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Shining Romance 03

Title: 빛나는 로맨스 / Shining Romance
Chinese Title: 閃耀的浪漫
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 122
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-Dec-23 to 2014-June-20
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15


A drama about a family which the family member are not blood-related.

Jung Soon Ok (Lee Mi Sook) has two daughters. Her two daughters are not blood-related, but Soon Ok raised them like they were. Oh Bit Na (Lee Jin) is her first daughter. Bit Na was cheated by her husband and now divorced. In order to bring her daughter back, Bit Na struggles. Meanwhile, Oh Yoon Na (Kwak Ji Min) is Soon Ok’s second daughter. She matures due to her family’s situation. These three women live bravely, while trying to achieve their dreams and find love.


Main Cast

Lee Jin as Oh Bit Na
Park Yoon Jae as Kang Ha Joon
Jo An as Jang Chae Ri

Byun Tae Shik’s family

Heo Jung Eun as Yun Doo (Tae Shik and Bit Na’s daughter)
Yoon Hee Suk as Byun Tae Sik
Ji So Yun as Emma Jung
Kim Soo Yun as Byun Tae Young
Yoon Mi Ra as Heo Mal Sook

Oh Bit Na’s family

Lee Mi Sook as Jung Soon Ok
Kwak Ji Min as Oh Yoon Na
Lee Kye In as Mr. Oh

Kang Ha Joon’s family

Kyun Mi Ri as Lee Tae Ri
Jung Han Yong as Kang Dae Poong
Yoo Min Kyu as Kang Ki Joon

Jang Chae Ri’s family

Hong Yo Seob as Jang Jae Ik
Lee Hwi Hyang as Kim Ae Sook
Jun Yang Ja as Yoon Bok Sim


Nam Kyung Eup as Nam Soo Chul
Kim Hak Rae (김학래) as neighbor uncle
Lee Ah Rin as Sul Min Joo
Min Woo Ki as applicant
Kim Roe Ha as Na Bong Pal
Nam Jung Hee as fake Yoon Bok Shim
Kim Yool Ho as hit-and-run
Kim Kyung Nam

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Kyung Hee
Director: Shin Hyun Chang, Jung Ji In
Screenwriter: Seo Hyun Joo


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277 Responses to “Shining Romance”

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  1. 251
    reindeer song Says:

    Jewless, I may get hammered for saying this, but Korea is one of the most corrupt Asian country. I did not say it, it is news worthy it was also stated that the Presidents resembles gangsters, and how many has lived after leaving office. I love the new president Park Geun-hye she has spunk and can handle herself against the old centuries.

  2. 252
    D.P. Says:

    Ep. 120: Just dragging out the downfall of Kim Jipsha. Is she trying to blackmail Kang Daepoong into forcing Hajoon to marry Chae Ri? Why is Hajoon so pathetic and miserable? Looks like Dad has enough of Chae Ris little schemes in the next episode.

  3. 253
    jewles Says:

    #251 Reindeer:
    I was referring to the official show site in Korea and how Koreans are upset over the portrait of their law enforcement in general.

    In my opinion, ALL Asian countries are corrupt and brink of a disaster. I believe it is because they are still young in “democracy” principal and trying to incorporate traditional life style with the new concept. Of course with new, someone is always working on the angles. Just heard that Pakistan has the fastest growing mega-millionaires in the world; you wonder what would make them so rich in the middle of conflicts they have going on there.

    I do think Korea is a nice place to live if you don’t get involved with politics and able to maintain middle class status.

    Well so much for that. On to the show!!!

    So Bitna says to Hajoon the they will just have to stay as acquaintances until his mother confesses that it will all upto her next move. So there is a hope that she will resume her relationship with him as a couple?

    Next two episodes will have Teri going to jail and Cheri being found out about the ledger (black book) and the kickback she’s been getting with her mother and the chef. It looks like Hajoon will let Bitna’s father know what Cheri is up to with black mailing.

    What will happen to the Bitna and Yoona, and Hajoon and Gijoon? Dan-dan-dah.

  4. 254
    reindeer song Says:

    Jewles, I fully understood where you were coming from. As the saying goes “Life imitates art” as a writer you write what you know, they interjected the constant struggle with corruption in Korea in every facet of government and beond.

    I would be the first to say yes, korea is a very lovely place to live, but you cannot, not get involve with the politicing that goes on, go to the government office, they are there to help, there is a scam on every level.

    Cheri should also be sent to jail with her mummy dearest, she is and was part of the plan and is still waging scams on other parties.

  5. 255
    HEN Says:

    Yep, they seem to keep dragging out the capture of AeSook.

    I don’t think Chae Ri marrying HaJoon will help, Kim Aesook, but who knows how their [the writer’s] minds work. I thought she was trying to extort money from him–especially, now since Gangster Dad was busted.

    Professor Dad told Kim AeSook that if she told ChaeRi that she was her real mother, he would kick ChaeRi out, too.

    With the confessions of the Chef, it seems that everyone is about to discover that not only did ChaeRi know that Kim AeSook was her mother, but she and mommy dearest have been scheming together for quite a while.

  6. 256
    HEN Says:

    Jewles, what is Show-horse’s argument for not confessing?

    Maybe they will have KiJoon die, to finally make her realize the gravity of her offense.

  7. 257
    D.P. Says:

    Well, tomorrow ought to be a good episode-they really do have to start wrapping every storyline up.
    In real life, the police would be watching Chae Ri, and possibly seize her phone to pinpoint the location of her mother, and they might also charge her with aiding a fugitive.Oh well, it’s a drama.
    Ha! I really thought they had caught Emma! I wonder How Taeshik and his mother will end up?
    The Prof ought to find a more secure safe for that much gold! I can’t believe Aesook didn’t turn her attention to that pile sooner-especially when she was going to sell the place and run off.
    Two more episodes!

  8. 258
    D.P. Says:

    Oh-one more thought: who has the Black Book? Did Aesook have it with her in her hideout, (which means the police will have it now), or does Chae Ri still have it? The Prof was tearing her room up looking for something in the preview>

  9. 259
    HEN Says:

    D.P., it looked like she made copies of the pages and gave them to AeSook, which she left with DaePoong as proof. I think ChaeRi still has the actual book.

    That sure was an odd place to keep a safe, and the only protection was a padlock? Not even an silent alarm?

    Speaking of psychiatrist, tonight’s subbed episode: SoonOk offered to recommend a good psychiatrist to Show-horse. It seems she is more worried thatt DaePoong and SoonOk will start to spend time together as “in-laws”. Actually, SoonOk was pretty tough with Show-horse, describing how she broke up her marriage…Nice!

  10. 260
    D.P. Says:

    Ep 121; WOW! I didn’t see that coming at the end.

  11. 261
    jewles Says:

    #256 Hen:

    The Show-horse is claiming that by keeping it hidden, her children will not be marked as the murderer’s children. It was to protect the boys that she covered it up, and it is all Yoona’s fault for bring it up all over again.

    When Hajoon asked her to confess and pay for her crimes, she yells at him saying how can a son say that to a mother, etc. Hajoon says if she is not going to confess, he will. She still thinks she didn’t do anything wrong since the dead father jump in front of her moving car. They (everyone ) are telling her even if it was an accident, it was wrong for her to leave him to die. but she doesn’t get it.

    So she thinks her action as the correct one.

    On today’s episode, the Professor and the husband agreed and filed a request for arrest/investigation to the DA and husband asked for a divorce before something happens to the company so she can at least avoid company related problems.

  12. 262
    jewles Says:

    About the safe:

    According to the conversation Aesook had with the gangster, the Gma was always saying it is the ingredient that makes it. Whenever there was something significant, it was always back to the importance of the ingredient.

    And since Gma thought the ingredients were the most valuable commodity of the restaurant, and no one will suspect the safe will reside in the pantry. Aesook figured out that it was the only place she hasn’t searched yet for the hiding place. She did find the keys while ago but couldn’t find where it fit.

  13. 263
    D.P. Says:

    It seems like there will be way too much to wrap up in just one more episode. The writers spent too much time with Aesooks and Chae Ris plots and schemes, and not enough time with the main story.

  14. 264
    HEN Says:

    I agree that the writer wasted time with the schemes of AeSook and ChaeRi.

    I thought about a car crash, when she ran out after Bitna and the Book. I thought it would come down to a car crash that would kill ChaeRi and/or Bitna.

    That’s why I thought the writer would sacrifice KiJoon as a wake up call for Show-horse.
    Wasn’t her down because she was looking for something in the car, so she didn’t see him before she hit him?

    Thanks Jewles!!

  15. 265
    HEN Says:

    Something else of note (at least to me)

    They keep insisting that marriage is not just about the two people–As if the two people are the least important ingredients . The KDrama parents seem to focus on how a marriage looks to their world, and if it profits at least one of the families involved…and hang whether those TWO PEOPLE are happy in it. I guess that’s why “incompatibility” is still the #1 reason for divorce.

    Admittedly, some of these dramas are trying to air out that kind of narrow minded thinking, no tradition–by focusing on the love that exist or does not exist between the people in the “marriage spotlight”.

  16. 266
    reindeer song Says:

    Thank you guys for your insight into this drama, we had at times a very robust discussion, I hope we learn something for each other cultures. Thanks for the time spent with you.

  17. 267
    D.P. Says:

    Did you see the last episode yet? My site hasn’t loaded it yet. I think I am going to watch ep 1, which I never saw, before I watch the last one.

  18. 268
    jewles Says:

    Yeh! Finally it’s over!

    Everything tied with nice pink ribbons, etc. I thought it was ridiculous what they did with Cheri,

    I think they struggled after Gma has to be written out of the script and come up with new scenario to cover that.

    As for marriage is not just for two people, I agree with Hen. It is about just two people unless you are really into marrying as business transactions. It is still two people’s decision if they want to do that or not.

    It is funny to me that the dramas always bring in match makers, etc. where most of contemporary Koreans (starting in their 60s – after Korean War) marry for love. All my Fathers and brothers Korean friends who are married are college sweethearts, office romances or other romances. Go figure.

    Anyway, thank you all for lively comments and discussions. See you at another board. Happy Kdrama!

  19. 269
    D.P. Says:

    Well-not a very satisfying Last Episode, in my opinion. As bad as Chae Ri was, I don’t think anyone really wanted THAT to happen to her. It would be interesting to know how this show would have ending if Ms. Yoon did not have her real-life problems. Somehow, I don’t think the plot had to be changed too much-it would have still ended up pretty much like this, with maybe the only real difference that Ms Yoon might have handed Chungwoongak over to Bit Na herself.
    Somewhat interesting what they did with Taeshik and his mother. I thought we would see his sister paired up with Sangwook. Again, like I said, the writers wasted too much time on all these plots and schemes, and ended up wrapping everything up too quickly and sloppily.

    Who knows what show will catch my interest next? I never know-I just happen to be sitting there when one comes on, and something makes me want to watch more of it. I’ll keep this site bookmarked. I enjoyed talking and speculating about this show.

  20. 270
    HEN Says:

    What a COP-OUT with ChaeRi!

  21. 271
    HEN Says:

    Too much time on the schemes…AeSook and ChaeRi were certifiably EVIL.

    Everything after the wedding of the Professor and SoonOk was OVERKILL and a waste of time!

    Why can’t they write “happy ever after” for us to see. I would have liked to see the two couples married and living “D.P.’s happy”!

  22. 272
    D.P. Says:

    How I would have ended this show:

    I would have had Chae Ri realize how pointless and self-defeating her little schemes were, and vow to be better than that. She would have heard about her mother’s scheme to sell the place, and secretly told the prof about it. Aesook would have still gone to jail, but she would not become insane,either.
    Chae Ri would then decide to become a real chef, instead of faking everything, and she would go off for several years to train in Europe and China, coming back a changed, mature, and decent person.

  23. 273
    reindeer song Says:

    D.P, in my area it is still running, but whatever happens to Cheri, will be not as satisfying. Korean writer do not like to send pretty people to jail, they should be rehabilitated into a nicer person, CRAP! Never does. These drama suffers from hierarchy tyranny (I use this tern elsewhere)There was so many useless subplots that by the completion it was disappointing.

  24. 274
    HEN Says:

    Hey, I’m still watching the subs. I must admit, I am enjoying “knowing” what HaJoon is saying to ChaeRi to keep her in tears–it’s really good stuff!

    Actually, Show-horse has been trying to get her to leave from day one, but ChaeRi refuses to go, and AeSook is telling her not to leave.

    HaJoon makes her cry and she takes it out on Bitna by telling her that HaJoon is really a loving husband to her.

    Thanks you guys. You all have been great to banter with about this drama.

    Just to let you know, two of my favorites: “Pompadour” and the description of AeSook as “tight skirts–silk or shiny blouses–string ties”.

    Darn it, I can’t find the reply with the exact words!

  25. 275
    D.P. Says:

    Ha! I wanted to see Aesook sitting out by the curb on a big pile of too-tight skirts, shiny blouses, and ribbon ties.
    My favorite? the term “Show Horse”. Very fitting.

  26. 276
    HEN Says:

    108-Gangster Dad knew he had a daughter. Today he announced that he knew ChaeRi was his daughter.
    ChaeRi continues to stalk her husband at his office. Even his secretary knows he’s not taking part in the marriage.
    ChearRi described herself as a “spoiled heiress” who is not use to “this kind of treatment”. She is constantly begging for his affection, even willing to feign death–but she insist that she still has her pride. THIS IS REALLY ENTERTAINING.

    DaePoong calls SoonOk’s name in his sleep.

  27. 277
    HEN Says:

    110-HaJoon to ChaeRi: “If you do this again (stalking him at the office) I will leave the country without a word….I an so sick of you..l”

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