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Sea God

Title: 해신 / Hae Shin / Sea God
Chinese Title : 海神
Also known as: Emperor of the Sea / God of the Sea / Jang Bogo
Episodes: 51
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2004-Nov-24 to 2005-May-25
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:50


Jang Bo Go (Choi Soo Jong) was a slave from Shilla (a Korean dynasty that lasted from 57 B.C. until 935 A.D.) He was sold in China during the Tang Dynasty, where he was trained as a gladiator-slave. Through hardwork and perseverance, he made it back to Shilla and became a successful sea merchant. The sea passage at the time was plagued by pirates and Jang Bo Go went head to head with them in battles and managed to keep the pirates at bay. This epic drama tells the story of a historical figure blending it with intrigue and battle of wit to make it into a successful drama of all times.


Choi Soo Jong as Goong Bok / Jang Bo Go
Baek Sung Hyun as young Goong Bok / Jang Bo Go
Chae Si Ra as Lady Ja Mi
Song Il Gook as Yeom Jang
– Hong Hyun Ki as young Yeom Jang
Park Soo Ae as Jung Hwa
Lee Yeon Hee as young Jung Hwa
Kim Heung Soo as Jung Nyeon
Ahn Jae Hong as young Jung Nyeon
Chae Jung Ahn as Lady Chae Ryeong

Extended Cast

Kim Gab Soo as Lee Do Hyeong
Lee Won Jong as Choi Moo Chang
Park Young Kyu as Seol Pyeong
Jo Dal Hwan as Lee Soon Jong (Jang Bo Go and Jung Nyeon’s friend)
– Heo In Beom (허인범) as young Soon Jong
Lee Hee Do as Mak Bong (Soon Jong’s dad)
Jung Sung Hwan as Chang Kyeom (Jung Hwa’s brother)
Kang Sung Pil as Joong Dal
Jung Ho Geun as Dae Chi
Park Jung Hak as Neung Chang
Go Do Young” target=”_blank”>Go Do Young as Da Bok
– Lee Eun Hye as young Da Bok
Kim Ah Joong as Baek Ha Jin
Kil Yong Woo as Kim Woo Jing
Seo Do Young as Moo Jin (Jung Hwa’s Bodyguard)
Choi Sang Gil (최상길) as Cheon Tae
Kim Hyo Won (김효원) as Yoo Ja Seong
Lee Jae Yong as Master Jo Jang Gil
Kim Hyung Bum as Tae Bong (Lady Ja Mi’s security officer)
Do Ki Suk as Jang Seong Pil
Bae Soo Bin as Kim Yang
Go Myung Hwan as Pan Sool (one of Master Yi’s men)
Yeo Ho Min as Baek Kyung (Yeom Jang’s subordinate)
Park In Hwan as (Bo Go’s father, cameo ep.1-2)
Shim Eun Kyung
Seo Jin Wook
Bae Seul Gi
Jo Seung Yun

Production Credits

Producer: Kang Il Soo, Kang Byung Taek
Screenriter: Jung Jin Ok, Hwang Joo Ha

Official Site


Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : Lumi Says:

    The second kdrama I eversaw (after Dae Jang Geum?Jewel in the palace), I felt I was riding a rollercoaster with all the surprises in the last 20 episodes. It made Song Il Gook a star. It’s a must sea.

  2. 2 : Füsun Says:

    does anyone know anything about Sea God’s song or soundtrack?

  3. 3 : micks Says:

    Oh my god! I just loved, loved, loved this show!!!!!!!!! This show was my all time favorite at that time! I watched it, I DVR’d it, even watched the next day rerun, everything. I was so obsessed w/ this show and the actors. They were all wonderful! It was full of action! I loved everything about it except towards the ending when jang bogo & yum moon died, hell, everyone died? You know the show was gonna end soon when everyone was getting whacked! That was way too dramatic and traumatizing to watch.
    I heard there was suppose to be a sequel? Is that true? I still love Emperor of the Sea, but NOW its all about Ju-Mong!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t help but to love the show if you like to watch action…………………….Its all good!

  4. 4 : Manji Says:

    Yo Fusun…here is the website to the song. this song is one of my best song too, enjoy!! also i love the movie…man! it sad!!!

  5. 5 : bleuelle Says:

    Song Il Gook shud be made the main hero with his charismatic persona! Choi so Jong looks like the second hero everytime SIG comes into the scene…oh hw i wish Lady Jung hwa wud finally fall in love with Yum Moon in the end….

  6. 6 : yeoreum Says:

    i just finished watching the dvd several nights ago… like any other korean epic drama, Sea God always made me want to go home early from work to continue watching it and sleep at the wee hours of the morning…

    however, the ending left me so empty and at the same time with a heavy heart… like, hey, where’s the next 20 chapters, is that all? it’s really very tragic…

    but i still love it and hope to see a sequel == about what finally came to kim yang and how Jang Bo Go’s son was raised and what he did as the son of Jang Bo Go…

  7. 7 : mazmaz Says:


  8. 8 : Nikkidrama Says:

    Loved Song Il Gook in this drama. Do you have the soundtrack?

  9. 9 : masu Says:

    ı have already watch all the series with english subtitiles. this great tv serial made change me so much. the song are so nice and sad. ı have already writen about it on my blog. if you want you can check it.

  10. 10 : Alain Says:

    Sea God >> is a really nice drama … i love it, but I had a question… the songs and the musics sound that is used in this drama where can I found them??

  11. 11 : mulan Says:

    i’m gonna try to watch this.

  12. 12 : PIRENA Says:

    I hope this drama will be aired in the Philippines soon… wow seeing song il gook in action again….

  13. 13 : shivgan Says:

    very nice & my favorate drama.

  14. 14 : mulan Says:

    I’ve just finished this series and it’s really amazing. A lot of lessons in life was seen in this drama. Showed us that life is a game. What a great actors and actress have been portrayed each character but the most i really admire is none other but Lady Jami. I recommended this to watch.

  15. 15 : Imay Says:

    This film convinced me more that SIG is a remarkable and powerful actor.
    Though he’s only the 2nd lead actor and the villain, one cant help but to love this bad handsome guy..
    Guess who is gonna b most remember role ??
    Try to watch this film, its worth watching..

  16. 16 : Dramamia Says:

    I agree with all of you. The most memorable character in this series is Yeom Moon played by Song il Gook. Oh how I fall for this series and Yeom Moon. I can fell the pain and heartaches wit him. I watched it twice in a row and still can’t have enough. The soundtracks are amazingly good, it melts my heart when I hear it.

    It’s the best TV drama series I have ever seen! LOVE IT.

  17. 17 : darr Says:

    gorgeous actors , fabulous story, great music and what a way to spend 51 hours and 51 hrs and 51 hours
    seems i can’t get enough of this series and also would like the sequels? yea
    that is it. but for now viewing and hearing and learning . wow what a series

  18. 18 : Daisy Says:

    Also known as Emperor of the Sea, it’s one of the most exciting historical dramas I’ve seen. Especially the second part. I would become very excited and anxious before it started. It had so many twist and turns. I was so saddened by the end that it took me two weeks to recover. I did not want to see any other dramas after this. Fortunately I recuperated. It made Song Il Sook a star, but the lead, Choi Soo Joon, is an impressive actor whose energy can be strongly felt, eventhough he is 20 years older than his best friend (both are suppossed to be the same age).

  19. 19 : lwiza 2000 Says:

    there are a second part of emperor of the sea?
    where is?
    i have see yeom moon dead and jang bogo also
    all dead in fin
    i love this drama
    but i don’t like a sad final
    when all dead
    i like song il gook in this role
    we can’t understund her personnalite very romantic, and pirate ????
    2in one
    i love her character,when he in battels
    very good art martial?
    this drama play now in hannibal tunisian tv ?really when?

  20. 20 : mahdi Says:

    love choi soo jong

  21. 21 : koreana Says:

    one of the best. SIG is really a good actor. everytime i watch him thru Sea God’s episodes, his jumong character floats. korean dramas simply the best!

  22. 22 : yara Says:

    no matter how many other dramas I’ve watched or I’ll watch, sea god will always have a very special place in my heart. I got to know SIG by watching it, that reason alone is enough

  23. 23 : Daisy Says:

    I’ve seen a quite a few historical dramas after this one (all good), but Sea God will always be number one for me. It just blew me away.

    NOTE: There is NO second part. The complete series is 51 episodes long.

  24. 24 : george Says:

    love by heart and soul

  25. 25 : george Says:

    loved by heart and soul

  26. 26 : reza Says:


  27. 27 : honey b Says:

    Emperor Of the Sea/ Sea of God’s very very good movie. Highly recommend.

  28. 28 : safé Says:

    this tv series is the best for me ans soo ae and song il gook the best couple in all the tv series really and all the ools is verrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy good
    thanks for all the acters and actresses

  29. 29 : hm5airy Says:

    wow..it is the best drama for me , there is many strange feeling in it
    i loved that strange relationship between su ae and song il gook , what a great acting ,,, really
    i have learned a lot from this drama especially about korean history
    thank you for all

  30. 30 : anies Says:

    Can anybody tell me who did Jang Bo-Go married to? Not to Jung-hwa, right?

  31. 31 : Nirmal Says:

    dude i love this drama…………i’ve it dowloaded from
    link here
    the problem is idon’t have subtitles in english where can i get it………please…………thnx

  32. 32 : kai Says:

    Dear Nirmal-
    You can watch EOTS with English subtitles from 1 to 51 episodes at http://www.dailymotion.com click search for emperor of the sea then click playlist
    I am watching them for 2nd. round.

  33. 33 : Anahita Says:

    سلام چويی سوجونگ.من آناهيتا از ايران هستم.مت امپراطور دريا رو با عشق تمام تماشا كرده ام و لذّت بردم.تو در نقش جانگ بو گو باشكوه بودی.اميدوارم درزندگی معمولت هم موفّق وباشكوه باشی.همچنين ،اميدوارم كارهای ديگت روببينم آناهيتا ،از ايران
    Annyeonghaseyo!Cho Soo-jong.I have watched “Emperor of the sea” & I enjoed a lot. U were awesome as “Goong bok(Jang Bo go)”.I hope U be succesful & awesome inyour daily life.Also,I wish to see you other dramas. Anahita ,from Iran

  34. 34 : Ana Says:

    Emperor of the sea

  35. 35 : Dr Vahid Says:

    korean serials have a lot of fans in here iran.

  36. 36 : ema.MJ Says:

    Hi Siamak 😉 …

  37. 37 : ema.MJ Says:

    Love can be found in the warmth of a kiss, in a touch
    or a lingering embrace….
    Love can be found in a sweet, tender glance or a
    smile that laughs up the face…
    Love can be found in words softly spoken, in
    comfortable silence too….
    Love can be found in any number of ways…
    “I FOUND YOU” 😉
    (xxxx.oooo Love u Jumong)

  38. 38 : ema.MJ Says:

    Something expected is called an incident…
    Something unexpected is an accident…
    U r an accident in my life,
    which is th ever best incident in my life… 😉
    ***Love u SIG***
    (xxxx.oooo Love u Jumong)

  39. 39 : ema.MJ Says:

    Mesle inke inja az payin be bala texta send mishe! pas unghadra ham ke fekr mikardam dir inja sar nazadan.
    Khob manam ina ro neveshtam ta tablo nasham, bikhiyal joz irani ha kasi nemifahme chi minevisim 😉 .
    Montazere texte toam… Ta baed Sia… 🙂
    (xxxx.oooo Love u Jumong)

  40. 40 : chan can Says:

    “SIG is really a good actor. Indeed i agreed totally. The most memorable character in this series is Yeom Moon. I fall for Yeom Moon. I can feel his pain and his heartache.This film convinced me more that SIG is a remarkable and powerful actor. One cant help but to love this bad handsome guy..etc”
    Lucky there is a drama Jumong, able to satisfies me . this drama has put him back at where he supposed to be..that is a hero, not a villan. and more screen time for him, and for me to ogle. Yeah!!

  41. 41 : Ashley Says:

    I have just finished watching Sea God. SIG is remarkable in this drama. Can’t get enough of SIG. Now I am watching Lobbyist. I just love the song and music in Sea God. Where can I download them.

  42. 42 : mansoor Says:

    hi Dear choi soo jong. i pleasured from your excellent role performance
    the best for you
    from azarbaijan

  43. 43 : Margene Duignan Says:

    God is good praise him!

  44. 44 : hemorrhoidectomy Says:

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  45. 45 : mutiara Says:

    It’s interesting, I’m gonna watch this,,

  46. 46 : mel Says:

    i’m not sure this movie make me interested

  47. 47 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

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  49. 49 : Büyü Says:

    this tv series is the best for me ans soo ae and song il gook the best couple in all the tv series really and all the ools is verrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy good

  50. 50 : Rudy bernstein Says:

    Its a good drama i liked it from start to ending, I give 5 STARS, write more drama, to director keep this writer.

  51. 51 : negar Says:

    i really like lady chea ryeong. she is so pretty

  52. 52 : Shkola Says:

    I ADORE this great drama.Awesome music,perfect acres and actresses,terrific dialogs,… . Totally I love it.

  53. 53 : Shkola Says:

    actually ‘actors’ ! 🙁 🙂

  54. 54 : Shkola Says:


  55. 55 : louis vuitton wallet Says:

    Totally I love it.

  56. 56 : Abdihakim Says:

    It is an awsome piece of drama! I love it.what makes it super is the presence of yeo moon in it, I like the guy, he is a great actor,jang bogo is absolutely super.

  57. 57 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] […]

  58. 58 : Ra Says:


  59. 59 : ivy Says:

    great action drama and song..this is what we call a rivetting drama. Great job…kudos to Jang Bogo and Madam Ja Mi..you two were the best…

  60. 60 : halila Says:

    Song il gook is handsome I love him and his acting in this film. Hi acted the role of great person. He loved and did every thing for his love and his father Lee… I really respect him.

  61. 61 : temitope Says:

    it’s is a nice movie, but i don’t like how it’s end so i need to may be their is continuity of the film after season 5

  62. 62 : Merit Says:

    It s interesting,i agree with temitope

  63. 63 : Ada Says:

    Good story line, great actors, interesting intrigue but dry, upsetting and bad end.

  64. 64 : Henry Says:

    Its a great movie with a tragedy ending, it broke my heart to see how everybody i loved in the movie perished.

  65. 65 : JJ Says:

    Hi all. i don’t like how the fild ends. Can someone answer me whether there will be a continuation of the film after season 5?

  66. 66 : Alade Idris White Says:

    Themes of the movie are superb.KUDOS to the writer of the story.I don’t like song il gook taken the role of an antagonist though his artistic skill is all encompassive.JANG BO GO too is a god to look on in film.

  67. 67 : calaika Says:

    Jang bo Ğ✽̶ Ȋ̝̊̅ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇  true hero. Felt his death to the point ϑf crying. Why did yum moon have to kill him? The death ϑf lady chae rung was painful. Wish to see the end ϑf kim yang’s loting. Pls tell us his end. Sea God spoilt M̶̲̥̅̊y̶̲̥̅̊ appetite ƒσя other films.

  68. 68 : Oniyitan Adeogo Theophilus Says:

    This movie started out well,but ended horriblly,because all those that did good ended up being killed. What is the moral of the Movie? Why did the producer had to follow the whole story in the book? Is the book written based on a true life story?

  69. 69 : Lookman arike Says:

    it’s intresting but d way it end was pain me nd badt it must av season 6.

  70. 70 : Farayola Funbi Says:

    Gud story line but why would song ll gook act as d villian of the story

  71. 71 : Farayola Funbi Says:

    Song ll gook should hv acted as jangbogo

  72. 72 : swizz dela Says:

    9c story bt i rily dnt lyk †ђξ endin cz it makes м̤̈э wana cry…..y shld consul jang die….?

  73. 73 : Gabby Says:

    Song ii gook is to good to act as a villian i so much adore after wat he did in jumong.kudos to d guy.nd i dont lyk d way jang bits him anytym dey meet.is nit everetime u beat somebody wen u meet.d end is very absurd it made me hate d film.

  74. 74 : Gabby Says:

    I luv d songs.nice

  75. 75 : SUN Says:

    Happy Easter 😆

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter

    every night in 10,15 mint ( Baghdad time )in ( Gahder ch ) In Nile sat

    it showen ( sea God )

  76. 76 : darling Says:

    i have already started watching season 5 of this film but just learning now that counsul Jang died with his wife, i dnt think i want to finish the film. i cannot stand watching Jang die. how can a great film like Sea god end horribly?

  77. 77 : SUN Says:


  78. 78 : SUN Says:

    Today the last Episode ( Emperor of the Sea )in ALGHADER tv chin Nile

    sat in 10, 15 ksa and reply tomoro in 1,15 afternoon

    love you Yang Jank

    11 \ 5 \ 2012

  79. 79 : ola raheem Says:

    the story line ȋ̝̊̅§ good. But, the end ȋ̝̊̅§ horrible. You should at least change the story towards the end. Though Ʊ may be following a true life story. I don’t like how the film ended. You are teaching us not t̶̲̥̅̊o do good because good people don’t last

  80. 80 : Richard unimke Says:

    I don’t like how the movie ended, even though consul jang died, i will av love to watch what happened 2 lady jung hwa nd the baby in the future….

  81. 81 : ganje Says:

    i really hate d end of the episode …how can consul jang died

  82. 82 : kingsley Says:

    Oh no!this film has taken away my sisters mind bcus of d handsome chief yumoon.bt I heard how dis film ended which is still touching me.

  83. 83 : Michael Says:

    Kingsley pls tell ur sister to cam down. Bcos I just finish watching de series and I don’t understand why de movie should end in such a terrible way. Do u think there will be season 6?

  84. 84 : Alex Dee Says:

    The storyline is nice, costume perfect, pretty casts, but why should all the good people in the drama died.
    What happen to Lady Junwha, the young king and the baby. I’d love to know.

  85. 85 : Alex Dee Says:

    The storyline is nice, costume perfect, pretty casts, but why should all the good people in the drama died.
    What happen to Lady Junwha, the young king and the baby? I’d love to know.

  86. 86 : zarima USA Says:

    the ending waahhhh.. it SUCKS ..what happened to all the good ones? theyre all died one by one and no conviction at all.. all the bad ones? HOORAY they won hahahahahaha.. what a story ,,my time was wasted in watching this kind of kdrama.. am asking myself what happened to the kam yung?the most villain in this drama.. why is it that they dont die intead of a good one… its so frustrating.. dont watch this kind of drama,, you just feel sorry for ure self,, coz THE GOOD ONE DIED AND THE BAD ONES WON yeheeeeeeeeeeeeyy,,, SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSUCKS.. SHAME ON YOU WRITER OF THIS STORY…

  87. 87 : Haryor Says:

    Pls is dere going 2 season 6 of dis drama i ve search everywhere bt cnt find it i love 2 knw wat happen 2 lady junghwa and consul jang son frm haryor

  88. 88 : Ruqayyah Says:

    Good story,bad ending.Dnt stil y d writer allowed consul jang and lady chae ryeong to die,instead of kim yang,yum moon and madam ja mi.What will happen to lady jhu wa, the young king and jang bogo’s son.I dnt like d end of d drama……***tears***

  89. 89 : SUN Says:

    Hi 😉

    Emperor Of the Sea \\ every day in 6 0,clock (kbs)

    Majan tv hn Nnile sat

    Love you 🙂 Yankjank

  90. 90 : SUN Says:



  91. 91 : michael Says:

    the writer is a stupid writer and i will never in my life watch his movie again, after writing a good film from d begining he now ended it stupidily. this wrtier failed woofully.

  92. 92 : david Says:

    In as much as yum moon is alive i love d ending

  93. 93 : sun Says:



    WELL COME 2 ((( Korean Drama & Song ))) facebook


  94. 94 : junaidu escort Says:

    Wat a stupid writer u are,i read d comment before i finish d film. i don,t think i can finished the film.writers like u and also like d writer of “iron empress”should not be allowed to write a film again

  95. 95 : AJIJI VALENTINO Says:

    A wonderful movie from the beginning but the ending is a big calamity anyway, not all stories ends interesting. To me since Jang Bogo is dead and yum moon is dead it is square at there ends but what happen to Jang Bogo’s son with lady jun nwa is what i want to know when lady jun nwa told the child to master the sea rout for some day he shall come back. I think she is saying this doesn’t ends here watch out for the next season. You what? I think i’ll keep checking to see if it will be out.

  96. 96 : AJIJI VALENTINO Says:

    A wonderful movie from the beginning but the ending is a big calamity anyway, not all stories ends interesting. To me since Jang Bogo is dead and yum moon is dead it is square at there ends but what happen to Jang Bogo’s son with lady jun nwa is what i want to know when lady jun nwa told the child to master the sea rout for some day he shall come back. I think she is saying this doesn’t ends here watch out for the next season. You know what? I think i’ll keep checking to see if it will be out.

  97. 97 : Hope Vincent Says:

    I love the movie, & am also in love with the chief yum moon.The storyline was great but I don’t like how the movie ended, it was horrible. I’d like to what happened to jung Hwa & the baby. Hope kim yang will have a miserable death.

  98. 98 : AFAMS VAL Says:

    y must chief yum moon die? what a great actor indeed. you are my role model

  99. 99 : haryorbarmi Says:

    I can’t believes what they are saying that jang bogo died’well i still can’t belives my ear ,because i was just started watching season5.when i finish it.

  100. 100 : Rose Says:

    What’s d title of the soundtrack

  101. 101 : OSMEM Babatunde R Says:

    If season 5 will be the end of this film tha mean the writer is the most useless writer i have ever seen maybe he shud go back to skul and learn how to end a tripical film like sea God.

  102. 102 : Umar B. Lawan Says:

    We are all disappointed becouse we all feel that we have wasted our money…

  103. 103 : adijat Says:

    Its the most annoying film ve ever watched. I just can’t believe everyone wld perish that way.what the writer į̸̸̨§ trying τ̅☺ tell us goodness ‎​Α̲̅πϑ ‎​ truth doesn’t count,even if jan bogo wld die his entire base ‎​Α̲̅πϑ ‎​ pple shldnt ve perished.stupid writer

  104. 104 : chioma Says:

    I just bought this series,from one to five and i haven’t started watching it,and with all these comments i see about this movie, has spoilt the interest i have already in it,why would the movie be a tragedy? I hate tragedies,but for yeom jang being in it,i don’t tink i would mind watching anywaz, cos he is my hero.

  105. 105 : Sayahomis Says:

    A Lovely drama,its very very Good.both of il guk & su jong were great.

  106. 106 : phab Says:

    Its a useless firm a total waste of tym,so all the fight pains sacrifise just wasted ,then exactly what did the story teach us,I tot it wil be meaningful like jumong firm

  107. 107 : Evelyn Says:

    I enjoy watching kdrama but it is becoming discouraging when majority of the dramas ends tragically.

  108. 108 : kareem Says:

    what a tragedy! its disappointing anyway, an interesting movie like this shouldn’t av ended like that. pls we are looking forward to seeing the session six.

  109. 109 : ijay Says:

    just release the season 6 and assume the whole of the season 5 was a dream,how can u start a good movie like dis and end so unprofessionally.
    wat are u thinking…mr director.

  110. 110 : Lawal Says:

    it’s an interesting film, but i dont like how it ended.

  111. 111 : johnelly Says:

    i don’t have much to say but i do not want to feel like i waist my time he should better make an arise of jan bogo and his base

  112. 112 : yeweebee Says:

    So pathetic! An interesting film like Séa God shouldn’t have ended in such a tragedic manner.Too bad! I feel soooooooo disappointed.damn!

  113. 113 : Stanslim Says:

    Dis is nonsense. Wot kind of writter is dis person. After so many effort made by jangling bogo. He dies. Nd his son wil nt raise his father’s name to d top again. Wot a boring ending

  114. 114 : Hibrahym Says:

    dis is so painful, so tragedic, jang bogo’s new son suppose to cum back to imperial city to kill evry1 wu coz d downfall of chungae base. 4r

  115. 115 : sea of ambition korean drama episodes 24Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

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  116. 116 : eric j Says:

    Sea god stil remains d best korean film I av watch. DoO it ended tragicly. Wat I did was2path my [email protected] back n liken it2a bad dream [email protected] not real. Mr. StoRy writer hmm!

  117. 117 : sinopsis drama sea of ambition epd 11Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  118. 118 : Babatunde Says:

    I never regreted seing this movie bcos there were great actors who thrilled me almost all thru. As good as the movie would v been, the writer lost track and sence of reason. How do u explain it when every major character in a film perished. They must gv me back my money. “Na so den dey die for KOREA”

  119. 119 : Titilayo Says:

    I think it should be a dream.A reasonable writer cannot end an interesting movie like this.So,upon all the stress Jang Bogo dream still perish.Please,the writer and director do something positive concerning the film.

  120. 120 : idre Says:

    Gosh!!!! Wt an interesting nonsense. Ds film is a waste of time and money.

  121. 121 : Olalekan Says:

    I dnt hv much 2 say bcos i’m damn angry, i culd even watch d ending well, i had to fastforward it, pls mr director or mr producer, if you realy dont want thunder to strike u, u beta bring out season 6 and mk jan bogo’s son d next actor dat wil accomplish wt hs father didnt accomplish… I rest ma case *angry*

  122. 122 : Tunanpa Says:

    Worst movie av everwatch how can one foolish boy start beating his master its not real mtchew

  123. 123 : Dane Says:

    Though what they are trying to tell us is that ” being truthful or being good doesn’t mean you will end up being victorious always. Though movie shouldn’t have ended that way, but let’s imagine Jang bogo has a son and he will be the one to accomplish what his father could not, and more so, chunghae base shouldn’t have perished like that.

  124. 124 : BrunoBrown Says:

    Take me j

  125. 125 : Jae Says:

    This series was okay but I hated the ending. They all died in a stupid way. The main character should have known better than to trust that guy.

  126. 126 : maryjane Says:

    Wat a stupid drama this is waste of time and money

  127. 127 : omoniyi Says:

    please lets just get across to dis guys one way or d other to know weather there is season six or not

  128. 128 : ebuka Says:

    is there season 6

  129. 129 : kemi Says:

    All time Fav Movie, I know, where’s season 6?

  130. 130 : jephthah Says:

    I wish my country nigeria will learn to shot sweet film like sea God…….am watchin season5……..

  131. 131 : jephthah Says:

    I love diz nigeria learn

  132. 132 : jephthah luka Says:

    God punish evri tin abt sea god …..Korea na Stupid film writers……waste of money nd my time watching sea God…… Were is d season6….i vex as i finish season1;2;3;4;5

  133. 133 : keziah Says:

    Wat a tregdy ful of annoyance i will always regrets ever watching sea god,i soar my money witout gaining wat i expected.nonsense no season 6

  134. 134 : Sola Says:

    Even though it had a rough end it will always be my best Kprean series ever

  135. 135 : teddy Says:

    I love this film with passion, but with a very sad end.

  136. 136 : Master p Says:

    I love the movie though it left me crying at the end of season 5. Please does it have season 6.

  137. 137 : ajahyi mathew Says:

    the film can’t end like that, when is the season 6 coming out

  138. 138 : ajahyi mathew Says:

    the film can’t end like that, when is the season 6 coming out?

  139. 139 : Hanger Says:

    Sea god is an intresting film,….wat abt season six

  140. 140 : Q.BLAQ Says:

    i love this film badly but it sadden me when lady jung hwa couldnt fulfill her love,but she with her love baby,so there should season,the baby must take revenge of his father death and the people of chunghea,i hope lady jung hwa will not marry for life for the movie….please let there be seasion 6 oooooo

  141. 141 : ENGR AGBDULGHANIU Says:

    #lmao#..omg..i taut im the only living in the universe that felt disappointed with the way they ended this movie..the movie is just a movie that have a boring beginning and meaningless end but passion and interested middle..all the same it makes no sense @ the end,how can they kill jang bogo?,i mean why will that useless jang bogo or whatever he called itself if its in real live you allow your long time known enemy to drink with you during the war period and off-guard , and he knew he is the strength of chungae..omg..this guys should plz act season six and makes this season five to look like a dream or hallucination…if not..SUCK YOU GUYZ,..

    you really wasted my precious money and time for season [email protected] I SUPPORT YOU

  142. 142 : FrancisRaphael Says:

    I thought I was the only one angry about how this movie ended.
    This movie really moved me and was very interesting,my annoyance is how the movie ended……
    I wish you could reshoot that season 5 or shoot season 6 that will bring jang bogo back to life…..just make hang bogo’s death fake…..
    I am Francis.

  143. 143 : EMMA Says:


  144. 144 : Kabir hassan Says:

    Sad end

  145. 145 : phiona Says:

    If u guys tink dis is too kul den u must watch jumong perfect ending dats meets hrt desires n to producers of sea god wana say a big fuck u for letting me endure boring season 1 waitin for for d final straw only to fynd out he dies fytin for wts ryt……….. D son must rise

  146. 146 : Francis Says:

    Jang Bogo’s death and all his frenz spoilt every passion i had for d movie….it dealt me a big blow…d writers made me feel like a fool…hw can he die, wen will dat boi grow up and take revenge?….jang bogo shuld return or mayb d shuld tell us he was given a second life by d sea god….ahhhh….na now d movie for start

  147. 147 : Francis Says:

    Kaaaaaaaiiiiii…..chaiiiiiiii…..no no no no…pls pls pls….season 5 shouldb a dreaam or a vision seen ahead of tym

  148. 148 : ABDALLAH KLG Says:


  149. 149 : emmanuel Says:

    pls….whr is d season six of dis sea god,dis film must nt end like dis ooo cos d ending of season five was a tragedic end.pls oooo

  150. 150 : Ofor Says:

    Evil cannot triumph over good. I believe there’s season six.

  151. 151 : VINSTAGE Says:


  152. 152 : VINSTAGE Says:

    sea god is a very nice film i have watch and watched but i don’t feel reluctant of it but it left a sorrow in me but am glad i learn something from this great drama displayed by the Koreans u guys are really great i give my salute to you all the actors.

  153. 153 : pepertual lambert Says:

    i love the film but what i dont like is why do they have to kill consul jang bogo and his men? Then what is the fate of his child, fate of the young king, if u guys really want the drama to be adored u must provide or play the season 6…… Am not happy the way it end, the ending gave the film no meaning. Please please complete the film so dat it would not end in tragedy.. Am waiting to see season 6

  154. 154 : PETER FASS Says:


  155. 155 : uthman afeez Says:

    Why are you people produce film like this…. I don’t really. Like the film becaus it end with no meaning….pleas you need to finish the film so that the it will give good meaning…. Or else you will be block

  156. 156 : I have been enjoying the movie from the start, but the end was realy bad please am curious to watch the season 6 Says:

    Korean drama

  157. 157 : olutayo emmanuel akinpelumi Says:

    i jlove this movie very much,but i will like you to do the season 6 of it,because goong bok should have not die that way. And i wish 2 speak korean

  158. 158 : kim Says:

    You guys should better make it end well my heart was broken completely at the end of Season 5, after suffering ended up being killed together with his men. Aba! Pls release the Next season and make sure That Governor and others pay for their sin. LoVe Your movie.

  159. 159 : horlhanrey Says:

    y did an intresting film end with sorrow..is madam jami really dead, is goon bok nd yon really dead, will d governor realy b d king ..i love the film but if it end like this fuck d film..cant u c jumong

  160. 160 : Joseph Says:

    The movie is full of lesson that we need to apply to daily life. But I don’t expect it will end there. if it does, that means the statement made by Jung Hwa to the little son of Jang Bogo is futile. That statement means that the story will continue and Jang Bogo son will be the one pay the governor back, I assume, but I don’t how and when.

  161. 161 : oje oluwaseun Says:

    The film is good more than good to me i never see is type, but is not how good you start but how good you end!!! Wise word…

  162. 162 : ogunbamerufemi Says:

    yes we need to watch season 6… cause consul jang bogo and his men diet can’t go in vain just like that

  163. 163 : olatayo Says:

    Am very disapointed on the this fucking seagod of season5. Why would you allow such a greatman die in such a pure mind.
    You dont have to write movie as if you’ll watch the movie on ur own,alot of people allover the world are been creat a time to watch your drama,you dnt just have to end up the film at that season5, if u dnt want us to barn your film from our country……pls release season 6

  164. 164 : Abraham Tanta Says:

    I enjoyed the film to an extend but why should jang bogo, yum moon and yun all die? You guys had the story well from the beginning, but the end was not okay. Unless you are going to use consul’s son to complete the story. We are all waiting for season 6.

  165. 165 : Abraham Tanta Says:

    I have faith in you guys. I know you won’t leave us hanging and making conclusions.

  166. 166 : kelly Says:

    Yum moon….. I never expectd u to act this part after wht u did in jumong. u supose take the consul part. You make me cry I really hope to see the season 6 am so so sad I love this film pls help me I need season 6. Frm nigeria

  167. 167 : Auwal sani usman Says:

    This drama is so fantastic,attractive,admonished about life, its exhort me to be calmness,patience,generousness,magnanimous and credible to fate,and also display me ambition to became a merchant

  168. 168 : Auwal sani usman Says:

    This drama is so fantastic,attractive,admonished about life, its exhort me to be calmness,patience,generousness,magnanimous and credible to fate,and also display me ambition to became a merchant. Nice drama.

  169. 169 : Shogy4real Says:

    I would just admit this film is non-sense unless I watch the ending part because it shouldn’t ended like that

  170. 170 : Oladele Soneye Says:

    My best movie so far. Good actors and actresses
    This movie really makes me understand what power is.

  171. 171 : Usługi rachunkowo księgowe Says:

    Artykuł stworzony przez Autora w 100 procentach wyjaśnia cały temat tekstu. Moje zdanie jest takie same.

  172. 172 : rotimi w Says:

    my heart break and still breaking. I just finished the season 5. I do learn a lot from these heartbreaking movie. 1. Power 2. Wealth 3. politics 4. Visions and dreams 5. Patience 6. trust and deciets and 7. I need to watch the season 6 or I will nor watch films again.

  173. 173 : caroline Says:

    beautiful nonsense, please release season six

  174. 174 : REX Says:

    Please release season 6 i watch this movie last 3 yrs and i have started watching it again,release season 6 please please

  175. 175 : kingphitted Says:

    Sea God is one of the korea movie i respect but how come all the the actor were killed…..I was crying when joog boko was kill and his wife including his brother…..my intrested in the movie fly out becurse why will they allowed the to kill them all……nobody to revenge….is that how that stupid governor will win them like that?……..who will now revenge the dealth of joog boko and others…with the suferness they’v face from the begining…..I beg fine sometin to do with that…even if the last disc is 1m I will buy and watch

  176. 176 : Carol Osborne Says:

    I thoroughly enjoy these Korean dramas… The acting and story lines are superb.. My one question in this drama is: how do the ships move when the sails are DOWN?….. Only glitch I can find… Lol. Thank you for the English subtitles.. I am now a die hard fan of Korean dramas!!!

  177. 177 : folashade Says:

    gud an interesting film

  178. 178 : Mrtimpsy Says:

    Such a lovely and sweet film so so so interesting movie we are waiting for the season 6 ooo

  179. 179 : victor Says:

    if you guys don’t know how to end what u started u shouldn’t have started it.
    just imagine everything just ended that way…after all the sorrowful starting.
    that movie teaches about (trust, stubbornness), yes!!!!
    but it encourages crime.
    if I don’t see season 6 as soon as possible ehh..
    then that film is nonsense. they all have to pay for their crime.

    for now let me reserve my anger

  180. 180 : [email protected] Says:

    It’s very interesting. U suppose to continue bcoz it can’t end at season 5

  181. 181 : yung John Says:

    it can end this way..u guys must continue
    why will consul die just like DAT.if I had known I will end like did I wouldn’t have watched o in the first place…

  182. 182 : Temitope Says:

    I give it to the Koreans when it comes to epics. As much as I love dongyi,so I love sea god. But then, unless there will be season 6,sea god is a flop.

  183. 183 : sun Says:

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  184. 184 : sun Says:

    Happy Anniversary ..
    Daehan, Minguk, Manse, happy birthday.

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  188. 188 : olayiwola abdrasaq Says:

    The film is highly interesting with sad end look into it next time
    abdrasaq olayiwola

  189. 189 : Friday Says:

    where is the Season 6, it can’t end like this. that bloody guy must die o

  190. 190 : Taiwo Says:

    Am unable to download this movie in this site

  191. 191 : musbee Says:

    so tragedic..very stupid ending….if there is no season three i will not watch this directors’ film again.

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