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Second Husband

Title: 두 번째 남편 / Second Husband
Genre: Melodrama, Revenge, Romance
Episodes: 153
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2021-Aug-09 to 2022-April-08
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15


Second Husband is a passionate romance story. It revolves around Bong Sun Hwa (Uhm Hyun Kyung) and her family surrounding a confectionery company. She underwent an unfortunate childhood, but due to her strong and positive personality, she rises up. Growing up in same neighborhood she had a long relationship with Moon Sang Hyuk (Han Ki Woong). But, when she unjustly loses her family due to a tragedy born out of an unstoppable desire, she pledges revenge in the mixed fate and love.


Main Cast

Uhm Hyun Kyung as Bong Sun Hwa
Cha Seo Won as Yoon Jae Min
Oh Seung Ah as Yoon Jae Kyung (Jae Min’s stepsister)
Han Ki Woong as Moon Sang Hyuk (Sun Hwa’s ex-lover)

People around Jae Min

Ji Soo Won as Joo Hae Ran (Jae Min’s mother)
Jung Sung Mo as Yoon Dae Gook (Jae Min’s Father)
Kim Sung Hee (김성희) as Mi Jung (Jae Kyung’s birth mother)
Kang Yoon as Kim Soo Chul (Jae Min’s secretary)

People around Sang Hyuk

Choi Ji Yeon as Yang Mal Ja (Sang Hyuk & Sang Mi’s mother)
Chun Yi Seul as Moon Sang Mi (Sang Hyuk’s sister)


Kim Hee Jung as Jung Bok Soon
Lee Kan Hee as Ok Kyung Yi
Shin Woo Kyum as Bae Seo Joon
Lee Ho Sung (이호성) as Bae Dal Bong
Son Kwang Up as Kang In Ho
Sung Byung Sook as Gob Bun (Bong Sun Hwa’s grandmother)

Production Credit

Production Companies: MBC C&I, Pan Entertainment
Director: Kim Chil Bong
Assistant directors: Kang Tae Heum, Kim Wi Suk
Screenwriter: Suh Hyun Joo


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  1. 1 : Diana Aleka Says:

    Oh! No! is Oh Seung Ah playing the part of the evil step-sister!!! PLEASE let me be wrong!!!!!!!!!!

    Gal from Redlands, CA

  2. 2 : Velvet Says:

    Oh Seung Ah —- hate this darn actress. Can’t MBC find any other actress to play in their dramas??????? She will ruin the entire drama for me. Every other 120 episode that MBC runs M – F, they have her in the drama. Ugh — despise her, hate looking at her face, and hearing her voice.

  3. 3 : kissasian9.me Says:

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  5. 5 : mml Says:

    Episode 3 , I have found the real trot Na Tae Joo singing . Sometimes , I do see trot Na Tae Joo singing together with TV CHOSUN Park Young Tak , Jang Min Ho ,Lee Chan Won , Jeong Dong Won , Kim Hee Jae , Lim Young Woong ,Hwang Yun Sung and all singing together with their hardworking stage performance that makes me enjoy very much to TV CHOSUN singing program .

    Drama usually different , sometimes makes viewers totally sad and sometimes makes viewers a bit happy .

    TV Chosun song program usually different . Viewers always happy upon hearing happy lovely TV Chosun sweet good song .

  6. 6 : mml Says:

    Am at episode 7 , I think greedy will be the motivation of being evil in this drama . Maybe , true love will be unconditional love without any form of greedy .

    Maybe, the ‘second husband drama’ is trying to tell viewers that the second guy that becomes the second husband of Bong Sun Hwa is the real Mr Right Good husband . While the first husband was Mr Wrong Bad husband . Am not sure did I guess correctly ? Therefore , I will continue to watch ,to find out the answer .

    Trot Na Tae Joo he’s a K Tiger taewando teacher teaching
    TV CHOSUN Trot Jeong Dong Won how to learn the skill of Taekwondo ? Now, in this drama trot Na Tae Joo is promoted to be Trot Singing teacher , not bad his singing voice also nice .

  7. 7 : Diana Says:

    Will this drama be 50 eps. or will remain at 120 eps.?!

  8. 8 : Dottue Says:

    Same old, same old tested plot and story will never fail.

    If it can, this drama can go on forever … it has every subject thrown in, except maybe an horse dancing, or maybe a lost and lonely trot trooper dancing with the horse?

    Anyway, whatever, the drama will still be appealing to the viewers, simply for its kind of genre.

    Fighting !o

  9. 9 : Liz Alba Says:

    love this awesome revenge drama..thank you mbc

  10. 10 : Angeline Says:

    Not fond of Uhm Hyun-Kyung and the always witch Oh Seung-A.

    Bong Sun-Hwa is so busy mouthing off that she never gives Jae-Min a chance to talk or explain himself.

    Moon Sang-Hyeok down the road may be sorry he left Sun-Hwa living with Jae-Kyung and her family.

  11. 11 : UM HASSAN Says:

    150ep c’est trop

  12. 12 : Rose Petal Says:

    Oh my !!!!!!! Is this really going to be 150 episodes???? Geez — way too long to watch Jae-Kyung. The actress, Oh Seung-A, she continually plays the same evil person in several of her dramas.

  13. 13 : Arizona Fan Says:

    So did Gob-Bun, Sun-Hwa’s grandmother kidnapp her when she was small from the Hanok Bakery family????

    In Ep. 16 – when Bok-Soon was crying about her missing daughter, Bae Dal-Bong – her father said “it has been 30 years she was taken, and because of that his son was killed also.” The grandfather is sure that someone took the baby.

    I will be interested to see the back story come to bloom on why the grandmother would take the baby. As what did Gob-Bun tell Sun-Hwa about her parents??? I can’t remember if that has been addressed and I missed it. And the grandmother goes in the bakery as if nothing happened!!!!!!! Did she forgot over the years she stole the baby?????

    Do not like Yang Mal-Ja at all. Greedy person. I hope the Moon Sang-Mi doesn’t end up with Bae Seo-Joon. Sang-Mi is on the hunt for him. It appears Seo-Joon likes Sun-Hwa, but he would be Sun-Hwa’s brother correct? I believe Seo-Joon is Bok-Soon’s son??

  14. 14 : Rpse Says:

    I just started watching this ….why is Sun Hwa always starting a fight with Jae-Min? What he does with his life is none of her business. She needs to take care of her own business as she has plenty of troubles right now.

    Sun-Hwa always thinks she is so right. She is always running her mouth off and never gives any one a chance to talk and explain what they want to say. She gets on my nerves.

    She should just mind her own business and take care of her baby.

    I am not too keen on the two female leads.

    Sang Hyuk got himself in a lot of trouble by getting involved with Jae Kyung.

    Strange that the people that have the Hanok Bakery do not know Sang Hyuk. Sun-Hwa and Sang Hyuk were together for 10 years and they never met him???? How strange is that?????

  15. 15 : Joanne Tan Says:

    SEO joon oppa so charming

  16. 16 : sammtan Says:

    OMG are they dragging this ‘everlasting drama’ into 150 ep? madness. Its not this drama is so interesting or good that need such a long episode. Most of the scene are dragged. IMO this drama can be done in just 50 episode.

  17. 17 : Rose Says:

    @ sammtan —

    I agree — there are many scenes that could be cut from this drama to shorten it. Some scenes are stupid and not needed within the plot of the main story line.

    On another note, is Sun Hwa blind that she could not recognize Jae Min w/his mask on???? I could definitely tell it was him, his mask did not cover his face completely. Sun Hwa is so dense at times, but she thinks she knows it all.

    Sun Hwa needed to stop running to Jae-Kyung and Sang-Hyuk every time she didn’t like what they did to her. She and Sang-Hyuk broke up — go forward and forget them. If Sang-Hyuk wants to give her money, take the dam money and shut up instead of going to JK and throwing it in her face. SH is not getting any where w/them her temper tantrums.

  18. 18 : DD Says:

    So they dragging this drama to 150 episodes?? Not gonna follow this drama again. Too ridiculous and too much repeated plot.

  19. 19 : Misu Says:

    Good drama! Enjoy this drama. Like the good actors and actresses but hate the evil ones. Happy ending I hope.

  20. 20 : David Says:

    Jae-Min yelling at Sang Hyuk for not paying Sun Hwa child support, etc. JM does not know that SH went to the company and threw it at Jae-Kyung. JM thinks Sun Hwa is so good but she should just mind her own business, take care of her son, and find a decent job.
    SH is always blabbing to every one what she plans on doing instead of just doing it. She never uses her head.

  21. 21 : George C Says:

    Stupid Sang Hyuk, how could he think Sun-Hwa is a murderer, like really??? And saying “he don’t want his son to live under the stigma of her being one.” He is no angel since he met J-Kyung, not is she any better. How many evil things as he done since he met JK, and he doesn’t even think any thing about it. Does he feel everything he has done to cover J-Kyung evil deeds and his, is OK??? And Sang Hyuk’s mother is another story.

    Why would Jae-Min and Seo-Joon walk into Sun-Hwa’s dark apartment and not put the light on??? They didn’t even report that some one was in Sun-Hwa’s apartment. They brushed it off as a simple robbery even after they knew she was recently kidnapped. Jae-Min use your head instead of relying on Soo- Cheol. He is relying on Seo-Cheol.

  22. 22 : Arizona Fan Says:

    Hmmm……..this drama is weird — the five years that Sun Hwa was in jail, did not Bok Soon or Seo-Joon visit her in prison. It is obvious SH knew Yang Mal-Ja took him, but did she not ask BoK-Soon to get a picture/and ask how he was growing, talking, etc. etc. etc.?

    Some scenes in this show just don’t make sense. Writer is going to drag this drama out way too long.

  23. 23 : moonstar Says:

    The cute little boy playing Moon Tae Yang – Sang Hyuk and Jae-Kyung’s son is 6 years old. So is he playing a 4 year old in this drama??? IHis name is Jung Min Joon, also known as Min Joon.

  24. 24 : Mimi Says:

    I’ve stopped watching. They decided to drag from 120 episodes to 150 episodes. Once it reaches episode 120, they keep repeating old episodes instead of showing new ones. They extend, they delay, they dragged it too much. How greedy. Thumbs down.

  25. 25 : ABBY HANABIA Says:

    Why make to 150ep..so dissapointed.. Tired to watch.. N bad girl jk n so naive sh.. Tired to wait n watch this drama drag to long.. Where is the end..:(

  26. 26 : Sean S Says:

    Sun Hwa is so stupid – I thought she got smart in prison, but she didn’t. She played smart w/Sung Hyuk and Mal-Ja that she wanted to be at peace with them and get along, but when Jae-Kyung confronted SH in the bakery that she knew SH was the one who was calling her and SH at night, sending voodo doll’s, and got into her work computer and put in “I know what you did, you murderer,” etc. etc., SH should have played stupid and innocent that she didn’t know anything about it. No…right away she starts yelling and threatening JK and that she was going to prove that she was innocent, etc. etc. etc. SH just doesn’t smarten up, she needs the lady in prison to help her wise up.

    Sun Hwa and her protruding upper teeth — looks not right.

    Going to drag this drama out unfortunately.

  27. 27 : Diana Says:

    30 more eps. what a way of holding the viewers “Hostage”!!!
    120 eps. was enough to go back and forth to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Not in this case. Who gains from this situation the writer, director, the ads. Do the actors get paid for 120 eps. and do the rest for free or get half of what they are owed?! Am really disappointed not with the drama if even though it has its faults but the people behind the production of this drama!!!!! What a Drag on!! Shame on You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28 : Diana Says:


  29. 29 : Starlight Says:

    Duh — how stupid is Sun Hwa???? How could she fall for Jae-Kyung to pretend to pass out when Bok Soon threw water at her??? Idiot Sun Hwa never learns to get smart. To top it off, they leave JK in SH’s room so she can snoop around which was her plan all along. And as we all knew she would find baby Bit-Na’s picture and baby shoe. We could write the script for these K-Dramas.

    This drama could be shot in about 20 episodes or so. No need to drag it on forever!!!!!

  30. 30 : Rose Says:

    From My Drama List
    Choi Seo Won was on “I Live Alone” — Aired: February 25, 2022
    Episode 435

    Did anyone see the show? He seems to be quite the character.

    Choi Seo Won finally installs a water heater in the kitchen. Seo Won wants to share warmth, and he goes to a blood donor center to donate blood. After his blood donation, he cooks twig samgyetang. Kian84 goes on a trip to Yeosu to get inspiration. Kian84 carries his easel on his back and rides a bike. Will he find beautiful scenery in Yeosu? (Source: VIU)



    This one shows several pictures of Seo-Won

    i-live-alone-cha-seo-won’I Live Alone’ Cha Seo-won recharges energy with Samgyetang …

    Feb 26, 2022 · Actor Cha Seo-won filled the romantic gauge. Cha Seo-won, who earned the nickname ‘Nangto’ (Romantic + Dori) from her first appearance on MBC’s entertainment program ‘

  31. 31 : Diana Says:

    Looking forward to A Secret House!!!!!!!

  32. 32 : Starlight Says:

    Can Sun-Hwa be any more stupid than she is already??? What a dumb broad she is. Continually telling and showing JK all her evidence. She never learns anything – being in prison didn’t even help. Her 2 prison friends need to straighten her out and tell her when she has evidence to keep her stupid blabbing mouth shut. She thinks she is so smart showing off her evidence to JK. Hasn’t she learned by now that JK will do anything everything to steal any evidence she has, much less kill her if she has too.

    Bae Seo-Joon is so cute, sweet and kind…Shin Woo-Gyeom is nice looking and has a beautiful smile.

  33. 33 : Sean Says:

    Jung Min Joon === little Moon Tae Yang / Moon Sae Byuk — is so cute. He is doing so good in his role. He is 6 years old. He has been in a few other dramas.

  34. 34 : Diana Says:

    I was going to let it slide but I can’t Oh Seaung Ah had a cameo in Young Lady and Gentleman. She had red long hair with bangs. Then with the same red long hair with bangs she appears in Second Husband. Tonight I am watching repeat of an ep. that I has already been shown. For me it should be ep. 126! Hello, anybody home!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 35 : Diana Says:

    I jumped the gun. The first half of ep. 126 (for me) was a repeat but the second half was new. Go figure. Hopefully ep. 127 (for me) will be new. I live in California. Fighting!!!!

  36. 36 : Rose Says:

    The writer – Suh Hyun Joo – did 5 dramas and I have seen all 5 of them. They are were pretty good.

  37. 37 : Rose Says:

    Jung Min Joon —- Moon Tae Yang / Moon Sae Byuk is 6 years old. He is soooo cute….I want to take him home with me. He is the highlight of this extended drama.

  38. 38 : Dolly Says:

    As smart as the 2 prison girls were, how come they never thought to bug Jae-Kyung’s office??? That should have been one of the first things they did when they got out of jail. Stupid Sun-Hwa working at the company never ever thought of that.

    I don’t feel Uhm Hyun-Kyung was that fantastic in this drama to have received award for her role. The only time Sun-Hwa was doing a good job was when she played Sharon.

    As much as I don’t care for Oh Seung-A (Jae-Kyung) as she always plays the same type of witch in 3 of the dramas I have seen her in, I feel that she did a good job with her role with everyone hating her, the she may have been the actress in this drama to get the award.

    Sun-Hwa always started something, but never finished it. She always blabbed all her secrets that she found out to the person/s who wronged her and told them what she planned to do with the evidence.

    I also am so tired of the triangle of 2 guys liking the same girl, or 2 girls liking the same guy. These writers need to forget that story line as it is continually used in these long dramas.

    I also don’t feel this drama should have been 150 episodes. They could have cut it off at 100 or maybe a bit less.

  39. 39 : Dreamcatcher Says:

    Hmmmm…..only at Ep 110 —– So far Oh Seung-A has beautiful outfits and three different hairstyles.

    And Uh Hyun-Kyung has had 2 hair styles, short and then long.
    I can see her dressing low key prior to her becoming the Director at the company, but once she became the Director the ward robe people should have started dressing her in more fashionable office attire.

    As much as I hate Jae-Kyung, the actress is doing a good job with her role.

    Wish they could find a nice girl for Seo-Joon. He has a nice personality. Have to check him out in the other dramas he starred in.

    How long does it take Dae-Bong and his son to recuperate from finding out idiot Ok-Kyung was sucking up to both of them??? Glad that Ok-Kyung is out of the drama, so far.

    The other two dummies, Mal-Ja and Haeng-Sil need to ride off in the sunset together.

  40. 40 : Night Watch Says:

    Can Sun-Hwa be any more stupid??!! She always falls for Jae-Kyung’s tricks. Sun-Hwa is brainless. How can J-Min even like her??? Without his help and the 2 prison girls, she would be no where. She had to work at the company to find evidence the JK killed that guy who fell down the stairs, she didn’t find anything.

    Had to become “Sharon” so she could live in the same house as JK to find evidence. She found nothing. “Sharon” floats out to sea and is never seen or heard from again!!! Stupid.

    No reason to extend the show by 30 episodes. Put JK, Soo Chul and Dae-Guk in prison and end the show.

  41. 41 : George Says:

    Doesn’t any one lock their doors in Korea???? Any one can walk in any time they want??? Strange.

    It was so wonderful not to see Jae-Kyung in a few episodes – so pleasant with out her antics. Good ole Soo-Cheol always being there for JK – why didn’t she marry him??? How stupid is he to protect her, lie for her and do her dirty crap – knowing all the evil things she does. Love is blind they say.

    What is with Bok-Soon??? She can’t stand Sand Hyuk, Mal-Ja, and Sang-Mi – chases them out, is sarcastic to them, and then in a nano second she hired Sang-Mi to work in the bakery!!!!! She knows Seo-Joon does not like her, doesn’t want her there, doesn’t Bok-Soon have any respect for her son?? Stupid. There is another girl working there, they don’t need Sang Mi. There is never any one in the bakery any way.

    So what is with Dal-Bong and Dal-Bong??? Are they still sick in the hospital over money greedy Ok-Kyung??? Wherever they are, Jae-Kyung and her mother should follow them.

  42. 42 : highnoon Says:

    Han Ki-Woong has a twin brother — Han Ki-Won. He has been in several dramas. He is nice looking also.

  43. 43 : Stardust Says:

    Does the writer have amnesia!!!!!
    Bok Soon from the beginning was going to the police station to try and find her missing daughter. Now all of a sudden, she has a son that is missing????? What is with this screenwriter???? Does he think we all are stupid and would not notice???

    They could have cut some of the scenes to make this drama shorter.

    Hope Seo-Joon doesn’t end up with loony toon Sang Mi. That would be a big disaster.

  44. 44 : Solar Light Says:

    These Korean Police — how could they let JK and her partner in crime Soo-Cheol get away. Unreal to say the least.

    How many lies were in the book JK wrote about herself??? What has she done — she was so busy at work doing nothing, but planning all her bad strategies with Soo-Cheol.

    Good thing Sun Hwa aired the video of JK and the guy falling down the stairs at the company. How come no reporters were around to film that wonderful scene and put it in all the newspapers????

    Hae-Ran really screwed herself by telling Dae-Guk when he was in the hospital and supposedly in a coma how she disliked him etc. etc. Dae-Guk is a horrific disgusting mean person.

    Sang-Hyuk goes back and forth between Sun Hwa and JK, then to SH, then back to JK. He really screwed himself going after JK because she had money. But in the end he did Sun Hwa a favor by breaking up with her as JM is a much better person.

  45. 45 : George C Says:

    The name of JG’s book was :”I Was Rich And A Good Person.” by Yoon Jae Gyeong.” How funny is this. Well, everyone thought it was great at the book signing until Sun Hwa showed up and the tape was played of JK fighting with the man who fell down the stairs at the company and died. JK out ran the police men – duh!!! Only in K-Drama could this happen.

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