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Secrets and Lies

Title: 비밀과 거짓말 / Secrets and Lies
Chinese Title: 秘密與謊言
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 122
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2018-June-25 to 2019-Jan-11
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15


Han Woo Jung (Seo Hae Won) has a bright personality. She is betrayed by her best friend Shin Hwa Kyung (Oh Seung Ah). Because of the betrayal, her life is ruined. She keeps pursuing her dream and never loses hope. (Source)


Main Cast

Seo Hae Won as Han Woo Jung
Kim Kyung Nam as Yoon Do Bin
Oh Seung Ah as Shin Hwa Kyung
Lee Joong Moon as Yoon Jae Bin

People around Hwa Kyung

Jun Noh Min as Shin Myung Joon
Lee Il Hwa as Oh Yun Hee
Suh In Suk as Oh Sang Pil
??? as Oh Yun Suk

People around Woo Jung

Kim Hye Sun as Han Joo Won
Lee Joon Young as Han Woo Chul

People around Do Bin

Park Chul Min as Yoon Chang Soo
Kim Hee Jung as Heo Yong Shim
Kim Ye Rin as Yoon Sae Hee


Lee Joo Suk as Chief Secretary Kwon
Lee Hee Do as Park Choon Sung
Jun Jung Ro (전정로) as Secretary Min

Production Credits

Director: Kim Jung Ho
Screenwriter: Lee Do Hyun


2018 MBC Drama Awards – Best Supporting Actor/Actress (Long-Series): Jun Noh Min (Secrets and Lies)
2018 MBC Drama Awards – Best New Actress: Oh Seung Ah (Secrets and Lies)


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  1. 1 : lclarakl Says:

    On my list.

  2. 2 : addicting games Says:

    really look forward to the drama broadcast!

  3. 3 : Carm Says:

    I wanted to like this but I don’t. I do not like to see the main character being harassed by her coworkers. At least she defends herself. Right now it seem to focus more on her mother. I will star watching again when it is almost over.

  4. 4 : Rose Says:

    Is Han Woo-Jung’s father Shin Myung-Joon???

    When Woo-Jung asked her mother – about her father – Han Joo-Won changed the subject and asked her “how was her school working coming along.”

    Joo-Won and Myung-Joon from what I saw in Ep 5 or was it Ep 6, they were either dating or were involved I believe. Han Joo-Wan saw Myung-Joon with some girl by a car, and I think Han Joo-Wan was either shocked or surprised.

    So far I can’t stand Shin Hwa-Kyung.

  5. 5 : Diana Says:

    Ep 9 ——

    Typical unreal K-Drama —

    there is no way Yeon-Hee could have caught up with her husband when he walked out the office building and left in his car to go to Han Joo-Wan’s house to find out if Woo-Jung is his daughter. By the time Y-H would get to her car, wherever it was parked, or even if someone pulled her car up to the front of the door, there was no way she could have caught up with Shin Myung-Joon to see that he was meeting Han Joo-Wan. Sometimes these shows just don’t make any sense.

    It was obvious Woo-Jung was Myung-Joon’s daughter. Woo-Jung should just mind her own business instead of going to Hwa-Kyung’s father, etc. to find out if H-W was sick or whatever?? She didn’t get the message after calling HK 9 times that maybe she does not want to talk to you. Is WJ that slow????

  6. 6 : Rose Says:

    The actor “Lee Joon Young” portraying Woo-Chul” is doing a fantastic job in his acting performance. This is the first time I have seen him.

  7. 7 : Ryan Says:

    Ep 13 —

    If I was Han Joo-Won when Oh Yeon-Hee asked her why she didn’t want to go to lunch with her, I would have said, “I am uncomfortable as your family has been harassing me to do something I don’t want to do, I appreciate the offer, but I really do not feel comfortable going to lunch with you,” and walked away.

    And idiot Jae-Bin and his stupid big mouth, saying to Do-Bin and his father, that Joo-Won and Myung Joon are having an affair. He is so stupid, he doesn’t even know what he is talking about and Do-Bin goes along with him. No one knows how to keep their mouth shut. Now the whole world will know about it.

  8. 8 : Rose Says:

    Who is “Oh Yun Suk??” Is he the lost grandson that Oh Sang Pil has Secretary Kwon looking for???? There is no actor listed for whoever the person is. Wow — if he is found, the company definitely will go to the grandson. Won’t that be a joke on Myung Joon.

    How stupid is Jae Bin and Do Bin??? Both idiots sitting in the cafeteria talking about Ms. Han and Myung having an affair, and no one overheard their conversation!!!!!!! How idiotic are they to be discussing something they don’t even know about??? And now Woo-Chul heard that and he already repeated it to his sister. He remembers everything. Why do they dress him in those shorts????

  9. 9 : msmy Says:

    Oh Yun Suk is indeed the lost grandson. The debate is on as to whether it is Do Bin or Jae Bin. One of those boys was adopted , thanks to Ms. Jang, who was a friend of the dead son of Chairman Oh and dead son’s wife. The writer is teasing us along for quite awhile as to which boy is the heir. Whoever it is will probably wind up in the den of wolves called the Oh household.

  10. 10 : Rose Says:

    In Ep. 18 – Woo-Cheol was having a good time on his own playing his clarinet on the street with the other guys. He fit right in. Loved that scene. It was the highlight of this show.

    @msmy —–

    Do Bin has a fairly strong personality. He might be able to handle himself better with that family than Jae Bin. Who ever it is, the grandfather would take him under his wing. The others would be the major problem.

    The actor who plays Secretary Kwon — I like him as an actor. I have seen him in several shows.

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  12. 12 : vra Says:

    Ep 20 and 22 —

    In Ep 20 when Joo Won was starting to film the commercial for the first time, Yeon Hee came in, then Myung-Joon came in, etc., Yeon Hee went up to Joo Won and put the brooch on her white jacket, saying she thought it was HK’s, etc. etc,

    Then in Ep 22 when Yeon Hee went to Joo Wan’s house, she took the brooch out of her purse and put it on the table and said she came there to give her the brooch back. There is no way that Joo Won took the brooch off her jacket when they finished the commercial shoot and gave it back to Yeon Hee!!!!! None of the 2 actors, scriptwriter caught that goof???

    Joo Wan was stupid to give Dae Bin his job back. He is not qualified to be an assistant. He has a big mouth and talks w/o thinking.

    Both Joo Won and Myung-Soon should just tell Mr. Oh the truth that they were in a relationship prior to MS marrying YH and since they broke up they had not seen each other. And the only reason Joo Won went to see MS at the villa, which was very stupid on her part, was to tell him to stop harassing her about the commercial. MS hugged JW, she didn’t hug him. And idiot MS agreed w/Mr. Oh that he had an affair with JW. This is all so stupid. Like, did YH think that MS didn’t date any one before she met him????

    Bottom line is Joo Won was stupid for agreeing to do the commercial. She asked for more trouble by doing so.

    I like Mr. Kwon. I saw him in Return of Bok Dan-ji.

  13. 13 : arizonafan Says:

    Idiot Jae Bin has no clue that HK could care less about him and wants nothing to do with him. She only wants info from him and he is stupid enough to give it to her. If he is Mr. Oh’s long lost grandson, then HK will most likely freak out as she will be afraid she will lose out on getting the company. Or she will try to marry him, so she will still have access to the company.

    Jae Bin is not cut out to run that company like Mr. Oh and Myung-Joon.

  14. 14 : Suncatcher Says:

    I know these shows are not “real,” but how is it in these K-Dramas that anyone can walk into a doctor’s office and ask personal information about a patient in or out of the hospital?????? In America, no one can do that. Health is personal and only that patient can sign an approval document to have some one else have access to their health history, etc. etc. Unreal. In Korea maybe any one who walks off the street can get access to a person’s personal life?????!!!!

    Jae Bin doesn’t walk up that HK is only using him for when she needs info. When will the light bulb switch on??????

  15. 15 : Rose Says:

    I can’t believe hot stupid that dr. is. Doesn’t he know how to shut his darn mouth? He should have told HK to speak to her father about WJ’s test results as it has nothing to do with you. Where are the privacy laws????? HK always has a way of fishing for information and she always finds everything out.

    Stupid Ms. Han should have left that dr. as soon as she and Shin were no longer together and found herself another dr. not connected to any one she knew. Geez…….

    Secretary Kwon is so nice and a nice looking man. How can these male secretaries put up with all the criticism their bosses shell out to them. Demanding and yelling at them because something didn’t happen fast enough. How demeaning to their secretary.

  16. 16 : Robert W Says:

    WJ is really stupid. Her mother told her that “the scumbag (Shin) left her for a rich woman.” Didn’t WJ understand that???? He dumped her for a rich woman — what doesn’t WJ understand about those words??? Why would WJ think Shin had his reasons for leaving her mother after what her mother said about him????

    Then when Shin’s secretary drove the car towards her and DB, she maybe got the idea Shin is not a nice gentle person like she thinks. Then she wants to run off to Shin right away and tell him what the secretary did. But she ends up telling HK about Shin anyway. This is like crazyville. WJ and HK continue to make trouble instead of minding their own business, none of this stupid crap would be happening.

    I hope DB doesn’t fall for HK’s stupid crap that she will help him. DB has been about the smartest person in the show so far, hope he doesn’t drop the ball now.

    The only other person who is really great in this show is Woo Chul. Great acting by the young man.

  17. 17 : Rose Says:

    HK and her mother are PSYCHOTICS.

  18. 18 : Angeline Says:

    Hmmm…….the writer is really rolling out the Secrets fast in this drama. The writer must have a more surprises in the episodes ahead as they popped out so fast.

    By any chance, did the fake HK have anything to do with the real HK drowning??????

  19. 19 : AndrewF Says:

    DB is getting more stupid with each episode. And imbecile JB knowing that HK does not like him, she told him she likes DB, invites her to stay in his house. Everyone in this show is stupid and dumb and getting dumber. Chang-Soo was right that HK should not stay at their house. If I was Jae-Hee, I never would have let HK sleep in my bed. I would have pulled her out of the bed and made her sleep on the floor.

    HK is out foxing every one in this show, including her parents and her grandfather.

    HK will be the first person to find out who the Grandfather’s son is. Wonder what BS she will tell him????!!!!

    WJ is a complete loser. She thinks nothing will happen to her and her mother when every day something new comes up against Joo Wan. How could idiot WJ not get it in her head that it is HK that is causing her and her mother all the trouble. HK told WJ she was going to take her down, doesn’t WJ understand Korean?????

    And weak DB told WJ he cares for her, but he is at HK beck and call every minute and does what she tells him to do.

    I have seen Lee Il-Hwa in several dramas recently and she is a good actress and is a pretty lady.

    Kim Hye-Sun I have seen in many dramas over the years but for some reason she seems off in this drama. Can’t put my finger on what it is though.

  20. 20 : Ryan Says:

    HK drugging DB’s drink and getting him undressed in a hotel is the same scene from Eve’s Love. The wicked evil girl in that show did the same thing to the guy she wanted for herself so the girl he was dating would break up. How stupid is DB that he drinks a glass that was in front of him w/out even ordering it or what??? This show is very stupid including all the actors.

    And WJ and her mother just make more trouble for theirselves by consisting running to MJ every time something bad happens. Like get a life.

    Heo Yong-Sim is a loony tune. She only loves money and has no idea what HK is like. HK is making a fool out of her and she is swallowing and loving it all.

    Yeon-Hee is a mental case. The whole family belongs in a mental ward.

    Joo Won and Woo-Jung better straighten out and get their brains working. How stupid are they to continue to ask HK if she did this and that, including idiot JB. Now they lost everything. Poor Woo-Cheol. He is the only normal one and cute in his mannerisms.

    HK pulled off WJ’s necklace and in the next scene she had it back on. I would think pulling if off as HK did would have broken the necklace or the latch!!!

    The Grandfather’s doctor is really stupid. He just does whatever HK tells him to do without even checking it with the Grandfather. This story is very unrealistic.

    Why is the writer making everyone in this drama so stupid, and a young girl — HK – being able to bring everyone down????? Stupid Stupid.

  21. 21 : E. Varga Says:

    I am glad I’m not the only one who finds the story pathetic. I still keep, faithfully, watching it but I find everything just overdone. The same story of saving wife and chairman Oh from car accidents, parents sell their children believing a girl that was kicked out of the house. Seriously, pathetic! THe mother of JB is the most ignorant and I can’t stand her. My conclusion about Korean people is like that: they live to eat and everyone is the child of some reach person waiting to be found. And that, they have nice houses to live and there is no real poverty there. Talk about stereotypes.

  22. 22 : Rose Says:

    Well, imbecile Woo-Jung just screwed herself!!! Breaks up w/DB because he got demoted. She should be supporting him and being there for him, instead of breaking up with him. He has a lot of troubles right now w/his demotion and w/HK giving his family money which he now has to pay her back under her conditions. Didn’t WJ hear the mother saying she got money from HK???? WJ didn’t even ask DB why HK gave them money!!!

    Why doesn’t JB, the whimpering fool, get a job now since J-Won does not need him no longer and help out his family instead of drooling all over for HK. What is this story all about??? I must be missing something!!!!!

    WJ and her mother need to tell the news media all about HK and all that she has done to them, including the kidnapping, etc. Instead J-Won is getting dressed to do her show and is in La La Land thinking she still has a job. What is this??? They need to get their act together. They deserve everything HK is shelling out to them as they just take it all. Poor Woo-Cheol. He is so sweet.

    And Yeon-Hee, the mental, telling HK should not come home yet, but when HK tells her she can find the missing grandson, then YH is saying “maybe grandpa will let you come back home.” What stupidity is this – YE contradicting herself.

    Next HK is going to tell DB that she is pregnant from their nothing escape in the hotel. And he will fall for it – hook line and sinker, the dimwit. I thought he was smart at the beginning of this show, but he runs to HK every time she calls him. He should just marry her. HK will probably lie and say JB is the missing grandson??

  23. 23 : Diane Says:

    Too bad about the negative comments but they are the true.

    Is that why Ep. 50 /51 have not been shown. That would be
    Thurs and Fri.

    Is this drama be dropped?

  24. 24 : Rose Says:

    @ Diane

    Where I live in the Midwest Ep 51 aired on Thursday, October 18. I was out on Friday night so don’t know if it aired or not, I watched it on Dramanice site.

    The drama has not been dropped though.

  25. 25 : Diane Says:


    Thanks! for your response. I also found another site to watch this drama.

    Take Care,

  26. 26 : Elveria Says:

    This is a very poorly written drama, with inconsistencies, poor character development and overused, lack of creativity plot sequences. When one reacts with, “stupid”, that is not a compliment to the script or the character.

  27. 27 : msmy Says:

    You can find this drama at http://www.fastdrama.se that has it up to episode 68. There are baseball finals going on right now that are interrupting the programming.

  28. 28 : Moro Says:

    Kim Kyung-Nam has beautiful hair.

    Poor idiot JB believing he is rich. Wait til his downfall when he finds out DB is the real grandson!!! Maybe he will wake up then and figure out HK is a disgusting evil creep who will use any one and every one to get what she wants.

    And what is there to say about DB and JB’s loser of a mother. Their father is a wimp. Why would Yong-Sin not even ask HK why she wants JB to pretend he is the grandfather’s lost grandson??? She didn’t ask any questions. Yong-Sin believes everything HK tells her w/o asking any questions. All she sees is money signs in her eyes, jerk. DB should tell his numb-skull mother what HK and her family has done to WJ and her mother.

    Joo Won was so busy building up her career she forgot she had two children. If she would have died, how would WJ and sweet Woo Cheol survive??????? Did she even think about them when she tried to kill herself???? She needs to pull herself together and start worrying about her family and how she can get any type of job to support them and be there for them. She put herself on a high pedestal and now that she crashed she tries to commit suicide. How pathetic and JW is pathetic also running to her father every second. Maybe she will wake up now that her father refused to have her mother return to work.

  29. 29 : Diane Says:

    OMG!!! this drama has soooo many negative comments!!!
    I feel the same. But I keep watching to see how this will end!!!Some drama endings that are over 100 eps. leave me worn out!!
    But that’s just me. Time will tell!!

    Hang in there / Fighting!!!!!!

  30. 30 : Robert W Says:

    Woo-Jong should be locked up in the mental ward with HK. How could WJ even be worried about HK after all HK has done to her and her mother????? And idiots WJ and DB, stupid as they are, tell JB to ask Secretary Min to see if he knows where HK is!! Neither WJ and DB have any brains when it comes to HK. Dumb and Dummer.

    How brainless can JB be that he doesn’t care that HK loves DB and not him???? JB is an an imbecile. JB thinks they will be “happily married.” He has no idea that HK only wants to marry him so she can be the heir of the company. JB most likely would not even care. Didn’t it even pop in to his head all of a sudden why HK decided to marry him out of the blue????

    Secretary Min is worthless. Stupid MJ has no idea that he is playing both sides of the fence.

    I have seen Park Chul-Min in several shows and I can’t t remember if his voice was the same as it is in this show. It sounds like he is hoarse or something is wrong with his vocal cords.

  31. 31 : Rose Says:

    What is wrong with DB’s brain? When HK ended up in the hospital trying to save her grandfather and lost the baby, how could idiot DB ask WJ if she wanted to go visit HK in the hospital with him???? Like really!!!!

    How can HK continue to use doctor’s to go along with her BS?? Does this make any sense? What is with the doctors?

    HK loosing her baby is a bad pay back to all the crap she has been doing to other people.

    JB is something else lately.

  32. 32 : Sundance Says:

    Why would JW and her mother go to HK’s wedding???? JW said she was going to mind her own business and stay out of HK and her family’s affairs and she still sticks her nose in their business. Will JW and her mother ever wake up to reality???? HK has more than ruined their lives. JW told HK that she would not let HK hurt her mother and her any more and JW continues to follow HK around. Dumb Dumb. I don’t even know what DB sees in JW???

    JB is stupid so let him just do what he wants to do as he loves HK no matter what.

  33. 33 : Ryan Says:

    JW is the most clueless person I have ever seen in a K-Drama!!!!
    WC goes ballistic when he saw HK and she doesn’t ask him why??? And he keeps drawing a girl in a bride’s dress and she doesn’t ask him why he is drawing that???? Plus she doesn’t put it together in her stupid dumb head.

    When is the writer going to start improving her character?? And when is WC going to be more in the fore front as he has a fantastic brain. Geez……

  34. 34 : Moro Says:

    I can’t believe DB and WJ went back to work with those two girls again who cannot be trusted. How stupid of them both. I know it was HK’s idea and JW will get shafted again as we already saw with WC. HK does not care who she gets rid of as long as she will become head of the company. JB is just a stupid puppet. His eyes are beginning to open a bit now what HK is hopefully.

    When WC went missing from the theater why didn’t DB or JW think of looking at the CCT camera at the theater to see if they could track him?????? Duh!!!! They got the CCT film when JW fell down the stairs. Not that they did anything about that. Good thing JB followed HK otherwise WC would have been in big trouble. Hopefully he will break his promise to JB.

    How could Joo-Won’s house all of a sudden be repossessed the second she comes out of the hospital???? She said she had enough money to support them when she lost her job. Between Mental Mom and HK, they are destroying JW and her family and WJ still doesn’t open her eyes and become smarter about HK!!!! HK must have hired the same guys that she did to pretend Chang-Soo’s friend took off with the store money.

    This show is all one sided — HK and her mental mom and their evil plots.

  35. 35 : Rose Says:

    How stupid is this??? Interviewing WC in front of the two conniving girls that screwed WJ the first time around. What is in DB’s head to even want to work with them and for DB to trust those 2 girls working under HK and Misaeng? And stupid as ever WJ sits there like an idiot interviewing her brother about her mother’s fall down the stairs in front of those two sneaky assistants. And poor WC, why didn’t they interview WC at his house??? DB and WJ need to keep some info about the evidence to theirselves until they have the actual evidence in their hands. They should not be telling everything as one of those chicks called HK and she showed up with JB. Didn’t DB or WJ wonder why out of the blue they showed up just at the moment???? They should not be letting all their aces out in the open. WJ knows she can’t trust those two assistants. Was it wrong with WJ’s brain? WJ never learns, never grows, just continues to be stupid and dumb as ever. She is disgusting and exasperating. The writer of this drama is going off the deep end.

    JB is growing into a mini HK. He will be another monster in the making. Knowing that HK kidnapped a mentally disabled person and deserting him in some warehouse or whatever and the jerk tells WC not to tell any one that HK did that. JB is a loser. He loves HK so much he will do anything for her.

    And JW is running around trying to get a job with a memory problem?? And WJ tells her to come home and off to work she goes!!!!

    Like what is with this drama – a joke????

  36. 36 : Rose Says:

    Why would they leave WC alone with JB and HK of all people in the office???? What nonsense – the whole team had to follow Chairman Oh out of the office???? What a group of morons. DB and WJ should stay at home or find other jobs instead of lowering theirselves to work for Miseong Group. They should have interviewed WC in his house. The writer is going off the deep end with this drama.

    Why in the world does money hungry Yong-Sim need a mink coat??? To serve her customers??? And how did HK pay for the mink coat since her charge card was declined?? Geez….
    If DB tells WJ once more time everything will work out, I will scream!!!

    Why would WJ agree to iive with mentally impaired Yong-Sim who hates her and her family so much. Poor Wool Cheol. WC does not need this type of stress in his life. Now JB is threatening him. JB is a loser. JW should not have hired JB back after she got rid of him in the beginning of the show. This show is unreal to say the least. I hope Shin finds out and gets them some place to live.

    WJ’s role has no dignity. How stupid. When is she going to wise up and stand up for herself????

  37. 37 : Star Light Says:

    Does WJ have a brain????? If she does, what in the heck is wrong with it??? HK slapped her in the face, told her off that she will never have DB, kidnapped her, made her lose her job, treats her like crap, etc. etc. etc. and every time HK calls her, she runs her little butt off to her. I would hang up on her when she calls. WJ has been stupid from the first episode, and 77 episodes later she is still stupid. I can’t believe her.

    DB – idiot – tells the blind date he is in love with some one else, and decides to have tea with her. WJ needs to dump him. Let HK have him. DB never supports WJ in front of his witch of a mother when she is criticizing her. Idiot WJ instead of apologizing for interrupting DB’s blind date, why didn’t WJ tell her she was there because HK told her to meet her there and then didn’t show up. Even when DB brought WJ and her family to stay at his house, his mother is reaming her out that she has the nerve to come to her house, why didn’t dumb head tell his mother that he is the one who insisted that they move in with him. Geez……those 2 are going no where in this show. Only HK and her crazy mother.

    JB does a better job supporting and backing HK. Who ever thought he would have it in him.

    And stupid two faced Detective Park is a joke telling JB he is the upcoming President of Miseong Group. What a jerk the cop is. Wonder how much money JB gave him???

    WJ, her mother and WC are being used and abused. What is the writer thinking??????

  38. 38 : Carm Says:

    This drama gets more stupid by the minute. I wish that the real HK didn’t die and would come back and say she was pushed by HK and then HK(fake) would go to prison or have a mental breakdown.

  39. 39 : Rose Says:

    @Carm — Right on — I agree with you 100%. One of the most stupidest shows I have ever seen in K-Drama.

    WJ, idiot and stupid that she is, telling HK of all people that her mother is alive and that she saw her when HK was released from prison. No one knew if JW was alive or dead and idiot WJ blabs it to the person who is one of the people who hopes JW is dead. Would you give me a break. Of all people to tell HK – duh!!!!!!!!

    WJ, DB and Shin – are the dumbest — always running around like imbeciles telling their enemies everything they know. Like keep your darn stupid mouth shut. How low can WJ get with her useless brain????? WJ and DB are so ignorant and WJ is just darn pathetic.

    Secretary Kwon — another idiot —- you can’t trust any one in this show. Surprised Chairman Oh didn’t hit Kwon with his golf club.

    JB saying he can’t live without HK. What is there about HK that JB can’t live without? The lying, murdering, kidnapping, stealing? None of this makes any sense. There is nothing about this show that makes sense.

    How IGNORANT can DB & WJ be to use the SAME 2 assistants that sided with HK and helped her before get rid of WJ??? To me this is ridiculously funny that the writers think we will understand their stupidity

    Yeon Hee created her own problems with JW and the fool blames JW. Another Idiot.

    What is with the writers in this show??? Is HK dating one of them. She continues to fool everyone in this drama.

  40. 40 : Rose Says:

    JB is entirely insane protecting that evil witch HK. How could JB continue to love HK when he knows how evil she is?????? Like how low can he go with his pride????

    Some one needs to tell the grandfather that JB is not his grandson. The writer is dragging it out waaaay tooooo long. Get to the point and stop the BS continually by HK.

    So much for HK getting a divorce and moving out of the house. She will die in that house w/JB.

    Wonder how JW will get back into the Oh’s house now and pretend she doesn’t have her true memory now that idiot WJ ruined everything by insisting on meeting her mother.

    Secretary Kwon like Yeon Hee ad now is lying to the Chairman for her RE: HK and JB’s car accident. For being supposedly smart man, Chairman Oh is really stupid. Surprised he didn’t check himself if JB was the true heir instead of relying on everyone in his stupid family.

  41. 41 : Carm Says:

    I don’t know how they are going to end this drama but there is no way you can forgive HK. Though her family just threw her away after raising her for 20 years she could of changed her evil ways but she has not. I blame the writer for this being a terrible drama.

  42. 42 : Moro Says:

    Ep — 102
    How dumb dumb is DB waiting for JB to come clean that he is not the real grandson?????? That is not going to happen idiot. JB had him beat up so he would not air the corruption of Miseong and DB still doesn’t get it. JB’s mind is brain washed and so in love with HK, he will do everything and anything she asks him to do. DB needs to tell the truth and start working within the company and therefore, start making the changes he knows are wrong. Stupid Stupid Stupid.

    They need to get the truth told now, not the 2nd to last episode. Geez…..

    And what does JW owe Yeon-Hee?????? Like what in the world is she talking about?? JW stayed in the house to tell the truth about JB and then like an idiotic she listens to DB to not tell Chairman Oh the truth. What a waste of air time in this drama.

    This whole drama is about HK and all the evil and trouble she has caused. Just disgusting. I hope she ends up in either jail or a mental hospital with Yeon-Hee.

    Chairman Oh started his lying defense the minute he got out of the car and into a wheelchair.

    This drama is so darn ridiculous!

  43. 43 : E. Varga Says:

    This is a stupid, stupid continuation. Someone is found to be a impostor and he is let go??? They bring a will of the powerful rich man while the man is till alive? For this alone they should be questioned how they found a document that should be in the lawer possession and only open after the persons death? But, I assume the writer wants to show us how great length the greedy people can go to take what is not theirs.

  44. 44 : Maris Says:

    It is and episode today?

  45. 45 : Sundance Says:

    How stupid is this show??? Yeon-Hee told HK several episodes ago to get divorced from JB and she still hasn’t, nor have they moved out of Chairman Oh’s house!!!! This is all so stupid.

    JB’s parents are dam disgusting —- WJ is not the Vixen, HK is and JB’s parents are so dam stupid and greedy they can’t see how deceiving HK is. But then they are no better than she is going along with all her plots and evilness. What nerve Chang-Soo and his low classs wife upset because DB married WJ w/out their permission. Did they get his permission to put JB as the fake grandson????? DB needs to tell his good for nothing adoptive parents off for a change instead of worrying about their dam feelings.

    Chang Soo needs to kneel down at DB’s mother’s grave for what he did to DB and beg her for forgiveness. The dum a-hole betrayed his sister and he stole his nephew’s birthright. Plus he continues to let his evil wife and HK do all their evil deeds.

    Idiot DB waiting for JB to tell the truth that he is fake is not going to happen.

    I hope Chairman Oh doesn’t find out the last episode that DB is his grandson.

    Any time WJ, DB, Mr. Shin do something, the Oh family members show up. As if Shin is jealous of Yeon-Hee showing up with another man at the same restaurant!!!!! So dumb and waste of scenes. Shin is better off with WJ and her family.

    Cannot believe they added 4 episodes on to this crappy drama.

  46. 46 : Ryan Says:

    Where does JB get off blaming DB for causing Chairman Oh being put in jail??? JB knows darn well his evil wife, HK was the culprit instigating the prosecutor. DB is not the reason Chairman Oh is in jail. It was still pending when HK had the guy that likes her help her in pushing the process ahead.

    DB needs to get the corruption and creed out of the company as he is the heir.

    I can’t believe DB’s a-hole supposed parents. They are just hideous people to screw DB out of his right to be heir to the company and they don’t even feel guilty about it. DB was stupid to bring his WJ there to live with those screwed up people after what they did to him. He needs to grow up and start caring about hiself and WJ now instead of trying to get respect from the stupid ass people that raised him. Geez……get a life DB. They are better off living with JW.

  47. 47 : Suncatcher Says:

    HK got best actress award.

    Oh Barf – she get The Best Actress Award for Secrets and Lies. Wasn’t there a better actress in any of the dramas to get the award????

    Unbelievable — not happy about this at all.

  48. 48 : Angeline Says:

    How is it that HK happens to be in the right place all the time??? When ever someone is trying to find something out or plan something she just happens to be at the door listening??????

  49. 49 : Star Light Says:

    Stupid WJ married stupid DB. Two idiots make one stupid couple. How can DB still respect his adoptive parents after what they did to him and how they treat WJ??????

    When is DB going to tell the chairman the truth???? The people around him all are using him and making a fool out of him and he worries about stupid greedy JB. JB is not the same person or maybe he always was and didn’t have the money to show his true personality. JB only cares about HK.

    All this is so very ridiculous.

  50. 50 : AndrewF Says:

    How is it that DB and WJ personalities have not changed or improved since the first episode??? It is rather weird!!!
    WJ and DB are so boring, single and as a married couple.

    DB has absolutely no back bone. Spineless like his adoptive idiot father. He should take WJ and get the heck out of his idiot parents house that raised him. They are screwing him right and left and he doesn’t care and doesn’t say anything to them. Why does he insist on living with them when they betrayed him???? The low class idiots don’t care if he and WJ move out of their house. His creep of a mother would be happy.

    DB feels he is so righteous that he snitched on his grandfather’s company and he can’t be honest with his grandfather and the worthless things that raised him who agreed to go along with this fake lie. How stupid is this??? This contradicts DB’s character 100%. DB is living a lie also now. He needs to TELL HIS GRANDFATHER WHO HE IS. When the grandfather finds out that DB knew all along and didn’t tell him, what will he think of DB????? Oh – forgot – he will tell his grandfather he was waiting for JB to tell him!!! Like that would ever happen. Everyone knows except the grandfather. How idiotic is this show any way???

    Shin should have just told Chairman Oh the truth. Everyone is hiding the truth – stupid – stupid. Makes no sense.

    All jerks and evil greedy people in this show.

    WC is absolutely the best

    Why did they add on another stupid episodes?????

  51. 51 : Jerry (Sam) Jackson Says:

    Stupid ending!!!!!!!! Writers should be ashamed.

  52. 52 : Diana Says:

    WELL..I watched till the end (ep 121) and what a DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!

    SHAME ON THE WRITER AND DIRECTOR for all the negative comments! Do better next time for the drama fans.

    It started out at a fast pace and I thought to myself they have 120 eps. to go. Then it hit a wall and down hill from that point. It should have been 50 eps.

  53. 53 : Gailie Says:

    Best Actor Award should have been given to: Han Woo Chul

  54. 54 : Gailie Says:

    Very, very bad ending!

  55. 55 : arizonafan Says:

    Geez…..HK has 9 lives like a cat. She keeps coming back no matter what. They tell her to get out, leave and she stands there and looks at them. Baby JB sure has been brainwashed.

    DB and WJ will be stupid for ever. What is it going to take for DB to wake up to reality and forget his idiot disgusting fake greedy lying parents???? When the Grandfather dies???? DB criticizes his grandfather for doing wrong w/in the company, but what about his parents who he forgave and continues to live with them as if they have done nothing wrong to him??? And HK knowing everything she did to WJ and JW and he still feels sorry for her. He thinks he is so honest, but he is not making any sense. Does he think JB and his parents are honest people??? He is not consistent in his thoughts. What stupidity is this????

    And DB doesn’t want to know anything about his real parents????!!! What a loser of a man. God — what is wrong with this writer???? He gives DB and WJ no common sense.

    HK and Chairman Oh screaming and screaming and Mr. Kwon does not hear this??? Where the heck was he???? I thought he was always within hearing range of Chairman Oh???

  56. 56 : DannyB Says:

    Strange show. The Oh family has no lawyer??? No house keeper/cook?? A lawyer would know if the will was correct or not??

    And stupid JW stealing the spy pen camera and then walks instead of taking a cab.

    What stupid scenes in this show….continually from beginning to the end!!!!

  57. 57 : Moonstar Says:

    How could JW be so stupid, after stealing the spy pen camera with the evidence, she walks home instead of taking a cab. Duh!!!!

    Who the hell can take a patient off an IV, get him dressed and out of the hospital without any one seeing all these people pushing him down the hallway?????? No doctors, no nurses, no securities, how stupid stupid stupid. Any one out there – empty hospital.

    And now the chairman is at JW’s house and where is his IV etc???
    What kind of nonsense is this???

    And stupid JB’s parents having dinner with him and creep HK like nothing is wrong in the whole world. What stupid stupid unreal scenes. And the two idiots standing in front of their new franchise — they need to drown in the Han River with JB and HK.

    HK keeps coming back like a bad penny. Unbelievable. Wonder who paid who off to have her be the wicked queen of this show???

    Where did the screenwriter come up with all this stupidity????

  58. 58 : Rose Says:

    That snitch that works w/DB and WJ continues to tell HK everything!!!! Doesn’t she have any idea how evil of a person she is???? Just unbelievable.

  59. 59 : Sunbeam Says:

    I can’t believe that HK managed to trample the whole world!!!!! It never came to light that HK kidnapped WJ and her brother WC. That she is the one at the beginning of the show that paid off a woman to lie on JW’s show, and never was caught, then managed to get JW blamed for it.

    DB never saw the letter that his mother wrote to him. Nor to care about what his real parents were like. Stupid that he is he asks his grandfather to forgive JB so he can repent and go back to the person he was. How stupid — JB would have continued to be the fake grandson. JB went from an everyday trouble maker guy to an evil conniver like HK. The board members knew JB was a fake and then they even voted for him to be Chairman – duh!!!!

    And to top it off, DB continued to live with his jerk parents who also should not have been forgiven. Even though he did not work at his grandfather’s company, they could have still lived with him. There was plenty of room for them there.

    Everyone got let off the hook — Chairman Oh, HK, JB, and DB’s parents. No one got penalized for any thing they did in this stupid show. This whole show was messed up.

    Yeon-Hee lost Shin due to her stupid jealousy and things she thought that never was happening with JW. She ruined her own marriage. JB is the one who started a lie by saying Shin and JW were having an affair. The loser that he was, JW should never have hired him back, he caused her a lot of trouble.

    The only good thing about this drama was WC and DB’s abs in the shower.

    The whole show was all about HK. They really promoted her in this drama to up her career.

  60. 60 : Jae Young Says:

    Lee Do-Hyun is the worst writer ever. What is up with 3 mil for JB .2 mil.for YH and 1 mil for HK? It’s the share, you dumbass. Go do your research before you write this stupid drama, Lee do-hyun.

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