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She’s So Lovable

She's So Lovable 06

Title: 내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀 / She’s So Lovable
Chinese Title: 对我而言可爱的她
Also known as: My Lovely Girl / Too Lovely Girl For Me
Previously known as: 송포유 / Song for You
Genre: Musical, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2014-Sep-17 to 2014-Nov-06
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Hyun Wook (Bi) is the CEO of a talent agency that scouts and trains idols. He is a brilliant songwriter-producer who appears cold and indifferent on the outside but is sensitive and kind-hearted. Hyun Wook lives in great difficulty as he unable to let go of his ex girlfriend who dies in an accident he witnesses first hand. His ex-girlfriend’s sister, Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung), moves to Seoul in order to pursue her songwriting career and meets Hyun Wook who helps her achieve it. In the midst of healing through music, they fall in love.


Main Cast

Bi as Hyun Wook
Krystal Jung as Yoon Se Na
Cha Ye Ryun as Shin Hae Yoon
L as Shi Woo

People around Hyun Wook

Park Young Kyu as Lee Jong Ho (Hyun Wook’s father)
Kim Hye Eun as Oh Hee Seon
Dani as Lee Min Ah

Talent Agency AnA

Kim Jin Woo as Seo Jae Young
Na Hae Ryung as Yoo Ra Eum
Jo Hee Bong as Kang Tae Min
Alex as Bae Sung Jin
Kim Kwang Min as Kim Hyun Soo
Kim Ki Bang as Yoo Sang Bong
Baek Seung Do as Kim Do Hyuk
Baek Seung Hun as Roy
Gong Seung Yun as Seo Yoon Ji
Lee Soo Ji as An Da Jung
Lee Yoo Joon as Bul Gom

Infinite Power Members

Hoya as Kang Rae Hoon
Lee Dae Yeol (이대열) as San Ah
Choi Sung Yoon (최성윤) as Jun Jun

People around Se Na

Lee Cho Hee as Joo Hong
Park Doo Shik as Cha Gong Chul
Lee Shi Ah as Yoon So Eun
– Lee Soo Min (이수민) as So Eun (young)


Kang Ki Hwa as Yoon Joo
Lee Kan Hee as Shi Woo’s mother
Choi Hyo Eun as Mi Sung


Ahn Se Ha as detective agency staff (ep 1)
Lee Ah Rin (이아린) as hotel employee (ep 1)
Shinsadong Tiger as himself (ep 3)
Fiestar as AnA girl group (ep 3, ep 13)
Kim Tae Woo as himself (ep 8-9)

Production Credits

Production Company: Astory
Chief Producer: Kim Young Sub
Director: Park Hyung Ki
Screenwriter: No Ji Sul


2015 51st Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Actress (Krystal)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-09-17 1 8.2 (17th) 9.9 (12th) 8.2 (18th) 9.2 (14th)
2014-09-18 2 8.1 (18th) 10.9 (7th) 7.5 (19th) 8.3 (16th)
2014-09-24 3 7.0 (18th) 9.1 (12th) 7.8 (14th) 8.7 (13th)
2014-09-25 4 7.2 (15th) 8.6 (13th) 7.3 (13th) 8.4 (12th)
2014-10-01 5 6.2 (18th) 7.0 (17th) 6.9 (14th) 7.8 (14th)
2014-10-02 6 4.7 5.8 (19th) 4.7 5.4
2014-10-08 7 6.5 7.4 (18th) 6.4 (19th) 7.3 (15th)
2014-10-09 8 8.1 (16th) 9.5 (12th) 6.6 7.4
2014-10-15 9 6.4 (20th) 7.4 (19th) 5.7 6.3
2014-10-16 10 7.1 (17th) 8.5 (17th) 6.9 7.1
2014-10-23 11 6.0 6.5 6.9 (20th) 7.9 (19th)
2014-10-29 12 5.0 6.1 5.7 6.6
2014-10-30 13 5.4 5.5 5.6 6.5
2014-11-05 14 5.7 6.1 5.0 5.7
2014-11-05 15 4.9 5.1 3.9 4.7
2014-11-06 16 5.6 6.4 5.5 5.6

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


She's So Lovable Poster1 She's So Lovable Poster2

Photo of Main Character

She's So Lovable Cast1 She's So Lovable Cast2 She's So Lovable Cast3 She's So Lovable Cast4 She's So Lovable Cast5 She's So Lovable Cast6

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  1. 1 : hamdan Says:

    i think rain and krystal will make a great chemisty

    waiting for it 🙂

    RAINSTAL “fighting”

  2. 2 : koko usui Says:

    krystal will be the lead Actress…
    Finally i can see her onscreen again…
    Yeeeppi… ^^

  3. 3 : Nuna Ahmedova Says:

    Fighting oppa and onni

  4. 4 : fighterrr Says:

    its like the heirs 2 imo

  5. 5 : naysa Says:

    @hamdan yeah i will think of that too. they are a good pair even ppl like compared it by their ages. but it doesnt matter anyway.

    srsly rain here looks more young, cool and also hot lol xD and krystal my girl look so match with him tho. im expecting this drama<3 and always support it<3 Rainstal <3
    my lovely girl fightingggg^^/

  6. 6 : lee Says:

    is’t that picture of krystal ?? i think that was not her..

    (@lee from admin: sorry, she is Na Hae Ryung. We just changed the pic.)

  7. 7 : NOIA Says:

    there is something weird on Bi face ?

  8. 8 : rairamegumi Says:

    wow,so many idols

  9. 9 : praize...from Nigeria Says:

    Welcome back Rain…i am trully looking forward to this drama…i am so expectant!

  10. 10 : Bonita Says:

    welcome back … bi

    cant wait … to see you

  11. 11 : lely_saula Says:

    Rainnnnnnnnnnnn ><

  12. 12 : gfgfghf Says:

    @fighterrr …except it doesn’t have the most popular Korean star on the planet..Lee min ho. Good luck comparing it to the heirs…HA!!!

  13. 13 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Can’t wait

  14. 14 : shoosha Says:

    I can’t wait 15 days .. I want to cry .. it will be a wonderful drama with rain and krystal and also L l love all of them

  15. 15 : love Says:

    omg i can’t whaittttt

  16. 16 : cris.7 Says:

    @gfgfghf dont compare a world star like rain wo have successed in being singer and actor in korea and in Hollywood

  17. 17 : pari Says:

    Rain is lovely ,welcom back Rain

  18. 18 : pari Says:

    Rain is lovely ,welcome back Rain

  19. 19 : meme Says:

    Omg Rainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  20. 20 : 007 Says:

    Welcome back rain

  21. 21 : BUNnY Says:

    krystal is beautiful and charming.definitely this drama will be a big hit + rain =oh my!oh my!

  22. 22 : KDCraze Says:

    This is the only new drama I’ve been waiting for. It’s been a long time since I last watched Rain in A Love To Kill and Full House. I wish the lead actress is Song Hye Kyo but I don’t mind Krystal also since this is a musical drama so it might suit both leads. Hopefully the story is good. I definitely watch this.

  23. 23 : ahjussiLovers Says:

    rain comeback~!! can’t wait for this drama~~~

  24. 24 : vitri Says:

    Cant wait to watch it ^^

  25. 25 : GR Says:

    oppaaaa hwaitiiiiingggggg

  26. 26 : Bella Says:

    Wow i hope they have chemistry on this drama

  27. 27 : Si thu Says:

    welcome back rain.

  28. 28 : KDramaGeek Says:

    welcome back to dramaland Rain….am so excited 🙂

  29. 29 : mona Says:

    rain <3 <3

  30. 30 : ana Says:

    yessssssssssss rainn <33 amm so excited to watch this drama ;O

  31. 31 : naysa Says:

    from the poster i can feel their chemistry T.T hope the drama will doing well and be a big hit<3 Krystal Rain fightingggg i love you guys<3

  32. 32 : maknaee Says:

    they look so good together, can’t waittt

  33. 33 : pinkpunk Says:

    When i saw the article about rain and krystal gonna pair up for this drama, i was just BOOM AMAZING!!!!!!!! daebak!!!!!!! Finally its time for RAIN to comeback after his Fugutive Plan B!!!!!!! And i do like krystal very much!!!!! Still Didn’t really believe that they gonna pair up!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!! I think this 2 month i gonna become CRAZYYYYYY

  34. 34 : tammy Says:

    Why only 16 episode? Its too short for come back rain and for krystal as lead

  35. 35 : tammy Says:


  36. 36 : sassybun Says:

    so he’s going to fall in love with his ex’s sister…hmm that’s not weird at all…anyway, i will give it a shot after all it is rain’s comeback drama and i did enjoy krystal’s acting so looking forward to seeing how she does here.

  37. 37 : Hotta Ao Says:

    12 days ^_^

  38. 38 : hanhyosang Says:

    I absolutely love the story, but I don’t know what to feel about Krystal…I saw her in ‘The Heirs’ and she was good as a bubbly second lead girl…I don’t know how good will she play a female lead…hope she’s good and I’ll watch it.

  39. 39 : polpop Says:

    Omg!!!! Cant wait…, rain and krystal
    saranghae <3

  40. 40 : Juana love Says:

    Am soooooooo gonna watch it…..rain welcome back

  41. 41 : shoosha Says:

    11 days I can’t wait 😢

  42. 42 : BUNnY Says:

    I definitely watch this drama.im curious about their chemistry.

  43. 43 : YoungRa Says:

    Woooww…. Rain and Krystal, i can’t wait this drama

  44. 44 : anne Says:

    I saw this drama preview on IOTL… Bi.. welcome to dramaland!! Gonna see this.. hope the storyline is good…

  45. 45 : males_man Says:

    I predict that the ratings somewhat low…but the drama is worth watched as Krystal is my bias…is it Rain too old for her? another SM’s drama…hope the story is interesting…

  46. 46 : Hotta Ao Says:

    I will soon start my second year in Uni
    I wish I will be having enough time to watch this ^_^

  47. 47 : vic Says:

    I hope its not just 16 episodes…

  48. 48 : shoosha Says:

    Krystal fighting fighting
    I am interesting

  49. 49 : Dic's Says:

    love ya……..

  50. 50 : Hotta Ao Says:

    10 more days and the rain will fall in dramaland ^_^

  51. 51 : cris.7 Says:

    wish all the best to this drama

  52. 52 : hamdan Says:

    I hope that this drama goanna be a super hit in Korean drama industry

  53. 53 : HM7 Says:

    cant wait to see rain in this drama

  54. 54 : dinda Says:

    Waaaaaa so excited to watch this drama!! Hopefully this drama have a greater story than another and dont even just full of great cast…amin hehehe

  55. 55 : CoolBeans Says:

    Glad to see Bi in a new TV drama

  56. 56 : khuyenmam Says:

    I like this drama. Rain has come back. I hope that, this drama will be become a big hit. I’m looking forward to this drama…fighting ^^^

  57. 57 : jraine Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this drama..Rain is back..hope that this drama will become a big hit just like heartstring..😚

  58. 58 : CharA Says:

    Can’t wait for this drama… This drama will be airing after my big exam! And my mum allows me to watch it! I believe I will enjoy EVERY episode!!♥Krystal 4ever! Krystal fighting! └(^o^)┘

  59. 59 : meddyanka Says:

    I hope Krystal can improve her acting on this drama. And i hope Rain and Krystal make a good chemistry. 🙂

  60. 60 : 007 Says:

    8 days cant wait to watch this series

  61. 61 : shoosha Says:

    8 days …..

  62. 62 : Hotta Ao Says:

    1 week more
    Can’t wait ^_^

  63. 63 : Kiichee Says:

    possibly, Krystal would be an upcoming icon like Rain. this kid is so hard working and talented. it’s crystal clear she really is so, in ‘The Heirs’ and ‘High kick’,,, way to go for this k-drama!

  64. 64 : leila Says:

    Rain and Krystal?… definitely going to watch this… rather than “Blade Man”.. SSK’s acting is not comparable to this two anyway..

  65. 65 : leila Says:

    I heard a rumor that Rain and Krystal will appear in Running Man to promote their drama… I hope its true..

  66. 66 : [email protected] Says:

    @leila its not an a rumor , they attend the running show and the ep wil aired after two weeks

  67. 67 : [email protected] Says:

    I am so excited for this drama , hope it will have a good rating

  68. 68 : Ok10 Says:

    wow she’s so lovable cast in running am defindely will gonna watch it “debak”

  69. 69 : Rainsim Says:

    rain,cant wait to see you acting after 4years , wish all the best for this u and krystal ajajja fighting

  70. 70 : Rose Says:

    Can’t wait! I hope this drama will be lovely as its name.

  71. 71 : shoosha Says:

    7 days ….

  72. 72 : CharA Says:

    One of the subjects of my big test is postponed. My mum still allows me to watch this drama because my Science is very good. As long as I remain my results of straight “A”s my mum allows me to watch what I want to.

  73. 73 : bi Says:

    6 days left

  74. 74 : 007 Says:

    cant wait no more ,just 6 days

  75. 75 : sos Says:

    rain 🙂

  76. 76 : jacky Says:

    woooooow !!!!!!! can’t wait !

  77. 77 : calla Says:

    Can’t wait! can’t wait!

  78. 78 : chloe Says:

    can’t wait.. so excited

  79. 79 : silhoutte Says:

    Yes, I was hoping for Song Hye Kyo too….dont know this actress…….as I dont watch too many K dramas…..is she good in acting cos most K idols are trying their hand at acting now

  80. 80 : WHOOSAHH Says:

    cant waiiiiiitttttttttttt, welcome back RAIN !! 😀

  81. 81 : MadameKim Says:

    can’t wait!

  82. 82 : Sonet Says:

    I’m waiting for this drama. CAN’t WAIT !!!!!!!!!

  83. 83 : naysa Says:

    holy this week yessss! my lovely girl krystal fightingggg! <3

  84. 84 : maknaee Says:

    I’m so looking forward for this drama! ~~
    Watching Krystal in High Kick 3 and Heirs , she’s doing well. Excited to see her as the lead! Krystal fighting!~

  85. 85 : Shasha Says:

    When I can see BI RAIN & this lovable drama ????

  86. 86 : bella Says:

    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ican’t wait this drama

  87. 87 : Fay_00 Says:

    Omo can’t wait for this drama__ especially because Rain is casting in it!!! WELCOME back Rain <3

  88. 88 : Jy Says:

    waa!!!!! can’t wait for Rain!…… can’t wait for this drama !!!!!

  89. 89 : Christina Says:

    I’m so exciting to wait for the drama & Rain………

  90. 90 : BUNnY Says:

    3 days more

  91. 91 : NovieAgassi Says:

    Cant wait this dramaaaaa
    L and hoya
    I want see both you act in one drama. Like woohyun and seong gyeol ^^

  92. 92 : TomBoy Says:

    hi!…. I take 1 seat here to see this drama. Can not wait for it!

  93. 93 : KDCraze Says:

    @Silhoutte#79, Of course Krystal acting is not as good as Song Hye Kyo because Song Hye Kyo is a pro. I’ve only watch Krystal acting in the The Heirs. However I give this one a try because I haven’t seen Rain in a drama for a long time since A Love To Kill and this one is a musical drama so it might suit Krystal and Rain together and also there isn’t any new drama showing now interest me except this one and Secret Door so I’ll definitely watch this.

  94. 94 : GR Says:

    oppaaaaaaaaaa hwaitingggggg

  95. 95 : winnie Says:

    It would have been better if song hye kyo is the lead actress. If lee dong wook and lee dae hee had a re team up, why not Rain and SHK? I terribly miss the full house 1 cast. will never get tired of this drama . . promised.

  96. 96 : Fara Says:

    can’t wait for tomorrow! Fighting!

  97. 97 : mystisith Says:

    Lol. This drama is about a young wannabe musician & her older producer. This time, casting an idol is legit. They wouldn’t cast an ahjumma… >.>

  98. 98 : Bonsy Says:


  99. 99 : Rose Says:

    The preview is interesting.

    Crystal’s face is not as pretty as SHK, anyway, SHK is too short to be considered as a beauty. For Asian, the height should be at-least 1.58 m and up ( 1 meter 58 cm and up). Photos of SHK’s face in the event and in the magazine are different remarkable. SHK’s face in live show is puffy when her face in magazine is better.
    I do not like the acting of SHK also. I think SHK did not act naturally. I give Crystal a try.
    I see this drama because of RAIN.

  100. 100 : maknaee Says:

    seriously hella excited~~ it’s premiering tonight!~

  101. 101 : fita Says:

    today is the premiere day ..
    actually the main lead is not my favor but the story and teaser looks interesting ^^

  102. 102 : Eunike Says:

    PLease don’t compare each of actress or actor…
    They has individual skill..
    We also have fav actress or fav actor…
    For me, i like krystal… f(x) is also one of my fav girl group after girls generation…
    I like rain too… long time no see rainn!!
    Hope this drama can be one of best drama!!

  103. 103 : Bonsy Says:

    everybody is getting ready for the show tonight.Rain is even hotter than before.

  104. 104 : 007 Says:

    where I can watch it

  105. 105 : Shasha Says:

    Does anyone see anything from this drama yet? I’m so exciting! Welcome Rain!

  106. 106 : Bonsy Says:

    you can it in VIKI.COM now

  107. 107 : Hotta Ao Says:

    The 1st episode was AMAZING.
    Can’t wait for episode 2.

  108. 108 : Shasha Says:

    Thank you! I can’t wait!

  109. 109 : shoosha Says:

    I like first ep .. fighting

  110. 110 : Christie Says:

    I’m in indonesia.. and i can’t watch the first episode at viki.com for now..
    How can i watch this in indonesia?

  111. 111 : tammy Says:

    Christie you can watch in http://www.dramacool.com, its avaiable 1 ahours after on air in korea

  112. 112 : naysa Says:

    IT WAS A NICE START!!! love this so much<3
    and krystal rlly improved her act skill a lot, how much i loved herT.T <3
    My Lovely Girl fighting~!! hope the rating also rising by the day^^

  113. 113 : shandeep Says:

    you can watch it in http://www.dramafire.com

  114. 114 : ahjussiLovers Says:

    waiting for eps 2~

  115. 115 : Christie Says:

    @ tammy en shandeep: thanks for your info.. i’ll try later for the next episode…
    For now, i can watch it in dramafans.org but almost need 1 day for waiting to be release..

  116. 116 : GR Says:

    oppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaa hwaaaaitiiiingggg

  117. 117 : shoosha Says:

    Cute cute cute 😢😢 also me Im waiting for eps 2

  118. 118 : Doris Aguirre Says:

    Try watching at 1st drama. I like the story

  119. 119 : Christie Says:

    @Tammy: thanks to u again… i’m already done to watch the 1st episode…
    Now, i’m going to watch the 2nd episode in http://dramacool.com
    Although i cant understand this ep without sub but i will watched it still.. i cant wait any longer!!
    Rain oppa & Krystal…

  120. 120 : BUNn14 Says:

    the show is good but the lead actress need some improvement in her craft.yet we know she tried her best to do that.

  121. 121 : Shasha Says:

    I like ep. 1 and I’m waiting for ep.2.

  122. 122 : Tomboy Says:

    Good drama! Good job! fighting! I begin to hook to the drama after the 1st ep. Lead actress has to work harder even though I know u work hard already….hi..hi…

  123. 123 : pinkpunk Says:

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. 124 : MissD Says:

    Rain shoulder , GOD !!!! *Nosebleed X_X”
    Lucky girl Krystal

  125. 125 : Juana love Says:

    I sooo love this drama…..welcome rain

  126. 126 : Rainsim Says:

    the streaming views rating is 15.5 so its high but the nielson korean views is quit law 7.5 but i dont care about the rating of the show what is matter is that am really loving the series each episode get more intersting

  127. 127 : maknaee Says:

    I love this dramaaa~~
    I ship Rain-Krystal , but still can’t wait the moment L falls for her too kkkk

  128. 128 : Milan Says:

    I like the beginning of this drama. Rain acts well! The team, please keep fighting!…..fighting!……

  129. 129 : rea Says:

    Already watch ep 1 and 2. I like the main couple, krystal is beautiful, rain is so hot, they have chemistry too. So far i love this drama 🙂

  130. 130 : marivi Says:

    I love this drama! the first episode kept me wanting more… i cannot wait for the coming episodes. Rain you’re still the best!!!

  131. 131 : tess Says:

    so so so love this drama. rain is still the best and krystal. she acts well. im sure the rating will get high on the next episodes……..

  132. 132 : Jinci Says:

    I love the show… I hate the title… i wish the title was in connection to music or their way of living. ….Like “Modern Farmer” — a farmer who will become a rockstar. Or “Trot Lovers” — a daughter of a former Trot singer who will make it big in the world of music.

    But I think this show is more of a love story than of an inspirational story of reaching a dream in music.

  133. 133 : anne Says:

    Well.. done watching. It’s a bit slow pace at the first episodes. But I really live se na’s song… ah.. that’s so cruel.. this drama keep on teasing me with it. I want that song!!!
    Ep 2 got a lot better… can’t wait for next episodes!! Wanna hear and see how that song play again… >___<

  134. 134 : aziemat Says:

    Both characters are so lovable and i love both of them. can’t wait to watch the next episodes.

  135. 135 : lisa Says:


  136. 136 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Wednesday come faster *_*

  137. 137 : shoosha Says:

    Eps 2 it was perfect …..

  138. 138 : Milan Says:

    It’s the Asian Festival/Olympics in S. Korea now, so, people may see the drama less than usual. So, hopefully, after Festival/Olympics, more Korean will come back to drama. My part, I like this drama & can’t wait for next Wed.

  139. 139 : suna Says:

    love it

  140. 140 : tintinRELOS Says:

    watched ep 1&2… it’s getting better… Krystal’s mannerism is still there (I still see the lead female as Krystal Jung, not Yoon Se Na)… But, she’s still young, she has a lot of time to improve her acting.

  141. 141 : Fara Says:

    i love this drama. krystal and rain are so cute, they have chemistry. can’t wait to watch next episodes. fighting!

  142. 142 : dee Says:

    I love this drama 😄😄😄

  143. 143 : hsnsdwndewjhi Says:

    i love this drama <3 cant wait for more upcoming episodes 🙂

  144. 144 : jinci Says:

    Krystal and L have more chemistry.

  145. 145 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Let’s go crazy with Rain.
    Few more days. ^_^

  146. 146 : Shasha Says:

    Can’t wait for this drama. Rain is so cute & good looking. I like his acting.

  147. 147 : Neete Says:

    Agree with #144 jinci. Krystal and L looks better together.

  148. 148 : 214 Says:

    @[email protected]#144 jinci- i noticed that too!maybe bcoz theyre both yong and attractive.

  149. 149 : abi Says:

    where we can see streaming rating??

  150. 150 : MAreeyah Says:

    I wish he was paired with different leading lady and vice versa. anyway cant do much as it is already airing. let’s give her the benefit of the doubt..

  151. 151 : hma Says:

    I love rain,krystal…story!!! they r so cute…!

  152. 152 : sos Says:

    superb acting rain.

  153. 153 : Michele Says:

    love, love, love this drama. I’am so excited to watch the upcoming episodes. It’s been a while since I had this kind of feelings for a drama.

  154. 154 : momO Says:

    Love this drama so much…..cant w8 4 it….

  155. 155 : enxhi Says:

    What is the song played in the 1 episode when the 2 of them are in the car in the beginning of the episode 1

  156. 156 : Shasha Says:

    Wed. is coming! I’m so exciting!

  157. 157 : Tomboy Says:

    Like this drama. Can not wait! RAIN… fighting….!..

  158. 158 : Shasha Says:

    Does anyone have new info. about this drama? about Rain?….today is Wednesday…..

  159. 159 : Hoyaqil Says:

    HWAITING for new episode published…..please quick..CAUSE I can’t wait it anymore….LOVE THIS DRAMA VERY MUCH ^_^

  160. 160 : pari Says:

    rain so sweet and i think he is the best

  161. 161 : N-mi Says:

    omg i heard that people didn’t like rain and krystal couple i am getting angry. their couple is better then spring days! sooyong of snsd is sooo pretty and she is doing drama with an old guy
    i really love their couple. their couple is better than park shin hye and lee min ho
    i am not saying thai i don’t like them. i like park shin hye with cn blue leader and lee min ho with park min young

  162. 162 : maknaee Says:

    ~~~ She’s So Lovable OST Part.1 ~~~

    Loco & Mamamoo – This Song
    Park Mi Young – Crazy Boy

    download :

  163. 163 : NL96 Says:

    L is’t here….

  164. 164 : anne Says:

    I’m curious where can I download the song that Se Na’s made into CD demo. “… I don’t know…I’m singing my dream…” It sounds like that…

  165. 165 : maknaee Says:

    hey chinguuu. Glad that you watch this drama too. Kkk

    If the song in the demo CD was gonna be the part of the OST, the we should wait til it’s released 😀

  166. 166 : GR Says:


  167. 167 : Si thu Says:

    Love this drama .

  168. 168 : Si thu Says:

    I like rain and krystal

  169. 169 : shoosha Says:

    Ep 3 amazing

  170. 170 : tess Says:

    one great drama with great actors…..so love……….it……..

  171. 171 : Shasha Says:

    Where u can see ep.3???? Please let me know……!

  172. 172 : woman Says:

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  173. 173 : winnie Says:

    Will definetely watch this Rain drama. I was hoping another team up with SHK but i guess its not the right time yet. I’m supporting you Rain whether SHK or not.

  174. 174 : jesisca Says:

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  175. 175 : metzi myls Says:

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  176. 176 : Shasha Says:

    I like this drama so far. They are good looking & they have chemistry together.
    Well done, Rain.

  177. 177 : tess Says:

    their acting so far are great….. they look good together and love the story… i hope it will do good in the rating because its just a perfect drama for me….love rain and krystal…..

  178. 178 : OK OK OK Says:


  179. 179 : Tomboy Says:

    Good!..can’t wait!

  180. 180 : Aja!~ Says:

    Im waiting for the next episode 🙂 two thumbs up for the brilliant casts 😉

  181. 181 : Christie Says:

    I like Rain, i like Krystal, i like Rain-Krystal couple, look good more than couple on spring days..
    But, when i see L and Krystal had a little fight each other, i like them more, they look so comfort for each other, maybe L just 2 years older than Krystal…
    And i like the scene when L begin fall in love for Krystal, bcoz lyrics of the song that made by Krystal…

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  183. 183 : NovieAgassi Says:

    I think shi woo will like Yoon Se Na,,, ^^

  184. 184 : anne Says:

    hm.. I need to get the song.. I need to hear the song that se na has made and the first song that se na made…

    ep 4, Rain acted really well, when he cried, it was so heartbreaking… good acting.

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  186. 186 : metzi myls Says:

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  187. 187 : metzi myls Says:

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  190. 190 : Cutie Says:

    I’m waiting!

  191. 191 : Carmarie Says:

    I love this drama so far. I hope it does not get crazy in the middle.

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  200. 200 : GR Says:


  201. 201 : gendhis Says:

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  202. 202 : sunny9811 Says:

    Bi, Welcome back to drama world after 4 years.
    Hopefully this drama won’t dissapoint. Congratulations for being highest-watch drama at China.

    Actually, I bit dissapoint why Korean viewers won’t watch this when
    other country love it. I wonder….

    Hopefully this drama will bring some impact and success !!

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  205. 205 : Shasha Says:

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  207. 207 : tess Says:

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  211. 211 : NovieAgassi Says:

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  212. 212 : tigerb Says:

    @callan: will there be anything wrong if the lovable girl say “stoopid”? if she had said the word in another drama, that pronunciation is correct (another way of pronouncing the word), as i understand she grew up in san francisco.

  213. 213 : Cutie Says:

    Keep fighting!

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  218. 218 : ladyarcher Says:

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  219. 219 : Tomboy Says:

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    My parts, I love this drama. Yes! CEO is really handsome.

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    Starting from next episode, the romance will start.
    Can’t wait.
    Rain and Krystal ^_^

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  226. 226 : Carmarie Says:

    I like Rain and Krytal as a couple. Yes, he is older than she and he was in love with her sister, which will be an ostacle. However, due to her past, she needs a more mature man in her life than L. I hope the writers write a mature reveal, that HY was YSE sister’s lover which will not drive a wedge through their relationship. Hopefully the script will be written in such a way that Hyun Woo can tell Yoon Se Na himself and explain what happened and she not hear it from someone else. This is a refreshing drama. I hope this drama does not become the typical Korean drama, with misunderstandings that last until the next to the last episode; how tiresome.

  227. 227 : Shasha Says:

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    Less than a day to go, yess. super excited. I am just going to postpone all of my homework and watch the new episode tomorrow lol…I must say, that trailer hooked me up pretty badly. After that club scene, something must have sparked between those two during those intense “looking at each other” moments.

  230. 230 : Ranny Says:

    Have you guys heard the ost for this drama? I am in love with ost Pray that’s both in female and male version; although, I do prefer the female version better. Anyways, here is the link for the ost if you guys are curious about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNVFfR8RA30

  231. 231 : Shasha Says:

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  232. 232 : Xoxo Says:

    love the cast but the drama is boring…..

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    Rain and krystal are perfect
    lOvInG it !!!
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  236. 236 : metzi myls Says:

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  238. 238 : Gugu Says:

    Love Rain to bits and this is his first drama since his release from service. But the storyline is tacky. Switch to Blade man @ Iron man and the storyline and everything else is way much better. Am anxious and excited with Blade man but not this drama. Still love Rain but this drama really not for me no matter how much i like Rain.

  239. 239 : Shasha Says:

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  240. 240 : tess Says:

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    I’m a bit disappointed with this drama. I’m so looking forward for Rain drama for so long but this drama story is a bit boring and nothing special. I’m up to episode 4 but I feel that the story is a bit boring. I might stop watching it for now and wait until it’s finished and continue later. Hopefully the story will get better.

  242. 242 : GR Says:


  243. 243 : jeasy Says:

    OMG is that first kiss krystal in real life? If it’s true how lucky rain and After watching episode 10 i think this drama more interesting, cant wait for next episode 😀

  244. 244 : Shasha Says:

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  247. 247 : Cutie Says:

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  249. 249 : gendhis Says:

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  250. 250 : amanda Says:

    is there more episodes than 16 omfg my ultmiate fav drama

  251. 251 : Ranym Says:

    Although many of us waited for the kiss patiently, I perosnally think that it was a bad timing that’s why it lacked feelings. I wished the moment was much more romantic and not so painful. I hope there is another one coming up that clearly portrays Se Na and Hyun Wook love for each other. Anyways, these last two episodes were absolutely wonderful, I loved them sooo very much. Can’t wait for next weeks episodes. Oh, and I wish they extended the drama! I don’t think 16 episodes will satisfy my love for this drama.

  252. 252 : Lan Says:

    wow, this drama sounds really good. I’m hooked to the screen, esp. when the scenes that have CEO. I cannot wait until next Wednesday.

  253. 253 : hana Says:

    I really hope the eps will be out quickly before wed or thurs…
    I am totally in love with them…
    Can they extend the eps to more than 16….
    I hope the answer is yes…sweet..
    Make me more fanatic…

  254. 254 : Donesk Says:

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  255. 255 : Ao Says:

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    When will you arrive?!!!! *_*

  256. 256 : Verra92 Says:

    Episode 8 has passed. but until now I have not been able to feel the chemistry between se na & hyun wook. i think hyun wook that more appropriate as a brother protecting his sister to replace her sister had died. while I focused only on chemistry Shi-woo & se na. they seem more powerful to make chemistry in the drama. can not imagine how the lead actor end up on a date with her ​​boyfriend’s sister once. Hopefully Se na & Shi-woo ends together.

  257. 257 : Dong Says:

    me too me too. I prefer SeNa/ShiWoo pair. Love them together, but, standard K drama, most probably it will be CEO/SeNa

    in any case, still enjoying this drama

  258. 258 : Lan Says:

    can not wait!

  259. 259 : king kong Says:

    She can’t act…really…poor krystal….

  260. 260 : cassandra Says:

    I feel no chemistry between these couple.

  261. 261 : Shasha Says:

    See more & you will feel the chemistry between them. A lot of chemistry, lol…!
    Wednesday already, can’t wait to see the new episodes.

  262. 262 : hnyJo Says:

    I watched from start till now….hmmmm

    superficial drama this month!!…I thought it will thrilling a big hits coz Rain n crystal are great cast, but it’s just so so…:((

  263. 263 : GR Says:

    yoooooooooooooooooooww oppaaaaaa bi

  264. 264 : jacky Says:

    krystal you are so lucky to have been kiss by rain!

  265. 265 : Shasha Says:

    keep fighting, fighting more, the writer must add more interesting things to make the story more & more interesting. I like this drama so far.

  266. 266 : Kiichee Says:

    while i’m so excited watching each episodes, i am disappointed with the ratings as such. aren’t you cheating the low ratings? this is so unbelievable. how could a very good casting k-drama get this kind of ratings. change the ratings to high from ep1, cheobal eoh???

  267. 267 : Tomboy Says:

    All the team works hard, but I agree with u that the writer must work harder and harder. I like this drama & all the team must keep fighting. CEO, u did a good job.

  268. 268 : Anton Says:

    Yes this drama so great. I Love this drama. Watch She’s So Lovable Ep 10 English Sub ->http://ow.ly/CRylD

  269. 269 : Snow Says:

    I’m not feeling the romance of this drama. It’s not just the fact that he dated her sister, but more likely he also slept with her. The thought of a man sleeping with two sisters is just not romantic. I also don’t like the fact that he kept it a secret–that’s major.

    I also think that SN and SW makes a better couple. There is chemistry between them that is not there with her and HW.

  270. 270 : hny Jo Says:

    borringggg …high level!!..her expression its too flat…its like a girl with No spirit..I guess the story make it so..but the actrees too.
    In this drama only SHI woo character..made me stil stay watching…hope more scene for him.

  271. 271 : metzi Says:

    I love rain and krystal..theyre amazing.great story

  272. 272 : andriani Says:

    yeah i totally agreed with hny jo that krystal’s act is flat, how come she got this role. why didnt kim tae heee….

    but i still enjoyed this drama hehehehe coz of rain .. i love u rain… even though no chemistry inside ahahaha…

    fighting rain…

  273. 273 : Xinh Says:

    I like Rain, he works well. I am enjoying this drama & can’t wait for it!

  274. 274 : julia14 Says:


  275. 275 : Jinci Says:

    hahaha trot lovers is better

  276. 276 : yusuck Says:

    Another total chemistry failure…

  277. 277 : tarri Says:

    Rain makes a blunder by taking this role

  278. 278 : Lary Says:

    I llllooooovvvvveeee this drama!!!

  279. 279 : Shasha Says:

    Even though Rain takes the mistake when taking this role, but he still shows his outstanding acting. Please choose the drama carefully. I still like this drama & see it because of Rain. Please keep fighting!

  280. 280 : NovaKarlina Says:

    i do love this drama too as much as i love Rain <3
    PLEASE support and keep watching this drama.. ^_^

  281. 281 : NovaKarlina Says:

    Rain has a strong character in this drama. There’s no reason to not watch this drama ! I will definitely watch your future work.. RAIN OPPA HWAITIIINGGG !!!!!!

  282. 282 : Sunny Says:

    I tried this drama & it is interesting, worth to watch regardless the ratings.
    Rain oppa, oppa….

  283. 283 : SIMONA Says:

    Ilove this drama!I like L,Kristal,Rain!Figthing!

  284. 284 : LIFERCAFERMILL Says:


  285. 285 : dramalady Says:

    Rain’s hype in this drama doesnt seem to be big. Instead, krystal and L’s seems to be the hype.

  286. 286 : iammee Says:

    this drama is beginning to bore mo. thet actress although she is prettty but lacks the x factor on screen. her acting really bores me too. the only thing that keeps me watching the drama is because of rain and L

  287. 287 : me_nina Says:

    I agree with you Lammee~ I don’t like krystal in this drama. I don’t know why, but I feel sad for shin hae yoon and more love her than krystal.

  288. 288 : Carmarie Says:

    This drama is not bad. However, I wish the writer would have made Hyun Wook act his age in this situation. The mature thing to do would have been to explain to Yoon Se Na why, even though he has fallen in love with her, why he feels he cannot be with her. At that point the ball would be in her court as to how she feels. Telling her would also allow her to ask the questions surrounding her sisters that she needs answers to. Then they could support each other in the healing process and move forward. Perhaps the storyline could then show him getting the treatment he needs to be able to write music again. In another scenerio, the two of them could start their own recording studio and become a success story. But all of that, to my way of thinking, starts with Hyun Wook being mature enough to tell Yoon Se Na the truth. Yes, the truth often hurts; however, I think Se Na would perfer hearing the truth from him.

  289. 289 : rairamegumi Says:

    The ratings are not good for all dramas mon-thu
    There re drama get rating over 20… I dunno what happen w korean viewers

  290. 290 : Unhappy Human Says:

    This is not fair!!!!
    why not airing the episode but the Asian Games….
    Please don’t cut the episode…
    I’m waiting like a crazy man

  291. 291 : Ranym Says:

    I was so excited to watch today’s episode, but after learning that they won’t air the episode, I became very disappointed. Seriously, you can’t do this to you’re viewers just for a baseball game!!! I am very upset right now. Anyways, things can happen but they better air both episodes tomorrow, not just one. I watched the trailer and I can’t stop thinking of how Yoon Se Na and Hyun Wook’s relationship will develop. If you guys haven’t see the preview yet, here it is: http://dramaflower.com/shes-lovable-episode-11-eng-sub/

  292. 292 : andriani Says:

    what what what … did not aired… huhuhu… oopaaaa biiii…..

  293. 293 : yanto Says:

    where is download link episode 11 ??

  294. 294 : metzi Says:

    Episode 11 was so gooodddd! Thank you rain and krystal and L for such a good drama…number 1 in china and other asian countries!

  295. 295 : Ao Says:

    Episode 11 is under the process of downloading.
    Can’t wait *_*

  296. 296 : Shasha Says:

    Asian games take away the audiences & now it take the episode of drama too & it makes me wait longer than usual.

  297. 297 : Billy Says:

    Se Na looka better with Shi Woo , not with Rain.I really wish they end up together.

  298. 298 : Shipping Says:

    I want Shiwoo and Sena…
    They match together

  299. 299 : lely_saula Says:

    Should i continue watching this drama? I was still at episode 7 and i don’t know why, i think i was bored -,-“

  300. 300 : BAP_Infinite Says:

    Dear Director,
    Please change the main male character now…L must be the main leading not Rain. Rain looks like a brother to Krystal and not a lover….look at the ratings of this show,so low. And please add more romantic scenes…please,this show will air here in the Philippines and there are many F(x) & Infinite fans here…so please change it now!!!

  301. 301 : Dong Says:

    to be honest, I like all 3, Rain, L & Krystal. after 11 ep, I feel the chemistry is more on L/SeNa rather than CEO/SeNa.

    For me, Hyun Wook feels more like an elder brother rather than a couple, can’t feel anything romantic between them unlike L & SeNa, I feel something the way they interact.

    Actually, I feel the paring of Hyun Wook with SeNa is pretty off here

  302. 302 : Ling Lie Says:

    I’m just can’t wait to this drama over and change to Pinocchio!
    Can’t wait for Shin Hye Eoni & Jong Suk Oppa drama’s >o<

  303. 303 : Awassada Says:

    I love this my lovely girl. I miss Rain bi.
    So during waiting next episode I re-watched Full house once.

    Miss you Rain.

  304. 304 : parie Says:

    i miss Rain.

  305. 305 : CoolBeans Says:

    Rain’s talents are wasted in this drama. His love interest does not match with the personality of his character. No chemistry at all except they could be neighbors and friends who meet for lunch!

    Si Woo’s character is great..believable. He is better pared with the slightly immaturely acting Krystal.

    I like Krystal, but, not in this role with Rain as the boyfriend. Her acting in a little weak for Rain’s strong persona! Her voice is almost a baby-talk style during some scenes. It looks like she is trying to be cute like a teenager. Shi Woo could find that cute, since, they are close in age. Rain is not acting like he likes it and I am not buying it either. Rain’s character is better suited with a strong willed woman, young or old, that can carry off being a wife of a CEO and stand up to the future mother-in-law and co-workers. I can’t see Krystal’s character pulling this off.

  306. 306 : purple Says:

    I love this drama, although there are others who have low expectations for the drama, the point of views other people are different 🙂
    Fighting krystal!!!!

  307. 307 : Carmarie Says:

    Krystal’s character, Yoon Se-Na is young, yet she has been on her own for a long time. Although, Shi Woo is her age, she does not completely understand him, not having enjoyed the frivolousness of young adulthood. Because of her hardships she is drawn to the older, more mature, Hyun Wook. While phyically Se-Na and Shi Woo look better together. The character of YSN is looking the stability she feels Hyun Wook offers. I try not to assign real life value to this drama, I am along to the ride. I love the music and I like all three leads.

  308. 308 : Shasha Says:

    keep fighting, ,

  309. 309 : LIFERCAFERMILL Says:

    i’ve stopped watching @ episode 10..will just watch last episode. Too boring. Rain & krytal mismatched.

  310. 310 : suti Says:

    finish watching ep.13 … i must say it really boring
    there’s no chemistry between the 2 main role… rain is just too great to be paired with krystal for her acting is just so-so
    sorry krystal, but i really cannot see or feel yoon se na’s emotion… her eyes and face just say nothing 🙁

  311. 311 : morally Says:

    One thing I hate about Kdramas is so many stories containing lies, hiding the truth. Can they build a story base on honesty, truth is always prevail. I just don’t like all this lies, it is not healthy to associate with all the dummy plot.
    For example why can’t Rain tell krystal the truth, it was not his fault that her sister died, why make it so complicated.

  312. 312 : tintinRELOS Says:

    waiting for this to end so that i can watch pinocchio… I already stopped watching since ep10.

  313. 313 : Adeul Says:

    I agree @suti, Krystal’s acting is not good. She’s been given an opportunity, but she doesn’t seem hungry enough. We’ll just have to see if she improves in future.

  314. 314 : sara Says:

    i don’t like krystal’s acting.i feel she is silly and cold.

  315. 315 : crystal clear Says:

    Don’t forget to hard reset your brain after watching this drama, cheers…
    NB: Krystal so hott 😀

  316. 316 : Gugu Says:

    Really a waste of talent for Rain to be in this drama. Loved his those-were-the-days drama such as A LOve To Kill, Sang Doo, Lets go to School and Full House. I like Krystal acting in The Heirs mainly she plays the immature, childish and bratty character well. But for this role, she just don’t make the cut. Wonder why the producer and writer matched them both. It was such a pain for me to watched thus i have stopped at epi 6. No regrets as am loving Blade Man so much now.

  317. 317 : chrissy Says:

    I wish se na and si hoo would be tgt. Hyun woo seems more like an uncle compared to lover.

  318. 318 : 0710 Says:

    I love shiwoo&sena, and hyunwook&sena. Rain&krystal r not that matching bcs rain r just too good to act with krystal. While, all of us think krystal&myungsoo r suit each other bcs their acting r just same. Not that good. But, i’ll keep watching this drama bcs i want to cheer up my rain oppa. He’ll be sad if he saw our comments 😪

  319. 319 : 0710 Says:

    But i love the storyline of this drama. Fighting rain&myungsoo oppa!!!!

  320. 320 : me_nina Says:

    there is someone who ever download korean drama from doramax264.com? what’s going on with that website? why i can’t open it? and the website always displays “Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)”. huhuhu~ 🙁
    I want to download the birth of beauty… 🙁
    is there another website where i can download korean drama freely?

  321. 321 : mary Says:

    They are airing 2 episodes today, that’s awesome!!! I can’t believe this drama will end tomorrow 🙁 I really wished they extended it to 20 episodes or at least 17. But oh well, looking forward to the ending.

  322. 322 : suti Says:

    just finish watching ep.14, still flat, no emotion of yoon se na 🙁
    krystal tends to look a bit downward, both her eyes and head, and whenever she talks to rain, she never really looks at his eyes… maybe that’s why her emotion never ‘transferred’ to him
    she seems like ‘busy with her own’ and never really pays attention for her surroundings
    eyes are the most important part for the soul to speak, it says all unspoken words… like old-saying “eyes are window of a heart”
    great actors know very well how to speak thru their eyes… krystal has long way to go there… mian 🙁

  323. 323 : U 22 Says:

    This drama is boring.. I keep wacthing it, because Myung Soo there.

  324. 324 : Tomboy Says:

    Good drama, can’t wait!

  325. 325 : maknaee Says:

    doramax264 was my fave site! 😀 it backs to normal now~~

  326. 326 : You two Says:

    This drama is really strange.. How can Se Na with Hyun wook??? They both not match. Hyun wook just look like older brother for Se Na. And every times I see it, I think they’re not have interested each other. I just can’t feel, like a deeply feeling between Se Na and Hyun wook. Then how can Se Na ignore Shiwoo?? That’s not make sense!

  327. 327 : CoolBeans Says:

    The writer jacked this one! Krystal should not be the love interest for Rain. She is not talented enough to make you believe they have the hots for each other! Shi Woo character would have been a better a match. Weak drama and the ratings fit the drama! Only worth watching to see Rain’s pretty face!

  328. 328 : rairamegumi Says:

    worst rating ever for Rain’s drama…but I’m still gonna watch it since it’s Rain…let’s prepare for Pinocchio…LJS always gets high rating for his drama and his drama never fail

  329. 329 : purple Says:

    woooh this drama daebak, espesially for 2 last episode, krystal looks more adorable. I don’t regret watch this dtama, and the ending was great imo. Dont think to much about other reason, just watch this drama and feel it. thumbs up! 😀

  330. 330 : Simon Says:

    Rather disappointed. Nothing really wrong about this drama but also nothing memorable at all. 16 episodes later I can only remember the beautiful Jaguar sports car and the dog. Even the music is not as good as “fated to love you”. But rating seems to be strangely low, this is not a great drama in my opinion but also not that bad either. Probably Korean don’t like the pairing of Rain and Krystal.

  331. 331 : AnCe Says:

    Why 3 episodes this week? with the finale? but for me it’s ok, this drama is getting boring for me, i guess i still like Krystal to end up with L…i was just like…ok finish this no matter what..

  332. 332 : Didy Says:

    No wonder this drama isn’t doing well, the ratings are so poor
    since no one wants to watch it. The story is very morbid.
    How could Yoon Se Na even fathom the thought of having her
    dead sister’s boyfriend. And how could the boyfriend even think
    of wanting his dead girlfriend’s sister. So morbid.
    They should have just left the story @ Rain being “Daddy Long Legs”
    helping Yoon Se Na (Krystal) and Yoon Se Na falling for Shi Woo (L)
    as her “age appropriate” boyfriend.
    Truthfully, Krystal doesn’t know how to act and the story dragging
    on made it worse.
    It seems L is the only one that made the show
    worth watching.

  333. 333 : WSW Says:

    Although it is a happy ending for the 2 main lead but the ending is really substandard and it doesnt give me any emotion or impact. I just dont feel the chemistry between them. Lets move on to the next drama and lets hope this time round park shin hye and lee jong suk will give us a better performance.

  334. 334 : John Says:

    This drama fucken sucks!! It’s a typical korean drama. Either the girl runs away or the guy does the same thing.why does that weasel who torments people get off for? Every korean drama don’t know how to get revenge to those who mistreat them !!

  335. 335 : John Says:

    The writer who wrote this drama should be blacklisted for writing a stupid drama. There wasn’t any part of the drama that pulled u in. This was the dumbest drama of 2014.

  336. 336 : suti Says:

    if it’s not for rain, i would have never watch this till last episode
    rain, as always, did great but tooooo bad krystal didn’t … so frustrating to watch last episode 🙁 what was it….???? uuuuurrrrgggghhhhh…….

  337. 337 : jmac Says:

    the writers has done a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE job. rain and krystal should have never accepted this drama.. such a waste of talent. the story has no depth. poor storyline. until the end the story felt short. the story doesn’t bring out the best for the two actors.

  338. 338 : tintinRELOS Says:

    by far, the worst drama of 2014..

  339. 339 : tintinRELOS Says:

    i didn’t even finished it. I stopped at ep 6? 7? 8? 9? 10? I don’t remember…

  340. 340 : blue Says:

    Krystal doesn’t have a good acting at all,i don’t like her acting since in the heirs..can’t be compare with song hye kyo lah..she is just so so&does not match to be co-partner acting w/ rain..i watch this drama only f/ rain…still rain&song hye kyo is the best couple drama..I love full house & never feel bored to watch it..

  341. 341 : Lilian Says:

    This drama was like a cotton candy. Nothing to remember, except maybe Dal Bong, not even one song from its OST at least. (Btw, what OST?, give me a break!)
    I’m sorry for Bi (Rain) for accepting to play in such amateurish drama in every aspects.

  342. 342 : [email protected] Says:

    The series is finally over and I am very disappointed with the writing team. An actor with Rain’s accomplishments should have had a better script. I am one that don’t think that Rain and Krystal Jung was necessarily mis-matched,I think that storyline was week. I would have liked to seen more singing, dancing and behind the scenes of the music industry. The story started out with promise, but lost its way. The storyline with the father and mother was not needed. It is my hope that in the future, Rain will land roles that will show off his acting skills.
    So disappointed.

  343. 343 : pj Says:

    ohh!! i wish to have a special episode of this drama! I am not after the rate or acting of this drama.. but the story between a lovely girl and a handsome dog owner!
    just soo cute! 🙂

  344. 344 : agnezia Says:

    what’s the ending ??!!!??…. its worst ending drama i think.
    why the korean drama always have an ending such like fare well good bye… at station or an airport and that’s it, its such a waste ending.
    And why the way Rain hug krystal always hold in her head, its just like a brother hug his sister anyway.
    Lil bit dissapointed ending this time.

  345. 345 : agnezia Says:

    I love Shi woo !!!

    L you’re gorgeous!! fighting!! can’t wait your next drama, of course you’ll be the main lead actor next time…

  346. 346 : meutia Says:

    this drama is a bit disappointing … I just wanna support the “comeback” of Bi rain … how come he just picked this drama ?? it’s just not him … why not love and comedy like “Birth of a Beauty”. I love Krystal in “The Heirs” she was very natural there …

  347. 347 : Hanako Says:

    I like this drama, I think Rain is good in many dramas like Full House, A Love to Kill and this one. I do like that young actress Krystal Jung, she is pretty and soft spoken character that suits her. It is an emotional and touching story to me and I enjoy watching and a good ending. I will rate this drama as one of the best love story this year besides Fated to Love you, You are Surrounded and Bride of the Century. I will still watch this drama after some months as I downloaded from dramaload as I watched Full House three times, it was also one of the perfect drama to me.

  348. 348 : Samah Says:

    It’s soooooooooooooo boring -_- what a waste of time :'(

  349. 349 : uggie Says:

    Drama ini garing sangat, ga ada menggigitnya… Kristal with Rain ga ada chemistry nya… Sangat mengecewakan…

  350. 350 : Nitta Says:

    The story is messy, and really a waste for Rain and L’s actings.Krystal is like zombie, no emotions, stiff, and boring. Cant create chemistry between her and the actors. I force myself to watch hoping the story and her acting, her character get better but i gave up on ep 14

  351. 351 : yoRoseberry Says:

    This drama is so so….

  352. 352 : PFR Says:

    This is a good drama. The writter really understands people feelings. Bi Rain was hurted deeply in the past, he can only fall in love with someone who is innocent and pure like Krystal. Other muature girls wouldn’t break his heart. He portays his role well. Krystal acts perfectly for her role as young and innocent…agressive in love but shy infont her love one sometime.

  353. 353 : Doris Aguirre Says:

    Whatever happened to krystal!??? Her acting in this drama is soooo lousy! No emotion at all she’s just toooo stiff

  354. 354 : Qrisya Says:

    Most boring drama I’ve ever watched. I endured watching all 16 ep just for the sake of watching Rain & I just cannot help feeling disappointed that Rain choose this drama for his comeback. Krystal just not meant to be an actress.

  355. 355 : ginny Says:

    Am watching this drama now,so is good,doesn’t boring.little funny,story line good.

  356. 356 : iin Says:

    yes. this drama sooooooooooo boring. rain acting is flat n kristal too. story is good but not the actors n actress.

  357. 357 : winnie Says:

    The ending scene is lame, i wished the writer could have thought of a more dramatic way to end the show to at least lift the spirit of Bi fans. I have no objection to Krystal Jung, she has such a pretty face and i’m sure she has a long way to go. Good luck to her.

  358. 358 : soleil Says:

    i was a little bit disappointed with the turned out of this drama, Krystal didnt act well, right, lousy,no emotion? or
    the story itself?..i watched this because of Rain, hope he will choose a good story,director and lead actress on his coming dramas, also,starting to like L… go go go Rain and L!

  359. 359 : OK OK OK Says:

    So far I have watch till ep 13, enjoying watching Rain…. he he he.
    I like the part …… love, cannot love, then love again, cannot love….. ha ha
    Hope its a good ending. 😛

  360. 360 : ginny Says:

    How to say…….i hope next time rain choose a better script….a bit disappointed about this drama….and Krystal jung doesn’t match couple with rain in this drama….the way L acting is good…

  361. 361 : yenkook19 Says:

    maybe it would be nice if the lead actress is kim tae hee 🙂

  362. 362 : pinpon Says:

    Boring, no chemistry…. no wonder all the pictures are only with the dog, he is the best actor

  363. 363 : ery chris Says:

    Just finished this drama…i think this is one of sweet drama. The story line is easy, has a lot of romantic moment between rain and crystal. Rain like always is acting good. Cant wait for ur next movie…

  364. 364 : Ivy Says:

    I love this drama! My 2 favorite actors are on this (Rain and L). I love their characters here.

    The story is good, especially because I love music and I always wondering how the Korean entertainment company on the inside. In this drama we can see how hard it is to be an idol – many pressures and struggles (on Shiwoo’s case).

    I love the love story between Rain and Krystal, they have big age gap but somehow they look well together. Actually I also don’t mind if Krystal end up with L, as they also have a good chemistry. I love everything about this drama!

    I cried so hard when Dal Bong died – even I watched the scenes many times but I still cried T.T Heartbreaking scene ever!

    Very recommended for all of you!! Best drama!

  365. 365 : RUBY PLACHETA Says:


  366. 366 : dimples Says:

    Read lots of not too good reviews about this being boring, and but I really like Bi so I went ahead to watch it, its not too bad up to say episode 14, a little funny, Bi is cute and yes its a little slooooooooooooooow, but still all right. Krystals acting or the lack of it is just terrible, do not feel any connection between the two, seeing more chemistry between her and Si woo. Anyhow, the last two episodes are totally unnecessary, her departure didnt create a more intense love between the two and her return is a joke , why is she playing so hard to get? Why does Bi has to apologize, he has every right to be upset at her. She is not showing as strong affection to him and he does to her and its hard to understand. I really want to love this drama and to watch over and over again, but not after the last 2 episodes. I still love good endings, but can’t stand to watch them again.

  367. 367 : Karma Says:

    Bi u r the best. Keep doing more dramas. U r the most handsome attractive n best actor of korea no matter what other says. U r the best for us. N will be always our best. Love u

  368. 368 : nilovi shikhu Says:

    love dis drama krystal and rain fantastic keep it up<3

  369. 369 : Icha Says:

    Just finished watch. Sweet drama. L handsome.

  370. 370 : mamen Says:

    Marvelous Korean Drama should lead its watchers a “wavering” impression in both when they watch it and when they have finished to watch it…. This Drama in my opinion is just kind of tasteless and left nothing to feel right after i finished watching this Drama… the story is just monotone and predictable without any shocking cases to wonder… I do really like how Rain played his roles in his TV series and Movies… and Of course Krystal with her charming charm… but i think this Drama’s roles for them is just not suitable. I am regretting this drama when i expect it would be similar like when i watched A Love to Kill… so sad.

  371. 371 : kiran Says:

    fallin in love with se na and shi woo..they just cute to each other..hope they will have another drama as couple..

  372. 372 : Astrini Says:

    I think chemistry between krystal and L are stronger than krystal and rain :/ btw i’m agree that krystal acting soooo lack in here-_-

  373. 373 : Raymond Says:

    This drama more like reality drama, than fantasy love like type of drama. A lot of people say like “krystal act flat”, or “krystal should be with L instead.”

    Well in a real life that’s make sense. But in this drama definitely not, in this drama krystal potrays girl who lose her parents and sister at such young age and doesn’t have any relative and a top of all that, she work at day and night for her dream and still get pursued by loan shark, imagine that guys, that’s practically hellish life for a girl at that age. If someone grow up at that kind of story, is it make sense for her to choose Shiwoo to be with just because he is more cute and young?? She definitely need someone who more mature, warm, and dependable and you can’t find that on Shiwoo.

    And for flat face act, let’s be honest guys, imagine that you’re on Yoon Se Na shoes and have such harsh life since you’re young. Then what kind of expression do you have on your face? Cheerful? Smilling face? Or sad face? Yoon Se Na personality on this drama is just like that because her tough life since she’s young, she’s still look sad and cloudy even when she smile, perfect for this story 👍👍.


  374. 374 : Park Eun Bin face abuz de putere pentru razbunare in “Nothing to Lose” - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] 2013), “Oh Man Bok is Pretty” (KBS2, 2014), “High School – Love On” (KBS2, 2014), “She’s So Lovable” (SBS, 2014), “Producer” (KBS2, 2015) si “TV Novel – My Mind’s Flower Rain” (KBS2, […]

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