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Secret Love Affair

Secret Love Affair 02

Title: 밀회 / Secret Love Affair
Chinese Title: 密会
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Musical
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2014-March-17 to 2014-May-13
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:50


This drama tells the story of secret romance between a woman in her 40’s and a man in his 20’s.

Oh Hye Won (Kim Hee Ae) works as the director of planning for the Seohan Arts Foundation. She is elegant and excels at dealing with other people. Meanwhile, Lee Sun Jae (Yoo Ah In) is a genius like pianist in his 20’s. They will getting involved in a love affair through a piano.


Main Cast

Kim Hee Ae as Oh Hye Won
Yoo Ah In as Lee Sun Jae
Park Hyuk Kwon as Kang Joon Hyung (Hye Won’s husband)

Seo Han Arts Foundation

Kim Hye Eun as Seo Young Woo (CEO)
Shim Hye Jin as Han Sung Sook (Young Woo’s step mother)
Kim Yong Gun as Seo Pil Won (chairman/Young Woo’s father)

People around Lee Sun Jae

Kyung Soo Jin as Park Da Mi
Choi Tae Hwan as Son Jang Ho
Lee Kan Hee as Myung Hwa (Sun Jae’s mother)

Seo Han College of Music

Kim Chang Wan as Min Yong Ki
Park Jong Hoon as Jo In Seo
Shin Ji Ho as Ji Min Woo
Jin Bo Ra as Jung Yoo Ra
Yang Min Young (양민영) as Kim In Joo


Baek Ji Won as Secretary Wang
Kim Kwon as Woo Sung
Jang So Yun as Se Jin
Jang Hyun Sung as Kim In Gyeom
Seo Jung Yun as restaurant employee
Yoon Bok In as Yoon Ji Soo
Gil Hae Yun as Teacher Baek
Heo Jung Do as Im Jong Soo (Joon Hyung’s teaching assistant)
Jun Suk Chan as Sun Jae’s homeroom teacher

Production Credits

Production Company: Future 1 (퓨처원), Drama House
Chief Producer: Park Joon Seo
Producer: Kim Ui Suk
Director: Ahn Pan Suk
ScriptWriter: Jung Sung Joo

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2014-03-17 1 2.574
2014-03-18 2 3.104
2014-03-24 3 3.188
2014-03-25 4 4.062
2014-03-31 5 3.418
2014-04-01 6 3.890
2014-04-07 7 3.671
2014-04-08 8 3.317
2014-04-14 9 3.190
2014-04-15 10 3.493
2014-04-28 11 3.453
2014-04-29 12 3.928
2014-05-05 13 3.844
2014-05-06 14 4.196
2014-05-12 15 4.5
2014-05-13 16 5.3

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


– Episode 11 & 12 has been postponed to 2014-April-28 & 29 due to the incident of ‘South Korean ferry capsizing‘.


2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Director (Ahn Pan Suk)
2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Scriptwriting (Jung Sung Joo)


Secret Love Affair Poster1

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  1. 1 : Sharon Says:

    Wow!! Can’t wait!!! I am looking forward to Yoo Ah In performance in This drama, as a young man in love with an older woman.

  2. 2 : Bellatrix Says:

    Wow…the leading actress is so old than the actor. Kind of dissapointed 🙁

  3. 3 : dinaz Says:

    Looks interesting.. 🙂

  4. 4 : Abe Says:

    There”s no problem with the older woman. In real life why its okay an old man with a young woman. Why not in oposit not okay..ha ha tums up for this drama. I’m one of your aved fans..thank you..

  5. 5 : queens Says:

    wow… Yoo Ah In.. definitelly I will watching it… Can’t wait….

  6. 6 : Abe Says:

    I have seen that Yoo Ah In has a mole in his neck looks like mine..

  7. 7 : tigerb Says:

    this would not be a may-december love affair, but it would be a first for me watching a korean drama with such plot. also, i first saw the leading man in ‘ssk’ and was impressed, thought i would watch his other projects but are in the back burner of my sked, so this would be a good chance for me to watch him again. hopefully, the series will be subbed!

  8. 8 : dojayi Says:

    If you’ve watched ‘End of the World’ and ‘Wife’s Credentials’~ you will be hundred times excited with this drama. The production team behind that two daebak/excellent/best dramas will be back with ‘Secret Love Affair’. So excited >_< This will gonna be good and will be the best of 2014.

    Actually, this drama will only have 16 episodes.

  9. 9 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Waiting for it ^_^

  10. 10 : princess Says:

    Luv u loadz Yoo Ah In….one of my top fav act0r!! Cnt w8….eagerly w8ng 4 diz ur new project….I pray it gets high ratings despite d fact dat itz a pay tv channel..hopn 4 it 2 b successful.best wishes YAI…. :))x0

  11. 11 : amy Says:

    Hiya…another cougar story. …but the age gap too much 🙁 I can accept if it less than 10 years 🙁

  12. 12 : Canail Siren Says:

    Gosh and I thought this was Korea’s first gay drama and I was preparing to celebrate it. How disappointing :C

  13. 13 : nina Says:

    Wow….i can’t wait..
    the plot make me so excited
    i’m waiting for melodrama,romace drama

  14. 14 : angelamiles Says:

    i hope the leading lady here doesnt look old because she’s already 47 years old…also hope the story is good because i dont care the age gap if the story is awesome i’ll watch it…

  15. 15 : meiji_era Says:

    * This is a Drama that stars Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In on it.

    * That will be directed and written by the same write-director tandem of the hit series “A Wife’s Credentials

    * And it will be aired on JTBC!!!!!

    ********AND I’M SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!*********

  16. 16 : dojayi Says:



  17. 17 : sa5am Says:

    Hey i am all up for noona romance !!!!!! They rock though 20 yrs is a bit much i enjoy it find it interesting

  18. 18 : malian Says:

    I just hope he doesn’t end up dead this time also.

  19. 19 : Makaela Says:

    i dont really mind the age gap. She’s really pretty 🙂 Yoo Ah In <3

  20. 20 : Aga Says:

    i love yoo ah in.
    I dun know Kim Hee Ae.
    They not prefect couple. 🙁

  21. 21 : Charmaine Says:

    Can not wait for this drama, I can almost already see the intricate detailed plot and writing from the script writers…love a good romance, also for all the ageist people out there, let me ask you all, Do you think when it comes to true love does the heart know’s or care about age??

  22. 22 : DramaLover Says:

    @Bellatrx, if you haven’t noticed, the leading actress is supposed to be considerably older. The whole story line is based on it. Therefore I am not sure your disappointment is warranted. I mean come on! She is supposed to be in her 40s for fucks sake! I would find it questioning if a younger woman was used when she is dubbed to be significantly older than the leading male. That aside, I can’t wait for this to come out as the leading actor is an awesome actor although it is sad that I never like the end of his movies. But he always delivers superbly! Fighting!

  23. 23 : Fullheart Says:

    Would love to see Yoo Ah In in another drama, but the age gap is way to bizarre for me to want to sit through twenty hours of a likely unhappy ending.

  24. 24 : Jyenie Says:

    This drama is to fulfil the fantasy of the ajummas 😉

  25. 25 : dohyung Says:

    Wow. some of the comments are negative. Hey, people~ it’s PD Ahn Pan Seok, the GREATEST DIRECTOR OF KOREA. Nothing will go wrong with this drama. Well, if you’re really not interested, you can go back to you alien-hottie. This drama is for people who wants to watch QUALITY DRAMAS and not the typical overly dramatic melo or cheesy romcom. This drama will be different. If you’ve watched A Wife’s Credentials and The End of the World, you will know what I am talking about.

    Next week will be the premiere. EXCITED >_<

  26. 26 : azve3 Says:

    Im need courage To continue Watching Korean Drama , Does This Drama Really Satisfie????! I dont want waste My precious time To bad drama >.<

  27. 27 : Juana love Says:

    can’t wait😳😳😳

  28. 28 : yuna Says:

    I can’t wait till this drama starts !! I seriously love the both leads they are great !! Kim Hee Ae is amazing,and Yoo Ah In is fantastic! The plot is absolutely interesting and promising so my expectations are really high! Great team, great cast, this drama has everything it takes to be one of the best of this year ! FIGHTING !!!!

  29. 29 : dohyung Says:

    @ave3 don’t worry, this drama will gonna rock kdrama addicts around the world 🙂

    @yuna yeaaa~ I am excited too >_<

  30. 30 : Suzy twins Says:

    waiting for yo ah in

  31. 31 : princess Says:

    Yeah….G0 Yoo ah in….u rock! Luv u 2 bitzzzzz :)) x0

  32. 32 : [email protected] Says:

    yoo ah in is super hot…and i think this drama will be a success… just like the title say…its getting hottier.. 😛

  33. 33 : meiji-era Says:

    Watched the first episode and I’m totally impressed with YAI’s character playing the piano

    Anyways, Episode 1 got 2.574 Nationwide and 3.2 in Seoul

  34. 34 : joan Says:

    yoo ah in is like a son to his leading lady..from 1967 to 1986? teres no difference from my mothers age 1968 to 1987..well then..i hope so that it will inhance my curiosity on how this drama flow..i still watch this..

  35. 35 : tigerb Says:

    that poster above looks like the lady has a waxed face. am sure she is pretty. will watch this series because of the leading man as i thought he was cool and acted very good in ssks.

  36. 36 : Jyenie Says:

    Just watched ep 1, it’s very very interesting 🙂

  37. 37 : Maria Says:

    I have seen the first episode and it seems amazing. The lead male’s acting skills are simply amazing. His every move reflects so well the caracther’s feelings, his emotions are overflowing and seem so real, and human and open at the same time. Very beautiful ! He is a great actor that makes his character blossom. Also I appreciated very much the fact that he actualy plays piano. He is not just some puppet that plays like he has seen a piano for the first time in his life. Also, the lead female actor is very good and the whole crew seem very well chosen. Lastly I would like to praise the director of the drama. One thing about korean dramas that I dislike is the fact that they are kind of childish. They present an idealised world in which almost everybody thinks like a silly teenager( no ofense, I’m a teenager too 🙂 ) But this drama started so silently , simply following from the shadows the tough life of a working woman and letting us gradualy see that even if you have a high social status you can still be stepped on and you have to let go of many things. Life is never easy. The idea of the drama is very good. :)) Truly love it!

  38. 38 : Nadege Says:

    This drama is crazy. One lady slap one & the lady does nothing. Another lady pull one’s hair & plunges her face/head in the toilet with the lady just going along Instead of defending herself. Very confusing!!!

  39. 39 : Dlcne Says:

    I dnt mind about anything in this drama. I m only here to see Yoo ah In face’s.luv u

  40. 40 : mariana Says:

    Very nice this story!

  41. 41 : Aya Says:

    Maria can’t we be friends like for everrrr ?! Haha
    I completely feel what you said, I’ve been looking for a way to say this but the result wasn’t satisfying. Anyway thanks !
    Completely amazed by the atmosphere surrounding this drama.

  42. 42 : Panaitescu Luciana Says:

    The two of them playing Chopin in ep.2 was a heavenly dream.Yoo Ah In is one of the best corean actors(like Jung Woo Sung for example)and his partner lady is great too.I strongly recomand this wonderful drama.

  43. 43 : Panaitescu Luciana Says:

    I agree with Maria too.

  44. 44 : princess Says:

    I knew it….I knew it…dat Yoo Ah In wiill b able 2 pull diz off…hez such a talented actor,hopefully it’ill get more interesting as d episodes unfolds!plz fans of Yoo Ah In let’s cheer him on n support him. :)x0

  45. 45 : princess Says:

    [email protected]….hmm!u hv such gr8 writing skills n u dnt write lyk a teenager..thumbs up n kit it up! I totally agree wit u,u’ve said it all! *hugz* 🙂

  46. 46 : Joobjoo Says:

    This drama is sick!!!!!!! The way they play piano together and their facial expression while playing is quite astonishing. Yoo Ah In draws you in his character like crazy. And yes his lips are to die for!!!!!! Anyways this take Cougars to another level. =)

  47. 47 : Kaylie Says:

    Omg! this drama is so hot!
    and the piano pieces is good
    i hope i can look that good when i am in my 40s.. haha
    this drama suddenly makes me feels like dating a 16-18 year old musically talented boy… just saying.. LOL

  48. 48 : Sharon Says:

    Watched both eps and I like. The music was wonderful and I know Yoo Ah In put a lot of effort in practicing the piano for this drama. Loved how his fingers are one with the keys and the different pitches comes together in a wonderful musical melody.

    The drama overall is not bad at all. In ep 2 when they both play together the music seems to take them on a totally different level. A level where they feel the music as if they were caught up in a sexual rapture and released at the end out of breath and dying/can’t wait for the next liaison.

    I think the story is good and can only get better.

  49. 49 : Sharon Says:

    @kaylie 47

  50. 50 : maja Says:

    i like to watch this but it looks like another “fashion king” in the making.. the ending of that drama really sucks

  51. 51 : tigerb Says:

    it’s the 23rd and no rating is posted.

  52. 52 : Amanda Says:

    Firstly, I thought this drama would be “ugly” stories, but after watching it, you can feel that why they will fall in love with the 20 years genius pianist! Its great that both have a common interest in piano…and that’s feeling generates its so awesome. Recommend to watch this romance series eventho with the huge age’s gap between the actor & actress, suitable pairing!

  53. 53 : emerald Says:

    they’ve got a high rating… good job…

  54. 54 : meiji_era Says:

    At first, I thought Sun Jae is just seeking motherly love and affection from other people that he didn’t experienced with his mom. Remember how he is always locked up on their home every time her mother goes to work? She never saw him play the piano, nor she knows of his talent until he enrolled in Seo Han.

    But when his mom went outside just to buy a hand warmer, it was too late for Sun Jae to realize that his mother loves him more than he thought. She suddenly died when she got hit while crossing the road. Moral lesson : Always show your parents how much you love them , and we should realize their hardships in raising us children before its too late.

    I can’t wait for their intimate moment, though.

  55. 55 : Angel Says:

    I like this drama very much, when watching this drama, my heart beats very fast …… Yoo Ah In plays as a honest, young boy very well. I start to like him. When he felt nervous I felt same too; when he felt happy, I also happy.
    Although I hope they will be together at the end, of course, it’s impossible.

  56. 56 : fan Says:

    I’m pretty sure that Oh Hye Won in the end will lose everything she worked hard to build : her marriage, her image and her carrier and of course the love she’s struggling to ignore for Lee Sun Jae. Will he still love her and see her as goddess after he tastes success and glory ? will she be for him just an Ajhuma teacher ?

    Even though if Oh Hye Won accepts his love and becomes unfaithful to her principles, I can’t blame her. It’s not that easy to not fall in love for innocence, genius beauty, passionate youth and ardent love.

  57. 57 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    This is a very sensitive beautiful romance. The pianist is very innocent and says what he thinks, against all this ugly ness of the people the main character lady lives among. She is not used to it so at first she rejects it.I find this film refreshing and well written.

  58. 58 : fan Says:

    Unbelievable but yet funny ! The husband is jealous because he thinks that her wife is stealing his student, it didn’t cross his mind that the opposite is happening, his student is stealing his wife. Is he that naive or because he’s not seeing his wife as a woman ?
    Good story !

  59. 59 : gomawoyo Says:

    I suppose the question is; should one submit to the premise and thereby implicitly give-in to idea that adultery is permissible under certain conditions?

  60. 60 : fan Says:

    @gomawoyo 59

    Even though I sympathize with her because it’s not easy to not fall in love with him, I still find adultery not permissible in any condition, she has to choose between them, leave her husband or block this growing love, she can’t have both “want to have your cake and eat it” What about the sufferings that the husband will endure !
    Till now she’s doing well.

  61. 61 : Sharon Says:

    you are here!!??
    Where have you been?? I am watching this too!!! I like a lot. Listen I don’t condone adultery, because everyone gets hurt in the end. But it’s kinda SEXY!! Hahahaha.

  62. 62 : Jyenie Says:

    Hi fan and Sharon, pleased to find you guys here! Fan, you are finally back into action 🙂
    It gives me goosebumps to see any women fall in love with any boys who are 2 decades younger. Female pedophile or cougar? Hehe. Luckily Kim Hee Ae is elegant and beautiful, and her character is convincing 🙂

  63. 63 : Sharon Says:

    The way he held her and kiss her in the garage I was like, how old is he again.

    What I like about him is he told her straight up. I feel you and I want to be with you stop acting like You don’t feel anything, because I know it’s not true. I am uncomfortable living in your house and we are eventually going to do it , so let me go back to my place where I won’t feel so bad about the situation and it would be harder to detect our romance. She totally agreed and could not help herself, but go see him right away.

    The chemistry between the two is on overload!!!

  64. 64 : aafa83 Says:

    Whether you agree with the subject or not, you have to agree that this drama is very well made; the acting, directing, and especially the MUSIC. I love the ” indi art film” feel of this show; It doesn’t feel like a typical Kdrama.

    The producers did a great job pairing up Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In because they really have chemistry. Kim Hee Ae looks much younger than what she’s supposed to be so I don’t notice the age difference at all.

  65. 65 : Sharon Says:

    Don’t forget, the Camera angles are superb. It is a well made drama and the story will only get better I think.

  66. 66 : Kitkit Says:

    This drama took my breath away starting from the first episode.. I have watched korean drama for almost 10 years.. But I must say I haven’t seen the drama as “tempting” as this.. Storyline is totally different from what I’ve seen in most of korean dramas.. True to the fact that the camera angles are different and more captivating.. I myself become a part of the movie when I was watching.. I Love this drama n cannot wait to see the next episode.. 🙂

  67. 67 : fan Says:


    I was checking but you disappeared too like Jyenie and usa-mary, dinaz was in EMW thread but she’s not there anymore.
    Yes I’m back because there is finally something interesting ! I lost interest in the dramas that was showing except EMW though the ending was not as I wished (cause I was supporting OJH-Chief couple). I dropped Empress KI because too long for me.

    It’s not just sexy, I hold my breath each time I see them together !


    Yes ! 😀 worth it don’t you agree !

    You’re right, she’s elegant and beautiful, LSJ fell for her because he saw that and he’s falling deeper because she’s remarkably not weakening.

    She’s admirable ! They’re admirable ! 😀

  68. 68 : Sharon Says:

    Good, now we have something good to watch and talk about. There has not been much good drama lately, but I like this one. Jyenie and I have correspond a few times on TWWMTT, but no sighting of us-mary. Hope we all can watch this together, but I will be here.

  69. 69 : Jyenie Says:

    @fan and Sharon
    When is Song Seung Hun Oppa going to make another hot drama? I miss him so much. Slurp 😀

  70. 70 : fan Says:


    After watching ep 9 and 10 of Wonderful Days I’m planing to watch it from the beginning, it seems a good story.

    @ Jyenie

    He’s filming a movie, there is no drama in his schedule for now I think.

  71. 71 : Sharon Says:

    @fan & Jyenie
    Good question? I want him to make

  72. 72 : Sharon Says:

    Continue………….. A drama sooo bad!!
    Wonderful Days a drama??

    Did you guys see the hug between SJ and HW and the firmness of his body? I was sweating in places I should not have. Hahahaha!!

  73. 73 : Jyenie Says:

    We really cannot blame her that her moral wall has collapsed. The temptation and look at her husband, gosh!

  74. 74 : Sharon Says:

    She has to bite the apple. HW has been working living amounts immoral people that now finally, it has catch up to her.
    HW right now is confused about the strong feelings she has for SJ. She wants him so bad yet pushing him away to protect what’s good about herself.
    Will she be able to play the two side if the coin for long. What puzzled me is her husband! How the heck you can see the romping between your wife and student and keep a tight lip. The question is, does he love his wife HW, or is it a marriage of convenience?

  75. 75 : Jyenie Says:

    The husband is desperate to get SJ under his wings for his career advancement, he is willing to close one eye and play ignorant. He has been using his wife’s connection all the time, he has got no back bone at all.

  76. 76 : fan Says:

    @Sharon & Jyenie

    She’s smart and doesn’t want to be vulnerable and weaken by a love that will make her loose everything she worked hard and spent her youth to build especially her career. She knows the age gap between them is not easy to outcome, what will happen for their love in 10 years ?! She sees that growing love within her just as something she wanted to experience because she didn’t do it in her twenties.
    In the other hand, she starts to be fed up with her bosses and their games, trying to please everyone without disappointing anyone and getting hurt. It’s not easy at all ! And you can add babysitting her husband(just compare him to LSJ), Oh my God !
    She’s solid.

  77. 77 : fan Says:

    “”Wonderful days” is a drama showing every sat-sun with Lee Seo Jin and Kim Hee Sun.

  78. 78 : Sharon Says:

    @Fan and Jyenie
    Wow!! I think HW is experiencing love for the first time in her life. This strong feeling that she can’t kick is overpowering her. It’s taking over her senses and she can do just very little pause it.
    She is a very strong woman to be able to put up with the Chairman’s daughter and go fetch for the chairman and his wife. I admire her loyalty to the family and that she was not swayed by their immoral antics.
    It’s funny how one can walk far away from trouble and trouble find you via your husband. Hahaha!
    I will watch ep 11 today.

  79. 79 : Sharon Says:

    Ok! What’s it about?

  80. 80 : mariana Says:

    Hmmm…Ep 8 is just awesome! The scriptwriter is doing a great job! Maybe is not suitable for korean tradition but is a real situation! I like this drama very much! It looks like the writer is open-minded!

  81. 81 : sable Says:

    Ok Its my point of view but I have the feeling that this drama share terrific moments mixed with dull moments like in a endless circle …its a dizzy sensation They are wonderful and save the broken plates.

  82. 82 : yoh Says:


    does anyone the title of the classical song backsound in minutes 12.00 – 13.50?

    the classical songs in this drama sound so good. 🙂

  83. 83 : yoh Says:

    sorry, that link referred to episode 6 part 2 minutes 12.00-1350.
    anyone knows?

  84. 84 : Sharon Says:

    Did SJ and HW did it at his apartment? I want to say they did, but I am not sure. The camera went all over the room then they were sitting and laughing, so I am like wae!
    The husband is going crazy with suspicions. He consulted a fortune teller like a detective to hear if she is cheating. Is he finally realizing that he is in love with his wife?
    DaMi is going to cause havoc when she find out about SJ and HW, I think SJ should tell her and fight it out and move on. Because this is going to explode in all the wrong places.

  85. 85 : Sam Says:

    I think they did it, listening from what they talked to each other. I hope that HW and SJ will fight for their love.

  86. 86 : fan Says:


    Nooooo, they did not ! The writer and the directer tried to fool us by using this dialogue and not showing them while they were talking. They were talking about music and lessons not about sex 😀

    I don’t think he’s in love with his wife, it’s just a man reaction, she’s his possession and how dare she look elsewhere !

    HW : ” When you’ll be 40 I’ll be 60 ”
    She’s aware of their situation, she’s using her brain before her heart and emotions. I’m pretty sure that nothing will happen between them, it’ll be a platonic love that’s it. The opposite can happen if they go to live somewhere else, in a desert for example or something like this, to avoid people prejudice and judgment 🙂

    I’m watching ep. 1 of WD, good story and good cast. Try it !

  87. 87 : Sharon Says:

    That what I was saying! They spoke so erotic to me, then he jumped on top of her playing and laughing. I find that suspicious, hmmmmm.

  88. 88 : Sharon Says:

    Are you sure!? She changed into his clothes and chilled out at his place. Then he was saying its is first time, but guess what i could be his teacher.😜 I tell you the camera angles are different and really good. 👍

  89. 89 : SALi Says:

    where is episode 9… so one episode this week ??? !!!

  90. 90 : Jyenie Says:

    A woman can still look lovely @ 60s if she is taking good care of herself. 🙂

  91. 91 : fan Says:


    I’m sure they did nothing.


    Sure, but she cares about what might people say and of course she’s afraid at 60 he won’t see her as beautiful as she is now. She can doubt his love for her, it’s not easy to compete with young women.

  92. 92 : Sharon Says:

    I can understand her insecurities, a young stud 20yrs her junior who has talent. What will happen when he become famous and young beautiful women make goo goo eyes at him. HW has to think about this relationship thoroughly because she has a lot to loos, but I do believe she won’t cheat on her husband. HW will go to SJ whenever she feel vulnerable.

  93. 93 : fan Says:


    I entirely agree with you, I too think that she won’t cheat on her husband.

  94. 94 : Sam Says:

    So it’s now clear in ep 9 if they did or not.

    I really like the script writer and the director. I have watched several Korean dramas, and I think this is one of the best ones. I cross my fingers and hope it will have a good ending.

  95. 95 : Mel Says:

    Life is suffering, everyone in each role is suffering from their own problem. Thank you for the drama that I can enjoy for an hour, putting things behind during that time. Thank you for hard work making it! It is beautiful work!

  96. 96 : fan Says:

    I don’t know why the writer and director are keeping us confused. I don’t know if we can call this adultery or not ?! And it seemed everything brought them together like a fate they can’t escape, but then the opposite is happening ! Now that she admitted that she’s in love and started to weaken, things keep separating them and making it difficult for them.
    Is it because now it’s not love but adultery !!!!!!!

  97. 97 : dohyung Says:

    They did it in Episode 9, the staff from Secret Love Affair tweeted on that night.

  98. 98 : Sharon Says:

    Yes!! They did it! He was so hungry to take her and she was willing to be his meal.
    The husband proscription was increased, poor guy, he suspect his wife has changed, but unable to put it together. The Chairman’s wife kinda have a feeling that there is something between HW and SJ a type of chemistry. I think she will use it against HW.
    SJ girlfriend at the hair salon is a ticking time bomb!

  99. 99 : fan Says:

    So they did it, but why it wasn’t shown ? To not destroy the image of their love ?! Cheating is cheating there is no other names for it ! And there is no excuses for adultery.

  100. 100 : Sharon Says:

    Maybe, they are censoring, trying to keep it PG. I think the story/drama would have been more entertaining if they showed them together making love, kissing and hugging. Them not showing there love make the drama feel slightly boring and lack a certain solidity.

  101. 101 : Torri Says:

    Question guys did they show ep 11 today ?or was that cancelled too

  102. 102 : fan Says:


    At least they could show them together in the bed insinuating that they did it, like they did with Seo Young Woo and her boyfriend.

  103. 103 : SALi Says:

    where is episode 11? is it cancelled too 🙁 no episodes this week too so sad

  104. 104 : Yuia Says:

    No episode this week, the show continues next monday.

  105. 105 : Mercy Caballero Says:

    Why theres no episode 11?

  106. 106 : Mengzi Says:

    Hi, why have this Drama got now 16 episodes? I thought it will have 20 ep.

  107. 107 : Nadege Says:

    I am the only one of those viewingwho does not support their relationship or her adultery I think!

    I think it is not love. It is a mid-life crisis& stress reliver for her. Fir him, it is lust & poppie love. It can become love but so far up to ep 12, I still maintain it is not love.

    If she cannot be faithful to her husband, she should have left him!!!

  108. 108 : Sharon Says:

    Ok, so, now I play piano music to put me to sleep at night.☺️
    I love the relationship between the two, yes adultery is a no, no, but I can understand HW’s awakening to this new found love that she thought would never happen to her. HW is soo deep into her feelings for SJ that she is unable to control herself and actions when it comes to him. While, SJ is trying to be that strong man she needs.
    If I was HW, what would I do in this situation? I would love SJ till it ends.
    Life us short and if you are not getting any love from your husband find it some where else. HW did not go looking for this love it found her. As the old saying goes “finders keepers, losers weepers.”

  109. 109 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 12 was really good! HW, want to send SJ to Germany. I pity HW husband only concerned for himself and his position at the foundation. I think their marriage is a loveless relationship and if HW can get her groove on, why not??😏

    HW has gone soo deep in her relationship with SJ that she had to go see him. She had to be with him. There are like two separate detective crew watching HW and SJ; the husband’s and the lady she works for, hahaha!!
    They really that desperate for HW’s loyalty and don’t the husband know already that she is seeing another man?

    Billy Joel’s song “The Piano Man” what year did it came out? Was it in the 70’s? If so, she was around, young, but around. 😎 I guess Billy Joel song was telling us that everyone has problems and something tend to hold us back from our dreams.

    Oh, hell no! I thought the husband was going to discuss her having an affair with SJ. Instead he is mad about not telling him about SJ wanting to go Germany!! That’s crazy! HW, enjoy your love !

    The Chairman’s wife is too much and what’s up with DaMi?? Why is she at HW’s office?? Things about to turn up!!

  110. 110 : Toni Leo Says:

    What a beautiful love story I’m watching and listening to a breathtaking work of art. I love the actors chemistry and the emotions towards each other. The classical music is so moving. I’ve been awakened to a new appreciation to the powerful emotions of classical music. I’ve watched up to episode 11 the next episode I should be able to watch tonight and I can hardly wait for each episode.

  111. 111 : Honnay Says:

    I think it is a fling that can happen to any one. She was not planing on it, He is young and curious and those hormons are more responsible for his actions. the chemistry is wonderful. It happens more than it is let out to be known. Yonger man and older woman. The woman are more seanoned and know and appreciate a strong and powerful love making which she seems to be lacking form the husband. Love also is the byproduct after this type of envolvement. What do you say!

    It is all good baby, love is in motion. Rock till it stopes by itself. Sometimes it is for keeps. Woman these days need younger man. Sexual revolution. No fear no reservation.

  112. 112 : fan Says:

    “Le Beurre et l’argent du beurre” She want to remain married to her husband and keep her relationship with her student as it is just because of appearances and what might people say. I call that selfishness and cowardice ! Oh Poor woman, her husband is so selfish and incapable of giving her love ! come on ! She knew what kind of man she married ! Sorry but I don’t agree with what she’s doing, with what both of them are doing. There is no excuses for adultery.

  113. 113 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t think she wants to be with her husband anymore, however, she is wavering about her position and assets.
    I think if you find love keep it! HW has stepped over to the other side a point of no return. Sorry fan but who want to be in a loveless marriage. Yes, HW knows her situation with JH, but she never thought in a million years that she would fall for another man. She was going through the motions and realized that although her dreams are lost, she isn’t.

  114. 114 : fan Says:


    If she doesn’t want to be with her husband anymore she must be courageous and choose, tell him the truth then leave him. She must be honest to him and before anything to herself.
    Sure she wouldn’t dream to meet love after all these years, particularly to be loved by a young genius musician and treated as a goddess, who can resist such love, but being a mature and intelligent woman, she has to understand we can’t have omelette without breaking eggs.
    Love is sincerity not deceit or adultery.

  115. 115 : Yuia Says:

    Did she ever think for one second “I want to remain married”? I don’t think so. It all happened fast, it takes some times to realize it, then accept it, then take a decision and finally making a move. Also, a divorce is annoying for everyone: both her and her husband don’t have time for this.
    Her husband is more obsessed with appearances and what people might say though. He said he would NEVER accept a divorce, he just couldn’t care less who she loves, he just wants his reputation safe, and she also doesn’t give a damn about him. They are both trying to save their job and career, which is not something bad imo. If they married out of convenience, and it works out well, why divorce? The husband is right. He should find himself a lover too haha, but he is too busy.

    Nobody said to pity her, she is not pitiful, she just has a super boring life with boring people, and someone suddenly brightened it, so she fell for him, classic, nothing more. Also, she didn’t try to hide it when her husband discovered their affair, so she’s not really dishonest for a cheater.

    Morals, laws, judging, shaming, etc… can’t do anything against love. People are still going to love each other, whatever happens. And if “love is sincerity”, it’s inside the couple: being a secret/illegal couple doesn’t mean it’s not true love…

  116. 116 : Nadege Says:

    @fan, I agree with your post

  117. 117 : Sharon Says:

    So, you are saying she should tell him. Ok, but he blatantly told her “NO DIVORCE”. Where does that leave her? Her husband is going to make it has hard has possible for her to go. HW has to really think things through and make up her mind about what she wants for the next ep of her life.

  118. 118 : gabby Says:

    Better HW divorce with her husband and live together with SJ
    Wish they will be!!!!!

  119. 119 : Sharon Says:

    Oh my goodness!! Ep 13 and 14 was too crazy!! With a husband like JH you need no enemy. He wants her to go to jail so he can become dean of the school. I am glad she had an affair on him. She should have sex in the house on JH’s bed, on his desk in his office, on his piano. JH is a slime who does not deserve HW.
    I am sorry she is in so much pain, but like DaMi told her “when you give up everything for SJ then I will believe.” HW, need to send them all to jail take their money and leave town.

  120. 120 : Livingston Says:

    I absolutely love how everyone is willing to say it’s okay to commit adultery as long as the couple love each other. Just remember this drama when someone you know has a spouse, significant other, girlfriend or boyfriend cheat on them. Just comfort them by saying they really love each other.

    This drama makes me sick how it tries to glamorize and beautify adultery. What’s worse is everyone here bought into it as “love”. Realistically, I doubt a relationship with a 20 year age gap could work. When she’s 60, he’ll be 40–she’s old enough to be his mother.

  121. 121 : Sharon Says:

    No one is saying it’s ok to commit adultery, but what I am saying is it’s ok to fall in love.
    One can be married and fall in love with someone else. That just life and reality. The could be fifty years apart love is just love.

  122. 122 : neyla Says:

    Some people still avoid love between young man and old women, but in the real life we can find many people live like that, find love no matter how about age, SLA just show how different what happen each other

  123. 123 : peyutnduy Says:

    Poor OHW… She was surrounded by hypocrites, even her hubby, who only took advantages of her, used her and then back-stabbed her in return.
    No wonder she fell in love with an innocent and simple man who happened to be much younger than she. She found sincerity and honesty in him. I could not hope for a happy ending for OHW and LSJ but at least they would won over those mean people and move on with each other life happily.

  124. 124 : jangmi Says:

    this is killing me~!! it doesn’t seem the case but . . did something happen between them on Ep 8??? ugh

  125. 125 : True2U Says:

    I’ve NEVER wanted a drama to end as much I want this one. Thank Heavens that it’s only 16 episodes and not 20. Sure the writing is good, but the drama has plot holes. And I’m so tired of watching these wicked individuals getting their own way. Another thing, the title of this show makes no sense. “Secret Love Affair” Secret? No honey, everyone knew before the character even acted on their feelings. I’m not blind by their chemistry to think that a affair is OK. I just wish she had divorce her husband and stop this mess. And for those that said her husband doesn’t love her, I agree with you, but that doesn’t make it an excuse to have an affair. Sure the wedding was of convenience, but lets be honest she gain from it as well. I don’t even know how the heck she put up with all that hell for 20 years. She herself said she wanted the high status life and she got it. but now that she has it she realize that it’s not all what it seems. Another that gets on my nerve is how sloppy they are. They do things that cause me to ……. -_- really? No even gonna lie, I’m a Noona romance drama chick (Thanks to Kim Sun Ah) so I Jump on this and tried to find every possible way to make it seems justified but just couldn’t find one. I also wish the writers had kept the mother alive. I think that was cop out in the writing. The drama would have been realistic to see how his mother would react to their affair. As for the character development I think they made HW character pretty sloppy. I mean, she has worked with these people for so long and knew what could happened should she not watch her back, how could she managed to slip up the way she has been doing. Her character in the beginning was so smart, quick and witty that I was getting excited, but after making her and SJ fall in love. they turned her into a idiot and made her have so much sloppy encounter with him. As for SJ, he was matured until the change him in episode 5 (Not many realize that they change his hair style to make him seems younger as well as how he act, Go watch those over and see. It’s subtle but you can see it.) Even his attitude now still show his immaturity( watch all the current episode so up to episode 14). and no one can tell me he’s young so he cannot understand. Yeah right, when I was that age I knew and understand what was right and what was wrong. Stop using age to make his action ok. After watching episode 14 and realized how he can’t even put up with what HW asked him to do show he needs get a reality check which he finally did. HW was suffering more than he was and somehow he acted like he was the only one. He himself even said a few episodes that he thought leaving the decision making up to her was best. He thought if he turned a blind eye that HW was going to be able to handle everything. and that’s whats also irritating me. He needs to try and alleviate her burden. They’re in this together but it seems like it’s only HW fighting to keep them together as well as shouldering the stress she has at work and home. All I’m watching for is how the writers will allow her to fight back. I think we are going to finally see the another side of HW and I’m excised to see how she handle this because the writers made her character so weak after the affair began. My gosh, she was the HUGH PINK ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. The simplest question had her shaking. I wanted to smack her when she was shaking before DaMi. I thought she would have been bold and calm and not affair of her (heck, with the people she has worked with for 20 years, DaMi should have been child’s play) but boy was I wrong. I’m still holding on to the hope that she has stuff on these people that is trying to incriminate her.I know she is not that dumb when it comes to keeping track on these vile peoples. I’m not really worried, because I know she must have tons of secret on them for all the years she had worked for them, I cannot wait to see how this play out. She knows everyone secret as they know hers,but how much does she she knows? I cannot wait to find out.

  126. 126 : fan Says:


    But the affair started before he told her that. She tried to hide her love and keep both of them.

    If she wants to keep her love for SJ she needs lo leave everything starting by her husband, if he doesn’t want divorce it doesn’t mean that she can’t leave the house and live away from him and follow a procedure for divorce.

    @True2U 125

    I think that the smartest man becomes idiot when it comes to love and sex, but can this happen to a smart woman ? I know men and women react differently, it commonly said that women look to the upper part of the body but men to the lower. Does OHW lost her prudence and intelligence because all these years she lived in a “desert” ?

    Sure Yoo Ah In tried hard to look like a 20 years old boy, but even if his character seems mature he can’t look like a 27 years man (no matter how much he looks younger).

  127. 127 : Sharon Says:

    Damn!! Where have you been?? I guess the crew is gone and I am the only survivor remaining on this thread.😀 Glad to see you pop up at times.
    I don’t think HW lost it, I think she is waiting like a Lioness for her time to pounce.
    As for her relationship with JH,I think he is lucky she has enough respect for him to kinda hide her affair. If I was HW, my affair would be up close and personal from day ONE!!

  128. 128 : neyla Says:

    @sharon! I agree with u

  129. 129 : ayyala Says:

    Aarrgghhh!!! Today is finale
    Make me crazy….really wish they will together

  130. 130 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 15 was bitter sweet. The bike ride was epic the walk in the street holding hands and kissing make me melt. That scene was so realistic, good job SLA crew.
    Oh my goodness JH was pathetic!!! He sold out HW and had the nerve asking for alimony. HW made a deal with prosecutor Kim to protect SJ and herself from the mess, but I love how they hugged outside the Police Station showing everyone there love. JH filed for divorce and that’s what HW wanted, now she can move on with her life. I really enjoyed ep 15 and can’t wait for the finally!!

  131. 131 : ayyala Says:


  132. 132 : Startulle Says:

    What a beautiful love story!
    And I love love love love that HW chose the rite thing and her awesome speech!
    “Everything does pass. Being able to endure it well while it’s passing by… That’s strength..” And her strength is her love from SJ! They will be together no doubts! Cause HW is SJ eternal variation!!!
    In my fair tale ending I was hoping to see them going to town and town in a truck touching ordinary people with their powerful magical music..

  133. 133 : Yuia Says:


    “I think that the smartest man becomes idiot when it comes to love and sex, but can this happen to a smart woman ?”

    Hmm… No? Lots of adults, regardless gender, become stupid when it comes to love and sex. And I think women become much bigger idiots.
    Lots of men see things as they are while many women see everything dark and complicated. Just see this drama: the man would just have had his quick affair with a young girl while keeping his comfortable life and men watching this wouldn’t give a damn about it ; but Hye Won expects a long fairy tale and she keeps questionning herself and women watching this fight over integrity and what the writers promote and what she is, what she is not, what she should do and not do, what she thinks, etc…
    Oh man! Drama queens still remain some of the most idiotic persons. I guess that’s just culture shock: there are some places where adultery is a CRIME, lol forever.
    The real good couple of this show was the rich daughter and her lawyer husband; married for affairs, and their love life lies elsewhere, like the good old days (except in the good old days, ladies were only allowed books for this and they were boring books).

  134. 134 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 16 was done beautifully!! HW decides to give it all up for her love. Kudos!!

  135. 135 : ayyala Says:

    Yeah that’s was great love story, =)

  136. 136 : loveSK Says:

    Very decent ending! A great story, I love the way they decided to end the story, actualy in an elegant manner just to avoid criticism from those that could be against to an happy ending between people with such an age gap. But also to give hopes to those that felt that the two lovers to stay toghether. I am not totaly against to see love story like this in real but I expect for them to behave natural and decent, and to openly fight for their love. Just like in this movie!!!

  137. 137 : ayyala Says:

    Congrats!!! 🙂

  138. 138 : Hanako Says:

    Overall it is a good series, very passionate and rare for Korean movie.
    Real great story and should be awarded this year

  139. 139 : Sunny Says:

    I love this film. It’s really romantic. this is the only film I can watch for several times and still feel emotion as the first time. Thank you for the actors & actresses. You are well done. The dialogue is very good.

  140. 140 : minimai Says:

    great story,elegant and i think the chemistry between them is great..yoo ah in oppa..your act really awsome being an innocent one…,i’m waiting 4 your next drama..<3<3<3

  141. 141 : belinda Says:

    one of the most beautiful, elegant, and smart story ever made in Korean drama. It does not rely in idols cast or dumb and poor female lead character. But it relies most on the story, acting, and directing. Kim Hee Ae is really impressive and excellent in this drama. Yoo Ah In also showed excellent acting. Nothing to be complained about this drama except some sort about too mature stuff like corruption for a 19-year-old girl like me to fully understand. But overall, it’s a great drama unlike some cheesy drama like you guys must really know what I mean (*cough* last year cheesy drama that turned out to be really successful in ratings and popularity and relied on the almost fully idols cast and about the rich people)

  142. 142 : Muri Says:

    @Yuia: “…adults, regardless gender, become stupid when it comes to love and sex.”

    Agreed. But perhaps @fan’s perception is of men as sexual creatures where the fever is triggered easily and perhaps escalates faster than that of the female. Leading one to conclude men are prone to giving in to their base impulses i.e: stupidity (loses intelligence).

    However, stupidity or rather making stupid decisions are not arrived at via “love” nor “sex” rather through “lust”. Sex being the product of lust. Love and sex are never the same thing despite the belief of some to the contrary.

    What is interesting is that a writer can frame a situation that is essentially morally wrong and make it righteous by drawing on aspects of the already weakened moral framework of the audience. Such writers it seems places making a buck over and above the wellness of a society.

  143. 143 : OK OK OK Says:

    wow, is this the highest rating compare to other dramas for PAY TV CHANEL??

    it arouse my interest to watch – to know why it got such good ratings 🙂

  144. 144 : kathy Says:

    Personally, I think this drama is over rated. I would love to see YooAhIn in a better and interesting role in a good plot.

  145. 145 : csitao Says:

    in time this will be classified as classic drama, the treatment of the love scene is very elegant and sensuous that leave you wanting for more. I love the acting the story and the directing. Gone with the wind in a smaller and modern version if I may say so.

  146. 146 : esp Says:

    i have watch many Kdrama,but this one really makes my heart pound. Yes great directing and great acting. Did Yoo In nominated for any awards for this drama coz i know KHA was nominated for this drama. Now i’m even a GREATER fan of YOO IN….phewww…love his acting..something about him that is different from other korean actors!

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  149. 149 : Shellsbells Says:

    Loved the music and the cast this was good worth watching and entertaining as well.

  150. 150 : Lois Vader Says:

    Yoo Ah In has the loveliest feet I’ve ever seen on a man. Does he speak English?

  151. 151 : Susan Brown Says:

    Is there a released cd of the music and how can I purchase it in the USA?

  152. 152 : mona Says:

    good movie I love it and I watch it over and over again tru netflex

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