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Scandal : a Shocking and Wrongful Incident

Scandal 06

Title: 스캔들 : 매우 충격적이고 부도덕한 사건 / Scandal : a Shocking and Wrongful Incident
Chinese Title: 醜聞:極具衝擊性與不道德的事件
Also Known as: Scandal: That Very Shocking and Immoral Incident
Genre: Romance, Melodrama, Family
Episodes: 36
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-June-29 to 2013-Oct-27
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50


Ha Eun Joong (Kim Jae Won) was kidnapped in an act of revenge when he was really young by the man who believed that Eun Joong’s real father was the mastermind behind the collapsed building incident that killed his son. Eun Joong who grew up to be a policeman, was shocked to find out the truth that the father he loved so much was actually his kidnapper. His life began to get entwined with Woo Ah Mi (Jo Yoon Hee), a 26 year old single mom as he seeks out the meaning of life after encountering numerous despairs and tries to heal the wounds in his heart. (Source)


Main Cast

Kim Jae Won as Ha Eun Joong
– Kim Hwi Su as Ha Eun Joong (5 years old) (see note)
Jung Yoon Suk as Ha Eun Joong (8 years old)
Jo Yoon Hee as Woo Ah Mi
Jo Jae Hyun as Ha Myung Geun
Park Sang Min as Jang Tae Ha
Shin Eun Gyung as Yoon Hwa Yeong
Ki Tae Young as Jang Eun Joong (see note)
Jung Joon Won as Jang Eun Joong (8 years old)
Kim Hye Ri as Go Joo Ran
Kim Kyu Ri as Jang Joo Ha
Jo Min Ah as Jang Joo Ha (10 years old)

Supporting Cast

Jo Han Chul as Shin Kang Ho
Choi Chul Ho as Kang Joo Pil
Ahn Suk Hwan as Jo Chi Gook
Han Groo as Ha Soo Young
Lee Ye Sun as Ha Soo Young (child)
Park Jung Chul as Jin Woong (Jang Joo Ha’s husband)
Jin Joo Hyung as Detective Goo
Park Min Woo as hacker Batman
Jo Hwi Joon as Ha Gun Young (Ha Myung Geun’s real son)
Choi Yong Min as Tae Ha Construction worker
Jung Ho Geun as Tae Ha Construction worker
Jung Kyu Soo as section leader Song Jae Moon
Hong Jae Sung (홍재성) as Detective Lee
Yang Jin Woo as Gong Gi Chan (Woo Ah Mi’s ex-boyfriend)
Hong Yeo Jin as Ki Chan’s mother
Kim Hae Gon (김해곤) as inspection team leader
Han Ki Won as Kim Joong Hyuk
Choi Hee Seo as Secretary Moon

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Sang Ho
Directors: Kim Jin Man, Park Jae Bum
Screenwriter: Bae Yoo Mi


Kim Hwi Su is a 5 years old child with his real name was Jang Eun Joong but after he was kidnap it was change to Ha Eun Joong. Meanwhile, Ki Tae Young is a child with his real name was Manbok, he was left in an orphanage when he was still a baby. After 3 years of search of Jang family for their kidnap son, Hwa Young adopted Manbok and named him after her missing son Jang Eun Joong.


2013 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Actor Acting Awards: Jo Jae Hyun (Scandal)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Special Production): Shin Eun Gyung (Scandal)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Special Production): Kim Jae Won (Scandal)

Episode Preview

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19
Episode 20
Episode 21
Episode 22
Episode 23
Episode 24
Episode 25
Episode 26
Episode 27
Episode 28
Episode 29
Episode 30
Episode 31
Episode 32
Episode 33
Episode 34
Episode 35
Episode 36

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-06-29 1 15.8 (2nd) 18.7 (2nd) 16.4 (2nd) 17.7 (2nd)
2013-06-30 2 14.4 (5th) 16.6 (3rd) 14.4 (5th) 16.2 (3rd)
2013-07-06 3 16.0 (2nd) 18.2 (3rd) 14.9 (3rd) 16.1 (3rd)
2013-07-07 4 13.6 (7th) 14.3 (6th) 13.9 (6th) 14.7 (5th)
2013-07-13 5 16.6 (2nd) 19.4 (2nd) 16.3 (3rd) 17.8 (3rd)
2013-07-14 6 14.2 (7th) 16.9 (5th) 14.1 (6th) 15.5 (6th)
2013-07-20 7 14.8 (3rd) 16.1 (3rd) 15.5 (3rd) 17.1 (3rd)
2013-07-21 8 14.8 (6th) 16.1 (5th) 15.5 (5th) 17.3 (5th)
2013-07-27 9 16.2 (2nd) 18.2 (3rd) 14.9 (3rd) 15.9 (3rd)
2013-07-28 10 14.5 (5th) 15.7 (4th) 15.8 (4th) 18.0 (4th)
2013-08-03 11 14.6 (3rd) 16.2 (3rd) 14.3 (3rd) 15.5 (3rd)
2013-08-04 12 13.7 (6th) 15.5 (5th) 13.2 (7th) 14.5 (5th)
2013-08-10 13 14.1 (3rd) 17.7 (3rd) 15.8 (3rd) 17.8 (3rd)
2013-08-11 14 14.5 (6th) 16.8 (5th) 14.4 (5th) 16.2 (5th)
2013-08-17 15 13.8 (3rd) 15.7 (3rd) 16.5 (3rd) 18.2 (3rd)
2013-08-18 16 14.4 (6th) 16.8 (5th) 15.1 (5th) 17.4 (5th)
2013-08-24 17 15.1 (3rd) 16.6 (3rd) 17.2 (3rd) 19.6 (3rd)
2013-08-25 18 15.2 (6th) 17.4 (5th) 16.5 (5th) 18.4 (4th)
2013-08-31 19 15.9 (3rd) 18.2 (3rd) 16.5 (3rd) 18.3 (3rd)
2013-09-01 20 14.0 (5th) 16.2 (5th) 15.9 (5th) 17.7 (5th)
2013-09-07 21 16.6 (3rd) 18.0 (3rd) 18.2 (3rd) 19.6 (3rd)
2013-09-08 22 15.4 (4th) 17.2 (4th) 16.5 (4th) 17.8 (4th)
2013-09-14 23 16.7 (3rd) 20.1 (3rd) 17.3 (3rd) 18.0 (3rd)
2013-09-15 24 16.0 (3rd) 18.7 (3rd) 18.0 (3rd) 19.2 (3rd)
2013-09-21 25 16.8 (3rd) 18.3 (3rd) 16.6 (3rd) 18.4 (3rd)
2013-09-22 26 16.8 (4th) 19.0 (4th) 17.4 (5th) 18.8 (5th)
2013-09-28 27 15.0 (2nd) 17.2 (2nd) 14.9 (3rd) 16.5 (2nd)
2013-09-29 28 15.7 (4th) 17.2 (4th) 16.1 (5th) 17.8 (4th)
2013-10-05 29 14.3 (2nd) 16.5 (2nd) 15.4 (2nd) 17.9 (2nd)
2013-10-06 30 14.0 (4th) 15.9 (4th) 15.5 (3rd) 17.1 (4th)
2013-10-12 31 12.1 (5th) 14.4 (5th) 13.0 (5th) 14.4 (5th)
2013-10-13 32 13.5 (4th) 14.6 (4th) 14.5 (5th) 15.8 (5th)
2013-10-19 33 14.3 (3rd) 16.9 (3rd) 15.7 (3rd) 17.5 (3rd)
2013-10-20 34 13.8 (5th) 15.4 (4th) 17.1 (3rd) 18.8 (3rd)
2013-10-26 35 14.7 (3rd) 16.6 (3rd) 14.7 (3rd) 16.0 (3rd)
2013-10-27 36 15.3 (4th) 16.5 (4th) 17.5 (2nd) 19.2 (2nd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Scandal  a Shocking and Wrongful Incident Poster1 Scandal  a Shocking and Wrongful Incident Poster2 Scandal  a Shocking and Wrongful Incident Poster3 Scandal  a Shocking and Wrongful Incident Poster4

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Trailer I & Trailer II & Trailer III & Trailer IV

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  1. 1 : raqzie Says:

    Im excited to watch this drama specially jo yoon hee was the lead actress.. I loved her in NINE…I’m happy to know ki tae young was also casted in this drama.. 🙂

  2. 2 : rm018 Says:

    Oh My God. I’m very excited to watch this =)
    Can’t explain what I’m feeling right now.

    <3 <3 <3 Will support all the way this drama!

  3. 3 : phoo Says:

    wow : kim jae won is comeback! so happy

  4. 4 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Jo Yoon Hee my bias next to Yoon Eun Hye!

    Love her from Lie To Me, Unexpected You and Nine. Fighting!

  5. 5 : rory Says:

    woah..so fast..after Nine she got another role..gud luck..will looking forward^^ fighting~!

  6. 6 : Sandy Says:

    I hope it’s better than May Queen. That was much to do about nothing. Every episode ended the same, good guy lose and bad guy win. The romance between the main characters didn’t exist at all. This drama sounds better, I just hope it is, but………..

  7. 7 : Analie Says:

    OMG.. Jaewon oppa is back.. and Jo Yoon Hee unnie look so sweet..

  8. 8 : gretz16 Says:

    @Koreandrama.org , thanks a lot for making this update early, i was expecting you would wait until the Official poster release. I’m so happy that you posted it sooner than expected. THANK YOU SO Much..

    For additional info…

    Official Website: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/scd/
    Watch with English sub. and other translation – http://www.viki.com/tv/20171c-scandal

  9. 9 : gretz16 Says:

    Official Trailer:

    Trailer 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHJJsa3o6jE&feature=share&list=PLuo1vlZKjU6QIK6x1Om1SEDfzhP4j9cAP

    Trailer 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdZiLWPaS08&feature=share&list=PLuo1vlZKjU6QIK6x1Om1SEDfzhP4j9cAP

    Trailer 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omzIZ4sNwCg&feature=share&list=PLuo1vlZKjU6QIK6x1Om1SEDfzhP4j9cAP

  10. 10 : Mia Says:

    Kim Jae Won… encore cette tête de cul dans un drama …

    il va encore nous sortir ces sourires de demeurés … et ces larmes de chaudes madeleines …

    ce sera sans moi…

  11. 11 : joy Says:

    Singer-actress Han Groo was also being cast to play the role as Kim Jae Won younger sister Ha So Young

  12. 12 : Jennifer Says:

    im loving the cast of this drama, Kim jae Won and Jo Yoon Hee are my bias, the other cast are quite heavy weight starts in Korea, Jo Jae Hyun and Shin Eun Kyung movies are always on blockbuster movie list.. they are not very known in drama but it’s good to see something new..

  13. 13 : Christine Says:

    Here is the latest news, poster making and tv interview of the cast on MBC News Today… watch on youtube at http://youtu.be/4v8gfxYJZ7E
    or check out the full video on Scandal facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MBC2013Scandal 🙂

    This drama is really hitting up in Korea,…

  14. 14 : Periwinkle Says:

    Seems nice!!! 🙂 Might try watching this one. 🙂 The casts are pretty good as well.. Hope it’s gonna be a good drama.

  15. 15 : Janice Says:

    I think this is exciting… Son VS. Father , the real villain here is Park Sang Min which is Kim Jae Won real father, i can’t imagine how Ha Eun Joong going to deal with his ruthless father.

  16. 16 : Aey Says:

    I like it.

  17. 17 : Jane Says:

    I’m so curious what scandal are the OTP get into.. 🙂 Kim Jae Won look so different from his previous role in Can You Hear My Heart. I love him on that series. Jo Yoon Hee also did well on Nine…

  18. 18 : Alice Says:

    i smell something fishy on the real identity of Ha Eun Joong and Jang Eun Jong … they share the same name? I think only one is the true Eun Joong here.. so where did the other Eun Joong came from? 🙂

  19. 19 : chattylorio Says:

    i’m excited on this, because of Kim Jae Won… it’s going to be a big hit…

  20. 20 : eny Says:

    is this drama as good as may queen???? i like may queen, KJW charracter is standart in that drama, sorry KJW fan’s I say his charracter(role)……, I know i will get hater

  21. 21 : Ann Says:

    @eny , 🙂 It’s OK.. well see if this drama is better than May Queen later, for now we can’t say yet because it hasn’t start.

    I just noticed, you seems to like criticizing KJW oppa and keep saying you don’t like him but i always see your comment on almost every news related to him. I saw your comment on koalasplayground and dramabeans too. Are you stalking him? 🙂 I know your bias “Jae Hee” got a lot of bashing from KJW fans on May Queen but aren’t you gone overboard by stalking KJW oppa all the way even if the drama already ended. Comm’on get over it. KJW fans don’t stalk Jae Hae the way you do to KJW you know? 🙂

  22. 22 : Gretz16 Says:

    @eny #20 Welcome to Scandal thread… I hope you watch and enjoy the show…

    To all KJW fans, please behave your self guys, 🙂 we are all here for the drama and to support KJW oppa. Please respect the fans of other cast.

    Some may not be fans of any of the cast but they drop by to check out anyway, so let’s appreciate their visit. Who knows they will like the show too. 🙂

  23. 23 : eny Says:

    Yes i Comment in many thread but you wrong if you say I always comment in KJW thread, I comment in many drama thread n many actor n I’m not Jae Hee bias because I’m fan of Kim Sung Soo, Joo Won n Lee Dae hee. I give comment because I like wacthing drama n I always comment using my real name because I like to give comment as fair as I can n not coward. You can check i comment in many drama here esp drama that I watch. I don’t think give praise about an actor means “bias” n give some critic means “hater”. You see if I say about Jae Hee n KJW it because there’s comment mention about may queen n I watch it.

  24. 24 : Joy Says:

    I found the English translation of trailer 3 on soompi…

    Ha Nyung Geun: My son that day i made the choice i have never regretted … however there has never been a moment that i have not loved you.

    Ha Eun Joong: father do i have to love you? do i seek revenge on you so that all the misfortune and bad event happen to you….watch carefully…
    im going to use you while ___ something about his age.That’s your medicine for revenge..

    It’s really interesting, i think Ha Eun Joong have to fight the hate he feel towards his kidnapper father. He raise him with love, i think that’s what matters most. And beside his real father Jang Tae Ha is a ruthless bad guy… how is he going to overcome it if he want to be a good cop, he must put his own father to jail and punish him. Oh, dear, this thoughts makes my heart beat fast… 🙂

  25. 25 : viersya Says:

    i really want to watch this drama.. i hope you can upload on facebook with english sub, Thank before ^^

  26. 26 : Joy Says:

    Watch this guys, this is the first TV news coverage about Scandal when the 2nd trailer was released.


  27. 27 : Gretz16 Says:

    Woww… 11 days before premiere… im so excited. I just realized there’s a clock ticking under the profile photo… hahahha…

  28. 28 : Alma Says:

    Hello guys, does anyone know when will be the press conference? Kim Jae Won schedule seems too tight now. His wedding is on June 28, then the drama premiere on 29… im wondering how can he manage.. for sure the conference will be early next week..

  29. 29 : Gretz16 Says:

    @alma, i think it should be fine, for sure they already finished filming the first 2 episode for premiere. Next week he can just prepare for the press conference and wedding. Then start filming again on the following week. It’s quite flexible. 🙂 He must be tired but excited and well determined. He have more inspiration now, his loyal fans, his wife, and his baby.. 🙂 for sure he will work harder for the success of the drama.

  30. 30 : Joy Says:

    Just wanna share this news update… 🙂

    Kim Min-seon, now Kim Gyoo-ri-I to star in MBC drama “Scandal”

    Actress Kim Gyoo-ri-I is starring in the MBC drama “Scandal” .

    “Scandal” is about a man who finds out his father is actually a kidnapper who kidnaps him front he man who is responsible for the building collapse that killed his son.
    The drama conveys the message of revenge and the life after it; pain and the way to overcome it.

    Kim Gyoo-ri-I takes on the role of career woman Jang Joo-ah, sister to Jang Eun joong (Ki Tae-yeong ).

    She claims, “I am happy to work with such wonderful people and I hope I contribute to making this a successful drama”.

    Meanwhile, “Scandal” is written by Bae Yoo-mi and produced by Kim Jin-man .

    Source : http://www.newspim.com/
    view…. ( English )
    Credit : http://www.hancinema.net/kim-min-seon-now-kim-gyoo-ri-i-to-star-in-mbc-drama-scandal-57241.html

  31. 31 : Gretz16 Says:

    Another news update: 🙂

    Jo Jae-hyeon to come back with fatherly love
    Actor Jo Jae-hyeon is reenacting the fatherly love that turned everyone to tears.

    Jo Jae-hyeon, who played the role of a father who never gave up on his step-son until the end although he was rejected in the 2001 drama “Piano”, is coming back with the MBC weekend drama”Scandal”.

    The two dramas have a story about a father and son who are not related. Jo Jae-hyeon takes on the role of a father who kidnaps the son of the man who kills his real son but protects the him like his real father would.

    Everyone is sure he is the man for this role. In “Piano”, Jo Jae-hyeon created a scene where he waved a handkerchief to his son, saying “I love you” which made many cry. This scene awarded him with the Best Actor Award in SBS and is still being talked about today.

    Source : sports.donga.com/3/al… ( English )


  32. 32 : avocadooo Says:

    So excited to see this pair! I miss seeing Kim Jae Won’s smile on my screen:)

  33. 33 : grace Says:

    @avocadooo #32 , when i read your username name my SMILE turned into laugh… sorry., i don’t mean to offend.. i just find it amusing :).. it reminds me of a fruit i love to eat.. hahaha

    Thinking about this drama , my heart pound faster after reading some of the details given on the news.. im so excited..

  34. 34 : bunga Says:

    This is my 1st time to drop some messege to someone via webpage.Yesterday I saw some korean drama with my sister…You are the actor in “can you hear my heart”…
    The good actor…so, I hope you will keep this best performance for the next drama you will in.And I will follow on your drama and keep you in my touch… hei hei… fighting Mr.Kim jae won and all.


  35. 35 : cc Says:

    Love Kim Jae Won…..
    I hope this drama is big hit, can’t wait for this drama and hope everything you do is successful…

  36. 36 : Kim Jae Won Fans Club Says:

    Jaewon oppa we love you.. We always appreciate your hard work and support you all the way … fighting… 🙂

  37. 37 : rm018 Says:

    Kim Jae Won =)

  38. 38 : grace Says:

    New added photo stills of Jo Jae Hyeon
    check this out … http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/scd/act/index.html?list_id=2185867

  39. 39 : Kim Jae Won Fans Club Says:

    {NOTICE} Press Conference schedule is on June 26… 🙂
    Please look forward for the update news..

    (초대) MBC 주말특별기획 [스캔들 : 매우 충격적이고 부도덕한 사건] 제작발표회
    일 시 : 2013년 6월 26일(수) 오후 2시
    장 소 : 여의도 63빌딩 별관 3층 주니퍼룸
    참 석 : 김진만PD, 조재현, 김재원, 박상민, 신은경, 조윤희, 기태영, 김혜리, 김규리 등
    (촬영 스케줄에 의해 참석 내용 변경 될 수 있습니다)


  40. 40 : Gretz16 Says:

    News Update: MBC Drama that Heats Up Summer

    In [Scandal : a Shocking and Wrongful Incident], a man loses his son when a building collapses. He finds out who killed his son and kidnaps the son of this man. When the son grows up, he learns that the man he believed to be his father was in fact a kidnapper. This is a story of revenge, and the life after with wound and restoration.

    A father who has killed a boy and a father who has kidnapped him: Ha Eun-joong(acted by Kim Jae-won) is endlessly desperate between these 2 fathers. He walks into the whirlwind of the destiny wishing to find the truth about 2 fathers and a woman he loves.

    [Scandal] makes viewers give thoughts on the human nature. Ha Myung-geun(acted by Cho Jae-hyun)’s cruel revenge to Jang Tae-ha(acted by Park Sang-min) brings about a fierce struggle between ‘the good that turned bad’and ‘the bad who does not know himself is bad’.

    The question is : Could any revenge be reasonable?

    Credit: MBC Global Media

  41. 41 : leedaaaa Says:

    kim jae won <3

  42. 42 : Gretz16 Says:

    Trailer 4 is out… 🙂 watch it guys…

  43. 43 : Cathy Says:

    Woww… this drama have a lot of followers waiting. It hasn’t start yet but the facebook likes already reach 600+ even more than those currently airing. 🙂 Gotta watch it too. It looks great.

  44. 44 : Cembil Says:

    start next week We can watch Scandal…really excited and feel curious with KJW role there….YEEEE so happy <3

  45. 45 : Tania Lania Says:

    thanks a lot for making this update early, i was expecting you would wait until the Official poster release.

  46. 46 : Angelie Says:

    For sure the official poster will be release this week. I’m so excited.
    The Press Conference was scheduled on Wednesday, so we can really look forward for more updates soon.

  47. 47 : Gretz16 Says:

    OMG…. Official Poster is release…. @Admin. Please check it out and update this page… thank you…


  48. 48 : eny Says:

    this drama replace 100 years inheritance??? this is good start, the rating of previouse drama is good

  49. 49 : Gretz16 Says:

    @eny, Yes , it’s a great advantage but considering that this series is new and there are other dramas on Sat.-Sun that is far ahead base on rating , i think they have to work hard to gain viewers attention. The rival drama is exactly the opposite genre of this, Scandal has a dark concept, it’s more on suspense and action while the other is light and i think some part of comedy. So it depends which genre viewers in Korea will like.

  50. 50 : Gretz16 Says:

    News Update: Message from Eugene (100 Days of Inheritance)

    Yoo Jin “Please support ‘Scandal’”

    Actress Yoo Jin posted on her Twitter on the 23rd “A long journey has ended. I am grateful to those who supported “A Hundred Year’s Inheritance” and I hope you will show support for “Scandal” that’s coming up next”.


    Eugene is so sweet, she is very supportive on his hubby Ki Tae Young, which is one of the cast here in Scandal. 🙂

    Thank’s Eugene..

  51. 51 : nilar win Says:

    Kjw fighting

  52. 52 : Joan Says:

    “Scandal Team” go go go go….

  53. 53 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Admin. clear and bigger size Official Posters are now availble , please check it out…


    Thank you… 🙂

  54. 54 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hello Admin.

    Additional update please… this is the Official TV CF for Scandal release by MBC… please add…


    Thank you… 🙂

  55. 55 : eny Says:

    agree with you, I mean for the early episode there’s bigger chance to get more viewer to see early episode to decide they like it or not. Actually the title is the most interesting with me, it make viewer curiouse basicly i can enjoy dark drama n thriller

  56. 56 : Gretz16 Says:

    @eny, yes, the tag line of the title is quite interesting … 🙂
    i just hope , the series could live up on his name. Basically the concept for the word SCANDAL is huge , everyone is curious which part would the writer choose as reference.

  57. 57 : Gretz16 Says:

    Watch the poster shooting guys… it looks great… 🙂

  58. 58 : Kim Jae Won Fans Club Says:

    Watch Scandal Poster Making Video

  59. 59 : Noory Says:

    Isnt it a bit similar to ‘ i miss you ‘ but still it looks cool

  60. 60 : Joy Says:

    Cast Update : http://news.sportsseoul.com/read/entertain/1202144.htm
    Park Jung Chul joins Scandal as Kim Gyu Ri’s (Jang Joo Ha) husband.

  61. 61 : Kim Jae Won Fans Club Says:

    Hello everyone, to all those who want to watch the Press Conference Videos , you can watch it on youtube on this playlist…

  62. 62 : Kim Jae Won Fans Club Says:

    Another update: New Posters are released, please check out on Official website … http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/scd/poster/

  63. 63 : Kim Jae Won Fans Club Says:

    Park Jeong-cheol joins “Scandal”

    Actor Park Jeong-cheol is starring in the MBC drama “Scandal” along with the movie “NO-BREATH”.

    Polaris Entertainment claimed, “Park Jeong-cheol has been active with the SBS TV program “Jungle Rules” and is currently filming the movie “NO-BREATH”. He takes on the role of Jin-woong in the drama “Scandal””.

    “Scandal” is a drama about a man who finds out that the father he believed was real turns out to be a man who kidnapped him from his real father for killing his son.

    Jin-woong is Jang Joo-ha’s (Kim Gyoo-ri-I) husband and is adored by chairman Jang Tae-ha (Park Sang-min). He is one who was pathetic before but turns into a perfect and passionate man.

    Meanwhile, “Scandal” has cast Jo Jae-hyeon, Park Sang-min, Sin Eun-kyeong, Kim Jae-won, Ki Tae-yeong, Jo Yoon-hee and Kim Gyoo-ri-I.

    Park Jeong-cheol said, “I am honored to star in something so amazing with amazing people. Please watch the actual episodes”.

    Source : news.nate.com/view/20… ( Korean )

  64. 64 : Kim Jae Won Fans Club Says:

    Kim Jae-won gets married tomorrow

    Actor Kim Jae-won is busy with two roles.

    Kim is getting married to a childhood friend on the 28th at the Raum in Seoul.

    However, without even having time to enjoy their honeymoon, he has to return to the set of “Scandal”. The honeymoon has been postponed to next year.

    Kim Jae-won is using his free time to prepare for the wedding. The bride is 3 months pregnant so she can’t deal with everything herself. He also doesn’t want to cause any trouble for the drama, so he’s dividing up his time as much as he can.

    Kim Jae-won claimed at the premier of “Scandal”, “I didn’t know the wedding would be this close so soon. There’s weight in my responsibilities as I have to take care of a family”.

    Source : sports.donga.com/3/al… ( English )

  65. 65 : Will Says:

    Another Drama for Kim Jae Won and Jo Yoon Hee.
    What a busy year for JYH after Nine : Nine Time Travels. Hope for making good chemistry and Good Result.

    Rest of the actors? Well..It seems quite interesting

  66. 66 : Mae Says:

    Tomorrow is the day for SCANDAL…. im so excited.

  67. 67 : peach98 Says:

    Can’t wait for tomorrow! Jo Yoon Hee looks gorgeous!

  68. 68 : JYW Says:

    Get Ready For “Scandal: A Shocking And Wrongful Incident”

    If you are looking for more scandal in your life, you are in luck. The new drama, Scandal: A Shocking And Wrongful Incident,” has enough scandalous incidents to go around. And it starts this week.
    In the 36-episode drama, Kim Jae Won plays Ha Eun Jung, a policeman with a strong sense of right and wrong. He meets a single mom, Woo Ah Mi, played by Jo Yoon Hee, and they become involved in a scandal. But that’s not the worst of it.
    Because of the scandal Ha Eun Jung finds out that the man he thinks of as his father actually kidnapped him when he was young. His kidnapping was part of an act of revenge against his real father. The man who kidnapped Ha Eun Joong wanted revenge against his father because he was responsible for a building collapse that killed his own son.
    When Ha Eun Joong discovers his true parentage, the truth threatens to undermine everything he believes in and upend his whole life.
    The drama has a stellar cast with plenty of drama experience. It also stars Jo Jae Hyun as Ha Myung Geun, the man who kidnapped Eun Joong, Ki Tae Young as Jang Eun Joong, Shin Eun Gyung as Yoon Hwa Yeong and Park Sang Min as Jang Tae Ha.
    Kim Jae Won previously starred as Jang Kang San in “May Queen” and the deaf Cha Dong Joo in “Can You Hear My Heart.” Jo Yoon Hee played Joo Min Young in “Nine: Nine Time Travels” and Oh Yoon Joo in “Lie To Me.”
    Jo Jae Hyun has appeared in dozens of dramas and dozens of films, as well as several stage productions. Shin Eun Gyung is a veteran actress with many dramas and films to her credit, most recently appearing in the SBS series “Still You” and the film “Love In Between.”
    Ki Tae Young appeared in “To The Beautiful You” and “Living in Style.” The posters for the drama make it appear that he and Kim Jae Won will form a love triangle with Jo Yoon Hee.
    Park Sang Min appeared in “Incarnation of Money” and “City Hunter.”
    Kim Jin Man will direct the film. He produced the dramas “The Greatest Love” and “East of Eden.” He directed “I Really, Really Like You” and “Beating Heart.” “Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident” is written by Bae Yoo Mi.
    credit: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/9820/20130628/ready-scandal-shocking-wrongful-incident.htm

  69. 69 : Kdramaaddict Says:

    @admin. Can you update the rating? it’s now available on other saites… thank you. 🙂

    This drama was really interesting. I watch the first episode, it was amazing, suspense, drama, with a good start. Ratings started great too. I hope it keep it up.

  70. 70 : Getz16 Says:

    Great start for Team “SCANDAL”

    AGB rating:
    Nationwide 16.4%
    Seoul : 17.7%

    Good job. fighting…

  71. 71 : Getz16 Says:

    Here is the Episode 01 Preview


    ep.02 is coming up next..

  72. 72 : eny Says:

    i better watch after many episode, lately i watch many thriller n suspense, is it trends in korea??

  73. 73 : Gretz16 Says:

    @eny, so far i only watch Shark and Mandate of Heaven which, i cosidered thriller. Actually there more historical dramas .

    Im watching SCANDAL, the first is quite compelling and i love it.

  74. 74 : Periwinkle Says:

    Good start with the ratings!! 🙂 Can’t wait to watch it with subs tmr!! I hope it’s going to be good.

  75. 75 : eny Says:

    after i watch gaksital, i watch the chaser , mandate of heaven n shark, it’s like i just finish it.

  76. 76 : eny Says:

    n i think i’ll watch empire of gold first, it’s thriller too right??

  77. 77 : Joy Says:

    Here is ep.02 preview

    I highly recommend to watch this drama, the first 2 episodes are great and really entertaining. It will also gives you the exact human nature. Sometimes being selfish is one of human behaviour that really hard to resist, and saving yourself first before thinking about the others is actually usual. But this series will show you what kind of consequences might happen due to thoughtless mistakes.

    The first 2 episodes will show you how good and evil co exist and it’s up to you to choose which road to take.

    Enjoy watching. And hope you to give your feedbacks after you watch. Have a nice day.

  78. 78 : John k Says:

    This drama is fucken stupid. The writer went out of the circle too much. Really??? Is this the best plot they came up with!!! Come on,really. A cop loses his child and kidnaps a child and raises him like his own,does that make sense at all?? Korean writers just suck now.

  79. 79 : SJS Says:

    “Scandal” VS “Goddess of Marriage”

    “Scandal” won the battle with “Goddess of Marriage”.

    According to Nielsen Korea, MBC weekend drama “Scandal” rated 14.4%. This is 16.4% lower than the first episode but still the highest out of all.

    SBS “Goddess of Marriage” rated only 8% compared to 9.1% compared to the first episode. “Scandal”was the first to smile.

    Meanwhile, KBS 2TV drama “Lee Soon-sin is the Best” took over the throne out of all weekend dramas. It rated 26.9% which is 3.9% more than the previous episode.

    MBC “Gold, Appear 2nd place! and SBS “Wonderful Mama” rated 6.8%.

    Source : http://www.newsen.com/news_v... ( English )
    credit: Hancinema

  80. 80 : SJS Says:

    “Scandal” Jo Jae-hyeon kidnaps enemy’s kid

    Jo Jae-hyeon kidnapped Park Sang-min’s son.

    On the second episode of the MBC weekend drama “Scandal”, Ha Myeong-geun (Jo Jae-hyeon) went to Jang Tae-ha’s (Paek Sang-min) house to kill the man who killed his son.

    At the same time, Jang Tae-ha was heading home to meet the son which he’d never known of for 5 years. Yoon Hwa-yeong (Sin Eun-kyeong) who had an arranged marriage with Jang Tae-ha was going to divorce him but decided to stay with him and tell him about their son.

    Jang Tae-ha, who thought of others’ lives only as good as a fly’s, cared dearly for his own son. Jang Tae-ha’s son came out in front of the house to greet his father and ran into Ha Myeong-geun. He thought he was his father and yelled, “Daddy!”.

    Ha Myeong-geun thought of his son and kidnapped the kid to take revenge on Jang Tae-ha. However, Jang Tae-ha who arrived home, only saw Ha Myeong-geun’s back.

    Source : http://www.newsen.com/news_v... ( English )

    cr: hancinema.net

  81. 81 : SJS Says:

    Scandal’ Park Sang Min Covers Up Mistakes by Blowing Up Building with Jo Jae Hyun’s Child Inside

    “Scandal” Park Sang Min locks down the building with Jo Jae Hyun’s son inside of it.

    June 30, the second episode of the new MBC weekend drama “Scandal” featured a building collapsing with Ha Myung Geun (Jo Jae Hyun) child inside of it.

    In order to cover up his mistakes in building a faulty building, Jang Tae Ha (Pakr Sang Min) evacuates everybody in the building and uses explosives to blow up the building. He then tries to save himself by saying that it was all an accident.

    Jang Tae Ha was trying to get rid of all evidence of the poorly constructed building that he is responsible for.
    cr: kdramastars.com

  82. 82 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Yay! Good ratings! Weeww!

  83. 83 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @John K

    Plot does not vouch for the quality of the drama. You should watch the ENTIRE RUN of this drama before tagging the writer as **** .

    As what they say, EXPLORE the SKY first before going down to the EARTH!

  84. 84 : Cris Says:

    @John K , since you criticise Korean writers that much, i bet you don’t really watch Korean dramas. So, why come here and give a s***.

    Before you jusdge you better watch first. Why do you think Korean Dramas are trending now. Not only Asian countries watching Kdramas nowadays..

    The plot maybe too gerenal and sound similar to other series but if you really watch it, every writers work have their own unique way that differs from one another.

  85. 85 : Joy Says:

    @kurayuzaki666 and @Cris , ignore the trolls guys. Maybe he just finished watching drama that doesn’t suits his taste and came here to throw out his frustration.

    Some people doesn’t have sense of consideration to others so don’t mind them.

    Im happy that this series started great, and really interesting. I hope viki manage to get the license soon so that we could watch it with English sub.

  86. 86 : Joy Says:

    For those who want to know more about what happen on the first 2 episodes check this sites for More reviews and updates…



  87. 87 : Gretz16 Says:

    I think this article is a good reference for those who want to start watching this drama. 🙂

    ‘Scandal’ Kim Jae Won, Jo Jae Hyun and Park Sang Min ‘New Record for Dramatic Storyline’

    “Scandal” Viewers were captivated by this new weekend drama right from the very beginning.
    The first episode of “Scandal”, the new MBC weekend drama, aired on June 29. This drama has been described to contain a story of revenge and its aftermath. Director Kim Jin Man and writer Bae Yoo Mi are the masterminds behind this storyline. It is their third time working together. On top of this extravagant combo, Kim Jae Won has been reported to have transformed his acting style and Park Sang Min’s character has been described as a new level of evil.

    The first episode began with Ha Eun Joong (Kim Jae Won) pointing his gun at his father Ha Myung Geun (Jo Jae Hyun). This occurs after Ha Eun Joong discovers that he used to be Jang Eun Joong before his ‘father’, Ha Myung Geun kidnapped him. The father he loved to death, turned out to be a kidnapper who changed his fate.
    As soon as the gun fires, the setting of the drama changes to year 1988 when everything happened.

    Ha Myung Geun was taking care of his son and his daughter without their mother. He was an officer who believed in peaceful solutions. However, when Jang Tae Ha (Park Sang Min) appears with a fork crane, a huge fight begins. Ha Myung Geun arrests Jang Tae Ha but he was released because of his political powers
    Yoon Hwa Young (Shin Eun Kyung)’s father dies and considers getting a divorce from her husband Jang Tae Ha (Park Sang Min). However, Yoon Hwa Young is unable to do it because of the son she has been hiding for over 5 years. Go Joo Ran (Kim Hye Ri) is a top star actress who lives with Jung Tae Ha. They even have a daughter named Jang Joo Ha. Jang Joo Ra tries to provoke Yoon Hwa Young to make her divorce her legal husband. Yoon Hwa Young later learns that the person who caused the death of her father is Jung Tae Ha.


  88. 88 : bella Says:


    i read that the dramacrazy site is shutting down? why why why.. Dramacrazy is the only site that i used for a long time, and they really sub fast huhuhuhu what gonna happen to me, where can i watch na kdrama now waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….so sad….

  89. 89 : Gretz16 Says:

    @bella , Me Too. But Gooddrama.net still working, it’s almost the same with dramacrazy but they haven’t update this drama yet.
    Hopefully they will upload it soon. Viki is not available in my place so i find other sites to watch it.

    If you want to know all the links where you can watch this drama online, check out this page on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/MBC2013Scandal

  90. 90 : bella Says:


    thanks for the info.. goodrama.net is not always updated not like dramacrazy they sub so fast… viki not available also in my region even the dramafever not working also in my region.. im kdrama addict,.. huuhu. for me dramacrazy is the best site for my addiction hehehe.. hayzzzz

  91. 91 : Gretz16 Says:

    @bella , i already downloaded the english sub.of this drama. go to soompi thread for scandal, someone posted a link. I heard this drama already came out on Hulu.com with English sub. by MBC but need to pay to watch it online.

  92. 92 : Gretz16 Says:

    Hello everyone… I have a good news for all of you guys. Scandal 스캔들 is now available with English sub. at http://www.gooddrama.net/korean-drama/scandal-a-shocking-and-wrongful-incident . Please watch and enjoy… Have a nice day.

  93. 93 : Joy Says:

    Only for those living in United States , you can watch Scandal at http://www.hulu.com/scandal-2013
    Official site for MBC America..

  94. 94 : Joy Says:

    Episode 3 is now available…


  95. 95 : Joy Says:

    Sorry, i mean episode 3 preview.

  96. 96 : anzu Says:

    I really want to watch this drama…but dramacrazy has been shutdown…so please recommend me some of websites……..with eng subs

  97. 97 : Jane Says:

    @anzu #96 , it was posted by Gretz16 on #92 … you can watch it at

  98. 98 : anzu Says:

    @jane …thanks a lot

  99. 99 : Mary Says:

    Here is the character description:

    Title: Scandal : A Shocking and Wrongful Incident / Scandal: That Very Shocking and Immoral Incident
    Genre: Romance, Melodrama, Family
    Episodes: 36
    Directors: Kim Jin Man, Park Jae Bum
    Screenwriter: Bae Yoo Mi (Sparkling, Who Are You)
    Broadcast network: MBC, every Saturday & Sunday 21:50
    Broadcast period: 2013-June-29


    A man loses his son when a building collapses. He finds out who killed his son and kidnaps the son of this man. When the son (Ha Eun Joong) grows up, he learns that the man he believed to be his father was in fact a kidnapper. This is a story of revenge, and the life after with wound and restoration.
    A father who has killed a boy and a father who has kidnapped him: Ha Eun Joong, grows up as a detective, endlessly desperate between these 2 fathers. He walks into the whirlwind of the destiny wishing to find the truth about 2 fathers and a woman he loves. (MBC Global media)

    Character Description

    Ha Eun Joong
    30 years old. Detective in Gangnam police station. Though he looks blunt, he is warm and thoughtful son and detective. He is a real man who gives many touches to people.
    His father was also a detective . He wants to know why his father quit his job as a detective and lives as a daily worker with loneliness. What happened on 1988?

    Woo Ah Mi
    26 years old. Owner of small stall.
    She is clean. She can make other people’s heart clean. She is simple and has a warm heart. She has many loves and talkative.

    Jang Eun Joong
    30 years old. Star lawyer in Law-Firm ‘Chunha’.
    Son of ‘Taeha Group’ Chairman Jang Taeha as well as Law-Firm ‘Chunha’ President Yoon Hwa Young. But, actually, he does not know his real parents.
    He is a gentleman. He is a good man, charming and perfect son. He is generous to others while strict to himself. He is smart and gracious. But being Jang Tae Ha son is a heavy burden to him.

    Ha Myung Geun
    59 years old. Beloved father of Ha Eun Joong and Ha Soo Young. He is now chief workmen in Taeha Group Construction Site.
    He was a detective during 1988 criminal case. Now, he feels himself as a monster. He is afraid that his son becomes monster just like him. It doesn’t matter that I am becoming monster. But, it is not acceptable that my son becomes monster because of revenge.
    How can I recover this tragedy? Though my life was already a tragedy, my son’s life must be happy-ending. How I can make him stop?

    Jang Taeha
    61 years old. Chairman of Taeha-Group. The 1st man of Korean Conglomerate. Father of Jang Eun Joong and Jang Joo Ha. He has many women including 1st wife, Yoon Hwa Young and 2nd wife, Ko Joo Ran who insists herself as1st wife.
    As his appearance portrays an intellectual and gentle man, it is hard to know that he has very fierce and brutal personality. His nickname is cannibalistic-shark. Usually, he uses money for the person who bothers him. But, if money is fail, he destroys him.

    Yoon Hwa Young
    57 years old. President of Law-firm ‘Chunha’.
    Mother of ‘Ha Eun Joong’ and ‘Jang Eun Joong’.
    She is gracious, logical and intellectual. She spends her life with rivalry against Ko Joo Ran.
    She hates her husband very much but stays with him because of her son.
    Her late father told her in jail “Don’t be angry. Though I became like this, though ‘Chunha Construction Company became Taeha Construction Company, someday, your son will be the owner of it. Is it not enough?”

    Ko Joo Ran
    2nd wife of Jang Taeha. Former top actress in 1980s. Mother of Jang Joo Ha.
    She changes her self from ice to fire easily. She likes men. She does not like female. Why? Because other female does not like her.
    She loves Jang Taeha. Why I have to share Jang Taeha with Yoon Hwa Young?
    She is life-rival of Yoon Hwayoung. She feels sick-and-tired against everything of Yoon Hwa Young.
    I will not make my daughter as a shadow, just like me . I will make her the successor of ‘Taeha Group’

    Jang Joo Ha
    The daughter of Jang Taeha and Ko Joo Ran.
    She is the older sister of the two Eun Joong.
    She inherits beauty from her mother and braveness from her father. She is now Planning Department Director as well as Marketing Director of Taeha Group.
    Her mother thought her martial arts rather than piano or violin. Her mother gave boy’s cloth to her instead of girl’s cloth. Her mother wants her to be the successor of Taeha Group.
    To fulfill her purpose, she hides claws and gives royal to father.

    Shin Kang Ho
    Body guard as well as driver of Chairman Jang Taeha. He does everything whatever Chairman orders. Even if it is murdering people! Actually, he is a human weapon of Chairman Jang Taeha.

    Kang Joo Pil
    One of three main men of Jang Taeha.
    During the 1988 criminal case, he was a reporter of one newspaper. He is now the chief-of-advertising-team for Taeha Group.
    His secret job is controlling dark money of Group and lobbying to Government.
    He is evil and mean.

  100. 100 : cathy Says:

    I’m counting the time. So excited to watch episode 3 tonight.

  101. 101 : Gretz16 Says:

    now i know why there is another Eun Joong came out on the scene. Base on the preview for episode 4, Hwa Young brought another boy at home few years later to pretend as her son Jang Eun Joong. That’s explains why Ki Tae Young character name is also Jang Eun Joong.

    On the other hand, the real Jang Eung Joong (Kim Jae Won) became Ha Eun Joong, and i think Myung Geun always get angry and frustrated on him, even if he learned to love him as his own son he was haunted by his guilt and behave strange. Maybe that’s the reason why Ha Eun Joong become cold and tough, he grow up trying to understand his father’s behavior.. he is originally warm at heart and passionate towards others.
    He sees his fathers loneliness through out his life since they meet , he want to know the reason why.. and that’s how the story begin..

    I hope to see the kids grow up tomorrow night… this drama is awesome..it makes my heart skip a beat..

  102. 102 : Colorada Says:

    I am in episode 2 and do like it a lot…this will be a good one….I hope the writer do not destroy…later on….

  103. 103 : Joy Says:

    Here is episode 4 preview..

    @Colorada , im loving this drama a lot.. every episode is full of excitement. I can’t keep still while watching it live on streaming. It’s heartbreaking but every character has a story that supports why they choose the way that surely they regret later on. It’s their choice but the outcome is out of their control. A breath-taking series and awesome drama.. i hope the writer will keep it up.

  104. 104 : Joy Says:

    For those who miss to watch the past episode previews, here is the list, please check it out. Enjoy watching and happy weekend.


    @Admin. Please help us have the list of previews on this page so that it would be easier for those who visit the site to find it. Thank you.

  105. 105 : juliane04 Says:

    where can i watch [email protected] is not uploading yet.thank you

  106. 106 : Joy Says:

    @juliane04 , you can watch ep.3 and 4 at http://mbcscandal.blogspot.hk/
    Enjoy watching..

  107. 107 : Gretz 16 Says:

    Here is the link to watch episode 3 and 4

    Ep.3 : http://mbcscandal.blogspot.hk/2013/07/video-scandal-episode-3.html

    Ep.4 : http://mbcscandal.blogspot.hk/2013/07/video-scandal-episode-4.html

  108. 108 : Gretz 16 Says:

    If the first links given are not working.. you can check out here..



  109. 109 : Joy Says:

    Episode 3 with English sub. is now available at http://www.gooddrama.net/korean-drama/scandal-a-shocking-and-wrongful-incident

  110. 110 : Ana Says:

    download it from freekordramas.blogspot.ro

  111. 111 : Joy Says:

    Episode 4 with English sub. Watch and enjoy..

  112. 112 : gretz16 Says:

    Hello guys, PLEASE check out and support OFFICIAL MBC SCANDAL Facebook Page ====>https://www.facebook.com/mbcscandal

    @Admin. Can you help us add the official FB page on the info of Scandal on this site? Thank you… 🙂 Have a nice day to everyone..

  113. 113 : Joy Says:

    Scandal Episode 5 Preview is now available.
    Watch it guys. Tomorrow’s episode is the first appearance of the adult cast.

    Ep.#5 Preview: http://youtu.be/GoAZRx9FRNo

  114. 114 : zoe Says:

    eveyone should watch it free and suport mbc america on hulu. mbc has all their shows freeee on hulu.

  115. 115 : Welma Says:

    @zoe , yes, Hulu was the first website got the license for this series but my friend say watching on that site wasn’t free, is it true? Viki also manage to get the license now and they offer free viewing.

  116. 116 : zoe Says:

    free on pc not tablet or phone. mbc america has it on their website too

  117. 117 : Welma Says:

    @zoe , thank you. I love this drama. I just watch episode 5 in raw and it was hilarious… i mean the adult part.. 🙂 This is the best drama airing so far.

  118. 118 : Gretz16 Says:

    Seoul: 17.8% – 3rd
    Nationwide: 16.3% – 3rd

    Seoul: 19.4% – 2nd
    Nationwide: 16.6% – 2nd

    @Admin. Please update the ratings. thank you. 🙂

  119. 119 : Gretz16 Says:

    Episode 6 Preview


  120. 120 : Tira Says:

    This one is definitely awesome drama! Love to watch Kim Jae Won and Jo Yoon Hee drama. Good job to the writer and producer, director and all the actors and actress in this drama.

  121. 121 : Nietha Lee Says:

    Wow this awesome 🙂

    Scandal Episode 5 Eng sub [korean drama] >> http://goo.gl/mtW6h

  122. 122 : Xiongtaiwooo Says:

    Scandal Episode 6 english sub : http://goo.gl/VqryZ

  123. 123 : Grace Says:

    Episode 6 was fully sub? Great… I’m loving this drama and so addicted into it. I’m looking forward for every week ends because of this series.

  124. 124 : Aileen Says:

    The best drama in 2013 i ever watch so far … heart breaking but entertaining and lots of moral lesson to learn.

  125. 125 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. Please update episode 7 Preview … Thank you.


  126. 126 : jianpark Says:

    I’m so excited on this tomorrow. I like the story very interesting, :))

  127. 127 : Joy Says:

    Finally we can watch it tonight. 🙂 So excited. Jang Tae Ha and Ha Eun Joong will meet. I’m wondering if JTH will have a feeling that he was his real son.

  128. 128 : Suzannah Says:

    Watch Scandal ep.7 english sub here : http://goo.gl/lQjEk

  129. 129 : Joy Says:

    Read good reviews about Scandal at http://koalasplayground.com/2013/07/21/scandal-with-kim-jae-won-this-drama-is-big-stakes-makjang-done-right/

  130. 130 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. Please add ep.8 preview.
    Thank you. 🙂

  131. 131 : Gee Says:

    Watch Scandal ep.8 english sub.

    Thank you 🙂

  132. 132 : Ttuk Says:

    Is it normal for a South Korean detective to go arrest a prominent figure without discussing the case and evidence with his superior? Where’s the chain of command?

    And do detectives operate on their own without backup/partner over there? In the drama “I Miss You” a lone detective met his demise while trailing a criminal. And again in the drama “Shark”. I guess crims aren’t as desperate over there to warrant cops pairing-up while in the field.

    Anyways, this drama is pretty good but for a few annoyances. They did a really lousy job making Ki Tae Young look aged. There was a scene in the car where you see his dark roots and looked like his last hair treatment was several weeks earlier. Then when he stepped out of the car he was wearing a wig. The dark roots were gone but the grey wig was a different shade..hahaha.

  133. 133 : Joy Says:

    @Ttuk, 🙂 Maybe you mean Park Sang Min, not Ki Tae Young. 🙂

  134. 134 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. Cast update

    Yang Jin Woo as Gong Gi Chan – (cameo) Woo Ah Mi ex-boyfriend

  135. 135 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. Cast Update
    Jung Yoon Suk as young Ha Eun Joong (8 years old)
    Jo Min Ah as young Jang Joo Ha (10 years old)

  136. 136 : Joy Says:

    Info. Update

    Official OST
    Part 1 – (The Position ) – “Last Love Of My Life”
    (더 포지션) – 내 생애 마지막 사랑

  137. 137 : sangjhoon Says:

    so far this drama intrigues me, the twists n turns amazes me each episode! i luv kim jae won in all his dramas, all good male actors like jo joon hyun and park sang min~

  138. 138 : Janice Says:


    Episode 9 Preview


  139. 139 : Ttuk Says:

    #133 @Joy Thank you for the correction.

  140. 140 : Nudge Says:

    This is a better role for Jae Won than his May Queen part. And I hope the drama sticks to just telling a great yarn and avoid the overuse of tiresome plot devises.

  141. 141 : Nudge Says:

    Yoon Hee is a nice match for Jae Won. I might add she could easily play a Navajo squaw or princess. I wonder if her management is aware?

  142. 142 : Rose Says:

    Good reviews for Scandal 스캔들
    check it out====>http://koalasplayground.com/2013/07/27/kim-jae-won-shows-off-eye-popping-biceps-as-a-dogged-detective-scandal/

    This drama is getting better and better… keep it up.

  143. 143 : John k Says:

    This drama is annoying as hell.

  144. 144 : Joy Says:

    Episode 10 preview


  145. 145 : Guest Says:

    Goodness, looks like all hell will break lose and everyone is in on the secret except for the ones who need to know

    JTH is a ruthless, tyrannical mad man who thinks that he owns and controls the world and will get rid of anyone who blocks his way. He has an ignorant pompous, ogress, mistress who is as greedy as he is and a stuck up, snotty, vain, out of wedlock daughter who is ashamed of her mistress mother.The mistress acts like Jang Hee Bin the Joseon concubine she played in a movie and thinks she is royalty. LOL. Her weapon comes from her knowing of a well hidden family secret that could tear the family asunder.

    There is also a fictitious son who was raised and protected well and generally is a good and caring person but is now affected and influenced by the overwhelming gluttony and lechery of the people around him. The fictitious son, JEJ (aka Geum Man Bok) has a secret he never, ever wants to be revealed. The threat of impending discovery is looming around the bend which can inevitably slowly change his persona and motives, as he tries to maintain his identity to be the only son and heir of the filthy rich, powerful and dangerous Tae Hae. He also shares his father’s ambition which is…. to hold the most powerful office in all of Korea. However by the father’s design he grew up being protected so he does not have much awareness of the father’s nefarious activities. Circumstances though will force him to work on his father’s behalf. Can he give up on his and the father’s dream to keep the love of his mother and remain a caring person or will he become as ruthless and power hungry as the father?

    The real son HEJ (aka JEJ), grew up to be an overly dedicated, agile, bold and smart detective who drowns himself in work to ease his longing for an explanation to the question long buried in his heart, a question he never dared to ask. He is the one character who tears me up and makes my heart bleed. He still draws penguins in his detective’s diary. He is inadvertently entangled with the life of the cold blooded despotic magnate, (who unknown to him, is his real father) when he becomes the investigating officer of a death of a young man in the Jang construction site. The meeting of father and son is so bitter sweet because they can become bitter enemies without knowing their family relationship. That meeting though stunned the father into speechlessness first because it may be the first time someone dared to accost him publicly but because the name, Eun Joong. JTH is a smart man, so will he do a background check on detective Ha and find out for himself who he really is?

    JTH’s wife is elite bred, classy, beautiful and mother of the sons. She could be the the cliffhanger who will break the secret wide open. She is privately and quietly looking for her real son. She is also depressed and wracked with guilt because she did recognize her son on the CCtV as a young boy yet lost him again. The meeting of the son and mother will be the emotional crowning blow and heartbreaker of the day for me. I think that both will recognize each other and that moment will jar HEJ’s memories of his early childhood. Can’t wait for the day when he will call her Omma.

    In the meantime the fake dad ruined another young man’s life by involving the young man in his fight with JTH without giving the young man any backup protection. That young man is now dead on his wedding day and left behind a pregnant grieving bride. The heinous Jang dogs frame him even in death. Will HMG, (fake dad) take responsibility for the grieving bride and help HEJ, the detective son, find the USB and evidence against Tae Hae?

    Kang Joong Pil is the spineless reporter who sold out and covered up the story of the collapse of a building that killed a 5 year old boy, the son of Ha Myeung Gyun (fake dad), to become a Jang dog He was the original owner of the USB in question and he also knows that MGY son died. Will he be able to put 2+2 together and realize that the detective who is presenting himself as the son of HMG is really the son of Tae Hae?

    The beginning of the storytelling is compelling and suspenseful and the drama is well casted. I hope the writers keep the flow of the story together as they ratchet up the intrigues and suspense and follow up with some resolutions without losing focus.

  146. 146 : cc Says:

    @John K You’re annoying as hell too, you’re mouthing is always running….
    This drama is hella good and I love every episode of it…

  147. 147 : Joy Says:

    @Jonh k #143 , Since you are annoyed, why are you still watching? Aren’t you hooked into it as well?

    I bet you want to stop watching but you can’t because it’s too good to be miss. hahahahaha

    you hate it because you can’t stop watching even if you want to. So, you are uttering nonsense to bring out your frustration. Am i right?

  148. 148 : cipmunk Says:

    Scandal ep.9 [english sub and raw]
    watch now : http://goo.gl/f3GkUm

  149. 149 : Guest Says:

    What draws me to this drama are all the contradictory situations and twists that keep arising which unwittingly and eventually will flesh out and reveal the truth.

    Now the two sons are going to help the widowed Ah Mi to find out how her husband died.

    One son, JEJ/GMB will help because he is a lawyer mentored by his mother to help those in need, but he also wants to clear the father he adores and believes to be an upstanding and honorable man, of suspicions and mistrust. What will he do when he finds out the truth about his father? Will he close his eyes and defend his father? That will be a bitter pill to swallow.

    The other son, HEJ the detective will help to confirm Ah Mi’s suspicions and his hunches that a murder has been committed. The irony is when he realizes that the person he is tenaciously investigating and suspects as the murderer is his real father, the father who now ordered his dogs to “take care of him” (HEJ). But, whatever JTH may think of and dislike HEJ, he cannot help but notice HEJ’s chutzpah and passion. What enthuses me about this relationship are the bright and clever repartee/ comebacks between the father and son as they battle and try to outwit each other. I am looking forward to their more intensified confrontations.

    It also looks like HEJ was able to plant questions on Joo Ha’s mind about the murder case because she cooperates to go to the station and answer his questions. I think she is also intrigued and impressed by HEJ’s poise and cool as a cucumber attitude. He does not really care about all these titles and societal positions that she and her family throws at him.

    As for the mother, she loves her son JEJ/GMB, the son she raised and took under her wing professionally. While he was growing up, she took care of him tenderly and devotedly. But she never had any closure with the kidnapped son. She is wracked with guilt and agony, wondering about things she cannot do anything about; what is his life like, is he is all right, and is he happy or suffering. I think any parent of a kidnapped kid will feel that way, even when they have other children and will also not give up on looking for the son. Just because she is looking for the kidnapped son does not mean she does not love her other children. I do think though that they need to talk and for the mother to reassure the “adopted son” that she loves him no matter what. I also think she will love and protect both sons when she learns the truth.

    What is Ah Mi’s story? She looks like she does not have any family except for the dead husband and what is the story of Geum Man Bok now JEJ and who planted the false childhood memories in his mind?

  150. 150 : gelani wuland ari Says:

    waiting for episode 10….fighting!!!:)

  151. 151 : Joy Says:

    Viewership Ratings

    AGB Nielsen

    MBC : The Scandal
    Seoul: 18.0%(+2.1)

  152. 152 : Nudge Says:

    The kidnapper did a number of things that resulted in misery or death to others including his own son. Yet he did not learn.

    1 – He gave instructions to his own son not knowing the child might choose obedience over common-sense.

    2 – He takes revenge by kidnapping a child, not concerned about the misery it brings to the child’s mother, a innocent party. And not bothered by the future effects these actions might have on his daughter and the child. The potential permanent psychological damage.

    3 – He hands over damning evidence against the construction giant, to a would-be father knowing well it can get the guy killed. He warns him but fails to convey the level of the danger.

    This former detective continues to put others in harms way. The character is naive or this script is really bad. I choose the latter.

    Then there was the investigator from a company with “international” in their name. I guess it means they are not “true blue” and therefore a bit sketchy. This type stereotyping is what I might call “soft racism”. But I digress.

    I thought it odd the way the investigator surrendered details easily. He (lawyer/son) asks the investigator:

    “What is the name of the person my mother is looking for?”

    Later when they concluded their business the investigator asks who he was. So bizarre. This is a high profile investigations company, yet it seems they have the ethics of a street level drug dealer and the intelligence of an 8 year old.

  153. 153 : Alice Says:

    @Nudge , on your #1 post, who are you referring to? You mean his son Eun Joong? Myung Geun told him the details how Jang Tae Ha was connected to the case to clarify his son suspicion and lead him to the right track of investigation because he know he can’t convince him to drop the case.

  154. 154 : Alice Says:

    @Nudge , on your #2 comment.. Myung Geun didn’t really intend to kidnap the kid for revenge. If you watch that part you will understand what im saying. At that time he was mourning about his son’s death and the boy pop up in front of him calling him daddy and reminds him of his dead son. He wasn’t thinking about anything else at that time. After a few days of thoughts he wanted to return the boy but Jang Tae Ha unrepentant attitude on the police station angered him and pushed him to keep the child instead of returning him to his devil father. 3 years had pass and he still can’t get over of his guilt and realized that he have to return the kid to the parents where he belong but again when he brought him home there is another boy who already took his identity as the son of JTH, so finally he decided to keep him as his own son and have a new life.

  155. 155 : Guest Says:

    looks like the angst is starting to go full blast, somebody needs to scuttle that bicycle and good for Ami, she got the cufflink.

    Now everyone in the Jang family met the real EJ except for the mother. Are they really going to drag this meeting? Why did the mother not remove that video, arrrggghhh

    Ok, so JEJ/Man Bok has been lied to but he is not completely innocent. He came into the Jang household when he was eight years old and ever since then he has been asking for confirmation of who he was. His memories were not really his and deep inside he knows that because he has had this nagging feeling of insecurity which leads him to ask for reassurance all the time. The mother colluded with the lie for her own reasons and over the years, JEJ began to believe in the lie, that he was the lost son. So now that he is finding out that what he believed to be true is really a lie and the mother is really looking for the real JEJ, he is hurt, confused, unsure and maybe even angry and he has every right to be. But if he really were to self-reflect he will realize that he also is and has always been an accomplice. For all intents and purposes, the mother cares for and loves him. He is not a young boy anymore. He is now a man and a capable lawyer. It would serve him well to have a talk with mom. Stop playing victim and be proactive. Right now, whether he believes it or not, the only person who will be on his side is his mom

    so is Joo Ha falling for HEJ? She goes to the station to return a button and gets giddy when she sees him then has that look of disappointment when she sees Ah Mi with him? This is rich, oh brother…. It is good though that she seems to have doubts about daddy Godfather, I have a feeling she will help HEJ

  156. 156 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. Cast Update

    Kim Hwi Su 김휘수 – 5 years old (Kim Jae Won character) real Jang Eun Joong
    [출처] MBC 주말드라마 하은중 아역 김휘수|작성자 티아이

  157. 157 : Alice Says:

    @Admin. i think it’s better put note to specify Eun Joong name.


    KIM JAE WON : as a child his real name was Jang Eun Joong ( Kim Hwi Su /5 years old) but after he was kidnap it was change to Ha Eun Joong (Jung Yoon Suk/8 years old).

    KI TAE YOUNG: as a child his real name was Manbok , he was left in an orphanage when he was still a baby. After 3 years of search of Jang family for their kidnap son Hwa Young adopted Manbok and named him after her missing son Jang Eun Joong.

  158. 158 : Nudge Says:

    #153 Hi Alice. I was talking about the detective’s biological son.

  159. 159 : Nudge Says:

    #154 What you’re saying is he isn’t really a bad guy. The kidnapping was not premeditated. He was in pain and a little out of his mind due to the grief from the loss of his child. I know what you mean.

    But Alice, his actions whether maliciously motivated or not, resulted in much suffering. Heh..To my understanding the law of karma (cause & effect) doesn’t acknowledge ignorance as an excuse. There were other options available to him.

  160. 160 : Alice Says:

    @Nudge , his biological son is just 5 years old. It’s normal for a father to ask him to stay in school and wait for him to pick him up. The father didn’t know that something is happening on that building and the boy was innocent enough to follow what had been ask him to do.

    So far, this drama is doing well, there are some flaws on it but in general it’s great. the plot is fast moving and the cast characters are well performed.

    The story is interesting and thrilling at the same time.

  161. 161 : Joy Says:


    Here is episode 11 Preview


  162. 162 : Joy Says:

    Scandal OST Part 2

    Song Artist: Masyta Band (마시따 밴드)
    Title : I or I am (나는)
    reference: http://youtu.be/jW7-p0Fjr1w

    The second OST is really addicting… i love it. 🙂

  163. 163 : ling ling Says:

    so coriuse about this drama. kim jae won makes me falling in love.
    wish this drama daebak. fighting oppa !!

  164. 164 : ling ling Says:

    Happy wedding oppa… good job and good luck oppa killer smile..
    keep smiling… ^^

  165. 165 : Alice Says:

    @Nudge, what I’m trying to say is , his character is just naive not bad written just like the way you describe it on your earlier post. He was one of the catalyst of the plot to move on so it’s making a sense that his character made mistakes that cause to much bad effects so that the story move.

  166. 166 : Joy Says:

    Episode 12 Preview


  167. 167 : ance Says:

    enjoying this drama…i’m still processing what happened in episode 11 (since there’s still no sub for ep.12)….

    i was also wondering why the mom left that tape in the VCR when that study is open for others to come & go…even those info about her real son is just outside the vault (i think)…

    and about the fake eun joong…he was already 8 at that time, how come he never suspects that the “mom” who came to get him was not his real mom? my 4 year old daughter could recognize me even though i’m so far, how come the fake eun joong can’t recognized her? did they say he has amnesia or trauma?

    i was sad for Ah Mi losing the baby, but i was also relieve that she can now have start over and have a clean slate…and besides, that evil mother-in-law will take the kid once it’s born…so (only my opinion) i think it’s somewhat a blessing…

  168. 168 : Alice Says:

    @ance , the fake Eun Joong has doubt that he wasn”t the real son since he was young that’s why he always ask his Mom whose son is he, for assurance, but always get unsatisfactory answer until one day he found out the truth that he was adopted and can’t accept it. He want to keep the real Eun Joong away from his real parents because he was afraid to be cast away.

  169. 169 : ance Says:

    @Alice 168

    i was also discussing it with my friend….yes he has doubts ‘coz he can’t draw the penguin…and the mom was always distant, unlike the dad…of course he will hide the real eun joong coz his sister said it, “if it wasn’t yours from the beginning, you have to protect it…” or something like that…

    thanks for replying!

  170. 170 : Slynn Says:

    SPOILERS………………………………………….When they said wrongful they were not kidding! There is so much wrong its not even funny. I felt really bad for fake Eun Joong, his so scared his going to lose everything again that he is making bad choices! Both sons will be completely devestated when all the truth about the wrong thier fathers did comes out! And somebody better tell the real Eun Joong the truth before something “murky” happens between brother and sister, she already has a bit of a crush on him. Woo Ah Min needs to slap the spit out of her hateful mother-in-law, I know she’s still in shock and mourning but come on girl pull yourself back from the edge! Could somebody please push that stupid mistress down a flight of stairs? I am so sick of her! And Tae Ha has the nerve to be jealous after having his whore living and sleeping in the same house as his wife for 3 years, kick him down the stairs too!!! Truthfully if it was up to me there would be a whole lot of bodies at the bottom of the steps HAHA! Can’t wait for next weekend!

  171. 171 : drumbeats Says:

    Sh…aiksssss… lordy, lordy, lordy, this DRAMA is living up to its title…. The SCANDAL… people, people whose enquiring minds want to know ….watch…

    The most amusing of them all is the bro-sis dating “game.” Clearly EJ1 is doing it to help himself with the investigation and he does have a woman already ensconced in his house and designated himself as her protector.
    He also despises all that JH stands for. But the sister… is another story, I think. She might be doing it to get out of an arranged marriage, but she is intrigued. I mean when he asks her to go to the station, she goes; he barges into her car and tells her to drive him to her house and she does. She then goes looking for him with the excuse of giving him a button; calls him to meet her… and yes she maybe looking for info herself but an evening drink? She acts like a woman in infatuation. I don’t think they will be allowed to go that “mucky” far. KJP, the reporter will probably be the one person to say something to daddy “sick man” who will hopefully stop EJ1. EJ2 knows but will he say something?

    Now what is with … JJW, is he or is he not?? Delicious scandal but will the drama peeps go that way???

    And daddy glow hair’s hair ignited with jealousy when he sees wifey laughing with another man. Looks like the daddy war is going to start in earnest. Daddy sick man now is running out of people to join his fight so he now will involve mommy sick woman, even knowing that she is the wife of JTH and the mother of the kid he kidnapped. Will he be able to pick up the gauntlet and valiantly fight without yet sacrificing another victim to his cause?

    My beef? Taking so long for the mom and the son to meet. I just thought of another drama that nurtured the birth secret and kept it from mom and child till the end, like it was the golden calf. But, that was the iceberg that sank that ship to the ocean depths of no return and I am not talking of the Titanic either. In order to keep the secret from the mother, they made the character so clueless and spaced out. I hope that will not be the case here. This mom needs to come out of her melancholy and stop being a doormat for red lips and for everyone else. I think that she cannot reveal the secret for now for the sake of both her sons but just seeing the kidnapped son from afar and knowing about him will give her the strength to fight for both her sons, because when the sins of the fathers finally surface, crap will fly. When the dust will clear will she still be standing with both sons by her side or will she let red lips or daddy glow hair clobber her?

    Why do we need Ah Mi’s cackling mother in law? She really does not contribute to the story. I would rather know about Ah Mi’s story, why she does not have any family and did she come an orphanage also? Are there any connections somewhere?

  172. 172 : Valkyrie1939 Says:

    I have one thing to say what the hell happen to JTH HAIR. That guy is going through a serious mid-life crisis. I adore Kim Jae Won so I am watching the drama, okay. But Jang Tae Ha bleached out hair, disco suits, and flower power glasses gives the impression of a middle aged man acting out.

    I can’t get enough of KJW his puffy eyes and how his out of line canine teeth gives his smile that extra ZZing. These imperfections make him so handsome. I loved him in the roe of a hearing impaired person. I think he deserved an OSCAR.

  173. 173 : Joy Says:


    Episode 13 preview is out…


  174. 174 : Joy Says:


    Episode 14 Preview..


  175. 175 : Nudge Says:

    I feel for Jang Eun Joong. Not being an orphan I can’t imagine what he’s going through.

  176. 176 : Dora Says:

    Watch online, Scandal episode 13 and 14 english sub/Raw

    Watch here : http://goo.gl/QwptT5

    Enjoy 😀

  177. 177 : Welly Says:

    So thankful that i started watching this drama. My friend recommend it to me, it was really good. Usually i only wait for weekend because it’s rest day but now I’m so excited for the weekend to come soon because of this series. The thrill and excitement on every episode was overwhelming. I love the story progress and the pace. It isn’t fast but not draggy. All the actors are excellent specially the main leads, I find it too short even though it isn’t. I can’t just get enough of it and wanted to watch more. I highly recommend it to everyone. You won’t regret watching it. 🙂

  178. 178 : joy Says:

    Scandal Ep.15 http://youtu.be/-BuE_izT6Qw

  179. 179 : Joy Says:


    Here is episode 16 preview


  180. 180 : Nudge Says:

    A couple of lousy actors ruin it for the rest, and lowers the standard of the drama.

    Looking up their bio I see they’ve done considerable work but no noticeable improvement on their acting skill.

    I guess it all comes down to talent. You have it or you don’t.

    Still the ratings are fine so viewers are not as vexed as I am.

  181. 181 : Pearl Says:

    @Nudge , i don’t think you are talking about the main actors aren’t you? I find the actors of main characters are really impressive.

    Only the mistress and Kang Joo Pil isn’t doing fine so far.. the rest are great..

  182. 182 : guest Says:

    Why does it show only 2 days a week?

    I’ve watched up to ep 10 so far its soooooo goooood 😀

    can’t wait to watch the ending

  183. 183 : Evercelle B. Delgado Says:

    I like some of your korean drama.

  184. 184 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. Official OST Part 3 is out… :))

    Lee Ji Hye (이지혜) – 내려 – Scandal 스캔들 OST Part.3

  185. 185 : Joy Says:

    Episode 17 preview


  186. 186 : Joy Says:

    Scandal 스캔들 Ep.18 preview


  187. 187 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. this is the title of the 3rd OST

    내려 (Get Off) – Scandal OST Part 3

  188. 188 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. In addition to the cast list…

    Kim Jin Tae as Detective Go
    – Junior Detective
    -Ha Eun Joong friend

    reference :http://youtu.be/jefunBemgRI

    (@Joy from admin: Thanks. This drama haven’t ended yet. We will updated it later.)

  189. 189 : Tira Says:

    I feel sad for Ja Eun Jung mom. She has to let her husband knowing that her husband is evil and will ruin their real son. She is protect her real son first and ask forgiveness on her fake heartless son. Jang Tae Ha must be dumb or blind because can’t suspect why there is another son name Ha Eun Jung belong to Ha Myung Geun, his son kidnapper.

    The fake son is so greedy after being raise well in the family. He became so greedy and evil. That is why anyone will be worry about adopted kids because you never know what kind of gene pool you are getting! Can be good or bad apple!

  190. 190 : Yanle Says:

    Everyone seems to blame the kidnapper, and although I don’t condone with his behavior, Mr Screw Face is the one who started it all. Not only did he authorize, was warned, and knew about the effects of the shoddy construction, but also camouflage or at least tried to before the building collapsed. In addition, he quickly received approval from his corrupt officials to demolish the site even though Ha Myung Geun told them his son was in the building, and pleaded with them; however, no one listened……..only to find his son’s remains like garbage going off to the dung heap. Too bad he didn’t shoot him instead of kidnapping his son. The effects of sin/wrong doing however labeled, certainly has a trickle-down effect and innocent has a way of getting the blunt of it all.

    Sadly, so many people are hurt, but I bet when HEJ find out the truth he will display all the emotions that is expected of a sober minded mature individual; and move on, instead of whining continuously. I wish Mr Cry Baby would start giving thanks for at least the privilege of eating good food and getting a good education. Had he not being deceived, he probably would still be at the orphanage blaming his biological parents (aniyo, aniyo!, he would be too old)… I guess out kicking stones somewhere.

  191. 191 : Carmen Says:

    Everyone seems to blame the kidnapper,….I will coment about this, ok he in a way safe this kid taking him away from this kind of Father, but the kidnapper really really misstreat this kind when he was small, and the kidnapper did not think of the mother at all, he did wrong too….why why why if his war was with the father, the building owner he has to take this boy from the mom?????He did wrong….

  192. 192 : SJ Says:

    i’m on epis 18 and this drama is getting better each time! i don’t suppose if you’re in his (kidnapper) position that you’d be able to refrain fr doing what he did, that chairman is mean to the bones,he promised him that he’ll help in finding his son who was in the collapsed bldg he owns & yet he himself was the one who bulldozed the bldg where this poor son was still breathing & fighting for his life! OK it’s not right to kidnap someone but he was at that house with the intent of killing the chairman, and off this little nice kid came & assumed it was his father, his heart melts & the rest is history! He raised him well & i think if he grew up with his birth father, he’d turn out to be just like him ruthless, mean & evil, so it’s a blessing that he didn’t grow up with him, his mother was kind-hearted thank goodness for that! I can’t wait to see the next episode! so glad to find out this is a long drama of 36 episodes, more to savour!

  193. 193 : Ana Says:

    The kidnap son (Ha Eun Joong) didn’t grow up bad like his bio dad. He grew up as a good , kind hearted detective. He is cold but he is a nice person. Even if the kidnapper dad didn’t treat him well when he is a kid, he didn’t hate him. He love the kidnapper father and manage to get his heart.

  194. 194 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. Scandal Episode 19 Preview


  195. 195 : Nudge Says:

    #181 @Pearl

    That’s right Pearl, the main actors are fine.

    I have a lot of respect for the Korean film industry professionals. Their movies are on par with any of the best from the US — production-wise. Yet I am somewhat at a loss when it comes to dramas like this one.

    The director’s finesse abandon’s him more times than I care to count. Some of the lesser actors are at a loss, looking spaced-out at times. In contrast the drama “King’s Family” is compelling, albeit a mere family drama.

  196. 196 : Joy Says:

    Ep. 20 Preview


  197. 197 : Nudge Says:

    He’s going up against a corporation, with millions at stake he loudly declares his intent to hide his most crucial evidence in a doll. It never occurs to him he might be monitored?

    Seriously writer-nim? Way to go and ruin it all. I’m done with this!

  198. 198 : Nudge Says:

    You know writer-nim, most people know you can copy the contents of a usb stick. Most people know also, if you upload it as a torrent file, it renders any effort to suppress the contents almost ineffective.

  199. 199 : Alice Says:

    @Nugde , you are freaking out… but even if HEJ keep the original USB , nobody knows if he already made a copy of it.

    On episode 20, he told JTH that if he won’t come out alive after meeting him, the entire content of the USB will be expose to media and internet… which means, he already made a preparation for the worst.

    I hate the writer for putting the viewers on the edge of their sit, but that was the suspense… you can never guess what will happen next..

  200. 200 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. Here is episode 21 Preview


    OMG… Ha Eun Joong was shot by his own father…

  201. 201 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. Episode 22 Preview


  202. 202 : Joy Says:

    Great reviews from koalas playground..


  203. 203 : Windsun33 Says:

    Hmm.. in ep21 the chairman shoots a cop, and still nobody tells the cops? WTF?

  204. 204 : Hanover Says:

    Windsun33, you took the words right out of my mouth. Who knows, maybe they forgot? The “father” didn’t even call for medical assistance – where are the paramedics? Directors in Kdramas are generally too immersed in over-dramatizing and lose their “common sense”.

  205. 205 : torri Says:

    this writer is smart but i think i have an idea how this might go down in the long run Eun Joong will have a heart problem following the shooting and the one person that will be able to save him is his kidnapped dad because i saw him go to organ donation bank and if my suspicious is correct his heart will come handy at the end to help Eun Joong, which will be nice but from now on i think i will stop watch until at least when it gets close to the end because i see a lot tears and heart break coming up and i don’t think i want to do the crying every week so i will just wait and cry at once when am watching the rest of the ep in one full day like a Saturday so have fun guys

  206. 206 : Tira Says:

    Hopefully Ha Eun Jung able to protect his mom from his evil dad. I wonder how his dad will take care of his evil bitchy mistress!

  207. 207 : Ann Says:

    @torri , You are wrong , Ha Myung went to organ donation but he is unable to donate his organ because it was affected by cancer.

    The only part he can donate is his cornea, so i was having this feeling that something will happen to Ha Eun joong that cause him to go blind and to be able to regain his eyesight, his dad cornea will be transplant to him.

    @Tira , hopefully Ha Eun Joong find his Mom, it looks like JTH drug her and keep her somewhere so that HEJ can’t see his Mom.

  208. 208 : HOPE Says:

    Do You Think Ha Eun Goong Might Shift To The Dark Side?????

    Days are passing tooooo slow , Can’t wait till next eps

  209. 209 : Ann Says:

    @HOPE , i think NO … he went to JTH side, but it doesn’t mean he will join the dark side.

    We can see when JTH hug him, he didn’t show any expression, i don’t think he was able to tolerate his biological father crimes.

    I think to end JTH evil deeds , HEJ must stop him.. the only way to do that is to go to JTH and gather evidence as much as he can but that also means he is going to put his own dad on jail… it’s not gonna be easy for him to do that. Mentally and emotionally , he was all thorn..

  210. 210 : torri Says:

    i feel so bad for Eun Joong the poor guy has a lot to deal with i mean his past is a mess and his future is not looking bright either , i mean with all this how will he work trough all the mess his biological father has created and still creating i mean when i watched the last ep where his dad embraced him that is when i knew this man has no shame , i mean after shooting your own son trough the heart you embarrass him so easily like some one who had just return from a long trip and u missed them so shameless, well i look forward to see how the writer plays this out

  211. 211 : Ann Says:

    @torri , i read on the text preview for ep.23 and 24 , HEJ is going to move out from HMG house , but he will find where his Mom was hidden by JTH and took her in a safe place.

    at least Going to JTH house means he was able to save his Mom.

  212. 212 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. Episode 23 Preview


  213. 213 : NinjaSloth Says:

    Episode 21: Woo Ah Mi throws garbage on blonde-korean-mafia-style President Jang Tae Ha, and says something I have been thinking for at least the past 10 episodes. Every man is someone’s precious son – not just the president’s son. It’s a life lesson for everyone, and reminded me of what every drama should have. This drama is still really dumb sometimes but at least Woo Ah Mi is a character I want to put my faith in.

    As for Episode 22: I used to feel sorry for “fake Eun Joong” but now I don’t. He doesn’t even deserve to be angry because in his jealousy and anger he did something a good person should never attempt (trying to ruin and hide the real Eun Joong),

  214. 214 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. Episode 24 Preview


  215. 215 : HOPE Says:

    What the hell is wrong with fake eun joong just as I’m ready to feel sorry for him he turns around to his typical greedy / selfish self

    What a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I realy hate him right now may be more than I hate chairman tea ha jang.

    can’t wait to watch ep 24

  216. 216 : Tira Says:

    Jang Tae Ha must be pretty stupid to believe his fake son after experience how his fake son try to get rid his real son. He should know better all of them are after his wealth except his son and wife. How can he try to kill his wife? He should punish his mistress having affair with his staff.

    He should better to trust his real son 100% because he is his real blood. His real son look more caring and trust worthy person. How sad must Jang Eun Jun feel that his dad try to kill his mom?

    His fake son is stupid to be so greedy. If he treat his mom good, he probably will receive some wealth from his mom.

    Hopefully he did not kill his kidnapper dad plus he is going to die anyway.

  217. 217 : HOPE Says:

    OMG why is it there is no preview for ep 25 sooooooooo frustrating.

    I really can’t wait till next week to know what happens

    ep 24 was soooooo awesome that I didn’t want it to end , I don’t think he would kill him HEJ is not that kind of person , I think no matter what happens he’ll always stay the good guy.

  218. 218 : joy Says:

    @tira , the real Jang Eun Joong (Kim Jae Won) didn’t shot his kidnapper father. MBC released a photo stills yesterday. Eun Joong put his kidnapper father on jail. I think that’s the best way he can do to protect him from getting killed by his real father JTH.

    The fake Eun Joong (Ki Tae Young) was to much , he betrayed his Mom over and over again because of his selfishness. Even if his Mom forgive him for trying to kill her real son HEJ, the fake son still unrepentant and selfish.

  219. 219 : joy Says:

    @HOPE , you are right. HEJ didn”t kill his kidnapper dad. He is angry to him but he still love him as his father. He pretend to hate him but he only do that because he want his real fatjer JTH to trust him. HEJ still protecting his kidnapper father from his real dad.

  220. 220 : HOPE Says:





  221. 221 : Joy Says:

    @HOPE , the video preview is not available yet…

    this is the text preview for Ep.25 and 26


    HEJ gets taken to police custody for shooting a gun. JTH looks for his wife at MG place. MG punches JTH who tries to take his wife . HMG takes YHY to a safe place. HMG then gets accused of kidnapping YHY…

    ep 26
    Man Bok( fake Eun Joong) registers his new name. YHY and HEJ(real Eun Joong) spend some quality time…
    YHY warns JR not to divide JTH and HEJ. HEJ brings the USB in front of JTH

    [스캔들 : 매우 충격적이고 부도덕한 사건] 25회
    방송일자 : 2013년 09월 21일 22시 00분 ~ 23시 15분
    은중은 총을 쏜 혐의로 경찰서에 잡혀간다. 태하는 명근의 집에서 화영을 찾는다.

    명근은 화영을 데려가는 태하를 주먹으로 치고, 화영을 무사한 곳으로 옮긴다. 그리고 명근은 화영의 납치범으로 수배되는데…

    [스캔들 : 매우 충격적이고 부도덕한 사건] 26회
    방송일자 : 2013년 09월 22일 22시 00분 ~ 23시 15분
    만복은 주민센터를 찾아 ‘구재인’이란 이름으로 주민등록증을 신청한다. 화영은 주란에게 은중과 태하를 이간질하지 말라고 경고한다.

    화영은 퇴근하는 은중을 마중하고, 두 사람은

  222. 222 : Nudge Says:

    All those acronyms made me dizzy @Joy. 🙂 Thanks for the updates.

  223. 223 : Joy Says:

    @Nudge , sorry I’m too lazy to write the full name. I hope you understand what i wrote. 🙂

  224. 224 : Joy Says:


    Scandal OST Part 4

    Title :I Hope (바래봅니다)
    Singer: Sonya

  225. 225 : Joy Says:


    Scandal Ep.25 Preview


  226. 226 : HOPE Says:




  227. 227 : Joy Says:

    @HOPE , you mean revenge theme?

    There is similarities on City Hunter plot, but not exactly the same.

    On that drama the son was also kidnap and use to revenge on his own father, but the kidnapper is the villain, unlike here on Scandal that the real dad is the main bad guy.

  228. 228 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. Episode 26 Preview

  229. 229 : HOPE Says:

    @ JOY, I’ve Already Watched City Hunter

    NO I Mean Drama WITH LOST, KIDNAPPED OR SWITCHED Son I Don’t Know Why But I’ve always Been Attracted To This Kind Of Theme. Hhhhhhh


  230. 230 : HOPE Says:

    I also liked the EAST OF EDEN & WHEN A MAN LOVES

  231. 231 : S. LYNN Says:

    One of the best dramas out! This week eps were heartbreaking!

  232. 232 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    My fave weekend drama!I love the kidnapper ahjussi he always moved me…I cried much…

  233. 233 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. Cast Update:

    Park Min Woo to join Scandal starting Sept.28. Ep. 27

    reference: http://news.nate.com/view/20130927n06431

  234. 234 : Joy Says:

    Scandal 스캔들 Ep.27 Preview


  235. 235 : Joy Says:


    Scandal OST Part 5

    Title : 그려본다 (Draw)
    Singer : Ulala Session (울랄라세션)
    reference: http://youtu.be/bDV0vNbAPTs

  236. 236 : Joy Says:

    Scandal 스캔들 Ep.28 Preview


  237. 237 : Paper Says:

    quite a good drama, but I never like Jo Yoon Hee acting, she is only cute with perfect figure but can’t act (lack of chemistry to male actors – can’t show feeling through the eyes – so on).

  238. 238 : Jennie Says:

    @Joy, @ Hope Another good revenge drama is Giant – great cast and script and it also stars Park Sang Min (JTH), altho just a minor role. Love love this drama, btw – although it’s a drama with many episodes, it doesn’t drag and leaves me wanting for more. 😀

  239. 239 : Joy Says:


    Park Min Woo – ( Code name : BATMAN)
    – High School Student
    -Genius Computer Hacker
    -Ha Eun Joong good friend

  240. 240 : Joy Says:

    @Jennie , 🙂 I also like GIANT … that’s the first drama i watch Park Sang Min … 🙂 But i skip a lot of episodes because it’s too long… i don’t have time to watch.

    the story of revenge their is quite different from Scandal , on this series Kim Jae Won character is struggling alone to give justice … while on Giant , siblings work together.

  241. 241 : Joy Says:

    @Jennie , if i compare GIANT and SCANDAL , i think SCANDAL is a lot better in writing, plot, and character portrayal … the execution of revenge is also heart breaking but you can’t help but pity the person who did it instead of hating them.

    I love SCANDAL … every episode leave you at the edge of your seat…

  242. 242 : Jennie Says:

    @Joy Yes I agree. I think this is one of the best family/melos (of more than 16 eps) that I’ve seen so far and I never missed nor fast-forwarded an episode too. And yes, no arguments there – Scandal is better than Giant in every sense. I enjoyed Giant, so you can imagine how much I love and appreciate Scandal!!!! And I LOVE the OST!!

  243. 243 : Joy Says:

    @Jennie , yeah… OST was daebak… 🙂 It definitely added a lot of feeling on every scene. You can almost feel the emotion the character as if you are the one who is feeling it.

    you can count this as family/melo on genre but it can also be considered as thriller/suspense .

  244. 244 : Joy Says:

    Scandal 스캔들 Ep.29 Preview


  245. 245 : Joy Says:

    Scandal 스캔들 Ep.30 Preview


  246. 246 : HOPE Says:



  247. 247 : HOPE Says:

    Anybody beside me think that HEJ first Suit was ugly & not flattering him at all

    I don’t know maybe it was part of the character presenting but I was really disappointed since I were waiting for a glamorous transformation

    But his black suit were nice 🙂 🙂 🙂

  248. 248 : Joy Says:


    Scandal Ep.31 Preview


  249. 249 : torri Says:

    there are just six more ep left, can we please have just a Little bit of romance in the middle of all the sadness writer please lets have just one tiny bit of a romantic scene ok pleaseeeeee

  250. 250 : HOPE Says:


  251. 251 : Joy Says:

    @torri @HOPE

    on the text preview of tonight ep.31

    It says Jang Tae Ha overheard Ha Eun Joong and Woo Ah Mi talking about their feelings and found out that they love each other. Maybe Jang Tae Ha will try to separate them.

  252. 252 : Joy Says:


    Scandal OST Part 6

    Title: 김준선 – Stay
    Reference: http://youtu.be/psx8qDWJKZk

  253. 253 : Joy Says:

    Scandal 스캔들 Ep.32 Preview


  254. 254 : Windsun33 Says:

    EP31 had a few dumb parts, like cutting a water hose yet sabotaging the brakes. And on any car in the past 15 years, any problems in the brake system will show all sorts of warning lights. This show is getting kind of bogged down, I guess they had to toss some drama into it.

  255. 255 : joy Says:

    @Windsun33 , that is not water hose thst they cut.. it was a fuel hose connected to the brake of the car.. it indeed shows a warning and HEJ wanted to check it when he manage to reach the office building but he was interrupted and after that a lot of things happens and he miss to check it again..

    i think ep.31 and 32 was awesome.. maybe you just miss it to notice it..

  256. 256 : Nudge Says:

    “…a fuel hose connected to the brake of the car”

    There’s no such thing as a fuel hose connected to the brakes. Do you mean the hydraulic line?

    But in any case I lost interest in this drama when the story got too convoluted. The characters don’t behave like real people rather something contrived and awkward.

    That is often the fault of the screenwriter who is putting too much control on the outcome rather than allowing the characters to shape and determine the story to a degree.

    The result is the scenes become more predictable.

  257. 257 : Alice Says:

    @Nudge , i think you are giving false remarks without even watching it. This series never been predictable. I followed and watch it from very beginning until now and i can say the writer has a unique way of writing the twist and turn and made this series such a great drama. I tried to predict the outcome on every episode and it always turned out the opposite of what is expected, sometimes it gets close but never been predictable.

    Among current dramas that airing right now , this is one of the best base on story plot, and cast acting … everything was simply awesome.

  258. 258 : Tira Says:

    I can’t believe that Jang Tae Ha accept the devil’s son instead try to protect his kind heart son and should be glad that his son is a good person. He must be blind and not see that everyone beside him is trying to hurt his real son.

    He never catch his mistress having affair with his man! I heard that if you do so much bad karma, your money does not go to third generation. His real son probably to take care of his bad karma by doing the right thing.

    Sometimes old dude just believe what is fake! His fake son just want his money only!

  259. 259 : Tira Says:

    Really sad for Ha Eun Jung. He suffer so much. I can’t believe that Jang Tae Ha accept the devil’s son instead try to protect his kind heart son and should be glad that his son is a good person. He must be blind and not see that everyone beside him is trying to hurt his real son.

    He never catch his mistress having affair with his man! I heard that if you do so much bad karma, your money does not go to third generation. His real son probably to take care of his bad karma by doing the right thing.

    Sometimes old dude just believe what is fake! His fake son just want his money only!

  260. 260 : Joy Says:

    @Tira , i think Jang Tae Ha was upset because he want Ha Eun Joong all by himself , he doesn’t want to share his son love to Ha Myung Gun and Yooon Hwa Young but Ha Eun Joong love his other parents too. Jang Tae Ha was selfish. The moment he saw HEJ with his kidnapper dad and called him father, JTH was very angry and went to his fake son out of rage.

    Both Jang Tae Ha and his fake son are selfish they can’t accept defeat. Ha Eun Joong is trying to correct their wrong but they don’t seems to recognized it.

    Ha Eun Joong has a kind heart, even if Kang Joo Pil tried to kill him he still save his life.

  261. 261 : Joy Says:


    Scandal Ep.33 Preview


  262. 262 : Joy Says:

    Scandal 스캔들 Ep.34 Preview


  263. 263 : HOPE Says:

    The show is almost done what will they do with JJH husband?????

    She had to live a pitiful life + deep down she has a good heart (she’s a good person just like HEJ) so at least she should get a loving / caring husband not a back stabbing / zeroxse copy of her heartless dad one

    (They never explained it correctly dose he rely loves her & marring her was his altomate dream so he got disappointed of her rejection his heart or he just like her but like her family background / money more).

    But overall I really really really really hate his character & think it’s useless they should kill it or something (wish he + his stupid dad get lost soooon).

  264. 264 : Joy Says:

    Scandal Ep.35 Preview


  265. 265 : Joy Says:

    Scandal Ep.36 Preview (Finale)


  266. 266 : alfie Says:

    Park Sang Min produces the best acting in this drama series, nonetheless everyone is good.

  267. 267 : Joy Says:

    Best Actors of this drama

    Kim Jae Won as Ha Eun Joong
    Jo Jae Hyun – as Ha Myung Geun
    Park Sang Min – as Jang Tae Ha

    Superb acting from the cast and wonderful writing of the story. One of the best drama this year.

    Congratulation to all the cast, staff and crew of this series.

  268. 268 : Mary Says:

    What an enjoyable drama this was that truly lived up to it’s name!

    The acting was outstanding! The story was different and compelling. It really made you think about family, love, hate, greed, good, evil, right, wrong, and the power of forgiveness. Often you found yourself changing sides on the issues and then changing back HAHA! You really couldn’t guess what was going to happen next, this made it so fun to watch! Although a few of us may have gotten a tad too involved in plotting JTH’s murder HAHA! I loved EJ and WAM coming together. I loved the justice for WAM’s husband and baby. I loved YHY forgiving KJI and JKI returning to be a descent person! I love Jo Ha having a baby and restarting with Anchoy!I loved EJ being a cop again! I loved seeing JTH in jail! LOL!

    The viewer comments really enhanced the enjoyment as we discussed the story line, the character’s and the case for nature vs nurture it was like taking a really good class in social justice! The ending was excellent, many times Kdramas leave you with a “you figure out what happen” ending. But this was complete and satisfying!

  269. 269 : Carmen Says:

    This drama knows how to do and ending! congrats to the actors and the writer, they really know how to do good dramas…I am happy with this end, it was not rushing, there was not unesesary extend, and was a good end for each caracter…good job this is how a good drama is been done. and Thank you!

  270. 270 : Clarice Says:

    A beautiful drama with a beautiful ending. One of the best dramas that I have ever watched. I loved every minute of it. All the actors and actresses were just simply amazing. I love the cast and this show. Everyone involved in the making of this show did an epic job. You guys rock 🙂

  271. 271 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. Please add…

    Scandal OST bonus sountrack

    Title: “My Woman”
    Album: Stay In The Moment
    released date: October 28,2013
    Singer: Kim Jae Won
    Genre : Ballad
    Reference: http://youtu.be/nBgly–c5To
    check out for more details : http://mnet.interest.me/album/311665

  272. 272 : aaaa Says:

    eps 34 in the car eunjoong’s sister (yoon Hwa Yeong) and a man play a music.. whats the title that is?

  273. 273 : bing Says:

    hello, can you help me who is the hacker that eun joong scouted?
    thank you 🙂

  274. 274 : joy Says:

    @bing, the hacker was Park Min Woo , you can see it on the cast list.

  275. 275 : Carolyn Says:

    Is the soundtrack for this movie in English: if so what is its name and where can I purchase it?

  276. 276 : shine Says:

    one of the best kdramas i’ve watched…park sang min really is the best actor of this drama…kim jae won portray his role as briliant as ever…thumbs up to all the cast…what more can i say i’ll describe this drama as AWESOME/EXCELLENT/AMAZING…this is highly recommended…worth watching….kudos to the writer 🙂

  277. 277 : Dev78 Says:

    All good,happy ending yipieeee, thanks for the writer. This a great drama

  278. 278 : Phunbell Says:

    Pls aw many seasons does dis film has? Cos I watched season1 nd 2 buh it isn’t d end. I really love d film

  279. 279 : Rose Says:

    Love this drama so much. The story and all the characters are well portrayed. They deserve the high rating they got plus awards of course…

    Kim Jae Won , Jo Jae Hyun, and Park Sang Min are excellent actors indeed.

  280. 280 : dinklik Says:

    i love this drama this drama is the best one This drama is soo awesome!

  281. 281 : CH Says:

    Dun like Ah Mi

  282. 282 : kpop Says:

    this is the best drama for me

  283. 283 : jesisca Says:

    Best drama,, but why the actress is must be her??? I wacthed because the actors and the storyline.. thanks good job guys,

  284. 284 : sjin Says:

    wow shin eun kyung was amazing her acting is a briliant i love her

  285. 285 : meili Says:

    i like this drama but i dont like ki tae young.

  286. 286 : Hanako 花子 Says:

    I just watched this drama even though it was in 2013 and because I do not really watch dramas if the episodes is more than 25.
    After reading the synopsis for this drama I download and starting watching it.
    It was one of the best drama I ever encountered but am not sure whether it got the award for this one. All artists were excellent and with thrills and excitement though quite a sad one in most episodes, it will make us in tears because of the emotion and the acting for all the artists were so good in their parts and you can feel the sadness, the anger, etc..
    Credit to :
    Chief Producer: Kim Sang Ho
    Directors: Kim Jin Man, Park Jae Bum
    Screenwriter: Bae Yoo Mi

    for making this drama a worth watching drama comparing to so many.

  287. 287 : Sungkyunkwan Scandal Korean Drama Subtitle Indonesia | Filmdramaku.com Says:

    […] Scandal : a Shocking and Wrongful Incident […]

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