Title: 도롱뇽도사와 그림자 조작단 / Salamander Guru and the Gang
Chinese Title: 蝾螈道士与幕后操纵团
Also Known as: Salamander Guru and The Shadow Operation Team
Genre: Sitcom, Comedy
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-27 to 2012-Mar-30
Air time: Friday 23:00


Genius hacker with social phobia Min Hyuk, whose father is a computer genius, played with a computer like a toy from when he was little. He grew up learning hacking skills through his dad who was terminally ill and ran an illegal gambling place for his family’s future. After his dad passed away, Min Hyuk was adopted abroad. He immersed himself in playing with computer and got social phobia. When he turns 20, he returns to Korea and starts chasing the guy X who drove his dad to death. Following clues from his memories, he finds Salamander Guru’s fortune telling house and meets Sun Dal and Won Sam. To find Salamander Guru who knows the secrets of X, Min Hyuk has no choice but to help the fake gurus. With his brain and excellent hacking skills, Min Hyuk controls Sun Dal behind a mirror and finds codes his dad left by recalling his childhood memories one by one. Min Hyuk, who has been secretive with social phobia, gradually becomes more open while living with Sun Dal and Won Sam.


Min Ho as Min Hyuk (Hacker)
Oh Dal Soo as Sun Dal (Swindler)
Im Won Hee as Won Sam (Assistant guru)
Ryu Hyun Kyung as Kyung Ja (Detective)
Lee Byung Joon as Bum Gyu (Real Salamander Guru)
Kim Gyu Sun as Gyu Sun


Son Ho Young as Kim Si Hoo (ep 1)
Ahn Suk Hwan as Gang leader (ep. 2)
Ahn Yeon Hong as Gang leader’s wife (ep. 2)
Kim Tae Yeon (ep. 3)
Yong Joon Hyung as Joker (ep. 3)
L (Kim Myung Soo) as L (ep. 3)
Lee Tae Min as himself (ep 4, 10)
Son Na Eun as Tae Eun (ep. 4)
G.NA as Krystal (ep. 4)
Jun Hyo Sung as Krystal’s daughter (ep. 4)
Alex as Ji Hoon (ep. 5)
Lee Joo Yeon as Shi Ra (ep. 5)
Lee Hyun Woo as Kyung-Ja’s ex-husband (ep. 5)
IU as Ji Eun (Pickpocket) (ep. 6)
Tak Jae Hoon as Seung Hoon (ep. 7)
Lee Se Eun as Customer (ep. 7)
Han Seung Yeon as Seung Yeon (ep. eight)
Kim Eun Jung as Ji Min (ep. eight)
Han Ji Hoo as Chan Woo (ep. eight)
G.O. (ep. eight)
Jun Won Joo as Won Sam’s mother (ep. 9)

Production Credits

Director: Park Seung Min
Writer: Seo Eun Jung

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2012-01-27 1 5.1
2012-02-03 2 5.1
2012-02-10 3 4.2
2012-02-17 4 4.8
2012-02-24 5 (<9.3)
2012-03-02 6 4.6
2012-03-09 7 3.9
2012-03-16 8 4.5
2012-03-23 9 3.7
2012-03-30 10 3.1

Source: AGB Nielson


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39 Responses to “Salamander Guru and the Gang”

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  1. 26
    Matt Says:

    @Admin, can you please find the ratings for this programme~??? 감사합니다!!!

    Anyway, could some kind person please explain to me what this programme is about? I am currently watching this drama on TV, with no English subtitles? Once again, 감사합니다. (:

  2. 27
    Matt Says:


    Hehe, this drama is playing on VTV New Zealand (available in Auckland and Christchurch) at the moment. It airs on Friday at 1:15PM and 11:15PM~!!! :)

  3. 28
    SabrinaSONE Says:

    This program airs in MALAYSIA…

    This program airs at SBS on Friday but I forgot the time….

  4. 29
    ... Says:

    how can i watch this in internet =,=???
    someone teel me!!!

  5. 30
    Neno Says:

    it’s a funny drama, like it :)

  6. 31
    aiueo Says:

    just done watching the all eps, wow it was great! I really like how the drama told the clue of mystery one by one not ‘all in the end’ and the comedy is quite funny :)

  7. 32
    Yu Ri Says:

    like it like it like it <3

  8. 33
    K Says:

    Erm I like it but I kinda disappointed I thought Min Hyuk & Gyu sun end up together at least at the end.I like them 2 together. Remember where he hid the note where she wrote her wish down of their love will blossom.Right at tat moment he think of her its give me a feeling he kinda like her. I thought they will end up together at the end. Well overall it still good with comedy its quite funny.

  9. 34
    Ayu Says:

    Owh my god, that owesome min ho,

  10. 35
    anipenguin Says:

    minho oppa, saranghae….

  11. 36
    ilovedaehyun Says:

    i haven’t still watched the drama but can someone tell me why minyuk and gyu sun didn’t end up together?? pls pls spoil it

  12. 37
    May Says:

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  13. 38
    puchicatos Says:

    Been long time right, but finally this drama reach INDONESIA,,,
    Not in national broadcasts, but cable tv actually..
    But this is a great cool and funny drama…!!!
    A numerous Kpop Idol group shockingly appear episode by episode…
    Wowww,,, Hahahaha..can’t stp laughing and amaezed….
    currentli eps 3…

  14. 39
    Salamander Guru and The Gang | MINI DRAMA PORTAL Says:

    […] Media Wiki || KDrama || Soompi Thread Medium Quality download links encoded from HQ files.dimensions: […]

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