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Scent of a Woman

Title: 여인의 향기 / Yeoineui Hyanggi / Scent of A Woman
Chinese Title: 女人的香氣
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2011-July-23 to 2011-Sep-11
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50


A woman, Lee Yeon Jae, is given the grim prognosis that she only has a short time left to live. She decides to quit her job at a travel agency and live her life to the fullest.


Kim Sun Ah as Lee Yeon Jae
Lee Dong Wook as Kang Ji Wook
Uhm Ki Joon as Chae Eun Suk
Seo Hyo Rim as Im Se Kyung

Extended Cast

Kim Hye Ok as Kim Soon Jung (Yeon Jae’s mother)
Sa Hyun Jin as Yoo Hye Won
Choi Jung Hoon as Oh Sang Mok
Lee Jung Gil as Kang Chul Man (Ji Wook’s father)
Park Jung Sun (박정선) as Park Sang Woo
Kim Kwang Gyu as Yoon Bong Kil
Shin Jung Geun as Noh Sang Shik
Son Sung Yoon as Nam Na Ri
Nam Gung Won as Im Joong Hee (Se Kyung’s father)
Jung Dong Hwan as Kim Dong Myung
Shin Ji Soo as Yang Hee Joo
Cha Ji Yun (차지연) as Cha Ji Yeon
Kwon Oh Joong as ex-boyfriend, cameo
Xiah Junsu as himself, cameo
Lee Won Jong as the pianist
Kim Ji Sung as nurse
Moo Ri Yoo

Production Credits

Director: Park Hyung Ki
Screenwriter: No Ji Seol (노지설)


2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Awards, Best Actress (Soap Opera), Kim Sun Ah
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Awards, Best Actor (Soap Opera), Lee Dong Wook
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Awards, Actor (Soap Opera): Uhm Ki Joon
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Awards, Actress (Soap Opera): Kim Hye Ok
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars, Kim Sun Ah
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars, Lee Dong Wook
2011 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards, Seo Hyo Rim

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-07-23 1 13.9 (5th) 15.8 (5th)
2011-07-24 2 13.9 (8th) 15.1 (8th)
2011-07-30 3 13.1 (5th) 15.4 (5th)
2011-07-31 4 12.5 (8th) 13.4 (8th)
2011-08-06 5 16.2 (4th) 18.5 (4th)
2011-08-07 6 17.0 (4th) 18.6 (4th)
2011-08-13 7 16.8 (2nd) 19.6 (3rd)
2011-08-14 8 16.7 (3rd) 19.7 (3rd)
2011-08-20 9 17.8 (2nd) 21.5 (1st)
2011-08-21 10 18.6 (2nd) 21.9 (2nd)
2011-08-27 11 16.7 (2nd) 18.8 (2nd)
2011-08-28 12 16.4 (6th) 18.7 (4th)
2011-09-03 13 16.4 (3rd) 19.6 (1st)
2011-09-04 14 16.1 (4th) 18.1 (4th)
2011-09-10 15 15.7 (4th) 17.1 (4th)
2011-09-11 16 14.1 (4th) 14.9 (3rd)

Source: TNmS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : kdramafanNC Says:

    I was waiting for this one. Really looking forward it, I love Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook, love Sam Sun, love City Hall, love my girl. Can’t wait when it shows. My most recently favorite is The Greatest Love.

  2. 2 : via Says:

    Wow.. KSA really looks beautiful here, but I think she looks so thin.. I love her short hair in City Hall better than long hair here..

  3. 3 : dinaz Says:

    Wow lee dong wook aftr 2 years!welcome back..hope the drama wil b a gud 1..

  4. 4 : d14h Says:

    Lee Dong Wook… Finally, hope this is gona be a Good Drama 🙂 Can’t wait to watch

  5. 5 : tie_tie Says:

    can’t wait for this drama………..

  6. 6 : anjas Says:

    what a sad synopsis!
    miss u noona sun

  7. 7 : yandri Says:

    i hope it’ll be happy ending..

  8. 8 : jangerr Says:

    Yay! Finally, a show by KSA! Can’t wait!

  9. 9 : wynn demon Says:

    yeah~!!! add on a new drama~!!! (*- *)
    cnt wait for the appear~!!! (~- ~)
    cst really looking forward to this drama~!!! (^- ^)

  10. 10 : leflahon Says:

    hmmm its nice to know a new drama but looking on it, its a kinda sad drama again..ugh really hate sad ending!!!

  11. 11 : nadyaaaa Says:

    woooowwww icant wait for this one…. Leedongwook oppa

  12. 12 : meredith Says:

    sad synopsis.. huaaa…
    i affraid it will be sad ending too.. i hate sad ending..

  13. 13 : sam Says:

    i knew it! Welcome Lee dong wook! i hope this is a good show.

  14. 14 : Lei08 Says:

    Woah! Lee Dong Wook is back!! Can’t wait to see this one!!

  15. 15 : nana Says:

    lee dong wook!!! finally~ :))

  16. 16 : anjas Says:

    it’s too early guys if we think
    it’ll be sad ending. let it air n see.
    hope this drama as good as the greatest love.

  17. 17 : fan Says:

    It’s a rom-com, I don’t think it’ll have a sad ending. The synopsis remind me of an american movie which had a happy ending.
    Waiting for this for days and days, KSA is very good actress, hope the story and the script will be as good as her talent.
    Hope it’ll be a success as TGL (for our City hall couple;)).

  18. 18 : Cat78 Says:

    can’t wait….!!!!…..

  19. 19 : via Says:

    yeaahhhh.. me too can’t wait for this drama.. LDW and KSA.. Hwaiting!!!!

  20. 20 : FeeChul Says:

    Lee Dong Wook is COME BACK !!! ♥
    miss him so much ♥:*

  21. 21 : teazze Says:

    cant hardly wait for lee dong wook.. its been 2 years since i fall in love with him on partners..

    hope this will be a good drama..

  22. 22 : rosevine agassi Says:

    can’t wait to see this drama in indonesia,…

  23. 23 : meetzy Says:

    Kim sun-ah is back! I always ♥ her drama!
    Btw, she looks like lost her weight in this drama.

  24. 24 : rien cute Says:

    ye dong wook opaa ^^

  25. 25 : 4nth! Says:

    Welcome back oppa ^^ lee dong wook…..
    I hope that this drama is a success ,,,,,,,,,,,, ok !

  26. 26 : 리사 Says:

    Looking forward to this drama, both actor and actress i like…hopefully is a good ending…

  27. 27 : Cat78 Says:

    Welcome back KSA on New Drama…

    Will be a good drama….

  28. 28 : Iseliux8 Says:

    Waiting almost two years for the handsome Lee Dong Wook, great he is already released from his militar service. Looking forward to this drama.

  29. 29 : poonam Says:

    im so looking forward to this drama.

  30. 30 : poonam Says:

    i was so looking forward for lee dong wook oppa to make a come back.oppa hwaiting!

  31. 31 : Kyu eun Says:

    hey kim sun ah looks like lee da hae, right? 0o0

  32. 32 : Scent Of Woman « Robiahadawiyah's Blog Says:

    […] Park Hyung Ki Screenwriter: No Ji Seol (노지설) koreandrama.org […]

  33. 33 : ptsh836 Says:

    why, if dis drama is categorized as a rom-com; then hopefully no sad endings! mayb da doctor’s prognosis is wrong n kim sun ah is wrongly diagnosed n she may not have da life threatening disease after all or da doctor had her medical check sheets mixed up with somebody else’s…da possibilities r endless….again…no sad endings where KSA is concerned!! Never!!!

  34. 34 : Sunny Says:

    Can’t wait!Want to see lee dong wook again..:)

  35. 35 : katex Says:

    comedy? when the woman is dying?

  36. 36 : cubitusebby Says:

    KSA looks so different, beautiful..
    Hope to watch this kdrama soon

  37. 37 : Lyn Says:

    Excited to watch Lee Dong Wook on screen again. You’re great.

  38. 38 : via Says:

    from all those pictures above, i just realize there is a wedding pictures, so very exciting to watch this drama.. they are such a lovely couple..

  39. 39 : sam Says:

    a new trailer is out! i cant wait to watch this show.

  40. 40 : via Says:

    Im so glad we can see the wedding scene in this drama.. it means KSA role will not going to die after all, am I right?!

  41. 41 : fan Says:

    She was just dreaming, you can see it in the trailer.
    I don’t think she’ll die.

  42. 42 : sulyn Says:

    Really counting the days to see this drama.
    Miss KSA on screen and I’m sure this will be
    another beautiful drama from her. She delivers!

  43. 43 : teazze Says:

    aaahh.. the cover is so romantic…
    really waiting for this drama.. Hope the storyline would as good as the cover pic.. 🙂

  44. 44 : via Says:

    nope .. I haven’t watch the trailer yet.. hahaha.. so it’s just a dream, her dreams I’m sure,hehehe… I still hope there will be wedding scene in this drama, not only a wedding dream scene,hahaha..

  45. 45 : maya Says:

    i hope there is no sad ending..according to the genre it is rom-com drama and i truly wish there is no sad ending..chaebar..kim sun ah look so beauty and younger than her age in this..as for lee dong wook,omo im drooling rite now…hahahaha

  46. 46 : aning Says:

    aaahh lee dong wook.. what can i say bout you.. xixixi

  47. 47 : mona Says:

    omigod!!! i must watch this drama………………..

    the casts are great :))))))

  48. 48 : rose Says:

    AHHHHH!!! Can’t wait!!!!!

  49. 49 : shis2993 Says:

    i want watch this drama so much ^^

  50. 50 : zhian Says:

    the only reason i’m excited to watch this drama is because of lee dong wook!!so cute!
    im not really a fan of kim sun ah nor any of her dramas!!i just dont like her eversince..^^

  51. 51 : chaRICE nG Says:

    I’m the biggest fan of kim sun ah… yay… can’t wait to watch this drama

  52. 52 : Claire clark Says:

    Even I’m an american but I love korea drama… especially Kim sun ah Drama… love him so much…. kim sun ah… i love youuuuuu….

  53. 53 : maryann Says:

    Nice to see you again Lee dong wook! After watching “My girl” I got hooked on your dramas. Wish you can team up agian with Lee Da hae. I like kim sun ah as well.

    I hope you can visit the Philippines again. I didn’t know you then when you visited many years ago.

    Good luck in your new drama.

  54. 54 : drew Says:

    oh man!!!the lead actress in this drama looks to old for his leading man…..no offense but i think they didn’t look good together ..i mean,,just look how fresh and youthful the male lead..!!
    she looks more of an elder sister or a sugar mama, rather than the love interest of the guy..Lmfao!!

  55. 55 : aimi Says:

    she doesnt look natural in those photos.
    she looks like she had a botox..her skin bit tight
    even if she admits or deny having plastic surgery,its still to obvious that people can notice..

  56. 56 : Yoph Says:

    can’t wait any longer for lee dong wook after watching my girl and partner ♥

  57. 57 : via Says:

    So what if she is older than him? I don’t care, I love Suna.. she such a queen in rom com genre, She had no problem when she play in My Lovely Samsoon with Hyun Bin whose practicly younger than her.. so whoever her partner is, she will be able to pull it off.

  58. 58 : xhiam Says:

    another rom com? not so sure about this!

    not really a fan of both leads.

    though ive seen some of the dramas of KSA, i’m not that impressed.
    she tends to be overacting sometimes and her facial expressions suck!!

  59. 59 : fan Says:

    Let’s judge after watching.
    If you didn’t like KSA in City hall, you will never like her.

  60. 60 : Lins Says:


  61. 61 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    You’re wrong she did not look older than him. She’s like a beautiful luxury jewelry and who enriches the “wearer” him. she is an actress most unique and talented and beautiful and funny and sexy in all korea even more beautiful than younger actresses in korea.

  62. 62 : GRACE Says:

    Lee Dong Wook…i’m your fans..i’ll fully support your drama…aza,,aza..

  63. 63 : arti Says:

    wow…i’m so excited with this drama and can’t wait watch this drama
    because I want to see lee dong wook

    I hope you can visit the indonesia again.

  64. 64 : mona Says:

    lee dong wook welcome back 🙂


  65. 65 : Judith Says:

    I don’t understand the dislike of Sun Ah. To me, and I’m an American, there is no actor in any country who touches her genius comedic timing and her ability to disregard her beauty, making herself look fat, homely, rude etc. She’s in class by herself, much better actor than she’s paired with in this drama- and older ? Her beauty and charisma can compete with any actor of any age.

  66. 66 : nita Says:

    yeeesss, Lee Dong Wook oppa is back..!! ^^
    Long time not seeing him at korea drama.
    Kim Sun Ah looks different in this drama, younger n beautiful than her older drama..
    Waiting this drama so much.. =)

  67. 67 : KpOp Addicted Says:

    I’M Big Fan Both of Them..They wEre LooK differEnt While In This Movie Scent Of Women..When KSA acts in My LovelY SAmSoon She look fat But Cuty By The Way..I Love Her In there..
    LWD Oppa..He act so cool In My Girl..
    Goo FightinG for Both Of Them…Muuahh

  68. 68 : Sam Says:

    67 responses already! Wow! This drama will be great!

  69. 69 : fansyou Says:

    olala…… this drama have already finished shown a few of minute ago…. but i still can’t watch it…..

    please uploud as soon as possible in eng sub….
    can’t wait…..


  70. 70 : fan Says:

    Just the first scene makes you laugh out loud
    I expect this drama will be hilarious

  71. 71 : grace Says:

    Lee Dong Wook…fighting…saranghae!!

  72. 72 : dwi agustanti Says:

    perfect couple…like them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. 73 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    Hey Korean people see this the drama,
    Kim Sun Ah she is your best actress
    I’m sure the drama is good.

  74. 74 : poonam Says:

    so looking forward to watching this drama.i am a huge fan of both kim sun ah and lee dong wookl.hope this drama gets good ratings.

  75. 75 : Dominic Says:

    im a huge fan of kim sun ah…really like her acting…especially in my name is kim sam soon…i expect more from her in this drama…hwaiting…!!

  76. 76 : OK OK OK Says:

    Watch ep1 and i am hook. Kim Sun Ah acted well. 🙂

    I really dislike Lee Yeon Jae immediate superior. Such bully need to be taught a lesson.
    And also the rich lady Seo Hyo Rim – no matter what role she act – good or bad (mostly spoilt brat) I still don’t really like her.

    Why nowadays, the actors had trim down alot. Lee Dong Wook looks thinner than before – now his eyes looks deep set. He looks best in the drama Loving You & My Girl. Hope you can put back some weight. 🙂

  77. 77 : aliceamat Says:

    fighting Kim Sun Ah, I wish this drama to be a great achievement in Korea. love you Kim Sun Ah

  78. 78 : sulyn Says:

    Love the 2 episodes shown. KSA is just great. She is such
    a fine actress and she’s so natural. Her transformation in
    episode 2 was lovely. She looks so pretty and I just love
    the ending – she was in LDW’s arms. Wow!

  79. 79 : whateva Says:

    I’m watching this drama solely because of Kim Sun Ah.. eversince MNIKSS, i fell in love with her acting and her friendly personality off screen. she is the main reason i started watching korean dramas in the first place. she is talented and in a league of her own..Scent of a Woman is going to be a great hit. btw, all the talk about botox or plastic surgery is just bull.. which korean actor/actress have not had plastic surgery or any form of enhancement??? the diff is that all the beauty enhancement will not make you a better actress/actor.. she is born talented and this is the 21st century, even NORMAL people on the street has plastic surgery…

  80. 80 : fan Says:

    How to watch this drama with eng sub ? viki isn’t available for my region, if somone can help please !!!

  81. 81 : Allison Says:

    I’m hooked on this drama and looked forward for wknd for ep 3-4.

  82. 82 : kdramafanNC Says:

    I really cried on Ep1 when Lee Yeon Jae was shaking and telling the boss she quit. I applauded for her action and I cried for her misfortune. So far the show going on is good, can’t wait to see how she and LDK has chemistry in next episode.

  83. 83 : Sam Says:

    Upload please. Where can i watch it?

  84. 84 : Sony Says:

    Will be surprise again, it’s Kim Sun Ah drama!

  85. 85 : KDaddict Says:

    I am real glad I watched eps. 1 & 2 together. It is satisfying to see her transformation from the mousy woman eating humble pie to the feisty take-charge adult with beauty make-over!
    Still, are the big black frame glasses necessary? I wish they’d let girls on a budget look good, with contact lens, simple clothes n tidy hair. No need to exaggerate.
    I saw LDW in My Girl, but hardly recognize him here. It’s been a while, n he has trimmed down.
    Big question: Is she really going to die at the end?

  86. 86 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    How the ratings are so low, why? I don’t understand the Korean people.
    That Kim Sun Ah! can not be so bad script according to the brief that was interesting but sad and even if the worse scenario, Kim Sun Ah will make it better with her ​​the great game

  87. 87 : jangerr Says:

    @81 kdramafanNC

    Have no fear! You want chemistry, you’ll definitely see it. If you have seen KSA’s dramas and movies, you’ll know that she has this incredible ability to just ‘click’ with any of her co-stars. In fact, she’s so good that she can create chemistry even with a wall!

  88. 88 : iman Says:


  89. 89 : aj Says:

    u can watch it on dramacrazy.net or dramasub.com and its subbed
    LOVE U KSA , WISH U ALL DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. 90 : Allison Says:

    @ Kdaddict,
    My guess is that is not going die but more like something of misdiagnosis or miracle is going to happen for her.

  91. 91 : eksha Says:

    owhh kim sun ahh and lee dong wook is so sweet

  92. 92 : KDaddict Says:

    It could be a mis-diagnosis, wrong file or a dream. But it could also be a 49 Days: She dies giving the message that each day may be our last, and therefore to live “in the moment”! I am still traumatized by 49Ds cos that ending came out of left field!
    This is a good drama n I’ll enjoy it, but won’t be ambushed anymore. 😉

  93. 93 : C Says:

    This must be a good drama. Gonna watch it soon.

  94. 94 : sulyn Says:

    Did they really get through a weddng ceremony in Okinawa?
    Can’t wait for her to go back to Line Tours to meet her ex-colleagues
    as the future boss’ wife. Hahaha.

  95. 95 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    jangerr ! I agree. ^ ^ Like it.

  96. 96 : fan Says:

    This is a rom-com, it won’t have a sad ending.
    49 Days was a fantasy romance, so every thing was possible, you couldn’t expect anything.

    I like the lighting in this drama, the camera angle is different, I just like the way it’s filmed.

    LDW played a bored man very well, you can see it in his eyes, I’m looking forward to his transformation after meeting the bright KSA.

  97. 97 : Dmingz Says:

    I watched ep 2 twice and cried twice!! At first I thought it would be a cliche drama about a dying women, but I am so glad the writers gave a thorough and detailed depiction of a women who feared death and did not want to go regreting not enjoying her life. This gave the drama so much more meat than some of the other dramas *ahem*

    Love the part she told the Dr off. It happens so often in real life when the Dr is not compassionate towards patients! KSA was good at selecting good scripts!

    KSA proved her agility in doing sad and emotional scenes again!! but this is supposed to be a romantic comedy, i hope the mood turns better quickly keke.

  98. 98 : dwi agustanti Says:

    hope they can be sweet couple and this drama can be hight ratings….I can not wait to watch this drama until the end…..^_^

  99. 99 : jangerr Says:

    Hmmm… I must admit that episode 1 got me worried. Down and out plain jane girl – check! Rich, handsome guy – check! Dying lead – check! It looks very tired, with a standard, oft used kdrama formula.

    But hey, episode 2 put the hope back in me. It may be a standard formula but there’s a twist… KSA’s character is NOT going to die timidly and uneventfully (if she really dies in the end). No, no, no! She’s going to die gloriously, eventfully. She’s going to kick ass and live life to the fullest!!!

    And I can’t wait to see all that!

  100. 100 : rien cute Says:

    wah da gax sabar mo liat dong wook oppa ^^

  101. 101 : lanwookie Says:

    Realy miss LDW boring face..hahaa..good job. At last, after 2 years and came back with this great drama..damn miss LDW acting…but why the rating is low..? whats wrong with korean followers? come on guys..this is a great drama..

  102. 102 : sam Says:

    how come no one uploads at youtube? The sites who sponsors videos are so slow and has poor quality. Please I want to watch this, please upload at youtube. Everyone be blessed! 🙂

  103. 103 : lydia Says:

    love you lee dong wook.. i hope a happy ending story for this drama.. 🙂

  104. 104 : sulyn Says:

    @ sam

    Try watching from this link.
    Hope that it works. I really enjoyed this drama.
    KSA is a real great actress.


  105. 105 : Nadia Says:

    i hope a happy ending story for this drama.
    I LOVE IT GReaT CHeMISTRY between the lade actors

  106. 106 : tentakel Says:

    from first scene at first episode, i can guarantee that this drama will be GREAT..
    and i didn’t guess it wrong. until end of episode 2, i’m totally interested and hooked with it. KSA always keeps excellent work for her acting. both sad scene or funny scene she never dissappoint me, her acting has given me great impression. only two actresses can show their perfect ability to play their funny’s side and pathethic’s side, KSA and LDH. and even we can’t see LDW paired again with LDH, but see LDW paired with KSA made me very satisfied too.
    for whoever still didn’t watch this drama yet, prepare yourself for getting goosebump

  107. 107 : mtoenlob Says:

    @104 sulyn – Thank you for the link.

    @87 jangerr – In fact, she’s so good that she can create chemistry even with a wall!”

    That set me into a fit of laughter! (“,) You’re right. KSA is THAT GOOD!

  108. 108 : jangerr Says:

    Before I forget, let me say “Hi” to all City Hallers who are here! So glad to see many of you. Well, how can we not be here, right? This is THE show we’ve been waiting patiently for…

    @ sam

    Another site that you can watch this drama with eng subs is kimchidramas.net.

  109. 109 : SRP Says:

    ahhh so sweet

  110. 110 : sylvia Says:

    I am so happy to see Lee Dong Wook again after being discharged in the army. However, It seems that having appered right away in the drama after serving the military he was not given enough time to rest. I just noticed that he seemed a little haggard and I can see it in his eyes that he really seemed very tired. Anyway, he’s still handsome as always. I love the lead actress, she’s one of korea’s best actresses. I hope to see a good development and ending for this drama

  111. 111 : via Says:

    oohhh… can’t wait for saturday and sunday.. can’t wait for KSA to meet and date LDW.. so exciting..

  112. 112 : sam Says:

    thank you for the link! you be blessed!:)

  113. 113 : drama addict Says:

    This must be interesting drama. But i think the actress look older than Lee Dong Wook too much. Lee Dong Wook fighting !!

  114. 114 : sariana Says:

    lee dong wook is myfave korean actor.. so.. must be watch this drama… saranghaeyo wookie… always waiting your acting in much drama n movie.. fighting…

  115. 115 : dwi agustanti Says:

    please add preview…

  116. 116 : dhez Says:

    I’ve watched episode 1. Shes so pitiful here. Cant wait for her unimaginable transformation. Hey Kim Sun Ah fans shes so sexy and very slim here. Hope the Doctors finding is not what it seems to be. I dont want a sad ending. Keep up the good acting Ms Kim. You’re very lucky to have Mr Lee as your partner here. I guess mas sisikat pa sya ngayong naka partner na nya si the Great Ms Kim Sun Ah.

  117. 117 : wynn demon Says:

    in pps dnt have this drama? (o. 0)
    cst till now, i still dnt fsaw it in pps..(>=

  118. 118 : mark Says:

    wooo!…i agree, the lead actress in this drama really looks to old to for lee dong wook. Cougar relationship? wanna throw up seeing them together as love pair in this drama. lol

  119. 119 : dodo Says:

    guys she is not that old and she is one of the most talented actress i have ever seen if you watch any drama or a movie for her you will now for sure she always act with the best actors ……………..

  120. 120 : HODAYA Says:

    My name is HODAYA and I’m from Israel. Israel has a channel called Viva PlatinA where you can see Korean dramas. From the first moment I saw the Korean dramas. I fell in love with Korean culture. Kim SUN AH is one of my favorite actresses in Korea She is very talented Actress AND There is no doubt that her drama will be very successful.

  121. 121 : Dhez Says:

    No upload yet for ep3? Im so excited on how things going on between tne 2 lead star. You see the transformation of Ms Kim? Wow perfect! It seems to me that her age can never be far from her leading man here. It looks they of the same age. Ms Kim how come you become so slim & sexy? I guess you prepared yourself for this role of having been diagnosed of cancer right? But please no sad ending please! All of your dramas have a happy ending. Hope this one too.

  122. 122 : iwed akana Says:

    finally can see LDW again..
    interesting drama… I almost cry when the doctor said Lee Yeon Jae can’t refuse that she already became CA patient… hiks…
    If I saw the picture here, looks like the got married, I wondering how’s the ending will be? Is she can cure from that disease? I Really hope it will happy ending !!!

  123. 123 : ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Says:

    Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook together… WOW… I’m already loving it.

  124. 124 : kdramafanNC Says:

    really like the drama it is becoming more and more interesting.

  125. 125 : KDaddict Says:

    It is so much more enjoyable to watch a show for which u don’t hate the villainess. I am lucky that I don’t hate Seo Hyo Rim. She plays the hateful rich bitch here. But as I’ve seen here play a normal girl next door in “Happiness in the Wind” for 173 eps, that image sticks, n I don’t dislike her now. She was also an OK girl in SKK Scandal. I think she is playing her role well. And Ehm KiJ as the cold doctor as well. Hope he can continue in the show despite his DUI.

  126. 126 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 4:
    Oh Sh_t! No. 20, last item on her Bucket List:
    To close my eyes in the arms of the person I most love.
    So this is going to be a rom-com for 18-19 eps, and then yank our guts out at the end? I don’t know what kind of crying I’d do when I see her die in his arms!

  127. 127 : dodo Says:

    oh kim sun ah don’t die on his arms we are going to cry so hard really i love her acting she is awesome actress one of the best ever

  128. 128 : dodo Says:

    oh kim sun ah don’t die on his arms we are going to cry so hard really i love her acting she is awesome actress one of the best

  129. 129 : jangerr Says:

    When I saw her 20th item on her bucket list, my heart dropped too… Please, please, director and scriptwriter, don’t forget this is a rom-com…

  130. 130 : CINDY Says:


  131. 131 : sulyn Says:

    This is a beautiful drama with lovely cinematography,
    a lovely cast and great acting from KSA and LDW but
    why is the rating so low?

  132. 132 : jangerr Says:

    @ sulyn

    There’s no doubt about the acting chops of KSA and LDW. Maybe it’s the wrong classification of the genre of this drama? Since it’s classified as a rom-com, most viewers would expect to be tickled at the very least if not made to double up in laughter… However, I find myself closed to tears more often than laughter…

  133. 133 : Sony Says:

    It’s a good drama of KIM Sun Ah again.
    It’s a must watch!

  134. 134 : alica Says:

    awesome drama .. keep going..fighting!!

  135. 135 : Nina Says:

    Somehow when I watch this drama I was thinking of “Sweet November”

  136. 136 : Mrs.LeeDonghae Says:

    i’m loving every bit of it. it would be nice if i went to a vacation and i’ll meet a guy like lee dong wook.

  137. 137 : dramalov Says:

    The lead actress is older! she is 6 years older than the lead actor.

  138. 138 : Donna Says:

    Cant wait for episode 5&6. I dont care if shes older than her leading man. For sure Dong Wook Lee will become more popular because of him being paired with the Great Sun Ah Kim.

  139. 139 : nilli Says:

    me too i dont care . i like both of them .sun ah is very cute and good actress and dong wook is very handsome .ill wath this drama.niceeeeeee

  140. 140 : etee7114 Says:

    I finished Ep 3 and for some reason I’m afraid to start Ep 4. I don’t really want to go crazy waiting for Eps 5 and 6. So, I’ll hold on for just a little longer because tomorrow is Saturday!! Maybe, tonight I’ll give in to my impatience. I have this gut feeling that I’ll get so addicted.

    And yes, I don’t care that she’s older than LDW. Funny how my eyes see all the lines around LDW’s eyes and thinks he’s around the same age as KSA.

    SOW fighting!!

  141. 141 : sylvia Says:

    The way the story develops it doesn’t seem that it’s a romance-comedy drama. In the beginning, I thought that the actress’ ailment was just misdiagnosed but it wasn’t. I just hope that in the end that the script writer will give a nice ending so as not to dishearthened the viewers.

  142. 142 : sulyn Says:

    @ nilli

    You are right. KSA is so sweet and adorable. LDW
    is real hot and they both make a nice couple. Will
    look forward to them doing the tango. Will that be
    on tonight?

  143. 143 : kriss Says:

    Yay! It’s saturday!!! New episode coming…

  144. 144 : cal Says:


    The first four episodes impressed me.

    Love the cinematography, the story line, and also the dialogue.

  145. 145 : cal Says:

    Cannot wait for the next episodes! 🙂

  146. 146 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 5:
    I thought that being the playboy that he is, he’d be a great tango dancer. Who knows he’d be a novice at it? But when they are at his first class together, it is slow n sizzling! The guy is head over heels abt her, only he doesn’t know it. I love this stage of their relationship. It’s a little like hide-n-seek.
    The fan meeting she attends w her doc friend is also touching. She makes up a story in order to get picked; only the story of him having a crush on her hits closer to the truth than she dreams.
    I’m happy happy watching these shows!

  147. 147 : kdramafanNC Says:

    just watched ep 5, this drama is getting better and better.

  148. 148 : OK OK OK Says:

    Both Kim Sun Ah & Lee Dong Wook, both good actor & actresses. Enjoy episode 5 very much. Can know how they feel for each other just by their expressions.

    Looking forward for ep 6. 🙂

  149. 149 : Nadia Says:

    pk a chaque fois vous parlez d’age , on s’en fout
    c’est l’alchimie entre le couple qui fait que le drama marche ou pas
    u always speak about age pff

  150. 150 : Mia Says:

    Can someone tell me what kind of cancer Yeon Jae got?

  151. 151 : fan Says:

    The story is about a spoiled boy loosing any interest in life after his mom passed away, meeting a woman (older than him) who makes it interesting for him again. KSA and LDW are perfect for these roles, the story needs that.

  152. 152 : fan Says:

    I don’t know why this drama is categorized as a rom-com, it’s handling a serious subject, it’s about cancer and how people faces it.
    LYJ has it, her father had it, I bet that LDW mother had it too, and the doc became an oncologist because of LYJ father.
    And maybe the story that LYJ made it up is not totally false, so tell me why the doc is keeping a photograph of both of them ?

  153. 153 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 6:
    is agonizing. The poor taciturn doctor who can’t vocalize his feelings towards Miss Lee; the privileged chaebol son who can’t do as he pleases, n so can’t acknowledge his feelings for Miss Lee; n of course Miss Lee who is proud n has to fight to clear her name. All of it draws in the audience; it moves you n engages you. Can’t wait to see their progress.
    Lee DW has lovely deep eyes, n is so cute.

  154. 154 : kdramafanNC Says:

    finished ep 6, really can’t wait for the next one. Another week. Ouch! I feel desperate for two of them.

  155. 155 : KDaddict Says:

    I think her doctor said gall bladder or its duct, if I remember correctly. Why?

  156. 156 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Dong Wook ssi, you are so handsome. I like your this drama very much. 🙂

  157. 157 : kriss Says:

    Oooooo… Love the tango bit… Especially when Miss Lee puts her palms on rich guy’s chest… Can literally feel the electric in the air… Smoking!!!

  158. 158 : dwi agustanti Says:

    love LDW and KSA very very much…they acting make me wanna try to watching again….like you aLL ^_^

  159. 159 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m re-watching this fr the beginning, fr ep 2. Don’t like to see her being pathetic in ep 1. The 1st time, we watch for the story; 2nd time, we can see their interaction n expressions. Do these 2 have great acting!! Their expressions r so varied n subtle, they just pull your heart along.
    I feel sorry for Kang JW. He has a joyless life since his mother died. With this woman, he laughs for the 1st time. She also shows him how to savor the little moments in life. No wonder he has fallen for her.
    That doc may have been carrying a torch for her for 25 yrs, but has such atrocious bedside manners. If my father’s doc had been like Eun S when he was dying, I’d have been v upset too. By having no empathy, he sure hurts the patients family.
    Don’t understand Rich girl tho. What does she hope to accomplish by treating Kang JW that way? She seems to be a scary n heartless person. Wonder what her gigolo bf did to charm her so!
    It’s in ep 3, 30 mins. that the doc said she has cancer of the gall bladder. Her dad died of liver cancer. She is taking the experimental drug, which doesn’t cause hair loss. That way, Kang won’t get to know of her cancer for a longer while, which is quite unfair to him, isn’t it?
    Will the miracle drug cure her? Or will she die leaving the 2 men as better ppl for having known n loved her?

  160. 160 : dhez Says:

    Wow the rate increase by 50%. It really shows how good and exciting this Scent of a Woman drama. Episode 5&6 did it all. The emotion between JW and YJ plus ES makes it more exciting I just cant wait for next episode to come. Hope this intense feeling will make it through till last episode. Please make it a happy ending. I dont want YJ to die because of her illness. And yes I want her to be with JW. Their chemistry is so intense.

  161. 161 : kyuqi Says:

    AWESOME!i cant wait for the next eipsode!lee dong wook is SUPER SUPER HANDSOME in here!love his character and his eyes is AMAZING!they can act very well and every scene between lee dong wook and kim sun ah makes ur heart BEATS FASTER and goes wild!great chemistry and great ost!it matches everything well.perfect drama of the year!
    LEE DONG WOOK,fighting!

  162. 162 : mtoenlob Says:

    1. @152 fan – “…so tell me why the doc is keeping a photograph of both of them?”

    True, LYJ’s made up story is not false at all. The sickness, the meeting after 25 years are true. Even the unrequited love is true. Only LYJ is not aware of the doctor’s (CES) feeling for her which started 25 years ago when they were both just kids. His keeping the photograph and the book prove that after all these years the feeling for her never left him. Now that they crossed paths again will he muster enough courage to let her know of how he feels for her? That remains to be seen.

    2. On the issue of AGE difference – I don’t get it why the needless fuss over the age difference between the leads. Look at their faces! Side by side, there isn’t much difference at all. Yes, etee, I agree. Just like you, I, too, can’t deny the fact I see those lines around LDW’s eyes. Does it bother me? No, not at all. Age aside, what counts is that they have chemistry. They have the necessary attraction to make the drama exciting to watch. KSA and LDW look good together.

  163. 163 : sulyn Says:

    Agree with you. Both LDW and KSA look great together.
    Love all their scenes together – make my heart beats fast.
    This couple really sizzles on screen. What a beautiful couple!

  164. 164 : Mia Says:

    @ Kdaddict,
    Thank you for the confirmation of her diagnosis. Gallbladder cancer is not the end of the world if diagnose early. Treatment is chemo and rad or cholecystectomy although prognosis. Oh well, drama is a drama. I enjoy it anyway!

  165. 165 : KDaddict Says:

    When she re-entered hosp on acct of constipation, ha, they gave her another MRI, which confirmed that her cancer hasn’t spread fr the gall bladder to the abdomen. So, why did her doc only give her 6 months to live??? Nor was there any mention of gall bladder removal. At 1st, I was sure she’d die; now w the miracle drug, may be not huh. Happy viewing!

  166. 166 : Dominic Says:

    i am big fan of Kim Sun Ah…i have watched every single drama of her…so far, none of them have disappoint me… Hwaiting…:-)

  167. 167 : Sasha Says:

    I think that Actors are amazing and acting smashing!!!! Looking forward to next episode! I was really amazed by scene when they first walked in a tango dance. love it love it love it.Thank you for the great drama!!!!!

  168. 168 : Mia Says:

    @ Kdaddict,
    Yeah, why did she get a prognosis of 6 months to live? With nowadays medical advance, cancer can be treated if diagnosis early. I have a friend who has gallbladder removed at age of 18 and now she is 24, live healthy.

  169. 169 : kdramafanNC Says:

    bad news, i have read an article said that Kim Sun Ah’s role will die. Some people has predicted that this drama will be a happy ending and there will be either she will get healed or that was mis diagnose of her cancer. The director has confirmed that the leading female role will die because she does have terminated cancer. The story will show how her life was beautiful (not right now, we all what she has been through so far after diagnose) in 6 months. I’m so sad to know that. I wish there was a miracle that she will be alive and fall in love, be loved, get married and have kids… is really hard to watch that she is dying.

  170. 170 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh dear! She dies, and we all cry our eyes out! I guess I can see the logic of it: her short time b4 death lets her savor every minute, n it changes the lives of the 2 men who love her. Since it makes sense, n isn’t a surprise, I am OK with it.
    I’m just mad at 49 days for pulling such a big surprise on us in the last ep!

  171. 171 : aling Says:

    oh please don’t die Lee Yeon Jae, still wishing a miracle will happen and they’ll have happy ever after life 😀

  172. 172 : jefe Says:

    ahh… so she will die? hmm, that’s what i thought…
    though i’m still hoping that the ending will turn out differently. 🙂

  173. 173 : dhez Says:

    I don’t think she will die at the end of the series. Shell live and be married with JW. Thats for sure. Somebody from Korean informed me about it. So guys don’t be sad. Keep on fighting for Scent of a woman. Go YJ! Fighting! Go Scent of a woman!!!!!

  174. 174 : Grace Says:

    This drama is great, make me want to watch it very weeks. Besides from plot, our both leads are awesome. They look great together and acting is so cool. LDW is so handsome. I like both dance tango slow together and can feel their chemistry. Can’t wait for next ep tomorrow with eng sub.

  175. 175 : kdrama_fan Says:

    Kim Sun Ah is very good in the drama like before. She acts very convincingly. It is a joy to watch her expressing frustration, anger, sadness, and others.

  176. 176 : KiM NaNa Says:

    I love this drama and I’m sure at the end she will married to that gorgous rich boy ….and I don’t think she will dy …. She will stay in this world and she will lose her money because she know she will dy in 6 month she is buying new clothes new mobile phone and she will lose all her money.

  177. 177 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 7 & 8:
    I expected Wilson’s return to make a big splash. The court or judge should order Im SK apologize n pay JY for damages. Instead, JY has to go ask for them herself! Not satisfying!
    Boy oh boy, that dance in ep 8 is hotter than sex in any KD I’ve seen.
    And why does he look like he is in so much agony, or crying at the end of ep 8? Wait till he finds out she has terminal cancer!
    KimSA looks hotter by the episode.

  178. 178 : nilli Says:

    wowwww it makes me learn tango,,, amazing. if this man came to like this, i think i die. soooo wonderfull. best scene

  179. 179 : soaw Says:

    Love this drama….KSA is a great actress she really know how to capture your heart and attention. I am totally hooked to this drama can not wait until next ep. kwaiting KSA

  180. 180 : lydia Says:

    hi, please translate, what KSA say in the end of 8th episode? why LDW cry? pleaseeeeee.. 🙂 thank u very much..

  181. 181 : jangerr Says:

    @ KDaddict

    Totally agree with you. The tango scene in ep 8 was more than hot!!! Any hotter, the whole screen will be on fire!!! KSA is simply amazing – she has this incredible ability to bring out the best in her co-lead… All along, I’ve thought of LDW as cute… Now I think he’s hot… 😉

  182. 182 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 8:
    @ 23 mins., he took off his jacket n wrapped up his sleeves so urgently, it looks like he is going into a fight, or going to jump her bones. 😉
    Don’t understand her friend’s indignation. It’s not like she sees YJ going out w her bf or husband. The guy is only “soon to engaged”. No need to threaten cutting off 20 yrs of friendship.
    At the end, YJ said: Let’s fall in love. He cries, becos he already has. (By reneging on the engagement, it can anger SK’s father into bringing down Line Tour).

  183. 183 : dhez Says:

    The TANGO DANCE is the best scene for this series. thought i feel disappointed that they did ot kiss but that dance is more than expression of what they have with eacn other. May I ask who did the choreography. And it will be more interesting to see how this scene goes. Behind the scene I hope will come soon.

  184. 184 : jangerr Says:

    Hey peeps, go read the recaps by girlfriday in dramabeans! It makes watching the show so much more fun, especially the comments of viewers at the end of each recap.

  185. 185 : sulyn Says:

    Yes, that was a real beautiful recap by girlfriday.
    The hot hot and intense tango scene really was
    HOT. Real good acting on the part of LDW and KSA.
    KSA sure delivers in every role she portrays.

  186. 186 : ALe Says:


  187. 187 : cal Says:

    Please don’t die, Lee Yeon Jae.

  188. 188 : jangerr Says:

    The comments at dramabeans recaps of SOAW are sooooo good. Let me just quote from one of the many viewers, Dominique.

    “Is Seoul still burning?

    I am afraid that the Tango in Episode 8 might have set Seoul on spontaneous combustion, with its nuclear heat, passion, sizzle and desire. Step by (Tango) step, and without a word, he breaks down what is left of her resistance. So that, when the dance ends, his conquest becomes fait accompli. He then delivers the immortal line in whisper: As such, how can I give you up?

    Who would have thought that an almost-kiss can be far deadlier than an actual one? Hell, this almost-kiss was even more devouring than sex. Bravo, Lee Dong Wook, for your Oscar-worthy performance in Episode 8!

    Scent of a Woman is on the way to setting a new gold standard for Korean dramas. Lee Dong Wook, in the role of Kang Ji Wook, is in the process of creating a new immortal lover in the league of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. And Kim Sun Ah, by creating a new female role model, gets to do it twice. (Yeah, it will be great to retire Kim Sam Soon finally.)…”

  189. 189 : jangerr Says:

    Can’t resist quoting another viewer, clover’s comment in dramabeans…

    “OK, not one kiss…not one. But could they be any hotter together?”

    Short but hit it right on the head!

  190. 190 : citrine811 Says:

    Wonderful Tango!!! KSA & LDW Love Love Love……………

  191. 191 : dwi agustanti Says:

    i hope lee dong wook and kim sun ah can be a couple again in next drama….hohohoho…^_^

  192. 192 : KDaddict Says:

    Kissing vs not:
    They did not kiss, but their “near kiss” makes your heart jump more than any sucking of the upper lip ever can. Many times, you can see that the actor is attacking the actress’ upper lip, n it makes u want to laugh. YoonEH is an exception. She is one actress who really kisses for the screen.
    LJW has interesting eyes, so deep set, no Mongolian fold at all. They definitely don’t look Korean, not even Asian. I didn’t think of him as handsome either b4 this.
    I beg to differ w gf on 1 pt: They all ship him, but I think the doc is a jerk for treating dying patients that way. He may grow as a person thru loving YJ, but for now, he is a jerk in my book.
    KSA and women in their 30s, go go go!

  193. 193 : dwi agustanti Says:

    Going be Crazy coz this Drama…..i LOOOOOVVEEEEEE ITTTTTT SOOOOO MUUUCCCHHHHHHHHHHH ARRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Drama…

  194. 194 : sue Says:

    Wowwwww!!! Ep 8 is offffffff the charts!!! Didn’t realise an almost-kiss can be hotter than a kiss! Didn’t know a dance can be sexier than a bed scene!!!

  195. 195 : xaxa Says:

    i hate this drama…………………

  196. 196 : lydia Says:

    i can’t wait for the next episodes >_

  197. 197 : dhez Says:

    Last night I’ve try to watch the TANGO DANCE between KSW and KSA and. Scent of a woman Tango Dance is far sexier than CH Tango Dance. But KSA is far more beautfiful in CH. I guess being so slim didnt suit her at all. Well I guess its for her role having diagnosed with Cancer. Im still praying and hoping for a happy ending.

  198. 198 : kell Says:

    Holy cow! The tango is a BABY-MAKING dance!!!

  199. 199 : Jennie Says:

    I’ve only just started watching this and trying to catch up. First impression? Jeez, KSA and LDW have become too skinny that they look really haggard but I still love them anyway!

  200. 200 : mtoenlob Says:

    I just love the tango scenes in this drama (the imaginary one included). So much emotion, so much passion.

    Tango Scene 1

    For two hearts beating as one, time stood still…for what seems to be an eternity, nothing existed…there was no room, no music, no others, nothing… just the two of them off to a place where we could not follow…all that remained was the steady pounding of the heart, eyes locked in seductive adoration and confusion, the sheer pleasure of the touch…pulsating with sensuality, with exhilaration… and with bated breath an anticipation to something unfathomable expressed only in silence and emotion.

    Tango Scene 2

    Vision of her standing there…illumine with golden lights
    Hesitating for a second, but, no not a moment to waste
    Ripping off restricting fabrics that suffocates your being
    With purposeful strides you rush to her side and without hesitation…
    Taking the lead…guiding her to a place where both once shared a rage not a distant ago…

    Listening to the sound of her breath growing heavy, heady with her scent, filling the senses with her fragrance, feeling the warmth of her touch, skin bristling with excitement, leisurely stoking the flame of desire that has been steadily burning for days and…

    Eyes locked in heated longing…caressing, skin on skin…chest pounding, ascending, descending… a push, a pull, feeling from the center of the soul… clarity of senses, rising, rising… panting breath, inward through…rhythmic bodies move closer, closer one step at a time…passion flares, the air sizzles, feel the heat…the dance of passion!


    While the first tango scene left us simmering, the second tango scene burnt us with its steam. While the first one seduced us, the second one aroused us. Who would ever thought that a dance could send one to frenzied ecstasy!

  201. 201 : demi Says:

    I really love “You are so beautiful”

  202. 202 : Lovemoon Says:

    Love the tango dance. It is classic, isn’t it? How can Koeran drama keep coming up with all these unbelievable wildest idea? No wonder why we keep getting hook to their drama. “Cola Kissing” from Lie to me and now this tango dance.
    Love this drama so far even thought we all know she will die at the end (for now). I hope we will have a surprise happy ending.
    At the end of the ep of this week she finally asked him to start dating. We know she likes to date somebody and even get married with somebody before she died but is it a selfish act? I feel sorry for him.

  203. 203 : Joyce Says:

    A very uinspiring drama to watch….very touching and yet very meaningful….love both of them so much….chemistry is definitely there…
    Another good drama from Kim Sun Ah…very passionate acting…

  204. 204 : Joyce Says:

    Scent Of A Woman is really a very good drama….that reflects on how a person need to live her life in 6 months time…it creates a lot of imagination to audience as well on how we want to live our life in 6 months and what we have not done previously in life….not solely just love but her desire to live life by experiencing whatever that she had missed in doing before…..very meaningful….the tango…very beautifully brings out the love and passion between Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook…despite the age different…they are both look so compatible together from the height, look and chemistry that they had built up throughout their story…..a must watch drama….lesson to be learnt from this drama….Thumbs up once again to Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook…

  205. 205 : dwi agustanti Says:

    Never Kiss..Dissapointed…..when it will all happen? waiting for it…hahahahaah..they are very cute..like them…..

  206. 206 : dhez Says:

    I hope its already Saturday so I can watch Scent of a Woman ep 9

  207. 207 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    the drama excellent, the actress excellent, charming actor and interesting scenario, when Kim Sun Ah dropped a tear I dropped two when Kim Suna laughed I laughed twice Kim Sun Ah she is a unique player of Korea’s will be proud in her
    Kim Suna ! here in Israel love you. Fighting ^^

  208. 208 : tentakel Says:

    just one word to describe and represent scent of a woman
    i never watched any k-dramas before as elegant as this one
    and however was ending of this drama, i do hope it’ll be super elegant.

  209. 209 : Allison Says:

    @ Lovemoon
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have an enjoyable and happiness times with the persons we love for 5-6 months than spending the lifetime with the ones we don’t love at all?

  210. 210 : exshaa Says:

    lee dong wokkk loveee you

  211. 211 : MAYA Says:

    kim sun ah sarang haeeeee

  212. 212 : eza Says:

    scent of a woman ,,,,,good korea drama

  213. 213 : Aasma Says:

    I am in love with this drama..wish saturday comes everyday..•_•

  214. 214 : linda Says:


    watch all episodes wd eng subs

  215. 215 : jessy Says:

    SUPER DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. 216 : sulyn Says:

    @ jessy Says:

    August 20th, 2011 at 5:25 am
    SUPER DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

    May I add on SUPER, SUPER, SUPER?
    This drama is just SUPER!

  217. 217 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    sulyn i agree with you it is Super Super Super Super the best
    and the actress KSH she Super the Best She’s wonderful . *( ^_^ )*

  218. 218 : hye sha Says:

    drama korea lovee
    drama korea is the best

  219. 219 : LIEEE shaa Says:

    i love you korea,
    korea is the bestttttt
    drama is no 1

  220. 220 : KKKKKKKK Says:


  221. 221 : losi Says:

    I love it. My best drama ever •keep going •aja aja my best couple . Great job

  222. 222 : losi Says:

    Canot wait . .

  223. 223 : monacana Says:

    KSA really knows how to bring out the best from her co-stars. I did not notice LDW that much before but boy KSA can get that pretty boy going.

  224. 224 : cindrella Says:

    he is so handsome ..i love it ..i also love ost
    so lovely this drama ..vote vote

  225. 225 : cindrella Says:

    “You Are So Beautiful” i love this song ..guys keep watching this drama ..it s so beautiful drama .^ ^
    so exited ..

  226. 226 : cal Says:

    I don’t want Lee Yeon Jae’s 20th wish become true.
    It will be so sad. Please let Yeon Jae happy at the end.

  227. 227 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 9 deals w the trouble Line Tour has to face as the fallout from the cancellation of their engagement.
    But if you only had 5 months to live and are trapped in a tent for the nite w sb who looks like LDW, would u let him out? 😉
    She Should Really tell him abt her illness. It amounts to the worst kind of betrayal, to let him fall so deeply in love b4 he finds out. She reallyX2 shouldn’t do that esp since she knows the pain he has suffered w his mom’s death!

  228. 228 : Allison Says:

    If I were KSA, I would not let him out. And they were out of the tent, LDW asked if she wanted to do the it again, I would say yes I were her. Hehehe…

    Yeah, I would disclose up front of the illness and let him decide if he would still want to continue with the relationship or not.

    Anyway, this ep 9 is very good. They finally had some fun times together and KSA had the love from LDW. She could go to heaven without regret now for KSA.

  229. 229 : seian Says:

    ep 5 aghhh i keep replaying

    best scene ever 😀

    i love it ..^ ^

  230. 230 : Kanha Says:

    I think she doesn’t disclose her illness cos she ianal afraid that she will be rejected and get the disappointment. Since 5months left to live, she couldn’t care much. But when she is deeply in love with him, she will start to feel guilty and find it hard to tell him. do hope the happy ending for them. I love KSA 🙂

  231. 231 : dhez Says:

    I wonder what was that thing buried by his Mom that he should open when he become of age. Would anybody can guess it or have any idea what that is? I am excited now for ep10.

  232. 232 : jangerr Says:

    Something weird happened… Besides SOAW, I’ve been following and enjoying another show, Protect the Boss, closely. Which means I’ll watch an episode the moment it’s available.

    However, after episode 8 of SOAW, I’ve forgotten completely about PTB… I’ve just been busy rewatching and thinking of SOAW and waiting for its episode 9. It’s only today, while looking for the latest episode of SOAW, I chanced upon episode 5 of PTB and realised, hey, I haven’t watched it…

    Did this happen to anyone else?

  233. 233 : seian Says:

    Love this drama♡..
    lee dong wook you are so handsome ..i love everything in you ♡♡♡..

  234. 234 : thump2 Says:

    it was so..so..so..heartbroken for ep 10…I keep sobbing while watching., can’t wait for the next ep. I wonder will Ji Wook found out the truth..? I really wish SOW will end up with a happy ending although it does’t seem to be in that direction till now, but as we know korean dramas can creates wonder for the plot and story line.KSA & LDW both of you look great together…WELL DONE! To me both of you are very very talented actor & actress. As for KSA shii..you are wonderfu;..Hwaiting!!! you’re always my favourite actress…as for our LDW oppa…. you are great!!

    p/s.. For those who have the latest info for this drama… PLEASE!! Please!!! update me… who desparately waiting….tq;)

  235. 235 : sean sean Says:

    I want to quickly rush to watch and see this drama

    lee dong wook

  236. 236 : Kanha Says:

    Is it wired???? I guess not,…… Cos its actually happen to me as well 😀

  237. 237 : KYESHA Says:

    scent of a woman plays a very very soon I’m waiting to know what the story

  238. 238 : derrya Says:

    kim sun ah is really my favorite artists
    moreover he was paired with actor lee dong wook so excited watching my idol too

  239. 239 : Mic Says:

    Why is this a romantic comedy? Romance alright but can’t see why it’s a comedy!

  240. 240 : Vvysha Says:


    lee dong wook I like you very much

  241. 241 : dhez Says:

    Is is time for him to know the condition of his woman? I think I cant take it. What will going to happen for the next episode. The tumor has grown already oh please no sad ending please. Moreover why is it titled Scent of a Woman.

  242. 242 : dhez Says:

    Oh I forgot to mention the ratings wow amazing. This is crucial time as in!

  243. 243 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 10:
    It’s gt for her that while in pain in the hosp, she has images of their kiss to dream of, but the poor guy!
    At 44 min, it is the 1st time she thinks abt it fr His pt of view, n ask: Otoke? Ya, no kidding!
    When she runs crying to the doc to save her life, at least he didn’t speak to her like he does to his other patients: Everyone dies! Treatment is futile! Hope he’ll becm a better doc thru treating sb he loves.
    Next, becos JiW finds out on his own, n she doesn’t want him to know, I expect he’ll be the Nobel Idiot, n pretend Not to know, while loving her till the end.
    End: For the sake of the sad lonely Rich Boy, who loves her n only her, I hope she lives.

  244. 244 : miaomiao22 Says:

    @KDaddict: lol at your comments for ep 10. They are soo funny

    @jangerr: it happened to me too … quess it’s not so weird, so dont worry hehe

  245. 245 : dieshera Says:

    lee dong wokk i love youuuuuuuuuuu

  246. 246 : loona Says:

    EP9; LOL at the TENT KISS scene! really funny and hilarious…and for the BIKING KISS, should i rate it as THE BEST KISS SCENE of the year..? DINGDONG…it must have been very difficult to ride face to face but the result is just amazingly..this couple so adorably cute… BUT…
    EP10; OMG..really ripped my heart into pieces…

  247. 247 : thump2 Says:

    can’t wait for the next ep!!! i m dying to know what is next…i think kdaddict prediction might be right.. oh no…today is only monday, first day of the week….please hurry up …..i need weekend

  248. 248 : KDaddict Says:

    While I root for her to have a great love b4 she dies, I worry for him so. How is this a comedy???
    Some ppl say KSA is older here than in KimSS, n older than LDW. So what? Her acting is great, she is pretty, n they look good together! The impt thing is: She makes her role n emotions so real. Not everyone in the world is 24, so not every role or actress has to be either.
    This n PrinM are too sad. I need PTB to brighten up the mood!

  249. 249 : fan Says:

    I agree, he won’t tell her that he knows about her illness, and he’ll try to make her happy to the end. Poor boy !
    It was somehow mean from her to do this to him, maybe she’ll die but didn’t she realize that he’ll be hurt for a long time after her death especially she experienced that feeling after her dad’s death and saw what her mother endured. What I don’t understand is her actions and reaction towards him, didn’t she realized that he was deeply in love with her, just by looking to his eyes you can understand what is in his heart man !
    She asked him to date, and then she didn’t bother to hug him accordingly !!!!!! Had he to ask her to blow on his injured finger !!!!!!
    By doing this to him, she was very very selfish ! Poor boy !

  250. 250 : Kanha Says:

    Yeah, never mind the ages…. This couple look great together. I love them.

  251. 251 : KDaddict Says:

    @fan, @Allison:
    I wasn’t too pleased w her 4 what she’s doing w him.
    Then I ask myself: If I only had months to live, n had a chance to fall in love w such a guy, would I grab that chance? Oh, yes! What abt you?
    Will I go goo-goo eyes n kissy kiss w him? Hell, yes! And you?
    But I’d let him take me to the hosp sooner n let him find out what I was there for. Not that time when she was constipated, but the following time.
    I’d like to die having been in love, but more imptly, I’d like to die with a clear conscience n honor.

  252. 252 : waiq Says:

    i am crazy for this drama .. so lovely ..i cannot wait ..love the couple ..
    lee dong wook saranna

  253. 253 : Allison Says:

    @ Kdaddict,
    Yeah, I totally agree w/ u on the way she walks away fr LDW, poor little guy just fall in love and get treated like this.
    Well, putting myself in shoes, I would still tell my lover my illness and my prognosis as I want to use my remaining times wisely. If he back out, that is too bad and I’m fine with it. This proven he doesn’t love me much, then I can move on doing else meaningful.
    If I were to have a kiss from the cute man like LDW, OMG! I would not kiss like KSA, so sorrowful, but more playful, passionate and more juicy sweet. I would enjoy every single moment togheter w/ my love one.

  254. 254 : Allison Says:

    @ Kdaddict
    Sure! I’d want to die with love, and of course with conscience, honor & especially with dignity. That’s why I have to tell him, as I don’t want to lie or hind anything from my love one who trusts me.
    See, now she scoot up herself and so is the poor LDW; he is hurting because she doesn’t tell him sooner. Wouldn’t it be better to tell him then letting him finds out himself?
    I’m disappointed at the end of ep 10. It’s so sad; I want to see romantic comedy not romantic tragedy. Man! if I knew it’s like this, I’d not even start to watch it.

  255. 255 : KDaddict Says:

    Tho it’s a tragedy so far, don’t lose heart for 2 reasons:
    1. the acting is really superb; just enjoy that;
    2. since they bill it as a rom-com, maybe sth surprising will happen at the end to make it a comedy still?
    So hang in there and enjoy the view. 😉
    You want rom-com? “PTBoss” is one. “Can’t lose” starting tmr, is another.

  256. 256 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict & @Allison, Hello

    Don’t lose heart, Allison, despite all the dramatic scenes, I’m pretty sure she’s not gonna die and like KDaddict says, it’s a rom-com and we’re all in for a surprise at the end.

    KDaddict, hi-still trying to catch up with this drama, too many good Kdramas, so little time!

    Looking forward to see Choi JW in a comedy. Last time I saw her was in 2days 1 night n she was hilarious!

  257. 257 : thump2 Says:

    Yeah.. i totally agreed with kdaddict…the acting was superb, that make the drama enjoyable…although in bitterness. As for me no point watching drama with the good ending but lousy actor & actress acting skill. i really can feel the drama ,it delivery it own message in it own ways. KSA always been great… she is superb especially in delivering the heartbreaking/pain/sincerity emotion… (especially in MNIKSS and City Hall) LDW too… an great actor, he delivery his character well… execellent pairing!!
    What can i say…. seem like i definately have to watch it till the end regardless it ending…just because they are just amazing!!!

  258. 258 : styrn Says:

    You’ve been already watching it since the beginning. So, let’s finish it until the end. No matter what the ending will be. Cheers 🙂

  259. 259 : Justis Says:

    Now I know who the brainy one is, I’ll keep looknig for your posts.

  260. 260 : fan Says:

    Sincerely, if I was her I don’t know what I’ll do, it’s not that easy to know that you’re going to die in few months.
    Now that I’ve seen KJW pain when he knew about her illness, I’m ok if it’s a sad ending, the last scene was heart-rending, it’s made me angry with LYJ.
    Yes I agree she deserves to be loved, everyone deserves it, yes she has the right to fall in love, no one can stop his feelings, she did what she did because she was denying her illness, BUT it’s still SELFISH from her. She was disappointed that he was engaged and asked for more from him and never tried to tell him about her illness even she had many opportunities. Each time she was like pushing him away, and of course his reaction was each time trying hard to gain her. Only the pain made her realize that she is really ill, and there is no hope about their relationship, but it’s too late !
    You have only 6 months to live or 10 years to live or 40 to live, selfishness is selfishness !

  261. 261 : fan Says:

    When you forget that it’s only a show and you start reacting with the characters, it means that the cast is doing an excellent job. Choosing KSA and LDW was the right thing to do. KSA is superb as always, LDW first time seeing him, and already falling for him. I’ll enjoy watching them to the end no matter how it will be.

  262. 262 : waiq Says:

    omg. this drama is so good it kills me inside.

  263. 263 : dwi agustanti Says:

    i cant waiting for the next eps….hurry,,,,,hurry….hurry…..cant waiting……

  264. 264 : ViKa Says:

    i love this drama… LDW&KSA are really awsome doing their job… i cry whenever they cry, i feel happy when they are happy

  265. 265 : KDAddict Says:

    why can’t i watch Ep 4 on any of the websites…DramaCrazy, Dramastyle & MySoju! Disappointed!

  266. 266 : KDaddict Says:

    @fan, good to see u posting more.
    @Justis, come post with us.

    Sharing thoughts n feelings on a show is part of the enjoyment too!

    Did you hear that Park Min Y is dating LeeMH for real?

  267. 267 : freah Says:

    OMG,i really love this drama!!! it’s been years since i last cried for endless love and stairway to heaven and i never thought that i will be crying again because of this drama!arrrrrgghhhh… i cant help it, my tears just falls whenever lee yeon jae cries!!! i hate it to see kang ji wook wearing that sad face..geeezzz is it going to be a sad ending or a happy one? whatever it would be, I JUST LOVE THEM BOTH (including poopypants)!!!!

  268. 268 : freah Says:


  269. 269 : fan Says:

    Thanks. looking forward to your comments.

    At first they refuted the news saying that’s just rumors, and now they’re confirming it !

  270. 270 : fan Says:

    In ep. 10 KJW said to LYJ “I have a present for you” she asked “what ?”, he replied “me”with his hands, hehehehe so funny !!!
    Doesn’t this remind you of someone with red bow-tie ?! 😉

  271. 271 : Jennie Says:

    Epi 10 was great. Am relieved that he now knows the truth. Was afraid when she refused the ring that it was going to be one of those cliche dramas where she rejects him and he becomes bitter etc etc. Now that he knows, being lovable him, he pretends not to know and I’m pretty sure he’s going to fulfill all her wishes and we r all going to bawl our eyes out and we r all going to be awed by many more memorable n romantic scenes (the tango, the bicycle ride, the kiss in the tent etc were epic!!) Two thumbs up for the great script.

  272. 272 : Jennie Says:

    @fan Exactly what passed thru my mind when I saw it. He really looked like our red bow tie friend for a second there.

  273. 273 : Kanha Says:

    I’m watching City Hall again and again while waiting for saturday to come soon:)

  274. 274 : dhez Says:

    2more nights to go and its ep11 of Scent of a woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  275. 275 : rae sha Says:


  276. 276 : MAYA Says:

    I LIKE Drama scent of a woman

    LEE Dong wook
    Kim suN AH

  277. 277 : rae sha Says:

    I WILL DRama korea scent of a woman good drama

  278. 278 : calv Says:

    I heart Kim Sun Ah. Her acting is lovely. She put a lot of emotion in her acting.

  279. 279 : ally Says:

    This is another great drama after CITY HALL. It makes me cried out when KSA bet the doctor for longer life! I am thinking if I were her… how am I going to handle it myself! Very romantic and touching drama… FULLY SUPPORTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! Though I hope for good ending, but reality bites!

  280. 280 : kdramafanNC Says:

    I mean to post this earlier, the OST of the drama is great. I’m listening over and over again. Something for the Korean Drama is that they always have great OST. This one can be on my top list like TGL and SG. Of rouse, I love JKS, so YAB and Mary Stayed All Night Out are good OST too.

  281. 281 : ffishat Says:

    very good drama is all I see
    what else to star lee dong wook and kim sun ah

  282. 282 : sue Says:

    TGIF! TGIF!! TGIF!!!

  283. 283 : DramaQueen Says:

    I really wasn’t too keen to watch this drama. After all, it’s about a woman who has only 6 months to live, so it doesn’t look like it’s gonna end happily. And I hate tragic endings. Hate. So, I avoided it for the longest time until I saw one episode out of curiosity and was drawn in. And I realise why Scent of a Woman is so amazing – it really touches our hearts in a big way. In a lot of ways, Scent of a Woman is speaking to my life, telling me what’s important in life (I blogged about it at http://www.dramabento.com/2011/08/27/6-lessons-i-learned-from-scent-of-a-woman/) and it really makes you evaluate your life. If you know you’re going to die next year, how do you want to live your life?

    So I’m bracing myself for a tragic ending, but helplessly watching the characters of this drama desperately living life to the fullest. We should all try do the same.

  284. 284 : cal Says:

    I do agree with what @DramaQueen said about this drama.
    Even if Scent of A Woman is going to end sadly, I think it’s still a worth-to-watch drama. 🙂

  285. 285 : Reita_chan Says:

    So cool,q dah lhat mpe ep 10,kren bgd

  286. 286 : jessy Says:

    I like this drama so much)) they make suah a great couple)) she’s pretty and he’s got that manly manner ))) thank u, guys!)))

  287. 287 : dhez Says:

    Oh my! Why is she wearing a wedding gown? Cant wait for ep12

  288. 288 : thump2 Says:

    if i am not mistaken…wearing the wedding dress is one of 20 things that she wants to do before she dies…. . I predict the reason she is crying while wearing the wedding dress coz she gets the news that Ji Uk is getting marry. she even went disappear . i believe that ep 12 is also another heartbreaking moment… before we could enjoy some of their sweet moments again..maybe in ep 13 or 14 ….

  289. 289 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 11-12:
    First she tempts him, cos she wants to fall in love b4 she dies; then she dumps him, cos she realizes she IS dying, but he IS in love. I get it but hate it.
    Afraid of her impending death, he retreats; but decides he wants to be w her still. She wants to hand him over to SK, but finds it too painful. She wants to take a wedding picture; he rushes to her.
    Back n forth they go. THAT is their tango.

  290. 290 : KDaddict Says:

    The story said he was 12 when his mom died. Her tombstone shows: 1953-1999, which makes him 24!?
    In Preview 13: He proposes to marry SK. Seung Yoo in PrincessM said: How can I spend my life w another woman when there is already a woman in my heart?

    What would u do if u were JiW?
    I’d say: I’ll stay w u till the end, not for ur sake but 4 mine. I didn’t get a chance to do so w my mom, n was in sorrow for 10 years. If I send u away properly, I’ll be able to move on. Now which do u want for me? :'(

  291. 291 : Allison Says:

    @ Kdaddict,
    It’s really catch 22 for me. Damn it if I watch it and dawn it if I not. So I decided to watch it anyway since I’m more than half way through this freaking rom-tragedy.
    What a drama! It’s really a drama of drama.
    Oust!!! I’m heart breaking for LDW but also feel bad for the doctor. Sigh! What good had she done having so much loves from these 2 nice men.
    BTW, isn’t the tomb stone states 1953-1992 or 93. So LDW is 28-29 right?

  292. 292 : KDaddict Says:

    I’ll take ur word for it abt that tombstone. Maybe my eyes r bad fr too much KD!
    I feel the same way: damned if I watch, damned if I dont!
    Also, if she is so damned attractive to 2 such attractive men months b4 she is to die, how come no one was interested in her b4?
    When shows get too stressful 4 me, I wait till it ends to watch it fr the finale bckwds!!

  293. 293 : jangerr Says:

    Where can I watch ep 11 with subs? Either english or chinese subs are fine with me.

  294. 294 : thump2 Says:

    u can watch this drama at dramacrazy., my soju. tuduo or epdrama.. if u r somewhere in europe, u can watch through dramafever or viikii.. happy watching… it is a great drama.,i guranteed!

  295. 295 : Kanha Says:

    For me I watch this drama on youtube ^^

  296. 296 : hwanisti Says:

    OMG recaps from Ep 12… Jinwok has accident 🙁

  297. 297 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 12:
    This show is pissing me off, seriously.
    What mother would miss all the tell-tale signs that her daughter is getting ready to end her life?
    How shameless does a rich father have to be in order to prostitute his only son for a business alliance?
    Does YJ have to be a noble idiot to push away the only man she has ever loved?
    How misguided does he have to be to walk away from the dying woman he cares so deeply abt?
    Where has the icicle doctor been all these years if he is so much in love w her? Why not show up to woe her years earlier? Was he living on Mars?
    I understand she has lost their zest for life, that’s fine, but I object to her walking around like a zombie when it jeopardizes the safety of other road users!
    Rich Boy’s accident is only a fender-bender. It wont kill him, but will bring the two of them closer for sure.
    @Allison, I no longer feel as damned if I dont watch this show anymore. It’s making me angry now.

  298. 298 : Kanha Says:

    Now I’m really curious how its suppose to end when there are only 4episodes left. Surely it is a good drama but I haven’t enjoyed much of it yet,…. Not satisfied 🙁

  299. 299 : thump2 Says:

    i guess we will just have to wait and see. just only 4 ep left… i cant give up, no matter what? still hoping d drama will end happily… but if it get worsen.., just let them die together.:(

  300. 300 : Kanha Says:

    But its not fair to let ji wook dies, don’t think its gonna end up like that…. Do hope for a miracle happen, so that YJ could lives.

  301. 301 : KDaddict Says:

    Over dinner, I told my husband this story n asked what he’d do if he was JW. Without a pause,
    He said: Stay w her till the end of course.
    I: You not mad at her for not revealing her disease.
    He: She is dying. Dont blame her.
    I: You can watch her die?
    He: She needs him now.
    I: What abt him after she dies?
    He: Be miserable but know that he has done the right thing. Then move on.
    That wraps up the show for me pretty well.

  302. 302 : Kanha Says:

    That is a great reply from ur husband, if the ending is like that I think I can accept it.

  303. 303 : thump2 Says:

    dont get piss of with me., Me too… i definately want them to be together at d end… if posibble long-long time maybe even enough time for them to have child. i wish YJ will survive… but the ep 11 & 12 coz me a real heartbreaking moreover at d moment d plot doesn’t seem to be in that manner… how frustated!! please give me happy ending SOW

  304. 304 : Allison Says:

    @ Kdaddict,
    He is your husband and you two have been together for along time. Your love have been penetrated deep through both of your hearts and hypothalamus in the brain. But KSA n LDW, their love are still new n fresh. So… I don’t know, I’m just like you; really mad about this drama. So didn’t cont. to see ep 12.

  305. 305 : christine Says:

    feel like a sad story? should i start to watch??? will it cry me a river just like 49 days?

  306. 306 : KDaddict Says:

    He was talking abt the story, NOT abt me, silly!
    It’s a somewhat frustrating story. Glance at the previous posts to get an idea of how it makes us feel.

  307. 307 : dhez Says:

    Wow he really lover her that much! Thank God its a holiday until tommorow here in our country. I can freely watch ep11&12 though its making me more sad but I guess the accident that happen with Ji Wook will give chance to Yeon Jae to treasure the days left between them. I guess and still hoping for a turn around ending. A happy ending please.

  308. 308 : KDaddict Says:

    It’s a sad day if a woman has to ask her husband whether he’ll stay w her if she has terminal cancer! For normal ppl, there is no choice in the matter.
    Doesn’t look like u were responding to my post #301.

  309. 309 : BOBO Says:

    I dont like sad movie.
    Story like KJH’s 90 days inlove,
    If you love someone, you want your love one remember
    When you are young and beautiful.
    I agree with YJ, give your love one good memory, it is stress when
    you see your love one pass away. It take long time to recover

    YJ not strong enough to let go of him. Keep on showing in front of him.

  310. 310 : Jennie Says:

    I have been pissed this whole day after watching Epi 11 & 12. I am angry with everybody in the drama..to me, everybody is wrong and nobody is right! If the scriptwriter is going to give me some crap like him losing his memory just to buy time, I’m so gonna kill the director!!

  311. 311 : Allison Says:

    @ Kdaddict,
    U r so cute; if the story go like both of your then i have no comments here. On the other hand, SOAW doesn’t us that. That’s why we still talking.
    Yes, it’s davastating to first get the diagnose of terminal illness. Then that would probably send the patient through deny and or anger stage, lastly is accept stage. Here, the patient face the reality, plan ahead like wishlist and accept treatment. I was so pissed that she pushes the man she loves, LDW away for multiple times when he says he love her, be with her, regardless, he doesn’t care, he just wants to at her side like your husband mentioned. But she is contradicting herself here, & her wish list. I thought she wants to die in her love’s hands. Sigh! Drama of dramas. That’s it, I will not watch ep 12-15. I’ll just watch 16, get the result ending & move on. Hehehe…6

  312. 312 : kitkat Says:

    this drama has lots of lessons to learn, that’s why i like it so much.. it makes me cry, laugh , smile and fall in love again.. just wondering how would they end this story, because if the woman will die then this wll have the same storyline or ending of the movie A WALK TO REMEBER (guys, have u watch it?, if not, then should watch it, because u wlill learn a lot from it).. to the writer, please make a very good ending, either she dies or lives, i hope that people will learn from it, specially to her exboss who is so cruel- i hate a boss who acts likes the owner of the company, he should be jailes.. hehehehhe.. i just hate watching people of like that.. who makes other life’s miserable.. but i really likes this drama very much, the lead woman expresses herself brilliantly.. her expressions and tone of voice really much it well.. to the lead actor, he mantains his posture and gosh i like when he cries.. his lips looks like a baby to me.. u like to wipe it because of laway.. hehehehe.. this drama must be recognize and awarded.. goodluck to all

  313. 313 : Jennie Says:

    @kitkat Yes, I agree with you that this drama quite closely follows after A Walk To Remember. I don’t mind if it’s a sad ending too but after Epi 11 & 12, I hope that the scriptwriter will end it with flair. But at this rate, practically everybody is pissed- the ratings do not lie esp Ep 12!
    Another show to compare is The Greatest Love. CSW knows he’s going to die but what does he do? He prepares his journey with his loved one in mind and tries to make her happy be4 n after he leaves. But argh, what does our heroine do? She’s making his life miserable be4 n after she leaves, so what kind of love is this? Mayb that’s why the former is called The GREATEST LOVE n the latter only as THE SCENT of a Woman? But not all
    women are as selfish and insensitive as YJ is being. Can I trust the writer? She has been doing so well up till Epi 10!?

  314. 314 : yui Says:

    that and how the drama is actually taking us in each of these steps— i guess on that aspect it has been effective in its delivery and execution.
    SOAW is far from being perfect. I have been with patients and their familiies on the oncology(cancer)hospital. treated them, did research on their perspectives and thoughts. and then the stress/psychological support therapy for both the patients and their families. the patients’ age ranged from children to the older ones. how their silence/silent exchanges make your heart cry. no need for words. their eyes, their glances, the way their shoulder drooped, the pace at which they took their steps, they way they compose themselves before entering the rooms of their beloved who has cancer, the way they look on the medications hooked and delivered via IV line, the patient being physically and emotionally drained by the chemotherapy, the round-the-clock pain medications. the way the patient and their significant other stay inside the room, at times holding each others hand, at times shouting at each other, at times crying, at times just staring on space. How they wanted to think of the future. but they must concentrate on the present and how they will always treasure what has passed.
    reading comments most of the viewers are still in:
    Denial – there could have been a misdiagnosis?
    Anger – hate the writer and the director for this and the characters acting the way they do
    Bargaining – please let her live longer than 6 months and then its okay if she dies, just give longer time for her to be with JW.
    Depression and acceptance are the last steps. Yeon Jae is on Depression now. and so as the show is stirring us in that direction but most of us just wont want to be stirred on that direction.
    This is indeed the grieving process. I would like to know how will the show go through this process until the end.
    But most importantly, i came to learn what that “Live life to the fullest” means.
    It doesnt mean to leave your life in pure bliss, happiness and positivity.
    Its taking in everything what life has to offer. Both Positive and Negative— the most important of all is to take the risk to love greatly. and to love greatly means you experience both happiness and trials. Most people has always concentrated only on the “Happy/Positive” side when “Living life to its fullest’ is talked about. But we must not forget that in ‘negative’ experience we also get to learn things we never knew about our selves or in living in general. When we get to embrace that we encounter all of this so that we can make them part of our growth/ to become wiser– now that its living life to its fullest.

  315. 315 : dhez Says:

    I still dont loose hope for this drama even though the ratings falls down at 6th or 4th place. I think the succeeding episode will give us what the this drama is all about. No matter what Im going to watch it till the end. Its still one of the best portrayal of my fave actor and actress.

  316. 316 : KDaddict Says:

    No doubt this is a good series. If it had been more. much more forth-coming in its synopsis released by the station, I’d have been more ok w where it is taking us. For example: “This series is about a woman facing terminal cancer. She goes thru a painful process of denial, …depression, acceptance. Meanwhile, she also falls in love with a lonely guy who never recovered from the loss of his mother. They suffer and grow with each other thru the end”. Also, whoever listed this puppy as: comedy under genre, deserves a spanking.
    So she wanted to fall in love b4 she dies. Fine. She is lucky enough that a guy whom she would normally not even dare dream abt actually falls for her. He is becoming interested in life again since age 12. They are both in excruciating pain abt her imminent demise. She Ought to be there with him, treasuring, comforting each other, and growing with each other. Instead, she is a coward, and hides from him, under the pretense that she is doing it for his good, to spare him pain. That is what really gets my goat! YJ, you pooped on Kang JW, tho with his consent. Now clean it up, together! And emerge from the process stronger together, rather than each one empty n pathetic alone.
    On the up side, if this show gets some ppl to treasure life n live in the moment, it already does more than most KDs. I only hope that the message isn’t that if One is dying, one gets to do whatever one wishes, n is absolved of all responsibility of the consequences.
    Thank you for your excellent comment n valuable input, the quality of which is so rare in these parts, n for getting us to talk abt this special show intelligently. You are right: We dont want to be taken where this show is going, n r being dragged kicking n screaming along the way!

  317. 317 : Pop. Says:

    OMG………………. I Really love You… t love his movies make me more and More Lee Dong Wook.

  318. 318 : Jennie Says:

    @yui TQ for the insight but much as I appreciate the thoughts, you must
    remember that what you have described r actual situations n the process th
    the patients n their loved ones go thru. On this thread however, we r all critics of the drama n we do so with a certain detachment because it is just make believe. Most of us watch dramas for enjoyment n relaxation-something like the feel good factor. We of course don’t expect happy endings all the time but we just want to enjoy the story n its process, therefore we all have expectations. Like reading a good book, we enjoy the story telling, the characters’ development etc n of course we all love a good ending, whether happy or sad. In short, is it a good, ok or bad drama? Was
    it entertaining? Was the acting good? etc etc. Remember that we r only spectators. I don’t think any of us are in depression or denial or angry mode but rather we are angry with the storytelling. And this feeling does not interfere with our real life. In fact, we move on to another story and we do the same all over again, more often than not, within the same hour!

  319. 319 : jangerr Says:

    @ yui

    Love your tongue-in-cheek description of the stages we, the viewers, are in vis-a-vis the show. It certainly bring some lighter moments to this thread.

    Of course, we won’t be stirred in the direction of depression stage. We don’t want to! As what Jennie (317) has said, we want to be entertained! And part of the fun of watching a drama is to be an armchair critic… =)

  320. 320 : KDaddict Says:

    Shoot! I wrote a long comment in response to n in appreciation of yui’s abt 6 hours ago, but it disappeared. Maybe it will appear tomorrow! Maybe not!

  321. 321 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Haha mayb urs was too long n was kept for moderation. Once I had to wait overnight be4 it appeared!

  322. 322 : KDaddict Says:

    The problem w a comment being moderated is that it’ll appear many hours later, in its place determined by the time of posting. By then ppl r already on the next page, so no one will see it.
    What u doing up at 12:44am? Good nite!

  323. 323 : KDaddict Says:

    As I said in #316, the show drags us kicking n screaming to see the painful process of coming to terms w terminal cancer. The show does a good job, n KSA does so a fantastic job at it that it feels like a friend is going thru this, n it rips our hearts out. Worst thing is we weren’t warned or prepared for this at all. If it had given the synopsis that I did in #316, we might have passed on it, but at least it wouldn’t be false advertising!!
    The other thing that we really hate abt the show is the way YJ has been treating JW. He is so courageous n she ducks. THAT IS just NOT living life to the fullest.

  324. 324 : mtoenlob Says:

    @314 – yui

    “But most importantly, i came to learn what that “Live life to the fullest” means.
    It doesnt mean to leave your life in pure bliss, happiness and positivity.
    Its taking in everything what life has to offer. Both Positive and Negative— the most important of all is to take the risk to love greatly. and to love greatly means you experience both happiness and trials.”

    I agree with you on this point. Yes, to truly appreciate bliss, one has to undergo the frustrations and the failures. Life is a balance. Yin and Yang, each one complements each other.

  325. 325 : ptsh836 Says:

    @Jennie #318:

    i super agree with what you said…i think the writer has gone astray…gone wide n away from an original theme (all my personal opinion!) SOAW started with being a lil’ comedy, lightweight storyline, beautiful scenery, eye candy leads, everything promising…there was nothing anyone wud hate…everyone was singing praises at the smooth flow of the storyline…not until it went downhill (at exactly when YJ’s illness started to act up) all of a sudden…there were tears, tears n more tears…endless heartbreak…it was a waste of dashing LDW…i hate seeing how he suffered n cried, n cried at every episode! YJ, ur a witch! how can you make him fall for you n then abandon ship…how cruel can you get….you shud not even have started!! did you not see what was coming??

    Anyway…i was talking abt the writer going haywire…from her original theme, i think…all of a sudden…viewers are treated to a step-by-step lesson on how n what cancer patients go thru….Jennie…i agree with u…i dun need this lesson…ill handle it if i really have a real life case!! this is a drama, for gods sake!! all we wanted was more loving between the sweet leads…the romance n all the feel good feelings we enjoy watching love blossom on screen! we do not need sorrow!! we do not want unhappiness! we do not want CANCER!!!

    judging from episode 12…its getting super tiresome! maybe its time i jump ship, hehe!!

    i hope the writer wakes up from all her oncology lessons thrown at us!! i say ENUF is ENUF!! tho’ unlikely…let there be a miracle n let YJ be cured n live happily ever after with JW!!!

  326. 326 : ally Says:

    I find the reaction from KSA & LDW are very reasonable if you see them as an individual. KSA feels very quilty that she has made LDW falls in love with her. LDW afraids of facing the death of his beloved. I think the script writer really able to illustrate the human nature and reality well. In this situation, either party needs to be strong to accept the fact. LDW can’t do it. KSA can’t accept him coz she knows it’s a sin to do so. The end it is LDW’s wills if he wants to do it or not. That’s no right or wrong answer. In ep12, LDW willings to protect her from the accident, and put himself in danger. Guess he will realise that he willings to do anything for her… the rest might not really matter anymore..!

  327. 327 : ally Says:

    I have a great learning from this drama about life! Superb!

  328. 328 : saera Says:

    I dont know how to say. This drama is just……….. so depressing. It was a comedy at beginning. BUTTTT why everything turns into a tragic drama. I just dont get it why the stories become too drama. oh yes this is a drama. But I mean, I cant stand to see LDW TEARSSSSSSSSSSSSS~~~~~~ oh no T_T
    they LOVEEE each other, so why dont they just being more simple by living together? “for someone-that-i-love-happiness sake”??? rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… I dont want to see it. if you love each other then all the matters should be done. seriously, its so depressing.
    but yeah this is it, I keep waiting for the next episode.. because however, this drama is so deserved to be watched T_T

  329. 329 : sulyn Says:


    Yes, let’s hope that YJ will realize JW’s sincere love for her and will reconcile with him. Am really hoping to see more lovey dovey scenes from them this weekend. Would love to see YJ rushing to the car to hug JW and be with him throughout his checkup in the hospital.

  330. 330 : kriss Says:

    Hey peeps, don’t worry! The writer is just bringing us through the process terminal diseases patients and their loved ones go through. And we must admit that he/she is doing a terrific job at that.

    Episodes 11 and 12 are supposed to be the ‘depression’ stage. I’m sure we are heading into the ‘acceptance’ stage of the process. The car crash is supposed to jerk YJ out of her depressed state. So sit tight and you’ll be duly rewarded!

  331. 331 : sue Says:

    The floodgates have opened! Much as I tried my best to control, I couldn’t do so at epi 12… After reading all the comments, here and at dramabeans, I’ve kept myself as emotionally distant as I could while watching this drama. I’ve been rather successfully up to epi 11. Even reading the recaps at dramabeans on epi 12 didn’t quite prepare me for what’s in store… It was so heartbreaking… But I must add, beautifully so… Suna is just incredible!

  332. 332 : Anna Says:

    i’m still watching whatever the situation will be.. i’m still hoping for the best until the end.. huhuhu =(

  333. 333 : eksha Says:



    kim sun ahhhhhhhhhh 🙂

    🙂 :):):)

  334. 334 : eunnie Says:

    it’s a GREAT story…:’)

  335. 335 : kdramafanNC Says:

    I heard that they will sing together in Ep13. One of Yeon Jae’s wish is to sing with her love ones together. Looking forward to it. Still gonna support this drama even the ep11 and ep12 a bit disappointed.

  336. 336 : Lalala Says:

    I think this is a good drama (:
    But I hope LEE DONG WOOK will make a project with YOON EUN HYE maybe they will be a cute couple i think :))

  337. 337 : TH Says:

    i just started watching this drama today & so far i think i’m gonna stick to it…i’ve always liked lee dong wook since my girl & this is his very first proj after military so i’ll surely support you LDW!

  338. 338 : momo Says:

    yay! it’s saturday! 🙂 i’m so excited! i’m sure it’s going to be very sweet from now on!

  339. 339 : wee Says:

    i’m really addicted to this drama
    sunny n wookie are a perfect couple 🙂

  340. 340 : dhez Says:

    Ep 13 wow finally they did it. Even though the bed scene is so simple and short yet it is so lovely,so romantic and so full of emotion. Still hoping for a justifiable and happy ending

  341. 341 : Kanha Says:

    Yeah, so romantic…if I were YJ…. I would feel like yeah this is worth dying 😀

  342. 342 : saera Says:

    omg, they are so cute…. huhu.. I cant stop this tears yet smilling like crazy… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :”)
    PLEASEEE, JW’s father need to stop act like a devil.. he should let his son find the happiness. just please T_T
    I dont mind for the sad ending, but please make a good memories between them before one’s departure.

  343. 343 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 13:
    This KD is getting EXTREMELY tiresome. The meddling father, n SK who is always there to threaten them w the fate of Line Tour. Enough already. Let the damned plot move forward.
    In “A Walk to Remember” they “walked” together, w no stupid chaebol stuff to get in the way. They got married, had a short happy time b4 she died; n he grew up to be a better person than he could have been w/out her. So we cried w them all the way to the end.
    This just gets me incensed. Tho they ‘did it’, I won’t be sorry to see it end next week.
    I’m glad that KDs r beginning to show that their chars actually do it, rather than remaining Chaste come hell or hi water.

  344. 344 : kdramafanNC Says:

    I can’t stop my tears when I see they love scenes. Really, if you have meet someone you love so much, even one day you die, that’s worth it. I believe that. It is very sad, that she will die soon and there will be no family, no kid for them, but she get most beautiful. I hope she will die in his arm. Even I will cry a river for that end. I still love this drama. I lost my cousin two years ago, I wish when she die, there was someone she was crazy in love and also he loves her back crazily. I know lots of Korean Drama will never ever happen in real life. Maybe that’s why we are loving them. Silly!

  345. 345 : thump2 Says:

    ep 13 is moderate.. although there is a romantic scene but it seem they heart ache for each other. it is pain to see even they are together. i miss d first few ep before YJ sickness gotten worse. i feel there is to litte time for them to get a happy moment( as only 3 ep lelf) as it seem to be a lot of pain awaiting for them. they deserve more sweet n romantic moments together.. to make the drama more memorable.. if it not coz of KSA & LDW I dont think i will be continuening watch d drama ….

  346. 346 : KDaddict Says:

    I am NOT v fond of YJ right now.
    She sabotaged her mother’s chance at happiness, becos of her loyalty to her father, fine, but
    1, You Dont let sb take the rap for sexual abuse! It ruins his reputation n his life as a teacher.
    2, And you Dont wait until u r 34 n have only 4months to live to come clean! That is Extremely selfish n irresponsible!
    3, She doesn’t tell JW that she has cancer, n let him find out in the worst way possible.
    4, She doesn’t tell her mother, n will let her find out in the worst way possible.
    Next up, in ep. 14 tonight,
    JW’s father will yell at her that as she has cancer n only has a few months to live, she should leave JW alone, n Not ruin his life. Her mother will hear it, n get shocked out of her skull.
    Now, THAT will be a barrow of fun!!!
    Comedy, indeed!

  347. 347 : Kanha Says:

    Hah, when they were singing I was like this 😀 happy happy happy for them. whatever YJ did it the past doesn’t matter to me,… We made mistake, its take time for us to realize it. She too,… Wanna die with a clean and clear conscience, at least she realize that she was wrong, that is enough.
    she didn’t expected JW to found out her condition that way, thing just get out of hand. And if her mother find out about her condition through JW’s father, its not her faults As well…. I believe she wanna tell her mother after she found a man who love her mother and be with her, so that her mother won’t feel that she is alone in this world after her daughter’s gone.

  348. 348 : KDaddict Says:

    The difference between a good script n a bad one is that a good one keeps you firmly on the side of the protagonists, so that you feel what they feel. A poor script leaves a margin of error in the protagonist’s behavior, which makes you feel angry w them. The bigger the margin, the more viewers get pissed.

    From last weeks’ posts, it has been evident that a lot of ppl were pissed by YJ’s behavior. Not everyone can be bought (appeased) by their singing a song n having sex.

  349. 349 : thump2 Says:

    Yeah! you r right, nobody is prefect. everbody made a mistake, some never ever or even realise till the end. YJ is different, she knew all the time that she has done something bad but she keep on denying it(that is wrong, but human nature r sometimes like that). She is actually regreting it all d time . the courage came only after she realise that time is running out for her . that is good thing about death that make people realise( to certain people)..Whatever her mistake is…she finally gather her courage to face it… About telling her mom the truth, I hardly imagine or decide if i were in her shoe… coz
    1) the same thing happen again.., now to d only daughter.,
    2) fully depends on her dying soon daughter
    3) mom so emotional
    4) alone

    but i guess by telling her mom the truth the earliest is the best solution….

  350. 350 : Kanha Says:

    Yeah, right..its hard to imagine what would I do if I were in her situition too. I also wish she could tell her mom sooner but since she doesn’t, I’m trying to understand her reason y she doesn’t wanna tell, so I come up with those reason:-)
    I wanna be positive about YJ, and believe that what she does is right for her…. That’s it. Hope we’re all enjoying this show even its sad or happy, and support them all the way.

  351. 351 : ally Says:

    After ep 13, the things become so complex! I don’t think that’s anything much to expand next week, the end YJ will die… nothing is solved! Sigh!! I don’t like the ending that so thorny!

  352. 352 : thump2 Says:

    Yeap! there is definately reason behind every single action, regardless anyone. it just that every person has a different view or excuses to come out with their own decision. generally there is no absolute answer whether YJ is right or wrong? the writer has his/hers own view to creating such plot..which i think we should try to understand. if YJ character were created as a chebol daughter or something else then the outcome of story definately will be different… Anyhow as u say.. just enjoy the show till d end regardless d ending coz it really worth it… the act was superb thanks to SUNNIE & WOOKIE. THEY ARE D REASON .. WHY I M STILL WATCHING!!! SO LET US ENJOY… HAPPY WATCHING =) !!!!

  353. 353 : tiny Says:

    what will be the ending like?? i hope she will not die 🙂

  354. 354 : jellmine Says:

    ep 14 … its make me cry

  355. 355 : Mic Says:

    How is this romantic comedy? So very sad I can even bring myself to finish watching the episodes

  356. 356 : KDaddict Says:

    I hanged on becos of KSA & LJW’s super acting, tho I disagreed w the scripting since abt Ep 8.
    Dont know abt others, I find it much more enjoyable to watch KDs w good scripts that let u feel WITH the protagonists, rather than disagreeing w their motivations n decisions, which leave me fuming. Those r the times when u want to throw sth at the computer.
    Short of a time machine, I cant get back the 13 hours invested in this. At least I can cut my losses n run; the 3 hours saved will be looked back on fondly on my death bed.
    I hope it is Allowed that some ppl who watched w interest n sincerity decide that they dont like the show after all.

  357. 357 : Jennie Says:

    Dear KDAddict TQ for ur latest comment ..TQ! I was mighty relief to know that I am not alone in being so disappointed with this drama. I was angry with how YJ dismissed JW and discarded his feelings before and I am angry and disappointed with her now because she has fallen short as the heroine of the drama. She has not done anything to deserve my admiration and respect and I’m definitely not going to “cry me a river” as some super fans say they’re gonna do when she dies. I cannot feel any sympathy for her right now. She’s selfishly fulfilling her bucket list and thinks she can redeem herself by matchmaking her mom with ex teacher (to make herself feel better?). Did she think of the consequences of her actions-how’s the mom gonna feel that she wld b last person to know own daughter was dying, how’s JW gonna cope to lose a loved one a second time, how can a father watch his only son fall into despair, etc. Everybody shld accept the fact that she can very well does as she pleases becos she’s going to die? Hate me if u will but she’d better die in the end for the story to have some kind of redemption! Two thumbs down for the script!!

    Like u, am hanging on becos of the talented cast esp LDW’s. Love his facial expressions and gestures and the way he kisses..yummmmeee!

  358. 358 : thump2 Says:

    YJ yah….nothing seems to be right no matter what u do.. Pity you dear script witer., if KSA and LDW are not been cast as leading in d drama, you will definately get more cursing coz of ur script. But anyhow..the fact of life is we all are walking towards dying, time is ticking…everybody going to die (sooner or later).. so ….live your life rightfully and to d fullest..(if u can)

  359. 359 : Kanha Says:

    I’m speechless..:D …but will definitely watch till the end.

  360. 360 : KDaddict Says:

    @Dear Jennie–357,
    TQ for weighing in. You speak my mind!
    You are Not alone at all. On other sites where comments r numerous, most ppl r mighty pissed as well. And (@thump 2), it’s not becos she is dying that we mind. It is the Way she approaches the end that bothers us.
    Yes, “live life to the fullest” is a good mantra, but the writer’s idea of it, n therefore YJ’s approach is way too self-serving. As individuals, maybe that’s all we r capable of. That’s why we want heroes n heroines who are better than we are, who exceed the crass n the mundane, whom we can admire n respect. Cant agree more w/u that YJ falls way short of that standard, as I said in #346.
    I cringe when ppl say that there is no right n wrong in YJ’s actions (as she is dying), becos I’m afraid the writer has done everyone a BIG disservice by sending the not-so-subliminal message that dying gives one carte blanche to do as one’s heart desires, morals be damned! A good script abt life n death should elevate our spirit n humanity. That the writer fails to achieve that reflects the limitation in his mentality!

  361. 361 : thump2 Says:

    i m 100% agreed…dying is definately not a ticket that can be use for oneself to deem for selfishess or immoral act … but once we r in that position will we be able to think rightfully. ? i cant n not dare to answer..the reality scared us enough and for those with weak mentality n siprit will definately be defeated by their own desire n fearness ..(@kdaddict)-frm ur #360 i guess u must be a person with a strong mentality and very high self determination…which is great! the script writer of SOW might want potriat the reality and true picture on how desparate oneself can be in this kind of scenerio instead of having a heroes n heroines that always have a character bynd reality or more likely in fair tale….

  362. 362 : fan Says:

    Since it’s not a real story show I don’t understand why LYJ character has been portrayed as a drama heroine. Is she fighting some injustice ?! NO ! is she doing some sacrifice ?! NO ! I barely see in her someone living next door. Sometimes she’s stupid, sometimes pathetic, sometimes selfish and sometimes cruel. If it was a real story, I’ll take it as a lesson in life, but it’s a fiction ! where the character can be modeled to the writer wishes. What message does this story deliver ? “Live your life to the fullest ” ????? OK ! So eat well, dress well and LOVE well ! THAT’S living life to the fullest ?! or “face your death” ??? by bringing down with you the dearest ?!
    This story is far far away from reality, is it a fairytale ? NO ! fairytales by bringing magic give us wise lessons in life. It’s just a kind of roman à l’eau de rose, intended for female audiences, driving them to daydreaming (with tears, laughs and of course HOT bodies).

    It’s a great shame ! with a serious subject, this drama started very well, but it’s strangely ending bad just for the sake of the entertainment !

  363. 363 : Allison Says:

    @ Kdaddict, Thump2, Jennie, & Fan
    First of all, pls excuse for jumping in your comments.
    You guy are so loyal. Why are you guys being so harsh to yourselves by watching it and then got disappointed?

  364. 364 : fan Says:

    I have to confess something, that surprisingly Eun Suk character is the most credible !

  365. 365 : Kanha Says:

    @thump2 : you got my 2 thumbs up 😀
    Well, I’m only here to share and exchange some ideas, no offend to anyone. And of course I love KSA 😀

  366. 366 : Allison Says:

    @ Kdaddict,
    I was searching some dramas to watch to kill times and I saw your comments everywhere. Wow! Are you watching every K drama?

  367. 367 : fan Says:

    I’m not loyal, I’m curious about how it’ll end. Yes I’m disappointed but not harsh to myself because I’m still enjoying watching it.

  368. 368 : Jennie Says:

    @Allison 363 I’m with fan (@367). We’re not being loyal or harsh to ourselves, just disappointed that a drama which started off so well is not up to measure. You ask why do we continue watching? Well, I suppose to practise our critical thinking and writing skills, I suppose 😉 Seriously,we all love a good story, whether from a book or a drama. And why do have ratings for such? Besides popularity, we judge it from its contents ie the characters, the plot, the style etc and this is when we start to critisize or comment. Sometimes we get emotional and we get carried away of course n sometimes there are disagreements but we should all agree to disagree, right? Which is exactly what fan, KDAddict, thump2 and I are doing- we all come to this forum to discuss the good and the bad of this drama. It’s more entertaining when we all have different views. Otherwise all the comments on this page would only be “Ahh I loveeee LDW” or “I cried sooo much” etc :)>-

  369. 369 : Jennie Says:

    UUgh. hate it when my comment is being moderated!!

  370. 370 : ally Says:

    Ep14, so heartache… it is not the fear but the pain to see someone you love leaving…. if I was LYJ, I will react the same as her… afraid to tell my love one that I am in pain… I cried so badly for this episode! It is a very painful process! That’s no right or wrong… Though this is just a drama, however, these kind of stories happen in real life everyday! So do appreciate and thank GOD you are blessed.

  371. 371 : dhez Says:

    When I woke up this morning I feel sad and I ask myself why. Have I dreamed a sad thing? then I realize that before I sleep last night I thought of Scent of a Woman and I thought that she really is going to die here. I’ve never watch Kim Sun Ah portraying such a dying role and it making me ad more. I think there will be no miracle here. Its just I have to think of is a fiction and someday I will be seeing another Romance Comedy from Ms Kim.

  372. 372 : SomeOnSpecial Says:

    I wish it will be “happy Ending”, at least, YJ can live longer and happily with JW. hmm…. may b have a baby for JW 😉

  373. 373 : jangerr Says:

    The last few episodes have been so emotional… There are enough debate on the rights and wrongs so I’ll like to comment on two things that I really love in this series.

    Firstly, and I’m sure every one will nod our heads in agreement, is the tango. Not just THE tango but all the tango dances. Yup, every single one, from the iniitial lesson at the dance studio where we can see JW visibly trembled internally when YJ placed her palms on his chest to the imaginary dance he had with her in his apartment, culminating with THE sizzling hot tango in the dance studio. But not just those YJ had with JW but also those with ES. Love the first one they had together where ES was so delighted with himself and of course, the performance they had together. It will not be complete though, if I do not mention the one between ES and HJ which was so painfully adorable…

    The other thing I love about this series are the hugs. In my opinion, the hugs here are so amazingly heartfelt, among the best ones I’ve seen in kdramas. From those between our two leads to those between YJ and her mum and with ES and finally the one between EJ and HJ. Each one of them is so full of love, tenderness and warmth. It’s as though every single iota of their feelings are being poured out to love, comfort and reassure one another.

    For these, I am thankful. Despite the weaknesses in the storyline and the characters in the story, we have many incredible moments… Kudos to the actors and actresses!

  374. 374 : Kanha Says:

    how about the kissing on the bike, isn’t it cute!!! 😀 just kidding. soon this drama will be finished, I haveen’t found any interesting drama to watch after that,… Maybe have to go back to city hall for a while , sight…..

  375. 375 : ally Says:

    Sun Ah is the best! CITY HALL is the top of my list! I hope she will partner with Gong Yoo soon! hehehe!

  376. 376 : Kanha Says:

    hehehe, yeah,just imagine her with Gong yoo again is already amazing, how great it will be if it were to be true??? 😀
    I don’t know why I end up like KSA this Much …….. Hope to see her new drama again soon,…

  377. 377 : fan Says:

    @Jennie #368 Thanks for your comment, it becomes part of my Kdrama watching to interact with opinions posted here, whether I agree with them or not I always love reading them.

    @jangerr that’s why we still enjoy watching this drama !

  378. 378 : ally Says:

    @ KDaddict

    I just finished watching ‘the walk to remember’… the Western and Eastern culture & thinking are very different. After this movie and SOAW…. it gives me the idea how a cancer patient live thru their last moment. Their energy to survive comes from LOVEssssssssssssss.

  379. 379 : jangerr Says:

    @ ally and Kanha

    You two have my heart pumping there! For a moment, I thought there’s a new drama with KSA and Gong Yoo. Oh! If only our dream do come true… Wouldn’t that be simply awesome? Those two will be so amazing together. Talking about that, I need a dose of them. Together. So I’m going to watch She’s On Duty and S Diary (if time permits) while waiting for the last two episodes of SOAW… All your fault for tempting me!

  380. 380 : thump2 Says:

    @kanha- thanks =)
    @allison-i m sorry i have to agreed with jennie #368
    @jennie- i must thank u for making a great explaination #368 which i fully agreed

    @fan-Please do not get so emotional..? I m not putting in my comments for an argument. Everyone has a right to pen down their view & opinion. Why should we be angry with opinion that we do not agreed…this is democracy era….dear @fan –if your definition of living to the fullest is only by doing “that”-(#362) what can I say.. It seems your fullest isn’t mine fullest but still it doesn’t mean that you r wrong, that is your right. Must a fairy tale contain a magical momentums??? Then what about fantasy??? Most of k-drama has it. Do you still remember a scene in TGL when DOKKO Gin tries to hold Gu Ae Jin head from outside of the car by touching the window when she falls asleep? Even CSW said that he will never to that in his real life!

  381. 381 : soaw Says:

    watching SOAW is a love & hate thing. I love this drama because of the lead actors and actress and especially KSA, she is terrific in her role. But I hate it when the story becomes so emotional and tearful. There is no episode that I am not crying……..I am so afraid of the ending, I think I will cry my guts out, no matter what……

  382. 382 : KDaddict Says:

    KDs w a young woman dying of cancer are a dime a dozen. What sets this one apart is that it purports to show us how to live the last few months of life. For that, I expect more fr it n its writer than other KDs. That’s my problem.
    The heroine (NOT as in sb who performs heroic deeds, but as in the main female char of a story) can be the girl next door, but to be worth her salt, she should offer a refreshing take on approaching an imminent death. Heejoo fits that bill. Alas, it is not her story.
    What has YJ done since her diagnosis?
    She quit her job, ditched her ugly glasses, washed her greasy hair, got a whole new wardrobe, went on a trip, got the hots for this guy, got a new hairdo, let him fall in love w her without telling him her condition; then when he does fall for her, she runs in the other direction.
    Ppl say they learn a lesson fr YJ. Where is the lesson in here? “Eat well, dress well, Love well”? Is this loving well (up till ep 13 where we part ways)? It’s fine if it is your idea of loving well. It just isn’t mine. I refuse to cry in exchange for a sexy tango sequence.

    I’ve a confession to make:
    For all the countries where I’ve lived, child molestation is a mighty serious offense. For YJ to falsely accuse her teacher of it, crosses a line in my book. Sure, children of single parents sabotage their parents’ chances of marriage all the time, but not in so malicious a way. She did it at 12. She waited till 34, 4 months fr death to apologize for it, and it has everything to do w her wanting the teacher to take care of her mother after she dies. Can one get more cruel, more self-serving? If the writer had given YJ a less onerous offense w her teacher, at least I wouldn’t have despised her. That’s just my moral compass.
    The acting is superb. The scripting falls short of its premise. That’s one viewer’s opinion.

  383. 383 : fan Says:

    First, I was just expressing my opinion in a democracy era, I didn’t mean anyone (I’ll ask you to read my post #377)
    Second, I’ll ask you to re-read my post #362 without ommitting ponctuation marks, “THAT’s” wasn’t my definition but what the drama is transmitting maybe ignorantly
    Third, isn’t fairytale a story about magic beings ?!
    Fourth, if CSW said that he won’t do it in real life it doesn’t mean that no other man could do it, CSW is an actor portraying writers’ characters, if in his real life isn’t that romantic it doesn’t matter as long as he remains good actor.

  384. 384 : mtoenlob Says:

    KSA’s delineation of a woman dying of cancer brilliantly illuminates the travails of a dying person due to illness – from the shock to denial to anger to acceptance.

    She breathes life to YJ with clarity, armed with the knowledge on what it is like to be someone dying. Not as much with the physical although for this drama KSA has tremendously lost weight (as oppose to gaining for her MNIKSS persona) to give physical credence to the character, she zeroed in on the emotional and mental anguish of one who is living her life on numbered days. She portrays this ever so subtly that if one is not attentive one will surely miss it in the pantheon of emotions she shows. Listen, not to the words coming out of her mouth but to the words her eyes are revealing. There, you will hear the pain, the grief, the anger, the sorrow, even the bittersweet moments of bliss as she delights in the company of JW.

    From episode to episode, we find YJ from being alive and daring as she tries to make up for her lost time, to being infuriating and exasperating as when she tries to push JW away with the thought that it is the best way to shield him from agony, to someone miserable as she looks with hopelessness to a love that is doomed from the start. Her seemingly detached attitude, her muted responses, and sullen expressions echo the deterioration of her physical body. Who knows better how her condition is than herself. She is aware of her illness and she sense the gravity of it. The doctor is there only to validate it.

  385. 385 : KDaddict Says:

    I love it that this drama gets us so worked up and talking seriously here, sth truly rare on this site. I also love it that ppl on this thread r sophisticated enough not shout down the opposition, with “We love KSA. If u don’t shut up”.
    I love KSA. With this drama, she clearly shows that she is more than a fantastic comedic actress, but a fantastic actress period. I agree w mtoenlob’s (384) analysis of her refined portrayal of YJ’s multitude of emotions. I also agree w fan’s rebuttal (383), n love her expressiveness in her earlier post (362). Few threads have been so lively. 😉
    Allow me to add that Falsely accusing a kindly teacher of child molestation is sth that we expect fr the villian, like Se Kyung, not the lead. If it was SK who had done this, you’d be angry. “Thou shall not bear false witness” is a biggie. It is sth a writer makes a char do if he wants ppl to hate her. If he wants ppl to sympathize w her, I’d say that’s a major flaw in char depiction. I’ve always thought that Korea has no shortage of good actors, only a shortage of good scripts. Happy viewing! 😉

  386. 386 : fan Says:

    @KDaddict THANK YOU !

  387. 387 : thump2 Says:

    @fan #383
    So finally we did agree on [email protected]#368. Thanks for ur highly anticipation and interaction on this site coz you make thing more interesting and fun. As I expected the way u might react to my#380 but believe it or not I purposely write it that way…I really smile while reading ur #383. Honestly it feels good to have ur feedback in that manner…, still standing strong protecting ur view! Your perception is fine with me, I can accept coz u had delivered your points but it does not change me…cause I m just what I am. I guess u must be a YOUNG, healthy, energetic, exuberant, aggressive and full with self confident. ..That is the best thing of being young! Please correct me if I m wrong,
    I should end my comments here…as the drama is heading it end this weekend. I myself will be busy for the next few weeks-I hope I will be able to catch up the last 2 ep and all of ur comments. It nice to see everyone interact well here, changing and sharing their thought with duly respect on d drama and reality issues…Thanks to everyone I enjoyed it so much and appreciate your views n opinion…. Happy Watching…

  388. 388 : fan Says:

    @thump2 Your guess made me smile widely 😀 , thanks for your compliment 😉

  389. 389 : sulyn Says:

    Thinking of the last two episodes really
    saddens me. Will she die? Do hope that
    this will not be the case but what else
    can we expect?

  390. 390 : KDaddict Says:

    @Dear ally-378:
    In “A Walk to Remember” the young man was a loser, a drop out. In the process of falling in love w her, marrying her, n seeing her die, he found a direction, a goal, n went back to school, became a much better man than he could have been w/out meeting her. So that love has gt redeeming qualities. In SOAW, we watch white-knuckled as JW go down the road towards permanent pain, w/out knowing that there will be similar redemption for him. To me, that’s the big difference.
    I always leave my western perspective at the door when I watch KD. Their lack of respect for privacy by parents n bff amazes me still, after 100+ KDs. 🙂

  391. 391 : Jennie Says:

    Hi guys and gals These past few weeks have been a blast on this site and as the drama draws to a close, I’d like to get everybody to give him/her self a pat on the head for making it thru this rollercoaster ride. To lighten up the sombre mood due to the impending doom in the drama and in appreciation, I’d like to dedicate the following video esp to KDaddict, fan, thump2, mtoenlob, kanha, jangger and everybody else for sharing their thoughts n comments. WARNING: This video contains “intellectual” material, do not view if you r faint-hearted 😉 Otherwise please proceed to :

  392. 392 : Kanha Says:

    @jennie: thank for sharing the video, I did enjoy it, my heart was pumping watching it 😀 and really appreciate ur comment #368 which I fully agree 🙂

    @thump2 : hopefully u’re not going to miss the last two episodes, yeah, really wanna know how u enjoy and think of the ending:)

  393. 393 : KDaddict Says:

    @Jennie, Oh Jennie,
    I want to kiss you! Just this morn, I was thinking, after so much seriousness, I am ready for PSH to show some skin in TPM again! You r truly a woman after my own heart. You make me LOL n the video makes me wear a silly grin all thru. I love the way they flip their shirt over their head to put it on, don’t you? This is definitely a keeper.
    But I haven’t seen half those dramas! Shame!

  394. 394 : mtoenlob Says:

    @391 Jennie

    Oh girl, you made my day! Thank you so much for the visual feast! 🙂

  395. 395 : jangerr Says:

    @391 Jennie

    Oh, Jennie! Thank you, thank you sooooo much!!! Besides having a feast with my eyes, I must say I’m now enlightened… Didn’t realise that all the shower scenes have such depth, such significance and so many uses and reasons! Wow!!! And to think that moi innocently thought there’s only one reason…. Hehehe…

    You rock, girl!

  396. 396 : fan Says:

    If I wasn’t sitting while watching it, it would happen to me what happened to the girl behind the glass 😀
    the best saved for the end, Hyun Bin grrrrrrrr !
    You made me LOL ,thanks thanks thanks !

  397. 397 : Jennie Says:

    I am so happy that all of u enjoyed the video. Thought it was such a waste to keep this to myself! Did u guys see the other video created by the same person entitled 2010 Highlights of K-drama? Pretty good too and hey KDaddict, there’s one of PSH in the shower too in this vid 😀

    Back to the drama, I read that there’s a ray of hope at the end of drama as pics of the happy couple were leaked . So it could be that they may not show her dying or she’s not dying after all!!

  398. 398 : kriss Says:

    @ Jennie

    Ooo la la! What a sight for sore eyes! Certainly much needed after all the crying in SOAW… If you have more, please bring it on! ^____^

  399. 399 : iammee Says:

    For a while I stopped seeing this drama because, I feel bored seeing the leads. I was hoping that as it get goes on I could see a bit of chemistry between LDW and KSA but I just could not feel it. Also, in the story KSA is the one who has an ailment but the way i look at it on tv LDW’s aura is the one who’s sick, I am not used to seeing him that way. Anyway, because there is no more drama to watch, myung wol has just ended and I don’t like some of the lead actors and actress in the new dramas being aired, i will just take time finishing it. Anyway, if the main actress will die in the end it will be allright because they were not meant to be together even on screen.

  400. 400 : tiky Says:

    I thought you r wrong if these two have no chemistry who do you think they have so give us the true that u just dont like actress or actor may be only actress. Sometimes keep your bad in your heart better than tell every one how much worst you are.

  401. 401 : Anna Says:

    I don’t care what others think of the story, be it negative or positive. As long as I’m enjoying the show, nothing really matters. Life is really full of twists and turns. So, just learn to deal with it. I guess you’ll have to be in the character’s shoes to figure out why LDW looks sick. I think this is because he has full understanding of his emotions which is very normal for human beings, unless your heart is made of stone. For that, he really deserves credit for acting good. Lastly, who wants to get sick anyway?

  402. 402 : Kanha Says:

    You only watch drama when u like the lead actor and actress???only when they have good chemistry??? Then you must enjoyed watching City hunter very Much while I don’t like it at all, I couldn’t finish it becos of the poor acting and story line ( sorry, have to be honest ) . SOAW is way better and a worth watching drama for me 🙂

  403. 403 : Kanha Says:

    My heart really aches hearing you say that it is okay for the lead actress to die 🙁 you know how much I wish she could live….if she has to die its becos of her illness… Not becos she doesn?t look good on screen with the lead actor… Poor YJ….

  404. 404 : kimNoRa Says:

    love this show >> very emotional, I hope they don’t shock me with the ending .. I would prefer a realistic ending, also both of the leads is talented & deserve an award ..

  405. 405 : Lulu Says:

    love this drama especially LDW, the sountrack is good too…..

  406. 406 : leolia Says:

    I am very waiting the last episode…Hope the drama have a good ending …althougt YJ will be die…TT…(i hope not…)

  407. 407 : dwi agustanti Says:


    pity you ….
    you can not see the chemistry between LDW and YJ?
    I respect every opinion, but you’re too far if you think this drama boring ….

  408. 408 : dwi agustanti Says:

    can not wait to see the continuation of this drama ….
    hope the director may extend to twenty episodes ….
    too brief journey of their love story …
    I want more stories a more beautiful ….

  409. 409 : BEAR Says:

    Amazing amazing korean drama. Yet another amazing performance put up by Miss Kim Sun Ah! She put her magical touch into action – bringing the best out of the co-star she is acting with. Love the chemistry between her and Lee Dong Wook. Lovely!!! My favorite drama for 2011!!!

  410. 410 : mmlinma Says:

    I am disappointed about the ending. it leaves so much hanging.

  411. 411 : cal Says:

    Hanging ending? Ah, I have been hoping for a good ending even it’s going to be the sad one.

  412. 412 : Jennie Says:

    Ha! I knew it! I said she wouldn’t die (@256) because of the genre of the drama but totally disappointing for me. It ends sensibly enough and I guess it will make most fans happy. However I feel bad for KJW. I respect his decision to stay with her till the end but does anyone see the tinge of sadness in him at the end? He’s gonna be with her and knowing that she’s going to die but not knowing when.. how agonizing it must be for him. Disappointed that the writer has only considered one side of the story and nothing about the sufferings of the people around her. I remain unimpressed and disappointed with YJ. But two thumps up with the great acting especially YJ’s mum in the last 2 episodes. For me, she’s the real deal and totally deserve my respect.

  413. 413 : jangerr Says:

    Thank goodness there’re many sweet and heartfelt moments in episode 15, especially after all the sobfest prior to it… Love that how the two things I like of this drama, i.e. the tango and hugs, are out in full force…

    There’re many resolutions too, especially the major one between YJ and her mum. Mum’s simply amazing! Must say this episode belongs to her.

    However, all these resolutions give me the jitters too. It’s like the writer is preparing us, mentally and psychologically, for the finality of YJ’s life…

  414. 414 : thump2 Says:

    @kanha: =) Thanks to ur prayer, I manage to catch up for the ep15 & 16. What about u? What do you think of this two 2ep?

    As for me, ep15 is more about mom-daughter relationship. Overall is there is sweet, sour, bitter and species flavor. I can understand YJ’s mother character(why is she behaving that way but I m not going to discuss whether her reaction is wrong or right) but sorry to say that “mom” acts is not up to my expectation coz it only get me to cry but not heartbreaking . I don’t think she deliver her character well. But still this ep really steal my tear… non-stop…this all credit go to KSA-YJ .The storyline is acceptable or more to expected way. It does make me sad but not to the heartbreaking extend like few previous ep. As we know LDW is superb in delivering his multi expression but in this ep, I don’t see much of his expression from Ji Uk’s character. I guess the questions and the blame goes to d director! His character is kind of dull? Cool? Is this to show his character reach emotional stability (accepting the fact about YJ with open heart?)….but still… I don’t know..I don’t see the pain in his eyes as previously even when he hugged YJ when she in d pain and the kissing scene at the beach ???? It is kind of waste for such talented actor like LDW …..for not getting to delivery his character to d utmost… cause LDW definitely can do it!!!!

    Ep 16… another moderate ep.. I guess if we do not want YJ to die, we have to try to accept the ending in this direction. If we wish this ep to be more emotional or heartbreaking then… YJ should die coz if not it going to be unrealistic ending. Logically by not sending YJ die in the last ep, it does not mean she is going to live for….. (judging from her conditions)…just to show she managed to struggle through winter (miracle does happen). I think the scriptwriter also in dilemma on how he/she should end d drama and it turned up d drama ended calmly(some might say -hanging) It more likely that scriptwriter is giving us the option or leave it to us to imagine the real ending as we wish. This might be due to overwhelming reaction on this OTP in d drama–KSA & LDW. (I believe most of us want a good ending for d couple and maybe some hope they will be a real couple in life) My Final word is SOW storyline is common and predictable. Credits goes to first 9ep the rest is enjoyable. The reasons that make me able to keep myself up to all d 16 ep…. –thanks to KSA, LDW, EKJ & SHR THUMP UP for ur excellent performance!!!!

  415. 415 : kanha Says:

    I don’t know that i should be happy or sad with this kind of ending….im happy that i don’t have to see YJ dies, it leaves me with good memory……but mean while i feel a little bit disappointed and pity JK, don’t know how long he going through this…i feel like it is a punishment for him 🙁

    By the way, for a moment while YJ and Jk together on the bed in the hospital, i thought that YJ have died at that time in his hand( it would be better if it end like this ) but she is not. this final episode made me cry so much, i cry whenever i see YJ’face,she really got me into it….so sad….

  416. 416 : thump2 Says:

    @kanha… please dont be sad ;>just be happy , at least we don’t have to witness JY dying.. life is always about choice… we cant get hold to everything that we want. KJW had made his choice when he said to her ” i do not love only healthy Yj ..I LOVE u coz u r YJ “

  417. 417 : sara Says:

    Kim Sun ah is really really the best Korean actress IMO.she always shines in every role she plays.the same here..highly recommended.great comeback for LDG after two years

  418. 418 : kanha Says:

    @Thump2 🙂

    Yeah, you’re right, the sad time is over. You’ve explain everthing so well and very reasonable.t

    By the way,you’ve make my point,talking about JK acting. for the few final episods,i feel like he was trying so hard to deliver his feeling toward YJ, i couldn’t feel his love and his pains…. he was so good at the bigining. Anyway, come to think of it again, it all end up well

  419. 419 : kdramafan Says:

    Storyline is good, but both main cast LDW & YJ ‘s age look far apart between them, like big sister in love with little brother, a bit forceful, unconvinced. Quite draggy in the middle part.

  420. 420 : zha Says:

    What a great drama with a nice and realistic ending…the story is so nice that we addicted to watch up till the end eventhough we knew it’s a sad story but at the end it’s a happy ending for JW and YJ in their perspective, they happily treasure every moment their togetherness..they choose to live life to the fullest.. JW’s decision to say with the woman he love till the end is soo lovely coz if we really love someone, it’s not the quantity of time we spent with that person really important but the quality time we share together that really precious and countless .. LDW & KSA acting is really amazing too..

  421. 421 : mtoenlob Says:

    After City Hall, I thought am already immune to separation anxiety. So wrong was I. Here I go again. To keep my sanity, I made this up.

    Just to release… and exhale.

    Yeon Jae and Ji Wook – A Love Story

    “Where do I begin, to tell the story of how great a love can be
    The sweet love story that is older than the sea
    That sings the truth about the love she brings to me
    Where do I start…”

    Lee Yeon Jae is a thirty-something woman who works for a travel agency. She is timid and submissive yet a very hardworking woman so much so that her co-workers tend to take advantage of her. She might not have enough education but this woman has enough gray matters between her ears that she can accomplish with finesse whatever task is assigned to her either by her own choice or unceremoniously dump by her co-workers. She leads a very routinary life until one day when she decides that there is more to life than sitting behind a desk. She begins with a trip to Okinawa.

    Kang Ji Wook is an only son, an heir to a booming travel agency where Yeon Jae works. He goes about his daily life disinterestedly, just allowing the tides of every day activities toss him where he is required to be and do his work with tediousness. This air of ennui looms with him that he is often seen as indifferent and aloof. Although YJ and JW works under one roof and in spite of several instances where they cross paths, Ji Wook never really took notice of her…until the trip to Okinawa.

    “With the first hello, she gave the meaning to this empty world of mine…”

    In Okinawa, Yeon Jae has her mind for a leisure trip. Ji Wook is there for business. While both are there for different reasons with no knowledge of each other’s presence, fate steps in. As they say, in the magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. A little mix-up and misinterpretation equals “Hello, are you Ms. Lee?” “Yes, I’m Ms. Lee.” And that encounter set the motion for them to run into each other’s lives. Ji Wook enjoys his time with Yeon Jae in spite of himself and that even though he has learned that he is with the wrong Ms. Lee, he has opted to spend the remaining days with her as his tour guide. Her cheerful spirit has enticed him that he now finds himself smiling, even laughing, a rarity to his character. After his mother’s death, Ji Wook has made a pact with Mr. Gloom and has locked himself in isolation, hob-nobbing only out of social necessity due to work. For the first time after a long while, he is again seeing the world with mirth.

    Alas, sometimes, some good things never last. Enter Ms. Grim, she with a petulant pout and piercing eyes which flash out laser beams of ill-tempered stares. If looks could kill, this woman has it. Meet Ji Wook’s “fiancée”.

    “She came into my life, and made the living fine….”

    Back in Korea, Ji Wook finds himself getting more and more curious about Yeon Jae. Contrary to what he keeps telling himself, Ji Wook sees himself interested, getting involved and concerned with Yeon Jae’s affairs. From pacifying Grandpa Sohn, to ocular site visits, to trouble shooting the Mr. Wilson fiasco, to the tango class, Ji Wook gets wind in all of these. And soon enough, what he keeps on denying finally catches up with him. Ji Wook has fallen in love with Yeon Jae.

    “She fills my heart, with very special things, with angel songs, with wild imaginings…”

    He may not have took notice of it at first, but when love reckons there is no stopping. Ji Wook’s curiosity brings him to Yeon Jae’s tango class. He even questions himself what he is even doing there. To save face he wills himself to dance, the dance that change his life completely and that’s where it all begun.
    For two hearts beating as one, time stood still…for what seems to be an eternity, nothing existed…there was no room, no music, no others, nothing… just the two of them off to a place where we could not follow…all that remained was the steady pounding of the heart, eyes locked in seductive adoration and confusion, the sheer pleasure of the touch…pulsating with sensuality, with exhilaration… and with bated breath an anticipation to something unfathomable expressed only in silence and emotion.
    Long after the dance session ceases, Ji Wook still feels the touch of Yeon Jae’s hands lingering on his chest, still sees the longing looks on her eyes and these set his head reeling, his chest pounding with the drubbing of his heart. For days onward the thoughts of her haunted him. She fills his mind. He makes excuses to see her. And he is not alone in this lovelorn state. Yeon Jae is exactly in the same predicament. At first they try to shun the attraction due to Se Kyung, Ji Wook’s supposedly “fiancée”. Despite of themselves, Yeon Jae and Ji Wook is drawn together. And they defy the odds.

    “She fills my soul with so much love, that anywhere I go I’m never lonely, with her along who could be lonely, I reach for her hand, it’s always there…”

    When Ji Wook learns of Yeon Jae’s cancer he world collapses. Rightly so, for Yeon Jae erringly decides that it is better for her to keep away from Ji Wook to lessen his agony in seeing her in pain due to her illness. Unknowingly, in her desire to shield him from grief she has pushed him more to misery. But Ji Wook’s love for Yeon Jae prevails amidst emotional turmoil. Not Ji Wook’s father nor Se Kyung’s dad nor Se Kyung nor Yeon Jae herself could put a dent in their relationship. No mountain is high enough nor river so deep not even a dreaded illness called cancer for them to endure in order keep the love alive.

    “How long does it last, can love be measured by the hour in a day…”

    Yeon Jae’s doctor pronounces that she is now living on limited time, five months the most. With this in mind Yeon Jae scrambles to make up for time. She busily ties to accomplish as much as she can from her bucket list – make mom smile, go on a trip, attend tango class, make a difference, love, etc. Never has these lines ring so true – “It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth – and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up, we will then begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.” In spite of her illness progressing, she tries to make the most of her remaining days with the people that matters to her the most – mom and Ji Wook.

    She knows she’ll die soon. When doesn’t matter. Whether she lives for more days or more months it doesn’t matter. What matters is that to her each remaining hours or days or months are precious and she is living each moment with relish, with hope that there will be tomorrow to wake up to. And in her waking hours there is the love of her life, Ji Wook, to share it with.

    “I have no answers now but this much I can say, I know I’ll need her ‘till the stars all burn away…”

    Ji Wook fully knowing that one day Yeon Jae will no longer be around has determined to make the time with her more memorable. In various small ways, he make it a point that he and Yeon Jae make memories so that in the future, even if she is no longer with him physically, there will be fond memories to link them and make her presence felt.

    Ji Wook and Yeon Jae love with a love that has no boundaries, no personal borders, no pretensions, only with sincerity and authenticity for they have opened themselves totally to love which unite them. And in that union, in that oneness, the love is kept alive beyond man’s mortality.

    “…and she’ll be there!”

  422. 422 : etee7114 Says:

    This is an excellent drama and definitely my favorite of the year….and beating out Greatest Love. Shocking isn’t it?

    I had a lot of flashbacks of friends and relatives who went through cancer while watching this drama. Some survived, but others didn’t. Some were positive and mostly they lived longer. Some were really negative, abusive, became human monsters and died very bitterly. And one young man was brave enough to marry his girlfriend of 5 years even though she was terminal. Just like JW. My own mother was a cancer patient but adopting a positive attitude helped her through the chemotherapy and now she is in remission.

    So yes, a very realistic portrayal. But the angst, hurt, pain, depression is actually 10x worse than what we see in the drama. Hence, I can understand the excruciating angst from Ep11 to 14.

    I hope KSA and LDW and UKJ bag awards at the end of the year. Fighting!!

  423. 423 : jangerr Says:

    Love the recaps done by GF and JB in dramabeans. Those who are following SOAW should go and read them. Their comments at the end of the final episode were so insightful. Let me quote them,

    GF: “I thought the message of this drama was to live each day as if it were your last, but really, it’s the reverse: Live each day as if you have a tomorrow.”

    JB: “Scent (and Flowers) takes a depressing topic but leaves us with an uplifting sense of hope, in showing us that while there’s no way to triumph over Death, we can still have our daily victories by filling our lives to the brim.”

  424. 424 : via Says:

    loveeeeee this drama so much… LDW and KSA did a great job.. two thumbs up for this drama…

  425. 425 : jangerr Says:

    @421 mtoenlob

    Just want to say one word, “Wow!”

  426. 426 : kanha Says:


    thank for quite those comments, its great.


    i love reading all urs comment 🙂 very nice. when i started watching this drama i didn’t expect to know and learn this much. All thank to urs comments. All the best to everyone;-)

  427. 427 : Jennie Says:

    @jangerr Wow, I love the comment by GF..something we should all practice everyday.

    @mtoenlob Wow wow, that was like reading a complete book! Heehee! You must be really INTO the drama for you to be able to re tell the story n relate it to this song! Enjoyed it pretty much.

    Btw, what’s everybody watching now? I’m watching PTB, WBDS n Princess Man. Also started The Musical but subs r real difficult to get.

  428. 428 : etee7114 Says:

    @ jennie
    I’m still stuck with Scent of A Woman. I don’t think I can watch another drama currently airing drama now. Scent of A Woman had such a strong and powerful message that I’ll be afraid to compare unfairly with current dramas. So I’ll just have to wait for the withdrawals to subside (which might mean never). Kekeke!!

  429. 429 : saera Says:

    I swear I love this drama so much.
    I never thought that the depressing earlier episode would have this perfect ending.
    I love ALL the cast so much. Seriously, ALL CAST are AWESOME.
    I’ve got so many lesson after watching this drama. Seriously, I’m not even regret to have wasted my tears for a few episode at first. Because I really really have a big smile on my lips to see the ending.
    Good job, director and all the crew!!!

    ps: I’m sorry director-nim, I was cursing you at first. HAHA :”)

  430. 430 : Jennie Says:

    @etee I guess the drama has in its own way touched many people in its own way. I am happy that ur mum is doing well n hope th she will continue to have good health and the love n support from family n friends. My dad who is in his eighties is also a cancer patient. He has actually refused all treatment, instead chooses to continue with his daily life as normal as possible. Like YJ, he was given six months but it has been one year now. He looks good, still does his gardening and drives around with my mum, buying groceries n stuff. Alto it hurts, my siblings n I respect his decision n we treat each new day as a blessing that he is still with us. Because of this, I tend to view from the drama the perspective of family n loved ones.

    On a cheery note, abra cadabra..mumble..mumble, there- You have no more withdrawal symptoms n are now ready for the next kdrama 🙂 Hope to see u soon in another forum!

  431. 431 : jangerr Says:

    @428 etee

    Yes, my dear! I know what you mean. Remember after CH, it took us sooooo long before we can enjoy another show? In fact, till today (and it’s more than 2 years now!), I still have the tendency to compare what I watch with the standard of CH…

    @ Jennie & kanha

    Glad that both of you like the quotes I took from dramabeans. I like especially the part on “living your life as if there’s a tomorrow”. For that imply there’s something to look forward to, that there’s a future and there’s hope.

  432. 432 : Ginger Says:

    This was one of the best drama I’ve have seen…I’ve watched it many times….More power to KSA & LDW

  433. 433 : kriss Says:

    The part on YJ writing down No 21 on her bucket list was a stroke of genius!

    Just a simple act, yet it has some a powerful meaning. With just that incredibly subtle act, it shows that YJ is looking ahead. That it doesn’t matter how much time she has but she will live like she has a tomorrow… That she dares to dream dreams… That she’s starting to hope and plan…

  434. 434 : bertha Says:

    It’s film happy end or not please

  435. 435 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    The intention is not to sink into sadness and pain like no tomorrow, had to live on and be optimistic, I wanted a continuation of the series is like telling me that she continues to live and everything is fine.

  436. 436 : ally Says:

    Just finished the last two episods, coz wanna make sure I am in the right mood to feel the ending! Prepare for the worst on crying if the ending is really turned out to be bad!

    Thinking about it, though LDW will have a painful memory in life, but how many people could really have true love in life? It is an once in a life time experience, it is worthwhile to own it. Don’t want to have regret in life, go through it, you will be different!

    Life is short, do what you think is right to you. Like the teacher said, at the last moment in life, what we hope is to have someone that love you and you love! A supporting family & true love are priceless!

    I really enjoy the show very much! The acting is excellent!

  437. 437 : meggy Says:

    reading the sinopsis, already makes my hearts beat.. love this drama. Most of all.. Kim Soon Ah is very talented actress, she becomes thin to have chemistry with her role as Lee Yeon Jae.. Two thumbs for her!!!

  438. 438 : Tia Mirza Says:

    I love the main couple although the chemistry between them was not as strong/intense as the one in “lie to me”. And their scenes together were not enough. But the story was good and well acted. I like the ending, unlike other drama(s) that every cancer patient must die in the end.

  439. 439 : dina Says:

    i love this drama.. actually the actor n actris very2 god job… the end story so good.. thanks to kim sun ah n lee dong wook for the hard work… always be the best korean drama.. fighting..

  440. 440 : zaira Says:

    i think this drama is’nt comedy but romance.. but i sure u must watching this drama… this drama very touch me. and give me to learn about how love n give happinies and care for patient’s cancer.. very love this drama.. 🙂

  441. 441 : mona Says:

    i’m watching eps 2, yeon jae is so pathetic and ugly in eps 1, i’m glad that she looks more pretty in the next eps

  442. 442 : suesue Says:

    Definitely worth watching. Only snag is insufficient of the good, happy times between the two leads.

  443. 443 : goh Says:

    poor sunah! she worked so hard that she has injured one of her shoulder. now she needs to go for surgery.

  444. 444 : iin Says:

    if the male leader is hyun bin. it must be spectacular like secret garden.

  445. 445 : Hongphuong Says:

    firslty, i didn’t think that i could like this film, because the main figure (Lee Yeon Jae) was too ugly and clumsy. But see more, more i like it because the develepment of story and specially, the acting is great. i enjoy the show very much. I’ll remember “Jee Wook” and “Lee Yeon Jae” so much.

  446. 446 : HODAYA Says:

    I must say that I really love this drama Kim SUN AH is just amazing and a great actress I love every minute of watching. Who has not watched the drama lost a very good drama.

  447. 447 : iin Says:

    before i am watching this drama, i think this drama will spectacular like secret garden.but, after i am watching. this drama make me confused. if the male leader is uhm ki joon, it will be very good. cause i think lee dong wook have not strong character. its different with uhm ki joon. he have a strong character n an unique doctor. leee dong woook character is common.

  448. 448 : Scent Of A Woman | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] Sinopsis can be read at Scent Of A Woman @ Korean Drama. […]

  449. 449 : jan2kay Says:

    I loove it..love it..love it..looovee it. Don’t have any other words.. ^^

  450. 450 : Angel Says:

    love this drama! clap clap clap..

  451. 451 : Lovebird Says:

    It was lovely, probably one of the best korean series I have ever seen. Kim Sun Ah was AWSOME as always.

  452. 452 : Steve Says:

    Another excellent performance from Kim Sun ah. The series was also cool. Keep up the good job!

  453. 453 : sarahning Says:

    everytime they cried, make me cry too…. Like to rewacth it again and again. Lee dong wook and kim sun ah are excellent. lee dong wook, more love for u.. and the tango is also awesome, make me want to dance…

  454. 454 : Ati Says:

    Ilove KSA, two thumbs!!

  455. 455 : teazze Says:

    I do really cry a lot because of this drama ! KSA is the greatest !

  456. 456 : jennie Says:

    The best drama for me! The story was great and not boring! I love all the cas, they all amazing. 2 thumbs up for this drama. The best in 2011! Really really good!

  457. 457 : mamimi Says:

    Yep, Sunah was excellent. This is the first time I see her in a melodrama but she managed to make pull at my heartstrings so effortlessly.

  458. 458 : mona Says:

    lil dissapointed about this drama because i have a greater expectation in kim sun ah… only lee dong wook face make me watching this drama especially his red lips 🙂

  459. 459 : Thess Says:

    i enjoy the show… i wanna watch it again and again! ksa and ldw are really amazing. they make a perfect couple. plus the songs are superb. so many amzing scenes in this show. i’m totally in love with the show in spite of the heartbreaking scenes. overall, i will give this a perfect 10/10.

  460. 460 : nafa Says:

    wow… I like this drama. greats story and good actor and actress. I think… lee dong wook and kim sun ah is the best couple in this year. the second dramas I like in this year after 49 days.

  461. 461 : teazze Says:

    so far till episode 12 to be honest i feel KSA and LDW has less chemistry than KSA and UKJ..

    KSA & LDW not really show me what a lover chemistry.. but for KSA & UKJ their friendship chemistry make me envy..

    i feel that the curve for this drama is high in the beginning which can make me cry a lot but its getting lower at the middle which when i watch ’em i just want to fast forward the scenes

    but overall.. KSA is the queen in this drama.. ^^

  462. 462 : Truly_reta Says:

    I wanna watch this drama is because KSA! Her acting so amazing! I think she is The real face of korea, her face very natural. It’s strange sometime she’s look ugly, sometime so cute, & pretty, that’s the plus point, no boring. LDK was amazing when his smile in this drama, i smile too, i love his eyes & lips! this drama very inspiring, its make me made my own list, write my dream on the paper, write all i wanna do before i die, and belive its will gonna be happen. And we can got everything we want if we get our mind into it. SCENT OF WOMAN so AMAZING. Big hug and kiss for KSA & LDK! Luv u… Semangat! Semangat! ^^

  463. 463 : ldHEE Says:

    LDW and KSa ……… u make me laught and cry ……

  464. 464 : Jennie Says:

    Just thought I’d clear this up. The jennie @456 is diff from Jennie from earlier comments. ;-D

  465. 465 : wati Says:

    i didnt see any chemistry between LDW n KSA, hmm i dunno, in beginning its good, but…. kinda boring in the middle till end of episode.. no chemistry. Its the 1st time i feel disappointed with kdrama 🙁

  466. 466 : Anna Says:

    cheers to scent of a woman. truly a very inspirational drama. i love ksa and ldw. they’re the best.. fighting!

  467. 467 : lapsaptong Says:

    I have been a big fan of KSA and the last time I watched her in CH, I’ve been craving for more. I read the synopsis for SOAW and thought, wait .. she’s gonna play a sappy cancer stricken character that might lull in self pity and cry buckets?? I hesitated for quite sometime before actually sitting down to watch it. With that said, I finished all 16 episodes in 2 days!!!

    I am still amazed at KSA’s versatility and the way she brings characters to life. She is one amazing actress who manages to capture the heart of the audience, who make us laugh and cry along with her. However, I must admit that all the sobbing towards the middle and end of the drama is tiresome. I know sappy Kdrama has a tendency towards that but seeing KSA sobs at each and every scene is just hard to swallow at times.

    Surprisingly, I cried more at Hee Joo’s scenes … literally cried so much that I ran out of a clean sleeve.

    I am happy with the ending. Although we all can phantom what is going to happen down the road for LYJ, we must admit that there is this tiny voice in us that wish for a happily ever after. Such is life and this drama depicts it well.

  468. 468 : melzha Says:

    what a great and inspiring kdrama..SOAW make me crying and also smile with its story..LDW is soo handsome especially when his red lip smile..really brighten my day ^o^…

  469. 469 : syeraLOLers Says:

    omg…..lee dong wook is back! i love him so much since my girl…he looks more handsome after back from Army..huhu this drama still haven’t air in Malaysia yet but i’m sure it will be a good drama and i’m looking forward to watch this drama…..and i don’t care its sad or happy ending unless its still a good drama that we can remember….

  470. 470 : hanaifa Says:

    love this drama….can’t stop cry until end….best couple lah….

  471. 471 : Annie Says:

    love this drama… beautifully made…

  472. 472 : rosett Says:

    this drama will make you laugh, and cry, and cry and cry. I cried in like every episode. The ending is not entirely happy or sad, it is true though in most cases.

  473. 473 : jentab Says:

    lee dong w0ok is really really h0t!!! omg
    The drama has a nice story… It will make u cry and cry and cry. Heavy drama! I want to learn tango aftr seeing the dramaü

  474. 474 : jo billones Says:

    omg! lee dong wook and kim sun ah are great loveteam, im super kilig to their scenes, after kilig then suddenly crying, hehe its driving me like crazy… its so good to be inlove!

  475. 475 : leny Says:

    Dong Wook’s blur face makes me laugh..but i prefer sun ah in my lovely samsoon..this drama is quite sad

  476. 476 : Jardeus Says:

    hmm.. the story is almost the same as Queen Latifah’s “Last Holiday”.. the only difference is that this has a bad ending….
    I skip some scenes coz its boring… The scenes in okinawa we’re the good ones.. But once they got back to Seoul, scenes got bored….
    hmmm.. to summarize.. this movie is a combination of the American movie “Last Holiday” and “Sweet November”….

  477. 477 : Mungkin Inilah Saatnya « Try 2B cool 'n smart… Says:

    […] dari sini. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. This entry was posted on Saturday, October 15th, […]

  478. 478 : deladela Says:

    i’m crazyly impressed of this drama… love dong wook oppa and soena eonnie to be a couple. they’re really romantic

  479. 479 : ghela Says:

    love this drama…sarang he yo dong wook oppa

  480. 480 : Tata Says:

    Good story…but Sun Ah like too old as a couple Dong Wook.No chemistry…

  481. 481 : dd Says:

    i dropped this drama, no chemistry btween these two main lead and the story is boring. no high impact on the emotional kinda love.

  482. 482 : Krystell Says:

    one of the most romantic dramas I’ve ever seen. I’m so so in love with the two main leads. I’m really inspired to fall in love again! will definitely watch it again! hehe..

  483. 483 : yesseh Says:

    drama ini superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. lee dong wook ga nahannn :”””””’)))

  484. 484 : Fan Says:

    I watching this drama and have reached up to ep 8.I am just loving it.How can any one say they do not have chemistry….I can see the passion sensation and the chemistry between them specially in Tango scenes.Hoping drama would get better in further episodes.

  485. 485 : selda Says:

    drama ini merupakan drama yang bagus banget dan drama ini meninggalkan kesan yang mendalam banget ketika selesai menontonnya
    drama ini adalah tontonan wajib bagi semua pecinta drama korea

  486. 486 : dhez Says:

    Finally it will be shown in ABS CBN. Cant wait for tagalized version. For me this drama is good and their acting was superb and very convincing.

  487. 487 : Allyssa Says:

    I wasn’t really expecting that this drama would turn out great..
    I love everything about it!! especially the cast!!
    I love kim dong wook… and I am fan of kim sun ah coz of kim sam soon..
    The story was great also.. *thumbs up*
    It really made me cry from the beginning… (T_T)
    and I’m glad it isn’t a sad ending (I was satisfied with the ending even though I know she might die in the future)…. (^_^)
    and I got to see Junsu!! He’s a great singer! i love his song “you are so beautiful”.
    I really want to be in one of his fan meetings.. Maybe, even just in a dream only, I wish he could sing for me too..

    I have nothing bad to say about this drama!!
    one of the best!! it really moved my heart..
    and now, my problem is, how can i get over this… >.<

  488. 488 : kristelln*** Says:

    OMO the rAtings are HIGH ! :)) they really did a good job :))
    LOVe them both :)) the ending is so touchy 🙂 agh! this drama is # 2 or 3 on my fav. drama ever since i was born … harhar exagg..
    2 THUMBS UP for them BOTH :)))

  489. 489 : XeeRo0 Says:

    superb drama!!! ^_~

  490. 490 : riska jck Says:

    Drama ini supeeerrr bagusss & harus ditonton bagi pecinta drama korea.
    Sedih, lucu, romantis jadi satu di drama ini.
    Lee Dong Wook juga ganteng & keren banget di drama ini.

  491. 491 : soaw Says:

    d most dramatic series i’ve seen…after watching it, i directly faced myself 2 d mirror..and gotcha…huge eyebags…the actors wre great..

  492. 492 : jessie lou bullecer Says:

    huh? no chemistry??? i totally dissagree with it..They look good together! ^^ Love the story and the ending so much. Ive watched this drama 4 times already but it seems i still can’t get over it.. i’ll watch it again soon… lol
    Very handsome Dong Wook oppah and stunning beautiful Sunny unnie… i hope they’ll be doing another drama soon.. ^_~

  493. 493 : JYJeen Says:

    Damn surprised to see Junsu in there! 😀

  494. 494 : mime Says:

    oh my god..uber…is all i can say..
    uber i didn’t carry the gravity of your movie…
    shocks! expect the unexpected part..
    my favorite part and most unforgettable…is when
    shin ji hyun died ..i can’t stop crying..as in super burst..!
    and after dat part i ran to the bathroom and still crying..
    and everytime I remember this ,tears falling from me..

  495. 495 : kinah Says:

    love kim sun ah and lee dong wook!!!!..haha..the drama is great and the screen shot is the best…A must watch drama for everyone…

  496. 496 : Incha Says:

    The drama is basically sad. The end of this drama is unpredictable.
    A suitable partner, Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook.
    But why the title scent of a woman, it does not relate.

  497. 497 : harleymione Says:

    I’m just on episode 6 and I can say that I am loving this drama^^ I already scanned the recaps and I can say that there’s a lot of good episodes to come. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah (despite age differences) has that electrifying chemistry particularly when it comes to the Tango classes. They might not be talking but their gestures seem to show everything they feel for each other. Wee lovin it:)))

  498. 498 : ZarraJae Says:

    @JYJeen (493) If u r JYJ fan, why r u surprised with Junsu’s cameo? What about Jaejoong? Do u know he was in PTB? And Yoochun in Miss Ripley? The guys have become such multitalented superstars. Dae-to-the-Bak!! JYJ Fighting!

  499. 499 : yi kyung Says:

    i like the lead roles but hey,,, are they compatible? do they have chemistry…? what i want is the red car.. it’s kinda look sporty.

  500. 500 : Edna Gasmen Says:

    It’s a nice story, especially Lee Dong Wook very handsome. They have no chemistry with Kim Suh Ann She is old already. The director should have taken a younger and more beautiful actress.

  501. 501 : ariana Says:

    i already watch this drama,and i think this a good drama,coz a lot of hapines n sad,rely touch it when she try to make her mother hapy n survive fr live and love.good job fr lee dong wook and kim sun ah.

  502. 502 : coco Says:

    love you lee dong wook .. saraniaa
    waiting for you in another drama .. fighting.. your the best

  503. 503 : Edna Gasmen Says:

    I like this drama because Lee Dong Wook is the male star but I am dissapointed because the leading female star is too old for LDW.

  504. 504 : ericka grace Says:

    I like this drama. It made me cry,laugh etc.. It made me have mix feelings while watching it. good drama,.

  505. 505 : gra Says:

    it doesn’t matter if kim-sun ah is older compared to lee dong wook…what is important is the story where the drama dwells..still, ksu is so wonderful…we just need to look beyond the physical aspects of the actors…

  506. 506 : al Says:

    I must say that this is a good Korean drama series. I admire the acting of both the leading casts. On the other side, I fell in love so much with the drama “My Girl” that I could not help but look for the chemistry between Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da-hae while watching this drama and it did not meet my expectations. Still, good job for this one.

  507. 507 : kimchi Says:

    i luv this drama!

    watch it because it is worth your while. i laughed and cried in this series. there are lots of learnings to apply in ones life as well.

    truly GREAT!

  508. 508 : pho Says:

    i love this drama
    so sweet n i’ll cry when i watch this
    so romantic

  509. 509 : maikee Says:

    kim sun ah,your d best! we admired you since kim sam soong … ur great and were a huge fan of yours!!! we love you here in the PHILIPPINES!!!!

  510. 510 : Mayosi Says:

    i like it

  511. 511 : lee hye ae Says:

    i haven’t finished watching this drama yet. so i searched for some MVs on YT. found myself already crying, especially when yeon jae’s illness was at its worse. i’m looking forward to watch all episodes of this drama. ^^

    SBS is really the best in making dramas! ^^ Including 49 days and city hunter, this one is also a drama that I strongly recommend for everyone to watch. It’s really worth it. ^^

  512. 512 : ed Says:

    i love this drama..!

  513. 513 : sentis Says:

    love this drama.. haven’t seen any drama that made me cry so much since Baker King.. this has lots of lessons to learn.. this made me start to write down my own bucket list.. we all gonna die but it’s just a matter of preparing ourselves when that time comes.. great job to the production team! well done! 🙂

  514. 514 : RomelSki Says:

    I cried in that scene in the finale chapter when kang ji wook put a smiley on the “20.To close my eyes in the arms of the one i love. 🙂
    I really thought she died. HAhah i was fooled.
    Lee dong wook is gorgeous in these drama. I love him in my girl too.
    Ive cried when he cried. Brilliant acting. Thumbs up.

  515. 515 : Jennie Says:

    @tc Hi tc, I just read that Kim Suna and Lee Dong Wook will be in Spore n M’sia to promote this drama on December 5th n 6th. Shall we go wave our poms poms too like the rest of the fans? Maybe we should prepare placards that read ” We love you both but SoAW was a disappointment!” Hee hee, they’d probably drag us away!

  516. 516 : tc Says:


    Yes, I feel the same way and the organizer will likely ban us from entering when they see the placard! By the way, found out that my idol PSH will be in SG on next Tue , 29 Nov attending a music award function. How I envy his Singaporean fans who can have a chance to take a close look of him and perhaps shake his hand!

  517. 517 : Jennie Says:

    Oh really? I didn’t know that. You never know, I might just ‘bang’ into him by ‘accident’ and you never know, he might just fall for my charms instantly and I’d be the envy of all his fans. I can admire the bod of his 24/7 and guess who’ll be green with envy? KDaddict, hahaha!

  518. 518 : KDaddict Says:

    @tc and Jennie,
    I’m going to Japan on Dec 1, so I’m not going to SG for Nov 29 lah! Esp since he’ll be fully clothed at the event.
    Jennie, you have to work fast now n find out where he’ll be on that day, so that you can bump into him, (you really have to use that other word betwn quotation marks now, do you?). When u get to admire his bod 24/7, tc will be the 1st one to come over n kill u, cos she is closer to u than I am. 😀

  519. 519 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Aw naughty little girl aren’t you to be thinking that. The pun was “unintentional” you know ;-D Nah, I am too dignified to be actually there like a demented fan, screaming for him unless it’s Micky! I’d probably try to sneak into his hotel room and try to get peeks at those pecs of his to see if they are for real. But before that, I gotta find out where he’s staying first.
    Sorry, but I can’t help it, when I see or hear the name PSH, I see his six-pack abs first then I connect them to you. You know, I have this visual of you staring and gaping at his body somewhere in that night scene in TPM. Hahaha..♥♥you and PSH in TPM together ♥♥
    I read somewhere before that Return OI is better than Iljimae. I actually have a cheap copy when it first came out but I have never gotten round to watching it, same as The Duo. They are just lying down somewhere collecting dust.
    Whereabouts in Japan are you going? Am actually looking at Hokkaido for New Year hols but it’s so expensive to go Japan. It’s either that or Egypt which is more affordable.

  520. 520 : KDaddict Says:

    Unintentional my foot! Anything betwn Q marks can’t be! Pecs, darling, pecs. We r talking breasts, not abs. Any pretty boy can develop abs, but real pecs you gotta respect!
    Japan: I’m heading to Yokohama to see some friends, n to Tokyo for a Kabuki show. I love Japan, but Hokkaido in winter is too cold for my comfort. I’m Not into winter sports, unless u count hot springing in the snow. Eqypt is a pain to travel in cos they really aren’t nice to tourists. Of course if u travel w a tour group u r sheltered fr that somewhat. Still, they try to gouge u anyway they can n despise u for it. Middle E right now might not be the safest place to travel in either. Better pay a few extra $ than be caught in a revolution, rt?

  521. 521 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Hahhah, that’s why I said I gotta check if they’re for real. You have to ahh have some kinda of skinship to know that. I try to focus on his abs tho cos those pecs of his put lesser endowed women like me to shame, as I’ve mentioned before. Oh gawd, we gotta stop talking about this in public before we get shot down, like before 😀
    Okay, thanks for the tip on Egypt. We want to go shopping too so we’re also thinking of Seoul, Shanghai or Perth. I prefer somewhere with snow though, so Seoul maybe. Perth is out for sure cos I don’t want anywhere hot! But I really really want to go Hokkaido for the winter! Sigh!!!

  522. 522 : KDaddict Says:

    See reply on FH thread.

  523. 523 : KDaddict Says:

    BTW, we always have the option of talking abt this by email, then we can be as silly or bold as we care to be n not offend anyone’s sensibilities. Hee hee.

  524. 524 : tc Says:

    @KDaddict and Jennie

    Left my comments on Return of Ilj in FH thread. How nice to hear of your holiday plans – I love Japan and Korea and can’t wait to go again if I can just drag myself from work and Kdramas!

    kDaddict is right, I will come over and ‘throttle’ you, Jennie if you get the chance first to admire PSH’s body since he is my idol and I can only see him in my dreams!

  525. 525 : kent Says:

    hihi.. KAddiction is now already hitting Philippines!! tEAH!

  526. 526 : melissa Says:

    i love scent of a woman! its the no.1 drama in the philippines! hope the two main characters will have fan meeting here just as they will do in singapore and malaysia. hehe

  527. 527 : primrose055 Says:

    This drama is really good 🙂

  528. 528 : CamilleTorres07 Says:

    Ugh. The best drama. It makes me cry a lot. The best Drama in the Philippines! Yey! Love it!

  529. 529 : ruroh Says:

    The power of love…. I love lee dong wook

  530. 530 : jodethcruz16 Says:

    i love this drama…i’m getting addicted with their love team…they are the best…thou i’m done watching it i still want to watch it everyday…hopefully they will make another drama together it will surely a big hit here in the Philippines…

  531. 531 : Maria Says:

    Hey! i was just wondering if Lee yeon Jae died or not? I can’t stop thinking about it. I even sleep 2am just to finish this touching drama. i didn’t mind if I have class the next day. HAHA reeaaallyy cool 🙂

  532. 532 : Rikadoddy Says:

    I just finish watched this drama, interesting story and countless tears fell…

  533. 533 : khaj Says:

    i love this series…I was crying and laughing non-stop. Kim Hye Ok is such an amazing actress. I wish we can watch more of her shows

  534. 534 : rachelle joy Says:

    …i really like watching this new korean drama ,it’s super KILIG…

  535. 535 : karen Says:

    i’ve never watched korean drama in my whole life before..i watched one episode of this novela then i’m hooked ever since…love it!!! lee dong wook is such a hunk!

  536. 536 : raisa Says:

    omg!!! this is da best drama ive ever seen!! i really loved the acting of kim sun ah and lee dong wook!! they-re perfect together!! i cried and laughed a lot!! loved it!!

  537. 537 : leimomij Says:

    cute story with a semi HAPPY ENDING…

  538. 538 : amy Says:

    i love this drama…but really the actress too old..lee dong wook..handsome, young and look fresh…and kim sun ah..even she try to act like young, cute girl..but her face cant hide that she too old for wook …i love the story..but really cant enjoy to see the actress 🙁 its like watching my lee dong wook with his aunty 🙁

  539. 539 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    This drama moved me and my opinion is the best drama and successful this year.

  540. 540 : neulchan Says:

    I love this drama….<3

  541. 541 : aidil mazuan Says:

    OMG…… I love this drama…..

  542. 542 : drama freak Says:

    Nice!! worth watching! still on the way to finish it soon =)

  543. 543 : nix Says:

    i definitely love this korean drama… i just finished all the episodes.. there was 5 episodes that i felt so very sad and i cant stop my tears.. i love the chemistry!! of the artist..i love this show!! i wont regret my time just to watched this again and again… this is my favorite korean drama.. ilove this keep it up…

  544. 544 : screenREDasia.addict Says:

    Got Addicted to it… love their portrayal… such great drama, actors, plot….aahhhh…. JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH…. AYEE!!

  545. 545 : mayan Says:

    The story/ plot is good but the lead roles are not effective especially lee dong wook i dunno if it’s really his character in this story coz in happy scenes his acting his so lifeless. I’ve searced again in the net if his really the lee dong wook in my girl coz if it was really him coz his good in acting in my girl as i remember is good.

  546. 546 : Lupe Says:

    To all the people behind scent of woman my hats of to you ! I really love this drama , i hope more people vote . Keep up all the good work.

  547. 547 : melissa Says:

    the best drama ever!

  548. 548 : Moon Says:

    the best drama.

  549. 549 : chR15 Says:

    All the world..i really hope we together support and vote for The Princess Man..!!how great i feel even i watching it for 3 time..
    what can i say..
    For best Korean Drama 2011 .,no doubt i 100% vote for The Princess Man..nice story line.,superb acting.,heart suspended.,incredible Ost.,tears jerking.,Best Ending.,powerful rating.,the most outstanding!!
    who still not watch it again..please believe us..The Princess Man will make you finish the drama just in 2 day with full of tears and suspend ending for each episode..
    vote for Best Korean Drama 2011 should goes to:-


    (deleted by admin due to unrelated to this topic)

  550. 550 : swetiecarLa Says:

    I really LOVE this DRAMA ( wonderful drama ). SBS is truly great in making drama . (thumbs up ). It’s now showing here in PHILIPPINES 🙂
    but i actually finished watching it. What a great drama.

    i love you LEE DONG WOOK. i hope you will go here in philippines.


  551. 551 : Sheskie Says:

    Just finished watching it last week.. I like it because it has some resemblance with my favorite movie “A walk to Remember”…
    For the leading lady:
    1.both have cancer
    2.they both have a “wish list to do before they die”
    3.they both got the chance to do all there wish list
    4.both are of course beatiful ladies
    5.its just the ending part the leading lady in “A Walk to Remember” died while ins scent of the woman the ending part is partly undone since we didn’t know how long the female cast live.
    For the leading man
    1.both of them accepted the sickness of there love ones but of course they both got shock of the part knowing that your love one had cancer,who will not be?right?
    2.they both did there best to fullfill the “wish list” of the leading lady
    3.both male at first are not the ideal man that you will think that the leading lady will fall in love with.(bad guys),hahaha
    4.of course, both of them are very handsome guy…

    In the end, I got hook in the story and i felt how hard the leading lady strugle to fight for her life and also to make it through alone but atleast she has friends to share it with. I really felt the love for each other of the main character of the story and of course i also like the antagonist in the story,she also didn’t want to give up the leading man in the story but because of the condition of the leading lady she give in…Hope SBS will produce more good korean romance with comedy with drama…I love it…Korean film is getting popular here in the philippines…Thanks!

  552. 552 : greta Says:

    Ive been wtching this from the start, hooo, love it

  553. 553 : Jessa Says:

    I totally agree with Sheskie…I love the story plot a lot… i think because of the film i now have a different, positive outlook in life…like the leading lady in the story, i am beginning to make my own wishlist….and i’m getting more excited everyday…and happy every time one of my lists came true… 😀
    Life is getting more fun and exciting this way, you know!

  554. 554 : Cin Says:

    Sorry but the leading actress looks too old and the way she tries to act cute puts me off. Liked the story but not the acting. The beginning episodes were slow and draggy.

  555. 555 : wang Says:

    I am really like it .kim suna ~I love you
    i hope you healthy and happy forever….
    Please perform more movie for us~~

  556. 556 : claire Says:

    i love kim sun ah.. she knows how to deliver the role very well..

  557. 557 : non canty Says:

    Good story love u lee

  558. 558 : mitha Says:

    agrrreeedd with CIN, the story is great..but the actress too old…
    the way she act cute looks awkward… i dont know why they put her as the lead actress 🙁
    lee dong wook act r great…and his body also ;;)

  559. 559 : julie Says:

    i finishes watching the series and i love it…. nice story… evrything are nice… i rate this series… 100%.. best drama ever…

  560. 560 : Sharon Says:

    I love kim suna and I love Lee Yeon Jae. Sometime we can not just focus on the out looking, we need to see how much she put on this role. After I finished watching the series, I changed my view of my life. I love this story!

  561. 561 : rika Says:

    I really2 love this drama and the story is very nice ,,,
    love Kim Sun Ah and Dong Wook oppa . . .
    see U at the next drama and i will always waiting it.

  562. 562 : fan Says:

    Yea d actress acting cute looks awkward. But i x blame her coz its the drama requirement. I’m her fan but she looks too thin in this drama & makes her looks older. Maybe she need to put a little weight. But overall i really like the drama and actor and actress. Good Job

  563. 563 : Nur Humairah Says:

    best cerita ini!! 🙂

  564. 564 : sei Says:

    after watching the series, it made fell feel how to accept the fact of being sick and of having someone else with you through ups and downs.. i love lee dong wook so much!

  565. 565 : minty Says:

    I think the first few episodes is excellent. the writer is perfect.
    but the last few episodes , I think is not good, the writer not so good.
    anyway , it can considered as a good drama on the whole.
    I watch this drama because leedongwook si . thanks for give us another dongwook oppa. your perfromance is so good.

  566. 566 : Shyla Says:

    any website that i can see this movie in full version?

  567. 567 : sicachu sica Says:

    beautiful n nice..
    love it..
    the best drama..
    ^^ ^_^

  568. 568 : ricky macasling Says:

    well what can i say? ah, i cried a lot from the beginning till end. the story is great even the actors and actresses. wow

  569. 569 : devi Says:

    I’m not see this drama yet, coz I don’t like the leading actress,for me its to old and not match with lee dong wook who is trully younger than her,

  570. 570 : lylynn Says:

    it’s story about the women aged who didn’t find love until she getting know that she had a cancer. so i think kim’s women appropriately in this character. Overall this korean drama is good from beginning but at the end i think like i don’t know either Lee Yeon Jei is recover from her cancer or not…

  571. 571 : cassidy hope Says:

    im so touched..impress with the story..when i watched it i can help it but i cried..i really feel the story..how love can conquer all is more than a miracle..:-)) i love to watched korean but this one i say its the BEST so far..i feel the story.

  572. 572 : fwj Says:

    i like kimsala very much,so i watched the drama carefully.it is a very good drama moved me. thank you for them ,especially kimsana.

  573. 573 : Patricia Says:

    This series is great! I really like Kim Sun Ah’s acting skills. She really brings life to the whole series and I think she is the best among all the crew.

    I have started noticing her first at “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” and have seen her growth. Way to go lady! Look forward to your future production!!

  574. 574 : Sony Says:

    I agree with Sheskie

  575. 575 : Dinong Says:

    i love this story very much…thanks a lot to producer..please produce more with these couple Lee and Kimsunah!!! love to see them together…

  576. 576 : ezah Says:

    I really love this drama!!! i finished it for 3 days!!! wwaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! this is NUMBER 1!!!!!!

  577. 577 : Intan Says:

    i like very much this drama .. i want to see u all !! espiceally ,, lee dong wook .. come in malaysia .. i wait .. humm ..

  578. 578 : SoupeMiso Says:

    Super drama, Kim Sun Ah est très drôle !!!


  579. 579 : lovely Says:

    love this drama… so intresting


  580. 580 : lovely Says:


  581. 581 : dheara Says:

    this drama is so excellent..
    made me cry like hell :p

  582. 582 : Love2lya Says:

    I love this drama (: lee dong wook oppa ! SARANGHAE!!!! 🙂

  583. 583 : rsm_wati Says:

    why i cant watch this drama…someone help me…


  584. 584 : roy_j Says:

    i don’t watch dramas that much but this is so GREAT. this movie really gives hope to people. happy endings are true after all. 🙂


  585. 585 : devi Says:

    Huaaaaa I can see lee dong wook half naked hihihihi

  586. 586 : hanie Says:

    i love the drama, even thou kim sun ah look a bit older than lee dong wook, but they match perfectly, its make me cry alot…

  587. 587 : anggie Says:

    i love this drama.. i watch twice in a week..
    make me cry and believe that live is a gift. dont waisted it.
    good movie in thi year

  588. 588 : BL Says:

    I just finished this drama. very touching indeed.
    In one way or other, it does have impact and made me did some self reflection.
    Kim Sun Ah is great. All in all she brought out the feelings totally.

  589. 589 : claire Says:

    totally a must see drama. kim sun ah never fails to give a good portrayal in any role she plays. i just love her.. best performance by both main characters.. they truly deserve an award for this.

  590. 590 : sansirogirl Says:

    must see!
    highly recommended K-Drama 🙂

  591. 591 : Noemilene Says:

    I so love this drama! 😀
    thanks to abs cbn they aired it to our country..
    this is the one of the dramas that I’ve watched that made me cry..
    I’m gonna watch it again and again! 😀


  592. 592 : wi" Says:

    i love so much this drama so very very good story and good couple **
    i love lee dong wook oppa…………….
    and i really love kim sun ah onny

  593. 593 : wi" Says:

    I hope lee dong wook and kim sun come back together in new drama this year^-^
    happy new year ………………..^-^


  594. 594 : mash311 Says:

    too lot of good moral value in this drama..really give positive impact on me..:)

  595. 595 : Taguchi Analiza Says:

    I like Lee Dong Wook and Kim sun ah nice couple Good Luck I loveyou

  596. 596 : Featured K-Drama: Scent of a Woman « itsmedadah Says:

    […] source: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=9391 […]

  597. 597 : nawel Says:

    salut je trouve que le drama est fantastique j’adorre kim sun a et lee dong wook sont tres beau ensemble tres complementaire vraiment se fut super j’espere les revoir ensemble dans d’autres dramas et pourquoi pas dans la vrai vie ,,,,, from algeria

  598. 598 : sulyn Says:

    Congratulations, KSA and LDW for winning the Top Excellence Awards for Actress and Actor in the Weekend drama’s category. They also clinched the Top 10 stars Awards in SBS dramas, Congratulation!

  599. 599 : Matt Says:

    I am loving this drama at the moment. I love the romance in it. Cannot wait for this drama to unfold. I am sure the events will excite me. (:

  600. 600 : rana musika Says:

    super drama. meaningful and deep yet entertaining

  601. 601 : Perizat Says:

    I really enjoyed this drama:D,its soo goood u know and i like kim sun ah, she is so pretty and gorgeouse, kim sun ahshi no chogmal eppoyo:) i love u very much onni

  602. 602 : Rosemary Says:

    Just seeing SOAW the third time. Still feel like the first time. The way KSA acts makes me cry and heart-felt. This is the first drama of KSA that i watched and i really become a fan of her after this film. She’s so great

  603. 603 : Haniea Says:

    The greatest film that i’ve seen. Can’t help falling in love with KSA, she’s sho great and beautiful. Her acting makes me touched , adorable. Still like her fatter becoz she’s so skinny in this film. She’s more beautiful in CH. The chemistry between her and LDW is good too. Hope to see both of them in a movie :X

  604. 604 : Kitty Says:

    Yes,the greatest Kdrama ,I’m the big fan of Sunny for six years since MNIKS .Love her so much for her hard work. I’m so sad for someone like to say that she is old and ugly, but for me she so pretty and lovely and has a lots charm and talent. She is the only one Korean actress that I follow. So sorry if my English is too bad because I’m Thai.ฃันนี่พวกเรารักคุณมากนะติดตามผลงานและข่าวต่างๆของคุณตลอดถ้าคุณได้อ่านข้อความนี้ขอให้รู้ว่ายังมีแฟคลับชาวไทยที่เป็นกำลังใจให้คุณเสมอดูแลสุขภาพด้วยเป็นห่วงเรื่องสุขภาพของคุณมาก Happy New Year จ๊ะ

  605. 605 : DaebaK!!! Says:

    a very great story with nice pictures and outstanding actors and actresses! they made me laughed, cried, and then smiled, and cried again.. 🙂

  606. 606 : Marisol_24 Says:


  607. 607 : hani Says:

    I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG but why the ending is weird? I hope that they will marriage and live happily ever after. And I hope that LDW and KSA really dating in a real life ha ha.

  608. 608 : kim sun ah fan Says:

    I luv this drama,. I luv kim sun ah.. His best actress in korea… From indonnesia

  609. 609 : Mouts_chan Says:

    i had a freen who never watched k-drama, coz she thought k-drama was only about love drama.but when i watched this drama in our office, n the first time she saw this drama, n the first time she realyyyy realyyy loved abot k-drama, coz of thiz drama.

    i’m fan of KSA since MNKSS. coz she realy amaze for me. onni fighting, always waiting ur next drama.

  610. 610 : Jing Says:

    The drama is beautiful. Story is great. I bought the DVD of this drama but the translation of the last 2 episodes is not at all good. Why can’t you use the same interpreter as with the last episodes. Usually, the last episode is very crucial and if you cannot understand – the whole drama is such a waste. I don’t mind buying expensive videos as long as the English translation is good. Please…..this is one video that should be understood from beginning to end. Thank you so much.

  611. 611 : SALLY Says:

    i loved LDW’s charecter…

  612. 612 : takgu99 Says:

    i really unlike the ending…if it show yeon jae die,
    i think is better!!

  613. 613 : Kitty Says:

    I don’t agree with you ,I like the ending it is good if Yeon Jae die it is normal same as the other sad drama but this drama is special , we all know that someday she will die because of her attitude but we don’t want she die.

  614. 614 : sie_sunny Says:

    im so in love with SOAW, i wching this drama for many times, i never get bored coz i love sun a unnie very much, I hope she is always healthy and long life to be acted until she was old and I hope she will have someone who really loves her and she could get married this year…:^_-

  615. 615 : sie_sunny Says:

    sunna unnieeeeeee…love u and your drama, u ar so funny and cute…:) love you from indonesia…

  616. 616 : Nui Tammy Says:

    ^^♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ❤.¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪
    ๑۩۞۩๑ I love you ๑۩۞۩๑
    。◕‿◕。 生ㄖ快樂 。◕‿◕。
    ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ❤.¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

  617. 617 : karmila Says:

    0mo,,! i really luv lee dong wo0k,,!i’m so jealous with his partner in dis drama,,it was so amazing,,btw i never watch dis drama yet,,hehe,,but i’ll watch dis now,,! i’m so excited to see the end of dis drama,,

  618. 618 : rinalyn dela cruz Says:

    i watched the whole episode of this and it is really nice and very funny .. (Lee Yeon Jae and Kang Ji Wook) i love their team up .. hope to see you both in your next projects ^_^

  619. 619 : Cheryln Says:

    There is a scene of this drama:

    They went to Jeju Island with her mom and there, she felt really sick and in the end, when the mom woke up, found them both cuddled on the sofa in the living room?

    Anybody know where this resort in Jeju is? Thanks.

  620. 620 : Green Tea Says:

    Best korean soap opera drama I have ever watch since Winter Sonata. Even after repeated watch, it still feels fresh over the story line. Great Actress Kim Sun Ah..I am sad to hear fans to say she is ugly and old. She is adorable, though a little too skinny in Scent of Woman. Could be the requirement of a sick portrayal. Lee Dong Wook another great actor who carries the whole role so well. Both chemistry is superb. I wishes to watch both you as lover again in another drama. Please………….do another drama together!

  621. 621 : sixrion Says:

    This drama make me feel something different of life. When i remember how to still life although the die always in side. Keep move, Keep Smile and Keep Pray.
    from Indonesian people.

  622. 622 : oppie Says:

    keren buanget.sedih,romantis,menyentuh..
    Belajar tentang arti hidup kalau kesehatan adalah segalanya..
    Banyak pesan moral dan sangat berkesan..
    Drama yg bakal slalu terkenang..
    The best lah buat drama ini…

  623. 623 : eva Says:

    Love Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook….they are so good together…this drama is too sad, i prefer to watch them in comedy drama…

  624. 624 : Kitty Says:

    Miss Sunny and Wookie so much . Waiting for them have the new project together or work pairing in the magazine or movie or Fan meeting in every country.Now rewatching SOAW every day…….SunWook love you so much Be Happy………Figthing……………

  625. 625 : fhat Says:

    the story is great and ksa and ldw are great actors as well… i really hope they are dating, i really love them so much!!! sunwook forever

  626. 626 : liakunkun Says:

    Really love this drama.. Im watching during the shower hahahahaha..
    Very recommended!! YOU MUST SEE BEFORE YOU DIE..

  627. 627 : mylz Says:

    I currently watcing this kdrama of KSA & LDW… im on my 10th episode….so far so good…touching and funny …I cried in the epi that KSA writes her “20 things to do” before she dies…it made me think too what should be my 20-things-to-do’s when i am in her shoes…;) i can’t wait to finish this drama..and just wanna ask you guys..what’s the best things you will do if by any chance you have 6mos left to live?!!!

  628. 628 : Aida Says:

    A very meaningful, emcouraging and touching drama. It remind us how to live better by not just sacrifice our life for work only and treasure all the people around to whom we love and being loved.

    Lee Dong Wook & Kim Sun Ah are great actor and actress, they had been carried out the role perfectly.

    There is a good question being raised during the end of the drama by Kang Ji Wook to Lee Yeon Jae : Do you feel more happier by knowing your sickness or to stay on your existing life without the sickness?, th answer given by Lee Yeon Jae touched my heart deeply, it seems she is more happier to have the sickness. To stay in a short meaningful life is far better than a long meaningless life.. don’t you think so? Let’s change our life if you had being “lost”. Fighting!!!

  629. 629 : saufi Says:

    I follow all Lee Dong Wook drama, this drama Best, as Lee dong wook play a good perform with Kim Sun Ah.. =)

  630. 630 : chen Says:

    i watched ksa’s my name is kim sun shen. i love that drama so much. she is a good actress because that role she gained so much weight. right now her modle body came back. i am looking forward to see this drama

  631. 631 : eloisa Says:

    hiii i love the story ……. the best story i’ve ever seen

  632. 632 : nova Says:

    drama yg baguuus banget…
    kereen, bkin gregetan…
    waaa ddaebakk !
    really wait for next drama of Lee Dong Wook

  633. 633 : ellen Says:


  634. 634 : Scent of a Woman, Drama korea « Halaman Mutiara Says:

    […] lengkapnya tonton aja yah dramanya ^_^. Liat sinopsisnya di sini Scent of a Woman. Dan aku suka banget ringtone hape mereka berdua, baik itu punya Kang Ji Uk ataupun Lee Yoen Jae. […]

  635. 635 : Anne Says:

    one of the best koreanovela that i watched….i hope that i can also find a Lee Dong Wook in my life…..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  636. 636 : tracy Says:

    Very good and meaningful drama. helps us to reflects and value on our life. highly recommended.

    “Muy Bien” to actors and actresses in this movie. I’ve finished watching and will watch it over and over again. ^^

  637. 637 : rose Says:

    nice drama to watch, found LDW very serious in this role, understand he won a top Korean award for that. Glad that the ending was not very sad, leaving you the romantic thought of two people together despite what would eventually happen to the leading lady.

  638. 638 : Kitty Says:

    Miss this drama very much and love the actors especially Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook.Thank you so much for your hard work to make this project.

  639. 639 : Yupee Says:

    this production of this drama is like that of a movie, very funny and sad at the same time, would make you think of how your living your life, 5/5 stars!

  640. 640 : Skuter Says:

    OMG…I’m actually watching a soap opra…I love both main characters…

  641. 641 : mahpar Says:

    i liked this drama very much .the story was written wonderful ,very touching .made u think a lot about life .

  642. 642 : mhi Says:

    i love dongwook’s eyes…..so damn sexyyyyy

  643. 643 : Lisa Says:

    OMG !!My tears just can’t stop !!!. .very touching drama..
    not really like kim sun ah. but the story make me like her. .
    i just can say that i worth to watch.

  644. 644 : dinaz Says:

    wow what a drama loved it but i cried so much also..i bought the dvd 2months back but din’t have the courage to watch but finally watched..its just too beautiful and i m so glad that yeon jae didn’t die at the end..i m imagining the medicines worked on her and she and ji wook spend a good long life together.. 🙂 well,thats my way of interpretatation!
    kim sun ah as usual amazes me alot a wonderful actress she is..she can have amazing chemistry with all her leads.. 🙂
    lee dong wook has those amazing droopy eyes so sexy!its nice to see him after 2 long years..i missed him!chae eun seok role was great too.no wonder all the four of them took away the awards..the scene where hee joo danced tango with eun seok and when she died omg that was just too much to bear..i cried so much..well a wonderful drama!!hope to see ksa and ldw again together but in a happy drama! 🙂 🙂

  645. 645 : lIN.NDUTH Says:

    great film …!!!
    u must watch it!!!

  646. 646 : Rose Says:

    The destiny of dancing gril

  647. 647 : Rose Says:

    I am looking to watch the korean drama..the tittle is maybe called ” The destiny of dancing lady.
    Can you help me to find it.
    I am deeply interesting in it.Thank

  648. 648 : mio Says:

    gosh~ love this drama! at 1st i thought it was boring until my best friend told me that it was really interesting & she gave me the drama so that i can watch it.. aww~ i have no idea the hero was Dong Wook!! T.T its a shame!! 1st epi & i’m already addicted.. finish watching this drama in one day.. i didn’t even bother to eat.. the scene where DW rushed to meet SA at the Tango class & dance with her was soooo SWEET!!! *blushed* i regret it that i didn’t watch this drama when it was 1st being aired coz i was focusing on the other drama.. TT.TT i’ve watched this drama 4 times already but i still want to watch it again & again.. haha..

  649. 649 : Korean Drama I’ve Ever Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Scent of Woman Rating : 2,5 out of 5 […]

  650. 650 : april evelyn Says:

    i like this drama i like lee dong wook & kim sun ah, they were suit to be together they have chemistry. i hope they will have another drama or movies to come..

  651. 651 : stellar Says:

    Sunah’s fans, go watch her in I Do, I Do. It’s great so far!!!

  652. 652 : trang Says:

    i love this movie so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cant wait until i buy the movie so i can keep it with me!!!!!!

  653. 653 : Carla Says:

    This drama is the best! Cried a bucket of tears. Pretty good pair KSA and LDW!!! I want another drama for them both! Please……

  654. 654 : watey Says:

    Im now watching this drama..
    its very amazing drama..now watch until Episode 9..
    tommorow continue 🙂

  655. 655 : Carla Says:

    KSA and LDW the best pair ever!! Love this drama so much…

  656. 656 : rik Says:

    nice drama,,,
    happy ending,,,
    i like this drama very much…

  657. 657 : June Says:

    Perfect Drama, Nice Actress and Actror, Beautiful Soundtrack, Beautiful Scene Place(Background), So Touchly drama, make me cry when I watching This Movie,.. Full With love and so have a meaning every time at moment this drama, GREAT!!! <3 <3 <3

  658. 658 : sai Says:

    This mv scent of women very beautiful and very hot :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHpaJf4c5P4 watch that

  659. 659 : coment Says:

    i am watching this, i like Kim sun ah- i have seen her with hyun bin in my name is kim sam soon and i also like lee dong wook, and the story is a nice one.

  660. 660 : novita Says:

    i’m from indonesia,…

    Andaikan peran utamanya aku uhhhh…
    pasti seneng banget ketemu Lee Dong Wook ayeeeee 😀
    Nice too meet you dech pokoknya….hembb,,, (^_^)

  661. 661 : shoshlev Says:

    Vote for Scent of a Woman Korean Drama for Seoul International Drama Awards 2012 Outstanding Korean Drama category!

    Go to http://en.korea.com/event/sda2012/
    Then click Outstanding Korean Drama Prize (in Red Vote Tab)
    Then Click Korean Drama on the Categories
    Then Click Scent of a Woman and click Vote (in Pink Vote Tab below the choices)

    Scent of a Woman now in the 8th spot, cast your votes now, voting until Aug 06, 2012. Award ceremony will be on Aug 30, 2012 in KBS2 Live.

  662. 662 : Diego Says:

    Hello, I’m watching your blog and it is interesting, Korean series I like and also see that the cover says something in Korean that reads “남은 인생 6 개월 제대로 한번 살아 보자!” And I like that font would know your name to download. The name of the font, if at all possible, send it to me to my email please, If not, can make a mention of the comments of other users to my comment. In the picture “scentofawoman22 (yeon jae & ji wook married)”. Thank you very much.

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  664. 664 : comment Says:

    an interesting thing to note, how values are sort of turned upside down when you have little time to live – i.e. dying..
    upon finding out that Yeon Jae was having an affair with the engaged Ji Wook, Hye Won was angry but when she found out about the cancer, she 180 degrees changed her reaction: fully supported Yeon Jae’s decisions. also, how when you find out you are dying, you finally have the courage, guts, to do all the things that you would not normally do when you are in your normal condition – yeon jae quits her boring job, changed her style, go for a man she likes, do all the things that she would never dreamed of doing were she still healthy and in the usual routine of normal life. interesting isn’t it? perhaps that’s what it takes for all of us – something like life threatening condition to change us to become more courageous and purposeful in life…. and change the boring, usual routes, values that we live by day in and day out…

  665. 665 : putra Says:

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  666. 666 : ng_mandy Says:

    When I watched the first scene of this movie, I didn’t expect too much either the story or castings. BUT now I’m loving it very much & much!
    Kim Soon Ah & Lee Dong Wook are so powerful & amazing preformance. They are both great actors!

    Touching story, beautiful view, all scenes are excellent : )

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    hope lee dong wook and kim su ah have another tv series!

  668. 668 : Kitty Says:

    Miss this drama so much.This is the first drama that I watch when it airing.Love Sunny and Wooki. Love Jiwook and Yeon [email protected] reign Me to Wish Sunny and Wooki have another tv series or movie together .PLEASE.

  669. 669 : saly Says:

    nice drama. love LEE DONG WOOK.
    Lee Dong Wook is super hot and attractive..Great acting by both main character. Well done. Cheers to all the actors and actresses.

  670. 670 : ivy Says:

    very romantic and inspiring drama

  671. 671 : Kitty Says:

    Happy birthday Miss Lee Yeon Jae ( Kim Sun Ah) today is your birthday . I wish you have a beautiful day with your family, your friends and your lover.Be healthy and successfully with your every projects that you make. I’ll pray for you everything. Nothing gonna change my love for you. Always love you. Fan From Thailand.

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    I am from Sri Lanka
    This drama is the best drama>>>>>>

  673. 673 : Dil Says:

    I love it

  674. 674 : non canty Says:

    Love this drama

  675. 675 : kimmy Says:

    i like LDW n KSA..but,both of them so skinny here..so iritating!!looks older than their age..uuuggghhh..

    but..i love the story..it’s teach us to treasure every minute in life,do anything u wanna do..:)

  676. 676 : christine Says:

    Good dramas. Make me full of tears n laugh. Daebak!

  677. 677 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    ONE the BEST korean drama ever produced!

  678. 678 : hanna sparks Says:

    Super excellence!!!

  679. 679 : hanna sparks Says:

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    Lee Dong Wook is my ultimate crush 🙂 he’s freaking hot w/ his beard in wild romance

  685. 685 : sandra Ochoa Says:

    It was really an awesome drama with a great message, live your life as if today was the last day of your life!! Most of us forget this and embrace fear as part of our lives instead of courage and confidence. Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook is the perfect couple. Actually, I liked KSA since “I do I do” and LDW is my latest Korean Crush, great acting of all actors especially of Uhm Ki Joon, I think he always plays great supporting roles. What can I say about Korean Dramas I keep being hooked, no matter how many times I have said this is the last drama I am watching. Looking forward to another project with this KSA and LWD.

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    How did you make this site look this cool!? Email me if you want and share your wisdom. Id appreciate it!

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    Scent of a woman, Kim Sun Ah, Lee Dong Wook , SUNWOOK THE BEST FOREVER!!! I love them forever ♥

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    the drama that ever I remember.
    great couple, great story.

  691. 691 : blau07 Says:

    OMG i never ever saw an amazing drama like this. its the best definetely!
    im happy that i wathced it but its really hard to find dramas that can match scent of a woman! i hope you guys can recommend me one

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    i just love how this drama were going.
    1st: the ending is unexpected to me. i thought as this drama showed strong sad emotion from the beginning the ending will be like KSA will die while being hugged by LDW. LDW will kiss her forehead and crying like a baby. KSA will show her pale face and how hard she is bearing with the pain to stay alive while she know already she will die eventually. but unexpectedly and fortunately,it’s not. the ending showed that cancer patients are not necessarily have to die at the end.
    2nd: the leadings did a great job potraying their own character. especially LDW. he just TOO GOOD! i can feel his love towards KSA is really strong(i mean in this drama). i really can feel the strong and sincere love between them.

  693. 693 : kitty Says:

    Happy birthday Miss Lee Yeon Jae ( Kim Sun Ah) today is your birthday . I wish you have a beautiful day with your family, your friends and your lover.Be healthy and successfully with your new movie the five and your new drama. I’ll pray for you everything. Nothing gonna change my love for you. Always love you. Fan From Thailand.The Five hi five Fighting….

  694. 694 : Connie Says:

    Suna u r the best!

  695. 695 : zaza Says:

    I just rewatch this drama again bcoz of LDW… Did KSA die in this drama..hahaha

  696. 696 : Native Says:

    Greetings, I would like to know if you can help me. I was in the middle of watching this Korean Drama (Scent of a Women) on Netflix when it just disappeared. I would like to know if you know why? And or if I can purchase a copy on DVD? Gracias in advance. Best of Blessings.

  697. 697 : dinklik Says:

    i love this drama this drama is the best one

  698. 698 : tigerb Says:

    @Native #696: just saw your message. try watching online at viki.com, if you are in the u.s.

  699. 699 : Native Says:

    @tigerb Gracias for the information. I was trying to avoid having to watch on my laptop 🙁 I was hoping and praying to hear that “Scent of a Woman” would return to Netflix. I would like to know if I can purchase the Drama and if so where, and will it have English Subtitles? Gracias again 🙂 Best of Blessings!!!

  700. 700 : tigerb Says:

    @Native: just checked that it is sold at yesasia.com and they ship internationally. you have to check the right one as they also have ‘scent of a woman’, the u.s. version by al pacino. i am not sure about the english subtitles in the korean version, so you may want to check with yesasia customer service before ordering. good luck!

  701. 701 : cars Says:

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  705. 705 : Marina Says:

    The best drama to watch.

  706. 706 : jean Says:

    I love this drama. this is the first kdrama I watched then I was hooked. I hope this will go back to Netflix. I watched so many Korean dramas, but this is the best for me. I love the leading actor and the actress. They are really professionals. I love the ending . but of course the whole series.

  707. 707 : Juliet Says:

    I’ve Watched this drama because of Lee dong wook! And whoa what a surprise, this one is really a very good drama. One of the few korean dramas that has a great impact on me. Nice story line and superb acting by all the actors. This one is highly recommended!!!

  708. 708 : N Says:

    Love this drama! 😉

  709. 709 : Dog Breeds Says:

    Just in love with this drama. The story is good and the all the actors did well. This drama also tell people that even when they are in difficult situation, cancer, if they live optimistically, they can live longer, and better.

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