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Save the Last Dance for Me

Title: 마지막 춤은 나와 함께 / Majimak Chumeun Nawa Hamkke / Save the Last Dance for Me
Chinese Title : 最后之舞 / 最后的舞请与我一起
Also known as: Save Your Last Dance for Me / The Last Dance Is With Me
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2004-Oct-23 to 2005-Jan-02
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45


Eun Soo (Eugene) is a pure but unsophisticated woman who runs a small resort inn with her father. Eun Soo is just an ordinary girl, but her life changes when she meets a man (Ji Sung) who’s completely lost his memory. She takes him in and cares for him, and even gives him a name: “Baek Chang Ho”. Love blossoms, and soon wedding bells can be heard. But on the night of their wedding ceremony, Eun Soo’s father passes away. And soon after, Chang Ho disappears too! In the blink of an eye, the two people Eun Soo loves most in the world have left her. But Chang Ho had his reasons for disappearing: his real name is Kang Hyun Woo, and he’s heir to a large conglomerate. Even more, someone is plotting to kill him…


Eugene as Ji Eun Soo (20)
Ji Sung as Kang Hyun Woo (20)
Lee Bo Young as Yoon Soo Jin (20)
Ryu Soo Young as Jung Tae Min (20)
Lee Hye Young” target=”_blank”>Lee Hye Young as Kang Hyung Jung
Kim Mu Saeng as Chairman Kang
Kim Young Ran as Ms. Park (49)
Park In Hwan as Eun Soo’s father (47)
Kim Min Jung as Ms. Oh (50)
Kim Min Joo as Ahn Jang Mi (20)
Ahn Sun Young as Choo Sun Young (30)
Suh Kyung Suk as Park Ho Jin (30)
Kim Hong Pyo as Choi Suk Koo (20)
Kang Ji Hwan as Shin Jung Kyu (20)
Shin Kwi Sik (신귀식) as Yoon Ui Won
Kim Hyung Ja as Ms. Son
Kim Byung Gi as Joo Sa Rang

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Huh Woong (허웅)
Producer: Park Young Soo (박영수)
Writer: Ma Jin Won (마진원), Jo Yoon Young (조윤영), Song Hwang Won (손황원)
Director: Lee Seung Ryul
Production (제작): Yoo Soo Yul (유수열), Yoo Han Na (유한나)
Asst. Director: Hwang Hyuk (황혁) , Sun Woo Young Gun (선우영건)

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  9. 9 : anonymous (: Says:

    this drama was sad but nice (:

  10. 10 : anonymous (: Says:

    this drama was sad but sweet (:

  11. 11 : Soo-Eun Says:

    its kind of long but its good!
    it made me cry
    its relly good…

  12. 12 : han jie eun Says:

    this drama is the best drama… i love when eugene acting…

  13. 13 : Xee Says:

    good drama but predictable….

  14. 14 : soybean Says:

    maybe the director should change the ending of it….most of the K dramas ended sadly….i dun like sad story….

  15. 15 : gemini Says:

    … indeed a good love story. Eugene, as in her other performances in other Kdramas, did very well in this one, again. She is believable and lovable… a love drama that is highly recommended.

  16. 16 : mil Says:

    not bad, but didn’t like the ending, totally unnecessary, Ji Sung is cute!!

  17. 17 : maricel tobes Says:

    so romantic!!!! great movie!!!

  18. 18 : lisia Says:

    one of my favorite drama. I love you Eugene and Ji sung.

  19. 19 : fin-fin Says:

    a must seen drama, very good and touching.

  20. 20 : gina Says:

    very good drama. you’ll loved it.

  21. 21 : LiLy-* Says:

    OMGoshh! its soO bloody Good!! =D
    farout the best COUPLE =D
    mann Its soO [email protected]

  22. 22 : kyi thwe Says:

    i like this movie very very very muCCHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
    i like the movie song(give my love)
    VVVerrryyy gooood 😛

  23. 23 : Bless Says:

    Over-all, the drama was very good and like some other comments; they could have a better ending but nonetheless it was still a happy ending for the lead characters…. I like it and most of all, the songs sung by Edward Chun were all beautiful – “Give My Love”, “Our Love Will Always lLast”, and ” Everything”…… just love these songs so much.

  24. 24 : pandabear104 Says:

    Strongly recommend this drama. I myself stayed up till dawn just wanting to finish the first episodes. Great acting, good story, line and happy ending. What more could you ask for? ONly thing bad abput this drama is that the third wheels are really annoying and the title really doesn’t have THAT much to do with the drama. But other than that you should watch it.

  25. 25 : snow Says:

    two words=LOVE IT!!!!

  26. 26 : h2 Says:

    One of the best, strongly recommended , a must see if you love romantic drama.The chemistry betwen Eugene and Ji Sung is the BEST
    so far in korean drama, they act like real couple in love. Fully Agree
    with Bless/Pandabear, good story line, good acting ,happy ending and unbelievable chemistry plus very nice songs ..Is so romantic .I watched
    many times…

  27. 27 : RuTkaWA Says:


    lol the story was so nice!this the great love story i ever watched! the actors and actresses did very great!! it makes me very “kilig” factor!!!!!!!!! so nice kc eh!!!!! i watch it again and again……!!!!!!!

  28. 28 : RuTkaWA Says:

    eugene and ji sung are the best love team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they were so bagay 2 each other!!!!!!!!! the story is very good and romantic..!!!!!!!! so wat wil u feel if u lost ur love after many years????????? heeeeeeheheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29 : GraCeE Says:

    i love it!
    this story was so romantic!! i like the songs made by edward chun lke “everything” it’s so nice and romantic!
    the ending was so great!!
    it was still a happy ending!!
    i watch it again and again!

    I LOVE JI SUNGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep supporting!

  30. 30 : ayelet Says:

    BRAVO!!!… highly recommended to watch specially the songs how romantic.. love eugene and ji sung…..

  31. 31 : ST Says:

    I love happy endings. This drama is good.
    I really, really like you Eugene. 🙂

  32. 32 : disay Says:

    one of my favorite…

  33. 33 : Dolly Says:

    I’ve just finished the drama and it’s really nice, cute and so romantic. Also the main 4 characters are very good. And got a lesson you can’t trust anybody else especially in business except your own blood.

  34. 34 : irish Says:

    it makes me feel special more power to the korean directors for making koreanovela no. 1 in the Philippines,….

  35. 35 : sokha Says:

    i love this korean dram, i cried when watching it

  36. 36 : melanie Says:

    i love this drama so much! seen it like 20 times! love everything about it!ji sung and eugene are the cutest couple ever in a drama!!!!!!!!

  37. 37 : melanie Says:

    this is the best drama ever in the world
    the story line is great
    the characters are so great at acting
    everything about it is great
    and none of the main characters died!!!!!!!

  38. 38 : eugene Says:

    this is a great movie
    highly recommend to everybody
    feel in love at the first time i saw it

  39. 39 : Lilian Says:

    Its my favourite korean drama!!!

    Good OST, good chemistry!

    And Ji Sung looks so goodddddddddddddddd in this drama!

  40. 40 : Lilian Says:

    Btw for all ji sung’s fans….his new drama ‘New heart’ is currently airing in Korea has got pretty good viewership!

    The link is here: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=524

  41. 41 : gumby Says:

    i love yoo jin acting…..
    when is your next movie?
    plssssss. give me feed back..

  42. 42 : stellar Says:

    One of the most romantic kdramas!!!

  43. 43 : rosmiza Says:

    I like this drama so much. I already watched this dram 5 times. The drama sad but so sweet and touching. I like Ji Sung so much. I like to see he act together with Lee Da Hea.

  44. 44 : joy Says:

    I really really love this romantic drama

  45. 45 : joy Says:

    i really really love this drama

  46. 46 : Lusiana Says:



  47. 47 : wawa jamal Says:

    i love this drama ………
    it was a romantics drama
    i very love it

  48. 48 : rika Says:

    ada terusannya lagi ga film korea drama save your last dance for me??
    klo ada putrin yaa

  49. 49 : alchocoholic Says:


    This was such an awesome series, perfect for those who love romance and touching love stories. Very fast paced and it didn’t feel like 20 episodes at all. I don’t get why some people don’t like the ending though. I agree that it was unnecessary but it still ended on such a happy note – they were together, still very much in love and she was able to walk again!

  50. 50 : _girl Says:

    film ini… bagus banget..

    tapi sayang aku gak dapet di indonesia…

    so… di indonesia

    puterin dong…

    pasti banyak yang suka


  51. 51 : meirav Says:

    u know i always think what drama to watch so i read what u have to say
    so thank u now i will go and watch it thanks

  52. 52 : Ramonalovawo Wongsin Says:

    Hi hi hi
    I still watch this movie its really beautiful

  53. 53 : Lilian Says:

    This is one of the best dram I have ever watched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. 54 : arcy Says:

    So romantic, so sweet, so good!!! Must not miss this drama!!!

  55. 55 : livelyhearty Says:

    THIS drama is NICE!!
    Storyline is GREAT too!!=D
    Eugene and Ji Sung acted WELL!!!

  56. 56 : shena Says:

    save the last dance for me is really the BEST..!!
    –it is very romantic..!!
    –many scenes made me cry,specially the last part..!!
    –i really love it..!!
    –i want to see it over and over again..!!!=)

  57. 57 : fafau Says:

    tiS is D beSt dRama That i Have Seen……………..I giVe it 10 Star ouT of 10……….hehehehehe…..Also mY dream Story of My liFe………..

  58. 58 : fafau Says:


  59. 59 : jarenz Says:

    i must say that this is the best korean drama ive watch so far. 2nd best lang ang my girl. the main actor and actress(ji sung & eugene) are really awesome. they have perfect chemistry. and finally, the SONG which make this drama very interesting to watch. there are so many KILIG moments.

    i don’t get tired of watching this over and over again…

  60. 60 : Nisha Says:

    The best drama.. Amazin!!! the first Drama i watched.. since then i haven’t been able to stop myself from korean dramas…
    Superb actors!!
    It will make u weep for them.. I loved the endin!! 🙂

  61. 61 : amktsy Says:

    sad,romantic drama.nice drama.Because of this drama,i watch ‘wonderful life’ and ‘new heart’

  62. 62 : flip_mher Says:

    so nice & beautiful korean drama…
    4 mhe, dis s da bezt……
    i really lyk da story…super….
    specially kay eugene & ji sung…
    wat a perfect couple..!!!

    tnx………& love u………..

  63. 63 : hong sing Says:

    I watched this drama in a local TV a long time ago. I can’t remember seeing Kang Ji-Hwan in it. Can anyone refresh my memory on who/what his role was? He was superb in Hong Gil-dong. Really cute. But I have no recolllection of him in this one?!!

  64. 64 : roxie Says:

    I Love you Ji sung and Eugene…mwaah..god bless…add me [email protected]

  65. 65 : roxie Says:

    ganda talaga ng drama na ‘to..grabe kakainlove…sana merong repeat…I Love You..mwaah..tnx..!!!

  66. 66 : Leslie Says:

    The best among Korean dramas…. Nakakakilig as in to the bones… wlang tatalo… haha!! di ko pagpapalit!! =)

  67. 67 : Lilian Says:

    yes, this is no doubt my favourtie

  68. 68 : Jenny Says:

    A really touching series, will make you cry a lot! Great chemistry between leads. 😀

  69. 69 : ryan Says:


  70. 70 : pia Says:

    i’m korean drama fanatic..
    and this film is amazing..
    omaigosh,, so romantic and so touched..
    there’s a little bit strange in the ending, but i still love it..
    love eugene so much..
    i think korean drama lovers must watch it..
    i have watch it a milion time and i never feel bored..

  71. 71 : leah Says:

    hi,,guyz”’i love this koreanovela it is very romantic.i love the rule of sandy she is doing good a simple woman who fallen inlove to a man that forget everything about his past.’i like the story that stolen my heart and open my eyes in the reality that ‘LOVE’can do everything.

  72. 72 : Adelle Says:

    A great drama and love story. Great actor Ji Sung and Eugene. U will be a great couple in reality. Tnx for the entertainment of watching this drama. Godbless ur career.

  73. 73 : aikesha rock 24 Says:

    GEe..my favorite korean series of all time.! I rmember, when i first saw this i were in Bulacan at that time,i think 7 episodes lngthat was 2004,.My heart was deeply,in LOVE. Then it was 2006 or mid 2007, if i have free tym in the morning have to rush to my frendz house just to watch this. _Now here i am in Spain ,wtching this yesterday in you tube, but dey dont have full episodes. Really amazing.. ( JI sung and Yoo JIN) The chemistry speaks itself. Great couple!!! 100 times better..

  74. 74 : akaro Says:

    “safe the last dance for me is far better thn boys before flowers”. i always love happy ending dramas.

  75. 75 : mysterious_damsel Says:

    it’s the first korean drama that i loved most…..

    i loved eugene kim …for me she’s the finest actress…so simple, yet so pretty…
    ji sung ur hot…haha ur handsome…hope u can come here in philippines…..

    this drama is so great….i cried many times for eun soo when hyun woo recovered from his amnesia and does’nt remember eun soo at all…

    i’ve watch it several years ago but i can still remember every piece of this drama….

    i loved it so much…

    i’m Liezljane…….from philippines….

  76. 76 : dianecharmane Says:

    agree ako sa inyong lahat!!! one of the best korean drama,, nabaliw ako dito hehe..bagay na bagay ung song niya ung kay sarah “How could you say you love me”

  77. 77 : mharlhone Says:

    ok ang mga cast.

    feel nila ang bawat isa

  78. 78 : Norme Says:


    Bring tears everytime I watch the drama.. Awesome performance JI,E,RSY keep up ,keep fighting..all… Love Ji sung and Eugene..Nice / Good couple.. Kamsamida…

  79. 79 : starshine Says:

    hi..where can i watch this drama??can any1 please give me a reliable website asap?i’m dying 2 watch it..

  80. 80 : starshine Says:

    hi..where can i watch this drama?could someone please give me a reliable website?i’ve been dying to watch it,but nothing seems to work..thanks:)

  81. 81 : dhals Says:

    helloo… can i ask the last episode? where i can find it? i eagerly to watch it… did eugene & Ji sung back each other arms? after a year? … guys pa mail man oh…. hhehehhee… i love this korean novela so much…

  82. 82 : dhals Says:

    helloo can i ask the last episode? where i can find it ?? plz plz … pa email man .. i really eagerly to watch it.. i really love this korean novela …guys plz pahingi man..

  83. 83 : dhals Says:

    elloo can i ask the last episode? where i can find it ?? plz plz … pa email man .. i really eagerly to watch it.. i really love this korean novela …guys plz pahingi man..

  84. 84 : Dvee Says:

    This drama is definitely worth watching,well acted,hearth warming..love it

  85. 85 : michelle Says:

    I LOVE this show! I love Ji Sung, Eugene, Ryu Soo Young and Lee Bo-young!
    In the show, Soo-jin says she has been in love with Hyun-woo since she was 15, (and he was 18). So, I can figure out their ages in the show. Yet I don’t know how old Eun-soo and Tae-min are because they never mentioned their ages. Does anyone know Tae-min’s (and Eun-soo’s) age?

  86. 86 : shower enclosures Says:

    Enjoy reading this, thank you:)

  87. 87 : Chia Proco Says:

    I hope you will bring more of this!

  88. 88 : van Says:

    aww. i miss this drama. i love the story and esp. the actors. eugene and ji sung. haii. i love eugene’s dramas.

  89. 89 : Cutie Says:

    I am the no.1 fan of these drama series of Korean >__>>>>

  90. 90 : junreydelapena Says:

    Huh,, Mas gwapo si Naruto Sayo,, hehehe

  91. 91 : mutiara Says:

    It’s worth to watch…

  92. 92 : mel Says:

    looks like romantic drama… where can i find this?

  93. 93 : dessy Says:

    this is a great drama with great plot, great OSTs, great effects, great actors and actresses, and great acting from the actors and actresses.. i am a fan of this drama.. i’ve watched it until episode 8 part 2.. and it’s an amazing and well-made korean drama.. my top 15 favorite k-dramas are:
    1. boys before flowers
    2. stairway to heaven
    3. full house
    4. mr.goodbye
    5. save the last dance for me
    6. the great queen seon deok
    7. sassy girl chun hyang
    8. princess hours
    9. only you
    10. take care of the young lady a.k.a my fair lady
    11. my name is kim sam soon
    12. autumn in my heart a.k.a endless love
    13. all about eve
    14. winter sonata
    15. my girl

  94. 94 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  95. 95 : twin Says:

    ji sung is so handsome in this series..

  96. 96 : Riza Jane A. Tubil Says:

    A very nice story that i have seen in the movie. Yet, it makes me realize that life is beautiful with love.

  97. 97 : gggg Says:

    best korean drama ever!!

  98. 98 : sandy Says:

    the greatest ending n the sweetest ending ever!! i love this drama a lot.. wkwk..

  99. 99 : sandy Says:

    ji sung and bo young are real life lovers

  100. 100 : via Says:

    I love this drama, one of my best one..

  101. 101 : hazel Says:

    *ji sung and bo young are real life lovers ???
    * go to mysoju.com .. to watch this drama …
    if you have some questions about this drama .. like the ost ..
    (i have some of its ost ..)
    feel free to email me ..
    [email protected]

    tnx .. 🙂

  102. 102 : hazel Says:

    *ji sung and bo young are real life lovers????
    *go to mysoju.com to watch this drama …
    if you have some questions about this drama.. like the ost ..
    (i have some of the ost)
    feel free to email me ..
    [email protected]

    tnx .. 🙂

  103. 103 : xyz Says:

    nice korea drama.loved it!!

  104. 104 : lyn Says:

    This is a great Korean drama series. It’s one of the best. What a very nice love story. Some of the scenes made me cry and it felt good. I also love the background music. Great job.

  105. 105 : Jen Says:

    its a beautiful drama….i downloaded all the episodes starting last sunday..and i took me 4 days to watch and finish the drama….nice ending and a romantic theme song entitled “give my love”..i love that song…i recommend it to all…

  106. 106 : Suraida Says:

    I really really love dis dramabin too(aside from wonderful life, another eugene drama). Dis is the first korean drama i really love, it is so touching and nice story. Love forever Eugenne Kim, Ji Sung, Kim Jae won, Lee min ho, Jung da and many more. korean addict.

  107. 107 : something Says:

    i really love this drama.. i watched for the second time and still.. really amazing drama.. great actors and actresses, handsome and pretty, great plot stories, great background musics, and great love stories.. love this drama everrrrrrrrrrrrr

  108. 108 : farhanna usman Says:

    i reallllllllllly like this movi so empresiveeeeeeee hehehehe from marawi city

  109. 109 : nsp Says:

    i loved this drama it was very touching

  110. 110 : eva Says:

    Its so sad to think that the drama is already finished..i really loved this drama….:( how i wish they were real life lovers.

  111. 111 : kimmy Says:

    i watched this movie long time ago and still find it the best. all couples should watch this movie 🙂

  112. 112 : :)haji05 Says:

    i really love this drama!! 🙂

    natatandaan ko pa nga eh, hindi ko halos gagawin ‘yung mga assignments ko basta’t makakapanood lang ako! haha.. nasa grade 4 pa ako nu’n!

    kinikilig talaga ako kina Francis and Sandy 🙂 perfect talaga silang dalawa! sana ipapalabas ulit ‘to sa TV.. please……:) 🙂 🙂

  113. 113 : Lee20Santiago Says:

    That is really practicable to order dissertation reference related to this post at the dissertation writing service peculiarly when you not have time.

  114. 114 : renee Says:

    ,,geez,,I super duper love this drama series…It’s one of my favorite.
    I love JI SUNG

  115. 115 : jonahmae Says:

    more photos please…i love eun soo and ji sung soooo much… i dream of him always…muaaah.

  116. 116 : jonahmae Says:


  117. 117 : jessica Says:

    sanA palabas nila ulit.. nakakarelate ako ..hahahah

  118. 118 : ayah Says:

    hai..really really like save the last dance for me..nka2inlove tlaga..super i hope na my part 2 pa xia..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…npakaganda ni sandy..paulit ulit kung pinapanood..di ako nagsasawa..

  119. 119 : caroline Says:

    i super super super super love dis movie save the last dance 4 me. this is mah favorite movie in da hole wide world

  120. 120 : mira Says:

    i love this korean drama save the last dance for me.. nakakamangha.. idol ko talaga c eugene kim,, love it

  121. 121 : mhae Says:

    wow!!! grabe talaga,sobrang nakakatouch ang story nina sandy ji at francis yang(adrian),katatapos ko lang syang panoorin sa dvd,ang sarap talagang ulit-ulitin,talagang tumulo ang luha ko sa sobrang lungkot ng story,sana marami pang ganitong klase ng story ang ipalabas ng mga korean,hayst,kaya pati mga songs nila dinown load ko rin lahat sa sobrang ganda…^_^

  122. 122 : Daihetsu Says:

    tatay ni francis yang kamukha ni amado bagatsing tapos ung nanay ni celine ay si tessie tomas… kamukha ee

  123. 123 : Carla Says:

    Favorite drama.. nothing can beat my love for this movie..
    i was still first year high school when i watch it until now, it’s still my favorite..no that i already graduated in college, i still love this..

  124. 124 : tina Says:

    first love qu tong kdrama n 2….. da best sa lahat..
    sarap ma-inlove….

  125. 125 : hergene Says:

    this my my favorite drama series ever. i never cry again the same way i did when i saw this series… how i miss to watch this again…

  126. 126 : Katherine Ybañwz Says:

    I was elementary when i watched this drama i think i was grade 4 and now I’m first year college. I really really love this drama series. This is the reason why i motivated myself to learn to play piano. The song of this drama is something that i will never forget. Until now i can still remember the scenes of this drama. This is the first korean drama I’ve watched and i was elementary that time. I will never forget the story everything on this.

  127. 127 : carmen Says:

    love this drama & OST very romantic , like theme song “give my love” very touching me. Recommend & support!!

  128. 128 : Mic Says:

    No matter how many times I watch this, it’s still very touching!!! Love this drama!

  129. 129 : Soraida Says:

    I love the OST give my love i really don’t know if it’s because of the lyrics or the voice i simply love.Every scene keeps flashing on my mind everytime i hear this s0ng so touching love u francis hope someday i can find true love

  130. 130 : angel Says:

    i love this series…this is the first Korean series that i watched and from that day onwards i became a fan of Korean series…

  131. 131 : angel Says:

    i watched this series over and over again

  132. 132 : trina Says:

    How will I ever forget the Korean drama that made me fall in love over and over again? This is such a very touching story, a very realistic one that makes it stand out among the rest. This is also the first Korean drama I watched but it still embedded in my heart, I hope to watch this again on television. Eugene and especially Ji Sung, I hope to see you guys in person. God bless 🙂

  133. 133 : Dolly de los Reyes Says:

    because of this drama, i turned into a Korean Drama fanatic. . . .up to now, i already spent a bit some of money in buying DVD. . . mainly of Korean drama. . ..

  134. 134 : Victoria Says:

    I fell in love with this korean drama and so with the actor Ji Sung. Excellent drama. I watched this over and over again and still touched by each scene. It touched not only my life but my heart as well.

  135. 135 : jnt Says:

    i am watching save the last dance for the third time……..

  136. 136 : cyabeth Says:

    I very very very like this drama

  137. 137 : dayme Says:

    i love this korean drama save the last dance for me.i fell im so inlove always.and i watched hti if i have a free tym.

  138. 138 : dayme depedro Says:

    i love this korean drama save the last dance for me.i fell im so inlove always.and i watched this.if i have a free tym.i like this drama i will never for get.thats why i love korean place.

  139. 139 : bblve07 Says:

    i luv ds drama, This s also the frst korean drama i watched and become addct..

  140. 140 : Kimnic Says:

    I watched more than 50 korean drama but still this is my #1 favorite, and if anyone knows some asian drama similar to this please name it…Thanks

  141. 141 : julie Says:

    any latest korean drama to recommend to watch.. good ones

  142. 142 : tere Says:

    This drama made me cry! very touching and so far the best romantic drama for me! i love you ji sung!!

  143. 143 : lorie Says:

    i really really love this korean drama this drama always touch my heart!
    and make me feel that have a real true love in this worl that full og temption

  144. 144 : karen Says:

    i love this drama. sooo nice…

  145. 145 : Norodin Ibrahim Says:

    I really love this korean drama! for me, this is the best ever!!!

  146. 146 : zarima Says:

    am satrting to watch it… and after i finish it am going to post my comment…

  147. 147 : ivy Says:

    it’s a romantic and inspiring drama

  148. 148 : melai Says:

    is this kang ji hwan?

  149. 149 : jundel Says:

    haie korean drama . . . . . i really love this story about save the last dance for me. . . . . . . very inspiring. . . . and very romantic, , ,^_^

  150. 150 : cassie Says:

    MY FIRST Kdrama and got hooked on EUGENE and Kdrama as a whole. I got to it by chance while searching for Julia Stiles Save the Last Dance ages ago and started watching all of Eugene’s drama. She is my first favorite followed by Park SHin Hye May Eugene have more SUCCESS in the future. Her last was Princess (can’t say the name) where she was a fat princess hehehe nice one episode drama

  151. 151 : Bakshi Gang Says:

    Our family really enjoyed watching this drama..this is one of the many Korean dramas I love the most..very touchy and seem realistic…thumbs up to the producer n director and not forgetting the actors..u did a great job making the audience love n admire u..now after watching the drama Im still wanting for more so maybe after I sent this I will go back n replay from the beginning..Ji sung was such a hottie here and all the times he confesses his love makes my heart jumps..he must be very romantic in real life..Im going crazy just watching him acting so in-love with Eugene..all the best in these 2 actors future career n I wish them luch..u guys are the bomb

  152. 152 : Kim Says:

    Didn’t know earlier that there is such a good drama produced in 2004 with Ji Sung, Eugene and Kwan Ji Hwan who are my fave actors. Here, KJH has only a suppporting role and perhaps its because he’s was new in acting then but he is the lead in Hong Gil Dong. Eugene is also the lead in Baker King. This is one of the very best dramas and as usual Ji Sung excels.

  153. 153 : Leia Says:

    Ji sung oppa! Like the way he act! He’s really cute… ^-^

  154. 154 : Zeez Says:

    This is my all time favourite!!!

  155. 155 : Fan88 Says:

    One the first time that I learned to watch Love Story Drama. Both have good acting and chemistry. Very nice story at the same time sad. One that makes the story good that it makes it a one thing to remember.

  156. 156 : bblve07 Says:

    this drama is the reaz0n why ive falln in l0ve in kdrama until n0w.

  157. 157 : Mustaffa Bin Hassan Says:

    After reading the reviews, I tried to locate the website but had been unsuccessful.
    Can anyone help me locate this website. This will be my FIRST Korean movie to watch.

  158. 158 : aubreyon of Philippines Says:

    i really love this drama. i watched it in 2005, after 7 years, here i am watching it again, over and over again. i downloaded it on my cp…i can’t sleep without watching some my favorite episodes…
    I am encouraging my friends & office mates to watch it again also…this is my all time favorite korean drama. I hope SBS will make another drama as good as this…& the cast is eugene & ji sung, again…
    congratulations & thank you to the director of save the last dance for me…

  159. 159 : Carmen Says:

    Lee bo young, ji sung n eugene. Great actors!

  160. 160 : Carol Says:

    @ aubreyon of Philippines: may you advise me the link to download this K-Drama? Tq

  161. 161 : Lina T. Ybañez Says:

    Lina says:
    December 27th, 2013 at 7:00pm
    Ji sung n Eugene are really great and wonderful artists. I love it and I admired their love team. I want another Movies from them.

  162. 162 : switnj_Philippines Says:

    my husband and i really loved this!

  163. 163 : dukhoto lohe Says:

    I am addicted in watching movie since I was born, but I never come across such a enthusiastic and heart touching drama. “save your last dance for me” is an awesome and perfect drama, and I should say this the best movie ever publish in south Korea and will be the even the future…… !!!!!! Eugene you are really awesome and I admired you a lot…….

  164. 164 : Dukhoto Lohe Says:

    I am addicted in watching movie since I was born, but I never come across such a enthusiastic and heart touching drama. “save your last dance for me” is an awesome and perfect drama, and I should say this is the best movie ever published in south Korea and it will be the best even in the years to come…… !!!!!! Eugene you are really awesome, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous and many more may God Bless You.

  165. 165 : chen Says:

    Please tell me where i can find the last episode thank you

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