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Shining Inheritance

Title: 찬란한 유산 / Shining Inheritance
Chinese title : 灿烂的遗产
Also known as : Brilliant Legacy / Chanranhan Yusan/ Beautiful Legacy
Previously known as: 인생은 아름다워 / Life Is Beautiful
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 28
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-25 to 2009-July-26
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:55


Go Eun Sung’s life is similar to Cinderella’s. After her father died, her step-mother, Baek Sung Hee, took away all of her assets and her younger brother, Eun Woo, suddenly disappears without a trace. Despite this, Eun Sung preservers and works really hard to fulfill her dreams. When the CEO of a food company, Jang Sook Ja, suffers amnesia and can’t remember who she is Eun Sung takes her in. However, Eun Sung does not know that she is the grandmother of Sun Woo Hwan, the man who she switched bags with at the airport. How will their constant bickering lead them to realize that they care more about each other than they let on?


Han Hyo Joo as Go Eun Sung
Lee Seung Ki as Sun Woo Hwan
Bae Soo Bin as Park Jun Se
Moon Chae Won as Yoo Sung Mi

Extended Cast

Kim Mi Sook as Baek Sung Hee
Min Young Won as Lee Hye Ri (Eun Sung’s friend)
Yun Joon Suk as Go Eun Woo
Jung Suk Won as Jin Young Suk (Hwan’s friend)
Han Ye Won as Sun Woo Jung
Ban Hyo Jung as Jang Sook Ja
Yoo Ji In as Oh Young Ran (Hwan & Jung’s mother)
Kim Jae Seung as Lee Hyung Jin
Son Yeo Eun as Jung In Young
Choi Jung Woo as Park Tae Soo
Lee Seung Hyung as Pyo Sung Chul
Jun In Taek as Go Pyung Joong (Eun Sung’s father)
Baek Seung Hyun as Manager Lee Joon Young
Park Sang Hyun as Han Soo Jae
Lee Ye Eun

Production Credits

Director: Jin Hyuk (진혁)
Screenwriter: So Hyun Kyung (소현경)


2009 SBS Drama Awards: Achievement Award (Ban Hyo Jung)
2009 SBS Drama Awards: Female Top Excellence Award (Kim Mi Sook)
2009 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actor Award – Special Planning Drama (Lee Seung Ki)
2009 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actress Award – Special Planning Drama (Han Hyo Joo)
2009 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Lee Seung Ki and Han Hyo Joo)
2009 MNET 20’s Choice Awards: Hot Female Drama Star (Han Hyo Joo)
2009 MNET 20’s Choice Awards: Hot Male Drama Star (Lee Seung Ki)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2008-04-25 1 16.9 (3rd) 17.0 (3rd)
2008-04-26 2 19.2 (4th) 19.6 (5th)
2009-05-02 3 15.9 (3rd) 15.6 (3rd)
2009-05-03 4 21.7 (3rd) 21.6 (4th)
2009-05-09 5 21.8 (1st) 23.1 (1st)
2009-05-10 6 26.5 (2nd) 27.7 (1st)
2009-05-16 7 24.7 (2nd) 25.1 (1st)
2009-05-17 8 28.5 (1st) 29.6 (1st)
2009-05-23 9 26.8 (1st) 27.4 (1st)
2009-05-24 10 29.1 (1st) 29.4 (1st)
2009-05-30 11 28.5 (1st) 28.1 (1st)
2009-05-31 12 33.4 (1st) 33.3 (1st)
2009-06-06 13 28.5 (1st) 29.2 (1st)
2009-06-07 14 33.4 (1st) 33.3 (1st)
2009-06-13 15 30.9 (1st) 30.4 (1st)
2009-06-14 16 34.1 (1st) 34.4 (1st)
2009-06-20 17 32.9 (1st) 32.7 (1st)
2009-06-21 18 35.5 (1st) 36.1 (1st)
2009-06-27 19 33.0 (1st) 33.8 (1st)
2009-06-28 20 39.9 (1st) 40.6 (1st)
2009-07-04 21 35.6 (1st) 35.7 (1st)
2009-07-05 22 39.7 (1st) 40.1 (1st)
2009-07-11 23 38.5 (1st) 37.6 (1st)
2009-07-12 24 41.8 (1st) 41.7 (1st)
2009-07-18 25 40.1 (1st) 39.9 (1st)
2009-07-19 26 43.4 (1st) 44.0 (1st)
2009-07-25 27 44.6 (1st) 45.3 (1st)
2009-07-26 28 47.1 (1st) 47.4 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : aks Says:

    look so cool!!!!

  2. 2 : 이승기wife Says:

    I love lee seung ki but i hate the girls!! First of all they are too fugly to be like cinderela!!#Z!Z%[email protected] Motha FCUker !!! 이승기는 내꺼야!! 이 시발년들!!

  3. 3 : googoo Says:

    I cant wait till this new drama!! i think lee seung ki is a great actor and hes so hot/cute >.

  4. 4 : Mike Says:

    long time he didnt act a drama,

  5. 5 : Earth Says:

    i watched the preview it seems interesting

  6. 6 : huh Says:


  7. 7 : Essy Says:

    Im only watching this for lee seung gi~

  8. 8 : Tot Says:


  9. 9 : sad Says:

    i hope this is a good drama… cinderela man is boring… and theres no good drama on. I jus watched “lovers” lol so good

  10. 10 : DBSK Says:

    I cant wait till this drama…. i was so exited when i heard he was making a new drama…. i hope he leaves 2박1일 is so freaken boring… all they do is go to wierd places… not to be rude. I hope he becomes an actor, and acts more in the future. He was supposed to act on somthing else.. but.. guess not. I hope this drama becomes successsful! GO LEE SEUNG KI !!!!! FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wats up with the rude comments on the girl up there…. i think they are… well the girl with short hair is ugly but the other one is ok. ANYway See ya~ (I love Brittney spears)

  11. 11 : Mini Says:

    Lee seung gi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE is so Dam* $)_!#@%^^&@$^*#[email protected]!^_!*




    ()!(!&*%&#^%&!(^#*^# GODDAMIT I LOVE HIS VOICE BETTER THAN

    HONGGI( i think i spelled wrong … but i dun care)

    I love leeseunggi hes mine

  12. 12 : ada Says:

    wait i dun get it wahts it about?

  13. 13 : ada Says:

    This will be focusing on the love and trials of the 20 year old generation. Go Eun Sung’s life is similar to Cinderella’s. After her father died, her step-mother, Baek Sung Hee, took away all of her assets. Eun Sung preservers and works really hard to become a chef at a food company. The grandson of the food company, Sun Woo Hwan, notices Eun Sung and falls in love with her.

  14. 14 : add Says:

    I love hhim more than ur mom

  15. 15 : Melony Says:

    I think hes gonna be a great actor.

  16. 16 : Josh Says:

    yea he should stick to acting…

  17. 17 : Mike2 Says:

    hi im mike too ^^

  18. 18 : Guiteao Says:

    Lee seung gi is so funny~ but hes so diff in the drama

  19. 19 : Guiteao Says:

    I dont get the summary,.. why is the tittle inhe.. blah blah

  20. 20 : Moma Says:

    Leeseunggi FIGHATING!!!!

  21. 21 : Jef Says:

    is he that famous??? all comment about him

  22. 22 : Daisy Says:

    OMO! Bae Soo Bin is in it. I”ve got to watch this.

  23. 23 : Mood Says:

    ewwww who cares about Bae Soo Bin!! hes a disgrace of comment!!! lee seung gi is #1 and the hottie

  24. 24 : Honey Says:

    I love leeseunki

  25. 25 : Grr Says:

    yo chill mood whats up with ur mood today? omg thats so corny >

  26. 26 : Genele Says:

    I think lee seung gi is a good actor.. the last time he acted. was when he was in the princess thingy mabob .. he had to get married >.

  27. 27 : Sonia Says:

    ewwwwwwwwwww Han Hyo Joo!!!!!!!! shes so ugly .

  28. 28 : Jess Says:

    some one told me le seung ki was gonna act with the gurl from goong…

  29. 29 : John Says:

    Look forward to watching this… is LSK or LSG a KKangpe?

  30. 30 : Yena Says:

    Oh! Lee Seung Ki ! Such a superb actor! Any show with him is worth watching…

  31. 31 : Mia Says:

    aww the two guys are hot~ especially the one in black.

  32. 32 : Saona Says:

    omg this drama is so fun~ i love it.. but its kinda sad and maybe ovious??

  33. 33 : SS501 Says:


    @ ‘DBSK’ and ‘Sonia’ Han Hyo Joo is not ugly, she’s so PRETTY. I think there’s something wrong with you. =.=

  34. 34 : Jenn Says:

    This drama is fun~ lee seung ki is so hot.. i never thought he was that good looking. ^^… oh and han hyo joo is ugly in this drama.. did yu see her hair… somthing about her makes me so mad.. her attitude, she tries to flirt with LSK, and her voice agh!!

  35. 35 : SooJin Says:

    Kewl DRama >_

  36. 36 : 지니 Says:

    은성이가 넘 안됐네여..ㅠ.ㅠ 아무튼 이 드라마 앞으로의 전개가 궁금하군요! 기대됩니다~
    올려주셔서 감사해여~~~

  37. 37 : Sarah Says:

    this drama is fun~ not that bad… but whats wrong w/ go eun’s dada

  38. 38 : Ellizz Says:

    nice drama 짱!lol i dont know mush korean

  39. 39 : Jun Says:

    awww why is it a saturday sunday drama>?? now i hav nothing to watch on weekdays!!!! btw.. what happened to 1N2D?? 1박2일??

  40. 40 : Julie Says:

    I HATE YOU ALL!!! JK ^^ i love LSK hes my #1 best actor/actress in korea… cuz hes not a player

  41. 41 : Amy Says:

    hey man~ yor hot~

  42. 42 : Chris Tina Says:

    hehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehe im so hot 난너무예뻐요~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이승기도 예뻐

  43. 43 : Banana Says:

    ew.. u think ur hot? ask everyone here .. ur jus a wierd girl. oh and its 1박2일 not 2박1일 … the person on top.

  44. 44 : Toddd Says:

    i watched the episodes they are not that bad. EXEPT that i dont get why the dad is not coming back!! so frustiating~ ( sorry im not good in english)

  45. 45 : Guapo Says:

    El es muy bonito . Yo y mis amigas vieron los episodios y son muy bueno.. LOS chicos son muy muy guapo~ yo soy una chica no un chico =) y tambien… yo no soy mexicana como la virus.. yo soy de guatemala~ ey changos y chinitos ~

  46. 46 : Guapo Says:

    otra ves.. pero ahora soy la amiga the ella. Hello how are you?

  47. 47 : Justine Says:

    this drama was sorta fun i look forward to watching more

  48. 48 : Honey Says:

    is this drama that good?? its been a long time since i watched one .. and i want to get addicted !

  49. 49 : Joan Says:

    OMG i kept watching ep 1 n 2 all day !!! i cant wait till next ep.

  50. 50 : Misty Says:

    와~ 완전 재밌어요!!! 이승기 잴 예뽀!

  51. 51 : Zaaak Says:

    LSK sure does get lots of girls… n i thought he was a loser…

  52. 52 : Joker(The girl) Says:

    lee seung ki makes a good couple with …. nobody , HES SO PERRFECT

  53. 53 : faryzam Says:

    romance….and romantics…..

  54. 54 : GOPO Says:

    wow the two guys are HOTT.. i like the story plot.. WOW a lot of ppl are starting to like LSK. i think hes really hott in this drama ~ BAD BOY ^^ i feel sorry for the gramma and brother.. but why did tha grandma pretend to be poor ㅡㅡ show off

  55. 55 : Sona Says:

    Does anyone have link for videos with English sub? I tried Youtube but didn’t find one. This show seems very interesting….

  56. 56 : Luli Says:

    In mysoju.com is english sub

  57. 57 : Jennii Says:

    this drama is going pretty well… i hope it has a good ending… most dramas are 시시해… i like the story but i want Yoo Sung Mi to end up with Sun Woo Hwan they make beter couple. ^^

  58. 58 : Tina Says:

    Go to dramacrazy.net if you wanna watch it. I am starting to get addicted to this drama…. Watch hana yori dango…… it is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. 59 : Elijah Says:

    funny.. nice drama. LSK is not a good actor but that personALITY matches him :).. well hes good for a beginner i gues.. i mean hav u seen those other beginners,,,, so fake..

  60. 60 : BFFL Says:

    u know who the best actor in this drama is?… MUAJAAHAHAHHA its the mom/ step mom hahahahahah

  61. 61 : Angie Says:

    lee seung ki is a singer?? Oh M G i never knew!! i love this drama 😀 cant wait till the end~ i love how the story goes straight without making the story longer

  62. 62 : Angie Says:

    wow i made a smily face 😀 let me see if this works 🙁 … 🙂

  63. 63 : Angie Says:

    im sorry but ;( 😉

  64. 64 : YunGee Says:

    Yea i so agree with u. The story doesnt like get boring it jes gets interesting and hahahaahahahhajaaha the little spoiled sister is ugly but acts so cute i love her 😀

  65. 65 : Mariaa Says:

    this drama is fun but i dont think it has a lot of drama in it o.O

  66. 66 : Avemaria Says:

    Hello!!! The HBIC is back!!!
    Well I just wanted to tell yall that this drama is worth seeing.
    Course not the best, but overall, I rate it a 85/100.
    Well the only reason why I watched this drama was bcuz of Lee Seung Gi.
    He looks like this kid in my school that I like.
    Omg!!! I love him.
    이승기 오빠 화이띵!
    For the rest of the cast members, Fuck Yall.
    Love yall.

  67. 67 : Maral Says:

    I think Bae Soo Bin acts more better than LSG… he (BSB) is so afectionate.

  68. 68 : Dating Says:

    OMG did u jus say that my LSG is not a good actor??!!! omg u fucking bitch!!! HE ACTS BETTER THAN U GOSH… oh and what does HBIC stand for??

  69. 69 : doris p NgPinas Says:

    am only watching dramas with ‘known’ actors/actresses before but read somewhere that this drama is currently #1 in Korea in it’s timeslot so I gave it a go though it has a fairly newbies casts…..and am so glad I have tried watching this one……it has an interesting plot, has a funny and tear-jerking moments as well…..found the acting of the casts fairly good for a newbies….overall, it is certainly worth watching

  70. 70 : sue Says:

    i love this drama i can’t wait until the next part come out, and see how Sun Woo Hwan feeling change. hurry hurry please please.. love your drama ^_^

  71. 71 : sany Says:

    Its so sad that I can’t wachted this in movie at youtube coz this movie content a lil bit violence ,but I want 2 know which part that is content
    I aready want 2 wachted the 10 ep but already remove…hikkk hikk
    Coz @ utube we can see it faster then the other side…
    Any suggest?

  72. 72 : Junkie Says:

    what did yu say sany?? i cant understand lol . Anywho i love this drama ^^ im so happy that LSG is acting a drama hes so cute =D i wish MC mong did one too hes soo funny. OMG u know who makes a good actor !!!!!?? KANG HODONG!!!!!!! IDK how to spell name but w/e im not a fob gosh

  73. 73 : PIMP Says:

    this has like the most comments so i thought it was gonna be good and it is!!!!!! kkkkkkk i also watched coz ma bffl told me that this cute guy acts and i never knew LSG until now

  74. 74 : Lee Says:

    You’re on the phone with your girlfriend, She’s upset
    She’s going off about something that you said
    She doesnt get your humour like I do

    I’m in the room, its a typical Tuesday night
    I’m listening to the kind of music she doesnt like
    And she’ll never know your story like I do

    But she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts
    She’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers
    Dreaming bout the day when you’ll wake up and find
    That what you’re lookin for has been here the whole time

    If you could see that I’m the one who understands you
    Been here all along so why can’t you see?
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    Laughing on the park bench thinkin to myself
    Hey isnt this easy?

    And you’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town
    I havent seen it in awhile, since she brought you down
    You say you find I know you better than that
    Hey, Whatcha doing with a girl like that?

    She wears high heels, I wear sneakers
    She’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers
    Dreaming bout the day when you’ll wake up and find
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    I’m the one who makes you laugh when you know you’re about to cry
    I know your favorite songs and you tell me about your dreams
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    Can’t you see that I’m the one who understand you?
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    Have you ever thought just maybe
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  75. 75 : Lee Says:

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    OMG i tried ok? its like so hard…

  76. 76 : Lee Says:

    OMG WTF thats fucking messed up i fucking spent like 30min trying to make a LOVE sign and this fucking shit goes like that fucking thing OMFG thats fucked up

  77. 77 : Sony Says:

    I think it a good drama

  78. 78 : burberry Says:

    I’ve just seen the first 2 episodes of the drama and I like it.
    Never realised that Lee Seung Ki is an actor. Thought he was a singer and of course a favourite of mine in the TV show 2 days & 1 night.

    In fact, LSK is adorable. Same applies to the lead actress HHJ. Perfect match.

    I’ll definitely be watching the rest of the episodes.

  79. 79 : burberry Says:

    Posting nbr 76.

    What happened? Were those expletives necessary?

  80. 80 : hollywood Says:

    Good for you Burberry, to bring this up. I contemplated whether to say something and you did. Thanks.
    No. 76 there are may other vocabulary that can be use to express beside that 1 particular word.

  81. 81 : burberry Says:

    Hi Hollywood, I was surprised more than anything else and made me wonder if there were previous postings which caused such outbursts. Or was it an outburst? Who was the love sign for by the way?

    Back to the drama, Just finished watching ep 4 and the story line is getting more interesting.

  82. 82 : hollywood Says:

    Hi Burberry, I wonder too.

    Yes, this drama is getting much more interesting. I am a sucker for underdog. I like the her to be paired with Park Jun Se, however, this story is about the leading man Sun Woo Hwan. In most K-drama, the leading lady, almost always fall for the bad guy in the end. They tend to forget that there is this other guy/gal who is always by her/his side loving them unconditionally. Ah!, Love (sigh!).

    Enjoy this drama, anyway.

  83. 83 : momomiko10 Says:

    this is another great kdrama ^^

  84. 84 : pluto Says:

    The beginning was boring but then as I kept on watching, the storyline got brighter and more interesting. I am really enjoying the Drama. Thank you.

  85. 85 : musicbox Says:

    i’m new to this drama..i’ve just started watching it last week n i jumped right off to ep 12..n i understand the story line quite entirely..hah by only watch one ep..n all i could think of is ” another love triangle”..but don’t get me wrong here..it’s a highly rated drama now,kicking out that boring cinderella man..n i am a fan of this drama~i love seung gi!n dat girl yoo joo(?)..they brighten up my entire day!! i also up to a japanese drama called “smile” starring matsujun but it’s getting sadder n over-rated..so i hope SI have a nice nding..pls..

  86. 86 : burberry Says:

    I’m hoping for a happy ending too. Sort of cinderella-esque. The poor girl falls in love with her Prince Charming Hwan (Seung Ki) in the end; the wicked step mom & step sister will be made to suffer, etc. and everyone else will live happily ever after.

    Will Eun Sung find his missing brother soon?

    I’m loving every episode.

  87. 87 : momomiko10 Says:

    first i watch this drama because of lee seung ki..but then when i watch han hyo joo acting skill,i was getting excited to watch next episode.. since i never watch her in other drama so i was like wow shes superb..and the ‘oppa that falling from the sky’ is just so sweet..if she doesn’t accept junse oppa heart then give it to me..heeeeeee^^

  88. 88 : burberry Says:

    Rated consistently Nbr 1 for the past few weeks. Well deserved!!!!

  89. 89 : cyclopsqueen Says:

    peeps, watch out for han hyo joo with hero jaejoong of dbsk in heaven’s postman.

    hope she can help “prop-up” his act…he’s great looking and everything (dare i say prettier than her??? dbsk fans pls don’t kill me) great singer but not quite an actor.

    nonetheless,,looking forward to it!

  90. 90 : burberry Says:

    It gets better each week. I am so used to watching Lee Seung Ki together with a group of men going around Korea on 2 days 1 night that it comes as a big surprise to see him acting on this drama. What’s even more amazing is that he could act. Well done Lee Seung Ki – I hope you’ll have more projects to come.

  91. 91 : burberry Says:

    Ok – thanks for letting us know about HHJ’s next project. She’s a very good actress and a joy to watch.

  92. 92 : leigh Says:

    HHJ for me is the younger version of chae rim.

  93. 93 : leigh Says:

    hhj for me is the younger version of park chae rim.

  94. 94 : Christian Says:

    This drama is killing the ratings of other drama, I really like SB production they create th best drama such as “Memories of Bali” and “Lovers In Paris”…

    Do I hear 50% rating making this a national drama!!!

  95. 95 : hideta Says:

    I have been liking this actress since I watched Iljimae (about 3 or 5 times =D) (with my sweetheart Jun Ki) She is very good at this drama too)))
    I think that in the end her step-moher or sister, or even both of them, will try to kill her =O But of course she’ll survive and live happily with her prince untill death do them apart =D

  96. 96 : ehong Says:

    i’ve watched episode 21 and ODEE, it is my FAVORITE episode. anybody recommend another kdrama as fun as this?? 🙂

  97. 97 : pingking Says:

    man, whens ep 22 coming out? whats the time zone difference between us and korea?

  98. 98 : iii... Says:

    Oppa(Lee seung ki) changed a lot in this drama….and Eun Sung is so pure… why did she act like a fool,,,she should say everything about her step mother and step sister….

  99. 99 : stormberry Says:

    omg, i love this so much… can’t wait for the next episode!

  100. 100 : MISHELLOH Says:


  101. 101 : burberry Says:

    Has the ratings reached the 40% mark! Well deserved.

    What I like about this drama is that there are no exaggerations and come to think of it fairly realistic.

    Hwan and Eun Seung continue to inspire.

    I trust that the good will prevail over evil in the end.

  102. 102 : white flag Says:

    very good drama . recommend it ,eun sung must take top actress award for this drama ,she acts pretty good , and hwan also so cute , really i love this drama so much
    can’t wait for the next episode :))

  103. 103 : Huuba Says:

    HHJ personality is enoying!!! i dun really like her and i dun think it matches on her. She looks like a from idk why people think shes pretty. Her hair is ugly. i like the other girl better. Idk why but i always tend to like the antagonist better. Lol

  104. 104 : Huuba Says:

    i meant to say HHJ looks like a frog**

  105. 105 : abby Says:

    it’s a medicine for me to watch this two good actors.Their performance \inspired me to go on to reach my goals in life.Especially Go Eun Sung
    determination to succeed give me a lot of reasons to fight the odds.
    Yun joon suk who plays an austistic child really give justice to his role.
    I wish he could win an award for this time of character he portray.He is very realistic in his acting. Keep up the good works.The total actors and
    actresses of this drama are well choosen. Congratulations to the producers and its crew.

  106. 106 : mar Says:

    This film’s actor & actress were good in acting especially Go Eun Sung & Sun Hoo Hwan. teaching us must hardworking in our life not so greedy with something if it’s not ours. I like Go Eun Sung caused she was a bright girl & not make us boring baby face. please add the new episode asap.

  107. 107 : jsi Says:

    i should watch thsi drama.. it seems good.

  108. 108 : Lucky Says:

    hi 😀

  109. 109 : flowermumsusan Says:

    I am alway a fan of Lee Seunggi since the day i heard his songs .Love his character in BL . Love him in 1n2d variety show.Love his voice too !!congratulation LSG !!!!

  110. 110 : flowermumsusan Says:

    Ratings for Ep 24:

    Nationwide 41.8% Seoul: 41.7%
    Love this drama !!!!

  111. 111 : sdddd Says:

    it is a fgfgfg jhhgugygmm and great

  112. 112 : sdddd Says:

    it is really boring and good

  113. 113 : sdddd Says:

    i dont like the asdasdadasdasdasdasdad


  114. 114 : aileen Says:

    Huuba says HHJ looks like a frog. Doesn’t she know that HHJ is a beauty queen. Maybe Huuba is too beautiful that’s why she can’t appreciate the beauty of HHJ.

    If HHJ looks like a frog then Huuba i think looks like an elephant.

    Shining Inheritance!!!!go!go!go!fighting!!!you’re no. 1!!!!!!!!!

  115. 115 : GG Says:

    This drama is amazing…MUST WATCH!

  116. 116 : burberry Says:

    I think we have the missing wicked step sisters amongst us.

    If those who are against the drama would like to leave their comments – could they at least form a proper sentence? Or write in such a way that could be understood.

    @huuba, tis a shame that you think HHJ looks like a frog. If that’s how you describe her then I could just imagine on how millions of us average looking mortals would be likened to. Hmmm…interesting.

  117. 117 : burberry Says:

    The drama has surpassed the 40% mark. Well done to the cast & crew. The rating is well deserved.

    Does anyone want to share the ending? I’m off for the summer holidays on Thursday and I won’t be able to see the ending.

  118. 118 : min Says:

    han hyo joo is not ugly ! she’s real 🙂
    they didn’t put makeup on her, and when they did, she was even more beautiful

  119. 119 : 3777 Says:

    this story is a AAA rating. it is a very good story and have the best actors and actresses. I hope you can produce more good story with good actors. congratulations to the casts and crews! HHJ is really beautiful!

  120. 120 : flower Says:

    i love this drama..can’t wait to watch the ending. Highly recommended, it’s a good drama! good acting & story line.

  121. 121 : siu2 Says:

    Looking at the very hgh rating, this drama must be VERY good. I can’t wait to watch it when all the episodes and subs are done.

  122. 122 : zLea Says:

    I HATE HHJ aka ES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes not that pretty… she doesnt have sangapul does she? ㅡㅡ omg she took lee seung gi away from yoon eun hye’s!!!! they make better couple!!!!! also HHJ makes me not wanna watch this drama anymore… why cant she fall in love with the other kid… LSG is better witht he witch(which ppl call?) i think shes prettier! ㅠㅠ. LSG doesnt go well with HHJ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. 123 : MALA Says:

    Santa baby hear i come~ omg guys you guys should watch the movie

  124. 124 : MALA Says:

    wtf why did they cut off my other words?? ㅡㅡ anyway~ watch it… i fell in love with the guy~~!! hes cutter than LSG even though hes american hehe. i love this drama BTW . The movie is called “P2” watch it in youtube.

  125. 125 : Shala Says:

    is this that good? o.o

  126. 126 : Melone Says:

    i love this drama

  127. 127 : JERnu Says:

    I love this drama.

  128. 128 : Kennue Says:

    Once in a life time drama. 5 stars.
    I reccomended.

  129. 129 : Melone Says:

    did you guys know that LSG looks like this actor(not that popular but) the drama is called the Vineyard Man —> BEST DRAMA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idk why doesnt hav lots of comments but one thing is that its very good. Its kinda they same as this drama it has something to do with inheritance!!!!!!!! also if you guys like Yoon Eun Hye (shes prettier than HHJ) she acts there too!!!!!!! The guy looks sooooo like LSG !! it has somthing to do with style and farm. First might be boring (but to me it wasnt) then its really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. 130 : eeeLee Says:

    사랑해요 이승기 당신 업시 못살아!!!!!!

  131. 131 : Kennue Says:

    Fuck. This Drama is the BEST. However I just don;t like the girls. They are too plastic.

  132. 132 : Kara Says:

    HOw do u know if they are plastics. Have u actually seen them take surgery. Just stfu if u dont know anything.

  133. 133 : 안미나 Says:

    나만 한국말 쓰는거니??? 너내들 다 한국 사람인데… 왜 미극말 하냐고!!!! 이 나쁜 개새끼들아!!!!!!

  134. 134 : Sasha Says:

    Wow. This drama is worth seeing. I

  135. 135 : Hanna Says:

    did you guys know that this drama has like noob actors but they are good? hehehhe

  136. 136 : Annie Says:

    Wow. I was just checking some dramas, and after i read the comments from this one, I decided to watch. NOw im addicted. HELP ME!!

  137. 137 : geegee Says:

    WOW the last time i came here there were only like 13 comments >

  138. 138 : MADE IN KOREA Says:


  139. 139 : sailor Moon Says:

    Did you know that lee seung gi likes Kim Sun Ah in real life ???? and shes older haaaha

  140. 140 : Tim Says:

    This drama is OK.

  141. 141 : HBIC Says:

    Didn’t Han Hyo Joo act in Full House as one of Song Hye Kyo’s friend who sold her house. n in Money War as Geum Nara’s sis?

  142. 142 : LaLa Says:

    This drama should recieve the best drama award for the year. I give it 5stars.

  143. 143 : Beina Says:

    I think that Seung Gi and Bae Soo Bin are DELICIOSO!!! Yummy Yummy!!!

  144. 144 : hein Says:

    you know that was kinda random……… but w.e it helps our thingy thing ^^

  145. 145 : Coward Dog Says:

    Lee Seung Gi has they BEST COMMENTS

  146. 146 : Hea Says:

    that was kinda random but i guess it helps with the comments heehew

  147. 147 : Hea Says:

    omg Melone you are so godamn right when i watched this drama i thought that i saw LSG somewhere a lot and now i know it was in that drama called the vineyard man

  148. 148 : Hea Says:

    coz of that drama i changed my mind on money!

  149. 149 : Victoria Says:

    [(31+34X) – (1552-X)] / [(1354X *41)+14] = ??

  150. 150 : YOURN Says:

    NERD pssh

  151. 151 : okk Says:

    les try to beat the comments rate!!! i love LSG

  152. 152 : okk Says:

    i said les try to beat the comments rate!!!

  153. 153 : DKNY Says:

    why cant chinese people watch this drama what did they ever do to you!!! they let you watch the drama called “it started with a kiss”!!!

  154. 154 : Jane Says:

    omg stop it i like sam!!! hes cute ok?? so let me be!

  155. 155 : Google Says:

    are you guys arguing about that guy from the outsiders???

  156. 156 : Tinesel Says:


  157. 157 : 이민기 Says:

    아 참!!!! 애글이 너무 너무 유치해!!!!

  158. 158 : John Bravo Says:

    bloopers are so funny LSG has the cuttest smile evar!!! and then the witch hits him on the back when he makes mistakes… i think they make better couple..

  159. 159 : PeperMint Says:

    I love how the people there like to laugh when they make mistakes but did yu realize that HHJ looks like a sped/ retard when she puts her arms together and moves them… you might not know what im saying but really she does it all the time if you watch it… retard

  160. 160 : PeperMint Says:

    I love how the people there like to laugh when they make mistakes but did yu realize that HHJ looks like a sped/ retard when she puts her arms together and moves them… you might not know what im saying but really she does it all the time if you watch it… retard hahha

  161. 161 : Holocoust Says:


  162. 162 : Ger Says:

    love the way people make fun of her hahahahhaha

  163. 163 : ChocoT Says:

    Good drama & nice OST. Ep.26 rate 44.0 was a amazing! Bravo!
    LSG & HHJ are the best. Can’t wait to watch the ending…..

  164. 164 : PokeMon Says:

    Did the last episode already come out??

  165. 165 : Lae Says:

    OMG u know what i jus realized >

  166. 166 : Ricky Ulman Says:

    Sarang Hae

  167. 167 : jan rey Says:

    W0W!!!! This drama is so amazing…..

    I love both of the cast…..

    I Have a feelings that both of the actor & actress will have an award..



  168. 168 : Drugs Says:

    후회 하고 있어요
    우리 다투던 그 날
    괜한 자존심 때문에
    끝내자고 말을 해버린거야

    금방 볼줄 알았어
    날 찾길 바랬어
    허나 며칠이 지나도
    아무소식 조차 없어

    항상 내게 너무 잘해줘서
    쉽게 생각했나봐
    이젠 알아 내 고집때문에
    힘들었던 너를

    이 바보야 진짜아니야
    아직도 나를 그렇게 몰라
    너를 가진 사랑 나밖엔 없는데
    제발 나를 떠나가지마

    언제라도 내 편이되준너
    고마운줄 모르고
    철없이나 멋대로 한거
    용서할수 없니

    이 바보야 진짜아니야
    아직도 나를 그렇게 몰라
    너를 가진 사랑 나 밖엔 없는데
    제발 떠나가지마

    너하나만 사랑하는데
    이대로 나를 두고 가지마
    나를 버리지마 그냥 날 안아줘
    다시사랑 하게 돌아와..

  169. 169 : attic Says:

    i love both actress and actors which are LEE SEUNG KI and MOON CHAE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. 170 : MID Says:


  171. 171 : GOO Says:


  172. 172 : luuca Says:

    omg i know HHJ always is like grabing her hands together and pulls them!!!!! i always say to my self “can you stop doing that!!!! you look like a freaken retard!!!” anyways i love the drama

  173. 173 : truth Says:

    its true that ppl only watch this drama for the guys LOL the girls are ugly… well moon chae won is hot too but chubby so … yea HHJ looks like a typical koran person which is bad

  174. 174 : MADE in KOREA Says:


  175. 175 : ENGLE Says:






  176. 176 : CHINA Says:

    hey!!!! why cant chinese people watch this drama!! its fun !!!! and dont you know that we gave you “it started with a kiss” that chinese drama is so popular in ur country!!! MADE IN CHINA!!!

  177. 177 : 2NE1 Says:

    hi LSG fans 😀 im writing here coz im a fan too. I just wanted to tel you guys that LSG is mine not yours!!! and if you actually think hes urs then you hav no life!!!!!! this is not my favorite drama coz LSG is acting with HHJ the uglyiestt!!!

  178. 178 : LSG Says:

    나랑 결혼 해 줄래? 나랑 평생을 함께 살래?
    우리 둘이 알콩달콩 서로 사랑하며

    나 닮은 아이 하나 너 닮은 아이 하나 낳고
    천년만년 아프지 말고 난 살고 싶은데

    솔직히 말해서 내가 널 더 좋아해
    남자와 여자사이엔 그게 좋다고 하던데

    내가 더 사랑할게 내가 더 아껴줄게
    눈물이 나고 힘이 들 때면 아플 때면 함께 아파할게

    **평생을 사랑할게 평생을 지켜줄게
    너만큼 좋은 사람 만난 걸 감사해 매일 너만 사랑하고 싶어

    나랑 결혼해 줄래?

    (Rap) Marry me 매일이 행복에 겨워서

    괜시리 내일이 기대 되는 사람
    왜이리 왜이리 떨리는 걸까
    보고 또 봐도 내겐 제일인 사랑
    검은머리 파뿌리 될 때 까지
    우리 둘의 생이 다 끝날 때 까지
    손에 물은 묻혀도 눈에 눈물 절대 안 묻혀

    넌 나의 반쪽 가슴 난 너의 반쪽 가슴 되어
    숨을 쉬는 그 순간순간 널 사랑해 줄께

    시간이 지나서 주름이 늘어나도
    꼭 지금처럼 너와나 영원히 함께 할 거야

    내가 더 사랑할게 내가 더 아껴줄게
    눈물이 나고 힘이 들 때면 아플 때면 함께 아파할게

    **평생을 사랑할게 평생을 지켜줄게

    너만큼 좋은 사람 만난 걸 감사해 매일 너만 사랑하고 싶어

    (Rap) 너는 마치 어두웠던 내 삶을 밝혀주는 빛

    보글보글 찌개소리로 반겨주는 집
    매 말랐던 내 맘에 내려주는 비
    사랑이란 참 의미가 담겨있는 시
    하늘이 정해 준 운명의 끈
    너와 나의 만남은 천생연분
    이 세상을 다준대도 바꿀 수 없는 내 삶엔 오직 평생 너뿐

    내가 더 사랑할게 내가 더 아껴줄게

    눈물이 나고 힘이 들 때면 아플 때면 함께 아파할게

    **평생을 사랑할게 평생을 지켜줄게

    너만큼 좋은 사람 만난 걸 감사해 매일 너만 사랑하고 싶어

    나랑 결혼해 줄래?

    thats the lyrics to LSG’s song

  179. 179 : Eagle Says:

    i think this drama beats you are my destiny!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO LSG!!! except the ending socks

  180. 180 : Yuri Says:

    To Lee Seung Gi Oppah:

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  183. 183 : ELAO Says:

    My handsome hero… SIG I missed u soooooooooooo… much dear 😉 .
    I wish one day u come 2 this site & see just how many fans you’ve got honny. I’m so sorry & sad b’coz this week will be the last week I’m writing 2 u till a whole month 🙁 . Our high school exams r about 2 begin & I have too much studies 2 do. Worse than that, even if I get spare time I can’t visit this site & write 2 u or my friends “SIGers”
    b’coz I’m sort of grounded & it’s -no more internet- 4 me till summer & after the exams 🙁 . Keep up your great work my hero & GOD bless u & your dear wife 😉 I’ll miss u & all SIGers a lot 🙂 .

  184. 184 : SEMESTER Says:


    good morning

    i sent to you 100000 kiss where you sit


  185. 185 : GINA Says:


    lovelly actor

    you must be the best

    good luck


    good day

    you are very cute

    i like your smile

    i love you

    i say again

    i love you more

    you are more best

  186. 186 : Britannia Says:

    This drama is pretty cool. It’s definitely in ma Favorite list!

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    . . . . . ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ¶.¶¶
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    .¶¶¶¶¶¶¶. . . .¶¶. ´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶
    . ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ . . ¶¶. .´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´´´´¶¶¶¶
    . .¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ . ¶¶. . ¶¶¶¶¶¶ I LOVE LSG”’´´´´¶¶¶¶
    . . .¶¶¶¶¶¶. ¶¶. . ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´´¶¶¶¶¶
    . . . .¶¶¶¶¶¶¶. . . ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ´¶¶¶¶
    . . . . . . . .¶¶. .´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶
    . . . . . . . ¶¶. . ´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶
    . . . . . . .¶¶. . .´´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶
    . . . . . . ¶¶. . . ´´´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶
    . . . . . . ¶¶. . . ´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶
    . . . . . . ¶¶. . . ´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶

  189. 189 : amktsy Says:

    wow…the ratings of this drama is really [email protected]@
    but this drama has 28 episodes. 🙁
    it is impossible i can catch up if i start watching now. 🙁
    even if i stop playing pet society whole day and just watch this drama. 🙁

  190. 190 : white flag Says:

    “ENGLE” i think if YOU hates Han hyo joo this much just don’t write comments here talking about her badly , i think you exaggerated a little bit in your comment
    we here talking about drama not about personal feeling and the smell of the actors mouth
    Great drama ,and worth this high rating ,am just finished episode 27 , good one make me cry all the time , can’t wait for episode 28 although am so sad because there is no more episodes

  191. 191 : jaja Says:

    Han Hyo Joo did a good job portraying the charter of Go Eun Sung.. to whoever hates her, I am sure that she’s way prettier and difinitely 100% better than you!!!.. and for Lee Seung Ki your such a cutie.. to all the cast of this drama you guys did a great job.. —->> thank you all for bringing such a wonderful entertainment to all of us. Well done!!!

  192. 192 : KERO Says:





  193. 193 : Bebe Says:

    ew HHJ is not so pretty……….. she looks demented!!!!

  194. 194 : ROME Says:

    awww i dont want this drama to end!!!!! WHY!!! I LOVE LSG !! i hope he makes another good drama with better cast :D!

  195. 195 : Doggy Puff Says:

    LSG is HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!! but his personality in the drama sooo doesnt match himself!!! its so out of his league ahahahahahahaha which im not sure how to spell hehee ANYWays i dont like both girls…. the guys are hot but not the girls they ugly

  196. 196 : Germs Says:

    OMO!!! when i first saw Bae Soo Bin i thought he was like choi jong hoon;s(FT ISLAND) brother!!! they look so alike especially when they smile!!! HHJ doesnt deseve both guys!!! she rejected SooBin and stole Chae Won’s boyfriend!!!! and true she ruined the whole family!!! and drama!!! im only watchin this drama coz of the guys so dont think ur so smart and try defending the little ugly frog!!!!

  197. 197 : ENGLE Says:


  198. 198 : sun Says:

    Love of people talent (except HHJ)

    Make beautiful people like us

    And share the friendship and respect

    Because the hand of God with the Community

    And our society based on meeting

    Such as a coherent structure

    It is hostile to all people

    But antagonize the same

    It is harmful, but hurt himself

    Thank God for the love of people

    We love them

  199. 199 : ENGLE Says:






  200. 200 : yie jin Says:

    ANNYONG HASEO….!!!!!!!

    im a korean fanatic ….

    to all those korean fanatic too we can be friends and talk about Korea.

    in my FrIEnDsTeR……
    juzt add me up at:[email protected] for more of my info.

    .…….GOD BLESS……..(^_^)………

  201. 201 : IINA Says:

    Han Hyo Joo looks like an ajumma lol 🙂 (just cooperating with her anti fans)

  202. 202 : =_ezthy_+ Says:

    I that kNow mUst say wHat aboUt them,,CoZ iFeel,,I vERy Very like it,,
    for mE,, all has PERFECT..

    GOOD LUCK For u,,

    chaYo BBF,,

    When u CoME here,,???
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…………

    nothing WoRD’S aGAIn froM my Lips to say that i very love to theme,,,

  203. 203 : mady Says:

    nice to know the LSG is liked by so many people

  204. 204 : Parasito Says:

    No tiene bale que esa chica en la tersera sin un gorra es muy fea… todos sabemos ese… poreso no sean tontos y digan que si es muy fea

  205. 205 : SirLuke Says:

    I love this drama!!! i was thinkin of writing a book like this but they copied ma idea!!!!!!!! well not all of it but a story that ppl think the dad died and all that shit but ….. nvm dun wanna be a playjurizer (dun know how to spell)

  206. 206 : Rocky Says:

    I agree with many commenters, the ending is dissatisfied.
    However, I like the OST “Memory”.
    Listen again and again, still enjoy it.

  207. 207 : 이승기's 여자 Says:

    I love lee seung ki but i hate the girls!! First of all they are too fugly to be like cinderela!!#Z!Z%[email protected] Motha FCUker !!! 이승기는 내꺼야!! 이 시발년들!!

  208. 208 : deosa Says:

    not that good of a drama but LSG chal heaso!!! (잘했어!!!!)

  209. 209 : HOLOCAUST Says:


  210. 210 : Amy Says:

    STFU Martha. U know no shit. so don’t u be talking crap about ma LSG. He is the Best. 오빠 미안해 그십새끼 때문에….아뭏튼 오빠는 최고야!!! 아이러브유 😉

  211. 211 : Anna Lee Says:

    BSB oppa im your #1 fan!!! please let me meet you in my dreams!!!

  212. 212 : D-Day Says:


  213. 213 : KERO Says:



  214. 214 : pits Says:

    one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched. I love how this drama is character-driven. Kudos to the director and scriptwriter and all the cast for their wonderful portrayal.

    I feel sad that some people here are calling Han Hyo Joo ugly and other names. To stoop that low just to make a statement is just so sad but anyways it’s your life. I just want to say that reading things like that makes me love Han Hyo Joo more and support her even more. Eunsung Hwaiting!

    LSG is so cute and adorable here. He acts like a child sometimes, especially when he wants to show love for Eun Sung.

    Bae Soo Bin is like a dream guy. I love him too.

  215. 215 : amktsy Says:

    the rating is really high.o.o
    going to catch p soon.
    love how this drama end.
    with a kiss……..
    i didn’t watch the other parts but i go and watch the last part…..
    because i’m too excited about it already.-_-ll
    and i know i’m unable to finish it immediately.-_- 🙁

  216. 216 : atun Says:

    hey,anybody knows wat is the name of the background music?? that sound really nice..it always played in the climax part.. it once been played when eun sung meet her father at the airport..?? help me pliz..

  217. 217 : BiBi Says:

    this is really the best k-drama ever!! everything made more sense than other dramas (of course, it’s still a drama, so it tries to trigger that frustration u get before you get to the next episode, so there are still things that were like errr… but in a good way!)

    lee seung gi is the best! he’s so cute and hot at the same time. and all the actors are wonderful! 😀

  218. 218 : Entertainments Says:

    Lee Seung Gi is so Cute!! i wouldnt say hot coz he doesnt seem to have the body lol. But i think the guys are really hot here. Lee Seung Gi doesnt make a good couple with Han Hyo Joo. Shes not his type. Her type is someone like the guy from witch amusement the chief!! (Korean One)!! And i cant believe she was rich in the begining. It doesnt match her. Lee Seung Gi too, he should be poor lol 😀 anyways love this drama. I hope theres more comments ~

  219. 219 : Showwii Says:

    My sweety pie is acting in this drama!!!!!!! and i mean Baw Soo Bin AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hes so cute. And yes i know he looks like the guy from ft island/// This was a good drama. **** Four Stars!! Not 5 coz it wasnt funny, and the people here were soso (didnt match personality) too much beginners.

  220. 220 : Samme Says:

    I know. Thats wat i hate about korean dramas. Theres always new actors and actress. They mostly suck. But in this drama i think LSG did well. Oh and many girls take plastic surgery. Its discusting seeing them with fake faces. But in this drama they all naturals. aww man i miss the old actors and actresses

  221. 221 : Hakuri Says:

    Hi every body
    I like watching this drama all the time online
    although the end was desappointing but i like this drama very much
    its different than arab drama.
    i like korean drama and their actores and actreeses
    love *****

  222. 222 : PUDle Says:

    this new drama is so addictive — i never thought it wld be this nice and i was stalling on watching it when it first came out online but now that i got the dvd, i’m just so thankful i got it & watching it. i’m loving it & the cast are all great, my fave actor now is LSG and my i also like BSB as the lonely Chief who’s pursuing HHJ! this drama is so much fun, and i highly recommend it. Congrats to all the cast, director, producer & crews — this is one of my fave K dramas now.
    LEE SEUNG GI — you’re so adorable & i love that hair its cute – KEEP IT!

  223. 223 : SooMi Says:

    Great…great story i’d ever seen… because Han Hyo joo is a like common girl when she act this teledrama..like u know..not too prety, unique, n…n LSG is a great actor n not too overacting…Cutie…by the way this teledrama is new in indonesia’s chanel, late, iknow 🙂

  224. 224 : UsA -Korean Says:

    I am totally engaged in this kdrama for the 2nd time around. They are such excellent actors. Great period costume designers and scenery. I wonder if they’ll do a sequel, depending on the response?!! Anything is possible!

  225. 225 : Leyzaki Says:

    I haven’t finished watching this drama yet.
    Actually I wasn’t able to finish it coz we had no electricity for
    about one month in our town coz of a disastrous typhoon…

    But anyway, it’s one of the BEST for me!!

  226. 226 : SugaRush Says:

    Great Drama!! when will the dvd come out!!! i want this drama to be part of my collections!

  227. 227 : MikeeLovesAgimmas Says:

    I have been watching the korean drams for 11 years now.They seem to get better and better.The one that is showing now is the road home.Another gem.Why cant we americans make any dramas as good as these.I will tell you why,the plots to the korean dramas are very tight,they dont have to make everything a sex game.These dramas make sense.The american T.V. stinks,oh you ask why?The actresses cant compare to the beauty of the korean woman.The contants are pathatically stupid.and i laugh my head off when they compare angelan jolie to Bette Davis 😀

  228. 228 : Flower Says:

    I love the drama. Great acting by everyone! Highly recommended to watch.

  229. 229 : ginger Says:

    Great Drama!! I was watching from ep 20-26 but i stoped at 26 coz it was soooo freaken scary coz It was like 2 AM and then Im watching the part where LSG and HHJ went to the movies and the movie had to be scary!!! and they showed some parts of the movie!! and I WAS SO FUCKING SCARED I COULDNT SLEEP!!! SO I TURNED IT OFF THE MINUTE I SAW THE FUGLY FACE (girl in the fridge full of blood) EWWW!!! MAN that was scared the shit out of me. BITCH!

  230. 230 : kylie Says:

    I may be the only one who didn’t like this drama… it sure didn’t make lot of sense…I was watching hoping it would get better but was very disappointed..
    ….from the beginning there were so many incredulous scenes… the guy who gave GES the lift from airport didn’t know how her father looked like?! but he knew she is rich and all about her…
    And if some one really rich die wouldn’t the whole world know….
    and the wicked step mom’s friend was able to keep her husband’s death a secret…
    Sung Mi must have kept her friendship with Hwan a top secret that nobody else in both families didn’t know much about the other…
    with all the posters GES putting up Hwan didn’t come across any.. wouldn’t she be able to show them the photos…
    to me good looking cast will not make a good drama…the writers should be able to connect it right…. i felt l wasted my time watching this drama…

  231. 231 : white flag Says:

    hello everyone ,
    i watched the last episode , i’ll miss this drama so much
    i just wanna say that seung mi and the evil mother are good actors as well they make me cry and make us hate them truly, and i think seung mi deserves a prize for her role in this drama ,she is very good , hope she make “a good girl” role in the upcoming drama
    Love ur comments guys

  232. 232 : amktsy Says:

    i just started watching this drama not long ago….
    now watching episode 6………
    so far,there is really quite many ridiculous part…
    despite that,i’m still very excited about it……

    as dramas usually have lots of ridiculous part…
    hope this drama won’t disappoint me. 🙂

  233. 233 : amktsy Says:

    just finish episode 8….
    so far not bad…..
    the evil stepmother think eun sung as idot….
    but of course eun sung is not…..

    i hate her……………………
    *punch towards the evil step mother*

    so far eun sung and woo hwan relationship still keep me excit for the drama. 😀

  234. 234 : Mr. Rodrig Says:

    Love the drama!!! wat am i gonna do now!~ i watched all the good dramas !!

  235. 235 : Gioda Says:

    WOW i didnt know LSG was an actor!!! hes pretty good for a beginer~ He has anger issues here, lol i hope hes not like that in real. I love Bae Soo Bin!!!!!!!! he was sooo hot the part where he had to choose from Eun Sung and his Dad loool SO HOT! he was wearing a tux and had a mean look. SO HOT/// i liked LSG better b4 but now i think i like Bae Soo Bin. hmm i was thinking about this… BSB and MCW together —->Lovers??? lol when they were at the bar i thought they were gonna kiss or somthin.

  236. 236 : Happy Birthday Says:

    ur right. BSB is HOTTT 😀 my big brother

  237. 237 : F4 Says:

    Love the way Moon Chae Won dresses. Its so hot. Not many ppl wear nice like her in dramas. Love her shoes i wish i could have them!!!!!! She wasnt mean in the drama. People dun hate her!! SHE WAS JUS DOING HER [email protected]@ shes my role model 😀 i feel sorry for her. her mother is so mean. im only on ep 26 !! i cant wait to see wat happens to her and her mom omg i wish is not a bad thing. Why cant LSG love her??? SHES MUCH PRETTIER TALLER HOTTER DRESSES BETTER HAS A BETTER VOICE HAS GOOD BODY AND HAS BIGGER EYES THAN EUN SUNG!!!

  238. 238 : F4 Says:

    i love LSG hes like the hottest person in the world!!! JK – not that hot… i think hes top 4 hhehehheeheheheh

    1 – Yoon Sang Hyun

    2 – Lee Min Ho

    3 – Lee Jae Jin (Little kid beats him)

    4 – LEE SEUNG GI

  239. 239 : MINAN Says:

    i love LSG hes like the hottest person in the world!!! JK – not that hot… i think hes top 4 hhehehheeheheheh

    1 – Yoon Sang Hyun

    2 – Lee Min Ho

    3 – Lee Jae Jin (Little kid beats him)

    4 – LEE SEUNG GI

  240. 240 : SoHee Says:

    i didnt know lots of ppl liked Lee Seung Gi… i thought this drama was popular coz of Bae Soo Bin LOL hes soo hot 😀 Seriously u should like him more!!!!!

  241. 241 : Ronle Says:

    did lee seungi quit 1night 2days???? why!!! that show was so funney!! he was the cuttest in there 😀

  242. 242 : amktsy Says:

    finish 14 episode…yay!
    so far not bad….

  243. 243 : JLD Says:

    OMG….! Shining Inheretance is such a great show.
    I loved it!

    When i first watched it, i thought it was kinda boring but thing started to get better.

    I don’t know why PPL are making fun of HHJ.
    She dosen’t even look ugly, I thought she was pretty. Whatever i’m sure she looks better then whoever is making fun of her.

    HHJ &nd LSK= Good Job, Good Job(:

  244. 244 : syaizhajime Says:

    Lee Seung gi…is the reason why m going to wtch this drama: p
    he looked funny in “1night2dayz”

  245. 245 : LeeDaw Says:

    Lee Seung Gi is so cute!! he acts so tough~!! ahahaha but hes so sensitive~ which by the way…. his toughness doesnt match him well ~~ he is better off being the good guy~ OMG Bae Soo Bin you hottie~~~~ i love the way you and Moon Chae won dress~!!! so good~ 🙂

  246. 246 : Doornob Says:

    lol if you watch the cover of this drama its sooo funny!!!! HHJ looks like a freaken ajimma!!!! LSG looks like a dirty kangppe!! MCW looks like shes going to the beach!! and BSB looks like he wants MCW!!!! the cover should be changed!!!! its ugly!!!!! i hate it!!! but THE DRAMA IS PERFECTO~

  247. 247 : Hellen Says:

    i like the way the store went! but theres too many problems that makes the mom do a lot of evil stuff!!! why!!!!!! the mom is so good at acting! i think its her first time acting as some1 evil!! hahahahah. She was always a poor mother who was sad or somthing.. Seung Mi was really nice!! she only did what she did coz of that fucking bitch HHJ!!! HHJ is the evil one!! she ruined the whole family!! i feel sorry for seung mi ;( she was so meant for Seung Gi!!!!!!!!!! WHY~!!)&#()@%$&[email protected]*$

  248. 248 : Summer Says:

    I love Bae Soo Bin!!!! Lee Seung Gi!!! Moon Chae Won!! and hate HHJ……… ew

  249. 249 : Hector// EDUARD Says:

    Great job with this drama **thumbs up** i hope to see more of Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won acting! they rock :b

  250. 250 : SHECKY Says:

    hehe and i thought i was the only one who hated HHJ lol >

  251. 251 : Crystal Says:

    NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yoo Seung Mi is prettier than Eun Sung!! why did she get the evil role!!! I hate Eun Sung!!!! she has a bad attitude and shes not pretty. And YES! the cover is so ugly!

  252. 252 : Goshh Says:

    i like the way the store went! but theres too many problems that makes the mom do a lot of evil stuff!!! why!!!!!! the mom is so good at acting! i think its her first time acting as some1 evil!! hahahahah. She was always a poor mother who was sad or somthing.. Seung Mi was really nice!! she only did what she did coz of that fucking bitch HHJ!!! HHJ is the evil one!! she ruined the whole family!! i feel sorry for seung mi ;( she was so meant for Seung Gi!!!!!!!!!! WHY~!!)&#()@%$&[email protected]*$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. 253 : amktsy Says:

    i have watch finish 22 episode and it’s starting to get bored.
    if they stick to their original plan with 24 episodes,this will be my favourite kdrama after 20+ of kdramas i have watch……….
    but sadly,now i’m gettng bored of this drama…….>_>
    love the first 21 episodes but…haiz..really didn’t expect the ending part will be so boring………

  254. 254 : Sombody Says:

    Nice DRAMA 😀 Lee Seung Gi is cute!! hes my favorite now !!

  255. 255 : Lolipopp Says:

    I LOVE LEE SEUNG GI!!!!! I HATE EUN SUNG!!!! this drama is GREAT!!!! its fun and there isnt much parts where its so stupid.

  256. 256 : SAMANTHA Says:

    did you guys know that LSG looks like this actor(not that popular but) the drama is called the Vineyard Man —> BEST DRAMA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idk why doesnt hav lots of comments but one thing is that its very good. Its kinda they same as this drama it has something to do with inheritance!!!!!!!! also if you guys like Yoon Eun Hye (shes prettier than HHJ) she acts there too!!!!!!! The guy looks sooooo like LSG !! it has somthing to do with style designer and farm. First might be boring (but to me it wasnt) then its really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SERIOUS HE DOES!!!! Also I LOVE BRAD PITT 😀

  257. 257 : GORF Says:


  258. 258 : steven Says:

    Great drama! my frend made me watch this drama. I quit watchin dramas but my frend was like u have to have to watch so….. OMG NOW IM ADDICTED TO WATCHING DRAMAS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! and also… now a days dramas are getting better i guess

  259. 259 : melone Says:

    WOW when i commented this drama b4 it was like 30 comments… NOW ITS LIKE 200+!!! GREAT! BTW GORF… u rate this drama and u give it an AAAAA+…. and u say u hate it??? make some sense man!! or kiddo!!

  260. 260 : Eggwhole Says:

    4/5 😀 i love LEE SEUNG GI!!! im always in the side of the anttagonist!!! i want SEUNG MI to end up with HWAN!!!!!!! i really really hate EUN SUNG eww shes a bitch.. she acts so tough and thinks shes all thaat !

  261. 261 : NEWYORK Says:

    I LIKE LEE SEUNG GI NOW!!! ALSO i love bae soo bin!!!!!!!!!!! hes sooo damn hot!!!!!!!!!!! omg i love his personality!!! what i wish is that he ends up with seung mi 😀 and hwan to hate eun sung~!! 😀

  262. 262 : icee Says:

    YAY THIS DRAMA IS BEATING you are my destiny and queen of games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love its

  263. 263 : katie Says:

    what is wrong with you guys,
    Why do you hate HHJ so much?
    Are you jealous of her or something?
    Shes not even that bad.

  264. 264 : Liaaaa Says:

    I love this DRAMA!!!
    Best i’ve ever seen(:

  265. 265 : Linalia Says:

    HHJ, iLOVE her!!!!
    she acts so tough.. lol
    &&& LSG, OMg!!! hes so cuute

  266. 266 : Kabooom Says:

    I HATE HHJ!!!

  267. 267 : esther p Says:

    everyone..why r u so upset or hate about or who’s the pretty one..or thins like that lol, I loved the story in this drama, its just to show – that u cannot just win things or be greedy bu treated other in the evil way..right!

  268. 268 : evp Says:

    I hope that there’s still more episode to end with a happy ending like cinderela, I love all the actor – they’re good. cuz they made us cry – laugh – hate n love..hhaa ..hhaa

  269. 269 : degi Says:

    hello! i love this drama very much. i love this actor and actress. it`s korean another cinderella story but i think last episode not a good. it`s my opinion he he. good luck

  270. 270 : LoVeTriAngLe Says:

    this is the best romantic drama i ve ever seen…I’m Lee Seung Ki’s fan…
    Sa rang he Oppa

  271. 271 : OMG Says:

    one of my favorite k-dramas..

  272. 272 : jam Says:

    great storyline. love the cast especially the brother. that kid acting was superb ^-^ and the evil mother too. well i guess I must say everyone did a great job..to be fair. ^_^

  273. 273 : kitty Says:

    HHJ rocks.. !! excellent choice film director!!!

  274. 274 : keane Says:

    I love is drama .i like Han hyo joo because she very cute

  275. 275 : GoodieGood Says:

    ewwwwwwwwwwwww han hyo joo is a ugly fugly son of a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EWWWWW i hate her!!! BTW

  276. 276 : Stream Anime Online Says:

    Watching this drama atm, absolutely loving it so far, up to episode 12.


  277. 277 : jack Says:

    it’s great drama..

  278. 278 : jack Says:

    i love this drama so much..

  279. 279 : amktsy Says:

    watching episode 25…
    love it…….
    i love the character development of Woo Hwan.
    mostly i will not be some crazy over the male main lead in a drama
    but now i am crazy over woo hwan this character..
    at first watch until episode 22 and i keep ranting as i think the drama stop until the 24th will be better as it seems to be starting to get boiring….
    but to mine surprise…it didn’t …i love it….
    great extension…….

  280. 280 : Sony Says:

    The rate is so high.
    Prove it is favorable among people.

    It’s a must watch drama!

  281. 281 : tingx3 Says:

    did eun sung find his father in the end??:D

  282. 282 : chizzya Says:

    woww.. what a rank! haven’t watched it anyway, but seeing the rate, definitely could tell that it’s such a good one..

  283. 283 : tuswit Says:

    i just finished this drama & did i ever get hooked till maybe wee hrs in the morning cause it gets really interesting each time one episode ends & they show you the cliffhanger so to speak! all actors were superb, even the young brother eun woo who played as an autistic child! this is one of the best Kdramas i’ve seen, you’ll cry sometimes there’s laughter as well. I’ll give this two thumbs up way way up! i love bae soo bin as he’s so charming, loveable and cute/hot i must say. I did like lee seung gi as well as you seem to grow with his character in this drama & he’s got his own charm as well. han – oh i love this actress since spring waltz and can’t wait for heaven’s postman with the DBSK singer on the lead. I highly recommend this drama — worth owning a DVD on this one for collection no doubt about it.

  284. 284 : arnie Says:

    BRILLIANT! I watched the whole series in 2 days, I like the story very much. Han Hyo Joo is pretty for me. I do not like the person with beautiful face but bitch, liar, greedy -moon chae won, in the story. The story is REAL, I hope the parents like me, watched the series, because of the lesson it brings, – Wickedness never was happiness. Kudos GMA-channel 7 – for the RIGHT of Shining Inheritance. Worth watching!

  285. 285 : Ayrine Says:

    Lol I Love Lee Seung Gi this was the best drama other than Boys Before Flowers

  286. 286 : Mke Says:

    huh i just watched till episode 15 didn’t expect the story is really good

    really touched and have a lot of lessons from this drama

  287. 287 : I-Rae Says:

    great movie…good actors and actress… the storyline is also great…

  288. 288 : lheiry Says:

    the best korean drama….:)lol

  289. 289 : musicbox Says:

    i love han hyo joo..
    i’m watching spring waltz again bcoz of her..
    back then she was cute..n now she is beautiful!!
    n of coz goofy seung gi!!!love him…

  290. 290 : Michheell Says:

    EWWW i watched like till ep 26… and im like shit this is fucking boring ㅡㅡ the only reason why i watched was coz of seung gi… and now … i started to not like him…eww its all coz of this drama, no [email protected]!!$#!)*$& its all coz og han hyo joo. She discusses me and makes me sick!

  291. 291 : evie Says:

    I just finished wacthing this drama…HHJ so cute…love her better from spring waltz and lee seung ki!! this is the first time I meet you, I love you too….want see your others drama!!

  292. 292 : evie Says:

    best drama, good actors and actress and of course nice story……

  293. 293 : Well Says:

    I love this drama very much

  294. 294 : Well Says:

    lmao I agree. Why do you guys hate HHJ so much ? Seung Mi is the one who lie to Eun Sung about the inheritance. Although she did it for Hwan, thats totally unacceptable. Eun Sung trusted her and she used this trust to make Eun Sung believe what she said. And after she leant about Eun Woo & his father, she kept quiet as if nth happen. And I think HHJ is more pretty. I like Seung Mi eyes, but I dislike her fat face.

  295. 295 : tedz Says:

    park jun se looks like hayden kho here in the phil. lol the drama is great im getting addicted to it…… i cud only sleep a few hours coz im hooked in watching this……….

  296. 296 : Sam Says:

    I dun understand why most ppl hate HHJ so much?? I think her acting is good, she is cute instead of Seung Mi. What’s wrong with u guys, defend on dumb bitches like Seung Mi and her mum. whatever the reasons, they manipulate and backbiting Eun Sung.
    LSK? he is not handsome, but his role as Hwan is cool, makes me turn my earlier opinion.
    BSB is handsome, but his character is bored, there’s no real guy like him in real life. He is too nice and gentle, he should treat Eun Sung worse, forget her, man! You are deserve better than her.

  297. 297 : chiara Says:

    this is my favourite drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..great actors and great love story…..i watched 13 epiodes in one day becouse i couldn’t wait!!!!!!! …sorry for my not so perfect english but i’m italan…

  298. 298 : chaimoon Says:

    Just enjoy the drama people! Let the critics do their job in cutting dramas and dissecting them into tiny pieces with their criticisms, observations and suggestions. At least, you have been “moved” by the drama – either you love it or you hate it and that’s precisely the point! There’s already so much worries in this world, so let’s just enjoy and have fun watching these dramas. Me, I get a lot of fun and when I don’t like the goings-on of a drama then I just switch off or switch channels. From where I stand I am in command!

  299. 299 : I HATE HHJ Says:

    EWW i really hate HHJ!!!!!!!!!! shes not pretty or cute!!!! fuck!!! shes discusting!!! shes not pure [email protected]($!%@$* did u see the way she looks at ppl when she starts crying!! its as if she thinks shes all that~!54-18510 fucking bitch!! aghH!!!! i hate her nose!!! and SEUNG MI is way way prettier!!! eww HHJ u cant act! she looks like a common girl (bad thing) and shes soooo freaken ugly!! why did she get the role!! i think seung mi should hav gotten it…. oh and also!! i hate her a lot coz she looks like a freaken pumpkin……. oh and i gotta tell u somthin… the only reason why this drama is so popular… its coz i bet one person wrote all this comments….. FUCK YOU BITCHES

  300. 300 : SoEulmate Says:

    i really got disappointed when i knew na sa gme toh..
    nung currently airing pa sya in Korea.,. i was really hoping and expecting na abs-cbn would have the rights to air this NO. 1 kdrama. And i love Han HyoJoo aka Arianne Park of Sping Waltz, and new lead man, Lee SeungKi.
    but since gme had confirmed that they had the rights of the drama… all i can say is “SUPER KAWAWA NG SHOW NA TOH,., BAKA DI MEJO MAG-HIT KASI NASA GME SYA. SUPER SAYANG KASI NO. 1 SA KOREA TAPOS SA PILIPINAS WALANG-WALA”…
    i want to watch it in Tagalog.. but since i am not a kapusO..or honestly say, “I DON’T LIKE THE WAY GMA DUBBED KDRAMAS”, so i would rather choose watching DVD kahit payritid.^_^

    for me.. “THIS IS ONE OF MY MOST FAVE KOREAN DRAMA.” I am a fan of this show….

    i thank you.

    no offense..♥
    peace here..♥

  301. 301 : jobel Says:

    many people should really watch it.its a nice drama and many lessons about life can learn from this drama. love it..

  302. 302 : ree Says:

    this drama its really like a cinderella story.
    if u a person who like a story like that u will love it so much…

  303. 303 : elena Says:

    this is a good drama, all actors were great they were able to deliver the characters especially to the evil mother ( she deserves an AWARD)

  304. 304 : roxanne Says:

    i’ll watch this crama on gma.. haha

  305. 305 : chaimoon Says:

    I have just started watching this drama and I like the fast pacing from the start. I hope that it will continue on its fast-paced story line so that I will not let go of it until it ends. The cast so far are great! I now can see the serious side of LSK which is opposite of his funny self in Two Days and One Night weekly program at KBS. Carry on young man!

  306. 306 : ara Says:

    piolo pascual bakla chaka ng pilipinas

  307. 307 : Peach Says:

    it is a nice drama…..where to get the ost for this drama?

  308. 308 : Ivy Says:

    there is a link for OST in this post

  309. 309 : Peach Says:

    all songs were being removed from the link……any other link?

  310. 310 : amktsy Says:

    i love this drama..nice storyline…..really love it
    my favourite kdrama out of around 10-20 kdramas i seen. 😀

    but i am stuck at episode 26 part 2 -.-
    help……. >

  311. 311 : S-I Fanatic Says:

    Shining Inheritance is so good. I really like watching it. I’ve heard the lead star is involved in some scandal… I’ve read it here:

    Shining Inheritance Lead Involved in a Scandal
    Shining Inheritance Photos and Music

  312. 312 : batosaigirl Says:

    oh,i already finished watching this drama and it took me 4 days to finished it. it’s so romantic and funny and inspiring. everybody should watched this drama. there are so many moral lessons. every family should watch “SHINING INHERITANCE”. i like EUN SUNG, she is a very good daugther, and example. i think i’m inlove ^_^

  313. 313 : jang Says:

    it’s really great. the must list of 2009

  314. 314 : Ivy Says:

    new OST link – http://mysugoi.wordpress.com/2009/07/27/shining-inheritance-ost/

  315. 315 : pitraa Says:

    love lee seung gi soooooo much:))

  316. 316 : Well Says:

    @ 299 :

    You are definitely a retard. Even if HHJ dun get the role, seung mi will still never get the role. There are so many actress in korea and what makes u think that seung mi is going to be choosen ? They choosen HHJ for a reason. And stop scolding other bitch cuz the real bitch here is you.
    Retarded dog.

  317. 317 : Peach Says:

    Ivy, thanks for the ost link

  318. 318 : Emma Says:

    Jun Se is such a great character. The more I watch this drama, the more I fall in love with him. I love how straighforward, compassionate and perceptive he is. He’s very honest about his feelings and it’s like he can see through the feelings of others. His personality is so sexy.
    Bae Soo bin is such a good looking guy, and his portrayal of this character is great. I always rewatch his scenes multiple times to catch his facial expressions. lol…I wish I could meet a person like him in real life.

  319. 319 : Janie Says:

    Jun Se is so awesome. I love this character very much. You don’t meet guys like this much in TV dramas or in real life. Jun Se is honest, compassionate and sincere… and best of all… he doesn’t cling.

    Usually, I hate the third wheel in these types of drama because they stalk the female lead, and beg and whine about being dumped… But Jun Se isn’t like that. He’s a no-nonsense guy when its comes to love. I like that he has pride and self-respect.

  320. 320 : 123Go!! Says:

    a great drama. eun sung acts well too. the drama really has a good meaning. even i get bored at the middle, but it’s really has a great end. love the drama.!
    btw, what happen with jun se oppa at the end?? i love him more than hwan..

  321. 321 : Lisa Says:

    hi, is really a very nice drama…the cast all acted very well especially Yun Joon Suk as Go Eun Woo…he really acted very good in the role …hope he has a very bright future, & hope to see more of his good drama.

  322. 322 : Lisa Says:

    BTW, anyone know where to get the korean lyrics for this OST song ‘LOVE IS PUNISHMENT’?

  323. 323 : Ivy Says:

    Lisa, here is it – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBRzIimvdms

  324. 324 : dhey Says:

    what is the title of the theme song of the koreanovela shining inheritance?thx..

  325. 325 : yin18 Says:

    I’m definitely glued on this drama.. i just love it!!! i was a bit disappointed of lee seung gi’s role at first because he was kinda arrogant, unlike in 1 night and 2 days that he’s really hilarious and nice young man… but as I watched the later episodes I began to like his character.. he’s emotionally bottled up that’s why he acts as if he doesn’t care about other people’s feelings.. he’s deeply hurting inside and cannot find an outlet to let it out.. so he supresses his own emotions.. but in the end, his true self is starting to show… now, this is drama!!!! congrats to the casts and crew…

  326. 326 : janine Says:

    i love it…………

  327. 327 : chaimoon Says:

    LSK can really ACT! Congratulations and good job! You are one of the factors why this drama is NO. 1! Carry on and stay the humble guy that you are.

  328. 328 : XxSunniLovinxX Says:

    OMFG.. this DRAMA izzz a MUST WATCH>> Itz HEARTBREAKINGLY romantic… i give it 10 outta 10. Gawwd their such a cute couple… sigh***

  329. 329 : yhatz Says:

    its a geat drama serie ever…very inspiring ,romantic and funny drama..everybody should watch this….more power..godbless

  330. 330 : fandi Says:

    drama yang sangat bagus,sangat menyentuh,dan banyak memberikan pelajaran tentang arti hidup,mangajarkan kita kalau uang bukan segalanya dalam hidup,uang tidak memberikan jaminan seseorang untuk mendapatkan kebahagiaan,karakter Go Eun Sung yang banyak memberikan inspirasi kepada kita semua,
    semua yang bermain dalam film ini benar2 membawakan perannya dengan baik,
    i love very much…
    i hope this drama can launching in indonesia!!!

  331. 331 : Fandi Says:

    I like the soundtrack of this drama…any body give me the link for the lyric?
    Especialy “love is punishment”
    I really like it…thnx b4

  332. 332 : ida674 Says:

    one of my favourite drama…. worth watching
    Hate the step mother

  333. 333 : yhan Says:

    i love this drama series….

  334. 334 : widhi Says:

    i love this drama so much ^^
    eun sung unnie has changed hwan oppa’s life, i need part 2 of this drama, need it so much

  335. 335 : eilene Says:

    i love this drama, when i watch it definitely its one of a kind.. the characters are really a good actors and actresses specially the leading lady.. i love it! i love the story, the actors and actresses who played the role..

  336. 336 : rusz Says:

    so nice drama…

  337. 337 : marianneT Says:

    The story is good…but the main actor is not handsome….I don’t like Lee Seung Ki

  338. 338 : khatzy Says:

    i just love the story..its so touching..
    anmunyi is the character i love it most..hehe..
    go eun sung is so pretty ang a good actress too.
    and of course hwan is cute..like them both..
    everyone shud watch and you will never reget it!!=p

  339. 339 : Emilza Says:

    Where can i get the official wallpaper of this drama….???

  340. 340 : mesya Says:

    I love the story
    Hwan is my favorite actor,
    His so cute and handsome
    I love you so much and I’m so proud with go eun sung
    She’s made hwan to be polite guy!!!!
    For lee seung ki;
    If you have a film please have visit my country ‘indonesia’
    Thank you all!

  341. 341 : mesya Says:

    Please make part 2 about go eun sung life with sun woo hwan!!!!
    Are they gonna married?please!!!!

  342. 342 : chaimoon Says:

    This drama is worth losing sleep over! Kudos to the writers and director and keep the love growing guys!

  343. 343 : julie Says:

    –>..part2 plz!!!!….=)

  344. 344 : Christian Says:

    one of the best drama i ever watched…

  345. 345 : misasiangirl09 Says:

    I loved this!!!! IT WAS SOO GOOD!!

  346. 346 : bleuzelle Says:

    SARANGHAE BAE SO BIN OPPA! watching his Jun Se makes me fall deeper… cant wait for his Angel Temptation!

  347. 347 : JOEL Says:

    Very nice drama!!! Everyone perfectly portrayed their role. Congrats to the lead actors and actress and to eveyone. How I wish there’s a part 2.

  348. 348 : lisa Says:

    hi, IVY

    thank Q so much for the mv, is really nice but too bad is in english lyrics which i wanted was in korean lyrics. anyway thanks for the hard work.

  349. 349 : chaimoon Says:

    Go watch it guys! The story is quite interesting and the ending is good too! Congrats to the director, writers and of course to the stars! Is it possible to have a part 2 of this drama?

  350. 350 : han na Says:

    hi… first off, i would want to say, that this drama is really worth your time. very nice story and the cast is amazing. second, is yun joon suk really a special child? because if he isnt, then i can say that that kid really has talent! he acted his part so well! really amazing kid!

  351. 351 : 1/2 Says:

    question for those who know.. how are the scripts written, are they written week to week depending on how each episode progresses? or do they have an outline for the whole season and just make minor changes? just curious if there was a possibility of eun sung and jun se getting together instead of hwan….

  352. 352 : wea05 Says:

    this drama was so beautiful!! i love it!!! you have so many lessons to learn! especially love and about family.. i’d watch it alreeady.. i love the characters in this drama.. hope that i can see them in personal..

  353. 353 : Koo seon hye Says:

    it reflects the love for your family the sacrifes to your life and surviving it with yourself

  354. 354 : aaasssh Says:

    love this drama so much!!!! ♥♥♥
    best korean drama, and i think it’s so much better than boys before flowers! haha

  355. 355 : norie ji Says:

    =>norie ji

  356. 356 : Gemille Adao Says:

    Hi. Its the coolest drama here In philippines. Shining inheritance is my favorite show in channel 7. More power to the cast. Im Gemille Adao frm Dasma Cavite Philippines.

  357. 357 : Marie Says:

    I so love this drama! Eun Sung and Hwan make a good pair in the series. I hope this could also be true in real life. Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Gi definitely look good together! I’m not done watching it yet but I’ve already seen its best.

  358. 358 : caselyn Says:

    favorite ko talaga sya

  359. 359 : caselyn Says:

    shinning inheritance ang pinakagusto sa lahat ng korea novela na cnubaybayan ko more power sa inyo

  360. 360 : caselyn Says:

    i love you inna ang tapang mo naman hanga me sau

  361. 361 : aubrey Says:

    i love this korean drama,…

    one of my fave korean drama ever!

    i hope there will be a continuation of the story,… nkakabitin,…
    i like the story,.. as in,…and also
    i like the 2 main casts,… korean actress han hyo joo and korean actor lee seung gi,.. nice tandem (for me,…)

  362. 362 : radz Says:

    i like this korean drama the most!!! it is because the tandem of eun sung and hwan!!! i like the flow of the story its show how scary money it is because it can make people greedy and a sinner!! more power to the character of this korean drama!!!

  363. 363 : AhiHkZ Says:

    I live this drama sana may
    part 2 ….
    i love lee seung gi and Han hyo jo tandem….

  364. 364 : Oppa888 Says:

    I found the whole drama quite boring except for a few nice moments that you could have fit into 1 episode alone. Not sure why it rated so highly, no action, weak script, & the whole beef soup business thing was like sitting in McDonalds watching the staff work!

    I loved HJY in Iljimae, I found her talent wasted in this.

    What’s with the whole 28 Episodes thing? The drama would still have been boring at 16 Episodes. They overracted most of the time and dragged out everything until the the last couple of episodes. The father, the brother the evil step mother…..

    I found the whole drama mainly a waste of time, uninteresting, repetitive, boring, and dissapointing. I know the ratings indicate otherwise, but like bad ratings do not always indicate a bad drama, so do good ratings not always = good drama.

    For good recent dramas I highly recommend:

    The Return of Iljimae
    Story of A Man (Slingshot)
    Swallow The Sun

  365. 365 : atchie patatas Says:

    i reaaly love this koreanovela! qiute boring at the first few episodes but as you watched ul get hooked na!

  366. 366 : bob ong Says:

    han hyo joo is pretty tlga! gma 7 chose the best koreanovelas tlga! more power! sana lalo p tumaas rating ng shining inherutance

  367. 367 : deanaz Says:

    maybe not the best in my list drama 2009 but this drama is recommended drama that you must watch….good for all the cast…seung gi and han hyo jo….good chemistry…

  368. 368 : novi Says:

    i like this drama very much,although just warch episode 1,2 ,3

  369. 369 : :]]pilipino ako Says:

    :]]this is the best

  370. 370 : Albert Lawrence Says:

    wew ang ganda 3 times ko na napanood mysoju.com


    may mas magndapa pla sa Full House!


    Shining Inheritance- Full House- Witch Yoo Hee!!

    la lang..

    mga gus2 ko lng..

  371. 371 : Albert Lawrence Says:

    kaka adek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  372. 372 : Edz_rallang Says:

    I stop counting the times I laugh and cried in this tele-novela. Certainly Ms. Han Hyo Joo and Mr. Lee Seung Ki were great portraying their characters.
    My heart goes out to Mr. Bae Soo Bin. Why do we always love somebody so much and yet they can`t love us in return? I just wish that people who have so much love to give can find their happiness as well.
    As a Filipina I find Korean Novelas equally entertaining just like the overwhelming novelas in my country.
    A salute to all writers, who never fails to brighten our lives by just watching their piece of art.

  373. 373 : Albert Lawrence Says:

    mag tagalog k nlng..
    nose bleed!

  374. 374 : Marie Says:

    When Boys Over Flowers started airing on TV, I spent almost two weeknights and my savings in the Internet cafe. And now, I can’t believe I’m doing it again with Shining Inheritance! Good thing my aunt has internet connection, I don’t have to spend my savings anymore. This series is so nice!

  375. 375 : jeralou Says:

    dabest itech!! :))

    eto na ang no. 1 para sken. sumunod na lang ang BOF at FULL HOUSE :DD

  376. 376 : jeralou Says:

    dbest itech!! :))

    no. 1 to para sken. sumunod na lang ang BOF at FULL HOUSE! yay! danda tlgaaaa!!

  377. 377 : jeralou Says:

    ainakoo!! DBEST ITECH! :))\

    pinakagsto kong KDRAMA so far…

    sumunod na lang BOF at FULL HOUSE. hehe!!!!


  378. 378 : widz Says:

    top drama at 2009 you all must see it.BBF is over……
    i like lee seung gi

  379. 379 : Novi Says:

    The best drama i ever seen..happy,sad,romance^^

  380. 380 : thay Says:

    the best of the best!!my all time favourite,.great tandem between lee seung gi and han hyo joo,hope they will cast in another drama together again,i like them so much,.!!=)

  381. 381 : soarhigh19 Says:

    i love this drama… it is worth watching for… spending three days watching this drama is no in vain… i enjoy watching each episode.

    thumbs up!

  382. 382 : ying Says:

    Love this drama! The story of this drama was great and it’s so good to see Eun Sung and Woo Hwan were together in the end.

  383. 383 : mysterious_damsel Says:

    it’s worth watching…
    it has 28 episodes….

    a heart stirring drama…oh my!! eun sung’s life her is very pitiful because of her stepmoms greediness…

    the ending was great as well as the whole story..its currently airing now in philippines…..but i’m done watching it in dvd…

    han hyo joo and lee seung ki…look good together… great tandem..

    hope there will be a part 2….and the story will be about the return of eun sung from studying abroad…hehe…

  384. 384 : mysterious_damsel Says:

    han hyo joo….ur very pretty…hehe(i’m a certified girly huh…) jaz sharing….

    han hyo joo…hope you can come here in philippines….

  385. 385 : nenon Says:

    the best korean drama in 2009…………
    kpn ya main di Indonesia???????

  386. 386 : inna Says:

    so ganda tlga ng inheritance…
    khit mpuyat aq ok lng basta mpanood q lng…
    love u juan

  387. 387 : ed Says:

    super ganda tlaga ng shinin inheritance!!!

    auz lang

    ganda ni han hyo jooo!!!
    ana ganun din personality mo in person!!!!

    god bles
    more power!!!!

  388. 388 : elblatinazo Says:

    I am not a korean novela fanatic but when I watched this drama in youtube, I can’t help myself but praise this drama. It made me laugh, made me cry and made me learn a lot of things (sasanim Jang Sook Ja rules). I can’t wait to see Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo together for their upcoming novelas…

  389. 389 : amktsy Says:

    i dunno…but a hwan-un sung fan here….
    prefer eun sung to be with hwan. 😛

  390. 390 : amktsy Says:

    THis drama is simliar to bof but way better. :X
    It’s true.
    Too bad non of my classmate will be watching. 🙁
    They will say bof better. -_-

  391. 391 : tsikiting gubat Says:

    Shining Inheritance is being aired here in the philippines, i really love the story,it has substance-the story is great, it’s not just another “love story”, it has moral lesson. I love Oppa Hwan hehehe i’ve also watched him in chill princesses, so wapu hehehe

  392. 392 : Marsita Muhammad Says:

    Best Korean drama! You have so many to learn from this drama. Just!!! If!!…Lee Sung Ki as Sun Woo Hwan change or give the character to “RAIN” partner with Han Hy Joo this drama will rate TOP in korean drama. Asian love him…make RAIN looks like “Jumpyo” surrounded by handsome guard…More action in fashion style…Ooooppppsss!!! all heart will start bang…My daughter & my friend said this also…

  393. 393 : cris Says:

    one of the best koreandrama but my the best korean drama is jumong!!

  394. 394 : grace Says:

    wow… ganda ng drama na to… lagi me napapaiyak.. at madami ka matutunan… more power and goblesss!!

  395. 395 : KhatIE Says:

    Shining inheritance is aired in the Philippines ryt now.
    But I almost fnished watching it in DVD..

    I like the flow of the whole story..
    It makes me fall in love again.

    I love Hwan..

  396. 396 : DeathM1ND5 Says:

    na aadik na din ako sa Shining Inheritance hehehe 🙂

    lufet lufet…

  397. 397 : Pinay na adik sa Asian DRama Says:

    I love Shining Inheritance. Isa sa mga fav ko! eto pa iba. para sa mga nag hahanap ng

    Funny Romance na madalas my drama din (watched everything in eng sub)
    Smiling Pasta!
    Devil Beside you – Gwapo!
    Take care of the young Lady
    Witch Yoo hee
    Romantic Princess
    Fated to Love you
    It started with a kiss
    They kiss again
    Mei-chan no Shitsuji

    Hay naku madami pa pero eto yung mga top of my list.
    Di ko nga alam pano ko makakakuha ng tagalog dubbed na korean novelas airs saten dyan sa pinas. Anyone? Im here in US.

  398. 398 : Melanie Says:

    i have to stay awake for about three hours more than my regular sleeping time just to watch this series, it helps me to appreciate the things i have esp my family. somehow it shows the nude truth that sometimes we more than appreciate material things than our family.:(

  399. 399 : jaju Says:

    Han Yoo Joo deserves to win as Hot Drama Actress… indeed a great actress of her own generation.

  400. 400 : Paul(SI addict) Says:

    🙂 haha did you see the ratings?
    Too many first!! hahah i love this koreanovela!

  401. 401 : mica Says:

    love na love q tong korean drama na to..! dumadami man an pimples q, okay ln.. mapanuod q ln.. cute nila hwn nd inna. bagay cla.. naging cla ba s totoong buhay?? bagay kc cla e. luv na luv q tlga to! ann ganda ng ending.. luv luv!:*

  402. 402 : C Says:
  403. 403 : ktel Says:

    go eun sung..at sun woo hwan..their so talented..best drama so far, there are intense and breath taking moments at the same time you can laugh smile and cry..txns for the hard work!to give us this kind of entertainment

  404. 404 : rona Says:

    the drama is good, you can learn lot of lesssons! godbless

  405. 405 : rona Says:

    its a beautiful story

  406. 406 : khreng ;) Says:

    love this romance drama! watched over and over.. 😉 can’t wait to see another romance drama with lee seung ki and han hyo joo.. ^_^

  407. 407 : Beatriz Joy Says:

    i really like this drama. you will never get tired watching it. my mom and sisters are already addicted too. hehehe!
    i definitely salute the characters, specially the main cast Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Ki. im speechless! just wanted to tell you guys that ITS VERY WELL DONE! EXCELLENT!

  408. 408 : bubbly Says:

    its the best drama ever…
    people here in the philippines are requesting a PART 2 of shining inheritance…wahh!!!!! pllllzzzzz grant this request… 😉
    Or another romance drama with lee seung ki and han hyo joo…
    Cant help but fall in love with this drama over and over again…

  409. 409 : josephine sophia Says:

    like everyone here im also a fan of Han Hyo Joo as Go Eun Sung
    Lee Seung Ki as Sun Woo Hwan
    Bae Soo Bin as Park Jun Se
    Moon Chae Won as Yoo Sung Mi.. i really wish for another movie of them and MUST BE on aired on GMA .. I would really watch their shows on time until it ends.. just air it on evenings.. thank you much if you’ll grant my request .. fans of shining inheritance in Philippines will truly be glad .. again,thank you..

  410. 410 : alaina Says:

    please help! where can i find a detailed episode recap for brilliant inheritance?

  411. 411 : chelle Says:

    i really love this drama its very touching…
    and to inna and hwan who make me laugh and cry…
    job well done guys..
    this drama is beautiful, it really inspires me..

    just want u to create another series for inna and hwan i really love their tandem they have chemistry….

    so grant my request..creaTE THEM another series….

    hwan saranghe..visit the phil. together w/ inna
    job well done guys…

    i love it

    *chelle*from philippnes

  412. 412 : yong Says:

    i my god…..luv luv luv…….love han hyo joo…
    and the drama…..my favorite drama so far^^

  413. 413 : Qwenden Says:

    It’s really great! Enjoyed since the first episode!

  414. 414 : amktsy Says:

    based on it’s Synopsis,it may seems to be a typical dull melodrama.
    But it is not,it is a touching drama with passion….

    i love passion related dramas!

  415. 415 : amktsy Says:

    i dun really mean passion though….
    Usually i dun like melodrama,but this 1 is really nice. 😉

  416. 416 : Rica Says:

    I love the story and the main characters…Can’t wait to see them on another romance drama/ romane comedy…=D

  417. 417 : michelle Says:

    Where to download the manderin version? Anybody can tell? TQ

  418. 418 : syaizhajime Says:

    currently watching ep1 😛

  419. 419 : lee ji eun Says:

    i really love this korean drama!!!! it really made us crazy

  420. 420 : lee ji eun Says:

    since 2006 after Full House and Stairway to heaven was aired here in the Philippines,i was really crazy about k-dramas..this k-drama made me crazier..
    yah eunsung and woo hwan, aza!aza! fighting!!!

  421. 421 : utari Says:

    this drama its not so good.. i dont know why the rate so high…
    very boring and very long episode….
    first, when i read the synopsis, i think its similar with ‘she is nineteen’, a k-drama by jung da bin, that make a succesful drama in 2004,
    so i try to watching it, but when i watch it… the story is very usual.. not bad n not good….
    i think cityhall and queen of housewives, its more deserve to have high rate than shining inheritance…

  422. 422 : jenny Says:

    ………….will nice drama…………nakakainis minsan ung bidang lalaki…………….but nakakatawa dn nman minsan lalo na sa 25 to 28 episode

  423. 423 : HanHyoJoo Says:

    I love this production and i especially love the main cast hhj and lsg

  424. 424 : jeg Says:


  425. 425 : joypLez Says:

    ang ganda ng palabs nato grabe. . ang ganda talaga ni HAN HYO JOO. .

  426. 426 : earl Says:

    great drama!!!

  427. 427 : earl Says:

    i love you han hyo joo..ang ganda muh tlaga..grabe!!hehe..

  428. 428 : arvy Says:

    it is the most powerful and beautiful korean drama i had watched

  429. 429 : arvy Says:

    utari why don’t you just shut up ok

  430. 430 : Denaa Says:

    Yikes, this drama is so boring.. Very-very NOT recommended.. Believe me..

  431. 431 : go eun sung Says:

    i love shining inheritance super beautiful i love it and nice match ina and hwan

  432. 432 : mark joseph Says:

    Nkakayamot bakit ang bilis naman matapos ng koreanobelang i2…
    28 episodes lang..amf naman oh..
    hehe..kung pinahaba pa nila syang naman..whaha..

  433. 433 : marianneT Says:

    I really recommend to watch CITY HALL …i rewatched this so many times
    But i watched shining inheritance only ONCE …no more….i dont like lee seung ki

  434. 434 : KimJoo Says:

    I luv ths drm….
    Vry” nce,,,^[email protected]
    I luve oppa jun se…
    Han hyo joo yu’r very beauty =>. . .

  435. 435 : cams Says:

    grAbe bkit gAnun ambilis naman matapOs
    gAnda pa amAN sUbra ba.. hahaha I really lOve the
    whOle drAma GOOd jOb!!!

  436. 436 : saram Says:

    so recommended!!
    watch it. han hyo joo is a great actress!
    she cried a lot.n yeah, i cried a lot also
    its sad n da plot is ok
    i luv diz
    i dont expect it 2 be diz gud wen i saw da 1st ep
    da 1st ep sucks actually
    but continue watching n u wont regret it
    watch it!!!!

  437. 437 : lucille (philippines) Says:

    so very very very worth of my time! great story line…
    3rd korean drama that ive fallen in love with after Coffee Prince and Goong 🙂
    Great story play… so very worth to watch…now im also an HHJ fan
    Good OST – I will take you forever (philippine version)
    Hope the network will make a sequel… looking forward to it. salamat.

  438. 438 : lucille (philippines) Says:

    ORIG: Christopher Cross
    REMAKE: Kris Lawrence with Denise Laurel

    boy: i was a man who always played around in love
    so quick to take but so afraid to give enough
    but now ive found the one and heaven will only know
    what only my eyes can say and time cant take away

    girl: i was a girl who trusted no one in my heart
    and the dreams that young girls dream
    were just vanishing in the dark
    but now ive found the one and heaven will only know
    what only my eyes can say… they say

    both: that i will take you forever and
    there will never be anyone else in my heart but you
    and i will take you forever and there will never be anyone else but
    you, anyone else but you…..

    ……I will take you Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever….. 🙂 lol!

    SONG’s very fitting for this K-drama.. whatever they say, GREAT JOB everyone this drama!
    most of us in the Philippine will be waiting for the sequel….
    also, hoping for sequel for themy fave following k-drama
    2006 – Goong (Princess Hours)
    2007 – Coffee Prince
    2008 – ? 🙂
    2009 – Shining Inheritance

  439. 439 : chai Says:

    I truly love this korean drama,I’m a fan of korean series,I think shining inheritance was the best so far…hope there will be a sequel,It’s airing right now here in the Philippines and I’m really glad it was aired on GMA 7.I think I became a fan of Lee seung gi and han hyo joo after watching the drama,I already wtched it twice and I still watch it on tv as it was aired mon. to thurs …..Love to have a part 2

  440. 440 : chai Says:

    more of lee seung gi and han hyo joo…they really click..If not for a part 2,I just hope I can see them together in a project worth watching as shining inheritance,even the ost was great …applause for the writer and especially to all in charge ….love hwan ang eun sung so much

  441. 441 : Tsurara Says:

    I love shining inheritance and bae soo bin he’s so hot and an amazing actor! 2009’s best drama! hands down!

  442. 442 : Phutch Says:

    This would have to go down as one of the worst k-dramas ever!
    Overrated, over-acted, over-long, etc…

    This drama has little appeal. There was a couple of nice moments but that only added up to a few minutes our of 28 episodes.

    The romance was weak and unsatisfying, the actors for the most part boring and unconvincing. lee seung gi and han hyo joo both arent too bad, but the script is so weak, empty and boring that it is not really there fault.

    From episode 1 you have to wait about 25 episodes for everything to resolve itself, the father re-appearing, finding the autistic brother, exposing the evil stepmother and daughter etc…
    This appears to drag out beyond belief for the sole purpose of keeping the viewers watching from week to week.

    Most of the characters are unlikeable and pathetic.
    And what’s with the whole beef soup thing????
    I dont even like beef soup, so I was offended and how many episodes did we have to sit through that was like watching the staff at mcdonalds work.

    How could anyone out there possible sing this drama’s praises.
    A complete waste of quality drama watching time…


  443. 443 : hello Says:

    omg! i love this drama! and its NOT a waste if time! WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN”T!

  444. 444 : aseret Says:

    whatever others say…..

    i love this Korean drama…hahahaha

    your just jealous!!

  445. 445 : reymart Says:

    this drama has its own kilig factor which makes me funny when i am watching every nigth here in palawan,philippines.good luck and more power to your producer!!!

  446. 446 : ariane Says:

    i love this korean drama… may halong kilig, romance, comedy, sometimes ther’s action.. all in one… waaahhh… pls write a story as beautiful as this… luv it!!!!!

  447. 447 : nora Says:

    I Like this drama….I Love all actor and actrees at this film…..
    I Love you full……

  448. 448 : nora Says:

    I like this film and I Love all actor & actrees at this film….
    I Love you full….

  449. 449 : apriljunkirain Says:

    i love this drama soooo much!!!!

  450. 450 : Donna Lee Says:

    i consider this korean drama as my second best ever watched..next to jewel in the palace. the script is great and the actors are amazing! i sleep late just to watch the “kilig” scenes of Hwan and Inah.

  451. 451 : :P Says:

    hi to aseret and ms donna muahahah >:]

  452. 452 : ying Says:

    I love this drama. The storyline was good and they really made it for the ratings. Fighting!

  453. 453 : Ivy Grace Villalobos Says:

    This drama is really nice.. even though I haven’t finished watching it yet, I really like the first part… how much more the latter parts… the storyline is really nice and suspense… can’t stop thinking of it every time!!! Love this!!!

  454. 454 : sasa Says:

    my favorite koreanovela of 2009 is shining inheritance.
    i love the story,it shines above all.

  455. 455 : eugene Says:

    I just bought the DVD. It’s an awesome drama. Love it!!!

  456. 456 : anna Says:

    For me It was so exciting, because the girl she is inlove to Sun Woohwan. and try to keep her feelings to her. and it was so cute. and they more interesting. that happen on the next episode

  457. 457 : jesa Says:

    i really like the show. Since the love story is unique and keep up the good work guys.

  458. 458 : jesa Says:

    I really like the drama. Since it is unique. Keep up the good work guys….

  459. 459 : jesa Says:

    I really like the drama. In the since that it is unique. Keep up the good work guys…

  460. 460 : jesa Says:

    the drama is wonderful…

  461. 461 : bee Says:

    Good Drama !!! Lee Seung Ki is CooL !!!

  462. 462 : Lnk Says:

    Shining inheritance is the best drama i’ve ever watch!
    the story is really interesting and although it has a very long episode which is 28 ep,i never bored to watch every scene of the drama.
    i love the story,han hyo joo,lee sung ki and moon chae won!

  463. 463 : NooNa Says:

    so inlove with this koreanovela i finished watching it and still watching it over and over again!!

    cant stop thinking of the story coz its very nice and very unique..

    hoping for season 2 PLEASE…

  464. 464 : khAi Says:

    i love ds koreanovelA!!…no.1 i2!!…

    kilig aq!!…cnt stop screamin`!!..whoah…

    hai sa mga WEBCnians xa Dulag!!…ms u guix!!

    mubalik q dra,,,yaw kabaraka!!hmmm?:)

  465. 465 : dorothy liz Says:

    i love this drama……

    the story is very nice and it is really nakakakilig….

    Sun Woo Hwan!!!! is sooo cute….

  466. 466 : blexie Says:

    this story is very interesting and peculiar..
    its is very good story coz its all abt
    love pride and family..
    its very inspiring…

  467. 467 : elaine_angge Says:

    I am fascinated about this Shining Inheritance when i first seen it on channel 7! The story i really love it and I am amazed with the character of Han Hyo Joo. I see herself as me, who loves doing extra mile with others and the way she’s taking care of grandma in shining inheritance!

  468. 468 : marilyn Says:

    I love this drama.
    grandma – wisdom
    Hwan – innocent/smart
    Eun SUng – cute/sweet
    Seung MI – Beautiful
    Jun see – Mature
    I love others cast as well

  469. 469 : Vince De Valentino Says:

    From Malaysia – Malaysia Boleh la – 1 Malaysia la !

    With Honour & respect, Grateful to the Story Writer for her commitment, her beautiful heart, her relvelation, her humour, her deep wisdom to educate the world about True Genuine Love, Unconditional Love, Sacrificial Love & Simple love for a human needs.
    ^_^ Hopefully…..i judge the name correctly as a Male Screen Writer, if not, i apologize.

    Thankful to the heart of the Director & the actors, it’s truly a brilliant Team connections among individuals. It’s a connection of vision, connection of passion, connection of human spirit.

    I’m truly humbled by this heavenly production which give birth from the hearts of all the Actors, Musician & workers.

    It’s been a long time i have not laugh this crazily, it’s been a long time i have not cry this meaningfully, it’s been a long time i have not watch such a adorable & fun acting, but yet very HUMAN & Spiritual.

    From the bottom of my heart i salute all the people who involved in this movies that given the world a Noble Inheritance.(To the government of Korea, the investors, to their ancestors, to the workers, to the musician, to all the engineers, to all the fashion designers. )

    Thank you Mr. Jin Hyuk
    Thank you Mr. So Hyun Kyung
    Thank you Ms. Han Hyo Joo
    Thank you Mr. Lee Seung Ki
    Thank you Mr. Bae Soo Bin
    Thank you Ms. Moon Chae Won

  470. 470 : bench_toronto Says:

    i’m a fan of korean teleseries, since my niece introduced me with korean novela’s i am gone crazy…
    korean’s teleseries helped me alot to alleviate my loneliness and nothing to do in a day…
    i even practiced my korean language every time i encountered a korean patients at work…
    sarangghe korea…

  471. 471 : mei:)) Says:

    i love this korean drama :))

  472. 472 : mulan Says:

    @ 442 phutch – I’m agree with you. Anyway, i’ve just watched it already since I’m a korean drama fanatic. Although my fave actress is YEH and watch take care of the young lady, why don’t you try it or you may try city hall too. Right now for me City Hall is number 1.

  473. 473 : wow gold Says:

    A wonderful article…. In my life, I have never seen a man be so selfless in helping others around him to get along and get working. I feel good that there are people like you too. Thanks for this great weblog of yours. Its surely going to get me to go to higher places!

  474. 474 : jonah mae Says:

    sice was a krea fanatic too
    this korean novela is full f rommance
    i like roance this korean novela is number one
    in the philippines actualy my classmates love this too

    i hope that this korean novela have a part two

  475. 475 : inah Says:

    i love this korean novela
    ths is no 1 n the philippines
    actualy i have asecret crush in hwan
    keep it a secret: )

  476. 476 : ariane Says:

    …….brilliant legacy was such a very nice drama…

    ,ngaun lang din ako nkapanood ng drama nah super tagal mabuo yung love story between the loveteam…

    …i hate kim mi sook and moon chae won!!!..they are evil beyond evil,,

    ..but they are really good actresses as well as han hyo joo…..

    ..number 1 shining inheritance!!!!!!!!!!

  477. 477 : emi Says:

    man! this is a very long drama!!!! the plot is nice but they drag it out too long!

  478. 478 : jumong Says:

    tang ina!!!!

  479. 479 : jumong Says:

    tang ina!!!

  480. 480 : LA Rocket Says:

    Best love story ever Really !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bought the DVD set so I can watch Hyo-joo every day
    Lov Yeh Girl… Really Maaaauuuuuh!!! XOXOXOXO

  481. 481 : jane marie Says:

    i love this drama!the cast was so great!i like han hyo joo and lee seung gi,they’re loveteam was so cute!and you fell inlove in the story’,i hope the both of you will visit here in the phillipines!i love korean drama and movies!and i will also hope that both of you will make another hit korean drama!i love shining inheritance so much!stay pretty han hyo joo! stay cute lee seung gi!i love both of you!mahal ko kayo!

  482. 482 : uNzEenbEauty Says:

    ..,everytime i watch the tv series, i dont want it to end!
    i’m w8ng when for hwan to open up his feelings for yna.,
    grabe sobrang torpe, daig pa nya ex ko! hehehe
    but it’s a worth remembering story!

  483. 483 : uNzEenbEauty Says:

    ..,sana may part 2,.hehehe

  484. 484 : lol Says:

    I first watched it .. I think this movie is very boring. but after I watched episode seven. I loved it. and I never feel bored again until the end.
    and I think this movie deserves to be the winner.

  485. 485 : Jan Rey Says:

    This drama is an unique drama series.. To all Kdrama: this drama is a kind of something that can touch others heart.

    Also the lead characters are good in acting..

  486. 486 : ann Says:

    i love this drama. the best! i love ina, hwan and francis!

  487. 487 : ann Says:

    i love this drama. the best. i love ina, hwan and francis!

  488. 488 : ann Says:

    i love this drama. the best!

  489. 489 : manel Says:

    ang ganda grabehhh….i really really love ina and hwan. the best ung love stor nila.

  490. 490 : manel Says:

    ang galing nung mga characters na gumaganap sa shining inheritance. pinapanood q xa gabi-gabi. nakaka adik. so antok na aq pero pilit q gnigsing sarili q pra wala aqng ma miss na episodes. keep up the good work…more power, thanks…..mwahhh

  491. 491 : nenon Says:

    masa blm tayang di ina udah mw ada jiplkannya…..
    gak RELA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  492. 492 : rico Says:

    i love this drama!!!!, yeah!!!!!

  493. 493 : joanne Says:

    taig pa nila ang tandem ni Jessie at Justin….
    watch you yung full episose here with sub eng… pero wala ang 28 part 4/4
    kainis nga ehh…

  494. 494 : david Says:

    imba talaga to si Han Hyo Joo! wohooo! hahaha…
    tayo n lng pwede? hahahaha.

  495. 495 : david Says:

    great story…. ^^. make me feel happy… everyday… i have many lessons that i learned here ^^. thanks…

  496. 496 : mark dela cruz Says:

    i love this show..
    lots of good korean shows that was aired on GMA
    like the Jewel in the palace, love story in harvard, jumong and this one… shining inheritance….
    this show is really cool. i love Han Hyo Joo, i think she portrait the character very well.. and OMG she’s so cute and pretty.. also love hwan character. and to sum things up. it was a very good story and cast as well. i almost cry in some part of the show.

  497. 497 : ReL says Says:

    many values we can read of this drama,,,I Like It!!!

  498. 498 : Sal Says:

    Great drama, give it an 8 out of 10. Nice story line, however, would have chosen to be with the 2nd lead guy instead. The lead guy is too young! Anyway, good acting from all cast.

  499. 499 : manilyn Says:

    its really a great drama.. many lesson are behind that story.. and i love the cast specially han hyo joo and lee seung ki..there are really good tandem… i love it very much..

  500. 500 : sam Says:

    i could say that this is my favorite korean drama ever!! i love the way the story goes. . .

  501. 501 : Mark Says:

    i say this will be my one and only korean drama
    everyday comes a big situation and big problems but
    it doesnt than anything to stop hwuan and Ina

  502. 502 : Gemma Says:

    this drama is the best drama, it doesnt even compare to all the many ive seen. I didnt expect it to be good, but then it turned out to be the best. the actors are amazing and Hwan is just so hott! so perfect!
    It has real emotion and its the best!
    THE BEST!!!

  503. 503 : mei:)) Says:

    this is the best korean drama:))

  504. 504 : BiGiKu Says:

    Ahh!!~~~ I love this drama sooo MUCH!!
    But it makes me sad all da time cuz dat mean stepmom and Sung Mi
    I’m almost done with da drama..
    2 more episodes to go~!!!

  505. 505 : sajang nim Says:

    im watching rite till episode 15 now but still searching for d ‘X’ thing.. the conflict n storyplot are good but there is still something lacking..

    hmm, i need more time to give this drama some thoughts and give a judgment on the rating above..

    btw, i love d soundtrack!

  506. 506 : idolism Says:

    name of hwan’s(Lee Seung Ki) father here?

  507. 507 : meico c. Says:

    yahoo!!!!!! i really love the drama…. go eun sung have so much trial but she dont regret any of it also i like the chemistry of han hyo joo ang lee seung ki than sprong waltz hehehhehe

  508. 508 : nayll Says:

    OMG this is such a good korean drama!! Hwan & Eun-sung are a cute couple! ♥♥♥♥

  509. 509 : LingChan Says:

    I Love This Drama to the max…Love The Casts..The Story and The Soundtrack…I Love Junshi oppa and Huan ^^

  510. 510 : miNniE~ Says:

    i lovE this drama!!!
    lOve to watch hwan and eun sung=)
    I starts to like lee seung ki and han hyo joo..

  511. 511 : tina green Says:

    I really love this drama.

    so in love with han hyo Joo.

    she’s amazing.

  512. 512 : tina green Says:

    love this drama

    so in love with Hyo joo unnie.

    she’s so cute.

  513. 513 : pitraa Says:

    iloveleeseunggi 🙂

  514. 514 : Aileen Says:

    so addicted to Shining Inheritance! Though the airing time is quite late (10.30pm, PHils. time), i still managed to watch it coz im so hooked up with Han Hyo Joo’s & Lee Seung Ki’s love story! Just a week to go!

    Han Hyo Joo is really pretty! Im just confused if “Sung Mi” is pretty or not!

  515. 515 : gagadfds Says:

    Best drama of 2009 period. Best actors i have ever seen. And the plot is beautiful. Unlike boys over flower which was a complete utter fail.

  516. 516 : Miracle Says:

    GREAT MOVIE!!!! Love Hwan so much, so cool… Bae Soo Bin also….

  517. 517 : azumi Says:

    so nice! the best drama i’ve ever seen in my entire life!!!!!!

  518. 518 : Arai Says:

    I really love this drama..good story

  519. 519 : ladiigodiva Says:

    Much alike the Cinderella fairy tale but in different wrapping, and hey..i found out i love the story,, can’t stop tearing my eyes when the screen turns on.. 😉

  520. 520 : clingx Says:

    this drama is so cool in the philippes.. i really love it!!

  521. 521 : leanie Says:

    …..hhmmmp….super best drama ever and couple for me….han hyo joo and lee seung ki…..sweetttt!!!!!!

  522. 522 : leanie Says:


  523. 523 : c'lia Says:

    love this drama”
    the soundtrack too..
    n.. bae soo bin is very handsome^^

  524. 524 : No Immortal Says:


  525. 525 : zian Says:

    Really like this drama.
    The ending is really cool.

  526. 526 : Lintang Says:

    so entertain mee..
    I hope at the end of my life
    can also have a happy ending like in the movie .

  527. 527 : richard Says:

    HI, i need some help regarding the songs that were sung when they were at the karaoke bar(the celebration of the 2nd branch anniversary) i already got the song sung by the manager, just the other 3 remaining song(Eun Sung, Hwan and Park Jun See) love this k-drama. Hope that the producer would make more of this. Please email about the title “[email protected]” thanks a alot

  528. 528 : cutie Says:

    to all koreans out there please request to have a part 2 please!!!!… I love hhj and lsg!!!! and the ending seams to be a hanging question to me…. hahaha!!!! the best kdrama!!!

  529. 529 : pitraa Says:

    love this 🙂 part 2 please, hahaaaaaaaa

  530. 530 : paCho Says:

    This drama can make me smile,sad,laugh,cry,
    And worry..ckck

    Good luck!!^^v

  531. 531 : marsha Says:

    i love this movie.. love it..
    like han hyo joo, she play well in here, also lee seung gi he play well too

  532. 532 : adek rachma Says:

    Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Gi are the best couple like Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin!!! I really really like them!!!

  533. 533 : Shahar Says:

    I LOVE YOU Han hyo joo……………………………….

  534. 534 : orchids0609 Says:

    Love this drama! Good story. Hope there will be a sequel. Indeed no one can beat a kind-hearted person.

  535. 535 : Lydia Says:

    Omg! I love this drama! its airing in Indonesia bout 2 weeks ago, i won’t lose even only one episode! Hha…. Han hyo joo and
    Lee seung ki are the best couple hhe 😉
    i guess that Han hyo joo is Song hye kyo becoz both of them have the same beautiful face! Hha… 😀

  536. 536 : Zarell Says:

    Go Eun Sung and Sun Woo Hwan are so romantic couple. I love them very much. Muach :*

  537. 537 : lidya Says:

    i’m an indonesian..
    i love it very…very..much…
    seung gi and hyo joo is perfect couple..and i hope they’ll be real couple in real life…
    this drama can make me happy,sad, laugh, and cry at the same time..
    four thumbs up for this drama..
    for the producers, please make the sekuel of this drama..
    (and i love the soundtrack too…nice)

  538. 538 : monic Says:

    ……….something inside has changed.and the change came as a surprise.
    it may look different,but it feels right.

    h! im monic, 14 years of age….
    ms. han,youre so…………..beautiful. your my idol.

  539. 539 : monic Says:

    …….h! please visit our school “la union colleges of science and technology”

    h! christine,jezza mine, and jeanlyn………

    by monica a.k.a. monic

  540. 540 : monic Says:

    …..h! guys………..

    i really love this koreanovela especially the casts…………

    han hyo joo, youre so cute……………..


    by monica

  541. 541 : monic Says:

    ………………. han hyo joo youre so cute………..

  542. 542 : IheartDrama Says:

    Love this drama!! One of my favorites!!

  543. 543 : na rim Says:

    ok let me get dis straight. I certainly dont agree wit DBSK and wateva mom said. I think seunggi should continue 2 days 1 night bcoz why not? The program shows how beautiful Korea is! Not to be rude i think u might be beautiful hater.sor i donno the word lets take that as ur new nickname! And wats wrong wit the actress?shes pretty.more pretty than u guys. I hope u guys r men coz if ure not, u two r pathetic! I hope u 2 wil read my commentz and those who want 2 read dis 2 peoples commentz i had mention pliz turn 2 page 1.wow the 1st page such a dirty commentz they said! Ah good day! Anyeong..

  544. 544 : Go Eun Sung Says:

    I like this drama so much..!

  545. 545 : Anggun Says:

    this movie is the best move ever i watch.. T_T
    this movie always make me cry…
    but, this movie always make me laughs too..
    this movie THE BEST!!!!

    and I LIKE SO MUCH the ending of this story.. hehehe… (^3^)V

  546. 546 : cristine Says:

    hello i am from indonesia and i love the drama of yours which starring by han hyun joo and lee seung gi,
    why the not having a real relation ship at the real world ???
    i will support both of you for the relation ship at reality live .
    ii love u all very much !!!!!!!!

  547. 547 : anderson Says:

    i like the drama and i have watched ever single day

  548. 548 : anderson Says:

    can i have the cd or dvd of it ???
    please sent me one of them

  549. 549 : daisuke Says:

    guys.. if you liked this drama series, then you will enjoy watching smile,you. Try to watch it^^.. you can get lessons on that drama series like this one (shining inheritance).

  550. 550 : minda Says:

    i like it….

  551. 551 : monica Says:

    love this drama very much,especially bae soo bin

  552. 552 : Olae Says:

    Such a childish drama! It is suitable for young generation.

  553. 553 : Vicky Says:

    Shining Inheritance was amazing! I loved it so much!

  554. 554 : Oppa888 Says:

    I found this drama extremely drawn out, boring and overracted, however I liked the two leads, just that the script was terrible, the supporting cast were overacting in the extrene. I found myself fast forwarding through the last 8 – 10 episodes.

  555. 555 : SiSSie Says:

    i found first 5 episodes a bit boring but after it become addictive.good story!!!

  556. 556 : Yea Says:

    I like this Drama.
    I love you Lee seung ki

  557. 557 : wei Says:

    i don’t know how the ratings got so high up. i don’t like this drama all that much, though i bear to watch it.

    it was more to a boring story line. the story got dragged way too long… not so inspiring. it ended how everything should be placed that way at the beginning.

    no matter how good its a drama, im sure there will be ppl who don’t like it still, like me.

    every drama is worth watching because the hard work the crews put in.

  558. 558 : drama korea Says:

    This is the BEST Korean Drama i have seen so far. If there is anything better please do let us know.. very cool drama..!

  559. 559 : karen Says:

    anyone know wad handphone model is lee seung ki using in the drama ..?

  560. 560 : rani Says:

    i liked this drama!!!!it gave you something to think about after every episode!!!

  561. 561 : deena Says:

    i’m really love so much..much..much.this movie very romantics, cool.
    u must watch this movie, i love u lee seung gi..mmuahhh

  562. 562 : arlyana Says:

    love this drama very much………

  563. 563 : DSN Says:

    this is my favorit drama, i love this drama, love it much..:D

  564. 564 : YANI Says:

    GILA,PENAMPILAN NYA KEREN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  565. 565 : overlooks Says:

    I felt that Jun Se is too good a person and didn’t like the choice Eun Sung made eventually. It just doesn’t seems logical.

    Though this drama is quite good, I was expecting a much better drama since it has such high ratings..I have definitely seen much better korean dramas than this..Felt that it’s alittle overrated..Perhaps it’s alittle too long already..With 28 episodes after all..

  566. 566 : Fairooz Says:

    I liked this drama, it was a good one.
    I am very surprised that the ratings reached that high but wow…=)
    Anyway, but lee seung gi and bae so bin did a good job acting.
    Nice story to the drama, it made me cry at times…but it was good.

  567. 567 : beebusybuzzing Says:

    been a long time i come this sit and i’m surprise to see bl became 1 of the most number of comments in this site 😀
    BL rocks 😀

  568. 568 : stefanie Says:

    .. guys please do watch MACKEREL RUN ..starring : moon chae won and lee minho aka gu jun pyo .. that was a nice tv series ever .. please do watch ..

  569. 569 : Samsoon Says:

    Heard many people say this is a good drama, but I’ll pass.
    I like Seung Gi, but I just don’t see him as a main character in a drama, much less, a romantic one.
    I don’t feel he’s leading man material.
    I just can’t get excited about a drama wherein he’s the it guy!
    I think he’s more suited to sing than act.

  570. 570 : pikah pikah Says:

    I’ve heard about this drama last year,but when i looked at the drama’s poster, I didn’t get the urge to watch it even though I love SeungGi so much. but then, last week a close friend told me that i should watch the drama since it’s not that bad..so i gave it a shot..and i was shocked!! the drama is actually very good!! i never ever thought that SeungGi had improved so much in acting! & the ‘EunSung’ girl, she is a great actor! i love the drama——> i recommended it to everyone!!

  571. 571 : Irene Martha Says:

    Lee Seung Gi n Han Hyo Joo are best couple forever …

  572. 572 : kristina Says:

    so bored……………
    this drama haven’t chemistry between characters.

  573. 573 : hyejung Says:

    just finished watching it. The plot is nice but the whole drama is a bit drag and lengthy….hmm…..got to say some dating scene btw seungki and hyo joo too childish and not touching

  574. 574 : LuxMee Says:

    i really love dis drama from the very first episod….otherwise it take 4 or 5 episod for me to love any drama….i watched this drama with my mom …she loved it too…

  575. 575 : taufik Says:

    i like this drama, so beautiful, my life is take the experience from this drama, i can’t for get everything , im feeling like was in this drama, so romance, so sade, so funy, until my tears down…. ohhh …. thank u

  576. 576 : Bhabez Says:

    ,, i like this drama,,
    ,, nice actors and actresses!!

  577. 577 : Je Sicaaca Says:

    I thought this drama wasn’t good but when my cousin made me watch it … I was like ‘OMG! AWESOMEE!’
    Very cute, funny, romantic and adorable.
    The actors/actress are really good. They start to look better (as in hot and cute) as you continue watching it. HAHAHA ~
    Go Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo) & Sun Woo Hwan (Lee Seung Ki) are the cutest couple EVERR ! x]

    I totally recommend this to everyone~ WOOO ! 😀

  578. 578 : rully hy Says:

    see like drama

  579. 579 : Big Bang Says:

    i love this drama

  580. 580 : Big Bang Says:

    i love this drama.. Lee seung ki so cute in here..

  581. 581 : aixumi Says:

    this drama is really nice . .good story line . .nice ending too!. must watch drama!!

  582. 582 : dian Says:

    Ceritanya bagus,tapi endingnya kurang memuaskan.

  583. 583 : fetty arisandi Says:

    good korean drama!!!!

  584. 584 : von dutch Says:

    i really love this drama! one of the best.
    han Hyo Joo and Lee seung-Ki were really good actors. super convincing! 😀

  585. 585 : Lilian Says:

    I watched this show without any expectations because the story seemed normal and I didn’t know any of the lead actors. But I was pleasantly surprised. I ended up falling in love with this show. It is among the top 3 dramas which I love for 2009.

  586. 586 : therese Says:

    Hello Guys..
    I had watch this lovely drama, however there are some episodes I missed due to broken video.
    Could u help me find some other site that play this drama??
    Thanks ever so much

  587. 587 : arieltortoiise Says:

    hello! im watching this drama too! and its great!
    im watching it with eng soft subs

    subs from : http://www.haru2subs.com/archives/brilliant-legacy

    raw video from: http://cashewmaniakpop.wordpress.com/2009/12/22/shining-inheritance-ep-1-28-finale/#more-20865

    then all u need is a vlc player which can be easily downloaded! or u can go to : http://www.haru2subs.com/faq

    to find out how else u can use the subs and videos together!

    hope it works for you! good luck! 😀

  588. 588 : minminie Says:

    hye guys…i am currently watching this drama but i was stuck at ep22 because the vid is broken…i am desperately WANTS to watch it…please guys if u can help me…i realy want to watch it…please share with me where u watch it…i really really really watnt to watch it…inform me if u know..thank you..

  589. 589 : santa Says:

    hi mini .you can watch it at
    enioy your self

  590. 590 : minminie Says:

    hai santa…thanks for sharing but the video is not working..

  591. 591 : mutiara Says:

    this is one of my fav drama…

  592. 592 : sa... Says:

    4 first episode is borring for me.. But after that it become more Π more interesing…
    And ï think this drama is amazing….

  593. 593 : beneva Says:

    While I watch this drama…without anything expectation in my mind.
    And I’m realize that’s fallen in love with it. The story seem not different with others typical korean drama for the first time I see.
    But…as people says: don’t judge book from the cover….this drama actually same as like as people says.
    Beautiful story n strong characters that’s the power points this drama. Love the morals advise in drama.
    I can see another sides from lee seung gi, han hyo joo n many actors. Well done guys…you had been successfuly impressed me.
    For the writer…thanks to make wonderful story that’s I could learn good things.
    The stuffs….good job!
    Shining inheritance is good drama n memorable love story.

  594. 594 : mutiara Says:

    this drama is so brilliant… I love Lee Seung Gi-Han Hyo Jo couple…
    The story was beautiful and meaningful… so brilliant!! no wonder the other title is Brilliant Legacy…

  595. 595 : mel Says:

    i love lee seung gi… he is so cute…

  596. 596 : santa Says:

    dear min it is working our area but it does not even matter you can try it at (dramafever.com).i hope you can watch it and enjoy

  597. 597 : Yuuki Says:

    i like this drama ,……. sipppp

  598. 598 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much.. love go eun sung..!!

  599. 599 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  600. 600 : Elvie Mendoza Says:

    A must watch drama. The entire cast did an excellent job?

  601. 601 : ina Says:

    i really like and satisfied with this drama… it show that bad people not always got what they want.. and the ending is perfect…. congratulation to the actress and actor. their acting is real and i can feel it….. sarangeyo….

  602. 602 : jay Says:

    i love the story!!!!! and theres a lesson too. han hyo joo and leeseung ki are so good too they have chemistry in t.v

  603. 603 : unik karlita Says:

    this drama is very famous in indonesia….

    i like it…

  604. 604 : korean entertainment lover Says:

    love this drama,
    korean entertainment news

  605. 605 : kdfan101 Says:

    This drama is very good. However, if possible, you should watch the special. It is very entertaining and you get to see some glimpses of the real personalities of the cast.

  606. 606 : melika Says:


  607. 607 : Grace Says:

    This is my favorite drama EVER. This is probably one of those underrated ones, i mean it is so much better than You’re Beautiful, Supposedly the “best” drama of 2009, UNTRUE. In my opinion, i love this storyline, typical hate relationship in the beginning but however falls in love after… However the passion, and the warmth of the acting really makes it a great watch. The evil characters are really evil, and the good guys are really great, passionate and sweet. And this is the only drama were i liked all 4 main characters, they are all great, unlike other dramas i just can’t seem to like the second guy, or the girl is too evil or whatever. In this drama the second guy is also sweet as heck, but i just can’t hate him, because truly he is a good person, and the second girl, so evil, and so… unbearable at times, but truly also is a great person on the inside. This drama is a great watch and everyone should watch it. Plus this couple is my favorite couple ever, their story makes my heart ache, makes me cry and laugh, they are just so cute together! SeungGi and Han Hyo Joo should date in real life.. haha

  608. 608 : yasekabod Says:

    i liked the drama but i think it had nothing new at all. the fact of hating and falling for eachother in the end is nothing new and we can see it in almost every korean drama and a girl who has a lot of problems is as same as jundy in boys before flower and the lesson that people dont always get what they want has been used so far in every story based on the conflict between good and bad . i think the rating of 12% is too much for this drama it was compeletly peredictable . well it is not a famouse drama in our country and my friends didnt liked it as well. i think there were many good films which dindnt used second handed methodes and had something new to thalk about but didnt get a good rating. i really cant understand why this drama is so popular!!!!!

  609. 609 : jesus Says:

    This is the longest drama I’ve ever watched. But it was SO WORTH IT! And it was NEVER BORING! It was so dramatic from start to finish, in a very interesting and twisted way. GREAT VILLAINS! GREAT MESSAGE! I honestly feel that it changed my perspective on life in many many ways. It teaches about family, money, love, and people in general. It was so good, I can’t express in words just how much I liked it, especially towards the end, it was so beautiful that I cried in a couple of very inspirational scenes.

    And this drama is SO MUCH BETTER than You're Beautiful! SO MUCH BETTER!
    WATCH IT NOW!!!!!! Or ELSE…….

  610. 610 : KPOP7.com Says:

    great drama!

    Download Korean Albums & Songs

  611. 611 : suman Says:

    HI Han hyo joo……… u r rly great actress. I like ur smile vry much. Shinnin Inheritance was a vry gud movie to watch. i lobed da chemestry btwn u n Lee Jung ki………..

  612. 612 : korean drama lover Says:

    whoa the rating is just amazing!!

    especially for the debut for prince charming Lee Seung Gi..

    but, i cant find the page for Lee Seung Gi’s new drama here, My Girlfriend is Nine Tailed Fox..


  613. 613 : Wen Says:

    Nice storyline that will make you follow through esp after esp. Think Han Hyo Joo has more chemistry with Bae Soo Bin than Lee Seung Ki.

  614. 614 : soo Says:

    best korean drama!

  615. 615 : xxx Says:

    love it

  616. 616 : xxx Says:

    oh my god i cant say about it

  617. 617 : itah Says:

    nice drama

  618. 618 : diari Says:

    i like it its so gooooooooooood

  619. 619 : aboo Says:

    love han hyo joo

  620. 620 : melll Says:

    i really really enjoy with this drama

  621. 621 : melll Says:

    this isnt boring drama

  622. 622 : lop Says:

    it has good actresses and actors

  623. 623 : saba Says:

    love korean drama

  624. 624 : saba Says:

    i always watch it

  625. 625 : hame Says:

    their acting are goood

  626. 626 : love drama Says:

    oh i love it i want to cry

  627. 627 : ghaza Says:

    good endig

  628. 628 : fare Says:

    best for ever

  629. 629 : sarah Says:

    best drama in year 2009 it is defferent

  630. 630 : umh Says:

    1-boys before flowers 2-you are beautiful 3-Shining Inheritance 4-a man called god they are my favorite

  631. 631 : nina Says:

    love lee seung ki love him i love him forever

  632. 632 : good love Says:

    i saw this drama 4 time make me cry:..(

  633. 633 : SODA Says:


  634. 634 : tya Says:

    my favorite drama….
    like Go Eun Sung character 🙂
    oppa huan..you’re very cute…!!

  635. 635 : SODA Says:

    i love han hyo jin she is so cute!

  636. 636 : Puji Says:

    I love this drama….

  637. 637 : RIE Says:

    sweet sweet sweet!

  638. 638 : mel Says:

    perfect drama…!!!!!!!!!

  639. 639 : ok250682 Says:

    Another must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary buy exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  640. 640 : RIE Says:

    LOVE IT! I love the smile of Hwan, and eun seung character is similiarly to Han ji eun in full house. i bet she’s the same at the first sight.
    but, i always hate when i saw her step mother huaaarr

  641. 641 : sahba Says:

    love ittttttttttt:)

  642. 642 : Jai Says:


  643. 643 : hani Says:


  644. 644 : kimchilee Says:

    this series is good.. has a good ending too. but I think the Seung Ki over acted on being spoilt brat. I love Soo Bin’s acting in Jumong and now this. He is good. Hope he can star in more roles.

    Another very nice series to watch is “Will it Snow for Christmas”. It is a very beautiful love story and very good looking hero and beautiful actress. The hero is Go Su (Green Rose) and heroine is Han Ye Seul (Couple or Trouble). The story is nice and the narration of the story has a different point of view, and all the characters in the series are nice… go watch it everyone!!

  645. 645 : via Says:

    its true.. very nice story.. I love it and hate her stepmom and her stepsister, they are very mean and awfull to Go Song eun.

  646. 646 : 네다★ Says:

    oh my GOD
    i love this drama
    if i watched before I would voted this not BOF
    but now, what can I do
    that is happend

  647. 647 : Belle Says:

    o my god this drama had the highest rating since ep 8 till the end!!and i loveeee it so very much, it has the sweetest scenes the most besides other dramas <333

  648. 648 : Says:

    pls add this

  649. 649 : 네다★ Says:

    and this:


  650. 650 : 네다★ Says:

    this too:

  651. 651 : 네다★ Says:


  652. 652 : 네다★ Says:


  653. 653 : 네다★ Says:


  654. 654 : 네다★ Says:


  655. 655 : 네다★ Says:


  656. 656 : 네다★ Says:


  657. 657 : 네다★ Says:


  658. 658 : 네다★ Says:


  659. 659 : 네다★ Says:


  660. 660 : 네다★ Says:


  661. 661 : 네다★ Says:

    وای که چقدر این درام قشنگه
    من تا قسمت امشو دیدم ولی الآن روی کریا تی وی پارازیته
    حالا چه کار کنم؟

  662. 662 : iin Says:


  663. 663 : seungjoo Says:


    ADMIN..please ADD those picture…i love Briliant legacy so much…

  664. 664 : eileen Says:

    Nice drama ^^

  665. 665 : Rein Says:

    Love this drama.:)
    Saranghae lee seung ki oppa.:)

  666. 666 : 네다★ Says:

    Thank you seungjoo for your beautiful pics

  667. 667 : 네다★ Says:

    LOVE this drama too much
    I can’t forget about it

  668. 668 : 네다★ Says:

    nan neo joh ah hae chanranhan yusan

  669. 669 : LenaLee~ Says:

    I love this drama so much!! this is so touching drama!!! and i cried a lot with this..this is so romantic as well!!! Prosecutor Princess is even more romantic than this!!! try to check it out!! HIGH RECOMMENDED!!

  670. 670 : melody Says:

    loves this drama,mostly scene on the bridge,what’s hwang says with eun seong n then kiss her.soo sweet…

  671. 671 : VVN Says:


  672. 672 : Marwata Says:

    Wow! This is so cool drama, i and my family watched together and it’s really beautiful drama me and my brother always like to watch korean dramas and this is one of the best that we saw.

    Marwata and her brother

  673. 673 : Deshinta Says:

    oh i love this drama so much. Sun Woo Hwan :* :*

  674. 674 : meredith Says:

    omg !! lovely couple !!

  675. 675 : mina Says:

    it was boring it has repetition story it doesnot worth to watch please more creative
    in the 7 episode i didn’t follow it because i knew what happen in the end

  676. 676 : 네다★ Says:

    @mina if it is ur reason I have to tell you that you can’t find a drama that you can’t guess it’s end

  677. 677 : astheria Says:

    Just finished watching…the first drama that I watched and brought tears from the 1st episode…good ending. Love the actors/actresses…Yun Joon Suk played his role perfectly…
    Best of luck for you guys….

  678. 678 : raine Says:

    hello.. may i request to have the title of the song that the young boy is playing in the piano.. tnx

  679. 679 : far Says:


  680. 680 : hana Says:

    i love it best 4 meeeeeee!

  681. 681 : shave Says:

    BUTF series

  682. 682 : oppa Says:

    shining drama forever

  683. 683 : si Says:

    ahhh i saw it 1 month ago very good kdrama

  684. 684 : zzzz Says:

    is it good drama????

  685. 685 : lee min ho Says:

    better than personal taste

  686. 686 : love kdrama Says:

    actors and actresses are perfect!love them

  687. 687 : janan Says:

    wow i can’t say about it…

  688. 688 : lamia Says:

    i hate her smother and ssister

  689. 689 : oana Says:

    what can i say………..her stepmother is a witch,and seung mi is not such a bitch,but i think she will everything to have hwan by her side…..eun sung is such a good girl and caring sister,hwan at first was a jerk but after he fall in love with eun sung..he changed.i hate hwan’s sister…..is so stupid and her mother to……jun se is so amazing,he’s always there for eun sung.i love this drama.

  690. 690 : bess Says:

    Started watching this after MGIG because I couldn’t get enough of LSG ! Hope this drama is as enjoyable.

  691. 691 : micro Says:

    Love the 2 main leads……..good chemistry. Storyline is great too !

  692. 692 : jerson=) Says:

    very nice=)

  693. 693 : lin'z'k Says:

    i really like them=)

    very nice=)

  694. 694 : pitraa Says:


  695. 695 : lovejoo Says:

    perfect couple, love it

  696. 696 : seungjoo Says:

    seung gi ..Hyo Joo..
    i love them so much..
    hope they’re be a real couple..

  697. 697 : seungjoo Says:


  698. 698 : seungjoo Says:


  699. 699 : seungjoo Says:


  700. 700 : seungjoo Says:


  701. 701 : seungjoo Says:


  702. 702 : seungjoo Says:

    please post these link that i posted below…

  703. 703 : kimchilee Says:

    I wish Soo Bin had been the lead actor instead of Seung Ki. He would have been better suited for Hyo Joo.. regardless of how Seung Ki changed in the drama later on.. he still has that spoilt brat face! But then.. i am saying this bec i am a fan of Soo Bin.. kekekeke.. but yeah.. Hyo Joo also has chemistry with Seung Ki. She has chemistry with any actors.. even in DONG YI.. she has chemistry with the King .. she is a wonderful cheerful actress.. just loved her.. but I hope she will feature another drama with Soo Bin again and this time.. as her boyfriend and not the brother..

  704. 704 : wave Says:

    Love LSG in this drama !

  705. 705 : Dan Says:

    Great cast in this drama, highly enjoyable.

  706. 706 : seungjoo Says:

    all of u guys here have already watch YSSM (reality shows) with kang ho dong ??
    they’re so funny there..and hot topic is bout’ scene KIss HHJ and Lee seung gi..hahaha..
    really..i love them so much 🙂 🙂
    hope they’re be a real couple ..

  707. 707 : kdramaaddict Says:

    Highly entertaining drama ! Moon Chae Won is so pretty.

  708. 708 : seungjoo Says:


  709. 709 : freakerpskie Says:

    i love watching 1night and 2days at KBS-WORLD because of Lee seunggi!!!

  710. 710 : Si Says:

    Lee Seung Ki and Han Hyo Joo are so adorable.

  711. 711 : Si Says:

    No couple can take away the best couple award from them at last year sbs award. They deserve it. Really.
    And seung gi is so charming. So endearing. Yes, I’m a fan of him. That’s why my friends and I are trying to place Seung Gi’s page and his latest drama’s page in the most commented session. It would be awesome if you guys Seung Gi’s fans also send one or more comments there. It’s gonna be more awesome if we can see Seung Gi’s page and his dramas are all in the most commented session cause they deserve it.

  712. 712 : danish Says:

    Oh, what did they do to Seung Gi’s hair in this drama ? His hairstyle is terrible, doesn’t do justice to his good looks. Love him anyway.

  713. 713 : dawn Says:

    Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo look good together in this drama. No wonder they won the best couple award in 2009.

  714. 714 : Bessie Says:

    One of the best dramas in 2009 !

  715. 715 : seungjoo Says:

    admin..im sorry i didn’t write some permission bout those link that i posted before

    ok..can u posted those link ..

  716. 716 : Si Says:

    This is Seung Gi’s first drama as the main lead. And he’s so good. His chemistry with han hyo joo is awesome.

  717. 717 : sara Says:



  718. 718 : iin Says:

    filmnya seru banget..sedih.. oke banget deh ni film…

  719. 719 : akuaku Says:

    Great !!

    i loved this drama so much……………
    hyo joo…seung gi…….are perfect, They’re Briliant….
    the chemistry is very strong…….i loved…..

  720. 720 : Danish Says:

    Love all the pics above ! Nice.

  721. 721 : microrganic Says:

    Awesome drama. Good plot and great cast !

  722. 722 : microrganic Says:

    Love watching the hate-love r/ship between lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo.

  723. 723 : sara Says:

    please,please ANGEL SEUNG KI LOVERS
    go to his page and comment.we should raise his comments.what our angel is lacking that he is not in the most commented list ones?he is so much better than all those there.yes.ALL THOSE.

  724. 724 : microrganic Says:

    Sure, will go to his page and comment. I love LSG and the dramas he acted in – BL and esp MGIG.

  725. 725 : toast Says:

    Seungi-ah, you are brilliant in this drama !

  726. 726 : broad Says:

    Didn’t realise initially that the main lead is LSG from 1N2D, my favourite korean varietty show ever! Getting to like him more and more, he is gorgeous when he smiles !

  727. 727 : sara Says:

    really?see you there then

  728. 728 : Neella Says:

    Hwannie is sooooo handsome! *melting

  729. 729 : JoJo Says:

    This drama was realllyyy good! i liked it alott 😀
    Especially the romance between the main characters and Han Hyo Joo is soo pretty <3

  730. 730 : broad Says:

    This is among the top 5 of my K-drama list ! Love the romance bewteen the 2 main leads.

  731. 731 : toast Says:

    Hope that the 2 main leads pair up again in other dramas !

  732. 732 : toast Says:

    I also like the two supporting cast, Moon and Bae very much in this drama. They act well & look gorgeous.

  733. 733 : Vampish Says:

    Love this drama, entetrtaining and fast-paced.

  734. 734 : MisssssY Says:

    im so inlove with this drama.. i watched it over and over again till now.

  735. 735 : Si Says:

    Check this out, guys.


  736. 736 : Si Says:

    Love seung gi and hyo joo here……

  737. 737 : Vampish Says:

    So sweet that they stilll keep in touch.

  738. 738 : akuaku Says:

    i’ve already read those artikel…thanks Si
    they’re still keep touch.. *sweet *
    i like when Seung gi talk with hyo joo by phone and seung gi said “let meets once ” oughh *um speechless
    IMO..seung gi really sweet !!
    hope they’re will be a real couple

  739. 739 : Trixie Says:

    Best drama in 2009!!!

  740. 740 : nouha Says:

    beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest drama . im from tunisia

  741. 741 : sara Says:


  742. 742 : lovebee Says:

    A really great drama! Loved everything about it!! I hope the main actors will work again together soon! The supporting leads were also great!

  743. 743 : Si Says:

    @ akuaku
    You’re very welcome.

    Now, check this out.


  744. 744 : Vampish Says:

    Wow, people can’t get enough of this drama, I am really glad that SBS is showing this as a special.

  745. 745 : Vampish Says:

    And, the good news is that LSG will be hosting the one-hour special ? Can’t wait to watch it.

  746. 746 : akuaku Says:

    And, the good news is that LSG will be hosting the one-hour special ? Can’t wait to watch it.
    @vampish : owhh..SBS special hosting by seung gi ?? great !!..does hyo joo already confirm to attend for the event ??

    @ Si : thanks for share those link. youre really uptodate.. i always miss seungJoo. i loved them so much ..

  747. 747 : akuaku Says:

    A really great drama! Loved everything about it!! I hope the main actors will work again together soon! The supporting leads were also great!

    @ lovebee ; yupps..i agree with you..everythinggg i loved.. i hope the lead actor n actress 9SengJoo) work together again..maybe in film…
    i like MCW too, she has in project now..i forget wht her drama project …

  748. 748 : miracle Says:

    wohooo…. love this drama !

  749. 749 : areej Says:


    <3 <3 to you lee sueng

  750. 750 : areej Says:

    Great draaama

  751. 751 : Si Says:

    I see seung gi’s fans here.
    Why don’t you guys send your comments on seung gi’s page and his latest drama’s page, my girlfriend is a gumiho?

    Love this drama. Seung gi and hyo joo were so good in portraying their role.
    SungHwan couple was lovely.

  752. 752 : Dawn Says:

    Can’t wait to watch the 1-hr special ! Hope they show BTS footages.

  753. 753 : saranghe_jo102791 Says:

    hyo joo!! you’re pretty

  754. 754 : miracle Says:

    they are compatible couple, I really like acting Lee Seung gi here. of an ignorant and selfish, to be a warm boy and a good man .. I really like this drama. Lee Seung gi is very funny, especially the scene he gives to eun sung bench at a bus stop. hahaha … he calculates the actions of his love for eun sung. oh! I really love Lee Seung gi.

  755. 755 : Si Says:

    Check this out guys.


  756. 756 : Dawn Says:

    Love the sceneries in this drama and of course, the main leads, LSG and HHJ.

  757. 757 : billydkid Says:

    this is a family drama series, with some love story thrown in. so i really don’t mind whether the ending is sad or good. better if it ends happily, but won’t feel disappointed if it shows an unhappy ending.
    for me, love stories that concern the main leads specially, like ” take care of the young lady”, “hello miss”, “my girlfriend is a gumiho”, “he’s beautiful” SHOULD end just like fairy tale stories. that’s what most fans ask for.

  758. 758 : billydkid Says:

    why do i always think about the girl who played Jang Di ( lead actress in korean Boys over Flowers) whenever i see Han Hyo Joo?

  759. 759 : Luna Says:

    This is also another great drama. The plot twists up and is absolutely one worth paying attention to. The characters are also interesting to learn about because when I watched it I completely forgot these were just people acting. Also, the style of their clothing is amazing and very admirable.

  760. 760 : billydkid Says:

    i pity seung mi for always covering up for her mother. she has a good heart and it is so sad to not divulge the lies made by her mother which has been piling up. if she confesses to eun seung, she will be exposing her mother for the scheming liar that she is. i am now in episode 11 and am eager to find out what she will tell to seung mi.
    I think she will keep the farce facade because the series is still a long way to go. i am not even into half of this series yet.

  761. 761 : billydkid Says:

    oh, i forgot to mention that a modern series should not be too long. unlike the temptations of the wife which i think is 160plus series long and i was bored with it already. i only persisted to watch temptations of the wife because i wanted to see how it will end.
    i think a 28 series family drama is ok, not too long nor short.

  762. 762 : billydkid Says:

    oh no. seung mi has become an accomplice of her mother. she sends an email to her stepfather posing as eun song. it is so contradictory to her character because we were made to believe that she was so ANGUISHED about the lies made by her mother, if she felt so guilty about what her mother had done, she should not aggravate the situation by adding more fuel to the fire. in doing so, the viewers can’t commiserate with her anymore.

  763. 763 : billydkid Says:

    seung mi is really her mother’s daughter. furhter lying becomes natural for her just to cover up her lies. the lesson is that eun sung must tell hwan and granny the truth so they will see through seung mi and her mother’s lying. as it is now, because seung mi is the one who FIRST told hwan the truth, a “TWISTED” version of it, she makes it appear to hwan that eung sung is the liar.

  764. 764 : billydkid Says:

    . jun se and woo hwan both love eun sung. in this series, i have an inkling that it will be hwan who gets the love of eun sung. so, i sympathize with jun se because i feel his love for eun sung is no less than hwan’s love for her. it is so pitiful to see that the love given is not given back. i hate love triangle. it’s good that this doesn’t often happen in real life only in lover stories .
    seung mi is too thick skinned to not let go of hwan even though she realizes than hwan doesn’t love her. why torture yourself in seeing that your love is not given back? look for another boyfriend and have a life!!

  765. 765 : billydkid Says:

    in the case of meteor garden, taiwan version, i never root for huazhelei because he has never shown that he loves shancai. he treats her well as a friend. if he feels love towards shancai, i, the viewer, never felt it. near the end, he might feel something for her but he never says nor declares his love for shancai. not like daomingse, who really PURSUES shancai when he is sure that he really loves her.
    However, in “shining inheritance”, Jun se pursues eun sung and let her know he really loves her. so, i feel so bad for him that eun sung loves hwan and not him. is it possible to love 2 at the same time? if it were possible, then i choose both of them.

  766. 766 : billydkid Says:

    i love all the cast of this series. i love the acting of jun se, his lawyer-father, seung mi(she’s great)m seung mi’s mother and even hwan. i think eun sung’s acting needs more improvement. hyo joo is more beautiful than park shin hye and yoon eun hye but i like shin hye’s acting more. the role of the autistic brother seems so “REAL”. is he an actor or did they hire a real autistic child to play the role? he’s so so good!
    so far, this series really deserves the ratings it got. what i don’t like is the pacing of the story. when the suspense is near killing me, it goes through a LULL and the story diverts to lighter scenes. it only picked up again near episodes 26-28( near the end episodes).

  767. 767 : roy99 Says:

    its a worthwhile story..
    i really love this drama..
    but baker king is better…

  768. 768 : vina Says:

    i really2 L♥vE this drama..
    tc and thÜmbs Üp..♥♥♥♥

  769. 769 : Martha chan Says:

    seunggi & hyojoo … daebak 😉

  770. 770 : KRYS Says:

    It very creative. I would like to thank Korean Tv management for their excellent work and for discovering individual talents. We in East Africa, would like to learn more about the people of Korea through their drama…… and other related programs.


  771. 771 : chow Says:

    perfect couple…..

  772. 772 : wiiee Says:

    really love shining inheritance a.k.a brilliant legacy
    never felt bored when i watched this drama again, again, and again 🙂

  773. 773 : kameha Says:

    Just finished watching this drama. It was very OK. Good plot, good actors and actresses, not draggy. One not so good thing is the main guy. He looks way too young to match the main girl. Sometimes like he is 14y old. Entertaining drama anway.

  774. 774 : AYu Says:


  775. 775 : himawari Says:

    my favourit korean drama

  776. 776 : Si Says:

    Seung gi’s cut of brilliant legacy.


  777. 777 : akuaku Says:


  778. 778 : benny Says:

    drama yg layak untuk di tonton.
    sangat bagus!!!

  779. 779 : Si Says:

    Please vote for seung gi.
    Thank you.

  780. 780 : misky Says:

    its really awesome best drama ever its really emotional i fell in love with lee seung gi character

  781. 781 : vi4 Says:

    I just love this drama, I cry my tears out whenever I watch this drama.. I just fall in love with go eun sung character, she had a kind heart. And also sun so hwan, its good to see him change to a better person bcause of her.

  782. 782 : Pigrabbitloves Says:

    OMG this was one of the best korean dramas ever 😀 i loved this and every episode of it got better and better <3

  783. 783 : vi4 Says:

    Han Hyo jo and Lee seung gi have a same age, they were born in 1987, so I think the couple is really match, she doesn’t look old and he doesn’t look too young or even like a kid, he looks exactly like his age. So they look perfect for each other..

  784. 784 : akuaku Says:

    seungjoo…miss themm

  785. 785 : takgu99 Says:

    i really like moon chae won acting…her acting was amazing…
    i more pity for seung mi than eun sung in this drama…

  786. 786 : r3m91 Says:

    never bore wacth this drama…..
    very brilliant..
    Seung gi oppa, Hyo jo unni.. U are the best couple..

  787. 787 : Rizka Says:

    I really love this drama. This is the best drama I’ve ever seen. and also I really like Han Hyo Joo <3 <3

  788. 788 : christine Says:

    i love this series so much! unique story, no wonder it is number 1 in 2009!

  789. 789 : lovebee Says:

    OMG I LOVE SHINING INHERITANCE/BRILLIANT LEGACY!! I remember I had a hard time looking for different episodes, but it was DEFINITELY WORTH WATCHING IT :”> One of the best K-dramas ever!!

  790. 790 : geraldine Says:

    its the best korean drama i seen…. congrats all of you… love you much..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  791. 791 : geraldine Says:

    its the best korean drama i`ve seen…congrats all of you…..love you much….!!!!!!!!!!!

  792. 792 : lucille Says:

    just browsing through the list of dramas for 2009 and 2010.. just curious why shining inheritance didnt have a list of any awards received for 2009 with their ratings so high?… is this not the highest rating sbs drama for 2009? whats the drama that received most recognition since im looking for drama to watched to? can pls someone answer me. thanks.

  793. 793 : lucille Says:

    Ooopppsss… i guess i skipped the part of awards received by this series while running through this page 🙂

    but how come the special for this series was not included. where can i watched it, please can someone reply. thanks.

  794. 794 : guest Says:

    love seungjoooo

  795. 795 : one Says:

    nice drama

  796. 796 : Totalfreak Says:

    woah ………………………………. i’ve seen this drama like 200 times a day and i never got tired of it!!!! OppA saraghae!!! hwaiting!

  797. 797 : nenon Says:

    gak pernah bosan nntn nih drama
    udah kecanduan berat sama nih drama

  798. 798 : Lil Says:



    email [email protected] (no spams pls.. i just wanna know if i should watch this show..)


  799. 799 : Kathleen Says:

    I just finished this drama… and it made me cry, laugh, smile! 🙂 It was just marvelous! 🙂 Loved the actors, loved every single thing about it!! 🙂

  800. 800 : mimi Says:

    thank you

  801. 801 : manatee Says:

    love you much, seung gi oppa!

  802. 802 : guest Says:

    miss u seung joo seo muchh..
    Happy birthdayy hyo joo uniiee

  803. 803 : Violet Says:

    because of lee seung gi i think i am gonna find the dvd for his drama soon.. got addicted to him thru my girlfriend is a gumiho… 🙂 BTW does he has any other drama/movie other than billiant legacy?

  804. 804 : ayu Says:

    really miss both of you all……you are the romantic and best couple ,I wait for your next drama……..,Both of you are so sweet……..
    I hope there will be the shining inheritance session 2……..!!!!!

  805. 805 : lovebee Says:

    i hope to see another drama from the two of you! brilliant legacy was awesome! 😀 😀 😀

  806. 806 : Camille Says:

    I really like this drama, a actually always like Han Hyo Joo’s dramas. haha. Lee Seung Gi and her made a very good couple on this movie 😀

  807. 807 : putry Says:

    really great drama……. recommended to watchh .. Lee seung gi and han hyo joo were good acting and match together and also as good friend, friend are close to .. i like seung gi´s interview at japan.. he mentioned hyo joo ..aso sweet ..

  808. 808 : Si Says:

    Seung gi is so lovely here.

  809. 809 : Si Says:

    This is totally daebak.


  810. 810 : ayu Says:

    really……lovely drama……I like it very much.I wait the shining inheritance 2…………The chemistry Of LSG N HHJ is very good!!!

  811. 811 : ayu Says:

    I re watch this drama for 9 times……..always miss them…

  812. 812 : korean drama fan club | Blog Orang Lidi Says:

    […] airing sekarang ni Kejora dan Bintang kan? Aku tak tengok pun sebab cerita tu ikut drama Korea Shining Inheritance. Aku tengok episode satu sahaja sudah tahu ceritanya sama walaupun sinetron biasanya jalan […]

  813. 813 : mushi Says:

    I looove this drama and the getting hook to the songs tooo.

  814. 814 : lengskee Says:

    yea, love listening to the soundtrack, especially Love is a Punishment by K Will! love his voice!

  815. 815 : Alyssea Says:

    Ohhh 🙁 I’ve started watching this drama and feel terrible sad when she lost her father and brother! Cried a lot 🙁 Want to keep going until I reach something funny! Can’t take all this sadness! And tomorrow I’ll go back to school (I’m a teacher) after a long night watching this drama! I’m just unbelievably addicted!

  816. 816 : kDRAMAlovers Says:

    I love this drama much as I’m speechless and smiling when i watched the ending episodes so sweeeeeet (: I realized that ,this drama bring us a moral .Good Luck , Fighting!

  817. 817 : bella Says:

    this is great drama , lee seung gi and han hyo joo couple best …

    onnie han hyo joo spirit 🙂

  818. 818 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 815 Alyssea

    At first it is a little sad. Don’t worry, the lead actress is strong. She can even change the attitude of the rich woman’ s grandson and they end up falling in love with each other and they live happily ever after. 🙂 🙂

    a must watch drama

    Lee Seung Gi can sing very well too. I love his song especially YANGPA – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBJpIAo_wEU

  819. 819 : 3+L Says:

    this drama moved every girl who watched this movie. just like cinderalla, she works hard for her survival and cares not just herself but also for other people… the guy from being arrogant tries to change himself for the better and be worthy for his love…

    all characters are played very well… i love this movie… cheers!! ^_^

  820. 820 : eponine Says:

    If not the best, this is one of the best Korean dramas I have ever seen. It does not dwell on romance alone but it talks much about the realities of life…this is so entertaining plus I love the sound track! I miss watching this. I am hoping for a new project together for the two lead stars.

  821. 821 : kDRAMAlovers Says:

    Sorry , My comment is an incorrect .I should check it clearly either it is Gumiho or not .In my previous comment .CANCEL.

  822. 822 : Alex Says:

    Man, watching the step mother and daughter makes me sick to the stomach. They’re a bunch of money stealing b!tches! I almost broke my MacBook’s screen because of this drama. But I do get annoyed of Eun Sung because she doesn’t admit to anything, she keeps it to herself.

  823. 823 : mtunkhine Says:

    hi, Han Hyo Joo ,
    you are so cute and pretty girl. i like you acting the shining inheritance drama. you have beautiful smiling and laughing. i really ever you audience.
    i hope you can get another best all award and famous actress of korea.
    bye bye

  824. 824 : ri chan Says:

    DAEBAKK ! !

  825. 825 : banTaI Says:

    for 2009 SBS DRAMA AWARD – just one couple got the BEST COUPLE AWARD n that was lee seung ki n han hyo joo…n i’m really happy bcoz they look so cute together..with a good drama,great chemistry n high rating.,i hope they both will be success in their project soon…:-)

  826. 826 : rizka Says:


  827. 827 : alvey Says:

    i started watching this with an awkward and reluctant feeling. aside from disliking the bad attitude of the character Lee Seung Ki portrays , didnt like his get up too. but hey, i did end up really loving the story as well as the characters. no more wonders how that ratings above came up 😀

  828. 828 : banTai Says:

    alwals be my n0.1 korean drama forever..
    all cast act really2 good..the best.!!

  829. 829 : Neil S. Says:

    Up to this moment, Shining Inheritance is still my most favorite and perhaps the best Korean Drama of all time. Saranghae Han Hyo Joo =D

  830. 830 : setiya Says:

    best of the best 찬란한 유산

  831. 831 : kimmyyx333 Says:

    i love this drama so much i didn’t even realized how long it was! now that i see it, woah.

  832. 832 : lovely-onew Says:

    I never stop loving this drama..
    waahhh,, please make Lee Seung Ki and Han Hyo Joo meet again..
    love their chemistry in this drama..

  833. 833 : deeAn Says:

    never get bored on this drama. its always on my best korean drama list 🙂

  834. 834 : lee hye ae Says:

    this is my favorite korean drama of all time! ^^ even though i have also watched lee seung gi’s latest korean drama, my gf is a gumiho, i still think that he acted his best on this drama. this was where i was captivated by his charms! ^^ i also agree that the chemistry between him and han hyo joo is very strong. i hope that they will have another drama series to do together. saranghaeyo sun woo hwan/lee seung gi!!!!!!! ^^

  835. 835 : lore Says:

    I really miss Inna and Juan..they are the best here in the Philippines..absolutely likely them very much…hope that they will visit Philippines even though they don’t have shows here..i love to see them both…

  836. 836 : ANNSREALMS Says:

    This is the best Korean film i EVER watched, but my problem is that I can’t get a copy in Nigeria, can someone plzzzzzzzzzzz help cos I need it.

  837. 837 : r3m91 Says:

    Never bored watch this drama again and again….
    Love Seung gi and Hyo Joo chemistry

  838. 838 : fadli Says:

    Just finished watch it for 2 night 1 days…another great korean drama and worth it to watch that i ever watch…one of my fave korean drama

    Go Eun Sung : Beautiful and you rockkkk..I think she is little similar to Song hye gyo? is in it??? to bit She really love his brother and father..my heart are move by her character in this drama..she is patient…excellent actress

    Sun Woo Hwan: You cool brother and i like your arrogant character…..i ….he played his role very well…

    Park Jun Se: i don’t know what to say…he is too soft, too calm, he is mature…rock….excellent actor….

    Oh Young Ran (Hwan & Jung’s mother): the character of this ajjuma so funny…my fave ajhuma….i laugh when i watch her scene…….ajuma you played your role very well….greatt ajjuma …you rockkk ajjuma…

    Jung In Young ( Hwan sister) : same as ajjuma above..so funny….wkwkwkwk…if you watch ” YOU ARE BEUTIFUL” Character little bit similar to “JEREMY” the way she talk and angry …..

    But Baker King still the best….

  839. 839 : Bill Says:

    My favorite characters in this drama:
    a). Oh Young Ran (Hwan & Jung’s mother)..she is so funny.
    OMG ….Just see the way she talking….i’m going to crazy to think about it..
    my fave Ajuhmma foreverrrrrr…
    love you ajuhmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……so funnyyyyyyyyyyyy…you make me laughhhhhhhhhh…..
    you are so childish……..i like your characterrrrrrr…

    b).Park Jun Se: i don’t know what to say…he is too soft, too calm, he is mature…rock….Excellent actor….he sacrifice every thing in order to make happy the girl that he like but at the end he got rejected. he is so kind….

  840. 840 : Bill Says:

    @ Fadli sorry i copy some of your words about 1.)Oh Young Ran (Hwan & Jung’s mother)
    2.) Park Jun Se

    i juat add some words

  841. 841 : sweet Says:

    good job bae soo bin…your really cool in this drama

  842. 842 : terence Says:

    can i know the theme song for that ? got two song , one sang by girl de .. what name ?

  843. 843 : Chai Says:

    I’ve read some coments and I can see that moon CHA won is abad girl n such a big liar in everybody’s eyes but please don’t hate her ok

  844. 844 : Types of cats Says:

    I am hooked on Koreanovelas! They are way better and more interesting than our own. Plus the actors and actresses have beautiful cloothes and skin, they mnake you want to improve yourself!

  845. 845 : dinaz Says:

    finished watching this wonderful drama..loved it to the maxx..every character is well played..somehow i sympathy seung mi..its sad she lost the one she loved!the ratings are so well deserved..hope to watch more of such wonderful korean dramas..korean dramas always amaze me!this is one of them!

  846. 846 : Shinning inheritance | Laughtogethert Says:

    […] Shining Inheritance » Korean DramaShining Inheritance » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series. […]

  847. 847 : Iffah Says:

    Brilliant Legacy the best! I like Hyo Joo.

  848. 848 : Shoeshe Says:

    Please dont hate moon chaewon because she played as villian seung mi in this drama.its just her acting only.in her real life shes such a sweet girl.i just want recommendation one of moon chaewon new drama in 2011.this time she get the main roll as lee seryung in sageuk drama called the princess man.if you havent watching it so check this drama right now online with engsub I bet you will like it so much.the chemistry betwen the main lead is so amazing and the story line is really interesting.this love story just like romeo and juliet but with happy ending.after you watching moon chaewon acting in this drama,i hope you can give her so much love and just forget the sungmi character.right know mcw is the top actress in korea same level as hhj.the princess man is the best kdrama in 2011 and soon this drama will be airing in more than 10 country in asia.as mcw big fan I cant wait to hear the responde from the viewers after watching this wonderful drama wish mcw received so much love then.forever she is a great actress as always mcw fighting….

  849. 849 : Nurul Syafiqah Says:

    i was replay watching this drama for 20 …
    i like this drama so much..

  850. 850 : fryyyy Says:

    First class K drama, I love it! Watched everything out of hollywood, then found Kdrama. Life is renewed! I have found secret treasure from Korea! I wish the subtitles were better tho, they were good but missing in places for spoken words.. and not present at all for things like written text the actors were reading to themselves. We had to guess what the papers said.

  851. 851 : Lily AirenLSG Says:

    I’m one of the Lee Seung Gi biggest fans,
    but i’m still not finish watching this drama yet, I really want to watch it ASAP when reads these comments…

    #Lee Seung Gi Fighting ~!!

  852. 852 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Seung Gi & Han Hyo Joo in Shining Inheritance (Brilliant Legacy) – Kissing scene. I find it so funny. 😀
    I really like this drama very much if they can be a real couple – will give them full blessings 😀

  853. 853 : xtinesone Says:

    This drama is GREAT,the one and only drama that made me cry so much! I love han hyo joo and lee seung gi,the casts was amazing, BEST Drama.

  854. 854 : araticool Says:

    i also love this drama a more and it really makes me cry too.
    i love lee seung and hyo joo couple alot<3

  855. 855 : daryl Says:

    my third time watching this drama…i really love this!!!!

  856. 856 : eryn Says:

    The storyline is too predictable, lame, and cheesy. Painfully weak acting by the lead actress.Even allowing for the fact that it’s fiction, I am always surprised how Korean dramas have their characters become penniless from being filthy rich. Don’t rich Koreans have insurances or trust funds?

  857. 857 : eny Says:

    this drama not really bad but not good too, i wonder why the rating is so high, is it because of Lee seung gi popularity?

  858. 858 : sica Says:

    i love this drama. seung gi oppa is so cool

  859. 859 : witlily Says:

    hyo joo great drama (งˆヮˆ)ง

  860. 860 : zhao Says:

    This is good drama, i miss this drama so much. i watched this drama last year. now i’m gonna watch it again after finishing Oh my lady.

    This is one of my fave drama.

    I don’t think so, this drama deserve to get high rating because it has solid and strong story line.

  861. 861 : Si Says:

    Lee Seung Gi is going to do a Fan Meeting at Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta, Indonesia on November 4, 2012. You can buy the ticket online here http://rajakarcis.com/2012/09/25/tonight-with-lee-seung-gi-in-indonesia/
    Come on guys, let’s meet Seung Gi and have fun together.
    Sampai jumpa di Jakarta, Seung Gi ya. ^^

  862. 862 : misskrisel Says:

    i miss hwansung couple..jeong-mal.

  863. 863 : fransiska Says:

    this drama makes me cry …. my sweet memory with u mom..mizz u mom..

  864. 864 : fstop Says:

    Stupid ending, I liked the stepmother and stepsister more to be honest…at least she knows that family comes first unlike the self-righteous twit of a main character who stole her sister’s fiancée and thinks nothing of it…bitch

  865. 865 : daryl Says:

    the best!!!! daebak!!!! i love to watch this over and over again! i love lee seung ki!!!!

  866. 866 : rmy Says:

    I miss this drama. Hope to see Han Hyo Joo in a new drama 🙂

  867. 867 : leizzue Says:

    if you have watched many kdramas, you would probably find this drama amazing, but if you are pretty new to watching kdrama, it’s probably not gonna appeal as much. i love this drama, the screenwriter did a great job! flow of the story is awesome!

  868. 868 : Vania Says:

    Now airing in Indonesia TV (B Channel) @ 2:30 PM.

  869. 869 : melina Says:

    this drama so great!!!!!!!recommended to you guys :p

  870. 870 : cuity17 Says:

    Never get bored, watching this drama…..5times 🙂 The romance of this couple, its so interesting… Merindiiing euy!! Ha..ha..ha.. Serasaaaa… 😉

  871. 871 : genaline Says:

    can u any one give the site where i can wacth the full episode i alrready try dramafever but its not available in uae..

  872. 872 : alyce lee Says:

    lovable series.big up to korea drama especiall this

    fight fight brilliant legence member character especial


  873. 873 : lee hye ae Says:

    @ genaline

    try watching it at gooddrama.net. you can find many korean dramas there (even the old ones) and the website also has the latest episodes of the currently showing korean dramas. hope this helps. ^^

  874. 874 : lee hye ae Says:

    I have watched many Korean dramas after Shining Inheritance but it still remains as one of my favorites. This was where I began admiring Lee Seung Gi as an actor. ^^ He has a great chemistry with Han Hyo Joo, which made me wish that they become a real couple. Moon Chae Won and Bae Soo Bin also portrayed their roles well. Their performance in this drama really helped the four of them to be recognized and opened many drama opportunities for them. This is a Korean drama that I will never get tired of watching over and over again. ^^

  875. 875 : Sinopsis Drama Korea The Brilliant Legacy | Kumpulan Semua Info Says:

    […] | Read Sources […]

  876. 876 : Korean Drama Review BL – Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Shining Inheritance / Brilliant Legacy (2009) 灿烂的遗产 […]

  877. 877 : instagram search Says:

    Oh my! This drama is good but I didn’t know that the rating was that amazing!

  878. 878 : Chinese fan Says:

    baesoobin in the grama is most handsome !
    how handsome man!
    I like baesoobin very much

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