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Secret @ Secret Love

Secret 06

Title: 비밀 / Secret
Chinese Title: 秘密
Also Known as: Secret Love
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2013-Sep-25 to 2013-Nov-14
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Everyone has their own secrets. Secrets can help people succeed and even fall in love; but secrets can also destroy people. Secrets can sometimes make us happy, worried, or even blind us to reality. This drama is about secrets. It is an exploration into the trials and tribulations of people who live with secrets. These secrets drive the four characters desire to find love and exact revenge.

This melodrama is about a “fatal romance” between a man who loses his girlfriend in an accident, and falls in love with the woman responsible for her death.

Jo Min Hyuk (Ji Sung) was born into a wealthy family. He has everything including good looks, intelligence, but he doesn’t have kindness. He loses his girlfriend in a hit-and-run accident.

Kang Yoo Jung (Hwang Jung Eum) goes to prison, because of the hit-and-run accident that killed Min Hyuk’s girlfriend. Her boyfriend, Ahn Do Hoon (Bae Soo Bin) is the one that actually committed the hit-and-run accident, but Yoo Jung took the blame. She is then betrayed by her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Shin Se Yeon (Lee Da Hee) is the one with an unrequited love. She’s described as “thirsty for love,” and she’ll be a character in pain because she can’t have the one person she wants.


Main Cast

Hwang Jung Eum as Kang Yoo Jung
Ji Sung as Jo Min Hyuk
Bae Soo Bin as Ahn Do Hoon
Lee Da Hee as Shin Se Yeon

People around Min Hyuk

Lee Duk Hwa as Jo Han Il (Min Hyuk’s dad)
Jo Mi Ryung as Hong In Joo
Song Min Kyung as Jo Min Joo
Yang Jin Sung as Seo Ji Hee
Lee Seung Joon as Choi Kwang Min
Choi Woong as Choi Kwang Soo

People around Yoo Jung

Kang Nam Gil as Kang Woo Chul (Yoo Jung’s dad)
Ahn Ji Hyun as Yang Hae Ri
Jung Soo Young as Dan Bal / Lee Ja Young
Moon Ji In as Lee Hye Jin
Hwang Suk Jung as Sandra Hwang

People around Do Hoon

Yang Hee Kyung as Park Gye Ok (Do Hoon’s mom)
Kang Shin Il as Ahn In Hwan (Do Hoon’s dad)
Kim Hyun Kyoon as Park Hyun Suk
Han Ki Joong as Yang Ik Tae
Lee Chang as Section Leader Kim

People around Se Yeon

?? as Assemblyman Shin / Shin Sang Ho (late 50s)
Kim Hee Ryung as Madam Yun / Yun Mi Yun (late 50s)


Choi Jung Hwa as reporter
Kim Dong Hyun as Detective Choi
Jung Yoo Geun as Jung Hwan / Kang San (ep 16)
Choi Moo In as Detective

Production Credits

Production Company: Secret Culture Industry Co.,Ltd., Content K
Chief Producer: Hwang Eui Kyung
Producer: Kim Jung Hyun, Park Woo Ram
Director: Lee Eung Bok, Baek Sang Hoon
Screenwriter: Choi Ho Chul, Yoo Bo Ra


This drama is written by rookie writers who both won KBS TV Drama Screenwriter Competition; writer Yoo Bo Ra won Top Excellence Prize for One-Act Play in 2011 while writer Choi Ho Chul won Excellence Prize for Mini Series in 2012.


2013 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple – Ji Sung & Hwang Jung Eum (Secret)
2013 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Actor – Ji Sung (Secret)
2013 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actress – Lee Da Hee (Secret)
2013 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor – Bae Soo Bin (Secret)
2013 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Actress Awards – Hwang Jung Eum (Secret)
2013 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress Awards – Hwang Jung Eum (Secret)
2013 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor Awards – Ji Sung (Secret)

Episode Preview

Episode 1 (Not Available)
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-09-25 1 4.7 4.7 5.3 5.5
2013-09-26 2 4.1 4.3 5.7 5.9
2013-10-02 3 6.2 6.6 7.2 7.9 (19th)
2013-10-03 4 7.8 (18th) 9.1 (14th) 10.7 (11th) 12.7 (9th)
2013-10-09 5 10.6 (9th) 11.8 (7th) 12.4 (6th) 14.2 (4th)
2013-10-10 6 11.9 (9th) 13.1 (6th) 14.6 (3rd) 15.4 (3rd)
2013-10-16 7 12.4 (5th) 13.4 (5th) 15.1 (3rd) 16.2 (3rd)
2013-10-17 8 12.9 (6th) 14.6 (5th) 15.3 (3rd) 16.4 (3rd)
2013-10-23 9 13.0 (5th) 14.9 (4th) 15.3 (4th) 16.8 (3rd)
2013-10-24 10 13.8 (6th) 14.7 (6th) 16.3 (3rd) 18.4 (2nd)
2013-10-30 11 13.2 (6th) 15.9 (4th) 15.7 (3rd) 17.3 (3rd)
2013-10-31 12 14.6 (3rd) 17.2 (3rd) 16.7 (2nd) 18.8 (2nd)
2013-11-06 13 13.3 (5th) 15.5 (4th) 15.8 (4th) 16.9 (3rd)
2013-11-07 14 13.4 (6th) 15.6 (5th) 17.3 (3rd) 18.9 (2nd)
2013-11-13 15 13.3 (7th) 14.7 (5th) 17.4 (3rd) 18.6 (3rd)
2013-11-14 16 15.4 (4th) 18.0 (3rd) 18.9 (3rd) 20.6 (2nd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Ana Says:

    This drama is going to be awesome!!!! I love Ji Sung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 : MoMo Says:

    congratulation Ji Sung~ i love Ji Sung & Lee BoYong…

  3. 3 : Nelly Says:

    omo! daebak 😀

  4. 4 : jianpark Says:

    omo, i can’t wait to watch this. Ji Sung is back…
    i’m totally inlove with this guy…

  5. 5 : bblve07 Says:

    hmmf, add to my list, i really like fatal r0mance haha, but fall in l0ve truly.

  6. 6 : shinta Says:

    Wow can’t to watch this drama With famous actresses and actors.

  7. 7 : taraJJ Says:

    whooaa bae so bin is back!!!!

  8. 8 : putri Says:

    yup…Bae So Bin is back, finally!
    can’t wait to see the drama.

  9. 9 : Adhe Talla Says:

    Congrats to jisung n lee boyoung couple. They will get married soon.

  10. 10 : Lisbeth Says:

    Hwang Jung Eum is in ….

    I’m out …

  11. 11 : cuity17 Says:

    Looks great! Can’t wait for december, coz at time I would buy this dvd LOL 🙂 yeaahh bae so bin, specialist a bad character.. He’s good in it 🙂

  12. 12 : Ani Says:

    Yeeeaahhh Jisung is comeback!!!
    I like his hairstyle in this drama..
    And Bae Soo Bin i miss his acting too 😀
    Hope it is a good drama 🙂

  13. 13 : Periwinkle Says:

    Omg Le Da Hee from I Hear Your Voice!!! <3

  14. 14 : chim Says:

    Jisung and Hwang Jum Eum..what a good pair…i like tit
    Hwang Jum Eum maybe doesn’t have a beautifull face like kim tahee or lee minjung…but she is truly have a great acting ability..i have fun watching her in Incarnation of Money…jisung is also a good actor….i love it

  15. 15 : Amy Says:

    Wow! ^^ I am definitely looking forward to this drama! I’ve been searching for a new upcoming drama to watch recently and maybe this is the one! (: I’m getting my hopes up high for this one!

  16. 16 : Brenda Says:

    Omg! My Jisung can’t wait for this I also love this guy in all his drama. I feel so happy always excited to watch my favorite remarkable actor like Jisung, Joo Won & Lee min ho what a great great actor.

  17. 17 : mina Says:

    Sounds so similae to the old drama tomato!!!

  18. 18 : ling ling Says:

    So Happy for Jisung drama… Cukkae Oppa… Happy Wedding ^^

  19. 19 : dean Says:

    lee da hee is my only favorite actress since my girl.how i wish shes the lead here but unfortunately not.

  20. 20 : taraJJ Says:

    She’s not Lee Dae Hee from My Girl/Miss Ripply/Iris2 but Lee Da Hee from I Hear Your Voice

  21. 21 : Haaay Says:

    Well maybe there is some problem on my eyesight i havent seen the picture clearly cause i only used my mobile by searching it last night and im tired turning on my laptop.anyway, in that case, luckily my idol isnt the villain here and i dont watch i hear your voice.

  22. 22 : bblve07 Says:

    i also love lee da hae fr0m my girl, my lady.. I thought she is in but she’s not. But its okay i wait 4 her new drama, and i will wait 4 this drama secret.

  23. 23 : asiandaddict Says:

    seems interesting

  24. 24 : wdr Says:

    ji sung! this drama will be awesome

  25. 25 : soso Says:

    the casting looks amazing. love everyone of them. story looks very interesting and captivating. hold promises

  26. 26 : kimchilee Says:

    Congratulations to Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young.. I love both of you since Saved the Last Dance.. what lovely couple you both make.

    As for this drama, I hope Hwang Jung Eum will bave better hairstyle this time or sacked your previous hairstylist from Full House 2 and Can you hear my heart.. your fashion designer too.. horrible dressing.. no class for such pretty face.

    I love Lee Da Hae from I Hear Your Voice.. sad she plays the heartbroken girl here…

  27. 27 : kimchilee Says:

    Oh.. and my one of my favourite actor, Bae Soo Bin.. loved you in Jumong, Dong Yi and Shining Inheritance!! why act the bad role again?? like 49 days.. when will you get to be the lead actor again? anyhow.. can’t wait to see you again.

  28. 28 : Nihal Says:

    looks like an interesting drama..

  29. 29 : ChulMin IsHot Says:

    :” Jung Eum the bad boy/girlfriend : Si Yeon => Soo Bin and the person who light up Joong Ki & Jung Eum is Chae Won =>Ji Sung .==” Don’t take any interesting in this ” Secret “

  30. 30 : emmanuel Says:

    Love this drama so much.

  31. 31 : Rhainsu Says:

    I find the story gripping this early. It’s also moving on a fast pace, which I like. I look forward to the next episodes.

  32. 32 : zura Says:

    So far I find the story is engaging. Curious what is to become of Kang Yoo Jung.

  33. 33 : HOPE Says:


  34. 34 : diane Says:

    hwang jung eum finally!hopefully in the nxt episode ur fashion in dressing will change like in the Giant i love u der… bae soo bin fighting!

  35. 35 : kimchilee Says:

    What on earth happened to Jung Eum? She look almost anorexic! too skinny.. !! look at how thin and haggard her face has become! good grief! she looks prettiest in Giant.

  36. 36 : zeez22 Says:

    So sad to see that the rating is so bad… i love ji sung!

  37. 37 : khalish Says:

    does anyone know ost this drama?? Cool…i want it. tell me please,,,
    the story more interesting…

  38. 38 : zajebiscie Says:

    OMG, the ratings , what a disaster, i know its only 2eps for now, but come on, i think it will be shortened

  39. 39 : Sandy Says:

    I think the ratings may pick up after Master’s Sun finish airing–which is the best show in it’s time slot.

  40. 40 : lkr Says:

    Can sumbdy upload tis drama in youtube plzzzzzzzzzzz………..

  41. 41 : Angelia's Says:

    This drama is good but why it has low ratings

  42. 42 : Sandy Says:

    [email protected] are you not able to watch at viki.com?

  43. 43 : Sandy Says:

    Just a question–are the Korean’s laws just that stupid and unfair in the case of an accident when circumstances are out of your control? It must be true because i’ve seen it happen in too many dramas.

  44. 44 : lkr Says:

    @Sandy.. yeah i cn’t so plz hlp me ot. Bt plzz in youtube.

  45. 45 : zeez22 Says:

    i doubt the rating will get better… “Heirs” is on the same time slot and everyone loves Lee Min Ho..

  46. 46 : something Says:

    everyone love Lee Min Ho but Faith is a flop that why he accept drama like “Heirs” because the writer is popular and Lee Min Ho going down fall with his career because of Faith

    it rating got better now jump from 5% to 10%, and its rerun also rated higher than MS that a sign this drama will be good competitor for Heirs and i bet noone will expect that…

  47. 47 : dlynn Says:

    i dont care with the low rating. if the drama is good i will continue watch even the rating is low.. 😀
    as so far i watch eps 3 this drama is good, actros,plot and romance between bae sobin & hwang jung eum. and ji sung is like scary and violent. 🙂

  48. 48 : zura Says:

    So far the drama is good.I like it.

  49. 49 : Mokang Says:

    I was surprised (and disagree) with the low rating. So far this drama is very engaging. Not a typical love story that you find in Korean dramas. This one has depth to its story. It’s worth watching! And btw, the prosecutor is good looking and can actually act. Liking this drama so far….

  50. 50 : myeon Says:

    damn ! episode 4 was really sad. :'(

    I actually really hate Yoo Jung’s character, because she is indeed so stupid !
    but i can’t help myself to pity her. I think what was done by min hyuk really gone too far.
    And do hoon is also very annoying, tried to be nice but nothing more than a jerk.

    aaaah.. I really can’t wait to watch the next episode, and I really want to see how min hyuk eventually falls in love with yoo jung later.

    This drama is very interesting, I’m sure sooner or later the ratings could increase.
    secret, fighting !

  51. 51 : Sandy Says:

    [email protected] I hate to disagree, but this is your typical Korean romantic drama. First this is very similar to Adonis or Yellow Boot. Girl goes to prison for a hit and run that was not her fault. At least in Adonis she wasn’t stupid to take the blame for it, she was framed. They both have a child that they then try to find while out. I don’t know the rest of how this story will go, but I see the jerk boyfriend falling for the other woman just as it was in Adonis. I hate the way the director keeps going back and forth in past/current/future– confusing. Please let’s just move forward. This drama have all of my favorite actors, but I’m having a hard time getting into it.

  52. 52 : iammee Says:

    I am just curious, did ji sung did some enhancement on his face? I like him better before.

  53. 53 : torri Says:


  54. 54 : lkr Says:

    Cn sumbdy tl me d title of ost.

  55. 55 : AnitaTienda Says:

    I am beginning to like this drama. The story is good and the actors and actresses are all very good esp. The lead actress . I shed a bucket of tears while watching Ep. Four.Sometimes if you are very in love with somebody you sometimes become too stupid. You let your heart dictates your brain.

  56. 56 : Oyabun Says:

    Ep3. So far the only interesting character is Se Yeon. The main guy is a mental and the main girl is stupid like pig. The second male lead is bland and a coward. All the others characters (the chairman dad, his men, the mother in law, the prosecutor’s parents, the sick dad….) all look so cliché and burlesque. And now there is a kid in the picture too…

  57. 57 : laura Says:


    The ost i love it

  58. 58 : emmanuel Says:

    If I was the girl I would never forgive the guy.he is so mean ur girl is dead we know just forget about her and move on.I want to see how he would behave if he falls for her.

  59. 59 : zura Says:

    I welled up watching ep 4. JMY is totally a loser. He didn’t know hw to protect his own girl and now putting the blame on others. Tht’s an easier way to escape. What a lunatic. I wonder if there is a love story between these two leads. Can’t wait to find out.

  60. 60 : Yozora Says:

    oh wow.. the ratings up.. 😀 must be becuz the master’s sun finally wrap up? but i will continue rooting for this drama.. 🙂

  61. 61 : HOPE Says:




  62. 62 : syler Says:

    @Hope – I totally agree with you. From his prespective she is the killer of his girl and child. I would too never forgive someone like that.

    Interesting wud be to see how he reacts when he finds out the truth.

  63. 63 : sara Says:

    the rate is beginning to be high it is good to see that

  64. 64 : Juliane04 Says:

    I’m beginning to like this drama…like the ost also

  65. 65 : Nudge Says:

    I’m at episode #3 and things remain clear as mud. The story jumps around in the timeline somewhat haphazardly.

    The only time I have been able to complement Ji Sung is when he plays this kind of a role. Rich boy, spoiled, arrogant, wasteful yet pitiful.

  66. 66 : Nudge Says:

    The pregnant girl had already met her fate before the car skidded over to where the body was later found.

  67. 67 : marika Says:

    @ Nudge .I totally agree with you. And the murderer will be his father or the artistic rich girl who is in love with him.

  68. 68 : zura Says:

    @Nudge I agree with you. The must have already met with her fate because in the earlier scene it was shown that people were after her and she had to run away.

  69. 69 : HOPE Says:


  70. 70 : sara Says:

    i saw the first ep . i like it and want to finish the drama

  71. 71 : imhel Says:

    This drama is becoming interesting. I agree with HOPE (#61) and SYLER (#62). I hope it doesn’t lose its momentum in the middle.

  72. 72 : hny Jo Says:

    this is a good one..keep watching it

  73. 73 : ji sung Says:

    ji sung baby im here for you moah ‘*’

  74. 74 : zura Says:

    What has happened in tonight’s episode.

  75. 75 : peyutnduy Says:

    what happen with hwang jung eum? she’s too skinny, looks older & not fresh. and her lips looks a bit weird. so very different from in ‘can you hear my heart?’

  76. 76 : xxxzxxx Says:

    @61 HOPE.

    I totally agree with you – his reaction and treatment of Kang Yoo Jung is justified since she took the blame for the hit-and-run and therefore he thinks she did it. I can understand him and it makes it even worse that she reprimanded him of drunk driving not long before the accident happened… I can imagine his rage when he found out the very same person killed his pregnant girlfriend. If it turns out the girl had already been killed before the car crash then it still does not justify leaving the body and just driving off – while thinking he (the boyfriend) had killed her (this is ofc. not the female leads fault).
    The girl is not totally innocent herself though – I know she did it out of love but taking the blame for something she had not done is robbing the family of the victim of justice since the real culprit walks free because of this.

    I don’t know if it’s just me but for some reason Ji Sung always reminds me of Oguri Shun from Rich Man, Poor Woman. I feel they have the same kind of aura around them or same posture.

  77. 77 : Angelia's Says:

    Laugh rating is picking up. No wonder I enjoy this drama especially now that the girl got out of jail

  78. 78 : emmanuel Says:

    Yeah this drama is really good. Much better tha n heirs.

  79. 79 : myeon Says:

    I know, this absolutely will be Heirs Rival :3

  80. 80 : Jyenie Says:

    I am about to watch this drama, the synopsis sounds like my cup of tea. Looking forward to a heart wrenching drama!

  81. 81 : myeon Says:

    If minhyuk is obsessed with yoo jung, then i’m obsessed with this drama. can’t wait to see the next episode

  82. 82 : Jyenie Says:

    Just watched ep 1, not bad. Why can’t the drivers keep their eyes on the road at all time? This fella, Ahn Do Hoon, kept on making mistakes and selfish decision.
    I really dislike the make up trend for the actors in Korean dramas nowadays, they look so ridiculous and unnatural with the glossy pearly white foundation and pink lipstick.

  83. 83 : Foreigner Says:

    I have watched some films of the lead actress, and in this drama Hwang Jung Eum’s roles is heartbreaking. She plays her role very well. In life we ​​can’t trust anyone. Even people we love can betray us. She screwed her life up for a boy who isn’t worth.
    She lived five years with a lot of pain while she isn’t even guilty.
    The worst is that his friend has extended her imprisonment! It’s infuriating.
    How can he even look her in the face? A true hypocrite. What a tragedy…

  84. 84 : zura Says:

    This story is getting more interesting. And I can’t wait the two leads fall for each other after so many unfortunate incidences.

  85. 85 : just_saying Says:

    Okay, the story plot may be the same with other previous/past stories but if you think abt it, ALL stories are the same. Women meet man, have to go through hardships for their happiness etc, etc, so you can’t really compare between drama A and B. The important thing is how the actors/actresses bring out the character and in this drama, all of them are GREAT – male, female leads, the villains, the father and all others. Morale value of the story – this drama IS WORTH WAITING FOR. Coz so far, the plot is acceptable. Don’t know if in real life someone is willing to go to jail for the boyfriend, but it is possible… so, plot APPROVED.

  86. 86 : just_saying Says:

    HOPE @comment 76. I agree with you. Ji Sung does looks like Oguri Shun from Rich Man, Poor Woman. Did you watch that drama too? The special episode is the best. ‘I like who I am now because she changed me.’ Though I wish it shows more about them as a couple but at the end, when she went to his apartment, he finally say her name out loud: Maruko – is just so sweet.

  87. 87 : daile Says:

    Wow!!!wat can i say??I salute to all the cast…episode1-5 made me cry a lot…another heartbreaking drama series…I’m not really into korean dramas/movies but now I can say am looking forward to watch the next episode…

  88. 88 : qiky Says:

    this drama so addict … just like stalker i want to know more n more what next.,2 thumbs 🙂

  89. 89 : Jyenie Says:

    I think ep 1-5 are a bit boring but it should pick up in ep 6 as Jo Min Hyuk begins to have feeling for Kang Yoo Jung.

  90. 90 : Anne Marie Says:

    Why do Koreans drag their words when they speak. Every last word sounds like a cat in heat as is being dragged. I don’t mind listening to the Korean language but I do have a problem with this feature which is quite annoying.
    Whatever happened to classy speech?

  91. 91 : xxxzxxx Says:

    @86 – just_saying: Yes. I have seen Rich Man, Poor Woman but I never saw the special episode so thanks for telling me. I’ll watch it now ;).

  92. 92 : Anne Marie Says:

    Jo Mink Hyuk’s face is kind of creepy looking. Wait till he falls in love with Yoo Jung. That will be his punishment. I can’t wait. She better reject him and send him to hell. And that creepy self hating weak boyfriend? I can’t believe she is still nice to him. All that guilty self loathing can eventually turn him into a real bastard. Can’t that that fat ugly mother of his either

  93. 93 : Angelia's Says:

    Can’t korean dramas be like thai dramas. In thai dramas the main couple are usually start dating or are together at the last episode.

  94. 94 : Sandy Says:

    Watching this drama is like waiting for water to boil. It’s so boring at this point–ep 6. I keep waiting for it to pick up speed. I think it’s easy to see that the no good boyfriend is going to start liking the other girl. I don’t fault the main lead male for being mean to Yoo Jung. She foolishly took the blame for the accident. It wouldn’t surprise me if the boyfriend let their child be adopted; I hope the main lead male is protecting the child somewhere. Regardless, this drama needs to pick up speed. So far not really caring for any of them. I do hope that the main lead male and female make the boyfriend pay for the lives he had a role in taking—he’s beyond evil.

  95. 95 : ogrenji Says:

    don’t really like melodrama,but this one got me hooked unexpectedly 🙂 anyway san hee is such a cute babyy..i cry a bucket when Kang Yoo Jeong lose her son *need lots tissue box for ep 4 & 5* :'(

  96. 96 : rory Says:

    So far it’s soooo good, intense and full of suspense! no wonder the rating keeps going up..will continue to watch this and JI Sung’s acting is brilliant!

  97. 97 : Micc Says:

    I am not following this drama from the beginning. Only watched from episode 5. Can someone please tell me does Ji Sung know the real driver was the prosecutor and not the girlfriend?

  98. 98 : Micc Says:

    So the prosecutor boyfriend killed the dad? I am confused.

  99. 99 : zeez22 Says:

    yeah! Raings are getting better!

  100. 100 : Nina Says:

    guys don’t tell me that prosecutor killed the her dad when he find out the dad knows everything, wow this drama is really getting very good.

    And by the way I thing Ji sung knows it was not her who killed his girlfriend

  101. 101 : Kay Says:

    Whoa, how much can these people take before they have a nervous breakdown? Two people obsessing, one person guilt ridden–but not enough to man up, and one person taking loads of crap every where she turns. If I don’t see some smiling faces soon, I’M gonna breakdown!

  102. 102 : just_saying Says:

    The story starts now. Ratings going up. LOVE… the drama too much. The title ‘SECRETS’ is spot on. Prosecutors secret: Kill YJ father. YJ secret: takes the blame for DH. SY’s secret: really love Ji Sung. Ji Sung’s secret: Loves YJ to death? Oh and it seems, Ji Sung’s step mom has a secret too: is the daughter really hers?

  103. 103 : imhel Says:

    this is a good one….not boring! It’s almost similar to I Hear Your Voice. I hope it keeps its pace.

  104. 104 : Angelia's Says:

    I think it’s not that mh hates yj so he torturs her its just that he tortures here bc he does not want her to be happy.

  105. 105 : myeon Says:

    Is there any preview for ep 7? 🙁 curious to death what’ll happen next

  106. 106 : laura Says:

    I think that her father went thru a crisis and he didn’t take him to the hospital. Very cruel person. I feel very sad for her at the end she realize that them relationship wasn’t love.

  107. 107 : khalish Says:

    wow…rating up….
    i like it,,,fighting ^_^

  108. 108 : moon Says:

    heart wrenching..

  109. 109 : ogrenji Says:

    i dont think MH know about the real killer,and as for DH,i think he left YJ dad far away and leave him alone,so YJ would be hard to find her dad,but eventually something happened and her dad died accidentally,so yeah he’s trying to get rid of her father but i don’t think he has the gut to kill YJ father by his own hand.

    i’m curious as how the secrets would unfold especially about YJ’s child,how YJ father died and how YJ found out DH is actually has found her father before he died,and how MH finally found out the real culprit is DH.

    and i’m totally waiting for the preview of next epsiode! 🙂

  110. 110 : hny Jo Says:

    so sad…her life become a misery, but she deserve to be blamed coz her ‘babo’…( she over reacted abt the proposal..why she insist to get attention by said ‘saranghae’ and repeated when her boyfriend driving in the rain…make him not concentration !! babo girls..BUT THE STORY BECOME INTERESTING COZ THIS ‘BABO GIRL’,…. sacrifice herself for love without future( his boyfriend mom doesn’t agree with her)…poor girls!
    makes me cry….

    hmmm and this ‘innocent attorney’.. soon would be an evil attorney(he lets his women took his mistake, lets his son die, and lets his father in law die too..Oooo( hopping not)

    and this arrogant richman…when u will fall in love again then become self man..I’m watching… :))

    So with all clue in this drama …hope the poor girl still smiling then give the star to arrogant man…for happy ending!!….secreat fighting !!

  111. 111 : Panaitescu Luciana Says:

    Drama and actors are really great.Love you all!

  112. 112 : flower Says:

    secret is good drama than heirs….secret really great

  113. 113 : mona Says:

    high rating, low comments…… waeyo???

  114. 114 : fannie Says:

    just watched the six episodes and i love it. so many secrets and i can’t wait to see it unfold. i think ji sung is obsessed with YJ. he did’nt realized it yet that little by little he is falling for YJ, and his reason to live and forget his dead girlfriend.i even wonder if YJ’s son is still alive,maybe was put up for adoption.because of its tiltle, i now suspect everything that is going on has a secret behind. haha. too literal for me. anyway,i hope it will get better til the end. the casts acts so well. i think SY and DH will end up together and YJ and MH as well.

  115. 115 : haruhi28 Says:

    is this good to watch? the ratings are impressive

  116. 116 : just_saying Says:

    any tips on where to get ep 7 preview? So far, I’m watching ‘Passionate Love’ and ‘Secret’. Any other good drama recommendation? I like LMH in The Heirs but that drama has too many handsome… men so I kinda not looking forward to watch it. Too many handsome/pretty actors/actresses tend to be more on selling the looks rather than the drama – even though they are all good at their acting.

  117. 117 : daile Says:

    Whoa..episode 6 made me cry again…to all cast keep it up…love this movie…

  118. 118 : xxxzxxx Says:

    @92 – Anne Marie Says:
    “Jo Mink Hyuk’s face is kind of creepy looking. Wait till he falls in love with Yoo Jung. That will be his punishment. I can’t wait. She better reject him and send him to hell. And that creepy self hating weak boyfriend? I can’t believe she is still nice to him. All that guilty self loathing can eventually turn him into a real bastard. Can’t that that fat ugly mother of his either.”


    The guy lost his unborn child and girlfriend – is that not punishment enough? The girl is an idiot in love – she took the blame herself. That’s the reason for him treating her like this – in his mind she’s the killer of his child and his girlfriend. Heck even if she didn’t kill the girlfriend then taking the blame for it is wrong in itself. It’s wrong for herself but more importantly it’s also wrong for the family of the victim because the real culprit will walk free thanks to her taking the blame and therefore she has stolen the chance for justice for the victims family.

  119. 119 : Beba200127 Says:

    I started to watch this drama and never thought i would get so hooked on it… Its captivating and you really cant wait to see what is going to unfold in every scene… Watching that scene where she went to see the dad at the morgue my jaw just dropped. I even got more hooked on it. I guess I will be watching more of this drama.. and to think I was not even going to give it a chance. Glad I did. 🙂

  120. 120 : Jyenie Says:

    Due to the juggling up of the timeline and the mediocre pace in ep 1-5, it’s quite tiring to watch as full concentration is required. Glad to see that Ep 6 has picked up the pace, and getting more interesting and climatic as expected.
    I still don’t know why they like to make the male actors’ face especially Ji Sung and Bae Soo Bin so whitish and glossy, even the eyebrows are not spared. shake head.

  121. 121 : Lkr Says:

    Cn sumbdy upld tis drama in youtube wit eng sub. plzzzzz……

  122. 122 : just_saying Says:

    LKR. You can see it through http://www.gooddrama.net

  123. 123 : emmanuel Says:

    I totally I agree with what flower said.

  124. 124 : Nudge Says:

    Yet another good drama.

  125. 125 : rory Says:

    hi dear…Just watched for 2eps only and yes this drama is the best so far..will try to catch till epi.6 this week..u should try too..I’m gonna try “The Suspicious Housekeeper” too later coz the storyline n theme looks unique and mystery but fun to watch at the same time..

  126. 126 : HOPE Says:

    @Xxxzxxx (76) That’s What I’m Saying Too I Totally Agree With You

    Even If He Finds Out The Truth Or It Turn Out She Was Attacked By Someone Else It Doesn’t Change Much Since By Taken The Fall She Allowed The Real Criminal To Walk Free & Denied The Victim Family Justice So She’s Not All That Innocent & Wronged Person As She Likes To Think Of Her Self

    The Day She Lied Is The Day She Became A Colapert In The Crime & She Has To Work Hard To Earn Forgiveness Not Expect That All Is Forgiven & Forgotten Just As Soon As She Snaps Her Little Finger Saying It Wasn’t Me (You Can’t Consider Other People Life As A Game & Just As Her Boyfriend Life/ Future Is Precious To Her Others Life Are Precious To Someone).
    I Really Really Hate Self-Centered Personalities

  127. 127 : Sharon Says:

    Oh my goodness, ep 5 is a tear jerker. I cried when JY was in the grocery store and did not recognize MH because she was so distort. Poor JY😭😭😭
    Did he wore that red jacket for 5 yrs???

  128. 128 : Yozora Says:

    So glad that the ratings went up.. 🙂 i’m rooting for this drama since eps. 1, keep it up Secret! 😀

  129. 129 : Nudge Says:


    “..The girl is an idiot in love – she took the blame herself. …It’s wrong for herself but more importantly it’s also wrong for the family of the victim because the real culprit will walk free thanks to her taking the blame”

    There is truth in them words. The fallout on her own family was also devastating. Hiya @xxxzxxx 🙂

    She really believes she is culpable and willing to take what further punishments is due to her. She approached the mother of the victim in repentance and accepted the humiliation. Only the truly repentant would do such a thing. The question is; why does she believe she is responsible for the girl’s actual death?

    One thing we know for a fact (in this fictional drama), there was no collision with the dead girl shown. No forensic evidence was presented as far as I know. (Someone can correct me if I missed something.) Given the case is based on circumstantial evidence why go for the guilty plea.

    Had she seen the victim collide with the car, then her guilt is understandable. It becomes not a question of who was driving, but an issue to do with the heart. It is that oneness of heart we find in the parent who’d unconditionally take the punishment for his child’s transgressions and genuinely acknowledge it as their own.

    However that isn’t the case here, so I am at a loss how to reconcile the facts with the character’s own behaviour. I am willing to suspend such thoughts for now, and try and enjoy this drama. 🙂

  130. 130 : just_saying Says:

    Nudge #129, as Hope says #126. Why she’s willing to be thrown with mop water – because she knows she’s not totally innocent. She is paying for her part of the crime by admitting that she killed the girl. So, she repent on her part of the blame when she deprived the victim’s family of the real killer.

  131. 131 : Leya Says:

    Good drama – worth watching – recommend

  132. 132 : Nudge Says:


    You’re saying; As well as feeling the guilt for her part in the accident, her denying the family the identity of the real killer, is why she went to the mother of the victim and repented? I hadn’t looked it like that, but it is plausible.

  133. 133 : Hong Phuong Says:

    i love this drama, looking foward to next chapter. It’s make me cried a lot.

  134. 134 : Nudge Says:

    To me, Ji Sung is an annoying actor. But he’s doing well in this drama.

  135. 135 : Sharon Says:

    Secrets, who is keeping secrets? The only person that’s keeping secrets are prosecutor Ahn Do Hoon. He is the lowest of the lows,the secrets I want to know from him is what happened to baby San? What happened on your way to take Yoo Jung father home? If you loved Yoo Jung Soo much why did you not stop her from leaving and why did he not go to the funeral?? He is slime!

    Min Hyuk, need to stop now! Yes your girlfriend died and you are devastate I get that, but whose fault that you are carrying this big guilt of wasn’t been able to protect her. MH you had a choice whether to choose her or your fathers money you choose the later and now tormenting others out of your guilt . That’s selfish and bratty. It’s your fault , if you loved her as much as you claimed you would have made some sort of sacrifice to be with the one you love.

    Yoo Jung, has suffered o

  136. 136 : Sharon Says:

    Part 2…
    Yoo Jung has suffered enough she has paid a high price for a low love. She had always protected DH more than herself. YJ was the one that truly loved in this drama she sacrificed her freedom, child, father even her body for the man she loved and got nothing in returned.

    I shed a tear in ep 5 & 6 maybe I am too emotional. The script so far is not bad and neither the acting.

  137. 137 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t feel she is apologetic to the victim mother because she felt that she has done wrong. I thing she is going all the way because she had already admitted to the crime and pay the consequence and she had stated at the parole hearing that she would ask the family for forgiveness. I think it’s on her fiancé behalf. Not because she is guilty , but because she loves her man and is willing to make things right for him.

  138. 138 : Windsun33 Says:

    The pace was a bit slow in the first 2 or 3 episodes, but then it picked up quite a bit. I guess the writers felt that we needed the background to fully appreciate what happens later. It looks like the setups are all in place now, so ep7+ will probably start moving a lot faster. I got hooked on it despite the Noble Idiocy of the heroine. At least this show has real substance and is not just going for Idol Power like Heirs.

  139. 139 : kristine Says:

    I am currently watching this drama and i can’t believe that i got so hooked, so touching, worth watching and nice plot!:-)

  140. 140 : marika Says:

    @130 just saying
    on your question why she is willing to be thrown with mop water ,IMO she does that because she knows the pain of a mother who lost her child.She would accept anything from a person who suffers the same as her.

  141. 141 : Aika Says:

    cool dorama))) I love acters dorama, really gave acters))

  142. 142 : Aika Says:

    Классный сериал)) Актеры играют на высшем уровне, супер))

  143. 143 : Windsun33 Says:

    @ Sharon – I think there are a lot more secrets than those about DH. For example 97% certainty that it was actually the chairman that killed her or set her up to be killed – we may know that, but nobody else does.

    But either way, I am still liking this drama a lot more than Heirs so far.

  144. 144 : HOPE Says:

    @ Sharon(#135)

    I Think It is Not Something That He Can Decide To Stop In His Current Mental / Emotional Statue , He’ll Need To Go All The Way To The Edge Of Hell To Realize The Wrong Path He Has Chosen But The Trick Is He Going To Realize It Before Or After He Fall Of That Edge.

    No One Is Truly Innocent In This Drama Each Character Is Acting Out Of Its Own Gilt Some Are Chosen Redemption ,Some Rage & Some Denial

  145. 145 : kpop lover Says:

    i really really enjoy this movie.. Oh God..i juz cant wait for another episode..hopefully eps 7 till 20 going to be upload as soon as possible. i am very excited to watch other episode…it’s driving me crazy.. Thumbs up for this movie! ^_^ quickly upload the next episode… i cant wait 4 it….

  146. 146 : Ingrid Says:

    Yeah! me too I’m rooting for this drama. I hope this will become #1.

  147. 147 : just_saying Says:

    windsun33 @138. AGREE. this drama has more substance. Heirs, though all of them can act but when there’s too many beautiful actors/actresses, the story tends to suffer more.

  148. 148 : Sharon Says:

    I was wondering if she had died prior to the car spinning and hitting the barrel. However, DH insensitivity and cowardly stance also killed her. He should have put himself into man mode and call the police, or ambulance.

  149. 149 : just_saying Says:

    [email protected] Good ‘wondering’. It is possible that the girl died before the accident – the drama is SECRET after all – wonder who’s? However, hope it wouldn’t turn out as such coz then, there’ll be secret behind every secret and that’ll make the drama a bit too complicated and ‘not smart’.

  150. 150 : Sharon Says:

    I think you might be right as far as DH is concern. He is already fallen over the edge the thing is can he climb his way back out.
    The only thing YJ is guilty of is loving DH too much, she always protected him. Paying his school fee, paying for his house out of debt yet his mother want someone from a good family to marry DH. What the heck is that!!
    I do believe that DH is going to hit the fan when he realized that MH is in love with YJ. Not because he loves her, but if she will tell MH the truth about the accident.

  151. 151 : Sharon Says:

    I think when this is all over we will be keeping secrets. It’s getting deeper and the drama is called Secrets. I won’t be surprise if there are secret that we haven’t thought of.
    I really like this story a lot can’t wait for 7&8.

  152. 152 : just_saying Says:

    @Sharon, you are right. After all, we keep ourselves a secret as well. LOL…

  153. 153 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    My fave drama in Wed-Thurs timeslot after Master’s Sun….I’ve cried alot starting from ep2 till ep6 !very tear-jerker!Though, I don’t really find Hwang Jung Eum really that great in acting but I loved all the dramas that she was in…esp Giant and Incarnation Money.

  154. 154 : kristine Says:

    i want dramas like this in korean, with a mystery and thriller touch.. i hope korean dramas will be like this in the future!:-)

  155. 155 : maviada Says:

    this drama is very perfect

  156. 156 : xxxzxxx Says:

    @126 HOPE. I agree she has to work really hard to be forgiven. It seems YJ is genuinely repentant for what has happened though – whether it’s because she has realized that she has obstructed justice by taking the blame or that she’s just empathising with the mother I’m not sure but I do hope that the drama will not play YJ has an innocent person. I hope the ‘drama’ will admit the wrong YJ has done by taking the blame and YJ takes responsibility for it – it’s the only way that she can truly be forgiven. I also hate self-centered/victimizing personalities. I hate characters who act as innocent victims and do not take responsibility for their own actions – just ask Nudge ;). I’m fearing the drama might have MH trying to make up for his – in my opinion rightfully/understandable – hatred for YJ when he finds out that she was not the one driving the car and forget all about YJ own fault of ‘covering’ up the crime. I’m not hoping for MH to keep harassing YJ but I don’t want the drama to suddenly turn around and forget that YJ is not totally innocent either. I basically want YJ to be forgiven because she is repentant for taking the blame (doing something wrong) and not because it’s suddenly discovered that she didn’t drive the car (the drama plays it out as if she didn’t do anything wrong).

    I don’t agree with @Sharon about MH overdoing it – if I put myself in his stead I’d probably feel just as much hatred as him. The fact that YJ actually reprimanded him of drunk driving earlier but then ends up ‘killing’ his pregnant girlfriend makes his anger even more understandable. I do – don’t get me wrong – feel sympathy for YJ and hope for her (as with MH) to have a happy ending though but she’s def. not innocent.

  157. 157 : zura Says:

    I wish there’s a preview for episode 7.

  158. 158 : HOPE Says:

    Yes We Finally Have A 4 Days Holiday I’ll Catch Up With All The Eps I’ve Missed

  159. 159 : flower Says:

    great drama…

  160. 160 : marko Says:

    I cant wait TT____TT 46 hours left

  161. 161 : eny Says:

    I like this drama, just wach it 2 days ago n now already in ep 6
    I think Bae So bin who act really good in this drama

  162. 162 : Sharon Says:

    I do understand that MH was going through a rough time, don’t get me wrong. However, I feel the anger is geared mostly to himself from guilt and he is take in gut out on YJ because he was not man enough to part with his fathers money for love.
    Now he is angry at JY and rightfully so, but in process of his anger he should think about the role he played.

  163. 163 : jeanne tuazon Says:

    Ji sung us really a great drama actor here! Glad that Our first-loved Korean actor came back… we loved him since from save the last dance…Cant wait for the coming episodes of Secret 🙂

  164. 164 : Sharon Says:

    Has ep 7 preview came out yet!!!!! Help! I am soooo hooked. Sniffle, sniffle.

  165. 165 : Sharon Says:

    Oh my goodness guys, on another blog YJ meets up with the girl who is now released from prison that abused her baby and kick her a**! It looked like MH got drunk and called JY you know substitute driver to pick him up!

    Guys it’s on like popcorn! That was kinda cheesy ahh?? I know..

  166. 166 : 조이스 Says:

    I guess YJ’s son is alive!

  167. 167 : just_saying Says:

    It looks like DH has become/will become a common enemy for both MH and YJ. Expected right? But we’ll need to see the actual ep on how the writer writes it. MH is falling for YJ and that’s why he called her when he’s drunk. We all know its coming right – if he didn’t call her, who else will he call. On the plus side, we get to see YJ kicks her ex inmate for the betrayal. Even the ex inmate has her secret for doing so. LOL.

  168. 168 : Tira Says:

    This is really sad drama for Kang Yoo Jung. She is protect the man that not deserve at all. She is so stupid to take the blame. Hopefully her baby is really dead. I will be uncomfortable to have this kind of bad seed baby after finding out what he did to her parole…

    Min Hyuk need to grow up for making this lady miserable after she receive her punishment already plus cause her body scare for life. Hopefully Min Hyuk really realized he did to her. Min Hyuk, you are jerk and consider low class man if you continue to treat her bad. Luckily Min Hyuk start show at least he is human. I thought that he is a devil or a beast. I mean animal not human.

  169. 169 : Zira Says:

    why Yoojung’s father die? did Ahn Dohoon kill him? Ahhhh, i can’t wait for ep.7….

  170. 170 : qiky Says:

    in soompi ,HJE said “MH will with YJ n DH with SY in the end..”, i can’t wait 🙂 ..

  171. 171 : happy Says:

    this is totally melodrama….i’m hurting a lot….

  172. 172 : Sharon Says:

    I cannot wait to see YJ kick her you know what!! How could you abuse little San? I wish I was YJ sister, so we both could kick her a**.
    To think of it, if I were YJ sister she would never take the rap for that slime.

  173. 173 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t know if I could love a man Soo much that when my child is been sent away to an orphanage that I would release my fiancé from all responsibility because he has an image to protect as a prosecutor.

    The thing that bothers me more is the fact that DH did not pay attention to his child. How on God’s earth can you know your child is in an Orphanage and did nothing, that’s your flesh and blood. DH is EVIL to the bone.

    What if DH ask his mother to take care of the baby and she sell, or give little San up for adoption, but wouldn’t the father know??

    Not if she went to the orphanage and did what she did then report it to DH that his child is dead.

    Damn, damn, damn, I am obsesssss! Wednesday where are you!!!!

  174. 174 : Sharon Says:

    What if it’s MH stepmother that had JH killed!!
    What if MH secretary is working with the stepmother?
    Damn secrets!

  175. 175 : july Says:

    Wow, congratz this drama is no #1 for wed-thurs time slot. Is this drama good? I don’t have drama after Good Doctor end and I want to start watching drama again. I heard Secret like Nice Guy,truthfully I don’t like Nice Guy story and when I watched that drama I always fast forward

  176. 176 : Bear Says:

    So, the dude’s mongul dad paid off the girlfriend with her baby? They’re still alive?
    I’m kinda hoping the lawyer guy’s child is still alive though. He can’t be that bad one time…right?

  177. 177 : just_saying Says:

    [email protected] I think DH and his mother has their own secret as well. I thought about that you know when DH’s mother looks guilty when the father mention abt little San. And yes, it doesn’t make sense that DH doesn’t care abt his son. Could he be planning all this from the beginning – acting pitiful so YJ takes the blame. Hmmm…

    BTW – I watched The Heir and as I commented earlier, too many handsome guys/girls can be distracting but I have to admit that so far, not bad. PSH improved her acting a lot. And, I’m for Woo Bin coz his eyebrows may be thick but he looks so cool in the drama.

  178. 178 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t think DH ever loved YJ, I think he felt obligated for all that she had done for him. Why I said that? Because when they were driving back from his proposal YJ said I love you 3 x and he did not answer YJ.

  179. 179 : Sharon Says:

    Secret have me twisted!!
    Yes!! They all look good, but one thing that make a man even more attractive to me is how he dresses.
    I love a man that can put his s**t together and that’s what I am sooo anticipating in Heirs.

  180. 180 : just_saying Says:

    @sharon. Yes, DH never loved YJ – he likes her a lot but he doesn’t love her. And YJ knows abt it but doesn’t want to admit it till her father passed away – she cant take it any more when DH never shows up for the funeral. For god sake, why didn’t he come anyway? That’s a bit too much. Maybe DH planned it all along – so that YJ ends the relationship – so he is free of guilt. Damn, that makes sense…

  181. 181 : Miss Leaf Says:

    it is a good drama, no wonder the rating is getting up day by day

  182. 182 : happy Says:

    yoo jung has suffered a lot…if only min hyuk knew the fact,he will feel badly sorry for what happened…for judging even blaming someone who is exactly the victim….

  183. 183 : just_saying Says:

    let’s see what happens tomorrow. Hopefully it will be available with subtitle as scheduled.

  184. 184 : Jyenie Says:

    Kang Yoo Jung has all my sympathy, her sacrifice for all these ungrateful people i.e. DH and his fat mama has gone wasted, her fingers are bitten by those she fed. She might not be innocent at all for substituting DH, however I think she has paid enough on her part by going to jail for 5 years, lost her child, betrayed by that evil cellmate, big scar on her shoulder, lost her father, see the true colour of DH…..A decision can really decide your fate. Anyway, it’s rare to find people like this, they probably only exist in Kdramaland, I don’t know what should I call them, Saint or Idiot? Sigh.

  185. 185 : shiskakkakaka Says:

    relly love this drama .

  186. 186 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-178: I totally agree with you re DH’s relationship with YJ. Its something how a man can make a woman feel that he loves her without ever saying it to her (for 7 long years), and this was after he gave her a ring. I see why DH wouldn’t receive a woman his mother would accept. Its because he’s comfortable with YJ. He already knows of her proven track record of unconditional love for him and willingness to do anything to help him succeed in life. She puts him before herself which is something very few women would do, and this is way before the accident and prison.

    There’s something else I noticed about DH. Its the look in his eyes whenever he encounters SY. Something’s definitely stirring in him towards her. There’s no doubt in my mind, if given the chance, he’ll leap at the opportunity to tell her he loves her. Easy money, easy (social) advancement.

    Its interesting how Min Hyuk, the rebel, is so blinded by his insatiable desire for revenge and wrecking havoc in YJ’s life. SY is actually the only one, so far, who can make a comment that shakes his consciousness. She clearly told him that he killed JH, not YJ (which was an accident). The death of their relationship took place that day in the jewelry store when his stepmother entered. From her few words of warning, he chose his father’s mandate over his love for JH and proved it by letting go of her hand as the elevator door closed between them. Yet, he mocks DH’s so called love and loyalty for YJ as he continually tests him by dangling golden opportunities before him to betray her. Not realizing that the choice he made in order to maintain his father’s financial security is no different from the choice DH is making.

    If MH’s love was so admirable towards JH. He would have told her mother who he was when he gave her the bread and money. He already knew she wouldn’t be receptive to the man who abandoned her daughter after impregnating her. His projected guilt meets him once again when JH’s mother found out he was sending those gifts to her and she returned them back to him. It angers him that his conscious can’t be eased because JH’s mother won’t accept the ‘things’ he sent as pacification for her lose.

    One thing that stays in my mind about chaebols from watching BOF. The chaebol men can play with them (non-chaebol girls), but cant’ bring them home to marry. Live and learn!

  187. 187 : usa-mary Says:

    YJ is the most sincere, noble and unconditional loving person (to a fault) in this drama. When she loves someone, she gives her all. There’s no pretense or hidden agenda. I hope for the many tears she’s shed, and the overwhelming pain of lose, she’ll be recompensed beyond her imagination. I want her happiness to equal the number of stars in the evening sky. The same star(s) she wanted to show her baby.

    It appears that DH’s mother has done something dastardly, like adopted out the baby to relatives, maybe? Wanting the boy child, but not the mother. That look on her face before taking a drink from the pitcher, meant she’s hiding something…old wretched meanie. The only way that could have happened is with the father’s consent since the mother was incarcerated at the time. Something smells awfully foul Ahn family.

  188. 188 : zura Says:

    Tonight is the night. Can’t wait for episode 7.

  189. 189 : just_saying Says:

    Cant wait for tonite. Hopefully it’ll be uploaded with subtitle tomoro @gooddrama. Gooddrama team… luv u guys.

  190. 190 : Sharon Says:

    Love your recap!!
    True, DH has a twinkle in his eyes every time he meets SY. I think he is attracted to her. I don’t know if it’s physical, financial, or career advancement. What hurts me the most is when he told SY “don’t cry for someone who won’t cry for you.” The nerve!! YJ cry for DH many times, where were his tears when her father died, where were his tears when San died, where were his tears at the funeral, where were his tears when he made her stay longer in jail, where were his tears! Hippocrate!!!

  191. 191 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-190: So true. Even the tough, loud mouth, former prison inmate that everyone loved to hate and beat showed up to pay her respects. YJ, for 7 years supported that man like a parent, wife, lover, and friend. That’s the best he could do?

    I really like SY and don’t believe DH’s attraction towards her is just physical. I’d say its more for advancement, socially, financially , and career wise. Just like the Taiwanese drama, It Started With A Kiss. DH’s attraction started when SY gave him her business card. I’d venture to say that he’s a user under the guise of love.

    Girl, these chaebol folks know they have some serious issues. In Goddess of Marriage its the crazy MIL’s and the momma’s boys. In this one, its the men, DH and MH. Can a woman get a break in these dramas ever?!

    Sharon, something is not quite right with YJ’s dad’s disappearance.

  192. 192 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, what happens to his bracelet, why DH said notting to YJ about him finding her father. DH, I think leave her father at some remote place because he told him he knew that DH was the culprit.
    DH is evil, you know it’s always the quiet ones! I trust noo one that acts quiet they always have a closet full of skeleton.
    I can’t stand DH’s mother she is ungrateful. I have a question, is DH father a security guard??? How! With that leg!!

  193. 193 : Sharon Says:

    I like SY too. I think she is going to be the one that drives the nail in DH coffin.
    What I am not anticipating is how devastated YJ is going to be when she finds out the truth about DH. I just hop by that time YJ will be closer to MH.

  194. 194 : fan Says:

    After reading the comments here, for me this is the most interesting drama airing now.


    Thanks for the recap, now I understand the whole story even I’m still watching episode 2.


    In real world we call them idiots, but here I think YJ is just too naive, and hope she’ll be rewarded for her good heart.

  195. 195 : fan Says:

    Girls ! too impatient too catch up ! Better for me to go back and watch the rest of episodes !

  196. 196 : Sharon Says:

    This might have been her first love, so naive yes. I can also see that she genuinely love this slime, she gave him everything she has. Even her friend at the toll told her she has no money because she spends it all on DH and she might regret it. Wow, is she gonna regret it.
    There are women that are like that and will give there men all of themself.
    The going to jail part I don’t know!

  197. 197 : Yoli Says:

    Its moving up in the rating, but this is a very sad drama none the less I will look forward to the next four weeks. I will watch this one to the end.

    I believe the baby is alive somewhere, and I hope she finds her son soon to much heart ache one person to bare. Betrayed by those that profess to care about her, they say keep your enemy close. Dose she have any real friends or someone to protect her?

  198. 198 : Sharon Says:

    Thank you very very much Viki subbers. You Guys ROCK!!!!!
    79% sub already. Kamsahamnida!!!

  199. 199 : Randy Elder Says:

    Do Hoon’s is such a slimeball. He not only got his girlfriend to take the rap but he killed her father and did not take care of his son. He feels cheated so he drops out of being a prosecutor and becomes an even worse badass individual. I hope he gets everything he deserves.
    Minhyuk is another asshole who deserves everything he’s got coming to him. I hope he finds out that she is not guilty and feels bad tough his character is perverse and flawed so I hope he gets punished. I thought I liked the rich fiancé but she ended up being a fake heartless bitch.

  200. 200 : khalish Says:

    i agree with you guys…i believe San is still alive. n the first DH found YJ’s father but next he died. i think, there is a connection between DH and his death. So, everyone in this drama have “secret”.

  201. 201 : Angeliam Says:

    If San really does died then it would be too unfair to sy. Anyway the story unfolds nicely

  202. 202 : Sharon Says:

    It’s ep 7 and I still cry😂
    SY: I don’t think you can lie well DH. If that’s not the understatement of the year!
    There are some funny moments. ☺️
    Secret writers take an old story and made it new, perfect. The actors are great they totally embodied the characters they are playing. Especially, DH expression at the end of ep 7. Good job! 🎉

  203. 203 : hny Jo Says:

    ep.7…what if san still a life!!!…getting more curious..

  204. 204 : just_saying Says:

    1. Who asked the ex inmate to lie? is it really MH or DH? MH simply give the orders so that YJ can’t get her parole but who came up with the idea of ‘abusing’ San so he’ll go to the orphanage? Can it be DH’s idea? Could be coz he’s a slime as we all agreed.
    2. Is DH sincere when he says that he’s not lying when he said – he really want to steal SY from MH?’
    3. Deep down in our heart, I think we all know that San is still alive coz SY will be too pitiful if he’s not (wishful thinking). The Q is, where is he?
    4. Most importantly, will MH finally knows that its not SY who drove during the accident in ep 8? Coz I don’t think I can wait till next week to find out.

  205. 205 : usa-mary Says:

    The Shh Team @Viki! You all ROCK! Thank you!

    !) Wuthering Heights…NO, not that ending, not that story! I saw the movie many times as a child and read the book in either high school or college.

    2) I have a (storge) love for the Bronte sister’s literature! I enjoy visiting art museums, too, but I think DH’s visit to this one has an ulterior motive.

    3) SY: When you paint over a mistaken brush stroke to correct it, you end up not remembering what it was that you were trying to paint in the first place. In those cases, one must bravely change the canvas, but its difficult to do, stupidly.

    What?! She’s definitely a novice and this statement must be a metaphor, because I don’t know of any artist with a mind like that. An artist always has a mental prototype down to the brush stroke of what they want to achieve on canvas. This statement most likely is related to her life and relationship with MH.

    DH: It’s not stupid but natural. Because regretting over the time and effort spent thinking you can correct the mistake is human.

    Really. Then DH, the natural thing to do is to have spoken up and not to have been silent re the hit and run. It seems that your time spent regretting what you allowed YJ to do in your stead must have been maybe for 2 seconds. The rest of the time was worrying she wouldn’t change her mind. If not, prove it to me. And yes, SY…that’s partial his story.

  206. 206 : usa-mary Says:

    @205: Oops! The word partial in the last sentence s/b partially, not partial.

  207. 207 : Sharon Says:

    In the end of Wuthering Height Heathcliff died of a broken and revengeful heart. I don’t see that for MH.

    MH is feeling YJ, but don’t know it yet. Remember when YJ met him at the hotel and he tried to get away from her, but end up running into SY. That’s when I realized that he came down hard on YJ just for show. There is empathy for YJ in MH heart.

    DH told her bluntly he wants her and why do I feel she is going to fall for it.

    I think it was a metaphor. One thing a lot of women don’t understand and that is you can’t change a man.

    If the drama has hints of Wuthering Heights in it wouldn’t DH be more of Heathcliff character?

  208. 208 : Sharon Says:

    I was wondering the same thing, who would ask her to abuse the child?? It has to be someone influential, because she was transfer to the technical school side of the jail after she abused San.

    Oh yes, DH wants SY in his hands because with her by his side he can get Wuthering Heights.

    I can’t wait either!!

  209. 209 : usa-mary Says:

    My Views:

    Wow, DH recalled down to the red shoes and number of drinks, the first day he and SY met. Got SY looking at him like he’s Pandora’s ‘shiny new’ box. Hmmmm…those quiet, subtle player’s are the most dangerous ones to get involved with. He didn’t have a woman willing to take care of him and be by his side for 7 years just by playing Go Stop and holding hands, only! Brother got a little sumpin’ sumpin’ going on for himself…mmmhmph!

    SY girl…don’t get close to DH! You just may wind up doing something stupid like YJ, just to save this guy who’s not worth hell or jail! Better read the danger warning signs for real!

    Its so funny how in kdramas, someone will get all up in a person’s face, telling them in no uncertain terms how they feel about them, then calmly and with the utmost politeness say, “Please go safely.” WT…LOL

    RLOL…MH didn’t end the call he made to YJ during his meeting! Hel-ler! LOL

    Boy, DH when MH finds out the truth about the hit ‘n run, more than rice is going to hit the wok!

    Lawdy-be! These chaebols are some crazy folks! MH and DH’s conversation while SY is cooking (in earshot) is some fierce testosterone gone astray. DH is really hungry. I couldn’t work for anyone who believes I’m beneath them, , then tells me so! It would be show ‘n tell time for sure.

    DH is the worse sort of crazy! Telling YJ…”Do you know what kind of crap Jo Min Hyeok did?” If I recall correctly, MH had your help oppa, so who’s the real evil one here? Then to top if off, “We’ve already paid our debt. We had a long and tiring 4 years!” What, ‘we’ paid the debt?!!! How noble and manly of DH. Again, the only long and tiring worry he had was YJ telling the truth during those 4 hard years.

    I knew that heffa was paid to harm San to block her parole! How lousy and evil to harm an innocent one like that. So wrong.

    There’s some very evil and very despicable people in this drama. Yet, I’m looking forward to episode 8 and karma!

  210. 210 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-206: MH may not end like Heathcliff, but in one sense, he’s already acting like him because of his broken heart, he’s avenging Ji Hee’s death. On the other hand, I do see glimpses of him developing an affection for her, yet he’s fighting against it. Especially, when she smiled at him after giving him something to drink, and he told her not to smile at him. I could see his the tenderness of his soul through his eyes at the moment.

    I hope what DH told SY was a metaphor, but I believe he’s serious. What he said to his mother wasn’t just to make her stop trying to set him up with another blind date.

    Isn’t that the truth about trying to change a man. Truth be told, trying to change anyone. A person can appear as if they’ve changed on the surface, laying a lot of game, yet all the while deep inside, strategically devising where to place their next knife. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    I believe little San is alive somewhere, too. Someone with clout, pull and knows the legal system had to pay the orphanage to create false documents on San. There’s some people who will do anything for money. It was easy since YJ doesn’t have the financial means to investigate what happened.

    If DH does get Wuthering Heights, I hope it withers.

  211. 211 : Sharon Says:

    When DH recite word for word what happened the first time he and SY met the word that came to mind was psycho.

    I don’t think the revengeful one will be MH. DH has his revenge cap on and the first thing he is doing is establishing trust. He is working on SY’s trust then he is going to work on MH’s father.

    YJ really believes that DH came and rescue her, by taking her to the hospital and payed her bills. Isn’t that a darn shame.

  212. 212 : Sharon Says:

    Hahaha.. I hope it withers too.
    MH is not jealous that SY and DH was having dinner at her house. He knows what a slime ball DH is and don’t want him around her. Hmmmmm, but then again it could be jealously.

  213. 213 : Sandy Says:

    After watching ep 8, I’m not liking the way this drama is going. I think I’ll take a breather until it is complete.

  214. 214 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-212: True. I didn’t think MH was jealous of DH, especially after what he told his ‘hobo’ chaebol friend over drinks. He believes that SY deserves a better man, him included. I know he doesn’t want SY to get entangled with the likes of DH. He’s one of those subtle wolves in sheep’s clothing. What I meant was how the 2 males were going back and forth with their non banter remarks. Trying to one up on the other. MH can’t control his temper long enough to keep it up. While DH is really very good at holding his own because of his training as a prosecutor.

    It was too funny when MH was trying to put his jacket on once he got outside SY’s home. I’m like, what did your jacket do to you?

    Girl, what’s going on over at The Heirs thread? It was just the other day when I commented, then when I returned about 1 hour ago, there’s a barrage of commenter craziness on there. It seems like there’s some folks traveling the virtual circuit just to bark at people for either watching a drama they don’t want to see their fav actor in or they just don’t like the drama itself. I may have to call out the dog catchers if it keeps up or maybe buy some virtual muzzles!

    I’m so glad you mentioned this drama to me. I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you. P.S. So far I’m doing good with being teary-eyed. I was moved a little during the San scenes, and had to remind myself that its only fiction. Yet, overall , I’m cool.

  215. 215 : Sharon Says:

    I like the injection of comedy in this melodrama, good job writers!
    You are welcome.. I love a good story.
    I have some excellent Hindi movie when you are ready!

    Did you see the psycho look on DH face at the end of the drama!! I am like they have awaken the beast. That why I hate quiet people. Who would have thought DH, so mild mannered and soft spoken would be so cryptic.

  216. 216 : Sharon Says:

    That’s, Heirs thread gone wild!! It’s crazy. Everyone is either for or against LMH’s acting. He seems a bit lisless and it’s like he is not into his character. I am wondering if he has some kind of personal problems that’s bothering him. His actin, facial expression, body language is saying to me that he does not wants to be there. I hope he is fine.

  217. 217 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-215: I enjoyed the comedy, too. It seems like MH has a tendency to slip or slide a little when he gets upset. He makes me laugh.

    Okay. Whenever you’re ready, you can give me the Hindi movie titles. I’ll add them to the list of the ones I received from dinaz. I look forward to watching them 1 by 1.

    Yes, I did. DH looked like he was cracking up for sure.

    Re The Heirs. I believe that’s the way LMH’s character role is supposed to be portrayed. He was sent away 3 years ago by his family. He’s lonely. If something was wrong, the director would confront him about it. LMH’s character adores his older brother and looks up to him for approval. But, unfortunately, his older brother doesn’t reciprocate the sentiment. In his eyes, Tan always will be the bastard child of his father’s mistress. He doesn’t want to share his dad’s empire with Tan which is very sad. So far, their dad doesn’t enforce their coming together as siblings either. Even though we haven’t seen his dad, we’ve seen his women. Poppa Kim is a rolling stone, where ever he laid his hat was his home.

  218. 218 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahahahaha… And when he died all he left us was alone.. Too funny!

  219. 219 : Sharon Says:

    He is not being convincing.

  220. 220 : Micc Says:

    Hope Min Hyuk finds out next episode! Feel so sorry for Yoo Jung.

  221. 221 : usa-mary Says:

    Lately, in the majority of these dramas the women are catching hell big time! Its unbelievable.

    Oh, and another thing, during the scene when YJ’s friends were feeding MH and making a fuss over him, I didn’t like that at all. I’ve seen that a lot in kdramas. Do women really feed men like that and fuss over them in S. Korea? Truthfully speaking, most men are coddled to the extent that they’re not taught to reciprocate that type of affection, resulting in selfish jerks. Just saying.

  222. 222 : usa-mary Says:

    The bar scene with the entertaining bartenders reminds me of Tom Cruise’s 1988 movie Cocktail. Bartenders with synchronized skills!

  223. 223 : just_saying Says:

    @sharon. Sorry guys to comment abt the Heirs in here but I can’t stop thinking abt LMH. He does look lifeless in the drama. Can’t figure out whether it’s really the part he was playing (if it is, then he’s doing a good job) but if not, hope he’s okay. I guess we’ll have to see in the next few episodes when he starts ‘the battle’ with his brother.

  224. 224 : Chai Says:

    I know right now after episode 8 that I will be suffering for a whole week again waiting for epi9. It’s so interesting now that mh begins to suspect the real killer

  225. 225 : Sharon Says:

    Why is DH acting like he is the president of K Group giving away jobs.
    MK is really making DH feel like crap, by letting him know that no matter what he is the boss.
    Poor secretary got flicked on the forehead.
    YJ is Soo sweet she still goes to JH mothers shop for forgiveness.
    I can’t wait until next Wednesday !!!

  226. 226 : Sharon Says:

    I must say again thank you Viki subbers for an excellent job. I can always count on you for making the subs available quickly. Thank you!!☺️

  227. 227 : Sharon Says:

    I know, he does seems a little not himself to me. I hope it’s nothing and his character will change into the LMH we all love.
    I haven’t watched ep 4 as yet, but I will comment when I do.

    Thanks everyone for your patience.

  228. 228 : imhel Says:

    I like this drama…the pacing, the script, the acting of the actors…all great! I hope I don’t get disappointed in the end.

  229. 229 : just_saying Says:

    Can’t wait for ep 9.
    1. MH knows YJ is not the one who drove.
    2. MH is ‘demoted’ from the company – what’ll he become. Hope Gwang soo stays with him.
    3. SY starts to show her stripes – MH better watch out. There’s nothing more dangerous than a woman’s anger.
    4. DH starts planning his evil schemes in a more detailed manner. No more hiding his fang now.
    Can’t help but loving the drama.

  230. 230 : zura Says:

    The story is getting more interesting. Can’t help it but loving this drama so much.

  231. 231 : Jyenie Says:

    Bravo! Clap, clap, clap! Ep 7 is so darn good! It made my emotion changed every now and then, this moment I was giggling at the silliness and cuteness of Min Hyuk, then I despised the unashamed and selfish bastardo, Do Hoon, and then the next moment my eyes welled up with tears when I saw the pitiful YJ.

  232. 232 : happy Says:

    i like min hyuk’s line in ep 8…seeing subtitle drive hurting,why am i hurter?…he really cares about yoo jung…next ep will be more interesting….

  233. 233 : Jyenie Says:

    [Ji Sung had mentioned that it was Lee Bo Young who strongly recommended him the drama, that it will draw many audience. Ji Sung said: “I discussed my next drama with Lee Bo Young, and we read the scripts together.” “You have to act in this drama” “Lee Bo Young was mersmerised by the scripts.”]

    I didn’t like and dropped Ji Sung’s previous dramas but I like him in this drama. Kudos to LBY for encouraging JS to take up this drama, a man will never go wrong if he listens to his wife 🙂

  234. 234 : ogrenji Says:

    it’s just getting better this drama ^^ i think YJ would help MH to regain his throne esp when she found out about the “real” DH,DH is truly sneaky eviil!

  235. 235 : daile Says:

    OMG i love this drama…looking 4ward to ep.9…the cast looks perfect to their role…

  236. 236 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 233

    You said before if I’m not wrong that “LBY is the queen of rating”, it seems that she’s very clever and knows how to choose a good drama just by reading the script, I love such good actors. JS did well by taking the queen’s advice.

    I’m still late, too many good drama airing and not too much time. 🙁


    Re heirs :
    I didn’t like KT character at the beginning because I was thinking the same about LMH’s acting. But now I agree with usa-mary and just_saying, I think the character is supposed to be like that. His situation makes him fall for CES.

  237. 237 : Jyenie Says:

    What is the significance of DH’s hysterical laugh in the last scene of ep8? He tells the decadent chaebol’s son that YJ will do whatever MH asks her to do for paying the debts, that son of the bitch takes it literally and harass her sexually. “Here you go girl, you are humiliated and suffering again because of me again! And I can’t do anything again! ” Is it what he is thinking? Hypocrite!

  238. 238 : Jyenie Says:

    Wow, you still remember what I said about LBY? She probably reads the scripts as a viewer and she is sensitive to the taste of the current viewers?

    Yes, the Korean never fails to satisfy us with plenty of good dramas. I really salute those story tellers! Hat off!

  239. 239 : just_saying Says:

    @Jyenie237. I was wondering abt that part as well. Why did he laughed? I was boiling mad at him for standing like a statue when YJ is being insulted. As the villain in the drama he sure plays his part well – bravo. So believable that I really want to hit him when he just stood still and sneer at YJ’s situation.

    My script for the scene when DH laughed: ‘You stupid girl, you went to jail, you’re indebted to MH and now you are treated like a thrash, all because of me. HAHAHA What a pitiful human being’. LOL

  240. 240 : usa-mary Says:

    Wow Writers’ Choi and Yoo, like YJ needed another person to hate on her. MH’s chaebol friend he called a ‘hobo’ who accosted YJ at the celebration party acted like he was on the stroll looking for one of those glass window dolls in the red light district. So inappropriate. Not to mention MH’s manhandling of her. Even though that kdrama grab and drag move is nothing new, it irks me. Anyway…

    Its a done deal for me re DH. I sense he’s jealous of YJ. Why?

    1) Because of YJ’s strength. Despite all that she’s been through for him and because of him, she can still smile and still looks good.

    2) His good user thang left him (and rightfully so), and he’s still pissed about it. His only reason for keeping her close to him this time was to ensure that she kept her silence. Like it bothers him to see MH use her. He’s bothered because it reminds him of his dirty deeds. Plus, she’s being seen in VVIP affairs (not seedy motels) elegantly dressed with MH. DH was cajoled by MH to attend those type functions under the premise of sabotaging YJ, so it irritates him to see her there as her way of punishment for the incurred bakery shop debt. He crawled with deceit to get there; she committed a lie and was branded an ex-con and is not trying to be there. The irony of it all.

    Another done deal, DH never loved or cared for YJ (its all pretense):

    DH tells MH that he loved her once (yeah, right) so don’t treat her cavalierly (legal definition). MH scoffs at his concept of love as he continually ask Kwang Soo if it really exists after each of DH’s deeds. Also, MH didn’t offer DH any shiny bling, VVIP invite or advancement to tell that slithering snake of a man that for money, YJ will do anything MH tells her to do. Plus, this was said in front of SY. That man has no decorum or respect for another woman’s presence either. So, I hope SY took heed to that entire scene. If she didn’t, she must be acclimated to MH and his sharp tongue for too long.

  241. 241 : yoshi Says:

    Hi all is the first time I’m supporting through a drama commentary. But, as was expressed by Hwang Jung Eum , after 20 minutes my heart beat hardly.
    First, I believe that the accident was intentional and done by people MH ‘father (I hope) .
    Second, the harm caused by DH and cowardice of DH, I think that can’t be easily forgiven. DH as a prosecutor for four years had to reinvestigated the case, did nothing, “remorse “‘s not impressive, although they are very well expressed by the actor. He is also the one who, to the party, denigrate his girlfriend, in the end of episode 8 . And if it was a stranger even not counting that was being self-destructive love for him, and all would have to be more humane, but it makes a tremendous looks with compassion but without triggering a way.
    In episode 8 I understand that MH didn’t knew that Yoo Jung ‘son died, but DH’s mother behaved strangely, here is a mystery.
    Third, I don’t think this drama has something in common with “Wuthering Heights “. However, I wish no one die in the end of series.
    And finally, may seem outdated , but I thank the writer, producers and the three wonderful actors (especially Hwang Jung Eum ) that makes me so nervous .

  242. 242 : usa-mary Says:

    @just_saying-239: Well done! I totally agree with your script for the scene re DH’s sneer…with tears, mind you. I wanted to slap him myself. Just plain disgusting and twisted!

    I’m watching how both MH and DH are obsessively scrambling to uncover dirt on each other. DH wants to run the K Group empire (cha ching) and have KY by his side (cha ching 2x). He’d make his momma so proud with her braggadocio self. After observing how far DH will go to fulfill his ambitions while still claiming love, MH continually questions the accident scene after, also, observing how pure in heart YJ is to have admitted such a heinous act against another. It doesn’t equate, and is too conflicting for him.

    Its no doubt that DH is going to pay for being the catalyst behind the shareholders meeting to oust MH. Like MH and his dad won’t find out who’s behind it. Even the walls will tell on DH for a price in the chaebol world.

  243. 243 : just_saying Says:

    @usa-mary. Loves the (cha ching) part. LOL

  244. 244 : Sharon Says:

    What DH don’t understand is that MH dad is no joke! DH is playing with fire and he will het burn.
    SY voting to dismiss MH was quite impulsive, she needs to stop being so aggressive and on the defensive. I am quite sure if she try’s to understand MH she would have been married to him by now.
    Wow, What can I say about the degrading of YJ in front of all those people.
    DH of all people make YJ look like a prostitute, by verbalizing her reason for being there. DH you are slimeeee!! How could you stand there and do nothing?? You cowardly piece of s**t.
    Then that horn dog feels that because he has money he can get YJ. Aahhh no! Number one, Mr Hobo you have nooooo swag, so going out with you is like going to never never land. Won’t happen, daaaah!
    I love how my hot tempered MH goes in for beat down on that horn ball. I am kinda worried for MH with the threat his friend made after he got his a** kicked.
    I wish MH would calm down and try to reason, than get into a rage and then regret it.

    I don’t think the drama is like Wuithering Heights, but I do believe that it’s showing how revenge can destroy lives as it did Heathcliff. I see the similarity in DH.
    YJ will fight back and that’s what I like about her. She did not let him manhandle her with out a fight, although she fell and her dress revealed her unsightly scar. I was more shocked that DH who once professed his love for YJ leave her on the floor exposed and shamed, but MH covered her with his jacket as a protection which DH has never done.

  245. 245 : Mel Says:

    Why now there will be only 16 episodes? i mean one or 2 weeks ago i am sure it was supposed to be a 20 episodes drama??
    anyone knows something about???

  246. 246 : Mel Says:

    and anyone can explain why MH took YJ to the party????I mean I did nt get the reason…..thanks

  247. 247 : Sharon Says:

    MH thought SY was not going to be there,so he needed a date for his party.

  248. 248 : Sharon Says:

    I think it was origanally 16 ep, but there must have been an error stating 20 ep.

  249. 249 : Jyenie Says:

    They won’t make it beyond 16 episodes because they want to ensure the quality of the drama. I also found out that the writers are new, no wonder it’s so refreshing. Good Job.

  250. 250 : just_saying Says:

    @mel. Few reasons why MH brought YJ to the party;

    1. He was frustrated that YJ keeps on banking in small amt of money to pay her debts. MH feels guilty abt it and he made an excuse that he will absolve (deduct/reduce) the debt if she went with him.

    2. He expected DH will be there which he was right when he saw DH (but was surprised when he saw SY) – just to pissed DH off.

    3. Best of all reasons: I believe that he brought YJ to the party just becoz he really wants to. He’s falling for her. Reason 1 & 2 are just excuses so he wouldn’t feel guilty about ‘liking’ her ‘supposed’ girlfriend’s killer.

    And when he said to SY that he thought SY will not attend the party – that’s why she brought YJ as a date is just another excuses. MH simply wants to spend time with YJ.

  251. 251 : Yoli Says:

    We have four more weeks of this drama, its provokes emotions in the viewers, my only concern is the this.

    MH downfall from the hotel, now that he knows that YJ took the blame what will he do next? Has he started to fall in love with YJ because he can see she has a pure heart. DH and SY actions against MH where will this lead?

    And to answer @Mel I think MH wanted to be with her, he is always looking for her call it revenge or needing her presence.

  252. 252 : Jyenie Says:


    Hope to share this video with everyone here 🙂

    This is my favourite part:
    Ji Sung : I am a fan of LBY’s IHYV, my heart skipped a beat when there was a kissing scene.
    Reporter : Are you going to revenge in this drama?
    Ji Sung : I am not that childish.

    Haha, so cute! but that means there won’t be any kissing scene coming up for the OTP? Darn, I am disappointed!

  253. 253 : dinaz Says:

    hello everyone
    and special hello to @jyenie,@[email protected]@fan finally i am watching secret..woww its so addictive!i think this drama is effective to make my heart flutter again after master sun! 🙂 i am watching it non stop that i dint get time to watch my minho’s heirs..hehe!(sorry minho :P)
    ep1-4 : every episode is really awesome!and the actors too are really so good..i have to mention this scene where ji sung grabs hje’s neck..his facial expressions to action were so good that i too found myself getting strangled!that scene had lots of impact!phew!
    do hoon is really evil,evil to the core i feel..yj did everything for him yet he hid everything from her..being a prosecuter it was his duty to take the victim to the hospital yet he hid everything to save himself..he had chances to confess but he is really horrible!and now he flirts with shin se yeon!what kind of love is that..he even has a son yet he has his all over se yeon!
    i am so happy to see mr lee duk hwa here i admired him alot in amy queen which i finished last week..and now i see him here!even though he plays negative roles i cant hate ajusshi..he seems too fatherly 🙂
    but in watching ep1-4 i found scenes a bit too extreme..like the container of the dead fetus,yoo jeong getting beaten up by her cellmates and getting stuffed with socks,the wound marks on the cute baby..i hate to see child abuse..wish they had not shown these scenes it was very disturbing!!
    coming on the brighter side,i love the baby San,he is soooo…cute 🙂 and ji hee’s hairstyle is so cute..she looked very sweet in her cameo role!and ji sung i really admire his acting skills here it has become better with time..
    got to watch the rest now!i am regretting why did i start so late with this drama!

  254. 254 : khalish Says:

    I like this drama sooooo much………….^_^
    cant wait the scene when YJ & MH love each others. Of course that will be painful love. but i so corious…wait for ep 9…
    and hope the rating always be no 1. i dont say The Heirs & MTT bad. but i just really like this one from the others. fighting …^_^

  255. 255 : Sharon Says:

    I think the graphic scenes were there to evoke emotions and boy it did.

  256. 256 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz-253: You’re not alone. I had to do a catch up, too.

  257. 257 : dinaz Says:

    @sharon and @usa_mary annyeong sisters 🙂
    yes sharon some scenes were actually very disturbing!great graphics!
    usa_mary u too are catching up?me too but i cant seem to stop..its so interesting..the tofu eating scene in ep 5 reminded me of u 🙂 🙂
    ep 5:omg cant believe that cute San died..i cant believe it..feel like he is alive somewhere hidden by min hyuk coz they dint show why her supposedly kind cellmate actually did that to her baby?
    ah i find do hoon cheaper and cheaper..just hate that role!bae soo bin was such a kind guy in shinning inheritance but now his role is like that in 49days..
    somehow minhyuk is getting interested in yoo jeong 🙂

  258. 258 : Faat Says:

    I like this drama sooooo much<3<3

  259. 259 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-244: Excellent comment! I couldn’t agree more.

    Up until episode 6, MH was the projected Heathcliff character type. Now, its DH. Very good observation.

    All the comments are so good on this thread because the drama is presenting and dealing with a more mature aspect of life.

    I, too, am glad that YJ fought back and ran away from that coward. Only, to have MH cover her.

    I don’t know what MH’s ‘hobo’ friend has planned for him. He probably can get away with suing MH for dental reconstruction. But, for YJ…my only hope is that Kwang Soo is around to stop him or whoever he sends. So, MH, please have KS follow YJ, closely. Those chauffeurs aren’t just drivers. They know the martial arts and can take out an army if need be.

    I’ve noticed that for a while in kdramas that its really serious when a woman has a visible scar on her body to the extent that she would be labeled as damaged goods. Amazing! Everyone wants someone who looks good, like eye candy, of course. But, for that scar, she’s damaged goods? People look down on the most superficial things.

  260. 260 : Carmen Says:

    You know some people mention that the baby is still alive, can you imagine her with the baby, and all her sufrimientos, like her Dad die, and all the stuff after all that, she will have to take care of the baby…it will be so hard for herself I think this writer knows what he is doing…then later on we will find out about the Baby….I have been looking at the rate this drama went up from 7 to 16…that tells you a lot about how good this is it!

  261. 261 : zeez22 Says:

    this is getting exciting! really curious how the story will develop… i am also very happy to see that the ratings have improved… this is really a good show! love ji sung!

  262. 262 : Sharon Says:

    Ain’t that a shame I rather have damage good outside and eye candy inside.
    Aahhh then again, not too too damage outside. “SMILE”

  263. 263 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-262: I sense that much later in this drama, she will have plastic surgery done on that area by a kind, loving benefactor.

  264. 264 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz-257: Annyeonganseyo! Tofu…LOL I, also, believe San is alive being hidden by someone.

    YJ does run into her former cellmate. You’ll see what occurs when they meet, so I won’t give it away. Its really good.

    This drama is so magnetic. The PD crew always knows exactly where to end this drama, just to keep us coming back for more!

    Guess what I’m watching dinaz and Sharon…Purnar vivaah. I had stopped watching it, but recently returned to it again. I’m watching it in between the newly aired kdramas, and because I missed seeing my brown-eyed candy, GC. That man has the dreamiest eyes. There’s no kissing or pdf for the most part, but boy…their eye contact is so expressive and tells a story all its own.

  265. 265 : foreigner Says:

    It’s unbelievable but Ahn Do Hoon abandoned Kang Yoo Jung’s father. The father died because of him. Did he really need to do that? He could bring him to the hospital, the father didn’t say anything for 5 years. Ahn Do Hoon really went too far. What loyalty of this man. He brought bad luck all the time, but she even helped to finance his studies. It wasn’t a good match for her. Fortunately Kang Yoo Jung decided to separate from him.

  266. 266 : Chloe04 Says:

    I just watched episode 8 and I am really liking this drama. So has YJ just gotten to believe she did it since she has gone through so much for the lie?

    Is MH falling for her because somehow deep down he knows she didn’t do it, something about it doesn’t see right? That sucker DH better get his….low life cowardly creep. Did this all happen at TGI Fridays:)

    Somehow I have a hard time seeing a happy ending her with all the turmoil gone through. She must be so scarred inside too. But you never know.

  267. 267 : dinaz Says:

    @usa_mary hi 🙂
    omo she meets that cellmate?cant wait to go home and finish ep7 and 8..now i m getting more eager to watch it knowing that..awesome storyline very captivating..ya ure rite it keeps us wanting for more and more..
    Punar vivaah..meaning remarriage,it was quite popular some months back..the very ‘in-drama’ this year is Madhubala.i watched for 5-6months but not anymore but i know about the latest happenings from my mom.. 🙂 i like the guy there Vivian Dsena..but he is not as hot as gurmeet though.. 😛 u will not see kisses in indian dramas only in movies they appear..so eyes and facial expressions are very important.. 🙂

  268. 268 : dinaz Says:

    Ep 5 and 6 : its so sad to see yj state now.her only source of happiness her dad too is snatched away from her..min hyuk is melting now.i guess its hard for him to believe that such a girl could kill any person..
    can do hoon get any cheaper than this.what did he do to her dad?abandoned him or killed him?that coward..for him yj did everything and she even got a scar!i m so glad she dumped him..he dint even refuse.that cheap guy!
    sometimes i doubt do hoon’s mom too..coz she looks guilty when san was mentioned.there are chances that she might have hidden him somewhere..aigoo cant 4gt that kiddo’s face he’s just too cute..i want to carry him in my lap..hehe..

  269. 269 : happy Says:

    this thread is getting interesting…some people in master’s sun move over here…well,i’m not a person who can predict or describe people ‘s emotion…reading all your comments here make me more understand about this ‘secret’…
    thank you dinaz,usa_mary,sharon,fan…i knew you in master’s sun’s thread…it’s nice hear you here…

  270. 270 : clairerosean Says:

    Well Hello-hello! @dinaz/ @usa-mary/ @Sharon

    Glad to see you Gals here.. i was wondering where have you been all hanging out after TMS.. we talked about following the new dramas (TH, MHIYD, R1994 etc) but we must have forgotten this one.

    Wow, totally agree with you that this drama is kinda addictive. There is something in it that even though they have this ‘sadistic kinda-plot’ that will make you cry yet you won’t have that hate-annoyed-disbelief feeling like the other dramas. You’d feel hurt and sad and cry a lot yet you won’t feel like there’s any stupidity or unnecessary naivenety – just pure evil-torment from the people who hates her (and loves her as well) I’m not sure if it is because the actors/ actresses portrays their roles really good so you won’t lose the connection with their roles or perhaps the screenplay and direction is very well crafted.

    Love the character of KYJ – I honestly think I can be that generous when I am in love. That’s my greatest flaw. Her devotion to that Lawyer BF of her is really – strong. I can imagine how her world will fall apart once all the ‘Secrets’ will be revealed (my hunch – a big secret about her father’s death but the biggest secret will be about San, their poor baby – I do remember a part when MH and the lawyer BF were talking about her parole – where MH gave the ‘choice’ to that lawyer to ‘decide’ about her parole coz he is one of the deciding panel. I am assuming he is the one who approached that abusive cell-mate and not MH – just my thinking.)

    About MH, he is the best! His childish and somehow selfish character is kinda funny although sometimes I want to take him by the ear and spank him for being naughty. I think it is his character that is giving this drama the funny-touch to keep it from being a typical melo. Love it when he himself is getting confused about his own feelings towards KYJ. He doesn’t seem to realize that his own actions have given away his true feelings already – poor baby. He is kind of hot as a stalker though. 🙂

    And about the Lawyer BF, he is so bad for being such a spineless loser yet I wonder why I can’t hate him completely (like any villains from the other dramas) I think it’s how the writers made his role as at least half-human (I mean he is indeed an annoying weakling but when it comes to KYJ, he still hesitate in doing something bad right away and pursue her for another option – the sad part though, he can’t stick with his decision of saying NO – so weak that in the end, he’ll just go with the flow.

    The Ajummas from the prison are so cool. The imitation bag-ajumma introduced herself as ‘Sandara Park’… really? Just like the one from 2NE1 LOL – MH’s stepmom called her Sandara Wang though, I wonder now what’s her real name is. 😛

    Lastly, that MH’s male secretary is pretty cute-pitiful… But I think he is sticking with MH because he somehow knew that MH is not an evil person, just a grieving one… loved it when he said (with a smile) that he believes in love!

    Anyways, another long week of wait. See you Gals around. CHEERS!

  271. 271 : ling ling Says:

    I am so corious about this drama …

  272. 272 : mango Says:

    This drama is so depressing.. I simply dislike it

  273. 273 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz-267: Hi there! I didn’t want to say too much because I want you to experience the scenes for yourself. Yes, I totally agree about the ahjumma cellmates. I observed them while YJ was in prison, but didn’t file them into a category of like or dislike, since I focused on YJ more. Now, I can say that I like them since they’re away from that prison life and not only did they embrace YJ, but are looking out for each other. Now, that’s what mature, grown women do for each other.

    Re Indian Dramas. I’m actually glad there’s no kissing in the dramas. I like having a choice. It maintains the mystery of each person’s passionate feelings towards one another without the act itself. I’ve watched the movies and agree that they sometimes get quite cozy.

    @happy-269: Hi there! Good to see you here! As you can tell, we’re definitely into this drama.

    @clairerosean-270: Hi! Good to see you here, too. We’re also watching The Heirs and on that thread. I’m also watching MHIYD and on that thread.

  274. 274 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz-267: I wanted to tell you that I’m watching Remarriage without the aid of English subs. The person that posted the drama on Youtube has done such an excellent job with recaps, that its easy to follow.

    San is a beautiful baby. I could just kiss both his fat little cheeks and snuggle his little neck to make him laugh. When I recall that scene, my firsts thoughts were…who…who could harm such an innocent. helpless little sweetie just to have their sentence reduced and get moved to a better location to learn a trade. Framing YJ. She had a choice. On top of that, they even chose the one closes to her. Making her feel more isolated and betrayed. My mind still refuses to grasp that rationale. Heffa!

  275. 275 : rory Says:

    hello! nice to see familiar names here..just finished watching ep5 & 6…yea..yea..I’m slowly catching up too but I swear this drama is sooooo addicting!
    I wanna hug Yoo Jung, how hard is her life..took the blame, living in prison, losing San Hee..*God, I missed this adorable baby so much ㅠ.ㅠ
    I think that San Hee is still alive too..and how come KYJ’s dad suddenly goes to Pohang?poor uri Yoo jung..Do Hoon ah, how could u!
    Jo Min Hyuk, I know u’re kind-hearted person..pls be nice to Yoo Jung hurm..

    I dunno how many tears I have shed for her so far…
    this is a very heart wrenching drama..good acting..good plot..just daebak!
    will cont. watching ep 7&8 tomorrow…*oh my poor swollen eyes

  276. 276 : mml Says:

    Min Hyuk started to fall in love with Yoo Jung in episode 6 when she was admitted to hospital. His revenge plot was to torture Yoo Jung as long as she is alive that’s why he was worried that if Yoo Jung die then leading him to misery that he can’t continue to torture her.

    Episode 7 and Episode 8 showed even more obvious that Min Hyuk had already fallen in love with Yoo Jung.
    Episode 8 , Min Hyuk had already found evidence to prove that Ahn Do Hoon was the person who made him lost his girlfriend during the hit and run accident thus making him even more revengeful and changed his target plan.

    Since, Min Hyuk is so rich, he should give money to Yoo Jung for the surgery to amend her ugly scar on her body. He may feel guilty for leading Yoo Jung to so much misery including her sufferings and pain in 5years prison.
    The heavy debt that Yoo Jung owed Min Hyuk takes 30years then can pay off her debt. How is she going to be able to clear off all her debt ?

    The sad thing that Yoo Jung was naive to believe and thought that Do Hoon was the one who sent her to hospital and she told Min Hyuk that Do Hoon still shows care towards her that’s why leading to Min Hyuk suspected the real killer.
    How does Min Hyuk to be able to fix back the mistake and unnecessary hurt that he had done to Yoo Jung ?

    Upon the discovery of the real killer, maybe Do Hoon will try to destroy and kill Yoo Jung. I think Min Hyuk will appoint his assistance to protect Yoo Jung instead.
    Since Min Hyuk had already found out the truth in episode 8, he will not let the matter rest. Most probably, he may want to combine forces and strength with Yoo Jung to further his revenge plot. And how can Min Hyuk being able to compensate Yoo Jung for his negligence in his wrong judgement and causes severe hurt in Yoo Jung ?

    Min Hyuk is going to keep this secret upon his discovery that Yoo Jung is the poor victim for the blind love towards Do Hoon.
    Otherwise, Min Hyuk will not be able to start his romance with Yoo Jung. Does Yoo Jung will finally accept Min Hyuk whereby Yoo Jung is betray by Do Hoon ? Or can Min Hyuk run away and refuse to marry the appointed future wife Se Yeon and go all his way to win Yoo Jung’s heart and love her wholeheartedly makes viewers like me to get excited and eager to watch episode 9.
    Maybe, the ending episode is, Do Hoon committed suicide for losing everything ?
    Okay, i will continue to like and watch this drama.

  277. 277 : yoshi Says:

    Hello again. This drama is so special because we have strong feelings that the main theme (love, sacrifice, revenge, cowardice, selfishness) feelings excellent expressed by actors. The boring power struggle theme present in so many K Drama’s, finds it in the background, almost not we notice. Are so many possibilities for continuing the story that almost every one of us sees a final. You see, all, anxiously awaited the next episode.

  278. 278 : wulan Says:

    i love this drama..great story and great actor/actris.. ^^~

  279. 279 : Sharon Says:

    I am glad that you are here!!

    Glad you are here too!
    I agree with you. The story is on point thanks to the writers and the directors take the story to another level with their vision. The actors tell the story quite convincenly and last but not least the camera people are great especially at the end of ep 7 when DH saw the picture of YH and himself in the gift box that MH sent. The camera was angled from the bottom which gives DH look a dramatic effect. This is a great cast and crew.

  280. 280 : usa-mary Says:

    I hope the situation will turn around soon in this drama for YJ because we’re already halfway through it and we haven’t even reached the climax, yet.

    I’m seriously going to give myself a break from all this hate, revenge, vendetta, and screaming mi mi’s in these dramas. The writer’s have gone overboard with this type genre.

  281. 281 : maja Says:

    if it’s ji sung drama it must be good!!! very good actor … loved him since “save the last dance for me”

  282. 282 : Shazwani zr Says:

    When the preview of episode 9 come out??? Please give the preview of episode 9… T_T

  283. 283 : clairerosean Says:

    @274 usa-mary:

    I am still kind of lost about the story of MHIYD, Eun Hye is adorable as always and those two eye candies aren’t bad at all. I just need to re-watch the episodes i guess so i can fully understand (or to at least get a hint about Ajumma’s ‘someone will die’ warning…)

    And about TH, so far I am loving it too. I am a natural lover of TWEETUMS stories… i hope KT and CES’s love story progresses more now that he came back to Korea.

    I am also watching MTT by the way (well i won’t miss it coz Joo Ji Hoon is there), although some scenes are touching i must say – especially when it comes to mother-son relationship but still I am not quite sure about the coming Love-triangle story between those 3 cute doctors. I hope Han Seung Jae (Joo Ji Hoon) won’t be the ‘bad guy’ later on if that lady doctor Seo Joo Young (Jung Ryu Won) falls for Park Tae Shin (Kwon Sang Woo…

    Besides, if she’d reject JJH later, Oppa can always come to me.. 🙂

    Anyways, See ya’ll around Gals!

  284. 284 : dinaz Says:

    ep 7 &8 : finally i am up to date with this drama..phew!!after torturing my eyes.hehe!now i can join you all properly 🙂
    The last part of ep8..daebak daebak..i just loved it!now that min hyuk found out the truth i guess he will acknowledge his feelings for yoo jung 🙂 🙂 aigoo i am so happy 😀 and i am happy that she removed do hoon’s hand from her..yipee!
    i was so happy to see yoo jung beating up that cellmate of hers..i was like more more..hit her more!!hehe..she too saw san growing up and always taking care of san in yj’s absence..how could she do that to san?what did she do to him that he got marks on his little body?she was ruthless to the core even if she had a reason!!
    the most horrible cellmate who stuffed socks into yj’s mouth turned out to be the nicest one.. 🙂 she actually always adored San.i like the names they choose for themselves Grace Lee,Sandara Park..lol..and that red and white polka dotted dress felt like she just came out of the circus show..hahahaha!
    i hated it whenever Do Hoon appeared on screen i hate to his lousy excuses to justify his deeds..he always had an eye on Se Yeon even when yj was in touble..ah that cheap guy!!
    Lee Da Hee’s role here is not so strong as ‘i hear your voice’ she is just there as a pretty face..hope her role gets better coz she is really capable and yes she has an amazing figure!
    poor kwang soo,he gets scolded even if he obeys his master’s orders..lol..
    My most fav scene : min hyuk kicking the bottles on the road and screaming why does it hurt to see yoo jung hurting..couldnt stop smiling at that scene..i think i m so stupid..hehe..

  285. 285 : dinaz Says:

    @usa-mary yup these cellmates are so helpful to yj that now she has only them to go to after losing her entire family!
    but you know sometimes its annoying when there is no kiss at all in indian dramas..hehehehe!specially if you follow the whole series but we are quite used to it 😛 but watching without subs woww!!
    i miss San too..in the drama when yj cries that she is missing San i too miss him!she is really cute and if you snuggle his neck he will show his cute teeth..i was shocked to see marks on his body,even though its just a drama its still disturbing!i really hope he is alive and comes back safe to his mommy!
    @happy hi 🙂 would love to hear about your views too about this drama 🙂
    @clairerosean hi 🙂 yup this drama was never in my watch list but once i started it was history..lol..yes this drama is DARK but its really addictive like black coffee..the ones who gets the taste of it knows it well of its value..the only drama i watched of this genre is A LOVE TO KILL..how can you not hate do hoon??hehe when i am cursing him whole time..haha!
    @rory your eyes are swollen?mine has dark circles now..lol..

  286. 286 : dinaz Says:

    i forgot to mention about the ost my fav one is ‘Incurable disease by Navi’ it toally matches with the scenes..love that song!
    is it asking for too much if i want a happy ending?looking at the scenario now it seems impossible.. 🙁 but i really hope that yoo jung and min hyuk will be happy together,yoo jung pursuing her dream of becoming a chef and se yeon will continue with her painting job and later meet somene nice.and the loser Do hoon rotting in jail..
    Happy ending please..

  287. 287 : clairerosean Says:

    @dinaz: 285

    Uh-Oh! I think i’m in trouble now for not hating DH.. LOL truthfully, maybe i just can’t forget his adorable role in Shining Inheritance that is.. 🙂 I do agree with you though about that scene when MH kicked the poor can/ or plastic bottle.. LOL he didn’t even realized yet that LOVE is allover his forehead already! I can also see that DH ending up in jail, with all his cowardice and snake-like attitude, he deserve it (am i getting there now???) 🙂

    I haven’t seen that A Love To Kill.. i am assuming it is a K-Drama so i might look for that.

    Too bad Wednesday is still a long wait.. i hope you’d eliminate those dark circles though…


  288. 288 : usa-mary Says:

    @Yoshi-277: Hello! Good to see you here.

    @clairerosean-283/7: It does take a minute to comprehend what the writers of MHIYD is trying to convey. Yet, I’m positive that what’s already happened can’t be change completely, but we’ll see what the creative ‘kdramaland’ pen has in store.

    I wouldn’t say you’re in trouble for not hating DH. You’re just in his fan club with a membership of….1!

    -Besides, if she’d reject JJH later, Oppa can always come to me.-

    @clairerosean: Oppa can always see you! LOL That’s so cute. For me…after watching Goddess of Marriage, I’m a little oppa gun shy! Though I’ll comment on their fineness and form, in any given drama, that’s about it for me at this point. That is, unless there any oppa out there willing to prove otherwise? LOL

    @dinaz-284/5: By the way, didn’t cellmate pull that sock off her feet and stuff in YJ’s mouth?! Girl, I would have been a female version of Hercules that day.

    Re YJ’s relationship with DH. Girlfriend, YJ knows she’s a good one. Me…I would have freed herself from DH long ago as if he was a cheap suit with poorly stitched seams. It would just slide off me!

    RE LDH from I Hear Your Voice. She’s an amazing, beautiful actress, but she’s too thin for her already thin frame. Not judging, just saying.

    @rory and dinaz: LOL…swollen eyes and dark circles! See, that’s why I work hard not to get so caught up into these drama like I did before. At one point, I was considering wearing sunglasses because I cried so much and so often. If my laptop had ears, it would have told me to get another hobby. LOL Ladies, I’m better now because of the following that works for me. Tip: Balance it out by watching comedy, dancing to some good music or both. That’s what I do. It works wonders for the mind and body, as well.

  289. 289 : usa-mary Says:

    P.S. @rory and dinaz: Good facial products and eye exercise helps, too.

  290. 290 : dinaz Says:

    @clairerosean lol its ok u can always like him.. 🙂 but dont mind me cursing that snake..haha!well,that was my fav scene even though it was not pleasant to see him kicking bottles!!hehe..
    ‘a love to kill’ is a korean drama and has rain and shin min ah as the leads..it had a similar plot but not same.it had a sad ending so i am hoping that in secret this wont happen..yoo jung and min hyuk deserves happiness 🙂 i m trying to get rid off my dark circles.. 🙂 i wouldnt have mind having them if i could meet a guy like joo joong won(so ji sub)who loved the dark circled tae gong shil..hahahaha! 😛
    @usa_mary yup she pulled out her dirty sock and stuffed into yj’s mouth and started hitting her!!but why?cheap suit with poorly stitched seams..lol..thats a good one 😛 his role is really very cheap to give us this kind of feeling!
    lee da hee is just too stiif here with no interest in anything..she was so gud in ihyv!the only scene she looked good was when she was singing!hope the writers do justice to her role!
    i m trying to use eye brightning creams..lol..ya ure right its not good to get so addicted to dramas..thanx for the advice 🙂 🙂
    which drama did u cry the most?i cried the most watching ‘autumn tale’..that was a super depressing drama!

  291. 291 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz-290: Are you and @clairerosean talking about the same person? She’s referring to DH. MH is the one who kicked the can.

    So Ji Sub…I hear ya! Bring him on! LOL

    Bae Soo Bin as Do Hoon is an excellent actor. Anytime an actor makes me forget (momentarily) that they’re actually not that character in real life has exceptional acting ability.

    Which dramas did I cry the most while watching. I have a list that I’ll try to keep short. Truthfully speaking, I learnt to keep a box of tissue nearby.

    1) First Love (1998-K) First Asian drama ever watched on TV.
    2) The Snow Queen (K-won’t ever do a re-watch of this one) Hyun Bin stars.
    3) Bad Love (K)
    4) City Hall (K) Kim Sun Ah crying scenes are very moving.
    5) Fated To Love You (T)
    6) How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor (K) Bae Doo Na is my girl!
    6) A Fierce Wife (T)
    7) Sunny Happiness (T)
    8) Nagareboshi (J)

  292. 292 : usa-mary Says:

    291: Oops…forgot to renumber.

    @dinaz: Remarriage is something else! GC’s character literally has a shrine in his bedroom with blown up pictures and miniatures of he and his first wife everywhere you turn. Not only that, his mother calls his 2nd wife by his 1st wife’s name and told her that she has no choice in the matter. WT… What is going on with the subculture living standards of these wealthy people? They are CRAZY for real!

    I have one more drama to add that made me cry a lot.

    10) The Mysteries of Love (HK)

  293. 293 : katy Says:

    face of lead actress is so weird , too much cosmetic ,
    this is considered as the failure of cosmetic intervention

  294. 294 : rory Says:

    I love ep.7, some scenes makes me smile..Yes, that’s true…JMY is slowly show his interest and care about KYJ now..

    “A woman dying because of me, I don’t want to see that anymore…”

    I loved the way he called “driver”..”driver” in a cute voice <3
    and says to KYJ don't laugh in front of me…HA!
    and also in meeting room scene..that loudspeaker called 😀

    too bad that KYJ misunderstood JMY was the reason why she failed that parole test..

    it's good to see KYJ & her cellmates were still keep in touch n even worked together now..who will imagine this gangster unni was actually very kind and understanding person too..

    @dinaz & @usa_mary
    eotokkae, it's 3am here now..why did my eyes choose to watch KD at this hour?LOL!

  295. 295 : Sandy Says:

    I just did a marathon of this drama. As much as I liked Bae Soo Bin in Shining Inheritance, here I think he is such a self centered coward for
    first for being the culprit of the hit and run because he was afraid about his career and let his woman take the blame. Second, I hate him for stopping the parole to take place, thus the baby being taken away from his mother and to make her believe that he died. I firmly believe that baby San is still alive, writer didn’t dwell too much in it so it gives me hope. Third, for making his father in law died on the streets after the lucid moment in which he confronted him that he had framed his daughter. As the saying says, “what goes around, always comes around”. I’m hoping from here on Jo Min Hyuk will protect KYJ against everyone even from himself as we all know that he is totally in love with her and because he doesn’t want to repeat the story of his first girlfriend. It is my suspicion though, that it was not a hit and run, the girl was already dead and abandoned there…it’s just my suspicion…I will have to wait to see the rest of the next 8 episodes to confirm my suspicion…ready for Wednesday now!! 🙂

  296. 296 : khalish Says:

    @295 sandy
    yes, i agree with you. there is a connection between JH’s death n MH’s family maybe his father. n actually this is not hit-run. It makes the story more complicated then we predicted.

  297. 297 : acha Says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsNh_kpzKhE preview for episode 9.

  298. 298 : billy Says:

    i have started watching and by golly this drama is too painful to bear…i look forward to ep 6 onward when the mystery starts to unravel and romance between MH and YJ starts to bloom….i have yet to survive ep 4 and 5…everybody wish me luck!

  299. 299 : clairerosean Says:


    288: HAHAHAHHA Fan Club of 1 member.. totally pathetic eh?
    291: Yes dinaz and me were actually talking about MH – it just so happen, we talked about too many topics at the same time so, the conversation somehow became all-over-the-place!

    And So Ji-Sub? He is the hottest of them all..!


    290: I watched the ending (thankfully i started from the end) of that K-D ‘A Love To Kill’.. uh-oh – another tragic ending. You’re right, i hope ‘Secret’ won’t have the same ending…

    @rory: LOL Totally agree about that Loud Speaker scene.. MH is such a child! His surprised face is simply hilarious.. 🙂

    @acha: WOW! Thanks for the EP 09 Preview, totally appreciated it. Whoa, I can somehow foresee now that the upcoming episodes will be very emotional and full of confrontations..

    @billy: 298: i think you won’t be needing much of luck to finish the rest of the episodes… concentrate on MH’s funniness/ goofiness and you’d survive definitely.

    See you GALS around!! 🙂

  300. 300 : NewFan Says:

    Hi everyone! First time leaving a comment in this site. Love the mystery and suspense they showed in this drama. I just finish watching the latest preview. I’m like wow! Just wow! It makes me more anticipate to watch the ep 9. Sad though I don’t understand any words of it. 🙁 Anyone here can translate it for me or give me a hint of what they say because my curiosity is on the highest level.

    Also, is MHIYD drama good? I kinda have mix feeling whether to watch it or not.

  301. 301 : SandyT Says:

    After watching the preview for ep 9, I’m now looking forward to watching it. It appears Yoo Jung is going to finally start putting the pieces together concerning the type of person her oppa really is.

  302. 302 : usa-mary Says:

    What a bunch of crock! The loader of the episode 9 preview didn’t make it available to be viewed in my country. There’s just too many stipulations now on who can view whatever where ever, compared to the way it was before. I’ll just wait for it to post on the net.

  303. 303 : zura Says:

    it seems the prev of ep.9 promises a more intriguing story.:)

  304. 304 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, hold me because I wasn’t to slap the s**t out of DH. In the preview he gave YJ money to leave town and told her it’s because of her MH is linking him to the case. Really… I mean really! Whoa, please let me slap him once. Then it shows where MH is looking for YJ. I have the urge to tell DH about himself, you %#%%##%%**%<# need to #%#%## you coward! I told him.

  305. 305 : Sharon Says:

    I love MH nick name for YJ. Tari…tari…tari…sooooooo cute.
    I really love how YJ kick the cell mate a**. Good job directors, it make her seems like a real person that’s hurting not the candy girl that always portrayed. Writers!!!!! You keep me open like 7eleven..I just can’t put it down. Excellent melodrama !!!!!!!!

  306. 306 : dinaz Says:

    @usa-mary and @clairerosean i meant mh too..i like that scene where he kicks the bottles on the road and says why does it hurt to see yj hurting 🙂 i have another fav scene in ep8 where he says that yoo jung will listen only to him and no one else..droolssss!! 😛
    and regarding dh i meant clairerosean will not not be in trouble for liking bae soo bin 🙂 🙂
    @usa-mary from your list i watched snow queen..somehow it was depressing from the very start i too will not rewatch that!fated to love you-i guess ure talking about the scene where the girl loses her baby?i cried so much in that scene..thats one of my fav T-drama,city hall was good coz i got to know cha seung won..he is so macho and handsome..phew!!i bought how to meet a perfect neighbour 2yrs back but its still lying in my shelf..is it good?
    in indian dramas the mother in laws are just too wicked..the more they make the daughter in law suffer more higher the ratings..lol..
    woww u watched alot of dramas..daebak!!
    since u cant watch the preview..let me tell u a little bit of the preview
    1.mh punches dh really hard..hehe!but yj screams at mh for doing..that..mh says ‘what are you’? something like that..
    2.that idiot dh screams at yj..
    some more scenes passes between dh,mh and lee da hee..
    3.mh talks something about ‘protecting yj forever’ to dh..
    4.mh peeps at the cafeteria where yj works.. 🙂 🙂
    5.jy looks at some king of receipt..in the next scene mh grabs yj’s cellmate collar(Grace Lee..lol) asking where is yj..
    so sorry if there is a mistake 🙁 but i just wanted to share the preview with you..

  307. 307 : Sharon Says:

    I think when YJ fines out that DH is a piece of gum that sticks to the bottom of your shoe, she will be the one taking revenge. I also think that the table is going to turn.


  308. 308 : dinaz Says:

    @rory dear please put some cold pack in your eyes..hope you are updated till ep8 by now 🙂 🙂
    @acha thax for the preview 🙂
    @billy goodluck..have fun and do share your views too.. 🙂
    @clairerosean u watched from the last?lol..it was too sad hope secret will have a happy ending 🙂
    @sandy woww good guess it might be like that coz its a secret so may be what you are suspecting..

  309. 309 : dinaz Says:

    @sharon let me join you too in slapping him..lol.. 😛 sorry clairerosean we really want to slap your dh oppa..hahahaha!

  310. 310 : Sharon Says:

    I am Soo mad at DH. I feel like he forgets that he is the culprit. Now he is blaming YJ, no no no he has to be punished!!!

  311. 311 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, one thing I can say is that MJ wears his clothes well. He looks good in everything. Wardrobe crew, you are doing a good job.

  312. 312 : Hong Phuong Says:

    OMG, i love it, this drama will be no.1

  313. 313 : Sharon Says:

    DH needs a psychiatric evaluation. He has gone crazzzyyy!!
    I know he gel off the boat and I understood hoping he would come clean and
    atone for the mistake he made, because the accident is just what it is an accident. He has gone too far he is no longer shades of gray he has become full blown evil.

  314. 314 : Sharon Says:

    It’s fell off the boat, not gel. Damn phone!

  315. 315 : NewFan Says:

    After reading the comment, I finally get a bit meaning of it. Gosh, DH is piece of #$%^. Somehow I get the feeling that if giving money to YJ didn’t work, he’ll do ANYTHING to conceal it even hurting or using someone dearly to him so he can get away and live happily.
    I’m also looking forward where DH’s mom get her own punishment for being to materialistic. She even let her son live like a slime who depends on woman’s financial or status by introducing a woman of higher status for an arrange marriage. That wench.
    Good thing is MH is braver than DH. I think maybe in later ep that YJ shows or teach MH how to live independently without relying his dad’s money. That way he can prove everyone including DH judgement of him wrong.

  316. 316 : Clairerosean Says:

    Lol you girls are crazy @dinaz and @sharon.. you can beat DH to your hearts content and i promise i wont mind it even a bit. Joo Ji Hoon and So Ji sub are my real oppas… LOL

    anyways, i cannot wait till it is Wednesday already..

    @usa-mary: i hope you have seen EP 09 already? 🙂

  317. 317 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz-309: I’ll add my hand slap! Make that 2 hands from me, left/right.

    @Sharon-311/3: I see you share my perspective when it comes to a well-dressed man! DH’s mind is like gel instead of lobes, so nothing is wrong with your phone. LOL Being a prosecutor isn’t enough for him. He’s an earthling who’s courting the moon and the stars.

    @Clairerosean-316: I’ve seen episode 8, but episode 9 isn’t out, yet. Wednesday…cometh!

  318. 318 : Sharon Says:

    You know when I knew DH tubby mommy was no darn good??? When the neighbor ask her to pay her back the money she owed and she started to get upset saying she has no money. However, she could go into her cupboard and take out a stash of cash to give to YJ trying to pay her off.

  319. 319 : Sharon Says:

    I a man want to turn me on dress to impress!! Hahaha..
    MH looks good on his clothes and Ji Sung has done a marvelous job portraying MH. What I like is that Ji Sung can change his emotions so quickly for his character and make him loveable.
    Guys, I think I have a new crush…

  320. 320 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, I think YJ is not going to fall in love with MH. I think she is going to find out about DH and she is going to take revenge. Maybe that why the writers used Wuthering Heights as a metaphor for revenge.

    I don’t know!? I just want Wednesday to come!!!!

  321. 321 : NewFan Says:

    True. I bet that DH’s materialistic and ambitious personality he gets from his mom and maybe..just maybe, the cowardice he gets from his dad.
    Oh no, if YJ is not falling in love but taking revenge.. will there be no happy ending? I haven’t read Wuthering Heights yet but I’m guessing the story have bad ending to the leading man. I don’t want to see something bad happen to the lead actor/actress in the end. Its so unfair.

  322. 322 : Sharon Says:

    Me too!! I believe when she fines out how terrible DH really is and feel like a dummy after giving him her all, she is going to go rogue. Guess what?? I won’t blame her. About the love thing between MH and YJ I don’t think it will happen. Unless, they give us like a five years after .. I could be wrong, I want to be wrong!!!
    It looks like MH is going to loose everything because of DH and SY.

  323. 323 : happy Says:

    well i’d like to join in slapping DH….really…god,he’s really…aaarrgghh….i feel like i want to call tae gong shil…so she can talk to ji hee and then talk to MY about the fact…

  324. 324 : khalish Says:

    If the writer doesn’t changes his mind i think this drama about a man who falling in love with a women who killed his girlfriend. so love story between MH & YJ is main topic in this drama. and that’s what iam waiting for (fatal romance). if the love story doesnt exist, i think this drama not interesting anymore.

  325. 325 : Sharon Says:

    Would DH get rid of MH dad, so he can control the company? Why I asked that question is because DH found out that MH father is going to Germany to see the doctor. DH also ask him how long does he have left to live. I was thinking the best way to get revenge on MD is to take away his money and status, by getting him out of Kgroup;get rid of MD’s father and he will eventually take over the company.

    SY must feel some sort of way to see the man she is suppose to marry fighting his friend for another woman. That’s a bit humiliating to watch, so now she is taking revenge on MH by voting against him. Wasn’t SY the one who introduce DH to Wuthering Heights and spoke of revenge for love. Hmmmmm, SY you are not practicing what you preach.

  326. 326 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, I have a question!?? Whose black box did DH look at in the security room at KGroup? What I realized is that the car with the black box passed DH and YJ fixing the windshield wiper, so could that car who drove ahead of them hit and run JH???

  327. 327 : happy Says:

    me too,i thought that is it because do hoon is a prosecuter he will find violation of existing laws in the company so he can exploit or even taking over the company…

  328. 328 : Sharon Says:

    That’s exactly what DH did. He search for violation, by using SY information and wrote to the board of MH wrong doing and his inability to move the hotel forward and petition for MH dismissal from KGroup.

  329. 329 : NewFan Says:

    @322 – Sharon
    I so hope it will be wrong. I want to see the romance. I’m a sucker for this kind of romance! And I think that DH and SY is not the only one who will take everything from MH. There is another person. The guy who MH punch in ep 8. (Sigh) I want to see that guy suffer. To me it isn’t enough to teach that guy a lesson.
    I too have the same suspicion about DH revenge to MH. After, he’s a silent evil or avenger for constantly picking on him and humiliating him because of rank and status.

    Count me in!! The reason I’m so hooked to this drama is not only because of the suspense, drama, mystery but also the ROMANCE! I hope the writer maintains it. Finger-cross.

  330. 330 : billy Says:

    I survived ep 1 to 7, im hoping there wont be no more heartbreaks in store for YJ, but we are still too far away from reckoning time. I hate the fact that YJ wholeheartedly accepted the blame for DH, losing her own child and father in the process. She acted impulsively trying to protect the man she loves, a natural reaction from someone who really love…i just wonder if this is a great trait to promote or not to the viewers…for a moment of self-sacrifice, she paid a hell-lot more! I believe that one good deed deserves a reward, but she’s getting unbearable punishment, she couldnt even hold on anymore to the man she loved. realizing that any future together seemed bleak..Im looking forward to one great passionate love coming from Min Hyuk, but I fear the reaction of MH’s father once he learns about this. I agree that it will most probably be YJ’s influence who will make MH stronger. YJ is quite a character!

  331. 331 : billy Says:

    YJ is a saint and she deserves a good, strong man to love and cherish her. True enough, neither DH nor MH are good enough for her! We all sort of know that it will be the start of MH and YJ romance from hereon…I hope that the writer will try to fix MH character that would compliment YJ in a lot of way…make MH really strong to fight the obstacles coming their way….let him protect YJ to the full…

  332. 332 : happy Says:

    and this might a turning point for MH and YJ…we saw how MH treated YJ…now MH has owed so many to YJ….

  333. 333 : clairerosean Says:

    @usa-mary: 317 – of course, silly me. i wanted to ask whether you watched the EP09 preview (in response to your comment no. 302) but i missed the cue word ‘preview’… 😛

  334. 334 : clairerosean Says:

    @sharon: 326 I think the B-Box belongs to MH’s driver since the files were actually archived at MH’s Security Dept. Just a guess. 🙂

    @Khalish 324 and @new-fan 329: Me three! Fingers and toes crossed… i hope (really hope) that there will be more Love story about KYJ and MH.. Poor them, both suffered a lot so they deserve to be happy..! 🙂

    Wednesday & Thursday – come already!

  335. 335 : Sharon Says:

    I thought that too, but I was also thinking that maybe he had a copy of the CCTV video from the detective.
    On the preview it looks like YJ took the money that DH gave her and leave town. MH is desperately looking for Tari. I would love a romance scene with them both because YJ deserve it, but she is not over DH as yet. Also in the preview she found a receipt in her fathers pocket, so this may also be YJ turning point.

  336. 336 : NewFan Says:

    Glad to have another people in the group who love to see romance between MH and YJ.

    I agree and the receipt kinda look like a money in the account. If it is the money, is it the money his father collect from DH’s mom 5 years ago? or something else? I wish I could see the receipt more clearer so I could my my own assumption. 🙁

  337. 337 : Gaby81 Says:

    Does Anyone Have A Link For The Preview To Episode 9? I Really Want To See What You All Are Talking About 🙁

  338. 338 : rory Says:

    this MH, how could he spontaneously flicking Gwang Soo’s forehead! Poor Gwang Soo [when I 1st heard MH called his name i can’t help but burst out laughing…Gwang Soo’s name here reminds me of Lee Gwang Soo in RM 😀 ] but I guess he’s the one who understand MH the most..

    “seeing substitute driver hurting, why do i hurt more?”

    MH to GS : do u still believe that there is love?
    GS : yes…
    MH : why?
    GS : rather than there being none…isn’t it better if there is?

    ouw..this innocent boy! He knows how to reply the question…

    and the ending of ep.8 #*^!?*@[&!^!!!\ urghhh!!!
    the reason why I watched this ep today.. coz the waiting is killing me 😀
    I can’t wait to see that MH finally realized who should be blamed for that hit and run and will stop torturing KYJ then..and their pure endless love between MH & YJ will begin..kekeke…

  339. 339 : Sharon Says:

    I rewatched ep 8 and I really love the part where MH took YJ shopping and the clerks scream at YJ’s scar, but MH ran to the dressing saw her scar but did not even flinch, or blink an eye he just say.
    MH: “The design is cheap”as he went to get her another dress.
    MH: change her into this.
    She came out of the dressing room in the black dress he choose. MH snaps his finger and say ” that’s good” with a smile on his face, but was quickly erased.
    My question is did MH know about her getting burned by the steam iorn in jail? Although he might have seeing how he was keeping taps on her.
    @ rory
    I know the feeling, I have been bitten by the secret bug.

  340. 340 : Gaby81 Says:

    Has Anyone Else Rewatched The Episode With The Timed Comments? I Rewatched Episode 8 With Them and Pretty Had The Same Reaction As Well 🙂

    I Think That Ahh Do Hoon Is A Supreme Douchebag and Half Compared To Cho Min Hyueok! Grrrrr That Do Hoon Gets My Blood A Boiling!!! I Don’t Like SY At All Don’t Act All Cold and Caring To The Man You Love, You Love Him You Him. That’s Why He Only Sees You As A Friend. Well He Has Absolutely No Romantic Interest In Her In The Least, Always JH. KYJ Is Naive To A Fault When It Comes To Her Love For Do Hoon, I Would Never Go To Prison For The Man I Love, Especially If He Killed A Person! He Needs To Owe Up To What He Has Done.

    I Predict That CMH & KYJ Will Slowly Eventually (On KYJ Part) Fall In Love and Get A Happy Ending 🙂 Who Knows Baby San Will Make A Comeback Later On! 🙂 SY Will, Has, Turned Against MH Because She’s All Bouty Hurt Cus MH Doesn’t Want Her Scary Butt But Likes YJ But Later On Will Realize The Error of Her Ways and Turns Against Do Hoon. Do Hoon On His Part Will Continue His Descent Into Crazyness/Darkness & Destruction On MH’s Family and Take Over The Company But Will Be Brought Down By CMH & KYJ With The Power of Their Love and Want To See Justice For JH and All The Wrongs He Has Done. Well That’s My Take On How It will All Go Down.

    I Spent Many Tears On This Drama! But 49 Days Takes The Cake For ‘The Most Water Works Shed’ Award! That Drama Killed Me!! :'( Oh and 2nd Was ‘Last Friends’ Japanese Drama :'(

    Thank You All That Have Repeates Commented and Posted on This 14 Paged Thread So Far! It’s Very Insightful To Read Everyone’s Thoughts, Feelins, Opinions and Reactions On This Excellent Scripted KDrama!

    Can’t Wait For 8 More Exciting Episodes With You All!!

  341. 341 : Sandy Says:

    [email protected]

    Unless they add additional episodes that would be too much and very short lived for DH to take control of the company. I’m not sure the prosecutors he worked with aren’t investigating him–he did leave that file up that he had copied. This drama moves slow, but is interestingly slow.

  342. 342 : Sandy Says:

    I’ve read several comments where some think DH will take over the company. If that happens then the drama will have taken a stupid turn. I can’t see how the board of directors will put him in that position with absolutely no experience–basically off the streets. But then again, we are talking about k-dramas.

  343. 343 : Gaby81 Says:

    @Sandy Says 342 Yes What You Say Is True It Wouldn’t Make Sense Because. He Has Zero Experience For That As His Field Of Specialty Is In Law. I Wonder What MH’s Father Right Hand Man Would Do When He Finds Out That DH Did Not Heed His Warning To Not To Mess With The Family and or Try To Get Ahead In His Career Latter and That He Has No Trust For A Man That’s Throws Away His Beliefs Like Nothing. They Are The Ones That You Have To Look Out For.

    Really Forward To Watching Episodes 9 & 10!!!

  344. 344 : NewFan Says:

    @339 – Sharon
    I don’t think MH know about her getting burned by the steam iorn in jail. When he sees the scar, there is a pause in his reaction as if interpreting what to react but then again he doesn’t want to show any reaction because it might hurt her self esteem about her body. In YJ state, she ifeels embarass in front of the clerk because of the scar that gives her the looks of damage good. That’s why to not further embarassing her and hurt her self esteem. He just hide his shock and do as if nothing happen. At least in my case his being thoughtful of her at that moment. Just opinion of mine, that all.

    Me! I hate DH’s reaction when he sees YJ being mock as damage goods by MH’s womanizer friend. Good thing MH defend her and punch that guy. I’m like clapping while watching it. 😀

    I think by DH taking over the company is meant by controlling SY after he gets her heart fully if she take over MH position using her shareholder to the company. Maybe by becoming SY’s secretary. After all, he’s a silent evil with great manipulative and convincing skill.

  345. 345 : dinaz Says:

    Hello everyone 🙂
    @happy ure welcome to join us in ‘Mission Slap Do Hoon’..lol..yes tae gong shil would have been a great help now..hehe!aww u reminded me of joo joong won 🙁 i miss him..
    well,@usa-mary,@happy and @sharon our wish will be fulfilled to quite an extent by MH as he is going to punch dh really hard..hehe..
    oh i hope there will be a love triangle between dh,mh and yj.it would be good if she falls for mh and dh getting jelous and realising his mistake..eventhough i want to slap dh and pull his hair(lol)but the loser did have feelings for yj..

  346. 346 : dinaz Says:

    Can anyone guess what might happened to yj’s dad?did dh kill him or abandoned him?he had a thick jacket on him so he shouldnt die of cold if dh abandoned him..and how could he reach that place he had dementia afteral.and while jy was away dh took care of her dad and all these years he dint say anything about remembering the accident day..it was just that day he mentioned and died on the very same day!and what about my little san?how did he die of septicemia?who took him away?he should be alive please..
    cmon everyone we could solve master sun’s puzzle now lets reveal the secret of secret too before the drama ends.. 🙂 🙂

  347. 347 : Gaby81 Says:

    Yeah @NewFan344 I Don’t Like The Whole ‘Damaged Goods’ Thing About Women. I Bet If The Men Were To Have Scars Themselves It Wouldn’t Be A Problem, Sexism Much!? Well It Was Not Her Fault After All, It Was Do Hoons Since He Set Everything Up. But min Hyueok Oppa Had No Idea That Happened To Her By His Reaction, And To Expand On That, He Reacted The Way A Man In Love Would React. He Acts As Though He Didn’t See Anything or That It Didn’t Bother Him That She Had That Scar…I Loved It When He Said. The Dress Was Cheap and. Got One That covered Her Up and He Smiled!! How I Love It!!

  348. 348 : Gaby81 Says:

    @Dinaz346 It’s A Given That Do Hoon Had Something To Do With YJ’s Dads Death, He Was After All, The Last Person To See and Speak With Him. And What A Coincidence That The Next Day He Is. Found Dead After Her Dear. Daddy Told Do Hoon He Knew That She Took The Wrap For Him and That he Was The One That Drove That Night. I Believe That Little San Will Make A Reappearance Sometime During the Last Episodes as His Death Is Rather Shady and All…

  349. 349 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, maybe he has no idea of her burn. However, the way he handled himself not to cause her any embarrassment was priceless.

  350. 350 : Sharon Says:

    It’s quite possible that DH becoming president of KHotel is possible. He got rid of MH didn’t he.

  351. 351 : Sharon Says:

    I can’t wait to see him get the slap of a lifetime. Honestly, no one can slap him as good as I could.
    Well, Tari is missing and MH is frantically searching for her. I think when he fines her that when his love is going to come true to him.
    I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!!
    DH is a LOOSER!!!! He deserves no triangle, rectangle, only manhandled.

    I believe DH was the last person that saw YJ’s father alive. After the conversation with her father I think DH drop him off somewhere far from Soul. He died from an aneurism, his bracelet was missing and his feet was jacked up. That tells me he was walking for a long time maybe trying to find his way back home. I think a couple of days passed before they found YJ’s fathers body. Did DH kill him?! YES!! Not directly, but indirectly.

    YJ’s dad knew that he did it by reading the letters YJ used to write to DH while in jail.
    How did San get an infection of the blood??? That’s a puzzle. Maybe it’s all a lie DH and his mom told YJ. I think they gave him up for adoption.

  352. 352 : Sharon Says:

    I can’t stand that son of a beach!!! Did you see when YJ was on the floor after being called damage goods, that idiot DH start crying then break out laughing that when I knew this man has gone bonkers. Guess what?? DH is going deeper and deeper into darkness.
    I really don’t believed he ever cared for YJ. Because the man who hated her for killing his girlfriend protected her and the man who was engaged to, pregnant for and spend 4yrs in jail to protect did nothing. I am sorry, but that would have been an eye opener for me.

  353. 353 : Gaby81 Says:

    @Sharon352 Yes I Was All Like Hello You DBag What The Hell Are You Just Standing There Like A Waste Of Space! Do Something or Say Something To Protect Your Ex Lover and Baby Mama! Grr But No He’s Just There Smirking, Crying and Laughing Like A Loon That Finally Cracked! All I Was Waiting For Was For MH Oppa To Come In And Protect Her, To Which He Did! 🙂 Glad To See YJ Wasent Crying During This Scene. I Like How MH Says That She Only Does Whatever He Tells To Do and Not To Anyone Else. Like Basically She’s My Women and No One Else Can Touch Her or Tell Her What To Do! 🙂 that’s MH Telling DH ‘She’s Mine Now, How You Like Them Apples!’

    Yeah You Are Right In That His Bracelet, Sheos and Coat Were Missing, I Had Thought It Was The Next Day But Yeah It Makes Sense. DH’s Mother Could Have Something To Do With Little Sans ‘Death’ or Whatever Happened to. Him. DH’s Father Is Just Pointless As He Had No Idea About Having A. Grandson On After The Grandson Died! Don’t Get Started On His Dad!

    I Would Have Lost All Love For The Man When He Lets The Women That He Supposedly Loves, Go To Prison In His Place! That’s A Clear Red Flag That He’s Just Not That Into You Girlie…

    Compared To Do Hoon’s Character, I Really Like Min Hyeuoks Character All The More..Why Why MN Oppar 😉

  354. 354 : Gaby81 Says:

    Hey Every One Check This Out! Here’s Happy Together: Drama ‘Secret Love’ Special That Aired October 9th! Full With English Subtitles! 🙂


    Here’s The Preview For Episode 9 But No English Subs Though 🙁


  355. 355 : clairerosean Says:

    Wednesday At last!!! Secret Day has come finally.

    BTW, Have you gals/ guys watched My P.S. Partner (2012)? Warning though, it is supposed to be rated R-19… but I’ll tell you, it is hilarious. Starring MH himself along with The Prison Ajumma (Jung Soo-young) who had a supporting role. You can watch it in gooddrama.net

    @Sharon: 351 “He deserves no triangle, rectangle, only manhandled.” – no triangle or rectangle.. LOL

    @Gaby81: 354: WOW, that Happy Together link is awesome, thanks!

    Gotta work now, hear from ya’ll later.

  356. 356 : dinaz Says:

    Woww..each of us are so passionately ‘in hate’ with Do Hoon..lol..(except clairerosean.lol)
    @sharon i give u the charge of slapping him.let me just pull the loser’s hair..lol..anyone else wants to vent out their anger on dh?haha..He dosent deserve a triangle,rectangle only manhandled.hahahaha..awesome sis 😉
    I too think what horrible mom did do something to san.coz san is the link between dh and yj binding them together.and makes her loser prosecuter son less eligible for a rich girl..aigoo loser mom and son duo and coward father!!

  357. 357 : dinaz Says:

    @Gaby81 yup ure rite he was the last to see her dad..and the loser dint even go the funeral..he must have done something really terrible that makes him guilty..
    i too hate that ugly smirk he gave seeing his ex-gf on the floor.but i m glad he dint help coz i wanted mh to come to rescue.. 😉
    @newfan and gaby81
    i too feel he was shocked to see the scar but pretended like it was nothing..thats sweet 🙂
    @rory 338 that scene is my fav too.. 🙂

  358. 358 : NewFan Says:

    I love MH’s character too!! And telling everyone in that scene that YJ is his women gives me chills of excitement. 😀 Although I feel pity to SY because she was there from the beginning and saw the whole thing. It feels like an open rejection without anyone notice but herself. Ouch. Btw, thanks for sharing happy together link. 😀

    Seeing you recommend, it must be good. Will check it later. Thanks. 🙂

    Count me in too! I also want to vent my anger on him. The MOUTH!! I’m booking his mouth part for me to stitch it so he can talk manipulatively and convincingly. Oh, and the LEG!! I want to break it so he can’t walk. Wow, I think I’m going berserk here. There are other tons of ways rush in my mind that I want to brutally torture him. (Sigh) I want an ice. Lots of it to cool down right now. Lol

  359. 359 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-351: I tell you what! let’s do rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to slap him first! After my slap, he’ll think he was in the bell tower of Notre Dame, swinging on them like hunchy!

    Re YJ’s dad. DH was the last one who saw him. While in DH’s car, YJ’s dad told him that his daughter hurt her head when she was with him that rainy evening. He also startled DH when he told him that he knew YJ didn’t commit that accident because she would never leave a person like that. He didn’t raise her that way. The next scene we see is YJ passing out flyers with her dad’s picture on it. (The 1st scene, we see YJ at the police station reporting her dad missing; passing out flyers is the 2nd scene). DH never told YJ that he found her dad who had left the hospital. When YJ returned home from seeing her dad in the morgue, she found his shoes and jacket in the house. Her dad never took that jacket off for 4 years during her imprisonment. The only time he reluctantly took if off was to change into a hospital gown. It was a challenge for YJ to convince him then to remove it. Anyway, we’ll find out what that skunk DH told to YJ’s dad to persuade him to go out of the house without his shoes or coat. Unless, he took him to a beach, made him remove them and then left him there to helplessly wander around.

    I believe some of DH’s relatives has San.

  360. 360 : rory Says:

    LOL @Sharon ‘I can’t stand that son of a “beach!!!”…what a cute curse^^

    @Dinaz..count me in too girl to join that “Mission Slap Do Hoon”

    @Gaby81, thanx 4 the full link of Happy together, I’ve following that show every week but have been quite busy for the past 2/3weeks..not sure whether it’s already aired or not yet here..will check it out later..

    Yeahhhh! Finally, Wednesday is coming!!!
    secreterzzzz, r u ready guys?
    bring it on..bring it on…bring it on now 😀

  361. 361 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, I have watched PS Partner and it’s funny, romantic and I had to take a shower afterwards. You guys might take a shower after!!! Hahaha..

  362. 362 : Sharon Says:

    It’s Wednesday !!!!!!!

  363. 363 : moon Says:

    Yeah yeah….

  364. 364 : dinaz Says:

    @Newfan..lol..hahahaha..stitch his mouth?break his leg?woww i can feel how much you hate him..cool my friend cool..hehe!
    @rory you’re most welcome to join us in slapping him..but u have to play rock,paper,scissors as @usa-mary suggested..lol..i could never learn that game i only see them in dramas..its nice to see you in Reply 1994 thread.. 🙂
    since most of you are attacking his cheeks let me take care of his hair 😛
    aww i have to wait the longest i guess coz by the time the subs will be out it will be morning in my country and i have to go to work 🙁 🙁
    Cant wait to see the great punch by minhyuk..minhyuk hit him really hard please..jaebal 😉
    and now the love story will develop between mh and yj cant wait to see it..in these kind love-hate stories the kisses are supposed to be very passionate..director-nim are you listening.. 😛

  365. 365 : Sharon Says:

    I have to really compliment the Directors for their insight and portrayal of the script..🎉 also to the actors for bringing to life the complex emotions of each character.
    BSB portrayal of DH is fantastic the crying that turns into laughing then crying again and the way DH uses his eyes to tell what he is thinking. BRAVO!!!!🎉 not to mention, BSB you have done such a good job acting that I hate DH with a passion.
    JS, thanks for you portrayal of MH who has so much issues and are able to convey the complexities of his characters emotions with a hint of humor,
    JHS, you ran with you role. You gave YJ’s character life, I feel like she is my best friend and I have to defend her because she is such a nice giving person and when she hurts I hurt. I have shed tears for YJ’s misfortune. What an Excellent Job you have done.
    To the costume, props, camera and makeup crew without you guys it would not be possible.
    Again, Kamsahamnida!!!!!!!

  366. 366 : Gaby81 Says:

    I’m Happy That All Of You Are Happy About The Happy Together Episode With TheCrew Of ‘Secret’ 🙂 Count Me In Guys/Girls! I’d. Like To Do A Double no Tripple Back Handed Slap With Both Hands 🙂 It There An App For The IPad? I Know That There’s One For The Andriod (which I have). I Really Want To See Ji Sungs Other Dramas 🙂 and if anyone else knows where I can see them by apps or online..Lol I think I’ll go Watch Episode 9 Without The Subs So I Can Get A Double Dose Of Secret! 🙂

  367. 367 : Sharon Says:

    I have never watched a drama RAW before, but Secret have me open like a Seven Eleven. I cried, I laugh, I beat the %#%# out of DH in my mind. Watching with sub later then I will post what I think!

  368. 368 : Sharon Says:

    Viki is 88% sub.. Hooray!! Thanks ViKi!

  369. 369 : rory Says:

    Yes, I’m hooked to Reply 1994 currently..those funny child memories 😀 😀 😀 really! I can’t resist that..A must watch!
    I watched MHIYD and TH at the same time but currently my heart fall to this craziness and hilarious Reply 1994 and the most intense, heart wrenching drama Secret!

    Talking about watching “RAW” drama, I Miss You is my 1st drama I watched “RAW”..errr actually I watched live streaming, same time with Korean time..crazy enuff rite! haha..I’ve done download the RAW one for this episode..I hope I will patient waiting for the sub^^

  370. 370 : emmanuel Says:

    I have find a good replacement for master sun.this drama is so great. The acting and everything about this drama is great. Kudos to kbs for bringing this drama.16 episode is too little please make it 20.

  371. 371 : Sharon Says:

    1. Did DH just drive off and left YJ standing there?? That %#%*^%.
    2. What apology??! You killed my girlfriend that apology you%#*^%#.
    3. Now it looks like DH is controlling SY. When he moves she moves, just like that.
    4. BRAVO!!! Excellent acting!! The scene where YJ goes to the crowd and confess that she is a hit and run killer and MD try’s to hold her but she got hit by the car and MD broke down crying and laughing at the same time. He is crying because he thought she was hurt and laughing because she was ok and would go to that length to protect DH. This was great acting it’s as if it was real.
    5. DH becomes more and more pathetic, he gave mr. Damage goods info on MH. DH you%^*^% I want to ^%*#%* you piece of *^%.
    6. Could someone please give SY a spoon of rice! Her legs look like you could rub them together and start a fire.
    7.ooh hell no !! Did DH brought SY to his tubby mommy soup joint. Is he like showing her to his mom? DH you%#%^^**%^%%^^#%^%^ should die.
    8. Wait a minute!! Tubby mommy is feeding SY?! Yes lord she needs the food, but tubby mommy is going too far now. Has she ever fed YJ? Of course not, YJ was too busy feeding then. Those*^%^% should suffer.
    9. Guy, I am sorry but DH needs more than a slap. He told YJ MH is annoying him so she should take the money and leave. I can’t find my glock!
    10.DH even made her loose her job!!! He wants her out of town. That dirty little %^*%.
    11.ooohh my goodness, DH even send the cop to their bag storage place?? He wants YJ out of town bad. YJ open you eyes!!! DH is dog poop!
    12. MH to DH you are cute when you are surprise. Hehehe.. Catch that no good *^^%%^%.
    13.MH found his TARI!! MH smiled when he saw his Tari, aaaaahh.
    MH is jealous of YJ smiling at all the men.
    14. Did MH just said I will go crazy because I worry about you stay by my side???!!!!???????!!!
    MH has fallen and he can’t get up! MH is in LOVE.

    Ep 9 was great! I cried when I thought YJ was hit by the car I laugh when MH stalked YJ at TGIF and I cursed DH when he blamed and put the guilt trip on YJ . Can’t wait for ep 10!

  372. 372 : Sharon Says:

    I have never watched raw until today!! I think I learned Korean in that hour.
    I like I miss you especially Harry! Have you watched PS Partner? When you do let me know what you think.

  373. 373 : jess Says:

    i watched dis at KBSworld…Nice sad story…im going to follow next ep…

  374. 374 : just_saying Says:

    @sharon, Thanx for the recap of ep 9. Its not available in my country yet. At least now I know what to expect. Can’t wait.

  375. 375 : Micc Says:

    You really don’t know a person until you face serious problems together. Crisis can bring out the worst of a person. Thinking YJ actually loved that scumbag boyfriend and had his child gave me creeps!

  376. 376 : Anna Says:

    So if Yoojung ends up thinking Minhyuk killed her father, or even has an inkling of that idea, I’m going to kill the scriptwriter. Minhyuk needs to stop being misunderstood now and Dohoon is despicable, truly.
    Great acting, great plot, great subletly in emotions, freaking amazing drama that is definitely one of my top modern kdramas of all time. I love Jisung

  377. 377 : billy Says:

    I think the fight between MH and DH starts here…I love MH now! just keep pushing and barging your way into the secret already! MH’s style is a little unsettling for unsuspecting KYJ…but I sure love the way he is not letting her go!

  378. 378 : myeon Says:

    Aarghh i really want to kill Do Hoon and his family ! They’re all (especcially DH) are &/$$#€****£¥^#:#*’&#/@* !!!!!

    @Anna (376) agree with you !! YJ need to know that the one who killed her father is that her pathetic ex-BF do hoon !!! She shouldn’t care about him anymore !!!!!

  379. 379 : billy Says:

    Oh Anna 376, dont even think about that! KYJ need to open her eyes now to realize the damage she has done! She let a criminal go free at her expense, for crying out loud! It isnt right to let DH escape his punishment, it will only harden him and make him think he is invincible!

  380. 380 : happy Says:

    @sharon…should we go to do hoon’s house? He really deserves more than just slaps from us…lol..

  381. 381 : hny Jo Says:

    Hahaha…lol…yuks ah follow u guys to do hoon house..I’ll slap him twice with my lips..hehe..!!
    His acting to become evil is amazed. .and I’m going like jin sung act too…secret Top bgt deh!

  382. 382 : happy Says:

    @hny jo..exactly…i totally forgot that he’s such a good guy in briliant legacy…he’s really succes in becoming scumbag…lol..

  383. 383 : clairerosean Says:

    Well, well! I can see a lot rants and anger over here and now i feel the heat!

    Girlfriends – Chillax!! 🙂

    Anyways, so who else watched my PS Partner? Quite funny eh? I told you, you’ll like it. Have you noticed the Prison Ajumma there?

    @new-fan: 358 – I think you’ll like it.. it’s a Rom-Com with a little kinky touch here and there..

    361 – needed a shower after? LMAO (my imagination caused me almost same reaction)
    371: Totally agree with that scene no. 4. I bought their acting 110%!
    372: Agree to that! I am totally a PRO ‘Harry loves Soo Yeon’, nothing against PY just being unilaterally biased towards YSH’s cuteness. That’s why I stopped watching it when they started the dark-evil character of Harry, my heart can’t take it anymore. LOL

    @hny Jo: 381
    “I’ll slap him twice with my lips..hehe..!!”… LOL Luv It Girl!

    @happy: 382 – Exactly! That’s the very reason why I cannot 100% (maybe just about 98%?) hate his character as DH .. I keep imagining him as the sweet Park Jun Se in BL aka Shining Inheritance. I’m happy though that he can make the viewers really ‘hate’ him coz it only means he is doing his ‘job’ perfectly.

    One more RAW Viewing tonight eh? Cheers..!

  384. 384 : Micc Says:


    Count me in! 😀

  385. 385 : zura Says:

    Hopefully tonight’s episode will reveal DH’s evil acts.

  386. 386 : rory Says:

    @Sharon & clairerosean
    pssttt…I’m under PYC’s spell actually so pls don’t hate me..LOL! he has a special place in my heart coz he changed my life a bit..
    I know I know, most of viewers love Harry in IMY, dislike HJW and even hate PYC..tsk..tsk..It’s okay.I’m okay.even tho PYC is my bias [I dun have any bias b4] I’m okay with criticizes or haters..As long as me & producer know he is versatile and talented, those doesn’t bother me at all..

    I haven’t watched ep.9 yet..will watch before go to sleep and joining u guys to curse DH..haha..need to finish my work 1st..

    I dun really remember BSB in Shining In Inheritance but his role here was quite similar in 49days…dear BSB, next time pls choose different roles okay..Fighting!

  387. 387 : usa-mary Says:

    @hny Jo-381: So funny! His character may be whack in this drama, though I must say, he is a handsome man…for real. Well, where ever he gets hit, I’ll be there to kiss the boo boo! Show me where it hurts!

  388. 388 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz-364: I’ve not played rock, paper, scissors either. I’ve only seen it played in mainstream American movies before seeing it in kdramas.

    DH’s family is nothing but a bunch of opportunist! Yay! That old heffa fed SY while the whole time seeing ($).($)! So sincere of her.

  389. 389 : Sharon Says:

    You are right!! Go to his house and slap him and his tubby mommy.

  390. 390 : Sharon Says:

    JS did a good job in PS Partner and the cold water was calling me. Haha..
    Overall, it was good. What happen to the lead actress face?

  391. 391 : Sharon Says:

    Noooo, I love PYC. I fell in love when he did Sungkyunkwan Scandal and I saw his acting ability. I said to myself he has got something other than singing. He is a great singer and a good actor.

  392. 392 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-390: I try very hard not to get into folks business when they’ve made cosmetic changes, but hers is too obvious. She had her nose done. Her nose before that was so attractive. Now, it looks slightly turned up…what we call a pug nose here in the U.S.

  393. 393 : just_saying Says:

    DH doesn’t deserve a slap. He deserves a group beating. A beating that almost kill him (but should not kill him coz it’ll be way too easy on him). He should be beaten until he is hospitalized but not in coma (again, he doesn’t deserve it). He deserves to be tortured/haunted physically and mentally – and all the bad things should happen to him – and he must FEEL the pain at the highest level.

    After all that happened in the party, how in the world could he left YJ at the street and just simply drove away without even a glance at YJ. And he gave YJ money so she’ll leave so HE will be comfortable. Not to mention about asking his police friend to harass her at the restaurant. And on top of that, he reported YJ’s ‘handbag business’ to the police. ALL in one episode. Priceless wickedness. I never cursed so much at one drama, at one person but it felt good. DH, you son of a *beep*, you *beep*, *beep*, *beeeeep …*

    Secret drama crews, please know that you have done a GOOD job with this drama. Thank you. Just remember to let DH suffer at least in two episodes in the drama. Let him SUFFERRRRR….

    BTW: BSB should win the most villainous award for his acting in this drama. Can’t help but to hate him – that is how good he is as an actor.

  394. 394 : Sharon Says:

    Even her cheeks were distorted and her teeth. I guess the swelling did not go down as yet when she did the movie.

  395. 395 : Sharon Says:

    @just -saying
    You are sooo correct about BSB acting it’s quite convincing. I hate DH with a passion!! He should be ran over by a car, beaten by a mob, shot in the legs and then we kick him. Hahaha…

  396. 396 : dinaz Says:

    ep 9 :OMG this drama is so intense,phew!!i dint realise one hour just passed by..hehe!can i say there isnt a single boring moment in the episode!
    Thank you mh for the two hard punches on do hoon..i was like more more..hehe!
    do hoon i cant even measure his level of cheapness,he gave money to yj to feel comfortable?ah that cheapo..did he ever love yj?he is more than ready to kiss sy at any chance he can get!now i feel @sharon was right ‘he dosent deserve a triangle,rectangle but manhandled’ this phrase is so apt now!aigoo can i just not pull his hair i want to shave it now!!and his cheap mom saying ‘this is the 1st time her loser son brought a girl to the restaurant’..oh yes ahjumma ur son is the purest of all!!!!
    that scene in which she walked in the traffic with mh trying to handle her is so intense..phew!!
    my fav lines :
    ‘in front of me dont give orders to this woman’..
    ‘Dont smile in front of others’
    ‘i m going to go crazy worrying about you..so stay near me’
    Min hyuk and Yoo jung your chemistry will make me crazy for sure 😛 😛
    oh my little san its so good to see the recap of my cutie again..i hope they find him in the charity event that K group is going to sponsor..
    San i miss u baby..

  397. 397 : dinaz Says:

    @Sharon 365 agree on every word you wrote..great post!
    #371 point no7..lol start a fire with her legs..hahahaha!woww u watch a raw episode? 🙂
    @just_saying i admire the way you’re hating that scumbag..lol..
    @sharon 395 woww so many creative ideas to torture him..lol.. 😉
    @usa-mary i was always curious about that game but could never follow..
    hey girls are you all watching Reply 1994 its so funny..would love to meet you all there too alongwith @rory..

  398. 398 : ro xy Says:

    Secret aired kinda late here micronesia weren epi 5 and assual each epi givdes me a teary eyed with yj’s acting it realy
    moves my heart and mh acting s even more great as ever! I like d way ur sweet revenge

    Are bei

  399. 399 : Sharon Says:

    It’s crazy chem between MH and YJ. I love the fav lines, epically ” don’t smile infront of others.” I was jumping and dancing he wants her all to himself he doesn’t even want her to smile at a man. Cool!!
    Hey dinaz, any torture ideas!! That piece of %#^*%.
    I could not believe it myself, I Sharon went rogue and watch a raw ep. That’s like sooo not me. ( in my elegant voice)
    I will tune in to Reply 1994 next week!

  400. 400 : dinaz Says:

    @Sharon i dont know why this love-hate story is so addicting..whoa imagine it made u (elegant sharon) watch a raw episode..lol 😉
    well,i would love to throw chilli powder in his eyes..thats a common way in my country to teach a good lesson to such jerks..lol 😛
    or pepper spray..i carry that in my bag everyday i would be more than pleased to use it on him..hehe!
    yes do watch Reply 1997 its so funny!would love to see you there.. 🙂 🙂

  401. 401 : rory Says:

    That street scene.their acting!!! daebak!
    Ji Sung & Hwang Jung Eum, daesang awards for both of u! I wish.

    YJ, wake up dear..open ur eyes..open ur heart dear..DH doesn’t care for u anymore..even his mom..obviously! OMG, I can’t stand seeing his greedy+shameless+selfish mom! *puke!
    Min Hyuk-ahhh, palli wa save YJ, tell the truth and go showing off ur true romance on front of DH!

    ADH : Yoo Jeongie, she is not a woman for u to treat carelessly like that!

    HA..ADH, u’re funny by saying that!

    MH: They say even hateful connection is still binding, the more I see her, I feel more closely binding <— THIS!

    this selfish ADH.oh la..la..u looks so pathetic desperate oppa ya now! sending cops & detectives at her work place?dayum!!!

    But I can't help but screamsss at this phone call scene in CCTV room "Are u not answering the phone, Lawyer Ahn?"

    MH to JY at the end : "That's why u stay right next to me"
    Episode 10, I'm ready!

    MH, go gets more proof and reveal it for the sake of YJ and for yourself…
    Min Hyuk FIGHTING!
    Kwang Soo FIGHTING!
    San Hee, I Miss You ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  402. 402 : rory Says:

    group beating! LMAO..let me punch his tummy 20 times!
    ADH is heartless!!

    I miss our cutie baby san too…

    u couldn’t believe urself for watching Raw? let me pinch ur cheeks likes Na Jeong’s oppa ya did to her in Reply 1994 😀 Yes, would love to see u n others in Reply 1994 thread..Let’s bring the laughter there!

  403. 403 : usa-mary Says:

    Chairman Jo is blaming MH when he was the one who gave SY a large percentage of hotel shares in the 1st place. This enabled her to join in on the boards meeting to oust MH. They’re not even married, yet his dad did that. What a ridiculous business move.

    When payback time comes for DH, its going to be monstrous!

    Well, at least this time YJ walked into ongoing traffic being aware of what she was doing. Even though its still crazy, it beats the other kdramas where folks walk into the street, oblivious and just stand, only to look directly at an on coming car in surprise. Just plain nuts!

  404. 404 : Sharon Says:

    I have never repeat never in a long time hate a villain in a drama like I hate DH. That piece of %#^*^% slime!

    I am a little hesitant about the stepmom; I like how she always stood up for MH. Will she accept YJ?? One thing I do know is that MH will give up everything for love this time.

  405. 405 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, I think I will try Reply 1997 next week.
    DH is a %#^^*^%*#%**#^**%*%#^*+% and then some.

  406. 406 : Sharon Says:

    That scene was the best!! The way JHS express YJ’s feelings of frustration and the edge of madness was sheer genius. Just the scene where MH held on to her coat and the struggle between them that cause her to get out of her coat.
    MH look of disbelief and helplessness as he watched her cross the street into oncoming traffic.
    Last but not least, JS took MH character to his mental edge. Where he was crying and laughing at the same time. I think MH cried because he felt he has lost YJ just like JH and laugh because she was ok and is still willing to protect her man.
    I really hope MH learn from YJ that love do exists. It exist to a point where one will give all of oneself for it.

  407. 407 : mml Says:

    By watching episode 9 , viewers have already known that Min Hyuk love Yoo Jung very much. Look at his tears flowing out from his eyes when Yoo Jung dash across the road.

    The real character of Min Hyuk is he doesn’t have kindness.
    How true is his love towards Yoo Jung ?

  408. 408 : Mikay Says:

    I’ve watched her(Hwang Jung Eum)drama several times before but surprisingly this time,100% she portray the role very very well!2 thumps up for u @ Ji Sung!

  409. 409 : Micc Says:

    Why I keep getting the vibes that the stepmom is MH’s real mom but the daughter is not?

  410. 410 : Foreigner Says:

    Episode 9 : Despair and revolt of the main actress are felt. That’s why she fled. Anxiety and anger of the main actor pushed to confess his feelings. Very good episode…

    Episode 10 : Finally Kang Yo Jung learns the truth !
    I’m also shocked : Ahn Do Hoon is the responsible for the separation and the death of his son ! He’s really a coward.

    Episode 11 : How will Kang Yo Jung react ? Will she take revenge ? (of course she must!)
    or will she be passive ?
    It’s too long to wait for the next episode.

  411. 411 : Gaby81 Says:

    Here’s My Reaction, Thoughts & Comments/Opinions On Episode 9 Of ‘Secret’

    First Off, I absolutely Loved it that Min Hyuk punched Do Hoon Twice! But I hated it when KYJ Yelled At Min Hyuk For Hitiing Her Oppa! The Guy Is A DB and A Half. But I Liked It That Min Hyuk Was So Raw In Showing His Anger & His Clear Affection/Love For YJ! Then What A Complete AHole You Got To Be To Leave A Women That You Supposedly Loved Standing Alone On The Street Like Nothing Happened! Trying To Turn Her Against Min Hyuk Oppa By Letting Her Know That Min Hyuk Knew All Along That They Were Together. Now She Thinks Everything Bad That Happens To Her Is Because Of Min Hyuk! Like How Do Hoon Called His Police Friend To Tell Him About The Counterfeit Purses They Were Selling Just To Get Her Fired From Min Hyuks Resturante! And Gave Her Money To Leave Town (So He Can Live Comfortably and Not To Make Him Feel Sad For Her)(I Mean What A Son Of A Biscuit Eater!!!)But She Gives It To Min Hyuk And Tells Him To Leave Her Alone and That She’ll Pay Him The Rest By Working It Off.

    Well I’m Pretty Much Sure The Most Talked About and Loved/Favorite Scene Of This Episode Had To Be The Morning After Scene When Min Hyuk Goes To Talk To KYJ. Min Hyuk Wants Her To Tell Him What She and Do Hoon Have Kept Secret Between Them. But KYJ Goes Bat Poop Crazy And Runs Off To A Crowded Crosswalk/Sidewalk, Shouts/Yells Like A Crazy Person That She’s A Criminal, A Hit & Run Criminal and That They Should Stone Her To Death! Min Hyuk Tries To Calm Her Down, Basically He Doesn’t Want The Whole World Knowing About That Because We All Know He Loves Her So 🙂 Lol I Think It’s Funny How He Couldn’t Get A Hold Of Her and Her Jacket. Off Comes The Jacket and Purse and She Walks Into Traffic and Plays Rush and Roulette With Her Life All The While Looking Like A Boss By Not Getting Hit By All Those Cars. All The While Poor Min Hyuk Is Screaming/Yelling At KYJ :'( Did You See The Look On Poor Min Hyuk’s Face When He Thought She Got Hit By That Car! Omo Omo It Was Priceless!! Poor Guy Was Crying :'( But She Got Up Like Nothing and He Was Like What The Heck Yo! It Was Like Do Hoon’s Crazy Cry/Smirk/Laugh Scene At The Party But Min Hyuk’s Was One Of Genuine Care, Concern & Love 🙂 When The Heck Did His Secretary Get There!? What A Gentleman He Gets Her Things Off The Ground and Goes Off After Her.

    But How Did He Know Where To Find Her? Well Anyways He Finds Her At The Bus Stop Where She Is Having Flash Backs Of Those Days When They First Meet At That Exact Buss Stop and Started Dating That Day. She Tells Min Hyuk To Get Lost and That She Never Wants To See Him Again, Well He Leaves But Remembers To Leave Her Thins On The Bench.

    Also, I Think That Do Hoon & SY Are A Sinking Ship Sailing Into An Upcoming Storm. First off He’s In La La Land If SY Would Ever Get With Him, Let Alone Get Married To Him. Only If He Gets To The Top! Which, We All Know, Is NEVER Going To Happen. SY Needs To Get A Grip, It Suxs That Min Hyuk Doesn’t Love You and Never Will, But You Can’t Make Someone Love You If They Don’t and Have Told You From The Start That He Doesn’t and Only Sees You As A Friend. You ‘re Only Going To Get Burned, Alone And/Or Behind Bars. I Hope Theses Two Get Their Come Upins!! :p Don’t Get Me Started On When Do Hoon Took SY To Mommy Dearest To Eat Dinner, All See Saw Was $$$$ Well The Whole Family. Grrr I Don’t Like That Family One Bit.

    Lol Loved It When Min Hyuk Told SY To Date or Be Seen In Public Withh Someone With Class and Not With Someone Below Her Class! 🙂 Take That You Rat Beaches!! 🙂

    Lastly, I Really Loved The Ending Where KYJ Gets The Heck Out Of Dodge and Gets A New Job Who Knows Where and If It’s In Another Town. I Take It Days Go By Because She Makes A Deposit and He Sends His Secretary To Go Find Out Where She Made That Deposit. So They Find Out Where She Is and Off They Go! It’s Cute That The Secretary Is Worried About Her Tooo! He Likes Her Too But Not Like That 🙂

    Lol Poor KYJ Freaks Out That He Finds Her and Took The Time To Come Find Her And Harrass Her Some More. Poor Girl Thought He Was There To Get Her Fired Again. How Cute He Got All Jealous When He Sees Her Smiling At All The Other Men 🙂 Tells Her Not To Smile At Others. Lol she Slams The Door On Him, Then The Next Morning She Has To Make Sure That He’s Not a Being A Creeper and Stayed Outside All Night. But Guess What He Did And Was Waiting In The Cafeteria The Whole Night. Lol Said That He Wasent Going To Leave Until She Talked To Him. So She Drags His Butt Out Side and Tells Him To Get Lost or Something Like That. What Got Me Is When Min Hyuk Screams/Yells At Her That ‘Im Going To Go Crazy Worrying About….So Stay Near Me!’ I Was Like ‘OMG Where Have You Been All My Life!’ 🙂 He Finally Confessed! Poor Girl Didn’t See That Coming! 🙁 This The Best Part Is The Turning Point For KYJ and CMH! The Romance Begins and Their Powers Will Unite To Take On ADH & SSY!

    I Really Like To See How She Reacts To That Bit of News and How We All See Her Fall For Him Now! 🙂

    I Loved Everyone Else’s Reactions, Comments, and Thoughts On Episode 9!

    Okay Off To Go Comment On The Suspious Housekeeper Thread!

  412. 412 : Sandy Says:

    Episode 10 was so fulfilling. Finally YJ know the truth about DH. She knows he’s betrayed her and had a hand in her father’s death.

  413. 413 : windsun33 Says:

    ep10 rocks. And I see it took another big jump in ratings.

  414. 414 : Micc Says:

    I really feel very sorry for YJ. Imagine the shock, the feel of betrayal, and the guilt (towards her father).

  415. 415 : msmelchidec Says:

    where can i watch the eng sub,

  416. 416 : happy Says:

    oh my god…i’m hurting…seeing yoo jung realized it,how much pain she is now…i shed my tears….

  417. 417 : happy Says:

    min hyuk knew that do hoon is the culprit but he never told to yoo jung..now,yoo jung has known it too..will she ask min hyuk to help her? it’s good to imagine they both together revenge to that #[email protected]%× do hoon…

  418. 418 : Yozora Says:

    @msmelchidec I’m watching it in here.. 🙂 http://www.gooddrama.net

  419. 419 : Chai Says:

    Remember when yj say that she won’t regret that she go to jail for dh so for me I think she will ask mh to not reveal the true. And maybe that’s the only way she can forgive mh for mentally tortures her all these time

  420. 420 : Sharon Says:

    1. DH you slime on flea that crawls on its stomach!!!!! You need to be beaten with many straps.
    2.SY: mom and dad enjoy your dinner. Mom and dad!!!!
    3. Is DH falling in love?? He is in for a rude awakening.
    4. Dam!!! you!!!! DDDDD!! HHHHH!!!!! How could he talk that way to YH.
    5. Something is up with stepmom. I don’t know what, I just have a feeling.
    6. MH dad went to Germany again. Is he that sick???
    7.MH is a trip! He wants tarii soo bad that he has her in his house. He is getting up close and personal.
    8. Oh my goodness! When the cats away the mice will play. MH is really making the best of the empty house. YJ around his desk reading? Ooooohhh so cute.
    9. No wonder a MH is falling for YJ and SY still don’t get it.
    10.SY is a control freak and DH is her flunky. DH is seriously falling for SY. That almost kiss yuck! DH you are not in her league.
    11.YJ is connecting the dots. The signature matches, yeahhh🎉
    12. I am sorry, but to make a real clothes line in the back yard to hang MH clothes, priceless. MH would not fall for me because my question would be where is the dryer?!
    13.DH is hanging himself with his own rope. YJ finally has some concrete evidence.

    EP 10 is the ep of revelation. I love it!!
    Next week.

  421. 421 : NewFan Says:

    @clairerosean – 383
    WILL download it hehe 😀

    I agree to some comments here about YJ’s crazy reaction when she walk on the street. It really sent chills up my spine. She shows her emotion well and convincingly that I almost thought I was REAL and not just an act. She really bring her acting skill into a new higher level. I also love MH’s expression when he thought YJ got hit by a car. Truly priceless. And DH, his acting is brilliant that he can make all of us to hate him to the very core.
    Thank you so much crew production for choosing really well the actor/actress. The combination of the crew and their acting makes this drama real and more ALIVE.
    I too watch it RAW. This is the 1st kdrama that I crazily wait for the RAW to come out after an hour of its release. And right now I’m still feels sleepy for sleeping late because of downloading ep 10 RAW.Lol
    Wow, seems like someone already watch ep 10 in eng sub. (sigh) Looks like I need to wait for the sub to be upload. 🙁

  422. 422 : dinaz Says:

    Cant wait to go home and watch ep10..glad to see the ratings rise,secret totally deserves it.. 🙂
    @gaby81 nice post 🙂
    @rory lets hope our cutie San will make an entry soon..he is too cute..
    i have never mentioned about hwang jung eum she has done a good job here..her crying scenes were good but i m totally impressed by the street scene and the strangling scene in ep2 i felt like i was being strangled!!
    ji sung oppa too is great here specially when he acts all childish and spoilt..
    bae soo bin..my eyes r blinded by too much of hatred towards him so i cant see his good acting..hehe!

  423. 423 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, ep 10 was about realization.
    YJ is finally realizing that the man she loved was a devil in disguise. That piece of %#^%you son of a female dog.
    MH is finally realizing that his years of hate has turned into compassion and fondness.
    SY is slowly realizing that her plan is not developing as she wished. Except for desperado, who want to be her equal.
    DH I hope has realized that there is no hope for him and SY. He is also realizing that he is a sick, sick individual.

  424. 424 : dinaz Says:

    @sharon aigoo i m so tempted to read your post on ep10..hehe.but im trying to stop myself i have to watch it 1st then comment.. 🙂 🙂

  425. 425 : Sharon Says:

    I can’t help myself. I am so hooked!
    Hello everyone my name is Sharon and I am a secreatholic.

  426. 426 : Sharon Says:

    Looking forward to your post.

  427. 427 : billy Says:

    Just watched ep 10. I totally agree, its one of the best yet! Im getting some sympathetic feelings toward the stepmom too, she seems to be sincere with her feelings towards MH, hope she will be a big help in the future when MH will be discovered by his dad re his feelings towards YJ. Im also feeling sorry towards Se Yeon, so far its all just a big cry for attention…why she did what she did! Afterall, she is on a one-sided love for MH. The pain she is in makes her vulnerable to DH’s seemingly developing attention…I hope she wakes up in the nick of time, before she actually make some damage to herself. I feel for her too, because she is simply at a lost on how to make things work for her! I wouldnt even comment about DH’s mother, she’s not worth mentioning at all…DH dare bare hi ego now?! He is hateful really….the initial remorse is totally absent already.
    MH just love watching YJ! I so love the way he reach out to Yj now~i look forward to get all giddy and happy for these two! The episode end on a promising note with YJ finding out DH’s underhanded contribution to the loss of both her son and father…she finally caught the lie!

  428. 428 : NewFan Says:

    Omo, did you just confess a ‘secret’? (Whisper: I’m secretholic to the core too..sshh) Lol. Btw, thanks for the recap even though I haven’t watch it yet.
    YEAH!! I’ve just found out that the eng subs only are already upload. I’m so excited to watch this ep now that I know some juicy scene. TIME TO WATCH!!

  429. 429 : eny Says:

    wooow Bae so bin acting really captivate me, he make me cry n feel sorry for his relationship with YJ n then make me wonder……..is he really going that far, is his love already change to ambition?????
    It’s funny but I want to see that YJ-DH in the beginning never change….I just wanna see nontypical “the one you sacrifiece is betraying you”in melodrama.

    I’m not really interested with MH love to YJ, i thought it’s typical, but I still like this drama

  430. 430 : dvyn Says:

    super love this drama so much, the best… can’t wait for the next episode! c”,)

  431. 431 : Clairerosean Says:

    Heyya girlfriends..

    Sorry for the late response about last night’s episode. After watching episode 10, i went on an errand and I got terribly late….. burning DH’s house.

    Unfortunately, note that unfortunately, nothing was hurt coz the family of three went out on a hiking.. Imagine that? They’re lucky indeed to survive my flaming anger, well at least they can complete filming the remaining episodes.

    Slapping team, AJJA! from now on, i’m cheering for you! :-p

    Arg! This is a veryyyyyyy long week of wait again.. Darn!

  432. 432 : Gaby81 Says:

    @Dinaz422 Thank You Very Much! I Don’t Post Much But When I Do I Go All Out 🙂 (Lol Check Out My Post In The Suspious Housekeeper) Hopefully Everyone Reads It And Likes It At That More People Will Watch It And Love It Like US!
    @Sharon425 You Can Sign Me Up In The ‘SecretAHolic’ Club Too! I Absolutely LOVE This Drama So Much That I Watch It RAW Eventhough I Have No Idea What They Are Sawing But I Already Know What’s Going On! 🙂 Then I’ll Just Rewatched It Again With The Subs and Timed Comments 🙂 It’s What I Do When I Really Really Love A Drama 🙂

    I Can’t Wait For Next Week But Super Bummed Out To Wait Around For Them To Be Released :'(

  433. 433 : happy Says:

    @sharon and @newfan..ssshh…don’t forget to put me in…secretaholic..
    are there you gals/guys who want to confess you secret?

  434. 434 : tata Says:

    OMOOOOOO!! Cannot wait for next week’s episodeeeesssss!!!!! Gaaaaaah!!! Want to rip someone’s hearttttttt!!

  435. 435 : justsaying Says:

    Yay!!! Just finished ep 10. YJ knows what a scumbag DH is. I’m going out to celebrate!!!

  436. 436 : Gaby81 Says:

    Okay Here’s My Reaction, Comment, Thoughts & Opinion On Episode 10

    Lol Poor Min Hyuk Was At Lost After He Revealed His Feelings For Her But He Played It Off Like Nothing, And KYJ Was Just Like Whateve’s. It’s Cute That He Says That He’ll Start Worse Rumors and Follow Her Around Until He Finds Out What She And Do Hoon Are Hiding, If She Didn’t Get In The Car and Return To Work At The Restaurant Again. And Like All Spoiled Brats, He Gets His Way And She Returns Home.

    The Next Morning We See MH & SY With Their Mothers Talking About The Wedding And All. The Step Mom Gets All Happy When He Calls Her ‘Mother’. But Only Because SY’s Mother Is Being A Little Bish. He Leaves Because You All Know Men Have No Interest With All That Wedding Talk 🙁

    KYJ Starts Working At The Restaurant Again But You Know How That Is People Be Hating Because The President Has A Interest In Her. So They All Be Hating Because She’s His Favorite 🙂 After The Work Day Is Over, MH Tells YJ To Get In The Car Which The Friend Quickly Drags Her In Much To The Gossiping Co Working Shock 🙂 Lol That Friend Of Hers Was Only Trying To Lighten The Mood With Small Talk As It Was Evident That It Was So Ackward In That Car. The Friend Points Out That MH Made A Scene At The Restaurant That He Fired Her And That Je Should Go Rehire Her. Lol How Sweet 🙂 Lol He Clears His Throat As He Has Been Found Out. Lol That friend Has No Shame Hitting On Kang Soo The Secretary 🙂

    So The Friend Invites The MH and Kang Soo Inside To Eat Dinner With Them Saying That YJ Is An Excellent Cook! Anyone Else Notice How The Secretary Perked Up At When She Said Food 🙂 You Know MH Wanted To Too! But He Only Wanted To Say A Few Words To YJ In Private. So The Friend Dragged The Secretary Inside To Feed Him. He Asks If She Has Anything To Say and She Says She Has Nothing To Say. He Replies That He Can Always Find Out. He Also Says That Since The Bakery Shop Is In A Bad Neighborhood, It Wouldn’t Sell. To Hurry Up And Pay Of Her Debt And Save The Bakery. Awe He Gives Her Some Lovey Dovey Looks 😉 Then Leaves.

    Then We Get Some Scenes With MH And Step Mother, He Gets Mad At Her For Playing With His Moms Music Box. Next Scene We Have DH and Family Having Dinner At An Upscale Restaurant Way Out Their League and Class Of Course. But SY Invited Them Their But She Couldn’t Stay And Eat with Them Because She Had Business To Attend To. It’s Sad That He thinks He Has A Chance With Her… She Already Calling Them Mother & Father! They Say She’s Respectful Of The Elders, What And KYJ Wasent!?

    Next MH Sends Gwang Soo To Go Repair The Damaged/Deleted Files, Daddy Dearest Right Hand Man Asks Do Hoon If He Had Something To Do With The Damaged/Deleted Files. That Min Hyuk Is Sending It To Get Repaired. Do Hoon goes Off Saying No He Didn’t Have Anything To Do With It That He Was Looking Into Something Else. And They Both Leave, Do Hoon Is Sweating Bricks Now 🙂 Daddy Dearest Leaves To Germany Without His Right Hand Man, Leaving him Behind To Help MH. Also Advices Him That You Can Encourage Him To An Extent But To Cut He Down When He Becomes Too Ambicious and Before He Goes Power Hungry.

    Anyone Think It Was Cute How He Cradled Her Head As She Slept! 🙂 And How He Looked At Her With Those Puppy Eyes As She Went Inside After He Dropped Her Off! 🙂 Ah What A Man 😉 Once He Found Out That Ah Do Hoon Was Going To Be Attending The Taste Testing Event At The Restaurant (TGIFRIDAY’s Of All Places….) He Rushed There To Get Her Out Of There Before He Got There And Made A Scene, Which SY Did By Trying To Belittle Her Status and Class. What A Wench, She’s Just Jealous Because MH Has KYJ On A PeddleStool and Her In The Friend Zone :p

    Well Do Hoon Goes To Confront KYJ After All The Event Ends, Telling Her That Her Presence Is Strangling Him. That Min Hyuk Is Just Using Her Against Him. Then She Tells Him That She’s Sorry That It Pains Him That He Sees Her and That It’s Hard Getting A Job Anywhere and She Had No Choice. That There’s Nothing Between Anymore. Meanwhile MH Is Franticly Looking For YJ and Finds Do Hoon Instead, DH Tells MH To Leave Her Alone, Why Does He Insist In Having Her Close To Him and It Doesn’t Bother Him Since They Aren’t Together Anymore. Min Hyuk Says That He Has Binding Love Her Or Binding Feelings For Her. That’s She’s Curious and Fun To Be By. SY Gets All Pissed Off At MH. Lol He Could Care Less About That There Business Wedding, and Those Stupid Wedding Invitations Are Ugly. Don’t Like Those Designs.

    Anyways, We Find MH Waiting Outside KYJ’s Place, It Appears He’s Been There Awhile As We See Her Casually Arriving Home. Asks Her a Why It Told Her Long To Get Home Since The Event Has Been Over For A Good While. She Doesn’t Say Anything, He Tells Her That He Didn’t Do Anything This Time To Her To Hurt Her But Confessed To The Other Time. He Told Her That’s Why He Tried To Get Her Out Of There. She Goes Inside Where The Ajummas Are Drunk and Signing and Her Friend Is Passed Out On The Table.

    Then The Ajuhmas Start Preaching To KYJ, Saying That Some Instightful Things To KJY. Amen Sisters Amen! 🙂 Later That Night When Her Friend Steals All The Bed Covers , She Gets Up And Gets Her Dads Coat and Finds A Receipt. This Reciept Has The Time, Date and Location Of The Store Where Her Father Was Last Seen Alive. We’ll See Goes Off And Investigates, Like Any Sane Person Would Do. The Store Owner Tells Her That Her Dad Would Always Come With A Women But This Time He Was Alone, But That A Man Came And Got Him.

    Next Morning SY Shows Up In MH’s Office At His Crib, She Notices That He’s Been Reading The Book She Suggested He Read. Says How He Has Time To Read When He Has Work To Do. Phew Shoots Back That Since She Had Him Demoted He’s Had Plenty of Time To Read. That She Can’t Use Him As A Puppet, That He Told Her Not To Associate Herself With Do Hoon. He tells Her That They Aren’t Friends Anymore To Leave The House, She Got Unfriended and Dismissed! Well Her Plan Back Fired On Her! 🙂

    So MH Sends Gwang Soo To Go Get His Taeri/Tari Which Ever Way You Spell It, Tells Her That He Wants Her To Work For Him That Day At His Place. Oh How Cute Now He Gots The Secretary Calling Her Tari! 🙂 So She Works There Cleaning and What Not. The Step Sister Likes Her Because She’s An Excellent Cook! KYJ Gets Gwang Soo Ro Eat With Them, How Cute He’s A Leftie! That Gwang Soo Loves To Eat! 🙂 You Know It’s A Plus If You Got The Sister and The Secretary On Your Side! Lol MH Turns Down The Offer To Eat With Them And Orders The Secretary To Get Him A Coffee, Which KYJ Tells The Secretary She’ll Take It To Him.

    So She Gives Him His Coffee, And Asks To Leave Since She’s Done Cleaned Everything Already But He Tells Her To Read The Whole Book and Right A Summary On It For Him. So He Watches Her As She Reads. He Falls Asleep and Is Awaken By YJ Telling Him That She’s Leaving Now. He Tells Her To Come Back Tomorrow. So He Reads The Summary She Wrote. It Basically Said That HeathCliff Died Broken Hearted and Alone Because His True Love Catharine Died Due To His Thirst For Vengeance or Something Like That. (Can Someone Please Post What It Said Because It Went To Fast For Me).

    Well Well We Get A Scene With Do Hoon & SY, She Getting Wasted And Do Hoon Shows Up And Gets Angry With Her Because She’s Like That Because Of Min Hyuk. He Says If She Wants To Get Drunk Then Go Ahead So He Walks Off But SY Stops Him and Says That If Only He Was Born Into A Wealthy Family Then She Would Have Fallen In Love With Him Instead Of MH. But He Goes On Saying That One Doest Get To Choose The Family And Parents But They Can Decide Who They Want As Spouse. He Tries To Kiss Her But She Slaps Him and Tells Him To Drink With Her and That She’ll Call Him A Substitute Driver.

    Next Morning She Returns To MH’s House, Finds His. Moms Music Box and Finds A Sleeping MH, Who Appears To Be Dreaming and Who Is Sick 🙁 But She Doesn’t Notice Him Being Sick But Does Find Out That It Was MH and Not Do Hoon That Took Her To The Hospital and Paid The Bill 🙂 She Thanks Him But OfCourse He Play It Off Saying Not To Be Passing Out In Peoples Buildings. So She Gets His Bedding And Washes Them. He Watches As She Hangs The Bedding On A Homemade Close Line. Awe How Sweet He’s Smiling As He Watches Her As He Remembers That Time When He Watched Her Hanging Little Sans Clothes..Poor Guy Is Feeling Bad The Little Guy :'( So She Leaves Once She’s Done For The Day, He’s All Depressed Cuz She’s Returning To The Restaurant Because The Co-Workers Are Mad Because She’s Messing Up The Work Load/Schedule. He Wants To Say Baby Don’t Go! But He Doesn’t Just Standing There Looking Depressed :'(

    Well The Next Day She And Her Ex Cell Mate Go To The Police Station But She Stays In The Car As Her Gets The Copy of The CCTV Recording On That Night Her Father Was Last Seen Alive. Well She Gets A Copy And Watches It All…Lo And Behold Who See Sees On The Video That Snake of An Ex Baby Daddy Of Hers Picking Up Her Father! You Know That Crushes Her and Is An Eye Opener For Her To Say The Least.

    She Calls In Sick The Next Day, MH Gets All Worried OfCourse and Kang Soo Gets Worried About MH Because He’s Sick, But OfCourse MH’s Oblivious To That Fact. Well Later That Day KYJ Comes Home But That Baby Beater Follows Her Into The House and Starts To Beg For Forgiveness But That Ex Bully Cell Mate Gets To Beating Her. How Dare She Show Her Face After What She’s Done To Little San And KYJ! Then She Gets Even Angrier Once She Hears That She Meet Het On The Street Before.

    Says She Sorry That She Did It That She Can’t Sleep With The Guilt and That She Missed Little San Too. Ofcourse KYJ Isn’t Going To Forgive Her! But She Gets A Text From Do Hoon That He’s Waiting Outside and That He Needs To Talk To Her. She Goes Outside and They Talk In His Car, He Says That Min Hyuk Is Re-Opening The Intestigation On The Hit And Run. Says That’s It’s Because Of Her That Min Hyuk Thinks It’s Him! She Says No It Isn’t He Has The Nerve To Say That She Was The Driver That Night After All and That She Took The Blame. Basically It’s All On You And There’s Nothing On Me To Prove Otherwise. Your Word Against Mine. She Gives Him That Look ‘Oh It’s Like That You Son of A Bish’ Then She Gets Out And Comes Around To Drivers Window And Tells Him What She Has Uncovered About Him. That She Found Out That The Store By The Railroad, The Lady ID Him Picking Him Up That Night. And He Says That It Wasent Him, Then She Says That’s It’s All Lies Because He Can’t Lie. Basically He’s A Crappy Liar. He Has No Poker Face At All. Then He Drives Off, Then That Baby Beater Runs Out Saying What Did He Want Again.

    KYJ Asked What She Was Talking About And She Tells Her That He Was The Once That sabotaged Her Parole Hearing, Saying To Do Something That About It. Naturally KYJ Goes Nuts Because She Finally Realizes It Was All Do Hoon That Has Caused Her Heart Ache: Her Imprisonment, Her Scar, Little San Being Born In Prison, Then Having Him Taken Away To Be Put In An Orphanage, Then He Dies and The Death Of Her Father. Then Everything Else After She’s Released. Well MH Did Things Too But Nothing Compared To What Do Hoon Has Done!

    Then We Finish The Episode With Do Hoon Beating His Steering Wheel Because He Realizes That His Plan Is Unraveling, That Min Hyuk Knows That He Did It And That KYJ Didn’t Do Anything. He’s Afraid That KYJ Will Tell MH Everything Now That She Knows About That Secret. What Does He Do? He Throws The Bracelet That He Got Her Father In The Ocean To Hide That Bit Of Evidence That He Was Indeed The Last Person To Be Seen With Him.

    Well That’s The Recap I Know I Got The Whole Part Where The Baby Beater & CCTV Video Part All Out Of Place But You That Have Seen It Already Know That Already 🙂

    Wow That Hour Was Jammed Packed From Start To Finish! I Wish That They Included The Preview As We Are Unable To View It Here In The States :'(

    Well I Can’t Wait To See Episodes 11 & 12 Next Week! It’s On Like Battle Royal! MH & KYJ Combine Forces To Take Down ADH! 🙂 I Hope That SSY Doesn’t Try To Help Out Her Pet Out Of This! Grrrrr!!!!

    Edit: Here’s What KYJ Summary For ‘Withering Heights’

    ‘Heathcliff And Catherine Were Fated To Love…But Catherine Ends Up In A Contract Marriage To A Nobleman…Catherine Never Hears The Confession Of His Love And HeathCliff Seeks Revenge On A Already Married Catherine…HeathCliff Who Loses His Real Love Catherine, Dies A Lonely Death…’ If I Missed Something Let Me Know Please. Check You All Laterz! 🙂

  437. 437 : hny Jo Says:

    EPS 10

    just want to say …GREAT !!!

  438. 438 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    It’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    emotional. Huhuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  439. 439 : miniginy Says:

    @justsaying : ahahaha… thats what i tough too… its like parade.. omg finally she knew it

  440. 440 : riebie Says:

    OMG,,,, jisung oppa, U’r acting so so daebak…

    I hope ADH’s secret will be revealed soon,,,
    both MH and YJ deserves to be happy,,,

    Can’t wait ep 11

  441. 441 : usa-mary Says:

    @Clairerosean-431: I see it smokin’…burn baby burn! LOL

    Well, now I know that substitute is not only symbolic of MH’s driver. Its also symbolic of YJ going to prison instead of DH. But, will she also be JH’s substitute lover for MH? I didn’t say marriage, I said lover. Unless, his dad dies after having one of his procedures fail after returning from Germany, and YJ rejects him in the end, is the only way MH could marry YJ. That is if she starts to like him of which I haven’t seen any indications of that, yet.

  442. 442 : NewFan Says:

    (Whisper: all set! Our secret group are growing. and OPPS i think i’ve book a plane for DH’s family on a hike. That why they escape from @Clairerosean ‘s flaming anger..sshh..)
    Don’t worry. The chance to burn them by your flame will not gone waste 😀

    I’m finally finish watching ep 10. I guessing in the next ep, MH succeed in finding her and goes for her and saw her all sad. Might have a chance considering MH is worried for her when Gwang Soo told him that YJ sick and ask him to find her. I’m guessing that if its true, MH would be damn pissed at pple who makes his girl cry. Plus, YJ might reveal some secret while she gone crazy after finding out the real DH because she’s fed up to keep a secret any longer for the man who betrays her. What you guys/girls think the next ep will be?

  443. 443 : usa-mary Says:

    @441: The 2nd sentence should read: But, will she also be a replacement for JH as a substitute lover for MH? The 4th sentence should read: SY rejects him, not YJ rejects him.

  444. 444 : usa-mary Says:

    LOL! Some commenters in Viki keep calling DH either a rat bastid or a rat bastard! What is that anyway? Rats aren’t given in marriage! Though I do agree that DH is a rat! LOL

  445. 445 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, put yourself in YJ shoes when she saw the CCTV with DH taking her father away. I don’t know what I would do! That must be totally devastating for her. The man she still loves know the where about and was the last seen with her father. Imagine when it hits you that you have been a fool all this time. That’s when it’s murder she wrote.
    Possible ending!!!
    I think MH is going to give up everything for YJ in the end, or YJ is going to leave with San and MH will marry SY, or MH father dies and he gets the company and marry YJ. What do you guys think?!

  446. 446 : usa-mary Says:

    What…Sandara singing into the lone soju bottle! Make it a real mic, add a spoon!

  447. 447 : Sharon Says:

    Love the recap, good job. Will DH try to kill YJ?!!

  448. 448 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, I am an Secretholic. I try not to watch, but I can’t help myself. It’s the sweetest hangover I don’t want to get over. Hehehe..

  449. 449 : justsaying Says:

    1. MH finally have the guts to choose love over wealth. And so, he gives up everything for YJ. Nothing matters after this – to h**l with DH and SY.

    2. YJ may leaves everything and start a new life somewhere. It’s possible coz, seeing DH hurts too much and MH reminds her of everything as well. MH realizes his faults and so, let her go so she’ll be happy. He finally realize that love exist and, letting YJ go so she can be happy is the ultimate love sacrifice. SY migrate somewhere in another continent because of heartbroken and guilt. DH – hospitalized after an incident of group beating.

    3. MH may marry SY becoz he has an obligation to K Group (his father might die – he went to Germany too often now coz he’s sick). YJ lives somewhere and is happy with San. DH – hospitalized after an incident of group beating.

    4. YJ may ends up back together with DH coz she’s a very forgiving person – she still loves him and is willing to give it a second chance. She’s willing to go to jail for him didn’t she? And becoz San is still alive and DH is his father. MH stays single and is working hard for KGroup. SY migrate somewhere in another continent because of heartbroken and guilt. (If this is the ending, I’ll never watch Kdrama that is written, produced and directed by the Secret crew anymore – the thought of YJ and Dh gives me the chill)

    5.YJ ends up with Gwang Soo coz he’s been following her and basically knows everything about her. YJ give them his blessing coz he think of Gwang Soo as his brother and he knows that he’ll make YJ happy. MH stays single. SY migrate somewhere in another continent because of heartbroken and guilt. DH – hospitalized after an incident of group beating.
    (If this is the ending, nobody can say that Secret is a typical Kdrama. A 360degree twist. LOL)

  450. 450 : justsaying Says:

    @449, ending 5 ‘MH give GW and YJ his blessing…’

  451. 451 : Sharon Says:

    Love # 3. Boy, what would I give to beat DH’s A%#.
    #4, you darn right!! I would give KDrama a rest.
    SY migrates to never never land. You have SY migrating in each ending. Hahaha!
    Love your endings, does GS have a chance with YJ? Naaaaaaa!
    Love it!!!

  452. 452 : justsaying Says:

    GS is way way wayyyyyy better than DH rite. Can’t help smiling if its really no 5. But please oh please…. let it be ending no 1.

  453. 453 : dinaz Says:

    ep 10 : oh my what do i do with that cheap guy..ah chilly powder,pepper spray,slap nothing is going to cool me down..i hate you ahn do hoon!!aaaaaaahhhhhh.. i am so mad at that creep!!he is just cheap to the core..aigoo i m so frustrated..Nappeun nom!how could he do that to his own child i really was teary to see San again with those blue black marks on his body(its too disturbing to see it)i dint know who did it..but now we know!how can a father do that to his own son!!you cheapo do hoon!
    San i love to see you again in recaps come back please..
    Phew!!let me cool down!
    ok coming back to the episode it was good that yj figured out herself about dh and now she feels she totally wasted her time and sacrifice for love..i am glad she even found out that the person who saved her was mh and not the loser dh.. 🙂
    see,dh was looking for every opportunity to kiss sy glad that she pushed his face away..she is not good in portraying her role well,i mean she dosent convince me she is sad or frustrated!why i dont know??
    mh is supercute he acts all childish to the point that he called her home and made her do all the household work..i like it when he looks here and there a little embarassed,little shy..cute oppa..(lucky bo young unni)
    mh’s stepmom seems to be a normal lady who married a rich man orelse why would she be insulted by sy’s mom..there is a secret there too??
    hwang jung eum too is super good here..her crying scenes are not excessive but very touchy..i guess mh remembered ji hee seeing yj do the laundry coz they did laundy before..
    ok now i’ll read all the comments that i was resisting myself from reading before watching the episode 🙂 🙂

  454. 454 : Gaby81 Says:

    @Sharon447 Thanks I Try My Best 🙂 Lol I. Tell Myself To Keep It Short And Sweet But Alas, That Never Is Going To Happen.

    @JustSaying449 I Don’t Think Gwang Soo Likes Her Like That. He’s Even Calling Her ‘Tari’ MH’s Nickname For Her 🙂 It’s More Of Like She’s A Close Friend Of His ‘Bro’ MH. But While Google Secret Images On The Web, I Found A Picture Of Min Hyuk & KYJ In A Tuxeodo and She Was Wearing A Wedding Dressing! So I’m Pretty Sure They Are. Going To Get A Happy Ending! 🙂 well I’d Post The Pic But I Can’t Find It 🙁

  455. 455 : Gaby81 Says:

    Hmm I’d Like To Add, Does Anyone Think Min Hyuk Will Do Anything About Little San? Like How And What Happened to Little San? Because That Flash Back Got Me To Thinking…Thoughts Anyone 😕

  456. 456 : dinaz Says:

    @sharon love the comment420 point no.8.. 😉 🙂 include me too in the secretaholic club 🙂
    @clairerosean 431 lol u should have taken me too i would have helped you to pour some fuel there..hahahaha!thanx for finally supporting us the slapping team 😛
    @gaby81 you have done two wonderful recaps 🙂 yes i did check that you have written a long post in suspicious housekeeper thread but its good to express oneself 🙂 i couldnt stand it too when sy called dh’s parents as omonim and abonim..those cheap parents dont deserve any respect!they dint show them going to yj’s dad funeral too..
    @just saying #5 ending lol..hahahaha!i want ending #1..with massive group beating..

  457. 457 : dinaz Says:

    hmm..and one more thing the supermarket ahjumma mentioned that yj’s dad could recognise her that day and he looked fine on that day too..now what was that?
    i really want yoo jung to take revenge now..cmon girl go get your revenge from that slimy creature!
    i really hope that there will be a happy ending coz looking at the intensity of the drama now it dosent seem like it 🙁
    do you all think a kiss is coming up soon??i hope so 😛 😛

  458. 458 : zeez22 Says:

    I love this story… So exciting…Ji Sung is so cute!

  459. 459 : Gaby81 Says:

    @Dinaz457 I Know Right You’d Think That she’d Ask Her Something About His Memory Cleared Up And He Cleared Remembered Her As If He Hadn’t Been Sick At All! You Know What I Think, I Bet If Her Father Had Gotten Surgery All Those Years Ago That He Would Have Been Able To Keep YJ Out Of Jail and Been Able To Name ADH As The Driver That Night.

    Oh Boy Lets See How Long I Post About Passionate Love, It’s Been Awhile Since I’ve Watched It and Need To Recap Like Crazy Before I Catch Up. I’ve Only Watched 4 Episodes So Far….Lets See Who All I See On That Thread 🙂

  460. 460 : Sharon Says:

    Right now YJ is going through hell coming to the realization that the man she loves is not who she thought he was. So, Kissing scene with MH maybe ep 15 the earliest.

  461. 461 : Sharon Says:

    They are saying that SY and DH is going to team up and try to take away more from MH and MH and YJ are going to team up for revenge.

    I don’t think MH has anything to do with San disappearance. He is just trying to put pieces together.

  462. 462 : Angel Says:

    I love this drama … From my heart!!! .. Waiting for Ji sung and jung eum to get together <3 🙂 …. For .. Do han i wish he go to hell! … He is a big sinner i hate him in all dramas for being bad 🙁 … That so yeun … She is confusing … She don't know exactly what she want just messing around!! … Anyway i just looove this drama 😀 <3 … Fantastic one fighting!! Keep going up flying to the highest rates!!! 😉

  463. 463 : Angel Says:

    Yoo jung … Hold urself together! It is fine 🙂 …. Min hyukaa gonna help u 😉 … I really my self missed san ur son 🙁 … I loved him and ur dad ! That do han must be punished to death!!

  464. 464 : NewFan Says:

    @justsaying – 449
    Iwant no.1 ending. If they use no. 4 as ending, then, BEATING TEAM are you ready? We’re going a very long journey to beat someone. And I’m definitely traumatize by this genre for a very long time. Lol

    @Gaby81 – 455
    I think so too. And YJ will going more crazy emo in that ep if she finds out the truth.

    Anyway, I THINK that little San is truly dead. The possibility of DH killing his own child is high considering his willingness to kill YJ’s dad and still saying that YJ is the one who drive which resulting in the hit and run accident, during the confrontation in the car.

  465. 465 : emmanuel Says:

    The ratings of the 10th episode is wrong .it was 16.5 not 13.5

  466. 466 : sweet girl Says:

    i absolutely in love with this drama. MH is really a great actor. its so sweet seeing that he tried to protect the girl so much. i really look forward for this drama. the heirs is soooooo typical korean drama and it makes me bored to death!!!!! this drama will be one of my favourite kdrama

  467. 467 : just_saying Says:

    @dinaz 457, I kinda feels that way too – about the intensity of the drama that we may not like the ending. Sigh… But still not giving up on ending#1.

  468. 468 : billy Says:

    Well, if MH’s father dies, that will give MH complete control of his destiny. I just hope he gets stronger (because he is actually quite strong already…) to fight off DH’s aggressive moves with the backing of SY and the company…well, im a romantic, i just want everything to work out for the pure of heart. I guess, the story of Wuthering Heights is more about SY than YJ.

  469. 469 : usa-mary Says:

    DH’s parents heartache is coming very soon. Becoming a prosecutor didn’t make him smarter, it made him more stupid. He should have known that nothing escapes Chairman Jo re K Group, especially when it involves to MH. DH is so dumb. The Board may have voted MH out, but their allegiance is still with Chairman Jo. Those men would squeal like pigs on their way to slaughter to maintain their cushy position on the Board.

    I guess I’ll have to get my fictitious bowl of salt ready because I can hear it now. DH’s mother will definitely blame his association with YJ for his downward spiral. What’s with these Korean mothers in kdramaland who always blame the women for their ignant sons demise or mishaps. When a man marries and he dies early, she (wife) ate him. When he dates and gets into trouble, she’s (gf) a jinx. Instead of eating seaweed at birth, the mothers should eat tons of tofu.

  470. 470 : Gaby81 Says:

    You Know What’s Been Bugging He About Do Hoon & His Family, How Low Can You Be That They Don’t Like YJ Who Slaved Away Paying For Law School and Helping Out His Family! You All Know That Law School Costs A lot of $$$$ and She Cooked For Them! And Took Care Of Their Bills!! Geez Talk About A Group Of Ungrateful Peoeple!!! I’d ask For All My $$$ Back With Interest!!! grrrrr…..

  471. 471 : Hong Phuong Says:


  472. 472 : clairerosean Says:

    Heyya Friendships: Can’t help but burst in to laughter while reading your comments:


    441 – LOL but BTW, why do i feel like i’m loving the sound of ‘Substitute Lover’ a lot? It’s kinda sound seductive to me.. 😛

    469 – Totally true. How stupid DH is for even thinking that he can take MH’s place. He still doesn’t realize how MH’s father adored his son despite his childishness and being irresponsible.

    Yes, also I can’t imagine how the mama swine will react about DH’s downfall later.. for sure she’d choose to terrorize KYJ coz she’s so polite and kind-hearted to even defend herself.

    I do still hope for a great twist about baby SAN.. How is wish he is somewhere safe and growing up adorably.

    @Newfan: 442 – AHA! So, it is a Secret No More you cheating girl. You are the one sent the SWINE family on a trip that is why my mission was a fail… Girlfriend, how can you do that??? LMAO!!

    @Just-saying: 449 – HAHAHA.. and that’s a very funny one! Perhaps we can add version #6 A combination of Ending #1 but with the last paragraph of #5 (DH – hospitalized….) Such a 360 degree twist indeed!

    @dinaz: 456 – Yeah, i should have contacted you instead of doing it by myself… it could have been a success.. LOL

    Okay then… gotta work a bit before my butt get kicked for blogging more and working less. 🙂

    See ya’ll around..

  473. 473 : mml Says:

    @470 Gaby81,
    i have found you at Secret Love this drama and also The Suspicious Housekeeper and you have really enjoyed watching it.
    Maybe, you can try watching an MBC drama, the name of the drama is Take My Hand 握住我的手, 내 손을 잡아 this drama .
    Is another new MBC drama which can pull viewers to sit and watch this drama and with lots of curiosity.
    Is an accused murder drama, with mystery or romance and can make viewers to wonder to discover this strange mystery.

  474. 474 : usa-mary Says:

    @Clairerosean-472: 😀

    @Gaby81-470: Regretfully, that’s what users do. They use people as if its common place.

  475. 475 : 키키 Says:

    이 드라마는 진짜 대박 !!!
    그 배우가 진짜 완전 잘한다 ^^

    비밀 와이팅 !! ♥

  476. 476 : Sharon Says:

    I really don’t think DH ever loved YJ. I think he saw her as someone that can make his way easier while becoming a prosecutor. DH did not have to worry about a thing his school fee was taken care of clothes, shoes, food, even the mortgage on his parent house when they were in foreclosure YJ payed everything by working 3 jobs. So instead of loving her as a person he loves her for what she can do for him.
    A lot of women are like that when they meet a man they start buying him clothes pay his bills then the relationship looses it’s meaning from the love of the person to the love of what the person can give you and that’s what happen to DH and YJ relationship.
    DH mother didn’t care wether YJ gave them the world, she was never her choice for her son especially now that he is a prosecutor how dear Y J trying to pass herself off on her son. The thing that gets me with the mother is the
    She is just like her son, they both are users and want to clime the social ladder, They both will kill to get what they want, they both are pitiful and when DH fall so is his mother.
    If DH’s mother ever go to YJ is to beg her to save her and that’s the ep I can’t miss.

  477. 477 : Sharon Says:

    MH was always strong. He was just this rich kid that want to party all the time and accept no responsibility. However, he cared for JH a lot. I wouldn’t say he love her because he is still questioning love. MH is more than capable to run the company by himself if the chairman dies, which I hope not.
    MH is no pushover he is very smart and whatever he goes after he gets it. I think he is quite capable to run KGroup especially if YJ is by his side.
    I think each character has a bit of Wuthering Heights in them. Revenge, love, lost love, I don’t know about the death part as yet, but I suspect DH.

  478. 478 : usa-mary Says:

    Me: DH is so dumb.

    Audience: How dumb is he!

    Me: He’s so dumb trying to sabotage MH, that he’s openly leaving a breach in security trail the length of time it took him to sentence YJ, and he’s the only one that can’t see that everyone else sees what he’s doing.

    Me: DH is so stupid.

    Audience: How stupid is he!

    Me: He’s so stupid for not having the woman he used to stop YJ’s parole move to another city or country upon her release. That’s right…tell on him!

    Me: DH is so blind.

    Audience: How blind is he!

    Me: Erasing the hit ‘n run CCTV footage while blindly forgetting about the one showing him picking up YJ’s dad. As if MH is the only one he should be afraid of. Messing with YJ’s dad and baby San, I dare say woke up the lioness in her.

    Let the payback begin!

  479. 479 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-476: “A lot of women are like that when they meet a man”… Really!

    Oh, I thoroughly understand what happened in that relationship. Though its fiction, I’m so thankful that being desperate is not my MO. Females need to be educated on valuing themselves, thus become the recipient of being the one a man wants to value.

    I wish one would ask me to buy him something… Don’t get me started!

  480. 480 : Sharon Says:

    Yes!! Really, I mean Really!!!!
    Mary you are funny, “don’t get you started.”
    There a many woman who would basically buy a man, some not intentional like YJ. She gave him her all without thinking and DH took her all while thinking.
    I have seen that so many times on my job and it leads to abuse. A woman must be like you said “love herself first.” Woman are so devalued all over the world that they give to be valued and loved.

  481. 481 : Sharon Says:

    What I have also seen is a man that truly loves a woman and give her their all tend to be treated badly because of her previous experience with a man like DH.

  482. 482 : Sharon Says:

    This is a Bollywood movie that you will like. I told you that I love a good story and this one has a great story it came out 1995 and you are going to love it. The title is Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge ( The Brave Hearted Will Take the Bride). This is one of my all time favorites and in India it still plays in some movie theater. The songs are great and my two favorite actors are the lead Shahrukh and Kajol. It’s 190 min, so when you find the time like in between Secret and Heirs try this and if you like it let me know.

  483. 483 : laura Says:

    I put in myself in her shoes. it should be very sad that the day when your father(who lost everything aftrt your fall) he cleared up his mind came thi DHpshico and picked he up and killed cuz for a second he remembered something.

  484. 484 : Chloe04 Says:

    This is a good, addictive drama, it is only thing worth watching after TMS ended. DH better start getting his soon. MH is a bit kray, kray but in a good way and YJ isn’t exactly all with it, but she seems to be on her way back. Wish the baby was alive, too sad, too much to take.

    Like this much better than Heirs, I like LMH a lot but the plot to Heirs is just goofy, only one I like it CY. Got distracted watching Heirs last two episodes and only looked up when CY was beating up the glasses kid. Geez, but Secret is intriguing.

  485. 485 : Gaby81 Says:

    @MML473 Where Can I See This at!? What App or Site? I’m Intrigued! I loves me some good ole drama , vengeance, love and redemption dramas 🙂

  486. 486 : Ajuxmishi Says:

    My tearducts are runnin dry watching secret. But heck im so hooked. I love this drama. It is quite engaging. I just hope DH gets his just desserts. He looks so calm but i cant take his scheming mind.

  487. 487 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-480/1: I was being sarcastic. Though I’m aware of what’s going on. I still find it alarming when I hear about younger girls doing things like this in today’s world and the numbers are growing.

    Very well put!! YJ didn’t think while DH was thinking. Now, YJ was thinking about securing her a good husband with good credentials after she met DH. Yet, she went too far proving herself to be ‘good wife’ material. She didn’t exercise enough restraint by saving all that nurturing for after marriage. I would have accepted her ‘fictionally’ buying him a few erasers, pencils, pens, and maybe even paper, but that’s about it. Also, I’d save washing his dirty draws for after marriage. She just opened up herself to be used all the way around (including his parents). Its a hard lesson she’s learning now and this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

    On men and abuse:

    Truthfully, something’s wrong with a man who allows himself to get abused, too. There’s no martyrdom in that behavior, at all. Its only aiding and abetting a bully and that view of love is warped.

    Girl, you’ve hit the nail on the head! I’ve seen a few facets of that type of behavior in the workplace, too. I’ve even had supervisors tell me how they were mistreated by their previous supervisor(s). I took it as an awareness warning to not passively accept it when it reared its ugly head in my presence. Because that’s not a conducive work atmosphere for me and in the long run, it wouldn’t help either of us. Its sad to say, but emotional wounds carries over into all relationships and is not limited to the intimate ones, only.

    @Sharon-482: Thank you!

  488. 488 : dinaz Says:

    @gaby81-459 i dont think he got surgery coz he cant afford it..but something did happen that he got better and remembered something about that night..this is a secret here!
    @sharon-460 yup ure rite about the kiss but even though not mutual but mh can definately kiss her coz he is so worried about his dairi..lol.. 😛
    @just_saying-467 yes i am also hoping that the director nim will give this drama a good ending..please director nim mh and yj suffered enough now its their turn to be happy and dh go to jail..
    @usa_mary whats with salt?can u explain it to me?i know only of tofu and seaweed havent heard of salt..
    @clairerosean lol i would have made sure that the three losers were at home before burning the house..lol..

  489. 489 : dinaz Says:

    @sharon 476,477 very insightful 🙂 omo if dh mom goes to yj to beg i would be the happiest..hehe!son of a horrible mother!
    @usa-mary 487 good post..very insightful too..
    @sharon-482 i lost count how many times i watched ddlj..its truly an awesome movie 😉 and you’re rite its still running in a particular cinema hall till date..

  490. 490 : usa-mary Says:

    P.S. There was only one time that I mutually exchanged gifts with a guy I was dating. We were both in high school, and it was for Christmas. I suggested the exchange and we discussed the price range. He bought me a nice pair of boots, and I bought him a ring watch. Same price…he voluntarily showed me the receipt. He even bought me a promise ring which most of the school saw and knew about it before I did. LOL Anyway, my point is that the ring DH bought YJ had the exact same size diamond ‘chip’ my promise ring had for a setting. DH es muy el cheapo, el stingy y el bastardo! How you like my Spanglish!

    The others…I didn’t even get them a Christmas card.

  491. 491 : usa-mary Says:

    P.S on the P.S. DH would have been better off buying a CZ in a 14K gold setting, at least (a fake buying a fake). Besides, YJ is not the type to go to around getting an appraisal or go to pawn shops, so she wouldn’t have known its value. She’s too sentimental.

    Actually, she deserves better!

  492. 492 : aisyah Says:

    i just can’t wait to see YooJung start to be MinHyuk’s partner in revealing the truth about DoHoon. i really want to see her lioness side. i noticed that YooJung’s character is a strong yet forgiven woman but knowing that the real culprit that actually making her life upside down is the one she’s loving and keep helping from the start absolutely open her eyes big enough. the fact that her son died because of the one who’s made her pregnant won’t make her just sit back and keep quiet. she’ll be really wild in the upcoming episodes. hope so! she’s been too weak just listening to others and trusting liar’s words these past few episodes! so, episode 10 wake YooJung up!

  493. 493 : lclarakl Says:

    [email protected] I agree, she’s very forgiving. You know the say, there’s nothing like a woman scorned. She was not only scorned, but horribly treated by the man she tried to protect. Since we know he can’t miss an opportunity to assault her verbally, that will be continued fuel to keep her anger burning at him–as if the death of her child, father, wasted years in prison, and humiliation isn’t enough already. I too am looking forward to the next episodes. I just hope they don’t let MH and YJ be the victim of continued plots.

  494. 494 : lclarakl Says:

    In my opinion, DH never loved YJ. I think he was thankful for her help paying for his schooling, saving the family home, the car, excreta, excreta. He felt a need to pay her back.

    YJ was stupidly naïve because she was always giving to him and his family without even questioning: what has he/they done for her lately? I know gifts are not tic for tac, but in 7 years–something. She was so blinded by “love”(I say infatuation because she never knew the real him), she brushed off the treatment she received from him and his mother. The fact that he didn’t stand up to his mother, but went on the blind date anyway was a slap in the face. The fact that the mother was setting up these blind dates knowing they were seriously dating was also a slap. Not to mention all the other things we don’t know about.

    I fault YJ for what happened to her. When DH wanted to correct everything when the accident first happened she stopped him. When her child was black and blue in prison, that’s when I would have expected her to come to her sense to protect her child. The saying ‘out of sight out of mind’, I think DH would have been a distant memory for me once I saw my innocent baby black and blue–I would have to get him out of harms way. Of course, I’m on the outside looking in–my heart isn’t involved–but I think I would have still used my head.

    I hope YJ doesn’t back down, but make sure DH pay for the crimes he’s committed and not protect him anymore. I hope they are able to restore the evidence that DH destroyed. I know it can be done, because I had files restored that I had deleted by accident–it took an expert, but they retrieved them.

    Well we know what thing for sure–Thursday is going to be a cliffhanger.

  495. 495 : Sharon Says:

    The feelings that DH do have for YJ at the time was obligation. He felt obligated to marry her because she helped him. When you are in love you can see no evil, hear no evil, or speak no evil about the one you love.

    Ep 11
    MH is looking for tari and found her at the bakery and gave her his shoulder to cry on.

    MH father sickness is exposed and the stock plummet, so SY and DH team up to buy the stocks and get out MH from the company.

    YJ go looking for MH to help her with DH.

    Guys, that’s what I heard!!

  496. 496 : Sharon Says:

    No one can put them self in YJ’s shoes she is a saint. If I put myself in YJ shoes it will be up DH a%#s.

  497. 497 : Sharon Says:

    Thanks kiddo!
    Yes, I think that’s a good movie for mary to start out with.

    I am looking forward for the movie with Ronveer and Deepika. Although I find Ronveer very cocky he is a very good actor. BTW, I also heard thy are going out together have you heard any thing?

  498. 498 : Sharon Says:

    I just want DH to pay!!!!!!’

  499. 499 : justsaying Says:

    @Sharon 495. So that’s how its gonna go with ep11? So;

    1. SY and DH tries to buy out KGroup’s stock.
    2. YJ and MH teams up to organize a group beating to both SY and DH. And during this time, both of them falls in love with each other, so madly that I don’t care what happen next. Oh and now, both DH and SY are being hospitalized after the group beating.

  500. 500 : justsaying Says:

    @dinaz and Sharon. Have you seen ‘Kuch Kuch Ho Ta Hai’ – starring Shahrukh and Kajol? Released after DDLJ. One of my favorite.

  501. 501 : Sharon Says:

    KKHH, is also my alllllll time favorite too! So is Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, Dil to Pagle Hai, Chalte Chalte and many many more. I love Sharukh Khan he makes my heart do flips. I have like a lot of Bollywood, Tollywood and Telugu under my belt.

  502. 502 : rory Says:

    @usa-mary #478 <— me love it 😀

    In car scene, I loved the way MH holding YJ's head from falling down..sweet^^

    Hye Ri is hilarious & over react but at least she reveal how MH went all crazy towards the manager and insist him to hire back YJ..Can I ship Hye ri with Gwang soo..LOL!
    And GS is chewing something the moment MH called him..cute^^

    How can I forgive ADH or still hope he will ended with YJ.. again he just coldly watching how SY bashing her..plain selfish & coward!!! Jerk!

    At 1st, I’m so worried when ahjumma’s shop telling YJ a man came & took YJ’s dad that day, worried she will misunderstand once again but gladly that ahjumma knows he is YJ’s boy friend..

    My fave scene is when YJ works in MH’s house! What I’m happy is YJ looks happy there and can bring happiness to MH’s family..Again GS showing his cute attitude and immediately stand up after saw MH..LOL!

    I found Ji Sung is sooo adorable when he’s fall asleep or even when he’s sick! kekeke…
    And there they showed our adorable baby san once again..i just can’t..how dare they do that to our poor baby san…

    How I hate this ADH, he seems forgot he is the real criminal and YJ sacrifice herself for the sake of him! His family! His career! And her love towards him!
    “You were the one driving” what??? $#@@^?*%?!

    But thanx to her cellmate by revealing who is the real person that wanted to stop YJ's parole and thank God she decide to take an action by checking the CCTV on the spot..
    I can imagine how will YJ reacts and feel after she knows everything..what I'm afraid is will DH plans to make another stupid mistakes?He must be crazy now!

  503. 503 : lclarakl Says:

    I will make one comment about love. We seem to think love is blind to a person’s faults. It’s not, that’s infatuation. Love, true love, is when you see the short comings of a person and you love them in spite of those shortcomings. If MH and YJ ever get together, that will be true love because they will know each other’s short comings and love each other in spite of those short comings. Real Love is not blind, it has the capacity to see the flaws and lovingly look pass them as if they’re blind. If you can’ see the flaws then you’re in love with a persona, not the person.

    In my opinion, YJ was in love with the persona of DH that she had created, never seeing the real him. Nor would she allow herself to see the real him. But thankfully, her rose colored glasses were replaced with clear ones.

  504. 504 : Sharon Says:

    YJ friend from the Tollbooth knew DH was a snake of all snakes she would always warn YJ of doing too much and it may backfire on her. HR speculation came to past in a big way.

  505. 505 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz-488: Good old salt in kdramas chases the evil away! I learnt that while watching BOF years ago. Jan Di’s mother poured a bowl of salt on Joon Pyo’s mother’s head after she talked down to her about JD and JP seeing each other.

  506. 506 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-495: Where did you find ep. 11 preview?

    @Sharon-498: DH will most definitely pay, unless he takes the coward way out.

  507. 507 : dinaz Says:

    @aisyah yes indeed it will be great if she really shows her lioness side,now its high time girl enough of getting hurt..now attack!!but i am still expecting baby San to make a comeback..i miss him,his innocent face and smile 🙂
    @sharon 497 u mean Ramleela?i cant stand ranveer and his ‘i am cool’ attitude he tries too hard..lol..actually deepika is always linked to various guys so its difficult to say..but she did date the hot ranbir kapoor but they broke up..i am looking forward to krrish3 🙂
    @justsaying now are we including sy in the group beating?? 😛
    and ya kkhh is a good movie..i remember i shed a bucket of tears watching it..it was a big hit when it was released.. 🙂
    @sharon u like srk?woww he has many international fans 🙂
    @usa-mary 505 thanx for the info its nice to know about differnt cultures and beliefs..i thought jandi’s mom threw salt to jun pyo’s mom to insult her..now i want to throw atleast 10 packets of salt in dh’s household..specially on his mom!

  508. 508 : rishi Says:

    I love this drama. this is my fav drama of this season. i just feel so sorry for YJ. she is v innocent and naive. she has lost her son n father i mean her whole world for jerk like DH. And MH i just love his character. i am eagerly waiting for ep11. This drama is so much better then heirs.

  509. 509 : lclarakl Says:

    [email protected] I agree wholehearted. This is one of my favorite dramas for this season including Master’s Sun and Good Doctor.

  510. 510 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz-507: How’s about we go in 50/50 on a 20 lb. sack of salt for those folks. I’ll help you carry it to DH’s home. We can use the packets at the entrance of their home.

    Actually, throwing salt is an insult. Meaning, the person is evil.

  511. 511 : Sharon Says:

    Try Soompi.com they have the script review. The video review should be out late tonight or early tomorrow.

  512. 512 : Sharon Says:

    Ramleela! I am going to see it at the movies in November. Krrish3?? I didn’t care for Koi Mil Gaya, because Hrithik acted Soo retarded. I watched Krrish 2, but not too interested to see 3.

  513. 513 : SMQ Says:

    Gaby81 (436)

    Just wish to say thanks for Ep 10 recap. Great job !

    Wish for these to happen :

    . That San is still alive and that he will eventually be found.
    . That DH and his partners in crime will crash and burn in hell !
    . That KYG and MH will eventually find happiness together.

  514. 514 : dinaz Says:

    @usa-mary sure i would be glad to help you..lol..so after throwing salt should we burn down the Ahn household as clairerosean suggested?haha 😛
    @sharon if i watch krissh3 i will let u know if its worth watching..hope u have watched these comedies–dhamaal,hera pheri,hungama?
    @SMQ i hope your wishes come true 🙂

  515. 515 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, the preview for ep 11 is out on soompi.com. Enjoy!!

  516. 516 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-511: Thank you.

    @dinaz-514: Burning down their home? I’m not into wearing a one piece jumpsuit with ‘Property of ____” written across the back or a 2-piece top and pant with some numbers written on the front where a pocket suppose to go. Clairerosean can do that all by her lonesome, unless you join her. I’ll just wait for the fictitious early a.m. edition newspaper to come out with y’all’s photo on the front page.

  517. 517 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz: P.S. I’ll even supply the firm tofu upon your release.

  518. 518 : dinaz Says:

    @usa-mary LOL ure so funny sis..hahahaha!u know i had a thick herbal facepack on and was just browsing through my phone and read your comment..they say we should not talk nor laugh with a facepack on but i couldnt stop but burst into laughter..haha.. 🙂 🙂 luckily it was not dried orelse it would have cracked.. 😛
    now that you mention about tofu i am giving a second thought i dont want to eat a plain block of tofu nor do i want to wear that ugly jumpsuit..lol..
    ok so throwing salt is a better idea..hehe!

  519. 519 : dinaz Says:

    this is the link of ep 11 that @sharon mentioned..

  520. 520 : dinaz Says:

    after watching the preview i am happy that now things are crystal clear dh’s misdeeds are exposed..but why is she only asking him to beg her for forgiveness..will she be happy only with that?cmon yj Revenge now!
    and i am also glad that mh and yj are little close now 🙂
    woah yoo jung is quite aggressive in some ways,when she was angry she just walked into the busy street and now she is sad she starts banging her head..yj go and bang dh’s head not yours..

  521. 521 : justsaying Says:

    But when she bang her head, who put his hand in between? None other than MH. 2 more days to go.

  522. 522 : Jyenie Says:

    This is not the usual Korean melodrama which has a twist of romance-comedy in it, I have enjoyed it so much so far 🙂
    I really like Ji sung’s character here, he is so bossy and yet so adorable, how much I want to pinch his cheek, so cute!
    I think DH is going to murder YJ so that his secret will be intact. Wow, he actually has already killed three people!

  523. 523 : Sharon Says:

    Is YJ telling DH to ask for forgiveness of her fathers death???
    That piece of *^%^%#.

  524. 524 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, I can’t wait!!! YJ in M h’s arms!!!! That’s too much for my little heart!!
    I am going to rewatch ep 10.

  525. 525 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-511: I tried soompi, but couldn’t find it. Thanks anyway.

    @dinaz-518/519: Salt is better! LOL Yay…sis! That happened to me once with a mask. I was watching City Hall with Kim Sun Ah, and thought I could just ‘watch’ without emotions while my clay mask dried. WRONG! I laughed so hard, that what didn’t crack and fall off got washed away from my tears!

    Thank you for the link.

  526. 526 : torri Says:

    i think i have re watch ep 9 and 10 ,5 times already, love Jo Min Hyuk the guy is funny in the way he expresses his feeling and he is kind of cute when he catches himself showing too much of how he actually feels i hope the write gives him passionate reunion with Kang Yoo Jung when she finally gets to see how much he cares and how she feels about him too it will make the drama pefect

  527. 527 : Sharon Says:

    I am sorry it did not work for you.

  528. 528 : Sharon Says:

    Did you go to drama and movie forum then look for Secret then click on 281. What did you do??

  529. 529 : Felicia Says:

    [MAMA 2013] Vote for Girls Generation.


    – Best Female Group
    – Best Dance Performance – Female Group
    – Artist of the year
    – BC – UnionPay Song of the year

  530. 530 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-527/28: That’s okay. I did go to 281, but didn’t scroll down far enough. I just found it a few minutes ago.

    Actually, YJ should have been banging her head against the wall after volunteering to take the rap for DH.

  531. 531 : Sharon Says:

    Yeah!! I know she regrets even knowing that piece of %#%#^*.
    DH had the nerve to be crying on SY shoulders to evoke sympathy. DH needs to follow his own advice” don’t cry for someone who won’t cry for you.”

  532. 532 : Lilian Says:

    The best drama ever…love the plto and the actors are very professional in their roles. I have cry and laugh alot. Thank you for such a beautiful drama 😉

  533. 533 : clairerosean Says:

    @usa-mary: 516

    LOL… Surely i can do it alone… but anyone who wanted to be an accomplice is welcome. But Oh My! I can’t imagine myself being on a morning paper or for worst – wearing an Orange or striped ‘Uniform’…

    But at the brighter side… maybe after getting jailed for Arson, I can hangout with DH inside the prison… cOoL! 😛

    One more sleep for another Raw Secret Episode! YEY!

  534. 534 : Gaby81 Says:

    @usa_mary You Really Should Reconsider Catching Up With The Suspicious Housekeeper, I Finished Watching Episodes 9-11. Let Me Tell You This Drama Has Finally Picked Up Steam! The Father Has Finally Grown A Pair and Has Become A Father To The Kids, He Dismissed Yoon Song Hwa, Another Man Has Entered The Scene and We Have A Love Triangle Forming! The Plot Has Thicken! But Let Me Tell You This: This New Guy Is A TRIP! :'(

    Now On To Find The Raw Episode 11 Of Secret My Addiction! 🙂 1st To The Suspicious Housekeeper. Then Start Marathoning ‘Marry Him If You Dare’ 🙂

  535. 535 : Panaitescu Luciana Says:

    the best

  536. 536 : dinaz Says:

    @usa-mary lol clay mask gets dried up really fast and feels really tight on skin..haha..so next time no face masks girls while watching dramas 😉
    anyone here excited for pretty man with jang geun suk?it will air after secret isnt it?hope its a fun drama..
    i m such a horrible minho fan 🙁 🙁 i couldnt watch heirs till nw after ep2..i have to watch it soon.rite now Secret and Reply 1994(trash oppa)totally stole my heart.. 🙂 but i have to run to my 1st love minho soon 😛

  537. 537 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-531: Oh, DH is crying for someone who’s crying for him…its himself who’s crying for him. All pretense in front of SY.

    @clairerosean-533: -But at the brighter side… maybe after getting jailed for Arson, I can hangout with DH inside the prison… cOoL! 😛 –

    I just walked right into that one by putting you 2 together. He will definitely need your comfort for sure.

    @Gaby81-534: I’ll pass on The Suspicious Housekeeper. If its the same as the original Japanese version that someone wrote about, I’ll skip that one. I’m already aware of the ending and don’t care for the practice of remarrying into the same family. Plus, the robotic ‘is it an order’ question, then doing whatever you’re told to do no matter how outrageous it may be, seems totally ridiculous to me. Even if the acting is very good.

  538. 538 : Jyenie Says:

    I can’t help noticing the resemblance between Lee Jin Wook(Nine) and Bae Soo Bin. IMO, LJW is cuter and sexier 😉

  539. 539 : usa-mary Says:

    @Gaby81-534: I’ve watched enough emotionally, crazy acting dramas to last me a while, and in the process of wrapping those up. In the meantime, to satisfy my comedy fix, while waiting for the kdramas to post, I’m watching some very funny jdoramas.

    @dinaz-536: Believe me, that was the first and last time that happened. No clay masks while watching emotional dramas.

    Oh well, I had to temporarily stop watching Punarvivah because the person writing the wonderful recaps stopped after a certain point. So far, I haven’t found it with English subs.

  540. 540 : Sharon Says:


    Tomorrow is Wednesday!

  541. 541 : Sharon Says:

    If you blink your eyes twice and turn your head to the right, yeah they kinda look alike. “SMILE.”

  542. 542 : hikari Says:

    does anyone know what the title of the Novel Jo Min Hyuk read in this drama? email me the title please
    [email protected]

  543. 543 : dahlia(fx) Says:

    Love to watch this drama full of suspense and great leads….

  544. 544 : Jyenie Says:

    This is the syndrome of watching too many Korean dramas 🙂

    @hikari 542
    The famous old classic by Emily Brontë-Wuthering Heights?

  545. 545 : Jyenie Says:

    Oops, I meant symptom :p

  546. 546 : Sharon Says:

    Yeah! Everyone starts to look alike.

  547. 547 : dinaz Says:

    Hello everyone,excited for ep11?i am..cant wait to watch the chemistry between mh and yj 🙂
    @sharon are you going to watch the raw episode again? 🙂
    @usa-mary if they are latest episodes then i guess people keep updating in english in the facebook page u can try..Gurmeet has lots of fans..

  548. 548 : Sharon Says:

    I just started to watch in the raw and I am crying like crazy.😭

  549. 549 : dinaz Says:

    but why sharon?i thought ep11 was going to get better for yj and mh..ok ok i better wait and not get impatient..enjoy ep11 🙂 i felt like you would watch the raw episode yet again..hehe!
    how i wish San would be back..is he i would like to know this much.. 😛

  550. 550 : bels Says:

    Ep11 is amazing , did see the kiss…..

  551. 551 : Gaby81 Says:

    Her yogis you guise! Just Finished Watching The Raw Version and I Love Love Loved it!! I’m Mad That They Left Us Hanging At The Almost Scene! Grrr… But Yeah Now DH & SY Are Being Little Jealous Bishes And Being Vengeful Dogs. I Was Fighting With The Screen That They Are Attacking MH Oppa! I So Want To Know What’s Being Said 🙁 So We Have To Wait Until Next Week For Episode 12 :(….

  552. 552 : bels Says:

    Can’t wait for tomorrow

  553. 553 : Sharon Says:

    My feelings watching without subs!!
    1. MH cradled YJ like a baby to comfort her while DH went to SY’s house and cry like a baby on her shoulders. Water were running down SY’s finger from DH crocodile tears.
    2. Dam!! You!! Subs!!!
    3. I need a quick course in Korean, better yet anyone has the Rosetta Stone that I could borrow??!
    4. Watching JS acting without me concentrating on the subs really solidify’s his acting ability for me. JS is an excellent actor!!
    5. DH is a F%^*ing b%#*#rd!! Let me at him let me at him! He had security take away YJ you *^%%%^*^***>££^%*€>^^*^%*%£*^%die!! You%#^^#^%#^^#% die a hundred deaths %#^#%••••
    6. Yeah, slap the constipation out of DH, YJ.
    7. Silence is golden!!
    8. Dam you!!! Eng subs!!
    9. I don’t like SY right now.
    10.what is KS saying to MH??? Dam you!!! Eng subs!!
    11. SY is such a user! Oh my goodness She has DH on a string like a puppet and he is so desperate that he will go to hell and back. I hopes she betray
    him the same he betrayed YJ.
    12. Aahhhhh!!!! aaahhhhhhh!!! Oooohhh!!! Did they kissed pleaseeeeee let them kiss!!

  554. 554 : Sharon Says:

    My name is Sharon, I am a Secretholic and I watched it RAW!!

  555. 555 : Sharon Says:

    What the h*ll did you just say !!! Wait till next week!! You are kidding right!! Answer meeeeeee!!!

  556. 556 : Sharon Says:

    I can’t sit still!! The almost kiss scene have me wanting to see more especially, read more. Questions ??? How did it get to the almost kiss?? Why does YJ lean into his parting lips? Why is DH hanging around YJ’s job?? Why is MH so manly and aggressive?? What kind of sauce was YJ making? Why am I being so obsessive like MH?? Guys!! I think I need a session with DR.PHILL!!!!!

  557. 557 : NewFan Says:

    @Clairerosean – 472
    Lol, I do that b’cuz I was working on my plan on killing them all (without knowing anything bout the burning b4 🙁 )but still look as it was ‘accident’ but it seems like their luck still on their side. They even make it to their home safely. What happen to my plan! Tsk..

    I want to watch RAW too but the site I’m always downloading is down right now. I can’t watch it. *Curse* Where do you see or downloading the RAW?

  558. 558 : Sharon Says:

    Viki.com and it’s already 72%sub.
    Thanks Viki, for working sooo hard to sub sooo quickly.

  559. 559 : NewFan Says:

    I’ve been on that site b4. I can’t watch it b’cuz of the region thing. Argh!!
    Count me in!!in the Dr. Phill’s session. Lol
    What kiss!!! WAH, I really want to go rampage right now b’cuz of that site I usual check the raw at http://koreandrama.com. Their too also fast uploading the drama as viki but having the same prob like last week. T.T

  560. 560 : NewFan Says:

    Hey guy/girls, the drama ‘Pretty Man’ staring Jang Geun Suk looks promising with IU as a heroin in that drama. Hope to see you guy/girls there in that thread in the future. 😀

  561. 561 : NewFan Says:

    Wow, 72% subs. THANK YOU SO MUCH VIKI!!! Just looking at the percentage of the subbing process makes me gone crazy. I really can’t wait to see with subs.

  562. 562 : Gaby81 Says:

    @Sharon 555 Lol I Meant To Say Oh My God You Guise! But You Know Auto Correct 🙁 Mm I Read On Another Forum That There Was Only Going To Be One Episode This Week Because Something Was Else Was Going To Be Aired During The Dramas Timeslot 🙁

  563. 563 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t think that’s correct!

  564. 564 : Micc Says:

    SY is really stupid, 눈치없고, how could she not suspect anything about DH after all the interactions between YJ and him?

  565. 565 : ogrenji Says:

    T__T can someone give me another link to watch this drama other than viki,i’ve been watching dramas on dramaholics,but it’s shutting down too,thank you!

  566. 566 : Sharon Says:

    @ogrenji, @NewFan
    Sensentv.com try this link!! Secret ep11 should be out tonight.

  567. 567 : bels Says:

    It’s now available on koreandrama.com

  568. 568 : Jyenie Says:

    Woot, you sound very high, what have you taken? ‘secret’? Ha!
    Can’t wait to have my breakfast with Secret! I think this is the best ongoing KD!

  569. 569 : ogrenji Says:

    @sharon thank you!u’re a lifesaver hehehe

  570. 570 : Gaby81 Says:

    @Sharon 563 Yeah Someone Was Giving Out Bad Info Grr 😡 So I’m Hoping There’s One Tomorrow 🙂

  571. 571 : Yozora Says:

    I’m downloading the eps. 11 now!! can’t wait for it.. OMG, did they really kiss?? xD

  572. 572 : NewFan Says:

    Thanks for the link. 😀

    I’ve just watch it with subs and I shed my tears once more when YJ cry in MH’s arm. Good thing he choose to stay there by her side. AWW~

    I starting to hate SY more when she controlling DH and MH’s life. Also, I hate DH and Jae Ha all mighty in front of MH too. That @!#$%. I almost thought MH would ditch his pride just so JH would forgive him and help him save the company or the restaurant but thank goodness he still can think to NEVER trust people like DH and JH.

    When DH said to YJ “Yes, so what if I threw out your dad? So what?!” I gawked at the scene. Then he says again “The one who couldn’t take care of your dad is you. You’re the one who didn’t agree to send him to a nursing home! It was for your greed and your satisfaction!” So all this time he doesn’t think that he is greed and satisfaction? He SO like his mom. HYPOCRITE!! UNGRATEFUL CREATURE. He doesn’t deserve to be human!!
    He even tell YJ “If I kneel down…If I apologize…Will you disappear?” with no regret of what his wrong doing thus far. What a jerk. Even though YJ slap him, it doesn’t seem enough. I almost smile when MH wants to punch him so bad at the board meeting but sadly that he’s been restrained by GS. Grrr…
    However, I’m so happy that MH teams up with YJ to make DH suffer for life in the name of justice. Way to go girl!! We girls should not be weak and let the people step on us so easily.
    I’m all giddy at the scene when MH tell her not to smile and tells YJ “You would smile like that, will you, too… also leave me? Once you get what you wanted, you’ll also… be leaving me, right?” YJ then reply to him “You said you wanted me to do what you tell me. Until you tell me to leave, Boss…I will not go.”
    AND the almost kiss scene makes me squeal like crazy.

    ARGH!! I want to see next ep!! Oh please let what Gaby81 says about ep 12 airing next week not true~ Don’t torture this secretholic anymore.PLEASE!! *Finger-cross*

  573. 573 : sana_kool_5 Says:

    Hi I am a silent member, but also a secretoholic. Love this drama to the core! After watching the ending of ep 11, I don’t think their kiss is gonna happen so soon. Because either KYJ might push him back or the sauce tray might drop. Otherwise, I am pretty sure that their kiss scene is going to get interrupted by either by ADH or Gwang Soo’s sudden appearance or even the phone might ring. But I am really anxious about ep 12, why do I feel that while MH is watching the blackbox video with ADH, ADH might brainwash MH about KYJ being the culprit . I know the preview is always misleading, but I think MH might ask KYJ to leave him towards the end. I feel nervous after watching the preview, where MH shouts by calling KYJ’s name in an angry tone instead of Tari. Or it could be that MH was actually furious with her, for going taking ADH punishment in prison. But whatever it maybe, I really hope MH doesn’t fall for SY and DH plan, to split him up with KYJ.

  574. 574 : sana_kool_5 Says:

    Hi I am a new member, but a silent one. I am a big secretoholic. Love this drama to the core! And madly anxious about this drama. One of the bests after CYHMH, PTB, IHYV, and way more interesting than HEIRS.

    After watching the ending of ep 11, I don’t think their kiss is gonna happen so soon. Because either KYJ might push him back or the sauce tray might drop. Otherwise, I am pretty sure that their kiss scene is going to get interrupted either by ADH or Gwang Soo’s sudden appearance or even the phone might ring.
    But I am really anxious about ep 12, why do I feel that while MH is watching the blackbox video with ADH, ADH might brainwash MH about KYJ being the culprit . I know the preview is always misleading, but I think MH might ask KYJ to leave him towards the end. I feel nervous after watching the preview, where MH shouts by calling KYJ’s name in an angry tone instead of Tari. Or it could be that MH was actually furious with her, for taking ADH punishment in prison. But whatever it maybe, I really hope MH doesn’t fall for SY and DH plan, to split him up with KYJ.

  575. 575 : NewFan Says:

    There’s another link I’ve just found out. Mostly it update new ep few hours after the actual airing in korea for RAW at http://www.newkoreandramas.com. You can find the subs at subscene if you can’t wait to watch it along with subs at that site. Though the quality of the video is not that great but it still watchable. Mostly I download it just to satisfy my ‘secret’ addiction then I download the good quality once it out.

  576. 576 : Jyenie Says:

    Ep 11. I really don’t understand how Min Hyuk’s father can simply give away the shares to SY to jeopardise their own position in their company? SY is using this advantage to grab MH’s neck now. Tsk, tsk.
    As the Chinese saying goes, one type of rice feeds a variety of people. How can DH turn around and accuse YJ for breathing down his neck and pulling his back leg all the time? How can YJ be so angelic and gullible and DH is totally opposite? Is this how you treat somebody who unselfishly took the blame and went to jail on your behalf? The moral of the story, don’t be so stupid to take the blame for anybody, they have to face their own consequences.
    MH is concerned that YJ will leave him after she has completed her mission, she assures him she will only leave him at his demand. Woot! That is something! 😉 He thanks her by approaching her with his lips….freeze…will find out in next ep. :p

  577. 577 : hny Jo Says:

    ciahhh…why last scene.. ,finish!!..bfore the kiss :))

    just recover with ur own strength MIn hyuk si, n power of love from u n YJ will help u both,,fighting!!

    actually I like, Se Yeon character before she ‘smart’ ,independent and not ‘easy women’ but not lately… why she stop being smart..!! why she not analyse.. after she knew DH n YJ relations, I don’t like she being ‘blind’ coz jealousy…it would be interesting if she not like that, DH would not get easy to hang over with rich women.

    anyway ..I’m waiting for the kiss scene tomorrow…hmmmmm yummyyy :))

  578. 578 : billy Says:

    Do Hoon’s misplaced arrogance will be his downfall…the more asshole he becomes, the harder the fall …. i predict. I think, Do Hoon’s secret will redeem Min Hyuk in the nick of time. Se Yeon will be devastated by the truth, Im just sure as hell! So, the baddies has to give all the beatings to make it all worthwhile!

  579. 579 : Sharon Says:

    @Jyenie 568
    High on a tall glass of Secret on the rocks. Haha..
    You will be having breakfast, oh yeah you watch live.. I hate you right now!

  580. 580 : Sharon Says:

    @NewFan 572
    No problem, enjoy.
    DH is a ^%#^^**%^<*^%^^^%**%^%**%%**^*dieeeee.
    Ok, so happy that MH and YJ almost kissed!!!! Aahhhhh!! What they said to each other. You will leave when you get what you want? I will leave only if you ask me to. Aaahhhhhhhhh!! Too cute. Kiss!kiss! Kiss!kiss!

  581. 581 : Sharon Says:

    The Chairman never thought that SY would be that petty and childish. To use someone else’s business as a pawn to your school girl games it’s gonna backfire. Now the Chairman will realized who SY really is.

    How dear SY talk about MH mother like she is from the red light district. MH should have slap the DH out of her.

    DH used YJ from the beginning to the end and guess what? SY is using him to the end. They say karma is a beach!!

    That almost kiss scene has driven to the brink!!

  582. 582 : Sharon Says:

    Guys!!!!!!!! I heard they kissed and it lasted for 2min!!!! I have to watch this RAWW!!!!!!

  583. 583 : Sharon Says:

    DR. PHILl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  584. 584 : rory Says:

    What???? they kissed and it lasted for 2 min??? *omma, i want more ice!

    I have mixed feelings for Ep.11…I feel intense, nervous, pity, satisfied, mad and love love love love love 😀 😀 😀

    I feel u YJ..feel so dumb, stupid, naive and betrayed..Thanx MH for standing besides her when she feel she has no reason to live anymore now..she makes MH can’t think straight now, he worries, he cares and he is curious to death about YJ..

    ADH, what’s up with that tears?felt guilty?for real? I salute the way YJ dare to face off ADH and even dare to block his car..I was screaming like hell at that time..I wish I can join her to play slapping ADH face too…seems fun to watch..hahaha..YJ dear, seriously, I love ur braveness..You go girl!

    “I would like to be by ur side, Boss!” hooray..YJ, like ur attitude much..she acts fast and think fast now..I love u girl!

    Eventho I don’t really like SY but still I pity her..She deserves to get her own happiness too..wake up girl, go find another nice guy..wish u luck..

    I was wondered, how come they dare to treat the owner of that company like that..Crap! ADH, u’re really something man..At 1s, he tempted MH’s dad, then to SY and now even Jae Ha? woahh…

    But anyhow, the ending makes my heart skips a beat!

    MH : once u get what u wanted, u’ll also…be leaving me, right… [he is lonely..aigooo poor our Min Hyukkie 🙁 ]

    YJ : U said u wanted me to do what u tell me..until u tell me to leave, boss..I will not go…

    kyaaahhh.. *kiss-seu hae..kiss-seu hae..kiss-seu hae!!!

    I would like to share this phrase in Ep.11 with u guys secretaholic^^
    “Wasting life living as you hate others, that is the most unworthy thing”…
    cheers 😀

  585. 585 : Gaby81 Says:

    OMG You Guise! I’m Gonna Go Watcg Episode 12 Raw and Then Watch Both 11 & 12 With Subtitles! 🙂 See. You All In Awhile! (It’s On Viki)

  586. 586 : Jii Says:

    Wow! ep 12 =>This drama keeps intense in every episodes. It becomes my 3rd favorite apart from I hear your voice and The Master’s Sun.

  587. 587 : Sharon Says:

    What!!!! They did not kiss!! These stupid people talking Crap!!!!! I am watching in the RAW!!!! And there is noooooooo kiss !!!!
    Dr. Phill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&&

  588. 588 : Jii Says:

    @sharon; yes, ep12 they kissed in the car at the end. At first it was a force-kiss , later it was a kiss

  589. 589 : Gaby81 Says:

    @sharon 587 They Do Indeed Kiss At The End Of The Episode! 🙂 Lol That Would So Be Me Though 😉 I’d Put Up A Fight For Awhile But I’ll Eventually Let Him Have His Way 😉 To Me She Was Trying To Push Him Away Because He Upped And Ambushed Her…in a good way though….Then He Gets On. His Knees and They Kiss Again! This Time She Doesn’t Fight It 🙂 Now That’s True Love He Has For Our YJ Unni!! You Can So Tell That He Was Waiting For Her To Make The First Move and Maybe On Her Part Too!

    I Was Like Ahs Hells Yeah Here It Comes The Much Waited Kiss Scene! Ah What You Know That Dang Ole Mister McDoucher Was Lurking In The Shadows Watching…Lol Take That AHole! That’s Amore Baby! And He’s Like Screw This It’s Plotting Time and Off He Goes Back Into Lurking In The Shadows. My Jaw Dropped When She Turned Her Face and Was All Like Kissing The Air. But MH Played It Off Like A Boss That He Is By making It Look He Was Only Leaning In to Kiss Her But He Dipped Into Her Secret Sauce 🙂 Har Har :p My Poor Little Fanwomen Heart Worked Overtime In This Episode! Ah My Feels.

    I Really Want To Know What Is Going On In The ‘Kings Resturant’ Scene With MH, YJ & DH. Looks Like MR. McDoucher Said A Rather Nasty Thing That Set YJ Off Like A Little Spitfire She’s Becoming 🙂 Also The ‘SY Dinner/Lets Degrade YJ By Inviting MH To See His Beloved Being A Servant For The Night’ Scene. But My Feels Ignited When She Grabbed His Hand and He Melted! (gets all doey eyed 🙂 ) But SY Has To Interrupt and Ruin The Moment. Dang It Grrrr!!! Did You All See The Look On Her Face When YJ Spill The Coffee Pot On The Floor and MH Was All Like Hells Nah Women Let Oppa Take Care of It! How Manly of Him! He Doesn’t Want Her Getting Hurt/Burned Again :). If It Was Me I’d Be All Like ‘Marry Me! I Want Your Babies Noas!’ <3

    My Other Luv In This Here Drama Is Gwang Soo/ Kwang Soo 🙂 I Mean He's The Prefect BFF & Brother You Can Have For Our MH Oppa! He's There To Save YJ From DH's Verbal Attack At TGIF Fridays After MH Shows Him The CCTV Video. GS Gives Him That Look Of Death Stare At DH. Like Grrr Bug Off You Worm! 🙂 Not To Mention How Cute Is He When He's Being A Creeper With A Camera Like An Obessed Kpop Idol! He's Doing A Cute Little Dance As YJ Sings MH Happy Birthday Song. While He's Snapping A Pic of The Two 🙂 OMG THAT SMILE! It's A Killer Smile! 🙂 He Needs. To Smile Some More Instead of Being In Robot Mode All The Time.

    But What Takes The Cake Is When He Accepts YJ Cream Bread And Heads Inside, Where The Ajuhmas and Hyeri Are Inside All Shocked and Supprised To See Him! <3 Lol The Music As They All Stare At Him All With Doey Swoony Eyes! I Can Literally See The Imaginary Hearts and Sappy Love Song Playing In The Background 🙂 And He's All Smiling Like A Boss Cuz You All Know That's What All Hotties Do 🙂 Lol It's All About Him, But Then Ajuhma #2 Sandara Park Says 'It's A Plus One!' And It Pans Over To Gwang Soo. And He's All Supprised and MH Gets All Jealous Because They Forget About Him and Drool and Dote On GS 🙂 It's Cute Really Because Now They All See MH & GS As Part Of Their Family/Team 🙂 Who Knew That GS Could Sing! And He's Bad At All! 🙂 BTW Does He Really Sing Aside From Doing Dramas?

    I Can't Wait To Watch It Again Once It At 100% Subtitled! 🙂

    I Think I'll Stop With My Feels On This Episode. I'll Get To Commenting and Reading What You All Think and What Not.

    #MyFeels #Secret #MH #YJ #GS/KS #ThatSmile #Secretholic #RAWAddict

  590. 590 : Shen Says:

    Aiyoh, aiyoh, aiyoh !

    I am going to wring ADH’s neck till he dies, ten times over, boil him in chilli sauce, and then roast him !

    And then…. put him in a shredder and turn him into fertilizer !

    Ehhmmm … my blood is boiling mad !

    Aiyoh, aiyoh !

    Wait ADH ! Rub that smirk off your mug ! You didn’t hear what MH’s dad instructed his Assistant/Secretary just before he left for Germany did you? Of course not, you were not there to hear it, neither were others too. He (MH’s dad) instructed his Assistant – ” if Director ADH gets too far, go all out to break him ” !

    You are being silently watched and observed ADH !!

    ADH, you think you had it made don’t you, when you got rid of MH from the Board, and you having become a Board Director ?

    You did not reckon MH’s dad is a shrewd old fox did you? So is his Secretary/Assistant, another shrewd fox ! They can eat you alive ! (I hope so.) Ha !…. let’s wait and see.

    (Looks like MH and YJ might not be alone in their combat against the villians. I hope this will really happen, if this is how scriptwriter wants us to interpret MH dad’s instruction to his Asst/Secretary.)

  591. 591 : Shen Says:

    “If I came close, I’m afraid you’ll get scared and hide away. Even if it hurts as if I am dying, I’ll just watch you from afar. ”

    Chorus of “Tears Stole My Heart ” – fifth OST track of “Secret Love” sung by Ailee.

    Never has stalking been so romantic and touching !

    Poignant !

  592. 592 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 12
    SY why is your skirt sooo short!!! With your toothpick legs.

    Like didn’t DH told YJ to leave him alone, so why did he took her hand an pull her outside?? DH you dirty %*#%#*.

    Good, GS to the rescue!

    Wait a darn picking minute! Was SY waiting for MH at the bridal store??? Is she kidding me! After all she did! SY take my advice, send back all the invitations, there will be noooooooooooooooooooo wedding!
    MH is in love and he can’t help it.

    No no no. I will wear the numbers across my chest for DH. That%#%*#%%* has to dieeeeee!!

    YJ won the Pepsi challenge!!! She pulled out samplers of her sauce. Quick thinking. Die DH

    The unni give GS a nick name, one plus one. Cute😉

    Guy!! Doesn’t SY’s character reminds you of Estella and DH as Pip in Charles Dickens, novel Great Expectations and less Wuthering Heights. Things that make you go Hmmmm.

    The writer who wrote this story pulls a lot from British writers and incorporates them sooo well in his writing. BRAVO!!

    DH is such a punk, could not even stand like a man and kiss SY.

    MH and DH talking loudly about San. Dam you !! Eng sub!!

    DH went home to look for his parents. What’s in the mothers pocketbook that she grabbed it up sooo quickly. Hmmmm.

    SY is annoying me terribly. What’s up with ordering from TGIF?
    SY is a childish beach. That’s why YJ got her man and she can’t do a thing about it. Dumb! You have to catch a fly with honey not vinegar!

    Guys! Guys! I cried when MH went on his knees and kiss YJ. He was rough kissing her at first then he kissed her ever sooo softly. Waaaah!!waaah! Sniffle, sniffle. Need tissue!

  593. 593 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, this is the best drama of 2013!!! Hands down!!

  594. 594 : Sharon Says:

    Guys I can’t wait for ep 13&14.. Gonna watch with eng sub now.

  595. 595 : bels Says:

    Best drama for 2013 , cant stop watching it

  596. 596 : Kaya Says:

    Still collecting the pieces …. episode 12 blew my mind !!!
    OMG that forceful kiss at the end , I found it quite offensive in the beginning and it seemed like boarderline molestation !!! But the ending scene with him kneeling down and kissing her soo gentley .. Awwwwwww
    *sob* *sob*.

    Needless to say cant wait for next Episode. Indeed the best Drama of the year and will be highle surprise if JE does not collect all the award. She is a class actress !!

  597. 597 : Sharon Says:

    Ok guys I have watched the kiss scene 4x already. Do you guys think she will kiss him back?? After all he was very forceful in the beginning. If she kissed him back I totally know she has strong feelings for him. I hope she give him a big wet one!

  598. 598 : Kaya Says:

    @Sharon .. Letz not be too optimistic here 🙂 She does not seem that *Easy* but she definitely did not retaliate . So it could also be that she was too shocked .. n I dont blame her for being so !!!

  599. 599 : bels Says:

    I think Dh mother visted San.

  600. 600 : Gaby81 Says:

    @kaya 598 If That’s Indeed The Case, The Nerve of The Ex Mother In Law! Like How Dare She Keep YJ From Her Dear San! Like She Has No Right! She Just The Grandmother! And To Tell or Make Everyone Believe That Baby San Is Dead! the Dad is All Like Clueless That He Had A Grandson! Or Her Beloved Son Is In The Dark On That Too Letting. Him Take The Wrap That Baby San Is ‘Dead’ I Hope Someone Finds Out what’s In That There Purse of. Hers! On You All Remember Her, DH’s Mother Saying That Because Of Her That DH’s Noona Died Because She Take Care of Her Properly because she worked to much. Who’s To Say That His Noona Is Alive Somewhere Out There….just a theory of mine…

  601. 601 : Sharon Says:

    DH’s mother is hiding something. What? we don’t know. One thing I know San cannot fit in her bag, so maybe it’s a letter, document, a large sum of money, pictures, etc. I believe it has to do with San’s disappearance.

  602. 602 : NewFan Says:

    I just finish watching RAW. 3 things on my mind right now…
    1) I want eng subs right now!!
    2) Argh!!
    3) Give me a preview!! I need a hint for the next ep.

    I’m all giddy and touched by the kiss scene at the end when MH kneel down to kiss YJ. also, I LOL at GS when he try to hit MH just like Hye Ri and the others for his b’day. GS’s expression and MH’s when he found out that GS too about to hit him was DAEBAK!!!

  603. 603 : rory Says:

    kyahhhhh the ratings for ep.12!!! congrats Secret!
    can’t wait for the Eng. Sub..thanx subbers, u guys rocks!
    another 4 Eps left, please be a good ending dear Director-nim..
    Secret fighting! One of the best drama for this year^^

  604. 604 : windsun33 Says:

    My biggest problem with this drama is that it spoils me for all the other dramas. Tried to watch ep7 of Heirs, and almost fell asleep, when I was not getting finger cramps from fast forwarding.

  605. 605 : imhel Says:

    Only 4 eps more…Can’t wait for all the secrets to unravel….Congratulations to the WRITERS…..good going! Hope KBS will always employ these writers….Sooo looking forward to similar future products from the 2 writers….They sure make a good team…..

  606. 606 : Drama Critic Says:

    I don’t think drama an wrap up everything in 4 episodes.. I think it should be extended because if not it will seem as though it was rushed and I don’t think it will be a tasteful ending if it ends rushed!

  607. 607 : khalish Says:

    Guys…read this. i think team production have a good plan for ending. so they just make this drama. 16 eps.

  608. 608 : just_saying Says:

    Dying here coz I can’t find any ep12 anywhere.

    @windsun33 604 – I agree with you. This drama spoils me that I can’t concentrate on other dramas. I even neglect to defend my ‘dracula’ in The Heir thread. Argghhh. Maybe I should move to another region.

  609. 609 : Yozora Says:

    I kind of hiatus from watching Korean Drama right now, cuz i’m concentrating watching Japan Dorama, but, Secret is the only Korean drama that i can’t missed.. xD
    Guys, if u really going to b*tch slapping DH, count me in!! >:D let’s gave that son of a gun a hell!! >:D
    can’t wait for the eps. 12 eng sub.. xD le kiss, OMG!!

  610. 610 : Shen Says:

    Finally, MH could express his love for YJ. A long time in coming ! But it’s never too late. Yipeee !

    SY, you tried too hard. What never will be yours, will never be yours, despite the principle of the 2 Degrees of Separation that is supposed to apply only in SKorea, as claimed by my friends.

    You might have to somehow die, in order to pave the way for the business marriage contract to be broken, and MH can sail into the sunset with YJ and San happily.

    (Why so easy and simple solution? Because we have only 4 episodes left in the drama, not enough for an elaborate long, long closing solution).

    And ADH, almost all your secrets have been revealed, except for San. Hope your mom will be the very person to unwittingly disclose the truth about San. Getting near there now ….. (Only 4 episodes left to the end, San got to surface to add sweetness to the ending. I personally would hope for this.)

    And when done, ADH, no need for you to run anywhere to hide. You got no where to hide ! You wait and see ….. what is in store for you !

    (Meanwhile, my cooking pot of red chilli sauce is boiling now in anticipation …. in case you slip through the police dragnet. Did you hear the slow hum of drums beating? It’s my drumming for support from my crazy chingus. Hannibals !).

    Papa Cho will return from Germany triumphant and happy ! He’s made and changed MH into a responsible chaebol of his business empire, finally ! (Another wishful thinking on my part).

    And then, One Plus One will get a name change to One Plus Two. Aha! How can we forget the other half, eh ? i.e. YJ !

    Only 4 episodes left ! Oh me gosh … how to end beautifully with a sweet taste to appease my angry heart !

    What will the ending be like ?

  611. 611 : rory Says:

    @just_saying #608
    Hahaha..IKR..we are secretaholic! But don’t worry, I still think that our dracula is the best H among those H..I hate him but he rocks his role! psttt..this is a secret..he told me last night that he hates to get praised, defends and brags how cool, jerk yet so handsome is he in TH 😀 😀 😀

    Yesss, Eng sub is out! Secret MANSE!! u too dracula! MANSE!!! MANSE!!!

  612. 612 : Tira Says:

    This is awesome drama and very sad. YJ sacrifice for a horrible animal! DH is not human at all so did SY. SJ is a bitch when she can not have MH.

    At least now MH is a better human. SY be involved with DH and find out after that he is a murderer. SY should receive bad karma!

    Look like YJ is accepting MH!………. hurray.
    Lesson learn: Never accept punishment if you did not commit the crime.

    Awesome jobs everybody in this drama!

  613. 613 : usa-mary Says:

    A viki commenter pointed out that SY may have had something to do with MR’s death. It turns out to be true from SY’s confession to DH about MR and MH’s love for her. Now, SY is soliciting DH’s help to remove YJ from MH’s side. Telling DH that she knows MH is in love with YJ from his look. Both of them are just plain heinous!

    That was a bit much MH…taking a kiss. Or should I say, fighting to get a kiss. Not romantic at all. Give the woman some time. Well, I suppose with only 4 episodes left, he doesn’t have time to wait for YJ to get in the mood.

    When Chairman Jo returns…its going to be on fire in this drama! That old guy doesn’t play.

  614. 614 : just_saying Says:

    I don’t think SY will die. In fact she shouldn’t die. I think, 4 episodes are long enough to show how MH will fight for his love to YJ. He has shown his wisdom during King’s restaurant crisis and his father will acknowledge it. Plus, the stepmom will be on MH’s sides and all live happily ever after. Don’t forget SY and DH will be hospitalized because of group beating and slapping.

    And d**n, how pitiful can SY be? After dinner when the four of them confront each other, I realize that SY is soooo pitiful. DH, MH and YJ knows about everything among them. And SY? She doesn’t know A thing. She thought that she’s ALL THAT (the one with the brilliant plan) for staging the birthday dinner: trying to humiliate YJ, hurts MH and implies that DH is under her control. But in the end, it only shows how strong YJ is, how MH love YJ and how powerless DH is. How pathetic can she be?

    Now that MH and YJ finally kiss, I’m going back to The Heir thread to defend YD as he should be. Not that he needs any defense coz he is already A.W.E.S.O.M.E as he is. Just a single raise from his dark, bushy eyebrow will lure people to his side. LOL

    @rory 611, thanks for the info. Our Dracula is humble as well, so sweeeet… Do send my regards to him when you meet him next time. If he is in need of ‘neck’, mine is available anytime. RLOL.

  615. 615 : Sydney Says:

    Im not going to lie…this is the Only Drama where ive watched every heart wrenching moment….its made me cry and laugh and …well its kinda made the other dramas seem so mundane. .lol…Heirs was better before I started watching secret..lol

    that kiss tough. ..in my opinion it was perfect. ..because we all know she doesn’t hate him …she has to fight with her feelings and its understandable because of all they have gone through…I love this drama:)

  616. 616 : Susan Says:

    I love the story of this drama. Can u please extend this? Add some more episodes please. Love the lead actor ji sung and actress hang Jung eum.

  617. 617 : Shen Says:

    Yes, it is very possible that SY had MH’s girlfriend killed. In 1st episode there was a scene where we could see she was running away from someone in the rain.

    She was not killled in the hit and run. Hit and run was a wrong place, wrong time incident.

    SY is the most likely culprit because she’s a psycho. She’s absolutely obsessed with POSSESSING (not loving) MH. And getting madder and madder as each time she fails in her attempt.

    Now, YJ is in the way ….. !

  618. 618 : Foreigner Says:

    All emotions are at the top.
    The scenario follows well.
    Kang Yoo Jung is faithful to Ahn Doo Hoon despite all the harm he has done to her. She doesn’t denounce his crimes to the police. But she decides to take place by Min Hyuk’s side.
    The atmosphere is strained.
    All the actors and actresses play their role very well.

  619. 619 : usa-mary Says:

    DH’s blank look reminds me of the male version of the CPR Annie dummy.

  620. 620 : rory Says:

    I understand why she refused that kissed during at the restaurant and I thought okay, let’s give her a chance, there are 4 eps left but omona, finally the did kissed at the end of this episode! *Flipping table!

    I love the way they sing birthday song..never heard birthday song like that before..Cute! and it’s MH’s birthday too..GS jjang for remember his sajang-nim birthday!So funny when MH asking YJ to sing in front of him and LOL to that GS’s expression..cute..cute..cute..but got spoiled a little by SY..

    Dear ADH, can’t u please stop ruining YJ’s life huh? My hands is shaking now..at least be mercy to my innocent bolster..

    Thanx to YJ’s housemates for bringing laughter in this show..That birthday singing scene once again, OMG!!! that was too hilarious..You Gwang Soo! but then got caught by MH..his priceless face!bwahahaha..I keep repeating that scene..so so so funny!

    Yes, I sensed the same thing too, MY’s mom was hiding something..Her reaction is too obviously likes she saw ghost! What happened to Baby San actually, is he really dead and how did MH killed YJ’s dad? I’m so curious to death!

    Now let’s go back to the kiss scene at the end of this ep..Okay 1stly, I don’t like that forced kissed..rough.harsh.not gentle at all.but the 2nd one..gentle kissed.approved!

  621. 621 : rory Says:

    LOL typo..
    all messed there! my head full of MH’s name 😀
    *should be ADH’s mom instead of MH’s mom..
    *how did ADH killed YJ’s dad..

    that is possible! I thought the same thing too..

  622. 622 : dinaz Says:

    hello everyone,woah!the pages jumped as i was away..hehe!
    ep 11:Another intense episode..every episode of Secret is exciting and very passionate..
    omg girls i have never slapped any guy till date but now i really want to i really am so mad with Ahn Do Hoon..that……………………. how can be so ruthless!the worse is that he regrets nothing,nothing at all..that coward i hate him!!
    i am really enjoying yoo jung’s revenge now..i wish she could slap him more and not just twice..but she is really a weirdo she bangs her head,walks on a crowded street,pops in front of dh’s car..phew!this girl..
    i really enjoyed the scene when mh forcefully put her head into his shoulders.hhmmmmmm…sweet 🙂 🙂 Gwang soo is excellent he is capable of finding everything.. 🙂
    sy is just disgusting i hate her role,other than chasing a man and getting jelous what did she do in the whole drama..pathetic!
    @sharon you said that u cried while watching the raw ep11..even i felt teary in that confrontation scene,it feels bad that she wasted her 5years,father and child because of one big loser..she could have become i great chef if not for that accident which that poor girl had nothing to do..
    Group beating team,i wont be satisfied with just beating!i am so mad..
    ok i will go and watch ep12 now..and come back again 🙂 then i’ll read all the comments that i resisted for 2 days to avoid spoilers 😛

  623. 623 : dinaz Says:

    ep 12 : finally i am updated 🙂
    wowwww..finally the kissss.. 😛 😛 blush blush 🙂 🙂 finally mh couldnt hide his feelings anymore..thats the best kiss i have seen this year.. 🙂
    the happy birthday song was so cute..specially mh asking her to dance too..aww!! 🙂 and mr gwang soo clicking pics..mh is really adorable,his child like behaviour is so cute eventhough he tries to act tough near yj.. 🙂 even that scene is cute when gs wished mh and he said ‘my gift’..cutiepie!
    SY now seems dangerous to me..i hope she is not the one who killed ji hee?she looked so wicked while she threw her wine!be it whatever she does she will only remain as a friend to mh!
    DH’s mom!i wonder what is there in the bag?something related to San?i just hate it when they keep showing his little body with blue-black marks..please director nim if you’re not going to bring San back atleast show his cute face not his bruised body.. 🙁
    its was very sweet of mh to say to yj that he would not misunderstand if she asks him to.. 😉
    loved ep12 🙂

  624. 624 : usa-mary Says:

    Sandara with her 1 + 1 when she saw Kwang Soo and MH together with YJ. Those women sure do get excited whenever MH, Mr. President, enters their midst. Then, Grace the ring leader instigating the celebratory birthday greeting and licks on MH. I knew something was up when I saw that twinkle in her eyes. Must be a cellmate thing. Then, handsome Kwang Soo was getting ready to get in on the action when MH became the wiser.

    LOL Sandara hitting on Kwang Soo. Too funny, when the ladies turning from MH, began showering Kwang Soo with all the attention by feeding him food instead. But, MH seemed content in their presence with his roll YJ made him. So sweet.

  625. 625 : zeez22 Says:

    This is my fav ep… ep 12!! so sweet!

  626. 626 : dinaz Says:

    @sharon-554 lol did u get inspired by ‘my name is khan’ dialogue?? 😛
    @NEWFAN-560 I am thinking of giving pretty man a try but now i m so full of secret and Reply 1994..i wish to see more people on that thread its such an awesome drama 🙂
    @sharon-579..lol..i hope you have sobered by now..hehe!
    @Shen-590 thats a good idea chilli sauce..so creative..lol..
    @gaby-600 did dh have a noona?

  627. 627 : dinaz Says:

    oh yes that kiss reminded me of the kiss in the taiwanese drama ‘Fated to love you’..it was forced but was awesome 😛
    in this kind of intense melo this kind of kiss seemed more appropriate..
    also the scene where sy brings yj home to serve her friends reminds me of ‘Save your last dance for me’..
    aigoo i am sleepy with my one eye closed..goodnight 🙂

  628. 628 : Sharon Says:

    THE KISS….
    I have analyzed and analyzed this hard kiss, gentle kiss and eureka!
    I believe the kiss is about love, hate and forgiveness.
    The first kiss was MH’s anger, rage, pain, frustration,sadness, pressure, lust, fear and revenge, but it’s now over. I am down on my knees asking for your forgiveness and to love you. To treat you kindly, gently, and to make you mine. Will you forgive me???

    For YJ I do believe she has strong feelings for MH. For instance, the sauce scene. Why did she wait so long to turn away? In the car she usually get out as she reaches her destination, but she sat in the car and accept his gaze. MH was so hungry for her that he could not help but, expell his feelings of what I mention above. YJ kinda accept it in the beginning, but renig. Wondering if this is a part of his do what ever I say plan. Hell no, get off me!! We all know if YJ don’t want you to touch her she will fight to the end!!

    MH let her go and she try to walk away, but he held her back sit her down gently went on his knees, held her with his strong masculated hand around her neck and bring her to him softly and slowly to receive his parting lips. With her eyes open of disbelief and surrender she leaned into his kiss as their lips met a tear role down her cheek.

    I think YJ tear was saying I feel for you too, but I am confuse.
    I think the kiss was more about MH’s feelings than YJ’s. If her lips part next ep and she totally accept his kiss I will be jumping for joy.

  629. 629 : Sharon Says:

    @dinaz 626
    Hahahahaha…. Too funny. I am not a terrorist, cute. Never thought of that!!
    I will have secret in a glass shaken not stirred.( in my elegant voice)

  630. 630 : Sharon Says:

    I think MH father is letting him sink to see if he can swim. That’s why there was no help for MH.

    2. DH is a rotten b#*%%rd I wanted GS to break out into Bruce Lee and whip that a#s.

    3. Guys, I wanted to melt when when MH said to YJ” I won’t misunderstand if you tell me not to.” I am melting, I am melting.

    4. I thought it was sooo cute when MH had YJ sing the birthday song to him without her knowing it was his B-Day, sooo cute. Look what the cat drag in. Meow!( TY in Masters Sun) SY came and just spoil my mood, MH mood, YH mood even GW’s mood, with her phony gift. Damn, MH must have a limp noodle after that.

    5. What the H**l is tubby mommy up to, please I can’t take anymore of you, or your son’s antics. What in the bag??? hmmmm…

    6. I was quite happy that SY pull that stunt.🎉🎉 It goes to show how dum she is. SY is so caught up in her status that she has become a statue, who has no feeling, pretty on the outside but empty on the inside. SY feels she is entitled to everything especially MH. Now, MH is totally confident that he has to have YJ because, SY runs her man away!!


  631. 631 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, where can I find Empress Ki..

  632. 632 : Sharon Says:

    Guys!!!! Has anyone read the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens????
    If you did, doesn’t SY reminds you of Estella and DH of Pip. If SY is the culprit I think she will end up like Miss Havisham, Old, alone and crazy.

  633. 633 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-630: Too bad the show, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader, isn’t on the air at this time. I dare say that SY would flunk the ethics category if there was one.

    @Sharon-631: Try drama.net under Empress Ki. I found it there using that name. My favorite actress HJW is starring. She’s bad!

  634. 634 : Lerato Says:

    Hi Sharon,
    You can watch Empress Ki on dramafire, 1hr straight without the sub-parts,enjoy:)

  635. 635 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-631: Just watched episode 1 on drama.net. I must admit that the beginning is both beautiful and brutal.

  636. 636 : Sharon Says:

    @usa-mary @Lerato
    Thanks a lot!!!! Kamsahamnida.

  637. 637 : Sharon Says:

    HAPPY DIWALI!!!!!!!!!!!✨🌟🎉

  638. 638 : jewles Says:

    @Sharon all,
    You crack me up!!! :)) I love this drama, but I think I love your comments more, LOL!!

    @590 Shen,

    LMAF :)) Very descriptive and love every word of necessary acts upon ADH!

  639. 639 : Shen Says:

    You know, dramas can kill. Dangerous.

    How ? It is because it raises all sorts of emotions in us, all within split minutes of each other. Can our poor body withstand such onslaughts and in the long term, survive ?

    One minute we cry. Wiping and wiping tears with our hands.
    The next minute we curse and yell and punch at whatever is nearest our fist (My poor pet cat).
    Then we laugh and laugh, wishing for more laughs.
    Only to have our happy face twacked with a big slap when the scene changed to a black cloud.
    And then having to spend a sleepless night analysing an almost kiss and a death defying judo kiss in a car.
    Only to wake up the next morning with a blood curdling drama hangover, not knowing what had hit us in the first place.
    Oh my poor self.

    And if we are not careful, the next time, we might find ourselves in a white siren sounding fast speed ride to the hospital. Hope to hospital only, not neverland.

    See what I mean ? How dangerous ?

    “Secret” you are killing me !

  640. 640 : eny Says:

    forced kiss that i remember is majun kiss to yu kyung in baker king kim tak go, it’s wow….
    i ‘m not really interested with MH-YJ love story but i’m really curiouse about san n YJ father death, really wanna know why… n MH lover death. This all secret really make me curiouse n follow this drama

  641. 641 : sam Says:

    Sharon 628, wow you are the expert! thumb up! so agree with you on the analysis of the KISS! i will jump up with joy too,if the girl reciprocate! cant wait! that is how I felt , that this got n one thing to do with rape kiss, but the feelings is too intense and conflicting!

  642. 642 : Gaby81 Says:

    @dinaz 626 Yes She Was Telling Her Sob Story To YJ & DH At The Bakery When She Found Out That San Had Died.. Said That She Was To Busy To Take Care Of DH’s Noona Properly That She Died…I Forget What Episode That Was.

  643. 643 : Shen Says:

    eny (640)

    Somehow, I do like the romance story here between MH and YJ, I find it unusual, very much unlike most romances I’ve come across. Though normally, I am not the romantic kind.

    Regarding San, and YJ’s dad and MH lover’s death, here’s what I believe happened (as deduced from the later episodes of the drama) :

    MH’s Lover (JH) – MH lover’s death was because she stood in the way of SY, who had crazily coveted MH all these years. So SY had her killed. She was shown running away from some people in the rain at night in ep. 1. Now YJ is in danger as well, more so, now that she had warned SY and ADH to be aware that she’s fighting back (ep.12 scene in SY’s house – after MH birthday party).

    YJ’s Dad – On that night ADH picked him up to take him home as the dad had gone out on his own, and got lost. It was raining heavily and at night. In the car, YJ’s dad’s dementia could have “flipped” back into it’s clarity mode, and he surprised ADH by telling that he knew that YJ actually was taking the rap on ADH’s behalf, and that it was ADH who was the killer (in the hit and run incident).

    At this time ADH was already climbing the ladder to corporate success in K Group. Being as ambitious, cold, selfish, and as heartless as he is, he could not afford to have a stumbling block in his greedy path. So he drove YJ’s dad to somewhere far where he will be utterly lost, and then dump him there in the rain. Thinking, there you go, I am throwing you away, you can disappear for good.

    When ADH did this, I don’t know whether it was with the intention to kill him through neglect in such bad weather, or he did it in anger. But whatever, YJ’s dad died because of this irresponsible action of his. (As a result, maybe he died because of hypothermia. Death detail not given in drama).

    Dementia patients have been known to leave their home for a walk, and not been able to find their way home. As in this case with YJ’s dad.

    Whatever, basically ADH is deemed to have killed YJ’s dad because of his irresponsible behavior.

    San – As for San, I believe, he would have been adopted (rescued) by MH, to keep him save from ADH or SY’s evil schemes immediately after YJ’s threat to ADH/SY as mentioned in para 3 above. MH could have done this, through the help of his stepmother. Remember the scene in ep 12, when in the late evening, he was working at his desk, he phoned his stepmother out of the blue. The scene then ended without showing us what had transpired in the telecon. It could possibly be MH requesting stepmother to help out here.
    MH is his father’s son afterall. He could be astute enough to know that the evil pair (ADH/SY) could resort to use San for “ransom” after YJ’s threat to ADH and SY. So he immediately arrange to take San out of the orphanage and for security reasons, has not mentioned it to YJ yet.

    Remember the scene where ADH (ep 12) visited his parents home, and the mom came home from a day out, all flustered, and made a fuss over her fallen handbag, not even allowing ADH to touch it ?

    Possibly, the handbag contained San’s adoption (release) papers from the orphanage, and she had actually been there that day re San’s adoption. She could have been listed as San’s guardian. That account for her absence from home the whole day without telling even the husband the reason why. And she of course would not and could not have known that it was MH’s people who were adopting San. So she could have happily released San thinking she was doing ADH a favor by letting San go.

    San’s rescue (adoption) could have happened immediately the next day after MH’s phone call to his stepmother . She could have arrange it upon his phone request the night before.

    It must be noted that by now MH has already done his full investigation (on the one week YJ went missing) on why YJ suddenly requested to be allowed to help him fight against ADH. The investigation showed the many reasons why (YJ’s loss of dad, San, etc, etc) and come to totally believe and trust YJ. So from here on, he’s letting down his guard and allowed his feelings to flow freely with YJ. (He now dared express his love for her too by kissing her !!)

    The above are what I believe happened. Hope I make sense here. Long winded no doubt.

  644. 644 : Jyenie Says:

    Wow, Sharon, even the author of 50 Shades of Grey would blush if she had read your description about the Kiss! ;D
    Reply Me 1994 is so unbelievably good and enjoyable. All the girls should have a husband like Shriki, he is so loving and caring toward Na Jung but is he the husband? Hmmm….

  645. 645 : clairerosean Says:

    Heyya Secret Friendships!!

    Been busy all week… Wow.. fantastic episodes eh?? Episode 12 made me cry from the first five minutes… thankfully, those funny comments from the VIKI Secret Supporters cheering me once in a while.

    There’s no need to say more about EP 11 and 12 coz i am pretty sure everyone have watched it and enjoyed it as much as i do..

    BTW, is/ are there any viki members here? I wonder if any of you are on those live comments… they are so hilarious!!! 🙂

  646. 646 : annmasae Says:

    @Shen 643 Loved your analysis about San.
    I hope you are correct so that YJ can eventually get her son back.
    Can’t wait for the final episodes!!!
    Enjoy your comments, Keep up the good work!!!

  647. 647 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-630: Absolutely wonderful thinking! I, actually, was thinking about that myself. In other words, does MH have the Rocky Mountain Oysters to hang (in there-no pun intended). Usually, the chaebol chairmen would have dealt some heavy blows to whomever gets in the way of their enterprises before one could say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. There’s no FIL who would give his DIL that amount of shares even after marriage, like he did with SY and she’s only a fiance. I agree, its planned.

    I need to develop a poker face when I watch kdramas like this one. I go from happy face…just smiling, good posture, hand clapping…when watching YJ, MH and the former cell block H ladies. To eye rolling, curled up one side of lip, turning sideways in my chair, crossing my legs, side glance with an…oh, its them again attitude whenever I see SY and DH. Maybe I’ll just get up and start dancing during their scenes or use my tube of hand lotion as a mic and start singing. This too shall pass!

    @Sharon-632: SY…may be somewhat like Estella now, but DH as Pip…aniyo. Possibly, the desire Pip carried for years, wanting to make Estella his as she continually played emotional cat and mouse games with him, I do see the latter similarity between SY and DH. But, Pip wasn’t after prestige or money when he first met Estella during their childhood. Though mesmerized by her beauty, he did want to better himself (as he grew older) to acquire money and to prove himself worthy of her hand. Thanks to Miss Havisham for her twisted, revengeful thinking, who was upfront with him (a child mind you), telling him how she was raising that girl to be and if he wanted her, he had to match her state or excel it. Though Pip went from being modestly poor to become a wealthy man and gentleman due to his on the lam convict benefactor. He didn’t have a fearful, monstrous heart like DH. Pip was sincerely protective and not wimpy. Unlike DH who allowed fear to overtake him and continuously make decisions which led to further self-entrapment and his soon to occur, debacle in the end. Even if DH repented and had a metamorphosis like a self flogging monk, ne, I don’t see Pip.

  648. 648 : dinaz Says:

    @sharon628 woww good analysis..now i find it more romantic as u describe it..felt like i read a paragraph from Mills and Boons..great post sharon 🙂
    @sharon629/630 lol..that dialogue came immediately to my mind when i saw your comment and u even mentioned ure srk’s fan..haha!
    tubby mom..lol..ure really funny!
    @shen 639 Agreed 🙂
    @Gaby81 ok i really forgot about that!
    @Shen643 werent they mh’s dad’s men who wanted to get rid of ji hee??but after watching ep12 SY dosent seem innocent at all..hmm..
    i really hope to see my cutie San again..
    @Jyenie aigoo Trash is just too good,perfect husband material!i really got a huge crush on him 😉 I really hope he is the husband 🙂

  649. 649 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-629/dinaz: I’ll have my secret in a martini glass, rimmed with sugar, with a balance of sweet and sour. No bruising. In my Cruella de Vil accent!

  650. 650 : gg Says:

    SY is very dangerous, she seduces DH to take revenge from YJ. What will they do to separate MH and KJ ?

  651. 651 : gg Says:

    The Chief Producer says : “the ending will be unimaginable.”

    If San is still alive, YJ may forgive DH and live together ?
    It’s a little extreme… but women can always forgive the father of their children.
    It remains to be seen.

  652. 652 : Shen Says:

    annamasae (646)

    Regarding San, post (643), I cannot say that it is correct. It’s just my conjecture based on events and actions in each episodes and the subtle points in the dialogues. (The scriptwriters did a good job here. A tight knit script).

    Like you, I do hope that San is still alive and well, and is in good hands. If so, he will definitely be returned to YJ when the time is right. I really, really do hope so. Keeping fingers crossed.

  653. 653 : usa-mary Says:

    Lately, all the kdrama endings have been unimaginable.

    Of course, regardless how passionate MH and YJ’s kissing may be, Chairman Jo rules, unless he dies. If not, MH will most likely be with SY, and YJ will be visiting DH in prison, showing him photos of baby San. SHIELD UP…SHIELD UP!

  654. 654 : eny Says:

    a part your thinking actually my thinking too but a part of me really wanna see different thing, I mean the writer make me believe there’s beautifull love betwen ADH-YJ but then make me see the change of ADH, for me i still in doubt, but the proof show it like that,is he really did it?………..it’s like my logic say he’s guilty but my hope is different

  655. 655 : Shen Says:

    dinaz (648)

    Re: JH’s demise. It could be possible that it was MH’s dad’s men who were responsible. But on the other hand, it could not be possible, because though MH’s dad might be a ogre, I believe he would not go to the extent of killing her just to get rid of her. He is too dignified, civilized and intelligent to resort to such an action. He will not stoop so low, no, not for such a minor irritant.

    Killing JH to get rid of her to solve such a simple problem as breaking MH and JH up is too base a behavior. It has to be someone without a conscience and perhaps, “mad” who would resort to such an action.

    Hence, I conclude that it could be SY. SY has coveted MH since kindergarten. No joke. It’s been sooo long an obsession, far too long. Sick. She does not love MH, she only wants to possess him and she tried sooo hard to get him, each and every time. This kind of state of mind is not normal for an ordinary person. If she could, she would have kidnapped him and locked him up for herself long ago. She couldn’t, hence she resorted to the other method, that is, remove the competitor.

    I think she’s mad. There are such mentally twisted minds out there in the world that we would not be able to recognise as sick until they break. (In real life, we can see and read about such people in the news every other day).

    Again, this is just my conjecture only. Please do not take it is as absolutely correct, and please correct should I be wrong.

  656. 656 : Darna Says:

    I am surprised anyone would think the unimaginable ending is YJ getting back together with DH after he caused her dad”s death, did we all forget that, I think MH and YJ will end up together if there is any fairness in this world. DH should be punished by having nothing to do with his son, how could any parent leave their child in an orphanage when that child’s mom sacrificed so much. As for SY, I don’t care how much she loves MH, she has a funny way of showing it, getting him fired, taking away his resturant. She is the Wuthering Heights story where she dies alone because her love turned into revenge, my two cents…

  657. 657 : dinaz Says:

    @usa-mary since secret is so addicting u and sharon might get drunk..lol..i can make some honey water for u both if u need..lol.. 😛 😛
    @usa-mary 653 did u watch Royal family with ji sung as the lead?that ending was one of the most horrible one till date in my drama list..hope secret wont dissapoint us!in i hear your voice too the ending was unpredictable but it turned out good..
    oh yes and Sandara park is so funny trying to act all graceful and well mannered..lol..and Ms Grace lee is not graceful at all.. 😛
    @Shen-655 no dear there is nothing correct or wrong in guessing!we are just assuming things which may or may not match with the story.. 🙂 so let us keep guessing before the drama ends :)if its SY then she is crazy to kill jh that way she has lost even the 1% chance she had with mh.
    i think the stepmom may be of some help to mh soon!lets see she dosent seem so bad,recalling the scene when mh called her omma near sy’s mom!
    [not meant to insult lee da hee and hwang jung eum but i find their teeth fake!i dont know why its too white and perfect to look real..lol.. 😛 ]

  658. 658 : Sandy Says:

    [email protected] I agree with you completely. DH has done so much harm that I can’t see JY going back to him for the sake of their child–a child that he put in harms way. Not to mention having a hand in her father’s death. SY is definitely Heathcliff.

  659. 659 : Sandy Says:

    [email protected] I agree let’s keep guessing–it’s fun. I for one am wondering if the stepmom is truly his real mother. She was extremely touched when he called her mother by way of putting SY’s mother in her place. Also when MH was in the hospital and was calling out for his mother in sleep, the stepmom acted as if he was calling for her–she was so excited.

    SY has said a few things that makes me wonder if she had a hand in JH death. It also be the way it’s translated. When she told DH: “If JH died, I thought I would have a chance with MH.”

    That statement sound like somebody plotting while JH was still alive. If she was referring to the time after JH died, it would have made sense for her to say, “When JH died, I thought……..”

    Yes!! It’s wonderful to speculate.

  660. 660 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz-657: LOL

    No, I didn’t watch the Royal Family. I told myself that I wouldn’t watch another melodrama after WAMFL and Goddess of Marriage, and I’m watching this one, Empress Ki and The Heirs. I stopped watching Marry Him If You Dare. Now, Kim Sun Ah is going to be in a drama based on a manga. I don’t know the title because it was in Hangul. It, too, looked like a serious melodrama. What’s this, the year of dread?

    @Darna-656: It may appear to be absurd to have that type of ending due to DH’s heinous behavior, yet I’ve seen worse and crazier kdrama endings than that. I was just throwing my unimaginable ideas out in the midst. Besides, these writers are in a soju state of mind. Holding us captivated by their storyline as if we’re an empty shot glass hanging over their heads, thirsting for more. So, when it comes to odd, unimaginable endings, many of these writers definitely have the creative forethought.

    Another ending would be everyone going their separate ways. SY and DH to prison. MH running the empire and YJ running her father’s bakery and a consultant to MH’s TGIFriday Restaurants. San

  661. 661 : usa-mary Says:

    @660: San in the backroom being watched by a nanny.

  662. 662 : just_saying Says:

    I think I have to agree abt SY ‘planned’ JH death. I was wondering abt SY’s secret. DH, MH & JY all has their BIG secret and this one is the one for SY. Now it makes sense.

    And abt ‘unimaginable’ ending. I hope it doesn’t mean ‘non typical’ ending coz if it is, a non typical ending may means that MH and YJ will not end together.

  663. 663 : Shen Says:

    I hope the ending will not be for YJ to return to ADH eventhough he is the father of San. YJ would be a fool if she were to do it. There is no guarantee he will be good to her and San. ADH’s dark side is more dominant then the good side. Hell then for her and San will only be waiting to happen again.

    Hope San will be found alive and well and the bakery returned to her.

    Hope YJ will end up with MH. They deserve and will be good for each other.

    Hope ADH will go to jail. He needs jail time to save himself from himself.

    As for SY, don’t know what is going to happen to her. Maybe she will end up getting a tight slap from Papa Jo, and sent packing, or maybe she might die somehow ? She’s got to go, somehow.

  664. 664 : Shen Says:

    just_saying (662)

    These two points of SY’s secret and the unimaginable ending have be overlooked.

    Yes, you could be right on these two counts.

  665. 665 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahahaha… Thanks, me too!

  666. 666 : Sharon Says:

    I was picturing myself in the car. Shhhhh!

  667. 667 : Sharon Says:

    I feel the same way too. Remember, MH has not have any physical intimacy, or attraction for anyone for about five years. He finally feels some sort of sexual and emotional tension towards YJ. The problem was that he could not fight it anymore. He wanted her soo bad at the restaurant, but she turned away from his kiss and he had to use every strength he had to calm himself down from that Europa. The hard kiss, he was not going to let her go he was going to let her know how he felt angry, rage, passion, etc. The soft kiss, he was begging her for forgiveness. The kiss was gentle and sincere I hope she will open up to his and her feelings.

  668. 668 : Sharon Says:

    MH had to grow up and unfortunately JH death lead him to the path of maturity. He fought to save the restaurant because he wants his fathers blessing, especially after knowing about his fathers illness, but who helped him get that recognition YH. She worked so hard for him, which made him love her even more. I don’t believe MD, or YJ is going to die. I do believe if the Chairman does not approved of their relationship he will give it all up and run the bakery with YJ.

    About Great Expectation, DH reminded me of Pip because Pip always try to get Estella approval, but she would always make him feel unworthy of her. The same way SY would make DH feel. DH will do everything in his power to be accepted by SY, just like Pip did. That’s as far as I am taking the comparison .

  669. 669 : Sharon Says:

    Hahaha.. Mills and Boons I have not read one in years!

  670. 670 : Sharon Says:

    @usa-mary 649
    Hahahahahahaha.. Cruella De Vill ..hahaha. As long as you don’t dress like her…..hahahahaha

  671. 671 : Sharon Says:

    I think the ending will be bitter sweet. SY will be admitted to a mental institution DH will go to Jail for his involvement in YJ dad’s death. MH and YJ will live happily upstairs the bakery. Happy ending

  672. 672 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-670: LOL God forbid!

    Unimaginable Ending:

    I by no means meant that YJ would get back together with DH. I said she would be at the prison showing him pictures of San, that’s all. I didn’t go into details, but I see that its needed, so here goes.

    -I see DH begging YJ for forgiveness for his folly and repenting. She’s working through forgiving him, though difficult . Now she’s moving forward with her life. It doesn’t mean she’s stupid, but wise for her future existence.

    -DH before going to prison becomes a secret benefactor to YJ, like Mr. Abel Magwitch (GE) to Pip. He has saved $mmm (billions of won) which he left instructions for her to receive a certain amount each month to live very comfortably. He discovered his mother’s folly re San and returned him to her. DH’s parents, trying to make amends, sends a nice amount of money to her account monthly, too. DH, also, paid MH the remaining balance on the building, so that YJ now owns it and can open the bakery/cafe. He, also, secretly enters her name in a cooking contest with the largest prize ever offered. She wins and becomes an established sought after chef. In other words, that’s the least DH can do for her before he goes to prison after he altering her life. Oh, and clears her name.

    -YJ buys the building next to hers so that Grace, Sandara, and friends sets up viable businesses there while living upstairs. Her TGIFriday friend, helps her manage the quaint bakery/café. YJ and the ladies take turns watching San. Grace’s son is healthy and at home with her. Sandara found a much better business venture that MH partnered with her on with his Midas touch.

    -Gwang Soo is courting one of them…who?

    -MH and YJ are friends working towards their relationship.

  673. 673 : Nora Says:

    If SY is indeed involved in JH’s death, I hope DH will kill SY and ask forgiveness from YJ and MH. I will forgive him if he do that.

    I don’t see DH as a villain here. He’s just too pitiful.

  674. 674 : lovejdg Says:

    all i could say is this drama is the best.. super touching.. amazing acting from each actor. cant wait to see the ending.. hope it will be a great happy ending.

  675. 675 : meutia Says:

    let me say that this one is the best drama so far :))

  676. 676 : Chloe04 Says:

    Hopefully the kid is still alive, maybe MH finds him and tries to go tell YJ but….
    My guess is DH will weazels his way out of everything so YJ not know her kid and MH are safe, drives off a cliff with DH in the car? At least I think she will find some way to take DH with her to death… This won’t be a happy one, but I’ve watched it long enough I don’t expect it to be. In other words, unlike so many ambiguous or unhappy endings in Kdrama, with this one I am expecting a tragic end.

  677. 677 : Shen Says:

    Oh no, not a sad ending, please.

  678. 678 : alio Says:

    I don’t know but after watching the kiss scene, I’m hoping that i can see a scene like this:

    MinHyuk and YooJung are lying on a bed facing each other. They are looking at each other with lots of love. MinHyuk touch YooJung face softly and then smile brightly. YooJung grinned happily looking at MinHyuk.

    MinHyuk : How to do,substitute? I think I love you more than I love Seo JiHee.

    YooJung smiles brightly.

    YooJung : How to do,MinHyuk-ssi? I think I love you more than I love Ahn Do Hoon.

    They laughed together happily and have a sweet kiss.:)

    p/s:cheesy but sweet!!!! In my opinion. hehe.

  679. 679 : Eksue Says:

    The plot is good and exciting. Love the cast. Upload the rest of episode please.

  680. 680 : Gaby81 Says:

    Just Seen The Preview and A lot is going to go down now that Daddy Jo Is Back in town! Plus YJ Is Avoiding Poor MH & YJ Has Feelings For MH As Revealed With Her Scene With Gangster Unni Says That’s Because They Spend so much time together 🙂 She’s Running From Her Feelings Yo! 🙁

  681. 681 : Lin Says:

    Where to watch d preview????

  682. 682 : Jyenie Says:

    Just scroll up this page and click “official site”.

  683. 683 : hunnie Says:

    ji sung is a very good actor….

  684. 684 : texv Says:

    Punish those who commit sin and I would love a happy ending for this drama…. pleaseeeee!!!

  685. 685 : Sharon Says:

    Why do I feel in the end MH is going to walk away from his fathers money and marry YJ and build the bakery business.

  686. 686 : dinaz Says:

    @sandy-659 but if she is the mom why dosent she say anything instead to letting mh hurt her?i think the stepmom might have felt sorry for mh’s mom and somehow likes mh like her son!hope she helps him in the future dealing with dh!
    @usa-mary what is WAMFL?omo kim sun ah unni?i love her dramas specially rom-coms..i really hope its not a melo..i shed enough tears watching SOAW it was really sad 🙁 try reply1994 it wont dissapoint u.. 🙂
    noooo..in whichever ending i want baby San back..i miss his innocent face 🙁
    @sharon and @usa-mary i guess if gwang soo dates one of them its going to be hye jin,but our Sandara Park also has her eyes on him 😛
    @alio678 woww wonderful ending! 🙂

  687. 687 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-685: That thought crossed my mind, too, about MH walking away, if his dad doesn’t accept YJ which he won’t. We’ll see what Writers-nim have in store.

    @dinaz-686: WAMFL (When A Man Falls In Love) is a kdrama starring Song Seung Hun. I’d say that the 1st half was really good, then the writer made changes to appease the viewers. Talking about a train wreck. That was one of the most agonizing kdrama’s that I’ve ever watched. Seriously, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

    Re Kim Sun Ah. According to Allkpop, she’s starring in a movie titled, The Five. It may be out before the year ends. It looks like a melodrama from the still shots. I didn’t watch SOAW on purpose, because I knew it was going to be sad. I did watch I Do I Do…it was hilarious, and one of her best.

    I don’t know if I want to watch Reply 1994 at this time. Re baby San, I want him back, too, but it will be an adjustment for him because he won’t know his mommy. That’s going to hurt YJ even more, but she’ll adjust once she has him in her arms again. Re Gwang Soo, it mostly likely would be Hye Jin, because if Sandara got a hold of him, she would turn him out. Old girls know some tricks that would hook that young man. 😀

  688. 688 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-682: Thank you. That was an interesting preview. It appears that Chairman Jo gathers the 4 of them together to have a tete a tete. That should be interesting. He obviously had very good PI(s) tailing them.

  689. 689 : Sharon Says:

    So, once he tap that he will never go back. Haha..

  690. 690 : Sharon Says:

    I just hope in hell that Chairman Jo know what he is doing, because he will loose his son. Is DH and SY going to do the do.. I hope freking not yuck!
    I can’t wait till Wednesday!!!!
    After seeing the preview I wonder if the kiss was reciprocated?? If it was, then maybe YJ is just shy to look MH in the face.(squealing like a fangirl)
    If it was not reciprocated then he is still begging her. 😭
    I am thinking too hard!!!

  691. 691 : Sharon Says:


  692. 692 : Sandy Says:

    [email protected] you’re in good company. Lol! I think we’re all thinking too hard. I agree, DH and SY is YUCK! After watching the preview, SY doesn’t have her smug smile and DH looks a little shocked. So in my thinking too hard mind, based on what was said by the chairman, I think he’s asking YJ to assist with the lady investor.

    Can’t wait for Wednesday!!!

  693. 693 : Lola Says:

    Dad’s coming home. Hopefully Min Hyuk can restore his status and the girl he likes is favorited by him because she helped get the restaurant back while the lawyer Ha Doon gets thrown out on the street for putting the K Group in trouble and the fiancé gets outdated because daddy boy does not need her anymore

  694. 694 : mike Says:

    DH’s mom in ep12 sure was hiding something fm his son, coming home late fm someplace. Probably adoption papers – sending SAN far away fm DH?

    SY seems to know MH’s every movement so I too suspect she has something to do with the death of JH. Pressured she may blurt out her secret?

    Madam’s investment was crucial and her interest in YJ – a plus point for YJ in dad’s eyes and added boost of confidence in his son’s capabilities.

    SY rq DH to stay the night, probably caught in the act and papa kicked both out of his sight leaving the bereaved couple to flourish their love for one another? Meanwhile depressed SY commits suicide or probably car with DH inside burst into flames and both died? (KARMA; SY for killing JH and DH for causing the death of YJ’s father).

  695. 695 : Shen Says:

    I think Chairman Jo is impressed that between MH and YJ, they both managed to save the restaurant amid all odds. GM and the Investor Grandma too started to take note of YJ. They were impressed. A good point for YJ.

    It’s going to be very intense and intresting from now on, now that Chairman Jo is back, and he’s met YJ, the final piece on the chess board (of Chairman Jo’s game).

    From what I see, Chairman Jo could have an ulterior motive when he gave so much power to SY, and when he recruited DH into the K Group. It is not with the intention to destroy MH, his own son. But for what reason ?

    What’s going down from now on ? This is what we will have to wait and see.

  696. 696 : Sharon Says:

    Guys!!! If the Chairman is impress then all is well in my world!!!!!!!!!

  697. 697 : Yozora Says:

    Wednesday please come fast! 😀 can’t wait anymore the curiousity is killing me!! xD

  698. 698 : Jyenie Says:

    @dinaz 686
    We had such a fun and crazy ride with WTML and I had a real good time exchanging comments with fan, sharon, usa-mary and others. You should have joined us! Where were you then?
    Reply 1994 is my crack drama after WTML. I love Oppa-ya!

  699. 699 : Sharon Says:

    Guys! They are saying it’s going to have an unimaginable ending. What would be in imaginable for you guys??????
    GS killed JH, MH and SY get married, DH committed suicide and YJ find San and get the bakery.

  700. 700 : Sharon Says:

    That’s unimaginable, sorry my smart phone sometimes act dum.

  701. 701 : Sharon Says:

    It’s Tuesday !!!!

  702. 702 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-689: LOL! I’m really trying not to get started, but… Hit it and quit it! LOL She’ll open his nose so wide, an 18 wheeler could go through it with no problems! LOL I don’t know about S.K.’s ahjumma’s, but over here…

    @Sharon-690: DH and SY…the Dooo? DH is looking so pitiful, with his crocodile tears, holding into SY’s wrist whenever he can, as if he hasn’t had a conquest in a good while. Yeah…right! My only hope is that she has strong bones because if not, he’ll break her with his baby making self! LOL

  703. 703 : usa-mary Says:

    DH, now supposedly looks down on YJ. Really! Acting as if all he was doing was studying while at the university. Its obvious that his aim wasn’t only for being at the top of his class. As if, a bird flew overhead dropping a seed on YJ, thus pollinating her, she bore baby San. mmmmhumpf! I’ll just tell that to the stork when I see him the next time he’s in my neighborhood.

  704. 704 : Sharon Says:

    @usa-mary 720
    Tooooooooo, funny!!! Hahahahaha!!! !! I am laughing my a** off , you are toooo funny. Once SY go there she is going to need a wheelchair.

  705. 705 : Sharon Says:

    Did you see how fast he was trying to get into her clothe, until he saw the scar.

  706. 706 : dinaz Says:

    @usa-mary-687 oh that drama i thought it was a dark drama so i dint watch it..yeah five is supposedly a revenge movie isnt it?i love sun ah unni more in rom-coms she is just too good!i too watched i do i do but i liked the 2nd lead more..rem the dialogue ‘my maammy likes girls with big forhead’ ? lol 😛
    lol i would love to know what kind of tricks are they..lol..hahahaha 😛
    @jyenie-698 wats WTML?earlier i hardly watched the airing dramas except for a few coz i dint have patience to wait for the next ep but its been a few months i have started and i m enjoying discussing with all of you here and waiting for previews and subtitles,its fun 🙂
    same here i love Reply 1994 🙂 btw i was so inspired by ur comment i bought marshmallows too 😛
    @sharon-699 thats a totally horrible ending..haha!

  707. 707 : tiffy Says:

    This drama is DAEBAK! I love it soo much!!!! the kiss scnene in ep 12 is too cute for words!!!! I hear that the producer says it’s gonna have an unimaginable ending. *Sighs* i hope nothing happens to both main characters. I hope they end up together, i hope YJ does not go back to DH, i hope MH does not go to SY(not likely actually, but hey, he said unimaginable so i have no choice but to think along that line! Psh!) WHAT IF…IT HAPPENS THAT…ONE HAS TO KILL THE OTHER OR MAYBE ALL ALONG IT WAS MH WHO KILLED JH WITHOUT NOTICING AND ENDS UP GOING TO PRIOSN? *SIGHS* YIKES, I CAN’T TAKE THIS!!!! ITS LEAVING ME IN SUSPENSE!! Why did he have to say that? With all due respects i believe we have a voice that should be heard becuz without us, the views would be really low (if that’s even logical) so therefore they should give it a happy ending for both us who suffered severe sleepless nights thinking about this addictive drama :'( and the characters who suffered alot of pain throughout this drama. I think they…no…WE! should be able to smile at the end of all these struggles. The least we could get is a happy ending. C’MON, its really hard for us viewers. Man, i hate melodramas because it leaves me sighing or crying but then again i love them anyway. I really hopes it turns out well. I don’t really care about the other characters (SY and DH). HONESTLY, they could end up in a swamp 4 all i care :D. I hope when he says unimaginable ending, he is thinking along the line of: MH and YJ getting married and having kids!!!! or migrating together or taking over the company together.But then again, those are all imaginable stuff…but i still hope he meant ‘good/positive’ unimaginable ending.
    DAMN, i so hope the producer reads this! 🙁
    PS: Do you guys think that YJ had strong feelings for MH when he kissed her? Or she was just being obedient since he told her to do what he say(But she was crying so…) :/

  708. 708 : [email protected] Says:

    Can’t wait for the next episode, plese make it “Happy Ending”

  709. 709 : hny Jo Says:

    YJ…she is in bad conditions!!,so hoping MH will be his shelter ;))

  710. 710 : gg Says:

    @ 673 Nora

    “If SY is indeed involved in JH’s death, I hope DH will kill SY and ask forgiveness from YJ and MH.”

    => it’s a good hypothesis.

  711. 711 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-704: And some rehabilitation! I can just see it now. Opening scene-ER: Doc on duty…Agassi Shin Se Yeon, tell me what happened. SY: Embarrassed, fumbling over her words. Replies (to the tune of the Pointer Sisters, I’m so Excited). I was too excited…and I just couldn’t hide it. He grabbed ahold of me and all we heard was cracking, cracking! Oh, I will behave! Its fiction y’all…only fiction!

    Like I’ve always heard…its not the loud ones (they’re only bluffing). Its the quiet ones, like DH you have to watch out for! Looking to rock somebody’s world (In Living Color)! Ohhhh…I will BEHAVE!

    @Sharon-705: I noticed. But, before he made his move, did you see the ‘look’ in his eyes. Like…hungry. No…starvation! I still catch glimpses of that look in his eyes whenever he sees YJ with MH. He doesn’t like it. Even after all the vile he’s done, there’s a melancholy look deep with in his eyes, coupled with regret. At least, that’s my perception.

    @fan-706: I liked doc, too. He, also, starred in Uung Yi, Goddess of Fire, as a royal potter. Re The Five with Kim Sun Ah. I’m going to pass on that one. After Secret, I’m done with watching revenge seeking dramas.

  712. 712 : usa-mary Says:

    @711: Correction. 4th paragraph, 1st sentence should read Jung Yi, not Uung Yi.

  713. 713 : dinaz Says:

    @usa-mary and one more correction it should be dinaz not fan..lol.. 😛

  714. 714 : dinaz Says:

    @tiffy seems like yj understands mh’s pain of losing jh,also he has been continuosly taking care of yj since she was out of jail..atleast she dosent hate him or misunderstand him like the way she did before..so maybe she kinds of likes him not love as yet!!
    @usa-mary yeah its better to avoid revenge plots for sometime..i dint watch jung yi..saeguk dramas does not catch my eye..i saw the doc in a movie Innocent steps.and woah u should see the way moon geun young danced.gt goosebumps it was awesome.. 🙂
    i think the unimaginable ending is sy being the murderer..but after dh and yj left after the accident a man did come to see jh when she was lying in the road wasnt it like that?

  715. 715 : Jyenie Says:

    Well, if the “unimaginable” ending is Sy is the one who murdered JH, then they really underestimate the intelligence of the viewers.

  716. 716 : dinaz Says:

    @Jyenie lol..but if u see master sun we already predicted that hannah was he joo which turned out to be the the main highlight of the last episode..
    so lets hope for a proper unimaginable ending and not a lame one like i predicted..lol..

  717. 717 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz-714: I saw the movie Innocent Steps about 4 years ago. It really good.

    #fan-706: My apologies! Jyenie started it! 😀 Coming on here getting the threads mixed up, now I’m getting the names mixed! 😀 Its like a mother with a lot of children would do when she wanted a specific child. Calling out every child’s name other than the one she wanted. Then, would say, you know who you are…come here! LOL

  718. 718 : usa-mary Says:

    @717: Wow! It seems like I’m on a role this a.m. Jyenie was on The Heirs thread talking about Secret. I need some tea quick since! 😀

  719. 719 : usa-mary Says:

    Pssst! I have bi mil to tell everyone. Its Sharon’s birthday today!


    I hope you have a blessed one…ENJOY!

  720. 720 : Jyenie Says:

    Hahaha, they’d better give us a proper “unimaginable” ending since they are so smug about it.

    Wow, Mary, I think you probably need another mug of tea as there is no Jyenie making comment about Secret on The Heir thread. I am also confused now, I might need some tea for myself 🙂

  721. 721 : sam Says:

    can s I meone share what happen in episode 13? thanks, cant wait!

  722. 722 : Sharon Says:

    Ok guys!!! I will not watch RAW today!!! I promise!! I really, really promise.
    An unimaginable ending: tubby mommy sat in DH by accident and kill him,
    MH marry SY and went crazy, because he has not touch her since they got married. After seen the final kiss with YJ and MH no wonder she did that.
    GS is gay and ran off with the restaurant manager. DH dad fall and broke the other leg. YJ live happily ever after. I could not think of anything unimaginable for YJ because she has been through all unimaginable things, it’s only ups for her now!

  723. 723 : Marie Says:

    hi there,…. anyone can tell where i can watch it raw.

  724. 724 : Shen Says:

    Oh me gosh ! Soooo much heartfelt emotions in ep 13. Heart wrenching ! I’m speechless !

    Oh me gosh !

  725. 725 : torri Says:

    Shen Says
    please! please ! say no more am at work now hhahahaha!!!!!! just saw u comment and am dieing now to see even the raw i cant because am stuck at work so please before i go crazy not knowing what y last comment really means can u please not say more please

  726. 726 : Shen Says:

    torri (725)

    Your request noted.


  727. 727 : Shen Says:

    Marie (723)

    I think this site does not allow links to be posted anymore. Reason I said this is, recently I tried for somebody, but my post just simply did not appear.

    Sorry about this.

  728. 728 : dinaz Says:

    @usa-mary 717 lol..
    @sharon its ur bday?Happy birthday sis 🙂
    sharon seems like ure gonna watch [email protected] comment was so funny..lol..gs gay and ran off with his manager!!lol..thats the funniest ending i have ever come across..haha!
    why not gs marry Sandara park or Grace lee?hahahaha 😛 poor gs!

  729. 729 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, I am soooooo tempted to watch RAW!!! HELP!!!!

  730. 730 : Sharon Says:

    Thank you very much!!! Smooches!!!

  731. 731 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, ep 13 is on Viki RAW!!!! I am trying not to watch!!! Really I am not watching. I promise I am not watching!! Should I watch???!! No, I am not watching!!

  732. 732 : Leya Says:

    WoW, ep 13 ending scene really took my breath away. Big applause to the production team and all actors+actress. Never let me down since ep1 till ep13

  733. 733 : quinsha Says:

    i like this drama very much !!!!!
    secret daebak

  734. 734 : dinaz Says:

    @sharon ure welcome..muah 🙂
    lol..i knew would want to watch it..haha..if u cant stop yourself watch it orelse u will be thinking about it whole time..lol..ure so funny! 😛

  735. 735 : tiffy Says:

    can someone fill me in on a small preview 4 ep 13 if u’ve watched it. I can’t go on! MUST.SEE.IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  736. 736 : tiffy Says:

    I heard there’s a really sexy back hug scene!!!! If anyone knows, please tell me which ost played at that scene, was it ‘tears stole my heart?’ i luv that song, was that it?

  737. 737 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, Viki is 99%. I am off to watch SECRET!!!

  738. 738 : Kaya Says:

    @Sharon — Since u know better.. I am from UK and Viki does not work here. IS there anyway of watching the lastest epi apart from Viki

  739. 739 : Belinda Sangare Says:

    Finished watching ep13 , best drama ever ……..

  740. 740 : Gaby81 Says:

    I watched it once it was uploaded to Viki RAW! it Was Absolutely Awesome! #MyFeels #BackHUGofTheYear #BestDrama2013 I’m Reframing From Posting Spoilers For Everyone’s Sake 🙂 Been To Busy To Recap or Post Comments Lately :'(

  741. 741 : redfox Says:


  742. 742 : Windsun33 Says:

    The biggest problem with this drama is that it makes most of the others look crappy.

  743. 743 : yoshi Says:

    Probably, the last image in that series can be: SJ and DH have handcuffs, one guilty for JH’s death and the second guilty of YJ’s father, and soon, DH’s mother accused of kidnapping YJ’s baby. A happy ending, isn’t it? I saw a lot off possible endings. Can we bet?

  744. 744 : Shwaron Says:

    Hey guys, if anyone is interested, there’s an awesome awesome website called dramafire.com. It has all the drama’s up to date with subtitles, pretty much the next day after the drama’s are release in Korea. As I’m from Australia, most websites won’t allow us to watch as we’re outside the American/Canadian region.

    Give it a go for those who are having trouble 🙂

  745. 745 : Sharon Says:

    Try sensentv.com or dramafire. Gooddrama.net

  746. 746 : usa-mary Says:

    Alright! I’m on track now. It was Sharon who posted on the Empress Ki thread about Secret. What can I say. Its daylight savings time. We lose an hour time wise in my locale. Coupled with that and the Canadian cold front from the north making its official welcome, I’m battling constant thoughts of hibernation.

  747. 747 : happy Says:

    oh god,last scene of ep 13 was sooooo meaningful…min hyuk is soooo…..yoo jung you should accept her heart for not just one day…i

  748. 748 : just_saying Says:

    To those who have not watch ep 13. DO SO NOW. Even if it means skipping work or whatever it is that you need to do. Totally WORTH it. Since happy (747) already said it, I’m emphasizing it again. The last scene, OMG… So sweet. And the preview for ep 14 … can’t wait for Friday.

    ‘Just for one day, I would like to hold his hand…’

  749. 749 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Two days without sleep (From Tuesday up to now). From Episode 1-13, without standing up and watching in my desk top. Oh, wow. One of the most heart breaking Kdarama that I’ve watched. A heart breaking drama. Excellent acting!

  750. 750 : NewFan Says:

    It’s been a while since I update my comment in this thread. I think GS will be my fav character since ep 12 when he’s been caught joining grace lee and others beat MH for his b’day scene. 😀

    I love it every time DH smirk as if he’s winning the argument, YJ retort back with more poison that could make him speechless and wipe that stupid smirk out of him. >:D

    But there’s one particular scene that keep me re-watching the scene, the very beginning scene where after MH tell GS to investigate the truck driver, MH cry while looking at YJ. I don’t get the meaning of the tears. ANYBODY have opinion or explanation the meaning behind of it about why he cry while looking at YJ’s picture? It bother me somehow…

  751. 751 : Jyenie Says:

    @RonelaAGarcia 749
    Wow, I salute you! Please do take care of your health, O.K.?

  752. 752 : Shen Says:

    Waoh … yes, Episode 13 is intense and “powerful”. Every scene, every dialogue, do not miss them. They tell the painful story.

  753. 753 : Zhed Says:

    what a great acting for all the main characters, but heads off to Jung Eum Hwang. I pitied her because of so many tears that shed from her eyes. I bet after that scene masakit na masakit na eyes nya because I felt the same pain in my eyes after episode13. But for me really this series is for more better than the rest. I do hope the ending will not spoil everything. Yes I want a happy ending. Justice will prevail and Love will reign forever.

  754. 754 : usa-mary Says:

    Yay! When YJ hand delivered the paperwork to DH per MH’s instructions. A Viki commenter wrote…1-800-SLAP-DAT-PUNK! Too funny!

  755. 755 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon. It appears that nothing happened between SY and DH. He woke up fully clothed with only 2 buttons undone on his shirt. Only level 1 skin ship! Plus, he was totally frustrated. Tsk tsk tsk…no better for him. She really controlled him. Couldn’t even take off your his clothes or socks. SY idn’t even want the man’s toes touching her bare feet. What a tease and there’s nothing he can do about it.

    The writers are showing DH’s frustration in many ways. Even though appearances reveal his attained career advancement and some status. He still can’t get what he really wants at this stage. He can’t get…

    1) SY for himself (Cha-Ching=Korean lottery).

    2) MH to go away, so he can lead K Group. <(:-[ My dunce hat version.

    3) YJ to go away (period).

  756. 756 : Jyenie Says:

    About the last scene of ep 13, no doubt that the back hug is endearing with the beautiful scenery in autumn but if somebody suddenly pulls me down from the bus out of no where, I think I would scream in terror!

  757. 757 : Jyenie Says:

    That is quite beyond imagination. Now, I do believe that they are capable of giving us an “unimaginable” ending! 😮

  758. 758 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    Why did the viewing count drop? This drama is one if the best dramas playing in Korea at the moment. Guess people in Soul have too many choices or they’ve been spolied

  759. 759 : usa-mary Says:

    If going through what YJ has experienced would end in meeting someone like MH, it wouldn’t seem half as bad. But, in reality, women usually end up stuck with men like DH. Makes one want to have a serious chat with fate, if one could.

  760. 760 : zeez22 Says:

    OMG! This is really a good drama… Full of anticipation and intensity…. love the last scene…. Cant wait to see EP 14…

  761. 761 : Sharon Says:

    1. How did the glass cut SY???? Any answers!!
    2. Damn, she did not receive his kiss, but did not reject it.. This I can work with.
    3. MH: it’s not a mistake. I know it was not!! The way you kissed her even
    4. DH woke up alone, then she gave him orders like he is her man slave. That “B” need a burger and a smile.
    5.an is sooo cute!! I feel a tear coming on..sniffle, sniffle.
    6. Dan the chem is soooo strong!! He blocked her from passing,so smoothly executed and the chem is wild!! MH: are you going to keep avoiding me? Sharon: hell no!!
    7.why does DH shake his head and look like this “B”won’t leave me alone!
    Whenever he sees YJ. He is like, dam I did the crime you did the time, so what’s the problem?
    8. MH kiss gave YJ some big balls. She confronted DH with what she knows about San and her dad. You go YJ, then say to him what if your parents know?? Yeah, DH what if your parents know?? Your mother would loose weight and your father would walk straight!
    9. GS: why don’t you give her the bakery? MH: she might disappear in front of my eyes.
    10. Don’t tell me YJ has become a nun. What’s up with the white collar?? So , does that mean MH is not going to get none?
    11. Wooow! Check out YJ smile while thinking about MH encounter at the tollbooth. Aahhh sarang.
    12. Is YJ going to pray for MH to get better in her priest outfit??
    13. Oh my goodness, poor MH. I am going to pray that they get him some really good lip balm. His lips need work!! Let us pray.
    14. YJ pleaseee wipe his lips instead of his face!!
    15. Good words of comfort nun YJ.
    16. Did he just lay his head on her brest??
    17. Why is DH Soo dum?? He is book smart, but street dum.
    18. MH: revenge that started with love ends in tragedy. Right? SY : I have to go. MH: What I want to know is, if it’s the opposite. Love that’s starts from revenge. What happens to that? Think about it. Ok, pull down the blinds, turn off the light and close the shop!! MH slapped SY speechless with that one.
    19.DH, shut the Hell up!! You coward piece of slime.always trying to blame someone, you %%*%%#%%%#%. Guys, I got the glock.
    20.YJ why apologize to that wormmmm!!! I will pour you a class of acid!
    21. YJ look sexy in her jeans and jacket. Hahaha.. MH foot is better.
    22. Chairman is repeating the same mistake. SY, shut the %#%# up. GS hold on to MH and refuse to let him go to defend YJ’s honor. Off with their heads!!
    23. DH is like this “B” here we go again!!
    24.SY a word of advice, if you love a man tell him show him and if he refuse then walk away.
    25. How many days has YJ missed from TGIF?? Shouldn’t she get a written warning??
    26. The two behind the door scene superb!! Her I go again with the tears. Baaaaa, sniffle.
    27.GUYS!! I need a GS. He is like google ask him to find anything and he is on it.
    28. YJ wants to hold MH hand for a day. No girl, for a lifetime.
    29.GUYS, the bus scene PRICELESS!!!!!! It was a surprise to me!! I am jumping, screaming, shaking my legs, my dog is barking, the birds are chirping, the squirrels are running, and the world is spinning.
    Ep13 was quite the episode !!! I am speechless right now!!!
    BEST DEAMA OF 2013!!!

  762. 762 : dinaz Says:

    ep13:omg what a back hug the best one i have seen so far and so beautifully filmed..swoooonn!!
    so sy and dh finally slept,good for those frustrated people!even if she did she will love only mh and not that loser!he is so cheap..i dont want to start again!
    aigoo they show san again and again in every episode..really want him back..the cutest scene is she giving/saying something to his mom from that pram..aww i want to kiss that cutie :))
    mh’s mom story is still not well defined..she might be still alive with the help of his stepmom??now i can imagine anything coz the ending is going to be unimaginable..lol..
    aww..the way mh stares at yj phew!!my heart flutters.. 🙂 🙂 he is busy yet he comes to visit her.. 🙂 the looks ji sung’s gives is so intense,they chose the right actor to play min hyuk..

  763. 763 : Sharon Says:

    This drama is the best. I am never disappointed from ep 1 till present ep 13. The writer the BOMB!!! Director, the BOMB! Cast, the BOMB! All BOMB!!!! I give Secret two thumbs up in a circle with a twist!!

  764. 764 : Sharon Says:

    @ usa-mary 754
    hahahahahahahah …………

  765. 765 : Sharon Says:

    @ Jyenie 756
    i did see some fright in her face, but i also thought she knew it was her man..

  766. 766 : Sharon Says:

    @ usa-mary
    SY have DH like a yoyo.. up, down, up, down.

  767. 767 : Sharon Says:

    @Jyenie 757
    yes, they are. Right now i am a little excited and a little nervous about the unimaginable ending.

  768. 768 : dinaz Says:

    @jyenie 756..lol..haha!i think i would fall back on him and scream..haha! 😛
    @newfan 750 i guess he cried for being so mean to her and hurting her at the beginning and now he knows what mistake he did.hmm..i think its like that..
    @RonelaAGarcia woww..daebak!i got dark circles following ep1-8 in 3days,@rory got swollen eyes..hope ure fine?
    @usa-mary755 he dint sleep with sy??
    @sharon761 Pt1..even i was wondering how did she get a cut from a glass she threw so far..and mr loser wanted to take her to hospital?but left a sick man on the road to die!
    Pt9..my fav dialogue 🙂

  769. 769 : Sharon Says:

    @ dinaz
    They did use the perfect cast and the location for the back hug was perfect.

  770. 770 : dinaz Says:

    @sharon-769 yeah it looked so beautiful with the bus windows passing one after another showing the hug..but @jyenie made it so funny,i am having my dinner and laughing..haha!

  771. 771 : Sharon Says:

    I am glad I have Empress Ki to fall back on after this drama, because I am going to have some serious withdrawal symptoms.

  772. 772 : Sharon Says:

    whats up with the ratings, that has to be a mistake or tampering.

  773. 773 : Sharon Says:

    I am waiting for ep 14 and biting my nails.

  774. 774 : longs Says:

    Guys plz hlp me ot. Nw i cn’t dwnload tis drama 4m drama 5 downloader b’coz of new version. So sumbdy plz tel me 4m whr i cn dwnload tis drama.

  775. 775 : Jyenie Says:

    OMG, you are definitely high on Secret!
    1. A broken piece of glass bounced back to her? She was lucky her face was not cut.
    16. I was wondering about that too. 🙂
    29. Wow, I can even feel your dynamic vibes over here!
    No way! It was so frightening!

  776. 776 : Jyenie Says:

    LOL. I am looking forward to the unimaginable ending now.
    “mr loser wanted to take her to hospital?but left a sick man on the road to die!”
    Something is very wrong with this man!

  777. 777 : jihyeon Says:

    anyone know where to watch ep.14? T.T

  778. 778 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @751 Jyenie


  779. 779 : juliane04 Says:

    to 777 you can watch either in viki or gooddrama.net or [email protected] sensentv

  780. 780 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz-768: No. DH didn’t sink the sub, hide the weasel, park the porpoise, do the horizontal mambo, play humpty-dumpty, be her private bone dancer, do the baloney bop, nor became her personal jackhammer.* Yes, they literally (zzzzzzz) slept together. All he got was level 1 skin ship teased.

    Think about it. What man in kdramaland wakes up fully clothed after being in bed with a woman he wants to seduce after she invited him to sleep over? If soju can’t stop drunk folks, nothing can, except being dead or being SY. They both were sober. If you notice, he didn’t wake up with a big smile on his face, as if he got over. He woke up totally frustrated, and it wasn’t because he didn’t sleep well from counting sheep.

    *Examples, compiments of the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire.

  781. 781 : Miss Leaf Says:

    the last scene on ep 13 is phenomenal ^.^, never seen this kind of scene on the other k-drama before.

  782. 782 : Miss Leaf Says:

    hopefully this drama will be happy ending, since this is melodrama, sometimes the writer will make the sad ending drama

  783. 783 : kriss Says:

    Hmmm… Unimaginable ending? I’m not so sure. Beween us viewers, I’m sure some of us can come up with the ending that they’re thinking about. What I’m hoping is they don’t do a ‘Shark’ on us. With just one stroke, they destroyed the whole show, making it utterly pointless!

  784. 784 : NewFan Says:

    Oh, I truly hate SY to the core now. Her obsession is creeping me out. She even use ‘live or die together’ option. Enough is enough SY!! I hope she die in loneliness just like in Wuthering Height.

  785. 785 : just_saying Says:

    After ep 14, unimaginable ending;

    1. YJ sacrifice her revenge towards DH and save MH. MH marries SY in names only coz they need to save both companies – but MH spends his life with YJ. DH officially became SY ‘dog’. SY keeps trying to have MH loves her till h*ll freezes.

    2. Attorney Kwang Min and papa Jo finished ‘reloading’ their weapons and starts shooting SY and DH. Due to YJ’s determination and the help from MH stepmoms, papa Jo lets MH be with YJ. Why? Coz regardless of how ‘tough’ papa Jo is, he loves his son and he wants him to be happy. And he realized that MH is serious abt YJ unlike when he was with JH.

    3. YJ proceeds with her plan to get revenge on DH. MH approves of it and doesn’t care that KGroup and SY company crumbles becoz it. Then, Attorney KM and papa Jo saves the day again coz they have so many tricks up their sleeves. YJ and MH lives happily ever after, DH goes to jail and SY – off to h*ll she goes.

  786. 786 : imhel Says:

    anyone know where i can watch ep 15 preview? m dying to see the preview….can’t wait for next week

  787. 787 : imhel Says:

    Writers Choi Ho Chul and Yoo Bo Ra: Excellent, excellent script!!! Applause!!!

  788. 788 : imhel Says:

    Directors Lee Eung Bok & Baek Sang Hoon: Congratulations for job well done!

  789. 789 : imhel Says:

    And to the actors: Hwang Jung Eum, Ji Sung, Bae Soo Bin and Lee Da Hee – exceptional performances….no superlatives can match your superb and outstanding acting.

  790. 790 : just_saying Says:

    Correction: KGroup and SY company crumbles becoz OF it.

    Addition to 785; a really, truly unimaginable ending for this drama will be;

    YJ ends up back together with DH
    – If this is truly the case, ‘unimaginable’ incidents may happen to the directors, producers and writers. The actors, still gets an award for their superb acting skill.

  791. 791 : NewFan Says:

    @Longs – 774
    If you go to subscene.com and find the secret subs section, you’ll find a link for the RAW video by SAM. You can use the link provided to download it. 😀

    @dinaz – 768
    Thanks. Now I understand the meaning of it. 😀

    @sharon – 761
    27) GS is mine!! OMG!! I think I’m obsess with GS. HELP!! I’m a gwangsooholic! I hope GS will not be with Grace lee or Hye ri or even worse with sandara park in the end or else I’m going in there myself. Its game on! >:D (ching= UFC bell ring)

  792. 792 : NewFan Says:

    @imhel – 786
    soompi.com gives the fastest preview than the other site. Mostly it will come out on mon in soompi. So you have to wait till mon comes. 🙁

  793. 793 : NewFan Says:

    I wonder if they still stick with 16 ep. If it is, will it really enough to reveal all the secret with just 2 ep left?
    1) The suspicion on MH’s stepmom. I kinda feel she has a secret but doesn’t show any sign that it’ll reveal soon.
    2) Same goes to DH’s mom. What is inside the bag.What is she hiding. With only his dad show up in DH’s office regarding YJ’s dad I don’t think her mom knows about it. If she knows she will follow her husband, right?
    3)Plus, the plot now seems to focus more on the complication of the main lead and the company rather than showing other new uncover secret.
    4) MH, DH and YJ has secret of their own. What is SY secret exactly. That is what I’m curious about. Not enough hint that shows she has her secret she’s been hiding in this drama so far.
    5)IF San is still alive, will just 2 ep enough to fit in for him being found out by someone else.

    I hope they will extent it so the ending will not be disappointing. I hate rushing ending. 🙁

  794. 794 : Shen Says:

    If this is to be believed, news from JiSung’s Management Office is that it will be a beautiful ending based on Ep 15 and 16 which have already been released.

    Yahoo ! Is this for real ? Nothing better ! Keeping fingers crossed !

    I hope for the ending this are what will happen :

    1) That Papa Jo and Asst. (GM) will finally show their hand when SY and DH crossed the line by wanting to bring about the total collapse of K Group, and MH with it.

    Papa Jo and Asst (GM) will definitely not allow it ! This is when they will finally show their hand against SY and DH. (Papa Jo and Asst (GM) have already been keeping track of DH since day one when he joined the Corporation).

    (Asst (GM)’s short stint in jail I think could be a set up, with the cooperation of the Sr. D.Attorney to trap DH (and SY). So far, DH has been smart enough to elude the law for his criminal activities. If Asst (GM) was out of the way (in jail), DH had thought that there will be no one to stop him, so he shows his hand, aided by that fool SY. This will be their downfall.

    2) That San will be found. (Has anyone guessed that the little boy with the t-shirt that has the moon and stars sewn on it in TGIF when YJ was consoling him, could be San ? Possibly could be San. Brought to TGIF that day, as a test to see YJ’s reaction ?)

    3) That finally MH, JY and San will happily be together.

    Phew ! Keeping fingers crossed ! But not banking all hope that the news about a beautiful ending might be 100% true.

  795. 795 : Shen Says:

    Correction : Scripts for Ep 15 and 16.

  796. 796 : Yozora Says:

    @shen : beautiful sometimes can be said as a melodrama sad kind of ending, it doesn’t necessary mean a happy ending, so i still gonna wait for the ending with a biting nails.. xD you never know.. 😀

  797. 797 : Logan1707 Says:

    This drama is freaking amazing and 2 more eps to go, and I will be so sad as next week will be our last ride 🙁 I have never been so obsessed with any of K-drama until this one. This drama is so amazing in everything for brilliant acting, plot, scrip, directing and also awesome chemistry between leading actor and actress. I don’t think I could move on so fast from this drama when it’s over 🙁

  798. 798 : Shen Says:

    Yozoro (796)

    You are right.

    This could be why the other part of me, is holding my breath, and dare not expect too much.

    If I expect too much, I might be terribly dissapointed in the end, which I do not wish to experience.

    Holding my breath ! Psyching myself to keep my head blank ! No thinking ! No thinking !

  799. 799 : norlela Says:

    Love this drama so muchh. Tq Creww

  800. 800 : usa-mary Says:

    I just don’t want to see an ending like, What Happened in Bali. Chaebol folks can be really twisted. Especially, towards people who stand in the way of their adult children’s marriage business mergers.

    Another unimaginable ending:

    Chairman Jo could have DH and YJ drugged and end up permanently asleep some where, while the next scene shows MH and SY getting married. MH looked into what happened to San. Finds him alive and adopts him since SY can’t have any children. SY doesn’t know its YJ and DH’s son (DH’s mother lets him go for a large sum of money). Its MH’s only connection to YJ that he was left with, and he secretly promises her that he will raise San well as if he were their son. He cherishes the music box from his mother and San.

  801. 801 : NewFan Says:

    I so hope it will not fall into that kind of ending. I hate that kind of ending where the male lead only connection to his lover and his true happiness is the lover’s child. I’m surely traumatize by that ending. Especially if GS isn’t available and has been taken by one of the ahjumma. 😛

  802. 802 : usa-mary Says:

    Another unimaginable ending: It ends good for MH, YJ and baby San who MH adopts as his own son (after finding him)!

    What is it with chaebols marrying off their adult children as the primary entity of a merger. I get the ‘joint venture’ aspect after watching many kdramas, but companies have been merging for decades, even some for centuries without joint marital unions. Keeping it all in the family, literally!

    Wow! Here in the U.S., not even a wealthy person can get away with slapping someone. Folks know how to run to the police to file reports, get photos taken, and seek out good attorneys.

  803. 803 : quinsha Says:

    can’t wait next week ><

  804. 804 : hny Jo Says:

    Hope. .DH father who is give him a lesson. ..by took DH to jail…hmmm..GS for ahjumma…oh Nooo ;))

  805. 805 : bigeye Says:

    this drama is nice and all actor and actress are very good and dont give up.fighting..i cant wait see 2 esp to go

  806. 806 : usa-mary Says:

    Chairman Jo is right! Parents know their children, no matter how old they are. He knows that this relationship is totally different. MH obviously didn’t kneel down before his dad for JH. Telling him that he’ll give up everything to protect her. When JH let go of MH’s hand, he didn’t fight his dad to regain it, nor did he try to protect her. How I know MH means business…it didn’t matter how sick his dad is…he told him anyway, without hesitation.

    On the other hand…DH may just end up going to a psychiatric ward instead of prison because he’s already 3/4 way there after that stairwell scene with YJ. That’s right YJ. Her only regret was not letting him go sooner. Women innately aren’t stupid. Some just stubbornly ignore the detour and forbidden to enter signs as they stroll happily in their unrequited love relationship along romance alley. Ending up alone, ooking stupid on a dead-end street.

  807. 807 : bigeye Says:

    this drama is nice and all actor and actress are very good and dont give up.fighting..i cant wait see 2 esp to go and ji sung and bae soo bin recieve thier awards this year..

  808. 808 : usa-mary Says:

    @806: Last sentence. The word s/b looking, not ooking. LOL

  809. 809 : usa-mary Says:

    Personally, I’d rather watch a special with just MH, YJ, baby San, Sandara, Grace, 3rd girl?, and Gwang Soo. They are more entertaining (cute-San) and funny. Especially, when GS is alone with the 3 former cellmates. Looking like a lost little lamb among 3 date hungry she-wolves. GS had better watch out because Alpha-female wolf, Sandara, is going to get him…Look At Me…Look At Me…1, 2, 3 Test! LOL GS, had better not go out drinking alone with Sandara. She may just spike his drink with her herbal tonic, like in Bad Couple. Once he recovers, he’ll get asked…how, how much, where and what you did with her until the wee hours of the morning.

  810. 810 : usa-mary Says:

    The winner is #2 for the, alone on a desert man GS. GS is like…what have I done! Everyone else is either grinning or freaking out from his comment. While Grace didn’t even react. Maybe she’s not thinking it…or is she?

    I re-watched that scene over 5x before moving on. I wanted to enjoy the light heartedness before doom, gloom appears.

  811. 811 : just_saying Says:

    @usa-mary 800. DH and YJ drugged and permanently asleep. You’re freaking me out coz it is possible as far as unimaginable ending goes.

    Why possible?
    1. Its beautiful coz San is alive and MH is raising him.
    2. MH marries SY – It’s logical coz once you have lots of money, it’s really difficult to let it go. Logically in reality, will you really give up wealth for love. The price for being a rich kid is your whole life is part of a business.
    3. YJ said that she wouldn’t go unless MH says so – so, by being permanently asleep, she kept her promise.

    And, another possible unimaginable ending: MH died.
    1. Beautiful becoz YJ has a kid with MH. The kid ‘replaces’ San.
    2. Papa Jo realizes that wealth means nothing without MH.
    3. DH and SY – hospitalized due to group beating incidents.

  812. 812 : daebak Says:

    Pls vote secret guys here :)))

  813. 813 : Shen Says:

    just_saying (811)

    ” once you have lots of money, it’s really difficult to let it go. Logically in reality, will you really give up wealth for love. The price for being a rich kid is your whole life is part of a business. ”

    This is true of “once you have lots of money, it’s really difficult to let it go” , not because they are stingy, but because they do not want to feel that they are being used for their money. And yes, the price of being a rich kid is, your whole life is part of a business. Rather a sad thing here. But what to do? Their’s is a different world, with a different set of rules.

    We poor people think it would be fun to be super or mega rich. But such wealth, has its drawbacks and problems too.

    Another great disadvantage is, there is a bodyguard following you everywhere you go, be it in dates, hanging out with friends, or travelling in the plane, etc etc. And they (like KS) are formidable with the art of self defence and firearms, but they are good at running errands for you too, etc.

  814. 814 : Shen Says:

    daebak (812)

    I’ve already voted for Secret to be nominated as Best Drama of 2013. On looking at the current vote results, Secret is doing well. Ranked in the top few.

  815. 815 : hana Says:

    it freaked me out when MH said “Don`t die first” or something like that. I don`t want him or YJ to die..it keeps reminding me about JH`s words. she said that she wanted to die first and she did. what if that`s some kind of hint that MH gonna die?? no way..they hurt a lot already.right?

  816. 816 : just_saying Says:

    @hana815. That’s what I was thinking. When MH said to YJ not to die before him, the unimaginable ending could mean: MH dies in the end but within the next two episodes, YJ is pregnant with MH child. And she takes care of the child with Gwang Soo. Just like Pearl Harbor.

    BTW: kidding abt YJ and GW but high possibility abt MH’s death.

  817. 817 : just_saying Says:

    I’m getting too addicted with this drama that reading about all the possibilities of ‘unimaginable ending’ is making me nuts. Need to check myself back to the Secret rehab.

  818. 818 : hny Jo Says:

    Yup..sad ending 65%..a bucket of tears..ready ;))

  819. 819 : Nora Says:

    just finished ep.14..
    1) I don’t think anyone will die. because 2 more eps. is too short to settle everything.
    2) I think DH’s father will meet YJ at the prosecutor’s office. YJ will tell everything. Even if she drop the case, at least DH’s father knows the truth about his son.
    3) Go to h*** with that useless threat at the end.That Choi hyungnim said he already have plans to get away. K Group gang is ‘fishing’ right now and they will get huge ‘catch’.. (smiling like papa JO.. hehehehe)

  820. 820 : jangerr Says:

    @815 hana & 816 just_saying

    I have this sinking feeling too – that MH is going to die at the end. To make matter worse, YJ wil follow soon after a la ‘Autumn In My Heart’.

  821. 821 : khalish Says:

    I think I know why the writer makes MH’s father sick and always go abroad, because of his great power, SY and DH definitely have finished from the beginning. They both just people who have nothing but act as if they had everything. it makes sick, it seems anyway lawyers Choi already has its own way out so there is nothing to worry about.

    Btw, i already vote too…Secret….hwaiting ^_^

  822. 822 : dahlia(fx) Says:

    Well one of my pick drama this year… secret is similar to Innocent Man which is here Innocent Woman… Storyline similar…Best acting definitely Ji Sung:)…Another great pick is Heirs the writer is one of the best in town:)

  823. 823 : usa-mary Says:

    @just_saying-811: Didn’t mean to freak you out, but even though I added that as an unimaginable ending, I hope it doesn’t end that way. Its because Chairman Jo’s wife after meeting with YJ already made it clear that she needs help with understanding what she doesn’t understand. That’s not good, at all. Really not good. Then, SY slapped her. Later, DH threw (I suppose) money at her. I just hope that DH’s dad is the one with the conscious and redeeming qualities for YJ when she needs help the most.

    Is Writers’ Choi and Yoo trying to make us stupid or what? Over and over again in this drama, YJ and MH continually show DH and SY proof of their evil doings, and I’m like…for WHAT? So, they can relent, repent, reinvent…WHAT? If it was me, I’d just go to the media and be done with it. Its no good letting the left hand know what the right hand is doing and I’ll even include the feet when it comes to these desperate, heinous people.

    Re Wuthering Heights. SY and DH appear to be the tragic ending ones from that novel. Not that I’m wishing anything bad on anyone. It’s just appropriate karma for their dirty acts. Chairman Jo and his wife can get added to that karma. SY’s love for MH is obsessive and intrusive. While DH’s love for YJ wasn’t love at all, and his desperate act towards SY is actually lust for status and the love of her money. YJ was his mere ATM, personal convenience store, and slumber party partner. But, SY, to him will be his bank/vault.

    I hope MH can protect YJ like he promised. I, also, want a good ending. Why did he have to become dismal and mention to her to not die before him. I hate that doom, gloom attitude. Why won’t they just elope. I tell you…this chaebol filialness is old and really needs to get put out to pasture.

  824. 824 : usa-mary Says:

    I applaud Grace for finding the largest bucket she could get her hands on and dousing DH with water. Foul smelling kneeling thing needed to scurry away. Nothing but a trickster. Sandara should have appeared afterwards with a heaping bowl of salt and the other woman throw beans at him.

    After this, not another melodrama for me! I’m going for comedy. Melodramas are too sad for my taste.

  825. 825 : daebak Says:

    More vote guys !

  826. 826 : Sima Says:

    Secret one of the best korean drama that I’ve ever seen in 2013
    good luck every body
    specially Ji Sung and Hwang jung eum, you are the best

  827. 827 : Shen Says:

    Why do I have an ominous feeling when SY said to MH – “You asked what the ending will be like for love that started with revenge. I will answer you when the time comes. ” ?

    SY’s crazed threat makes me nervous about how the ending will be like. Will she resort to personally kill either MH or YJ with her own hands when all her plans to undermine K Group and MH fail ? You know like – “Yeeeeah…. a crazy woman pulling out a knife and stab and stab?”

  828. 828 : rory Says:

    grabbing hands! grabbing hands! ^_____________^
    scene at the big chair..[omg, that chair is so big!]
    “there’s that..u know..leaning on my shoulder..” haha..cute!

    And I always always love GS’s scenes..
    the 3rd woman..look at me!look at me! LMAO! GS yah, hang in there you..

    and that forehead’s kiss means, u love & care ur partner soooo much..dugeun..dugeun..

    I love YJ’s bold character but if I were in her shoes when DH’s mom told that her son already have another woman I will proudly said I have another man too..more great than ADH which is so rude, coward, heartless & liar! and how bad is he to yell at his dad like that..totally out & crazy! I don’t care if the cause of YJ’s dad death was because of an accident I still count it’s a murder..hey, u can simply make a report okay! So, don’t blame the others so easily like that…he must pay for it.CASH! Go for it YJ! Don’t look back!

    by the way, how sweet is that our OTP couple right..even tho YJ still feels a bit shy & hesitate but we know she loves and cares MH so much..I wish more lovey dovey scenes but what to do, only 2 eps left..and still have a few secrets haven’t been revealed yet..

    P/S : I voted this drama for “The Best Korean Drama of 2013” 😉

  829. 829 : Secret Says:

    Was it SY that killed JH?
    Is Chairman’s current wife a real NH’s mom?
    Is Chairman is testing MH’s true feeling towards YJ?
    Chairman had a similar story as MH, YJ and SY have between MH’s real mom and dead mom?
    Ummm, more secrets will coming out?
    Just guessing!!

  830. 830 : Shen Says:

    Secret (829)

    Do not know for sure whether it was SY who killed JH. No evidence yet. All this while, it’s been only a guess that she did. The truth might be revealed in the finale, by she herself, to spite MH most probably.

    What relevance has it to the story whether Chairman’s current wife is MH’s mom or not? Does it matter who his real mom is ? I do not see any significance here. Have you something in mind?

    Yes, I believe that Chairman is testing YJ’s feelings for MH? Chairman could be the one who had MH’s mom meet YJ privately with the request that YJ leave MH in order to save KGroup and MH. I think this could to a test to find out how committed YJ is to MH. As we can see from YJ’s response, she showed her loyalty by replying that she will not leave MH unless he says so.

    Chairman could be preparing to make his base secure, before he and Asst. (GM) go all out to declare “war” on SY and DH, as naturally Chairman would go all out to protect his business empire plus his son when they are under serious threat

    Whether there are any similarities between Chairman andMH/YJ/SY relationship stories, what relevance has it to this story? Has it a major part to play in the drama? Like large enough to be of a life or death concern? If not, don’t think we should crack our heads over it.

    In my opinion, almost all the relevant and major secrets have been divulged, leaving two more, which I can think of. They are : (1) is San really dead or is he still alive, hidden somewhere by someone under foster care ? and (2) who killed JH? It was JH’s death that triggered the whole devastating chain of events that destroyed and changed so many lives.

    Though not much attention had been placed on Chairman and Assist (GM)’s presence in this drama, I cannot helped but suspect that they do have a crucial part in the dynamics of the whole saga here, and what better platform to base the drama’s story on than a “corporate/business conglomerate empire” where high money and power make interesting and exciting props.

    I can feel the high vibes of tensed anticipation here for the finale.

    Trying to keep my head blank (easier said than done). No thinking! No thinking!

  831. 831 : irma kukashvili Says:

    it is the best drama until now!

  832. 832 : just_saying Says:

    Excuse me, this may seem a like stupid question but how do I vote for this drama? I never cared to vote before but I believe this drama deserves a vote. And I need to vote my Dracula as well though I’m kind of having a bittersweet feeling toward The Heirs coz ES will end up with KT. Unless YD manage to suck KT’s blood dry. LOL

  833. 833 : just_saying Says:

    Ok. Now the ‘voting’ boxes are available already.

  834. 834 : fan Says:

    @just_saying 832-833

    HAHAHA ! Dracula is becoming human after falling in love (^_^)

    I don’t think our vote will make difference in the results, but at least the most voted is still among our favorite !

  835. 835 : ko pyae Says:

    I love this drama.I believe This drama win many awards.Such as Drama of the year.best actor award.best actress awards.best director.best supporting awards. I wish this drama can win.I love This drama

  836. 836 : 키키 Says:

    Vote SECRET ( 비밀 ) to the best korean drama 2013 !!!

  837. 837 : ro xy Says:

    here n micronesia we are n epi 10.hm i stl have 6 epi to wait to reveal whatever those secret are.

  838. 838 : billy Says:

    Se Yeon, finally crossed the line! Sorry Se Yeon, you cant have everything. Se Yeon and Ahn Do Hoon are really getting nasty, but i see the prison beckoning these two in the end…and maybe the father will die too. I just love the way Min Hyuk is loving Yoo Jeong. He is starting to see Yoo Jeong’s true nature, a person who put the beloved first before her own. they have a cute love…a love against the world thing cute! Hope they overcome the obstacles and prevail. Are they going to die together, or maybe one of them? I just hope not! Its a waste of a great love!

  839. 839 : daebak Says:

    Dont forget to vote our drama here :3

  840. 840 : Susan Says:

    The super duper best drama of the year is SECRET. I love MH and YJ very much. Very good actors.

  841. 841 : Sharon Says:

    Where do you vote???? Secret has to win!!!! They are saying that TMS is #1 Secret is # 2 and Heirs is #3 in the voting rank.

  842. 842 : nhi nguyễn Says:

    great and emotional movie, love hwang jung eum and her acting skill so much:XXXXX. Hope it will have a happy end!!

  843. 843 : Anastasia Says:

    This drama is really well written. I have never seen any K-Drama with beautiful storyline like this and also the cinematography is amazing. There is no wasted scene. No wonder anyone who watched this then got hooked after that. Something new for any kind of Kdrama for these day and very refreshing in it. I will be so sad when this drama will be ending next week. What will I do after Secret is over?? I do hope there will be another drama with an amazing storyline like Secret.

  844. 844 : rory Says:

    go to main page & open “The Best Korean Drama of 2013” or simply click here http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=30509 ..can vote up to 8 dramas..It is this site annual vote for the best drama..Happy voting 😉

  845. 845 : NewFan Says:

    @Sharon – 841
    You can vote here http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=30509
    I’ve just vote this drama as one of the best drama of this year 😀

  846. 846 : lisa Says:

    Obsessive love is not love. It is more self love and pride. Wiki defined obsessive love as an overwhelming desire to possess another person with an inability to accept failure or rejection.

    Self sacrificing love i.e. sacrificing one well being for the sake of the one you love is not love. Love should not be giving up on oneself but expanding oneself. Self sacrificing love can lead to loss of respect either for oneself or from the other party. In life, each one should take responsibility for each own actions. Taking responsibility for your loved one’s wrong doing is suicidal as it results in a huge imbalanced relationship.

    Due to their unhealthy love, both SY’s and YJ’s romances are fatal…..so are we to expect a sad ending then?

  847. 847 : lisa Says:

    I am puzzled why MH and SY did not get married during those 4 years ago when YJ was in jail. If SY wanted to possess MH so desperately, she should have sealed the marriage cum business contract long time ago and thus need not resort to manipulative means just to get MH to marry her now.

    Is this a flaw in the storyline or I miss something…

  848. 848 : Shen Says:

    lisa (847)

    You have a good question here. A good point to ponder.

    Here is how I see it :

    Four years ago, at that time, after JH’s demise, SY did not feel threatened by a competitor for MH, because there was none.

    SY’s IMMENSE pride was mainly to be blamed for the marriage not happening. She did not want to appear pathetic. She was trying to appear cool about her interest in MH. Hence, she did not push the matter.

    Of course, this was to MH’s advantage. MH was not into SY at all, and had never wanted to marry her. So he did not hurry the matter, and it conveniently got stalled.

    SY did eventually lose her patience. But again her pride was so IMMENSE that she tried to camouflage her desperation for the marriage by drafting a marriage contract, classifying it as a business marriage.

    It was fine with MH. Call the marriage by whatever name she wanted, but he was not going to be dragged to the alter. SY failed again to make the marriage happen.

    But along the way, MH had fallen in love with YJ. SY had not foreseen that this could happen.

    But by the time she knew, it was too late for her. The boat (MH) had sailed off once again.

    My thinking is that, it’s all fated. What never will be hers, never will be.

  849. 849 : Shen Says:

    By the way, in case anyone is curious :

    I believe the “business” going on between K Group and the Art Foundation managed by SY, is a form of money laundering.

    Money laundering is serious crime in any country in the world.

  850. 850 : Sharon Says:

    @ rory @NewFan
    Thanks guys, soooo much!! I voted!! And I am going to vote tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day and the next day and the day after that!!!! 😉

  851. 851 : Sharon Says:

    I have to catch up on all the comments.

  852. 852 : Windsun33 Says:

    @ Shen – yes it is money laundering, in this case to move money to a secret slush fund apparently. What they do is buy the paintings at highly inflated prices but only part of the money actually gets to the foundation – at least that is how I see it.

  853. 853 : Foreigner Says:

    The episodes are loaded! We feel each of the actors feelings.
    DH is trying to save his skin : he always finds an excuse to minimize all the evils he did ! Finally DH apologizes but his excuses are a little forced by his father. But it was too late, he must pay the consequences of his ambitions. He must go to jail.
    I hope YJ won’t abandon the indictment of DH.

  854. 854 : Foreigner Says:

    Too bad for the company… Even if MH lose the company, he won’t abandon YJ. He has to prouve that YJ is more important than his father’s company. It’s ambiguous.
    Decision remains to be seen next week…

  855. 855 : ritz Says:

    This drama is catchy, keeping one in suspense. I can hardly for e next 2 epi…

  856. 856 : kdcraze Says:

    I’m only in ep 2 n I feel like giving up… probably i hve not arrive to e interesting epi yet, not sure shd I continue…

  857. 857 : Sharon Says:

    There is a question floating, why does YJ loves MH? It a really good question considering what MH put YJ through. What do you guys think??

  858. 858 : Susan Says:

    I can’t wait episode 15 . Like to have a happy ending.

  859. 859 : Nudge Says:

    @Sharon-857. Yes that is a good question. It seems to me everything that had happened cannot suddenly culminate in love between the two. Not as the story is told by the writer. There has to be a bit more from the writer to make it all sit right in my mind and it seems in the minds of others.

    I love the concept of this drama and the cast, but I feel the writer has failed to realize what would otherwise be a great piece work.

  860. 860 : Yoli Says:

    I’ve seen several kdrama and this one is my favorite, and Master Sun is 2nd, but with this drama I wish they had added a few more episodes to develop the story line a little fuller.

    Overall the acting is great I can’t wait until next week so see the ending, I hope its great.

  861. 861 : Lin Says:

    Dear Secret Fans!Fyi currently Heirs is no 1 and Secret is 5 th position.pls! Pls! start voting for those who haven’t vote. Kasamida!

  862. 862 : Jyenie Says:

    1) He is handsome, cute, sincere.
    2) He is pursuing her.
    3) They have common enemy.
    4) He stood up for her by beating his spoilt chaebol friend.
    5) He is a better kisser than DH.
    6) His back hug is unimaginable.
    7) She doesn’t need to work her a** off to pay for his bill.
    8) She sees him every day, he is like her shadow.
    9) He saved her life when she was unconscious in the bakery.
    10) and many many more.

  863. 863 : Sharon Says:

    What has MH really done to YJ , but force her to be by his side. MH did not put YJ through anything , but to be in her presence constantly, so she would always remember the death of JH which makes her uncomfortable. I think the story is basically about YJ and her journey after taking the blame of a crime she did not commit and MH revenge that turned into love.

    I can understand why YJ couldn’t help, but fall in love.
    1.He was there when the man she gave the world was not.
    2. when she was sick he was there.
    3.he basically saved the bakery from the gangsters.
    4.his hands was the wall to protect her head.
    5. he gave himself to be used by her to extract her revenge.
    6.he find her where ever she goes, because he felt DH would harm her.
    7.he covered her scar and beat the hell out of his friend.
    8.he takes control like a man should and nothing is more sexy to a woman. 9.his kiss.
    10. his sincerity towards her friends.
    11. his love for her.
    If YJ didn’t want him (waving hands)hello!!!! I will take him.

  864. 864 : Sharon Says:

    I think the story is excellent and the progression is on point. I think all character has been defined. all they need right now is to tying it up nicely.

  865. 865 : Shen Says:

    Sharon (857) and Nudge (859)

    ” why does YJ loves MH? It a really good question considering what MH put YJ through. ”

    ” It seems to me everything that had happened cannot suddenly culminate in love between the two. ”

    I’m not a romance expert, nor am I a romance junkie, far from it. Anyway, for discussion purpose, here’s my two cents worth of thoughts :

    First and foremost, we must bear in mind that the interaction between YJ and MH had been going on four years. Which is a long time.

    And during these four years, both of them have unconsciously shared many memorable events in their lives, some good some bad. From these, there developed a bond between them, which both are not conscious of. More deeply, on MH’s side. That’s why there was once he asked KS “Why do I hurt seeing her hurt”.

    I believe, for MH, the minute he came into contact with YJ (strangling scene, ep 1), instinctively, an unconscious “connection” had been established between them. In other words, YJ had got under his skin. This is a very strong kind of emotion. It can hit anybody without warning and unknowingly.

    Eventhough MH had been harsh on YJ initially, he had not stooped to the standard of cruelty that would rob YJ of her humanity. By comparison, DH was a monster that tried to do just that.

    Earlier, to YJ, MH was only an annoyance, that was all, because she just wanted to move on with her life in peace but MH kept popping up to disturb her peace. We must note that by then, she had become MH’s “habit”. He got to “see” her everyday.

    If YJ had considered him a dangerous enemy out to harm her, she would not have gone to see MH for financial help for her dad’s medical bills.

    As we know during the four years, MH has actually unconsciously been YJ’s guardian angle. He had protected her and watched over her. He treated her as a human being, a person, which YJ did not realize earlier when she was too immersed in picking up the pieces of her life after coming out of jail.

    YJ is a special character. This is due to her upbringing. She’s been brought up a fighter and survivor with a positive and caring attitude. She could let go and forge ahead with her life after a set back. She did not allow self-pity to control her.

    As MH became more and more careless with his attention towards her, she started to pay more attention on him and his actions. And realised that he had actually been there for her all the time ! He was a “Daddy Long Legs” after all ! He was not that cruel vengeful person he tried to portray to the world. So YJ softened a little.

    As time went on, the more she took note of MH and the little things he had been doing for her, the more she softened towards him. And her guard was lowered a little each time, until finally she accepted the fact that she loved him.

    As you will note, the romance here did not happen over night. It happened very gradually, each by each painful step, over a period of four long years. MH did a wonderful job, only the likes of him could do – that was to slowly chip away little by little the wall YJ had built around her heart for self preservation purposes. All this took four long patient years.

  866. 866 : just_saying Says:

    @Sharon 857. I agree with Jyenie @ 862.

    In addition, I believe some people might wonder about few other questions as well coz I know I did.

    1. Q: How can YJ simply fell out of love for DH when she is willing to go to jail for him?
    A1: The love YJ had for DH in the first place is actually more like a gratitude. Because he saved her at the station. From there on, she thought she loved him. That’s why she helps DH and his family, it’s like she’s trying to ‘pay’ her gratitude. She thought that she loved him and so, she’s willing to go to jail for him. She didn’t realize that she was just being a fool.
    A2: But after she was released, she realized what a fool she has been and she accepts it. That’s why she never blamed DH or regret about it. That’s why she let him go because she believed that she has finally pays her ‘debt’ to DH. At this time, she’s actually ready to start a new life without DH.

    2. Q: How can YJ fell in love with MH ‘just like that’?
    A1: Coz now, YJ knows better. She experience life as it is – the hardships etc… And after all the jail time and everything that she has gone through, she became matured, she can differentiate sincerity, gratitude, love and all the important things better. And she felt that sincerity from MH about liking her.
    A2: When MH didn’t tell YJ that he is the one that saved her. MH didn’t tell YJ because he WANT to save her. period. No other reason behind it.
    A3: She learns what love is from MH. The way he loved JH. The way he regretted about not being able to save JH.
    A4: When MH saw her scar, he didn’t make a big deal out of it. He doesn’t know that she got it in jail and the story behind it. He simply accept that the scar is part of YJ.
    A5: MH’s relationship with YJ did not start with a lie. When he hates her, he tells it to her face and so, when he fell for her, he did the same thing. There’s no pretense between them.

    3. Can we really blame DH for all his evil schemes? Because the chain of events started when YJ willingly sacrifices herself to go to jail. Shouldn’t YJ be blamed?
    A1: YJ is not to be blamed. When she sacrificed herself to go to jail, she never regretted it. This should be the end of it.
    A2: DH being evil because he himself started it, by killing YJ’s father and separate San from YJ. When he tries to cover these ups, he’s doing it to save himself. It has nothing to do with YJ sacrificing herself for him in the first place.
    A3: Why should he take YJ’s case as the prosecutor in the first place? He can just tell the firm that he knows YJ and so, he will be taken off the case. To save YJ? In the end, he’s the one who ‘propose’ maximum sentence to YJ. Or did he do it on purpose?
    Verdict: DH became who he was because of himself and not because of YJ.

  867. 867 : Shen Says:

    In real life, is there such an entity as MH I wonder ?

    Can a person love like the way MH loves ?

  868. 868 : Shen Says:

    just_saying (866)

    You are spot on. On every count. I couldn’t have said presented it better.

  869. 869 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-857: Honesly, I don’t know why YJ loves MH…really! Right now, I’m just going with the flow of the drama. I’ve dug so deep with the ones that preceded this one that my mind needs a rest. LOL Now, why the ladies love GS is another story. That man is strong…holding MH with just one arm. He got my vote!

    I’m still wondering what SY sees in DH. Just another pair of pants, I suppose.

  870. 870 : Sharon Says:

    @just_saying @Shen

    Yes!! You have said a mouth full!! I believe there is so many reasons why she fell for him.
    @just_kidding, I believe she genuinely loved DH, maybe gratefulness came in when she felt he was more important than her. DH going to law school and all make her feel inferior therefore, she try to give him everything, because she felt unworthy of him. While DH felt burden by this and decided to marry her because if his father’s teaching of morals.

  871. 871 : just_saying Says:

    @shen 865. I LOVEEEEE… the way you present your thoughts/comments/feedbacks or whatever we want to call it. CLAP!CLAP!CLAP!CLAP!CLAP!CLAP!

    Just hope the unimaginable ending is a happy ending where MH ends up with YJ. Its unimaginable because the drama members made it soooo beautiful that we never imagine it.

  872. 872 : Sharon Says:

    Yes!!! In real life there are guys like MH. Remember, he was not a bad person just immature.

  873. 873 : Jyenie Says:


    “DH going to law school and all make her feel inferior therefore, she try to give him everything, because she felt unworthy of him.”
    I like to think that she is an innocent girl with a beautiful heart. She looked up to him, and her love for him is unconditional and unselfish, she was willing to sacrifice anything for him.

    “DH felt burden by this and decided to marry her because if his father’s teaching of morals.”
    Why didn’t he feel burden by accepting her financial aide before he became a prosecutor? This guy is just a rotten apple whose dormant selfish nature would surface at the critical time. He doesn’t know the meaning of gratitution and appreciation. I applaud Dan Bal for pouring a big bucketful of water on him! Well done! Shonada!

  874. 874 : maknaee Says:

    I think I should thanks to Gwang Soo for everything he did for MH. He helps a lot kk

  875. 875 : fan Says:

    @Shen, just_saying, Sharon and Jyenie

    After all the misunderstanding, obstacles and hardship they came to understand they resemble each other, they deserve each other, they’re meant for each other because when they love, they love wholeheartedly.

  876. 876 : fan Says:

    Girls ! You’re great ! What an outstanding comments !

  877. 877 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary 869

    I didn’t like SY from the first time she appeared. What’s so wonderful about her to be so almighty ?!
    I still remember when MH gave YJ the ring at the toll highway she said “Because of that stupid ring, I had to take sympathy from THE LIKES OF HER” referring to YJ.
    She couldn’t bear to not be loved by MH while she’s in love with him. DH is just perfect for her. We have a saying “It’s just a single shoe which found its pair”.

  878. 878 : Sharon Says:

    I kept asking myself the same question, how could love culminate between them so quickly? I believe on MH part yes, he had enough time for his feelings to marinate and manifest into love. However, for YJ it’s different and a bit difficult to understand.
    I believe humans on a whole are attracted to love and MH has shown her his love and sincerity therefore, it was quite difficult for her to resist. YJ feeling of love was not a slow love, but a sudden realization.
    That’s what I got from what the writers might want to convey, is that we can’t resist love especially when it around us constantly.

  879. 879 : Sharon Says:

    I would like to believe that too. Remember, YJ said one has to let go when the other loves you no more. She knew DH did not love her, yet she insisted on sticking around and even going to prison for him. I believe that she did not feel worthy of his love and doing more would make him love her.
    I remember when DH proposed to YJ on the way back before the truck swerved into their car. YJ said I love you 3xs to DH, but he never answered her once. Even her girlfriend at the tollbooth kept warning her of doing too much for DH. Her friend could see that her love was not reciprocated. Although, she was innocent, sacrificial and love DH unconditionally . That does not mean she felt worthy of his love.

    DH felt obligated to YJ, because he accepted all the things she was able to give. DH felt even more obligated when she gave up her freedom for him. A Leopard cannot change his spot and DH could not become something he is not. DH is a sociopath it’s pity YJ and his dad is/was blinded with love.

  880. 880 : Sharon Says:

    Where are you!! I know, I know, school takes all your time as it should. Don’t study too hard!!!

  881. 881 : Shen Says:

    YJ’s character is such that when she loves, she loves wholeheartedly (aptly said by @fan (875) above).

    And because of this, she developed the Sacrificial Syndrome. Where one ownself does not exist or matter anymore. She lives her live for her love. It’s her love object that matters, through sunshine or rain. This is a single minded heartfelt sacrifying love mission but could be an unhealthy and dangerous one.

    Unfortunately, it had to be DH the devil incarnate that she had loved wholeheartedly. The result of which, as we can see, how destructive it had been for her.

    This is YJ’s character, this is what and who she is. When she loves, she does not know that she has to reserve some love for herself too. Because when she gave everything of herself, there will remain in her, nothing left but only a shell of a person. It meant that she had become “nothing”. Who is she? A person? A robot? An ant? Etc This is when scums would take advantage of and vet their ugly power over.

    I won’t be surprised that the object of her next Sacrificial Syndrome might be MH. This might work out well though, as MH is a good man, a man who loves her wholeheartedly in return, and therefore she will be safe with him, albeit SY does not plan to get rid of her competitor.

  882. 882 : may170 Says:

    All secret’s fan here, I really enjoyed reading all the comment here, so completed and view from every angle perspective.

    I have few comment here, i think, baby San still alive, DH mom hide him in orphanage, because she dont want her precious prosecutor son married (DH) with ex prisoned girl (YJ).
    DH mom realize that with the baby, DH will marry YJ after she go out from jail, she dont want it happen, so she throw away her grandson.

    Why DH become cruel and heartless like that ? Because he likes his mom, thats way he become like that.

    DH abandon YJ’s father and DH mom abandon YJ’s son, PERFECT.

  883. 883 : icha Says:

    i really love this drama..YJ and MH worth to get the happiness,they already get the pain before so i hope the ending will be happy end not sad ending.. and i voted “secret” to be the best drama 2013 ^__^

  884. 884 : vonneu He Says:

    What impressed me most is that MH asked “Why must the people I love leave away?”,afterthen,one quiet autumn day,YJ said to him”They just should leave away.”Everything seemed so charming.
    even though,I don’t know what true love is,I ‘m still touched and convinced “I believe that I love you”.

  885. 885 : Anastasia Says:

    Wow….just watched the preview for eps 15…it’s very exciting, can not wait for Wednesday but sadly this beautiful drama is gonna be ending this week 🙁

  886. 886 : rory Says:

    Preview of Ep.15…

    haish..can’t wait…

  887. 887 : sana_kool_5 Says:


    ” why does YJ loves MH? It a really good question considering what MH put YJ through. ”

    In episode 11 it explains it all, when YJ realizes the real face of DH. Then MH comforts her and then she realizes the pain he has been through after losing a loved one. In that episode she realizes his pain and emptiness. That hatred, then pain, then affection/attraction towards her(MH always following her) and then that sinned true love. They both have gone through these emotions and she knows that through these roller coaster, he has always been there for her. Also she knows what MH did to her in the beginning was unintentional. YJ was blinded by her love for DH in the beginning. And MH was immature in love with JH. But after losing JH, he started his revenge on YJ unintentionally which made him responsible. So YJ ‘s indirect influence had a huge impact on him. Whether it was losing San and her father, and how he had lost his mother at a young age. They both lost 2 precious people in their lives. So the feeling of being betrayed, the pain of losing someone, MH made YJ made her realize all this. And what he did to her was understanding because she knows that he did it unintentionally. And even before finding out that he knew she was not the one who killed JH. He had already started protecting her inspite of her hatred towards him.

  888. 888 : Manuela Zuniga Says:

    The sacrifice YJ did for DH is like the sacrifice Kang Maru in Innocent Man did for his girlfriend. Seeing the future of their partner will be ruined by the wrong action they made, the innocent one accepted the punishment. If one will analyze the situation, the action done by YJ or Kang Maru is a wrong concept of love. Secrets will come out eventually and the person they saved have betrayed them in the end. DH ia blinded by money and power.

    The love MH for YJ developed gradually with him seeing the sacrifices she made and probably he sees his deceased loved in her. She made him smile and when she said that as long as you tell me not to leave, i will not leave. Her gratitude to MH is a lot. I think if thinks go wrong with the company, MH will give back the bakery to her as a sign you can go. But in the end they may both revive the bakery and the restaurant. As for SJ and DH, i don’t care what will happen with them.

  889. 889 : Manuela Zuniga Says:

    If you haven’t watch Innocent Man, do so and you can compare it with this drama series.

  890. 890 : angelamiles Says:

    do you think guys the son of YJ still alive? it seems that the mother of DH is hiding something. I have a feeling that the baby still alive and it was hiding by mother of DH…

  891. 891 : sana_kool_5 Says:

    After hearing about the unimaginable by the director and two of the characters getting married. And after looking at ep 15 preview, why do I feel that on the way back after YJ and MH vacation trip. YJ might die and then MH will end up marrying SY through force and pity. I have a very bad feeling, because in most Kdramas the main couple vacation trips have never ended well. Atleast I hope my assumption will never come true. I really want a happy life for YJ and MH with San and more kids. Also I hope YJ doesn’t leave him MH in the end. I hope the foreshadow and what MH mentioned in the beginning that YJ and him are fated to love till the end.

  892. 892 : just_saying Says:

    Just saw the preview of ep15 without subtitles. Anyone can summarize what they are saying. I understand the part where MH asked YJ to proceed with the indictment but what did the mother say? What did YJ told DH in the car? And what did the prosecutor told DH on the rooftop?

  893. 893 : just_saying Says:

    @vonneu he 884. Which episodes you are referring to?

    @sana_kool_5 891. MH and YJ are going on a trip in ep15?

    Sigh… I need to learn basic Koreans. This drama is making me nuts. 2 more days to go.

  894. 894 : usa-mary Says:

    Youtube is telling me that I can’t view episode 15 from my country. What??? I’ve saw episode 14 from here…CRAZY policies!

  895. 895 : khalish Says:

    I just saw preview 15. if you read comment on the youtube you can get the translet. someone did it.

  896. 896 : just_saying Says:

    @khalish 895. The translation in you tube is about the phone call between MH and YJ. We’ve already guessed it – MH asked YJ to proceed with the indictment. Still doesn’t answer any of my questions. Anyway, thx for the tip.

    @usa-mary 894. Do accept my sympathy. Suggestion: try another country. LOL

  897. 897 : rory Says:

    Fan made..LOLOLOL


    I Miss You baby San 😥 😥 😥

  898. 898 : Sharon Says:

    For the translation of the preview:

    MH to YJ on the phone: Yoo-Jung ah- trust me and go ahead.

    DH to MH: I won’t go down alone. I’m taking you down with me.

    some dude talking to DH holding some papers: If this is real, this is going to be big news.

    YJ to DH: Then I can just let everyone know the truth- what kind of person you REALLY are..

    MH’s stepmom to MH: Are you going to regret your life form ever just because of a girl like that?!
    MH: My father threw away my mother- because of someone like you!

    Prosecutor dude: I’ll have to take over your case

    DH to MH: Are you going to try and record me? I killed that person.

    MH to YJ: Yoo-Jung ah, play with me.

  899. 899 : just_saying Says:

    @Sharon. You’re a life saver. At least now I have a little glimpse of what’s going to happen.

  900. 900 : Sharon Says:

    What happen to SY ? The corner of her mouth look like she has been hit. I hope YJ did it.
    I don’t have a good feeling!!!

  901. 901 : Sharon Says:

    No prob !!!
    I can’t sit still !!

  902. 902 : santa Says:

    I really love this drama one word perfect.

  903. 903 : maria Says:

    I’ve been watching Korean drama for 2 years now , Recently I get bored cuz same patterns , same acting and the ending Urg,,,But Secret secret is somethig new . The actors and actresses are all amazing . They act naturally , Im hooked. and Jeez, the background music it really fits the story I cant understand korean language but I can feel it !!! The twist and turns of every episodes are brilliant . THUMBS UP !!!^o^ T o the staff , crew, actor and actresses MORE POWER! and Thank you GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

  904. 904 : lovely Says:


  905. 905 : tiffy Says:

    Guys I am gonna miss this couple so badly :'( They have so much chemistry.:) I think the unimaginable ending would be that MH gives up everything for YJ. Man, wouldn’t i love that unimaginable ending. I really hope they don’t go all “SHARK” and “BAD GUY” on us. But hey, everyone has some form of Withering heights thing going on! (A revenge that started because of love via, a love that started because of revenge)
    MH: He loved JH and so he wanted to do revenge on YJ but ended up loving her.
    YJ: Loved DH but he hurted her so she wanted to do revenge on him and in the process fell inlove with MH.
    SY: Loves MH but he does not love her so she did revenge on him.
    DH: Well he loves himself and didn’t want MH to get him busted as he was getting too close to the truth/secret of that accident and so plotted revenge on him or…he loves SY and so did revenge on MH and YJ to make her happy. *Shrugs* Well idk but we all know what happened at the end of that book so who will really be the person to actually fulfill the story? Lets just hope it is not any one of the main leads (MH and YJ)
    P.S: So who do you guys think? :/

  906. 906 : Sharon Says:

    Guys!! MH is sooo sexy, do you all agree??? My question is what’s you favorite sexy MH scene????
    My favorite sexy scene is when he lick the sauce off his finger, after the almost kiss. I love how his mouth caresses his finger. Cold water!!!

  907. 907 : Sharon Says:

    I wanted to die watching him licking his fingers. He did it so nonchalantly that I wonder if he is as sensual at home.

  908. 908 : usa-mary Says:

    @just_saying-896: That’s what I’ve been doing. I’ll continue to search. Thank you.

  909. 909 : tiffy Says:

    my fav scene is when MH hugged YJ from behind! If YJ didn’t love him b4 trust me that sweet,tight and awesome back hug scene would make her fall in love right away. Soooo sexy, i envy his wife. *Sighs* I agree that MH is super sexy!! I love him! 🙂

  910. 910 : Micc Says:

    I am still at the beginning of episode 14, but I keep wondering, the accident of MH’s ex-girlfriend, was it not an accident? Ordered by his father? By SY? Or I am just hallucinating? 🙂

  911. 911 : jangerr Says:

    @910 Micc

    I have a feeling the SY is involved in the accident. DH may be ‘innocent’ initially in that he got caught in the scheme at the wrong place and wrong time. However, he became guilty when he didn’t report the case but instead sent his own girlfriend to the gallow, so to speak.

  912. 912 : Chloe04 Says:

    MH is very intense which makes him sexy. I really like this drama and hope not as sad an ending as could be.

  913. 913 : Lin Says:

    Omg!omg! Dear fans, secret is still in 5 th position. Plsss…plsss start to vote. Secret need to be no 1 cos there are many excellent actors and actresses and this drama is making everyone so dying to know how is the ending.. Don’t disappoint MH and YJ for their effortless acting..vote SECRET plsss!!!

  914. 914 : mojisan Says:

    Bae Soo Bin’s acting ability is great!!!! There is not a limit to the power of his acting!!!

  915. 915 : wulan Says:

    love..love..love this drama..so much ^^~

  916. 916 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    What I liked most is how MH depended his girl. Yes, he failed on the first. But, I think he will not do it again for the second time, because he already learned a very good lesson.

    Yes, I agree, that Jo Min Hyuk is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    sexy. Thanks God, I have already a husband. What if not! Hehehe!

  917. 917 : ria choi Says:

    i realy loved this drama,,all the cast is perfect for thier respective roles.. but i want Kang Yoo Jung to be a strong person,,,, and i like this drama coz its only 20episode its too fast but the story is perfect,,, unlike other drama like “Tale of two sister” it suck…

  918. 918 : just_saying Says:

    When is MH sexy? All the time. Especially when he says all the right things to YJ. One out of so many examples: Back hug and say ‘I won’t let you go. Even if I have to let everything go, I won’t let you go’.

  919. 919 : Sharon Says:

    @just_saying 918
    I like!!

  920. 920 : Sharon Says:

    You know when he was oozing sexy to me. The soft kiss. That says, I will be gentle, loving, kind and understanding of you..

  921. 921 : just_saying Says:

    @Sharon. I was about to comment the same thing. At first, he was so ‘demanding’ but then, the soft kiss. Without a single word, he manage to convey his real feelings to YJ through that one soft kiss… It’s one of the answer why YJ falls for MH.

  922. 922 : ctexas Says:

    Please add another episode like they did with Masters sun because it was so popular. I lovve the the especially the main characters

  923. 923 : Sharon Says:

    What about the hard kiss, was that sexy??

  924. 924 : just_saying Says:

    The hard kiss? What else is there to say?

  925. 925 : jangerr Says:

    @922 ctexas

    I too wish there’s at least one more episode added. With just two episodes to go and some questions still unanswered and conflcts unresolved, I’m worried that the ending will be too rushed.

    Unfornately chances of them adding another episode is almost zilch… The show doesn’t seem to be doing that well in Korea compare to Masters Sun…

  926. 926 : dinaz Says:

    hello girls..i missed out out so much of the topics going on here..yeah i did watch ep14 few days ago but couldnt come here.. 🙁
    @sharon 906 yes yes i agree that sauce licking scene was so sexy 🙂 lucky bo young unni 🙂 so,lee da hee worked with both the husband wife!!bo young in i hear your voice and ji sung here!!
    @usa-mary780 he woke up frustrated counting sheep..hahahaha!hmm yes it might be like like that coz he was fully clothed..oh poor dh..lol but he deserves that!
    woww there are lots of votes for this drama..i voted too!i voted for 4 dramas this year lets see how many enters the finals 🙂

  927. 927 : Micc Says:


    Hi, long time no see! I am so eager to know what will happen in the next two episodes. Seems so many secrets not explained yet, including YJ’s son. Can they wrap everything up in two episodes??

  928. 928 : Miss Leaf Says:

    hi, do not forget to vote this drama for the best drama 2013 !!

  929. 929 : Nora Says:

    My reaction after watching eps 15 preview:
    “Uh oh..MH is smiling at the end.. something bad will happen..’

  930. 930 : Anastasia Says:

    Ohh ladies…It’s wednesday, it’s time for Secret, while I wait for ep 15 tonight, I am listening the newest OST by leading actor Ji Sung, so much emotion in the song. I’m melted the way he sings the song. I believe it is gonna be happy ending…crossed finger!

  931. 931 : RonelaAGArcia Says:

    @917 ria choi

    I think it’s only 16 episode. But I wished it would be 20 episodes.

    There are some many things unsettled and need to be cleared.
    Example: Who’s the real killer? I think, it’s not Kang Yoo Jung nor Ahn Do Hoon! Maybe, it’s JMH’s dad, Shin Se Yeon or the body guard?

    Then, what will happen to JMH, if he really choose KYJ and left all he had?

    I think these cannot be solved in just last two episodes…

  932. 932 : Miss Leaf Says:

    @Anastasia : what is the tittle of song? could you share the link of it? Thx ^.^

  933. 933 : khalish Says:

    Last part of ost Secret:
    Ji Sung : “Height og Windstrom

    But i think this song for last episode in this week so maybe they keep in until that episode on air. so…we’ll be waiting for…^_^
    i really ecxited too for 2 last epsode to tonight.

  934. 934 : khalish Says:

    opps sorry…
    Last part of ost Secret:
    Ji Sung : “Height of Windstrom”


  935. 935 : 薇薇 Says:


  936. 936 : jangerr Says:


    Hi there! I’m waiting with bated breath and trepidation for tonight’s and tomorrow’s episodes. Much as I love the show, I’m not sure they can conclude it with so many unanswered questions without rushing or doing the dreadful time jump… And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they won’t “SHARK” us!

  937. 937 : Anastasia Says:

    @Miss Leaf

    here it is the link….hope it works as I sometimes fails to give the link….

  938. 938 : daile Says:

    I have’nt updated secret for a week due to the connection failure of internet here in the Philippines specifically visayas region… I am from Western Visayas,Philippines and if u’ll gonna ask me about supertyphoon, YES we we’re hit by supertyphoon…Thank God my family and I are safe…

    What can I say? we only had 2 more episodes left…hope the ending will be fine not depressing:(…I thought this drama will extend because of the consistent ratings…Congratulations to all the cast…job well done!..

  939. 939 : Sharon Says:

    Guys I am waiting until Friday to watch them back to back. I will give comment on Friday. Bye!

  940. 940 : Anastasia Says:

    oh Gosh..what an episode tonight…did MH and YJ break up???? Nooooo. Please PD Nim do not ruin for this beautiful drama. There were so many happening tonight…we got a scar kiss, bed scene, another kissing scene and….San is still alive…yay. Sadly there is no preview for ep 16…oh Maannn.

  941. 941 : yongbao Says:

    vote to secret

  942. 942 : just_saying Says:

    @Anastasia. They broke up? Seriously?

  943. 943 : lannhu Says:

    vote to secret <3

  944. 944 : lannhu Says:


  945. 945 : torri Says:


  946. 946 : tiffy Says:

    Dear Producer,
    Like seriously, if u dare to end this drama bad, the ratings will fall so low that u’d be so shocked and regret doing it! So hey, take my really awesome advise and give the ending a super awesome one, copy? Make the wonderful characters of this wonderful drama smile at the end and we, the fans will smile and you, will automatically smile when u see the wonderful ratings and views. In the end everyone is happy and satisfied! But it is a give and take situation. You give us an awesome ending and we give you awesome views and ratings! 🙂 Sounds fair right? Do the complete oposite and trust me you will be handing in ur resignation letter and hospitalized for attempting suicide. 🙂 This drama is ranked 5th place which is pretty good! (Heirs is a wonderful drama too, really amazing but y is it at 1st place, c’mon seriously? Alot of dramas are better!-master’s sun, i hear ur voice, SECRET) Don’t let secret fall to the bottom. Don’t let us add this drama to our best dramas of 2013 and then u give us a bunch of sh*t for an ending and then we have to cross it off and add it to our list of Dama Failures! Pretty good example- Gu Family Book (Sorry to all the GFB fans). I mean the drama had me hooked throughout and then they just gave us a really disgusting end where the female main character died! Like seriously, Wth?! And then they gave us a stupid reencarnation bull as if that can mend our broken hearts. Please don’t let me feel that way about secret. Don’t go all *shark* and *bad guy* on us. We desreve happiness after all those long perods of insomnia and pain and tears !:( Do this 4 us. Please. *Tears* I hope that whole unimaginable ending bull was just to pull our legs and to let us think that something really bad and omnious is going to occur when u surprise us with something super good! Or u just told us that to let us get all excited to watch the last ep and so the views and ratings will go up! 🙂 (Trying to cheer myself up here and looking on the bright side! :()
    But is should give u this though: UR DRAMA IS SOO AMAZING!!!! But i sort of wanted like a little u know…a little shirtless scene or a bed scene. Not being too picky so even if they sleep holding hands (Like master’s sun! 🙂 Love it!) But maybe his wife Bo young would kill u right? Yup maybe she would. 🙂 Anyway i’m satisfied. Secret, i anticipate ur happy ending. MH and YJ don’t die, keep strong, fighting! (DH and SY…I don’t really care about u both. U two should ride off in a dark night sea in a BMW together and give the characters and us fans some peace!)

  947. 947 : tiffy Says:


  948. 948 : Micc Says:


    Torri, I don’t think Ahn knows his mom took his son. I think his mom did it so he could have a better life without the burden (evil!).

  949. 949 : Micc Says:


    Same here! I hope they do a nice ending. Although I didn’t watch Shark, I could imagine… 🙂

  950. 950 : Anastasia Says:

    942 @just_saying

    Yes they broke up because YJ did not want MH to be in troubled because of her and she did not want to ruin his life by leaving his family behind and K-Group empire. But I just read the preview text ep 16 there will be all of the hidden secret will be eventually revelaed and I do still believe MH and YJ will be together again at last.

  951. 951 : Foreigner Says:

    For the first time, it was a pleasure to read the comments.
    The editorial level is better than in other forums.
    Unfortunately, this is the last week.
    It’s an unforgettable drama, it was difficult to wait for the English translations every week. I hope this drama will receive the first place among the others.

  952. 952 : Foreigner Says:

    All songs of this drama are very touching and meaningful.
    The team did a good job on the whole.
    We expect the latest translations to understand what will happen.

  953. 953 : Qhimera Says:

    This is one of the BEST K-Dramas of this year. No let downs, good pace, left me waiting anxiously every week for the next episode.
    I do not want it to end.

  954. 954 : Miss Leaf Says:

    @Anastasia n Khalish : thanks for sharing the link ^.^, i love this song…

    can not wait for watching ep 15 tonight, and ep 16 tomorrow nite ^.^
    hopefully will be happy ending….

  955. 955 : tiffy Says:

    My wish came true! There’s a bed scene! 🙂

  956. 956 : happy Says:

    san is alive…he’s alive…i guess do hoon’s mother would threaten yoo jung by using our san…god!!! how could she!!!

  957. 957 : Yozora Says:

    I just couldn’t believe how evil that A**hole Do Hoon family is?! seriously, they are lowest of all people!! >:(

  958. 958 : Lin Says:

    Today ep will b Mh and YJ take care San and Dh and Sy rot in prison after all SECRET reveal. Happy ending! Ha!ha! Don’t forget to vote Secret ya!

  959. 959 : daile Says:

    ghaaaaaaaddddd…done watching episode 15…i knew it from the start SAN is alive…DH mom is a monster and DH inherit all her traits…hope the ending won’t break my heart…writer please make YJ and MH happy even at the last part…HAPPY ENDING PLEASE!!!

  960. 960 : Yoli Says:

    Here’s my take on the ending of this drama or what I wish will happen at the end.

    San will be returned to YJ, I don’t think GW destroyed all the evidence against ADH. The papers that were in the lock box that MH was holding against ADH plus he will be charged with YJ father’s death.

    MH will stay with YJ and San at the end or YJ will move away with San and start a new life far away from MH.

    MH will leaves SY once this mess with K-Hotel is resolved and his father is well.

    I would like for ADH mother to go to jail for faking San death, she was so bad to YJ while she help her son by working extra jobs to send him to school.

    To bad they did not extend this drama like Master Sun it would have been nice. And I agree this is the best drama of the year I love it, it kept me on pins and needles wanting to see the next episodes.

    Lets hope the writer provides us with a happy ending, I really would be disappointed if they drop the ball on this drama.

  961. 961 : Shwaron Says:

    Everyone vote for the Secret as the best drama!! As much as I like the Heirs, This drama is freaking awesome!!!!!!

  962. 962 : hny Jo Says:

    wahhh..it’s deserve to have more episode..so many ide to increase the story…just hoping !!

    the ending, would be secretly.. unbelievable ;))

  963. 963 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @946 tiffy

    I agree!!!!!

  964. 964 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    @ 950 Anastasia

    I hope so!!!!!

  965. 965 : just_saying Says:

    Finished ep 15. Drama crews – u guys are totally smart. Seriously.

    I’m not sure if my coming comments will be received well but here goes.

    1. Even if MH and YJ doesn’t end up together, the drama is still a success because the way the drama crews writes/produced/directed/acted the ep 15 is unbelievable. Unimaginable.

    2. MH and YJ are separated but it was such a BEAUTIFUL SEPARATION that it doesn’t hurt/disappointed as much. It all makes sense as far as reality goes.

    3. MH can’t really let K Group go down because it is what his father and mother built throughout their years. Plus, regardless of MH willing to leave everything for YJ (which he is willing to), he can’t turn his back on his father’s 1 wish. His father literally ‘plead’ MH to save the company. How can a son ignore it and if he did, I don’t think we’ll love MH as much rite.

    3. Even if MH ends up marrying SY, we know that it is purely business. Ep 15 was written and acted so well that there is no doubt that MH really loves YJ that it doesn’t really matter if he marries SY. As for YJ, she had to made that choice because she knows how it feels being alone, and the regrets of not being by her father’s side, and she doesn’t wish it upon MH to know how it feels.

    Conclusion: MH and YJ are separated because both of them readily accepts that they have to, because they love each other. Both are truly sacrificing for Love itself. Not because MH chose wealth over YJ but he chose his family. And YJ actually ‘chose’ MH – she doesn’t want MH to suffer and that’s why she let him go. So, that’s why the separation is sooo beautiful that it’s okay if they are not together.

    Plus, we know that YJ will live with San and she’ll be happy as well. She deserves that much after all the sufferings she went through.

    Don’t get me wrong – I still wish they end up together but if they are not, it is still okay.

  966. 966 : herie Says:

    hi guys..i wonder why the ep 15 ratings went down..Nuuuuuu!! please dont let it down. I really love this drama..you guys were right, this is the BEST Drama of the year! Very Excellent Talents! Good works director & writer-nim

  967. 967 : eli Says:

    the best drama <3

  968. 968 : Shen Says:

    I wish these will happen :

    That DH will be breathing his last breath of freedom very soon. If he had thought that he had beaten off threats from MH and YJ, he won’t get away for long. The Law Authority is independently investigating the many crimes he’s committed.

    That, SY will be investigated as his accomplice in some of his crimes, plus, having a hand in the death of JH.

    That when SY goes to jail, it will be the best reason for MH to break the marriage contract, and be free to marry YJ.

    And that YJ and MH will be able to locate San.

  969. 969 : malou1010 Says:

    @ #946 tiffy

    Aigoo…… I totally loved your “open letter” to the producer!!! My goodness, I LOL from start to finish!!! I’m still holding off if I would commit into watching Secret coz like you, I don’t want to be “Shark” again!!! I really loved Shark but the ending is soooo sad that I promise myself that unless the genre is romantic/comedy, I would stay away from Kim Nam Gil as faaaaar as I could no matter how much I love to see his drama!!!

    Just like you guys I want a HAPPY ending for Secret so that I could start watching it already!!! I’ll be lurking at your post tiffy.

  970. 970 : bigeye46 Says:

    i wait for tonight final but it make me sad n why must separted san n yoo jung and ADH’s mum so cruel take san away n use it theat yoo jung..

  971. 971 : memyself Says:

    yeah! So i could not believe how terrrrrribly awful those do hoon family are. Even the father who seemed to be more decent than the rest is a hypocrite and a**. seriously, whats wrong with this family and their unbelieveable selfishnees.
    Wasn’t surprised at san bit though. He had to be alive so they had a pull over the woman who doesnt have anything to loose. Mh has his family and business to loose. But YJ didnt have anything significant to loose till now. I just didnt think they would pull out that card so late in the game with only an episode to go. Wondering how they are going to tie the losse ends.

  972. 972 : yoshi Says:

    In ep.16 preview must understand that she will die of a fatal disease (like the title song)? What a pity.

  973. 973 : fannie Says:

    i just watched ep 15. It was good and the characters showed and explained why they have to separate, not because they do not love each other but for the betterment of many. I t shows that their love is not selfish, for not thinking not only of themselves but of people around them.When they had their last night/day, I thought that maybe the girl could get pregnant and would have a symbol of their love for each other.but it seem like san is alive.I have mixed feelings about san being alive,i dont want the girl to have a reminder of her association with san’s father. anyway, she has already grieved and sort of accepted sans loss and had love again. I want her to have a fresh start without a reminder of the jerk she has loved and sacrificed her life for. she should just move on and start anew.

  974. 974 : just)saying Says:

    I don’t think anybody will die except maybe SY, DH and his family. Well, maybe not dead because death is too easy for them. They need to suffer for all the wrongdoings they did to YJ.

    I still have this hope that the ending will be;

    1. YJ will reunite with San.
    2. The wedding is cancelled. Why?
    Because MH stepmom finally plays her role as a mom to MH and persuade MH’s father to let MH be with YJ. Why the father agree?
    Because when he realize that MH is willing to sacrifice his happiness and marry SY because he asked him to, and so, the father did the same thing to MH. By giving happiness to MH and let him be with YJ. Plus, the father can accept YJ because he knows what a tough girl YJ is and she is more than worthy to be part of the family.

    And they live happily ever after….

  975. 975 : yoshi Says:

    Thank you because a bad and a illogic ending makes me too sad.

  976. 976 : just)saying Says:

    @fannie 973. That’s what I’m saying. Though they are separated but in a way, it is still a happy ending. If it really comes to the ending of both MH and YJ has to separate, this is the only way for us to console ourselves to accept the ending.

    @yoshi975 we still hope for the happy ever after ending though. sigh ….

  977. 977 : just_saying Says:

    I should have used underscore instead of closing bracket in my name.

  978. 978 : Anastasia Says:

    Hey guys….yiiippeee…I’m sooo happpyyy, finally it’s happy ending for MH and YJ. This drama was ending with YJ and MH by kissing each other. Oh my gosh…what an awesome kisss. Thanks to writer and PD Nim, you guys rock!!! For me this is one of the best endings I have ever seen in a melodrama in KDrama history. They normally like to give us hints that they will end up together but this is just a BRILLIANT. And you know what…I’ve just experienced to watch an AMAZING drama everrrr. So let’s party time for Secret Lovers….

  979. 979 : zarima Says:

    party party party,,, ahahahaha,, what an ending love it

  980. 980 : just_saying Says:

    @Anastasia. MH and YJ together? Did they show enough scenes about them being together then? Or, it only show that they kiss at the end – for a few seconds and then the end? Anyway, thanks for the tip.

  981. 981 : bels Says:

    Happy ending finally

  982. 982 : torri Says:

    @Anastasia Says

  983. 983 : eugenia Says:

    secret, el mejor doramam de 2013, lastima que no duro mas……excelente produccion.

  984. 984 : Gie Says:

    Nice ending. God bless.

  985. 985 : ling ling Says:

    good job all

  986. 986 : ling ling Says:

    good job for all the actor and kru

  987. 987 : Micc Says:

    Still in the middle of episode 16, where they met San-i at the park. I really don’t know what DH was after, wealth, status? That he was willing to give up other things. Look what he could have had! A happy family; isn’t that what everybody is working so hard to achieve? He had it and he let them go.

  988. 988 : yoshi Says:

    Yes, happy ending. Thanks to Screenwriters for such a beautiful story, thanks the cast for such good acting, thanks the whole team for their hard work. And thanks all of you for your beautiful and interesting comments. And now, just vote this drama for ” the best drama of the year”

  989. 989 : Micc Says:

    I agreed, wonderful ending! SY’s change of heart is sudden, but not impossible. I liked it when MH said what secret? It’s finished already! Hahaha!

  990. 990 : Micc Says:


    Oops, sorry! I hope I didn’t really give out spoilers. Enjoy the final episode when you get home.

  991. 991 : Carmen Says:

    It really feels good to hear all this people saying that finaly a good end for a Korean drama…mennnnn about time….and about the kid living with the adoptive parents I think is the best for the kid, because imagine all talking about the mother that went to Jail(all her fault, for wanting to protect the boyfriend, anyway past-a mistake in her life), and yes the kid will grow upand maybe with time will understand her…this is only my point of view—I do agree with leaving San with the adoptive parents!!! as for her she can have more kids……and for all she suffer thinking he was dead….it is ok!

  992. 992 : minaku Says:

    One of the best dramas of the year. Thanks, to the director, the screenwriter. Great game of actors. Bravo actors!! Bravo, their charisma and talent! With each series of increasingly imbued not only sympathy but also light feelings for the main characters and some secondary.

  993. 993 : Anastasia Says:

    So this is it guys….yess finally it’s happy ending for MH and YJ. both of them end up together. YJ has re-opened the bakery shop that MH has given it back to her. And last scene was they were kissing with a passiionate kiss!!!

    Ah it is a long journey…what a ride that was, congratulations for actors, actresses, crew, writers, PD, staff and all of the people who are behind of this drama. Now I am going to miss this drama so much and now I am already feeling sooo sad.And now..what am I gonna do with my Wed – Thurs as Secret now is over. Starting next week my Wed – Thurs are going back as an ordinary day…lol.

    This is the best drama ever. It is beyond amazing for me. Hope will be another drama with the brilliant storyline like this. This was a welcome fresh of breath of air. It was exquisitely done, the weaves of mystery, secrets and Romance wrapped together into a intricate and stunning twine. It makes me laughed, cried, sing, danced and play hop catch in my seat. and finally I also have really enjoyed and shared with your comments in this thread. Peace!!!

  994. 994 : tina Says:


  995. 995 : zeez22 Says:

    I am so happy with the ending! Good plot!

  996. 996 : sara Says:

    ji sung is great in this drama

  997. 997 : Miss Leaf Says:

    wow…thanks to the PD to make the happy ending drama!!
    and thanks to all of you for sharing anything here ^.^

    let’s vote this drama every day ^.^

  998. 998 : Gie Says:

    For me secret and I hear your voice are the best drama of the year. It taught us how to love and forgive. And most of all how life is.

  999. 999 : Lilian Says:

    The best kdrama ever. I love the ending, wonderful story and congratulations to the writer. I will like to see more dramas from you. Thank you for making us cry, laugh and love too 😉

  1000. 1000 : Lin Says:

    What a finale ending. Love it! Love it. Cried a bucket of tear and also smile of joy. GS u r such a adorable actor and MH and YJ u both v sexy in a way touches many heart. ! Hope to see them again. Saranghae!

  1001. 1001 : María Teresa Sáez González Says:


  1002. 1002 : missmaple Says:

    What a beautiful amazing and brilliant drama of the year… seriously.. the ending is fit and wrap up the whole story, all of secret revealed.. a bit rush, but just aa bit that i can’t see any mistake. every character have their own conclusion. for you who miss or throw this drama.. you miss something brilliant. the love story, the redemption, the sacrifice.. it’s really executed in amazing way. every leads do their best. Hwang Jung Eum, Ji Sung, Bae Soo Bin, even LDH potray their role very well. i give my standing ovation to all actor and actress.. really looking forward for the writer’s and PDnim project.

  1003. 1003 : meaa Says:

    Great drama…very good story… improved Hwang Jung Eum.. as usual Ji Sung was at his best in acting – eyes and facial expressions…. I agree that the actors portrayed their roles very well with the good script and direction…

    And, I like the ending…feel good!!!

  1004. 1004 : hny Jo Says:

    secretly…will miss U All..Good drama Gud story Gud ending, thank 4 all staff n crue secret.. and 2 thumb for writer nim…miss u:))

  1005. 1005 : Chaimoon Says:

    In my country we are still in Chapter 12 this week. I am glad that meaa says that it has a feel good ending. I am so interested in the drama but it is aired only every Wednesdays and Thursdays that I can hardly wait for the week to come. I am waiting for the CDs to hit the stands so I can have my very own copy. I just love Ji Sung! His eyes say it all!

  1006. 1006 : Chaimoon Says:

    Today is Friday. It will take me 6 days to see Ji Sung again. Sigh… 🙁

  1007. 1007 : just_saying Says:

    Seriously the best drama that I’ve seen so far. Nicely wrapped up. Though, still hoping for a special episode abt YJ and MH and their new baby. Who knows, Secret crew has their own secret to surprise us viewers. Wishful thinking. Congrats. Hope the Secret crew knows how much we appreciate them. And to all us Secret fans, thanks for the brilliant comments.

  1008. 1008 : mitten Says:

    This drama is awesome … the best …

  1009. 1009 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Thumbs up!
    We’re very satisfied!
    Thank you “Secret” crews and staffs, actors & actresses. You all made us all happy. Wonderful Ending!!!!!

  1010. 1010 : ogrenji Says:

    Best ending for such melodramas 😀 no fantasy filled ending,and more human if i must say

  1011. 1011 : Logan1707 Says:

    This drama is Superb and it’s such an Epic drama. JS and HJE have amazing great chemistry, the best couple ever!!! I’m goona miss this drama so much. The ending this drama so sweet and I wish this went on longer. And I think I’m gonna need a couple of days to recover for this :'(

  1012. 1012 : Carmen Says:

    I agree 100% with this comment…998
    Gie Says:
    November 15th, 2013 at 11:34 am
    For me secret and I hear your voice are the best drama of the year. It taught us how to love and forgive. And most of all how life is.

  1013. 1013 : Nade Says:

    I just finished watching “Secret”, I cried so much, the cast were so awesome in this drama. Totally loved Ji Sung’s acting!!! This drama is worth 10/10, the best drama I have watched!

  1014. 1014 : pickefoo Says:

    chain of events that led to SECRET!

  1015. 1015 : Shwaron Says:

    Seriously one of the best drama’s EVER!! Made me feel every emotion in the book…started off so sad with lots of tears, then moved on to anger and frustration then to hope and then finally happiness and laughter…and the best kissing scene to end it all 🙂
    Loved loved LOVED EVERY moment of this amazing drama!!

  1016. 1016 : maria Says:

    Finished watching the finale a minute ago. very satisfied ! liked to thanks my friend who keeps bagging me to watch this drama ! shes darn right ! Im hooked ! Its a shame its done already.

  1017. 1017 : Nila Says:

    Each week i can’t wait for the next episode. I always look forward to it. The story was good and executed by such good actors and actresses. I love JS and HJE. They have the chemistry. Kudos to everyone involved in this show. Thanks too to those who translated them in English.

    Look forward for more shows of JS and HJE.

  1018. 1018 : Huawei Says:

    I hate Bae Soo Bin soo much! I wanna kill him if i were Hwang Eun Jun

  1019. 1019 : imhel Says:

    Excellent drama! Superb acting! Great writing! And to think that the writers are newbies/rookies in the field. Shows excellent and brilliant talents. Way to go to the writers of this drama.

  1020. 1020 : Gie Says:

    Thank you very [email protected] Carmen 1012. God bless.

  1021. 1021 : alexa Says:

    One of the most successful serials, almost perfect, and the music is better than expected. The secret of this drama is another. I think this series will continue with other episoade.Nu would be impossible.

  1022. 1022 : Angel Says:

    My best ever drama 😀 <3 <3 love uuu sooooo much Ji Sung oppa , Eum Jung eunni thank u <3 <3 definetly voting 4 u here 😉 …u deserve this high rating <3 <3 …thank u for everything 😉

  1023. 1023 : usa-mary Says:

    Since I’ve been watching kdramas, this is the first time someone has made the sssssssp sound and it wasn’t in anger. Thank you MH for doing that to YJ so sweetly as you told her to say out loud that…”Its going to be alright.” smooches

  1024. 1024 : usa-mary Says:

    Its rough enough having a confrontation with a person on the ground. Why do these kdramas writers always have folks meeting on the rooftop of a skyscraper to air out their differences. Too much trust in my opinion.

  1025. 1025 : usa-mary Says:

    Good ending for MH and YJ. Baby San…mixed feelings about that ending, yet I understand in one sense.

  1026. 1026 : pure Says:

    guys…who’s hit seo jihee?

  1027. 1027 : sara Says:

    i start to watch the drama. MH is so evil.but his acting is great

  1028. 1028 : Foreigner Says:

    The last two episodes were perfectly prepared.
    Episode 15 : Separation of the lovers, discovery of DH’s mother’s secret : existence of the son believed dead…
    Episode 16 : a lot of tears…, sacrifice of YJ for her son’s happiness, regret and repentance of DH, discovery of SY’s secret, discovery of MH’s father’s secret…
    DH was really the culprit of JH’s death, but DH’s father was also guilty because he didn’t repair the windshield wipers and he didn’t warn his son. From the beginning, DH’s parents knew that YJ was innocent. But to protect the future of their son, they act as if nothing happened. What a horrible family ! Whatever they did, they didn’t escape the curse of their act.
    After all these torments : a happy ending !

  1029. 1029 : Foreigner Says:

    A great drama with a very different script, all the feelings are waiting for you: love, sadness, jealousy, ambition, betrayal, hatred, revenge …
    The whole team deserves a trophy. Congratulations!

  1030. 1030 : kdcraze Says:

    Managed to complete e last epi last night. YJ’s sweetest smile n MH’s sexy eyes. Happy ending :)) Awesome drama, thumbs up!!!

  1031. 1031 : sheena Says:

    good job for the whole cast. really cried a lot when she learned about her son. the plot–yeah well done. nice screen scene, no more to say. one of the best for 2013.

  1032. 1032 : Sharon Says:

    I have finally watched SECRETS last two ep and it evoke all sorts of emotions within me.
    Ep 15 was the BOMB!!!!! The scar kiss scene was turned up loud! It was amazing and Damn, MH is sooo sensual!! Then the kiss scene that leads in to the scene where YJ went down on MH.

    I have a question, did YJ suck MD lollypop??!! Because, YH move down with the covers on her then MH close his eyes in ecstasy then it become morning. I have a strange feeling??!?! If she did, you gooo girl!! If she did not, well maybe she should. We are all adults here!

    Ok, then I cried like a baby when MH finished the paragraph in the book that eventually say Love is pain. Love the directors way of giving hints and symbolism meaning.

    I guess he married SY which I am not surprise. The writer, although on the cutting edge in her writing stay true the tradition of obedience to parent. So MH stuck it out and help his dad. That’s what family stands for.

    Now, DH’s MOM!!! That fat, is What rhymes with witch. She is disgusting, despicable, trash, poop, slime, roach, dog, pig, lizard, monkey, guys I am just thinking all kinds of anything to describe that lousy pice of S**t of a woman. How on heavens earth could you deny a child his mother just to satisfy your ego. Off with her head!!!

    DH is just like his mother and now the father is going back to drinking, so now he is an alcoholic. DH went to jail and there is hope for him yet. SY is waiting for him until he gets out. Ain’t that a beach.

    The ladies did well, they were more like Sherlock Holmes than Sherlock Holmes. The gangsters, found out where San were how much was paid and call the cops and arrest tubby mommy. Good job girls, team work make the dream works. They all had a happy ending. Miss Park was pregnant!! GS is in love with HR, see the dance they did, cute.

    San was alive!!! And doing well. The decision that YJ made to have San stayed with that lady was the best thing for San. Kudos!!! YJ to sacrifice your self interest for your child, You are a saint. I don’t think I could do that, but you have to think about the child mental and physical wellness.
    YJ got her bakery back and and guess who popped up?? MH eating the cream bread then lift YJ upon the counter. I wanted her to wrap her legs around him. They kissed and cut!!!

    I wanted YJ and MH scene to last longer, that’s my only wish. Other than that the ending warped up nicest with a bow.i did not expect much from this drama in the beginning but, I really enjoyed this drama from beginning to end.
    The writer has a fresh, young point of view and I hope she never loose it. Kamsahamnida.
    The director uses a lot of symbolism, hints and objects to get his vision across excellent!! Kamsahamnida.
    The whole Secret team were cohesive in getting this drama to where it is. Thank you JS, HJE, BSB, LDH for making a lovely story come to life by your immense talent. Kamsahamnida.
    The casting crew picked the perfect people for the characters. To Everton that made Secret a success Kamsahamnida!!!!!
    Kamsahamnida, Kamsahamnida, Kamsahamnida !!!!

  1033. 1033 : Sharon Says:

    Viki subbers you were excellent, thank you sooo much for your hard work!! We all appreciate it.

  1034. 1034 : Julia Says:

    Best drama of the year! Great cast and great story. Loved it!

  1035. 1035 : Yozora Says:

    @Sharon : seriously girl, actually i have the same thoughts about YJ after bed scene, when she goes lower and lower from MH arms, that’s why i laugh so much when i see your comment, so i’m not the only 1 thinking about that.. xD ROFL

  1036. 1036 : Jessica Phung Says:

    Really LOVE N ENJOY in this drama!! Good job KBS!!

  1037. 1037 : Igme Says:

    Noticed the ending was rushed and cramped mostly in the last episode. Still a strong ending and artistically done in unraveling the secrets in the drama. They just missed out on showing the other secret leading to the death of the father. Overall, it is a good drama with a unique storyline.

  1038. 1038 : kdrama freak Says:

    Ji Sung, his acting is soo good. I always enjoy his acting.

  1039. 1039 : eny Says:

    I lost interst for the last 4 ep n just read the comment, there is something that i dissapointed about,I thought it’s gonna be nontypical melodrama even the ending basicly different

  1040. 1040 : usa-mary Says:

    Thank you Viki and the Shhh Team for your excellent work and quality you present every time.

    What I got out of Bi Mil…

    Love itself is not painful. Its the situations and responsibilities life hands us either by our own doing or others involvement which makes it painful to deal with sometimes. Either way, these situations in life will truly test our relationship commitment, by exposing what we’re made of. Facing it is better than running from it. While ecrets are a part of life. Some are good to have, some are based on fear, some are painful to share, some are good to share. Then, there that’s not good if once revealed or deliberately exposed, it causes destruction, collapse and distrust. Even through that storm of exposure, with determination, a Phoenix can arise from the ashes. In this drama, some chose to learn the hard way about keeping secrets and unrequited love. While others persevered, trusting in their instinct and faith when they had nothing else to go on. The true survival of the fittest is LOVE!

    While in love, we find ourselves re-evaluating who it is we love and find ways to re-invent the love for the relationship’s survival when it seems too difficult to be in, even for a moment. Its about holding those you love close to your bosom, to protect them. Its about releasing those that you love even if its painful, whether by death, hidden lies, or filial duties. When love is released, it will return.

    Thank you to the wonder Writers Choi and Yoo, directors, cast, PD crew, investors, KBS2, and everyone involved in making this interesting drama.

  1041. 1041 : khalish Says:

    i love everything….
    linestory, cast, n the ending sooooo cool ^_^
    i gonna miss this one.

  1042. 1042 : Sharon Says:

    When I saw that scene!! I jumped in the air and said KDrama gone wild!! I think it was a good addition keep us guessing, but I already figured it out. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!

  1043. 1043 : Rose·Kr Says:

    The first time i watch this drama,i just fell in love with it,
    and what impressed me most was that the love between
    Kang Yoo Jung and Jo Min Hyuk.As far as i’m concerned,
    Secret Love is a wonderful drama that worth watching.
    So,i just wanna say that i love this drama very much!hope
    it can get some awards!

  1044. 1044 : Anastasia Says:

    Hey guys, although Secret has just ended and I think of some you would have favorite scenes or line. For me there were so many scenes in this drama and these one were still stuck in my head…lol.

    1. MH cuteeee stalking moments to YJ.

    2. YJ heart wrenching cries so hard when she was mourning her dad died, this is a painful to watch that scene….oh man I was crying too, I have never cried to any K-drama before ever until this one…. oh gosh.

    3. 3 Unnies moments with YJ while they celebrated MH birthday at workshop and also along with KS. That’s very funny scene.. They forced KS to sing a song and also there’s famous lines in this scene….1+1….it’s magic….herd oil….lol

    4. YJ banging her head against the wall and MH trying to stop her by putting his hand between her head and the wall. MH tries to comfrot her but she fight him. Her sobs in that scene literally broke my heart. That’s so real.

    5. Final kiss at last scene at ep 16….wow that’s kiss.

    So what’s yours…..

  1045. 1045 : lorensther Says:


  1046. 1046 : daile Says:

    Yeheyyy!!Bravo…Bravo…Bravo…love this drama…excellent ending…i love the writer,director and casts…more dramas to come..

  1047. 1047 : wow Says:

    this is the first time i made a comment in this website even though i always read the comments here.. WELL, am really happy with this drama specifically the ENDING, I always watch Korean drama love everything till last 2 episode i kinda dropped the drama,, However, surprisingly, this one kept me to the end.. so realistic and unexpected ending.. really i wish for the writer to get plenty of awards.. <3<3<3

  1048. 1048 : Fitria Says:

    The best drama ever!! Very unpredictabe ending. Love all the casts especially Ji Sung oppa and Hwang Jung Eum unnie. They’re a perfect couple. I’m gonna miss this drama 🙂

  1049. 1049 : Illy Says:

    This is by far one of the the best drama I have seen. Every episode was thrilling, heart pounding, romantic. The main actors were superb and the chemistry was just unbelievable. My hat off to the writer she truly did a masterpiece!

  1050. 1050 : sana_kool_5 Says:

    From the beginning, I was eagerly waiting for this drama to start and had a lot of expectations. And I must say this drama didn’t bring my expectations down. In fact, it was beyond my expectations, and I was really pleased by the whole cast and crew. Really hats off to the exceptionally talented directors, production team, writers and remarkably talented actors like JS, HJE, BSB, & LDH. As a viewer I was overwhelmed by this drama and I was very thrilled by JS and HJE’s chemistry. Their onscreen chemistry was flawless, and very mesmerizing. Really enjoyed watching this drama and I hope to see JS and HJE work together again in another drama. I also look forward to watching more dramas produced by the same pair of directors in the future. Kamsaamida!! Thankyou!! And I really hope that this drama wins the most awards for direction, and for the very talented actors. Lastly, JS and his wife are just amazingly talented in their professional work. Plus HJE is such a versatile actress.

  1051. 1051 : Dev Says:

    It’s was a great drama, brilliant one, the plot, the cast and the ending was so perfect, iI hope this can be a best drama 2013, and winner for the lead couple, special interesting cast for Bae so bin oppa, he so evil here but also I’m fee so pity of him, actually in my opinion for the ending he will come back again with HJE and the get the forgiveness then live so well with their son too. Hehehe for so far it’s nice to watch this

  1052. 1052 : dinaz Says:

    Finally watched the finale episodes 🙂
    ep 15&16 : firstly the kiss was damn good..daebak!loved the bed scene too,when he kissed the scar he was the coolest coz it dint matter to him that his woman had a scar unlike dh..
    i dont know i dint like it that yj completely gave up San to the other woman..afteral she is his mother and she was not the one to abandon him!its hard for me to understand!!love and sacrifice is one thing but giving up on your own son!
    this San is cute too but i miss that little baby San..he was soooo cute! 🙂
    i think HJE showed her best acting in the last two episodes,she was awesome she even gave a more powerful performance than ji sung!
    sy was a loser from the beginning till the end,i dint understand her way of showing love,she always showed that she had no interest in mh’s interests but was craving for his attention!!but she dint like dh till the very end so dh ended up being the loser!
    dh i have to say i did hate him in the whole drama but i think he did his part so well 🙂 so his son San made him realise his mistakes and he could not go on with his evil deeds anymore..
    dh’s mom what lame excuses was she giving to yj after snatching her baby..omo for yj’s good?or for her son..good that she ended up in jail!
    omo what was Gwang soo doing with hye ri in the last scene..lol..it was so funny!hahahaha!Sandara Park got pregnant..lol..she is so cute!just that Grace lee remained single but atleast she is doing a respectable job now!minjoo and ahjusshi is sweet too 🙂
    but i have to admit the secret of secret was a little lame..dh hit jh in the rain,sy threatened her!and the unimaginable ending was just that?for such an intense drama i wish the ending could be better!
    but having said that i am happy that it had a happy ending!congrats to the whole cast and crew for putting up such a great show together!
    hope to meet all of u in other drama pages 🙂 🙂

  1053. 1053 : Del Says:

    Omooo… The finale kiss was daebak! Kiss+smile ooooo… I dunno… Beyond expectation. Their spouses must hv felt very… Huhuhuhuhuhuuuuu

  1054. 1054 : Turkish Rose Says:

    one of the most astounding melodramas I’ve seen. incredible story, it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I’ve cried on this drama, treats I’ve never cried before in my life. amazing acting and beautiful love that stems from such a sad life.

  1055. 1055 : Chaimoon Says:

    I can’t wait for Wednesday and Thursday when this drama is shown in my area. I just love it and my heart just pumps up when the characters are against each other especially when Ji Sung’s character gives hints to Mr. An that his secrets will all be revealed in due time. I have read that the ending is very satisfactory to the readers. I have watched Korean dramas which end in such a flop and leave the viewers asking “That was it?!” And most of all I just love Ji Sung! I hope his married life is heavenly for him and his bride.

  1056. 1056 : 崔璠 Says:

    well,I was deeply moved by this drama ,i cried all the time while i as watching this drama,um,i love the hero very much ,and i support him foever!!!!!!

  1057. 1057 : sara Says:

    ADH is so evil. how dare that what he did to his son.

  1058. 1058 : sara Says:

    oh the final i will miss ji sung. he was so handsome and cute.

  1059. 1059 : Zira Says:

    The ending was funny either. i think this was the best ever drama on 2013. i hope that this drama will win many awards.

  1060. 1060 : zehra Says:

    ı lave this drama , ji sung is very profesyonel actor , I think.Thanks

  1061. 1061 : zehra Says:

    I agree to friends, this drama is the best of 2013.

  1062. 1062 : Thaiya Says:

    Just finished watching this drama. They did a good cast and thanks to all the actors and actresses who have shown their acting skills in this one. I really enjoy it 🙂

  1063. 1063 : Sandy Says:


  1064. 1064 : moe Says:

    Standing ovation!!!!!!!

  1065. 1065 : cuity17 Says:

    I’m in eps.13, but I miss ji sung already. ;)) lol….

  1066. 1066 : lizabish Says:


  1067. 1067 : cuity17 Says:

    Wooww, finished watching this , the ending part not like such a great ending, but I’m still like it, it’s simple n that kissiiiiiing… Hwaaaaaaa…!!! Like it all kissing scene and back hug in eps 13 as well… Woowww !! lot of message here.. I like how they solve their problem here, not with sacarstic way… But each of them relize what they have done,.., , I like MH choose not leave his dad (family) n solve his family problems first rather than go to YJ, and YJ support him, but at the end they still can get together as well..nice, I know it’s hard to YJ to leave his son, but as a mother we have to choose the happiness of our son or us.., , san already comfortable with his new mother.. n he thought that she is his real mother as well, then if YJ come n take san.. I think san will not be happy… That will make YJ(a mother) hurt too…but YJ still can play n take care his son even they be apart…nice too, DH finally realize about his mistake after he meet his son, and SY… She let MH go, coz she knows that its useless to keep such a relation like that.. And MH doesn’t love her anyway…, all the cast do they good job!!, the imagineable ending, I think.. About the accident, coz we never know/thinking that JH died is not bcoz of the car but the drum that hit by the car n flying to JH.., that’s my conclusion, happy watching!! Ji sung n hwang jung eum.., I’m waiting your next drama n hope for your nex drtama you ll be pairing with han hyo jo. For jisung n lee seung gi/jo woon for HJE.. Ha..ha..ha.. 🙂
    Daebaaaakkk!! Fightiiiing!! *jump.rolling*

  1068. 1068 : cuity17 Says:

    Should be….. That will make YJ (a mother) sad…. Not hurt… 🙂

  1069. 1069 : DyK Says:

    Omo..omo..omo. Thank god i always prefer to follow all comments here rather than the rating
    Interesting story line, well played by the actor/actress. Thumbs up for the ending.
    It was telling that every one had their own role in the accidents that become red line of this drama. Every one had their own secret. NICE!

  1070. 1070 : rory Says:

    Hello guys!
    Just finished watching the last 2 eps..screwed my schedules for being late enjoying the moments with all of u here..
    But still wanna drop some thoughts here..TBH, I’m waiting for “unimaginable” ending which I thought it’s SY killed SJH or it will be more crazy if GS did it..Who knows MH’s dad paid him to follow his order but my small heart screams noooooo, pls not GS..It’s a relief, our GS indeed such a pure, innocent yet so cute guy ever..I feel pain for San’s scenes between YJ & his new mom..what a hard decision for YJ..but ADH says he never knows bout his mom’s plan, so that means ADH only knows about San’s death without seeing his corpse!heol!

    @cuity17, yup, if not because of the truck who hit n run SJH so it was because of those drums hits her..So in the end it is still a SECRET..

    But still the ending was too cute and romantic..I vote for GS & HR as a cute couple ever..LOL! You GS, u cracked me up for ur unexpected cute side especially with HR..cute!cute!cute! And as a secretoholic, let me give my applauds and standing ovation to all our Secret casts..excellent acting to everyone! Bravo!

    Finally, thanx guys for sharing ur thoughts here..hope to have another good conversations like this in other threads with all of u again..see ya 😉

  1071. 1071 : Nad Says:

    Not a really good ending for me. The 15 episodes successfully made my emotions running high towards ADH and SSY. But in the last episode, everything turned out make me pitying those two. But yeay!! it’s still happy ending! I will be missing Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum, they’re really good actor and actress!!! 😀

  1072. 1072 : naysa Says:

    sincerely addicted with this drama, but like seriously i need more episodes about the other secrets that can’t never be revealed here. love all the cast who’d been improved all this time. gonna miss MH and YJ couple<3

  1073. 1073 : sk8 Says:

    wow… great drama & acting indeed… i am impressed… am touched… …

  1074. 1074 : гул Says:

    Все время плакала смотря этот сериал! Очень трогательная история

  1075. 1075 : kim ha ni Says:

    Currently addicted with this drama. Great acting seriously. Hwang Jeung Eum proved it to me. Before this, I personally think she is an ordinary actress whom doesnt have good expression while acting (especially in Full House 2). But I’m glad she wrapping up her character very well in Secret. Her emotion can be feel deep in my heart.

    But, the plot a little bit messy. The secret that MinHyuk curious the most (hit and run accident) doesnt revealed nicely on the side of him.

    After all, I still vote Secret as Top 8 best korean drama in year 2013.

  1076. 1076 : kemi Says:

    Ok thx ppl, I’m just settling down to start eps 1. Will give my own experience later.

  1077. 1077 : Lin Says:

    Hi fans of secret! Look like nobody interested to Vote !! Pls! Pls! Pls! Start voting if u r not. Felt it’s waste for their effortless acting if we don’t vote. Mmm…mmm..

  1078. 1078 : tigerb Says:

    what a drama – in the true sense of the word! a simple admission to the fault and taking the victim to the hospital would have been judged as an involuntary manslaughter and maybe acquittal as it was purely an accident, but the start of the lie and secret twisted the lives of two people affecting others, who were keeping the secret and their own. time of reckoning comes and truth catches up. so much tears and suffering for the leading lady role, she endured it because she loved to a fault. glad there was due punishment and happiness to those who deserved it at the end. it was a very good watch for me, cast and story held my attention to the end.

  1079. 1079 : Vivian Says:

    where to find secret’s ost?

  1080. 1080 : tigerb Says:

    @1079, Vivian: try googling it.

  1081. 1081 : xfddy Says:

    where to vote for the drama?I can’t open the web page.

  1082. 1082 : xfddy Says:

    No pa. I got it

  1083. 1083 : ina Says:

    Not bad… I like it.. :))

  1084. 1084 : daile Says:

    Please vote SECRET for the best korean drama 2013…they deserve it…lets support SECRET…thnx!!!

  1085. 1085 : putehjamilah Says:

    The best drama 2013

  1086. 1086 : zyuan Says:

    this drama got it all to be THE BEST DRAMA OF 2013! The cast, story, plot, acting were SO FREAKIN AMAZING that i couldn’t stop myself from gritting my teeth whenever ahn do hoon betrays you jung, clenching my teeth when se yeon is acting like a bitach (i mean in the movie). i was so so so addicted to this drama when i in the middle of this drama. Jung eum is really an amazing actress, her acting is just so surreal. And as for Ji Sung, needless to say, he stole my heart away because of his charismatic character and he’s very charming and he’s really good at acting too. I cannot understand why the ratings of The Heirs is higher than Secret. The Heirs just cannot attract me. So, SECRET DEFINITELY IS THE BEST DRAMA OF 2013! 🙂

  1087. 1087 : koreandramafan Says:

    i just finish watching this drama..cant believe i just finish it in just one day..i agree 100% with zyuan..even i do that..the cast do a good job in this drama..i hope to see more work from all the cast..

  1088. 1088 : Joy Pop Says:

    I think Secret is the bast drama of 2013.I have finished it three times.
    It is my favourite drama of 2013.

  1089. 1089 : Diana Says:

    Para 2013 mi drama favorito es Secret con actuaciones espectaculares de los actores Hwang Jung Eumm, Ji Sung los 3 primeros capítulos lo detesté pero terminó convenciéndome (tan lindo) y Bae Soo Bin con el era una ola interminable de sentimientos… rabia, uiiiichhh quería matarlo. Definitivamente actores que logran meter al televidente en el drama. Un drama diferente, en general todos los personajes fueron buenos y NADA ABURRIDOS. Felicidades a los escritores, productores, a todos lo que de una u otra forma participaron en este drama… Gamsahamnida!

  1090. 1090 : Diana Says:

    Pienso que se esperaba un éxito con heredero por los estelares que son super populares. Me gusta la actuación de Lee Min Ho, la otra chica tiene lo suyo pero me quedo con Secret no es un reciclado de otro Drama.

  1091. 1091 : Anastasia Says:

    Oh man, missing this drama so much! Couldn’t find a good drama for me to watch after Secret was over. Have tried to watch recent other dramas such as Heirs, Reply 1997, Empress Ki etc but I’m not quite interested for those dramas, not the same as how I feel with this Secret. I hope there will be more dramas in year 2014 with the amazing storyline like this and with good acting from both actors and actress.

  1092. 1092 : pyungpyng Says:

    OMG! I feel like I’ll be missing a good drama if I don’t watch this.

  1093. 1093 : YoRoseberry Says:

    Yo- 2days finish watching… Very nice and i like the ost..

  1094. 1094 : rory Says:

    I agree with you..I’m watching and enjoying Reply 1994 & Empress Ki right now but for me still can’t beat Secret feelssss..I mean how eagerly & exciting was my heart everytime each episode was over..I missed that feeling!Dunno when will I get the same feeling again..hurm…waiting for another good drama like this^^

  1095. 1095 : puneo Says:

    i like this drama so absolutely! it bring me great feeling. i love and miss actor and actress very much. i hope i can see these drama like this cool drama

  1096. 1096 : glitter star Says:

    I love this drama so much. It made me very impressive. Frankly, i don’t like Hwang Jung Eum from Love letter. But when i see her acting it change my mind to accept her ability. She is a great actress. I also like Ji sung and Bae su bin, their acting are attractive and full of warming.

  1097. 1097 : rory Says:

    OMG, today is the day for KBS AWARDS!!!
    I hope this drama will win a lot of awards tonight!!
    Fighting Secret team..The best drama from KBS for this year…

  1098. 1098 : rory Says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, it’s tomorrow to be exact 😆

  1099. 1099 : Anastasia Says:

    Huge congrats for 4 leading actors and actress as they have won at KBS Drama for 2013 and especially for JS and HJE as both of them have got Top Excellent Actor and Actress. I’m so happy for them. This is my top no. 1 drama in 2013…once again CONGRATULATIONS for Secret team!!!

  1100. 1100 : rory Says:

    Congrats Secret team!!! I’m happy for them 😀

  1101. 1101 : roxy Says:

    congrats ” secret” team!!!!!!!!figthing!

  1102. 1102 : daile Says:

    Gotcha…i knew it from d start…SECRET d Best Drama,Cast and Story line…Goodwork to all the cast…love this drama series…CONGRATULATIONS Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum…

  1103. 1103 : Drama_fan Says:

    WOW! What a great drama. What a story. Great acting. I started watching this at night and when I look at the clock after some time it’s 6 in the morning. I have even forget to sleep. And I didn’t even feel like sleeping even when I’m watching this drama. Congrats all the winners of this drama. All these awards are well deserved awards. Love this drama. Great acting all the lead cast.
    Ji Sung you are so handsome in this. I fell in love with your character very much. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1104. 1104 : green Says:

    I love this drama, great story line, great acting. I love it !

  1105. 1105 : Y. KRF Says:

    There is nothing to say…. BEST DRAMA ever….
    Hope in the future, more director and writer make a good drama like this….

  1106. 1106 : choo ahnlin Says:

    cried a couple of buckets with this drama

  1107. 1107 : Chaimoon Says:

    I hope that another drama with Ji Sung leading will be shown soon. I just adore him OMG!

  1108. 1108 : Chaimoon Says:

    The drama really deserves the high ratings! Congratulations to the writers and directors! Make more dramas of the same class.

  1109. 1109 : M.A Ruszama Says:

    Secret was succes make me annoy with bae soo bin, overall this is good drama, I skip many of bae soo bin scene because I’m really feel annoy.

  1110. 1110 : divine vee Says:

    daebak! I ♥ this drama a lot. two thumbs up for all the casts….

  1111. 1111 : Nihal Says:

    Bea soo bin and lee da hee are just annoying..i skipped most of their scenes either
    especially lee da hee, her role has nothing to add to this drama..it would be as good as withou it

  1112. 1112 : hyw Says:

    This is really good drama…i really like this drama and all characters…i expect for the next good drama like this drama …

  1113. 1113 : chika Says:

    my mom very like this drama…i think this is women centric drama and hwang jung eum noona suitable for role…her acting is excelent…

  1114. 1114 : Nihal Says:

    just finished watching this drama
    a must see <3 <3

  1115. 1115 : emerald Says:


    same here… my mom also loves this drama… shes not a really a fan of korean drama but i really beg her to watch this drama… and a positive response from my mom… this is her 1st korean drama…


  1116. 1116 : Henry timo Says:

    please help me to get this drama

  1117. 1117 : maknaee Says:

    @Henry timo

  1118. 1118 : Hoa Says:

    I love Secret so much. I do not know how many times I see this film. I love Min Hyuk

  1119. 1119 : Reem Says:

    I liked this drama . I cried so much

  1120. 1120 : ayi1975 Says:

    my next project. But i cant forget dmj now. I have to prepare my heart to look another drama. Because csy and dmj had every part of my heart. Ha2. But that what i feel now.

  1121. 1121 : faomia Says:

    i love this drama so much compared to the heirs bcs i think this drama really suits me despite i’m still a teenager. i think this drama should get higher rating.

  1122. 1122 : Micc Says:

    Re-watching this drama in my free time. Last time when I watched it, I thought the lesson was, don’t ever sacrifice yourself for anybody, not even in the name of love, nothing worth that.
    This time however, I got the real meaning behind the drama. If a person truly loves you, he won’t let you sacrifice yourself for his sake no matter what. If he lets you sacrifice yourself, then he loves himself and not you.

  1123. 1123 : Micc Says:

    I still missed the point I wanted to make. The thing is the person worth your sacrificing is the person who will not let you sacrifice for him. Okay, I’m done. Sorry…got too into the drama. Haha!

  1124. 1124 : yoo rachel Says:

    “je-il” it is the best ever,i am currently watching it,am in episode 9.it is really fun watching it,it teaches a lot.

  1125. 1125 : bblve07 Says:

    amazing drama, i cry a lot until the last episode, ,, they deserve the awards, , congrates guys….

  1126. 1126 : bblve07 Says:

    choi wong, he makes my heart beats so fast haha, , i like him here i hope he had another upcoming drama…

  1127. 1127 : Klover Says:

    This drama definitely deserves higher ratings than The Heirs! This is such a great drama! I’m so into it i’m totally hooked up! It totally exceeded my expectations and the plot was so well-written. The actors (and actresses all of them actually) executed their roles very well especially Hwang Jung Eum–she doesnt really look like an actress at all but the true-to-life Kang Yoo Jung as if this story were reality. Kudos to the entire production team!

  1128. 1128 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    I am really loving this drama! It is currently airing here in the Philippines during weekdays at night. Bae Soo Bin is one of my favorite actors and I am really proud of him as a fan! FIGHTING! The story seems interesting! 🙂

  1129. 1129 : Ehman Says:

    All drama’s of JI SUNG got a Higher rating PERCENTAGE because of his lading lady best actress like Kim hyu jin and Hwang jung eum.

  1130. 1130 : ren Says:

    this is one of the best drama ever…amazingly awesome story…ji sung acted excellently and leading lady so good also…beautiful pair indeed…loving every episodes..no boring moments…you will cry a tons of tears..you will laugh..so sweet romance/love story…i loved this love story…

  1131. 1131 : lourd Says:

    I watched this drama over and over again because the story of love was so excellently written..Ji Sung acted superbly and the leading lady was so good also…

  1132. 1132 : jayannclaire Says:

    this is a must watch drama. done watching this, the actors were great. superb acting that it got into my nerves….. please watch guys….

  1133. 1133 : nikiellore Says:

    For me SECRET LOVE is phenomenal Korean drama in the primetime block. I watch it everynight, I even go home early from my work just to watch. I love the character of Hwang Jung Eum as Kang Yoo Jung (Elise), she is very strong. although she lost her son and father, she still fights back. Go Elise!

  1134. 1134 : Nancy Says:

    I love u so much Ji Sung….especially when u passionately kissed Jung Eum.. And told her you need to see her in order to breathe…but I believe it left you more breathless… What a lovely scene.. I really cried… Keep up the good acting.. Hope to see more of you! More awards too! Love u JI SUNG!!!!!!!!!!

  1135. 1135 : shanti Says:

    Ji sung is so cool in this movie and believe me because of this movie I try to find your other movies. And from my point of view this is the best one. Daebak Ji Sung.

  1136. 1136 : jen Says:

    Very nice korean drama!i watched this every night.

  1137. 1137 : kriza Says:

    Amazing! this one of the best korean drama i love the story it fits to Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum of their characters Dominic and Elise i love you both! Hope to see more drama for both of you…

  1138. 1138 : killy Says:

    awesome korean drama ever…I loved the ending..the kissing scene..super sweet..i watched this drama over and over again because too beautiful love story ..the actor ji sung excellently portrayed the role, love love his acting as if for real..and the leading lady..gosh so good also…thanks GMA 7 ..the translations was very good….

  1139. 1139 : Diyan Says:

    Realy realy very nice korean drama….

  1140. 1140 : al Says:

    I really really love this korean drama … i’ve watched it many times and i really love it. ……..the best korean drama i ever watched ….

  1141. 1141 : Secret 비밀 [2013] | My Drama Links Says:

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  1142. 1142 : MayaF Says:

    Love this drama so much…. One of the best drama… Great story.. Great actor and actress… What an amazing drama!

  1143. 1143 : Qties Says:

    pls were can I get d sound track of secret ….the song I believe I love you…

  1144. 1144 : Ally_w Says:

    Nowadays, a lot of drama make me give up while comes to Ep 10, coz the story is deeply boring.

    Though this is an old drama but it gives me full curiosity to watch till the end!!


  1145. 1145 : JCW Says:

    I watched this drama bcoz I became a fan of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum after watching Kill Me, Heal Me. Secret had a really interesting storyline and the acting was really good too. But it’s too sad for me. Kang Yoo Jeong is so nice that she does stupid things, which was annnoying. Ahn Do Hoon is a very hateful character so sometimes I had to fight the urge to skip whatever parts his face comes out.

  1146. 1146 : Admaliah Says:

    I just recently watched the series . . 2 thumbs up & high recommended. The lead actors & actress truly gave justice to their characters respectively especially the lead actress was SUPERB in this series. She truly deserves the acting award (based on the list above). story was realistic as well.

  1147. 1147 : yoon jang mi Says:

    the storyline is really good, i really love this drama. the best mellodrama that i ever watched.

  1148. 1148 : Nicole Says:

    Great drama! Highly recommended to watch.

    At first, I really have no intention of watching it. I was still hesitant. Don’t know what took me so long to watch this. But after watching it, I realized that it was sooo good! Very heartwrenching. Glad to have watched it. Such a good story and the actors were good. Daebak! ^^

  1149. 1149 : Shameless Bollywood Hotties Showing Most Of Their Body Parts | Galexsotic.com Says:

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  1150. 1150 : go Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about » Secret @ Secret
    Love » Korean Drama Synopsis. Regards

  1151. 1151 : nada Says:

    this is my third time i watch it i see this drama the most beautiful thing i watch

  1152. 1152 : Lulu Says:

    Emotional crack drama…the increase in ratings from 5% to 20% says it all

  1153. 1153 : Amy Says:


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