29 : SH Says:

    Hi Duwayne Glasco,

    You can download Melody of Love Ep1-50 english subbed on


  30. 30 : sylvia Says:

    this is good drama but very hard to find eng sub………… omg…………

  31. 31 : SH Says:

    I agree, I’m looking for English Subtitle to download but I only find till Ep.

    15. please if anybody knows where can I download subtitles for this

    drama (English) let me know.


  32. 32 : reindeer song Says:

    Anyone watching this drama? It’s begining to look good.

  33. 33 : HEN Says:

    So far so good…not the usual “spoiled rich girl—[clueless] rich boy—[naïve] poor girl “.
    Right off the bat—I like that our RB—K Hajoon is not gullible and did not allow his parents to marry him off to SRG—Cherri or Chaeri, after seeing her true colors. The breakup conversation was priceless—I re-winded it a couple of times. […“You are not someone that I want to spend the rest of my life with”] Writers, please, please, please, keep Hajoon and Bitna as sharp, funny—totally delightful as a couple, as they are since the beginning of the contract. I’ve got my suspicions about Cherri being Ms Kim’s [family housekeeper, plotting to marry Cherri’s father] daughter—but how? Switched babies—and is it connected to Bitna’s mother-hmm?? That will make for an interesting pairing of Bitna’s mother and Cherri’s father—oh, yeah! Bitna’s sister, Yoonna, is a force—for revenge—but will she fall for K Kijoon—the youngest son of her prey. …And yes, Kijoon and Hajoon are brothers, but more important is the fact that they are the sons of the one who killed Bitna and Yoonna’s father. [Their mother paid her driver to take the rap & go to jail for her. Oh yeah and she also keeps her husband book of illegal activities. I should also note that this book has fallen into the hands of the recently dumped Cherri ] Then you’ve got Bitna’s ex-husband, who did the fake divorce trick that seems an acceptable practice for changing wives in Korean dramas. (I don’t think they have any good lawyers in Korea—or the legislature is lacking when it comes to family law—I would love to see one of these dramas in which the castoff wife hires a lawyer from Mi Gook) However, the replacement wife is another SRG—who is lazy, messy and as shallow as a puddle in the sun—just what he and his mother deserve! So far, so good—I’m liking it a lot!!

  34. 34 : reindeer song Says:

    HEN! I concur, Korea has no policemen, no lawyers, everything is done with a had shake and forgiveness. Pleeeaaase!!!! By the goings on Emma is a fraud, she will defraud the hubby and MIL. At times Bytna can be a tad annoying. Cherri like Mum like daughter. The old hag who is pretending to be a shrinking violet, wow lots going on.

  35. 35 : HEN Says:

    Reindeer Song: Those core professions of society are really portrayed as useless in K dramas–Family law is the biggest joke…. Any takers on guessing the story line behind the “baby switch”… My first guess is: Ms Kim and Jae Ik’s wife gave birth in the same hospital, same day. Kim switched the babies.[Yes they did it in another drama–bad rep for hospital security] Then she gave Soon Ak a sob story to raise her [the switched] baby. …On another note, I afraid when Cherri finds out who she really is–or IS NOT, she will use the “book” to blackmail K Hajoon to marry her…I wonder who is Cherri’s father?

  36. 36 : reindeer song Says:

    Hen, exactly but she will not be as welcomed in that household. He lies will surface, because her marriage will be unhappy. Remember, Bytna was the person who save the mother and she also had the book which she gave to Cherri, so all that will be ousted. Your scenario into the baby switching is spot on, Bytna, is the professor’s daughter and Cherri is the shrinking violet’s daughter. Ms. Kim entered the house when Cherri was 7 so she has been watching he grow for quite some time.
    Now Bytna sis is unto something I fell saddened for that poor young man whebn she finishes with him, but will they fall in love? Remember she is the biological daughter to her father so her vengance should be without gut wrenching. But, LOVE can rear it’s ugly head and both sis battle out for ….well NOT!

  37. 37 : HEN Says:

    Reindeer Song, you are so right about sister-girl. She has really messed with his little mind–but she could fall into her own trap–thanks to L-O-V-E. She is actually helping him, since he is spending more time on the job, the company is making money, and now his father is pleased with him. I know they seem to frown on siblings marrying other siblings, but like you said when the truth comes out, Bitna and Yoonna are not blood related. Also, it does seem that Emma and her mother are some kind of con-artists.
    Just watched EP45, Emma and her mother are definitely after Taeshik’s family money. The funny thing is that t he and his mother are so greedy that they will probably succeed in ripping them off. Hey, Jaeik also confided to his friend that he was looking for his daughter–so he does know that Cherri is not his. The question is does he know that she is the offspring of Ms Kim. When did the switch take place, and why is Jaeik’s mother in the dark? Speaking of Ms Kim, isn’t she sickening the way she is throwing herself at Jaeik, and running back to SoonOk with lies of their great love affair. Cherri is quite the drinker–how long before that turns into something ugly?

  38. 38 : PHIL Radcliffe Says:


  39. 39 : reindeer song Says:

    Oh Phil, I agree with some of the things you say regarding this drama. But let give it a whirl and see how the characters flushes out. I so agree with Jaike what the hay is wrong with him? As I said previously Bytna can be so bloody annoying with her gooody two shoe act, grow up girl you’ve been swindled, you have a child, be more of a grown up. We all n Yoona and hajoon bro will fall in love, it was mentioned by her friend so you know it’s coming. So who will push the button on the annoying silly wife taeri!! Cheeri will go nuts , nuts as a fruitcake with her flaky Mum (the shrinking violet)

  40. 40 : HEN Says:

    We are witnessing dramas based on a culture in which the parent-generation dominates its children, regardless of age–with dictates based on social “class”, no less–defined as money. I can’t tell if the writers are trying to celebrate this tradition or show it as an abuse of power. How can you possible insist that your son should marry, just because the girl comes from a rich family, and you “socialize” with her grandmother. Most mothers are protective of their sons, and would have been more exploring of the girl’s character. It would seem that Taeri is a social show horse! Not once did the she ask if the two had found any “common”–oops, or should I use the word “mutual” interests. After all, this is the person you will lay your head next two for the rest of your life. I applaud the writer for the way K Hajoon broke up with Cherri “You are not the person I want to spend the rest of my life with…” I do have a problem with Bitna and Hajoon using the word “contract” in every conversation. Hint: Undoubted this will provide the chance for someone to overhear them and expose the relationship as a fake. Why does Jaeik find it so hard to tell Ms Kim to back off. He had no problem saying just that to MalSook in defense of SoonOk and their slow moving relationship. There are yeahs and nays in all of these dramas–but so far, I am still interested–especially in the “switched baby” part. Dear writer: I just hope the truth lives up to the [suspenseful] hype.

  41. 41 : reindeer song Says:

    So, Cherrie has just found out she is not JK’s daughter. Wow! like it something new, now she will escalate her evilness and slapping, anything new? Yoona will fall for that Taeri turd son and the struggle begins.

  42. 42 : HEN Says:

    How about the way that Jaeik solves his little dilemma–with a little piece of paper. How about those Mother-Daughter Duos? Cherri & Ms Kim–friends or enemies fighting for a place in Jaeik’s family? Emma & her mother–conning Taeshik’s family out of their money? Bitna & SoonAk–over coming those who oppose them to get the men who love them? Oh yeah, who will finally burst Taeri’s balloon and send her crashing into reality? …and let’s not forget–dun-dun-dun—“the book”!

  43. 43 : reindeer song Says:

    Question? OFF TOPIC! In all these kdrama, why do they put such importance on who their family is? Who really cares. It’s like they are god’s, so what your parents have some money and live in a fairly nice homes with maids, again so what? Other who are less fortunate lives life like that too, but they care for others not obnoxious and rude.
    Why do they think that their Sh**t does not stink, this annoys me. The arrogence the projects, bothers me when it not there money, they have not earned their keep. They structs around like peacocks, even in Korean you see that quite a lot, especially in clubs. Also, why do men in Korea wear soooo much makeup, I was shock to see young men and grown men wearing makeup.These scenario are constantly in K Dramas it does not bode well.

  44. 44 : HEN Says:

    Good QUESTION and noted observations! I really, sincerely hope that these dramas are like most, in that they are exaggerations of some “REAL TRUTHS” about their own culture. That the writers take creative license to highlight some of the SOCIAL ILLS that plague ever society. The rich are a useful tool to show how money talks, walks, etc. regardless how it was attained…and usually it is discovered that their wealth was the result of ill-gotten gains. [This drama has the “book” of bribes, etc] If you notice, unless it is a police drama, the law is shown as pretty much null and void–useless. The legal system itself is made the pawn and even tool of the Bad Guy-especially “family law” (SOCIAL ILL?). I believe that good does trump evil, whether seen or unseen, I don’t think you really get away with anything in this world.
    Though I am not always a fan of the creative direction that some of the writers take…vindictive, unscrupulous, venomous bad guy vs the naive, oh-so-trusting, clueless innocent victim. (While the bad guy uses every trick in or out of the bag, the victim remains doubtful “no one is that bad”. Exactly what world are they living in! After all, we are suppose to have those natural instincts for self preservation-right?) Still, I remain a fan of the dramas-where the truth does comes out (on screen) where I can see it.

  45. 45 : HEN Says:

    ok, Since we are talking off topic…I have 2 questions:

  46. 46 : reindeer song Says:

    Why is Bytna, letting pompoudor tell her how to live her life, he cheated on her, drove her into divorce, why can’t she just spill the beanson his dedauchery lifestyle? Why must she do as he says? Where are the lawyers? Whose side are they on? These are instances in Kdrama that truly annoy the stuffing out of me. Sure protect the daughter, but he will be condoned for what him and mummy dearest did to an innocent. The writers, maybe they are MEN, with no remorse, whata man does is okay but a woman should just accept and live quitely, is this the 21 century? Anyone who thinks this is way too unfair??

  47. 47 : doug Says:

    I’m really enjoying this drama-it falls right at dinnertime, so it pulled me in right away.
    So many complications! Of course Bytna and Hajoon will be together at the end, but before then, they have to overcome his parent’s resistance to a divorced woman w/child, then when that’s sorted out, then it will be revealed who killed Bytnas father-more heartache and turmoil, yet more drama when Bytnas real father is revealed (which may smooth things over with Hajoons parents). Yes-plenty of trouble and reversals until the inevitable happy ending! But-entertaining characters, and lots of evil-doers that keep you watching till the end, so you can see their downfall.

  48. 48 : HEN Says:

    UNFAIR and seemingly UNREAL. Did you hear that lawyer: “you did sign the papers”[duh]. How hard is it to find out that “pompadour” (I like that name) was having an affair. They were all over the place together. I guess they have no Private Detectives in Korea–well, Private Dicks are the tool of the really good lawyer…enough said.
    I guess pompadour thinks he is living in Utah…if he could he would bring Bitna home, too.
    It is hard to believe that she would agree to kick “the real man” to the curb–a dictate from the man that cheated and dumped her..a Kdrama trait. I do like that Hajoon didn’t give up on her.

  49. 49 : doug Says:

    Every Kdrama has what ‘Dramabeans’ calls the ‘Noble idiot’-they sacrifice themselves,and what they really want, thinking that they are saving the one they love. Eventually, they always come to their senses,though.

  50. 50 : reindeer song Says:

    If this attorney is the best, is that all his advice you signed the papers? Well, I sure not to want to get in trouble in Korea, you are guilty and not proven innocent, a joke.I know its a drama, but write believeable scenes, no attorney would say that to you “cut & dry” there are rulings, case laws, etc.etc.BOGUS! This trying to save face with yur love ones is trully a CROCK, I’ll explain later, its for your own good, what good has it ever brought??? In these dramas they lie like a rug, they can be truly good SPIES!!! You sign so its your bad, he can walk all over you. Towards the end oh, suddenly he will find a case law to help, is it not always this way!??

  51. 51 : Jewles Says:

    I am at episode 68 so I might be ahead of some of you. Without the spoilers…

    The paper she signed was to give up the custody of the child. That is the one thing that the pompadour has been using to dictate Bitna’s closeness with Hajoon out of his jealousy. He’s been telling her that he will take to child if she doesn’t “behave.” He wants his cake and it it too; he is greedy but he always had a soft spot for Bitna regardless.

    Since there are no “proof” that the family conned Bitna to divorce, lawyers could not do much. Paper signed, she has no visible income to support the child, etc. She gave up all her rights to “save” husband and his practice, remember?

    I think Yoona will help Bitna and Hajoon getting together later using the accident that Hajoon’s mother cause 7 years ago, I hope. But first, will Yoona accept Hajoon being the son of the murderer? Dan-Dan-Dan!

  52. 52 : reindeer song Says:

    Jewles you have some good point. But, remember the video tape Mummy Dearest and Nymrod took at the hospital with their face covered? Either the daughter or the spacey sister will find it and had it over to Bytna. Of course she has no means of support, she got no alimony, also no job.
    On the whole a father having custody of her child is shameless, did he bore her alone? Its not his blood alone in that child? Is their mind still in the “DARK AGES” as to conception? Only NK thinks that the “egg was laid by the heavenly father” like in North Korea? That is how the idiot IlGook seemingly was convceived.

    I think Yoona and Kijoon will fall for each other. Has any story line on Emma started to emerge as of yet?

  53. 53 : jhen Says:

    where can i watch Shining Romance with English Sub? thanks!

  54. 54 : Jewles Says:

    #52, RS..

    I don’t remember the video tape at all! How did I miss that?

    She signed over the custody because they told her that this way no debt collector will be coming for her education funds, or something like that. Not quite sure exact contents.

    I enjoyed your NK reference with the heavenly father. :)))
    Emma story is bits and pieces. They do seem to have the money but the main object was to marry him – why, I am not sure. A tid bit: pompadour’s full name is Byun Tae Sik, and I am pretty sure that Byun Tae means a pervert.

  55. 55 : reindeer song Says:

    Jewles, this happened when they were conning Bytna both mother and son in front of hospital taking video with placard and scruffy looking, she was using her phone but nymrod told her to use his phone he purchased just for taking shots. They both video tape everything. Your funny Byun Tae mean pervert??!!! Well the Mum is not tooo bright either. Seriously, I think she is a family of cons, she befriend people of class, buy these expensive clothes to show though they cannot afford and seduce her mark, then run off with their money, so deserving for these two.

  56. 56 : HEN Says:

    I think pompadour’s sister will turn on Ma & bro to finally do the right thing and reunite Bitna and Yeondoo. I think a good lawyer could get the evidence of his adultery, because Emma would only go to the best places. Heck Hajoon saw them making out in the elevator at his hotel, and don’t forget the rendezvous at his hospital–in front of the staff–who hate her as well. Anyway, Yoonna and her friends [the revenge squad] have open a case on Emma–this looks promising. I think it would have been more interesting to have Cherri and Ms Kim battle each other for a place in the family that neither one deserves–while battling Bitna & her mother for the man they each want, but they have them working together…and now Bitna is starring in a version of the “Perils of Pauline”. I think Hajoon’s mother is really a show horse. Do you see how she dresses just to sit around the house? Oh, and I think she would change her mind about Cherri if she knew she was a fake blue blood, nés pas? I wonder when they will trot out “the book” . Hey, maybe the grandmother will find it and return it like she did the VIP List that Cherri stole to get Bitna fired!

  57. 57 : doug Says:

    Jhen: I’m watching this on the Korean package on DirectTV-It is fully subtitled.

    I think sooner or later, Emma is either going to run off with all the money, or just dump “pompadour”, setting up yet another conflict: does Bytna take back a sad and remorseful ex-husband, thus keeping a family intact, or does she go with Hajoon?

  58. 58 : doug Says:

    Bytna’s sister sure has a bag of sneaky tricks to play on anyone she is out to get revenge on,doesn’t she?

    Babies switched at birth? in the last scenes tonight, both Cherri’s grandmother, and Bytna’s mother each had a box filled with baby clothes, and in each was a hospital gown for a baby with the same marking on it.

  59. 59 : reindeer song Says:

    Love , love, love Yoona’s energy but will she fall flat? Will love rear it’s ugly head for Yoona? When is Taeri going to fall? Anyone how did JK found out that Cherri is not his bio daughter? I know he did DNA testing, but why? What prompted him to do that. The shrinking violet is shrinking fast, how can she imagine JK will fall for her? All these years living with her in the same household and not a peep, but now she is enthralled with him?

  60. 60 : HEN Says:

    Doug, Good observation, about a scenario where Bitna agonizes over going back to pompadour or to Hajoon…No contest for the intelligent woman–but this is a KDrama. (Spoiler alert)I just saw the episode where Emma’s partner is introduced and they are more than kissing cousins. My question is why JaeIk is so meek around Ms Kim. Did she help “him” and/or his wife do the baby switch?? If the GMother does not know, maybe the real “Baby Cheri” was kidnapped on JaeIk’s and/or his wife’s watch. Then, Ms. Kim, who actually did the kidnapping, offered to help with a replacement–namely her own brat, to save face or something. It seems that the missing child was not even reported to the police. It also strange that they have the same birth date. Hhmm…

  61. 61 : Jewles Says:

    Spoiler Alert!

    OMG!! That B*tch wallflower (house governess) is poisoning Gma to loose her sense of “perfect taste”!!!

    Sorry for the spoiler but it just pissed me off…..

  62. 62 : doug Says:

    Another complication! The son of the professor who just returned from the US appears to be falling for bytna. Sooner or later, he will have to find out she is really his sister.
    I must have missed it; who is the man that always hangs out with the Professor? is he his brother,or just a friend? He seems to be attracted to Aesook, but no one else seems to notice.

  63. 63 : doug Says:

    Jewles: If Bytna has “perfect taste’, she’ll taste the poison, and spit it out! LOL!

  64. 64 : reindeer song Says:

    Bytna, is becoming so freaking annoying. How can anyone be s dense as her? She cannot see how much Hajoon loves her? Or she is just down right stupid or naive? She always bring up the contract, she is so unromantic. The new character is he the professors son? I do not think so!? The old man is his college buddy, who likes Ms. Kim, granny knows he told her that is why she is confused as to who like Ms, Kim.
    Another thing Bytna is ao slow on the uptake, she senses what’s going on but she says nothing, she allows it to continue. The new character is just as annoying, he sees and know Bytna has a boyfriend , but he show no respect for that relationship, plus Bytna should put a stop to his nonsense, I guess she is using him to cover her feelings for Hajoon?

  65. 65 : doug Says:

    Reindeer, you’re right-That new guy that just got back from the US is not the Professors son-I heard him say today that he was the son of a friend-so there goes my scenario! LOL!
    Bytna IS dense-she knows that Cherri actively hates her,she’s in a competition where people are competing for a job, but she just leaves her stuff unguarded while she wanders away to sightsee.

  66. 66 : HEN Says:

    She does say the word “contract” a lot. Isn’t that the secret? I’m sure someone will hear her say it..probably the guy from the US. Cherri has recruited this guy to help her win Hajoon. I love the screaming fit that Ms Kim had at Soonak’s house when she realized that she had helped Jaeik’s real daughter get a job at the family restaurant. The couple that bugs me is Jaeik and Soonak. Why can’t she just ask him if he has another woman??

  67. 67 : doug Says:

    My favorite expression from this show: “I want to see them shed bloody tears”.

  68. 68 : reindeer song Says:

    Doug, “Bloody Tears” is just an expression that is not backed up, they make these harsh statements, then they crumble like a sad sack, with I’m sorry, don’t cry, I apologize. In the end everyone is going to be forgiven. The elders will speak everyone should listen. Crock!!!!

  69. 69 : reindeer song Says:

    Shininh Romance has gone the way of most daily revenge dramas go:

    Part One: getting to know the heroine and the other character

    Part Two: the heroine, is stumbling around naievely and does not recognize the evil around her and thoose who are creating havoc for her.

    Part Three: the heroine finally catches a break and realizes the person whois making all the problems, then possible start seeking revenge

    Part Four: the forgiveness stage. These darmas are truly getting annoying, I’m sick of the characters always getting away with murder. I’m not against forgiveness, but not when the evil is soo extreme. You do the crime you pay the price. Simply!!!

  70. 70 : doug Says:

    I see tonight that the noble Bytna will sacrifice herself for the good of the red snapper in the freezer. LOL!

  71. 71 : PHIL Radcliffe Says:

    In a prior comment, I thought most of the characters in this drama had descended into the pit. But as the series goes on I find that the characters are not only as I thought before, but they’re getting stupider.
    Usually it’s easy to find the flaws in the drama characters, but this series has gone to another level. After 51 episodes,I now detest almost every character. I’ve never seen such a group of morons, doing their best to shoot themselves in their feet. Bytna, has now become an object of derision and I sit and watch her and yell at the TV. I’ve become a moron with the rest of the cast. Somebody tell Bagwon (Golden Rainbow) that I love her, even if she’s an incompetent cop!!!!!! Anything to distract me from “SHINING ROMANCE”.

  72. 72 : doug Says:

    If she weren’t so dense, you would think Bytna would not have missed the chance to tell Emma how her “best Friend” Cherri almost killed her with peanuts just to get Bytna fired.

  73. 73 : reindeer song Says:

    Doug, your foibles cracks me up! These characters cannot walk and chew gum. Bytna is as dingy and a dingbat. Cherrie is a nutty as a fruit cake. Ms. Kim ah what can I say of her SKANKY?! Professor is a spineless dork, and that annoying new character is getting on my nerve. Love what Emma is planning on that family, a family of Con Artist, oh, they are sooo deserving.

  74. 74 : doug Says:

    Yes, the Professor is way too mild-mannered. When Cherri started laying a guilt trip on him about not accepting Soonoak as a stepmother, he should have asked that adult woman if she planned to never get married, and figured on living there at home forever.
    I see the show has taken the usual Kdrama turn where Hajoons father secretly visits her and tells her she’s not good enough,and still asks her not to tell Hajoon. Here we go with that heartache-and Hajoons mother will be even tougher to overcome.

  75. 75 : reindeer song Says:

    Seriously, I know this is a drama but I find the hold hierarchy a bit jaded and orstentatious. They were once Bytna before they made money, so in Korea money makes you change your status?
    They always say you are not good enough, then in the end she can do no wrong. Why can’t they write these scripts true to form? Why is spineless professor giving a child so much authority over his decision for her to speak to him like that, when he knows Cherrie is not his real daughter? Again, korean dramas.

  76. 76 : reindeer song Says:


    40 more episodes of CR trying to rain on Bitna’s parade?
    40 more episodes of AS trying to break up JI and SO?
    40 more episodes of SW and HJ bumping chests for Bitna?
    40 more episodes of YN and KJ trying to get approval from his parents?
    40 more episodes…

    Where is Writer Im when you need her? Some of these characters need to die! Hey lurkers, don’t you agree?

  77. 77 : doug Says:

    You left out the part about 40 more episodes of Aesook and Cherrie trying to keep the fact that Bytna is the real daughter of the Prof a secret. Of course, if it’s like every other Kdrama, eventually EVERYBODY will know the secret except Bytna, because they don’t want to hurt her.

    40 more episodes of Bytna paying no attention to locks and keys

    Let’s not forget the side story of Bytna’s sister (Minjoo?) and Hajoons brother. Of course she will end up falling for him in the end, and all thoughts of revenge will be gone.

    How will Hajoons flakey mother end up taking the blame for killing Bytnas father?

    One last thought: As for me, I think Aesook is waaay hotter than Soonoak-she definitely has that S-line going for her. I know which one I’d pick if I was the Prof. LOL!!

  78. 78 : reindeer song Says:

    Doug all you said is true, but Soonoak resembles his wife quite a bit. Plus Ms. Kim has lived in that house for soo many years, the professor has never once showed any liking to her, why should he now?
    If Soonoak stop wearing those long baggy clothes and wear some makeup you will see a big difference. Lets not forget Ms. Kim has a duel life, she is a bar girl.
    That is why I am beginning to turn off on Kdrama, the story line always the same, the ending is always disappointing, the protagonist is always as DUMB as a doornail, enlightenment hit when the drama is almost over and what, everyone is all forgiven a sincere apology will surfice.

    By the way Lee Hwi Hyang (Aesook) has been hitting the gym to loose weight.

  79. 79 : HEN Says:

    My turn…My favorite line is from Ms Kim concerning JaeIk that goes something like: “he sure to fall for my charm” or “why hasn’t he fallen for my charm, etc”.
    What is with the GMother? One minute she is singing Bitna’s praises and the next minute she is yelling “kick her out!” Someone had to lock Bitna in that freezer–but there is no investigation into the matter. Someone poisoned the fish–but no investigation. Since Bitna was given “a” key, it is decided that she is the culprit. Is there really only one key? Meanwhile, Cherie and her mother continue to put the family business in jeopardy with their “curses-foiled again” schemes.
    I do enjoy watching SoonOk chase off the evil, ex-in-law family with the bowl of salt. [must be heck to clean up, though] Something else that is interesting–I guess Yeondoo sleepwalks herself downstairs at night, plays like a pin ball between the furniture and then sleepwalks back upstairs to bed, because no one is the wiser the next day.
    As for HaJoon’s picky parents: Mom the murderer and Dad the crook (remember the book); per the Dad, Bitna is not the right kind to b with their son. Well, according to their own lifetime accomplishments, so far, the likes of Cherie IS the better fit, right? Question 2? When it is learned that Bitna’s is the real daughter/granddaughter and heir to that renowned family business, will she suddenly become the “right kind” for their son, even though, nothing about her will b different except her name??
    [Prediction Possibility: Bitna will somehow b the one to retrieve “the book” from Cherie. Yeah! for K Dramas–40 more episodes and the possibilities are endless, yet somewhat predictable!

  80. 80 : doug Says:

    The Book-I keep forgetting about that! I suppose that will be the last card Cherrie plays in her attempt to snare Hajoon-She will probably blackmail the Mother and Father into forcing their son into a marriage. Of course, It will be “curses,foiled again” before the happy ending of the show. I do enjoy watching Cherrie flouncing around her room throwing stuff and tearing up the bed every time one of her schemes goes wrong. LOL!

  81. 81 : reindeer song Says:

    AH! she is just like her Mum.

  82. 82 : reindeer song Says:

    Cherri will not get far with her blackmail scheme regarding the book. Remember she did not help the flake, she only took her to the hospital, Bytna found her, she chased Bytna away to score points, Bytna had the book and gave it to Cherri, they were all in her debt because she saved Ms. Flake. Have you noticed in these dramas everything is a secret, no one talk to each other about important stuff, its always later, also, they tend to be blind and experience hearing loss, they take everything for granted, if I say the moon is red then the moon is red no questions asked. Who live like that?No one question the validity of anything, the elders says so, so that’s it.

  83. 83 : doug Says:

    So far, Bytna and Hajoons mother haven’t met since Bytna found her laying on the street-I’m sure when they finally do, she will ask B. about the book. You would think she would say “I gave it to Cherrie”, but I suppose things are never that simple in the Kdrama world.
    Why did this drama take a week off? did someone get hurt or sick?

  84. 84 : HEN Says:

    Hey Doug,
    FROM HanCinema: “All entertainment shows and dramas were cancelled in expression of mourning the victims of the passenger ship that sank in Jindo on the 16th.”

  85. 85 : HEN Says:

    You are probably right, the obvious flow of information never happens on these dramas.
    Chances are that when HaJoon’s mother meets Bitna, she will immediately think that Bitna has the book and is using it to blackmail HaJoon into marriage. The twist would b if Bitna brought up the subject of the book first. I mean, if she asked Terri if Cherri gave it to her. That would hopefully start Terri to thinking differently about Cherri.
    Why is it taking so long for the GMother to even know SoonOk’s name, let alone, meet her?
    Also, I think it is noteworthy that the actress playing Jung Soon Ok, the timid and shy, is in total contrast to the character she just played in the drama Ms Korea. I would love for that personality to emerge in a confrontation with Ms Kim.
    Oh, and you are right about Cherri throwing fits [and every thing on that desk] in her room, followed by her retreating to her bed and screaming into the covers. Some electronic store is getting rich–just how many laptops has she smashed?

  86. 86 : doug Says:

    Oops! -my comment seems pretty stupid and insensitive now-I didn’t make the connection with the Ferry sinking-I saw a fast notice on the TV in korean with the Shining Romance actors on it, but I didn’t understand what it said. (I have seen a number of dramas get postponed for a week or two because one of the principal characters got sick or hurt,though-that’s what made me say that.)

  87. 87 : reindeer song Says:

    Doug, no worries, you are allowed to make a little mistake. Love your comments.

  88. 88 : HEN Says:

    Doug, I didn’t read anything insensitive in your comments.
    I CHEAT–I watch some of the raw episodes online.
    Cherri and her Mommy Dearest are just alike. Cherri smashes things in her room, while Ms Kim destroys things in the kitchen.
    Are the writer trying to show that these two characters are not just evil, but have some kind of mental defect?
    Both Cherri and Ms Kim are convinced [in their own minds] that Bitna and SoonOk are the ONLY obstacles to their relationships with HaJoon and JaeIk. I find myself yelling at the TV: “Pay attention! He [HaJoon/JaeIk] has told you in great detail that you are NOT THE ONE!”

  89. 89 : D.P. Says:

    Why did I get blocked? There was some spam comment before a comment I made, now it’s gone, and I can’t comment under my old name.

    Well, anyway-now Bytna knows she is adopted. How long before a DNA test is done on her and Aesook?

  90. 90 : HEN Says:

    D.P., [SPOILER ALERT] Episodes 84-85 SoonOk has DNA test done and gets the results on Bitna and Ms Kim. Dun-Dun-Dun

  91. 91 : D.P. Says:

    You guys are way ahead of me-I just saw where this guy moved in with emma, and they were getting real cozy when yeondoo sleepwalked past them. So, I’m going to guess: While Bytna is estranged from Hajoon, Emma is going to leave “pompadour” (or get kicked out), and the miserable, sad, remorseful ex-husband is going to make a big play to get Bytna back.

  92. 92 : HEN Says:

    The episodes I watch online do not have subs–so I still have to wait until I see the subbed versions to get the real story. Speaking of which I just watched episode #71. It seems that all of the senior staff are crooks or twisted. The Chef is skimming, stealing and taking kickbacks–so now he has to do Cherri and Ms Kim’s dirty work. Ha! the results were the same “curses, foiled again”.
    Hey, do you think that Emma and the “international lawyer” are really married?
    It seems that without Bitna in his life, HaJoon is filling up his days and nights with work-work-work! Yet he still took time to get the goods on Pompadour and Emma. So I guess it’s like we said before– that lawyer is doing absolutely nothing.

  93. 93 : jewles Says:


    [mini spoiler] Warning!

    Just finished watching ep 88! Finally things are being taken care of. Without giving out too much, this week, Bitna’s mother got hurt and when she woke up, she couldn’t speak (another K-drama favorite. Either you loose memory or loose speech when you wake up from a head injury). So she is holding on to all these secrets she wants to share but can’t. What, she forgot how to write or is she illiterate? For god sakes.

    Just watching this show for Park Yoon Jae’s pretty face. 🙂

    Just hope things will be tied up in a little bow for the ending.

  94. 94 : D.P. Says:

    Ha ha! Just before she can spill the truth about who Bytna is, she gets hurt and we have to wait?

    Yes, I just watched ep 71 also. Looks like Emma and her con-man boyfriend are going to gain access to all the family’s bank accounts, and drain them dry. That will be entertaining to watch, but like all Kdramas, you hang on watching to the end, hoping to see the evil, evil villains finally get what they deserve,when in the end, there is always forgiveness all around.

  95. 95 : D.P. Says:

    I was wondering when Hajoon would get Lovesick…….

  96. 96 : HEN Says:

    I don’t know if forgiveness will cut it. With all the illegal and criminal activity that’s been going on–somebody may need to go to jail!

    I was glad to see that Bitna knew about the set-up with the “blog-complaining customer”, and that she stood up to Cheri.

    Poor baby [HaJoon], it’s time for them to get back together now.

  97. 97 : D.P. Says:

    A contest to see who has the best absolute palate! Of course, you know Cherrie will cheat, being in collusion with the criminal chef. I’ll bet somehow Grandma or someone else will get wind of this, and put some other ingredient in secretly, so Bytna will ultimately win, and we can see Cherrie in her room throwing stuff around as she is foiled again.

  98. 98 : D.P. Says:

    This show is just too much sometimes. Are Bytna and her mother the biggest airheads in the world? Bytna has an extremely important contest-she knows Cherrie and her henchwomen are actively trying to trip her up, but she just leaves her important notes in plain view, and walks away.She leaves critical ingredients out on the counter for anyone to tamper with. Her mother knows Aesook hates her, but as soon as she gets a call “to Meet” at some strange hotel, she drops everything and goes (without telling the prof,of course).
    Did Bytna tell Mrs. Yoon about the poser she saw Aesook putting in her tea? Somehow, Cherrie is going to be foiled,but how? Does Mrs. Yoon get her taste back, after having been warned about the tea? Does Bytna make a last-minute change in her recipe?

  99. 99 : D.P. Says:

    “poser”….I meant “powder”. LOL!

  100. 100 : HEN Says:

    I know, these set-ups are so lame. The hotel thing…please.

    But, Bitna did notice her putting something in the tea, the similarities of the baby clothes, and the obvious tampering in the kitchen.

    Who leaves meat out of the fridge overnight–even if it is to thaw?

    We can only hope that with so few episodes left, Bitna and her mother will start to strike back, sooner than later…

  101. 101 : D.P. Says:

    Looks like Soonoak is waking up-the preview tonight showed her set up Aesook with the prof hiding in the next room

  102. 102 : Felicia Says:

    Something to ponder….1) how did Ms. Kim swap the babies at birth; 2) if babies were swapped at birth, how com prof knows that Cherie is not his real daughter.

  103. 103 : D.P. Says:

    Oh-oh! The actress who plays Mrs. Yoon (The owner of Chungwoongak) is under investigation due to her connection with the religious cult founded by the owner of the shipping company that owned the Sewol. She has not shown up for filming-so What will happen? a last-minute re-write?

  104. 104 : D.P. Says:

    Sort of a spoiler:

    I was searching for information on the subject I mentioned above, and I was directed to a site where I watched episode 91 (minus subtitles). It was good to see things resolving the way we hope they will,but somehow Cherrie is STILL tormenting Bytna. I should know by now, having watched so many Kdramas, but I was not expecting the revelation from Hajoons father!

  105. 105 : HEN Says:

    Felicia, Ms Kim literally stole the baby from the hospital room that she shared with Jaeik’s wife. (Isn’t is surprising that she did not have a private room) When Jaeik’s wife suddenly became ill while the baby was in the room, all attention was turned to her, who was rushed out of the room for treatment–and they just left the baby there. Again, shame on the hospital.

    The question is how did Jaeik get stuck with Ms Kim’s baby? Did they even report it to the police?

    D.P., I read that too about Jeon Yang-ja [Ms Yoon]. With Ms Kim constantly drugging her meds and tea, they could possibly have her die from a mixture of the drugs she’s been given.

    You would think that a simple blood test would reveal all the “bad” drugs in her system. EP76-the Doc notes that Ms Yoon probably had something that she should not have. Hello? If you do tests like any normal doctor would, you could tell exactly what that “wrong something” was.

    That is the most frustrating thing about these dramas–they continue to portray serious professions as archaic and useless.

    It was thanks to HaJoon’s and Sangwook’s investigations [along with a former nurse] that Bitna got the goods on “pompadour”. Then, after Sangwook uses his contact to get it in the press, the lawyers, who has done n-o-t-h-i-n-g, tells Bitna that she now has a good chance of winning her custody suit. Right–with no help from him!

  106. 106 : D.P. Says:

    Another irritation: Prof. Jaeik can never have a private conversation without either Aesook or Cherrie weaseling in on it. Why can’t he just tell them to LEAVE?
    Well, exit Emma with all of Taeshiks money and assets. LOL!
    I agree about the doctor. Just how dense is Jaeik? His mother takes one sip of the tea that Aesook brings in, and she keels over, just as he was going to discuss firing her. When is Bytna going to mention seeing Aesook putting something in Mrs. Yoons tea?

  107. 107 : D.P. Says:

    Cherrie is going to find out who her real father is……….

  108. 108 : Felicia Says:

    @Hen, yah. After I posted the question, I was watching the episode where it was explained how Bitna vas kidnapped. Prof adopted Ms. Kim’s daughter coz Ms. Kim’s random was to have her daughter’s heart surgery in return for Bitna. But Ms. Kim nvr returned with Bitna.

  109. 109 : D.P. Says:

    I’m sure seeing “mrs. Yoon’ a lot on the news-she seems to be in quite a bit of trouble-I suspect her acting days are over.

  110. 110 : HEN Says:

    Thanks, Felicia, I haven’t seen that subbed episode yet. They may have repaired the physical problem with her heart, too bad it didn’t fix the emotional defeats.

    SPOILER ALERT-non subbed:
    Finally, Ms Yoon is taken to a hospital–away from Ms Kim’s drugs. They blame everything on stress, but she didn’t start passing out again until Ms. Kim returned. She passed out, again, during an argument with JaeIk about Ms Kim.

    OK, is KaJoon’s father opposing the marriage because he was once married to Bitna’s mother or does he think that he is Bitna’s father?
    The second, we know is not true, but the first is ridiculous. His loss [dumping SoonOk to marry the show-horse TeaRi] is his son’s gain.

    If it is the second, that will prompt the truth about Bitna’s parentage coming out.

    On a fun note: I think Cherri has met her match with Yoonna as her new step-sister. Home Sweet [Battlefield] Home! Cherri runs to her room; SoonOk and Bitna come in and see Cherri hugging the photo of her [but really Bitna’s] mother saying: “Oh Ma, oh Ma…”

  111. 111 : D.P. Says:


    Somehow I got the notion that Hajoons father was actually Cherries father, but thinks he is Bytnas father. That would make an interesting wrap-up, with Cherrie ending up as Bytnas sister-in-law.

  112. 112 : HEN Says:

    D.P. I don’t know…Ms Kim and Kang Dae Poong have met a few times, with never any signs of a history. Hey, but that may put an end to Cherri’s obsession of HaJoon.
    I think KDP dumped SoonOk to marry TeaRi. Now, he is thinking that SoonOk was pregnant when he left.

    It seems that they have decided to keep quiet about the baby switch to avoid stressing Ms Yoon–I think she is fighting to keep Ms Kim for Cherri’s sake. But if HaJoon and Bitna’s marriage is in jeopardy because of that misconception, then the truth will have to come out.

  113. 113 : D.P. Says:

    How convenient for Aesook-they don’t want to “stress” Ms Yoon, so she can continue with her little evil plots.What’s wrong with Bytna? she saw Aesook putting something very suspicious in the tea, but 20 episodes later, Aesook is still working for Ms Yoon, and taking care of her, and causing Soonoak lots of stress-how would she not be told to leave once Soonoak and her family came to live there? These dramas can get so hard to believe! I did not recall seeing her meet Hajoons family, so that’s why I made that guess-but I still think Cherris real father will be revealed before the end of the show

  114. 114 : impark Says:

    This drama is very interesting after bitnas divorce.
    However, it’s a bit of a draggy. It cud cut off some of the unnecessary parts. Surely viewer are not so ignorant and stupid . The show shud be more down to earth. Then the story wud be more worth watching.

  115. 115 : HEN Says:

    Actually, it has been our conversations here that has made this made this drama fun and tolerable during the dull times. [THANKS EVERYONE!!]

    [A BIG THANK YOU to Koreandrama.org for this fan site of Korean Drama]

    EPS 78: Finally we hear the story behind the kidnapping. It’s a good one that even makes sense. [I am impresses. Good creative writing Seo Hyun Joo.] JaeIk didn’t really look at the woman in the room with his wife. Being a new Dad, he was focused on new his family.

    D.P., remember they met when Cherri gave Ms Kim her ticket for the concert with JaeIk. TaeRi and Dae Poong were there and the four of them had dinner. That’s where Ms Kim took the picture with JaeIk and sent it to SoonOk. Note, in a later episode (not subbed), Ms Kim does see Dae Poong drinking alone at [her] bar. She had some thoughts to herself, but did not approach him.

    That is now the big question for me–just who is Cherri’s father? As conniving as Ms Kim is, I can’t imagine her letting some rich guy get away with just deserting her. Don’t you think so?

    Does anyone know the name of the young actress who played the “young Bitna”?

  116. 116 : D.P. Says:

    I see Soonoak figured out how to see Aesooks tattoo. gee, if the Prof had just asked her, she would have shown him even a few the nurse didn’t see. LOL!

    That hospital scene requires a real suspension of disbelief. 30 years ago would have been 1984. Especially then, Koreans had a national identity card,and you know any hospital would have demanded to see that before admitting her-and didn’t she enter the hospital under her real name, not expecting that there would be some problem with her baby? Well, it’s a drama, I guess.

    i think some rich old daddy will show up to claim Cherri, as a sort of consolation prize to end the show. We all know Cherri has been an evil witch for 100 episodes, but the show will end up with everyone happy and friendly, of course.

  117. 117 : D.P. Says:

    Ha ha! Minjoo sure knows how to manipulate her enemies, doesn’t she?

  118. 118 : HEN Says:

    Minjoo[Noonna] has a double threat for TaeRi. The fear of exposing her as a murder and the fear of becoming her daughter-in-law.

    I was impressed with the lie that Ms Kim told to explain the hotel sighting.
    It wasn’t the truth but believable.

    I did like that Bitna told Cherri that she was not responsible for all the kitchen catastrophes, when she accused her of causing the burn to Sangwook’s hand.

    Well, it’s contest time again at the Big “C” kitchen. What evil plot will the mother-daughter duo cook-up this time?

  119. 119 : D.P. Says:

    My guess , with no watching ahead, is that Cherri will get the crooked Chef to tell her all the ingredients in the contest-but someone else will slip in something else, and Bytna will win.
    I just watched the raw episode 96, and it looks like Cherris world is starting to crumble. Is this show 100 episodes, or longer?

  120. 120 : Felicia Says:

    @D.P. It says 120 episodes on top.

  121. 121 : reindeer song Says:

    Hello posters! What’s up?

  122. 122 : Felicia Says:

    I am currently watching another on going series. Nice too. Would like to share with you guys. It’s called ” mother’s garden”

  123. 123 : Felicia Says:

    Just finished watching ep 99. Stupid idiot scheming Cheri. Is this blindness thingy one of her many schemes!!!

  124. 124 : D.P. Says:

    I just watched that one,too-but no subtitles. Why does that Soonoak allow Aesook to be anywhere near her-let alone still living in the same house as her,listening in on everything she and her husband say. Really-I know this is just a drama, but what woman would put up with that situation in real life?
    I’m watching subbed episode 82 also-In between this one and 99, Ms. Yoon has vanished, due to her real-life problems. Which episode did they get rid of her?

  125. 125 : HEN Says:

    Hey, Reindeer Song–we missed your witty rapporte’.

    I think Ms Joon disappears [spoiler alert] after the wedding and the new family members move in…

    I’m not convinced [about Cherri] that this blind thing won’t become another fake and attempt to get HaJoon.

    We have been talking about Ms Kim and Cherri’s downfall. I want to know when THE SHOW-HORSE [TAERI] IS GOING TO FALL FROM HER HIGH-HORSE!!

    I think SoonOk’s was dumped to marry Taeri because her family was rich.

    [unsubbed episodes] It seems that Cherri is on the outs with HaJoon’s father… Also, it seems that Pompadour and his mother try to discredit Bitna via the internet, BUT HaJoon takes care of it. Yeah!

  126. 126 : HEN Says:

    OK, THAT’S a new feature. You can select to view the spoiler information…”High Tech” is everywhere!

  127. 127 : HEN Says:

    Felicia, I didn’t see any comments from you on MG the site.

    I have been watching MG also, but I am losing interests…after just 25 episodes–I didn’t finish watching EPS 25.

    I don’t like the pairing of couples–the two brother and the two sisters, the birth mother and her friend are annoying. as are the stepmother, father, etc.
    After 25 episodes–I couldn’t find one interesting storyline that I wanted to follow.

  128. 128 : D.P. Says:

    Another possible spoiler from ep 99 unsubbed:

    did I understand that meeting between Soonoak and Hajoons father (that Aesook was listening in on)-did I get the impression that Hajoon is Soonoaks son?

  129. 129 : Felicia Says:

    @Hen, me, being the evil person, just like to watch when evil will fall onto the evil younger sister at MG. Hehehe.
    @ D. P, I dun think hajoon is Soonoaks son. Soonoaks cannot get pregnant. That’s why KDP’s mother forced Soonoaks out of house and marriage to KDP

  130. 130 : reindeer song Says:

    Oh Hen, thanks for missing my witty rapporte, Went on a quick holiday to VW.

    Hajoon, is the pre married son with DaPoon and Taeri, that is why him and his Mum was able to push Soonok out, but there was two pregnant women Taeri and Aesook, he chose Taeri.
    Over the moon with the occurance in pompodour’s family, now they will feel the burn that Bytna had to go through.
    I will be back to snuff later…Hen!

  131. 131 : vin Says:

    So, does that mean Cherri and Hajoon are brother and sister?

  132. 132 : reindeer song Says:

    No Taeri is Hajoon mother Aesook is Cheeri’s mother but same father. Skanky Ms Kim had a fling with her best friend hubby.
    Anything on Emma as of yet?

  133. 133 : HEN Says:

    R.S. That wouldn’t surprise me about Taeri being pregnant and her rich family “insisting” that DaPoon marry her. But Taeri is the type who who lie about being pregnant so that DaPoon would leave his childless wife to marry her with the promise of a child and money.

    Vin, I’ve said that is probably the only way to end Cherri obsession with HaJoon–to find that they are bro and sis.

    the thing is that Ms Kim and DaPoon never flinch when they meet.

    DPS–EPS 99–I think SoonOk is finding out that HaJoon is DaPoon’s son and Ms Kim is finding out that SoonOk and DaPoon were once married.
    Question? How does the blind girl make to the roof??

  134. 134 : Waiora Says:

    Nope. Ha Joon is not Soon Ok’s son. In one of the earlier episodes Ha Joon’s father asked her how she could have a daughter when she couldn’t have children.

  135. 135 : D.P. Says:

    So-when will Aesook’s evil deeds be exposed to everyone? what will happen to her? How will the “show horse” react to finding out she has a new daughter? Will she be so kind and loving when cherri is not the rich heir to Chungwoongak?

  136. 136 : vin Says:

    Episode 100 shows Cherrie going out to the roof and Hajoon saves her. After that, Bitna breaks off her engagement for Cherrie’s sake, probably sacrificing her happiness for everyone else, as usual.

  137. 137 : HEN Says:

    UHG! EPISODE 100 – The stupid writing begins. I know they are scrambling to replace the scenes with Ms Yoon, but did they have to make Bitna stupid to do it. Didn’t she marry Pompadour under similar circumstances? Does she really want HaJoon to make the same stupid sacrifice, and live the same miserable life?

    Seo Hyun Joo, You were doing so well with this drama. I was about to put you on my “look for more of dramas by..” list–YOU JUST MADE MY “WATCH OUT FOR DRAMAS BY THIS WRITER” list. Like so may writers, you took the [quick-fix] non-thinking way out, instead of using your creative mind–shame on you!
    You will probably do the lame story line where Cherri gets her sight back but fakes blindness until the after the wedding. But wait! Someone will discover her fake blindness before the I dos. [ho-hum]

    I hate it when writers sacrifice the intelligence of the characters to fill air time.


  138. 138 : D.P. Says:

    The writer missed another chance to bring chaos to the lives of Bytna and her mother-when her ex-husband and his mother got evicted from their house, they should have barged into Bytnas house and stayed there.

    Ep. 100: when is someone going to tell Cherrie and Hajoon they are siblings?

  139. 139 : reindeer song Says:

    OFF TOPIC! Does anyone have Time Warner Cable as their carrier? With the exception of MNet, all the other Korean channels daily line up is so off by 2 hours, or what is suppose to be shown is not , this has been going on for years, TWC says its the responsibility of the stations, to date none of these channels line up has been adjusted. The arrogance!!!

  140. 140 : vin Says:

    Cherrie, her mom, Hajoon, and his mom are looking at wedding dresses for Cherrie. All the women are supremely happy, and Hajoon is looking on like a wet noodle. He is soooo depressed, and those women do not even care.

    Looks like the Coffee Couple is getting closer to each other, and not letting Taeri off the hook. Maybe these two young people will be the only sane ones between the insanity of their family dramas.

    I hope Bitna and Hajoon run away and get married, but I don’t think Korean dramas do that with their characters.

    This should change its name from Shining Romance to Depressive Romance. I don’t see anything shining here.

  141. 141 : HEN Says:

    Depressive Romance Episode 101:
    It looks like Sangwook gave HaJoon a good tongue lashing about his decision to marry the fake blind girl. Yes, I believe she is faking her blindness- or soon will.

    HaJoon must have told Chrri at dinner the real reason he agreed to marry her, and it made her cry.. Yeah!

    Ms Kim is begging SoonOk to let Cherri marry HaJoon?

    I want the show-horse to find out that Cherri is really Ms Kim’s daughter.

    Did Pompadour and his mother really think that Bitna would take him back?

    Vin, Cherri is standing there in that gosh awful wedding dress and everyone is waiting for HaJoon to tell her she looks good. I hope HaJoon calls out Bitna’s name since he is imaging seeing Bitna in a [much prettier] wedding dress.

    R.S. I have AT&T U-verse. TWC is probably right. I only have the MBC channel and occasionally the line up is not updated with the current programs or they move a program to another time, but the schedule does not reflect the change. Of course, this is a real problem when you are trying to record.

  142. 142 : vin Says:

    I have been watching this on MBC, nightly 8:15-8:45PM for the English subtitles. I also watch the online Korean version on http://www.dramastyle.com
    even though I do not know Korean. It is easy to figure out most of the plot by the characters’ actions and facial features.

  143. 143 : D.P. Says:

    Enough! Enough of that Aesook! I can’t take any more of her schemes ! Why does she still live in that house with the prof? This show has definitely taken a wrong turn so close to the end.

  144. 144 : HEN Says:

    Vin, So do I, but [CT] 9:15p to 9:45p–also Dramastyle for the non-subbed.

    D.P., I think the writer is scrambling to fill the void of Ms Yoon’s part in the story.

    As a distraction of the Ms Yoon situation and vacated role, I think Ms Kim has gotten more evil, Cherri’s blind, Bitna is stupid, HaJoon is miserable and we still haven’t seen the “book”.

  145. 145 : D.P. Says:

    Did I see a clue in the ep 102 preview where Cherrie is just pretending to be blind?

    The Book! not much time left for that to appear, and cause more turmoil.

  146. 146 : vin Says:

    What book is this? I don’t remember seeing any book.

  147. 147 : D.P. Says:

    Waaaay back at the beginning of the show, Hajoon’s mother (Taeri) had a ledger book with details of her and her husbands financial misdeeds. She was carrying it when she fell down some steps on the street . Bytna happened to find her, and called 119. Before they got there, Cherrie happened along, took the book from Bytna, chased Bytna away, and took full credit for rescuing the “Showhorse”. The infamous Book, with all its incriminating evidence, has apparently been in Cherries possession ever since-Taeri has no idea where it went.

  148. 148 : Zaabu Says:

    I have a headache thanks to episode 101. I don’t think I can take anymore of Cherries madness or the shows lack of creative solutions to conflict. Will this continue for another, what 18 episodes?

  149. 149 : D.P. Says:

    Well, …..yes. In episode 119, all will be revealed to everybody, and all the difficult relationship issues will be resolved in a matter of minutes. In episode 120, everyone will end up friends, nobody will get revenge because all is forgiven, and everybody will be happy and smiling in the last scene. I haven’t seen it yet, but somehow, I know this is how it will end

  150. 150 : HEN Says:

    Isn’t it interesting that Taeri was such a good friend to Ms Yoon and yet she was not invited to TaeIk and SoonOk’s wedding.

    Is Pompadour still trying to get back with Bitna so that his family can move into Chungwoongak?

    Oh, there was so much emotional stuff in Depressive Romance Episode 102. However, it was obvious that Ms Kim and Cherri are perpetrating more lies against Bitna and SoonOk. Those Kim girls should end up in a facility for the criminally insane.

    Doesn’t JaeIk know the truth about Ms Kim? Why IS she allowed to LIVE there?

    I sure hope that we are not forced to watch 17 or 18 episodes of Bitna and HaJoon being separated. That is unacceptable………..and mean………and painful–FOR US AS WELL AS THEM.

  151. 151 : D.P. Says:

    Really! I have been watching the subbed episodes on DirectTV, and the raw ones elsewhere on the web-I was going to ask: At Ep 102, Soonoak has STILL not told her husband who kidnapped his daughter? Does he even know Bytna is his real daughter yet? Aesook knows who Cherries father is, but she is still willing to see a brother and sister get married? Soonoak must know,too. This show is just too much anymore.

  152. 152 : vin Says:

    Hen, all very good points, especially the comment about having those two women committed to a facility for the criminally insane! The apple does not fall far from the tree, eh? Cherrie is just like her mom!

    Yes, he is trying to get back with Bitna. What a stupid guy! And his mother fans the flame! Two idiots!

    It would be real nice if, once in while, something GOOD happens in this drama, not always a decrepit, ugly episode. This is totally against human nature. The audience wants to feel good, and applaud the good guys!

  153. 153 : HEN Says:




  154. 154 : Felicia Says:

    @Hen & D. P. Prof knows that Ms. Kim kidnapped his daughter. That’s why he chase her out of the house at one point. But then Mrs. Yoon fainted and Ms. Kim was called back by Mrs. Yoon

  155. 155 : Zaabu Says:

    D.P. Thank you for your comment (149). I just laughed–how true you are. So I should wait for 119 and 120. Did I miss something? How is Cherrie a sister to HJ?????

  156. 156 : D.P. Says:

    I just watched 103. LOL! Things will probably be a bit touchy in the Kang household! Hopefully, in 104, Aesook gets chased out for good this time.

  157. 157 : Felicia Says:

    Yup yup. So looking forward to ep. 104 and on. Things should be working out for HJ n BN. But Mr. Han also so poor thing rite.

  158. 158 : HEN Says:

    Did you notice, it looks like Taeri knows who SoonOk is? I don’t know, the look SoonOk gave Taeri at the end there, looks like she could take her on.

    Just watched EPS 86, and Taeri was accusing DaPoon of seeing another woman–like there was history there.

    D.P., you are right. The Kang household is about to start jumping…I bet the “book” will come into play about now.

    What is the world was Pompadour and his mother doing there?

    Pompadour’s sister has the hots for Sangwook?

  159. 159 : vin Says:

    Well! I never would have believed it, but what I had written a few posts ago of Hajoon and Bitna running away together is going to happen! Good for him for coming to his senses! Being married to the wrong person for life is a death sentence he does not want. Excellent!

    And, what’s up with Cherrie running out there? I though she was blind!

  160. 160 : HEN Says:

    Duh? Isn’t it obvious …She was faking blindness.

    But since HaJoon did go through the ceremony, Ms Kim convinces Cherri that she is the wife now and should act accordingly.

  161. 161 : D.P. Says:

    Since Pompadours sister was the only decent one in that family, she will get the consolation prize of Sangwook, so she can get away from her mother and brother.

  162. 162 : HEN Says:

    She almost died the few days she thought HaJoon was gone from her life.
    Now she knows it was all staged. What is her hesitation???

    Surely, HaJoon knows enough lawyers to get rid of Cherri ASAP, since they haven’t registered their marriage. Isn’t that done after the wedding?

    I want the sister, Yoonna to find the “book” while Cherri is gone.

    Taeri is sick knowing that she gets the woman whose husband she stole as an in-law, whether her daughter-in-law is Cherri or Bitna. Yes, I can believe that she plotted with the twisted KIMs, to set-up and sell out her own son. I can’t wait till she finds out Cherri true pedigree.

    Sangwook sees how miserable Bitna and HaJoon are and yet he still trying to get her to marry him.

    What is wrong with these [writers]. One-sided love is OK??? Is it really OK for one person in a relationship to b 100% miserable???

  163. 163 : D.P. Says:

    Now I’m really confused-is Cherrie really the daughter of Mr. Kang, or not? Certainly Aesook knows who the father is, and she was at the wedding and saw them all-is she really so calculating she would marry off a sister to her (half) brother? That seems more than a little too much, even for this show. I thought the fact that Aesook spoke Japanese (as mentioned by Nurse Park), meant that Cherries father was Japanese. Now it looks like we have to spend the rest of the episodes watching Bytna and Hajoon be separated, and struggling to get back together.

  164. 164 : D.P. Says:

    Another thought: Yoona is the only bright spot in this show-she doesn’t accept any of the nonsense from either of the Kims-she is real quick to get right in their faces, and deliver a stinging slap-I was even shocked when she attacked Aesook a while back-a young person hitting and elder isn’t something you see in Kdramas.

  165. 165 : HEN Says:

    D.P., about Yoonna I agree…and Ms Kim deserved it. The only mystery is who is Cherri’s father. DaPoon was married to SoonOk, but they had no children. It seems that the Show-horse somehow got DaPoon to leave SoonOk and marry her. Tthey had HaJoon and KiJooon.

    Ms Kim is trying to hedge all her bets. She is trying to keep Cherri in JaeIk’s wealthy family, but she is also trying to get her connected to the very wealthy family of HaJoon–through a marriage. There is no other relationship between Cherri and HaJoon.

    My guess…
    Ms Kim fell in love with or was bamboozled by a man who dumped her before or after finding out she was pregnant. I find it hard to believe that she would allow some wealthy guy to kick her to the curb without going after him. In Kdramas, the rich men usually always take or take care of their outside mistakes.

    The hospital incident allowed her to get the immediate medical attention that her baby needed, but she soon realized that the situation had long term potential if her daughter was accepted as the heir to the Jang family. To Ms Kim, it appeared that JaeIk and his wife had decided to forget their own kidnapped child and raise Cherri as their own. With that thought and the death of JaeIk’s wife, Ms Kim began her plot by scheming her way into the household, so that she could firsthand secure the position of heir for Cherri and wife for herself.

    The problems were that JaeIk was not interested in her, JaeIk had not given up on finding his daughter, and the woman that JaeIk was interested in, just happened to b the friend with whom she had left JaeIk’s kidnapped baby.

    For Ms Kim, her plans were on a down hill spiral from what happens as result of these three facts. She had to constantly rethink and rewrite her master plan–ergo the decision to go after HaJoon. In episode 87, Ms Kim tells Cherri to continue going after HaJoon–“it doesn’t matter who he really loves…”

  166. 166 : nas Says:

    Hi I was just wondering are you watching this with English subtitles cause I haven’t a website to watch it on since ep 50 and if so where

  167. 167 : vin Says:

    Just now I watched episode 104. Hajoon does not need lawyers or a divorce because the marriage is not legal. Cherrie lied to him and tricked him about being blind. He can also get an annulment if Cherrie and Kim oppose him.

    Looks as though Cherrie is moving into Teari’s house and told them she is the man’s daughter.

    Hajoon wants nothing to do with his parents.

    The cute Coffee Couple are the bright spots in this whole mess.

  168. 168 : vin Says:

    NAS: I watch this on http://www.dramastyle.com but not the English subtitles. I do not know Korean but I can figure out what is going on by the characters’ actions and facial expressions.

  169. 169 : HEN Says:

    Hi NAS,
    Most of us are watching on the Korean station via our cable service, which has subtitles.
    Because of our impatience, we are going on the web to those sites with the raw episodes [no subs].

    I have visited a few sites that have claimed to have subs, but no subs are present when I view them.

  170. 170 : Felicia Says:

    Just saw preview for 106. Preview ended with a man saying, “Aesook, oppa is here.”

  171. 171 : D.P. Says:

    “Oppa” looks like a gangster,too, if those white shoes are any indication. Why, oh why, is Aesook still living with the Prof and Soonoak? isn’t that a highly uncomfortable situation for both of them?

  172. 172 : D.P. Says:

    If I understand correctly, looks like Aesook has a Will from Ms. Yoon that probably gives her everything. Here we go again. Looks like the Kims, along with her new trashy ex-husband, are going to plague everyone until the very end.

  173. 173 : HEN Says:

    I thought the same when I saw those white shoes.

    Episode 106–14 TO GO.

    We finally get to see the DAD-of-Cherri…and he’s about what I expected. Actually, I like this actor.
    DUN-DUN-DUN! What will he add to the mix? More important, why is he there–something to do with Sangwook’s business?

    And speaking of Sangwook…so much for wanting Bitna’s happiness–a gold band–no diamond. Hello? Gold was down today.

    Ms Kim will start her fast dance again…and it probably will backfire.

    I want to see the “Showhorse” when she meets her REAL in-laws.

    Poor HaJoon, but why is he sleeping in his office..he owns and works in a HOTEL???

    What is the hold up in getting rid of Cherri?? Anybody know??

    OH,I think those are the pre-nup that AeSook tricked Ms Yoon into forcing SoonOk to sign, to make Cherri the heir apparent.

  174. 174 : D.P. Says:

    Yes, that actor was very good in “Light and Shadows”, where he played a gangster,too. Aesook doesn’t look too happy to see him-what is Sangwooks idea in bringing him to Korea? He will probably mess up all of Aesooks schemes.
    Is the fact that Aesook is the mother of Cherrie still some kind of secret? Why isn’t Cherrie openly calling her “onma” instead of continuing to address her as the maid?
    Why doesn’t the Prof grow a backbone, and call in the cops to arrest Aesook for kidnapping?

  175. 175 : reindeer song Says:

    I’ve been saying he is spineless and oh so annoying.

  176. 176 : HEN Says:

    Episode 89 – Professor confronts AeSook about stealing his daughter, blackmailing SoonOK and Bitna. He tells her to get out, but agrees to not “tell” Cherri anything and to let her stay, because according to AeSook, Cherri doesn’t know that she is her mother. If AeSook tells Cherri, he said he would “kick her [Cherri] out, too”. So Cherri has to pretend that she knows nothing.

    The problem is that he allowed AeSook to make up a story to pacify Ms Yoon about her leaving. So, of course, Aesook blamed her leaving on the the new wife coming; and then continued her tale of woe, convincing Ms Yoon to do the pre-nup. Oh, having played on Ms Yoon’s sympathy, she agrees to make her leave a temporary, paid-vacation.

    D.P., that’s the role I remember him in also.
    Sangwook also had a background check done on Aesook.

    As a side note: Sangwook is as delusional about Bitna as Cherri is about HaJoon. They both totally ignore the fact that they are not regarded as “love interest”…Creepy.

  177. 177 : Felicia Says:

    It’s so frustrating to watch prof n Soonoaks so helpless regarding ms. Kim and Hajoon so helpless regarding chasing Cherie out…….

  178. 178 : D.P. Says:

    Let Yoona handle the whole situation. She’ll know what to do…..

  179. 179 : HEN Says:

    I think that Yoonna is becoming conflicted–she want to keep KiJoon and also, punish his mother.

    Don’t you just love the way the Show-horse gets faint, when things aren’t going her way? She has all the strength in the world when she is spewing her venom on someone.

    Regarding the pre-nup that SoonOk signed:

    AeSook noted that it was drawn up by attorneys.

    Since they did not let US know its details, I think that it defines the heir [in legal terms] as the “blood-related” daughter. If so, that would eliminate Ms Kim’s Cherri.

    Even if by name, Bitna’s real, legal name is “Cherri”, right?

    Ms Yoon said that she would cancel the pre-nup, in the future, if she felt it was not needed. If they decide to have Ms Yoon die, off camera, [last seen in the hospital, I think] they could have her cancel the pre-nup without telling AeSooK.

  180. 180 : vin Says:

    So, Cherrie moves into Hajoon’s room in his house after they get “married” because he owed his life to her for saving him and she got blind (presumably), which was a huge lie and trick by Cherrie. Anyway, Taeshik’s mother is outside the door eavesdropping, as usual. Cherrie hears her, goes to the door and opens it, whereupon Taeshik’s mother flops into the room! I laughed so hard at that one scene! it was the funniest! I hope the writers keep doing funny scenes like that one. Gosh, she did that so well and was a crack-up! I still get the giggles thinking about it. Hee hee hee. That family of mother and son is like the Three Stooges: stupid, funny, and good for a laugh. Great acting!

  181. 181 : Felicia Says:

    Gosh!!! The site I’ve been watching, is not uploading the epi 107 yet!!!!
    I’m dying here.

  182. 182 : HEN Says:

    Felicia, me, too! I wonder if it didn’t air or maybe there is just a delay in uploading it.

    I hope we don’t have to wait until the very end of the drama for Bitna and HaJoon to get back together!!!

    Vin, Pompadour and his mother are a definite source of comedy relief in this drama.

  183. 183 : D.P. Says:

    I’m waiting for when the ‘Showhorse’ meets her new Daughter-in-law’s parents: a barfly and a gangster. LOL! She will faint for sure.

  184. 184 : D.P. Says:

    Looks like there will be all sorts of fireworks in episode 108! Cherries started secretly drinking-that ought to help things,too. LOL!

  185. 185 : HEN Says:

    D.P. do you remember the episode where Cherri accepted an invite from the Show-horse to have dinner with HaJoon’s family, but HaJoon didn’t come home. She later complained that since HaJoon never came home, she had to spend time with those “old people”.

    Maybe she will get drunk enough to come downstairs and tell those “old people” how she really feels about them!

    Oh, and I guessed right about the character of Show-horse, she did get pregnant first. Now we know why she almost passed out when she saw SoonOk at the wedding.

  186. 186 : Felicia Says:

    Yup. Show horse was the mistress KDP kept while married to Soonoak. When show horse got pregnant, kdp’s mother chase Soonoak out.

  187. 187 : D.P. Says:

    Things are heating up in ep.108! Cherri got to see dear old Dad face to face, and it doesn’t look like she is too happy. LOL! I see yeonna is going to let everyone know that Cherri knows who her mother is,too.
    What’s up with the prof? He is yelling at Aesook, and dragging her towards the door, yelling “Nagaa” (get out!)-but in the next scene,she is walking around chungwoongak like nothing happened.
    Apparently, Taeshik and Hajoons father only own bow ties. LOL! They do look pretty sharp, I do have to say,though. I’ve never worn a bow tie in my life, but they look pretty good on those actors. Maybe I’ll have to check those things out sometime.

  188. 188 : reindeer song Says:

    I am getting truly frustrated with this drama, it’s going around in circle, a little bait here and there. Hajoon has walked out on Cherri, why has he not contacted an attorney to get out of that marriage? Why is the writer dragging this out for so long? Who will take Halmoni’s place, when will she reappear? Cherri and her Mum need to start suffering, this is very draggy. Bytna’s secret need to be out, putting Cherri in her place.

  189. 189 : D.P. Says:

    I thought Cherri WAS suffering-every other scene, she’s crying. They say that is the toughest thing for an actor or actress to do, and she has big tears welling up all the time. LOL!
    Are Samsung Galaxy phones dirt cheap in Korea? Aesook gets angry, and slams her top-of-the line phone down hard on the floor like it’s a $10 Tracfone. I know what I paid for my phone-no way I’m ever going to treat it that rough.

  190. 190 : quelly Says:

    hi. wer can i watch this with english subtitles? please help…thanks..

  191. 191 : HEN Says:

    The Kim girls have been have destroyed more than a few laptops and phones in this drama…

    I guess they have left her in place as HaJoon’s “wife” so that we could see her suffer every time he brushes her off, leaving her in tears.

    In 108, though it seems that HaJoon’s dad is telling her to give it up and Show-horse is so involved with saving her own …self, that she has neither the time nor energy to support her anymore.

    But, “out of the mouths of babes”, Yeondoo has overheard that Ms Kim is Cherri’s mother—who will she tell??

  192. 192 : D.P. Says:

    Quelly: Many of us were watching this show on the Korean Channel on DirectTV-It’s subtitled there-but it is at least 10 episodes behind the latest unsubbed episodes online. I got so tired of the endless scheming of Cherri and her mother that I just started watching the unsubbed episodes. I know enough words to catch some of the meaning. I’m worn out by this drama-I’m sick and tired of the antics of Cherri and her mother, and I just want to see it get over now-this show should have ended at ep100.
    Yeondoo-that’s who I meant when I wrote ‘Yeonna’. Hopefully, she will tell her stepdad, so He can finally drag them both out of the house.

  193. 193 : vin Says:

    Vaseline is used on the face to look like shiny tears. Granted, Cherie does cry a lot, but much of it is make up technique.

  194. 194 : reindeer song Says:

    No VIN, vaseline is used to hold the tear. Makeup technique does not make anyone cry, it is only use to make the tear last longer. These are some techiques used if its difficult for you to cry on cue; Eye drops, tissues, hot peppers or white onions, mentholated salve.There is a host of differnt ways but these are the simpliest, also, if you are a method actor crying come easier, by concentrating or blocking things out. I can go on and on but …..

  195. 195 : vin Says:

    @ reindeer song: I never said it MADE her cry. I said it makes her face look like shiny tears.

  196. 196 : HEN Says:

    This drama is making me want to cry; no actually scream. EPISODE 109

    Dear writer, we your viewers [actually it’is just me] think that it is a cop out when you spend endless episodes, creating stupidity in your characters to keep the main couple apart.

    I think that you even delude yourself into believing that it will make us, your viewers [ ok, me again] deliriously happy when you reunite the main couple in the LAST TEN MINUTES OF THE LAST EPISODE.


  197. 197 : D.P. Says:

    I totally agree-el 109 was just a big waste of time-more Aesook scheming, cherri crying, Hajoon moping around….Why hasn’t he gotten a lawyer yet? If this was some real-life scenario, why would Bytna think he was serious with his ‘wife’ Cherri still in his house, and still (apparently) legally his wife?
    What’s all this hush-hush stuff with Soonoak and her ex? Why does she even bother to talk to him? Are we going to have to wait until about ep119 to see Aesook sitting on a big pile of too-tight skirts, shiny blouses, and ribbon ties out by the curb?

  198. 198 : HEN Says:

    …Aesook sitting on a big pile of too-tight skirts, shiny blouses, and ribbon ties out by the curb?

    HA HA!!! I LOVE IT!

  199. 199 : reindeer song Says:

    Vin sorry if you were misquoted, this is what you said; Vaseline is used on the face to look like shiny tears. Granted, Cherie does cry a lot, but much of it is make up technique. I was just clarifying so sorry.

  200. 200 : D.P. Says:

    Ep110: don’t even bother. I can tell you what happened: nothing. Just more plots and scheming, Bytna moping, Hajoon acting even more pathetic,more of that foolish subplot with Taeshik and his mother apparently blackmailing Taeri. The only bright spot: Yeonna yanking Cherris chain like only she knows how to do.

  201. 201 : reindeer song Says:

    Thanks D.P. figured this drama is being dragged out it is becoming boring and a nuisance, sma antic regurgitated over and over again with Cherri and Mummy dearest!

  202. 202 : HEN Says:


    Since we are vested in this drama—and are waiting for the final episode to put us out of our misery…In the meantime, let’s toss around a few ideas of our own…

    By now, I think we should have story lines like:

    -Show-horse is arrested and DaePoong has to put the company in debt to keep her out of jail

    -Bitna and HaJoon are married, and living in their own house

    -Yoonna and KiJoon are married and living in the family home with Show-horse and DaePoong

    -Cherri’s Dad is trying to use her social position and connections to get ahead

    -Cherri is trying to use her position with the company to make sure she is in somebody’s will

    -Ms Kim is in jail for drugging Ms Yoon

    -Ms Yoon comes back long enough to find the book in Cherri room and return to HaJoon—like she did the other document that Cherri stole

    -I don’t care what happens to Sangwook—(actually, he should find that Bitna’s ex-sister in-law is stalking him)

    -Pompadour and his mother should head to Paris in search of Emma

    -Show-horse and DaePoong should live uncomfortable lives as they are in constant conflict with their daughters-in-law and SoonOk.

    This could run the gambit from raising the grandkids through their appearances as family for social events.


  203. 203 : D.P. Says:

    I’m envisioning a (happy??) family group of Aesook, Gangster guy, and Cherri. Now that she no longer works at Chunwoongak, Aesook can wear her Barfly/hooker outfits all the time, and look just as tacky as her ‘husband’. They fight and squabble all the time, much to the horror of their daughter Cherri, who is still trying to keep up appearances despite her massive fall in social standing. Taeshik gets his medical license back, and she turns her eyes on him, thinking that he might be her ticket back to some kind of financial stability, and starts scheming and plotting how to snare him.
    Sangwook decides that if he can’t have Bytna, he’ll settle for her sister, and announces to her boyfriend that he intends to win her….
    Where did the Professors Friend go to? They used to hang out all the time, but I haven’t seen him lately-didn’t he have the hots for Taeshiks mother?

  204. 204 : SEOKWON Says:

    I have nothing better to do at 720PM, Monday to Friday. I keep watching this show on MBC America Los Angeles, and I cringe every time that Mommie Dearest and/or little Miss Evil appear on screen.

    We are way behind in Los Angeles. In tonight’s episode, Hajoon took Bitna home to meet the parents. The poor girl should drop him, and choose the other guy who likes her. I suspected that Hajoon’s ah-bo-jee was Soonook’s ex-husband. K-drama is so predictable.

    I also cringe whenever I see Soonook, who is the front-runner for Most Pathetic/Passive K-Drama Character Award of 2014, along with the pregnant daughter in Mother’s Garden. I am shocked that Soonook did not have amnesia from the fall, or that she was not comatose for the next thirty episodes. Jaeik is another pathetic character; keeping the kidnapping a secret from from his wife, omunnim, and the police. Maybe, the baby was prettier than his own, and he wanted to be rid of the wife. Aesook deserves the K-Drama Villain Award for 2014; she would make an excellent James Bond villain.

    On a cheerful note, Jo An is the best looking actor in the cast, and she has the best wardrobe. Park Yoon Jae is the second best looking actor.

    The TV studios need to shorten their daily and weekend dramas to 3 months, so the plot does not drag on, and on, and on.

  205. 205 : D.P. Says:

    Episode 111 is delayed due to the election coverage in Korea.
    Seokwan; every one of your character assessments is spot-on.

  206. 206 : D.P. Says:

    Well, looks like Cherri gave up and was sent back home-and the secret is out about who her mother is-so the story has moved ahead a bit. Right here, let me make a guess: Cherri will be the one to have a talk with Bytna, and convince her that Hajoon is the one she should be with, and all Cherris evil deeds will be forgiven.

  207. 207 : HEN Says:

    D.P. Bless your heart…you are such the optimist – and probably right.

    I’m still afraid to watch episodes 110 & 111.

    I did just watch the subbed episode where they said that Ms Yoon is home from the hospital, but she is behind closed doors. Family go in, and only family come out.

  208. 208 : D.P. Says:

    That’s exactly how “Wangs Family” ended recently-the mean, rotten, evil ex-wife did everything she could do to cause problems for the nice lady her ex was interested in, but in the end, when it seemed like those two would not get together, she stepped in and convinced the nice lady to marry her ex. I see this happening the same way with Cherri. We’re getting real close to the end-we may have to wait for a “one year later” scene to see Hajoon and Bytna together.
    Pretty neat how Soonoak turned the tables on both Aesook and taeri in ep 111-I wasn’t expecting that!

    “The Book” still hasn’t appeared. Here’s a thought: will Cherri give it to Yeonna just to get back at Hajoons parents, who rejected her and made her move out of their house? Or will Cherri try to use it against them, and Yeonna blocks that scheme, out of love for Kijoon? We’ll see, I guess…

  209. 209 : Sajji Says:

    This drama has way too many episodes wish I could just skip to the final episode without watching the same old thing of Mama and daughter tyring to oust Bytna and her family…The ending will probably be not what any of us have expected …

  210. 210 : D.P. Says:

    Ep112: Yeonna is a pitbull! She knows how to handle Cherri-beat her up!

    I see that Aesook is going to be evil right up to the end.

  211. 211 : HEN Says:

    QUESTION? Did Bitna marry Sangwook??

  212. 212 : D.P. Says:

    I’m not sure! was that big event at Chungwoongak an engagement announcement, or an actual wedding? They aren’t living together in 112, so I’m guessing they are not really married.

  213. 213 : Felicia Says:

    Bitna n sangwook’s engagment party

  214. 214 : pauline fantroy Says:

    you don,t see mrs yoon because she was fired due to some connection with the ferry owner who ts on the run.

  215. 215 : D.P. Says:

    Is anyone watching “Jang Bo Ri” on MBC? it’s like the plot is exactly the same as this one: a rich girl who has taken the place of the poor girl who really belongs in that spot but got lost, an evil woman determined to prevent anyone from finding out the truth, a traditional business run by a demanding old woman (a dressmaking shop instead of a restaurant this time)-My wife is watching it now.

  216. 216 : jewles Says:

    Very disappointed in the character of Bitna; in the name of her daughter, she will marry anyone and gives away her love like a potato. Why get engaged if you are going to break it up in a day? What is the issue with Hajoon no longer being married to her not-sister-sister? don’t get it.

    And what’s with that dork who wants to marry Bitna; “they say it takes twice the time to forget the pain of loosing a love. Since you and Hajoon are from elementry school, I can wait that time for you to come to me – after we get married” What non-sense.

    Although I want Hajoon and Bitna to end up together, I am very tired of bad people getting away with so much during the show. Sticking out to the end just because I’ve invested so much time into this….

  217. 217 : HEN Says:

    D.P., I am watching that drama–trying. I left my comments the other day. You are right, it’s one of the formula dramas. It just seems that the writers expect us to accept so much that makes no sense in the world we live in today. I, mean, if they are going to write that kind of story, the beginning should start with “Once upon a time…”

    So, [anybody],what happened on EPS#113–I’m depending on you to give me the bad news. It seems to go down easier if I hear it from someone else.

    I don’t want to watch any more raw episodes until the tide really turns…Is show-horse in jail yet?

    Jewles, we all are sticking it out for that reason. Hang in there!

  218. 218 : D.P. Says:

    I just watched 113. Bytna is finally getting smart, and she is fully aware of Aesooks attempts to poison her. Hopefully, they found where Aesook was buying that stuff.
    Did you know all Korean cars have a “black box” that makes a video looking forward (and apparently backwards,too), and records everything said in the car? There is a show on Korean TV that shows all sorts of horrific accidents that are filmed by these black boxes. Cherri (I really should call her Chae Ri) is already regretting letting Bytnas creepy ex valet park her car. LOL! The best part is Hajoon got ahold of that video, and confronts her with it. The preview for 114 shows another apparent Chae Ri suicide attempt, lots of tears, and lots of worried looks from Aesook. Their schemes really do seem to be crumbling now.
    My last question: If the Prof knows Bytna is his real daughter, why is Chae Ri still the Director of Chungwoongak?

  219. 219 : HEN Says:

    Thanks, D.P.
    See, that why I insist that Ms Kim has to do some jail time. So, is Show-horse any closer to getting busted by Yoonna?

    Remember, Ms Yoon passed out every time JaeIk tried to tell her the truth about Ms Kim and Chae Ri. The last time he tried, she grabbed the back of head, and they took her to the hospital…Exit stage left–she hasn’t been seen on camera since. So, supposedly, Ms Yoon is convalescing in her room and they all agreed to just let things go as is –for now.

    Actually, I would think Ms Yoon would have been happy to know that Bitna was her granddaughter, and a real “chip off the old block”[a natural talent in the kitchen like her].

  220. 220 : D.P. Says:

    I’m a bit bored by the whole Yoona/Taeri thing. Yoonna just left with a suitcase, going somewhere.

  221. 221 : Felicia Says:

    I just hope that the ending will live up to our expectations.

  222. 222 : D.P. Says:

    Ep 114:

    The Prof made a public declaration of Bytna being his “real” daughter. Before that, Chae Ri had a complete and total meltdown. If she had behaved differently, you might have felt sorry for her situation, but then it wouldn’t be a Kdrama, would it?
    The previews for 115 showed Taeri attacking Aesook for tricking her (her “maid” Malsook had been laughing about Taeri when Taeshik told her who Chae Ris mother really was, and she must have told her the Big News)

  223. 223 : HEN Says:

    I am enjoying this drama so much more–by reading the recaps.

    D.P….So, did Ms Kim take our her uzi and spray the room??

    I watched EPS 98 where she through a [Kim family] fit at the hospital when ChaeRi had the accident. She was quite animated–jumping up and down, screaming…while Bitna just watched her.

    That accident was a really bad production. The way the light that fell, it didn’t appear anywhere near them. There was no way that it hit her. The blood on his shirt was over the top [didn’t look like blood], and she had her head so deep in his chest that there was no way that any “splinters” [I think that’s what they called the problem] got into her eyes. But…She finally got what she wanted–being on top of HaJoon.

    What happened to the mystery man? Was he not ChaeRi’s dad after all?

    Do you think we will hear so much as a “peep” from Ms Yoon’s room–a heavy sigh, perhaps–or possible tears of joy at the news?

    Of course, I’ve seen Kdramas and American soap operas where characters just disappear with no explanation at all.

  224. 224 : D.P. Says:

    I think the Kims bag of dirty tricks and schemes is just about empty. Bytna and Sangwook have a sample of the powder she was putting in Ms Yoons and Bytnas drinks (If they had “perfect taste”, why couldn’t they taste that?), and they even had a stack of flyers with Aesooks photo on them to hand out in the shopping areas-I think they will find who sold her that stuff, unless, of course, Aesook gets to them first. Aesook spent this whole episode fussing and stressing-I think she’s out of ideas-but we only have 5 episodes left, so it has to wrap up somehow pretty quick. I did not understand what happened to Yeonna at the end of this episode. Truthfully, you just know nothing much will happen to the Showhorse.
    By the “Mystery Man” do you mean that guy who always hung out with the Prof at the start of the show? I was wondering where he went, and if he will pop up again before the end.

  225. 225 : HEN Says:

    I’m talking about the man that can to the restaurant, asked for Ms Kim , and Ms Kim freaked out when she saw him.. We thought he could have been ChaeRi’s real dad.

  226. 226 : D.P. Says:

    Oh, him-yes, he is Chae Ri’s dad. He’s been hanging around making both the Kims real uncomfortable. I noticed him pop up in the ep115 preview,too.

  227. 227 : D.P. Says:

    Ep 115: for being so close to the end, nothing much happened,except that it looks like Aesook is hatching her biggest scheme yet. Mostly, the whole episode was one big fashion show. The Showhorse sure looks sharp and elegant, even when she’s trying to choke Aesook, who is a head taller than her. Yeonna looked really cute in her flowered outfit,too.

    One last observation: Does everyone in this show have that one private room in that coffeehouse on permanent reservation? LOL!

  228. 228 : HEN Says:


    I have been wondering about the private room set up, too.

    How do they charge for THAT? They are never in there for very long. However, they have no qualms about throwing and breaking things in there.

    Maybe they have “accounts”, so time and breakage are just charged and billed later.

    Or, if you don’t have an account, you leave a credit card number—for time and potential damage charges.

    These rooms are in a lot of the K-Dramas.

    Hey, what about the “unhappy couple or the star-crossed lovers”? Are they back together yet?

    With only 5 episodes to go, they should get them back together [married] sooner than later.

    I want to see them with that “D.P.-KIND OF-HAPPY” before the last episode!!

  229. 229 : HEN Says:

    Oh my goodness, we are at the subbed episodes where the STUPID, DOWNRIGHT RIDICULOUS WRITING starts–“Chae Ri Does The Blind Thing”. Blind—- she has to have help to the bathroom, but she was able to find her way to the roof of the hospital alone???

    I thought it was hard to watch these as raw episodes. But with the subbing, it is actually painful to watch, because now you can HEAR the STUPID, DOWNRIGHT RIDICULOUS WRITING.

    Anybody else having a hard time watching and LISTENING to these?

  230. 230 : D.P. Says:

    I gave up watching the subbed episodes-the endless plots and schemes of the Kims were just too tiring.
    Looks like the “Star-crossed lovers” are starting to get together again. Now that Hajoon is back on the market and available, Bytna can conveniently ditch Sangwook, even after he helped her so much . This whole plot line was not done very well, and I think does not cast Bytna in a very good light-she doesn’t look much better that Chae Ri.
    Speaking of Chae Ri, you had to feel sorry for her in 115-Taeri, who had thought she was the perfect girl for her dear son, was heaping all sorts of abuse on her for being a “Maid’s Daughter”. aside from all her evil schemes, she was not at fault for being left with the Prof.

  231. 231 : HEN Says:

    I totally understand about avoiding the current subbed episodes.

    I do hope that there is some real justice planned for Show-horse in this drama. The writer has disappointed us so much in the second half of this drama–that is the least they could do for us.

    I still say Kim AeSook belongs in jail and (Kim) ChaeRi belongs in a padded room at the local Happy Dale Sanitarium.

    The Kim characters are those that (1) think nothing of others when they are plotting their schemes. (2) When they get caught or the scheme backfires, they panic and show remorse–along with a certain amount of hysteria. (3) BUT–The remorse would not appear if the scheme had worked against their victim and they came out on top–as planned.

    ChaeRi thought nothing of Emma’s suffering when she set up Bitna as the one who caused Emma’s allergic food reaction, because ultimately, Emma was revived at the hospital–which was her plan.

    However, when Emma was suppose to hide Yeondoo for a time, but called to say she had truly lost the child, ChaeRi began to panic and insisted that Emma find the child immediately.

    AeSook is poisoning Ms Yoon, and thinks nothing of how she is damaging this lady’s heath, because she is getting the results she want.

    However, when SoonOk fell down those stairs, she panicked and call for help for her. Yet, she was torn wishing that SoonOk would wake up, on one hand; but she was also thinking that SoonOk should just die, which would make her the winner–as planned.

  232. 232 : D.P. Says:

    Ep 116: Yeonna/Minjoo drops her bombshell on the Showhorse-it’s all out in the open now.
    ep117 preview: looks like Aesooks latest and greatest plot involves Chae Ris father, and what looks like some Japanese Yakuza gangsters.

  233. 233 : jewles Says:

    Aesook is trying to sell the restaurant while she has the phony paperwork from the grandma giving her the control of the restaurant. The Japanese guy is the new buyer, I think.

    From the preview, Grandma is either awaken or dead; Bitna’s mother is on the phone saying “What did you say about Mother?”

    Bitna and Hajoon just got started again and now this bombshell. What are they to do? I guess Sanwook will swoop in again. With only 4 episodes to go, why start a new plot?

  234. 234 : D.P. Says:

    Somehow, I think we are going to see the usual ‘One year later” scene for them getting married-there seem to be a lot of issues yet to be sorted out. Of course, there has to be time for Taeshiks sister to move in on Sangwook and reel him in. I’ll make a little bet: the final scene will be One year later, and three couples will be getting married at once-Bytna and Hajoon, Kijoon and Yeonna, and Tae Young and Sangwook.

  235. 235 : HEN Says:

    OK, I watched 116. Show-horse has her day in the spotlight.

    Oh my, HaJoon’s father dumped her mother and HaJoon’s mother offed her father. For them to get together, Bitna and HaJoon will have to run away and change their names.

    It seems that KiJoon took it really hard.


  236. 236 : HEN Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the actress who played the “young Bitna”?

  237. 237 : D.P. Says:

    After this revelation, how can they get married right away? It’s going to be AT LEAST a year later before things resolve themselves.

    Ha! Why did Taeri run right up front in front of all the cameras? Anyone else would have ducked out of the room.
    Well, I guess 117-118 will be the prof and his family fighting off Aesooks plans. Even Chae Ri seemed shocked at these plans to sell the place-Maybe she will redeem herself by foiling this plot. We’ll see. Then 119-120 will resolve all the issues, and set the stage for” happily ever after”

  238. 238 : D.P. Says:

    Ep 117: Aesook’s plan to sell the place is in motion-she even has a fake ‘Ms. Yoon”. I can see Chae Ri is not in on this scheme with her-I say she will be the one to foil this last plot. Other than that, nothing much happened, other than Soonok confronting Taeri.

  239. 239 : D.P. Says:

    Episode 118: Busted, and in handcuffs, finally!

  240. 240 : Watanabe Kyu Says:

    Ehm, where can i watch this with full subbs? I can’t find any website. Pls someone tell me.

  241. 241 : jewles Says:

    Here comes the long-waited black book!!! Cheri is safe from the selling-scheme and now planning to use the black book to save her arse – not sure to win Hajoon or extort money from Hajoon’s father.

  242. 242 : HEN Says:

    TWO EPISODES TO GO—–BUT, I’ve got to watch the subs to know what is actually being said in these final episodes.

    EPS#118 This looks like a sting operation on AeSook. Was the buyer and Gangster Dad in on it?? AeSook looked surprised when G-DAD left the room.

    KiJoon is really a mess…and it seems Yoonna is not happy leaving him.

    Well, it is only right that Bitna now has to chase after HaJoon to convince him that they still belong together.

    ChaeRi tries to taunt Yoonna–she is no match for her. I said that ChaeRi is like her mother–her only fear is getting caught. They are both willing to take any risk to get what they think they should have.


    What will ChaeRi ask for in lieu of the Book?? Help for AeSook?? Or HaJoon??
    I still think she’s a prime candidate for the “Happy Dale Sanitarium”.

  243. 243 : HEN Says:

    Watanabe Kyu

    “Watch Online in Viki.com (Coming Soon)” [This appears at the top of this page]

    We are watching the subbed episodes through our local cable service, and the raw episodes on the web [dramastyle.com]

    Usually, these dramas (100+) that air 5-days a week are not subbed on the websites in time with the current schedule.

    [Another site: epdrama.com]

  244. 244 : jewles Says:

    #224 Hen:

    It was a collaboration from the lawyer who tipped off dad and the police on Aesook’s scheme on phony will and the sale of the restaurant. The scum bag did go out to get the phone call and saw the police and warned her too late. He got lucky.

    When she actually got caught, she still maintains her innocence and keep saying that she was taking care of the important Japanese customer and all is a misunderstanding. The police also has the report on the poison she was using that could have harmed Gma from Bitna. One of the charges was an attempted murder.

    Yoona was saying that she must loved him since her heart hurts so much after leaving his office telling him all was a ruse to catch his mother.

    Hajoon’s father says to his wife that he will divorce her if it comes between saving his company or her.

  245. 245 : HEN Says:

    jewles, I know that part..I just thought-that buyer had a certain look…

    I’ve said all along that AeSook has to do some jail time.[#231]

    Do you know what was said between HaJoon and ChaeRi?

  246. 246 : D.P. Says:

    I think Chae Ri is just going to use that book for revenge-Taeri really heaped the abuse on her for being a “Maid’s Daughter” an episode or two ago, and completely reduced her to tears-no way would Taeri and Daepoong accept her now. She had it all along when she could have used it as leverage to get Hajoon, but never brought it out. She’ll probably use it to ruin their company, or at least try to.

  247. 247 : HEN Says:

    Hey, I just watched the subbed #103.

    Chae Ri tried to taunt Bitna with her “honeymoon blanket”.

    The Professor called her thoughtless. Later in a conversation with SoonOk, the Professor noted that ChaeRi was like her mother [told you so] and made the comment “blood will tell”.

    It seems that Chae Ri used the “I will kill myself” if I can’t have what I want, along with her fake blindness.
    Now everyone is trying to pacify her for fear that she will “off” herself. How crazy is that!

    This is where the bad writing rears it ugly head.

    Someone who threatens suicide after a traumatic accident that left them with a non-physical blindness, should have been placed under psychiatric care.

    Instead, they guilt-ed HaJoon into marrying her, and then they all said that she will now have a happy life.
    How in the world can you have a happy life with a man who pretty much hates your guts–and is in love with another woman.

    Does a psychiatrist cost more than a funeral?

  248. 248 : reindeer song Says:

    HEN, Korean very rarely goes to psychiatristor any mental health facility, they rather leave the country to do that, most of them do commit suicide. Why, koreans are gossipers, they talk about everyone, every family. So, for Cherri to go and get shrinked that would never happen, it quicker to off herself.

  249. 249 : D.P. Says:

    I see now that there are 122 episodes-and somehow Kim Aesook has wiggled out of the charges against her. This show is just too much. Well, apparently Chungwoongak belongs to Bitna now.

  250. 250 : jewles Says:

    @245 Hen:
    Cheri tells him that she wants to help him with this hard time with his mom situation as she was her loving mother in law, etc. She wants to do anything to help him. So he tells her there is one thing she can do for him – stop loving him and forget it all.

    It seems that they extended two more episodes to close the story. They couldn’t finish the story of the black book in a day, I guess.

    I saw in the show blog site where a viewer complains that the show is showing how incompetent the police is as Aesook escaped their clutch when they were arresting her. Ha! These shows always show the police and DA as blundering idiots and all corrupted.

  251. 251 : reindeer song Says:

    Jewless, I may get hammered for saying this, but Korea is one of the most corrupt Asian country. I did not say it, it is news worthy it was also stated that the Presidents resembles gangsters, and how many has lived after leaving office. I love the new president Park Geun-hye she has spunk and can handle herself against the old centuries.

  252. 252 : D.P. Says:

    Ep. 120: Just dragging out the downfall of Kim Jipsha. Is she trying to blackmail Kang Daepoong into forcing Hajoon to marry Chae Ri? Why is Hajoon so pathetic and miserable? Looks like Dad has enough of Chae Ris little schemes in the next episode.

  253. 253 : jewles Says:

    #251 Reindeer:
    I was referring to the official show site in Korea and how Koreans are upset over the portrait of their law enforcement in general.

    In my opinion, ALL Asian countries are corrupt and brink of a disaster. I believe it is because they are still young in “democracy” principal and trying to incorporate traditional life style with the new concept. Of course with new, someone is always working on the angles. Just heard that Pakistan has the fastest growing mega-millionaires in the world; you wonder what would make them so rich in the middle of conflicts they have going on there.

    I do think Korea is a nice place to live if you don’t get involved with politics and able to maintain middle class status.

    Well so much for that. On to the show!!!

    So Bitna says to Hajoon the they will just have to stay as acquaintances until his mother confesses that it will all upto her next move. So there is a hope that she will resume her relationship with him as a couple?

    Next two episodes will have Teri going to jail and Cheri being found out about the ledger (black book) and the kickback she’s been getting with her mother and the chef. It looks like Hajoon will let Bitna’s father know what Cheri is up to with black mailing.

    What will happen to the Bitna and Yoona, and Hajoon and Gijoon? Dan-dan-dah.

  254. 254 : reindeer song Says:

    Jewles, I fully understood where you were coming from. As the saying goes “Life imitates art” as a writer you write what you know, they interjected the constant struggle with corruption in Korea in every facet of government and beond.

    I would be the first to say yes, korea is a very lovely place to live, but you cannot, not get involve with the politicing that goes on, go to the government office, they are there to help, there is a scam on every level.

    Cheri should also be sent to jail with her mummy dearest, she is and was part of the plan and is still waging scams on other parties.

  255. 255 : HEN Says:

    Yep, they seem to keep dragging out the capture of AeSook.

    I don’t think Chae Ri marrying HaJoon will help, Kim Aesook, but who knows how their [the writer’s] minds work. I thought she was trying to extort money from him–especially, now since Gangster Dad was busted.

    Professor Dad told Kim AeSook that if she told ChaeRi that she was her real mother, he would kick ChaeRi out, too.

    With the confessions of the Chef, it seems that everyone is about to discover that not only did ChaeRi know that Kim AeSook was her mother, but she and mommy dearest have been scheming together for quite a while.

  256. 256 : HEN Says:

    Jewles, what is Show-horse’s argument for not confessing?

    Maybe they will have KiJoon die, to finally make her realize the gravity of her offense.

  257. 257 : D.P. Says:

    Well, tomorrow ought to be a good episode-they really do have to start wrapping every storyline up.
    In real life, the police would be watching Chae Ri, and possibly seize her phone to pinpoint the location of her mother, and they might also charge her with aiding a fugitive.Oh well, it’s a drama.
    Ha! I really thought they had caught Emma! I wonder How Taeshik and his mother will end up?
    The Prof ought to find a more secure safe for that much gold! I can’t believe Aesook didn’t turn her attention to that pile sooner-especially when she was going to sell the place and run off.
    Two more episodes!

  258. 258 : D.P. Says:

    Oh-one more thought: who has the Black Book? Did Aesook have it with her in her hideout, (which means the police will have it now), or does Chae Ri still have it? The Prof was tearing her room up looking for something in the preview>

  259. 259 : HEN Says:

    D.P., it looked like she made copies of the pages and gave them to AeSook, which she left with DaePoong as proof. I think ChaeRi still has the actual book.

    That sure was an odd place to keep a safe, and the only protection was a padlock? Not even an silent alarm?

    Speaking of psychiatrist, tonight’s subbed episode: SoonOk offered to recommend a good psychiatrist to Show-horse. It seems she is more worried thatt DaePoong and SoonOk will start to spend time together as “in-laws”. Actually, SoonOk was pretty tough with Show-horse, describing how she broke up her marriage…Nice!

  260. 260 : D.P. Says:

    Ep 121; WOW! I didn’t see that coming at the end.

  261. 261 : jewles Says:

    #256 Hen:

    The Show-horse is claiming that by keeping it hidden, her children will not be marked as the murderer’s children. It was to protect the boys that she covered it up, and it is all Yoona’s fault for bring it up all over again.

    When Hajoon asked her to confess and pay for her crimes, she yells at him saying how can a son say that to a mother, etc. Hajoon says if she is not going to confess, he will. She still thinks she didn’t do anything wrong since the dead father jump in front of her moving car. They (everyone ) are telling her even if it was an accident, it was wrong for her to leave him to die. but she doesn’t get it.

    So she thinks her action as the correct one.

    On today’s episode, the Professor and the husband agreed and filed a request for arrest/investigation to the DA and husband asked for a divorce before something happens to the company so she can at least avoid company related problems.

  262. 262 : jewles Says:

    About the safe:

    According to the conversation Aesook had with the gangster, the Gma was always saying it is the ingredient that makes it. Whenever there was something significant, it was always back to the importance of the ingredient.

    And since Gma thought the ingredients were the most valuable commodity of the restaurant, and no one will suspect the safe will reside in the pantry. Aesook figured out that it was the only place she hasn’t searched yet for the hiding place. She did find the keys while ago but couldn’t find where it fit.

  263. 263 : D.P. Says:

    It seems like there will be way too much to wrap up in just one more episode. The writers spent too much time with Aesooks and Chae Ris plots and schemes, and not enough time with the main story.

  264. 264 : HEN Says:

    I agree that the writer wasted time with the schemes of AeSook and ChaeRi.

    I thought about a car crash, when she ran out after Bitna and the Book. I thought it would come down to a car crash that would kill ChaeRi and/or Bitna.

    That’s why I thought the writer would sacrifice KiJoon as a wake up call for Show-horse.
    Wasn’t her down because she was looking for something in the car, so she didn’t see him before she hit him?

    Thanks Jewles!!

  265. 265 : HEN Says:

    Something else of note (at least to me)

    They keep insisting that marriage is not just about the two people–As if the two people are the least important ingredients . The KDrama parents seem to focus on how a marriage looks to their world, and if it profits at least one of the families involved…and hang whether those TWO PEOPLE are happy in it. I guess that’s why “incompatibility” is still the #1 reason for divorce.

    Admittedly, some of these dramas are trying to air out that kind of narrow minded thinking, no tradition–by focusing on the love that exist or does not exist between the people in the “marriage spotlight”.

  266. 266 : reindeer song Says:

    Thank you guys for your insight into this drama, we had at times a very robust discussion, I hope we learn something for each other cultures. Thanks for the time spent with you.

  267. 267 : D.P. Says:

    Did you see the last episode yet? My site hasn’t loaded it yet. I think I am going to watch ep 1, which I never saw, before I watch the last one.

  268. 268 : jewles Says:

    Yeh! Finally it’s over!

    Everything tied with nice pink ribbons, etc. I thought it was ridiculous what they did with Cheri,

    I think they struggled after Gma has to be written out of the script and come up with new scenario to cover that.

    As for marriage is not just for two people, I agree with Hen. It is about just two people unless you are really into marrying as business transactions. It is still two people’s decision if they want to do that or not.

    It is funny to me that the dramas always bring in match makers, etc. where most of contemporary Koreans (starting in their 60s – after Korean War) marry for love. All my Fathers and brothers Korean friends who are married are college sweethearts, office romances or other romances. Go figure.

    Anyway, thank you all for lively comments and discussions. See you at another board. Happy Kdrama!

  269. 269 : D.P. Says:

    Well-not a very satisfying Last Episode, in my opinion. As bad as Chae Ri was, I don’t think anyone really wanted THAT to happen to her. It would be interesting to know how this show would have ending if Ms. Yoon did not have her real-life problems. Somehow, I don’t think the plot had to be changed too much-it would have still ended up pretty much like this, with maybe the only real difference that Ms Yoon might have handed Chungwoongak over to Bit Na herself.
    Somewhat interesting what they did with Taeshik and his mother. I thought we would see his sister paired up with Sangwook. Again, like I said, the writers wasted too much time on all these plots and schemes, and ended up wrapping everything up too quickly and sloppily.

    Who knows what show will catch my interest next? I never know-I just happen to be sitting there when one comes on, and something makes me want to watch more of it. I’ll keep this site bookmarked. I enjoyed talking and speculating about this show.

  270. 270 : HEN Says:

    What a COP-OUT with ChaeRi!

  271. 271 : HEN Says:

    Too much time on the schemes…AeSook and ChaeRi were certifiably EVIL.

    Everything after the wedding of the Professor and SoonOk was OVERKILL and a waste of time!

    Why can’t they write “happy ever after” for us to see. I would have liked to see the two couples married and living “D.P.’s happy”!

  272. 272 : D.P. Says:

    How I would have ended this show:

    I would have had Chae Ri realize how pointless and self-defeating her little schemes were, and vow to be better than that. She would have heard about her mother’s scheme to sell the place, and secretly told the prof about it. Aesook would have still gone to jail, but she would not become insane,either.
    Chae Ri would then decide to become a real chef, instead of faking everything, and she would go off for several years to train in Europe and China, coming back a changed, mature, and decent person.

  273. 273 : reindeer song Says:

    D.P, in my area it is still running, but whatever happens to Cheri, will be not as satisfying. Korean writer do not like to send pretty people to jail, they should be rehabilitated into a nicer person, CRAP! Never does. These drama suffers from hierarchy tyranny (I use this tern elsewhere)There was so many useless subplots that by the completion it was disappointing.

  274. 274 : HEN Says:

    Hey, I’m still watching the subs. I must admit, I am enjoying “knowing” what HaJoon is saying to ChaeRi to keep her in tears–it’s really good stuff!

    Actually, Show-horse has been trying to get her to leave from day one, but ChaeRi refuses to go, and AeSook is telling her not to leave.

    HaJoon makes her cry and she takes it out on Bitna by telling her that HaJoon is really a loving husband to her.

    Thanks you guys. You all have been great to banter with about this drama.

    Just to let you know, two of my favorites: “Pompadour” and the description of AeSook as “tight skirts–silk or shiny blouses–string ties”.

    Darn it, I can’t find the reply with the exact words!

  275. 275 : D.P. Says:

    Ha! I wanted to see Aesook sitting out by the curb on a big pile of too-tight skirts, shiny blouses, and ribbon ties.
    My favorite? the term “Show Horse”. Very fitting.

  276. 276 : HEN Says:

    108-Gangster Dad knew he had a daughter. Today he announced that he knew ChaeRi was his daughter.
    ChaeRi continues to stalk her husband at his office. Even his secretary knows he’s not taking part in the marriage.
    ChearRi described herself as a “spoiled heiress” who is not use to “this kind of treatment”. She is constantly begging for his affection, even willing to feign death–but she insist that she still has her pride. THIS IS REALLY ENTERTAINING.

    DaePoong calls SoonOk’s name in his sleep.

  277. 277 : HEN Says:

    110-HaJoon to ChaeRi: “If you do this again (stalking him at the office) I will leave the country without a word….I an so sick of you..l”

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