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Title: 스크린 / Seukeurin / Screen
Chinese Title : 夢想的銀幕
Episodes: 18
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2003-05-31 to 2003-07-27
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 9:45-10:50 PM


Cheerful and bright, So Hyun is creative as well. She is the only-child of a prominent artistic film director, Kim Jung Woo. Having lost her mother at an early age, she spends her days happily with her father who is like a friend. They at times have heated discussion on movies, worries about each other’s health. Her father is the owner of Sukyoung Theater and their intimate father and daughter relationship is well known.


Park Jung Chul as Park Tae-Young
Kim Tae Hee as Kim So-Hyun
Oh Seung Hyun as Song Yoo-Ra
Gong Yoo as Kim Joon-Pyo
Jun Mi Sun as Park Joo-Young
Park Hyung Joon as Oh Kwang-Soo
Kim Ji Woo as Choi Kyung-Ah
Lee Hee Do as Song Hyun-Geun (Yoo-Ra’s father)
Jung Dong Hwan as Park Jin-Sup
Kim Se Min as Yang Jin-Soo
Lee Moon Soo as Hwang Ki-Sa
Park Jung Sook
Ahn Jae Min

Production Credits

Director: Lee Seung Ryul
Writer: Im Chae Joon

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  1. 1 : rosa Says:

    hi hello to all uploaer if you dont mind can you please upload this drama i want to see this one iam fanatics of gong yoo please.

  2. 2 : summer Says:

    hi everybody

    i really crazy of gong yoo too, i try to find this series but it so hard
    who can recommand me where i can buy this series please contact me on e-mail

    thank you

  3. 3 : zilje Says:

    I’m also trying to find a series for this one.. but it’s not gong yoo whom i’m after with..it’s kim tae hee..
    Please if you have any idea on where to find it’s series..
    Just kindly plug it here..
    thank you so much!!!

  4. 4 : Vivixx Says:

    plz some emial if u fund the series i really want to watch it the plot seems interesting

  5. 5 : chocopie815 Says:

    hey…this is to anyone who can upload dramas…
    can someone please upload this drama onto this website…
    I loved this drama and I wanted to watch it again because I want to see a drama where kim tae hee and gong yoo were new stars…
    Please…THANK YOU!!

  6. 6 : Dewi Kirana Says:

    could you please upload the video with english sub-title? wanna see Yoo’s act in this drama,,,,thenkyu

  7. 7 : mutiara Says:

    where can i watch this drama?

  8. 8 : mel Says:

    i really want to watch this for free. where can i find this movie?

  9. 9 : emmaabrantes Says:

    please can upload this video im fanatic of this actos and addict to watch korean drama thanks

  10. 10 : emmaabrantes Says:

    thnks if you upload this video

  11. 11 : louis vuitton outlet Says:

    Please if you have any idea on where to find it’s series..
    Just kindly plug it here..
    thank you so much!!!

  12. 12 : didoticious Says:

    hi all, i found this series in youtube. but only comes in chinese sub :((((( heellllppp….

  13. 13 : edith c.dela vega,phillipines Says:

    hello!!it’s my first time to be a big fan of a Korean movie.. i just finished watching the all TV series of gong yoo, the first time I saw the pictures of the characters, I was amazed, you guys are all beautifully made by God.. I really LOVE the all story of tv series of,Gong Yoo ….all I can say is, IT’S THE BEST…LOVE YOU GONG YOO…mwahhh


    I love GONG YOO!!!

  15. 15 : Lily Says:

    Where can I watch this drama ?

  16. 16 : SuseeS Says:

    Where can this drama be watched with English subtitles?? Anyone please help. Want to watch it for Gong Yoo…..

  17. 17 : huongvu Says:

    i really want to watch this drama in Engsub but i dont know how, please let me know how to download it, thanks in advance!

  18. 18 : Amalia Says:

    Please could you upload this drama, I really wanted to watch This drama and please with Emg Sub too. It’s hard to find it

  19. 19 : mei Says:

    where can we watch this drama? 😥😥

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