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Seoul’s Sad Song


Title: 한성별곡 / Hansungbyulgok / Seoul’s Sad Song
Chinese title : 汉城别曲
Also known as: Conspiracy in the Court
Genre: Romance, Historical, Period
Episodes: 8
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2007-Jul-09 to 2007-Jul-31
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Lee Na Young (Kim Ha Eun) was trained to be an assassin after bing rescued from servitude when her high ranking father was convicted of treason. Her childhood sweetheart Park Sang Kyu (Jin Yi Han) who had returned from studying abroad and worked as a government official was looking all over for her. So did her former servant Yang Man Oh (Lee Chun Hee) who had become the leader of the merchant group. The three got entangled in a conspiracy against the Emperor who was determined to carry out reforms to create a new Korea whereby the class system would be eliminated.


Jin Yi Han as Park Sang Kyu
Kim Ha Eun as Lee Na Young
Lee Chun Hee as Yang Man Oh
Ahn Nae Sang as Emperor Im Keum
Jung Ae Ri as Dae Bi (Dowager Queen Mother)
Kim Young Ae as Han Sang Koong
Sa Hyun Jin as Park Sang Koong
Kim Kyung Ryong as Han Doo Hee
Jang Hyun Sung as Lee Jae Han
Kim Ki Hyun as Shim Min Goo
Jun Il Bum as Shin Sung Doo
Han Jung Soo as Seo Joo Pil
Park Sun Young as Court Lady Jo
Go In Bum as Kang Geuk Soo
Kim Myung Kook as Hong Haeng Soo
Park Pal Young as Hong Man Ki
Park Chul Min as police chief
Lee Dae Ro as No Gaek Joo
Jung Jin as Kang Jae Soon
Im Seo Yeon as Wol Hyang
Lee Mi Ji as Eom Ssi (Sang Kyu’s mother)
Jung Seung Kyo as Eunuch Seo
Park Soo Hyun
Kim Hee Ryung as Na Young’s mother

Production Credits

Producer: Kim Won Yong
Director: Kwak Jung Hwan
Screenwriter: Park Jin Woo

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  1. 1 : wallpaper Says:


  2. 2 : Andy Says:

    Hi. I just finished watching this drama. I enjoyed it but I have a number of questions about the plot. The English subs could have been better and did not fully explain the plot. Can someone tell me why was the familly of the princess sent away and who caused this to happen. Was the princesses father the kings main advisor? Did the king know that the medicine girl was really the princess (daugther of the person in the previous question). The main character keeps referring to the princess as his wife. Was she really his wife? What was the relationship between the princess and the other two leading roles? Why did the queen have the king murdered? Those are just a few questions, thanks in advance. A-

  3. 3 : dicar60 Says:

    i watched this drama too.. I enjoyed it but since i am non-Korean, i do not have any idea as to what really happened. I am with Andy in saying that the story raises a lot of questions. I guess my question would be what is about the king that the queen needed to kill him? Power or control, yes… but why? Isn’t the queen influential enough that she wanted the seat of power to sway her way?

  4. 4 : PS Says:

    The 3 main charactors in this drama is Officer Park Sang-gya (SG), court nurse/slave Lee Na Yeong (NY) and merchant Yang Man O (MO). NY comes from a wealth aristrocrat family, her father is the Vice Minister to the King. SG was her fiance and MO was her servant (who was in love with her). Her father was charge with treason & killed by the King and she was sent to be slave/prositute. She was saved by a doctor who teach her medicine so that she can take revenge. The Queen mother took her in the palace to kill the King as he was trying to reform the county by moving the capital to another place, as he no longer heed the advice of the Queen. NY as slave can no longer marry SG because of different status while on the hand MO was happy as he was able to marry her. NY still love SG and hoped to expose that the Queen mother killed the King but she was killed. SG was also killed while protecting her. Only MO survived and he decided to leave Korea for good.

  5. 5 : movieaddict Says:

    Where did you watch this at? Does it have english sub at all? Please let me know cause I really want to watch.

  6. 6 : Jonathan Says:

    I have some good news, you can check this one and avalaible soon too with soft subs.


    This clubbox was dedication from someone whose care about sharing and learning asian culture. Hope you will enjoy it.

  7. 7 : Dolly Says:

    A very deep story and I feel disgusted when the 2 main character died. Anyway it’s a nice story too.

  8. 8 : k kang Says:

    as korean
    this is the bestest!
    better than any show.
    i even bought a dvd set for 50bucks!

  9. 9 : drama queen Says:

    This drama is touching, it actually tell a story on how revenge could kill people you love, how love struggle for the benefit of revenge and how people lives were taken for the benefit of countries advancement.

    I give this *** out of ******


  10. 10 : mutiara Says:

    it’s sad, but good…

  11. 11 : mel Says:

    i think this movie so sad… but i want to watch this…

  12. 12 : nining Says:

    i dont like it,, 🙁

  13. 13 : Vlas Daniel Says:

    please show me the link .. to download subtitles for this korean drama

    Conspracy in the court or
    Seoul’s Sad Song

    Thank you ??


  14. 14 : Quantum Nurse Says:

    “Conspiracy in the Court” is a classic drama series, of lasting worth and timeless quality, with superb performance by young talented actor Mr. Jin Yi Han. Beautiful original sound track, Seoul’s Sad Song.

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